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Archives: January 1, 2006

The End of Plenty: Getting Resourceful About Resources

The Age of the Aged: When Experience Will Really Count

Concrete Nation: All Paved Over With No Place to Go

A Year of Sweet Victories - Katrina Vanden Heuvel/Huff Post

Take back America from TV

Are G.W. Bush and the Republican Party true exemplars of a conservative...

Behind the Eavesdropping Story, a Loud Silence

National security policy creates economic termites in Fla. basement

Iraqi Civil War? Some Experts Say It's Arrived.

WP: Down on the rach, President Bush wages war on underbrush

In 2006, try listening instead of eavesdropping

The final hours of James Dungy

For Years Bush Said Court Orders Required for Spying.

Are Democracies Really More Peaceful?

Reflections - An Overview of the Roots of Social Ecology

FEMA's ice brings to mind a bigger chill

(Spanish) Interview with Mohamed el Baradei (translation)

Horse sex story was online hit

Ten Amazing Predictions for 2006 (Juan Cole)

After Storm, Relief Groups Consider More Work in U.S (Oxfam and Red Cross)

Ridgeway: The Bush Family Coup

Consumerism and the New Capitalism

You Say You Want A Resolution - Mark Morford

Why Slave-Era Barriers to Black Literacy Still Matter

GOP: Chinese can "steal American jobs" but Mexicans cannot.

Folks go online to try to sustain the Great Lakes

Study aids understanding of big ice fields, warming

FDA to check tuna. U.S. to investigate mercury levels in canned fish.

Sweeping change reshapes Arctic

The Apollo Alliance for Good Jobs and Clean Energy

Gunmen briefly seize U.N. club

Likud members: Bomb Iran

After "Munich", Spielberg could make these films..

The Eastern Wall - Closing the Circle of Our Ghettoization

Unrecognized villages in the Negev expose Israel's apartheid policies

Senior Palestinian Authority official: We're no longer in control

Mofaz's responsibility (for the destruction of olive trees)

Ahmadinejad says Zionist crimes same as Nazi crimes

Just stumbled on this...

An Elite Company in Hell


From Volusia: Democracy demands integrity

New Years Day Election Reform News & Related events 2006

ES&S: Big Doubts Linger in California

Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House

Voting 2.0 Will Your E-Vote Count?

Election Fraud and Reform News Directory - Spring 2006

Happy New Year California!

Vilsack open to lifting ban on embryo cloning

I have questions about Culver and how well he did with Iowa voting issues

Lets Secede from the rest of the States

Rep. Meehan Hosts Town Hall Meetings on Bringing Our Troops Home from Iraq

'The Buttery' has closed down...

I thought Go-L computers went out of business.

My computer is running extremely slow

#!*? it all ...

Spyware question!

I think Konfabulator (now known as YaHoo! Widget Engine) has been Hacked!

My computer won't shut down when I hit Control, Alt, Delete. Whats up?

Maurice Clarett (former OSU running back) Wanted by (Cols) Police.

Happy New Year from Cowtown/Fort Worth___E-Card

Gary Page for Congressional District 24 - A Note from His Wife

Well wasn't that nice?

Well front page headline today...

Our Houseguest - Non Food Post

Child-Theft Scams Plague China's Parents: Thousands kidnapped for profit.

British, Greek Intelligence Agents Accused of Torture

Push to legalise gay marriage in Australia

Iraqi Civil War? Some Experts Say It's Arrived.

Judge Upholds Prayer Limits in Indiana State House

UN hails green triumph as leaded petrol is banned throughout Africa

U.S. Toll for Year in Iraq Nears '04 Mark

The DeLay-Abramoff Money Trail

US set to miss CAFTA start date

Senior Palestinian Authority official: We're no longer in control

Likud members: Bomb Iran

Islamists casting a shadow on Arab democracy hopes

Bush signs law banning torture

Zapatista rebels go on tour

Muslim groups in Indonesia up in arms over transvestism, condoms

(NYT) Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program

Number of nations sending troops to Iraq declining

Bush arrives at Randolph AFB, San Antonio, TX (Purple Heart to wounded)

Police: Ark. man stole sex offender IDs

National security policy creates economic termites in Fla. basement

Tribesmen kidnap five Italians in Yemen

"Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program" NYT's Breaking...

Maurice Clarett (former OSU running back) Wanted by (Cols) Police.

Hill Gift Limits Often Exceeded, Lobbyists' Records Show

Puerto Rico Gets Discounted Venezuela Oil

US forces step up Iraq airstrikes

Insurgents Explode 8 Car Bombs in Baghdad

Cuba's Castro, Bolivia's Morales say cooperation to bloom

Top Bush officials should testify on NSA: Democrat

Inmates Skip Lunch to Feed Fellow Kenyans

I just read in the Boston Globe that

US forces step up Iraq airstrikes

Experts: Roberts, Alito Side With Business

Alito, In and Out of the Mainstream;Nominee's Record Defies Stereotyping

Death threats force Muslim youth retreat to meet at secret location

Rovers Still Explore Mars After 2 Years ( I love posting good news )

ACLU of St. Louis, MO will provide cameras to tape police

Russia takes over G8

Tax breaks await buyers of hybrid vehicles in early 2006

CNN: Iran rejects Russian nuclear offer

Depression Drugs Safe, Beneficial, Studies Say

NSA Gave Other U.S. Agencies Information From Surveillance

Bush's early 2006 plan comes into focus

Bush Defends Spying

US arrests Aljazeera crew in Kabul

Russia Halts Natural Gas Sales to Ukraine

Schumer Seeks Motive in U.S. Spy Probe

U.S. Chief Justice Calls on Congress to Boost Judges' Income

Two charged in abortion clinic firebombing in Louisiana

Second Storm Slated to Hit Northern California

Bolivian leader slams US drug policy

N. Korea Urges U.S. Pullout From S. Korea

2 Taxes on Wealthy Expiring:5 Yr. Phaseout Starts Jan.1; Move to Cost $27B

Pot seeds might not produce a high, but Oregon court says they're legal

Oklahoma calls on firefighters outside state

MBNA gone, but what about jobs? (6000+ to be announced this week)

song in the key of life...

When you see your ex at the bar, here's what to do:

Did all you east coasters set your clocks ahead a second?

Here's a big MIDNIGHT KISS for all of DU!

So the first bar I went to tonight had a $10 cover charge.

What will Dora the Explorer be 10 years from now?

Bribing daughter & her boyfriend to come home early tonight



Not hard to tell that Dick Clark has had a stroke.

Exercise - which is better?

I just have this weird feeling that 2006 is gonna be a great year...

"It Came From Outer Space" on TCM - God, I love these old movies

USC or Texas in the Rose Bowl for number ONE?

I am so desperate. I'm "playing" with Anderson Cooper...

You will all be past out when the new year catches up with me!

Have you ever heard anything so awful that you want to rip your brain out?


well...they say it`s my birthday..anyone else`s?

David Allen


In space...

Who's shitfaced right now?

Who's gonna kiss me at midnight PST?

Last year I was younger, next year older - obviously, "time" is the enemy

I have this weird feeling that 2006 is going to be a good year .


New study says that Birthing & Labor coaches do little to speed or

Well, there it is... 2006 in Central time!

Calling all pyros: Coolest fireworks tricks?

Happy New Year!!!! Fuck the West Coast!

ATTENTION: The Eastern Time Zone is not the only time zone in the US.

I missed you DUers! I was stuck at a party with rightwingers!

For Cryin' Out Loud: Woman Marries Dolphin in Israel!


XemaSab is a donkey-raping shit-eater. Crazy Guggenheim too!

What will you do during 2006 to make the whole year suck?

What am i to do?

Puttin' on the Ritz.

Happy Arbor Day everybody!!!!!!!

Giant Village was cancelled!

finally, finally, finally!

My version of a "Happy New Year" to you all

Goodnight sweetheart, well it's time to go.....

JVS rules!

I'm bored. So I'm telling this dating story right now...

Happy New Year, West Coasters!

JVS sucks goats!!!!!!1!!!! !!11!!!!111111!!!!!

I am so glad 2005 is over. Welcome 2006.

In your face and outta here!!

I miss Droopy ...

2006???? What are your favorite memories of this year?

Do you think arsonist that burn your home down should be forgiven?

Woohoo! 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space'

What was the weather on February 4, 2005 in zip code 92596?

0600, 01 January 2006.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, DU!

Happy New Year Central Time Zone.

Happy Birthday to J.D. Salinger, author of Catcher In The Rye!

New year earworm. EXTREMELY TOPICAL.

As the year comes to an end I would like to say

Yay! The Holidays Are Over!

Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

Happy new years!!!!

Just made the Greatest Page! Is it wrong to be excited?

ESPN Reports...Mike Tice expected to be relieved...please Odin...

XM subscribers: What are your favorite channels?

So, the owner of my blog wrote me an e-mail.

The heartbreak diet rocks

Y'know what's been missing from the evening's festivities?

If you like flight simming, I put some screens in the

Has anyone ever kept a resolution?


For the first time in 2006...

so i didn't drink last night

New Year's Fun with the sniffas and bi-baby (pic time!!!)

Cute Happy New Year Greeting Card - This will put anyone in a good mood .

DeathList 2006

More likely to happen: Lions over Steelers or Santorum over Casey?

My New Year's Challenge to all of you --

I have this wierd feeling that 2006 will see sentient tool-using ducks

A thread with nothing but ass-kissing!

Fans of choral music? Fans of Robert Frost? Fans of both?

My little liberal in the making.

I'm starting to think that Bobby Flay is even more annoying than Rachael

I finally figured out why Rachel Ray annoys me

In addition...No offense to Texas fans, but

Ha! Michelle Bernstein not only just kicked Flay's ass, she removed it


It's time for another pitcher thread!

Graphics geeks: I need help with a gif file

This Larry Johnson kid could be a pretty good running back.

So, is the Rose Parade on tomorrow instead?

Browns take the lead!

For New Year's Day, I salute all of the Repubs I like

"New Years Day"- U2 (an appreciation)

Totally depressing lyrics for The New Year


Augh! I'm a loser! I fell asleep before the countdown, last night!

I'm having a 3-Way with Cathyclysmic and dolo amber tomorrow!

Howards' Violent Minds


hopefully, a melatonin and an alka seltzer will do the trick

Bobby Flay is the best cure for a hangover


To share with my fellow DU'ers who are childless...

Monk, I just gotta share this.....

Year In Photos, SF Gate...

Anyone else suffer cognitive dissonance at Xmas?

Where's Mat? And my other Redskins fans????

Why would anyone want to see this "Hostel" movie?

I still see it as "BAREback Mountain", even though I know it's "BROKEback"

After all that work, my party was a success

A cartoon for the day

Time to format my laptop..

Anyone drink PAM?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting a baby

Anyone else wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

HEY EVERYBODY!! Revolutionary_Acts04 is back!!

New Year's Day. Husband and I are in bed sick.

If you listen to Banaphone for 10 hours...hilarious flash(not badgerphone)

Packers go out on a high note!

Important question about school! HELP! (Regarding a song by Mr. Dylan)

International paparazzi catch RevCheesehead giving sermon

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/1/06)

Did you have your black-eyed peas today? New Year's Foods Poll

I had the best New Years Eve Ever!!!!!!!!

Bring me the head of Carson Palmer.

My new years resolution was to quit drinking...I just broke it....

To me, the best set of ads on TV are the IBM ads for the Help Desk

I got Lewis Black's new CD "Rules of Enragment" ask me anything

I got flooded out! (Russian River, Sonoma County, CA)

Update - 3 Weeks into the Diet and 15+ lbs. thinner...

I have never been so happy for a year to end

A New Year's Message of Hope

It's an election year! How are you feeling about the upcoming races?

They were just listening to WIND on CNN...FUCKING WIND!!!

My poor dog. Good thing my inlaws gave me money for Christmas

No offense to Texas fans, but

If you want Democrats to take over Congress this year,

Johnny Cash is the man

Divorced DU men...what are you looking for in 2006?

Ex-OSU Star Clarett Accused of Robbery

Howard's Violet Mints.

I want to see Iron Chef ingredients like: baking soda; snow; brine; salt

It's my last year as a US Senator - Ask me anything.



Calling all DU cat experts

Against the Grain: A Thread Free of Asskissing

I fell asleep on the couch and dreamed the Packers won

I'm roasting a chicken

They just took my dad to the hospital

Soooooo...I quit smoking AGAIN!


TONIGHT! A New Hottest Sounds for the New Year @ 9PM ET

I hope Mike Tice gets fired tomorrow.

Chicagoland DUers, who wants to join me to protest Bush on Friday!!

You haven't lived until

Teevee guys on the 49ers-Houston game just said

First successful drop-kick in NFL game since 1941. By Doug Flutie!

So last night I played "Hallelujah" by Cohan on the piano

WTF is Mariah Carey wearing...?

Twilight Zone episode w/Billy Mumy...

What's the most important event in a DUers life?

So I was going to enter HGTV's Dream Home give away...


Now again, it's time to play, "Name your favorite Urban Assault Vehicle!"

The Falling Sand Game

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting a baby.


Todd English is gonna kick Mario's shorts-and-plastic shoe-wearing ASS!

Twilight Zone marathon--have you seen your favorite episode?

Anyone like backgammon?


what book was the funniest work of literature in your opinion?


well, i went and done it: last night, I asked this lady to be my bride

Have you had an alimentary or supercilious encounter?

Married Men: What are you looking for in 2006?

Surely I am not the only person who enjoys the song "Shiny Happy People"

DU's Top Ten Idiots wins web award


Odd question -

What will you be wearing to the DU Impeachment Ball?!

Does anyone else remember Guy Lambardo....

Celebrity weight loss before and afters--

How important to you is the Separation of Church and State?

"Ethics is Subjective": Discuss Some Reasoning in Support of that Claim

Trial will explore plastic vertebrae

Birdflu stopped? Boycott cd end birdfarms, ending threat

No. 1 Food That Causes Big Belly

Bipolar Disorder More Common in Teens Than Thought

Push to legalise gay marriage in Australia

Employer coalition seeks benefits tax equity for domestic partners

Gays Get New Rights Today

Just saw Brokeback Mountain--still deciding what I thought...

Is this it for Favre?

Clarett Wanted by Police

I'm far from being a Raiders fan, but Norv Turner pissed that game....

What's this I hear about Manny and Clement being traded for Tejada?

Wildcard predictions

update on Murphy, the 16-yr old ACD dropped at the pound before Xmas

The Dog Who Ate Christmas-A great pet/holiday story

I need some suggestions. My 8-year-old 107-pound Rottweiler

finally... some new photos from the Waldorf Cat Haven (dialup warning)

I forgot that 2006 is the Year of the Dog.

Off-topic: So I've discovered that I'm dating a Republican...

For New Year's: Five of The Most Absurd Right Wing Arguments

Empowering Democrats in 2006

Care to drink in some Kerry?

I need some info on Kerry and military votes

Starting the year off with a little RW surrealist inanity

Happy New Year: The Year of the Citizen

What is wrong with Mark Shields and other "liberal" pundits?

Happy New Year! A bedtime fable, by TayTay

MicroSoft offers free "RAW" thumbnailer and viewer.

One last "Holiday Lights" picture...

Eritrean girls from the late 60's.

My favorite shot (so far) from New Year's Eve in Town Square

This one has it all...

Happy Birthday Rev

I'm back -- what have I missed?


IMPEACH: National Guerilla Marketing Day - Sunday 1/8

Administration Says Article II Authorizes Warrentless, Domestic Wiretaps

Woman With Asthma Wins Court Ruling Over Breath Test

(Hillary) What's more important, the battle or the war?

A weird rumor...

What naive person believes Bush only spied on al Qaeda messages?


Happy New year ya all

Happy New Years East Coasters

Republican Party Platform in Pictures 2005

It's still 2005 here in central time, but Happy New Year anyway!

Criminal Justice: A GROWING field for employment (ITT ads)

Poll to DU

Just An Observation - Why Do We Drop The Ball To Bring In A....

Nate Clay is LIVE, liberal, and streaming NOW! -- link

Lay your housing troulbes on the greed of the greedy.

Child-Theft Scams Plague China's Parents: Thousands kidnapped for profit.

Happy New Year DU!!!

Dead Air - Blank Screen On NBC In Chicago....

British, Greek Intelligence Agents Accused of Torture

Happy New Year to all of DU. 2006 has so much POTENTIAL!

Screw September Wake me up when Jan. 19 '09 Ends

Good riddance 2005

US set to miss CAFTA start date

NEW MEME: Dems ARE strong on defense, GOP is strong on offense--

what book was the funniest work of literature in your opinion?

Probably the greatest Religious TV joke ever!

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year from Hawai'i

A Real Mother For Ya....Running for cover

Hey the google home page is not a Canadian icon calling up the

What happens to people who watch out for American taxpayers

Islamists casting a shadow on Arab democracy hopes

Central Time Zone is about to go crazy at chez moi:

Muslim groups in Indonesia up in arms over transvestism, condoms

What happens to people who watch out for American taxpayers

Reposting Keller's e-mail response to NYT readers re. spy story timing...

Perfect Christmas Gifts: Facelift, Nosejob, Boobjob

Happy 2006 to all my friends here at DU!!!

My new years blues and joys - yours?

If Chimp wasn't President, he'd be facing death penalties all over...

What was the weather on February 4, 2005 in zip code 92596?

Harbinger of the Year to Come?

Katrina aftermath includes puppy boom on Gulf Coast

Security forces kill 2 protesters in Iraq - police

When do we bring back debtor prisons?

After "Munich", Spielberg could make these films..

Flame me if you must, but is an Iraq civil war such a bad thing?

Bush* blows it again?

dating outside of your political ideology....

Bush's NSA Spying Jeopardizes National Security

Same Dep. Atty General who appointed Fitz, refused the wiretaps.

For those looking for the Rose Parade

What happened at KGO in San Francisco? No more God Talk?

Just a reminder: The only real fear is fear itself.

Guess who said this!

On The Pulse Of (A New) Morning

Never mind!

AAR Disappointment


Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program

State Of The Union? ... What Is The Best Way ...

what i wonder, could be happening to my south american neighbors...

Unbelievable! Our government is peddling faith based help, yet

DU this comments board, please

Maybe We Should Just Do Ourselves In

Mike Malloy on LIVE starting tomorrow on XM 167

we should either Obey the Constitution, or disregard it like they have

Is G.E.'s elephant a GOP RATS-stealth statement?

Happy New Year: The Year of the Citizen

Pat Buchanan on McGlaughlin Grp said US 2 go 2 war w/ Syria

What is peace, and how do we achieve it?

War on Immigrants

IF Bush is Impeached

Pack of Angry Chihuahuas Attack Officer

Bush arrives at Randolph AFB, San Antonio, TX (Purple Heart to wounded)

Web Privacy Violated- NSA Cookies

I hope Meet the Press had a small audience this morning

More Fear of Impeachment Punditry

My Holiday wishes to you

Okay, properties have risen in price. Why have property TAXES?

The Keller/Sulzberger silence: were they threatened?

What about if we would put pen to paper, fingers to keyboards

Yahoo just posted a two paragraph story on domestic spying

Kerry & Conyers on AAR now! (Repeat from Xmas Day - worth listening!)

The dogs left to die after they 'humiliated' their masters

Spyware question!

Dean supported by recreational drug users

Global Threats, Human Reactions

Think of this..... we are discussing, the possibility of not

Thom hartmann's XM broadcast this morning.

Since we know that Bush is destroying this country...

Independent World Television: You Can Make It Happen!

'John Wayne made real movies. There ain't no queer in cowboy'

bush leaking critical intel to terrorists!!!

Q from minimal TV viewer: Where is the Rose Parade??

Bush Impeachment: Go for the Field goal

"The 10 Best Conservative Movies of 2005"

Why do people think they can do magic?

'a limited program of monitoring calls coming into the U.S. only.'

On CSPAN2 Now... Ron Powers... the life of Mark Twain.. live call-in

The Best Thing about a New Year?

The Top 10 truthout Articles of 2005

Resolved: no member of the executive, legislative or judicial branch

Blah3 New Year's Day Series: 'For The New Year'

Lugar Supports Investigation Of Bush’s Spying Program

Email I just got: The Rachel Maddow Show Goes Double-Wide!

Chicagoland DUers! Who wants to join me to protest Bush on Friday!!

Forget Legacy-Building: Iraq is NO Japan Mr President (TWN)

State of War : The Secret History of the C.I.A. and the Bush Administratio

Religious Right says copies of pro lesbian parenting book should be taught

Face-off over water quality rules

2006 Prediction Thread. We can start here unless mods put up official

For New Year's: Five of The Most Absurd Right Wing Arguments

Bush Drunk!!!

A plea to NBC about Meet the Press

Has the Bush leadership reached questionable levels yet?

Prediction: Abramoff will turn state's evidence on Democrats. esp. Reid

President Bush Tips Off Terrorists

Donald Rumseld is giving the President his daily briefing

I am having trouble posting.

Welcome to GD: 2006

3 Trillion tons of coal discovered off coast of Norway

NYT: Behind the Eavesdropping Story, a Loud Silence

Question...I need help

I just read in the Boston Globe that

news radio station poll: rate bush job performance -->

A thought or two on NSA, security and secrecy...

What can you all tell me about Oriana Fallaci?

'Whistles where Needed, 'Spartacus' Where Necessary.'

Turn Texas Blue! Texas Democrat Needs help getting on ballot

Caption * from his photo-op today

Can We All Sue Fox for Lying About Wiretapping?

Tom the Dancing Bug - LMFAO

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting a baby.

saying goodbye to an old friend

Does any of you remember the very long thread we had few months back

After Words: Janis Karpinski interview on CSPAN2 Now.

Praise Jesus! 845 soldiers were killed and 5557 wounded in 2005

I will do anything possible to keep Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

Why can’t the Left put two and two together?

Smirky doesn't look too excited to be back (photo)

Hey, wait just a doggone minute!They knew about the NSA leak a year ago-

Caption this

Dan Brown Of The DaVinci Code Wrote An Interesting Novel About The NSA

Bill Maher: The Era of Small Lies is over.

GOP Propaganda machine....Four Sisters Funded

My neon red county's pissed local homeless are getting fed funds

What is the difference between conservatives and republicans...

"Secret Moscow Diaries of Tom DeLay" or "Tommy Does Moscow..."

What Was The Best Political Book You Read in 2005?

Are Abramoff and Swiftboaters connected in any way? n/t

Newsweek: Full Speed Ahead (* nicknames Comey "Cuomo")

Obama says Republicans practice "Social Darwinism"

Newsweek "Full Speed Ahead" and Live Poll about wiretaps in case

The Outrageous silence of GWB

UK: Police Can Now Arrest for Any Offense

Impeach & to the Hague with the lot of them

Secret Bush plan to democratize Teheran Revealed..

Pick you political senator poll

The SUV in the Pantry

Freeper on Wanda Sykes website...anyone want to take a shot?

365 solid days of brush clearing.

Kerosene powered fuel cell cogeneration units for homes..... like

Is homosexuality a barrier to becoming a Mason?

68% in this conservative area say we are not winning the Iraq War.

What were the most pivotal stories from 2005 for you?

Bill Bennett moving to CNN

BUSH: "If somebody from al Qaeda is calling you, we'd like to know why"

In Case Y'all Missed It, Wanda Sykes Just Dissed Bush On Network TV

The 2006 races.

Time to OutRove ROVE - Seeking Punchy Left Slogans re: Spygate

Did you know that Mississippi only has ONE abortion clinic and it's

Has anybody heard from Pachamama?

Pictures only, no words.

"Hubris" Named Word of the Year (SFGate Poll)

Water meeting draws fire (GOPosse dirty tricks)

Al Franken's book is a treasure

If you could have an honest Q&A with anyone dead or alive; who would you >

Bush Obsessed with Clearing Brush at His Waco Compound --->>>

Ed Buckham - DeLay's chief of staff WHILE organizing US Family Network

what syndrome makes you walk like Bu$h..arms move parallel the

Oklahoma is burning

Is a fight for global social justice the answer we're looking for?

Bush Impeachment Inquiry Has 8 House Co-Sponsors

if you went to a busy street in your town and passed out "Impeach"

From John Conyers' blog yesterday:

I will stand with Hillary...

Juan Cole's: 10 Amazing Predictions for 2006 & They Aren't Pretty!!!

Sweet Jesus George..another gash in the old forehead.

Tainted food kills 23 dogs in 23 states, sickens 18

TIME MAGAZINE: "Has Bush Gone Too Far?"

AOL Poll On Warrantless Spying

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong

Corporate media vs. state run media

White people, white people, white people!!!

The book everyone must read is: FOOLED AGAIN

Those Who Ignore Their History Are Doomed To Repeat It- COINTELPRO

Withdrawal from Iraq: The most pragmatic solution available...

The DoJ's been leaking like a sieve!

Instead Of All The Anti-Hillary BULLSHIT

Stripper Interrogated by FBI: "Possible Domestic Terrorist"-Unbelievable!

Decision 2006: Why This Year Will Be A Watershed (For Better Or For Worse)

David Brooks is a Freaking Idiot --->>>

too bad there's actually NO way to remove a corrupt, treasonous government

An "adopt-a-block" program in mid-city New Orleans

Historian, C-SPAN2: Lincoln warned of Corporatism as a result of war

A Bit of Doodling About a Tax-Cut Danger

Democrats Keep the Senate in Sight

Happy New Year. Now lets get to work - 2006!

germ of an idea . . . Democratic election theme . . .

Climate Change: It's getting hot in here

Tennessee starts meth offender registry

Missouri now requires a firearms license for Taser ownership

New Florida election laws in effect today

Happy New Year to all disregarded Americans.

In every disaster there is opportunity

The Army, Faced With Its Limits

Regis says lets try working for peace rather than fighting for it

W has a 47% Rasmussen Approval the last day of 2005

Video of congress woman calling Murtha a coward?

The Republicans favrorite Democrat


Tennessee question

You know what? I don't care about Clark, Hillary, Warner or your mother

Professor Pollkatz adds some spice to his home page

Gov't agencies received and stored spying data unrelated to terrorism

Oh, looky, it's Chairman of the Tenn. State Senate GOP Caucus, Jeff Miller

Puke Alert - ABC This Week 1/1/06

DU this poll

Iraqi New Year wish: "God willing, the occupation of our country will end"

Why do repugs like to provide ...

Is Tom DeLay going down, and who will go with him?

Commercials for the new year!

Former deputy attorney general objected to Bush spy program

Wow - US Planning to Hit Iran all over the internet this A>M>

Tennessee will make drunk drivers wear a scarlet letter

Fox: "Bush began new year with visit to wounded U.S. Service Members"

Maybe There Will Be Some Judicial Vacancies When The Good Guys...

I guess we're all now free ...

Is James Comey the "leaker" to the NY Times ?

For those who do not go over to GD very often....

Big Dog's Inaugural Address....A Look Back to Jan. 1993...sigh.

2008 What are the chances for a Clinton vs Rice race?

ACLU Freedom Files (video)

New analogy: Don't try to "Baby Noor" your way out of this...

Hypocrisy of Bush Administration

Elections: Pragmatic or Idealistic

Empowering Democrats in 2006

For my 1000th post, and the new year; a few reflections

...please give him a BJ...

MSNBC digs up another creepy photo of The Emperor for its front page

The president looksl ike a lame duck when he's on the defensive

What's up with Media Matters?

Public Editor to NY Times “management” – SCREW YOU!!!

In Evolution Debate, a Counterattack

C&L Vid Clip: Bill O'Reilly & Phil Donahue, a certified 2005 Greatest Hit

Did FDR propose economic constitutional amendments?

New Years Fantasy 08 Dream Team

The US doesn't want to be a two-party system

Washington State doesn't care

driving drunk with Ohio Supreme Ct. Judge Alice Resnick

What would you say if you were Hillary's adviser? Here's what I'd tell her

Dems and the Media

Impeach Cheney

Omigosh! It IS a cult!!

Biblical basis for liberal politics.This is quite good. Empire vs Jubilee. reader reviews for the book "Thank You President Bush"

Pretend it is primary time for '08.

Photos: "...sporting a cut from cutting down brush on his ranch..."

Are there already parallels between '08 and '04?

Bartcop: "The Hillary Backlash -- Some Dems Can't Wait to Destroy Her"