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Archives: January 17, 2006

JASON MILLER: How the West and the West Bank Were Won

More Lies About Iran

Government moving away from Founding Fathers' model (Utah)

King and Hoover, encore

Jailed priest awaits charges, medical care (Jean Juste / Haiti)

The toxic Politics of Chemicals

Green: The New Red, White and Blue

Alleged Eco "terrorists" arrested by FBI in California

Initial steps taken to save African lion (CNN/Reuters)

The toxic Politics of Chemicals

La Nina is back

Global warming: Is it too late to save our planet?

Nuclear power 'cannot tackle climate change'

Press Release: 14 January 2006 Legislative Council Elections

Give Us The Ballot By Martin Luther King, Jr. - May 17, 1957

My Speech to the NAACP Today, MLK Day

Angelinos: where can I buy a precooked

David Wieland running in place of Willard Jenkins

Princeton school bus driver fired for DWP

Some webpages allow me to increase the font size. Others don't...

What if anything is Texas protocol when someone dies?

My neighbor died so I have to make something for the family,

Conservatives support surges in Quebec: poll

Shooting victims' kin urge action on guns

Tory tax idea may hit RRSPs

TORYS LYING! Look at this contrast on Conservative and Liberal websites!

Alabama Remembers Black Soldier's Defiance

UK May Have to Detail ID Card Costs After Losing Lords Vote

Nepal king imposes curfew in Kathmandu

Iran coastguard kill Iraqi, Basra governor says

Environment in Crisis: 'We Are Past the Point of No Return'

Lockheed to get U.S. spy-plane scrapping fees

Iran bans CNN for misquoting president

U.S. F-15 plane has crashed near Okinawa island

RNC Response to Today's Speech by Al Gore

Peru May Join Latin America's Populist Tilt to Left

Senate Panel's Vote on Alito Delayed Until Next Week

EU dockers' protest turns violent

CNN/AP: Report slams USDA biotech experiments

NYT/IHT: U.N. Calls for European Airline Checks to Control Bird Flu

Former President Ford being treated for pneumonia at a California hospital

Pakistani Ruling Party Demands U.S. Apology

Gov. Bush leading business delegation to Ecuador, Peru

Iran's key nuclear sites

Brazil May Invest More in Social Projects

Vote delay on Bush court pick(one week)

Iran breakthrough may be in sight

Canada's Conservatives vow to boost defense budget

Cuyahoga (Ohio) conceals (thousands in) foreclosure backlog

Two Groups Plan Lawsuits Over Federal Eavesdropping

NYT: Spy Agency Data After Sept. 11 Led F.B.I. to Dead Ends

Colombia to probe paramilitary political influence

Al-Jazeera asks to see Bush 'bombing' transcript

Gore Says Bush Wiretapping Could be Impeachable Offense (more than speech)

Act now on Iran: Powell

USAID Paper Details Security Crisis in Iraq

Anti-terrorism official says WMD attack inevitable

Cuba: Economic Growth Hand in Hand with Social Benefits

(Hillary) Clinton Slams Bush, White House in Harlem


Does anyone know a Hawaiian word that roughly translates to "aloha"?

Today at work, we went to Canberra

Have you never been mellow????

Damn you texas1928!

I just bought a new 16 piece dish set. Ask me anything!

My friend's 15 year old son's favorite band is "Balloon Knot"

I found this cool time machine laying on the sidewalk...

Monday earworm. A fav.

Jesus, Swamp Rat, contain yourself!

My TV just died on me! Is it a sign?

Golden Globes: Winners?

Yeah for George Clooney

Any other "loose cannons" out there?

At the gas pump today, there was a label on the pump handle


Check out my new homepage - if you like ponies and puppies

Tell all the truth but tell it slant

Good God No, Jason Priestley is coming back to TV!!!

Today, at work, I used a commode

thinking about a vacation to the edge of the universe. any advice?

I love the defective detective, Monk

Today at work, I used a canon.

Another minor mystery of life, which I've decided to DUgle

Today at work, I used a phone

I think Janis was a bit disingenuous

Blackmail photos, or why I can't wait until LeftyKid starts dating.

I don't know WHAT he is...but he's adorable!!!

WTF?! Water falling out of the sky?!?!? What's going on?!

An omission

Post your uffda jokes here.

Yum...LARB...nothing beats it

Does anyone have an example of write my senator webpage

Math/Physics question. Need help.

Dammit. Photobucket has "issues".

An admission.

I've had it with this place

An emission

It must be incredible to never ever ever have getting preg be an option

How many resources would be saved if Campbell's stopped making soup?

Is 99 on tonight?

On a mission.

I'm calling out Thtwudbeme!!

Geena Davis=STUNNING!

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Lounge!

The person that went to my high school is more famouser than yours!

I Honestly Love You

Can y'all reccomend a free webhosting service w/out ads?

The asshole that went to my high school is more assholer than yours!

My doggie loves sweets!

DU is squashing my right to a healthy self-esteem..

Why can't we use smilies in polls?

Walk the Line wins Golden Globe for best musical/comedy

Hey Brokeback won the Golden Globe!

I just bought a pound of thin-sliced smokey cheddar cheese.

Power blackout - ooooo, scary!!

Damn, Geena Davis knows how to dress up!

Leche delgado.

ZombyWoof thread

Anyone know where I can get an ARK cheap

I invented a working time machine

Is 24 on tonight?

Let me be the first to admit Jayhawks are having a down year.

Ya know....DU husbands freaking rock!

Come and see MrsGrumpy's longest post Ever!!

Oh, wait, hang-on. The Walrus was Paul?!

BettyYowl Thread

Today, at work, I used a comma

We're having dinner at 9 O'clock!!!! Because that's what happens

Gee, thanks for the email Grandma...

Weekend CA Coast PICS Enjoy! (dial-up warning!)

Globe for Brokeback director Lee (BBC News)

sniffa's dinnah menu - missing a green

Any Duers taken the MMPI personality test?

Describe yourself in a single word.

new paintings... if you are interested...they are available...

Is clothing really necessary?

Which do you hate more?

Clooney starts the night off right with thanking Jack Abramoff

Please...Need more help with kid's math homework.

I Just Got a Daily Planner!! Woo-woo!!!

American Idol begins season number 5 tomorrow.

Sometimes I kick out a good rant - here's one about sports and college

Yes, go see Brokeback Mountain.

Mrs. Dave wants this one badly.

If you can read this and not feel touched, you have a heart of stone.

Anyone infamous graduate from your high school...


Get this: my 4yo saw some old Carmen Miranda movie or picture

My Thanks To A Kind Soul - You Know Who You Are, Even If I Don't!!

FIREWALL? best brands for computer?

As Seen On TV! Did you buy it? Did it work?

Christian right's cries of persecution baffling (AJC)

Martin Luther King, Jr., and the African-American Social Gospel

Dennis describes BBM as a "Dick Flick" on Golden Globs

"Brokeback Mountain" wins 4 Golden Globes

NHL: Goal of the year

FYI: I have found homes for at least 12 kittens and paid myself to Spay

Thank you, all of you, for your help on xmas

Any news from the Senator today?

Here's my entry in this month's contest...

Suggestion for the contest this month

1/16/06 KOEB meeting, where is everybody?????

delete dupe

I'm getting very paranoid. I posted two related topics and both are gone

200th Engineering Batallion of Linden, Alabama

Knight Ridder Featured Photo Spotlight

Quick - How many American troops have died in Iraq so far?

An accurate retort to the GOP "few bad apples" excuse

bush is such a bad, bad, person.

No Ney indictment yet? hmmmmm

Take a look at CNN's homepage --

Coming up on CNN: "Al Gore on the Attack" on Wolie's Playroom

The Ultimate Weakness of Violence. - MLK & Our responsibility to act.

I attended Al Gore Speech Today

Call your friends & family w/cable & ask them to watch Gore on CSPAN

7:00pm CST Tweety just repeated the democrats took money from

Anyone have a link to stream or Download Al Gores speech?

Gore front page, major story MSNBC, Zero on FOX

I LOVE AL GORE (do you?)

Hardball broadcasts clip of Gore accusing * of breaking the law

What will Scotty say about Gore tomorrow

Well, now, here's an interesting little site:

Either our Constitution is at risk or it is not...

To Dare to Dream

George W. Bush is BREAKING THE LAW.

I attended his speech

This is one of the best MLK days in my memory!

Al Gore's true character.

Gore said the "A" word and didn't flinch!

I just donated to the DLC

When do we move from spying and torture to summary execution? n/t


About these signing statements by Presidents

"Iran Bars CNN Over Translation of Remarks"

CNN poll. WTF????!!!?

"Bush Rejects Call to Shut Gitmo Prison"

"White House Congratulates Chile Socialist"

Christopher Walken for President?

Senate Panel to Vote on Alito Jan. 24( pressure from outside groups)

"He fought 2 wars. One was in his head" @ 8 eastern: Lincoln

Liberty News TV -- January edition is up.

Oh there is hope!!!!!! From a Conservative post

What do you think about the picture CNN uses for the Gore story?

Al Gore's Word of the Day: "Dross"

So I got a call from the DNC today

Bush admitted he broke the law....


Are the righties right about this case of child abuse?

Any Decent Movies Winning On The Golden Globes?

Do you have any doubt that George Bush Jr. is the worst president ever?

Mehlman says Gore is just desperate for attention and...

No (E)lito!

Terror conviction raises legal concerns

CSpan reshowinng Gore speech at 801 PM

Bloggers of the world unite - we desperately need one voice

Lack Of Oxygen Blamed For Dwarf's Death

Question about New Orleans and FEMA...

The pResident has dared the American people: Now we need ONE BAD ASS

WTF: "...he grew animated and frequently raised his voice..."????!!!!

Ney aggressively courting prosecutor to elude influence-peddling charges


The Gore Example:Does The Dem Establishment Get The Media Problem?

" Canadian Beetle Infestation Worries U.S."


My short take on Gore's speech...

'these wiretaps must be approved by a judge" says bush--msnbc.

Let's Travel Back in Time: How Idiot Son Celebrated King Holiday 3 Yrs Ago

Keith lead with Gore speech but tone was not so great.

The problem with the right-wing media is that they refuse to accept truth.

"Many on Miss. Coast Feel Overshadowed"

Pastor Calling For National Boycott Of Microsoft, HP

My letter to Senator Tom Coburn r- ok

Remember the truely Great Men who Move us still.

Two Groups Plan Lawsuits Over Federal Eavesdropping

Practically speaking, how can the US determine if the Pakistan

What is the headling for the RW nuts tommorrow

REV-O... REV-O.....REVOLUTION NOW!!! Project X is a GO. The blue bird has

Keith O works for the "man" (MSNBC)

A mediocre president vs. a great president...

Gore - A recall to Patriotism 1/16/06

Don't forget to submit your work to the Carnival of the Liberals!

China beat Columbus to it, perhaps

Gonzalas is being interviewed on Larry king Live NOW>Risen, then Tice

Historical examination of MLK

Is Jack Abramoff connected to the Russian Maffia?

Gerald Ford is in the hospital

Paper Ballots, Hand Counts, Impeachment and Int'l War Crimes Tribunal NOW!

Golden Globes show question: Is it streamed on internet anywhere?

A few Al/Tipper Gore pics from today.

History Channel and CSpan on a Lincoln "kick"

Let us know what Keith Olberman has to say about Gore

CBS nightly news tonight was a joke NOTHING ON GORE'S SPEECH

Pg A03 of Tuesday's WP: Gore Says Bush Broke the Law With Spying

Thank you Mike Malloy NO Bush today, Gore

Three American Choppers Down In 10 Days, Today's Crash Kills Two...

The Choice: Patriotism or Support for George W. Bush

Gore's reference to George Orwell?

I'm going to my GOP senator's office tomorrow

Jon Stewart just referred to "Presidente Boosh".

Oral Hatch is a two faced repuke HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!

The deepest, darkest, most underlined entry in my personal Grudgebook

greatness and defeat go hand in hand..

Now, if you want to see what the freepers are saying about the speech

Is executing a person on his or her birthday cruel and unusual punishment?

remember the "falling bush" site, where you could mush him around?

Pincus: religious-sectarian, ethnic-tribal, criminal & political based

MLK Day has more meaning for me now, I'm sure those who fought it regret

Temporary 'Marriages' Increasing Greatly in Iraq


Filibuster and Impeach, while u r at it paper ballots and hand counts too!

People who post video links...

Thank you Al Gore for showing me today why I stay with the party.

Think Gore is a good public speaker? Then listen to Dubya

Barr surfaces on CNN with Wolfie!

DU this poll - Do we have more to do for civil rights?

Interview with Syriana's Stephen Gaghan

Oh God! Heritage Foundation says: M L King Conservative!

Specter is nothing more than a hypocrite

We're assured (even on DU) that SCOTUS would NEVER overturn Roe v. Wade.

GORE speech rebroadcast CSPAN 12:56AM EST (TONIGHT)

Belafonte speaks at Duke - but only the Moonie Times knows MLK's heart

Monday Mike Malloy Truthseekers check in, celebrating MLK day

WaPo HEARD Gore Say Bush Broke the Law With Spying

Has anyone here ever volunteered as a CASA or a GAL?

NYT: NSA gave info on thousands to FBI

Impeach Cheney First.

Lets talk about "friendly fire"

Pick Bush's New Title

Karl Rove Sold $100K in Enron Stock Months Before Collapse

Condoleezza Rice RULES OUT Presidential bid

I have a freeper problem. Please help.

All you have to do to resolve the spying issue: Think Clinton instead of

D.U. this aol poll.

The Daily Show Kicking "it" tonight!

The Speech From One Who Was There

Feinstein: " * must obey the law WHENEVER POSIBBLE" WTF!!

Where the Hell does Keith O. get off?!?!?!?!?!?

Air America Radio: I'm begging for mercy!

What happens when leadership in Congress changes

Constitutional scholars outline Bush violations in letter to Congress

When you say "This needs our support", what do you really mean?

Down with the Strategists! Up with the Idealists!

which causes more problems - guns or alcohol

George Clooney just thanked Jack Abramoff

Gore's speech makes this story even more prescient...

Error in Gore's speech?

Clarkies, please don't be mad at me ...

783,936 people die in US each year from conventional medicine mistakes?

My 1,000th Post BUSH PHOTO GALLERY......Enjoy! (Dialup Warning!!!)

My Encounter With History--August, 1963--

Hillary Did Awesome Today Too! GO DEMS!!!!!!!!!!!

Pentagon FORBIDS troops to buy better body armor

My Personal Encounter with Al Gore

Pelosi step down !! --- Conyers needs to be minority leader

The Declaration of Independence.. Updated, although it pretty much fits.

"Former President Gerald Ford was eaten by wolves. He was delicious."

I just watched American Experience: Eleanor Roosevelt.

SANTORUM/DOBSON irritated with GOP: "Marriage amendment important!"

Six Reasons Roy Blunt sucks

AOL POLL: Do you agree with Gore's comments about Bush's domestic spying?

Bush jokes about lynching MLK -

BAPTIST Foundation gets FEDERAL grant for "embryo adoption awareness"

"Who would name their kid JACK-when-OFF ends his last name?"(G. Clooney)

FOX News says Al Gore full of shit and Bush would never break the law...

Is there any truth to this? Clinton NSA Eavesdropped on U.S. Calls

i just donated to the DNC

Environment in Crisis: 'We Are Past the Point of No Return'

'Friendly Fire' Incident In Iraq Remains Murky-Family left in the dark

Ancient map suggests Chinese seamen were first round the world

Does Bush know...

Bush is what happens when fear chokes out reason.

One of our last and remember

Attention DC Dems: Listen to your President (if not your constituents)

All eyes on FEINGOLD

When opportunity knocks, don't say, "Who's there?

Mervyns closing 20 more stores in 3 states (WA, OR, UT) by Feb 2007

Is the US political divide a blue state/red state one?

Larry King has Risen and Tice

"Straight shooter's" grim message for baby boomers and their heirs

Raw Story: Tomorrow's NYT to feature estensive, front-page wiretap story

Speaker Largely Silent Amid Scandal

Spy on America - 2 lawsuits filed against the Bush Administration

Canada: Tory tax idea may hit RRSPs

Did you know that the Gitmo menu is on the House Armed Services Cmte web??

Woolsey's Way to Peace

An inside look at what Bush has done to your student loan

MUST READ! Gore had their number back in '92, and no one listened

Alito vote delayed one week

Was Bush ever Baptized? by immersion?

DU this AOL poll on Gore's speech

Rate up this Yahoo story RE: Gore speech!!

CLARK on FAUX Tuesday 12:30 ET, 11:30 CT, 10:30MT, 9:30 PT

The Binary Political Reality: Either Bush is right or Gore is right.

Could Bush have "legally" hacked the '04 election?

A blind deaf 80 year old man will be executed tonight...

RNC Response to Today's Speech by Al Gore

A proposed Constitutional Amendment: We have The Right to Privacy

It's official! The GOP is blaming the Tribes for the Abramoff scandal!!!

Glen Beck says that it was okay for Jefferson to have sex with his slaves

Is Jack Abramoff the gift that will keep on giving?

Gore's speech: Excellent. RNC's response: Troubling.

Stop Alito with the Gang of 14!

GORE in DC--I was there, history was made---He ROCKED. Here's the article

Remember Afghanistan? Insurgents bring suicide terror to country

The conservative case against Alito



WP: An Army Death, and a Family Left In the Dark

Our intelligent design flap would astonish Franklin

Talking Points Tank

MIlw-Sent Jour. Wisconsin Repugs and Cult. of Corruption.

Reform necessary to combat corruption among lobbyists

Was Clinton's "plantation" comparison too harsh?

Gaming proposal moving forward despite opposition

McCain's IGRA amendments won't help Texas tribes

Molly Ivins: Time to go long (campaign finance reform)

ACLU Sues to Stop Illegal Spying on Americans....(CCR sues also also)

Urgent Briefing by Leaders of the Religious Liberty Community on ...Alito


Bill Clinton did NOT conduct Warrantless Searches--

CNN banned fr Iran-translation blooper?-Not

Alito favors imperial president LTTE: Eugene Register Guard

What Reasons Do We Have To Trust That The State Knows Best?

The death of advertising, show by show (LAT)

JASON MILLER: How the West and the West Bank Were Won

"Bremer Blames Bush, Rumsfeld"

Opinion: Politicians now giving money back to tribes

Hitchens Teams Up With Greenpeace, Files Lawsuit Against Bush Admin. Over

Latest Hewitt Assoc survey shows only 6% accept responsibility for retirem

Consumers cope with heating bills that doubled (crosspost)

Doubts over 'clean' nuke power

Twin Cities Cancel Winter Festival Event - Ice Too Thin For Crowds

Bill McKibben - No More Mister Nice Guy - Grist

Dying Wild Juvenie Salmon Sea Lice Levels Twice Those Of Healthy Wild Fish

If It Graphs Like A Plateau . . .

Palestinian youth frustrated by Arafat's old guard

Israeli, PA officials meet in bid to increase joint anti-drug efforts

It's (almost) all over

Disarray Among the Palestinians, NY Times, 1/17/2006

EU suspends 35 million euros in aid to the Palestinian Authority-Haaretz

C-Span1 program on now: effect of Palestine elections on Peace Process

The cunning deceit behind `Munich'

Greater Tel Aviv replaces NY as world's largest Jewish city - Haaretz

Think tank calls for Int’l supervision in J’lem

Gaza militants reject storing arms for vote - minister

Palestinian film on suicide bombers wins Golden Globe


Cornered Cheney Confesses to Role in MIHOP Conspiracy

The Election Reform Movement needs a DVD

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News January 16, 2006

Ney's replacement may be okay! Send him a message!

The Gun Is Smoking! Election Archive Releases Analysis of OH!

Audit Protocol: Input Requested

Wal-Mart abandons plans for Los Angeles store

Is anyone w/ Kaiser in Oakland

Vote in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier Gubernatorial Poll

Quad-Cities Air America Radio Arbitron's Up

Boston Globe coverage of Gore speech,

Gay couple sues Job Lot chain

Advice on Cambridge area?

Benefit concert for the Gulf Saturday in Somerville

Will the new "Why We Fight" play in Minnesota?

Al Gore's Speech

Looking for a random quote generator

How do you make a link in email with Firefox?

Dogpatch Surveys OH Reps on W's Illegal Wiretapping

oops, wrong forum!

Are there any protests scheduled in Ohio for the SOTU speech?

stop probably the most dangerous election ploy to Ohio's future...

national campaign to stop same sex marriage

Encourage Al Gore and Ohio elected Dems to follow up his speech...

Voting Day in State House District 48 (Travis County)

Some seem to think you won’t mind if they (Senators) vote for Alito.

Milwaukee Drinking Liberally on Channel 4 (WTMJ) TONIGHT!!! (Tues)

We sure do have our share of wingnuts here in Sheboygan.

The best thing since sliced bread

Will the real Stephen Harper please stand up! Canadians have been fooled!

Duffy and Harper

Conservative candidate advocates prayer in schools

Globe for Brokeback director Lee (BBC News)

WP: An Army Death, and a Family Left In the Dark

Uribe orders probe of drug ties to politics

Russia, China want talks not sanctions on Iran

BILL MCGRAW: Super Bowl prep hides a gritty reality

WP: Speaker Largely Silent Amid Scandal

FBI disputed spy policy: Concerns over legality, worth of NSA evesdropping

AP: 4 terrorists 'invited to dinner' died in Pakistan strike

New law to permit small brothels

Politicians Want Morrissey Investigated (for animal rights comments)

Bush senior hopes Pakistan still sees US as helper

DU this poll

Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Suicide Law (WaPo, 6-3 decision)

Cheney, Mubarak discuss Arab Iraq force

CNN: Nagin calls for rebuilding 'chocolate' New Orleans

After Pakistan attack, US says Qaeda hunt to go on

National Security Agency sued in Detroit over surveillance

Airbus Still Leads Passenger Jet Market

Weather stops Bush Snr quake tour

Senate Democratic leader bans staff from accepting lobbyist gifts

NYT: Protesters at King March Oppose Air Force Flyover

Health Officials (around world) Call for Long-Term Spending on Bird Flu

NYT/AP: Iran Lifts CNN Ban; Amanpour Criticized

CNN: Reports: Iranian president asks end to CNN ban

Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Suicide Law

Al-Jazeera hires lawyers to get transcript (* and Blair conversation)

AP: 4 terrorists 'invited to dinner' died in Pakistan strike

Gonzales defends NSA, rejects call for prosecutor

Groups Sue To Stop Bush Spy Program

US believes bin Laden still alive

LAT: U.S.-South Korea Relationship Has Soured

High court upholds Oregon assisted-suicide law.

CSM: Abducted in Iraq: An update on reporter Jill Carroll

I need asf or m3u link for the WH Press Breifing

Ney Speaks Out About Bribe Allegations

heads up--Scotty McMoonface on

Supreme Court asked to intervene in Gitmo

McCain says Republicans 'lost our way' on spending

Senator: $70 billion in federal Katrina aid not enough (Collins)

Chinese Detainees' Lawyers Will Take Case to High Court

Discredited leader back in limelight

(Guardian) Report Details Government's Ad Spending

BBC: Al-Jazeera 'bombing plan' denied (by Downing Street)

Pesticides Raise Child Risk of Leukaemia - Study

Relief from high heating bills unlikely to last

White House lashes out at Gore "hypocrisy" on domestic spying

White House calls Clinton's attack ``out of bounds''

NYT: NSA Spy data shared with FBI led to investigations of innocent people

President Clinton's Bar Suspension Ends Thursday

Report: Iraqi army to be equipped by Russia

China's envoy to US urges more diplomacy on Iran

Pope gunman 'offered to capture bin Laden'

LAT: Wal-Mart Pulls the Plug on (San Fernando) Valley Site

Iraq accuses Iran of seizing coastguards, Tehran denies

Al Gore's new media network fights to stay 'current'

North (San Diego) County Times: Immigrant activists plan march on D.C.

Iraq accuses Iran of seizing coastguards, Tehran denies

Bankruptcy Counseling Law Doesn't Deter Filings

Amputee center being built at Walter Reed

Check out this pic of Cheney

US rejects Philippine demand for custody of Marines in rape case

British troops must stay in Iraq as Nato dithers

Lawyer: interrogation techniques approved (suffocation death of Iraqi gen)

TaxProf Blog/NY Sun: President Clinton's Bar Suspension Ends Thursday

Domino’s CEO to head DeVos’ campaign for governor (Granholm's job)

Russia not signing off on Iran referral

Consumers cope with heating bills that doubled

Statement by Former Vice President Al Gore (response to Gonzales smear)

BREAKING NEWS: CNN Four Foreign Terrorists died.

First Lady defends the GOP

WSJ: Some Iraq Rebuilding Funds Go Untraced

Remember Afghanistan? Insurgents Bring Suicide Terror to Country

Changes in the offing for student-loan programs (funding slashed)

Gunmen shoot Baghdad 'caterers'

Mexican troops aiding smugglers, says report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 17 January

Spy suspect removed from courtroom (Indianapolis)

NYT: U.S. Announces Plan to Improve Border Security

Fear and loathing on US's lawless "third border"

Mideast Asks Cheney for Patience With Iran

Trent Lott is running in 2006!

US court won't review Vatican Bank Holocaust suit

House Republicans Unveil New Ethics Plan (they are party of reform)-

AP: Boycott called over gay civil rights bill

Infant mortality rate has risen in South Dakota

SC upholds Oregon law for physician-assisted suicide.

WP: Foreign Currency Piles Up in China

"Stamping out trouble" - Singapore planning trouble for protesters

W.House likes idea of Condi for president (Reuters)

High court turns away anti-war protester's appeal

Laws of man, God obeyed, World Harvest Church says (Ohio mega-church)

White House calls snooping lawsuits "frivolous"

Bush Doctrine Needs Fixing (expand), (pro-war neo-con) Critics Say(Ledeen)

White House Lobs Accusations at Gore (Pickler/AP states the facts)

Within 7 Months, 3 Sept. 11 Workers Die

Gore responds to White House 'hypocrisy' comments

Mass. Court Allows Girl's Life Support Cut

National Democrats choose Ohio to reveal ethics reform plan

AFP: Mass grave uncovered in Iraq (22 bodies)

Buyout Bid (from Carlyle Group et al.) for Parent of Nielsen

Jazeera airs video of kidnapped U.S. journalist

White House Silent on Abramoff Meetings

Nagin apologizes for ‘chocolate’ remark

Former Westar CEO Sent To Prison

American who advised Pentagon says he worked at magazine(found Niger docs)

This is my 1000th post---good night all,I'm off to bed.


Anyone starting school again tomorrow?

I like the biohazard avatar,

How did my cat get to be such a chub?



Thank goodness for the "Mad-Cow" setting on my stove

Thank goodness for the "Med-Low" setting on the stove.

Fucking Bloody Hell: We've been stacking cans since the 1960s.

w00t! Hugh Laurie got a Golden Globe for House!

I have a fat hip

Patton Oswald

(feckless whining thread) I'm sick as a dog and I can't sleep

Can you smell your own armpits? If so, what do they smell like?

In honor of KitchenWitch's thread.....and since I look good in pink....

Fess up time - who has me on ignore!

So where's Crazy Guggenheim been lately?

The next person to bitch about my avatar is getting put on ignore!!!!!!!!!


Which Powerpuff girl are you? A short quiz

Night Everyone!!

Have at you!


It has been at least 5 minutes since I have been spanked

The Bing Bong Brothers!! (lonelyisland dudes!)

I finally called my Old Flame Heartbreaker about whom I

What's up with all the new avatars?

What is your job??

Yahoo offers "heartfelt interview & performance" by Creed's Scott Stapp

Just the punch lines!

Anyone else live on the edge and eat cake batter w/raw eggs?


Hunter S. Thompson on Prime Minister Blair

Researcher: Sony BMG "rootkit" still widespread

Tuesday earworm.

Little-Known Facts About MrsGrumpy!

Let America be America Again

Internets question -- Is there an easy way to capture audio/video streams?

My sweet Border Collie, Cody...

Road Trip: Day 5

Pastor Gets Married For The Third Time - At Age 100

I Hate Cleaning Vertical Blinds

People are sick.

The Hoax That Brought the [Soccer]World Cup to Germany

What's the grossest thing you ever sneezed out your nose?

Is your RCA TV going goofy, too?

Shadegg says he'd be a better majority leader because he has the smallest

Woooo. Spring semester.

Best Shakespearian porn title.

Landmark College?

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

The cab driver was a Blue Beret veteran.

So I saw Brokeback Mountain on Sunday.

Anyone up for a hot shower ? Uh anyone?

Favorite poltical photos or manipulations

Anyone else having trouble with

Jesus. I hate pushy people.

Thank you to the person who sent me to the Squalor Site

Happy 300th Birthday Benjamin Franklin!!!

Bush "Gore"fest

Post your favorite and least favorite political leader.

You want to see a bunch of real nitwits?

Parrot squawks on woman's affair

“Alien” Embryo Removed From 35-Year-Old Man’s Back

I Just Got a Daily Planet!! Woo-woo!!!

is it just me?

I am Ferris Bueller . Who are you ?

When did "butt in line" become "budge in line"?

Husband wanted to invite people over to watch the Super Bowl

Bad Religion and Utopia fans: check in here, I have a question.

Michelle Williams was awesomely good in "Brokeback Mountain"

Fun Bushisms VideoRoll

So I'm still on Jury Duty

What's your Tuesday wallpaper? (64K warning)

Just got the Live 8 DVD set and now I own a DVD with *'s face on it

The fucking morans I have to put up with

I'm more patriotic than you. I VOTED! In January!

Man Has Heart Attack After Bettis Fumble



Where is SHELL BEAU?


I'm employed again

Peeved Pets


What is up with the upside down cakes as icons? I think that's offensive

The Donnas

Money can't buy you happiness. So give me yours.

David Gergen is speaking on campus Thursday night.

May I just post a picture of Joaquin Phoenix?

Damn asshole get off the cell-phone and stop tailing my ass!!

YEAH Get off the road!!!!

does anyone have a voombah racruum

MatcomNews Update: Vampyre Candidate Says If Elected He Will Impale Bush!

Win an NFL playoff game = Go home and beat your wifey

What's up with the upside down the Donnas? I think that is offensive

Cool new stuff on UbuWeb (Beckett, Pinter, Lacan and much more)

coyote/man that sounded just like a rabbit shot/killed

Separated at birth.

NFL Admits Ref Blew Interception Call During Steeler's Game

In the 1970's a man I knew developed

Anyone have a Henry Hound cylinder vacuum clearner?

css is the greatest thing ever....

Kittie Thread (with pics)

steve's tremendous nuclear strength saves the day

Pet Peeves

Does the guy in the middle look like flvegan?

This is the story of the trou macacq

So who is going to win the Super Bowl

Anyone ever "disrupt" a cell phone call?

Utah Theater Owner who pulled Brokeback Angry when asked why he did!

Iran bans CNN then turns around and Unbans it

Pics of baby carrots I braised.

I have a FRIGID Date tonite. Ask me Anything!


What kind of day do you prefer (of these five?)

Has arrested development started a cult?

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali!

Favorite Golden Globe moment last night

ya down wit' ocd?

cute kitten pic

What's your favorite band?

My cats have political differences!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/17/06)

So what are you ladies doing to make yourselves attractive to a man?

At eighty-eight miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit

The President and the church

I need a self pity forum to whine in.

I've lost my mojo

I've stolen eyepaddle's banjo.

NASA cancels Pluto probe mission...

I've stolen prolesunited's mojo.

XNASA cancels Bluto probe mission...

I've stolen WhoIsAlHedge's mojito.

Not getting enough Kabbalah Power from your red-string bracelet?


best Scrabble word?

I'm working on something that may save the internet(s).

Tom's gift to Katie on her 27th birthday: All of his films on DVD. WOW!

There is something about this song

I never see Crazy Guggenheim around here anymore.

Anyone else having trouble getting out of sleep mode this morning?

At this moment, you should be with us...................

I have a job interview! With Comcast (yeah, the cable company)

The Bush** Admin: Brilliant masterpiece, or overrated piece of garbage?

See if you can make it into the top 50

I've lost my banjo

Speaking of funeral processions, how long was yours?

Pastor, 100, gets married for the third time

today, i bought roses for Mrs.Sniffa (pic)

Russell Crowe: "My story-telling is being compromised by shitful music."

Wanted: Republican jokes to piss off lurking fundie relatives

I have a fat tip.

We have winter in Houston, for a day. Windy, very windy.

I'm a grown man and I just said "bunny rabbit" -- to a DOG!

Meeting my girlfriends kids for the first time.


William Shatner sells kidney stone

Ok, it's a big hit, it won the Golden Globe...

Okay, should I be freaked?

Has anyone else tried the new vodka called "Three?"

evening earworm

I don't know how the Lord expects me to get any yardwork done

Johnny Cash. Oh she keeps me off the streets.

Can this marriage be saved?

nevermind-premature posting-self delet

Southlandshari thinks I'm an unsavory, swarthy lad!

Timberlands or Rockports or what?

What an asshole!

Anyone famous drop out of your high school??

I just heard the funniest joke!

I'm sitting in on my son's speech team practice...

HELP QUICK: Need info on mapping software!

Favorite classic novels by Karl Rove?

separated at birth?

Things you heard as a kid that you still buy at face value

Ever sincie my mom (age 69) got "hit on" at the Dr's office, she's way

God wants the DU lounge to be chocolate.

If Nick Jr. quietly cancelled Dora the Explorer, I wouldn't cry.

Okay, should I be freeped?

Axl Rose wants to bring car dealership to sha-na-na-na-knees with lawsuit

Why do I have to keep re-logging into my Yahoo account?

Martinis contain which liquor?

Mouthy parrot 'reveals sex secret'

Pet Sounds: Brilliant Masterpiece, or Overrated Piece of Garbage?

"Hyperspace" drive being investigated

What's the best way to retrain your sleeping hours

Oh SHIT! Matcom does all of these THINGS for us! What do we do NOW?

OK Computer: Brilliant Masterpiece, or Overrated Piece of Garbage?

Remeber folks - 2006 is the year of the Dog in Chinese Astrology!

I'm 26 today.

What's the worst household chore?

Be positive! Describe yourself in glowing terms.

The DU lounge is run like a plantation.

southlandshari LIED to us! there is no sister!

How many here have or wish they had cell phones?

I must disconnect a roof drain from the sanitary sewer and

Toothaches suck.

Lasagna night at the ranch

Greatest Black Flag LP

Pics of baby parrots I raised.

Is this "rather pudgy"?

Pic of Kitchen Witch and Miss M on New Years Eve...

Scarlett Johansson and the Golden Globes

For the lounge: Pat Metheny's rant against Kenny G

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

does anyone have a roombah vacuum?

Tuesday Afternoon Earworm

Damn, George Clooney!

Anybody in the mood for a one-liner joke?


Quite the funeral procession going by the house,

I have a job interview!

my replacement car stereo faceplate came!

Fucking Bloody Hell: They've been stacking cups since the 1980s.

This explains everything. Bob Dylan has Asperger's Syndrome

What is your least favorite genre/period of "serious" (classical) music?

What is Your LEAST Favorite Genre of Music?


"Arrested Development" news

Lounge Literary Folk: Good books for hard times?

That is IT! You can no longer drive if I'm on the road...

Help convince my lurking sister to register and join our community!

Stop tax breaks for shooting animals in fenced enclosures

Make your own inspirational posters!

Which star, based on their appearance last night, would you rather date?

Another overnight show request thread

Snakes On A Plane

A mom at school called me 'Satanic'.

Funny Pet Story

NJ night owls! Come see me play (music) at Harrah's this weekend!

Anyone else have trouble sleeping last night?

Describe yourself in a single bird

What is up with the upside down US flags as icons? I think thats offensive

If E.T. did phone OUR home how would religion ever survive.

"Surely God is mad at America." Ray Nagin

Pope worried by global upsurge in anti-Semitism

HC Position Paper: Your Input Needed!

Head lice shampoo 'linked to leukaemia'

If E.T. did phone OUR home how would religion ever survive.

Stem cells from cloned embryos keep genetic integrity

Custom-Made Microbes, at Your Service

Discovery Challenges Thinking on Key Brain Function

In the 1970's a man I knew developed

Pluto misssion launch currently at T-4min and holding...

Pastor calls for boycott of pro-gay firms

Salt Lake domestic partnership rules to inc. Hetero., relatives, roommates

Gay Marriage Ban Gains Momentum In Pennsylvania

Religious right's moral failures result of repressive religion(MUST READ!)

New Military Publication Signals Shift In Attitude Toward Gays

Did anyone watch "Lincoln" on the HC last night?

BRILLIANT move over White House easter egg event

UK Gays Reluctant To Come Out At Work

Why Brokeback Mountain is important and why it isn't

Official Superbowl Prediction Thread

WaPo/Tony Kornheiser: "Me and the Football Gods Kinda Like the Steelers"

Joey Porter's comments

Steelers fan suffered heart attack when Bettis fumbled

Ultimate Fight Night 3


Republicans will do anything, and it will get nasty

Do over: Bush needs to denounce swift-boating

Afghanistan: Press report

Yay, Corzine.

"Voters finally rejecting fear,negativity"

Mass., Kennedys: Environmentalists face off in wind saga

CNN Alert: John Kerry on the Situation Room from Israel

Beware everyone

A voice without a forum doesn't mean much

John Kerry Visits Jerusalem and West Bank City of Jericho

Did you see/hear this on CNN?

A photo instead

Alex sells campaign memoir

EJ Dionne today: Murtha and the Mudslingers

Medicare Drug Plan Fiasco

I think this one feels really appropos today

I don't mean to clog up the forum with pictures of me, but ...

Snowflake Macros

SUBMISSION thread - Photogroup Jan. contest: Close up (macro) photography

COMMENTS thread - Photogroup Jan. contest: Close up (macro) photography

For Binka ..... a little KOEB help please

Countdown Newsletter -- 1/17/06: Suits Against Domestic Spying

Just cuz I'm interested

What's Malloy's Call In Number? nt

Was Golden Globes live at every time zone? - otherwise, spoiler

Backdoor Law That Sabotages International Romance

VIDEOS-2 short jokes from Letterman about, who else, Bush

If the shoe fits...

PBS The 60's The years that shaped a generation...Questions!!!

Welcome to Glasgow... or is that Wallace International?

DU AOL poll on Gore's speech, currently tied at 48-48%!

Gore speech getting decent coverage on news sites:

MBA Bush misunderestimates war cost with 2,857%

Gore speech starting now

Do you regularly forward news items to friends and family?

Just finished watching '24" - no spoiler

Okay, so where's all the Gore avatars?

self delete

Gore's Five Steps to Safeguard the Constitution

Cell phone to be sell phone

Up late with nothing to do? Read this. It's worth the time you'll spend.

Bush picture

Damn, Gore is pissed!

Who remembers the LAST time * honored Dr. King?

Help finding election fraud article!

Here's an idea- GORE for SENATE

Radio_Lady's score on the "Golden Globes" -- Four out of six categories.

Petition to save the courts from Alito - People for the American Way

In 15 minutes, Clarence Ray Allen will be executed. Where are the media?

Sibel Edmonds Lauds Gore Speech

Cons STILL trying to link Saddam and AL Queda...

Body parts for profit

A thought: What if we declared Bush's perpetual war null and void?

Fuck you george W Frawd! And fuck you too Dick! You slimy evil cretin. F U

Well, we've heard from Gore (great, great speech) but what

Who are the most famous DINOs

Who believes Al Gore is ready for another shot at the White House?

I'm listening to Noam Chomsky's "Propaganda & Control of the Public Mind"

Anybody listen to Mike Malloy's show earlier?

GORE - 2008!!! He challenged tyranny, spoke TRUTH to power.

The most comprehensive & concise interviews of ...

Anyone have the Sharpton video?

Why can't Democrats be more like Al Gore?

Lott to announce today on running or retiring

Challenge a repug to READ Gore's speech

A message to Congress

Alito vote postponed

Happy 300th Birthday, Ben Franklin

CSpan taking calls about Gores speech ( Wash Journ) 7 AM

O'Reilly Factor Debate Contest is a Scam

Give Me Liberty or Let Me Think About It - Slate on Wiretapping

I thank god every day that I am a Democrat! This is reason #1000,000,000

Bass (R-NH) on Congressional reform on WJ now

Guest-Bass R-NH on CSAPN just repeated lie that Dems took Abramoff money

I want to know. Has my "government" been spying on me?

What a civilized nation we are. We execute blind and deaf 76 yearolds.

Does anyone know what this 'hole' in W's neck is from?

Am I the only person who thinks that life in prison is WORSE than death?

It's time for us to do to "Conservative" what they have done to "Liberal"

Al Gore Gores Bush: What a President He Might Have Been (TWN)

Churches in Ohio in trouble for promoting Blackwell candidacy

Nagin says God "doesn't approve of us being in Iraq under false pretenses"

bush doesn't seem like a guy who would step down like Nixon

What has been the Democratic response to Gore speech?--Have

Wingnut from Exodus International was on local RW radio this morning

I wonder how good asswipe slept last night

To all you folks that think God "Loves" the USA.....

Bush's threats to NASA?....Unconstitutional!!!

Damn...Trent Lott will run...just on C-Span

Gonzales:Al Gore's Criticism of Domestic Surveillance Inconsistent

Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"

Nagin says GOD killed that old lady who died in the wheelchair in NOLA

Prime (Time) Evil

It's the special counsel, stupid!!

Yes, California revived this man from a heart attack, then executed him

Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Dragon Skin or Lose SGLI Death Benefits

52% of Americans: Impeach Bush on wiretaps

On what possible basis is this not the top news story of the day?

I found where Bush gets his power: US Constitution: Article II, Section 2

How can Bushco say the economy is better. We are paying more 4 less

War Waged Without Obligation

WE ARE THE MEDIA: Al Gore email & links I sent out to my friends >>>

if bush hasn't already been wiretapped, he SHOULD be

I just figured out my taxes, and whoo-hoo!

Any DUers that have visited Costa Rica?

Why Brokeback Mountain is important and why it isn't

Iranian President on C-Span 2 now

Iran Bars CNN Over Translation of Remarks

try as they might, bushco can't seem to distract from the scandals

Just a question about word choice?

Having defended wiretapping, AIDS policy, Laura now defends GOP honor...

Murtha and the Mudslingers-viciousness of the right wing (WaPo)

In view of all that is coming out about the illegal spying on Americans

Dick is in Egypt meeting Mubarak. Is he Begging for Help In Iraq?

Opinion - Bu$h wanted to be the new Reagan...

Gore's speech was more than great oratory - it called for specific action

Action Alert on the NYT FBI Wiretap story

What will it take to rally the people to hit the streets in protest?

CBS early show covering Gore speech (video)

NEWS: ACLU readies suit over US domestic spying

BILL MCGRAW: Super Bowl prep hides a gritty reality

Trent Lott to announce decision today at 3:30PM EST.

Why did NASA kill a climate change project? (a brainchild of Al Gore)

Bush Deals the World a Death Sentence & Billions May Die

Very suspicious report on 4-5 "foreigners" killed in Pakistani bombing.

RE: Gore's speech, does anyone know WHO the scientist

World War III raging? Every 7 seconds a child dies as a result of hunger.

If not Hillary Clinton as president, then who?

Sen. Harry Reid: DC "Overrun by Organized Crime"

Racist Man Sentenced To Attend Black Church

Feinstein was present

"A French revolution in reverse where the workers pour down the

Most important speech in decades CANNOT be ignored..

State the truth and you get attacked mercilessly

Will Ted Koppel take NPR further right?

screw Al Qaeda, Al Gore is the REAL terrorist enemy.

Wiretapping could have prevented 9-11.... :sigh:

Gore speech made the Billings Gazette

If Iran Gets Nukes…

Minn. Students Find 'Royal' a Sex Convict

The Pathetic Words, "Too late"

After mostly ignoring Gore yest. msnbc is replaying Gonzalas on LKL

Ted Koppel: "Natural Fit" at NPR News and Booster of Henry Kissinger

Canadians waiting for surgery. On Marketplace Morning Report

Lott's Staying....expected to announce today that he'll run for a fourth t

Coming to a theater near you...

The News Media

Cons spin: NSA Spying "Huge and Ineffective"

The spirit of MLK was stirring Democrats yesterday

Say NO To Alito, Damn It !! NOW's urgent appeal!!

Who is this Daniel Greenspan on the SEC Div. of Corporate Finance?

RAPID RESPONSE: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 1/16/06

Discussion: Steps to materializing goals like those in the Gore speech

Reid: No Gifts For You

Gore's call to action - Complain to Verizon, other Telecom Companies

30 days in jail or go to "Black" Church for 6 weeks? WTF?

I'm taking action in re: Gore's speech


Cheney and everything you wanted to know about gout


Iraq, Terror Camps, and the War on Iran

EMERGENCY CONG PROBE NEEDED-Iraq Oil Profits Await ExxonMobil, Others

Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Assisted Suicide Law

"Did Senator Clinton's comment about "plantation" go too far ?"

VIDEO- Ahmadinejad on Nuclear Weapons

Gore told the truth and no MSM and Establishment Dems listened

Democrats ! Put on your body armor !

Yeah, yeah, we're all going to die...

How to counter WH lies about Clinton spying

Native religions not as sacred as the dollar.

Where is Peter Arnett?

Should Democrats attack Corporate Media rather than the Repubs?

LOL even today's Beetle Bailey

Karen Huge's Rules for employees: I's officially okay to express sympathy

John Paul Stevens is hanging in there for the countries sake

AOL Poll on * 's eavesdropping

Pick and choose your battles.

Since when has a politician had to be happy about a draft movement?

Pentagon Conducts Two-Pronged Blog Attack To Spread "Good News" About Iraq

Al Gore gets 15 seconds; Trent Lott, 15 minutes re: re-election decision

If Bush has inherent powers to torture, he has the power


A-hole from CNS news on Thom Hartmann...

A page out of THEIR book for us

Bob Ney to DOJ: "Honestly Guys! I'm Just REALLY REALLY STUPID!"

Cancel Columbus Day turns out the Chinese were here first....or maybe not

Call them crooks, liars, criminals all day long!!!

Can Karen Hughes Spin the CIA Attack in Pakistan? (David Corn)

Women's Anti-War Petition Circles the Globe

DU this poll

Above Boston....

No bid contracts, double gaining, bribery in congress, established by GOP?

David Gergen is speaking on campus Thursday night.

Eisenhower's farewell speech to be broadcast shortly

WH:If Gore is going to be the voice of DEMs on natl security we welcome it

I need asf or m3u link for the WH Press Breifing


What is Al Gores address so I can write him a letter? n/t

Al Gore told the truth - the White House is lying.

Pakistan official denounces US airstrike --will travel to US next week. so

Public universities (in CA) build houses to lure faculty

Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Dragon Skin or Lose SGLI Death Benefits

Clealand ,Hackett, Dean, Gore, Clark, Conyers, Boxer who wants to leave ?

Poll question: Long term solution for Israel/Palestine?

When bush has to leave office early (it's coming) what's for dinner?

U.S. newsweeklies trim foreign presence

We're going all in..If we can get Gore to run, we'll mortgage our house..

"above the law"

Al Franken Talking "Tax Cuts" Right Now..

heads up--Scotty McMoonface on

Now on CSPAN - Reaction to Al Gore

Scott says Hil's plantation statement are' out of bounds (then Newt's are

Aren't we all supposed to be calling/writing our Senators today re: Alito?

I love what Paul Hacket said, I agree with what he said...but...

Alito Hearings: The Democrats' Katrina (Robert Parry)

weird. I cannot load CNN website.

In bid to keep troops, military appealing to families

Corzine gubernatorial inauguration on C-SPAN 2.

Heads up - Snotty's PB will be at 1pm according to WH site

Clooney thanks Abramoff

Kennedy a member of a "Men only" club?

A Columnist Backed by Monsanto

WP ombudsman's column (re Abramoff) was "inartfully worded," says Kurtz

[repost] It's the Special Counsel, stupid! Action items - please K&R

Aldrich Ames spy case is not an example of illegal warrantless wiretaps...

On Lecture Circuit, Judith Miller, David Brooks Explore Media's Problems

Gingrich Said Democrats Think They “Run The Plantation” (1994)

BREAKING: High court upholds Oregon assisted-suicide law 6-3

Russia will not back a referral to the Security Council re: Iran

Bush's Purple Hearts

Remember the Antrax Letters?

Lots of Dems spoke out recently - which one's remarks went UNSPUN and

Hasturd on c-span now.

Is Scotty late? Again?

AAR Should Stream for iTunes

Plantation comments by Hil. Clinton and New Gingrich.

my fundie mom sent me this email about the movie 'End of the Spear'

How to tell when a politician isn't running? They tell the truth.

Is Hilary Clinton a skilled politician? Ideology and positions aside...

Offshore Outsourcing: Engineering Goes Overseas

Zogby poll: 52% think Bush s/be impeached vs. 43% who don't

Lobbying Reform: repug preemptive strike before Dean

Shhh.. "the pass word IS......bipartisan"

The Drums Of The Chickenhawk Tribe

New Scotty aka Puffy McMoonface Dodge ... Staff level meetings.

McCain and Santorum--on lobbying reform--now that's obscene.

Stand up comedian Scotty

Dear CongressCritter:

Know your gopher rebuttals

What Do Gen Xers Want?

My letters to congress people. Did I over do it? It's hard to restrain

AP: Seniors trade in old cars for rides when they need them

"have you heard any Dem on the Hill say- Stop this" (evesdropping) -per

Barr Statement on his website echoing and reinforcing Gore

I Just Wrote My Senator about A-LIE-Toe

What would President Mark Warner fight for?

X Senator Edwards was on NPR, Talk of the Nation.....

Scotty: "This President's #1 Responsibility"

VIDEO-Herman/Gregory Smackdown of McClellan- Staff Meetings

Did anyone asked Alito about Opus Dei?

Here's an idea: adopt a prescription

DAMN! They just aborted the Pluto launch!

Sweet Alcoholic Drinks Targeted by Bill

VIDEO- John Roberts and Scotty- NSA Program Effectiveness

The party of "reform"

VIDEO- Martha Radditz and Scotty-What Exactly is a Link?

MORE GORE PLEASE (Chicago Tribune Opinion Piece)

White house accuses Gore of hypocrisy

WSJ: More Employers Try Limited Health Plans

Someone, Anyone, PLEASE Tell Me This Guy is Crazy!

Forget impeachment......Bush and Co. MUST resign!

What percentage of Americans are Foxnews watching/Neo-fascist republicans?

Ben Franklin, aged 300 today, trounces Bush boy in debate

Colin Powell is Cheney.

Senate Dems have delayed ALITO VOTE one week - more time to fight

Stephanie Miller Just mentioned DU's letter to Gore

Iran 'detains' Iraqi coastguards

What Is the I.R.S. Trying to Hide?


Does anyone else feel like we're in a bad movie sequel called Iraq 2?

NSA Spying Evolved Pre-9/11 (NEW-Jason Leopold)

McCain and his sidekick, Santorum are on CSPAN saving the world

Bedwetters and Hyperventilators

Politicians Want Morrissey Investigated (for animal rights comments)

I'm so sick of Repub pundits and pols playing the 9/11 card

Mom Guilty Of Slaying 4-Year-Old Twins (alcohol?)

OMG! they have an website

Those morally reprehensible democrats & the awful things they say

Paul Bremer on The Daily Show, Andrew Sullivan on The Colbert Report

Repubs are beating us to the punch re: Lobbying Reform....

Pssst... Freepers....

VIDEO-White House Press Conf-What have Dems done about NSA Spying?

White House lashes out at Gore "hypocrisy" on domestic spying

Anyone good with photoshop? This pic begs for it

CNN Europe - sanitized news (no US politics visible)

Abrams talking about gore speech now, msnbc. good panals.

VIDEO-White House Press Conf- about Gore and Murtha

SBC's Project D.U. Web Site. Can Skinner sue? Any attorneys in the house?

I'm in a parallel universe-Gingrich almost sounds like a Democrat..

Steven Colbert suffers brain freeze while eating his "I have a Dream-sickl

Reconcile me this, Batman

Curious about newspaper coverage of Gore's speech

AP: Chili-pepperlike chemical may in future ease worst pain

Attn NC DUers: Angela Davis to speak at UNC-Greensboro tonite

My, my, my, as we say in the South.

Kerry interview with Blitzer on CNN coming up next. eom

Care to discuss why businesses give health care benefits as opposed

The silence is deafening. The DNC....

Gonzo: "...clearly that the president acted within his lawful authorities"

McCain leading pack of GOP presidential hopefuls

A Uniter, NOT A Divider

Maybe it is time to boycott CNN if this is true

Only 3 years and 3 days until Bush leaves office, on January 20, 2009

I KNEW the GOP secretly HATED BUSH: (must-read Crisis Papers)

Schultz....or ......Randi.....

I heard Helen trying to ask about Gore

So the US airstrike killed "4-5 terrarists",but the bodies have been moved

Christopher Hitchens On Why he joined the ACLU Spying Lawsuit

I am ecstatic! Dick Cheney and I have something in common....

OK, quality control team...

Watch NASA's Pluto Launch here

My new house ethics plan

W.House likes idea of Condi for president

Thank you ! Paul Begala..

Bremer Blames Bush, Rumsfeld

US Newswire Statement by Former Vice President Al Gore: Yahoo

Right wing & religious fanatics must be going nuts this morning:

Journalist's kidnappers make demands

Navajo woman prepares for Miss USA pageant

'you can play the gottcha game if you want--Bremner to wolf NOW>

did poor Scotty ever get a host for this year's Press Dinner? last I

BRILLIANT move over White House easter egg event

VIDEO-Begala on H Clinton's Plantation comment-pointing out the obvious

Okay, should I be freaked?

Lou Dobbs to talk with people from ACLU suit next

Catch it while you can..."customer image" on Amazon for Kate O'Beirne book

Martin Luther King on the Iraq War

Wolf is dismantling Paul Bremmer

VIDEO-Helen Thomas/David Gregory/Scotty on Gore-Bush Breaking Law

Gore speech is on C-span 2 right now. n/t

donation drive for hackett.... he ISNT going to take his words back

How in the hell can you have to spend the most of your time

Know Anyone Needing a FEMA Trailer??

Clinton Used NSA - Has this Newsmax story been debunked yet?

USA today misquotes Gore

VIDEO- Kerry on H Clinton's Worst Administration in History

One simple question to ask Republicans

"The Ship of America has been taken over by Pirates"

Do you guys think that the DNC and Senate Dems really were behind Gore's

my senator replies

Sony Endangers National Security...

Most Memorable Presidential Speech of All-Time?

Dobbs NOW--showed clip of Scotty call Aclu suits 'frivulous"

Scott Adams, Author of Dilbert, on Jack Abramoff...

Did Alito lie on his resume?

help please

Meet Ned Lamont--Lieberman's Democratic Primary Challenger

Clinton was impeached. What's better that saying the "I" word

A little something I threw together.

Anyone seen Beetle Baily today?

The GOP Reconstruction of the Economic Ladder

Sharpton, Kucinich and Dean....


That rat Hayworth deserting the ship

VIDEO- Kerry on Gore's Bush Breaking the Law comment

HELP!! I'm having a senior moment!

War of Words - Dems turn up heat on Bush, GOP

Tweety and Lott next

I'm PROUD to be a Democrat today

Reframe : three powerful Dems are DEFENDING America

Can An Appointment To The Bench Be Recalled?

Sen Reid responds to today's GOP reformapalooza ...

Are you registered at If so, DU THIS POLL!!!

Astronaut questions shuttle safety in book (CNN/Reuters)

Understand this: CNN hiring Glenn Beck is a GOOD sign.

Who said this? You will likely be very surprised!

Ben Franklin 300 years later -

Leading Conservatives Call for Extensive Hearings on NSA Surveillance

Toon Time: Oppose Alito

California district to stop teaching 'intelligent design' (CNN)

A Tale Of Two former U.S. Presidents in the News (or Not).

You want to know why they need to block Alito?


Proof "liberal" media is a lie - No Republican demands Fairness Doctrine

We must attack Iran now! So says Powell?

Senate Democrat backs Alito

It's attack Hillary time

I noticed that Gore didn't have a someone we all know

CNN QUICK VOTE:Bush Admin Is "One Of the Worst" in U.S. history?

While we're watching Pluto they're building death rockets.

DU this: email Larry King show and ask for Gore to be on for the hour!

Great CNN Poll. Is Bush admin "one of the worst ever"?

Gore Speech Repeat: C-Span II at 4:37 EST today. 1/19/Tuesday

Corporate America Once Again Drops the FU-Bomb on the Workers.

On The Radio In New Jersey, A Celebration Of Bush And Anti-Intellectualism

Woah! Hillary comes out swinging!

House Ethics Committee Not Planning Any Abramoff-Related Investigations

John Edwards'll be on NPR's Talk of Nation today-

CNN: ACLU files Lawsuit against Bush/NSA! Christopher Hitchens one of


MSNBC bias?

Check out this DUers website! Lots of good research info.........

"Ex-gay": Hollywood sinks to new low to HOMOSEXUALIZE America

Anyone notice that the show '24' is pushing FoxNews?

BEN NELSON (D - Bushcamp): Traitor to the constitution.

Posthumous America: Spies, Lies and a Republic in Ruins

I am beginning to think Paul Hackett is the future of the Dem. Party

Enabling the Swift Boaters

A Cartoon Worth a Thousand Words

I am so proud to be a Democrat

Are all the Iraq Vets running for office Dems? Where's the Iraq Vet

Who wrote Al Gore asking him to run in 2008?

Sign This Petition - From Bob Casey to Bill Frist

HLN hiring nazi racist bigot to put on another show

Chief Justice Roberts lied to Sen. Wyden about Oregon's suicide law

Justice is the only worship.

Scott McClellan is lying about Al Gore.

cnn 7pm kerry interview by Woff---who agrees with Gore.

Putting the Repukes in charge of Lobbying Reform is like ....

The Power Of Myth And Al Gore

Why we will NEVER break through the "liberal" mainstream media

Hillary is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't

Josh Marshall on Al Gore

REBUTTAL: "Clinton performed physical search without warrant" (READ)

Since we're in an activist mood outlet:

Lou Dobbs: "Democrat Ben Nelson Will Vote to Confirm Alito"

Katrina was a "Payback from God", says Mayor; calls for 'chocolate city'

How do we CONVINCE people that America is not safe in Bush's hands

WTF is going on at CNN with Anderson Cooper?

Al Gore and Ralph Nader — A Beautiful Friendship?

Did your newspaper report on the Gore speech?

Overheard at the local pharmacy: "It's all George Bush's fault"

Glenn Beck: "I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore."

Kerry on CNN saying he agrees with Hillary and Gore

A great story about the Ku Klux Klan in NC:

LOL, Katherine Crier showed actors who won Golden Globe awards,

I done tole you: Gore/Dean

Hillary's Remarks: Stupid, Offensive and Pandering

Rawstory:Gore responds to White House 'hypocrisy' comments

Is it time for Pelosi to Step Down? Thank God for California !

Who Lied to Whom? (about the case for invasion of Iraq) by Seymour Hersh

Bulbous Bozo Bill Bennett Blathers Bilge.

Caption this Cheney pic...

Links to debunk WH claim Clinton ordered warrant less searches

Kerry can't say the "I" word

Disgusting RNC attack on Senator Ted Kennedy

Its time to MARCH ON CNN!! Dammit!

OMFG !! MSM gets it right ?! WTF? How can this BE !? This is HUGH!!1!1

VIDEO-Al Sharpton about H Clinton's Plantation Statement SMACKDOWN

Soldiers Told To Shed Privately Bought Body Armor or Lose Benefits?

Some G.K. Chesterton perspective. . .

Interesting: Merle Haggard sings "Lets get out of Iraq and get back on

I LOVE AL SHARPTON!!!! Heh-smacking down the crap on Hardball

Christian Coalition agenda for 2006 (be afraid)

WTF!!! CNN hires another conservative!!!

US Infant Mortality: 43rd in World -- Worse Than Cuba!

"I dare you to stop me!"

CSPAN: Host says "Democrat Party" then corrected it to "Democratic Party"

My View On Hillary's Comments

Gore Says "Remember the Recount" VP still hasn't forgotten Florida

When Kennedy joined OWL, Harvard was a men-only college

Why do we need a special council?

If there is no filibuster, I will officially LEAVE...

Evil Gay Rays.

The New Fascism

What if Iran nukes Israel?

U.S. News, "Washington Whispers": Update on the Bush girls

Bush Job Approval Rating In All 50 States For January (SurveyUSA)

CNN hires "controversial," homeless-hating scumbag Glen Beck

Check out this pic of Cheney

GUN IS SMOKING - 2004 Ohio Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount

This makes my heart SING. How suweeeet it is! Lieberman freakout!

***COMPILATION*** of links & DU threads on the historic 1/16 GORE SPEECH

I've been FREEPED! Desperately need HELP!

GOP has a FIT over Hackett comments.

Team DU Needs Your Help To Put Freepers In Their Place

CONTROVERSIAL NEOCON ADMITS He Worked at Magazine That Found Niger Docs

Here is a link to Gore's speech in its entirety...

Gore Speech on Cspan again Now 12:58

Here's my letter to my Senator...

Stephen Harper's Canada? Just look at John Howard's Australia

Called-up reservists sue over expenses

Not just the scare tactics, but the outright lies

WTF?!?!?: Pentagon to families: Go ahead, laugh ....

The Sacramento Bee published my LTTE today

Gore speech gets unbiased coverage outside the US

Double post. self delete

Gore's message to Congress.

Fox: Russia, China agree with U.S. - Iran nuke program "must be halted"

Guardian: Gore launches bruising attack on Bush

Al Gores Bush (pic)

DeLay is a victim of Democrats’ plans

Special Counsel now.

The Crux of Gore's Speech: We The People MUST Do Something NOW

Am I the only one noticing Middle East leaders dropping like flies?

Hillary climbed on the wagon - I'm liking this...

Now we know why Bush appointed his "yes man" Al Gonzales Attorney General

Housing Price DECLINE in San Diego biggest in 18 years

"Bimbo eruptions" vs. "Treason eruptions"

The Pregnancy Story

In Desperation, Gonzales Smears Gore

MUST READ: Repeat After Us: Alito Is NOT A Done Deal

a few people may accuse this reporter of fouling his own comfortable nest

NJ Record: No to Alito

WaPo buries Gore on Page 3

My LTTE to the NYTimes re: Gore's speech

My Letter To My Congressman

Letter to my Rep. Van Hollen on Friday's wiretap hearing

Talk Show call-in volunteers needed to stop Alito Apply here

I e-mailed Bill Nelson's(D- Sometimes) office last night

The media is pushing the White House responses to Gore speech...

Check Out Bush's Vanity Shot From The Whitehouse

Rummy base shopping; Kyrgyzstan want $50 million a year for airbase

ACLU Sues to Stop Domestic Spy Program

My letter to the real POTUS.

Amputee Center Being Built at Walter Reed (on list of bases closing)

Today Show in total apologist mode (Gore/Clinton speech & Predator attack)

Helen Thomas: "Dubya makes his war pitch"

Gore Vidal - Great Line re: The War on Terror.

Bush Like Pinochet.

How I think Washington Dems see political fighting -

Gore found his voice to day, and not a moment too soon.

GOP reform in House might hinder Bush, if the integrity is real.

There is nothing new here....

Prediction: All you will hear about today will be Hillarys "Plantation"

An interesting tie to GWB

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/17/06: Power Corrupts

Rice thinks the Pres. & V.Pres. the same thing (for real)

Pentagon adviser worked for magazine that got forged Niger documents:

Let Me Ask Again Since Someone's Post....

NSA spying led to school teacher, other innocent Americans, dead end

Pakistan knew beforehand US to bomb house

Bush followers are not conservatives.

What's the skinny on Bob Barr's response to Al Gore's speech?

Wake the phuck up America!!!

House Democrats appoint ethically-challenged House Democrat to lead ethics

Help! DU this poll

Dean in Missouri for MLK day..."we have no right to be discouraged." Video

oh no....not another GORE for PRES 2008 thread......

I think the assisted suicide ruling will open the door for other

Photos of the REAL face of MLK Day...NOT the "Bush Cares" photo op.

The reason they respond to Gore is because he scares the shit out of them

A repeat

Marc H. Morial: Civil rights would suffer under Alito

Famous Quotes in American History -- BushCo Corrects the Record!!

Court rules 11 year old can be removed from life support

People Let's Stop The War


Iraqi Update - Letterman funny

I think MILK, Jr. was killed because he began to speak about…

John Snow: New Bush budget will "call for sacrifices, no doubt about it"

Pelosi repeat on C-Span. "Will not sign up with Mr. Conyers..."

Hastert is introducing Republican's lobby reform package on C-Span now!

Interesting letter (not mine): Responsible paper would drop column

Little Scotty McClellan basically tells Al Gore to "Bring It Awwwwwwnn"...

Surprise, surprise: Roberts votes with Scalia and Thomas

Yo! Yo!Yo! only TWO WEEKS to the State of the Union House Party yo

Hackett or Brown

McCain & Santorum holding press conference on lobby reform on C-span now!

Keep up the fight...Down with Alito. We have a week...Lets use it!

contact cspan and ask to cover Dean et all speeches.

Gee it looks like the most important political speech of our times

msnbc covering white house response more than they covered actual speech

The major problem with Bush's defense of wiretapping

(Still stonewalling) House Republicans pushing ethics plan

Just asking. . .isn't

When will they start asking questions about the Missing Money around Iraq?

Clear Something Up

Photo on White House Web Site has CLEARLY been Photoshopped. An outrage!

From now on I refer to Gore as Honest Al

Iraq vote and Democrats

If you have done nothing Annoying you have nothing to fear.

Anybody know how a conservative's brain works?

If you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear

John Kerry Visits Jerusalem and West Bank City of Jericho

This belongs in the Democrats' "Echo Chamber"...

Someone asked what's wrong with Joe Lieberman?

Desperately need your HELP reponding to FREEP

Life Tax vs. DeathTax

Did Gore's speech sound like that of a person planning to run for Prez? and Pressuring "Pro-Choice Republicans"

My letters to Post ombuds and her response re: Gore

Kerry is on CNN/The Situation Room now...

Was Clinton's "plantation" comparison too harsh?

If a democrat wiretapped the president, would the g.o.p. squeal about it?

Man, them repubs sure know their stuff ....

I have contacted both my Sens, it is easy to voice against Alito...

New article on Cheney: "He doesn't care about what anyone thinks of him"

A Gay Easter?

Was just listening to Ed Schultz talk about Gore

Lincoln on The History Channel Last Night-Oh, the Contrast

Check out this poll on Canadian election from CBC: Poll Tracker

Would you rather have a republican or a DINO in office?

Quick question about the filibuster...

The Cost of Freedom - killing innocent Pakistanis - today's cartoon

what about Gore/Edwards '08?

What Happened To The SoCalled Election Reform...

Is Voting about Parties or Principles?

i just contributed to paul hackett for US senate! so should everyone here!

Golden Globe Winners Make Political Statements

DU this: email Larry King show and ask for Gore to be on for the hour!

Take their "phrase-ology" and USE IT!

When criminals run the show, you don't "offer solutions," you drive them

Letter to Specter

I'd like to teach the world to ... caucus!

Religious right's moral failures result of repressive religion(MUST READ!)

If bush has done nothing wrong, then he shouldn't fear a special counsel


Will Dems "Honest Leadership Act" lead to real lobbying, campaign reform?

It's got to start somewhere

Does Pat Robertson want Sharon removed from life support?

RNC talking point:: Aldrich Ames case proves Bush is within the law...

Kennedy has not ruled out a filibuster! I just got off the phone with

is it fair to call bush & his pals dangerously unstable maniacs?

Sorry to have to break it to you - Hillary and Biden types will NEVER

Once again the DEMS leave Al Gore to TWIST IN THE WIND.....

If I Were Gore I Would Run For President In 2008 - But Not As A Dem.....

Liberal, progressive, pro life... What is wrong with me!

Are free republic members enlisting for Iran?

If males got pregnant, would there be any discussion for or vs abortion?

What is it that the christian right wants for (from) women?

"Democrat" Nelson says he'll vote to confirm Alito

Was Clinton's "plantation" comparison too harsh?

George W. Bush Loves Black People

Bush can arrest you without pressing charges against you...

Gack! Pics of Condi, Pickles and more in Li-bury-a

Stanley "Tookie" Williams was not enough for California...

Raw Story: Gore Hits Back

yesterday in another thread I asked the anti-abortionists to tell me how

About Indian casinos and why I am concerned

A Reminder why CLARK '08