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Archives: January 26, 2006

A ghost town called K Street

ACLU Says Ohio's Anti-Terror Tip Program May Increase Profiling, ..

President Jonah. A Dig led by Gore Vidal

A Mountain of Documents on Hurricane Response, but Democrats Seek More

So, Al, You Gonna Run? by Larry (Wag the Dog) Beinhart

NYT (Thursday) calls for filibuster

Civilian Detention Camps

Herbert: A President Who Can Do No Right

In 2002, Justice Department said eavesdropping law working well

U.S. War Machine... Heading Towards Iran

Is it finally time to put solar panels on my roof?

Radioactive leak taints water in Chicago

Mouse Frustrates Endangered Species Policy

Sharon could be transferred to Ra'anana rehab hospital

Morgan Reynolds Q & A

“Evidence? We Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ Evidence!”

Mardi Gras Party! Meet the Candidates Feb. 25 San Diego area

Anybody hear anything about the regressive caucuses?

The Forgotten Wounded of Iraq

Kennedy: It's Time for the Truth

Another dumb blonde question about my video card.

TX: Strayhorn gets Democratic cash??

Arming our border guards in light of Peace Arch incident: Dumb question

Did freedominion go down or something?...

Ugh. Is it true? Frank McKenna running for the Liberal leadership?

Judicial recount ordered for Clement's win

McKenna to leave Washington, seen as Liberal leadership contender


US unhappy with Philippine move to abrogate visiting forces agreement: off

Bush Urged to 'Tell the Truth About Torture'

WP: Analysis: White House Tries to Spin Spying

Democrats could beat DeLay, 2 polls show

CNN: Gerald Ford released from hospital

Sigh of relief as Israeli, US rescuers take over

WP: McCain Calls to Reform Pork Barrel Politics

Napolitano vetoes bill on English learning

Job growth seen cooling in U.S. major metro areas

LAT: Villaraigosa Convenes (national) Task Force on Poverty

Iran blames Britain after bombings hit border town

Students Give Abu Gonzales Their Backsides....

New US Army code hints executions at Guantanamo

Study: Most reservists earn more in combat (than on civilian jobs)

Police: Seven (Children) Killed in Fla. Highway Crash

Video appears to show UK MP with Uday Hussein (Galloway)

Academic groups suing to stop U.S. from denying visas to scholars based on

Sen. Murray Says She Will Oppose Alito

U.S. Must Submit Papers to Moussaoui Team (Brinkema orders)

WP: White House Dismissed '02 Surveillance Proposal

Indiana House returns to work (anti-gay-rights amendment removed)

Bush: Bin Laden Should Be Taken Seriously

Paper: Texas Favored Firm Tied to Abramoff

WP: Va. Senate Passes Gay Marriage Ban

Breaking: Cuba moves to block US electronic message board

Stolen Laptop Puts Financial Accounts At Risk (Ameriprise Financial)

Government study: VoIP, video can be taxed

NYT: Astronomers Briefly Glimpse an Earthlike Planet

Editing tips from the NSA (retro to the point of funny. Our Gov't at work)

Sentence in Death Of Iraqi Angers Son

NSA data mining is legal, necessary, Chertoff says

CNN/AP: Chemical weapons site (in Arkansas) tightens security

Pope: Church Duty Is to Influence Leaders

Friendly's slashes health benefits for 454 workers

Lobbyists Block Fight Against AIDS

WP: GOP Freezes Jobs List, a Vestige of the K Street Project

Venezuelan Military Officers Detained

ACLU Releases Government Photos (spying on vegans in Atlanta)

WP: Al Gore, Sundance's Leading Man (A1)

Chilean ex-dictator's daughter seeks asylum in US

LAT: Dems Pick Villaraigosa to Rebut State of Union, in Spanish

Just when you think you know people and start to like them...

Guyton has left me standing by the St. Augustine Trawler

Sappho is BE-U-T-FUL!

New Artwork up on my website

I'm the son of rage and love, the Jesus of Suburbia

The Big Money (by Rush)

I just want to say I'm sorry.

jim lehr newshour - is this a dem or repub?

Hot dam!

So this guy borrowed a movie from me and he won't give it back.

Watch Fifth Estate @ CBC ..A MUST..its on NOW

Who here recognizes the name Kari Byron?

Sometimes Rummy is just too easy a target...

CAPTION the happy couple... on their new home...

this just in..THE WORLDS MOST SEXIST MAN..warning ladies (pics)

Rumsfeld: U.S. Military Not Oversexed

Me: Pope Duty Is to Mind Own Business, Fuck Off and Die

Goofy cats being funny

My Facebook picture:

jim lehr newshour - is this a dem or repub? n/t

For post #8000, I feel that I need to say:

I have been invited to give the STFU response


Hijack me, baby.

I gotcher BEU-TI-FUL ri'cheer!

Will "Sleepless in Seattle" make me heterosexual?

Reminisce with the FUNNIEST. VIDEO. EVER.

I want MORE.

Guess BamaLefty's Adventure Today

Wow, I have not seen a bigger Rummy bashing than on the following thread..

I've been up for 34 hours now

Two Dumb Questions from an old timer

So we know Bush is the anti-Christ. Who are the others?

Great Coffee Houses of the 60's in NYC? Anyone?

Post a picture of yourself with a CAT scan!

*bertha whistles* i didn't just post something terribly provocative

Question re: orgy etiquette

Christ on a bike?


Put together a speech in Dumbya's voice ! lol

I just miss ya.

Time for some DU haiku....

RANT --that includes SHOES.

Honey lately your low self esteem is just good common sense

Fayard Nicholas has died

Something to think about

This is for the bird watchers here, some live cams to watch.

So... will the new Miami Vice movie be killer or DOA?

DU ornithologists: Identify this bird:

First day at new job. Orientation today and thru Friday.

Hmm...interesting lyrics

dumb question from a newbie

Free association thread.

Bananarama appreciation thread.

rock n roll fantasy

Post a Bic!

Holy Crap! There's a van with a "NSA" paint job parked across the street!

Bananarama brand assramming banana rammer panarama appreciation thread.

Saw LORD OF WAR a few days ago

Banana rammer appreciation thread.

Mmm...I had an Arby's roast beef sub with Au Jus sauce today

Saw "The Life of David Gayle" today...

Anybody there?

The hippy movement is dead.

Movie Car Chase Cliches:


Have you ever been accosted at work?

Are you now or have you ever been 'bout it 'bout it?

I'm half-drunk

I'm sorry if I didn't flirt with you on Monday

Who wants to come play with me for my BIRTHDAY?

Is "nt" necessary or good or useful or anything like that?


Post a pic


I learned something today that's got me kind of upset.

I have a temp job starting tomorrow

The most disturbing AEI scholar ever.

Help! Suggestions needed for getting rid of squirrels.

I just noticed that I've gone past 1000 posts.

I saw King Kong today. Ask me anything!

Highly recommended medical show: "Mystery Diagnosis". (Discovery Health)

it's "toe the line" dammit, not "tow the line...."

Have you ever worked with anybody before they were famous?


New today! Sunset, sea bird, waves and sky......dial-up warning...

Please help me with silverware!

What is up with the upside down US flags as icons? I think thats offensive

What's up with Whataburger...

I'm In Love With a Stripper

Bow down, bitches - I'm drinking Mexican Coke tonight :)

Help: Decent used car with a salvage/rebuilt title from AZ. What to do?

You are either Australian or a German refugee. This is a gentile's house -

2006 Strategic Asset Allocation

Will Brokeback Mtn. Turn Me Gay?

Best place to live?(In the U.S.)

Imagine being a Native American before the Europeans came.

Photogroup Jan. contest: Close up (macro) photography # FINAL!

Here we go Steelers, Here we Go!!!!

How do you know when someone is enlightened or channeling?

Bush is not honest or intelligent enough to be an atheist.

Sex calms nerves before public speaking - study

Officers Discharged Under Policy on Gays

Mentor program helps gay students come out

Notre Dame reins in gay, women's events

Ex-Homosexual Ministry Leader: Brokeback Mountain May Be Tip of Iceberg

Gay student says college expelled him over conduct

I want to know who the defectors are speak up or forever hold your peace.

Is it worthwhile to wait for '08 elections...will it be enough....?

C-SPAN2 is going to replay Sen Kerry's remarks from today

New Blog: Boycott Chris Matthews.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Poll

If you have a Mac, and lots and lots of pictures:

Always, always, ALWAYS take your camera with:

FINAL thread is up!

Tie Poll: You're Missing a Great One!

An article everyone should read

KOEB - 1/25/06 - David Gregory is here edition

Here are my tie picks:

Pentagon Planning Document Leaves Iraq Out of Equation (no more Iraqs)

Flying Friar joins comic book superheroes (got some good story lines?? :)

Thanks. (nt)

TOON: Banana Republicans (a nice summary of fascism too)

The position of the Democrats in the Senate on Alito.

How many Iraqi deaths am I responsible for today?

Eminent Domain under discussion in Eugene Oregon

To the G'town students who gave Gonzales a standing "O"...

The Repuglican butt wipes have been in power for more

Nobody said saving the world was going to be easy...

How about this slogan CNN: Cartoon Network News

U.S. War Machine... Heading Towards Iran

Start calling it the "FOURTH AMENDMENT SCANDAL"

What is your political party?

WP: Analysis: White House Tries to Spin Spying

Tired of hearing about the filibuster

Editing tips from the NSA (retro to the point of funny. Our Gov't at work)

Are you able to let people know you are pissed?

And in the shadows, just out of sight (photo)

Keith is really tearing into Chimpy and Scotty tonight

A good reason for not fencing the Mexican border

How many here don't know that filibusters are NOT one-man shows anymore?

Saddam to sue Bush and Blair

Alfred McCoy (POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SE ASIA) is coming up on FlashPoints

I gotta hand it to em', republicans sure are good at ( fill in blank)

John Conyers' Blog, Wednesday & Thursday, 1/24 & 1/25:

Osama bin Laden is back

New generation of listening devices soon to be unleashed?

'incompetent spying' is what Domestic survailance is (Left question Fox)

I just heard Durbin say something interesting

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World

Santorum BLOWS HIS STACK at reporter in public today over K ST Question

Dow Jones in 6 Years

Probable Cause - Hayden own words - NSA

For the Times they are a Changing

man, the fucking ARROGANCE of these nazi pricks

Top 10 ways to win the War on Terror - Electronic Surveillance

Alert DU'ers Target - Senator Landrieu

Read this. It explains why we need our own media structure.

Dumbsfeld denies military stretched thin, brags they are 'battle-hardened'

ouch! Had a couple of Democratic law clerks saying Alito is cool

I don't want the impossible

Romantic Song

Ever wonder what Alito is being used to hide?

Question with Cindy Clinton statement

Interesting E-mail from my conservative brother

Abramoff and Scanlon took Livingston down?


Faux News reveals BushCo's argument for warrantless spying of Americans..

Call me crazy, but I am not convinced a filibuster won't happen.

I'm Thinking That This Bin Laden Tape Is Just Too Convenient

If we had a Karl Rove in the Democratic Party...

In what year will the last newspaper be printed?

Google Launches Censored China Site...

Will "Sleepless in Seattle" make me heterosexual?

Only a scenario = Abramoff-Bin Ladin-Bush-Cheney-hijackers link?

jim lehr newshour - is this a dem or repub? n/t

Sole survivor of mine blast awakens from coma

VIDEO: Bush Mine Safety Administrator Walks Out of Senate Hearing

We need Senator Jeffords to start the Filibuster!

it's "toe the line" dammit, not "tow the line...."

Hey, I just realized something. We have them on the DEFENSIVE

How can the Republican Party stray so far away from the ideals of one of


LTTE I sent to local paper Re: Alito - Thanks MoveOn!

I'm convinced this cabal rules by fiat(?), they think they can

When Alito is Sworn In, Are we then a Fascist State?

I'm sure everything will be just fine...

Katrina: White House Declines to Provide Storm Papers

Tell your local media to Report it Now!

VIDEO- Bush Tries to Redefine what Domestic Spying is

What is with the British Labour Party?

Do not give Bush an Enabling Act!

The Next Great Political 'Jujitsu'... Democrats Become The Party Of...

Ban on dangerous dogs OK'd by county in Florida

You wanna know what I think??

Collierville [TN] developer sues over letter to the editor

Could we see another 9-11 as an excuse to attack Iran?

So, Mr. Bush thinks we should take Bin Laden "seriously." well, fuck me

Where Have all the Flowers Gone........?

recruiting and sales

Sam Seder just said vote won't happen until PROBABLY Friday

What would you, as a DU reporter, ask bush at a press conference?

Bush PR blitz races to frame spying debate

There's hope....teens understand

Did you hear their latest spin ?

Let's 'Frame the Debate'...they are acting like fucking nazis

Something to think about

Why don't we have a Shadow Cabinet

Feingold had a novel idea for lobbying reform today...

BUSH - Is the "teflon" President

I Think Mclellan and the WH Blew It Today.

United Nations: U.S. Aligned With Iran in Anti-Gay Vote

When Alito is confirmed, will Senate Repiglicans stand and sing?

caption this * pic...

How are our friends @ FreeRepublic dealing with Spygate?

INCREDIBLY DECEPTIVE-Admin flipflop on domestic surveillance (LAT)

Pat Roberts is getting annoyed @ Dems for asking for Snoopgate hearings

These may be the last days of legal DU posting - and the excuse will be *

WP, Jan 4, Secret Surveillance May Have Occurred Before Authorization

IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776, No need to update, TIME TO REVOLUTION!

Barbara Boxer statement on nomination of Samuel Alito

Conyers says filibuster

I just realized tonight feels just like (late) election night 2004

Anyone else think Trump's new lawsuit is just a teensy bit frivolous?

FAKE LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Alito ASTROTURFING has been ratcheted up...

Al Gore's movie at Sundance Film Fest...

DU poll on NE pastor in LEGISLATURE asking forgiveness ABORTION/EVOLUTION

Joe Wilson:"He(Novak) is a denizen of the deep who crumbled like a cookie"

Medicare Drug Bill Tied to Abramoff

VIDEO- Bush Says Other Presidents Spied too

I saw a 'Choose Life' bumper sticker today - how ironic is that?

Google Agrees to Censor Results in China

"What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000."

How many here think bushitler is a real Christian? Please note * this is

"We can't be afraid of being called Democrats, Liberals, I am damn proud

Crooks and Liars has the Belafonte vs Blitzer match up.

Something I just remembered about seeing F/911 in Fort Worth

VIDEO- Homemade Video # 1 from CanOFun- Bush Fearmongerer

Couple Who Left Louisiana After Hurricane Die In Murder-Suicide

So now we should take Bin Ladin seriously

Students Give Abu Gonzales Their Backsides....

FYI - The Capitol Switchboard is open 24 hours! Toll-free numbers here:

The Shrub is such a FRICKIN POSER!!!!

The End of 'Unalienable Rights'

Illnesses "return" to some in Fiji after Benny Hinn's "healing crusade"

What kinds of sweet revenge when dems win Senate?

Check out this Georgetown Student's blog post

China passes UK to become the #4 strongest world economy

Gore Is Bigger Than Ever!

Another nuke exercise in Charleston

Anti Abortionists see victory - if you need energy to fight

anybody watching vs domestic

freepers squealing "beloved president, protect me! protect me!"

Diebold Blocks Alaska Voters From Viewing Election 2004 Results, Data!

My New Bumper Sticker

Will dems support a resolution for the use of force against Iran?

We're on board about 'wire-tapping/spying' via phones and

Congresswoman Waters Circulating This Letter to Her Colleagues: Help Her!

Did my nephew tell me the truth: MS has received all that they asked for

Dan Froomkin: the Wash Post's meta-ombudsman

I am Ready to Leave the USA. Any Suggestions of Where to Live?

If spying on Americans is so legal why the campaign style hard-sell?

"I Still Miss Aaron Brown..." from

Headline At BuzzFlash Now !!!

Do we torture? Heck, we torture American kids INCLUDING using RENDITION!!!

So did you hear about the oil spill in the gulf?

How Free Are We?

A Unitary Executive will make the Executive Branch a Behemoth

"Wordspy", interesting site I just found

Message to DUers: Do Not Fall into the NEGATIVE TRAP!!!!

Brain drain

*** Wednesday TOONs: spying & layoffs ***

To be clear, Senators, what you have to lose by not filibustering:

OFFICIAL I quit the sellout party circular firing thread

The criminal conspiracy that destroys America

Senator Ted Kennedy: "It's time for the TRUTH"

Heads up, DUers. Repubs trying to recall Louisiana Gov. Blanco (D)

Library forces FBI to get warrant first

A Pictorial Essay: A Word of Warning and A Time to Break the Silence

Fifth Installment of Mike Malloy reads George Orwell's 1984 posted.

If Scalito's gonna be confirmed anyway, FORCE THE NUCULAR OPTION!!!

Hey trolling freeps - what Amendment do you think they'll go after next?

NYT editorial calls for Alito filibuster (January 26)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Shout Out

DU [email protected] Thread #6 - Team DU Moving Up!

Here's What Reid SHOULD Do

Open letter to Chris Matthews...

A list of tweety's sponsors with contact info.

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: What I’d Do During the State of the Union Speech


Tired of tough talk w/o action and even sicker of excuses.

2003, John Kerry said: "I am prepared to filibuster, if necessary,...

Nominations Are Now Open for the First Golden Goebby Awards for Newsaganda

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Bush nominates Kavanaugh to court today

Liberty or Security - which is more important? (vote in capitalnews poll)

"The Turban Republic of Iraq"

Kerry on His Opposition to Alito - Text & Video

AngryBlackBitch: Thoughts about Condi

Open all night for stop Alito messages

Did Congress officially declare war against Iraq?

Revealing Spying Program Helps Bush Against Antagonists

Raw Story: Congress cheers its subjugation as Austria welcomed Anschluss

Time to march again FEB 4 th- D.C.- BUSH SPIED- BUSH LIED -BUSH STEP DOWN

'Bout time to outlaw the Democratic Party

Salazar will vote for cloture

In 2002, Justice Department said eavesdropping law working well

Where have all the PATRIOTS gone?

Senate Democrats Set Record in Raising More Than Republicans

Smoke Signals (Is it obstruction of justice if fellatio isn't involved?)

Carlyle Group to reap huge profit from QinetiQ float

America falling for the GOP Echo Chamber on Alito & Illegal Spying-AGAIN!

Posse Comitatas Question

NYT: Bush has stablalized his political standing.

Does this remind anyone of the Bush Administration?

It's not too late to encourage senators to filibuster

NYT: Senators in Need of a Spine

Reuters Photo: Scalito shares a hearty laugh with Specter and Zombie Frist

Save Alaska's Wolves

Just watched Granholm's State of the State

Would The NYT have not printed the NSA story if

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to Give Spanish SOTU Response

Have the Vichy democrats surrendered yet?

Is This The "Third Party Underground?"


Prince Harry Off to War-Maybe

CALL LANDRIEU and read her the riot act - don't let her off the hook

TX: Strayhorn gets Democratic cash

Do you believe they only spied on "international" calls ?

Kennedy Assasination tied to Abramoff

Why are people blaming the Democratic senators for not filibusting Alito?

Articles of impeachment can submitted from individual state legislatures

Scalito confirmation = GOP sweep in the mid-terms

HELP! Expose the "Alito 8" Democratic Senators Who Are Blocking Filibuster

53% of Americans willing to filibuster Alito

Santorum blows his stack at reporter in public today

What Al Gore’s speech reveals about the state of US politics

German government blocking inquiry into secret aid provided for Iraq war

Sid Blumenthal: Bush and Bremer

(NR) More Americans favor impeaching Bush, poll says (52%)

Santorum denies ties to 'K Street Project'

Military Contractor Philanthropy

Sheen was prez in my dreams

Spying and Lying in 21st Century America

Sibel Edmonds: Illegal & Indiscriminate Spying Hurts Our National Security

The Summons of History

Sirota: DC Strategists Panic as Dems ignore them and fight back

Spying and Lying in 21st Century America


Al Gore, Sundance's Leading Man

Opportunity for Corporate Fraud Has Shrunk -- but It's Still There--WaPo

DeLay in the Time of RICO

Is there anything these folks can't screw up? - Molly Ivins

FAIR: "CNN's...Headline News hires would-be killer Glenn Beck as host"

Grounded along with other fellow terrorists

Broadcaster says serious news at risk (Aaron Brown)

A Letter From Prison - activist Diane Wilson (co-founder Code Pink)

strib: Al Gore talks turkey, gets a gobble in reply

Democrats ride momentum into mid-term election -- Yahoo

Another Shot at the Safety Net-Froomkin, Washington Post 1/26/06

Agent Orange makers told to pay 6,800 South Koreans

US Orders Syria to Do the Impossible:The Meddlesome Mr. Bolton

20% of Wal-Mart's workers in Washington state on public assistance

Great column today: "There's no progress without struggle."

FAIR did a study on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal," proved its bias

The Killing Fields: Ghosts of the Walking Dead (Manuel Valenzuela)

The case for a 3rd party:Unhitching our Wagons by Charles Sullivan


Bleaching, Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish Moving Through Japan's Coral Reefs

Australia Day Address: Climate, Salinity, Renewable Energy Top Issues

Indonesian Plan For 1.8 MH Palm Plantation Impossible, Says Official

Cold Wave - 53 More Dead Overnight In Ukraine Alone - AFP

Blair warned on 'rush for nuclear'

Second Heat Wave Of The Season Around Melbourne - 40C, Smoggy

Polar Adventurer Warns That Such Trips May Soon Be Impossible - BBC

Katrina Isn't Going Away - For Bush, For Anyone:

Kentucky's Top Mine Safety Official Wants To Spend More Time W. His Family

Milwaukee Region's Ice Fishing Season Lost To Warm Weather

Al Gore On Fire At Sundance - Reuters

Bush Picks Former Coal Operator To Head Mine Safety Agency

As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights

Privatised nuclear clean-up ‘will cause accidents’ (UK)

New Mexico Bill Aims to Export Renewable Energy

ChimpCo to reprocess foreign spent fuel (crosspost from LBN)

A Half Century of Long-Range Energy Forecasts: Journal of Fusion Energy

Lest we forget: Policing Plutonium: the Civil Liberties Fallout (1975)

Ford Unveils Hybrid E85 (Escape, concept)

The Flame Wars – What Kinda Nation is This?

Davos chair apologizes for magazine's Israel boycott call - Haaretz

Fatah: Hamas seems to have won majority

Palestinian PM quits after poll upset

If "Democracies" do not attack "Democracies", and Hamas was

Straw urges Hamas to recognize Israel

The earthquake

Hamas celebrates amid sea of green

Israelis despair over Hamas election victory

Brandeis professor accused of terror ties

Hamas won the election.

Hamas Wins 76 of 132 Seats in Palestinian Legislature

Hamas men seize parliament amid clashes with Fatah loyalists

Israeli Poverty Reaches Record Levels

PM quits, says Hamas must form governmemt

Carter calls for funding Palestinians - Jerusalem Post 1/26/06

Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed - BookTV transcript.

Please,if you haven't seen this WT7 collapse free video available

BBV: Jeff Dean worked for Chief of Nixon's dirty tricks Plumber's Unit.

Can anyone tell me about these machines? I'm trying to influence my state

Mark Crispin Miller on Majority Report Tonight (AAR) >>>

Reluctant Hamas Responders? (was: Shy Tories?)

Why has Accupoll pulled out of PA? Anyone have an idea?

Clint Curtis to address Palm Beach Co Advisory Committee on Voting

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 1/26/06


A NY Republican's View of HAVA Compliance

Best voting reform grassroots action site--need answer quick

BRADBLOG: Consider Vote-PAD

Assembly GOP rebuffs governor's bond plan

34th Senate race likely to get heated, expensive

Norquist protege's push for charter school privatization plan in Southern

Central Iowa Construction and Building Trades endorse Culver

Linn Co. Hall of Fame Dinner to feature John Edwards

From the National Journal's Hotline On Call

Dave Loebsack - 2nd District

Overby is no longer in the 1st District Congressional race

Legislator withdrawals support for Klobuchar, goes for Ford Bell!

Any State of the Union protests in Twin Cities?

Travelin' Norm Coleman and AIPAC

Corpus: Come see Juan Garcia at 4:30PM

Okay, Texans, we need to nudge Louisiana! TOP PRIORITY!

If you haven't been to the David Harris web page lately,

DFW Mid Cities: Gubernatorial Forum Jan 28th

Dallas: FYI - Capital Bond Townhall Meetings

TRCC responds to the Comptrollers report on builder commission

I've been on an odd food kick

Harper is PM, but the winner is left-wing Canada

U.S. envoy dismisses Harper's Arctic plan

Manley won't seek Liberal leadership

Harper failed to meet ethics czar on Grewal

okay. can someone explain what the "notwithstanding clause" means?

Canadian plant caught in U.S. squeeze

Canadians need to know Conservative position on bulk water exports

Spying and Lying in 21st Century America

In Address, Bush Is Seen Avoiding Large Initiatives

Fiery crash kills 7 young relatives

Veterans-Turned-Candidates Have New PAC

US congressman takes Google to task on China

Ameriprise Notifies Clients of Data Theft (similar theft in Portland)

Australia Broadcast reports Hamas claiming to have won 80 seats

Iran nuclear envoy visits China

LAT: Alito Debate Focuses on Executive Power

WaPo -- White House Dismissed '02 Surveillance Proposal

Sex 'cuts public speaking stress' --BBC

Iraqi Women to Be Freed From U.S. Custody

CNN/AP: Davos: China, India key to future

LaTourette wrote letter to GSA for Abramoff lobbying associate

Wealthy Businessman to Challenge Byrd

Eye on Iran as US shapes alliances in Iraq

Faith group defends criticism of megachurches' politics

WP: GOP Freezes Jobs List, a Vestige of the K Street Project (Santorum)

Va. Marine Dies 3 Weeks Before Iraq Tour Was to End

WP,pg1: Harmful Teflon Chemical To Be Eliminated by 2015

Rice Says U.S. Position on Hamas Unchanged

$100 million mail-order swindle:executives admit guilt in supplement scam

Cheney may testify in CIA prisons probe

Lawyer: Spy probe eyes U.S. military attache

Cuba to play in US for Classic: Castro

Canadian Party Vows Armed Border Guards

S Korea ruling on Agent Orange

Report: Israel nearly killed Bin Laden (years before Sept. 11)

Gaddafi's son wanted as torture watchdog

A Bank With Ethics (BB&T To Refuse Loans For Eminent Domain Projects)

GM posts big loss

Top U.S. General Says Army 'Stretched' ('would only recommend reductions')

Judge: Scam at SOCom 'scary'

West Virginia governor signs mine safety bill

Lobbyists Oppose Efforts to Impose New Restrictions

Bush Calls Mid-Morning News Conference

Abramoff co-chaired Sen. fundraiser ($250,000) for Mel Martinez (R-FL)

EU panel probing alleged (CIA) prisons may call on Cheney, Rumsfeld

Veterans Form Group To Oppose Bush's Handling of the War(PAC)

Lobby Battle Splitting Parties (Dems prepare strong proposals)


AG's memo raises questions on Patriot Act

sen. kerry has decided to filibuster

US conviction over Iraq sanctions

China opposes sanctions to resolve Iran dispute

US seeks to defuse India-Iran row

Moderate [Kaine], picked as Dems' voice, faces liberal outcry

Operatic sheep really do grow golden fleece (Italian opera!)

Nuclear Energy Plan Would Use Spent Fuel (world send spent fuel to US plan

Norquist protege's push for charter school privatization plan in Southern

ChoicePoint to Pay $15M Over Data Breach

NYT: Big Test Looms for Prosecutors at Enron Trial

Cheney, Rumsfeld Could Testify in EU Probe (cannot subpoena)

2 groups that bought anti-DeLay TV ads able to shield donors

Galloway attacks his Big Brother critics

Second Democrat Backs Alito (Tim Johnson - SD)

Bush Opposes Release of Photos With Abramoff

Alito takes victory lap around Capitol Hill

BB&T takes a stand against eminent domain expansion

Chicago: Up to 700 Allstate job cuts

Tensions ease over gay posters Conflict resolved by faculty meetings

BBC : "Economists predict sliding dollar "

NSA Whistleblowers Were Allegedly Isolated, Intimidated

GOP Freezes Jobs List, a Vestige of the K Street Project

Va. Delegate Accidentally Discharges Gun

FT: Group (Google) to face human rights hearing (re. China)

Bush says he doesn't know Abramoff, remember photos being taken

CNN Poll Up: Kerry's Alito Filibuster - Politics or Conviction?

Pakistan says U.S. strike violated its sovereignty

After four years, Enron's Lay, Skilling to face jury

Ahmadinejad orders resumption of direct flights to US

Another potential Clinton challenger bows out (Ed Cox)

Venezuela officers 'spied for US' (BBC)

Iran accuses U.S., Britain and Israel of role in 2 plane crashes

Bush says he'll cooperate with Abramoff probe

Dow, Monsanto Lose Lawsuit in Korea Over Agent Orange

Top U.S. general says Army 'stretched' (Gen. Casey)

Bush Confident Surveillance Is Legal

Specter plans to press Gonzales on legality of spying program

U.S. envoy dismisses Harper's Arctic plan

Slim Majority of Americans Say Bush Wiretapping Was Wrong (Gallup)

AOL Wins $5M Judgment Against Spammer

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 26 January

Lieberman to join Dodd in opposing Alito's confirmation

More Democrats Get Behind Alito Nomination (Sens. Robert Byrd)

Bush says ready to use veto if Congress overspends (Reuters)

Dodgeville district firing back over Christmas controversy

Challenge to Democrats: 'NY Times' Calls for Filibuster on Alito

Hamas claims parliamentary majority

Soc. of Prof. Journalists Calls for 'Natl. Debate' re. Knight Ridder Sale

Political opposites aligned against Bush wiretaps(Grover Norquist)

Bolivian leader's sweater is an Internet hit (see military story, also)

Spokesman says Abramoff won't release, sell photos of himself with Preside

Sens. want independent corruption probe (Abramoff)

Rumsfeld: Army Not 'Broken' (it is just dropping manpower goal)

NC: Foreclosure rate 'disaster' sparks action

Bush refuses to release scandal-lobbyist pictures (Reuters)

Britons unconvinced on evolution

WP,pg1: Nuclear Energy Plan Would Use Spent Fuel (break w/ U.S. policy)

Schoolboy's bias suit - Argues system is favoring girls

CNN LBN: Sen. John Kerry calls for a filibuster of Samuel Alito's Supreme

New weapon allows a soldier to zap enemy with energy bolt

Feds smoke out largest drug tunnel yet: 2 tons of marijuana found in US/M

Iraq's WMD Secreted in Syria, Sada Says (#2 in Hussein's air force)

BBC: India summons US envoy over Iran

Police stop and search 100 people a day under new anti-terror laws

State deems second-hand smoke 'toxic' (California)

A Letter From Prison (activist Diane Wilson, Code Pink)

Activists Seek End to Poverty, Iraq War

Radioactive leak taints water in Chicago

Germany may need own nuclear weapons: Scholz

Bush to GM, Ford: Make more appealing cars

Vermont Judge Increases Sex Offender's Penalty

What was the name of the Congressman on "The Colbert Report" tonight?


Please....Do Not Touch the Lobster!

Blame * for something...

It's "Draggin' the Line" not "Dragon the Lion!"

Gentlemen...a question about LINGERIE

Post em if you got em. I Want All Your Smilies.

Greatess poll. In honor of Lozocolo (sp?) and BtBM

the lounge is mine!!!

Goat cheese fromage chevre with au jus juice ciabatta brod bread mit Käse

Sex calms nerves before public speaking - study

If someone on DU were to watch "24" where might I find any kind

well ... I just hit 6000 posts.

So, what the hell is going on here???

For anyone wanting to stream Bernie Ward...

I just crushed a pop can with my bare hands


Where is WCGreen these days?

Ladies, a post about men's undies

How many of you have been busted for PUI by DU admins?

the lounge is for sale!!!!

I wonder what it would be like to fight a beer...

The 101 Dumbest Moments In Business (2006 edition)

When should I?

It's 4C right now up here in Edmonton

Can anyone tell me how to report a "romance scam" to Yahoo?

It's 2:17 a.m., And I'm Still Working On Finishing Projects For A Grad

Google China

Is the DU running a bit slow?

On this day in television...

Gentlepeople a question about TANGERINES...

A tuba.

Face it, we've run out of things to say. Goodnight! nt.

Have to say, the first 5 years of the new milenium have been quite fcked

Thursday earworm.

YAY I have the run of the house

What do you guys think about The Christian Science Monitor?

Hey! Let's sing opera!

Florida Resort Attracting College Students With Strip Poker

Darkness at the break of noon

a new version of house of the rising sun

I'm going to have left over shrimp scampi for breakfast!!!

redwitch has to go to work now

what do I open a "aspx" file with?

Cuban National baseball team

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Supermodel Kate Moss to pen autobiography

I'm going to the grocery store and the drug store.

Crack Dealer Had Business Cards Printed - Arrested

When I see Message Deleted/Name Removed I always feel like I missed some

Words that are just fun to say..

I am going to win the HGTV house and when I do, we'll have a party!

Clintmax is gonna marry me

arwalden...Will You Please Come Home?

Dog Strangles 6 Year Old Girl

13 Years Of Animal Feces Damages Rectory

The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005

I am only going to CONFESS!(tm) to this once...

Sex 'cuts public speaking stress' --BBC

I been Norman Mailered, Maxwell Taylored,

Time for me to FINALLY post a pic on DU

If you drink coffee, I have good news

Have you seen really bad road rash?

Excel chart question

We are sorry but The Lounge is temporarily out of popcorn today

do any of you ladies wear pink curlers in the morning?

Vegetarian maki (sushi) filling suggestions

I am getting two interns this semester!!

do any of you guys wear blue curlers in the morning?

I just realized that I start a lot of my posts with the word "well"

Wow, Kevin Federline (AKA K-Fed)haters bring hating to a whole new

I'm going to go legit and start buying my music, what's a good site?

In honor of Wetzelbill, name a good bear movie.

Someone killed my cat today

I wonder what it would be like to fight a bear...

Let's Make A Baby!

how much is a shit load

What's your favorite break-up line?

Whic Duer are you dying to know what they take in their tea?

You know, SI isn't too bad of a site. ***PIC***

i feel like crap...ugh. first day of the semester...

Are you a college boy or something?

Biggest locker room cancer?

Kiefer Sutherland visits Ye Rustic Inn: karate kicks & chicken bones

Is it OK to use Nicotine Patches if they're expired....?

$20 says Canuckamok got shot down by a Wal-mart greeter


Post a pic of you and your fish!

And now for the groaner of the day......

Which DUer are you dying to know what they look like?

Why do Cora Patterson, Wilfred Bradley and Dr. Mercola haunt my

I was nervous, but I called my senators!

What a load of useless bollocks!

Who wins in a fight?

Catholic School's Mistake Has Callers Reaching "Hot, Horny Girls"

John "5 in the Noggin" Gibson & Adrianne Curry on dropping trou for Hef

Police chief wanted to play "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Big Bad Wolf"

I'm totally addicted to

13 Pounds of Animal Feces damages rectum

Darn. They always lock the "It's Nader's Fault" threads before...

Holy cap. I'm having a flashback...

I use AOL and my bookmarks have disappeared

Level 3!

Nevermind - EBAY problem has been solved thanks for the help!

What the hell....Sarah Silverman is NOT funny.

Gordon Lightfoot kind of mood today!

Have you seen really bad road rash?

Over 2 TONS of pot found in sophisticated cross-border tunnel

What things do co-workers do to piss you off?

Anyone watching "Bleak House" on PBS

Trent Reznor of NIN attacks China for fur trade and animal abuse

Have you seen really bad road rage?

I can't believe I missed this . . . Elmo: "Who wants to die?"

If I shop at Target, does that make me skinny and pretty?

Operatic sheep really do grow golden fleece (Italian opera!)

Post em if you got em. I want all your Similies.

How do I get my cat to stop urinating on the carpeting?

Oh, fuck! It's only 2:30?????

Is anyone else excited to see Final Destination 3?

What's the dumbest thing you would take on a 3 hr tour?

hey mods! can we rename GD into DEFEATISTVILLE??


Happy Birthday ... ... Ellen!

Does saying a word twice give it more emphasis?

If I shop at K-Mart, does that make me stupid and petty?

This is music that tells me to go out there and BE SOMEBODY!!

Useless trivia thread:

Game: A to Z television shows>>>>>

Let me get this straight:

No LOST thread? Ok, Here is today's LOST thread

Gilligan or Maynard G. Krebs

Computer security advisory regarding Google

I'm CaliforniaPeggy's FAVOURITE

Just when you think Euro-pop couldn't get any worse...

Ok I hate

I love this place!

It's just ain't right.

Northwest flight attendant had grenade in luggage

Have you seen "Have you seen really bad road rash?"

Two more people seperated at birth...

Talking Elmo Potty Training Book Asks Kids: 'Who Wants To Die?'

Should I scare the hell out of this teacher?

Anyone here every worked on a imitation Crab boat?

Microwaved yam w/ salt, dash of salsa verde sauce & some apricot spread.


Look what I found!

Excruciating dilemma for today

I just want to tell you that I love you all so very much

Goodnight lounge!

My photo bucket test

Does anyone know anything about Newbury College in Boston?

What's new pussycat? Whoa oh oh!!


YAY!! Going to Canada in March!

I know you are beard. Come here.

Never mind.

Stop it! Just stop it!

Did you all know there is a Farting Preacher PART FIVE?

You know what? 2005 wasn't so bad after all. Scout's 2005 pic thread:

Okay,Who found my tunnel!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/26/06)

evening earworm

Name one SONG you could play over and over a brazillion times.

I'm putting off my homework.

Isn't the postscript "signed," pretty redundant?


Yikes! I was at 6666 posts

it's "mow the lawn" dammit, not "moe the lawn...."

Vintage Computing.

Gas prices are going to be WHAT??

The Freeper Cruise is coming up

Virus de Jour -- for whatsever it's worth

What can I do to earn XemaSab's forgiveness?

I really otter go do stuff


Oooh, i'm in a baaaad mood

THE HORRORS!!!!! CaliforniaPeggy used the F-Bomb

20 cops, 2 girls, and my dinner

Alito/Everything Else...GD is divided.

I love that exploding bag of Cheese Nips commercial.

Name an album that you can play over and over again a bazillion times

Does anyone know anything about filtering software for the web?

How many johnsons have you noticed at work?

First it was Ryan Seacrest now... Motley Crue

Have you ever seen really bad road kill?

You know whats really, REALLY embarrassing?

Who here has a trampoline AND a cat?

Wow, my 1000th post is happening at the very historic moment

What's your favorite Brokeback Mountain scene? WARNING! Major spoilers!

Everybody at Wal*Mart is fat and ugly.

What toilet paper do you like to have?

A message from Mr. Marmelstein.

Garth's new WalMart song...

Galloway attacks his Big Brother critics

Today's music thread shout out is for all of your Nine Inch Nails fans

Best use of extra lag time after clicking on DU thread

oh my, GD has morphed into GD:Alito and GD:Everything else

Honestly, do I NEED to leave the light on in the kitchen at night for the

Scary story my coworker SWEARS is true:

Ever pull a great practical joke?

Are you comforted by wearing a certain type-or specific item-of clothing?

"Oh, mighty Isis!"

American Idol scares me.

Brokeback Top Gun -- very cool editing! (VIDEO LINK HERE)

Name An Old, Obscure Television Series You Liked

Garlic Lovers Unite! Do you like it?

Who would Jesus torture?

Sex and the Vatican City

New Gay Challenges For Episcopal Church

When patents run out, you may be left holding the new and

Agent Orange website

Living Wills

For the kids - online or printable solar system coloring book

Fossil Yields Surprise Kin of Crocodiles | NYT

New worm crawling through blogs ?!

Moon Is Dragging Continents West, Scientist Says

Black Hole Puts Dent In Space-time

Scientists spot a new Earthlike planet

GLBT Kansas City Creating Change meeting

Judge Orders Prison To Resume Meds For Transsexuals

Czech Gays Get Partner Rights

2nd UK Politician Comes Out

Massive Fraud Alleged In Mass. Anti-Gay Amendment Papers

Virginia Governor Issues Warning On Anti-Gay Amendment

Tensions ease over gay posters

The Democratic Party is worthless for gays *sigh*

The Brokeback Jokes

Detroit Pistons are 35-5 and no one seems to care...

Polish Hooligans Targeting Germany

Super Bowl XL Pep Rally at Heinz Field this Friday

Raptors tie can to GM Rob Babcock...

Me and kitties in the Houston Chronicle

Is yoga healing...?

Do you feel the forces of 'light' will outshine the 'dark'...?

VA medical care.

Chimes at Midnight takes on Barfbag

All politics is local (well, today.) JK LTTE to BGlobe

Just read 2 posts/threads; Kerry to filibuster (but still

So many posters think Kerry will be filibustering ala Jimmy Stewart in

OMG, Byrd is supporting Alito?

article about Kerry on Kos

omg - are you watching?!!!

WilliamPitt: Source tells me Kerry is now openly in favor of a filibuster

New veterans PAC

More on Kerry Backing Filibuster

Hamas Victory compared to US election

Kery needs to come back from Switzerland STAT!

PFAW email!!!!!!!!!!!

Look! It's official

Stand with John Kerry

Kennedy Backs Kerry in Filibuster of Alito - Statement from TK

Blackmail time.

Some background about this filibuster.

At the risk of being Pollyanna, could the Kerry led filibuster have


Does anyone think?


Poll on CNN Kerry: Politics or Conviction


Tell me what you think about the Tie Run-Off, and when.

A warning to Crispy

What is your major news source ?

I guess this DUer has never seen the KOEB clubhouse

77% of Google users don't know it records personal data

Video: Computer Bush To Deliver State Of Union

first Bush - Abramoff photo released

Bumper sticker: "Ross Was Right!"

Who Had The Power To Remove Sanctions in Iraq

More Americans favor impeaching Bush, poll says

Europe 'knew about' CIA flights

What we NEED to make the democrats MAKE them filibuster

Ok DU'ers...latest freeper post on my veteran forum. It's a good one.

jr said anything about the reported AQ build up in Pakistan?

Did I hear Frist correctly this morning on the news?

Students ban Christians in row over gays

2005 was warmest year on record: NASA

Holy Crap! There's a van with a "NSA" paint job parked across the street!

"The best the way non-Christians get their guts pulled out ..."

Daily Show Replay on! Excellent show tonight!

We made war with Iraq and Iran won!

We Are "The Mythical Little Guy" according to Sen. Cornyn

I had an amusing thought

Hey Canadians! The Colbert Report is talking about you again!

I wrote the DNC the following e-mail

Rotten Tomatoes review of Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

I'm noticing that young GOPer's are real "He-men"

we have only one hope . . . we must take over the Democratic Party . . .

Feb 2, National Press Club, Bush Crimes Comission To Report

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping! Hallelujah! about Global Warming & Gore's documentary on same

A proposal: the Civilian Oversight Service.

Flashback: Does anybody else remember the news reporting

bush FLIP-FLOP-FLIP-s over OBL.

Where is the Country called "Terror?"

Groannnnnnnnnnn...Another missing blonde coed

Who heard Jen's call on Mike Malloy?

True or False: When someone says "I'm not a racist but..."

Wanna bitch? SO DO I! Wanna scream? SO DO I! But please, FIRST....

Anybody ever bother to look at the NSA website?

Why are they so adamant about the Patriot Act when they're...

A Few Questions about NSA Spying

Former Boston mayor/Vatican ambassador DEMANDS up-or-down Alito vote!

Someone killed my cat today

Attention Neocons: Please Assemble for the Two Minutes Hate

Million dollar home sales up 47% in California: record 48,666 sold in 2005

The Power-Madness of King George

well, somebody better fucking do 'something' & do it quick

Beware the evil Commies!

Don't be fooled by the next scheduled terror attack

Cheney, Rumsfeld Could Testify in EU Probe

Movies about demon seed babies are everywhere.

AP: Senate's 1st Two Bills May Not Win Passage (Patriot Act, asbestos)

U GOTTA SEE THIS VIDEO!: The State of Presidential Credibility

Can anyone tell me how to report a "romance scam" to Yahoo?

(TOON) Steve Bell on British troops to Afghanistan

Is something wrong in the force this morning? (Strange internet?)

Hamas won the election.

Help me, explain something to me. (About this thing on C-Span)

How much is "enough"?

Dynamite Bob Herbert editorial in NYT - Worst President in Memory

Fla. Highway Crash Kills 7 Adopted Kids

I am ready to leave my desk. Any suggestions on where to go?

Senate (Stevens) Pushing the Broadcast Flag Again

National Flood Insurance Plan is $23 BILLION in the hole

Writing an article:

Even Pope Dope has figured out man is now a commodity.

"Top Ten Mistakes of the Bush Administration...."

(VIDEO) Impressionist Frank Caliendo (Best Shrub impression ever)

When will our representatives start replying to ?s about Iran

"The Constitution? Civil liberties? Don't ask." by Bob Herbert (NYT)

watched the hearing on alito yesterday and I can say we might not

U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq

are Pakistan or India in breach of the UN when it comes to nukes?

Rove Once Again Proved His Ability to Obliterate History (S. Blumenthal)

Now for about the 100th time Howard Dean has told the media

Abu Gharib photos

Baltimore surprised by new title:America's fittest city

(FIORE) iRepress

Palestinian PM and cabinet resign

Samuel Alito Career Technology Center

As our president bears no resemblance to a king...

LAT: SPYING BY ANOTHER NAME-"Only Appeasers stand up for Constitution"

The Military Industrial Complex. Eisenhower Knew !!!

Because we believe that he will overturn a woman’s right to choose.

Haven't you heard about the MEXICAN STANDOFF? (RW radio)

NYTimes: Senators in Need of a Spine

U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq

Horse Sex Porn Candy Teens! Google search terms to confound W & the FBI:

GA Voter ID, Slimy tactic: conflate BBV *advocacy* with "voter fraud"

Would you lower your quality of life in order to raise someone else's?

I dreamed last night that I was arrested.

randi Rhodes to be on Larry King

Is Murder Legal? No. In time of war? STILL NO, EVEN FOR THE PRESIDENT

SOTU to push Bush Health Insurance Scam

Ask MoveOn to help mobilize their members against Alito

Input on fax to my senators

Bush says vote for Alito or you're partisan, but he ignored the opposition

Just an idea (more of a fantasy)...

Would Hamas have won had Shrub allowed the weapons

The little State of Vermont....

R.I. Senate: Does Chafee's Future Hinge on Alito Vote?

Hamas' winning of the Palestinian elections kinda puts * in a wringer.

What I'm Ready for...

Dear Deborah Howell: A letter

Animal Tracking and Animal Identification,Every move to be Monitored!

A hypothetical question

Alito should be filibustered - but not because of his RYBAR ruling

Bush Twins party it up in Sexy Club (Like their Father they have no Shame!

I am so pleased Hattie McDaniel's image will be on a stamp:

How Mossad got the wrong man

Boy George (W) to speak to press at 10:15 today. nt

If you are listening to Steph Miller this morning

Another shining example of GOP family values

Actually the Thurs. Oprah show is listed as being James Frey, you know


looking at the bright side . . . the sun will come out tomorrow . . .

Secrecy Report Card 2005 (Govt Secrecy Carries a Hefty Price)

Need feedback on LTTE

So, how's that Global War On Terror (GWOT) going?

dow was at 70, bush starts to speak dow goes to 54

Nun: I reported priest in 2000

Does any other religious group do prayers/blessings it House/Senate?

Bush Deficit to be $337 billion for fiscal 2006, CBO says

Judge to decide on closed testimony - Another Fitzgerald case

Democracy in the Middle East : Hamas Wins !!!!!

"I would gladly put my uniform back on BUT...." Well, Mr Cspan caller,

Just got a call from the Democratic Party for donation... (rant on)

About six months ago the Administration decided to quit calling it the

DUer Contrary1 asked an important question:

PROBABLE CAUSE vs REASONABLE BASIS - if the same then WHY bypass FISA?

Bush: Take bin Laden's threat seriously


Cuba cracks down on free speech

Historians, has there been a worse President than Bush II?

Trust Me!...I'm not dangerously unstable!

NPR this a.m/something about EU calling for Rice/Rummy to Testify/Torture

The freepers still love to whine about Bill Clinton

bush says alito has broad base support

MSNBC: Is unauthorized spying okay in times of war?

Suppose there are a few moderates just waiting for the fillibuster

CBC Columnist: Workers should buy Ford.

Al Gore Hits the Big Screen

24,500 Chicagoans flock to apply for 325 Wal-Mart jobs

Just how many spin artists,propagandists does MSM have?

Where the heck is bob boudelang?

Elizabeth Edwards nails Chimpy

I think * press conference is a show of fear


Do wingers see a parallel between Hamas and the GOP?

Chris Matthews in love -- I mean really in love -- with Republican leaders

Hee Hee. Dean: Not one DIME went to Democrats...

Bitter fruit. A personal protest against downplaying costs of war.

Specter vs Bush : The Hype and the Facts

Where's the FCC when you need it? Chimp polluting airwaves.

A Nutraceutical $100 million scam...

Buxh laid the foundation for a stone wall around the wiretaps

The Tank MacNamara President

DEAN:Fighting Terrorism and Protecting America

Republican's big Alito defense: "He's qualified................"

have any Repubs voted No for alito

TNR is shocked: Fox "science" correspondent is an industry whore

To all of those who say "What's the point of filibustering instead of NO?"

Harry Belafonte - true to the message of MLK

Let the second American Revolution begin!

How about this...

Is there something we can do?

Standing O for Al Gore's film on global warming at Sundance

Sixth Installment of Mike Malloy reads George Orwell's 1984 posted.

I'll make a deal with the PR branch of the White House:

Bush only meets lobbyists when they're writing our legislation.

Did Bush just have his "I'm not a crook moment" @ the press conference?

* on now on c-span 1 -

Good lord ! That prez in an idiot!

Dear Deborah: A letter

Here we of a fetus

Bush: Pay no attention to that elected government Palestinian people

If the American people believe the horse shit from this press conference

Camera drops and swings in front of * in press conference on surveillance

FAAL alert

Local Op-Ed piece

The question I most want to hear asked of * during a press conference.

I have thought about this from time to time. I really feel it today.

ANother Traitor?

Challenge to Democrats: 'NY Times' Calls for Filibuster on Alito

Gregory and whould you believe Tweety doing good on msnbc

Rainbow/PUSH Petition: Act NOW to demand filibuster of Alito

U.S. military confirms release of Iraqi women

FISA was UPDATED AND AMENDED in 1995 - its not "out of date"

Any neuro-linguists out there? Why can't Bush* say Peninsula?

Why did he call his press conference today ??

King George Press Conference PIX --->>>

We never accepted" money directly from Abramoff. He raised $ for everyone.

Where are the chimp/Abramoff photos?

Nixon library joins the fold

Heads up for tomorrow: Molly Ivins on CSPAN's Washington Journal. nt

Bin Laden: Back In-vogue

Please use the term Domestic Spying, not "Wire Tapping"

Freeper's heads EXPLODE at Bush's "PATHETIC" performance today

Meat Eating Liberals vs. Bed Wetting Conservatives

AP-Judge-Sexual Assault URGENT

hey jr, release the pictures! Let me draw my own conclusions


The Cost of Surrender

So it seems that BushCo let the cat out of the bag in regards to Snoopgate

January 31 Convergence, protest Bush SOTU speech. --Who's marching?

How Would You Reward The Senator Who Leads A Successful Fillibuster?

Gay hate as a political me understand

VIDEO- Howard Dean on Bush Spying

Regarding telephone polls. If you are asked a question that you don't

Q. Can the president eat a baby? (funny, incisive Q & A satire)

Has anyone else seen the "Evolution is a Fairy Tale for Grownups"

SIGN Rainbow/PUSH petition - Oppose Alito - they want more sigs NOW !

Why values matter

Wow, first radical Shiites in Iraq, now Hamas in Palestine

Ben Nelson now has company. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) to Support Alito

Best chances for a No vote on Alito from the GOP?

So who's blackmailing w/B**Abramoff pictures? Or, who's being

reminder: here is the vote for the ANWR filibuster last month

Let's Make A Baby!

So remind me again what we got from the filibuster "compromise"

who won't fillibuster?

Black velvet and that little boy's smile.

Updating "First they came for..." for 2006 America?

Our problem is not B** It is our press...

Spying by another name

Look at the differences of "1989 Tiananmen Square massacre" google:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln-A 'no' on Alito?

Bloomburg protecting children's health?

Caption this * pic...

Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Ken Salazar call for special counsel

DU this Poll

Warning:Offensive | A Horrible Piece Of Chain Mail:

Twilight of the Apologists (and everything else) [spleen]

This thread is a dupe

From Mehlman's talking points re: surveillance

Political bias affects brain activity, study finds

Who is Bush calling the enemy, anyway?

Does anyone else wonder if Hamas would have won without GWB's war?

To anyone who thinks that Jack Abramoff donated to Dems

Democatic Sen. Johnson to Back Alito

BREAKING : Domestic Spying !!! (This is hugh!!11!)

Anyway, friends, I must bid you farewell for now..

DU this poll!

Where are the black helicopter people?

Time for a little (party) insurrection!

A 'Yes' vote on cloture is a 'Yes' vote for Alito

Bush Speaks Like A President Today

Former NSA Director Hayden LIED To Congress And BROKE THE LAW

"The reminder is to all Americans that they need to watch what they say..

Santorum denies ties to 'K Street Project', joins Know-Nothings

Bush: Americans 'barred from torture'

The one possible small positive from Alito nomination...

For 2006 will newest and most used word be bushlies?

AOL Poll Alert : Who do you trust to clean up abuses in Congress?

I'm a 35 year old straight white male and I'm in love with Howard Dean...

Bush says he didn't break the law, but he decided the law was unusable

KERRY'S Floor Statement RE: ALITO

Sen. Inhofe (R-Okla) just now "filibuster... this is not going to happen"

"Don't cry for Canada"

When do we abandon the political process?

A "P.O.W. Story" from Sinclair

Democrats have to be 100% against, GOP are using it against us

Say You Survive Die-Off: Then What?


C-Span has another democrat voting for Alito!

They've Got The Votes For Cloture

BYRD - A DEM with bones is waiting for your seat, not a REPUG

reaction to 'I don't support troops' column

Repuke Inhofe on floor saying a FILIBUSTER ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!

Update: Prez of co. that "scrubbed" Abramoff photo with Bush gave to Bush

Okay, They are Voting Now for Confirmation

Suggestion: Ask those who vote yes or who don't want a fili. to ABSTAIN

Wolf B reporting they may have 70 votes for cloture

U.S. must submit papers to Moussaoui team

Can the Senate dems not show up to vote for Alito like the Texas democrats

Completely unimpressed with Dean on the Today Show.

Attempted "Defeatism" Is a Sham; We Have At Least 80,000 Du'ers Proud Of

Hey! Just a reminder!!!!

Why CNN hiring Bill Bennett is just like FREDO going to VEGAS

Frist says Cloture vote 4:30pm Monday


You all need to hear Peace Patriot's congratulations to me...

Attention callers: Be honest! Don't lie about your residency

CNN Poll Up: Kerry's Alito Filibuster - Politics or Conviction?

CNN...Kerry calling for a filibuster on CNN???!!!!

The President says "Filibuster!" Our REAL President! The one we ELECTED!

RNC responds to Dean's False Assertion on the 'Today Show'

Time to take a break, eat a good dinner, and relax a bit....

"Stand with Us" From Kerry's Website

Give Up ! and slink off or continue to work until Tuesday?


Trouble Sending Byrd Email - keeps saying "Re-Submit"

I think I know what is wrong with the MSM reporters (theory)

Critique my Snoopgate LTTE, please

They love us they really love us! LOL

Are YOU from West Va., Louisiana, Colorado, S. Dakota or Maine?

Wow, my 1000th post is happening at the very historic moment


Got email from Leahy wanting me to support his PAC

Democracy IS POSSIBLE In The Middle East! Elections WORK!

Hee hee, Salazar's voice mail


Deborah Howell letter and a repsonse from the WP.

Is there hope for Pope Ratz? Encyclical, separation of church/state ROLES

In 2002, Justice Department Said FISA Working Well

pfaw american way email

Ed Henry on CNN: Kerry is pushing a Filibuster for his own agenda in '08!


How Many Lies Can You Find in this Statement? Bush on Eavesdropping >>>

Tweety said Bush should sit Mrs Alito next to Pickles at state of union

Trying to call other state's senators?

Alito - Did Byrd pull something to throw the RePugs off? It seems

Sen. Byrd, Alito will rule AGAINST Mineworkers and FOR Mine Deregulators

Kennedy Backs Kerry in Filibuster of Alito: Official Release

Why Alito is a jellyfish

Filibuster counterproductive? Goddamn cowards

How long does it take to produce an issue ad?

BREAKING: Frist sent cloture motion to desk

Did * just say Abromhoff "may have contributed to my campaign?"

DLC calls for "principled" weaseling on Alito vote

Anyone feel like we're in the middle of an episode of 24?

Would an Alito-gram make an impact on your Senators?

Edit: How to help Kerry FILIBUSTER...from People for Amer. Way

Byrd's voice mail full at DC number....other number?

Senator Snowe to speak next...

We are fighting a whole slew of peeps infected with SELF CENTEREDNESS

When is the Alito vote?

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Day 2 – Thread 3

CNN's article on the Kerry Filibuster Call in totum: Spins Away!!!

Cloture motion 4:30pm on MOnday Jan 30th. eom

Full Story about Kerry and filibuster posted at the following web site:

I'm confused. Did Byrd actually say in his speech that he was going to

Deadly Freeze Grips Europe.(dial-up

The defense for Democrats who vote for Alito

"Culture of Liars"

Landrieu's DC office not taking calls? Here are other numbers.

How pissed is * right now, to see Kerry leading the charge?

Landreu only won after she threw rePUKES under the bus. REMIND HER

WTF is it with these senators?

Hey John Kerry - It's Your Time

I feel shame as a moderate Democrat re:filibuster

Did you notice you're in GD:Alito?


OK...Is a filibuster possible ?

Can we all give Mr. William Pitt a round of applause?

report here after you call


Studio that scrubbed Abramoff/Bush photo earned $140,000 from 2004 campaig

The Katrina Questions nobody's asking:

bush loves democracy...

So they need how many votes for a filibuster?

And a round of applause, too, please, for once, for the New York Times

d*mn straight hackett. ANOTHER kick ass dem., preach it brother

FOX NEWS POLL Bush Approval at 41%

OH MY GOD! I just left the DNC a message - I LET IT ALL OUT

If the right-wingers like themselves so much...

Everything is going so fast; help a sister out


Landrieu & Katrina

7 adoptive kids die in Florida- 15 year old illegally driving

For those who wish to Overnight a Letter to Sen Byrd....

Observations on speech: dimson never mentioned the raging

Has there ever been a spendthrift President as Bush?

BREAKING NEWS (just kidding) on

Tweety will probably have Landrieu as his guest

If Kerry is successful in getting enough votes to support a filibuster

Palestinian Islamofascists were SHOCKED AND AWED into submission eh?

The great dividing

AL Franken has a NOLA guy on the phone now-talking about *'s lies

Wes Clark supposed to be on WOR around Now.....

Wolf Blitzer: "Filibuster might EMBARRASS the Democratic Party!"

Insurgents Capture US General --Beat, Suffocate to Death

There's way to much going head is spinning.

WHERE did the Bush/Abramoff pictures go?

OFFICIAL Democratic Fillibuster Reading Material Thread>>>>>

Oprah today : Could YOU live on $5.00 per hour?

Sen Kerry: Just look what you've done to Mrs Alito!!

"I believe he is a man of his word and I intend to vote for him...."

Why the FUCK is CNN employing William Bennett as a "contributor?"

what the fuck good are dem. leaders who are afraid to 'look bad'?

Can a dem say they will vote yes, But support colleagues in Filibuster

As someone who has friends on Byrd's staff, I have one question...

Does anyone want to send a message to Cincinnati bush

Suburbanoids with too much free time gripe about 'Potty Time Elmo' Book.

Yeah... um.... where in the hell are the Bush-Abramoff photos?!!

I would like to have some help to do a small study of Fox News

Katrina fatigue boils over onto NBC Nightly News

attacks on kerry coming up on cnn

DU this poll, please

And Now for Today's segment of "Bush Talking Out His Ass!!"

More on Kerry Backing Filibuster (Democratic Daily)


byrd votes for alito confirmation

Call Snowe's office - she usually joins with Kerry on bi-partisan efforts.

Greenfield, CNN: filibuster pressure from liberal blogs -- like NYT???

Bush's Illegal, Warrantless Spying Changed Everything.

Grover Norquist Opposed to Wiretaps-"Trampling on Civil Liberties"

Call Olympia Snow of Maine

ADMIN: Can GDP be changed to Alito for the next few days?

So what do you think the Bushes have on Sen. Byrd?

could Kerry be our knight in white satin armor?

Chafee, Collins, Snowe, Stevens are the Republican Senators who

Burns met with relative of Abramoff client before vote switch Burns=TOAST

FEINGOLD: NO - Alito's Death Penalty Responses 'Chilling'

Sen. Clinton: Bush explanation on NSA spying 'far-fetched' and 'strange'

possibly stupid question re: filibuster

52% want to impeach according to Zogby "If bushitler had

Tim Johnson (D) South Dakota pledges to vote for Alito

The world is seriously lacking leadership

I just finished sending my 100th email (today) to Katie Couric.

"Are the judges on American Idol too mean?"


Why Democrats should consider a different election strategy

Redistricting Coming To FL?

Couric Leads With Chin, Then With Butt

Alito Astroturfing EXPOSED! Time to MONKEYWRENCH their efforts!

To Howard Dean or any other Democratic Party Member.

MUST SEE-Update on Today Show lies's own site


"USA should have a foundation free from the influence of clergy"

"I DON'T SUPPORT our troops. This is a particularly difficult opinion...

Brave warrior Little Lord Pissypants snubs elderly lady Helen Thomas

"...Do not steal. What can be more Jewish than that?" (Abramoff)

Jebbie has a poll in the Texas

Kerry: I need the help of activists; call your senators

How US lost billions in Wild West gamble to rebuild Iraq (Times UK)

Bush-Abramoff Photos Disappear

has anyone filled out this form?

Texas leads U.S. in income gap between wealthy, middle-class THANKS, GW!

Grandpa dies on hearing 7 children killed in fiery wreck

What planet did this guy come from. He has my VOTE, MONEY, & SUPPORT!!!

WHOAH! "We Must All Be Prepared to Torture"

"I Saw It Hacked"

Myth: Republicans value sexual morality... but these stories

Quote of the day

Little Lord Pissypants ---pix->>>

Sago Mine Owner and Wife Whirlwind Party Hopping

A silly question about the Pakistan earthquake.

Specter is trying to get a vote NOW!

Bush: I Am Not A Crook; DNC Compares Bush Mentality to Nixon

Mind the gap: Income inequality, state by state (the rich get richer)

Katie Couric's ridiculous interview of Dean w/ Rough Transcript


Save The Courts has a new fax for THE FILIBUSTER!!

wouldn't it be nice if at least one republican senator would vote

Shame On Robert Byrd

Take heart! Senate Democrats can hopefully never do as badly as they did

Kerry is filibustering Alito! Call Senators Immediately!

Lieberman for filibuster---Byrd not! Some Bizzarro shit going on here.

Swiftboaters Raise $ to Target Red State Dems. Expect Alito Vote Tues?

Sticking up for Byrd

Legal Question regardign Gay Marriages: Cross-border consistency?

VIDEO snips from WH Press Conf yesterday with Scotty

I want to pound them into the dirt on November 7th!

"There's debris everywhere, and that's discouraging" NO SHIT LAURA!

Blanche Lincoln came out against Alito

Byrd to vote for Alito

This is all moronic

I Understand Completely Now.

Randi Rhodes anyone??

'Twenty' (Robert Cray video from AFSC)

What are the (if any) differences between Canadian and US "conservatives"?

Fill this out after you call your senators about ScAlito

Chaffee, Snowe, and Collins can safely vote "no" now...

Rules of a Filibuster, from the Senate itself

How come the NSA has never done anything of any value?

Specter has asked for a vote.

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Day 2 – Thread 1

Norquist protege's push for charter school privatization plan in Southern

WOW! Was that one of us on Ray Taliaferro just now?

I use AOL and my bookmarks have disappeared

Arkansas Residents ESP: CONTACT PRYOR/LINCOLN for Filibuster!

DU this poll: Can you oppose war in Iraq and still support U.S. troops?

The real implications of the NSA's domestic surveillance program.

I just have to smile and shake my head

Step up, Senator Byrd, and kiss the ring of King George. RIP America.

How close are we to the needed 41 Senators?

Alito/Padilla - "Enemy Combatant" case

Salazar won't filibuster - anyone live in Colorado????

For those who have urged filibuster

The real reason republicans are "reaching" so far and so fast.

byrd now on cspan

Salazar just said he will vote No

It's true ..... it's true Kerry is going to Filibuster!

CBO Projects $337 Billion Deficit in 2006

G. GREENWALD ASKS:What is the Real Reason Admin Violated FISA?

Thank you Ralph Nader. everyhing that is happening is your fault.

VA's socialized medicine outperforms private med sixth year in a row

Kerry Won't Rule Out Presidential Run

George Bush is NOT incompetent.


How many votes does it take to defeat Alito?

Governor Dean on Domestic Spying Revelation

Cindy should reconsider her remarks re: Iraqi deaths ( warning graphic)

Give Chris Matthews' some GRIEF!

Could we please quit using the word "elected"? (when it comes to Bush)

Breast Cancer - click on the pink ribbon on this site to give a free

They want a groundswell? Call friends and family about Alito!

Question re: special counsel

Filibuster Question

So I finally saw a bit of Dennis Miller's HBO special last night

Blanche Lincoln is not supporting a filibuster.

bush just said he does NOT know abaramof

What will Bush tell us on Jan. 31st about the future ?

So Hamas won the Palestinian elections today

I dont' have to obey the law anymore because of 9/11

What Good is the Filibuster, If You Don't Use It? Extraordinary Alito

We need Will Pitt in the White House press room!

More on Kerry Backing Filibuster!!!!

Reid Letter to Frist , re: Frist request for lobby reform task force

Lieberman to join Dodd in opposing Alito's confirmation (AP)

Broder's Delusion: Democrats and Repubs Equally to Blame for the Divide

HOLY CWAP!! Did I just hear Holy Joe correctly? He's got issues???

We are still (mostly) DEMOCRATS! Even if our "leaders" cave...

Ken Blackwell hired to run elections in Haiti

Does it help, or hurt Bush?

Pelosi/Waxman Prepping Effort to Force WH on Abramoff Contacts

CSPAN caller--really upset about Dems voting against Christmas

Right-wing comic strip continues lie about Abramoff paying off Dems.

"9/11 Ate My Homework"

Randi Rhodes and Sean Hannity have a debate (here it is too)

My letter to Sen. Johnson, (D- SD) Alito voter.

Zarqawi supporters win seats in local polls in Iraq

Confirm Alito

reaction to "I don't support the troops" LA Times column?

So the White House won't release the Abramoff photos...

Astroturfing for Alito....Thom Hartmann show.

If I posted the text of the 4th amendment on my lawn..

Gawd tore down Trent Lotts house, because Trent is a [email protected]$$!

I'm glad it's okay to rip on the poorest people in the country now

Just saw "This Divided State" it is wonderful

Lord Pissypants Deigns to Take Questions, Almost Gets Beaned ---pix->>>

Chuck Grassley is a blowhard.

what subjects are you afraid to discuss around here?

How would this work - We're in Iraq up to our necks, and Iran

AP-Judge-Sexual Assault URGENT

What's up with the long annoying periods of repetetive music on AAR?

Lindsey Graham Wants to "Clean Your Clock!" Democrats!

The Editor has the power

What district is Hackett running in?

DU This poll.

If you turn the "W" upside down ?

Shouting doesn't make you right Sen. Grassley...

How do I spell bush?

So who is responsible for whipping the minority party members into line?

Suggestions on open source email encryption?

Hollywood Reporter reviews Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth"

Is it just me or is this ad begging for a * Photoshop make-over?

Residents wake up to oil-laden fog (Baytown)

Bush-Be-Gone Index takes its biggest leap of the past 90 days

BUSH-Laws written before 9/11 INVALID?-OK-Bush v. Gore is INVALID!!!

Why is this statement by Bush* in April 2004 never mentioned on MSM

Sen. Byrd May Be The Victim Of Righwing Dirty Tricks!

Kerry's stepping outside protocol to stick his neck out. STAY WITH HIM cuz

There is NO EXCUSE for American Ignorance

7 myths about the Challenger shuttle disaster

"Hey, what's that river down there?" Emperor Bu$h asks his batman.

I SAID THIS WAS HUGE....Now the WAPO's got it !!!

CNN : Kerry to call for filibuster....Developing story!

Wave Bye Bye to the Filibuster ? ? ?

URGENT! Chafee and Landrieu and Clinton - CALL NOW!

sen. kerry has decided to filibuster

Norah O'Donnell is positively smitten with Bush*

The problem with Cindy Sheehan's statement

Feinstein's office says she is UNDECIDED on filibuster: CALL!

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Day 2 – Thread 4


Good news/bad news-Lieberman to Oppose - Byrd to Support Alito

The Hill: Bush twins break their resolutions

The public needs to be educated about how extreme Alito is


Senator John Kerry has earned my vote in 2008

Statement of Sen Joe Lieberman On Alito Nomination....

Here's a thought about Senator Byrd

Paul Hackett: "I said it. I meant it." (re: gay rights)


Idiotic blast from the past: Marines re-enact "Ben-Hur" in Fallujah

Where the heck is bob boudelang?

The strangest thing just happened at my I need a tinfoil hat?

Call them ALL! Fax them ALL!

FISA created in 1978, chimp points out that it is 2006...

Source tells me Kerry is now openly in favor of a filibuster

One More Time, People...

WaPo: Protesters Sue for Speech Spot during State of the Union

Why Bush is Nixon (part #1)

Check In Here If You're Still Sane

India. China. Look at the money trends. The WEST is in trouble.

Why are the Senators so afraid of the filibuster?

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Day 2 – Thread 2

Helen Thomas on Lord Prezzydent Butch: "He's a coward,"

Let's not forget to thank Kerry

The majority of people in any century and any country are sheeple.

How many al Qaeda have they captured from their "wiretapping"?

I stand with John Kerry.

Want to see something *really* scary?? (the Truth about our GDP)

So, why is Senator Robert Byrd voting for Samuel Alito?

Act NOW!! PFAW/Save The Court FREE FAX To Key Senators!!!!

Landrieu's office just hung

Attention Katie Couric!


The Chilling Effect of the NSA Spying (a personal story)

Most Brits don't believe in evolution

CNN poll:Why do you think John Kerry wants to filibuster Samuel Alito?

Madeleine Albright "It's worth it" to sacrifice half million iraqi kids

FL State Senate leader vows to fight 'liberal' and 'anti-God' forces

Could we be headed for a depression worse than the 1930's?

Attempted "Filibuster" is a Sham; There are at Least 60 Votes for Cloture

Hey DU! You are putting the "We" back in "We the People" today...


A Third Path

'Suicide Seeds' Could Spell Death of Peasant Agriculture, UN Meeting Told

Alito should WITHDRAW his nomination

HERE'S Colorado cities and zip codes! PICK one and call Salazar!

Kerry is sticking his neck out. Are we gonna support him or not?

Somebody please tell Randi


To the Freepers & the Lurkers: Be Careful What You Wish For

Young Turks: Live Filibuster


What Can Be Done Must Be Done.

***DU'ers.... This is the Biggest Thing We've Ever Had to DU.***

Should we start posting the Bill of rights on our lawns?

Couric Caught On Tape: ‘Democrats Took Money From Abramoff Too, Mr. Dean’

I am very, very disappointed...

Suggestion from Kerry's Office: Who to Call NOW for Filibuster

ALITO Senate Explainer...WILL IT WORK?!!!

The government was spying on.....vegetarians?!

Where is Courage when we need it on Alito? Today's cartoon.

(Washington Senator Patty) Murray says she will oppose Alito

City Demands Warrant (Law-abiding citizens stand up to FBI--and win)

Ok Maine. Will Snowe be vulnerable if she votes for Alito?

In Address, Bush Is Seen Avoiding Large Initiatives

The Real Gorilla 1/26: Feudalism, Bitches!

Latest press releases from the DNC...or what you won't see on the news.

Constitutional freedoms are not eternal or automatic.

Emergency Late Night Senator Call to Filibuster

Latest RNC emailing: 'This is not domestic spying...'

Candy Crowley CNN puff poll: 82% approve of Laura Bush. USA! USA! USA!

NY Times Editorial: Senate Dems Need to Filibuster



Dean on the Democrats and Abramoff (hilarious)

Alzheimer’s and Alito

Jack Abramoff is about as bipartisan as Karl Rove or Grover Norquist.

My fax to Menendez:

How precious! Dick Armey, lobbyist, selling the "few bad apples" defense

List of countries currently under U.S. sanctions

The DANGER of "nice" Republicans like Laura Bush, others...

Osama will never be caught or killed

The two Saddams

Hijack 'suspects' alive and well...

Bartlett Falsely Claims Every Member of Congress Briefed Supported Bush’s

My Palestinian election related LTTE

Saddam wants to sue *

the twisted reasoning of those who won't filibuster

Lobbying reform - my idea

THE TRIANGLE: Matthews, Moore, Murtha, and the Media

FEMA still paying brownie

There seems to be a growing trend by elected officials to not care squat

Correct me if I wrong...

Santorum Blows His Stack at Reporter in Public

C&L Vid Clip: Nixon: "...When the President does is not illegal"

Reporter just asked bush*

Use Abramoff to Inform and Recruit Conservative Christians

George W. Bush and Co. are the biggest threat to humanity EVER!!!

Tell your senators NOW to FILIBUSTER!

Clumsy British spies are better than crafty ones, says Putin

Another argument: 'You could be found guilty by association in wiretaps'

Bush speak or stupid typo?

Are GOP call centers calling Dem Senators pretending to be Dems...

The non-filibuster: Barney Fife's bullet in his pocket

Any senator that does not support a filibuster of Alito should not

Anybody Have Feel of What the Hamas Win Will Mean?

Alito will probably allow Bush to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.

More garbage washes onto American shores

DU This Poll, Please! Wal-Mart

"What do they have to hide?" More Katrina News

Venezuela Officers 'Spied For US'

bushmilhousegang threatens India

I just read that Roy Blunt got campaign money from phone sex.

So you know Bush gave fanatics Shiites a country called Iraq, now

Pls Help Research: Where have protests been prevented?

Am I the only one who thinks Bush & Rove are behind a lot of the 'puke...

Norquist' protege pushes charter school scheme in CA-national agenda?

Now that it seems Alito will be confirmed; barring a filibuster

What Rove Left Out (Medicare is new SS battle that Dems might win)

The Democrat's ACE IN THE HOLE ! An agenda for the future

Torture Boy Goes To School

Anyone else think DU is infiltrated by freepers?

Kick-Ass BuzzFlash Editorial: This Isn't a "Vote Of Conscience"...

Welcome Senator Bryd to my Mute Button List.

The Eunuchary Congress


CNN just aired Pro Alito add

Sens. Grahamn & Allen Quotes.

Attack Of The Trolls

Email from Marc Maron - info on "The Marc Maron Show"

Why A DU Level 3

Robertson's Charity Has Been Big Winner Under Bush

How many still think the "moderates" in the Party are answer to winning...

Did Bush Just Say Regarding Hamas...

get up and leave or stand and face smirk at SU? (which more powerful)

Chimp just said he likes to get out and talk to people....

General Clark is on Big Eddie right now !!

Byrd believes Alito

Paper-trail advocate to air election rigging concerns

MSNBC: Is unauthorized spying okay in times of war?

Some more non-spin from the objective journalists at CNN

If bush was forced to tell the truth...

Did Randi just say what I think she said?

So four Democratic Senators (so far) will vote "yes" on Alito...?

GOP's Top Woman Could Also Fall in DeLay's Wake

Kerry= leader. No matter how this turns out, He took a stand

Re. wiretapping, Iraqis have MORE RIGHTS than us, via their Constitution

Anyone else listening to Grassley yelling and almost crying???

Kerry's Courage

Wes Clark on Paul Begala Today, Podcast

bush loves democracy...

Mark Crispin Miller on Majority Report Tonight (AAR) >>>

One More Time, People...

When Does Kerry Come Back???

ok, what's with the big 'X's in the left hand column on DU?

VIDEO- Bush Press Conference Today- Questions about Abramoff

Here we go....Jebbie has a poll in the field

Stop Sinclair Again! Merging with UPN and WB!!

Attention Floridians!

VIDEO- Bush Explains how he doesn't break the law, except when

Can "nuclear option" be filibustered ??


Is that Bob Kincaid on Randi? nt

Can yahoo's headline be more wrong

Hillary is being awfully quiet. Trying to figure which way to jump?

I wonder how long we will not be able to get back to our regular

Sibel Edmonds- Hurting national security

Horse Sex Porn Candy Teens Mark Morford SF Chronicle

2 US troops died today ---says Lou Bobbs.

Contact DNC: Save our Party--Filibuster Alito Now--send a message

Gov. Matt Blunt to try and sell student loans!

Calif. classifies second-hand smoke a toxic risk

I am realy worried about Hamas and what it means to the middle east?

FOX NEWS POLL Bush Approval at 41%

E-mail from the inimitable Marc Maron

Agent Orange website

UP is DOWN: Lobbying Reform an Assault on COnstitutional Rights? LOL

WH transcription on eavesdropping, 911, constitution protect, Katrina

When Republican's kill.. Check out A&E's American Justice tonite:

"Culture of Liars"

Will we know which DINOS obstructed the Alito filibuster?

why is byrd

VIDEO- Bush Press Conf today- Question about Michael Brown and Katrina

Bush now supports civilian nuclear energy program in Iran

CBS may not hire Katie (GOP mediawhore) Couric afterall.

Hamas elected, wiretapping Americans OK. WE'RE WINNING! WE'RE WINNING!

Texas-sized land grab in La., courtesy of Bush

Should We Make an Effort to Get Senator Robert Byrd Reconsider Resigning?

Congressman John Dingell made a good point on Ed Schultz today

ALERT!--Russert to give Ethics lecture at Ripon College next week!

Soc. of Prof. Journalists Calls for 'Natl. Debate' re. Knight Ridder Sale

Analysis: Bush calls for elections in Mideast creating ISLAMIC states

MSNBC is Beating CNN in Key Demos 25-54 and look at Faux

Dobbs saying WH caught in surprize about Hamas and Intel NOT good.

Will a failed filibuster create a divide in our party?

What happened to RICO Suit filed by Dems re. Delay in 2000/MUST READ!

The Democrats Don't Exist

DU the right thing (online poll)!

He can take his pocket Constitution and shove it up his ass!

WP: CNN Picks Up Bennett After Novak Departs

The WH keeps saying the reason they need the Yahoo & Google

Can't make intelligence public because it's so sensitive???

Video of Couric and Dean: dedicated to those who are leaving us.

Harris Poll: 2/3 rate state of the country as poor

FISA is not a "tool"....It is a law.

Suit Turns D.C. Arrests Into Free Speech Victory

3 AOL Polls on * and military, deficit

Post your State of the Union address opening remarks here:

58% of Americans feel Bush's second term is a FAILURE

Paul Begula on "The Colbert Report" tonight.

"Unitary Executive" is a nice Euphamism for DICTATOR

Anyone Have Some Talking Points

Lou Dobbs lobbing softballs to pond scum John Bolton right now

FOX News Poll - 51% approve bombing Iran -56% approve with ground forces

No wonder Aaron Brown got the boot from CNN...

We Will Lose This

I called Ben Nelson's office - you should too

Analysis: Hamas Victory a Message for Bush (check out the quote)

Why I am getting out of the Marines ... post from craiglist

question: what is the Democratic party's "base"

Bush: Bin Laden Should Be Taken Seriously


A student just asked me why i stand but don't say the pledge.

Abramoff's ties to Clinton-hating "Council for National Policy."

State initiative for 65% funding for classrooms?

Anti-Bush veterans PAC announced

The ATTACK on GOOGLE is happening!!!!

Ed Schultz thinks walking out of State of Union Address is a stupid idea

Spoof Campaign Ads Surface in Race to Succeed Delay

"His policies are responsible for killing more Iraqis than George Bush."


King George Spins Some Tall Tales About Illegal Wiretapping >>>

I Am Sick Of The Republicans Minding MY Business, Who I Can Marry....

OK..Get this straight! The president did not "circumvent" the law...

Republican Senator Quotes ....... make them eat their words.

KINDLY read McCarthyism at the U (Lynne Cheney/Lieberman/Bennett/N Bush)

Need positive reinforcement please. I DID NOT WATCH TWEETIE

I'm writing a letter to Cokie Roberts. Need DUers help!

How To Kill The Abramoff Investigation In Two Easy Steps

What should one convert dollars to at this time?

Dear Gov. Dean -- Hayden mimics Helms: How quaintly Nixonian …

Critique my snoopgate LTTE, please.

The REAL Economic State of the Union (From industry publication)

I have an idea.... Citizen Casualty Project....

It is apparent to me that the national Democratic Party

CBO projects $337 billion budget deficit (will RISE due to tax cuts, war)

Drinking Liberally (.org):

WHY are Americans so willing to overlook Bush's incompetence?

Anyone catch Tweety stump for Giuliani last night (Wed)?

New dirt on Diebold programmer Jeff Dean - how did it ever come to this?

School Website Blocker

Check these posters; they'll be seen all over DC starting on 31 Jan 2006

Just talked to Kerry's office in Boston....

Male Teen cites own "poor work habits" in School Discrimination Lawsuit

Please DU My Home Town's Newspaper's Poll (Gay Marriage)!

Chickenhawk Chimp Snubs Helen Thomas Again

John Edwards email:

DU this petition please....Support needed!!!

Where do you get the latests news from?

Shades of Stalin - Bush pays to have Abramoff photo deleted

Aaron Brown: Truth doesn't matter on cable news

Deadly Freeze Grips Europe.(dial-up

So Robert Byrd and Cindy Sheehan are officially drunk on the koolaid

Hamas victory shows fatal flaw of Bush Mideast policy...

Why DIDN'T they go to the FISA court?