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Archives: November 5, 2006

Licensed to kill

Putting the human back into humanism by Frank Furedi

The Difference Two Years Made (NYT)

Secret Nazi ‘Lebensborn children’ go public

Part IV- Oh No! Nancy Pelosi !!!

The Theocons: Secular America Under Siege by D Linker - Review

Gay Pride

How many here use renewables?

Peak Oil Passnotes: BP and Shell Show Failures of Corporate Model

Israeli snipers continue Gaza assault

question for those in the know around here. Is Bu$h campaigning in ANY

election day internet results indexing?

X-POST Elections Forum - Volunteers needed FRAUD Busters

Haggard boasted close White House ties

Wind blamed for crash that killed Yankees pitcher

Vote Switching 2006...

Saddam Hussein gets "what he deserves"

NYT: Anger Joins Grief for Family Feeling Misled by Military

War simulation in 1999 pointed out Iraq invasion problems

Bush attacks Democrats on Iraq, takes fire

Church forces out Haggard for 'sexually immoral conduct

AWOL soldiers travails give pause to others...

Investigation at the C.I.A. Looks for Favors Among Friends (Foggo/Wilkes/ Wenzel/Cunningham)

Yemen court acquits Zarqawi group of terror charges

Timing of Burns donation, recommendation questioned

Bush arriving amid voter turnout push (Kleeb vs Republican Adrian Smith)

WP: Democrats, on the Offensive, Could Gain Both Houses

Contract would aid GOP now, Gingrich says in visit to Council Bluffs

Saddam tells lawyers he faces death without fear

U.S. involvement sparks dispute in Nicaragua

Calif. schools to fingerprint students

WP: Bush Says Iraq Radicals Could Play Mischief With Global Oil Supplies

Kansas abortion MD wants O'Reilly probe

NYT: G.O.P. Glum as It Struggles to Hold Congress

WP,pg1: Possible Iraq Deployments Would Stretch Reserve Force: Leaders Express Concern

Bush Touts Low Taxes, Values in Colorado

White House mocks suggestion Saddam verdict timed for US vote

It takes a village

I seriously hate the way DU is looking right now.

What is the sound of the Future of Rock N Roll that Never Was?

Dammit all to hell!

The EVERY Video that has been made since the dawn of Civilization thread!

anyone been trolling to see how freepers are handling the Haggart news?

Everyone always claims I'm naughty.

Oh yeah, custom T-shirts, Baby

I am experiencing a dangerous convergence of events!!!!

So, the Country Music Awards are on the ABC propaganda network Monday night

I'm out past curfew.

"I Melt" By Rascal Flatts...

Gas stations have the WORST choice for music to play:

Haggard is evil!

Is John F. Kennedy finished for a future presidential run?

The only way to get preggo is via organic means...

Post an obscure, but interesting fact about your town.

Cleaning out my e-mail, jokes follow, mostly about *:

I just got the GOP convention schedule!

Are pockets in the jeans?

So now that Mark Warner is out of the race...

Post Your BOOKMARKS!! (Pick a thread from your bookmarks, post the title and link)

Which icon describes the way you feel about David Caruso?

The 'nutrition facts' label on a package of trail mix.

I feel like starting a fight in GD.

Congratulations Left Is Write!! 20,000 posts

So, what's with the religion stuff in the new Battlestar Gallactica?

In tribute to Devilgrrl, a portrait of me (at the beach)

Why Vote Against Republicans? Because Fuck Them (Rude Pundit)

LMAO @ Borat/Ali G

What movie should we go see tonight, Man of the Year or Borat?

I found a cache of 80 cassette tapes from 1982... Ask me anything!

Talk about not buying local...

National Association of Evangelicals stands with Haggard - website back up

I'm preggo with Michael Jackson's BABY!

Smart people click here.

I'm torn: James Marsters or this guy: D. B. Woodside. ???


AAACCCKKKK!!! (Madonna)

Splort! Fox Radio says Nat'l Assoc of Evangelicals has 300 million members

Using a Dasani water bottle, a straw, some tin foil, and a knife...

What should be my next trashy Vh1 reality TV love?

AAACCCKKKK!!! (Whitney Houston)

Nov. 14th: "Neil Young Live At Fillmore East" with ORIGINAL Danny Whitten era Crazy Horse


Greetings from my gig!!!

If you want to read a post without adding to the view count . . .

My car insurance is going up $250 annual because of 1 speeding ticket

Dude, fuck standard time.

A question about time

Fans of Chris Daughtry ( I know you're here; I remember the threads!)

Okay, lounge. I'm on a mission.


Fish sticks are usually gross, but after a couple vodka martinis. . .

Any other Moggers here?

So what time do the mods go to bed?

I'm filling my mouth with nuts. Ask me anything!

Saturday night, lookin' for love (pix)

So what are you drinking tonight?

Do you miss a place so much it hurts?

Sufjan Stevens Calexico is on Austin City Limits. Never heard of

Dear Cock Sparrer,

Input from silver foxes requested:

How much will gas go up November 8th?

Dumb people click here.

This damn war just became personal.

Are politics in the genes?


A question for girls who played with the 'Mystery Date' board game.

What kind of picture should I make for my kitchen?

Garlic Hummus+ Pita Bread+ Pomegranate = best meal ever

BORAT The Number One Movie In America!!!

Something is on fire!!!!!

If you could have any three people over for dinner, who?

The solution to the suckiness of Florida

Why do people lie and cheat on their significant others?

If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

I just can't wait until I get my government issued electronic GPS data chip implanted under my skin!

Bobby Jones Best-Golfer-EVAH

The Free Republic Membership Application

I'm back, and I ... survived! (plus pics!)

Let's play the "name that movie from one line of dialogue" game!

Very Sad News: Actress Adrienne Shelly Found Dead

WP Page A1: Melting Arctic Makes Way for Man

Neil Patrick Harris says he is gay

Do We Sometimes Take Political Correctness Too Far?

"We're Ready...Let's Get It On" - Karen Bishop - November 4, 2006

Will the firestorm over the botched joke affect John's decision to run in 2008?

Guess what guys - I think things are going great.

Stuck in Iraq - Stuck in Iraq - Stuck in Iraq - Stuck in Iraq - Stuck in Iraq

Hey all of you amazing people. Might want to read this one

And the pundits are always right, yes?

Another reason to support Kerry rather than others

A Newsweek article assessing the damage Kerry made to himself.

I came across this new blog today

Bush flub! LOL!

Shut up about Vietnam??

The Lounge is Ignoring Me...

Rothenberg, Cook, Todd with Russert on his CNBC show now

So, after Tuesday, what misadministration mysteries are you most

President Clintons remarks in Milwaukee yesterday

Great quote:

REPUKES Have a New Party Seal.....

Colorado 4 race now a DEAD HEAT! Vile fundy Marilyn Musgrave in trouble?

AGGG!...With all due respect, Would you wonderful People at DU ....

I must say, I have really had it with being called immoral

Heads up the VFW did not endorse Roskam it a front

Woohoo!! Going to see Big Dawg and Menendez

Bush Needs To Attend One Of these Sometime

Wanna win? Stem cell research

Dear Editor, I VOTED FOR BUSH.....not my lttr

Any Word On The Sunday Talk Shows?

1999 war games foresaw problems in Iraq!! "failed state" was the suggested result.

Carnage on Capitol Hill: Iraq fatally wounds Republicans

NYT editorial: We endorse moderate Republicans to keep 2-party system vital, but NOT this year

What Time Does Hell and More Chaos Breakout Saddam Verdict

The Haggard Board did precisely the right thing!!!!

Great line from Jon Stewart

Ted Haggard, Mary Cheney, Mark Foley

Ortega comeback scares U.S. residents of Nicaragua

I am watching Faux News Obsession: Radical Islam

bush flubs on iraq

Saddam Hussein gets "what he deserves"

RW Site: Rumors about John Paul Stevens Retiring (DU Mentioned)

A prediction regarding a Desperate (White) House Wife ...

Wake Up. Don't drink the Kool-Aid signs seen in North Georgia

Top Ten Signs Mrs. Haggard Should Have Noticed

Poll: Do you agree with an Army Times editorial that "Rumsfeld must go"?

On a truck outside Bush/Musgrave Colorado rally: "Stop gay marriage now, so Osama doesn't get away."

Just finished watching Hacking Democracy . . .

Calif. schools to fingerprint students

Is it wrong to have this flag on my Tahoe and be a Democrat?

Who's to blame for Pastor Haggard's fall from grace? His fat, lazy ...

What if

Hey Duncan Hunter... Oh Blah DEE... Oh Blah DAAA

Amazing You Tube of IN-02 Candidate Joe Donnelly!

Some great (political) quotes~

Wed's News: Dems didn't win big enough, proving America supports BushCo

Do you think the GOP has bad internal polling-bad for them?

Whose to blame for closeted gay fundy pastors?

Why can't the dems do this?

Here's Your "Iraqi Freedom" - Today Iraqi Citizens Are Imprisoned In Their Own Homes

FDL -- "Political Physics, 2006: A Tale of Three Parties"

Run Ryun Run!! This is friggin awesome!!

ABC News: Army Recruiters Tell High School Kids War in Iraq is Long Over

Larry Gatlin at Bush rally: "I tell ya what -- we're gonna git Osama!"

Tell the truth and be forever branded RE: Walter Cronkite

Isn't it about time for Osama to tape some election advice for us?

CNN about to show reaction from the wh, Pentagon, on military

Newshounds Asks..."Where's Dennis Miller"

I blame John Kerry for my smoking

Where is Rove's Vanity Fair/Army Times Spin?

OMG!!! "Preaching for Crank, Pounding the Christian Coalition" -Article about Haggard!

Another republican see's the light. From Craigslist/Albany NY

Bizarre Haggard Behavior Predating Latest Ballyhoo.

It's like fireworks!!

1999 US Gov't War Games Predicted 400,000 Troops Needed To Invade Iraq, Even Then Chaos Would Ensue

Election Predictions calls Senate and Governor races

Washing Monthly: May not be the landslide it could be

(Watching Ali G) What does DU think of Pat Buchanan?

TOONS for dessert (dialup warning)

Please...My Smart fellow DU'ers

ONLINE GAME: Foley's Follies

Chelsea Clinton joins New York hedge fund

A little pre-election music, perhaps?

My roommate invited a friend over. He's a freeper. OMG!

If you are curious why Iraq is in the crapper and why America is next down the shoot...

PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE - Voter Protection: Action & Resources

Maybe another hundred thousand troops in Iraq would help? Don't count on it

Fill in the GOP talking point

(Pictures) Haggard's family + more:

Marry me please / Chelsea Clinton joins New York hedge fund

15,881 MoveOn members have made 261,434 voter contacts (57% of our goal).

It's morning in Iraq

Any copyright lawyers here?

Scientists Protested MORE THAN 2 WEEKS AGO About Nuke Docs

US university president poses with 'suicide bomber'

Floating sEx Scandals To Distract Democrats Works Out Pretty Good 4 Repugs

To lighten things up a bit - political joke:

What should be Saddam's fate?

Lust & Lies; Hatred & War Crimes - Republican Values Exposed

GOVERNOR DEAN: National Address

Did anybody watch the Chris Matthews show today?

Timing of Burns donation, recommendation questioned

Why I DON'T Feel Sorry For Ted- Late One Saturday Night 'Control' Called Ted Haggard

I need a list of convicted & indicted GOP leaders...

I am on my fourth drink, join me in a toast

Latest Poll Results

We have to torture people, it's for their own good?!

Have you read this story about O'Reilly in lbn?

2830 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I think Haggard's church needs a FABULOUS Betty Bowers makeover!

Report: Bush sought to "feel Haggard's pulse"

Here's someone who's business will pick up in this economy...

Gen Clark ,Sunday: Gillibrand, Massa, Maffei

OMG...Just came from seeing "Jesus Camp." HILARIOUS scene with Haggard!!

Freepers pray for rain on election day.

Mike Stark: "It Happened Again..."

For all fallen soldiers past and present

2 Students, Principal, Win 'Courage in Journalism' Awards

Soldiers of Christ (Haggard's megachurch)

"Presidential Prayer Team" offers the most blatantly partisan "prayer"

What do you guys think about this?

Mike Jones vs. 'Art' Haggard; it is a wake-up call that Mr. Jones is more

Good political cartoon I wanted to share

OK, I have heard it several times on different networks - "The media did it"

"Furries" sex clubs see dramatic increase in area around New Life Church.

Freedom Of Info Act Docs From 1999 Predicted Iraq Mess

Mike Stark Handcuffed and Thrown Out of Maccaca Rally (NOT BEAT UP THIS TIME)

VIDEO - Hacking Democracy

I work with several members of the New Life Church...

Teddy's Methlab Ministry, speeding on to the promised Gland...

Indiana 1924 elections: Almost all Repub candidates hand-picked by the Ku Klux Klan

Do all republican evangelicals snort meth with gay hookers???

NYT: A Headline We've Awaited For A While... "GOP Glum As It Struggles To Hold Congress"

David Kuo: homosexuality - "Jesus doesn't even mention it at all."

I keep getting this video everytime I look up something on you tube

Sunday Talk Shows

Wasn't the US supposed to do some ultra-violence to Iran in October?

A little Pastor Ted snarking

Daily Show Gets Dan Rather On Election Night

Iraq - Afghan vets running for office in '06 - Who are they, and how will they do?

Dr. To Demand Investigation Of Bill O'Reilly Over Abortion Clinic Comments

You know, Pastor Ted wasn't nearly as bad as some others.

why is Haggard gay hooker all over a news but Gannon was barely a ripple?

Amazing- the Kerry gaffe got more media attention than the Nuke Secrets Web Site

A feel-good report from Texas

Haggard's crazy mouth..

Who's to blame for Pastor Haggard's fall from grace? His fat, lazy wife

Ann the Man Coulter Speaketh:

Iraq War Costs Have Been Revised To MORE-THAN-$2-TRILLION

What if Diebold fraud was a myth

Call Republicans for money!

Ledeen "I had and have no involvement with our Iraq policy. I opposed the military invasion of Iraq"

Dems Seek Answers About Federal Web Site Revealing Atomic Weapon Designs

What will break the effectiveness of the GOP "Solid South" strategy?

Election Night FRAUD Busters – Give them a hand + a few volunteers still needed

(Early Sunday Edition) Describing KKKarl's Pet Elephant: The Halliburton/KBR Scandal in the Room

Al Gore in the Philly suburbs. (Pictures!)

Oh dear!! Look at this and tell me Haggard only wanted a "massage"

""Twas the night before Mid-terms, and all through the House"....a poem....

I support the Democratic party and all its candidates, but Harold Ford concerns me

How many Neocons have turned against the Iraq War?

"Who is to blame for Haggard's fall from grace? His fat, lazy wife"

Simple Song of Freedom (written by Bobby Darin)

Will Blah Blah Be Ilimiated?

Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Iraqi Inc.

Florida Election Fraud Scandal 10-26-2004 1 of 2

Dick Cheney: Ultrahawk, Neocon, Traitor...

How Bush Blocked FBI Investigation of Bin Laden Greg Palast

How George W. Bush Stole The 2000 Election Greg Palast Part 2 of 2

How George W. Bush Stole The 2000 Election greg Palast Part 1 of 2

Florida Election Fraud Scandal 10-26-2004 2 of 2

Neil Young - Imagine

Hannity vs. Ted Rall

Democrat voter registrations found in dumpster (2004)

Bill Hicks Perfectly Describes Rush Limbaugh


Governor Dean: National Address

Republican Lobbyists CAUGHT Hacking Youtube

MP3: DUer collaboration song "No More War"

Al Gore: 'We are facing a massive assault on our liberties'

Missouri Senate: McCaskill (D) 49%; Talent (R) 48%

Madeleine Albright Rallies "Women for Webb!" (Raising Kaine Diary)

Nancy Pelosi's scary, radical agenda....NOT

Bad for Webb??

Here is info on VFW PAC IL. You tell me who in the hell endorsed Roskam

Daughter Sues BP To Learn Why Her Parents Died

On Laura Flanders a few minutes ago, talking about voting in

how did Cheney become so powerful?

Pelosi : Decision to Put Nuclear Weapons on the Internet

as much as I want Dems to win Tues, I'd trade it in a second if we could undo going to Iraq

Repub. Pollster: "Worst political environment for Republican candidates since Watergate"

Children of Nazi racial engineering meet in Germany

Montana Senate: Tester (D) 50% Burns (R) 46%

President Clinton on a roll, campaigning in 29 STATES!

Election Night 2004 Redux - and transformed

Wobbly Barista Isis Saenz Fired by Starbucks For Union Activity

So Its The Women In The White House Who Are To Blame.....

I door belled in WA today and many said they were undecided. how can that be?

Absentee Ballot Postage = Poll Tax

How's GOTV going in your area?

2 unions spending big for Patrick of Massachusetts (about $4 million)

CNN - The Iraq Effect, The Week at War, on now. It's really good so far.

As Chevron Profits Shatter a 127 Year Record, Alternate Earnings Report Shows Real Cost


1999 war games: Iraq "would have ended up with a failed state even with 400,000 troops"

Aracoma Alma No. 1 Mine Underground Deathtrap

Labor's Minimum Wage Campaigns Are Energizing Voters

Christine Morin and Joe Tessone Discuss Joining the Starbucks Workers Union video

Change To Win Head Feels "Positive Charge" In Electoral Air

Scientists protested Web site nuclear data 2 weeks ago: report

Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Nixon, GWB - the 4 greatest Republican Presidents

David Kuo: Why the Haggard Scandal Could Hurt Evangelical Turnout

Iranians defiant at hostage anniversary

Top court to hear major abortion test cases ( most important of the court's 2006-07 term)

Vote Switching 2006...

Democrats Seek Gains in GOP Territory

UK Independent: Carnage on Capitol Hill: Iraq fatally wounds Republicans

Bush & Blair: The Iraq fantasy

So...Haggard likes gay hookers in Santa hats who poot Teddy bears...

Photo: He HUGS people. That makes him GOOD. Maybe better than YOU or ME.

WP: Last-minute money moves: GOP bolsters Hayworth, Allen, Corker, Reynolds

Cognitive STD

Frank Rich - Throw the Truthiness Bums Out

Any Coloradan DUers suspect Nighthorse's switchover to the GOP in 95?

New Hampshire: Mixed-up ballots (Dems Repubs)

Negative campaign adds

Haggard dismissed from his church post

Mason Dixon Polls: VA, MT

Glitches cited in early voting

MJF on Anderson 360 right now

Primary and early e-voting problems point to gathering storm

MD - Big Dawg goes to bat for Martin O'Malley.

CENTCOM report Details Iraq Chaos in 1999

an answer t for chris mathews

Freepers kneel before the AntiChrist: "Today's Laura's 60th birthday, tomorrow their anniversary"

Kinsley still finds it "shocking that democracy was so openly subverted"

Rev. Moon and the black clergy

Terry Jones: Julius Caesar had Gaul; Bush just has gall

Scathing indictment of Republican agenda in St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Katrina: We Won’t Forget

Once upon a time....

Western firms doing business in N. Korea

At Arlington, grim reminders of what matters (What Tuesday is About)

Brooklyn attack victim speaks out

End of the Neo-Cons

End of the Neo-Cons

'A flawed process' (Saddam's trial)

Bush has a plan, and it's working--and its working like a charm (chaos)

Ten Practical Reasons to Get Out the Vote and Get the Republicans Out

Bush aims to mobilize 'values' voters

Bush & Blair: The Afghan fantasy

The Odd Couple: Nixon and Lieberman...written by Nixon Biographer...

Star Power to Blood Sport, Tennessee Senate Race Has It (NYT)

Bush & Blair: The Iraq fantasy


the new normal: NATO fighting the wrong battle in Afghanistan

Tearing Down The Walls-------Al-Jazeera

US military had different strategy ahead of Iraq war: documents

Iraqis getting taboo tattoos as identification in case of death

Jon Tester for U.S. Senate | Helena Independent Record

"Justice", Texas Style - It Sucks to be Black, I Guess

Global Warming Could Trigger Insect Population Boom

Green power grab (WV adopts net metering)

Eco Groups Use Online Maps in Mine Fight

Bio-refinery in Lewis County? (NY)

Japanese Antarctic whaling fleet is within days of embarking again

Listen to Maj. Gen. Stern

Lieberman: Jews, Arabs can never live together

PM: IDF offensive in Gaza will end when Qassam fire curbed

Palestinian women killed in Gaza mosque clash

Secret WMD in Israel

Three civilians killed as Israel widens Gaza sweep

Shamos: "We've been using DRE voting machines since 1978"

Election Reform, Fraud & News Sunday 11/05/06 Cheated! The Comic


List of Exit Polls - Edison/Mitofsky - NEP

Channelling TIA

Vice-President Cheney Tells Public, On Iraq, Their Opinion Doesn't Matter

DW: Europeans Divided on Saddam Death Sentence

DW: German Power Demand Puts Out Light(s) Across Europe

DW: Volkswagen Unveils Plaque to Jewish Hitler Youth Member

Ortega near comeback in Nicaragua election

BBC: Benn calls for cluster bomb ban (UK Int'l Development Secretary)

(Liddy) Dole: Dems 'content with losing' in Iraq

Amnesty International Deplores Death Sentences In Saddam Hussein Trial

Breaking CNN: Rev. from Colorado admits to sex with Jones!

Prison guards convicted in sex-for-contraband plot (Jeb's Florida)

3 Calif. schools to fingerprint students (bad move I say)

State Advises Counties Not To Scan Absentee Ballots Early (Blackwell)

Elec, IT hardware ind to boom in India

WP Page A1: Melting Arctic Makes Way for Man

Secret Nazi ‘Lebensborn children’ go public

Army tells potential recruits "war is over"

Iraqis getting taboo tattoos as identification in case of death

U.S. stops plan to return convicted soldier to Iraq

BREAKING: Ramsey Clark Removed From Saddam Courtroom (CNN)

US Bechtel wraps up Iraq projects

Iraqis think few U.S. troops are fighting for them

Three civilians killed as Israel widens Gaza sweep

(UK) Government hails Saddam verdict (I do not see US hailing verdict

Turnout efforts focus on new bloc Immigrant groups mobilizing for vote

Sherrod Brown ahead 6 points in poll

Iran to consider talks with U.S. on Iraq

Iran: 1,300 volunteer for suicide bombings

Star Power to Blood Sport, Tennessee Senate Race Has It (NYT)

US tourist pushes British homeless man into Paris river

Will seafood nets be empty? Grim outlook draws skeptics

The Roberts Court Takes on Abortion

O'Connor worries about courts' autonomy

Colorado Pro-Marijuana Ads Target Bush, Cheney

End of the Neo-Cons

S&S: Groups at odds with Pentagon over e-mail ballots

Focus on Iraq in U.S. campaign's final days

U.N. inspectors visit Iran enrichment cascades

Rev. Moon and the black clergy

Riverbend has a new post:

Starbucks Loses Laptops With Worker Data

BREAKING: Saddam, co-defendants sentenced to hang

Reuters: NY Times Endorses No Republicans for U.S. Congress

Starbucks defends business with poor farmers

LIVE on the McLaughlin Group, Lawrence O'Donnell blasts GOP Congress for revealing nuclear secrets

Cheney: Next 2 years we'll focus on terror; second article: Cheney going hunting on election day

NYT/Reuters: Iraq Foes Would Head Democratic War-Spending Congressional Committees

C.I.A. Review Highlights Afghan Leader’s Woes (Afghan a mess)

Government closes 2 Sunni TV stations

Republicans distance themselves from disgraced evangelical

Bush, Pelosi spend final days stumping

TIME Poll: Registered Republicans Less Enthusiastic About Voting Than Democrats

GOP Rep. (Hoekstra) Faults White House on Iraq Site

Ex-Imperial Wizard Bowers dies in prison

Russia warns Saddam hanging would divide Iraq

Automated GOP calls may break N.H. law

USW Members a Key Part of Groundbreaking Cancer Study (detected at its very earliest stage)

Drug tests greeting troops at Lakenheath

Bush calls Saddam conviction milestone in Iraq

Mo. Catholics Back Stem Cell Research

Memphis Commercial Appeal: Harold Ford challenges Mason-Dixon poll

Chavez threatens to halt oil exports to US

Final DIspatch Poll (Columbus Ohio - predicts OHIO DEM LANDSLIDE!)

GOP candidate skips appearance with Bush (Crist)

(Ward) Connerly Criticized for Klan Comments ("God bless them")

BREAKING: Saddam Sentence - Death By Hanging (CNN)

Did you know that New_beawr has angel wings?

Wow, that was a great UWSP hockey game!

Ten years ago today

If you haven't seen this HILARIOUS thread yet, please do...

non sequitur

Apparently, Sherrod Brown is a very bad man...

80's Inspirational Lyrics Thread (warning: cheesy!!)

Hey, Rev_Acts!

Running With Sissors....

I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You

OMG! I've been tombstoned!

Well, has been fun tonight.............but...

Happy 90th birthday, Walter Cronkite

There are between 1,500-12,000 Volts of electricity between me and my cat right now.

Have you ever tried pot or other cookware? If yes how and where?

Best Jesus sighting ever.

Cabbit...part cat.. part rabbit... is this photoshopped??!!!11

What's your onion?

I only sleep for 8 hours one day a week. The rest of the time, I nap for 30-45 min a day....

I hope I didn't make a mistake...

What's with all the "Messages" suddenly appearing on girls "butts"..

What happened to my movie thread?

changed my logo for my website. What say you?

Which is a bigger file... and avi or an mpeg?

Is there anyone else who is not speaking to family

I think it appropriate to mention something about The Harney Family...

My computer(Dell, natch) died!!

Doogie Howser actor says he is grey (lame copycat)

Doogie Howser actor says he is gay

Will Saddam's hanging be televised? If so...

Borat on George Bush...

Happy Me Day!!

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you

What is the origin of the term "pigeonhole"?


Khash and his lyrics - but I love this song and want to share

Dem gossiper Liz SMITH worried over horoscopes for Election '06

Saddam sentenced to death by hanging

starring nathan wind as "cochese"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/05/06)

good morning :o)

DUers, a little hospitality is needed in GD- go welcome this newb, fast.


Cause of my Grandma's death. (This is mostly for my journal.)

Help: I can't find the Grief forum -- I posted there the other day and searched

Tavernertoddler and Tavernertot H'Ween Pics (Attn: ChiCubs Fans)

Gather a posse

Anyone wanting to contribute to a charity for Xmas, etc.

The Oompa Loompas in the original (and inferior) movie

Are poly ticks in your jeans?

Want to go to the Yukon and Alaska? Pics.

Skynyrd Sunday!!!!!

So when I get my first paycheck in a few days, what should I do with it?

I love my new mouse!!!!!!!

Anybody want to see Bali ? (some old photos):

You know you're old when:

Embarassing problem...

Ahhh, there's something about ice cream!

Jesus wasn't a very good carpenter


SOMEBODY WAKE UP TRUMAD: Miami is about to defeat Chicago.

i'm ashamed of this

is jean genet really the jean genie

There should be a special place in HELL for graffiti taggers.....

So I thought my family went to Pittsburgh...

Borat Debuts as Top Grossing Film this Weekend

"A River Runs Through It" is on We. Woohoo!

I'm smoking a Hoyo de Monterrey 2004 Special Edition Cuban cigar. Ask me anything!

Happy birthday michreject & NJ Democrats!!

I just spent the better part of 3 hours giving my server a bath - ask me anything

I am making the SEXY TIME with glorious DU Lounge!

The boys at Fark discuss Rapture Ready!

my robocall from Bill Clinton finally arrived! Just now.

So...Florida has some redeeming qualities. {DIAL UP WARNING}


The Lounge needs some livening up.

How Much is Your Life Worth?

My sweet border collie has kidney disease

Cat problem- tail caught in a fly strip and its all sticky.

Just day dreaming of Hawaii today...

It's 11:30pm, I'm in Cannes, trashed, life is good...

this is the most beautiful song about infidelity I've ever heard

I stumbled across the toughest tongue-twister ever!

I have been EXTREMELY naughty today...

Why do the Browns suck every year?

My fingers stopped working because they're so cold...

Got my new issue of Mad..The cover is funny

I just had to share this:

Ahhh, there's something about booze!

Women of DU: how long does it take you to "get ready" - and what do you do?

what do you collect? what are your hobbies?

Finally! They're playing my Steely Dan block!

Turn right at Jesus...

jpgray speaks of self in third person


Re: Chocolate chip cookie dough

I'm really, really nervous about a business meeting this week.

who the hell is BORAT and why is he popular OVERNIGHT???

Profile of formidable roller derby jammer Ava-Sk8trix in "Just Out"

Appartently, there is an election coming up sometime soon....

Sick of paying for 411

We've been married 18 years today

I've been watching my Ken Burns' "Civil War" DVDs again this week.

Ouch, The Cowboys must be pissed...

Anyone know where this Ann Coulter quote originated?

Did I get sick on buttered popcorn at the movies yesterday?

What music have you listened to this weekend?

Marie Antoinette- worst movie of all time?

Anyone here currently or formerly live in Oxford, MS?

My Buffalo Bills beat MrsGrumpy's Packers. Should I give her a hard time about it?

Have you ever tried pot or other drugs? If yes how and where?


Do you have a web site?

Is the docu "The Root of All Evil" on DVD for sale anywhere?

Attn. KC DUers-Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Before marriage...

so, Christopher's birthparents spent the weekend with us

Arrgh! A new ad for Cialis! Fucking DUMB!

Best song ever?

hey, I'm looking for a web site:

Worst song ever?

My wife believes in the Rapture and attends a Mars Hills mega Church.


The Future's So Bright,, We Gotta Wear Shades

Dolphin found with possible vestigal leg mutation

Arabian and Nubian Tectonic Plates Separating

What a week for us-Doogie Hauser is gay and unfortunately,

Would people get offended if I post a thread about the Breeders Cup race

question about a toddler

the gay agenda finally exposed!

Terps won in Field Hockey on to the finals

'85 Redux; Dolphins Beat Undefeated Bears!

Decided to come out of the solo

Our Ghost Footage

I know zilch. What would Mars transit portend?

Election predictions?

Three days.

Bush hadn't fulfilled his National Guard service during the Vietnam war

I think it comes down to Virginia

Excellent video - cowardly or dishonorable?

Some Call It ‘Botched’ — Kerry Played the GOP

ABC Poll, Nov 1-4: support for Dems up among military vets?

I think I'm going to have to cancel my subscription to my local paper

More proof that the media is a very serious problem

Lawrence O'Donnell defends Kerry (again)

What's up with Common Ground Common Sense?

Remember that commentary about a Obama/Kerry ticket?


These comments say it all!

Nice post about last year's Birthday Party on the Dem Daily

odd thing

OK these commentaries are becoming more

Two positive letters to the editor in my local paper. Ya!

I have an idea for a contest theme ... some day.

Question: What's a good negative/slide scanner?

Last Week in the Ozarks

The Beltway Boys on Faux predict Dems win the house

I went online to order German Christmas cookies tonight...

Washington Post: "Democrats, on the Offensive, Could Gain Both Houses"

Ed Asner On Impeachment, Etc.: "Listening To Rumsfeld Like Talking To The White Rabbit"

Is it true that you can request a paper ballot instead of voting on the computer?

WaPo: "Anxious GOP Focuses on Not Losing Senate"

Almost everything on this Saturday Night skit came true

Global celebrations greet Democratic victories in United States.


O'Reilly abortion report riles Kansas MD

Christ, they are just coming out of the woodwork

Leaked ABC Memo Advertiser blackout of AAR

Thirteen Scariest People in the US

What if the POWER goes out on Tuesday?

The new center for terror in Iraq is... um... Fallujah?

The difference between Republican and Democratic poll watchers

I'm getting the distinct feeling the powers that be at Wikipedia do not like the Repugs

"You guys look pretty not local" (or Tight-lipped Republican stooges say the darnedest things)

Does anyone else think it is too quiet?

Best Coverage or Distraction While Biting Nails Tues. Nite?

does anyone know if there's a video of this week's new rules?

Time for "V for Vendetta"

Has everyone seen this thing, talk about cool

2,830 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of Choice

Army tells potential recruits "war is over"

It's January '07.. Who gets the first subpoena?

Do you think it is fair that history remember President Bill Clinton as

BBC -Sadam Verdict Delayed

War simulation in 1999 pointed out Iraq invasion problems

New Jersey man finds letters to God at sea

Funny Fox "News" moment today

Japan doctors helped themselves to kidneys

My greatest rant...revisited

US Bechtel wraps up Iraq projects

Pesticide that destroys ozone OK'd for U.S. use



I wish that was Bush's name up on CNN

How many idiots will wake up tomorrow and be shocked and gleeful about the Saddam verdict?

The people are 'MAD AS HELL and they are not taking it anymore'

Hilarious new bush photo

Release of Nuclear Secrets was the Plan

Russia tops USA in arms sales and becomes world’s largest arms supplier

Sunday Herald: Hussein death sentence will create a martyr

Burns-MT Tied----after visit from Bush

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - VOTE on 7 Nov 06!

An open letter to any lurking pedophiles

DEC 2005 - Blitzer: "Should Bush Be On Trial?" Ramsey Clark: "A War of Aggression Is A High Crime"

TIME Poll: Registered Republicans Less Enthusiastic About Voting Than Dems

If I were a Christian I wouldn't follow ANY preacher who lived in a mansion


Longing for Saddam

GOP bracing for worst. Dont'cha just LOVE that headline?

A man who served 8 years in the state legislature and 2 years in congress ran for president

I can see Sunday's gonna be a long day...

National Security Directive 26 - Signed by Poppy

Alright everybody, start posting your Saddam / BFEE stuff.

Saddam Found Guilty And Sentenced To Death

Saddam trial verdicts announced

Church 'Hell Houses' expose Children to Anti-Gay Rhetoric

48 Hours Till US MidTerm Elections..WHAT NEXT

So suddenly the Iraqi police and military are a well-oiled machine?

Get over it republicans, just get over it.

Saddam Hussein shaking hands with John Kerry

Does anyone think the Saddam verdict will influence the elections?

Bush braced for a bleak future

So, they hack the election. Then, WHAT????

How many of your principles are you willing to compromise?

Remember Remember the 5th of November.

WTF: Paper trail illegal in PA?

TIME: Evangelicals Stay Home Nov. 7. Bush Media "Teardown" Not Over Yet

Cow on camera 6! Cow on camera 6!

OMG!!! These BRAIN-DEAD SHEEP!!!!!! On ABC Good Morning America

CNN: Secret 1999 war games suggested we needed 400,000 troops to pacify Iraq

I am a liberal and I support this study

ABC Good Morning America covering Saddam verdict....

I Want To Hear from bush Right Now..Saddam Verdict...

What will the Evil Elf zone in on, Saddam verdict or Election polls?

Veterans Alliance Blasts VFW Endorsements

What a price to pay for this guilty verdict.

White House dismisses newspapers' call for Rumsfeld's resignation

How big is the Saddam verdict? Local news is reporting more on a car crash.


Bush requests souvenir from Saddam's execution for display

Some of the right wing blogs have posts repeating the Rove lie

Defence says Saddam's verdict a mockery of justice

Was it right or wrong for Mike Jones to out Rev. Haggard?

Polls see Republicans keeping Senate control (MSNBC/McClatchy)

WATCH Tuesday's EARLY returns from NORTHERN Virginia...

Just remember - when the Saddam verdict is announced, IT'S NOT IMPORTANT

I wonder how many of these cranked up evangelists are really cranked up?

C_SPAN WJ Steve Scully denies the Jeff Gannon story

We need to ignore Saddam news ,like they ignore ShrubCo's

"if the party had defended Kerry's dropped pronoun the way they defended Clinton's dropped pants"

Reynolds on MTP-- talking of Foleygate.

abortion doctor plans to ask for an investigation of the state attorney general and Bill O'Reilly !!

I'm sorry but most american's are either

A heaping helping of jim Talent on the Web

pic of Cong. race US on upper fold NYT--MT Is RED. looky here (map)

Better fill up this week!

Will the Saddam verdict have any impact on Tues election results?

"The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed"

WP Headline: Democrats, on the Offensive, Could Gain Both Houses

How To Bankrupt the War Machine

The House is ours, it's the Senate that will be the major battle

My God - the Number Today is 2831 (and rising fast)

So According to Cheney words, Each New Job has cost us $177,205 Each


Cybil Shepard throws kiss to Bill Clinton--star power in TN

"This week the Pentagon released the names of 15 soldiers killed in

Reynolds is up in New York. Libby Dole says "x factor"

Unindicted Co-Conspiritor

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Rate YOUR statesmen

GOTV - Reasons for change

Rasmussen Update: 49-49 !! With 2 Tossups left (MO & VA)

Saddam shouldn't hang

I have this framed on my desk - I think we ALL need this now:


Saddam is Sentenced to Death, and Iraq Shrugs

Will George W. Bush order up a batch of ' Saddam Goes To The Gallows' photos?

Republicans may stay home in large numbers this year

Political Correctness (Definition)

Caption *

Are gas price fixing & the fixing of the date of Hussein's verdict impeachable offenses?

When will the faithful at the mega churches wake up?

To Lurkers and the Undecided:

Just heard on my local news. "Two college students, of middle eastern descent,

Iraq is not a civil war?

has anyone seen the Wesley Clark votevets ad?

Now that Saddam has been sentenced to death

Anyone watching Washington Journal?

WTFH ?- Chafee up 1

Evil Elf is letting Libby Dole run the show ,Good G.E. boy.

Iranians praise Saddam's death sentence

NPR - All Things Considered: Must a 'Democracy' Fight Against Terror?

Bush Names Exxon Chief to Chart America’s Energy Future

John McCain: Breaking Faith with His Fathers

Is this obvious, or ? (re: Saddam verdict)

We're going to win. You can tell by listening to Cheney.

The Tube Warriors: The silent battleground on the net.

If a Dem administration had done this we would never hear the end of it

BREAKING: Russert can't fricking read text from a page

Corker ad: 'Harold Ford Jr. voted For abortion pills for school children'

Does anybody just get positively giddy when it comes to election.

Timmy has completely lost control of his show.

Is Having A Verdict On Saddam 2 Days Before The Election, Bushco's Attempt At A November Surprise?

Little Dick Cheney, going insane-y

Very Important Saddam point # 1. Saddam is getting what he deserves.

"He's somewhere between dysfunctional & delusional", said Biden about Cheney

What is Saddam being sentenced for?

TEEHEE! My candidate Laura Bonham is on the front page of PDA!

Who's the biggest liar?

MTP--SH will appeal. Shumer and Libby dole talking.

Just saw a clip on ABC news about Stephanopolous' interview with

Road to election theft being paved right now?

Woflie has Hoekstra on...will he talk about the nukular website?

What are you doing between now and Tuesday evening?

The Saddam Trial---what a joke. Do these asshats really think we

Cheney got 20 minutes, Howard Dean got about 5. Fair & balanced ABC.

I did not have sex with that man.

Which States Need To Redistrict???

The New Life Church thingy is on Ch. 3 right now in Denver.

Lots more little Fundies coming...

Tester gets Bozeman Daily Chronicle endorsement!

The Economy Is Great..I Bought A Laptop

Tony Snow is Bullshitting Wolfie Blitzer on CNN.

DU RADIO--Tips for getting through to TALK RADIO HOSTS Mon. and Tues.

35% voting straight democratic ticket in Ohio

Here comes the gloat

Mini-Toons - A few tasty morsels

If we end up with 50/50 in the Senate, are their any Republicans

What do you all think?

See What the Number of Dead Really Look Like, My Personal Memorial

Further anecdotal evidence that Diebold products are big ol' chunks of shite

No such thing as unerversality here

What went wrong in Iraq and why.

Elizabeth Dole stepped in it on MTP. Said "Dem's are content with losing in Iraq"

It's underway - 72 hour blitz - CBS Schieffer just confirmed it on.

Barbara Boxer on CNN vs Lindsay Graham

Will CNN, MSNBC, FAUX, ABC, CBS, ABC, Have Saddams Hanging Live On TV?

**Sad News Alert**

Warning signs in evangelists...

You can tell a lot about a candidate from their campaign/yard signs

The offshoot of the John Kerry Forum appears to have been hijacked

Dole: Dems 'content with losing' in Iraq

Sen. Allen goes to a tailgate party, and look who joins him - ROFL pics

EU president Finland says Saddam should not hang

How is the MSM playing the Saddam verdict?

Mclaughlin group just predicted a Democratic sweep...

Osama Bin Laden Comes to Kucinich's District Riding an Elephant

Pastor Ted's Letter being read now. Live webcast.

Bush Administration wielded a LOT of power in Saddam's trial

It is time to Stand - My video I threw together for DU and crew tonight:

White House Praises Their Puppets In Iraq For Hanging Saddam

China "Aids" Africa For Their Own Benefit

How soon after the dems take control do they start getting blamed

The only way to over come voter fraud is to demand the removal of electronic voting machines

Iran test-fires more new weapons in war games

Don King has Haggarts Meth Stash

Whilst persusing the RNC website

have you read Harper mag's repost of article on Haggard?

summary of sabato's crystal ball: democrats doing very well!

Doctor demands investigation of Bill O'Reilly over access to Abortion records

Susie Turnbull just said more than half the citizens in TN have already voted.

MI Senate Race: Stabenow leads Bouchard

If we don't win BOTH houses, not much is going to change

Coming up on CNN, Rep Murtha v. Duncan Hunter

Dole Admits Defeat... read her quote again folks:

What do you think the freeper "election prayer thread" sounds like?

How Rove Blew It On the 72-Hour GOTV - He Only Focused on The Base, NOT the Indies

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered,

The Saddam verdict: From an Iraqi blogger.

GOP maintains control of house and Senate. Mandate City Bingo!

Where Can People Find a Resource for Polling Across the Nation?

I'm Not Leaving

*LISTEN NOW* Sidney Blumenthal on Background Briefing

In polls this late the +/- gap is secondary. Raw percentages are more significant.

Haggard (New Letter To Congregation): “I am a deceiver and a liar.”

Unless there is an active genocide going on in elsewhere AND

Time to protect Constitution - The path back starts with American voters.

Cheney: I Would "Probably Not" Testify Before Congress Even If Subpoenaed..” Part 2

GOP Losing it's base. TIME Magazine

Bush Speaks - On MSNBC Now

Questions on Passport Form - Big Brother is WATCHING YOU

WHO CARES about Saddam? BushCo gave Nuke Manual to the "terrists"

BIG DOG ON C-SPAN: I'm not for "cut and run", I'm for "stop and think"

I wonder why no elevation of the threat levels this time around?

Barbara Boxer on Late Edition with the U-boat sub commander nt

two days left? What about Karl's December Surprise?

The MSNBC/McClatchy poll is generating all of the wishful talk of a republican surge

Enjoying your two minutes hate?

Isn't Saddam verdict about an hour away? nt

Sheehan Vigil @ Moonlight Beach, Encinitas CA

Bush didn't gloat about Saddam. So who will?

I don't know anything about Cliff Schechter, but thank God

How Do Freepers Feel about Bush Losing Iraq?

Could it be this bad for the GOP?

Fourteen Senators Face Voters for the First Time since Authorizing Iraq War

The utter vulgarity of it all

Why do they worship this man? (pics - dialup warning)

Pentagon targets Kim’s nuclear sites

Cheney: 'Can't base foreign policy on what Congress wants'

The first and only republican phone message

I Sent This To CNN (Campaign Trail Pic):

Proof (do you need more?) the GOP is morally bankrupt.

I can no longer participate on DU

CNN ought to run a program called "Our Broken News Media"

Riverbend on Saddam verdict

V for Vendetta!

JOHN KERRY IS NOT UP FOR election...I suggest we keep our eye on the ball

Possible Iraq Deployments Would Stretch Reserve Force

Who told Scarborough that he's hip and cool?

Speaking of "looking gay," Americablog asks if any of the top staff at New Life Church are straight

Protest Breaking Out....Saddam Trial.

* comments on Saddam verdict - pics

Republicans critique each others' races

LIMBOsevic just made #76 "101 Hollywood Best Kept Secrets" (oxycontin)

Borat Debuts as Top Grossing Film this Weekend

I Went To Church & Found An Anti-Gay Hate-Supporting "Voters Guide"

George Carlin explains the whole thing

Most hated presidents in history...

Morgan Felchner, editor of Campaigns and Elections magazine

Tweety's got his Republican hat on today.

What is happening in Maryland?

Top 5 Ways To Make A Freeper's Head Explode.

ROFL! Colo. pro-pot ads target Bush, Cheney

Mil. Times has already published its editorial; the responses

I must apoligize to DUers.. the catastrophe on our soil didn't happen

This is why I want to see Heather Wilson go down

Why are fundies voting at all?

TOONS: Please Let Your Sons Play With Dolls Edition

Lieberman--- why oh why does this a-hole have such support? n/t


We Are the Shoes, We Are the Last Witnesses

Preserve Our Democracy: Largest Voting Rights & Election Fraud Awareness Group on myspace

"On the fence" Republican lurkers, come out now.

Official Thread where "Glitches" favoring DEMOCRATIC candidates collected:

Do you honestly think we could trot out

Glitches cited in early voting

On Republican turnout on Tuesday

On CSPAN2 - 3pm - The Theocons: Secular America Under Siege

How is Saddam really any different from any other ME dictator?

Can anyone provide a link to the video I have heard is out there

Question: Is Haggard a fraud or was he conflicted?

Did this happen anywhere else?

John Kerry & My Mom

wife blamed for Haggard's problems

Great comeback, but not so good in front of the parents.

I was gonna suggest taking a collection to buy Tucker Carlson...

Moving Towards Martial Law: Greater Oppression & Less Liberty in a Militarized, Hierarchical Society

MSNBC disgusts me

Do you think gas prices will shoot up after this election?

OPUS- What goes 'round comes 'round. Finally.

Operation Enduring Chaos: "Bush surrenders Iraq to Maliki’s death squads "

MICHIGAN CITIZEN ALERT! Michigan voting machines vulnerable to attack. Demand random hand audits.

Just noticed FOX is show 50 % to 38 % Ford was behind

Heh, the freepers have an "election prayer thread."

How will you get the latest news on election night?

Polls: Democrats pull ahead in 2 new districts, NY-20, FL-22, Sweeney and Shaw crashing and burning

Interesting Jehovah's Witness visit

So Rummy schmoozes with Saddam in 1983, a year after he engaged in "crimes against humanity"

The M.C.A, Martial Law, and erosion of our Constitution

CSPAN2 - 4pm - Religion Gone Bad: The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right

Sunday Evening Dumpster Diving (The pre-election Friday Newsdump)

"that's why we'll fight in Iraq, and that's why we'll win in Iraq."

Caption this * photo

NYT writer Dexter Filkins, in Chalabi article, says Iraq has been in civil war since Samarra

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON 11/5 - with a DU Special toon


"They've Called George Bush Everything But A Whiteman"

Can we get off this "Win in Iraq" nonsense?

So, the US could have invited Saddam to meeting, captured, him

CA SOS Dem. Debra Bowen leading

(Bill) Clinton in Rochester, NY 11/6/2006

The New York Times is endorsing ZERO Pukes for Congress!

Those who listen to Mike Malloy

Headline from SCOTLAND: "Bush braces for a bleak future"

Tell me that this is just a weird coincidence.

Anyone know of an election "score sheet" or something like it?


Grenberg & Teixeira: Interesting notes on Swing Voters

The phony Mason Dixon poll made it to the big time

if God and Jesus is on the Republican's side

Voters say *'s visit to Stockton cemented their decision to vote AGAINST Pombo!

This picture is #1 on Yahoo

Swift Victory ...OR!.......The Wait N See.....

News from Australia: "NOTHING is going right for Republicans"

The War Against Poor People

How soon will the RW pundits step up and apologize for Haggard allegations and accuser


3rd Millennia Ants & Grasshoppers

Senator Sanders of Vermont---how cool is that?

LIVE on the McLaughlin Group, Lawrence O'Donnell blasts GOP Congress for revealing nuclear secrets

Cialis Ads permeate CNN and MSNBC

Julius Caesar Had Gaul; Bush Just Has Gall


* * * * TOONS: VOTE Out the Axis of Evil Edition * * * *

Cheney's nickname in the CIA: "Edgar". As in Bergen.

Would you REALLY want to hire someone with this resume -- A PARTIAL GOP scorecard

"Enemy Within" FRONTLINE

Add this voter complaint tool to your website!

We know Fundies don't believe in "born Gay," but why can't they even believe in "born Straight"?

Relax - Having the polls tighten at this time is normal and was expected

The Biggest Political Story of the Decade.

Part II: A Suicide in Iraq - Another Solidier Upset With Torture Techniques

This Weekend: Has The Military Been Active In your Area?

Ted Haggard Erased from Oral Roberts University

Cheney going Hunting on Election Day....

Nashville CBS affiliate "uninvites" scheduled interviews with Delta Burke and Leslie Jordan

Riverbend has a new post:

Funny Irony With an Email Reply

Cheney: Next 2 years we'll focus on terror; second article: Cheney going hunting on election day

OMG! Besides Santorum's obvious wingnuttery, I can't believe

US tourist pushes British homeless man into Paris river

Can we find out how much tax $$$s have been spent saving the GOP

Has Doonesbury gone soft?

Apparently there are 4 kinds of voters

OMG! Candy is "The Woman in Black" on CNN now.

on Cspan Chris Cilliza and some guy from Roll call were talking about Santorum

"Signs" of desperation in Texas-- "Encourage Terrorists – Vote Democrat"

Important internet mission for today!!!!

How a wingnut distortion exposed absurdity in the media and the mentality to pile on

International poll ranks Bush a threat to world peace

Polls: For the Love of GAWD!!!

Wow! Did you read the editorial at The American Conservative magazine?

World Reacts To Saddam Verdict

OK. Its Sunday Night - HOW are we LOOKING?

Say what you will, Bush still knows how to excite a crowd

The times is covering up story of American citizens being tortured

The non-issue that just wouldn't die

And now for someting completely different.

VIDEO of Mike Stark From Saturday's Confrontation ("It Happened AGAIN!")

New DEFEATISTS thread. All defeatists post HERE!

Composition time: What is better? Actions or ideas?

Lookie here!

What did Liddy Dole do on MTP today???

"The hanging of Saddam Hussein will turn to hell for the Americans."

Hey, you folks who made the "blame Clinton" ad? It's "whose fault," not

After stealing two presidential elections-

"Kerry's Meltdown"--Tweedy on his show now. nbc. (discussion next)

Hussein signed 148 execution orders & was ordered executed. Bush

Tony Snow said 'You've got to be smoking rope' if you think Saddam trial was a political ploy.

Candidates you most want to see lose?

Now That He is out of Work, Will Pastor Ted Have to Sell His Luxury Home?

Freeper meltdown over Dick Armey

Sad, sad: Tennessee falls in dispair: Corker, 50 - Ford, 38

I'm leaving DU

Baghdad is Surrounded: “The American Era in the Middle East has ended”

REMEMBER...bush and republicants have lost TWO WARS

Dealing with 'difficult guests'...Focus on the 'Family' is hiring

OH-01, OH-02: CQ: Two GOP-Held Seats Now Toss-Ups !!!

AP: What to do if you have trouble voting

Mitch Albom grows a pair, rips GOP (bad jokes vs evil jokesters)

I'm proposing a 24 hour Prohibition against rummy bashing here at DU

I just saw the picture...

How does this New Life Church operate

Which GOP Senator would it give you greatest satisfaction to unseat?

Fuck You Art Bell

Rep John Larson halts the LIEberthugs -- "Ned's with us."

Dobson: Shooting the Media Messenger

December Surprise: Bush Plans Post-Election Call Up Of National Guard And Reserves

Election 2006: Races to Watch on Election Day!

Right Says It’s Not Fair to Appeal to Fairness

Stop. Look. Laugh. (TOTALLY non-political)

Breaking: Ted Haggard says he's Guilty of Sexual Immorality

A picture is worth a thousand words - like this one

Voting glitch already started in Sarasota

Vice-President Cheney Tells Public, On Iraq, Their Opinion Doesn't Matter

Investigation "Proving:Hastert, Reynolds And Rove Knew Full-Well About Mark Foley For Years"...

Osama's continuing freedom TRUMPS any Saddam verdict gloating.

"Wonderful Step Forward" Santorum PROUD To Release Nuke Secrets To World

Falwell & Robertson: Haggard had VERY LITTLE INFLUENCE

The Simpsons tonight: "You said we'd be greeted as liberators"

The Machine Would Have You Believe Democrats Are Slipping

Yeah, I think Saddam oughta still be in power.

There's a strong stench of desperation over there in LoserLand.

NYT: Frightening To Think What Bush Would Concoct If His Party Maintains Power

'Til Tuesday .....

A Short History Of How Saddam Came To Power

14th Amendment: deny right to vote, get reps cut by same percentage

END GERRYMANDERING: have larger multi-seat districts

US Citizens to be Required ''Clearance'' to Leave USA

DAILY OAXACA NEWS THREAD Sunday Nov 5 06 Issue #2

Perle: "Vanity Fair promised they would hide my anti-Iraq comments until after the election"

GOD is on the SIDE OF THE DEMS...enough signs abound to confirm this view

Carl Sheeler (RI) Back stabbed us - endorsed Chafee for Senate - BULL SHIT

What the hell is with Liddy Dole??

TPM reporting 'harassment' robocalls framed to sound like they are dem

Haggard last sermon "We pray that lies would be exposed"

Very surprised at the anger one receives for pointing out Republicans will steal elections

If, somehow, you need a kick in the pants for inspiration...

As a Liberal married to an apolitical Libertarian

Memory Hole With Regards To Saddam Hussein: U.S. Helped Install Saddam!

"Speaking words of wisdom - letter be."

Cheney: I Would ‘Probably Not’ Testify Before Congress, Even If Subpoenaed

The hanging should be televised LIVE to the USA

Re: Saddam's Railroading, a Flash I made PRE- Shock and Awe - 50% kids in Iraq then.



David A. Smith in the stocks: Dick Cheney's fondest wish...

"probably the most significant file of corruption" known in Washington

Do you own a website?

Jeff Sharlett on State of Belief now...wrote Jesus Plus Nothing.

Blue Revolution planned for these States @ county election offices:

I've been trying to figure out how to say this. Bear with me.

Political Attack Video by Symbolman "Boy Who Cried Wolf" - Bush KNEW


Speaker Pelosi calls GOP a "Freak Show"

What is the biggest difference between DU and freerepublic?

CAPITAL SO CORRUPT-FBI Willing To Go Undercover In Congress If Necessary

Remembering Oscar Romero

Last night Sam Seider said he thinks Lieberman is in trouble

Reid: "The Iraqis have traded a dictator for chaos"

Hacking Democracy is now on Google Video >>>>>>>>

The Power of Our Participation

Who's to blame for Pastor Haggard's fall from grace? His fat, lazy wife

I'm leaving

Breaking on CNN: Pastor Ted Admits to a "lifelong sexual problem"

Happy Guy Fawkes Day: Just Finished Three-Hour Sit Down Interview with Major MSM

November Surprise: Abramoff Indictments - Early Holiday Gifts

Imus 10-23-06: On Foley, Republicans and Autism...

John Lennon-Working Class Hero...

Here Comes The Sun, It Don't Come Easy, Beware Of Darkness

Worse than Vietnam...Reagan's NSA chief, General Bill Odom says we need change ...

George Harrison: While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Acoustic version from LOVE)

NY Post makes fun of a terrorist threat against Keith Olbermann

Diebold Voting Machines WTFPWNED

Crossfire with Jon Stewart

Bush (Will Ferrell) on Global Warming(s)

Howard Dean on Situation Room on Friday

Squirrel Nut Zippers 'Had Enough'

Operation Ivy - (Part 3 of 3) 1953 Civil Defense film re: the H-Bomb test

Operation Ivy - (Part 2 of 3) 1953 Civil Defense film re: the H-Bomb test

TD5 'Opus Gay' secret shadow government revealed - Daily Show...


Election's in 3 days

OVER THE RAINBOW (ouch, my turn to spill tears for our troops)

George Carlin - There's a reason education in America sucks

Leader Pelosi Responds to Speaker Hastert...

Turn Turn Turn (is what I'd like to "turn" into at YOUTUBE. EXCELLENT!

Operation Ivy - 1953 Civil Defense film re: the H-Bomb test (Part 1 of 3)

911 Vendetta

Donald Rumsfeld shakes hands with Saddam Hussein in 1983

When Joe Lieberman calls....

stem cell research

A video for DU'ers for this election day

George Carlin - We Are A Warlike People

Robert F. Kennedy (Indianapolis 1968 re: MLK's murder)

GETTING OVER IT - The Citizen Push for Election Integrity

There Is Something Terribly Wrong With This Country

Bush (Will Ferrell) part one

The Senate Races Already Done

Is there anybody here who thinks that the draft won't be reinstituted?n/t

Hints for persuading on the phone.

Tester Sweeps All Major Newspaper Endorsements

Is there a good chance Chris Shays (r) Ct will lose?

Charlie Crist looks SO uncomfortable holding a rifle!

Cliff Schecter Rocks Another GOP Talking Head

Krazy Katie Harris' hometown newspaper endorses Nelson, her opponent

Reuters: NY Times Endorses No Republicans for U.S. Congress

Charlie Crist suddenly restricts reporters' access to him, Nov 5. (FL Gov's race)

Haggard confesses, still doesn't get it

Should speaker Pelosi be replaced?

Voter Suppression in Tom DeLay's District

Taking the phone off the hook for the next twenty four..n/t

Take the Leave DU Pledge!

Mr Bush Goes To Washington:

Poll shows Republican Conrad Burns and Democrat Jon Tester tied


Latest News on the Most Recent NH Republican Phone Scam

For All Who Need Hope about Tuesday in CT... Read This:

This picture makes me feel good about our chances on Tuesday.

Can Harold Ford be rescued in Tennessee ?

Wait, Rendell is leading Swann by 15pts and NYTimes calls it 'Leaning Dem'

Unique Holiday Gift Idea That Saves Seals (I was almost arrested for protesting @ Red Lobster in 05)

Saddam Hussein trial mystery

Meth? Check. Frequent sex with gay hooker? Check. Lied his worthless Evangelical ass off? CHECK.

Quick! Please Help Me Respond to This Piece of Poop My Aunt Sent Me

Nothing good can come from the execution of Saddam Hussein.

Who is doing the exit polling for this election? Anybody know?

Japanese Antarctic whaling fleet is within days of embarking again


I posted this in General Discussion last night,

Xerox is doing something very cool! Send a card to our troops saying thank you!

Don't sweat the tightening in the polls....

Smells like Desperation: I just got a call from Rush Limbaugh!

Bad Dick Hunting

Rick Bergman is on KDKA now!

Values voters show dismay (Florida)

Sunday Nite- Here's How We're Looking at Election Central

Bev Harris up next on Lou Dobbs !

freeper report on his GOTV phonebanking effort


Bush rallying the red states

So now we are supposed to believe the media that the rethugs are..

Why not a straight ticket Dem campaign in CT?

Rasmussen Poll: TN SEN - Ford within four (47 / 51)

"the White House needed to make a mountain out of a molehill"

Ned Lamont Sends Dick Cheney A Message

Barron's predicts GOP victory?

Arabs divided over Saddam sentencing

How a wingnut distortion exposed absurdity in the media and the mentality to pile on

Eco Groups Use Online Maps in Mine Fight

feel like DUing a poll?

President Clinton here in Rochester(NY) Monday for our locals..Yeah!!! n/t

Check out the poll similarities between Kaine vs. Kilgore and Webb vs. Allen

W.Va. Faults Gear in Deadly Mine Fire (missing walls mismatched and faulty firefighting equipment)

Dean on ABC having to explain and explain to George..Video

Saddam verdict in, but nothing has changed

In Vermont Senate race, Bernie Sanders cruises past his billionaire, Bentley-driving GOP opponent

Pelosi ; Statement on Saddam Hussein Verdict

(Pew) Republicans Cut Democratic Lead in Campaign's Final Days

FDL post groups country into 3 political parties...not what you'd think. Interesting.

Brent Budowsky--December Surprise: Bush Plans Post -Election Callup Of National Guard & Reserves

Libby Dole---We do not give our canditates talking points. te he MTP now

Why do we let W. define us?

Desperation on the cusp of madness.

georgie having wierd fun on the campaign

Voter Protection in Ohio and Around the Nation

VOTER Suppression WARNING: NH & FL - Happening in YOUR state too?

Fresh from (first of two) GOTV drives today - report

Here Ya Go Seasat!! Robo-Calls In Sarasota!

Posted this in VA forum as well, but so far, no responses. Any takers?

Curious timing for the Hussein verdict, eh?

Harassing phone calls as voter suppression in Florida?

Two Guys & Bush visit Tom Kean Senate HQ Their newest video & full collection

Army Times: Editorial -Time for Rumsfeld to go (here it is folks)

Crist remains noncommittal on whether he will join George W. Bush in Pensacola on Monday.

Remember the Keane Bros? They had a crush on Amy Carter

Today's "Opus"- Compare the reactions!

PIC of Diebold Machine in Democratic Districts:

About polling and the margin of error.

"V for Vendetta" is Wikipedia "Today's Featured Article"

Ask a Republican

Is Tennessee continuing to trend toward Republicans? Really?

Be prepared to be scared out of your pants tomorrow.

Stu Rothenberg just nailed ABC for over calculating GOP turnout

NY-29: 48 Hours to Save America: All Hands on Deck

I hope this Army/rummy story gets coverage tomorrow.

Is Moveon's website and Call for Change down?

Will a majority in the House and Senate help Dems in '08?

Saddam condemned to die (and what the Dick Cheney of old said about going after him)


Did I Say That? Looking back on eccentric pronouncements from Campaign '04

Is it true?? Memo from Corp.s BLACKLISTING AIR AMERICA placing ads

New ABC Polls shows race tightening...

Does the Mason Dixon poll lean to the right?

WP,pg1: Maryland, Virginia Democratic challengers' fate may depend on big, rich D.C. suburbs

dole says republicans have X-factor

I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up...

If elected, Jack Davis (vs Tom Reynolds) will not take a salary..

Tony Snow: It's "absolutely crazy" to think Saddam verdict was tied to midterms

Almost nothing on posting nuclear instructions - altho willing to blather

Army Times and other military periodicals call for Rummy to be fired

why the W.H. neo cons keep visiting the 'stans'

Time Poll: Dems (55%) Republicans(40%), Bush(37%)

600,000 innocent people sentenced to death by George Bush...

Another view of the Mason Dixon Poll

11/04-11/05 Mason Dixon&Ras Polling MD, MN, MO, MT, NJ, TN, VA

ABC POLL IS BULLSHIT. Their sampling methodology is all screwed up.

Crist ad links Davis to terrorists (FL Gov's race)--- Bush's GOP getting UGLY.

Charles Taylor______ THE Pro-Life Choice for Congress

Naked man arrested for concealed weapon

bush, frist and saddam not wearing ties

Request for anyone who wants to "channel TIA" or othwise post columnar data

Rasmussen Poll: MT SEN - Tester up by two (50 / 48)

Interesting article on the Corker/Ford TN race

Mason-Dixon Chafee + 1?

Our Charismatic Leader

Do you think Sadam's verdict and Bush's Wedding Anniversary...

November 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

McLauglin Panel Concensus is that Dems Take Senate!

I don't usually agree with Rahm Emmanuel, but he's doing a good job on MTP

bush speaks the truth; Iraq about oil.

Even chimp-lover Jonah Goldberg concedes that the Saddam verdict changes nothing.

Poll shows Clay Shaw (repuke-FL) trailing Klein in U.S. House race by 10 POINTS!

Saddam verdict deepens Iraq's sectarian divide

unadjusted Exit Polls to check Evote/ look also Carter Center standards for elections

Saddam..(yawn)..Guilty...Now back to the reality based community, Boys & Girls!

The Invasion Of Iraq WAS About The Oil! WaPo Article........

Another wave of sleeper freepers will hit DU today.

Kerry Played Them

I often wonder if Dean ever got fitted for that 3-piece suit he laughed about...

Well another Rummy business partner bites the dust.

Timing of Noe gifts-followed move of state money

Snuffleufagus doing his best to spin a GOP comeback in polls on This Week on ABC

Well, it's 9:17 a.m. and I haven't seen the daily 'look what that

Democratic Voting Guide -- From the Religious Right!

Saddam verdict date 'rigged' for Bush

Has Bush made an equivalent to Nixon's "Checkers" Speech

New Blockbuster Ohio Poll (Dispatch)...Ohio going (very) blue!!!

NPR: Must a 'Democracy' Fight Against Terror?

I'm not trying to excuse Webb's comments about women in the military, but

Act Blue has raised almost 2 MILLION in the last week!!!!

Lou Dobbs Has Been Covering The Election Fraud! Bob Fitrakis Will Be On! Monday!

I want to help, but I don't do phones. What can I do?

Links for political junkies including DB for latest polls!!!

Fox's Neil Cavuto sees Dick Cheney as some kind of hero for not giving a shit

TIME Poll: Registered Repukes Less Enthusiastic About Voting Than Democrats

I think George W Bush's sentencing should be set for Nov 3rd, 2008

Army tells potential recruits "war is over"!

GOP Laying Ground To Claim Fraud In Tennessee Election....Brad Blog

What's going on with the new WaPo poll? Bush Approval up 3%?

The BBC's "An Instant Guide To George W. Bush" (15 min Audio)

Freep-holes react to DU's Saddam verdict threads

What will Bush's response be after the elections?

Saddam gets Death - Justice Prevails, but

Okay...the rev haggard was amusing and saddam pathetic

Cheney----ends in WY" "defeatist" dems.

Joe Sestak has to be the easiest man to campaign for


Apologies if overly long, but the reasons for change are many.

So who else is staying up for the Saddam verdicts to be read

McCain is a turncoat rat bastard. I heard him tonight on

Here is an article I wrote back in August about a local New Life Church...

Who is Mark Craig, a friend of dimson? He mentioned him

Hilarious TPM Post on Robo-Calls

Grass Roots: Pro-Marijuana Group Takes Out Newspaper Ad -- Using Bush and Cheney

Grass Roots: Pro-Marijuana Group Takes Out Newspaper Ad -- Using Bush and Cheney

why media matters for women