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Archives: January 13, 2006

John W Dean: The Problem with Presidential Signing Statements:

Bush court nominee tough target

Prime (Time) Evil

Forbes: Bush Plays Booster-In-Chief in New Orleans

My most recent LTTE on Blunt/Abramoff

Iran: The nuclear nightmare

NYT: After Alito's Testimony, Dems Still Dislike Him but Can't Stop Him

Sign This: Demand Censure for Bush-Cheney Misconduct, Investigate Impeacha

Does Bush Rule Us From an Alternative Universe?

Bush and Republicans vs. Rule of Law

Changing the Army for Counterinsurgency Operations (MILITARY REVIEW)

How/where does one exchange dollars for euros?

Top Five Socially Responsible Investing News Stories of 2005

The first two estimates for my PV System are in:

Chernobyl - April 1986 (Easter)

Peak oil? - Not in California

Election Role Won't Soften Hamas Anger at the Israelis

Officer: Tree-cutting borders on terror

thermite...core column cutters, what is this dripping molten

does anyone have the pentgon photos

County delays voting machine purchase

Cramer on Diebold: ' house of pain'

Bring Our Troops Home Now: a State-wide Campaign to End the US War in Iraq

DU images and Mozilla 1.7.5 ???

Broadband Internet Service

Does Kinky Friedman hurt us or help us? Can he win?

WI Dem Party Chair on WPR Friday morning 7AM

Ack! Poultry experts! HALP!

Harper defends remarks to U.S. conservative movement

Rain prompts evacuation alert in North Vancouver

NYT/AP: (Blunt, Boehner) Remain Short in GOP House Race

Researcher: Early Man Was Hunted by Birds

(LAT) You're Being Watched: Efforts to Collect Data on Americanst

LAT/AP: United Farm Workers Breaks With AFL-CIO

LAT/AP: Records Show Army Ended Abuse Probe Early

Judge limits testimony in Enron chiefs trial

Immigrant tuition bill defeated

Records Show Army Ended Abuse Probe Early

Md. Senate Overrides Veto of Wal-Mart Bill

Frist Weighs Ban on Lobbyist Gifts, Travel

Court backs army service extension

Nigerian governor impeached after bloody feud

Lawyer to defer filing of impeach rap vs Arroyo

Menzies Campbell: I will take Lib Dems to the left of Labour (Guardian)

Md. Senate Overrides Veto of Wal-Mart Bill

Union leader's blog draws scrutiny

Scientists: Donner family not cannibals

Martin warns against importing U.S.-style extreme right

Rep. (Katherine) Harris lent $250,000 to sagging Senate bid in Fla.

POLL Should Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito be confirmed?

German cannibal returns to courtroom

Florida Republican Party donates $150,000 to support ban on gay marriages

Rice downplays threat of UN sanctions on Iran

Few Glimmers of How Conservative Alito Is (align him with Scalia, Thomas)

AP Reports: Scientists: Donner Family Not Cannibals

Bush continues to stump for war support

Some 86 pct of Californians can't afford a home

Judge dismisses Sept 11 suit against New York City

LAT: Former 'Nightline' Reporter Joins English-Language Al Jazeera

US opens Alaskan area to oil leases

Argentina-Brazil-Venezuela for Gas Pipeline

WHO warns army may be needed to fight bird flu

Ex-Gitmo Chief Takes Military 5th on Abuse

NYT/Reuters: Rice: Force Against Iran Not Option at This Point

Sharon's latest CT brain scan shows positive results (Cannot wake up!)

Afghan mission doubts threaten Dutch coalition

Cheney Reiterates Iraq Terror Connection

Arrest in Rosenbaum Slaying

What's that joke about the woman grabbing the dentist's private parts?

I've read 95% of Americans don't read road signs

Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full person.

I just ordered my 63360" iMile!

how many DUers

Since Greatest votes in the Lounge don't matter

Damnit, why didn't someone tell me it was FREEPATHON

You be the judge. Am I INSANE?

It's Official. I'm Bi.

Colloqualism Corner: Jive vs. Jibe

Tennessee Bird Dogs

Antlers in the tree

Try to catch "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" on TCM tonight

Please don't tell me 'bout the news. (Song Lyric Alert) -- very political

LCD TV dead

Timberlake & Diaz engaged. "She's squealing, like, all the time"

Who likes chilies?

How many of you get HDTV?

Does Matthew 6 mean what it says?

Will and Grace has become simply dreadful

If I really am superior to all of you

Can a landshark say 'kids only' in an ad?

Daily Appreciation Thread for: RetroLounge.

Help with 11 year olds math homework!!!

I am *so* out of shape...

Listening to DMB's "Under the Table and Dreaming"

At what age did you have your first steady boyfriend/girlfriend?

My mom is getting bad again. My RANT

Today is my homey's birthday. I have piles of grief. Who wants some?

Things that make you think "Bad Brains"

my Lost theories (SPOILERS from last night's ep)

Here is a football joke for all you fans...

Do I make you horny, baby?

Microwave Popcorn

"In Soviet Russia, (blank) (blanks) you!"

I feel like I just smoked two packs of Camels without taking a breath

Help with my 11 year old math homework.


Why isn't there a gay bar called "Bears' Naughty Farm"?!

You're turning into a car park lane and you see a teen who's just parked,

Help with my 11 year old's meth homework.

Triple Sec

Check Out My pretty Graphics Blog

The first segment of the Daily Show tonight was just silliness


time for a prick thread

Help me with the name of a movie

"Everybody Hates Chris"... How many episodes have I missed?


Anyone listening to my show?

Today is my husband's birthday. We have Piles. Who wants some?

Tooth Fairy Update - Two teeth pulled - little gal resting calmly

A loose tooth fiasco...Need help immediately!!!!

Damn! I just bought 4 gallons of the WRONG STUFF!

yet Another pic thread...Pics of you when you were a kid

What's the funniest movie you would recommend to me from 05?

Smallville Fanatic -


I have my third cold of the season

People that say "Huh?" are ignorant.

Why does a cold always follow a sore throat?

I JUST came up with a New Year's Resolution

My iMac detests MySpace

Come on Tonite and listen to my radio show @ 11PM ET/8PM PT

I've read 95% of Americans don't read my posts

Packers have a new coach!

Do they still make Co-Tylenol?

Bald Women

DOES anyone need a free glucose monitor?

Not all freeper trolls are lazy, satan-worshiping, out of work actors.

Anyone want a nice piece of tail tonight? (Warning: EXPLICIT PHOTO!)

Favorite kind of bread?



Best Television Series

Post a lousy joke

time for a pic thread...

reminder- chicago DUers getting together at goose island


Does everyone have "one that got away"?

Funny as Hell - College Recruiting Video

Post a pic of your father from WWII

Breaking News Congressman Ney Arrested Developing Story

Dogs Detect Lung, Breast Cancer Patients In Study

The search for another Earth (CNN/Reuters)

Bishop tells of his abuse as he fights for victims

School fight caused by bullying?

Jack Abramoff and the Anti-Gay Agenda

SLDN seeks to 'out' Pentagon spying on gays

Major companies back gay-rights legislation

Palmers Injuries May be Career Ending

I don't hate the Detroit Pistons.

some cool links on boingboing today


I've noticed lately I've taken to essentially mooning the opposition

A much more complete opinion paper about Kerry and the nuclear deal

For those coming to New York

? for the EDVs ...... was the crying real?

The "It's My Birthday and Keith Better Shout Out To Me" edition 1/12/06


What kind of sick fuck would do something like this?

Rationalizing away the lack of body armor.

How would prohibition of abortion be enforced?

A call to fellow atheists and agnostics

Rep. Tom Delay Threatens Media Running Ads Linking him to corruption

Elizabeth Holtzman--from Nixon to Bush & the Case for Impeachment

Condi on C-span has a star fleet brooch

AP says Both parties got Abramoff $, when will the lie end?

Nothing will happen until your vote carries weight

Question about Alito

This is how brainwashing works

Will Our Democracy Survive? - Alito last nail in coffin

I have a question

Alito is incredibly creepy...

Who would the core of your ideal Democratic Party be?

Illegal Domestic Intelligence Operations

MoveOn launches action on cell phone privacy

Meet someone who could replace DeLay

Very funny musical parody about gay cowboys: "Homo on the Range"

Tweety is interviewing Edwin Meese who is a Reagan liar.

Another reason we can't have another extremist appointment - NEW ORLEANS

BRAD BLOG: DoJ Threaten NYS with Lawsuit for Lack of HAVA Compliance!

Here's a third party candidate I'll never vote for

BBC News/Science: Insight into mystery of antlers (Stem cells)

I wonder if delaying the Alito hearings was intentional by BOTH parties!

Cecile Richards (daughter of Ann Richards) new PP President

"Will vicious Dems pay for driving Alito's Wife to tears?"

The Forces of Evil are taking over

Uk Officer slams US Iraqi tactics

Can we trade Andrea Mitchell for Melissa Theuriau

mad as hell and giving away a t-shirt

DNA Tests Show Executed Man Was Guilty

Alito brings DiFi to the breaking point - photo

Alito: Bigot or Liar? You Decide.

How repubs can take the 2006 election and take over USA.

I think we should lock DU down to members only even to view

There was a Roast for Karl Rove this evening? (photo)

It's the "he called our daughter a lesbian" ploy all over again--crying

BooYah folks .... Cramer says Diabold is a triple sell....

Did anyone else just watch Link TV's program on 9/11 workers?

Could somebody please explain this to me?

Documents tie shadowy US unit to inmate abuse case

Do we have the votes in the Senate to stop an Iran War Resolution?

the word conservative is so repulsive to me now

Read what Abe Lincoln said in 1864: it will run shivers up your spine

It is not the death of democracy!

POLL Should Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito be confirmed?

Did the Swift Boat Liars LIES get as much attention as James Frey?

It's your party, not your senators and not the posers on this page..

today I had to, letter to the editor, Tulsa world

A FILIBUSTER is a VALID part of the congressional procedure, USE IT

Warning: Elements of Fascism starting to appear in US Government

Precision killing in Iraq

Wow, that shock and awe business really worked on Iran huh?

Is Randi having trouble selling commercial air time?

If you think it's unlikely the dems are going to filibuster

2500 slaughtered US soldiers and repukes talk "Chappaquiddick"?

The Media Industrial Complex is trying to force the Alito nomination.

I refuse to give up! I'm NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

The most likely NSA non- terrorist targets ,Dems, don't seem very angry.

Photo: backdrop not created by Bush's usual team,apparently

I am a PATRIOT because I fight for,...

Congressman Conyers: Work Continues on NSA Wiretap Hearing(Next Fri)

Our Corporate Media Whores--Major Rant

Feedback wanted on LTTE, i.e. Blunt/Abramoff

Overturning Roe v. Wade Would Be Worst Thing Ever For GOP

Is anyone actually STILL for "keeping the powder dry?"

Predict a future headline.

Prime Time Live is going to try to explain sheeple/freeper mentality to us

Code Pink and Martin Luther King: Watch the video

Thank you, Ed Helms!

New Orleans residents given four months to revive neighbourhoods

Why some pugs are angry at Dems re: Alito (this is good. and reality too)

Did anyone else watch "Rasing Cain" on PBS?

Breaking News Congressman Ney Arrested Developing Story

Kathy Ireland visits troops, brings socks

Healthcare and insurance industries fuel Florida GOP (Jeb's payoff)

Steven Colbert: "Let's Embrace Our MILITARY IMPERIALISM"

Which forum do we use to ask a general question of the admins?

Jon Stossel on last night's Colbert Report.

In Mr. Robertson's neighborhood God talks to him (he says), and

Bush Helps Out Iran, Big Time!

Colbert is destroying tonight, as well.

(TOON) Steve Bell on The Chimp and Iran

Let us go forth and multiply! OR yet another reason for R vs. W

Fascist states put people to work. Bushco lays them off

It is obvious that the crying was set up...hannity was all over it today

James Clyburn (D), Abramoff, Did Dems get contris from Jack?

Impeachment Calls Grow Louder

The dems NEED to Fillibuster, Hatch says bring it on, I say do it!

Can Democrats use the State of the Union against *?

Oh no, they even blog while these hearings are going on

George's World-Crushed testicles, Torture, Tyranny, Aggressive war

Dear volunteers of a certain group: I've already done my part. (Rant)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shin Dig

U.S. law professor : Iraq war is "Pure Evil"

John Kerry's Comments on Indo-US Nuke Deal--yuk

What does "monetize our debt" mean?

Graham Voiced fear Alito is a bigot. He Made Mrs. Alito Cry!

MN sex offender tries to pass himself off as a "Duke" at a High School

So, bu$h* left the devastated Gulf Coast area to go directly to a

Why is there an Alito Hearing at all? Why is Bush, who lied us into a war

Pentagon Spied on Concerned Peace Moms in Atlanta

"The American Way" -- what are we so proud of?

LOL Jon Stewart just asked his guest what will happen to JEWS

Most people follow the crowd just to be part of the group!

AMERICABLOG bought Gen. Wes Clark's Phone Recoreds for $89.95

Ah yes, the Rude Pundit checks in on "Mrs. Alito"

List of those present during Alito's coaching sessions

Murtha: "Situation in Iraq IS Civil War"- & al-Hakim showed this yesterday

Democrats DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE by filibuster

seeing Brokeback Mountain disproves conservative fear of gays

Orrin Hatch dares Democrats to Fillibuster!

I was tooling around Snopes (for entertainment purposes), and found this:


Quit smoking or quit your job? (..or, you're FIRED!)

Police Arrest Suspect in Rosenbaum Case

Iraqi Body Count Website Counters

VIDEO-The Daily Show Lampoons Alito's Boo-Hooing Wife

Media talking about DNC's defense that NO DEMS REC'D ABRAMOFF MONEY?


Dear Gov. Dean -- “I learned from my mistake …”

Democrats would not DARE to vote for Alito

My health ins is up 23%; heating bill up 60% but we have low inflation

rw brother bitchin my ten yr old is TOO intellectual

Red Lines in the Iranian Sand--surprise nuke attack on Iran??

Keith Olberman just brought up Chappaquidick.

Since NoOne checks the Editorial: * incredible number of Signing Statement

He will strip search our little girls and gun down our little boys.

I just sent a E-Mail to my Republican Senator about Alito.

The Big Dog's on Nightline tonight

Advertise on internet: DU really going underground! Last chance to read!

Crisis Papers: Collection of Bush/GOP Scandals

bad elephant

Why do some of you insist on defending cowards?

The worst dem is better on the issues than the best rethug

I love Sam Seder

CRS & Constitutional Law Scholars Weigh in on Warrantless Surveillance

Democrats ask Rumsfeld to address allegations he ordered director fired


Regarding donations for injured service people . . .

My freeper mother watching CSpan..I noticed Alito's wife--what a mug...

Please request CSPAN coverage for Al Gore's speech on Monday.

Join Women's Global Call For Peace...

Spying on Americans

Newsweek poll on Alito

Records Show Army Ended Abuse Probe Early

Maryland House override's Ehrlich's veto, forces Wal-mart to insure more!

Will the Dems unify & filibuster Alito?

Kansas City Democracy Bond holders.....make it 1000 by next Tuesday.


Sen. Ben Nelson (D?-NE) is going to back Alito

What should be the Democrats strategy now ?

Bill Clinton on .. (Nightline tonight)

Wait until you see what Bork had to say about the Alito hearings-->

CNN Photo: "Hi, Stretch...wud j'all mahnd puttin' Sammy on? Thank yeh"...

Bush is God

Does Kinky Friedman hurt us or help us? Can he win?


Filibuster: Will the Senate stand up for the majority of Americans?

Democrats close ranks in opposition to Bush high court pick Alito

Want to have some fun? Host a rethug house party 1/31

Meat for the Grinder

the time is NOW to stand up and fight for what we believe in - FILIBUSTER

Did the Democratic Senators ask REAL questions of Clinton's Court Picks?

Tweety: "Maybe breaking the law is part of the president's job!?"

Democrats are now America's Sunnis................

This wikipedia article needs some additions

Party secessionists: what candidates are you working for for '06?

Everybody now: idiot son...

A modest proposal on protesting the Dem's spinelessness.

Call your DEM Senator--Insist on FILIBUSTER. SOON!!. Rate this up, please

In my opinion Scalito means little and taking back Congress

If the DEMS SHUT IT DOWN-- they need to see us in the streets of DC

I just called Sen. Feinstein's office


A Hearing About Nothing (Wash. Post)

GERALD RELLICK: A Troop Withdrawal Argument Tailored for George Bush

Finally, Respected Newspaper Calls Abramoff Scandal Largely Republican

Cheney Praises Stephen Hayes, Pushes SH/Al-Qaeda Link

Requiem for the Crescent City

Wealthy Senators shrewd investors?

Bush's 2007 budget to show cost of extending tax cuts - Bloomberg

"Back When Spies Played by the Rules"

The Singular Story Of The Cuban Five

Pat Buchanan: Might the Arabs Have a Point?

Bush Squeezes In Trip To New Orleans Before Fundraiser

Bush lies,propaganda falling flat

Gag Reflex, By Chris Floyd

Abortion Politics

Documents tie shadowy US unit to inmate abuse case

Bush in the Briar Patch

Dismal days ahead in Iraq

Taking on a nation (Abramoff too)

Sacred Choices

PR Posing as Science in Crop Biotechnology

Diabetes and the trash food industry

BLAST FROM THE PAST:Halliburton Sold Iranian Oil Co Key Nuclear Components

NYT:Thrust Into Limelight and for Some a Symbol of D.C.'s Bite(Mrs. Alito)

Predictions of an Economic Hit Man

AMERICAblog just bought Gen Wes Clark's cell phone recs/$89.95

SHEPHERD BLISS: The Four Horsemen of Industrial Society

""The Powers of War and Peace" - Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo

Greenpeace co-founder praises global warming

Predictions of an Economic Hit Man

What was Pat Robertson Thinking?

What would you guess the real inflation rate is?

Should we do anything about Alternative Minimum Tax?

Any help with this Econ Blog post

DuPont buys bottled water that's tainted

California Passes Long-Term Solar Energy Plan

Pharmacy Chain to Put Solar on Nearly 100 Facilities

Coast to Coast AM tonight: Oil Debate- Jerome Corsi vs Michael Ruppert

India Rejects Biding Cuts In GHG Emissions - Reuters

12 states oppose Bush's change to `toxic release inventory' plan

US, Australia, Pledge Millions To Promote Fight Against Global Warming

Logging Biscuit Fire Site Lost $9 Million - Congressional Analyst

Sea Shepherd Willing to Withdraw in Return for Action from Governments

Tornadoes , Storms kill one in Ala., 13 children injured in Fla.

Rio Tinto CEO Threatens Carbon Tax Efforts With Offshoring, Higher Prices

Two Giant Icebergs May Be Threat To 350 Ships Of Argentine Fishing Fleet

US & Australia Rejecting Even Carbon Trading Plans - Reuters

After Year 4 Of Record Arctic Sea Ice Loss, NSF Accelerates Research Plan

Thinking about James Kunstler

Greenpeace co-founder praises global warming

European Biofuels under attack by climate change experts.

Wind Energy potential for U.S. equals 1.5 times current total demand

Sun's Direct Role In Global Warming May Be Underestimated

High Natural gas prices may cut U.S. economic growth by 2.1 %

Reject the no-partner legacy

In the Shadow of Sharon

Rafah attack sparks outrage

A message for Olmert (from Saed Erekat - Haaretz)

Who really wants to negotiate an Israeli-Palestinian settlement?

Sharon's second `big plan'

Palestinians in Gaza Fear War Between Fatah and Hamas After Vote

IDF cantonizes West Bank, sealing in 800,000 Palestinians

How the suicide bomber saved Zionism

So which media org can we trust w/ giving us the truth on Palestinians

Building A Better Mirage: NIST's Cover-Up (Guns & Butter on KPFA)

On 9/11, were our land borders completely closed? If so, for how long?

PNAC 'phase 4' 9/11 plan almost here. Heading for Iran!

(Then they fight you...) An Electoral System You Can Count On

Mark Crispin Miller on radio TODAY (Friday) 4:30pm Eastern

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 01/13/06

AZ Repub questions optiscans: Maybe Repubs can get a fair vote count.

All paper ballots for New Mexico: update

CA State Sen Debra will be on KLSD Radio, San Diego Sunday. Listen Live.

BREAKING: Calif revolt against e-voting, counties want mail-in voting

text of NJ mandatory VVPB audit bill- please crtique

SoCal's newest nature preserves brighten urban settings

Road arguments remain divided

Proximity of Oakland airport to Downtown Oakland...?

Former GOP chair: dump Arnold

January 31 Convergence, protest Bush SOTU speech. --Anyone going?

Anti-abortion ad on BART angers activists

Judge Releases Plan Moving Iowa Towards Universal Health Care Coverage

Blouin vows women's and children's health issues director (DM Register)

From Hotline On Call - Why are republicans coming to the off-year

Habitat for Humanity ReStore opening in CR area

Ted Kennedy: Last Liberal Standing

WinXP: Ever set a web page as your desktop?

Dem candidate for Blackwell's job says it’s time for honest elections

Coleman's (ex) Media Advisor has tips for Eric

Gov. Dean in Columbus 1-18-06

Who to replace Sherrod Brown in the 13th?

I need better medicine

TX GOP should get out of the bullying business (GOP dirty tricks)

Dallas: Barbara Radnofsky in town, Jan 30th

From Public Campaign Action Fund, RE: DeLay and teevee:

MJS - Foti might testify against Jensen

Green tries sleight of hand with Abramoff contributions; DPW calls him out

WMC helping pukes find a new name for TABOR

Reopen missile defence: Harper

NYT: After Alito's Testimony, Dems Still Dislike Him but Can't Stop Him

DeVos won't release tax returns (billionaire running for MI gov)

Schwarzenegger's budget: up with prisons, down with communities

Supreme Court rejects challenge to no-spray buffers around salmon streams

City dismissed as defendant in 7 World Trade Center lawsuit

UN mulls peacekeeping involvement in Darfur from African Union

New Garth Brooks/ Wallmart Video... ROFL

US missiles blamed for 18 deaths on Pakistan border

'Rockets' kill Pakistan villagers

Man Sentenced to 120 Years for Bomb Plot

NYT:Thrust Into Limelight and for Some a Symbol of D.C.'s Bite(Mrs. Alito)

Schweitzer criticizes Republican education record

Alaska governor wants state to buy pipeline stake

Web Site of GSA (responsible for computer security technology) Insecure

NYT: G.O.P. Sees Gain in Bribe Case Involving Louisiana Democrat

MEPs to study CIA jails claim

Two pilots killed in U.S. helicopter crash in N.Iraq

Bosses will make 800pc profit from QinetiQ sale (Bush1's Carlyle Group)

Starbucks 'bomb' was really a flashlight

Indian tribes worry about proposed restrictions on their casinos

WP, Pincus: Corralling Domestic Intel: Standards in Works for Reports

California Moves to Cover Gaps in Medicare - 15 Day Emergency Funding Move

Snow details tax breaks for hybrid cars

Taking on a nation (Abramoff too)

LAT: Liberal Groups Vow to Dig In (in Alito battle)

LAT: California Orders Help for Elderly as Medicare Glitches Spread

Straw Says U.K., U.S, Haven't Discussed Striking Iran

Army Dropped Abuse Probe, Records Show

Alito is only THIRD nominee not endorsed by National Bar Association!

Iran threatens to curb UN inspections

Spain-Venezuela deal barred by US

Merkel Seeks Better U.S. Ties; Guantanamo Clouds Trip

WP: 2 Million Displaced By Storms

Heat rises on German spies in Iraq, CIA activities

(AP) Wholesale inflation (up 5.4%/2005), retail sales climb

Sea Shepherd Willing to Withdraw in Return for Action from Governments

FOX News Poll: Homeland Security and Wiretapping

Venezuela donates more heating oil to U.S. poor

Santorum reaps money from lobbyists (#1 in '06 election cycle)

A victory for the whales (Argentine seafood company dumps Nissui)

SWAT team shoots armed Fla. 8th-grader

CNN: U.S. blocks Spain warplanes sale

Clinton says he didn't use warrantless wiretaps

IBM to develop Arizona voter registration management system

Report: Lebanon nabs 11 Al-Qaida militants planning attacks (Hariri link?)

Gonzales to testify on US domestic spying program

Four Marines Accused of Philippines Rape (Arrest Warrant Issued)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 13 January

IRS Plan To Outsource Tax Collection Raises Security Concerns

LOU DOBBS 2nite - Able Danger + congressman weldon. Even Dobbs

Government says American(Airlines) cut benefits of military pilots

Iraq Super Humvees

Hertz puts you in the hot seat(Beware of New Contract Changes)

N.Y. court rejects challenge to contraception law

AP: Jefferson "perplexed" by aide's guilty plea; says he did no wrong

Alaska Volcano Erupts Twice in One Day

U.S. Companies Fined for Using Illegal Software (Patriot Perf. Materials)

Pakistani Military Sources Say Zawahiri May Be Dead

Two Killed When U.S. Chopper Shot in Iraq

Pentagon to families: Go ahead, laugh

N. Korea Kim missing

Sen Specter says will vote for Alito to high court

US court rules against Yahoo in Nazi memorabilia case

Gonzales to Testify on Domestic Spying

Bush Won't Close Guantanamo Prison, Despite German Request

Analyst foresees possibility of surgical strikes on Iran

NSA used (Baltimore)city police as trackers(of Peace Group)

Abramoff Ties Raise Problems for Doolittle

Singer Tim McGraw Eyes Politics

Fast food steps up value menus

Democrats plan to delay first vote on Alito

Mail-in vote in (Calif) primary possible: other counties join Alameda

12 States Oppose Bush Plan on Pollution

Katrina cited as deficit likely to top $400B (Uhh, Iraq? CNN/Reuters?)

Democrats Start in the Lead as Election Year Dawns (Harris Poll)

Defense Team Outnumbered in Gitmo Trials

U.S. Army Helicopter Goes Down in Mosul

Feinstein demands Rumsfeld explain UCSC spying

New Medicare law trips up the poor

Feds probe Mideast cell phone buys

Court rules against sparing (Clarence Ray) Allen (execution)

Cheney to visit Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Charges recommended against Army officer at Abu Ghraib

Bloomberg: Former Lobbyist Admits to Impersonating Senate Staff (Update1)

Saddam Trial Chief Judge Plans To Quit

US vetoes sale of Spanish planes to Venezuela

Chemical sneaks into Great Lakes

Yahoo/AP: Dems Try to Slow Alito Confirmation (demand vote delay)

CNN/AP: Starbucks 'bomb' was only a flashlight

Boston: Foreclosure filings go through the roof

Baseball officials visit Cuba to go over logistics for tourney (Bush ban)

Fla. Student Shot by SWAT Team Member

Chavez rejects anti-Semitic charge as imperialist propaganda (Reuters)

BREAKING...NEY To Quit House Chairmanship Position

We found Padilla's al Qaeda application, U.S. says

U.S. Senator Supports Outsourcing to India

Bush illegally spied on Americans prior to 9-11

WP,pg1:After Handover, Hussein Palaces Looted(by Iraqi security,officials)

Bush says wants to solve Iran issue diplomatically

Gore to deliver scathing speech Monday on 'constitutional crisis' in D.C.

Christian groups oppose bill to establish Bible course

Laura Bush: America soon will have a woman in Oval Office

I have complete control of my appliances.

OK, Which one of you has my USB cable for my digital camera?

Damn. This has been a crappy week.

Gonna go take a shower

I just yarked tzadziki! Ask me anything!

To sleep, perchance to dream... (pic)

I am watching an old movie on DVD called Our Daily Bread it was directed


Smokers: Want some coupons?

OMFG - This is SOOOOOO Creepy!

Jack Thompson- Video Games Are A "Masturbatory Activity"

Faith and begorrah, I feel fresh as a natural spring!

Slackers have a new Couch!

Packers have a new Couch!

It's NOT raining!!!!

Anyone else here come to the conclusion that they aren't allowed to marry?


There doing the Murphy Brown Dan Quayle show

Do not wallow very long in negativity.

In case you wanted a mini dress that makes you look like Mickey Dolenz...

I know The Lounge isn't supposed to be political, but......

Creepy Photo of One-Eyed Kitten

WTF - Just watched Syriana (spoiler alert)

Headin' to DreamLand La-di-daaaa ah-yawn

Peckers have a new Coach!

I have taken to giving the "peace sign" to all cars with W stickers

Who wanted those baby names again?

I feel like dancing tonight....Anyone wanna join me?

So who is still around? Can we play a game?

Peckers get some new cootch!

It rained here today!

Nighthawks 58 (dial-up warning)

I will see you guys in 10 days!

Ooohhh, laaaaadies...guess who's about to be single...

A remake of "Brokeback Mountain" - about to enter its sixth year

Have you been touched by His noodly appendage?

Who Was The Better Lestat?

Friday earworm. Topical!

So Buffy, KitchenWitch, Robeson, JVS, and Faux pas decided to take a trip

Good night, y'all!

Does anyone else get "overprotective" of their friends?

Pregnant ladies WOULD be sexy if they weren't carrying

Relationships: How do you know when it is more than just lust?

New Jersey Strippers Protest Indoor Smoking Ban

Online Chatting Leads To Virtual Wedding

Aunt Jemima Banned From Council Meetings

Walmart selling hot new products! And when I say 'hot'...

my radio station made me a new webpage...DU'ers highlighted

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

Going back to my coffin now

I just got some smack. Ask me anything!

Couple Arrested For Fight Over Steak At A Restaurant

And now... Your Friday the 13th Earworm!

Study: NO Evidence That Donner Family Resorted To Cannibalism

1962 prices

If I'm waiting on tax documents for about five bucks, do I have to wait?

parrot owners: Bird regurgitates...

About myspace and xanga sites.

d'ya know these chicago area du'ers? invite them to the party!

Presidential (Mis) Speak for the day Friday, Jan 13th, 2006...

LOL! Stephen Colbert-- too damned funny

When was I a Lounge Mod?

Favorite kind of thread?

Ok, that's it: I will never buy an used ipod

Man Breaks Into Restaurant - Makes Pizza Before Fleeing

TRIVIA! See how many you can get....

Man Aims for New Snake-Kissing Record

Flourescent green pigs

I'm disappointed in several songs d'loaded for iPod...

RAVE's a crazy feelin'

my ltte regarding book of daniel and fundie response

Man Arrested After Giving Poisoned Handshake

floating dog

Car Dealership Sold Man Lemon - He Is Protesting By Living In A Van

La Cucaracha

Wendy's Experiencing Tomato Shortage - McDonald's Says They Have Plenty

"We're seeing a lot of weird lumps on cats"

Islamic 'Barbie' debut

Anyone do Qwyzzle here? I'm stuck.

World Baseball Classic...will it be televised?

To All: This post is a palindrome

So... Rummy is briefing W......

Things that make you think "Mmmm, brains."

a good feelin' to know

Is a Blackberry capable of running Palm programs?

"No rules...just right!" they said,


Today's celebrity sighting: "Britney Spears Goes Shopping"

Letter to My Daughter - I Wish I Had Written This

Damn neighbors

Woman Keeps One-Eyed Kitten's Body In Freezer

I'm buying a suit. Ask me anything.

Motown site to become parking

Is HDTV worth the money?

anyone have a contact email for an actual CSR at eBay?

Online Chatting Leads to (Real ) Virtual Wedding

It has been really quiet in the Lounge lately... AHA! Where is Shell Beau?

It is the duty of every patriot

Last night I Jacked

i've been to the lounge, but i've never been to me

Tough day of hearings? Need to go to a happy place?

Anyone "up" for a nooner :D

Things that make you think "Mmmm, brains."

Who else has given up their cell phones?

Demotivational posters.

Help...I'm allergic to cats and I have a cat...advice?

TV- some of my reviews so far +"The Office" last night was a classic

Name a TV show that least deserves a "reunion special"

New Congressional subcommittee suggestions.

"In order to do our part to save energy "



Drugs Missing From Police Evidence Room (Rats Blamed)

Happy Lee-Jackson Day!!!!

Has anyone ever tried that pre-cooked bacon stuff?

Disco Demolition

Anyone know of any reliable online stores that sell Vinyl Records

Has anyone ever tried that travel bacon stuff?

Prison Abolition

How can I get a GMail account

It's snowing!

"in order" to . . . .

Arthur Balfour is smoking hot!!

Help me come up with a DU name for my unborn daughter!

Great Song.

Does anyone know how many types of dwarfism there is?

AND THE (Name My Band) WINNER IS......................

Wow; Keith Olbermann is frickin' brilliant.

Favorite kind of breed?

"The Caine Mutiny". One of my favorite Bogie flicks is on.

[adult swim] redemption: The return of 'Home Movies'

I was brave and posted in GD, I have been wanting to for a few days now.

School mistakes Kilt for a Dress on Kansas City boy. Couldnt attend dance.

Name that tuna...

Ladies (and maybe men) reason for rejoicing: Hasselhoff is single again!!

Be Careful With Your Donkey

Hows this for a Mullet?

Is Vancouver and/or Canada Racist?

Eric Burden is smoking pot!!

It's Friday the 13th, and I have a flat tire and

My sisters just crack me up.

dupe - please delete

A question about drinking in a bar.

Doctor Bans Boy From Playstation To Stop Head Twitching

name that tune...

Panda joke . . .

Anyone see the "Crumbs"?? another comedy series last

This is what I hate about Ebay

Frankie Valli to Mrs Alito Big Girls Dont Cry

Ugh nevermind

I will be the daddy of a daughter VERY soon...advice???

I just bought a wirelss FM transmitter for my car to use with my walkman.

have you guys seen this VWP Party thing?

Man (me ) needs some clothing advice

Are CD's from clubs like BMG inferior?

dont you hate it when you see the copycat 1st and you are lost?

What is your all-time favorite cartoon character?

liberaltrucker was less than 2 miles from my house yesterday

DU Men - do you have a name for your penis?

dont you hate it when you see the copycat 2nd and you are lost?

You are going to have to convince me that Forrest is NOT Elvis

Ohhh, drool and confusion!

Sweet! My boss gave me a bottle of Glenmorangie

A question about bonking in a bra.

Hey Forrest!

Need alternative place to upload pictures to share in Lounge.

AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!222222-- ---Thread 2 ---- Day 1


in honor of the neglected ones

Whadaya listening to right now?

how do you dispose of crappy soup??

I just checked my E-mail

The tiki bar is open. Come on in and open up your mind.

"You can only recommend threads which were started in the past 24 hours"

See you later


Hot liquid hell - Sandra Lee is doing the "Semi Homemade Wedding"

Real genious! A quick and easy project!

Remember this from yesterday?

What are your plans for this weekend?

I almost revived a dead post from page 20


ForrestGump - I found the perfect smiley for you!

How stupid am I?

Eric Balfour is smoking hot!!

'matcom' is a good name for

Olives Versus Bees in the Head!

My daughter was going to bring my 2 year old grandson to the shrink

For my friends who are feeling down...

DU Women - do you have a name for your vibrator?

I agree with GOPisEvil who agrees with matcom: ARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!

I agree with matcom: AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Folks toast lifting of alcohol ban after 131 years

ths sniffas are sleeping....i'm f'n bored. ask me something, please!



When BigMcLargehuge locks a thread

When driving on a freeway ONRAMP, what do you do?

Things that make you think "BigMcLargehuge"

Little old lady road rage video (kinda sorta) - funny


Isn't this a nice note from the landlady?

YIKES! It's gone. Poof. Nada. Zero . . . my star is gone!

Before the world ends I would like to say; " I am sorry."

I have mutant eggs

trof's trendy financial tip # 217:


Global Warming: Is it a result of man or coming out of an ice age?

Before oneighty apologizes with "I am sorry", I'd like to end the world.

Interesting fued going on in a friend of mines family...

Happy Trogday!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/13/06)

Let's hear it for DUers that post in the major forums besides the lounge.

SOOO My three huge cats knocked over my kid's hamster cage...

(LBN)Rep: Aniston Wasn't Alerted to Pregnancy

The Most Heartbreaking Tombstoning in DU history

Is there someone at DU you're quite fond of, but they don't know it?

3-Day Weekend! WooHoo! What are you doing??

Stir fry HELP!!!

Let The Celebration Begin

As of 12:00 tomorrow, I am "Batchin' It" for 2 weeks. Ask me anything.

Name some superstitions.... todays Friday the 13th?

KitchenWitch is

Here is a smiley for RevCheesehead

Banned From The Bible (History Channel)

What question is "too personal" to ask in the DU Lounge?

"Still Be Around"- Uncle Tupelo

Best. Sappy. Fucking. lovesong. ever!

Can someone please make me smile?

One of YOU PEOPLE had been in a discussion in which you were....

GREAT Bush Joke!!

How disturbing is my avatar?

How would you describe your face?

Post a picture of people you lust!!!

Your Pet's names - why did you pick the names they have

Anyone else here come to the conclusion that they don't want to marry?

Is the weather really weird where you are, too?

Fuzzy toilet seat covers piss me right off.

Well, I didn't think "Office Space" was very funny at all.

Crispin Glover Tripping On Acid While On the David Letterman Show

TV/Movie producers: A Foul-mouthed Rant by an Insider Peon.

Post a picture of people you love!!!

Bored? got time to kill - listen to this

Tom Cruise hatred thread

I almost had my first kiss today.

Rain, rain, go away: Time for a Seattle DU meetup!

The man beaten in Ft. Lauderdale was the son of my mother's best friend

Post a picture of people you lost!!!

Things that make you think "Small Vagina"

I need a recommendation or two for a personal DVD player for

Every so often I see stupid criminal stories, and I can't help but smile..

My sister is coming for a visit, her plane has been delayed twice so far

Unity and believing in God

Vatican moves to clear Judas’ name

Paraskevidekatriaphobia Anyone?

Yo: The World's First Open-Source Religion

Welcome to Science Court - Chris Mooney

Slinky, the new star of space

Hurricanes of 2005 were filled with mysterious lightning

Press release I received today on

Canadian Tory Leader Accused Of Supporting Extremist Group

Arkansas Court To Hear From Gay Supporters In Fostering Ban Case

Anti-Gay Group Releases Poll To Pressure Washington Supreme Court Marriage

Counting Petition Sins

Salt Lake Council Bids To Emasculate Gay Benefits Plan

Wyoming Pharmacy Board Drops Plan To Let Druggists Refuse HIV Meds To Gays

Indianapolis Gay Rights Law Signed

Nepal Accused Of 'Sexual Cleansing'

Kentucky Derby Trail: And Away We Go

Broncos and Patriots, 1987

One other reason why some democrats are trying to work with India

Ted Kennedy: Last Liberal Standing

ReddHedd at firedoglake on Alito

John Kerry Stands Up to Administration Efforts to Weaken Public Right To K

Ted Kennedy: Last Liberal Standing


Shadegg, who runs for GOP House leadership, said we have mental health pb

John Dean on Bush's signing statements

Swiftbooaters now going after Murtha, questioning his

Something else to (hopefully) make you smile.

Help with Macro. It is driving me nuts.....

If you're considering buying Paintshop Pro X (a deal)

Augustine Volcano - great photos

A Keith thread needs help.....

Extra long ties galore!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, the Jesus ties are next to the Star of David ties...

Come on Tonite and listen to my radio show @ 11PM ET/8PM PT

Savage, Limbaugh Use "Theater Of The Absurd" To Rant Against Liberals


Our oil problems are solved-(not) Belize to begin exporting oil to USA

You don't know my real name...

it feels like WWIII is right around the corner and nobody cares ...


America was founded on the repudiation of religious tyranny

William Cohen claimed that meeting with Bush was almost an hour long

Indian GEAC meeting; fax alert from Kavitha Kuruganti

Could it be possible she cried because she knows...

The Bush Response to the Bird Flu Hoax, Uh Problem, Is As Follows

Who was questioning Alitos wife when she cried?

So which media org can we trust w/ giving us the truth on Palestinians

Abramoff probe focusses on democrats (and a few republicans)

Stephen Colbert 'feuds' with AP over word

The elephant is dead pick a new symbol for the republican party.

House GOP in panic mode

Just watching the CNN piece on FEMA

Headliners Club roasts Rove

Peak Oil debate Fri at 2:00am EST on Coast to Coast with George Noory

Anybody check out Wiki on the Repuke Party???

Welcome to new DU'er, srdancer

Does anyone know if Air America has archives of past shows?

*** Alito TOON *** So Much for a Dignified Supreme Court.

For Persia, a single piece of advise...

La Scalitas fake"crying spell"... and how some DUers misread the evidence.

Searching for Alito

ACTION ITEM: Email, write or telephone Ben Nelson

Sweeping the room for wiretaps... new toon 1/13/06

I have crossed the Rubicon of Truth

What's the fricking point of poll questions like these? RE: CNN/Alito

VIDEO-Bush in Mississippi (told crowd glad to see no bloodshot eyes

Where Are They? Abu Ghraib Photos?

when alitos wife cried and the media jumped all over it.. where we they..

I Knew It - Starbucks 'bomb' was only a flashlight

Did the 10 year old girl cry, when alito approved her...

I think it's fitting that we have the stupidest president in the world

Dear DU friends, my wife is crying...

What Do You Fear Most About The Bird Flu?

VIDEO-Bush in New Orleans AND Palm Beach Today

The Crying Worked. Who will cry next?

How often do you think about the terrorist attacks?

"Bush can't fool the people who've been living in tents since September"

Democratic aides say Alito filibuster 'highly unlikely'

Precision killing in Iraq (John Hopkins U. Study) 1000 Iraqis a week

The Alitos: Well Suited, And Dressed For Duress

Another LTTE to my RW area newspaper

what good is our government if we CAN'T remove the assholes from it?

AOL Story and poll on Maryland's new health-care legislation

Deficit Could Top $400 Billion (WaPo)

Ask President Stupid: completely unrehearsed questions to the president

KKKondi Rice: "President of Iran is Dangerous"...oh boy, here we go

Suspect in Reporter's Death Turns Self In

Note to Pat Robertson: Just Sayin' Your Sorry Ain't Enough. . .(TWN)

"A Hearing About Nothing" (WaPo)

cspan: are confirmation hearings even necessary?

Went to the movies last night and there was Daddy Bush!

A Word On References To Condolezza Rice.

100s of school girls protest in NOLA-Can't all live in a yellow submarine

Why has Jesus failed America so?

Iran Threatens to Block Nuke Inspections

Stephen Colbert 'Feuds' With AP Over Word "TRUTHINESS"


why we need Robert Redford . . . and soon . . .

Who is this Repug hack on CSpan

"FIGHT OR LOSE! Everything to Gain by Making a Fight-Even a Losing Fight"

Is there a "Dubya*ville" in YOUR state??? Check in, here!

Rep. Jeff Flake (R) on C-SPAN Called for Delay to step down.

No leader of a free country should be given absolute power. America

Cross-merchandising Charismatic Authority...I mean the President

Graphic of where your reps stand based on co-sponsored bills

Judge Demands Police Video of Antiwar Grandmothers' Protest

New Pentagon Memos Show High-Level Authorization Of Detainee Abuse

Federal Court rejects Clarence Allen's DP appeal for Jan 17.

Police Make Arrest in Slaying of NYT Reporter

Some tasteful refrig magnets to impress your right wing neighbors

I have a thought, why don't we start are own country

Clinton: "I did NOT authorize warrantless wiretaps"

I'm going to call CNN's Bob Franken some bad words.

Why my senator, Tom Carper, said he filibustered Miguel Estrada

Bush in NOLA "Like the cavalry had come to the rescue!"

Who died and made AZ Rep Flake God?

Altio Hearings - *** CALL*** It only takes a minute

How close are we to a state where R is the mark of the beast?

Great video...Controlling B*sh.

Take Back America With Stephanie Miller Live From Monterey

I Don't Mind Jerry Springer Most of the Time

Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"

You CANNOT get AIDS/HIV from a suicide bomber !!!!!!!!!!

Remember How Happy We Were Nov. 1, 2005?

The Lielito's pants must be on Fire!

My home state (Florida) has come up with another Ridiculous Plan

NY Daily News: Dems' Alito defeato; Path looks clear after wife's tears >

My Letter to Senator Feinstein

Poor Mrs. DA Has Work Freeper. We Call Him Winger For Short.

I absolutely HATE The Today Show--Russert and Lauer usual whore fest

Please Tell Me Danny You Have More…….

here's the keys, lock up on your way out

All news agencies say Alito's confirmation guaranteed...

Blogger buys presidential candidate's call list (Chicago Sun Times)

The Senate is attending a memorial service for David Rosenbaum? NYT writer

'I'm a door kicker-inner,' one young Marine blurted out

Freeper poll indicates neo-cons prefer a dictatorial executive branch

Patty Murray Frustration

Why did no Democrat ask Alito...

Gag Reflex

Question: Can Bush do a mid-term appointment with Alito

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 5 – Thread 1

Funny Toles Cartoon

Make a RWinger think twice.

'It may turn out to be a war to remake the world.”(American Conservative)

Scary thought: Who will Bush nominate after Alito gets Filibustered?

For everything Sam Alito lacks

My father said Hillary is worse than Bush!

Smirky, you better hope to high heaven...

Gore to deliver scathing speech Monday on 'constitutional crisis'

Clinton says he DID NOT use warrantless wiretaps

King George Visits Non-Damaged Parts of New Orleans, on way to fundraiser

Can we possibly correct the corruption of Washington lobbyists ?

Folks, along with calling senators - don't forget to write to your papers

Mark Crispin Miller on radio TODAY (Friday) 4:30pm Eastern

Let's hear it for the Maryland legislature! (Wal-Mart & healthcare)

Steamed about Rice,Russian pol unleashes rant

Another Stampede??

How important is it that Democrats make a stand on this nomination?

A Sad, Politically Incorrect Thought

A little joke to start the day......

China and India Oil Alliance

With TV news pumping W up, at full throttle, why do his polls still sink?

Well,they printed my latest ltte-here goes round #2

Documents Tie Shadowy US Unit to Inmate Abuse Case

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying before 9/11 (Jason Leopold)

It will soon be springtime in Mississippi...

Pentagon to families: Go ahead, laugh

What weird media kabuki regarding Scalita

To win back Senate Dems MUST win Maryland Open seat

The witnesses FOR Scalito say NOTHING


About the abortions of millions of females in other countries

There is something YOU CAN DO on Jan. 31st!!

Maryland Sets a Health Cost for Wal-Mart

Has Senator Byrd said anything this week?

Freeper with a 9mm Clenis.

The yes man and the thug

Another Child Thrilled to Meet the President ---pix->>>

George Galloway branded 'laughing stock' after Big Brother cat act

I'll say this much about Bork--he didn't weazle around his beliefs

Not 1 senator, strategist or talkshow host linked Alito to mineworkers?

Freeper Genius !

Just saw Bush on CNN

A Quick History Review on Two SCOTUS Seats That Should Have Been Defeated.

DU MSNBC Poll-should Alito be confirmed?

The Chicago Tribune Pimps Alito Confirmation

Now I'm worried, just woke from a nap to bush's* news conference

How do we STOP a war with Iran?

What to make of this,..... when newsmax is the source??

WP's Walter Pincus: "standards" coming re. domestic intel

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 5 – Thread 2

Demonstration of the “Truthiness” of the Republican Party

January 31 Convergence, protest Bush SOTU speech. --Anyone going?

Moderator: You locked the hearing thread & provided a link back to the

HAVOC memo - concerning Project X

Attention WAL-MART Shoppers!!!

smirk fondles Boysie Bollingar

Alito Hearing----Day 5-----thread 5

Did anyone see Ed Lazerus on the Daily Show last night?

May I please have a list of all the Senator Emails

Anyone know where I can find that CAP article Sen. Kennedy has mentioned?

Bush said: "We didn't exactly landslide our way into office"

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 5 – Thread 3

IBM Gets Contract to Clean AZ Voter Registration rolls

Alito is only THIRD nominee not endorsed by National Bar Association!

Chafee is in a real pickle on Alito

Consider this Question on the 06 Election

Is Iran a proxy against China?

Katrina cited as deficit likely to top $400B

Hilarious Newspaper Error In Article On Alito!!

Blinky says we have to go to war with Iran because they don't like Israel

Alito believes accepting government money limits one's free speech rights

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 5 – Thread 4

Matthews: Breaking the law may be "part of the job" of president

Santorum Whines About Unpopularity of Bush's Quagmire

Boeing lags Airbus on 2005 deliveries

Lindsey Graham helped coach Alito prior to Hearings

I thought people bolted after the CAFTA vote why are they still here?

Mine work conditions: Will Alito rule FOR mineworker's safety or AGAINST?

Conservative Idiot lies about getting rid of Abramoff cash

La. Woman Won't Be Prosecuted for Looting

Ralph Nader: The Two Questions the Senate Should Have Asked Judge Alito

Oprah seems to be pro-liar

Stripes letters: on Coulter, Robertson, FISA, Murtha and Carl Moore

Kerry made my local news with his Iran comment from yesterday

Snotty Scotty BBQ Bingo time!

Norway stays sane - plans for future survival

"We didn't exactly landslide our way into office," Bush said. >>>

US helicopter shot down in Iraq - witnesses

MSNBC: Do you think it's time to get tougher with Iran?

Do you believe Iran / Nukes?

680 illegal votes

Are HIV-infected suicide bombers a new threat?

Bush is threatening Iran because Iraq is falling apart rapidly...

VIDEO- Feinstein with Tribe/Fried on the Presidential Signing Statement

Why are the corporate media so terrified of Ted Kennedy?

Last Call for tonight's Near-North Chicago DU Meetup!

I just phoned Senator Dayton's office re: Alito. They don't care.

my, my my local fish wrap will run my letter regarding the

Homeowners Formally Strike Racially Restrictive Language from CC&Rs

The ways the powerful insulate themselves from the problems they cause:

CNN: Are you worried about Iran's nuclear program?

FAX the Senators

I'm emailing MSNBC right now

i dunno, listening to w, i strongly suspect we're having a war on Iran

DU'ers do your part, American to be conceived this month

What is the best way to deal with a freeper on DU?

If confirmed, we should protest Alito with a 2day strike against BushInc

Will Alito be confirmed? Do bears shit in the woods?

Spitting on their graves

Clinton didn't use warrantless wiretaps (also posted in GD Politics)

Doctor Bans Boy From Playstation To Stop Head Twitching

I'm encouraged and gratified to see our veterans become Dem candidates

CNN: Laura Bush told Martha-Ann Alito to "Hang in There."

Just received this email from PFAW

Time for Randi ya basterds!

Bush* must have Alito before he can attack Iran

My e-mail to Publix supermarkets re: religious books

Judge who sentenced child rapist to 60-days was appointed by Republican

Bill Maher on Larry King tonight. n/t

Interesting statement heard on Al Franken's show this morning

Iran and Israel will be kings of the Middle East jungle (The Guardian)

Have any DEMOCRATS explained why they will vote for ALITO?

War on which front

This is going way out on the limb, but .... Does anyone have...

Are the Confirmation Hearings Anything More Than PR for the Nominee?

Imagine yourself the caretaker of a blind tycoon

Lowered thermostats haven't kept gas bills from soaring

Alert: dKos effort underway to send emissaries to DC to demand filibuster

If we can't get control of the media by purchasing it, how about we...

Sorta Breaking: MSNBC reports 30,000 Iraqi civilians killed in

Sparks Fly Over Flyover at MLK March

Eustace is alive and well and no longer missing

Bully the weak, Fundie Christians. Is that your God's way?

Those homeless beating in Florida

Delete, dupe

Can't stand Senator Hatch? Support Pete Ashdown for Senate!

62-38 for Alito?

Jim McDermott paid a whistleblower's price....needs some help again.

Why do we live in backwards land?

Scalito may eventually get confirmed but

I just wondered how many people on DU are Precinct Judges.

Stem Cell Letter - update

oh well, i guess there's just no stopping bush and his pals

Punks beat homeless man to death with baseball bats

Will Bush & his friends launch a war against Iran as cover for '06?

Does anyone remember the name of the Admiral

Question about Iran economics and possible draft?

Gonzales to Testify on Domestic Spying

The GOP is having a leadership meeting...

Have loved ones soldiering in Iraq? Pentagon says "Learn to laugh."

What did the Russians want with Tom DeLay?

LTTE in conservative Appleton WI re: 14 characteristics of fascism

Pombo: 'I didn't do anything wrong'

hey-- wait a minute! they can't do THAT can they?

Bush accidentally told the truth about the Iraq War the other day:

MSNBC poll: Should Wal-Mart be required to pay for health insurance

I just checked my E-mail

Wrong, Randi. . .Bush is not hooked on phonics

Reid (D-NV) DEMANDS FCC investigation of illegal sale of phone records

'Vampyre' Candidate Backs Public Impaling

Clark wants privacy law - re AMERICAblog/Phone records

So which party will get slapped at the polls in 06?

I can hear those distant drums of an Iranian war beating...beating...beati

Would Like to Make a List of GOP Marketing Groups

Bush could seize absolute control of US governement

The Democrats have the power to shut down WarPig's agenda

Pentagon to families: Go ahead, laugh

Tim McGraw a U.S. Senator? - He is getting encouragement from Bill Clinton

I am pro abortion.

Alito nomination looks like certainty to me at this time.

Can American citizens sue Bush for lying, misrepresentation?

remember, the PNAC plan is to conquer the WHOLE middle east

The Ratings Have Come! The Ratings Have Come!

Democrazy is dead. And I'm giving it an Irish Wake.

Zappa on Crossfire 1986, 21 min.

I hope some of you people never play poker or if you do I'm there!!

(sc)Alito and the headlong slide toward Fascism

Did Chris Matthews call Bush a whackjob when he said crusades?

YIKES! It's gone. Poof. Nada. Zero . . . my star is gone!

Randi is spanking their rating bullshit

CNN reports WH and Pentagon proposing big cuts to National Guard.

Filibuster is "not on or off the table right now" (Schumer)

My one-sentence review of Brokeback Mountatin

Bill O' Reilly Crazy

I Was Totally Oblivious - Right-Wing Hate To wards Liberals in 60's/70's

Hasert asks Ney to resign

Iraq Super Humvees

War on rap music. War on France. War on Christmas.

Batting a thousand when predicting violence in Iraq

CNN: Republican Bob Ney is in talks to quit a key committee chairmanship

Raising your quarter-million dollar baby

Raw Story reporting we were spying BEFORE 9/11

Radio Money help Guy

So, what do we do, if the dems DON'T filibuster???????!!!!!!!!!

I just paid my company travel card by phone and ended the conversation

Congress has no right to investigate the President as Command-in-Chief

-An Interesting Day- George W. Bush's Comments January 11th, 2002

Randi Rhodes Ratings In!!!

Their Levees - Our Levees(OMG)

I hold an unpopular position, I think filibusters are unconstitutional

Discussing sanity while sitting in The Not Right Room

"Are you a closet bigot?"

Napolitano to O'Reilly: If Hillary Clinton were president....

Did Bush Sr. trick Saddam into starting the 1st Gulf War?

Another reason why more tax cuts for the rich are a must. . .

Will Bush attack IraN?

Breaking: Hastert Asks Ney To Resign As Admin. Cmte. Chair

5 minutes until Bouncing Boobies - Randi Rhodes - Friday!

One more try: Galloway is a kitty cat.(sorry about the p-word)

LOU DOBBS 2nite - Able Danger + congressman weldon. Even Dobbs

Interesting story that is ultimately damaging to the needy homeless

The problem with losing elections

Great info to tell your senators to torpedo Alito.....C-SPAN 1 COMING UP.

Nuclear war on Iran?

What Explains David Rosenbaum's Tragic Bludgeoning Murder?

Mainstream and establishment - new code words?

Local tv news--10 houses for sale in Michigan for every one buyer.

GWB secretly ordered US military brass to DENOUNCE Murtha!

I see JC Watts is still pimping himself

DU this CNN poll: Are you worried about Iran's nuclear program?

A happy thought.

Was the WMF vulnerability an intentional back door ?

Remember Bahgad Boy? The FBI arrested his dad for terrorism 20 years ago

And Utility Companies can add surcharges if use goes down

Reminder to Chicago DU GDers...Meetup Tonight!

Is Bush Planning to do a Kosovo (Air-War) on Iran?

If Iran had a nuke, would they use it on us?

Anyone noticing a housing cool down in their area?

I'm gonna see Janet Reno speak tomorrow.

When Contraception is outlawed, will this effect you, personally?

Man goes missing after police arrest at London protest

It looks like o'connor will go down as the justice who

Global Warming: Is it the result of man or nature?

Is Iran next on Bush's list


I need a link to the 'Moran' picture please???


VIDEO-Is Alito a Strict Constructionist? Sullivan

VIDEO-Alito-Sullivan on how Alito rules on 4th amendment search/privacy

What comes after "I'm leaving the Democratic Party!"

VIDEO-Alito- Gonzales- Hispanic Caucus SAY No support

VIDEO-Alito-Sullivan on how Alito ruled on tax evasion cases

Tweety: Lindsey Graham was spectacular defending Alito

VIDEO-Alito-Wasserman-Schulz- on effect of his rulings on Women

VIDEO- Alito-Turner from National Bar Association- NO

Did they care when we cried? (reposted rant)

VIDEO-Alito-Shaw- NAACP- .......... NO

VIDEO- Alito Hearing- Diversity -closing comments by panel

Sarasota, Florida Is THE Number One City As The "Meanest"

Bush's Post NOLA Photo-Op Party Pics (For Cottonbear)

Smear Of The Day: Radical Right Attacks Murtha’s Vietnam War Medals…

Sunday Morning Lineup: TV heads

If there is no Filibuster, most likely the Gang of 14 will be blamed...

Tweety and Roll Call Guy call Abramoff and Jefferson Scandals Twins!

Bush began warrantless spying BEFORE 9/11

Advice to Staff of Elizabeth Dole & Suggested Form Letter for Constituents

Caption the * family

Couldn't possibly be true . . .

A timely remake of "Brokeback Mountain"

Randi says the Republicans are now questioning Murtha's

Where is Osama bin laden?

why americans hate nuclear power

So Lindsey Graham said that every time someone crosses

Don't subscribe to Stephanie Miller Podcasts

if we want our nation back, we'll have to fight for it

JFK…Pulled Missiles out of Turkey to Resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis

Citgo Only Oil Co Willing To Assist Low Income For Heating

millions still live under the illusion that we must obey the law...why?

The nation is in crisis. Hey I know. Let's DIVIDE THE "GOOD" SIDE!

the neonazicons are NOT afraid of we, the people, we need to change that

ALITO: DEMS BLEW IT AGAIN... thoughts on a new strategy to protect USSC

Teddy Kennedy to be on Imus

DU has a non-fiction book forum & a monthly book club.

Rodent junkies hit police stash

John "Guantanamo" Yoo is on forum 1 PM ET Today

Bush quote of week... "We both did not exactly

Need a list of reasons not to approve Alito - if you have, please provide!

Oprah, I'm Worried About You

New from Riverbend

Laura Bush reached out Mrs. Alito

Nations Catholic Bishops Urge U.S. to Leave Iraq

New Garth Brooks/ Wallmart Video... ROFL

Did you see PBS The Newshour....Story about GM!!!

Lou Dobbs needs to hear from us...

Army Reservists Say They've Been Slapped In The Face

What cases WEREN'T brought up by Dems against Alito in the hearings?

Will * get to fill a third SCOTUS vacancy?

The Bush Admin. refuses to divulge 45 specific documents written by Alito

The Problem with Presidential Signing Statements:By JOHN W. DEAN

All of you deviants, criminals and disruptors!

'Black Ops' Implicated in Jill Carroll Kidnapping

Republican: The Party of TRUTHINESS! Can someone make me a

What bothers you most about Alito?

"millions of Americans will hear the call for Alito's defeat ..."

TOONs to end my week

This is hurting my head (Quantum processor)

I'm really surprised at the board's attitude toward the

D.C. and sports: Thick-skinned and politically incorrect

i just spoke to Bidens office...about Alito

Dear Gov. Dean -- Of all of Bush’s lies …

Singer Tim McGraw Eyes Politics ~ Clinton encouraging him.

PROOF BUSH DECEIVED AMERICA: renewed attention to the Downing Street memos

Republicans are Swiftboating Murtha. The Swiftboating is On!

School Sends Girl Home For Holey Jeans

Must America hit bottom before Americans wake up?

Got fighter jets? Call 1-800-WIPEOUT.

Regardless if you are for or against abortion--you should support CHOICE

How Conservatives Argue: A Case Study

We Need A "Crying Uncle Sam"

Potential job I interviewed for requires a security clearance


update on Yellowstone Bison: bison hazed across thin ice, die slow death

Senator Reid's Not So Subtle Message to Tom DeLay (Houston Chronical Edit)

"Regular" influenza is spreading, take care of yourselves people

Alito Once Made Case For Presidential Power

The coming war with Iran.

Bush to Karl: Hope you finish reading the Cliff Notes of the Constitution.

Can we all be that clueless? Dems are keeping mum about the filibuster

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11

Some final thoughts on "The Book of Daniel"

What is this Rumor Randi Rhodes said? We'll Nuke Iran?????

Hopefully This Is Allowable To Post.

Fundie mom says Pat Robertson is an "idiot"

Maryland first to OK 'Wal-Mart bill'

Randi and Franken killing rightwing wind bags in the ratings.

Which nuclear policies are the people afraid of?

Alito: Stop the Menace --Rec & Kick it Up!

Ask Congress to improve mortuary service for war dead-One family's mission

Interesting Capitol Hill Blue article. Is it true?

Why can't we have a Democratic version of Fox News?

Suspect in beating death of NY Times reporter Rosenbaum

Gore to challenge Bush presidency

"Media Bias in So-called “Father’s Rights” Case"

TX: Rift over MLK parade:Military jet flyover seen as supporting Iraq war

Al Gore on C-Span Monday, 1/16/06 NOON

Filibuster: Even if we lose. If we don't ever use it, we gave it away....

Check in here when you've called your senators re: fillibustering Alito.

So I'm not leaving the Democratic Party.

Know your BFEE: Like a NAZI

Maryland forces Wal-Mart to spend more on healthcare

Dems didn't apologize for Ms Alito crying. I QUIT THEM!

If you are looking for someone to blame for Alito

Dear G. Gordon Liddy:

The Crying Game - today's Neil Lisst cartoon - the Alito hearings

DFA Illinois forum gets Chicago Trib coverage....a favorite DFAer pictured

About this Diebold guy who's running as a Democrat..

It's time for some psychologocial warfare on these Poops...

The Countdown to War with Iran

Ben Freaking Nelson says he'll vote for Alito

Idea to Mobilize Nation to Stop Alito!

Bush sinking again in polls

the official reason for Mrs. Alito's hysterics is released

Contact info for FILIBUSTER HERE. No excuses. Email and phone

Karl Rove, Domestic Spying, Top Secret Clearance and Politics

THe US was NOT founded on Christian Principles

Granny Bee – Wifely Vapors

Phone Numbers for Dems on Judiciary. Tell 'em to FILIBUSTER

Boston Globe on Scalito: "Few doubts about his likely confirmation"

Bush now at only 43% Approval Rate

Are these talking points real?

Point me to a site for looking up political donation/affiliation please

If you aren't going to filibuster, at LEAST vote against him.

I don't think I am a democrat anymore....

Any thoughts on "Iranian Opposition"?

Now Guam wants a piece of Abramoff!

Al Sharpton on Bush "piously acting as though he remembers Dr. King"

Abramoff Ties Raise Problems for Doolittle

Alito Hearings Worthless

Do Americans Condone Torture?

Letter to the DNC

Victim of Pinochet era asks Chilean voters to make history

Who caught Clinton on Nightline last night?

Video of Cavuto calling Senate Judiciary Dems asses...

DNC Chair to meet with Democracy Bond Holders in KC and OH next week

Bush and rhetoric

SF Chronicle: Democrats fail to pin Alito down in final questioning

Are we approaching Alito from the wrong angle???

Rep. Jeff scared of smirk Flake was on W.J. this a.m.

marching on D.C. won't work - even if we fill the city

I wonder if the ten year old who was strip searched cried? nt

Why does every article that I read say Alito will be confirmed no problem?

Hotline blog: Lott To Decide On 1/17

If not now, when will we the people have had enough?

Write your Senators! Alito is not suitable and should not be confirmed

A vote against a filibuster is same as a vote for Alito....

Two Democracy Bond events with Dean next week...Ohio and Missouri.

A winning Democratic strategy, guaranteed.

This is classic...

Just on the Tube:::Pat Robertson APOLOGIZES to Sharons Son & Israel

Harry Reid: If we can beat mob, we can fight DeLay-style politics

From Conyers' blog, January 12 and 13:

Confirmation Hearings are a FARCE......

Check it out - Specter is NOT Pro-choice!!!

When 'Freedom' Equals Fascism (Freedom House)

What will happen (politically) if we're attacked again?

DU Members Have to become Media Activists in order to Win

The Cult of No Criticism

Bush Recess appointments- A creepy "Facts of Life" Reunion

conspiracy historian Eustace Mullins mysteriously disappears

The Cup O' Joe Report 01/13/06: The CEO Mentality

AZ Representative Shadegg joins race for majority leader

SOS! GA GOP trying to split Athens-Clarke Co. into 2 GOP senate districts!

A little advice from beyond the grave

The Department of Labor has a 'Special Assistant for Conservative Outreach

What is Dick Hiding?

DU this poll!

Common Dreams--No Comment

Salt Lake Trib: Clinton says he didn't use warrantless wiretaps

It didn't go over my head: How about a counterrevolution?

let's get a better attitude about Alito.

The issue of Iran...and Iran's crazy President

Photo: I haven't seen that expression on Junior since the Kerry debates...

In light of the never-ending chants of "Chappaquiddick" for TK,

Senator Dick Durbin--

Bush hopes Rove finishes "reading the Cliff Notes of the Constitution." >>

Dear Senator Reid and Governor Dean

Just keep telling the Democratic Senators we want them to filibuster.

C&L video: Les Kinsolving, "The New Gannon," Strikes @ W.H. Press Conf.

the Empire's Condi mad at Norway, threatens them

Just heard on News: Helicopter that went down in Iraq may have been shot..

Another Alito poll to DU

Petition: Medicare Corruption Taking a Toll on Our Seniors

NSA used city police as trackers (on peace activists)

RICO and the Republican Party

Now the Bushies want Spy on America hearings so very badly

Are the ethical problems with Alito enough for a filibuster?

Montana DUers! Tell us about Brian Schweitzer

Alito Confirmation ----------> Full-Blown Dictatorship

Alito ACTION ALERT in General Discussion!

Why Alito?

See What Bush and His Administration is doing To The Bill Of Rights:

Is it possible for O'Connor to WITHDRAW her resignation?

Will the GOP be able to get a group rate from a Criminal Defense Law Firm

Scandal sullies both Republicans and Democrats (In their DREAMS!)

Frightening things about Scalito

Bush wants to know why al Qaeda is calling you

Alito Fails the Test

Opposition to Alito Holding Full Court Press on C-Span Now

Question to those bolting the Dem party over Alito

W.H. Transcript, Bush & German Chancellor Merkel. I'm thinking "drunk."

So much for Specter being a man of principle; voting for Alito

Edwards brings crusade on poverty to Seattle

GOP Rep. Ney under pressure to resign chairmanship

The #1 reason I'll remain a Democrat, at least through 2006

Alito/Veneer of Democracy/BUSHs final move/Filibuster

W's backdrops-Do you really think this is an accident?

We are going to have to take back our country ourselves.

Alito's Confirmation

The GOP is full of secret pro-choicers??

Discussing sanity while sitting in The Not Right Room

The Nation: "The Impeachment of George W. Bush"

Great rant from the "Driftglass" blog

Bush Ordered NSA Warrantless Spying Before 9/11

Pep talk for the Alito-depressed and the true majority in this country:

I suggest we call Bush supporters, "Loyalists", as in vs "Patriots"

Conservatives to enlist for Iran?

Schwarzenegger's budget: up with prisons, down with communities

Is there a single example of how giving Bush what he wants has helped DEMS

There are More Phone Calls to Confirm Alito than to Filibuster

Zhirinovsky tells Pravda that Condi has sexual problems


satanist running for MN governor WAS a repuke until very recently......

Gore to "challenge Bush presidency"...

An Abortion Poll

A Loose Pathogen?? Mighty Rome fell due to lack of good leadership

U.S. pays millions to Halliburton for excess trucks sitting idle in Iraq

I'm waiting for "the Rapture"... can't wait

Defend Progressive Front-Runner Against Beltway Betrayal

DANGER! No Roe v. Wade= RNC Controls Regional Elections 4Ever