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Archives: November 30, 2006

Coup d'Etat in Venezuela - Made in the USA

CBS's Harry Smith interview with Pres. Jimmy Carter

A Bust in Bakersville

Escorting president is risky business

'London's bridge is falling down'

USW Slams J.P. Morgan Analysis of Goodyear Strike Impact

MPs call for inquiry into government's role in CIA flights

Lead-Bismuth fast breeder reactor will generate the poison that killed Livenenko.

Biofuels: Turning petroleum addicts into alcoholics?(ethanol)

Justices’ First Brush With Global Warming

EPA Backtracks on Easing Toxin Rule

Petition seeking 1 Mil signatures against slaughter of dolphins in Japan

Gunmen attack Internet cafes in Gaza


Bedouin citizens of Israel denied water as means of transfer

Can anyone sum it up in 4 or 5 pages?

Studies: thousands of voters unable to vote in Franklin minority areas in 2004 due to machine alocat

Iraq's oil industry in grip of despair

TIME: Bush Takes Charge on Iraq: WH wants to make clear Baker is not calling the shots

USW Slams J.P. Morgan Analysis of Goodyear Strike Impact

Five Years After Enron, Firms Seek Weaker Rules

Holiday job cuts gain momentum

Passengers alerted as radiation traces found on planes in spy death probe

U.S. to pay $2M, apologize for false terror arrest

On tonight - Christian Alliance for Progress on the "left Behind" series video game

Third-quarter GDP revised upward to 2.2%

Maliki postpones Bush summit after memo leak

Iran issues fatwa on Azeri writer

Panel Urges Overhaul of Wall St. Regulations

Pataki, after visit to Iraq, says things are much worse

NYT: Iraq Panel to Recommend Pullback of Combat Troops

Blair insists Nato is winning the war in Afghanistan

County wants Wal-Mart to get state aid (Florida, $3M in Corporate Welfare)

Boisclair on Brokeback sketch (Harper and Bush): 'Je ne regrette rien'

AP: Dem. Challenger Concedes in N.C. Race (NC-08)

Super Typhoon Durian aims for the Philippines

New Orleans population still cut by more than half

Democrats Reject Key 9/11 Panel Suggestion

N.H. first state to offer girls free cancer vaccine

Does anyone hire a cleaning service?

Waldenbooks has Al Franken's

Gum! It's what's for dinner!


I'm praying for Clay Aiken...

Just in time for Christmas:

Remembering George Harrison today: 29 November 2006

Don't you hate it when the cast list is posted?

Britney Drops $3K on Undies

Britney Stashes $3 in Undies

My resident toad says "hi" to you guys

So the older cat brings in a mouse......

Who cares about what's on it, I'll just salute the flag pole!

Incredimail - Those Dirty Bastards !

Who is this crazy chick sitting in for Olbermann????

Anyone else watch "The Nine" on Wednesday nights?

Show off, Lounge: Post a YouTube video showcasing your community!

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Foot Kissing

Anyone watching the UNC-Ohio St game?

here is how i will vent tonight...

BareNakedLady appreciation thread...

I have a new one for the odd name file.

Might be a good time to remember the Hide Thread feature...

I just realized....

Spanking round II: If you were spanked, did you think it was helpful?


I hate being sick.

Blackberry users: How do you rearrange the icons?

time to ride the monorail cat


I'm bored. Any DU Naughty Girls out there?

Man, the Citgo/Venezuela cheap heating oil ads are really on TV a lot here!

Help me find the perfect laptop bag!

You should have seen what I just blew out my nose.



UNC Tarheels win against #1 Ohio State!

As a big attention hound i have a question regarding lurkers ..

I lied

Graywarrior and Radical Activist are pickin' on meeeeee

I was inspired by the peace wreath, so I constructed a 5 foot lighted

The best Star Wars Spoof Light Saber Fight Thing Ever on the internets...

Do you ever watch "Medium"?

Thunder Ice Storm...

Anyone ever made a "Yule Log" or "Buche de Noel?"

My son in the Texas prison system.....

3987 posts. I can't go to bed until I reach 4000. You need to know this

I'm bare. Any naughty DU girls out there?

caution-do not smoke crack naked in florida

Hey, does anyone watch "Dexter" on Showtime?

I'm leaving California.

Warning: Underaged Nudity

The Myspace spam is getting lame

Help me find the perfect lap top!

Morbid thought: "You're never quite as sick as just before you die."

What DU pic thread would you most like to see?

Scooby Doo plays the music from "Amelie"

Talk to me about Moss Point, MS

Innuendo Abound -- funny video clip

So the older cat brings in a mouse......

Copyright question

The weather is going NUTS!

Post your risque album art here

How much do you post in a month?

~~ billyskank Appreciation Thread ~~

Die you dastardly bag, DIE!!!

Were You Born Where You Currently Live Or Are You A Transplant?

Carson Kressley on QVC with his own line of clothes...!

So will the Heels come back in the second half?

Cowher not interested in State job.

Immediate good vibes/thoughts wanted, please.

Friends. I need a virtual hug tonight ....

Speaking of swiftboating:

Oh Dear . ..The Win Has Gone To His Head

Palo Duro Canyon

CNN's in-house neocon Schneider does hatchet job on Jim Webb

So who is worse--- Saddam Hussein or Muqtada al-Sadr?

Do you trust President Putin?

John Stossel is at it again: "Cheap in America" on 20/20 tonight

Screw Ahmadinejad. I am a Zionist and damn proud of it.

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Pope's visit to Turkey

What kind of diplomacy is this leaking of memo of distrust of the person you are trying

The Iraq war that has been going on for three year vs. civil war. How does that affect us?

Stupid word. It's only good for flamebait. I'm not giving it the validation of typing it.

Pat Roberts Intelligence stooge chairman

The Greatest Page hasn't looked this good in forever!

Well, it's official - the "News" can't handle the news

Ford Says 38,000 Accepted Buyout Offers

On tonight - Christian Alliance for Progress on the "left Behind" series video game

"It was going to be more of a social meeting anyway,"

Why do we even bother having an EPA?

House of former neighborhood menace burns (Remember this story?)

Who or what is this David Satterfield creature?

NBC's Rockefeller Tree lighting ceremoney.... "War is Over...

So now we find out the turrists are PALE and BLUE EYED. MOSCO-FASCISM BABY

I hate to admit this, but

To Live is to Fly In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan

Always share your crack with the gator.

Clark On Iraq: "It's a matter of ... DIPLOMACY!"

Is Putin now the most powerful man in the world?

Pigs fly and Dead Intern Joe slamming Bill Orally.

The panel on Scarborough predict a huge "Battle for Baghdad."

Freeper madness...

Where is our letter from Ahmadinejad?

Scarborough discussing Iraq and complexities of situation. nt

Jim Webb, 2008? I think I'm sold after watching this Olbermann piece

CNN's Blitzer reported Pelosi say both Harmon and Hastings are off Table

Kissinger To Advise The Pope?

Coalition targets convicted lawmakers

WH Lame Excuse for Maliki Snub... Who have you meet using the New Bush Logic?

There'll be a new Keith Olbermann Special Comment tomorrow night.

I went to a Chinese Restaurant owned by immigrants

A couple descriptions of Jim Webb heard today on cable

Observation about two advertisements...

Did Bush know the whole story about Webb's son and friends?

Americans see civil war in Iraq, want to withdraw.

Last night Bernie Ward's first hour was fiery & impassioned &...

Bush versus Gore on using the American military and "nation building"

Dean offers first-hand advice to [Canada's Liberal Party]

Don't you feel safer knowing that the maniac running around with Polonium 210...

Republicans want vote on abortion bill

Does anyone here listen to radiopower?

So Anyone know if the Repigs were able to Push any Crap Before Going Home?

Gay (Canadian) Politician Draws Ire For Brokeback Mountain Parody

Immigration services bureau loses thousands of records (another DOH moment in govt)

So we have a pResident ----------DISSED----by 3rd world PUPPETS? n/t

After the soldiers leave - photo

Iraq Panel recommends pull back of troops. On CNN.

Cop arrested for prostitute strip search

Japan: We Have A Right To Nuclear Weapons

I get a very sick feeling that Bush is going after al-Sadr...

What the hell just happened to Malloy?

Iraq violence strains US-Saudi relations

1,000,000 people dead because of Iraq

Pic of Cheney and the King sitting around a Christmas tree in Riyadh

BFEE cost taxpayers 2 million dollars in wrongful arrest

Uh oh.

Camps to be shut are 'unsuitable' for living (Dubai, UAE)

I Teach Third Grade, And We Have Just Begun To Study The American Revolution . . .

Brawl, Standoff in Mexican Congress

If I Were Free (to Speak My Mind)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The war on christmas, phase 2 (secret phrase "satan's liberal hammer")

With all the Cheney/SA threads - A Report on SA National Security

Exploding heads galore in freeperville over ISG call for troop withdrawal

Iran To Host Holocaust Conference In December

My link to Mike Malloy's show isn't working. Anyone have another?

Reeper Strategist refers to "Barack Hussein Obama" on Hardball

Its just damned insane that mankind would kill itself over something no one can really know.

DEMS, what do we do about (90K in the freezer) William Jefferson????

The fewer the states, the better the union - Garrison Keillor

Another Spam Email I got about Kerry

Well, well, well, Iraq Panel to Suggest Withdraw From Iraq

A Word About What Cheney Was Doing In Saudi Arabia

Judge orders US banknotes identifiable for the blind: it's about damn time!

I think this guy is going to be the new president of Iraq soon

Why al Sadr bloc boycotted parliament; Bush meeting? UN mandate allowing U.S. to stay in Iraq

Well, here it comes: global identity management system by 2010

Rotating tower to be solar-powered

How do we know Al-Maliki pushed off the meeting due to TODAY's Memo leak

Office of Violence Against Women gets a scary new director

Police: Gator Victim Was Naked, Smoking Crack

Nazi-hunter blasts Croatia's 'Auschwitz' museum

Who broke the internets?

David Gergen - re the snubbing of Bush

i'm reaLLy f'n sick of the homophobia

That sound you hear is 60,000 mercenaries running to get on the transports out of Iraq

A few Missing TOONS

Has every Congressman sworn oath on Christian Bible?

The male pill and the unspoken "pitch"

Chuck Norris enlists in the War on Christmas

HBO is airing "Brokeback Mountain" tonite. Reminds me of this new movie.

Are George W. Bush Lovers Certifiable?

Orphaned in an instant - photo

Barney Frank Versus Bill O'Lielly

Egads, Another hateful American Family Assoc. "Action Alert" re: Keith Ellison(D) MN/Koran

'London's bridge is falling down': State Department official says Blair is ignored by Bush

Dog and Cat fur trade in Europe

George Harrison passed away 5 years ago today.

Fellow GD Du'ers - what is the worst screw up you ever made at work/home?

How do Sunnis and Shias in Iraq 'identify' each other?

Has Wes Clark addressed his role at Waco?

George Carlin - Who Really Controls America

So Danny DeVito called W numbnuts on the View.

I've wanted to write this for months:

Turn on Fox!!

20 citizen groups urge ethics reform to deny of pensions to lawmakers convicted of felonies..YES!


"Proud To Be White"...a spam email I got

*** Al Gore - Tonight Show Thread ***

"If I were out drinking with George Clooney, George Clooney would be MIA."

Serious Q: If Webb had actually punched the Chimp, what would happen?

German police raid neo-Nazi homes

Ciro Rodriguez DCCC Texas 23 Ad

Jon Stewart Interview C-SPAN 2004 58:39 min

Internet Helps Spark Solidarity For Purdue Hunger Strike

When venal, self-serving, corruptible people worm themselves into government

33,000 people are being contacted who were on those three British planes.

With the Senate talking about impending investigations and hearings....

U.S. plans to send more GIs to Iraq

The Nancy I Knew

Breakthrough Nanotechnology Will Bring 100 TB 3.5-inch Digital Storage Disks

Demand Equal Time!

One last screw of Democrats Resolution


Plumb Out of Mission

Just for fun: my predictions for every presidential election from now until the turn of the century:

Shall we start fresh?

From the KC Star blog: Roberts off Intell?

(Slate) The N-Word: Unmentionable lessons of the midterm aftermath

Donate to Christine Jennings' election challenge! (FL-13)

So now Asadr is the new BOGGY MAN

Kerry says it's time to move on

Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails???

Ohio county may junk e-voting machines

General Wes Clark on Washington Journal Thursday

The Value of Denial: A Bush Value

Do we need Wes Clark's plan for Iraq?

Help Christine Jennings Fight for Electoral Justice - from WesPAC

America, you should feel very proud that you have such a citizen

Did anyone see Danny DeVito channeling Dany DeVito?

Would Gore/Obama Be Too Progressive?

US leads world in arms sales, especially to unstable, undemocratic regions

Harris Poll: Iraq in a civil war 68%; withdraw all/set timetable 69%

I met a constituent of Jane Harman

Citizens of Saskatchewan town pose nude for calendar to protest bad road

Iraq Study Group recommends...lip service!


DU to the rescue! Help by signing this petition for Madison AAR listeners

Joplin Globe Edits Oped to Enable Rep. Blunt, Corruption

I have to say that I'm seeing a lot of political dynamism emerging in our party leadership, folks.

TIME: "The Scariest Guy in Town."---5'5" bald Henry Waxman!!!!

Wal*Mart Nihilism Versus the Punk Rock of Blogging

"The Coming Crackdown on CEO's " (Barney Frank has Good Plans)

The Age of Irrationality: 9/11 Conspiracists and the Decline of the American Left

Ray McGovern: Robert Gates is Just Rumsfeld lite; Hadley - just lite.

Baker To Bush: Game Over

Jean visits African slave depot (and weeps)

Think Globally, Protect the Vote Locally

CIA like 'Inspector Clousseau'

The Illustrious Leaders of the Religious Right

NYT: Wal-Mart Trips as It Changes a Bit Too Fast

What It Means to Go Hungry - Finally a thoughtful article on this issue.

Who Is Maurice Greenberg, Man Behind Bid for 'NY Times'?

Iraq: Big Business Becomes a Big Casualty

'Maverick' risk to science debate (BBC)

Sick Comedy

India reports highest hike in salaries at 13.8%

Ann Wright: Torture, the Geneva Conventions and the School of the Americas....


Analysts: (Hadley)Memo not realistic, Leaked doc. on ideas...seen as problematic

TIME: Bush and Maliki are on a collision course

After decades, a solar pioneer (Stan Ovshinsky) sees spark in sales

Efficiency efforts could sharply cut growth in energy consumption, study says

Geothermal Energy to Play Vital Role in New Zealand's Future

Water Is The New Oil

Sharp Solar Modules to Be Installed on Habitat for Humanity Homes on Long Island, NY

More Rain, Less Snow At Beginning & End Of Rocky Mountain Winters, Study Shows

Reeling From Giant Snail Invasion, Barbados Crops Pounded By Invasive Insect Species - ENN

Hong Kong's Most Popular Theme Parks (Ocean Park, Disneyland) Worried By Worsening Smog - AFP

Study - Gulf Stream Flow Down About 10% During "Little Ice Age" - Reuters

Australia Requests Embassies To Stop Lawn Watering - Reuters

Cold Snap Unlikely To Kill Or Even Slow Advance Of Canada's Pine Beetles - Reuters

Dounreay (nuclear power plant) ‘will pollute for decades’ (UK)

Brick Manufacturing Plant Fueled by Landfill Gas (Montgomery AL)

Tierra Energy to build Wyoming wind farm

Thousands participate in rally for kidnapped soldiers in Brussels

Abbas says unity talks with Hamas at dead end

Hamas sets new terms for soldier's release

Book Review: Palestine: Peace not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter

Report: Yaalon escapes arrest in New Zealand

CNN transcript: Saeed Sheikh Wired Mohamed Atta Money

Simple, honest question

Has anyone seen a movie on the internet titled "Loose Change"?

Bizarre New Attack by Alexander Cockburn on 9/11 Truth Movement

See Steven Jones Lie About His "Peer-Reviewed Paper"

Has anyone seen a movie on the internet titled "Loose Change"?

US is said to probe Massachusetts Elections over handicapped access

Actual Report-Nat'l Institute Of Standards & Tech-(PDF) Requiring Software Independence IN VVSG 2007

Excuse me folks... 29 excellent posts and only 3 recs for ERD news?

Ohio - "Diebold admits mistake but not sure where skewed numbers came from"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 11/30/06

Can Congress Dictate the Circumstances of their Own Elections??

NY Times: Iraq study group to suggest phased troop withdrawal

U.S.-Iraq summit abruptly canceled

After Small Gain In First Day of Recount, Kissell (D) Concedes To Hayes (R) In NC Race

NYT: Democratic Leaders Seek Special Iraq Envoy to Try to Stem the Violence

Sinopec (China) in $128 billion Iran oil, gas deal

Bush, Iraqi PM Al-Maliki Meet in Jordan

Police find 8 bodies after ambush in S.Iraq

Boycotting Iraq Lawmakers, Mins Set Conditions To Return

U.S. Will Pay $2 Million to Lawyer Wrongly Jailed

U.S. Will Pay $2 Million to Lawyer Wrongly Jailed

India reports highest hike in salaries at 13.8%

Famed pastor defends invitation to Obama

Bainimarama announces takeover

Bush agrees to speedy turnover in Iraq

Iraq memorial stirs bad blood in Calif. (AP)

Wal-Mart Predicts Slim Dec. Sales Gain

Iraqi Shias angry at Saudi remark on Sunnis

Bush: Al-Maliki is 'right guy for Iraq'

Bush: U.S. troops will remain in Iraq

Official says 3 suicide car bombs explode outside Somali government base

Bush 'routinely ignoring Blair'

Mobile soldier killed in Iraq

Sadr seeks anti-US bloc in Iraqi parliament

HIV Patients Advised Not to Take Breaks From Antiviral Drugs

Angola, Sudan poised to join OPEC

Soldier Killed In Baghdad Combat Operations

Global warming may explain India's extreme storm rise: study

US bound for recession, tips Reserve Bank Australia board member

French fighter jets open fire on Central African rebels

Dollar at 14-year low vs. the pound, 20-month low vs. euro

WP: Church Is Urged to Disinvite Obama

Rice cheers on women in politics, rules out presidential bid

Iran extends $1 billion line of credit to Iraq

Bush to take weeks to decide Iraq policy-official

PennDOT Center Robbed; Data On Thousands Taken

UN troops face child abuse claims

Army Scammed Into Buying Golf Balls

WP: EPA Backtracks on Easing Toxin Rule: Response to pressure from Democratic Senators

Mass grave with 28 bodies found in Baquba

Republicans want vote on abortion bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 30

AP: (Kansas) Court Stays Out of Abortion Records Case

Data on U.S. military's Iraqi operations leaked onto Internet

UK terror suspects lose extradition battle (to US)

Kerry says it's time to move past 'The Joke'

Iraqi PM Al-Maliki Tells Bush, Rice It's No 'Big Deal' to Control Mahdi Army

Maliki: Iraqis could assume security by June 2007

Chavez: Murder Plot Against Foe Foiled

NYT/AP: Vilsack to Seek 2008 Democratic Nomination

FBI joins investigation of poisoned spy

(Bill) Clinton calls Iraq 'civil war,' against withdrawal timetable

Familes of 9-11 victims seek Moussaoui evidence

U.S. warns of possible Qaeda financial cyber attack

7M in U.S. jails, on probation or parole

Private HMOs cost more to Medicare: study

(NY Gov) Spitzer Outlines New Reforms

(ABC) EXCLUSIVE: Iranian Weapons Arm Iraqi Militia ("smoking-gun evidence")

Woman: Soldier's Casket on Baggage Cart

Family feuds over Sept. 11 pilot

US overstates China nuclear clout, report says

Judge says Dems can seek more than just phone costs in jam case

Pat Roberts may be leaving Senate Intelligence Committee

Venezuela's Chavez vows to thwart vote coup plot

(FL) Turnpike to point drivers to Citgo rivals

CNN Breaking News: F-18 Crashes in CA

Scaling the walls of Web censorship (avoiding controls in countries where govt blocks content)

AP: Government quietly rates millions of travelers for terrorism potential

AP: Labor Dept. Reviews Family Leave Rules

CNN/AP: Bill Clinton makes deal to cut prices of HIV and AIDS treatment for children

Gore takes a swipe at Justice Scalia on 'Jay Leno'

Armed vigilantes roam Baghdad streets

'Ex-Russian PM Poisoned'

Doubt dooms paperless voting, election chiefs say

Sanctions target Kim Jong Il's taste for bling

Canada Puts Gay Marriage Back on the Table

LAT: Taking hybrids to next level: "Plug-in"

Ed Schultz to move head-to-head with Limbaugh, Franken


Two posts that would even make the Lounge watch in awe

An intercepted GOP message...

Do men have an intrinsic right to eat animal rapists?

we got a live one


The Lounge is boring tonight

Evolutionary Game Theory...Think on this!

OK GD is officially a paranoids palace tonight.

Has anyone, or do you know anyone who has actually asked

Donate to CAPAlert, we need more fundie film reviews

Holy shit, I feel good!

Does anyone else watch Jericho?


I've had a strange craving for Italian Ice tonight...

Anyone been or known any raw foodists?

Time for me to

When a killer whale wants the day off.. Give it the day off..or else!

garlic hummus: food of the gods?

Bananarama is taking over!

MAn, I had a wierd ass dream today... I looked like Mac Davis and

CAP Alert needs money.

What a beautiful day

Yes!!! The War on Christmas is expanding!!!!

1:41 A.M. My girlfriend teases me that I'm obsessed with Blogging. Am I?

Iain Hollingshead wins Bad Sex prize

Anyone seen MTV's John Norris lately?

Could use a loc right now......

Hannidate - Now you can find your gay neo-con nutjob man of your dreams!

W is on TV right now

does anyone know the name of the 'aye yay yay yay' song?

What do YOU call this thing?

I guess there has been a coup in Fiji

Flame Warriors

Florida man pulled from alligator's jaws

Thank God for Trader Joe's Tortilla Chips! (Weight loss weapon)

The things that only eat hippies

Woman Sentenced For Mailing Exploding Condoms

Officials: Craigslist Post Giving Away Free 5-Year-Old Boy A Hoax

New Rule!

Yesterday I learned that Howard Dean...

Today is a special day

Hi there, I'm Satan, and I want to talk to you about Christmas.

I've discovered the hilarious world of Eddie Izzard

Can Someone Tell Me What Time Zone This Web Page Uses

The day after Christmas

Greetings from "Red Office One" (dial up beware)

Anyone else having youtube issues???

Dammit I so TIRED!

My big 10 inch

4 Year Old Power Ranger With Plastic Sword Saves Family From Robbers

What age were you when time, for you, starting to go by at warp speed?

bbbrrrrrr and wwhhaaaaaa

Wooooo-hooooo! I just finished NaNoWriMo!

Anyone having trouble streaming Air America this morning?

I hate you, Milkman Dan

Orca Worship

My wife is in the wrong line of work, she oughta go into fundraising


Will it rain on the 4th of july?

You know what the problem with sleeping alone is? (Other than the obvious?)

Update on Gracie. Today was surgery day.

Oh where oh where has my idgiehkt gone? Oh where oh where can she be?

I pulled my traps doing side laterals this morning

Beware of Snail Trails

It's 70 degrees in Philadelphia today

A Little Cartoon I Made

You have no class if you microwave babies

Ice Storm in North Texas, yep it sleeted last night and is

Were You Born Where You Currently Had a Liver Transplant?

I'm dreaming of aaaaaaaaaaa....

whoo hooo the pipes thawed before I got out of the house!

Have you ever posted something you wish you'd never said?

Santa question

HELP!!! I'm surrounded by an Andy Williams Christmas - RANT

Amsterdam Curbs Prostitution 'Windows'

St. Nick Scandal in Germany: Is Santa Claus a Nazi?

So it is raining and generally nasty outside

I almost got my faith back (Re: Michael Richards)

Name three things....

The PETA thread in GD reminded me of this.

"Love naked women in red lingerie, dressed as santa, or a reindeer, covered in eggnogg wearing their

...I want YOU to do this right NOW!

On Chimpy's 'foment and sectarian' blather...

my boss just brought a box of chocolate pecan caramel clusters

Is ANYONE able to stream AAR from any source right now?

"It's a major award!"

help - need some good book recommendations for my xmas list

How good is Pirates of the Caribbean 2?

The penguins are being fed! Check it out quickly!

Post office selling Vince Guaraldi CD

What is love?

USB-powered record player for conversion to MP3 (follow-up)

question about online shopping....need help!

Paris or Amsterdam?

Man Charged After Threatening Family On Thanksgiving With Battle-Ax

Were you spanked as an adult? If so, with what?

Last class!

Two Peanuts Are Walking Down The Street, One Was Assaulted

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/30/06)

Paris or Amsterdam?

Has anyone read Innocent Man - Grisham's new book? So Pissed

Grease: You're The One That I Want

Anyone ever get Yahoo Messenger to run in Mac OS 8.1?

The Macabre Family Christmas

Happy birthday wishes to

Cat lovers/experts: I need advice

That IS Walter Conkrite, isn't it.

Any of ya seen 'The Girl in the Café'?

RANT: If you drink coffee, tea, water, etc. everyday at work - BUY A CUP

A Question for the 'Rents

Naked Man On Crack Loses Arm In Alligator Attack

"Court: Boy Can't Join Girls' Gym Team"

Classic TV Trivia: Can you name the actors who played these TV dads?

Somebody Pinch Me---My Posting Is On the Home Page!

Star Wars has permanently damaged me...

HELP! I finally got a chance to see Brokeback Mtn. last night

Christ on a bamboo curtain

Ever clicked on your own reply in a thread while thinking,"WOW!

Cheap internet provider advice, anyone?

So what the hell is a Culture War? Is Bill O'Reilly on crack?

Is there much peaness going on here? Do you like it a lot?

I always thought as a kid, that the guy singing Feliz Navidad was saying...

If you had to ban public breastfeeding to ban public smoking, would you do it?


Any one else getting the ice / sleet / snow crap like me?

It is a nice 40 degrees in Houston, and I like it.

Great "Slate" article for the BSG fans here.

What gay apparel should matcom don?

What food do you always eat WAY too much of?

OK, who is awake (kinda) and here

Charlie Manson is 72

I hope y'all are

They said we would get 1" to maybe 3" of snow... BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

Mrs. Grumpy lovers - vote Jessie

our records indicate that two orders were sent to you by mistake...

Which one should be banned?

I saw the very best homeless person's cardboard sign yesterday.

Question for DU "nice guys"

Where did you meet your present/most recent SO?

If you have any good vibes to spare, can I bum a few for JackMN?

Which of the Beatles was the alpha male?

Someone Talk Me Down

Current and former MASSACHUSETTS residents

Have you ever posted stuff you thought was REALLY cool

Damn, I'm having a mid-life crisis. How did you change careers???

Why do I like local storm coverage so much?

What heinous sin have you committed?

Some people are saying...


The Twelve Beers of Christmas!

Woman sues because her guacamole dip "just didn't taste avocadoey"

Is anyone else having problems with MSN service?

Only nine films have received five Oscar nominations for acting. Which is the best?

Christmas baking thread

Suppose I'm supposed to help someone move but an opportunity for "snoo snoo" arises

Famous 'Horse-Sex Death' Being Turned Into Documentary Film

Where do you go online when you need to wipe TRULY upsetting stuff

Oh no! Poor FM Einheit got worms on his Chuck Taylors!

Please help settle an argument

Parents horrified as KILLER WHALE behaves contrary to a cartoon..

I just got a haircut

So Michael Richards, George Allen and Mel Gibson walk into a bar.......

Isn't (s)he (it) lovely?

What should my wife bring to the hospital when she pops out the kid?

Oh, twismus twee, oh, twismus twee...

Technically, it's still my birthday until 4:36 am. Who will have a brew with me?

It's that time of year again - what are your favorite Christmas movies?

New York State Liquor Authority Tries to Stop Christmas from Coming

Has White Wolf gotten too greedy?

Don't you hate it when you make a mistake and realize it was a mistake a split second after it's too

Scott's Lawn Company Fires Worker For Smoking (OFF The Job)

Confidentiality Issues: I am ripping pissed. What would you do?

Buddhamama is taking over! (lame copycat)

Is it wrong to tell your child that Santa Claus exists?

What tv show do wish was still on the air today?

Who else will not click on Orrex' "Underage Nudity" thread for fear

It's fun to stay at the...

Thick As A Brick: Dobson Disses The ‘So-Called Wall Of Separation’

"Botswana 'snake rock' may show Stone Age religion"

Rick Warren & Sen. Obama

Garrison Keillor Joins the war on Chanukah

Priest Abuse Records Unsealed (Texas)

Catholic Church Tries to Extort British Government

Ahmadinejad calls Americans to Islam

Rejecting Some Myths, Believing In Others

A Personal God vs. an Imaginary Friend

Probe's close-up of Sun eruption (BBC)

RW Homophobics, Bigots ,Religious Intolerant are SELFISH

Fortune, 12/11/06: "Queer, Inc. Gays in Corporate America"

Another post in General Discussion that should have been posted

US Conservative Jewish movement moves to allow gay rabbis

Canada Puts Gay Marriage Back on the Table

Mountain Meadows Mitt puts gay marriage suit before full Mass. SJC

Where’s the brotherly love for gays and lesbians?

Hot 'n' sexy... and funny!

Boxing: 50 Years Ago Today ....

okay, what is it with "11:11" again? I'm seeing it everywhere...

We ARE what we think

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrology Newsletter for December

"The Secret" Will Be On The Ellen Degeneres Show Tomorrow Dec. 1

Ohioan arrested in Idaho for investigation of desertion(50 m. to Canada)

In GD - CNN transcript - Kerry says country/world need 'adult leadership'

Markos up to his old tricks again

I think Kerry's meeting with Iraq group had an impact.

New JK blog post: TV appearances

Interesting post from Skinner in a thread

**MUST READ** - Upper-Left has a head of steam up over the "thermometer" story,

I Posted This In GD Politics (My Kerry Autograph), Enjoy!:

Sen. Kerry was on MCNBC today.

Larry King Live: Larry King Interviews Senator John Kerry (TRANSCRIPT)


OT: One more reason to despise Romney

Interesting c-Span 3 video

Who was the real 'albatross' for the party?

December contest topic needed

Photo Contests: You enter or don't enter....... why?

Jimmy Carter on Thom Hartmann tomorrow

Yet another reminder that Mike Webb's show is again live.

Do men have an intrinsic right to eat women?

Do men have the intrinsic right to rape animals?

New Hampshire to be first state in US to offer cervical-cancer vaccine FREE to ALL girls

link that might come in handy tonight


Gee. The Supreme Court is split on Global Warming.

What If, Just What If, Bush isn't a Complete Idiot?

Get a free...

Pastor arrested in alleged murder plot

Barry Lynn (PFAW) on now with Bernie Ward - stream link

Crazy idea re: Obama's Muslim heritage...

What about a Gore-Obama ticket?

All Clark is saying

New Rule!

Bigots of Hollywood UNITE!!

Breaking News: Fiji Coup has began.

On CNN Now - Jordan Summit Presser Coming Up n/t

Bush & Maliki ---pix--->>>

7M in U.S. jails, on probation or parole

Iraq Study Group to Bush: Pull back troops

Are there ANY intrinsic rights or do they differ?

What makes Obama an interesting candidate

Great moments in unconscious irony

D.C. Fails the Genocide Test

Iraqi soldiers unearth mass grave near Baghdad

Negative attention is better than no attention

Today Show: "Iraq is Not Winnable"!!

CSPAN Washington Journal caller....

The desperate search for someone to blame in full swing.

Which will be the LAST diversity barrier to fall in the US Presidency?

Tom Vilsack formally announces presidential bid

Wes Clark will be on C-SPAN'S Washington Journal!!

Do you want this to be the ABSOLUTE LAST poll mentioning Ahmadinejad?

A question for some Democrats.

Florida man pulled from alligator's jaws

Bush stood up by Iraqi leader (Chicago Sun Times)

Pentagon Spending Another 20 Million Bucks to improve our "morale and support for the war"

Ray McGovern: "Gates, Hadley: More of the Same"

What could possibly go wrong?

Is Ahmadinejad's importance being exaggerated to inflame hatred of Iran?

Obama takes on Evangelical leader on AIDS

Efforts to shoo away pigeons spur flap at courthouse (Falcon too!)

The return of Etta Munson

Ross Ice Shelf could 'collapse quickly'

Judge orders FEMA to immediately restore aid to Katrina victims

Gore beginning to get some "buzz" from Pundits. Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC

Algae in the Lagoon - A New Orleans Poem

Bush: "You can’t lead unless you have courage"

George Will is a brown nosed, Lickspittle ASSHAT

IMO the deal between Bush* and Webb really had nothing to do with Webb's son

Bodies pile up in Baghdad as Bush meets Maliki

Amazed that so many idiots STILL think Iraq attacked us,

Butcher of Iraq

Lady Laura is going to allow us grubby little peasants to get

Halliburton Unit to Pay $8 Million for Overbilling (KBR)

Retribution or Justice?

Boeing is alleged to be a travel agent for torture

Can Someone Tell Me What Time Zone This Web Page Uses

My take on the malaki snub of the schrub

Parents horrified as KILLER WHALE behaves contrary to a cartoon..

Iraq Study Group Report: Take Your Time Cutting and Running (NYT)

The truth has so many enemies...

I wonder what Jean Schmidt's "cowards cut and run" Marine is up to these days?

Queer, Inc.

Jesus Prayer Rug scam

C-SPAN2 - same old talking heads interpreting the election of 2006

above us only sky

Ed Schultz to move head-to-head with Limbaugh, Franken

Religious Right Releases Violent Video Game, Just in Time For Christmas

Gun-waving sermon lands pastor in pokey

Ban on Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption - S.1915 - Petition

CAPTION the awkwardness of the Ass-Faced Weasel...

I'm loving the news today, oh boy

Imperialists Anonymous / the Anti-Imperialist League

Michael Savage, "We have to fight the liberal vermin." Last night on his show.

So, Blacks may get a few xtra points on College Admissions.....

Business Groups Aim to Stymie Senate Democrats' Drug, Oil Plans

George Will calls Webb a "Boor" over his encounter with Bush!

Men in Iraq "believe they are immune" to the HIV Virus

I got a early Christmas present from the IRS.

So does this holy Iraq Study Group have power over the president?

Wal-Mart should fire their ad agency

Caption this * and Maliki pic...

Global Heating- Nero Was Not The Only One Who Fiddled

Finally some real support for the troops!

Dupe delete this thread

Barney Frank - Conservative Hero?

It's like watching a tape of Viet Nam run backwards.

Which one will get more coverage and attention?

Bush* NEW Iraq plan: Stay the Course

Maliki's tools by left i

Al Qaeda in Somalia

New Children's Book Teaches Intolerance & Xenophobia

"Hot House Flowers" -- racism for children

DOD's screening system aims to find quality non-H.S. grads

Why do so many psychos seem to have sex and violence linked in their minds?

Faux News won't call Iraq a civil war because: "non-Iraqis in the fray"

MSNBC breaking - another Russian poisoned

Sorry George Will, you got the wrong boor (Webb vs Bush spat)

UN: Afghan government officials protecting opium trade

Majority Of Americans Aren't Listening To Bush; Believe Iraq In Civil War

Do you support any aspect of the war in Iraq?

Idaho taxpayers to foot bill for Cheney's security - GOP vowed to pay (campaign visit)

5 Inconvenient Truths About Al Gore

"He's my president"

How long will the "War on Danny Devito" last?

Moonie Times: Sen. Arlen Specter shared a lunch with Joe & Valerie (Plame) Wilson

The son of a bitch says troops to stay till 'the job is complete'

"I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus"


RW Bloggers Wrong About AP Story - Will They Apologize?

It Is Our Duty to Save Our Species - Castro's 80th birthday message

How can the US expect to "win" the war or even "pacify" Iraq without pro-US Iraqis?

So was Hadley memo leaked to make shrub appear decisive? Or more stupid?

Was It Worth It?

Good thing the GOP Congress found out about Clinton's BJ.

How does anyone, Democrats especially, come to the conclusion

Kerry on MSNBC

Welcome to the George Dubya Bush Liberry

Does this sound like anyone we know?

When presidents fail to make hard choices, those who serve must make them instead.

Countering "the adults are in charge"

Vets Ticketed For Parking At War Memorial

Gov Dean: Democratic Party & the Liberal Party are the 'we' parties-Our opponents are the 'me' party

Conservatives are so rude, ugly, and mean spirited.

So who won the battle between O'Really and Frank?

For Growing Majoirty, Bush Is No Longer Our "Leader."

i was struck last night by the ease with which the words, "al sadar has american blood on his hands"

Check out this strange blog that I was sent. Apparently * has solved global warming.

Socialist senator to push Congress from left

How many shrinks does it take to change a freeper?

CAPTION! --- * pointing Finger at Maliki ---------->

Rush saying stem cell research could bring back his hearing

Which dems support an immediate pullout in Iraq and Afghanistan? n/t

Were Bushies going to try to "Take Out" al Sadr? (Most Dangerous in ME)

I learned something on DU today

Other than have a purse and phone stolen what exactly have the

Anyone seen this guy?

W. Times claimed that rising CO2 levels "hardly prove the existence of man-made global warming"

I would imagine virtually EVERY parent of a child serving in Iraq wants to slug Bush.

"Won't Fox News hate this."

Let's solve Iraq in this thread right now!

Uh-oh - Bill O'Reilly is on to our sinister plot.....

Illinois Gov keeping his word --Illinois Senate passes Minimum Wage

Pathetic "Concerned Women" want "up or down votes" on judges for Christmas!

Okay, conservative "whites" ... if you're afraid of becoming the "minority"

So, was the Jordan Summit Fiasco just Bush trying to

Radical Fringe Toon Thurs 11/30 ...when you are up to your butt ...

No Discussion of This YET?!?! Bush Agrees to Speedy Handover in Iraq!

Highly Unusual! Military Jets on Full Afterburner East of Nashville Right Now

Oh wow ... check out this Calvin & Hobbes 'toon from ELEVEN yrs ago...

is it possible to have a National Referendum in the next election

Caption *

Bush "routinely ignoring Blair" - Iraq a failure. State Dept Official

Where is w8lftinglady?

I can hear it now, the republicans blaming the liberal media for losing Iraq

I humbly admit my ignorance, I've never heard of this country...

Caption Laura

Financial Times: Report urges Bush to stop treating Iraqis like lab rats, be straight with US

'08? who do you want?

Secret Memo from Iraq Study Group Leaked

What should be the word of the year?

Thursday afternoon toons . . .

question about online shopping....need help!

A parable for our times


what is going on with

My 1000th Post. May the blessings of Peace come into the World this season!

Keith's Special Comment on Free Speech... and Newt Gingrich's assault on it.

"According as circumstances are favorable,

What do you think causes more innocent death, directly or indirectly?

Drug question

OAXACA:Interview with Bertha Elena Muñoz, “La Doctora”, Principal broadcaster for Radio Universidad

It's cold and raining in N. Texas and the local news joints

Support Gore? This could be very interesting!

Will FGM Fatwa Make a Difference? (Female circumcision)

The White House Holiday menu

Jack Cafferty's questions for today:

Salem-area job like slavery, Ethiopian says

I don't know what to believe anymore

Kerry: "The American people and the people of the world want adult leadership"

Does anyone know if a freeper said this?

POLL: Is capitalism a failure for the lower classes?

PHOTO: al-Maliki stunned to see Bush fast asleep during presser

An invitation to visit a thread in the Environment/Energy forum:

Tin foil hat time: Maybe Bushco WANT things to get worse in Iraq

Someone who might feel at home in the GOP

Quandary: Feeding the homeless while protecting their health

So the Baker Hamilton Iraq Study Group is a bust?

"DU is soooooo '04."

Bush Needs To Come On Home

Is the US the most "militaristic" nation in the history of the world?

DHS Official Admits Aiding Immigrants for Bribes

Has anyone seen a movie on the internet titled "Loose Change"?

So why isn't the MSM all over this TX husband who allegedly hired someone to kill his wife

Iraq war was GOOD for Israel - Olmert

Clinton says No timetables

Shall we make it easier for kids to be labeled "gifted"?

Warning From Larry Scott VA Watchdog on Commission Survey

Dept. of Homeland Security concerned with Child Porn? What were we thinking?

[corporate responsibility] How to earn $3.5 Trillion and pay Zero Taxes

Shakeup At "The Daily Show"

Shuttle cleared for night launch

Vlad "The Poisoner" Putin should be presumed innocent until proven guilty

Army probes report of mishandled casket !!

Pa. Soldier Died From 'Huffing' in Iraq

If being gay didn't matter, Barney Frank would be Speaker of the House

Why the people of Iraq hates us?

2886 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Trickle Down Ignorance - at the US Citizenship Office!

GOP wants law to define when fetuses feel pain

What are the chances that two years from today the president-elect will be a dem?

Did Condi leak the Hadley Memo?


We're raising the prices at noon

Chavez says calling Bush a devil came straight from the heart

AP: Maliki would not talk to Bush with Jordan's Sunni king listening in

Clinton launches child HIV drug

Faces of the Fallen

What the "H' is going on

2887 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Jack Cafferty's questions today, Good questions that need good answers

Reuters: US warns of possible Qaeda financial cyber attack

CNN, Lou Dobbs: General Custer?

Outcry Over Congressional Pensions for Convicted Members

Any Billmon/Whiskey Bar fans here? I need to know if his site is down, or if it's just me.

Tell bu$hit's Texa$$ Friends Not to BBQ The Planet !

Lou Dobbs just called al-Sadr a terrorist....

What have the Republicans learned from the recent election??

CNN: John Kerry on with Wolf right now

700 flights out of Chicago canceled due to snow warning

crooksandliars has the Barney Frank versus Olielly video

The Secret Gay Network??

* is back - pics

Any pilots here?

Sky New Zealand announces Fox news will be free to schools

Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

Great Interview With Al Gore On The Tonight Show

Is this cartoon representative of the Dems?

Bush Approval is over 50%

GOP announces elephant is dead

Please critique my LTTE on George Will calling Jim Webb a boor

U.S. warns of possible Qaeda financial cyber attack - tomorrow

Socialist senator to push Congress from left

Chris Wallace just said there is a "War on Christmas"

The Conservatives of this country seem to feel a particularly destructive sense of entitlement.

Does Bush have the power to overrule the Baker commission?

Insane message I got from a right-wing co-worker... thought I'd share for laughs. (Warning: NUTS!)

Could Stossel be more dishonest?

Rich Masters, Democratic Strategist, just helped

Would you give up your individual freedom to become a "cell" in a biologically greater being?

SNOW DAY>>> Great day to listen to AAR radio

Post-election letters to Stars & Stripes (Nov. 10 - 30, '06)

Rush is off his rocker big time today...check it out>>>

Rush has hope

Unbelievable Cheney quote, 1991.

Michael Medved and "The Golden Turkey Awards" hoax.

Regarding civility on DU.

Oil Prices Rise Above $63 a Barrel (may go to $65/bbl soon)

Has anyone here ever been to a presidential library?

THE ROAD FROM OAXACA article by Mumia Abu-Jamal

What happened to the people who lived near the base closures...

A black Xmas?

Bible Beaters Launch Campaign to force Congressman-elect Keith Ellison

**Warning** really bad words**Cheney Enraged By Corps’ Conclusion, Says No One Leaves Until His Oil

The Incredible Shrinking GOP

OMG--I just saw Scooter Libby...

Gift Card Warning

The Right Wing is applying a "Strategy of Tension" upon Americans

93 thousand volcanoes

The "Boycott Aruba" asshole, Joe Mammana, arrested on gun, fraud charges

Video of Howard Dean speaking in Canada tonight at the Liberal conference

Anyone else having a hard time getting Air America on iTunes

This is but one reason why the Taliban can NEVER be "accepted" into Afghani gov't

Scientists Levitate Small Animals

Oaxaca Resistance Crushed! Radio APPO stops transmitting

Baker To Bush: Game Over (Dreyfuss calls ISG a "death blow" to Cheneyism)

EPA scientists to Bush: "Drop Dead and get out of our way"

LAW ?: What law prevents U.S. citizens from buying arms for a foreign militia?

Come to New Orleans - PLEASE

Chapter, The Tenth, In Which a Freeper Gets Handed His Ass by an ACLU Rep.

Not only is the killer whale a wild animal, the one who "attacked" its trainer was a SLAVE.

Man Fired For Smoking Sues Company

I admit it. I am a "secular-progressive."

Little by little, one at a time...

This Kewl Kidz and MeanGirls nonsense from the press has to stop!

Stossel claims Conservatives more Generous than Liberals

So. Vilsack made English the official language of IOWA???

Farm Bill Priorities for a New Democratic Party Majority

"Iraq panel set to urge major withdrawals"

" very religious " Mom abandons baby....

"Army Scammed Into Buying Golf Balls" GOOD GRIEF!

Military historian says Iraq is "most foolish war since Emperor Augustus in 9 BC"

Have you guys read the comments from readers

"View" bleeps Bush-bashing DeVito

Proposed rule making it harder for companies to be indicted by the gov't or sued by the the public

A Love Story in 4 Pictures

JUDGE In NH Phone Jamming Case Rules DEM Party Can Seek Millions From GOP

Looks like Seinfeld Season 7 DVD is outselling previous seasons

Our boys and girls are coming home folks, get ready for the parade!!!

prepare to Puke (poor Keith Ellison)

"The Rise of American Democracy" ....

Whatever happened to THIS?

The Daily Show or Corbert Report--which is your favorite?

Barack Hussein Obama on the ticket = disaster for Democrats

Tide of foreign pathogens strains net of protection

The sick realization is that Bush wouldn't flinch if Webb's son was injured or killed in Iraq

Right-Wing Radio Host Fabricates Controversy To Attack First Muslim Congressman

I've reached a disappointing conclusion about DU in the last few weeks.

History of Dirty Tricks: (Pt. 2) How to Colonize a Larger Country

We gave money to the Red Cross to help with Katrina and the tsunami;

Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Anti-Semitic

Are Satterfield & Hadley The Same Person?

Good Grief!..Doesn't anybody pay for something with Cash anymore?

A Vietnam Medic Speaks Up

Donovan- Universal soldier

Without Cause

Bush explains why he wouldn’t talk about his young-and-foolish days on the campaign trail

President Eisenhower warns about dangers of government - Full Speech

Do Not Fight, For A Dying Regime...

Mister Bush's Bad Day...

For Everyman - Jackson Browne - Post Election Video

Congresswoman encourages assassination

When Johnny Came Marching Home (David Rovics)

WAR - What Is It Good For with Edwin Starr, updated to todays events.

Litvinenko on Politkovskaya's murder= Larisa Alexandrovna Story Too

John Bonifaz's testimony at Conyers hearing on Iraq War

Kramer The Racist Recut

Howard Dean in Montreal, pokes fun at Fox, speaks some French

After The Garden Is Gone...

Delete. duplicate topic.

looking for help on blogs by Iraqis in Iraq

As they suddenly discover that they were against the war

If the Lord has blessed you financially give me some of it

Our favorite local right-wing LTTE guy...

*'s Stay Until The Job Is Complete Means Until Saddam Is Put To Death.....

US soldiers abuse poor family for taking scrape wood to heat their home..crush car

How long before a major newspaper calls for Bush or Cheney to resign?

Just in case you were wondering,"Until we complete the mission" is now "Until the job is completed."

British Troops Caught on Tape Beating Iraqi Children

"Family Values" of Newt Gingrich

Day 1,900 With No Osama

WorldNetDaily is being sued for $165,000,000 by a Gore...

All Eyes on Iraq Study Group - And Biden

"ACLU vs. Christmas": Please help me debunk this crap

Gore great on the Tonight Show (11/29)

We seem to have forgotten the first rule when you find yourself in a hole...?

I can't believe I'm saying this - for once I agree with Jeb Bush

PM al-Maliki: "forces would be ready by June 2007 to take full control of security "

Seeds of Tolerance - a program we can all support easily

Jimmy Carter coming up on Hartmann

WAGING PEACE: Three Points

Remember : December 10 is Impeachment Day!

Member Iraq Study Group: "I think expectations of our group are seriously overrated"

Guess the quote: "I am probably the least disappointed defeated member" of the vanished Republican

Which is more powerful? The written word or the spoken word??

For those concerned about Wes Clark's position on Iraq, call him

Wingers are calling our shows - new meme

For those that do not remember the Vietnam War...?

Newt Gringrich : Free Speech needs to be curtailed to prevent terrorism

Keith Olbermann will have a Special Comment tonight!

Shake Up on The Daily Show

Wal-Mart Twisting the Truth Again

Another slant on the Webb/Bush situation

If the US Troops Went Home Today....Would Anybody In Iraq Notice?

Bush preferred by psychotics

'Disgusting' seal hunt video urges feds end 'slaughter' (Toronto Sun)

Sadr seeks anti-US bloc in Iraqi parliament

Reuters: W.House will defy Democrats on security: Republican (Specter)

The news conference of Bush and Maliki that was this morning

I Understand That Rush Recently Advocated Let The M.E. Battle It Out And Basically Let.....

Bush White House Christmas Party Menu

I saw a nice bumper sticker

Turnpike to point drivers to Citgo rivals

In Issue After Issue (And Poll After Poll) Resounding Majoirty Disagrees With Bush

Hillary's Primary Problem

President Ahmadinejad's Letter and My Response

If you really want to clean up Washington, strip lobbyists of power to chair campaigns!

WaPo readers set George Will straight about his attack on Jim Webb

Polonium cannot kill you unless you injest it. It cannot go through skin.

I Think Bush *Wants* To Be Impeached

Kerry: In the absence of a date, they have an excuse to simply continue to dawdle and procrastinate

CFOs in poll are downbeat (more bad economic news)

Wes Clark: " it is time for us to begin to redeploy"

General Wesley Clark is one smart politician...

Bin Laden not top Islamist thinker: study

Would Gore announce his candidacy at the Oscars if he chooses to run?

Left-wing editor blasts Barack Obama's cynical "gamesmanship"

Dems have the majority but no authority?

From purely Dem partisan POV, was there ANY advantage to Bill Clinton's close

Larry King Interviews Senator John Kerry (TRANSCRIPT)

Who would you like to see lick Vilsack?

If Al Gore runs again and is elected

Iraq withdrawal timetable would cut US leverage: Clinton

More vindication for the Alachua voting activist...Charlie Grapski

Do we have a responsibility to Iraq?

How should we handle the right wing's bogus "culture war"?

New Citizenship exam - can YOU pass it?

Swearing in on the bible, the koran or a spiderman comic book

The Middle Class vs. The Rich

Bush says there'll be no "graceful exit" from Iraq

Iowa Democrat (Tom Vilsack) seeks US presidency

Why do you think Obama is so popular?

I'm low income, but I gave $ to Jennings to stop voter fraud in FL.

After all the "How the Dems won" articles, anyone else suprised over lack of Dean....

I am SO SICK of the "America's not ready to elect a Black man" meme

Why the GOP is doomed: The successes of Northern Republicans vs. Southern Democrats

Webb-Bush: There's More to the Story

Jimmy Carter and Jonathan Demme...together!

Let's recap which Dems are responsible for the Iraq War.