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It is strange how in Iraq slaughter soon seems to be part of normal life

Sending African troops into Somalia 'would trigger war'

Newsweek; How Al-Sadr May Control U.S. Fate in Iraq

EPA OKs spraying pesticides over waters

Report: Hamas threatens more kidnappings

Interview with Jimmy Carter about his new book

Listened to Jimmy Carter's spirited support for negotiations between

Are ES& S touch screens "pressure sensitive" or "heat sensitive" ?

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Tuesday, 11/ 28/2006

Blue bit of Texas (yes, there are some) turned red by DREs?

Homeowner's Association threatens to fine resident over peace-themed wreath

Anti-war protester burns himself to death in vain

Iraq militants claim downing U.S. F16: Jazeera TV

Hundreds of students taken hostage in Tehran

Court Rejects N.Y. Times on Leak Probe

Air Force jet crashes in Iraqi province

NYT: Hezbollah Aids Iraq Shiite Army, U.S. Official Says

Insurgents target oil sources, cause massive infernos

Congress may find travel more taxing: IRS asked if taxes paid when families join trips

Likability poll bad news for Kerry

Japanese stocks plunge; Dollar lower

A-Gs want action on Hicks trial

Court rejects N.Y. Times on leak probe

WP: Anbar Picture Grows Clearer, and Bleaker (Marine Report Grim)

Nuclear plant info available to public

Imams Stage Airport 'Pray-In' As Protest

Supreme Court Sides With Philip Morris

ACLU: Denver ordinance bans free speech (Overpass Signs)

Biden: Blame immigration woes on Mexico

Gun background check system crashes

Wall Street has worst day in 4 months

Lawyer: Marine's baby's death accidental

Cheney hunting in Florida

Embassy denies asking Bush twins to leave Argentina

AP: Bolivia's Morales to Push Land Reform

Matcom / DS1 Plotting To Take Over The WORLD (PIC)

Someone PLEASE, tell me which it is...

I have an uncontrollable urge to ....


I hate it when you're getting sick from a cold your s.o. gave you.

Superman Returns and Superman II the Donner Cut will be out tomorrow!

Horrible weather and people drive like idiots

I need a martini recipe

**Warning Lounge, Warning**!!!!!!11

"This is the part of the body that you need to understand"

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock to divorce

Found out today that the VP of the HR Dept at

"A stable."

Festival Express on Showtime

Gotta love what the contestants say on Match Game...

Anyone here ever read this book?

If you could see for miles and miles . . .

Vermont logs burning briskly

This shizzle should be happening in schools everywhere.

Skittles: great candy or greatest candy?

Why does hot chocolate scald off your taste buds but coffee doesn't?

So you hate Muskrat Love, eh?

Why God Made 2nd graders

A mystery

What's the past participle of 'cum'?

The Best Song in the World - A Tribute by Tenacious D

Tom Waits is going to be on the Daily Show tomorrow!

my batshitinsanethread-dar is going off!!11!1!

Seattle has a lot of trouble...

Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters... sell them to me.

WANTED: video of Megan Mullally Show with cast of "How I Met Your Mother"

DU parents and people who have delt with ADD before...


Should Mark McGwire get into the Hall of Fame?

I'm getting up at 5 in the morning

What do YOU want for Christmas?

This Psycho Santa Eats Brains with an Ice Cream Scoop!

Yeah, I think I'm taking a break from GD.

Who here's got a station/profile?

OK parents: how do you get pee out of a mattress??

My newest, my birthday.........

Testing my keyboard

Kitten photos! (dialup warning)

I like Christmas. I don't let the commercialization bother me.

My car is OFFICIALLY a beater today

Most idiotic "fat"/emaciated reality show choice EVER!

Star Trek: TNG had way too much exposition.

Heroes thread (may contain spoilers)

Let's recap the last two weeks of YVR (and area) weather shall we...

Last act of sobrieity you've experienced?

If they play that fucking "Our Country" Mellencamp Chevy commercial once more

What politicians are you the most physically attracted to?

Don't be like one of my customers. Put your Christmas lights up right.

Man. CJ just did "The Jackyl".

Is THIS funny? (youtube - very graphic)

Trapped. In the Closet. Parts 1-12.

This is AWFUL...Jessie is on the Nestle Vote Site too!

If I Did It

West Coasters: Don't miss "How I Met Your Mother."

Went to LOA Meetup tonight

Annoying Boston trip thread: 12 days out

How similar are these new Biden reccomendations in the WP to Kerry's"

Odd Scarborogh show - a positive Kerry refererence

Just so you all remember how well Kerry was doing before the renewed effort

Can this be for real? I just don't believe it!

Bear comes from behind!

A-Hole Bush Has Ruined NATO Forces As Well As Our Armed Forces

Tuesday summary: 55 Iraqis dead, 3 US soldiers killed

Other Nations Leaders come up the Hard way...Ours didn't...

Who the hell is micheal richards, anyway? and who the hell cares?

If torture works and is a legal means of gathering intelligence

which has been more divided by six years of bush and the repukes?

Artur Davis for Senate?

Did Ben Stein finally "get it"?

here = interesting/detailed article on alternative energy strategies ->

Iraq: Civil War or Religious War?

What happened to the news? It stopped

The primary question

Sudan armed forces deliberately attacked Darfur civilians: UN

Anybody got a link to Osama saying Bush has been good for his

Googlebombing the Midterms: Dirty Trick or Netroots Citizen Activism?

I sure am hearing the "Get out now" meme a lot within the last couple of days.

Trivia Question

Iraqi Army Not Ready to Defend Fallujah

Ahhhhh, memories. Watching Eddie Murphy imitate Jesse Jackson

High Court Rules Against NYT-Refuses To Block Gov Review Of Records

Where's Condi?

Jimmy Carter on Larry King Live now - 9 pm EST "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid"

Anything new re the anthrax scare at the Lincoln Memorial?

Iraq has always been in a civil war-we just took out the enforcer

Scarborough to do report on Dems flexing muscle against Fox News

Of all the Foxnews personalities to finally fight back at, should Chris Wallace really the top guy?

AIDS to be one of top 3 causes of death by 2030

What is 'Atomic Poisoning'?

self delete

Drudge makes light of mourning Iraqi woman with resemblance to Bush

Informant says he was asked to lie

First hand report on the ground in Iraq

Carbon emissions 90's rise 1% ; now 2.5% rise annually.

Why do so many people think they have the right to dictate

Heads up on upcoming battle in the Culture War

GSA replaces career leader of policy office with political appointee

Cheney on the way out?

A Tired Refrain: "Democrats, Move to the Right!"

Most idiotic "fat"/emaciated reality show choice EVER!

Will * make the right moves in his last 2 years? Oh, please.....

Why Do You Love America?

Larry Johnson:"Go Big" Sure, but with what?

Hey, chimp...(photo)

Vengeance is Mom's

A Native Christmas

Never guess who's demanding a list of Concealed Carry Weapons permits?

2882 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

New Daily Show On

Marc Maron will be substituting for Sam Sedar Friday.

DICK ---pix--->>>

Unfreep this AOL poll - rate your confidence in Bush

Let's speculate on the long term consequences to US

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

So Where's Our Nancy Pelosi "Daily Prayer Thread"?

NYT:Bush Asking Arab Friends for Iraq Help

I'm A Recovering American

What would Jimmy Carter do with $500 Million?

Media Matters: The War On Christmas Penguins ('Happy Feet's' Liberal Indoctrination!)

Ok so I went to Jury Duty

Why I hold Condoleezza Rice in everlasting contempt

Nightline: "US waiting for the Iraqi Government to Fail...."

Why does Bush hate America?

I need help

Dang, You did not get my point, & I apologize about the bad words.

Why dont democrats just boycott faux news?

Jeebus, Scarborough just qouted Kerry 'Who will be the last man to die in Iraq'

Author Bebe Moore Campbell Dies at 56 (Your Blues Ain't Like Mine)

The Boys at Fark Discuss the Megachurch phenomena. (56kers beware)

Govt Selects Chinese/US co over US based one for baggage/cargo screening systems

how can 30% of Americans still support the bushturd?

The Main Victims Are THE CHILDREN Of Iraq

Obama's burden: a new type of corporate-money-backed liberal (NPR)

Inlaw's comment of the weekend

Did anyone see that DIPSHIT on Scarborough demanding that the Daily Show. . .

Tinfoil Theory....(Twins asked to leave Argentina)

Apparently you can say things and then deny you said them.

*** TOONS and other Amusements ***

Iraq: The War of the Imagination (Mark Danner Reviews Woodward, Suskind, and Risen)

The UN Human Rights Council Is A Friggin' Disgrace.

A problem that I have with Gore is....

Never guess who's demanding a list of Concealed Carry Weapons permits?

DU Demographic survey #2: Age.

Nir Rosen: Iraq's civil war will spread for decades to Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia

When Will It End?

Looks to me like the victims of plice shooting in NYC thought undercover agents

Over 1 Million troops have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Scareydale calling it a Civil War and saying "Get out now."

Who loves Joe Biden?

Get Out. Just get the fuck out.

Why can't we make * use the 500 MILLION he wants to raise for a LIBRARY

Supreme Court Rules Against NYT & Miller

Need help: Patriat akt question: Taking large cash stash on a plane.

Looks like granny didn't shoot the cops

Remember all the Oil execs who Stevens refused to make them go under OATH? Well, We're BACK! :)

June 28, what we ACCIDENTALLY learned from a Hardball commercial break and a live mic

Keith Olbermann just covered the peace sign Christmas wreath story.

The Dixie Chicks "Shut up and Sing"... Pretty good, and a Freeper reference.

"The Daily Show Has To Maintain Their 'Fair & Balanced' View Of Comedy"

"When the President Talks to God" by Bright Eyes--a photo montage

Silly pundit demands THE DAILY SHOW be "fair and balanced" LOL

Tweety: "Democrats don't want to be policy makers. That's grown-up stuff...

Claire McCaskill for President!!

Please look at this post from last night and join in the discussion

TOON: Baker tries to fix it

NBC calls Iraq conflict 'civil war'

Bobby tried " to see through the eyes of America's casualties"

Reuters: Biden sets benchmarks for Iraq study group

Did you see the posting about V and his Petition?

What will Bush do after he leaves the White House 01.20.09

Oy vey. DURBIN Calls on Supporters to Support OBAMA

Homophobe Brownback stalls appt. of judge who attended lesbian commitment ceremony.

The media and John McCain

Would Edwards's 2008 chances be better, had he not run as VP in 2004?

Democratic Rep. Rom Emanuel on NEW Daily Show tonight!

Dear George, you know you can't get away with it this time, dontcha?

So why can't NANCY Pelosi be President?

Robert Gates Promoted and Financed Osama Bin Laden

Keep the Northeast off the '08 ticket

The 06 Election is NOT Over! TX Run Off Election in Dec.

WP: Contractors Face More Scrutiny, Pinched Purses: Democrats Vow to Examine Large Deals

Gingrich raises alarm at event honoring those who stand up for freedom of speech

Interview with author Studs Terkel - Sun Magazine

Bush's Five Fatal Mideast Mistakes (TIME/CNN)

America's Troubles in Iraq a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

STUDY: conservatives less than HALF as likely as lefties to have sympathy for AIDS victims

Dangerous Deception — Hiding the Evidence of Adverse Drug Effects

Chestnuts Roasting in an Iraqi Fire (A Fantasia)

Soaring modern towers would alter old St. Petersburg landscape, "kill city"

Battling Ideologies In Iraq

Iraq panel's real agenda: damage control (Andrew J. Bacevich)

Who Shot Brad Will?

Pastor Chosen to Lead Christian Coalition Steps Down in Dispute Over Agenda

On the Move to Outrun Climate Change - On the Move to Outrun Climate Change

The Psychology of Conservatism (nifty!)

Colbert: "How do we know what's important in a newscast if you're not yelling at your guests?"

The Blame Industry by Larry Beinhart at Huffington Post

A Change Is Gonna Come

Bush’s policy change: From reckless to prudent imperialism (Poppy Knows Best)

Bringing Bush to Court (Elizabeth de la Vega--Tomdispatch)


Carmakers say California greenhouse rules would endanger SUVs

Gordon Aubrecht - Papers on energy and environmental science

Hungary sets limits for GM crops (BBC)

Alliance to Manufacture Wind Turbines in Texas

Snow leopard fitted with GPS tag (BBC)

Researchers: Amazon's biodiversity seriously degraded (Reuters/CNN)

Climate rankings: U.S. near bottom (AP/CNN)

Oceans awash in plastic junk

IRS Approves 610 Clean Renewable Energy Bond Applications

(Silicon) Valley's leadership shows way on energy

Non-Silicon (CIS PV) Manufacturing Plant to Open in 2008 (Germany)

Belgian Government Advisory Committee Calls for Nuclear Phase Out Reversal.

Al Aqsa: Release Palestinian or we'll fire Qassam

UN says Israel laid anti-personnel mines in Lebanon

Israel offers state -- Hamas calls it 'conspiracy'

Israel eyes deal without joy the Toronto Star by Mitch Potter

Local TV News Report (Video) from the Sarasota Voting Machine Audit

Can someone find me a link to that sarasota ballot pic

TIA: Who still believes the 2006 vote counts were accurate?

No problems found in first morning of [Sarasota] voting machine audit

Khamenei says U.S. is destabilizing Iraq

(Fmr Wyo. Sen.) Simpson: Don't expect easy Iraq answers

Informant in shooting says he never bought drugs at house

Alaska to cut Point Thomson oil leases

Reuters: Mexico's Calderon names hardline interior minister

Group wants Hastert deal investigated

President Bush says he won't pull troops out of Iraq "before the mission is complete."

Gingrich raises alarm at event honoring those who stand up for freedom of speech

Country star pleads guilty in shooting of captive bear [with a bow and arrow]

MEPs to shame 11 EU states in final CIA report (illegal renditions)

CNN/AP: Democrats question sincerity of domestic spying probe

US military predicts surge in violence in Iraq

Iraq insurgents likely snatched body of downed US pilot

7 guards, nurse charged in boot camp death (North Florida case)

Tuesday summary: 55 Iraqis dead, 3 US soldiers killed

Bush: Iraq violence part of al-Qaida plot

Iraq extends state of emergency

Hinduja TMT sees $10 mln revenue from U.S. deal

Indian shares fall on U.S. worries

WSJ/Harris Poll: Bush Approval Ratings Slip To 2nd Lowest Of His Presidency (31%)


Bush pleads for more NATO troops for Afghanistan

STUDY: conservatives less than HALF as likely as lefties to have sympathy for AIDS victims

Climate report likely to spur suits, expert says

Rural America Suffering Higher Death Toll in Iraq, Afghanistan

Christian Coalition pres.-elect leaves

Sales of existing homes post small increase but prices post record decline

Soldier Faces Court Martial

Europeans nations 'hampering CIA prison probe' (Reuters/CNN)

Bush Blames Al Qaeda for Wave of Iraq Violence

Two charged with planning to aid Taliban

Bush rules out troop withdrawal (asks for help)

Reuters: US Air Force seeks $33.4 bln in extra 2007 funds

Windows broken again in Columbus at HQ of Ohio GOP

Bush: Iraq violence part of al-Qaida plot

AP: Report: Afghan Officials Aid Traffickers

EU nations 'knew about CIA jails'

Bush Willing to Work With Dems on Trade

Reuters: Mexico deputies scuffle in Congress in fraud protest

CQ: Hastings to drop bid for Intel Chair

AP, U.S. military spar over atrocities report

Sudan's president spews anti-Semitism

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 28

Disease decimates Kansas buffalo

N.Y. Times, others call Iraq conflict ‘civil war’ (joins NBC)

Democrat Wulsin concedes to Rep. Schmidt

Al-Qaeda controls western Iraq: US intelligence report

7,000 Qaeda members killed or captured in two years

Prosecutor Recommends No Charges In Allen Incident

Orders for manufactured goods plunge

Ex-spy's poison on the Internet; $69 can get you a trace

UN council extends U.S.-led force in Iraq one year

Michigan schools challenge Bush's No Child mandates

Pelosi says no to Hastings heading up intelligence committee

Islamic militant leader kills himself

Peace sign Christmas wreath can stay (Lisa Jensen won!!!)

BBC Breaking : 5 Iraqi Girls Killed in Fight US vs Insurgents

Contrary to Previous Reports, Cheney Was ‘Basically Summoned’ By Saudi Crown Prince

Sen. Reid: Ethics, Stem Cells Top Agenda

Oil prices climb as Saudi Arabia hints at OPEC cut in output

Church's Chicken Outsources Accounting (India)

Iraq tells Iran "we are desperately in need of help"

Democrats win control of Pa. House after 12 years in minority

(Zogby Poll): U.S. Hispanic Voters Abandon GOP

Pelosi 'sad' over Bush's Iraq representation

Lawmakers ordered to testify on links to militias

Judge: Make Bills Recognizable to Blind

US car sales to fall to decade low

Congressman calls Miami a `Third World country'

(Reuters) Stockpile in case of Venezuela vote chaos, U.S. says

Bush Twins In Naked Spin

Democrat calls for outdated tax to be axed

Clark wants to avoid late campaign start

All this talk of cum makes me want to pay...

This thread is a tribute to California Peggy, our Moderator-cum-patron saint

A nature photograph motherlode

F, Marry, Kill?

How sexy can the stories be in the writing group?

I'm curious about the ACLU

I'm happy.

Bring the popcorn!

Anybody in Palm Springs want to look like Nancy Pelosi? Here's how!

Registered Sex Offenders Turning to MySpace


On the Slopes of Transylvania

Teachers... what gift would you like to get from your students?

That's it! I'm leaving DU.

The long weekend is over

Ahhhh... Today's my last day on my current job....

dragged through a knothole....backwards

Tuesday post your desktop!

Wild Boars Rampage Through Village

How many Billy's do we have here?

Free Pizza From Papa John's With Superman DVD (If You Live On Lois Lane)

Cuter Than Kittens!

Moral/Ethical issue

DOH! Can Any Computer Experts Help Me Out With Something

Bush says, "It can't be a Civil War because General Lee is dead."

I've got a new celebrity crush.

I think the new hollywood couple is obvious: Britney Spears & Kid Rock

I want to lodge an official complaint...




So who else got a Christmas card from Jimmy Carter?

STOP THE THIS is news!

How would you react?

Gift Card rip-off

Drunk Driver Tries To Swallow Keys - Bites Cop

To my fellow DUers - the best advice I can give to any and all of you...


I saw Spamalot this weekend

Uh-oh, I've got the hangover giggles...

Ever get the feeling they're just laughing at us, from China,

Window Washer Fell Asleep While Cleaning 20th Story Window

Just when you think you've got yer schmidt together,

Back from Thanksgiving! Did everyone have a nice holiday?

I was on The Stephanie Miller Show this morning!

Feline Leukemia...Can anyone offer advice?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/28/06)

The weather is way too weird.

Woman Charged In Death Of Her Baby (Put Baby In Microwave Oven)

TV Land Names TV Top 100 Catchphrases (Link To List Included)

A question about economics

Very sensual video

Weights, baby, weights!

Anyone in/near Fresno with a smidge of mechanical ability?

Picture thread....i think this maybe the cutest picture ever

Laura Wrote:

Ahhhhh! I just printed myself nearly 200 pages of secondary sources to read in one night.

Bush Blames Al Qaeda for Twins Naked Rampage

It seems like mobile/wireless/"cell" phones can do anything these days....

Do you like dogs?

The HOA in Chicago dropped its idea of fining the woman with the peace symbol wreath.

Cops Crack Nut-Nabber Syndicate

Post your 2007 predictions and prognostications here....

Couple Gets Pasta Sauce Instead Of Camcorder

You heard it here first - 'War on Christmas' has officially started. O'Reilly will be all over this

No, posse Madonna. Biggest posse. nt.

Herpes thread (may contain spoilers)

'Idol' Runner Up Katharine McPhee Spices Up Album (only 21 more days)

'Idol' Alum Kellie Pickler Scores Own Sitcom

Frequent Fliers: dropping one leg of a journey?

the general population is not qualified to select their own culture.

HEY! New Yorkers! What's with the rolling luggage you drag behind you through department stores?

So Kramer was on stage, yadda yadda yadda...

Self-del, poll didn't work

Anyone need a Gmail account? I have 25 Invites

So, when is the bird flu going to rear its head and take us all out? nt

'The Corporation' released FREE via Bittorrent!

Breaking!!! Sugar Smack is on the Greatest Page!!

New "Smurfs" TRILOGY to be "comic...heartfelt version of Lord of the Rings"

Bisquick(tm) -- this poll works

Fix my Heart somebody (motivate me)

Today Lelapin's grandfather turns 70

If I could design a computer keyboard

Humor for a wintry Tuesday

Someone at the garage has it in for me, I guess.

Lego Star Wars is driving me nuts


Underpants, if you don't stop posting American Idol threads....

Are there any physical terrorist on board?

"Cash Cab".

Much like the people I should probably consider to be my role models in life:

Happy birthday wishes to.........

Does everyone give their mail carrier a holiday gift?

Pictures from the Bat Cave.. Well, OK the Bat Mine...

concerned for my dearest friend...

I just came back from visiting my mom in the hospital . She is A-OKAY :)

Taylor Hicks Says He Won't Watch 'American Idol' Anymore

Cat Advice needed: Leave cats home along for a few days

One Of The Most Fantastic RANTS On The Internets (I'm in TEARS laughing)

Congratulations trumad!! 15,000 posts

Britney Spears Flashes Privates, Gets Press

Break my Heart somebody (motivate me)

Have I mentioned, snow FREAKS ME OUT?!

So: Someone put something in my drink over the weekend.

I wish I was in Tijuana...

They don't like me! They really don't like me!

What in the world is that stuff on Eileen?

TNG fans I have a question... The 2 Will Rykers

Tuesday, November 28. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Does everyone give their mail carrier a holiday gift?

Discover the meaning in your name


California angered at Montana's RV tax dodge.

Did you graduate summa cum laude or magna cum laude?

College student here choosing a credit card

Just finished an amazing pageturner ......

Does anybody else browse personals for fun?

She said no

Someone...anyone....bite me.

Christie's auctioning Britney Spears junior high term paper on Antigone

This is what happens when...

What's The Coolest Job That You Know About?


Someone...anyone....fight me.

Meeting my birth son


Women talk three times as much as men, says study

Create an euphemism using food.

Next laptop I'm buying locally, 1st & last Dell

Historic Airline Uniforms (or women in uniforms) 6 pictures

It's a lousy day here. It's -28 degrees (-41 with wind chill) and my

help me out Northern Loungies! we're getting a hard freeze tomorrow

Never a good time, but best time to break up?

Yikes! Is it really that bad in Seattle today?

How annoying are people in love?

When's the last time we had a prehistoric animals thread?

I am going to rant... and it just might be about YOU ;-)

New Cabbage Patch Kids for this year....

Stuff on my cat! Voting is open for the best Stuff on my cat...

Cat food help - Gracie's still very sick

What to give a spoiled 9-year-old nephew for Christmas?

Do you live in the Seattle area? Let's keep each other warm here!

Post pics of a place that is dear to your heart

Taking an oath of office with a hand on the bible

High Court Refuses Maine Case That Sought To Force Private School Aid

Question about Islam

Never heard of Reform Mormonism Before...

Jim Wallis: Useful Idiot or Enemy Within?

Explain the Trinity

Early Sketch of Stonehenge Found

Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures Imaged Off New Zealand

Report: U.S. R&D publications decline

Bye Swarmbots, Hello Swarmanoids

Tiny springs keep Wii, PS3 under control (AP/CNN) {teeny-tiny accelerometers on a chip}

Stealthy Insect Sensor Project

Clever manatees happy, not dumb (AP/CNN)

Attack of the Process People!!

Pastor Offers Counter Message to Dobson’s ‘Love Won Out’ Events

The few Senators that suppor equal marriage rights.

Christian group nominated as 'most gay-friendly organisation

Marriage vs Unions. Does the name matter?

Ronaldinho's goal vs. Villareal

The Refs Gave My Beloved Packers A Fuckin' Tonight, And

The Sugar Bowl back in New Orleans where it belongs

Boxing: HBO & Showtime this Weekend ....

Old metaphysical books

Okay, so who else is *really* feeling the post 11/11 change?

"Progressing Right On Schedule" - Karen Bishop - November 29, 2006

Please post your favorite pic of Kerry that would make a great painted portrait.

Well, the lousy Quinpac poll story is gaining legs in the MSM. Surprise, surprise.

Bush still talking like it's 2004 -- looks like he's going to stay the course in Iraq

"Kerry swiftboated twice" Pat Buchanan



If you have an email relationship with KO please send this in light of MSNBC's stepped

A new anti-Kerry effort being formed?

Important Kerry poll- please vote!!

Hillary's dKos shrill has a diary up which includes his picture

Anchorage at Zero degrees

Meeting with my birthson

"Organic Impeachment"

Mike Webb is back (again)!

If Bush can raise the cash for a $500 Million library, then

Will Cheney Follow Rumsfeld Out Of The Bush Administration?

DOJ begins internal investigation of Bush's warrantless spy program

F**k Shrubby and his Library... reopen the EPA library closed on the sly

French residents of Deauville want a "certain quality" of visitor...

Humanity needs an intervention...

2,882 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Jurisprudes? What's wrong with supersexy ads in a legal magazine?

Phila. getting software to predict who might kill

America the charitable: A few surprises

Is anyone keeping tabs on

Just had a scary thought. With Rumsfeld gone, Rove disgraced & Cheney isolated in the White House...

Never heard of Reform Mormonism Before...

Are you spending LESS time here (at DU) now that we won back the Congress?

Nuclear test means now we can talk: North Korea

Limbaugh on Middle East: "Fine, just blow the place up"

CSPAN reporting that Gates expected to be appointed Sec Defense before end of year.

Bury my heart in the Green Zone...

A brief parable for our times.

Democracy Now and Meet The Press...

Will we have to wait for NBC to declare when it becomes Genocide?

Crackpot Predictions for the year 2007

Gingrich has doubts about Freedom of Speech

Check out this link for news: NewsMap (a visual LBN!)

"The peace sign has a lot of negativity associated with it."....

Bush: Iraq violence part of al-Qaida plot

OK== fess up, which DUer emailed this: "What kind of little Nazis does your town grow?"

Want to stop future wars? Forget the fucking draft. Lets go after the war profiteers

CSPAN WJ Question today: Is it a civil war?

"Republican Like Me" - infiltrating red states of mind

Alaska to strip companies of oil and gas leases

Bush: Iraq violence part of al-Qaida plot

Senator Brownback Uses Lame Gay Wedding as Excuse to Stall Judicial Appointment

Hollands War on Christmas: Dutch Sinterklaas tradition a threat

(AP) Bush Presidency found to be al-Qaeda plot

Complete this sentence: "After death..."

Rumsfeld's Ego May Delay Gates' Swearing In

Bush Says He'll Press al-Maliki for Strategy for Success

Just got done watching The Omen

Former Prosecutor Imagines Bush's Judgment Day

Caption *

"There's complete bewilderment as to what to do,"

Any word on Foley or the so called

Christian Coalition president resigns over agenda dispute

Should we put Saddam Back in Power?

Accused of abuse, (another) priest put on leave (Rev. Steven Poitras, Hudson, Mass.)


B*sh IS Captain Queeg

The vanishing holiday bonus/ CSMonitor

Breaking: Eight guards charged in death

Lou and Debi DOBBS (from MotherJones)

31% HARRIS POLL - Bush Approval Ratings Slip - Again...

Look into the crystal ball....your eyes are slowly closing....

The Anti-Empire Report - Would Jesus Get Out of Iraq?

The last Neocon standing -Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

New Tool to Avoid CensorBots on The Info Super Highway

Kissell Hand Recount Tomorrow (Congressional Race in NC)

Sandia National Labs employee accused of hacking musician's info

See 5000 years of Middle East History in 90 seconds

Britain To Reduce Troop Levels In Iraq, As The "Coalition Of The Willing" Shrinks Some More

Sam Seder is cracking me up.

It has now moved beyond a "civil war" - it is now chaos and anarchy...

The Founders debated whether or not we should even have a President.

I love President Carter!

Where is Condi...

Bumper sticker: Stop Global Whining

Bush's word of the day: "foment"

Baker's commission should include the removal of g.w. bush before the eyes...

NYT: we have agreed that Times correspondents may describe the conflict in Iraq as a civil war

So Now the Iraq Civil War is an Al Quaeda Plot? Where is Bush's Head?

My freeper neighbor took out his trash last night....

Will Chimp surpass his father's lowest job approval number?

Cheney will be next to leave? .... LINK

Bush is going to parlay the WOT into destruction of the US

CAPTION the plea for understanding of an Ass-Faced Weasel...

Silo - 1969

Three US Helicopters Crash in Iraq

wow..The White House has been busy "setting the record straight"

Bush abolishes hunger

It's Official...MSNBC Say's Iraq in Cival War

If Chelsea Clinton had behaved like the bush twins, oy the wailing & outrage!

Pentagon Releases New Report of Spying on Quakers, Peace Activists and Veterans,

Barney Frank vs Chris Wallace - transcript, video (media matters

Remember our helpless rage at the apparent withering of Plamegate

Check out National Lampoons lost Seinfeld Episode. Absolutely hilarious.

An Inconvenient Truth flying off the rental shelves up here

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel AKA ol' Magic Fingers redux...

10 Fallacies about the Violence in Iraq .... from AlterNet

Bury my heart in the Green Zone

Wash.Post/Newsweek has new fantasist web site

Florida visitation drops in 3rd quarter

Bush Has Stolen National Guard From States... Martial Law Easier..LINK

Are the annual salaries of our Representatives and Senators on public record??

"Security is mostly a superstition" -- Helen Keller

Apparently, Democrats' election wins mean victory for . . . conservatives?

Would you support the government commandeering plans for an alternative energy source?

Need some help fact-checking on government size please

What should be the Dems agenda once they control congress?

New Boogie Man...It's all his (and Iran's) fault....

Just shut up bush ... just shut up.

Just in time for Christmas ... teach Johnny to kill non-Christians.

Since bush thinks Iraq is going so wonderful...

'Tis the season to be jolly, filled with holly, singing with Molly . . . and CAPTIONING!!!

Update: One Twin Stays, One Twin Goes

Without the concept of empire, where would the world be?

Yet another reason I can't stand 'pukes. They want to

The Media should be run like professional sports teams. Fire the losers.

Newt Grincgrinch the nut says...

Let's help Bush get started on a summary of his "legacy"

This Picture is both Funny and Sad:

Scientology gifts under review

Standards of Official Conduct by GWB issued January 20, 2001

Putting the oil baron genie back in the bottle???? How do we do this?

Raise your hand if you would like to see a reporter ask * why

Things I'd like to hear * (the idiot) say

I was just listening to CNN

Remember our helpless rage at the apparent withering of Plamegate

Bernanke speaks - we're doomed.

Bush's Paraguay we have to protect him in "exile?"

Peace is Satanic, according to people in Pagosa Springs, CO

B*sh revives and conflates al-Qaeda involvement in Iraq...

Col. Ralph Peters is a blatherer

Military Repair Depots-No Overtime for War Damaged Equipment

Latest on peace sign wreath...offers from all over to pay the $25/day fine!


Borat make cause divorce Pamela Anderson? High-five!

New Air Force bargain for reservists: 15-day, all expenses paid trip to Iraq

Presidential News from the Globe - important! please do not bump!

CNN-Hastings out as Intelligence Com. Chair

When will the Dems ever learn? Obama is about to get disinvited by the wacky evanglicals....

If Little Lord Pissy Pants and the rest of the neocons would just

See anything funny about these headlines?

Just how bad the situation in Iraq is (re: sectarian violence) :(

The Motherlode.......i mean.....

2883 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Welch's responds to Air America blacklist email

George W. Bush's More Greatest Hits

Some RW schmuck on Scarborough Country last night said Jon Stewart's

NARAL's, LCV's, and Sierra Club's failed endorsement of senator McConnell (R)

Why isn't bush in Iraq leading...

Imams Stage Airport 'Pray-In' As Protest

Coalition Forces Kill Five Girls in Iraq Clash


Iraq is not in a Civil War....

Alcee Hastings Will Not Bid For House Intelligence Seat... poll: Do you agree with President that Iraq isn't in a civil war?

DU this poll: Is Iraq in a Civil War?

Has Bush reached his goal of restoring chaos, yet?

Bush says U.S. won’t pull out of Iraq (Or until The Camel Can Screw Itself)

Seasonal - Could not "A Christmas Carol" be a modern parable about Scrooge going from Repub to Dem?

"Homeland security buffoons blow up data logging device"

CHENEY Was "Basically Summoned" To Saudi Arabia Because Of Damage Bush Admin Has Created In Region

Evidence of Evangelical's breaking with Repubs

Christian Defense Coalition demands church drop Obama, who 'supports kiling children'

US is heading towards a severe recession, Europe too, but not China

Has there been a change in the four paragraph rule

Bury my heart in the Green Zone

Reid: Ethics, minimum wage and STEM CELL RESEARCH tops list

Hey Democrats, so you want to work and be bipartisan with Bush

Did they ever find the missing US soldier in Iraq?

No Top 10 this week?

Anybody else think that al Maliki & Georgie were "sent out of the room"

anti war video banned by mtv...check it out.

Jack Cafferty questions today.

Q: What happens if the VP steps down?

Is CNN effin' nuts???!!

Before the election we heard...

Hi-LAR-ious video: Local news channel does "exposé" on kids' dangerous Leet speak trend. OMG!

'I'm not going to pull our troops off the battlefield before the mission is complete'

Caption this Bushco pic...

Cheney was summoned by the Saudis

CNN reporting: Hastings will NOT be Intel Chair.

Jimmy Carter on yesterday's "Fresh Air"

How come we never hear about Afghanistan...

Those injured in Sadr City to be transferred to Iranian hospitals

Informant says Atlanta officers tried to pay him off in killing of elderly woman

(AP) Judge: Make Bills Recognizable to Blind

speaking a truth

Engel, Kucinich will investigate slave labor in Brazil

So is Newt Gingrinch going to run for President in 08?

Candy Crawley reporting that Falwell is fearing that evangelicals will be

Pelosi nixes Alcee Hastings, will choose someone else.

Chimpy more delusional than ever (speaking now)

"healthcare idea with mileage"

What Makes a War? (EXCELLENT!!!)

"No troops home until "Mission Complete", but this mission

Iraqis say Bush's puppet government is trying to incite a civil war. I think they are right

Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Job Insecurity!

AP: Ten Commandments Appear At County Courthouse

How many writers on DU know their posts are and can be

Our military is getting so thrashed by Bush, how long will...

Gingrich, First Amendment enemy, thinks the US could "lose a the next decade"

Comedy writer Paul Mooney swears off the N word. Will the hip hoppers do the same?

URGENT! Volunteers needed tomorrow and Thursday for hand count in NC

How in the hell did we lose?

AP: Electronic Vote Distrusted in Venezuela (reforms implemented)

Does everyone give their mail carrier a holiday gift?

No joke! Bush wants to build a $500 million shrine to his disastrous Presidency!!!!

Online petition against reauthorization of No Child Left Behind Act

TX Ethics Panel; Officials don't need to detail cash gifts

The end of big SUV's in California?

Bush prepares questions for Iraqi prime minister

Giuliani, Obama, McCain... likeability? ... give me a break !

so lucianne goldberg is about to have a heart attack about the money ruling...

Boom in Nanotechnology Poses Consumer Risks

My friend's 19 yr old son.. back for 2 months (Iraq) headed for...

argh -- cousin trapped in mortgage is talking to National Guard recruiters

An Apology in order

A call for help from Sen. Dole

CNN Poll: Do you agree with bu$h on Iraq

BREAKING: Democrats win control of Pennsylvania House after 12 years in minority

Rape by Nigerian forces 'endemic'

Wow...Trippi had some very well done plastic surgery

Media attempts to portray Kerry as unlikable to avoid admitting he's right about Iraq

Has crime gone up in your area...

Should the president's right to issue pardons be limited?

Official warning on Mac code bug (BBC) {DMG bug}

Family in Need of Help

Anyone catch this Key sentence from Newt Gingrich from his speech in NH??

Will Bush have at least one copy of My Pet Goat in his new library?

US Chamber of Commerce opposed to China's attempt at labor reform, belying "free trade" rhetoric

US ambassador to Norway: Norway should increase defense spending

Marine internal report paints bleak picture of Anbar, Iraq US actions

Limbaugh on Middle East: "Fine, just blow the place up"

Caption the Post Card from the Bush Twins

Fiction--or is it?: United States v. George W. Bush et al

Why is Obama's Evil in Rick Warren's Pulpit?

Mike Malloy to air in Miami soon (and other stations, too!)

Rich Lowry sticks shiv in B*sh: NRO, "Bush Adrift"

Radical Fringe Toon 11/28 - Everybody sing: Why can't we be friends?

The 39th on ' Hardball ' Say's his pick for 2008 is Elected 43rd

Silvestre REYES for Intel Cmte Chair is sombody we can unite behind

BBC: Five girls killed in Iraqi clash STILL NOTHING from CNN or MSNBC

DU Smokers?

Giuliani & McCain=very well liked. What dirt do we have on them?

newsmax has a new chickenhawk xmas gift

OAXACA: Latest APPO Press Release

We Broke Iraq. How do we fix it?

Everything old, is new again...Sears

Punishment, Democracy, and Victims

Is scientology a recognized religion here in the U.S.?

Should disabled people be treated the same as, or differently from, everyone else?

Those Two Little Bush Brats Should Fucking Behave Themselves

Report: Bush Twins Asked to Leave after Naked Hotel Romp

Anti-war protester sets fire to self in Chicago; MSM ignores

While Iraq burns, we shop

46 dead in iraq today

Laugh Factory is demanding Richards pay $1 million for every use of the "N"-word

Slain deer station near playground draws fury (Not really, but The Globe needed a headline)

Crash: Hummer -vs- School Bus - Hummer Loses

danny hoch exposes, this is eye opening!

Is it just me, or is there some pretty bad economic news lately?

Buenos Aires is a long way from Iraq

You Can't Kill An Idea (How we lost the Iraq War a long time ago)

Why is the president defying the people's wishes so arrogantly?

Venezuelan election day procedures and audits - Very detailed

More on Kramer

Just look at how big my shiny tinfoil hat is!!!!


SEN REID: Doing Away With The "DO-NOTHING CONGRESS" - Start Year With NO BREAK For 7 Weeks!

Why do people like Condi?

1,245 Secret CIA Prison Flights Revealed by European Parliament-Rice 1 Of Many Who Approved

Bush in Estonia ---pix--->>>

Bush Boozing It Up (pix)

Plame/Wilson lawyer: "It's going to be the case of the next year"

OAXACA:The Repression Continues: What You Can Do To Help

Hey - let's help corpmedia marginalize the Dem senator overseeing net neutrality

Effective Immediately: You can Now STOP saying "Where's the Outrage??!!"

Happy Birthday, Jon Stewart (New York Eastern Standard Time)

"Children of Men" -- the best movie of the year?

NSTA Refuses An Inconvenient Truth DVDs

Science bloggers on NSTA refusal to distribute "An Inconvenient Truth"

Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens

Another step to a One World Government

I knew it!!! Bush supporters more likely to be mentally ill!!!!

A letter from the New Media to the Old Media

Sometimes PETA is good for a laugh.... sometimes not....

What's the real reason behind Saudi summoning Cheney?

which future scientific breakthrough will save our nation's energy future?

Pastor Chosen to Lead Christian Coalition Steps Down in Dispute Over Agenda

OAXACA: Global Support is Happening

Bush has completely blown it. How can Iraq be taken from his hands?

Snow - was supposed to be 2 inches, getting 8+ inches.

This was written by a woman who said we should agree with our President

Kerry dead last in Likeability poll (beaten by Chimp, even)

The Last Thing They Will Ever Admit About Iraq

This is too funny: "Welcome to Vermont, unless you're Republican"

Petition for Obama to run


BREAKING .....Dr. Bussard past Assis. Direct EAC, on fusion reactor

Should Cetaceans be represented at the UN?

The REAL problem with Pelosi

Tehran Times: U.S. Plots Coup in Iraq to Bring Baathists to Power

McClatchy: "First-hand report from Iraq" (reporter flees Baghdad)

Laws prohibit smoking around children (Even Private Spaces)

Do you see a lot of homeless in your area...

Had a conversation at the store with the mother of a soldier in Fallujah.

Freeper Mental Meltdown over Ellison's choice to take oath on a book

No excuse: Mother microwaved baby

John Edwards' OAC Petition to George Bush: End Genocide in Darfur

Fuck you, Tom Tancredo

Glass Warfare

Police informant denies buying drugs at elderly woman's home

So...How Long before we "Fix" Iraq with a Military Dictatorship...

"We can accept nothing less than victory for our children and our grandchildren,"

A peace from a process modeled on that of the Peace of Westphalia....

clearly this is bullshit.

The Madness of King Us: our growing educational deficit

TOONS: The Bush Legacy =====>

Jimmy Carter: "Iraq Invasion...One Of The Greatest Blunders That American Presidents Have Ever Made"

Pacing the Halliburton/KBR Investigations in Congress

the Complaint Choir of Birmingham

My names Mohammad, and I'm baking cookies.

Terrified U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Michael Ware on Civil War in Iraq

Bruce Springsteen - American Skin (41 Shots)

Josh Bolten squirms during Stem Cell questions...

Soldiers taunt kids with water...

Thoughts on watching RFK on PBS this evening...

'08 Unlikely Presidential Poll

Which of these conservative/Republican people might be most likely to switch to the Democratic side?

Phoning it in

A post to any Rep/Con patrolling this board

Dumb? Or: The Value of Ignorance

What It Takes to Make a Student (No Child Left Behind)

All Kerry supporters, please DU this poll!!


FCC plans draw fire: Democrats bash media ownership studies

Iraq wants U.N. Security Council to extend mandate for one year

Looking at the 2008 Senate races

Bush: It's not a Civil War. It's "extremists trying to defeat the emergence of a young democracy."

Raw Story: GOP 'squabbles' may lead to early adjournment, 'punting' of spending bills

As plain as the nose on your face. Could it be this simple?

Are Cheneys Days Numbered

Why didn't GORE Consider DURBIN for his running mate in 2000?

Der Mittenfuhrer Romney Snubbed Home State Republicans

If violence in Iraq is a "plot" by Al Qaeda, then we must be co-conspirators.

Why we should STOP talking about the 08 Presidential Election

FL-08: Another dishonest Republican breaks promise to voters

Justice begins "probe" of Warrantless Wiretap Program

Rumsfeld's Ego May Delay Gates' Swearing In

Photos: "U.S. President George W. Bush wells up as he finishes a speech, November 28, 2006"

Ann Coulter Blow Up Doll Flops (caution! graphic!)

Britain To Reduce Troop Levels In Iraq, As "Coalition Of The Willing" Shrinks Some More

If they couldn't cut Foley loose how are they going to get away from the Bush legacy?

Bernie Kerik: Foreign Policy Expert?????

**WHEN** we leave Iraq ..... then what?

Here are the new members of the Blue Dogs and New House Dems.

Senior Aide to Rice Resigns From Post

memories of right after the 04 election, when people were saying the democratic party was dead

Christian Coalition president - elect leaves

Dr. Bob Fitrakis is having a Birthday Wednesday the 29th. Email him

Latest Idiotic Hannity Poll

Reuters: Trade rep pledges to reach out to Congress

Contrary to Previous Reports, Cheney Was ‘Basically Summoned’ By Saudi Crown Prince

My 2 LTTEs published this weekend!

How many of you have received apologies from Conservatives?

When the Bush Administration starts calling it a Civil War, what quotes or promises come due?

limbaugh says just blow em all to hell

Remember When Laura Ingraham Was Telling People to Make Crank Calls to DNC on Election Day?

A half a BILLION dollars for the "GWB" Presidential library and "think tank"


Carter on Palestine: Why are so few of us able, like Carter, to buck MSM manipulation

What's the deal with Tom Vilsack?

Caption * at dinner.

George W. Bush - Civil War President

* slams Belarus 'tyrant' Lukashenko & promises help

A great short read; A M.I.T. Scholar puts to rest the lies about Iraq.

Damn Union-Leader Blasts Edwards for B&N Book Signing

Where is Joe Wilson?

Democrats win majority in PA state House!!!

Will Cheney Follow Rumsfeld Out Of The Bush Administration?

How Did Your Senators and Representative Vote on Key Issues? Check Their Scorecard:

Hastings will not be chairman - CNN

The grassroots helps swiftboat Kerry - again

The latest from Wes Clark regarding a possible 2008 Presidential run

DU Gov 08 Preference Poll

AP: Obama to Join Democrats in New Hampshire

Hate to say it but I agree with Ed Rogers on 08 dem candidates

That`s one putrid pool you`re standing in, Mr. George W. Bush

46,137 - total non mortal casualties in Iraq

Don't count Katherine Harris out yet - she may run for her old house seat in 2008

American Legion calls on Cong. Rangel to apologize

A few words for the Candidate Groupies

Single Payer National Health Insurance

How much would you pay for Starbucks?

A know a secret: The Daily Show does not lean left

Web censorship 'bypass' unveiled

Calling It What It Is (Mary Lyon)

now that the election is over: suggestions thread