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Archives: January 21, 2006

Wolcott: The Mountain Comes To Medved (Brokeback Mountain)

She's on Activist Duty Now (30 Yrs Army quits to Protest War)

"Jimmy Carter and the Culture of Death" (Gary Wills, NYRB)

Iran Moves Assets out of Europe (BBC)

Israel and US Threats Against Iran (JOSHUA FRANK)

Rogue State ---"they hate us for what we do to them" (OBL recom. bk)

E. Timor Atrocities Detailed: At Least 100,000 Died, Report to U.N. Say

Cynicism and the Anti-Entitlement(Repubs deliberately designed bad bill)

Not. Backing. Hillary. Molly Ivins (MUST READ!)

The Big Fix (Dennis Kucinich on Katrina relief in The Nation)

Most Israelis back unilateral W. Bank pullout::Poll, Yahoo News

Hamas, Fatah Deadlocked

Study shows Palestinians more willing to compromise, JPost

Labor ready to relinquish East Jerusalem areas in peace deal

Suggestion regarding Ohio vote fraud

CA State Sen. Debra Bowen May Be on the Air This Hour! (Clean Elections)

Brad (from BradBlog) is on the Air NOW!! Clean Elections!

Rep. Adam Schiff (Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena) video from hearings today

DUer Get Together, Sunday, February 19, 4:00 PM, Fountain Valley

Republicans Eating Their Own: From anti-gay fag-hag Marxist Brian Camenker

Anyone up for an anti-Alito protest at Kennedy's office on Tuesday?

computer email pop3 help needed for comcast and mozilla and peoplepc

Some quotes from Ney about resigning


Goodhair spam

Why haven't the NDP attacked the Bloc!?!?!??!!??!?11111

Etobicoke Lakeshore Liberal riding prez throws support to Conservatives

Somebody put a Conservative sign in their lawn on my street

Ex-Pentagon Analyst Sentenced to 12 Years (Larry Franklin)

UCLA students urged to expose 'radical' professors

Rendition: the cover-up (new secret memo) ..."try to move the debate on"

Rove: Security will be focus of 2006 campaigns: Dems have pre-9/11 view

CNN: Bin Laden's No. 2 releases poetry tape

U.S.[Justice Dept} Obtains Internet Users' Search Records

Straw: no evidence of rendition

LAT/AP: Deadline Passes With No Word of Reporter (Jill Carroll)

Google Shares Have Biggest Drop After Justice Suit

Buffett warns U.S. trade deficit could cause 'political turmoil'

Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader alive: Afghan newspaper

CNNMoney: Google sees its largest 1-day loss ever

Frist calls Alito Democrats' "nightmare"

How are you celebrating the 25th anniversary of Reagan's 1st inauguration?

CNN/AP: Study: College students lack literacy for complex tasks

Md. Judge Strikes Down Gay-Marriage Ban

CNN/AP: Homeland Security to launch preparedness program for kids

Cuban Cycling Federation Protests US Visa Denia (Baseball:yes, Cycling:no)

NYT: Medicare Woes Take High Toll on Mentally Ill

NYT: Lawyers in C.I.A. Leak Case Seek to Subpoena Journalists

Bush's (awkward?) Kodak moments (pics of Bush/Abramoff in "safe place")

Ex-priest arrested, accused of child molestation

Kellogg and Nickelodeon are sued for promoting junk food

RawStory: CALLS FOR IMPEACHMENT -- Jerrold Nadler and Jonathan Turley

U.S. accused of spying on those who disagree with Bush policies

NYT: Rove Lays Out Road Map for Republicans in Fall Elections

NYT: More Attacks and Meetings on a Program Under Fire

New York Transit Workers Reject Contract by 7-Vote Margin

Al Qaeda May Already Be in U.S., Security Officials Warn

LAT/AP: Analysts Pore Over Bin Laden Tape Clues

AP: Government wants private companies to find terrorists at airports

U.S.: Venezuela Overspending on Military

US Author's Sales Jump After Osama Mentions Book (209,000th to 30th)

What the heck is that white stuff outside?

OK. You're in Hell. You can serve in hell as....


Police chief's home torched after man dies in custody

Don't over clock your video card.

Fun new page to check British surnames


What's with all the HELL threads??

Ecco the dolphin question (Sega question)

OK...I'm going home for the weekend

If you borrow a million bucks, the bank owns you. If you borrow $100 mil,

Cicada might already be in US, Security officials warn

Well, I just killed the gum chewin' celebrity chef in satan's fridge

is this the goofiest thing you've seen or what?

OK. You're in hell. What kind of jokes are they telling?

Okay. You're in Hell. Who's in Satan's bed?

I've Jumped the Shark... Can Someone PLEASE Post the Brazilian Joke?

It's DU's Birthday!

Watch/ tape Oprah on Monday

OK. You're in hell. What's on Satan's iPod?

Kudos to Major League Baseball...

rbnyc - How did the job interview go today?

Okay, you're in hell. What's in Satan's bookshelves?

HA! I just started a mini-anti Conservative Rally!

You're in hell. What's in Satan's enema bag?

You're in hell. What's in Satan's DVD collection?

So, have any favorite broadcasts?

I'm cooking Friday dinner

Just back from Cuzco. Don't bother going

Have you ever had a BLT?

Millionaire Leaves Entire Estate To Pay National Debt

Dang my sattelite just went out.

Put some peanut butter in a waffle cone . . .

Should I see "looking for comedy in the Muslim world?"

Favourite quickie sandwich?

Should I go to work tomorrow? (They'll give me an extra day off if I do)

A brief history of XXX (Independent / UK)

I'm still waiting for Ghost II

Is THIS the man that robbed you???

How do people get on your last nerve?

Post your cash thread!

Ok. You're in Heck. Why are you such a fucking wimp?

Anyone else just get pissed-off at Battlestar Galactica?

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more just to the man who

In honour of all the Battlestar threads, my new sig pic for the week...


Anyone like to help me spend my '06 donation dollars?

A second battlestar question - possible spoiler

Battlestar Galactica!!!

How are you celebrating the 25th anniversary of Reagan's 1st inauguration?

Wow - intense battlestar ending!

Battlestar Galactica made my TV too loud. Does this mean I'm in Hell?

Battlestar Galactic question - possible spoiler

To Combat Freezing Cold in Russia, Animals Given Vodka

isn't Battlestar Galactica just another spaceship show?

Ok. You're in Hell. What did you do to get there?

RANT: One wonders if corporate muckety mucks even READ their emails!

Futurama coming back!!

OK. You're in hell. What's in Satan's media room?

Fess up! Are your Sims activists?

I just heard Tony Franciosa died.

This cat is cool

Where are the smilies going to go when they die?

Anyone Else Notice

LOL Leno just said the funniest thing

Okay. You're in hell.

Ahhh winter, the grass is growing, the crickets are chirping....

I accidentally scratched my * in the shower today

Best Roald Dahl movie, from novel or screenplay?

How would you like to live in my new country?

The St. Augustine hotels and beach homes are in plain view

So what are there - about 70 different Stargate shows?

What's wrong with me? Silent Lucidity by Queensryche has

Charles Grodin coming on Letterman!

If someone labels a thread 'MUST READ', you are:

Did anyone here see Indy Film "June Bug" about NC Family?

Battlestar Galactica is the best science fiction show that ever been on TV

I saw Underworld: Evolution tonight.

A photograph of the sunset, this evening --->>>

Home... home AT LAST!!!!!!!

I went to my first Integrity Meeting Tonight! Ask me anything

I'm gonna pull a "George Bush" tonight...

Ok. No more Hell. No more Satan. No more Battlestar Galactica.

Anyone Business Computer Savvy, HELP!!!!!!!!!

OK. You're in hell. What is Satan's popcorn smilie?

OK. You're in hell. What kind of jobs are available?

OK. You're in hell. What was your first clue that it was hell?


For my 400th Post

Should I go to work tomorrow? (They'll pay me if I do)

Freeper orgy

OK. You're in hell. What's in Satan's refrigerator?

Who wants to fight me??!!

Now that DU is 5 years old, what should we do about schooling?


I joined DU in Sept. of 2004; there were approx. 60,000

The Backlash against Battlestar Gallactica has begun.....

So, have any favorite podcasts?

******* TOMBSTONES *******

I was reminded tonight why I detest the new Battlestar Galctica.

DUer Get Together, Sunday, February 19, 4:00 PM, Fountain Valley, CA

The 3.5 oz Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar

Who wants me to stop using the popcorn smilie?

Rabrrrrrr's top 35 words to use in your resume

OK, You're in hell. Who does Satan have to win the Super Bowl?

Photogroup January contest: Close up (macro) photography # 3

Photogroup January contest: Close up (macro) photography # 2

Photogroup January contest: Close up (macro) photography # 1

Acupuncture 'deactivates brain' (BBC)

Pharmaceutical unethical/corrupt practices: what's the FDA role/connection

Television Cul-de-Sac Mystery: Why Was Reality Show Killed?

Poll: Do You Support Same-Sex Marriage?

Boxing: Friday Night Fights

Is KOS considered the

In celebration of JK's mighty fine week - a Friday night photo thread!

Just need to say to you..... THANK YOU.

This was going to be my Macro contest entry...

Why, given the hurricanes, would anyone still live on the Gulf Coast?

The dam down the road (dial up warning)

Polls are up in the Lounge for Photogroup January contest

KOEB Mountain ...... I wish I could quit her.

KOEB 1/20/06 (Friday Night Wilson Pickett Tribute Edition)

MSNBC Quick Votes

DUers, this nation faces a VERY grave threat.

My solution to the Iran situation. Let them have nukes, let Israel

DISGRACE! Faux News PREYING on miners families again!

From AAR-Rose Garden Holdings...Abramhoff scandal spreads

Transition team

Next Week: Please Read This!

Congressman Nadler & Law Professor Turley Urge House to Impeach

OBL threatens when republicans are on the ropes + before state of

The Double Smirk and a Batshit Crazy (Bush Family Portrait)

UCLA students urged to expose 'radical' professors

Interesting CNN/Lou Dobbs Quick Vote Poll

Director Robert S. Mueller III of the F.B.I said this,

Good Orwell Quote

Norah O'Donnell: Go out with you, or is she holding out for Rove?

W IS The Great Pretender

Brooks on News Hour really pro bushes on wiretaps

Iran says moves Europe funds in nuclear dispute

press interview Gen. Turner was asked if the troops had all the Body

So the Whitehouse is going to let us see who they phone...right?

This doesn't seem very wise.

DU this poll..

C-Span II CONYERS! "Domestic Spying Program/US House: 8:57 pm(est)

Marc Cooper is off his rocker again (Impeachment)

This about says it all about the Washington Post.

When you google Abramoff+Bush and hit I'm feeling lucky.....

Exactly When Did The Illegal NSA Spying Start?

Bin Laden Tape: A Bush Administration FAKE? Have you read the text?>>>

I joined DU in Sept. of 2004; there were approx. 60,000

Ack!!! Rove is on Cspan

Los Angeles wants to keep track of council members' ties to lobbyists

DU Contact the Washingtonian for */Abramoff Photo Campaign

Google has 389,000 hits for ..

happy birthday to you, happy birthday DU

VIDEO-Olbermann and Crawford on Bush's Spying

Question on Conyers hearing

Were The Conyers Hearings A Bust Today?

I just want to know, when are people going to protest the networks

Conyers hearing official RERUN discussion thread...

Will The Weather Channel soon become the most watched channel?

Conyers nick name. The man without fear.


Defense rests in Iraq abuse trial of US officer-He abused the guy to death

It's about intimidation.

I need TOONS!

Book Of Daniel starting on the East!

For those of you who like to battle the Republicons...

wtf ? seder just said that AAR is booting

History repeats itself, how do you prevent this sort of

The concept of Intelligent Design SUPPORTS Darwin's theory.

The next country the US will take military action against is in SA or ME?

If you ever have trouble with the AAR's an alternative

Election 2006: All people have to do is remember how well off they were

Why Right Now I Think It Is Ok That They Link Both Parties To Abramoff.

Step back for a few and let buscho shove itself down the throats

My Local NBC Affiliate Cancelled "Book of Daniel"- DU the General Mgr

Anyone else just get pissed-off at Battlestar Galactica?

WTF is wrong with this man?

Bin Laden blasts GOP "culture of corruption"

Bush's (awkward?) Kodak moments (pics of Bush/Abramoff in "safe place")

How are you celebrating the 25th anniversary of Reagan's 1st inauguration?

Media Matters' O'Reilly Clip That Will Make Your Head Explode.

Must Read - The real reason for a war with Iran

VIDEO-Bamford and Rivkin on Dobbs Smackdown

Nexus of Politics

Shameless plug for my GD-P Poll....sigh

Replay of Conyers hearings tonight at 9 pm EST C-SPAN 2 ! Heads up!

VIDEO- CNN Says ALITO is a done deal-HUH?

Chirac Nuclear Comments Draw Ire in Europe

Prisoner of War Orders Issued during Vietnam War...worth a read.

anyone else lose stream to AAR

Please don't slam me, but I have to post one more Tweety thread

Iran shifts billions from banks in Europe amid fears of UN sanctions

NPR: Google Fights Request to Turn Over Search Records.

Perhaps Bush should ask "Gannon" to turn ove his files and links

Chirac's "nuclear speech" important parts verbatim

weird ...first it was the anonymous annoying on the internet crap and

The Real Reason Bush Fears Stem Cell Research


A Republican sent us this. What a shitty idea of "funny".

Here's what I wrote to send to Carper. I'm editing a version for

DNA Links Ohio Felon to 1994 Slaying

At least Keith said the name Orwell.

Gay Families Plan Easter at White House

Celebrities criticizing President Bush: Do they go too far? POLL

What strikes me about the Bin Laden Tape

Dianne Feinstein WARNS against Alito filibuster

Sunday, how will you celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade?

On Nightline NOW -- Google Issue... n/t

Republicans are incompetent on Terror and War-So Vote Democrat

Listened to Randi Rhodes tonight. She had a caller, a smug RW pompous

For The New-Bile DU Crew: 'I Hate Republicans' (Awesome Flash & Audio !!!)

When I look back a couple of decades, I realize I worked with some nazis.

Since Bush Dont Like The Constitution......

Question: Can A Senator Hold His Own Filibuster Aka Mr. Smith Anymore ???

Defeat the Google-ogling Justice Department's war on America

Do you ever ask RW acquaintances whether they feel shrub's power should be

AIPAC on Trial.

Did anybody else record Malloy tonight?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a short movie, Carnival in Rio. MUST SEE VIDEO >>

Nadler: "if he (*) were in Germany in pass the Reichstag..."

fecking heartwrenching "In Justice" tonight ...

Conyers:Today's NSA Hearing, No Limiting Principle To Bush's excesses

What they don't want you to know about the coming oil crisis

One week in the Clinton white house.

Attacks on Homeless Reported Nationwide

Hardball has completely gone right wing -=-- Right now he has

57% of Americans can't name any current Sup. Court Justice

Strange.....No Scarborough or Tucker on MSNBC tonight...

Im running out of foil

Friday Mike Malloy Truthseekers check in

Attention tinfoilers: Osama tape comes "days exercise"

"Bush Discusses Health Care Costs," a moving and storage

Dean Denounces Rove's Remarks

I just put on CSPAN to watch what I didn't see this a.m.

How many $$$'s did the Crime Family pay for all the TV Stations?

I am going to sleep. Please post your predictions for the sixth

Keith Olbermann! I beseech you! Name Tweety Worst Person In The World!

Bush says we'll fight terror until we win. Okay, how are we going know?

OK, wake up crude is at $69 now

Democrats are soft on Terror....So vote Republican.

Poor Daryn. She'll never get those images out of her mind.

These were the top stories for Sept 2001 (pre-WTC attack)

Since When Do Nuclear Companies Get Deferred Prosecution Agreements? (CCR)

I need help finding specifics of *'s Energy Conservation Program.

Lying Laura Bush: "Everyone is anti-war. The president is anti-war. " lol

Ex-Pentagon Analyst Sentenced to 12 Years (Larry Franklin)

"Band of Brothers" Response to the Attacks on Rep. Murtha

Color me curious, but....

Cheney lies: US "homeland" has been hit by post-9/11 attacks

I can't believe we nearly forgot..... DU is five years old today

WTF is the matter with this country? For FOUR focking YEARS Tora Bora

In honor of DU's 5th Birthday: 7 DAYS UNDERGROUND

biggest root problem facing humanity

You're either WITH the US Constitution or you're AGAINST it.

Is Mike Malloy over the top when he calls the GOP the American Nazi Party?

Depleted Uranium- A Looming Worldwide Calamity

NYC Transit Workers Reject Contract

the Alito list: who we need to concentrate on

PBS Newshour -- Grows Bawls! Hello Gore!

House Democrats: Bush has committed a crime in authorizing the spying

Harry Reid is Sorry, a sorry excuse for a Democrat. (comic)

Who do Americans think they are?

U.S.: Venezuela Overspending on Military! LOL!

Recruiting Democratic Voters: My emails with a non-voter...

If Repubs want to make national security the issue

ID cards 'should be compulsory' (BBC)

Wanna stop Rove from making this another national security election?

Payback Mountain

if a tyrant eavesdrops on everyone in Senate and House he owns them

DU this site! You can help to impeach Bush - start now!

Today our Nation literally became the Democratic underground...

Debaucheris in the Estonian presidential residence

Religion and child abuse, fundamentalism and politics, Justice Sunday III


Frist calls Alito Democrats' "nightmare"

INDN's: Indigenous Democratic Network!

Great quote from Ben Franklin

A Canadian wonders: COULD Gore become Prez??

John Conyers' Blog, Friday, January 20th:

DUers should stop giving a shit what those on cable news are saying.

WAPO says nastiness (not dissent) is reason it shut down comments

Apart from all else, the thing that bothers me most about Alito.

John Kerry posted on Kos

"to petition the government for a redress of grievances"

Leahy Opposes Alito on Sunday’s State of Belief Radio

I just heard Lou Dobbs say 1/3 of Abramoff money went to Democrats

I.R.S. has frozen refunds of 1.6 million mostly poor people without notice


Do we raise hell, harass, fight the RW media OR just turn it off?

How does anyone feel about John Edwards for president?

Karl Rove gave nervous Republicans a preview of the party's strategy


"All Roads Lead To PNAC"

How Should I Spend My 2006 Donation Budget ? $500 - Virginia Edition

Molly Ivins rips Straddling Dems - I won't support Hillary

Rob Kall: The Republican Habit-- like Heroin, it's hard to break, but dead

Cenk Uygur: A Challenge to CNN's Jonathan Klein...

Groups Worried About New US Aid Czar

"Limbaugh Nation" or why Dems Chose Tim Kaine for SOU Rebuttal/Digby

Michael Ignatieff: Under siege -The Independent London

The political issues behind the Iranian nuclear confrontation

Chain of Fools by Chris Floyd

Give me a debate, over Osama and Dick

Libby's lawyers seek reporters' notes

Internet privacy under attack in U.S., China

Googling Past the Graveyard

"Genocide in Slow Motion" (Kristof on Darfur in NYRB)

Father of Tainted Lobbyist Scolds Clooney

Uproar Grows Over US Demand for Google Search Records

Belafonte speaks again,

A Tip for the Cowardly Press Corps By Joe Conason

Mushrooming DU scandal- Heads roll at Veterans Administration

Why are They Rounding Up Tookie Williams' Friends?

The president's growing disregard for the law (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent

UK Guardian: Kurt Vonnegut on US politics

Tar Sands On 60 Minutes Sunday

Palestinian security personnel begin voting in PLC election

Elections in Israel and Palestine

US: Iran misrepresents the Palestinians

Is Islamic Jihad a terrorist group?

It's the occupation, stupid!

Daughter raped by brothers, murdered by mother....

Report: Hamas hires PR man to improve movement's image

.. candidates must work to end lawlessness and ensure rule of law

Assad: Israel is behind Arafat's death

Nordic VCs seek co-investment opportunities in Israel

911: Loose Change (Second Edition)

HAVA funds dried up before the deadline?

Grand Theft Election has grown a bit since last year.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Jan 21

Mark Crispin Miller: Why Won't The Media Touch My Book?

Ask Nunez to put human life above appropriations

Anyone in the Acton/Agua Dulce area?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters to speak at PHDC meeting on Tuesday

Best Buy is purchasing Pacific Sales

Anybody called Grassley about NSA and Googlegate?

Belmont DTC endorses Barrios and Murray

Wetterling gives her support to Klobuchar

Rally to draft Wetterling for congressional race sunday 2:00

Jobless rate up in Ohio as national figure falls

Interview with Blackwell

Local Republicans should give back Ney's money, too...

Where the hell are Democratic campaign signs in Dallas?

WOW! 106 special election on Tuesday, February 28

When Rick Perry says we've gained 300,000 new jobs..

Alito's confirmation could equal SEVEN presidential terms!

What would you like me to ask Russ Feingold

My LTTE in today's Journal Sentinel

I saw Russ today and he was great!

Any mushy food ideas for H2S?

Lou Dobbs did not tell the truth in his report on Canadian election.

Final Ipsos poll, Jan 21:

SES/CPAC poll for Jan 20 (1053 decided voters)

Why doesn't Martin answer Harper's lies about the sponsorship scandal?

Obey Martin or else

In case you missed TDS's take on our election...

Jack Layton just called me!!!! Sort of....

Iran shifts billions from banks in Europe amid fears of UN sanctions

Afghan protesters denounce bombings, Pakistan

U.S. State Department to reorganize

Alaska offers promise for major oil companies

FirstEnergy to Pay Fines, Admits Cover-Up

Ex-Pentagon Analyst Sentenced to 12 Years

GOP leaders avoid fight over divisive guest worker plan

Some House Democrats seek election public funds

Ransom money found on freed German hostage

Report: U.S. Overpaid $32M in Katrina Evac

CNN: Kosovo President Rugova dies at 61

CNN/AP: Morales seeks blessing in Indian temple

Pakistan Tells U.S. Not to Repeat Attack

NYT: U.N. Reports Lack of Data on Women in Poverty (interesting report)

Black Churches' Attitudes Toward Gay Parishioners Discussed at Conference

Calls linked to Boulis slaying (SunCruz/Abramoff/Kidan case)

WP/AP: Army Signs $70 Million Deal for (ceramic) Body Armor

Ohio televangelist blasts clergy who criticized him

US Goals Adapt to New Iraq: security out of hands of religious,nationalist

Efforts to Contact 2 Miners Get No Response, Officials Say

Future charges possible, Dems warn White House

McCloskey to Take On Pombo

Cheney does not believe in close ties between Iran, Al-Qaeda

Extent of [youth] DNA database revealed--(coming to a US theater soon/)

Kuwait seeks power transfer to PM

GOP proposal seeks all-day kindergarten for the poor

Osama's endorsement jumps sales

La Gov Blanco aide ensnared in Abramoff scandal

US unveils air traveler plan

Voinovich, Modell in spat over Browns departure

Confederate Robert E. Lee birthday party today at US Capitol!

Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent

Al-Qaeda No. 2 met deputy at scene of strike

Tucker Carlson: Bin Laden Getting 'Talking Points' from 'NY Times'

ACLU to protest monitoring

Nepal blocks protest rally with arrests and curfew

Eight years in White House enough - Bush‘s wife

Clashes erupt on Nepal's streets

KRIV to air ad targeting DeLay

Nigerian kidnap gang threatens rocket attacks

Democrats assail Republicans on ethics (radio address)

(FL) State could shuffle endangered species list

Iranian president meets militant Palestinian leaders in Syria

Judicial misconduct complaint against Alito called a stunt (filed this wk)

Alito Gives Senate Committee More Answers

Al-Qaida No.2 at Site of Airstrike in 2005

Female Prisoners Key in Iraq Hostage Drama

Chief's home torched after suspect's death

Heeding Pakistani Protest, U.N. Blocks Talk by Rape Victim

Abortion foes say noise law is illegal

Congress look to make states work harder on welfare program

U.S. losing edge in world market, Edwards says at poverty forum

Jean Schmidt Hires Iraq War Veteran

Suicide car bomb kills two US Marines

U.S. groups urged to keep quiet on Conservative victory

Bush Previews His State of Union Themes

GOP Boss Urges Ney To Resign if Indicted (Ney Responds W/ Threat??)

Belafonte: Bush administration backs Gestapo tactics

Miners in Logan Co., West Virginia found, confirmed dead.

Kennedy resolution demands Bush wiretap probe

GOP urges members to 'vote early and often' in online poll

Bush Puts Mine Safety Back on Agenda

Iran will be taught a lesson: Burns

Bolivia's Morales feted in ceremony at pre-Inca ruins

Republican lawmaker proposes more vocational training options

Group Tries to Evict [SC Justice] Souter From Home

Scores die in record Russia freeze

Khashka is going to kick my ass...

computer help needed at the enclosed du board link

damn, i violated my personal motility

damn, i violated my personal mobility

damn, i violated my personal morality

Gnome... gnome AT LAST!!!!!!!

damn! I violated my person

In Hell, what's in Satans "Battlestar Galactica" copycat thread?

With your kid's looks, who's genes won the battle?





Post from your stash thread!

Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure

Just came from Buzzflash

I'm watchin' the news in Chinese

I would like to state right now

This week's Battlestar Gallactica. (spoiler or two)

Devil, Satan, 666,

what will I do with my dogs when my wife has the baby.

Good night all!

"Clerks" is on Comedy Central, uncut, right now

A friend called me tonight on my cell phone. He sounded drunk, so

I confess, I'm a horrible geek

security codes/number used on websites for verification, is it just me, or

OK. You're in hell. What is Santa's cornpoop simile?

Delete do to double post

Any ESOP experts here?

What happened to these folks? (short list from 03) MIA

What happened to these folks? (short list from 03) MIA

Well, three more influencial humans

Bigger, Longer, Uncut.

What's the worst advice you've ever received over the Internet?

Pictures from the surface of Venus...

Most yummy italian food (northern) at this place last night...

Do air purifiers really work?

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

Bicycle vs Train, In case of ties the Train always wins.......

Question to women

Cat domination problem

Armadillo tree

You have been kicked out or your state---where are you going to live now?

How Do You Respond to Relatives that don't respond to you?

Photoshop 6, new, for $275

What is a homosexual redneck?

"Save my life I'm going down for the last time" - name that band!

Neti pot

Think the era of hair bands is over?

Any Other Opus Fans Out There?

What might the various analysts come across in the latest Bin Laden tapes?

You thought that right-wing ice cream was bad? Try this crap!

Any Other Opus Dei Fans Out There?

Questions for Russ Feingold?

Great a** lines.

How can Dennis Miller talk

You may be a clown in the burying ground, or just another pretty face...

I saw The Indigo Girls perform last night. Wow, what a show!

1/4 Caffinated coffee + 1/4 Kahlua + 1/4 Godiva liqueur + 1/4

primate1 has love troubles

drunk-ass chief of police

A post I made in GD is on the greatest page now!

South Korean Dairy Exec Fined $5000 For Obscene Nude Yogurt Promotion

What's better:

Why do people overfeed their dogs?

So, what would you do? Old friend called today

The PATRIOT wristband!

Great Salmon-lines

It's that wonderful time again!

progmom on the jazz requests here

Anyone know what colleges offer scholarships in lacrosse?

Covers of "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" by The Smiths...

If God really loved me he would have a Cream tour this year!

ATTN Passat owners

Jazz Earworms for This Saturday Afternoon!

Why do peoples dogs eat their books?

Does anyone know where I can buy a "lab apron"?

I complained about my neighbors five minutes ago

I'm So Old I Can't Program the Car Stereo Anymore

If someone recommends something to you, saying "you'll love it"


Great bass-lines

Is DU addictive?

Question about the film, "The Usual Suspects" and Keyser Soze

Wow, less than 15 posts to 3,000: Ask me anything!

Watch *'s nose chase $$$! Interactive fun!

CRAP - another 13!

ATTN: Skinner, EarlG, and Elad

Dell Laptop won't connect with wireless internet

Saturday Earworm. Because I am already buzzed.

AGH! I hate being computer ignorant. I have:

A Wal-Mart Observation

n/t, nt , and eom

Happy Saturday Morning, y'all!

I don't trust DS1. Do NOT take your clothes off...

Settle an argument for me...


Testing my "d" key....d d d d d d d d d d d d

Testing my "P" key.... P P P P P P P P P P P...

Who's up for a game of STRIP poker?


Who else stripped naked in a frozen parking lot today? w. pics

I am online in Dell Support Chat. Ask me anything

This is the craziest first class I've ever seen on an airline


What shirt should I wear on Monday to school?

Sorry, but I had to post this

Everybody get undressed...

Say something incredibly mean...

OPEN INVITATION: Block the hell out of me

OPEN INVITATION: Let's flock to other people

OPEN INVITATION: Let's mock other people

So the economy is about to fail and nukular annihilation to take place.

So why is NBC calling Turin by "Torino"?

Should I pay off my car or go on a fabulous vacation?

I need evil quotes said by the Bush Evil Empire

Barney Frank documentary on LOGO tonight

To our military families ----and their heroes.

Microsoft : codename for the next (post Vista) windows is "Vienna"

Women's football? Anybody know about this?

I hereby dedicate my 7000th post to the memory of...

OPEN INVITATION: You're having a party

GOD spelled backward is DOG. Some commentary about MBF:

If God really loved me he'd have a Pink Floyd tour this year

I SUCK!!!!

Am I the only person who thinks that this is funny?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/21/06)

This is post #9987--wanna help me hit 10,000?

Speaking of makeup!

This is post #10,000!

Hey Football fans! The creator of the I formation died yesterday

Right now Verizon is not my friend

Who wants to entertain me?

NDSU... Just... Beat.......... #13 RANKED WISCONSIN!!!!!

OK. You're in heaven. What's your first sign that its heaven?

Thank you Democratic Underground!

All your base are belong to us

Welcome to the World, Shayna Ann!

Favourite billionaire?

A Perfectly Good Guitar

I am a weak atheist

What cell phone plan do you have?

Nighthawks 59 (dial-up warning)

Kill Your Television- Literally.

Which is better - K-Mart or Walmart?

Are you a jeans or khakis person?

Basketball goals on the curbs of residential streets...


Chinese Horoscopes

Any limewire fans out there? I dl'd the sofware but I sure am hesitant

OPEN INVITATION: Mock the hell out of me.

A Saturday nite romance poll for the ladies...

Excuse me...where are the vegetarians on DU?

Would you like a DU Graveyard feature?

When did you read Orwell's 1984?

Longtime lurker and new poster

OPEN INVITATION: if you dare mock me

What staples do you have in your kitchen at all times?

to the DUers who are getting older and it's starting to show -- this

khashka, swag, and joan alpern appreciation thread

My daughter's childhood friend's dad was busted for kiddy porn.

Why do people dog-ear their books?

[email protected] Project Needs More Volunteers!

My best friend was just diagnosed with cancer.


a question of tolerance

500 Irish priests 'having regular sex with women'

"State of Belief" on AAR Sunday: Leahy on Alito, Hackett on the Separation

Christ resurrected as black revolutionary

NO reputation remake planned for Judas: Vatican

Lost whale swims further inland

Laurel Hester to win!

Gay Families Plan Easter at White House

Well, just saw Brokeback... (No spoilers for those who have'nt seen it.)

Barney Frank documentary on LOGO tonight

Officials Reverse Position, Lesbian Cop To Get Dying Wish

Three things to do instead of watch/promote Hollywood's BBM

GLAAD Raises Concerns Over 'American Idol' Comments

Loathing gay culture, not me

You know....this room has gotten sorta boring if you ask me!!!! LOL ;)

More evidence that God is a Jesuit- Georgetown!

Battle of the Jakes in Super Bowl Xtra Large

The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

Changing the subject, but the other news du jour is really freaking me out

Nice comment by Taylor Marsha about Kerry on KOS

Not JK related - Kaine and the SOTU

I thought we should have a new thread for JK's 2nd Kos Diary

Hey, John Kerry! You posted on Kos, will you come visit us now?

Hearst Castle Summer 2005

Has anybody here had experience with the "Media Buddy"

My FIRST post in Photography Group (yikes!)--Comments much appreciated!

Nothing But Neckties

Nordstrom's has some nice extra-long ties.

I'm gonna pull a "George Bush" tonight...

Hypocrites-UK can search US "rendition" aircraft IF THEY HAVE A WARRANT

Should Mike Malloy appear on Scarborough Country

Nightlies: "Is the Google subpeona for porno or terrorism"???

I found the perfect visual representation of the US under Bush-rule

Osama bin Carlyle Group

Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration

Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure

Who sings that song "going straight to hell" on the Malloy Show?

Oil-Hungry U.S. Reconsiders Iraq (NewsMax ...Friday, April 13, 2001

AAR stream just dropped. Anyone else?

Will Iran be our "line in the sand"?

computer help needed at this du discussion bd link

Fucks News: Cavuto has RC priest as contributor on Venezuela

Back to the poll on Maryland's gay marriage ban reversal

Hmmm....With which "appropriate ceremonies" do we recognize this day?

Bernie Ward ripping on Tweety ... bigtime! --- streaming

I am so afraid.

bin Laden plugged some book in his tape? WTF? Book signings next?

"Danger, Will Robinson!!!"...

it takes time

A Shout Out to the Mods...

where's George? another blown opportunity?

the man who didn't even try to get Osama, our president

If you play the Osama tape backwards...

the dems have virtually NO attack machinery, why not?

A couple of letters I wrote re the bin Laden tape

Could YOU look into the eyes of a badly wounded G.I. & lie to them?

Lead or GET OUT (a rant)

This must be a joke.

Is another civil war in america possible?

Unwarranted wiretapping on KGO talk

An Obvious Qeustion...

Check out this site for some good flash videos

Buddha said:

a very short personal anecdote that has me relieved AND worried

I predict that the economy will miraculously improve between now

My, my, the R callers are noticably absent this morning on WJ CSPAN.

Tehran plans nuclear weapon test by March

Muslim Group to Call for Writer's Release


Government wants records of everyone that has visited DU ?

Now that France has flatly outlined its intentions against terrorists,

Sometimes I love Maureen Dowd, she calls Cheney the "Grim Peeper"

Maureen Dowd: "I Don't Like The Thought Of Dick Cheney Ogling My Googling"

Osama's Book Club: It's as effective as Oprah

U.S.: Venezuela Overspending on Military

The President Broke the Law!!! sign this petition

Pay Airamerica. Not good.

Global warming?

A DUer has a sig line I think is a really great sound bite & I love it

Should You Have All The Privacy You Want?

I Would Vote for Gore

So, what would happen if 80,000 DU members googled

New Patriot Act creates the “Secret Service, Uniformed Division

Why do the Republicans want to be Reformers?

Molly Ivins won't support Hillary and has had it with Dem politicians.

Call is out to impeach Bush

Under Population vs. Over Population

SO, tell me, did the Conyers HEARING make the corporate media?

Don't boycott or dump those certain search engines or email accounts!

Free drug plans end (Medicare benefit dries up drug firms' aid)

Casualties of war: the numbers you don't and won't see

Google, Bush, and Privacy

Colonel 'covered up murder'

If for no other reason than Alito would tip court in issues re Bush

Child porn, religion, gay rights/marriage--what do they have in common?

CSpan will replay the Gore Speech at 10.00am EST

Re: civil airwaves. Yesterday I was truly shocked! Yes, Shocked!

RS: Senate GOP wants Reid staffer fired

If * destroys the online economy by gaining access to search engines'

Does anybody know if CSPAN will replay the unofficial wiretap hearings

Government's Google request sends chills up spines of Americans

Three Cheers for Senator Robert Byrd

My wife wants to know - can she get a restraining order against Bush?

So if 2008 rolls around with Iran invaded (WWIII well under way) and...

Idaho caribou struggle to survive

Abramoff former member of CNP !

Can everyone pledge to recruit five more people to stop Alito?

We need someone to lead the Dem's?!

Dow tanks and Bush* radio address brags on economy.

Al-Zawahri was here (last year)

Heavy handed or prudent?

how can we resurrect the anthrax attack story?

OMFG some of these FOX headlines are complete @!#@%#^%

No more excuses for freepers now.

Mr. Conyer's CSPAN segment being rerun NOW.


the MSM started by attacking our dear elected leaders

Burns changed vote on bill about the Marianas islands

Stocks Dive on Fears of a Faltering Economy

E-mail from soldier in Iraq

Newspapers prefer blow jobs to illegal spying (Media Matters)

Thames whale to be moved by barge

CNN poll on the planned White House Easter Egg Roll stunt

Warning! ---pix->>>

Iran’s president sees “final war” between Muslims, West

U can still write Matthews about what he said at this "open letter to

Developing on Huff Po: Frist says in private "Alito Dems worst nightmare"

Is McDonald's supporting farmworker slavery?

Of the following, which is Bush's biggest failure?

Now this is a bit disturbing

Life Before Roe v. Wade (a must read for young women)

Another gas bill rant and a question.

Jack's dad upset with Clooney!

Senate GOP wants Reid staffer fired - Reid says, "NO"

Rove's strategy for the 2006 elections is now quite clear

Pakistan PM Says Bush Blather About al-Qaeda Airstrike Is Bullshit

Dennis Miller just said Howard Dean needs to shut up

"I'm sorry for being so mean to you"

What part of "No He Didn't" does the media not understand?!?

KWCH (Wichita) Poll On Bush's Kansas State Speech Monday

It's time for the end of the FREE RIDE

WaPo Admits Howell Was Wrong

Let's give a big DU shout out to Agent Mike

Ever shop at The Gap? Please read this.

I have lost my appetite, possibly forever... "Dining with the Bushes"

NOTICE: Repeat of Domestic Intelligence ON NOW

I heard i was illegal to solicit donations on federal property?

Kos:John Kerry says Thank You, will be on This Week tomorrow

Tim Kaine to deliver Democratic response to Bush's State of the Union???

Report from the International Peace Conference in London

Crackdown Inside San Quentin (rounding up Tookie's friends)

wikipedia warriors: no entry on electoral vote challenge in 200 & 2004

Tweety,never pick a fight with Michael Moore

OMG! Ben Stein on CNN saying oil companies are ok and are victims.

Stem Cell Research - Our #1 Wedge Issue

Is DU addictive?

Response to Miss Nevada's Yucca Mountain comments

to the DUers who are getting older and it's starting to show -- this

'They only care about ratings' is bullshit!!!

Funny Dennis moment

My best friend was just diagnosed with cancer.

Have you noticed... (OBL TAPE)

The most hilarious item on the internets.

Frist calls Alito Democrats' "worst nightmare"...

Why are so many people voting republican?

Question regarding Medical Records and Privacy....

men should speak up more

How concerned about overpopulation are you?

Tweety's new segment: Cosby, Scarborough & Tucker

Dean: They don’t make Republicans like that anymore

Before There Was Murtha, There Was Leahy

freepers hate multiculturalism

Lou Dobbs did not tell the truth in his report on Canadian election.

If only the Democrats had been like the Republicans ...

The David Frost - Laura Bush interview will be

REID Accuses Republicans of Using "DOUBLESPEAK" to Sell Agenda

Bush administration using Osama tape

Anonymous postings are now illegal?

Why We Fight Trailer Up (2006)

Sen. Harkin Will Not Vote for Confirmation of Samuel Alito

Hey EU - Dems here. We've had it and we'd like to leave

Will we have a 9-11 type of event to coincide with the Iranian Oil Bourse?

BUSH 2002 - Bin Laden: "I am truly not that concerned about him."

CEOs cut pensions, pad their own

Degrees Of Privacy And Your Own Limit

I think Mr. Fish NAILS it!!!

All About Joe Scarborough and Lori Klausutis

So it was Negroponte that Wrote the NAFTA Agreement C-Span Now

Guest Lineup for Sunday TV News Shows (Obama on MTP, Kerry on TW, zzz)

Wal-Mart goes after disabled ex-worker's settlement

Experts: 'Decapitation' May Not End Terror, Just Fuels The Movement

Power vs Justice, Christopher Dickey, Newsweek Int'l Edition

AUDIO/MP3/PODCAST- What is Wiretap?

Please help me respond to this idiot.

Tucker Carlson: Bin Laden Getting 'Talking Points' from 'NY Times'

BUSH on Bin Laden 2002"I am truly not that concerned about him.

Anyone take the latest Zogby Interactive poll?

Michael Moore strikes back

Desperate times of eternal war and unending terrorist threats


Dems: Bush Officials Could Face Charges After 2008

This is how you get a national health care system

Gore's speech, Hill's MLK remarks, Kerry's reaction to Tweety,

On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel about the Democratic Party?

Ok, I have got a protest plan, hear me out...

(TOON) The Nixongeist

ABC Cancels Reality Show - Doesn't Want To Offend Religious Right

12 warning signs of fascism

"Sam Alito On Brokeback Mountain"

Violence Lost, and how it is accomplished by medical

Little Scotty says..... "free nations are peaceful nations"..... sooooo

Murtha: Bush doesn't listen

The last time oil was $70/bl gas was $2.79 - why isn't it right now?

Gore is RE-kicking ASS on CSPAN

GOD spelled backward is DOG. Some commentary about MBF:

CNN Poll: Osama bin Laden will be captured in 2006?

Sorry, but I had to post this

How to Lose Friends and Gain Enemies--CIA Bombs Pakistan, Hits America

Salons's Walter Shapiro agrees with Molly. Dems ought to go down fighting!

WaPost Renames Capital of Australia

Ann Coulter visits Pimlico

A question with the filibuster deal

The OBL tape is working

Katrina evacuation bus company rips off US - close GOP ties, again

CONYERS: Constitution DOESN'T allow warrantless wiretapping-U.S. citizens

Very rarely put on tinfoil, but Dems and the NYT didn't write OBL's words

Calling all Bloggers: Is Your Blog on the DU Bloggers List Yet?

NPR audience almost double since 1998

About the bin Laden tape

What if Osama bin Laden is in the United States?


New Zogby poll: "Are you proud or ashamed to have GWB as

Bush/Blair "music video"

Did someone really blow his brains out on tv because of Iran-Contra

So, where is Wall St. (and the US economy) heading? Discuss.

In honor of George Bush

I love the U.S.A. so if you want to spy on me

Support your Senate candidate

I googled my name and I am listed

Broadcast Flag is back, this time it covers iPods and PSPs, too

Rove intent on making war on terror the pre-eminent issue in 2006

Stupid question, but..

Kos : The Real Truth About Bush's "War On Terror"

Is domestic spying a Ft. Sumter, and are we now in a bloodless Civil War?

Photo album of America today:

What Percentage of U.S. companies have cooperated with the FEDs?

I was looking forward to the Frequent Flier Card till now.....

What Party Suits You Best?

We Dems need Focus after Alito get's into Supremes...What Should it Be?

Are we really as objectively right as it feels???

Dems Pick Kaine for State of Union Response; What the Hell Are They Thinki

Just got back from Feingold listening

Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) takes wife to Hawaii on someone else's dime

Do we assume if a DEM votes for ALITO that they are being bought off?

DU this (It'll take 5 min)

Oakland Trib: send us your used "1984" books for lawmakers

Cheney...we were not in Iraq on Sept. 11, 2001, and the terrorists hit us

Alito would become Bush's enabler

First Lady speaks of war (linked to reality)

New grounds for impeachment: illegal bombing of a soveign nation

Human Genome Project Opens Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons

MSNBC POLL-Google Refusal to Comply with Gov-Improved Your Opinion of Co?

Wyden to oppose Alito

The Democratic meme about R's using "terra" as a campaign issue should be:

Tikrit Video Interview not seen on MSM

Could purpose of Google, Yahoo, MSN subpoenas be to find websites

The votes are rigged but I'm voting anyway. They are spying on us & I'll

GREAT article by Joe Conason! "Republican leaders say they're reformers!"

Now Southern Baptist leaders are purging each other.

Anyone taken a "purity" test?

Poll - MSNBC: Google's refusal to turn over records

WTF!!! 'Sounds like Howard Dean?'

ROVE MUST GO (By Robert Novak???)

We Must Be Like the NRA Where it Comes to the Net...

Matthews: “People Misunderstood What I Said Last Night”

Stardust re-entry proves a pet theory of mine about the TWA 800 explosion.

Harry Belafonte calls Bush the greatest terrorist in the world.

Which of these 3 would have the best shot at becoming President in 08?

Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower-excerpts from the book

Alaska Legislature Mulling Making Murder Legal

An observation about vehicles with "W" stickers

Thames whale dies. FReepers rejoice.

Connie & Maury CHUNG are covering Shrub's ass

*** TOONs: Ok-I'm-A-Little-Early Edition ***

Michael Moore's response to Chris Matthews...EXCLUSIVE: JIHADBALL!

What search terms for Yahoo and MSN to mess with Bush?


I AM FURIOUS! Is * going to get away with ruining the USA??? I just

I found this great chart re: Abramoff Connections.

2 Episcopal priests to join hour-long picket of "Book of Daniel"

A Mark Morford great read on Brokeback vs neocons (SFChronicle)

Alito AIN'T OVER by a long shot - Reid's Staff Energetic!!

How do we get old-school Republicans to stand up to this crowd?

Pickles:"people act like abstinence is not a real choice because it is"

My brother did a radio interview.. this is a great story

Man fucks with whale....whale dies.

Edgar Lawrence Doctorow: I fault George Bush

NEW Abramoff News: The Chinese/Sweatshop/GOP Connection

The Iran invasion MUST happen

DU lawyers/tech people: The Google thing. Explain it to me like I'm 5.

The Osama bin Laden I know - Peter Bergen on CSPAN2 NOW

** FISA for Dummies : 2006 Congressional Edition ! **

U.S. BEEF HAS MAD COW. Bush Admin. lied to U.S. & Japan

Book TV Schedule January 21-23

"Impeachment" Dominates PBS McLauglin Group Discussion

518,739 Gulf Era Veterans Now on Medical Disability Since 1991

I'm curious

Mark Crispin Miller: Why Won't The Media Touch My Book?

POLL: ARE YOU PART OF THE DU [email protected] TEAM YET?

"Why the Chris Matthews smear matters" by Glenn Greenwald

VW Passat - A Ticking Time Bomb !

Crazy idea: Democratic walkout during the State of the Union

Are you open to what was once considered tinfoil subjects re Bush?

Confederate Robert E. Lee birthday party today at US Capitol!

Is America even worth saving?

PNAC and the Carlyle Group: MUST see TV >>>>>>>>

Conrad (D-ND) may be wavering on Alito! Contact him NOW!

DU [email protected] Thread #5 - Gaining on the freepers

Hackett's’s remark rattles Democrats-'deport illegal immigrants'

Simple question

OBL audio tape...connecting the dots

DU this Newsweek poll: Should we withdraw from Iraq?

So I was out for dinner and the topic of Peak Oil came up...

Looky here - look who is using the marketing tools of WH: Bikers

Abramoff and the murder of SunCruz owner, Gus Boulis..

"We are the keepers of the tree of liberty"

Has Stephen Harper really changed?

Hurricane & Aftermath VS Another Terrorist Attack (rant & news link)

Just reading about neocons & moral relativism. Hey - Question:

Alito : Is that where Democrats need to take a stand ?

Stop Alito Confirmation Now

a threat to the appearance and reality of judicial integrity

Scooter Libby's lawyers to subpoena more reporters...

Gore's Speech rebroadcast - (C-Span 10:01 am est)

Is there a "Cultural of Corruption" Forum?

Sen. Chambliss considers it the duty of the president to break the law

Are we succeeding or are we Screwing the Pooch?...Jumping the Shark?

Catkiller Frist's spokesman educates "liberals" on the "REAL" Scalito.

Bush Radio: America's economy strong & growing stronger thanks to tax cuts

al gore redux - c-span now.

the Rose Garden Holdings and Abramoff

how about that David Rivkin guy on Dobb's show last nite?

spying on us is OK because smirk is in his "zenith of his powers"

Bush economics just screwed me & my fellow workers

Conyers hearing on spying (from yesterday) on C-Span now.

Lack of intelligence on Bin Laden

Republicans out to stop hate crimes bill in Alabama


The War On Dissent Gets Creepy

Matthews could do a series: The Reagan/Bush Years and Bush II

Jihad Unspun has the complete, unmessed with transcript of Laden

Good Information Here.

Florida's Bush fatigue spreads

"Disenfranchising" conservatives by broadcasting the truth?

Cuts, insults, burns, slams on Bush and the GOP

Is Anyone Watching The Money? Wash. Post

Most Liberal/Most Conservative Dem Senators: Here's the List

Was This Meeting Where Rove Spoke Yesterday Also Host....

Persuasive rhetoric for Dems

More than one way to limit out-sourcing military activity--

Who here remembers the TYBOB campaign?

Molly Ivans tells it. ENOUGH with the Cowardly Lion Dems

Book TV Now: Fascinating book re Einstein & race, facts covered up.

Would Americans fight for democracy?

can someone please explain this to me?

"The low threshold of truthiness?"

Waxman: Congress' Abdication of Oversight

Bush and Reid spar over health care and taxes

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "101 Smoking Guns in Ohio" Election Fraud

'stop reduction of mine safety in the budget"--says nick Rahall congress=

When does it become time to quit supporting this government with taxes

Why we can't wait for 2008

Another day, another letter to Tweety. I hope his handlers forward it.

Just got another Zogby poll, theme was abortion, the questions

Aljazeera Reporting: US Message Screen Angers Castro;

Eskow on WaPo flap: Missing the real issues

Jim Dean/DFA visits Senator Lieberman, CT. & Pressures Joe

Alito Busters...Dems and Repubs to contact...with links:

Am I missing something?

The Case for Targeting al-Qaeda in Pakistan: Two Views.

Activists Seek to Evict Souter From Home (haunted by eminent domain)

Pete McCloskey to run against Richard Pombo

today's NY Times' front page

FOIA request

Bush's Facist Party and it's Lasting Affects on American Society

Who else is going to the World-Can't-Wait Rallies on January 31?

Four articles today's Billings Gazette re Burns troubles/Abramoff

Conservatives angry: Annual W.H. Easter egg roll will include gay families

Best Republican Senators: here's the list: & here's why

Dan Rather: "Three People Sitting In A Room Shouting At Each Other...

What, exactly, does Google know about us?


The NSA and DU

Why We Fight Trailer up

Highest rated dem govs: Manchin (WV), Warner (VA), Schweitzer (MT)

Is it okay to use the 'N' word yet?

Arizona DUers! How do you feel about Janet Napolitano?

Plea to Democratic leadership. Wiretapping - ----

A wonderful article sums up Republican political philosophy in as

?? Looking for link --- man who was convicted of threatening B***

The Weekend Review - Neil Lisst cartoon - all 5 here

Former President George W. Bush Dead at 72;

Missouri Democrat McCaskill leading Talent in poll for US Senate 47%-44%

Clooney's dad defends Abramoff's dad (it's not HIS fault)

Russ Tice has been warned not to testify

Local Republicans should give back Ney's money, too...

Jihadball -- Michael Moore strikes back

I have a brand new attitude. I got pissed off big time.

Congress' Iraq War Resolution MUST be revisited: "As he determines..."

Nader Voters Were Right In 2000 And Dems (Still) Need To Face Facts

More Reasons to Support Pennacchio over Casey