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Archives: January 28, 2006

Because of GOP, threat of impeachment can’t check Bush’s power

Can someone please go to bradblog and get this very important

57% Americans favor military action in Iran:

WP: U.S. Policy Is Big Loser in Palestinian Elections

2005 Banned books-updated list

Freep: Democrats Attempt Coercion Of Judge Alito To Alter Future Decisions

To ‘take back’ Congress, take a page from Karl Rove

Arctic Ocean Ice Crashes on Alaska Shores

Researcher: Pollution Limits Sun in China

Cheap oil - Overall gasoline consumption up in California, again

Transport Experts Have Seen The Future, And It's Got Pedals

City pays big for bottled water: S.F. spends half a million a year

Report sparks fears over lead in US drinking water

Shooting of wolves in Alaska to be resumed...

Saudis: U.S. paved way for Hamas victory

Israel Regrouping After Surprise Hamas Win

Palestinian economics min. tells world to give Hamas chance-Haaretz

Reject Bush and Ahmadinejad: Rebuttals to an (Islamic) Republican

Thousands take to streets after Hamas victory: Fatah demand Abbas resign

Hamas stands its ground as West demands change

EDITORIAL: Hamas’ victory offers new prospects of peace

Hamas deputy leader says resistance to 'occupation' will continue-Haaretz

Bush warns US may cut aid to Palestinians

Mark Crispin Miller!!!

Lectures at ISU this spring

Drug Reform Resolutions for the Texas Democratic Party Platform

The finished cupcake cake (semi-large photo warning)

What to do with a daikon raddish?

Expired Flour... what will happen if I use it?

Bolivia's Morales takes pay cut

Senators Pitch Limiting Judges' Free Trips

GIs from celebrated unit in gay porn?

Sago survivor stood for the first time since the accident (kisses wife)

US Senate passes resolution condemning Iran (Reuters)

Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic

NYT: Democrats Outline Agenda, Mostly Sparing the Specifics

Governors trying to provide health insurance

American muckraker Sinclair's integrity challenged

Bid For New Judge In 9/11 Hijacker Associate Case Is Rejected

(CBS) Poll: Bush's Approval Remains Low (at 42%)

Bush Calls Hillary Clinton 'Formidable'

US reporter attacks Russian professor during press conference in Moscow

CNN: New caution for pilots landing on wet runways (thrust reversers)

MEPs aspire to Cheney and Rumsfeld hearings in CIA probe

WA passes gay rights bill

Reid admits Democrats can't block Alito

Economy Grows at Slowest Pace in 3 Years

WP: Most Want Bush to Disclose Abramoff Links (76% want info released)

Mondo Washington: The Bush-Abramoff Photo Scrub

Getting the kids used to the cashless society (credit card for children)

Threat to jail US officials over spying(Venezuela)

US neglects region for Iraq: McCain

NYT: Outfitting Spies With New Tool: Moral Compass

Chirac tricked by Canadian hoax (BBC News)

WP: 2003 Draft Legislation Covered Eavesdropping: Bush claims undermined?

Norton Posed for Photo With Abramoff

NYT Sat. edition- Legal scholars still question Bush spy program

Bolivia leader halves his own pay

Two FEMA Employees Charged in Bribe Scheme

CNN: Another body swells Katrina death toll

Drugmakers to Cut Off Some Free Prescriptions(say new Medicare will cover)

CNN: FDA approves inhaled insulin for diabetics

Proposed Pentagon Cuts to Face Opposition

Famous people who think I might be gay

Michelle Kwan headed to Turin

"Can Jessica Simpson's taste in men could get worse? Buckle the fuck up."

Most obnoxious tabloid word or phrase

Cashed Out 10% of my Portfolio today

And the sexiest athlete today is...........

Strange news: Adult Diaper Sales Soar in China (NOW YOU'VE SEEN IT)

will seeing the International Male catalog turn me gay?

Bill Fucking Gates. How can ONE man be so Yin AND Yang?

Air America Orlando?

Does anyone have Logitech z-540 speakers?

i have these two munchkins...

Hey, all you violin or classical music fans.

Filibuster drinking games..

*discontented sigh*

Mmmmm....Belgian Chocolates

Holy crap! It's not a full moon tonight, is it?

"Well you can't turn him into a company man

Ever seen a 20 Mule Team Hummer?

Thank you from Mr. Malmsteen

Fun with the International Harvester Catalog

In case anyone is thinking of invading us....


i was reeallly kinda hoping drinks would be 'on the house'...

If you're left-handed check in here

anyone drive a honda element?

Desperate Need: Legionaire wearing BS protectors in his ears:

So, who wants my fairy cakes?

A different and unique kind of beauty (puppy pic)

If Pope Dope is right about love, aka doing things for others and all that

I nominate weeble_wobble for cutest screen name..

Must be fans of Red Green. (pic)

The wonders of Make Up

Dear motorist, your vehicle is illegally parked

Please send me anti-Bush, anti-Repuke jokes and Emails

Crappy wingnut bands, You gotta see these! These aren't fake.

I'm more SERIOUS than ih8thegop

I'm watching the widescreen DVD of "Catch 22"

Smileys we should never ever use.

Movie recommendation for the weekend: "Hoodwinked".

Will Lolita turn me into some weird French pervert?

Oh my word, this is almost orgasmic! (not a sex thread. really.)

Battle of the Bands: James Brown vs. David Bowie

So. What are your Social Security numbers?

Saddest movie ever?

Top 50 worst songs ever.

I don't even know what to say about was just on the local news.

Bewitched season 2

Terra Terra TERRA BAL!!

I Went to See "Cheaper by the Dozen". Now, I'm Gay.

The Worst Movie That Your Favorite Actor/Actress/Director Made

>>>>> FUK!

Too much fluoride in the water... it's not toxic chemicals:

Favorite spice?????

I'm watching The Nelsons!

cat fight

Coupla cute Japanese cars in Kumamoto

What is a good picture upload site??

is the NSA watching shareaza?

what does everyone think of my pennies?

I know a little about OBEY. Tell me something that I don't know

favorite spice girl????

Any other fans of "The Animals" round this joint?

DUers have no morsels!


Favorite early memory of childhood...

Do fish eat vegetarians?

Favorite B List cartoon character!

So what does the Lounge think of Austin Powers?



cool kaleidoscope toy

What are your irrational fears?

rate this angina...

If I go see the movie "A river Runs Through it". will I

CROSS YOUR FINGERS! I found a house!! (4 Pix)

For panda goodness, check in here

Enjoying Lyrics Thread Every Day

Trustafarians. Do you know what they are?

Pure flaky goodness!

First I was afraid,

If you want to be my lover,

Oh, shoot me now.


50 degrees Fahrenheit in January

I just re-dyed my hair

Wanna see the new heavyweight champ? It ain't the little one

Wow, I saw Fireteam pushups in the Annapolis trailer. Finally.

Anybody remember the "couple's" name from the anti Hillary Health Care


You know...."The Cat People of DU" has a nice ring to it....

So really, why ARE you farting around in the Lounge...

Favorite Mozart composition?

It's an eastern Mediterranean feast!

I'm watching "Back To The Future"



Association thread (not free)

Complete the Phrase....

I think I've flirted too much. Let's talk about MATH.

Watch out, I am feeling snarky!

how come when i google "horny girls" i get this pic...

RANT: the word is "HUGE!!!!", not "HUGH!!!111"

So what does the Lounge think of nuclear power?

DUers have no morels!

Should we start telling DUers when their posts are boring or lame?

Battlestar Galactica is starting a few

It's time for the healing to start NOW.

Chicago, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


Say something nice about the Catholic Church....

A question to all you grad students current and former.

I think I'm allergic to marijuana smoke....

rate this mangina.

It places the lotion in the basket

I need info from the cat people of DU

Do Vegetarians eat fish?

Me. me. Me. Me. me. Me. Me.

I know a little about men. Tell me something I DON'T know about men.

Another Neighbor Rant

Francis of Assisi vs. Chief Illiniwek

Scariest movies ever

Post a Picture of HypnoToad!


Nothing really matters anymore

Let's be serious and post like it's GD.

Catholic Church Stance on Coca-Cola Zero?

Tomorrow is the 20th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion

I saw John Nash today.

Stonewall Democrats Launch New Georgia Organization

Congratulations Amelie Mauresmo for winning the Australian Open

Any thoughts on the Isiah Thomas sex harrassment lawsuit?

I need suggestions, my neighbors abandoned their dog and cats

Another one...

Kerry Video Up

Kerry's speech will be re-broadcasted now on cspan 2

Robert Parry: When Republicans Loved a Filibuster

Senators Pitch Limiting Judges' Free Trips (Leahy, Kerry, Feingold)

Good media list

Debunking the media stories/spin

scr EEEEE AAAAAAAAA mmmmmmmmmm.......

tweety NOW!

Aw - you need to check this out

* steals JK's ideas on Iran

Kerry Performs Temporal Miracle

JK on C-SPAN 2 within the hour?

KOEB 1/27/06 Happy Birthday Keith

What if we get answering machines?

Sam Seder is saying Feinstein will vote no on cloture


What does Jeffords have to lose?

What's the Dems best move POLITICALLY re: Scalito?

Feminist Majority Urges NO VOTE

O.K. Troops, What's The Plan For This Weekend?

Did Hagel vote for Alito? Also, whazzup w/Chafee? nt

UPDATE:on those committed to Stand Strong and filibuster the Alito nominat

Scotty's statement

Alert - Tweety bird is going to have George Allen on in a few.

Kerry's speech being replayed on Cspan 2 in a few minutes

Updated list according to

Lets face reality here

remind Sen Biden what he said in Nov 2005:

I just called every Dem's DC office, plus some locals,

What would Tweety and Scotty have said about Rosa Parks

the headlines shift....

No matter what happens we should all feel good

Speech video on Kerry Senate Site

Quick faxes to Senators at work today....

Enough about Byrd. What about Rockefeller?.......

Let them know they're setting up camp with a REAL LOSER!

CNN claims John Kerry and "elitist" for calling for Filibuster overseas...

Kerry calling for a filibuster from Switzerland isn't helping - IT HURTS.

Dem Senators better have a GOOD reason for voting yes on cloture!

Sen Feinstein now supporting filibuster....

et tu, KO?

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ... Could the media be more slanted??

Re: Kerry & Davos; weren't there any Republicans at the conference?

Ok, help! I'm going to fax this to all dems..pls critique this letter

There is no shame in saying no.

Chaffee (R) - has he decided yet?

FILIBUSTER ALITO!” /please fill out

It's NOT just that the Administration is under investigation.....

An executive branch absolutely corrupted with power

"Remotely related " trivia Question:

Real Time Phone Lines: Message Room or Mailbox Full

President Kerry - CSPAN2 NOW!!

The unbelievable hypocrisy of MSM Davos claim: the Hypocrite McCain


Replay of today's Senate session: C-Span2 now (see Kerry's speech)

Sen. Murray (D-WA) Now Says She'll Nix Alito. Here's Why:

What blocking Alito means to me.

DU this poll:

John Kerry on the Alito Nomination: The Time To Stand Is Now (Speech Text)

For My Fellow DUers

Bloomberg article (3rd Update 16:03 EST) on filibuster says

Anybody catch the "All Things Considered" hatchet job on Kerry

RNC response to Feinstein "flip flop"

Who's on board for a filibuster? So far I've got Kennedy, Kerry, Wyden,

MLK: Letter from a Birmingham Jail - I thought of the Alito vote

I'm so glad for Kerry and Kennedy. which six dems are voting Nazi?

We Have to Try

Voters in 2006 more likely to vote for someone who opposes Bush

How to Stop Alito - a Seven Step Program!!

Nuremberg trials for ‘feminist abortionists',

What's stupider than the RNC criticizing Kerry for commenting from Davos?

Landrieu, Pryor, Biden, Conrad and Ken Salazar - any news?

Hey Senate Geniuses--Here's how you do it!!! Get it right, Damn It!

Thank You John Kerry and all - Inspiration for the weary - pix heavy

Sen. Landrieu will vote for cloture

CHANGED HEADLINE of Cindy Sheehan/Feinstein email

Are votes actually swinging in our direction?

What's the political risk to a dem Senator who supports a filibuster?

Wear black after Alito is confirmed.

WAPO article, "Blogs Attack From Left ," calls us "fiery liberal"

Siddown, shaddap, and stop that thinking!

Rev.. Rev Revo

Sorry, took the third pic down.

Bush spying on Americans-Let Freedom Ring

Why Murkins don't mind more war in the Middle East

China's trade surplus bigger than Japan's for 1st time

The World has Changed Since September 9/11

Bob Schieffer (CBS) just blew a great opportunity.

Write your Congressmen - form made easy

Bush's "STRONG" U.S. economy grows at slowest pace in 3 years

Arrogance Of Power = rove...the one dirty trick pony...

DU this Poll....Rovian 2006 Tactics in Va....Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

Bush's salmon recovery plan: "Catch fewer fish. Heh! Heh-heh!"

Sam on AAR is on fire tonight

Tired of how national polls are worded? Let's write our own.

Sunday talk interviews for this week....out early...Line-up

What was this week's most important story in Washington? (poll)

Rumsfeld's Roadmap to Propaganda

Janet Reno belts out "Respect" at Miami fundraiser

GOP Lawmakers Float Ethics Probe of Murtha

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ====> pic

Who will tell the people

One down and some more to go--my first feed back to the media

In our frenzy, the real issue that we may be missing

Lynne "Troll" Cheney, 05/20/05: "If you want to have a Bush dynasty..."

Anybody remember the "couple's" name from the anti Hillary Health Care

Sibel Edmonds - Domestic Spying Hurts Our National Security

E-mail from my ex concerning Ollie North and Osama.

The Myth of the Moderate Republican

READ THIS (IMPORTANT) "When Republicans Loved Filibusters"

Madness Of King George, the founders speak from the beyond...

US Senate unanimously passes resolution condemning Iran

Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in - any of you use broadband?

I am f'n sick of one person calling another person a repuke

Steve Colbert To Head White House Correspondants Assoc. Dinner

Bush Pulls A Nixon

Halliburton swings to $1.1 billion profit, cites 2005 as company's best

Hardball Hot Shots

Bush Abramoff photos, WHERE ARE THEY!!!

Video of World Social Forum


The 2006 George W. Bush Dead Kitten Survey

What happened that shrub is suddenly giving "press conferences" and

Bush Joke

Does the press corps really have to laugh at Chimpy's many, unfunny jokes?

Bush on CBS News tonight

S.O.T.U.: Bush "not interested in bipartisan support for anything"

US watches China's rising star with anxiety

AOL Poll : page of questions on * and other subjects

Students Leaving Politics Out of Economics: freakonomics now mainstream

Where are the celebrations from neo-con America (the Palestinian election)

Ann Coulter's a silly girl for suggesting that we poison a Chief Justice.

A controversial candidate like Hillary Clinton will not be able to win '08

say what you will about matthews...

Ok, I Cry Uncle - but 2 Can and Must Play The Game

Senators' Wealth...a request...

WP: White House Briefing - Froomkin: An Unhappy Union

US military in Iraq detains wives to leverage husband's capture

Brand New Fox Reality Show! Wow!

Ralph Nader: The Movie

Democracy in Mideast just gave U.S. Hamas. What Now for Bush and his ideas

Transcript of CBS Interview

Crappy Wingnut Musicians, You gotta see these!

Bush Plays Down Bailout Prospects For GM and Ford

Has anyone reported mangy Ann Coulter to the FBI?

US to import chicken from China??

Are you ready to be bugged and tortured by George W. Bush?

Friday Mike Malloy Truthseekers check in



Holy crap! For a quick vivid view of Chinese web censorship...

In 1870 Chinese made up 1/3 of Idaho's population.

Concerns Regarding DUing a Poll--"Resistant" Polls Bothering Me

WaPo: 2003 Daft Legislation Covered Eavesdropping-Undermines Bush Claims

Mom and baby killed

RE: DeLay: In the interest of fairness, I feel compelled to share this:

US reporter attacks Russian professor during press conference in Moscow

NYT: Health Savings Accounts Attract Wall St. (centerpiece of health plan)

AOL poll on State of The Union

Zogby: Pennacchio better against Santorum than Casey is

Self delete... Ancient history. Well you can read it, but it is from 2002.

Tweety's new segment: Hardball Hotshots or Fascist Fridays?

FEB 4th-- are you getting ready to go March on DC on FEB 4th

"I'm Still Free..." pic I have not seen before. Says a lot.

We have a fun week - Alito, State of the Union, Enron trial, nuke drill

Bumper stickers galore.

The Media is all a twitter about Oprah-Hamas terror org. wins in Palestine

Eisenhower's Farewell Address (More Relevant Than Ever)

From the blog of Jack Kenny, creator of Book of Daniel

Chris Matthews Tied to Jack Abramoff

Even Bush is pushing for Hillary

Islam 101

1st foreign family bank enters China

Didn't SCOTT McCLENNAN look stupid today (trying to ridicule KERRY)

Bush to Triple Cost of Military Health Insurance Program

"Alito Media Mess", and the problem with Dems and the media

According to Olberman, Democrats can't do any thing right

SOTU Speech preview

Unprecedented Union Busting Tactics at NYU: DUer loses everything.

American muckraker Sinclair's integrity challenged

About Ann's little joke...

*** Friday TOONs: Hamas ***

new Zogby poll

Dennis J. Kucinich: The Truth About the State of our Union

Iraq War vet and Congressional canidate Andrew Duck on wire taps....

So what do you think of Cindy Sheehan now that she is

Wow!! An Arrianna Huffington/Tim Russert brawl!!

Where's a cabal of billionaires to BUY KnightRidder - the best newsgroup

BOOK TV Schedule January 28-30

OK. I think I had a FBI/CIA visitation at my mountain house today.

Iraq War vet and Congressional canidate Andrew Duck on wire taps....

Post-Katrina Promises Unfulfilled - Washington Post 1/28/06

The Catastrophe Is Not Over - Washington Post Op Ed 1/28/06

WP: U.S. Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote

Documents Show Army Seized Wives as Tactic

WP Editorial: Mr. Abramoff's Meetings, Again (WH needs to come clean)

A Mountain of Documents on Hurricane Response, but Democrats Seek More

Blog Box: "Bush Protos" on Bruin Design.

Shorter Tim Russert: "Ethics? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Ethics!"

UN condemns latest violence in Darfur - CBC News

Filibusters: Know Them When You See Them

Nicholas Kristof's Brothel Problem

Meritocracy in America - Excellent article from 2004

Chevron profits reach record high;lawmakers, activists call for crackdown

Spain: More military threats against Zapatero government

Bush Administration Misled Public on Iraq, Say Americans (53% Gallup)

American Tragedy - The Death of the Triumphant Individual

"Latin America Shifts Left: It's the Economy"-best article on So. America

Some Iraqi officials prefer troops stay out of towns

Damage from Bush term 'will last for decades'

Chip, chip, chip at the clay feet of Alan Greenspan

China Trade Surplus: Gusher Profits for U.S. Corporations (August 2005)

WaPo political machinations exposed

Katrina Investigation Reveals Administration’s Inability to Keep us SAFE

Crashing Davos by Jeff Faux

Finding a Place for 9/11 in American History

Rush Hannity Insanity- My Trip through no man's land

'Suicide Seeds' Could Spell Death of Peasant Agriculture

Gore Vidal: President Jonah

Kinsley: "Plantation" Politics and Other Games

Hard to swallow- how diet effects the enviornment more than automobiles

It's time for .. officials to throw flags (Zinn/Ft WorthStarTele: I-word)

Canadians 'liberal and hedonistic' but can change, U.S. right-winger says

Poor funding of rich seen as unsustainable, risky

Ford and GM plant closings

CBO: Federal budget surplus predicted if Bush tax cuts are repealed.


Real GDP Growth Chart

Cross/post: LAT op/ed on new Bush EPA outrages: "The Wrong-Way Agency"

Investopedia definition of "Whoops!"

Richard Pombo Faces a Green Avalanche

Really awful saki.

YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Nevadans fear new push

Saab 9-5 BioPower is now on sale in Sweden

Sea energy 'could help power UK'

Saab is selling FFV that gets just as good mileage as gasoline powered -


FFV vehicles if optimized for higher octane of E85 get mileage just

Central Elections Committee-Palestine ( election results)

Ha'aretz: Mashaal: Hamas ready to form Palestinian army

Xinhua: Israel to deny Hamas leaders access between Gaza strip, West Bank

Molestation strongest Holocaust trauma

Hamas victory in Palestinian election (WSWS)

Clinton Urges Hamas to renounce violence as it forms government

Reuters: Al-Aqsa brigades faction says won't observe truce

Factions trade gunfire in Gaza

Ha'aretz: Mashaal: Hamas ready to form Palestinian army

Somebody tell this ignorant Texan (me) What is Zionism?

Scholars talking about 9/11 lies - I wonder if this would ever go public..

Finding a Place for 9/11 in American History

Scholars Repudiate Official Version of 9/11

Flight77. info Update

These crash sites might be comparable to UA 93

East Penthouse on top of WTC 7 imploded too!

Welcome to the Psyops world ... or how the US organizes fight on the net

Diebold Election Systems Filing for Bankruptcy

Should Presidents Be Nominated By Another Method?

Voting machine concern sparks meeting

Great job-- Fridays daily thread got 22 votes for greatest

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Jan 28

Mark Crispin Miller on AAR's Ring of Fire Sat. & Sun.

Concern about Conyers/Dodd election bill:

any South Bay DU'er going to panel disc. at Manhattan Beach Marriott

Hang on to your ass, Fred.

Framingham Deval supporters - caucus is next Sunday!!


The case against Lamar Smith

Silverware pattern help needed

Breadsticks how hard are they to make from scratch?

Here's a problem for the experienced baker:

Canadians 'liberal and hedonistic' but can change, U.S. right-winger says

Harper treated in Ottawa hospital

Suit Turns D.C. Arrests Into Free Speech Victory

WP: U.S. Policy Is Big Loser in Palestinian Elections

‘Americans exposed to US propaganda aimed at foreigners’

Lobbying scandal could dent tourism

Russia plan 'not enough' for Iran

U.S. tells India to back off Syria oil deal

Bush says no aid for Palestinians if next govt keeps its no-Israel policy

Hamas, Fatah gunmen battle over election results

Thousands take to streets after Hamas victory: Fatah demand Abbas resign

WP: U.S. Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote

Muslims decry U.S. ouster of Tempe doctor

Norton Posed for Photo With Abramoff

Canada issues warning to US over Arctic passage

Bush to Propose Trimming Army Reserve

Former Wal-Mart Executive to Plead Guilty

Reuters: Al-Aqsa brigades faction says won't observe truce

Ha'aretz: Mashaal: Hamas ready to form Palestinian army

Chicago Tribune: Spies hear of new mission: Ethics

3rd suicide rattles jail, Hernando (FL) officials

Xinhua: Israel to deny Hamas leaders access between Gaza strip, West Bank

Pharmacist's Headache (Drug plan promotes Walmart :grr:

Court Lifts Ban on Kansas Underage Sex Law

Hurricane Investigators See 'Fog of War' at White House - NYTimes

Western Shoshone urge probe of human rights violation

Reid says administration neglecting cities

'Last chance' for Iraq hostages

Fellowship resurrected: Media members share beliefs

Chillicothe Gazette: Protesters try to draw attention to scandal

Iraqi Abductors Threaten 4 Peace Activists.

Study: Many in new Medicare plans deprived of common drugs

WP: Post-Katrina Promises Unfulfilled

You too can buy a piece of the failed Iraqi reconstruction

Big Oil Keeps Chugging With Chevron's Record Quarter (Earnings Rise 20%)

Germans 'spied' for US in Iraq

Reuters AlertNet: Hamas leader defiant over international aid threat

FOX News Twists Its Own Polling Data To Advocate War Against Iran

CNN/Reuters: Minister: 'High risk' of dirty bomb

France shows support to U.S. doctrine of preemptive nuclear strikes

Bush Presses Alito Nomination on Radio

Democrats Seek Medicare Drug Plan Overhaul(weekly radio address)

Some Iraqi officials prefer troops stay out of towns

Google, US seek showdown over search data - (AFP)

Police Storm (Palestinian) Parliament

Former Indian PM urges government to seek recall of US envoy

Pinochet daughter sent packing

Sea level rise 'is accelerating'

Chevron spouts record profits

Britain to commit nearly 6,000 troops to Afghanistan

WP: U.S. Says Abramoff Tipped Tyco to GSA Move

New deadline for world trade deal

Lynn Swann's Opponent Fumbles

Europe asks Iraq to intercede with Iran in nuclear program

Iran, Russia to Expand Enrichment Plan ( Oh * your heart buddy is screwing

WTC attacks claim latest victim _ four years later

'Last chance' for (4) Iraq hostages

Military eyes more state airspace

Harper can disagree with U.S.: MP

Exxon asks reduction of Valdez damage award

Pelosi Questions Bush's Spying Program

Half-Million Baby Teethers Recalled (from The First Years Inc.)

US should not leave Iraq: Clinton ( Bill in Davos )

Bush to Propose Trimming Army Reserve

US plans to 'fight the net' revealed (Pentagon psyops on Americans!)

North Korea Warns of Nuclear War

In New York, a Grisly Traffic in Body Parts

Poll: 85% of Dems in Pennsylvania Favor Pro-Impeachment Candidates

A Small-Town Lobbyist and Her Big Connection (Curt Weldon-R-PA)

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

Nine-Point Lead for López Obrador in Mexico (Presidential race)

Roof Falls on 500 People in Polish Hall

Reuters: Iran vows missile retaliation to any attack

Court-martial convicts US soldier

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan considers run against Sen. Feinstein

Army Decorates Jessica Lynch's Rescuers

Iran mission to UN: More study needed to prove Nazi Holocaust

Punished for parody, student sues school

Mystery Surrounds Dead U.S. Contractor

(REUTERS) Poor funding of rich seen as unsustainable, risky

WP: AARP to Seek a Better Drug Benefit

Suit blasts fungi biz at Fox News

Bush Jokes

do you have a profile on

Whadya think *'s word for (what is known as 'dick') is?

I think we got a live one!

Good Riddance

My cat says he farts in your general direction

Looking for job in the O.C.?


I know a little about fat. Tell me something I DON'T know about fat.

I like battling male elephant seals.

Route 160 crash victim identified as porn actress

Those little pies in convenience stores.

Suddenly I am feeling kind of sad

Avatar update?

....or are you sitting in the hospital with one eye,

Best pet name you have heard?

Good night DU! Sleep tight DU! MrsGrumpy is going to regret this

BigMcLargeHuge or Angelfire logo?

Why in the hell doesn't my city have a Jimmy John's??

Tom Sawyer by Rush.

Major health risk (scary new disease)

Do omnivores eat babies?

Well, the Lounge is sure boring tonight.

So how many seats are the Democrats going to lose on Nov 7.?

A real Catholic....

"You got the touch! You got the pow - - er!". nt.

I want to thank everyone in the Lounge tonight

All right, you wanna get nuts? LET'S GET NUTS!

Savage Republic

Down to the banana republics, down to the tropical sun...

How the defense department defines homosexual conduct:


Shakin' All Over. This song is Mod!

Cat people

Weapons of Math Instruction...

Proper coffee etiquette

Post your wallpaper Please!

Do fish eat Presbyterians?

Check out my new smiley!

What would do you do?

Which baby animals are the cutest?

Does HEyHEY deserve a "cockpunch"?

Question about the DMV...

I'm a lesbian. If I watch Brokeback Mountain....

I just slept past 4:45 am for the first time since 1/2/06!!!

My espionage at walmart tonite:

Protective Moms are all alike

too much time in Latest Breaking has my head hurtin and my heart breaking

New Reality Show Idea

Why would anybody use computer pictures for selling their products?

I am the lightbulb killer...and i have no more!

A Song for Mrs. Sniffa:

If you could move to a new city/town where would you pick

So, do you think these are real?

Okay, the dichotomy of "rapture" has confused me.

What decadent treat should I subject myself to this weekend?

I came up to work to work on a Saturday, but instead

Has anyone read Stephen King's newest "Cell"?

Getcher pie here! Bama hand-held pie, in honor of southlandshari!

The new Duncan Sheik album is awesome!

Diebold Family and Big League BaseBall

No-talent ASS Clown

Is it the Rapture yet?

Here's a little saturday morning laugh

DVD rant - this week's entry? "Quantum Leap" season 4:

Stephen King saw Brokeback Mountain

Internet Radio....Jam On!

Red Sox Add Cereal To Lineup - Sign Coco Crisp Last Night

Watch out, I am feeling smurfy!

The Boys at Fark have done it again...


Which CDs do you want re-released in Surround Sound DVD/SACD format?

I've got a big time troll problem on one of my blogs--Help

lets have a name the Bambi II movie thread

20 Years Later, Teacher's Life Remembered.

You MUST Watch This Japanese Honda Ad!

Polar bear orphan saved from death by a caring hunter

A Soulman's Suburban Twilight

Boy Boy Crazy Boy.......

"Red Dawn" comes on tonight

I am SICK, SICK, SICK minded.

I'm listening to...

Today, I want to eat everything

I know little about women. Tell me something I DON'T know about women.

I got a right wing mass email from a clueless friend

Yeah! happy day!

C.G. Computer poll. What Utilities have you purchased and used?

Bats? What don't I know about bats? I only know a little bit about them.

Rats in your uterus.

Weird-ass new TV shows

If a stitch in time saves nine will two stitches in time save ten?

70's songs you thought you forgot : 3 Dressed up as a 9

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

ladies ...Pat Robertson now in your uterus...1-800-759-0700

Do fish eat vegetarians?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/28/06)

me today...

Truthdig: Cheney Denies Knowing Bush

Oh hey DU is like my blog only harder to read

Damn, sometimes I miss weed.

If I watch Bambi

Is the Apple store screwy for you?

Say something nice about THE Charlotte Church....

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Going to California next week!

I'm the proud new owner of a 20" iMac Core Duo, ask me anything!

At what number of posts does even the hottest thread begin to flame out?

What day did Malloy start reading 1984?

This might be a stupid question (re: Tivo)

Eureka! I've figured out why Pat Robertson and his ilk are such jack-asses

For the record: What Kind of Pet do you have?

What Are You Eating for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Now?

Sex bomb


The 'memory foam' mattress topper I bought is 3 inches too short...

How many boys here are named Sue?

My mom rules

You must all promise to SPANK me

I need an ID card for a 5 year old????

Army to Investigate Gay Porn Allegations

Facebook Users? Tagging Photos

What would you do for a dollar?

Why dont bugs eat more people?

How putting in a new toilet led to the fire department being called

I found a dress!!!!!!

I had buffalo wings and a beer for lunch. You?

DC Area DUers: Ever said anything to Metro riders reading the Wash Times?

Dear were duped, you're sorry, we get it, now PLEASE S.T.F.U.

The local PBS station is running the Civil War series

I'm bored. Amuse me.

Why don't more people eat bugs?


Okay, I'm outta here

"No, Thanks."

Nobody likes a Mr. Bungle

Jennifer Aniston might write a book on her marriage to Brad Pitt

I hate censored movies on TV!!!!

RANT!! The word is "MORON", not "MORAN"!!!!

The Right Brothers

Fart against Alito!!

It's boring in here tonight....pic threads...BUFFET threads...Moran thread

Why do newer cars (1997 and up--or so) leak so much oil???

What's your secret? Here's (one of) mine:

Western Union discontinues telegram

There's a cool new trend in Vancouver clubs and bars

Man I love plumbing!

What's everybody doing today?

I've found the prect smilie for GD!

I am SO excited

Most Painful ("naturally occuring")

how do I post a pic in my signature line?

Humuhumunukunukuapuaa Dethroned in Hawaii

Did you ever wear an ID bracelet to "go steady"?

Letterman nailed junior last night!! LOL!!

I did my job today.. pissed my cat off

I know a little about rats. Tell me something I DON'T know about rats.

guacamole is the chopped liver of Mexico


I am married and saw Brokeback Mountain - did not affect the sanctity

how often do you vacuum your home?

Forrest a player in the Lingerie Bowl

Post a Picture of Your Pups!! Equal Time for Canines!!

Any Buffett fans on board this evening

some of my very abstract paintings...

Rice, Pasta, or Potatos? Which do you prefer?

Looking for a Good DVD Brand/player

Where were you when you heard it 20 years ago today?

just listening to van halen eruption, circa 1979.

Thoughts on relationships and divorce.

you are what you eat

My god I think I died and went to Vinyl LP heaven

Anybody see Hostel?

Say something nice about Episcopalians, please.

RANT: Mental Illness is just as serious as other medical illnesses

You should read this so you and your son won't go to hell!

Has anyone seen the new IMAX movie "Roving Mars"?

Whadya think *'s word for 'breasts' is?


What music should I put on my workout CD?

POST a picture of yourself. (We MUST have a picture thread.)

Nighthawks and Day Crew, please welcome new DUer,

Going to see Brokeback Mt. today!

DE, MD, NJ DUers: This week's chances to see me play (music)!!! (Feb. 3-4)

This game is addicting, watch out

Just saw the documentary "Bonhoefer"

"The Gods Must Be Bowling"

Sudden Origins evolution theory - environmental drama causes mutations

A question for gay DUer's

Nice campaign email from Paul Hackett on gay rights...

I have a question...Re: Gay punchlines in the 80's..

My Wife and I Are Hetero-Sexual Roman Catholics Who...

U.S. army investigates 82nd Airborne members on gay porn website

Bigot pastor vows referendum on Washington anti-discrimination bill

Seattle Plans Victory Parade

Jerry Bailey's final ride today.

"The Slave Side of Sunday"

Remember the Alamo!

(ESPN)Players to watch:

I need to test my pic uploading skills...

Happy Year of the Red Dog

Send energy to Kerry!

The Daily Psychic II

Agent Orange website

Remember how Mitt Romney attacked Kerry for not being in the Senate

I woke up this morning feeling so damn proud of John Kerry.

Ha Ha Ha, Now they're trying to take credit away

Davos Economic Forum Continues

A good idea for a Kerry video I have: request

NOW Applauds Kerry and Kennedy for Leading Filibuster

Filibuster: Fighting the Good Fight, Knowing When to Pick Your Battles

Kos at it again? (subtly); did Steve Elmendorf really advise

more Kerry-Kennedy love: John Nichols on checks and balances

Sen. Kerry editorial: Lowell Sun 1/25/06

No pro filibuster Democrats on TV this week-end

More work to be done.

I'm confused. Is Kerry more liberal than Kos?

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Text - Please Vote

Question for the 20D owners...

JPEG profiles

Hijack 'suspects' alive and well...

Kerry Friday 01-27 Today Speech about to repeat on CSPAN-2

Brand New Fox Reality Show! Wow!

If our Senators fought harder over Roberts, * wouldn't have picked Alito

The Young Turks TYTV Filibuster

who are the politicians, and who are the public servents?. . .

it's criitical to stop Alito: 06 elections

A-LIE-TO FILIBUSTER CALL-ATHON: It Continues This Weekend!

******What would Jimmy Stewart Do?******

Sen. Christopher Dodd plans to support the filibuster effort

Tone of the filibuster debate--avoid personal attacks

Senator Evan Bayh phone/fax numbers to stop Alito

WAPO's false portrayal of the opposition to Alito

What Is The Lineup For The Sunday Talk Shows?

A poster & a poem to look @ as we call senators about Alito

my email to Sen. Byrd

Can't the Dems just send the Dems who will vote for cloture out of

Wear Red, White, And Blue When Scalito Is Fillibustered

Bill Nelson's (D, FL) Phone Mailbox is FULL

To Sin by Silence when we should Protest....

intelligence: how the right is mobilizing to target "red state" Dems

A Filibuster Debate Is Needed We Have Everything To Gain, Nothing To Lose:

The last two days for me have been incredibly busy-help a girl out

Why is Bush pushing such a divisive nominee and is there a liberal party?

Anyone going to work when the Fillibuster starts???

HELP! The Alito vote has put me in a real "state" today.

Has Byrd announced his decision on cloture?

Alito's feel-good vision of America before hippies & protests not true-LAT

The Young Turks are doing a filibuster

When Republicans Loved a Filibuster

An observation about the hopelessly biased media and the filibuster

Email from Barbara Boxer


HAND-WRITE letters on lined paper to support a filibuster and FAX THEM

Dear Senator Byrd

YES!-Just got off a conference call with Kennedy and others (Firedoglake)

Interesting: Kohl (WI) to skip the vote?

GOOD NEWS - The Filibuster Fight is Go (Firedoglake)

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POINT to make in your calls and emails.

Menendez, Sarbanes, and Obama to vote No on Cloture!!

Chafee Will Vote For Cloture

We Can Stop Alito This Weekend

Get on Your Feet! Make it happen! Keep calling them! Pix heavy

Leftleaning media is REALLY dropping the ball on the filibuster, just as

Just how is Kerry advancing his chances in 2008

This fight is no longer about if Reid can get the 41 votes or not (Kos)

It Can Happen Here

Attempting filibuster is commendable for blue states senators, but

Ironic, how "small government" CONservatives support Authoritarian Alito


Folks, it is JUST PLAIN WRONG to call multiple offices of the same Senator

Scotty Blasts Kerry

Filibuster: Fighting the Good Fight, Knowing When to Pick Your Battles

It's 2008. The Supremes gut Roe. Which Dems would get your full support?

Dean said he supports what Kerry and Kennedy are doing.

If Cindy changed DiFI's mind on ALito-- we can change more minds

Watch The Power of Nightmares - will be clearer why Alito must be stopped!

Dear Gov. Dean -- It’s Not “Obstructionist” to Defend the Constitution

Senate agreement to stop nuclear option has already been violated by *.

I take back every snarky thing I've ever said about John Kerry.

Tomorrow, in the churches - people are going to be told to call

Where is that filibuster cartoon?

Scathing editorial from Buzzflash on Dem capitulation.....

Should we be concerned about the Mental Health of some in the Senate?

Suggestion for an e-mail to Sen. Landrieu:

Where is MY representation? (my "filibuster Alito" fax to Dem senators)

This is OUR chance to be heard! Can't make a few phonecalls? For chrissake

How on earth did we miss the most important Alito point we could ever make

now that filibuster is in the news, this is a STRAIGHT PARTY LINE VOTE

Background info, resource links, brief histories - Filibusters and Cloture

THE ALITO 48 - Saturday Update From Bob Fertig

So, Cindy Sheehan threatens run against Feinstein if she won't filibuster

I keep repeating: Make the defectors know they will pay

Daily Kos update on filibuster

Everyone check out Georgia10's Kos blog. VERY informative!

Why is Mary Landrieu for cloture?

Davos Economic Forum Continues

In the interests of clarity

Save the Court! Simple and Easy and Free Fax Link!

Dem Senators: At the very least, ABSTAIN from the vote on cloture

Majority Specter/Santorum's OWN CONSTITUENTS oppose Alito & nuclear opt.!

Senator Kennedy's Call to Arms (Conference Call with Bloggers)

Who Do You Think Is Making The Most Calls To Senators?


More FREE FAX services

Their Washington voice mailboxes are all full; here are local numbers

What Dems did the MSM choose for tomorrow's shows?

IMPORTANT; here's a list of Dems not supporting filibuster

FoxNews- use Alito nom lies to make Dems look bad

Senator Kennedy's Call to Arms (from Daily Kos)

Report: We Are 2 Votes Shy of Fillibuster

FAX Number Difficulty—Help!

Good steps for the filibuster according to!!!

Landrieu must be KNOCKED into reality.

Dean on Young Turks now

Frist himself used the filibuster when it was convenient for him.

Websters Dictionary definition of Democracy

Next week, the real battle begins.... and we're just getting warmed up.

Hopw to Mass Fax Via Email-All Here (I Hope)

Protests; Marches; Demonstrations RE: Alito Check in Here

Can "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" be viewed online?

Junior's Radio Address...Scalito Fever: CATCH IT!

Thom Hartman is going to be filling in on the Young Turks

Ted Stevens' mailbox isn't full yet--202 224-3004

Dem On Dem Violence; Kerry's Filibuster Not Filibustery Enough?

what six or seven Dem Senators are boting Yes on cloture?

Please keep the heat going. It's not over till it's over!!

"Filibuster Unlikely" = Spin to make us give up hope.

How to send 44 FAXES in a single email.

What are the chances that Alito has acted unethically/illegally?

procedural question- calling joint session to order for sotu

Do we have 45 no Alito votes???

State Dem Party Offices

If you won't stop Alito for your own reasons, then do it for this girl

Santa Clara County Democratic Club e-mail re: Alito Filibuster

Alito nomination is huge defeat for Democrats...

As mentioned... the vote on cloture should be considered a PARTY VOTE

AlitoWhoreWatch: Corporate Media Freaks Over Alito Filibuster

any updates on Mikulski?

phone numbers for LOCAL OFFICES of Senators-- starting with the "A"'s

Gore and Kerry ran for President-- not King. Quotes on "Unitary Executive"

Some Odarkthirty work. Dial-up Warning

'Fringe economy' preys on the poor' Where Is The Dem Party?

Chimpy to "trim" Army Reserve -- since numbers are already down!!

Bush is distorting the issue of spying on Americans...

I got a response from Verizon about Chris Matthews

Halliburton - Minority stake in KBR will be sold

BRILLIANT Gore Vidal essay: Throw Bush/Jonah overboard or we are doomed

William Blum Author of Rogue State on C-SPAN Now

Why doesn't anyone ask * "How can we be assured spying is not being

When we regain power, we're going to need all the executive powers

Tell DNC: GOP is DRUNK with power. Dems are America's Designated Drivers

Iraq War Veterans PAC Formed with Gen Clark

Response from my Rep Ron Paul on Iraq War, oversight, etc

Dictator 43 the new correct name for this IDIOT in charge of America.

I am SICK OF "Clinton Did it" and of "9/11 changed everything"

Space Shutle Challenger memorial service live on C-SPAN

Holocaust denier Irving getting fan mail in jail

Their Levees vs. Our Levees

Not A Dictator, yet -- but a Tyrant :

Was Karl Rove Briefed On Bush’s Warrantless Spying Program?

Oscar winning director admits being informer

DiFi vs. Cindy - who WOULD you vote for?

Here's a little saturday morning laugh

Cannot get CNN on Comcast (but can Faux)

ladies ...Pat Robertson is now in your uterus...1-800-759-0700

Is there precident for someone being investigated for disclosing confident

Nowadays I feel like a frog in a pot of slowly warming water

Regarding the recent WaPo Howell shitstorm...

Is there any chance of a tax revolt?

Lott: Govt not going to rebuild my house; don't even have a FEMA trailer.

EV World: Global Warming: The Biggest Ignored Story of 2005

I heard a report on AM radio of a study that said partisans are hard wired

Norquist Protege's push for charter school privatization plan in So Cal

if i were hillary clinton i'd ask bush not to sully my name by putting it

Who will lead us into the light?

Blog Box: "Bush Protos" on Bruin Design.

Blog Box: "Bush Protos" on Bruin Design.

New Zogby poll-bunch of questions about post-911 vs pre-911 view

I have a saturday morning question. How many private contractors

FOX "News" Poll: Bush Approval Falls To 41%

Lest we forget: Osama bin Laden NOT WANTED by FBI for 9/11

Check it out Y'all! Rider Alert from Transit System


Gay Unions Fracture MD's Black Caucus

Humuhumunukunukuapuaa Dethroned in Hawaii

Stealth Vote 2006

Will the Palestinians wind up in civil war?

Health Care Confidential..... by Paul Krugman

How Will The Polls Bounce Wednesday?

Medical Pot Activist Steve Kubby: Sick and Imprisoned(his death sentence?)

PHOTO: Abramoff and Interior Secretary Gale Norton

The purpose of Iran--

smirk's man Dr. Sabah Sadik said an interesting thing this a.m.

smirk's patsy Abdulrazaq Ferhadi says Iraq is wonderful

Has anyone else noticed that the Weather Channel is pushing "Be Afraid"?

Lefty Blogs should push for Superbowl commercial exposing BushCo

hugs and kisses for William Blum truth teller

Novo paid U.S. pharmacist to switch drugs -NYT

TIME: Leading the Dems' Charge

What brand of car do you own...


benazir bhutto of pakistan held a press conference yesterday...

Major freeper infestation this morning...

Drunk Bush at a wedding made Vh1's top 20 web clips!!

Bone marrow donation?

Chavez vows to 'lock up' US spies

Goodbye War on Terrorism, Hello Long War!!!!

You too can buy a piece of the failed Iraqi reconstruction

Check out this response to illegal domestic spying: Hold a "spy-in"

I Just Read that Public Schools Actually Score Higher Than Private Schools

Another Reminder Why Clark '08

Question for Those Who Understand Law and...

If they outlaw abortion, be a nullifying juror

Where Can I Get A Pocket Copy Of The Constitution That Sen. Byrd.....

Canada's Harper rebukes US over Arctic claims in first address

E. J. Dionne Jr. Recently Wrote This is biased to the right.

Boss Dick, Boss Dick, Help me, Help me…I’m Lost!!

Bush Urinal & Toilet Piss on Me Sticker.......Check it Out

VIDEO- Scotty Mischaracterizes Kerry's Filibuster Call

Most Americans (76%) want Bush to release links to Abramoff

Just Looked At The Holiday Calendar At Work And There Are No Days Off...

Guess What Time of the Day Causes Republican Congressmen to Turn Pale.

VIDEO- Bush Skeered of Helen

Senator Widen on Charlie Rose is doing pretty damn good! nt

A Campaign Idea for DeLay’s Opponent….

When will the First Republican Congressman take out an

VIDEO- Top Three Soundbites -Dancing and Singing Politicos

Pentagon to set up new WMD military task force

I don't know what kind of crack this guy is smoking, but I would love to

Chirac falls for 'Canadian PM' radio prank

What do you want to bet that this employee was fired?

The Ballad of Tom DeLay (unfinished work in progress)

Empty promises - feds make little progress on Katrina recovery plans

If pharmacists should be able to refuse to dispense the MA Pill,

Free Internet Press:Hamas Victory Shows Failure Of Bush Strategy In Region

what the heck has gotten into Bob Beckel?

House Candidate Deadline for WV is today (KY in 3 days)

President is crazy..

I am watching " The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and the Russians

Capitol Hill Blue: Another Bush official cozied up to Abramoff


My opinion Molly Ivins : Let's be honest, starting with the press

Special ed student beat up until he confessed to a crime he didn't do

Israel didn't allow Hamas on the Palestinian ballots. So how did Hamas win?

527s and the reform politics stuff going on now

America's health-care crisis

STEPPENWOLF: "Suicide" More true today than in 1969

Preacher at Ney's announcement to run again.

Yahoo! News: Dennis J. Kucinich: The Truth About The State Of Our Union

Finding a Place for 9/11 in American History

Pssst, Smirky, your hypocrisy is showing. (small photos)

If pharmacists should be able to refuse dispense the morning after pill,

Time for real leadership - Molly Ivins

Call CSpan - Bush and 9-11 and policy

Mr. Abramoff's Meetings, Again (NYT Edit)

Elaine Chao (Sec. of Labor) is a complete Moron

My take on Cindy Sheehan

average winter temperature on Svalbard 24 degree hotter

Frist, McConnell, *, and a few other Rs got together this week

We, as a nation, were defeated on Sept 11th, 2001..

Damn! How depressing !

'Pop!' goes the illusion of gun safety (Roanoke)

If Democratic Senators are supposed to represent us,

An interesting letter from todays NYTimes:

Which one would you vote for?

US in technical default !

Which do you like best?

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio "Smoke Got In Their Eyes" Bush Media

What's the cost of gasoline in your neck of the woods?

Dean on Fox News Sunday(Sunday talk shows)

Santorum LIE caught on video: "Thank you Grover...I appreciate your help"

Bush lawyers drafted bill in 2003 on surveillance

Despite Bush's stone walls, the truth has breached the levees-Boston Globe

Stonewall Dubayah.... new toon 1/28/06

I pulled my bumper sticker off my car.

Bill Bennett the White House and the american people

Gore Vidal compares Bush to Jonah; mentions planned protests 1/31, 2/4

Your search - "Jack Abramoff Naked" - did not match any documents.

Why the bushies see nothing wrong with Iran invasion

GOP, Democrats Fighting Over Child Predator Law

Wingnut pastor EXPOSED! Join the fun...

I have something to say regarding my party and Faux News

There may be a reason why oil companies are profiting so much

Va. lawmaker accidently fires gun in his office

Starting Threads - Don't Feed the Freepers! (One Man's Opinion)...

Scholars Repudiate Official Version of 9/11

What an arrogant...

Kiss of death: Bush calls Hillary "formidable"

Army decorates Rangers for publicity stunt

I;m starting to believe that their lying is compulsive obsessive.

WP: Blogs Attack From Left as Democrats Reach for Center

Neocon =sociopath?

Plame and "That's not accurate" McLellan

pc forums have spawned a new business - sort of like lobbying

"The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake.

Anybody recall those old Furby talking toys? A SOTU idea:

Craig Crawford shout out! Worked for Dems' campaigns and ran himself once.

Federal Judge Urges Government Law-breaking (C&L)

Radioactive Money (2005)

the New Cold War

Exxon asks for reduction in Valdez award

Hey Abramoff dad, your son is a PUTRID FILTHY SCUMBAG PUKE

Freedom the Freenet Project

RFID and Beyond

BLM proposes more "exclusions"

Halliburton gets another contract (bldg. jails for Mexicans-supposedly)

20 tunnels from Mexico to US

The harder they fight back THE BETTER WE'RE DOING.

Randi Rhodes vs Crazy Lady

Regarding Google: Can't the NSA "sweep" the searches anyway?

Pelosi Questions Bush's Spying Program

Can someone help me debunk this? My brain is tired and I'm just

NOW we're supposed to take him seriously?!

Looking for a Good DVD Brand/player

September 11th, 2001

Will you stop supporting Israel if NetanYAHOO comes to power?


FedEx is strengthening their commitment to China!!


Junior's Radio Address...Scalito Fever: CATCH IT!

Looking for Rummy video

Advertising as Payola: Who really owns CNN?

Faux News employees get sick on O'Reilly set and sue the network.

Thom Hartman is going to be filling in on the Young Turks

In the face of another SOTU fantasy speech here's some New Orleans reality

What hard, indisputable evidence do we have that * stole both elections?

Yet Another Ft. Hood Soldier Dead in Iraq. He Was Just A Baby...

What's the next shoe to fall in the BushCo nightmare?

Why don't I feel that Democrats will take the election in November?

And the winning 2008 ticket is

King of the Hill (Ted Stevens)

Perils of Dominance: Vietnam and global dominance on CSPAN2 now

What's wrong with chocolate?...

Bush Seeking to Invigorate Party

Help me out here - what ARE Republican "Family Values"?

I Agree with GWB

"No, Thanks."

So I saw Rep. Darlene Hooley today

Guest Lineup for the Sunday TV News Shows (Dean, Obama, zzz)

Americans Want Blair to Replace Annan

Thunderstorms tonight. Lightning flashes and thunder rolls across

The unconnected dots of Sibel, Valerie and I. Lewis. . . . . .

DU this poll!

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006

Does anyone here have Queen's "A Night at the Opera"?

Massive Bush supporters to rebuild New Orlenas

Great SOTU Gag video on AmericaBlog...

I have an idea -- 49 points of light -- a travelling party.

Petition: Kill 'Mockingbird' in county's schools - Nashville, TN

Mr. Smith goes to Washington is on FLIX at 2:35pst!!!

How many founding fathers are rolling in their graves over BushCo?

Annoying bumperstickers seen in Maryland today

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

Do you think JFK was offed because the military thought he made a deal

Is there a timeline on the NSA scandal?

Can "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" be viewed online?

Nightmare thought: What if bush just doesn’t leave????

Gore Vidal: A War Against Terror Is Like A War Against Dandruff

Michael Copps our Dem Media hero discussing FCC now on C-Span I/6:49 est

"Mayor Wonka and the Chocolate City"

U.S. in Sweeping Plan to Strangle North Korea's Cash Flow!!!

Shakespeare on the death of Bill O'Reilly

Bush is furious…..Over the Palestinian Election Results

please delete

So, which Dems will froth at the mouth and give Bushler standing ovations

Quiz #2: People * says he doesn't know or have known

Fight For Our Troops; End This National Disgrace

Lies are Truth; Freedom is Slavery; Winter is Spring

Nobody cares about the military kidnapping wives in Iraq as a tactic?


Didn't Pope John Paul II think that Bush was the Anti-Christ?

Yesterday while I was on the freeway I saw a Honda Hybrid drive by...

Can you have a civil war if you aren't officially a country?

FOX News Twists Its Own Polling Data To Advocate War Against Iran

FEMA is willing to spend $3300 a month for 18 months for a trailer

This morning a woman and her daughter came to our door

Am I the only one who see's a lot of freeperist post today

Tell Google: Publish all Web Searches originating from The White House

Hardball’s Chris Matthews in bed with Abramoff: $6 million slush fund

Bush kids doing dirty dancing

What's with the sudden German BushCo lovefest?

Caption this image please

Beetlejuice: Using Bugs as Food Dye Is Legal and Common

Talking about nazigirl

Bobby Kennedy Jr; AAR Now; Convincing Evidence Diebold stole 2004!

King George Coming to Nashville Feb 1 - Protest Scheduled!

Conform! The schools here are driving me crazy.

CNN radio reporting, Dept of Ag wants to process American poultry in CHINA

What's the scariest thing going on in Bush's America?

Survey Says: We Do Not Like Thee Dr.Frist

Nice campaign email from Paul Hackett on gay rights...

LAT editorial on new outrages by the Bush EPA: "The Wrong-Way Agency"

*** Saturday TOONs ***

Twice this week I've heard a major CEO talk about health care

The "Current TV" video which DUers helped vote up.

Add me to your List George

A question about a coincidence.

US Postal service "problems"--anyone else?

Why are Republican men so sexless?


9/11 Changed Everything

The most depressing article I have ever read......Empire of the US

My local library has "The Hunting of the President" DVD..

Can DU Build a Winnable Platform (National Agenda) for 2006?


"BUSH LIED FIRE HIM"! I Hear Ya!......

Man... What an image. I am so distressed and most mothers would be.

Dear "Don't annoy the Freepers" dudes...

A way for W to cut his Iraq problem in half?

I knew it! Study shows public schools perform better than private schools.

Screw the Photos:Bush, Abramoff Smoking Gun is W Removing Prosecutor TWICE

Banned BBC Bush Election Footage Americans Aren’t Allowed To See

Chavez-Here we go again....

The Next Battle Front : The Fascists Corporate Mainstream Media

5th Signal Command is trying to get thru my Firewall

New Home Prices DECLINE 3.4%

Congrats to the DU [email protected] team! Broke 200,000 points!