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Archives: November 4, 2006

A president gleefully bathes in muck

Robert Scheer: Turning the Corner Into Madness (Truthdig)

Part II- Are

Ex-Mexican Candidate Names His 'Cabinet'

Vanity Fair Exclusive: Now They Tell Us

Las Vegas Sun: Gibbons R "profound lack of judgment "

Summoning Frederick Douglass By FRANCIS X. CLINES

Part III- Scamming the vote.

Neo Culpa: Perle, Frum, Adelman turn on Bush

Death for Saddam may spark a bloodbath

For U.S. and Top Iraqi, Animosity Is Mutual

Part I "What is Your Plan?" -GWB

Proof That Bush Lies Every Day About Dems Lack Of Security Plan

Former German Green Party Spokesman Calls for Re-evaluation of Nuclear.

Former ORNL director Alvin Weinberg, Climate Change and Nuclear Pioneer Has Died.

Britain:Green Power on the march: Thousands unite to rally

Addressing China's climate challenge (BBC)

Action urged to save Balkan lynx (BBC)

Poachers target rare Nepal rhino (BBC)

Settlers, Palestinians clash during olive harvest

Gaza's pain: 'We're bored of this life and want to die'

Lieberman and the Decline of Israeli Democracy

Pentagon Video in the Nick of Time for Midterms?

Where to tune in on 11/7? Brad Friedman, Peter Collins' marathon radio coverage!

Anyone in LA county want to be a poll monitor? contact me

New Phrase for E-Voting: *Ghostly*

Santa Clara County, CA: "Paper ballots strongly discouraged."

Keith Olbermann: "Election process is a COMPUTERIZED MESS."

Judge Sets Deadline in Cuban Exile Case

Iraqis fear Saddam verdict fallout (violence...riots)

Bob Ney Resigns/LINK

Kidnapped US soldier ‘in the hands of Baathists’ (not al-Sadr)

Advance Copy of Military Times Editorial Calling for Rumsfeld Resignation

AP: Neil Patrick Harris Says He Is Gay

Pulizer-winning Seymour Hersh Slams Bush at McGill Address

AP: Democrats Unleash TV Attack, Radio Ads

Thousands Protest Airstrike in Pakistan

Jones: Haggard snorted meth during sexual encounters

Expert: GOP plays politics with intel

NYT: As Vote Nears, Parties Prepare for Legal Fights

Candidate Wants Coffins Out of GOP Ads

Foreign Lobbies Took the Guise Of Nonprofits (New Doolittle scandal)

NYT: Republicans Highlight Strong Economy: Seizing on drop in unemployment rate

U.S. Shutters Site With Saddam-Era Files

Tennessee votes early in record numbers

Syria and Arab Countries Agree to Build Stock Exchange Federation

Iran test-fires 3 new missiles in Gulf

Breaking: White Powder found at Senator's Office

Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear

Military Times Media Group - Calls for Rumsfeld's Resignation

Beyond the tipping point-Question now is how big will House Democratic majority be

Cheney: Dem victory would embolden militants

Iraqis think few U.S. troops are fighting for them

Accuser recounts trysts with 'Art'

AP: Democrats unleash TV attack, radio ads

Dems call for investigation of Bush White House publishing on Internet plans for making a nuke

NYT: Sniper Attacks Adding To Peril Of U.S. Troops

Merle Haggard Appreciation thread!!!

Oyez, Oyez - I Voted Today (Absentee)

The Big Ape is on.

Moving event today

What a week. I'm going to the Spa tomorrow for some meth and a massage.

My aunt said she is going to fix herself some asses in a hole.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is the best video EVER!

Doogie Howser's gay!

I'm bored. I want sweets sooooooo bad. I really need to work on this eating when I'm bored issue.

Get your puppy fix here!

Khash is back! With, surprise!, lyrics!

Is there nothing sweeter than a loved one speaking your name?

So Grandmaster Flash's "The Message"

Sometimes I'm just too lazy to respond to a thread.

Someone go round this off to 75:

GoPsUx? You still around? I have something for you....

For those without HBO, you can still see "Hacking Democracy."

So what's it usually like in here on a Friday night?

Well, I sucessfully ducked the sweet stuff temptation

I'm nobody! Who are you?

Fri ni what To What Are You Listening thread

I'm bored, tell me what I should do.

Two very cool things just happened at the gas station.

Hey Revolutionary_Acts04

I am a big sappy cry baby...

Mike Mills and Michael Stipe cover "Love is all Around"

GoPsUx made me do it. Pic thread!

Plumber shows up to fix the shower. He's a Floridan born democrat.

Just got a phone call from Ted Nugent...

Get your puppy fixed here!

WooHoo! Cops woke me up at 3am and guess what!

So I'm not exactly sure how offended I should I be..

I'm out of here

Worst person of the week: my soon to be ex and the Throckmorton Theater

Police: Nude man hides awl in buttocks

Your Favorite WKRP Scene...

Who is your favorite director of non-English films?

Enough is enough!

I am purchasing dining room furniture tomorrow...

Why are YOU in on a Friday night, on DU?

Stomach turner! Man Has Sex With A Dead Dog: Beastiality Alive and Well in Michigan

I got a special bonus at work $$$

Has anyone here ever been...........

Any Evanescence fans in here?

AP: Neil Patrick Harris Says He Is Gay


What celebrity would you least expect to be gay?

PIC THREAD!!! My very first

Battlestar Galactica never ceases to impress.

I failed a psych eval

Ten Top Abuses of Religion and Politics

Sun probe sends back first data (BBC) {Japan's Solar B}

Update and/or something serendipitous.....

The Nation

Awesome! Awesome!

A diary about the botched joke by a soldier in Iraq

Anyone watching Washington Week on PBS?

Fantasy vs. Reality

Globalvillage ----

When words fail. - I was looking at the photography on their posters

Get out your credit cards and watch carefully -

Marketplace just reported that the 4.4% jobless # is based on the "Household Survey"...

White House Webmaster photographed at work...

Turn on Countdown -- KO is all over the nuke story!


I hope part of Nancy Pelosi's forced SF Values Drive includes

Expert: GOP plays politics with intel

Advancing voter issues on two fronts - good timing

Congress Tells Auditor in Iraq to Close Office

Ted Haggards Gift.

Okay, I'm prepared to be hopeful.

The State of the Union and State Sponsered Terrorism

School Bible clubs targeting Illinois

Two Guys & George Bush Talk to Voters

'Give Big Brother the Boot!'

"SAN FRANCISCO VALUES"? Compare to the 2 cities most affected by REPUBS:

David Duke Offers ‘Antisemitism 101’ at a Ukrainian University

Pledges In Apparent Hazing Ritual May Have Been Sexually Assaulted (Frat Assholes)

Categories: Absurd things heard on the news today -

Andrea Mitchell on Tweety

"Democrats have no plan."

Saddam/Maliki . . . what's the difference?

WP, Froomkin: In ultimate Rovian chutzpah, Bush attacks Dems for having no plan to clean up his mess

Dick Armey Vs. James Dobson-Lets get ready to Ruuuuuummmmmble!

Excited, Reserved, Anxious and unable to log off

"SNL" wimps out with pre-election, no-Bush Darrell Hammond retrospective

Body language expert weighs in on Haggard

What's this BS about the voting machines having to be stored in

Video from Oaxaca

GOP eliminates Oversight and Fiscal Responsibility in Iraq

Mr. President, how does revealing nuclear secrets online qualify as being tough on homeland security

There Will Be No Dreary Winter In '07

Cartoon - Bush on Halloween

Brad Friedman and Peter Collins to host LIVE election night coverage marathon!

Saddam Sentenced? America Yawns. More Boring Than Kerry's Botched Joke

One thing I DON"T want in the next presidential election is another bumpkin with limited experience

Neo-Con scum Richard Perle says maybe we didn't need to go to war in Iraq after all!

When we retake Congress

Had enough of the Republicans? Send a message!

Did anyone else hear Tweety say that Santorum will run for governor

If DU had instructions on how to build nuclear weapons freely available on it

COMING UP Bradblog's Brad Friedman on election fraud on the Mike Malloy Show

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!" O'Reilly shrieks at guest....

Is the call for Rummy's resignation by the military Times a plea of sorts?

Watching Countdown tonight is like sitting down at a big banquet.


Can you come up with the Ultimate CONservative CONspiracy Theory

Sea Hag and his 3 hour weekly phone sex calls to the W.H.

Typical Sunday for a married republican male

The Girl in the Coal Commercials? Is she the Devil?

I shook Bill Clinton's hand today

"Civil War may follow Sadam Verdict" UK Times

Protest Warrior's Forum is DOWN!!!

APPO (oaxaca) Now has Multimedia Galleries and Streaming Radio APPO

Anybody see the news that by 2050, no fishes to be found in the sea?

Are you "Proud to be an American"?

I believe we will take the senate. Only question is will it be 51-49 or 52-48.

Does the Military send sick soldiers to war

Contact the FEC! Lou Sheldon and the TVC are caught being blatantly partisan!

Assuming the House and Senate are taken back, how much slack are you willing to give them

Anyone know if the Copyright rules are different for CSPAN?

Battle for Congress heads to tense finish

Tonight's was a must-see Countdown.

Jews embrace Borat's role as crusader against racism

Two Criminals..The Pastor and the Prositute

How well is bush doing his job?

Don't you just feel so SAFE under the GOP?

Health Insurance and Contraception..... did you know?

Why the fuck is Rev. Jerry Falwell hiding lately??

Iceberg warning for ships in Southern Ocean

Is the interview with Haggard and his wife available anywhere

Someone just told me Method Man fucked Merle Haggard. Details ???

Cindy Sheehan has called for a protest at the White House

Two GOP Ads Show Images Of Flag-Draped Coffins

Respect our stupidity

The internet bomb plans were just meant as job security for BushCo

Borat!!! on Jon Stewart rerun as I type: 7:21 CST

A vote for Republicans is a vote for a government for the people.......

U.S. stops plan to return convicted soldier to Iraq

Radio news at top of hour was one hit after another on GOP

Pentagon targets public opinion in information war

Regardless of what happens on tuesday i think right after that we'll see indictments

Tuesday the Lord answers our prayers to Lame Duck the RePUKES. Likes us better.

Tuesday Bush begins reign as worst president in history. ROVE YOU MAGNIFICENT BASS TURD

Where the fuck is hAAStert?

Heard on my local news tonight-absentee ballots are way up

One final glass of wine, one final peep at DU, before a weekend of GOTV calling.

Go back and look at the Haggard videos again. NOW! Because here's a

Is anybody else making "Call For Change" calls tonight?

Police: Nude man hides awl in buttocks

We're All Prisoners, Now: US Citizens to be Required ''Clearance'' to Leave USA

I put one small nail in the Bushenfuhrer coffin today by absentee ballot

Iraq deployment of soldier convicted of prisoner abuse is halted

Iraq=Democrats 9/11=Republicans

My underdog candidate is going to win a seat that is not in play.

So LIMBOsevic claims Al Qaeda wants Dems to win

Even the 'axis of evil' speechwriter has abandoned the sinking ship.

For those with stomachs, freepers pray for election day.

Scott Ritter on Tavis Smiley's PBS show tonight

Who Votes, Who Doesn't, and Why

NYT Analysis: For U.S. and Top Iraqi, Animosity Is Mutual


Who else besides me found the Josh Jennings ad hilarious?

Cheney on Iraq: "It may not be popular with the public — it doesn't matter"

Are you not amazed at how many DUers are looking at your OPs?

Does anyone have a link to the shrub's transcript

Democrats unleash TV attack, radio ads

LateNight Nov.Surprise theorizing on "should he stay or should he go" Rumsfeld noise

O'Reilly lets his hypocrisy hang out.

War-chimp demands a plan for Iraq from the dems?

Could Nukes in Arabic on the Net spell the real end for * ?

Will Sirius buy AAR?

Colorado Exclusive Property for Sale

White House on Evangelical Scandal: Reverend Who?

So, who's to blame for the nuke info posted on the Internets?

MSNBC poll: should Rummy stay or go?

Should Rumsfeld Go? (NBC Poll)

FYI: Guests on Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight:

Well-connected firm takes on Halliburton for lucrative Army deal

Does it matter if the White House took the N-bomb instructions down?

Have you had enough?

My Apologies to Howard Dean

It occured to me that all the GOP gay outing may not be coincidence.

Contractors Rarely Held Responsible for Misdeeds in Iraq

Alec said it....THE ONE ON YOUR WATCH

Leno's Having a Good Time With Haggard

Ten Things I Hate and Twelve I Love About America

Since there's all this talk going around about lie detectors,

What is it with CNN lately? Is it 'buyer's remorse'?

Bush has made people safe

Iraqi oversight commitee disbanded behind closed doors

Tonight I got some good news;

When Strategy Fails Rove Will Fight Dirty Larisa (lala_rawraw)Alternet

"This stuff ought to be out. Put this stuff out."

I don't understand these "voter access cards" used with the machines

NYT: "As Vote Nears, Parties Prepare For Legal Fight" (7,000 Lawyers Working For Dems)

Someone needs to Capture New Rules tonight...awesome

Please don't give this man any more babies

Neocon Michael Rubin aims a sharp kick right at Bush Jr.'s groin

I think Michael J. Fox is helping to tip a number of elections our way

George Bush sure knows how to get a crowd going

Was Vietnam Johnson's Iraq?

Which photo of Ruprecht W. Bush should I put on my Christmas card?

Begin countdown to OP "Arrested Development" and initiate tactic "GOB"

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Friday's My day to Play!!

Rejected Katherine Harris campaign video - Hilarious

Almost feel sorry for the conservative on Maher...

The Bush Administration Has Turned America Into The Global Jailor

Update from the Duckworth Campaign (IL:6th)

96,802 Registered Members of DU lets take it over 100,000!

What are you doing to GOTV?

Patwah Robertson has remained strangely silent lately

Richard Perle & Kenneth Adelman's scathing attack on the Bush Administration

Mike Malloy needs to have a TV show!!!!!

Hannity's website is pathetic

The Google: Republican massage = 802,000 hits..

Is anyone aware of this?

Poll: Bush policy threatens world peace

"Obliviously on he sails"...A Calvin Trillin ode to Bush.

KO announces -- Military Times to call for Rummy resignation

Maher finally came out of the closet tonight!

PIckles walks like an Egyptian

* personally approved putting that nuclear info on the web????

TOON: Damned liberal media

Coup in Iraq reportedly in the making

Saddam's Sentencing Will Keep Iraq In The Headlines Through The Election

I just voted early...demanded paper balot and got it only after

Military publications: ‘Rumsfeld must go’

Yet more good news for NY-20!

I just had a long pleasant discussion with a Republican.

Flashback: Cpl. Malkin of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders calls for "an army of translators"

Why isn't there shouting about Diebold ATMS being secure and including paper for years?

Could Congress declare this election invalid then stay in power? They use e-fraud issues

Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Times: "Rumsfeld is losing control..."

Bush and The Pumpkin....

Anyone know how Clint Curtis is doing againt Feeney in FLA? nt

Real Time with Bill Maher - Don't forget to take your Feign Feign...

How Did You Vote?

NeoCon Operation Comeback- Sorry About Iraq But Prepare To Bomb Iran

The Military Times Blames Rumsfeld? According To Boehner, It's The Generals' Fault

When the world is on the verge of all-out war, where's the Secretary of State?


Creationist "doctor" faces 288 years in prison!

Free Republic has started a "2006 Election Prayer thread."

C&L VIDEO: Jack Cafferty: "The Little Bit Of Oversight In Iraq Is Now Gone" (Auditor Controversy)

Top Ten Things I'll Be Doing On Election Night (apologies to Letterman)

Mommy!! Make it go away!!!!

Insurgent group unveils rocket named for girl allegedly raped and killed by U.S. soldier

Ivins: Keeping our eyes on the ball

And if I felt any safer, I swear I’d shit my pants tonight!

YO! YO! YO! YO! Big Trouble!!!!! (Read Inside)

The Worst Thing About John McCain is

Schadenfreude 2006...a fine, rich, full-bodied vintage. BUT:

It'a all about COR-RUP-TION, right?

Too much hacking publicity to actually steal it?

Saddam Hussein Verdict

HELP with my crappy memory. The guy who played piano standing up

CBS: ANOTHER Nuclear Security Breach on the GOP Watch

My apologies for the "Is Bush Gay" thread.

Did Cheney just destroy GOP chances on Tuesday?

Christ (FL Gov.) outed by gay activist. They'll be talking about it on the local news.

Why Do I Feel Sorry For Ted Haggard?

NY-20 Sweeney loses endorsement

Heckuva Job BUSHIE!

Copy of the Military Times editorial that KO referred to:

Book TV Schedule: November 4th - 6th

I miss Johnny Cash

James Baker interview on This Week with George S.

A "Tribute" to Rick Santorum

Josh Jennings for Congress

DSCC/Montana Senate: Conrad Burns' Attack Ads Against Jon Tester are Not True

Olberman/Countdown on Voting Problems "Diebold With A Vengeance"

Sit Down for Change. Stand Up for Peace!

UC Berkeley Democrats vs. Republicans on CNBC...

Sad but simple and true - Maxine Waters, Voting Rights Re-Author Act...

"welcome back, Karl Rove!"

Bill O'Reilly Wants To Kill Michael Moore

Tennessee Senate: Shepherd Smith of Fox News presses Bob Corker on Race-baiting Ad

Rep, John "Sweeno-reeno" Sweeney (R-NY) at the frat party...

Bring Them Home

New DNC video: Two Wrongs

Connecticut Senate: Anti-War Joe Lieberman "No one wants the war in Iraq to end more than I do."

George Stephanopoulous interviews Dick Cheney "Full Speed Ahead" in Iraq

Claire McCaskill/Missouri Senate: closing ad "Believe."

Just checking to see how many have already voted.....

I think the reason so many Republicans are saying the Dems will win

Krugman NYT: As Bechtel Goes

Breaking on MSNBC...

Kerry blooper turns out for the best.

Iran test-fires 3 new missiles in Gulf

Could Congress declare this election invalid then stay in power? They use e-fraud issues

VFW Passes Over Veteran in Illinois

MSNBC: Question now is how big will House Dem majority be

Last-minute 'tricks' they'll pull from their collective sleeves ???

WP:GOP's Woes Even Imperil the Centrists

LieberThugs at work

Gwen Awful was very annoying on Washington week..she

Sometimes it's good that Americans are Amnesiacs

The Story of how President Pelosi came to be (2007)

Paper Withdraws Sweeney Endorsement

help, I need a link to a pic of Bush's Nat. Guard Volunteer Sheet

Nancy Pelosi Be Damned!

Florida Bar Suspends Attorney Tied to Real Estate Fraud Probe (Another friend of Jeb)

Have you seen this great new commercial, "Because of Iraq"?

For U.S. and Top Iraqi, Animosity Is Mutual (NYT)

Anxious GOP Focuses on Not Losing Senate

November 3, 1969 - (It didn't work for Nixon and it won't work for Bush.)

Women's rights, gay rights ahead in polls in 3 states

Is it a gay White House?

Malloy is on the air

US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud

Dean on The News Hour - Fantastic!

We can lose TN and still have a Senate Majority.

Boy, am I relieved

Video and transcript of Dean's Free Speech segment on CBS

AP already panning a Democratic congress for not "working with" Bush

War should always be a last resort, and wars based on lies are doomed!

A Wind Is Rising

Life through the eyes of a bushiite

Today's GOP email "Get-out-the-Vote from Home"

Poll: did the *istas know about the Haggard story when they beat the Kerry gong?

Samm Simpson, the Democratic candidate in FL-10 received a

Mike Jones (Haggard accuser) on Scarborough MSNBC

GOP attacks Tester with gay-baiting "Brokebank Democrats" ad

Is Bill Maher On Tonight??? I Watch Him Most Of The Time, But I

Pickles was in Pleasanton, CA this morning...

corrupt GOP NV Guv candidate: Perfect resume, imperfect skills

POLL: Undecided "persuadable" voters breaking our way BIG TIME (51 / 35)

Question now is how big will House Democratic majority be

WP political blog: Make That Speaker Pelosi!

Weekly Standard final predictions (Kristol: D's win House/Senate)

SSSHHHH Keith is On.....

Big News the Republican Head of Veterans For Progress has endorsed Duckworth

Santorum tries to capitalize on RW smear of Kerry

Why are the Republicans putting instructions to build a nulear bomb on the web?

ABC Breaking: Cheney on Iraq: Full Speed Ahead...

"Neo Culpa: As Iraq slips further into chaos," necons turn on the Bush admin

Howard Dean did terrific in his interview tonight on the

I'm furious! The F-ing Media is finally covering the E-Voting disaster, on the 11th hour!!!

Kerry's joke is a fart in a hurricane. Lets focus on the POSITIVE!

I'm going to post my seat-by-seat election predictions

Democracy At Risk up now with Lou Dobbs on CNN !

The military just asked us to vote democratic

"Republicans Have Betrayed the Military"

Is there Meth in Ted Haggard's Heaven?

If Khatami Can Be Charged with Torture, Why Not Bush? (Paul Craig Roberts)

The neocon excuse for not serving (WaPo editorial)

Time for Rumsfeld to go (The Army Times Editorial)

Anger Joins Grief for Family Feeling Misled by Military

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Churches Sharply Divided on Iraq War

The Appliance of Science

Nicaraguans Will Decide

Reality's Revenge Dan Froomkin/WaPo

The Next Ballot for Mr. Chávez --WaPo Editorial

On the Religious Right, an Alliance Torn Asunder (He Said, He Said)

Confessions of an angry Republican

A wartime love story. Rummy and cheney

In the past two days, Rice has appeared on four radio shows,

They are nostalgic for their lost dreams-not the loss of US troops.

Thousands Gather In Trafalgar Square For Our Planet

Intelligent life on earth? Music by Eric Idle

The next added 100 million Americans

Beit Hanoun under Siege: Palestine Refugees Severely Affected

For the 4th Consecutive Day: IOF Perpetrate State-sponsored Terrorism in Beit Hanoun

Conspiracism as a Flawed Worldview: An Essay

Something really wrong with Flight 93 plume photo

Synopsis of the "Recount Day" section of the Miami County (Ohio) report

Please come K&R this video on unsecured voting machines in FLA!

Use of electronic voting machines suspended (in Guam)

NYT: In the Voting Booth, Bias Starts at the Top

Brad Co-Hosting Bree Walker Show Today on KTLK, Air America Los Angeles, 2p-4p PT

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Nov. 4, 2006

The result of my trip to the Los Angeles County Registrar with daughter

Diebold ATM machines have started asking if you want a receipt

Cuyahoga Co, OH Problems Scanning Absentee Ballots

The real story of impending election fraud in Memphis, TN -- read and weep

7 U.S. Troops Die in Iraq; U.S. Intelligence Chief Visits

BBC: US launches online border patrols

U.S.-backed Iraqi troops raid Sadr City cell

The military just asked us to vote democratic

BBC: China to double its aid to Africa

Nelnet at top of list in gifts to GOP (National Republican Congressional Committee)

Judge Excludes Memory Expert From Libby Trial --WaPo

Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear

Voters Won't See Report on Foley Scandal AP/WaPo

Bush visit draws praise, protesters ("Impeach" sign at Iowa rally)

U.S. Seeks to Silence Terror Suspect

Dean digs at Bush, praises Ohio efforts at Toledo stop

Bomb kills five Iraqi presidential guards

Hundreds of hardline Muslims rally against Bush’s planned visit to Indonesia

U.S. seeks to silence terror suspect

[Pittsburgh, PA] Pastor takes his life in wake of TV probe

ABC BREAKING NEWS: RNC Accepts Money From Army Porn Movie Distributor

DW: Israel Calls on Germany to Keep Nukes Out of Iranian Hands

NYT: U.S. Analysts Had Flagged Atomic Data on Web Site

New Grand Island showplace ready for Bush arrival

Paul Newman weighs in for Lamont

4 Iraqi provinces under 12-hour curfew

DW - Steinmeier: Europe Needs to Take a Closer Look at Central Asia

Calls for time limit on Iran sanctions

Lois Murphy Delivers Democratic Radio Address

Republicans Resigned to Idea of Big Losses- NY Times

Iraqi police kill 53 al-Qaeda militants

BREAK WITH TRADITION: Food aid changes diets (Indian commodities)

VFW snubs Duckworth, backs Roskam (Shameful)

Top court to hear major abortion test cases

Exit poll analysts going to great lengths to get it right

Evangelical Rev. Quits Amid Drugs, Gay Sex Scandal (Sex Confirmed!)

AP: Schwarzenegger Has Raised $113 Million

DW: Merkel Calls for EU Climate Change Strategy

AWOL Soldiers Reconsider Return to U.S.

Bush cites economic progress under GOP

NTSB: Wind Caused Lidle Plane Crash

Rice Bucks Tradition With Pre-Election Appearances --WaPo

Once-Secure Republicans Spend Thousands to Defend Seats

Ohio Democrats sue to add election-day observers

Newsweek Poll: Bush approval at 35%

Cheney Vows 'Full Speed Ahead' on Iraq War --WaPo

U.S. Wants Filmmaker's Suit Dismissed

(Ne) 3rd District crossfire intensifies in the home stretch (Kleeb turning red to blue)

VA Police Removed Blogger From Sen. Allen Rally (Stark)

DW: North Korea calls Japan "imbeciles"

Jobless Rate Is Lowest Since '01 --WaPo

Army general issues appeal to keep military ranks filled (AJC)

U.S. Seeks Silence on CIA Prisons (alternative techniques)

Reid: Military Papers Are Right; Bush Must Face the Truth and Rumsfeld Must Go

American sailor murdered in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Board finds Haggard guilty 'of sexually immoral conduct'; pastor resigns

LA Times: Perle says he should not have backed Iraq war

1999 war games foresaw problems in Iraq

(Cruella) Harris' Prayer Call Stirs Concerns (prays that Jews be brought "into alignment")

Pastor at Haggard's church: 'We stand with him'

Obama on Rezko Land Deal: It Was a Mistake

omfg, borat was amazing

OMG the WORST THING EVER happened today at work!

Some interesting things about Haggard

Should i have coffee?

BORAT is the Blazing Saddles of the new millennium! (minor spoilers)

Some interesting things about Hagrid


Post Your Theme Song for Election 2006

Eight Is Enough

Happy Birthday, Lulu

My toes are cold...

View the Motley Crew

Cool anti * t-shirt at

Always mind, not sorry. Repeat.

I just watched Gregory's Pecker.

The Hitching Post.

Help! have questions about air force shirt

Nevermind, sorry. Delete.

OMG the WORST THING EVER happened just now!

latest sign of the end-times: Billy Idol releases Xmas CD ID that spammer.

Post your Theme Song

See what our gas money went to build...

Mr. & Mrs. McDonald's...

If Billie Joel is such a dirty old man, how come I can't get his songs out of my head?

Pssst, what does "K&R" stand for?

Happy Guy Fawkes Night / Bonfire night!

Beautiful: baptisms of more children into the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Man, this place is slow on Saturdays.

Spitting coke out my nose during the Borat movie--at least a dozen times (Spoiler)

I just saw the video yesterday. Help!

I'll never forget my old dad..... the things he said to me...

Anyone remember how the Patriots 21 game winning streak ended the Sunday before the 04 election ?

I just watched Gregory Peck's

Nude couple's feud ends at Waffle House

Favorite Barney Miller Scene?

a buffalo, an island, a flower, some idiots, and a butterfly

Whose death had a greater impact on you?

So what do inbred parents do for halloween?

Naked man arrested for concealed weapon

Why do girls think making past sexual experience sound bad

Anybody else going to a college football game today?

Came out of the bathroom stall last night to find a female (straight)

I'm ready to barge into GD and give some of those folks a giant

Terroristic Tastykakes!

Ali G, Borat or Bruno?

How to prank a telemarketer

I've just turned my heater on for the first time this year.

My son got the coolest present last night

I'm going to try to be really perfidious & immature. Ask me anything!

Death predictor

Cell Phones, don't take messages from M-Qube

Another round of lyrics...

How do you check to see how many

Hong Kong Phooey.

Saturday afternoon local movie....MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!

Saturday, November 4. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

What I'm having for breakfast -

So you're in the supermarket on a Friday night, right?

I feel like there's something I'm suppose to be doing, but,

Do you have a fireplace? What kind?

There is a giant spider in my shower.

Apartment owners with parrots as pets:

Radio Lady Invites You to View Photos of Beautiful Ft. Myers, Florida!

Scathing youtube video from George Michael - "Freedom"

The end of false religion is near!!


As much as I love going to the bar with my Brother in law...

I'm making homemade baked beans

Strangest Spam I've recieved....Wow!

Holy crap is "The Fury" a cool movie

Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes Day - anyone celebrating?

For all the parents out there trying to raise children: this is hilarious!

Another BlogThing poll: Which president are you most like?

Okay that's it. I'm doing it TODAY.

OMG! I just got a call from Bill Clinton!

Holiday catalogs


So, I guess, sometimes, there is something to my name...

Need help pls. Computer problems here, so I called someone

All your votes are belong to us!

The Bitching Post

My voodoo doll arrived!!!

Free Sex!

Happy birthday TimeChaser!!

Tell me something good.

Phew. I need a cigarette now. I did it.

Is it too much to ask for warm, yet stylish, winter boots?

It is cheaper to fly out of Austin than Corpus Christi

What is your favorite thing about your state/province?

Update on my daughters (addiction) problem

If X happened, I would be happy for the rest of my life...

I have a guitly pleasure : Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team on CMT.

Important things I've learned from CSI

Chicken Pot Pie for Breakfast!

Let's talk vacuums. Mine just died. I want a Dyson. Any opinions/suggestions

I think I just came up with the best new recipe

A follow-up to Billy's gallery - photographs from where I live.

Homemade cat food recipes - got them? Please share.

Am I a lily livered coward because I tiptoe around over in GD?

Will someone, just 1 person, post the Brazilian joke here?

Word Association

Question about Photobucket: Resizing.

Who here is haggard of Haggard?

My first ever painted self-portrait...

One of my favorite bumper stickers so far:

We are heading out to see running with Sissors....

Would this be a good time for Richard Simmons to come out?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/04/06)

I just met and talked politics with Ted Allen of Queer Eye

Favorite 'Taxi' scene?

Something I discovered today (for DU women)

Borat is worth seeing because he totally p0wns Bob Barr in it

I'm starting to really like Christopher Nolan. Just saw "The Prestige"

Finally finished working Early Voting, I am so damn tired.

So, who likes the savory, juicy, mouth-watering taste of........FISH TACOS!!!

Mr. Body Massage Machine

DU men, come clean.

Black olives

I just got back from seeing RATDOG in Albany

PICTURES from where I live!

Have you ever been to the Dead People Server? It's a real treat...

Do you think you're pregnant? Take the test!

Anyone know about "online discount coupons" for buying a Dell laptop?

I'm going to try to be really earnest & mature. Ask me anything.

Radio Lady Invites You to View Photos of Extraordinary Orlando, Florida!

P!nk Appreciation Thread!!!

Guitar question...

Hi all

I just opened a 2003 Beaujolais Nouveau

What is Karma ?

Pope appoints Brazilian cardinal, friendly to Liberation Theology, to top Vatican post

Priest burns himself to death over Islam

What if we are all one big "Truman Show"?

What is the epistemological nature of language?

Any bets as to how long until Fred Phelps goes after Ted Haggard?

Episcopalians Install Katharine Jefferts Schori First Female Presiding Bishop

I don't evangelize, but someone insisted that I try to evangelize them. Your thoughts?

The latest round of extrications

Open Letter To Ted Haggard

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for November 5: A Tal order this week

Irrelevant Sports Minutia

Dannion Brinkley on the afterlife....

Vedic astrology predictions for the election!!! I hope this one is right!

American Legion accepts Kerry's apology

New GOTV thread at the JK blog!

Anyone with 'personality'pictures to post of JK...

I believe

It's Dick Cheney who hates the troops!

Looky what I just found

The BS continues ...

PLEASE...see this thread about military deaths.

Gasp : Joan Vennoachi gets it

A quote from Mother Teresa that rather sums it all up

Did anyone watch Maher tonight?

Taking Bush's Botched Comments Literally To Prove His Plans to Harm America

Maher's 'New Rules' from 11/3:

"Make The Pie Higher"

O/T - Military Times Media Group: Time for Rumsfeld To Go

Just want to post how disgusted I was with Alec Balwin for his remarks

Sunny Saturday in Cannes 11/4/06

I have a question about scanning pix-

Take a picture Saturday and post it here.

Nov. 8 Special--Beverages for Everyone.

Republican men who physically attack women

National Review Cover for November

Now I lay me down to sleep....

Neo Culpa - Perle Concedes Iraq Disaster...

Good News! Neil Patrick Harris is _ _ _!

Final Jeopardy clue: capital of Jamaica or a real asshole from Georgia

Am I the only one who feels incredible positive momentum right now?

Leonard Cohen on 'Democracy'

Haggard Haggard Haggard bull

Pre-Election race-by-race special Predictions MEGATHREAD - Get your Nostradamus on!

TIVO-ers and Tapers...Real Time repeats at 1:00 am on HBO-P

How political has Ted Haggard been?

Alec Baldwin coming up with Craig Ferguson, who just did

What is Karma ?

Flap in Illinois Over GOP Threat

Help me out here people - gays, straights, sex, oh my! (Gays are my Heroes)

Veterans' benefits since 2000?

Republicans are ruining it for gay people everywhere.

Bill Maher's closing statment, now Keith Olberman! Best night of tv ever!

They are desperate here in New Mexico. Now bringing out the baby killer ads

Calling All DU'ers: A Proposal Of Which I Ask For Your Committal.

What does the LIFE tape over the mouth mean?

Bill Clinton at New Mexico Rally: We are not the party of cut and run.....

It was a very bad idea to go to war against an ideology.

Privilege in America on 20/20 - Anyone watching?

How is Haggert affecting races in Colorado?

Six Arab States Rush To Go Nuclear

Bush: Dems not unpatriotic, just wrong on Iraq (CNN/AP)

If the Democrats win, Bush will challenge their authority immediately...

WJ: Weldon Cancels Advertising

If you know anyone in Missouri or Virginia please call them..

"Brokeback Democrats" ad includes Tester's home phone #

Is John Kerry finished for a future presidential run?

TX repuke lies about papers' endorsements (Dem opponent endorsed)

Halliburton Story Part VII: By Hook, By Crook, or By Swindle - Dave Swindle & the Halliburton/KBR...

MSNBC Looking For A George Allen Supporter In Northern Virginia - Can't Find One now projecting 51 Dems, 49 Reps

OMG...George Michael does George Bush....George II

A thought about this upcoming Wednesday.....

Bush* will do his 'radio address' LIVE today. Pass the popcorn.

What bothers me is six years, and it is still an extremely close election

Since most Democrats are not hateful by nature

Why the latest Unemployment Rate numbers are BS and MEANINGLESS (w/pictures)

Driving Across America

I gotta admit, I'm finally starting to feel upbeat about the election

Humor break! (Or not...) Andy Borowitz: Electronic Voting Machine Slays Nine

RW spin: Haggard is really a liberal

I'm an atheist, but I am superstitious.

So Foley's off and into rehab until when?


2,829 U.S. troops dead in W's war of choice against the Iraqis

Open Letter to Senator Kerry

Reepers are "leveraging the internet" again, asking wing-Nut-izens to patrol border

"At least 105" servicemen killed in October


I don't want to see Saddam Hussein executed...

when the repukes cry election foul, I will love saying GET OVER IT

NYT Op/Ed: "Blinding The Taxpayers On Iraq" (NEW Congress Should Reinstate Iraq Investigator)

is there another pastor Haggard who appears on television in one of those

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 4 Nov 06 VOTE!

needing a lift tonight, I just clicked on whatever CD was in my changer . . .

Conservative paper on Kerry: Apology too late. (Uses GOP Lies)

Parishioners are always shocked to find their preachers to be human.

The rich are getting much richer, much faster than everyone else

A Democrat as I like them - Ned Lamont.

Have the neoconazis lost any of their power? Are they on the way out or not?

"I never swallowed" - will the 'Clinton' defense work for Haggard

For all of you who are GettingOTV for our country in the next 4 days

Self delete (Dup)

From here on out, my time on DU will be scarce and so should yours

"'Historic year' for blacks in US races"--BBC

Your own personal GOTV effort

Man sets himself on fire near sculpture titled "Flame of the Millennium"

Get out the vote??

Does someone have the clip of Andrew Sullivan and

Contrary to rumor, Keith Olbermann is NOT moving to CNBC December 4

How to buld a nuclear bomb..on the Arabic

The US is training Iraqi police at the John Stennis Space Center

Rice cozies up to right-wing radio in advance of Tuesday elections

Diebold starting to tout the stupid excuse.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON SAT. 11/4 (two for one special for DUers)

VIDEO: Cameras Show Army Recruiters Misleading Students - "War ended a long time ago"

Can we make it illegal for Terry Macauliffe to go on TV?

Vote Republican

Will The Media Change Its Tone When Democrats Come To Power?

Dems win Congress...wanna bet * suddenly starts vetoing everything?

Poor debaters triumph over rich kids

Frist Having House In Nashville Look Like White House - Looking Presidential at Home in Nashville

AP: 4 Iraqi Provinces Under 24-Hour Curfew

Exit stage right..........

The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

"Sticking My Chest Out for America"

How does * keep from getting snot on his glasses? What a

A song to sing while standing in line on November 7 (Vid) Clinton Got a Blow Job

Imagine the unthinkable: what if Saddam is acquitted?

Note to all politicians

Cheney: "Full Speed Ahead In Iraq" No Matter What Americans Say, Because, "We Think It's Right"

Haggard Praised SCOTUS Decision on TX Law

Chimpy McJerk doing the live speech thing in a few minutes

Serious question here..Is it as easy to hack a Diebold ATM as it is a Diebold

Is the MSM off the hook now ?

Haggard's pastors must be infighting to be the one to take over the

2 lawmakers i'd love to see swept out of the house--sadly they won't be this time.

Dreier has also maintained a squeaky clean profile amid the ethics scandals...

New Santorum commerical=disgusting!

We're losing America - and the freeps are total idiots

How did Haggart get hooked up with Mike (the Hustler)

How does posting ways to build nuclear bombs on the internet protect us?

Is anyone still boycotting ABC and its subsidiaries because of the 9-11 movie?

I just voted and was using the MicroVote machine and

Iraq Freedom on the march, Baghdad locked down. Airport closed,

Aloha all...

'I didn't have sex, and threw away the drugs'....yet he resigned?

The tipping point to a landslide?

Ablast from the past, slight tweek....

Contractors rarely penalized for misdeeds

This is just plain SAD.....

Influential Christian evangelist and Bush confidant: I threw the meth away

Slate review of The Colbert Retort...

North Korea says Japan not welcome at nuclear talks

Did Augusto Pinochet employ Nazis as henchmen?

This election isn't close

"...campaign is the worst I've ever seen..."

(In one day) "Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear" Is it because of the nuke plans leak?

BJ over oil for DIck?

Americans have to be completely fed up with being talked down to and berated by Bush

MSNBC: New Newsweek polling. Not at all good for GOP.

If you don't desire me, I will leave you - your democracy

I've never seen Bush all giddy over campaigning in minority districts

Six Arab countries look to nuclear power: report

notsodumbhillbilly, enjoy your new star!

Americans are awfully good sports aren't they?

English translation of prize winning novel in French delayed; pubs fear offending US readers

Patriot briefs

NRCC Chief Tom Reynolds (R-Foleyenabler) Gets Steamed over Iraq

NY Times' Friedman: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld think you're stupid

Have we come full circle with the Iraq War?

The Next 24 Hours Will Be Critical....Iraq Verdict

50 state strategy at work: Pombo race is the fight of his career

VFW group passes over Iraq veteran to endorse Republican candidate

Check out the good news here, Dems winning a bunch - EVERYTHING

GOP Congress gives military brass whopping pay raise

fiscal record of Bush Admin. worst in history due to massive capital outflow & debt

Giuliani does Dreier Advert on Scarborough

Top reason Bush still has a 35% approval rating?

YUCK!!!!! Bush's helicopter just flew over my house.

It's about "FREEDOM".....ours! Cooley Hurd's must see video post!

Clever & funny quote from B Clintons speech yesterday.

Psssst... speaking of irony, a French company feeds our troops

Notice anything interesting on this MSNBC graphic?????

Can anyone tell me how to post an MP-3 here? It is Samm

Get your kids some twinkys


Anyone know anything about the town of Vidor, Texas?

JUAN COLE does it again.

Guess who's going to be a guest on Hannity's pre election show Monday?

Peter Rost: Election Creates Panic Among Drug Makers

Lieberman Touts Endorsement from Anti-Gay Religious Leaders

Let's not forget ...

Time Mag Report Keeps Army From Sending Convicted Abu Ghraib Abuser Back To Iraq

JOHN STEWART: Repugs must exhume Kerry's corpse & reanimate it, so they can kill him again

51-49 Senate. And then....

"Capitol Steps" was here in New Haven. My brief review.

Meanwhile, back to the possible war with article

* during his radio address at a coffee shop - lots of pics

KO showed a clip last night of a reporter interviewing Haggard.

Freeper meltdown. Any others?

US Christian right may bolt Republicans -- or just not vote

Kerry Gaffe had NO effect on Polls!!!!

A possible side effect of negative campaiging

Hugh Hewitt has finally lost his mind


Iraq is entering lock down ahead of Saddam verdict

Do we have a "mercenary military"?

It's down to Virginia and Missouri...if we win there, we win the senate!

"Mayberry Machiavellis" and Bush Bunglers

Pat Roberts Once Again Proves He Is A Traitor.......

Army Times to call on Rummy to Go!

did anyone see bush get heckled today?

Question about watching videos in the new Video Forum

Media Bistro: Zain Verjee Named CNN's State Department Correspondent

Are There InBreeds Living In CT....

some of us dont have HBO

Please explain to me why I'm supposed to care about 'Ted Haggardy'.

GOP raises Enlisted Pay $33 month, Pay of Generals Goes Up $1100/month !!

Website censorship from military installations?

GOPU=Titanic Heading Toward An Iceberg

LETTER TO DEM: Iraq & business first foreign policy

Caption this Photo of Chimp at Radio Address.

I sent a snarky e-mail to and suggest you do too:

Reid,Levin,Biden, and Rockefeller send letter to Negroponte

Thnx People...

Look at his eyes!

Unbelievable responses to Haggard - but it does not piss me off today.

What time of day (our time) will the Saddam verdict be released?

Sen McConnell R KY defining the nation's problems

We don't have any GOP candidates locally...

Made the mistake of turning on MSNBC

Is it just me, or does Rita Cosby sound even worse?

Ideas on fixing the election system - by Katrina vanden Heuvel

Anyone up for this challenge?

Awesome New Republican Talking Point: "You ain’t nothing but a bitch, brother, my n*gger"

BRAINSTORM PARTY: Respond to the latest GOP talking point.

Just checking in.

Can you list ALL the incidents of Bush Administration Nepotism?

Anybody else wonder why we haven't attacked back on the continual harping

NYT: G.O.P. Glum as It Struggles to Hold Congress


Taking Bush's Botched Comments Literally To Prove His Plans to Harm America

Good fugging grief

I just voted in Florida, checked all the names on the machine, then went to confirm:

Today's rnc teleconference talking points:

As I predicted. NeoCons are bailing!!

Allen supporters holding last-minute GOTV rally:

We can enact our legislative agenda by doing... nothing.

Can't Spin This.

Why vote fraud may not hurt Dems

"Tricksy" Ted...

Wake Up.....This Voting Bullshit Ended in 2000 !

Where will you get your election night results?

Betty Bowers' Words of Christian Concern for Ted Haggard's Delicious Disgrace

U.S. puppet leader in Iraq calls for calm, then fans the flames

I'm not praying for a Democratic victory

Freeper logic: Current troubles due to failure to jail/execute the media

OK I am seeing Dem political signs in yards I never seen political signs in before

Brad Co-Hosting Bree Walker Show Today on KTLK, Air America Los Angeles, 2p-4p PT

So how many Repugs are closeted gay males so far? (I'm losing count)

Freepervillain actually wants another terrorist attack: BCMI

Cheney to the American People: "Lalalalalalalala.....I can't hear you!"

bush speaks: "the only way we can win is to leave before the job is done"

Diebold has QUITE a racket going w/E-Voting...

Just back from canvassing...

A Golden Shower

Watch this, absolutely damning Bush Admin on lack of plan in Iraq

Army Recruiters Caught On Camera Lying To Students- "We're not at war. War ended a long time ago"

"No matter what, our president and his Republicans have promised not to change a thing"

So if Saddam Hussein gets convicted Sunday, what difference will it make on Tuesday?

A Rush Limbaugh site you don't want to miss....

Let's all make a 'deal' here at DU:

Is it very quiet for a Saturday before an election?

John Elliot tried to talk with the registrar

Rummy's Plan to Disenfranchise the US Military's Votes:

Watching MSNBC biography on John McCain

Neo Culpa - Vanity Fair article WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

My concern about Obama

Ladies if you're not sure, better get your abortions early.

New Video sharing web site

Michigan DUers: Vote for Granholm or you'll have to sell Amway.

New York Times headline Wed. Nov. 8 2006

Do you think the rumor is true that the Republicans don't have enough guys to do their GOTV efforts?

Santorum: "I have never felt as good about our campaign" BWAAAHAHAH

Wash Times 11/03 - "U.S. speeds attack plans for North Korea"

F'ing Doogie Howsers GAY! Oh the Humanity....

The worst thing that ever happened to America (9/11)

Resign, Rumbo? by Cindy Sheehan

Breaking on CNN: Haggard Forced to Leave Church

How Do I Know the News Networks Support the GOP?

Project Day After.. Send your "former" congress-senate people

Haggard's "Jerusalem Diet" - Meth, hookers and drink plenty of water....

Has Rove's 72 hr blitz started yet?

Osama Bin Laden Comes to Kucinich's District Riding an Elephant

Santorum down 10 points on MSNBC talking a mile a minute like he is smoking crack

NYT: 50 house seats "in play" - nearly all republican

Has anybody seen any evidence of the Republican's 72-hour strategy?

"And you let him in."

Protester removed from Bush speech (Greeley, CO)

What happens to a Representative Democracy when it is no longer Representative?

Cut the pre-emptive whining and do something - DAMN IT!

Gotta tell you about this local court election

I was chased by a family of repubs today while out canvassing

Wow... The White House guy on Washington Journal just said ER visits for marijauna are way up!

Yeeccchh! Just got a robo call from Pat Boone.

What are YOU doing to protect the vote? We CAN make a big difference!

Haggard "removed from church"

Iraq, my friends, is the media's fault...

International poll: Do you think Saddam Hussein's trial was fair?

Frist really does not seem to understand that no one wants him to be president

November 8th is merely the beginning. It's not the finish line.

"I have gay friends but I'm still against gay rights/gay marrage"-WTF

Corruption and Hypocrisy OVERLOAD

What happens if Saddam is found "NOT Guilty?" How will it affect the US

Robert Novak on Fox News RIGHT NOW: 'We're fucked'

HERE>> is why * still is at 38% Help ME REPLY ..follow the link

The Great Divider - NY Times Editorial

Did you hear what the Illinois VFW did to Tammy Duckworth?

caption this * pic...

I read this on an Anti-Bush website that went black in December 2000

KEY 10 minutes from HBO: Hacking Democracy

Haggard FIRED by His Church

Who the hell did Rita Crosby sleep with to get a job?

Okay, when is Keith going to host all day on MSNBC?

Is KATHERINE HARRIS now praying that Jews be converted?

Why Are You Protesting Millie? “My absolute hatred for George W. Bush,”

Poll: Presidential Election 2008

CNN: Army Times to call for Rumsfeld's removal.

CBS Alert Church forces Paster Haggard to resign

Michael J. Fox to appear at event for Arizona Democrats - J.D. Hayworth district

caption this Cheney picture

Comments on this Bumper Sticker - not for sale yet, **REVISION**

I'd rather be uncertain than certain

I think they are SCARED of US - Despite all the corruption they still might LOSE!

2008 Presidential Straw Poll

The Democrats will get the overwhelming majority of votes on Tuesday.

Rank Senate pick up's for Dems as most likely to least likely

Neocon Michael Ledeen: Laura, Condi, Miers, Hughes, most powerful people in WH

I believe that we are slated for victory. But I have some concerns.

Was Bush for "Stay the Course" before he was against it?

I am sick of the naysayers

Nov 7, 2006- Ground Hog Day

What do freepers have to say about Bush's Anarchy Cookbook for terrorists?

Haggard gave sex/meth interview in front of his kids

Is it Constitutional for the VP to be in charge of classifying/declassifying documents?

Visioning success - Tuesday and beyond....

So what is the MSM hiding from voters this time around??

HEADLINE: White House plays down Haggard ties (of course)

REAL TIME POLL about the Voting Machines : HBO

Why would anybody here want to see GWB impeached?

Does Bu$h Have Any Sense Of Irony? What A Moron!

Clint Eastwood is now calling voters to support Bruce McPherson!

Being A Pastor's Wife Can Really, Really Suck Sometimes!!!

Newsweek: Looking for a Lifeboat

ABC News: Military Recruiters Told Students Iraq War “Ended A Long Time Ago”...

NYT Poll With Map - Majority Of Americans Want Dems To Win Congress…


SHAME SHAME SHAME on the VFW. Endorses (R) over Duckworth.

Needing no more GOTV calls, I'm taking the phone off the hook

Media Matters' "Top Election Falsehoods, Myths, & Talking Points"

Water-boarding! It Is Just So Much Fun. And Ten Minutes Later ...

Did Peyton Manning Endorse Corker?

Is this a bad sign?

More bad news about NYS Comptroller

Can anyone recommend a new credit card company?

Thank you, Michael J. Fox

REPUB 72 hour strategy EXPOSED!!

Candi CROWley says Democrats are " Broken"

* signals for the media to leave following a live weekly radio address- pic

What is your favorite GOP slip up?

Clinics to seek prosecutor to investigate Kline, Fox host

Employment Rate Question

I really admire Michael J. Fox

Who seemed like the worst people of the American baby boomer generation when they were under 30 ?

in every region women want the troops to come home

I turned 51 today

America...Pick the "boring, geeky" guy

MORE GREAT NEWS!!! Rethugs keep falling...

Find your polling place.

Cameras Show Army Recruiters Misleading Students

58 percent of white evangelical Protestants say Bush made the right decision invading Iraq

Cheney: "We may need his vote when vacancies arise on the federal courts --Treat him gently."

Is anyone here personally worried about the effect of the Saddam verdict?

The people behind Bush are going to sacrifice him and try to escape

There Can Be NO DOUBT NOW: Bush, his Administration and the REPUBLICAN Congress are TRAITORS!

Andrew Sullivan - what a voice, what a guy!

Haggard boasted close White House ties

Mixing "Faith" and Government as prescribed by Chimpy: re Homeland Security... WTF!?

A lot of DU'er's seem to have missed this, & I think it's IMPT.:

Bush gives Laura jewelry for 60th birthday

What I consider an excellent wrap-up campaign ad

Out a CIA agent tracking loose nuclear material, then post on the web how to make A bomb

Will Hussein Verdict Effect Elections Here?

NOWHERE Does CNN, MSNBC or FOX Have Links To Story On Arabic Bomb Primer

It all comes down to Virginia, Missouri, and Tennessee for Senate, predictions?

Mrs Betty Bowers on Ted Haggard's delicious disgrace

Have you seen the ads for the Alcohol-Marijuana Equalization Initiative Committee? - pics

It's about TIME:

Bush Regime Asks Judge To Gag Gitmo Detainees To Prevent Disclosures On CIA Torture Prisons

Bush: "I understand what I am talking about."

March 06 WEEKLY STANDARD BUSH-PENCE-HOEKSTRA To Blame For Leak Of Nuke Secrets

Local Paper Slanders Kerry, sign my petition!

Would Bush call The Greatest Generation "cut and runners"

Early voters! Use DU's "I Voted" avatar and let the world know!

Rasmussen's Latest Senate Scoreboard: Other Sources?

Mike Stark : It happened AGAIN!!

More on Sweeney (NY-20) from TPM

FREEPERS are miffed at my toon ..irritated a couple two three nerves

When did you first realize Bush was Bad?

OAXACA NEWS THREAD: Saturday Nov 4, 2006 Issue #1


Missouri will put us over the top in the Senate

GOP Crist of FL linked to Las Vegas Gay Orgies involving Ted Haggard

Ted Haggard's accuser came forward because

Ok DUers: Forget the case of beer, or dinner out tonite! Send $10, $25, or whatever you can to Webb

BREAKING CNN: Haggard forced to leave his church

Democracy is dead!!! Unsecured voting machines in Florida-video

I didn't join DU as a "Democrat."

"Devastating" Security Breach at Los Alamos -- Access Codes to Activate Stolen A-Bombs

Just bought the champagne for Tuesday night.

Burn Baby Burn

This is and all call to veterans and supporters of Veterans

How many courts operate at all, much less issue verdicts, on Sundays?

NY Times runs photo of U.S. soldier shot by sniper on frontpage, above the fold

Military veteran wants return to citizen army.

This Speaks Volumes !!! - Bush heads to Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas


Operation Pulpit Watch -- A call to action for DU'ers.

Bush* Administration Seeks Silence on Secret CIA Prisons.

Former Bush admin members new company bids for 10 year $50 bln Iraq/Afghan contract

Newsweek Poll: 'It's Official, No One Gives a Shit About Kerry', Dems INCREASE lead, 54%-38%

Channelling TIA:How the GOP can keep the House: STEAL 31 SEATS with uncounted & switched votes

Confession Time. I used to be a Freeper (and pretty well known there)

I saw Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi today!


Political signs in church yard?

PIC: Chimpy ignites frenzied passion on the campaign trail!

If Waterboarding isn't torture...

So I'm dating a fundie

Lynne V. Cheney: Cynical Shield Maiden (Or, Is That Battle Axe?) of the Culture Wars

A Job Prospect Lures, Then Frustrates, Thousands

I've Never Been So Proud to Be Gay

A transcript of Bill Maher's "New Rules For Democrats"

Andy's partner gives "Hacking Democracy" a thumbs down--way down


Sealed indictments have KKKarl's tongue? RNC's SOS: Every fascist for himself

Gunpowder, treason, and plot: How BushCo. tried - and failed - to subvert Democracy itself

Bargaining Digest Weekly Nov 4, 2006

Hijacking Catastrophe (part 4)...

Neil Young Living With War Showbiz Tonight Interview 4-18-06

MT Senate: Conrad Burns received $2,000 from attorney a day before recommending him for judgeship

Lets Impeach the President

Montana Senate: Disgraceful ad against Jon Tester "Brokebank Democrats"

Know Your Rights!

ROBERT SCHEER - Bush's Faustian Deal With Taliban...

This is not an edited loop! Bush really is this dumb.

Amy Goodman takes on Muslim bashing on Hardball...

U2 where the streets have no name live

Coleen Rowley Blows The Whistle On John Kline

CO-04 DCCC: Marilyn Musgrave: one of the 13 most corrupt members of congress

Keith Olberman on the politics of fear and the death of Habeas Corpus. (10/18, 9 min)

GoTV's Hack The Vote Part 2

(Satire) Andy Dick - speechwriter of Bush:

Charles Taylor P-nut Butter Charley time

GoTV's Hack The Vote Part 4

John Stewart Lampoons Curt Weldon Spin...

(Satire) Jon Stewart - Bush vs. Bush.

Conrad Burns has a secret plan to end the war in Viet... IRAQ

KKK backs Ward Connerly and Michigan "Civil Rights Initiative"

Fox News: Terrorists are "openly encouraging Americans to vote for Democrats"

Michael Ruppert: 9/11, Peak Oil, and the Fascist State...

Interview with the Wyoming communications director for the DNC's strategy.

When the President talks to God

The Times They Are a Changing

GoTV's Hack the Vote Part 1

Rick Santorum boasts about committing an act of accidental treason

Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind

Two Guys and George Bush Talk to Voters

Blowin' in the Wind - Peter, Paul & Mary

Bruce Springsteen & Seeger Sessions Band "Bring 'Em Home"

Rob Corddry is Dino Ironbody

Howard Dean discusses importance of the blogosphere.

We Can't Make It Here Anymore

CNN/Jack Cafferty: Why would congress shut down the office that reports on fraud and waste in Iraq?


Part I - UNSECURED VOTING MACHINES played with in Florida

Part II - UNSECURED VOTING MACHINES played with in Florida

Olbermann/Countdown: Military Times Calls for Rumsfeld Ouster

Quick video: Jimmy Carter on Joe Lieberman:


Olbermann covers Nuke Documents story

Chavez gets bush

Are spiritual values Blowin' In The Wind? A FUNDIE FIXER, I hope!

Two Guys & the President Visit Gerlach Campaign HQ

Bush: "The only way we can win is if we leave before the job is done."

KEY 10 minutes from HBO: Hacking Democracy

What Americans Will Do When The Democrats WIN on Nov. 7th.


Scott Kleeb - Thank You

George Michael's "Freedom" on GWB (THIS IS MUST SEE!)

Before we all start celebrating (which I KNOW we won't)...

Just want to post how disgusted I was with Alec Balwin for his remarks

What is Rick Santorum going to do?

Election Day websites

Osama Bin Laden Comes to Kucinich's District Riding an Elephant

November surprises to watch for this weekend:


New GOP Ad - Vote Like Your Life Depends On It...(TV)

Are we missing an opportunity?

VoteVets group pours big money into Tennessee race - FORD Benificiary!

Republican massages

Ha! Two Guys Take Bush to Gerlach’s Office—Watch It

Wes Clark in Upstate NY Sunday for Gillibrand and Massa

War Criminals, Beware (what will happen on Nov. 14)

Dean: We want to talk respectfully to people who disagree with us.

HBO now showing Diebold expose "Hacking Democracy"

Dean Deserves a LOT of credit-Where's it at?

More New Hampshire Dirty Tricks Via Telephone

Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but e-voting vs polls....

Oh Boy, are you watching the coverage of the upcoming destruction of the GOP?

Despite round-the-clock coverage of Kerry smear, GOP losing ground

I think we might see a real twist on the 'election fraud' front this go-round

Made 200 phone calls for Jim Webb and Judy Feder today...

The American Legion does not support Democrats!

Democratic Party Poll: Capito (R) 47% Callaghan (D) 43% (WV-02)

Electoral Projected New Senate Dems 51 GOP 49!!


Will Wyka Win? NJ11, tales from the campaign trail.

The RW cheap shot bolstered support for Kerry and knocked out Rumsfeld


Have BushCo significantly increased port security spending?

Is the GOP counting on Saddam's sentencing to give them a

Vote this Rummy story up on Yahoo news

IMO, NBC dedicated to an informed electorate ... NOT!

Samm Simpson is running this radio ad on Christian radio

We could win the Senate and then immediately lose it

Despite unpopular war, Bush stumps hawkishly

MT SEN - It's Tied

What problems should I be watching/prepared for when I go to vote on Tuesday...?

Paul Newman weighs in for Lamont

PLEASE! May it be a LANDSLIDE!!!!!! both senate/house and everywhere else!!!

Obama in Nashville Sunday 11/5 for Ford GOTV rally

NINE different Two Guys political videos!

Bass, Hodes 1 point apart in 'Monitor' poll

This is why the GOP ran that ad against Ford it was definitely racial

Sniper Attacks Adding to Peril of U.S. Troops

Newsweek: "Looking for a Lifeboat"...GOP has lost more ground, Bush approval at 35%

Republican wives listen up!

Are there going to be exit polls on Tuesday, yes or no?

Haggard is found guilty "of sexually immoral conduct."

Mark Morford: Ted Haggard, The Root of All Evil ("car-salesmany bloated Christian shtick")

Poll - 2008

What's the flip-side of those new DeWine ads attacking Brown?

Seniors abandon GOP over Iraq

W.'s XMas List from Lame Duck Congress: Dems Get Ready to Fillibuster

Gainesville Sun: Crist escapes *the question* by ducking into SUV, leaving Jeb to address it.

Some say the repugs are ready to yell election fraud when they loose.

Birds of a feather

Editor Claims Kerry's Remark was "About Soldiers in Iraq"

Bush's radio address today

Bill Frist builds Nashville home that closely resembles the White House

Remember the dem's usally SURGE the last two days before election

Conservative CT Clergy Group Endorses Lieberman For Anti-Gay Marriage Views...

One Mother Lion in California

2006 Midterms: Win/Win for Dems! Lose/Lose for Pugs!

Jeb calls reporter "horses's ass" who asks about Charlie Crist's sexual orientation yesterday.

Talkingpoints Memo: "Bushspeak" You don't want to miss this from youtube!

Today's LMFAO Photo: "Bush signals for the media to leave..."

Is the cell phone vote going to be a big factor?

Why are Rupugnant's so worried about subpoenas?

League of Conservation Voters - please fund final GOTV effort.

Did Maryland Democrats kill VVPB in the Legislature?

Lamont reprises anti-war pitch in final stretch

Nashville neighbors are talking: Renovated Frist family home looks like the White House!

Papers Sold to Military: ‘Rumsfeld Must Go’

If stem cell research was passed and you were against it...

JD Hayworth- Baboon boy outed as wanker and hypocrite

White House: Haggard was "only an OCCASIONAL participant in conference calls"

Families of Fallen...Make Trip to Iraq

Washington Post endorses Democrat Ben Cardin for Senator from Maryland

Why is '1984' still not out on DVD? What's the holdup?

PSA for all lurking republics and freepers

Ahmad Chalabi Says, 'The Real Culprit is Wolfowitz'

Pat Robertson lies about Haggard

"Just a goddamned piece of paper"

Bush Radio: "...the Democrats are still determined to raise taxes..."

Poll in Wyo's statewide paper has Trauner ahead of Cubin

The PLAN for IRAAQ is to clear up Bush's mess there

Rant about NPR: For the last several days they have been reporting on

On the Frontlines Against Angry Joe & the Lieberthugz

Pelosi-- Statement on Iraq

Six Arab nations planning to go nuclear!

And the GOP Congress slowly slides into oblivion

Guest Lineup for Sunday TV News Shows

Can someone use the Bush WMD joke against Lieberman who was LAUGHING

COMPETITIVE SC race getting no attention...

Cong. Mica(R, Fl) getting flack over unconcern on homeland security issue

AP: Schwarzenegger Raises $113M for Campaign

So we went to do our advanced voting yesterday

Haggard: "If the evangelicals vote, they determine the election."

Women (most of them Democrats) Poised for Gains on Election Day

Falwell: The Elections are Not Over!

Young voters will have their say in this election

Lois Murphy Delivers Democratic Radio Address: GOP 'out-of-touch, out-of-sync'

Democrats take on GOP over Iraq strategy

NEW Newsweek POLL: Dems UP by 16 (54 / 38), Chimp at 35%

OnTuesday, I`m going to vote for everyone Bush rebuffed.

An Iraqi Program Works - bush kills it

Love all those headlines on MSNBC homepage this AM

The Crystal Ball on Iraq...

The Week in Political Cartoons


Fox News to show: Obsession: The Threat of Radical Islam 5x this weekend.

Vote Flipping - where are the pictures?

A loss is not the only worry: Post election chaos is a possibility too.

GOP: Grand Old Pornographers

Apocalypse Forever Meets the Free Press

Superb Kos comment by G2geek on the fire rummy editorials

My 16 yr old just asked who I was voting for in the Gov. race...

Jeff Gannon, Ted Haggard

"Shut Up and Sing" movie timing.

News article - July 2006 - On the release of Iraqi documents

Diane Benson pulls closer in Alaska House race...

Letterman Top Ten