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Archives: January 30, 2006

Mixed message from U.S. cited in Haiti's chaos

Checks and balances are there for a reason (Everett WA Herald)

Military Contractors (from

Is Partisanship an "Addiction"?

The Bush administration's 'King's X' (Jim Wright / Ft Worth Star Telegram)

George & Vladimir Yawn at Democracy--Moscow Times (great insights)

The Nation -" Liberal Bloggers --Tim Kaine isn't the problem"

George Bush travels to Sandia for start up of solar plant.

Women of Gaza fear for their freedoms under new religious regime

PA Secretary of the Commonwealth on Cable @ 10 PM Eastern Tonight

'Daily Voting News' - Top 5 Stories from the Past Week!

Kerry FILIBUSTER Tribute: Kerry Won 2004. Elec. Res.& Fraud News 1/30/06

Great-grandmother likely to face murder charge

Anyone for a Massachusetts DU Paintball Team?

Could someone explain to me why the Republicans get to elect

Mozilla vs Internet Explorer and webmail problem

I just made fresh pasta in the food processor

mutant chicken breasts....

Grits must rebuild

Rumsfeld asked Japan to use SDF for security work in Iraq

Great-grandmother likely to face murder charge

"Brokeback Mountain" wins DGA Award

Is Your Earwax Wet or Dry?

Syrian official: Assad, Bush deal in works

Freed Haiti priest in U.S. for treatment (Jean-Juste)

Protecting Health Workers' Choice (More Laws Back Right Not to Treat)

Papers: FEMA Passed Up Available (Search and Rescue) Equipment (Katrina)

WP: Corruption Scandals Cast Shadow on GOP Leadership Race

NYT: Rice Admits U.S. Underestimated Hamas Strength

Feds gave Donald (Trump) a quick bundle (Small Business 9/11 Funds)

Fire at Canada mine traps 70 workers

NYT: Conservatives See Court Shift as Culmination

WP:Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases(guess who's more racist)

UN unveils plan to release untapped wealth of...$7 trillion

Offers to Help Katrina Victims Went Unused

First lady's anti-gang mission marks first year

Berlusconi gives up sex until election

WP: Al Qaeda Detainee's Mysterious Release (UBL's bodyguard)

WP: Health Workers' Choice Debated (Right Not to Treat)

HHHUURRRNNNN ... ... ... hurrnhhhh! UUUHHHGGG-rrrr!

The new Sheik brand c... oh, never mind. This is too crass a copycat,


Hate your family? Buy them a trampoline. What have you learned from AFV?

Name that movie

I wanna live in a submarine...

Dude...I am SO inebriated right now. Ask me anything.

getting chapstick out of hair - any tips?

Check out the AP blunder...

i KNOW why women are threatened by Angelina Jolie

I'm unemployed, and guess how I am spending my time.

Day 6 of the chicken pox....I'm miserable, will you cheer me up?

"Stupid horse - it's a DEER crossing!"

Where does muzak come from?

I'm so sore from puking all day

DU Usage pattern

'That begs the question, 'WTF?''

I just posted in GD...

Anyone ever Kilz a floor?

Discovered by Free Republic

How do I put a photo as part of my tag line? this on is in the body.

Sob story re: second hand smoking, woman worked 40 years...

Having no health insurance sucks!

GOPisEvil is rebuilding his machine

This movie on CBS is a remake!!

Anybody play Snood?

when the Koreans draw and animate FOX cartoons, what must they think?

Will steroids help me build muscles?

Finally saw 'Brokeback Mountain'. It's a fundies dream!

"American Dad" Thread (new episode)

The unseasonably high temperatures

Looking for authentic recipes for 'vinegar pie' ........

So...Is the Angelina Jolie

slight muscle twitches are really annoying....

I don't know, but I'm actually liking "The War At Home"

"Family Guy" thread (new Episode)

Twenty years ago:

is it just me or are the GD forums going really slow?

Anyone ever Pils a floor?

I just watched Shark Boy and Lava Girl for the second time

The cats and the dog are conspiring against me

WTF?! My upstairs neighbour is blasting "Amadeus"!

In 1985, Alito married Martha-Ann Bomgardner, with whom he has two childre

Why doesn't Apple package ipods with decent headphones?

Hey! Hey! I can print from any computer in my house!!!!

"The First Emperor" on Discovery Channel

'Toots' Squirrelman

Hey what was that site that lists MESSAGE BOARDS and their traffic?

Anoushka Shankar - So talented, so beautiful


Well, I just took an Ambien, so I probably shouldn't

Does Young Turks radio have a significant number of listeners?

What's for dinner?

I did a bad thing at another website.

My 600th Post. Don't ask me anything

I dedicate my 8000th post to Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker.

CaliforniaPeggy made me do it.

Anyone have opinion/experience with St. John's Wort?

Name this movie ....

SAG Awards ..... who watched??

If DU inspired a movie, what genre would it be, plot, etc?

Antiques people: China question (dishes, not empire)

Is there any reason to think the new Pink Panther movie won't suck?

Could be fun... could be depressing (esp. if you're sensitive about aging)

XM Radio, what receiver do you have ...

Will crack, meth and ephedra help me build a house?

Falwell brought up oral sex today behind his pulpit. Oh yeah, Clinton too

So the good news is I finally bought a new desktop...

Who here sails?

Ok Steeler fans, I've got a question for you

a ghost stole my cigarettes!

What kind of alarm clock do you have and to what do you awake?

Has anyone heard the 'Barcarolle' from 'Tales of Hoffman' by Offenbach?

Somebody called me last night around Midnight. They asked for

grow ..part one....and two

This Guy at Sunset.......deity warning.........

In honour of our destroyed bathroom, post a pic

The Sky at Sunset......dial-up warning........

Someone with a different opinion

It's impossible to ignore Jupiter, what with it being all fat & obnoxious.

Who is watching Celebrity Fit Club? Did you see Chastity Bono's t-shirt?

My respect for octopuses has increased tenfold

Someone has posted 'Fear of Girls', right?

Seattle DU Meet-up Pictures -- Dial Up Warning

Sci-Fi Themed Songs?

Uneasy Listening

Sugar Crash..

Falwell brought up oral sex today behind his pulpit. Oh yeah, Clinton too

Is Your Earwax Wet or Dry?

Will Worthlessburger finish the game?

April 2006 NCAA Basketball champs:

My elderly mother had a fall.She's in a rehab facility and I have her cat

To lighten the mood... here's something funny I wrote a while ago.

So so far, the same organizations, people and media have

John Kerry appearance tonight!

Sweets for our Hero!

Cafe Reading

Picture this, people:

Good idea from the Turks!

Is there a standard at which you would vote "No" to confirm, but...

The On-Air Filibuster for a Filibuster Continues! Brad Sits in Again...

Filibuster with Bradblog, Bob Kincaid, and The Young Turks! All Night!

YT Filibuster all night on Crystalone

FINALLY! a good use for all the shit the GOP puts out on Alito filibuster

Who or What is frightening our leaders not to logically vote no on Alito?

On Alito and everything else...the center has failed...

Watch the entire Obama interview and see if you want to still bash him!

Why no one can give up.

If not Alito it will be some right winger.

Have You Guys Heard Of This: Faxaway Tool !!! (OpEd News)

Cantwell will meet with Alito on Monday; what questions should she ask?

Don't give in to pessimism, this is what they want. Who do

DLC says do not filibuster

Quick question about Snowe and Chafee...

The Next 36 Hours .....Lets Not Rest......AAh-Lie-Toe

ap story left out obama saying he supports filibuster. headlines

Hell... Even My Hometown Paper Gets It !!! (SacBee)

Putting to rest the "Ginsberg was Liberal - we voted for her anyway" Crap

A Poetic Plea

If there is a successful filibuster of Alito, then what will happen?

A Poetic Plea

PowerRadio is Filibustering all weekend

Letter to Howard Dean

Randi on Larry King Monday, also Jim Hightower. Discussing Alito.

Y'know, listening to The Young Turks, I'm pretty proud

Post from DailyKos that validates what I have been arguing since Jan 2005


Who should sit behind Pickles at the State of the Union?

AmericaBlog and I agree... kinda... sorta... eh...

Take heart; I watched my state rep. get blistered from constituents

Dear Gov. Dean -- “and a couple of big, dangerous lies”

Bob Fertik sounds pissed

Samuel Alito: The world's most effective birth control.

So what's the number of senators pro-filibuster as of right now?

Is there a RA Link for Young Turks Fillibuster? I'm Dial Up/Netscape/RA

Dear Judge Alito,

Are you listening to Malloy?

OK.....Aah-Lie-TOE Is Not Confirmed....Who.............

My cynicism tells me we are being played fools with the alito filibuster

Mr. Kerry

Pssst... while the nation has been distracted by the Alito hearings...

I think we are winning this one, folks!

'Keep Our Powder Dry' via Daily Kos

Raw Story: Federalist Society charted Alito's path 25 years ago

Obama to be at town hall meeting in sub. Illinois tomorrow--

Filibuster POLLS -FAX TO HOLDOUTS-- Santorum mis-Frames-.its 1 party rule

Know your BFEE: Alito is just another word for Mussolini

Anyone else confused by those magnetic ribbons on 'patriots' cars?

They Keep Voting Conservative and Keep Receiving Bupkis

Flashback of Freepers creaming over "Marlboro Man"

Too many "one, two punches"

I am asking republicans: "Is all this slaughter in Iraq worth having Bush*

Spielberg says filmmakers more politically active

If You Tell Bush NO! You Pay a Price

Dean comments on AAR about Reid, Dorgan, transcription.

Speaking of IEDs and the "Marlboro Man"... (My Friend Came Back...)

Is There A Site About Election Projections?

Bush says SOTU will be about "peace and prosperity"

Which Dems will vote to legalize the Terrorists Monitoring Program?

Reuters: Fmr. President Clinton is Like 'New Member' of Bush Family

Memory hole questions:

The Betrayal of America (Part 3)

Proof that Rove's Swift Boat tactics work VERY WELL.

Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse

Orwellian 1984 - Big Brother ALERT

Anyone seen Bob Barr since Al Gores speech?

A poll:

The Bush Repression

Anyone Remember the Exact Date the Anthrax Terrorist was Caught

Fox .... Great Comedy & Fiction ... Simpsons & Ollie North.

Du this poll

Probably every day, someone, somewhere in the United States,

A shout out to all of grover's moles

The DLC Gave with One Hand and Lost us Many Elections with the Other Hand.

When is Free Speech a threat to National Security? We report, you decide.

Who thought back in 2001 you were signing up for Purgatory/ Dem Wasteland?

New Orleans Police Preparing for Rioting?

Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse

"democratic strategists" - we hear a lot from them, but who ARE they?

What we are upset at..and what they are upset at

a fasinating read with Daniel Ellsberg/ from dailykos

The media is our enemy and we must fight them.....

Senate GOP, Bush officials playing policy tug-of-war

Corporate ethics special on MSNBC right now

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

Bush's purge revealed

8th Installment of Mike Malloy reads George Orwell's 1984 posted.

CBO website showing deficit projections deleted

Maybe a news anchor injured in Iraq will finally bring it home...

Whatever happened to


Leader's Pets, Bet Hedgers, and Yellow-Bellied Ingrates

FBI/CIA visitation at my mountain house Friday: POST 2

Is Bill Frist a pigeon?

St. George

Anybody Here Talented Enough (Not Me) To Morph This...

"these men believe Laws are like ice cream, easily melted"...

Sean Hannity as Army recruitment poster boy?

Squishing NSA Talking points from Wingnutsville

Frist on MTP-msnbc--said Jr has the legal authority to snoop--under

It isn't about religion, it's about not having public oversight

I'm proud of DU today

Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse

Kerry Won 2004 Filibuster Tribute--Lets Rate it UP.Good Morning Senator

Condi Rice "Admits" U.S. Underestimated Hamas Strength

From now on I will call Republicans.....

Wingnuts would sooner execute US (Dems/DUers) than Saddam

Frist's "AIDS charity" paid $.5 million to his "political inner circle"

Devil he came to Crawford.....

" words of a winter soldier"

Need a break from the horror of the Alito nomination? Try this poll.

Need a little downtime?

Rice Admits U.S. Underestimated Hamas Strength WTF?

Blair in Secret Plot with Bush To Dupe U.N.

The Future... 2012 - 2016?

Frist Implies He Trusted Discredited Doctor When Diagnosing Schiavo

Ohio Complaint filed regarding Noe Funneling Money to Bush/Cheney Campaign

Doesn't Bush know any competent people?

P R O P A G A N D A -- Corporate Media fighting back against the truth

We must have monthly town hall meetings with our Washington leaders.

Comey and the Rule of Law Versus the Cult of Cheney

What's your opinion of this...

DU speed/use. Am I alone in it not acting normal still?

'Baby Jessica,' Now 19, Reportedly Marries

DU is growing like leaps and bounds, since I joined in mid-august

The simple fallacy of an "investor economy."

Who should sit behind Pickles at the State of the Union?

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Report No Evil (Al Gore)

The never ending War, the Republican plan after all.

It's too bad Woodruff was injured but....

George says Bill is like his new Brother in his Family...yuck

Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse great story

Jim Hightower: Just heard him on NPR and he was great

Just Filled Out A Zogby Poll

FBI/CIA visitation at my mountain house Friday: POST 2

George Junior is a Juvenile Name-Callling Jackass >>>

Big WalMart protest today in KC

Election Reform Action: Pass HR 550 As Written!!(Election Integrity News)

Why is no one talking about 60 Minutes NUKE drug story?

Would WaterGate be legal under Bush's new interpretation of the law?

"GW has shattered the myth of white supremacy once and for all

1+ YEAR Ago: General Hayden warned Congress "What I really need you to do"

Swear to god, Freeptards call "Marlboro Man" a "WUSS"

In times of trouble, nations turn to women.

Video: Cindy Sheehan on Running for Senate

For relative DU newbies; what inspired you to seek out this place?

"Seven days in May". A 1963 movie about a US coup.

There is honestly only one person whose death I REALLY regret: Bill Hicks.

Plea from a cancer survivor.

Anybody else looking forward to Bush's STFU address?

War Has Been Declared: Rummy and His DOD vs. the Internets!

Cleveland police brutalize woman for putting up "Bush Step Down" posters

Is it just me, or has the face of America changed so much...

I'm curious -- how many of you would vote for Cindy to replace Feinstein?

MUST READ - wapo editorial - Bad Targeting (spying abuses)

Young Turks TV Filibuster Continues!!

Don't Ask, Never Tell vs. Civil Rights and Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Nation (Steve Horowitz, Counterbias)

UN Unveils Plan to Release Untapped Wealth of $7 Trillion.....

Alito - It's the Constitution That's At Stake

Post-Gazette's Kelly: It's a Bipartisan Scandal


Bush's Midterm Challenge (latest poll #'s on issues, midterms)

Bipartisan Message in NYT Designed to Scare

When Republicans Loved a Filibuster

worst case scenario 60 minutes---

Abramoff Scandal Forces Republican Reversal on New Ethics Laws !!!

Health Care, Vexing to Clinton, Is Now at Top of Bush's Agenda

State of the Union Puts Bush on Collision Course With Himself

Blair in secret plot w/Bush to dupe U.N. (UK Mail)


Medicaid proposal could hurt seniors (Wealthy don't do Medicaid - but

Pride in Olympia over gay rights

If the Democrats fail to filibuster Alito, they aren't worth spit

NYT: The Great Delegator (Reagan book review)

2006 State of the Union Drinking Game

The Enron trial needs more attention

Blair in secret plot with Bush to dupe U.N.

Budget to Hurt Poor People on Medicaid, Report Says

NYT/Krugman: A false Balance (Abramoff scandal)

Chicago Tribune: Bush touts it, jobless doubt it

Exxon Mobil sets profit record

Dennis Miller's "All In"

"Kick me, I'm a Democrat" by Michael Kinsley

Bush says 'humming economy' --U.S. hears 'high prices'

Absolute MUST READ regarding attacks on IRAN

So I have to participate in a stock market simulation for school...

The Very Top of the U.S. Income Distribution (Brad DeLong)

AP Exclusive: BLM returned $700,000 in Nevada mine cleanup funds

Bush nuclear record.

All is silent down at the pond (BBC)

Quote to ponder

Gulf Coast's Natural Order Disrupted As Well In Wake Of Hurricanes

Bill Clinton - Climate Change World's #1 Problem

Ice, Water Levels Disrupt Rhine/Main Shipping - Reuters

Augustine Erupts After 10-day Break - ADN

Net Mogul Greg Carr Dedicates $40 Million To Rebuild Mozambique Park

Ocean Current Shift Suspected In Massive NW Bird Reproductive Collapse

Featured Attraction At Maine's January Ice Fishing Derby - Daylong Rain

Two New Lakes Found Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet

Guide to New Federal Tax Credits

Debate (sic) On Climate Shifts To Issue Of Irreparable Change - WP

In 1977, what technology did Ralph Nader say could be risk minimized?

Hurricanes created major changes in subterranean ecosystems.

We are having a beautiful spring day again here in central New Jersey.

British scientists warn Greenland ice cap headed for meltdown

Detroit's Next Big Thing - A Federal Bailout - WP

Curbing climate change 'unlikely'

WSJ: A Shift of Biblical Proportion?

Hamas hints at long-term truce in return for '67 borders

Criteria set for Palestinian aid

Hamas rejects Quartet call to disarm, recognise Israel

Palestinians want Hamas reform - poll

EU to continue funding Palestinian Authority

Ynetnews: Bibi compares Hamas' rise to Nazis

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11

I've been on the fence

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11

Why can't Bush regime name real "911hijackers"?

PR Web: Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

well, here's my info

ChoicePoint Responds:

Congressman (doolittle) interceded for tribes that were Abramoff clients

Mark Leno caught in conservative crosshairs

So, this is what 5am looks like!

Gubernatorial candidates not well known - DM Register

I guess we aren't worried about what the DM Register says.


I could use a second set of eyes

VIlsack's PAC Takes In 1.6M, Spends 496K (Natl. Journal Hotline On Call)

SOTU protest in Cent/West Mass????

Reilly"s attempt to "name " Chris Gabrieli his running mate is an example

Cambridge Rally for 2006 Season Hosted by Kennedy for Senate Tonight!

Stonewall DFL Endorsement Convention Report

Will Normie investigate the newest Pentagon scandal?

Sen Mark Dayton, MN - "has not made a decison yet on filibuster"

Join the GOP for free pizza during the SOTU!

Bush to speak in Maplewood on Thursday

buffering .... buffering .... buffering.......

Glen Maxey for Texas State Democratic Party Chair

What time does the protest start in front of city hall in austin, tomorrow

To the experienced bakers--re the lemon custard

Lordy, need a break from GD ALito - and a good yellowfin tuna recipe

Any of you Canadians ever visited Nunavut? Or live there?

So, that list of Stephen Harper's financial backers...

Road to recovery begins in Quebec

George says Bill is like his new Brother in his Family...yuck

Hadassah calls in U.S. expert to consult on PM Sharon's case

MUST READ - wapo editorial - Bad Targeting (spying abuses)

Bush warns US may cut aid to Palestinians

AP: Papers: FEMA passed up available equipment

Nigeria foreign hostages 'freed'

San Antonio Express: GOP on defensive over lobby deals

Abramoff Scandal Forces Republican Reversal on New Ethics Laws

Tests show political thinking is emotional

Bush says 'humming economy' --U.S. hears 'high prices'

MSNBC/WP: Scandal casts shadow on GOP leadership race

British scientists warn Greenland ice cap headed for meltdown

(British) MOD accused of hiding real cost of Iraq war

Reuters: Jury to be selected in long-awaited Enron trial

Alwaleed, Colony Buy Fairmont Hotels for $3.9 Billion

Chicago Tribune: Bush touts it, jobless doubt it

Hagel takes issue with Rove

Bomb Targets Danish-Iraqi Military in Iraq

AP: Advocate: Ryan trial affecting voters

Medicaid proposal could hurt seniors

Energy ..Bushs' high card

Bush plays the joker in warm-up for Congress speech

Pinochet's daughter arrested for tax evasion

World Airways Strands Pilots In African Country

Bush support down to 42 percent in poll (ABC/WP poll)

The monster who killed her kids

Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year

Health Workers' Choice Debated - Proposals Back Right Not to Treat

Gunmen take over parliament building, EU office in Gaza

Reuters: India plans to abstain from a vote on Iran'

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan considers challenging Senator Feinstein

U.S. freezes fewer terror assets (a "lack of urgency" is hurting efforts)

Legislators have critical eye on Red Cross

President Tarja Halonen for Second Term (Finland)

Bucharest Plans Crackdown on Stray Dogs After Executive Savaged

OPEC Must Consider Cutting Output, Venezuela Says (Update2)

Alito backed use of automatic weapons during eviction!

New Patriot Act Provision Creates Tighter Barrier to Officials at Public E

Iran sets up secret team to infiltrate UN nuclear watchdog, say officials

U.S. Newswire: CREW Sues DHS Over Continuing Katrina Cover-Up

Al Jazeera Airs New Zawahri Tape

Officials: Kern County working poor face housing crisis

Ottawa Citizen: Gore warms up to global problem

Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year

Bloomberg: Abramoff Scandal Forces Republican Reversal on New Ethics Laws

Ballot-box win boosts Iraqi radical (purple finger democracy in-action)

PR Web: Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

President Upbeat About "The State of the Union"

Trials Begin in Georgia for 32 Human Rights Advocates(SOA Watch)

Al-Zawahri Calls Bush a 'Butcher' in Video - AP

(Bill) Clinton warns of rising anti-Islamic feeling

UPI: U.S. seizing fewer suspected terror assets

CNN: Ayman al-Zawahiri not dead

Colombian paramilitaries muscle in on politics


Brazil Treasury to Sell More Euro Bonds Due in 2015

CBS/AP: Kennedy Leads Final Effort to Block Alito

MOD: British soldier killed in Iraq (confirmed)

Raw Story : Chaffee Against Alito, Filibuster Count nears 30

Treasury boosts borrowing needs to $188B

Cloture Vote Just started @4:42pm ET n/t

(Tony) Blair: Global Warming Is Advancing

lieberman votes with repubs, yes for cloture

Iraq reconstruction needs even more money

Nevada Sen. Ensign injured in car crash (treated/released)

AP: Wounded ABC Anchor Evacuated to Germany

WTLV TV: Explosion in Jacksonville, Fla. releases radioactive materials

Marine dies from wounds received in Afghanistan

Former Wal-Mart Executive to Plead Guilty (to fraud)

Republicans Push Bush on Abramoff Contacts - AOL News

U.S. Newswire: State of the Union 'Bush-Care' Is Junk Health Care Plan...

Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year

Rescuers Bring Up All 72 Canadian Miners

(Moonie Times) Paper: Abramoff didn't lobby Bush

Report: Toxic dog food not properly tested

Pharmaceutical industry protects flanks as U.S. states close in

CNN LBN: Al Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahiri, in videotape on Al-Jazeera...

Seniors Will Get Needed Medicines Under Democratic Proposal

BBC: British soldier shot dead in Iraq

US 'won't repeat Afghanistan mistake' (Rice)

(GOP) Candidate signs 'God' on registration form

Savings Rate at Lowest Level Since 1933

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 30 January

MarketWatch: Exxon Mobil cashes in on high prices

Bush budget calls for renewal of tax cuts (and privatized Social Security)

'Deliberate' Neglect Laid to Bush In Policy on Katrina's Aftermath

Iraqis 'confirm' bird flu death

Ken Lucas to Challenge Geoff Davis

First Republican senator says he will oppose Alito

Senate Clears the Way for Final Vote on Alito Confirmation

Iraq health minister says dead teenager had bird flu

World Bank 'toadying to the corrupt'

Photogs Slam White House Use of Staged Pictures

Congress May Cut $12.7 Billion in Student Loan Aid

Reuters: Bush-bashing takes center stage in NY theaters

New U.S. Commander to Change Iraq Focus

LAT: Army's Rising Promotion Rate Called Ominous

Lawyers: Firms lost state work after refusing to donate to AG's campaign

Numbers Not Right in Race to Replace DeLay

Playwright Wendy Wasserstein dies at 55

Judge offers a choice: Join the Army or go to jail

Real wages are having trouble keeping up with prices

Bush to say wants Iranians to have greater freedom (SOTU)

Kraft Foods plans to slash 8,000 jobs

NSA Expands, Centralizes Domestic Spying

Rice to Press for Isolation of Hamas-led Government

Times Online: Global warming 'bigger threat' than previously thought

Hostage journalist Jill Carroll seen in new video

Dell to Hire 5,000 People in India

It's been eighteen months since I was unemployed and homeless

Any Rush (the rock band not the gasbag) fans out there?

If I see the word "brazillion" in the lounge one more time . . .

Anyone know how many volumes there are in the Cliffsnotes

I think the Senate Democrats should just roll over and

Bearnaise Sauce

Does anyone have a cat that doesn't like

I think the Democratic Party should recruit Kenneth Lay

Why are the Democrats a bunch of losers?

Welcome to my mind!! LOL.

I am channeling Crazy Guggenheim this evening


Is DU awesome?

Get some class! A-holes!

Night everyone!

I'm tired and going to bed.

WAAAHH - I just got spanked by Peggy!

Dean sucks, lets run Hillary!

who remembers Netscape 1.0?

Someone here has a fear of girls, right?

Every try writing SuSuSudio with a ball point pen?

Did anybody read the following book?

well, good night everybody....

So let's drink, let's drink, let's drink

Be good to yourself.

The Seahawks are in TOWN!!!!

Packet Loss...

Ever get the feeling...

is there a du group at myspace?

It's 3:30 AM, and my nine year old is running a temp of 102

Using suicidal gestures for emotional blackmail.

Ah! It's Monday! This is so weak! Why couldn't the weekend be longer?

Honey Oatmeal Muffins or Smiley Face Pancakes?

Historic vases smashed in stumble

Suduko is lame - Kakuro is where it is at!!! (Cross Sums)

Does anybody have the link to that site that was posted a while back

I watched Forrest Gump (the DUer) and had a nice dream tonight

NZ doctor's rebrands as brothel

Apparently God is a registered republican living in Reading PA

either way , GD:Alito is going to go *boom*

Did anyone else see "Battleground?"

Check out my birthday boots! {DYKE-TASTIC}

Woo hoo!!! I made another short story sale today!!!

Republican Man Signs Voter Registration Card As 'God'

What is your age?

I was one post away from 3,000 so passed up posting while...

I'm not spanky

Would you forgive this guy?

I'm unmotivated. I want to leave.

Metal Band Name Recommendations, Please.

Name that tune:


Is today Tupac/Biggie Smalls Day?

Italy's Berlusconi Vows No Sex Until Voting

"Parents were invented to make children happy...

Is the DU clock goofy or is it just me?

DU Lawyers: can we be sued for saying something here?

DU Lawyers: can we be sued for saying something here?

Test post....fingers crossed

Attacking goat finally subdued with Taser

Judge Hits On Defendant's Girlfriend - Offers To Send Boyfriend To Prison

does anybody know

Every try solving a Su Duko with a ballpoint pen?

"The spam filter" what is going on here??

Is anyone else getting no posts beyond 12:20pm on the latest page?

there is some fucked up shit happening on here today

Man Shoots Cat Because He Is Allergic To It

Is there a way to hide GD: Alito from Latest?

Who's feeling like a 'wee model' of themselves today?

couch or sofa

Good morning DU - kitchen's open. How do you want your eggs?

I need help with ideas on tattoos..

Toilet seat. Just like Scalito, do your duty...give it an up or down vote.

Flour vs. Corn Tortillas

Monday earworm.

Someone else used one of our credit cards last week.

I posted in sundog's not snarky thread and I went back in time

Exploits from AMD?(AMD forum was hacked)

YMCA Banns Breast-Feeding At Pool - Bare Breasts Distracting

Can anyone tell me if


Anyone coming to Detrot for the Superbowl?

Do you think my boss would get mad if I called in sick?

Anybody here ever do those paid online surveys?

Museum Visitor Trips, Breaks Chinese Vases

Ugh... one of my biggest pet peeves

So..I bought the storage tubs and the Contac paper today...

Job advice

Hey! What timezone is DU in?

Inspired by Lindsay Lohan, things you'd tattoo on your wrist as reminders

School Crossing Guard USED To Wave At Motorists - Man Says Too Distracting

Help me name my new kitty

Chance to improve your karma (send a get well email to a hurt GOP sen.

Picture of Face Transplant Woman

Why was Desperate Housweives a rerun last night?

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Confirmed C.H.U.D.s attack in Kansas

AAR Humor - What's the difference between SOTU and Groundhog Day?

Heres something that will blow your mind, i think

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Merry Chinese New Year!

A jerky question

Spaghetti with garlic, basic, asparagus

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question about Shawshank Redemption...

its just about gametime, im headed to GD, pray for me

When I am depressed I eat, eat, eat!

I really wish I could find another job.

Flying Car Photographed in Perth


Can someone make me an avatar of Ted Kennedy?

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I think it would be easy to be a CSPAN producer -- you just act like

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Hey - DS1 - is the server busy? Should I start another thread?

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YES! YES! KEEP posting MORE threads about the busy server

??? How to save a .wmp file ??? I want to save Gore's MLK speech

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From LBN: Repub signs 'God' on registration form

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OFFICIAL "I feel sorry for GD: Alito mods" THREAD

Are you amusical?

SotU Party

BREAKING: Lieberman Sides With Repukes - GD FLABBERGASTED!

Is there a :shitstorm in a teapot temper tantrum: smiley?

Decisions decisions...

K-Fed wants to get 4 month-old son's ears pierced, Britney has s**t fit

STFU party...

well screw this, I'm going to go get drunk

Well I just called Sen. Boxer's office to thank her for supporting

Liberal Elitist Beer Snobs

Just so you know. I'm not speaking to ANY of you

Lewis Black, I'm coming to see you!!! Woo HOO HOO HOO!!!

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) on "The Colbert Report" tonight.

HELP! I need a download-able file of Al Gore's speech for tomorrow's

Woman Has Been Paying AT&T $4.95/Month For A Rotary Phone - For 25 Years

1, 2 , 3 Relax!


Elitism: let's discuss.

W Stands for (help me make a poster!)

Crepes, waffles, or pancakes?

Don't play this game if you need to accomplish anything today.

Liberal Elitist Wine snobs....

I'm RENEWING my DONOR star. How much should I donate?

Skinner is full of crap about one thing:

Who's taking refuge in comfort food tonight?

Prairie Home Companion predicted the future this week

Mrs Matcom: "Honey You Make A MEAN Taco Meat" (Tacos For Dinner)

Woman arrested in Cleveland for posting step down Bush

Heed my battle cry! There is a simple solution to the Alito debacle!

So I got tombstoned

Looks like HBO has a new drama that looks really interesting

Driver Cited For Playing Pornographic DVD Inside Car At Drive Thru

Question: kerosene space heaters...

Goin' away tonight. Back at you in mid-February.

A nice bright spot for me personally today....

I wish that things other than Alito would engender this much traffic...

ok, i have a high tolerance but GD is fucking insane right now

Neneh Cherry...Buffalo Stance...

Wendy Wasserstein dead from lymphoma at 55

Thinking aloud: I'm considering ditching cable TV for satellite radio.

OMG -- Rachel Ray is evil

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/30/06)

Favre says he's leaning toward retiring

Is it just me, or is the Shadegg ad on the Discuss page rather creepy?

Do you choose the blue pill or the red pill?

I got to thinking today, and I've come to a conclusion:

Why didn't anybody tell me boxers were so keen and comfortable?!

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Uncle Dick Cheney Is 65 Today - Post YOUR Birthday Wishes In This Thread!!

what is your favorite anniversary?

Suggest movies to watch instead of the SOTU

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Have you been having any dreams with political content?

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Today is National Bubblewrap Appreciation Day

2005 Razzie Nominations Are Out


What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Mmmmm.... Leftover meeting sandwiches in the break room....

CONFESS!!!!!! What song puts you "In the Mood" (wink, wink!)

best cough syrup for just a persistent, throat-tickle cough?

I'm thinking of joining the Army at age 35!

evening earworm

DU this poll

Any Rush (the rock group not the gasbag) fans out there?

i'm not snarky

Cute beavers.

sundog finally meets some DUers....photographic evidence here

Inquisition was a mistake but legally justified, claims Vatican official

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL-new movie: "Son of Man" - celebrates Christ

The Fall & Cain and Abel - from another angle

Goals for spiritual development--can anybody suggest some?

Can somebody tell me about Unitarian Universalism?

Vatican may have found Pope John Paul's 'miracle'

Difference between alcohol / liquors?

Home surgery? You have to be kidding........

does anybody know

Statue of King Tut's Grandmother Found

Arizona Seeks Gay Cash

Behold the cognitive dissonance of an allegedly-gay Republican

N.C. Couple Refuse To Pay Taxes To Protest Gay Marriage Ban

University Compares Expelling Gay Student To Stamping Out Smoking

Gay cruise decision defended

Washington Gay Liaison To Be Cabinet Position

The Seattle Seachickens won't score ten points

What level of GOD could Rothlisberger attain with a win?

"Don't be like Stanley Wilson"

Does anyone else

Instructions for expressing a dog's anal glands?

Anyone out there have any feelings about the filibuster? Are we going

Reenlistment is a Privilege!

Massachussetts getting props

I just love this!

What time will John Kerry be speaking today?

Biden doesn't refute Kerry being on ski slopes on Imus

Robert Parry: republican ridicule may backfire

Kerry speaking on the floor at 12:30 (EST)

dupe - colonize away

Kerry post on Huffington

dupe - colonize with

Ensign in car accident

i'm starting to really hate this (Bill Clinton and the Bush family)

New email from Uncle Teddy

Wanna read a great smackdown?

Filibuster update

Live-blogging thread for 1/30/06

John Kerry’s Remarks on the Alito Nomination

Kennedy to be on Ed Shultz NOW

OMG. I can't take this anymore. They are now saying the Gang of 14 are

Uncle Ted called into Tom Joyner this morning

JK on CSPAN 2 again NOW n/t

Cambridge Rally for 2006 Season Hosted by Kennedy for Senate Tonight!

Live Blogging 1-30-06 Thread 2

Live Deliveries

Kerry's haters at work -

One good thing that came out of all of this:

The Democratic Daily Salutes Senators Kerry and Kennedy

JK's Statement on the Cloture Vote

Hello, everybody.....I have been told that I have some ability

Level Six!

Countdown Newletter -- 01/30/06: Why Hide?

Here is the Gang of 14's original statement... (there is wiggle room)

56-35 for Alito on final vote - but no tally on the filibuster

Sen Dayton (D-Mn) 'has not yet made a decision' re the filibuster

Just received this from Sen. Clinton...

ABSTINENCE WORKS-Harkin will abstain, which is great!-Call Bill Nelson!!!

C-span just said there is a poll on their site whether filibuster hurts

is anyone more boring than Senator Grassley ??

DU This POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Bush is under investigation for breaking the law would that make the

Who are the dems in the gang of 14?

IMPORTANT: Any Italian-Americans out there?

Will Kerry's speech be on C-SPAN?

56-35 for Alito on a final vote - but no tally on the filibuster

My E-mail to CNN regarding biased reporting from Ed Henry

56-35 for Alito on a final vote - but no tally on the filibuster

Email this list to your cellphone for easy dialing




Senator Jeffords in Vermont voting NO


If the filibuster fails I wont blame the Democratic party.

So coincidence shit happens that always favors shrub

Leahy Is Supporting the Filibuster

Filibuster Vote Today-----If the line is busy, send a message by visiting

Ted Kennedy is talking about the Federalists grooming ScAlito!!!!!!

MONDAY TO DO LIST to Filibuster Alito

Monday Morning Drill - SHUT DOWN the Senate switchboard

The champagne is on ice !

Byrd will vote for Alito but will vote to filibuster...??

Why we must fight (cartoon)



Jeffords is on now...

Cspan Count -

It is the Cloture Vote .... We have to stop 60 votes. .... We are close.

Filibuster energy must not be just a one-shot deal


imagine the headlines if when filibuster alito!!!

What would you do if your child was strip searched? nt

Is DU under attack?

Chafee votes against Alito

More news from TYT: Lieberman will NOT support fillibuster....

Official Lieberman Sux Thread!

Getting through to EASY on the phone lines - CALL CALL CALL


million phone march link no nuke can also comment

Fumblin' With the Filibuster Blues

What keeps you up at night.

Polls Left Alito Filibuster Wide Open to Democrats

a life's worth of change in 7 hours

Norman Vincent Peale -- Quotes for Obama, Biden and all of us

DLC OK with filibuster now???

Anyone with Euphemedia "contacts" ??-- Pitch them the Big Story

Am I the Only One?

7a.m. getting ready for school on a monday, listening to the turk

Chafee to announce vote on Supreme Court nominee this morning

NYT reports NO Dems defended Alito, but were afraid of "political cost of

Who will it come down to?

HELP!!! Who needs to be targeted with a fax?

Okay New Mexico DUers - where are the calls to NM??

Reviving the Dems: Is the Rep method of ending the filibuster illegal?

Official Lieberman Sux Thread!

My faxed letter to all potential supporters of the Filibuster, including

Monday's "to do list"

Media Blast Filibuster Party!

Crystalone will be broadcasting pompous ass Biden as soon as he comes on

re "most urgent" fax numbers

Scenario: filibuster is still underway during SOTU. Do Senators continue

Just sent this to Mary Landrieu...

to those senators who abstain from voting on Alito...




Personal Letter to the DNC in Colorado that keeps calling me for donations is broadcasting ALITO coverage ALL DAY

Who all still needs contacting?

They are afraid of the conservatives' reaction but apparently not ours/NYT

Filibuster with The Young Turks! All Day!

what time does the senate start on alito monday?

Late nighters....YT Filibuster is still going

Today, let the Democrats play our song on the Hill: "United We Stand"

Hey Bob Kincaid fans.....

NIGHT CREW .........

Don't shoot the your bullet.

Spill the Beans Dick Durbin!!!

Feeling impassioned, my letter to Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 3

Alito backed use of automatic weapons during eviction!

Power of Congress is at stake in vote for Alito.

My letter to No-Backbone Biden


Are there any 800 numbers to call?

Don't forget to thank the Senators who have committed to a fight.

I Feel Represented today.

Kerry's on the Senate Floor NOW!!!

Kerry on live on C-Span2 now!!! n/t

Who's this guy ranting on on the Alito vote? He's great!



The battle today is to get media to report the SUBSTANCE of the dissent.

CBS Poll - Should the Democrats Filibuster:

Ben Nelson's staffer has ESP -- Knew what I'd say before I said anything

Could we filibust the 'nuke' option?

JEFFORDS ON BOARD - YES to Filibuster!!!

If their DC office is busy PLEASE check here for local numbers:

Jeffords supports filibuster!!!

Kerry speaking now,..........Question?

Sen. Ensign (R-NV) in car wreck, will miss cloture vote

Chaffee on Filibuster: Possibly not a total Moran

Mitch McConnel -- jerk

Jim Jeffords (I-VT) supports the filibuster!

Will a filibuster of the Alito nomination help or hurt the Democrats?

The Repos just enforced time on Kerry on the floor

Kerry's Speech = Very Presidential


Has a SCOTUS decision ever been overturned ?

Sen. Akaka's staffer said he WILL VOTE FOR CLOTURE

Will We get Olympia Snowe?

gang of 14 would have NO reason to meet if repugs had their 60

Just called Sen. Warner's (gang of 14) office -

Remember to Thank the Senate Staffers for Their Work

McConnell says Dem Senators have neither grace nor dignity. What gall!

56-35 for Alito on a final vote - but no tally on the filibuster

Received mass email from Kennedy's office. "Doing everything they can."

CSPAN POLL re. Filibuster: Will it hurt or help the Democrats?

VERY fast way to contact all Gang of 14 members with free online FAX/email


Senator Saxby "Sack of Shit" Chambliss of Georgia is bloviating now.



BAUCUS STAFFER SAYS (call them now! monday afternoon)

Call the Dem Senate Campaign Committee and tell THEM no $$$ unless


Remember, when a Repuke/Freepturd says about how the "evil Dems"

Sen. Conrad to vote YES for Alito confirmation.

"Why I Oppose the Filibuster "

How is fili initiated? Kerry refuses to stop talking when his time is up?

Young Turks just said Lieberman wont support a filibuster

Re: "never filibustered when majority are in favor"

Sen. Kennedy still trying his best for us: e-mail asking for help

Harry Reid on the Floor Now

mark pryor from gang of 14 abstaining.....

Unofficial: One of the "Gang of 14" abstaining.!!!!

Just Talked to Sen Kennedy's Office and...

ALL senate fax, phone & email lists here. Can someone please pin to top?

MARK DAYTON-PRO FILIBUSTER, Liebermann Wavering, Ensign-R-NV-Hospitalized

Can someone get word out to other blogs to contact the DSCC?

Has ANYONE been able to fax Salazar's DC office?

Sen. Byrd refuses to "tow the Party line".

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 4

HEADS UP!!! Lautenberg is on the floor...NOW!!!

WHO DO I NEED TO CALL NOW AT 2:30 E.S.T. ? ! ? !


Mark Dayton will support Filibuster

Question: Could Cheney fill in for Ensign?

Reid: "Democrats stand united against Judge Alito"

Courage people - this is getting very nerve racking!

Project X, Phase I, Sub-phase I.A

Lautenberg (D-NJ): I was applying Judge Alito's ideas to my children

All I'm saying is, don't get your hopes up too high.

I felt compelled to send Mary Landrieu an email...

If the Democrats want to make history and show a spine all in one

Where is Chafee re: cloture vote? There's a lot of confusion here.

Guys, I've gotten receptive staffers on the phone this morning.


Dear Lord on High, please don't let DU slow down today.

Having Trouble e-mailing

Chafee's office told them Chafee will support the filibuster?


I need a hug.

anyone know what contitutes a quorum in the Senate? . . .

Olympia Snowe: On the fence

IOWANS - PLEASE CALL HARKIN This morning -- needs pressure

WaPo political cartoonist Tom Toles today reminds us of the stakes!

In the Nick of Time--paraphasing Fox -Alito confirmed in time for SOTU

Is Chafee's "defection" from Alito enough cover for Snowe and Collins?

Approx when will the cloture vote take place?

Chaffee and Snowe are the keys. Get them to jump ship

Exchange 224 is out of commission

We are going to win this one if we keep up the pressure!

KERRY ALERT: John Kerry will speak on the floor at 12:30

I just heard we got Lincoln Chaffee.

Only TWO Votes Shy of Sustaining a Filibuster...

CNN just announced that the gang of 14 will meet one hour

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 2

dKOS debunks CNN's speculative spin - gang of 14

CSpan: Sen. Menendez to speak in Senate sometime this hour.

Senator Lincoln Chafee of RI? is the only GOP who wants to got to heaven


Spitting Mad - Betrayal from Schumer - Just Finished phone call


Harkin will abstain!!!!


Al Franken

Sen. Mark Pryor's Office isn't accepting calls. I've tried his

Would you people get off Bill Nelsons phone already?

If the Gang of 14 is meeting, our campaign is working.

Has Russ Feingold spoken yet?

CNN just in -- Gang of 14 to stop Dems filibuster attempt

C-SPAN/Capital News Poll: Will a filibuster of the Alito nomination help ?

Americablog opposes a filibuster...

Bumper Sticker Idea: Hillary Clinton for Unitary Executive 2008



I'm not respecting any dem votes for cloture. I'm really not.

My NJ Senators vote "NO" on Alito

Filibuster vote today--call Sens. Lautenberg and Menendez

Lieberman Doesn't Need To SUPPORT A Fillibuster


The only Senators who can justify a vote FOR cloture without CONSEQUENCES

Filibuster Surprise (What the DNC/Dems should Do)

Looks like we have brought down

TED KENNEDY E-mail: "Remind Yourself of What's At Stake"

Pledge a BUCK to whoever filibusters Alito

Kohl will vote no on Alito--but staffer says he hasn't released

Whatever Kit Bond is smokin',

So is Ensign going to be able to vote? He got into a car accident

Definition of "cloture."

I am SICK of the word ALITO

Vote is at 4, not 4:30

John Kerry’s Remarks on the Alito Nomination

Does anyone know how joementum is voting


OK, last ditch and very controversial

Kerry post on Huffington "The Vote Of A Lifetime"

DU CNN Poll "Why do you think Kerry want's

Conryn is spewing hate speech right now. nt

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 1

Cantwell is still undecided? WTF???


Dear Sen Salazar,

Why aren't Senators afraid of losing power with Alito on bench?


Herb Kohl (D- WI), is undecided regarding fillibuster--give him a call.

Democrats Now MUST support filibuster to avoid partisan embarassment

Confirmed - Dayton is for the Filibuster

KERRY"Alito's Nomination Direct Result of Right Wings Attacks On Miers"

What state is ROCKEFELLER (Democrat?) from?

Sen. Sam Brownback, "Alito is NOT a stealth candidate." What a bunch


What is the current count?

It is going to be tight but I think a lot of wing nuts have put on:

Who asked for the quorum call and why?


DON'T lie about your residency! They all have caller ID and know if

are we certain ensign will be a no-show? How long does the vote stay open?


Is it possible? Filibuster fails, but so does Alito??


G.O.P. Senator Opposes Alito as Vote to End Debate Nears


Just spoke to Sen Levin's 2:35 pm...

I am a middle-aged lady in the Middle of Nebraska START THE REVOLUTION!

There's room on SALAZAR'S MAILBOX

Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of the United States

3:30 pm: The Gang of 14 went into closed-door meetings

Quick someone throw together a Bin Laden tape saying he Hearts Alito

Cornyn: "The Democrat Party" - Why do we allow this disrespect?

Head count, anyone?

Hatch Says It is all about abortion...

Kerry Up again!

I don't understand why the RW rails against the fillibuster

Hey! If we're close at 4:30...let's hold a THREE HOUR ROLL CALL!!

Call the Gang of 14 NOW!

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comm. ph 202-224-2447, FAX 202-969-0354

Hey you guys...


Levin still undecided.

wow, Kennedy is screaming

Whoa - Kennedy is on fire! He's NOT HAPPY with Alito!

Give 'em HELL Teddy!


CNN's Henry says effort ending with whimper -- hardly.

Diebold can't fix THIS vote!

I could KILL Randi Rhodes (not really) Just wasted 10 minutes

Sam Brownback is a complete asshat.


Way to go, Obama...

I can't look. Are they voting yet? n/t

Where's Specter?? He suppose to be giving final speech.

Cornyn is shakin in his boots about the fililbuster....

C Span 2 Stream Having Problems


Thank you to everybody!

Both the DNC and the DLC oppose Alito......


Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 6


Every liberal blog that opposes the filibuster has forsaken the right

Call CNN Now - Jam the Switchboard

PUKE!! Frist is up!

Bill Moyer: Filibuster is litmus test of legitimacy. Please tell them agai

A letter from Ted Kennedy!!! This is AWESOME!

If they can't get cloture, won't 'pubs just hold open vote til they do?

The Repugs took every other tool away they caused the Filibuster

Why are there 4 or 5 dems voting yes?

My cynicism tells me that cynics attacking filibuster play us for fools.

Senator Kennedy on C-Span 2 RIGHT NOW (( HE IS ON FIRE!!!)))

It is not a partisan issue !!!!

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 5

Get ready the real battle is about to begin: If we succeed at the

Geee Frist talking now

Thugs: All nominees deserve up or down votes. Except Miers or any

Why do the Republicans think anyone cares how long this go's?

Phil A. Buster

Lemme get this strait

6 Still not in the count! They are Snowe, Bayh, Cantwell, Dorgan,

I almost never cry, but Ted Kennedy just did it for me


While we wait: Post your creative ways to KEEP FRIST TALKING!

Frist is yakking. Vote will be delayed for ~ 10 minutes.

Frist is Stalling!

Why should Democratic Senators have to be "begged" to vote as Democrats?

Here it comes....

Repair what is broken?

"They should vote like Dems" vs. "They should vote as their consitutents

Tell 'em not to vote with the obstructionists who want to deny...

Did the gang of 14 decide AGAINST filibuster??

Can we get one tacked up "Alito" vote thread?

How does quorum call effect the cloture vote?

Cloture Vote Just started @4:42pm ET n/t

We must win or else all is lost n/t

No matter the outcome....I'M PROUD TO BE FROM MASS!!!!

I've got butterflies in my tummy

Good job, thank you all, keep on fighting.


Seems Mrs Alitos disgusting display of emotions dictates who

This is it!!! here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now voting on cloture....

Dorgan and Collins both Yes. Not many Nos yet.

I have 12 no's so far is that right ?? - Nelson from Florida just screwed

Inoye & Nelson (Fla) aye (nt)

Jeffords and Biden No

C&L: Flash Video Clip of today's Ted Kennedy Alito speech

Did I hear Chaffee, AYE?

Are there any surprises yet? What's the head count before the vote? n/t

6 dems voted for cloture. n/t

Can someone please post the votes? Who voted for cloture?

Chafee aye

Dayton, Menendez, Schumer No, Johnson, Craig, Warner Aye

CHAFEE just voted AYE!

Bill Nelson, may you rot in hell!!!!


Marginalize the fuckers

Time to start a new PAC.

I would like to thank all the Democrats who listened to us this week

Salazar aye, rat bastard son of a bitch




John D. Rockefeller IV

I suppose one meager silver lining

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 7

Lieberman-AYE? nt

Mr. Lieberman - AYE

So they vote for cloture. Can they still pull it out in the actual vote

For our Senators who may read this and voted YES for cloture

Due to massively high traffic, the forums are currently donor-only.

Dorgan and Bingaman will pay.

Landrieu pryor Inouye dorgan and collins AYE

please stop starting threads with each vote

"Where pornographers may speak but the faithful must keep quiet"

Here we go...

I'm pissed at those voting aye, but also pissed at those who claimed

Very classy of Reid

And the real problem is -- they want to get along with their "colleagues"


CALL ALL TURNCOAT DEMS and tell them they've lost your vote!!

May I propose one final campaign?

Hey, Dean! Tell them to GET THE HELL OUT.

Ok, time to donate to alternatives in primaries for those who voted for



so everybody finally waking up to the fact of the DEMOPUBLICANS?

I've got chills, DU!

Is it conceivable

Whatever happens

Wonder how much money the thugs paid our turncoats

Kos IS for the filibuster

Before the vote...

Does anyone have an actual talley?

Post the final tally with names here when it exists. n/t

Mail them rusty coat hangers

Really wild-ass hopeful speculation.

It's official, I have no representation in DC

Nelson of Florida is a POS.

Wow! We must all be here.. We're at level 5!

It's over.

Ready to switch back to the regular GD Forum?

How great it would have been if Lincoln Chafee would have voted 'nay'

Could it be possible that some who would not, not vote for cloture

This is the way the world ends - not with a bang but with a whimper

Guess, I'm gonna take a little break from here.....

*sigh* You have your victory Frist, now end it

time to take back Dem Party from accomodationists

From now on, I'm a Progressive first and a Democrat second.

It Feels Like 11/2 Again.

Hey you rat bastard REPUBLICANS! We aren't going anywhere!!!

Send to Lieberman? Comments, please

OK, C-SPAN is showing some sort of tally of the future on the confirmation

Stop-Alito like effort toward a more modest goal?

I'm So Pissed I Can't See Straight!

It's looking like we didn't win this one but you know what


My 5 year old made me smile on this depressing day.

Because of what's happening today...

The building that is the Democratic Party needs remodeling from the inside

I'm not upset we lost a filibuster

We need a list of all who voted yes on cloture but ....

Democratic Senators Repeat Glaring Failures - US Constitution In Tatters


The Mass Defeatism Popping Up Now Is A Bit Premature I Think.





72 Aye 25 Nay

72/ 25 and boxer wants to speak?

Give me the e-mail address of Harry Reid, and all of the other

72 FUCKING Aye's nt

They've spent 25 years and millions of $$$

Blame the DINOS and the DLC

Senator Maria- I Cant Make Up My Mind- Well..STILL

Come on now. It ain't the end of the world.

Only 25 negative votes for cloture! Just announced.

It has happened before. It will happen again. Dictators death destruction

Jim DeMint is a piece of fucking shit!

Fuck you, Jim DeMint!

Okay, So They Just Won, And This Bastard Is Standing Up Bashing Dems?

I wonder how many phone calls,faxes,etc were made.?

WTF is this tool DeMints point?

List constructive ways to show your anger to the cloture-Dems


Calling my 8 Democratic Family members in FL: Do not vote for Nelson

And the worst thing? Casey (frontrunner) for PA said he'd vote Aye

Donate to DU !

Pissed at the DNC and DLC? donate to the PDA

And the beat goes on....

WTF is this De Mint? Voting AYE'rs remorse setting in now I'll bet


ONE HUGE stincking FAKE BONE thrown to the hungry

Temporary Web Home For WeRememberPAC

After this... I'm Independant. I'm done begging for representation.

When I left, Kennedy was speaking. They voted for cloture?

My response from Barbara Mikulski

Don't Get Mad. Get Resolve. The Impossible Will Take a While Longer...

This CSPAN feed is making me sick

They know they cant lose in the elections.

I just got queasy.

Are they deliberately slapping us "radicals" down with this vote?


Wow, it's kinda slow here... guess we're all in shock and horrified.

If filibuster fails, we are screwed

I'm On Hold To Kohl's Office Now

Cat Killer up - the vote is in minutes...

Anybody have the final tally

Now I understand why Dean said "ask Harry Reid."

Screw Orrin Hatch!

25 No's & 2 skipped the vote on purpose - That *is* AMAZING...

These words of Abraham Lincoln seem fitting...

To all who fought so hard here to stop Alito, thanks and don't give up

Two words to "Aye Dems" -- Fuck You!!!!!! -- And Fuck You again!

How do we stop the DLC cancer from spreading?

I'm going for REVENGE

Woe, bitch and moan link.

Exhausted, Angry, Changed Channel to E-News, Leaving Town Tomorrow

My bad - never mind.

Dem "leadership" that subverted filibuster same as what lost 00 & 04 ?

We still need to push for Democratic votes against Alito. This needs to be

What is the point, anymore to....

* won the Trifecta now for real.

Pissing money down the drain.

Goddammit, why even bother anymore?

DLC= Democrats Lack Courage

Senator Boxer is on C-Span now, rebutting DeMint. / nt

So the Democrats don't want our money?

Do we have a list of the traitors?

"pro-choice" senators among the 72

DLC= Democratic Leadership Cancer

When abortion is outlawed our ranks will swell tremendously

Fuckyou Herb Kohl!

Feinstein is no longer dead to me - but she is on notice...

Feel that boot yet?

A letter of support to the Senators who voted YES on cloture

Can someone list the Pro-Unitary Executive/Anti-Dem base "Democrats?"


Red State DU'ers - You might want to move to a blue state

Just got an extraordinary challenge from a staffer in Bingaman's office

Here's something do with the cash you won't be giving to those traitors

I may be wrong, but I think today was a seminal moment.

Does anyone know why Senator Hagel didn't vote today?

The Democrats must think that we are stupid. The only

Here's an idea for something to put in the prepaid envelopes that come

Why do I get the feeling the Liebermann went to the repubs and

"Betrayal is the only truth that sticks"...Arthur Miller

Can someone go tackle Max Baucus,

Bullshit Baucus talking now -- Will vote No. Who cares?

This should make it painfully obvious to those of you...

One third thinks the dem party leadership sucks.

Look on the bright side- we have TONS of DRY POWDER!!!!

Is a vote for cloture on the filibuster

a big thanks to everyone at DU....please thank all Senators that

How about a massive call-in to Justice O'Connor

Important! Reward those Brave Dems with a spine--

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 8

Who were the 19 Democrats who voted for cloture?

**you can also channel your indignation by calling about the budget

Screw this. I am going to spend my time on the net downloading

Is Gang of 14 Ganging up against the Filibuster?

What good is taking back the Senate if the DINOs still inhabit it?

Just got home , why is a Senator

So now the Repugs get 15 minutes to slam the whole party?

Help Grannie understand

IF DEM WHIP is in charge -- then this is a PARTY VOTE...!!!!

I will support democrats who voted NO on Alito but yes on Cloture

Ladies, do you feel like you've been traded for 30 shekels?

Accountability n/t

Why was cloture filed so soon? What are they hiding?

Boxer sticking up for Reid...GOOD!

Good for DODD...this is nothing but a SOTU photo-op!!!

I have to believe this. Words from M. Gandi...


My wife just called me from work about Alito

My LTTE to my local Alito-endorsing paper

My "Nader" thread was deleted;

Does anyone have the video of Kennedy's floor speech?

Hang in. There's still one positive thing we can do, guys...

About overturning Roe v. Wade

For those who can

What was posted at today

My letter to Mr. Kohl

well, when will Roe v Wade be overturned?

I didn't do everything I could do...

Maybe what we need is to "cull the herd" of the Democratic Party

I hope the Democrats didn't just guarantee a 3rd Party candidate in 08

Why aren't there THOUSANDS of Americans standing in protest

Hooray! Hooray! Another Moral Victory

Anyone called any of the "aye" voters' offices? Report of responses here?

I think we're under some delusion that democracy still exists.....

Just cancelled my monthly contribution and told them why

Tonight and tomorrow...

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight *, we shall fight on the seas

Some simple truths

NO WITCHHUNTS, rather, reasoned setting of clear tone

What are we going to do?

Dems cut a deal? Alito for Bush

Senator Dodd is doing a very good job right now...

Are they voting now for confirmation? I thought it was tomorrow? n/t

Just fired this off to Byrd.


Do not go quietly into the night,RAGE,RAGE, against the dying of the

At least Lieberman & Zell Miller have the decency to be honest

Mail the 19 turncoats coat-hangers in pig's blood

Steve Clemons on Senate Vote for Cloture

Can't get past the front page of the Senate to contact anyone yet.

we kept our powder dry,but

Leaving is the weakest response a person can make - But go if you want.


Reward Dems who voted no.

So does this mean that Cindy Sheehan will run for senate?

Does anyone have a final list of "NO" votes on cloture?

The 1st Rule of Politics "COUNT" & How The Gang Of 14 Screws The Left

What Democratic Senators voted yes for cloture?

Dems just called me asking for money

Gore would have nominated Alito too. Nader was right!

Wise words from Thomas Jefferson for times such as these:


It's about Clinton???

The Democrats could have produced 40 no votes

Two very brave souls, some chickens and some we should forgive

The Democratic Daily Salutes Senators Kerry and Kennedy

We should mail the traitors voided campaign contribution checks...

A blessing in disguise?

I mourned this day during the days and weeks following the election.

I'm in the mood to donate against Lieberman.

The consequences of not voting for Kerry was the Supreme Court

First, make sure the opponent is PROGRESSIVE. Second,

DSL outage stopped our faxes & emails for 8 hours. Others affected?

Barbara, I love you, but your speech seems "too little, too late"

Calling Dr. Dean - your money raising efforts just took a major hit

I gotta give props to Biden today.

Any statement from Governor Dean yet?

No Cloture on Alito Until Bush's Illegal Spying Fully Investigated

I score senator's votes, got a question re: Alito for DU

Tell Alito Directly: WITHDRAW!--Here's His Phone Number!

Thanks for nothing CENTRISTS; Alito wishes to say Thank You!

I have just asked for Senator Reid's resignation.

well, what's coming up soon on the SCOTUS?

Help me make sense of this - Just got off the phone will Bill Nelson's

I no longer am affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Fax sent to Bill Nelsons office

Time To Get Ready To Lose Another Battle

Phone calls aren't enough--did we learn that this time?

I can't believe anyone thought we COULD stop Alito.

Official Monday Senate Debate – Alito – Thread 9


Rebellion by Rank & File Takes Washington Dems by Surprise

Where was the freaking LEADERSHIP?

It's not about abortion

Time to let these losers know how we feel about them:

BREAKING-- "Gang of 14 to fight against filibuster

lieberman votes with repubs, yes for cloture

We Are Fucked

WTF? I did everything one person could possibly do? It didn't



Bayh's office counting calls from everywhere--no public statement yet

Pro-gun Democrats: Now that Alito is all but on the bench...

A Big One-Two Punch in the Adminstrations Face Today!

John Kerry has earned it back

I just called to thank my senator for showing some spine early on even tho


Extremist right-wingers, this is just the beginning.


It's My Birthday: All I Want is a Filibuster. n/t

Time to think about Justice John Paul Stevens

Kennedy on ED Schultz now, saying

John Kerry's Statement on the Cloture Vote

For the Fighters

There are NOT 5 votes on court to overturn Roe v Wade, ONLY 4

What cowards!

56-35 for Alito on a final vote - but no tally on the filibuster

Do this regarding the DLC

When this day is done, we will have 41 Senators who Support the Filibuster

We just lost 19 Democrats

Does anyone have the text of Senator Kennedy's statements today on Alito?

I would like to hear an explanation of every single aye vote cast by Dems

David Van OS right. He posted and said that there would be no successful

Kennedy's Floor speech-Video-

Reid must go

I don't care if theings aren't going our way, never give up!

Is it possible to impeach a Supreme Court Justice?

A few words for Senators Kerry and Kennedy

tools: fax from Windows over a fax modem

Even IF we lose this battle today, WE STILL WON...

Four Feathers

Who holds the record for the longest filibuster? This is a gem.

To every democratic senator who votes to confirm Alito.

Tom Daschle on Ed Schultz predicting Dems will fall well short of 41 votes

Voted for cloture - Your list of traitors and true patriots here


A Toast to Skinner

Why we won today.

I'm going out to get a beer.

Dear Gov. Dean -- “a lot of power waiting to be harnassed”

My final thought -- and my final post

No Regrets, No Tears, No Fucking Quarter.

My God -- Teddy Kennedy is having a SHIT-FIT

I just hugged my daughter close to my heart, went into the bathroom

BETTER THAN SEX!! You've Got the Power - Use it Now! Free Fax/Key Phones

Caption this * and mamma * pic...

Get it together people, *now*!!!!

"Blogger Gains Following With Iraq Reports"

"Senator Frist's trust wasn't blind, and neither are the American people"

LTTE that has nothing to do with Alito

Pickle's "anti-gang mission marks first year"(drag out the Stepford Wife)

LTTE that has nothing to do with Alito

"Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty"

The Road Map.

I want to know what lib website was spied on; last weekend Times or

Sweeps week is coming: Look for lots of juicy stories

State of the Union 2006 -- Bush Impression

VA-10 - Judy Feder to challenge Frank Wolf (R)

From Mickey.... To George:

Does anyone take these jackasses seriously anymore?

Here's an idea - let me know what ya think or tweak it some(more jobs lost

AOL Poll on Abramoff; 83% want White House info released; 33,000 Votes

Here we go again. WMDs in Syria

The Documentary Channel - Another small step for the people's media

What makes a DINO?

Calculating the Risk of War in Iran

BBC: Lay 'optimistic' ahead of trial

The Entire World Wants Us to Replace Our Illegitimate Government,,,

What News Do They Watch

"On this day in 1988, the love affair between the Bush Crime Family...

Any alternative names for DUH-bya's SOTU address?

Whole lot of livin' goin' on if Alito gets on court.

In light of rice's admission that the admin underestimated Hamas can

Washington Journal is great right now-

Fox News: DNC requesting by FOIA covered up Jack Abramoff/Bush Info...

Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse good story here

Lincoln Journal Star: No Show Patriots need to volunteer

SOTU: Bush Vows to Continue “Trickle on You” Economic Policies!

Please Please start calling Representative now.

Bush HSAs = No one in US will have health insurance - Corps keep $$$

Exxon--"Largest profit ever in the history of the world"

Kanye West was right Bush and the Republicans really do hate black people

anyone have email addresses for katie couric and matt lauer?

Senate FEMA Hearing TODAY

Congress Sells Commercial Rights to State of Union Address

Palace Revolt

Dear Mr "I have nothing to hide"...

Sorry, Hillary. I Didn't Contact You...

Jeb is polling!

my email to chaffee.... please, tell me if I am off base.

New favorite name for DimSon comes from IMUS

Was that David Stockman on C-SPAN this morning ??

Perfectly Succinct Freeper Response to ABC Newsmen' s Injuries:

Irony 101

Mary Matalin on Imus--citing the new study on bias

Peak America – Is Our Time Up?

Rep. Dingell's on NPR-

Toby Keith: Music, politics and basketball skills

Howard Dean on Politically Direct

Enron's Lay and Skilling to use "Conspiracy Theory" Defense...

Can We Organize A State Of The Union After Action Like We Did

I wish the Enron trial was on TV...

John Murtha is on NPR right now...

Lots of lurking Freeptards here tonight!!!

Italy's PM Berlusconi gives up sex until after April elections

My explanation of the Abramoff scandal to a Republican friend of mine

Email Rahm Emanuel and Charles Schumer and ask them if

Tired of being USED?

Iraq War and Bush's agenda - Hamas

How do you contact an Administrator here?

Stephanie Miller for your Monday

ABC/WaPo Poll 42%-Lowest for 6th Term Pres Since Watergate!

Curran of Roll Call on CSPAN--Dean failure as fundraiser

This says it all .....

"Bush discussing his agenda will lead to less carping about Abramoff"

Rewriting History Under the Dome

Need help finding a downloadable version of "Battle for America"..

Bush plays the joker in warm-up for Congress speech


Capitol Hill Blue: Bush's lies can't hide the truth about...Abramoff

LinkTV, Dem.Now, Harry Belafonte on for the hour. FYI. nt

Heres something that will blow your mind, i think

The 4 biggest oil fields in the world are in decline

Letter to Howard Dean

are my replies being blocked or just doesn't anyone like me?

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan considers challenging Senator Feinstein

new name for DLC--Vichy Democrats

Why Bush needs a new lawyer (Globe)

Photogs Slam White House Use of Staged Pictures

What's going on with DSM???

LOOK at the list of "faith-based" organizations who get the AIDS $$$$!!

Eminent Domain laws ?

Jesse debunking tomorrow's SOTU - now on the air!

Bush is appealing to those who harbor greater anti-black prejudice.

a rebate for the rest of us

Tomorrow, big S.O.T.U. protest nationwide. You still going?

Anti-Gay U.S. Vote at UN : 'Bigotry Conquers All'

Anyone Here Work for Exxon?

Veteran says he was denied use of hall based on his ethnicity

Pravda: George W. Bush betrays his nation

Ignore my name for a bit, I am leaving PDA...

Separated at birth?

In honor of the start of the enron oldie but goodie "Enron Song

WTF is with this stupid bitch Rice?

Former Marine David Airhart speaks on the killing of Civilians in Iraq


I think something big is going to happen today,

This is about the leftleaning blogs and their campaigns against Kerry

Problems on DU today????

What's happening, I can't post and no one else is posting anything

Bucharest Plans Crackdown on Stray Dogs After Executive Savaged

I'd like to give it up for Tim Russert!!

Anybody Having Problems Streaming AAR....

has anyone got any ideas of how to survive state of union address

Tweety: Bush's Warrantless Domestic Surveillance "A Winner Politically"

Reasons why I MUST BE a 'freeper'.

This is about the leftleaning blogs and their campaign against Kerry.

In honor of the start of the enron oldie but goodie "Enron Song

Any quotes from administration,that No terrorist attack since 9/11?

Live Free Or Die- Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Near Death

Scot M. press conf. on cspan

oh dear, dlc is mad a dean

Throwin this out there. you can take itor leave it. Is bush behind hamas'

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11

Dreaming... Dems don't walk out on SOTU, they laugh hysterically

Do our troops have the same body armor that "saved" Bob Woodruff?

bushmilhousegang won' ob ain radia ion drug for poli ical reasons

Rep. Roy Blount (Republican) Has No Clue or He Is Spreading Misinformation

The Worst-Case Scenario - 1/29/06 CBS - 60 minutes

Ex-Rep. Ken Lucas (D) is running for his old seat in Kentucky - Good News!

Of course, he's a Republican. Man Signs Voter Registration As 'God'

Why did Dean back down on Fox News Sunday?

Wes to be keynote speaker

Gale & Jack sittin' in a tree

The secret psyche of Republicans....

WOW, I just saw a powerful TV commercial on CNN Live, "A Time for Change"

Queen Laura's College Roommate Goes to DC to Beg for Katrina Help >>>

Bush's Blatant Attempt to Obstruct and End the Abramoff Investigation

Photo: Axis of Weasels, 1/27/06 (Junior, Dick, Mitch & The Catkiller)

AARGH.... Springer (AAR) talking about being a ..

Attention, my dear little lurking freepers....

AFL-CIO take on SOTU

Are you fearful that you might post something that might be misconstrued?

Anyone else getting "This stream not available" for AAR?

Are the posts going into the forums OK for you guys, my posts and the time

Senate prewar intelligence inquiry stalled by probe

Self deleted.

What's the true story on Dean, money and ticked off establishment dems....

Kerry speaking now,..........Question?

This is an interesting teaser from Raw Story - hope they post in full soon

Could Feinstein have a democratic opponent? Cindy Sheehan might run

Saw this movie about Dracula today and it reminded me a lot of Bush.

What do you say to people

New VideoTape By #2 Al Queda......

The U.S. and Iran are united - FINALLY!!! On bigotry.

congressional s affers make 1000 changes o wikipedia

Blair waking up?

Krugman - gets it right on Abramoff & Journalists

Watch this TV ad from "Americans United". Rightwingers are gonna hate it!

When god made conservatives, why did he omit their brain?

Study: Bush supporters have stonger anti-black bias than liberals

What does "shut down government operations" specifically mean?

Raw Story: Pentagon investigation of Iraq hawk stalling Senate inquiry...

I think we should phone these Repub Senators and ask them

House voting on budget cuts Wed. Feb. 1; Have you called your Rep yet?

Wendy Wasserstein has died

Frist Next:Says He Got `No Nods, No Winks' Before HCA Stock Sale

Raise Your Glass to Exxon Mobil

Bush to call for cuts in military reserves

Please, Just Shut Up, George ---pix->>>

While I have loads of sympathy

Just had a flashback: "Compassionate Conservative"

ATTENTION PLEASE... a bug is causing some accounts to be shut off

Thousands still missing after Katrina in Louisiana - Bush doing his best?

Will the injured ABC anchor give the Iraqi insurgents an epiphany?

Clinton did it

What's 10" long and hangs between Bush's legs?

Has AOL blocked anyone else's search engine for AlJazeera?

CounterPunch: Alito and Opus Dei

EXCELLENT piece on Balad military hospital on CNN

What is Bush hiding? The Abramoff scandal widens

Televisions off !!!

What Dean said on Fox in the interest of truth.

It seems that most politicians today don't value the Constitution at all

Why is it that the most secretive prez ever, invades our privacy?

GOP Senator injured in car accident advocated against car, highway safety

"In case something bad happens"

Whadday know? Al-Zawahri issues new video...

Why do we have elected officials when they are useless?

Al-Zawahiri: * is a failure >> Tweety tonight: Dems = Al Qaida

Is the state of the union address worth keeping?

Reid: "Bush policies have made us less safe."

Tom Tomorrow on Domestic spying

Sen. Dayton rips 'abuse of power' by Bush & minions

Homeland Security: 'Of course' not all assets were used (Katrina)*Caution*

State of the Union is a State of Emergency- 8pm Capitol Reflecting Pool

Belafonte on with Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) NOW!

Know of a site that has a state-by-state break down of the presidents?


Can We Get Know-Nothing Rice a Subscription to the NY Times? >>>

Reuters: Enron trial puts onetime Bush backer in spotlight

Senate prewar intelligence inquiry stalled by probe of war architect Feith

Ted Kennedy on with Ed Schultz at the half-hour

"Consumer spending (by credit) surges in December. Spinning for

Republican crook kicked out of office (Arizona)

Elie Wiesel from his nobel prize speach

Create a Crisis for Becthel &Tamiflu: George Schultz to D. Rumsfeld

Top 100 companies to work for

I hope Senator McConnell rots in hell.

Did anyone listen to the 1st hour broadcast of the powerhour today?

What are the chances * will reference the latest Al Qaida #2 vid tomorrow?

News said Nat'l Sec for Bush is his No 1 asset - How can this be?!?!?

OpEdNews: Hollywood: Does BushCo Have Its Hand On Oscar?

If Bush feared nothing, he would release him & Jackoff pic's

Al-Zawahiri channels Monty Python French Taunter: Bush a "loser, butcher"

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/30/06: It's Hammer Time

Piece on "60 Minutes" last night

Eve of Destruction

bush - ignorance and arrogance personified

Does anyone know what will be the purpose of detention

Concerning the new Al-Zawahiri "terror tape".

PLEASE-Just Close Your Eyes For A Moment As I Catalog Bush's Abuses (Edit)

Randi Rhodes is on CNN's "Larry King" tonite

Oh my GAWDDDD this is so damn funny. VIDEO check it out!

Call them Republicants


EU to keep funding Palestinians

Racist post I saw on another this guy voted for *

Katrina Survivors Respond to State of the Union Address

The coal mines are the canary - Tom Toles

What's This? We're contracting out intelligence now? "IntelCenter" >>>

State of the Union 2006 (Parody)

Why can't Bush regime name real "911hijackers"?

Text of Wes Clark's speech: "The Real State of the Union"

I believe Hillary Clinton

Oh, that Bush: "I'll do my best to elevate the tone here in Washington"

Caption this picture of Mrs. *

I’d like to bash Bernie Sanders for a moment.

maybe hannity just needs a hug.

The ACLU just called me!!! About the Pledge of Allegiance & my son!!!!

Whatever happened to the political cartoons?

The Silliest Speech in the Union

Text of Reid's TERRIFIC SPEECH on House Floor

Does Al Gore have an official website?

Repub has to explain his signature to county elections board (Countdown)

Rice on Hamas raises a whole new set of questions:

Al-Zawahri Calls Bush a 'Butcher' in Video (Right On Schedule) >>>

Kick Me, I'm a Democrat

A 9/10 mentality and why I'm stickin' to it. . .

"We can't leave Iraq NOW!" was always part of the BushCo strategy

Did anyone watch Bernard-Henri Levy debate Bill Kristol on CSPAN2?

Quiz #4: People Cheney says he doesn't know.

Any of you Yanks still puzzled by what a minority government means

Kidnapped Journalist In Iraq Shown Weeping In New Video...

Bush: Keep Telling Them I Am God.

Palace Revolt (Bush appointees wanted to rein in pres. power)

Does anybody really think that our military would actually support

Wonderful News: Teacher Political Views

exxon/mobil 4th qtr profit --- $81,000/minute

"we who believe in freedom cannot rest" -Sweet Honey in the Rock

How Can America Withdraw from Iraq with Permanent Bases


Rachel's Democracy & Health News #839

Has This Gang of 14 Ever Supported The Democratic View???


34.5 million vs. 5.5 million!?!?!?!?!?!?

Psychological Study finds Bush backers more biased against blacks

Did Randi just say that she would be on Larry King tonite?

Our New War Cry

Kicked in the teeth again

Is America actually at war? Iraq insurgents aren't America's enemy.

Dominatrix not guilty in bondage death.

So They Beat Us On Alito, Now DeMint Is Up There Bashing Us

I'm beginning to believe we're not going to see the Bush-Abramoff photos

I Agree With DeMint On One Thing

They're already rubbing our noses in it.

This is fun- "Pushy Questions" for John Edwards

Iowa's already a whistle-stop for 2008 race

CNN pokes fun at Janet Reno with Parkinsons

NO MORE blanket Democratic donations. Support INDIVIDUALS that

Brazilians rush to adopt baby found floating in bag

It is amazing that a Resident with 38% approval

Dude, where's my party??

ABC wants to know - What are your priorities for national agenda? (poll)

Just got a call from the RNC! My husband picked up the telephone.

If our pathetic Senate can't even reject a crypto-fascist like Alito,

Did Randi just say that Larry King cancelled tonight?

Boxer gets Of, By, For - Rock On!!!

A nice break from the Alito crap-Bush is a dingleberry!!

Record breaking gas prices followed by record breaking profits

2006 SOTU Drinking Game

Feith stopping phase 2 of war intelligence investigation

Someone calm my fears.. If we gain a majority in 06

Any labor law experts out there?

Here's the voting results on the poll on Lou Dobbs show.

I am more worried about the drift than the lurch

CBS evening news doing it again.. re: Abramoff "directing" his

Will (E)lito be the GOP Get out of Jail Free Card?

More Than Half the Country does Not Have Representation

Democracy's Obituary......Please Participte

News heroes find Karma can be a funny thing.

Nancy Pelosi for Unitary Executive 2006. Or Barbara Boxer in 2008

The Alito Confirmation Makes Me Ill, but, It Does Not Surprise Me.

Exxon-Mobil...Posts highest annual profits for U.S company ever.....EVER!

New Game: Pin the Spine on the Donkey...

Suggestions for releases through BookCrossing

How do you feel about paying for your own insurance plan?

You know what we need...PATRICK FITZGERALD

Don't ask, don't tell, don't post the pictures online!

The monster who killed her kids

Iraq reconstruction needs even more money

Help! I Just Received a RWer E-mail From My SIL! Ack!

So does this mean that Ciny Sheehan will run for senate?

After tommorrow, does 2006 even matter?

I just donated $50 to Common Cause.

Cindy Sheehan is an idiot for meeting with Chavez

HA HA.. new WSJ-NBC Poll: 39% Chimp approval.. 2 in 3 want troops home...

Jim De Mint of S. Carolina is pounding salt in the wound

Bush "Wants Iranians to have greater freedom" Translation: BOMBS AWAY

warning : freeper rant about ABC reporter on Yahoo board

"George Bush is a Saint!"

My favorite part of the Declaration of independence

What IS it with Steelers voting republican?!?

Man dies after cops taser him

Oatmeal Terrorists!

Words fail me

Happy Dick Day!

In honor of the SOTU tomorrow night

MAKE THEM ANSWER FOR THIS: The Jesse Jackson Pinata!

Tweety keeps promotong "explosive" new WSJ-NBC poll results...

Bill Nelson (R-FL) I'm pouring a cocktail right now. Big decision coming.

Why have the tribes been so silent in the Abramoff affair?

Weren't the impositions placed on people during WW1 worse?

Top 10 Censored News Stories of 2005

Bush hands ONE QUARTER of $15B tax-funded AIDS money to religious groups

Wes Clark delivers "Real" State of the Union Address today - C-Span3

Remember the parent who assaulted the teacher for molesting his kid?

Took a Zogby poll on Saturday. Just got notice of a new one

Bush: "Abu Ghraib *pictures* disgraced us . . .gave enemy propaganda tool"

LOL, the latest Zogby polled asked, "Are you ashamed of W?"

Bush inching up...WHAT A JOKE!

Bumper Sticker Idea: Hillary Clinton for Unitary Executive 2008

A&E Original Movie: Flight 93

There are no Iranian Nukes, And You Know It.

Will YOU be watching the SOTU?

On Rush Limbaugh & his "sense of humor"

Freddy Phelps is comin' to Town...

Regarding the DeLay/Tweety, I mean interview tonight:

Filed this under WTF?: Ford will receive a $250 million tax break!!!

I just heard that Sen. Ensign (R-NV) was in an accident

Wikipedia blocks United States Congress IP addresses

I miss Ron Reagan Jr!

Greenspan will be remembered as a goat, not a guru,

State of the Union drinking game

"American Blackout" (McKinney/elections) - Sundance Special Jury Prize

Snitchens / Ritter debate audio now posted.

Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases

The Sound of NO hand clapping


Global Catastrophe

These Marines in Iraq need pillows!

Smart kids are going to leave

With all the eavesdropping, I'm getting alot of this type email lately

New Orleans Betrayed

CLARK: America's beacon is fading, at home and abroad

I feel like there is electricity/energy in the air this week. Anyone else?

Vote-PAD: The Simple voting device that MAY SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY

Meditation. Could somebody recommend a good beginners book about it?

"Democrats in Washington are risk aversive" Dean on AAR today.