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Archives: January 20, 2006

Republicans Gone Wild (S Blumenthal)

Robert Fisk:Osama bin Laden: Is it him? Almost certainly.

Globalization Not New: Look at the Slave Trade

Florida's Bush fatigue spreads

China's Renewable Energy Law Takes Effect

Giant Jellyfish Invasion Fills Japanese Waters, Fishing Nets - Reuters

Vestas To Open Wind Turbine Plant In China - Reuters

Govenors push (RMI) energy efficiency/energy independance plans

The Potential of Viable Ocean Wave Mega Power Conversion

Sweden Vows Freedom From Oil By 2020

What about reprocessing?

U.S. shortage of oil/NG & high prices driving U.S. chemical manufacturers

Consortium of western states Orders 157 GM Hybrid-Powered Buses

Militant Islamist Website Urges Attacks On Alaska Pipeline - ADN

Most Israelis willing to cede E. Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods

Hamas 'R' Us

Report from Bowen's CA Voting Systems Senate Hearing

The Sins of Ralph Nader

Progressives Meet in San Diego Jan. 26th

So... anyone live out nearJoshua Tree? (got a reason for asking)

McCloskey takes challenge to run against Pombo!

Governor's Candidate Forum on Energy Sat. in Cedar Falls

Heard Nussle has picked up $2.1 mil already

Reports are in!!!

Wetterling to withdraw tomorrow morning.

Holy Coathanger, Batman! The Regressives never give up!

David Van Os Mixer- Austin Saturday 1/21/06

BENEFIT- GI Rights Hotline-Friday nite Austin -EMO's- 8 pm

Who's making what for the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend ?

The Accidental Chicken Souvlaki

Layton's lying exposed in CBC "your turn"!!

How are ridings in Canada drawn?

Stephen Harper: budget deficits might occur because of war.

Cleric Sees No End to Insurgency in Iraq

NYT/AP: Union, Coal Company (Sago) Sitting Out Interviews

Kidnappers say US hostage in Nigeria gravely ill

WP: Pro-Alito Ads Target Two (red-state) Senate Dems

Scrushy Said to Pay for Positive Stories

Full Text of Bin Laden Tape Addressing the American People

Chirac Threatens Nuclear Attack on States Sponsoring Terrorism----

Man climbs Miami tower to protest brother's 1962 disappearance

Venezuela OKs Anti-Drug Pact With U.S.

Catholics ignoring Vatican edicts, survey shows

Egypt complains to Switzerland over CIA leak

CNN/AP: Legislatures consider potential political bias in colleges

Retired military officers push Bush on torture ban

GOP Contest Prompts Yawns Outside Beltway

Tory tax plan ultimately favours well off: experts (Canada election)

WP: More Democrats Say They Will Oppose Alito: Filibuster Less Likely

Blair under fire over leaked memo

CNN/AP: Cheney: (domestic) Spy program key to terror war

WP: Army to Slow Growth and Cut 6 National Guard Combat Brigades

Treasury not concerned with rising US indebtedness

New Face, New Lips, Old Habit (Transplant recipient smoking)

Gallagher credits wife for building his relationship with Jesus (BYOBB)

Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia to Deliver Democratic Response to SOTU

U.S. Rep.: slow federal debris removal after Katrina "sinful"

NYT/AP: Writer Says Ex-Chief of HealthSouth Paid for Positive Coverage

Russia cuts gas exports to Europe, again

Gay Families Plan to Attend White House Easter-Egg Roll

CIA warned its operatives to stay out of Italy, according to e-mail

Yahoo Gave Search Data To Bush Administration Lawyers

Catholics ignoring Vatican edicts, survey shows

(WaPo) Paper Shutters Blog After Ombudsman Post

Fire Erupts in W.Va. Mine; Two Missing

Teacher Accused of Showing Spicy Film Charged

Bin Laden Tape Won't Raise Security Level

Most annoying celebrity chef.

Any Rilo Kiley fans here

How do you spell the red condiment?

Today's college kids are so dumb, they don't even know how to


I just spent $193 on one text book today!

Gettin' your bitter on! (best rant page in existence)

How can we, the lounge, cheer up StellaBlue?

Line of zee day!

Giant Jellyfish terrorizes Japan (seriously!!!)

Jury Duty Tomorrow

Men versus women :-)

I'm chewing gum RIGHT NOW

If life was like the movie heros/heroines...

Would someone please buy me a dink

Hate mail

*Insert swear words here* I was almost hit by a car!

What Air America commercials are in your area (and which annoy you most)

I am thoroughly humiliated.

Are teens too young for Botox...more at 11...

I'm Free!!! We finished with Jury Duty!!


Would someone please buy me a drink

Oh come on now!!!?

Listen, children, to a story

I'm cranky....come on....say something to me.

You know those stories about stolen computers and identity theft?

Can anyone tell me what time of day public companies are supposed to

Dammit! I LOVE chocolate!

What does 'TTFN' mean?

Official "My Name Is Earl" Thread

I need hints for appropriate behavior.


So musicland corp is declaring bankruptcy.

Help!! Flashback!

How do you make animated .gif's?

I just ripped off some chump for $193! I sold him a fake textook!

Who's watching the car auction on Speed?

What movie should I see this weekend?

What's with this Urinary Executive idea?

ZW's Condolences Thread for All Enduring Bad News

My family is watching "Killer Ants" right now...

Anybody else here ever had the clap or crabs?

Help! I can't control my house!


HELP!!! I can't control my mouse!


Help!!! I can't control my mousse!

Just remember, a bidet is not an oddly designed drinking fountain.

Help!!! I can't control my Proust!

HELP!!! I can't control my Prowse!

ZW's In-Between Thread for All the Rest!

RW nutjobs are fatter

Got the job!! Passed the drug screen and its all systems go!

Here's an interesting spam

Doggy Steps??? WTF?

Hey - Zomby - stop playing that *#(&% calliope! It's been ten *#@(& hours!

Basketball uniforms

HELP!!! I'm being undressed.

HELP!!! I'm being undressed.

Turner Classic Movies is doing a Miyazaki festival tonight!

As usual, I'm sure everyone else has seen this:

Chocolate Soy Milk is awesome! How come no one told me

Fat people are harder to kidnap.

Are you out there?


HELP! I'm being pressed

Everyone who posts on this site is stupid f***ing asshole!

Don't have a pitcher of beer and try to play the Maple Leaf Rag.

Our wedding clothes arrived today!

John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High"...

Dentist indicted in bizarre sex ring

Is it the End of Days ?

My bunny is dead (seriously).

Silly-ass joke time

Letterman line tonight-

Breaking news! Rush Limbaugh's anal cyst found!

The real Food Groups.:D

I just installed the coolest drinking fountain in my living room!

I think y'all need some goddamned ZombyLove!

Daily Appreciation Thread for: ZombyWoof.

I have been out of the loop all day - Why are we at level 1?


RIP Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America

Why am I such a jerk?

What have I done?

Ask me anything. I've been in the GD all day. Anybody????

Hot Damn! 500 posts

I tried accessing Freeperdom in 3 seperate browsers

HELP!!! I'm being depressed.

Is everything we ever thought we knew about SouthlandShari a LIE?

FReep is back up.

Okay, so who hacked the Freepers? 'Fess up!

TONIGHT!!!! My Best Show EVER, according to Enigmatic! Listen in!

Supermarket tabloid said there were 10 new commandments

ZW's Congrats Thread for All Celebrating Good News!

Oh-oh. I just ordered something from the Home Shopping Network.


Am I Where you can vote for your most annoying Celebs

Please help identify a poodle under my car! AK!

HELP!!! I'm being repressed!

Why am I such a bastard?

Is it more anti-establishment to be happy or gloomy?

Starting a Discussion Board/forum

Higher education is a racket...

TV Weatherman can't work the fancy schmancy "Doppler Radar" gizmo

Anyone gotten their 1040 from the gov yet?


What's your color in Colorstrology?

I need hints for inappropriate behavior.

Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind?

New study shows unborn babies could be harmed by GM food

Write To The Ocean County Freeholders

Red Sox News (Theo returning)

Another view of the Davis incident

Where's my depressed Dolphins fans? Word on the street in Philly...

Summitt Goes for 900

Invitation or ?????

My cat is ignoring me.

John Kerry on The Situation Room from Baghdad (video & transcript)

Boston Herald: Kerry, Meehan suggest feds move pervs out of Devens

Hey, you guys wanna sign this?

More Kerry TV coming up!

Paging Tay Tay Again! Though they say they KNOW the public

Wow! Everything suddenly looks different in the forum? What happened?

Joe Scarborough ::censored:

Kerry responds to NBC's Chris Matthews' partisan attack on Michael Moore

KOEB Meeting -- 1/19/06: He's Baaack Edition (OBL, not KO)

Mother Pleads for Kidnapped Reporter’s Release

..gotta get all these scandals off the front page..gotta get control again

Are foreigners here in US subject to same protections (ie wiretaps?)

Krugman AND Atrios on Majority Report tonight!

"The Coming Attack on Iran" How the world sees us.

Where are the undiscloed Abu Ghraib photos?

Huffington Post makes Iraq headline on My Yahoo

ACLU BLASTS Justice Department Findings on Wiretaps as "SPIN"

Bin Laden's Book Club: Osama Chooses William Blum's Book!

Bay Area (CA) home sales, prices down for the 9th month in a row

'American Taliban' Father Urges Clemency

Congressman Baird - Investigation on Day Traders on Majority Report now!

I Can't Believe What Tweety Said...

VIDEO-Cafferty File -Do you Feel Safer After 9/11- Email answers

what kind of reaction do you get when you call CNN re:Beck

County Commission candidate who is a Republican and stupid.

Krugman on AAR now....7:07 PM CST

Who is Roy Blunt's Good Friend?

Herbert (nyt) on Tweety saying should have stayed in Afgan and not

I guarantee that someone in the GOP or WH is working on this strategy:

Looking for links with pictures from Iraq....

These NY Freepers have to be on some GOP payroll

jack abramoff's middle name?

4 Al Qeada killed in attack in Pakistan yet no bodies found?

Starting a Discussion Board/forum

Hate mail

TvNewsLIES Thursday Night Live Radio Program - 9 pm ET

Who's got a rundown of the Bin Laden tapes?

Demand An Apology Of Chris Matthews

VIDEO-WH Press Conf-Scotty Slips, says * took Oath of Office 9/11

State to offer health care to some vets not covered by VA

Isn't OBL's apparent health & prosperity ANOTHER major Bush scandal?

What's with this Urinary Executive idea?

Alumni group (UCLA) offers money to students to purge liberals

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World-Glen Beck

Six former Ex-EPA chiefs accuse Bush of ignoring global warming

Just got a strange phone call. Caller ID said U.S. Government

Jesse Jackson testifies he never threatened conservative minister

VIDEO- Blum -book "Rogue State" -recommended by Bin Laden

US-led terror war fuelling human rights abuses across globe: HRW

Arnold is ‘persona non grata’ in Mexico state

OBL is Pro-Life

If you can afford it, make a donation to Media Matters

How many times has Iran attacked another country in the last 50 years?

Emerging threats.... let me count the ways......

I'm so scared...I am terrified

Something curious about the Bin Laden tape.

Interesting article about Abramoff and the Sun Cruz purchase in 2000

Special guest poster! Osama is in the House!

BushCo is gonna have to really start working Osama for more tapes soon

When bush is impeached in '07, and we withdraw from Iraq,

What terrifies you most

Google Rebuffs Feds on Search Requests

Michael Moore/DU/Daily Kos/MoveOn/Cindy Sheehan = Emmanuel Goldstein

Win a chance to debate O'Lielly on the air! *barfs*

why ARENT' they raising the terror alert level?

What today for a D win in November?

I hope the Glenn Beck show comes right after the Nancy Grace show..

Have Peace Activists Ever Stopped a War?

Osama's tape played........ and the world kept turning...

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Roundup Thursday Edition

Fuck Senator Ben Nelson!

Bin Laden: Read the text and tell me:

The USA in 1905, interesting e-mail I received

bush in Kansas.. some not too happy...look see ----->

John Stossel caught being full of shit again on "Stupid Schools" segment

Does anyone buy this OBL bull dinky?

Something scheduled with Hillary in a few minutes....7:11 PM Eastern

What if the "Fucked Up Bushies are Correct?" What if America is Safer,

Well, well, well..when it come to porn, Freakers aren't to keen on Govt

Osama's Tape: KKKarl are you THAT bored?????

Cop charged with beating stabbing victim at hospital

WTF, CNN? First Glenn Beck's hired, now Bush Cheerleader J.C. Watts...

The corporate media is scared out of its mind!

Sad News - Gold Star Families for Peace -

Gregory Bashes Scotty over Abramoff

TV Weatherman can't work the fancy schmancy "Doppler Radar" gizmo

You have little time left.........RESPOND NOW!

Bush To Hold Press Conference Tommorow...Not Really

Damning images of the Bush Administration? (Dialup warning)

Tom Vilsack is offering you a cookie jar

VIDEO-Matthews (Tweety) Calls Bin Laden an Over the Top Michael Moore

Congressman Baird Explains Frist/Delay insider-trading scandal

discussion of "Rogue State" on msnbc (book OBL said to read)

Russia cuts gas exports to Europe, again

13 Pictures That Tell a Story

Fire erupts in West Virginia mine

Picture of Bush with Jack Abramoff!

In a few years it will be interesting to read what the soldiers

Thinking about Scotty's "I reject that" that he constantly trots out

Chris Matthews compares Michael Moore to Osama Bin Laden

Osama? I'm terrified...

Abramoff, ..Follow the bread crumbs.. elottery,GWB,Reed,Poppy

Did Karl Rove Wiretap Kerry's Campaign Staff/Manager Prior to the Election

Here's some things I don't understand...

"OBL sounds awful like Howard Dean"-after commercial, msnbc

Expert on Lehrer says Bin Laden speech was first written in English --->>>

A Pushback argument for the Anti-Abortionists...

Do you think you may have been a target of NSA surveillance?

Was the pre election Osama tape legit or a Rove plant?

Response from Lieberman re Alito

Why the corruption, why now?

Guess that "hand-on-head " fetish is not a new one

For my 1,000th post on DU:

C-SPAN others to cover Conyer's Domestic Spying Hearing

PBS show on Village - Vietnam , Korea protests - not Iraq ("the 30 years

Bush wants to be nation's 'sole organ' for foreign affairs

(TOON) Steve Bell on rendition

Katrina and 9-11 (WARNING: graphic photos)

GOP Contest Prompts Yawns Outside Beltway (effing WP)

Osama 1/06 press release (first draft; internal eyes only).

Something weird is happpening here, they keep telling us it is

Expose 'radical' UCLA teacher, get $100

About those bush/abramoff photos the WH is after...

The repubs want the democratic party destroyed so they have no opposition

So they wiretap, steal our rights, bankrupt our nation, torture in our

What is the difference between a "citizen" and a "national?"

There's something seriously fucked up with our justice system.

Declaration of Independence -- still relevant?

A guy on Anderson Cooper 360 said "Bullshit" about the help FEMA's

I wonder how Freepers will feel when a Dem is the "Unitary Executive".

Zogby says Dems will not take control of the Senate

Need advice on tax preparation software. Idiot here. Help! :-)

Zomby says Dems will take control of the Senate

OK so I assumed that there was a spy system in place a long time ago

tweety is a POS!

Wilson Pickett Dies of Heart Attack at 64

Who Will, Or Can, Give Us A News Outlet Of Our Own?

Alito's attempt to shed old alliance doesn't ring true


DU local TV poll: Book of Daniel

Ya know---we got em by the short hairs and we just don't know what to do,,

FILIBUSTER ALITO! if this ain't the hill to die on...

any bets?

Erased Blog at WP -=> I got a response from Jim Brady

Oliver North warned of Osama bin Laden during Iran-Contra hearings

Committee of Inquiry into Crimes Against Humanity Committed by Bush Adm.

Albertsons workers may be getting screwed soon

This Is Exactly Why Gay Couples Need Marriage Rights

Freedom Founders Defense Fund Press Release

Hey Feds, you wanna spy on my Google Serches?

So is Michael Moore like Osama bin Laden ??

FILIBUSTER! What Would Jimmy Stewart Do? FILIBUSTER!

CNN running a general advertisement with "Alito Democrats" on it.

German BND (their CIA) beating Iran WMD (nuke) war drums

Complete this sentence: "Annoy a conservative-___________"

PhDs in India have jobs responding to's e-mails

When were reports about BinLadin having kidney cancer?

I am overwhelmed with grief. I feel the USA is dying ...

When did Iran threaten the United States?

Tribes represented by Abramoff changed their donation patterns

Iran is about OIL & the EURO - PLEASE don't fall for the lies!

52 months after 9/11/2001 - why is UBL uncaught and unpunished?

Kerry responds to NBC's Chris Matthews' partisan attack on Michael Moore

The one word you'll never hear an electable politician say . . . . . . . .

So, Osama Bin Laden is hiding in caves along the Pakistan-Afghan border

CNN: A fire has broken out in a mine in V.W. No link now.

Had lunch with a friend whose mother signed up for medicare prescription

My letter to CNN - i.e. Beck, Bennet & co...

Larry Johnson: "Let there be no doubt, we have been warned."

Kennedy: A Vote Against Alito Is a Vote for Progress

"Sending a common message, to the Iranians, that, uhh, uhh -- that it's"

Justice trying to Spin NSA Wiretaps as "Legal" - yeah, right.

Our Dems are a Soap Opera/Demagogery at it's Finest/Buzz Editorial!

Congressman will attend "Protect Roe:Oppose Alito" Rally

There is a website called Al Gore 2008

An Osama ad

Abramoff part of Bush Transition team, interior department. Photo

thursday- NYC- Hudson River- Apache Helicopters

Justice depart said wiretaps legit.

Will we see an Osama bounce for Bush?

PBS show "Southern Lens"

Interesting(?) now posting Molly Ivins' columns

Cheney lies about the Patriot Act

Cons " We don't negotiate with terrorists"

Cheney once again defended the N.S.A. eavesdropping operation

Hey Canadians! The Daily Show just did 10 minutes on YOUR Election!


What say you all

Congressional Progressive Caucus to Offer Alternative State of the Union

Re: Congressional Day Traders -3 Articles on Senators' high stock profits:

Your reaction to the latest news on the new threat from Osama Bin Laden?

Is it me or does Osama look he was sunbathing and eating well

Joe Scarborough compares several top Dems to Bin Laden

Repubs who want a police state

This Is A MUST READ, Folks

Kerry email message - What They're Up Against

Impeach Bush: see, it’s not so hard to say (San Antonio Current)

Salazar to vote against Alito

This is just sick...Scarface on MSNBC comparing Democrats to Osama

Dean leaves no doubt on his views on Alito...from Ohio yesterday.

They are beyond any hope or reasoning

Expert from Rice Univ. says Bin Laden tape sounds like

MoveOn PAC: Restore the Rule of Law (Petition)

U.S. Is Pressing Google for Data on Searches

John Kerry on The Situation Room from Baghdad - Video & Transcript

Inquiry on Clinton Official Ends With Accusations of Cover-Up (MUST READ!)

The Speech of our Lifetimes

People asking about William Blum's ROGUE STATE: some links

White House rebuffs NPT lobby (Hindustan Times)

Iran's master puppeteer: Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

The right wing's "Our Father" (Austin Chronicle)

Wayward Christian Soldiers ---Jr as 'a real brother in Christ,'

BOOK REVIEW: 'State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Adm


It's time for Pab's Law!

Shiites Win, but Must Share Power--Rupublicans Win but must share power.

Toensing offered false defense of Bush's warrantless surveillance program

Hustling Backwards: How the Economy Fails the Poor

Political footballs and constitutional law

Nice Guys Don't Rule // When Rulers Err

Salon: Fear of spying

Broadcasting a Vision of Democracy Into a Void (TV Marti to Cuba)

Chain of Fools, by Chris Floyd

CNN is still sick with Fox envy -- and it's only getting worse

Paul Wolfowitz busy neo-conning World Bank (Steve Clemons)

Why the didn't use the FISA courts. New Technology

I will not support Hillary Clinton for president

Will there be a Baby Boomer retirement crisis? - demographers say no way

Does Happiness Matter More Than Wealth?

11 People Indicted in Ecoterrorism Plot

Six Former EPA Heads Urge Climate Action - And Bush Could Not Care Less

Toyota Will Push Hybrid Camry In Bilingual Super Bowl Ad

Good Followup Article On Plant Methane Emissions - Max Planck Institute

Russian Circus Warms Elephants With Giant Vodka Cocktails

just saw a Prius for the first time, pictures don't do it justice

Science Friday: Real Climate (Good read!)

Utahans wary of renewed interest in uranium

Two more miners dead?

Fed Investigator Deletes References To Sonar In NC Mass Whale Stranding

OSU College Of Forestry Profs Try To Block Paper On Logging Burned Lands

Sabotage probed at Koeberg nuclear station

3 accused of lying about reactor(indicted)-Ohio, First Energy, Davis-Besse

Mofaz: Iran, Syria behind Tel Aviv attack

Police arrest Bethlehem teens who admit planning to stab Jews

"Scandal Fallout May End Israel Trips"

Ex-Pentagon man gets 12 years in AIPAC case

Economic boycott of Israel?

Where is the evidence that OBL was behind 9/11?

Objections dismissed: NM election machine suit will go to court!

The Crisis Papers: The Gulliberal Problem

Would you do all of this & make no move to control the counting of votes ?

Election Officials in Arizona Refuse to Answer Senate Questions

Debra Bowen, Dragon Slayer.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, for FRIDAY, 1/20/06

You won't believe these photos

Just heard Blouin speak

WaPo Blogger puts Iowa governors race at 3rd in nation.

Mass. to vote on law requiring financial transparency 4 houses of worship

MN Libertarian Candidate anti-Pawlenty candidate to Announce

hard drive is now unformatted :(

For ODP and other Dem campaign lurkers...

Parsley calls allegations over political activity baseless

Cost of Ohio colleges outpaces nation: 4-year state schools 45% higher

Petro alleges Blackwell not playing straight

Paul Hackett On New Air America show this Sunday, State of Belief

North Texas DUers sound off

Who from TX is caught in Abramoff scandal? Sessions, Culberson, Brady?

This just in: Carolyn Keeton Rylander Strayhorn, changes names again!

Day of "Inclusion" Did Not Include the Harris County Democratic Party

Alvarado's check bounces; won't be on ballot

Corpus: See Bob Gammage tonight!

The candidate formerly known as Carole McClennan Keeton.......

Demonstration in League City against immigration harassment

DeLay's prosecutors dig deeper into California

Ray Allen Resigns: The Race for HD106 is ON!

Corpus: See Sheriff's candidate Pete Alvarez tonight!

Anyone up for some TX holdem on a train?

Kinky Friedman on '60 Minutes' on Sunday,

Are we going to have a Milwaukee DU meet up today- Jan. 20?


I am attempting to make brioche, any tips?

Tips for cooking when you're super-busy and broke.

Who are you going to vote for, or did...Again.

NDP Admits Giving Stephen Harper a Pass

Michael Moore Statement on Canadian Election

"Reasonable and popular policy has nothing to fear from the courts

Ekos poll, Friday Jan 20

The latest, latest SES CPAC poll (Fri Jan 20)

Let's be honest. We have only one chance to defeat the Conservatives here

Do Liberal supporters think complaining to NDP supporters will help them?

Conservative Party Links to Right Wing American Groups

Witherspoon's Globe Gown Was Worn by Dunst

Italy to pull out of Iraq in 2006

Three indicted in Ohio nuclear plant case

Security speech gives Gore poll boost

CBS News/AP: Mood of Republicans Worry GOP Activists

Clinton-Era Coverup on Cisneros Is Alleged Special Counsel Ends 10-Year Pr

Russia rejects Israeli proposal to impose sanctions on Iran

Justice Dept. Backs Bush on Spy Powers (Wash. Post)

IRAQ: Power shortages continue to affect millions

The proposed Iranian oil bourse

Iraqi election latest : no surprise Shias in majority

Space Debris Accumulating, Report Says

Ohio GOP chairman backs off plans to push Ney to resign

NYT: Tomorrowland: Apple Chief Set For Disney Role

Group Criticizes Donations to Suozzi Linked to a Spitzer Target

Charges filed in acid-leak investigation at nuclear plant

Sunni Appeals for Release of U.S. Reporter

Google Rebuffs Feds on Search Requests (BUT others gave it up)

Other firms handed over data on Web searches (MSN, Yahoo, complied)

Some Say Fortier's Release Coming Too Soon

Japan to reimpose ban on all US beef imports

German spies' Iraq role defended

Google refuses White House search request

WP: D.C. Sued Over Response to ('05 Presidential) Inaugural Protesters

Gore Speech Improves ``Favorable'' Ratings Among Democrats and Independent

LAT: Trial Illuminates Dark Tactics of (Iraq) Interrogation

U.S.soldier tried in interrogation death

LAT: 'Green' Measures Key to Earth's Future, Report Says

Fort Hood division suffers heavy casualties in Iraq

Washington Post Live Online

Iraqi Shias win election victory

Broadcasting a Vision of Democracy Into a Void (TV Marti to Cuba)

Administration Paper Defends Spy Program(presidential powers, particularly

LAT: Immigration Rift in GOP Up for Vote

Columbus priest accused of sexual abuse

Ivorians lift 'siege' on UN base

230 British troops injured in Iraq action ("no cover-up")

Italy to Withdraw Its Troops From Iraq by End of the Year

(AP) Italian Court Told to Prove Jesus Existed

Iran begins transferring currency reserves out of Europe

WP: Rice Explains Aid Restructuring to (concerned) USAID Employees

Celebrity coroner indicted (Dr. Cyril Wecht)

Judge OKs United Airlines Reorganization Plan

Lawyers' Comm. Board Members Submit Testimony to Judiciary (oppose Alito)

DeLay's prosecutors dig deeper into California

(Japanese) Government halts U.S. beef imports

'Times-Pic' Survey Finds Few From Congress Have Come to New Orleans

Metal thefts soar with prices for scrap(record prices,China building boom)

Ohio education board members lash back at public evolution supporters

New Tape from Zawahiri May Come Today

KPOJ says Wyden will be voting no on Alito

WP: Reference to Sonar Deleted in Whale-Beaching Report

Toensing offered false defense of Bush's warrantless surveillance program

(NYS CD 22 - Rep. "Big Mo" Maurice) Hinchey to marry ex-aide

Ex-president Carter's son running for Senate (hopes to unseat Ensign)

Baucus (D-MT) will not support Alito | Billings Gazette

Rove: GOP to Use Terror As Campaign Issue

Dying wife recants statement about murders

White House Pushes Economic Accomplishments (Talk Show PR Blitz)

11 charged in ecoterrorism arsons

Post blog closed because of profanity

(NY) Transit Workers Reject Contract Agreement

Democrats Hear Angry Seniors on Medicare (only Dems attended hearing)

Tobin seeks to overturn conviction (Republican election phone jammer)

Faster checks of fliers to start (paid background checks to bypass)

Bush launching aggressive defense of eavesdropping

South America: Rejecting U.S. Prescriptions, Region Tilts Left

British man working for Alabama base killed in Iraq(mercenary)

NYT: Oil Markets Are Jittery Over Iran

Web Site Calls for Trans-Alaska Pipeline Terror Attacks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 20 January

Newsday: Tape a 'big blow' to Bush

Hawaii Congressman to Challenge Senator(Akaka)

Ney Promises To Seek Re-Election

Irving company has lost 26 employees in Iraq war (DynCorp)

Iraqi criticizes secrect US contacts with insurgents ("appeasement")

American Public Split on Legitimacy of Wiretapping U.S. Citizens..(Harris)

CNN: Oil jumps back near $68 (1/20/06)

CNN: Japan stops U.S. beef shipments again (animal spine found)

Chirac raises threat of nuclear strikes

Democrats scold White House over spying

Qaeda No 2 praises 'martyrs' in Afghanistan

Libby's lawyers want to subpoena reporters

No sign of al Qaeda dead from US strike -Pakistan

Restive GOP Activists May Stage Revolt

(Ohio) Nuclear plant owner fined $28 million (Workers hid serious damage)

Maryland court rules against same-sex marriage ban

Pinochet Stripped of Immunity in Chile

Cheney says bird flu could pose economic risk

Ex-Pentagon analyst jailed for sharing US secrets

MSNBC LBN: U.S. approves Cuba's participation in World Baseball Classic

Pastor Parsley says allegations over political activity baseless

Shi'ites seal power, Baghdad in security clampdown

( NYT) U.S. Rejects Truce Offer From bin Laden (why not at least try?).

U.S. and Europe leery of heavy Iran sanctions

Rove Says Democrats Wrong on War on Terror

11 People Indicted in Ecoterrorism Plot

Rawstory: Rove camp 'frustrated' by uncertainty

Iran's leader challenges Europe to take back Jews in Israel

More Senators Announce Opposition to Alito

LAT: S.F.? Let's Not Go There, Highland Says (CA town boycotts city)

Whale swims up River Thames to central London

WP: Mike Malloy to CPAC: Get Lost!

Iran starts transferring foreign assets

Brokeback Beefing Up [Hits #1 For The Entire Country]

I did not get the job.

I got to get a job.

Wilson Pickett dead at 64. I hope this isnt a dupe.

What time is the Bronco playoff game on Sunday? Movies/TV Edition, think of a movie/tv screenplay...

Remind me not to watch Letterman tomorrow night

Stupid shit sold on TV

A GD post we should all see!

We have a troll.

So the helicopters are swarming over my neighborhood.

Name the last website you visited!

Two Pizzas in 5 minutes!

We are at war with Eastasia.

Bush's text adventure game

LeftyMom made me famous!

Holy Shit! I'm Watching a Rebroadcast of Dr. Phil - A Racist Grampa is...

What's the plural of "bagel"

The Japanese are still the masters of this!

"Ode To C.C. (part II)"- The Flaming Lips

For those who like to play RPG games...

What's your favorite carnival midway game?

I'm convinced the bar just off campus has the best specials EVER!

Goodnight, Lounge!

In lieu of the road trip tonight


Four Miller lites, three cinnimon shots

Higher education is a rocket...

SOUTH PARK FANS... for all of those conservatives who embrace...

I have yet to click on the "name a town no-one else has been to" thread.

I think horses live in the apartment above me

Okay, I messed

Lounge this thread: go in and answer the question with...


Ok, that does it. I am leaving this planet

Red Underwear All the Rage in Malaysia

Witherspoon's Globe Gown Was Worn by Dunst

How a Dead Hacker Shut Down Wikipedia Germany

if the song "papa was a rolling stone" doesn't move you


Important Message from the Ministry of Prole Control

Awesome piece of graffiti I saw on a bathroom wall tonight:

Name all the towns you know of. I'm trying to get a complete list of towns

*psst* word has it that Miss Idaho has the talent competition wrapped up

Chuang Chuang the morning after

Man Found on Q Train; Probably Died Hours Earlier

This week's-"WHO the....WHAT the.. WHY the... "thread

Breaking: Bush Administration demands all Google searches for "Ben Dover"

Want to meet & hangout with more folks like you? Try Drinking Liberally

BREAKING: Osama Bin Laden compares Michael Moore to Chis Matthews.

Friday earworm. I WISH!

I am lucky, lucky, lucky

Help, I need 16 names for rooms of a related theme. It is

Woman gets £200m electricity bill

Know what's lame?

From around the world - the lighter side of the news

Tell me. Are all ET people RUDE and condescending?

Have you ever just *refused* to be sick?

Two-tone cat

What is the plural of quiche?

This cop *still* had the balls to write a traffic ticket...

Dumping Yahoo. What should be my new homepage?

I'm drinking chai tea at work

Whale Swims up Thames

There are only 4 "Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

Post your Google searches here! I'll start...

How was the day for MrsGrumpy? Anybody know if she's o.k.?

What is the plural of quicky?

Triangle DUers get together this Saturday!

Why Bush couldn't be a paramedic.

Bush gets puzzled easily.

For all cowbell lovers!

Update on Chimp's KSU speech, I'm PROTESTING!


We need more ampersand.

I'm soooo proud of myself....

Droppin' Hamiltons

Friends for life: Hurricane Katrina Pets ... received this email today

I just got accepted to the University of my choice!

Can someone tell me what Krugman is saying these? I'm 2 lazy and cheap to

Ronaldinho is God

Favorite TV Genre

I love Azureus...

Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?

I just googled "George Bush likes Asian Porn"

What is wrong with this interaction?

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

Ya know...

Bush explains Medicare bill (Unbelievable!)

This kitty is sick

its the OFFICIAL midday Friday meaningless post!!!

Nickname for NASCAR fans?

NASCAR question

Sopranos fans new season starts on march 12th

Self Delete Dupe

Nintendo catalog from the 80's

He was told to take it slow.

how many hours of sleep do you get a day

The janitor is lucky it's Friday.

If I dump my Yahoo acct., is there a more ethical web based email that

I miss the good old days,when an OBL threat raised the terror alert color.

A whole vacation day used for a friggin' gas meter reading

Sienna takes a refreshment break..(cute girl pic)

Why can't everyone just pile-on in one big orgy?

Pentagon Beefs Up Iraq Troop Humvee Security With Baby on Board Stickers

What is the best WW2 FPS right now?

I miss the good old days,when an ODB threat raised the terror alert color

How bad is your vision?

Tell me. Are all employed Psycho-computer-users fucking stupid?

Black Jesus film "Son of Man" preaches politics over religion

i think we need a kitty thread

Can anyone help me?

So, what have I missed?

Video of my daughter's cat fetching (that's right, cat, not dog!)

I'm bloggin'

Dead Man Rides Subway ....

Hey Everybody!!!

Everybody loves Redheads

Irina Slutskaya. Surely the men in the Lounge could do something


Post your favorite song!!!

GOD, I hate everything (rant).

Computers just keep on getting cheaper and cheaper

British Film Academy nominees (BAFTAs)

NEED HELP: How do I find a map of my zip code?

Ditch Netflix!!

I'm gettin' really pissed here. . . . new car is making funky break dances


The Big Mo got hitched!

Pine Starbursts are the best!

so where was Shell Beau REALLY at the past week?

Nietzsche and Ayn Rand get married and give birth to....?

Which Dinnerware do you like better

It's January 20 and there's a Robin at my bird feeder.........

Best interplanetary funk artist/band?

Zod 2008

Minn. Students Find 'Royal' a Sex Convict

I'm off to my follow-up interview- please wish me luck!

what is the most irritating software of all time?

Lets vote, Is there anyone hear who really believe the OBL tape is real?

Stern hid cosmetic surgery, fearing people would think him "very gay"

DS1 says: "MATCOM is such an ATTENTION WHORE!"

Anyone else using wifi at a Panera bread store right now?

My Girlfriends dream last night....

I just took a Sh... Nope, I can't do that copycat!

I think I'm going to be sick

Where is matcom today?

Oh, HELL, Mr. T...say it isn't SO! You're Mr. Effing T, dammit!

Tell me. Are all IT people RUDE and condescending?

NOTE: Not work safe, and if it gets canned, I apologize to the mods.

Where the F was Shell Beau anyway???

Good god I've had a rollercoaster of a morning

Tom Cruise succeeds in having South Park "out of closet" episode censored

Got my new Metronic Paradigm Insulin Pump working...ask me anything!!!

i think we need a pitty thread

Should I continue the road trip?

I'm gettin' really pissed here. . . . new car is making funky break noises

The Boy Who Loved Deer (Alert: Spoiler)

Tell me. Are all employed computer users fucking useless?

You know what blows my mind? When somebody asks a question.

What thread should I start next

A NEW New Osama video emerges

I think we need a patty thread

Sometimes I think....

i think we need a pitta thread

I am attempting to make brioche, any tips?

Save me from senile men.

I'm gettin' really pissed here. . . new bar isn't making funky band noises

Who is your daddy?

When I'm really drunk, I have a cab take me to my car & follow me home

Snake makes friends with dinner.....

Arrrggghhh, i got my passport


shit = "You cannot add yourself to your Ignore list"...

Create your own reality tv show: ______________with the Stars

What should be the topic of the next thread I start?


Say you shopped at Walmart for whatever reason....

Has Dancing with the Stars been talked about???

I just took a Shower and had the Shit scared out of me!


I'm calling Jeff Fisher tomorrow. nt

Okay.....A question for my Lounge friends: Why is it, when I post here

evening earworm

My kid (18) just came in reeking of Lysol

Whoa... Did DU just slow WAY down for everybody else?

Relax everyone, Whitney and Bobbie ain't splitin!

Today's scary thing: reading your students' MySpace pages.

Photo: WOW! It's K-Fed at the ATM, withdrawing MORE of Britney's money!

Anthony Franciosa dies at 77...Shelley's ex.

Tom Cruise-blocked South Park episode viewable online. Sorry, Xenu.

First great school prank of the year!

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED..... "25 words that hurt your resume"

Back From Jury Duty - Didn't Get Picked (and MAY Have Landed A New JOB!!)

Friday afternoon, it's time...

Cleveland, OH - Most Intelligent City in America

Tom Cruise Has South Park Show Censored

whats everyone doing this weekend?

Goddamn! MATCOM is such an ATTENTION WHORE!

Actor Anthony Franciosa Dies at Age 77

How do I delete things that Firefox has remembered for me?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/20/06)

Were you in a fraternity in college?

Homer vs. Homer

My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned ...

LOL!! Today's Boondocks cartoon is awesome

Well, I quit my job today

What movie should I see this weekend

How will the Google search warrants affect Mike Hunt's re-election bid?

It looks like we're going to get a puppy tomorrow

**Flashback to School Days: How About Them Midterms and Finals??**

Does using SCROOGLE thwart attempts of "the man" to gather my searches?

So I got a second job...

I'm sad and lonely

Is "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" better than "Imagine"?

Why are there $2 bills?

George W. Bush was walking through an airport last week ...

Six of the seven dwarfs are sitting around the house one day . . .

My first job was programming binary load lifters

I think we need a fish thead. Because DU fish owners get no love.

80-year-old B. B. King to begin international "Farewell Tour" in March

Ditch Netflix! They advertise on Drudge!!!

This is one gorgeous cat!

The Band of the Day: The Cure!! Who loves em like I do!!

Have you ever had a MRI?

I've spent my entire life avoiding math

2 weeks of exercise and my sitting heart rate is down 12 BPM.

Time for another name your favorite obscure band thread.

What kind of job do you have?

well it's alright, it's okay

Let's hear some jokes, I need a good laugh today.

How should Redstone compensate DU

Winchester Rifle Factory Closes...

Battlestar Galactica tonight.

OK. You're in hell. What's on Satan's Ipod?

Since Friday is "Bounce Your Boobies" day, its a good day

SKUNK APE: check it out

God damn it. I am so sad! It is 2006 for crying out loud!

Sniff, sniff.... what IS that...?

A Cat and Her Boy (pix)

Pink Starbursts are the best!

Click this thread...if you could use a laugh today......


Miss America talent and Swimsuit winners announced

How long have you been at your job?

Tell me. Are all Psychotherapists STUPID?

Just back from Costco. Don't bother going.

Just came back from my 3rd grader's school assembly... Precious!!

Forrest just won't shut up, dammit...Gump sings every song ever recorded

First week of my SR. year!

It's that time again....Your Top 5 Books of All-Time

a much different updated version

Question for gay and lesbian DUers...

Top 10 Reasons You Might Be Too Old to Gig

best song to wake up to?

little Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard)

XM or Sirius??

Post from your cache thread!

Hey!!!! I just figured out the HTML lookup table!!!!

Greater Georgelandia

When even the pope has to whisper

Now, for a little light humor!

Why rapture?

Wayward Christian Soldiers By CHARLES MARSH

(AP) Italian Court Told to Prove Jesus Existed

Gilbert & George ask: 'Was Jesus heterosexual?'

Looking for assitance groups for my disabled sister

A sincere question about GM foods

Parents sue over 'junk food' ads

Japan grapples with invasion of giant jellyfish By Isabel Reynolds

Question on Genetic Modification, specifically on plants...

Treading the light fantastic: Einstein challenged

Antidepressants May Also Affect Human Immune System

Canadian Conservative Leader: No Rush To Ban Gay Marriage

Gay Civil Rights Bill Passes Washington House

UCC Loses Churches Gains Others In Supporting Gay Marriage

Maryland Court Says State Cannot Bar Same-Sex Couples from Marriage Protec

Southern Baptists Drop 'Gay Friendly' Church

Gay marriage south of the Mason-Dixon line

Anti-gay Pastor Argues First Amendment Right to Solicit Gay Sex

As if we didn't have enough reasons to hate Chris Matthews

Is there more hype than usual for the championship games this year

Ecclestone 'pulls plug' on Spa GP

The Sports Guy hands out his NFL post-season awards (hilarious)

Epstein Returns to Fenway

Cuba allowed entry to World Baseball Classic

And here they come! The Olympic Dog Sled Team from Jamaica!

Kitties in the lounge!!!

First time fostering - any tips?

Can anybody here read my chart?

Venus retrograde until MARCH? That can't be right.

Just for fun: 'Colorstrology.'

So is BinLadin dead?

MAYDAY--MAYDAY--Read new Message from Matthew

Vet's March: 135 miles from Mobile, Al. to New Orleans, La.!!

How apropos is this?? Salon: Fear of spying

Article by Jim Rassmann in Post Gazette

OMG! It's the apocalypse! Kos compliments JK. (OMG!)

Saint 43 - (Joke)

Ripple effect

Armaggedon! Dogs and cats living in sin!

Faster way to get here from there.

Wow! JK is not going to take it from Tweety anymore

John Kerry has a diary on Daily Kos

Completely off topic. Post about shoes.

Paging DC and Elshiva: Ahm, how are you feeling?

Okay, I decided... my kid won out over this

The other piano shot

I promised I wouldn't do this, but which do you like? :-)

Should the semifinal threads be posted in the Lounge?

A few of my pics of Paris

PS Experts - Here's a challenge

Osama bin Laden:A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

Is it a coincidence that Cheney had a terra speech and 2 scheduled i-views

On Saving This Government

Anyone watching Larry King? Forget it. the interview is over

What's this book, "Rogue State" OBL's flogging in his latest BushCo

For my post 1k, I salute all of you at DU and vow to struggle

WSJ: Legislation Weakens Pension Protections

WSJ's David Wessel: Is Inequality Over Wages Worsening?

Primetime : pedophelia is a diabetes

CSPAN website working for anyone?

The Guardian article that says 'War On Terror Is BS'

Osama's tape was released today 1-19 look at the date backwards 911

Tucker Carlson praises the guy who is paying students to spy on professors

I just read on AFP that Italy will pull half its force from Iraq by June

Novak article list of invites to shrub fund-raiser in 1999

I Know that no one like this stuff (halliburton)

Bin Laden and Faux

Do I Smell another War in the Making?

Brokeback Mountain #1 across America

Holy Shit! I'm Watching a Rebroadcast of Dr. Phil - A Racist Grampa is...

Warfare or bust - or is there an alternative?

Almost 38 years after MLK's assassination and we are still burning crosses

Please check my logic here, folks? If Osama still lives...

Dr. Zack and the anthrax attacks of 2001

Steve Bell (Guardian) on Extraordinary Rendition

"NEW" Bin-Laden tape and wire-tapping

you can't blame Clinton forever, Osama's STILL out there threatening us

we vastly outnumber this pitiful handful of pukes,

Cheney was just in iraq 'visiting the troops'.... He hand delivered the

Honor the falllen - tribute to Doug Barber

Has anyone heard of this film, "Why we Fight" -documentary on war complex?

so Osama has threatened the 'Heartland', eh?

It's the F*cking Hypocrisy! It's the F*cking Hypocrisy!

i don't think Osama's on the run, but bush soon will be, politically

Went to Michael Moore's web site to see if he replied to Matthews and

Good For My Repub Guv (refuses to go on O'Lielly.)

Why Blame America?

i guess bush is too chicken to confront N. Korea, who has real nukes

So why the BinLadin audio tape?

cspan caller: Osama sounds like a liberal democrat

Iraqi election latest : no surprise Shias in majority

DU this Sun-Sentinel poll on gay marriage

How Bin Laden continues to elude U.S. - Jim Miklaszewski explains

Look what Google's Adsense put on my blog ..a book for conservatives' kids

Osama mentions his Anti-Soviet Activities

If I dump my Yahoo acct., is there a more ethical web based email that

Cheney: "I hear Al fortunate we are that he didn't get elected"

Dom. snooping 4 terror or porn is a pretext to track $$ of U.S. citizens.

Is Canada about to become more like the US?

when we're attacked, they'll blame Osama again, but...heads up

The rethugs must truly be feeling threatened by the bad news

Does anyone have a link for the text of OBL's tape?

"GW Bush Kiddie Porn Site"

Wayne Madsen and Conyers on Steph today!?

bin Laden's 'truce offer'

Japan is bannin' US beef - again!

Wingnuts have no clue how al-Qaeda operates

American Girl ends their support of the "I CAN" program and Girls, Inc.

Whether the OBL is fake or not, the RNC is using it to attack Democrats

BBC's On This Day: John F Kennedy sworn in

Has anyone other than US governmental entities ever

Boycott Yahoo

Assuming Alito does get confirmed - can we can reverse the damage?

The Bush Presidency: 5 years down, 3 to go!

So when is Free Republic going to change their name?

Well it looks like the Osama distraction worked

Bin Laden Tape

Pavlov's Nation: How we're trained to respond to a Spooky voice

Shi'ites make up 60 percent of Iraqs population and couldn't get a majority

Looking for UBL tapes!!!

The suspect tape of bin laden may be autentic but I find it hard

What happened to Fascist Friday?

Tweety Needs some mail.....

After 4 1/2 yrs, 2500 troops dead, illegal spying, $ billions spent...

Has anyone seen this Gatorade commercial? (and how it applies to BushCo)

"The World Can't Wait"

CIA orders censoring of Nostradamus book predicting Bush 2008 assasination

Bush Admits At Press Conference He's Not THAT CONCERNED With Bin Laden

Could Kucinich win a governor’s race in Ohio?

Let us demand that Congress takes back some of our airwaves

Could someone explain the Bin Laden & Bush connection to me?

Bush, January 2004: "I ate beef today, and will continue to eat beef"

Roe challenge set for new court

Retired General is president of Co. that supplied the useless body armor

Conyers on Stephanie Miller NOW!

O'Reilly Changed Name of debate Contest After Lawsuit

Mike Pence (R) Indiana explains all those trips...

Sam Alito On Brokeback Mountain

Know your porn sites

Has anyone read "The Camel Club" - Incredible novel....

Bush WILL be a 3- Term Prezzydent.

Gilbert & George ask: 'Was Jesus heterosexual?'

OBL message - more proof of the Miserable Failure of this Republican

OBL Calls Bush "The Butcher of Freedom". Chavez -- "Mister Danger"...

The Missing Meetings

Bin Laden`s full text of the message, as carried on al-Jazeera's website.

Fighting Dems? Gitcher Fighting Dems right here!

Stephanie Miller Mountain ..... "I wish I could quit you."

Im about to talk on Stephanie Miller as Ken from New Haven

Do you want fries with that order?

Were you at the Inauguration protest? 01/20/04, one year ago.

Electronic Voting Machines with printed record (who knows about these)

Pitt Post Gazette Rocking This A.M.:Pres Has NO Respect For The Law

Osama Been Forgotten

So when is Rush going to prison?

Japan halts U.S. Beef imports over Mad Cow concerns....

Reading the paper, watching the teevee, going to the internet

"Justice Department offers legal basis for wiretaps"

1 Hour Countdown DU'ers! Conyers Forum on Domestic Spying 11AM

Breaking the Law - Bushco Parody song

Israel accuses Iran, Syria of role in Tel Aviv bomb

Gas from John Gibson: "Bin Laden's Talking Points From Far Left?"

Amendments to FISA- the next battle-allowing the President

Another mining accident.. ok when is the "media" going to ask...

Dear Lord!

Another interpretation of the Bin Laden tape..

Seems Shrub is pissed that his image is really BAD in the World!

Frequent Flyer Security and your privacy

Richard M Nixon or George W Bush?

Question about Cisneros

Bin Laden Tape: Uncut, Uncensored Transcript

"If republican leaders were wrong

A classic movie about Facism on TCM today: Escape

Does Happiness Matter More Than Wealth?

VIDEO (NBC) Peter Bergen on the OBL tape

Rep. Chris van Hollen (MD): "Any first year law student would conclude..."

Latest hypnotic suggestion for the sheeple: Bin Laden = left = Bin Laden..

MARK YOU CALENDARS: 3 years from today * is out of office

is Osama CIA?

questions for al Jazeera: HOW did you get OBL tape?

DU this CNN poll

NewsMax: Bin Laden Echoes Dem War Critics

The problem is extremely high debt - income ratio

Inspiration for my fellow Socialists out there....

U.S. Obtains Internet Users' Search Records - Maybe We Should Use Google

VIDEO- Frederickson on Domestic Surveillance

a picture tells a thousand words

I HATE health insurance

Spin Cycle; Does Osama work for the DNC?

Washington Post Live Online


To Rove: I'll give you credit for trying to make OBL look like a Liberal

Hugh Hewitt: CNN's Jack Cafferty, Nutter

Print your own Anti-Waalmart bumpersticker!

WaPo Live Discussion Starting NOW (12 noon ET)!!

Exposed (by sL-IMUS): LIMBOsevic's Scam of Soldiers

Official Conyers Forum Thread 11AM CSPAN

VIDEO- Van Hollen -"Making it longer didn't make it better" and specious

I am worried about defeatism in stopping Alito - We MUST FIGHT

1 in 5 Seniors Hasn't Passed High School Exit Exam, what to do with them?

holy shiite-- Iraq Shiites Win, but Must Form Coalition

Woman leaves entire estate to pay down national debt

Bumper sticker I saw today: Speak Out, Even if Your Voice Shakes

Jonathan Turley: "The President committed a CRIME. Period."

i saw steve emerson (terrorist expert) on the news. he said

J.Turley said loud and clear: chimp committed a "CRIME"

Friday Humor: "Greater Georgelandia"

Bin Laden tape a fake?

Freaking Turdblossum

Latest Winger Stupdity: Stupid Investment of the Week...

This Day In History

If there was ever a time for impeachment, it is now.

So, CNN wants to be Fox? Let' em

Ditch Netflix! They advertise on Drudge!!!

How are the 'freepers' reacting to the Google search records subpoena?

Kerry comes out swinging at Matthews/Simple Scotty

NEW BLOG: An Open Letter to Chris Matthews

Heads up next two weeks: Patriot Act Vote, Rove Case, Iran Sanctions

Support Google today with an "I Feel Lucky" search on this single word..

Talk to WaPo live on line on "Dialogue with readers"

Peggy Noonan calls for return to old school conservatism.

Everyone in the world is a terrorist suspect, per Bush/Cheney.

Conyers hearings were why the tape was released.

Fresh off of last months Iraq war stump, next week will brings us...

UBLs kidney problem: curable with a transplant?

Has anyone posted this pic of * and Jacko yet?

The president committed a crime

OBL definitely got what he wanted today

predictions anyone?

How far into the sotu before we get 911, terra, and Iran?

Should DU boycott Yahoo?

OBL tape...remember the alleged Saddam tapes and Rendon Group?

Abramhoff's Dad Blames George Clooney for his problems...

St. Bernard Parish Prez Responding to a FEMA Claim: "That's Bullshit"

Whale spotted in central London

US Army raises maximum enlistment age -- cartoon

Rabid horse dies. Owners and stable workers being treated. (S.C.)

NYDN gossip: Limbaugh, CNN's Kagan "going through a rough patch"?

Indiana to Fred Phelps: NO PROTESTS AT FUNERALS!!!

More Senators Announce Opposition to Alito

The best thing about being a Democrat

How should Democrats handle the Terror issue?

Insider Info: Ford shuts down 10am 1/23 to announce closings/layoffs


DURBIN:"As of Wednesday, I Just CAN'T RULE IT (Fillibuster) OUT

Mehlman's GOP has an "enthusiasm deficit":

Is it time for Open Gallows Humor re: Traitor Bush?

VIDEO- Fein entire segment blowing apart Bush's claims Dem surveillance

Here is an interview of an anti war candidate running for Senate from NY

Who are "the Republicans"?

Former Pentagon analyst sentenced to 12 years in prison!!!

Sent this note to Sen. Mitch McConnell (my Senator and Republican Whip)

More Tweety fun: Quoting "The wonderful Michael Savage" on Imus

Our current box of chocolates says "Stupid is as stupid does."

Imus talking of Rush L.'adopt a soldier program'--

Ya gotta wonder. Is the GOP intentionally committing suicide?

NYT - Waward Christian Soldiers. Fundie calls out his war hungry cohorts

We do not consent.

Hourly Wages Have Fallen in 18 of the Last 20 Months

how would you find out who advertises with MSNBC?

Dismissing terrorist threats altogether makes us look like fools here

NPR finally declares their love for domestic wiretapping...

Inside Scoop by Freep: Mrs. Alito cried because she knew Mary jo Kopechne

I'm guessing

More on TSA Expedited travel registration

Freeper-killing arguement from Wexler: "It cant happen to me"

SF Chronicle: "CNN is still sick with Fox envy"

FBI nabs ELF "terrorists" ... Fortier released from prison.

Security pass may result in scrutiny of frequent fliers' personal records

CNN POll - Has the Bush administration done a good job

Why rapture?

Tom Russurt on Imus, msnbc--talking of OBL tape.

I expect this crap from Tweety, but Joe Biden?

It's Friday Afternoon!

Rice Appoints Political Sycophant To Head U.S. Foreign Aid Efforts

My, my - it appears that Tweety has "jumped the shark"

VIDEO- Hersh -Recommendations (he was the Counter-Recruiter

GOP Studying Book on the Life of George W. Bush ---pix->>>

VIDEO- Fein -Importance of holding hearings that are REAL hearings

Now that BushInc. wants their Google searches, do freeps still want Alito?

Interesting CNN/Money poll and answers

DNC: Did Karl Rove Just Get Fired?

Terrorist Calls Pizza Hut, You call Pizza Hut, You are Now ON THE LIST

It is Photo-Op time again - Bu$h to visit NSA as part of counter activity

Am I wrong or was Chris Matthews a former Democratic congress man?

Bush's Iraq fostered a radical Iranian govt.. Now Pakistan's is threatened

Breaking >>> The Washingtonian has seen five photos of Bush with Abramoff

Where is the evidence that OBL was behind 9/11?

Evil, ancient, reptilian bastard Jack Welch to write Business Week column

Is a UBL a threat? (new thread)

I just posted on the "Open Letter To Chris Matthews" blog...your turn!

Arnold for president in 2008?!?

a note from John Edwards--petitions to go to Dem leaders

Holy ABRACADABRAMOFF ! T-Ricky Santorum's secret revealed!

A thought just occurred to me re: Abramoff scandal...

My letter to all senators today

It seems the US isn't the only one bent on aggression against Iran

abortion before '73 abortion after RobertsAlito - - -

Will Olbermann nominate Matthews for "Worst Person of the Day" Award?

Is your C-SPAN 1 and C-SPAN 2 working on your TVee?? MINE IS GONE!

Maybe Bush is a uniter, not a divider after all

Where will your senator will be when it's time to filibuster Alito?

End Friday on the lighter side with a question for you Roe vs Wade

"we undermine presidential credibility at our nation’s peril" - Lieberman

Osama's Back. But Whose Back Does He Have?

Has Laura Been Shoe Shopping with Condi? ---pix->>>

Jesse Jackson, Jr. - The RIGHT to vote!

A thought I just had , reading another post

My Girlfriends dream last night...

Maryland Court rules AGAINST ban on same sex marriage

Coal-mine drama and $375,000 Bush fundraiser: Chickens home to roost

Ouch!!!! DJIA -213.+ NASDAQ -54.+ .... thats gonna leave a mark....

LAX swarming with extra security- fighter planes in formation overhead.

Remind them of Hurricane Katrina

Ralph Nader is in Fun with Dick and Jane

Wondering-on Eminent Domain- Remember how the Senate held

The Conyers hearing on ILLEGAL wiretaping of Americans was the

Pacifica Radio is broadcasting Dems wiretapping "hearing"

Have You Called Harry Reids Office Yet

Govt to prepare kids for terror, disasters

My response to a typical Email with right-wing propaganda

Need help please - Bush quotes about Osama

This pig won't fly. Rove worries terrorists would laugh if we left Iraq.

Ed Shultz Is an Egotist...Not a Freind of The Left....

Temporarily Unindicted Traitor Imparts Wisdom to Rabid Rightwing Nuts -pix

At a MOCK hearing on Capitol Hill...

Another tragedy in WV.... More roosting chickens?

Iran is moving its assets out of Europe

Who is your daddy?

Author "Amazed and Amused" by Book Plug From bin Laden ("Rogue State")

Osama bin Laden: Is It Him? Almost Certainly By: ROBERT FISK

its friday you bastards

Hey as Bush states the economy is really humming along, Dow is down

Anti-US book endorsed by Bin Laden jumps to #33 on Amazon

Bloomberg: Oil Price, Nearing $70, May Rise on Iran, Survey Says

Moveon petition for a independent council on warrantless wiretaps/spying

How many managers are there at McDonald's? (Trick Question)

Wolcott points out an interesting contradiction

Friday, January 20, 2006 "Newsdump" thread:

Official Conyers Forum - NSA Dom. Spying Thread 2

More funny Google searches on "I'm feeling lucky"

Conservative HS Teacher Opposes "Indoctrination"

Another transit strike in NYC???

Lieberman still hasn't announced on Alito - keep the pressure on!

What percentage of legislators and major government

Hearing Reagan announce the return of the hostages again makes me sick...

OBL Truce Offer

"It is no accident that we haven't been hit in more than four years."

liveoaktv - could you post links to all your clips from today's meeting in

Is Osama in Iran?

Any word on the fate of Jill Carroll?

What do we do?


For those of you who support someone Very Strongly, make sure you are...

Ras Poll: Top 2006 Issues- Health Care, Economy, Corruption, and Iraq

Help me with this 20 year old who joined Marines & has second thoughts

I remember in the 20th century when...

Supremes uphold conviction in landmark free speech case

So it's been several hours since the Conyers hearing, and nothing on the..


Damn, we have to wait another month till Bill Maher's returns to HBO...

Idea let's boycott Chris Mathews Hardball

Bush Talks Up Economy, Dow Falls Over 200 Points (The Left Coaster)

I just called Sen. Nelson's office and told them that I will not be voting

kiss my ass

Dow 4000?

It would appear that the Ivory Tower is crumbling

Bush defends spying, heads to NSA

Abramoff's daddy upset with Clooney. Al Zawahiri Releases Audiotape; U.S. Media Mum

A proposal for you: President should have only one six-year term in office

Caption this turd blosson pic...

Sunday MTP guests.

Reuters reports Kuwaiti oil reserves might be only half of what is claimed

Tell Joe Biden SHAME ON HIM for laughing at Tweety's joke

Sweatshop Moguls linked to US lobbyist scandal (The Standard-Hong Kong)

Are Freepers unprotected against the Bush NSA Spying Scandal?

Sieg Heil, Ich habe ein post 9/11 Weltanschauung!!! Heil Bush, Heil Bush!!

The Missing Meetings - Who did Abramoff see at the White House?

VIDEO-Wexler-Hersh-the Average Citizen IS Affected by Domestic

The TAPE is not a fake per se......

Right wing responses to the inevitable draft?

anyone else having trouble getting to general discussion politics?

Homosexuals are born into heterosexual marriages

Paul Wolfowitz Busy Neo-Conning the World Bank

Bin laden tape- *peace be upon hims* missing/ WTF?

In the Shadow of Bin Laden

was waiting for Matthews to give apology

Proposal: President should be limited to one, six-year term

Six Years of Moving Backwards...and counting.

hey-I thought we were fighting them OVER THERE so we wouldn't have to here

Bigotry thy name is Janet Parshall

I work for a stock exchange, and overall volume is going berserk

My Take On This New Bin Laden Video...

Randi is playing MANY clips from today's hearings - a heads up! GREAT stuf

If George W. Bush were my Big Brother.

Morning, DUers! How'd you like a class action suit vs. PNAC

For California democrats and moderates who will believe the bullshit....

Lou Dobbs/CNN implied the Dems about just as guilty re Abramoff money

$800 BILLION in credit card debt..wages fell in 05, benefits slipped

Ok DUers I have a query for you...

Bush Behind Bars - AP Photographer having some fun...prison or playground?

Burns committee on decency on cable is on CSPAN2 now

Anthony Franciosa dies at 77.

Good Lord -- cronies can't even get postage stamps right.

OBL tape 'chain-of-custody'... leads back to Cheney's lair?

"Bush Rules Out Senate Run for First Lady"

Defiant Iran could withdraw oil in nuclear row

Bin Laden 'Truce' Offer Reveals Terror Network in Tatters

So, is this "Tweety Underground" now?

Libby's Lawyers Want to Subpoena Reporters

James Bamford on Lou Dobbs -COMING UP!

Analysis: Google Case Raises New Questions of Presidential Authority

Since Bush wants to see the Google search records,

bush was absolutely correct about warrantless wiretapping!!

Roy Blunt: Reagan would be proud of "civil, dignified" GOP campaigns

Another Abramoff picture question - Is this him?

Osama is dead. He died in the earthquake in Pakistan in 2005.

BOUNCE THOSE BOOBIES....Randi Is On The Air...

So Kucinich married a hot red head. Is he electable now?

Johnathan Turley, "This is a text book example of an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE"

VIDEO- Turley on Shield Laws for Journalists (Whistleblowers)

VIDEO- Hersh (Counter Recruiter meet w/Quakers) spied upon

I'm tired of being told that Dems are weak on defense because we

My email to Tweedy re Michael Moore

OMG, I just googled 'I love Bin Laden'

It's back (Wapo rebuttal after cleansing)

VIDEO-Fein- If FISA is a Rubber Stamp, why didn't Bush use it?

Results of expert Wargame on IRAN: "NO MILITARY SOLUTION"

Ahhhh.... Peace and Quiet.....

Hardball "Hot Shot" host panel...Might as well watch Fox

VIDEO- Martin on the argument that the Pres needs to keep spy secret

VIDEO-Schiff on Domestic Surveillance - includes his comments

Lou Dobbs poll tonight! Interesting!!!!

I don't buy "The terrain is too treacherous" The tribal clans too loyal"

SERIOUS ? What will * have to do to force Google & others to release info?

Hastert ally hires lobbyist (ex-Hastert aide) to represent Den's district

Alumni Group Targets 'Radical' UCLA Professors

Do you even differentiate between a Conservative and a Neo-Con?

Kerry friend Jim Rassman attacks the swiftboating of Murtha. (PostGazette)

How low will they go? That's entirely up to us.

~ New Talking Point to Counter Rove ~

Is the new OBL tape a fake?

Post blog closed because of profanity

Fear mongering will backfire on cowardly conservatives

Debra Bowen, Dragon Slayer.

Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff's father is upset with George Clooney

Every time there's a protest, protesters should wear "BROWN SHIRTS" and

Abramoff Question

Ex-president Carter's son running for Senate (hopes to unseat Ensign)

A Lie so big that EVERYONE will fall for it.

Bush Administration Rolls out Hitler Youth Program

Lou Dobbs just fucked up the WaPo blog shutdown story

Clinton Library Prepares to Open Records (If bush lets him)

Yes! A caller on Ed Schultz talked about Filibuster Friday and

WESLEY CLARK:Where is the leadership and the rule of law?

Check out Mr. Young Republican, here

Who dresses Cheney?


Play Guess WHO told Matthews to kill show exposing Murtha's swiftliars

VIDEO- Turley "President is Committing a Crime" clip

VIDEO- Jonathan Turley -Whole segment-Surveillance Hearing

Ain't it Funny how We Haven't had Color Coded Terrorist Alerts Since...

First Lady's Criticism of Hillary Clinton

I SAID..Come on!.. (I think the pressure's getting to him)

BUSH/CHENEY et al are the ones who have trivialized terror

TaxLaw Changes Delay e-file for a Small Number of 2005 Forms (maybe yours)

You know, we will have about 2 years to make sure this can't happen again.

"Anyone But Bush" in national, but "Anyone But Hillary" in the primaries

Are We Not Better Than This?

Tom Toles CARTOON on Abramoff ONLY involved with GOPs - PASS IT ON!


Are YOU ready to be bugged and tortured by George W. Bush?(The Free Press)

"You want to make fun. You can do that, but you don't make fun of someone

Oregon Voters Rights Coalition calls for halt to nomination process...

Shouldn't our president make some sort of statement about Osama?

"He's obviously on the run"...bush that is

Life Before Roe v. Wade

Osama bin Laden = Emmanuel Goldstein

Prices going up every where, what have you noticed?

Did plantations have basements? Just asking!

Where do pedophiles come from?

Clinton was offered bin laden on a silver platter-I Respond

Michael Moore Statement on Canadian Election

Can anyone explain this 12/2001 funeral notice for Osama bin Laden?

So what do you think of DU? n/t

Paul Krugman of the NY Times wins the quote of the day!!!!

We are engaged in nuclear warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan RIGHT NOW!!!

Katrina victims: "next of kin unknown" bodies being "disposed of"

Crap. I've been warning people about this for two years. Here it is.

His Master's Voice (why I don't give a @#$! how many OBL tapes surface)

Freepers outraged at Star Jones

I'm sick of reading what RW blowhards have to say here on DU

HORRORS!!! Yet ANOTHER bin Laden communique!!!

Should we put aside our differences with conservatives and go after Bush?

Suspension of the Constitution ... and Justice Roberts and Alito

I Bought A Pistol Today - And I'm Still Astonished

Major failures of capitalism – The Electronics Saga

Time To Pull The Plug On This Fascist Regime

Kyra Phillips says "That's true" regarding WaPo/Abramoff/Dem Contributions

Grizzlies aren't out of the woods

HOWARD DEAN:"Karl Rove Has Zero Cred on National Security"

Why does the Pretzident pretend he doesn't know people - Lay (Enron)

Did Iran ever get back the assets that were frozen in 1980?

Bless the photographers.. They have outdone themselves again

Coming up on Oprah: TERROR! BIRD FLU! BE VERY AFRAID!!!

I know Walmart is evil and all but if you needed one of these gizmos...

Rove: GOP to Use Terror As Campaign Issue

Election Fraud Cover-Up/Mystery/Circus with Potential Nat'l Ramification

"Don't pass out before we board the chopper, George..."


Please DU this poll

Official Conyers Forum - NSA Dom. Spying Thread 3

"DeLay lashes out as support plummets " Delay is finished...TOAST!


Kerry Blogs On Daily Kos!

Molly Ivins: Not. Backing. Hillary.

Washington Post Blog cutoff story made CNN!

Senate GOP wants Reid staffer fired

Non-fiction Book Club Info

Vulnerable Senate seat. I met Senator Akaka this summer and...

Schneider of CNN says alito is in... is that true?

The proposed Iranian oil bourse

Mine Safety - Does Conservative De-Regulation work?

Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape

Show of hands. Who will show up for a STOP ALITO rally?

40 teens to "die" on pier to show Roe v Wade is "NOT settled law"

Randi keeps saying (about the "hearings" today w/Conyers)

Archived segments of Mike Malloy reading George Orwell's 1984

Whitfield threatens action if plant pensions aren't protected (KY)

We need a political version of Luca Brazzi

Federal jobs and services privatized. Are most Americans paying for it?

"Using threats of force, govt can directly affect the Internet experience"

WSJ: Webb leads Miller (VA Senate)

1999: "Bush says 'Pioneers' are friends..."

Busted, Burns Backs Out of Birthday Bash with Lobbyists

Governor Joe Manchin (D) W, Virginia - highest approval rating in nation

ACLU on what gov't can do with your Web surfing data under Patriot Act

Do you know about "presidential signing papers" and the

Wire Tap Hearings Airing on Pacifica Radio and C-Span 1/20/06

The text of the new OBL tape uses the word "God" instead of "Allah"

Scotty Proves That Bush Is Delusional

Add to your lustre - FILIBUSTER

Hey, what happened to the Frist/DeLay day trader in their

Asian Times hints that US is flat broke

The latest OBL tape and RW talk radio yesterday

Very discouraged, did you hear Rachel on AAR this morning?

Tucker Carlson says OBL transcript reads like Democratic talking points..

Hey, I want some credit re: WaPo Ombudsperson!

The problem is extremely high debt - income ratio

Return of the Son of My Pet Goat


Two Words: Michael Savage

Yahoo! complied with Bush Administration...

Norm Coleman: tops list in privately funded travel..

Looks like Alito will come to rescue the Neocons in the nick of time.

Cheney Says Domestic Surveillance Vital

from NPR "Group Offers Money for Reports on Left-Wing Faculty

Democratic spokesmen who should be retired

Alberto Says, Bush “Has Got the Power”

So...there's a "new" OBL tape, and Bush is heading to Camp David...

GOP asses in a sling? Solution: Roll out the Osama tape....

Voice Morphing Technology

Some Rhetorical Questions About Our Democratic "Leadership"

Opinion: This "UBL is reading the internet" thing is a tool

Scarborough Country, Hannity &colmes, and Tucker Carlson / Dem=Osama

Matthews Compares Michael Moore to Osama — John Kerry Responds

Osama Bin Laden - Republican Leader - Republican Patron

So now all Democrats sound like Osama bin Laden ?

K street project and snake Cheney's shadow/secret govt.

You heard it here first. The Gropinator is going to pull an LBJ and

Is Osama a Republican ?

Nobody at my job has even mentioned Bin Laden's tape

Elected Democrat switches parties, becomes a Republican.

Nadler Rocks!

Exactly THREE years from right about now.....

Osama bin Laden: It's all about the voice

Smart people oppose immediate withdrawl...

Should the U.S. pursue truce discussions with Osama bin Laden?

BBC says 3,200 still missing in Katrina/Rita disaster

Go get 'em Harry? Oh really?

So...any word yet....

Randi Rhodes said Abramoff was at the faux ranch 4 times

GOP fatwa to Der Gropinator: Fire aide or we withdraw reelection backing

It Is Sad It Has Come To This......

Tweety: "If I were a slave, I would say the whippings were pretty tough"

Rove & Goss

The Unitary Executive Theory: a primer (dial-up warning)

can Frist get away with barring Sens. from talking about Alito?

WP blogger handicaps ten gubernatorial races: Dems poised for gains

If you love warrantless wiretapping, quit fighting Alito:

If * really told it like it is

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/20/06: The Enemy Among Us

lying or stupid tells the truth about Alito

Reminder - Wiretapping Hearings on C-SPAN today, 1/20/06

Dean and Mehlman agree: The country is more important than party.

The accused to visit the scene of the crime.

What OBL SHOULD have said to *

Good read.

Let's predict the next TERRA attack and prove these IDIOTS liars.

AP: Iraq's Shiites Win

Bush: "Solve the deficit...grow the economy...make my tax cuts permanent"

WTF is Harry Reid doing????!!!!!!

Kyra Phillips Lies for the Post

why don't we all do google searches for "bush sucks" and terms like that.

Ex-Pentagon analyst sentenced to 12 years

New Volpac poll

Republicans list their wedge/liability issues...

Bushback Mt. - the Friday cartoon

Are there any D.C. protests/marches coming up?

PATRIOT Act Loses Steam as Americans Reassert Their Freedom

There was a Impeach flyer posted on here Can you help me find it again

Oil and the dollar

CNN Poll - vote NO today on terrorism question & Bush

Is anyone listening to C-Spans Rove repeat?

John Edwards on Alito.

Roy Blunt Married to Tobacco Lobbyist

"Osama sounds like Howard Dean" on Tucker Carlson

How to Block Fox and CNN

Alito Gives Senate Committee More Answers

It's been a good week - started out with Gore speech - ended with John

Local DC news just said Bush could get boost from Bin Laden tape.

Fox News spinning the 2% Dow drop as "Al Qaeda & Iran fears"

Can every man, dog, Tom, Dick, Harry and Suzie get on this OBL tape?

BTC News exposes Scotty's "We are winning the war on terror." LIE

Another chimp (TX) Pioneer in ethics complaint

Revolutionary talk from an unexpected source:

Man files complaint against Alito for not disclosing his case to Senate

Roe v Wade and states' rights

EXCELLENT Reagan/Bush commentary at dailykos

Friday Gorilla

How many Senators does it take to determine an extraordinary circumstance?

All great men are pestered by mental midgets

Abramoff's presence at White House confirmed

Hearings in basement perfectly illustrate Hillary's "plantation" remark

Maybe Already Covered... Does Anyone NOW Doubt WHY Hillary Can't Win???

Hey, I have an idea to put an end to these bogus "Bin Laden Tapes"...

Just called Feinstein to tell her I expected her to publicly support

Hispanic Leaders Speak out Against Alito

So Now I Can't Have privacy on:

Video - Rove's RNC Speech Outlines '06 Election Strategy

Jim Rassmann: Make It Clear We Will Not Tolerate Swift Boat Smears

Part of the State Dept.? Better brush up on your Urdu!!

Democrats should have easy wins this fall if KKKarl is going this route

No Justice At Justice Dept....Just Bush Apologists. Your Tax Dollars

Rove 2006! "Terra: 'Cause that's all we have!"

If you don't want your Google or Yahoo searches recorded.......

The French Bashers

CNN is now the enemy

Question regarding an election tampering problem -

For all you Kaine SOTU rebuttal supporters (Kaine vs Murtha)...

If Bush is so concerned with Web-Porn, then he should come clean on GANNON

Stop watching cable news!

Would you do all of this & make no move to control the counting of votes ?

A REAL protest: Time to hit them in their wallets.

Take the House back '06 Camp Wellstone training 4 working in campaigns

The Case of "Filibuster v. Alito"