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Archives: November 8, 2006

Haggard's gay affair his wife's fault -- 'she let herself go'

Exit polls: Scandals and Iraq hurt GOP

Bob Bowman Runs Strong, But Looks Like He'll Fall Short

Who's got the link to the Princeton Video.

Virginia Exit Poll

quick question; What's the name of the site to find your registered district?

Missouri Exit Poll

BradBlog Friedman: Election Night Integrity Radio Marathon

IN: Rep inspectors show up late to keep polls from opening

Look for lots of 51%(R) to 48/49% (D) Republican wins

OH GOP claiming parallel elections activists are using voter suppression:

Blackwell & Harris Bite The Dust.... Gimme a HELL YEAH!

THE FRONTLINE: Montana, Missouri, Tenn., Virginia...... Exit Polls Contradicted In Count...

Warren County OH again, shine a light on Warren on this MSM blog

Santorum Calls For Voting Machines To Be Impounded


Joplin, Missouri OUT of ballots

VA Result, County by County Graphic - Webb Trailing

Voting Back To Normal At Madison School After Bomb Threat

New York State?

Granholm, Stabenow big wins projected: Detroit News

MSNBC labels Purdue a Democrat - HA

NJ 7th Race

Holy god! Look at the chart on CNN rise!

Ortega returns as Nicaragua president

LAT: Exit Polls Show Democrats Favored

CNN: Senate D:42 R:44

Msnbc/CNN Maryland

CNN Senate: D:43 R:44

Demo Yarmuth beats Bush-licker Ann Northup in 3rd district!!!

PLEASEEEE any news on the NJ 7th

McCaskill behind early.. CMON

Crist (R) keeps FL Repug, Whitehouse def Chafee - msnbc nt


Blackwell Gives In ( OH )

Sherrod Brown Projected Winner ( OH )


Appeals Court To Review Domestic Eavesdrop Case

Governor Brad Henry Dem Projected Win cbs Governor

Menendezon Cspan

Lamont Conceding to Joe Lieberman.

Alleged 'vigilantes' target Latino voters in Tucson

CASEY on Csapn !!!!

Iraq second most corrupt country on earth

Just checked WA state site Darcy Burner is leading Dave Reichert!!


NBC News: Democrats have gained control of the House [nt]

NBC News: Democrats have gained control of the House [nt]

cbs declares santorum out! nt

CNN projects Space taking Ohio 18th, pickup 5!

VA Poll

Webb very close now within 6k votes.

Shaw (R - FL) appears to have lost seat in Congress

Strickland won

brown projected winner

Harris loses Nelson wins msnbc

Melisa Bean (D) wins IL 8th district....

Muslim cop banned from guarding Blair ("his presence...might upset the U.S. Secret Service")

CNN: 99% votes in... Allen - 1,138,000 Webb - 1,141,000 WEBB NOW AHEAD

MSNBC Calls it for Cardin

Cantwell reelected in Washington

CNN calling it for Lieberman..

NBC calls it: Dems will take control of the House!

Breaking out the Scotch Whisky!!!

Schwartzenegger Re-elected Gov. of California

SD amendment to ban abortion defeated

Dobson Quits Haggard Counseling Team

Minnesota sends first Muslim to Congress

What does GLBT mean?

Things you never want to hear your 6 yr old say:

Vote now.

I need some good confounding suggestions

Best dressed commentator? (Besides KO, okay?)

Gratuitous Shallow Post Thread

I think I'm going to puke up my Chinese food I'm so excited! nt

"Don't let the drapes hit you on the ass on the way out!"

I got this quiz today

Okay.... it's 2am here.... I have to wend my way to bed....

Aaaaaargh! My heart can't take the stress of this election!

Ph.D all the way!

Election Night Rituals?

I'm a happy voter!!!

Two minutes

I'm dancing in my dorm room

I've come here for refuge.

Looks like that piece of shit marriage amendment is going to pass here in Virginia

can i post this in the lounge? it`s over in the vid but

Sure, I'm excited about election night. But there's this woman coming here soon!

Thanks so much, William Morva, you FUCKING asshole

My bird Murphee just walked all over my face.....

my cat pecker is missing

Britney Spears files for divorce from Federline: "Irreconcilable Differences."

My god, it has been FOREVER...

Have there been any upsets yet?

I know this will be a stupid question but...

Ung. Level 3 is ugly!

Crazy-ass day

Is it too early to....

Are you able to handle the Joementum?

I can't help myself...I am ever the optimist.

Kiss me you fool!!!! (the stress relief thread)

I'm going to sign off now. It's been a real pleasure spending this

GD front page: 8 minutes difference between top thread and bottom thread

I'm trapped in GD Politics

Relax everybody......chill....think fluffy kittens......

The mood has gone from celebratory to snarky in GD

My mom is guilt tripping me about spending the holidays w/ my SO

what should be the DU penalty for anyone who doesn't vote?


The only way this night could get any worse is if I can't fall asleep. FUCK!

I don't want to know early returns. I don't want to know ANYTHING until

Predictions: call the first DUer to use "dickwad"

For those of you who like to avoid GD...

House will probably FLIIIIIP....House will probably FLIIIIIP.

OW OW OW OW OW OW..I cut myself

The house is BLUE!

I'm teaching him early

New England DUers, allow me to introduce

Which should be our catchphrase for the day?

I Had A Dream Last Night

Three Cheers For Elad, EarlG and Skinner!!!

Does Chris Matthews think he's Keith's boss?

Paula Poundstone on Bravo

I want to see the FReep heads explode now that MADAME Pelosi is SotH.


Gawd, us fools in Effingham...GA 12th dist., Barrow-Burns, our 9 Precincts!

Chime in if you've had major surgery...

So K-Fed is giving Britney his concession speech...

Somebody get Rick Santorum a BODY BAG....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't let your kittens grow up to be cowboys........

I've been over 18 for thirty-six years and I have yet to vote for the first time...

please tell me you guys are watching Colbert

Sooooo - What Level are we at?

I will remove my BU**SH** bumper sticker now that we have the HOUSE

How long before someone does the Dem + Green > Rep math in GD?

Santorum's conceded!!!

Great bumper sticker

Who saw Dan Rather on the Daily Show tonight?

I was, and will always be a hippie

I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate!

SWEET!!!! Slick Rick is giving his concession speech...

All I want to say is, I Love You Guys

that's MADAME Speaker

laraMN LaraMN Laramn


I Think Someone on eBay is ripping me off! HELP!!

Post your favorite HAPPY song here...

So, do you like bagpipe music?


Eliot Spitzer just projected to win New York Governor.

With Webb/Allen so tight, Amendent 1 #s disturbing -

Ballot Measure Updates

So does Florida have a gay governor or not?

my 1000th post - on election day!!

This is my fourth try. I'll give up after this.

How many Kerry-endorsed candidates have won?

Kerry on CNN now!

Oh FUCK Bob Schieffer

Not Larry Sabbato: Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, Virginia 2006

Results thread:

It looks like John Kerry generated a tsunami in New Hampshire!

Election day mail. Catching up on terror letters.

HELP !!!!!

Please...can someone give me a live video link to watch online

Hi everyone

***Unofficial Loser Party Talking Points Thread***

Tester up BIG

Good night and all but.....

WTF? Virginia results - STATE says one thing, CNN another...

Ken Mehlman looks like crap on CNN

Come on Richmond City!

Webb lead cut to .06 percent on official site

Haaaaa....Scarborough accuses house leadership of being "far center left!"

Webb is down by only 1800 votes!

Please someone tell me J D Hayworth is getting beat

The House has been returned to the people...

I just wanna give props to my own lil "red" state for taking 3 seats back!

BREAKING: Tucker wearing a real tie. I think he just became a DEM

Tucker Carlson is wrong about AZ's anti-gay marriage proposition


Amazing how those exit polls are matching results

I think that Tester guy is goanna win. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Breaking: Democracy in America removed from life support

CNN Right now!! Woohoo!

Pray with me for Jim Webb

Update MT Senate # GO TESTER!!!!


Webb takes lead at CNN.Com

Freeper: "Freepers have so much more class."

Breaking: Conyers to appoint Al Sharpton to investigate BushCo Inc.

webb is winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited: Webb Now In The Lead. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

"White House Mood is gloomy.." aw

Why does Tweety always introduce the republicans as "a nice guy"

How is Ford doing? Is there any chance?

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

What happened to "the math?"

Links to two conflicting Webb Stats

Well, Reynolds is looking safe. West. NY doesn't care about Foley enablers?

Betsy "The Bitch" DeVos crying as shitbag hubby Dick gives concession speech for MI Gov.

Just throwing out some love for Deval Patrick!

Did I just hear Tweety say

Just heard Keith Ellison on NPR (MN, first Muslim representative)

Election Reform

Webb just surged ahead!! Keep it going!!

Say it with me: John Conyers has subpoena power!

Tester leading!!

Webb now only 3163 back

CNN -- Webb ahead in VA. CLOSE!!!

CNN now has WEBB AHEAD!!!!


Since VA hit 90% , Webb has gained .1% for every 1% reported

Howard Dean----Youda man!!!

it's not over until Candy Crowley sings

Bluebear/BigMcLargeHuge's House District turns!!! NEW HAMPSHIRE 01 =)

Any news on the coverage with Dan Rather, Jon Stewart & Colbert?

Nevada Dems are getting Sequoia'd again by teeny margins ....

The OTHER election: Daniel Ortega wins Nicaraguan Presidency

CNN Staying with Cardin projection...Hey Karl, how do you like THAT math?

Webb Is Going To Pass Allen....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a new America

Webb only down by 3,000 now 97.67% in n/t

Welcome to the Real United States Mr. Bush* & Mr. Cheney.

President Pelosi!!!

VA Poll

CNN has Senate at 48/48, including independents with Dems

So Looks like Tom Delay's Seat is Ours!

HOWARD DEAN should get credit for tonight

WEBB could still win

(VIDEO) A song for defeated Republicans

Can anyone compile the number of Coathanger Democrats in the new congress?


New York State?

Did anyone else flip over to Fox "news to see how quite it had become?

I keep willing this Senate "ticker" to lean over to the left, but so far it hasn't budged.

Clint Curtis on Brad Radio right now

8:48 PST WEBB - 3,000 votes away with 97% counted

repubs lead in 5 of 7 big CA races with 9% in ->


Dear Republicans,

Who would pay good money to watch Pelosi snatch the gavel

AZ link

I shall now rub the fact that we won the House in the face of any Republicans in my campus cafeteria

I'm calling Missouri for Claire McCaskill

Same sex marriage ban heading toward defeat in AZ

Hey, is it time to get this out yet?

self delete dupe

97.42% in VA.....ALLEN 1,113,013 ..... WEBB .... 1,108,291

Webb only down by 3,000 now!


Repugs and winning the House and Senate

Faux News still grasping at straws

3000 votes webb needs

Ed Gillespie: Resident Genius

as DU slows down cuz of victory..had to share a shot of our future voters!

Recount changes 44% LOSS into an 85% WIN...

3K Vote difference now between Webb and Allen!!!!!! Woot!


CNN projects that a proposed law in South Dakota to ban nearly all abortions will be defeated.

Webb 3163 votes down 97.67%

Okay, it's time to go to the black hole site and cast another 6K for Webb

MAN what a beat down

I think Webb can do it

Virginia is not over! Webb can make up those 7000 votes in Richmond City

Ding-dong the Rick is dead

WP Pulls prediction for Cardin win in MD. Steele not conceding.

They ARE getting freaky - Comparing tonight to 9/11....holy crap!

Finally! Some early returns from New Mexico's 1st district House race

97.50% WEBB DOWN BY 4726

"Bush's domestic presidency ended tonight"

A quote for everyone to remember

Anyone else notice that G G Parker in VA was at 1.11% all night?

Fox news reporting Maryland may go to Steele?

High priority in Democratic House: Pass the Rush Holt Bill HR 550 election reform bill!

Wyoming AL should go dem!!

2 weeks ago Rove told NPR he was certain the rethugs would win both houses. NOT!

Jon Stewart: Foley's former district 16


Duckworth, Murtha & Mean Jean...Results?

Webb ahead thread. Virginia results!

Think John Conyers has a smile on his face?

DEMS TAKE HOUSE... So what are they saying at FRei Republik??

Jim TALENT still ahead

Bush to hold presser at 1 PM ET Tomorrow

Rep. John Conyers and his supporters are the winers tonight

Does anyone have a good link for CA results?

Purity Control

'Democracy', Leonard Cohen - style

Dems win 15 in House

New talking point "When will Democrats get over it?"....

So. Filibusters. Is that for Senate only or can Pelosi threaten to use

Updated MT Senate # (GO TESTER!!!)

Updated MT Senate #

Tom Brokaw is full of shit when he says...


When are provisional and absentee ballots counted, won't they

Will Dems get the Senate too??

I'm going to bed... If I wake up and this Dream turns out to be a..

Pombo district 11 (r) huge asshate is down right now

Virginia, allegations of statewide voter intimidation

Larry Sabato predicts Webb will win (BBC News 24), Webb just addressed supporters, .21% margin

Mehlman on CNN still talking up Steele.

Webb Closing In

Right now I feel like the Ewoks at the end of Return of the Jedi

From a friend in VA - absentee ballots not yet counted!

MO Stem Cell Initiative and Senate Race showing similar numbers

RECOUNT in Virginia Senate race? Winning margins within 0.5 percent

Whoever gave me my star, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Now, Conyers is the head of the Judiciary Committee

What happens if, God forbid, Webb loses by more than .5%?

How about one last picture of Katy Harris for old times sake.


Updated MT #

sourdough bread, good zinfandel, and subpoenas all around!


Maryland and Virginia, coincidence or corruption

If there's proven GOP funny business in VA, can there be a reVOTE?

Tweety is shameless

My wife just called

I had a dream last night

So the Dems were forced to hold meetings in broom closets

Faux News projecting Delay seat goes Blue!!!!!

Webb down by 5 thousand 97.42%


One long running FREAK SHOW>>>>Harris picture and great copy

Oh my God. It's actually gonna happen


Per MSNBC - Curt Weldon = LOSER!!!!

Ahahahahahahah !

So who's burning a cd to inform the chimp that the House is gone?

Dan Rather on with Jon Stewart

CNN calls NH01 for Sheas-Porter! We OFFICIALLY HAVE THE HOUSE!!!

On Faux: Washington Post Retracts Projection for Cardin, Steele Refuses

*******MSNBC CALLS HOUSE FOR DEMS!!!********


DeWine's Son Is CryingToo - Difference Is He's About 30 Years Old

Colbert's "Catastrophometer"

Impeachment time now that we have the house

webb within 12000 with 3% to go per msnbc



47-45 with 2 in the independent column.

Brit Hume! I've been watching him all night!

Herr Schwarzengroper Wins

President reaching out? Bushit! Popcorn anyone?

More TN returns in

Missouri is being stolen

Freepers predict "Joy on Nov 7" when Dems lose both houses. BWAHAHAH

So, the Heavily Democratic areas are reporting in VA, and Webb is losing more ground????

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, entire WHIG WILL RESIGN

Time to start a DU flower fund for Ms. Pelosi!

Phill Kline just conceded in Kansas

Madame Speaker

CNN Projects: Dems Win House

So the GOP can have their hearing in the basement.n/t

Same-Sex Marriage Bans passed in 4 states so far :-(

South Dakota. Reactionary anti-abortion law LOSING

MD Steele results here cbs:

Updated MT Senate #

Tester leading early. Steele is not conceding MD and is leading still

Headlines around the World: The Twilight of the Bush Presidency

CNN still projecting Cardin win. 46% in.

You know---we picked up two in South Florida.....

Idaho(Ada County) count on hold while technician 'fixes' ballot counting machine

Barbara Cubin (R WY) Losing with 50 % precincts reporting...

'xcuse the stupid question, but when do the new dems take over?

I Just Cracked Open a.........

Rove you MAGNIFICENT FAILURE. Squandered a 90% approval rating for Idiot Son

Rocky Mountain news calls it for Ritter

Wisconsinites, Gay Marriage and Death Penalty...

CNN calls NY24 for Arcuri! The icing on the House cake begins!

old news?? Ted Haggard, religious right leader, may have had gay sex??

I love it! This is classic freeptardism at it's best (sore losers alert!!)

NH: Official - D Sweep of both house seats!

Subpoena for Karl Rove? Re US House takeover

Based On The VA Numbers Ad Current Precinct Percents Holding, This Is

1% in ID ... bleh 80% rightwing nutsos leading the cry...

Hows that Nevada marijuana inititative going?

Santorum got RAPTURED on Jon Stewart's Midtacular... It was HILARIOUS!!!

MO Senate and Stem Cell alike

Allens jump of 23000 votes earlier was something I've never seen.

"We were thisclose to Jesus coming back!" (Colbert on fire)


Waiting for Doolittle to lose


Human Events: Democrats will pick up no more than 7 House seats but need 15

Talent ahead in MO. see this:

DCCC: 0 seats to go! The House is ours!!!!!

CBS News now calling House for dems -- that's three major networks

Daily show on, Stewart showing winners losers

My Projection - TN will go FORD. - county analysis from

CNN: Democrats Will Win The House (8:10 PM PT)


CNN says Dems win House.

Please let Doolittle and Pombo go down in flames

Oh gawwwwwwwwd ... Clinton speech ...


"Rove You Magnificent Bastard" And Other Freeper Myths.

Bush to "reach out" to Democrats

A democratic Governor in Ohio should be a HUGE help in investigating the voting fraud

After a graceful pause, we MUST hold the Fascists accountable

Looking good for Nancy Boyda in KS!!

*Unofficial DAILY SHOW thread*

Three more pickups

heterosexual civil-unions taking a pounding nationwide??


All Time Classic Freeper Head In Ass Thread


House: (R)110 - (D)124

Holy Shit!! NH is turning blue!!

52nd District and...... and Arnold

Prelim Zogby exit 50th Cong. Dist CA: 12.4% had/see problem with voting; 3.5% Paper opt-out of evote

11:04 pm Eastern - ABC News says Dems take HOUSE!!

We did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherwood loses.

Democrats take NY State House for first time in 12 years and...

MSNBC ....... Democrats Take the HOUSE!!!

CNN calls FL-22 for Klein! nt

Update MT Senate #

It's over, Monkeyboy!

Amy Klobuchar (D) becomes 1st ever female U.S. Senator from Minnesota!! WOOT!!!

Is it just me, or is Chris Matthews standing up strong tonight? And is that clown

NH: Both seats are going Democratic!

Face it! Democrats have no ideas...

Arnie & Feinstein Will Be Called SOON.

Buh-bye, Blackwell.

NBC calls Arizona for Kyl, Shit.

SENATE IS 47 (D) 46 (R)

Live Election Coverage For those without TV


Why does tweety get seventy five percent of the air time?

Maybe its the beer talking but Hilary looked HOT tonight

IN-09 is finally called for Hill! Another pickup!


The housing bubble can probably take some credit for the blue shift in

First Muslim elected to Congress

I would pay my life savings just to see

MSNBC calls AZ for Kyl (R)

Oh, NOW the Republicans want to cooperate...

In light of the shift in power, I believe we should cooporate with the GOP

Early PA04 HOUSE (5% in) - ALTMIRE (D) 64% Hart(less) (R) 36%

The dog has caught the car!!!!

CNN calls NY-20 for Gillibrand! nt

tester ahead so far. see here

Kudos to Howard Dean!!!

VA Update....

Could people post the letter after the canidates name?


Rice-A-Roni...the San Francisco Treat!

Updated MT Senate #

Heads-up: Six minutes to The Daily Show/ Colbert Show Election night

CNN calls CT-05 for Murphy! 11th pickup! nt

Question: Why is NBC calling the House?

If Webb wins VA and Tester wins in MT, does that make it 50/50?

AZ results so far

Updated MT Senate #

First Montana Reports in from CBS - Tester up 56- 42%

Re: Virginia Let's not forget

CALIFORNIA is coming soon!! We'll see about Ahnold in 18 minutes.

This is the Face of the First Muslim elected to Congress

Are absentee ballots already included in the Virginia vote totals? n/t

The Green candidate may cost us Virginia

Sundance in the last 40 min of "The War Room" now.....Clinton 1992

Our long national nightmare maybe over

MSNBC: Murphy DEM - CT wins. 10th House Pick-up!

Craig county, Virg. at 0 reporting?

Santorum kids are all crying.

Heath Shuler wins in NC! (cnn)

Craig county, Virg. at 0 reporting?

This Alex Jones guy w/ Malloy is pretty good

So, can I pop my champagne now?

It's a good thing we're winning all these governorships

There will be a recount in Va.


2 seats to go before SPEAKER PELOSI!!!

Never thought I'd say this, but I'm enjoying watching Fox "News" tonight

DCCC: 2 to go in the House

MO Senate race results so far here:

ABC Projects Dem Takeover of House!

Ken Mehlman looks horrible. Is he sick, or is he just tired from all

My wife has the flu, and pneumonia (and Parkinson's) and she says to say

Not watching TV. Have any talking heads mentioned

MSNBC saying Foley seat went to dem! n/t

Bill Bennet can suck my ass!


3 more to go in the House

It now looks solid that we are looking at Speaker Pelosi

They can introduce articles of IMPEACHMENT Tweety!

Webb down by 14 thousand 95.66% of votes counted

Carney DEM in PA - House 10... CNN calls for him.



Its gonna take 2 or 3 more cycles before we are competitive in the South...


I think McCaskill may not make it


5 MINUTE WARNING: Jon Stewart's MIDTACULAR Election Coverage COMING UP!!!!!

MSNBC Projects 29 seat house gain

CHECK OUT NY Post's Homepage:

cbs. Dems have net GAIN of 12 for HOUSE (149repugs-160dems)

MSNBC is projecting that Dems will pick up 29 seats in the house tonight!


11! and counting... n/t


Min. wage proposal winning big in MO!!!

CNN calls it for Mahoney in FL16! 10th Pickup! nt

way to go NC!!!!


Ken...I'm more scared of the fascist men in YOUR party... Negron conceding? Oh yeah, oh yeah!!

Dems Take the State Governors lead now we have 26 and more coming

any updates on ford?

Oh, how fun it'll be to listen to Limbaugh & other RW radio hacks tomorrow

CNN calls it for Carney in PA10! 9th Pickup! nt

CNN calls Shuler for NC-11! 7th Pickup!

Negron (Foley's replacement) conceding now. n/t

94.15% of Vote Webb down by 11 thousand votes

Need a quick summary. How close are Dems to taking the House?

"the Bush doctrine should be the American doctrine"

CNN calls AZ-08 for Gabby Giffords! 8th Pickup! nt

Wait, there really is a guy running in Indiana named Count Chocula?

Mehlman on now talking about "working together"

Hey Mehlman--Shove your ownership society up your ass

149-159 (dems) with net gain of 11 for Dems (US Hourse race so far)

South Dakota abortion question results...

Ken Mehlman spouting "Islamo-Fascism" alerts on MSNBC..

NH update Carol Shea Porter AHEAD BY 1400!!!!!!!!!

117 Precincts Left In VA

Clinton Wins....YAWN

So...if they knew Lieberman was going to win, do they know all of the results

Barrack Obama on CNN right now!

CNN calls it for Sestak against Weldon! 6th pickup!

DCCC: 4 to go

How are the New York House races?

MT First report

Shuler wins!

tester ahead in MT with only 7% of vote--good website here:

Does it look like Musgrave has a chance of losing?

Jim Esch (D) for Nebraska's 2nd is ahead 10 points! Nebraska may go blue!

Recount is any number within 1% in VA


Any news on the SD abortion ban referendum? n/t

What is Joe "Intern Killer" Scarborough's problem?

Midterm As Referendum on Bush: It's already a MANDATE Against GOP

Why is there a green candidate in VA?


Is Hillary making the first speech of her presidential campaign? n/t

Webb down by 12 thousand 95.13% of vote counted


self-delete goofed up

Bill is standing behind Hillary during acceptance speech

Is Missouri being stolen?

Missouri--only 30% of vote counted (talent ahead by 4 points so far)

Let's face it - gaining 14 seats = ZERO

semi-official VIRGINIA Results Thread

Webb back within RECOUNT territory!!

DOYLE (D) wins WI GOV.; BEEBE (D) wins AR GOV!

TWO MORE PICKUPS FOR DEMS BY CNN: Sestak (PA-07) and Space (OH-18)

I refuse to be lied to and manipulated any more

Don't count Ford out yet!

Why can't we just pull out of Iraq ? I don't get it

Bye Bye "Shut the recount down" Sweeney.

My Prediction About The Networks Calling Races...

Webb still looks to pick up 15 - 20K votes by my logic, looking at county tabs

Lamont has pulled back ahead, IT AIN'T OVER!!!!!

Webb ahead by 3000 now...AAR

Talent beats McCaskill by a hair in St. Charles precinct

Let the GOP try to spin it any way they want, you gotta give 'em one thing...

Live, at Duckworth Headquarters......

Dems have total of 11 House Gains and 3 Senate gains so far


It Looks Like Tennessee Will Pass an Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Mark Shields just said anybody tampering with elections should serve..

DCCC: 6 more to go

Montana more results

I wonder what is Big Dog doing right now??

Curt Weldon out in Pennsylvania

Just for the record, McCain is an ass

Malicious Hart is losing so far in PA Allegheny County PA

William Jefferson's seat looks like going to a run-off

Ryun concedes! Boyda WINS. Kansas 02 is Blue!!!!!

Lamont Concedes.

I was skeptical of Dr. Deans 50 State Strategy

Where is the blue wave in the House?

So WHEN Webb wins, does Macaca ask for recount? Complain about machines?

Does Virginia have an automatic recount law?

Talk about a wonderful evening!

Nominate Tomorrows Headlines - Anybody want to make a cartogram?

If Bill Clinton had waged this war, would republicans be supporting it?

The reason why Racist Allen is defeating War Hero Webb...

What's up with Mean Jean?

It looks like Democats gained 8 seats in the FL Legislature

Who's Beaming Face Would You Most Like To See Right Now

Unable to format AZ results.. looks v good.. link below


The B-I-G 1000! Couldn't have been a better night to hit this milestone!

MSNBC: Tweety's Bro Lost

Tweety to McCain: "The Republican party is 'different'."

Whats the big advantage of having the Senate?

What song should I play while dancing on Santorum's political grave?

Utah results so far...

Getting closer in TN

Thanks to all who carry the weight for so much of the country

Ok.. everyone knew Santorum was going to lose. Why are his kids crying away?

Philly suburbs are doing the job

Give Randi Rhodes Some Love..Santorum

So how good does Dean's 50 state strategy look now?

Wisconsin black neighborhood voting funnybusiness

How are things looking overall?

Arizona very strong Dem... link below

I'm a write-in

F Off Cain - you snake oil salesman n/t

Early results show Madrid (D) leading Wilson (R) in NM

Democrat winning Wyoming House far



Tweety with the kneepads out for McCain

Is Chris Matthews auditioning for FOX-News?? Could he be more partisan??

Tweety: "Why do people in the Northeast hate Bush?"

nora o'donnell looks like a confederate general

Is Jeff Greenfield ill? Why is Wolf bossing him around tonight?

CNN calls Ney's old seat for Dems! 5th pickup!

Is Somebody Watching???

No more Santorum's Kids threads

anybody else having a wretched time with the Internets tonight?

Let me get this straight - the big victory for repubs is Lieberman winning???

BREAKING: L.A. Times Fires Its Editor - Subscribers Revolt!

CNN calling NH-2 for Dems -- 4th pickup tonight

I'M SO FUCKING GIDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California polls closed now....

Please bite my nails for me, I have none left . . . . (NH House - 01)

The only person in NJ happier than Robert Menendez

Idaho news ... All close incl. initiatives

Tell us why your watching MSNBC tonight

Tennessee votes coming in - FINALLY

Malloy imploring of webb DO NOT CONCEDE

Whora is saying DEMS are confident in TN - Ford

Allen 20 thousand plus votes ahead 92% of votes counted

Note to the admins: Great job on keeping DU up tonight. Well done.

Did you hear the crying woman when Ricky conceded!!!!!

Do we have the house yet?

Looks like the Greens helped elect Allen if the results hold


Thanks, White Men! (re: Allen vs. Webb)

ABC spinning for Rethugs

WTF is Norah O'Donnell Wearing?

Dammit, I'm falling behind in National Novel Writing Month

Santorum is a scumbag and I'm glad he lost but...

Menendezon Cspan

*Half of Arlington hasn't been counted yet*

Green party in Virginia on track to cost Senate for Dems

Virginia - Prince William County - only 20% in.... big county

If you're a Dem, Grins Are In! I do believe in karma! nt

Is this great or what!

Indiana gives Dems 3 new House seats!!!

What do you think made Santorum's kids cry?

Early IL-6th results TAMMY DUCKWORTH UP!


OH MY GOD... Listening to Mc Cain... Talk about flip flop

"In this Anti-Bush Environment" - Favorite phrase heard tonight

Pat Buchanan said he just talked to someone close to Rove and

Sup Peeps: Anybody Still Think Rove's A Genius

I Voted! Straight Dem Ticket! Even DINOs! But I REFUSE To Darken A Bubble For Dianne Feinstein!!

To win control of the Senate, we HAVE to win either VA or TN. PLUS, we have

Just watched Santorum's concession speech on C-Span

Looking great for Sestak, and both Murphys close

Watch these three races: NY-20, NY-25, NY-26

How do we support the troops? Vote the (re)THUGS out!

CNN exit poll: Tester seems to win big time!

MAINE SHOCKER: Senator-for-life Snowe's(R) lead down to SIX POINTS!

Lamont concedes n/t

Indiana is a DEM state now

Dems swept Indiana

HA HA Santorum conceding on MSNBC now

Who has the Best Coverage? CNN? MSNBC? Other?

GREAT NEWS! from Florida

watching santorums daughter crying...sums up all the repukes

84% in VA - Webb only down by 0.4%

I am sick of anchors saying LIEberman will caucus as a Dem...

Webb down by 18 thousand votes 91% of votes counted.

Just wanted to write "Governer Eliot Spitzer - NY"


46 Yr. Old Rick Santorum Unsuccessful In Bid For 3rd Term In U.S. Senate....

FUCK THE GREEN PARTY - 22k votes in VA

Anyone know what precinct caused the 20,000 vote jump for 'Caca"? nt

From the DCCC site: 10 to go for control of the House

Demo Yarmuth beats Bush-licker Ann Northup in 3rd district!!!

Florida just elected a gay republican governor! How bout that?

This should be post 1000 for me. voters are voting against the war after they voted for it?

There was a BOMB THREAT in Wisconsin?

Try NOT to Visualize, but Bob Dole isn't getting any tonight!

Gawd I wanna punch Tweety in that big smilin' puss!!

Hey Dimson, you're "Extremely unpopular" everybody has said many times tonight

Wow! Santorum's kids are goofy looking. Boo Hoo! Go home Ricky!

Santorum has called Casey and conceded.

OK, how many of the 9 senate seats are locks?

Sigh...I wish Texas was part of the blue wave

"Black Jesse Helms" Robinson utterly humiliated in NC

Fuck the Green Party!

Are posts being deleted? I've lost 2 already.

So far, where do we stand?

This is like a wet dream come true! Santorum delivers concession speech.

Santorum on MSNBC conceding the race right now! n/t


No TV - Which websites/blogs best to follow (aside from DU, of course)?


Skinner, I love you. That is all.

AAR coverage is pretty good


BULLETIN: Bass (R-NH) preparing to CONCEDE. Dem. pickup in House!

Link to exit poll for Allen v. Webb.

Andersen Cooper does not like bloggers

Illinois Governor -- 2,159 of 11,692 precincts reporting (18%)


1/3 of evanglist vote democratic

What do they do with the 800,000 absentee ballots that were cast in TN?

Had my dad over for dinner tonight...

Santorum conceding on MSNBC

It's still early, but the SD Abortion Ban referendum...

CNN has the absolute DULLEST election night panel ever! What a waste.

Oh, yeah, sure... NOW it's a PROBLEM!

It's looking good for Heath Shuler (D) to take a seat in NC

Who here thinks they chickened out

Santorum we've heard enough of your ass say goodbye and

MSNBC Santorum Go!~

CSPAN FREEPER: Why The Liberal Media (TV & Radio) Bias?

democrats are winning because they are becoming more like republicans

Ladies and Gentlemen: THE SENATE IS NOW TIED 45-45!!!

VA Urban/Dem Stronghold Numbers @ 9:04pm EST

Jesus...Allen just jumpled ahead by 20,000 votes

When you go on vacation don't go to FL. n/t

FUCK... MSNBC just called FL for Crist

Crist wins in Florida DAMN!!!!



Santorum Goes Down 63-37!

"Run Forrest Run!" A peak into the dark side

Look at this screen cap. How could they call it for Lieberman?

Greatest Pic so far tonight!

I, for one, cannot WAIT to bring Speaker Pelosi and her "San Fransisco Values" to the House!


Dem Senate comes down to Prince William County, VA, & Davidson County, TN

Wulsin leading Schmidt in Ohio

Can I say to Chris Matthews - PLEASE SHUT THE F*UCK UP.

The Unofficial/Official Canada is pullin' for the Dems thread!!!

WARNING: AP is calling Lieberman race WAY TOO EARLY...only 4% reporting

Fox: Erlich (Maryland) GONE!!!

*** TOONs: Election Day ***

Union Leader/NH: GOP in "GRAVE DANGER", calls Dem challenger INSURGENT!!!

Keith Olbermann...being a total professional. Appreciate here.

If Michelle Malkin says Democrat party (on Faux) one more time

The Daily Show will be great tonight. 04 was such a drag.

Webb only behind by 3342...

Katherine, Moxie & Spunk Ride Into the Sunset

Damn! Christ wins.

I love the smell of new drapes.

CT county results broken down

OH-2 (Only 5% so far) But Jean Schmidt 43% - Victoria Wulsin(D) 57%

Sestak is way ahead in PA......... Please cross your fingers for us!!

Turn on Fox News- Brit is very sad

Prop 87 ads misleading: Gas Prices in CA going up post election anyway

Nancy Eva Braun Johnson trailing 55-45 in Connecticut.

Check out Olbermann and Tweety chatting

Celebratory booze selection... (should we need to celebrate)

Keith Rocks tonight

Web only down 1,500 now!

Ellison (D) projected to win, MN 5th.

ONLY 2,000 votes separate Webb and Allen in VA - 86% in

Repub "Military" voter on CSPAN is totally full of shit

Would someone tell Tweety that this war belongs to Bush and the Republicans.

Bob was never a republican

West Tennessee Returns Finally Coming - Corker 50%, Ford 48%

Webb- allen is a still a worry

Can everyone still logon to the site or are some being excluded ?

Holy crap....

For the Celebration in the Morning... but no ordering till then!

The new Repuke meme/talking point? Look at Glen Beck.


Who dares call it cheating? Keith Olbermann and Mark Shields,

Allen 49.72% / Webb 49.08% 9:24pm EST

70% in Virginia, 8,000 votes separation between Allen and Webb

Holy S*** look at Florida-21 Dem Gonzalez ahead?!

Come on Pederson! You could be the one who puts us over the

NH IS GOING BLUE! Hodes IS CLOBBERING bASS! 53%-45% with 36% reporting

Turd Blossom sighting

Someone TIVO Fox NEWS tonight. You'll make thousands selling it to DUers

Down to me last beer and then it is onto the Champaign

Tomorrow could be the happiest dawn in the history of DU. I would know.

IN-9 Dem Hill 2% up on Rep Sodrel with 77% of vote in.

AWWWW The Republicans are losing their jobs

CHAFEE LOSES!!!!!!!!!!!! Per CNN!!

Tweety's got his shortz in a wad....

Wolf Blitzer "Lincoln Cheney loses in Rhode Island"

Keith is having a ball with Armey, Armey, not so much.

3 gains for Dems so far (OH< Penn. and RI)

MSNBC calls Sherrod Brown winning in Ohio.

Can you hear it? The sound of Neocons.


Chafee Should Have Pulled A Lieberman

Urbandictionary's frontpage today.. MACACA!!!

WHY THE FUCK Have They Call CT????????

HEY BUSH! I GOT YOUR MANDATE RIGHT HERE! (feel free to caption this)

Mood at FOX: GRIM

Is It Too Early To Start A Flowers For Lieberman Fund?

Lurking Freeptards & Resmuglicans take heed: To those responsible, we're coming for you!

They are talking "recount" in Virginia

Gregg Palast on Malloy now: voter disenfranchisement

Can We Say FUCK YOU Evangelicals YET????

Mother of my darling dog!

at ca 7pm CT FOX radio reported many problems with electronic machines

Anyone gonna stay up all night to watch the returns? Or will you go to bed and try to

Just back from poll observation in NC

Dick Armey: "A lot of real good people losing their jobs..."

Kathleen Sebelius (D) WINS KANSAS GOV!!

MSNBC: Chafee defeated!

Hey, Has Anybody Check Sites That Shall Be Unnamed To Witness Their Implosion?


Dear Karl Rove

Dick Armey is so sad!

Reporter whispering at Chafee HQ, they don't know yet.

massive disappointment on DU tonight....

How do they project a winner?

Dick Armey: "It's a grim lookin' night." Just now on MSNBC

James is acting so humbe I could rub his bald head! Bet Battle

Joe Connolly Indiana D pickup in the House

Best. Night. Ever!

Dick Armey on MSNBC looks like he's just been forced to watch The Chevy Chase Show

Chaffee lost....whoo

LOL! Dick Armey on MSNBC just took a dig at Joe about his blowup...

I'm flipping back and forth between MSNBC and House ...

How's Tammy Duckworth doing?

I wish we could trade Chafee for Ben Nelson

I've chewed my nails off watching Webb... we are going to pull this off

Webb surging now!!! Allen 49.65 Webb 49.15

Ford is getting closer in TN

Did this asshole think about our jobs...

Dick Armey on MSNBC: "Grim" Night for GOP

MSNBC: Ben Cardin (D) projected over Michael Steele (R) in MD.

Calling O'Malley over Ehrlich --MD gov!!! (MSNBC)

Will Bush choke on a pretzel tonight, have gash on forehead tomorrow?

Whitehouse projected to WIN!!!!!1!!11

Should we start sending Bush...

When is Bill Bennett going to take a sandwich break?

Damn ! Looks like Mica and Feeney won


Ford not out - Davidson County only 1%... heavy Ford count

I keep envisioning Brit Hume with

GOP Scared? Reporters have no access to GOP Officials

Unofficial Find A New Job For Katherine Harris Thread

"Ohio has pretty much been a train wreck for the Republicans"

Whatsup with the Philly Suburb House Races?

Whitehouse beating the crap out of Chafee

Wisconsin state results are starting to come in

Several glasses of wine & a fat one!

NYT: VA = 70% iin WEbb down 5000 votes - fraud challenge coming?

Notice how the Repukes are already spinning this?

Yarmuth D slaughters Northrup R Ky 3rd District

CNN: Northrup (D) wins in Kentucky!

CARDIN!!!!! Told you Steele wasn't shit!

Someone should tell MSNBC that "Unch" means shit in Japanese.

Whitehouse called over Chafee in RI on

Local NBC affiliate (WOOD TV-8) projecting Granholm winning MI Gov!!

This site shows Lamont with more votes!!!!!


Donnelly defeats Chocola in Indiana!


Four more Senate Seats! Plllllease!

Goodbye Count CHOCULA! - ANOTHER Dem pickup!

CNN Calls IN-02 for Donnelly! Third pickup!

Really curious to hear about Feeney/ Curtis figures. Anyone? Anyone? nt

Whitehouse wins!

c-span caller "where do you get your results from?"

Holy shit! Projected winner Maryland Governor O'MALLEY!!!! (D)

they all wanted to watch the sad faces on Fox says Frankin-he

MD governor taken!!

O"Malley projected winner in MD

All I want to say is, I Love You Guys

Can't Keep Track - DO WE OWN THE HOUSE YET??????????

MSNBC: Santorum Loses Among Catholic Voters

CNN Projecting Lieberman

Need a link to TN election results

(KY) Northup Concedes to Yarmuth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are there any definitive wins yet for Senate/House yet? nt

Howard Dean was GREAT with Tweety !!!! YAHOO


Douche Matthews pretended Casey was snubbed at Dem convention because of abortion

I'm calling it Klein (D) beats Shaw(r) FL22nd!


Whitehouse projected winner!!!!

I betcha Webb could use the 19000 votes the Greenie got...

Tweety's Decompensation: analysis follows:


Doing great in Ohio (Schmidt losing and others)

Tonight we celebrate our win, but what are we going to do with the mess


Northup is defeated!

So do we have to kiss Lieberman's ass, or can we tell him to fuck off?

Karl Rove

Do not write CT off,, the Repug is pulling 8% of the vote

Yarmuth beats Northup! Second pickup!



MSNBC - Yarmuth wins


As if MTV couldn't get any worse in their stupification/vapidization of the youth

FL-15. Nobody gives a shit, but...

$250,000 Reward For Evidence of Election Fraud

Katherine Harris - kiss off and die!!!

YARMUTH!!! 51-48

Ben Cardin (D) projected to win in Maryland.

And Lieberman wins....

The People Are Speaking Tonight

Msnbc/CNN Maryland

Scarborough is getting personal with Tweety - unprofessional

Out on a limb

FULL Exit poll tabulations, by state, posted at CNN

Lieberman projected winner

Air America just said only 100 vote difference in the Webb Race!!!

MSNBC just called for Cardin (D) in MD...with 41% of the vote, vs. 57% Repuke...???

Ben Cardin (DEM) Wins in Maryland!! (Senate)

Fuck you Joementum


Why is CNN giving so much face time to Wm. Bennett?!

Is any network actually letting Democrats frame...

Webb 49.33 Allen 49.49 with 19.69% reporting...catching up?

I can't believe the FL-16th race is so close...

BradBlog Friedman: Election Night Integrity Radio Marathon

Forget Lieberman. What's up with the HOUSE?

Blackwell Conceeds: MSNBC


William Bennett/CNN - "Expect DRAFT SANTORUM for President" movement!

New Speaker of the House! Nancy you go girl!

Hey DUers

Courageous campaign?

The next Speaker of the House is on MSNBC

SD Ban on Abortion Referendum LOSING 56-44%

7:29 CST Webb back in front of Allen by a point!

49% voting for Foley...


Why I hate Ariana Huffington. Her post tonight about Dean & the election.

Bill Bennett is an idiot.... "Movement to draft Santorum">

I knew if we held our breath long enough, NH would turn BLUE!!!!

John Hostettler just got PWNED

KO just called him Lieberthal.... bwwwwwwwwwa

Maryland going to the Dem per air america


What is the deal in Maryland?

68% of Precincts are in VA: Allen up by 2%

Repugs electing Lieberman 49 to 40 % vs. Lamont n/t

Stay strong, Pennsylvania Democrats ! re: the machines

I don't get how the MSM gets to call any race for any pol when it's 2% returns.

We Now Need SEVEN Senate Seats!! Do NOT Let LIEberman Make The Difference!!!

Take screen shots !!

Virginians - what are some big blue counties in the north?

Help! How do I do screenshots in Firefox using "Download Them All"?

MSM Pundits - Dems are CONSERVATIVE

Blackwell (OH) Concedes !!!


Watching C-Span I have to extend a thank you to Republicans

WHOW---cnn (vis air amer) AMY--DEM Senator ELECT (projected) WHOW

I Think Tweety is acting like an Ass hat tonight because he feels he has to show up KO

Boy do I miss the "hide thread" function.

A message to the Republicans:

could we have a few more lieberman threads? Jesus H. Christ people

This Is A Democratic Night

NBC projects Joe Lieberman the winner.

Sonny Perdue (R) Wins GA Governorship

Any updates on the anti-abortion ruling in SD?

OMG, Scarborough talking about how he bashes his party more than

The Official DU FU Thread


These single percentage point projections bug me

Yarmuth (D) - KY-3 - 96% in... it's over!

NBC projects LIEberman win. Fuck.

local nbc projecting WI Gov Jim Doyle (DEM) will win. I do not know how


Oh, no!!! Lieberman projected to win :(

haha - Republican named Moran in Kansas?

McCaskill leading talent at the moment (7:46 CST)

It looks like KO and Matthews don't get along...

Dammit, Holy Joe projected to win.

Boooooo MSNBC called CT for Lieberman

Lieberman to win

I'm keeping FOX on all night. THIS IS RICH! I don't know the talking heads but...

LIEBERMAN projected in CT via CBS

I really wish Doctor Dean would have informed Tweety...

Looks like very little change in FL House seats

Lieberman projected winner on MSNBC

Blackwell concedes - MSNBC

msnbc - blackwell CONCEDES in ohio! nt


Freepers claiming "rigged voting machines"


DCCC election results site:

Joplin, Missouri OUT of ballots

Hillary wins

Arizona still a toss-up! Boy, do I hope Kyl loses!

Why is Chris Matthew being such an a**hole tonight?

NYT: VA = 40% in, 49.5% Macaca, 49.4% Webb - 500 vote dif as of 8:40 ET


Question on early voting results

Is Scarborough begging for his job on MSNBC? Wow! nt

Webb is sinking like a stone in VA!!!

Dean on Faux now eom

Meanwhile.......over at FreakRepublic.....

Tucker Carlson. Fuck off!

Conservative Democrat/Maverick Republican

Senate: Dems hold on to NY, MN, MI, ND, NE, NM, WI

Stabenow won! Klobuchar (?sp) won.... DEMS! n/t

Has anyone been watching the post count go up?

I'm very worried about IN-7 Dem Julia Carson is losing to

are you happy, cause i'm happy...


Move over rove their a new brain in town.

I just put my ballot into a Sequoia black hole

Scarborough MAD because Tweety accused him of being too partisan

Is Ford done?

Scarborough losing it on MSNBC!

Joe Scarborough trying to save face now. Asking people to look at his transcripts.

"I Concede Nothing: We're Not Losing A Single Seat. Period."

What is this 'new conservative democrat' term?


Raw Story: Unconfirmed Exit Poll Results

I've been away for awhile - how do things look for us?

1st job for Madame SpeakerTell them to stop saying "Democrat party"


OMG: Country Joe Running Away From repubs & george

Americablog: Katherine Harris Lost

PROUD to be from PA right now... Yippeee!!!!


NJ 7th Race

Shumer said the Democratic Party strongholds in VA have not been counted yet

Republican SPIN: Conservates are taking over the Democratic Party

The bloggers CNN brought in for their blog room make me laugh


From - some senate and governor races decided:

Weldon in Pa, anybody see any numbers?

Chuck Schumer speaking about Democratic gains

Not even a mega superstar could help him...

MSNBC labels Purdue a Democrat - HA

OMG! We're beatin' the hell out of 'em!

OKLAHOMA Gov---DEm prediced to win (air america)

GOP down to +8 on the MSNBC Democracy Meter

My fiance just did the Howard Dean yell

Ugh--I Had to Use a Diebold Voting Machine :(

OMG! Anybody watching CSPAN? White folks on the dance floor!

My wait in Denver...2 hours.

GOP Officials Call To Impound Voting Machines


PBS station in San Diego showing cartoons???

We are beating Shaw (FL-22), losing to Foley (FL-16), losing to Buchanan (FL-13)

There is a somber mood on Fox News tongiht.

BRAD HENRY (D) Wins Oklahoma Gov. Race



A shotout to Keith O.... Put a sock in the toe-heads mouth..... gezzzzz

Deval Patrick (D) will be Governor of Massachusetts

What I just noticed about Tweety and Keith

MSM trash journalism: MSNBC douchebags predict NJ Senate Race with 1% in

Condi apologizes to Pickeles for homewrecking her "marriage" to Dumb Dumb

Chris Curtis in florida lost, sad about that.

Howard Dean > Chris Matthews

Corporate media are framing through focusing totally on the senate

Ellsworth wins in Indiana house seat!

Webb is falling too far behind Allen

How hungover will B*sh be tomorrow?

This is some very screwed up stuff

Indiaana gains one DEM house seat!

Bill Frist----

Santorum loses

MSNBC calling Brown winner in Ohio


Webb falling behind by three percent at 5:32 Pacific

Looks like Crist (R) over Davis (D) for Florida Govenor

CUYAHOGA COUNTY... 16 polling stations open 'til 9:00

What is the body language of the tv commentators..l

Please answer me this!

Ted Strickland NEW GOVERNOR of OHIO

VA Result, County by County Graphic - Webb Trailing

7:44 CST Senate: 43-34 (-2/+2)

Have the blue districts in VA reported in yet?

Goodbye Blackwell

They're paying some bills on Faux. Commercials...very upbeat ;-)

Brown wins!

How fitting: Both presidential election thieves defeated

Save everything! Screen shots! Canvass Reports! Exit Poll Data!

The drunker I get the better this is looking

A note about early election returns

Lieberman? Lamont?


CNN: Candy says the old democrats are back in the South....

Goodbye and good riddance, Harris!

Bob Menedez!! Projected winner!!

PHOTO: Sing along! "TWO OF US"

Bush ain't hiding. Cheney ain't hunting. Just spoke with Madam Cleo and

Were cutting into b* capital that he said he got in 2004 .n/t

FL Senate called for Nelson over Harris!

43-33 (-1 +1)

Well, its only 11% in, but Dem leading repuke in SC gov. race

MSNBC projects Robert Menendez winning in NJ.

Dean on MSNBC!!

MSNBC projects Menendez wins!

NJ - Bob Menendez projected by MSNBC

For all my fellow Buckeyes that said Sherrod Brown

Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum: GONE

F U Blackwell!!! hahahahhahhahahh!!!!!!

Crist winning pretty big in Fl over Davis or Gov

Cruella goes down, it's official!

The two scumbags who stole back to back elections

How The Hell Did I End Up Here ??? - I Thought I Was In Some ...

Fl 22 starting to report Klein (D) beating Shaw (r)!!!!!

PHOTO: US rep Charlie Bass holds up his challenger's sign LOL

Breaking News on FR "Alcohol deaths soar among middle-aged men [England]" no posts required

Howard Dean on MSNBC now

I dare Dean to scream TONIGHT.


Governor Spitzer. Governor Ritter. Governor Patrick. Governor Strickland.

Can I just give a +1 recommend to every thread we're posting??

DVD Giveaway When MSNBC & Keith Call The First Senate Dem Pickup

I believe!!

CNN's "Balance of Power" meter kicks ass!

NJ is more comfortable with corruption than trying something new.

Ted Kennedy remains the senior senator from MASS....Sweet!

Wait just a minute--Bush cast his vote in Crawford....but he cast his

If Crist wins in Florida, I think I will go throw up

So 'projected' winner is close enough, or should we wait? nt

CBS projects Menendez! A critical keeper! nt

Hey Virginians! Who's winning the Goode-Weed race? (5th Congressional district)

Ellsworth wins !

Nelson projected winner in FL (over Harris)

Do you have Champagne on ice?

AAR has a video stream going. I wish Janeane would come back.

CNN calls IN-08 for Ellsworth! First House pickup!

Oooof. There it is.

The repukes will cheat anyway they can won't they...HERE IS MY STORY

The New York Times Results Page is really nicely done with

What are all these Xes on yellow squares?

The Reason Why EVERY Election Will Be Close....

Florida not looking good

Does Silicon Valley have those horrible machines ?

FOLEYGATE (Pervert) 46% Mahoney (D) 50% - Florida!!!


IN 08 - Ellsworth (D) Defeats Hostettler (R)

Blackwell is history

Level 3? woohoo!!! Edited to go to Level 4!!!

Howard Dean up next on Dobbs

Hell yeah! I'm going to Menendez's Victory party!!

How do they project some close races and not others?

MSNBC calling Strickland the winner in Ohio!

Allen Steps back into lead with 30% returned


Any numbers on Lamont??

Anything on PA yet? I checked the sec. of stgate, nothing yet.

Rendell wins PA - MSNBC


Florida: Clint Curtis starting ahead, Bob Bowman within 400 votes

what happened to DU? no discuss page anymore? nt

Major Props to DU admins and mods! I'm not having

I just had to check out their website;

Digg has gone off-line

I Want Dr. Steve Kagen (Wi.) To Win Sooo Bad! gard is a Flaming Asshole!

Just want to mention, if you have don't cable but want to see MSNBC coverage. click this.

I've been waiting six long years for this moment:

I really feel it this time

FauxNews flunkies: "This culture of CORRUPTION exit poll number kinda makes me wonder..."

Santorum and Judy Baar going DOWN in 15 minutes! (7 Central)

Cuyahoga Co judge rules some precincts open for voting til 9 pm

Ohio and VT DUers -- THANK YOU and CONGRATS!!

MSNBC is showing Trending for RIGHT when Virginia trends left online?

I have decided to watch Fox News tonight....

Deval Patrick projected to win in Massachusetts

4 MINUTES til another big wave!

Kos calls it for Sherrod Brown in OH!

MSNBC Predicts Deval Patrick wins in Massachussetts

74% in. Kentucky 03........Yarmuth 51% Northup 48%


Dems Leading in HOUSE Seats 26-11!!

It really pisses me off when I hear Tom Delay

MSNBC calling it Nelson over Cruella in Florida!! Woot!

Please Guys, Add a R and D to names, and state - we are not all from your area.

"Too early to call, too early to call, too early to call..." AARGH!!!

Lieberman whining about being fifth on the ballot

Webb pulls ahead (for real) with 27..5% in. small lead...but just the same

Freeptard "90% sure" PUKES will keep the House. BWAAAHA

We gained a seat in the House! (VT - Ind to Dem)

FL governor's race crist (r) trouncing Davis (D)

Cruella lost.

MSNBC calling Nelson the Winner in Florida!

Please remember that really early returns on close races aren't accurate in close races!

9% in, Webb 51-47 - link corrected

EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! Some People Are Actually Voting for Cruella

IN-8 Dem Ellsworth 66% Rep Hostettler 34% with 22% in. n/t

how to get msnbc feed LIVE? all I get are short video segments

And Cheney went hunting

MSNBC coverage with Olbermann streaming live on

ThisIsHell will be broadcasting a special at 7p cst - someone from voting hotline will be a guest

CNN REPORTING Incorrect VA Results!

It's time for them to go

I am nervous about watching 2004 replayed before my eyes.

Just remember everytime a Democrat wins

OK, I've now read two threads where the CNN nos. are opposite the state's tally.

Celebration posts!

Bowtie Boy just told Rachel Maddow he thinks the Dems will also

tweety talking to Bill Richardson

Now That NANCY PELOSI Is Going To Be Speaker.......

KY-3: Yarmuth (D) 51-48!!

Fucker C. says Dem's take Senate????

They have run out of ballots in Missouri

Why religious fundamentalism can't hold in this nation...

Holy Crap... Tucker is talking sense...

I'm a total yo yo.... optimistic... then scared (and then optimistic again and then scared again)

To the poster Doremus who asked for "slogans for signs" yesterday

According to CNN, Foley is up over Mahoney 58-38

MSNBC: All but a done deal...Blackwell going down

Is the sliding bar on CNN for the dumb people?

74% in. Kentucky 03........Yarmuth 51% Northup 48%

Rove is a JEEENYUS, I tell ya.


My Poll Worker said this was the biggest turnout

Candy Crowley Has Black Fingernails.

FL District 9 - House seat- POSSIBLE UPSET??

Flash Animation Political Ad "Arnold Counts the Votes!"

Let NO ONE ever say it doesn't matter if you vote

Faux News is Being Pathetic

God hates Republicans in TN! (Weather was bad over the redder

Did I hear Tweety or Keith say a third of Evangelicals were voting Democratic this election?

Blackwell GONE!!!!!

Links to official Virginia and Missouri Senate results. Watch these.

Bowtie Boy is going to be on AAR with Rachel Maddow!

It's official , CNN calls it for Senator Bernie Sanders

"But isn't he a George Bush kissing booth?"

Oh God, I can't fucking wait!!!!!!!!!


MSNBC calling OH governorship for Strickland!

Joplin, MO has run out of FUCKING BALLOTS!!!

Shit! A tornado just blew by about 2 blocks from my house

Giddy as a schoolgirl! Post your favorite colloquialism that describes your mood here:

Byrd won!

If it's going down to the wire in Indiana and Kentucky

MSNBC calls Ohio Governorship for Strickland !!!

Robert Byrd projected winner! 9th term!! nt

Fucking Hannity..

I'm strangely calm this year.

Raw Story Preliminaries

Okay! I've HAD IT!...see you all at 10:30 EST...I'm gonna watch Old Video

I just came back from 3 hours of sign waving

In VA. smaller SOUTHERN districts will be reported FIRST. NORTHERN VA.

What radio stations have links to updates...

LOL Hacking Democracy is showing on HBO today

KO quoting AP: A third of the white evangelicals turned to Dems

HOUSE: Dem- 4; Rep- 2


Two leonard cohen song cued up for tonight

If the country goes left, will the media folow?


BERNIE SANDERS WON!!! Vermont! n/t


Not predicting results until the polls this a new thing in the States?

Michael Moore: 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today

Bernie Sanders projected winner in VT, CNN calling it now n/t

We are going to take the senate. Only question mark now is TN imo.

VA results rolling in now!! nt

I see dead elephants....everywhere....


First results.... Per Tweety

Bernie Sanders projected to win in Vermont!! via CNN

WI *NE* preceints asking for thousands more ballots. Green and DOYLE

Bernie Saunder Yeah

Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi.

Can I Get A Dean Yell?


This may be just a BIT premature, but...

CNN is standing by Cardin as projected winner!

I refuse to go over there - I hope FREEPERS are blowing thier Heads off.

I'm handsome I'm funny I don't even smoke, come have some pie with me

Pelosi poised to make History!

vote to Ban Straight Marriage!

A Few Words Before I Go To Bed

Virginia will NOT be decided tonight...

Tester ahead right now in MT.

"God God God God God God God God"


Pombo - Dolittle numbers starting to come in...

CNN: Bulk of votes remaining in Virgina coming from Richmond City (heavy african american area)


webb UP by 2,376 votes with 99% in!!!

I strongly suggest that you all fill up your gas tanks tonight if possible...

What do you think Karl Rove is up to...


To the Freepers:

Whalen concedes; IA 01 District.

Okay, from where is CNN getting their Webb/Allen numbers?

Cardin takes projected and commanding lead.....

Where can I get live California returns?

Webb will win in VA

the has Webb behind by 1757

Ban Gay Marriage...not looking good (except in AZ)

Anyone else having drinks!?

Suboena POWER Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mr. Abrams and MSNBC - Guess what??

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth"

Webb is within 5,000 votes....97% in.

Because of a Green again?

Duckworth is loosing 52 - 48 - link to results

Neocons respond by threatening violence (on Hannity)

Webb NOT toast. he *will* get auto re-count


CNN releases Missouri Exit Data - Looks Good!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Election Edition!!

Breaking out the Scotch Whisky!!!

LOL -- William Bennet says there will be a Draft Santorum for Prez movement

Who here is thinking of Andy right now (and other DU'ers have passed on)

Joplin, MO. "Mob scene, have run out of ballots"

Hatch 47 - Pawlenty 45 (MN gubernatorial)

Allons enfants de la patrie ...

Forget about Virginia!


NY-20 AP just called it for GILLIBRAND!!!!!! SWEENEY IS DONE!!!!

What are U watching? MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, CSPAN...or radio??

Looks Like Fat-Ass Hastert is


PHOTO: LIVE oval office webcam!

Tammy Duckworth support thread!

So what happened to Diebold today?

Santorum brings his crying daughter on stage with him

Democratic power to issue subpoenas and open investigations

Tweety: "I saw Al Gore the other day, so fat I thought it was the Hindenburg!"

And In 2008, The Reich Is Defending 21 Senate Seats Vs 12 Democratic

Jaw drop! WEBB IN THE LEAD! /nt

Speaker Pelosi....CONGRATS!!!!!!!




Paper trail DOES NOTHING to avoid fraud

CBS Projecting SHERROD BROWN defeats DEWINE!

Virginia: Norfolk, Portsmouth, Alexandria, Richmond, Newport News, Arlington

Hallelujah!!! I Can Hear Waxman's Gavel!!!

All 50 States' Board of Elections Results


"They" forgot '... the People ..." -- WE DIDN'T

Bye bye JD Hayworth, you pig! ARIZONA 05

Yeah!!! The Era of Corruption is over!!!!!


Private Message on MEDIA from an insiders perspective...

Does anyone need a reminder??? Lets kick their ass

I''m pulling them all out tonight!!

Nancy Pelosi: Hysterical Feminist


Tonight's anthem: Dave Matthews Band - "American Baby"

Nancy Pelosi - 'This Bill Does Violence to the Constitution'...

Daily Show Rock "Midterm Elections"


Anyone know how tweety's brother is doing?

MSNBC - Called it for Crist (R) Gov. Florida!! WTF!!


Urbandictionary's frontpage today; MACACA!!

God, how I love all you dems and liberals and progressives!

2000 votes now separate Webb and Allen (86 percent reporting)

Does Keith -O- Look Like.....

VA senate - 49-49 with 85% in

Tweety! STFU

Lamont is ahead by 3%

MSNBC calls it for Granholm!! Can I get a Hell Yeah!!??!!

Bill Bennet has been rather nasty spirited, today, hasn't he?

Special MO Senate Analysis: Counties 2002, 2004 and 2006

PLEASE post Congr. district # and state abbrev. in your subject line!

MO Senate: No votes counted from STL City!

Very very early IL-6th results (DuPage Co. only) DUCKWORTH UP!!!

KY-02 - Mike Weaver (Dem) vs. Ron Lewis (Rep. incumbent)

Nancy Johnson (R-CT) concedes to Chris Murphy!

Get the cutting edge news on FOX!

Fuck Bush

Dick Armey on MSNBC just about crying about the evening

dick armey: calls us " the democrat party" again nt

Interest from Downunder

Poor ol' Britt Hume

Chafee GONE

PLEASEEEE any news on the NJ 7th

I think Americans are telling Dumbya "F**k the course" eom

OK Where do we Stand right - What is the numbers?

Dick Army its a pretty grim night. on MSNBC

What's Up? CBS has Deborah Pryce up 90% to 10% (282 0f 514 precincts)

Curtis (D) Fl-24) holding on at 44% against Feeney

CNN calls IN-02 for Donnelly (D)!!!!

Denver Mayor will personally pay for parking tickets.

3 out of 6. We have Rhode Island now thanks to Whitehouse.

MSNBC Calls for O'Malley for MD Gov! Upset!

O Malley WINS!! Gov of MD!

MSNBC Calls MD Gov for Dem O'Malley!!!!!!!!

CT-Sen: Results so far - Ned 7% behind :(

So does this mean Lieberman is going to go back to playing a Dem?

Okay I will say it-Webb not looking good

CNN projects Democratic win in Rhode Island, beating incumbent Lincoln Chafee, giving the Democrats

Webb just blew by Allen

CNN Senate: D:43 R:44

CNN Calls KY-03 for Yarmuth (D)!!!!!

Duckworth? How is her race going?

Hey MSNBC, prediction dosen't mean a absolute victory

NY-26 ( Davis (D) v. Reynolds ) NY-29 ( Massa (D) v. Khul )

"Harold Ford would be the first Black Senator from the South since Reconstruction""

WEBB just jumped ahead of macaca! ( 50 / 49 with 71 %in)

Fucking Tweety is finally choking out that Swann ain't cuttin' it in PA

STFU about Lieberman already!! GEEZ! We get it! Bumping other races off the page!

We picked up a house seat in Kentucky. Looking good. Looking good.

FL-22...Klein (Dem) vs. Shaw (Rep incumbent)

Where is Zell Miller...

Msnbc/CNN Maryland

Any news on Chafee?

Dean's interviews for the evening from 9:00 on.

Steele MELTS! Cardin WINS!

Reporting of the American elections overseas in Europe

CNN Calls Cardin for MD Senate (phew!!!)

What just happened between Scarborough and Tweety. . .

IN-08 looks like bye-bye Hostettler

That's why I love Howard Dean

CNN: Senate D:42 R:44

Liebermann is an ass wipe.

With all the problems happening at polling booths,

Maryland is ours!

YEAH! Sherrod Brown wins in Ohio!

GA-08 and GA-12...Incumbent Dems losing.

Are we worried about Virginia?

MSNBC just called Ben Cardin's defeat of Michael Steele...there's ONE MORE, folks!

I will vote against Lieberman every chance I get until he's gone

So how does our situation look?

OK Listen

Hey Joe Scarborough if you want to stop being biased then stop looking

Awww...MSNBC's front page has a pic of lil' Ricky Man-on-Doggy on the verge of TEARS...SNIF!

Lieberman projected to win.

CBS News predicts Lieberman wins. :(

I'm calling it for Lieberman

Hey - I voted for Lamont



A pouty Scarborough just bit a sizeable chunk out of Tweety's fat ASS!

WEEEEE! Insanitorum is gone!

Bigots winning in VA and SC (banning same-sex marriage)


PLEASE use plain text option when posting spread sheets

Shea-Porter in NH upseting repub Bradley

CT-SEN Lamont: 44% Schlesinger: 12% Lieberman (CFL): 42%

Oh Scarabough is setting the record straight - Butt hole

NBC: Virginia, Tennessee Senate races too close to call

Kansas going BLUE>>>>yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

NBC projects Democrat Sherrod Brown elected to Senate in Ohio

MO Senate Coming in Now! Talent 50.5% McCaskill 47.1%

Frist is an Idiot

Anyone notice CNN has the WRONG NAME for the Democratic Party on results site??????


I cannot wait for Katherine Harris to give her concession speech.

Ok, I had few drinks already, saw some numbers, heard some pundits

Guys, remember these are all PROJECTIONS!

OK check point - How are you feeling now! Seriously and being a Critical Thinker?

Allen stayed on rich side

VA- allen still leading, can someone who knows....

My favorite race to watch...

AR Governor race - Beebe (D) trouncing Hutchinson (R)

Is anyone watching CNN--I just cannot watch Bennett and freakin JC Watts

Brown projected winner over Dewine. Chalk up one more new Senate seat. Sweet.

AP projects Menendez winner - according to WNYC

Webb down 1300

They've raided the treasury. They've raided the Constitution. They've raided

Why isn't Keith on more

Andrew Sullivan called it: It's an Intervention

Tucker says it is a wave



Brown is looking good 57% 43%

How cool is it that Keith Olbermann is co-anchoring MSNBC coverage? n/t

Goodbye Rick Santorum!

What's the Tennesee Senate race looking like?

First precinct results in for TX 22 -- Lampson slightly ahead

So far Exit polls holding true

MSNBCprojects Casey win in PA!!!!!! n/t

NBC projects Democrat Bob Menendez re-elected to Senate in N.J.

Any info on California Secretary of State race? Very very critical race due to election integrity in

Latest races called by AP

Dare I say that America may be coming back to Americans???!!

Cruella is GONE!!

Can I just say

self delete

Deval Patrick wins!!!!!!!

Fineman: "Santorum is a Thinker."

Maryland GOP Recruits Homeless to Distribute Misleading Fliers on Dems

BREAKING NEWS: NBC projects Republican Richard Lugar to win Indiana Senate race

Brown over DeWine

Webb 49.39% Allen 49.39% !!! 862 of 2443

Initial projections MSNBC: Mass suicide in Freeperville tonight.

CBS calls it for Casey

Yarmuth(D) up 1% against incumbent in KY3 with 81%reporting...

Gov. Granholm projected winner in Michigan!

CNN is one big graphics headache

Phil Bredesen to win re-election in TN!

Exit polls: I thought the networks weren't going to announce results until

The beginning of the rise of the rural Democrat

I just heard if we don't get Va we don't get the Senate. Can anyone verify this for me?

Hodes 66% NH. AWESOME.

CNN exit poll shows Lieberman leading Lamont

Fux calls Indiana for Ellsworth!

MSNBC: RENDELL projected winner over Swann (R)

VA Senate: Allen up by about 2400 votes w/ 30% reporting

LOL, MSNBC - Tweety asked if Lieberman was a G Bush kissing Booth

Nelson-FL Kennedy-MA WIN!!!

Evidence that Kerry comments were not a factor?

Stewart/Colbert anchor LIVE election coverage - 11:00 ET

Blackwell (Ohio -SoS 2004) and Harris (FL-SoS 2000) going down

It's a Democratic year: Fred Barnes and Brit Hume


Pennsylvania called for Governor Rendell!

Challenger Ellsworth in Indiana winning BIG

VA-Sen quickly moves to 51%-46% (Webb-Allen) link

VA Senate: It's 49.49 Webb-49.33 Allen w/ 19% at 7:56 PM

Why are the exit polls asking "who did you vote for for president in 04?"


Early CNN Senate Exit Polls - from Think Progress

Any word on Tn yet?

Just incase DU's server locks tight. You can post results here:

The right to vote was being denied in Denver through bureaucratic incompetence,indifference or worse

Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again

Any CT news? Lamont?

Federal Judge orders 16 Ohio (Cleveland) area locations open til 9pm

KY-3 Democrat John Yarmouth out to early lead agains GOP incumbent

What to look for when the polls start closing at 7 P.M.

Allen 60.04% Webb 38.82% Precincts Reporting: 9 of 2443

I think Blackwell lost. CNN

Just finished the Zogby post election poll online

Glitches keep polls open later in six states

No surprise:Bernie Sanders (I) is declared projected winner in VT by CNN.

AP: 1/3 of Evangelicals voted for Dems

Looks like there are some Republicans headed to jail soon

70-72% Turnout in Connecticut

Did Candy Crawley just call VA for Webb?

MSNBC Streaming Video links

Warning about the early Webb/Allen results

GOP Yarmouth is behind Kentucky 3

STFU Joe Scarborough

Something BIG just happened in Virginia!

Santorum conceding, LIVE: MSNBC

RI Senate Whitehouse/Chaffee ABC exit polls

I'll say it: Republicans you have only yourselves to blame

Is there a way to have a summary forum somewhere?

Don't look now, but.....

I feel sorry for Ford....I feel for him

What? "Moderate Republicans are losing in Indiana"?

Anybody know how Jimmy Carter's son - Jack?? - is doing. n/t

What's happening in Missouri?

McCaskill wins Buchanan Co by 53%, 02 D won by 51%, Kerry...

Well maybe we can still get a 50/50 senate

Allen will win

KY-04 in Play!!! Lucas only down 48-47 with 54% reporting. (not in play now)

Are they going to steal house elections because we are watching

Santorum conceding on MSNBC! Music to my ears!'s a horse race between incumbent Sodrell and Dem Baron Hill

WHat's going on in the HOUSE ??

Tweety twisting and sweating talking with KO

I am going nutz here in Hawaii just seeing these results

Maybe the Diebold technicians are pissed at the repubs and are

Live Stream the Velvet Revolution Election Integrity Broadcast

Ne turning red to BLUE in 2 of 3 seats for congress early returns KLEEB & MOUL

Santorum is Challenging Voting Machines in PA

Any news on FL Sweeney vs. Clint Curtis? nt

NE-3 Red to Blue? Kleeb (D) 52% Smith 48% (8% reporting)

As a true liberal I have to admit I feel sorry for the Fox crew....

Still nothing on Cuyahoga- Kucinich

Freepers start to eat their own

WOW! Anderson (D) leading Boozman(R) in AR Dist 03. Very Red area

FL Gov: Davis leads among moderates, indy's, AfrAm, liberals, antiwar, also South FL

Lamont will probably do concession soon :(

Johnson concedes to Murphey in CT!

Californians, 3 1/2 hours left to go vote for DEBRA BOWEN for Sec of State!

Damn...Chris Matthews was really rough on Howard Dean.

NBC projects Perry (R) and Crist (R) win Governor in TX, FL


Emanuel: Dems have swept Indiana

I'm done being cautiously optimistic.

Dem Jay Fawcett *was* leading in CO-House-District 5 (Colorado Springs!)

LOL! NBC has Rahm labeled as (R-IL)

We might be leaning on you ARIZONA. Peterson's up now (50 - 47, 9% reporting)

After You Concede......

Pederson is up 4 points on Kyl right now (NBC)

Lamont has called Lieberman to concede, speech soon...

8 seats down only seven to go

Watch these three races: NY-20, NY-25, NY-26

OMG. CBS has jumped the shark. Couric hosting big election coverage on now.

It's starting to look pretty damned good for us in the Senate!

Dems take lead in the two vulnerable GA House seats (Marshall and Barrow)

Freepers News Alert: Faux News is the Liberal Media

The "Most Important man in the Senate" MEME is starting...(LIEBERMAN)

More freeper self-immolation

MSNBC just reported many northern VA votes not counted yet!

Webb has closed to within 8,000 votes, Allen leads by only .4!!!

I am saddened by Chafee loss, and pissed about LiEberman win....

My profound thanks to Ned Lamont! You rallied the nation against the war!

Any news from Montana? Has Burns bitten the dust yet?

Rocky Mt. News calls Democrat Bill Ritter the winner for Govenor!

I see Bill & Hill on my TV and I Smile

Update on TX-22 (DeLay) district results

McCaskill behind early.. CMON

has mehlman aged 50 years in one day?

Cali - I had NO IDEA how I was supposed to vote on prop 87 - Clinton said yes, everyone else said no

CASEY on Csapn !!!!

Bob Nay, ya don't say?

MAHONEY WINS!!!??!!! CNN says

Missouri the New Ohio?

Dont look now, but Webb is making a comeback

Just checked WA state site Darcy Burner is leading Dave Reichert!!

Virginia, where are votes left to be counted? Please report.

Is Conrad Burns really in trouble??

Repukes trying to cheat in Kansas...HERE IS MY STORY

"NBC Projects Democrats Take Control of House"

Somebody get Wolf Blitzer lauding Sherwood on YouTube

Well Virginia just took a turn for the worse

What does electing of Liebernam and loss of Ford tells us about democrats?

A lot of talk about how the Democrats are moving to the center.

CNN : Colorado Paccione and Musgrave neck and neck Colorado 04

Who is our James Baker? We need him NOW in VA!

FL-16..Mahoney (Dem) vs. Pedophile replacement

Hillary's looking pretty on MSNBC

Virginia Absentee and Early Voters...

PLEASE DUers! When posting race info. -- IDENTIFY STATE AND PARTY!!

NBC has just called the House for Democrats.

How is the abortion issue faring in S. Dakota?

MNBC projects House for Democrats +29!!! 231 - 204!


Tweety reports that the house is ours!! 230-205!!!

It's THE PRESIDENT, stupid!!!

Heath Shuler, North Carolina 11, adds another to the "D" side!

Lieberman...STFU already

Still nothing counted from STL city and KC! Not at all over in MO!

Daily Show starting now--guest Dan Rather

Dean is supposedly up with Matthews again at 11:15...

FL- Foley replacement (Negron) making concession speech! to Dem Mahoney!!!!


Holy god! Look at the chart on CNN rise!

IN-09...Sodrell concedes to Dem Baron Hill! IN-09 goes Dem!

People...let's give it up for Skinner and our friends at DU...Great Job!

I'm breaking the diet and breaking out the Bailey's to celebrate!

Is Kyl's Senate seat really in danger in Arizona?

Dems going to have subpoena power. They not let Nancy Pelosi

Just remember one thing before you go to bed tonight...

Ch.5 in Nashville says Ford-Corker still too close to call, 75% reporting

Ohio is turning very

Santorum's Crying Children: REAL Parents Would've Left the Kiddies Home

The hell with Nancy, start impeachment proceedings tomorrow. nm

Looking like a Dem sweep for NH

Tester (D-MT) up 500 votes with 1% reporting.

Breaking! -- Rick Santorum Raptured!

NY-20 Gillibrand beats Slimey Sweeney!!

That's some "math", Karl!

MSNBC: DEMS +31 in the House

Cantwell (D) projected winner for WA state!

Can we call bush a lame duck now?

Kerry on CNN I love MA!

If Michell Bachman beats Patty Wetterling I will puke the rest of the night

democrats closing in on house control

Virginia: Richmond City, 67% of precincts reporting, Not over!

Mitchell beating JD Hayworth in AZ-5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh! Kurt Weldon lost

I'm so happy...

Tweety just said it..."Tsunami"....

sorry, but I forgot one thing I've been waiting to say. GOD has

Tweety: Bill Clinton standing behind Hillary with his familiar snarl

Any news on Burner (D) vs. ThirdReichert (R) WA state?

Ken Mehlman is now talking about the importance of

BBC is Reporting that the Democrats have taken the House

Champagne anyone?

Arrogant bastard JD Hayworth is losing!


Election SNAFUS North Denver Metro area

Dean is kicking the SHIT out of Matthews right now

Now aren't you sorry you said all those terrible things about the GOP?

Huge win in PA Altmire beats Hart

A short tribute to Samm Simpson, who fought the good fight in

someone please post the MO senate race result link.... eom

best coverage so far---jon stewart


Can someone confirm - Reid calling for recount of VA?

MSNBC: Bush knows the results and will be going to bed soon

George W. Bush's Noble Cause in 2004- "Political Capital"

McCaskill gaining on Talent!!!

News Alert: Depression deepens in Freeperville

Tester (d) ahead of Burns (r) in Montana according to CNN...

"SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi and her SAN FRANCISCO VALUES" are in da HOUSE!!!!

Where can the exact House/Senate count be found? n/t

SD abortion ban lost. AAR. nt

I'm not conceding Virginia yet. I have to hope that Virginians will

CNN VA numbers are way off from the official site

CNN now has Senate tied 48/48 Dem/Rethug

Any news on Reynolds in Buffalo?

My prediction, control of the Senate is going to be tied up in

Eleanor Holmes Norton may have no sense of humor

So...They're gonna Fight Maryland

I'm dipping my finger in blue ink tonight.

has anybody heard this?

Missouri: Jackson Co, not in much at all, we get about 40,000 there!

Has anybody stop by Faux News tonight?

CNN removed their Independent Senate count from earlier

Tweety giving Pelosi job guidance - gag me


Tester way ahead now

Please join me in congratulating Howard Dean!

I despise Florida

Looks like the polls were totally right in CT


Hey Karl Rove, How did that math problem work out?


LMAO now all the Repukes are saying lets work together

Are that many Floridians that stupid?

CBS News says Heath Schuler Just Won in N.C.

Help, DUers please...

Bush was going to call Nancy to congratulate her but he can't stop crying,

These crappy republican pundits are saying it isn't a tidal wave. Bullshit!

Has anyone been brave enough to go to Freeperville?

Hold up! IN-2nd Donnelly 50%-Chocola 50%???????????????

Pukes' new mantra: We look forward to working across the aisle.

I LOVE New York!

PA-04 Altmire (D) DEFEATS Hart (incumbent-bushbot)

WI- Doyle projected winner over Freepcreep Green in Gov. Race

What? Only 562 DUers have voted!!???

Ford can still win TN

NH Went *completely* Blue

simple question re: senate,can it still be won

The Green Party has either come close or has lost the U.S. senate to the Republicans.

Virginia Closing! Allen by .55%. Close!!!

Tweety: "They've clearly won BIG TIME in the House, and as history tells us..."

CNN J D Hayworth bites the dust

Webb Ahead!!! Webb 50% Allen 49% 99% reporting!!!

CBS projects Lampson winner for DeLay's seat


Ijust received this emergency message from MoveOn.

Just back from the Denver Convention Center, went there to help.

Two National Press Club events tomorrow.

I would like to send a shout-out to JOHN CONYERS, JR.

"Protect marriage" anti-gay proposition LOSING in AZ!!!!

Democrats Win, America Loses? (not by a Repubican)

"The Great Victory - crushing the developing myths" - Greenwald shreds B.S. talking pts - fun read

'"The gay man" is the new seductress tempting the men of Christendom'

"W, Iraq, neo-cons have damaged the GOP, conservative movement, US" (newsmax)

It's stunning to see state voters marginalize my very existence

Bush actually/finally tells the truth

Election 2006: Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

An historic shutout

Current Texas Monthly profile of Robert Gates...

DW: Europeans Revel in US Republican Defeat

World sees Dems' win as Bush rejection

Sectarian strife in Iraq forces mixed couples to divorce

Gene Lyons on the neo-cons

Comment: paradigm shift result that changes Capitol Hill

Rockefeller, Snowe Attack Exxon Mobil for Climate Change Denial

NYT: A Loud Message for Bush

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Democrats may win, thanks to GOP -


LAT... and the loser

All The Leaves Are Brown (Mickey Z.)

We Galactic Observers Stationed On This Planet (Mogambo Guru)

UK's The Guardian:Democrats take control of House (great pic)

California Prop 87 Defeated

Special note for E&E: Pombo is gone.

The Skystream,Backyard Wind Generator, Awarded 2006 Best of What's New Award Popular Science

Democrats to target oil majors in new US Congress

Toyota Buys Chunk Of Isuzu As Part Of Low-Emission Diesel Plan - Reuters

Greenland, Antarctic Ice Sheets More Closely Linked By Currents Than Thought - AFP

Environmentalists hopeful after US Democratic victory

Bush won't change climate policy, chief negotiator says (Reuters)

Rapid Melting Of Swedish Glaciers Consistent With Climate Modeling - AFP

All these congressional wins in the Midwest will mean a focus on corn-ethanol

Dems' Wins in U.S. Races Concern Israel

Nations and narratives

Hamas: Israel must be wiped out

Galant: Gaza attack was 'preventative'

Dershowitz: The Case for Israel.

Hamas leader says Israel truce is over

IDF: Malfunction possible cause of Gaza incident

Hamas urges attacks on U.S. targets

Israeli shelling kills 18 in Gaza

22 Palestinians killed in Gaza, West Bank

Dear ERD.... Please Sign On To The HELL YEAH Thread In GD

Dear ERD.... Please Sign On To The HELL YEAH Thread In GD

So, folks - I think I will retire for the night

You of this forum may be most responsible for Blue Wave!

CA SoS Race: Please help keep an eye on this one.

Meanwhile Senate seat on CNN 49-50 Dem n/t

Virginia Dems could have had a paper trail, but NOOOOOOO!

Voter arrested for SMASHING a Diebold voting machine (video!)

Los Angeles registration issue: Help

Machine Counts Dem Votes for Santorum - Then the Dems Strikes Back

Seeking info on student protest in OH-15

Wulsin Says She Won't Concede Race (vs.Jean Schmidt)

There are some (not me) who will say this forum is obsolete now

Lets encourage George Allen to seek a recount....

Debra Bowen WON CA SOS race!

Election Protection – Fraud Busters Ongoing Monitoring of Tight Races

WE WON!!! Now let's GET RID OF THE *[email protected]&%!! MACHINES!

If you think that was a clean election, just

Ford jr. from listening to his speech will RUN AGAIN for..

MSNBC: 80% votes in... Talent - 799,000 McCaskill - 813,000 MCCASKILL NOW AHEAD

CNN reporting McCaskill now leads in MO.

Kagan and Doyle Win

Exit Polls: Iraq Hurt Republicans, But Scandal Hurt Worse In U.S. Midterms

South Dakota rejects tough abortion law

Looks like it's up to Montana:

AP: Highlights From National Exit Poll In U.S. Elections (Iraq, Scandal, Pessimistic Mood)

Blast kills 35 at Pakistan army camp

Is anyone here a good cook?

Webb up 12,000 in CBS news poll!

AP: 17 Marines' Conduct In Iraq Investigated

Wisconsin Communities Vote On Bringing Troops Home

And don't forget - Dems were winners in the Guv races!

Chris Mathews distrurbs me

Voters Back Resuscitating Death Penalty In Wisconsin

AP Democrats win control of Wisconsin Senate (3 seats from Repugs)

Crowd Thinning In Billings As Burns Closes Gap

cruella is currently speaking on msnbc

AP GOP loses 4 key Senate races, wins Tenn.

did we get the Senate? do i understand this correctly? DID WE GET BOTH?

AP GOP loses scandal-tainted seats

AA just said WEBB WON!

Final Count: Tester Victorious

AP Democrats take majority of governorships (MN just stayed Repug)

Sunnis threaten to pull out of Iraq govt, take up arms

Go "Blue"

NYT: High-End or Starter Homes, Builders Remain in a Slump

Los Angeles Paper Ousts Top Editor (Over Refusal to Cut Staff)

Tester's base feeling confident

CNN projects Nick Lampson (D) wins Delay's seat

Baldwin, Kagen win; House goes to Dems (WI sends a new Dem to House)

Democrats win majority of governorships

Control of Senate Hangs on Results From One Montana County

Webb leads by over 5,700 now!


McCaskill WINS

Democrats guaranteed governor majority

Hamas urges attacks on U.S. targets

Democrats win majority of state legislatures

AP: Voter turnout a tad higher than last midterm

Please enjoy this----freeper funnies

MSNBC reports..

Rumsfeld's Replacement : Dr. Roberts M. Gates - Bio

AFL-CIO Saw Evidence of Organized Voter Suppression

Wish we could

"Think I'm nuts?"

I did not come to washington to just to

(Wyoming) U.S. House race too close to call

Dirty Tricks Mar Election (photo of Voter Protection Program)

DW: US Elections Mark New Beginning for Transatlantic Ties

DW: Czech rightist Topolanek appointed PM

DW: 45 Sri Lankan civilians die in attack

Forbes: Voters reject abortion, gay marriage ban

Yellowstone (MT) Recount Alleged as Poll Worker Error

Rumsfeld stepping down

DW: Europeans Revel in US Republican Defeat

Webb Saying Votes are in and

1,500 Baathists killed in south (Iraq since start of 2006)

Dems' Wins in U.S. Races Concern Israel

Superbug brought back by Iraq war casualties

Automatic recount may not be needed in Wyoming House race

Something is going on in VA.

NYT: A Virginia Recount Would Not Come Soon

The City and County of Honolulu elects highest ranking openly transgendered person in nation

EDIT..went back down to (94.73%) VA 100% are in

In Va., Allen refuses to concede to Webb

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 8

Bush, Stung By Election Loss, May Need to Change Style, Agenda

In Va., Win Declared, Loss Not Conceded

Specter urges GOP to re-evaluate priorities after election losses (urges GOPigs to lurch leftward)

Allen awaits official tally

KR: President Bush may have to lower his goals in Iraq

Dead woman wins county race (SD-Better Dead Then Red)

Pombo defeated!!!!!!!

One Task Force Lightning Soldier killed, three U.S. Soldiers wounded Multi-National Division

Dems pick up Pennsylvania House seat (Murphy in, Fitzpatrick out)

Military Contractors Fall on News of Rumsfeld Resignation After Holding Steady on Midterm News

Openly gay candidates win elections in record numbers

AP: Hastert won't seek House leader post

Oil climbs, US oil stocks fall, OPEC talks cuts

Marine killed in Al Anbar

Bush disappointed at Republicans' losses (Rove Formally Informs Him)

CNN Breaking: Republican Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri concedes defeat to Democrat Claire McCaskill

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Baghdad Envoy Says Bush Still Committed to Iraq

Gay Marriage Ban Rejected in Arizona

Bush wishes Dems congratulations on victory(Invites Pelosi & Leaders Lunch)

Incoming US House panel head (John Dingell) sets energy priorities

Bush names ex-CIA chief Gates to replace Rumsfeld

CNN Breaking - Burns refuses to concede to Tester

Vandals spray-paint hate graffiti at Jewish Community Center

Rumsfeld: Iraq war 'little understood'

J.A.I.L. (for judges) measure rejected in dramatic fashion (in S.D.)

World sees Dems' win as a Bush rejection

Bush says Rumsfeld is stepping down

Democrat John Tester wins Montana Senate race: AP

Secretary of State: Burns can’t ask for recount; margin of victory too large

Wulsin Says She Won't Concede Race (vs.Jean Schmidt)

Venezuela's Chavez says Democrats won U.S. congressional gains thanks to 'reprisal vote'

Former House member (r) charged with assaulting man who defeated him(d)

Poland "misled" into joining Iraq war

Dean calls for election changes, reform

Intent on voting, Pa. woman, 95, calls 911 (Democrat)

Al-Qaeda Planning to Hit All Major Cities of India: US

Murtha to vie for majority leader, urges leaving Iraq

L.A. Times: Fox News calls exit polls unreliable

I just feel like I am going to wake up from this exquisite dream...

Just saw this online!

Wouldn't you just love to know what's going on at the White House

First they ignored us. Then they laughed at us. Then they beat us,

Hahah imploding Freeper comment

Sweeney loses!!!!

Meanwhile, Measure K in Santa Cruz, Calif.

OMFG!!! I can't stop crying - WE JUST WON THE SENATE

Now that all this boring election talk is over,

This is like watching the Redskins beat the Cowboys on Sunday

As soon as I put babylil to bed, I'm gonna get my drink on. Will anyone be up?

OK, everyone on the Lounge has to listen to Otis Day & the Knights with me!

I'm gonna say it - Tonight has been fucking ORGASMIC

JC watts: Americans have spoken

Take a look at the cover of The Independent!

Bloody hell

Tomorrow, I'll be a quiet, polite, and humble member of the winning party.

An election day quote from Confucius:

Just back from the Zack Space Victory party

I've had a bad year. My Dad died, and my son almost died.

I think it's going to be a great Thanksgiving, don't you?

Hilarious Rapture Ready thread: "Muslim In US CONGRESS!" (gahhhh....!)

A dirge for the GOP

Happy GD!! Happy GD!! Get it while it's hot!!!

MT and VA need to HURRY UP!

I'm gonna go have a drink with my hardcore freeper neighbor.

Is anyone watching Faux Snooze?

How are we still at level 4?

Guess the repubs can be thankful... there's still the fillibuster!

Who thinks bushie's gonna be hungover at the 1pm press conf?

This is the best day I've had in six years!

who's tuning in to haniity tomorrow for a laugh?

Okay, who's staying until Montana's in?

It had to be done: Dem victory celebratory pic thread!!!

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Okay, can we talk about Britney now please?

The Radio wingers are going to make WHINE from sour grapes tomorrow this kinda what it feels like to take a hit of ecstacy?

Best election since my first (in '92)


We have. THE SENATE.

:o) :o) (o: (o: happy ,happy, joy joy!!

Why am I at work?

A good night indeed!

na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

EVERYONE!! Please check out today's comic from Radfridge (and give her a 5)

Ask me crap... i gotta pop 800 tonight, finally, it's the perfect nite...

Democrat Claire McCaskill defeated incumbent Sen. Jim Talent !

CONFESS!!!!! At what point did you realize tonight was gonna be a good night?

somehow this Traveling Wilbury's song reminds me of Chris Matthews & Bush

We need a pictorial representation of tonights results....

Freppers want to know who are the Mo Traitors



To the tune of...

I am a Happy, tired girl... Results of the race I worked on...

Who would've thought


Checks and Balances

For some reason I have an urge to listen to Rush Limbaugh today

How about a Victory Picture thread :o) post yer lovely mug

George - The guys are here to measure the drapes

I am unable to work


Don't get cocky just yet.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/8/06)

So Ohio banned smoking and raised the price of cigarettes

I just woke up. Did I miss anything

Well do I lie like a loungeroom lizard,?

I would like a jumbo delivery of crow sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave please.

Hey Chimp-ass, We're Bringin' DOWN the House !

Where's NanceGreggs?

So, Idaho doesn't give a shit about education, public lands...

Shame on me.

Whoa, I've had way too much caffine tonight

Ah, the King's Peg

Okay...I just can't hold it in any more....


A big Nelson Muntz "HA-HA" goes out to Radio Lady! She got her GD thread locked!

My husband (the Republican) just RAN away from me!

Whew, this is beer #8.

Whose House? DEMS' HOUSE!!!!

So happy-feel like crying

Just got the GREAT news!!!!

Seriously - I'm drinking the victory Herradura Tequila now - who wants some

Everybody sing! To the tune of 'Bill Bailey': Won't you shut up Chris Matthews/ Won't you shut up

Some nice t shirts for sale.

It's 7:30am and I'm drinking champagne!! Have a glass!!

What are you drinking tonight to celebrate.


tra la la, tra la la, tra lalalalalalalalalal

New Blue Hampshire!

Post-Election Music Playlist for GOPsters

Hey Michael J. Fox!!! Looks as if there will be Stem Cell Research in MO!

So.... what Level are we at right now?

God is a Retired General Motors Engineer!

What do you predict will happen with the Repukes between now and January when

A Lesson In Humility and Humanity

From the while you were busy file: Mercury in Transit of the Sun Today

I love the smell of Democracy in the morning.

*YAWN*... So, did we win?

All I need now is my Love to come back and to win the lottery and get some plastic

The terrorists have won!

Thieves Steal Nut-Filled Trucks

Finally headed to bed!

OMG!!!!!111 CALL CONGRESS NOW!!!!111

The Stephanie Miller Show is hilarious this morning.

Why this one really is a revolution (versus the "revolution" of '94)

OMG!! Our office freeper didnt know Talent lost!


Miami football player shot, police rule death a homicide

Do you all know what this means???

I have angina...

Is this grounds for tax-exempt status revocation?

In other election news ...... CINDY ALEXANDER WINS!!!!

Voter smashes touch-screen machine in Allentown, PA

Did the Dems get Bin Laden yet?

We're still at Defcon 4? Go away everyone! I want siglines!

It's as official as it's gonna get right now: Dems have the Senate

LOL...Bush invites Democrats to lunch

what's the name of that queen song?

Are there any South Dakota DUers?

I'll be wearing all blue today...

Um... , Ok, ..and..... here I go:

Martha Stewart is deliriously happy with a huge smile on her face

My freeper brother cut his NH vacation short.

And now, a brief message for our DEMOCRATIC House and Senate:

when i'm really happy

Print this picture out for all your Republican friends !

Happy days are here again

Greyhound Poops On Ohio Family

doug says:

When I'm really happy

What are you gonna do now that the Dems have won?

Urbandictionary frontpage yesterday; MACACA!

now that the grown-ups are in charge


So, how did we do last night?

I Got Drunk And Ate A Baby Last Night

anybody up for making some repubs "humble" in the "old country way?"


i'm getting even happier

Radio Lady and hubby -- the smiles of victory! (PHOTO)

Damn! I actually have work to do

Now that the midterms are finished, I'd like to gripe about Of Montreal

Pelosi and Reid need to

Anybody know how to make a BLUE map of the US????

Check out HuffPost's front page

some funny pics on craigslist

Who do we have to thank for last night's success?

Love stories like this: Dead woman wins county commissioner's race

What will happen in the next two years?

It's all LynneSin's fault...

Microphone Thief Arrested At President Bush Rally

UPDATE: We still have two contested Senate seats on 11/08 at 12 Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific...

So, do you think Bush is going to fire....

Na Na Na Na

My sig line finally came true !

Can I get a little love and comfort?

Cheney breaks tie! Impeaches W.

Hey, How About our November Surprise! Poor Rove.

This is a message to anyone within Cheney's hunting range.

50th Anniversary of WIZARD OF OZ on TV

billyjack says:


By the way, we're back down to Defcon 3; your My DU will work again


Boy am I glad I took the day off ! Hey it too early for a drink?

I know I should be happy but damnit I wanted Grant in ID-1

"Oh-Chi-Minh won yesterday....."

haven't posted in a while but i wanna say hi on this beautiful day!

Please do not read my smoking thread!

This is the first time I've been able to listen to

So: Did anyone unmask last night?

I got the job!

You want me to do WHAT??? (funny bloodhound picture)


This is the happiest hangover I've ever had.

This is one of the best days evah!

Do I get to be the first to call him Donald "Rumsfled"?

Tech Question

I'm anxiously waiting for the online poll "Should Allen Concede?"

Dead Democrat Beats (Live) Republican in South Dakota

Meanwhile, up in Heaven, Ed, Jon and Andy are smiling.

Holy crap! I completely forgot!!

"No whip?"

A beautiful picture!!

Let me be the first to say...

Do you believe that this win will

Now HERE'S a REAL Lounge post...Lindsay Lohan!

My Election Madrigal

We've got blue lights all over the front of our house

George Berkeley - Like im?

DAMMIT! All My Children pre-empted to show The View!

"Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!! he chortled in his joy...."

Casualty #2...Hastert steps down

Looks like the election had Jim Rob up all night

What's the difference between Congress and the Library of Congress?

Someone in my apt. complex is singing "nananana nananana hey hey hey goodbye"

Follow-up to my potential Ebay Scam

When does DU get out of Def Con 4?

UC Berkeley - Like im?

Okay, it is now time to unconfuse Mr. Rabrrrrrr about gov. terms:

Happy Days Are Here Again!!!

Donald Rumsfeld wasn't giving the President his daily briefing this morning


I am wearing a party dress everywhere that I go, today!

we democrats should behave better and be gracious in victory

Song ideas to celebrate our victory???

Music to rail against the system to?

HELP!! I have to cook a Geek dinner for Thanksgiving.

HELP!! I have to cook a Geek for dinner Thanksgiving.

OH MY GOSH...I just realized Rumsfeld is down!

Freeper reaction to the asswhoopin'? - "Chavez is a dick!"

Of all days to have computer problems!

Tell me what you think of this. (Church and politics)

I have some grave news to report to the lounge

Do I dare venture into GD?

Charles Barkley - Like 'im?

Utterly addictive flash games


Just got done mounting a large flag outside

Breaking: Emergency Rooms across the country coping with influx

FReeps: "Waaaah! The Muslims are coming!"

What are you more likely to get?

Breaking: Navy Names Ship for Bush

Fear not, everyone. GD is back to its contentious self.

Nancy Pelosi reminds me of Laura Roslin.

Ever get the feeling that some people just make up something....

Kevin Federline has a free show tonite in Chicago --Should I go?

So how much sleep did YOU get last night?

Emperor Rumsfeld...You're the Man Now, Dog!

Kenny G playing Christmas music. Jesus Christ, what could possibly be worse?!?!?!

So now that we have won Congress, can we begin with the War on Christmas?

Dumped letters to God to be donated to church

Link: Rumsfeld Just Got Owned

Urgent: Need advise. How can I prolong the euphoria?

Nancy Grace is on "Celebrity Jeopardy" right now.

Did you guys see this? Fucking beautiful!

So my dumbass hockey-playing roommates broke a window.

And one more point of pure joy - DOW Jones closes at record high!

I've not been so happy in a long time: Dems in boths houses, Rummy out

Hey boy! Take off them panties.

Holiday retail work

In a way, Oasis also won the House of Representatives.

HELP!! I have to cook a Greek dinner for Thanksgiving.

EVERYONE!! Walk Up To A Republican Today And SAY THESE 2 WORDS:

Nominate a song for today's sound track!

A Lounger has been called out in GD

I feel like there was a big party last night to which I was not invited.

It's the 16th century. Would you pick up Pocahontas?

Wednesday, November 8. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Happy birthday darkism & Pat Cakes!!

In honor of our monumental gains, kmla demands that you reply to this post in third person style...

Well with all this happy news that just keeps pouring in...

Hey, who has been say this on this site???

Congratulations GoPsUx - 10,000 posts!!!

Rumsfeld Resigning!

Good vibes needed, grandmother is dying...


Another chapter in the Naughty Tales of NewWaveChick1981!

Freeps are so screwn I bet money they're code browning their pantses!

Anybody know anything about how much running a website costs?

Let's say you had the ability to cure one disease and one disease only. Which do you cure?

Non-Election Thread. Post an RIP for an actor, musician, artist, or other

"One day you're a peacock, the next day you're a feather duster."

Democrats win every statewide office in Illinois


What do roosters say in Virginia?


Look in here.

Good one! Joke in photos (gave me a giggle)

Gnarls Barkley - Like em?

I am truly sorry that George W. Bush's ego...

Watch Mercury transit the sun on Wednesday

Mercury transits the Sun .gif

Mass. Constitutional Convention on Thursday, November 9th! We need YOUR help!

With passage of TN, SC and VA anti gay amendments, NC becomes

It rained where I lived this morning

AWESOME NEWS from Hawaii: We elect highest ranking transgendered in nation

Victory and Challenge

So I guess gay marriage in NJ did NOT cost us this election, eh?

Arizonans reject gay marriage ban

it wasn't such a great night for us

The Gay Marriage Ammendments -- Your families

AZ Becomes First State To Reject Marriage Ban

I'm sorry my friends.

The New Basketball

Miami (FL) Football Player Bryan Pata Shot and Killed Off Campus

My team won the national championship last year

Heath Schuler Returns to Washington

Jeff Gordon marries model in Mexico

The Giants are screwed worse that the GOP - Toomer gone

A wonderful friend

I realize we've only just begun this part of the journey but right now

I am filled with gratitude this morning.

See energy flowing as victory through Jim Webb in Va. Theft alert.

Big change swept through around noon today.

So what predicitions came true to you?

UFO sighting at O'hare International

I'm wanting to feel that this is it

Committee in charge of 'Net Neutrality' now chaired by John Kerry

Bill Clinton defended Kerry

Chris Heinz, Bob Casey and Santorum

I think I'm going to have to quit my local Virginia blog

An observation

It is time to fix the election systems.

This is Great - Warning: Gratuitous gloating ahead

Kerry must still be a threat

Rumsfeld Resigns!!!

New Hampshire!!

They're playing "Its A Beautiful Day"

Virginia Senate Seat thread

The new leadership team in MA

AP calls Montana for the Democrats

Thank you. Thank all of you. Thank you very much.

Kerry's speech at Kennedy's party.

Repeat the mantra: Senator Webb and Senator Tester

See! I told you Kerry would cost us the election!!!

DId you see the DSCC statement....

Lend a hand for Kerry

Damn you, John Kerry!

From the PA 7th CD to you...

Kerry delivered the Senate.

OT - ahem


They are using Kerry's song

Diary about Lamont and the Dems abandoning him (Kerry gets a mention)

Blue Landscapes

This photo is dedicated to the outgoing Republican House majority

I just heard... Congressman Murtha is running for Majority of the house!!!

Even more MT Senate # TESTER

Someone fucked up the math, Mr. Rove. /nt

Melissa Hart goes down per AP....

Um, Is everyone aware that we have a running tally of all the election results here on DU?

On tenterhooks here! NY 19th CD, with 94% in John Hall 51% Creep Kelly 49%!!!!!

Tweety is sad...hahahaha...

The Yankees win the pennant! The Yankees win the pennant!

OK Kids.. I couldn't sleep.. they're ready for your bumpers NOW!

Um, Is Skinner aware that many female DUers want to have sex with him right now?

MSNBC - Still 4 Senate seats up in the air! - Possible recount in VA

Nancy Pelosi for President in 2007!

Goodnight, goodnight...

Tweety just said Allen is ahead

Freeper Bil is gonna be grumpy. *g* Could be a much more fun Turkey day this yr.

I dipped my finger in blue ink tonight.


I am going to sleep so good tonight

ROTFLOL at Tweety!!!

Update MT Senate: Tester Still Kicking ASS

DEAN COMING UP NOW ON CNN! Larry King interview

Tweety just had to be CORRECTED Re: Webb

Howard on CNN

Can we get Leiberman and Jeffords to switch to Dem?

Montana and Missouri?

Dean on Larry King

So what's up with Missouri????

Who's right? VA race websites have different numbers

The reign of terror has come to an end


If you like vocal trance and are tired of the TV...

Anybody from AZ know how I can check county results

Will Chimploeon have fresh bruises tomorrow?


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Sky News now!


The best goddamn day since I've been posting on DU.

Hmmmm.....Faux News is ever so much fun to watch now.

MSNBC is now calling for a veritable ROUT

BUSH IS MY *****!!!! (edited out of respect for the DU ladyfolk)

Pelosi with a BIG smile on her face, CNN.

Pelosi on stage with Reid, i like the looks of that...

Virginia Will Become The Florida Of 2006

Tester is crushing Burns...

30,000 outstanding absentee ballots according to MSNBC...WEBB will win

Harry Reid on Cspan n/t

Results from Kansas City (in Jackson County) and St. Louis

Results from Kansas City (in Jackson County) and St. Louis

More MT Senate # TESTER up 56-42

Something Wrong in VA, or On CNN

Pombo is ahead now with 22.1% in CA-11

cbs here: webb a bit ahead NOT called yet



Virginia Election Law

I guess I'm done here;

All right, I'm having too much fun here... but has anyone been to the "other" sites?

FOX News has finished their election coverage here locally


Fucking Tweety called the Democrats "chaotic"

Ladies and gentlemen, the New Speaker of the House Live

Ready for "San Francisco Values"?

Jesus Christ. So far 30 pages taken up in GD

"More votes to be counted in McCaskill country, not Talent country"

Pelosi now speaking...

Will the DLC try to take credit for these results?

Nancy's Up Y'all!!!


Corker holds NARROW lead... Let's hope it turns!!

Parker - (Green) - Virginia.. THANKS A LOT - 25,549

Ellison set to become first Muslim elected to US Congress

More MT Senate #: Tester 55-43

VA- Send lawyers! If difference under 11,000 - automatic recount

Mr. Bush - Where's your political capital now? Hmmmmm?

Now that the Dems control the House, will the MSM remove their lips off

Minnesotans, how did Colleen Rowley do?

Freeps, we told you days ago about the GOP

Webb Needs To Claim Victory TONIGHT

Webb overtakes Allen

For the last time, the third party candidate in VA is NOT a Green

Today has been proof that the 'christian' Right is no juggernaut

Is it me?

Allow me to introduce the new congresswoman from Kansas

Minimum wage raise is up pretty big in Arizona

Now I'll be able to watch C-Span again

In 1994 Dems lost but won 4 GOP House seats


I Wish Nancy Would Say "I'm Going To Bring Some San Francisco Values"

Let a proud Mother brag on the Cantwell race, she's up 57-40%

If they use U2's Beautiful Day for a political rally one more time

Missouri DU'ers - How Is Claire McCaskill Doing for a Dem?

Californians, exactly what is wrong with this?

Fox Call Maryland yet?

It appears our control of the senate now hinges on Missouri....

Where the hell is Howard Dean tonight? has come to a screeching halt.....

VA and MT are ahead, Who flips the Senate? TN or MO?

If there was a Diebold moment in in the Webb/Allen race 8:11-8:21is where it happened?

Only 43% of Cook County Reporting, In Cook Duckworth Leads 54-46

Discuss: Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Did you know his middle name?

By the way, we've won the governorships.

Alright, knock it off with the "bitch" comments

So, looking forward to 2008? I can't wait!

I'm crying!!! This is so wonderful!!!

Time to start the "sore loser" chant for former sen. macaca?

So it really comes down to Missouri, right?

MSNBC's home page!

I hope mccain is proud of going against Tammy Duckwork with slime

Tonight is a GREAT night and the will of the people have spoken

More MT Senate: Tester still at 54-44

Look at this woman doing something we all couldn't wait for!!

***WEBB AHEAD, 100% of precincts reporting!!! (AP)***



Montana House AL, results so far show Dem down by only 4%

Where are we at with Ford??????????????

Billy Kristol on FauxNews says McCaskill will likely win MO. He was on the horn

Brown and Ford results prove DLC way doesn't work

Major Missouri counties still out: St. Louis, Clay (KC), Jefferson, Jasper

Nancy Pelosi....closest female to Presidency ever....


Duckworth vs. Roskam......what's happening in that race????

Here's the screenshot of Webb taking the lead on the official site

Kieth and Chris

We have bled, we have sweated, and we have shed tears. And we have won.

'over the next 2 years,

My home district went blue, i'm so happy!

So, was Rove actually lost without

THE Math, The Mouth and all the King's men, can't put the PNAC's

LOL! Republican losers bitching on CSPAN

Speaker of the House Pelosi

Can we all pledge to band together to demand oversight ?

Oh boy...

McCaskill Closing Gap

Cspan winger; "Our enemies will be dancing in the streets."

Anyone know how absentees historically go in VA?

Won't Count Provisional Ballots Til Tomorrow in VA ..... CNN

DU this election poll! "Is The Country Heading In The Right Direction After Tuesday's Election?"

John McCain, what do you think of George Bush now? Love him or hate

Freeper caller on CSPAN: "It's a sad day...our enemies are dancing in the streets."

Updated MT Senate: Tester still 54-44

Corker defeats Ford

MSNBC Calling it for Corker.

What a night DU! It's looking like we may take BOTH the House and Senate

Somehting funny going on in VA

NYT: Op/Ed - Post-Election Job Number One - Get Rid Of Rumsfeld

Crap. MSNBC projects Tenn for Corker.

Dear Right Wingers - GET OVER IT!

"Apparent Winner" is Corker... From MSNBC

Hopefully Sibel Edmonds will now testify under oath!

REAL HEADLINE: Bush disappointed at Republicans' losses

Warner introducing Allen on CSPAN

Allen speaking

I LOVE New York!!

I really want to listen to Rush and Hannity tomorrow

George Allen on MSNBC - is he going to concede??




Hey Macaca, I say "thank God!" too

Is Allen Conceding?!?

Allen On CNN Right Now. Will He Concede?

Kelly concedes! . . . John Hall is my new Congressman!!! . . .

John Hall wins NY 19th CD!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S THE ONE!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Sore Cacaman up now on CNN. what will he do?

So...we're still not going to get the Senate, correct?

Allen doesn't look happy.

Not only is Chris Matthews openly Rep but also a SEXIST ASSHOLE!

Allen "we are still counting votes" "the counting will continue"

Allen: Counting Will Continue Thru Tomorrow. Doesn't Concede.

I'm happy for the country tonight but sick to my gut over Nevada

Allen just wants them to recount the votes until he wins.


Gosh, Tweety, you're so GENEROUS to Macaca


Boy, Tweety is PISSED about VA!! LOL!!

Looking at the localities in VA, and the precincts that are out....

33000 uncounted votes in fairfax county VA?


Re: Webb Tweety saying fairfax county still has 33K votes uncounted

We just lost TN.

Allen speech to his people right now is awful. It just babble.

33K Webb Leaning Votes uncouted!!!

*******My friends, tomorrow morning, we will have won the senate*******

When did Frank Luntz morph into Yukon Cornelius?

The 'Permanent Majority' Lasted About As Long As The 1000 Year Reich

McCaskill pulls ahead

McCaskill in the LEAD!!!!

McCaskill ahead by a couple thousand votes...

McCaskill is AHEAD!!!!!!!!!

McCaskill now ahead

McCaskill takes the lead!!!!!!!

McCaskill takes the lead!

McCaskill uP!


McCaskill is closong the gap again!

All your senate and house are belong to us

Just to reiterate, if McCaskill wins, then the Senate is ours


Tweety has that steaming pile, Frank Lutz, on right now.

OK what the Frig is going on in Missouri? I see McCaskill gaining

The best part: the Republicans don't even DARE talk about election fraud.

So much for the "permanent" majority

A third of white evangelicals voted Democratic

Pull out of Iraq NOW!

Duckworth down 2%

Great F allsTribune has Tester's lead widening

VA numbers

What was the spread in Virginia? Are they done counting?

just woke are Massa and Sestak doing?

OK..Lets talk Diebold and their hacks....(VA)....

I cant find this in my searching......Hows the Hastart race going?

so much for the "permanent" majority

Come Jan, Keep all eyes on Conyers and Waxman: INVESTIGATION CITY

Welcome home America!

We have gained 24 House seats--more to come

Calling Colorado. East Coast wants to know what's happening.


So what happens on the Hill between now and Jan?

Wow - cheers to Casey in PA!!

Wingers were expecting to be a lot more entertained by us tonight than fate allowed them to be

How did Kucinnich do?

Arkansas with a Dem Governor! I FEEL GOOD!

How much is gas going to cost by the end of November?

Dear NRCC: So how'd that illegal robocalling work out for ya?

I saw Al Gore the other day. So Phat, I wanted to hug him.

Remmeber that obnoxious crying baby 'seal of the democratic party' from 2000?

MSNBC analyst reports absentee ballots in VA already counted!

Scooter Libby is wondering how much his chance for a pardon has been reduced?

Webb (VA), McCaskill (MO) and Tester (MT) -- I think we did it, folks

Hey KKARL - Your numbers SUCK!

House seats?

Anyone know how Nancy Skinner is doing?

So I bet the Repub plan is to do the following things:


The House of Representatives is the one that brings Articles of Impeachment, right?

Andrea Mitchell choking back the tears over the GOP losses...

someone needs to come up with a "sore loserman" type tag for Allen

CNN showing MaCaskill down by 48,000 votes now!

Even the Repubs that won are traumatized by how little they won by

Where did CNN's 48-48 Score for Missouri Come From?

There's no way the racists in Tennessee were going to elect a

Dems win Tom Delay's seat!

Congratulations, America. You win.

What precincts are still open in VA

So. Will the repubs 'reach across the aisle'? Or will they be

Here's the deal in Missouri. Nothing's been counted from Kansas City yet.

Congressman Nick Lampson!~ How do you like that, Tom Delay???

Hey Shrub, how's that mandate working for you?

For a lighter (and jubilant) touch, listen to Mike Webb

Question on the Senate if it ends up 50-50

Payback is a bitch. How ya gonna recount paperless touchscreen?

George W Bush is the lamest duck of all...

Powerline: Bye-bye Senate?

grr...Talent ahead again

Tammy loses to Roskam!!! IL-06

WEBB up by 0.08 pctage points, w only 18 of 2443 precincts yet to

Three Senate seats: if KC is indeed out, we win.

how did the mean jean race go down?

How about a subpoena sandwich for Cheney?

DU Pessimists Check-In

Song for those repubs who came over to the light side

The Dem leaders should deicate tonight to Paul Wellstone

St. Louis County only gave Kerry a 50K margin in '04.

I watched the results tonight with my 2-month-old son

I gotta say, DU has the best election coverage on teh internets.

MSNBC You Dems better not act like winners


MO.... I am PRAYING for that state

CNN! Tester "slightly ahead" of Burns-- 53%-45%! WTF?

has anyone been keeping track of all the insults from Chris Matthews tonight?

How come Keith has to play second banana to these clowns?

Dems winning House seats *despite* the Repugs gerrymandering them

911 to 117

bush news conference tomorrow.

Dear Gov Dean ... You have PROVEN You Are PRESIDENTIAL

31,000 absentee votes yet to be counted in Fairfax county, VA

Pls. delete. nt

Updated MT Senate: Tester 53-45

Tweety starts work on 2008 - makes fun of Hillary's clapping

The complete ungluing of Tweety is just the beginning



Cowabunga BABY!

"It's not appealing. It's Chinese or something."

What is Tweety yammering about?

Does anyone here know anything about Clay County, Missouri? (have not reported)

Tweety says we have MO by 13,000!

MSNBC McCaskill UP! 80% Counted!!!

KSDK has mccaskill winning by 1200 - heres the link from kos comments

Tweety needs to STFU!

Now McCaskill is really UP! (49 - 48...14,000 votes)

America! Fuck yeah!

McCASKILL UP 14,000 votes!!!!!!!!!!

Colorado Musgrave (R) ahead by 3%, 35% reporting

today i actually voted for a republican, for the first time in my 45 years...

CNN: Just mentioned something about 30,000 ballots still out in Fairfax Co, Virginia.

Time to concentrate on Montana now...

Even bigger than winning this election: They brought out the base, and we still beat them!


Looks increasingly like a Senate Tie

Bill Kristol on Fox: 10:03 pm: "right now, bet on a Democratic Senate"

Kristol: Only KC and St. Louis left in MO--hard to believe McCaskill will lose.

What do you hope to get out of this successful election cycle?

Have you noticed Tweety switches b/t "Missour-EE" and "Missour-AH"

Claire McCaskill now up by 14K!!!!! HUGH!!11!!1!!

I. Can't. Go. To. Bed. *arrrgggh*

50-state strategy! Howard Dean, I love you!

McCaskill ahead according to Fox

Aren't the counties with big Democratic cities usually the last to report?


House and Senate sessions on Thursday - let the whining commence

Webb speaking now on CNN.

Webb in on CNN: Says "We Won"

Webb speaking

Hey, you lurking Freeper ? Come here please, a bit closer.....

Chris Matthews, stop sucking the GOP penis!!

KO is being soooo humble with

Webb: "The votes are in and we WON!!!"


Webb: "The Votes are in and we won"

Webb just declared victory!!!



Updated MT Senate: Tester up 15K votes....

Ahnold declares

Did Cruella Harris have any public meltdown in her concession speech?

It is fitting that we won on the sixth anniversary of the 2000 Election

Let's not lose sight of something very important during our delirious happiness at tonight's results

Republicans are such DICKS

enjoy the Young Turks enjoying the exercise of DEMOCRACY!

Dumbest words out of Tweety's mouth in ten years

Listening to FOX on the radio I SWEAR they declared Talent a winner!!

Well, I broke out the 25 year old Macallan.

When I've slept, I'm gonna list all the defeated and retired Repukes

CNN: 81% in, McCaskill up by 15,000 votes. nt

Big Fat Crow Eating time on my part...

For DU and Democrats everywhere

Quick, someone tell me how to do a screen shot on IE. Our SOS

So what was the Oct. surprise? n/t

Does ther GOP have any rising stars at all? We've got tons now!

Patrick Murphy wins PA-08 by 1500 votes!

Tester up 53-45% with 46%

Hey Shrub, The American People have spoken

What the F* sort of IDIOT is Brokaw

OK, I want an apology....from YOU

When Bush TESTIFIES in Front of the House, He will have to address


is every national TV broadcaster going to cry "sour grapes" all night?

McNerney up again in CA-11

yo, measure 44- what's up with that one?

California Reconfirms: Sexual Harrassment/Humiliation of Women O.K.

Subpoena Powers…ACTIVATE!!

I think Ford is conceding

DU is the best damn community on teh interwebs.

So ... do we have the Senate or not?

Picture Post: GO BERNIE!!

Prediction: Lieberman WON'T leave us

John Murtha rebutting McCain's bullshit!

If Buish & Cheney are impeached, then Nancy Pelosi becomes President, yes?

The Republican approach to democracy is "Say anything to win; count on Dems to make nice later"

How come so many Dems run against each other in Louisiana?

Amy Holmes is delusional

Any word on ID-01 Grant vs. Sali?

Santorum Supporters MELTDOWN

Freakin' GOP hack on CNN saying this was NOT a vote for

St Louis Co MO Vote Not Counted Yet

What's up with OH-02!?!?! Schmidt ahead!?!?

DU this freerepublic poll. has us officially at 219 now, which means WE WIN!!!

Jesus, I think we may have the Senate as well. Add to that two Independents

Jesus Christ, it's 1:15 in the morning.

New VA Numbers: Webb leads by 1524

JD Hayworth lost

OK -- It's time for that scotch to calm me down

"The long dominance of Conservative politics has ended." - David Gergan on CNN

MT Senate: Tester over 100K w/ >50% reporting favored to win senate 4:1 nt

Bush wants to work with the Democrats ?

What's happening on K Street tonight? Remember they fired all Dems

Whoooooo, what a damn great feeling of relief this is.

Any word from Deadeye Dick? He shot anybody yet?

Hey, Can Anybody Find The Pre-Election DU Polls On The House & Senate?

They summed it up best on the Colbert Report, BTW.

On An Ancillary Note If We Do Overtake The Senate Too, Three Words For Ya: NO MORE BOLTON!!!!!

Tom Brokaw, Leon Harris, etc. equate Allen and Kerry statements (on TV)

Congressman Murtha Up On MSNBC

You gotta see this!

I can't believe Ford lost. Anyone who voted for him is an idiot

Does anyone know Montana?

Predict how Rush Limpballs will open his show tomorrow

This "Reign of Witches" has passed!!

Where is the list of remaining (uncounted) VA precincts?

Cheney to go hunting on Election Day

Brittany 51% Federline 49%


Ford jr. from listening to his speech will RUN AGAIN for..


So, how does it feel to have contributed to the salvation of our country?

Tester up 52-46%

Just think what the world well say about us tomorrow. n/t

Alright- thats IT

We must defend marriage!

Are In The Majority! 23 And Counting!

Freerepublic: "Democrats Will Take Control of the Senate"

This is amazing

Updated MT Senate: Tester 52-46

Murtha and Nancy OMG!!!!

Now, let's work hard to end this...

Now I can go to sleep...

We gonna keep the Repubs under 200 seats?

Gandalf: 51%, Sauron: 49%

REPUBS are Threatening ANOTHER FL 2000 for VA if we Win MT and MO Senate races

Updated MT Senate: Tester STILL leads 54-44

Am I the only one that wants to wave a big ol' flag tonight?

Check out NV-03 - only down 2200 with 63% in we can win there!

ONE MONTH AGO I PREDICTED: 254-180 Dems rule the house

Anyone else seeing a 50/50 Senate Like am am starting to see?

Hey WhistleAss, we'll take those measurements now.


Tester's lead is shrinking - this isn't over yet

JD Hayworth in AZ is losing bigtime! Wow!

Donkeys 95% Dead Elephant 5%

local TV just updated..MT

CNN: 82% in, McCaskill up by 17,000 votes. nt

Breaking: Alabama to Allow Voting via Instant Messenger

And a big thank you to MICHAEL J. FOX

MSNBC: 80% votes in... Talent - 799,000 McCaskill - 813,000 MCCASKILL NOW AHEAD

MSNBC: 80% votes in... Talent - 799,000 McCaskill - 813,000 MCCASKILL NOW AHEAD

Democrats in the House: You owe Cindy Sheehan your bling-bling

U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 218 needed for majority,

Lampson won TX-22!

So I guess McCain's Gonna End it All?

I just popped over to Freekyville for a lookie luu... HA, HA, fucking HA!!

Dear John Conyers and Henry Waxman and Speaker Pelosi,.....

Something is smelling in VA

MSNBC: Dem Takes DeLay's District in Texas

Let's give a little love to...FAUX's Shepherd Smith!

Stem Cell initiative in MO too close to call.

Why they aren't calling MT

In Delaware's only competitive race - Joe Biden's kid wins for Attorney Gen.

Nasty Rethugs who got their asses kicked:

Lets hear it for the awesome democrats in MARYLAND!

OK, so we kicked the ever-loving crap out of the Republicans!

Rep John Conyers' NEXT Hearing will NOT...

dupe, delete n/t

Carl Cameron:" Nancy Pelosi will be embarassed by gay pride parades"

Wonder If John Conyers Is Winding Up?

Georgie saw the REAL DECIDER Tonight...

3 Big Thank You's to everyone who voted for a losing Dem today.

Holy crap. Bush has to.... work with the Democrats.

MSNBC House Projection up to Dems +33 Hugh!!11!

Heather Wilson still trailing........

Damn near sweep in Ohio

Summary of undecided Senate races


Damn, Harold Ford is great.

Hey guys here's an important one, Jennifer Brunner won Ohio SOS Race

How are things going in Idaho?

Turtle Gillespie on MSNBC right now with Tweety!


The 13 outstanding Virginia precincts - mainly Dem-Friendly BLUE LAND.

ANALYSIS: "Steep slide for Massachusetts GOP"

McCaskill from campaign coming up on MSNBC..

Now that all this boring election talk is over,

The freeps are hoping for divine intervention


Freepers funny comment

Can we PLEASE wait until after the election to blame the Greens?

What will Hannity sound like next time he's on?

Couple of heartbreaking losses

Who wants to take one for the team and listen to Rush Limblob tomorrow?

OMG - I think we won the Senate too!!

should politicians be required to quit one job before running for another?

nora sucks, i mean really, she sucks more then ever

i thanked jesus for several senate wins tonite....and i'm agnostic!!

I'd like to thank America

Sherrod Brown: "You Can Count on Me on Iraq" Snippets to Savor

So martial law by christmas? what do you think?

Claire McCaskill is grateful to Rush Limp-di*k!! LOL - -

Tune in to pigboy Rush tomorrow

I live in New Zealand. I got home from work just before CNN called the House for us.

Death Penalty in Wisconsin

MSNBC: MT Governor expects MT Senate Race to be called within half hour.

Give a shout out to KO.... almost 9 hours on the air

MSNBC: Buchanan saying Repubs will try to bribe Lieberman with a chairmanship

tester up 8K now

CNN that was funny, "that is what the neons want"

52% voter turnout in my precinct today!

You think it's possible that deep down, Republicans are glad we won?

We're Drinking here in Canada!

Sh*t!!! Kleeb loses to Repuke Smith in NE-03

What if Joe Lieberman becomes Secretary of Defense??

Rove, you magnificent bastard!

What time will you be going to bed?


County results in Montana...

Tester still up 50-47%

Lounging in GD - Are you as high as I am?

Remember what tonight is all about:

Jeffrey Toobin doubts there will be a recount in VA even if the gap

Missouri Amendment 2, Stem Cell research.........

Real time results at abc news....

A big THANK YOU to our non-U.S. friends around the globe!

All Your Congress Are Belong To Us (FUCK YOU FREEPERS)

MSNBC Is Live from a ballroom rented for Allen victory party.

I think this is BETTER than Fitzmas ever could be!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Please join the author of the work in singing

Hah!!....MacCaskill on w/ Tweety now.......

(LOL) I wonder what Ann Coulter is doing now???

haha go get 'em mccaskill!!

Someone just project Montana!

Fuck You Candy Crowley, I'll send you a case of twinkies to drown your

Toobin: recount in VA "less likely"

It's official. Winning is a hell of alot more fun than losing!

come on can do can do it.......

It's gonna come down to my County - Yellowstone-- COME ONNNNN!!!

In the spirit of sportsmanship, a consolation parade for any GOP lurkers

"Chrissy Mathews:" Hillary will be Senate Majority Leader! Puke... Brought to

Hey Freepers! Do you like apples?

Stem cell initiative depends on Clay Co., MO............

on local news, GOP looser freaking out about election fraud

Yellowstone County results - Tester: 50.51% Burns 46.97%

I keep hearing how there will be very few "moderate Republicans"

BIG Question: How many laws will dumbsh*t * veto?

CNN calls Missouri Senate race for Claire MCCASKILL!

With Webb increasing his lead it's going to come down to Jon Tester

Let me say "Fuck off Tweetie!" He's crying b/c McCaskill declared

Let's not call Montana just yet...

About Pelosi's 'no impeachment' promise....

Democrat wins DeLay's congressional seat

What I can't wait to say tomorrow (today) to repugs

Republican Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri concedes defeat to Democrat Claire McCaskill

Hey George Allen! Recount This....

"The cheering can be heard not just in America itself but around the planet"

Lieberman got a free be this election, he wont go against DEMS

Matthews calls Olbermann "as good as Edward R. Murrow"

Have our folks on the ground made their "Waaaallen" Loser posters?

Wow! Tweety says to Keith: "You are as good as Edward R. Murrow."

Any Pennsylvania races still out?

You know Bush is getting his speech together

Seattle's King County RAN OUT OF BALLOTS today!

To Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid...

Tweety just compared Keith to Edward R. Murrow

keith helped us just as much as bill did

So, what ever happened to those exit polls?

So, how do we keep Pelosi out of the Speaker's chair?

Im proud to be an American tonight

from TPM: What Karl will do next:

"Tester-Burns will be called in the next half-hour" - Olbermann quoting a MT official

"Dad...Why are they all talking about Montana on TV?"

I think this song is appropriate right now

MSNBC is saying Hillary may cut a deal to become Senate Majority leader now and abort 2008 run

GOP BLOODBATH UPDATE: CSPAN cameras ready at Tester's HQ in Billings

I believe Doctor Dean said it best...


Too bad Ted Haggard won't be able to console Bush today

So what is Bush doing right now?

I hate Candy Crowley

I'm sorry. I do not feel any better.

Tester's lead down to 50-47%

Yo George! Fear doesn't work anymore

Let's make a list of who we thank: 1. Howard Dean!

Will it be MAJORITY Leader Reid? Have Democrats 'run the table'

Tester gonna win right?

Will Leiberman (I) become Leiberman (R) ?

based on the MSNBC projections, we got a 53 seat House swing

Dont forget Sanders

Turn on FauxNews! It's a laugh a minute!

Bush has to call Pelosi now - according to protocol

Is it time to start measuring for drapes?

The American People did the right thing. So, some of you better quit calling them stupid.

Thank You Brian Williams!!! Shuts Tweety up!!


CNN looks like it has Webb is up by about 12,000

WEBB Now AHEAD By 0.5%. Another 0.5% to be RECOUNT PROOF

Sanchez on CNN basically called Tester a Repub

Webb up 12,000

How does it feel, know that we were not alone, not even a little bit!

I'm very proud of all of you right now.

IA-02 goes Blue. Pick-up #26 (???)

Damn those villians at Diebold........

Republicans now also have reason to support paper ballots too.

McCaskill wins, Tester up by 10,000, Webb up by 5,000! The Senate is ours baby!

Doyle in WI becomes first Dem Gov since 1974 to win re-election

Has Candy Crowley sang yet?

Last MT Senate Update - Goodnight DU


Did we really take it all?

holy crap... MSNBC shows us +39 in the House??

MSNBC projecting almost 40 House Seats advantage

Bush is gonna shit his pants!!

Mr. Bush, I knew mandates and you didn't have one. THIS is a mandate.

CBS calls it for McCaskill

I wonder if Keith is hankerin for a shower right now.....tweety is such a pig

W's Presser Tomorrow Will Be Must-See TV

MT Senate Update: Tester's lead back over 10K

Tester's lead is growing, little by little. nt

are you watching Stewart/Colbert? Hysterical! n/t

Hmm montana reports seem to be lagging - any news on that?? nt


Has anybody seen any numbers on Pombo in CA?

We have a long road ahead of us

Hey all you photo folks. How about a photo thread of grieving Republicans?

Tweety SUCKS N/T

"Hello, DC Shredding ? I got a huge job for ya. How fast can you get here ? "

Jim Webb up by nearly 12,000 votes?

Have they counted the absentee vote in CA yet? (If yes, we're in TROUBLE!)

Whose finished their bottle of champagne already?

In spite of the apparent good news about both houses, I must say

When Bush Awakes In The Morning, He Will See A Real Mandate!!!!

From our friends around the world

What movie scene are you thinking of now?


Lieberman CAN flip the senate...

Ok so we won - now the hard work begins

I predict gas prices will go DOWN next week.

Wilson/Madrid in NM within 500 votes with 14 of 33 counties reporting

The Path to 9/11? Nice try, assholes...

Carville Just Pointed Out Not A Single DEM Incumbent Lost Tonight!

Thank you, America, for restoring my faith. Thank you!

Hey kids, MO is ours, so is MT...that means with a Webb victory in VA..

I'll tell you this

"Hey, Tony...whadda ya think of your HUGE LOSS?!"

The Democrats now control the House of Representatives. Let the investigations begin.

No Talent Ass Clown concedes!

Hold on, folks!! We're gonna get the Senate.

Anybody got a good link to monitor MT? She's the key now!

More thoughts on MT Senate race

CNN calls for McCaskill

Faux breaking Breaking News >> Claire McCaskill (D) Defeats Sen. Jim Talent (R) in Missouri

Rep. Conyers


So its come down to MONTANA.

Tester up 51-47%

Freepers already returning to 1992 militia mode

Talent is conceding.....fuck you Chris Matthews!!!

Chris Matthews - how quickly you forget:

Sod this all for a game of cards. I'm going to bed.

It's official - MSNBC just called it for McCaskill

PA-04 Photos of Melissa "Missy" Hart losing her "safe" seat

NPR just called McCaskill

CNN projected it for McCaskill!

BWAHAHA: VA Election Law: 7 Days for Allen TO PETITION

Talent CONCEDES on local St. Louis TV! (nt)

If McCaskill wins, Webb v. Allen will turn into Bush v. Gore 2000 redux


All you DUers who volunteered, phone banked, gave money, registered


KO and Tweety mentioned something interesting......

Toobin Says Same Lawyers From 6 yrs Ago Already Involved in VA

FUCK Tweety! He's mad because MO and VA Dems declared themselves winner!....which they are! Doh!

Thank you George W. Bush!

WEBB up by 0.07 pctage points, w only 13 of 2443 precincts yet to

Open VA precincts. Areas favoring Allen not reporting.

Enjoy!!! And, Please Start Thinking About

KO looking giddy, Tweety looking shocked over Senate

RollCall Headlines...


These are people that have no minds

The best election ever. It's been a long time, fellow DUers.

And who the Fk is THE DECIDER now???

We are doing really good tonight aren't we?

Did you ever think you would see this picture:

THIS JUST IN!!! Rove fails math.

Georgie Bush, we've got a mandate right here!

mccaskill up 39K!!!! 88% in

A Republican friend of mine is already spouting the spin on his AIM profile

Montana --lots of precients to count yet. see this:


Tony Trupiano loses bid for House in MI-11

To all Dem House candidates that lost - don't go anywhere

Chimp is soiling his shorts right about now..

Pombo CA slightly beHIND the Dem YEAH

Talent speaking on local channel...from Frontenac (figures)

I soooo want to say this to Junior's face...

Boy, Am I Looking Forward To Going To Work Tomorrow!

I bet Rove and Cheney both have explosive diarrhea right now

Webb now up by 7000+ votes!!

So what next?

Caption the suddenly available former PA Senator:

Did I Hear Gergen (sp?) Say That rummy Could Resign Within The Next 2 Weeks?

CNN predicts Jerry Brown wins as CA AG.

Talent conceding? n/t


Resurgent Democrats Win Control of House

Good night, and good luck!

Does Tweety know that we call him Tweety?

Savor this victory DU, savor it well

Tonight I truely enjoyed Fox News

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Bachmann wins MN District 6

It's looking like Pat Murphy beat Mike Fitzpatrick in PA 08!

I wrote Santorum a nice letter....

D Nancy PELOSI 93,717, 80 (web, cbs. in case you are wondering)

11:01 pm PST - national FOX channel goes to B team - who are these anchors

Webb up by almost 5k in new count!!!!

This Has Been a GREAT NIGHT!!!!

We have not lost a single democratic seat tonight...ANYWHERE.

Hey Tweety, shut the F... up!!!! Claiming Webb and McCaskill are

Tweety: Webb proceeded to unilaterally declare victory. LMAO

Proud To be An AMERICAN

All of your Congress are belong to us.

We need to draft Howard Dean for 2008.

Has Daily Show/Colbert Been Live Since 11 PM EST To East Coast?

McCaskill Claims Victory! YEAH!

McCaskill VICTORY SPEECH on Msnbc

Guillispe looks like he want to kill himself.


If Macaca wants a recount

Our biggest victory was in South Dakota

CBS called it for McCaskill!

Remaining VA precincts (counties)

Tester up 51-47%


Nevada people, how's the MJ initiative going?

WEBB pulling ahead..... (49.50% now!)

OMG I sure hope we Dems don't take the Senate!

I voted for the first time in my life today at 32 years old

CNN International: "Bush's social agenda has been destroyed."

Karl Rove was misunderstood with "The Math" comment...

Wow, 5 out of the last 6 posts have tweety on Olbermann amazement. Perfect. n/t

Holy Crap! Tweety just told KO he was as good as Murrow!

WaPo: Op/Ed - "The Voters' Message"

Shit!! Deborah PRYCE won! and Wetterling LOST!

And don't forget - Dems were winners in the Guv races!

Hey America, why do you hate America?

LOL! Tweery's losing it and can't read his cards... Just called the Repug Gov.

South Dakota REJECTS abortion ban!!

Webb lead holding at +7720 with 99.71% reporting

Anyone Know Why Montana Just Went -4 Precincts And -Thousands Of Votes?

Madame Speaker.

I'm having flashbacks of Ohio waiting for the Montana results.

And the world sighs a big sigh of relief.

FL-13 goes to recount , repub leads by 364 votes, dem says voting irregularities

Why did burns and tester both just lose thousands of votes? nt

here is some help in analyzing the montana race

MSNBC and CNN flip Montana from Tester up 7000 to 6,500

This is the first real DU victory.

What the hell? CNN just went backwards in MT from74% to 70% Precincts reporting

Matthews is getting tired and cranky, bitching about the cue cards

Let's think of some new bumperstickers!


What a name.....

(634 of 867 Precincts Reporting) website here: Tester up a bit.

Chris Mathews distrurbs me

I don't care what the voters say. Katherine Harris will always represent

Arianna Huffington on CNN, she is positively glowing.

What's the Latest on Montana?

At 12:42 CT (1:42 Eastern time) I'm seeing this Congressional line up

McCaskill up by 24,000, via MO SoS website:


McCaskill introduced as "the Senator"

You think they can call Missouri anytime soon?

2006: The year of the illegal robocall...

The next time freepers try to disrupt a thread, we can now tell them to...

Local Billings TV Political Analyst thinks Burns will pull it out...just said it on Q2

2004 Virginia Absentees - Arling/Fairfax/Rich City/Loudoun/Princ Willm - Dem picked up 6400 votes

WaPo: "A Voter Rebuke For Bush, The War And The Right"

Thank you Rep. Conyers...We Won!

Minimum wage proposals?

Another VA precinct (Finally) reports -- 7 left. Webb up a bit -- 7,700

How Many DUers Voted for Webb in Virginia? Let's Count Off!

Thanks to all of you for keeping sane for 6 years

Ford lost.. oh well i dont care...

If the Greens hadn't run in VA, Webb would have won handily

Folks I will call it, we have also taken the Senate

Coal baron failed to buy WV legislature for GOP

It's official. TYJ Declares We Have Won Both Houses. You may celebrate now.

News from GERMANY: "PUNISHMENT for the maliciousness of right-conservative extremists"!

Tester now up by only 2%! Damn!

Kerry's Victory Speech for Deval Patrick was Great

"Oh my God! If Howard Dean is the new DNC chairman it will be a disaster"

Tester back up 3%

MSNBC: Nora O'Donnell Says Dems Say Re: Montana "I think we got this one."

Futurama is on now, suming it up perfectly

Is it safe yet to indulge in GLOATING and SCHADENFREUDE?

This is hilarious! Freeps eating their own:

Oregon rejects Parental Notification on Abortion...

TONY SNOW: "not what we would've hoped"

Tweety on MSNBC: "I just don't think (Sen.) Allen is presidential material right now"

Are We Being Played Like A Piano?

Hey Freeps...GET OVER IT!!!

The Obstructionist Minority in the Senate Better Not Filibuster

Montana lead down to 7,000! 50 - 48 Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And now. Let the pessimistic threads begin.

CNN Drops Webb down to 7,000 vote lead from 12,000

FOXNEWS saying the Dems only have 9 gains in the House

Unofficial DU Toast Thread.

Come on, Montana ... it's almost 3:00 AM

So it all comes down to Lieberman & the VA recount.

Tester: 150,058 vs. Burns: 143,033 (74% precincts reporting)


FReeper meltdown: "It is now all over. For real."

The Webb Recount - The Good News -

Tweety keeps pulling the airline bombing plot story out of his ass

CNN -- Dems up 27 Seats in the House, 18 remain undecided

Looks like it's up to Montana:

PHOTO Democrats Celebrate Winning The House

Poland summons US envoy to explain Iraq spat

damm WE are the MAJORITY! god that feels good!

FINALLY I vote in an election and the Dems win

DU'ers, give yourselves a big pat on the back ! We helped do this

Tester up 5,500

Ready for this... Pombo is behind in CA-11

Tester up by 8700 votes

An old-fashioned sing-along specially selected for tonight

Bush's Speech for Tomorrow LEAKED!!! =====>

Hey everyone - If you want to know who's the next President - It's Speaker Pelosi in '07

Ok, I'm sorry, but you all need to see...

Anyone else feeling 6 years of sorrow lifted all at once?

Why do I get the feeling that most of us are more relieved than celebratory?

WTF??? Now the official Montana site just went backwards too!

I wonder how things are at the Carville Matalin home?

bad news folks. The election results have caused

CNN; FBI investigating 8 counties in VA for fraud vote calls


what about Bernie Sanders ? edit: he's won!

So...why didn't the Reps steal it this time?

WHY did SD reject abortion ban?????

Bloody bonza bewdy bottler

Impeach Cheney, Impeach Bush, and our first female president will emerge. n/t

Shit! I Forgot To Watch Fox Tonight

Just For The Record, I Would Wager There Is Not A One Of Us That Will Be

Why Lieberman won't jump ship...

All right guys - checking out in NJ - its been a GREAT night!!

Here is a nice little story about our Sec of State (MT)

Is Hugh Hewitt insane?

Crooked things in Montana? Why a Yellowstone county recount?

D Jon TESTER 139,224 50

2:22 a.m. - I'm officially another year older.

Yellowstone County MT voted for Schweitzer (D) in 2004

Peculiar MONTANA vote total DROP....

Join me in a : "Tester! Tester! Tester! Tester!" we need you man!

anyone up to calling RW radio tomorrow to counter their spin?????

Defund the Iraq War!

So, please tell me that Cheney *isn't* in Montana - hunting...

How many seats have we picked up in each house of Congress?

Who will the MINORITY leaders of the House and Senate be?

Are the days of anti-Bush = anti-American over, finally?

Happy with the results, but which invidual races are you disappointed in?

More bad news for, uhhh, BLACKWELL :)

Hey, DU, we a "shout out" to Keith O (and thank you to Rush Limbaugh


So we have a Muslim elected to Congress and a Socialist elected to the Senate...

WTF??? Bozeman MT takes 5 hours and only reports 2%

75% Montana Tester up by 5500

DOGONIT, concede NOW or we impeach your hero Bush!!11

So, "Bush's Brain" is dead! Rove is history!

Caption this pic of Corker with his daughter and Frist:

The Donkey learned to sing tonight...

Good night everyone and a big thank to all. n/t

Whoa . . . Yellowstone is doing a complete recount?

Tomorrow, gasoline prices goup, stock market goes down. No longer

McNerney and Pombo still close, Doolittle won

Anyone planning on wearing blue as an act of solidarity...?

Matthews and his RW panel say "the Democrats are gonna get the sixth"

Wait a second... Even if they hack Montana... we now have the power to

VIDEO: Olbermann on MSNBC w/ Webb Declaring Victory

YELLOSTONE VOTES: Went for Tester, Tester camp told recount won't affect votes.

Has Anybody Ventured To Freak Republic Lately

I am going to offically have my electoralgasm....anyone want to join in?

and the mood at the white house?

Rejoice my friends. Pombo's gone in CA-11 (CNN)

oh oh Tester is losing some votes. oh hoh: lookie here:

Yellowstone County officials tell Tester camp that votes won't change...

I Celebrate our Du!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you watching this? On MSNBC?

Lurking Freepers-Who's Your Daddy?

JD Blowhard lost too.

"Wame Duck"

POMBO HAS LOST!! GREAT news for all of us!

Thanks and congratulations from the Great White North!

White House: Bush staying up past his bedtime

Today's Darwin Award Winner

Sensenbrenner won.

Freeper Suicide Watch! They're melting down!

Tester leads with 8K+ votes with 608 of 867 precincts reporting.

CRAP!!!! that prick Doolittle won.. any news on Pombo??? nt

Jim Leach is GONE!

Total ban on abortion LOST in South Dakota!

Michigan's governor race makes up for California's

Gay marriage ban amendment passes by wide margin in Wisconsin

So, what happens to the K Street project now?

New Freeperism...It's as HUGH as MORAN!!!11!

CNN analyst--Ugliest hair on TV

McNereny 52.3% Pombo 47.7%; 90% Counted as of 1:09 PDT

if indexed to CEO's salaries since 1990, minimum wage would be $23.03.

Tester Lead down to 3,500 -- 83% reporting

Open Letter to Republicans (And P.S., Suck It!)

CA Prop 85 (Parental Notification for Abortion) LOSING!!!!

A Voter Rebuke For Bush, the War And the Right (WaPo)

Tomorrow, I will stop wearing orange

the new Democrat Congress

Montana is so close

Does this mean foreigners won't hate us as much now?

GOP painted themselves into a corner by calling us Conspiracy Theorists.

Faux News Has Given Dems 223 in the House.

Idaho Proposition 2 lost--good news for all of us

Jon TESTER 145,711 49 % /BURNS 142,418 48

MONTANA MACHINE MALFUNCTION? Burns campaign announcement:

Yellowstone County official statement.

Sic Semper Tyranus, BABY!

If the Democrats win an election, does that make unauditable voting machines OK?

Tester now up 5,200 votes. 84% counted.

This proves the bush no child left behind is a failure

CA; Ahnold wins 62% to 34% What the

Tester, MT pulling ahead a bit:

I see dead elephants....everywhere....

Two for fightin!!!! Send the vibe to Montana with me with 15% left to go!!!

Conservatives: YOU SHUT UP!!!

Okay ya'll I gotta get an hour or two of sleep before work but

The stock futures were up earlier this evening

150,210 Tester 144,933 Burns 85% 2:04AM PST

OHIO turns BLUE!!!

Yellowstone, MT is Refeeding the ballots back into the machine says

146,672 Tester 142,640 Burns 84%

Allen on NPR saying there will be a recount but Dem strategist saying


Dear member of Free Republic......


Anybody watch Fox 'News' for election coverage?

A realistic assessment from a losing Repug

149,164 Tester 143,894 Burns 84% 1:57AM PST

Some Good News From California

Tester Gains Ground (Again) On Burns In Montana - 50% Tester, 48% Burns

CNN Webb ahead with 99% counted!


NYTimes Analysis: A Loud Message For Bush ("Everything Is Different Now For President Bush")

Craig Crawford: Bush "stubborn and delusional"

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - Never Mind 8 Nov 06!

There's some damn good gloating goin' on on Ray's show!

Disjointed rambling thoughts....

Tester now up 4,600 votes. 87% counted.

158,068 Tester 153,453 Burns 750/867 reporting 2:22 AM PST

I don't mean to get all "loungey" here but

Two Things Now I Wish To See

Per ABC we have the Senate within reach

losing Repugs on npr saying it was anger at Bush (not them) that led

Bush Declares "Mission Accomplished" in 2006 House, Senate Midterm Elections

Do a little happy dance.

Has everyone seen the new and improved Republican mascot ?

A little glee is understandable

the perfect reply today...hmmm... ah, here it is: Get. Over. It.

The Onion: Republicans Blame Election Losses On Democrats

I just wana say, 'FUCK YOU mr. bush.

4:30 am here and Chris Matthews is still going strong and sliming Democrats??

87% of votes counted. Largest county will go Recount says npr (MT)

Ciao! From An Ex-Pat In Sicily! FUGWB!

Remember that red and blue map from the 00 and 04 elections

"In God's holy name...." Holy Joe promising to do his job

Is Our National Nightmare Finally Over?

So what is His Imperial LameDuckness going to speak about at 1 pm today?

And Hayworth's gone too! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! n/t

LOL Harris did not make CNN's "Key Senate" races

Start Printing Up Paper Ballots

Leach is out in Iowa! Shocker!

Morning After HEADLINES!!!!!!!

We Galactic Observers Stationed On This Planet (Mogambo Guru)

You know Snoopy's happy dance....

I just now woke up from a deep sleep dreaming that the traitor* resigned

So, what was it John McCain said...

hey bush, you might want to resign now, while there's still time.


So can we now point & laugh at "W/Cheney" stickers...?


w: 'Congratulations Speaker Pelosi, please don't hurt me, please'

To the Rethugs: Recounts? Sore Losers - Get over it!!!!

new numbers from MT

Republicans Were Shut Out -- Zero Gain!!!

Yellowstone is in!

Can I get a HIGH FIVE from my VICTORIOUS Democrats!

CNN's Toobin: Allen has a fairly insurmountable deficit to make up

Complete this: "The first thing the new Congress should do is ____________."

Haiku Contest- Write Your Best Haiku About:

bush & cheney are WOUNDED. this makes them dangerous.

This says that Tester won!

Imus Needs New Friends...

So is this the official end of the BushCo era?

Breaking : The ship leaving America to live elsewhere has changed it's passenger list.n/t

Tweety said this morning that Santorum would have won if

What a night!

So Rove's Maths is as good as

Nan-cy, Nan-cy, Nan-cy, Nan-cy... Give it up now....Nan-cy, Nan-cy,

Let's go Blues!

Did you notice something about John Tester ?

Math error. Delete

The Democratic Underground is a WONDERFUL THING

Heck, I feel as if we could lift the shadow of Reagan if we tried, from this point.

I won't laugh at the Freepers

Not to be a killjoy, but this is only the beginning

The bloodcurdling horror of a LIBERAL FEMALE Speaker of the House!

Let the Drape Measuring begin!!!!!!

Election over: OIL UP December delivery gained 29 cents to $59.22

We are the Gods now!

Will Elizabeth Hasselbeck kill herself on air today?

So has Laura Ingraham been arrested yet

well making PDF of the screeenshots and going to bed

Hannity Suicide Watch

So, if we won Missouri and will win in Montana...

Democracy works

I want everyone to contact the naysayers

We did it! Now, if we can just retire that famous comedy team

I am going to buy this Bumper Sticker :)

Magical Thinking

Burns and Allen...say 'Goodnight Gracie'...

Patrick: 'A victory for hope'

NYT: A Virginia Recount Would Not Come Soon

America Declares Michael Moore Was Right!

Just woke up. What's the status of Montana?

I turned on Fox and Friends a few minutes ago

Over on FR: "George Allen in 2008 -- Because he lost"


The electorate has spoken and has REPUDIATED

THANKS YOU DU AND STAR DONORS!!!! We appreciate you!!

Uh...Let's cram this down their soft throats!

So have any stealth freepers outed themselves here?

Just rolled outta bed - Duckworth? Oh, and

So how is Karl's math holding up?


Could it be? IS the the beginning of the end.....

"What did you fire me for I didn't do nothin'!"

thanks you thread to everyone who exposed diebold

We're not gonna rock the boat; we're gonna turn it over.

Damn, i wish we could elect the media. If only we could change the

oh, Montana....

official thank you thread

NY-26 Tom Reynolds defeats Democrat Jack Davis

Greg Palast Has Some Serious Egg On His Face.

Watch Fox News

Here's to all of you

On a wonderful morning like this, when the sun is as big as a yellow balloon

Post your favorite wins here.

did we get the Senate? do i understand this correctly? DID WE GET BOTH?

Republicans Blame Election Losses On Democrats

I smell something rotten in the states of Montana and Viriginia

Oh my God, I had to suffer through Tweety all night and now it's

Rumsfeld will resign soon, says Sen. Bennett

Six years. Six, incredibly long, hard years.

So has anyone heard anything about military absentee ballots?

U.S. envoy seeks to reassure Iraqis after election

I am demonstrating remarkable restraint this morning.

What's going on in Montana? Did we win? n/t

House: 230 (D) to 205 (R) ... NYT House & Senate Results maps are UP!

Deval Patrick's acceptance speech sounded downright presidential

I expect it is going to get even better

Damn I gotta go to bed... Good night everybody... Celebrate!!!

Ya know - it's almost like the Germans voted out Hitler before WWII

We've won but there is no free trip to Disneyworld So...

Did anyone catch Colbert's "outburst" at the end of his show?

Wouldn't it be great if in Iraq the factions whould lay down their arms,

Are you hearing this woman on WJ calling Pelosi "evil?" She was asked

If there is a fight in Montana....

Let's NOT FORGET to thank Cindy Sheehan.

Superbug brought back by Iraq war casualties

I guess the prayers of all those evangelicals fell on deaf ears last night, haha

Do you think the boy king is crying about now?

cruella is currently speaking on msnbc

Bush Campaigned in Indiana, in Montana, and in Missouri

All 3 marijuana initiatives failed - Colorado & Arizona decrim

Mehlman on Fox now n/t

Redeployment is in the air

I'm In A Magnanimous Mood -Almost

Countdown to Rumsfeld's Firing:

The blossom's off the turd

IN F.R. IN 2006....

Have they delivered Nancy's new drapes yet?

One thing Bush will be using a lot more for the next 2 years....

CNN Money -- "Wall Street Frowns on Election."

AMERICA, I love you, welcome back to my life!!!

So let me make sure I have this right...

Shit man... can you guys even imagine the fight that's about to go down in VA?

McCaskill declared projected winner on CBS!!!

The Guardian: "America Has Spoken"

From FreeRepublic a few hours ago:

The goodbye Matt Drudge thread

Chairman Leahy.

Bll Maher on Larry King tonite.

Proof that most Republickers are batshit crazy

a few earnest questions about possibilities?..

Recounts and court fights?

CA Debra Bowen SOS leading McPherson

I hate to be a jerk, but I am still stuck with Jon Kyl

America has shown the world that when we stray, we right ourself.

Just had to say thanks to...

Tester still holds lead (numbers just updated)

Do you like the way I'm not ripping into the snivelers who polluted the board before the election?

BARF! "Today" show headline during Kenny Mehlman interview.

How much did this loss cost the Republicans? Are they bankrupt yet?

Read this blog discussion about Webb & last night's election

I love the smell of Subpoena Power in the morning

Delay on CNN now

I Want My Props... I Have Been Telling You For Years Karl Rove Is Not Omniscient

What's really important right now...

Can we get to see them moving their furniture out of the offices?

When I went to bed after the 2004 elections

A reason to wake up

Here's the best picture I have ever posted on DU

So why didn't the Republics steal THIS election?

Need appropriate Response to FREEP EMAIL

I can't believe I'm actually enjoying Hemorrhoid Commercials

e-voting in Virginia?


Take a Breath ... Smell Victory ... And Brace Yourselves for RW Media

Joy In The Morning!

I might have forgiven Joe is he didn't run such a nasty campaign.

Yee HAAH! I'm READY for me some San Francisco VALUES!

Legal marijuana fails in Nevada :(

The Dems didn't win. DeLay lost his ass.

Why does the media want Democrats to say they will issue no subpoenas?

Such mixed emotions this morning

The Steelers didn't win last years Super Bowl, the Seahawks lost it.

Pat Buchanan says this may be the beginning of the end of a Conservative era

I'm dancing in the end zone with the new curtains I picked out

This site says it all . . .

It's time to discuss impeachment

We need new BLUE/RED MAPS!


republicans are SORE LOSERS. Get. Over. It.

A Lesson In Humility and Humanity

"Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO!

The Dem win is making the terraists win! (Freeptards)

The Dumbest Voter

Mmmm...Ba Bye !!!!!

While reading election results here at DU, my mind wandered to "The Sting"

For once I agree with Tom Delay the Republicans lost and they lost "big time"

new MT numbers from CNN

A Line To Vote

Caption this photo: The most absurd case of denial you'll ever see!

Bush sighted boarding helicopter

A face who would love this face!

Beware-The GOPU Public Relations Campaign Has Already Begun

If we're handing out credit, I want to thank Ned Lamont.

What needs to be done to the electoral process before 2008?

Let us give thanks...

First woman speaker of the House...Nancy Pelosi!

Thanks to Dean, Emmanuel, and Pelosi

Good Morning, All! The Gov Geek Nap Strategy

So how'd we do on issues (amendments, etc.)?

Why don't they call MT and VA?

What were your favorite Democratic reactions last night? Kerry's & Hillary's were 2 of mine

Stock Futures Fall on Election Results

Why the delay in precinct reporting from Virginia?

The Idiocy Of The New Radical Right Catch Phrase

Under new management, thanks CNN!

with all but one precinct reporting, tester has wafer thin lead.....

From a poster "We are in major doo doo"

Wonder what Halliburton is thinking now?

Can't America see how gracious Dems are in victory as compared to

Let's PRAY it doesn't come down to THIS! (to obtain Senate majority).

Don't You Just Love The Message We Just Sent ToThe World?!!!

Tom DeLay: Dems didn't win, Repubs lost. Hey Tom Shut the Fuck Up.

The Rethugs are planning to steal those

So I hear we are "counting all the votes" in Virginia this a..m.

What is going on in MONTANA?

ronald reagan does the lambada in his grave

"Why don't they take their ass-whuppin's like men and go home" - C. Barkley

For the first time since 2000, I'm proud of our country!

Oh, so now they want an "accurate" count of the vote.

Where's Karl and his math? I want Tony and Karl front and center!

Let's not forget our other wins. Dems have taken control

Wouldn't it be so funny if...

Only 5 precincts left to report in VA

Meanwhile nine children killed

Freepers And Illegal Immigration...

Not ONE Dem legislator was voted out yesterday...

WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Backwash is now fish food.

So, what's keeping the media from declaring Webb and Tester as the winners?

It took him six years to notice us.

is bush going to speak at 1pm est today?

First item on my agenda: I'm Marrying a Box Turtle!

The Democrats have done the impossible

If the Repubs want a recount, you know what to say, right?

Montana, Please get your shit together.

Mehlman's Ugly Mug on MSNBC

Brace yourself for the "wave" (pardon the pun)........

Iraq was the issue which turned the Congress around

Minn. Lawmaker 1st Muslim in Congress

Status of Virginia - Looking ... GOOD!

Can we now try to get New Orleans fixed? PLEASE???

The Guardian: America has spoken (Excellent read)

Buh-BYE JD Hayworth!!!!

Investigations can Lead to Impeachment by Building Political Consensus

Local Republic radio host praises Dean's 50 state strategy &

And the biggest loser is.... bush

Ok... I have to ask. Can someone give me a clue? Please?

Lieberman will keep his promise

Sam Seder opens with " Big news just in Britney Spears is getting divorced. n/t

With all precincts except Meagher counties 1 (with less than 1k voters), Tester wins the Senate seat

A "Must Click" website for Nancy Pelosi!

Why is Bev Harris on FAUX this morning?

To impeach or not to impeach....

The face of defeat

Republican callers continue to call C-Span expressing SUPPORT for Dem victory

Last night, MSNBC had "projected" # Dem House pickups (+34)

To the Republicans wanting recounts I say:

AP is investigating lower than expected vote totals for Butte Silver-Bow county...

Victory is ours but more work needs to be done

What is going ON with the last 4 precincts in VA?

The Democratic leaders are about to give the republicans a

Laura to George: "Does this mean we're moving to Paraguay?"

Hey Macacawitz - Get over it - Webb Won!

OK people, so Plan X - phase 2 went off without a hitch

Last night, MSNBC had "projected" # Dem House pickups (+34)

Last night, MSNBC had "projected" # Dem House pickups (+34)

== God Hates Gay Evangelicals =MARK MORFORD'S NOTES & ERRATA

Majority of Conn. voters vote FOR the war because the are making a living from it.

Lamar County (Texas) ran out of ballots by NOON?????

We're going to need a lot of drapes

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

How come backwoods, inbred-filled, deep-red, gun crazy Arizona,

2008 Senate Races

Rahm Emanuel coming up CSpan1 n/t

Whats going on with Virgina Senate race?

DAMN that John Kerry!! He COST us the elections!!!!

Anti-Bush/War vs. Ideological Shift....

I've been waiting to post this for YEARS!

I suspect Skinner may have to go server shopping

what did Poppy say about his son's fate if Dems gain a majority?

My victory song (inspired by end of South Park movie)

MSNBC: Allen to Challenge the Results

I know it's pretty early in the morning

Where's Karl?

Will McCain Retire Now?


"The terraist won last night."

Dems - No fake graciousness: These are criminals & they need to be held ACCOUNTABLE

Has anyone else taken back there State Legislature?

Take a moment to reflect on the victories

1st thing Democrats should do: Open-source e-voting machine legislation

What's wrong with CT?

DeLay on CNN: "Democrats didn't win. Republicans lost."

If we had to lose one I am sort of glad is was Ford

I'm afraid we're gonna get punished by high gas prices.

Tom Delay on CNN Radio: Dems Didn't Win Repugs Lost

Did we lose anything?

Mike Malloy's Post-election Celebration Show

Happy Days Are Here Again. ........THE PEOPLE had "the math"....

Official song of the "working hard every day vote their corrupt asses out" American!

I'm exhausted

I Just Told Our Office Repuke He Has Been Voted Off The Island

Webb pulling away!!!!!!

Democrats voted and won...but still let me down...

This is such a weird feeling...Ah shaddup and enjoy it!

FBI Investigating Voter Intimidation In Virginia

Shred-It truck spotted at the White House!


Republicans beware, in California ,Proposition 83 won

What About That Squirrel Screwing With Electronic Voting Machines?

Gosh I wonder how KKKarl Roves morning is going?

Will they try to steal Arizona CD5 (JD Hayworth's EX-district, that is)

Official Downer Thread #1 Our victories last night just don't matter


As soon as Lieberman is sworn in, he should switch back to Dem.

Washington Journal: Here we go!!

Tom Reynolds Press Conference now

Comments from Co-workers thread

CURIOUS - Exits close to on the Money = Except for MT and VA??

Are the nitwits on FUX having a pity-party today?

Dems win and pudits say "It's time to work together." Republicans win and pundits say

JD Hayworth is a fucking coward!!!!

Did Tester win?

The ugly truth...the republicans OWN Joe Lieberman

OMG! It wasn't a dream?!!

Hey George! Can we finish measuring for drapes now?

Why doesn't the MyDU feature work?

Well then, here is the thread for congratulations from the Aussies!

Stephanie Miller

An American Dream

Renolyds blaming "unprepared" incumbents for Republican trouncing.

Beijing issues 1 dog per family rule

Webb leads by 8,000 votes...

I Think We Should Be Amassing Lawyers For Another "Florida"

Does this mean we have to deal with another Lieberman Pres. run

Their Failed Experiment- must see

And Now for a Round of Applause for Montana's Libertarians!!

Has Sean Hannity been seen today?

Fuck the South!

I am entitled to MY finger,

"World sees Dems' win as Ass-Faced Weasel rejection"

i would enjoy very much seeing some mastery of process going...

List here who got it ALL WRONG. My list:

FYI to DU: This is what winning feels like.

Can allen Even Catch Webb?

Think Joementum will switch parties??

What if... Democrats win?

When is the Daily Show rerun from last night?

Lieberman only received 30% of the Democratic vote


How's the 'christian' Right taking this?

Who was the MSNBC reporter who kept saying this result was to

Will Holy Joe pull a Jeffords?

Gay Marriage Ban Prop in Az being called TO LOSE in Arizona!

Who here thinks Bush will LOOK as hungover as I FEEL?

To my fellow Veterans, to my comrades in arms in Iraq + Afghanistan...

NY POST "Dems Clean House"

Fox news reporting

About Harold Ford...

Liberals Return To Sodomy, Welfare Fraud

One big disappointment: Wisconsin District 5 (Sensenbrenner)

Democrats Win a Majority of Governorships

First agenda item for Peolosi should be to meet with Dem governors or ALL

Just talked to my UK co-workers...

I feel good today

It's a Blue Morning!

The Democratic Party has risen once again


Zoel Millberman. That's who we got folks. There is gonna be roasted

What I wanted out of this election but what I actually got!!

Who would like to join me in "dancing in the endzone"? :)

Speaker PELOSI (sounds GOOD!1) take a bodyguard to lunch with Shrub

Dance Donkey, Dance!

How long has it been since it felt this GOOD to be a Democrat??

** Official** DU GLOATER's Thread...

Iraqis skeptical Democrat gains will bring change

The Doctor is OUT. The Frist fiasco has left the Senate.

If I hear one more MSM pundit say

Dean is live on Bloomberg but I see Fox and CNN aren't covering it

Bernie Sanders is a Senator!!!!!!!!!!! Yeee Haaaa!!!!!!

The only precinct not reporting in Montana is Meagher, and it gave Bush only 698 votes...

How's that for Joementum: Holy Joe is now the Most Powerful Man in American

Watch Fux news go down the tubes now

List of scum defeated:

Fess up...who else has gone back to old message boards

Important Secretary of State pick-ups. Like fair elections? Smile!

I Hate To Do It....Potential Scenario A La Tweety

An added benefit of JD Hayworth's loss:

Ok, Folks ... IT'S TIME!!!!!1!!!1!!!

Burns and Allen recount quotes

Since Shrub is no longer "The Decider", What should his next nickname be?

On one conservative message board....

Ha!! My stocks just went up from yesterday!!

So, Republicans can be total obstructionists for SIX years,

It would be in Joe's best interest to switch to Dem

What happened to "Mean Jean"???

Dick Armey (R, Jackass) calls last night "A good old-fashioned butt-kicking"

Everyone wants to be on the side of a winner - Welcome to the newcomers

First woman Speaker of the House EVER!

Historical Perspective: 2006 was a Realigning Election

State by State check in thread! How'd your state/local races turn out?

What a different feeling this is today

Resounding victory. Congratulations everyone. Dems need to build on this and avoid hubris.

The Democratic

Thank you DU, Skinner, Mods... Y'all rock. Now I need coffee in a bad way.

Meet Nancy Pelosi: George Bush's Worst Nightmare

bush invited Pelosi to lunch...

Wow this really shakes up the '08 presidential calculus

*sigh* I wish I could celebrate....

Any good British tabloid headlines this morning?

I love the smell of freepers' heads exploding in the morning ...

Remember the "We're Sorry?" page? Time for a new page to tell the world...

what happened to the Evangelical factor?

First Item for the Dem Agenda!

We're Doomed...

Something else to thank Howard Dean for last night

Actually, I still haven't exhaled... Is it really ok??

HATS OFF to NC, dumping a slew of evil GOPs. Kissell may yet pull through

Howard Dean an C-Span 2 right now answering questions

Analysis of VIRGINIA vote counts (

Heard on Imus. Lieberman says he'll vote with the Republicans.


Who else woke up smiling today? :)

In the midst of a natural disaster, our votes are secure!

I lay here in New York city in tears.

We're back !.. But are the Dems the same as we remember?

I told ya - it's all good!!!!!

Gay marriage ban rejected in Arizona

It's not all bad in CA: Our next Attorney General is...

***Official Good Morning Thread***

RW'ers are always talking about "reform"

HELLLOOO...John Conyers has already completed the case for impeachment

It's a beautiful day in Colorado!

Who's Sorry Now?

A basic question about Senatorial procedure

Updated MT Senate #

Can we impeach Stupid Now?...please?

Back to PLANNING the weddings. Isn't that all we are good at?

On C-Span looks like a "new" conservative movement is being born


Who's sorry Now?


Dupe - please delete.

Let us hope that Pelosi invites Bush to the House for......BBQ.

Back to PLANNING the weddings. Isn't that all we are good at?

If the Repubs think 2006 was bad, wait 'til 2008!

Video: I'm a Democrat,I'm a Republican (spin on those PC v Mac ads)

When will VA be called?

Conservative leaders angry on CSPAN right now.

We need to prosecute whoever was resposible

Nancy and Harry: George W Bush cannot be trusted...

January 2007 State of the Union. It will be the first in a long time that I'll watch!


Hearing rightwingers taking solace that Democratic winners are "conservative"...

The 6 VA precincts yet to report; will they flip the Senate race to

Congratulations, ALL AROUND!!!

So, what happened to Katherine Harris? nt

its rainy and chilly here in Virginia, but it feels bright and warm and sunny!!

Montana update anyone?

We are forgetting that if we get the Senate, we also get the Supreme Court

New York Times frontpage, 11/8/06

Sanders Should Declare Himself a Dem to Off-set Any Danger From Loserman

Heeey Geeeorge!! Now you know what a REAL mandate looks like!!

We have broken the back of the "Neo-Con Revolution" tonight.

This election is also a REBUKE of the MSM

Panama wins contested UN seat

Are we going to get a wave of bad news for Bush now that the election is over?

A piece of advice to visiting Freepers: Get over it.

What is Katherine Harris going to do now?

One more possible House pickup (pending recount)

Let's send the Dems drape catalogs

Should Harry Reid Ask Moderate Rs To Switch To D In the Senate?

Remember when Jeffers jumped ship and Democrats took majority

Besides DU, My Favorite Election Night Resource or Tool Was...

Widespread Incidents of Voter Suppression in Virginia

H.L.s Comics Successfully Predict Future Again: Howard Dean Gives Balls Lessons to Democrats

November 5, 2004

Jefferson Lives

Exit Polls - Does anyone know a good website ...

Why are there still alot of House races undecided?

"Hecka of a job Liddy!

Democratic Sweep!! Dems have *ZERO* losses!

Any word on how many of 201 million eligble voters voted??

Can someone tell me what time the Bush speech is at please?

God to Katherine Harris: "I was just kidding, you idiot!'

Don't you love the silence!

UTAH missed to perfect opportunity to join the free world.

NYT: A Loud Message for Bush

Let's review the highlights !

Creative DU Wordsmiths: We need a "Sore Loserman" type nickname for George Allen.

Let the investigations begin!!!!!

Post photos of crying Republicans.

It's fun to watch the news again.

Hey CNN we update in Montana.

Lieberman won ???...... Say it aint so !

From Harry Reid: "Not Without You"

87% of Jews voted Democratic.

What are the prospects for the 2008 senate election?

What will become of the New Right?

People are TIRED of GOP OBSTRUCTIONIST Policies!

I don't think that Karl Rove will be as welcome at the White House

Howard Dean

Oh, HAPPY Day!!!! (Pics)

And Everyone Said "The Democrats Don't Have A Plan"

Pelosi might totally lose respect

Dear America:

OK, who here honestly thought we would get the House AND Senate?

What they're saying over in Freeperville:

So I bet a lot of your Thanksgiving family gatherings will be more fun this year!

America Spoke Yesterday and They Said:

In the end do you think we will take VA and Montana?

Missouri backs stem cell research(& other states reject radical right agenda)

Does the House now get to reverse Delay's gerrymandering?

Republicans are still trying to lower the morale of Democrats

MSNBC: Electoral calamity forces Bush to play defense

DNCC, Kos Calling MT, VA races for Dems!! We win the Senate!!!

Yes we have a Victory now a hell of a lot of hard work

Did the Repukes just get "Nadered" in the Senate?

AP: McCain Keeps Word, Commits Suicide

Congratulations to Schumer, Emmanuel and Dean!

email from John Kerry

So, where are all the gloating trolls?

Another Repub who dared appear with the toxic Shrub last week.

self delete

God's Will Has Been Done! The Dems Control Congress

Has the MSM started crawling up Dems asses yet?

Win the Senate or Lose It, Macaca Must Pay for His Dirty Tricks

Ehrlich concedes in MD Governor race

MSNBC: Schumer: Absentee's in VA have been counted (?)

Gitmo's human "state secret"

My faith in American democracy is (somewhat) restored.

San Francisco and Berkeley voters pass Prop. to Impeach * and cheney

Hey, how about we go into this term with our hands tied behind our backs?

What time is the poor little feller speechifyin'?

How much damage can and will Bush do between now and JANUARY?

Little Lord Georgewallis

Want to see the front page of every Major Publication in the US?

Grover Norquist: There will be no bi-partisanship

Rev. Ted Haggard: Still playing the game (bleck warning)

Boo Fucking Hoo, Pissypants! --->>>

I do not watch Faux, but would love to see Brit Hume's face


I couldn't go to sleep last night because...

CSPAN: Schumer calls on Bush to urge Allen to concede

Favorite Pounding of a Reeper

Rawstory: Democrat's 'oversight priorities'

Even a dead Dem was elected.

Dear Karl Rove

Ka-Ching! Hannity and Rush's Wet Dream has come true

Why We Won: Howard Dean, Ned Lamont & Keith Olbermann

I feel safer already

Yellowstone County Montana is doing a full recount!

Please don't forget provisionals and absentee ballots

And here the Republicans thought the voters would greet them as liberators…

Montana: A Win in 3 of 5 Counties Secures a Tester Win: MSNBC

Tester lead now up to 3K - CNN link here

Tweety compared KO to Edward R. Murrow early this morning,

2008: Debra Bowen - CA Secratey of State! YESSSS!

Did something happen with Ed Schultz yesterday?

Gillespie on MSNBC now trying to undermine confidence in VA results

Who should we write to at MSNBC about Matthews' unprofessional meltdown?

George, Just want to remind you

Did someone say the south is hopeless-- well you better look again!

Dallas voters kick out all repuke candidates (who blame chimp)

Yesterday at the election where I work has a precinct judge a returning

Gotta love Fox News. At least they're consistent.

If there is a recount in VA - Someone had better sit on those ballots night and day

DSCC: Webb has won

Senate 49D 49R 2I - what happens to committees?

Senate Switchers and Balance of Power

What if * bails

Did you see the video of Rick Klantorum daughter?

Best news: "War on Terra" and "9-11 Politics" neutralized as issues

My #1 issue this election was catching Bin Laden.

I'd like to thank all the DRUG ADDLED GASBAGS who helped us win the Senate

Rs have No One To Blame But Bush & Themselves

Notice how the media doesn't want to congrat....

It Official! The infighting and back stabbing has begun.

Will the majority Dems do the right things?

MSNBC....Andrea Mitchell looks like her world has been shaken..

latest Montana Senate results

Dear Skinner, can we have a thread of ballot measures? PRIMAL GODDAM SCREAM thread? Why, allow me...

(Oval Office Phone Secretary): "Mr. President? It's the American People...

The Grown-ups are in charge again

Note to Dean: Hell of a Job

I haven't been this proud to be an American since my military days...

(1) WOOHOO! (2) Thanks Rush! (3) CT voters are jackasses!

We are the champions of the world - caught this at DailyKos - enjoy


I told my Neo-con Dad today to "shut the f* up"!


I've been in shock and feeling numb.. then read the DSCC announcement that we won the Senate

Pelosi and Conyers ready to rock.

Stranded Behind Reactionary Lines: Tales from the Workplace

Where's the evidence that voters want our party to 'work with' Bush and the republicans?


to all you repubs that lost

Rummy Gone? bush @ 1:00

We've Taken Back America - Now It's Time to Make Some Changes - TrueMajority

Early '08 speculation: Do you think that the Republicans' loss helps McCain?

Back to PLANNING the weddings. Isn't that all we are good at?

No Osama capture? WTH? * is incompetent on so many levels, and so is Rove

The struggle against the fascists is not over, people!

12:56 EDIT Webb update (99.88%) reporting... leads by 7304 votes now

Democrats took 41 of 42 contested judgeships from Republicans in Dallas County


I think I got younger last night

Any updates on NM-01 ? n/t

Victory is so sweet.....But where do we even begin to undo the damage?

Sherrod Brown to be on AAR with Franken after the break.

New Oxyrush Advertiser Allen Brothers Steaks

Can anyone tell me about the Governor's race in Montana?

So, what color drapes do you think Speaker Pelosi has picked out?

Nancy is taking questions on CNN now

Where can i find national Exit Poll findings? Not candidate vote but issues, etc...

Let the Republicans know: eight is enough! How many recounts do they want?

McCain: "Our party has put power over principles and has

Murtha live on Bloomberg

500+ newspaper front pages for you all to enjoy!

Thank you Cindy and John

I CAN'T wait for the State of the Union address!

Fox News advertising on Air America Radio this morning!

Remember, the media are calling them "conservative democrats".

the 'To Do List'

There sure is a big difference between Newt in 1994 and Pelosi today.

Does God hate Bush? (Or...why has the GOP had so much bad luck since 2004)

Rumsfeld Has No Plans to Step Down, Despite Democrat Gains, Official Says

RUMMY GONE? Limpballs is talking about a "major announcement" coming from chimip-boy

Hey Rush, why didn't Santorum win?

Is Candy Crowley in mourning?

Mrbush eats crow, has he speechified yet?

Tester on CNN (Phone): Declares Victory

Reality check: we can't win the Senate.

Tester just declared Victory on CNN!

Tester On Phone Now On CNN: "Absolutely" Declaring Victory!!!

2 things to celebrate today.--Our Wins and My Son will be home Saturday

Where's Ann Coulter?

God---nothing like celebrating Dads victory.

CSPAN R Caller--"Last night it was like the Titanic hittin' the iceberg."

Nervous anticipation.

Pix of Pelosi's lunch with Bush:

This is how the gay marriage amendment in Arizona got squashed

Rush is bubbling babbling bloviating and stumbling

Just heard Fords concession speech. He'll be back!!!

The reason "bi-partisanship" will not work with this White House...

Some reflections on "losing"

Schumer: "John Q. Smith" and Virginia Provisional Ballots

Rumsfeld question-if he steps down he will still have to talk to congress-yes?

Tester wins!!

I'm listening to Rush!!!! It hurts so good

Help needed signs go up all up and down K Street. "Dems only need apply"

WP,pg1: A Voter Rebuke For Bush, the War And the Right

Alright, let's bring those troops home.

Jim Tester Just Declared Victory In Montana!!

Dems' wins in U.S. are embraced overseas

We should say thank you to Bill Clinton

Would You Have Traded Chafee for Corker? I Would've

Dem victories aside, we must prosecute GOP dirty tricks

So, will the House be using pre-1994 rules or the ones we've had to deal

Bush*: What a gentleman! Leaves pickles in the rain... (photo)

OFFICIAL NEWS LINK: Democrats win House; Senate now tied

Are you "Bi"-Curious?

05-19-06: DKos Blockbuster's Open Letter to Al Gore

If John Paul Stevens dies in the next two years...

It is time for the first woman president....


Don't Sell Out to the Baker Commission

So, Is DU Still An "Underground?"

How best can the Dems prevent the GOP & Bush from ramming through last minute legislation?

Share your survival story: How did you survive the 12 year Republican congressional nightmare?

What needs to change about the electoral process before 2008?

Thom Hartmann - the parade

They TRIED TO STEAL VA and MT -- We need to Keep talking about this!!!

America Shows Bush Our Ass

Sen. Macaca spotted!

So how does yesterday's election affect the 'shadow government'?

MS/NBC calls MT-Sen for Tester

More good news: ORTEGA WINS!

Anyone have voter turnout figures?

Philadelphia Daily News frontpage...CLASSIC!


"The end of a 6-year nightmare for the world"

Corporate Media Talking Heads demanding "specifics" from Democrats

One quote that sums up this election

Democrats calling on Allen to conceed-most balls I've seen from them

I cant wait to see Bush squirm in a few minutes..

The best part of this whole thing is happening in 15 minutes!




Rumsfield out - CNN!!!

Rumsfeld is stepping down!~

From AP Rummy is stepping down!

self delete --dupe

Pigboy now plugging Homedics products

Rumsfeld is stepping down!

The last two seats in Senate are Burns and Allen

bye bye Rummy!

Go visit the DNC website! It's cute today

WOAH! Freepers get a CLUE? Unbelievable

Santorum gets the YTMND treatment


OMG! We got the SENATE! almost. Tester Won, only VA left to call

AP: Rummy is stepping down!

This ranks right up there with the day my divorce was final...

MSNBC BREAKING: Rumsfeld to Step Down.

AP per MSNBC: Rummy stepping DOWN TODAY

So now that we control the Senate,

Rumsfeld RESIGNS!!!!!!

Rusmfeld stepping down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about one Rummy thread my head is spinning??


is Chimpy taking questions today (1:00PM EST)?

Ladies and Gentlemen: Please join the author of the work in singing

Rummy OUT!!!!!!!!! (CNN has confirmed)

Rummy's gone

Rumsfeld stepping down! MSNBC - Norah O'Donnell live on TV...

Reynolds on CPSAN now... nasty piece of work that man is.


ABC Calls for Tester in Montana

Care to guess what The Ass-Faced Weasel will say at his 1:00PM EST press conference?

Rush: "Listeners, life goes on"


AP: Rummy is resigning.

MSNBC Rumsfeld to Resign.

LOL - Limbaugh blames the elderly for Sphinctorum's defeat.

Lieberman, once again show true self. Hold new conf. sametime as Pelosi.

18 "Rummy Quits" threads & counting.

Meet your new Democratic Senate Committee Chairs

So can we just have 1 day of celebrating and gloating?

My prediction on Allen, he'll concede sometime between now and Friday

With just a few months left to enjoy their majority in Congress.....

DUer Trumad predicted Rummy resignation!

Who else thinks Bush will have a meltdown today at the presser?

I agree with the Rude Pundit

Michael Moore had a big hand in the Effort....he is a DEM Hero in my eyes

Really? Is Rummie really resigning? REALLY?

I say we extend the same bipartianship to the Rs that they extended


Follow up: Me telling my Dad to STFU!

What's Darth Cheney's reaction?

Who will sing Kumbayah with me? I'm giddy!


January: Repeal Patriot Act, Repeal Military Comm. Act!

CNN: Rummy's Gone.

Here's the real question. Will Lil Boots say Rummy did a good job


irrelevant - please delete

Did the Republicans make a mistake last night with the amendments


Will the confirmations for the new SOD be before or after the new congress

It wasn't the Democrats who forced Bush to replace Rummy

New SoD: Former CIA Director Robert Gates

OK - if lieberman is offered SOD and he accepts, whats the deal for replacing him in CT??

Madame Speaker

What Dubya will say

"Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah,...Nah Nah Nah Nah....GOODBYE!!!!!"

Protesters singing, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye behind


haha get the popcorn! Shrub is up! nt

CNN confirming Rumsfeld to resign


Jackass still can't bring himself to say "Democratic Party"

It's "Democratic Party" ASSHOLE!!!

Bush: The "DEMOCRAT" Party

All I Have to Say is:

WaPo, this morning: "Democrats' win alone won't drive Rumsfeld out"

SUMMARY: Rummy out - Tester in Montana - Me HAPPY!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Resident of the United States

rummy out? already not 24 hours dems giving american people

Jon Tester Declares Victory!!!!!!! (D-Montana Senate)

Kilroy/Pryce race?

MSNBC calls MT for TESTER!!!!

Question Regarding Lieberman's Seat

Robert Gates will be offered up as new Sec of Defense

Is a designated driver expected to be bi-partisan with the drunk in the backseat?

From "Sexiest Man Alive" list to National Goat in four years

CNN is saying that the Democrats cannot do anything about Iraq

What happened to all that "collateral" Bush earned in the last election?

Self delete

Ole Smirky doesn't look so smirktastic right now!

For Today's Press Conference Drinking Game....

Up 6700 votes in VA; Up 3000 votes in MT... if these were Republican leads they'd be called by now.

Why all the glum faces?

Is a reputable site?

Bob 'I'm really a Black man" Barr is on CNN.

MSNBC reporting from DC

That whole Paraquay land deal makes a LOT more sense, now, don't it?

Goddamn fucking Bush said "Democrat party" twice already.

Can we call it a MANDATE now????

Was Rummy fired? Or did he resign himself?

lip service from Bush

self-delete dupe

Rumsfeld out; next step, offer Lieberman the post

How many times has Bush used that tired "drapes" line?

ALERT: Ticked off hung over Prezzydent to speak in 30 minutes

Guess What? I Guess I'm Evil After All!

Chimperer says, "Why all the glum faces???"


Can you not look up from your f**kin' notes chimperor?

Did Pelosi make a deal??

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, .....

betcha he has a stiff cocktail after this one...

Breaking:!!! Rummy to step down.......MSNBC!

Anyone know anyhitng about this Gates guy....

* "Why all the glum faces?"

Did they just say that the CIA and Poppy's guys just took over?

Freepers In Rummy Meltdown (A Sample)



AP Link to Rumsfeld Resignation story

Donald Rumsfeld Resigns!

Must every Bush appointee be from Friggin' Texas!?!?!?!?!

Rummy is the first of the "my way or the highway" crew to discover


Bush looks like a dancing chicken up there!

I wish we had a President that can say more than 6 words without a comma.

FReeper meltdown thread


Anyone keeping a list of the GOP "Blame Game"?

Pelosi is giving a press conference, suddenly Fox switch to a lieberman

I think we need a new bumpersticker. Those with talent create designs

Still bush is going for the "victory" crap.


What a disingenuous, patronizing speech

Bob Gates nominated as Rummy's replacement, as per bush...

Bob Gates is new Sec DEF per Bush.

Bush: "We're constantly changing tactics" in Iraq

"The Democrats won"

Reporter brought up the "if Ds win, terraists win" BS.

I just wanted to add a voice of congratulations from the heart of Europe.


oh, so NOW he's going to work with the Dems to get things done. What a butt...

RUMSFELD RESIGNING MEANS: Shit, now we're going to get investigated...

Oh wow people are actually sing hey hey hey goodbye outside the

OH CRAP! Did we just lose the Senate?!?

Gates...if the dems don't like him.....

*: "I'm assessing by myself"

Bush saying he's "constantly looking for fresh perspectives" on Iraq

BUSH:"People want their congressmen to be honest for some reason"

Make no mistake Rumsfeld was FIRED!

Hey will Leahy be the chairman of the Judiciary committee now?

WHY did he resign?

Don't get used to being behind those press microphones, **...

The GREAT UNITER is telling us all how to "change the tone"


Disgusting petulant little monkey. He's positively sulking.

Has Conrad Burns conceded yet? nt

Bush was just bleeped. What did he say?

Jay Rockefeller as the Senate Intelligence Committee Chair!!

The fact that they didn't appoint Lieberman says something in itself

Ask him about Cheney dammit!

This ass clown is getting better than ever at making me feel better than James Brown.

Bush is PISSY now! Snapping at reporters

Is that humble pie Bush is eating.


is there someplace where I can watch this live online?

MSNBC: Robert Gates Will Replace Dummy Rummy

Bush"I thought we were gonna be fine yesterday, shows what I know"

Robert Gates to replace Rummy per MSNBC n/t

Cut it with the "Democrat Party" now chimp-fucker. We OWN YOU!!!

This is what is going to happen next (Starring my dog as America)

Can those illegal signing statements be nullified ???

Stupid CNN

Bush: "I thought we were gonna do fine yesterday...shows what I know!"

Is there a lame duck session planned?

My favorite blog entry about the election....

Bush thinks the public were brainwashed against him

The freepers are so depressed over the election and rummy

Anyone hear that Ben Nelson's son

George W. Bush speaks the truth!

Is Elizabeth Dole still yapping?

All Hat And No Cattle.... "This isn't my first rodeo!"

Top 10 things I want the new congress to pass or work on.

I bet Cheney is as drunk as a skunk about now!!

What a petulant asshole.

Gates on Wiki!!! Too funny!!!

uh uher er uh uh uh...that was great...bush trying to get out of the little corner he painted

What's the job in Iraq, again?

(Democrats) 'are the deciders'

Are The Networks EVER Going To Call Senate For Democrats?

What happened to Bush's hick accent?

The Chimperor has no clothes

I should never try Pung-dintry???

Rumsfeld resigning!!!!!!!!!!!


Did shrub just call them "The Democrat party"?


Yes....YOU"RE NUTS!! Priceless!

bush .... "Fresh sure spective"

ABC News Calls Montana for Tester!

Bush is PISSY now! Snapping at reporters

"This isn't my first rodeo"

We need Lieberman!

CNN refuses to call the race for TESTER. They are fuckers. ABC. MSNBC,

Did you just hear that bleep?

Could this be any more perfect? Alec Baldwin...

BREAKING: Former CIA Director Robert Gates replaces Rumsfeld...

Bush: "It's clear the Democrat party had a good night last night."

Note to Chimp: You are not fit to shine Eisenhower's boots

Freeper Heads Must Me Exploding...

The President's Press Conference Just The Cherry On Top

OhOh Bushie messed up there

I'll just bet that Bob Boudalang is shitting his pants today! eom

"This is not my first rodeo"

Not a single Democratic incumbent lost yesterday

How many house seats did we win?

Check the cover of NY Daily News:

Rumsfeld resigns

Bush BLEEPED at his own press conference?

Note to Bush: Iraqis don't give a fuck about our elections.

Whoa - (lower case l) lib (read: repub) friend in meltdown mode


All your Senate are belong to us!

CNN just called Montana Senate for Jon Tester!!

subtext to * press conference

Oh NOW Dems want to "protect America"?

He just referred to Pelosi as 'him!' n/t

Ex-U.S. soldier pleads innocent in Iraq rape, murder

Pelosi said "no impeachment" - but she didn't say "no investigations"

Holy Fucking Shit

CNN calls GA-08 for Dem incumbent Marshall (extremely close race)

Hey Freeptards! NOTHING YOU SAY IS VALID. Go home.


Bumper Stickers for the afternoon shift...

Did Cheney say...

Rummy didn't resign

I can't wait until AWOL's trip to Viet Nam next week......

Quack Quack Quack!

do you think I am nuts?


Budgets done? Vietnam deal done? Indian deal done? HUH?

Bush: I was obviously working harder than he [ROVE] was on the campaign

Natalie Maines said it best...

"You don't get do-overs!" Boy, that's true -- especially 2000 and 2004.

News Alert Rumsfeld Resigns: Depression Deepens in Freeperville


More repuke fish-lips...

Pelosi just declared Impeachment is OFF the table...

If Bush cares for America, why does he allow offshoring?

I Hear a lot of side ways ASS KISSING from Bush, He knows he's toast!


take notes from the repubs, nancy: make chimpy lie under oath....

A Democrat abroad is feeling sheer elation!

Rummy was pushed out - read between the lines

Did you hear that fucked up loaded Susanne Malveaux question?

He's a ####### mess!

Hmmm, he's hot on saying how Dems have the power...

Aww. Ain't it Cute?? Poppy Bush is Bailing Out His Dimwitted Son!!!

How Many Iraqi's and American Have Died and Rumsfeld Hasn't Quit

Dear George: Attitude today should have been so from Day 1

OK, America. Are you convinced yet that Bush is an absolute idiot?

Let me get this straight. Congress passes legislation and you sign it?

I saw all manner of things melting before my eyes on my first LSD trip.

HUGE Slam At Rove from *!!!

Don't you just LOVE how much they want "bi-Partisanship" NOW???

Rummy was's how it went...a timeline

"Thumpin - without a G?"

whoever we nominate in '08 has to appeal to Independents

Has the Chimp hurled his dung yet?

Robert Gates and Electronic Voting - remember VoteHere in 2003?

My typically Republican voting father on gay marriage

Was Rummy a tradeoff for no impeachment?

Anyone else having this strange new reaction to Bush?

Military vote?

Gays can turn this partial victory into a total victory

A Great big hug and DU welcome to all of the new people

I hope Olbermann replays this press conference and FLAYS him

Bush list of DO-OVERS!

*** LET'S NOT FORGET: We won local sheriffs, clerks, executives and state party seats!

This press conference would be FUNNY -- if it weren't so sad...

I left this board in a big huff, but now feel compelled to say WELL DONE

Has the boy idiot lost his Burger King crown or what????

NEXT: Chaney then kindasleazy

Send Pelosi Some Drape Catalogs!

Blast from the past (mnftiu from June, 2003)

keep threat of impeachment looming to control Dubya...

Democrats win back Oregon House, hold Senate & Gov!

Bush talks of bipartisanship - does this mean he too will compromise?

Slate Gives Credit for Dem Sweep to Emanuel and Schumer, Ignores Dean

Remember the "Republican Revolution" of 1994?

Go "Blue"

Is Cheney next?

Just think of all the tell all books that will be coming out next year

Wonder if the Repubs will blame Clinton for this, too...

GOD - What a MASSIVE meltdown little Georgie is having.

Im finally laughing my ass off instead of feeling sick. This is hilarious..

So is Poppy

While Bush spoke, CNN called Montana for 50-49

A wily fox, or just plain stupid? I believe the question has been answered.

Whoa! Jonathan Alter on Al Franken just said that Bush had

Watching Bush's Press Conference...The Dixie Chicks were right!

Thank you AAR and Left Wing Radio thread

Hey Republicans ASSHOLES!!! This Is What a MANDATE LOOKS LIKE!!!

Christopher Shays May Be the Last Reeper Congressman in New England

New puppetmaster for Dumbya

OK, bush is throwing digs at Rove and he fired Rummy

Nothing has gotten through to Bush. He's still completely unaffected

Chicago Trtibune already trashing democrats

Getting rid of Rumsfeld in favor of Gates is more than just public opinion...

Investigation and Threat of Impeachment May Accomplish Same Goal...

"He took it for reasons that were purely selfless..."

Now Rush is blaming Santorum loss in PA on elderly. (Second oldest

Watching W squirm is so much fun....

Rummy resigns! has the last 24 hrs been a early christmas

Hey, Repukes!

Anybody seen or heard from Ann Coulter? Is Drudge Looking For Her?

I'm withholding judgment on Gates

Bush Administration Officials Need to Learn Two New Words...I Do

Bush: "Thank you for your interest"

So if pelosi impeaches bush and cheney, is she president?

The WUSS Factor..."Allen to Challenge the Results"

Holy shit I think * is about to self destruct!!!

Anyone heard from Ann Coulter today?


But seriously W has gone bawling to


So we hit the Trifecta?

Help me out. Why is "Democrat Party" so insulting?

How long will it be before we get our regular format back??I really

I've never been able to watch more than 30 seconds of Faux News..

So how long until Bush steps down? Days? Weeks? Months?

Stock Advice: Dump Your Haliburton and Bechtel Shares

Jim Webb's bio

Bush is screwn!!!!!

Is the shrub administration in its "last throes?"

The Lame Duck Waltz

mixed bag in WI: Doyle wins but so does death penalty & ban on gay marriage

Big Winner Yesterday: BILL CLINTON

Tweety claiming Bush/Cheney Split

Need name - Bush official who said Iraq would cost $1.7 billion

Today's front pages (dialup warning)

Murtha coming up live on CNN now

Gates has to be confirmed, right?

Bush Irony regarding Delay & Foley Names On Ballots ....

Now they're both hanging from the gallows:

Ah.... Ohio.. Gov: Dem. Sec of State: Dem. Atty Gen: Dem.

Bush and his daddies friends...

Remember the aftermath of the 04 election, when Skinner had to divide GD into two categories:


Did you see Bush's "cheat sheet"?

CNN: Troops think it's a "good idea" for Rummy to resign

Did you see Bush's "cheat sheet"?

I am gonna repeat this one more time:


Bush could have worked in a bi-partisan manner for the last 6 years

Having such a Shitty President may be the best thing that could've happened to us.

MSNBC: Noron trying to say that Rumsfeld replaced over the weekend, before election

Druggie Gassbag just said 'there will be no partisanship" from Repukes

Keith Olbermann Is On Dan Patrick's ESPN Radio Show

The fight is not over! We need help in Massachusetts TODAY!

What is there to recount in VA?

So mods, is avatar usage up 10 zillion percent?

Breaking: Bush reinvents self as a BENEVOLENT DICTATOR

Best news conference EVER!

This is what VICTORY looks like!!!

The answer is not impeachment. It is Censure!!!!!!!!

GATES!?! Iran-Contra Gates?!?! WTF!!!

Per 'Faux News' - "President is very humble today"...............

Exit Polling Question

Did anyone else watch TDS/Colbert Midterm Midtacular?

Hilarious post from HANNITY.COM forums

Let bygones be bygones... Forgive and forget. Time to Heal....

Why is Bush being so cooperative??

Jennings (D) may not have lost: RECOUNT in Cruella's old district!

QUESTION: Will the Dems still pursue election reform and a mandatory paper trail?

While we are thanking many DEMS today: Hooray for Harry!

Is the shrub administration in its "last throes?"

Power shift in the White House!

Any Montana update?

Why weren't Rumsfeld and Gates at Bush's side during the press conf?

was Bolton ever confirmed?

A BIG shout out and....

This morning's shower was the best of my life.

President Idiot is a lot more vulnerable than we thought

The Look of Loss: Pics of the Ass-Faced Weasel at his Press Conference...

Well, folks, WE DID IT!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen: WE BEAT KARL ROVE

Tennessee Sends Ultra Liberal to U.S. Congress!

When does Rove step down?

Poll: What are you listening to/watching today?

Folks, we're witnessing the beginning of the downfall of bush...

What was going on at MSNBC just before the press conference?

Nora O'Donnell: The President was TESTY today.

VA results not official til Nov. 27; Allen may ask for recount after that!

Tim Russert, "The control of Ideologues is OVER."

VIDEO - Bush Post-Election Press Conference/Rumsfeld Resignation

I no longer favor impeachment.

This is all a brilliant Rove genius double-reverse-psych-out delayed conspiracy plot.

Want a Lieberman-proof majority? Get Olympia Snowe to switch parties

Look at these guys I LOVE these guys

Alright, what to do about Iraq.

Does this mean they won't be nuking Iran

Chimp: "I thought theAmerican people would understand...

Did anyone see the papers Bush had with him?

Anyone Else Listening to Rush?

Is it true that Rummy resigned?

Shouldn't the media be pointing the cameras at the people outside the WH gates?

So Bush has even managed to steal the spotlight from Dem victory

Watch streaming MSNBC coverage online

W:"Ouch! It Hurts! Daily news cover

Here's what a Rumsfeld resignation means to Iraq:

"Republicans Blame Election Losses on Democrats"

Anybody else unable to do any work today?

Is there a web site w/ links to photos of the world-wide celebration?

People of DU would you ever have imagined....

Cindy on MSNBC - Stream ONLINE HERE NOW!

Can the Fairness doctrine be brought up by the house?

The First thing the democrats should investigate.

Ha ha haaaaaaaaa!

I take exquisite joy in Freepers pain re: Rumsfeld.

list of possible bills that are now DEAD


HOLY FUCK he is SCARED TO DEATH...He's gonna get impeached!

Whining George Allen, set to music

Dems need to TAKE BACK the debate...NOW

AP: Hastert Won't Seek Leadership Post

I really don't think that Dem control of the Senate was part of the script...

They all seem to be turning on Cheyney...

haha boortz's predictions now that "professional voters" have won

Harris County Dem Party was BRILLIANT in suing GOP to force

What are they yelling in the background on CNN?

Payback is a bitch

Is Boehner still asking "Where's Nancy Pelosi?"

Losing Big Becomes Bush.

Can we get some of today's political cartoons?

Stocks are going up

Ohio 15th looks fishy

Mr. Nolte stuck in the mud, Bill Frist after a marathon, and Don Rumsfeld:

Did anyone else hear Noran say "whore"

I can't wait to see how parodies *'s response to the election outcome

So, how does your country work?


Cindy Sheehan protesting in front of White House?

Bush Holding ANOTHER Presser at 3PM

This website sucks - needs updating

What do we know about Gates?

Openly gay candidates win elections in record numbers

Do you think the insurgency in Iraq will finally calm down? (Baathists)

If you need inspiration after Bush's spiel...see Dean's press event here.

It All Changes --As Soon As It Begins Raining Indictments on Republicans

Hey Democrats stay home- there's no point in voting, WE'RE DOOMED!

Why didn't Bush announce this prior to election?

Media and some Dem leaders are spinning - Voters aren't demanding bipartisanship


Where in the World is Cindy Sheehan?

Scarborough on MSNBC reassuring the Rs that * has taken control

Is Rove gonna show us the "real math"?

It's official: Massachusetts is now the BLUEST state in the Union.

Pat Buchanan: The neocon movement is over and...

Oh, and while we're on the MSNBC panel members...

Question for Ohio, "Did Slots Question Pass?"

Augusto Pinochet was good friends with a Child Rapist

The multiple personalties of Tweety were on display last night.

So basically Bush 41 team is replacing Bush 43 team for the last 2 years?

Bush's Friday Night Movie Club

The Senate race wasn't close

"Impeachment" can now be used as leverage over these effing crooks...

Impeachment is Imperative- but FIRST BRING THE TROOPS HOME!!

Did anyone see the papers Bush had with him?

AARP event on CSPAN1

Asking America the musical question "Have You Had Enough?" And the answer is...

The REAL reason for announcing Rumsfeld replacement now:

A Mandate for Peace!

Hannity forums have about 650 members viewing, and mostly in despair

So Guess WhoThe RW rag NY Post had on the cover today...

Has this election quieted any of our worries about Diebold?

LANDSLIDE! ...a big thanks from Michael Moore

Should the Dems defeat the Gate's nomination?

!!! LOSER !!!

For the first time in my years on this planet I want

Nothing Changed At The White House - U.S. envoy tells Iraqis election won't change policy

Sludge: Next shoe to fall in Bush WH: John Bolton as US-UN ambassador?

NCLB up for renewal - Bush just mentioned. What can we do to kill it?

Is Tweety crying?

Since the search is not up, Can anyone point me to the Paraguay

Seems to me Cheney has been made extremely vulnerable.

United For Peace And Justice: A Mandate For Peace!

Did anyone catch this last night?

Did anybody see the Tweety-Scarborough dust up last night?

A picture that I look very much forward to seeing.

TSUNAMI !!!.... Wave Rolls Across the Nation...



McNerney topples Pombo in close House race - YIPPEEEEEE

Speaker-Elect Pelosi meets the people!

Stocks rise on Rummy News

Anyone else think within a month or more Cheney will...

Anyone have any video compilations of Chris Matthews becoming unhinged last night?

Why no WhiteHouse website statement yet?

Financial Times: Iraq War Decimates Republican Vote


Dear Mr. Bush: Yesterday I was the decider, and you lost!!

ABC was an embarrassment last night....

How's "THE Math" Coming, Rover?

Watching crazy Charlie Cook on Cspan

The Silver Lining For Dummy Rummy "U.S. Map Senate & House Gains and Losses" Look at all the Red! NOT!

Impeachment is a waste of precious time

It has to be a miracle

I guess the Gays didn't cost us the Senate. WHEW.

Man...they're showing Iraq on CNN...

How Did You celebrate Last Night (& This Morning)?

“If Bush was as good as managing Iraq as he is at the news


My roadmap. For what it's worth.

And so control of the Senate comes down to... wait for it...

Is Dan Quayle still around????

Time to start talking about civil rights for gay people now

... Yes... but the THREAT of impeachment...

Bush: I'm still going to "win" the war in Iraq

There seems to be some confusion about the Senate. Here's where things stand. (EDITED 1PM ET)

Anyone got the stats for Nancy Skinner's race

Hannity coming up. He'll be even more unhinged than Pigboy.

It's my Birthday

How much of this crap do we have to go through to get Congress to mandate

Drudge: Next shoe to fall in Bush WH: John Bolton as US-UN ambassador

Who are the reasonable/rational Repubs left for the Democrats to work with?

One thing I'm still pissed about in this election...

How did Rumsfeld's vision of Iraq vary from Bush's?

"Irreparable Harm" to James Webb in Virginia?

I wish I could celebrate, but I woke up and still have a Republican

Bush says Rummy and Cheney will stay. Next, Rummy is toast...

Let's "work together" with Pissypants the way he "worked together" after stealing the '00 election

The Bush Tower begins collapsing!


Fox is having a rather long segment on Tester winning.

Lauer and Russert are GOP schills ( video)

The big tent party...we have Pelosi and Reid

Now the Dem Congress can finally declare WAR ON CHRISTMAS! woooohooo!

Jesus God FSM... can someone tell Barry McCaffrey to

I have to admit Rasmussen was pretty accurate this year polling wise

Humble Pie....EAT IT in pictures...

Let's be clear. Pelosi FIRED RUMSFELD...CHENEY needs to resign NEXT!!!


So we just got the Senate???And nothing on TV about it?

Another Dead Democrat beats Live Republican!


Bush, Rummy and Gates to make 'Li ve Statement'

CNBC BREAKING NEWS -- Tester wins!!!

PRAYER THREAD: Thank God for inspiring America to remove the evil bastards

It's a beautiful day in the (DU) neighborhood!

97,836 user registrations and 26,202,921 posts since January 2001

Little Green Footballers Lose Their Minds

Kondracke: "There's always something in the sixth year." BULLSHIT. Dems won seats in 98

Buh. Bye.

Neal Boortz said WHAT?!

How long until Bush and Co. declare us all enemy combatants? nt

What happened? Was there an election?

Prediction: Bush won't be impeached. He will suddenly stop showing up for work

MSNBC Gasbags Calling Rumsfeld Firing A Bush Coup

Mission Accomplished: Time for Party Parties - MoveOn.Org - sign up!

When will Cheney go?? You know it's coming

So are you going to celebrate again tonight?

CAPTION: Bush's Presser

"Voinovich and Spectre! YOU'RE NEXT!"

Three Little Words Strike Fear in the Hearts of All Hill Republicans....

Fox Renames Show "Colmes & Hannity"

Television media drive by "star power" not issues or procedure

Meanwhile, over at Rapture Ready...

Video of Stephen Colbert's freeper imitation last night:

Iraq MPs welcome Rumsfeld departure

So now, who do you want for our Presidential & VP candidates in 2008?

Voters reject gay marriage, abortion bans. Pass stem cell research

Man commits suicide over Bu$h's war.

Leahy Wants To Tackle Torture First.

Doesn't the Ford loss prove the racist fucks wouldn't vote for Jesus Christ if he was black?

This pouring New Jersey rain reminds me of...

CNN calls MT for Tester!

What A Wonderful World:

I'm concerned

Lame Duck joke thread...

"TV's Ok Coverage ofElection Night"

We have had a great victory.

Investigate Congress and the rest will follow...

Any good 2006 bumpersticker/T-shirt ideas?

Hey fellow cube rats...did you know you can stream MSNBC live?

Max Boot: No Good Options in Iraq. So Just Stay and Bleed Forever.

Chuck Todd, the Editor in Chief of The Hotline..his WIFE works for the WEBB campaign.

One more arrogant SOB bites the dust.

Newsweek on Fox election coverage: like being at "a wake."

Message to John Conyers:.......

There SHOULD be a recount in Virginia (a highly supervised one)

Where is Mike Stark's webpage? Please and thank you.

Bush is interrupting the soaps AGAIN!

Ahhh gezzz... another frigging book report by *....

All Your Congress Are Belong To Us!!!!!!!1111!!!!

You can see Chimpy now

DU, Shall we draft a letter to sign and send to Madame Speaker?

Democrat wins Montana Senate seat, CNN projects


WHO'S YOU'RE DADDY!!!!!!! This wonderful woman, that's who!

I'm doing the Virginia math right now: JIM WEBB WILL WIN, BUT MAY FACE RECOUNT!!!!!

Today, beneath my US flag, I'm flying a cocktail glass flag

YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is calling the shots in the WH now?

Yikes..all the black suits...

Bob Gates 1991 Roll Call Vote

Okay, when did you do your happy dance?

Speaker Pelosi, please rethink Alcee Hastings as Intelligence head

C&L VIDEO: Paul Begala on CNN - Limbaugh Is A "Self-Discredited Drug-Addled Gasbag"

Rush Said WHAT?

For Christ's sake, they impeached Clinton over a BLOW JOB

It's like a Christmas present Wrapped in Cake...

"The Pelosi Years"

***Official second presser for gwb, buh bye Rummy, thread.***

TPM Muckraker's "Tribute to the Fallen"

Nancy Pelosi's "First 100 Hours" - Is it good enough?

So, When Does ROVE Resign.

This election could be even bigger than we all think: The return of the big tent party.

Today's a good day for a resolution! Ok diet, time to begin! How bout you?

Dobson quits Haggard "counciling" team

What does mean for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast? Can a revived

WTF? Hayworth inst conceeding yet?

There is nothing better than listening to Rush Limbaugh right now.

I jist told you that to git y'all off the question... RE: RUMMY

I wish Dixie Chicks would play at Dem inauguration

PHOTO: "I spent HOW much of my own money on this shit?"

Has Anyone Seen An Interview With John Conyers Anywhere

Remember, remember, the 7th of November

A moment of reflection folks... and the cold reality

MSNBC - Fmr Gen McCaffrey "we're losing a battalion a month

Shame on you, America!

Hannity CLASSIC right now...

OMG... MSNBC right now

Of course Rummy is condescending to us stupid Americans....

Today's Cover: Philadelphia Daily News "Hee-Haw!"

Good job guys. Now: hold the people we elected accountable



Next DU project...


There is NO WAY Rummy would be OUT if Dems DIDN'T WIN

So, who is going to be the Senate MINORITY leader for the Reps?

The Elephant Is Dead

what happened to the 3pm press conference?

This election was a victory for populism.

I actually just had sex with a tree

Craig Crawford Hasn't Voted Since 1988

Rummy's gone and there's a new guy, but the rhetoric is still the same.

Holy shit America - YOU DID IT !!!!

Biden on MSNBC saying if he is leader ..He will hold many hearings and

Bush's last words today: "I appreciate your interest"

Dennis Hastert Will Step Down As Leader

Wassup? Are DU'ers on something?

On MSNBC Joe Biden: hearings on Iraq will start in Januari

Holy Joe on Hannity now...

Bush regarding elections: "Shows what I know"

The man that once did sell the lion's skin while the beast lived, was killed with hunting him.

51-49.. Only THIS time..NO "power-sharing"

K Street lobbying has to be curtailed.

Did I miss something? Tweety just said Bush scapegoated Rove...

Is * smiling at Gates or is he constipated...?

Wasn't Osama supposed to attack us or something?

Tester Wins election day vote, absentee being counted!!!! Montana margin beyond recount level.

Bush panics as US religious right fails to stem Democrat tide

Mike brown: "Heckuva job" John Snow: "Fine Job" Rumsfeld: "Fantastic Job"

BWAHAHAHA...Even in defeat, Santorum gets the last dig in...

PA Lottery hits 666 on election eve! Good God, what have we done?!

Sooooooo.... Is McCain on a Suicide Watch?

So, How long before Bush REALLY loses it and has to resign

Does someone have results in California?

Finally, Dean takes his bow:

One of the unsung heroes, Gov. Sebelius-KS

Bay (at the moon) Buchanan...coming up next on CNN.

You need a laugh?

Never have I been so HAPPY to be SO WRONG

Did anyone else start crying last night?

Cafferty wants to know what Dem priorities should be for the new congress.

Caption this...

Strict Father Dobson Will Not Be Spanking Pastor Ted

Heads Up! - Bill Maher on Larry King tonight.

If anyone tells you....

Jimmy Kimmels 5 minutes talking about Ted Haggard (I found it very funny)

Yes, it's a wonderful day for democrats, but I am still pissed off ...

If the Senate is tied, will there be a majority leader?

I had to turn the stupid Corporate 'news' off

So does the Rummy announcement trump a Democratic win in the news cycle?

ATTENTION: Project X Announcement

Webb increases lead slighly after Fairfax City Absentees are counted...

OKAY my droogs... IT's time for Mark Foley to leave rehab!!!!

Burns still not conceding-on CNN

Why is everyone celebrating Rumsfeld? Gates is even worse!

Just In - Burns NOT Conceding.

My Election Day Parable:

Freeper fuckwads eat my shorts.....dooh dah, dooh dah....

Help finally arrived, it took two years but it is here!

Impeach the Republican Party... Not Bush

"Draperies"? I had just turned on my car radio and thought I

HEY!!! NOW will the Pentagon release the Abu Ghraib CHILD RAPE tapes???

Meetings all day. So Tester is in, what about Webb?

Check out this FReep pic of Rummy

Dow reaches new high on election results

Let's make sure the lucky 40 get theirs!

Gandhi was right!

Chris Matthews predicted GOP would keep both houses. That's why he was so pissed.

I can't write.

Virginia & Montana: We had better have lots of lawyers on hand

I LOVE YOU DU!!!!!!!!!

How about Russ Feingold as Chair of the Judiciary Committee?

What bones can we throw the Republicans?

"I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it."

"He's Not Quite Dead Yet." - J D Hayworth Not Conceding - AZ Republic

Did I miss something?

Hey George--How's that "mandate" working out for ya

its Randi time!!!!

Say it LOUD: I am DEMOCRATIC and PROUD!!!!

Come on, Virginia ..... BRING IT HOME!!!!!!!!!!

This picture of Santorum's son is cracking me up.

Wow! The protest sounds LOUD outside the WH!

PHOTO: Put down your prop football already, Waaallen. It's over.

Biden with Tweety

A Single Moment Of Joy

Oh someone looks like they needs some meds

Where are all of the Republicans telling Allen to concede?

New Majority breaking records when it comes to women in Congress

Please help me find something.

Contract on America - may you rest in HELL (1994-2006)

Oh Man... Calling On CatWoman !!! - Illegal Use Of A Kitty During Elections !!!

Blitzer and King softening the blow for republicans.....

Meet Robert M. Gates, Iran-Contra Crook and Bush 41 CIA Chief :

Direct link for MSNBC feed?

I'd like to invite Burns, Allen, Hayworth & Republicans to JOIN us!

"Feeling Good" (It's A New Day)

Look forward to some of the most clownish legislation ever for two months

There's a new Alternative Fuel Vehicle on the horizon

An announcement.....

Dow reaches new high on election results

Somebody Photoshop Howard Dean in flight suit on Aircraft Carrier

Speaker Pelosi: "Impeachment is off the table."

I am really wondering about the Santorum kids threads.

Rummy's Last Words!

This disgraceful era in American history is coming to a close

MCCain: Premature Withdrawal Causes Chaos!!

Limbaugh: Republicans lost on Nov. 7 — but conservatism won.

Chigago SunTimes: "Blogs toast Lynne Cheney's bodacious lesbian bodice-ripper"

Don't take your eyes off VA or Montana!

WA State - Burner (D) moves ahead of Reichert (R) for US House

What are they going to do with Jeb?

Bumper sticker wars

HEADLINE: Dow reaches new high on election results, Rumsfeld resignation

Americans to Bush: "Fool me once..."

It makes me angry after having to endure relentless ridicule

Burns and Allen to Give Up? Say Goodnight Gracie. "Goodnight Gracie"

Anyone here live in a VERY RED area too?

Rightwing Blog Tells Allen To Concede- "Let's Not Re-Do Florida" (

Montana law looks to forbid Burns recount

What issues do the r's have left to run on?

The very first resolution that should be passed... a law declaring...

Wow, Chimpeached (tm) really lost his Southern accent all of a sudden!

We WILL win Virginia take a look

Why not President Pelosi?

Link to video and/or transcript of Pelosi's speech this morning?

My major regret for this election cycle.


Bush sounded decent in his speech today...

Did anyone listen to the * press conference on NPR today?

TPM: Conservative Blog urges Allen NOT to seek Re-Count

Mark McKinnon: Bush didn't fire Rumsfeld last week 'cause he thought that might look political

Is Karl Rove finally dead politically?

Does anyone have the picture of Bush and the Donkey?

Anyone have links to exit polls?

International Criminal Justice - What Can It Achieve?

The OPPRESSION IS LIFTED! The occupation of America has ended!


The FIRST investigation had better be into who sent anthrax to our Democratic leaders

Rodney Alexander (R-La.) easily wins another term....

Neo-con Iran/Contra types trying to overthrow the Democratic Revolution...

Salon watches FOX so you don't have to...a hilarious tale of election night!

ONE simple reason that impeachment is a dead-end option

Hannity had Leiberman on and lieberman said he wouldn't forget friends

The Rumsfeld resignation today is a direct result the will expressed by the people Tuesday.

Rumsfeld says buh bye the day after Dems take the house....

depressing reminder to newly elected Members of Congress . . .

Please recommend this photo of Howard Dean today on yahoo

What Gives?

Familiar sounding message to George Allen: YOU LOST. GET OVER IT. n/t

Please enjoy this----freeper funnies

Jim Webb - a rare breed.

Email from the WEBB Campaign (says they Won)

Will the mainstream media gush about Pelosi's "mandate?"

So, who is the better republican?

Pelosi: "Full speed ahead? I don't think so..." to Darth Cheney

Cheney Meet The Press comment September 16th, 2001

Omg good news Attorney General Phil kline loses!!

Superbug brought back by Iraq war casualties (UK Article)

How many women

While I'm happy with the election outcome, 2 More Soldiers have died

Question: What Were Your Personal "Grins And Grimaces" From This Election ???

Yea! Horsey Toon on W!!!

Why is Terry McAuliffe acting like he had a part of this victory?

Free Republic compares election to 9/11, "I really want to hurt somebody."

Larry Johnson (ret. CIA) warns of Robert Gates.....

Has anybody made sure Keith Olbermann gets the Allen quotes against recounts? nt

Bill O'Reilly endorsed another Republican candidate who lost last night Rove, the grand strategist, faces defeat

Loser Repuke punches Dem who beat him

Maybe Speaker Pelosi means: Accountability without necessarily Impeachment

The key to the next two years is to keep constructive.

Howard Dean has been completely vindicated!

A bizarro, somewhat misogynistic ad I pulled from NewsMax...

Why are the 2 independents being counted as Democrats?

Paul Reickhoff on Rumsfeld's resignation:

OAXACA UPDATE: Relative Quiet with Two Notable Exceptions

Guess we are gonna be punished for winning

I cleaned HOUSE today!

Patience with impeachment. All in good time.

"Public Election Money Levels the Field"


Can the people influence the vote for House Majority Leader? reporting VA will not certify until Nov. 27 (2:12 PM PST)

Great songs I've heard this morning on the radio

More Good News: Katherine Harris May Run Again In Future

Sit Down for Change---Stand Up for Peace, Day 2 - - from Cindy Sheehan

Did they "bleep" the Chimp this AM?

Seeing as Joe Lieberman Holds the Senate Balance of Power...

Maybe I'm cynical or paranoid, but is the Rumsfeld resignation a way to deflect

Nov. 1, 2006 article|Bush: Rumsfeld, Cheney must stay til end

New Bush Comic: Yes Madame Speaker

Virginia back up to 100% in - Webb up 7347

Post Your Rumsfeld Limericks Here

Anyone who thinks House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi will forget this is nuts

I think the best ticket the Republicans could put up for '08 is Allen-Santorum

"Anything will beat nothing."

Bush Oct 30, 2006 "Democrat approach in Iraq: The terrorists win and America loses"

EDIT..went back down to (94.73%) VA 100% are in

Looks like 1927 didn't happen

The Right Was Right!

Virginia "Ghost Precinct"

The sky is so much bluer today.

Lou Dobbs just said Allen should forgo a recount

Nancy Pelosi: Now Officially the Most Powerful Woman in America

Official post-election victory story thread

I called the G. Gordon Liddy show this morning

Virginia is fishy

Time: How McCaskill won

Dammit! They were right!

Bush derides Rove.

CT-02 is a 170 vote spread

Office Wingnut Came Outside With Me For A Smoke This Afternoon

Going, Going and Gone

We beat their candidates, their so called machine, their 72 hour ROBUST GOTV operation, their

My conservative hubby got to the phone first and is doing an opinion survey abt the election

Chill, folks. Virginia is NOT Florida. We have a Democratic Governor and ...

Make no mistake: They TRIED to steal it

I gave my county's repukes commuters indigestion this morning.

So is Lieberman a loose cannon?

DU this Lou Dobbs poll re: Deciding factor for your vote yesterday

So which revolving door will Rumsfeld walk through?

Not ready to make nice.

VA. is doing a STATE sponsored review of the votes. That's mandated in a close race.

From One Female To Another--Congratulations Speaker Pelosi

Does Virginia Need Any Observers or Lawyers? We must watch this like hawks!!!

Now that the elections are over we can move on to the important things

Can't wait to hear Malloy tonight on NOVA RADIO>>>AAR you screwed


Maine Legislature: Dems pick up THIRTY SEATS in Maine House of Reps!

My parents say Lou Dobbs delivered this victory to the Dems

Everybody euphoric? Good. Take counsel in the following.....

Why should Rumsfeld be allowed to walk away?

On election day, voters hit the reboot button on the government

WTF is the delay in Virginia???? This is ridiculous.

I don't think they had any machines switching votes this time

How many house races have we picked up?

The I's Hsve It!

Where's Liddy Dole? Under psychiatric care perhaps?

Those that steal get it in the end....... they get too brave and get caugt

Rumsfeld apologist on tucker.

OK, here's what we're gonna do now we're in charge. I hereby proclaim...

As we celebrate, let's not forget our troops. 2,839 (22 so far this month)

Hey, Rove, how's that permanent Republican majority feeling now?

Hey lurking freepers, meet the new judiciary chairman

Precincts reporting being changed?

Forgive me if someone has mentioned this already; but,

Michael Moore: Landslide! A big thank you from MM

Only one nomination? C'mon DU, we can do better than that.

For 2008, we will need a Presidential candidate with down-ballot coat-tails

it will be such a pleasure not having to look at cheney presiding over the senate if there is a vote

Hmmm, the new secretary of defense was a quick grab...

I stopped at the Kroger and everyone seemed to be buying BEER tonight

How was Hannity today

Is the reason why fewer precincts reported in VA-Sen due to recounting?

We CANNOT push for impeachment right now

Well, looks like gays are the only losers today.

Oh Crap! Allen is up again!

A Kiss for Charlie Rangel for showing Tucker how absurd he is.

Going on gut feeling, if this had been a fraud-free election

The House, The Senate, & Donald Rumsfeld resigns?


Frist calls for bipartisanship

Howard Dean on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight

Cartoon:....someday it will be ok to be Republican again..

Dean in on C-Span 2 right now. Will have a conference with DGA

Rove Is Next......Be gone By The Weekend

I don't understand why DUers go to Free Republic

OK...All right...somebody friggin pinch me.

Looks like their bid to take over the debate w/ Rumsfeld is FAILING

A thread I started at 1:30 yesterday is already archived.

Virginia 100% in... Webb still ahead

This is the bestest day in 6 years!!! This is like Christmas

AMAZING musical/political coincidence on XM Radio today! (AAR & Todd Rundgren)

Put on your tinfoil hats, I have a little "theory" re: Diebold et al

Local gas prices

Listen to McCain who has called a presser

I would like to thank Jim Pederson, Harold Ford and Ned Lamont

We won the Senate -- Don't take the bait!

Where is Darth Cheney?

I'm curious about vote flipping...

Joe Lieberman to Sean Hannity: "I am a great admirer of yours"

Meanwhile, the folks at Freak Republic are jumping out windows

Tennessee DUers: what happened in the Senate race?


* bleeped out at press conference on NPR this afternoon.

Random Scenes from the Front Lines of Democracy

Texas prosecutor kills himself after sex sting

Some of the Santorum's kids posts make me embarrassed to be here.

Get Your George "Waaaallen" Graphics Right Here!

I'm Starting To Wonder If Impeachment Is Necessary...

Oh, God. I cannot wait to watch KO tonight.

Anyone else ever got this error msg when trying to post a link?

##Thank you Congressman Emanuel and Senator Schumer##

Sean Insannity is such an arrogant dick

Isn't it a wonderful thing to see the Dem's getting air time on TV now?

I'm starting to get a creepy feeling we're being used.

VIRGINIA SENATE NEWS: Counting provisional ballots, Webb still leads with 94% of precincts reporting

Alright, what's with all the newbies who are "conservative...but"...


Got a list to probe?

CNN: bush BRISTLES at being called a LAME DUCK!!!

Not only can freepers not spell...

If republican congressmen demand to have a hearing, do

THeres going to be a lot of powerful Dems on the Tube now!

O'really in legai trouble (again) - something different:

While ruminating upon my own brilliant insights and pithy analysis

Well Here is MY E-Kiss of the ass.....

WES CLARK coming up soon on Rachel Maddow show to discuss Rummy n/t

Attention Freepers: Once we get rid of Bush and Cheney

Help me DU'ers...I want crying, sniveling pictures of Republicans who lost last night

No impeachment, just investigations...

A Dem teacher of mine says he fears impeachment hearings.

Paraguay's Supreme Court Justices facing Impeachment = Bushco.

I thought Santorum's ($40,000 charter school thief) kids crying was funny as hell

White House Caught Allegedly Doctoring "Mission Accomplished" Video...

DSCC Statement on Webb and Tester - We Won ....

London Evening Standard: "BUSH CRUSHED - Win The West Wing!" (pictures)

screw "bi-partisanship"...we WON!

I awoke to a New America this morning....

The View from India: Americans Facing Fact the Empire Has Lost Control

Did Deborah Pryce (R-15 OH) CHEAT? Kilroy-D Has Not Conceded!

WE CAN NOT BACK DOWN...we must stay aggressive...its NOT over

MSNBC: Cheney argued to keep Rumsfeld, protested Gates selection

doesn't the senate have to CONFIRM this new dufus??

Rumsfeld to be charged with War Crimes next week in a European Court...

I'm so fucking happy

Dead Dem wins over repub in SD county commissioner's race

Mr. Waaaaalllen when this recount is over

Howard Dean calling for major national election reform

Meanwhile, over at Freak Repugnant:

Local wingnut talker Mark Belling losing his damn mind on air!

The Freepers are falling apart!


Lou Dobbs may be responsible for forging a new and lasting political movement


I had this crazy dream.... We won both houses and then Rummy resigned.

What happened with Tweety and Scarborough?

I think Rummy is gone within a week-- hell, it might be today.

Lou Dobbs just called Bush a liar

Tree Trimming....Rummy the DUMMY...has been asked to get the Hell outta Dodge

Insane Fascist Blogger on 11/07/06: "A Day Which Will Live In Infamy!"

About New Jersey...

I just posted a final post at freerepublic. I will be zotted so here it is:

Post your celebratory DEM WIN song!

Why would my district vote for liberal Susan Davis AND ultra-right Shirley Horton?

Fuck all this talk of "healing" and "working with the President"

Folks, Gates replacing Rumsfeld is a HUGE burn for Rumsfeld

Something is going on in VA.

BUH-BYE CRYBABY!!! ---pix--->>>

Forget Crooks & Liars; Here's an ignored resource for some great , trutfhul MSM video clips

Be advised: Two House seats go to December runoff


Can we have a round of applause for Skinner and the Admins for tonite?

Roses for Pelosi!

Is Karl Rove next?

LMAO! Protestors spoil Kelly O'Donnells on camera time!

We should thank all those who made this victory possible, starting with George W. Bush

Failed elections in Michigan

To Rush Limbaugh: Thanks for helping us take the Senate!

John Hall won New York’s 19th Congressional District last night

3rd In line To The Presidency... Deal With It Freeps !!!

Busy day at the gas pumps

There's a Socialist in the US Senate.

Robert Gates: A criminal from the Iran/Contra days


We won the House. Things are looking hopeful for the Senate.

Caption this Bush photo from today!

"Mr President, I have a few questions to ask you"

Okay -- I'm craving Dejected Republican Co-worker anecdotes. Got any?

Fox News Makes Up New ‘Minority Speaker’ Position

I haven't seen a thread... so pardon me.... this one was for YOU, Andy

I think we should demand an apology for all the hateful things

I Just Went Outside And Smoked A Cigarette. I Let It Sink In. Then I Cried.

An open letter to my 9 year old son: May your pride taste as sweet someday.

Is Democratic Underground AT THE VERY LEAST in agreement about opening probes first???

have you noticed how even the MSM seems to be losing some of its gag?

o, and how is babs taking the people's revolt against her son?


Sure-fire ways the Democrats could squander their victories from last night

Eminent domain limits amendment passed in SC. What am I missing?

And in the rest of the world, people blowing each other up continues

In disbelief and numb (my official thank you post)

TOO RICH! VA GOP concerned about voting machine glitches! (Too MUCH paper!)

Rush? I am sitting here, drinking... a... LATTE.

Hey! Agenda time!

Gates = done deal of a punt on Iraq (to Baker)

Debunking the Six-Year turnover fallacy

!!!!!!!! WINNERS !!!!!!!! ---pix--->>>

If you think that was a clean election....

Has anyone seen any foreign headlines about the Dem's win?

George Washington of Yorktown: "Virginia seems to be the next object"

Hee. Hee Hee Hee.

Special Post-Election Halliburton Thread: MSM Satellite Trucks in Alexandria, Virginia

Oooooh how convenient!

*HOT off the presses!* I made some new designs to celebrate!

Part X: "Corruption" Cited in Exit Polling; BushCo. Scandals Shift Gears

Somebody please look at this - exit poll vs actual in Dem Senate seats

Investigate war profiteering first, NOT impeachment

The FReeper Prayer Thread:

New presidential line of succession as of 1/07

The Final Word On Why Lieberman Won't Switch.

Impeachment would not be about getting even, it would be about justice.

Do you support Jack Murtha for the post of Majority Leader of the house?

Tom Harkin's 'questions and doubts' about Gate's role in the Iran-Contra Affair

Whoa - Virginia just went from 99.88% of votes tallied to 94.54%!

I want to see a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE for Howard Dean!

Mike Ruppert seriously ill. www, on last legs.

Check in here if your campaign (issue or candidate) lost yesterday.

I feel like we just blew up the Death Star

OK. DU. What's with all the effed up posts. Read what you are posting

Support for George Allen recount growing in VA:.

Bush Blurts Out 'ANXIOUS' During Presser. He Lost Track Of His Point

I captained a Citizen Parallel Election yesterday. Very empowering.

Do you think that bogus weekend poll showing Ford 12-pts down hurt him?

Where's that guy who said the neocons would create reality and we would study it?

One more time... we don't want IMPEACHMENT hearings...

A thread about Santorum's kids

Pelosi's 100 Hour Plan- THIS Is What America Voted For. She Has A Mandate!

Without DU

Idaho: stepping forward...into the past!

California elects Democrat Deborah Bowen for Sec of State!

Wonkette: Free Republic Gives Up and DIES

"From the Shadows" (Gates' Autobiography)

Hello DU newbies! I've seen some amazingly funny and observant

Any chance of getting Habeas Corpus back? Making torture illegal?

Can someone smart help me figure out the Robin Hayes/Larry Kissell race?

MICHAEL J. FOX: Deepest gratitude.

Sat. Nite! Hudson Valley Victory Dance w/Earthbeat, Backstage Prod. in Kingston!!

ROFLMAO !!! - Best Analysis From FreeperLand So Far...

Any DUers as SURPRISED as Dem strategists that CORRUPTION was the major issue?

Dems Win! I've Already Gone Gay, Hired An Illegal Alien...

Kucinich's 'to do' list for the next DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS!!YEAH BABY YEAH!!

This country can't AFFORD for Dems to look away from BushInc's crimes, yet again.

STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN: I just posted this on Free Republic.

For Andy

A Deep, Deep Breath

My God, Tennessee, what have you done?

Post a "GOOD BYE, RUMMY" Haiku, here...

Election Madrigal

Dear dismayed conservatives:

The official FUCK YOU ROVE thread!





Iran-Contra Robert Gates? That Robert Gates?

NY-20 Gillibrand Victory Party / a happy Dem thread(pic heavy)

Governor Strickland

Bye Bye Dubya - You are ours now

GOTV video from DNC. Feel the energy. Take a bow.

Republican Dirty Tricks -- lying, admitting it, and not caring

"The Gunner's Dream," by Pink Floyd (live)

Now THIS is What I Expect to be Seeing More of from Republicans!

'Have You Had Enough?!' - Rickie Lee Jones & Squirrel Nut Zippers

Colbert: (new Congressman) John Hall of Orleans interview

Six. Long. Bitter. Years.

Music For Victory - Don't Stop

Rummy Meltdown - Benchmarks...

Good news for Democrats in the 1st District in Idaho

A suggestion for the new Congressional Cafetaria menu

What Senate seats are still in play?

Hutchinson (R) concedes to Beebe (D) - Arkansas Gov. Race

Hayworth Goes Down!!

11,000 votes is the key to VA

New GOPpie Memes: Post 'em here!

My Advise To Allen.....

The Greens may do it to us again in VA. 25,604 Votes!

The best Drudge page...ever

interesting in North Carolina...RECOUNT???

Follow the House races

Can a recount be done in VA?

The Next Speaker of the House Speaking LIVE on C-SPAN!

What about Sestak-Weldon in PA? I can't find it. Thnks.

Fox News front-page screen shot: "Dems Win House"...another "keeper," boys & girls...

Once again California voted

So what's Rove doing about now? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Tomorrow morning, Bush will wake up to "Speaker Pelosi," or as I like to call her, "The Smirk Wiper"

Listen up folks (the exit polls so far are 100% right)

MT US Sen Tester 56% CON-Rad 42%

Anyone know how Tammy Duckworth is doing

Remember every vote counts. Check out NC-8 Kissell vs Hayes right now

Melissa Hart conceded by telephone to Jason Altmire (D). This is big

Tester is kicking the shit out of Burns...why isn't the "librul media" calling it?

Any Bets On Rumsfeld In The Morning

The Senate looks like a tie to me. That's not too shabby when taken in context


WY-01 going DEM?!?! Can this be?!?!?

NE-03 - Is anyone else on the edge of their seat?

The shredders are working overtime in the Whitehouse

DCCC has Doolittle and Pombo LOSING

Michell Bachmann 'rallying troops' with speech.

Has anyone visited the Freak Republic tonight?

Check Out How Independents Voted In Key Senate Races....

Looks like NY-19 is ours, a Dem pickup

Washington Post also showing Webb leading...

Thank you, voters of America


Commonwealth of Virginia website updates with Webb as leading:

Repeat after me: John Conyers - Chairman of the House Judicary Committee


Hahahahahahahah..... CA 11: McNerney up over that stinker Pombo!

Is this, like, a referendum?

I think we should start sponsoring Libertarian candidates in tight elections.

Bush to hold press conf tomorrow, 1PM. Tony Snow: Election "not what we would have hoped for"

if we had a functioning media that told the TRUTH instead of this faux...

SHIT...Corker won!

Faux just called TN for Corker

You all realize what we've gotten, right?

Greens and other third parties are not just corporatist, but now racist!

Allen is still ahead. CNN has it wrong. Look at VA website

This Is Going To Be Like 2000

Absentee ballots MIGHT push WEBB AHEAD!

The Northeast Is Now The Anti-South

Rawstory is reporting Talent is the PROJECTED winner

Even with a 50 50 split the repukes will have a hard time

Looks like WEBB came out ahead!!!!

MSNBC calls TN for Corker

Freepers ponder the subtle joys of a HOUSE CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS. Bwahaha!

Oregon: KGW-TV projects Gov. Kulongoski re-elected

McCaskill (D -Sen- MO) gets closer.... 49.9% to 46.7

A most instructive FreeRepublic thread

Allen making a statement ... on MSNBC now .....

Democrats take control of Minnesota House

Scarborough looks a little green around the gills

30,000 Uncounted Votes in Dem Fairfax County, VA

It's a funeral over at Fox News.

Anybody think they're shredding incriminating documents in W/H yet?

CNN keeps adding and taking McCaskills votes on and off wtf?

Kerry 04, McCaskill 06, compare and contrast:

CNN reports McCaskill is AHEAD now

Tammy Duckworth at 48% in Illinois' 6th Congressional seat

The Freeps are conceding the Senate

And they still have George W. Bush as the spokeman of the Republican Party.

CNN announces the reversal of votes

MO: Jackson Co (KC) 33% reporting, STL City 92% STL Co 11%

What happened to Jimmy Carter's kid?

Pat @ MSNBC "Blue America has moved into confederacy "

Webb News: MSNBC reporting 30,000 votes yet to be counted in FairFax County

Macacca Down Macacca Down

Keith O. has such self-control

Minn. Rep Gil Gutnecht going down in flames to teacher..

Didn't John McCain say he'd "probably commit suicide" if Dems controlled Congress?

Why are Dems doing so well? Independents

I'm calling the Senate for the Dems

If we don't get the senate...(party switch)

Montana is looking Niiiiiiice!

We've got this...

Andrea Mitchell & Frum say Hillary Clinton needs to know "how to deal" with Big Dawg

Hillary, please don't run in '08. I like our Mo right now.

WTF - Joe and Pat on MSNBC saying this is not a mandate for Dems

CNN Talent now loosing to McCaskill

McCaskill Ahead!!!

Where is Jim Webb?

WTF is wrong with Tweety. Ranting abour Hillary clapping

What's the shit about transposing numbers and Allen leads!!???

Could it be? Could it be that Jerry McNerney in CA District 11 has defeated Richard Pombo?

South Dakota : Voters reject abortion ban

Anyone know how "Mean" Jean Schmidt is doing?



Claire's ahead now in MO.

Webb making statement now .... live on MSNBC

What is Fairfax County waiting for?

Which by the way guys, McCaskill will be the first MO Female Sen!

Self Delete. Dupe thread

If Corker one against Ford because of that disgusting ad he should rot in Hell

Chris and Keith on MSNBC


ford giving great speech on msnbc

47% in Montana

Dems 219 seats in the House

Good night and good luck!

Schmidt's seat? Did she lose it?

Cable logic: 2nd black governor ever, don't show speech, Appropriate to show Arnolds speech.

Arianna Huffington is looking EXTREMELY shaggable tonite...

Well, Bryan Kennedy has lost to Sensenbrenner

Amazing speech by Ford. Hope he runs again.

CNN has webb!


Webb: "The votes are in, and we won!"

Democrats take control of North Carolina House

South Dakota.....Abortion Ban....Way to go!!!

I-920 the repeal of the Estate Tax in Washington is losing!

Jim McDermott (D- WA) keeping his seat.

why does daily KOS show 51 GOP senators? eom

Why did CNN just say that the GOP only needs one more win to

C&L VIDEO: Rick Santorum Concedes... (Recommend for posterity!)

Liberman Could help after being a * lover by switching from

Why are they not calling Montana?

A deeper shade of blue in Michigan: State house returning to Dems...

Unexpected highlight o' the night: Santorum's kids balling on stage

235 Dem house seats??

I want to extend my hand to our fiends on the other side of the isle...

What about the California sec of state race? Has Bowen prevailed? I so hope so! This is a very

What comes next - The McCain wing wants significantly more troops for Iraq

MSM: Guess what? The voters ARE more liberal then you think!

Hey KKKarl! What happened to all those insider polls you were privy to?

MO Stem Cell Initiative Tied 50% - 50%.

Yikes Webbs lead down to 1500

Reporting from Topeka, KS. Congrat new Congressman Boyda (D)

Walz takes US House seat from Gutknecht in MN upset!!!!

I'm worried about a Rumsfeld removal if the dems win the Senate by one.

Tomorrow, Pelosi has a promise to keep.

How desparate was Santorum - tried to link himself to Ed Rendell!

Murtha was just beaming on MSNBC

America to Bush: Drop Dead!

In spite of Republican gerrymandering....

Can it now be said? "SOOOOO ....... NAAAAAAA ........ MEEEEE"

Tweety mourning the loss of all his rethug friends.... sickening

Anything on Madrid/Wilson in NM?

I don't understand...Republican Rep. John Boozman has given his

John Hall won New York Congressional seat............

OMG! Ed Gilllespie and the em pty room!


Would it be wrong to say fuck you to 51% of TNeseans and 49% of VAns?


Colorado: Ritter wins governor's race, Beauprez concedes

Is there live streaming audio or video anywhere?!?!

Webb up by 5k votes now Montana getting closer and McCaskill winning big now

Why is CNN's VA count 10,000 less than VA Election site's count?

Ford got 48% of TN in 2006. In 2000, Gore got 48% of TN

We will WIN MO-reasoning

ONE more folks...ONE MORE!

Remember that Barrons article. Read for a good laugh.

McCaskill about to speak!!!

Montana up to 64%, Tester still holding, 10,000 vote edge

To get Montana, we need the following counties...

Anyone know if that hunky, gorgeous Scott Kleeb won in Nebraska's 3rd District?

CBS calling MO for MCCASKILL!

Have we lost the MN Gubernatorial Race?

Give it up for Dave Freudenthal!

The best election scoreboard you will ever see :)

Talent concedes on CNN

Fuck you Tweety.


Lieberman the most powerful Senator in the country

Guess who CUT AND RAN tonight?

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted Republican" T-Shirt."

Congratulations Senator McCaskill!

Can I get an amen and shout out for the Dean 50 state strategy?!?

I will not go without a fight! I am taking my Country back and so


Isn't it cool that we Diebolded NH 1st district and won?

Webb now pulling away up by 8k votes

We are winning Missouri guys, I live there, I crunch the #s

CNN finally calls MO for McCaskil eom

Bush's Black Tuesday

FINALLY, CNN admits Webb leads by 6,000, but they're still behind!

Officially, VA race just got tighter

OMG, thought Tweety was going to faint when he heard Talent had


Is anybody listening Matthews (?) on MSNBC bitching about Dems

Talent concedes!

discrimination now added to most states - so this won't be the

HEY BIG OIL COMPANIES- Get ready to answer some questions

What chaos could the lame ducks cause over the next 2 months?

Anyone get the feeling Matthews doesn't like Keith's popularity?

Abortion rights are a big winner tonight.

I have just one thing to say to all freepers before I sleep:

A big THANK YOU to all those in states that voted out the R's!!!

BIG upset Iowa 2nd

CNN reports Webb now up by 11k votes and gaining

No DEM has lost their seat either, this is a historic mention as well !!!!

CNN projects Claire McCaskill has won!

Jerry Brown wins...Attny General in California!

For once, I'm looking forward to a Bush press conference.

Fuckin' freepers, man..

Montana county by county

anyone else feel strong need to watch over the results for the next 24-48 hours??

Andrew Cuomo Wins in NY

If the war in Iraq was not so tragic I would be singing "Time of My Life" by...

Stupid girl on CNN says that this is a victory for conservatism

Recount may not be needed Webb opens 8000 vote lead

Updates: Webb up by 12 k and Tester needs Yellowstone.

Okay .. after 6 or 7 hours ...... its Alpha and Alf

I think it's ours.

OK state races all democratic wins except corporation commissioner

69% of the vote in Montana! Tester still holding!

Kennedys, Cuomos, Clintons, Brown!!!

sweet Webb opens 5000 vote lead

webb up by 7500 now eom

You know, that tight feeling in my neck

We can only hope that the troops in Iraq realize that these


IMO, Republicans won't ask for a recount in VA...

AZ, CO, MO, MT, NV & OH all vote to raise the minimum wage

Let's drink to Karl Rove's 'Inside Game' ....

And to top it all off, President Daniel Ortega!

It all comes down to Yellowstone County?

McCaskell just thanked Rush for helping her raise a lot of money

Montana is getting closer. 6800 votes

Someone just posted this amazing DNC page....fireworks...

Did Ford run as too much of a Republican?

Bob Shrum looks like he wants to jump on the table

1000th Post. Go Dems, Kick Some Elephant Ass.

An ugly Lame Duck!

let us each resolve --" I will never again take ANYTHING for granted"

Real-time results at abc news....

Is it too early to say, "WE GOT THE SENATE"?

Exit polls were actually correct this year!


That Webb campaign worker needs a medal of honor

In the next few days we'll hear talking-heads tell us what to do...but

Congragulations to us! :)

We WILL Win the Senate ....

It's over, folks. We take MO, MT, VA and the Senate

Bush has to work with Dems.....

Do the changes in leadership in congress start immediately?

Here's a Montana election update ever 5 min site

the Blue Revolution Starts Now!

I'm not celebrationing (or going to bed) until I know that we won MT.

I am guaranteeing Montana for Dems

The four most beautiful words in the English language tonight...


Chris Matthews joke's time for Shrum to go to bed

So what happened to the October surprise?

if we take the Senate as well, thank Rush Limbaugh for being....

watch montana. republican secretary of state says it all.

RECOUNT in Montana - No Results til 8AM - ABC NEWS

Check THIS Freep Post Out

Pelosi's constituency just voted 60%-40% to impeach Bush.

There are about a dozen races that was so close

looking at the exit polls, it appears that the female vote helped us considerably

I may or not be able to keep my eyes open much longer,

FYI - Tweety's brother was overwhelmingly defeated tonight!!!!

Good morning (07:35) from Scotland

Nearly 2:00 AM here. Virginia looks good, Montana on

What's going to be the most rewarding to me?

83% precinct Tester suddenly only leading by 3300 votes.

Tweety gives KO props! Says he's like Edward R. Murrow

Heather Wilsons going to survive?!!

Good morning from GERMANY, you guys rock the HOUSE!!

Cable networks should fire all pundits

The conservative revolution is officially dead

However these final races turn out

Millions of freepturds have to dry out the crotches of their pants ...

Many close races yet in the House...under 1000 etc

"Speaker Pelosi" I LOVE the way that sounds.

I hate to say it, but I am gonna watch Shrubs Press Conference

Bush has just peed himself in bed

I am going to see Barney Frank Speak This Morning, think

Thanks, singlehandedly, got us 5% of the entire vote.

Alaska's 1st female gov "so far to the right she makes Phyllis Schafley look like Jane Fonda."

The final nail in the Allen political coffin....

Third-party candidates sink Dems in Nevada

Ciao! From An Ex-Pat In Sicily! FUGWB!

Democratic leaders on CSPAN last night; not covered anywhere else

I just saw Matthews and this Repug puke he was talking to, disparage...


Ohio has proven shill o' lielly right

Remember what John McCain said he'd do if Dems won the senate?

Why is it taking Meagher so long to report in MT? Polls closed HOURS ago

Can anyone remember what Elizabeth Edwards posted on DU

LOL @ Steele. Everyone thought this would be close but he was spanked by Cardin

A Loud Message for Bush (NYTimes)

Alright, this is serious. What is up with the chemical commercials???


America stood up (just sent this to my "list")

The LONG night is over ...

Which soon to be indicted (R) congressman will be replaced by

Wow, look at the Cook Political report for perspective on last night's wave

who are the new House committee chairs??

Anyone notice how the Repub pundits are all calling truce?

Let's hope Conyers ends up with his own C-Span channel!

Just woke up. Feels like I'm dreaming. Could we still get the Senate????

Shrum ---The Democrats aren't going to let a small thing like

I think Noron on MSNBC is still hugging that PEW poll..


What happened to Karl Rove's strategy for a lasting Republican majority?

The Conservatives HOUSE OF CARDS is now on the floor

A few REAL "values" for a change!

Don't count on any honeymoon

Kiss Me - I'm From Pennsylvania

does anyone know

The freeps are cracking me up! Look at these posts:

Montana update: 96% of pollsreporting. Tester retains 1,556 vote lead as of 0805.

Photos to enjoy and rate up! (at Yahoo News)


A Bulk Rate on Printing Subpoenas?

Does anyone have a Congressional summary?

Okay everyone let's shudder together

Bush: "Wait Dickie, Rove What Happened"


The Sun Rises On Deep "Blue" Skies

And they said the Dems were "whiners"

The MSM is twisting in the news

Murtha will try for the Majority Leader.

HAVE all votes been counted?

the bushes don't grieve. the bushes take revenge. it may take them a while but then they come back.

DeLay on CNN

Would someone explain the diff in roles of Emanuel, Dean, Schumer?

Republicans frothing at the mouth on Washington Journal.

That was personal

So what is up with VA.? Any news?

Typical republican voter response to yesterdays election

I can't wait to watch the next State of the Union address.

What do Republicans hate? That's easy...

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the White House

Pic of little lord pissypants this a.m.

Hands up! Who still hasn't gone to bed?

I can tell you right now how Bush is going to act at his 1 PM press conference

global warming experts weigh in: new challenge to warming theory

Hey, Karl! Sorry your "October surprise" is a few days LATE this year!!!

The Democrats aren't saying IT. The repubs aren't saying IT. So I will

MONTANA IS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A message to the RW

HUGE NEWS...BOTH Virginia & MONTANA are above the recount margin!!!

Don't you just LOVE Jim Webb?

Get to know your Underpopulated Montana Counties Day--(URGENT READ!)

W reaches for veto pen.

Hats off to all Pennsylvanians: +1 for the US Senate and +4 for the house

No joy in Freepville this morning...blaming their losses on Bush's "Compassionate Conservatism"

Tester increase his lead to ~1700. CNN

We still need to GET RID OF paperless voting!!!!

Do you really think Lieberman will act like a Dem?

Karl Rove: A genius, in the sense that Wile E. Coyote is a genius

we need to use their lame duck time to write the impeachment and subpoena needed to shovel the shit

I never want to hear another word about Karl Rove and the "GOP turnout"

It will actually be fun to see what Fox news has to say today.

50-State Strategy: Democratic Victories

2008: Hackett vs. Voinovich and Ford vs. Alexander

CON-rad Will concede until noon..funny

"Bubble Boy's Bubble has Burst"

Anyone hear anything definitive about the Wyoming House race

I remember the morning after the 1994 midterms. Dems did not turn out. I congratulated my

democrats would be well-advised not to get complacent in the next two years.

CA SOS Switches to Dem!


DeLay just said "Democrats didn't win.."

Arizona Joins Massachusetts?

My list of Democrat priorities

Something we really need to consider??

I laughed out loud on this picture.......(Love Arianna)

I think this sums up the election quite nicely ...

To quote Martin Luther King Jr...

Why I'm smiling today...

So, will Rick Santorum have to take his kids back to school

HEY, The Adults are back in charge!

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To...

Everybody say it with me now! Why can't the Virginia Republicans...

One Precient to Count Tester ahead by 1735 votes...

Chip Reid doesn't "get it"

WA PO: "End of one-party rule set to transform Bush’s last two years in office"

I'm so glad Vernon Robinson got his clock cleaned by Brad MIller (NC's 13th district)

The Pukes Are About to Self-Destruct!

Corruption, the President and the War in Iraq!

As I listen to the arrogant RNCC Chairman, I'm thinking "Go Conyers"

MN SOS -- How did Mike Hatch lose around 20,000 votes in 10 min?

What songs are running through your head right now?

Did Cheney Hurt Bush and the Republicans?

A load is lifted and I feel like a new person...

Sad News: Tammy Duckworth lost

Did anyone see Lauer kiss Mehlman's ass?

Fairfax county has just posted 30K absentee votes!

LANDSLIDE! ...a big thanks from Michael Moore

Maybe we could accomplish more without impeachment.

Wanna get Rush's goat?

Slim 368-vote margin will trigger a recount for the 13th District Sarasota FL

So, when will the repugs start screaming voting machine fraud?

Chris Matthews: "George W. Bush now has to face the total collapse of his party."

Did Meagher Montana vote on Tuesday or what?

Mr Hastert you may take your seat in the gallery

Where can I find the undecided house races? n/t

Best. Paragraph. Ever.

Blue tide rolls in: Democrats make historic inroads in national, local races

I hope our party acts like they have a Mandate!

C-span NOW Viguerie & Conservatives "Force parties to Right"

Dems need to head to Virginia and Montanna to watch the voting

TIME: It's a Good Morning for the Democrats

Let us not forget that the man who now most solidly represents the republicans is...

Has anyone heard from Hannity yet? I am beginning to worry

So if it's confirmed we win both houses

Missouri voters narrowly approve stem cell ballot measure

Rep Bill Jefferson (Louisiana) in runoff

On C-Span Now --10:20 am eastern.

Boy oh boy, that botched Kerry joke hurt us like hell, didn't it?

250K reward for uncovering voter fraud

Quick Question - Does this affect the ethics committee in any way? nt

All your base are belong to us!

the latest spin

bush REALLY milked the Horse this time.

So, Bush's "lunch" tomorrow with Pelosi ... anybody think it will go

To ease the tension during today's speech, Laura should make some more horse-milkin' jokes

Thank you america !!

Here it comes ... just 'tested' the emergency broadcast system

Dem platform: Six for '06 - also Dem House list for first 100 hours - let's keep track:

CNN Montana numbers changing!!!


Ballot initiatives dealt blow to conservatives

" That's 'Madam Speaker'! " need new Bumber sticker....

Who will be Senate Majority Leader???

Let the Congressional investigations begin!!! {nt}

Tester Up 1729, Meagher Co outstanding, gave Bush +451 in 04

H.L.s Comics Successfully Predict Future Again: Howard Dean Gives Balls Lessons to Democrats

Have fun everyone...

Richardson '08?

What Speaker Pelosi should say, after but regardless of Bush's speech

This is going to take some getting used to

Look at this freaky photo of Macaca Allen!

Montana = 900 margin or less needed for

A Serious Attempt at Light Poetry...

Lets help out the newly unemployed republicans with career opportunities

Pugs will go back to pretending

Excellent analysis of outstanding precincts in VA


Stephanie Miller is going to be GREAT today

Pelosi news conference on CNN at Noon...

Tester widens margin to 3,000

Any info on the race - WA 08

OK senate a tie; new dem lt gov will cast deciding vote

November 7, 2006: More than just a change in Washington

How about a DU fundraiser for DNC to help Dean CONTINUE REBUILDING party infrastructure?

Senate Results Are Harshest Repuke to Bush

I won here in AZ (running for Justice of the Peace!)

We're the deciders now.

Dead KKK Imperial Grand Wizard to be buried in Pauper's Grave

ABC Notice on Bush Speech

Let's not forget that these people ...

Get ready for the Rush Limbaugh post election rationalization and meltdown show.

who was the sweetest loser in the GOP?

Pelosi takes charge and LAYS OUT THE AGENDA before Junior's "work with me" speech...

If Nancy Pelosi says "Its time for healing" re/voter fraud and corruption...

GOP Officials Call To Impound Voting Machines (PA)

Democrats' Solid Northeast could mirror GOP Solid South

Nora with Joe Watkins, Repug Strategist...he just said that Bush is

The Dems must cut the funding of the war in Iraq but will they do it?

Whats up in WA-08?

My daughter has a French friend who had said that this election

I hate CNN. Pelosi gets shoved in a box to the side

Hooray for us!

With great power ...

AP calls Montana for Tester!

Congratulations Senator Tester

I want Investigation even If No Impeachments!!!

I wonder how many "fire-and-brimstone", "the end of the world is nigh"

CA-SoS Bowen (D) looks to win. Will secure the election machines!

Oh the irony of seeing Ed Gillespie...

BREAKING: Rummy is GONE!!!

Rumsfeld OUT!


Rumsfield resigns

Rumsfeld is GONE!!!!!

Rumsfeld GONE

FUCK YOU Tom Delay you corrupt bastard!

Damn them, I can't handle this much good news in 24 hours...

Lieberman as new SECDEF???

WhooHoo Beer for everyone!

Hey Rummy you Dummy! You can still be tried for WAR CRIMES. . .LOL

I may just be giddy.. but... the GOP is a "national party no more..."

Anyone ever seen a caniption (sp) before? Get ready at 1 p.m. EST when

I'd like to see the Bush press conference.... online link?

What will Jodi Rell do?

Where can I get official Dem wins?

Harold Ford Lost...because?

Job was his -- and Emanuel delivered

limbaugh - republicans lost because they would not attack democrats

If we don't impeach the fucker, even the Republicans will make fun of us for it

Damn!!! Christmas comes early for Democrats.

Where can I see streaming video of Chimpy's presser today?

Porky Limbaugh's head is ready to EXPLODE like the movie "Scanners"..

Impeachment really relevant? "Whom The Gods Would Destroy" . . .

Rumsfeld-->Lieberman-->Jodi Rell

Great map of Pennsyltucky:

LIVE Streaming video from Bush NOW at

Allen= Sore Loser

Robert Gates, former CIA head, to replace Rummy per MSNBC. nt calling montana for TESTER!!!! eom

"Hey Hey Goodbye" heard chanted behind MSNBC reporter

Breaking: Rummy's out!

If Bush appoints Joe as Sec of Def, Dems have to DESCEND on Conn. Governor

On CSPAN I they are going to have call in after Dumbya speaks (and the SOB

Cheney is the next target now that Rummy is shown the door

Bush: for Rumsfeld before he was against him

Robert Gates to replace Rummy

Did Bush* just say "is you going to replace Rumsfield"

Why is Chimpy yelling at me...?

Rip Van Rummy is gone, is Dr. Evil Cheney next?

"And to the armed forces - don't be doubtful. We still support you."

AFL-CIO Saw Evidence of Organized Voter Suppression

Are we gloating? Should we be gloating? After all, did they gloat . . .

Pelosi should announce: We will refer to the Republican Party as the Corruption Party

It's Bob Gates not Lieberman. Whew! n/t

Reflections on Pre and Post Election Bush

Boy, that didn't take long ... Dems tie Senate, Rummy pushes the

Union Members Make the Difference Nov. 7

Robert Gates

Busby (D) - CA-50 loses again to Bilbray.

Santorum's son is crying behind his dad. Now that's a sweet kid who really

Chimp sure is in a pissy mood, ain't he? n/t

Rumsfeld did not want to face subpoena, but

"One of these 3 characters asked me. . ." I cannot believe he just said that. . .

Does he realize he is admitting to saying things just for political purposes. . .

Bush just admitted to lying to journalists!

Here's comes Chimpy! n/t

Rush Limbaugh makes statement on Rumsfeld Resignation

Wish we could

It's official, Rumsfeld is the new MacNamara!!!

CNN may need some of that education the (p)resident

"Pleeeeeeeezzzz don't impeach me... Please-pleazzzzzzz don't impeach me..."

How did our Military vote?

This was a close election?????

Did Bush just say: "Did you think I was nuts?"


Thanks Neocons!!! For Ruining Your Party!

Tell me Bush isn't the dumbest man on earth. Just listen to his press talk.

Dick to quit?

Lame Duck Trade Deals?

Bush admits lying!!!

Senator Webb, Senator Tester, Senator McCaskill.....

Dr. Robert Gates:

George, don't drink before a press conference!

Do you think Bush appointed Rummy's replacement (Gates) before he has. . .

How long do you think we have to wait as far as Virginias results?

Harold Ford is a Class Act

I'd like to thank Donald Rumsfeld

HAHAHAHA Bush just dissed ROVE!!

Wyoming U.S. House race too close to call -- automatic recount likely

They should pull him now... He's losing it...

CNN: Tester in Montana

The Dems have, among other things, a glorious opportunity

3 points in response to Pretzledent

Where's Helen Thomas?

Should Pelosa's title be Speaker elect rather than Congresswoman? Bush keeps referring to

I credit Rumsfeld with one positive accomplishment

What is Bush looking at?

Yellowstone FINALLY coming in!!!

Did visions of subpoenas dancing in his head lead Rummy to jump ship

Robert Gates and a blurb RE: his involvement in the Iran-Contra Scandal:

Okay, that was kinds funny about the drapes.....

Pull All OF JoeLieberputz Committe Position...NOW


Does anyone know the popular vote for last night?

Tweety up again with only 3 hours sleep. Looks awful.

GLORIOUS MSNBC front page graphic: "Down to one: Montana goes Dem; Rumsfeld Resigns"

Bush just dissed Texans, too!

National Review Senate Predictions from Nov 9, 05 (good for a laugh)

AP: Hastert won't seek House leader post

13 House Races Yet To Be Officially Decided

Please give this thread some love... we are so busy today...don't forget this one.

Remember, it's pronounced with a LONG E sound -- DE-balled. nt

"The long American nightmare is over" - Matthews quoting a EU PM I'm listening to these people calling in on CSPAN

FBI Probe into VA Voter Intimidation

If it was live, WTF happened when his image froze & then repeated itself??

I did not come to washington to just to

Webb will win VA, here's one reason why...

Are we trading Impeachment for Rumsfeld's Resignation?

Any one heard anything from Coultergeist?

We can have accountability WITHOUT impeachment

Don't think for one moment that the "neocon" influence over this administration is over.

WTH was that? Did they bleep him?

Unofficial Bush press conference thread

Did any catch Zogby on CBN last night??

Rums tells on himself .

Beautiful Day

DU PhotoShoppers how about a Sore McCaccaMan...

What's this rumor I keep hearing about Paraguay (?)

Can you imagine how furious the R's who lost last night are that Bush decided to fire Rummy now!

Momentary lapse into enthusiasm and optimism contained; cynicism returns

I suggest rumsfeld be awarded his post tour Medal in Iraq

What is all that shouting outside the White House?

More bad news for bush, Sen. Rockefelller to take over for Sen. Pat Roberts

Winners and Losers

Me thinks Karl is slipping

Lieberman’s position is not as strong as people think.

After the press conference

Republicans turning on Bush: "I look forward to the day when you are no longer our party's leader."

FIRST introduced legislation: Federal Min. Wage increase.

Ted Kennedy's last term in office?

Howard Dean: Time Mag's "2006 Man Of The Year"

Buy US in 1st 100 Days

"Mr. President! What do you have to say about the election results?"

Webb WON! But why won't CNN call it!?!?

"What A Fool Believes" (Doobie Brothers song) keeps playing

C'mon CNN you media whores...

ALL RIGHT! Something fishy is going on in the Montana Senate Race!


Hell this is almost better than sex

We have finally seen the inevitable failure of the Rovian strategy

Freeper - "Defeat In The War On Terror Is Now Almost Certain"

Hey, who was the candidate the pubs blasted for "making phone calls to

All of Virginia does not have paper trail? Did I hear that?

God what a good feeling, spent last night making

The Return Of Hope


What a bulls*** quote from Time aticle

Drudge: John Bolton Next?

I wish Nancy Pelosi every success...

Sheeeeesh, Hannity is going to tell us how to interpret the results

Webb claims victory in Virginia Senate Race. Will announce transition team later this afternoon.

The Official "We're Having a WONDERFUL DAY" Thread

Sign of the Times in 2006: Voters prefer dead Democratic challengers to live Republican incumbents!

Larry Johnson seems to think Gates (Rummy's replacement) has some 'splaining' to do

so any word on how the troops are reacting to rummy's dismissal?

Is Rumsfeld going to be the Iraq war scapegoat now?

This Congress Has about 80 days To Give Us The Shaft.

Let's be clear on one point...

Why the hell is CNN giving McCain free air time?

Christmas In November

If Bush had canned Rummy before last night, the election may have had a

These next two years could be golden

Rummy calls it "Unfamiliar War"...

SOTU 2007: "MADAM Speaker, the President of the United States!"

A moment of quiet reflection and what may be ahead

How about putting the icing on the cake?Republican Party in Shambles

Jerry McNerney, CA--The man who took down Pombo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real reason "impeachment off table"

bush should intervene in the Virginia Senators Race

The final chapter of Macacawitz' political career ......

Tammi Duckworth?

An important message for new and promoted Democratic members of Congress

best one-liners about the elections?

enough about 2006, who should be the nominee in 08?

Rumsfeld the sacrificial "chickenhawk"...

Gates was involved in Iran Contra

OMFG, this really IS "HUGH"...Freepers are PISSED OFF at Junior (F.R. Press Conference Thread)

The Dems now have a retired NG Command Sergeant Major in Congress

Does anyone have a specific site that lists the state initiatives that passed/failed?

ok... call your local country station and request Dixie Chicks

"Think I'm nuts?"

Take heart, Tony Trupiano supporters

The REAL Lieberman Lesson....Please accept my apologize...

I urge Senator McCain to hire karl rove as his campaign manager

DUers need to send Madam Speaker orange safety vests to wear when

Is anybody following the Tester/Burns results?

Prepare for the counter-attack.

Bush press conference -- annotated highlights

I'm emaling my congressman Mike Castle - you guys need to fight for leadership jobs

Another thing to consider, as Virginia solidifies...

Before "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" There Was This...

Is limbaugh still an honorary member of the republican congress?

So did we win the senate?

Will Any Republicans Defect Now?

CNN Anchor Snidely Asks Tom DeLay: ‘Think Karl Rove is Still a Genius?’ ("Oh yes")

Where's Ann Coulter?

When it comes to GOP idiocy, who's worse: Bush or Romney?

So does this mean Jesus hates Republicans now? Or is he just testing

Have there been any stories of Rummy's pharma co.

FYI: Nancy Pelosi is Tommy D'Alessandro's daughter

where's cheney? did he bag a face yesterday, or did he come home empty-handed?

Will the networks call VA today?

MT Repugs may have screwed themselves Montana law may forbid Burns recount

So now what about the Nuclear Option?

Jackson Hole Star Tribune: "Wyoming residents happy with economy, approve of Bush, Cheney"

texas 23rd CD

Hey! Anybody seen Rove anywhere??????

I got a letter today from President and Mrs Carter

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation of...

Impeachment to start in Berkeley

You know---"Democracy"

How about a big round of applause for George W Bush?

May your pride taste as sweet someday: Open letter to my 9 year old son

AP: "From Paris to Pakistan," world reaction is "cowboy" president was handed a lesson in humility

You cannot trust the president (Note to Freeper Lurkers).

Democrats and Progressives: The Real Work Begins Now!

Choosing Drapes and Sour Grapes – Reflections on Midterm Elections

Anyone have a link to *'s press conference this morning?

Can someone explain Louisiana 02 for me?

Called on the carpet and out the door. Pics:

A message of thanks from behind the wall in Red State Nation

We control the House and Senate

Rocket scientist "bimbo" from anti-Ford ad declares it not racist. . .

Lame duck session.

2006 Ohio results point to 2004 fraud?

bush warns "enemies" not to be "joyful"

Virginia State Board of Elections posts 100%

*Email from the WEBB Campaign*

A big thank you to all who walked precincts, made phone calls, talked their

How can you make up seven thousand votes

Hotline - Repubs will pressure Allen to concede.

OxyRush just said Santorum lost because of old people that will die soon

What about the Secret Government and Line of Succession?

What are the chances of Cheney resigning due to heart problems?!!

Lamont : "Joe will be a good Democrat"

New Bush Comic: Yes Madame Speaker

Republicans did not practice by bipartisanship, and they have no right demanding we do

An interesting historical perspective

I think Nancy Pelosi will put a wonderful new face

What do they gain by stalling in Virginia?

For those of you who are asking about gwb's "bleeped" word(s) at today's presser...

Fox News Makes Up New ‘Minority Speaker’ Position For Defeated Conservatives

When will the AP call the race? Easy. When:

Who was the "Great Divider" trying to fool today?

I find myself in NO MOOD for bipartisanship.

Referendum against Iraq war gaining ground

Obstructionist? I sure as hell hope so!

God, Nancy Pelosi's incredible. Just saw here interviewed by

What is with the whole REVOLUTION thing?

Official from Webb campaign coming on Rachel Meadow show..

You know what the BEST thing about the last 24 hours was?

What's wrong with California voters? Nothing really.

*Allen wants to "count chads"?

OK, here goes. Dem's control the Senate (VA and Montana) and does this

election law blog: VA is all over but the celebrating.

Rove's "invincibility" collapses against Democracy.

Dean's press conference is up at C-SPAN now, about 45 minutes long

Don't forget: Democratic wave washes over statehouses...Dean's goal

CNN is sounding ominous about Webb in VA

Republicans Will Pressure Allen... Soon

Rumsfailed Rumsfled? Rumsfuck!

Hotlineblog: Senior Republicans Will Pressure Allen to Concede

Were CT-02 and NM-01 called?

Rush Limbaugh statment on Election Results

Tim Walz, who defeated the Republican incumbent in MN-01

Bush's stunning admission

I LOVE it - MSM is now doing the "When will Allen concede?" watch

Admist all the joy, there is sadness...NJ's 5th district reelects RW wacko Scott Garrett

Obama is 7 points behind Hillary for 08

Where Webb v. Allen stands as of 11:00 AM

Gitmo Lawyers to File Charges against Rummy for War Crimes!

The true victory was probably MUCH BIGGER

Now, about that Filibuster 'Nuclear' option... among other things

AP just called Montana for Tester, WE HAVE THE DAMN SENATE!

Let's have a big hand for the Littlest State!

Favorite moment of Bush's press conference?

Should we send Limbaugh flowers?

Guess we won't be voting on flag burning or anti-gay marriage bans

What the red folks were saying today

Rumsfeld ouster timing.

Photos: "Bush walks away from the lectern after holding news conference, November 8, 2006"

So what's ol' George gonna do without political capital

Election rhetoric is over. Now we must move to impeach.

The European Parliament says it best!

MSNBC Nancy Pelosi - Impeachment is off the table.

Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid call bush*: if Burns & Allen concede, we won't impeach Cheney

A big thanks to Dean and Kerry

Is Howard Dean's 50 State Strategy going to get any credit here?

The Elephant in the Room: Everyone Can See You Now!

OMG! Can someone post the front page of Phila Daily News!

(Just in case you missed it) Rush Limbaugh response to the Election

Have You Said This To A Republican Yet?


A Message to my fellow Democrats & Progressives

Look toward the FUTURE and not the PAST!

Who voted for Lieberman...demograhics. And a thanks to Ned.

We're gonna have to deal with Lieberman and I'm ok with that....

Least favorite GOP re-elected?

Black GOP candidates come up short

Schmidt & Ohio's District 2 -- I Need To Share This With DU

This WAS a tsunami, and it WASN’T thanks to a “new breed” of "Conservative Democrat".

The Lieberman Lesson

Howie Klein at FDL has a few things to say about who gets credit.

Thank you Kucinich, Paul and the other peace candidates. You brought down Rumsfeld.

Hotline: Steny "K Street" Hoyer's letter announcing his candidacy for majority leader of the House

Did Wisconsin actually approve the death penatly?

Lesson learned - IT'S ALL ABOUT "CENTRISTS" People!

Angry posts on the web from angry loser Republicans (Post here)

The Green Party did not run a candidate against Webb and Allen

Winning in second run for US Congress?

Time to Lead - Wes Clark

McCain suicide watch

I wish Arianna Huffington would STFU!

Nancy Pelosi .... you rock my world!


Is Joe Lieberman Forgiven?

Did the Green's Party screw America AGAIN?

Okay, where are all those who said it would be stolen?

The Wake-Up Call (Mary Lyon)