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Archives: January 16, 2006

Shooting down Cunningham's legend

Desalination cost reaches all time record low of 53 cents per cubic meter.

flight 77's tail section

Paperless voting opens door for election stealing

Recommend the SUNDAY DAILY THREAD- please

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News January 16, 2006


Another Miami news editorial nixes the voting machines.

Will some REAL Democrat please challenge Feinstein!

Estimated Prophet's Mulligatawny Recipe

How to store a half a can of tomato paste?

Dealing with mangos

Listen to me very carefully......... Cons are winning.

Woohoo! Tomorrow night I'm going to Heddy Vrs Svend!

WooHoo! Stephen Harpers "independent economist" just dropped a bomb!!

New government won't scrap pipeline fund: Imperial

Probe of 'CIA flights' finds no laws broken

DeLay loosing support on his own district

Why are these frogs croaking ? (Time)

US senators: Iran strike an option

McCain: Oil Prices Can't Stop U.S. From Pressing Iran

Five Danes guilty of Iraq abuse

Iraq: IFJ Calls US to Explain Raid on Journalist

U.S. VP Cheney leaves for Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Fla. Teens Surrender in Homeless Beatings

FT: Dirty laundry in Capitol corridors of power (staffers' involvements)

Economist says Tories gave him incomplete platform

Analysts: Growing Deficit Hobbles Economy

2,000 More M.P.'s Will Help Train the Iraqi Police

WP: Senate Democrats Emphasizing Ethics, Not Alito

Florida teens surrender in homeless beatings (baseball bats)

NYT: President Tells Insurers to Aid New Drug Plan (Medicare emergency)

Ethics Committees Won't Commit to Action

Cronkite: Time for U.S. to leave Iraq

Bush below 40% - Zogby

(Virginia Gov. Mark) Warner says Bush withheld facts (re: wiretapping)

WP: In Ga., Abramoff Scandal Threatens a Political Ascendancy

John Murtha on 60min. now

Can you say ..... these people are Saints?

Chicago's defense has got to pick it up!

Screw you, Fox 7 - Austin!


shameless try for more replies

"I'm going to kill you Melvin...Kill you I say..."

Where are you Gray Warrior?

10 minutes to Desperate Housewives

Classic TV moment: Archie Bunker gives eulogy at Stretch's funeral!

It's Wine Night! Who else is knocking back a few?

Someone yet again more talented than me with

How much does the Lounge affect the mods?

The hand cranked victrola is singing Hallelujah

How much does the Lounge affect your MEDS?

Ramsey is like the most awesome person here at DU

fun game

Who would be least electable in a Red State?

I ran across this quote when I was researching quotes with "alley" in

Just finished watching "X-Men 2" on the FX channel (Possible spoilers)

Shelley Winter fans.... turn on TCM.

That's It. I'm Leaving DU.

Orange Juice and Ginger cookies?

Anyone watching the History Channel?

Anyone Just See "West Wing" Tonight?

24 *spoiler*

Animal House vs Caddyshack?

The Community of Laundry:

So, watching "Walk The Line" - if Johnny Cash used to admit to using

Is anyone watching the Tom Selleck movie on CBS right now?

USC Cheerleader Farks

Welcome to Seattle, Panthers....sorry to rain on your parade

Your favorite All in the Family episode...

David Chappelle is now my favorite comic.

Superbowl XL

Does anyone remember Blue Cheer, summer of '69?

(vanity pics inside)

Official Brown Tabby Appreciation Thread # 1 (pix!)

Memories of My Melancholy Whores....

Bringing a used book to an author signing?

"Old and In The Way" with Jerry Garcia. Ever hear of them?

I want a blog site

My wife's Birthday is tomorrow...I'm baking a cake

I'm looking for KitchenWitch! Anybody seen her?

From now on, when your telephone rings, . . .

My secret plan for Republicans

Which avatar is cooler?

How's GD and GD:P looking for everyone right now?

An open "thank you" to....whomever.

Not medical advise, just wondering about something.

How do you say "do I know you from somewhere?"

tequila & tabasco - my nephew had half a shot, and . . .

What is the story of your DU SHAME?

Okay, DU men, answer me this poll!

Use your nick to create a movie title that describe what you WISH

"Think fast, Malkovich!!"

Some computer buying advice, please?

How much does the Lounge affect your mood?

Does Serta make a mattress with a forearm rest?

My memory/concentration difficulties.

Hey you pinko liberals! Get a job!!

Shirley Booth's family says she would have backed Bush's

Help! My husband's become a big dork!

my newest painting....

Anyone else have an Aladdin lamp?


I'm fricking freezing!

My 15 year old son's favorite band is Slipknot. Should I worry?

Ships. My pics from the Waterfront. Dial - up warning.

Worst Pick Up lines EVER top these:

Official "COLTS AND PATS LOSE" Celebration Thread!

Do you respect people with more extreme views than your own?

Broncos, Steelers, and the AFC Championship

Gene Variant Increases Risk for Diabetes, NY Times, 1/16/2006

A return to the orangey world (BBC) (Is a Titan rover in the cards?)

Why are these frogs croaking ? (Time)

Recruits needed to sift stardust (BBC)

VA. Del. David Englin on the marriage amendment - GREAT READ!

Cautious Optimism Washington Gay Rights Bill Will Pass

The Mannings Are Cursed

JVS, Bill McBlue,Rambo Liberal,carolinalady,beware beastman

Win and Indy loss makes Broncos the new Super Bowl favorites

...and that's why I didn't get my hopes up about the Bears.

So if I were friesianrider...

Quick! Was Carolina the #6 NFC seed?

Photo gallery (LOL!)

Catholic Bishops weigh in on Iraq policy

Sen. Kerry in Pakistan

More Fun for Kerrycrats....see what Google thinks of JK and Bsh.

I'm in the mood for ...MACRO!

This is what I inherited today:

Hey, man, we're just having lighthearted fun here!

What will a rulling against Roe really do.

AP: Cronkite: Time for U.S. to Leave Iraq

Classic Rock finds a Home in Iran

Do they really believe this stuff!

You'll never guess! - Murtha's on 60 Minutes

Murtha up on 60 Minutes, CBS, 6pmCT. nt

Hey, did you know Jack Murtha's on '60 Minutes'?

24 is back -->>

I hate Nazis.

A re-write on the story posted ealier titled "The Filling Station"

What do you call a Trojan Horse with Trojan Horse written on

The Singularity Is Near

Why are these frogs croaking ? (Time)

Alito won't always be a rubber stamp for the executive branch


Cronkite: Time for U.S. to Leave Iraq NOW

Every internet post is international,NSA has recorded it it.

anyone know how to reach studs terkel?

Feingold on CSPAN right now

A progressive

If we blocked Scalito would we get a better nominee?

Philabuster schmilabuster.

USA Today editorial: A Hero Scorned

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

So Now The Rightwing Freaks Are Attacking MURTHA'S Purple Hearts

Santa Claus Backs Domestic Spying Program

CSPAN: Reid and Salazar on Honesty in Government, coming up now

My Military Exp.

So When does Shrubya use the Bird Flu Trick....

Hey DU, if we had the votes we would Filibuster

The Republicans just wanted it more (re:Scalito)

Anybody watching read on "Road to the White House"?

'Bush I's failure to get Saddam in the Gulf War cost him re-election'

Iraq could have been "won" with shovels & need for guns

Bush's Favorite Myth (devastating piece in the Los Angeles Times}

Heads Up: Wesley Clark will be on Fox News tomorrow at 10 a.m (EST)

Oh darn, the #2 they thought they killed was actually not killed!

Housing bubble?

Ney to Temporarily Cede House Panel Chair

NYTimes subscribers: Has Paul Krugman

Link TV is having a round-table discussion now regarding the

Blue state/Red State is BS

ZOGBY POLL: Bush job approval dips again to 39%

Woman's Breast self exam BSE...just got easier

Jeb Bush may be responsible for bringing out the Dem vote in 2006.

The WP blog is going nuts over Howell's error

What is going on in Florida these days?

Bremer to Larry Johnson in 2003: Doesn't matter, we're going to war anyway

Just saw "Munich," which left me with a very uneasy feeling...

McCain is scaring me

Has the Dem Leadership asked Gore to call for Impeachment?

Ashcroft is baaaak...Why are we surprised

It's time to name the countries that have or have had a female president

Pickles is now dispensing advice re: Constitutional Law?

Dems Appoint Ethically Challenged Dem

Barney, Bush Family Dog, Backs Domestic Spying Program

Bush to create new category of crime "disruptive behavior."

Late night CSPAN - Kaine's inauguration coming up

West Wing in 5 minutes

22 percent of respondents polled said they would vote for DeLay

There must be Memorial Services daily for Iraqi killed soldiers.

$$$ FOR IRAQ GONE-US Promoting "Tough Love" Reconstruction

DU Marines.... check a real gunny out

Rainbow Warrior. Just because.

Democrats Sat on Al Jazeera Memo, Guardian Buried Lead

Reid repeating......Abramoff gave NO money to Democrats-On CSPAN now

Police killing of an emotionally disturbed teenager of 15. Any thoughts?

Is "gay" becoming a derogatory term among young people again?

Stopping Scalito is Important but...

Paranoid about the "Unitary Executive" questions at Alito

So is God punishing Oklahoma for electing Tom Coburn to

"Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World"--Funny idea, or not really?

2006: An excessively optimistic look ahead

Murtha's on 60 minutes;

What will happen if Alito nomination is defeated? History has an answer.

In Ga., Abramoff Scandal Threatens (Ralph Reed) a Political Ascendancy

Fundies Say the Darnedest Things!

Since when is landslide a verb?

Do they have school vouchers in Europe?

Isn't this the perfect time for the DU activist corps?

Tonight's Boondocks is BRILLIANT

Health insurance higher than taxes

Will Gore call for * to be impeached tomorrow?

I Have A Dream

Two Ohio churches accused of violating nonprofit status by supporting

Law Professor's Blog Skewers Alito

US Troops Kidnap Journalist Investigating Iraqi $Millions$ Our Govt. Stole

Chandra Levy--talk about a blast from the past!

YAHOO is tracking what you are doing and every site you visit

Labour MPs leaked Bush's proposal to bomb al-Jazeera

Ever hear of this guy?

Any takers? Ah, come on, give it a try . . .

Is there a class Republicans take in college

MURTHA: "The most isolated president that I’ve served with"

Your favorite MLK quote

Iran is not a threat to the United States.

How do Democrats split the 39% who approve of Bush?

Dear Gov. Dean -- Amplifying awareness of the Bush regime’s mendacity …

We need a new protest strategy.

VA. Del. David Englin on the marriage amendment - GREAT READ!

MURTHA: War "It sears the soul"

Ladies and Gentlemen.. I have a plan for the 'House Majority Leader'..

Murtha for President.

Need DU help in responding to this RW argument:

The myth that shapes Bush's world

Proposal for a New DU Group: LTTE

Dropped thread

Laura Bush Backs Domestic Spying Program

The Imperial Presidency at Work

All these calls to reactivate the Activist corps

The framers of our Constitution feared executive power run amok

GOP Lobbying Reform IS A SHAM! Alito is why.

America can't win Bush's war on terror by sending billions$ abroad for oil

get it here -Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News for Sunday 01/15/06

Murtha tonight (Troop Withdrawal)...Gore tomorrow(Constitutional Crisis)

I saw the cover of American Conservative Magazine in the bookstore...

Let's call him what he is: Judge Sam Alapdog

State Democratic chairman sees Montana as player in '08

Is Bush the Anti Christ?

should republicans impeach bush?

WP: Still Seeking a Fair Vote (MLK, Delay's TX redistricting, Sup Crt)

So, how's Diebold doing these days?

Did anyone see Bremer on MTP today?

Laura's spoken out on spying. Choose her next topic.

What if this Bush Farce is all about "PETRO DOLLARS?" What If

Democratic leaders see little hope of holding off the tide(WTF giving up?)


precisely why George Bush wants hearings on domestic spying

Let's talk Politics....

What will happen if Alito nomination is defeated? History has an answer

The Divided States of America

Easy form to email your Senators against Samuel Alito

Delete, please

Santorum's War: Senator wants to downplay the casualties

Dr. King got it: Poverty isn't all black - or white

Santorum's War: Senator wants to downplay casualties

10 Things Martin Luther King Would have Done about Iraq (Juan Cole)

Miller sees 'assault' on leaks


Dupe -- Please Remove

Bush's Turn to Health Care

A tribute to Dr. King......

Tears of a Neocon

Racial Profiling in Public Schools


'We the People' Must Save Our Constitution- Al Gore 6/16/05

A Decade After His Death, Mitterrand Still Reigns

Self-Delete - nt

Republican propaganda churches reported to the IRS in Ohio

self deletd

Santorum's war / The senator wants to downplay the casualties

call 'Americans to account when we didn`t live up to our ideals.'--needs

Soldiers Ordered To Choose Between Armor and Death Benefits?

For Senate Democrats, a last stand on Alito

Blunt Falsely Denies Paying Hundreds of Thousands to Abramoff Firm

You Approve of Domestic Spying? - Then Start With Skull & Bones!

For Pres, Final Say on Bill Sometimes Comes After Signing (can ignore law)

Larry Johnson---The Arrogance and Hubris of Jerry Bremer

Environment in crisis: 'We are past the point of no return'

RNC trying to make Gore/Dems weak on terror:==RNC response to Gore.

Bush Has Crossed the Rubicon

BBC News says Venezuela's price controls on food are causing shortages.

EPA tries to ease chemical disclosure rules

Put a tiger in your think tank

Kunstler: Speech at PetroCollapse in New York City

Car firms and investors greet UK biofuel

Environment in Crisis: We Are Past the Pt. of No Return: J. Lovelock

Faction fights make mockery of peace as Hamas goes political

Top Jewish group 'terror' apology

Sources: PM sought deal with PA on evacuating 20 settlements

The Next Path for Israel/Palestine

Government urged to ban Galloway's Big Brother charity

Court acquits 'Hilltop youth' leader accused of assault

Court refuses Pollard prisoner of Zion status

Saleh Kamel, Terrorism, Abramoff & Money Laundering

Anyone hear of this?

AMEC Destroys Evidence in WTC Cleanup Scam: Conspiracy?

Voter Verified Paper Ballots, or VVPB

Linux News Forge: "Advocates Urge Adherence to NC Voting Code Law"

Evangelical churches accused of illegal political activities

Gore speech on executive powers repeats on C-span 8PM EST

CT: Finally, great advice from a consultant to a state board!!!

Senate and Citizens: Save Our Constitution

OMG!!!!!!ER DUers PM me! I need your best stuff regarding Warren County...

Election Center: The Fox Guarding the Henhouse Updated

OMG. This is the problem we face!

New Method for Flagging Vote Miscount Released

I'll be in Santa Monica in 2 weeks

Vilsack - no friend to open records - DM Register

When you are working on planks tonight, don't forget voting reform

Activists protesting caucuses on King holiday

Who's contributed to Deval Patrick's run for MA governor?

general computer speaker question

need some advice about windows millineum and Compuserve

Looking for good way to map keys in windows XP

Rep. Sherrod Brown: Put Martin Luther King on the Ballot this November

"GOP Disarray","stunning blow"-Heimlich maneuvers off Petro ticket

Evangelical churches accused of illegal political activities

For Time Warner Cable/Houston residents:

Best practices for food storage - where can I find information?

I want to scream at the Liberals I see on TV "For God's sake answer back!"

The real reason Harper wants to be Prime Minister

African Union under pressure over Sudan

Afghanistan: Fatal Taliban bombing targets Canada convoy (3 dead)

Bush's Turn to Health Care

Chile Elects First Female Leader (Bachelet wins!)

Republican urged to stand aside over lobbying

Bolivia's populist president takes up the challenge of government

US army sending MPs to help train Iraqi police

Bolivian president-elect to meet US delegation

Specter Remains Doubtful of Spy Program's Legality (impeachment possible)

High School Journalist Bust Sex Offender

CNN: New leader's pledge: Unite Liberia (Africa's 1st elected female pres)

Suicide Attack Kills 20 in Afghanistan

WP: U.S. Deflects Criticism Of Commitment to U.N. (human rights council)

Foe sees DeLay as being beatable

LAT/AP: U.S., Other Nations Meet to Discuss Iran

Blunt: Another DeLay?

WT: Laura fires back at critics (of husband's anti-AIDS programs)

'Brokeback' Is Favorite at Golden Globes

US helicopter shot down in Iraq, two pilots killed

Wounded bomb-dog handler from McKean County adopts her dog

LAT: Grizzlies May Lose Protection

U.S. Clonaid offers Hwang a job

Midnight execution looms

US helicopter down in Iraq (new one I think)

Iraq court names replacement for Saddam Judge

Gore Speech Incredible, Fantastic, Wonderful, Great...

Mayor demands action in King's memory

For Pres, Final Say on Bill Sometimes Comes After Signing (can ignore law)

AP: Ethics committees still won't commit to action

U.S. officials do not dismiss military option for Iran

At least 26 dead in Afghan bombings

EU3 start move to refer Iran to UN Security Council

Poll: Concerns Shift From Economy to War

Gore's speech made yahoo news. Please rate it up.

C-SPAN Debating Whether to Rebroadcast Gore's Speech

Mexico Moves to Renovate its Navy

GOP Hopes Ney Removal Will Aid Reform

Saddam cash scandal puts heat on PM (John Howard)

Massive protests over Zawahiri attack (US attack on Pakistan town)

UPI: Lobbyist oversight law ineffective

Rice rules out 2008 run for president

Turkey kills 764,000 birds to control avian flu

99% of Iraq election votes valid

Bush views Emancipation Proclamation

Cheney starts Mideast tour

Gold set for another bounce (1/16/06 - currently @ $561 oz)

Big Security Council Members Agree on Iran

Evangelical churches accused of illegal political activities

AP: Gore Assails Domestic Wiretapping Program

Senior physician: PM could be declared as being in vegetative state

Ford to workers: Share a new idea

Many on Miss. Coast Feel Overshadowed

All signs point to a Tory election victory (Canada)

22-year-old's body found near Conrad Black's Florida estate

Aging California Inmate Set for Execution

CNN banned in Iran for translation gaffe

Iran issues stark warning on oil price

U.S. helicopter shot down in Iraq - witnesses

NYT: Michael Dell Should Eat His Words, Apple Chief Suggests

Austria must return 'Nazi-theft' Klimts

Chávez hits back at cardinal's 'dictator' criticism

New Orleans Mayor Says God Mad at U.S.

Why You Should Always Think Before You Speak

Beetle Bailey Appreciation Thread

Local TV news and poor wording in their stories.

How can a conservative enjoy All in the Family?

Doesn't this guy look like Brother Cadfael?

What's that movie where Owen Wilson playes the "charming", mugging doofus?

One of my recent posts below got me thinking...

Does anyone remember Disney's The Black Cauldron?

Riding the Superconducting Maglev Train - Video

"How Funky is your Chicken,

Dude... David Palmer... no way... no freakin' way...

Goodnight everybody!

If your post count is over 5000, it means you're mole.

We need an Izumi Curtis thread

We need an Isuzu Joe thread

Anyone Remeber my Infamous Capitalism Thread in GD?

Elk Burger and Fontina Cheese

Arnie's busted lip.....Photo after motorcycle accident with no license.

Romantic Moves - what are the best?

If your post count is below 5000, it means you're trollllllll ....... Did

It's always refreshing to see young, attractive females at a political

Well, DU, I'm going to bed

In tennis, you want to avoid getting "love"

Check it out! It's Jean Claude Van Damme!

Look out Little Puppy.. Part 1


We Don't Need Another Hero

Good Monday Morning, Everyone!

"gangster octupus"

Road Trip: Day 4. Handcuffs and Chickboxing.

We need a Tony Curtis thread.

Happy Birthday - United Kingdom.

How much does GD affect your mood?

Medical advice thread: where can I get a cheap eye exam?

Spider nests in ear

Judge Orders Racist White Man To Attend Black Church

WOW! REAL work at home jobs

Anyone know how to raise the hood of a 1982 Peugot 505 STI

The time has come the Walrus said to talk of many things:

can someone please explain to me the need for co-workers to constantly yak

What should matcom wear to his big lunch?

Stress Break: Holiday Feast with Bush Family

this is a thread for angry lesbian bartenders

I learned something this weekend.

For the guys (and some gals) Women of West Wing. Dialup warn

Does anyone know any Democratic Campaign Design Firms?

THIS is why I had kids!

There is a wrapped up mommy on TV

A weekend in the mountains (some pics)

Man Bit Off Part Of Girlfriend's Face And Spit It Out On Sidewalk

Peanut’s big day — a party fit for a ... cat!

The greatest TV talent show audion ever

What should Mrs. Matcom wear to lunch today? (dialup warning)

Timing is everything

'Brokeback' Is Favorite at Golden Globes

We need an Ian Curtis thread

Annual Neologism contest by Washington Post...

does exercise before alcohol make inebriation occur more easily?

Prayers, good thoughts, vibes, virgin sacrifice, etc, please

is there a yiddish word for "rollerskating kung fu hookers?"

Computer question?

Calling Swamp Rat!

Whither "Scalito".....?

i got this really awesome pitch for a teevee pilot

I am going to hell in a handbasket - anyone want to come along?

A local store is selling vegemite. Just thought I'd let everyone know ....

'Whiplash' the Cowboy Monkey

Anyone know a Yiddish word that roughly translates to Pshaw! Phooey!

It's so hard for me now

I just paid $1,152.31 on a prescription.. ask me anything.

my coffee tastes like crack . . .

Bush crushes black man with cotton press

Any other "lost jews" out there?

Mr. Fuk King Kwok, Ms. Porn & Ms. Pinas.

sniffa's sex Life - sunday's recap

Does anyone know a Hindi word that roughly translates to "pajamas"?

Masturbating with both hands. Sorry to go onan on about this...

Another day, another crazy Tom Cruise story.

My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

I just resigned from my job

Is today a federal (post office) holiday?

Maybe it's me but Cruise is gonna take that kid from Katie

Ripped coat leads to thief's downfall

8 hour work day - does that include lunch or not???

Britney Spears: The icon of style and grace of this generation

"Living Will" (joke).....

*snort* Could this thread survive in the lounge?

Does anyone know a Sumerian word that translates to "abyss"?

Finally got my first nomination!

Dishwasher - hot, lukeworm or cold?

MLK @ google

Janet Jackson...Janet, Janet, JANET...what the HELL happened to you?

So DS1, Mrs Matcom & I Are Having Lunch Today At A Local Restaurant

Happiness is hearing Flipper on the radio in the morning.

Does anyone know an Irish word that translates approximately to "claymore"

Did anyone see "The L Word" tonight? (possible spoilers)

XemaSab, are you still up? I have a dirty surprise for you!

Does anyone know a DU word that translates roughly to "Make it stop"?

Next Star Trek series?

I'm going to be a tv widower tonight

Bush Declares Emancipation Proclamation "just a piece of paper" on MLK day

If Nick Harper had not been stabbed in the knee by his wife the night...

Three Dog Night Discussion thread - Joy to the World.

Is pregnancy in and of itself a disability?

What a depressing day...I'm such a fool...I should be kicked

How can I shut down the jmowreader Nature Preserve?

I am pissed that Fox killed president Wayne Palmer

Woman Gets Tattoo Of Favorite Pizza Place On Her Arm - Gets Free Pizza

I have a fat nip

8-hour workday: How many hours of DU does that include?

I just spoke with a guy in Alabama and I swear he wasn't speakin English

Asshole who cut me off on I-480 today had a Kerry sticker.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/16/06)

Worst standup comic

Anyone here ever go to sundae school?

Did anyone watch the MLK episode of the Boondocks last night?

BWAHAHA! I just caught the tail end of The Weakest Link on GSN...

Effing 70s Ear-Worm...

Ever buy a book that tells you to go to a webpage...

WHAT A @#*%ing day.

I emailed the school newspaper from my old high school

Do you get today off work?

My Twin Granddaughters turn the Big "3"......

Southlandshari is mine. To have her you must KILL ME FIRST!!!!

*** Follow-up interview on Friday!! Huzzah!!!! ***

I'm having my own personal Friday the 13th today.

Posting replies....

How come nobody ever talks about their personal relationship with Satan?

Does anyone know an Arabic word that roughly translates to "algebra"?

Damnit, I'm tired of this now. *Whimper, whimper.* (long rant)

How do you post a reply to a thread?

Cow Escapes Slaughter

Damn. Now here is a very, very goodlooking man

There's a strong possibility that George Bush is made of crap.

Help us with AOL poll on Gore's speech

"We have to stop the war, Dick! Some children have been LEFT BEHIND!"

There's a strong possibility that Pierce Brosnan is full of CRAP.

Today at work, I used a camera:

I took my kids with me to the University Bookstore to get my textbooks

What is the hardest word to type?

WoooHooo for occasional and rare new avatars :P

Gripe about coupons...

What tv show did you love but got tired of, or grew to hate...?

Preferred Enucleation Implement?

Today at work, I used a chimera.

Fired professor says he just pretended to be a Nazi

What's the difference between mildew and mold?

Post your Ole and Lena jokes here:

I am calling out Zombywoof!!

Monday morning "Post your desktop" thread (64K warning)


Does anyone know a Norwegian word that translates roughly to "uffda"?

Good lord I feel old-- Super Mario 64 was released almost 10 years ago

Hey kids! Looking for something fun to do today??

Make an anagram of your username

wow...sometimes the simplest scams are the most effective

Recipes, PLEASE! Start with a 3.11 lb. Beef Rib Eye Roast, bone in!

You know whats tedious and obnoxious?

Oh no, I think I did a dirty bomb in my pants!

update on my nephew who had half a shot of tequila & tabasco and barfed...

On MLK Day: "I Have A Dream" (video and link to speech in 11 languages)

Hey - RevCheesehead - time to report on your Sunday sermon!

Besides the lounge, what else gives your life meaning and purpose?

Alito Nail.

Georgie's hotmail account.

Any other "loose screws" out there?

Blatant Attention Whoring Ideas

The Password is...

"This Parking Space Reserved For Expectant Mothers."

I have a hot date tonight, ask me anything!

What is the worst sitcom currently on TV?

Nerd dreams die hard-Rubik's Cube solved in 11.13 seconds

"This Parking Space Reserved For Expectorating Motherfuckers"

Columnist Attended Porn Industry Trade Show Dressed Like Elvis

I have a fat lip.

evening earworm

Anyone remember my leaving post mockery thread?

Best standup comic

Idea: A different kind of "Post Your Picture" thread.

Anyone here read Pema Chodron

Asian rationalists in Britain dare tantriks

EMF causes adverse health effects including leukemia

Who got the rocks?

Churches could face IRS probe

Anti-gay issue, GOP: Marriage of convenience

Mixed Messages From New Virginia Governor

Utah State Sen. Pushes Bill To Ban School Gay Clubs

Australian Open Tennis! Warning: Spoiler!

The emerging legend of Bubba Watson

WaPo/Mike Wilbon: "No Colts? No Patriots? No Way!"

NFL: Ref botched the call

The NFL has admitted that Polamalu should have gotten the interception

My cat is in heat and I'm going to have to do "something" about it.....

Need help with getting reinvested in a creative work.


Great stuff!

King scholarship breakfast honors McCain, Kerry and others

Funny numbers

Exclusive JK interview

Reminder: Al Gore speech coming up on Cspan n/t

Ted Kennedy: Last Liberal Standing (includes an appearance by JK)

Statement by JK in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Which of my macros/close ups do you like best?

You guys are all going to hell

the internet RULES

I've been subpoenaed to appear in court

The really tough question about "Able Danger"

Ney (R-corrupt) stepped down from his committee post in the House?

Mad at Feinstein...

WJ this morning question who is the greatest black leader

Republican = Corruption

This will crucify Bush---Gore has got to drive this point home today..

We are NOT screwed, THEY are.

Good bye Detroit Free Press.

Creating The Illusion---What is going on with Alito

The pres saying: 'Well, it's my job to tell you what that power is' (NYT)

Ney-sayer uses DeLay Tactic

Another U.S. helicopter shot down in Iraq

bushitler is a RACIST!

Are we Democrats or Contitutionalists?

Second shooting down of an American aircraft in three days

Ahhh so you're not what you're cracked up to be egh?

Why isn't bush being Swiftboated over his failure to find Osama?

The drone, the CIA and a botched attempt to kill bin Laden's deputy

Do not, under any circumstances, miss the Gore speech today at noon EST

Laura Bush Backs Domestic Spying Program

High School Journalist Bust Sex Offender

What scares you most about the Roberts' court?

MLK speech "Beyond Vietnam" will be aired today

Were you ever bullied when you were a kid?

When's Turd Blossom gonna bloom?

McCain defends botched attack in Pakistan, too bad, so sad, it's war

It's All About Money

Mark Crispin Miller Connects the Dots on Election Problems & Theocracy

I have a suggestion for all U.S. Veterans who post at DU.

McCain declares its okay for us to pay higher gas prices to invade Iran

Check this shit out! Neo-conservative Freeper ice cream returns

Why are some Democrats rude to new members?


VIDEO- Reid on NOT Taking Abramoff Money -This is a Republican scandal

Alaska Airlines ramp accidents force increased scrutiny

Asia Times on China oil deal with Kazakhstan

Best. House Elections Resource. Ever

Pearl, Mississippi...."Brokeback Mountain".....Strange days indeed!

Just saw something very disturbing

Bachelet wins Chilian Presidency

PLAME= IRAN/CONTRA REDUX - Planted WMD from Ghorbanifar & Ledeen.

Wall Street bonuses due to set record

LAT: Why God chose the Jews

MI5 will get new powers to bug MPs - Furious cabinet revolt

AP-Ipsos Poll: Political Leaders as MOST Important Problem has TRIPLED

Remember when you couldn't even say 'impeachment' in public?

I'm sorry Dr. King

The BEST, most comprehensive election theft link, please!

Good! More complaints should be filed against churches like the Ohio ones

Senator Edwards' remarks on Dr. King

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

Major NYT Mag story: living-wage movement achieves successes

I feel like REALLY persecuting fundies and RWers - anyone else?

Bush cancels important global warming research

Eternal Sunshine of The BUSH-less Mind?

The Beltway Boys are complaining about "media bias"

Clearing brush in Crawford vs. Clearing debris in New Orleans

Live Feed C-Span At Noon


Looting Homeland Security- (be prepared to be PISSED)

Six people could save our country tomorrow. Here are the 6:

MARTIN LUTHER KING's LETTER: at once all about God and all about America

And then George was like... and then I was like

Free Language Software

I Have A Dream...Watch This If You Haven't Seen It Before

10 Things Martin Luther King Would have Done about Iraq (Juan Cole)

One-Pager on Polls of American Public on Impeachment

Focced - the movie

Los Angeles, California, Marla Gibbs, who played the maid,

CNN Headline: IRAN - U.S 'Urgent'-----U.K. 'No Rush'

Wanna really piss off some fundie nutjobs?

I started watching and listening to cbs at 6 this morning then

Arrest of British woman linked to the death of 'God's banker'

Wow found an old rant I blogged on a journal

HASTERT Leadership "On the line"? (Chicago Tribune-Front Page)

Wake Up Call: America is Falling to a Revolutionary Power

Rice says world must act fast against Iran - We need the oil

OK, so the Idaho Statesman is a liberal rag

Click me

Great cartoon on responsibility for the mining disaster

Fiery Belafonte focuses on injustice

McCain: U.S. may have to undertake a military strike to deter Iran

What a depressing day...I'm such a fool...I should be kicked

Extorting support--Netherlands threatened by Bremer

Three separate Iraqi groups claim to have shot down the helicopter

HC docu tonight: Lincoln "transcended depression, turned it into light"

So, did we get Zawahiri or not?

Blunt: Another DeLay?

How do I get Stephanie Miller to stream? The Boston Progressive

WSJ: Retired Black Cops Pressure Georgia For Pension Equity

Gore Cspan Speech 1/16/06 thread 3



Are we prebombing Iran yet?

If only everybody had listened to Bob Ney-none of this would have happened

Free parking (at SFO) for wealthy is revoked

Martin Luther King's family says he would call Shirley Booth an idiot!

Looking for Video of Al Sharpton on CNN @ KING DAY

Who's snooping on your email?

Justice Stevens on School Vouchers, do you agree?

The Nation: Dumping Joe Lieberman? ("This man has gone too far.")

Please, leave Mrs. Alito alone

Gore for President!

What country's MSM does the best job for THE PEOPLE?

Gosh I hope someone is recording the Gore speech. It is wonderful.


Gore speaks for all of us, and on CNN, MSNBC, etc

An SFChron poll on "Global Warming"

RawStory's Larisa Alexandrovna on TVNL Radio - Issue Iraq

I'm crying -- it is about time that one of our leaders says

MLK...FREEDOM Thread.Post your favorites

DU This poll

How long does it take to 'discharge' a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?


Happy Martin Luther King/ Civil Rights Day DUers!

It's about time for Al, I wonder if he will call the bushes* out

US protests continue in Pakistan for second straight day

Gore Cspan Speech 1/16/06 thread 4

AL GORE: As Great as the Big Dog, but without the Bimbo ...

This week on The Daily Show

It WILL be blogged. Will it be televised? Gore Speech!

Can't find Al Gore on any C-Span channel.. Whats up? n/t

Is America begging for another "terrorist" attack ?

Tonight's "Boondocks" was a powerful statement on modern America

Adorable little white boys who killed homeless man surrender

the really great thing about Gore's speech?...HE WROTE IT

Please consider sending vice PRESIDENT GORE a Thank You note!

Gore on C-SPAN: 1/16/06 - My STATE OF THE UNION!!

Wounded bomb-dog handler from McKean County adopts her dog

WTF? Now the GOP website is listing these tax-free groups as supporters?

CBS News gaining viewers; some credit Schieffer

So what's happening to take the spotlight off the Gore speech?

How many of you have conservative/repuke children?

What are they saying to him?

Always remember. Martin Luther King was a man of God

Gore Cspan Speech 1/16/06 thread 1

Thousands of Protesters Tear-Gassed After US Airstrike Deaths in Pakistan

President Expects to Use Idiot Defense

Gore Cspan Speech 1/16/06 thread 2


* is going to speak about MLK's legacy?

"Bush is intelligent and interested" vs. "He gets bad info from advisors"

Engineers have qualms about MR-GO work (N.O. Times-Picayune)

So... the "trustworthy" McCain will be the salesman for war with Iran?

Condoleeza Rice is the American Dream.

Its OK now, Laura Bush OKs Domestic Spying.

The DIFFERENCE between Bush and Gore

On MLK Day: "I Have A Dream" (video and link to speech in 11 languages)

Silly freeper gathers list of Bill Clinton quotes to counter Bushisms


Mr. Springer...

My favorite MLK quote...

Now Al will you tell us what the fuck to do? Take to the street with guns


Live blogging the Gore Speech

Guess everyone who watched the speech now knows the danger of the

Abramoff produced movie "Red Scorpion," "fantasia on right-wing themes"

Gore Cspan Speech 1/16/06 thread 5

Great filibustering topics to use on the floor against the Alito vote:

if he were alive today

Domestic spying must be OK, Laura Bush says so

What percentage of oil used in the US is imported? n/t

"the darkness that seems so close around us"

Need a good laugh? Heritage Inst. is trying to say MLK was conservative??!

The Defaming of a War Resister by an embedded journalist

Call to Action...Make the media tell the truth about Al Gores speech.

I need Al Gore's address

1st person story of travels around Chernobyl

A c-span morning...

Welcome to Mars express: only a three hour trip

This is how 2006 is going to play

Shirley Booth's family says she would have backed Bush's

Gore mentioned (briefly) on MSNBC

Al Gore on C-SPAN? What happened?

coming up on MSNB Gore's speech!

I'm sending the text to my reps and sentators

Supreme Court Accountability? Has there every been any?

The people who said they would reinstate the DRAFT just lost

Al Gore's speech coming up on MSNBC at the top of the hour...

Gore's important speech tomorrow....

So, what's the deal with Bob Barr's speech?

I guess Al adequately splained the dangers of the Unitary Ex. Branch egh?

Any change in the new from last Fri re: pre-9/11 NSA spying?

Gore's speech showed us the difference between an American and Bush.

Hey! Bush! You jug-eared miserable prick. The real President

Gore's speech was huge! He has become an excellent speeker

I'm loving Gore's speech and knowing Feinstein is in the audience!

AL GORE! "Do your job congress! Do your job and UPHOLD the constitution"

Not a HINT of Gore speech on CNN webpage. Let's educate them!

Fresh Dubya

Democrats, Progressives, Greens, DLCers, Social Democrats, Democratic ...

Double Dog Dare ya to not support filibuster of Alito NOW!!!

All called the fascist puke America-haters out today.

The President has dared the American people to do something about it.

"I have a dream" speech and basketball coach George Raveling

The way to convice Gore to run--a genuine draft in '08

"The President has been breaking the law repeatedly and consistently."

Where have you been Al Gore and welcome back .

Al Gore called out the Democrats that were briefed by Bush....

Looking for article on Cunningham and other indictments (CBS?)

Why does this website have 2008 at the top? Al change his mind for 2008?

Does some organization have permits to protest the SOTU?

Is Gore reading his speech or is he doing it from memory?

Are there any other Democrats that can speak with the passion of Al Gore?

Gore versus Warner- yesterday I argued with someone after


Thank You Al Gore. Now we have a face and a voice

What would mainstream media do after fall of Bush and GOP?

A once in a lifetime speech

Al Gore speech = the Adult PATRIOTS vs the Bedwetting COWERING rePUKES

Gore Speech Incredible, Fantastic, Wonderful, Great...

Elizabeth Holtzman: The Impeachment of George W. Bush

Here are the e-mails of the listed media sources in usable form:

Gore Assails Domestic Wiretapping Program -- WAPO

Let's Pre-Emptively write the Republican response to Pres. Gore's speech

bush to deliver speech honoring Martin Luther King Jr.---puke alert

Check out this LTTE from a Massachusetts kool-aid drinker

Thoughts on a Clark Gore Alliance in 08?

Will Corporate Media give Gore's speech adequate coverage?

My God, I swear I heard the echoes of our Founding fathers voices

"The People of this Nation ultimately determine its course"....

Al Gore speech video?

When does the speech replay? I missed the beginning!!!!

Gore's speech had better make it into the NYT unabridged.

Gripe about coupons...

Okay Congresscritters. You Have Officially Been SERVED!

Thank you PRESIDENT GORE. Your speech was OUTSTANDING

Dear President Gore

Govt of the special interests, by the special interests, for the special


Iran bars CNN!!!


A few CNN headlines, post Gore's speech..

Gore 08??!? Why are you suggesting waiting?

Do you think Gore won't run in '08 because of Hillary?

Contact the Media and take them to task re:Gore's speech

Not one written word on MSNBC yet

Was Bush on FOX while Gore was giving speech ?

Does anyone have a link to watch the Gore speech again?

Any word from Bob Barr??? I think his intro was important.

I'm in love


In the 90s oil prices were depressed. Was/is * 's war concocted to raise

Baghdad restaurants refuse to serve Iraqi police--fear of getting bombed

GOP website appears to flout law, lists nonprofit groups as supporters

Suggestions wanted. How do we disseminate Gore's speech to

100 of these captives...died... tortured by Executive Branch interrogators

Gore is a Helluva speaker.

Randi needs to be talking about Al Gore's speech.....

Where were you when MLK was assassinated? I remember it like yesterday.

We need a real patriot inside this admin to come forth with proof that

Drudge has a transcript of Gore's speech

Sahitya Akademi Award: Arundhati Roy Rejects Honor

An interesting fact on Alito!

The subtlety in Gore's speech

TX newspaper: "America's reluctance to embrace the King holiday"

Golden Globes Tonight - Will Rightwing Heads Explode All Over The Country?

Bush/media/EU using MLK day for a big push for Iran War?

So what REALLY happened with Bob Barr.

Has the DNC issued a statement in regards to Gore's Speech?

No mention of Gores speech on Democrats web

Excerpts of Gore's speech.

Has Randi mentioned the Gore speech yet?

Can I email an audio file of the speech to my friends?

Notice Gore didn't have a set up Military audience to clap for him

VIDEO Clip "The President is Breaking the Law"

California to execute blind deaf man they revived from death.

Why isn't Jazz owner under fire? (Brokeback)

The reason the MSM didn't and won't cover Gore's speech is that

I can't believe I'm sitting here sobbing!

Randi: Times have changed. Lynching's out; Diebold's in."

Gore: The president's a crook and his supporters are...

A little something for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Why was Barr canceled at the last minute?

Gore can do MORE good outside the Beltway

PHOTO: Winning hearts and minds.

"Follow the evidence wherever it leads" - IMPEACHMENT

Get out your umbrellas DU. Time to sprinkle on the Gore Parade.

Welcome to Reagan's legacy - better have at least 3 credit cards!

Yahoo: Gore Assails Domestic Wiretapping Program

My handwritten letter to Al Gore


2220 Reasons why the DSM is Important

RNC response to Gore's speech

Gore's speech and our actions

American helicopters in Iraq are never "shot down".

Al Gore is coming on now. c-span1

shower alert...(shudder)... freeper response

The Singularity Is Near, C-SPAN2, 4pm

I might be the only person here who didn't know this...

RNC Response to Today's Speech by Al Gore...

I missed gore's statement about authorizing Gulf of Tonkin

How can any real American disagree with a single thing Gore said?

If Al Runs in 08, there is one thing he must correct

Whats with the high traffic levels? I thought everyone here was leaving.

Think: Bush directing the NSA to spy on and data mine U.S. Citizens.

Family declares victory in kilt dispute (Nathan Warmack)


Fired up!


Did anyone watch the Civil Rights Forums on CSpan today?

Alito: An open letter to Democratic leaders

Did Gore mention the "incompetence"?

Is their goal total isolation?

Two helicopters shot down in three days...? Is there a pattern ?

AP on Gore

I don't know about you, I ain't going to study war anymore."MLK

Does anyone have a link to video of Al's speech??


How do you keep Bush from continuing to break the law....?

"Reuters' Bush's man" Toby writes the story on Gore Speech for reuters

There must be no criticism of the President

Interesting read in the Pasadena Star news...

The contrast between Bush's speech today and Gore's is astonishing

For Al... (photo)

Is Gore even running again?

No namby pamby beating around the bush...Gores speech went straight to the

Tell Network/Cable TV to cover Gore speech.. ** Contact info here**

Up next on CNN: Hear Gore Roar.

What methods of fighting back to we have as US Citizens?

Tell freepers it's okay to jump off the bandwagon

Can you hear that "scraaaape" noise?

Assuming Gore Is Right RE Constitutional Crisis

We had a dream, what the hell happened?

Place your bets - What will Tweety have to say?

c-span book-TV "The Day Dixie Died"..on MLK Day..bah!

Are The Telcos that Collaberated in Spying Being SUED Yet?

Did Al Gore speak with the "blessing" of the DNC/Democratic Party today?

What does Martin Luther King mean to you?

Here's one for Randi, Booby trapped homeland security

Remember that Bob Barr joined the ACLU

Blitzer: "It's Gore v. Bush all over again!"

Call To Action: Email CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, the DNC.

It's time to put up or shut up....

I don't "Get" Federal Holidays.

Gore speech is the most important political speech

C-SPAN Debating Whether to Rebroadcast Gore's Speech

Concrete Step re Gore Speech: How can I distribute free DVDs?

The lack of media coverage or comment is proof of what Gore said --

Cheney cheered wherever he goes (according to him)....

Fight for your freedom to be jobless, homeless and poor...

The power of empowerment - DU can do it

Google Top News stories - Gore's speech

Blitzer claims Ashcroft signed off on the NSA program

A difference between night and day

Ken Melman, Chairman of the RNC, just broke a record

I'm watching this heartbreaking story about Tulia, Texas

Gore's speech made yahoo news. Please rate it up.

Anyone else feel pumped after Gore's speech?

It's a Beautiful Day

DU CSPAN - Recommend

Powerful words from ML King on Economic Justice


L(iar) Paul Bremer on NPR tomorrow 1-800-433-8850

W talks about the environment global warming & penguins!

Suggestions for CD compilation including Gore's speech?

"Gore Assails Domestic Wiretapping Program" GREAT article!

Reality Check: Gore, RE 2008 - "No really means NO."

"Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King".....

MLK day with Gore and Lincoln

Martin Luther King Jr. being attacked today via Wikipedia!

Has Will Pitt chimed in on today's Gore Speech?

Was the President truthful--Tweety asks just now--report on snooping.

Bush decried "Jim Crow" laws in his MLK speech when GOP has systematically

Smirky's remarks on MLK Birthday

Advance Analysis of Gore's Historic Speech!

Called NBC today, guy told me Gore's speech was piped into the newsroom

Irish Bookmakers Odds on Gore to win in 2008

MSNBC to discuss Gore and speech -coming up NOW

Nukes: US - Yes. Iran - No

Has Randi mentioned Gore's speech yet?

If we are truly dealing with an Imperial Presidency,

I missed Gore's speech. I have ONE burning question.

So. 52% want bush impeached if he spied illegally, huh?

Thanks bpilgrim and other DUers who responded to my LTTE-I'm proud of ya

Eerily prescient speech: Senator Al Gore to the Center for National Policy

The Swiftboating of a courageous Iraq War Veteran


"I call upon Democratic and Republican members of Congress"

Does this part of Gore's speech leave any doubt who was behind

Tweety discussing Gore now n/t

Attn Parents! Abramoff Stink Extends To Media (marketing in schools)

Would we retaliate if cruise missiles landed on St Louis?? or Denver?

Pelosi's Town Hall Meeting Jan 14th on CSPAN now..

Bush rips right wing nuts who claim all are equal in America...

When is my President's speech being rebroadcast?

tweety: "What did the Iraqis want, the US to give them Breakfast in bed"?

Cable,MSM want to talk about everything except Gore and Medicare Rx

Hey shrub that's how you use the word!!! You idiot!!!

Taking Stock Advice from a Guy with a Snake on His Face

VIDEO- Reaction to Gore Speech-Mehlman-Schneider

You don’t have to commemorate Martin Luther King’s birthday.

It does not show that Gore will be rebroadcast dammit!

A shout-out to Bob Barr and Arlen Specter --

VIDEO-Bush Broke the Law-compilation

Screw You Steve McMahon

Forget 2008. It's 2006 that counts.

Gore/Obama in 08

Laura Bush wants to Bug You

nbc ran the Gore speech fairly early 6:38 or so and ran the

Anybody here seen my old friend Martin?

Al Gore: "Ich bin ein DU'er! "

Thanks for a most enjoyable afternoon

Gore speech printable transcript @Truthout

Does anybody else have trouble with the CSPAN feed of Gore's speech?

NBC evening news just showed a clip of Gore- any other MSM coverage?

Al Gore repeat 8 PM on CSpan

Is Ken Starr available to be a Special Prosecuter?

If YOU aren't proud to be a member of the Democratic Party today

Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home

Commentary on Gore

Zogby Poll: 52% favor impeaching Bush over unlawful wiretaps

What the Freepers are saying....

Gore Speech – Thread Compilation

Monday Humor

Though The CSM Is Not Doing The Gore Speech Justice Yet, There Is Another

cnn just gave a good report on gore speech. donna Brazile later on

FEMA criticized for Oklahoma fire aid (not returning phone calls)

Brokebank Moutain

Shut up, Tweety

The Dark "What If".

has bob barr turned up yet?

Yikes, read the freeper's idiocy (er, insight) into Gore's speech.

To get out Al's speech..., my idea

Recent Coulter article is a hoot and a holler

No Gore on ABC News so far -- the other networks? n/t

I have a question for all the RW lurkers:

countering the republican tactic of derailing serious discussion

Jan 16 - Specter says he will seek impeachment


RNC Chrmn. Ken Mehlman: 'Gore desperately trying to get attention'

IF people could be LOGICAL about Mrs. Alito instead of EMOTIONAL

"Give us the Ballot"

Do any old people LIKE Bush's prescription drug plan?

Pretend for a moment that 9/11 never happened...

Did you check Google today? Great MLK opening page.

Mrs. Alito, the Crying Game, Creative Response Concepts, Viacom, & CBS

Oh Gods. CNN gave about 10 seconds to an excerpt from Gore and...

Gore accuses Bush of breaking the law - Rank this story!

Who speaks for Democrats? Gore (steps into vacuum)- on cnn NOW.

McCain DEFENDS bombing raid: "Sorry, but it's a war on terror."

Clark Video 1/16: Fatalistic on Iran as he reminds Bridget the ex-traffic

Scathing: George Bush: Protected by Raw, Naked Power

08 Presidential Preference Post Gore Speech

Are we THAT desperate?

None of the Paid Republican Pundits are gonna address the Gore speech

Don't worry about the media dispersing Gore's message...

NO DU'er who IS truly a DU'er should MISS Al Gore's Speech!

Does anyone remember what Richard Nixon was saying

The Martin Luther King You Don’t See on TV

War Waged Without Obligation

Gore layed out a 5 point plan to fight with

which Gore ticket do you like?

Gore Clealand in 08?

Which of these Scenerios would be your favorite? Gore/? '08

Why doesn't Bill Clinton speak out with similar force--the way Gore does?

w8lftldy made a difference in her LTTE--look at this response

You're either with the Constitution, or against the Constitution.

The birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. . . .

Just got back from a political debate - the biggest Douchebag EVER

Do you remember Bush's visit to the King Center last year?

Is Gore's use of federalist 73 common?

Gore Cspan Speech 1/16/06 thread 6

President Albert Gore

As someone highly sceptical of all politicians..Al Gore for president.

Please DU This MSNBC Poll - Should Bu$h Be Impeached?...

Anyone recall '70's codification of laws. One Nixonian, one not?

Hmmm...Gore? Bush? Gore? Bush? Gore? Bush? Ya know....

I think I know why dems have been losing..........


Brad Blog: Sibel Edmonds Lauds Gore Speech, Calls for New Whistleblower


Just found this re-elect Gore 2008 bumper sticker - I MUST HAVE IT!

How has media reported every significant Dem speech of the last 5 yrs.?

Senator Al Gore and Ollie North

The Iraqi chickens have fully come to roost

Gore's POWERFUL Constitutional Crisis speech ---------------- > mp3

please post links here to view and/or listen to Gore's speech today

Did DU go down for anyone else?

Thank God that 76 year old man in the wheelchair is not going to make

DU this AOL poll re Gore - NEEDS HELP NOW!!!!!!

Gore with a poll on AOL..

It's go time folks, why don't we use a common puke tactic against them?

Isn't today the day the democrats do their hearing on the NSA deal? story on Gore speech. Click on link to boost traffic.

CNN misquotes Iran leader........I want to know why!

Text of Gore speech here

VIDEOS of Gore on CanOFun

Where do you fall on school vouchers or school choice?

Who thinks Iran is a threat to anyone?

Ya Know That Feeling Of Inspiration and Motivation You Got Right Now? Well

OMG...did Gore look and sound PRESIDENTIAL today OR WHAT!?

Vanity Fair - Mr. Fitz Goes To Washington

Sometimes I feel alienated on DU

Is There A Secular Religion Here in The US? If So What Is It?

Anyone Think Al Gore can Win the Presidency ------ Again?

ACLU's Washington Post ad on Bush's illegal spying against Americans



10 Things Martin Luther King Would have Done about Iraq -- Juan Cole

Chimpy is speechifying now

****Letters to the Editor campaign

Prediction: The Grand Compromise will be a Censure of the President

New Poll: Only 39% Favor Confirming Alito for SC

The FReepers "celebrate" MLK day. A chilling reminder, as usual.

Under the Law, Bush could be eligible for the death penalty

Absolute Must Read! About NOLA- "The Day the Music Died"

We need 50,000 letters (NOT EMAILS) to Pres Gore... RUN AL RUN!

Sorry, but Ray Nagin is an idiot.

Thanks DU

Which state has the worst Republicans?

U.S. to Iraq on reconstruction: "Dude, you are SO screwed..."

and more tragic election comedy in Ohio

Take Action Now!!! "Say NO To Alito"!!!

Am I the only one here pulling for DeLay and Ney to get their parties noms

New Bumper Sticker Idea

Bush & the Limits of Debate (article covers everything)

Do Biden, Schumer, and Kennedy bear any of the Alito blame?


Bush making MLK speech at Georgetown U ?

I hope Ralph Reed get's the repuke nomination in Ga for Lt. governor

McCain: Sorry for bombing you, but this is war on terror. (???)

MLK Day, Judge Sam Alito, and the Death of Conservatism

News Hounds Media Digest # 65

McCain. Iran. Gas Prices. Mix Well And Ignite

Did I miss something... It's been a month since the Iraqi elections

As much as I am saddened by the mining accident in VA

Heck of a job, Marky...Bush helps McClellan's brother with Medicare fiasco

A Zapatista Quote

Pelosi: No oversight, Bush has "disturbingly expansive view" of his power

Are you ready to fight the "war on terror" for the rest of your life?

U.S. frees 500 Iraqis, including two Reuters journalists, held for months

Can't believe this website

OK. This is it -- email Howard Dean: Al Gore '08

what would a BAD week look like?

NEW ZOGBY POLL 53% say IMPEACH! for SPYING on Americans

Bin Laden '04 video : the trick is in the editing.

Time to wake up!

Guilty of Terrorism??? Translator, following defense lawyer's

Is this odd thing I'm feeling . . .

Pile em high and then higher!

Official Al Gore Speech thread - We are all waiting...

Iran Bars CNN Over Translation of Remarks

Ladies and gentlemen THAT'S what a president is supposed to sound like!

Trent Lott to announce tomorrow whether he will seek reelection

Dr. King's speech made just a few days before his death...

Party of Responsibility

Get A Bill Started To Put All Congressmen On Social Security

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/16/06: Dr. King's Legacy

Dick-A-Palooza: Evil Vice President Cheney begins Mideast Tour

Its OK now, Laura Bush OKs Domestic Spying.

Lobbying: The Web Widens (Republican Rep. Bob Ney Loves Iran)

If a Gore speech falls in a forest, does anyone hear it?

Gore's speech was great ... and it was bi-partisan too

If I were a Democratic Congressman, I would present legislation..

Al Gore Speech Audio

Since everyone is all fired up about the speech today. . .

Visit Gore speech links on news sites

Gore on Yahoo!! Rate it up!!

What do you call someone who has "broken the law"?

What happened to Bob Barr? He was going to intro Gore

DU Yahoo News Story on Gore's Speech

Gore opposes Alito! Support him by supporting a filibuster.

From Conyers' blog, Monday, Jan. 16th:

AP: Gore Assails Domestic Wiretapping Program

Senate returns 10am Wednesday - Menendez swearing in?

Gore on telecommunications firms aiding spying

Iraq, Kerry, the Democrats, the Public

This is another day that will go down in history and for it to happen

Idea..we visit our local FBI office and report bush for his crimes.

King George's Plantation Ownership Society remembers MLK (RNC emailing)

A good way for the Democrats to regain and stay in the majority:

How long would it have taken * to give Gore's speech?

MLK Day Parade in Dallas....guess who was Grand Marshall?

Nay's answer to stepping down as chairman

155 Year Tradition Ends

This will go sailing over my Republican representatives heads.

The campaign against Gore has started (Wolf Blitzer)

Howard Dean @ Ohio Statehouse on Weds Jan 18- 10 AM

I hope Gore's speech was a trial balloon for new and improved Dems...

NY Times on Gore speech

Is Al Gore the one man who could stop

Our Litmus Test: Tell Them FILIBUSTER Alito Or Get Out Of OUR Congress

Gore speech attended by 3,000, say sponsors

another one bites the dust in Abramoff scandal

Who speaks for the Democratic Party?

A tribute to Dr. King......

Laura Bush is irked at us

C-Span Showing Pelosi with Anti-Iraq Protestors Now...It's Great!

Whatever happened to those torture photos the judges ordered released?

A spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, Tracey Schmitt,

Gore speech on executive powers repeats on C-span 8PM EST

Missed Gore's speech! Anyone know when/if it will be replayed?

Inspirational photos of Bush on MLK day: "Let Freedom RING, Stretch..."

Just for snicks and grins.... I went to Fox

Dr. Martin Luther King, we salute you! - today's cartoon

Fear of the "F" word!

As to exit polls and how they can be manipulated to keep people home....

Impeach the big bad president group

What would you have added to Gore's speech?

Pelosi's town hall meeting: a lesson in divide and conquer

Which of our Dem Strategists sent out Steve MacMahon on Tweety tonight

Help me understand the Filibuster

Top U.S. Foreign Aid Official Steps Down (NPR)

Article Found: The US is a Laughing Stock

No Gore on PBS Newshour -- An Hour with NO NEWS!!!

Hilarious misleading yahoo news headline:

Gore doesn't support Alito. What does that remind me of?

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