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Archives: January 29, 2006

WP: Bush's Midterm Challenge

NYT: A Little Democracy Or A Genie Unbottled

New York Times:Spies, Lies and Wiretaps

Great essay on depleted uranium use in Iraq

The Hamas revolution

In Hamas's Overt Hatred, Many Israelis See Hope (NY Times)

Problem With Democracy: Chooses the Wrong Party

Olmert sets conditions for talks with Hamas-led government

To Talk with Hamas

I'm trying to learn about 9-11, can you help me??

23 votes Saturdays daily thread WOW beats fridays votes YEAH ERD

Bowen (CA) touts open source software in vote counting.

Looks like Bill Richardson (NM) has turned into a lion for paper ballot!!

please recommend this thread- a list of - local office phone numbers

Pentagon Seeks Power Over Elections in Arizona

New Info -- Sounds like Harkin needs some more calls re filibuster

Bill Would Require Votes to Present Photo ID

Is B. Radnofsky just a well financed DINO?

Gore accuses big oil of bankrolling Tories

NYT: A Little Democracy Or A Genie Unbottled

Coca grower in Bolivia drug post

WP: Bush's Midterm Challenge

Syrian official: Assad, Bush deal in works

LA Dems choose their new leader

Pakistan 'delay let bin Laden escape US raid'

Poll: Most disagree with Bush on Iraq (Time Poll - 60% disapproval)

Baghdad begs for help in saving Siamese twins

Blair and Bush 'conspired to go to war(claims new edition of book)

WP/Sun: Pentagon Can Now Fund Foreign Militaries

WP: Scientists Debate Issue of Climate's Irreparable Change(Tipping Point)

WP: Blogs Attack From Left as Democrats Reach for Center (Dems ignore base

Porn activity detected at DHS (maybe)

Check this site out, It has tons of cool pictures of NYC


HOW do I check my firewall log again?

Never Mind The Bollocks...Here's The Sex Pistols Poll.

Best Version of "Don't Think Twice" (It's Allright)

My husband is a living doll...

Help a cell phone newby- battery removal question??

Rednecks and Bluenecks

Is that Joe Frank on a Coricidin radio commercial?

50 yr old single guy..(wonder why he's still single...hmmm)

What's the Buddy List do for?

Hi, I'm always the last one to know anything ..

I'm considering getting a Bulldog. Do they make good pets?

"Stand and Deliver!"

What did everyone have for Chinese New Year's?

For my 12,000th post. Man with a tape recorder up his brother's nose.

New commercial regarding terrorist attack...

Polls Show Many Americans are Simply Dumber Than *

Lunar New Year: French animal lovers howl at Chinese dog slaughter

Shout out to my favorite bar tonite

Well I called a talk radio show for the first time today.

Does anybody watch "The ghost whisperer"?

Clams. Raw, Steamed, Chowdered or Fried? How do you like them?

does anyone here know Swedish?

Hip Hop...Love dancing on it. I should dive in it more often

London Girls

I need a break from Alito

Do you squeeze it from the top, middle or bottom?(and a Bob Hope surprise)

Best pop song with a xylophone solo?

I'm considering getting a companion. Do they make good pets?

Hmmm, isn't the product supposed to sell itself?

What do you do when an appliance isn't worth its repair costs?

Government Mule with Tim Reynolds?

I had the BEST possible news today about my new neighbors!

I'm loaded, and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Who here remebers a season that was between fall and spring called winter?

I thought I lost DU for a few moments....

"In Living Color" marathon tonight (Sat) on BET !

If you could time travel to any time period to live life, where'd you go?

Anyone been to Ireland?

Did you ever notice that all the cereal characters are male?

Devo RULES!!!!


Has anyone seen any good comedy movies latey?

DEVO - Mongoloid

I carried this to school; what did you carry?

18 x24 black gessoed canvas with purple monochromatic acrylic

Post images from your favorite artist in this thread:

They're doing a new Wuthering Heights. With Johnny Depp and Angelina.

Wow, over one year already since the epiphany.

Saturday Night's All Right For Folding!

I'm thinking of a trip to Moscow...anyone ever been?

I know this is the lounge...

Lamest Saturday Night Live EVER!

PapaZomby and the grandson - Part II!


Food stuff from our Baby Boomer childhood.

cat's been acting strange, tail is limp. heard of anything like it?

Did you know that overturning Roe v Wade could affect Gay Rights?

Czech gay couples may get rights

hubby & I just saw Brokeback Mountain - such a wonderful powerful film

African Americans and LGBT need to mend fences

The NHL was a lot better before the lockout

Anyone see this link to Santorum site?

Please see (Must see)

Can you stand some potentially good news???

So, I signed Teddy Kennedy's nomination papers today

John Kerry and Rosa Parks

Some filibuster inspiration

Tune into Young Turks

To Kerrygoddess

Did you all see this? CNN calls Kerry "Gulfstream Liberal"

Statement of Barbara Boxer opposing Alito nomination has changed my mind

Netscape/CNN poll on Alito voting fairly

If you have any friends/family who need the filibuster issue clarified...

Kerry's words, May 2005-- on Congress and what we're up against

Feingold supports a fillibuster

today is my Birthday-- 48 yrs- I want a WOOT for the FIlibuster, WOOT

Tune into Young Turks

My (long) satrical fax to the democratic senators - maybe HUMOR will work

My Letter to Senator Byrd...


Say "Thank You" to John Kerry

Which Neocons are like which characters in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington?

Are these extraordinary circumstances?

IF they could block Alito, think of how great that would be for ...?

DU This Local Poll - Alito Filibuster

yo, democratic senators: your base is REALLY RILED UP about alito


Because we have traitors in our party, Bush uses them for leverage

Two good things from the Young Turks (caller)

Update from Firedoglake on those wavering on Alito /Needs Attention!

Dem Senators who won't support the filibuster because they are

Question about faxing

Why do the dems listen the main stream media?

Anybody having trouble streaming Young Turks video?

Checks, Balances and the Duty to Filibuster

A Filibuster too Late?/Chirac Goes Nuclear/One Big Moat

"...where the FBI may install a camera where you sleep..."

Can a Senator Abstain from voting for Alito?

STOPPING Alito: Go to your "Rolodex" and start calling your friends ...

Debunking the Kerry “Davos” Spin

We can stop Alito this weekend

Jefferson Smith To Run For Prez In 2008

Booman's got a great read up


Some Filibuster Inspiration

Scholars talking about 9/11 lies - I wonder if this would ever go public..

Bush Admin Censoring NASA Climite Scientist.....(Americablog)

Rumors of our demise were wildly overestimated..(scroll down a bit)

Photo: Code Pink's "Bush Lied, Fire Him" banner, today, in Caracas

Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein

I Am Having Trouble Posting

why is Oprah indignant about the book guys fibs & not W's KILLING LIES ??

What's up with DU tonight - it keeps locking up, gets very slow, etc.

CNN SUCKS! I had to delete my post about their New Show....Sorry Folks!

Have any of you ever sent an email to the WH?

Ben Sergent's cartoon in someone else's blog:

Seven Lies, Second Nature and America's Ruination

Jefferson Smith To Run For Prez In 2008

CAPTION this photo of the petulant little Assbite-In-Chief.

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

Tax time is coming. Thoughts about de-funding the criminal enterprise?

Interesting statistics about DU

Deleting this dupe - dang those cookie "not posted" error messages!

OK, a little hope for us in this article (Bush BAAAD!!)

i got polled yesterday.

Similarity between Beltway sniper and Bush

For those who don't check the CT board, sign the Lamont volunteer petition

Effect of Katrina/Brownie: One case report

Scientists Debate Issue of Climate's Irreparable Change

bush a lying FAILURE, says American MAJORITY

OK, a little hope for us in this article (Bush BAAAD!!)

Why We Fight

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

Checking the "blocks" today by McAfee on my computer...

just a few 'toons..........

Neanderthals for America???

Poll: Most Americans Give Bush Low Marks

CBS Bob Schieffer's brother is Bush's appointee /Ambassador to Australia

Which infamous dictator does Bush most resemble?

bush** Is Such A Fucking Jock on a Bike: "It is Hard To Keep Up With Him"!

Warming debate shifts to ‘tipping point’

I haven't been able to get on DU for an hr

DU this poll

Brain Scans May Be Used As Lie Detectors

Saw Brokeback tonight for the first time...

DU this Poll on Enron!

the tipping point on global warming

Blind woman in Britain recovers sight after heart attack

Anyone hear Laura Flanders, that Cindy Sheehan threatened

anybody watching FogFacts on CSPAN2?

Instead of walking out of the State of the Union Address,

Former Kerry advisor Steve Elmendork is an RNC mole.

On The Eve Of Destruction 9/10/01

Bush Administration Remains Woefully Inconsistent On First Amendment

Cinimax late night...

Sunday Talk Shows

Craig Crawford says we should ignore Bush and maybe he'll go away

Please take a minute and vote

Survey: How do you rate *'s job performance?

Depleted Uranium: A Looming Worldwide Calamity

Have you seen this Quick Time video? State of the Union Parody. Fantastic!

Agents of repression: Google,Microsoft,Yahoo,Cisco

So NOW we're rebels. We're radical. We're not part of the base.

NSA moving some workers, operations to Denver area.

Does everybody know that on Salon-Peter Daou's Report links to a DU thread

Police say girl, 15, lied about rape


Most wanted accomplishment from emerging technology?????

Seeing Fakes, Angry Traders Confront EBay

Polls Show Many Americans are Simply Dumber Than Bush

Has anyone else received a phone call like this?

I just saw Syriana. Wow. So, this is what really runs the world.

The Minimum Wage and The Movie, "Saturday Night Fever"

Rednecks and Bluenecks

Nepal under reign of terror as king unleashes army to crush revolt

Hackett gets praise for directness, but how well does he know issues?

Ted Koppel Pens First Piece - Comes Out Swinging

CIA boob, a rock and a hard drink

Voices...Roy Blunt

The Breathtaking Magnitude of George Bush's Foreign Policy Incompetence

NSA, FISA and the DNA of Tyranny

Covert Ops and Disinformation Aimed at Iran

Palace Revolt :Domestic Spying: Bush Appointees Revolt

The War Within

Breaking Ranks article in WashPost re Larry Wilkerson

Hopeless Causes and other Windmills of Conviction

Is democracy empowering Islamists?

Bush's State of Union talk to target medical costs

Bush Plans To Start Think Tank Devoted to French Political Thought

The Democratic response Rove should have heard

Bush boycotts his own Conference on Aging

First Principles [Bush is certainly wiretapping the Democrats...

Kucinich: The Truth About the State of our Union "Corporate Wealth Share Rises for Top-Income Americans"

West Virginia asks for stricter federal mining regulations

Administration officials walk out of Senate mining safety hearing early

NYT: Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

Japanese chemists report a scheme to produce hydrogen from biomass.

Isreali chemists discuss a system for solar powered methane reformers.

2005 was the warmest year on record according to NASA

Bush to Promote Fuel-Saving Technologies

American chemists discuss a scheme hydrogen production from waste plastic.

Hybrid Mileage Comes Up Short

frozen methane deposit found off coast of L.A.

Israel as an ally

Some Palestinians See End of Secular Dream

Iranian press hail Hamas's win

Hamas official:Group will makeIslamic law a source for legislation

Did Israel expand land past the 1967 resolution? Can someone

Troops uproot 150 Dunams of farmland, west of Hebron

The Rise of Hamas and the Fall of Palestine

I will urge my last three sons to be martyrs, vows new delegate

BYU Professor's Group Accuses U.S. Officials of Lying About 9/11

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11


To get people to think ask them if they remember Anthrax...

BYU professor's group accuses US officials of lying about 9/11

no concrete core

Great news, election reformers

(Patriot) Pastor’s Holocaust analogy irks Jewish leaders

PA: "Accupoll was a little wafty about the whole affair"

Happy Birthday (the registration)...

This System Guarantees Your Vote Will Be Counted

MCM 's Fooled Again is reviewed in the SF Bay Guardian --

BBC Reports on Pentagon's Plans for the Internet

OK Ohio here we go: HB 3 TUESDAY JAN 31!

This letter maybe a blueprint for defending against a DoJ HAVA lawsuit

CA SoS requests voting system contingency plans (should Diebold fail ITA)

When ballots lose their secrecy - Mail-only voting open to coercion

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, Jan 29

DMR drops the ball.

The Environment.

D/FW DUers: Katy Hubener needs your support for her State Rep run

Did anyone else see the big implosion in Dallas on Sunday morning?

The house that Bob Perry built

a citrus festival, fun!

The Big Party: Announcing: Ohio's Stephanie Studebaker for U.S Congress

okay, fellow foodies -- what's your antacid of choice?

Woodruff cameraman is Canadian, formerly at CBC


Hours of non-stop programming today about the Challenger

Off-duty officer shot in case of mistaken identity

Iraq shop attack leaves 10 dead

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him NYT

Brain Scans May Be Used As Lie Detectors (No Lie MRI)

Bush's State of Union talk to target medical costs

" Booze Ban For Francis": Aussie Ann Coulter wanabee's attack on judge

Walmart Exec (Bush Donor) to Plead Guilty to Federal Charges

BYU professor's group accuses US officials of lying about 9/11

Bush to call for cuts in military reserves (17K troops, $4B from budget)

Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. GI in Baghdad

PM sought Iraq details from AWB (Australian: Oil-for-food scandal)

Newsweek: Palace Revolt (Bush appointees fought president's power)

Howard letter draws PM into wheat scandal (implicated in Oil for Food)

Bombs Target Four Iraqi Churches; 3 Dead

U.S. Troops Kill Three (suspected) Insurgents in Iraq (wearing uniforms)

Chinese leaders mark Lunar New Year with poverty pledge

Marine killed in non-hostile vehicle accident # 2242

Kuwait emir takes oath before MPs

Republican Majority for Choice Opposes Judge Alito for Supreme Court

Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt Out of Surgery - Stable Condition

WP: Controversial Industries Have Backed Boehner

AFP: Wolfowitz honeymoon at World Bank appears over

Crude may rise on Iran fears: survey

Saddam walks out of trial in protest (MSNBC)

White House Official Warned Abramoff

Exclusive: Direct Talks: U.S. Officials and Iraqi Insurgents

Hagel: Bush Must Explain Spy Program More

Religious Groups Get Chunk of AIDS Money

Frist Still Sees Necessity of Iraq War

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Demands Intelligence Committee Fully Investigate

Mitch Landrieu to run for Mayor

German head to snub Hamas on visit

Contractor has close ties with staff of NSA

Frist: Gov't Unwanted in End-Of-Life Cases

Iraq's oil minister set to leave job again

Religious Groups Get Chunk of AIDS Money

Lawmakers Push Bush on Abramoff Contacts

Breaking: ABC Reporter Bob Woodruff & Camera Man In Surgery - Iraq Attack

Four San Diego Marines charged in drowning death of instructor

Felons, Parolees Getting Hunting Licenses

Papers Link GOP Lawmaker, Abramoff Clients

Audit: U.S.-Led Occupation Squandered Aid

US Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty

Activists plan mock Bush, Blair trial

U.S. Jewish leaders consider financially assisting fired AIPAC officials

Sheehan Plans New Protest at Bush‘s Ranch (Chavez may join too)

Shell and Exxon to smash transatlantic profit records

ABC: Poll: Weak Ratings Confront Bush Ahead of State of Union

WP/AP: Pharmacists Sue Over Birth Control Policy

Merkel says Iran threatens entire democratic world

London police 'faked evidence' on shot Brazilian: report

LAT: "CIA Expands Use of Drones in Terror War" (assassinations by missles)

Sen. Obama Criticizes Filibuster Tactic

Bush speech to offer vision of world leadership

$50 for Star Trek TNG season boxes at my discount video store...

What is a QDRO?

i'm interviewing chomsky soon-any advice?

What happens when DU reaches Alert Level 9?

Let's all jump on the band wagon

Goodnight, DU!

Wow! I didn't know Panda bears were hip like this.....

Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer...

Republicans suck

I was named in the NAUGHTY dream thread.

Let My Soul Pass Through Ireland

Time for 20 questions !!!

Wanna see the most fun-filled, chock-full-of-goodness site on the net??

I'm laughing my ass off at the infomercial on the Lifetime network.

Widespread Panic is on 'Austin City Limits'

Hugo Chavez Sucks!

We're almost at 84,000 members!!!

Comedy time.

OMG Shoot Me! Wait, you already DID!

I'm in your New Year's Eve group shot...wasn't my fault

Hugh sucks!

Replace the word Cadillac in a song title with Hummer

Where can I get a tiara!

If you had to kill this thread, what would you post?

The dust at my job is so bad ...

I am indeed the luckiest girl in the world . I feel so good .

Carlton Sheets says you don't need money in order to buy a house!

I must be sick; I'm finding women attractive. What's wrong with me?

Hey! Don't fuck up the song titles! The last verses get bumped first!!

Don't touch me I'm a real live wire.

Fuck it! Now I'm all confused!

Good night, everybody! See you all later on today!

Psycho Killer!

The Wizard.

I can't seem to face up to the facts....

I carried this to school, what did you conceal and carry?

I want to apologize to the Lounge

Goodnight, my lovely Loungies!

I want to apologize to the Lounge

Nazi headquarters now in San Diego?? They're not very subtle

I want to apologize for the lungs

I'm nauseated and can't sleep.

I need a good dialup isp as backup. Who do I pick?

I want to apologize for the tongue

Do children get food poisioning from packed lunches?

How come The Munsters is out on DVD and not The Addams' Family?

I'm listening to Jocko Homo!

Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

One Wants In...One Wants Out...

Importin' Important Cats

They say that baby talk isn't good for babies...

House at the end of the World~Brokeback Mountain

Fa fa fa faaa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa.

Psycho Kitten .......... Oh God here we go ..............

Baby found in bag in Brazil lake

A moment in the life of Althea and Quinn - Gratuitous Sunday Kitties

Check out my podcast!

Every Try to solve a Su Duko after 4 shot of Irish?

Well, I left Kentucky back in '49

I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax.

Woody Allen's newest movie : "Match Point"

It's time for Viking Kittens!!

TRUST ME, READ THIS You have to read this!!!

Sunday earworm.

So what's the deal with call girls?

Redneck Iraq War joke.

'My hovercraft is full of eels' in 51 languages

Another reason to hate the Chimperor

My tooth cracked and it hurts when I eat

Do we have anyone here who does not like someone based on race,

When I think of Skinner, I touch myself.

I have a nasty burn scar on my hand, how should I treat it?

So what's for breakfast (or brunch)?

Weird sleep cycles suck!

When I think of skin, I touch myself.

I've not showered since Friday.

Post Some Bands That Didn't Live Up to Their Great Names

State of the Union and Groundhog Day

B* joke. May be old.

I just finished the new Zogby poll, and one of the questions was...

Tom_Foolery is four posts away from 1000!! Woo Hoo!

What type of pie should I buy?

1,000th post!!!!!! Feeling good!!!!!!!

You've probably seen this but

Anyone here have a Tempur-Pedic mattress?

My tattoo is all healed..finally (pics)

i figured out why i had such a "miserable fucking day" on friday

Gung Hay Fat Choy!! Chinese New Year of the Dog today


FuzzySlippers has dishonoured Skinner. How shall we punish her?

How Much Are You Worth???

I can't believe no one is talking about this.

Do laywyers tell people to NEVER admit guilt in car accidents?

A song....

Boycott Netflix IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

Patriot Americans! Where are you from and are you ready to take back

Time for a DU *Group Hug* thread

Some people say Bill O'Really is a gutless chickenhawk liar

************************** WAKE UP!! **************************

Can't sleep cause my bed's on fire

Shhhhh....Sniffa is sleeping

Is Everyone Saying "I Feel"?

Arguing with crazy freeper idiots is enough to make your brain explode

Visualize Impeachment.

Is Satan misunderstood???

Is DU running slow for you too?

Just finished watching Constant Gardener

and what if anjelina jolie ever did an ad for wal*mart?

This is absolutely ridiculous! I have to rant about the weather.

Satan gave me a taco.

OMG!!! OMG!!! You won't believe what somebody just said

Sunday dinner will be ready in 20 minutes and it's taken me all

Gute Fahrt!

I wonder what Angelina is doing right now???

How do you get doppler around here?

Can you see the face of Angelina Jolie in your local doppler radar image?

Would a fish eat Angelina Jolie if she were a vegetarian?

I'm pounding on the radiator with a Chevy small block to wake up SNIFFA

Staph food poisoning is not fun

Ok I think I have found a angle for my paper. What do ya think?

What about the other Angies?

if you liked Van Halen... name your favorite VH album

Physics question: is it possible for a tsunami to be supersonic?

What is the basis of American Culture?( Help! Student brain fry!)

egg salad vs. Angelina Jolie

Lounge: Angelina

I wanna make aquantance with that gal whose a jugglin' them

Just hit 84,000 members! WOO HOO!!

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

HAPPY St. Guttenberg's DAY !!!

Angelina: Louis Prima

So what's the deal with calling girls?


Happy Chinese New Year!

Do you read or post on USENET newsgroups?

Goodnight DU

Norman ....

Name the movie this still came from!

me today...

How come any mention of Angelina Jolie in the lounge sparks a flamewar?

Just wanted to say "Thanks"

San Diego Padres sign Mike Piazza to 1 year deal!

I really enjoyed this game...does that make me a sick-o?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/29/06)

It's 5PM. I'm drinking beer, eating a microwave burrito, phoning my mom,

How do you get jalapeno poppers around here?

Anagelina Jolie KIDNAPS you, and takes you on a road trip worthy of a DUer

Alright everybody, hugs for Bertha!!!

Can't we talk about Steve Guttenberg again?

So, did I miss the big Angelina flamewar?

I know a little about little men. Oh never mind.

Sniffa...wide awake...

How do you get popplers around here?

Sniffa...after his martini...

Angelina Pic...all this talk and no pic!?

Why do women feel so threatened by Angelina Jolie?

Poll Time: Get ragingly drunk, or do homework?

Chuck Norris Facts

How do you get poplar around here?

Things you did as a kid, that you would NEVER let your kids do today

What drug/food would you like to have available as an inhalant?

"What if that guy from Smashing Pumpkins lost his car keys?" A song...

I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever understand the Elvis thing

paging jus_the_facts (or anyone else who hasn't already had enough

2006 Acura RSX Type-S -----> Black or Silver

What is Your Favorite Musical Instrument to Listen to And/Or Play?

The Orphanage of Cast-off Mascots...

Gamera vs. Angelina Jolie

The ONLY thing i dont like about ANGELINA JOLIE

I bought the new White Stripes CD....

Straight ladies. Is ismnotwasm right?

Wanna know what else I don't get? Women's shoes

Oasis vs. Angelina Jolie

Is "fondue poisoning" a valid excuse to cancel a date?

For All DUers: A One-Question IQ Test!

FOR Lesbian and Bi-Women Only: Is angelina jolie Hot?

"Brokeback Mountain" wins DGA Award

Bio-diesel anyone heard of it? It`s for real, here and now.

Favorite overwrought Hiroshima metaphor!!!1

I swear to God, I just cannot for the life of me see the attractiveness of

I want to apologize for the Lounge

NEW WAY to get rid of split ends!!! Guaranteed (but not recommended)

My son, aka Destructo, won't let me put the train tracks together!

It's meditation time again (this time for protection/abundance), so I've

NOTICE: While you are reading this...

Is there a good electronic room deoderizer/air purifier?

how do you get popular around here?

What Dreams May Come

I need help with an apology...

I watched Forrest Gump (the movie) and had a good cry tonight

A DUer KIDNAPS you, and takes you on a road trip worthy of a movie.

Bye Bye E Street Radio on Sirius ....

My father is dying tonight.

I'm hungry for a recipe I used to cook. It had penne, eggplant...

When did the genre known as 'rock and roll' die?

I need lots of good thoughts...

Have you read any good mystery or suspense novels lately?

*public service notice* If you use the last egg ~ tell somebody!

Have you joined the DU [email protected] team?

Miracles, let me tell you about a "Miracle"

Christians are held to a higher standard.

Need advice on pinched nerve...

CWD's risk to humans might be greater than thought

Quitting smoking on the spur of the moment may be more helpful

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

Sonofusion Experiment Produces Results Without External Neutron Source

Ang Lee wins DGA Award...

Pennsylvania legislators sponsor new same-sex hate bill!

When gay, bi or straight just doesn’t fit

TransGeneration is coming out on DVD

Do you have any gay stickers on your vehicle(s)?

Congratulations Seattle Seahawks--2006 Super Bowl Champions!

Anyone know what Bush's chart looks like this week?

Tips for living in DC/other harsh environments?

It's John Kerry again and the protestors

I posted a floor speech by Kerry from last May

Digby: "That's all they've got. "

Kerry, et al Speak for Me - FILIBUSTER

C-Span1 is replaying Sen Kerry's floor speech again

Hey, people, just take a second here

Looking for photos of the two good Senators from MA

Now here is someone we need to thank - proKerry article

Another letter

Matthew Rothschild: Kerry Steps Up

There's an EXCELLENT filibuster info thread at kos by Tanya -

So why aren't these poll numbers being reported

Obama to support the filibuster

Watch: The Filibuster Champions - (GLOBAL VILLAGE ROCKS! )

So, what would you say to Sen. Kerry tomorrow, if you could.

Teresa was at Davos with JK

Formal portrait

Tucked away in a corner.

A failed filibuster may well be worse than none at all


If Obama is voting no and then pissing on the guys who started filibuster

You can "hire" a DC lobbyist for Filibuster Right Now!

Another way to fax the Alito persuadables

How bad is our memory? This is exactly like the Iraq War Resolution.

Durbin said he had 37 votes to support a filibuster


This Obama bashing is immature, listen to what he is saying. . .

Filibuster by all means, but not without the votes!

Stopping Alito: a simple method to ratchet up the pressure (DKos)

They have 63 votes for cloture

Things are happening and people are talking


Dem strategists called this WRONG. 90% of Dem voters OPPOSE Alito.

Since when does an admitted lawbreaker get to appoint a judge?

Hey Repubicans! Put THIS in your pipe and smoke it!!!

John at Americablog is NOT supporting the filibuster. What's your take ?

Is that our own benburch on Young Turks right now?

If the Pugs use the nuclear option, who would you nominate...

Take time out to say thanks to this reporter from WAPO


The Alito 48 - Sunday Update (Democrats .com)

"Sometimes politicans do things out of conviction"(Digby)

CBS: 90% of Dems, 69% of Inds and 37% of Reps Oppose/Unsure of Alito

anyone listening to turk filibuster switch over at white rose about N.O

Is this Dem Alito strategy: speak softly and deliver a sucker punch

Yes on cloture/No on comfirmation is a flip flop. GOP will use this

Bob Fertik of will give latest re the 'buster ~ 6:40 CST

Don't believe the RW spin, Repukes HAVE filibustered

Malloy LIVE SUNDAY on Alito Filibuster

The MSM lies; Polls show Americans are more in line with the Democrats

I am inspired - GET OUT on Monday - Visit your Senator

Biden to vote for Filibuster on ONE ROUND


When urging shaky Senators to filibuster - QUOTE THEIR OWN WORDS

Barack Obama - bad choice of words on ABC?

Well, it's been a Trash Kerry day...

My fax/email to the so-called Democrats with fence-posts up their butts

Mike Malloy is up on Young Turks' Filibuster!

My letter to the DLC, link to send your "comments" too....

Letter to Republican Senators: Too Strong?

Obama critizes Fillibuster, Frt. Pg. on Google News All Day

My email to Biden

DUers - Call Hagel (R-Neb) to vote no to Unitary Executive enabling Alito


Did Andy Stern (union boss) throw his weight against procorporatist Alito?

Senate Breaking Oath They Are Sworn To Uphold. Can We Press Charges?



Obama is an idiot

Are the Democratic Senators that out of touch with their constituents

Obama IS SUPPORTING the filibuster. He just announced it on This Week

Republicans have never accepted defeat gracefully, why should we.

FILIBUSTER ALITO! Countering the spin from so-called liberals.


If we have 37 votes, then these are the people we need to concentrate on

For those just tuning in today: who are the best yes-on-cloture guesses?

good point from young turks with this filibuster. got to get started

I suppose this is good to keep the troops fired up

Got an 'auto' response to my e-mail to Spector re: Alito. Didn't expect

Bob Fertik's update on the Alito 48

I think the DLC is wrong on Alito

How many Democrats were in the Senate when Thomas was confirmed?

Savoy: Alito Confirmation would be violation of 'advise and consent'

Let Obama know how we feel about his not being "supportive" of filibuster!

Republican Majority for Choice Opposes Judge Alito for Supreme Court

Offcial Recall Obama Thread

armsted.... did i just hear you. you were grand

My letter to Byrd and Biden

My E-mail To Senator Chuck Hagel

Online Filibuster on TruthStream.Org Radio


Fair is fair. Tell Senator Byrd

"Pragmatic Democrats" -- Please don't repeat 2002 Iraq political mistake

Why would the repugs go Nuclear?

The American Political "Center" and the Nomination of Radical Sam Alito

DLC opposes filibuster

Thom Hartmann coming up on Filibuster Maraton (Young Turks)

Young Turks: Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, on tomorrow, Brad back too!

We don't have the math for filibuster at this point in our own party

The Rising Star

just IMAGINE the chatter when we SUCCESSFULLY filibuster!!!

Got an 'auto' response to my e-mail to Spector re: Alito. Didn't expect

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are pompous asses

The case for a super-majority confirmation

Biden doubts democrats can sustain Bolton filibuster

My new phonecall message:

Dear Senators-You Dropped the Ball, We Picked It Up (Kos)

The case for a super-majority confirmation

What's up with Kos? Why is he anti-filibuster?


Re: Alito on the Tweety Show

Dewey Defeats Truman!

Biden says will vote once against cloture

On C-SPAN 1 NOW...Kerry's speech on the filibuster!

You'll still be called "obstructionist."

Withhold Money!

OBAMA is NOT supporting filibuster? What the heck?

Got Backbone?

Morning Talk Show Lineups (Lots of Senators...)

OUR FILIBUSTER-With Our Own Words(

What about Clinton and Schumer?

Could people let me know what the dems are saying this morning?

There is simply no excuse voting for cloture

LOL! One of the Young Turks gives definitive reason

Life after Roe v. Wade

Kerry, et al Speak for Me - FILIBUSTER

The definition of "bi-partisanship" is when Democrats agree with Repubs...

My favorite "DEMS TAKING A STAND" bedtime story - can we do it again?

"What Would Mr. Smith Do?"

Seeking Practical Organizing Tips for Monday - Strategy / Tactics

For Wes Clark fans dealing with the Young Turks show

Remember! We don't necessarily need 41, we need to PREVENT 60!

N-W EMERGENCY SENATE LIST: fax, phone & zip codes

F-M EMERGENCY SENATE LIST: fax, phone & zip codes

A-D EMERGENCY SENATE LIST: fax,, phone & zip codes

Why filibuster is a terrible idea.....

Fillibustering Democrats Must Embrace The Title Obstructionist & USE IT!

FREE FAX- create your own Senator list then send to all at once SAVE TIME!

Go ahead and ask me for money, Kilgore & DLC. I dare you.

What Is Judy Woodruff's Position On The 'War' in Iraq?.....

Kerry said this is not a Mr Smith Goes to Washington moment: it is

A vote for a Republican is a vote for Bush is a vote for Osama...


"Do Not Open: Cheney Inside"-If These Refrigerators Could Speak (NYT)

ABC's (Bob) Woodruff, Cameraman Injured in Iraq

Now Mr Blair must tell us why we really went to war

Scary thing is..... 41% of Americans believe what frist is saying...

So much executive power, so little competence (St. Petersburg Times)

the milgram experiment.....or.....why illegal wars like iraq are supported

US Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty

Houston Chronicle: "Bush hopes to reclaim his agenda" with SOTU

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11


China imports advanced technology worth $70 bln

BOOOOOOOOOSH, if yoo had a magic wand, and yoo could see the end of your

NYTimes gets it absolutely right this time.

The SOTU will be replete with the "terradigm shift" of 9/11

Recent Bush Election Victories

I found Bush's schedule for Sept 01..

Heads Up -- Howard the Dean on Fox News Sunday

Bush SOTU: America - you're over insured

JORDAN: On-line editor prosecuted for publishing articles by opposition

The republicans sure are pushing hard for a "centrist" democratic

College Students Cannot Complete Complex Tasks

cnn reports bob woodward hurt in terror attack


Bush broke the law-continues to break it & should be held to account-Globe

Interesting show on History channel now

Concerning Hamas election victory

Vast majority of Americans want Bush to come clean on Abramhoff .

OMG, I just found a "treasure chest" in my parents' home.

Guantanamo Hunger strikers close to death

Its the cost growth, stupid.

Philly latest to get discounted Venezuelan oil

My avatar=Abramoff?

SH walked out on his trial again-cnn (looks like he is back )

Looking for LIVE streaming liberal radio? How 'bout Nate Clay? -- link

Inescapable truth

AZ Central asks: "S.O.T.U...What Will He Say?" ("Upbeat" on Economy)

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11

" Booze Ban For Francis": Aussie Ann Coulter wanabee's attack on judge

Our little future spy

Walmart Exec (Bush Donor) to Plead Guilty to Federal Charges

"Health Care? Now There is an Issue….Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me.”

Hillary "formidable" again... and again...

Bush refers to his Father as "the Old Man." Says Clinton "his new Brother

Deleted Dupe...DU is "buggy" this a.m.

OMG!!! OMG!!! You won't believe what somebody just said

um, what about Space Shuttle Columbia?


VIDEO-Redux from last year- Favorite 2005 SOTU moments

This Song Is Dedicated To George W. Bush

It's time again for my Democrat Party rant.

Love the word - "Careerist"....

Hagel: Bush “Can’t Unilaterally Decide That A 1978 Law Is Out of Date

Hagel: Bush “Can’t Unilaterally Decide That A 1978 Law Is Out of Date"

Have you seen this?

Unknown Hitler paintings head for sale room Bill Frist lie and squirm!!!!! Bill Frist lie and squirm!!!!!

Bush S.O.T.U. economy speech to give GOP a "road map to victory in Nov 06"

"First time a president has broken a law and chose to tell Congress about

republicans leaving farm on WH refusal to release Abramoff visit records

Need the list of GOP legislators that Abramoff donated to.

They say I don't listen, then when I listen they say I don't have warrant.

Which Well Known Repub Incumbents Are Most Vulnerable In Nov. 2006?

Does the Administration have law making authority,,ever?

if an issue of presidential power went to the Supreme Court...

'Stop Hillary' bandwagon gathers pace

Anyone see on the Meet the Whores


YAH!!!!!.....Where Is Senator Chuck Hagel on.........

VIDEO- CatKiller Talks Republican Economics

Bill Frist is almost as bad as W on Meet the Press

Meet the Press answers my email about Obama and Belafonte

Why does the media assume that Bush is innocent.....

Saddam Hussein: A Bush Conservative?

The timing couldn't be better for a SOTU speech:

VIDEO- Senator Hagel on the Rovian Pre-911 Campaign Platform

BushCo wants to silence NASA scientist, "2005 was...the warmest year"

VIDEO - Dean: 'We Need a President That Will Follow the Law'

So Shrub don't want pics out there WITH Abramoff? How'bout NEXT to him?

Can we make a trade?

Why do they let them keep LYING about FISA "slowing down" the hunt for

Seattle DU'ers, come out and meet us today!

Chuck Hagel criticized Karl Rove on ABC This Week

Scalia, Thomas, Stevens, Breyer, O'Connor, Roberts, Ginsberg,

Poll on banning gay marriage in Virginia

Why the Iraqi's aren't standing up with the military

'Al-Qaeda link' to Colombia ring


Just saw Waco: Rules of Engagement - Political hypocrites at work...

"What is it with you guys?

If Bush has the right to spy on Americans, why did the WH squeeze the NYT

Brokeback Mtn got here just as the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

The Rise of the Third Reich: A Cautionary Tale

VIDEO-Chuck Hagel on This Week-Criticized Bush Violating the Law

I just completed a new Zogby poll. Interesting questions.

Well Two Senators Sunk Their Chances Today To Become President....

O'er The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave!!!!!

Like Vladimir, like George? Is this what's next here?

Cat Killer on MTP --->>>

Who on DU is working for a campaign and in watch capacity?

Don't watch the SOTU

CNN Reporter in Iraq: "Well, to tell you the truth.."

"Here's List of CIA Torture Planes, Culprits--Here's Proof that EU denies"

Breaking - ABC says Bob Woodruff & photographer injured by IED

Anybody watching that lying mutherfucker on Face the Nation?

Christopher Shays supports Roy Blunt to be R Leader in the House.


It wasn't 9-11 that changed everything it was Bush* and his PNAC Cabal

Just how in the heck are we going to man one or two more wars?

Russia arrests two spies allegedly working for Britain

I want to throw tomato's at Tweety, Rita the Frog, Hannity &

Where's the Tim Russert discussion?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on C-spn

Rumsfeld was on ABB board during deal with North Korea

SOA Watch activists' trial starts tomorrow,30th Jan in Columbus GA

NYT: To the Editor

Impeachment or not?

"Give War a Chance" - How Sad That Our President Begs Americans This...

What kind of qualifications should someone have to be a Senator?

Captors in Iraq Renew Threat to Kill 4 From Peace Group (CPT)

Inside-trading, cat-killing Frist: "I learned a lesson from Schiavo"

Did Israel expand land past the 1967 resolution? Can someone

FNS Chris Wallace to Howard Dean- "We're quickly running out of money- "

Important questions that need to be asked-

dupe. self-delete

Ken Lay and Jack Abramoff and their Invisible Friend...

The right wing echo chamber and polling.

Pentagon Can Now Fund Foreign Militaries

PA, Casey, Santorum: a cautionary tale?

Is there a link to the "FEC records" Dean keeps mentioning?

Al Gore, Sundance's Leading Man

Frank Wilkinson: Rich Life on Behalf of Poor (LATimes - at last)

My latest Jackson Free Press ltte published this week.

Two more days to the S.O.T.U. protest Nationwide. You going?

Bob Woodruff/ABC (injured by IED) planned to broadcast from Iraq for SOTU


Announcing: Ohio's Stephanie Studebaker for U.S Congress

What language does Saddam court...?

Tweety, cable news, and the meaning of insignificant

MSRNC (sic(k)) reporting: "HILLARY HECKLED"

Polls Show Many Americans are Simply Dumber Than Bush

How many Americans are talking to Al Quaeda anyway?

Parents: Phone Cards Can Be Deadly

AUDIO/MP3- Late Edition interview with Mahmoud Al Zahar

Mayors vent over changes in homeland security grants

Okay, I know we don't like Tim Russert, but...

Tax Reform...

Volunteer Army - Oxymoron? Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty

Never again can we let those clowns beat us to the offense

Who said that Jimmy Carter is a worse former Pres than he was Pres and do

interesting article in Cleveland Plain Dealer today...

IMO Democrats should abandon Gulf Coast States

Molly Ivons Coming Up on Motherjones (AAR)

intersting article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer today.....

Gore Vidal: President Jonah

Newsweek: Bush appointees revolted over executive branch 'overreach'

ON CSPAN2 NOW - Taming American Power: The Global Response of U.S. Primacy


who will call the shots in 21st century? poll

So Now The "WMD Are In Syria" Is Back On The Table?

Delay/Abramoff/Enron--will their connection come out in the Enron trial?

Top climate scientist says NASA tried to silence him ..censorship at work

It stands to reason that US and Britian are involved in the Iran bombings

State Of The Union Preview (funny as hell) VIDEO --->>>>>>>>

DC Denizens: How Late Will The METRO Be Running Tuesday Night?

How is Idiot Son's HUMANS TO MARS initiative progressing?

bush shooting the bird photo. What's the source? date?

My Thoughts And Prayers Go Out to Bob Wodruff and The ABC Cameraman

Coming Up on "Ring of Fire", AAR...

John Perkins, former Economic Hitman on CSPAN2, responds to 9/11 question

Woodruff wounded - terrible news but possible silver lining

Berlusconi promises TV preacher: No sex until election

Permanent US Bases, An Elephant in Two Rooms

GOP: Bush should disclose Abramoff contacts >

is there a site detailing how many "representatives" are millionaires?

Was Nixon our last elected President to have been a Senator?

POLL: 76% believe White House Should Release Abramoff Records

VIDEO- Bush in April 2005 on Immigration Law-Surprised about passports

Epigrams from Attention Deficit Democracy by James Bovard . . .

Doonesbury today is spectacular

TIME: When Bush defended spying, Dems "lost...stomach for battle"

Conyers' Blog, Sunday, Jan. 29: Adm - "Big, Dangerous Lies"

Please Don't Forget ....

Bush's support Weak, New Direction Favored, Poll Finds >

American Vertigo, BookTV, 4pm EST

what is this? Ready for $262/barrel oil?

...debate over Michigan farming bill(GMO - v - organics)

New York Times: Bush is lying about spying on Americans

Mark Crispin Miller on Air America talking stolen 2004 election now.

Interior Department releases photo of Gale Norton with convicted lobbyist

Howard Zinn redefines terrorism.

ABC News Compares bush Approval Lows with *gasp* NIXON!

White House refuses detailed meetings W/ Abramoff - top White House aides

top climate scientist says Bush admin tried to silence him

Mike Pence (R-IN): Bush is "a man of unimpeachable integrity"

Something else we desperately need to do to win in 2006

Plattsburgh Councilman Asks For Bush's Impeachment In Meeting

911 deaths were about 3300. By comparison ...

great article about PTSD in SF Chronicle

Quiz #3: People Cheney said he never met...

Bush asserts presidential prerogatives on inquiries into Hurricane Katrina

Whatever happened with these former Clinton folks? (Stephanopolous,

Reasons abound for pro-life movement’s lack of minorities

Irony slapped me in the face last night

Is there a new member of the Bush family? (Mega Barf Alert)

Hey Tony, They Are Burning Your Flag in Basra! Time to Bring Them Home?

Anyone seen Barr Lately ?

Joe Biden Moneymaker.....

Withdrawal of Iraq.

Have you seen Google's logo today?

Big Question.............Someone clarify for me .Please,

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Is a MUST READ!

Israel as an ally

A Delightful Interview with Cindy Sheehan

what is this? Ready for $262/barrel oil?

While doing Zogby interactive poll: I came across a question

Has the truth finally awakened ?

State of Belief Radio Show on now

Where Is Mike Malloy on The Youn Turks

Little Notice but big impact?

GW Bush VS Will Rogers

Some help please, just clicked on It appears to be

You cannot win a crime, you can only cease committing it.

Here Is The Big Gay Agenda

Audit: Funds for Iraq rebuilding squandered

Bob Fertik, James Bamford up at top of the hour, The Monitor, KPFT

Ms. Sheehan goes to Washington? Here's to hoping!

I just Love how much of the Press lately has been

Diane Feinstein buys new $16.5 Million Home

Air America / Bob Ney is the author of HAVA!!

Ordering Pizza in the Future.... (SCARY)

Bush attends Alfalfa Club Roast ?

The Frey book debacle: Misplaced aggression toward Bush?

On CNN Sunday David Gergen (sp) " Bush is on the offensive, he is gonna

The Framers gave us The DC Mall...Why don’t we use it?

* has dodged a big bullet, it's been a very mild winter here

Is Virginia part of Texas? (Criminal Justice System)

Why do I get the sense that the powers that be are going to throw * under

Which Dems will vote to simply legalize what Bush is doing?

Sorry for the woman and her plight;

"I'm Taking My Country Back" take a walk down memory lane. AWESOME SONG!

Will Gore run in 2008? It is his year! (year of the rat)

Could this Saddam trial be any more of a joke and any more mishandled?

Army paratroopers allegedly appeared on gay porn Web site - Gannon?

Ok... Let's RICO the GOP

We see the USA crumbling. Why should anyone bother studying anything now?

Which Incumbent Senate Republican is Most Vulnerable in 2006?

CNN Poll: Can Saddam get a fair trial?

Just a trivial observation...

Hours of non-stop programming today about the Challenger

Simple & legal civil disobedience in regards to massive election fraud

Wife of "Marlboro Man" photo soldier disgusted by sicko Freeptards

If we won't question the use of predator drones, maybe the British will

Remember Ashcroft in hospital: Card & Gonazles pressuring re NSA spying?

Not a good thing when a TX repuke promises to "target election fraud"

Four States, Four Losses For "Intelligent Design" Proponents

Were we too trusting of government during Clinton?

Dean vs. Reid?

If Americans we're talking with Al Qaeda, wouldn't that be in the news?

Christian wrestlers fight for Bible Belt

Is something big about to blow on Bush/Abramoff?

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse - bye bye dollar?

Scott Ritter's speech on Bush's march to war in Iran.

"An honest politician is one that stays bought."

Stephanopoulos: Bush is winning debate on NSA spying

Bush's State of the Union address sounds like it's going to be awesome

VIDEO- April 14 05- Bush: (Email)I don't want you reading my personal stuf

Fed & State Income Tax E-File should be totally free--no strings attached!

So, Rumsfeld makes a rule against military 'news' in 2003 then breaks it

Playing catch up: Which Dem(s) have worked hardest to reform E-Voting

Is the ACLU really supporting NAMBLA to lower the age of consent?

The Weekend Review - Neil Lisst political cartoons

Unbelieveable! MSNBC actually reporting the TRUTH about Iran...

"unitary executive" almost 5500 times on White House Web site

We Have A DLC To Divide The Party, But No RLC, Correct?

President lied in Buffalo, just as surely as Bill Clinton lied (Newsweek)

In case u missed this, Very interesting (Sibel Edmonds, Judge Walton etc)

Little Lord Pissypants & the Queen Mommy ---pix->>>

I see the bad moon arising.

Bush Is Not Entitled to War Powers. The Iraq War Ended on May 1, 2003 >>>

We are devolving at such an astounding rate it is frightening.

Conservative Blog Spreads Rumors that Reid May Step Down as Min Leader

Energy ..Bushs' high card

I sometime wonder how much more will we lose before we take

Odd ad for Duke Cunningham's seat...

WOW! NYTimes slaps Bush down but good !

Civil Unions For All.

President Cheney ? ?

Feinstein's $16.5 million view in Pacific Heights / SF Chronicle

Poor people in America are in dire straits...

Here's my beef with Obama...

The Pendimum has returned...Bush is Fucked

They tried to reign in Bush's war on terror. They paid a price for it.

TPM: Bush "thinks the problem is .. people have too much health insurance"

What is the latest with Jill Carroll?

Please DU this poll regarding the state of the union

A children's book for young Democrats

WJ caller on CSPAN just called Bush a lying cocksucker son of a bitch

Can someone explain Bush's, "Faith-based initiatives"? And does the $ go

Enron trial to begin MONDAY!

Will the U.S National Debt Ceiling be raised?Or will U.S default?

More Exposed about Bush-Blair Connection and War Lies

Pennsylvania legislators sponsor new SAME-SEX HATE BILL!

I've got IT! And by "It" I mean the destroy the GOP strategy, that will...

DiFi's new 16 Million dollar home in Pacific Heights

Rich get richer, poor get poorer, & House votes on budget cuts Feb. 1


If cigarette smoke is a "toxic pollutant", shouldn't SALE of cigarettes

Music to play over Bush's SOTU speech

"Marlboro Man" Iraq icon wonders how Christians can kill people in Iraq

Massachusetts may require citizens to purchase health insurance?

For those fed up with the Democratic Party