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Archives: January 14, 2006

Basra: What really happened

Rohrabacher still a friend ( Jack Abramoff)

A question of unlimited powers (Kentucky Post)

Riverbend (Baghdad Burning) recalls friend killed in Jill Carroll snatch

Conason: Alito's ugly association (CAP)

'Divine mission' driving Iran's new leader

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11

Blowing the whistle

The Fed's Money Supply Armament is Underway

Bush defenders use tortured logic BY ANDREW GREELEY

MSNBC alito vote

Max Speaks article on inflation...interesting

New WW analysis of China/India trends- major changes urgent in world econ.

Shin Bet: Palestinian truce main cause for reduced terror

So When Bob Fitrakis Is On Here Tonight @ 9:00

Over the e-transom! Diebold extortion followed by ES&S retribution?

From CA State Senator Bowen: Three LTTEs re: Voting Machines

FITRAKIS CHAT: Here we go!

CA Public Hearing re: HAVA Compliance *** Wednesday, January 18th

Good chance to meet a great congressional candidate (40th CD)

Great News! Gregg Underheim will not run for re-election!

For you beef eaters, what's your very favorite cut of steak,

I was called a Libreal Idoit by a conservative supporter yesterday....

Orchard offers support to Grits

CNN reporting Al-Zawahari (Al Qaeda #2) may be dead

Bush Admin. Launched Secret Smear Campaign Against Murtha...

CNN: bin Laden's # 2 man may have been killed

AP: Martinez to donate funds from embattled congressman to charity

US targeted al Qaeda No. 2 in airstrike: media

Koppel says no to joining Al Jazeera

Investigator believes CIA flouted law in Europe

Guantanamo defence lawyers criticise tribunals

'Divine mission' driving Iran's new leader

Saddam trial judge plans to quit

Shadegg Enters GOP Contest (for Majority leader; Club for Growth endorses)

Ukraine Wants to Produce Own Nuclear Fuel

NYT/AP: Slain Reporter (David Rosenbaum, NYT) Honored at Memorial Service

A columnist backed by Monsanto (fired for taking cash)

`Pentagon Papers' Judge William Byrne Jr. Dies At 75

Audit by Long Beach police finds dozens of shotguns missing

WP:The States Step In As Medicare Falters(SeniorsTurned Away, Overcharged)

Trader Tapes Excluded From Enron Trial

NSA's Web Site Rendered Inaccessible

Kidnapped reporter rescued by chance in Iraq (not Jill Carroll, though)

Cingular Wireless fights back against cellphone record Websites

Blair left in impossible position on war - Clinton

Mass. Homeless Shelter Chief Faces Charges

Spain, Venezuela override US military sales block

Army's rule on funerals straining honor guards

L.A. Mayor: City Is the 'Homeless Capital'

CBS/AP: State Officials Blast EPA Changes

Voter pressure to force Bush to quit Iraq: Murtha

USDA Using Satellites to Monitor Farmers

LAT/AP: Sharon Remains in Coma 9 Days After Stroke

Last Everglades Homesteader Relents, Sells

FDA eases its guidelines for drug testing on humans

USA threats after boycott support (Condi Threatens Norway)

AFP Clinton backs Blair as future UN chief

Total Warning: It is the result of spam, or coming out of a nice cage.

As we go on, we remember.

I Shoulda Used Preparation H

Interesting food going on a friend of mine's family


whoisalhedges is WRONG regarding 'sensual' massage parlors

DU Women: What is the name of your sweet little pussy cat?

Laura's new shirt.

Ten Worst Album Covers ..(Mrs Alito had one?)

Time to play Guess This Classic Film Star Beauty again.

Since when does American Movie Classics have @(%)#* commercials?

Austin DUers: Anyone spoken to VelmaD recently?

You don't have to say you love me,

I am listening to Air America all day, some of the commercials are gone

lawanda page appreciation thread

Talented kitten

you oughtta be on soul train baby

And so it was I came to travel

Any chance of fires in S. Oklahoma tomorrow?

Ft. Lauderdale homeless beatings

Calling all LOST fans!!!! Help!!! A question about the last episode.....

Finoa Apple is "IT"!!!!!!!!!

Aw'right! What happened to

"I think age is a very high price to pay for maturity."

The David Bromberg Appreciation Thread.

The post office, a lost package, Give me hope!

A technical question about ripping some audio off of a DVD

OMG! Laura wore the shirt I sent her!

Post a picture of people who lust after you

I saw something odd today

What's up with the (@#$&^ Sci-Fi channel? Last week was the new BG

Happy Birthday, Rush Limbaugh! Here is the FR buttlick. Wishes for RL?

Former Major League pitcher Paul Lindblad dies at 64 of Alzheimers.

Bill Maher is hosting Larry King Live.

What did Laura Bush say today that got Ed Schultz talking about her

Picture a list of people who post

Do you name your plants?

Do you name your pans?

Do you name your pants?

curses foiled again

Okay, I Gotta Say This: Phil Collins Kicks Ass!

Is you is or is you ain't my bear-by? (pic)

The latest Zogby Survey...since when does he survey sex habits?

The Cindy Crawford photo you probably DO NOT WANT TO SEE.

I can't save an MSNBC video segment - do they disable the...

So bad it's good

I think Ishtar is brilliant


Why I am a lesbian.

So, am I the only one that has no idea what "The Book of Daniel" is?

What's Wrong With America in 3 Concise Paragraphs

If I had MONSTER sound system, I would always play:

Jeff Sessions...Then and Now

If you;ve never seen this picture

Mrs. FOB appreciation thread (see inside for reason why)

I just watched Raging Bull for the first time.

Lose a picture of people you post!!

High score wins..

Anyone else prefer "Rob Roy" over "Braveheart?"

500 posts in 16 months!?!

see everybody in about 5 days

Ken Kesey's magic bus being restored

Anyone here a fan of Wichita Rutherford?

is jesus christ an effective marketing tool?

Brokeback Mountain is a great movie.

ZombyLove is The One True Love

Wow. the 'net really does have something for every taste! (18+)

Does anyone use VOIP?

What the hell has happened to the Lounge?

The Rush Limbaugh Appreciation Thread.

Who's trippin' tonight? Raise your hands

Post your cell phone records here

Who's watching The Book of Daniel?

Dick Cheney declared that if we had spied on Americans

Aak aak aak kaak aak aak!

Hey, Minnesota DUers!

Oh... the Boogeyman is one sick SOB.....

I'm watching Zorro the Gay Blade ask me anything

Daily Appreciation Thread for: RevCheeseHead!

Can conservatives actually be funny?

Here we stand

I've lost ten pounds since I was diagnosed with Borderline Diabetes...

Battlestar Galactica comming up in 19 minutes mark....

God DAMMIT! You cannot tell this cat NO!!

A Personal Decision

Left Is Write has a double

Can men and women be "just friends"

Discounted Disney tickets?

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Does anyone know about Deism?

Lonely Seniors Prefer Playtime With Pooch Over Human Interaction

Bishop asks priest who revealed he’s gay to avoid further media interviews

How the cat from Maine and the cat from Turkey deal with cold weather

The THING in the Bag

Question regarding a personal situation and karma...

My 9-yr-old just asked me if he could have a past life regression

A question JK can't escape.

Asking a dumb question, so I'll ask here and not in gd :)

Wow. George is a little full of himself.

Did anyone see Hardball tonight

John Kerry lauds free power for farmers

RagingInMiami in action

KOEB 1/13/06: Friday the 13th Edition

I Shoulda Used Preparation H

A great resource page with links

Will they filibuster Alito?

More time's spent on choosing The Apprentice

Got the #2 guy again it seems - this time it's Al-Zawahiri

what fake addresses can we use for key senators?

My letter to CNN & Wolf::

Mondo Wikipedia (Village Voice)

USO Entertainers: Letterman and Franken-yes, O'Reilly and Hannity - no

Since when is "might have" been news?

Write LTTE - Lindsay Grahm made Mrs. Alito cry

JOHN DEAN: "Bush pushing the envelope on presidential powers"

Bush Admin. Launched Secret Smear Campaign Against Murtha...

Gore's network "Current TV" has job openings

The new Gilded Age

Europe complicit in CIA "dirty work" - investigator

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11

I am doing my bit. I googled Contact your senator

al queada #2 dead ..again...and again ..and again..and again...

Why my friend's brother is rooting for the Wash. Redskins...

With All The New Precedents This Administration Is Setting,

Randi mentioned Alito was a member of CAP for 15 years; did

We need Will Pitt Exposing for PDA how Bushites Corrupting Election Reform

I will be on Mike Webb's new internet radio show tonight

Best movie of 2006: The lobbying that dare not speak its name...

Gonzales testimony on NSA just got a lot tougher

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World-Bozell


Sharp Jump In Wholesale Inflation...

Cingular Wireless Obtains Temp Restraining Order Against 2 Companies


A Legend in His Own Crime- George Herbert Walker Bush

US man sentenced to 160 years in prison in Chicago courthouse bomb plot

VIDEO-Bush the Lech or, as Countdown puts it... "Smitten"

No, Freepers aren't "stupid" or "mean." They are more like pack animals

What's in Padilla's al-Qaeda application?

Brent Bozell, asshole who runs CNS, Keith's "worst person in the world"

OMG! Laura wore the shirt I sent her!

You call the media liberal? I say PROVE IT!

i didn't get my weekLy stipend from george soros

Did anyone catch CNN's "Special Investigation" into Cell Phone Payola?

One less top terrorist - thanks, Mr. CIA man!

DeLay ad is 100% info for stations at Our

Do Republicans have a criminal gene?

So if we have gitmo, secret prisons, torture, unprovoked wars

Discussion of OC teacher that slept w/students on CNN

If It's Okay for a President to do What He Wants When He Wants

Brit troops could be victims of Iran's nuclear stand-off with West

Email from Senator Obama re Alito

NSA's Web Site Rendered Inaccessible For Over 7 Hours Friday

If only the dems understood working stiffs like David Brooks

New Murtha smear: Medals undeserved (Swift Boat time). Inevitable.

Democrats plan delay but no fillibuster of Alito

High Schoolers' Porn Assignment Canceled After Parents

There is or was a huge fire raging in New Orleans, per CNN??

Something is very wrong here

Was at the pharmacy tonight. Seniors are really getting screwed

Will Gore's Speech be televised on Monday??

What's Wrong With America in 3 Concise Paragraphs

And the winner is ..... best supporting actress in the "Crying Game 2"

If my country invades or attacks Iran..then i am done!

Al Gore 2008?

Mrs. Alito's tears in pictures and in words

I predict that Gore will say that we are facing a constitutional crisis

Clinton backs Blair as future UN chief

Colbert's Balls - For Kids!

NOW doing the NSA spy story now on PBS

Abbe Lowell: Abramoff's Lawyer...Clinton's Defender...Discuss

On 9/11, were our land borders completely closed? If so, for how long?

"This is an administration that will not talk about how we gather

Arizona DUers. . .Why don't I trust Jeff Flake?

Ya' know...."abortion" is a moot point. What the hell difference

If Alito's nomination hits the skids, Who is waiting in the wings?

Cingular Wireless fights back against cellphone record Websites

Are Ohioans Glad or Sad that Ney May Pay

If Alito gets confirmed, what will you do?

when did pensions start to be governed by retirement benefits?

Government is About Who Gets what….

A Time to Run.... GREAT BOOK by Barbara Boxer

New Pollutant Found in the Great Lakes

Pentagon tells military families: Lighten up, learn to laugh

Fred Barnes's new book on Bush "Rebel in Chief"

Any Canadians Here? - TVO doing Poll

Bill Maher on Larry King Tonight

Happy Friday the 13th Truthseekers

Calif. Governor Has No Mercy for Inmate

MURTHA: I have to help the president find a way out of this thing

Bill Mahar (CNN) agrees with Bush about wiretapping.

Why is Lindsey Graham so worried about Jack Abramoff?

Micheal Reagan has the homeless figured out....

Bush makes obscene gesture while German chancellor speaks

So who in the HELL is Al' Jawarza Kahib?

Randi spent $0...Sean Hammity spent $1.8 million.

Please help Un-Freep Brokeback Mountain reviews

Nixon's "Checkers" Speech - How Republicans answer scandal...

Who they wiretapping? Need links!!!!

Is this typical airport security?

Please DU this poll !!!

Breaking news on CNN: "Al Qaeda #2 killed?"

Vanguard alone should kill Alito's Nomination

Can a prepaid cell phone be traced?

If You Are a Liberal And Own a Gun

ODD?: NY Times 'disconnects' public e-mail addresses for its columnists

Who's watching the Book Of Daniel tonight?

FITZ Sighting

Conservatives will still get abortions

New Murtha smear: Medals undeserved (Swift Boat time). Inevitable.

When are the NSA hearings starting?

U.S. Airstrike Targeted al-Qaida Hideout (50% chance, anyway)

to "Some Americans" the tapping of Cell Phones can mean Life or Death!

What type of voter angers you the most?

Ellsberg: Exposing wrongdoing is worth going to jail

Jean Schmidt reports from Afghanistan (wowed by Karzai's carpets)

Brokeback Mt. don't read if you haven't seen it! "spoiler alert"

James Risen's book! You won't believe this one! Holy crap!

Durbin on the Fillibuster: "EVERYTHING is on the table"

The balls of these lying P.O.S. Repukes...

Halliburton Sold Iranian Oil Company Key Nuclear Reactors!!

Tonight's NBC News LEAD story a SCATHING one about junior

Do you think freepers are just stupid?

Homeland Security opening and examining mail - picture

How many DU'ers called their Cell Phone Providers and Protested Today?

Simple Math question - how is leaving the dem party going to hurt the gop?

How to find a protest in your area for the State of the Union Address

Has anyone seen the "American Who Tell the Truth" Portraits?

Democrat BUSTED taking money from Abramoff!!!

Wow! Bush Domestic Spying before 9/11

CHASE VISA just raised my interest rate to 29% - for having a high balance

My latest guilty pleasure-- yes, I've been BAAAAD

Poll on PBS President's Wiretaps

Money for DU and for White Rose Society - hope it's okay to post this - >>

Impeach Bush (Conyers still on the case)

What Rahm is doing throughout Florida, and why we should care.

Somebody’s gotta do it.

So, if Dems are prepared to delay the Alito vote..

Just a Thought.. open fundraiser that DNC gets IF they fillibuster...

The Red and the Blacklist

Democrat, Again, Always.

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11

Democrats May Delay Alito Nomination Vote

CNN: Pickles "would love to see" Condi run for prez, weighs in on Scalito

BOB FRITAKIS @ DU Election Reform Forum: 9pm U R invited

NSA's Web Site Rendered Inaccessible

Ney Under Pressure to Resign Chairmanship

Kerry Stands Up to Administration Efforts to Weaken Public Right To Know

Has this been discussed?: Labeling critics of the gov't as enabling the

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11

Wider Fight Is Seen as Alito Victory Appears Secured

See what you think about this (RE: Alito & Lindsey Graham)

This author was placed on the no fly list...

Laura Bush: Rice in '08?

Reminders from the past: Rove's ties to Abramoff

Iraq, the Mother of All Budget Busters--Must Read

Monday's Gore speech seen as "a challenge to embattled Bush presidency"

What is this crap? A Democratic scandel in New Orleans? Sh*t!

CNN w/breaking news-Al Qaeda #2 killed?

AP: "SWAT team shoots 'Armed' Fla. Eighth-Grader."

Ney walks the plank. What about Pombo?

That's it - my husband might run for Congress

CNN Breaking says American Airstrike may have killed Ayman al-Zawahiri

Help!! Crying Game part II ... the Alito hearing

Al Gore: Take It All The Way!

McCain campaigns for George Wallace Jr., Denounced by DNC

Loyalty means something, and so does the willingness to stand up and fight

Help: Is this legal??

DU this poll - Santorum bashing liberals, media for criticizing on Iraq

David Gergen: The Conservatives achieve greatest success in 40 years

Best Republican Senators: here's the list: & here's why

the latest from ----treasure of baghdad

US Activists Study Bolivarian Revolution

RealID-PennDOT decries deadline for changes in issuing driver's licenses


Mark McClellan says we are working--(its hard work)--

A Protest, a Spy Prog. & a Campus in an Uproar (credible threat)

“Duke” of Deception" (nat. security implications of Cunningham scandal)

Reffering Iran to UNSC will result in $100.00 barrel oil

The State of the Empire, 2006

USA Today/AP: Boehner's special-interest past colors bid

Republican Gold-Diggers Hit the Wall

Santa Cruz JournalA Protest, a Spy Program and a Campus in an Uproar

'Divine mission' driving Iran's new leader

Abramoff's singing has D.C. cringing

Lange's secret papers reveal USA's bully tactics

NY Times Removes Columnists Email from Public - Only Select Now

AP - US Conservatives Step Up Activities Overseas

Iraq, the mother of all budget busters

Democrats See Wide Bush Stamp on Court System

Basra: What really happened

Bush Will Request $52 Million For Asia-Pacific Kyoto "Alternative"

Sea Turtle Dieoff In El Salvador Puzzles Biologists - LA Times

Drilling On Buried Lake Vostok Continues Non-Stop In Antarctica - Novosti

Does your community have a energy plan??

Ukraine Wants to Produce Own Nuclear Fuel

Weather Too Warm For Ice Roads - Canadian Native Towns Cut Off - Reuters

VOA News: Study Finds Direct Link Between Global Warming and Extinctions

What Will The World Be Like With Hundreds Of Millions More Cars?

Population threat linked to global warming

We've met the enemy; and Sharon is us

Exodus of Jews balanced OR not balanced by an influx of Palestinians?

Did Norquist's close ties to terrorists lead to 9/11 LIHOP?

attention DU-ers...the History Channel is blocking

the NIST report

Motive for imploding the WTC 7

PACE New Mexico and others join the Lopategui vs. Vigil-Giron lawsuit

Anyone else blown away by what Fritakis said about Warren County?

CT: Supposed state requirement for voting machines never existed

FL: ES&S Betrays Agreement with Leon County /Last Minute Pull-Out

Here's A Quick Summary I Made From Last Night's Q & A

Would optical vote counting be acceptable to you if…

Thank you mod mom and Bob Fitrakis "highlights"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 01/14/06

Did You Know ES&S And Diebold , And 2 Brothers Counted 80%

True Majority wants ideas! Can you say election reform?

Rebecca Mercuri: On Lotto ball drawing for mandatory VVPB audits

Can Al Gore run for governor of California?

Governor Dean to be in Danvers on Feb. 10.

Boston City Councilor Jerry McDermott knowingly signed anti-gay petition

Doran/Kiscaden mailing anyone else get one?

Mac OS X users: Most recent software update of iTunes gave me problems

I need some help on building an FTP site

Audio recording question.

Two week old onboard NIC croaked !

Hastert urging Ney to quit chairmanship of House panel

Any Toledo area Duers? PM me I have an idea. n/t

Justice Resnick , only Dem. in statewide elected office, won’t run again

Completly Asinine anti Feingold LTTE in the Stevens Point Journal.

Does everyone know about the Bulte thing?

Liberals need someone with Trudeau's wit and brains!

Basra: What really happened

U.S. Bars Spain's Sale of Planes to 'Antidemocratic' Venezuela

Hindustan Times: India's vote on Iran holds key to Indo-US nuke deal

Baltimore Sun: 3 vying for DeLay's post

Wider Fight Is Seen as Alito Victory Appears Secured - fall elections

Pakastani officials deny al-Queda's N° 2 Zawahiri killed

NYT: Senate Challenge (by Rep. Andrews) Is Averted in New Jersey

Guardian Angels get bumpy ride in Toronto

Lawmaker: Alito's record detrimental to Hispanics

NYT/AP: Va. Gov. (Kaine) Goes for Historic Inauguration (in Williamsburg)

Churches weigh in on court nomination

Marine dies of wounds sustained on Friday (#2215)

Rep. Issa announces candidacy for Republican House leadership post

CBS News: Murtha Details His Exit Strategy

King Children Divided Over Fate of Center (may sell to Natl Park Service)

Israel reconsiders decision to cut ties with Robertson after apology

The States Step In As Medicare Falters

Why Iran will lead to WW3

Pakistan Condemns Purported CIA Airstrike

Qaeda No.2 away during attack: Pakistan official

Ahmadinejad says Iran wants to investigate EU rights abuses

Pakistan Condemns Purported CIA Airstrike

Schwarzenegger denies clemency to aged murderer

Pakistan -al-Qaida's second-in-command MISSED HIM AGAIN

Humvee improvements fall on soldiers

From firebrand to pussycat: Galloway's TV transformation

DeLay eyes funding post

Clinton backs Blair as UN chief

Oscar winner Shelley Winters dies at 85

Pakistanis Condemn Purported CIA Attack

Second suspect arrested in murder of 'Times' reporter

How we (the Australian Govt) wrongly locked away 60 people

Reffering Iran to UNSC will result in $100.00 barrel oil

Basra: What really happened

Partisans prep for assisted-suicide ruling

Democrats See Wide Bush Stamp on Court System

Visiting New Orleans

USA Today/AP: Boehner's special-interest past colors bid

War-ravaged Chechnya needs polygamy, says its leader

Democrats sue over misdialed calls

'Divine mission' driving Iran's new leader

Civil Liberties Union fights torture of detainees

CDC: Flu virus resistant to two drugs (regular influenza, not avian)

Clinton praises McCarthy's courage

Santa Cruz JournalA Protest, a Spy Program and a Campus in an Uproar

AP: Boy shot by police at school dies

Bird flu samples show new mutation

LAT: (California) Medicare Situation Still Chaotic

INNOVATION. The American Left's Only Hope

Fists fail to fly in battle over Supreme Court seats

New program in Texas jails illegal immigrants

Sen. Durbin: U.S. Deserves Honest Leaders

Conservatives Step Up Activities Overseas (emboldened)

Iran 'does not need nuclear arms' (says Ahmadinejad) | BBC

LAT: Prius Tax Break May Not Last Long

Saudi king opens up $1 trillion of business to the West

Ellsberg: Exposing Secrets May Save Lives

LAT/AP: Official: Iraqi Election Results Delayed

Indicting grand jury had Democratic tilt

Iran threatens to end nuclear cooperation

Bishop Calls for Dialogue On Iraq (Catholic/Orlando)

Majority within Tories' grasp (Canada)

Schwarzenegger backs off lunch-break proposal

WP: Web Site Attacks Critic of War (the Swift-Boating of Murtha)

Protesters Win Ruling on D.C. Arrests

Israel reconsiders decision to cut ties with Robertson after apology

President asks Senate to quickly confirm Alito

Jewish group denies Chavez charges that it represents U.S. policies

Pakistan Condemns Deadly U.S. Airstrike

Man who shot pope may face desertion charges

Alumnus slams Alito's `insensitivity'

Chafee is undecided

Venezuela's Jews Defend Leftist President in Flap Over Remarks

(Jeffrey ) MacDonald gets fourth appeal (looks like he will get new trial)

Watchdog group: Nothing 'strictly false' in DeLay ad

DNA Clears Fla. Man of 1981 Rape, Robbery

Go, Johnny, Go on TMC

"Niravam" Anyone ever take it? - for Anxiety attacks?

UNLIMITED Long Distance on land line

Road Trip: Day 2

Brave Little Toaster is an odd movie. Acid induced?


Steely Dan kicks ass


Great Gift Ideas!

You might go to church

Now that you're retired (stop me if you've heard this)

The Copper Clapper Caper

Name an actor who has been in three of the top five movie franchises


Minerva ....

Well, good night/morning, Lounge

i just returned from the Chicago DU meetup, ask me anything!

anyone up?

Name that Tune ...

cell phone advice requested - i am unhappy with the high bills!

New Kids On The Block fans check in........

escape to KitchenWitch Mountain, should i put it on my netflix queue...

Memo from George to Tony

"Turtles Can Fly" Anyone else seen it?

Escape to Witch Mountain is a great movie....

Saturday earworm.

friday the 13th, full moon

Why do birds suddenly appear.......

I cant decide between rasinets or goobers t o snack on while I watch monk.


I'm gonna howl!! AAAAAA OOOOOO!!! WHO'S WITH ME?


EWWW..maggots found in baby cereal

Need help with skylight whatchamacallit.

Best New Relationship CD or Album Ever

I'm going to be off-line for awhile

Oooh! Great shots of Paris Hilton!

5:Something and i'm awake

Poodles rule on the streets of Manhattan

Abramoff theme song?

I can't get in to GD:Politics. Any one else having probs?

I just poured my heart out into a thread posting... and it didn't post

is there anybody out there?

How much would you pay for gas??

Vampire Seeks Job as Minnesota Governor

You can either go back in time or out into space

I think this is truly my favorite Kinkade painting, and I wish I had it

Anyone here listen to Weekend Edition this morning 14 Jan?

Sign up here for the Lounge Co-ed Softball Team

Pull My Finger

MLK Day is Monday--Does anybody care?

Hot damn!

well, I buried my cat in my backyard last night.

The Reason I watch Figure Skating on T.V...

Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year 2005

Who else is watching the "All in the Family" marathon?

"Doctor Who" (2005) to air on the sci-fi channel in March 2006.

I just told my dog he shouldn't eat so fast

Has anyone seen "Before Sunset"?

Let's hear about your first bris!

I'm listening to Transformer by Lou Reed

Okay I'm totally loving my new music channels on the tee-vee

Things we'd never hear a particular DUer say:

Dupe! Oops

I was going to post something insouciant, but decided, ah, why bother.

Heads Up: Flying Spaghetti Monster People

Ever dropped a Mentos into a 2 liter of Coke?

Got the results of my Hba1c

For Our Rev Cheesehead

How the hell am I supposed to stalk people with a broken search engine?

are You Being Served?

"Arrrrgghhh!! I *hate* my student loan debt!!"--a brief rant

The Unitarian Executive

How disturbing is my signature?

MrsG wants to know: "What Would Brian Boitano Do?"

94 posts to the BIG 3000!!! Ask me anything!

Do the Hestias go off at noon on Saturday in your town?

An Oldie... but Goodie - The Complete History of Jack Schitt

Hear That??

Happy Saturday!

Can sloppy women ever get along with a neat freak guy?

Party down!

Weigh in, Lounge

how is this for a Dear John (Joan) letter?

Can We Have a Toast for Slobs!

Prognosis... My brother probably has cancer.

Who knows how often the guts of an apt AC unit has to be cleaned out?

Rice President?

What southern, home-style cuisine shall I have this evening?

Today my neighbour nailed shut my fusebox

Just for LaraMN

Chickenhawk presidents who dress up in military uniforms.

I just got back from that evil bastion of socialism

Cheap airfare?

Do the sirens go off at noon on Saturday in your town?

Can't Wait Until This Day! ROFL!

Please send prayers and good thoughts to HereKittyKitty.

Goodnight all

Post the worst-ever smilie here! My candidate is this:

What's in your car?

Finally, I got rid of Firefox! So fucking many little annoyances...


I always feel better about myself after I go to Cici's Pizza.

Why pot?


Help me decide what's for dinner tonight.

are images working?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/14/06)

I feel like someone has stabbed me repeatedly.....


Asimo.... and you thought it was just another pretty face.... holy

Let's hear about your first kiss!

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

worked the last 2 weeks so I'll try again: HERE WE GO REDSKINS HERE WE GO!


I love this picture of a little girl playing the violin, while her dog --

Best Breakup CD or Album Ever

The pain. The fucking pain. I have a message for you:

Due to recent avatar theads...peace kitties check in!

I spent two hours at the mall today, looking for things for

How long does it take for a cold to incubate?

The Lounge needs a dose of Viking Kittens!

The truth about CaliforniaPeggy!

for my 20,000th post, I give you


RIP Shelly Winters - Dead at 85

Wow. I never knew.

*sigh* I'm making my grocery list

Frosted strawberry poptarts are nature's perfect food. Discuss.

Woohoo!!! I just got tickets for U2 at Aloha Stadium!

I can't believe I will pull for Denver today

Okay, here is the real reason I am a lesbian. Why are YOU . . .

Cold wind on the water, and rain on the road

CDC-Center for Disease Control Alert!!!

Some nitwit rear-ended me at a light tonight.

Is this fabulous? Asked to try out for "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy"

Have you ever been Hypnotoaded?

Favorite Cold Treat?

My embarassing, idiot Republican father

Did you know that 1 in 10 people has a third nipple?

More vocalizing! ForrestGump wears black because

Why do you change your avatar?


Do you live in a dump?

Pet Peeves that make you want to SCREAM!

XM Radio over the Internet -- anyone do this?

The fence my father built 60 years ago survived Katrina!

has "Inside the Actors Studio" jumped the shark?

Dion has a new album "Bronx In Blue"

Tonight's Chicago DU Meetup Pictures!

Hands up for Iggy!

Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers!

Sloganize your name...

What is the greatest pop song from the 80s?

Have you ever been hypnotized?

Oscar winner Shelley Winters dies at 85

Saw "Brokeback Mountain" last night..... Some thoughts....

Photos from Alaska


Any Patton Oswalt fans out there?

Things we'd never hear U say:

Thinking about Quakers

Paul and Silas, bound in jail, had no money for to go their bail

My Grandmother: A Deathbed Vision and Preparing to Die

New Show on AAR: State of Belief, Examines Religion + Politics, Activism

Rumi - I was inspired by leftladyfrom mo

Zen for the Day

Association for Women in Science to meet at AAAS in St; Louis

Of Queers and Kong

Springfield Anti-gay Petition Fraud Victims Speak Out

Book of Daniel Yanked: Nashville Too 'Sensitive' - Activist Alert

`Brokeback' may herald acceptance of gay marriage

'Bama Wins At Rupp Arena!

This was on the front page of today's Denver paper

do your cats hate getting brushed...

help, my dog may have rectal cancer....

well, my Taurus T-Square just smacked me up side my head!

Understanding What The Astral Plane Is (A Scientific Viewpoint)

I can't remember when I last felt this depressed

Kerry clarifies position on outsourcing

I think I figured it out: It was a box

I've missed you guys all day!

Vote 'em down!!!

Brush Creek - KC Plaza

I'm turning 50 next month, and I think I want a 'good' camera.

Hey, y'all - Look who made 10,000 posts this week!!

Uh, sorry to break the bad news but....

New Show on AAR: State of Belief, Examines Religion + Politics, Activism


Iran and Israel will be kings of the Middle East jungle--The Guardian

Strange things are happening down here. Because of the family

Give 'em hell Al!

True or False : Harrriet Miers was more competent than Sam Alito.

"Why I am getting out of the Marines"

A few comments from Goebbels about to have one.

Your help is needed (and it will be fun):

System of A down....Can we win this thing without civil war?

Nothing has changed--not a DAMN thing. Why, WHY is it

VIDEO-Bush the ass #1 to German Chancellor Merkel


LOL Canada's business newspaper endorses Harper for reasons

Has there ever been a fiscally responsible Republican President

Anyone else having trouble.....

Mild spring and Massive Demonstrations predicted for D.C.

we could make them ALL cry like babies if we wanted to

so, now terrorists have privacy with their false ID's, but we are

Iran nuclear impasse could hurt US-India atomic deal

Think you buy organic? Think again


A New Orleans reality check: Residents scoff at President Bush’s plea

Smirky - you are a heck of a war criminal.

You Can Now Bet on how many times Assclown says "Evil" in SOTU...

VIDEO-Olbermann on the Cell Phone Buyup in Midland (Hemmit) TX

C&L Vid Clip: End of Scalito hearings...hey, what about your wife?

Great "Language of Treason" article over on DailyKos

I think they changed the millenium on us;

must be nice to have a job that you CAN'T be fired from

A court seat for privilege...By Derrick Z. Jackson

Should this guy be in jail or offered some free medical care?

Not fit for the court -Boston Globe

As I turn on my TV and tune into the National Propaganda Channel (NBC)

RNC attacks reporter- "admitted he was previously an editorial writer"

73 year old church deaconess in La. won't be prosecuted for looting

Update on racist attacks on Maryland churches

perhaps the democrats are saving the filibuster ...

Apparently Iran blew up NYC--at least that's what one

DNA Clears Fla. Man of 1981 Rape, Robbery - Gosh he sure looked guilty

VIDEO- Clinton and FISA

Avian Flu update from WHO

Tweety is on Weekend Today

Should the NOW defend Condi Rice?

what should be done with a highly overpayed, fuck-up employee?

DU Psychics: GUESS the subject of today's King George Radio Address

My letter to Norm Coleman

W personally changed Clinton's policy so as to spy on Americans pre 911

the terrifying thing about the war on terror is that so many believe it

Collateral damage?

If David Duke is nominated to the Supreme Court?

Laura Rozen's outstanding article about why the Dukester wore a wire

Unitary Executive Branch/ The Woe prisident...

US strategy against Al-Qaeda may work after all.

Attorneys argue: CA Death Row inmate "too old and frail to be executed"

So who are the gals that sat with Mrs Alito all week?

The REPS are desperate to get Alito on the SC

Lincoln City, NE considers Scarlet 'red-tag' Letters

Falwell: The Alito Juggernaut

Gonzales to Testify on Domestic Spying

can DU download AL Gore speech monday?

And since we bombed Pakistan, they are beginning to hate us too.

Critique requested - I've never written a LTTE before.

Pakistan family pays ultimate price for siding with Bush*

My e-mail to DeWine and Voinovich

any doubts that there was indeed a Y2K virus that came in in the year 2000

When is the Senate vote on Alito? n/t

We found Padilla's al Qaeda application, U.S. says

Grr Florida who would have guessed. Who gets money for wrongful conviction

Art of the Inquisition's victims revealed in Sicily

GD Pol is disabled ?

VIDEO-Bush the ass # 2 to German Chancellor Merkel

Some prescient words from Teddy Roosevelt

Fire razes Hemingway island haunt

Who knew we would get a true-to-life Elmer Gantry flim-flam man...?

Defending torture and the right to illegal incarceration

Hello GD (and GDP)

Look for Bush Bashing 2001 Maniacs

Should I post this Freeptard comment on my blog?

Democrats should force Republicans to go to "nuclear option"...

Cannibalism of US pioneers thrown into doubt

why is this son of a bitch smiling?

how will all these assholes escape prosecution?

Military families urged to laugh.

Did * issue an executive order prior to 9/11 authorizing domestic spying?

Is the Politics Board Down?

Poodles rule on the streets of Manhattan

"Dems Unable to Shake/Rattle Alito"-I keep reading that type of phrase

From the Pen of: Ben Sargent - This is just too true.

Who owns my body?

Dems need to treat Alito like Thugs treated Harriet Miers.

Free Republic Movie Reviewer on NPR - Bye NPR

Bush Radio Address: Give "brilliant" Scalito "a prompt up-or-down vote"

Of course the confirmation hearings process is broken. What isn't?

Gannonesque: Is Les Kinsolving the new Jeff Gannon?

Sweet Victory: Living Wage Coalition Honors MLK Legacy

Oh look! We've killed Al Quaida's #2 man (again).

This is a friend's account of the translator killed when Jill Carroll

No one wants to dance with Ralphie Reed anymore.....Poor widdle Ralphie>>

Question on NSA taps.........

NSA used city police as trackers

Separation of Powers question

This author was placed on the no fly list. - Can it get worse?

American reporters, like Jill Carroll, in Iraq

Thankfully, Spain Continues to Defy Fascist U.S. Imperialism......!

Struggling GM Launches Internet Casino

I miss the world where America was respected for its humanity...

Did we have a SupremeCourt Nomination and No One Came?

Without good health care, Cheney would never have been alive

We've been wondering what the W stands for? George Wiretapper Bush.

With Iran on the Horizon

Falwell Gets the Memo, too. Up or down vote.

George Guantanamo Bush --->>>

CNN 'JUST IN' Al Zawahiri NOT killed.

WP's Kurtz runs smear on Murtha in typical "he said/she said style"

The warmongers are put on notice: We the people everywhere are fed up

Ralph Reed - What a friggin' tool.

The US Kills EIGHTEEN People in Pakistan. NONE were "No. 2 "..

Saddam judge 'resigns from trial' ?

Alan Bennett on Sirius Talk Left

Pamela Anderson takes on Colonel Sanders

Is there anything we can do to restore our image in the ME at this point?

A Conversation With Bob Fitrakis. DU's Q & A Last Night In Summary!

what think you of Specter's lecturing the witnesses


Al Gore to address "Constitutional Crisis." Looks like he's out for blood

How many branches of the U.S. Government.....

Throw out the garbage -- new toon 1/14/06


Got into an angry discussion with a rightie

New Grand Theft Election Ohio: "As Goes California" Gov.Blanco Recall

Will Bill O'Reilly Say there is a "War" on the Martin Luther King Holiday

NSA used city police as trackers - to monitor War Protestors - Memo Shows

If someone shot a Hellfire missile at your house by accident...

WorldNutDaily pushing propaganda to affect Ohio's Governor Race

Kudos to the DLC on their article: "Money Should Not Talk"

Interesting scary Experience at Lowes (regarding ID theft)

Have you ever been hypnotized?

DOD stonewalling Kucinich on dead marines

Our Democratic Leaders:

Meet L. Brent Bozell III... the slimy coward who’s Swift Boating Murtha.

Mystery of Pope's night-time visits to his old haunts

Alito hearings prove one big thing. The true Dems don't have a party

A chink in Shrubya's logic, one of the many...... "Iran with a

White folks are starting to sit on their pitty pots.

** BUGS **

Biden and that (#*($*#( baseball cap....

2006 - A state of confusion

Burns returns Abramoff donation to his crony

Laura Bush pushes Condi for Prez 2008

Lawrence Korb on MSNBC: Impossible to knock out Iranian nuke program...

Possible way to tell if your email is being watched?

Bug Delay has this guy's defense attorney, will want his parole officer

How does this phrase sound?

Pakistan's protested US bombing raids before. No wonder they're pissed.

The 'media' did it's best to 'get out' #2 Al Qaeda death story.

Reunified Islam: Unlikely but Not Entirely Radical

The anger is understandable and warranted...

More on Risen's book "State of War"-Remember movie "Enemy of the State"?

Repugs to hold State of the Union House Partys

Got one! Story of shutting up a freeper.

Blackhawks down - back in Montana where they belong!

Who's playing their Joker - * at New Orleans 12 Jan 2006

American executive pay is 475 times the factory floor worker's pay

How about creating two separate boards about Scalito?

What if CNN scrutinized Chimpy like they scrutinize Blanco?

Can media bias be ranked? This website thinks so. Feedback, please!

Limbaugh Trolls: Does this describe you? Just curious.

Murtha Details His Exit Strategy (will air on 60 Minutes tomorrow)

Separated at Birth! Mrs. Alito and Peggy Hill ("King of the Hill")!

Bush says spying legal, Legal Scholars say he’s lying again

"Bush Step Down" Ad to appear in NY Times next week

Homeless Shelter director faces 50 count indictment

Anybody Streaming Guy James? (nt)

they ran the hearings ass backwards

If Samual Alito is confirmed for the Supreme Court

Why the Democrats should impeach Bush/Cheney today

About that bombing that just took place in Pakistan

Man Says Police Ticketed Him Because Of Pro-Pot/Impeach Bumper Sticker

Has anyone posted this goddawful piece of crap, yet?

The bu$h cabal will torque off enough the rest of world

Democrats See Wide Bush Stamp on Court System (NYT)

I wonder what America would've been like if we hadn't lost 58,000 men?

CNN Poll : Would the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri be a turning point

The tragedy of the anti-gay amendments passed last year: Liars.

Do we need to take the Alito filibuster into our own hands...

Merkel and that visit

Pakistan Condemns Deadly U.S. Airstrike

True Majority wants ideas! Can you say election reform?

DNA Clears Fla. Man In 1981 Rape, Robbery

When Did God get a PR firm and into "branding?" I want to hire them.

ES&S Screws Leon County, FL in Last Minute Pull-Out!

Poll: Best Analogy for Democratic Leadership?

Nicole Kidman gives Murdoch an award for being nice to Israel

is America even WORTH saving from these bastards?

The war before the war... GRAPHIC, informative, revealing,

I had an interesting talk with other Dems today

Why are Dems and others afraid to say bush lied?

Look at this opening paragraph in current NYTimes article....

The Bush Administration's Power Grab

Poll on Wiretapping

During the (Sc)alito hearings this week, Sen Russ Feingold said:

Why do they make pellet guns that look like REAL guns?

Daniel Ellsberg urges whistle-blowing: "Go to the press and reveal''

Feel Like Pretending Your Dick Cheney? Here is your chance to control Bush

My letter to my senators in support of a filibuster:

Soldiers Speak Out Supporting Murtha...

What would Americans do if another country fired a missile into a suburb..

Makes sense. We're mad at Iran so we bombed Pakistan.

Clarence Thomas's wife sat behind him in the hearings and cried too.

swiftboating the awol deserter president

The Pledge of Allegiance

Will Al Gore's speech be televised?

Feds lost 9 million on salvage logging project

How many American citizens are suspected terrorists?

Ayman al-Zawahiri poll

Pb on the JK forum

How the US will engineer an invasion of Iran-Brilliant. And sadly true

Profiling suspected threats to our Homeland Security

PSYCHIC PREDICTION: The Ratcheted Rhetoric against Iran is WAG THE DOG.

Breaking: Hastert Asks Ney To Resign As Admin. Cmte. Chair

Is it still worth it to call our senators?

People we MUST get a unforgettable slogan for Alito....QUICK !!

Cheney voted against Martin Luther King Day

Invalid warrants just cost my adopted son his job

"Women Who Make the World Worse" book reviews. Some pretty good ones

H.R. 4379 bill would limit jurisdiction of the federal courts

This is funny...CDC alert...must read..

Fla. Eighth-Grader Shot by Deputies Dies

We Should Require Women on the Court

"When I began to talk with him, I could not help thinking that he was not

Bush chops down fig tree, expects cherry tree to grow back

VIDEO: MLK inspirational flash video from codepink:

I am in concert with anyone and everyone who is a DEM!

I'm lovin Russ Feingold more and more . . .

Just how does B*sh plan to fight Iran?

GOP Plays Musical Chairs on the Titanic

Need help for a young democrat

If there's no filibuster, every Democrat in the Senate will be complicit

Are the Right Wingers Cowards?

Gore should make himself the leader of the impeachment movement.

Some facts about Alito's CAP(Concerned Alumni of Princeton):

BBC: 'Zawahiri' strike sparks protest

Well guess what happened to Bin Laden's #2 man

A credit card telemarketer called me at work yesterday

Pentagon denies knowledge of Pakistan airstrikes

Ahmadinejad says Iran wants to investigate EU rights abuses

Ok this is a laughable one

NY Times 'disconnects' public e-mail addresses

Liberation is on the way "like it or not"

The Unitary Executive: Is The Doctrine Behind the Bush Presidency ...

Blunt Crosses Finish Line; Majority Whip Has 117+ Supporters

Why Should There Be a Presidential Term Limit?

Blogger exposes that Wes Clark's Privacy is Nonexistant

Will Jackgate Destroy the GOP?

INNOVATION. The American Left's Only Hope

Sen. Grassley (R) Iowa, invalid support of Judge I-lied-o

I just met Janet Reno

if we just kill EVERYbody in Iraq & Afghanistan, we'll get the terrorists

Does anyone else think life has sucked since, say, Nov 2000?

CBS News: 'Duke' Of Deception

Smart-Bombing Iraqi Families While They Sleep- Fly Boys & Lie Boys

A question for ex-Republican voters on this board...

We all know Bush is the "Worst. President. Ever.", but did you know....

Max Baucus - How out of touch can a politician be?

Cons. Christian/Drudge protest BACKFIRES: Condom keychain sales boom!

Al Gore to Give Major Speech

Constitutional Amendment to Explicitly Protect Our Privacy

Is your city designated a "Preserve America" community?

Bill Maher describes Ayman al-Zawahiri...

How do the terrorists always escape?

Visiting New Orleans

How aboout a modern tea party!

Washington D.C. Police Chief May Be Held Personally Liable

Reading the book "No Good Day To Die"...Guess what Gen Franks didn't do...

Do you think this is true?

The reason gov. spies on citizens is to track their money not terrorists.

Global Warming in Ohio?

150% increase in heating bill from dec 04 to dec 05 bill.

Unitary Executive branch, what the hell is that....????

The Unitary Executive Branch.... Is that another administrative agency?

Goofy booosh and New German Chancellor Angela Merkel


Time to recall all the funky details per the passage of the Medicare

Bill Clinton...."The best President we ever had"

New Zogby Poll: Majority of Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapp

The Unitary Executive Branch? Did we amend the Constitution to reflect

Department of Labor fills its*Conservative Outreach position* ---> WTH

DU your going to die!!!!

What is the rationale against an Alito filibuster?

Libs & Progressives = Natural Allies... Why Let The SYSTEM Drive Us Apart?

I have been handed Excalibur. A mighty sword. But it won't...

Bob Fitrakis suggests a new Warren County (Ohio) lockdown theory...

Something to think about as Martin Luther King's birthday approaches

Pennsylvania State Senator Begins Impeachment Drive:

Are we the only ones to cringe every time Bush opens his mouth to "speak?"

OK, Here's The Thing About Pearl Harbor:

The Urinary Executive

After BushCheneyCorp has Israel start WWIII for them,

Shelley Winters dies

Proof of a Rice/Bush affair!

Attacking the teacher unions

Before and After on the Mississippi Coast

One Way to Fight the Right - Get Out of Debt, Pay Little or No Interest

Jose Padilla's Actual Al-Queda Membership Application

Multiculturalism is a joke. Health Care is a line that must never be

Bush Has Given Us An Invitation; Please Reply

If you could go back in time and coach the "founders",

Lessons I've Learned from the Fright Wing

A life long Dem here,... in for a penny, in for a pound!

Bush calls Iran a 'grave threat'

Warning - GRAPHIC Images!!

did you ever think you'd live to see heartless monsters rule the land?

Insert Generic, Non-Offensive, Pro-Filibuster Title Here

to those of you who believe we are near the end of democracy/the world

Red State Road Map

God "Bless" The U.S.A.

Fighting Dems strategy goes kerplunk

Getting more and more despondent

Got this from a wingnut. It is true. Help rebut with similar avtivities

From firebrand to pussycat: Galloway's TV transformation

BookTV Schedule January 14 - 17

Anyone else often feel filled with DESPERATION and DREAD? (long)

Why not make gun education a required course beginning in elementary?

ANIMATED TOON: Gore Takes On Bush!

WP:The States Step In As Medicare Falters(SeniorsTurned Away, Overcharged)

If I were a Republican, I would be ashamed to show my face....

Santorum- We'll stop "undermining", when YOU explain the DSM!!

I regret having to say this: The Democrats need to replace Max Baucus

HELP! This fillibuster poll needs some serious DU assistance!!

Anyone know what happened to the Al Gore 08 web site?

Bush's Controller Interviewed On TV

E-mail Response From Senator Obama Re: Alito Nomination.....

When you WRITE your Senator, Dont Forget LETTERS to EDITOR!

Did Norquist's close ties to terrorists lead to 9/11 LIHOP?

Fox News goes funkadelic

Bremer's pleadings are total BS! He's an apologist thru and thru!

Tim Kaine just sworn in as Va's 70th Governor

Canada: Globe and Mail endorses ... Harper!?

E-mail Gore, encourage him. Anyone have e-mail address?

NYT: Bush's signing statements and Alito's Role in them

U.S. Airstrike in Pakistan Based on False Info — Pakistani’s Protest

My response to an e-mail from an AFA member

These may be the dems to focus on for a filibuster!!!!!

I Read Where The Dems Will Delay The Alito Vote For A Week...

Distributing School Uniforms for Children, Kerry Tours Pakistan Quake Area

In The Winter Edition 2006 Of The Free Press; Sounds like We Are Screwed!

How to blow a whistle and not get burned, resource for those

What We Should Do. What Reid Can Do: Clear-Headed DKos Post

Bush has a 'heck' of a way of getting his point across

Comments from a new poster - perhaps a different perspective

It's January 14, 2006. What happened to the election results in Iraq?

How will you react if the Democrats do not filibuster Alito

Democratic Party "Commitment to America"

Can anyone explain to me whats wrong with the John Kerry forum site? n/t

Taking bets on whether Dems will back Al Gore's speech

What will happen to Griswold if/when Roe is struck down?

What's at stake if Alito is confirmed:

Fitz should investigate the NSA officials themselves:

Women's Rights Supporters Plan Full Court Press, RE: Alito

Ed Meese on Hardball -- pure, total evil liar

The High Cost Of Greed (Enron scandal now on DVD)

Seniors Turned Away, Overcharged Under New Prescription Drug Program

New Grand Theft Election Ohio: "As Goes California" Gov. Blanco Recall

Did Alabama Governor Riley Plagiarize President Clinton?

Mr. Bush, You Can Stop Protecting Me Now

How confident are you in voting machines for the 2006 & 2008 elections?

Alabama wants to know why some consider racial oppression wrong

SPYGATE-BUSH said he re-authorizes these wiretraps every 45 days

Alito Hearings: Democrats' 'Katrina'

Blogger got Wes Clark's cell-phone records

Is lobbying free speech?

Can anyone name ONE thing we got right in this war ?

U.S. "Finds" Jose Padilla's Written Application To Join Al Queda

Gov.-elect Kaine (D-VA) to sign anti-LGBT measure

Neil Lisst cartoon - the week in review - all 6 cartoons

Chomsky: There Is No War on Terror

What do you have going today? Want to help save our country???

Are There A Lot Of "Closet Homophobes" Amongst Progressives?

Homeless: yesterday I heard the totals ...

Bush wants companies to stop paying for your health care