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Archives: January 19, 2006

Fix The Mistake The House of Representatives Made In The Dead of Night!

James Webb and the Swiftboat Smackdown

Epidemiology of Mad War

Sid Blumenthal: Republicans gone wild

Gore's Challenge

The big lie (by Garrison Keillor)

Strapped: Why America's 20- and 30-Somethings Can't Get Ahead

Hamas, Fatah make no-violence pledge ahead of elections

Northern VA: Town Hall w Sen Howell and Del Callahan this Sat.

Molly Ivins interviews Gavin Newsom

Asking for help is a TWO WAY street. - THREE RULES of COURTESY

Former Dem took money from Ney

Beacon Journal: Pastors bring Blackwell to Hartville

The Vanishing Middle Class.

Your Tax Dollars at work! Supporting Repub politicians via Delay

Club for Growth endorses Cuellar ("D"-TX28)

Dinner at the Prophets-Beef lentil curry and steamed cauliflower

Can someone explain the election/Canadian politics to an American lurker?

Harry Reid on PBS News Hour right now

Privacy group to sue over US eavesdropping program

More Than 3,200 Still Missing From Katrina

U.S. cordon following helicopter downing forces Iraqis onto killing field

Report: USDA Only Pretended to Do Probes

WP/AP: Doctor: Mine Survivor Waking From Coma

Man Tied to Ok. City Bombing to Be Freed: Fortier Wants to See Family

CNN/Reuters: Tokyo Stock Exchange Reopens After Selling Panic

Supreme Court Dodges Big Abortion Ruling

WP: U.S. Journalist (Jill Carroll) Shown as Hostage (on al-Jazeera)

Doyle poised to veto measure to allow concealed weapons in public;

Leaked memo reveals 'torture flights cover-up'(UK)

Wristwatch to Detect Malaria

Bush Speech (SotU) to Focus on Health Care Plans

Likud beefs up campaign staff with Schwarzenegger aide

Lobbying 101: Inside one company’s efforts (BellSouth whistleblower)

Two Charged in Northwest Ecoterror Probe

CNN Signs Former GOP Rep. J.C. Watts

Jeb Bush asks $55M for space agenda

WP: For GOP, Time for Soothing, Selling (Medicare drug disaster)

WP: Democrats Assail Republican 'Culture of Corruption'

Ex-CIA chief's book to explain "slam dunk" on Iraq

Zogby: Kennedy bumps Roosevelt from top of Presidential Greatness Scale

NYT: The Secret's Out: North Korea's Leader Did Visit China

NYT: Report Questions Legality of (limited) Briefings on Surveillance

Dems (Nelson, Lautenberg) Predict Filibuster Won't Be Used to Block Alito

Brown Now Says He Deserves Much Of Blame (Brownie speaks)

AFL-CIO Head Blasts Corporate Policies

Bush taps Norquist(Grover's brother) for DHS chief financial officer post

White House won't discuss meetings between officials, Abramoff (day #2)

Clinton Calls for Sanctions Against Iran

Feds want Google search records (everyone's searches for a whole week)

NYT/AP: Army Secretary Endorses New Body Armor

Nude woman poses challenge for Detroit show - Reuters

I just ate 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Yes, it's THAT time again.

Back in my day Girl Scout cookies were 50 cents a box

Tell me something good

If this keeps up, I think I might have to get a Henway

Everything Ramyon

I just saw on TV that American Idol is preempting NASCAR

I missed Monday Night's 24. When will it repeat?

A Relative gave me a "Drifters Album" for Christmas/A Simple Time?

Tomorrow from Netflix: 'Unprecedented:

For my 5,000th post: I will name the DUer I like the most

My mouse(computer) died today, so I got a new one.

I just ate four Girl Scouts. Yes, it's THAT time again.

Ode to Teri Hatcher- I got the Jimmy Olsen Blues

I dropped the dough and bought the Cookware

Say WHAT now? (pic)

Anyone Have a .GIF of a Smoking Gun ?


Bremer on the Daily Show now.

bLondiek says hi

So, eat any good books lately?

Only 15 minutes to "American Idol"

"The Mists of Avalon" was a GREAT book

I just got a Pet Shop Boys album: Ask me anything

Help I am in Seattle and going crazy

Goya Coconut soda

You're single, and you have the opportunity to be with a married person.

Cruisin..... perhaps for a bruisin???


Finally got the timing right

My beer blowed up

Saw "Last Holiday" last night. Go see it!

I am one happy spud boy.

That's it, I'M FAT!!! and I'm going back to smoking.

Hatcher & Clooney Refuse To Address Date Rumor

Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice just played with my nipples

What's your most unusual regression?

'Windows of Joy' is the new brazillion joke.

ZW's Vocab Word of the Day: Vomitous

The difference between Canadian and US 4x4 discussion boards:

10-year-old boys are jerks.

Dinner at the Prophets-Beef lentil curry and steamed cauliflower

What's your most unusual perplexion?

Two hours of LOST tonight followed by Invasion!


Sorry about my post on upside down flag aviators. And my spelling.

What's your most unusual position?

Stupid beer! Stupid fucking rusty beer!

Man, I've found some really weird *cuckoo* :

Time for LOST

I just took two swigs of A.1. steak sauce, right out of the bottle.

Post an embarrassing pic!

Mel Gibson threatons to sue Mel Gibson

What's your most unusual concession?

It's 8 o'clock and I'm completely wasted

Did you get my email?

Martha Stewart Finer Living Gourmet Tip:


My sig pic isn't too pompous this time, is it?

Music similar to "The Postal Service"?

I found my home. Now I need good vibes.

I'm George Bush and I'm's what I think of all of you

Sorry. This post was supposed to go elsewhere. NEVERMIND.


Bla, bla, bla

Know spastic comment titles in the Lounge!

deli eat

No poxy commie taters in the lounge

Study: Men's Brains Feel Good When A Disliked Person Feels Pain

Help am going crazy for Seattle Girl :D

Hummer Cologne

Something about her was familiar

Yep, sometimes you just get it right the first time.

Holy Socks, Batman!

I found a picture of me on the internets!!

Holy mackerel. I never thought I'd write a post that got 600 replies

Leif Garrett Is Jailed on Drug Charge

Does anyone here hate chocolate?

Daily Appreciation Thread for: ForrestGump.


He must have been a Democrat. *Gross-out Darwin award winner*

So, eat any good cooks lately?

The disgusting, awful truth about hip hop videos

I hate MTV Cribs

In honor of Skygazer, the only other DUer I've met in person:

What's in your sigline..... reference for the reference.....

Question for those who have Verizon phone's

I am recently disabled and in April '06 I will have to decide on

They call me Mister Woof!

I'd hit it.

Yak, yak, yak

I never should have signed up at amateur

Do you care if your white underwear turns blue in the wash . . .

I broke down. After five years, I broke down.

How private is your photo-sharing account?

What's your most unusual profession?

Who is Benjamin Stove? 1913 Crop Circle mystery. . . .

No psychic commie titties in the lounge,

southlandsusie is now in the house...ask us anything!!!

Best picture of ronnykmarshall

Tell About (Or List) Celebrities You have Met - Be Honest

What's your most unusual possession?

deletion placeholder

Vatican Paper Hits 'Intelligent Design'

Comedy Films Boost Blood Flow To The Heart

The Year in Pictures 2005, from The Planetary Society

Priest Who Signed Gay Statement Resigns

General Hospital is doing a public service announcement with GLAD....

Rocky puts focus on gay rights

SBTC removes church over homosexuality controversy

if one twin is gay, what is the likelihood the other one is?

Groups Say Golden Globes Presented H'wood's Hyped Version of Homosexuality

Is there any way to get "Kerry supports free fire zones" out of this

I know someone did this before, but

I love Ms F dearly......


KOEB Meeting 1/18/06


Again Nascar is ripped here...

How many people can you name in this photo op?

Harry Reid on Lehrer News HoUR NOW.

The repukes looking to ban abortion this year!

Stupid in America...

annie get your gun

Saw F9/11 again last night, and you know what? I wasn't impressed.

Bob Somerby breaks arm patting himself on the back!

Scientology is the most whacked out bullshit I've ever heard.

Retirement plan: Coal mining

Found via Google: sounds familiar

Amplification for Cindy Sheehan speech of 4/04/05

seniors are calling Sam Seder

AUDIO (MP3) Louise Slaughter's speech today on Lobbying Reform

VIDEO-Obama on Lobbying Reform-Snippet

What is that "wayback machine" on the net

tweety talking Laura and Hil Clinton and plantation.

Wow.. I hear that it costs $40-50K per annum to go to my alma mater now.

Randi Rhodes just cracked me up...

Why Freepers shouldn't have kids

I think they (tweety) protest to much (plantation)..a pure distraction

Illegal. Consitutional Crisis. Unconstitutional.

Is There Proof that Jack-Off Was on Bush's Transition Team?

Quotable quotes for 200 Alex

VIDEO-Reid Lobbying Reform comment about the MOB and Brownie

what happened to the BIG dems nationwide "corruption" blast?

delete - sorry

One Of My Third Graders Made A Comment On The War Today . . .

Ignorant Question: Who Is In The "Gang Of 14"?

AUDIO-Reid on Lobbying Reform-whole speech today

Is the Tribe-Abramoff-Delay/Rove Axis just a machine designed

They are so DESPERATE!!! You guys have to see this

More outrage over cell phone recs stolen than Bush data-mining phone lines


An easy visual for Freeper Lurkers confused by what is happening lately.

The net does not include the whitehouse.

O'Lielly still ranting about the Gay Agenda to the Globe Awards!

Employee Free Choice Act (S. 842 and H.R. 1696) petition

Indian Group Snubs 'Tainted' Abramoff Cash

Sam Seder's producer made a great point about health care...

No! That was NOT Leif Garrett! No! On Countdown

Hey Harry and Company... you got the Freeps attention big time.

Te surgeon sent me home today with an abdominal aortic aneurysm

I am convinced Matthews is not playing with a full deck

HA!!! Chimpy is just going to make a bad thing worse

I say bush* stay on your present course, cause we fixin to kick your

The UNTOUCHABLES (and a stooge)

VIDEO- SCARY- Rice talks about the future of diplomace=MILITARY

New Riverbend entry...sorry if dupe.

What's in your sigline..... reference for the reference.....

Bush to visit K-State University.

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World-O'Reilly... Again

when is a terrorist not a terrorist ?

Question about Party Change

100 Pastors Sign Letter Protesting Gay Activist Cast in Movie!!!

LARRY JOHNSON:A New Case of CIA Waterboarding (Wilkes, Duke & Dusty)

Pakistan names 3 al Qaeda believed killed in strike (including #2's son..)

Bob Somerby breaks arm patting himself on the back!

79 Congress Members named lobbyists as treasurers of campaign committees!

GONZALES V. OREGON, Roberts joins Scalia and Thomas

Mel Gibson threatons to sue Mel Gibson

Ted Kennedy's secret love child

Anyone remember this guy? The Pipebomb Republican?

Is the boost from Al Gore's speech just at DU or have we turned a corner?

Thanks guys for all the info on the aortic aneurysm

i donated to the DNC today. someone started a thread monday

House Plantation: The Day That House Repubs Police on the Dems

How Well Off Are DU Households?

I had a wonderful day!

Torture flights: what No 10 knew and tried to cover up

"Our first black president" and "before they fucked it up"

Sen. Reid:"Having Sen. Santorum talk about having John Gotti"

operation X is a go? Do not read this thread unless you are at alpha level

Harry Reid on PBS News Hour right now

AP Interview: FBI's LA boss says homegrown terrorists top concern

I wrote a book.

Left Wing Media and "ratings"...

Governor Dean: 'We Need to Clean House'

We were scammed by CNN, people!

Check out the Utah Democratic Party Website!

NARAL: O'Connor's Last Abortion Ruling May Be Green Light To Anti-Choicers

Where is the outrage about this "Plantation"?

A State of the Union idea for democrats from Malloy's show

It's the Republican Scandal not the Abramoff scandal!

VIDEO-White House Press Conf Today-Thomas Question on Syria, Torture

I pledge to do everything I can to get my Governor elected.

Nagin's speech

King George - or is it Emperor? ----> TOONS within

Research Links Low-Calorie Diet with Youth, Longevity

Looking for info on Freddy's Massacre

has anyone got a response from cnn re: glenn beck and jc watts?

Saw a great bumpersticker the other day: Eracism

Wednesday Night Truthseeker Round-up

Christian Physicians: Sup. Court has given doctors the "power to KILL!"

If terrorists kidnapped Jenna, would Bush refuse to negotiate with them?

Which is/was more corrupt?

I hope all the KO fans

Ease of Buying Cell Phone Records Prompts Action

Bush as the 'Mad Hatter'

What is a "bantustan"?

Petition - Body Armor for Our Troops

Jill Carroll, a request for her return to her family

Why would the insurgents kidnap the Carroll girl?

Could you support an Al Gore / Howard Dean ticket ??

Al Gore, Leading Man? Gore Stars In Global Warming Documentary

Got an "RNC membership drive" letter - with an appeal for money

Is Bush Stupid -- Or Is America?

Some pics and an article about Dean at the Ohio courthouse today.

Cheney's latest fashion statement

In the Near Future We Will Have Universal Healthcare

Sign up now for BLOGGING MAN 2007, recieve a copy of Hugh Hewitt's book!

US freezes assets of Syrian intelligence chief

Bush’s personal favor for Abramoff: demoted Investigator, halted probe

Asbestos Victims Under Attack (Frist asbestos bail-out bill).

MyDD POLL: Alito is a freeper. What is his login name?

Will Democrats Take Back Congress This Year?

Response from congresswomen regarding request for impeachment.

The secret's out: Bush is overtaken by events—and overwhelmed

Does anyone find it strange not ONE Bush picture with Abramoff?

Law and Order is doing a familiar "suicide."

Arguing with a Conservative




Woody Harrelson speaks out.

FBI Investigates Burning Cross In Interracial Couple's Yard

What We Need to Know About Corporate Takeover of the "Organic" Food Market

Court sentence couple to nine years in Wendy chilli finger ...

The DNC is WELL aware of what is going on with the SCOTUS

BREAKING:Frist & Delay Had Day Traders Working Out Of Their Offices

Former CIA director James Woolsey on The Daily Show tonight!?!

My son got in trouble AGAIN for NOT saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Democrats ready for unofficial wiretap hearings Friday

Don't answer this, but, I think they are watching...

It looks to me like the things it takes to live a productive life in our

Brown (brownie) Now Says He Deserves Much of Blame

See Sen. Clinton was right: this is the worst administration ever

DeLay operated PAC in Alabama (money went to suspect Texas group)

It's nuts to simutaneously vote "yes" on Alito while watching BFEE crimes

Should Democrats Annouce Plans to filibuster Alito now?

Would have been nice to have heard Reid on the NewsHour

Bush Agonistes

Ethics for Sale

Letter From Governor Howard Dean

Another Undeclared War?

Bushism of the Day

3rd Day! Finally Gore on PBS Newshour -- One Iota At Least!

Gore needs to follow up his speech

79 Congress Members named lobbyists as treasurers of campaign committees!

Read "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis -- Online!

A story of two cowboys in love

Reuters on Alito: one Democrat supports, half dozen undecided, rest oppose

Bush, Rove, Cheney, and Aristotle's Rhetoric

Is election reform your bigger issue, some news, good, crazy & Mundane

Bush has lost his edge, his credibility, his Mana, his Capital....Lost it

Question on military preparedness in case something happens in Iran

Sign Up! Demand body armor for our troops in Iraq!

(Rude Pundit) Why the Democrats Have To Filibuster Alito:

Lobbying 101: Inside one company’s efforts:BellSouth whistleblower

Santorum:"biased coverage of war and political left demagoguery of war"

Some people crave ice cream - I crave the truth....

Jon Stewart has James Wolsey on, ex CIA Dir. and planner of Iraq

Texas tax dollars funneled through Delay to Repub politicians..

Come here >>>>>

If it turns out to be true that Frist & DeLay had Day Traders working out

US News has a nauseating cover story on Big Dick (Cheney)

Is Hillary REALLY a shoe-in for the 2008 Democratic nomination?

Does anyone have a count? Yes/ No/ Undecided/ Unknown/ Predicted?


Documentary "Why We Fight" Gets Broader US Release.

Sec of State Rice and "Transformational Diplomacy"

Trade with China and Democracy

VA-2008: No doubt about. Warner would carry VA.

I could've sworn that they advertised that tonight on Hardball...

Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"

NOT A Done Deal, NOT A Done Deal!

CNN's Headline News picks would-be killer Glenn Beck as host

Did just I hear what I think I heard?

Anyone understand Supreme Court's Abortion ruling today?

Democrats intend to make Republican corruption central theme in midterms

James Webb and the Swiftboat Smackdown

Howard Dean email; sign the petition

My Letter from Rep. Case responding to my call to impeach Bush

Is It Warm in Here? We Could Be Ignoring the Biggest Story in Our History

Can we "swiftboat" Snotty Scotty McClellan?

i was at my dermatolgist's office today. it's in scottsdale, az. his

Politicians should rededicate selves to telling the truth (like Carter)

A real dicktator

Baby talk

JOSHUA FRANK: Spreading War, Not Democracy

Bremer riding a weasel

Relationship between coal and oil more than minerals

The Barrett Report

Who Will Stand Up for the Constitution?, Bob Herbert, NY Times 1/19/06

U.S. Drone Planes Have a Nearly Perfect Record of Failure

Police harass (Unkechaug) smoke shop in prelude to tax crackdown

Just How Big is the Defense Budget?

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Poisoning of the Well

How the Press Played Dumb About the K Street Project

Are you ready to be bugged and tortured by George W. Bush?

The house that Jack Abramoff built begins to crumble

Jessica Lynch: Two-And-A-Half Years Later (from Dec. 27th)

WP: Breaking Ranks

SCOTT RITTER: The Military Recruiter's Lament

A must-read article about Bush*, the "unitary executive"

Does Anyone Know What Greenspan Is Saying/Doing Here?

Life After Capitalism...the post-corporate world

M$M: fast food prices to go down. So why am I seeing prices go up?

Bleaching Spreading Rapidly Through Southern Great Barrier Reef

The Mystique of the Earth (Thomas Berry) - toward a new Earth Democracy

Solar system isn't just in Bayonne's textbooks

Dead whale left outside embassy

GOP ex-EPA chiefs bash Bush policies (CNN/AP)

Alberta Research Council Warns Tarsands Industry To Cut GHGs

Some thoughts on energy conservation, nuclear power and renewable energy

Warmer seas will wipe out plankton, source of ocean life

Blast rocks Tel Aviv, at least 10 hurt

How did the government orchestrate 9/11?

Pentagon and P-56 Preparations and Defenses and the Stand-Down on 9/11

PA: Lawsuit aimed at electronic voting

Evidence of a Stolen Election

Please urge OH Gov Taft to veto (OH HB 3

VoteTrustUSA: Chaos in Connecticut

New Mexico Lawsuit Moves Forward

Evidence of Fraud and Disenfranchisement in Ohio, 2004 : A Partial List

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 1/19/06

Vote-PAD Rocks the Disabled Vote

The Harri Hursti Hack And Its Importance To Our Nation

Schwarzenegger brings Bush strategist to 2006 campaign

We need some volunteers for a candidate in the inland empire

I'm being push polled by Wesley's org right now!

Capitol fails disabled when emergency alarm sounds - DM Registered

Fallon says caucuses benefited him most - DM Register

This weeks Civic Skinny 01-19-06

Repug State Convention (enough notice to organize)

Is the "GasBag Junkie" (Limbaugh) GONE from KSTP?

So I'm downloading 1805 emails since yesterday.

What RSS reader is best for Windows - for Linux - for Mac?

Need help on buying the right PCI SCSI Card for new SCSI HD

Legislators vote to prohibit residency requirements: municipal leaders are

There they go again: preparing for Supreme Court overturn of Roe v Wade

Write your Senators and U.S. The Attorney General

Clinton and Traficant?

McEwen challenges Jean Schmidt to primary rematch ("to return dignity")

I'm a Realtor and was visiting new home builders on the North

Join David Harris Fri in FW to wave bye-bye to Joe Barton & Co.

What is your take on Gammage or Bell?


I got the job!

HD 106: Ray Allen to resign?


Please consider distributing to your state candidates.

Is anyone else in the Dallas area having cell phone trouble with AT&T?

Russ Feingold is on WPR right now.

Russ Feingold in Kohler Jan 21


Fax your senators now! Click here! (Russ said no--but what about Kohl?

ahhhh Envy Me!

Looking for progressive communities in B.C.

Quebec Liberal drops out, endorses Conservative

Did anyone see the story yesterday on Global that ex-Lib Parrish is

Harper on with Mansbridge tonight

A Liberal TV Ad I'm waiting to see.

U.S. conservatives hoping Harper's Tories win

CPAC tracking poll, Jan 18/2006

Congressional Agency Questions Legality of Wiretaps (1/19/06 Washpost)

US confirms holding 8 women prisoners in Iraq (Reuters)

$1.9bn pledged for bird flu fight

Prison terms handed down in Wendy's chili finger case

Circling the Hill (Mark Russell on Abramoff)...

Elephants fed giant shots of vodka as big freeze grips Russia

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/AP: DeLay operated PAC in Alabama

Lobbyist's giving nature questioned

White House won't discuss meetings between officials, Abramoff

Human Rights Watch Says US Policy Undermines Global Human Rights

Sherman Denison Herald/AP: Lobbyist hired by state has links to Abramoff

UCLA Alumni Group Is Tracking 'Radical' Faculty

US Democratic Party targets graft

Six Iraqi women detainees to be released: ministry (US did not confirm)

GOP challenger sees kink in 'Mean Jean's' armor

US rejection of request for Marines charged with rape sparks protests

Hindustan Times/Reuters: US aims to set aside India reactor controversy

Judge Rules Alaskan Wolf-Killing Program Illegal

International Monitors report Iraq vote fraud

Ex-CIA chief's book to explain "slam dunk" on Iraq

Chertoff: Mexico Troop Reports Overblown

Ex-heads of EPA blast Bush on global warming (5 R's 1 Dem)

USAT: The congressman & the hedge fund

Senators seek to reimburse states for meds

Diplomats Will Be Shifted to Hot Spots--WaPost

Bush Meets Victims of Saddam's Reign

Rep. Louise Slaughter on C-Span now

DeLay Case Prosecutor Want Charge Revived

Mass. governor spent $300k on trips

NYT: After Panic, Tokyo Market Rebounds

NYT: In 'Design' vs. Darwinism, Darwin Wins Point in Rome (at Vatican)

Rightwing group offers students $100 to spy on professors

Haley Barbour vetoes tax bill shift from groceries to cigarettes

Harkin to oppose Alito nomination

White House Says U.S. Does 'Not Negotiate with Terrorists,' (Bin Laden)

Feds Seek Google Records in Porn Probe

NASA to launch Pluto space probe at 1:50 PM Eastern time. Watch live!

Bush Speech to Focus on Health Care Costs

Leahy: Alito wouldn't check presidential power

Huge explosion rocks central Baghdad (convoy of SUVs)

CNN: Japan trading exec found dead (deal involved in sell-off)

Bush, Congress prepare to face off over yearly budget's nips and tucks

New Unemployment claims drop 36,000 from last week to 271,000

Colombia's internal refugees dying of hunger, preventable diseases: study

China urges restraint in Iran nuclear crisis

Dkos: FirstFruits - NSA Spying just might be worse than we ever expected

Democrat leaders want Gov. Tim Kaine (VA) to respond to State of Union

What's this about the "Barrett" report?

New Home Construction Hits All-Time High in 2005 (falls in December)

Man climbing tower now to protest government/missing brother in cuba

Gov. Jeb Bush calls negative President Chávez' influence in Peru

Democrats Urge Strategic 'No' Votes on Alito

Iraq: Women and Children Suffer Abuse, Says UN Report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 19 January

Kerry says 2006 is 'crunch time' for Iraq

CNN/Reuters: Invasion of the giant jellyfish

Ohio DemSenatorial Candidate SHERROD BROWN beating Republican in the polls

Harkin to oppose Alito nomination

CIA: Voice is Bin Laden

Nigeria Bans Gay Marriage (leaders cite Qu'ran, Bible)

The congressman & the hedge fund (Rep. Jerry Lewis nailed)


New Law Forces Manufacturers to Pick up Recycling Costs

"Political hijack" fear over US aid shake-up (Rice "reorganizing" world)

Two key al-Qaida militants missing

WP: Diplomats Will Be Shifted to Hot Spots

Schwarzenegger brings Bush strategist to 2006 campaign

Menendez Sworn In As New Jersey Senator

Release of 6 Female Prisoners in Iraq Could Help Carroll, But U.S. Says No

WP,pg1: Federal Grants Bring Surveillance Cameras to Small Towns

Sen. Leahy opposes Alito nomination

Vatican newspaper article hits intelligent design

Salazar to vote against Alito

In Iraqi Oil City, a Formidable Foe(Insurgents Control Key Oil City)

Comatose girl responds to stimuli

Democrats want ethics committee to probe 'day trading' allegations

Human rights group accuses PM of abetting 'unsavoury' U.S. practices

Clarke to decide on cannabis issue

Cheney says bin Laden offer sounds like a ploy

Man Testifies Rev. Jesse Jackson's Son Hit Him

Veteran Reporter Says 3,000-4,000 Iraqis Killed Every Month

Divided Democrats Aren't Capitalizing on Republican Scandals

Senator seeks to stop gasoline exports to Iran

Bush says inner circle gives him dissenting views (Rummy "crusty old guy")

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says no to Alito

Long investigation of Clinton official reaches bitter end

Bush says his wife would never run for Senate

Bible studies class pushed for schools (by Georgia Democrats!)

MSNBC Breaking: Al-Jazeera Airs New Bin Laden Tape

Minority Leader Reid Apologizes to GOP

Avalanche of Democratic criticism falls on Sweeney for ski trip

Advisor (Rogan) Quits UCLA Alumni Group

CIA Official Says Voice on Tape Believed to be Osama Bin Laden

NYT/AP: Italy to Pull Out of Iraq by Year's End

Bill seeks abortion's end in Ohio

France defends right to nuclear reply to terrorism

Bechtel, Bolivia resolve dispute

Burns (R-Mont.) to hold birthday bash at lobbying firm

Black Jesus film preaches politics over religion

Justice Department to declare warrantless wiretaps legal (leaked Doc)

Howard Dean calls Ohio the center of corruption

Conservative lead narrows in election race (Canada)

Dead whale left outside embassy

Iran threatens oil crisis in nuclear standoff

US Army raises maximum enlistment age to 40

Pete McCloskey takes challenge to run against Pombo (CA)

State closes in on deal for cheap oil from Venezuela ( Vermont )

Miami Herald/AP: Chávez wants to weaken judiciary, rights group says

Hey, Enigmatic!

You people will reply to anything!

TV: Scrubs question... what was the song played at the end

The best call I ever heard Mike Malloy field

OMG! THis is HUGH!!!1!! New Animal Species Found in Calif. Caves

Do you care if your white underwear turns brown in the trash?

I'm here to bitch about Brokeback Mountain.

Oh, no, NOT the deep, dark, soulful eyes thing again... (pic)

My grandmother used to nuke everything in the microwave for: 123

Oh, you kid!

Elephants fed giant shots of vodka as big freeze grips Russia

Playlist for Tomorrow Night's Show - Check THIS out

"Cortez The Killer"- Neil Young

Dr. Michael Roizen's REAL age test

A good night kiss to you

Hamster, Snake Best Friends at Tokyo Zoo

Hey! Did you guys hear about that Hamster...and that Snake?

*belch* God. I think I ate something bad. *belch*

How do you get photos to appear on a DU post?

Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo zoo

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone!

Guys looking for a girlfriend, this ex-supermodel is looking for a man

Study: Watching Ben Stiller Catch His Genitals In Fly Good For Your Heart

Help! It's a brazillion hamsters and snakes!

Woo Hoo! Another day in court.

I need some help please. Calorie laden recipes.


I have to work in a REALLY bad area today...



Leif Garret mugshot

Deli customers menacing abused flunkies

Museum discovers loss of 38-tonne sculpture by US artist Serra

Happy Birthday to Dolly Parton! 60 years old today!!!

Delhi lawyers being menaced by abusive monkeys

Snake 'befriends' snack hamster

Oh dear God - Scarlett Johanson!!!

You Saucy Minx

Happy, uplifting pet rescue story!

When scheduling phone interviews by email it's the company's

Oh Dear God - George Clooney!!!!

No-Talent Hacks

Miss Colorado can kick your a**

This email made me laugh, so I had to share it.

Make up a word, then define it.

any of you people mediate?

Any of you people marinate?

So, what are you reading now?

Most people would rather be right than happy.

What's your most unusual obsession?

What's your most unusual perversion?

Any of you people abdicate?

any of you people meditate?

Any of you people ate?

it's time for ablutions and victuals!

Thursday morning LOST thread. *spoliers*

Any of you people obdurate?

'Neighbor From Hell' Ends Up In Jail

any of you people medicate?

CNN Is Right This Second Is - Broken (the TV channel)

Any of you people obfuscate?

Dec.14, 2001 -The DU Lounge time warp- WOW!

Amazing Grace

If you hurt someone's feelings or offend them, what do you do?

Any of you people medicate?

This is just bizarre on so many levels..

CCNA online stuff? Free.

Any of you people oscillate?

Must read


Any of you people vaccilate?

don't you just hate it, when music in a commercial can't be bought?

Goddammit, what the hell is that noise?

Do you have an auto navigation system

How dumb do they think we are?

LOST and a hypothesis about the island **maybe spoilers**

Time for the Vikings to trade Daunte Culpepper...

You should interpret this post as a carefully hidden personal attack

I'm obsessed with the film, Closer...Anyone see it...?

So I finally got to see "Million Dollar Baby"

Im going to lunch now, when I come back, I expect you to be finished

NASCAR is good for the environment!

Sebastian Bach fans check in here!!!

Get out the duct tape and the hip waders folks!! (LBN)

"i always wanted to be a poet

Barbara Bach fans check in here!!!

Damnit can we make it that the very last feature lost when we're busy....

Any of you people lubricate?

Pluto launch...looking good for 1:42...

Have you ever had a sexual dream

Voices of the angels

Music Poll: Dio vs. Day-O

Catherine Bach (Ms. Daisy Duke) fans check in here!

Any of you people masticate?

The things you learn on the internets....

I hate banana strings.

anyone know anything about the los angeles underground?

Yogurt: fruit-on-bottom or pre-mixed?

The Official DUSpeak Thread - Make this One HUGH!?!?!

Scrawled in Sap

John and Mitchy were getting kind of itchy

Want to get rich? Get/stay married.

Backward masking.

Cold germs are everywhere - I can't stop catching colds .

MatcomNews Update: Panthers Cheerleader Involved In Bar Spat Pleads Guilty

Quick! ID this line "My Dad is a Cotton Pickin Chicken Plucker"

i've been conducting google searches without a warrant......

Pluto launch...looking good for 1:42...

What euphemisms mean:

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Have you ever been reading newspaper articles

can someone explain how this site... can exist without a suffix?

I'm here for my punishment.

Separated at birth?

OK I got 8 out of 12 wrong........

Sebastian Bach fans check in here!!

Ok, how about this!! Grim Reaper fans check in here!!!

Yes!! Cleveland ranks #1 *and* #5. We rock...


So is it weird that a single, straight male like me gets unusually excited

Need sympathy for I have hurt myself

Sebastian Phillip Bierk fans check in here!!!

BAFTA nominees announced! "Brokeback" does great!


Former Teen Idol Garrett Charged With Heroin Possession (mug shot)

Monthly food bills?

gangster whitewalls

Play my You Don't Know Jack? Game

greatest song outros

What the hell is wrong with this goddamn IUD? (humor)

Maisie - 1992-2006

Just for ChavezSpeakstheTruth: Official Jethro Tull appreciation thread

I apologize.

about Mike Malloy...

Sabian Cymbal fans check in here!!

Did anyone mention John Sebastian yet? Or am I late for the party?

Does anyone else find this annoying? Or do I need medication?

Ok, how about this!! Electric Light Orchestra fans check in here!!!

This thread will give you a blinding headache!!

PDQ Bach fans, check in here!

Going to the Bone Fish Grill for dinner tonight. What should I order?

It's the middle of January and there are mountain lions outside my office

Have you ever googled Google?

WoooHooo get your Snakes on a Plane T-shirts here!!!

Bolton Hints at Sheridan Marriage

Everything should have the DU smilies.

Groups made up of two guys and a woman - Add one

POLL: Most inspirational artist.

Thursday earworm. For wildHORSES.

What horror movies are you anticipating?

Help - need recipe

Best graffiti you have ever see.

Johann Sebastian Bach fans check in here!!!

Sebastian Cabot fans check in here!!!

Sebastion Catbutt fans, check in here!

Great Iron Chef battle!!! Ray/Batali vs Flay/de Laurentis

Road Trip: Day 7

its amazing how a select few can create flame wars in GD

Johann Sebastian Bach fans check in here!!!

Phrases you will NEVER see on those chalk-flavored candy hearts:

I need a recipe too spare ribs

Will Tom and Katie get married?

I usually hate "reality" tv, but I LIKED "Skating with the Stars"

do you think Crazy Guggenheim will ever start a flame war?

since I haven't posted enough pics in the past


Turkey burgers and garlic fries tonight

As long as we are inquiring about recipes. I need one for sauerbraten.

What do you like best about yourself?


What the hell is wrong with this goddamn TV remote? (humor)

What's the farthest east and west youve ever been?

I don't want your help.

do I look funny to you???

Engineers in San Diego prototype Hybrid that gets 330 MPG

Gregorian Calendar fans check in here!

Piece of ass

Songs with the best musical entrance(ie "Can't Always Get What you Want")

Happy Birthday(s) to Dolly Parton and Janis Joplin

Gregorian Chant fans check in here!

Ok, how about this!! Reo Speedwagon fans check in here!!!

Witherspoon Cover-Up After Globe Gown Mishap

Very cool birthday present from my dad

Is jpgray the funniest person in the Lounge?

evening earworm~double shot, enjoy

Wish me luck - I'm off to play in a golf tournament.

I just saw where all the cold weather is.

Gregorian Calculator fans check in here!

Its the middle of January and there are dandelions outside my office

everyone wishes they could be more like jpgray

Storytelling thread: using lyrics from songs.

$0|\/|30|\|3 53|\|7 |\/|3 4 1||\|XOR 4b0u7 13375p34k, |\|0|/\| !'m K001

Thread for awkward small talk

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/19/06)

Kevin Federline's latest dream: open a Vegas nightclub on Britney's dime

Do you try to post when you are pissed

Need some traveling alone music

TSG's mug shot: 70s teen idol Leif Garrett, Jan 06, on heroin charges

A boy and his dog...My grandson and granddog:

i just watched the star wars holiday special

Who is most electable in 2008? Kerry? Edwards? Clark? Dean? Warner?

Why don't businesses allow their employees to chew cud?

Study: Most College Students Lack Skillz!

So... Bin Laden is going to attack us again?

Witherspoon's Globe gown was worn by Dunst

Anyone here ever use TheraFlu?

Who did better justice to that ugly Chanel dress that Reese wore

What's the highest you've ever been?

Do you try to post when you are pissed up?

When posting did anyone get an error message?


What's the nicest thing ever said about you?

Do you wear a "scent"?

PuffPiece Smiley doesn't get any respect...

What unanswered questions on 'LOST' would you like to see resolved?


Very soothing

"If you bake a lot like I don't" - another Rachael Ray line

My wife's cell phone drowned...

Tell us how you're feeling using only smilies.

Read this even if you don't like poetry.

Today is my birthday.

Greatest album openers


What's the farthest north/south you've been?

Has Rabrrrrrr always been a curmudgeon?

Google search parameter "Bush is a pedophile" returns 236 hits.

Favorite kind o' mustard

Can someone please suggest some good music...I'm out of the loop.

Those Pakastani terrist lovers have a lot of

I miss Heidi!


Yes People, I know that Good Times, Bad Times opens Led Zeppelin I

Sebastian Cabot fans, check in here!

NYC DUers - who's up for drinks and generally bad behaving?

C.G. Computer poll. How do you back up?

Here is my latest cake

I got the job!

MUST HAVE MORE!! Bubble wrap...

So, my birthday is in a week


Wilson Pickett is dead.

Red Headed Love Time - Post A Pic Of Some Your Fave

I need help with beer!

Why do businesses allow their employees to chew gum?

Battlestar Galactica Podcast is now out for episode on Fri 1/20


Best Song That Also Tells A Complete Story

New Diet Craze: Raw Meat for your Pets. Even Vegans embrace it!

I need advice about my alcoholic sister.

I'm sorry but after deliberating this issue, ELO stays above the Beatles

Watching Ben Stiller Catch Flies with his Genitals Good For Your Heart

How do I post a video on the web so others can access it?

What movie makes you cry?

Priest who fathered child prompts celibacy debate

Surgeons may put patients in suspended animation

Has anyone else had loved ones die from medications?

Pluto New Horizons Probe launch successful.

Two legged goats and developmental variation

Lesbian poet wins UK prize

Australia tries to stop gays marrying abroad

RI Gay State Workers Hit With Massive Back Tax Bill

4 University Students Charged In Homophobic Attack

Virginia Allows Same-Sex Parents Names On Some Birth Certificates

Nigeria To Criminalize Gay Marriage & LGBT Meetings

Gay Couples Would Receive Limited Rights Under Maryland Governor's Plan

Can specific sexual questions be asked here?

New Jersey Town Rejects Plea From Dying Worker

Virginia Drops Move To Block In-Vitro For Lesbians

GLBT leaders say it's past time for black churches to accept homosexuals

Task Force mourns death of Dr. Biber

EU lawmakers slam homophobia

What Celebrity Does Ben Roethlisburger Look Like?

NBA suspends Knicks' Davis for 5 games

Cleveland Fan Banned for Five Years

Watching the game with my Steeler fan friend, Dan

Who will win the Super Bowl?

The NFL Coaching Merry-go-Round

Please pet me

Hamster, Snake Best Friends at Tokyo Zoo

Heh. I love my FreeWillAstrology horoscope for this week:

Can you guys send out a prayer / call for justice?

Spiritual growth instead of anger at political situation

does anyone have the Kerry Durbin pic ?

Anyone hear Rachel Maddow interview Joe Klein this morning?

Tay Tay! ,Please explain this. How can Frist prevent speeches?

Was Kerry there yesterday?

Nancy Grace Story on Child Molestation Bill

Anyone catch Imus this morning?

Especially for Tay - good news from VA

KERRY & LEWIS: An unhappy new year for seniors on Medicare (THK)

John Kerry: “This is Crunch Time for Iraq”

CNN Alert: Kerry Interview from Baghdad

Alert - GQ found a Democrat who badmouthed another Democrat (Kerry)


New Kerry email

So, Hillary's coming to Portland

MACRO Submission question......

My almost contest pics

Just discovered the Photo Group. How are you posting photos?

And speaking of protest photos

My rejected macros.

Need advice on where to find some photos

Konica-Minolta getting out of camera business, Nikon is

Macro ideas, but not my submission.

landscape pictures from last weekend

Hey, you all, Dan Abrams is single!

Derivation of "Catskills" from Wikipedia (see last night's thread)

LOLOLOL....Bill O'Reilly's CONTEST....

Countdown Newsletter -- 01/19/06: New Bin Laden Message?

Study: Men's Brains Feel Good When A Disliked Person Feels Pain

I'm smelling depression

VIDEO-Human Rights Watch Report-compiled with WHPressConf

Abramoff and the anti choice lobby question.

Iraq detainees to be freed early

Is it time to start a 24/7 'presence' in DC at the White House???

Paul Hackett

VIDEO-White House Press Conf- Abramoff Bush Meeting Questions

$66 a barrel! How much is gas by you?

AIDS Drug From Sunflowers

Malloy just had a caller named Dave

On Malloy.... Day traders in Frist's office? More info please..

An oldie, but a goodie...Dubya: The Movie

NASA sites are like NSA sites?

WP: Looking Beyond Jack Abramoff's Story

I think I broke a rule.

Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure

Presidential famous last words

who is this Josh soldier that hannity is creaming all over

school Ruby Bridges integrated in 1960 is in the 9th ward of New Orleans

the two party system doesn't work anymore

I call bullshit on this card that supposedly Josh Sparling got

Jill Carroll will die while Little Lord Pissypants rides his mountain bike

Amazing! Frozen Airman's Identity Still Uncertain on 01/14/06.

The world according to O'Lielly: Movies should have LL ratings

Iranian president asks end to CNN ban

Anybody else having trouble streaming the democratic conference from today

How are we going to punish pro-Alito weak dems?

Is anyone else in the Dallas area having cell phone trouble with AT&T?

The Hightower Report: All Hail King George

Take the Pledge:

fundie website

Bush plans to nominate Norquist's brother as CFO of DHS

Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo zoo

(TOON) Steve Bell: National Broonsday

Need help from Countdown viewers. Did you see it tonight? 1/18?

AP: "What Do You Want To Ask America?" In Poll Form


Using the Don't ask don't tell policy to get out of the draft. What would.

AUDIO- Human Rights Watch Report -Roth- MP3

Rice's attempt to knit the DOD and the DOS. Anyone else concerned

Ugh, they're replaying Ted Stevens "censorship" hearing on CSPAN today

Scary How People Who Proclaim Their Constitutional Rights are...

Always Beware a Government that Belittles Dissent...

Health Care and insurance fraud (against the consumer) rant

Saddam Hussien DEAD

Shadegg supports any reform short of punishing the abusers

11 illegal aliens arrested working at Naval Air Station in Ft Worth

Would you support a missile attack on Iran's nuclear efforts?

The New Fascism

Seatbelts on schoolbuses?

Iraq: Six women prisoners to be freed

Learning the rules for our new theocracy:

Two DynCorp IPTs (aka: Mercs) Blown Up in Basra Yesterday

What's your opinion of t he Dem Reform Plan? WJ CSPAN

Freeper on peer review: Priceless

Walmart TV, Digital?

Louise Slaughter scheduled to appear on WJ CSPAN

"failures of leadership"--per EPA ex-officials. msnbc just talked of

MoveOn Petition: The President Broke the Law

Help! Need an alternate Stephanie Miller stream

The Pimping of the Presidency (sorry if this is a dup)

paul hackett is right -- a few quotes from republican fanatics

Here is a Reform Suggestion That Would Make the Playground Fair

"I'm not afraid of Terrorists"...bumper sticker

C-Span: Charts showing the difference between Repug and Dem Reforms

Are they just making this shit up as they go along? (Pakistani airstrike)

Chuck Hagel on Iran:

Pentagon Opt Out and School Opt Out

Why are people trashing Harry Reid?

What's the difference between "hostages" and "detainees"?

Why Sanctions and/or Military Force Won't Work In Iran

Louise Slaughter on CSPAN NOW on ethics reforms.

Govenment by EBay.

* babbling about the economy on now...

Democrats Busted DeLay for Extortion and Racketeering in 2000

Why Abramoff's name may not be on WH records..met Rove elsewhere

Victims of false paedophilia case tell French MPs of ruined lives

C'mon! Ya GOTTA love Nagin's apology: "I don't know what happened there".

Bail Denied to ELF Suspects at Federal Court Hearing

"Former VP Al Gore Has Turned Himself Into a 1-Man Grand Jury (Broder)

Rep. Louise Slaughter on C-Span now

New School of the Americas In Iraq Training New Generation Of Imperialists

Chocolate City Police

Were Delay's sweat shop buddies in Saipan moving drugs too???

I couldn't be more thrilled about the reception Al Gore is getting

GITMO - The new rules of war (Heads up for new documentary)

Baltimore Sun: Lobbying reforms leave loopholes

A friend asked, "are you aware of anything not covered in Alito Q&A?"

self delete

Bagdad ready to announce results of Dec.15 elections

US Receives Another, MajorTerrorism Threat. No, not Cheney again--

Suspects Sought in Assaults on Homeless (more beatings....)

Diageo/Hotline poll: Abramoff-30% say Repub Problem-2% say Dem

Bin Forgotten's Tape Confirms Bush is Not Effective

Fox has lined up Cheney to talk soon (ever availale to them you know)

Release of Iraq female detainees not imminent-US

Tell Time to fire Joe Klein

Feinstein & Leahy reiterate plan to vote against Alito

The congressman & the hedge fund (USA Today)

DemocracyNow interview with ambassador to torture ally riveting

The difference between us and them (pics)

Tom DeLay Denies All Charges (As Told by Dr. Suess)

How Convenient. OBL Wants "Truce"-- AND WE NEVER NEGOTIATE

I see we're holding hearings on controling porn on TV AGAIN this AM.

Bush administration wants Google records.

Anyone watching Leahy?

Calling Lurking Freepers!

Bush is peeved

They're not the Vulcans. They're the SKEKSES.

If Bin laden's reported to be in, say, London, will we bomb there, too?

Marriage a Tough Proposition for Blue-Collar Saudis

msnbc's ken doll just said "analization"

Breaking News: Mel Martinez supports creating a new Fidel Castro in the US

Prediction, something big (bad for BushCo) will be coming out soon...

If Frist & DeLay had day traders working out of their offices ..

Does the feeling in the air remind anyone of 2004?

Hmmm-I wonder if Bush wiretapped suspects in the anthrax terror attacks?

500 Yellowstone bison captured and sent to slaughter

CNN's Ensor: Tape reminds "why US govt has taken such extreme measures."

Cheney responds to Gore's speech

Could someone please explain the mortage interest deduction

When will Fitz nail Rove?

CNN's Nic Robertson: appears Osama tape "has been sitting on shelf"...

Bush live speech on ABC

so what could sanctions could be used against Iran???

Last OBL audio tape was in DECEMBER of 2004????

Stop attacking the President - Osama's Back, it's time to shut up!

Dennis Hastert is a Vogon, and here are the pics to prove it

They Hate Us For Our Talent? PHOTOS

Democrat leaders want Gov. Tim Kaine (VA) to respond to State of Union

Update: UBL offers truce if US withdraws troops from Iraq...

People MAY Forgive, but they NEVER FORGET Murdered Family.

Can I get a Super-Sized TerraLert with a large Freedom Fries and a Coke?

How long before CNN removes the BREAKING NEWS thang from the screen?

Contrary to BushCo, Bin Laden claims that he watches the US polls...

Web Surfing at Work Could Cost You Money

CNN poll: Will the congressional focus on ethics lead to meaningful reform

Life for the poor under Bush/Baby Blunt

MSNBC Live Vote: Al-Qaida able to strike?

Osama Opposes Alito Confirmation!

Mass. Court Allows Girl's Life Support Cut

CNN: Cheney to speak on "War on Terror"

When's the last time a bomb scare resulted in a bomb being found?

Who's going to the World Can't Wait Rallies on January 31?

Life After Capitalism....the post-corporate world.

Avoiding a War with Iran

I am so embarrassed for the American people...

Condaleeza Rice is such a friggin liar

New Osama bin Laden tape; Where's the terror alert system?


O'Lielly LIES That MLK Would've LOVED Today's Predatory Capitalism

Progressive NYS shows D.C. what a real energy bill looks like

* has nothing else to talk about in his sotu..voila bin laden surfaces

Great question posed to me yesterday ...Would Americans CHOOSE

Now the real question: Will another MIHOP help or hurt *??

Shrub and Osamas Perfect Timing

Torture flights: what No 10 knew and tried to cover up

Barret spends $21 million to provide Clinton-haters conspiracy fodder

the fogotten wounded--must read article

Will the Republicans get away with their ethics reform sham?

HA!! CNN cut away from Cheney R-lovefest for Press briefing

Is Osama bin Laden dead?

ABC Survey: Does the new Bin Laden tape, have you evaluating your security

Dems seek probe into ... offices allegedly using upcoming vote

Next in line--> Ralph Reed (Abramoff)

Good old tolerant freepers.

"They may have met on occasion, but the president does not know him,"

Scotty is stalling for time.

Boston Phoenix: Why do liberals keep going on O'Reilly's show?

Subject : RE: The Liberation of the U.S. dollar in Iraq:

How much Taint is too mush Taint?

Watch Cheney. He knew there would be an OBL sighting today. (CNN Now.)

Italy to begin Iraq troop withdrawal

The audio in the Whitehouse press room sucks

What dead Pakistani civilians? "I don't have any particulars on that."

Interesting poster to take a look at

uh buschco, we're not ALL dumbasses out here, give it up already

If the Senate could use the filibuster to block civil rights for decades..

Scott to have press conf. 'any minute now" says msnbc

Scotty on!! WE ARE WINNING!!!

At new website tracking Sen Dems' positions on Alito vote

Veterans: Help-is-on-the-way under Shrub-CHEENEE ------- NOT! (Cuts)

Did "OBL" just say the T word - TRUCE?

who is the Jeff Gannon replacement

Gary Bernsten was just on CNN reminding everyone about Tora Bora

Had my latest Abramoff ltte published

US military should release the three other journalists they've kidnapped

Backroom Politics: Trading Alitio for Impeachment?

TOONS: "and you thought the King Holiday was for Martin" Edition!

DU Alert! Both Digby and Firedoglake are linking to Murtha Activism/SOU

Jerry Lewis is dirty too! Can you stand some more?

"When he took the oath of office on Septemb..."

Brain eating disease - toon

Scotty just screwed up

Scotty (A Sack-of-Sh*t Posing as a Human) McClellan Says--

Miss America Pageant to be aired in audio-only format.

CHILLING: lyrics to "7 o'clock news" by simon and garfunkel during nixon

Osama's back- just in the nick of time!

What has Osama been doing up until now?

"The Bush administration appears to have violated the National Security

12-Year-Old Sentenced To Foster Care For Carjacking

New Blog: Republicans for the Fairness Doctrine

Quite a few stories of interest today:

Something * supporters must understand

Cincinnati radio station plans on ruining Air America

A Homage to the TRUE Daughters of the Revolution... UPDATED

Leahy is speaking about Alito on Cspan2 right now

Support President B*sh Petition... add your voice

staying sane in the current political climate

3.4% inflation is worst in 5 years

California Seeks Unpaid Fees From Wal-Mart, Home Depot

My BULLSHIT METER is on high, how 'bout yours?

they should have let springer go and NOT morning sedition

The Bush-bin Laden Dog & Pony Show = now that the threat is...

Media: K Street Project? Oh . . . you mean * that * K Street Project . . .

Scotty Roast @ 12:15 EST- C-SPAN

WJ is going to be very fun in a few minutes.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

Anyone use "Working Assets" as their cell carrier?

How long can the Osama distraction/diversion be used?

From Russ Feingold: wants unfettered investigation of wiretapping

Senators beat the stock market annually by 12 percent on average

White House Abramoff Stonewall, Day 15

Blackwell encourages Ohio churches to break the law

Dems want ethics committee to probe 'day trading' allegations

Bush: "If I take away our freedom then they can't hate us for it"

EXCLUSIVE: CRS Report Concludes The Administration Broke the Law

Reforming Lobbying? Well no one's mentioned THIS in their reform plans:

So does this mean we lost the war?

VIDEO- White House Press Conf- Radditz about Osama

A Day in the Life ---pix->>>

Right on cue - Democrats make media push -- Here's bin Laden!!!

I just saw the Pluto launch from my driveway!

"A Call to America" - Dare to Make a Stand

Bin Laden Offers Truce, is it time to declare victory yet...

Two important questions about the media and the Democratic party

Bush: "It's always good to have a plant in every audience, you know?"

Hmmm. I just got a call from Sen Chambliss' office!

Surprise-- after ignoring Democratic speeches, CNN gives Bush more airtime

Bush Rules Out Senate Run for First Lady ???

"Robust labor market suggested" by Labor Department Jobless Claims Report

Rep. Slaughter, Dems want probe on 'DAY TRADING' allegations

Interesting article re: Iran and Nuclear Power

BREAKING: New Osama Video.

All I have to do is Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

Who is this asshole Jeff Gannon wannabe?

It's over...(IF) no filibuster : Edited on accurate info

I'm having Deja Vu!!! WMD in Iran and now Bin laudin gives us a

VIDEO- White House Press Conf -Helen Thomas on 9/11 Iraq

WTF is the Clipper Chip project?

Caption this * pic

WP: Colonel Larry Wilkerson and Colin Powell no longer friends

Who says stupidity is not a crime...

Now here's a quiz to ponder

has anyone used Teoma for a search engine

FOX News poll on corruption

Bush Speech to Focus on Health Care Costs

Move over PRIUS.....behold the 330 MPG biodisle-hybrid concept car

Bet on Bush impeachment proceedings

Tonight on Countdown (Olbermann 1-19-05)


A Vote Against Alito Is a Vote for Progress - Ted kennedy

Guess What? Rick Santorum Is A Lying Sack Of CRAP:

5 year anniversary of Clinton's last day in office.

Feingold said on NPR today that he wouldn't filibuster Alito

Attention freepers:

So let me get this straight. If Al-qaeda attacks inside the US it will

France ready to use nuclear arms: Chirac

If they use tax $$ against porn, then it better be 100% against CHILD PORN

What are your views on the Issues?

"a regime more interested in serving their own purposes than the people"

It's time to fight back. My ideas.

You maim innocent Iraqis beyond recognition with your missiles, you pay.

Evidence proves White House lied about relationship with corrupt lobbyist

American Lives or Leave Iraq

Meet the Neighbor from HELL.

Contact CNN to protest hiring of 3 right wing nuts!

Spilling the Beans(A Must Read re: GE foods

"Get rid of the guy. Impeach him, censure him, assassinate him."

Ted Kennedy: Benefit of the Doubt ("No" on Alito)

So Bush Doesn't Negotiate with Terrorists

Abramoff told tribal clients that he met regularly with Karl Rove, Link


Why is a hearing being held on Internet Pornography?

Does internet porn scare you to death?

In light of Sen. Fristian's move re: Alito: SHUT IT DOWN!!! NOW!!!

Flack hack throwdown: More evil, Ari Fleischer or Scott McLellan?

Would Bush and Rove be playing politics at this time??

Can someone find a photo with Bush and Jack Abramoff together?

For argument's sake, choose one: blue White House or blue Congress

' may be the more natural avengers.'

NASA should suspend all space missions and focus on Global Warming...

Sen. Leahy opposes Alito nomination

What has happened to Fitzmas? The silence is deafening.

The Patriot Act is coming back next week!!!! Take Action!

Why was Jim Woolsey on The Daily Show?

Petition the Senate Don't Confirm Alito

So Osama has suggested a truce

France's Chirac Says He'd Nuke Terrorist States If Attacked

the flooded are beginning to fight back

DKOS: Don't Do It, Senator Clinton. Please.

Boy am I pissed (medicare partD)

Ted Kennedy, an American Treasure, will vote NO on Alito confirmation.

Alito hearings illustrate US democracy is a PANTOMIME, from Larisa A.

The Secret World of Jack Abramoff

This day trading stuff in Delay and Frists offices.

What's this about the "Barrett" report?

A thought about the potential "smoking gun" Abramoff/Bush photo...

I Challenge Randi Rhodes To Call Scott McLellans Mother

Who is Glenn Beck anyway?

Security at Grand Central is on high alert - I thought it was Osama but >>

What do you fear more?

Tell your Senators a No vote is meaningless without filibuster on Alito

Russ Feingold on Wisconsin Public Radio right now:

Does Bush REALLY live in the bubble?

"DeLay Case Prosecutors Want Charge Revived"

Help protect student loans

If Chris Matthews plays Bin Laden tape backward---

Rep. Mike Conaway: "Bin Laden Tape Proves Strategy is Working"

Salazar to vote NO on Alito

There Was a Little Man ---pix->>>

Princeles email on Cafferty

Why Usama tape now? To convince US public NSA spying is a GOOD thing

David Rosenbaum on Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff - April 3, 2002

I can't take it any more. The United States no longer exists.

Hastert Promotes Reform While Having Received Dirty Money From Turkey?

Will the Democrats have to wait until 2006 election is over until...

Will the media let Bush get away with lying about Abramoff....?

Just got off the phone with SBC phone company about wire

Bush pledges fresh start - found this from 2000 while doing a search.....

Stupid Things that you catch American Corporations doing today:

Musical Chairs..K-Street Project style

I wish John Conyers would come out and support Hillary

An idea about the filibustering

Kerry on CNN said "inclusivity"

AlterNet: The President Does Not Know Best

Google search parameter "Bush is a pedophile" returns 236 hits.

Wolfie - Would you join the military today?

Ask Not For Whom: Editorial + Cartoon

Schurz Communications is buying my local rag, i need some info/dirt

Go BIG or go home. re: filibuster

Dkos: FirstFruits - NSA Spying just might be worse than we ever expected

They are brazen thieves and liars

Raw Story: Leaked justice department 40 pages defending wiretaps as legal

Just a thought

Osama bin Laden to attack the Heartland? We'd better bomb Iran!

Another reply from C. Waite-Brown and my reply about spying.

so, we're NOT safer with Saddam behind bars?

I know it helps to be a right wing nut gay male hooker


Why do I have the urge to dress up like a Colonial dressed up

Cheney re: Terra:"The President and I talk about it nearly all of our appe

Conrad Burns Gives Up Charade And Goes Partying With His Lobbyist Pals

"We do not negotiate with terrorists. . .

I don't want to lose my rights to allow parents to avoid doing their job

Thank you Osama old buddy...

State of the Union address will focus on health care frustrations

Hillary talks up Iran military strike

Governors Call Cuts In Guard Inconceivable At This time In Our History

to me the bin laden tape is about

Doug Thompson: Mounting evidence proves White House lied about Abramoff

My response to John Kerry's request for money>>>>>>>


What punishment WOULD be fitting for BushCo?

Rawstory:Justice Department to declare warrantless wiretaps legal

Hawkish Democrats ready for Iran (Bayh, Clinton)

i'm feeling left out, rejected, and unappreciated by our government

Latest Fiore animation, "Georgelandia!"

Excellent News For Freepers in Their Late Thirties!

Here's some encouragement re:Alito

Everytime bush brings out another bin laden tape...

PFAW email says Harkin, Mikulski

Limbaugh: Maryland health care law is "govt-sanctioned rape"

were you looking for a pic of bush and abramoff

Randi: Bush's silence on Osama means they didn't tell him

Has anyone else had loved ones die from medications?

Bin Laden died last April? (

Got a letter from my House Rep. re: Patriot Act - not sure what to think

Please submit this LTTE for me (Oregon)

Kool Aid anyone? Ever wonder where *'s followers get thier info .....

Osama Sez: "I'll declare a truce only if you leave Iraq"....

But, but if Osama wasn't behind Iraq, what leverage does he have with

goggle porn story on Wolf right now.

Bin Laden is trying to help Bush!

Has everyone seen Mosh II at the State of the Union??

Why are we all scared over big government demanding documents?

My husband just got off the phone with Russ Fiengold's

Hillary stands corrected

Michelle Malkin Gets Hers.

Jill Carroll...

ACLU rebukes Justice Department findings on wiretaps as 'spin'

Nuking Iran: Thinking the Unthinkable

The United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

Yahoo! News: How The Press Played Dumb AboutThe K Street Project

DCCC filed RICO SUIT filed Against DeLay et al in 2000!!! What Happened?

So, if we read Blum's book "Rogue State", we're helping bin Laden?

France Warns of Nuke Response to Terrorism

Yep Murray and Cantwell Send Form Letters.....

I'm in shock... Air America is on in El Paso!?

Italy to Pull All of Its Troops From Iraq

Bush Scandal List?

"End of the Spear" or "how I learned to stop worrying and love christians"

Meet the new Schiavo

WMD FOUND, in America, years ago, not in the hands of

CNN new hire Glenn Beck on Cindy Sheehan: "That's a pretty big prostitute"

"Cough, cough... and Murtha is waiting in the wings."

CEO for Premier US Company Sits on Lawn Chair in Wal-Mart VP Office

Mustang Sally

Jesus wants Alito on the SCOTUS. Why do Dems hate Jesus?

Don't play with your food, you might become buddies

Holy Shit! Is Anyone Watchng Lou Dobbs?

Arlen Spector : Wrote This-Got This

Alright get this ......

Holy Moly >> Best Scotty Slip Ever: "When he took the oath of office..."

I'm sorry but there is no global warming/climate change in this

In ten years when the Pluto mission arrives, will there still be a USA?

The Debate Bill O'Reilly shit! I'd contribute!

What's happening tomorrow, that BushCo would need a distraction?

Why the far right doesn't want a non-partisan judicial branch

Freepers are putting on their tinfoil hats...HILARIOUS!!

reaction to Pelosi ethics proposal

omg...freepers want to re-impeach the clenis for "not protecting US

So, lots of people thought Saddam had WMDs? How many remember Bush

Santorum spouts lies and hypocrisy at my son's high school

FILIBUSTER??!! --- Durbin's moronic excuse. . .

Caption this Brownie pic....

OBL tape, fake or not, has Bush outfoxed again.

Don't blame Lehrer for Gore not being on the NewsHour--Al refused

How do the Dems get the media to give them a fare shake?

Study: Most College Students Lack Skills

Germany, Israel, USA: Iran is three to five years away from having nukes

AOL poll: Which party do you trust to clean up D.C

Are you progressive or liberal?

Does NASA still send Chimps into space? hmmm....

So, have you got rid of your cable or satellite yet?

VIDEO-White House Press Conf-Bush not Told of Osama Tape

Salon: Republicans gone wild

What's Wrong with George? ---pix->>>

So you say you have had it with domestic eavesdropping. . .

GOP-R-US still open for business -- new toon 1/19/05

Dick Durbin is a great man I knew he'd say no to Alito

New Medicare plan is "Total Disaster"

Smartest city in America?

Personally deliver Alito petitions to YOUR Senator!

A once again needed reminder. We're Democrats.

What is the nature of the deal cut between Bush/Rove and OBL?

Sens. Reid, Schumer, Durbin Demand Answers from Bush regarding Abramoff

Women's Peace-making Powers

Ohio DemSenatorial Candidate SHERROD BROWN beating Republican in the polls

People are going to be shocked when they hear who was spied upon?

So, Is It True That Russ Win't Fillibuster?

Conyers' Spy Hearings on C-Span-1/20-11:00 a.m. EST

Where would George W Bush be without Osama bin Laden?

Has the GOP been taken over by fanatics and wackos? Hmmm...

Search Records: It's NOT Just Google! It's ALSO AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo

Could Lynn Swann really be elected Governor of PA?

Richard Clarke: There is no chance for a military solution in Iran.

No more legacy Presidents.

A question for freepers...

Fax your senator through the PFAW website! NOW! We MUST stop Alito!

USA - A "Pharisee" nation.

A Suicide Letter

I don't trust Feinstein...I don't trust any war profiteer...

Roe challenge set for new court

Speaking of the Bin Laden Tape:

Bush "not concerned" about Osama - unless he's is in trouble politically.

Now that Osama has recovered from his kidney transplant...

NYT Bob Herbert on Gore's speech:"Who Will Stand Up for the Constitution?" "Fox Means Nipple Clips"

(Possible) Abramoff/Bush picture from 2001 transition team

What to Wear When Visiting Hospital Patients ---pix->>>

Alito: "The president has not just some .... powers, but the whole thing"

New CNN hire Beck on Sheehan: "That's a pretty big prostitute"


My tin foil hat moment . . .

The scandals in this administration are like Watergate in slow motion

DU this poll on DeLay in the Houston Chronicle

Someone should offer a $25,000 bounty for pics of W + Abramoff

A strategy for Senator Byrd

Frist Not Allowing Senators To Speak On The Senate Floor About Alito...

PFAW: Senators Oppose Alito after deluge - Keep Pressure On! FREE FAX!!

OH CRAP! Am I in trouble??? Things I googled last week...

Where is the "Iran must be prevented from acquiring NUKES!" coming from?

Go Helen Go!

Do you believe that there is a real threat to us from UBL?

James Lovelock: Environment at point of no return. BILLIONS will die.

Kerry said he is not sure if Iraq is getting better or worse. He is there

I Finally Connected the Dots... Why is Porn a Top Priority for Gonzales???


Democratic proposals just as bad as the Republicans.

OBL audio: See voice morphing tech. 1999 WaPo article!!!

WaPo ombudsman will no longer reply to critics

Alito Can't Be Blocked - Same Old GOP Lie/PSYOP Strategy, Works Everytime?

Nothing to see here. Move along, folks.

Caption this (Cheney & Friends) pic:

Solutions to war profiteering?

Kerry on now

DeLay and Dr. Seuss

Study: Most College Students Lack Skills

New Audio Tape PROVES Bush Has Made The World Safe!!!

Replies to WaPo Ombudsman disappear down memory hole (but we got 'em!)

Years ago, "Calvin and Hobbes" "got it".

Evidence of a Stolen Election - by Paul Craig Roberts

Sago investigation hits snag - owners want union out

does anyone have a link to the RNC lobby reform plan.

Why a non-partisan Judicial branch is good for progressives

Slaughter says Frist and Delay had day-traders working

inconsistent with the law

Does anyone have experience with past administration WH press briefings?

Parshall Calls Gay Adoption "State Sanctioned Child Abuse" on Larry King

Why hasn't McCain subpoenaed Norquist?

I Finally Connected the Dots... Why is Porn a Top Priority for Gonzales???

Michelle Malkin Gets Hers.

Republican Ethics Reform: Loophole will still allow all the gifts!!

Until Yesterday, WH Frequently Discussed “Staff-Level Meetings”(Abram..)

Reality, facts, truth, etc., is a problem

Ties to Abramoff shadow Reed's run in Georgia

K Street Project

Hey, American DUers, can you DU us Canucks a favour?

Republican Battle Cry - Its Not Our Fault - We're STUPID

on the lighter side... poking fun at Shrub....

Dems Plan "Unofficial" Wiretap Hearings Friday

Louise Slaughter to be on WJ cspan 9:15 am to 10 am EST Today (ethics)

Please help DU a local Alito poll...

"confederate heroes" day in texas today

Day trading in Congressional (R) offices?!?

The ONLY Way Bush Will Ever Nominate A Moderate

Bush has talked to everyday people about their problems and concerns

Salazar "steps back" from Gore's call for a special prosecutor

Fake caller alert -- Wash Journal

Wilkerson from the Wilderness, a critic speaks again

WJ: a caller just stated clearly, "Our President Is A Scumbag."

Keeping Up Appearances

Hotel Workers Union Starts Wage Campaign


Ed Rogers - twunt

Craig Murray on Democracy Now this morning.

Osama Speaks, Again!

Interesting CNN Poll

LOL!- SOTU speech preview (just in time for focus groups)

People are Crazy

Can we win w/o Ohio?

Why not restore the Fairness Doctrine ?

Just e-mailed my Senator Bill Nelson (Florida) opposing Alito

Is there a way to turn Alito's pending confirmation into a Dem positive?

The Crook in Chief: wife would never run for Senate

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/19/06: Robbing The Bank You Own

If Clinton had captured Osama, we wouldn't be worried about him today...

Howard Dean on MSNBC right now... talking about Osama. n/t

gold star for Rep. Louise Slaughter for truth telling on W.J.

NYDN gossip: Kerry spokesman battling upcoming GQ story

Congressional Research Ser. Questions Legality of Wiretaps in 2nd Report

Sr. Brownback: If you're really serious about Pro-Life, why did you . . .?

If it's a given that Democrats aren't capitaliizing on R scandals .....

That wiley damned Osama. He sure knows when to pop up, huh?

Michelle Malkin Gets Hers.

How are the Democrats doing as far as opposition to Bush?


Sen. Leahy to Oppose Alito Nomination

Frist Won't Let Dems Speak on the Floor on Alito? Where's the Press?

What insightful opinion might Laura offer the world today?

"A free nation is a peaceful nation"

Lou Dobbs spoke with one of the religiously insane last nite on his show

The noose tightens

DU this CSPAN Capital News poll of the day RE: lobbyists


What exactly happened to the idea of power to the people?

Here is a great list of anti-Alito them all!

Surprise, surprise, surprise! What are the odds that every time Bush

Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction

Does anyone remember what Bush* said in his bullhorn moment

Who's going to the World-Can't-Wait-Rallies on January 31?

More Journalist Payola ! Scrushy (Health South)Bought Sympathetic Stories

So which Osama did we hear from?

At new website tracking Sen Dems' positions on Alito vote

NYT aids RNC in fighting against Bush Wiretap Special Prosecutor

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

Enquirer claims 21-year-old is Ted Kennedy's secret love child

DU this poll;

Bill Seeks Abortion End In Ohio

40 page Justice Department document RE: spying, declared legal...

John Kerry: “This is Crunch Time for Iraq”

"I will destroy America!"

Anyone else notice that the Osama tape is only in the non-Arabic press?

Will the White House crackdown on porn...


Osama Bin Laden Threat = Next Phase

Georgia Senate Democrats propose Bible classes for public schools

Does Anyone Know How To Contact

F#%&ing Dems: Kaine instead of Murtha after SOTU...

The emperor may not be naked, but he's down to his fig leaf.

Assume for the moment that the Bin Laden tape is legit and all

The Bush Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Legless Veterans face travel to VA Hospital cutbacks NO JOKE!!!

Ohio Rep wants abortions to become a felony, "could help overturn Roe"

The Congressman and the Hedge Fund

lawyer Paul Cambria said 90% of americans watch porn (hearings)

It's The Unitary President Stupid!

CNN Alert: Kerry Interview from Baghdad

Just Ten Words: Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack seeks input on Democratic Message

Paul Krugman on "Majority Report" tonight.

CNN actually questioned the timing of the OBL tape!!!!!

DSCC launches "Santorum K-Street Project" ad. Tell me what you think?

the heat is on.........

Teresa Heinz Kerry: An Unhappy New Year for Seniors on Medicare

CNN is dead to me

Bush, Rove, and staged news stories - Today's cartoon

From Conyers' blog, January 19:

Democrats appear ready to let Alito nomination go through...

Fifteen minutes of choking to death sounds like a lynching

Republicans "ecstatic" at the prospect of Bush-Cheney fundraisers in 2006

Ted Kennedy speech today..A Vote Against Alito Is a Vote for Progress

W.H. Photos: Junior on "Importance of Small Bus. in Economic Growth" - a little assist for lurkers


Alito's speech to the Federalist Society (2000) contradicts his testimony.

The DCCC just called me for $110. What's the *DU* Scoop on the DCCC?

Tell B*sh why you love

If you could only pick one 2004 candidate to rerun in 2008 primary?

Very Curious about OBL truce offer regarding Iraq?

Remember: Olympia Snowe won't go Nuclear! Contact her and:

Bush Rules Out Senate Run for First Lady

AP Photo of Bush: "I've got the whole world, in my hands, I've got the..."

Notable Republicans who DON"T back Bushco?

The Effects of Bush, The War President who leads a Warrior Nation

Leahy, Harkin, Reid: who else has come out against Alito?

In light of Sen. Fristian's move re: Alito: SHUT IT DOWN!!! NOW!!!

In Bush's Face: Wesley Clark on Undermining the Geneva Convention

Denouncing Sen. Clinton, Coulter ignored her own "plantation" remarks

"We are remodeling the Democratic Party"

Zogby: Kennedy bumps Roosevelt from Presidential Greatness

Dean: Americans don't like "Left-leading" regimes -

Next Time you Think of Creating a Hillary Thread

Senator Reid, Americans wonder: How dumb do Democrats think we are?

Housing Bubble Bursting

About Hillary and the whole "Plantation" thing...