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Archives: January 25, 2006

Dem Senate challengers would reject Samuel Alito

Some activists, politicians speaking openly about impeachment

Please, sir, may we have an ambassador?

Closed Minds/Dems-Repubs Adept at Ignoring Facts(really,who knew?)

The Demagogue Neocons Love to Hate (Jim Lobe)

Abramoff and Kidan Implicated in Gangland Style Slaying

Internet Freedom Under Fire: Act Now

Bush the Incompetent

1/19/01 Oil $32;Gold $264;DOW 10,587. 1/20/06 Oil $66;Gold $567;DOW 10,667

FDA to consider banning CFC powered asthma inhalers.

Suicide Bombers' Mother Runs in Palestinian Elections

Does anyone wish that Israel would destroy Iran's nuclear facilities?

Attn. Elections Forum....Eye witness account

AK: Letter to Division of Elections & State rebuffs raw vote demand

In Response to Hursti Hack, MD Election Admin. Expresses ‘Great Concern’

Gubernatorial Energy Forum

Nussle and Culver

help please - can't post on DU using Firefox 1.5

Bell says Strayhorn can't be trusted on voucher stance

Harper looks forward to "rebuilding" Canada?

Question from an American

Drive the freepers crazy: Harper called himself a 'democrat' last night!

Mulroney's been vindicated!!!!!

Progressive Conservatives won two elections without an electoral mandate

Any good sites to really keep tabs on the Canadian government?

Conservative Party Wins Canadian Election


NBC Cancels "The Book of Daniel"

Four U.S. Governors Meet GIs in Iraq (No quick end)

CNN/Reuters: Study: Sexual harassment at U.S. colleges

Senators: White House Stalls Katrina Probe

NASA: "2005 was warmest year on record"

(Gov) Bush wants voucher measure that justices cannot reverse

USA Today/AP: Leader of El Salvador's leftist party dies

WP: Photos of Bush With Abramoff Are Withheld

(nyt) White House Was Told Hurricane Posed Danger (levee breach)

US army changes execution rules

Actor Chris Penn dies at age 43...

Democrat [Reid] blasts Bush before State of the Union (less swagger)

Pentagon, CIA refer 20 detainee-abuse cases to DOJ

WP: Chinese Authorities Shut Down Publication

Pakistan PM Discussed Airstrike With Bush

WP: House-Senate Talks on Patriot Act Renewal Hit Snag on Privacy Issue

S Africa pursues apartheid crimes

Brits Crack Down on Basra's Police

Blair is more popular in USA than in UK

Dem Senatorial Panel (DSCC) Edges Out GOP (2 to 1 financial advantage)

ACLU seeks government information on alleged spying in Ohio

Posada to remain in federal detention for now

More Than 260,000 Can't Get VA Health Care

Feds Agree to Pay ACLU Over No-Fly List

Disney, Pixar agree to $7.4 billion deal

War vet e-mailed 'suicide' note

AP) Pastor Urges Microsoft Stock Buy-And-Dump

(Ga.) Senate OKs new voter ID bill

Abramoff shopped Bush photos, Newsweek reporter says (Isikoff)

WP,pg1: Bush to Propose New Tax Breaks for Medical Expenses

Google Agrees to Censor Results in China

Israeli, Indian NSAs to talk Iran next week

Audit Describes Misuse of Funds in Iraq Projects

Supreme Court to Block Fla. Execution

GOP group wants death count list removed (Doylestown PA)

Dallas Morning News: Lobbyists bring unwanted attention to law firm

L.A. Times writer defends incendiary Iraq column ("Warriors and Wusses")

Castro Directs Anti-U.S. March in Havana

Army debates Guantanamo executions

Gingrich on Iran: 'Replace the Regime'


Worst pick-up attempt ever

I'm tired of using "snip" all the time when quoting articles...

The West Coast answer to the SNL Narnia Rap

Women's brains are smaller than men's

Check out our tax refund toy:

The first rule of free enterprise:

It's Keith Olbermann time!

Some men hunt for sport,

Hey, where's ZUNI?

This disease is worse than SARS and Bird Flu combined!!

If she says it once more, I'll scream right here in the office!

You ever run around your office yelling "Weasel! Weasel! Sonny Jim!"?


I Aced my first paper of the year!!!

OK, so maybe they weren't all gems ,

Large soda syrup cannisters are perfect to throw at Very Naughty Kids

Top Gun 2 -- "Broke Back Squadron". See the trailer now!

Foreign volunteer work for medical residents? Help!

Eating my cookies


iTunes video size

Anyone else have problems posting? re: error messages


I am SO embarrassed to be from Greensboro right now.

Damn - I missed Commander in Chief - anyone see it?

Pleasant earworm. The Logical Song.

Oh Rachael Ray just irritated the crap out of me tonight..

OK men of the Lounge...Do you ever get weepy over movies or songs?

I am Ted Kennedy's secret son. Now stop talking about it.

dupe, dammit

Name one thing you would like to do...



I'm listening to Molly Hatchet right now and I have RetroLounge to blame

If you have an El Rayo-X album

Hey Rabrrrrrr, check out the cover for the new NIN CD

Roy Orbison has saved the day!!!!

So is "brokeback" now a meme?

I was an ennui consultant once for the National Apathy League

Can I get some advice for a lady I know in a real bad situation?


My son's basketball team is undefeated!

Hey matcom! *wink* *wink*

why are all the good women either harried or thespians?

Tossing my cookies

Actor Chris Penn Dead

Ever see the commercial for Smart Beep pagers? It's the funniest ever.

So tell me what threads I should read in the lounge tonight.

Furry knickers off limits in Uzbekistan

Hugh Wednesday!!!

Anyone remember Slam Pads?

For lack of a better title: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Very Cute and funny talking cat.

Just got my back/neck put in yesterday.. Now its out again *$*$*

Toilet Humor

Anyone pick up the Aristocrats today?

I am Matt Frewer's secret daughter. Now stop talking about it.

Santorum is really Pee-Wee Herman

So, are you going to volunteer for the human pesticide testing?

Roxy Music

Testing my cookies

I had to work all day for f-ing free!

Do you work in a DYSFUNCTIONAL workplace?

Dang, all this talk about Thai food


tossing my salad

Have you ever seen the movie, "Somersby"?

outsourcing the written word - a question for writers

RW Radio Maniac, Enigmatic just said "This queer shit isn't gonna cut it"

Any DUers know ARWalden?

Great quotes for all those folks who have ever loved a dog

Let's talk like they did in the 40's movies

You Have B.O. ~

5,000 POSTS! WooHoo! In honor of this would like to announce

While we're looking for recipes- Cousin Redstone-

There hasn't been an "I'm leaving DU" thread for awhile.

I'm So Fucking SICK Of White Men Politicians With Southern Accents On TV

US City with the best Thai food

So, Am I a good boy?

do you have any opinions to offer about digital video cams?

Actor Chris Penn dies at age 43...

This vegetarian may have just eaten some meat by accident.

ever heard of orkut?

US city with the best Hawaiian food?

Project X update!! The yodeler has boarded the train!!

Have you been arrested at work?

Better kind of Barbecue

E.O. Wilson on the "fault line" between faith and science

Was Bonhoeffer wrong?

Home surgery: breaking the medical monopoly

I sent some liquid lemon flavored fish oil (mercury free pcb free)

My Dad's 78 and in ICU

Senate bill would distance protesters from funerals

Marriage proposal: Why not privatize?

Conservatives win Canada election

Family Coalition opposes crackdown on school bullies

Betty Berzon, writer and therapist, dies

GOP inserts anti-LGBT amendment in eminent domain bill (Indiana)

Ten Commandment's judge enters Alabama's gay marriage issue

Anyone want to play a new "getting to know you" game?

Eclipse Award winners

A Line you do not cross!

a lil story from a non cat lover....

Puppy Dies After Chewing On Sago Palm In Backyard

Who gets goose bumps coming here?

Thoughts (not Kerry-related)

Imus on Imus


Wonky History Post: So, this 'get a warrant thing,' is that new?

What do you all think of this idea?

KOEB 1/24 -- Hello, ya'll?


Please look at this $400,000 to haliburton to build camps

Golden Opportunity to Alleviate Poverty

Pat Tillman aside, what famous people have joined the military to

Oh, if only this were true....sigh.....



*** Tuesday TOONs: 1984 ***

Film Director, 10, Calls The Shots. And His Heart Is In The Right Place..!

From 1979 to the present, how many FISA requests have been refused? (POLL)

lieberman just said something that stunned me!

Owner Of Group Home For Mentally Ill Gets 30 Years For Enslaving Patients

PBS Newshour - WaPo blog shutdown

White supremacist and nazi groups should be on watch

Question about Air America

Help us organize NAACP Greater Covington Freedom Fund Banquet

From yesterday's Q & A with the Edjamacation President

As China and India develop, grow, and prosper, if the U.S. continues

Lots of great rants here on GD today. Good job, DUers. You are really

This disease is worse than SARS and Bird Flu combined!!

Unbelievable. Nothing about substance on WaPo on PBS. Nothing.

SEC. 605. US Secret Service Uniformed Division (PATACT)

Katrina II

China tweaks blend of U.S. bond holdings

I think the WP is lying about "obscene hate posts"

cspan2 American Enterprise Inst. Panel on Canadian Elections (7:30pm)

Has anyone ever ask a Republican this question

Are all elected Democrats "corporatists"?

"I don't need some inside trading, bribe taking, money laundering,...

I'm sick of this bull mantra "after 9/11" - NSA domestic surveillance

contact Sen Chafee, tell him to vote against "Justice" I-Lied-oh

Bush offered Blair chance to pull out of Iraq

Pentagon says Army "stretched to the breaking point".

Barry Bonds- KO's "Worst Person in the World"

Brady of WP on Newshour now!

ABC - Alito Jumps A "Major" Hurdle

Did Dana Milbank just say on Keith O's show

" I don't think anyone aniticipated the breach of the levies"-Keith show.

what day & time will the vote on Scalito take place?

Anyone post the A.Huffington video from Sunday?

Keith busting Gen. Hayden

What would Bill have Done different than Hillary if he was senator?

Stupid question on the MSNBC vote

DR. HENRY LEE: Paid In Full


Please DU this poll...

Woman Arrested For Leaving Toddler In Hot Car Sues City

An e-mail I got at work.

Chinese Google searches will be censored

Hillary's email on health care reform

Ok fixed my problem

Dems GREAT REBUTTAL to Alito Confirmation on C-Span Today!

Soundbites of Chimpy at KSA made into a little tune

If * thought he had all these new powers - then why the patriot act?

Democrats and Republicans both adept at ignoring facts, brain scans show

Even if he "consulted congress", which he didn't ..

Why can't Americans figure out that Iraq was a developed country?

It is Clear, The Republicans Want to Turn Time Back to Before Roosevelt.

Boston Legal

They're discussing impeachment on Hannity & Colmes!

Iraqi column voices fears, anger and SPECIFIC threats to Bushco/US

I thought this was a joke.

Do you ever wonder if many Iraqi's...

When precisely did we become such a mean-ass, greedy, hateful, mindless,..

Bush Sr. calls Bush Jr.'s War "un-winnable"

On Frontline right now...Saddam's Road to Hell - search for war crimes

Anti-war chant opens World Social Forum

Vietnam Vet and Civil Resister, Peter DeMott, Sentenced in Federal Court

What Do You Think About The Idea Of Sending This Movie To Your Senators?

After much soul searching and thought Ive come to one conclusion

Poll: Has NSA spying news altered your phone, email, or sufing habits?

Fuckin A -- You Folks Should Check Out Home Grown Radio NJ

I cannot say these words

Whistleblower suspended by Pentagon oversight committee

Repeat post from MiniMandaRuth, bears repeating, bears

ACLU: Army Docs Confirm Black Ops Unit Covered Up Detainee Abuse

Capitol Hill Blue: White House aides told to hide photos of... Abramoff

National security vs. whistle-blowing

Bay Guardian: "The Case for Impeachment"not just for radicals anymore

Iranian official: UN sanctions may lead us to seal off Persian Gulf

Yesterday, Bush referenced the "Handy" case- he said it clearly

allowed the state to 'order her death"--Hannity (yes)--talking of young

Copy and Hand Out This Flyer- The Trillion Dollar War

Interview with AG Gonzales on "All Things Considered" tonight

Brazil: Jewel of the Amazon

Great diary by Georgia10 about FISA from dailykos

Texas prosecutors probe possible Cunningham-Delay cash link

When the Republicans Overthrow the Government and Make Bush King

have any of the "14 Senators" announced they will vote against Alito?

Big Boys You Got The Votes---Put Your Man and His Agenda in Place

Is something wrong with DU? "GD Forum" I'm getting "gibberish"

Question about SA-18 missiles

Hypothetical question: If you knew that impeachment

Susan Estrich doesn't help our cause.

WH responds: Setting the Record Straight: Charges Of "Domestic Spying"

please delete - dupe...

what's the difference between bush and saddam?

Senator Leahy: Alito a Threat to Our Fundamental Rights

Newsweek Conventional Wisdom Re: Al Gore - arrow up!

Internet Users Thinking Twice Before a Search

Are any private organizations starting to do some wiretapping?

Watch out tomorrow.

Video of Wiretapping Protest?

Prime Minister-elect Harper's beliefs run in step with Bush, GOP

Have we gotten our weekly bone yet?

Someone please Photoshop me a Picture of Scalito

TIME: Rich Ohio But Poor Ohioans

A small business assocation that leans left (Take A Look)

Let's talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs;

A new Democratic talking point on family values

National Clergy Council: Alito filibuster "WOULD BE IMMORAL!"

I can't find my bookmark...where is the post about the #s to reach a real

American "Family" Association declares VICTORY over Book of Daniel!

WP: Mr. Abramoff's Meetings

TOON: How Cheney will survive until the 2008 election

Just a heads up: PATRIOT Act Call In Day Jan 25

Democrats ALWAYS favored WAR!Johnson, Kennedy,Truman, Roosevelt, Wilson

Looking for article with Seymore Hersh

What Do You Think Of This 2008 Presidential Poll?

Local news is saying working 60 to 80 hours a week

Tuesday Night Truthseekers!

LA Times writer defends "incendiary" Iraq comments (Joel Stein)

"Only Totalitarian Governments Speak At Rather Than Listen To Their People

Do any DUers ever call into local rabid-right talk shows?

The Principals Worth Fighting For (Add your own)

Ronnie Earle Probes Possible Cunningham-DeLay Tie

MPAA caught illegally copying movies. Oopsie!!

Former GOP state legislator says he'll challenge Sen. Feinstein

White House Stalls Katrina Probe! (what else is new)

Inside Saddam's Baghdad bunker

50/50 chance of Fillibuster

I would like to personally thank the students @ Georgetown Law School.

KATRINA COVERUP: "The Bush Admin Is Stonewalling The Congress"...

Constitution test to graduate HS, anyone else have this?

O'Reilly's gone and said it: "Organized terror" on Lefty websites

If the Georgetown students can do what is needed then why can't the DEMS

Anyone watched "Commander in Chief?" - no spoiler

What's the deal with Howard Stern and Sirius?

kerry - botox and orange face?

Actor Chris Penn dies at age 43...

Stewart just DESTROYED Bush!

Please DU this poll if it lets you

'Liberal Media' Myth vs Corporate Republican Media Fact

A Freeper's prayer for *. Warning extremely violent vomet alert

Poll: Are you elite?

If Alito is Blocked, Bush will be IMPEACHED

Disney buys Pixar


NewsHour covering WaPo & Howell and shutting down the blog

VIDEO- Hayden (NSA) gets the Constitution Wrong

Dual-core desktop CPU bout: AMD vs. Intel (Amd wins!!!!)

Respected former Dean of U.Chicago Law School changes his mind re: Alito.

OK the bushie is after me again.

UPN, WB to Shut Down; New Network Formed

The Way of the One-Eyed Man

Happy Birthday, Granny D

Granny D discusses an elephant

I want the Nuclear Option triggered on Alito


Rose Nader, activist, mother of Ralph, nemesis of Prescott Bush, dies

So Al, You Gonna Run?

Bush was asleep at the wheel on Aug 28th, 2005....

DLC suggests Democrats not filibuster Alito. (This is NOT the DNC.)

VIDEO- Protest of Torture Pimp at Georgetown U today

We shouldn't have military trials of people not in the US military.

THIS IS HUGE.....THANKS to Daily Kos

TELL THE FACIST......The Majority Report....................

Counter to GOP Claim That Dems Applying Litmus Test To Alito

CBS video on White House ignoring Katrina warnings/ignoring probe

Can Bush and his boys be trusted to keep Mad Cow outta our cows?

Maybe we've lost the last two election cycles BECAUSE of domestic spying

Is Alito a shoe-in or not? See this story.

Did I Hear Lindsey Graham Say That He Welcomed...

ACLU ad. I missed this one on the day it went out. Maybe you did too...

For those of you who wanted the Belafonte clip, here 'tis...from C&L

Steve Clemons' "Real State of U.S. Foreign Policy Forum"

Response of Senators facing "obstructionist" charge: I voted for Roberts!

GOP seeks to turn eavesdropping issue against Democrats

What lies do talking heads on TV repeat over and over without correction?

Exclusive: Bush/Abramoff Photos from The Daily Show!

Santorum, Facing Tough Re-election Battle, Moves Away From Bush


Activists, politicians speak of impeachment (but a new spin to counter)

Democrats Announce Opposition to Alito (Hope this is a good sign)

Delay vote on Scalito until House has impeachment vote on Chimp/Cheney

Progress For America Voter Fund pro-Alito ad has Dems in them

Organization to Promote Democratic Agenda

I wonder if there's a link between the NSA spying and this forgotten story

I was really impressed with Tim Walz on with Sam Seder...

Feingold votes No on Alito

Great Fact Check Site on Alito.... Check it out!

My emails to Feinstein and Boxer re: Alito

Dateline Fort Meade, MD Tomorrow Meet and Greet with *

Ok, that's it!!! The writers of Commander and Chief should

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Tuesday Roundup

Abramoff, the triplets and the nanny fund

Whatever Happened To The "Day Trading" Story .....

I have no say in how this country is run

Casey, one of Santorum's challengers, announces endorsement of Alito

Drudge is calling Google communist

Please! Can we make Feigold our Prez nominee?

Only ONE WEEK to Junior's S.O.T.U. Smirk-Fest. Remember these?

This question is for the Sen. Ben Nelson (D?-NE) apologists out there

Santorum pleads..."Put on a bumper sticker. Is it that much to ask?"

Bush the Incompetent - article is great and soooo true

When the Dems take control, they need to expose EVERY puke crime...

(R) and (D) Senators say White House blocking Katrina probe

Libertarianism in light of surrender by Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft

Hardball said it...Rove pushing Hillary in '08...

BUSH will be impeached by August 2006- I'm serious- for real-this is why:

DOJ Defense of Eavesdropping

Of course, the TRULY terrifying thing ---- (This Modern World)

US Orders Syria to Do the Impossible (Paul Craig Roberts)

Gene Lyons on Addicted to Power

The Realities of Exporting Democracy (Progress Remains Mixed)

AG's memo raises questions on Patriot Act (not needed if Alito on Court)

Mr. Abramoff's Meetings (WH refusal to disclose is not a tenable position)

White House Declines to Provide Storm Papers - New York Times 1/24/06

MOGAMBO GURU: 'You Got Gold, Silver, Oil, And Mozart

Tax Holiday - Ford Got Job Creation Tax Benefits while slashing Jobs

The GOP's Medicare Drug Problem

When heroin was legal (interesting from a historical perspective)

Dr. Martin King Jr.’s Anti-War Legacy

Mel Gibson, dad back church (in rural Western PA-What Whackjobs!)

Noam Chomsky on:The re-declared War on Terror( January 18, 2006)

Democrats May Argue Liberties to Their Peril (will Rove's 911 win in 06?)

The US could have saved Iraq's cultural heritage

Pay to Play: Questionable Research from Right-Wing Think Tanks

Weird (maybe) path to impeachment...?

The Triangle (P Daou)

Sounds good to me

Police stop/search 100 people a day-new anti-terror laws(I-UK)

Democrats and Republicans Both Adept at Ignoring Facts, Study Finds

Fascism Doesn’t Always Roar...

Young end of Boomer political spectrum skews right of the middle

Just doing his job (SCOTUS Judge Souter)

Kudos To John Grevstad!!

The Despoiling of America

2nd N. Atlantic Right Whale Calf In 2 Wks Found Dead In Florida

Nine Italian Cities Ban Cars Downtown 10 AM - 6 PM In Bid To Fight Smog

New Lava Dome Outgrows Old Formation On Mt. St. Helens - OPB

Burma's Illegal Timber Trade With China Picking Up Speed - AFP

Japanese Science Team Digs Up Million-Year-Old Ice Samples - Oldest Ever

Subzero European Temperatures Reach All The Way To Siciliy - AFP

250K BPD Gulf Coast Oil Will Remain Offline When Hurricane Season Starts

Australia 20th Worldwide On Overall Environmental Policy, 119th On Water

More "odd" weather events

Half The Oak Trees In Germany Showing Signs Of Severe Pollution Damage

Mouse Frustrates Endangered Species Policy

Catfish in MD River Have High Cancer Rates

Amazon Pipeline Plan Stirs Debate

9 Killed In Attack On Italian Oil Company's Nigeria Offices - CNN

New Landmark Solar Powered Redevelopment Ready for Occupancy

Before buying a hybrid consider all the costs

Wind-generated Electricity to Power Hydrogen Refueling Station

Production of Batteries for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Poll: Fatah set for victory

The Flame Wars – What Kinda Nation is This?

Hamas has arrived - but there are limits to its advance

Iran ready to send 'investigators' to Nazi death camps

Ideology not dead

House demolitions in Jerusalem continue unabated.

The Oxford Union Critically Examines September 11

Photos of impact damage by American 11's right wing


UA 93: not a single drop of blood found

CT OPED: Starting Over On Voting-Machine Bids by SoS Susan Bysiewicz

PA: Dept of State asks Commonwealth Court to dismiss voting lawsuit

Evidence? We don't want your stinkin' evidence!

I don't usually post here but I thought this would interest you

State Rebuffs Raw Vote Demand; Diebold Voting Systems, AGAIN!

Idea for promoting "Fooled Again" and election reform: True Majority!

TruthIsAll & Autorank: Links to the DU “Greatest”

Touchscreen Voting Increases Election Costs in NC (and elsewhere)

EAC and NASED have to certify equipment AFTER the ITA...then the states

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday Jan 25,2006

Election Equip. Marketing Assoc., er, I mean, Election Technology Council

Week #2: Please help feed the SOTU protestors here:

Iowa provides more to business than to workers

This weeks Civic Skinny 01-25-06

Interesting forum in CR on 1/26

Max Baucus helps Iowa republican - Taegen Goddard's Political Wire

thus far, the Reilly campaign is an empty shell

interesting Reilly-Healey debate on illegal immigrants ...

Deval Patrick fails to remove himself from Ameriquest . . .

Tim Penny's Wife

Fight to save Ford plant faces long odds

Bell accepts Kennedy Debate Challenge

Urge Mark Dayton to filibuster Alito nomination

Hatch asks Wetterling to join ticket

How many Foogles turn up only ONE thing ? isn't that odd?

Anyone else having trouble posting photos today?

Can anyone enlighten me as to what 'tracking cookies' are?

New - Survey of Wisconsin Marriage Benefits

New "TABOR" looks like the old TABOR

OK....Has everyone else gone on a diet too

Jacks Prepares to Support Harper

There's a phony "solution" about to occur on Softwood

Rick Mercer's Blog has some interesting Cabinet picks.

A messy Grit divorce

White House looks for positive shift in Canada

New PM faces tough balancing act

Health Minister Dosanjh cleared by ethics commissioner of wrong-doing

Al Qaeda Sees Resurgence in Pakistani Tribal Areas

Bush administration looks to Russia to turn around Iran

DOJ Defense of Eavesdropping

AP--Senate panel: White House obstructing Katrina inquiry

Actor Chris Penn Dead in Santa Monica

KNIGHT RIDDER: More Americans favor impeaching Bush, poll says

Maryland boy, 8, charged in shooting of girl, 7

White House Declines to Provide Storm Papers (Katrina)

The life and death of an Iraq veteran who could take no more

Iraqi cameraman killed in clash between US, rebels

Whistleblower suspended by Pentagon oversight committee

US may use Guantanamo for military executions

Newspaper: Burns met with relative of Abramoff client before vote switch

Pakistani immigrant testifies in alleged subway bombing plot

NYT/AP: April 22 Vote Set for New Orleans

Give us the FEMA evacuee lists

Earle Probes Possible Cunningham-DeLay Tie

Alito Has Enough Support for Confirmation

Voter drive may backfire

Government 'blocks' Katrina probe

WP: Dems Move to Revive Medicare Law (response to WP pg1 story)

Indian economy seen as No. 3 this year

Minutemen plan to sue after parade permit denied

Ameriquest pays $325m to settle predatory lending (gotta see this!)

CT city holds court-ordered special election (defective voting machine)

Galloway may face serious fraud office investigation

Capitol (Nebr) prayer raises a ruckus (fallout)

WP: European Inquiry (response to WP) Fails to Confirm Secret CIA Prisons

Capitol Hill visits Fallujah

CIA Flights Likened to the Work of Gangsters

Trump files $5bn lawsuit over biography

Many in Congress advocate (hard line) stance on Iran

The GOP's Medicare Drug Problem

The Note: The Very Definition (most meaningful par. buried)

Iran ready to send 'investigators' to Nazi death camps

Citizenship too easy, says MP (Australian)

Large turnout as Palestinians vote

Former Pentagon chief sees damage to U.S. military

Saddam to sue Bush and Blair

Rockefeller,Feinstein Urge Intelligence Comm Chair to Hold Hearings on NSA

Israeli UN ambassador: Iran is 'lunatic regime'

Jordan On Alert For New Suicide Attacks

Student who asked Bush about "Brokeback Mountain" gets mixed reax

The US could have saved Iraq's cultural heritage

Casey (PA Senate candidate) says he would vote to put Alito on high court

NZ leads the world in environmental performance ( US 28th )

McCain says it's not clear if laws were broken (Snoopgate)

White House deals blow to Baker bill (La. recovery plan)

Va. Officials Will Test Use of Sirens for Terrorism Alerts

Bush eyes grants, not agency, for La.recovery

An uninsured child born in the U.S. every minute!

UAW is bracing for hard '07 talks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 25 January

Prince Harry could be sent to Iraq

State has lost its say in drilling (Florida)

Fatah 'wins Palestine election' (no majority, Hamas second)

Mexican Commission to Give Migrants Maps

Delay in Drug Benefit Deadline Sought

Ga. Lawmakers Approve Requiring Voter ID

California's Governor Pads His Squad--WaPo

Poll: Most think bin Laden plots attack (70% - planning a attack)

Male student wins fight to wear skirt

S Korea warns US against hardline stance on North

Rumsfeld: U.S. Military Not Overextended

Methodist group calls Iraq war 'unjust, immoral'

Galloway wins libel award battle

Abramoff prosecutor among Bush nominees

USA Today: White House rejects La. (home) buyout proposal

(Iraq) Oil output fell in '05; prospects grim

BBC: Iran accuses UK of bombing link

Zell Miller apologizes for past views on abortion

LAT: A New Alarm Sounds for Amphibians

AP: Texas-Mexico border standoff reported (update 2)

Lawmakers to request Ground Zero health czar

U.S. message scrolls during Castro protest

U.S. threatens India over backing for Iran nukes

Many in Congress Hawkish on Iran

Ex-Hawaii lawmaker gets probation for airline passenger grope

Microsoft to Open Windows to Please European Union

Lib Dem crisis deepens as candidate defects to Tories

United Nations: U.S. Aligned With Iran in Anti-Gay Vote

Investigators probe death of actor Chris Penn

Teachers won't put up posters on gay rights- 5 instructors balk at direct

Officers Discharged Under Gay Policy

Bush says bin Laden means to hurt Americans

Sen. Clinton Blasts Bush on Eavesdropping

4,000 British troops to be sent to troubled Afghan province

NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers

Daughter of Chile's Pinochet detained in US

Russian and US special services arrest international child traffickers

my talk box

My bird just de-clappered his bell and can't figure out why it won't ring

Good idea? Paper lets readers place stories on A1

RIP Chris Penn

Is anybody drinking tonight?

Wow, Chris Penn died!

Official lounge renaming to the Chris Penn memorial forum

Did anyone hear that Chris Penn died?

Is Penn State gonna cancel classes?

Have you noticed that "Chris Penn" sounds like "Crispin?"

Who remembers the movie 'Penn'? That hat movie?

Whatever happened to Chris Penn?

I need to take some notes. FUCK! Can't find my pen.

Some hen died.


Hey, did someone quasi-famous die?

Okay, I was getting out of my car in a questionable neighborhood

Okay - the horse is long dead now! Time to clean out the pen!

Pip pip pi-pip pip pip pip...

Great quotes for all those folks who have ever loved a log

Who killed Chris Penn?

Walkin' in L.A.

I feel bad for Michael Penn

Hey, Lounge...kiss my grits!

Songs that make you cry every time you have your period.

Time to say goodbye

Copycat lame, unfunny, and completely tasteless joke about a dead man

"True Love"- Robert Penn Warren

Now YOU can play God.. The simulator..

If you just cannot throw a book away..make furniture from them..(link)

What is the best way to report an attitude problem to someone's boss

ODd in Denver

Alright I can't sleep. Help me out DU

My show is best!

This naughty girl is plum tuckered!

Up Late? Why Not Call a Senator? a story with pictures.....

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Time to say mai-tai.

The King of Naughty is here

If anyone here uses AIM

Actor Chris Penn Dead in Santa Monica

Italy court asks: Did Jesus exist?

Any progressive rock fans here? How would you define it?


Man Receives Gas Bill For $8,095

Who here read Pippi Longstocking as a child? I loved her stories!

Stock is up! Hey Stock is up! Stock is up! Stock is up!

Family Served Roach Sandwiches At KFC

Adult Diaper Sales Soar In China

You selected: DU Lounge Click here to confirm your vote.

Well since everyone wants me to leave, then I'll leave.

Motel Burglar Leaves Room # In Note - "Your lucky I didn't steele"

Wednesday earworm.

Boy Wins Fight For Right To Wear Skirt To School

Dammit! the cafeteria tricked me

Today's Musical Shoutout is for all the Kinks fans!!

Today's Whale Vomit UPDATE (pics)

I didn't eat the doughnuts on the lounge table this morning

Joe Pesci Punches College Student

How do you like your ice cream?

We, the undersigned Mothers Against Duct-taped Ducks demand...

HELP. Give me suggestions for my sig line

Who else is hung over this morning?

William Penn died. (1644-1718)

Hotmail question

I LOVE It When I Get A SPAM Email That Says....

Weight loss enthusiasts: how do you have the will power to resist?

Kanye West Poses As Jesus On Magazine Cover

Joe Pesci reportedly punched "a big fan" who "interruped his business"

Priest Blesses Hooters Restaurant Before Opening

Access Hollywood: NBC flatly denies "Friends" return. Shwimmer-riffic!

"Money For Nothing" vs. "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)"

I have decided to up my alcohol intake.

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

Monthly reminder

Chris Penn died, and probably went to Hell.

Texas's most popular stolen "cars"

Wish me luck...job interview today

Man lives in tree for 15 years after domestic spat

NTSB Covertly Funded Black Box Installations.

The dingo ate my baby!!!!!

Does anyone know anything about the Chevy HHR?

Liberals are crabby.

Don't tell Rabrrrr but...


Happy Robert Burns' Birthday, everybody!

When someone says "An X is an X is an X"...

Another reason I need a new job!!

'Family Guy's' Stewie hosting Web talk show

Good place to buy Taiyo Yuden DVD-R online?


Hey Torquemada, whattya say?

Hehehehe...Alito introduces his family

Robert Browning - murderer?

Was this wrong of me to do?

Ever heard of Pryohy?

Man Tries To Scare Hiccups Out Of Nephew, Kills Him

Come on guys let's go drink beer and bet on the bug zapper.

Work at Home--Herbalife

Has it been silly enough for y'all lately with me gone?

Need some arts and crafts advice...

Ever heard of Irkutsk?

Lame, unfunny, and completely tasteless joke about a dead man

Guess who inspired this?(painting)

I just bought a nice prop for my Modern D20 roleplaying game...

Mmmmm apples and caramel dip...

I miss the Winnipeg Jets.

I just bit into a York Peppermint Patty

Unreasonable prejudices

I just bit into Peppermint Patty

I don't particularly miss the Rochester Jeffersons

Fun time! Build your own kaladiscope!!

From the Files of matcom news: Mutiny on the QM2

Wow! Our basketball net just blew all the way across the back yard.

I miss the "Washington" Redskins

Good news: You survived the most depressing day of the year: Jan. 24.

Best job you've ever had?

Vampire or Slayer?

Glasses just for men are staring!

It's 2 AM, I'm sound asleep and there's a LOUD knock on the door...

Dollar Store brand toilet paper lasts longer than any other brand


I think I figured out how to beat falling asleep at the wheel in the AM.

I miss the Hartford Whalers...

Screw Italian food AND German Food, where can one find the best

I HATED That Crazy Guggenheim Guy. I am SOOOOO Glad He Is Gone

Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota

Am I unreasonably special teams?

I truly despise people who have been educated beyond their intelligence.

Regina King Appreciation Thread (The Boondocks)

1040 form from the IRS question.

I have to do 50 questions for my chemistry homework tonight

James is home sick again...

A co-worker told me I look cute today!

I have only one more essay page to type, but I keep getting sidetracked.

Greater Danger for the future of music

Chinese Use Adult Diapers on Long Trips

Cute kitties.

Cancel the West Wing (poli cartoon)

Am I unreasonably defensive?

Am I unreasonably retarded?

Watched the BBC "The Office Special" last night ****spoilers****


God Warriors.. don't miss this - Never mind - it was removed

Who remembers the ten cent bottomless cup of coffee?

Did any DUers know that Cream reunited for some Concerts!!!???


When you hear "NSA," what comes to mind?

After the SOTU address, didn't you just feel like saying...

Imogen Heap.

I think I pulled a groin muscle

What is everyone's opinion of D.A.R.E.?

today's second painting... titled Feeling Better


I'm in day 2 of the flu.

Anybody here in the advertising biz?

What is dancing?

Gloom, despair, agony on me, deep dark depression, excessive misery

No traction with my posts today. Pissed and trying too hard

Haggis is steaming away merrily - YAYS for Burns' Night.

Jeez, talk about pressure...

Robot bar keep, serves perfect drink & asks me my IQ...

Well, I didn't get that job.

Post your subverted repuke jokes. Here's some of mine.

What should I make the topic of this year's APRIL FOOL'S article?

CONFESS! If I was an NSA spy tapping your phone what secrets would I learn

evening earworm

Proto-human walking among us!

Google has finally done something annoying

I just left messages for both of my senators - ask me anything

You guys just don't know... Elite Dems?

I miss the Baltimore Colts.

I REALLY don't want to get anyone in trouble.

Clean-up in GD and GD-P,

I guarantee this will make you want to hurl:

Please remind me not to stray from the lounge again!!

So RetroLounge asks us to flirt w/ him

Who really needs a foot-long hotdog?

Use of the words "Darlin'" and "Sweetie"

Some stupid troll is posting DU remarks on a hate site.

Am I unreasonably offensive?


Reverse cowgirl

Is it really possible to wear your ass for a hat?

TOO MUCH makeup, JUST RIGHT, OR Could use some MORE makeup

You guys just don't know... Effete Dems?

Jacko, wearing a "traditional Arabic women's veil and all-covering gown"

Screw Italians and Germans! Where in America is the best food?

I've created the most obnoxious series of posts in DU history

Am I unseasonably defensive?

Kid asks grandma to buy him beer, she says no, he kicks her ass. [Lifetime

Obverse cowgirl

Michael Jackson shops in Bahrain disguised as woman

"all things happen for a reason" - does everybody believe this


Complete this joke: How many Freepers does it take to screw in a light..

Dire Straits - homophobes?

Anybody here play DDR?

Commercial for new Pink Panther movie

My school NEVER took ME on a field trip like this!!! (pic)

My cigarette just exploded

I've never called a senator - how does it go?

Orange grasshopper

Is anyone here on an insulin pump?

Have you guys ever heard of "Sandman - The Rapping Cowboy"?

Maybe Bon Jovi HAS seen 1,000,000 faces. But rocked them ALL? PLEASE!

I SO don't want to go back to skool tommorrow...

ooo CHRIS MATTHEWS Is On NOW! (5:00 pm EST)

today's painting.... titled COUGHING

Trump files $5bn lawsuit over biography

Presidency Outsourced 02/01; Bush To Receive Transition Help (SATIRE)

Anyone have free wireless Internet(s) in their city?

Haven't seen a Steelers thread yet today....

so lets filibuster the lounge!

Stars we forgot about. Are they dead or alive?

The 2004 Election wasn't stolen! OK!! It's a tinfoil hat theory!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/25/06)

Ok, fine, I admit it

Do you write off anyone who shows homophobia?

Art or [email protected]?

If you saw this person approaching you, what would you do?

Episcopal Church question

Maryland state delegate DWYER is a SHOUTING P.O.S.

Screw food, where in America are the best Italians and Germans?

Please come Flirt with me on this thread

"Dear God NO" Video: "Hooked On A Feeling"...HASSELHOFF style.

Better cheap car: Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla or Scion xA?

Blame Bill Clinton for something!

Queen Latifa is BEU-TI-FUL!!!

Products You REFUSE To Buy 'Knockoff' Brands Of

Post a pic of your favorite French celebrities

Something different: Post a pix of yourself in a hat!! I'll start... :)

Website for the Democrats in '08.

In honor of XemaSab. Yo! Fuck Hillary!

Any of the naughty girls here?

Something Different: Post a Picture of yourself with a CAT

ATTN: February & March babies

Please do not call 213-805-0561

Michael Jackson now wearing traditional Robes worn by Bahraini Women

What's your least favorite corporate jargonism?

What hot celebrities have you Googled recently?

Are you a Yankee or a Rebel??? Fun test ...

'Halliburton Wins Bid to Rebuild Midwest' - The Onion 2056

World's Smallest Fish !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there any religion that believes when you die, that's it?

Buddhist monks to produce video route to nirvana

Paul Crouch vs. Hal Lindsey: TBN's titans clash

Experts sceptical of anti-malaria 'wristwatch'

Fossil of "Sphinx" discovered in NE China

Researchers, firms link up to fight spyware

Gravity theory dispenses with dark matter

"In the Life" is such an awesome show!

Hundreds of military off'rs, health care prof'ls discharged under DADT

Gay group to hold Pagan Fertility Ritual on White House Lawn

Teachers Balk At Gay Inclusion Campaign

Looks kinda homophobic to me!

Cross-dresser doing a show in a "Free Speech" zone stopped for vulgarity.

Nice experience with Disney

Hockey Hall of Fame question

Raise Your Hand If You've Never Seen One Of Your Teams Win A Championship

Who should I root for in the Super Bowl?

Houston and Team Names

Two Super Bowl tickets...

Cynthia Cooper as Coach

I have a 7 yr old cat in renal failure.

"Trees dying from the tops down"

New artwork up on my website

Wow! ABCNews this morning about Afghanistan and Al Qaeda

The truth in print

Kerry Coming Up


D.C. "Strategists" Panic As Dems Ignore Them & Fight Back

Probably the reason why they cant get enough votes to block Alito

Transcript of Kerry's Alito floor speech

Re: Reports Military Stretched Too Thin - Kerry responds

John Kerry and Hurricane Katrina -- What could have been

What is this drek the news is reporting they are NOT going to filibuster?

Rebuttal to SOTU in spanish (not JK related)

Kerry up next on CSPAN2!

dupe (colonize)

As predicted, it is all Kerry's fault.

Newsmeat data on Arianna Huffington

Here's a cool gallery of photojournalists in action

Missed photo ops this weekend

Fun at zero degrees...eight pix.

Boy, I've been away from this group for a good long while

Whoa!!! hubba-hubba..... what a FOX!!!

You know what? This shit ain't worth it.

10,000 posts for Patsy!

KO-Katrina, Bush Knew!

We're too Fat and Happy to Appreciate Freedom

ABC News: Taliban sees powerful resurgence, recruiting success

Anybody else watching the Broadcast Flag discussion on Cspan2?

Frist Calls For Criminalizing Fraudulent Disclosure of Cell Phone Records

Does anyone wish that Israel would destroy Iran's nuclear facilities?

Nominate Santorum Worst Person in the World

CNN doing good story on WH priot knowlege of levee breach possibilit.

Google Bends To Appease China

Letter in Pakistani newspaper (re US missile attack)

VIDEO-The Daily Show Makes Fun of Bush's Manhattan Speech

The "No Soul Gang" $$$ Behind Evangelicals - Behind Bush - Behind Moon...

Must read! Administration's new FISA defense is factually false

Anyone see this (weekly program hosted by Maher)?

What will it take to wake the US public up

Why is Bush so Awesome ? video interveiws

J.C. Watts shilling get rich quick schemes on late night info-mercials!!

Internet Freedom Under Fire: Act Now

Perhaps those Ford workers will attend the Community College


Renew America: GOP in serious trouble

Majority of Senators Vow to Vote for Alito

Whatever happened to the "Bush wearing a wire" story?

Time article trying to smear Reid, Re: Abramoff

Can a unitary executive require use of birth control & forced abortions?

CREW Releases Ethics Complaint Against Acting Majority Leader Roy Blunt

Oh, and whatever happened to the Abu Ghraib photos?

down in the data mines.... new toon 1/25/06

White House vs. the Internet (aka the world)

Gooooogle in China - censored data

Osama sure disappeared off the front page awfully fast

Maryland boy, 8, charged in shooting of girl, 7

jr isn't taking much credit for the election in Iraq

HarperCollins to Publish Tell All Book from CIA Director George Tenet

Something stinks - ABC Nightline - GWB appointee for ambassador is a crook

that rush limpballs just can't keep a wife or girlfriend, i wonder why?

What we are letting them get away with

It's clear at this point that bush is not a Christian, yet...

any word on those explosions in iran

Is it me or what is with this "homeland" crap?

Bottom Line : If the Dems cant unite against Scalito....

cnn reporting on the stonewalling of Katrina by WH

Friendly"s corporation latest to cut employees health care benefits

WJ CSPAN question is on Ben Franklin's liberty vs security quote.


Before one compares the unionized Detroit auto workers

For all those RW bastards who are complaining about Google

Bush domestic spying (google version) impacting American internet users

Connecting some dots.

Iran accuses UK of cooperating with Ahvaz bombers

According to Sen. Santorum, I'm a veteran! Wonder if I get some benefits?

Finally, a black Jesus on the cover of a Rolling Stone

RNC/Murdoch Point-a-palooza in the Plain Dealer's LTTE section!

re. Filibuster: Will there ever be a situation important enough for Dems

You have to love the guy's comeback

Aspen Institute has a program to restore civility to political discourse

What can be accomplished by democratic victories in '06

hide from your spying & lying crimes? fuck no, throw it in their faces

C'MON, Google!

Al-Qaida on massive recruiting drive

jon corsine in on imus this morning

Here's a classic perspective of the monetary cost of Buxh's war

I like Rep. Ellen Tauscher

When Fear Becomes the Currency of Debate

Federal Agencies Play Hot Potato over Wiretapping Probe

Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins send another LTTE...

How to Convert a Conservative to a Liberal in 10 Easy Steps

CNN: Bush plans visit to super-secret spies

Give us the FEMA evacuee lists

Were they guilty of anything at all?

What do you think, letter to dr tom coburn r. ok. suggestions

France Battling Bigot Broth for the Homeless

"Halliburton has blood dripping from its hands!"....

Please help my thread--SC Justice Debate and Vote for Dummies>>>

Utah Republicans want to rename Hill Air Force Base after Reagan

Horse Sex Porn Candy Teens!

Critics say light sentence for soldier in Iraqi death may tarnish U.S.

This poll needs a little DU love

Joementum impersonated a Democrat today !! Ya-HOOO

One More Nail In the Bush* Coffin.

Let's see them downplay this - Army stretched to breaking point

NYT Report on Looting in Iraq:"Stacks of $100 bills, known as bricks"

Well this pretty much sums up the BA

Dupe - Redirect to Official Alito Debate Thread

MD Urged to Cover Gaps in Medicare Funding

So thrilled to see DU mentioned in the book "Censored 2006"!

How do I know my yahoo mail is being observed?

Something I've noticed about Chimpy, courtesy of TDS

Democrats, '06 Elections and Spying! How to prepare and counter.

Gold 25-year high, Dow -213, Oil nears $70, Dollar to 4-month low,

When a Government Throws Off the Chains of Law

Does anyone have problems getting the Stephanie M. show from the boston..

*Three Great Progressive Ideas*

What time does the Senate convene for the Alito debate??

Once again I have hope

Coming up with a better name

WJ-- amazing D congresswoman

Two More Of Karl's Bitches On Capitol Hill

Bush the Incompetent-"litanies of screw-ups" (WaPo)

So When Hillary Has the Right to SPY on the Freepers, That Will Be Okay?

Next Week IS NOW: Please Read This!

the dems are more interested in taking down bush than terrorists

Incurious George Visits the NSA

Jerry Springer sucks today. eom

Actor Chris "Reservoir Dogs" Penn Found Dead at Residence

Brown-Paid To Aid Investigation-Katrina Response-Now Refuses To Cooperate

Army stretched to breaking point, report says Pentagon.

'Americans United' Will Give Democrats A Stronger Voice

Can I have a show of hands: Who here knew medicare would be screwed

Is it terror, or is it power and who has it? Another example of why

The Democrats are idiots if they don't filibuster

Jam The Lines Today | Oppose the NSA Visit

Is there anything more we can do to stop Alito?

If the Democratic Senators just walked out...

FBI Agent Punished for Exposing Boss’s Affair With an Informant

Didja miss Dr. Dean on Randi's show? DNC has a transcript.

If Bush had not invaded Iraq, where would the "war on terror" be today?

Brownie: Paid To Aid Investigation Of Katrina , Refuses To Cooperate

Terror (n.) 1. Intense, overpowering fear

GASP!!! Money mismanagement in Iraq? Say it isn't so!!!

Gore Is Bigger Than Ever! (NY Observer)

Email the Georgetown U law students protest pics to every Dem rep!

What do you think our chances of taking back the Senate

E&P: NY TimesSelect Draws About 156,000 Web-Only Subs in First 4 Months

Your gasoline purchases at work.

If you can, it's time to give the ACLU some money...

Senator Sessions (R-AL) should be in the movies...

When I was a boy they had this thing called 'Outrage'

So what this all boils down to is...

Author Peter Bergen: Osama is a "news junkie" Larry King fan

If the Democrats filibustered?

Check out and if this doesn't scare you ........

Allowing Erosion Of Liberties Removes Incentive F/ Bush To Protect Us

CIA Flights Likened to the Work of Gangsters

Broadband Battle: Campaign to keep companies' "hands off our Internet"

Activist drops reward for info on 'radical' professors

Instead of a filibuster, I'd like to see the Dems abstain from voting..

Washington Post: "Alito Seems Assured of a Seat on the High Court"

Test - please ignore

They haven't decided yet about the filibuster. call your senators!

I need to know what FEMA stands for to the victims of the hurricans.

domestic spying is now 'terrorist surveillance', here's some other changes

The strengths and weaknesses of Hillary Clinton as the 2008 nominee

Verizon Wireless Files Suit to Protect Customer Records

Friend from N.O. related this story about Shrub from Christmas...

On Olberman last night...

Wash. Journal's dirty news reading host crossed the line this a.m.

Will BlackBerry go out of season?

There are 12 Iraq war veterans running as Democrats ...The Fighting Dems

Do you think the White House is stalling the Katrina probe?

A compilation of inspiring words for the Alito fight; Quotes from the wise

The Hill: Bush girls spotted at "Broken Resolutions" party

Sign in if you have called RE: Alito

Ameriquest ads everywhere on TV? No more. Disappeared overnight. ... Why?

Conservatives fear Fox tilting to left

What Really Pisses Me Off About The DLC

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 2

Voting no without a filibuster means zilch.

Progressive Democrats Call to ACTION - CALL SENATORS NOW

Broken Adjuration: "preserve, protect, and defend" the COTUS

Molly Ivins gets this weeks "Wings of Justice" award from Buzzflash.

Wouldn't an anti-abortion ruling necessitate a welfare program?

Anyone watching Scotty during the R talking point recitation

Iraqi Invasion: The Text Misadventure

Why is C-Span keeping the Alito votes up on screen..

"We're not asking for public disclosure of National Security Secrets...."

Reid and other Democrats should go back to calling it spying on Americans

VIDEO- David Cole on Security as a Republican Issue vs Law

There is a difference between the two parties.

Your tax dollars at work, attacking Dems on site

Aspen Institute: Why is this group advising Congress on

Man, the Republicans look like a bunch of troll monsters

bush to defend domestic spying today before a friendly crowd.

Schumer of New York is a MUST call

Looking for a thread

Has Russ spoken on Senate floor yet?

LAT, Brownstein: Democrats May Argue Liberties to Their Peril

Alito Stops Suddenly...Republican Senators Head Goes Right Up his A$$!!

Senator Boxer hasn't given up. Why should we?

The Note: The Very Definition (most meaningful par. buried)

VIDEO- Bush calls the Hamdi Case "Handy" -you'd think that a moron

FISA rules: warrantless searches for 15 days following Decleration of war

Navy giving away free houses.

call Lautenberg..they are not getting many calls !!

One More Time for the DLC: If you are afraid to filibuster for fear of

Schumer's office on the phone..

1PM Chat at WashingtonPost.Com

I am Puzzled?????

Did Abramoff & Scanlon take Livingston down at Delay's Request?

How crazy ARE the neoconazis?


Check out "Rebel-in-Chief," by Fred Barnes

Meet the Press responds to a reader (Obama/Belafonte comments)

"Terrorist Survaillance PROGRAM"-- (aka 'domestic spying) new

Anyone else with a phone phobia? I have one, and I am calling!

Abramoff, the triplets and the nanny fund (The Hill)

Sen Mel Martinez of Florida

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 4

Bush & Cheney's Methodist church calls Iraq conflict "unjust and immoral"

Why Fight Alito? Remember George Washington was 0 and 7 when he .....

Expose the "Alito 8" Democratic Senators Who Are Blocking a Filibuster

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 3

I want revenge!

If a President can rise above a Law that constrains him…

Why does Bush II get the free pass that Bush I didn't get?

Dear WH Reporters - Ask this question to Snotty :

Places for liberal article submissions.... Ideas?

'the president has the legal authority', BULLSHIT, WE have the authority!

Free Website to List Programs with Spyware

i want to be on the no fly list...... any suggestions

Just now able to stream C-Span2. What Dems

Love this quote: Akron, Ohio Auditor candidate

Americans watching SCOTUS on 1/31: Terrorist Surveillance Program?

Man Tries To Scare Hiccups Out Of Nephew, Kills Him

I think I know why the dems won't filibuster

Is this the DLC on CSPAN now talking about the

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing on now! 11:45 a.m. eastern

"If I wanted to break the law, why was I briefin' Congress? Heh!"

Project X - John Stewart.

WP Chat about how they deal with The Great Unwashed @ 1pm ET

Can American Idol Teach Us About (Conservative) Human Nature?

???Torture photos - what's the latest stall tactic/delay???

I guess I am a "Terrorist." I didn't know that. Maybe I am "in training"?

Pope warns about loveless sex


what are the bush crime gang's official definitions for:

It's better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission...

Bridging the divide

Saddam to sue Bush and Blair

The talking skull says "thin green line" analysis is made

RUMSFELD SPEAKS...always creepy

kira phillips wonders why the popes encyclical

Dumbest Freeper Assertions (Add your own)

Why are they "moderates"?

"Coalition objects to RFID chips for driver’s licenses "

In its boilerplate apology for Brokeback smears, MSNBC

Carville on CNN, American Morning, right now, then Lieberman

The President doesn't know Jack!

Amendments IX & X (A Refresher On The Big Picture)

Has anyone asked, what are the limits of Bush's supposed legal authority?


If that plucky little underdog would just try hard and believe . . .

Sorry, but Alito fillibuster isn't going to happen

Gonzales:Footnote Suggests Bush Doesn't Need Patriot Act or Congress

Keep your eye on this case!!!

If we know they are terrorists, why is surveillance necessary?

Do you think the Dems will Filibuster Alito?

Did Abramoff & Scanlon bring down Livingston?

Student who asked Bush about "Brokeback Mountain" gets mixed reax

Governor Dean on Air America w/ Randi Rhodes

United States - Nuclear Hypocrite

What did Bush say back in April 2005?

Provoke the Nuclear Option....please....

Scientists spot a new Earthlike planet

Number three on Google "Bush+Puke"

If the devil we know is filibustered, who's the devil we don't?

Alito Has Enough Support for Confirmation

After George Allen spoke I had to shower

Question -- Can one or more Senators start a fillabuster on their own?

On British cooperation with terrorists

Stars & Stripes letter: "My unit is tired."

D's are what DEMOCRACY looks like! R's are what HYPOCRISY looks like!

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 1

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 5

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 6

If you've put off calling the Congressional switchboard, do it now!

Spying + Alito = horns of a dilemma

Fight the power

What I'd like to see one of our senators say

WooHooo!! Hit 'em where it hurt!


How would the next terrorist attack take form ?

Why on earth did they approve torture loving Gonzales? See what happens!!

Just realized why the US goes after the #2s & #3 Alquieda

If We get 41 plus votes against Alito and don't filibuster...

You've got JAIL!!!

Brisbane brothel workers give thumbs up to US sailors

Bush has a 36% approval rating and Dems afraid to filibuster Alito

If Democrats don't filibuster - send them a white flag.

And they called Clinton the "Teflon President"?!?! WTF!?!?!

Didn't the TSB ok lighters, some knives, some scissors, etc?

Nelson (D-NE) staffer says Senator has nothing to worry about

"false reports to Congress"

Remember when rePUKES demanded quick up or down vote for Harriet Miers?

I told Bill Nelsons staffer to slap Harry Reid for me.

Which is most essential to human being?

Today (1/25) is National PATRIOT Act Call-In Day!

Pro-choice Repubs are put on the spot with Alito nomination...

NSA's Hayden denied foreknowledge of 9/11 despite intercepts

And WHAT is Joe Leiberman...?

RawStory:Dem Advisers “The myopia among too many Senate Dems is stunning"

Any Democrat who voted for cloture would be FINISHED. Not a threat.

Okay I found it for those who read my "God Warrior" post

Specter writes Gonzales with 15 questions about warrantless domestic

You have got to see this Yahoo profile-I laughed till my sides hurt

Paul Croch vs. Hal Lindsey TBN's titans clash

Bush sees al-Qaeda in every bombing, Iran sees Brits in their bombings

Home Grown Radio NJ -- Sugar Magnolia

Why did I ever leave the Libertarian Party?

You're a German. It's 1936. What do you do?

"The most beautiful sound I've EVER heard: Alito, Alito, Alito, Alito...."

Ann Coulter Posters for sale, blech

Sen. Patrick Leahy Seeks Information on Subpoena of Google

The Democrats put up a valiant fight

Killing the messenger . . .

Joe Trippi Endorses John Bonifaz! DU this Kos Story!

Heard on NPR's Morning Edition today

See how far this takes us

Bush Nominates Lead Prosecutor In Abramoff Case to US District Court Seat

It's shameful that they are showing the vote BEFORE the speeches end

Did Germans who supported Hitler express regret for having done this?

Repost of Will Ferrel as Bush for those who missed it

domestic spying => no alito filibuster

Bush going on and on re: @!#%* Ed Rendell's support for Alito.

LOTR- Battle at the Black Gate-Aragorn Speech in Audio -DEMS-FILIBUSTER

Repubs tell Democrats it's time to stop talking and vote...

Change in the Democratic party.

Steve Bell on TV!!!

Wolf Blitzer is a lying asshat!

McCAIN makes me want to puke....

Randi Rhodes anyone??

Sitting on the board of directors for a Fortune 500 company must be easy.

What happened to the disrupter bill that bush proposed...

Google Launches Censored Chinese Search Engine

Okay who the hell is Agent Mike??????

King George Visits Super-Secret Spy Agency ---pix->>>

Hey Stupid, Cowardly, and Venal Democrats: Run This Ad in 2006

"Fox News Drifting Left?"

Wolf Blitzer is a lying asshat!

When is Donald the moran going to get his wings clipped?

It's Pretty Much Over

So, would we have been better off with Harriet Miers?

Slimey Sanctorium at Lobby Reform Hearings

Randi debate Hannity and wipe the floor with him NSA psychologically abuses whistleblowers

A 36% Fuckwad and we're still gonna get Alito shoved up our arses

bush nominates an Abramoff prosecutor

Do you feel the state of the economy prevents large scale dissent?

Closing Ford Plants should retool and produce a modern Model T

Preacher celebrates death of gay pride and the "quagmire of tolerance"

Uncanny, Check out TT's "This Modern World" from 03/18/2002

Democrats sound like Syria and AQ and the INsurgents

WH might invoke executive privilege re: internal Katrina docs

Super Bowl XL and PA Governor's race: I'm rooting for the Seahawks

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 8

Howell and Hardball: We're Winning the Long Struggle

hannity is "pissed" and ranting...funny that all he is mad about, they did

Bush sets off alarms at the NSA

An uninsured child born in the U.S. every minute!

Face it folks - it is the DLC versus DFA - who's it gonna be?

CNN finds Bush's illegal spying amusing

Jonathan Turley on with Randi, after the half hour...coming up....

Do you want these men reading your email?

Rumble @ Gaggle:"Well, first of all, I ask the questions, I don't answer"

how do they know they are only hearing suspected al quieda???

82% of Americans approve of the first lady's 'job'. she has a job?

Call DLC Senators & Demand they FILIBUSTER

Interesting Abramoff Donation

GREAT cartoon in the Salt Lake Tribune this morning! "9-11 changed..."

Poll on the DLC's (NOT THE DNC) suggestion NOT to filibuster

Latest People for the American Way - CALL SENATORS:

AP on Snoopgate:"In the end, the issue may land in the gray areas of intel

Curious of those who think "They're not as bad as you make them out to be"

Words, nothing but words from the democrats.

State rebuffs raw vote demand

US backs IRANIAN measure in United Nations against protecting gays

Wow. Guest on Randi show just said dems failed to filibuster

I needed a laugh -- How about you?

So BushCo has the audacity to claim that 9/11 might have been prevented...

City demands warrant in FBI investigation

Any DUers work for CNN/NBC/MSNBC or (G-d forbid) FUX? Post 'dish' here:

What ever happened to the old fashioned kind of fillibuster

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 7

Chaffee, Collins, Ensign, Smith, Snowe, Stevens , Vitter and Voinovich

Who are you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes???

Did Bushists not foresee that Srs would actually try to use Rx program?

bombard the advertisers of the puke shows...rush hannity ect

It's Hillary stopping the filibuster (IMO)

military enlistment contract? anyone have?

I know someone that works at the local Community Health Center...

Are you a Yankee or a Rebel??? Fun test ...

Here's another poll to DU

still missing after being airlifted from dome (katrina)

NYO: Gore Is Bigger Than Ever! - ‘Damn! He’d make one fine President.’

BREAKING NEWS: Dems Bash Bill Clinton like he was Bush


Line from "Lord of War"- "Bullets change governments faster than votes"

From America's past, "The Sons of Liberty"

not even trying to hide it any mroe>>> pope says church DUTY to influence

I understand being discouraged. A vote HAS NOT BEEN TAKEN

VIDEO-Scotty gets the Presidential Oath of Office Wrong

This is great!

Bush is at 36%; make it 15%. Filibuster Alito, Walk Out of SOTU, ...

June 20, 2003: Kerry will filibuster anti-abortion SCOTUS nominee

Bush: "..part of the terrorist strategy..They blend in with the civilian"

Bill Moyer - Call Now! Urge Filibuster of Alito

Impeachment news

Dick Morris: America shifting left and what B** should do about it.

I heard Bill Clinton killed more bugs than 'RAID'....

Did I just hear that they plan on wrapping up about 8:00 tonight

WTF is this bullshit called "SPIN"? It's LYING. Plain and Simple.

Rove once More in Complete Control

Study Ties Pollutants to Breast Cancer

Ben Nelson is the only one voting for Alito that I grugingly respect

Conservative Alert: Fight the Wanna-Be Socialists at!

In Alaska there are six different official parties placed on the ballot

Norm Coleman up now - never noticed how much he sounds like

Does anyone you know who voted for bush finally realize...

Hey Ohio Dems... How is Voinavich going to Vote on Alito??

Is there any news coverage about CNN's move to add THREE wingnuts to their

So is that it? The Democratic Senators will not be filibustering???

Bush's education gap


OMG! Jeff Sessions is being played by Henry Gibson!

I just called Senator Reid's office and asked for a filibuster.

Caption this * pic....

OXYMORON ---pix->>>

Loony Left Check in Here!

BRAD BLOG: Saddam Hussein is a Tyrant & a Threat to Democracy...


Has David Gregory turned into the "new" Sam Donaldson ?

This might be crazy, but if you have cable

LOBBYING REFORM hearing NOW on C-Span with Feingold, McCain witnesses!

Did the WH Put Up These Signs and Backdrops at the NSA? ---pix->>>

Senate offices are CLOSED, what do we do now?

I don't just want to hear them talk-I want them to STOP Alito

Krugman-Hating Supply Sider Bruce Bartlett: "How Bush Bankrupted USA"

Randi is talking to Jonathan Turley

The Democratic Senators are playing DUers like fiddles

One more reason to avoid going to McDonald's

No Choice for women? No Sex for Republicans.

RawStory: Democrats break silence on Alito: Filibuster unlikely,

Let's all take a collective deep breath and relax...

Cheney Xmas card thanked God for Empire, not Peace

National Endowment for Democracy/International Republican Institute (IRI)

Seriously---How do I know if my phone is being tapped?

“Evidence? We Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ Evidence!” 2004 stolen election

Never in the history of this country has incompetence been so richly

I'm Taking A Break From This Shit And Watch A Movie And Dream . . . .

"Want to give up your freedom for Big Brother Protection? You're a WIMP."

Did Randi hint Lindsay Graham was trading Alito for a Bush Impeachment?

~ Why we do NOT want "moderates" to head our party ~

Iowa in 1915: I guess it can & did happen here

Just got this email about Bush explaining Medicare Drug Bill

Vermont should denounce O'Reillly

Liberals and Progressives Are Not Welcomed in the Democratic Party

The government will make use of these powers only insofar ...

Was the Roman Empire a good thing or bad thing for the world?

OK, Now I'm Freaked Out ---pix->>>

Video: Conrad Burns (R-MT) "sets the record straight." (It's a good laugh)

ATTN SENATORS: Road to the Presidency is Thru LEADING An Alito Filibuster

" Support Our Troops" like the republicans do??? OMG!

Southern Baptists of Texas severs ties with church for welcoming gays

DU is 5 years old - I donated $5 for DU's birthday - can you?

Vote-PAD: The Simple Voting Device that May Save American Democracy!

words you don't want to say on the phone: 'bomb', 'al qaeda', infidel'

Abramoff's NSA and Domestic Spying Scandal

CALL THEM ALL TOLL-FREE! (888)818-6641 Here's the list!

I think we've all known for some time that the Alito nomination

So Harry wants to be a tool in Blair's war

King George Off to Explain Why He Is Above the Law ---pix->>>

Why I think I may have been targeted for NSA Wiretaps

it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish a criminal govt.

Call LIBERMAN - I know, I know, but I have cracked the code

Emanuel has SOME nerve

Fax link to Stop Alito - no fax required - jam the fax machines NOW

Utah Lawmakers Defend Bill to Bypass Voters-"We Know More Than The Voters"

****FEED Activists Protesting SOTU HERE *****

They Know They Broke the Law

LAT: Bear Who Made Herself at Home Removed to Zoo

Framing of Roe V. Wade

We Dare Not Speak Its Name

Why is the Press Using this Fictional Phrase "EAVESDROPPING PROGRAM"?

CNN Statement on Adding Bill Bennett (What a Crock of Sh*t!)

Mikulski Staffer said she will vote against cloture

Conservatives are CORRECT... we ARE making America look weak...

Daou - The Media and the Democrats - Must Read!!!

Texas-sized land grab scam in La., courtesy of Bush

If The Dems Don't Filibuster Alito -- It Is The End Of The USA

***** URGENT **** Call Your Representative Toll-Free at 1-800-426-8073

Quitters! Whiners! Tantrum-casters! Bind your wounds and FIGHT!

Why Obama was WRONG about comparing rethugs to nazis.

Manager Censors Analyst at Congressional Research Service

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Thread 9

This laid-off ford worker on CNN is PISSED

Is Senator Nelson's (D-NE) staffer allowed to say "Fuck You" to me?

This union worker is pissed at the latest RW talking point...unions are

Landrieu is one of the infamous "8"

Wow, I really thought we had a chance at stopping FASCISM

I'm going to remember this day and this betrayal for a long time.

Another teacher sex scandal, this time at a religious school

Why are we letting a criminal appoint a supreme court justice?....

Americablog: Boycott MSNBC's "Hardball" ---> It has begun

Please call Senator Reid's office and demand to know who the hold outs are

Would you FREEZE yourself

Cindy Sheehan Claims Clinton Killed More Iraqis Than Bush!!!

Matthews Boycott Launched!

Why More People Don't "Get" It

Website for Democrats in '08.

Does it bother anyone else that the GOP wants Senator Clinton to run in 08

So my parents might completely break off communications with me

Coalition in Congress is being formed to support impeachment.

Who is ready to make a vow not to vote for any Dem Senator who

Detroit is Dying...

Someone tell me- When will Fitzgerald be done

The states can start impeachment!

NJ Lecture: Captain Leo Guererro: “Ethics in the American Union Movement"

Way to go Israel

Now THIS is funny - I swear...Raw story reporting Abramoff shopping...

"Commander In Chief" and "Boston Legal" hitting the issues of the day

Which cabinet member is NOT coming to the SOTU

So I had a few moments with Dennis Kucinich tonight.....

my mistake . AP article from Tues eve correct; says Nelson(NE) tovote YES

Dubya does the Fallacious Crumb Dance!

Before it slips down the memory hole

Yo, f*** Hillary!

We can spy on citizens, and we can hide anything we want.

Republican Allies

Able Danger and the USS Cole (AD warning on Aden, Yemen ignored + Rove)

Hillary tries out for American Idol - today's cartoon

Alito Confirmation: A Straussian Neocon Fait Accompli

The prez is a criminal...

am I the only one who is scared by this??....

Rethugs to use terra again in '06

Coleman proposes panel to study lobbying reform

Impeachment Hearings: The White House Prepares for the "Worst"

Timely Find

Faces it the crowd at W's KSU speech

The can be no Unitary Executive

important MoveOn Election Reform Survey needs DU!!!

Anyone see McCain on MSNBC this morning?

We're not on a fishing expedition. fishing expedition, fishing expedition

Let's concentrate on the House and Senate in November...

meet the press emailed me back

Lobbying reform hearing NOW on C-Span with Feingold, McCain witnesses!

Bernie Sanders calls for filibuster on Rachel Maddow's show (AAR)

Why don't we hear--Bush wanted to spy on anyone he felt like.

GMA lead story - Al Queda regroups . . .

Civics 101 question

Must See Santorum Video:

Message to John Kerry: All You Have to do is Stand up to Take a Stand

Is Harry Reid part of the Abramoff Scandal?

March For Life - Success or Bust?

Are the Dems jealous of the Repubs, and the Repubs jealous of the Chinese?

DU this poll - Do you trust Bush to make accurate statements re spying??

Taxation without representation

How is it that Bush burns with fire, and Bush IS not consumed?

Law and order is now a thing of the past

Someone at Reid's office told me that ANY Senator at ANY time

I just called Kerry's office and asked why they DON'T KNOW if

Diebold Blocks Alaska Voters from Seeing 2004 Election Results Data

Open letter to Cox News re: Presidential Oath of Office

CSpan list of how senators plan to vote (Hillary hasn't said??)

Isn't it funny how, if Repukes really want to show their great

a big part of smirk's spying is done for business reasons

Is Rumsfeld senile?

Leahy Seeks Information on Subpoena of Google

They are getting scared


Just re-read the Declaration of Indepedence....give it a try to see..

What witnesses would you call before the Specter Committee ..?

Dkos: It's time to start playing Offense Dems

Fundraising at a lobbying firm. Tsk, tsk!

Castro offers eye care for US poor

Reps. Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio) and Don Young (R-Alaska) aided Abramoff

"Heck of a job, Stevie"...Bush calls Canadian Prime Minister-elect Harper

LAT analysis: Democrats May Argue Liberties to Their Peril

So the media gave Howard Dean a T-shirt in Wisconsin in 04.

What is the vote going on that Cspan2 is showing? Are they already

Bush Administration Seeks to Squelch S.O.T.U. Protest at Capitol

Durbin: "we are carping on trifles here"

so now we all know about NSA and spying and listening. if we

Kerry speaking on the Senate floor now n/t

Dem PR In Case of Another Attack

Let's emphasize the ISSUE...and DEFLATE their spin.

Meet the Registered Traveler program - "market-driven" airport security

When you call Landrieu, remind her of when she showed a backbone!

Never thought I'd be ready for a 3rd party - but if no filibuster there is

Why even have a congress or senate if Alito gets in and we have

White House Declines to Provide Storm Papers

let the dems hear it again filibuster,,,

It Is So Obvious To Me That If The Repubs Ever Want To win Elections

The Dem. base deserves an up or down vote on a filibuster!

Do you know of any repubs that are ready to take it to the street....


LA Times Columnist defends saying that he does not support the troops

RAPID RESPONSE: John McCain Lies About Democrats and Domestic Spying

CNN says Laura Bush has an 84% approval rating!!!???!!!

Michael savage said last night he can't wait until bush puts the liberals

is there a list of GOP against W's domestic spying?

C-Span 1 right now

Remember the Texans

Interesting Stars and Stripes letters....

Randi, I am from kansas and yes we are screwed!


Re: Reports Military Stretched to Thin - Kerry responds

Rude Pundit's message to Dem. Senators. A thing o' beauty!

My talking point.

The Dems should have saved the Supreme Court 15-20 years ago

New York Observer Cover Story: Gore is Bigger than Ever!

Senator Murrays Aide.....Ah....I Dont.........

When Government Works

Website for Democrats in '08.

Raw Story Reports Not Enough Ground Swell of Opposition to Alito

White People for Alito ---pix->>>

Howard Dean on Randi Rhodes (transcript)

Bush's Fault

ATTN SENATORS: Road to the Presidency is Thru LEADING An Alito Filibuster

Randi just said: "Anyone who goes to church is just screwed." - in

Bush seems to be winning the spygate war with Congress.

Let me get this straight...

So what is the difference how many Dem Sens there are?

McCain wants to be President. There is no other reason for him kissing

What bothers me about Bush being impeached is ...

Landrieu will vote yes on cloture.

That's it! The Straw that Broke the Donkey's Back

It's time for Gore to start a new party...I'm not kidding...

They never talk about "check and balance"

No Filibuster + Bush 36% Approval Rating = (Nader's' Dems = Repubs)

Sen. Nelson fron NE votes "YES" on (Sc)Alito...

FYI - Ed Schultz just said that....

PFAW sees hope for a fillibuster...

they blame clinton for teens increased oral sex. will bush be the cause of

FILIBUSTER PHONE TREE-- time is of the essence

NYPost: DeLay got Abramoff, Scanlon to bring down Bob Livingston

Buzzflash to John Kerry: Stand Up To Take A Stand

Parsing the Polls: Can Hillary Win the WH (Can we have civil discussion?)

Can we withhold taxes this year to protest?

Degrees of spying. Degrees of lying.

The Fact-Challenged, Spin-Filled, Easily Debunkable Universe of McClellan

looks like there will NOT be a filibuster

"Elections have consequences".... John McCain

Housing Bubble Deflation Continues

Why do we need Reid for a filibuster?????

"The Deal" is going down - a look into the near future

Bob Casey Jr. Supports Alito

Stats experts, need help: District Judge Reggie Walton selected RANDOMLY?

Five male Catholics on the Supreme Court?

One of the most exciting elections happening this year

For those of you threatening to leave the Democratic party

Cindy Sheehan interview- "Bill Clinton killed more Iraqis than Bush"

Jenna and Barbara 'break their resolutions'

WES CLARK to Keynote "The Real State of the Union 2006" (Steve Clemons)

Will you support a "Draft Gore" for president campaign?