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Archives: January 11, 2006

FEMA floundering (Edmond Sun)

FEMA's `Crazy' Generators

The torture-endangered society

'Democracy' Brings Bleak Days

Alito Sounds Death Knell for Individual Rights

Not Proud to Be an American - Ivins, on target.

Cockburn - The Year of Vanished Credibility

Bush's Con Jobs: Will the US Need an IMF Bail Out?-Paul Craig Roberts

Neocons Considered Planting WMD Evidence in Iraq?

The End of Labor - Morgan Stanley 's Chief Economist

Revenge of the Mutt People by Joe Bageant

Toys "R" Us begun liquidating inventories closing of 85 stores.

Climate protesters 'bury' Howard

Honda to begin production of hydrogen fuel cells for cars and homes

"Palestinians and Israel" - LTTE by Senator Schumer (D-NY), NYTimes 1/10

Finally found a picture with some fuselage from 9-11

Must See Video Clip of the "Lone Gunman" pilot Show!!!

Mark Crispin Miller on Daily Show tonight, but not about election fraud

SF Chronicle story examines support and opposition for paper trails

Another Ca repuke caught with his "hand in the cookie jar" (miller)

A National Day of Protest!

Nation's Biggest Conservative Mag Calls Abramoff Republican Scandal

My wife just lit into a right winger....

MN 2nd Congress: Coleen Rowley facing possible primary opponent

Kohl's response to my request that he oppose Alito

Wanted: Chocolate recipes for my birthday tomorrow.

Any cake decorators in the group? Need help with cupcake idea

Does anyone feel that sometimes it's just a drag to make dinner?

I'm a sick woman and I have lost all self control

From an American - saw last night's debate on CSPAN today

Poll: Concern About Privacy Rights, But Terror Threat Triumphs

FEMA unclear on Katrina evacuees' status (New Kerala)

White House: Iran could face UN Security Council

FEMA's `Crazy' Generators

BradBlog: Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio's Connection To Electoral Fraud

Father Of LSD Celebrating 100th Birthday

Iraqi official blames U.S. for violence

Heath Ledger Angry At Ban (Compares Anti-Gay Bigots To Racists)

More claims of US detainee torture:AMNESTY International

China Set To Reduce Exposure To Dollar (Now it begins)

Canadian not innocent, U.S. prosecutor argues

Police: Schwarzenegger Riding Illegally

Indian film-maker sues New York

LA woman files first petition to recall Gov Blanco

WP: Lobbying Colors GOP Contest

Police: Schwarzenegger Riding Illegally

Human rights watchdog demands access to NATO-run prisons in Kosovo

Kim Jong Il on visit to China

(Al) Franken not decided on Senate run

Swiss May Have Known About Secret CIA prisons

U.S. says time running out for Iran, warns of serious consequences

Family Learns Miners Tried To Escape

al-Qaeda vs Muslim Brotherhood - An Online Feud

US Army achieves minimal December recruiting goal

NYT: House G.O.P. Considers Ban on Lobby-Paid Travel

Turmoil in Iraq is part of progress, Bush says

Two to stand trial in 'Downing Street Memo' leak

(KY Gov.) Fletcher lays out agenda (ID in public school)

Secret Information In Plain Sight (CIA searching blogs for intel)

WP: Probe Set In NSA Bugging

SFPD:Person of Interest in Starbucks Bomb Case (O'Reilly still laughing?)

Italian arrest over 'toxic wheat'

Syria 'tried to fuel holy war in Iraq against US and Britain' (Bremer)

Critical Mass bicyclists prevail in permit case

WH Press Briefing: McClellan Call's Howard Dean's War Critique "Irresponsi

EU leaders consider Iran action

Toxic waste creates hermaphrodite Arctic polar bears

Cuban exile leaders gear up to end wet foot, dry foot policy

DU Women: Tampon question

When will I ever learn? Cooking advice to Miz t.

How low do I let my tampon dangle?

Monotony isn't natural

How long do I let my turkey fry?

"As soon as I _____ ____ ___ _____ __ __ ____...

Midlodemocrat is too fast for me

Does it always happen at change-of-mods time

Have you ever made a dude post?

HAHAHAHA! I go and make dinner an just LOOK what happens!


Lounge snarkiness is ok most of the time.

Ewww I just put my elbow in syrup!

Do you worry about the distinction between ontology and epistemology?

Isn't it nice to see how that new 'anonymous annoying' law has helped?

Feminine product question for DU Women (asked by a DU Man)

why a Tahoe Hybrid?

has anyone ever tried salvia divinorum?

I saw this cool xmas ornament... only 350 days before the season starts!!

I'm baaaaack!

Why is everyone persecuting me??

it has been confirmed

Mahogany isn't natural.

STOP Teen Drinking Video Contest - granddaughter has an entry

I know I'd go from rages to riches

FUCK United Analyse! RANT!

can't we all just get along?

Krampus Question

"Boston Legal" lovers - Show sounds great tonight

if you could design a car window sticker

"I Am -------------- Today" (part deux)

Stephen Colbert takes on an East-Coast, Ivy League type: Conan O'Brien

Where do your politics lay? Take the online politics test

I'm trying buy software online and I get this message.

I need a reccomendation for online music sites (the legal pay kind)

Who's seen the MD, PA, WV tristate boundary marker?

Death by Apple Brown Betty

Michael J Fox on Boston Legal *spoilers may be coming.*

Did something tonight I haven't done in 35 years: Bought a new TV.

Who is the brunette hottie on tonight's House?

Daily Appreciation Thread for: KitchenWitch!

Hey, The AVN Awards Have Been Announced (Adults Only)

So..I'm back from vacation and i didn't bring you lot a damned thing

Ah, chess grandmasters are getting better (looking) all the time....

Statement from Elad:

Taverner=True Grit

I hear there are perverts and pueriles here.


How long since Janeane Garofalo was on "The Majority Report?"

Crampon Question

Damn!! The Shield is off to a rousing start tonight. (Spoilers)

Mammalogy is not natural

I'm tired of all the threads about *insert feminine product here*

7000 posts!!!!

Fuck the future. I am going to improve myself.

Some humans ain't human

Passport question

Why is everbody always pickin' on me?

Why isn't anybody persecuting me??

I feel like getting baked, help me pick some product

I signed up for Facebook the other day, and you guys gotta talk me down

The World's Smartest President

Do you color your hair?

Is there anything for guys' hair besides hair spray and gel?

After some series thowt, I'Ve desided that Im HUGH!1!!! MORAN'S!!!1!

Any iPod savvy DUers? I'm about to return it!

Here comes Boston Legal!!

im Judge Alito, ask me anything

Hey I'm drinking beer and eating pretzels...

Once I was in love and I had gas.

Favorite Diet Soda?

Schwarzenegger did not have proper motorcycle license...

Heres a little funny for the evening. Why god invented menopause

So I was in Thousand Oaks, California tonight...

Anyone seen the film 'November' with Courteney Cox?

Whiny RANT: I can't stand my dad's live-in girlfriend.

Mind if I start a pic thread?

Mammography isn't natural.

The daily worship and praise for Seatle Girl discussion thread.

Potty training question...

Scarlett Johansson Sighting Alert!

Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble

If a nice sentiment is posted under the wrong subject, is it wasted?

I feel like baking, help me pick a project!

Concerning 'The Daily Show' - How do these people not know it's a put-on?

Chick discovers the war!

Is there such a thing as pre-antebellum?

how was your day?

What was the worst generation?

Checkers Hamburger Chain?

I am looking for an illustrator

What is your political stance?

Do you remember which "hate" groups you were in during 1985?

Holy crap Bob Ross is on the TV

Favourite Ani DiFranco Album - Part II

Favourite Ani DiFranco Album - Part I

More reasons to avoid tattoos---incorrect chinese symbols

okay. I just got this from my extreme right-wing mother-in-law

23 days in a row of rain and more

I don't believe in religion at all...but demonology is pretty damn cool

George Stephanopoulous needs to be spanked

I don't know quite what to make of this...

OK. We have had dog pics, cat pics, and people pics. How about

How many "a"s in "aaargh"?

DU [email protected] Team, lounge edition

Calcium carbonate vs calcium citrate.... Citrate wins.

High Homocysteine not just for heart disease anymore.....

Researchers Confirm Role Of Massive Flood In Climate Change

Why Christmas Trees Are Not Extinct

Academy fires back in lawsuit

Bold action needed in final days of gathering petitions

SBC Has No Plans To Remove Pastor

Secret History of 2 Columbus Circle: Aids + Loss + NYC Cultural Esthetic

'Democracy' Brings Bleak Days

Depressing tarot reading.

Bush outlaws annoying others on the Web (no joke)

Tay Tay alert!! :)

anyone watching the Daily Show???

Kerry Credits Failed Leadership by Bush & Rummy for Bad Body Armor

Hey...this MACRO stuff is cool.

KOEB Meeting --1/10/06: I think it's a new tie! Edition

Is this a big deal?

Why doesn't Bush just arrest Harry Reid and Howard Dean for treason

can someone post the Senators questioning order?

Could Alito Be Voted Down In Committee?

More Wikipedia fun! The freeptards want to delete the "Ben Burch" entry. - FREE MUSIC! And a kick-butt website.

Filibuster Is The Only Option!

Caught CNN Spinning A Black Hole Of Shit Earlier

WaPo ombudsman endorses practice of printing misleading Bush admin claims

MediaChannel and MediaVision have joined forces

It's Much More Than Just NSA Spying 

For those who missed it, Will is on Randi now in Portland

Fitzgerald Maintains Focus on Rove - Truthout

Blind Into Baghdad...

Transcript: 1988 Alito Comments on Bork Nomination

Russ Feingold is WONDERFUL!!

Rapidly shrinking Arctic ice could spell trouble for the rest of the world

FYI Daily Show rpt with Risen on now...

E-Mail I Got From A Republican Friend, For Now Anyway

Conservatives call for return to core Republican principles

Where's Fitz?

LBJ faced Hurricane Betsy in New Orleons--very different than W

O'rieley crying over letterman appearance

What's up with americablog?

3 Free iTunes Downloads if you go to Iraq

"Boston Legal" lovers - Show sounds great tonight

Anybody Have a Video clip of Ted Kennedy Slamming (E)lito? (nt)

What should the term limit of a supreme court justice be?

China Cuts Army by 200,000...(but keep reading.....)

What is the issue with "One man one vote"?

Family Sues After Carbon Dioxide Death At McDonald's

Harry Potter or Justice Sunday III? what message do they send to kids??

Is it possible to oust a Supreme Court Judge? And how?

Cindy: What are we willing to do to stop the inhumanity and war crimes?

Canadian party leaders' debate -- live video online

If dems don't filibuster, would you take that as good news or bad news?

Never Forget: Al Gore received more votes than Bush in 2000

Freak Mentality

Are The Dems/Left Too Beholden to Stare Decisis?

something really funny happened tonight. . .

LSD Inventor Celebrates 100th Birthday

All these reformers in the Republican Party. We had no idea there were so

Clark: "appalling disregard for the welfare and safety of our troops"

Doesn't Bush Meet The Definition of a Terrorist?

Have you ever been told you had to work 25% more for the same pay?

Croyne just called Alito - Scalito

OBL's escaping capture by riding a motorbike...

How to drive the Religious Right over the edge.

CondLiar Was in Fighting Mode For Her Little boy charge Today.....

I love Tweety's spin on things..

Should eBay and other auction sites have to post fraud numbers?

FYI: Sibel Edmunds is on with Barry Lynn here, now


Alito Replies Don't Rock Status Quo

this was in the hometown paper of ronny reagan

Larisa Alexandrovna debates heavy-duty right-wing pundit

If I'm writing to my senators re: Alito

U.S. says time running out for Iran...Where have we heard that before?

DU this poll



Alito a charmer, wife reveals

Dershowitz on CNN at 10:30 p.m. EST

Let me be the first to say go to hell

Freakers In Almost Psychotic Denial That Brokeback Mountain Is A Hit

Rwanda seems to be very popular these days

Governor Hydrogen Hummer Steriod Boy has no motorcycle license.


Arlen Specter looks great.

STOP Teen Drinking Video Contest - granddaughter has an entry

Roof Collapses at Ky. Mine, Killing one

I need citable sources on Alito's far-right ideology...

Why Russert Didn't Want to Testify in Plame Case

What do you think abramoff is thinking about now

It matters not how the battle is won it matters that we win this battle

Where is the missing $200,000 Abramoff money (Maryland)

IRS Limited Tax Refunds of Poor, Congress Is Told

Cathy Fleming pulled from the list of witnesses

Did U know the Jewish religion & culture is respected & protected in Iran?

War Plans for Canada - WaPo "Raiding the Icebox" - Anybody See this? !!

Has Any Other president Ever Looked Psycho Like This??

Mark Crispin Miller was one of Ed Helm's "victims!" on TDS tonight!

Caption This !!!

Centcom Set For $180 Million Expansion (gearing up for perpetual war)


VIDEO & my email to John Lofton of Mooney Times RE: 1986 Crossfire w/Zappa

Call Talk Radio as a Republican, support the nominaton of Judge Lance Ito!

I think I should own a gun,but you shouldn't.

The Leaders Who Forgot or: The Neo-cons

President Black Bush -Chappell Show a must see

Regarding the war crimes "indictments" that were supposed to

Cost of Iraq war could top TWO **TRILLION** DOLLARS

Carl Bernstein on Colbert now. nt

Oh Those Quaint Tribal Customs in Iraq- And Elsewhere

ACLU is opposing Alito!

What's your view of China?

Minister: Harry Belafonte is INSANE and TREASONOUS

Video: Abramoff Praises Tom Delay!

CAPTION....Alitos Family Portriat........

Carl Bernstein on the Colbert Report

Commander in Chief - Lobbyist and Casino storyline

Am I a Socialist?

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Roundup

Bush WARNS Democrats: "Don't slam my Iraq policy!"

"The Word" (on Abramoff) from last night's Colbert Report

How George W. Bush has given aid and comfort to the enemy:

DeLay, in his own words...

bush is such a farce.

Is there any evidence that Alito's father was an immigrant?

Costco Beats Wal-Mart in December Retail Sales. (Buy Blue?)

CIA: "Osama bin Laden hasn't said anything for months..."

Steven C Clemons: "Al Jazeera Bush Bombing Memo" -- Leak to Latham ...

Reagan Asst Sec ot Treasury: Will the US Need an IMF Bail Out?

NSA to Whisteblower(Tice) re: Snoopgate >> You didn't ask our permission!

David Broder makes it official: his is my most hated pundit

What I don't get about Freepers

Karen Kwiatkowski: George Bush Uses the Word "Irresponsible"...

Alito took some pretty good body shots today. His legs got a little rubbery

Will Alito be confirmed?

All of us, here at DU, are welcome at the White House. gwb and Scotty

How can fred Phelps be allowed to practice terrorism ???

Do you have a plan in place in case of a flu outbreak?

Why is the twenty something generation missing from protests?

Alito blatantly lied...ROTC returned to Princeton the same year CAP formed

Tice Admits Being a New York Times Source

Pubs ban hats as they hide faces from CCTV Cameras

Blair smacked his kids

My Name is Straight Story - and here is the straight story

Ok... This Might Explain A Few Things...

Heads Up : NSA Whistleblower (NYT source) on ABC Nightline Tonight

Swiss "Echelon" catches sniff of secret prisons: It;'s getting worse

Alito Misleads Committee on U.S. Gun Laws, Says Brady Center

Did Alito sign off on Ollie North's plans to suspend Constitution ?

If, as some believe, displacing...

"We simply have too much power," says Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz)

Feingold pursued an unusual line of questioning

Was FAIR unfair to Howard Stern re: Columbine comments?

VIDEO-Cornyn the Conehead calls Alito "Scalito"

Chuck Schumer, CNN, Larry King, RIGHT NOW!

How to attack Phelps and make it stick

The deaths of the Alataars, and why I've finally left the party

Anybody else creeped out by the lady sitting behind Alito?

Anybody want to help me debunk some Freeper LTTEs?

A final message from Brownie (this'll make you mad)

AP Reports: 'Brokeback' Wins 3 Critics' Choice Awards

What will be the breaking point that finally wakes this country up?

YOu voted for the prick... a sad/freeper/grandma/walmart story

Frank Zappa on CNN's Crossfire (courtesy of Crooks And Liars)

BradBlog Vid Clip: Scalito DUCKS Bush V. Gore questioning

Nominee Samuel Alito on Key Issues

New Torture Testimonies Released on 4th Anniversary of First Arrivals ..

I am concerned, Activism against Alito not coordinated!

California governor admits he has no motorcycle license

Lobbying Colors GOP Contest Rivals for DeLay No Strangers to K St.

National Urban League President: "Say No to Alito!"

Rep. Louise Slaughter: Help Me Hold Washington Republicans accountable

Questions. How can the Dems filibuster if they are all being timed?

Did Alito work for the only GOP lawfirm in D.C. un-touched by Abramoff?

"irresponsible" is the new "troubling"

Its 11:35pm Nightline is on-- and they mentioned Russ Tice

Alito lied

When is Trent Lott announcing whether or not he is running again?

Orin Hatch...

Abramoff and Rove

olberman went to commercial and i switched to o'reilly. can you

What happens if Roe is overturned because of Alito

Was this heinous vandalism or an act of civil disobedience?

Kerry Credits Failed Leadership by Bush & Rummy for Bad Body Armor

Rove still in trouble over CIA leak!

BREAKING: Tammy Duckworth gets AFL-CIO endorsement (IL 6th CD)

Hate to break it to Kerry and Pelosi--body armor is nonstarter

"The Unitary Executive" Is There a Constitutional Lawyer in the House?

Brad Blog: Ney, Abramoff and Election Fraud (Amazing reporting)

Here is my interaction with a good Republican :-( friend.

Kickback Mountain

The American Media 101 (The media as GOP shill)

Fear, the Future & the Other F-Word

The Whitewashing of Ariel Sharon

Duplicate delete n/t

Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail

Daddy’s Little Accomplice [Dani DeLay ] Pens Fundraising Letter

MOGAMBO GURU: "Shut Up And Deal"

GREG PALAST: No Child's Behind Left -- The Test

British journalist seized by US troops while investigating corruption

Gene Lyons on Republican Congressional Scandal

Iraq still a soft target for suicide bombers

Sammy, "The goose" Alito should be filibustered!

The Goal of the Alito Hearings==Chris Bower

Iraqi widows feel lost in land that cannot provide

Robert Scheer: Betraying Reagan's Revolution

Ask Judge Alito a question

Bring Back the 40-Hr Work Week (LAT)

China Set to Reduce Exposure to Dollar (WaPo)

NSA Whistleblower Alleges Illegal Spy-fr.employ admits source for NYT

Bob Barr: It's that time, Robertson; exit the stage

Freedom Granted, Freedom Won (Best blog post I've read in months)

Listen to Your Granny

Common Dreams: Rise and Fall of True Believers

2006 - The Year Americans Will Begin To Pay the Piper


Pravda: Condoleezza Rice's anti-Russian stance based on sexual problems

Forced abortions...and Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff

The rise of rectal journalism

A Million Little Lies - Exposing James Frey

55 y.o gets cut 20% in pay if company moves from Tradional Pension to 401k

Anyone know of a good Credit Card Debt Consolidation plan?

Question about logging the national forests

Report: Environmental life cycle analysis of remote solar home systems.

Senator Kerry meets with Indian Prime Minister to discuss civilian nuke

Judge: Fetuses Don't Count in HOV Lanes

"When Are We Going To Get Serious About Climate Organizing?"

Hamas platform mentions armed struggle, but not Israel's destruction

Police demolish Gush Etzion outposts

Israel rejects Pat Robertson funding

Pat Robertson, Elliott Abrams, Sharon, and Bush

It's not the olive trees

Study: Israelis resisted intifada's psychological warfare

Yesha: Some of the trees felled by Palestinians

East Jerusalem Palestinians will be able to vote in PLC elections

Haaretz poll: Kadima's popularity rises with Olmert as leader

Denis MacShane: Poor George. He has become a joke figure

Four officers, 11 settlers injured as illegal W. Bank outpost razed

Wanted: An Arab Sharon, Thomas Friedman, New York Times, 1/11/06

Robert Fisk: Telling it like it isn't (Los Angeles Times)

What do you think of Alex Jones? (A 911 tinfoil hatter post)

Secret Service 9/11 foreknowledge

PLAME= IRAN/CONTRA REDUX - Planted WMD from Ghorbanifar & Ledeen.

GOP flier questions new voting equipment

Georgia’s voter ID bill takes center stage

Vote machines don't measure up

Election Fraud and Reform News Wednesday Jan 11, 2006

AZ: LTTE takes on SoS Brewer.

Federal Court Dismisses Nader Case

My Response to Pelosi's solicitation for DCCC contributions.

Anyone up for an online chat?

Has Any State Banned DRE's?

Doug Jones to testify before the CT Voting Technology

Voter Confidence Headed For Palo Alto, CA

1st Suit in State to Attack 'Intelligent Design' Filed

Voter Confidence Headed For Palo Alto, CA

Alameda County votes to lobby for all-mail election, joined by others

Anyone following the Newport rd thing in IC?

Question about teachers arrested 2 years ago

This week's Civic Skinny 01-11-06 (Where's Vander Plaats?)

Another Anti-Iowa thread....

Care to comment on travails of AG Reilly? Boston Globe article detailing

Kennedy and Kline to Klean up Krime...

City Pages examines the Entenzas millions

so any suggestions on 8 mm tape to computer?

Need help w/digital camera & Windows

Whoa! CDs only last 2 years, IBM expert says. Is this true?

"Wally" O'Dell's Picture Hanging On The Wall At COSI

ohio board of education rules intelligent design stays in textbooks

Gag, saw my first BLACKWELL for Gov. in SW OH

Cheney raising money for DeWine,

Texas River Mysteriously Turns Reddish Orange

Bob Gammage in Austin, Thursday Jan 12

Carole FourFaces reinvents herself again

Two stations decline to air ads critical of DeLay

"Texas women have someone they can trust"

The Kitty Gourmand

Hot Chocolate Soufflé


If the polls are indeed right.....

Cons want to throw out landmark achievement RE: Aboriginal issues

Here's Stephen Harper, All American Boy.

Anyone catch this on the Rick MErcer report? FUcking hilarious

Sago miners made futile attempt to escape (Using Mine Car)

Amnesty International Calls for Investigation Into Guantanamo Bay Prison

DeLay led bid to close Livingston casino

Bush says voters will sort out 'partisan' criticism of Iraq war

Blunt, DeLay Abramoff Connections Similar

Pentagon to brief lawmakers on secret body armor study

Ex-president of Peru barred from race

I've said this before, but "Thank you DU for helping me keep informed."

Putting A Face On Deportation: Asylum appeal creates agony

Democrats to hold own hearings on warrantless wiretaps

Shiites 'won't accept changes to constitution'

Iraqi widows feel lost in land that cannot provide

The Alito testimony you won't hear. Anyone angry??!!!

NYT: I.R.S. Move Said to Hurt the Poor

Jackson faces new child molestation charges

Iraq still a soft target for suicide bombers

Former NSA Insider Says He Was a 'NY Times' Source on Spying Story

Alito Says He'd Keep 'Open Mind' on Abortion--WAPo

Search continues for missing Navy aircraft, 4 aviators (FL)

Kuwaitis license U.S. refining catalyst

Judge Upholds Old Growth and Imperiled Species' Protection

Switzerland to probe information leak over secret CIA prisons

Intel sources reveal stymied attempt to tie Iran, Iraq in nuclear plot

Channel 13 pulls TV ad linking DeLay, lobbyist

Right wing makes next move on Ford

Study sounds global vulture alert

Worshipers knifed in central Moscow synagogue

Abramoff - News - Lawmakers Renew Call for Independent Outside Counsel

Arrest In (San Francisco) Starbucks Bomb Probe

4 MONTHS TO DECIDE - (NOLA neighborhood viability - Eminent Domain)

Israel pulls plug on Pat Robertson deal

Senators Showboat During Questioning

Pentagon to set new communications policy-official

China offers to help rein in Iran: US congressmen

Al Jazeera: From Network, to a Bush Target, to Courts -from the NYT

Pentagon releases Iraq copter crash details (hostile fire not ruled out)

Bush: hearings on eavesdropping plan "good for democracy"

Need to know tests are done to detect Depleted Uranium

Secret recording (of reporter) upsets (Fla. gov candidate) Gallagher

Vanguard Ruling Defended(Alito "most extensive" of "several explanations")

The Abramoff Scandal (R., Beltway) its the Republicans, stupid

CBS/AP: Blunt, DeLay Share Abramoff Connections

In Maine, Drug-Overdose Deaths Take Lead

Alaska governor wants campaign against 'ridicule'

Blair urges U.N. to consider action on Iran

WP/AP: Abramoff Recipients Glance

New Majority Leader Election Date Rejected

Bush Defends Spying as Part of Duty to Defend U.S.

Bush aide talks tough on budget

Roadside bomb kills three U.S. soldiers in Iraq (not confirmed by DOD)

Bishop tells newspaper he was once abused by priest

Man knifes seven at Moscow synagogue - reports

Soldier from NC accused of stabbing his wife 71 times

ABC/AP:New Majority Leader Election Date Rejected

Biologist: Warming May Cut Duck Numbers

OFF-STRIP CASINO INCIDENTS: Shootings injure two men

Cuban-Americans Lash Out at Republicans

Intell Sources Reveal Stymied Attempt to tie Iran, Iraq in Nuclear Plot

Fox News: Former Congressional Aide Pleads Guilty in Bribery Scandal

UN calls for $1.5bn bird flu fund

Chavez angry with US over jet row

Energy deals behind Chinese visit

Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, in Article, Calls for Impeachment...

Kennedy demands CAP archives

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 11 January

Backstage Drama Abounds at Alito Hearings

Brentwood (TN) man arrested, accused of raping, sexually abusing 2 sons

NYT: California Parents File Suit Over Origins of Life Course

Carry a condom, Colombian town tells men (over age 14 - or pay fine)

General says stopping desire to strike U.S. is the only way to end war

Millions hit by shortfall in heating aid (Help From Chavez for US)

NYT: Few Are Booking Ads on 'The Book of Daniel'

22 year old man recieves 55 year prison sentence for selling pot.

Critical air traffic transmitter left unsecured (by FAA)

Two DynCorp Employees Among 12 Killed in Iraq (MERCENARIES)

Sources Cite Delay In Aid to Reporter: EMTs Thought Rosenbaum Was Drunk

Israel shuns Pat Robertson

Gas prices may continue rise in future weeks

GM told: Cut every salary

Iraq needs up to $8 billion to revive neglected health sector

U.S., Australia say businesses will cut emissions voluntarily

Scientists Say Warming Decimates Frogs in Latin America

NYT/AP: Ex-Congressional Aide (to Jefferson, D., La.) Makes Plea Deal

Abramoff Scandal Threatens to Derail (Ralph) Reed's Political Ambitions

US Army its own worst enemy: British officer

US Jews weigh in ahead of Alito hearings

UK Muslim cleric: Hitler sent because Jews were blasphemous, dirty

Judge: Fetuses Don't Count in HOV Lanes

Poll: Lieberman gets support despite support of Iraq war

Abramoff Scandal Fails to Ignite Sharp Rebuke of Washington (Gallup)

Wash Times: Abramoff Probe Focuses on (Burns, Dorgan, Reid, Hayworth, Ney)

At War on the High Seas (Sea Shepherd vs. whalers)

KRIS-TV: Two stations decline to air ads critical of DeLay

Roe not 'special,' DeWine declares

Hey, you know what's weird?

Mind if I start a sick thread?

Calling KitchenWitch, and the good RevCheesehead!

To the person who donated on my behalf...

Whoever makes the cartoon Tank McNamara must be a liberal

What is the poll Q on Jealousy?

Does anybody else ever get commercials crossing with radio news

Mind if I start a tic thread?

The Gravel Troup Rocks

The Travel Group Rocks


In honor of JVS: Feminine Product Thread!!!

What goes 'round comes 'round

Anyone else besides me think Sarah Chalke is really hot?

I do not have 45 pieces of flair, will I get fired?

Dammit! My lock-step was too constricting.

Why are there never any dick threads in the Lounge?

Nice cock!

We are going to see Brokeback Mountain this weekend

"Sex" threads based on homophones

Mrs. E and I are taking a roadtrip

Follow the Bouncing Boobies

Hukt on fonix wurkt for me.

Dammit! My 97 Subaru Outback has a cracked head gasket.

I now have TWO stalkers here!

Conspicuous by their absence

Sandhills crane migration through Nebraska (link to video)

Good night! Sleep tight!

Women say "Yes" to men who say "No" to the Draft. I would like

Forecast for today in Sheboygan, WI

Calling all humorless prigs!!

What the hell does Brokeback Mountain have to do with Sodom

Presidential (Mis) Speak of the day...Wednesday, Jan, 11, 2006

I took our Christmas tree down yesterday.

I've been indirectly accused of being jealous

I'm out. Good night DU.

Will They Get Their Way???

I have tickets for Saturdays Seahawk/Redskins game!

Is there any safe way to buy a failing business? (Medical practice)

If you look like Jessica Alba & bedded less than 10 guys....

See, this is what happens when you let a pervert do your translations

Now wait just a minute here - Lindsay really isn't a bulimic and cokehead

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was HOT like me?

WANTED Dead (or alive): Picture of San Francisco Starbucks bomber

Caption This...

23rd Annual Outhouse Race Takes Place This Weekend

I'm doing Jury Duty! Ask me anything!

George has troubled dreams

Did you know that using the DU spell checker on Wolfowitz gives...

Well I ate a bunch o' greasy wings for dinner, and now I've got

Happy, happy joy joy

I've been out of the media rippin' scene for a while, so I got a few Q's..

Critique My Workout Routine

"Malcolm in the Middle" star pays $3.75 mil for Simpson "Newlyweds" house

Finally!! The People's voice has been heard

I am getting my teeth cleaned today

Actual Spam Message: Re: by drunk excretion

Anyone ever tried that Absinthe? Is it worth the money?

The DS1 Poetry thread

where is jack?

It's used to provide additional thrust.

Mr. Blackwell needs a hobby.

84 Year Old Crashes Van Into Diner (Foot Slipped)

ROBOT (Joke for the day)

Guess the DUer Picture Puzzle thread- we haven't done one in a while.


Eye Pod?? Freaky picture... photoshopped or no?? Can't decide....

Noisy neighbors

Ex-cab driver pays record $40m for New York house

Dude, what are you listening to RIGHT NOW??????

Electric toothbrushes are the proverbial bomb!

Wednesday earworm. Feeling feisty today.

Voodoo Day celebrated in Benin

Mac users- Google Earth now available for Mac!

Panic Attack Updates

I'm so frickin angry today.

Hippies/flower children

I just submitted my first short story for publication

A morning laugh for all.

Anybody else losing their ability to spell?

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

Dog owners: Tainted dog food

Strange happenings

Getting A Divorce? You Could Lose Your Job (Oklahoma Christian University)

Roof Collapses On Top Of Cat After It Alerted Family To Fire

wikipedia - yay or nay

Fashion Expert Challenge

ANIMATION: Bushback Mountin'

New design for New York taxi

Dumbass of the day / man gets stuck in washing machine playing hide n seek


AMBER Alerts and Radio Shack

I just lost my day job!

"I'm entering my reproductive phase"

I made a flash music video

I was sneezing a lot this morning

Mind if I start a pick thread?

Firefox users: How do you mask the browser to appear as something else?

Cleric Says Nudity During Sex Annuls A Marriage

I live in California! Ask me anything!

I live in Abraham Lincoln's home town...ask me anything...

Great Non political Bumper Sticker

Soup Vendors Rally Against Reports Of Meatballs Made From Rats

I live incontinent! Ask me anything!

When answering a poll and also posting, do you

Donkey-Chow just brought chewing gum to work

I was cranky. I went to GD. I ranted. I'm feeling much better now.


Is it just me?

All hail the Cat Goddess Minnie! Back for her ninth and final life, prolly

Good heavens! It's my 3-year DU anniversary!

Karate-man will kill you dead

Husband Kills Wife With Crossbow While She Was Running On Treadmill

A Peeve of Mine

Geez, "Never Say Never Again" is the worst Bond movie ever.

Another PSA:

Did you look in the mirror, Jessica?

XBOX American Wasteland - Check in here today!

Anyone ever visit Opryland?

German man put sex video of ex-girlfriend online

Does monitor your email for advertising posturing?

Speaking of TV personalities, I miss Graham Kerr as well...

Cowher: Steelers lost composure against Bengals| Yahoo Sports

matcom puts German Scheisse video online

Please tell me this is photoshopped.

I think someone needs to get Jim Cramer some meds?

Apparently, I look like Princess Madeline of Sweden...Good thing?

Yet Another PSA:

Is this really Jessica Simpson?


MySpace is for losers!

I saw "Good Night, and Good Luck" again last night.

Personal intimacy on celluloid

Man, I should have gone to the DNC Con. in Boston

What song can you hear over and over again?

Gennifer Flowers upset her recent awsuit against H. Clinton was dropped

Spider nests in Swedish woman's ear for 27 days (Ooooh!!!)


Major headlines for 2006.

I live in denial. Ask me anything.


I am chatting with a guy

Are men like rubber bands?

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Why aren't fundie organizations considered hate groups?


Where's Khash?

Good Gods - I slept until 11:30 this morning!

Anyone a member of a national-chain gym?

Jab-related torture

Oh...I got Chick in TROUBLE!!!

Anybody scamming the scammers??

"Kyle, why can't you come to dinner with us?"


What's your serial killer potential?


Memo to *: Rhetoric doesn't kill our troops


How will you know you're gone to hell or heaven after you've died?

Ah, fuck. I'm posting here again.


The best flavors of Jelly Bellies...

Tomorrow is my drug screen. I've been abstaining for a week.

Job-related torture

loss of flexable reading skills

I opened my car door and a muddy puppy jumped in

So what is the etiquette of copycats, anyway?

What do you think of the Warhol girls?

Nicole Narain "outraged" that she's not profiting from Farrell sex tape

questions, questions, and moe questions

Mahogany Isn't Natural

So is there a Shrub speech tonight?

Fuckers - Delivered My New Deep Fryer To The Wrong Address

Anybody seen this movie yet?

Have YOU ever come back from vacation to FIND.....

Levi Strauss to market iPod-ready jeans, with "retractable headphone unit"


? Is Dumbya

Still ridin' the TUSHI BUS

Parents: How do you feel about rounding as a punishment ?

what's with fucking hr/employment agency people?

So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Goodbye!

Parents: How do you feel about grounding as a punishment?

Shirred Eggs. I just had some.

I'm not pregnant.... happy.... and need a stiff drink!

Rant about college websites...

How not to open a stuck jar.


What really cute, really sweet things do your pets do to get affection?

Something for SOteric

A public service announcement:

What is the best Alito nickname?

I'm pregnant....not happy....and need a stiff drink!

Jury Duty - something to get out of, intersting or just duty of citizens?

Jackson faces new child molestation charges

Anyone else get really annoyed by recorded phone calls?

50 bucks says HypnoToad starts a raunchy copycat thread

Anyone up for a New York DU meetup Sat. February 18?

Misogyny Isn't Natural

Progress report on ginbarn

Quiche questions.

Soooo...Angelina and Brad are pregnant....

Thank-you note etiquette?

Town To Make Carrying Condoms Mandatory

An old photo I recently ran across. (large-ish)


To dumbasses who insist on driving with their dogs on their laps:

I live in paranoia! Ask me anything!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/11/06)

Has anyone here seen the movie "Monster"?

Amazing Story...Hunters' discovery leads to rescue of trapped calf !...

OMG!! Yay! Angelina's having a Baby!

I have scraped the bottom of the barrel at age 42.

Still ridin' the SUSHI BUZZ

What's your Gazpacho?

Creeping despair over job search

Monopoly Isn't Natural

"Good on you" and "Good on ya"... please help me.

Whew. I didn't make the worst dressed list again this year.

What is it then?

Did freepers really think the colbert report was conservative?

Does anyone give a shit about the Olympics any more?

Happy Belated New Year...Just got out of the hospitial

Six-Pack Abs are STUPID.

Did anyone understand "Syriana"?

Could we talk about phone etiquette?

What's your Gestapo?

Caught in the act! (naughty cat photo)

My boss's daughter just died

DU archives circa here

Taverner for MOD!!!!

International Rules of Manhood

Now available at Wal-Mart: Flavored Body Massage Oil

9 Things I Hate About Everyone

Greatest Mike Tyson Quotation (Fixed)

NBC rolls-out 416hrs of Olympic Coverage, 415 of it backstory related

Well, I have some good news, and some bad news about my bone

I have VERY bad credit. Should I even consider trying to get another car?

Philly folks: Please come see me play in Ardmore this Friday night!

I'm going through withdrawal.

Nice tits!

'Next frontier' in heart disease: Undoing it (drano for colesterol plaque)

Psychiatrist calls for end to 30-year taboo over use of LSD as a medical t

Toxic waste creates hermaphrodite Arctic polar bears

A city coyote will survive...

Judge Tosses Suit Against Gay-Positive Senate Appointee

Boy Scouts Say They're Like KKK Youth

Hope seen in Topeka

More Stations Drop 'Book Of Daniel'

On kissing Heath Ledger "When we kissed it felt like we were exfoliating"

Right wing makes next move on Ford

Liberals Seize On Anti-Gay Tory Remarks

The People Choose Gay Cowboys & Gay Bio

Utah Gays Call Boycott Over 'Brokeback Mountain' Ban

Gene Shalit regrets "Brokeback" comment

Ledger lashes out at Utah, West Virginia

Welcome to the ACC, Boston College.

I STILL Hate The San Antonio Spurs

Great Hockey Story... MN Wild let a High School player practice with them


Got my skanky old Patriots T-shirt out of the laundry basket

Kitty Gourmand

Will our cats get along?????

Death poem for my love

"Entering the Energy of 2006" - by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Time distortions?

Kerry in India ( Indian coverage)

Boston Herald editorial by Kerry about youth violence and tax cuts

Walter Shapiro sums up Day 1 Alito questioning

People, we need to talk again.

RAW and uncut...

Fun with black and white...

Does something like that count as macro?

Let me introduce myself... (with photos too)

Time for more Michael Jackson puppet theatre!

Countdown Newsletter -- 1/11/06: Eavesdropping Whistleblower

Here comes Boston Legal!!

Heres a little funny for the evening. Why god invented menopause

Iraq war cost put at US $ 2 trillion

General calls for Blair to be impeached over Iraq >

Theres a reason Bush pushed back the State of the Union

President Pretzel Caught Telling the Truth


Florida Professor, Wife Accused of Being Cuban Agents

Gorgeous George - Big Brother UK (Celebrity)

Haring Mural to Be Sold in San Francisco

Grade Democrats on Day 2 of Alito

The section 1802 justification that the right is using for spying.....

Audience Growing For Radio Clown Mark Levin

Is there a transcript of todays Alito hearings?

Did anyone else hear that offhanded remark Keith Olberman

The New World Order: "Hic Sunt Dracones" (pic)

Jeff Sessions

Congrats to the admins for posting Mike Webb's new "listen live" button

So, ... Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) TUTORED Alito?

The Truth of Unemployment: Look at the EMPLOYMENT - POPULATION RATIO

General Odom (former NSA); bush aiding Osama bin Laden & al Qaeda

Maybe Alito is something that has to happen for people to wake up

IRS has a new deduction: body armor for children serving in armed forces

Schumer Caught Alito but didnt realize it, someone contact Schumer

term limits vs. public financing of campaigns to reduce corruption

An old photo I recently ran across. (large-ish)

Hassert "gits tuff" on ethic violators... 1/11/06 toon

I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies

The most annoying voices in the House or Senate

the bush residency has been one of ZERO INTELLECTUALLY DETERMINED

Guardian UK: Venezuela's coffee industry in chaos as price of beans double

Tin Foil Hat Time : Why is the MSM trying to convince us Cheney...

Justice Alito. The U.S. takes a step back. Brazil

Ahhh, The DeLay Rule(TPM) Interesting little tidbit....

George Will drops bomb on Roy Blunt!

Few Americans Expect bin Laden’s Capture in 2006....duh, no shit

Anyone seen or heard reactions to Alito hearings from the RR

Alito "bequeathed" $161,000 of Exxon/Mobil stock in 2004(family friend?)

The gang that couldn't question straight

Anti-Catholicism over the SCOTUS?

Moving DKos Post: "My English Teacher's Daughter Abducted In Iraq"

Dupe... please remove

NSA Lobbied Bush Admin to Ignore 4th Amendment in Dec. 2000

I've said this before, but "Thank you DU for helping me keep informed."

C-SPAN WJ: James Risen...American Hero

A senior British officer has written a scathing critique of the U.S. Army

"Blunt, DeLay Abramoff Connections Similar"...RUH ROH.

I made a RW'er shut up AND debunked a Raygun myth recently

Juan Cole is must read-Here's what he has to say re: Bush's judicial phil

Is there a comparison of total dollar cost of the Vietnam war vs. Iraq,

Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) isn't taking his ball and going home after all...

When shrub finally gets it passed that all good citizens will be

Happy 4th Anniversary to Gitmo's Camp X-Ray

Recd my gas bill today - almost $300/mo!

My morning rant - Alito's "open mind" and the bunch of cowards who are

Hugh controversy of national importance brewing on CNN!

How much longer will we have the stink of Nixon on our government?

Cop accused of torture wants Ryan to testify

Great Cartoon re: "Say Anything Sam"

Does anyone remember.... (re: beginning Iraq War II)

9/11 gave Bush legitimacy

I hope the democrats do better than yesterdays shitty performance

I'm feeling pretty damn BRILLIANT this morning!!!

"Callin' All Angels"

pres. to discuss some sort of war on terror today, whassup with that?

Bill Bennett to his listeners: don't watch the hearings today

In the past week, 4 pieces of currency have passed through my hands

Did someone coach Alito on the Bush's NSA Spying Defense?

Church, state argument gets hot in ND case - 'An offense to common sense'

I just called John Kerry's office

The real story of Sam Alito, ROTC, and Concerned Alumni of Princeton

What's Bolton doing these days?

Idaho ponders having prisoners sleep in shifts

Hatch trying to backstroke on C-span this morning

Torture, spying and abortion

a voice from the future asks: 'Why didn't anyone stop them"?

Are there other people who think that it's a little coincidental that *

Anagram fun = "comfort to our adversaries"

Ohio local race: the corruption never stops.

Happy Wednesday - it is 9:02 am EST - Time for Stephanie Miller

On CNN last night, Alan Dershowitz said that the questioners were inept.

Does anyone believe this propaganda: Americans willing to give up privacy

For all those who are into the, "Country Boys," Documentary on PBS

Where is N.Korea's Kim? Officials hunt for clues

US warning after Iran breaks seals at nuclear plant

An Iraqi Leader Says No More Changes to Charter

Yushchenko says parliament destabilises Ukraine

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 1

The 'christian' Right's mantra of 'religious freedom' based off of peyote?

Faux News said no Senate Dems would talk to them re: Alito.

Another step on the path to civil war...

GOP Members Hoping Religious Right's Ralph Reed Won't Run For Office...

Pathological Liars

When is Fiengold due up today (1-11-06)? n/t

Noisy neighbors

Dismissed: Gennifer Flower's suit re: Sen.C/Carville/Stephanopoulos

I've been thinking about a Fat President, ever since that pic of Jeb

If you do nothing else today, watch this Zappa/Crossfire clip.

Go to Iraq, Get free music

Paul Begala and James Carville made sense on NBC UNTIL...

Is it time for the Democrats to draw a line in the sand ? (over Alito)

Shots fired at Border Patrol river and land patrols

Racist attacks on churches in Maryland

O'Reilly Adds 2 New Names to The Blacklist

Moonie Times: Abramoff-linked probe focuses on 5 lawmakers

Need Proof of Diebold Fraud. Will send food in exchange.

Alito says "stare decisis" too much

Blair: 'We don't rule out any measures at all' in dealing with Iran

The DEADLY bird flu virus doesn't appear to be as DEADLY as first thought

Kate Michelman (NARAL) is kicking freeper ass on CSPAN now!

Durbin using Springsteen quote in his questioning

Hatch is so full of shit, he holds his breath when he hears toilets flush.

Update 36: Democrats Say Alito's Answers Inconsistent

Report: Iraq war costs could top $2 trillion

Justice John Paul Stevens

Could someone summarize the news today?

Surfer-dude DOJ career prosecutor negotiated Abramoff deal

Question about O'lielly here:

Greenfield ?s Alito: If Branding or Flogging Was Widely Accepted

Garrison Keillor's column today at Salon. Hmmmmm.

Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff Announce Presidential Bid

Six women bankers sue DKW for $1.4BN in sex discrimination case

Race and money in New Orleans: saving "the soul of its food"

What are the objections to Alito?

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 2

Doing the Alito Shuffle-By MAUREEN DOWD-Heck of a job, Sammy.

Here's an AOL poll to DU..

The Alito testimony you won't hear. Anyone angry??!!!

Author of best-selling drug memoir accused of telling tales

Caption this photo - Jeb and Colin Powell

Hey, Bill O'Reilly, I Want to Be On Your Enemies List Too! Falafel Falafel

Brief history of worst terrorist country in history: the USA

Most stomach-churning site of the day -- is this for real?

Abramoff Scandal Threatens Ralph Reed's Political Ambitions

Alito Day 3 PHOTOS

WP,pg1: Indian outsourcing: from call-center, back-office to higher levels

Does the Law Even Matter Anymore?

It's obvious to me that most Pubs have never been interviewed for a job!

Why is this not talked about, am I crazy here?

Moving Mountains

Now circulating among Hill GOPers...

My Dad's political schizophrenia

You've got to be kidding me

AOL Poll: How do you view people that criticize * on Iraq policy

Russia is now disappointed over Iran's nuke research

Letter from Sen. Lincoln

RW'er Awards for 05

Strange happenings

Fashion Expert Challenge

"Channel 13 pulls TV ad linking DeLay, lobbyist"...chicken-shits.

ABC's Nightline--millions of Americans spied on--Bush said program limited

What is going on with the M3. Can someone explain to me

if all goes well, Justice Alito will reign until 2046 or so...

To those who claim the Democrats don't stand for anything

Just wondering....Is it illegal to write "Impeach Bush" on every piece

Blogger yglasias thinks we should just let them confirm Alito. WTF?

My Snoopgate LTTE - please critique

you have a jerk on springer who says he was law clerk of alito

Reports of smoke on London underground line

Turns out Chile's pension system is a mess (GWB model for Soc Sec scheme)

Corzine's right to name his successor upheld

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 3

FBI checking fingerprints to correct possible mistakes...

The Freeway Blogger struck in Maryland on Monday!

Just me? Or is the website down?

Police say phone co. (Sprint) refused to help find missing SoCal child

School Proposes 'No Divorce' Policy

Caption this photo

Anyone catch Kucinich in this emenem video?

If Alito can state that he felt Plessy was unconstitutional and

Fundie Ohio school board upholds Intelligent Design plan

Puke Alert--Ashcroft on C-SPAN re: Alito

Okay, okay, I know I shouldn't

Is anyone else watching WASHINGTON JOURNAL on C-SPAN?

Right wing makes next move on Ford

The fact that such a big deal is made of songs critical of Bush...

"If Bush really wanted to destroy Al Qaeda, he would __________"

But, Yer Honor, I was just trying to fatten her up a little She needed pie

Handicapping the GOP in 2008

HA HA HA!!!! Daily Kos comes up with even a BETTER Alito nickname

Remind me how the dichotomy of libertarians is supposed to work.

what if YOU spied on, lied to, stole from, tortured, & murdered people?

If Alito has such serious memory problems, how can he sit on the court?

Bush Lied and Spied and Thousands Died

WarPig One has landed

Senate Committee Kills "Jessica's Law" Bill

I've written to my Senators re alito

If they want to medicate us, then they need to take responsibility too.

Child molestor gets 60 days ,other guy gets 55 years for 500$ of weed

Are we really supposed to believe that Alito

INTELL Sources Reveal Stymied Attempt to Tie IRAN/IRAQ in WMD PLOT

Poll: Americans Want Warrants for Spying

Even MSRNC isn't running the lastest live Bush infomercial

Preliminary poll on 2006 elections.

Are they plotting how they will stay out of jail? ---pix->>>

MSNBC poll for Alito confirmation

Is the media "behaving itself" again?

I think there is now enough from Alitos own mouth to vote him down.

Freeper email making the rounds...Again (part refuted--help)

Is this true? That the only 2 groups Alito mentioned belonging to were

GW Bush seems to be wearing a WIRE again today

(TOON) Steve Bell: Blair and the respect agenda

"Idaho ponders having prisoners sleep in shifts"

America is in Desperate Need of a Hero

Lynchings ALIVE and happening NOW in South Carolina ! ! !

When is Russ Feingold up next for Round 2??

I'm frickin' tired of the "providing aid and comfort to the enemy" crap!

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

BREAKING: House Likely To Come Back Before SOTU For Leadership Elections

When we impeach * can we pull his supreme court appointments??

The plug gets pulled on a Radical Cleric called Robertson

For those who think it possible to work "bi-partisan" with these Repubs

Can Anyone (Briefly) Summarize Today's Scalito Hearing/Smackdown?

Isnt the Library of Congress online?

Oh, Christ, these questions are as "unrehearsed" as a Broadway play!

Somebody in ChoicePoint edited Wikipedia's page on ChoicePoint

Pickles tells children what happens when you don't support the President

Is there any reason I can't print my own checks?

The line in the sand is drawn with Samuel Alito

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 5

Challenge: Find 1 thing in this Mark Levin essay that isn't full of shit

Link to defense Indusrty Daily-interesting stuff

Senators Showboat During Questioning

Thank goodness our streets are free of scum like this Utah man (oh boy!)

was scalito in the army?

Ann Coulter comes unarmed to a pie fight-the TRUE story

Anybody else having trouble loading

bush Q & A thread CNN

We need to start an email campaign to CNN about WarPig's Scripted

Boy! they certainly are out in force today

I know what's wrong with the (democratic members) of the Senate

Alito is a lying sack of sh$t!

What the hell does TERRORISM have to do with education????

Tice (NSA Whisteblower) Smearing Begins: NSA Had 'Psychological Concerns'

Man who threw grenade at Bush

Get off the TV you lying sack of shit...and STOP THE FAKE LISPING

DUer's. Don't let Dianne Feinstein throw this away. Call her now.

Political Lessons from the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

So what's the difference? $$ directly from Abramoff vs his Clients?

Attempt to tie Iran, Iraq to nuclear arms plot bypassed U.S. intelligence

Should Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito be confirmed?

Wouldn't It Be Cool If "Political Death Match" (aka Celebrity Deathmatch)

Anyone know why you can't recommend a thread from the I/P forum?

Wish me luck. I'm giving a tour to republican officials today.

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 6

Al Gore Hires Sean Penn For Journalism Advice ...

how dare arlen specter who covered up JFK's murder impugn Ted Kennedy?

Question: Do Dem. members of Congress understand the consequences if Alito

How soon before our Senators come to blows?

is there another discussion thread on Alito hearings?

Soldier From N.C. Accused Of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

Questions about Alito's murder boards...

Stripes letters, saluting Murtha's courage

Cartoon: Government monitors your dreams....

Has the Anti-choice movement been implicated in the Abramoff scandal

I think we need to amend the federal funding for pres. campaigns law

Help us, Fili-bu-ster-wan Kenobi, you're our only hope!

DU Slow Loading?

Canadian Tax collectors caught with pirated MP3 files

Did anything ever happen after the revelations of Ian Fishback?

Republicans for Choice come out against Alito (Spector belongs)

Mideast Barbie dolls don Islamic veil

Lieberman would run as an Independent if he lost primary

We need the Senate AND the House

Why don't they just oil up and fuck each other?

WP/AP: Abramoff Recipients Glance

Do We Have Any White People Here? Raise Your Hands, White People! --pix->>

For my 4000th post: 15% of U.S. workforce boozing on the job.

Graham_Guilt by association...

Did Arlen Spector receive the request document or did he not?

Montana Senate: Burns is slumping against two Dems

*: "Now that we are there, in my humble opinion, we have got to succeed."

Bishop Says Priest Abused Him as a Teenager

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 9

This Email is going around again

UK officer slams US Iraq tactics

Did you see the Moveon ad about Alito?

I may have just hurt my beloved RW family member's feelings

(VIDEO) Ted Kennedy: Last Liberal Standing

Photo Of The Day! Teddy Kennedy ROCKS!

*'s Q&A session was so raw and real.... It brought a tear to my eye

Attack of the trolling freepers!

VIDEO-Feingold asks for coaching list

Mrs. Alito left hearing "possibly in tears"

Mrs. Alito Leaves The Hearing Room "In Tears"

Calif. School Sued Over Evolution Class

I'm going to see Al Gore speak in DC next Monday!

"I was aplying for a political position" (Alito on why put CAP in

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 10

The Crying Game II will sweep the Oscars

The Alito testimony you won't hear by Stephen R. Dujack

Chuck Schumer is my hero

Fathead tweety is going all out with the "Satan" crap again...

Why Rummy, We hardly know you now.

Alito and His Coaches

Advocates Hold Out Hope for Stem Cells

Revenge of the mutt people (a little slice of real life)

Feingold up next in Round 2 of Alito questioning...

Abramoff Scandal Threatens to Derail Ralph Reed's Political Ambitions

A great story for Republicans and Libertarians . . .

O'Reilly:"...nearly half the country thinks Christmas is under siege. "

Alito for the SCOTUS is not about ANY social issue

Republican Bush Supporters: Stupid, Ignorant or Evil?

Here's the text of the NYT article - Kennedy vs. Specter smack-down

Hippies Smell

Was there really a war on Christmas?

The United States has Destroyed Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqi Lives

Saudi King Abdullah Hangs with Muqtada al-Sadr Minus the Hand holding!

NY Times: "55-Year Prison Term for Marijuana Upheld"

Gen. Clark:"This Administration has a long record of misleading the public

Anybody notice that "comfort to our adversaries" got scrubbed from Yahoo?

Need to know tests are done to detect Depleted Uranium

Poll: Conn. Voters Still Back Lieberman

I know WTF I did 20 years ago! Do you??

Brilliant article on * and narcisism:

I'm much more concerned about Alito granting more power to the

FAIR Alert: NYT delay on wiretap story leaves questions unanswered

Microsoft hoses Linux

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 8

I.R.S. Limited Tax Refunds of Poor

Okay, since we gotta keep our sense of humor... What does ALITO stand for?

How much I hate Bush.

My friend is afraid to go see "Brokeback Mountain."

Jason Leopold: Fitzgerald maintains focus on Rove...

Can anyone explain the case in Roe v Wade?

Israel will no longer do biz with Robertson

Prediction: Alito to be confirmed 61-38

STEPHEN R. DUJACK graduated from Princeton and covered CAP

Rick Mercer goes over possible Consevative Cabinet - funny

It's official, NPR sucks ass!

Senator Kennedy and Schumer need to hear from us! Please call now.

International Herald Tribune: Lobbyists' scandal has a K Street home

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 4

Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP)

Greensboro: "Black Book" Targeted BLACK Officers for Unfair Investigations

Is Washington Losing Latin America to Democracy?

Which potential 2008 candidate would you have the most enthusiasm for?

Help * choose a place for his Pretzeldential Library...

Most disgusting thing ever by Ralph Reed

Guardsmen Sue for Post-9/11 Expenses

Did Alito marry his sister?

net anon annoyance law: so they can prosecute you without revealing survei

Blitzer again accused Democrats -- but not Republicans -- of "prejudging"

Have there been questions regarding Alito's response to Sodomization case?

Anybody want to see the REAL president on Monday?

Rocky Start for Iraqi Adopt-a-Highway Program


I was never ashamed of Bill Clinton. I can't see how Bush/Cheney voters

Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove (Rolling Stone)

A taste of Canadian funny business, election -wise for you folks

How many times have you taken your wife & kids to a job interview?

I visted my Clinical Psychologists for my depression

Would Mrs. Alito cry if her 10 yr old daughter was STRIP SEARCHED?

"Mexican Execution Squads".. yep.. It's time for Lou Dobbs

Help me DU this poll

Bush's "unscripted" Q & A with a random audience = Pure B.S.

Has anyone else received Zogby's latest poll?

More DeLay-Abramoff quid pro quo-DeLay led bid to close Livingston casino

Alito hates half the population. There's something to cry about.

Israel suspends contact with Pat Robertson

More DeLay-Abramoff quid pro quo-DeLay led bid to close Livingston casino

Mrs. Alito and Clarence Thomas: The big moment

CBS News: "Did the Democrats take things too far today?"

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 7

NEW PEW: Democrats Hold Huge Issue Advantage-BUSH Approval at 38/54.

Pew Poll Stinks for Bush, Repubs

Mrs Alito, go to a soldier's funeral; you'll see some real tears...

Mrs. Alito fashion review day 2

Right on time...when push comes to shove. Media is Bush's bitch

So Mrs. Alito is a Substitute Teacher!

The Alito Filibuster, a no-brainer

Is Feingold trying to get Graham?

I think Alito crying was a set up

Abramoff Had a job at the White House??? We were told that Bush never.....

US turns against Musharraf

Why is Mrs Alito so WILD EYED AND UNHINGED over a typical process?

Jesus on Rollerblades...I don't give a damn if Ms. Alito was crying

Please lay off of Mrs. Alito

I'm sorry, but the Alito hearings are a JOKE

We win in the end. All this right wing sh-- is now on the way out.

Re: Alito's wife. Those were tears of joy! Seriously.

How in the hell did lunatic Tom Coburn get on the Judiciary committee?

Alito should withdraw to tend to his unstable wife and spare future trauma

Lou Dobbs calls lack of environmental movement...

RUDE PUNDIT: Dems should use Alito to show Americans SICK of far right

How a Kerry supporter got $10 from the state GOP

Hey Mrs. Alito! VAFFANCULO!!!!

You Go, KY! "Lying, Spying, Our Soldiers Are Dying" ---pix->>>

Did Lindsay Graham 'coach' Mrs. Alito too?

Apple switch to Intel microprocessors earlier than expected

Mrs. Scalito was a Librarian!

DU CNN poll

Official "Cry me a river" thread

Bush needs no presidential library

the neocons act like men who KNOW they'll never be prosecuted

Anyone up for a New York DU meetup Sat. February 18?

Hey! Get Over IT! Alito Hearings are a FARCE on BOTH SIDES!

VIDEO- Bush and the "Honest" Critics

Slightly Creepy New NSA Spying Graphic

POLITICAL EYE OPENER: who served and who didn't

Anyone have the video of Kennedy Spector from today?

Were the neo-cons/rightwingers bullied as teens?

Please DU this Poll---How do you view people who criticize the Iraq War

VIDEO- Specter and Kennedy Dustup-both halves

Did we see Mrs. McCain's tears after S.C.? Teresa's re. Swiftboating???

Now I'm pissed, MSM wants us to believe the dems went too far

DeLay and Staff Face Eviction from Majority Leader's Digs

What Is Stare Decisis?

EU says Bulgaria can't be member state if they harbored CIA (Human rights)

*Important info on how to view Library of Congress Rusher Documents(CAP)>>

5 Dems Call For Investigation Into Whether Abramoff Got US Attorney Fired.

imagine elected officials paid min. wage & NO lobbyists or bribes

U.S. Rules of Engagement A Formula for Slaughter (of Iraqi Citizens)

"Team of Rivals" ......

Arnold driving with no license - cops can't decide to cite him or not

Recovering from Bush Damage

Why does the Bush administration feel it is above the law? (Alabama-WOW!)


What about this? Alito received Exxon-Mobil stock worth possibly $250,000

Anecdote from my Princeton days

Is there a good reason to read dead trees newspapers?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The story is pretty good, too.

Humpday TOONfest

Background on the Alito CAP Issue....

The Cool Factor.

I like Rachel Maddow but..

Exclusive: Bush Administration in Violation of Constitution and War Powers

Dems - question Alito's proFASCISM using mineworkers' unnecessary deaths

Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, in Article, Calls for Impeachment...

Detroit makes a new gas guzzler

Do pro-war Democrats support our use of terror against Iraqi civilians?

George's 'War On Terror' Rally ---pix->>>

Bush speech on CNN - he's supposed to take uncensored questions

BIZARRE WP Story on Rosenbaum! Please kick & rec!

Did Anita Hill cry?

CNN: DiFi said not much reason to filibuster Alito.

We have lost another great soul.

I voted for Kerry - dont blame me for Alito

Attention!!! All Plame/WMD Planting Buffs - this is a good/HUGH story

Bush to lecture Iraq vet candidate about war today in Kentucky speech

Mrs Alito in tears today, MILLIONS of women in tears tomorrow

that Grace Corp. keeps coming to the surface like scum

Forest Service rules may hinder grizzly delisting

So Many Are Mocking/Attacking Mrs. Alito Why?

Detained, Not Rescued: Katrina Survivors Testimony to Congress

The Alito hearings: Someone explain to me: What's the point?

DLC's Wittman says wiretapper Bush was attempting to "protect America"

Oklahoma Christian University to fire employees who divorce/separate

Petition to demand Congressional hearings on Bush & Body Armor

Fitz Outed Russert as WH Tool (fdl)

Why did Alito join the ROTC at Princeton?:"It was draft-related"

Israeli biblical theme park plans in doubt

BASICS: What will it take to improve public schools?

Photo Of Martha-Ann Alito's .... um .... "Breakdown"...

Justice Alito, get used to it, move on

I no longer communicate with al qaeda by telephone anyway...

The United States is a backward nation

Were you more traumatized on 9/11/01 or 11/03/04 ?

Daily Kos: "Huge Overlooked ALITO Issue"

Petition: "Demand body armor for our troops in Iraq" by Wes Clark

Official Alito Hearing Thread – Day 3 – Thread 11

Response to Mrs Alito: Call your Senators!

Oh this is rich... makes the XM/Sirius/Howard issue hilarious...


Walmart (always low wages) cute Garth video

Here comes Boston Legal!!

okay, I missed something--WHAT is this new law about the internet?

Liberals in Canada FInally hit the Neo-Cons

So when Dems have reservations regarding Alito...

Democracy - Sold to the highest bidder!

Canada: See the costing of Harper's plans and how much debt

NSA Opens Investigation into NSA Eavesdropping

Translating Bush into Englsih

"The Kremlin and the world energy war"...

Ralph Reed is a crook, not a Christian (the truth gets out)

DNC: Mehlman A Day Late And A Dollar Short On Reform

Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron Headlines DNC Podcast

Anyone know where to send money to support ads against Delay?

K Street Project

White House Proposes Guidelines to Control Agency Risk Assessments

The Bush Administration's Atrocious Record On Mine Safety

PDA Volunteer Job Board Now Online

Former Ney chief of staff Neil Volz has resigned from his law firm.

If Alito gets in...

With Congress Effectively Dissolved, why don't our reps just go home??

For Marion Barry, things STILL go better with coke

Uh oh...Associated Press is posting "Scalito with a Halo" photos...

Who are these smiling women behind Alito?

Row over Mussolini's Nazi army opens old wounds

Whither the GOP in 2008

I was scapegoat for Bush, Bremer claims

So .... should Sandra Day O'Conner be made a saint?

Alito blowing smoke

Judge Alito and "special circumstances"...

A letter to my wife from my Republican Senator (Coburn) re: Impeachment

The dreaded dupe!

OK, guys. I need some sympathy today. I mistakenly

Will Democrats take this rare opportunity to reform way Washington works?

Teddy is kicking Scalito's butt around the room!

To whom do they return the Abramoff money?

DU this Freeped Amazon Book Review!

Conrad Burns R-Mont. has begun to wail.......

Blunt: talk about nepotism!

Gag alert, Saw my first BLACKWELL for GOV. sticker

Channel Pulls TV Ad Linking DeLay, Lobbyist (Abramoff)

The Turnabout Is Starting

If Alito has nothing to hide then why is spector doing his damndest

"jill is kidnapped and alan is killed"

Rasmussen: Conrad "Crime" Burns Loses Lead In Montana

Help. I just sent this letter to every newspaper in

My LTTE will be published by the Chicago Sun Times

No Shortage Of Republican Senators Questioning Bush's Domestic Spying Prog

Chicago Tribune's VERY inaccurate headline

Presidential Historians Suggest Bush Has Tough Road Ahead

I used to be a moderate. Circumstances are driving me to radicalism.

"If you've done nothing wrong"

Audience Growing For Radio Clown Mark Levin

Must Read: "Troubling Times, A Troubling Nominee" by Jonathan Turley

Republicans have 2 settings

Constructive proposal to Hillary supporters

Meelyman chimes in re: Alito

The New London Day: Voters Are Getting Restless (about Lieberman)

Sincere question - how many here believe that it is possible to get out

Exclusive: Bush Administration in Violation of Constitution and War Powers

Chimperor-in-Chief supposedly taking unscripted questions on CNN now!

Lieberman says he's ready to fight for Senate seat

Holy Crap, what was with Kennedy today

Jack: Tom Delay is who all of us want to be when we grow up. (Must Watch!)

The Abramoff Scandal (R., Beltway) its the Republicans, stupid

"Toesucker" Dick Morris writes America is Turning Leftward

Here's the text of the NYT article - Kennedy vs. Specter smack-down

Dinesh D'Souza wrote for Concerned Alumni of Princeton

Does anyone have a compiled list of all the crimes bu$h has

Alito would not recuse himself from a Vangaard SCOTUS case

The Abramoff Scandal (R., Beltway) its the Republicans, stupid

The Cup O' Joe Report: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - Priorities

Attempts to Influence Judicial Appointments by Exempt Organizations

Alito's senior thesis at Princeton are missing!

Ed Gillespie backpedaling away from Jack Abramoff!

Strat for lobbying congress to oppose Alito

FYI: At the close of the hearing Kenndy requested that his

Abramoff and Rove share an executive assistant - Susan

A guarantee. If Alito nomination confirmed, will go down as WORST Bush

Another sincere question - would it truly be any worse if the Dems

Let's count the film shots of Scalito's wife.

Most Popular Idea at .. Out of Iraq Events? Impeachment.

Pick Your Political Senator Poll

Ha Ha! Drudge is pissed!!

Did I hear this right....there are STILL over 6600 missing from Katrina?

RAPID RESPONSE: Alito, Abramoff, Tom DeLay and American Family Assoc.

Biden...."nobody called him a bigot on the committee". Thank you

Quick Test:

Hillary fans, Bush haters, and TV lovers - today's cartoon!

DU this MSNBC Poll on Domestic spying

Tweety opened Hardball with the Arlen Specter - Ted Kennedy dust-up...

I'm going to see the REAL president on Monday

Is she in time for the academy nominations? pic>>

I know americans are uninformed, but this is ridiculous...

John Kerry in India for Nuke Talks, Weeks Ahead of Bush

If we say Negative things about the War then we are committing Treason!

"INCOMPETENT" And "UNFORGIVABLE"... Hillary Clinton To Bush 43...

U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers and The UNITE Foundation (Uh-oh!)

I Found A Very Cool Website! Wanna See Who Donated Money

I don't think Joe Biden belongs on the Judiciary Committee.

Must read: "Nothing Bipartisan About Congressional Scandal" by Gene Lyons

CNN Poll: Is it ever appropriate to SMACK a child?

Why I oppose alito to sit on the supreme court. Its really quite simple

Feingold asks for list of coaches

Odd story about Dean in WV tonight. Why would it be closed to media?

Damn! Kennedy and Specter are REALLY going at it!

TOON- Non Sequitur

Kennedy and Specter Have At It Over Alito

DU-ers (this means YOU) CAN ALL BE ARRESTED. Poster beware!!

Political Action: 1/12/06 Palo Alto CA Considers REAL Election Reform

Sen. Lindsey Graham sat on Alito's moot court - that's a no, no

A comforting Talking Point for all you radicals who want a fillibuster

Jonathan Turley explains why Alito must not be confirmed in USAToday op-ed


How about a Hillary/Oprah ticket

John Kerry Was Our Dewey When We Should Have Gone Truman.