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Archives: January 18, 2006

No more hiding the corporate jet

The Gun is Smoking - 2004 Precinct-Level Exit Poll Data Evidence

Chris Matthews unstuck in time

That's it! It's God's fault

Bush, Congress Lack the Courage to Fix Entitlements (John M. Berry)

We Shall Overcome: Lessons of Dr. King

US Should Talk to Iran, Before It's too Late--Clinton should be Amb.

Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq

Analysis: Troubled Medicare Troubles GOP

Memorial service for Sago miners preaches fatalism and submission

Legitimate Tears: my LTTE published in online Chicago Tribune

US helicopters in Iraq face menace of 'aerial bombs'

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse

Indonesia approves plans for 4 new nuclear power plants.

As Kenya exports wheat, 3.5 million in drought stricken area face famine.

One Year after Arafat, Peace Remains Elusive

Pentagon video rehashed

The "Gulliberal Problem" ...a Great Read!

California: Location of Public Hearing on HAVA Has Been Changed.

The Science of Voting Machine Technology (July 20, 2004)

CA State Sen. Bowen Will Be on the Air Tomorrow to Discuss Election Issues

Can't get through to the Feinstein website

AG Tom Miller to endorse Blouin

Are all county caucuses March 11?

Tom Miller - Mike Blouin???

Harkin should stand up and be a democrat..

Romney again - against the teachers this time

The Strib published my letter:

Is anyone planning to attend the Blue State Ball?

Firefox 1.5 & my MS Wireless keyboard Zoom Slider

Simple grassroots plan to sink Alito (aLIEto) -Need TX help

Need to know what the salary is for the directors of the LCRA.

Wes Clark in Corpus Christi for J. Garcia's kickoff 1/26

State of the State on C-SPAN right now.

Another case of Republicans eating their young.

Losing may be the best thing that ever happened to the Liberals

yoiks! just saw the new Paul Martin TV ad

Governor of Passamaquoddy Tribe killed in automobile accident

Police aware of plot to kidnap Tony Blair's five year old son, Leo

UK police foil plot to kidnap Blair's son: report

Ben Nelson: I'm voting for Alito

German opposition presses for parliamentary inquiry on Iraq spy activities

Kern County school agrees to stop teaching 'intelligent design' (CA)

DU this Poll

Pakistan PM warns US over village attack

Marine deserter caught after 36 years on run (Reuters)

Some Dems will be busy tomorrow. Take that GOP!

Gallup poll finds public split on Iraq (49% calling for a timetable)

Whatch C-Span tomorrow

Labor raises its voice to Kentucky Governor

Shot Boy Wrote About Pointing Gun At Police

Pastor plans a boycott of supporters of (WA) gay rights bill

Nikkei drops over 4% after TSE says may halt trading

U.S. lumber industry challenges free-trade process

Major powers dismiss Iran call for nuclear talks

Mexico demands US probe of second migrant shooting

Bremer: WMD focus overshadowed insurgency

Putin Quietly Signed NGO Bill Last Week

Tom Daschle considers bid for president

Two UN soldiers killed in Haiti

(CNN) Source: Egyptians killed in strike (had links to al-Zawahiri)

NYT: 2002 Memo Doubted Uranium Sale Claim

Golden Globe Winners Spark Righteous Anger (Rightwing Tantrums)

U-S soldier may be charged with murdering Italian agent in Iraq.

Suburbs flush with homes for sale

Pakistanis Say U.S. Raid Left 4 or 5 Militants Dead

CNN: Oil surges above $66 (1/17/06)

MMFA Denounces CNN's Decision to Sign Glenn Beck

Medicare won't reimburse states for emergency drug costs (K-R)

Senate Democrat backs Alito

Girlfriend of 'vampyre' gubernatorial candidate is fired

Hitler would've backed *'s domestic spying program ?


What would you have done in this situation??

Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for Charity

Is it just me, or are the "World Can't Wait" ads on AAR

So, did Lovejoy end up in Hell, or something?

Some teach while others educate.

Not sure which forum to post - testing silver

Job advice needed.

I wanna do a Natalie Portman/Kirsten Dunst version of Brokeback Mountain

Lines from an Astronaut's autobigraphy...

The Rich Jerk

A mom at school called me 'Titanic'

mr. lizard

So, if Brokeback Mountain starred Jack Black & Giovanni Ribisi,

I would like to apologize.

I would like to apologize.

After a nine-year hiatus...

Good Sermon

Boiling Points?

I was just reading the upside down flag thread

I'm going to be an auntie!

Look at what's happened to me

Be very jealous. My THIGH food just arrived.

I called Room Service! It's PRIME RIB time!

I called room service! It's PRIME LIB time!

candidate 4 Illinois State Representative looking for interns

Help me decide where I should take my training class(Vancouver or Toronto)

I too, would like to apologize!!!!!!

I went to parent-teacher conferences tonight.

Rules for conservatives:

West End Girls

Job advice needed

Study finds exercise helps ward off dementia

Holy Hell! Rachel Ray in a snorkeling outfit!

YAYYYYY!!!!!!! I'm online again at my new place...

which way?

I never got detention but I did get suspended from school once

My Male Friends, If this is Repetitious, pls Hear Me Anyways

"Who would name their kid Jack with the last word 'off' at the end of

Need the cover for an CD or DVD? : check here

Don't use First American Title Insurance / Escrow services

Alright, now dig this baby: You don't care for me, I don't care about that

which one?

You know, I might like this English class


delete--triplicate. sigh. It wasn't going through, I tell ya! n/t

I hate my damn hands I trashed my printer today.

Is This To Much To Ask to Get a Job??????

Be very jealous. My HIGH food just arrived.

Who never served detention, but got a paddling?

What was your first school detention for?



Just saw a sig line with a photo of an aircraft and it occurred to me that

Progmom makes a lot of people happy.

What in the HELL is wrong with you?

Marvin Appreciation Thread:


Anybody seen RevCheesehead since this morning?

Be very jealous. My THAI food just arrived.

Fan who ran on field at Brown's game to spend Super Bowl weekend in jail.

Anyone Know Anything About Overnight Sleep Studies?

I do not EVER want to do that again.

Surfs Up! Pics from a January day in SoCal. Dial-up warning.

Furnace experts? Help!! Am I going to burn the house down?!?

Famous People you are embarassed that you have a crush on

Do you think the Dog is speaking to you?

My worst pic EVER

Do you think God is speaking to you?

As of today: Madrona Marsh Pictures! Dial-up warning.......


Fuckity Fuck Fuck

I am a moonbat magnet.

Local columnist SLAMS me in the newspaper!!!!!

So, I just watched my first episode of American Idol.

Why didn't Jon Stewart cover Al Gore's speech? nt

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Chinese cuisine question re: cheese.

ibook users, i (get it?) need advice.

Who here never served a day in detention

Here we go Steelers, Here we Go!

Fan who ran onto field will spend Super Bowl in jail

Crap...I think I broke my cat

Denny Crane Show. Starting in 3 min. EST.

Things are looking better

I never got detention, but I did get tried at Nurnberg once.

Thread about a quickly lockable hot topic

DU musicians: Name some bands you've been in.

CONFESS!!! What CD would I be SHOCKED to find in your collection?

HoLEEEE FUUUUCCK!!! (56K Warning)

"Just like being in Italy, except it's sunny and I'm surrounded by boats"

Sometimes it's just best to hide the thread instead of posting...

What is the most fun word to say?

Name a town you've gone to that you bet nobody else here has.

Okay, on the up side...

What is "God's Plan" that all these religiosities believe they know?

Nova: People climb mountains to see why mountain climbing is dangerous.

mystery metal or object - any ideas?

Boiling Points Of Liquids?

Gay couple sues Job Lot chain

Canada: 150 anti-same-sex marriage candidates outed

I need some aspirin....or Valium...or something

For the New England Patriots fans - -

Steelers Fans! For your viewing pleasure . . .

Romney is at it again - against teachers this time

John Kerry on The Situation Room from Jerusalem - TRANSCRIPT

CQ Partisan Vote Score - Kerry Wins (97%)

BLM, TayTay

Sen Sweetie has coffee and donuts with his constituents

Hi Everyone, Which of these Close ups/Macros do you all like? Thanks for

Build a Snowflake catcher. Here's how!

There's a female tennis player named Karoline Sprem!

KOEB Meeting 1/17/06: Hello?

DC Protest Tomorrow AM- Join Us!

If Judge & Jury sentence an innocent to death & sentencing was reciprocal,

Tom Tomorrow: It would be like the Blue Angels - but with pigs!

You're a wife beater.

Let me be the first to say it. Al Gore should be the nobel peace

South Carolina Businesses Raided

So.. It's safe for the "stars" to come out?

Not sure which forum to post - testing silver


Hey, lets try this:

Enron Redux: Another scandal hitting

Jack Abramoff, international man of mystery? (TPM)

8 PM History Channel - Benjamin Franklin

Chris Hitchens senses a change in wind direction.

Cornered Cheney Confesses to Role in MIHOP Conspiracy

Islamists gain ground from American push for Mideast democracy

Job advice needed

"Gay Life Debate" on Larry King tonight per CNN.

New Terra Game - "On 24"

So Dems will nix ALL gifts , while the Thugs nix "some" gifts

Countdown or Daily Show tonight?

THis thread needs nominations>>>>

Elected official being paid by taxpayers to warn about

Is everybody PSYCHED?? Do you FEEL IT??

Do Senators Nelson and Feinstein support totalitarianism?

Fox News' Neil Cavuto Discusses Iran's Nukes with Nut Job

Battery UP. Environmentally superior to just about

VIDEO- Hastert/Bush/Heckuva Job-Hastert's comments at press conf today

Asperger's Syndrome and WrongPlanet,net

You know, we need to start being better "Liberals," and stop ignoring

VIDEO- Gore's Rebuttal-Countdown, inc false B Clinton spy argument

KO showing clip of David Gregory torturing Scotty!

ibook users, i (get it?) need advice.

McClellan REFUSES to go "fishing"...White House SILENT on Abramoff visits

Golden Globe winners spark righteous anger

VIDEO-Bush Bike Lessons

How low we have fallen - letter from Gen. Franks for donations for wounded

"Gulf Coast's State Surprises Lawmakers"

"Ahm George W. Bush and ah approve this message."

Cross your fingers for me. so busy it gives error messages for last 3 min

Can we see the White House Visitor Logs? r.e. Jack Abramoff

Keith is reading Al Gore's rebuttal!!!

An Army Death, and a Family Left In the Dark

They're trying to break into jail as city heads for -40C

Need signatures to stop Alito! Sign and forward!

Is this where we are unless we DO SOMETHING now?

* kills another Iraq veteran.

My Blog has changed Name, and Welcomes you to visit.

Emminent Domain to Grab Black Church in Oklahoma (for a Home Depot)

VIDEO-Clooney's comments about Abramoff at Golden Globe

A Rove indicment would be the ice cream on the pie after today/yesterday

VIDEO-Beeson on Bush Illegal "Fishing Expedition"

Trite TV Talking Head Phrases you're sick of hearing

Freeper Telling Me That Blanco "Didn't Allow" The NG To Enter

Air America Radio Premium ?!

Faux news melting down. Irrational, incoherant screaming.

Anyone know more about the FISA statement Schmidt cited?

"Shallow Throat": Do Dems Have a Death-Wish?

Hillary Clinton Totally Won Me And Others Back With Her Speech Yesterday

The "American Dream" is,...making a difference.

bush you are public enemy number one.

Freeper POLL Alert: Would you support Hillary will run for president ?

Sitting there today idly watching Scottie do his thing...

So, what will stop Bush from running for a third term?


Should I send this to CNN re: Glenn Beck?

Kerry, Clinton and Gore! The Big us to ACTIVISM!!!

LKL is having a wonder show about gays/brokeback mt. He does well.

"House GOP Leaders Unveil New Ethics Plan"

Caught a great slip-up on Faux News tonight. Anyone else?

What is "God's Plan" that all these religiosities believe they know?

That Rev. Al Mohler guy on Larry King....I knew him when.

World Can't Wait Feb. 4 event

Isn't that crook Rep Ney the asswipe that started "FREEDOM FRIES"

DU this Poll

Bill Bennett on CNN?

Need the cover for an CD or DVD? : check here

OK Kids Senator Patrick Leahy, the Judiciary Committee's Democratic

CNN has jumped the shark

Bush: Girls have a choice even if they are "obligated to comply"

Anyone here following the Augustine Volcano? (Alaska)

Good news for Alaska's wolves ... for now, at least

Ever Had A Bad Day At Work.....

CNN stalking Mayor Nagin

DU this poll about Senator Clinton's speech

Does anyone watch Current TV

Gore, Hackett, or Dean

Way To Go ShallowThroat

WalMart video

I'm telling you Georgie is studying up

Did any newspaper anywhere print the text of the Gore speech?

Dean in Missouri says DNC searching records about Blunt. Video clip.

larry king live's gay movie show

Air America Radio launches Premium!!!!

Boston Legal

Introduction to NOVA (PBS) Clovis Points=WMDs

Message from L Slaughter for big event tomorrow

Most indicted by administration - where to get the count?

So when somebody says "NSA wiretapping's no big deal I have . . .

Hey Randi, Barbara Boxer Said She Didn't Want To Certify Electors in 2000,

Sex and War

Is their a way Media Matters could run TV ads on Media lies?

"Sore Loserman" sure picked a scab this week, didn't he?

You mean Margaret carlson doesn't balance out Glenn Beckand Bennett on CNN

So which DUers have entered the contest to go toe-to-toe with O'Loofah?

BREAKING:State Dept. doubted Niger docs long before Bush State of Union

When is the next DU fundraiser?

Is This To Much To Ask to Get a Job??????

Assignment: DU

Clinton versus Gore: first salvos fired for the Democratic nomination?

bad video dont bother

Freepers are so dumb

IT IS SIMPLE: either the executive serves us or exploits us.

Post 9/11 NSA Wiretaps Have Proved Worthless

Boycott CNN

How does one self delete a post? It's a first for me. Thanks

Are Roberts, Thomas and Scalia "activist judges"? (re: OR suicide case)

Anyone see Chad Allen on Larry King Tonight?

If I hear CNN play McClellan saying Clinton did the same thing as Bush

Tim Giago: Bush started Iraqi war over 'dark lie'

The new Republican brand: INNA TYMAWOR

On Nightline NOW (EST) -- Bu$h's spying program on trial... n/t far and what is not "Scorched Earth"

Whatch C-Span tomorrow

Why Senator Clinton Was Right---Please Read Before Judging Clinton

When A Dem Gets The WH, Can All Of bu$h's BS Be Stopped?

Might one say L. Paul Bremer is full of poo?

So we know how Roberts is gonna vote

Now, is Jack Cafferty full of poop or isn't he?

BOYCOTT ALL FOX SPONSORS!!! They support fascism.

Angela Davis was WONDERFUL tonight

Ooohhh another Repub linked to Abramoff? Pete Sessions-TX

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Roundup

State Letting Beaten Girl "Starve"

L. Paul "Jerry" Bremmer on "The Daily Show" tonight! This could get ugly.

Please DU this poll re: NSA spying!

AP Has UPDATED Story on Bush Admin's Smear of Gore to Include TRUTH!

Did any major newspaper mention Gore's speech?

Don't you just hate it when DUers post stupid emails here? WARNING: HUGE

Help! DU This Web Poll!

When we finally prove 2004 was stolen, do we get to replace Alito?

Which cable news station do you watch the most?

What should we call the Abramoff lobbying scandal?

Say this out loud, sorta fast: "Poor America, its a Republic in scandal"

so whatever happened to bob barr anyway?

What should we do WHEN somebody finally uses a nuke?

Good question on Malloy's show regarding Warren Commission

POLL: What is Gore's motive?

New Talking Pt: "Repubs going Nuclear on Filibuster Prooves Al Gore Right"

Nothing has changed in the world to make gasoline prices soar

(877) 851-6437 Capital Operators are standing by! Leave vm for all dems.

Clinton is Cooked

Kucinich led effort against Iraq war&patriot act-He should be HouseLeader


Why We Fight - You must see this movie somehow

Crazy Judge Roy Moore wrote ANOTHER poem. "A+" for Atrocious!

Alito Filibuster -- Our Normandy in the Fight to Drive Out the Fascists!!

Thin-skinned columnist SLAMS me in the local paper!

Powell: Iran is going down the exact same path as Iraq

Douglas took his gun, fired one shot, and killed himself

Rep Conyers: "Hillary, ... spoke the truth yesterday"

And you all think the Georgie Jr doesn't read

Tuesday Night Truthseekers

Is the Bush White House so upset by Oregon's suicide law because

Law professors to Congress: Bush is violating federal law

Democratic Leaders call on * to DISCUSS ties to Jack Abramoff

Question: What Could Be More Important Than Filibustering Alito ????

Did you hear me on Majority Report? We CAN Stop Alito with 41 votes!

12 very short vids of the chimp's "finest" -isms, all edited together

What if the House and Senate consisted of ordinary citizens, like a jury?

Newborn sexually assaulted

I Think I Have The Perfect Solution To Our Border Problem !!!

Welcome To America- A Picture Says 1,000 Words

Who would like to see UK style shadow posts?

Pay Attention, Re: Hillary

Fake Outrage 101 / Hypocrisy 101 - The Republican Party

from John Edwards - petition

AP Reports Facts on White House Smear of Gore

Students Being Paid by Rightwing Group to Report on UCLA Faculty

where is the democratic rapid response team...

Lack of Terra Alerts.

Hurricane - Please Read - pass along.

KO's Worst Person in the World:

International Petition from Code Pink against Iraq war

Jd Hayworth is right about shutting down these borders

I Want A Gore/Gonzales Debate About Wiretaps

Hillary the lightning rod for Al Gore?

Has anybody invited Al Gore on to talk about his speech?

About the new wiretapping lawsuits...

Has Gore been invited to appear on any of the shows on AAR? Also, I

"Civil liberties groups fire double-barreled lawsuits at President Bush"

Factcheck on Presidential Power

Gore, H Clinton and Kerry sound-bites, denouncing this admin

OK, how sick ARE you of PlantationGate?

My long rant on the Middle Eastern War

Conservative Response to the 'Sisters' Post....

"two soccer balls, a referee's whistle and a stopwatch"

Could someone who posts at the Majority Report blog contact them....

What they will have to do before I send them another dime

I suggest we write letters of support to Hillary and Gore

I am not afraid of Irans intentions....

What "Republican" stands for....

Durbins reply to me about Alito...

National Callin Day to Defeat Alito

Lott Appears Poised To Make A Run For Senate Majority Leader

Scott McClellan reveals Repulblican strategy to win in 06' and 08'.

Every democrat in DC needs to follow in Reid, Pelosi & Durbin's footsteps

HuffPo: A Sneak Peek at "Al vs. Hillary"


Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control'

Conyers on Hillary: Right Wing Blames the Messenger

Anyone who still harbored doubts about media control and containment

DNC Response vs. RNC Response

So "states rights" are only meant for red states and only for RW

2 Parties Rush to Offer Curbs for Lobbying

Bob Barr ......... what's your take ....... ?

Call John Warner & Tell Him No on Alito

Analysis: Troubled Medicare Troubles GOP

Daily Kos: Plantation

Hitchens: What Reason Do We Have to Trust the State to Know Best?

should dems boycott cable news until we get our side on as commentators?

Are there people on this board

Al Gore Story Disappeared from Google News

Pay attention to the word "plantation" but ignore "corruption" "Iraq"

Chris Matthews "Little Winkie" and Hillary's "Plantation Comment"/Digby

Kerry Detractors need to know what you are seeing on CNN..might be

What if Al Gore said....

Club for Growth endorses Cuellar, its first Democrat

DU this poll!

"Gore is a hypocrite" is, on its very face, absurd

Man, Tweeties has really turned into a scum

“Level of Taint” ….. Daily show gives Dems a sweet talking point to run

Some Dems will be busy tomorrow. Take that GOP!

Rev. Al on Hardball kicks ass

Call Voinovich (leave a voice message on alito) & tell him

John Kerry on The Situation Room from Jerusalem - Transcript (video soon)

Call Olympia Snowe -- there is room on her voice mail to leave

CQ partisan ratings (Bayh,Kerry, Clinton,Feingold,Biden): Dems are united.

Hillary must Back her words with Action - Filibuster!

2nd Day! No Gore on PBS Newshour -- An Hour with NO NEWS!!!

Glen Beck on CNN?

Chocolate? Plantations?? What the HELL is wrong with people??

What is Kerry's stance on Iran?

Reid: WH not for sale; asks Bush to disclose ties to Abramoff

Who is worse in your opinion Ben Nelson or Joseph Lieberman?

F.B.I.officials:eavesdropping pointless intrusionson on Americans' privacy

"I underestimated the viciousness of the right wing"


Meanwhile Back in Afghanistan ( Robert Scheer)

Taking Enron to Task--WaPost

Bush Urges Senate to Give Alito Fair, Quick, Unanimous Confirmation--Onion

The Swastika Wielding Provocateur

The Gun is Smoking - 2004 Ohio Precinct-Level Exit Poll Data Show theft

Either He Lied on His Resumé or There's Been a Cover-Up

Purple Heartbreakers, James Webb, NY Times 1/18/06


Ney’s ouster no slam dunk for the Dems

It would be like the Blue Angels--- but with pigs (This Modern World)

Opening the boss’s pay packet - THE ECONOMIST

lining Saddams pockets while US sons & daughters are killed..

Another Undeclared War?

US Holds Going Out Of Business Sale--The Onion (Satire, We Hope)

"Democrats' chronic impotence led to the Republicans' reign of incompetenc

Chickenhawk squawk

MOGAMBO GURU: 'Buy Heap Big Oil, Gold, Silver'

Discarded Heroes: Washington sends 'em to war & screws 'em on return

The west has picked a fight with Iran that it cannot win

Gene Lyons on whether it is truth or fiction

For all of 2005, the CPI increased 3.4%,about same as 2004's 3.3%

Does a wealth disparity even matter?

Anyone here investing in gold stocks?

NJ Board of Public Utilities cronycrats raid alt-energy fund.

All The Greenwash In The World Leaves Ecologists Unimpressed - Bloomberg

Dutch Investment Bank Sponsors London ASPO Conference - Independent

Oops - Veterinary Drug Kills 97% Of S. Asian Vultures In 10 Years - ABC

27 New Species Discovered In Central California Caves - CC Times

Whale Sharks - World's Largest Fish - Growing Smaller - BBC

Geophysical Research Letters - Sunnier China Darkened By Haze, Smog

Right Whale Mother, Calf Reported In Corpus Christi Bay (WTF?)

Oil shale energy experiments set in West

Augustine Erupts Again - Sequence Could Last Weeks - Reuters

any wind turbine experts kicking around in here?

APTA: More People Riding Subway, Buses


World can't afford to lose Iran's oil: US EIA chief

NY considers alternative fuels laboratory.

Climate pact will cause temperature rise, report warns

Cooling Problem Shuts Ariz. Reactor

After 40 Yrs. In Amazon, Thomas Lovejoy Muses On Forest's End - WP

MA: Hull Wind II gets delivered.

Judge Halts Aerial Wolf Hunting In Alaska As Illegal - ADN

Oil-Stung Caribbean Looks at Energy Alternatives

Palestinians seek 'mediation with muscle' (peace process stalled)

Humanizing terrorism

Police detain 12 youths in Hebron; protestors block entrance to Jerusalem

High Court okays reduced benefits for Gush Katif settlers

Partial concealment

Army chief slams radical settlers

CNI Delegation to Palestinian Elections and Neighboring Countries

Olmert wants peace talks after elections

Poll: Popularity of Arab parties in decline

John Kerry Visits Jerusalem and West Bank City of Jericho

Bizarre coincidence? or not? re London 7/7 and controlled demo

Possible Evidence Suggesting the Use of Explosive Devices

CA: Sets deadline for voting machine inspections / Won't relax rules

Hey, can we rate up Mod Mom's thread so more people

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday January 18

AZ recount of optiscans possible after ethics complaint withdrawn.

Reid's Petition to End Corruption - My comment: End Corrupt Elections!

I gave Howard Dean a packett on the '04 election!

Sequoia Bites the Dust in Washington State: Terminated by Visible Voting

I must have missed this: Connie McCormack at SFV Dem grassroots event

Can you play mp3s on your car stereo?

Right Wing "Alumni" Org. targets liberal UCLA Professors

DM Register article on the caucuses

Smoking Ban?

Fallon in Cedar Falls on Sat. - posting for you Debi!

If you have a moment, I've got a favor to ask

SJC rules vegetative-state child in custody of DSS can be allowed to die

WTD: DFL attorney general candidate to challenge Entenza

WOW!! I got "disappeared"!!!

anyone know how to send an animated gif in Mozilla Thunderbird email?

Can anybody tell me what "Time Synchronize" is?

Health care a priority for Ohio, Strickland says

Paul Hackett in NW Ohio

Sign the Honest Leadership Pledge

A case for national health care

Dr. Dean--front page at Columbus reform plan

Why the Senate "Dems" won't filibuster Alito

“Un Nuevo Dia Para Sur de Tejas”

Wes Clark in Houston for Gammage and Vo - 1/26/06

Has the LaRouche PAC called anyone lately?

Need a DeLayed laugh a la' Dr. Seuss?

State Representative: "Education is not my expertise"

Latest CPAC/SES poll

Is Layton hoping for a Conservative majority?

Seat count projections... interesting

The Conservatives have peaked....

Another election in Mouseland

Canada's sovereignty is at stake. A plea from an American.

Con. Watch

Blogger's open letter to Stephen Harper

NYT: New Orleans Agrees to Give Notice on Home Demolitions

NYT: Corzine Pledges a 'New Era' for New Jersey

WP: Loophole in Lobbying Bill Leaves Wiggle Room

WP,pg1: Republicans Propose Restrictions On Lobbying

WP: FCC Probes Selling of Cell Phone Records

LAT: Warmer Al Gore finds a new stump (film at Sundance Festival)

Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq

LAT: Less Onerous IDs Proposed for Travel to Canada, Mexico

Hitchens joins authors seeking US wiretapping ban

Senate Democrat backs Alito for US Supreme Court

Pope worried by global upsurge in anti-Semitism

Indian journalist murdered for reporting on illegal forestry

Calif. School Scraps 'Intelligent Design'

Analysis: Troubled Medicare Troubles GOP

Congressman DeLay Could Lose To Lampson in Texas

Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq

National Democrats choose Ohio to reveal ethics reform plan

Ties to Abramoff shadow Reed's run in Georgia

Ney’s ouster no slam dunk for the Dems

Stampede of sell orders forces shut-down of world’s second largest bourse

AP Democrats Offer Solutions to Lobby Scandal

White House Disputes Gore on NSA Spying--WaPost

Taking Enron to Task--WaPost

Justices Uphold Oregon Assisted-Suicide Law--WaPost

Dossier on rendition flights goes to McConnell before debate

(Scotland) SNP reveals 'CIA flight' dossier

CNN/AP: Court: State can let beaten girl die

Suspicious package closes Canada-U.S. border crossing

Possible Bird Flu Death in Iraq

Unions target GOP centrists in TV ads on cuts

US top court orders more hearings on abortion law

Experiment opens college to everyone in Mexico City

Europe sets up CIA prison inquiry

Tokyo Exchange Shuts Early Amid Flood of Sell Orders

Bill Oreilly Contest

Canadians must demand answers on no-fly lists

Canada, Mexico travel rule dropped

US Supreme Court: Striking Down Abortion Law (NH/Ayotte) Goes Too Far

Fast Company: CEO Says NO to Wal-Mart

CEO salaries now 400 times that of an average worker's check

CPI sinks 0.1% on falling energy prices

Ted Kennedy's Secret Love Child

Powell: Iran is going down Iraq’s path

White House rejects human rights group charges of systematic prisoner abus

Obama backs Clinton's criticism of GOP

Snitchens having buyer's remorse

By what means would the U.S. be able to have Al-Zawahiri's DNA

Reid-Pelosi-Obama now on C-Span

WP: HHS Works to Fix (Medicare) Drug Plan Woes

Buffett Issues Warning Over Trade Deficit

US freezes assets of Syrian intelligence chief

Bomb kills two in US security team in Iraq

Gunmen Kill 10 Security Guards in Iraq

Mexico leftist (Obrador) ahead in tight election race -poll

US memo in 2002 doubted Niger uranium sale to Iraq (Whoops!)

Tokyo Stock Exchange Halts Trading

Study: Men Enjoy Seeing Bad People Suffer

Marc Maron on Conan tonite...

2006 finds more Veterans seeking political office

Bush Averages 45.8% Approval in Fifth Year in Office (Gallup)

Obama is Democrats' point man on ethics

Abramoff bills client for lunch date with Bush- So they met? TX Observer

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 18 January

Test Failures Slow U.S. Missile Defense

Conservatives Remain In Lead (Canada, but only 5 points)

Death row elder needed 2 injections

CNN/AP: Report: Teen drivers pose broad risk

Moscow Prepares for Power Cuts as Arctic Freeze Worsens

Another Witness Testifies with Perjury into Assassination of Hariri

Bush expresses confidence Saddam will be tried

Iran says stopped Iraq vessels in Gulf dispute

Pelosi: 'Democrats Will Create the Most Open and Honest Government in Hist

Congressman made loan to bank president before getting $250k loan

1,000 troops launch Iraq operation ( Operation Wadi Aljundi )

Abramoff bills client for lunch date with Bush- So they met? TX Observer

Canada Election: Liberals Still Second to Tories

Sen. Levin hasn't decided on Alito; says Bush wiretaps were wrong

Blackmailers Behind Attack On Million-Dollar Site

U.S. confirms holding 8 women prisoners in Iraq

Tribal Council Rejects Sen. Burns' Money (Donation of Abramoff-Linked $)

Rolls Growing (3.6 million seniors) for Drug Plan as Problems Continue

E&P: White House Briefing: Reporters Zero in On Rove's Abramoff Connection

US Army says it's not 'broken' by Iraq war strains

Weapons at Veterans' Expense?

Rights Group Says Abuse Was U.S. Strategy

Army sets steep recruiting goals (mo' money)

McEwen challenges Jean Schmidt to primary rematch ("to return dignity")

Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming

Bush Meets Hussein Victims; Vows U.S. Will Finish Job in Iraq

Disputed Study (Justice Depart): Rape Rare in Prisons ($939,233/2 yr)

Supreme Court Dodges Big Abortion Ruling

UCLA Alumni Group Is Tracking 'Radical' Faculty ($100 per complaint filed)

BBC: Female detainees set free in Iraq

Blackwell tells religious leaders to ignore complaints

Rice Rejects Renewal of Talks With Iran

First Lady Joins Critics of Clinton's 'Plantation' Quip

Senate candidate unapologetic for saying GOP hijacked by fanatics

LAT: Curbs on Dust in West Targeted: EPA to drop rural clean-air rules

Conn. plant closing means end of 'gun that won the West'

43% of first-time home buyers put no money down

More than 3,200 still listed as missing after Katrina

Shocking War Admission From Colin Powell

ABC: U.S. Strike Killed Al Qaeda Bomb Maker (also trained 'Shoe Bomber'..)

Former Burns(R-Mont.) aide confirms Super Bowl trip is under investigation

Lobbyist Hired By (State of) Texas Linked To Abramoff

I wonder if Colbert stays in character in between takes... ?

Cluckity Cluck Cluck

When do you usually do your taxes?

Famous People that are embarassed that you have a crush on them

Pics of baby carrots I raised

The pope did that Hitler Youth Dance for us

Ya know, straight vermouth ain't that bad.

Suckity Suck Suck

Virus Threat De Jour

A Tom at school called me "Hindenberg."

Was Ramona Bell Murdered?

Towns rule! Cities, villages, and boroughs SUCK.

Delete- copycat's already been done.

What about Rebecca St. James?

A mom at school called me "Titanic"

Loun Ji Do - the Way of the Lounge

Jesus Will Survive!!!

Man's best friend(s)

The Kerouac poll

I've got a stiff

Translators needed !!

Why does the Lounge look a bit like GD this evening?

Do any Pittsburgh restaurants or bars serve a "Ben Roethlis-burger"?

The President is a taint.


Potato chips

Are there rules about posting incoherently?

Good night.

George 'Beam' Bush

I thought I was the only one left in the world that uses the word 'neato'

If Hollywood were to make a Green Hornet Movie...

How egotistical is Steve Martin?

Night y'all!

Dick "Stud" Cheney.

Road Trip: Day 6

insomniacs check in

I have been crying since 12:30 am

Parents : when do you let your children have their own wives ?

Which of these Cinematic Heroines is the bigger badass?

There is a veritable monsoon going on outside.

Enough with the Viruses in my house already!

Someone please place SeattleGirl on a bed

Chocolate City

Chocolate Town

Someone please take SeattleGirl to bed

Poker game in GD

Deep thought of the day

Couples Who Have TV In The Bedroom Only Having Half The Sex

I want to change my username to "name removed"

I just learned a new word

I am a Moon Pie magnet

Are rules there about postage incoherent?

Can someone explain this web site to me.Seems a little scary.

DU groupies: Name some bands you've been with.

Saw a post below with Scarlett Johanson in it...

Local communist SLAMS me in the doorjamb!!!!!

help me out and click on this link

Wednesday earworm.

My kid just asked me where the vacuum cleaner was!!!!!!

If you were an entrepreneur attending a convention, what topics would

I had a pervert teacher in junior high. Anyone else?

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

I'm making lasagne while drunk, and it's all Helen Forradalom's fault!

The Col got it right...

whoever you are


"The President is a saint."

Michigan Beer Pong Champions Crowned (World Series Of Beer Pong)

Henry Payne! Whore is thy name!

Give Jerry Springer an A++ for his response to that last caller.

I am going to start calling ZeeDub - Mr Woof...

Rocket launch of Pluto Spacecraft cancelled again.

Quick Question for Anyone Who Uses Microsoft Streets & Trips

Beware the Beast Man.

pictures of South France (pic heavy)

were you ever naughty in your youth?

Let's review the supposedly bipartisan corruption in Washington.

Four (4) posts 'till 6000!

Beware the Beast Man.

Rare photo of Coleman & Eleanor kissing.

Wow, check this thread out! (Not the Brazilian joke, I promise.)

Things you shouldn't do in the morning

anyone know how to send an animated gif in Mozilla Thunderbird email?

Commie Pinko Dirtbag

sundog- because the validation-hungry drama-mongers need a thread, too.

Federline hangs up during hip-hop Web interview ("I don't like K-Fed")

Do you like looking at cars that are stuck?

I'm taking an hour lunch, these people are working my nerves

I'm taking an hour lunch, these people are working my nerves



Any Exchange Server 2003 gods here?

Limewire or bearshare? Or another good file sharing site that has perhaps

I am hereby changing the Window of Contempt to The Window of Apathy

What the hell is that outside?

The Window of Joy is from this moment on The Linux of Joy


The Window of Joy is from this moment on The Window of Meredith

Help! I'm stuck at home!

Look closely at this picture of the Supreme Court.

Most bizarre "spam" I've ever received:

Canuck Amok: dangerous psychopath or average Canadian?

I have a dream.

Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for Charity

Do you rent or own?

Get Your War On page 52 is up!!

Weather is here, wish you were beautiful....

How should a president who repeatedly breaks the law be punished?

Someone please put SeattleGirl into bed

I am writing a book about last year called "Now What Else Can Happen"

Inmate Loses Weight - Escapes From Jail

I had cereal for breakfast

Woman Sneaks In, Poses Naked On Car At Auto Show

Okay, ignore me then

The wind's blowing about 50 knots out there, but I'm ready.

Any of you guys fans of the show "The Office", BBC or NBC versions?

I'm thinking of dyeing jpgray.


Oh by the way..............HOOK 'EM!!!!!

Oh by the way.............BOOK ' EM!!!!!

Has Bob Dylan's Asshole Syndrome ever spent a night in prison?

I feel better.

I'm thinking of dying my hair gray

Heads Up! C-SPAN now! Democrats for Honest Leadership Open Government

David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury?

I leave you with this thought...

What punishments did you endure at grade school?

Murder parent, a coffeshop in Amsterdam, check

Is anyone else having problems with gmail?

a whole 5 more hours of work to go!!!

Two word movie review of 'A Mighty Wind.'

Tonight's fine reading: The Da Vinci Cod by Don Brine

Parents : when do you let your children have their own lives ?

Check out this link!!!!

It is so icky outside


it was just my imagination

SATAN is coming to K-State


Brothers shoot mystery science theater in east Minnesota.

Ok. Which one of you gave DS1 the red button?

Leif Garrett arrested in LA

The Ant, by Ogden Nash (best American poet ever)

Oh yeah!!! I'm gonna be rich

Battle of the Iron Maiden tracks

I love it when the Ritalin kicks in!


I just made a big batch of black-eyed peas from scratch!


Battle of the Dokken tracks

Trent Lott gives me gas.

COUNTER THREAD: Who here HAS served a day or more in jail

I ate the sandwich

Weird 2-second dream while sitting in traffic. Yes, I was asleep.

Snake Plisskin Vs. Nick Fury Vs. Mad Max

The Window of Joy is from this moment on The Window of Contempt

This explains everything. Bob Dylan has Asshole's Syndrome

Satan is coming to K-Fed

Photo shop Abramoff make-over request

FOUND: A picture of DS1's family!!!

Car Chases

I fell out of bed last night...

BIG Thanks To Call Me Wesley! Now have new avatar working!

Look what I woke up to this morning!!

Favorite "next Beatles"

Help! My adult birds are plucking the babies feathers & making them bleed

This Window is Permanently Joyful.

Question re Navy life insurance policies...

What's the best movie you ever saw, but still hated?

Is it weird that I find sports bars more comfortable than underwater bars?

Is it weird that I find sports bars more comfortable than underwire bras?

Don't clean your Windows with Joy.

I am hereby changing The Window of Apathy to the Window of Rolling Eyes

You know what else is weird? (Perspective of an old member)

I'm only posting for MILESTONES these days.

Sad Pet Story

So, that whole Ted Kennedy love child story this morn. was bogus?

Thanks to Midlothdem for her per thread header

A word that articulates the rage of the old - Dagnabbit.

What past/present singer would've never made it on American Idol?

Lounge Ladies, help me out here

Hey why is there so much traffic that our sig lines are turned off?

Say cheese!

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The Day

Mods...Matcom is touching me!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/18/06)

So should I shell out the cash for the super nice stainless steel cookware

eBay: Mike Vanderjagt's Head on a Silver Platter

Could you please stop

Why George Bush keeps going to church.

How do you make those neato boxes around text in a post?

"I'll never do it...because I'm Paris Hilton"

Why does the stuffing in infidels taste so bad?

Just finished fascinating book re: Bushies and mind control

Bush Presidential Library Destroyed By Flood

Games we'd never see U play:

This fits my mood exactly.

Taking Things Too Seriously

Fake finger in chili? 9 YEARS in jail

What would be an appropriate punishment for the BFEE?

Brokeback Mountain (No Spoilers)

Self Delete

I need help identifying a poodle under my car

Aaaah! My eyebrows!

Sad Pet Story

How do you wake up in the morning?

do you want a REAL window of joy???

Payton Manning, Gloating, schadenfreude, day 4

Check out this funny "Breakback Mountain poster parody

evening earworm

There's a "new" joke in GD ........

So who wants to come over and eat a whole lot of orange jello off of my

Old Hollywood Squares

The Urinal Is Too High

I read my first Kurt Vonnegut novel over my break

Haha...Is there any place right wing trolls won't go?

I just alerted on my first post!

Have any of you gotten into that "Benjamin Stove" thingy AD" on DU?

Have you ever been fired and/or laid?

Ack! Why does the stuff in inhalers have to taste so foul?

There's a finger in my chile, and traitors in my White House

knock knock

PHOTO: Ouch.

*Third* power failure today

The "Window of Joy" stuff is stupid. Why do people keep posting that

got my 1000th post

For ohiosmith:

Is "um" a preposition or an exclamation?

What part of speech is "meh"?

Dumb computing related question.

ACK! Please help identify a poodle under my car

to all you people who tried to destroy the window of joy:

I busted the power co. by deliberately mispelling my name

Movie Trivia: "Remember the Holocaust? Picture the EXACT OPPOSITE."

is 50 too old

Drinkin a Screwdriver at 2:41 pm...weeeeee!

Which is more sublime: Kind of Blue or Love Supreme

Need some help replying to a freeper

William Shatner sells kidney stone for 25,000 dollars....

I just offered to volunteer for Senator Boxer...ask me anything!

You know whats weird? (Perspective of a newer member)

Oh, thank GOD 'hide thread' has returned.

What's your favorite fruit?


What's your least favorite genre of Window of Joy thread?

I never got detention, but I did get fried on a Heidelberg once.

What should I make for dinner?

Need "How To" help! Upload personal avatar??? Instructions, Please!

Happy Birthday John Boorman! He's 73 today!

Feline stubborn bitch!

I wonder what Bartcop will say about Jon Stewart bashing Hillary yesterday

Which Six Feet Under Character do you most identify with?

Calling ZombyWoof: I need some 998 Oaks Blend

An really old rap song--Big Bad John

I've decided to be less easygoing, and be more intense about trivialities. ... God Bless America.

How Smart is Your Right Foot?

May I plant an earworm in your sweet li'l head?

And from the "Just Going Along Minding Your Own Business" Department:

What does the show, "American Idol" Say About Us A Society?

so what does everyone think of Call Me Wesley's new avatar?

I don't belong to a clique here in the lounge....


What part of speech is "merh"?

*Awwwwww *Hamster, Snake Best Friends at Tokyo Zoo

Hampster & Snake Are Best Friends

LynneSin INSISTS I post this kitten picture

The Un-Clique: What should be allowed?

Is it weird that I find sports bras more comfortable than underwire bras?

Steve Miller Band fans check in!!!

Do you pine for your knotty youth?


Have you ever been fired and/or laid off from a job?

I just bought 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Yes, it's THAT time again.

ACK! Please help identify a puddle under my car

What are you listening to right now?

On Stargate SG-1, why in the world did they name the bad guys

Ever have nightmares that you're back with an ex spouse or bf/gf?

So, read any good books lately?

I saw "Love Actually" last night

What is the worst movie you ever saw, but still liked? n/t

Same city name, different state.

Best Character Development in a Song?

Who here never served a day in prison

Still no RevCheesehead?

Again Nascar is ripped here...

Alright. I give up. Where is Shell Beau?

Another sighting of His Noodliness

Here's the Window of Joy: post outdoor photos you've taken from inside

DC / Baltimore area classical music lovers...

WTF is a Window of Joy?

Can you listen to my story and tell me if I am messed up or selfish?

Brothers Shoot Mystery Animal in East Texas

Rare Woodpecker Search Sheds Light on Bigfoot

Is the Pope right about love and lust?

I found this in Ecclesiastes 6

Is the Kingpriest from DragonLance representive of the religious right?

Scientology is the most whacked out bullshit I've ever heard.

States Fear FDA Rule Would Risk Liability

Viagra Tag Could Be Bitter Pill

Scientists discover most fertile Irish male

Rare Woodpecker Search Sheds Light on Bigfoot

National Science Foundation to CLOSE Major Observatories?

Chinese Find Underwater 'Lost City' in Lake/Mayan pyramid-like buildings

Disney and Lockeed Martin to release IMAX film, "Roving Mars" Jan 27, 2006

Study: Men Enjoy Seeing Bad People Suffer

Emotional Hearing On Washington Gay Rights Bill

Kentucky voters Legislation alert

Australia Gov't Defends Attempts To Block Foreign Gay Marriages

Canada Election: Polls Suggest Conservative Surge Stalled

Keyes Group Calls For NBC Boycott Over Gay-Positive Show

RED ALERT! Homosexuals set to infiltrate White House Easter egg roll!

Senate's Newest Member Gets Praise From Gay Groups

Gay Cabinet Minister May Mover Up Wedding If Tories Win Can. Election

FRC going after Dept of Health & Human Svcs website

Friendster group for "people who will kick gay guys asses"

Europe Passes Resolution Denouncing Homophobia

Wrong-call ref has House Vandalized

friesianrider has blocked PMs, so I will apologize in public

Don't blame Peyton and let Brady off the hook.

Cowher says Porter's Remarks "Ridiculous".

A-Rod's Flip Flopping

Jerry Bailey to Retire Jan. 28; Will Join ABC/ESPN

Palffy is going to retire

eBay: Mike Vanderjagt's Head on a Silver Platter

our VET is gone....

I'm so cuuute

Al Gore

on the subject of Dem bashing

Lying weasels

Can we have a negative recommendation on DU as well as a positive one

This is the problem with the DNC .From a DU GD Post.

John Kerry Begins Two Day Assessment of Iraq

Marc Maron on Conan tonight.

Who needs a camera?

Which pic should I submit?

while im still deciding, these are some macro shots im NOT using(14 shots)


Some vacation pictures - mega huge thread

Another Keith thread makes the "Greatest" page :)

Countdown Newsletter -- 01/18/06: Clean-up Loophole

Hey FoxNews..Another Missing Child......Beethoven Star

Why Doesn’t Presidential Dismantling of the Constitution Warrant the Same

Something To Think About!!

Let us start easily....

Couldn't Fitz look into the NSA spying scandal?

Assisted suicide editorial cartoon

Anyone watching this anti-gay biggot express her hatred on larry king

I feel alone.

Republican Filibuster of Abe Fortas was successful, wasn't it?

Help! DU thread on NSA program's start during Bush transition?

When will middle America boot this regime?

West makes fuss about Iran, ignores Israel: Egypt

Houston, we have a problem

Help identify this quote: "Is there anything for the good of the order?"

Dr. Stanley Biber has passed on

Many ages ago, a Hitchens column like this might have been worth reading

Shocking War Admission From Colin Powell:

New Talking Point (for us) You don't deserve my respect...

Why on the face of this planet...

Surface-to-Air Missile Downed U.S. Chopper in Iraq

on Scarborough --pushing a 'radical agenda' on us with Globe awards.

Gore speech not covered at all? Even DEMS ignoring it?

Iraqi border policemen seized by Iranians (Right near the Gulf Of Tonkin)

This song isn't anti American it's Anti WAR!!

Shapten on Tweety right on. doing good.

Letter from Louise Slaughter - Pelosi/Reid on TV..... Today

No Shirley pic on BartCop tonight.

bubblemonkey can't hide & ignore us forever, we're breathing down his neck

more & more every day republicans are turning away from bush

Chris Matthews, you ARE a plantation owner!

GMA Top Story: Lobbying on the Hill and IN the White House....!

"He's gone off the deep end" - But for different reasons

Ray just layed it out - battle of armegeddon coming

Pat Robertson's age-defying pancakes!

Establishing standing in ACLU FISAgate suit

White House WON'T release details of Abramhoff visits--I wonder why?

What is Bush trying to hide regarding global warming?

GOP scamming on lobbying reforms "That's a big hole" (WaPo)

Raw Story: American Says He Wrote for Mag That "Found" Niger Documents

On a scale of one to 10: .com media political leanings...

Say... what's going on with Ro*vegate?

WTF? New Bill in Colorado would making Running Away from Home Illegal

Spying on Ordinary Americans "outrageous and pointless intrusion" (NYT)

Kate O'Beirne - Women Who Make the World Worse

Let's Expose Diebold's Potemkin Offices! By Bob Fertik

Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq

msnbc playing clips of Scoot and David Gregory (abramoff)

why do all republican women sound like they're on quaaludes?

Bill O'Reilly will be in my town on Friday. What should my sign

Trent Lott's Day In The Sun

One Big Step toward Belling the Cat

what if someone called me from overseas claiming to be al qaeda?

Our gas bill increase... 60%

Louise Slaughter, Obama and Reid on C-SPAN..2:00 ET and Louise on PBS

Thejournalists who have trashed political discourse are now the PC Police?

6 "foreign fighters" arrested in France

Help Protect Shoshone Lands

"Torture 'Victory' Song : Theme of Chinese Govt U.S. Show

The "Made Men" of the AbraMafia.

Dow down sharply at open.

MLK also used the "plantation" analogy. Will the GOP/media bash him?

Robert Scheer: Meanwhile Back in Afghanistan

Sometimes it is so damn evident….

AT&T coupons are from Carlyle Group company, will share personal info

The west has picked a fight with Iran that it cannot win (Guardian)

AP sics the truth on Scotty's "truthiness" re. Gore.

Ron Kovic: The Forgotten Wounded of Iraq

Wasn't today the day ?

Looking for Quotes from Elected Dems Praising Gore's Speech

GOP has a plan to restrain lobbying

Indigenous people, and how about I don't care to play...

Latest State Polls: Wow, look at Missouri - Blunt Backlash???

Tweety To "Investigate" The Swiftboating Of Murtha

Somethings happening here and what it is ain't exactly fear

Bush Crosses the Rubicon

Here's a radical thought - why not try a peaceful approach to Iran?

First, Do More Harm/ by Paul Krugman

New York Times flew blind on spy book

Who determines who has links to Al Qaeda?

Be careful what you wish for

So the White House won't say how they let criminals attend meetings there

If Hillary is our candidate in '08, we MUST support her

Khalilzad carving up Iraq

New York Times flew blind on spy book-Did NOT See Book Until Published

Carville is on Hannity's radio show today...I know I know

Possible Bird Flu Death in Iraq

the peopLe's cube

"I''m over that, now." My 12 years olds response to terra,terra,terra.

I've got more important things to worry about than terrorism.

The Senate is back in session today! C-SPAN 2

Funny how all these gophers are promising reform now, isn't it?

A Conference Call With Reid & Dinner with a Republican (Steve Clemmons)

Bush turns coward against the Brady Bunch of Evil...(Jon Stewart)

Has bush kept his promise to 'restore honor & dignity' to the white house?

Purple Heartbreakers

Is involuntary bussing still legal?

Helmut Head Lott to run again and push for a position of power

Blatant Shilling of Advertising as News- Bayer Aspirin

Just got this from Louise Slaughter

Coming soon to a theater near you...Brokeback White House


Today's global warming snapshot: Reefs collapsing off Baja California

Hannity spoke of Mrs. Alito as a DU Conservative Idiot

Anyone watching Linda Bilmes on CSPAN?

E&P: Want to e-Mail a 'New York Times' Columnist? Subscribe to TimesSelect

Looks like they fooled everybody on CJ Roberts: NYT pg. 1 photo

Rove Still in the Woods? Congress in Deep Doo-Doo? David Corn

I, for one, love listening to RW radio sometimes

Stars & Stripes letter: Holding (GOP) officials accountable

If bush has done nothing wrong, then he shouldn't fear a special counsel

Democrats meet about Alito within hours. Call now!

Great * /Dickey/Rumey joke

This explains everything. Bob Dylan has Asperger's Syndrome

If we want them, we know who your children are & we know where they are.

If Alito is confirmed. . . . warrent-less wiretaps will be legal!!

Harry Reid will announce his Alito vote tomorrow at 11am EST

Convicted lobbyist had meetings at White House (USA Today)

General Vines Leaves Iraq With "A Silver Palm Tree" Gift.

Clinton can apply for his legal license back tomorrow

Democrats meet about Alito within hours. Call now!

If they think impeaching Clinton for lying over a friggin BJ was okay...

I seen on msnbc that about 5 country's have pulled out of talks

C-SPAN:Condiliar Live Speech at Georgetown U.

Which of these is the *least* threatening to America?

When's the Scotty BBQ? As strongly-worded as the WH response to Gore was..

UCLA Alumni Group Is Tracking 'Radical' Faculty

Barf alert--James Woolsey on The Daily Show tonight

Even Nixon and Regan tried negotiating with our "enemies"

Jean Schmidt finds an upside- I'm FAMOUS, damn it!

Imus and David Brooks, now theirs a pair. Brooks attempting his best

Oh boy, oh boy! I get to use Pat Robertson Theology.

Bush To Criminalize Protesters Under Patriot Act

Police: Mom Told Kids To 'Stay In Bed' As House Burned

A "My Cousin Vinny Moment"!

I've been thinking about the Florida homeless beatings...

Why the Senate non-Democrat "Democrats" won't block Alito

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund & Imus promoting

Abuse ‘deliberate, central’ to U.S. strategy, Human Rights Watch claims

RSS Reader recommendations

The 2 reasons why I'd love to see Al Gore be our president again

Heres a good'en

Remember that Al Gore supported Howard Dean last time....

Call Reid's office RIGHT NOW to urge Alito fillibuster. 877.851.6437

our dear friends of the north appealed for our help last night

MSNBC commercial: Who's BEHIND the swiftboating of Murtha,

Gas prices

Ted Kennedy's Secret Love Child????

Ahh, tis as I predicted...

Just renewed my ACLU membership

Give right winger mental charlie horse: ask "Who was worst president?"

Dear Republicans : Why do you hate our Veterans?

Are we going to get Gore in 2008?

This Judge Pickering on CSPAN WJ now is the one that

CBS >> Murtha: Worth His Medals? (Swift boating of Murtha)

Wash. lawmaker outlines party's rationale against gay rights:"It's a sin."

Does anybody greet Howard Dean with a Dean Scream?

Poor judge Pickering, he's such a victim of the left wing special interest

Ex-Army, called up for Iraq, trying to get a hardship discharge...

Fmr Army Interrogator: "90 percent of the my opinion innocent"

I just called Durbin and Obama's offices. Here's their phone numbers

John Sweeney on C-Span 2 Now

Did we find out if Dean's speech will be televised anywhere?

Pentagon Admits Russian SA-7 Missile Took out Helicopter in Iraq

When it comes to scandals and corruption, Repubs make Dems look like...

"If President Bush broke the law, should he be impeached?"

Personally, I'm glad the ACLU is 'trying to remove' God and religion

MoveOn Media action: Stop CNN from becoming FOX.

Any wind turbine experts kicking around in here?

Two toll free #'s 1-888-355-3588 and 1-800-426-8073 Call now!!

Democratic Leaders Write President Bush about Abramoff.

Nuclear option?

What Happens When You Ask NSA for files on Yourself

Does anyone have that Bush pic from a while back, at Habitat for Humanity

Arlen Specter says "Impeach", and people complain

SANTORUM now glomming onto McCain as he heads towards defeat

Remember to TUNE IN to C-SPAN at 2PM EST TODAY!!

Survey: What do you think about the alumni group's plan to target profs?

What is the definition of freedom?

NJ Senators need phone calls ASAP

Cardio patients admitted to hospital thanks to Medicare D fiasco

The Medicare screwups and resulting crisis for seniors - by design?

Sooo...You say you have "nothing to hide". Freepers please read!

Maureen Dowd needs to look in the mirror

Bush Intelligence Assessment Called Niger Claim “Unlikely”

Dean Invites Every American To Join Democrats In Calling for Ethics Reform

My fax to Senator Bill Nelson's office:Alito

The S word

Oh wait the international community matters this week

Why didn't "The Keating Five" Scandal hurt McCain?

Tom DeLay Denies All Charges (As Told by Dr. Suess)

Which congressmen/Senator most likely Abramoff indictees?

You Know They All Have Offshore Accounts

Resuscitate a Death Penalty Inmate?

The United States of America can NEVER be Truly Threatened

Different Kind of Scandal "searing political impact" (Sorry- Dick Morris)

"Tribal Council Rejects Sen. Burns' Money"

C-SPAN: Democrats press conference on Lobbying and Ethics Reform - Live

Anybody watching the democrats on CSPAN?

Harry Reid on cspan

US Supreme Court abortion ruling could be O'Connor's last

how do we propose preventing Iran from developing a bomb?

Caption this Pickles & Condi pic...

"I reject your reality and I substitute my own." Snot McClellen & BushCo.

Stop Alito with the Gang of 14!

Watch C-SPAN and PBS tomorrow (1/18)

Called Senator Nelson's office and expressed my disappoinment

They can't maintain the lie anymore.

Why do we keep insisting that the Rethugs are fooling the American People?

So Gonzalez's accusation that Clinton "spyed" too could be . . . .

Reid-Pelosi-Obama now on C-Span

Snotty Show on NOW!

The White House only attacks those on the Left who are a genuine threat.

The Real Democratic Leaders....

I wrote this on DU in Aug.(spying) Someone has been going through my mail.


Which documentaries should I rent?

All we really need is single-issue legislation

Watching C-Span right now makes me very proud to be a Dem...

Does anybody know anything about

BREAKING:Utah Congressman Cannon Involved In BRIBE with Bank President?

I don't know about anybody else but I have enjoyed this day

Let's keep DUing this poll!

Barak Obama will be on Ed Schultz show today.

Do you agree or disagree with Hillary's "Plantation" remark?

what a week and its only Wednesday!!!!

Letter to Congress concerning new Voting Bills

B*sh mispronounced "Abramoff" yesterday? Sound clip, anyone?

Did you hear what Judge Pickering said on C-SPAN this morning?

Stupid Blow'Rielly on Vermont boycott - what a dope.

Has the Iraqi's tortured any of the captives so far

RED ALERT! Homosexuals to infiltrate White House Easter egg roll

Nice toons in local paper today

Hey Republicans, in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt

a Happy New Year video from JibJab

DN!: Eugene McCarthy (1916 - 2005): The Legacy

We get a leg up on the GOP and they send in the clowns...

Seymour Johnson Air Crews Deploy To "Southwest Asia"

O'Lielly on MLK Day: I'm the poster boy for economic opportunity.

Abramoff Scandal : For Dummies ! (New!)

The Abramoff stonewall can't end in a good way for the White House

Baucus to vote "NO" on Alito

My pro-union Letter makes it into print

Just a reminder, next month the dems caucus for Governor's races

DoJ Inspector General Investigating Bush Stopping of Abramoff Case in 2002

Rep. Slaughter to be on C-Span's Washington Journal

NYTimes Editors: Spying on Ordinary Americans

Abramoff Scandal Could Cast Pall On Tech Lobby

Scary stuff: "Radical" UCLA professors targeted by alumni group

Okay, let's see what we've got here.

got my 1000th post

Dewine and Voinovich to OPPOSE Alito - Breaking Story

WTF? From the Toronto Star, about recent State killing in CA

By what means would the U.S. be able to have Al-Zawahiri's DNA

Falwell plugs a film. I wonder if it's propaganda?

The Pimping of the Presidency - Al Gore was right.

Bush met with, and praised, corrupt lobbyist

Interior's mgmt of tribal monies under Gale Norton--Question

Is The Country on the Verge of Realizing Hamilton’s Dream?

LOL, Castro says Bush afraid of.........Baseball!!!

Dominos anyone? 1/18/06 New toon

Bush Presidential Library Destroyed By Flood

RNC: "Change requires sincerity and cooperation,not disingenuous finger.."

Erynis International

Do we really NEED a white house spokesman? I want to hear from bush

Beijing's New Enforcer: Microsoft

All of this fuss over Hillary Clinton reveals the Reps' vulnerability on

What's this about Ted Kennedy being a member of the same..

HONESTY [Photos]

Snitchens having buyer's remorse

I found this in Ecclesiastes 6

Executive Unitary Branch must be worried about the plantation.

Abramoff talks about "meeting request" w/ Rove

Anybody have an e mail for NBC's David Gregory?

WH Starting PR PUSH Regarding MEDICARE FIASCO (No Fix, Just PR)!!!!

What mental illnesses are the Republicans suffering from?

Searching for Audio or Video of Al Gore's Speech to Media Center 10/05/05

Does anyone have any information on responsible consumerism?

Thank You Mr. Bush

The nasty violence inherent in children

Want a good laugh - Read below

Bill Clinton is eligible to get his law license back

BBC reports that Iraqi female detainees to be released

What if Scotty swore on a bible to tell "The truth, the whole truth..."

It Would Take 25-Ten Ton Tractors To Move The YellowCake From Niger

"The last thing Justice O'Connor wanted was a long goodbye."

It is time for the Mainstream Media to come to an end.

SF Boy Who Raised $$$ to Help Columbine Teen Failed by Society (sad)

Did the Enron Trial Start Yesterday?

Ha, guess the name of the Chesapeake Bay

I just got off the phone from calling

Don't lose sight of the goal

Schumer Calls on IRS To Refund 'Illegally Gotten' 3% Cell Phone Tax

It's almost too much to comprehend Police provide security at vet funeral

Al Gore, Movie Star

Rumors Resurface -- Rumsfeld, McClellan, and Card to Ditch Bush

Why Aren't We Hearing Anything From Fitz?

Harry Reid on PBS News Hour tonight

I've been noticing how repubs are changing their tunes...

Bush's nickname for close friend and Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

CNN Poll-Lou Dobbs -Is congress acting for you or influenced by lobbyists?

New repug lobbyist rules to allow ball caps. Hmmmmmm?

Does anybody know the cable newshow ratings?

Meet the captain of the new GOP Vice Squad

Put Crawford on your calendars boys and girls

The "I word" Draws Applause: Surprise in Coronado

LOL: Freepers taking homophobia "test"

"Plantation" was a start. How about "brothel" next?

Wise words from Thomas Jefferson- Mrs. Edwards posted this quote last year

ReepReform: Lobbyists can only give gifts When ACCOMPANIED by CASH! LOL

Randi: Abromoff visited Crawford FOUR TIMES!!!!

Okay, the culture of corruption is out there and people are talking

Iraq: "social breakdown" evident, USAid says

Ha ha ha! Barbara Boxer mistaken for Martha Alito

Randi Rhodes has been cookin' this week. Yesterday she

If they were really going to filibuster

Shouldn't Secret Service have records of Abramoff visiting Bush whether

Maybe Gore wants to be prodded into running again?

Will some clever designer please start connecting Bush to Stalin


Sen. Levin: Bush must prevent Iraq civil war (column today)

Where's the Quaker Oats Guy in all of this?

I don't give a flying fuck what Laura Bush says or what she likes

Bill Oreilly Contest

Well this work the next time I lobby for stem cell?

A Real "Brokeback Mountain"

"The tumultuous and tawdry travels of Neil Bush"

USA appointed Iraqi electoral commission says 99% of votes valid

Stupid question on Aldrich Ames

O'Reilly has snapped. . .nuts, I tell you. Debate Contest on the TV Factor

do you think that the bush crime gang's fixation on al Qaeda #2's

Chocolate City

Hillary insults the WH. WH calls her "out of line". Has she responded yet?

Food Gathering in Post-Industrial America

Robert del Tufo ... has..a..hard ..time..reading..a .. teleprompter

Restore! The Rule of Law by defending the Constitution


O'Connor's Last Ruling On Abortion Could Open Door To Tinkering

If you've seen it-see it again-if you haven't it's a must see...

How Many HitchHikers Can Gore Pick Up?

They say a bombmaker was killed in the US airstrikes on Pakistan. Proof?

Well Well....ABCNEWS reporting major terrorist killed

Ben Nelson exposes belly to Republican alpha dogs.

What Dems/Dem Reps are making speeches in the next two weeks?

Say Joe or Jane America is driving down the highway

I Wanna Be A Crackhead Author

And it's all over now, Baby Blue....

CNN should just change its name to FOX News 2

Sen Murray Has Responded to My Ah-Lie-Toe Letter

The latest Bush mega-catastrophe is now pharmaceuticals

Drug mess leaves pharmacists dazed (Dallas Morning News)

The Repuglicans make me sick to my stomach

I mad assed okie will support the dem canidate in '08 no matter

"Tell them about the discount, Harry!"

Memorable Quote by Al Sharpton

(TOON) Steve Bell's latest on The Shrub

"Sago mine owner accuses union of meddling in probe"

MSNBC POLL - Are you offended by Sen. Clinton's "plantation" comment?

CNN Signs Former GOP Rep. J.C. Watts!!!

Familiar with the Story of Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Tim Walz?

Anyone know what's going on with Italia Federici?

Bartlett to play bigger role in Bush message (photo)

Bush calls Saddam a 'butcherer'

Interest rates are up but my bank's rates look low

Gore Stands Up for the Constitution: New York Whore Times is A.W.O.L.

Veteran reporter says 3,000-4,000 Iraqis killed every month

How about a Gore/Edwards ticket in 2008?

Good advice: A Doctor Takes Vitamins

PHOTO: Laura Bush poses with HIV drugs

Real estate question: Rent or Own

U.S. Army raises maximum age for enlistment (up 5 years to 39)

FYI - Sen. Chafee is wavering on ALITO confirmation!!!!

Kos is a warrior plain and simple

Here it is! The Democrats' Honest Leadership & Open Government Act

Al Gore for President Draft Petition

Pickles re: Clinton's comment: "It think it's ridiculous...."

New Poll: Dems hold a 46-35 percent lead on Congressional election

Hardball Thread

I called the DNC and spoke with them

What will happen if Cheney has to step down for "health reasons"

Dear Mr. Bush..... (a letter and a purple finger)

Judge blocks 140 logging projects, says Bush broke the law

Is Any Organization Calling People Into the Streets to Demand Filibuster?

In what may be O'Connor's last ruling of career-SC-Dodges Big Abortion Rul

Why Johnny Refuses to Attend College...according to Phyllis Schlafly

HuffPost blogger says: "Boycott CNN" (great post)

Take the Pledge: Senators who Filibuster Alito get DU Volunteer Time & $$$

step 1: make w raise hand. step 2: ask him question. step 3: Impeach

FAIR condemns CNN for hiring Glenn Beck

A "Bush" map of Iran...

Problems with Medicare "Exploding in their (GOP) faces"

Crazy lady in Kansas takes on the vulgar 'Spencer's Gifts' stores!

Arlen Spector wrote the Kennedy single bullet theory?

Bush, you WILL cry.

Dennis Miller

cnn is saying the dems are taking a page out of the gingrich era

How many female prisoners do you suppose the USA is holding in Iraq?

NO REMORSE "It Is Never Our Fault" (MUST READ: from Boston Globe)

Riverbend has an interesting post today on Iraqi reconstruction after

Official Randi thread. Who's listening?

Carville and Begala's anti-corruption reform: Would it work?

I'm a Lunchbucket Republican

How Many DU Parents are out there PUSHING for Better Quality Entertainment

How was Tweety's big show exposing the RW machine behind the swiftliars?

What's with the Stock Market?

Stephanie Miller is on - tune in!

Brokeback Family Values.

Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming

Petition - End the Culture of Corruption

HOLY F*CK! Bush is bringing Bird Flu to the US (Suspected in Iraq)

You who've bashed Hillary for her plantation remark fell into another trap

Munich was an AMAZING movie **couple of small spoilers but nothing big**

The Daily Howler on Maureen Dowd's claim that Dems are "girlie men."

Lower 9th Ward Citizens Fight Demolition

interrogations by feds followed a coworker's comments on * (no kidding)

Next execution, Jan 19, (Tomorrow) Texas, Julius Murphy

When Freepers ATTACK!

Randi's RIGHT! LOOK...I Googled "Liberal Plantation" and lookie

My letter to Al Gore

lol..I think a DUer made the Kennedy/Laura Bush murderer statement.

This is what I'm talking about !!! (pic)

Letter from Christian Peacemaker Team in Iraq: the loss of just one life

Best reason for Republicans to be outraged over the attack on Murtha

I used to support the death penalty (rant)

RIP Doug Barber another casualty of this F***ed up war!

Mining for Kids: Children Can’t “Opt Out” of Pentagon Recruitment Database

CHB: Bush often met with, and praised, corrupt lobbyist (Abramoff)

in bush's america and jeb's florida ...

Nuclear Proliferation vs. 2nd Ammendment

An X-Rated Daily Show?

BBC; Israel says it will not allow Iran to have nukes

Marc Maron on Conan tonite...

Under the radar: OKC co-conspirator to be released from prison Friday

Salt Lake Tribune Applaudes Gore's Speech and calls for Special...

Gore + Kerry = united against Bush crimes. Let's add MORE Dems instead

"Illinois Family Institute" thanks General Mills for dropping "Daniel"

Fast Company: CEO Says NO to Wal-Mart

Abramoff has been at the CRAWFORD RANCH 4 TIMES!!!

"Fear factor" very interesting article on Bird Flu and Rummy involvement.

Got to speak to Howard Dean + Paul Hackett. Gave Gov Dean an election

TX Observer:May '01 Abramoff Charged 2 Clients $25,000 for Bush Lunch Date

The eight worst foods for you

Can you help reach 250,000 signers before Congress holds hearings on this

Am I the only one who wonders about the 401-k crisis ahead?

I call your Bird Flu and Raise you an "Illegal Alien"

Please - Say What You Think is the Greatest Threat in the World Now...

I just donated $100 to "Air America Radio."

Purple Heartbreakers-Former Reagan Navy Sec. Webb Slams Repubs

Here's a forum the Det.Free Press ran a while back (Delphi)

GOP Reform Plan has Holes

And to all the NSA folks who may be monitoring my calls or posts...

Al Gore's MLK day speech (streamed) for those who missed it.

Watch WED, cpan ethics talk by Dems and NEWS HOUR (L. Slaughter)

A parade of weasels (L. Paul Bremer)

Santorum’s Amnesia On Abramoff And K Street

Daily Kos: Duckworth and Cegalis both stellar. both can win the seat

WP: "Loophole in Lobbying Bill Leaves Wiggle Room" Will Dems close it?

Keith Olberman last night

Sequoia Bites the Dust in Washington State: Terminated by Visible Voting +

From Louise Slaughter, RE: CSPAN and events today:

A Proposal for effective action to stop Alito

Stupid Freepers are surprised that the MSM are on their side.

Why No More Attention to Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Problems

Any word on Russel Tice or any other NSA officials

Al Gore for President Draft Petition

Anonymous Campaign Finance

Alito - Friday the 13th Revisited

Imus: "Chris Matthews...he'd make a great senator, wouldn't he?"

A Time to Break Silence

Huff Post: "Al Gore, Movie Star."(links to a great article on the new doc)

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/18/06: Stop Being Wimps

Anyone else try to call Kohl/Feingold today about Alito?

The loophole in the repuke lobby reform proposal:

Metaphors Hillary could have used instead of "Plantation" - although...

Did I Miss Something - Is Fitz Still Around With A Grand Jury....

Can Karen Hughes Spin the CIA Attack in Pakistan?

Right Wing Big Hitters Organize Against Bush Spy Program

Gingrich used the word 'plantation' to describe Congress ...

Steve Chabot (R-OH) weighs in on warrantless wiretaps

Re: Giving the Abramoff related money 'back to charities'

religiously insane Judge Charles still pissed Pickering whined

Is lobbying necessary when a government is fascist?

The ABC’s of the GOP

Jim Webb (former Reagan SecNav) gets it exactly right.

Niger docs doubted long before SOTU-

Foxes Announce Plan To "Clean Up" Chicken Coop

Serendipity: Let us remember the word. With so much control over lives

Oldtimers-¿When has the incumbent party ever run on "reform"?

Dems to announce details of their lobby reform plan on C-Span, 2PM today!

THE AFGHAN EXIT STRATEGY Uncle Sam: I want you to do it

Filibuster Alito: Call Harry, Chuck, Diane, and all your Sens: 18004268073

NSA, not the Times, greatly harms our constitutional privacy

Proposal: The Goebby Awards for Corpo-Fascist-Neocon Newsaganda

Roll Call: Hastert Warns Ethics Panel May Haul in Democrats

Please provide your opinion: folks?

Dem Leaders NOW on C-Span discussing their lobby reform plan!

Army hopes higher bonuses will attract recruits (up to $90K for re-enlist)

I'm poised for a swift boat attack

Any chance that more Dems will start acting like Hackett?

Sen Lott:“I considered Frist’s power grab a personal betrayal,”

Sen. Obama and Mrs. Bush on Sen. Clinton's and Mayor Nagin's comments

The Pimping of the Presidency in the Tx Observer today!

The Speech of our Lifetimes

Do you get the feeling the dam is about to break ?

Obama and Liebermann on Ed Schultz today. Call in for Filibuster!

Condi wants students and you for delegates to spread democracy..

Email from Nancy Pelosi & DCCC....with link to petition

Can smart people esplain me this about Alberto Abu Ghraib Gonzales

Forget The Plantation Remark, Ck This Out!

"We throw the gauntlet down today!" Rep. Slaughter

Gonzales Provides Fact-Challenged Defense Of Domestic Spying To CNN

Kerry Vs. Gore: Who would you want in 2008 if these are your choices

Baucus will not support Alito

NewsweeK: Fog of Secrecy (what I expected, questions Gore's motives)

* was cruel even as a child

Congressman DeLay Could Lose To Lampson in Texas

Call/ email/ fax local offices too!! ALITO IS POISON

We will get "the ethics thing" instead of a Filibuster.

(DNC Release) Ohio: Exhibit A in the Republican Culture of Corruption

Dean Kicks Off National Rollout of Democratic Honest Leadership Agenda

Should Big Dog help w/ Iran and save Junior's ass

Greg Parke proudly running on "The Swiftboat Platform"

Just a reminder... fight like you have never fought before. Stop Alito...


Have you contacted your Senators about Alito yet??

The thinking is that Egypt can be drawn into a confrontation with Iran

Joe Liebermann just said he's leaving open the possibilty of a

I just called every dem or idependent senator about Alito

Casey to Frist about Santorum appt. to craft ethics and lobbying reform

Statement by Former Vice President Al Gore

And what have the Republicans done to YOUR state?

Condi slapdown of the century.......

HARRY REID: "Stopping Republican Organized Crime"

List of those opposing and supporting Alito

The Neocons unwinnable battle

Every time I call my Senators I get the same message!....

What the Constitution Really Says

Scott McClellan: "Karl would describe it as more of a casual relationship"

preparations for "global strike,"preemptive attack developed by Bush admin

BREAKING: Joe Lieberman "open to Filibuster."

I've been trying to compose good bumper stickers

Anyone watch Jon Stewart last night?

Shutting down the Senate and Senate Intelligence Committee

K-Street project K-Street project K-Street project (the new PNAC)

Transcript of Gore's 1/16/06 speech at the DAR Constitution Hall

Breaking: Montana Sen. Baucas to vote NO on Alito nomination!

Calling all Veterans. Time to step up to the line.

NPR: Judging Alito: The Gang of 14 Factor (possible anti-Alito votes)

The secret's out: Bush is overtaken by events—and overwhelmed

Alex, I'll take Bushisms for $400 - the Wednesday cartoon is UP

Report from 2004 on Bush's pioneer network (profiles all of them)

"We shouldn't LOSE our souls to WIN the war on terror!" should be mantra

I can feel it in this forum...

A dangerous question to ask

Only picture of *, Delay and Abramoff - problem is CAN'T see


"Keeping us safe", Guns and Wiretaps

It's go time.. Let's use a common puke tactic to turn the tables on Alito.