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Archives: January 3, 2006

Democratic Death Throes: Totalitarian Democracy

On Father's Day, Send Your Cards to Tom Instead of George

Coming to the Hill: lots of hearing-room drama (CS Monitor)

A Gestapo Administration By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Renewable energy 2005 Year in Review

Uncertainty over Palestinian poll

Re: Computer "glitches" favoring Republicans

They wouldn't do That! : Steal an Election?

More fun. I was sending an email a message popped up

Alert for Palm Users...New Year and Birthday Reminder issue

Help, My MAC Mini wont boot back to OSX 10.4

monitor/video card problem

New mayor promising hope for Cleveland

San Antonio Express News?


Beef with Broccoli - the ultimate recipe

Meatloaf Wellington with Chunnel O' Spud (pictures)

Salt in bread

Muslim Scholars Were Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda

(John) Roberts urges pay raises for judges (30% would not be enough)

Iraq Oil Minister Resigns Under Pressure (Replaced by Chalabi)

Kerry Keeps Options Open

TX: Strayhorn enters governor's race as independent

London bombs cost just hundreds

DoD Identifies Army Casualty #2180 (IED)

Firefighters Search Charred Texas Towns

Earthquake hits deep under South Pacific

U.S. Cedes Duties in Rebuilding Afghanistan

Rail ridership up as gas prices drop (in CA)

Book: CIA Ignored Info Iraq Had No WMD

Ex-Rep. Lampson to challenge DeLay

Iraq's Main Sunni Arabs Group Meets Kurds

(US) Student turns to Cuba for (medical) degree

US Rep. Murtha says he wouldn't join military now

China welcomes US (Bush) decision on steel pipe trade (why does

U.S. Air Force's Role Changing in Iraq

Newsweek: 9/11: A Special White House Slide Show

'Military Times' Poll Finds Support for President, War, Fading

Bush drinking again - Video

Brent Musberger Drinking Game

How many flame wars has Angelina Jolie started?

Oh shit! 7.1 near Fiji

2005 Mug Shots Of The Year

AAR must be crazy

2005 Mug Shots Of The Year

Region's first baby surprises his mother (didn't know she was pregnant)

Join in on the Tolkien Birthday Toast!

Can anyone recommend a moderately priced hotel in Key West?

So is "The Daily Show" live again tonight?

Argh! Guilt trip!

Day #2 of NO SMOKING! Ask me Fucking anything!

After lots of experimentation with different marriages, it is my opinion

My room is now 50% clean!

How Many Marriages Have You Broken Up?

I am SO not watching the Aspartame Bowl.

Good Evening!

Quitting smoking for the new year?

Eleven more questions

SoCal DUers! Is it POURING RAIN where you are now?

LOL! I drew 'em in with busty redheads...

Need help figuring out what song this is from the 70's

Time to eat my CAT for dinner..HELP!

"Can connect to the access point but the internet cannot be found."

Living Life

Oh if only Troy Smith was ready when Texas showed up

Guess who got voted 'Most likely to be arrested in five years on T.V'?

I know I'm not crazy because....

Today I have a rusty bedhead

Do you know shit from shinola?

Roller Derby show starts tonight. 10 EST on A&E.

I would like to start a new group.. the "people who ignore sundog" group

Deer Santy Claws,

Caption this * photo (playing rugby at Yale in 1969)

Need suggestions for window treatments please!

Out with the Old

Holy Crap!

Anybody play Spades?

Who gave bank employees the day off?

I used to be a Rusty Bedhead ..

Napster=MrsGrumpy's newest addiction.

It's time once again to praise the parenting gods for headphones

Sugar Bowl thread, West Virginia vs. Georgia

Anyone see this clip? A pre-fight staredown, 1 fighter kisses other.. and

Mom, 13, is ruled a sex crime offender

I used to be a Dusty Dredhead

My cat stinks

I used to be a busty redhead

I am doing the happy dance!

Say something mean to me and I will . . .

Georgia vs. West Virginia


Wolf Creek

What song do love, but everyone else thinks is THE worst song.

Hit songs that will never be covered?

I talked to JimmyJazz *AND* MrsGrumpy on the phone today!!!!

Somebody tell me why "Hotel California" is the worst song ever written.

To sleep! perchance to dream:

What's your Post:Response ratio?

Did you gain weight over holidays?

Should the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin be on anyone's top ten?

Back home and back here.

Why would anyone want to watch a movie ......

Next new West Wing is the VP debate?

That's it! Christmas is officially over!

So NSMA and I sampled some fine English ales today

Does the Discovery Channel suck these days or what?

What kind of catnip addict is your cat?

Science Must Destroy Religion

What happened on Easter?

Looking for Pope Joan

8:30 (Monday) on C-SPAN2: Republican War on Science

Sexuality To Be Grounds For Asylum In Spain

What about other kinds of nongay movies with gay characters?

Sugar Bowl

Best halftime ever

German Shepherd rescue out of control. Any trainers out there?

Cajuns for Kerry

Valentine for Romney-comparison to Kerry.

Hey dkos warriors,

Has anyone heard from GRLMGC?

Watched Tucker Carlson

Am I losing it? Wasn't there a thread in here somewhere...

OK. I cannot live with the thought of Kerry not being president.

Powerless! Advice needed on camera repair

I got high this afternoon...

Restoration challenge. You knew it was coming.

Kitty news!

KOEB 01/02/06: Happy New Year

Columnist Dennis Byrne illustrates the fascist wannabe Bushbot dolt

Special coverage of WV Mine Explosion on NOW.

When we aren't torturing each other, we get our kicks torturing animals

Airmen (Air Force) forced to do Army's job since Army is "Tapped"

Keith Olbermann on Now!

Have you seen this Wilson claim?

Happy New Year, DU, and thank you for everything...

John Perkins, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" author on Majority

An ability to "SWEEP UP" phone calls and other information....

Iraq 'incapable of running jails'

Has the religious wrong claimed, yet, that god is punishing

It's not "by any means necessary", it's "by any means"!

A republican relative just watch almost all of the video on

Do They Think It’s Worth It? (caution... graphic)

In 10 minutes - "The Republican War on Science" on CSPAN2

Will the FBI find out who leaked Chimpy's illegal spying to the media?

VIDEO-Whisleblowers-Against the Law?

To Bush-from: An Iraqi citizen who believes in freedom and democracy

Note to any trolling freepers

Book: CIA ignored info that Iraq had no WMD

Pigeonhawks - LOL Check this out

What happened on Easter?

Bob Kincaid, from WV is railing on the mine accident NOW

VIDEO-Mark Crispin Miller-selected comments

LAT: Right bag, wrong person

The real story, the true story, the ONLY story that should be reported

Who are wealthier in the Senate and House Repukes or Dems?

Just saw a bumpersticker that said, "Cajuns for Kerry"

Two Breaking the Law analogies

Pachamama has checked in..

It is not going to work...

Anyone Watching the PBS Shows on "Reconstruction"?

Frank Wilkinson, destroyer of HUAC, has died.

Record Number of Inmates Killed Themselves in California Prisons Last Year


Would you feel your privacy had been invaded if airport security...?

U.S. military 'shuts down' soldiers' blogs

AP: Curveball coming for home buyers

This President Has Dignity, Not Like Shrub. Hey, STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!

Colombian workers support U.S. universities' ban on Coca-Cola

When Does Bolton's Recess Appointment Go Away ???

My vote for the hardest hitting video of 2005

Ex-Rep. Steve Stockman filed as an independent to run against Tom Delay

Did I just hear Malloy say...

Bush must prove he did not wiretap John Kerry and other candidates

American "Family" Association at it again!

A Gestapo Administration

Bush pulls the plug on Iraq reconstruction

Bush on Cycling and the importance of new helmets after hitting your head

Spygate will not harm Junior, and the issue will fade...

I really want to post something...but I can't because it'd get me into

Truthseekers Roundup.......Malloy Is Next on AAR

Has someone been smearing Alito?

A life Wasted

Has our little president been falling down again?

Ward Churchill - Kill the Indian, Save the Man: on CSPAN2 Now!

What book would you recommend for a complete political newbie?

Coal miners - the poor of the earth

My hometown newspaper's New Year's Day editorial - from the Editor!

Toddler's Talking Elmo Book Asks 'Who Wants To Die?'

The Lemming Syndrome

Notice how Bush calls NSA wiretapping Americans a "program"?

Clinton Vs. Bush

Most powerful movie I've seen in a long time...

What time will Wes Clark be on FAUX?

Washington state soldier killed in Iraq

Bush has actually declared it treasonous to reveal his illegal behavior!

CapitalHillBlue ready for revolution-"Time to impeach the son of a bitch"

VIDEO- Bush is an ASSSSSSS! "Combat with a Cedar" to troops

Religious right now attacks Barbie

Join the Air Force - Drive a truck in Iraq - Genius George goes to War is thanked in a book

"Imperial presidency can ... only be empowered by an invisible Congress"

What blogsites do you trust/go to first?

The Year the Chickenhawks Will Go Home to Roost - email from Cindy

A Question about my Son and A Possible Draft

Schwarzenegger Denies Allen Public Clemency Hearing

"Doctors For Life": Swiss Hospitals Agree to Help KILL PATIENTS

Should DU send candidates a questionnaire and post their responses?

Air stikes on Iran - would it help/hurt bush public support?

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Need pic, please.

Prove Christ exists, judge orders priest

Dear Gov. Dean - Even Ashcroft said “No”; So, why did the NYTimes hide it?


If you use snail mail, on occasions

Mom, 13, is ruled a sex crime offender

OMG -- read this LTTE in the Cincy Enquirer!

My Aunt was born in December,1910.

No WMD in Iraq; "the CIA is to blame!" BULLSHIT.

Not ONE Diebold machine error registered a win for Democrats?

ADS: Meet on Saturday, Call on Monday (Iraq / impeachment forums 1/7)

Iran Has Weapons of Mass Destruction

Is this new "reality show" Rollergirls good or bad for women?

here's your handy "pin the bomb on Iran" map...(nuke facility locations)

Is NSA leaker protected as whistle blower...

NSA Revelations and all the rest...Are they "Rinse and Repeat" for Us?

AP: Ex-Lawmaker Files to Run Against DeLay

Can we please NOT discuss 2005 anymore? We have some real

Let the eagle soar, like it never soared before--Thanks Ashcroft for not..

WP: "A Life, Wasted: Let's Stop This War Before More Heroes Are Killed"

Another disconnect

We Dems WON two ELECTIONS! FGS! Sometime Soon it WILL Come Out!

Did Bush & Karl Wiretap the Kerry Campaign?

Malloy is supposed to be carried at his regular time on XM starting

Sports Enthusiasts Take Note:

We need to start sending enlistment papers to any senator or

Why are DC Dems so timid?

Anyone Watch Tweety Tonight??? Seems HE Was Pretty Much

Constant Protests Sights?

O'Reilly: The new "Hit-man" for the Bush Admin

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio : "Ballad of Bob Ney"

Malloy's "Bush In His Own Words" 2005 compilation -MP3

Anyone read "Our Endangered Values" by Jimmy Carter?

60 Terabytes: thats what the gov wanted to store digital conversations

religious left will only replicate the misdeeds of the religious right.

For Schröder and Putin, Linkup No Coincidence

Orthodox Creationism: It's Not Just for Christians Anymore

No nudes? Playboy alters look for India

Medicare Misery: What it offers to seniors isn’t pretty.

The central question on Alito: Is he activist?

2005 Wasn't All Bad

Say goodbye and good riddance to 2005

What Fate Awaits NSA Spying Whistleblower

Kathleen Parker : Perhaps wiretaps are common sense

CIA `renditions' of terror suspects cause furor in European nations

Orwell could have a case against Bush

Bush admin has decided to not "seek any new funds for Iraq reconstruction

Radical Right Group Claims Barbie Is “Tool For Promoting Gender Confusion

Coming to the Hill: lots of hearing-room drama (CSM)

"Breaking Daou Cycle: Conservative Oppostion to Bush Law-Breaking!

Top 10 Stories Of 2006 By Eugene Robinson

US Rep. Murtha says he wouldn't join military now

Question for Judge Alito: What About One Person One Vote?

Khalilzad needs to get Iraq's dominant Shiites to make concessions to the

A Life, Wasted - Let's Stop This War Before More Heroes Are Killed

The courageous needn't fear (Campos: Rocky Mountain News)

From David Corn's blog: What's Good for Abramoff Is Good For America?

So Much for the President's Assent to the McCain Amendment

WP: A Life, Wasted – Let's Stop This War Before More Heroes Are Killed

Advertisements do make teens drink more, study shows

For Bush, a Test in the Midterms--E. J. Dionne Jr.

Schools ask parents to pay up before kids log on

"The Coming Meltdown" (Global Warming - NYRB - 01/12/2006)

A Communist citadel stirs German passions

'Wash Post' Op Ed: Father of Soldier Slain in Iraq Calls Death a 'Waste'

Dave Barry recaps 2005


President regroups, looks ahead ( focus on economy, federal tax relief)

Dumb question about the deficit (forgive me)

Maryland to get biodiesel refineries

Navajos act to stop uranium rush

Oil Prices Surge on Speculative Buying

MSG-2 Will Advance Long-term Monitoring Of Earth's Energy Balance

Proposal: The Great Conversion Conference

The Gas War

Borneo Orangutan Populations Down 75% In 10 Years - 7,300 Left On Sumatra

No Relief In Sight As Spain Enters Second Year Of Drought - Reuters

TS Zeta Still Hanging On 1,100 Miles SW Of Azores

Getting Warm In Here - Independent On Climate Change Politics In 2006

Three Years On, FL Agency Doing Nothing As Sewage Destroys Palm Beach Reef

Meltdown Scrambling Life In Arctic Alaska For Animals, Natives, Oil Cos.

The Weather Channel says, "gee, climate change might be bad."

Uncontrolled BC Logging Destroys Pine-Beetle Study Control Site

2nd-Hottest New Year's Day Ever Brings Fires, Blazing Heat To SE Australia

U.N. effectively blocks caviar exports

Freeport-McMoRan created bogus environmental group

Nuclear power station cleanup cost soars

New: NREL green electric provider database.

Israel's Likud ministers to quit government

Palestinian Authority faces cash crunch

U.K. chief rabbi warns of `tsunami of anti-Semitism, Haaretz 1/3/2006

Rights group keeps Palestinians farming, and the settlers at bay

West Bank buildup (LA Times)

Palestinian Gunmen storm Gaza Interior Ministry

Report: Israel’s PM aims to scrap road map - will seek US approval

Police said to have found evidence PM took bribes


Apocalypse of Coercion: Why We Listen to What “They” Say About 9/11.

They booked the wrong airline - CMA77 or RBB

Abramoff, SunCruz, M.Atta, 9/11, FBI........

I finally heard the massive explosions inside the WTC....

SoE's husband still working for ES&S?

CA: Voting machines still not recertified

The Crisis Papers: In 2006, Voting Fraud is the Keystone Issue

Election Fraud & Reform News. TUESDAY 01/03/2006

Why should I care about voting machines?

Questions about the reliability of electronic ballots

garybeck: Understanding the difference between paper ballots and paper au.

County election official calls activists "spammers" and "Luddites"

Short, sweet and interesting response from Chronicle reporter

Doolittle draws increased scrutiny

PG&E sucks!

Is California ever going to get E85?

LA/OC/SD & nearby DUers: Any interest in traveling to Orange County for

Blouin unveils health insurance for children plan (DM Register)

What's Iowa Sen. Iverson up to?

Bowls '05: both Iowa and Iowa State get taken out behind the woodshed...

Coleen Rowley on Hardball tonight (9/11 and Domestic Spying)

Firefox - should I just give up?

Ney is in deep trouble

Did (Repuke) Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro ever

For All of the Casino Jack Junkies amongst us,

Ha ha ha! Tom Delay has THREE Republican primary opponents.

Candidate Filings Show Grassroots Democratic Fires Burning Hot

Just had to cross post this here!

Happy Abrakah!

Robert Ricketts to challenge Randy Neugebauer...

John Coby says "bring it on"

Email from Planned Parenthood

Nueces County filings

So who's gonna be in Galvestoon this weekend?

Winter soldier coming to Dallas jan 20 2005 -

Apple Cider and Honey brine for pork.

Silicone rocks!

A small batch of Chili Verde for Little Sister.

Recommended links for Canadian web forums/blogs needed

Watch for HEyHEY at the WJHCs on TV tonight

Chalabi likely to succeed in new Iraq government, despite controversy

Israel's Likud ministers to quit government

China ratchets up control on expression

Advertisements do make teens drink more, study shows

GOP meeting in Memphis in March

Bush pulls the plug on Iraq reconstruction

Maryland to get biodiesel refineries

Mine rescuers ordered to the surface

Expect line today at drugstores

Oil exports from Iraq at 2-year low

New tax cuts give the rich a boost

Critics say recruiting is Marines motive in billboards touting war bravery

Iraq: Interior Minister's Sister Snatched

Abramoff Plea May Mask a Larger Crime: GOP Foreign Influence Peddling

U.S. ally Allawi may be shut out of Iraqi government

Police arrest guard after handgun incident (INL)

New Denver Law Aims to Ensure Pay for Immigrant Day Laborers

Coming to the Hill: lots of hearing-room drama (CSM)

2 Said Killed in U.S. Copter Crash in Iraq

(IRS) Probe clears church, its lawyer says (after Kerry visit)

Profound issues in Seattle lawsuit; State high court to rule on gay rights

Abramoff Makes Plea Deal, Will Cooperate

Iran's president criticises detente foreign policy

Anti-Terror Funding To Be Distributed According To Threat

'Wash Post' Op Ed: Father of Soldier Slain in Iraq Calls Death a 'Waste'

DNC:Post-Holiday Sale -- All Republican Corruption Scandals Have Got to Go

Easy to understand Abramoff corruption graphic from NYT

Russia accuses Ukraine of stealing gas

Spain plans to offer asylum to 'sexual refugees'

States Adopt California's Greenhouse Gas Limits

Iran says to resume nuclear fuel research-TV

Convict suicides in California state prisons hit record high

Study Shows Children No Safer in SUVs

CNN: Lobbyist admits to kickbacks, fraud

BBC: Israeli police say they have evidence Sharon's family took $3m bribes

Bush Opens Push For Patriot Act

Mexico: Walls won't stop migrants

Palestinian Gunmen storm Gaza Interior Ministry

Kennedy tries to get presidential reports (counter "same intel" claim)

Chief rabbi fears 'tsunami' of hatred

5,736 Iraqis killed in 2005 violence-official data

Abramoff scandal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 3 January

Argentina announces completion of full repayment of IMF debt

Iraqi V.P. Says No New Gov't Until April

Iraq becomes journalist killing field

Poll: Half believe Congress is dirty (CNN/USA Today/Gallup)

Muslim head says gays 'harmful'

Is Sharon in legal trouble?

White House attacks opposition on anti-terrorism law standoff

Pelosi releases declassified letter outlining NSA concerns she wrote four

U.S. Manufacturing Was Strong Last Month, Survey Says

Abramoff plea deal ties Ney (R-Ohio) to corruption

GM hoping big SUV category still has life

Abramoff plea bargain to bring corruption probe to Congress

DeLay prosecutor subpoenas Abramoff documents

IRAQ: Election Despair Spreads to Expatriates

Maine Democratic Legislator Bolts Party (ending Democratic majority)

WH continues Patriot Act push (accuse Senate Dems of playing politics)

Bolivia's president-elect arrives in Venezuela today

Rhode Island Becomes 11th Medical Marijuana State

Hospital building booms in 'burbs ("for the affluent and well-insured")

US warns Syria to let U.N. interview its president

Breaking CNN: Abramaoff to plead guilty to corruption, other charges

US air raid kills 14 Iraqi family members-official

Eminent domain now big business(lady's home in Chicago now a Walgreens)

Children not safer in SUVs, study says. Doubled risk of rollovers cited.

Voting System Results Still Out (Questions about the reliability of BBV)

Saddam prefers death by firing squad

Billion Dollar Bunker: US plans Baghdad embassy more secure than Pentagon

White House cold to Chalabi leading Iraq oil ministry

Mormon Missionaries Murdered

How they got caught: After lobbyist broke off engagement, ex-fiancee told

CWA Says Barbie Website Promotes Gender Confusion

(Bolivian Pres.-elect) Morales Aligns Himself With Castro, Chavez

Prove Christ exists, judge orders priest

Report: North Carolina Hispanics contribute billions

History Professor’s Mail Opened by Homeland Security

What's with this "Book of Daniel" NBC new show?

nice fake punt

Flavor Flav is the Blackulaaaar! I'm so happy he's gotten over that


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout CD

I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you....

We're having a thunderstorm.

I wish they could make albuterol in a way that does not

Damien "Junior Gong" Marley "Welcome to Jamrock"

Words to Describe Cats


I'm a musty Deadhead

How often does your cat draw blood?

do you hear that?

How often does your cat draw complex, Escher-esque illustrations?

It's time for ___________________

What's in the box?

nice fake hunt

nice fake punt

Vengeance is mine, sayeth...

I'm getting down!

How many of you exist without a LAND LINE?

I'm getting up!

Tonight's insomniacs, check in.

Did Socrates exist? Was he just a sock-puppet for Plato?

Holy Crap!!!! My Gas bill is more than my mortgage......

Hummus: "Five Peppers" or "Roasted Garlic"?

Cool optical illusion

Tuesday earworm. Wish I were there.

I think I'm developing a crush on a lesbian

I met with and/or spoke with exactly zero DUers today

*White People!* _____ ____ (5 pics)

Computer info. help needed


Is this what happens when you take the brown acid?

(forget "Winnie") Happy BIrthday VICTORIA PRINCIPAL!!!

Just for ChavezSpeaks: Christian Surfer Message Board

Has anyone cleaned out DS1 and matcom's litterbox recently?

I just asked MMjr. to go windex my car's windows.


DailyKos' Puppy Pic of the day is the best!! Enjoy the laugh!

I have a computer problem too. HELP!


ZombyWoof and NSMA - at the waterfront!! Check out the picture!

Angels on Horseback: Bacon-wrapped gulf shrimp

Thoughts About the New Rachel Maddow Show


Brazilian thread (2006's first)

At the Fiesta Bowl Party I went to last night....

How many of you exist?

Don't you HATE it when you do a perfectly fine copycat...

Hey - IT folks - what the fvck is causing this?

Cat Hangs Under SUV For 70 Miles

BIG SAVINGS on 2005 Calendars now at ebay

how does one print a whole thread?

Police Thwart Baby Jesus Burning Party


*sigh* 9 more working days until the next vacation

How many of you are sexist?

Southern CA DUers: DU this poll! (February get-together?)

Microsoft Office product key question...

Woman Fights Uncle Sam To Prove She Is Alive - Lost All Her Benefits

Today, when I looked outside, I saw rainbows, fairies and unicorns.

I recently realized the three coworkers who hounded me since

Poll: Texas vs USC

Salon's photo of Bruce Springsteen at 18, looking like a Skynyrd member

I fed the cats IAMS chicken breakfast this morning.

Today when I was driving to work I slowed down to help a snow-stuck girl,

So what are you listening to?

Is this what happens when you take the blue acid?

Sorry all gals born female - Sean Lennon isn't accepting any more offers

How many of you exist?

My brain is about to melt

Arrested Development Finale {SPOILERS}

Now THIS would have made a marvelous gift

The lounge movie today is "Liquid Sky"

OK, it's official! NYC Gathering Sat. Feb 4th, 2006.

Anyone here play KoL?


Pity party: I've got a sinus infection and my face hurts.

I'm gonna go have a day, but I leave you with this photo

Woman Wants City To Give Her $2Million To Fix Her $67,000 Home

I am so nicely being a sick fuck

where do you buy your clothing?

After lots of expirementation with different marriages, it is my opinion

How many of you are sexy?

nice cake: bundt

There are live eclectic wives across my driveway!

I watched Polyester, Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble all in a ROW!!

Bad news matcom: your beloved Kelly Brook is enraged.

How is Etlanda, Georgeah?

My 15 year old cat is missing

Oy. Overheard from one of my IT folks....

Time for yet another-Post a pic of a guy in Viking helmet thread

Bad news matcom: your beloved Kelly Brook is engaged.

Just one question

I am so nice and sick of f***ing

Fun with bored Lara:

What do you think of the bowl games these days?

"Nessie" (Loch Ness Monster) spotted-moved to California

Are the TV shows going to be reruns again this week?

So I finally did it - I read "Hammer of the Gods" the Led Zep biography!

Bad news matcom: your beloved ForrestGump is engorged.

Have any of you earned a Master's that "wasn't worth it?"

At what time of day is it okay to start drinking (booze)?

I just got propositioned by a 80 yr old woman with a pacemaker!!

Got some coffee for you all

Fire Scottenheimer! Brees tore labrum in a meaningless game...

Piece of ad, ice:

Who else thinks their degree is worthless?

I am now taking donations from DU members.

Freepers At The Cutting Edge Of The Fight Against Prejudice?

Why don't we ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"?

It's all too much to bear

Is the Lounge DU's Battle of the Song?

When a person says he prefers to get to know people online first,

Is the Lounge DU's Battle of Waterford?

Employment Law question--Can you point me in the right direction please?

Hey Mom and Dad, I'm a WAR president!

Why did Kamikazes wear helmets?

Someone at my roommate's work stole his rent money

Reasons to love New Zealand #290

BREAKING ON DU: I'm going to pop LynneSin on the kisser.

Seacrest in at E!

I stole some fool's backpack while he was at work and left it for 5 mins.

"Why are you worried about bird flu, you're a creationist"

High-tech types: What would you do with a lot of available 'Net backbone?

Screech, scratch, honk, buzz, whistle, z-z-z-z...

Supposed to be freezing rain this evening... should I go?

Sunday it was dry and unseasonably warm here in Chicago....

Hattiesburg- Mississippi- smoking marijuana like a woodstock hippie

Help me find a Jonathan Goldstein file



I don't know if it's Bush or what.... but I've never seen such disdain

Why on earth did anyone enjoy ALW's "Cats"????

Best Online Travel Website?

OH-kay... if I brought some of my CATS, would you So. CA DUers go to a Feb

I now have a child safety seat in my car.


I have a new favorite perfume!!!

Time to play "Dress up LaraMN"

Are you for or against?

BREAKING ON CNN: List of those associated with Abramoff listed

How many of you are trying to win HGTV's Dream Home this year?

My first thread: a proposed DU fundraiser

Note to Jack Abramaoff: Lose Weight before You Go To Prison

My husband just sent me a sweet text on my phone!

How long have you gone without sex?

NFL Teams Go On Coach-Firing Frenzy

Anyone here know what Hattisburg, Missisipi is like?

IS it all about the "O"?

Do you own any "math rock" CD's?

Any news on the miners? I haven't heard anything recently.

Travel: How far from SFO to OAK?

How's your handwriting?

If I move to Crawford, TX, do I have to become a repugnant one?

Are there any hotels in downtown Scottsdale?

Dream Interpertation?

Favorite Southern Progressive Town

When did you stop watching "The Amazing Race"?

Photoshop experts: I need advice on resizing images for the web without

On the cover of the Rolling Stone

Happy Birthday JRR Tolkien

Nation States players - a question

Do brain cells that were killed by 11 days of drinking regenerate?

Someone want to start a DU folding service?

should I saute the shrooms in brandy tonight or not?

Do you tan in a booth?

Man Lied About Theft So He Could Get A Free Wheelchair Upgrade

No Googling: Who was "Tractor Man?"

This Gaelic radio station's music rocks!

There's no end to Celebrity Insanity

Great ideas for commode names

Best Gen X Filmmaker

Ladies and Gentlemen - the Christian Powerlfiting Forum is gone!

Man Lied About Wheelchair So He Could Get Free Matcom

Italian Boy's Confession


"Bring out the gimp!"

Sundog.... PretzelWarrior was mean to me, so I want you to be

Blue dress shirt with white collar + red or yellow tie=uniform of assholes

Budget 1986 - things were so much simpler then!

I need to record a CD from a cassette

So if my cock was really big...I mean GI-NORMOUS

How did John and Yoko staying in bed for a week promote world peace?

Piece of advice:

I've decided to purchase a 20" iMac G5.

Asthmaticeog stole my panini!

Tell me..tell me that your sweet love hasn't died...Give me...give me one

Taken right from the headlines: some fun fiction.

So if my nuts are crushed,

So if my breasts are still frozen,

I'll never be hungry again. I've been eating food

Describe your 2006 calender. Cool pics? Animal pics? Plain?

I too have just one question...

Anyone head the band "The Clientele"?

am i less of a person because i have not met a du'er in real life?

Instead of glamorizing depression, let's glamorize asthmaticeog!

Did Bush fall off his bike again?

"Travis, you're a year too late"

Next Sunday may be both Sundog Day and Feast of the Beast,

We need a third thread with "asthmaticeog" in the title.

Speaking of driving on no sleep...

last post of the day - RANT

ATTN any lurking ex-DUers


Job interview in Bloomington IN tomorrow

OK, I don't know if the DU mods are going to want to pull this post

What would you do if you had a "national treasure"?

I want to be a cosmologist in my next lifetime!

V for Vendetta: Will its politics hurt its box office?

Met an interesting fundie yesterday

Wow... just... wow

I am so sick of fucking nice.

What do Skinner, et al do all day?

Art pieces you wouldn't have in your home....

Hey, Pat Robertson: red states are burning because they voted for Shrub!

Who shot fireworks for New Year's?

ATTENTION Jimi Hendrix fans!

Lunch time questions for the Lounge..

Yes, I'm whining again and need some kind words

Name some inspirational, uplifting movies.

What do you think my cats are doing while I'm away?

Everything is dependent on asthmaticEOG

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

Question for those in relationships:

Rant & Laptops where get a new one cheap?

I'm going to deposit funds at the bank and to pick up my mail

Instead of glamorizing depression, let's glamorize asthma!!!!

how much money would drastically change your life?

When you sleep at night, do you feel tingling and numbness?

What can you tell me about Ventura County, CA?

I am predicting a NFC Super Bowl champion!

"If you don't start putting on weight by May 1 I'm not paying for college"

Coal Miner's Prayer ~

Toyota Prius question

"It was a one-eyed, one horned flying purple people eater"

Here's a fun quiz style game to boggle your mind...

Who will win the Super Bowl?

So is Showtime picking up "Arrested Development"?

if you are driving and can't stop, what do you do to stay awake?

Rabrrrrrr-ize your DU name...

The Lioness Was Asked To Be Someone's Girlfriend On New Years Eve

I'm giddy up!

What kind of birth control do you use?


I don't know if it's a Gretsch or what....but I've never seen such sustain

You heard it here first!!! 2005-6 Superbowl Champions: Cincinnati Bengal

Soccer Parents Mad About Swinger Convention Held In Their Hotel

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/3/06)

Best End-of-song Guitar Solo

Replace a word in a song title with "asthmaticeog"


If I move to Orange County CA, do I have to become a repugnant one?

What's your favorite EP?

I am so fucking sick of being nice.

I used to be a flying bedstead

CONFESS!!!! What is the first job you ever had!!!

If DU forced you to change your screen name, what would be your new name?

I am getting glasses; ask me anything!!

The difference between Mac and PC users...

I think it's time for a pic post. Post a pic of you and your kid(s).

There are live electric wires across my driveway!

Hillary Clinton chooses Natalie Portman as running mate

Just Got Back From The Doctor (Update - Sort Of)

How Weird Is Florida? Enough To Fill Book After Book After Book

So I said "Can you help me out just a little."

Answer this phrase. This week's entry:

I went to the computer store with asthmaticeog on Sunday.

A fun day out for all the creationists

Historical Jesus on Trial in Italy-Proof demanded by Judge

I'm curious about HGH. I've noticed that none of the products advertised

New Requirements Proposed for Lead-Based Paint Work

Pluto colder than expected

Partial Ingredients For DNA And Protein Found Around Star

Barbie 'Promotes Gender Confusion' Conservative Group Claims

Suit Filed To Block Mass. Anti-Gay Amendment

Washington State high court set to rule on gay rights

have you read Suzanne Brockman's dedication to her gay son in book

CWA Says Barbie Website Promotes Gender Confusion

NYC Lesbian Becomes Council Speaker

A great book: "Fingersmith" by Sarah Waters.

Boy aren't those Va.Tech Hokies are one class act


This is an awesome clip - one fighter kisses another during staredown.....

What was the garbage about ND drawing a bigger audience?

NFL:Haslett out in New Orleans

Cat dials 911 and saves owner's life

Yelling at suitcases - does your pet have separation anxiety?

Anyone know anything about a Chiron opposition Jupiter transit?

Is THIS the long awaited Queen from the readings??

What the Bleep Do We Know and Ramtha

Singer, Lou Rawls being treated for cancer.

Conscientious Objectors in the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR)?

A Look Ahead at the Coming Year on the Hill (Kerry Quip inside)

THK on A & E now! n/t

Bush ending funding for Iraq Reconstruction!! Unbelievable.

Trying to locate a 2003 Iowa article - poll from waiters, waitresses

Will JK run in 08 on AAR right now

Interesting blog post on Kos v. Kerry

Kos full of himself again -- Reid to go to his convention

Ed Schultz to discuss Osama, Tora Bora

Another pro Kerry site

I need a hug - my Kerry love got bruised...

Digital SLR question

Lens questions, a love and hate relationship

Countdown newsletter

Iraq WMDs found, according to the BBC?

Is it fact that the President of Iran said those outrageous things?

Did chimp get in another fight with a pretzel (pic)

Georgia vs. West Virginia

Bernie Ward talking privacy and snooping NOW! -- streaming

Why were Atta and 9/11 muslim hijackers on Abramoff's casino boat?

Murtha-on Nightline now,partly over...said what was reported he'd say.

Thank goodness. Bernie Ward is back.

When does the "Daily show" and "Colbert Report" return??

Yahoo News - NSA taps OK because NSA needs no approval - !!!

The 'Bush Doctrine' falls apart

Interesting takes on McCain, Clinton, and the future

The Pentagon's Homegrown Theater of War (WaPo)

Have you listened to the Morning Wakup Call with Lizz Brown?

Looking for that car ribbon magnet: "let's just pretend everything's ok"

Excerpt: FEET TO THE FIRE (John Walcott/Knight-Ridder)

VIDEO-Star Wars 3 "Revenge of the Sith" -You're either with me or you're

A Miner's Prayer

Safe Neighborhoods Keep Kids Leaner

Scott McClellan's Bother is Director of Medicare 4 Bush Admin.

the cruelest lie of all: lying soldiers into early graves to make profits

US Rep. Murtha says he wouldn't join military now

It's 2006. Who do you like for First Lady/Gentleman/Partner in 08?

Intell Indications & Warnings Abound As Bush Finalizes Attack on Iran

Anyone listening to Stephanie this morning?

what can I do to remove tyranny from my government today?

Detectives in Club U Slaying Probed

Who would love to see a made-for-TV movie on Abramoff?

Let's apply the 'Ticking Bomb' scenario to mr. bush

yet, there he still sits, in our white house...

E. L. Doctorow is alive! Who knew? He's on Charlie Rose.

"20,000 years of progress. . . ."

Bogus bird-flu drugs flooding the Internet

Hidden for 4,000 years - is this the world's first gay kiss?

Declare Endless War & Grant Yourself Extraordinary Powers for the Duration

MSNBC reporting Abramoff reaches plea bargain

Stephanie Miller is on - tune in!

Touch the screen..I'll never really know..

Is this a way to treat a windows virus?

Dead Soldier's Dad: 'Bush Policy . . . Makes Our Troops Sitting Ducks'

It's not scumbags hiring sleazy ambulance-chasers when WE do it!

CSPAN WJ will have Newtie (Sonny Corleone) GIngrich on this AM.

Why the NSA spying?

Conyers: "Our Prayers are with the Miners"

you liberals make me laugh, you CAN'T impeach me, don't even try

Anyone from Arizona? Sign this petition!! Urgent!

NSA Whistleblower Warns...U.S. is Decaying Into a “Police State”

Airlines on approach to recovery

Who are they spying on?

O'Reilly threatens Frank Rich and Bill Keller

Do they still tape conversations in the White House?

Stein: How to apologize to a feminist (MoDo)

Cagle cartoons the motherload

The Politics Of Troop Cuts

Eliot Spitzer accused of using his office to punish Sean Hannity

So the guilty are going to go free again in this system. Abramoff

The NSA whistleblowers - patriots or traitors ?

"So thank you, Mr. Gingrich,

14 innocent people were killed by US . 1/3/2006

Repubs are going to run pro-Alito ads on cable television

C-Span (Pedro) Washington Journal At It Again

What's on your reading list?

Alright Bush, You Have Now Pissed Off My Lifelong "Conservative" Folks.

The rationality of Bush hatred--and the irrationality of Bush love

Pentagon Shutting Down Some Blogs, Raising Red Flags Among Soldiers

Not a bad way to start the day --> pix

Bill Moyer's on C-SPAN 2

Bill Moyers on cspan2 now (giving speech)--

If NSA broke Abramof, is domestic spying then OK?

Two Missionaries Shot in Virginia

Best Bush Impersonator Yet

Snotty due up at 12:15 pm EST

Here is a graph of who got money from Abramoff

has there ever been a president so scared shitless of his own people?

Puffy McMoonface starting the 'news' conference n/t

Almost 1/2 of Afghanistan casualties due to "Non-hostile actions!" WTF?

Democrats compromise. Republicans don't. Is that the basic problem?

Let's Stop a US/Israeli War on Iran

Jimmy Carter's newest book

Does Iraq remind you of a WW2's "A Bridge too Far?"

The HOUSE is in session???!!! I thought they weren't coming back until

Jack A. Abramoff - Defendant >> PDF available of the charges

all non americans & non repubs. will now be referred to as, 'the enemy'

Does it mean anything that Bush got $34,000 from Abramoff?


OpEd News: The Guerilla War for Iraq’s Oil (US is losing it)

GREAT Thomas Jefferson Quote

Look at a map. Picture Texas aflame. Why did Bush leave Crawford early?

Did anyone see Jesse Ventura on Donny Deutsch

Is Mitchell Channeling Mehlman?

State drinking water rated average - headline in local paper

NBC evening news yesterday

Bush's Divine Mission

democrat koolaid vs republican koolaid

McClellan quotes on poll numbers from Rasmussen are lies...

Shoot, Newt Gingrich would outsource management of a guest worker`

can bush pardon abramoff & delay & others?

interesting how the Dems have progressed, while gopers have regressed

What irony those RED STATES, Tex, Ok, NM etc are burning

The screw is turning in the heartland

Fifteen West Virginians die tragically

Easy to understand Abramoff corruption graphic from NYT

Condi Rice's Disdain for the Civil Rights Movement

on Dec. 28th Ney claimed that he would be proven innocent

I trust real conservatives. Today's GOP is not conservative and we need to

BREAKING: Bush earpiece fails..misspeaks the "TP of the day"

Windows PCs face 'huge' virus threat

Dick Cheney vs. Baghdad bob (quotes)

For All of the Casino Jack Junkies amongst us,

The I-Word is Gaining Ground--UPDATED!!!

Bush Doesn’t Govern Based on Polls (Except When He Does)

Is It Me, or is Something Disturbingly Wack About PBS Lately...

So will Hastert's Jan 31st assist to Delay help or harm Delay

Call Centers-India

"we are meeting the enemy--in the mirror."

Deja DU-- Do you remember The 70's? What about Now?

US "PRECISION" air strike kills Iraqi family... ARGH!!!

VIDEO-David Gregory's Question to Scotty WH Press Conf today

HEY! When is Dick Cheney's next trip to Texas to fund-raise for Delay?

Abramoff rats out Pols, Who do the Pols rat out.

Bob Ney (R-OH) of Freedom Fries fame, is main target of Abramoff probe

Tweety: It's the creepy staffers who get jobs on the Hill

How long 'til Bush pardons Abramhoff?

VIDEO-White House Press Conference-Selected bits

The Georgia Progessive Summit 2006, with guest speaker Mike Malloy!

WaPo now has more info on what Abramoff Plea deal means../New Stuff.

If We Can't Seem To Defeat The Insurgency, What Makes ANYONE Think...

death penalty now unconstitutional in France

2006 - The Year of GOP scandals

four year spying advantage

Thank you, James Comey

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing scheduled for 12:15 east coast

Urge Congress to pass resolution on Iran

The latest freeper spin on the war in Iraq...

how can i stream Air America???

Scott McClellan's mom running for office as an independent

Abramoff Justice dept. briefing on CSPAN2 now...

Has anyone else got an email from the 'FBI' about 'illegal websites'?

Put on that tinfoil hat for my latest theories...

NEWLY DECLASSIFIED: Pelosi Letter on Wiretapping

It's The MONEY LAUNDERING, STUPID & Not The Lobbying/Donations

Abramoff: "I hope I can merit forgiveness from the Almighty "

When is The Daily Show back on?

We Can Make Impeachment a Reality in 2006

Happy New Year 2006 to Tom, Dennis, Bob, and all the gang. Love, Jack

Get your Abramoff documents here!

Does anybody know when the news is supposed to start again?

Faux News is devoting all air time to the mining story

Anyone got a list of Freeper quotes on today's festivities, I am always

Does the constitution say we can arrest Bush?

Hey. I have an important question

"Casino Jack" Abramoff may be about to get away with murder

Caption this Abramoff pic...

Will RALPH REED, Christian Coalition, go down in this Abramoff scandal?

NBC video on Yellowstone grizzly delisting

Right-wing radio on the day before the war

Has anyone considered the Comey-Fitzgerald connection??

Snotty Scotty's mom to Challenge Rick Goodhair Perry

MSNBC:Do you think lobbyist Jack Abramoff's actions are common on the Hill

Slow day.... Scotty only made 5 "September 11th" references @ Gaggle.


Do you mean Mr. President,... that god damned piece of paper that...

Can't stream Randi on AAR - anyone have another link to her?

People are waking up in the "heartland"

DOJ press conference live now on c-span2

Messing with nature

"Trump Does Not Want to Run for Governor"

What I saw written on a Freeper's pickup truck today...

Just backed up the White Rose archives; 26 full DVD-Rs!

What an unfeeling asshole. * quote >>

Money, Mobsters, Murder: sordid tale of a GOP lobbyist (Bob Ney, too)

Heads up! Randi Rhodes will be on in a few minutes!

Santorum Added As Speaker At Justice Sunday III

Did Congress already pass the Attack Iran bill?

C-Span NOW Fisher DOJ Press Conference on Abramoff! 4:50 p.m. (est)

so, I'm sitting around with pops over the holidays & he drops this bombshe

We need a new "sorry everybody"

Sy Hersh:"departing American troops will be replaced by American airpower" takes on Rush Limbaugh

George W FraWd- RESIGN NOW!!! you pile of Worthless sh*t!

Question about Scooter Libby

VIDEO-Reposting of bits on Bush invading Iran and Syria w/o Congress auth

"We hold these truths to be self-evident,

Proof positive that Republicans are GIRLY MEN:

HANNITY just said 9-11 was a "benefit"

Anybody catching Obey on C-Span 2 right now?

DHS Tests RFID Passports At San Francisco Airport

John Inman married in civil partnership 12/27

bush's trifecta joke

Democrats Accepting Donations From Abromoff Clients Is LEGAL & PROPER

Mr. President, I believe you when you tell me you want to protect us...

shrub has the right - nay, the responsibility - to spy on us to protect us

Pelosi Statement on Plea Agreement of Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

we shouldn't talk about appearances, but Chertoff ... living dead?

F*CK THAT evil steaming pile of sh!t, GW Bush. HOw LONG?

Sears gave donations to Abramoff and Sears gave to Joe Blow so...

Bush demoted generals in Pentagon succession order.

2006 The Dem's Make or Break Year (great read)

Abramoff scandal-possible implications

I finally heard the massive explosions inside the WTC....

Data Backup Poll

O'Lielly on NYT writers: "We'll just have to get into their lives..."

MSNBC reporting up to 20 Congressmen involved in Abramoff scandal

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

You are not conservative, you are crazy

What is behind the Ney-Abramoff wireless telephone deal?

A commercial/cartoon I'd like to see, re: NSA wiretaps

We Need to Change the Presidential Pardon Law

Wouldn't it be sweet

Scandals: The one thing about the movie Lord of Wars I believe is accurate


Is thier anyway to investigate the "anti choice lobby"

The DOJ Prosecutor, Fisher says no more documents on Abramoff/No Names

''An innocent man is going to be murdered tonight''

Lou, Lou, Lou.. (Dobbs, that is)

Looks like the College Republicans

Web Of The Day .

HEADS UP: The Abramoff plea deal apparently names names

Able Danger coming up on Dobbs.

Now is a great time to add the GOP corruption of voting machines to our

Bush's drinking and drug use must be investigated

"All of my remaining days, I will feel tremendous sadness"

The NSA: No one cares that they legally spy on foreigners?

Ok for years we have seen Stories of the Bible advertised on tv, when

As the Sh*t hits the fan, FLIX is showing..."Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"

Why are there so many middle class that vote repub?

Abramoff headline from Buzzflash................

Why the Dems should not impeach Bush

Have you seen this: The People's Email Network Desktop Action program.

Free Republic: Grand total of ONE Abramoff thread: +30 moronic replies

DeLay prosecutor subpoenas Abramoff documents

Anybody watching MSNBC - Dan Abrams?

Is Ney gonna roll and start talking?

they printed my LTTE in Neocon Ellis county texas-nice knowing ya:)

has anyone confirmed the "goddammed piece of paper" comment?

It`s time to stop all lobbyists

Are Congress really going to approve a strike on Iran?

bush re: PA renewal said today: "THE ENEMY HAS NOT GONE AWAY"!!!!

The Big Television Trials Of 2006 Will Not Be Celebs They Will Be Repugs!

Bush as Bad Theatre


I just had a horrible thought.... (re: impeachment)

My email to Ed Schultz's producer (and the address in case u want 2 write)

cnn poll: half of americans think congress is a bunch of lying thieves

Ft Lauderdale airport "chose" Abramoff's pick for wireless in '02

O'Lielly to appear on the Letterman show tonight. Not a rerun.

AOL Poll on * 's performance in office

What's O'Lielly's next "War on..." on?

I am so sick of Ed Schultz wanting dems to cater to the repugs

Just on The Today Show..James Risen who broke the Spy Scandal for the NYT

CNBC Poll: Impeach President Bush?

Forget the order of succession. Here's how it will really work

Tweety spins Abramoff: "I'm not sure it's partisan"

Someone please 'splain to me how spy whistleblower hurt nat'l security.

"Y W, Y?"

Prologue: To the Human race.

Abramoff: The House That Jack Built

Breaking News on CNN!!! Abramoff is making a deal and pleading guilty! eo

Update on "The Guy James Show"--please keep kicked

my fiancee got the news today

Lowering the Hunting Age to 8 in Wisconsin?

the people of Iraq are NOT the Enemy, bushco is

Risen: “This Was The Most Classic Whistleblower Case I’ve Ever Seen” »

Media Matters covers Newsweek editor calling Dean insane.

How to tell if your phone is being tapped

A Little Something To Help NOLA And Tulane University

Abramoff Leaves the Courthouse ---pix->>>

It's 4:20

DU this petition for the Lakota

Would this Congressional Medal be given today?

Need help formulating debate against anti stem cell lobby

POLL-Lou Dobbs. Should all lobbying be banned?

Legal Question: My partner's mom died leaving him everything in her will

Do you support free trade? Why or why not?

A great blog from Scott Ritter

What's With All The Religious Ads On CNN?

Texas Candidate Filings Show Democratic Fires Burning Hot

Stomach Bug Mutates Into Medical Mystery

wtf? Jack Abramoff leaves Federal Court in a Dick Tracy outfit!

Where can I argue with some Republicans?

It's Not "Hate Radio". It's a "Cult of Victimhood"

Don't you think Bush looks tired?

The Deficit is not a mistake.

Abramoff and chimp's $25,000 meeting

Soul of American Politics

Remember when VOINOVICH cried on the Senate floor

I am deeply disappointed in Bill and Hillary Clinton. I admired these

Folks. PREPARE Yourselves For The ABRAMOFF Scandal. It Will Be MASSIVE

Bush crony, in charge of mine safety. Can we expect any less?


What is this DU Folding Team stuff? I musta had a day off when

Right wing spin about PTSD ,Vets and diagnosis

the "Economic Hit Man" has killed again ...

SPIN or FACT? - Harry Reid Caught in Abramoff Plea Deal?

Electronic eavesdropping on Congress and Senate? (Abramoff and Ney relate

Culture of life update: Woman taken off ventilator *while conscious*

I'm very worried about Pat Robertson

Lay and Hastert to jail?

Ed Schultz bad talking Murtha for saying He would not join the Military


Only 45 minutes 'til Abramoff appears in court!

Dems CAN be AS CORRUPT as REPUBS... That's not the ISSUE

West Virginia Voters Voted Against Their Own Best Interests, Twice

Exclusive Backstory: How a Jilted Lover Snared Scanlon & Abramoff

Abramoff got GOV Bush to write a letter re school choice in 1997

Israel Offering Evangelicals (Pat Robertson) Chunk Of Holy Land.

Coincidence or another sign of a Sibel Edmonds/AIPAC coverup (by Google?)

What do you DUers think about mandatory voting?

Alice Fisher DOJ Prosecutor/ Ties to Gitmo Interrogations/Chertoff/DeLay

DU this - Should Bush be impeached?

Clueless winger utterly misses irony of his "critique" of the left

Alan Greenspan's legacy: triumph or disaster??? Must reading.

fight against neoliberalism and imperialism

"It's just an expression."

If you believe Dems are just as corrupt as Republicans, explain yourself.

firedoglake: Abramoff Never Gave A DIME To Democrats!!!!!!! Please Read!

NSA Wireless - Can they hear you now?... How about now? An ad parody..

Holocaust Survivor: "I've Seen This Before"

DU [email protected] Team - Thread #2

"Imperial presidency can ... only be empowered by an invisible Congress"

A Look Ahead at the Coming Year on the Hill

Political Splits on Immigration Reflect Voters' Ambivalence

Did Bush say that al Qaeda phones Americans 650 million times a day?

Domestic Spying & Incident of Intimidation of Military Families

House Control May Ride on Supreme Court

NSAWireless.. Can they hear you now?... How about now? (A parody ad.)

Bush shows his intention to ignore the torture ban he just signed into law

Bush Says, Bring It On; the Critics Will

"Mr. Bush, did your administration spy on John Kerry's conversations?"

Please DU This poll...(HUMOR)

I just figured out why Bwana Bush bypassed Abu Gonzalez....

Wow! This is one hell of an assessment.

Q: What Americans called internationally and were wiretapped?

End-of-life bills among those facing New Hampshire legislature this week

Chicago vs. Hugo Chávez

U.S. military 'shuts down' soldiers' blogs

Debunk the liars: Clinton/Carter Did Not Authorize Warrentless searches


Yikes! W only has 54% in the MILITARY???

Order of Appointment

USA Today unveils "The Bush 2006 Comeback Strategy"

The return of king george

SC National Guard had to leave $50 million worth of equipment in Iraq

Democrats should attack Republicans first - then Bush and the White House

the two Dans sat across the table from each other on W.J. this a.m.

A link to the counts in the Abramoff charge

Looks like Lynn Swann basically confirmed he's running for PA Governor

2008 Presidential Poll (revised)

Spent this weekend reading Mark Crispin Miller's Fooled Again...

Right-wing nuts to rally April 17 for legal reform, against Sensenbrenner

Rating for Congress Falls to 30% in U.S. (Opinion Dynamics / Fox)

bush* on "Democracy Now" this morning

Since Repukes are the party of big business, and big business

Relabel the media.

A better way to start 2006?

prominent Iraqi political scientist knows where the money went

You wanna talk about a revolution?

Does anyone have any info on the 2 anti-war candidates

Bush's Combat

Just got this today - Hillary joke that looks like its from Repukes

The new talking point is

Rupert Murdoch Will Buy ‘The Wall Street Journal (projection)

Anyone have any good liberal documentary suggestions?

It's the warrant, stupid

DNC: Post-Holiday Sale - All Republican Corruption Scandals Have Got to Go

Any democrats named in Abramoff plea

Next presidential debates should follow Lincoln-Douglas rules

Despite the story being held for a year,

Link to District of Columbia court (Abramoff docs)

HEY GEORGE--You watching your boy Abramoff

We should be fair to * WH GOP re wiretaps on Americans, eh?

Nice! Podesta from 12/5/05 on CSPAN 2...

I cannot believe that my 77-year-old father, who is a WWII veteran

Robert Parry: Bush's Long War with the Truth

Bush Got Drunk On New Years Eve

Talking Points Memo has posted the Abramoff plea deal documents

this is scary, NSA hiring 7000 ppl over 5 and picture of job fair in Texas

I have a question

'Military Times' Poll Finds Fading Support for President, War

Justice Dept LINK Abramoff

Bush signed bill to grant citizenship to 2 ice dancers (for the Olympics)

The American Gulag

Candidates: Crisscrossing Paths (Kemp and Edwards form bond)

PROPS to mentioned on CNN......

IMHO, if Abramoff had paid his taxes, the man would be walking

CNN dumps three articles on Bush: Has Bush gone too far? (two others)

CNN: Bush says, bring it on; the critics will

CNN: The book behind the bombshell

Do we need new leadership concerning pelosi and reid?

what's being said about Hillary

Bush: "If somebody from al-Qaida is calling you, we'd like to know why"

Bush Ambassador to UK is a Lying Car Salesman

An "unidentified Republican" is holding up the Intel Authorization Bill

Best political Blogs and political Humor sites "DU wins in a catagory!!!!!

Please pass our new talking points around....

How Should I Respond to What I Heard On My Local Radio Station?

And now, the mystery representative behind door #1!

Bush and the "Patriot" Act

DNC:What Did Abramoff Get From the Bush White House for His Campaign Cash?

Who's the MORON NOW????????

Funny Parallel.... Once Again It's The American Indian At The Center Of

Bush Writing Book--Humor From Ironic Times

Do you know who Russell Tice is? An NSA whistleblower...

Lynn Swann just confirmed he's running for office in PA (Sugar Bowl)

We need a Moderate candidate in 2008.

Enough about 2008; Let's focus on THIS YEAR's election

Abramoff was a lobbyist for the MILITARY of Pakistan

NSA Wireless - Can they hear you now? An ad parody.. :)

Dean Calls on Bush to Return Abramoff Campaign Cash

Abramoff Web: Think Progress

Bush's eavesdropping appropriate says 66% so far in NC online poll

Is GOP paying callers?

Interesting LTTE regarding Saddam and Kuwait - thoughts?

Boo Fuckin' HOO...Abramoff wants "forgiveness from the Almighty?"

same Congress that passed huge tax cuts for wealthy refuse to help poor

I am confused please help.

You Linux users are costing us VOTES!

Bush wiretapped 80,000 Americans?

Why not limit oil imports?

The Michael Moore/Cindy Sheehan wing of the Democratic party

When only the wealthy or connected can run for Congress

Is Harry Reid going down in the Abramoff scandal? nt

Electoral Math: The Big Three

Renominating Kerry? My E-Mail to Sen. Kerry on the Subject


Abramoff Plea May Mask a Larger Crime: GOP Foreign Influence Peddling