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Archives: January 24, 2006

CINDY SHEEHAN: matriotism

Credit Suisse shuts door to clients from Iran

"Impeachment: It's Not Just for Oral Sex Anymore" (Nichols / Nation)

Wolcott: Schmoozing and Snoozing (*'s performance in Kansas)

The Unitary Executive: Is The Doctrine Behind the Bush Presidency Consiste

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse

Gore said what needed to be said

"Our Indian Wars Are Not Over Yet"

Bush eyes Yucca funds

The End Approaches For Wild Orangs - Numbers Down 99% From Last Century

Hybrid Denali, Hybrid Tahoe, Flex-Fuel V-10 F 250 - Auto Show "Innovation"

Wow! UK Government Announces Public Consultation On Energy Policy!

Environmentalists Fight Spread of Vineyards to California Coastal Forests

I have an Business Idea - guaranteed successful I need advice re wind-power

No, no, everyone said back in 2002...

Review of The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about Bush & 9/11

understandinglife's Letter to Dr. Dean--Real Election's Questions!!!

State Refuses to Release Public Records-Claims Diebold Data is Proprietary

Dianne: NO to Alito!

Comptroller Rylander nails Texas Homebuilders Commission

Three questions about the 2006 elections.

Question about bell pepper seeds

Oh, Jack Layton ran an invisible Campaign. Did he?

Harper wins Tory minority government, CBC News projects

I never thought I'd feel so good about finishing second.

Don Cherry can kiss my A$$

What's with the news blackout?

These results were great for us...123 seat minority how pitiful!

What is to stop the Bloc and the Conservatives from making

Well, now what?

Can somebody PLEASE explain how the Canadian government works?

How long is Harper going to govern?

Global is declaring a Conservative win

Oh, Canada.....this future Canuk will be following the election closely...

Non confidence vote is these bastards..How soon?

A toast to my fellow Canadians as we await results...

Link to CBC results page...

Can we start to talk about results yet?...

CityTV just declared a Conservative victory in Canada...nt

I'm not going anywhere but DU for election coverage.

Early results look good for Liberals....Reuters

When will we know the results of the election?

ALITO: Unanimous Judiciary Dem. Oppostion Expected

Pakistan PM disputes U.S. claims over airstrike

Kurd appointed as new chief judge in Saddam trial

Euro military police force set up

Going the distance: Granny D is encouraged by the grass-roots movement

Globe and Mail Canadian Election update

Probe 'to confirm CIA abductions'

Have you got the feelings that Dem leaders are powerless to help us?

Pinochet's Wife, Children Indicted

Harper wins Tory minority government

NYT: Judge Orders U.S. to Supply (Guantanamo) Prisoner Names

US: As Profit Soars, Companies Pay US Less for Gas Rights

Poll: Alito should sit on high court (filibuster unjustified, Roe safe)

O'Connor breaks what may be her last 4-4 tie (voting with liberals)

WP: Aiming to Burst 'Bubble' Theory

Jury Orders Reprimand, No Jail for Soldier (who suffocated Iraqi general)

Air traveler bites fellow passenger

Sen. Clinton re-enters health care fray

US says Qwest ex-CEO secret doc defense irrelevant (WTF? nat'l sec docs!)

New Indecency Legislation Expected

FDA Panel Recommends OTC Weight-Loss Pill

Three Civilians, Seven GIs Killed in Iraq ( #2232 )

Al-Zarqawi steps aside as head of insurgents council, Web site says

Dolittle Defends Relations With Lobbyist

WP: Photos of Bush With Abramoff Are Withheld

Harper wins Tory minority government, CBC News projects

Deadly force gun bill now in Alabama Legislature's cross-hairs

New Docs Show Gov't Forewarned on Katrina

Chavez right hand Man, tells Mccain to go to HELL.

Impeachment hearings: The White House prepares for the worst

CNNMoney: Home prices get even more overvalued

Bush Hesitates to Give Take on 'Brokeback'

NYT: Iraq Rebuilding Badly Hobbled, U.S. Report Finds

Castro offers eye care for US poor

OK-who here stole my blood?

How would you rate the Lounge today?

If it's free, how come they want me to pay $20 for a one year membership?

NOW I've heard it ALL:

"Brokeback Mtn is said to be extremely well done" says I to DH

I just watched the 1st season of the Dukes of Hazard. Ask me anything!

"How do a moth eat a hole in a sweater?"

GLAAD Voices Concerns Over 'American Idol'

Sports team with the widest and most loyal fan base:

"D'yer Mak'er" vs. "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)"

Does anyone else watch "How I Met Your Mother"?

DU Prudes - check in

Fela Kuti

what's the dumbest thing you've done while drunk/and or high

Wow, its amazing how many people advertise their ebay sales on craigslist.

Wow its amazing how you know a thread is going to sink into oblivion with

Need some advice. Oy vey!

I heard a song on the radio today,

I'm scared.

DU Crudes - check in

SoCal Duers - Is it windy enough for you?

Once in awhile I get a funny email from my fundie friend

Delaware and Maryland people: a question about February beach traffic!!!

mmmmm MMM! rice cereal.

Tequila shots + beer chaser = one happy Rev!

I am angry. I have never been so angry in my entire life!

Which Yahoo! ad should I click on?

Does it make me a bad person to want to


JUST IN!! Margaret Thatcher to become Canadian Prime Minister

I got a telephone message from "Working America" today.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really GLAD she's not drinking ...

I'm making cat food..who wants some?

Being sick is awful

Defend Yourself!

DU Rubes check-in!!

Adventures in subbing today...this one's a doozy.

If ya LOVE Woody Guthrie rent "This Machine Kills Fascists"!

I've never seen a Baby Beaver but they're pretty cute (Pic)

Football predictions...

I had an epiphany - it is this: Don Henley is the Dave Clark of rock.


DUMBFUCK MOUNTAIN - Starring George Bush & DICK Cheney

Does anyone else think this is God?

Thread where you name another DUer for no reason whatsoever


jpgray is a BAD BAD Person...

So many epiphanies,

What's your muse?

I had an epiphany-it is this:11 PM is really too late for me to go to bed.

I am the new ME!

Glib is the new sensitive.

Should I go in the closet or not?

for-fee association thread.

I'm making Indian food.. who wants some?

I had an epiphany - it is this: Johnny Cash is the Pink Floyd of country

Oh where oh where can my Cheesy Rev Be?

So who would have made a better Daisy Duke?

I want prime rib with au jus sauce.

John Tesh's music is the sonic equivalent of mayonnaise. Discuss.

I don't get it. This just happened.....

free association thread

Need help from a Sopranos fan

Someone @#^%ing idiot cut the end off the garden hose!!!!!!

Calling all DUers: goodboy & goodgirl need help tonight ASAP

You walk into the room

The rich really ARE different from you and me, Gatsby.

Bookmark this...I'd like to meet you all. All DUers are interesting people

Night Everybody

I'm going rabbit hunting.

Okay all you dog lovers out there . . . . I have a book recommendation


A (boy) friend asked me what my favorite chocolate was today....

This is My 1000th Post!

Does anyone else think this is odd?

cute parliamentarian on C-SPAN

What's your favorite off-the-wall soft drink brand?

Think Pink

First publication in my new profession, woo hoo!

Don't know french? Don't use it! Served with au jus? Cheesy au gratin?

It's Jack Bauer time...

This election is depressing. Someone FLIRT with me.

The New World (no spoiler), a kaleidoscopic, koyaanasquatsi-esque...

Should I move to LA?

I had an epiphany-it is this: Shrimp heads should go in the outside can.

My public apology to ZW for calling him a California transplant.

My mom's moving into the nursing home this week.

DU fuckheads -- check in

Anyone in Human Resource management?

Home operations?

Chimps may provide safer smallpox vaccine - study

Commitment Ceremony Protests Virginia Anti-Gay Measure

Bush on 'Brokeback'

Brokeback Mountain VS. End Of The Spear

We will never get our rights if we can't reelect parties who give us them

The Talibornagain side with "The Axis of Evil" against gay rights in U.N.

Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Means No Family Membership at Community Center

Experience with boarding cats?

OMG! The Commerce Committee is holding hearings again!

Kerry Nails Bush: President Fails to Explain Why He’s Above the Law

Interesting piece about Hillary by A. Sullivan (no Kerry mention)

Can I get pros/cons of Nikon Coolpix cameras?

Tie Poll!

KOEB - 1/23/06 - I lost 7 pounds edition

David Gregory on Colbert Report tonight! nt

A treat for the ASTB...

Why are we at Level 2?

My letter to John Kerry

The Avignon Presidency

Leahy is on the Newshour right now rebutting the WH on illegal surveilance

Please focus on Judiciary Committee members and Harry Reid for filibuster

Harry Belafonte on CNN

how can I reach Harry Balafonte?

Off with the gloves

State of the Union Feedback request on Hardball

What's up with crooks and liars website?

On the anniversery of Roe v Wade ... I have the solution to the debate.

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks (Bush's Coke Jaw) Terrorist Surv Pg Edition

Fox News Blopper (BlowJob)

Study: Most seniors mystified by new Medicare drug program

Is It Me... Or...

Last night President Bartlett..

Canuck joke

It continues: Buchanan compares Clinton to Osama

Crackpot on Newshour just stated that he doesn't know

What was the name of that crackpot Kansas state rep who thinks women...

ALITO: "EXPECT" Unanimous Dem. Opposition

Christian Coalition lauds * for halting religious bias in military!

VIDEO- Bush/RNC- Domestic Spying is not Terrorist Surveillance Pgm

Gas prices in your area?

A chilling piece about de Tocqueville's warning on tyranny of the majority

Sometimes, I am wrong..

Kerry Weighs In

NYT: Abortion Opponents Rally, Saying the End of Roe Is Near

USA TODAY/CNN/GALLOP: 58% Support Appointment of Special Prosecutor

I am so proud of Kansas tonight I could just burst!!

How To Turn Freepers On Spygate (in SIX EASY STEPS):

New Docs Show Gov't Forewarned on Katrina

What Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Doing at This Tennis Outing

Has anyone read Scott Adams's "The Religion War"?

CNN stops just short of calling Belafonte Thought Criminal

2232 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Earle Subpoenas Former DeLay Campaign Aide

Bush tells abortion foes, 'We will prevail'

Why the West will attack Iran


Has anyone seen the pictures of Bush with Abramoff

Bush "unscripted" means they admit he has been 'scripted' all other times.

Keith Tries...but Rove/Brit Trashes HIM..and throws him his

Dioxin: It's whats for supper

What do you think Chafee will do on Alito?

Water that Halliburton supplied the troops was worse than Euphrates River

"The Lessons of the Roman Empire for America Today"

Ford Workers Upset About Plant Closures

Government spies on Halliburton protesters!!

POLL: The spying issue is ONE WE CAN WIN if Democrats GO ON OFFENSE

Blast from the past: Champagne over the signing of DMCA

The troops on the ground should be told about Halliburton water

CBC coverage Canadian Elections via CSpan

Newsweek -- "The Other Big Brother"

"South Park Fans!" Can you see Russert as "Timmeh..." and Matthews as

Do you think, in the years post shrubco (whether that's next year,

Do you know you your congressmen???? assault, drugs, shoplifting DUI..>>

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is finishing up AGAIN on Flix...

VIDEO - Bush "I told Congress"- Kate Martin Smackdown

Please DU this abortion poll

Son of AZ Senate president arrested in hazing assaults

Three Civilians, Seven GIs Killed in Iraq

The Great Franklin-Bush debate

Going the distance: Granny D is encouraged by the grass-roots movement

Leaked State Of The Union Preview

Could This Effort Actually Assist The Fillibustering Of Alito?

Do you know where Manhattan, Kansas, is?

When Does Time Publish The Abramoff\Bush Photos ???

Congressman Conyers Blog

So the US doesn't like "revolutionary governments" in S. America?

Globe and Mail Canadian Election update

Poor tribes refuse Conrad Burns attempt to donate Abramoff money to them.

David Gregory on The Colbert Report

Just In: Feinstein e-mail - Alito

If Dems follow the polls on Alito, we're sunk -- new from CNN/USAT/Gallup

Hey everyone!!! EarlG has posted an Anti-Alito thread on the Home Page!

Hey, American neighbours! Why don't you join us in the Canada forum?

3 more years of Bush? don't say mushroom cloud

Pavel Golovachev - interesting letter (decode?)- JKF conspiracy related

Heard that all Canadian pols have to avow hatred for * to win.

If Roe is overturned...

media skewing illegal wiretapping as a partisan issue

PA student humiliated over bronco jersey

Good News From Canada

This abortion poll is being freeped big time

The miners weren't even worth $20 for the tracking devices.

First they came for the 4th Amendment...

"I Saw It Hacked"- Diebold in Florida

SOTU Watch Parties!! Where Will YOU Be When the Monkey Lies?

Why libby wants us in the dark? possible reason

Jon Stewart is making Fred Barnes look stupid

Best Bush Picture Yet

Abramoff's father to George Clooney: You made Jack's daughter cry!

Script for the Filibuster: Best of DU, Kos etc

To all Pentagon and NSA spies - Welcome to DU!!

AAR Podcasts - Looking and having no luck so far

Are there any Ohio DUers out there tonight that can help goodboy and good

Is Hugo Chavez a dictator?


david gregory on colbert report NOW

I predict total havoc Wednesday in the Senate, wall to wall MSM coverage

VIDEO- Hayden- If we'd had this program before 9/11- Martin Smackdown

US GVT. $Millions Fund Anti-Lavalas Groups in Haiti through NED

CBC just called a Conservative Minority government...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shout Out

Fear not, a Con Minority is good!

What army is Bush going to use to fight IRAN war?

They can outlaw abortion but they will never stop it.

Democrats Denounce Bush's Human Pesticide Testing Plan

Every time Chimpy does this...

How to defeat Karl Rove's Battle Plan

1ST Official History of American Reconstruction in Iraq (NYT)

What's the worst that could happen with a filibuster of Alito??

I think the GOP is getting nervous... lots of defeatists on DU tonight


Hunger strikers close to death

Seriously thinking of boycotting CNN

Would Bush bomb Iran as a distraction for problems in Washington?

Dear Gov. Dean -- "That's why Wilson had to be shut down."

A word of the advice to the CIA

I guess now anyone can torture our soldiers, just cry and say you're sorry

I love Harry Belefonte!!! Socked it to Wolf. Didn't back down, n/t

Let’s Face It, Cheney’s Halliburton Gave Our Kids in Iraq Shit to Drink

IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS: The WH prepares for the worst (Insight Magazine)

For my Canadian DUers: a "sins of the father" question

It's not about WHETHER they can wiretap.

What I dislike about the term "kool-aid drinker"

Why doesn't some reporter come right out and ask Bush if he ever PAID for


Canada Going Down


Why the military would rather fund stealth fighters than soldiers.

Jury Orders Reprimand, No Jail for Soldier who killed Iraqi General

Any Suggestions Re thermonuclear War (filibuster) ?????

it's monday night and i'm missing mike malloy

Despite all the crap, Howard Zinn gives me hope

TRANSCRIPT: Tweety giggles over the WONDERFUL Michael Savage

Yahoo Gets Chinese Journalist 10 Years in Jail! I just closed my account!

UH Roe v Wade still has a 5-4 MAJORITY with Scalito on court

Email From Ben Nelson he's voting for Alito.

Still believe "magic" bullet is a conspiracy ?

Suggestion: Let's form a DU Legal Advocacy and Assistance Corps

Belafonte on Wolf's show...

I seriously believe that my fellow DUers need to consider nuclear survival

Katrina: FEMA Busses 'Run' by GOP-connected Scuzzbuckets

If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your unemployment.

Matt Lauer, is he republican?

Lets compare Bush to Mussolini instead of Hitler.

*** PLEASE! *** STOP THE BUDGET CUTS! Act on behalf of the least of these.

Reclaiming Our Democracy (reform position paper)

C&L Vid Clip: Brokeback Mountain Questions for Bush - Are you a rancher?

Ummm...ok I just heard the new Chevy Aveo is made in China.

Is there not a republican alive that Tweety does not have the hots for?

Bush Wars- the musical revue

Fear of using the Internet

Carville & Begala Were Illustrating The Very Problem They Write About

Is anyone asking that we STOP the spying???

Congressional Republicans Again Attempt to Ram Through USA PATRIOT Act

The subtlest, funniest dig at Bush on network television last week

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Roundup Monday Edition

senior officials exert political influence in sensitive voting-rights case

Bush Catapults the Propaganda from Kansas

The term, "unitary executive"...

Idea for Dem/Patriot commercial - This is your freedom

National Urban League: Filibuster Alito!

Quit Using the DLC As a Weapon Againt Democrats

Lobbyists Help Fund Ripon Society Travel

Since when did John McCain become such a formidable candidate?

Any DU'ers Lurking Around On The Freep Site - Do They Really....

Too Bad We're Having All This Lobby & Ethics Reform In D.C........

Kerry Nails Bush: President Fails to Explain Why He’s Above the Law

Kerry gets it! Do the others?? --- FILIBUSTER is the ONLY Moral Option!!

Can someone give me The Idiots Guide to the Canadian Government?

Can somebody PLEASE explain how the Canadian government works?

NewsMax sounds alarm! Crazy Liberals may succeed in Filibuster!

Schumer & Wes Clark pushing Phone Records bill tomorrow....

Canadian Early Results Liberals 44

Dear Senator Edwards

I googled "Frist Filibuster" cicked on news-- not web. SHUT IT DOWN

Hardball and the dumb ass running for Texas governor


Molly want's dems to grow a spine or she's giving up on them.

peanut-butter protest regarded as a potential threat to national security

Conservative limits to domestic policies forget foreign policy limits also

"picture of Bush&Abramoff brings poster boy for abuse into Oval Offfice"

"Creationist Family Digs Fossils" (Creepy Story of the Day)

Fred Barnes to guest on TDS Jon Stewart tonight

Who Can Beat McCain?

Abramoff - Richard C Clarke

No Peaking or Googling: Who is your Congressional Reprsentative

The Other Big Brother- The Pentagon has its own domestic spying program


The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet

The Gulf Between Us: Flynt Leverett (Iran solution)

Bush launches a bid to justify domestic spying

RPT-UPDATE 2-Iran central bank says not preparing for sanctions

E-voting systems hacker sees ‘particularly bad’ security issues

Vanquishing the American Dream

Closed-Door Deal Makes $22 Billion Dollar Difference

The End Of Unalienable Rights

Homeland Security To Confiscate Bank Safe Deposit Box Contents

It’s inevitable that an innocent person will be executed

22 High-Level Retired Military Leaders, Human Rights First Urge President

Iraq's Oil Bust

chb/dt: An American Hitler and his Gestapo

Why Oil Prices Are Jumping Again

The Harry Hursti Hack and Its Importance to our Nation

(Moon ragazine)Impeachment hearings: White House prepares for worst

Saving Our Democracy - The Nation

Swiss Bank UBS halts Syria, Iran business

Sent this to Arlen

Wolfowitz Under Fire (WBank) (FT)

Hunger Is Not a Place

Scaife's Rag: Lily-livered weasels (Yahoo etc for giving Feds records)

DURST: Likely anti-corruption reform (humor)

''What the President Ordered in This Case Was a Crime" - The Nation

Liberation and Deliverance - Kathy Kelly

Be VERY careful when writing LTTE's (LOL)

Goodbye Terry Gross, we never knew ye... + Cartoon

Louisville KY: There Rove goes again (What Rubbish)

Searching for a New Direction (R Paul)

Sibel Edmonds is proof that the “War on Terror” is a Lie

What they don't want you to know about the coming oil crisis (I-UK)

I Knew I Heard the Name Alito Somewhere

The Real Story of John Walker Lindh as told by his father

Top 10 Mistakes of the Bush Admin in Reacting to Al-Qaeda(Juan Cole)

Fitzgerald Eyes Plame-Niger Conspiracy

Rumor: "Homeland Security To Confiscate Bank Safe Deposit Box Contents"

Molly Ivins-Bush administration no longer a credible source (was it ever?)

Opus Dei may sue Da Vinci Code

"Utter Irresponsibility" Marks Bush Climate Policy - Louisville C-J (!)

The Marchers State Their Case: Alito v. 'Roe'--WaPo ( Milbank)

Transcript: World Economic Outlook

Texas has biggest gap between wealthiest and middle class!

IMF's Rajan: Can't Rule Out A Run On The US Dollar

Thank you, Hugo Chavez

Cold Kills 40 In Baltic States - Reuters

Temps Will Kill Lichen, Moss Across 40% Of Tundra Regions - New Scientist

NPR - Consumer Reports Confirms That SUVs Indeed Suck - Gasoline

Judge Dismisses Bulk Of Massey Energy Suit Against Newspaper, UMW

Australia Bans Fishing In Sydney Harbor Over Dioxin Levels

India Reluctant To Put Fast Breeder Program Under IAEA Scrutiny

China Claims Committment Of $180 Billion To Renewable Energy

Murkowski Pushing Plan For State To Purchase Part Of Alaska Pipeline

UNEP to Set Up Solar Electricity Plant in Nigeria

Ford plans to develop new "white space" vehicles

Cold Kills At Least 100 Across Eastern Europe - -26F In Poland, Germany

Funny, funny, funny...!!! Will Ferrell as * on "the warming of the globe"

Are there any non-coastal nuclear power stations?

Last Year Was Warmest in a Century

Big black pickup-style SUV driver.

IDF soldiers rescue two survivors from rubble of collapsed Nairobi buildin

Knesset committee: Mofaz lied

Vote-related shooting kills Fatah leader

Court: State can't take East J'lem lands abandoned after 1967 War

Sharon's health woes concealed by doctors

Israeli Army Destroys Bedouin Homes

Defensible borders are key to Israel's safety'

The Palestinians' Crisis of Leadership

Way to go Israel

Know the boundaries

General Ivashov: “International terrorism does not exist”


Gore, Kerry, Murtha, and Barbara Boxer need to +

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News January 24, 2006

Study of Provisionals in Cleveland

Important MoveOn Poll for Election Reform needs to be DU-ed!!!

GOP rival moves in to take on Pombo Former ...calls him embarrasing

Hollywood: "Take Back The House with General Wesley Clark" 2/4/06

Urgent Action Needed!

Hi DU - Boxer's Alito press conference. I just got back....

Excellent Eddy in today's DM Register

Nussle changes position on local control

Anti-gay bigot Robert Creedon against financial transparency for churches

Kelley Campaign Press Release

Does anyone else think this is a rather "odd" message from my rep?

Strib story on Hatch and endorsement yanked from online

Minnesota Public Radio re-ran the memorial for Eugene

Past Minnesota contested primary's

HELP! I've lost my tabs in Firefox.

Media player suggestions.

Canon i860 won't print black unless color is on the page

Houston DUers: An Evening with Jared Diamond

I just made lavenderdiva's Chicken Divan recipe (sorta)

This is a great outcome for Canada

As an NDP supporter, I am sorry.

I keep hearing that the "west wants in" and I don't really get it.

Harper the phony, just said he wanted to tell the world that he would

CPC Will Govern Until Progressives Unite

Were any Conservative women candidates elected?

What have you done to improve Canada what will you do

Who do you want to become Liberal Party leader?

And Canada remains LEFTWING, baby!

The U.S. media and Harper's "win".

Paul martin stepping down as leader

No Cons in Victoria :)

I can't believe that Pin is our new Prime Minister.

What's with this "God bless Canada" stuff anyway?

Dosanj & Fry re-elected.

Cons OUT of Van Isle North!

The Bloc got 42%

Liberal joke for next election

Taiwan's Chen warned over China

Canada's Conservatives headed toward win

Sympathy for al-Qaeda rises after airstrike

Snowstorm Closes Hawaii Volcano To Tourists

Bush Says Iraqi Police Receiving Human Rights Training

HUFF POST: Grover Norquist's predictions for 2006

Iran Threatens Full-Scale Enrichment

Jewish Philanthropist killed in car accident

Nepal Ends Curfew Restrictions, Lifts Ban on Demonstrations

Sri Lankan Peace Threatened by Violence, Solheim Says

Japan Launches Satellite for Mapping and Monitoring Disasters

Davos Devils Stalk Buffett, Gates Over the Seven Deadly Sins

Documents Show Govt Forewarned on Katrina

Europe 'knew about' CIA flights CoE report

WP - White House Got Early Warning on Katrina

Two Germans reported kidnapped in Iraq

UN renews pressure on Lebanon to disarm Hizbollah

NYT: (Supreme) Court Opens (McCain-Feingold) Campaign Law to Challenges

Poll finds surprising optimists (BBC's list of most optimistic countries)

The End Of Unalienable Rights

Mass. Gov. Romney May Veto Disclosure Bill

WP,pg1: Plan Seeks More Elite Forces to Fortify Military

Attorney general: Congress knew scope of spy program

US military issues new execution regulations

Gunmen Seize Two German Engineers in Iraq

WP: Iraqi Shiite Cleric (Sadr) Pledges to Defend Iran (with militia)

Woman cited in Pennsylvania for flinging lettuce out car window

Vandals strike Kingston church(Brazilian church Massachusetts-hate crime?)

NYT: Hussein's Trial Is Abruptly Postponed

(San Diego) Executives renew effort for terminal at border

WB, UPN to join forces as one network

CW network to replace WB, UPN

Hacker pleads guilty to building 'botnet' army

Rep. Shadegg Wins Support in Leader Race

Boy, 8, shoots girl, 7, at Maryland day care

Conservative Alumnus Pulls Offer to Buy Lecture Tapes

LAT: Supreme Court Ruling Could Spur Partisan Judicial Campaigns

AP: Alito got party line vote in committee, goes to full senate

Jailed ex-chiropractor targeted in insurance fraud investigation

WP/AP: GLAAD Voices Concerns Over 'American Idol'

Conservative Harper vows change for Canada

US to help reimburse states for Medicare drugs

Paul Martin to step down as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Palm Beach County teachers deride Gov. Jeb Bush's incentive plan

CNN: President Bush says he'll visit India and Pakistan in March.

Iraq: British and Danes stage pre-dawn raids (on policemen?)

Infiltrated by feds, antiwar group turns on photographer (Raw Story)

Boy who "divorced" murder father gets $15,000 from mother's estate

WP,pg1: Closed-Door (Medicare) Deal Makes $22B Difference (for ins. cos.)

US assured Pakistan over attack: Musharraf

IRAQ: Insurgent attacks rose in 2005, says US military report

Group: Public skeptical about economy (Pew Research Center)

Daimler to Cut 6,000 Administrative Jobs Over 3 Years

Canada Confirms New Case of Mad Cow Disease

Los Angeles Suburb Heads for Dubious Title: U.S. Murder Capital

Iraq: Insurgents 'Disobey' al-Zarqawi

Berezovsky, Neil Bush, Latvian businessmen meet

Deadly bomb blasts hit southwest IRAN

Phone Record Sales Targeted By Feds, Lawmakers

Report: Army could be near breaking point

Sensenbrenner's travel scrutinized

U.S. troop levels in Iraq have dropped to lowest since last summer

Judge nixes bid to move Enron trial

'Booth Babes' Banned From E3 Video Game Expo

Two in court on secrets charges (Bush Al-Jazeera bomb plot)

Steady State for Bush Approval Continues (43% approval - Gallup)

Italy Shivers as Europe's Cold Spell Hurts Gas Supply

US was 'outsourcing' torture: European probe

Three Houston TV stations to air ads critical of DeLay

Excessive spending evidence dismissed (Pentagon waste)

Russia, Iran Want Nuke Issue Kept in IAEA

Democratic Leaders Push 'America Competes'

Iranian official: UN sanctions may lead us to seal off Persian Gulf

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 24 January

Anti-Quaeda Protest in Iraq, Local Anger Mounts

Gonzales Says NSA Criticism Misleading ( protesters too!)

Senate panel OKs Alito Supreme Court nomination

Gonzales: Spying Covered by Force Authorization

Organization to Promote Democratic Agenda

CBS, Warner to form new network, close UPN, WB (Reuters)

NYT/AP: McDonald's Profit Leaps on Solid U.S. Sales

Over 3,100 Wal-Mart workers got state health aid (why to not shop there)

Priest raped us in an orgy, says nun

Reid fires back at Bush: The president has been giving us doublespeak for

US military issues new execution regulations

Bush may ask Congress to OK domestic spying

U.S. anti-war activist gets 6 months for protest at recruiting station

Pentagon plan seeks increase in special forces -report

Hooded protest against wiretaps.

Grassley says Alito vote could be slowed by Democrats

'Natural' chickens take flight

Gore to publish book on global warming

ABC EXCLUSIVE: Supreme Ethics Problem? (Scalia/Access Selling?)

CNN: Attorney general: Congress knew scope of spy program

W. House accused of foot-dragging in Katrina probe (Lieberman)

Bedbugs On The Prowl In Big Apple

Al-Jazeera: Bomb blasts rock the Southern Iranian city of Ahvaz

Four Accused in (video)Taped Attack on Drexel University (Haitian)Student

KRT: Some activists, politicians speaking openly about impeachment

Nelson to Vote No Because of Judge Alito’s Record (Fl Nelson

Venezuela To Spend $220 Million To Build Cement Plant;Iran To Help

Senators (Nebraska) object to morning prayer on abortion, evolution

(Alaska) State Claims Diebold Data is Proprietary

Triangle Picked as Nuclear Site

Defending Spy Program, General Reveals Shaky Grip on 4th Amendment

Venezuela's Chavez hosts World Social Forum

Study: Army Stretched to Breaking Point (AP)

KBR awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M US detention ctrs

Anyone else's cats malfunctioning?

when is the right time to admit to yourself

I wish I had a cat.

My power just blinked off for a second then came back on.

LOL. Bad! Very bad C.G.

TCM "The Night of the Hunter" (Shelley Winters) is coming on.

What happened to the old "The tension is killing me" threads?


have you seen this lizards?

Calling all Lounge Lizards. Come here. Follow me. Over here.

the arsonist took me down a path for justice i wonder.

Looks like a good friend of mine who is in the Iraq

three, four and five why I'm squared to you guys

In lieu of a Nighthawks thread, I'm hosting a Hug-O-Rama.

My offering to Mistress Heidi

I don't know if this is a's sure scary if it's real

I just noticed something...

Lives in the Balance ----Jackson Brown

"Osama," directed by Siddiq Barmak

Anyone know why is dead?

Okay. Wonder Showzen is fucking awesome.

so, it looks like I'm getting published again...

damn, Cinemax is even more

Ewwww I have a good one! The voice of the distance past came emailing

Man Goes Into Cardiac Arrest At Cardiologist Ball

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

Wikipedia - Crack for Pedants

Tuesday earworm.

how can my jaw joint know

FYI - Janette Carter, last surviving child of music family, dies


Who else is a fan of 'The Deadliest Catch' series?


Which DUers don't want to meet any other DUers in Real Life?

Is every letter of the alphabet covered in your music collection

You Talkin To Me?


photos from finland

So, is it time yet? I'm still missing Storm Kitty!

I've got a bud

Check out the Customer Images for Barnes Bush Loving Book before they get

Has King of the Hill ever "explained" Dale and Nancy

I just thought of something...

happy birthday john

For all my fellow Steeler fans...

1972 Japanese soldier found hiding on Guam

Hilarious Pet Moment Last Night

Is anybody else sick of serial killers

How do I delete my avatar?

Anniversary Special

"Book of Daniel" fans check this out

China travellers in sanitary stew

Do 37 cent stamps still work? Do I need to add...?

National Repuker has the photos of smirk and jack-off

Rough Morning I need a hug

Grandmother Watching TV Bitten by a Snake

UPN and WB networks to be combined

Hey cubicle rats! Epiphany about torture (office torture, that is)

I just have to say this before my head explodes.

CW network to replace WB, UPN

Today's music thread is for fans of CURT BOETTCHER!!!!

Sports Trivia

Whale barf puts family in money

Media Matters needs to hire me, damn it.

Random Acts of Thread Recommendations? Ever do it


Hey what's this?

I need advice on writing a cover letter

Man Bites Passenger, Jumps Out Of Plane Onto Tarmac

Whale money puts family in barf

Today's Whale Vomit $tory

Michael Chertoff looks like Satan.

Is there a full moon out?

My kid still needs me :)

Lynn Swann or John Stallworth?

Wicked awesome!

Wife Snips Husband's Penis With Scissors

Ladies, you need this......

Bobby Bonds to sit out WBC

NEW! "with vanilla flavor"

Is Bush really scared of horses?

I joined the Manners Police . ( must vent about my job )

Dog Named 'Lassie' Rescues 90 Year Old Farmer

Wish me luck, please. Going to my interview.

No I'm not at all anti male

15 Things to do at Wal-Mart while your spouse takes his/her sweet time:

Behold! Presenting the Atomic Sit-Up

Whale 'vomit' sparks cash bonanza

Rosanne Cash is even more sensitive than I thought...

Bronchitis sucks...

Have you been amused at work?

Cats are such rascals..

Do you ever wake up from 9 hrs of sleep and feel absolutely wiped out?

i just had a root-canal, ask me anything

12 or 13 ?

Patoid's jeans thread made me think of this,

Today is a good day!

A Stoners Guide to Ocean Beach. San Diego's hippie/stoner area.

Awesome jobs NOONE gets to do.

A horrifying thought about my future law career:

My dad reads DU

The old people won't stop starring at me!

Austrian playboy to take Carmen Electra to lavish Vienna opera

I haven't printed anything in a long time..

Man Arrested For Masturbating In Store's 'Junior Miss' Section

What will Canada's excuse for invading a country in the future?

Whatever you do, don't feed him after midnight . . .

"Bur-REET-O" vs. "Burree-TOE"

Today's music thread is for fans of KREATOR!!!!

Just what we need: a "new" TV network. Here come the Nash Bridges reruns.

Question for the serious Zappaphiles out there re: soloing

Does this sound like a scam? If so what kind?

Satellite Radio Subscribers: a question for you

Great commercial . . .

Jeff Gannon is ready to testify: What questions would you ask?

If you can stand Wolf Blitzer, Harry Belafonte will be on

Hey hey, it's Taco Tuesday!!

Fellow Neil Young fans: Link to trailer for Demme documentary

Invasion from Mexico!

See you later gang

This is NOT a sex thread.

Going to see Al Sharpton tonight, ask me anything!

I am dying.... of laughter

I visualize a place that is real

Time for another "Show us your desktop!" thread

Pet Peeve for the Day ...

Awwww...Let's Show Some Love for The Donald.

Stuff I learned in the Lounge today

I just came across this quote, and I absolutely love it

whatcha think? new words for 2006

Have you been aroused at work?

"A-lee-TOE" vs. "Aleedo"

BREAKING: Theo Epstein named Red Sox GM

Why do women only go for "bad boys"?

Dog Fights Over a Bone With His Own Foot

We talked for 2 1/2 hours (Update from interview thread)

70 freakin' degrees on Jan. 24

KitchenWitch inspired here's another silly question:


I'm in the midst of a serious temper tantrum

Stuff I learned at FreeRepublic today.

Wow. Mail today sucked...

I'm married to a DU addict!

Nasty fast food franchise names: Jack in the Box


Let's reverse it, where in Germany can one find the best American food?

What can I do to start being a "bad boy"?

screw American food, where can a "Bad Boy" get Chinese in Italy?

Well, I'm a good boy.

Generic sex thread

Give me a link to a great website I'd never find on my own.

Who does actor Emile Hirsch look like?

Well, I'm an average boy.

Who was better - Capt Howdy or Capt Kangaroo?

earworm time..

I'm a Good Boy

Did you all notice the Lounge has more posts than GD?

Help! What is the Admins' email ..

Tonight: Roast beast sandwiches au jus. Just for Rabrrr.

Calling Super Bowl XL "Super Bowl Extra Large" has gotten old already.

My Internet was down all day. What did I miss?


'Booth Babes' Banned From E3 Video Game Expo

I need to buy one Frank Zappa CD - what do you recommend

How hot are you?

How does one get unregistered from eBay?

Manscaping question...


quick caricature of Condi Rice that i sketched for my drawing class...

The animals can't get enough food today...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/24/06)

Hey DUers. Made my move to Belleville, IL.

If you own a phone - cell or otherwise - READ THIS!

the real economy problem

WB, UPN to join forces as one network

Culinary DUers: Give me Your Recipes for Marinara/Pasta/Tomato/Etc. Sauce!

I'm in a mood to start a flame war in GD. What should I title the post?


East Coast or West coast? Which is the Better?

A stupid question

Try and get elected.

So who is watching Super Bowl Extra Large?

What kind of celebrations will we see at Super Bowl C?

Orange County residents help me out please....

MiniMandaRuth is the perfect object to throw at Very Naughty Cats.

Kanye West poses as Jesus on Rolling Stone cover

Landscaping question...

"XXXX For Dummies" and "The Total Idiot's Guide to XXXX" Books

Rookie EMT Fired - Zapped Coworker With Defibrillator Paddles - Woman Died

Project Runway tomorrow!

The honeymoon is over...

Since Heidi just went over 12,000 posts,

Capt. Picard song....OMG

Take the Testicles Quiz

Yay! We just got "buzzed" by two F-16s!

Someone ask Rabrrrrrr to borrow me his French Grammar textbooks

Mood Ring


Who was better - Capt Kirk or Capt Picard?

What's your local paper's uncomplimentary nickname?


Okay all you cooks out there, who has a recipe for a Verdicchio sauce

Size Does Matter in Bats' Evolution

A marijuana question

Why do people think jeans are comfortable?

a cat worming question

"US" city with the Best Italian Food?

Today's music thread is for fans of THE MOODY BLUES!!!!

Can you say .......... "um uh ...... I don't THANK so!"

Do you believe in prophetic dreams and visions and such?

What's the worst job you've ever had ?

What the hell is this "High School Musical" movie the kids are wild about?

Age bias at Hollister, if I had known they were Abercrombie & Fitch

It's official: DU night of NYC misbehaving & merriment on February 18th

update on Knuckledragger neighbor

evening earworm

Here's why I would make a good DU mod:

Pittsburgh Teacher Humiliates Student For Wearing Broncos Jersey

I DARE you to watch this clip of K-Fed jammin' to his own song "PopoZau."

Mini soda pop cans are the perfect objects to throw at Very Naughty Cats.

Roll Call DU Armed Pussy Cat Corps - Post em if you got em

Name your favorite Canadian TV show?

Father-in-law suggests house husbandry for me?

Mike Keneally fans check in here!

URGENT!!! Save an animal's LIFE! VERY LITTLE TIME!

Have you been abused at work?

Screw Italian food, where in the US can one find the best German food?

A question for the "real" liberal Christians.

Separation of Church and State (Not) - photo

Strewth, it's the story of Genesis in Strine

Have courage to tell truth, Pope tells world media

humans/chimpanzees more closely related than chimpanzees/apes?

When it comes to bats, size matters (CNN) (brains vs testes)

Fossil of "Sphinx" discovered in NE China (transitional mammal)

Young scientists hit the hardest as US funding falls

China to complete artificial sun

Report: $13M Spent On Gay Marriage Fights

Gays Demonstrate For Rights At Washington Legislature

Equal Rights for All Americans (from a Republican speech)

NBC Drops 'Book Of Daniel'

Report: 2004 gay marriage fight cost $13M

Remember that Italian soccer player who made a fascist salute in December?

Bonds to Skip World Baseball Classic

I'm taking Seattle in the Super Bowl.

Steelers choose white jerseys for Super Bowl

Ron Artest has been traded to the kings

Will Myron Cope rejoin the Steelers' radio booth for SB XL?

Whooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! XL here I come!!


One reason the Steelers will win the Super Bowl

BREAKING: Theo Epstein named Red Sox GM

Going to Motown for the Super Bowl? Here's a helpful link.


Fan who confronted wife of Knicks' Davis won't sue

ESPN: Lemieux to announce retirement

Steeler fans, take note...

'Lassie' aids master after riding mishap

Save an animals life.....

Dueling cats

My new buddy - is he a maine coon?

I guess we aren't getting a miracle re: Alito...

IAVA TroopNet

Rep, Buyer (R) to VETERANS: Shut UP!!!!!

C-Span tomorrow - Alito Vote in Committee - Floor Vote Early Next Week

On a lighter note, for you wicked awesome New Englanders, and

A good laugh!

Kerry was right (Version 2,009,678) Special Forces

Reminder: Alito committee vote

Howard Fineman on Imus

Fundraiser in NH with Sen. Kerry (Good cause: NH Dems)


Anyone have that great anti-McCain article from former Kerry staffer?

Kerry: “Where’s the Accountability?” on Bush's Early Warning of Katrina

The distortion must stop

Anti-intellectualism: what Liberals are up against

You know the Repubs are desperate when they say Democrats do it too

Chris Heinz Engaged

Here's the whole series of drosera close ups (6 pix)

Question about 35mm film camera repair

HullBoss is spoiling me again...

When photographers and protesters clash (an article I wrote for Raw Story)

Okay - I did it: I sent KO an invite

TDS: Fred Barnes

Time:Easy to be hard but hard to be smart (Hackett)

Carville batshit nuts...on Leno. I rarely watch this show now I know why.

Gen. Clark on Faux Tues AM 9:10 ET, 8:10 CT; 7:10 MST, 6:10 PT

Paul Martin steps down as Liberal leader!

What Will It Take To Stop The bu$hCo Trainwreck?

Rumsfeld Tours Lithuania’s KGB Museum Torture Site During Stalin Era

BUSH: Student loans and Pell grants cut and reduced! Bush lied again!

You have 10 minutes a day...

Canadian Elections - been away - what happened?

Are anti-Hillary posts off limits here?

Thievery: It's the RepubliCON way

What do you do when your post has been deleted?

BushCo is fearless . . . they know they can't be stopped . . .

I have an idea for a TV/Radio/Print ad that needs to be running...

Is that CBC feed on CSPAN1 live? n/t


VIDEO-Bush "Hup"

Which Dem Senators Are Up For Rejection/Reelection In 2006?

Send your heating AND gasoline (auto) bills/receipts to the White House

Gas Bills

Bush LIED about not having a personal relationship with Kenny Boy Lay too

Bush's victory in Iraq is when the oil fields are producing and safe

I'm proud to be a 'Merkan...

Just a Reminder: This Precious Gem of a video

Scalia snubbed Roberts swearing-in on junket paid by Federalist Society

Why can't 2 parties just get along?

New antiwar video out, link here

Fitzgerald investigation and Iran

US Battle deaths in Iraq have surpassed US battle deaths in Mexican War

Conservative Magazine: Bush admin. is bracing for impeachment hearings

GOP platform for 2006 (LINK)

That Deborah Howell is such a delicate flower

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Moscow spying scandal

Since we CAN'T stop the maniacs, we should brace ourselves

was there a brief mention on t.v. news last night that REPUBLICANS are

Only in Ohio

Congratulations to A Fellow DUer

I don't usually watch Imus, but Wow!

set your google cookie to anonymous with this

Ah crap...:-(

Please google the word..... IMPEACHPAC.......

Impeachment hearings: The White House prepares for the worst

Canadian Conservative Party trounces GOP in election!

What's the procedure for "impeaching" a Supreme Court Justice?

Know your Radical Fundie Preacher - take this quiz

It is out of the bag - Why Alito was chosen as SCOTUS nominee

Book Of Daniel Cancelled...

Did Babs (beautiful mind) Bush have a fling with Pat Robertson?

Did Anyone see Monday's Oprah Show - promoting Fear of Terrorism

Gonzalas is talking to the weatherman reporter on Fox & Friends.

E.J. Dionne:Dems MUST Confront Nat'l Security Challenges - HERES HOW!

DU soldiers-correct me if I'm wrong...about wounded soldiers

Wiley understands why unemployment seems so low!

Searching for Bill O'Reilly.

Abramoff in 2003...commenting on how 'clean' the Bush White House!

How many are like me, frustrated that the closest election is still so

Tom Oliphant on Imus , msnbc

Ewwww I have a good one! The voice of the distance past came emailing

Breaking scandal around Justice Clarence Thomas

Is W really a Saint?

Daddy Bush on Spying on Americans - only violating civil rights a little..

Democracy Now! covering Deputy Director

TERRIFIC JUAN COLE:Top 10 Mistakes of Bush Admin Reacting to Al-Queda

Great documentaries...

Any '24' fans here? No spoiler

Want DEMS with SPINE? Show them YOURS! OPPOSE ALITO. Free FAX, New Info!

Is UPI a shill for the far right?

Let's hear it for Joan Baez

Bush caught in a (KATRINA) lie once again

Stephanie Miller is on - tune in!

anyone have a stream that works to the Stephani Miller show?

On Rachel M. this a.m. Giant Jellyfish bother Japanese, made into Icecream

LOL Matthews likes Michael Moore now

So, um, forgive my ignorance. But what does K+R refer to? Saw it here...

The Damage We Do.

College Sophomore Stumps President *

Horowitz fired that UCLA alum paying students to tape "left-leaning" profs

History is going to laugh ... and scratch its head ("pretty intelligence")

Documents Show Govt Forewarned on Katrina

US judge ORDERS release of detainees' names + Transcripts of Hearings

Closed-Door Deal Makes $22 Billion Difference In Measure on HMOs (WaPo)

Hmmmnnn. So El Baradei contacted the WH and warned them in Dec 2002.

Polling Companies LIE for BushCo

US to free six Iraqi women amid silence on hostage

Is bu$h The AntiChrist?

Strange -- Fox is showing Lahey live while CNN and MSNBC ignoring

Orrin Hatch is up

AG GONZALES, anybody else have prob's with the drivel we was...

"Life Swap" A new reality based show I would like to pitch

Ben Nelson D-Nebraska coming up on WJ

Illegal, warrantless spying on Americans? They were in "hot pursuit"

Famous Faces (including chimp) to Adorn Russian Toilet Paper

Bush's impeachment defense: We must prepare our response...

Who married into the Pinochet family?

Dems should have said "this far and no further" a long time ago

USA Today Raises Questions About Alito

"If I wanted to break the law, why would I brief the Congress?"

Hey cubicle rats! Epiphany about torture (office torture, that is)

The Toilet Walls Strike Back: German media's feelgood initiative flops

Republicans Turn Their Backs on Finding Facts on Contaminated Water

Why the Senate should not confirm Alito

Official Alito Committee hearing thread

humans/chimpanzees more closely related than chimpanzees/apes?

Frist calls Alito Democrats' "nightmare"

Wicked awesome!

A winger told me that this is the plan to outlaw abortion federally..

Marjorie Cohn: Bush on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity


colbert report commercials last night

Gonzalez's turn to spin the reasons for breaking the law... C-SPAN2

I think Gonzalas just slipped--He said they went to congress to ask

I don't think Roe vs Wade will be overturned if Alito is confirmed

oops, typo'd the url - delete

Success and the Seven Deadly Sins. Need Eight!

Here's the BA's 42 page memo on the Domestic Citizens Spying Program

Do a google search on "impeachment hearings" and click NEWS.

Hey !! We are number 88.

Wolfowitz appoints B*sh crony as internal watchdog at World Bank

We did not give him the authority for illegal spying on Americans, period.

"Chris Matthews defends DeLay "

SOTU wil feature push to destroy Co.-paid Health Insurance

Dangerous David Rivkin on C-Span II. What a history this man has.

Top 10 Rejected * Administration Names for Warrant-less Domestic Spying

Ralph Nader's Mother Dies at 99

"think of your family as a company"

It's time to begin Iraq pullout-Richard Mellon Scaife's Rag

Washington Post Abramoff & bush photos exist.

"Illegal Warrantless Spying" is now the "TERRORIST Surveillance Program"?

Senate panel's GOP staff spied on Democrats

If Alito is confirmed RoeVWade would still be 5-4 in our favor

Reid fires back at Bush: The president has been giving us doublespeak for

Official Alito Committee Hearing thread 2

Osama bin Laden hates gay people and he wanted Clinton impeached

The Asshat in Chief (3 photos)

Whale barf puts family in money

Is the Republic Brain Dead and On Life support?

So, who is this "Bay Buchanan" woman?

another GOOD day to be a democrat. yeeeeeeee haw

Official Alito Committee Hearing thread 3

Bush Reveals Abramoff Photo

Why don't Democrats at least stage a filibuster in the Judicial committee?

Gonzo: "last week's release of a tape...bin Laden...threat that exists"

"Government support for mail-order brides" - South Korea

"Bush to Visit Pakistan, India in March/ Pakistani PM Plays Down Tension"

"Gonzales Says NSA Criticism Misleading"

Good point on C-SPAN about spying

The Biggest NSA Spy Secret: Bush is Telling the Truth!

Everyone should contact Lindsey Grahm about his clock cleaning services.

Hatch giving a demeaning the Dems press conf. on cspan

Who Is Your LEAST Favorite/Most Hated CNN Anchor/Correspondent?

New map of the Middle East.

Idaho GOP may push for Bible as elective

Protester to Gonzales Today: "TAP THIS"! ROFL!

Is the Congressional Leadership AFRAID of the BFEE?

"Softer Tone Emerges in Rice's Statements"

Any video out from yesterday's The Daily Show?

"Long-Declining Union Membership Levels Off"

In memory of Doohickie: I BELIEVE the Dems will Fillibuster Alito!

VIDEO- Cspan Caller BooHoos About Alito-Mrs. Doubtfire

"Jury Orders Reprimand, No Jail for Soldier"

"Laguna Beach Parade Hit by Political Fight"

Well, I guess I'm not going to listen to them anymore.

Governor Dean: Alito Not Fit for Supreme Court

I hate Republicans

Are You "effing" Kidding Me??? MSRNC!!!!

Do you think Fred Barnes is aware of how stupid Jon made him

interesting online book to peruse..

I heard Bush was schooled by a KSU student yesterday?

Brown Shirt Alert! "United States Secret Service Uniformed Division"

Call in to CSPAN 1 202 585 3885 - quick

'What's good for G.M. is good for America' no longer applies

College students, a challenge before 06 election.

CSpan 2 - Gonzales and a Forum on Domestic Suveillance

Roman Republicans...

Call in to CSPAN 1 202 585 3885 - quick

ListenRight Now!!! TvNewsLies radio......

Michelman Blasts Hypocrites On Alito Committee. 'Rhetoric is not enough.'

"Man arrested for hit-and-run on ballot box"

Kiss of death? "Prince of Wales helps to enhance Wal-Mart's image"

how much of the "vote" in 2006 will still be "counted" by Diebold

King George III - "I'm mindful of YOUR civil liberties"

Want To Turn Your Book Into a Best-Seller?

I Always Begin a ? To a Winger with: "WHAT IF CLINTON?"

Laid off Ford workers get 90% of pay for doing nothing?

A LITTLE LATE? Bush may ask Congress to OK domestic spying

Hysterical call ins..

My Jewish friend said it's Ok to find out what you are doing with taps

Jackgate: Get the White House Entry Logs

It's nearly 6 years since I stopped routinely watching television.

Show me the law

Luke Russert on his new sports radio show, co-hosted with James Carville

Reid: revisionist history does not excuse breaking the law

Dems must prepare for filibuster counter protest. Billionaires for Elito

Oral Hatch finds the "strict party line vote" on Alito "amazing."

question about "".... I've never heard of it til now..

GOP to run 2006 on "appalling lie" about Dems: will media call them on it?

Official Alito Committee Hearing thread 4

"bush braces for impeachment hearings"

Four-year blueprint for military reflects view Iraq war is an anomaly

'L.A. Times' Columnist: 'I Don't Support Our Troops' (Joel Stein)

Breaking: Warner Brothers, CBS joining to create CW Network; WB and UPN

Questions to ask about polls and surveys

"Public Citizen Launches “Clean Up Washington” Web Site "

Wiretaping Americans is Important and Necessary

Paul Wolfowitz Busy Neo-Conning the World Bank: Staff Rebellion Brewing

DU's missing a big story: headline should have been "In Dead of Night"

Hatch Admits Recommending BOTH Clinton SCOTUS Picks

I just don't understand

Repubs ask, what is the difference?

Ever read "BS News"?

Durbin On Record: Thinks we've got 41 votes against the Alito nomination!

Troops Serving In Iraq Suffering from PTSD on Scale Not Seen Since Vietnam

Time must know more of what's behind the Abramoff-Bush photos. Why so coy?

So is Canada now moving to the right?

Question on Alito

Area residents wonder how to afford their medications

They defend the spy scandal by saying: if you are innocent, you

Dem press conf just started on cspan

Dems reposting on Judicial Committee vote NOW on C-Span

7 GIs killed in Iraq

I just all respect for Lindsey Grahm--his demeaning comments were

Anyone else listening to Lynn Samuels???

Scott McClellan: "This country holds people to the law", fucking ha ha ha

Christian Wire Service: Filibuster Would Be Immoral

CHRIS MATTHEWS (ugh) just said that the Republicans won

Abramoff Tied to NSA Government Contracting Scandal

So, now Tweety LOVES Michael Moore

Medicare drug plan. What are the chances..

Whats the real figure of U.S dead in iraq?

Gonzo:"We all agree that there should be appropriate checks and balances"


"Migrant workers in south China are wearing adult diapers on packed trains

I googled my screen name and saw this entry....

My diehard Rep. dad agreed w/me that Bush is a screw up.....

''What the President Ordered in This Case Was a Crime" (The Nation)

Alito: Anyone done the numbers for straight out defeat?

LiveScience: Democrats and Republicans Both Adept at Ignoring Facts

Sen Leahy will vote NO

More Republican Family Values!

Reid's speech at the Center for American Progress

How are we shaping up?

Gore to publish second book on global warming: 'An Inconvenient Truth'

So, if Bush realllllly doesn't know Jack Abramoff...

'L.A. Times' Columnist: 'I Don't Support Our Troops'

Official listening to Randi Thread

US Votes with Iran, Zimbabwe, China, Cameroon to stop gays at UN

BUSH gets the question: "Have you seen Brokeback Mountain?" from student

Question for supporters of Hillary and the DLC

Listening to Alito hearing - all ReThug Senators making quick

To All My Canadian Friends

DU this Poll:

Is there a Scotty thread??? now on c-span2...

Oprah Now: Day 2 promoting Dangerous Climate of Fear

Who spent how much money on gay marriage issue during last election

Question on the warrantless wiretaps

Dems going on attach--says Wolf (cnn)--not just rebuttals anymore.

Media on a positive note-how many of you have video cameras

Abramoff still on the payroll...

For those worried about the Nuclear Option and upcoming legislation:

White House Was Told Hurricane Posed Danger (Katrina) NYT

Is the Canadian election a good sign for us (anti-"one party rule.")?

du this msnbc poll!!How do you view the partisan divide/alito

Michal Smith (London times) has a new blog

So, are they going to filibuster, or not?

Missing Honeymooner on Cruise Ship !?!

Study shows 2005 was warmest year in a century

Priest raped us in an orgy, says nun

List examples of crimes associated/linked to the Administration.

Pundit Rothenberg upgrades Dem prospects for House Races

Melanie Sloan was just on Al Franken's show.

CNN > Ensor: "...expect the FISA law to be amended..when all the smoke..."

Learning from Goebbels and Goering

Did Anyone other Than The President See The First Plane Hit The WTC?

My Love, the commie calls alito.... deleto.....

What would you Sacrifice for Democracy?

oprah has business guy (his) talking about epidemics

Bill Nelson! You found your CONSCIENCE! Feels GOOD, doesn't it?

Study ordered by Pentagon: Army Stretched to Breaking Point

My wonderful husband faxed this message to all dems and Jeffords!

self delete

Make THIS the Democratic message for 2006-2008

The price of domestic spying, Rawstory's latest:

Marine Killed in Iraq is 5th to die from Tracy,California-pop. 56,929

Democracies don’t fight Democracies…..Well, well! Bush is Wrong Again.

Cornyn, Sessions, Hatch, Grassley.

Bad news: My Dem Senator promises nothing and says even less (Alito)...

UPDATE: Isikoff Confirms Abramoff Shopped Bush Photos

Ford Plant Closing

In the first 3 minutes of his broadcast this morning, Don Imus.....

Spying-the Target questions that should be asked.

15 Georgetown students turn backs to Gonzales

Deadly bomb blasts hit southwest Iran

"Regarding NSA Domestic Surveillance" - 9/11 Advocates

No filobuster means there must be a demand for impeachment.

Just Heard: Chip Reid on Imus "the chances of a filibuster now are zero"

Of the many lies in Bushie's speech yesterday...

Howard Zinn speech on UCTV right now!

So Canada drops a bomb on Washington DC, killing US citizens.

Hey rePUKES, this AIN'T a good time for the "nucular option". Here's why

Your Tax Dollars at Work ---pix->>>

Book of Daniel cancelled. AFA crowing like a rich hooker.

Go Senator Boxer

Imagine if a president broke the law, fought to keep that fact secret...

Alito Poll on AOL needs serious help

Kanye West poses as Jesus on Rolling Stone cover

What the Right-Wing Fear mongers are Lacking: Courage

Here's how to be your own reporter

An American Hitler and his Gestapo

"Get Your War On" hilarious but true comic....

Extended Debate on Alito? NRO Says Dems Will Do It (KOS)

Conversation with a friend

CNN reporter just asked: should there be a law against tossing salad

Unitary Executive 'theory'- Does the President Really Know Best?

Iris Scanning For New Jersey Grade School

Tweety says, why not "THROW THE BUMS OUT !"

get used to this smirk, it'll be around a long, long time

Cafferty is not letting up asKatrina comes back to haunt Bush

Froomkin's back :)

2236 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Mr. Bush, why haven't you killed bin Laden?

Ed Schultz calls for filibuster! Caller after caller in favor. Dems

Flexing Muscles:Fighting Back

Grade Democrat party line vote on Alito in committee

JOSHUA FRANK: War with Iran -- It’s More Than Nuclear

Go Senator Boxer

While important, it's not just about whether the filibuster works.

Study: US Army stretched to the breaking point.

Forget Alito's record. He lied and lost his memory before Congress.

Where can I get a pocket Constitution? article on protesters at Gonzales' speech today.

Harry Reid just said he will neither rule-in nor rule-out a Filibuster! n/

OK, I've had it. Time to vent. STOP WHINING LIKE BITCHES.

Hit them where it really hurts,their stock price! Please Read!

Clooney Made Her Cry

CNN: "Bush is Getting Personal, and Reaching Out"

LAT Columnist "I Don't Support the Troops" - Is This for Real?

Turn Your Back on BushCo ---->>>

Filibuster Question

the neocons have lied about everything EXCEPT 9-11 apparently

Bernie Ward further call to arms--keep contacting Senators!

Do you agree with this comment by O'Reilly about Alito & Democrats?

Dear tweety, you stupid moran; majority of Americans are PRO-CHOICE

so Bush has a 36% approval and Dems would be labeled obstructionists?

Iran Oil Bourse-MUST READ to prepare!!

No impatient w/Fitz but an indictment sure would be nice pre-SOTU

CNN Reports on "Corruption, Cronyism and Kickbacks"

Watch this Santorum video and be prepared to vomit.

Someone please tell the U.S. Army: ONLY COWARDS CUT AND RUN!

If we have to outsource torture can't we at least outsource it to Wallmart

Tweety's Big Lie of the Day

Infiltrated by feds, antiwar group turns on photographer (Raw Story)

Senator Rick Santorum recently urged his constituents NOT to enlist

Question: If a cop arrests a mime, does the cop still start off with....

MSNBC poll that needs some du love.

Bucks County Republicans Seek Removal of Tribute to Fallen US Soldiers

Do you know people who are furthur left who think Democrats are nuts?

Another August Advisory that Bush decided to ignore!

Send this link to someone you know who thinks it's time

Anybody watch the JFK Campaign documentary "Primary"?

What I sent Feingold and Kohl with Please FILIBUSTER as subject

Anybody heard from goodboy today?

"Friends don't let friends commit war crimes" crosses the Atlantic!

Homeland Security To Confiscate Bank Safe Deposit Box Contents

Chimpy puts opponents on TSA's "No-Fly" List- -are YOU on it?

Are you in the FR Worst Annual Top 10 DU Posts of 2005?

Deliberate misinformation about Alito from the repugs & media.

This guy is right.

The Administration's new FISA defense is factually false


ABC News; "Al Qaeda and Taliban flourishing in Pakistan"

Bush Not a Rancher

Will you feel betrayed by the Democratic Party if there's no filibuster?

Our own media- Podcast/MP3 audio - YOU as Radio-On-Demand

Do you know any people who are obviously liberal, but are in denial of

How many Repubs will vote against Alito ?

CNN: (Insurance Co's) "help a woman get rid of a child"

Irony defined in the latest NRA issue involving "The Internets"

Mexican troops cross border 216 times in last 10 years helping traffickers

It's not about abortion. It's about Union Busting, and shredding the

"RWers remark 'rattles' Democrats" - just noticed something.

Revenge When We Take Back Power.

General Hayden's NSA Email Address

Howard Dean..... not that good...

Once more...Will the Senate Democrats Filibuster ScAlito?

Anybody else out there who has just had it up to here?

Wiley's Non Sequitur: How homeless and unemployment stats are obtained

Jeff Gannon re: Libby> "I'm ready to testify - in fact - I'm looking..."

Gonzales Speech replays tonight 10:25pm - CSPAN2

True or False: The Administration of George W. Bush has committed crimes?

I'm about to mail off the completed Republican Party Census Form

Dem. Senators to Frist: WE CALL YOUR BLUFF! (It needs to be shouted!)

If the vote is moved up, and the nuclear option is used, there will be

Benderman got 15 months for refusing to kill. A convicted murderer walks.

Leahy: *Reid will make filibuster decision*

Just when you think Ted Nugent couldn't get more repugnant, he says this

Make a list and check it twice. (McCain 08)

Frist trying to move the Alito vote to TOMORROW!!!!

Today I spoke with a friend who's brother is just getting back

Reid Addresses the Real State of our Union

Help save the Lynx!

Please Stop With The "GOP will NEVER Overturn Roe Because..."

If you own a phone -cell or otherwise - READ THIS!

My allegiance in the next presidential primary is to the filibuster leader

I just asked my Dem Congressman to "Stand Up And Walk Out"...

Has Dean called for a quick withdrawal from Iraq?

Sacrificing everything for a full win in 2006 is worth it

Democrats have ZERO to lose by filibustering

Girl Accidentally Shot at Md. Day Care

What would be a good wedge issue against the rethugs ?

We Must Contact our Republican Senators About Not Nuking The Filibuster!

Oh Lordy-friend of mine called to tell me to watch Oprah & Bird flu show..

What's your impression of Harry Belafonte?

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."

Look who is refusing to honor our Fallen Heroes

Tell Big Media and Congress: Hands Off Our Internet

Bush was asleep at the wheel on Sept 11th, 2001....

Wow. Someone started a website dedicated to my SOTU walkout essay

AOL Poll: on Domestic Spying, the Media & * Statements

It may be CHB.. but DHAM.... I like the way he writes...

What Ben Franklin Had Actually Said.

Let's talk about this ... Bush's Third Term

I'm Quitting CNN today-Tired of hearing anchors express unfounded opinion

POPPY IS A REAL BASTARD ... his son is his generational gift to america

Reproduction regression article...a cautionary tale

crack down on US chicken owners - even your pet chicken

Sibel Edmonds Proof "War On Terror" Is A Lie

100 Calls, 100 Senators. My, Oh, My.


Democrats Announce Opposition to Alito Nomination

How old would W's aborted child be today?

Grrr.... radio station KSFO pissed me off today

KERRY-Knock Out Punch Re: New Katrina Documents

Isn't there any OTHER company that provides the same services

I have an excellent candidate I'd like to introduce you to

Is Tehran planning a nuclear weapons test before March 20, 2006 ?

This is bullshit!.....I'm proceeding with Project X.......NOW!

NBC Cancels "The Book of Daniel"

KBR awarded Homeland Security contract for US detention centers.

Why aren't more Americans Extremely Alarmed?

If you're not pro-choice, you're pro-coat hanger.

I BEG of you..Tell me this post on Craig's List is satire


Feingold's right: update law to match NSA vacuuming tech

I'm getting this notice on some of my business/personal emails...

Harry Bellafonte is my hero

KBR awarded $385M Homeland Security contract for U.S. detention centers

Progressives Choking on Right-Wing Spin: Self-Heimlich Now!

When afraid to filibuster for fear of losing it, you've already lost it.

TOONS: Bush Spygate, One Nation Under -------->>>

If the GOP goes nuclear, can the unions call a General Strike?

Can we filibuster a Commissioner's meeting?

The Costs of War

HUFF POST: Grover Norquist's predictions for 2006

Abramoff's Father To Clooney - Curious Thing For Jack's Father To Say.....

Heres the people who will ask Bush questions at SOTU

Texas Leads U.S. in Income Inequality Between Wealthiest & Middle class

Crooks&Liars video: Matthews loves Michael Moore Now

Remember Social Security? Bush on run again, trying to sell illegal spying

Breaking from CBS

Impeachment or Control of Congress?

must read on Abramoff and Dem donations! Last Hurrah blogger

Anybody watch Nightline about the gifts to SC Judges?


The Booming Bush Economy Comes Home to Roost (Ford in Ohio)

Wake up, spokesmen! The Republicans are in campaign mode.

Don't let them ram the PATRIOT ACT through!!!! Please Read!!!!!!!


Help get this story out! What Bush wants:new Patriot Act Personal US cops!

Kohl gave an excellent summary of the case against ScAlito

"The Bush administration is bracing for impeachment hearings in Congress"

Specter is pro-choice? MY ASS!


'I have a dream' becomes Castro's nightmare in cultural war with US

Waxman Requests Information on Abramoff-White House Relationship

James Bamford on the NSA Boondoggle...

Please tell me I am wrong.....We will be defeated again? Scalito

Why do many DUer's see the overturn of Roe as an election tool and forget

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/24/06: Will Alito Make Congress Irrelevant?

Bush Adminsitration Stealing Another Kerry Idea

faux Dem Sen. Ben Nelson spoke about dems. as 'they' not 'us'

Hilarious BW headline

Biden just said he is on his way to Israel to monitor an election - how

watch CSPAN 2

Venezuela tells McCain "go to hell" for wackos jibe

Ralph Reed to Abramoff "you're going to jail"... ha-ha-ha

D.C. Prepping for Possible Impeachment of one GWB

"Should I See" - perfect song to fit today's political atmosphere

Alito Confirmed in Committee - Sign Kerry's Petition if you haven't!

Check this post out -- a real, no B.S. computer security expert on e-votin

If there is a filibuster, what happens then?

Specter just said Alito should be confirmed for the "poise" he has shown

Only one day? What happened to the big bad W vs. the Law campaign?

NEW DOCUMENTS: Bush warned of likely damage before Katrina hit.

I am saying good night and good luck --- I can't take it anymore

Bush preparing to tell a lie

Tap This: Law Students Dissent as Gonzales Defends Domestic Spying

"Follow the Law. Get a Warrant." What's so complicated about that?!?

Heads up - Dems on C-Span NOW about spying abuses and Alito

"We've been told that we're out of this room at 2:30 and we don't

The "Use of Force" resolution authorized by the Congress

We've got to STAND TOGETHER!

Generals gathered in their masses

Bush, West Virgina and the Coal Mines

DU this poll on partisan line Alito vote!!! Sour grapes?

"Chimps more like humans than apes" - should we call him "Ape-man"?

Canadian Election

R's may want to think twice about changing filibuster, may not have votes!

Poll- How do you view partisan divide in Senate Committee vote on Alito?

New Reports Show WH Received but Failed to Heed Early Warnings on Katrina

"The Chink in the 'Hillary's an '08 lock' CW Armor" — A. Huffington

The Real Gorilla for 1/24: "Perfectly Legal"

Meet Your New CNN On-Air Personality - Glenn Beck

Hoyer’s Lobby Balancing Act

WSJ: Expanding Bush Budgets Irk Conservatives

The Mariana Islands....DeLay's Unregulated Pacific "Paradise"

New Meme: He didn't need a warrant, he just needed to document it after

Musharraf has a trump card

Tale of Two Drugs

NSA spying will never have a concrete role in counter-terrorism

Senator Leahy is on Big Eddie right now...

Wolfawitz under Fire.

Pro-choice clergy from around the nation to visit Senate, urge no on Alito

The re-birth of the "Kennedy Dynasty"

Why isn't your Congressperson filing ethics complaints?

Will Alito be confirmed?

How did CNN come up with such low poll numbers opposing Alito when...

Trent Lott can't buy lunch for less than $20

REPUBLICANS are ENDANGERING national security

Senator Bill Nelson (FL) to vote NO on Alito...

Taliban & Al Queda on the Comeback

Senators aren't listening to us...

It Is Actually The Left That Truly Supports Our Troops!!!

This is what the Democrats stand for!

MoveOn Counter Media Blitz: Tell The Media Bush Is NOT Above The Law!!

Since when does the ANY branch of the government have the authority to....

I am sick of people saying we have not been attacked since 911

What Case is Sen. Durbin referring to involving Brutality ...

Charley Rangel said today on Sean Hannity's show bush should not be impe.

A Canadian Election Summary, by a Canadian.

The Constitution - What's left? - today's cartoon

Investigator: U.S. 'Outsourced' Torture

Kitschy School Prayer email I received, and my response


What I wish would happen

Third party poltics

Is there something flawed in our nature?

Ford got $250M jobs creation tax break

Gore, Kerry, Murtha, and Barbara Boxer need to

Abramoff is the one peddling the photos of him with *!!!!

Patriot Act renewal would create a new federal police force

Students show Gonzales that they understand the law

If the US had three parties, this is what the Senate would look like

List of Chris Matthews sponsors

In a post that cries out for intervention by Obviousman, I gotta say...

Kerry: “Where’s the Accountability?” on Bush's Early Warning of Katrina!

Republicans support ban on hunting! (On Sunday)

An American Hitler and his Gestapo

Keep Justices Kennedy and Stevens health in you prayers.

Three Options: FILIBUSTER, Vote to confirm, OR Get Out!!

R-Sen DeWine tried to eliminate essential part of FISA in June '02

Washington Journal C-SPAN inundated with right wing calls.

Orin Hatch is WHINNNNING right now

One of the Reasons Why the Bad Guys (* & Co.) Hate CBS

"I Saw it Hacked"....Eye witness to election fraud

If the democrats filibuster we aren't going to know until it's happening

" They brought it home" 67% of 251 soldier's babies degraded

What is NED? And Why is it Necessary?

Scalia Lives High On the Hog

Jack Abramoff and Boris Badenov: Separated at Birth!

We need a constitutional amendment...

Do you really think the Administration spies on ordinary Americans?