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Archives: November 3, 2006

School Bus driver fired after flipping off Prez bush/LINK

Glenn Greenwald: The amoral cretins who rule our public discourse

Report: Iraqi insurgents using children (UPI)

How Much Do Election Shakeups Affect the Nation's Economy?

America fights to take charge of UN peacekeepers around world

Voting: Low-Tech Is the Answer - by Avi Rubin

American Military Lawyer: Government 'sanctions Hicks' show trial'

How the immigrant card stopped working for Arizona's Republicans

Hydrogen from Bio-Feedstocks

U.S. officials demand IAF cease overflights in Lebanese airspace

Moroccan wins Iran Holocaust cartoon contest

Remains of Three From 9/11 Plane Identified

Rockerfeller predicted 911

PBS NewsHour - Electronic Voting Raises Fears of Glitches, Fraud

Anybody Here See This One ???

Your comments about HBO's Hacking Democracy

Stunning doc shows Diebold hid security & operations flaws from MD & country; Lamone knew

Official States Electronic Voting System Added Votes Never Cast in 2004 Presidential Election

Officer and journalist wounded in anti-gay protest in Jerusalem

Republican Committee chairs often have 'horrific' records on science, matters they oversee..

Breaking + Powerful Prediction

Crisis in Lebanon / Siniora's government on the road to collapse

Entire Third Division may go back to Iraq (20,000 soldiers for 3rd tour)

When is Abramoff going down for the murder of Gus Boulis?

In Kansas, 9 former Republicans run as Democrats

Bush plans trip to Greeley (Colorado) to promote GOP

Esch says Terry (R-Ne) twisting the facts

AP: Senators Criticize IRS Filing Program (Free File)

Get your seafood now. It will all be gone by 2050 unless it is protected.

Britain: Stretched military faces staffing shortage

Former U.S. soldier indicted in rape, killing of Iraqi teen and her family

Paul Newman weighs in for Lamont !!! ad Takes Swing At Joe!

NYT: Officials See Qaeda Trials Using New Law In 2007

AP: Productivity Growth Skids To Standstill

Official States Electronic Voting System Added Votes Never Cast in 2004 Presidential Election

U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Guide

Oh Dear-FBI questions two more former aides to Katherine Harris

HuffPo/WaPo: MARYLAND GOP Plans To Block Voters

(Baltimore) Democrats Are Fuming Over A Republican Manual (+ Dirty Tricks)

US (corporate) credit quality in 25-year retreat toward junk-S&P

BBC: US warns of Africa terror attacks

AP: E-Mail Ballots for Military Questioned

Bush packs airport for campaign rally (3,500)

McClatchy: The rich are getting much richer, much faster than everyone else

3 Mile Island Reactor Shuts Down

U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Guide

Davis gains on Crist in governor's race in Florida

5 Jewish Brooklyn Teens Charged In Hate Crime

NYT: Congress Tells Auditors In Iraq To Close Office

An Abu Ghraib Offender Heads Back to Iraq (To Train Iraqi Police)

November off to bloody start in Iraq

I'm thinking of challenging trof to a no-holds-barred cage match.

POKE CHOPS! Alton Brown

Who Are the Famous People That You Have Et?

Boo Bush! Hooray Beer!

What's the next kitchen gizmo you'd like to be a victim of?

ooh, ooh baby

New Show UP Tonite - With An Extra Helping Of L.O.V.E!

I ran across something yesterday that reminded me of Cory Lidle

We need a new broiler or we won't have meat this winter...

In the Lounge, we should be able to vote for

Anyone excited about Horrorfest?

Ah, to be another one outed in a long line of gay Republican hypocrites

Help! What kind of a plant is this? Tropical, purply-red, and I don't know...

This is NOT the Presidential Daily Briefing

I'm guilty of passing judgement on someone today.

C-C-Cold here!

*help meeeee* Hugs and support needed

Newport News Native Son, William Styron passed yesterday

And newyawker99 just recently went past 135,000 posts!

We need a new spoiler or we won't have speed this year

Update on my Mom:

I'm evil! Who's here to blame me?

My wife is very good at plough...

There's Kit-Kat wrappers everywhere!

this got 0 responses in GD... maybe someone here will enjoy it...

When you're on the internets, how often do you use the Google?

The "O.C." season 4 premiere coming up in a few minutes

Tinfoil hat time

Two of my co-workers just proudly told me they are going to see DICK CHENEY!

Whoops - I meant to say "The GOPisEvils". Like the Internets, he's a plural.


What kind of leftover Halloween candy do you have?

Cool Hand Luke in 5 easy minutes

Did you see Tom Cruise is running UNited Artists now?

Get your seafood now. It will all be gone by 2050 unless it is protected.

Two of my co-workers just proudly told me they are going to see CHENEY DICKED!

JibJab "Love Boat" video

Time to get your Groove on, with THE HOTTEST SOUNDS!

Whew. A "certain something" is getting piled high and deep in GD.

Here is a great Article about Food TV from the New Yorker....

***NEW sunset one of wind-blown me*** (pic heavy)

O lny srmat poelpe can raed tihs

The Views thingie freaks me out, man.

What qualities that the opposite gender is known for, do you wish you had?


What's the next kitchen gizmo you'd like to get?

Whose turn is it to watch Rabrrrrr? I mean, holy shit, people, 8 threads on the front page?

We need a new boiler or we won't have heat this winter...

I blame GOPisEvil

I hate when people stream music on personal pages.

What's your obscure musical love of the moment?

I think Alton Brown should kill the "food 9-11" guy, and the "secret life of" idiot

California Peggy's epistemology of soteriology is ontologically bankrupt

Need a screensaver for my young cat to watch! Help please!

My favorite Hitler quotes

What's your favorite type of fashion wear?

Raise your hand if you like the new "views" feature!

Who sends Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza cards, and why?

Questionnaire: Oasis' Noel Gallagher

Jeffrey Ross just insulted Darth Vader on Olbermann....

Do you believe Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman on TV?

Forget Ted Haggard! Ted Striker should be your focus!!

Have you seen that TV show, "Cheaters?"

Letters to God found dumped off New Jersey coast

What's with women and jewelry parties?

I'm back! Who's here to welcome me?

My fantasy...

Five questions

I just had to leave a bulletin board I liked a lot.

Radio Lady Previews: "Stranger Than Fiction" (This Movie Opens Wide on Nov. 10th!)

OK, I owe you an update: I'm not getting divorced right yet.

Just 20 posts to the dread 700 club, who's gonna help me here?

Rabrrrrrr keeps this picture in his Love Den

I PASSED THE TEXAS BAR EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help me with a punishment for a husband who eats crackers and cookies in bed!

Do Haggard's 14,000 church members feel taken?

Choose your favourite proof of gods existence.

49 yo gay male hustler ??

Full Moon in Taurus - Sunday, November 5, 2006 - 7:58am EST

OT: but I have to share my excitement

McCain not running due to health - This is a persistent rumor

The Lowell Sun says, no damage done

Another good one - The Albany Times Union

Just a quick hello and to say my hubby got to stand on stage with Bill Clinton today!

Is anyone watching the HBO special on the '04 election?

My local paper printed my LTTE for Menendez

Call out to kos posters....

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF AUTUMN

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF AUTUMN

Anyone watching the Lamont/Schlesinger debate? If so, do tell

AWESOME Cafferty question:

Gee, where ARE those Haggard sex headlines on MSM web sites?

Press release from the church and more (He graduated from Oral Robert's univ)

Okay, what's up with this double life thing?

20 Breaking News headlines on Free Republic

want to know Haggard's accuser's measurements?

HELL YES! Another Dem pulls ahead in a house race, NH-1, 36 point swing for the Dem! Unbelievable!

NBC's report on the "nasty" Tenn. election

If you want to know why some of us are so excited about the Haggard story, watch this

Fuck Tweety

Is Tweety Hot for Sherrod Brown?

OK MSM cut the crap

dupe -- please delete

Another BushCo Signing Statement

Civics 101...a television program i'd like to see.

Weapons of mass destruction found

Wal-Mart: 'gay-friendly' & proud of it (Baptists are upset, cry me a river)

Guardian:British believe Bush more dangerous than Kim Jong-il

Another Evangelical Not Practicing What He Preaches!

So, how's your ill-conceived war going, *W*? Great, eh?

Can someone answer a question for me?

Haggard has resigned!!

NOW YOU KNOW from amnesty international .

One of my son's Fraternity Brothers is a Freeper Par Excellant

Anyone have a list of Gopers that Haggard has endorsed?

Hey, Jomentum. Did KKKarl tell you to use street money?

Weather for election day looks good...

11/14-Criminal Investigtion-Rummy & Gonzales & Other Key Bush Admin Officials (The Nation)

Chris Matthews just nailed Tony Perkins

Tweety: Santorum will give a Churchillian Concession

$100 If You Can List All The Republicans Under Investigation Or Convicted In One Breath

Ted Haggard's website has an "In the News" section...needs updatin'

I hope Creflo Dollar gets busted next

Texas school district bans girls' leggings

Dick Cavett Ingmar Bergman TCM 8:00 EST

I almost feel sorry for minister Haggard

Gee, NOTHING on drudge re: Haggard

Only in California...

If those serving in Iraq are so smart....

Rothenberg predicts Dems win both House and Senate

Checked out Ted Haggard's website yet?

Dems in key senate races in '06, which has the best chance of being president


More bizarre personal attacks in one day than in five years

Rev. Ted Haggard getting down!


On their election-results pages, CNN has "Service Personnel Killed in Iraq/Afg" for each state

Cafferty just said 98 % of viewer comments he read stated "Impeach *"

Over $68,000 raised to run the LIE/DIE ads for 22 candidates

Evangelical leader quits after gay sex allegation

Maybe Reverend Haggard is a Pentecostal

A two-fer:

Olbermann To Feature HBO "Hacking Democracy" Segment Tonight

In response to Carolinayellowdog:

Heh heh heh. I shut a freeper type up today.

Is their plan to concede the House, and steal to keep the Senate?

GOP rep. Don Sherwood (PA-10) paying off abused mistress $500K

If Stu Rotherberg is right!!!!!!.......

US General Calls Iraq "A Work Of Art In Progress"

This is NOT the Presidential Daily Briefing

Ted Haggard should apologize

TN-Sen: Ford Surges in New Poll


President Botched

Iraq War Leaving Mental Scars

Why would you pay $500K to keep a job paying 100K w/job security for 2 yrs?

Chirac urges foreign troops' withdrawal from Iraq

Real Time lineup: Alec Baldwin, Robert Greenwald and Jack Kingston (R-GA)

"She's (Laura Bush) is a librarian..a real intellectual." Tweety

Blitzer failed to challenge Boehner on false claims about war, ethics

what sacrifice has Bush made, you may ask. well....

ABC radio orders its affiliates to blacklist some ads from Air America.

Craig Crawford on Olberman was just talking about how


Evangelical leader quits after gay sex allegation

skinner is going totally wild with posting videos. . .what does this mean???

DU Archives Reveal! Iraq Tri-Partheid was Proposed long Before Biden!

HAHA, Dead Intern Joe just did a Freudian slip. Referred to Reid as

Just need to have a quick word with my fellow African-American voters

Kerry Blog: Fighting Words on Youtube (greatest hits)

Help me here! "Married Father of Five Pays to Have Gay Sex Once a Week?

A thanks to Wiley 50

How awesome is Jack Cafferty?

When is Abramoff going down for the murder of Gus Boulis?

Thanks For The Malloy Link....

Literally EVERY morning for the past 5+ years, I've gotten out of bed

"The Powell Doctrine" What is it and why did Bush ignore it?

I recall a few weeks after Foley someone posted that a new gay scandal would be "atomic'

Iraq a 'work of art in progress' says US general after 49 die

Not only has the Christian right been duped by the Repub administration

They caught the guy that started the fire that killed all those

If someone built a career saying left-handed people were going to hell

What do you all think of this Haggard situation?

So Webb is a decorated war vet and his son is serving in Iraq.

WFSWJN (Which Flu Shots Would Jesus Nix?)

IRAQ, Iraq, Iraq...this is the message

Christopher Hitchens defending Kerry? bashing Iraq and bush ?!

Delay calls upcoming election "very strange"

Screenshot of the day - Ted Haggard...vocal gay

Keith's Comments DVD Giveaway

Massage by Mike--Ted Haggards friend?

What is the $ cost of a vote?

SELL! SELL !!! SELL!!!!!!

I cannot stand to see that "woman" on tv with Andy....

My letter to Senator McCain.

War! "If it feels good do it." AWOL B criticizes the morals of Americans.

How did the remains from the flight attendant get in the NY sewer?

About that preacher named Haggard...

UGH! White House admits they are politicizing Saddam verdict.

I think Iran is trying to manipulate our elections with this missile firing

British believe Bush more dangerous than Kim Jong-il

Drudge claiming NYT will break story on Iraq nukes Friday

Letters To God End Up In Ocean....

Evidence of Cheney's and Rumsfeld's "fantastic jobs"

So thats Bev Harris huh?......HBO

No more fish to eat in 40 years

WH Launches/Confirms Campaign To Politicize Saddam Verdict Ahead of Elections

America fights to take charge of UN peacekeepers around world

They can't steal my vote!

Did Bush administration playing politics with Iraq give SECRETS TO IRAN?

AP: Scientists Study Political-Genetic Link

It ain't about the gay, it's about being a reich-wing hypocrite


Scary/hilarious BFEE photo

A chat with a freeper about flag burning amendments and such

Anyone care to comment on this?

"Only 50 Years Left" for world's ocean fisheries.

(TOON) Halloween may be over, but this mask is a real scare

NYT: U.S. Web site shut down after posting (VERY REAL) Nuke Bomb Trigger Plans!

Four Letters: G O T V

IRAQ! Dead and wounded Americans!!

Oh my God, they finally figured out she was a GIRL, and not a WOMAN!

Greenberg Poll Indicates Botched Joke Bolsters Dems

First post-Kerry poll in Colorado: Democratic candidate for Governor increases lead!

The last governor walked backwards up the steps to his plane, his pistol drawn...

If you voted on a Diebold machine this year, WE WARNED YOU...

Jon Stewart following up on HBO's special. Election fraud happening

Just Out Of Curiosity - How many E-Voting Machines... -->

Freepers: New York Times Confirms Iraqi Nuclear Weapons Program

Are you watching HBO "Hacking Democracy"?

Freepers trying to spin NYT report, saying it proves Saddam was near nukes

Be careful what you ask for: E-voting fraud coverage

Go to the polls with our middle fingers dyed purple.


I felt guilty that I had to stop watching "Hacking Democracy" until...

Cheney is still working the Kerry thing!! - transcript - (can he possibly be a bigger Asshole!)

Abu Ghraib Soldier Convicted Of Abuse Heading Back To Iraq To Train Police

If this Haggard story is true....

I feel sorry for people like Haggard. I really do.

Is anyone as freaked out as I am...

Out of the Past: It's MARJOE!

Bush says Dems "already measuring drapes" for their offices in Congress ...

Tom Cruise, top news for HOURS and HOURS at

which state, county and/or town will be the first throw their electronic vot mach. in the river?

Anyone catch what HBO is airing between two showings of "Hacking Democracy"?

Okay, I've been watching HBO for half an hour now...

James Caviezel is on my permanent sh-t list...

Duplicate - please delete

Osama could appear live on FOX News and it wouldn't help the RePUKES


GOP biggest fear is near: The Long Arm of The Law

OMG, Ron Reagan on Colbert! Doing Colbert's hair! The Full Gipper!

Oh, this nuclear program - the one the Big Dawg took out in 1998?!

I must say...

Bush: There will be "Enormous Consequences" for the GOP if Democrats win

1/2 hour film about Dominican Sisters has Haggard trashing them.

This haggard thing could affect Crist; more homosexuality in the

Three boobs on a horse

Recap: to bolster WMD claims Bush put nuke secerets online because we lacked translators

Harper's Magazine article about Haggard and New Life Church:

"Wasn't what Kerry said GROSS?"

Helen Thomas: Election A Referendum On War AND On Administration's Credibility

Michael Savage is such a FRAUD!!! Re:Kerry

Anyone know what this Drudge headline is about?

It is time for the rage of a nation to reach fruition................

Prediction: Osama will release a video tape on Friday or Monday

An Inconvenient Truth Available on DVD Nov 21st - Preorder Now!

Are All Republicans Gay Hypocites? I wonder

I'll be on the front lines this Tuesday

Had to pass this on from another forum...

Wow man. Check out that brilliant Rove CHOREOGRAPHY

The case of the missing Pelosi. This is HUGH I'm SERIES

A little more info on Haggard, not as hypocritical as

In the eyes of evangelicals, we're still worse.

"Hacking Democracy" am I missing something?

Results in key Senate races - Reuters poll

The Evangelical Right Quiz, and "The sinner's guide to the Evangelical Right"

Montanans Voting for Change; Voting for Tester (aparently leading by 21% in early voting)

Sorry Rev. Haggart, you're EXCLUDED from the kingdom of God, its the rules!

Barbaro’s cast may be removed soon

I just remembered something today.

What does the term "looks gay" mean?

My best friend's brother just got orders - going to Iraq.

Need help! Contact Imus to tell him Rick Santorum LIED to him this morning

What did Bev Harris do for Christsakes? On edit, I really didn't


Key Evangelical quits amid gay sex claim

MP3: Vote on Election Day (song I wrote in 2004)

NYT Friedman: Insulting Our Troops, and Our Intelligence

Public service announcement!

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt (apologies to Mark Twain)

Religious Rightwingers LIE ABOUT GAY PEOPLE

Join me in making a list of people WE are going to send RECRUITMENT FORMS to:

It was good to see Andy. What a legacy. RIP, Andy. We miss you.



Duncan Hunter staffers sneak pink slip for Iraq Inspector General in war bill

Breaking + Powerful Prediction

Best, Most Clueless Freeper Post Ever! (Haggard, of course)

How many people were brought back to DU by the attack on Kerry?

Of course bush will keep rumsfeld & cheney, they've been a package...

FYI: "Hacking Democracy" coming up on HBO, 8pmCT. nt

I got a mailer today from the NRA

I just got a Religious political mailer RIPPING on the GOP! It quotes James Dobson!

From Oregon Via Oaxaca: From (to) All Our Hearts

Eyewitness UPDATE from OAXACA

Gas prices headed back up --> $.06 overnight here...

Go see the You Tube video that AmericaBlog just put up!

I guess I was wrong to "take a knee" here -

I am beginning to think the Kerry episode energized our base more than theirs

Seems like wave II of subliminal Gay bashing is upon us.

Last week at the vigil I spent the entire hour on my knees

Borat on Daily Show: Making Fun Of Barbara Bush

Fallwell on CNN discussing Haggard

Keith is on the voting disparagies

Dear Gay Community: Out Them All

Let's all give it up for DUer IpbK2713!

(TOON) Steve Bell: Death Becomes Him

Lookie what I found a Katherine Harris forum board...have fun

if pastor hagard did nothing wrong, why step down???

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I trust that there will be no posts here on Tuesday. Make that pledge.


More dirt on Tom Reynolds (possible affair with aide?)

Photos From Today's Battle Of Oaxaca


The Real Lesson from Haggard's Homosexual Trysts.


RIP, Andy

Live Free or DieBold! That's what I am talking about. I have said

I'll say this ONCE. It is not about "gay bashing" It's about hypocrisy

God Bless Bev Harris!


I'll Straight Up Tell You Who Needs To Apologize: America's Bullshit 4th Estate...

Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman To Write Weekly Newspaper Column

Dear Gay folks, please forgive us during these outtages, some are ignorant

Caption the Rev. Jerry Falwell relaxing at the pool and reading his bible....

Ugly Betty Is on...

SOL Libby

I think it is somehow a little shameful that we seem to be gloating over Haggard

If you are over 50 , how does the future appear ?

NYT - BUSH Admin Put Dangerous NUKE SECRETS On Web!

What's the problem with embryonic cloning?

Thanks to all the DU activists who worked on exposing election fraud

RED ALERT: Federal Observers And Monitors Heading To Polls - CNN

Women's Voices. Women Vote. "My First Time"

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust

The Big Lie

The Truth Behind the U.S. Occupation of Iraq - Intended to be Permanent?

Megachurch Pastor Ted Haggard Caught In Gay Sex Scandal (Prostitute Speaks)

9/11 Truth: How Think Tanks Took Control of U.S. Government

CNN: Three Generals Say Rumsfeld Needs to Go

Richard Dawkins' Documentary -The Root of All Evil - The God Delusion (1 of 2)

Eminem - Mosh (Investigate 9/11)

Andrea Mitchell Interviews Sherrod Brown

CNN: Jeff Greenfied says Stuart Rothenberg predicts Dem Pickup of House and Senate

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Ted Haggard Bashing Gays - from JESUS CAMP the Movie

Democracy (1945) by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

i'll ask again.....what will you do on Nov 8 after the repukes use....

Correct Spin: In effort to bolster Iraq WMD claims Bush admin stupidly gave nuke info to IRAN

So, in 2004, did Kerry stand down so we would stand up?

Survey USA Approval of US Senators

Ken Mehlman, what the heck is a "nimble" congress?

Here's a prediction: Russ Feingold for President in 2008

Thank you Ion Sancho. A million thanks for doing the right thing


Tsunami, Tidal Wave, Ripple, or Low Tide?

Tweety thinks that Bush plans to serve with the Peace Corps in Africa at the end of his term

Paul Newman weighs in for Lamont !!! ad Takes Swing At Joe!

Voters Bill of Rights

Why do Democrats like Murtha apologize for War in Iraq?

CNN doing a FAUX - Mislabels GOP Candidate Steele! SEE!

is there any doubt now.....that repubs are human garbage?

I'm here in Northern California and registered to

Just wondering if ANY candidate has mentioned reversing the Military Commissions Act

Help me...Where should the VoteVets ad go next?

Caption **** in Montana...

Should We Be Worried About This ???

Seems we need Jimmy Carter to come in and observe this election!

strib LTTE: Bachmann's church

Is Jim Webb's name really missing on some ballots

Fox News’s total audience fell 24 percent in the past year

A Better America: Hold Elections Every Month!

Please DU this poll to vote democratic

I watched the evening news tonight

Watch a preview of Hacking Democracy. See what we are REALLY up against!

Al Gore asks you to help Jim Davis (Dem FL Governor candidate)

Colbert show, after the video of white women saying "Harold, call me"

MSNBC BREAKING (Hardball): Laura Bush phenomenal, spectacular, everyone likes her

When does the 'Attack on Christmas' begin?

Four Letters: G O T V

PLEASE, Could all INTERNATIONAL CRITICS of Bush be QUIET FOR 5 Days -- i.e. Iran, N.Korea

Don't let them steal it this time....Volunteer if you can.

OOPS. double post!!

Gas prices headed back up --> $.06 overnight here...

Okay, kind of a tough question:

Howard Dean bashing *, comming up soon on the

Do you hear the people sing?

Why Dems are Scattered

ABC news finally mentions "hackable democracy", with a ?

LOL Steve Buyer (R-IN) Chairman VC Pisses off VSO's

Will Obama run for 08?

Worked on a campaign where half the workers are ex-GOP

Make the Final Push - "your time is just as important as your money" (Ted Kennedy email)

It is not only Americans that have a lot to lose or gain

LISTEN & ENJOY: Weekly Radio Address Nov 2005

Powerful Prediction CNN

A real patriot vs. a patriot "act"...

Richard Perle called the Bush administration "dysfunctional."

Remember in November, Shrub's lies started in 2000 ....

What Will Be The *Co Excuse If the Iraq Death Toll Continues To.... --- "Heading to the polls"

2006, two political parties vie for your vote. One is the dominant

Vanity Fair: Neo Culpa (or Now They Tell Us)

Hacking Democracy (bittorrent video)

'Neidermeyer? Dead!'

Problems of world could be solved following the teaching of Islam: Charles

Bus: US must stay in Iraq to control Oil (really?!! this was always the plan)

TIME: A Mega-Scandal for a Mega-Church

New worries about the reliability of U.S. voting machines (from Agence France Press)


Hersch - Murdering kids in Iraq

Tester is our choice for Senate | Montana Standard

Love your children, those little terrors

Dems win Congress; how soon until there is a fuel-economy bill on the president's desk?

How best to use biomass? (Chemistry World)

Will seafood nets be empty? Grim outlook draws skeptics

Odd Ice Warning - More Than 100 Icebergs Spotted Just South Of New Zealand - AFP

Full-Spectrum Solar Cells

For 2nd Year Running, Partial Failure Of Cold Current Along CA Coast

MIT Survey: Climate Change Tops Americans’ Environmental Concerns

hatrack is chasing the grim reaper today...

Gov. Goodhair Just Loooooooooves Him Some Coal-Fired Power Plants

UK Fisheries Minister Worries About Report, Won't Close Cod Fishery

California GHG Emissions Up 14% 1990 - 2004 - Reuters

Faster Glacial Melting Swells Size Of China's Biggest Salt Lake - P.D.

Indonesian Forest Fires Finally Dying - Gvn Claims 90% Extinguished - Reuters

India's PM Lashes Out At Ozone Protection Treaty - Might Hurt Economic Growth - ENN

U.S. Pesticide Stockpile Under Scrutiny (methyl bromide)

Paul O'Neil - Canada's 2050 Plan Way Too Late To Do Anything For Climate

Europe's 'ecological footprint' double sustainable levels

Blair Wants To Speed Up Talks On Post-Kyoto Agreement

U.S.: Wave of Attacks Planned in Nigeria (oil facilities)

If A Tree Falls During A Climate Debate, Does John Howard Hear It?

WMO - Atmospheric CO2, Nitrous Oxide Hit All-Time Record Highs In 2005 - Reuters

Nicholas Stern - Australia's Water Problems Have Potential To Become Far Worse

FERC raises electric rates (Maine, New England)

A Mine's Still-Toxic Legacy

Solar World: A glowing report for 2006

Ghana Telecom to go solar

Bread Basket Case (Grist)

Incumbent Moran (R-KS) stresses alternative energy production

Tropical peat bogs stoke global warming-report (Reuters)

New Nuclear Reactors Proposed Around the World Now Number 160.

Likely 4-Year Delay In Blair Plan To Include Aviation In Emission Trading

NYT: Israeli troops kill 2 women shielding militants

Kissinger powwows with Jewish leaders on Iranian threat to Israel

Egypt and weapons smuggling / Empty promises to prevent 'Hamastan'

Report: IDF opens fire on women shielding militants

Breaking: Sharon deteriorates

Haniyeh: IDF operation is massacre

Israel is out of control....Is it any wonder they are hated?

Key data withheld from army officers during Lebanon war

Sharon transferred to Intensive Care (JPost)

Report: Insurgents stock missiles in their Gaza homes

"Forbidden Truth" authors apologize for bin Mahfouz allegations

New 9/11 Timelines Entries for October

Re Camp Falcon--Night before last talked to an Iraq War Vet

So Much For Prof Jones. Paper rejected by his own University

Holy Cow ! TerrorStorm is in the top20 selling DVDs at Amazon

Jon Stewart E-voting video clip with Dobbs, etc. up now - excellent!


Ways voters can safeguard their votes

Special! Election Integrity Marathon Coverage Election Night!

Breaking! The Pentagon Papers of Electronic Voting!

27 Cuyahoga Voters Found to be Dead

Voter Suppression Tactics Could Mar '06 Election, New Publication Finds

The power of a social movement can beat the GOP double Chickenhawks

TruthIsAll - Autorank - Lets Monitor this sucker- A few people - a small task

Some reviews about "Hacking Democracy"

Hacking Democracy (bittorrent video)

Test Spits Out Wrong Results At Cuyahoga Board Of Elections

Humboldt Registrar Crnich To Propose 10% Manual Audit

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 11/3/06 Power To The People

On the eve of the 2006 (s)election: Two reviews of "Eternal Vigilance"

I am a poll worker where we use Touchscreens. Ask me anything.


LISTEN ONLINE: Today at 1:50PM PST, Dave Berman Radio Interview on KZYX

Miami County, Ohio 04 Audit Log Missing-Votes Never Cast Included In Count

Both sides find reason to cheer President Bush's visit

RCP Now Predicts DEM Control of Senate

(4600) ROTC applicants' data on stolen computer

AP: Kidnapped Iraqi Journalist Found Dead

Problems of world could be solved following the teaching of Islam: Charles

BBC: Italian 'released in Afghanistan'

IBM 4th Chennai facility soon (India)

Nurse tries to involutarily commit ex-boyfriend.

French Magistrate Says Iraqi Terrorist Veterans Threaten Europe

Voice expert believes Haggard contacted male escort (Voice Mail Transcripts)

Reuters: Police find 57 murdered in Baghdad in 24 hours

U.S. Lags in Several Areas of Health Care, Study Finds

Bush coming to Nebraska to campaign for Smith

U.S. shuts Web site said to reveal nuclear guide: report

Poll shows increased support for banning gay marriage

Schwarzenegger Urges Iraq Pullout Deadline

Bush: Chief Justice Good Reason to Vote for the GOP

BBC: Taiwan's Chen in corruption case

9,300 (Navy) reservists to be mobilized over next 12 months

AP: Iraq's defense minister cancels all leave for soldiers ahead of Saddam trial verdict

(Republican) Buchanan's Iraq remark draws skeptical laughs (from veterans)

Democratic primary loser Lieberman looks like a November winner

Sharon taken to intensive care

Leading House Republican: Iraq not a reflection on me

Negroponte visits Baghdad amid U.S.-Iraqi tensions

Lincoln Group gets DoD (multimillion) deal to work in Baghdad

U.S. speeds attack plans for North Korea

Dog handler in Abu Ghraib abuse case won't go to Iraq

LaTourette's voting record is focus of City Club debate

BBC: Polish suicide sparks school plan

Kucinich on MSNBC now talking about shutting down Iraq auditor

Torture violates U.S. values, human dignity, statement U.S. bishops’ prez signed says

Iraq on high alert ahead of Saddam verdict

Jones and "art"

The National Transportation Safety Board blames a stiff wind for the plane crash in New York last mo

WP: Last-Minute Push Polls Send Some Voters Over the Edge

Saddam verdict on Sunday (2 days before U.S. Election)

Once a long shot, Hall closes N.Y. gap

Ehrlich returns campaign money:Half-million funneled through federal account in violation of state l

(Sinclair TV's) Hyman to stop his 'The Point' remarks, says 'I'm exhausted'

U.S. needs "sexual literacy" - ex-surgeon generals

Voting machines vulnerable, says report by UConn faculty (Paper ballots!)

Senators: Keep Iraq watchdog office

In (New Hampshire) House races, poll shows Democrats surging

Trade to top China-Africa summit

Evangelical leader says he bought meth

BBC: First female governor in Nigeria

Well-connected firm takes on Halliburton for lucrative Army deal

Carter Says Claim That North Korea Cheated `Completely False'

Reuters: U.S. wants to head UN peacekeeping under Ban Ki-Moon

WNBC.COM EXCLUSIVE: First Video Of 9/11 Terrorist

DW: Survey: Germans Losing Faith in Democracy and Social Justice

Saddam says his sentencing timed to boost Bush

Bush paints Republicans as only answer on Iraq

WP: Record Numbers Casting Absentee Ballots in Va. (Esp. Northern)

Iraq: Insurgent group unveils new rocket (named after 14-year-old Iraqi girl)

Haggard sex allegations could shape votes, political observers say

GOP Congressman Paying Ex-Mistress $500K

DePetro ’stunned’ by firing

Mexico riot police retreat as violence flares

Judge Says Ohio Counties Can Scan Absentee Ballots Early

U.N.: Nearly 100,000 flee Iraq monthly

UN refugee agency sounds alarm over crisis in Iraq

White House says it's in Dem's DNA to spend money

Seven US troops killed in Iraq (Thursday)

Britons wary of Bush more than Kim Jong-il: poll

GOP sees drop in number of voters (Mass.)

Serious Security Breach at Los Alamos

Scandal-tainted Ohio congressman (Ney) resigns

Bush campaigns in Missouri, heads for Iowa, Nebraska

Nun who helped at Ground Zero dies

Iraq cancels leave for military officers

Vt.'s Sanders poised to be 1st Senate socialist (BERNIE!)

BBC: Greenhouse gases hit record high

Last Call's Early For Joe Lieberman As Hecklers Crash Party

Voting machine smartcards missing: GOP

Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students to Get Them to Enlist

GOP May've Overplayed Gambling Bill Hand (drip drip drip

Jeb snaps at reporter at Orlando campaign stop (calls reporter "horse's ass")

Five U.S. troops die in Iraq

U.S. seeks another exemption for globally banned pesticide

Breaking: Overnight Development In Haggard Accusations (Haggard admits to 'some indiscretions')

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 3

NYT: Fearing Slow Holiday Sales, Wal-Mart Cuts Prices

Kerry remarks draw response in Nebraska races

Dow ends down 33 amid jump in oil prices

Entire White House due in Colorado today

Iran-Contra Foes North, Ortega Face Off in Nicaragua Again

Air America hires blogger tackled by Allen backers

Spin alert:: AP:Unemployment Rate Falls, Payrolls Grow

VFW Endorses Illinois GOP Candidate Over Iraq War Veteran

Racial Slurs Hurled at Crowd Gathered to Meet Ford.

Denver Post: Haggard's accuser fails lie detector

Test Spits Out Wrong Results At Board Of Elections (OH)

Reichert bragged about getting finger-waving bus driver fired

Baptist Convention told: Muslims 'are here to take over our country'

Saudi court sentences rape victim to 90 lashes

Storm over Venezuela video claim

New gig has Chelsea hedging into big money

Accused pastor admits to buying meth

Gov candidate Mike Hatch calls reporter "a Republican whore."

Talk Show Host Fired For On-Air Insults About Openly Gay Candidate For Governor


Do you wish there were a compromise of the Lounge and GD/GD-P?

Craig Crawford sounds like Don Knotts...

Great flash animation: Album cover war

'Rap Music Serves to Weaken Nation's Moral Values'

With a tip of my hat to Blue-Jay's famous "B*sh/Squirrel" pic....

A pic thread (pics of anything welcome!)


Do you hate e-mail spam?

Good night Lounge, I'm going to bed.


Am I the only one who's sick of Borax? (lame copycat)

Does anyone else ever get so damn tired that they double post?

Just put out my eyes...

I feel PAT...UGH!

Public service announcement

Man Posts His Own Sex Offender Photo On MySpace - Arrested

Campaign Flyer Fails To Note Candidate (R) Is DEAD

New Orleans - We put the FUN in Funerals

"Victory Rally" looks to have lost Talent the MSSU vote


Boy Killed While Filming Pedestrian Safety Video (Run Over By Car)

You know who suffers the most from the Haggard scandal?

South Korea Moves To Legalize Miniskirts

Police Accuse 3-Month-Old Of Robbery

I'm AMPED this morning!!

What do you think of Save the Males?

WOOHOO!!! Delaware is no longer the only state without a Commericial Airport

Old family Photos - ***dialup warning***

Cool. Alice In Chains singer's life could become a movie,

So if Laura Bush is the First Lady,

Teen Broke Into Home - Ordered $250 Worth Of Porn - Arrested

So, it isn't working

Would you vote for these TV politicians?

Am I the only one who's sick of Borat?

Anyone know of a place that sells nice gift baskets with meats?

Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry -*bzzzt*- Haggard Haggard Haggard Haggard

Candy Crowley in...denim?

Help me with new 08 tickets for Re-pukes

My god, Freepers are hypocritacal buggers. A Haggard thread for your perusal:

RW Boston Radio Show Host Thrown Off The Air - Called Candidate "Fat Lesbian"

I don't like humor based on tricking people. What about you?

OMG, Ellen Degeneres is showing Sandra Bullock her Java.

Moranic comment of the day.

Had my wisdom teeth yanked Wednesday.

*computer question* HELP!!

This is how a newspaper Police Report should be done...

My new kitten will be here in three hours

Man steals 5,000 pairs of shoes to savor the odor

Does DU Need a Pamprin Fairy?

OMG, Ellen DeGeneres is showing Sandra Bullock her oyster!

OMG! I am fucking killing Midlodemocrat today!

My head smells like cucumber

I'm looking forward to a boring Friday

Does anyone know where spoons go?

Rumor nobody cares about: Prairie Prince out of The Tubes?

LOST Theory. OK, this just made my head explode.

I've never seen the greenday u2 video

Oh My God it's a lovely day!

Good morning my friends

CSI last night... (slight spoiler)

A funny phone call I got yesterday..

Weird..... (cue Twilight Zone music)

Flavor Flav has 7th child on the way and not from the winner of "Flavor of Love"

yvr girl is totally skewing flvegan's constant

You want to see a really weird old promotional commercial for Chevrolet?

So, I'm helping my seven-yr-old study for his test on insects today (funny!)

Let your morning evolve... with ZombyCoffee!

I am the height of domestication today.

Poor Radio_Lady. Starts a lovely, thoughtful post about sig lines

I freaked out some Apple store people ...

There are things in life we cannot change.

So a girl I know wants to open up a quick service taco restaurant

Is it really wrong to use up every inch of the space which has been provided for us in the headings?

Halloween in Athens, Most haunted city in Ohio, and big time party school

Women of DU (and men with gynecomastia), It is Friday!

Inspired by KitchenWitch's domesticity, I'll be making this can stop whispering now

It takes a big man to cry,

I'm leaving for THE interview

I'm just about fed up with this shit

Sales tax question

I just want to say, no matter what happens on Tuesday - I love you all

Okay, it's official. I hate Borat. He gives me a freakin' headache.

Thought Of The Day

I'm leaving PU

Just so you don't worry...

Step Right Up!!! The George Allen Insult Generator!!!

So Pastor Ted's written some interesting books...

Just Got Back From Seeing Borat (NO SPOILERS INSIDE)

I didn't get the memo...

It's Like Savin' Up A Good Fart

Woman Sexually Assaults HER Son On Video - Man Forwards The Video - HE Is Arrested

What movie do you hate the most?

I'm from Colorado Springs, Colorado, ask me anything!

Does anyone else ever get so damn tired that they can't sleep?

Video: Don't Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford

Need itunes help!

Anybody speak Roumanian???

If you don't like brainiacs...

Now that the fires are over.. a Thank you to our fantastic firefighters

Man, Germany has some huge bugs

Police Escort Man Out Of Gym For Grunting

Just Because You Want to Orgy with 6 College Guys, That Doesn't Make You Gay

I'm feeling a little down.

Yes, it's true - I, too, dated Ted Haggard for years as his concubine.

Happy Birthday Jeremy Brett!

Here's the October Suprise: Brangelina reportedly threatened by Al-Qaeda group

Which celebrities have you heard from this week?

Nobody loves me

how come I never get a straight answer to this question?

OMG, Ellen Degeneres is showing Sandra Bullock her python.

DU MECHANICS: advice please!

View counts keep accumulating even after a lock

A small grouse:

PowerPoint Question

How a Real Man bathes

What Would You Say Are The Top 10 Funniest Films Of The Last 10 Years?

You know what I seem to be good at sometimes?

"I smoked pole but I didn't inhale" -- Is that it?

Some funny Pics and cartoons.

Any recommendations fro satellite radio?

Quit criticizing and making fun of Haggard!

Happy birthday mikeytherat & Qanisqineq

Ever heard of a hamdog? Now THIS is gross!

Wordsmiths: Is it recreate or re-create?

Q: What is Haggart's favorite church?

Asylum Street Spankers: Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your SUV

Miss Great Britain loses title for dating judge.. aaw.. poor baby

Is the World Series over? Who won?

Just curious: How many of the DU MySpace users have been propositioned?

Daughters first modeling job--for free.....

Athletes you admire from teams you don't!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/03/06)

i used to feel sorry for zero response threads but,

Any DUers on Facebook?

The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads

just a reminder of war

(AP) Rove jumps shark +Marianas Islands!!!!!!

Alternative uses for Meth thread

How in the heck do I get static electricity out of FURNITURE?!

Haven't Spoken To My Sister In 5 Years - Should I Call Her?

Hi I'm GoPsUx and I'm Gay

Intrigued by the comments from DUers? Here are some I've noticed and like very much:

Did Dave Letterman get married? Rosie congratulated him

Take the Quiz - how knowledgeable are you about current events

Anybody else worried that if you vote straight "D" they'll...

Take a moment to recall Olympic greatness. After one tight competition...

To all closeted gay people (especially rethugs)..

notsodumbhillbilly, enjoy your new star!

I'm Back...ish.

I'm in a pickle, and need some advice, please.

Come on, baby, lets go downtown,

LynneSin's current events quiz got me thinking...

Lakers, baby

"Stevie Ray Vaughan is dead..."

If your house was on fire, what would you grab?

Preschool is haaard work!

What do you miss?

Do you live in one of the top 25 most dangerous cities in the US?

So what do you do when someone else takes credit for your work?

I just got back from an Arlo Guthrie Concert - This Land is Made for You and Me!

You know what the most annoying phase kids go through is?

OMG, GOPisEvil is showing Rabrrrrrr his python

Friday, November 3rd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

For ALL of You Spending Friday Night in a Dem HQ's (like Me)

I want to welcome my friend uacpeace to DU!!

Smoked salmon is gross

How American Are you? Take the Quiz

Brady v. Manning: Let The Games Begin

Got a great meatloaf recipe? Hell, even a mediocre one will do... post it here!

Former omnis.... I want to get away from eating meat but I'm not looking to go totally vegan

Just had a HUGE fight with my brother the Dittohead.... I think it may be the last

Hello from New York City - a place I adore

Adrienne Shelly is dead.

The Woman in A Mink Coat - Fundamentalism in America

Tomorrow, for Episcopals, the first woman Presiding Bishop's investiture

Is it worse to be the hypocritical head of the Episcopal Church or

I don't believe in souls, but for those that do; is the soul in charge

Computer with Brain Connections Changing Quality of Life of Paralyzed

Iconic observatory reopens (Reuters/CNN) {Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles}

Preaching to his flock with a prostitutes DNA on/in him....


IN light of the revelation about Rev Haggard

Okay, real quick, I need a sentence from folks

The most amazing smack down of McCain stabbing Kerry in the back

Kerry may not be wrong after all - Recruiting: Whatever It Takes?

Please read about donations

Anyone around to give a recommendation here?

Check out Colbert's bit on The Kerry Nonsense

Support for JK in the News

The argument

Kos: In PA, no one cares about Kerry's botched joke

The site has the transcript and video of the Pasadena speech up

The corporate media don't want to let this thing die

OT These are comments like that that make me like Ed Rendell

ProSense...have I got a job for you.....

I need research help. Please!!

Is this delicious KARMA, or what?

I apologize on behalf of my Governor

Wake Up Dems! - John Kerry Was Helping the Party

Friedman gets it (via The Premise)

I want an apology (and also from Democratic strategists losing my time).

"Sheer idiocy"

OT: The new times thread viewed counter

My LTE to my local paper (I just sent it out)

GV , MH, Wisteria - Santorum is saying Casey supports terror

Another excellent blog entry regarding the joke kurfufal.

Who’s a Danger to Our National Security?

OT: Immoral and stupid!

First Snowfall in Germany 11/2/06

POLL ****** November Theme ********************

What a headline:


What you can DO NOW to protect your vote - and keep the rethugs from stealing it!

Bush scarier that Kim Jong-il: UK (Gaurdian) poll

Mike Webb is doing (no pun intended) the Haggard story


Americablog: How Bad Are Things For The Republicans? (Nebraska)

Greens Urge Support for People of Oaxaca Under Attack

Which Sways Votes? Kerry's Lame Joke or Bush's Lame Nuke Info Gift To Our Enemies?

Former U.S. soldier indicted for Iraq rape, murder

American-trained Salvadoran death squad soldier arrested in L.A.

Meth Amphetamines ( Rev. Ted )

Evidence that Kerry hasn't hurt us - In polling for MT-Sen, NJ-Sen, and MD-Sen

There's no sure thing about our Dems and this war that might be

Old News, OLBERMANN on board w/ fraud after the HBO doc.?!!

Ranks of independent voters rising

Another amoral republican: Rep. paying ex-mistress about $500K

Let's look back on DU as election day approaches, and remember

So I'm dating a fundie... we just filled out her absentee ballot


Do you think Americans are really this stupid?

Free legal vote advice

Be prepared to give yourself a pat on the back. This forum ...

We need to do our part with this nuclear secrets story.

WH campaigns SH verdit. NOV surprize?

Rob Reiner is going to direct a film written by Jim Webb

self delete

(Haggard): "He staked out gay bars, inviting men to come to his church"

Iraq veteran and war resister needs out help. . .

Ever get the feeling there are some photographers out there who hate *?

2,826 Troops now dead in W's war of choice

Rumor - Lieberman worried over own internal poll numbers

Kyl On 'Hot Seat' In Arizona

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 3 Nov 06 VOTE!

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were executed for passing nuclear secrets to the USSR

Iraq - What's the point?

Rep. Gibbons (R) admits role in software firm contracts, free vacations

Did Ohio State Sen. David Goodman & the Republicans wast a Million Bucks on TV?

Did The Bu$h Administration Put A Primer On Nuke Building On The Web?

Rightwing spin DEBUNKED: Iraq was "on the verge" of nukes in 1991 not 2002

Is the Ted Haggard sex scandal OUR "November Surprise" on the GOP?

Atomic Docs on Internet - lead story on TODAY

Urgent: DU this MSNBC poll on the Nastiest Campaign Ads

Anyone else betting on an incident in the Persian Gulf exercises with Iran this weekend?

Washington Journal: Do you plan to vote

How long are we going to give the bullies our lunch money?

An Email to CNN re: Ann Coulter....

DU This Poll about Kerry's flubbed joke

Which is worse?

British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il

Tom Cruise, top story at for Twelve Hours now.

DU oldtimers help me out here, before DieBold there was a man

Jesus Warned The Church....Stay Away From....

Good Morning America...Wow...just Wow. Starts with Haggard, on to Atomic docs,

You can be batshit crazy for only too long before reality intrudes.

When repubs use Coffins in THEIR ads, its patriotic, with Dems, its an insult.

I heard an interesting thing on NPR this morning

Bush: Thousands Of Registered Democrats Needed For 'Extremely Important' Mission

2008 G.O.P. Convention Schedule

Haggard had "direct access" to the Pretzeldente.

Lieberman says he will not forget who was with him and

Just heard Phil Flynn saying that most traders think the employment numbers

The righties need the Ten Commandments everywhere as a reminder!

Bush Seeks World Domination - Wants Unprecedented Control Of UN Forces

1 in 10 Americans belong to this organization?

Flashback on Falwell: To all those who think Jerry is not a hypocrite

Sabato predicting a complete GOP shut out

Voter suppression in DeLay's district. Imagine that.

Lieberman On Imus SLAMMING KERRY!

Former White House spokesman warns oil prices may 'jack up' after election

Haggard's followers shocked. Here are the audio and transcripts of the


Breaking: Massachusetts Supreme Court To Rule On Evangelical Marriage Today!

US Allies Believe Bush More Dangerous Than Anyone Except Bin Laden

The Nuke Secrets Story Is THE Issue

Where's Turd Blossom this morning

Elizabeth Dole: Democrats are happy losing in Iraq....STFU

Have You Had Difficulty Voting?

Fox & Friends (Lieberman may caucus with the GOP)

If Democrats really ARE behind exposing the hypocrites, BLESS EM!

Stating the obvious: Felix Allen is a Class A dunderhead...

A good thought for Today

Job growth 60k short of population growth...but unemployment "NEW LOW"

Democrats expected to gain in governors races

Uh--- Just wanted to let everyone know that Saddam will be found guilty...

So whose side is God on in this election and will he/she win?

US Allies Believe Bush More Dangerous Than Anyone Except Bin Laden

After Next Tuesday Who Will Resign First...

In the retail world, the holidays are shaping up to be a case study in the haves and have-nots.

WSJ Reporter on C-Span says Internet Investigators Driving MSM Reporters!

Lurking GOPUERS -How Do You Like Your Belated October Surprises?

Iraq KIA list, this is why I am voting for change.

Heckler of STREISAND is an Aussie, NOT a Shrub wingnut

Want to know why the Bush Admin and the GOP put nuke building instructions on the Internet?

C-SPAN WJ 9:30 iraq reconstruction with stuart bowen

Do you feel safe with the GOP passing out Nuke Secrets willy-nilly?

MSNBC -Haggard met with Bush several times

Do Military Recruiters Respect the Intelligence of the Students They Convince to Become Soldiers?

I smell an Internet Crackdown Coming... (Part II)

The US Supplied 278,000 Weapons to al-Sadr's Mahdi Army??

Isn't it odd that in one of the closest races Bush isn't campaigning?

Record Numbers Casting Absentee Ballots in VA

DEFINITION of BULLSHIT: No Foley Ethics Report Before Election Day

Here's a great idea for an ad - "Thanks GOP!"

Matt Lauer was disgusting with Andy Card this morning

56 Tortured to death in Baghdad last night, Victory is at hand!

Hong Le Webb speaks out in defense of her husband....

Poll: Britons warier of Bush than Kim Jong Il

Would Bush be having weekly chats with Jim Jones if he was still alive?

9/11 on his watch and publishing nuke secrets on internet...

After next Tuesday, Bush will become just a useful idiot.

Haggard Accuser is Deceptive

Democrats Predicted to Gain 38 seats in the House.

My eyewitness report of right-wing discouragement

The Nuke Plans on the web story wins us the Election

HAHA! Yet ANOTHER Dem pulls out in front! Idaho-1, (D) Grant pulls into the lead!

Israel is out of control....Is it any wonder they are hated?

Presidential Oath of Office

He who blows hardest about morality, has the most to hide. say AMEN!

Please UnFreep this poll on political ads

Armstrong Williams Is Discussing Male Prostitutes On MSNBC

Front Page on (AGAIN): "Lieberman Strikes Chord With GOP Voters" >

Lindsey Graham was just on CNN talking about Haggard

Some unsolicited advice for Pastor Ted

Whenever a repuke talks to you between now and Election Day

Chimperor goes to Colorado today. He WILL be asked about

Sorry, dupe

Cheney botches Kerry joke, calls him Kennedy

Saddam Verdict on Nov. 5th. How should Dem's respond?

Does Bush "understand" why there's an insurgency in Iraq?

Haggard admits "some indiscretions" to Associate Pastor

Repugs force cancellation of free flu shots at polling places.

Toon: Danish inteligence unveils N-Korea Nukeluar bomb

Will Osama speak today?

Between Foley and Haggard will fundies "just say no" to voting on Tue?

Thank you Pastor Haggard

The Rising Dem Wave May Push Bush To Start Another War....

Hear our new ad: "Fiddling Around"! Du'ers help needed, pleez!

Yahoo story on Bush publishing Nuke info on web

How I Can Tell Karl Rove Is Sweating...

I heard that experts see Thursday polls as definitive. So any results?

Coulter threatens no-show on CNN to avoid Sam Seder. He gets replaced.

What's next for Ted Haggard?

Soldier convicted of abusing detainees returning to Iraq

Haggard disclosure: political?

DIEBOLD is the GOP's secret weapon this year - but not how you think

Negroponte's visit to Iraq is about Sadaam's fate

Take pleasure to pinprick the G.W. Bush Voodoo doll!!

FREEPS Hate the NYT more than they love America

Bill Clinton: "We're not the party of cut and run, but there is something...

Can a TV Show, from "West Wing"'s Creator, With Dream Viewers But Low Ratings Survive?

An fascinating YouTube of Ted Haggard. My Gay-dar was 4 alarming...

Iraq a 'work of art in progress' says US general after 49 die

Ru$h Limbaugh waxes filosofikal on not finising college (BartCop)

The Pope should be terrified

23 Million Never Cashed in Gift Cards...

Voice Identification Expert - it is Haggard on these TWO VOICEMAILS!!

Iraqis: "This is America spitting in our face", Abu Ghraib offender returns to Iraq

Bush publishes a-bomb secrets on web but I can't see how my vote is counted?

In light of foley and haggard, how about we revisit guckert/gannon

"Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History" Captive Chimps' Sad Lives on Film

This Republican Male Prostitute and Crankhead for Christ story is a Rove diversion

Jerry Falwell LIED! He was at the PB Abortion Bill Signing with Haggard in 2003!

Going Negative: A brief and self-indulgent rant

WP: Michael J. Fox Says He Finds Validation In Public Interest on Stem Cells

is anybody suspicious about what may be going on at

Is this the most hypocritical scandal in the religious right's Hall of Hypocrisy? VOTE NOW.

WP, Robinson: How Low Will Bush Go? Scare Tactics Demean Politics and Voters

Yahoo post of the day

who do the terrorists support

I want an answer to this question! And I want it now!

has the Nuke Plans story been on MSRNC/CNN/FOX yet???

Mr President, Ted Haggard's on the phone

Card Blames New York Times For ‘Advertising’ Nuclear Secrets ‘To The World’

Reasons why this Haggard thing is political.

Someone PLEASE HIRE her! Bus Driver fired after giving Bush the finger!

Haggard: "If you send me a thousand dollars, I won't tell your wife"

Rudy. Newt. Sherwood. Haggard. I don't wanna hear about Monica ever again!

84 hours, 4 minutes 29 seconds until the vote.

Interesting spin: Bush ally quits evangelical post in gay scandal

Bush is coming to Greeley to campaign for Muskrat and Beauprez...

"GOP May've Overplayed Gambling Bill Hand"

United Nations refugee agency: 3.5 million Iraqis have fled their homes

If Heterosexuals so desperately want the word 'marriage' let them have it

*:"Anybody who is in a position to serve this country ought to understand the consequences of words"

Arizona - Pederson(D) leads Kyl(R) in early voting poll, closes gap in other polls

Caption *

Ted Haggard----Our November surprise.

Do unannounced visits to Iraq by Bush Admin Officials prove that it is NOT a sovereign nation?

Charlie Cook says 20 to 38 seats in the House


Pastor sends email to Haggard's church: "He confessed to the overseers

Lieberman to take calls on radio at 9:10 AM (EST) today

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

Iraq is a conservative's paradise...

Bush: even Rev. Jerry Falwell is sitting this election out with no endorsements?

Between Sabato, Cook and Rothenberg 71 GOP seats are in play

Why do conservatives care more about what people say rather than what they do?

Elizabeth Dole: Dems satisfied with losing Iraq

FSM spotted in Germany.

Any Word On The Sunday Talk Shows Yet?

A Plea to DUers: GOTV

US Nuclear web posting scandal. How about OpenGate as a name?

Enquiring minds want to know: Will Bush's disgraced personal


Leading House Republican: Iraq not a reflection on me

Breaking! The Pentagon Papers of Electronic Voting!

US stops audit of Iraq rebuilding

Slate: How Oprah and other infotainment programs encourage the mentally tardy to vote

Caption this * supporter

Froomkin: Who Has No Plan?

Name ONE progressive thing the republics have done since 1994

in the midst of gay-sex-for-pay scandal, Cheney heads for Colorado Springs..

Top 250 Google headlines about Haggard - just 3 mention connection to Bush W.House

Media Bistro: Chris Matthews on Blogs

Precarious Congress courts Jewish votes — and ire

Nuke counter-spin- or, rather, counter TRUTH:

country club republicans

Texas RW fails to disclose their candidates DEATH in campaign mailings

What do the experts say about electronic voting?

The wrong question being asked about the A-bomb secrets?

New Orleans - We put the FUN in funerals

Radio Host Fired Over Candidate Insult

Bush To Try To Save House Republican's Seat ... In Bright Red Nebraska?

Today's news dump must be horrible.

Surprise! Surprise! House Ethics Committee Won't Release Foley Report Until After Election Day

E-voting security flaws? - Election officials say fears overblown

Reepers deserve to have Nuke Secrets Scandal stuffed down their throats

I Haven't Written About Dadcom In A While - He Called Me Last Night

KUSA-Haggard Says He Purchased CrystalMeth From Male Prostitute One Time.

Another Mother's Son

How many seats do you think the Dems will gain in the Senate?

Haggard has said he is smirk's ‘Spiritual Consigliore‘

What will cause more scorn for Haggard, his drug use or his

'Fragging' case heads to military court

Deployment of convicted soldier stopped

a SoldiersPeace walk - completed successfully

Uh oh. US spy chief on secret Iraq mission right now (Negroponte)

Bush has no use for Whistleblowers

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel and the Repuke Poultry...

Brits consider Bush more dangerous than Kim Jong-Il

Will a democratic congress end military privatization?

Evangelical sex scandal on Good Morning America

Any time I see a Republican on TV now I can't help but wonder if they are perverts too

Should we boycott companies that boycott Air America Radio?

CAPTION the Fleeced but still Faithful...

The Entire Office Is Talking About Haggard Today

to the horror of everyone, it never stabilized. It just went down, down, down

Religious right preacher Ted Haggard allegedly wanted orgy with 18 year old guys

You WILL Believe What Timmie R. Just Said....

Republicans again prove they can't put up or shut up on national security

E-Mail Ballots for Military Questioned (no review, scrutiny, or oversight)

(AP) Rove jumps shark +Marianas Islands!!!!!!

Can I be the first to "call for an apology" from the Bush Aministration for POSTING NUCLEAR SECRETS

Are conservatives tolerant and giving in their relationships?

OMG..."Most GOPers buysexual"

This Week's Reeper Scandals

Is Harold Ford Jr. always so polite?

question about DU. Last election cycle, we had bandwith problems

Subject: A Song for You for the Election

An interesting observation from a class of mine today

Architect of Latin American Atrocities Slips Into Baghdad To Advise Junta

did Haggard pay for his drugs and gay sex with church money?

"Pure War-Nography" by Greg Palast: I WANT TO HURT SOMEBODY

Koreans seek warrants for US equity fund execs (Texas)

Sludge: Smartcards go missing in Tennessee

Saddam was a year away from a nuke - NYT!!!

Who had the animated gif of Ann Coulter flailing around in their sig?

New Poll result for TN Senate & Arizona Senate

Who is the "Arlington Group" and what did Reverend Ted tell Bush 4 days ago

Feds Investigate Bush Admin. Censorship Of Science:

Who is everyone voting for? Great chart.

I want an apology - Me too (and also from Democratic Stategists losing my time).

There's really only two days left. Its all over for them.

Watch For Keith Olbermann To Move To CNBC On December 4.

REPORT- Barring Massive Vote Fraud, The GOP is TOAST!

George Bush is invading Missouri today for Jim Talent

Has the Media finally started smelling blood?

Three U.S. soldiers, 4 Marines killed in Iraq

Sinclair scumbag getting out of hatemongering biz (Mark Hyman)

"Iraq a 'work of art in progress' says US general after 49 die"

Ted Haggard's Accuser Releases V-Mails...Experts's Haggard (Transcript)

I' m not trying to beat a dead horse here


"Orrin Hatch is trying to blow up the world's computers again!" BWAHAHA!

Pastor Haggard on "Jesus Camp," "effeminate Jesus," and Barbara Walters going to heaven

O'REILLY wants to BAN horror films!!! Happy Halloween, big giant head.

Breaking: Sharon deteriorates

How many knew that a Baghdad University dean, his wife and son

Man time is flying

WTF??!-- "JAIL 4 Judges" ballot initiative in South Dakota

By Their Spoor Shall Ye Know Them

Iraq: Bush Has a Plan And It's Working

Kucinich on MSNBC now talking about shutting down Iraq auditor

Why are some at DU advocating NOT reporting to the DNC hotline?

Hey-Lurking Pugs- The Kerry Gaff Isn't So Funny Now..

The Haggard Effect on the Evangelical Vote?

Three and a half days, they're working like crazy to shore up the base

Saddam verdict

Is abortion more traumatic then rape?!

Can it get any more bizzare? Haggard accuser fails polygraph!

They're going to convict Saddam on Sunday

PhotoShop Fun! Those troops have a new message...

Hack Your Way to a Bright Political Future - A step-by-step guide to a Green Party landslide in Utah

Bush: "Removing Saddam Hussein was the right decision, and the world is better off for it."

WOW! Sosobad O'Brien shuttin' down Liddy Dole

Bush Calls Rumsfeld "Fantastic." By Some Definitions, He's Correct

Ted Haggards/ consulted about supreme court pic

Maryland Democrats Say GOP Plans to Block Voters

President Bush: "Keith Olbermann is an Unlawful Enemy Combatant!"

Move on sent email that they need - immediately - enough

MSNBC -Crystal Meth Selling Male Prostitute To Be Interviewed Live

OK seriously

Uh-oh! Looks like Rev. Haggard has some explaining to do re: 10 Commandments

As Nov 7th draws nearer, I am reminded of Bleever...

"It was all oral except one time and we did use a condom,"

Is Faux news covering the Pastor Ted or are they in ignore it mode?

"The war of terror", some verse by Shadow

Haggard snorted meth once a month for 2 years

There is a God!!

How's the MSM treating the "Atomic Bomb Online--ooops!" story?

Rothenberg Predicts Democratic Senate! (Crooks & Liars)

I support the outing of Ted Haggard

CNN interview - Haggard said he bought meth but didn't use it

Iraq preparing to enter lock down ahead of Saddam verdict

LOL! John Gibson wonders what the haters will do after * leaves office.

Its Friday ya bastads!!!!

Baptist Convention Told: Muslims Here To Take Over Country

I Can't Bear To Look- What's Freak Republic Saying About Their Latest Scandal

there's a reason for MSM to do stories about Haggard

HAHA. Haggard dragging out story (til election day) with denials

Unintended consequences of a possible increase in the min. wage.

Is there anyone here who can record Hacking Democracy on VHS?

11 US Dead in Iraq so far this month (3 days)

Election Day Coverage announced- Brokaw is Back!

So many wonderful scandals.

Bush Administration and GOP make guide to build Atomic Bomb freely available to terrorists

OMG -- Sadaam Verdict SUNDAY MORNING. Poor republicans

VIDEO - Haggart Admits To Buying Meth

Cross Post sorry... original found below

So when does Haggard blame alcohol and check himself into rehab?

Most Damaging News for the GOP Right Now

Who's smile gets bigger everytime a Republican's hypocrisy is revealed?

Kerry who? Holy crap---talking about taking over the headlines.

U.S. Soldier, returned Mormon missionary, Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques

Republicans Shut Down Investigation Tracking Reconstruction Money In Iraq

OMG! Google links for "Hacking Democracy" Dropping, Fast ----

Did Haggard Break The Law By Purchasing Meth?

Demand that Bush gives an up or down vote on legislation

"This sure is a lot like Iraq will be." Kang says on the Simpsons.

Google "Hacking Democracy": 176 hits in "News" , 248,000 in "Web"

How fun! Whitehouse in the White House (D-RI)?

Decent upstanding, and non-hypocritical Gay people need a new name.


"Jesus Camp" responds to Rev.Haggard

HEADS UP!! Gay escort claiming to bed Ted coming up on MSNBC!!

I can't recall and election period thats been so damn wild.


Flashback: Hoekstra introduced a bill last March forcing the release of Saddam Docs

Air Force to create cyberspace command

The gop refers to us as the party of no morals, this is my profile

Open letter of thanks to Howard Dean

***Bush Administration plotting to take over UN Peacekeeping Operations***

The power of one image ... Bu$h the traitor, Haggard the hate-monger hypocrite

"Too Soon To Say Goodbye"

Who knew that the "Cry Wolf" guys would get done in by horn-dogs?

Fox News (aka Pravda America) doesn't even have the nuke story in the headlines!

what did Sen. Allen allegedly do to his first wife?

What Happened With the Lie Detector Test Jones Was Going To Take

This is gettin' skeery...virtually every news show calling the END of repubs

Christians get stressed too

For me, the best part of the 'make a nuclear bomb online' story is...

Just came back from early voting

Michael Medved discussing Haggard affair

Neoconmen are scum of the earth

Ted Haggard holds weekly (Monday) phone calls with Bush

Another hilarious parody banner. Will it help Bush?

What Dems should do first, if they win:

caption the sheeple...

Rules Are Meant for The Masses, Not Republican and Christian Leaders

Will Bush seek UN sanctions against US for violating his own requirement

maybe ted haggard's brother Sammy could stand in for him...

Pastor Ted wanted orgy with 18 year olds.....sigh

Haggard is in no way a hypocrite

ASSUMING we do re-take the house/senate.. the following MUST be on every bill passed..

Matthews just SLAMMED Dewine! Yeehaw!

Dewine trying to start some sort of smear of Brown on Hardball

If we win 30+ house seats and lose none what will that say about electronic voting fears?

Evangelical web site is down!

Jesus Camp and the NAMBLA defense

Rape victim driven out of village by panchayat (India)

Forgive this...

I don't watch MSM news, but ABC....

who never heard of Haggard until yesterday???

Richard Dawkins debate with Haggard over evolution-video.

Pic of Rev. Haggard with Bush, anyone?

This is too rich! Bush and Cheney are BOTH in Colorado!

Huffpo has pic of bush and haggard together

Rev Joe Watkins - RW Asshole on The Haggard "Tragedy"

Are they this desperate? The dumbest RW spin EVER (re: NYT Nuke story)

Who is most responsible for our taking back the House?

It's Friday ya bastids!

7 More US Troop Deaths Announced today - This is Bush's Plan.

For Election Watchers: Poll Closing/Tight Race Table

On November 8 the most REPRESENATIVE elected institution will reflect REPUDIATION of Idiot Son

JESUS CAMP responds to Ted Haggard

Damage Control for Haggard - His accuser fails polygraph test

Dick Cheney Totally Hates You- Mark Morford

#1 reason why evangelicals should leave the GOP.

Im off to....

Nobody could have predicted...

Stan Jones Speaks Truth at Tester/Burns Debate

Media Not Allowed to Cover Soldiers Memorials In Iraq "Too Sensitive"

Last post until Nov. 8 -- "This Is Our Time"

How Is It That Politics Always Trumps Policy?

Has Clinton been blamed for Haggard yet?

So was Haggard the second coming?

KQKE The Quake - SF Bay Area Progressive Radio Station - Changes

Evangelist admits meth, massage, no gay sex....ummm yeah okay

They are desperate. How nasty is it going to get by tuesday?


I now know what it means to be a "complete loser"

Tucker is talking NOW about the nuclear secrets being revealed

Pastor Who Resigned over Gay Hooker Claims Is Bush’s ‘Spiritual Consigliore‘

NBC First Read - Bush flubs PA town name, heading to Haggard country

Just saw Bob Casey in the lobby of my bldg again...

Our coalition allies in Britain find Bush more dangerous than Kim Jong Il

Huntington, W.Va loses liberal talk

A Must Read: Harper's 2005 article on Rev Ted Haggard.

Top RePUKE religious icon: DRUG ADDICT Top RePUKE radio idol: DRUG ADDICT

I predict Gore/Obama in 08, and I stick to it!

Too funny...11-1-06, Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

Did anyone see Scarborough last night?

Anyone willing to make calls for our party?

San Francisco area Randi Rhodes fans!!

Where did Haggard get the money to buy the meth and pay for "massages"?

i like the DCCC AD on asking serious questions on Iraq a lot

Ted Haggard's Bio

We Few, We Happy Few

Wolf Blitzer: Haggard denies having sex with Jones, but admits to buying drugs from him.

It Must Be Said: MSNBC's Decision 2006 Theme Music Absolutely Sucks

Radical Fringe toon - 11/3/06 .. Intro to Rove Election math 101

Tweety: "This Guy Is Digging Into the Collection Plate To Pay For Meth & Gay Sex"

Okay how many minutes are we away from that new Bin Laden tape?

Haggard is already a proven liar

We will "just miss" Osama in the coming days

Hoekstra: "New York Times has done far more damage to U.S. national security by the disclosure..."

Federal Reserve and Merrill Lynch: Greater than 50-50 odds of a recession in the next year

Mike Jones (Haggard accuser) is now back on MSNBC!!!

Congrats to Jones and to all gay people who are finally fighting

First lady defends Pombo's environmental record

Jones and "art"

Prognosticators: Watch out for candidate polls!!

Anyone notice that big oil, Chevron and Exxon are at 52 week highs

Is Haggard Willing To Do The Time For His Admitted Meth Buys?

Video: Repub Congressman takes incriminating documents away from reporter

republicons want to give us statistics about the crime in america when comparing...

If you want to know where air craft carriers are going, check out this site!

When we win, what should we do first?

ATTN: All Vets.....You might want to look at this.

Resolved: The Phrase "He's Tough On Terrorism" Is Meaningless

Why was Haggard using "many hotels" in Denver when he lives there?

Open letter to Evangelicals

NYT: Congress Tells Auditor in Iraq to Close Office

$2,800 paid to Rethug's to put up signs linking Dems to terrorists! - BY A SCHOOL!

Mike Jones Is On With Tucker

Karl Rove's Push-Polling Fun!

What are the odds that we have an Osama "capture" this weekend?

" I bought the meth, but I never used it"

I think this whole Haggert thing is so sad.....

Rasmussen: Tester up 4 again

Reuters: Investors are selling defense stocks for fear a Democratic victory

Darn! bin Laden is not thawing out fast enough for the republicans


Hag: "I said FAITH BASED, not freebase!"

Mike Jones, the man who outed republican Rev. Ted Haggard.

Anyone else get irritated by the phrase "tax relief"?

Ted Haggard is the President of the National Association of Evangelicals

Pelosi: Nuke posts from 'putting partisan political considerations above national security'

The Silver Lining For Ted Haggard

Jack Cafferty's question: Why would Congress shut down Iraq watchdog?



Jeezus...CNN has a graphic up showing DeWine vs. Lamont in Ohio!

CNN has a faith and values correspondent??!!!

Card Blames New York Times For ‘Advertising’ Nuclear Secrets ‘To The World’

Very Rejected, Very Angry, Still Powerful Pres. With Points To Prove, Scores To Settle

Election stealing is the ONLY WAY the pukes would win on Tuesday

So when will Ney's resignation hit MSM? n/t

Senators (current and former) with whom I'm in agreement (and disagreement)

Vote GOP so a Meth Monster can preach to your children.

Let me try to wrap my mind around this:

What about the nuclear secrets posted online....

Would recent meth use show up in a drug test?

If Saddam is found guilty...

I can't watch any more videos of that Haggard clown. His mouth is too weird.

Hypocrite of the worst kind

I really don't care what Tweaker Ted has done with his body -

Air America's ABC Blacklist: The Real Story (VERY WORTHWHILE READ)

Radio host canned for calling candidate a 'fat lesbian'

This Thread Reveals the GOP Congressmen Who Pushed Iraq WMD Doc Dump

C&L VIDEO: "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" (Andrea Mitchell On MSNBC re: right wing)

NRO's Mark Levin: NYT "Strikes a Blow to Democrat Mantra" that Bush Lied to Get US into Iraq

Dr. James Dobson 'Heartsick' Over Haggard Allegations

PHOTO: ??????

Comments from Tony Campolo on Haggard...

It's God's Will

Tweety's on one of his wild toots again...

***CHIEF WEAPONS INSPECTOR*** SAYS SECRETS ARE ***NEW** not previously on web

Wolfie to Bob Casey "I guess we're all gonna die if we vote for you."

re: Haggard..."I may be a dope fiend...but I ain't no Queen."

Dem candidates standing in line for Bush visits

I would like to say something about embryonic stem cell research

What are the freepers saying ...

Sherrod Brown Statement on Unconscionable Publication of Documents that Could Help Terrorists

We lost 5 Soldiers yesterday, November already at 8

KARMA: Guess who can hold Senate hearings on Corporate Media in Jan?

I can just hear it on Leno tonite: Throughout the whole sordid affair,he maintained his faith ...

Haggard called all evil and outsiders "CONTROL"

White Powder In Schumer's Office

Freeps are in a tizzy over the Haggard thing.

ABC's Brian Ross exposes more RNC hypocrisy...

Will closeted self loathing homosexuals be the end of the Republican party?

I am completely fed up with Republicans calling me names!

CNN mis-labels Republican Michael Steele as a "Democrat"

Horses stranded by floodwaters are saved by four women

Regulating Revolutions in Eastern Europe: The National Endowment for Democracy...

Bush's "faith-based $ connection" to New Life Church

Repugs are now Throwing Their Own Base Under the Bus! ....but we Dems

Global study dispels common myths about sex

Did anyone catch the commercial about the two bushes?

Midterm Elections 2006: It's Always Darkest, Right Before...It Goes Completely Black...


Where are all the people who screamed they couldn't even let their

White House on Haggard Evangelical Scandal: Reverend Who?

DUers: Please kick threads that you like.

I wonder if Jeff Gannon and Ted Haggert were ever at the WH...

It's time for your fridayfreeperfunny!!!

I just had the hell scared out of me...

Eleven* Soldiers Killed In Iraq In The Last Two Days. What's Bush's Plan?

Prime video : The Power and Respect Scale

Bush was campaigning in Missouri today, where he has a 38% approval rating

Sweet Jesus I hate Katherine Harris.

What can a Democrat do to shift the spotlight off Saddam on Sunday?

Daughter's Childhood Friend is a Soldier in Iraq

Is it too early for Haggard jokes?

Evangelical Leaders Comment on Haggard Accusation

From Foley to Kerry to Haggard , will this ever end ?

What should our catch phrase for Bush's internet nuke scandal be?

Pelosi: Ney on the payroll for 7 weeks after admission an insult to the American taxpayer

"Soldiers are just cowards with their backs against the wall. "

How they loved Chalabi

Ann Coulter May Be Charged for Voter Fraud

Is Bush gay?

Kos has written off Tennessee; backlash from Kossacks

In your guts, you know their nuts: The Republicans give al-Qaeda nuclear plans!

News DUMP: NEY Resigns!!

David Kay on Hardball right now... "It's sheer stupidity."

***Protesters in Oaxaca repel the police***


How will Repubs excuse Bush giving terrorists nuke building instructions?

DEAR SKINNER: Can we sticky the following thread to the GREATEST PAGE UNTIL Nov. 7th?

The "gay agenda" vs. the closeted gay homophobe agenda

Tell me please. Why does this shit (e.g. Pastor Ted) keep happening?

Can anyone refute ANYTHING in this Larisa article?

Take five and enjoy the wonder

Katherine Harris tell all book: "BONED AND DISOWNED BY KARL ROVE"

Is anyone here planning on not voting in this election?

Bay Buchanan on CNN: A gay prostitute drug pusher has no credibility!


Who else here knew going into Iraq was going to be a HUGE mistake?

ROFL, Idiots at 'HotAir' think evolution is a joke, fail to see sarcasm in new South Park episode

Joe Lieberman's Dangerous Alliance with Christian Zionists..

Didn't they execute the Rosenbergs for passing nuke secrets?

Just a reminder of the cost of the war

Poor Republicans! God is just not fair. They did just a little Kerry sliming and ..

WTF ! Rove's SADDAM Election-Eve Surprise. HOWARD DEAN must immediately

Saddam's Verdict Arrives Sunday -- We are pretty fucked.

Does Ted Haggard think Americans are a bunch of dumbasses

So you think Andy is famous enough NOW for a Wikipedia entry???

What every Freeper should know about the GOP Nuke Secrets Scandal

Larisa Alexandrovna-Rove Is NOT A Brilliant Strategist-He's A Dirty Tactician

late Brad Will 's protest song (informal) video

It comes down to three states in the Senate

A couple million Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs: On the nuke leak...

If Dems take Congress, Will the Cons try to rush bills before January?

Molly Ivins: "May I remind you what this election is about? People, it's up to you."


Dems call for investigation of Bush White House

Haggard and Gannon and * oh my - it's like Clay Shaw in JFK

When is NPR's "Generation Next" series going to interview a liberal?

Caption the Dufus


Shadow's taxicab reports: The Final Column

Kris Kristoferson on Bush

Test Spits Out Wrong Results At Board Of Elections


Breaking: Overnight Development In Haggard Accusations....Haggard Admits 'to some indiscretions'....

CNBC host to Commerce Secy' Guitierrez: "traders are laughing at your numbers."

Caption GWBush on the phone!


"Studio 60" one of the few intelligent programs on TV is in danger

My prediction for FOX coverage of the Saddam verdict:

You a Hetero...I have to Applaude the Gay Community for Truth Speak!

Oh please, say to me

Republicans Huddled for "Damage Control" before Foley Story Broke

I'm not drunk but gotta say I LOVE YOU DU AND ALL Y'ALL!

Land Shark On Misleading Media Manipulation of Elections

Holy infestation! Georgia town goes bat crazy (AP/CNN) {growing infestations}

"I bought meth but I threw it away!"


If we lose due to vote fraud, do we;

My priorities must be fucked up

I feel like crying: VFW endorses Duckworth's never served

Mark Shields on Newshour: Dean 50-State Strategy Vindicated

Friends of Andy - What Do You Say?

Why No Mention of Hurricane Katrina?

Republican HHS Program for $50 MILLION teaches Singles under 30 to NOT HAVE SEX!

An old friend paid 44K to publish this open letter in USA TODAY re: Iraq War.

Haggard says he contacted accuser for a massage..

Haggard, Gannon and the White House

Please rate up this Yahoo news story about the nuclear secrets on the web.

"Kerry, media obscure real story of the week"

Some say Rev. Haggard is not a political figure, I disagree

Vote for John Tester Ad "Creating a Buzz" as the funniest ad at

bum-bum-ba-bum waaaaaaaaaaaa

PHOTO: our president Ruprecht W. Bush

Joe Wilson: "There are no tinfoil hats anymore."

So he's going with "I did not have methamphetamine with that escort, Mr. Jones"?!?

Humanitarians and Alt Rock Fans: A BREAK FROM THE ELECTION

Are you going to stay up all night and wait for election results Tuesday?

Ahhhhh... I just voted - Straight Democratic Ticket.

Right-wing Boston talk radio host fired for calling candidate a "fat lesbian"

Isn't Reverend Ted Haggard actually Bi-sexual? Or "buy" sexual.

Breaking: Cheney tells ABC that election won't change Iraq policy

NYT Magazine: Chalabi spills the beans on Iraq, 'Real Culprit is Wolfowitz'

Great we get a distorted sense of beauty

How Mike Met Ted - Haggard's Accuser Tells His Story

What factor will have the greatest effect on the election Tuesday?

Everyone take this Poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wing-nut Relatives

Why was Rev. Haggard against gay marriage?

FOX NEWS throwing in the towel?

VFW Passes Over Veteran Who Lost Both Legs In Iraq To Endorse Republican Who Never Served

BUSH & ROVE "About To Run Into Worst Nightmare" (Fitrakis & Wasserman)

CNN must be outraged

Scary!!! Government v one person...Read this.

Here's the Harper's Magazine article on Pastor Ted

The Army used white phosphor and napalm-related MK77 in Iraq!

Tony Snow: Dems would rather trash Bush than trash Bin Laden

Come on Repubs--squeeze out one more scandal before Tuesday, you can do it!

Funniest Dem ad ever! This is a must see. (link corrected)

Caption this * pic

If the Pubbies 'win' again, what are we going to do about it this time?

Hacking Democracy - my mom finally gets it - General Wesley Clark

How must Kerry feel ?

FR Embarrassment "Doug From Upland" Goes YouTube...OMG!

Haggard + Bush Pic

Air America's ABC Blacklist: The Real Story

"Hello, front desk? I'd like a gay hooker who sells meth."

Nancy Pelosi Will Force Her San Francisco Values On All Of Us!!!!!


It’s Bush who owes America an apology. (graphics heavy, sorry)

Battlestar's Last Twist of the Knife Tonight

Do you believe these statistics about the new jobs....

Is Anyone Here Participating in "Call for Change"?


So I went shopping at Costco today... Democratic yard signs, literature

Anyone else voting for a repuke besides me?

Lieberman's Lieberthugs Attack Lamont Bus!

Seriously, how freaked out would you be?

Please vote in Lou Dobbs poll, do you think dems have a plan for Iraq?

What will Faux News headline be on November 8th?

TruthIsAll - Autorank-Lets KICK Some ASS - Help Monitor Tight Elections

Kristen Breitweiser - Because It's Not That Hard To Apologize--So Pass It On.

PZ Myers: Ted Haggard/Richard Dawkins video.

Randi Rhodes AAR reads Bev Harris the Riot Act - "Where were YOU?"

Should I Press Charges....

I watched the late showing of "Hacking Democracy." Wow. Just wow.

Freepers are glued to DU right now. We're so close. Keep Project X discussions via PM only. nt

When I was in school I didn't have a problem with the dress code

Part VI: Halliburton & White House: A Backpedal Built for Two

Bob Herbert / Punished for being Female

Here's one more scandal to end the weekend. Ney resigning at 4:30pm.


I'm a Gay Pentecostal - Not a Joke; Turning Purple Pentecostals Blue This Year

11 service members have died in the first two days of November

REVISED You're Kidding Me, Right?

ABC NEWS: RNC Accepts Money From Army Porn Movie Distributor

Hacking Democracy (bittorrent video)

Mr. Cheney knows the torturers, their tactics and techniques.

David A. Smith (CorpGovActivist) made FOX News!!!

Baucus sets the record straight: He supports Jon Tester

Sue Kelly: Shameful (John Hall has almost caught up with her see link

Part 2 Colbert 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

Part 3 Colbert 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

CNN Jeanne Moos: "I approve this message" Survey of campaign ads

Microsoft WE-SYP Programme

Everlast - What It´s Like

Pelosi On Letterman - Part 1...

Pelosi on Letterman - Part 2...

Pelosi on Letterman - Part 3...

Barack Obama and Governors Wilder, Warner and Kaine stump for Jim Webb

9 News Denver Report on Haggard's paying for sex and using meth

Aspens turning in Colorado

"What happened to peace on earth?"

Lamont on scaring

I'm a Democrat, I'm a Republican - The War on Terror

Pathetic Attack on John Kerry - Colbert Sets Us Straight!

James Randi exposes faith healer Rev. Peter Popoff

"Why, Billy, Why?" (for fallen soldiers and their parents)

Scar Strangled Banter - Bush's Iraq Propaganda...

The Loading Zone ( "it's time to bring 'em home")

Nancy Pelosi @ Take Back America 2006...

Ted Haggard / Jesus Camp trailer

I'm a Democrat, I'm a Republican - It's The Economy, Stupid

Evangelical sex scandal on Good Morning America

George W. Bush: Fakin' It

"Orrin Hatch is trying to blow up the world's computers again!" BWAHAHA!

Oaxaca: Brad Will's (US Indymedia) own camera captures his killing by Mexican police.

Evangelical pastor admits buying meth from gay prostitute

BARACK OBAMA @ Take Back America 2006...

George Allen Don't Like Black People

Part 1 Colbert 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

Sherrod Brown for Senate: Mike DeWine has Reached a New Low

Jimmy Swaggart Will Kill A Gay Man

Jon Tester/Montana Senate: Brian Schweitzer says "I'll bet my dog"

This video came out 60 YEARS AGO warning us about TODAY!

Top Ten George W. Bush Great Moments (Letterman)

PA-18: Tim Murphy (R-PA) Snatches Evidence from Reporter on Video!

Wes Clark and Michael J. Fox at Jim Webb rally

Pathetic Attack on John Kerry - Colbert Sets Us Straight! (repost-smaller promo tag)

Presidential Address (Will Ferrel as pResident Bush)

Richard Dawkins Questions Evangelical Pastor

Richard Dawkins vs. Ted Haggard

JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies!

Big Daddy Robert Byrd

Fallujah: the Hidden Massacre

I have a prediction in the up coming election !

Without any comments-who else is voting straight Democratic Tuesday?

Bush V Kerry Redux: Weird and Unexpected After-shocks

CONFESS!!!! Whose campaign are you helping out this weekend

Falwell says he never met Haggard, Haggard wrote about a mtg. with Falwell

I feel sorry for Haggards wife


Hacking Democray's Epitaph

'06 ELECTION WARFARE-How Democratic Veteran candidates strategized early!

I'll say it: I don't want the Evangelicals coming over to our side

are the 9 Kan. legisl. Reps. turned to Dems. really Dems?

Reinstating the draft? It makes sense.

Tennessee Votes Early in Record Numbers

DU the Wisconsin Gov's freeped. (now with link :)

To those who joined the Bush league's RW attack on Senator Kerry:

GOP's Roskam (IL-6) gets VFW endorsement over Duckworth, could backfire!!!

Wake Up Dems! - John Kerry Was Helping the Party

THIS is the November Surprise -- Dems must take action!

I bought a 12-pack of bud from a hooker

Tom Friedman BLISTERS BushInc for believing WE ARE STUPID

Election Day Weather Map

Biggest Lie Bush has ever told

Reichert Caught In Lie About Driver Who Flipped Bird To Bush

West Point Grads Silent Protest Against Bush Visit

Rasmussen now has 49 seats in Senate in Democratic column. Anyone have Rasmussen Premium?

Mike Hatch calls reporter "Republican Whore" causing firestorm!

Sen. McCain: Americans Could Forgive Kerry

Lieberman thugs attack

New poll: Musgrave vs. Paccione is a dead heat.

The "conservative" movement in America has come down to

VA-2 was dead heat a week ago now Drake (R) up by 8

The Jackass is back!

Democrats have a Big Tent, Republicans have a big closet

The WHY of Rove: Clintons trashed the WH, Kerry insulted the troops.

Is it just me or is God really mad at the Republicans?

Any thoughts on the story in TN? Polls seem to be swinging a bit -

fuck Lieberman

Renowned Writers and Celebrities Send Letter of Support to the People of Oaxaca

I want ONE more scandal this weekend! to put a final nail in the Repug coffin!

Howard Dean on CNN looked like he just won the lottery

GOP Corruption Casualties - R.I.H.

It looks like Webb is dramatically closing the gap in Virginia.

Proof That Bush Lies Every Day About Dems Lack Of Security Plan


Why are people worried about Steele?

Q do you want to win in Iraq?

Oh man. Tweets got all up in DeWine's Grill(Video Link)

Breaking: Haggard says he bought meth "one time" from the guy...

Fox: "Bush uses best employment report in 5 years to pound away at Dems"

Why is Bush sending out 800 justice department members out on election day

What sort of surprise is Rove planning this weekend?

Woohoo! Washington Post analyst coming to my little red Indiana town!

Swift-Boat Funder Slams Tester

A Q for the poll wonks re: "Final Days" Polling Results

So what can John Kerry say NOW to take the evangelical hypocrite off the news?

Standing to codify Hate

Bush To Try To Save House Republican's Seat ... In Bright Red Nebraska?

Is Al-Qaeda influencing our elections?

So what did Dobson and the Pharisees know in advance?

Ok...Help me out here re: DLC, DCCC, etc.

AP: Lieberman disappointed with Dodd

Is cable talking about the nuclear secrets that were posted online for all of the world to see...

CO4 - Latest poll has Musgrave, Paccione in dead heat

Actual Number of Congressional Veterans

"From Lou To You"...MP3 of Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side (Blue America Remix)"

Next Tuesday - Our Civic Duty

November of reckoning. Game Over. The Dems will

Watch this video clip from Jesus Camp and Ted Haggard........

Cafferty File question: Why would Congress shut down office finding fraud?

Question about this Ted Haggard guy

Christian leader Haggard is talking to reporters about his values: said he only licked

Randi just now: Is Prez on meth?

Say goodbye to Crazy Curt

Kris Kristofferson on Iraq and the "White House hood ornament" (Bush)

This time, Francine Busby is getting no help from national party

O'Reilly on why "Hyper-liberals" hate Bush: aggressive anti-terror strategies, Iraq, & his faith

It appears to me Mueller/FBI is trying to protect republican seats. Could I be wrong?

Democratic candidates everywhere, you have been given a

I am so frigging happy

VoteVets going after Melissa Hart in PA-04

Tim Murphy (PA-18) confronted with evidence of Taxpayer fraud - TAKES EVIDENCE

Had enough of politicians who worship George W. Bush?

Just.dept asks to block release of Cheney records:

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) resigning in one hour

Desperate, Republics play at the margins. Dems play in the mainstream.

Looking for (circa 1994) Republican election quotes.

NYT: Bush Stomps for Talent in Missorui. Now check this out....

If Haggard had only kept his mouth shut

Guess who said this:

This is your brain on negative ads

Katherine Katherine Katherine

Remember the good old days not too long ago when

Are the voting machines inaccuracy going to be the big surprise?

* afraid of Big Dog. Photo:

Reichert, Burner make House races' Top 50 money list (WA-8)

Kerry Blog: Who’s a Danger to Our National Security?

Two New Coleen Rowley Ads!!!

Distrust of voting machines is running high (Philly Enq.)

How do republicans get evangelicals to go to the polls?

I heard Tweety say Allen in VA is OUT OF CASH!!!

Diebold struggles to bounce back from the controversy surrounding its voting machines. CNN Money

Now that Haggard has admitted to buying meth from the gay prostitute,

Jim Pederson in dead Heat with Kyl in AZ! Jim Leads by 4 in early ballots !

The economy and the Presidency are not connected

If you want to know why Republicans have abandoned Alan Schlesinger

Chuck Todd (National Journal) lists 5 Pennsylvania House races in top 30

Congress is conducting oversight on the white house relative to Iraq

Howard Dean supposed to be on Situation Room at 4:00 hour, Eastern time.

SUSA poll MD race show a tie at 47%.

Irony of talk radio guy who "broke" Kerry speech gaff

Turn It Blue - States Facing A Blue Whiplash Nov. 7

Maryland GOP Gov. Ehrlich used federal account to funnel half a million into his campaign

Cuyahoga County Ohio Possibly Exposed Election System to Computer Virus

Repuke source laments: Allen (macaca-VA) losing in polls and has poor GOTV operation

Voting on Tuesday?...know your bill of rights.

If NJ Senator Menendez loses Democrats the Senate, Governor Corzine will be a "goat"

Frustrated Ohio GOP Rep. Deborah Pryce walks out of interview with CNN Radio

So Now *Co Has Its New Excuse If The U.S. Death Toll Rises In Iraq In Nov.....

Somehow I don't think this was the "Gay=GOTV" Kkkarl had in mind

PNAC - Need help

The site has the video and transcript of the Pasadena Speech now

"The American Era in the Middle East Has Ended"

11/3 Another set of New Rasmussen Polls MO, TN, VA.

12 Smartcards go missing in Tennesee - Sorry it's from Drudge

Vern Buchanan's (Florida congressional candidate) Iraq remark draws skeptical laughs

If you were writing a letter to the American people, telling them why voting Dem is essential....

Finally, I have found a use for my cellphone camera

Democratic primary loser Lieberman looks like a November winner

Reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated ...

Exclusive: NRCC's Foley "Damage Control"

Bush challenges Democrats to offer plan for Iraq

Coal Exec Targets W.Va. Democrats

The theft of American elections is a media issue

Freeper idiots think NYT story is good for Republicans!

I may be voting with the Baptists next week (on one issue)

Republican Rebels of '94 Now Face Their Own Revolt

Oh goody. Got my Christian ACTION Alabama Voter Guide.

Are all congresscritters millionaires?

British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il

Soros Bumped as Top Political Giver by Swift-Boat Group's Perry

Ten Best Incumbent Campaigns; Ten Worst Incumbent Campaigns

Attention Pennsylvanians! I'm officially envious of anyone who gets to vote for Joe Sestak.

When will we ever learn?

Pederson narrows Kyl lead, poll says. (R)Kyl45.8%, (D)Pederson41.3%,(L)Mack3.7%

Help a fire survivor beat an insurance co shill! Hear our radio ad:

RCP Now Predicts DEM Control of Senate

Is this site legit? PoliticalMoneyLine

TIME: In Final Days, Parties Dream of Senate Upsets in Arizona, Michigan


Election monitoring technical support thread..

If anyone has the Friedman op-ed, please post

Some info from DSCC on their view of Senate races...

How much does your Rep "support the troops"?

WOW! Amazing letters to the Post Gazette (from a Repub, from a nun)

An Abu Ghraib Offender Heads Back to Iraq

Dan Seals - IL 10th looks and sounds good (on cspan)

Where's Condi?

Jon Stewart E-voting clip with Lou Dobbs and Diebold Acu-claw up - excellent!

A MUST READ: Lieberman heckled from campaign party aftr skipping debate

Someone please send Sean Hannity some Alka-Seltzer.

"fiddling around" ad - help get these on more radio stations!

How many evangelical preachers in your neck of the woods pay

FOX News rearranging weekend line-up to air terror film, scare jaded voters to polls

Blue Pride And The Real Red Menace

Lamont, Schlesinger Take Jabs At Absent Rival

Ole Ted Haggard is an Oral Roberts Grad

If you want to make phone calls from home to help GOTV,

Republicans and Democrats Agree: Top Government Priority Is Iraq (64%!)

Send a message: VOTE!

GOP Throws All Financial Support Behind One Candidate

A thought I had: Might Katherine Harris pull a Budd Dwyer at her concession speech?

NPR Joke During Morning Edition

When the Dem's wake up winners on Wed....

October is over and I wasn't surprised.

Bush scarier than Kim Jong-il in Britain


GOP Strategery...

WP,pg1: Democrats Predict Voter ID Problems: Laws May Create Election Day Turmoil