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Archives: January 12, 2006

Terminating Arnold: A Cat’s Eye View of California Politics

Bill Bennett hired @CNN-Political Anal-yst (Media Matters)

James Wolcott: The Crying Game

Secret Invasion: US Troops Steal into Paraguay

China’s Stranglehold on the Dollar

I was scapegoat for Bush, Bremer claims

Is Washington Losing Latin America to Democracy?

Presidential Scorecard: GDP

Taxcuts = Wagecuts

Swedish government approves uprates of Ringhals nuclear plants.

Shin Bet gives IDF, police `harvest incident' suspects

Israel not to blame for Iraq mess

Exalting Sharon

A Firebrand in a House of Cards - New York Times, 1/12/2006

Photo of an Airplane fragment from the Pentagon attack

It's been a long trek since Nov. 2, 2004 -- now getting shorter

WArren County NJ about to get delivery of 1st Avante Vote Trakker DREs

Tribes fret over Abramoff scandal

Progressive groups/websties in Iowa

Hey First District people, check this out.

Minnesotans: Ask Mark Dayton to filibuster against Samuel Alito

Michele Bachmann's Year in Review

I found out that someone I knew offline is a MN DUer!

Dr. Joyce Beatty named new Ohio House Democratic Leader

Chris Bell on CNN tonight (A.C. 360)

freepers have attacked my ltte-can you get my back?

Carole Four Names misspells her own name on declaration of intent.

Are The Packers Screwed?

I miss my kitchen

Conservatives: Muffled, but how Moderate?

A man who made the Grits strong

Bush to aim for tight 2007 budget, Card says

Israel Suspends Contact With Pat Robertson

NYT: China's Trade Surplus Tripled in 2005

Iran 'reaps benefit of Iraq war' (Wilkerson)

(CNN/USA/Gallup) Poll: Iraq won't be governing itself soon (war not worth)

CNN: Sources: Two lawmakers could face charges in Abramoff probe

Political scandal clouds meeting of tribal gambling leaders

Lott says he'll seek a fourth term in 2006

MS Legislature -- no sex offenders within 5 miles of schools, daycare...

Whoops, dupe!: Israel Suspends Contact With Pat Robertson

LAT: (Nagin's New Orleans) Revival Plan Draws Sharp Criticism

Senate minority leader says Democrats can gain in "red states"

WP,pg1: Warming Tied To Extinction Of Frog Species

Housing shortage grows tense in Caracas

Saudi king receives Moqtada Sadr

US says UN should bar rights abusers from new body

Repub Leader election, Feb 2nd. Standings; Blunt-59, Boehner-30

German spies aided Iraq war effort: report

Bin Laden aide defies US military court on Guantanamo anniversary (AFP)

Duluth Tribune/AP: Green campaign tries to distance aide from Abramoff

Fla. Man Charged in Vietnam Desertion Free

Houston TV stations withhold ads attacking DeLay

Doctor: PM's disease hidden to prevent political damage (Sharon)

WP: Key Shiite Backs Away From Charter Accord

Russia Won't Block U.S. on Iran

NYT: Army Sending Added Armor to Iraq Units

Louisville: Crowds Gather To Protest During President Bush's Speech

Poll: Bush approval at 38 percent (Pew Research)

Alito's Wife Leaves Hearing Room in Tears

U.S. soldiers have best body armor, Pentagon says

CNN/Reuters: NASA chief: Money will be tight for astronomy

Robertson tries to save Jesusland after Sharon gibe

Americans Find Being Fat Not Unattractive

"Pro Family" groups aim at Ford again

The dance studio owner next door has 30 seconds to live

Chuck Norris Facts

Nothing makes you feel weaker than....

Hurrah....I hit 200 posts.


Fuck, I hate corporate types.

Mrs. Alito's long lost daughter?


Seriously, this is funny.

would you rather be with someone you love

On this night in 1966

I love WXRT!

You are always becoming yourself - true, false, other, huh?

Woo-hoo! New MYTHBUSTERS tonight!

Teenagers are a big pain in the ass!

He-Man . . . kind of

Landover Baptist new Topic "Do pets go to Heaven" Funny!!

You are in line at a drugstore - only one person visibly working

What the hell are shirred eggs?

Stupid question - what is foley work?

help with a date night playlist

I just waxed my bone

They Live!

Who is a pantywaist? and Who is a douchebag?

If I started a thread with "my bone" in the title,

wanna turn that frown upside down; maybe getting easier every day...

My favorite pizza dough recipe.

Frisbee freaks!!! Are you ready for this?

RFC: my entry for Landover Baptist Personal Testimony contest

Laughing hysterically

The Best of Hee Haw!

Laughing histrionically

Who's watching Frontline?


Eve of Destruction - Barry Mcguire.

I just made a homemade chicken pot pie!!! Oh yeah!

The Killer was a real a-hole but he sure made some damn good music

Who decided what is "proper" sex?

For the Trekkers here!

Tails has something to say:

Not, I swear to God NOT the Brazillian Joke (but it's damn funny)

Help me with this paper!

Alright, don't make fun of me. Alright, maybe you should:

More overrated musical acts

What was Jon Stewart's opening like tonight?

I'm just a little freaked out right now

Bloggers prove to the rest of us how utterly irrelevant they are -link


I want to start a flame war!

William Shatner has his own DVD club!


Who's the most annoying?

I got my glasses and I can see!!

William Shatner has his own VD club !!

Sent to me by a Sweet Lady who knows I've had hard times...

Holy Jesus Christ on a Buffet Table! (biggest loser spoilers)

The Time Is Nigh, My Friends...

BEER is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Crazy, actual, (or made up) song titles:

Wild music for the night: Congotronics!

We Are All From Earth ... Freaking Deal!

Nudity during sex annuls marriage, says cleric - Whoa!

has anyone seen "grizzly man"

How do you get your teen-agers to rebel against the establishment?

Something you REALLY don't want to see up close (kitty pic)

Lost -- new episode tonite? Hope so.

Yet another cat location update

I'm watching "For Your Eyes Only" - the soundtrack and foley work SUCK!

'Serenity' to get sequel?

What is your favorite color?

Pictures of dishes I cooked using DU'er recipes(butter chicken &...)

Day 24 of Northwest Rain!

Who else here hates Matcom?

I'm depressed -- I got a traffic ticket today for running a stop sign

How much was your last heating bill?? VERY funny pics, probable dialup warning....

I got a ticket for driving through an Applebees full of drunk loud kids

This could only be brewed in Utah...

The average size of a wiener (and other interesting facts!)

Why did Jon Stewart say the meeting with former Secretraries

I love Mrs. Venation

I've read 95% of Americans don't read books.

Angelina Jolie is preggers...if you care. Apologies Miss M.

'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' is the greatest album of the 70's. Discuss.

Thank God we all survived the accident tonight!

What IS a Rabrrrrrr ?????????

Daily Appreciation Thread for: Merh.

would you rather love someone who loves you

Who are the most overrated musical artists that you can think of?

What songs/acts/ genres do you love?

With all these pregnancy chats... and since i'm fertile as fertile could

Being a vegetarian in the Midwest sucks.

I am going to follow a dream

50--over the real hill, or just getting started?

ESA and ANU make space propulsion breakthrough

American Family Association boycotted NYPD Blue in 1993

Iran's Anti-Gay Program

Packers have their man

You know, I usually disagree with the "I'll vote Green next time" crowd...

This night after thanking God and everyone

How I came to be a Kerrycrat

Question for filmsies.... re: B&W film

For those of you that don't have macro lenses

I'm kind of bummed - nothing to do with photography

KOEB Meeting -- 1/11/06

Secret Service 9/11 foreknowledge

Mrs. Alito, if you have to leave to go to the bathroom, you don't

If I cry, will you make that mean man go away?

Anybody remember who and how much THEY jumped on Muskie

Is There A "Smoking Gun" The Dems Have With Alito & CAP?

Update on the tour for republicans today

Freepers have attacked my ltte

hillary didnt cry

Thank you Big Dog, I'm so glad to have lived during your administration

Latest RW Spin: Both Parties Are Corrupt, But Dems Are Just Plain Mean!

My encounters with Jack Abramoff...

It's simple: Dems need say only that there are too many ? about Alito

Santa Cruz, CA Police Caught Spying on Peaceful Grassroots Group

Video on CNN of "Mrs. Alito in tears as race discussed"

Alito: Either lying then, or lying now.

U.S. justices question death row inmate's guilt

Why filibuster? Imagine Bush v. Gore with Alito on the bench...

How do I get some legislation introduced then passed without

Are Republicans Truly Proud of Their Conservative Ideology?

Durbin's email about the SCALITO nomination.

How the hell does Christ Matthews know it was "kids" who killed

Republican Majority for Choice comes out against BorkAlito

Keith saying that perhaps MILLIONS of Americans were

Possibly MILLIONS affected by peeping toms at NSA. nt.

Lindsey Graham is responsible for Ms. Alito's tears- and she

Mrs. Alito, if you need to get up to go to the bathroom, you don't

The President Gets it...

Bush today:" War is Terrible" and We are "Emboldening the Enemy"

Yet another way the war in Iraq has weakened our country/security

Alito said "I'll say anything including LIE to get a job"

Crying? There's no crying in Senate confirmations!

Finaly figured it out. Mrs. Alito cries at lies. Admirable.

Is Bush Wiretapping the Senate to Influence the (E)lito Nomination?

If I start crying...

Why are Republicans such pantywaists?

Did the U.S. bring democracy to Iraq?

Mission Accomplished. All everyone is talking about is the fake tears...

Is this true with Cobryn?

Lindsay Graham/Pat Robertson

Moqtada Sadr on whirlwind trip to Saudi Arabia to meet King. The USA next?

Career of the Alito marked by hatred of liberalism (Sid Blumenthal)

Interesting Juxtaposition Of Articles On Right Now

Check out this quote from Tom Delay!

Sorry Mrs. Scalito. I Don't Feel Bad For You.

Should Mrs. Alito be barred from the Alito confirmation hearing?

Republicans for Choice (RMC) OPPOSE ALITO

Bush's "war on terror" is a miserable failure

ABC poll: weigh in on wiretapping

I Would Love to See Ted Kennedy Call Out Mrs. Alito's Stunt Tomorrow!

Bizarre statement from Lindsey Graham during Mrs Alito's breakdown

Pentagon Spied on Concerned Peace Moms in Atlanta

DeLay set for a 'political fight' (Less than 50%)to retain his House seat

Mrs. Alito tears are lead story, CNN, 7 p.m. Eastern

Mrs. Alito is the kind of woman Republicans like.....

This a.m. did u catch Alito's fallacy: statistics lie thus all statistics

"How can a 9 year old fight the war on terror?"

Israel: Home of the first Atheist...and now I want a piece!

My prediction: They'll bring in Pickles to sit with Mrs. Alito

Wall Street Bonuses Hit Record $21.5 Billion; Cut Those Medicaid Benefits.

* to try new approach (Pic)

suggesting that the courts decide about domestic spying

That F***ing right wing Nazi Schwarzenegger gets away without license

Congressman Conyers:Alito Day II, Bush, Holtzman, 35,000 signatures

A simple message for the RW'ers

Enough about Mrs. Alito, what do we know about Ms. Alito?

I have a SERIOUS problem with the AP poll that everyone is touting

Channeling Michelle Malkin.....(her next book, DU mean to Mrs. Alito)

Shame on Lindsay Graham for making Mrs. Alito cry!

It's TRUE! republicans HATE women, gays, all minorities & hippies

So where is the commentary about * defining "acceptable"criticism?

flame me if you have too but i have a question

Only 26% of Americans favor withdrawl from Iraq within 6 months.

Lindsey's dual purpose "guilt by association" speech was

Hannity pissed at Bremer, wants him to shut it.

If Alito's name was Darnell Watkins affliated with the National of Islam

in the not too distant future, we'll see big tough men cry like babies

we're ALL cryin' out here Mrs. A, thanks for joining us in a weep

She Cried Because of the Soft Balls Lindsey Graham was Lobbing at (E)lito

lindsey graham's teeth always look like they need a good cleaning.

Missed it while at work, is there a clip of the crying woman? n/t

Anyone know who the female analyst re. hearings on NPR is?

Lindsay Graham said on insannity today that the dems were losing the

Israel Suspends Contact With Pat Robertson...

Where is the Mike Malloy thread?

Bush: "I wish I knew how to quit you!"

Time's Joe Klein sucks--thinks NSA domestic spying OK because...

Tonight's "hide it thread" reason....?

Mike Malloy Tread!!! Night TruthSeekers!

What was the biggest RW Lie in 05?

Photo: Our little president : Stylin!

Eureka! I just figured out why Mrs. Scalito broke down crying!

Is it just me.... or if you forget something you felt

*Sigh* I'm tired of FAKE tears, FAKE intelligence, FAKE reporters, FAKE..

"End of the Spear" No, not the end of Brittany, but a movie about

Shame on Lindsay La Grahame for making a Tenured wife cry n/t

*GASP* A positive thread about Democrats in GD!

Could CBS News Gloria BORGer make faces any more disapproving?

Rest in Peace

Specter Stonewalls on Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP) Docs

I think all the GOP senators on judiciary coached Alito

You're gonna cry cry, cry, cry, 96 Tears...

Is there a clip of this infamous crying episode?

Okay. . .someone needs to explain to me the term "enemy."

Did you know Abramoff was on *'s transition team?

Behind every great man is a great woman....

Israel pulls plug on Pat Robertson deal

Canadians: What's this crap bird-flu thing on the CBC tonight?

Mrs Alito crying today looked contrived to me.

What is your favorite color?

Read Mel Martinez's response to my e-mail about Alito

Brian Williams breaks the big Joe Biden controversy!

(E)lito Looked Very Concerned When Ted Demanded His CAP Record

Nudity during sex annuls marriage, says cleric - Whoa!

Anderson Cooper will talk about the crying episode, cnn-

Went to see Al Gore at Vanderbilt tonight,

Either way you cut it, CAP doesn't make Alito look good

Help! "the server received invalid data from the client on the control

VIDEO-Bush Softball Speech in Kentucky today

Republican Governors Association collected $500,000 from Michael Scanlon

VIDEO- Bush on free speech, democracies and comfort to adversaries

When Rove is indicted what will you do?


MSM and the subject of abortion

Houston To Tie Teachers' Pay To Student Test Scores

BOHICA.. Bend Over Here It Comes Again!!

Mr. (E)lito Lied or Has a Very Bad Memory

Which issue is more important?

BEER is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Mike Malloy : John Ashcroft is now a lobbyist for Choicepoint and Oracle.

"Cupping Osama's balls." That's right, DU. We're cupping Osama's balls

Red state women: get your affairs in order. Prepare to die.

For My D.C. folks...did any of you just watch NBC-4 News?

I'm sorry but I remember shit that happened 30 years ago vividly!

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World

Alito Lied--Wifey Cried

An idea to get R vs. W into prospective for the Reich Woman

Do you think Alito perjured himself about his CAP participation?

VIDEO-Bush threats on Spy Hearing from today

who was the last outright LIBERAL scotus nominee?

Come and Arrest Me George

Do you believe in free speech? How far would you go to defend the

Done with Nightline

How about a "hip, hip, hurrah" for the Mods!

I am disturbed about the exchange between Specter and Kennedy today.

any word on whats in those CAP records yet?


It's simple. VOTE ALITO DOWN!!! He is bad for America.

"A Million Pieces" author getting pounded for "fabrication" of scenes

How come the daughter didn't breakdown and start crying?

Another military offensive in Fallujah??

Some give Delay > 50% chance at winning reelection

If Alito can not remember who he hung out with in school,

Can you guys fill me in on the pros and cons of NAFTA?

Cheney:"once I finish this tour as George Bush's Vice President...."

They have labeled the NSA whistleblower as "crazy"

Confess, It'll Be Good For You. Have You Ever Voted Repuglican?

I agree with the Mrs. Alito bashers, but.....

The US Senate is not a kindergarten

"Concerned Women": Kennedy sinks to NEW LOW defaming Alito!

Vote using MAIL IN ballots or WRITE IN your candidate

To the person who wrote the hilarious cell phone in a public

Daily Show time!

REAL women tell their hubby's political opponents to "shove it"

What we witnessed today was a high-tech lynching of an uppity White Man...

Carl Bernstein says "Congress is no longer representative of the citizens

Wow! Who saw Walking the Bible on PBS? Fundies can say, "Thanks, Karl!" >

Bush can ban abortion this year. Nationwide.

what possible reason does THIS woman have to cry?

"We're Going To Beat His Brains Out"

HuffPo: "If Democrats are smart, they will keep Murtha front and center --

Digital 'retouching', celebrity, and women's self-image

State Department: 2008. US Citizen without passport = no re-entry

To my Dying Day I will support The Equal Rights Amendment!

Sheryl Crow Speaks Out

Women are crying right now because their children are cold and hungry

Truthout has a page dedicated to all things Alito

The Suave Mr. Rumsfeld with Geisha Girl (Photo)

The Impeachment of George W. Bush (The Nation)

Did Hillary Clinton Cry

The good news on the crying jag

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Hoe Down

In Regard to tears....I am my husband's wife.

Those wacky Canadian Conservatives: Candidate faces smuggling charge

Are you on the no-fly or watch list?

Dear Gov. Dean -- “Finally, it has started.”

Will Alito Be Confirmed?

The Crying Game (by James Wolcott)

Cat Bites Dog, Owner Wants Leash Law for Kitties

Why doesn't it bother Repugs that the dipshit Pres speaks like a dumbass?

GM lowers prices on everything, no more stupid incentives

"Quit Your Whinning" (pictures)

Help get a million signatures: Wes Clark pushing for Congressional inquiry

I just finished complaining to the AZ Rep Editors about their Harry Reid

Alito hearings prove it: pro choice is the politically popular position

Martha Alito- The scripted progressive meltdown. Think about it...

Bush Thinks Alito is ahhhhh... ummmmm..errr

2002 Abramoff Video Clip: "Thank GOD Tom DeLay is the Majority Leader!"

Photo: Scalito "reaches for water during a day of intense questioning "

Can somebody explain to me what the point of 'soft' questioning

Shouldn't SCOTUS confirmation process be as scrupulous as Am. Idol??

Interesting article in The Daily Princetonian regarding Alito and CAP

Dissent is patriotic - IMPEACH BUSH

New Grand Theft Election: "Nixonians" Pt 5 "Medea" News Media and WH

Mrs. Alito's tears=

If your boss was nominated for the supreme court, what would you write?

check out this list of Bush donors-how many quid pro quo

Photo: What the HELL is THIS? It's definitely not a SALUTE...

TP: Newt Calls The Kettle Black

Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman Calls for Impeachment

Chris Bell, Dem TX Gov. candidate, on CNN tonight (A. C. 360)

Non-Abortion Questions For Scalito

Texas Redistricting Is One More Hurdle for DeLay

TIMELINE: Kennedy/Specter Communication

If you voted for Nader in 2000, you have no say in Alito

Delusional LTTE: Abramoff a Democratic scandal

Did Jack Abramoff buy Zell Miller?

DU'ers opinion of Fmr Sen. John Breaux (D-Louisiana)

Anyone active in the DFA?

Ask Alito what he's going to do about 80,000 Americans' 'no fly' list

"I Was Just Following Orders"............

Political WIN for Dems to Fillibuster SCALITO, Here is the Math

Alito: “If I’m Confirmed I’ll Be Myself”

POWELL, COLIN Gave ZERO to Bush in 04..

Keith Olbermann must read DU............

Is this how REPUBLICANS support the TROOPs?

2008 Presidential DU Preference Status Check

If Hillary Clinton or Teresa Heinz Kerry had CRIED, would the MSM


Very ANGERING letter in my local paper today!!!!

We`re McScrewed.

KOS: Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"

Abramoff in the (White) House

George Bush's rough justice

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story

Judge Alito, in His Own Words

"Come over and help us!"

Unfair and Unbalanced----THE RIGHT GUEST LIST:

Cindy Sheehan's Irish Interview & the story behind the story

The Lawbreaker in the Oval Office (NYT editorial)

Dems doomed without solid reform plan

Alito: Liar, fascist, bigot (NY Times)

Taiwan breeds fluorescent green pig

TIM CARVELL: A Million Little Corrections

Alito's judicial philosophy a dereliction of judicial responsibility

Progressive Bloggers in the Wilderness

Good riddance to pensions

NSA, FISA and the DNA of Tyranny- Chris Floyd

You're being watched -far beyond the NSA's domestic spying program

Bush unrestrained (Sacramento Bee)

Big girls do cry! Just ask Martha Alito!

Red Lines In the Iranian Sand........a looming crisis.

Henderson Statement on Concerned Alumni of Princeton

Molly Ivins: Bush makes 'government incompetence' a reality

The Impeachment of George W. Bush (Elizabeth Holtzman - The Nation)

Zero Experience

(LAT) You're Being Watched: Efforts to Collect Data on Americanst

The Real Thing--(Alito is a Fascist)--Buzzflash

SIROTA: GOP operative at DLC defends Bush wiretapping

Global Financial Intrigue. What is the Fed up to?

balance all public land values doesn't mean oil is always correct

Aus. Climate Meet - No Targets, No Dates, No Carrots, No Sticks

Satellite Study Broadens As Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching Begins

Norway To Build Arctic "Doomsday Vault" To House Seed Bank

DOE Secy. - Since Executives Have Kids, Industry Trustworthy On Climate

McCain, Visiting NZ, Calls For Climate Action - Whatever, John . . .

January thunderstorms in New Jersey last night, high of 55F today 57F

Taiwan breeds green-glowing pigs

Plants, Forests Discovered To Produce GHG Methane

The Great Green Web Game. What's your impact?

Cadmium Levels Still Unsafe In Hunan Province River - AFP

John Howard - Climate Change Efforts "Must Not Hamper" Economic Growth

State poised to invest billions in solar power - San Jose Merc - 1/12/06

Toyota Preps 2 More Hybrids For 06 Markets, Rivals Carp - Reuters

Hamas drops call for destruction of Israel from manifesto

'This is the way to hell,' Palestinian warns

EU powers say talks with Iran have reached a 'dead end' - Haaretz

It's not the olive trees

Human Rights Watch - Open Letter to Bush re Expanding Settlements

Request for comments on hijacker photo

The assassination of Kennedy and Bush Sr's involvement.


'World Trade Center Cough' a growing concern

How to enforce a conspiracy -- Gen. Ahmad as "tarbaby"

Is that Senator Schumer wearing an orange bracelet?

Westmoreland County PA: lawsuit heads to Commonwealth Court

NYVV and LWV Say Paper Ballots Could Help End NY HAVA Lawsuit

This is just one reason why a “smoking gun” can’t ever be found.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 01/12/06

CA : Clean Money and Fair Elections Act (A.B. 583) from Act For Change

Solution to the Diebold problem: Sue them!!

DOJ Suing NY for HAVA Non-compliance!

New Jersey: Mandatory Random Manual Audit Bill Introduced in State Senate

Live On-Line Chat w Bob Fitrakis Friday here on Election Reform @ 9pm

Voting in the Land of Oz and "Intelligent Design": an MSM rebuttal

Anyone in Assembly Districts 71 or 77

Angelides to speak 1/14 - SFV Grassroots for Democracy Meeting

Live chat in Election Reform with Bob Fitrakis on Friday!

Dellums stresses big picture in King speech ...

Arnold - Reckless and Feckless


Iowa Statehouse News 1-12-06

New poll in Governor's race (Rassmussen)

Any Dirt on Kevin Scott?

Governor candidates forum on Almanac tomorrow

Rx program in MN as bad as everywhere else

DU MN has mail!

Email reply from Normie Coleman - says Dems knew about NSA wiretaps

Symantec Caught in Norton 'Rootkit' Flap

On Line Chat w Bob Fitrakis on DU's Election Reform on Friday @ 9PM

Two Cuyahoga Cty Commissioners to Endorse Strickland

Die Hards protest Perry, DeLay and Culberson

San Antonio area candidates join Radnofsky Mon., 1/16

Save the date: John Edwards in Dallas, Feb. 9th

Nominate David Van Os for Feingold's Progressive Patriot Fund

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

Hey Spazito! He's gone!

What would a Conservative Minority Budget look like?


What's the media climate like in your neck of the woods?

Army Sending Added Armor to Iraq Units

US Army its own worst enemy: British officer

German spies helped U.S. in Iraq war

DeLay Faces Challenger With GOP Background

Merkel to tell Bush Germany can do more for Iraq

State guardsmen sue for expenses incurred during post-9/11 duty

AP - Politician: Iraq Constitution Won't Change

Russia slams Moscow synagogue attack, vows to fight anti-Semitism

AP: Bird Flu Concerns In War-Torn Iraq

Four foreign oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria

GOP Group to Donate Abramoff-Related Funds

College coffers are in the pink

Texas Redistricting Is One More Hurdle for DeLay

2 accused of hate-crime fire

Private sector will defeat climate change, US tells anti-Kyoto summit

Gov. Gets Earful From GOP (Schwarzenegger)

Disgraced stem cell scientist blames researchers

Mortar rounds hit U.S. base in western Iraq (Fallujah)

Religious groups force GE disclosure of money spent to avoid cleanup

NYT: Dems Take Aggressive Tack; Alito Is Unfazed (all likely to vote "no")

Biden just ask if Bush had the right to go to war without

General refuses to be interviewed in abuse cases "Abu Ghraib scandal"

CNN: Mardi Gras intrudes on Katrina evacuees (hotels may kick them out)

DeLay takes Texas' clout in Congress with him

Anti-DeLay ad surfaces on cable, liberal Web sites

State to seek death against trio in murder case of S. Florida (Abramoff)

Frog disappearing act has researchers hopping..(global warming)

Hundreds killed in stampede at pilgrimage

'Monitor' Reports No News In Search For Abducted Journalist

Blunt Claims Strong Support for GOP Post (one of the 13th Most Corrupt)

Good riddance to pensions

WP: Into the Oversight Void Step the Inspectors General

Swiss paper claims proof of secret US torture camps

From AP: Ted Koppel Joining NPR

DNA Tests Confirm Executed Va. Man Guilty

Maryland Senate overrides (Erlich) veto of health care bill (Wal-Mart)

Robertson apologizes for Sharon remarks

FBI checking prints in death row cases

Ex-CIA Lawyer: No Legal Basis for NSA Spying(will testify before Congress)

ABC LBN: Former 'dirty bomb' Suspect Jose Padilla Pleaded Not Guilty

NYT: 1986 Case Could Aid Appeals Along Death Row (Stop Judicial Murder)

Hatch tries to protect judge amid fierce Demo questions

Syria says UN investigators cannot meet president

CNN: Arnold won't be charged because police didn't see him

White House projects $400 billion deficit

White House sees 2006 budget gap over $400 billion

LAT: Gov.'s Top Aide to Woo Donors (Dem key to Arnie reelection campaign)

Protest to greet Bush at New Orleans visit

Alito ends testimony, appears headed to approval

Social services' use of religion tests limits (tax $$$ for proselytizing)

UBS fined $49.5M for market-timing

NYT: Clinton in Deal to Cut AIDS Treatment Costs

Males with bats kill homeless man, injure 2 others (Story and video)

DeLay's aides begin clearing out his office, wonder where to go

CNN- Europe: Refer Iran to UN(Security Council)

ABRAMOFF INVESTIGATION: Sources conflict on Reid status:

Reid says Democrats offer honest leadership

Bush was advised of Bremer's call for more troops: Rumsfeld

SF Chronicle: Licenseless governor strikes an ugly chord

Mass. House defeats immigrant tuition bill

US military expects surge in Iraqi rebel attacks

Dozens Reported Killed in Hajj Stampede

(CA) Assembly panel OKs hold on executions

Interior Department to Open Alaskan Land to Oil Drilling--WaPo

EXCLUSIVE: Gonzales Called to Testify at Congressional NSA Hearings!

Bush Visits Hurricane-Ravaged Gulf Coast (it's all better!)

US anger at 'cultural insensitivity' claim by British officer

Bremer attacks 'idiotic' Spanish troops in Iraq

EU Parliament to investigate CIA allegations

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 12 January

No mention of Alito in records of founder of controversial college group

General Asserts Right On Self-Incrimination In Iraq Abuse Cases

GOP fuels gay marriage ban (FL)

Turkish would-be pope killer released

Rice Urges U.N. to Confront Iran

DNA results due any day for Virginia inmate executed in 1992

(WaPost) [p. AO1] Alito Leaves Door Open to Reversing 'Roe'

U.S. gets tougher on groups defying Cuba travel rules

Algae power-exhaust scrubber produces BIO-FUEL as byproduct

Santorum says liberals, media are undermining war support

National ID, State Nightmare

Tareq Aziz has less than month to live: lawyer

Houston ranked 'mean' to homeless

Documents show extent of ties between Abramoff and Bush Appointee

States Take Action As Medicare Falters

Houston to Link Teachers' Pay, Test Scores

Pelosi Wants Probe of 'Corrupt Congress'

Sen. Biden Suggests Scrapping Hearings

Kerry says Iran making "dangerous" nuclear choice

How many Brazillions does it take to change a light bulb?

Anyone know of a website that gives what acts or celebs

Colin Farrell Sex Vid Hawked Online, then Pulled.

Oops, dupe post.

Is anyone else watching "Invasion"?

I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob! (pic)

So the Gropenator won't be charged

Want Not

sappy love songs you like

What is a Floogeldy?


If all drugs were suddenly made legal.. advertising possibilities abound

Let's sing an song!

Donkey Ball! (alternative posting option)

Caution Earworm!!

Sweatshop-Free Alternatives to Chuck Taylors and more...

My Ding-A-Ling

Christ. She fell waaaaay off the wagon. Sad Robb.

My 75 year old friend helps train sheriff's deputies.. He's a former cop

Dedicated to all The Lounge's pussy

laughing at some reviews,

Stoopid commercial: Yoplait yogurt

I got 'The Laramie Project' today from Netflix

Lohan & Moss pole dance at local strip club in NYC (not kidding!)

Remember way back when, when "boner" meant "mistake"?

"Sopranos" fan shout-out

BREAKING! Giant sperm attack Bogota

Sexy Hijacker Strikes Again (Sex Talk Over Public PA System)

Do I want to move to Gomorrah? Anybody Know?

Hey, let's talk about song openings!!!

Kitty Kelly!

*Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey *

Just thought of something

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Disturbing dream last night. Is there a Jungian in the house?

What happened to GD?

Can anyone here rate these colleges from liberal to conservative?

Thursday earworm.

Mapquest question:

Are American Standard plumbing products decent?

11 Year Old Boy Ok After Truck Runs Over His Head

Can a landlord say 'no kids' in an ad?

I cannot get into GD. I can open all other forums. Anybody else? nt

Happy Birthday Kirstie Alley!

Condoms Coming To Dorm Vending Machines At Northwestern University

Sweet Baby James is home sick today.

Happy Birthday Howard Stern


Man's flaming mouse story questioned

UnHappy Birthday to Rush Limbaugh!

What's your gazpacho?

MatcomNews Update: Valet Girls Parking Service Going NATIONWIDE!!

LOST discussion thread- *SPOILERS*

Judge Says Fetuses Don't Count As Carpool Passengers

So which free anti-virus/adblocking programs should be on my laptop?

Happy Birthday to!


Cacophony isn't natural

Upcoming interview, question:

Lohan 'Appalled' by Vanity Fair Article

Trying to start some trouble....

LOST - What did Michael read on the computer screen

If you like good music, don't listen to this: (Gene Simmons Alert)

Kate Moss & Lindsay Lohan go to Scores, get toasted, and...well...

In honor of Buffy and Heidi, who made this possible, I shall sing

I gave my Nokia 6010 an unscheduled hydro-test last night.

Man To Attempt To Break Snake-Kissing Record

Best Band From The Athens, GA Music Scene?

Its Rush Limbaugh's 55th Birthday! How about a "Pigboy Party"?

They make a smilie for everything

Dammit! I lost last night's new "Missed" episode!

Dammit! I've never seen an episode of lost!

mat _______ com

Mind if I start a puck thread?

Printing Contacts in Outlook - memo style Help needed!

For anyone who could use a laugh....

Here's a Thursday earworm for everyone!

A poll for Lounge Denizens: Shall Matcom henceforth be known as "Scooter"

Mutha Phukka, I missed last night's episode of "LOST"!

Does this mean a certain poster is now Mrs.Scooter?

OK, Lounge Lizards, I need your help on a poll that need DU touch

Take the Choose - a - Urinal challenge!

Take the Choose - a - Urinal challenge!

Any MS SQL experts here: Trying to create a new DB

Houseplant folks:

Job hunting is making me crazy!

I have the best news


British woman marries her beloved dolphin in Eilat ceremony

I can no longer burn CD's on my combination CD/DVD burner

Lack of manners.....

i was at a bar

I was at a stool

people ought to thank their lucky stars i'm not Quinn.

Kitty Crane!

I just ate mexican food in Nashville TN.

Anybody in Norfolk, must read this!!!

I am now going to start all my posts in poll form.

I just spilled blackberry juice all over my computer table.

Can you make meringue without cream of tartar?

For the record, THIS is my 3000th post!

This is my 1000th post!

people ought to thank their lucky stars i'm not Queen.

Happy Birthday Jack London!

What's the best song-to-song segue on any album/tape/CD?

I spent $66 on ink for my inkjet printer so I could print out my resume

BTW---- GD is up and running again

Would you sit in the steam room with Senators Kennedy and Specter?

Unless you live in Pittsburgh, PA, you might not realize this, but...

I forgot it was Thursday. Where's the fucking love? This is the best poll!

You know what really chaps my ass?

What are you picking

Who are you packing most?



I just got spam from "Mature Dating." Find singles over *30*.

Best Man Sent To Prison For Torching Groom's Home During The Honeymoon

British woman marries her beloved dolphin in Eilat ceremony

What are you poking?

I just saw something that made me weep on the inside

people ought to thank their lucky stars i'm not Aerosmith

Error in posting. No poll q's visible.


Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Is A Self-Styled "Vampyre"

Shaving poll.

Ok, what frikkin' state am I in?

Man breaks leg while kicking spider

Israel kicks Robertson in the ass - hits his wallet as well. HA!

I just had Ramen and Junior Mints for lunch.

I had an espresso martini for the first time last night.

I just had Vietnamese cofee...ask me anything!

Being vegetation in the Midwest sucks.

i used to be a fancy pants

What album sucked the most during the 1970's?

Greatest Move of all Time?

I nearly peed my pants laughing at this one:

What should I have going on in the back room of my fictitious vampire bar?


Maybe Mrs. Alito Ran Out Crying Because Her Husband Farted

Things that make you think "Small Penis"

And I said, I don't care if they lay me off either,

You say Alito and I say Scalito, you say potato and I say tomato...

If I borrowed your MP3 player what interesting stuff would I find on it

Who are you poking?

Deist Games Update

What's your wall?

There's really a lot to admire about Bush.

Apparently I've turned straight - do I have to give my toaster back?

My GAWD It's A Beautiful Morning In New England!


What's the best?

*ACHOO* Ow it hurts :(

My Netflix queue needs love

what else CAN you make with cream of tartar?

mad as hell and giving away a t-shirt

Taverner for DOM!!!!

Taverner for OMD!!!!


Taverner for WMD!!!!

It's Lee-Jackson Day EVE!!!!!!

Fun time!

GD has lost its mind again

Dammit! I missed last night's new "LOST" episode.

Fun time killer

Martha Stewart Disease

Duck a shrimp - AND DIE!!!

I turned the air conditioning on today. Really.

Other people at the gym have been getting on my nerves lately

Things that make you think "Small Tits"

Yep, that's a perv alright

"I brought home some birthday cake for 'the Beebs'.

Joan_Alpern is officially no longer ignoring me


Secret coded message to bush.

Dude, I fucking HATE assholes

Help requested on computer DVD backup

Anyone ever just not been able to mentally bring themselves to jerk..

What would get YOU out of a coma?

Things that make you think "Small Faces"

What are you afraid of the most?


I slept 12 hours last night, and 13 the night before...

Got to love our moms but....

Up or down vote!

I shopped for a bust lifter today

"bottom up" or "top down"?

I Love Pie!

Things that make you think "Monster Cock".

Tried Tabasco's Smoky Chipotle sauce?

Goodnight y'all

Does anyone else find this pic disturbing?

It's Official: Packers have new Coach

What books should those 95% of Americans read?

Ok, so what was the best album of the 1970's

I love bratwurst!

"We needed a white face in the office."

The Hyde Thread

What's your favorite food?

Am I crazy?

Great News-health update - I am mobile again

Poor Sniffa is so sick...

An "oldie", but a "goodie"....enjoy :)

The Hide Thread

Bad Bad Leroy Brown

Why do I still get e-mail petitions about Bonsai kittens?

I want a cookie!

Being anything in the Midwest sucks!


What happened to Dangerously Amused and Wetzelbill?

Statue of St. Martha Ann Alito seen to weep! amazing photo!

wow this is my 17,000 post

I just ordered my 17" iMac!

i get 25% off my next book purchase at Borders

What would get you out of a comma?

Greatest movie of all time?

I busted a shoplifter today

Accept's "Balls to the Wall" is a great song.

I finally get around to using the Hide Thread feature...on a day i NEED it

A task for the lounge. Find the lyrics of the Gleaming Spires' song...

What kind of sick fuck would do something like this?

A reprieve on my drug screen. There is still hope!

I can't believe there's no W sticker on this truck

Yipee I am a non-smoker!

Can a landfill say 'no kids' in an ad?

Anyone ever just not been able to mentally bring themselves to work...

Today is my wife's birthday. We're having pie. Who wants some?

Another "OMG!" picture from the Hubble space telescope

What is best in life?

Are you tsunami ready?

Come on tonite and check out a BRAND NEW HOTTEST SOUNDS!

Screw the Grammys. Book tickets now for the BRITISH PARKING AWARDS 2006!!!

Question for DU Lesbians and Gays...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/12/2006)

Do your palms ever itch?

Another reminder: DU Chicago meetup Friday night!

To my fellow Honda Element owners, check out Toyotas new concept car

What are you packing?

Who SAYS Pregnant Ladies Aren't Sexy!

Things that make you think "Revolting Cocks".

Do you miss A Day in the Lounge?

Any MS SQL experts here: Trying to create a new DB

What is your favorite candy?

Bands did the best albums before they wen't mega....

What's your paper?

Things that make you think "Small Brains"

What great questions of life keep you awake at night. (take 2)

Superman Fans: Question about Superman 2 (SPOILERS)

Robot Chicken Video on Google

your daily art fix (great pics)

Ever get so sad you just feel numb inside?

Should Matcom and Forrest Gump be the Lounge Moderators someday

How dumb are people?

So, why are actors/musicians usually liberal but sportsplayers are repuke?

GD needs to get over it!!!

What's your wallpaper?

RevCheeseHead - I heard a RUMOR about you!!!!

Please HELP with a mystery about an odd painting: Who Is Benjamin Stove?

How are you going to celebrate Friday the 13th?

What are you smoking?

Forrest serenades all the girls he's loved before

"the man who conned oprah"

Some fun quotes I found at the "Old DU"


Which car do you buy 30 years ago?

The Astral Plane

God and the Liberals (progressive liberal Pres nominee W J Bryan)

Scouting for the rest of us....

It's b-a-a-a-c-k!!! (FSTDT Update)

Interfaith Alliance Launches Radio Show: State of Belief

Question on the "Now" thing.

Dead People Who Don't Know that they are Dead

amazing surge pictures from Katrina (dial-up !)

Taiwan breeds green-glowing pigs - a species search engine

ACLU Argues Anti-Gay Pastor Bust Is Gay Rights Case

Homophobic Disgraced Judge Runs For Alabama Governor

Legislation Would Make Carrying Condoms Mandatory--Colombia

Muslim Leader investigated For Hate Crimes

Calif. Bill To Ban Gay Panic Defense Advances

Judge Scolds Pastor Over Anti-Gay Lawsuit

Virginia Gay Marriage Amendment Advances

CNN gives $100,000 to to gay journalists organization

"Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay"

Florida GOP Bankrolling Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

How about the line on Steelers - Colts?

If the Patriots beat the Broncos, they will win the Super Bowl

Pats fans: here is your future

Just a head's up for the figure skating fans.

Anne Donovan To Be Picked By USA Basketball

Bush Going Pro article about the Pats

Kerry Voices Support for Indo-US Nuclear Agreement

Iraq again. Anyone see this article in the NYTimes today?

Here we go again (ANWR)

So, what else is going on in India?


Alito's wife crying makes me angry

Kerry statement on Iran

Kerry: Bush Administration Owes New Orleans Economic Action, Not Photo Ops

Great post from Peter Daou on netroots and these hearings

Swift Boat Veterans for Alito

JK attends DC screening of new Albert Brooks film,

Anybody watching the hearings?

Another Kerry article that might invoke some controversy

Things are just too intense around here,

A masking technique I like to use... tell me what you think

My new favorite effect: Diffuse Glow

Some interesting photos

I think my dog's paw needs lotion.

Time to play.... "What the Hell is that??"

Countdown Newsletter -- 1/12/06: Senatorial Song & Dance

Rerun, anyone?

Didja just see Letterman's top 10?

HELP!!! Can't play CANOFUN VIDEOS with media classic player. codecs?

DNC Could Make Pickles Cry

'Senator, shut your mouth. Do what the president tells you to do

To Stand, to Stand under God, or Not to Stand at All

Retired Navy chief calls on Rumsfeld to stop promoting cruel circus

They're right, I DO hate America

Prediction October is the D day month for Roe v Wade

Fanatics Flounder in Florida

Saw a great bumper sticker today...

Kennedy Letter... Arlen Specter

Do any schools really use Howard Zinn's "People's History" as a textbook?

Impeaching Bush. Enough is an Egyptian prof

Senior British officer brands US soldiers 'racist' in Iraq

Air America on the internet better do something about that awful music

About that "boarder patrol" chatter, this could be why

TOON: Dick Cheney's New Year

TOMORROW flood Democratic Committee with calls of SUPPORT.

Concerned Alumni of Princeton Documents.....Any leaks yet?

The "Men in Black" memory-zapper-thingy

Conservatives accuse Democrats of being McCarthy like!

German spies helped direct U.S. warplanes for Shock and Awe in Iraq

REPUBLICAN song -- you'll like it

I saw Lynn Swann on H&c....did he suffer a head injury?

What is it then?

rw talking points: "So, what would YOU do about Iraq now?"

There's a video of Mrs. Alito crying here:

Here's a link to a video of Mrs. Alito crying

WTF is John Yoo doing on the friggin' Abrams Report!?

TSA "randomly" selected me AGAIN for search.

Why don't democrats call Cons bluff on Abortion?

Doing the Laundry -- new toon 1/12/06

A time of war?

I want to see The Church Lady in Mrs. Alito's chair tomorrow.

Neil Cavuto actually told Ken Melman that-in all fairness, both the Rep-

Anyone got the video of Alito's wife "crying"?

Which relationship is better? (GWOT/Iraq analogy)

Lewdness Charge Filed Against Ex-Pastor - The ACLU is involved now

MUST WATCH!!!! Abramoff: Delay is who we all want to be when we grow up

For once, the distraction news works in our favor

The internet "annoy" law - issues analysed

German cannibal back for retrial

Why is Bush concerned with Patriot act - when he's going to spy on whomeve

will they bring their own applause clones to w's speech in N.O. today?

Do the French and German citizens know their govts. helped bomb Iraq

O'LIElly on ABC's Good Morning America

Anyone watching C-Span? President of the National Bar Association

Americans overwhelmingly think Iraq will fail (CNN Poll)

Did Lindsay Graham really say this?

TOONs for Thursday

Jr at news conference in new or. msnbc.

Doesn't coaching Judicial Nominees seem like a breach of Ethics...

am i trippin' or is bush's jaw jacking facial tic completely GONE now?

Robert Scheer, "Rise and fall of true believers"


WP - Patriot Act Creates New Crime: Prez event "Disruptor"

Faking it

Concerned Alumni of Princeton, or, HITLER YOUTH

Are we going to have to hear about bawl bag all damn day or can we get

reaction to NO on cnn NOW

'Sandra Connor O'Day' ???

Oh barf! A reminder why I rarely turn on the television.

Anti-war sentiment runs high at forum

I heard ROE herself is attempting to appeal Roe v Wade

Tucker on Rachel Maddow show

C-SPAN WASHINGTON JOURNAL caller: "Bush STOLE the election"

Elizabeth Holtzman -- "The Impeachment of George W. Bush"

Democrats refused to use al-Jazeera memo

Take Your Shot...How Long Will It/Did It Take On C-SPAN...

Tell DU about your greatest smackdown of a RFA (Retarded Freeper Asshole)

I see W is heading to NOLA today

Chappaquiddick's ass---get over it

Mrs. Alito is the Central Front in the war on Tears

"He was shooting at our airplanes...I mean, the guy was a threat."

The Disappeared Witness: Brownback Cites Witness Who Was Pulled

beauty and beast and current admin

Sam "I Am" Alito

Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) might have gerrymandered his way out of a job

Alito remembers every freakin detail of every freakin case he ever read...

Obtaining DNA samples for a generation.

Israel tells Pat Robertson to bugger off!

overheard regarding bush: "I almost feel sorry for the guy"

I don't think Ted likes scalito's Freeper In Charge Says CAP Not Racist And Sexist

Yesterday was the day the International Commission of Inquiry

Flash Video: "Friends with Low Wages" (Wal-Mart)

After Senate blocks drilling in refuge, U.S. opens 400,000 acres elsewhere

Real Agenda of the American Life League

Mitt Romney Tells RGA To Donate $500 Thousand in Abramoff Cash

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 4 – Thread 2

Were Mrs. Alito's tears staged?

Propaganda Platoon Mobilizing To Produce Fluff About War

Does Bush's narcissism contribute to his many, many, many failures?

Conservatives like Alito will always.....

Funny that Lindsey Graham would use the words "closet" bigot

CSPAN caller from Princeton Alito would have had to be invited to join

Why do all of *'s nominees need "handlers" and coaching?

Vote for Lieberman's challenger

In Iraq, if you report or count civilian casualties, you become a casualty

Gen. Geoffrey Miller takes the fifth in Abu Ghraib prison torture case

Just wondering...

The assassination of Kennedy and Bush Sr's involvement.

"Let me -- I wish I didn't have to say this, but we're still at war".

Taiwan breeds transgenic, fluorescent, green pig

Bush Operates Just Like Saddam- 'If the law doesn't suit, just ignore it'

DU this CNN poll: Are Dems being too tough on Alito?

Judge Alito is not qualified, but not why YOU think (Read)

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 4 – Thread 3

Did Biden say that Bush is sending troops/attack on Iran tomorrow?

Franken defending Alito?

'Roe' sends emails to "pro-lifers" asking $$$ to buy her food/ pay bills

Pigs that glow in the dark...

Hey Mrs. Scalito, Wanna Know What Makes Me Cry? (warning graphic)

Ex-official warned against testifying to Congress on NSA programs

Greg Palast explains why No Child Left Behind sucks

A moment of silence, please, as Oxycontin Pigboy turns 55 today.

Biden just ask if Bush had the right to go to war without

Liberal & Progressive Women: tune in for a moment

I believe that the Supreme Court will never overturn Roe v Wade.

I Need a Fulltime Job Being an Activist

Bush held American 3 years as dirty bomb 'enemy'. No mention of that now.

I give up.

His wife cried? Who cares?

Statue of St. Martha Ann Alito seen to weep! amazing photo!

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 4 – Thread 4

US Lifts Longtime Ban Alaskan Wildlife Habitat!

Ted Koppel to Join 'New York Times' Editorial Page

Terry Hekker, Miss Stepford Model Housewife of 1980, wakes up at last

Imus to Mrs. Alito: oh fer gawds sake, suck it up!

The NSA must not be searching this guy's mail

AP: Bird Flu Concerns In War-Torn Iraq

Chairman of Quantas Airlines treated as terrorist suspect

On CBS early news "no more pensions - no more social security

Please DU this poll

Repugs need the nuclear option to protect their culture of corruption

Biden is absolutely correct--These hearings are a joke

Anyone catch Douglas Holtz-Eakin on NPR's Morning Edition?

CNN's Jeffery Toobin: Clown


Ted Koppel Joining NPR

Act For Change Email: Tell Your Senators Alito Unfit (Fun Strip Search!)

Has The US Military EVER Predicted A DOWNTURN In The Violence?

The "student visited by Feds because of Little Red Book" story was a lie

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 4 – Thread 5

Amazing resemblance: Sen. Lindsey Graham & Lt. Jim Dangle

A bush Photo-Op Backdrop I Actually Find Perfect!

My friendly arguement with a Pro-Life Democrat, and the results

So was it BS that Graham coached Alito in practice sessions or not???

What makes him (W) different than Saddam? (Sydney Morning Herald)

2006--a race between impeachment or fascism--both sides are handicapped

FBI: Did fingerprint examiners make mistakes (on death row prisoners)?

What makes him (W) different than Saddam? (Sydney Morning Herald)

At Least Look the Part

OMG! Anyone watching Wolfies "Situation Room", right now?

Another Chickenhawk Squawks About War

Who is This Mealy Mouth on Franken?

How many Wacos will be permissable under Alito?

What is the main reason to oppose Alito?

to hell with lifetime appointments, what a stupid system

Crippling the Presidency is a must if we are to preserve our Republic


The Bush Who Cried Wolf-Crisis In Iran Result of Iraq Policy

Open Letter to the Media, Pundits, and Right-Wing Senators:

Republican Bob Barr to Introduce Gore's Speech Monday

British woman marries her beloved dolphin in Eilat ceremony



Liz Holtzman Lays Out the Case for Impeachment

VIDEO-Grassley and Specter Yuk it UP about Anita Hill

So she sits back there for days on end like an apprentice mime...

What are the folks who are resigned to Alito's victory rolling over to?

Will population shifts be an unexpected result of overturning Roe?

I contacted Reid, Boxer, Feinstein.

Maybe she cried because she was ashamed it was all TRUE

Best Alito questions and answers at today's hearing?

" China, India Seen Setting Stage for Environment-Friendly World"

If Dems don't keep Alito off the bench, will you leave the Dem Party?

Oh, Brother. SF Starbucks 'Bomb' was... a FLASHLIGHT.

"Frog Killer Is Linked to Global Warming"


Blacks more progressive than "Progressives?"

Are wives and families invited to job interviews?

John Edwards announces opposition to Alito

25 years from now, what do you think America will be like?

Precision killing in Iraq (150 + air attacks A DAY)

How many DU'ers don't watch TV?

Perhaps delicate Mrs. Alito shouldn't be present....

Do you think some Republicans are secretly hoping for a filibuster?

Democratic aides say Alito filibuster 'highly unlikely'

Self delete--- faulty questions.

Conservative PR firm rushed to handle interviews re: Ms Bomgardner

Can we generate an onslaught of LTTEs from DUers to The Miami Herald

Laura-is-a-plague-INGRAHAM, Editor of Scalito's CAP "Prospect"

Is it worth calling the DNC to complain about Alito too?

FYI: Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Somebody PLEASE POST the 800 Number to Call the Senate n/t

Hannity, During Testy Radio Interview, Implies Bremer Is Disloyal To Bush

Don't blame Mrs. Alito -- Blame the cynical handlers

Breaking: Ted Koppel to join the NYT Op-Ed Page

Smirky - New Orleans is a 'heckofaplace'.

For my 10,000th post >> "...peace on earth and an end to war"

Hilarious "Fired" Videos-think you're embarassed for being fired?

The Super Dome will be ready for the first Saints Home Game next season

What will it take to make Democrats talk about real reasons for Iraq War?

How real is the threat from Bird Flu?

The NYT Is NOT Liberal - But It's Readers ARE

Anybody ever ask a freeper/Bush supporter,

AAR to start new show --State of Belief-- on Sundays....

Why don't we start a PAC? MiddlePac.....

They should ask him his stand on the lyrics to "Goin' Back" at Princeton

Caption this * pic...

Raw Story reporting filibuster highly unlikely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blind Teen Thanks Folsom Inmates for Helping Her Succeed

NSA Warns Whistleblower: Don't Testify Before Congress....

Why don't polling agencies ask questions like this one?

Feinstein's Letter to Rummy Re: Spying & Anti-War Protest

Walk out

Why no media relating Alito's procorporate rulings to the miner's tragedy?

My fellow DUer's, behold, the LAST * pic we will ever need.

An Introduction You Really Do Not Want To Miss! Phil Meet Buster!

My note to Sen. Grassley

Help!!!!! Alioto may eliminate federal laws many think are firmly fixed

Wow, the "Oh poor Ms. Alito" astroturfing campaign is in high gear!

Israel takes back $50 million deal with evangelist Pat Robertson

A *possible* Mrs Alito breakdown theory and I am not bashing .

Christian activist: America tried to banish God then prayed for miners

a bipartisan scandal? I don't think so...

how I know RW MUST HAVE Alioto--it's all the RW radio is talking about

Another Episode of "All My Nominees"

Bush is now trying to affect a MISSISSIPPI drawl!

Alito’s Shocking Revelation (DC Yawns)

So Will They Start to Round Us Up Like The Nazis did to...

Israel kicks Robertson in the ass - hits his wallet

Did Kennedy get the CAP records??

What hasn't been asked of Alito that you think should?

* on coming up-if for some masochistic

Democrats' strategy should be directed toward pro-choice Repubs...

The Democrats have left us in the wilderness

What could Martha-Ann Alito have to cry about?

When was the last time * gave a speech with a blank white wall behind him?

CNN and surveillance.

Imagine an Alito/Scalia/Thomas/Roberts court. ON Bush powers

The Reason Why The Power Elite Want One Party Republican Rule

SMOKING GUN... what the dems DIDN'T ask Alito

"One Of The Most Closed, Corrupt Congresses In History": Rep. Nancy Pelosi

amnesty releases new gitmo torture testimony

DU this poll. Is Pat Robertson a Nut?

Can an individual find affordable health insurance with hospitalization?

My America

West Virginia mine disaster: official whitewash

Dems need to stop being scared of politically risky situations when princi

Imagine Bush getting kind of questions Alito is getting

PELOSI Announces "Clean House Team"to clean up corrupt Republican Mess

How can I get an e-mail to Randi Rhodes TODAY!!!

Peter Daou on how the progressive bloggers are on their own

FOX POLL Bush's job approval is unchanged at 42%

Are you tired of the often defeatist attitude expressed on DU?

Bush Predicts Gulf Coast Building Boom (yahoo news)

self delete

"Johhny Got His Gun"

Who will support a fillibuster and who won't?

Chafee says he's still undecided on Alito

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 4 – Thread 6

I just sent an email to Charles Grassley on State Secrets quest. to Alito

Did you know that using the DU spell checker on Wolfowitz gives...

30 dead since new year's Day-how do we respond?

The assumption that Alito can overturn Roe overlooks rest of Court...

I'm getting tired of asking this - did anyone see any MSM

Tell Your Friends to Oppose Alito/ John Edwards

...and the one moment that will be most remembered from the hearings?

Baghdad Sniper Video

Rice to UN---Sanction Iran over Nuclear Activity!

I am blocking Fox News Channel from my TV set today

How was Robert Bork "Borked"?

FAX Them! Senate FAX number list.

Hamza: Living among "non-believers" is like living "inside a toilet"

Oh fer *crying out loud*-Do you know what you are talking about?

(New Mexico) Gov. Wants Standardized Paper Ballots Statewide

Only "I" can save America

Why does this bandying about of "stare decisis" feel like a red herring?

Thinking ouside the box..(How Congress can be saved)

Coming to a town near you: what limits to eminent domain?

So it is OK to abort females - by the millions

Trying to connect some dots : printing money and going to war

Our gas prices are going up 10 cents a day (Northern VA)

I want an Mp3 of Randi's rant just now.

Alito: any info from what he did and did not answer?

Brady Center Opposes Alito's Stance Opposing Machine Gun Ban

Have you called Congress yet?

No filibuster = Good-by Democratic Party for many of us.

Good Huffington Post article; "Bloggers in the Wilderness"

Hey! True Majority is asking for input on their 2006 agenda

NARAL Pro-Choice America: Alito Fails to Refute Anti-Roe V. Wade Past

Senator Boxer Praises Republican Group's Stance On Judge Alito

TrueMajority's 2006 IdeaSwap is here:

YNP, state of Montana round up 200 park bison for slaughter

What is this flag? --->>>

Wiktionary does not yet have an entry for gerrymandering

Not only we do we hear you

Nightline - One Third of Women had an abortion by age 45

I heard that the Dem's are not allowed to call witnesses

Caption this

Is this grounds for a class-action lawsuit vs BellSouth?

DU my polls please

Lower Ninth Ward resident: "I don't know you,but Mr. Canizaro, I hate you"

How ridiculous is this shill portion of the Alito hearings? Suck ups.

Lawmaker wants schools to track illegals.

Statement released today from Harry Reid regarding Alito nomination

Ted Koppel joining NPR

The Rude Pundit on Alito's lack of recollection...

Tell Your Senators: Alito Not Fit for Supreme Court;

*: "New Orleans is reminding me of the city I used to come to visit"

This is the birth of the 'Bush* Legacy'. Roberts/Alito.

Murtha on HuffPo "Situation in Iraq IS Civil War"

Second Choice to Miers

why (i fear) the democrats will NOT filibuster alito

Don't leave the Democratic Party--work like hell to throw the traitors out

So if Alito is confirmed it is the Democrats fault?

Advice From Alito to the Public: Don’t Drink the Water

Official Alito Hearing Thread

You Want to See Crying??? WARNING GRAPHIC

ScALITO was a CAP member for 14 YEARS???!!!

PHOTO: One dozen eggs, one tub of GOOD ricotta....

US army in Iraq institutionally racist, claims British officer

Thank You Ed Schultz. He is taking on the right wing smear machine...

Is AAR slow to update their podcasts?

Where is my country going? And why are we in this handbasket?

Oh God, Somebody Give Me Hope

If Alito lied about the little things

Remember; with the right to abortion goes the right to contraception.

Official Alito Hearing Thread

'The Pres. is going out of his way to notify the Congress" says ed

Randi Rhodes BEAT Hannity!!!!

Ed Meese an apologist for Bush spying on Americans

Crazy Robertson apologies, a little too late!

I know why Katrina response seems slow.

Lindsey Graham -- HILLARY and CHELSEA never cried!

Ive Got Friends with Low Wages

Corporations taken to task over health-care coverage

Here's a sampling of telephone records that can be had, for a price.

Any Chance that Chief Justice Roberts might be a surprise?

Dont tortured people cry ?

How do we get Gore back in the game?

AMERICAblog just bought General Wesley Clark's cell phone records for $89.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!!!! FILIBUSTER!

Totally Outrageous! Our natural gas bill is $240 for one month!

Do you think we would have been better off with Harriet Meiers?

Scotty's Mom Misspells OWN name on TX Gov. Race Filing Statement :

Alito's CAP Connection

VIDEO-Biden and Alito on Executive War Power

Chris Matthews just said that maybe breaking the law is presidents job.

I talked to Jay Marvin today!

Buy Your Own Congressmen!

OMG... he Fucking Signs Autographs For His Zombie Supporters Too!

George Bush's rough justice

The RW neocons got to this point because they abandoned their party

Our gas prices are going up 10 cents a day (Northern VA)

55 years as a Democrat and it all boils down to one vote

Researcher: Early Man Was Hunted by Birds

Is Rickie Gay? Seriously....

Help, need to find a post

Judges' endorsements may be Alito conflict

Kerry: Bush Administration Owes New Orleans Economic Action, Not Photo Ops

imo, there will never be any real progress in Washington until . . .

Will Our Democracy Survive? - ACTION ALERT -

Economic consequences of a very pro-business SCOTUS?

Caption this picture of Condi

VIDEO-Matthews Suggests Spying Part of Preznut's Job

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 4 – Thread 8

PHOTO: Allez cuisine!!!

CNN: Deficit To Hit $400B (up from lowball $341B lie told in July)

I just called Senator Kennedy's office as well.....

German cannibal returns to courtroom

if the Dems had majority in the Senate, do you think Alito would pass?

Don't worry, DU we're coming...

Does Ted Kennedy rock or what?

Which voting method will you use in 2006?

Now that it's illegal to be "annoying" or a "disruptor" what is the plan?

media coverage of crying wife - dems will always be screwed electorally

Schumer mentions the RW shooting down Harriet Meiers

The Republican Rot-A party caught in the deep sleaze (Hartford Advocate)

Caption this pic of *

So, I'm going to ask point-blank; Will the Democrats Filibuster?

My fears about Alito's appointment have subsided.

My newspaper's almanac: today Is Rush's birthday. What would you wish him?

Oklahoma meteorologist fired for breaking into football game

WHY FILIBUSTER ALITO? (Or "What Would Jimmy Stewart Do?")

Confito Alito: Today They're Color Coordinated w/ the Campaign Signs -pix>

Maria Cantwell's (automated) response about Alito - (i'm not impressed)

Judge rules snow making OK on Native American SACRED mountain

a car at the Post Office today in Red AZ had "Think, It's Patriotic"

Are Americans really just trembling cowards?

"the church of the Republican Party"

Check this photo of indictments being presented at the

Any illustrators out there?

It just hit me...

How are Korean/Chinese relations?

Concerned about the attitude displayed on "Country Boys"

Gene tests show birdflu virus is evolving

Bush: "The word (sic) SBA means 'Slow Bureaucratic Paperwork"

MOLLY IVINS: "Bush makes 'government incompetence' a reality"

PHOTO: "Mr. Bush Stop I Want to Meet You- PIEase"

"Good things happen when government gets out of the way." -- GWB in MS

Is this "hearing" the death of the Democratic Party?

So Americablog got Wes Clark's phone records - question.....

Did Graham Actually Coach Samuel Alito?

CNN: Arnold won't be charged because police didn't see him

***To Leahy, Kennedy, Biden, Kohl, Feinstein, Feingold, Schumer, Durbin***

Man sentence to die for killing a guy with an "A" on his hat. A=Antichrist

Interior Dept. Opens Northern Alaska To Oil Drilling...

Bob Bork is a freakin baby

Look, People . . the fact that we're even talking about this woman's tears

Cheney Hospital Visit Surprisingly Heart Related

Christian Right’s Disappointment

Alito vote - its NOT OVER for goodness sakes. Why do you give up so easy?

Gore to hit wiretaps Monday in D.C., Introduced by Repub....Bob Barr!

I'm sick and tired of how unsympathetic DU'ers are to Martha Alito.

Rep Murtha: "Situation in Iraq Is Civil War"

Hey Freepers!!! Ask yourself... (graphic)

pat robertson apologizes to Israel...WOAH glory!

What Happened To The Release Of Abu Ghraib Photos? ...

It Was Rough But I Found Some things About Bush I Support(ed).

Card: States he had to "manage" chimp's expectations.."warned Bush"

Khephra's rememberances

Crowds pack Out of Iraq meetings across nation

What? A SECOND Daily Show Spinoff?!

High School Disruptors in NOLA (photos)

This is Wiretap - The Alchemy of a Story

Brazil 1976 study resulted in 134 self-described skin colors - Race means?

On the spectrum of the left, which group is "the base"?

Greasy lamb sandwich poised to revive Ariel Sharon ...

Wes Clark is not a senator...... that's why we need him.

boo-fucking-hoo ---pix->>>

Nora O'Donnell to Sen. Hatch: "Are you going to demand Dems apologize..."

When Corps Manipulate Us Into Buying An Item-Do Consumers Really WANT It?

When Backdrops Backfire ---pix->>>

I've been on the phone with Congress critters re: Alito

The Fat Complacent American Toad Is Slowly Being Boiled To Death.

Been busy, so, Just a few feelings on Republicans...

Weep not, Mrs Alito

British officer blasts U.S. tactics & racism in Iraq

E-Mail from Senator Obama

GOP Group to Donate Abramoff-Related Funds...$500,000!!!!!!!!!

FAX the Senate Dems -- (Up-to-date List)

new strategy in Iraq guarantees massive civilian casualties

Women....Welcome to Poland --The Effects of the Anti-Abortion Law

Know Your Constitution

Reid Statment on Conclusion of Alito testimony:

Awhile back someone posted about Depleted Uranium and it's

Local LTTE: Quit complaining; act like Christians

Beyond furious - GOP pigs joking about Anita Hill

Scholar Stands by Post-9/11 Writings On Torture, Domestic Eavesdropping...

liberals, please, I beg of you, don't make mrs. alito cry again!

GORE TO DELIVER SCATHING SPEECH on 'constitutional crisis' MONDAY!

i could swear that when lindsey graham asked judicial nominee alito,

Is it legal to pass out Bibles in front of a school?

Live On-Line Chat w Bob Fitrakis on Friday @ 9pm on Election Reform forum

OMFG: Ms. Alito and the Swift Boat Liars????

Alito’s Shocking Revelation (DC Yawns)

Can Daryn Kagan NOT pronounce "Padilla"?

Pool Area Not For Breastfeeding, Ann Arbor Woman Told

L.A.'s trapped in a monster traffic jam, and there's no exit in sight

Raw Story: Bush appointee lobbied for front group with Abramoff


NYTimes Editors NOT at all impressed with Alito

AIR AMERICA ratings going DOWN, DOWN!

My Pet Goat Theory

Ledeen, Ghorbanifar, and the strategy of tension

SOS/HELP! *'s Lawyers argue no approval needed to invaded Iran- IMPORTANT

Is Peter Bergen and his new Osama bin Laden book full of Crap?

Homeless Advocates Name America's 'Meanest City'

HuffPo: Bush Admin. Launched Secret Smear Campaign Against Murtha…

DU [email protected] Team - Thread #3

25 years as a Democrat, and it all boils down to a single SCOTUS nominee

Just Before Lunch Today At The Alito Hearing - Durbin Asked For....

Alito seems to be a real yes-man for the oligopoly.

"Free Speech areas" are bullshit why does anyone want to protest in them?

British general calls for Blair to be impeached

"Free Speech areas" are bullshit why does anyone want to protest in them?

3 Houston TV Stations Drop DeLay Ads Under Pressure

Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove

Bullshit from Conservative Party of Canada - Just answer the question!

What is Harper not saying? Cause these are his only "public" policies:

I hear Lynton Crosby is running Harper's Campaign. And then there

Conservatives Angry: Prime Minister Can speak without Notes. (No time

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children

Bush 44% Approval Rate - Rasmussen Poll

What happened to the General Discussion section?

My letter to Jeff Toobin, CNN

Chimpy's numbers still tanking in repuke-leaning Rasmussen poll (43% ap.)

Anyone listening to J Springer describe the activities of CAP??

Doyle, Green to return campaign funds tied to DeLay, Abramoff

Sorry to break in here-Is anyone else having problems with GD

WP blog: Warner to Davos, then to New Hampshire

Alito's Clintonian, "It all depends on what the meaning of 'settled' is."

I can just see - Impeachment hearings 1998/1999 - Hillary breaks down

"Huckleberry Graham"... ROFLMAO!!!

Is Hatch Correct about Vanguard?

Ex-official warned against testifying on NSA programs

Go check this response out in this thread from the LBN - War being

Its too bad Orrin Hatch wasnt an opposing pitcher when I played baseball

Creationism explained

Reach out and CAPTION

Thank God we have a Senator from South Carolina who can let us know

A polite request on postings about the Alito hearings ...

Man sentenced 30 years for criticizing Kurd president on internet

Why would a republican not want to be a member of PAC?

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 4 – Thread 1 GD IS NONFUNCTIONING

Burns denies any link to Abramoff scandal

Alito's wife cries during questioning

msnbc poll - are dems being too hard on Alito?

The Cup O' Joe Report: Thursday, January 12, 2006 - Political Theater

What do you get when you cross a chicken & a

Ex CIA counsel (Clinton administration) to testify: Bush violated law

"Unitary Executive" is a fancy word

just caught harry reid on my local news. it looks like someone

Is Justice Alito going to be too tough on women ...?

The Disappeared Witness

My "conservative" relatives and friends would have voted

Chuck Schumer is making me proud to live in New York...

Sessions should just ask Alito if he wants fries with his nomination...

does the preemptive smear of kennedy mean the NSA tapped his phone?

Why should Americans follow anything the SCOTUS does now?

"World of Crap" take on shrubs speech yesterday.

Conservatives longing for Goldwater?

North-South Myth Buster

"Country Boys" -- So many white people On the Dole


Let's not forget that Bush wanted to make Alito nomination a diversion...

Without Nader, there'd be no Alito.

The Republican Media Machine in Action.

Re: Roe...Who will pay for all the must be born babies?

OK, hearings over. Objectively, what did we accomplish?

Abramoff's college cronies running SCARED

Dear Senator Reid

Action Alert! Tell Your Senators Alito Must Be Defeated!

A Question ?

CNN and surveillance.

AMERICAblog just bought Gen. Wesley Clark's cell phone records for $89.95

These are Our Times.

Al Franken: Should he run for the Senate, or do you think he has more

History informs us that third-party votes led to the Alito nomination.

Kerry Says Iran Making “Dangerous” Nuclear Choice

Will The Democrats Fight For Democracy

Buy Your Own Congressmen! (The definitive guide)

Luv Ya, Dub Ya

Mike Malloy, "Tice is warned testifying before congress will put him in

Kennedy Reaction Shot on Daily Show

Shouldn't Senatuh Graham be chewin' on a piece o' grass?

Al Gore is connected to that far-left group,

POEM to Leahy, Kennedy, Biden, Kohl, Feinstein, Feingold, Schumer, Durbin

No Child's Behind Left: The Test

Burns popularity continues to slide in face of Abramoff ties

America *backs* a filibuster, and the Dems should not let our country down

'Twere done, 'twere best done aggressively.

The Dots Connect Between Abramoff, Ohio 2004 Election Smokescreen,

also does anybody know when...

'Impaler' sinks his teeth into governor's race

does anybody know if...

In the midst of Scalito Fever, Condi has "grave concerns" over Iran...

Rice is on cspan 2 talking about Iran

Reality Check: If Dems couldn't stop Clarence Thomas from being confirmed

Faux News - abandoning all pretense of FAIR or BALANCED

If Democrats say they're filibustering right now, RW will crucify us

we all know what Bush thinks of the...

Testimony on Alito from Professor Goodwin Liu

OK - who said it first

Jack Abramoff in Dances With Republicans - today's cartoon!

The Alito Show.

Seeing Al Gore Speak 1/16-DC. What should I tell him?????

DNC: Republican Scandal Now Includes Governors

Most prolific media Bush apologist

Wash. Post Falsely Claimed Blunt's Wife isn't a lobbyist

Rawstory Reports: Gore will Deliver A Scathing Speech

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) "is leaning toward backing Alito"

Adam Ciongoli ....Alito's "Corner Man"

A sampler of meaningless statements by Samuel Alito (Village Voice)

Biden: The System’s Kind of Broken

Medical privacy amendment

"Smoking Gun"...what the democrats DIDN'T ask Alito!

CNN: "Bush 'proud' of nominee's performance" Aww...Scalito's a GOOD boy!

Look at stats on just one "I'm leaving the party if no fillibuster" thread

Nora O'Donnell to Sen. Hatch: "Are you going to demand Dems apologize..."

Ban on everything but grassroots lobbying?

Developing....Bush smeared Murtha...


Biden suggests straight vote 'if the judges aren’t going to talk'

Smearing Ted Kennedy = $$$$$$$

"When the first woman dies from an illegal abortion"

On CNN with Wolf Blitzer just now

Think there's any chance they'll filibuster?

mrs. alito's tears yesterday were a stroke of genius.

Thanks Ralph

Ted Kennedy wants to know what YOU want to ask Alito

They say abortion is at its lowest level ever!

Filibuster, Goddammit!! It is time to have some cojones!

John Edwards urges Senate to oppose Alito - Petition to Judiciary committe

Welcome to ALITO's AMERICA...a quick preview of the theocracy to come...

I vow to force Congress to investigate NSA spying

How the Bush Administration is Crushing Dissent...

At what point does Cheney's foot fall off, his skin crack and peel, his

it's 2009, * is out - we look back. What did we stop him from doing those

If no filibuster I'm leaving the Democratic party

AMERICAblog just bought General Wesley Clark's cell phone records for $89.

My letter to Russ Feingold

Sen. Feinstein, did you not see all the cameras there?

Chicago Trib doubts Dean's statements about donations...agrees he's right

Specter is announcing that Alito PADDED HIS RESUME