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Archives: January 23, 2006

Karl's DeLay Is A Good Thing

The 'just war' test: U.S. actions in Iraq fail to qualify ...

A very good article by Tom Porteous 'Reading Iran'

In Iran, Power Written in Stone

How to alert the author of Top 10 Idiots of a factual error?

Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets

Medford, Oregon editorial board opposes Alito confirmation

Diego Garcia: Paradise Cleansed- John Pilger

Bush's NSA Hubris

Yeah , we all know he's crackers,

Latin America Shifts Left: It's the Economy

"The Lessons of the Roman Empire for America Today"

'Blue' States Tackling Energy On Their Own...

PR campaign against Mercury Warnings

America will hit 300 million people this fall....Is this REALLY good?

Turn Manure Into A Cash Cow, Of Sorts...

A New Gust Of Wind Projects In U.S.

Dental amalgam fillings are one of largest sources of atmospheric emission

Tonight's election fraud news thread will be slightly delayed;)

is there a site that has links to all VVPB law passed so far?

Why would McCain endorse Blackwell unless perhaps he understands

Stop the Lies, Fight the Fix: Don't Let Them Hide the Bodies

Diebold software files have company in double bind with state, feds

Did NSA help Bush hack the vote?

How Diebold and Dr. Shamos Made Diebold "Okay" for Pennsylvania

CA College Democrats vs. CA College Republican sites see a difference?

E-mail Bounced question

I just got ripped off by Microsoft's paid support group

Protest SOTU 1/31; "World Can't Wait"

Any Houston folks want to join us and visit w/ Kay Bailey on Wed?

Read this if you've ever protested Halliburton in Houston:

well I tried Asian cooking again tonight

It's fake cochinita pibil tonite.

Cuban Pork Sandwiches

Assuming it's a PC victory...

If the Conservatives win, will the left unite?

Last CPAC/SES poll (Jan 22, 2004)

self delete due to lack of interest!!!

Final Strategic Council poll, Jan 22

Harper calls Jack Laytons campaign "honorable".

The barbarians are at the gates!

If the election was fought on theme songs...

Fake e-mail could mislead voters

Now that Frank Mckenna is with the Caryle Group, this is must see TV.

Layton criticizes Tory policies

U.S. Navy Seizes Pirate Ship Off Somalia

Report: Barnes & Thornburg lobbyist linked to Abramoff has quit

'Blue' states saving energy on their own

WP: Kama Sutra Worm Gets Nasty

Russia blamed for 'gas sabotage'

Kerry says he won't vote for Alito

Schwarzenegger's 'free ride' from conservatives might be finished

Officials to be interviewed by committee probing CIA prisons

Steelers Super Bowl Bound!

Seahawks Super Bowl Bound!

Smoking Gun? Is This a Bush Transition Team Photo with Abramoff?

CNN/Reuters: Sundance documentaries explore immigration (and win fans)

Inspectors test Alberta cow for BSE

Venezuela plans foreign bond issue, debt buybacks

WP: Professionals Fleeing Iraq As Violence, Threats Persist (Iraq)

Sympathy for al-Qaida Surges in Pakistan (air strike)

NYT: Patients Needing Care Overwhelm New Orleans's Hospital System

Israel braces for Hamas dominating elections

WP: Former Abu Ghraib Guard Calls Top Brass Culpable for Abuse

CIA runs detention center in Afghanistan

Iraqi Cleric: Militia Would Defend Iran

White House seen to use wiretaps as campaign asset

US to press Pakistan to step up efforts to find bin Laden

Georgian leader attacks Russia after gas blasts

Senators urge vigilance after new bin Laden tape surfaces

Bush nominee broke law (federal judge - violated conflict of interest)

Bolivia's first Indian president vows deep reform

Oil Transport Stopped as Iraq Did Not Pay Its Debt--Zaman Online, Turkey

Oil Rises for a Third Day as Cold Weather Increases Europe Heating Demand

Russian TV alleges UK espionage

Canada's Liberals closing the gap on conservatives.

Sex-slave horror prompts new scrutiny

Pat Robertson cancels speech to National Religious Broadcasters

WP,pg1: Politics Alleged In (DOJ Civil Rts Div.) Voting Cases (big story)

NYT: As States Curb Homemade Meth, a More Potent Variety Emerges

As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights

US Assures Pak Not to Strike Iran--The Nation, Pakistan

NYT: Study Shows Only Six Nations Achieved Environmental Goals

"It must have flew!" Who said this in what movie?

why aren't there more eskimos in

Sharing my new favorite software toy....

Our new study area

I think we just saw our son in the crowd in Seattle..

You know what they say about martinis!


My new favorite drink. Tequila and Diet caffeine free Pepsi

Anybody find they are getting re-billed for invoices already paid?

Wow, Seattle's defense has done a great job so far

Have you watched the football games today?

GUERRILLA GOURMET - neat idea...

My dog just ate some chocolate

New word----"Clirty"

I loved MUNICH........Far better than

All this talk about Brangelina is going to give me brangina!

heehee, punny pics...

My new favorite dish: Tequila Mockingbird

"Young Chuck Norris"

The STEELERS are going to the SUPERBOWL!

SO they teach new medications in medical classes now????

Anyone wanna help me pump up my post count? *g*



How much income do you bring in in a year?

I am teaching dolo amber to play bass.

NBC is canceling "ER"

I'm about to post something slightly risque on my blog tomorrow.

And we can pass in the songbooks on this one!!

Woohooo. I met Griffin Bell this week...

What was your last major DU post count milestone?

Downtown Denver is like a morgue

Am I the only one NOT watching football, today?

'KAZUKO' A love story

An acquaintance just died today....

"Ted Kennedy's Secret Son!" "Hillary's Lesbian Loves!"

God's Desperate Housewife has jumped the Shark.

"We have gifts for all V.D. situations"

Congrats to the Seahawks

God Desperate Housewife's has jumped the Shark.

NFC Championship Game Thread #2

Both of my preferred professional sports teams WON!!

Congrats to the 2005-06 NFL Champion Pittsburgh Steelers

If I make myself deaf with my kids ipod tonight, will bushit just go away?


dolo amber has gone to the dogs!

I used to have a lap, now I just have a torso

Hey, My show on!

Woo Hoo! We just re-entered the TV Age!

How long ago was your most recent sexual encounter?

The movie "Seven" (possible spoiler)

Myron Cope!!!!!

Give me pointers on how to lose those last 20 lbs.

How long was your last sexual encounter?

Was I rude? (roommate-boyfriend conflict)

What music have you listened to this weekend?

Randy Sunday Afternoon

D'ya ever feel like your wearing a bat, but you're not?

Football offseason approaches.

Steelers Super Bowl Bound!

Tracking my Apple shipment...

Whoa...a post "locked thread" post.

Hot liquid hell - Wonder Bread is introducing 2 "whole wheat" versions

A young Powdered Toast Man (pic)

One of our cats is begging for the candy Orange Slices.

D'ya ever feel like your wearing a hat, but you're not?

Hey, Freeper football fans...

Gene splicing: I wonder what a Katherine Harris/Ann Coulter baby

What should I have to drink?

D'ya ever feel like your wearing protection, but you're not?

Chief Seattle vs. William Pitt

A question about dogs nail care...

Priorities are important to young ladies, dammit! (pic)

What is the number one thing that gets you off..


the musical "Hair" - Brilliant or Indecent Hippie Crap?

Vehicle registration suspended for 1 parking ticket

what's the point?

I have been waiting for this day for 30 years

D'ya ever feel like your wearing a bra, but you're not?

Hey, People!

Is Star Trek dead?


Satellite alternatives, besides Dish and DirectTV?

___________ is/are smarter than Terry Bradshaw.

You ever feel like wearing clothing, but you're not?

Seahawks Super Bowl Bound!

What happens to those Championship t-shirts and caps

If you believe in prayer, please say one for your Canadian neighbours.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

What country do you live in?

How seriously do you take a big loss in football?

Pack your bags Seahawks fans, YOU'RE GOING TO DETROIT!

Hey evl

Anyone want to know why Carolina lost the game?

Yeah the Seahawks cheated.

Just finished surgical removal of a

My resume shot (a little bush league attention Whorin') (dial-up warning)

Since it's been a while, new pics of Quinn and Althea

Help me understand something

Well I hope Jerome Bettis is happy with the deal he made w/the Devil

Movie question: "Hoodwinked" (sports/Lakers trivia)

There will be NO living with Zomby, er, "Mr. Woof" now

what was the first movie you remember seeing?

new paintings...for sale...

The Canadian E-Day worker checklist!

"High School Musical" on Disney

evening earworm

OK, You're in Heaven. Who's on top?

proper usage of the *F* word

Classic Sex Symbols (pic heavy)

Why is Pat Robertson's God such a jerk?

Berman's PR campaign against Mercury Warnings

How do we make our issues matter?

Who will be the Super Bowl Champion?

The Pittsburgh Steelers Are the 2005-06 NFL Champions

anyone else watching kobe just go off?!!

Congratulations to the Steelers and the Seahawks!!!

What The Heck.....Seattle Seahawks Win The National Conf...

Seahawks 17...Carolina Kitty Kats.....ZERO

Seattle Seahawks are kicking butt!!!!

Murphee is taking to her new diet....

My Seahawks WON!!!!

Accckkk! JK was on campus today and I missed it!

The RNC’s in a Tizzy over John Kerry’s “This Week” Interview (TRANSCRIPT)


I'm going back to Boston

Missed the macro contest, but here's a geek challenge...

Rita Cosby Held Hostage!

"I love you...You look beautiful, honey. I love you too...Love you t--"

Live Blogging from the Bush Crimes Commission

Saddam lawyers seek to try Bush, Blair

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

Karl Rove wants to keep us in fear like some over the top Hermann Goering

Daily Kos: 33rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

UH OH! Bush is brushing up on Chairman Mao. We're in for it, now!

Question: When did the USA jump the shark?

Seahawks 17...Carolina Kitty Kats.....ZERO

Seattle Seahawks are kicking butt!!!!

Show Me the Jack and George Photos

Abramoff RW mouth pieces question

Does anyone have the media links on the mining deregulations

Enemy Of The State Scared The Crapola Out Of Me.....

Anyone plan on attending or hosting a SOTU house party?

Halliburton denies contamination of supply to American soliders

Saddam lawyers seek to try Bush, Blair

Iran Warns Israel About Attack - destination chaos...

did you guys know there are a bunch of DUer blogs listed in the Research

Rachel Maddow: Osama "sounds like Ken Mehlman... only less gay"

British Spies KNEW & Had Investigated Bombers-1 Yr BEFORE Attacks

Ok. Post some Republican "babes" here. (GRAPHICS & PUKE BUCKET ALERT! )

Why do people tell stories about what Democrats say?

The mercenaries who converted the Vatican

Read This Article: How Free Flow Of Internet Info Could Be Squelched

Hollywood and the CIA et al

Truly Tacky Story: Standing on our street corner with my Friends,

Is it just me, or does is feel like there's a link between Illegal Spying

Is anyone else watching Tom Brokow's "To War and Back"

So tell me, what will stop the shrub from saying

BREAKING: Osama says he's gonna go to Iowa, Missouri

The world now thinks the US is a ridiculous and "silly" country

When White America Wants Answers, Tim Russert Coughs Up the Questions

George Bush 41 with Prime Minister of Japan

(VIDEO) Lewis Black, rant machine

I cant wait to "HANG" it

Berman's PR campaign against Mercury Warnings

The Tale of Indian Jack and the Bushman...

My neighbor sent me an attachment of a commercial to be aired

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

FOX: Fed. regulations prevented mine rescue

Re: Alito. Whom besides my own senators should I contact?

The Specter Hearings...

A letter to my Senator regarding the Alito Nomination

Dear Gov. Dean -- Bush’s Illegitimate Presidency

White House seen to use wiretaps as campaign asset

Has anything actually ever happened after one of these "bin laden" tapes?

Psychological profile" Cronyism, Insecurity, MASSIVE Corruption,...etc..

The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet

Moscow names British 'spies' in NGO row

When did Matt PUDGE's bureauCRAT parents die and teach * EVERYTHING?

ABC tv news slams bush re palestinie elections...way to go ABC

From Germany: A New Sense of Justice

Has anyone seen the Fred and Ethel Mertz drug plan commericial?

I am so angry at the neo-con assholes today it is hard to express

Delete Alito and the Urinary Executive

DUE TO PRES EXEC ORDERS: Add This To Your Email Signature

Jury Duty......How many DU'ers have SERVED in the last two years?

Is it possible to survive in US on a primary school education?

Why I love Moby...(I bet HE's on the NSA's (s)hit list too)

Did White House request for Google records seem a little unusual ??


I wonder what John is up to at

More hard hitting journalism from 60 Minutes: Video Gaming Pros

Sure, there's been no more terror attacks--but how about 9/11/2001.

Smoking Gun? Is This a Bush Transition Team Photo with Abramoff?

Drown him out! Locations for World Can't Wait Rallies, 1/31.

Dan Rather: 3 people sitting in a room shouting at each other

Interesting story about Day Laborers...

If you believe in prayer, please say one for your Canadian neighbours.

A very moving commercial to be aired on superbowl sunday

Testing broadcast on CanOFun

Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape

Cindy Sheenan and Hugo Chavez to address 6th World Social Forum

NYT: Odds are Bush, Rove will succeed in making illegal spying an asset

Would it work if our representatives took this type of a stand?

Why can't bush just admit that he's met Abramoff? Why would it

FBI tying Environmentalism to "Terrorism"

Is it time for some propaganda leaflets?

Press Shut Out on Cheney's Mideast Trip

Pakistan PM: CIA attack reports 'bizarre'

Miss Nevada's mom FURIOUS that judges put daughter on the spot!

did anyone see this? . . . Florida county e-voting system deal nixed

Kids Survive Alleged 5-Year Imprisonment

As a Democrat, I request the White House cease and desist from...

The US Park Police is trying to restrict State of the Union protests

WH responds to the Time/Washingtonian revelation re: Bush & Abramoff pics

My post to a moderate republican blog.

if you were the neocons, what would you be doing right now?

Question: I was noticing that DU has 83,529 registered DUers, does

NSA monologue from GOOD WILL HUNTING

Are DUers starting to believe Capitol Hill Blue now?

Senate Caucus Room being used to promote Schindlers' cause

Top Senate Dem Apologizes To GOP - dems leaders please...

Kyle you warmonger, how can you say you are prolife when you want war!

Air America welcomes El Paso, TX !!!!!!!! or El Paso, TX welcomes AAR!!

Should someone in D.C. deliver a copy of Will Pitt's memo...

Why not stage a series of national strikes?

Deborah Howell: The Firestorm Over My Column

What is the Right Wing's Number One Nightmare?

Abramoff's `Equal Money' Went Mostly to Republicans

Will Pitt... from your keyboard to God's ears

I've been banned from the Hannity forum!!!!!

So, who is the source of the Bush & Abramoff pics?

Will Pitt's letter to Congressional Dems now posted at Truthout.

My Lai Massacre Hero Buried

stopping these fuckers is going to take a lot more than impeaching bush

What is sacred to Republicans? (A rant.)

NY Sun. PM West Wing Spoiler Thread: Avert your eyes.

What is John Aravosis doing to Chris Matthews????

Alito is Bork in Dork clothing

CBS reporting on Canadas HUGE oil reserves

Jim McDermott needs our help - his letter;

McCain endorsed Blackwell for OH Governor?

Does Rumsfeld Remember His Own Vietnam Lessons for Iraq?

Will we see Bush and Abramoff as much as we saw Clinton and Lewinsky?

International Law

Media coverage of Kerry on This Week (Rove lied, other quotes)

Osama and many Arabs are hoping George Bush and the Repubs win...

New Improved Freedom, brought to you by Bush!

A scary picture: The Supreme Court without O'Connor

Is there a compilation of all VVPB state laws?

In Controlled Test, Results Are Manipulated in Florida System

FOX: Fed. regulations prevented mine rescue

U.S. funding Palestinian elections

Was tonight's West Wing a veiled slap at Bush and Katrina?

Lookin' for happy times again

We must keep the coming elections focused on some simple truths

Howard Dean: "We fully stand by Al's speech. He is a great American, `

If you use Yahoo: STOP NOW!!!

YouKnowWho doesn't break the law, does he?

Delete Elito and the Urinary Executive

Lieberman to run in November even if defeated in Democratic primary!

Sadam Lawyers Seek To try Bush, Blair

How can the reality be so differently interpreted?

WA State GOP executes sick political stunt

Halliburton delivered contaminated water to troops, covered it up

Leading expert predicts "Neptune Factor" can disrupt Rep. powers

Whare are my Democratic PRIMAL SCREAMERS!!??

George knows Jack (Abramoff that is!) New photos according to Time Magazin

Americans are embarrassed by Bush so they pretend he isn't there

YAY!!!(?) My county picked ES&S over Diebold!!!!!

Possible Rovian trick regarding Bush/Abramoff photos

Why so many US citizens conveniently pretend to be ignorant about Bush?

Time to start doing some spying of our own

Being a Democrat ain`t for sissies.

The RNC’s in a Tizzy over John Kerry’s “This Week” Interview (Transcript)

Some facts about Nader funding in 04 that bother me.

Pick Up Your Phones Now! Leave Messages on Alito for Senators

Great anti-Alito petition sites for DEFEAT ALITO WEEK:

Compassionate Conservatism? There really IS such a thing.

Democratic Congressman William Jefferson to be indicted?

As One Canadian Goes to Vote.

TruthIsAll-Autorank Why Kerry Won! Why it Matters.

A Congress in the dark cannot fulfill functions

House Leader Keeps Diverse Democrats on Common Course

Judge Alito's Radical Views(NYTimes)

AZ Republic: Put Faith in our Founders

Pinching pensions (LAT editorial

When George Met Jack

Robert Cringely: Hitler on Line One

Health Plan to Revive Debate (about heavy risk transfer to employee)

Kinetic Energy Kill For Ballistic Missile Defense (CRS)

How Biography Of Mao offers Insight Into Bush

surprise: overpaid execs have friends on the board of directors

Bush: Fearmonger, tyrant, Liar

Just when you thought Maniac Mike couldn't get no mo' crazier...

JAMES KUNSTLER: Two Peckerheads

General Ivashov: “International terrorism does not exist”

Cutting the Corruption

A Fake Cisneros Scandal (There Was No Coverup-I know; I was there.)

Partying at Davos

Nine Eleven a Globalist Inside Job - Russian General Leonid Ivashov

Fickle CNN slouches to the right

Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent

Heat Cuts Power, Boosts Fires, Disrupts Australian Open Tennis Match

In Spring-Like Conditions, Lake Champlain Hit Record Water Level

123 Killed So Far In Moscow Alone In Russian Cold Wave - Reuters

Majority prefer renewables and efficiency over nuclear future (UK)

Internal Document Allegedly Shows Kuwaiti Oil Reserves Half Official Total

Australian Bushfires Likely To Worsen - 3 Killed In Latest Flare-up - AFP

More Of The Last Thing Spain Needs - Cloudless Skies, Warm Weather

Electing Harper = Killing Kyoto - The Tyee

Italy Bracing For Extreme Cold Wave AFP

Scientists Pin Blame For Shrinking Elbe River On Climate Breakdown

TV on standby?

Scientific Concern Builds As Arctic Basin Meltdown Accelerates

100,000 Steelhead Killed By Defective Dam Pump (California)

United States Ranks 28th on Environment, a New Study Says

Bedbug epidemic ... Will DDT be unbanned?

Mike Whitney: 'How Iran's oil exchange threatens the greenback'

In 1977, what price did Ralph Nader predict for solar PV energy by 2000?

Palestinians debate role of Hamas in government

Lawless in Gaza: leaders try to end chaos

Weekly report on human rights violations in the OPT {edit}

The fence will never be a border

Russian General: Nine Eleven a Globalist Inside Job

Russian General claims 9/11 an "Inside Job"

Loot the Vote: The Bush Faction's Future Victories are Already in the Bag

OT: This opportunity to help SOTU protesters could use a kick.:

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News January, 23, 2006

Orange County, CA activist needs help/ideas

WP- Politics Alleged in Voting Cases: JusticeOfficials & Influence

Diebold has Registered Lobbyists in CA, can anyone find other vendors'?

should citizens be required to work the polls?

Diebold: CA Tests Find Diebold TSx 100% Accurate in 11/05 Election

International media project on exposing election theft 2004

What MoveOn is doing about election fraud; My input to them...

You think democracy is dead in OH? Get a load of PA!

Good morning, California. Here is an opportunity to help SOTU

LAT: (CA) Studies Support Emissions Plans (could boost state's economy)

Barbara Boxer to speak on Alito tomorrow in Burbank, CA...

An Emegency Meeting and a Call to Action by The ACLU- Call and/or come!

Ford Bell’s Speech to the DFL State Central Committee on January 21, 2006

I am taking a Spanish class over the internet...Wordpad is what

Convert XCEL(or Works) spreadsheet to ACT! database??

South Texas Judicial Politics: The RINO versus the DINO, who to support?

ACLU Forum on personhood Austin 1/26 - Van Os as guest

A Plea for Campaign Money: Kick the GOP in the crotch...

Protest Paul Bremer in Houston 1/26

Earle Subpoenas Former DeLay Campaign Aide Robert Mills

Comptroller to release report on Homebuilder Commission

Jim Dunnam Endorses Gammage

Hey! AAR website says they've added KHRO 1650 in El Paso!

Heads Up! Nick Lampson up next on Franken! (12:30pm) nt

Cap Times: John Gard is Delay's man

Can a biga sit in a metal bowl overnight or should I move it to stoneware?

Vegetarian Japanese food?

"Get Back to your Knitting" McKay to McDonough

Final predictions?

I where's the Pepto Bismol?


Good luck to Jack Layton and the NDP

Mad Cow Confirmed in Alberta

Isn't election day media coverage supposed to avoid partisanship?

Biggest winner of Tory government: Dalton McGuinty

Warning about bogus election e-mail

WP: Lobbyists Help Fund Ripon Society Travel (for GOP lawmakers)

Oil firms dodging liabilities for drilling in national parks...

56 Colleges Have Endowments Topping $1B

Thousands throng streets as Bolivian leader sheds tears but talks tough

At Least 23 Iraqis Die in Weekend Attacks ... (and the beat goes on)

Vatican Paper Hits (Slams) 'Intelligent Design' (as Not Science)

House Leader Keeps Diverse Democrats on Common Course

Russia accuses British diplomats of spying

Canadians head to polls amid warnings of bogus election e-mail

Iran nuclear plans may pose energy threat - United States

Nikkei falls 2 pct on U.S. slide, dollar weakness

Abramoff's `Equal Money' Went Mostly to Republicans

Abdullah's visit to China is the first ever by a Saudi king

French doctors test woman for bird flu after trip to Turkey

Bolivia's Morales Proves `Pragmatic,' Limits Anti-U.S. Rhetoric

U.K. Mother Loses Challenge to Teen Abortion Guidance

Turkey Drops Charges Against Novelist Pamuk

Three Iraqis, Two Americans Die in Attacks

NYT: Delicate Dance for Bush in Depicting Spy Program as Asset

If Iran War about euro bourse, why is Europe backing us?

Vatican 'cashes in' by putting price on the Pope's copyright

Al-Qa'eda supporters win seats in local polls

OPEC risks being dragged into conflict between Iran and West

Iraq increases exports of crude oil

Nairobi collapsed building buries many people.

NYT: A Liberal Beacon ("The New Leader") Burns Out

NYT: With Heady Days in the Past, Ex-Atlanta Mayor Faces Trial

Steve Jobs to get controlling share of Disney/ABC

Pakistanis Stopped From Protesting U.S.

UK diplomats in Moscow spying row

Supreme Court: states can be sued under bankruptcy law

Pinochet wife held in fraud case

As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights

LAT: (CA) Studies Support Emissions Plans (could boost state's economy)

Swiss bank drops Iranian clients

Expulsion of U.S. Envoy Sought in Pakistan

Update: Ford Slashing Up to 30,000 Jobs by 2012

Leading U.S. Indicators Index Points to Slower Growth

CNN: Turmoil abroad pushing up gas prices

Audience Q&A New Feature of Bush Speeches

As cuts loom, Ford announces $2 billion profit

Three U.S. Servicemen, Three Iraqis Killed

Asian Stocks Fall on U.S. Slump, Oil; Toyota, Matsushita Slide

BBC World: Explosion in Baghdad ... Two dead ... breaking

Iraq: New Militia Formed To Protect Citizens in Rebel Stronghold

Ford to drop 1,700 suppliers, keep 800

U.S. intelligence official defends domestic spying (Hayden)

Photo shows Bush meeting Marianas governor (Abramoff client)

Reid remark draws ire of Italian-American group: GOP senator Santorum comp

"Intelligent Design" Debate Goes To Kids' TV

Syrians oppose US but love KFC

Help Stop ALITO! Sign John Kerry's petition!

SD legislature to consider abortion ban

Bush says told China to float its currency (Wow! Bossing China around now!

NORAD exercise in DC

IAEA chief: no broad Iran report for February meeting (refuses US request)

Saddam slams 'Iranian meddling' in Iraq

Florida man freed by DNA after decades in prison (Reuters)

Soldier killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad ( # 2229 )

Rice Says time for talking to Iran is over

Bush defends Blair, says he is not a yes man

Bush says sees risk of Iranian nuclear blackmail

Libby Wants to Use Classified Evidence

Newsweek: Iraq's Oil Bust ("guards were never deployed")

Mag. 6 earthquake off west coast of Columbia

Google Case Shows Bush Using Alito as Trojan Horse for SC Takeover

3 Aurora grads face trial in Wis. hate crime

150 Journalists Killed Worldwide in 2005 (5 by US troops)

US Channels Millions Through NED to Fund Anti-Lavalas Groups in Haiti

Senate panel to vote Tuesday on Alito

Pope gunman jailed 'until 2010'

George sinks to new low

Six Groups Break With al-Qaeda's al-Zarqawi

Golisano set to run (NY Gov Race - Republican Primary)

Japan's Male Crisis May Give The 'Weaker Sex' the Throne

W.Va. Senate Passes New Mine Safety Rules

Reporters Ejected from Gov. Jeb Bush Speech in Florida

Earle Subpoenas Former DeLay Campaign Aide (Robert Mills/US Family Network

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 23 January

Ohio, Indiana Consider Complete Abortion Bans

Bush Says Good Intel Needed to Find Enemy ;-)

Last Herd of Caribou Fighting for Survival

American contractors leaving Iraq (out of cash)

Bush seen nominating telecom lawyer to FCC: sources (Reuters)

Deported Muslims return to sue US govt for abuse (Reuters)

Bush phones into anti-abortion march; hails "noble cause"

US 'aggressive' in reopening beef trade: Bush

Officer Convicted in Iraqi's Death Sorry (that he was caught)

Removal ends a family's nightmare (Bush dept of Just.

U.S. safety officials leave mine hearing, anger Specter (Walks Out)

Ailing Kuwait emir to abdicate after deal

Bush rejects charges that domestic spying illegal

Court Won't Hear Judicial Elections Case

Passengers plot mutiny on Queen Mary 2

California City Bans Even Outdoor Smoking

US Havana messages outrage Castro (BBC News)

Bush Aide Says Abramoff Photos Coincidence

Wolfowitz triggers graft storm at World Bank

Paterson to join Spitzer as running mate (NY Lt. Governor)

Rice says time for talking with Iran is over

Bank of America's Profit Unexpectedly Falls on Bankruptcies

ARG Poll: Bush Approval 36% (Returns to its record low)

'Lolita' Could Be Pulled From Library's Shelves

Ford Cutting Up to 30,000 Jobs, Shutting Down 14 Plants

Sirius May Censor Howard Stern

Toshiba Shares Rise on Winning Westinghouse Bid

Is that a Mexican poncho or is that a Sears poncho?

Devils and Dust concert tour - did anyone else see it miss it?

** If anyone here is a travel agent, would you please PM me? ** NT

where are user pics? ANYONE? ANYONE?

D’ya ever feel like making lotsa work for the mods?

Free at last, free at last!

OMG---Recipe for "Kitty Litter Cake":

A KILLER Linda Ronstadt CD in stores Tuesday. 2 CDs, 46 tracks.

You know that great feeling when you've been wearing nine pairs of pants..

Anyone else have a committee in their head...

We've all been punked. Mods are really just gov.interns in the basement

Would someone please clue me in? I IS Sunday night!

D’ya ever feel like baking lotsa pork for the mods?

Cod appreciation thread

Mood appreciation thread

Kitchen Witch! How are your cupcakes tonight?

Sod appreciation thread

Yo ho, yo ho, a republican's life for me....

So My Neighbor's On The Roof With a Nun...

Give me pointers on losing the first twenty dollars...

Blessed Be the Ties that Bind


God appreciation thread

Which cartoon character said 'It'll never work?' (The first one)

most powerful mutant in the marvel universe?

I'm trying to be mature about all these bra threads

Mods!! Rock ..... This .......... Thread!!

Cod and greasy egg on bread.

Mod appreciation thread

BuffytheFundySlayer has the naughtiest smileys!

I really should be in bed by now........

Okay kids, I'm off to bed.

Try this, it shows what it was like the day you were born.

I should probably slip in between the sheets

Bwahh, look at this factory custom 76 chevy

Give me pointers on losing the first twenty pounds...

What other message boards to you read and post to besides DU?

Excuse me...where are the DUer eaters on Meat?

Why I love baseball

So My Neighbor's On The Roof With a Gun...

Good night, darlin' Loungers!

The Prejudice Map

So what's your cup size?

Is there a better way to start the new week

Why are the good lesbians either women or married?

36 hours to unemployment. Ask me anything

Back from my vacation (plus one unusual celebrity sighting)

Foxes call news conference on the Barnyard News Channel

What is a tragedy?

Well A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Tiffani Thiessen!

I now know why the San Francisco 49ers sucked this year


I don't hate wearing a bra

3am..... fire alarm

** GLOOMIEST DAY OF THE YEAR*** January 23rd

Monday earworm.

Man Killed When Dog Crashes Through Car Windshield

Uh-oh!! George Clooney is in trouble with Jack Abramoff's dad!!!

What bug zapper music are you listening to right now?

Does anybody know where Scotty is???

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Requesting EarlG to develop Transporter technology for Lounge meet-up

DU MALES! Would you wear this thong?

Just ONE more football thread.

Ok, so who would join a DU fantasy baseball league?

Post a picture of your family

8 Arrested For Riding Subway With No Pants On

Man Assults State Trooper With Prosthetic Legs

Mom Claims Son Got Bloody Sundae At McDonalds - Suing

I never thought I would actually say this but.............GO NDSU BISON.

Here's what I want from lawsuit reporting in the media:

MISS AMERICA - Jennifer Berry Miss Oklahoma

If today is the most depressing day of the year--CHEER ME UP!

what can i do to stop capsules from getting stuck in my throat?

Anyone here ever heard of Trammell brand washers/dryers

Snake Eyes ---pix->>>

Kids.... can't live w/ 'em... can't kill 'em

What'll it be? Beef? Pork? Weiners? Your choice, I'm buying.

Ideas for a healthy breakfast.?

Congrats to Steeler Fans!!!!!

What's going on y'all?

this is sooooo much better...not so strained

My latest conspiracy theory.....the many uses of pat robertson....

So I got myself a new avatar for the next coupla weeks...

Most disgusting word you can think of....


Thanks you Chicago area DUers

Somebody oughta write a book...(fiction)

Arrested Development Season 3 DVD - when?


What's the worst thing to hear from your waiter/waitress?

Best Cartoon Dog?

Falling banana kills woman

We pulled into Rome

What would you rather be doing right now?

My beef with book dust jackets

Best band named after a city, state, province, country or land mass?

Woo-hoo! My secretary just resigned!!!

ATTENTION: Please dispatch a psycho ward team to Manhattan KS.


B*** Speaks at KSU, Check out the Protesters!

The next time we have a post-election user name change amnesty

So what's George Galloway up to these days?

These words are not to be used in the DU Lounge...

The Are you REALLY open-minded? Test

Residents on Gaywood Rd. have had it with stolen signs

Integrity of CBS reality show "Survivor" questioned?...Whatever will I do?

OK. You're in Hell. What are you forced to post?

food from the yard

Okay kids, I need computer shopping help

Tastykake's Lemon Pie - A little Slice of Heaven

is Mr. Spacely a dwarf?

My dog ate the disposable camera with all of my Christmas pics on it.

Last night I had the strangest dream

What can I whoop y'all up for lunch today?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have more Super Bowl trophies than Oasis.

Super Bowl Takeout and Delivery Fact Sheet

Amy, Joey and Mary Jo ----- Together Again!

remember when saltines were packaged in WAXED PAPER? and you could

There is No Miss America!

sooo my phone just rang and I GOT THE JOB!!

"Buttafuocos, Amy Fisher Plan TV Reunion"

INCREDIBLE photography blog.

I wonder if Shakespeare got his arse kicked on Valentines, for this?

Dear Next Door Neighbor:

Generally, I root for the NFC team in the SB. But I'm confused.

Wake me when pitchers and catchers report!

Oh my God! I think I found the Bush-Abramoff photo!

Fuck, I saw something that pissed me off in a washroom

Unusual classified Ads.

(slams door) Holy cripes Don't go out there they are actually nuts

What is the first line to the 'Bugs Bunny Show' song?

What's you ring-tome?

Mommy, I want to smoke too!

When is my phone gonnna ring about my new job?

Jessica Simpson's pie to be featured in Super Bowl ad

My dog has bad breath

Why do I have the song "Brass Bonanza" stuck in my head?

I hate computers!

there is no such thing as a stupid question...

Two for the Money... Who has seen it? - Annoying or Brilliant?

My neighborhood in the snow (pictures)

Did you ever know an actual YOUNG person who listened to Muzak?

My stomach feels icky

You feelin' alright? I'm not feelin' too good myself

Want a free night in an Altanta hotel? Ralph Reed is willing to treat!!!

White Stripe fans check in today!!

Post a pic of your most interesting scar and/or its story

Goodnight DU!

If you saw an 11/12 year old boy with a t-shirt saying...

God sends bears to KILL little kids. WTF ? ! ?

I just voted.

So is Pittsburgh burning?

Cramps, oh moan and groan, suck!!

five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

DU this DU poll!

23 Jan. 2006. Sunshine 40 degrees F- Lake Erie no ice

Hilarious story about a couple of good ol' boys

Car people - a question

Flame Canada! Flame Canada!

I need some cooking expertise here...

I have erected a salt lick in my backyard for matcom!

George sinks to new low

Is everybody changing jobs?

******* I GOT THE JOB *******

Damon/Affleck remake of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" rumors are...

So I've been off planet, why are we at level 2?

Most of the salt has fallen off my Snyder's Of Hanover Pretzel Rods

WooHoo!! I match my celebrity crush 95%!!!

Post an image to make me feel warm:




MATCOM is in Venice!!


How many ears does Captain Kirk have?

Buttafuocos, Amy Fisher Plan TV Reunion

Taking Dr. Phil's advice or dropping a live scorpion down your shorts



Arrghh!! Will they PLEASE just go away!!!

Actual post in GD

DU Troll hunters - a question!


Why are young Conservatives so dorky?

Yes, - just accepted my gorgeous neighbors UPS package

DS1 is a DENTIST!!

Cingular cellular customers:

Slow Dance



I'm sorry, $5 million per "Friend" per EPISODE is EFFING INSANE.

trof enters annual Habitat benefit Chili Cook-off

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/23/06)

Rank the different sports from your favorite to least favorite

Word Scramble

Body modification artist?

Oh terrific. I found out who my commencement speaker will be.

Snicker - I called matcom and beware the beast man today -

Should I come out of the closet or not?

I am annoyed that John Kerry asks me for money.

How's your duodenum?

"Buttafuoco"'s apartment-hunting time again. Wish me luck.

Row row row your boat ........

OOOOPS I did it again. I got an email from the local Democratic Club.

I feel shitty....

Word Association Thread.

Rain?? In January?? In Fargo???

Question for all the DU "Car Guys"- Turn Signal

Clear, cool water...

I've been thinking about war and freedom, and came up with this law:

Funniest thing I have read all day - from GD

So what do you drink? Soda, pop, coke(no matter what it is)

Went to my first open casket viewing funeral this weekend.

How many rugs does Captain Kirk have?


I miss my old bandmates.

My geology class ROCKS!

Awful jobs SOMEONE has to do

What Frank Zappa music are you listening to right now?

I have this little guy in my back yard... (CAT PIC!!)

What? No threads about Kobe's 81 points he scored last night?

Brain Test: Right or Left Brained? (Inspired by Oeditpus Rex post)

OK-who here has sold your blood?

Psst...I have a secret crush on matcom!

Since I always catch the picture threads late and get buried...

OK: Who is going to win the Super Bowl this year

Who remembers the movie "Ben"? That rat movie?

Greatness poll. In honor of Lozocolo (sp?) and BtBM

Which DUers would you like to meet in real life?

evening earworm

Songs that make you cry, every time, period...

Casper the friendly ghost ........


How much is too much?

OK. You're going to hell.

God sends bears to KILL little kids. WTF ? ! ?

I am curious what DUers think authentic Christianity ought to look like.

Vatican 'cashes in' by putting price on the Pope's copyright

Vatican invokes papal copyright

Internet cognition study seeking volunteers aged 50-79

Religious leaders form new Michigan anti-abortion group(conseption=person)

Study shows chimps closer to humans than to apes

David and the Inflatable Goliath

What lurks beneath - flesh-sucking sex fiends

Can cat parasites alter human personalities?

Indigenous Amazonians Display Core Understanding Of Geometry

Researchers Develop Quantum Processor

Solar physicists report paradox: Less sunlight, but temps rise

Florida Anti-Gay Amendment Appears Doomed

Alaska Accused Of Foot Dragging On Gay Partner Rights

British Member Of Parliament Caught In Gay Sex Scandal

Going for broke in battle over gay vows

Ang Lee: Asians More Accepting Of Gays Than Americans

The Steelers and "Destiny"

Update on Steeler Dan, and headed to Pittsburgh

I'm going to take the Steelers by 6 in XL...

Kobe 81

Steelers Fans this explains it all......

World Cup Organizer Riles with Stadium Fiefdoms

WaPo/Mike Wilbon: "Big Ben, Already Like Clockwork"

Advice to Gamblers--please note that I predicted a Seattle--Pitt Super

anyone see the Sonics-Suns tonight? 301 points!

New write up for our adoptable dog Bruno

strange dog -- our new foster greyhound

Advice on new kittens needed

I need a nap...

Asking for resource to learn about "The Power of 8"

Article on Pelosi

Have some nostalgia w/your morning coffee:

Letter I wrote to Senator Kerry and other Senators. Please Help

How the Globe distorts Kerry's (and probably HRC's) position on abortion

Filibuster Confirmed

Videos of JK's interview yesterday

George Allen- stupid personified.

Kerry To Deliver UU Peace Lecture

Kerry v. * frontpaged on AOL (w/ video and poll)!!

Please help.

Jonathan Alter on Imus this morning

New John Kerry email: say no to Alito (petition enclosed)

Some action shots

Look what I found in my backyard

Countdown Newsletter -- 1/23/06: A Picture Is Worth...

Several Notable BRAD BLOG Items from Last Several Days...

James Woolsey & Military Action Against Iran ...Drumbeats of War Starting.

Not knowing Noe. A DNC post with picture.

Anybody seen this documentary on MSNBC?

Should I come out of the closet or not?

gratuitous slap at Dick Cheney in "TV Guide"

Has anyone asked shrub, Cheney or Scotty, point blank, whether

It's been a week - any Democrats backing Gore? Any comments?

did i miss something? Bill Bennett serviced by a dominatrix?

Let Us Pray.........again.

Anyone here ever notice on IMDB message boards a lot of RW stooges

Big question I suddenly thought of regarding Alito...

PHOTO: 9 year old 'pro-life advocate' explains fetal development

MTP Rerun on now: Russert said Jack-off gave 3M to Cons, 1.5M to dems

1941 political cartoon

Looks like a death spiral to me.

NYT: A Liberal Beacon Burns Out

We Are Being Led Like Lambs to the Slaughter...

CNN and MSBC move to the right during an election year, a coincidence?

Conyers, in the hearings last week, referred to members of Congress

gas over 100 dollars a barrell...we will pay again for bush to fuck up the

Lieberman: U.S. Prepared for Iran Strike dispite Iraq and Afghanistan

Brownie was a scapegoat?

Wal-mart wants to build next to Wildlife Refuge, claims they'd help it!!

Time to vote: 6th Annual Weblog Awards ("The Bloggies")

Russia: Brits Used Fake Rock To Spy

NEW TOON 1/23/06.....When Terrorist threaten ---

Today's Meme...Everyone Has Their Picture Taken With boooosh

Tell me if you think this is a possibility...

THE PRESIDENT'S END RUN- Bush Loses the Wash Post (Edit)

Delicate Dance for Bush in Depicting Spy Program as Asset (NYT)

Ford lay-offs. Oil at $69. Shaky stock market. Record deficits. Inflation.

Outstanding Al-Jazeera! Calling AmeriKan Foreign Policy What it is!

*memory hole* One other photo W would like everyone to forget about

Washington Journal: Who is Norman Ornstein-AEI? Why does

Does this sound plausible yet?

'Jack Who?'

Hillary Clinton, War Goddess-"intent on out-newconning the neocons"

Stolen election-9/11-2 wars-torture-stolen election-spying-tyranny...

Doesn't the Senate NSA hearings start this week?

screw that 'pre-9/11' thinking, I'm thinking pre bush.

John Ashcroft's Ties To Jack Abramoff, Guam, And The CNMI

As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less (NYT)

One picture has Bush with Abramoff's kids

My LTTE about GOP corruption and the K Street Project was published!

interesting quote from an anonymous Bush cousin

FACT: Members of Both Parties Believe Bush Broke the Law

Mine Disaster Cover-Up in Appalachia

"Woolsey Watch: If It's Monday, It Must be Iran" (Steve Clemons)

A question for the Right about Bush's domestic spying program

Professionals Fleeing Iraq As Violence, Threats Persist

UF requirement for partner benefits: You must have sex

The only implication of the Bush Abramoff photos is

If the Abramoff/bush photos are no big deal, why hide them?

Dare I have hope? Is the tide finally turning?

Over 9,000 people stood in line to get picture taken with President

United States ranks 28th on Environment.

Is this the final season of West Wing?

The Story Behind The Latest Mine Deaths: Bush Regulations To Blame?

Fitial will hire anotherDC lobbyist (Mariana Islands) -sweatshops/Abramoff

Liberation Video

Must read: "Woolsey Watch: "If It's Monday It Must Be Iran"

Fla. Man To Be Released From Prison Thanks To DNA (28 years served)

Smell Something Foul? It's the Natural Gas Producers

U.S. losing its luster as a talent magnet ("removed the welcome mat")

VIDEO- Enemy of the State- Selected bits

Former Enron employees have mixed feelings

Grizzly 346...her story begins in Yellowstone.... a must read article.

Let's See, The Superbowl Is In Detroit, And There Will Be Tens Of

Report: No progress in snowmobile emissions since '01(Yellowstone)

Ford lays off 30,000 - closes 14 North American facilities

Iraq: Grocery prices jump as cost of gasoline soars threefold

GWB's recommended reading: "Mao: The Unknown Story"

Former Sacramento Bank Exec Charged With Killing Twin Daughters

Damnit Karl! What Did I Tell I Tell You About Shagging My Balls? -pix->>>

Raw story is reporting Bush to use illegal spying as an asset!

Gen Micheal Hayden, on C-SPAN, giving EXCUSES for the NSA spying!

Where can I go to find out if this is correct?

Hayden says the NSA program was criticized by the 9/11 Commish

Get your W=Wiretapper sticker (T-shirt, etc.) now!

White House Caught In Lie About 2001 Abramoff Meeting

Fred Barnes on The Daily Show, David Gregory on The Colbert Report tonight

BREAKING: Court allows campaign finance challenges

C-span 2....Byrd blaming Administration...mine safety

McCain Contradicts Key Piece Of Gonzales' Defense Of Domestic Spying

David Horowitz op-ed: "Ideologues at the (professor's) lectern"

Proof Bush is involved with organized crime ===>pic

SD Legislature To Consider Abortion Ban

Gen. Hayden--Head of NSA---was on c-span, see below.

Ford CEO just gave a restructing talk on MSNBC. Cutting 1/3 of

Zarqawi wears chastity belt

Scared about the data mining?

I woke in the middle of the night in a full blown panic

What do you think of the New Tom Delay Ad?

Snake Eyes ---pix->>>

PBS has new President

Ney hosts 'dozens' of lobbyists in spite of Abramoff attention

List Democratic Achievements in the Last 70 Years

30 THOUSAND Permanent Layoffs Imminent at Ford Motor Co.. Discuss.

Has that General's news conference on warrantless wiretapping made

Tim Curran, Roll Call. Did you hear what he said about the Dems & ScAlito?

Diebold fate hangs on whether its voting software can be fixed By Ian Hoff

Congrats to Steeler Fans!!!!!

Noon Today - TVNL Radio Live: 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA -

Does this look about right?

CNN: Turmoil abroad pushing up gas prices

Bush loses support in Missouri..woo hooo!!!

Bu$h doesn't know Jack. We all know that.

The photos are expected to surface in tabloid magazines very soon

Never Ever Underestimate The Ignorance/Stupidity

Lessee now.....

Anybody watching the coal mining hearings on cspan 2 ?..

is bush the most hated man on earth today?

I hope our Dem leaders are ready to counter Wiretapping BS.

Is Bush In His Last Throes?

time out: INCREDIBLE photography blog. (DIALUP WARNING)

Does Anybody Have the Scoop On Paula Kerger,...

Snake Eyes ---pix->>>

Alito confirmation may be tight-Repubs expect 55-45 (Wash Times)

Anyone listening to the f***ing ass****

Have you ever seen this website?

Article on why No Canada Election Results until 10 PM EST

Future Headline: "Bush Denies Ever Knowing The Indicted Karl Rove"

A Troubling Question for Me

Iraqi woman screaming praise on dimson during the Q and A

Chimp answering the hard questions

Where's Scotty?

Rove warns GOP sleaze (Abramoff) could cost them power

Why isn't the press talking about the Bush Campaign?

This march on CSPAN channel doesn't seem that well

Bush being portrayed as just a "likable guy" by CNN.

I did not know Pete Rose was elected President ?

Watch this 30 sec video. VERY DISTURBING

States or Territories (like DC!) Can Start Impeachment

Why don't we go on offense against the anti-choicers.

Roe v Wade is a red herring. Unitary Executive Power and Corporate rights

The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet


The "Forced Gestation" crowd

Power of blogs rises in D.C.

jean schmidt on c-span anti-abortion rally

Ralph Reed, paying cash for the bwaaaaha category

bush* the lying bastard is coming up on cnn

NYT Business Section on WP ombudsman, online "feedback" issue

We need to know where Alito would steer court

He's joking WMDs there...

Bush live speech at K-State

Was there ANY TIME during shrub's political career that he appeared before

I wish someone would come over here and slape me silly

One need only observe that corporate media runs all of Bush speechs

Washington's 'cogs' in the bureaucracy

How about we honor U.S. Grant on his Birthday...

Clinton vs. Bush on Terrorism pre-9/11

bush should have a REAL Q. & A. session, he'd fucking explode

No Name-Calling Week Kicks Off in Schools Nationwide (what about on du??)

Saint George ---pix->>>

"International Terrorism Does Not Exist" General Leonid Ivashov

Help, I need some links!

He's Clearly Insane ---pix->>>

Looks like CSPAN

BUSH: "If I wanted to break the law, why was I briefing Congress?"

blivit just said that we were lowering the number of nuclar

The full court press today, in attempts to justify spying on Americans

Ta-Daaaaaa! RW Marketing Strikes Again!

Iraq's Sadr says his militia will support Iran

When Buxh gets a friendly question....he has 20/20 hearing

I was surprised to find that Michelle Malkin who doesn't like liberals

Tucker Carlson: Bin Laden Getting 'Talking Pts' from 'NY Times'

never mind -- please delete, mods

Why does * ignore his own speech when he claimed he always got warrents?

Sis-in-law: Tape is real, ObL is alive, Saudis are devious

Bush Steps Out To Defend Spying On Americans, DNC Knocks Him Down


The Bin Laden Effect- Does Osama Justify Spying? (NBC)

Do something great for Christ, grow some berries and fight!

"Bush Reveals Abramoff Photo"

Sorry if a dupe, but when will we see the Bush-Abramoff Photos?!

Latest Poll From American Research

Former Labor Dept. Mining guy under Clinton on cspan2..

If they ban abortion, be a nullifying juror

When George Met Jack


I am curious what DUers think authentic Christianity ought to look like.

"Fickle CNN slouches to the right: Should stand for something!"

Pro-life rally in DC going on on cspan

BREAKING: House of Lords remove "compulsory" clause from ID Cards bill

(Rep) Sen. Burns Can't Escape Abramoff's Shadow

Bush Looks An Awful Lot Like A Monkey

Photo TIME saw of Bush and Abramoff Crook Pal - Junior Calls him "Jefe"

Rawstory working hard again, Bush Photo with Abramoff Client(developing)

New Right Wing Agenda.....

My God ! What did we do to deserve this moron ?

chimporers handlers have definitly got their work cut out for them

I Was Sure a House Had Dropped on the Wicked Witch of the East

What's the matter with 'Munich'?

State of the Union 2006: Make Your Party Plans Now - HILARIOUS!

I'm getting more optimistic that Alito can be filibustered

Haliburton exposes troops to contaminated water

CNN's Speech Spin: "Quite a marathon Q&A session...

Carville, with Russert's college-age son, to host radio sports show!

Everything Will Be Lost To The Great Iran Attack Noise Machine

Authors' court fight threat to Da Vinci Code premiere

Since the cowrards won't walk out, would they mind at least

The Next Level of Bush Staged Events?

Did anyone else notice Matalin's "some husbands cheat" comment on MTP?

Wow - a LTTE in today's paper from a repub with

Bush* has spoken, time for the pundits to write their glorifying reviews.

Yet ANOTHER Abramoff client photographed with Bush!!!

Bu$h apparently told President Hu Jintao in China that he should

Bin Laden Tape - Revisited

Diebold in Florida: "I Saw It Hacked"

Ridiculous Website: Bet on Iraq

Urgent again

Devil's advocate - why shouldn't states be allowed to secede?

Why can't I get into the thread that begins "The next 90 days could bring

Bush believes in recycling and reusing. nothing new here. nothing at all.

U.S. Occupation, Chieftain Create 3,000-Strong Militia In Iraq

Help Stop ALITO! Sign John Kerry's petition!

Moderators - will you PLEASE post the stop Alito actions

Join John Kerry and add your name to the Congressional Record

ROFL!! I'm filling out a Zogby poll

Spying question

Should Russ Feingold consider running for Prez?

Isn’t Crushing a Person’s Spirit as Bad as Taking His Life?

Tice, NSA , NYT story. Did you know the Gov accused him of Mental Illness?

I'm waiting to hear from Dem Leadership re: Kansas speech....waiting......


"George W. Bush is a saint."

AUDIO/MP3- Hayden (NSA) Speech today-entire

WTF is going on with these Q&As?

WTF?!?!?!?! Did Chimpy Say That Free Speech is A FUCKING CUSTOM?????

Randi's on and ripping on Bush's speech

U.S. accused of spying on those who disagree with Bush policies

Bird Flu - Just another Scam- The Rumsfeld Connection

I saw where bush* called into the anti-choice rally

Bush: "It's always good to have a plant in every audience,"

"the teen rehab industry has scarred thousands of kids for life"

Gimme an "A"!!!!!

George W. Bush and the 14 Points of Fascism

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Biggest Terrorist Of All?

Being pro-choice doesn't mean you're pro-abortion

Exact wording of Amendment IV to the Constitution

An Open Letter to Tim Russert

Milking the System, by Jack Abramoff

Terry Gross to interview James Risen on NPR today

Bush the dictator

Was All Taxpayers Welcome to Bush’s Speech

Call or E-Mail CNN and MSNBC and Thank Them

Important article: Iran and the Economics of empire

Jeb supports "Katherine Harris" his replacement think 2008 election if so!

"Judge Alito's Radical Views" Editorial, NYT. EXCELLENT!

Which makes LESS sense?

Libby Wants to Use Classified Evidence

why does Air America use these horrible music loops...

What Will Scotty Say Now That The Photos Are Out????

“Just Trust Me….I’m Protecting You”

I signed Kerry's letter to his fellow Senators -Alito

Abramoff clients donations pre-Abramoff? help needed

How to stop GOP warrantless spying supporters in their tracks:

Yahoo post: Why I trust George Bush

Brad Blog posts entire transcript of Congressman Conyers' NSA hearing

STOP PATRIOT Act's reauthorization

Has Ford issued it's 25,000-30,000 Job cutting report??? Or are they...

Americablog: "Hell In A Handbasket In 8 Easy Steps"

Rethugs fear gay families @ Easter egg roll.

was shit for brains blitzed today or what

One of these is not like the others (photo)

If Bush Knows A Lot of al Qaeda Phone Numbers

Why do so Many Republicans sound like Osama? (AmericaBlog)

AOL Poll on * and the domestic spying issue

Thin-lipped Lord Pissypants throws another bone to the goober rePUKES

What happened with the Colorado Trio (those kicked out of bush event)?

When calling Republican Senators.....

Do They Think We Are Stupid?

Jeb Bush actively courting a Calif. stem-cell research institute for FL

TSA: Program may use fliers' financial data

McCain: How much did he sell his "services" for?

C-span NOW!

And NOW the robot will walk across the stage and sit down

So, why are we on level 2?

Another creepy Bush picture

What Is The End Goal Of New World Order?

Fitzgerald Eyes Plame-Niger Conspiracy [Good Read]

Internet segment on Wolf's CNN show just directed to Recall Blanco...

Republicans killed PBSyou channel. Not enough money to continue.

Reed offers cash to drum up crowd for Christian Coalition

Could U.S have attacked Afganistan Without 9/11?

ANYONE HEAR THAT? Specters on the fence???!!!!

Will we ever see results from Dem senators with current events?


My cause for concern

How many Seniors have died not getting their prescriptions Bush drug plan?

Google Case Shows Bush Using Alito as Trojan Horse for SC Takeover

Has Howard Dean been on Randi's yet?

JACK!!!! Bush has renamed spying on us "Terrorist Surveillance Program"

It's true! Eavesdropping, no warrant, now Terrorist Surveillance Program

$180 electric bill, $364 gas bill!!!!! WTF!!!! And it's been a

Why am I a Socialist? I'll Tell You Why:

Carville to co-host SatRadio Sports Show with Russerts' Son .

Break out the Kleenex... Clooney Made Abramoff Daughter Cry

Did Environmentalists Block Army Corps of Engineers

Tin Hat time for illegal wire taps.

More Katrina Fallout - CRAWFISH SHORTAGE

Extremely in-depth article on the consequences of attacking Iran

anyone hear Democracy Now this a.m? about National Endowment for Democracy

Editorial: Al Gore talks turkey, gets a gobble in reply

Quaker and JudicialWatch Maps have NSA terrified ! Oh my !

Phase Two: Bush Crime Family's Arlen Specter and CNN's Leslie Aipac.

College Sophomore Stumps President Bush

Prove your Innocence state tells man (after he is freed by dna and wants $

Hillary and Bill coming up on Oprah.

Howard Dean is coming up on Randi, AAR

Does anyone have a list of Senators on the fence about Alito?


Bush vowed to protect the Constitution twice then he breaks the law

Osama's Book Club.

Bush says he hasn't seen Brokeback Mountain because........

Heads up, folks. Back to back interviews

Leahy coming up on the Newshour

Are red t-shirts standard GI attire?

Yes I am going to Capital Hill.

What passes for fReep humor these days? Glad You asked!

Operation X is a go Kerry to lead FILIBUSTER Shred the Lettuce!

House VA Panel Hearing Plan Mutes Veterans’ Voices

Some push

This drives me CRAZY: "Gunmen dressed as Shiite Guards..."

Oprah has a real opportunity here.. write to her

Will the Time photos become another CBS "memogate?"


DU this Google spying poll

Venezuela tells McCain "go to hell"

Bush: "Fetuses deserve more protection than persons with disabilities"

OMG Specter just said

Is Tweety on yet? Just wondering if he's worked himself

Should Bill Ford lose his job too?

Thoughts about Kansas State University...

Can you take this short survey today? Move-On wants to know about evoting

Wonder how all those thousands of people who have had their pic w/* feel

Here they are; the "Ruthless Reviews"- 2005: A YEAR OF SCOUNDRELS

Charles Pickering on Lou Dobbs just said

Carville & Russert to Host New Sports Talk Show??

Those that would trust George Bush to protect their privacy are fools...

Want to predict the Media Spin on State of the Union speech?

Kurt Vonnegut & others to launch campaign for the renunciation of war

FAIR takes on the Chavez anti-semitism slur

Seems to me that all those Kansas State students

Randi just said Snotty's mom is on Hardball right now?

McCain tromps Hiliary in 08 Presidential Poll

Should John Kerry lead the filibuster?

Bush on offensive for domestic spying program>

Reed has to pay people to attend

New pro-Dem ad series

Canadian election coverage on CSPAN tonight!

How would you classify your political leanings?

Justice Officials Accused of Politics in Voting-Rights Cases

The end result of backward thinking: THE WORKERS PAY THE PRICE

short note to tim russett

NORAD exercise in DC

The Beautiful Virus:

Correction? Kerry staffer- K will support filibuster, not lead filibuster

Everybody up to speed on Kerry's Petition?

So there's a photo of Bush with Abramoff and a Kickapoo Indian


Libby Seeks Secret Evidence Use Which Could Delay Case

EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of Judiciary Dem Warrantless NSA Wiretap Hearing!

JAMES KUNSTLER: Two Peckerheads

If President Bush is innocent, a trial shouldn't bother him.

House Dems united on 88% of 2005 votes -- many credit Pelosi

Anyone have the link to Bush State Polling Numbers Survey posted here

Please DU this AOL poll

Why do freepers complain about school busses not being used for Katrina?

Congrats Russert! You got the OBAMA headline you were fishing for!

What will the next 6 months bring?


The new Homeland Security Bill has passed.

Vatican 'cashes in' by putting price on the Pope's copyright

AP screws up a story big time on anti war activists

Do google search for IMPEACHPAC

that "tax break refund check" I got was spent back in 2002...I am not bett

FEINGOLD LETTER: on Bush's NSA Data Mining Activities

An argument I hear regarding US and non-US autos

Harry Belafonte coming up on Wolfie

30K jobs lost and stock market rises....

Study shows chimps closer to humans than to apes (Where does * fit?)

Has Nine Eleven been Fully Exploited yet?

Haliburton under fire!!! about time >>>>>

Judiciary Committee Votes Tomorrow on Alito; Filibuster Possible,


Please DU this poll re banning abortion

If Bush attacks Iran, what will elected Democrats do?

VIDEO-There's a custom in our country for people to express themselves and

One more reason to BOYCOTT WAL-MART!!!!

New York Times editorial bottom-line -- OPPOSE ALITO

From a Lawyer (Re: How to Convince Your Friends Bush's Wiretapping Is Bad)

Would they want Hillary to have this kind of power?

The freepers are coming!! The freepers are coming!!

Please! Stop Calling RW Talk Shows!

*** Monday TOONs ***

If Iran War about euro bourse, why is Europe backing us?

Behold your lord!

The joy of living in gated communities

Careers for our Future

"life is what you make it..." and other BS statements.

If pro-Bush Harper and the Conservatives win in Canada...

From my read of the Sunday punditry, Dem landscape is shaking out to be

I love Randi R. BUT...she needs Ritalin

John Kerry says he will filibuster! (warning needs confirmation)

Yeah, that Q&A was TOTALLY not pre-screened or scripted!!!

Great quotes from the Conyer's hearing on illegal spying last friday

What the Bleep Do We Know film - Feb Rel/LINK


Idiot son: "'s not fair to employers who may be breaking the law."

Bush tells abortion foes, 'We will prevail' >

Just talked to two senators office about SOTU walk out. Call yours!

8-Year-Olds May Be Allowed To Hunt In Wis.

So It Was ROVE'S IDEA to Blow Plame's Cover >>>

United States Ranks 28th on Environment, a New Study Says

bird flu vs. aids

LOL - Tim Russert's note pad

Which Scandal Will Take the Biggest Toll?

FISA for Dummies and Abramoff Scandal for Dummies ! (repost on request)


.Patriot Act Renewal Includes Creation of a Federal Police Force

Does Pink Tutu Biden have to suck up to everybody that attacks Dems?

Shrub/Abramoff photos doesn't seem like such a big deal to me.

Got blackberry? Wanna cobbler recipe?

Who's Afraid of Brokeback Mountain? >>>

Dean Rips Back At Bush

Hey, Canada. Consider e-mailing your thoughts to Fox whore John Gibson.

Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.

It's Election Day in Canada: Who do Canadian DUer's support?

"Is the NSA spying on political opponents of the Bush Administration?"

The Chris Matthews Blog....50,000 Replies and Counting........

Steve Clemons (WN) defends VandeHei and cautions Scandalmongering Blogs

Scary Ohio Rep Jeanne Schmidt screaming at Anti-Abortion Rally in DC

JOSHUA FRANK: Tre Arrow And ELF -- Radical Environmentalism On Death Row

Patriot Act Renewal Includes Creation of a Federal Police Force

The Kids CAN make a difference.

VIDEO- Hayden (NSA) today-selected bits in three parts

what is up . . .

Farhenheit 9/11 1/2?

The ingredients for a NUCLEAR CONFLICT are all in place!

Someone asked Bush if he saw Brokeback Mountain!?!

Bush Administration Seeks to Squelch State of the Union Protest at Capitol

50 Most Loathsome People in America - 2005


What the hell is Galloway thinking? Slipped LSD by neocons? WTF?

DU'ers...goodgirl and I desperately need your help. Please Read

Venezuela tells McCain "go to hell" for wackos jibe

The Activists protesting the SOTU need your help!

FEMA STILL hasn't sent hurrican victims mobile homes

Fitzgerald Eyes Plame-Niger Conspiracy - By Jason Leopold

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Defeating Alito, Chap 2: Stop Nuclear Option

Cover Your Keyboard - Worst Bush Photo EVER ---pix->>>

Idiot Son believes the First Amendment is a "custom"

Photograph shows Bush meeting now-Governor of Marianas Islands, whose firm

For those who believe 2004 was stolen and want MSM to cover it click here!

So many ultimatums to Democrats, so little time allowed for change.

what I dislike about the term "tin foil hat".

Bush nominee repeatedly broke the law

Reuters photo: "Hey! Kharis! I've got your tana leaves right here."

Great graphic tool that shows some of Delay's corruption...

Thanks You guys rock!

Junior: safe & warm in bed while 2 U.S. Airmen are killed by roadside bomb

Viva Chavez, Viva Morales, Viva la Izquierda!

Help the worldcantwait

WaPo: Internet Deluge Correcting Abramoff Lies Shuts Down Post Blog

My open letter to *

Abramoff Partner Involved in Mafia Hit?

The President's Official Portrait

When does aLito's vote come before the senate?

Spider Robinson on the Canadian Election

FACT: Members of Both Parties Believe Bush Broke the Law

I'm sure this has been posted before,

Al Gore Speech is CSPAN's Podcast of the Week

White House steps up defense of domestic spying

Central Reference/Resource for all DU activists

Admit nothing. Deny everything. Lie when you have to...

Will they pin Gonzalez down and will he crack... ?

VIDEO: Buchanan Compares Bill Clinton to Bin Laden

Radical Reich American Fam Assn targeting Sen Bill Nelson TODAY re ALITO

Do you still have faith in our government?

impeachment would make matters worse.

(IN Gov.) Daniels: Ohio River Bridge Funding Is Tied To Toll Road Deal

General Hayden (NSA) says he took orders from Attorney General...

Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure got me thinking about something...

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/23/06: It's Wanker-rific

Judge Reggie Walton, Scooter Libby and Sibel Edmonds

The Real Gorilla 1/23 - "Krystal Night"

The O.C. Register: Guests didn't RSVP for this party

My Congressman ROCKS!!

A One-Two Punch from Kerry/Harman Leads the Dem’s Fight on Bush’s Spying

Dr. Scott Fudges Gottlieb looks pretty but spins and diverts

It's fitting that Bush should try to sell his domestic spying in Kansas.

Democrats: Take back the House and investigate this White House...

Spying issues

Spengler's faux article: Why the West will attack Iran

Interesting list of political donations by members of the media

B*sh & Abramoff - Orwellian games

Have a conference call with Dean, Reid and Pelosi at SOTU house party.

Daily Kos: EXCLUSIVE: the 6 blog posts WaPo REALLY wants to hide from you

Murtha should give the democratic response to SOTU

for anyone who thinks the Democratic Party is dead...

So I'm watching the King's speech on CNN right now...

Fear of violence forces out educated(Iraqis) and puts rebuilding at risk

What is the group at KSU???

Mushrooming Depleted Uranium (DU) Scandal

Let me count the ways the War on Terra/Osama serve the GOP purpose!

DU This Poll - Billings Gazette

One caller has to be outside of the United States...

If there were ANY real media, they'd say CHIMPY LIED HIS ASS OFF

The GOP "wedge" issues

Save America. Save any kind words you may have for McCain for his funeral

Kerry to vote NO on Alito!

Cheney and his oil buddies are robbing us blind

Bush tells the truth... sort of

Dems to *:It's Time to Ensure All Americans Have the Resources to Heat

Pelosi Statement on President's Speech on the War on Terror

WJ on C-SPAN this AM says Dems considering filibuster of Alito?

Ford Layoffs - Bill Ford on CNBC

Are the students at KSU even aware of the spying scandal ??

Cut thru the crap : Either the President broke the law or he did not?

Could Iran nuke Saudi Arabia.......

General Hayden of NSA excusing Bush's spying on C-SPAn...

Parade - The Sunday Newspaper Magazine Insert Had A Piece on Dictators....

Heres the people who will ask Bush questions at SOTU

Will the Bush-Abramoff photos look like this?

Pro-Choice rally being re-aired on Cspan next....

Did Mr. Bush really say...

Germany and Canada: If you don't have friends, make them.

On Oprah...Hillary and Bill coming up next.

Proof that Bush knew NSA spying was illegal...

From Randi Rhodes: Is Arlen Spector On The Fence Re: Alito?

(Ralph) Reed offers cash to drum up crowd for Christian Coalition

Early '08 speculation from Iowa

did anyone catch McCain yesterday? i think it might have been

Bumper Sticker - Apocalypse Now

Ken Mehlman: The President's Man (remarkable article!)

Perhaps Alito is not in the bag

The Lying Motherfucker. LIAR LIAR LIAR

El Asesino Bush strikes again on Cuban billboard, bloody mouth and all.


Scott McClellan's mom bashing the REPUBLICAN party...

Did * Step On His Tongue Today At His Kansas Speech?.......

Are they lining up to enlist in the Army at KSU?

All This Talk Of A "Nuclear Conflict" Being Set In Place For Iran.....

Best Reason yet to Filibuster Alito

Roberts and Alito: Evasion Confirmed (buzzflash)

AP: "Bush to Take Unscripted Audience Questions" (What would YOU ask?)

Jane, You Ignorant Slut

What do you make of this?

Umm, can I just say something? RE: DINO flame wars.....

New name for NSA spying: 'Terrorist Surveillance Program'

You all should read Andrea Mitchell's/Norah O'Donnell's blog (wiretapping)

The media act as if spying on citizens is a "political" problem...

Photos prove Bush met Abramoff

Wasn't There A HBO Show Called K-Street....

God & Man - Monday's cartoon about men who think they do God's will

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Defeating Alito, Chap 2: Stop Nuclear Option

Stupid as a fox?

Pure garbage from the CIC - What is wrong with him?

Sign Kerry letter against Alito (will use to get support for filibuster)

Perhaps time to re-read, bookmark LATimes: "You Are Being Watched"

John Kerry - Stand with Us: No on Alito

Why Don't Dems Swiftboat Repubs?

Creative Wedge Issues....

DNC going into the 2006 elections with less cash on hand !

REPUBLICANS: When out of office and out of power they hate our gov.

QUICK! Use this Free Fax to Fax Your Senators to Filibuster Alito

Janet Partial - hydrogen gone bad

Newsweek will report on how Bush (NSA) has been spying on a LW website...

ACLU pizza ordering

A part of the immigration problem no one wants to address because

John Kerry says he will filibuster!

52% favor Impeachment of Bush, according to Zogby Poll

Is calling our Democratic leadership in DC cowards useful?

"We are far from that here...."

Terrorists have frightened Republicans

Why is Clark a member of NED....

A Plea for Campaign money: Kick the GOP in the crotch