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Activist's Fiery Death Prompts Questions (anti-war)

Democrats plan to throw out S. America trade pacts over labor concerns

Blix vs Blair (But this time it is over our weapons of mass destruction)

Euphemisms Die Hard within Iraq discussion......

PM likely to present plans for diplomatic peace effort

No more hitching in the W. Bank

Report: 33 percent of Sderot kids suffer post-traumatic stress

King of Jordan Speaks Out About Iraqi Situation

Thousands in Turkey Denounce Papal Visit

Feds plan redo of weapon sites (plutonium weapons production)

2 teens charged with setting off homemade (acid) bombs in Wal-Mart (Maine)

Ahmadinejad Predicts Collapse of Israel, U.S., U.K.

Sunday (London) Times: Ferocity of Iraq attacks leaves US troops helpless

Australia Denies Guilt in Oil-For-Food

Iraq Declares War on Petroleum Smuggling

Officer in Bush Motorcade Accident Dies (Hawaii accident)

Colo. Residents Spar Over Peace Sign

Left-winger Correa wins Ecuador presidency

do M&Ms go w/ tequila?


Starbucks sued over hot chocolate incident

The literal mind.

"American Dad" thread

I hope LeftyKid knows how much I love him.

Okay DUers, have some fun with me:

I am listening to Carole King right now, later James Taylor.

Anyone near St Paul, MN and want a good time recommendation?

I'm searching for an old photo I saw here

I just looooooooove champagne cocktails!!

Heterosexual men:

self delete

how bout dem giants?

Caption this!

Just thinking about mascots for some reason...

Photo: Britney and her pal Paris. Her post-KFed image is improving already.

Damn Giants

Monster House kicks ass!

so bored....watching qvc, have credit card...not afraid to use it.

Beer, college football, bets, and *BANG!*

Anyone near New Haven, CT and want a good restaurant recommendation?

"Family Guy" thread

We put up the Christmas tree tonight...Have you!?

What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Typical vegetarian

Sonya Thomas Disqualified from Turkey Contest....Booooo!

Do college football and basketball players get

Boy, my family is, well...unusual. At Thanksgiving, we had such visitors as:

I just ate a pound and a half of raw salmon, ask me anything.....

I now know how to play pinochle - what was I missing all these years ??

What happened to me and Photobucket??

Would some Jimmy Buffett help chase away the winter blues?

Keep your eye on the hand.

Difficult to take pictures: Share yours

Things you shouldn't Google.

Can someone please tell Jessica Alba to stop stalking me?

cute over load---to cute for words

A Blogger has Thanksgiving with Alton Brown!!

I'm cream crackered

VH1 Classics: Filth and Fury - Sex Pistols

At the moment, life is good.

Chili and Cornbread tonight...mmmm

How come Lounge threads seldom (if ever), get nomintaed...

I just had a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" moment!

I need some quick movie help!

holy shit i'm feeling so happy right now, cuz i've been freed!!

Stuffing is amazing a few days after...

As BillySkank would say...I suck at going to bed...

Just clicked off of the "Last Goodbye" thread. I can't take it.

Penguins Romp Over Bond at Box Office -- By DAVID GERMAIN, AP Movie Writer

How long did it take you to find a "real world" job after college?

what a thankless job.

Some trails are happy ones,

I read 'Red dragon' by Thomas Harris last night.

So. What'd I miss?

I don't like "American Dad". The wife looks like a fish.

More things you shouldn't Google.

I just spent my last dollar on antidepressants! Ask me anything!

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH INSTALLATIONS! Missing Woman Found Dead Behind Bookcase

The last word on the internet.

yoko ono is an incredibLe musician

Dr. Zhivago - Worth Seeing Or Not?

I don't care if you hate me...

I'm Goin' to London! •IMPUT NEEDED•

Back from Thanksgiving Hell.

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens...

Have you hugged your kids today?

FINALLY found my next TATTOO!! (PIC)

I don't want tomorrow to be Monday!

Stripes... In my pants.

DU self-promoters...what makes a "'nice' business card"?

Pink Floyd "Is There Anybody Out There?"

It's snowing outside -dang it

I'm going to hell. Input needed.

YUCK! It's been "snowing" in Vancouver for over 24 hours

Revolutionary_Acts04 could post about what she just blew into a kleenex and

Isn't this what started the reformation? Pay to have your rosary blessed by the Pope.

Isn't this what started the reformation? Pay to have your rosary blessed by the Pope.

Now I thought this old clip was sooooo cute that I had to post it

Brokeback Mountain on HBO 730pst

Vince Young is amazing!

Koetter out as ASU football coach


The Stars This Week - November 27 - December 3, 2006


Iraqi Insurgency Is Self-Sustaining, and U.S. Can't Stop Money Flowing In

Why Are Atheists So Angry? Sam Harris/Dennis Prager

Pentagon Developing Alternative To Iraq Study Group To Give Bush An Out

MONITOR RADIO on now - immigration; Cheney, Mideast.

Water Planet....a must see

Jordan king (who does Bush's torturing) warns 3 civil wars loom in Mideast

What's going on with the finances of the Minutemen?

Continuing my post from this morning - Where is Italia Federici?

Police officer injured during Bush visit dies

Free Iraq or Free Iraq Oil?

Top Maliki Advisor May Be Wanted Terrorist

If God Favors The Religious Right, How Come We Kicked Their Butts?

American Lynching

Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do ...a letter from Michael Moore

Carnival Days

Lott Attacks Rove, Says ‘I’ve Had Problems With Some Of His Conduct’

I wish we could "unrecommend" a post

SurveyUSA: 8 of 10 most popular senators are Dems, 8 of 10 most UNpopular senators are Republicans

Pakistan Official Admits US Bombed Madrasah Last Month- 82 Students Killed

Isn't this what started the reformation? Pay to have your rosary blessed by the Pope.

Berlusconi kept in hospital for heart tests - Checking to see if he has one

They lied their way into Iraq. Now they are trying to lie their way out

What the hell just happened to my shoulder?

CBC: The Rick Mercer Report

T-shirts, T-shirts, get your lefty T-shirts right here

Milton Friedman's Son has a blog y'all!!

Proper way to address former Speaker of The House

Angry crowd stones Iraqi PM motorcade....

SuveyUSA: Bush Way Down In Texas (41%)

Our country reminds me of the theme from this old, old television series. . .

Does it seem like since the one-legged master terrorist Zarqawi was killed violence has went up?

Democrats say no liberal plans in next Congress

Catching up on my viewing: What are the Best Iraq DVDs?

Rumsfeld authorized torture, says former Abu Ghraib commander

LEAKED NYT MON SPLASH: Can Bush save presidency?

Separated at Birth here in San Diego?

US Spends More In One Day In Iraq Than Insurgents Spend All Year

Motorcycle officer injured in President Bush’s Hawaii motorcade has died

Iraq to US- Leave Now

Patrick Leahy seeks torture documents - Dear Attorney General Gonzales:

I had the stangest dream the other morning...

McCain's "Hair of the Dog" strategery LOL!

Toyota engineer, helped develop Prius, dies in plane crash off LA

Impeachment Arguments and Rebuttals

O'Reilly and Ingraham take credit for OJ TV cancellation

Take the CIA's personality quiz (short)

settle this argument re: DMV, racism, terrorism, and privacy issues

has anyone heard of the new one time treatment for Tobacco addiction

Is there any aspect of our society that could be subject to a lack of growth?


So I got the annual "What do y'all want for Christmas?" email from mom.

America shops while Iraq burns - great commentary by Bob Herbert

Arrested for Epilepsy: When a seizure gets you thrown in jail (& tasered)

Gay marriage rights are the new segregation fight for America! I'm ready!

Ashamed - Round Up All Muslims And Tattoo Them

The Atlantic Monthly: The 100 most influential Americans

*** Sunday TOONS: Post Thanksgiving ***

Seriously. What is wrong with these people's minds?

My 1st KOS dairy,: 3 pillars holding up the middle class. Progressive taxes, labor & education.

Report From Behind the Barricades In Oaxaca Mexico... Scary Stuff Down There!

Brzezinski: The Baker Commission ‘Will Offer Some Procrastination Ideas For Dealing With The Crisis’

OAXACA:Attack on Radio Universidad (probably) Tonight?

Do you know the number of soldiers from your state who have been killed in Iraq ?

ABC: 1960's Military Plans To TERRORIZE AMERICAN CITIES To Provoke War With Cuba

Delta Center Renamed "EnergySolutions Arena" (a Nuclear Waste Dump Company!)

Who thinks we are about to find out Bush and his minions crimes are more odious than we imagined?

When can we officially start a Pissing Contest Forum?

Is there any way to test someone's racist factor before hiring him or her

The Most Vile Talking Point: "It's time for Iraqis to stand up on their own"

Impeachment LTTE's all over the nation! Impeachment is a viable option

10 is the new 15 as kids grow up faster ~ MSNBC

Colo. subdivision bans wreath peace sign

BALLAD OF A NEO CON - Tom Tomorrow

If you want to change medical insurance, stop buying it from private

Those paying attention to the facts have had 'the proof' since well before ...

UK scientists invent male 'pill' that can be taken hours before sex

Jewish school smashed up in Austria, man arrested

Lower taxes on wealthy means more taxes collected (Denmark Study)

DU demographic survey #1: Religion

The Press Corpse

Last Goodbye

Let's Impeach the pResident - Neil Young

Running Out of Heroes (WARNING-Some graphic war photos)

after all this turkey, I want some RED MEAT!!

Did one of the motorcylce officers injured in Bush's Hawaii

Democrats pledge array of investigations

Obama's recent speech on Iraq was just re-run on C-SPAN

Is The Television Media Irrelevant?

Homework question: If the Mil. Commission Act of 2006

Sikh businessman turned away from restaurant in dispute over head covering

Do I trust Democrats on Veterans issues

The ultimate Bush propaganda

Top Democrats: We want to win elections, no liberal plans

National Science Teachers Association turns down 50,000 FREE "Inconvenient Truth" DVDs

ecuador elects a leftist friend of chavez

John Roberts: "death that's on the streets of at an astronomical level"

Upon listening to Molly Ivins this weekend...stop the Kumbaya BS Dems!

He's Either Being Paid or He's Stark Staring Mad (yes, of COURSE it's a freeptard)

Your favored Iraq strategy?

Tell me the one best thing about your '08 candidate (if you don't have one, feel free to ignore)

Barack Obama. What has he done?

The Blue Dogs and the New Dems sold us out on the Bankruptcy Bill.

Ahmadinejad Predicts Collapse of Israel, U.S., U.K.

Authentic Happiness?

Need help to write a speech? Just call India

A view to a kill

Tom Hayden: The Anit-War Movement Deserves Some Credit


They lied their way into Iraq. Now they are trying to lie their way out

Cuban Doctors in Pakistan: Why Cuba Still Inspires

The Left Won Big and IS taking Back the US and the Planet...By Rob Kall

Despite increased training efforts, Iraqi army still not ready to defend Fallujah alone

Contract with America (before Gingrich!) By Steve Osborn

Very Rich Are Leaving the Merely Rich Behind - NYT

'Neocons' abandon Iraq war at White House front door

Kunstler: The Storm Perfected

who, exactly is, and has been, "unbendingly partisan"?


Lessons in killer politics

Japan's dolphin slaughter

Connecting the Condi Dots By Patricia L Johnson

U.S. v. BUSH, et al. By William Fisher

History Offers Post-Midterm Survival Tips For President

WP: New Congress Unlikely to Rush Toughest Issues: Iraq, Immigration Demand More Time

Panel to Weigh Overture by U.S. to Iran and Syria

Should we ignore a technology that traps all the carbon emmissions of coal fired power plants?

DEFRA Report - UK Sea Levels Will Rise By Up To 1 Meter Within 75 Years - Times

EIA Numbers Show Global Conventional Oil Production Hasn't Risen Since 2005

EPA case key to Maine to be heard (greenhouse gas emission regulations)

Plan for coal-fired energy plants fires up opposition (CO)

GM To Feature Fuel-Saving Technologies, But Won't Discuss Until LA Auto Show - Reuters

$90M plant will turn garbage into gas

CO2 Emission Growth Rate More Than Doubles - Less Than 1% In 1990, 2.5%+ In 2005 - SMH

50 Bushfires And Counting In NSW, Victoria - At Least 20,000+ Hectares Already Burned - SMH

Harper Government Plans More Funding Cuts For Canadian Climate Programs - G&M

11 Dead In Indonesia After Pipeline Blast Hits Area Flooded By Mud Volcano From Well - AFP

EU Pushes Through Tuna Catch Quota Cuts

Groups to Push O'Malley (D-MD gov. elect) on Environment

UK Braces For First Storm Of Season - Predictions Up to Storm Force 11 - Reuters

Climate Change is Cyclical: 1934 was almost as hot as 2006.

Merrill Lynch Downgrades Hong Kong Real Estate On Air Pollution Worries - Reuters

UN Fails In Attempt To Limit Bottom Trawling - BBC

UK - Met Office Predicting Hottest Autumn In 300 Years

Wildlife warning as autumn temperatures hit new high

The argument now is not if, but "how big will global warming be"

More People Supporting "Carbon Neutrality" Trend

Olmert says ready to free Palestinian prisoners (Reuters)

One day into fragile truce, Gaza militants fire rockets at Israel

UN criticizes Israel for Golan Heights annexation

Israel offers peace concessions to Palestinians

Annan welcomes mutual ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

Islamic Jihad continues launching rockets at Israel

Meshaal warns of 'third intifada'

Wisconsin academic: 9/11 report a fraud

9/11 and Iraq – The Concealed Connection!

Some interesting info on the Refco implosion

Steven Jones Removed from Position at Scholars for Truth over Opposition to Star Wars Beam Weapon

New Suit Attacks Ohio Voting Machines

NYTimes and 'Experts' Finally Notice: 'It is Impossible to Say How Many Votes Were Not Counted That

Details of the Sarasota audit to be held Tuesday and Friday

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Monday, 11/ 27/2006

Did Mean Jean Schmidt actually win in Ohio, again?

GA: 2006 Election Candidates Join E-Voting Rights Suit

NYT: Mall Stores See Strong Rise in Holiday Sales: The Mall strikes back

Iranian military aircraft crashes

MN: Twin Cities Home Foreclosures At Near Record High

Activist's Fiery Death Prompts Questions (anti-war)

NYT/Reuters: Humpback Whales Have "Human" Brain Cells: Study

Pentagon Classified ''Vets for Peace'' as a "Threat"

Arrested for Epilepsy: When a seizure gets you thrown in jail (& tasered)

President reaching out to allies on trip (for help in quelling violence in Iraq )

Islamic Jihad continues launching rockets at Israel

India successfully conducts missile-versus-missile test (SECOND LEAD)

New York on edge as police kill unarmed man in hail of 50 bullets on his wedding day

Very Rich Are Leaving the Merely Rich Behind - NYT

India's Bharti Group to launch jv with Wal-Mart

US, Colombia Sign Landmark Free Trade Agreement

Iraqi Sunnis vow to support unity govt

Colorado subdivision bans Christmas wreath shaped as peace sign (Satan?)

Zavata Wins $80 Million Health Care BPO Deal (India)

Lawmakers Lose Patience With Iraq Gov't (Sen. Chuck Hagel for a planned withdrawal of U.S. troops)

Panel to Weigh Overture by U.S. to Iran and Syria (NYT)

Tribal chiefs clash with Qaeda in Anbar killing 50 terrorists

Reuters: Iraq parliament bars media as tension mounts

Democrats plan to throw out S. America trade pacts over labor concerns

WP: On Black Friday, Fewer People, More Spent

Good Old Days Gone for Biotech (Outsourcing)

Security expert says Iraq 'worse than Vietnam'

West must prepare for Chinese, Indian dominance: Wolfensohn

Iraq Declares War on Petroleum Smuggling

Reuters: UK to cut Iraq troops by "thousands" by end-2007

Fan hacks Linkin singer cell data, threatens wife

Charity praised for tackling plight of female drug 'mules'

Iran With Iraq In "good And Bad Times," Says Ahmadinejad

Pryce declared winner by 1,054-vote margin

Galactic Baby Boom Influenced Life on Earth

Can Mel Put Sirius Back on Top? (XM Merger Talk)

Despite increased training efforts, Iraqi army still not ready to defend Fallujah alone

Variety: Three Networks Challenge FCC "indecency" rulings (incl. Fox!)

(Michael) Steele Blames Party Leaders for Losses

Bush seeks unity on immigration: Reaches out to Democrats to craft new bill

US fighter jet crashes 20 miles nw of Baghdad

Three sent for UK radiological tests after spy death

Durbin urges Obama to run for president

ABC News: Al-Jazeera say pilot was killed in F-16 crash

Iraq near civil war, 'we are almost there' -Annan

LAT: 'American father of the Prius' dies in crash of experimental plane

Jordan King Warns on Mideast Civil Wars

IBM Set For Further Expansion In China

French secret service agent killed in Iraq

Justice Department watchdog to review domestic spying program

Blackwater announces plans to add Illinois training facility

Judge reinstates wrongful death lawsuit for Iraq contractors (Blackwater NOT above the law)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 27

Senators pledge to end war supplementals (put the cost of war back in budget)

AP: Dubai Firm Expects Bids for U.S. Ports

Judge reinstates wrongful death lawsuit for Iraq contractors (killed in Fallujah)

Senator admits backing militias (3rd largest U.S. aid recipient Colombia)

Attack sparks fire at Iraq oil facility

Pakistanis Protest Changes In Rape Laws

AP: Coin Dealer (Tom Noe) Must Repay $16.7 Million

Poisoned spy visited Israel with oil dossier (files on Yukos "victims")

Giuliani, McCain, Obama rank highest with voters, poll finds

Case could shape policy on warming:Supreme Court will hear whether the EPA can and should regulate v

Police Investigate Reports of Anthrax Threat Letter at Lincoln Memorial

Iraq has no proof to link Iran with Qaeda: Official

US ambassador warns Georgia against Iran gas deal

Ford Raises $18 Billion in Financing (mortgaging its assets) - NYT

White House Says Iraq in 'New Phase' (not a Civil War, a New Phase, got it?)

U.S. military spokesman says Iraq is not having a civil war

NBC calls Iraq conflict civil war, at odds with White House

Wal-Mart Sales Fall

'Spend more on defence', Bush urges Europe

U.S. Embassy Asks Bush Twins to Leave Country

Senior Rice aide, Philip Zelikow resigns from post (crafted "held without trial")

AP: 3 U.S. soldiers killed, 2 wounded in Baghdad

Pinochet indicted for 1973 executions

W library in record book $500M center would be priciest for a Prez

AP: Suicide bomb kills 2 Canadian troops, civilian in Kandahar

Protector of birds has no love for stray cats--Texan charged with felony animal cruelty

Tony Blair 'deeply sorry' for the 'Shame of Slavery'

Hottest Sunday night mom?

I, unlike bi_baby, do not suck at going to bed.

Do not take Lunesta with alcohol . . .

Quick photoshop help - flipping a single layer?

I still don't feel safe and I can't sleep

Cohen Nominated for Kazakh Award

Favorite Easy Cheese flavor!

Kittens. Boxer briefs or boxers. Kittens. Your preference?

So, I actually saw someone chucked from a bar "Detroit style" last night

The Most Schocking Footage Ever Caught On Film!

This will make you laugh: Pinky the cat on YouTube

Funny headline for today: Leftist leads banana baron in Ecuador election

1:10 a.m. Tell me why I should go to bed.

I have a serious case of cabin fever.

Anyone got a good place to buy absinthe online?

Baltimore area DUers

"Slowly I turned, - step-by-step, inch-by-inch" ...

Start your day with a belly-laugh

Gay men, ladies? Boxers, or boxer-briefs? QUIEN ES MAS SEXY?

Christmas song parodies

Aluminum trees

THANKS everyone for the good wishes!! *UPDATE*

MYSPACE Users: Careful of this virus!

Screwed by Bush

Is it so wrong to have Pie for breakfast?

Anyone happen to know the last line spoken in' Brokeback Mountain' ?

Please shoot me (in a non-lethal location)

Some people play fantasy football, I'd rather play fantasy congress

It's RAINING in Southern California

DU women please respond: I'm sad and I need some advice

A particularly heinous celebrity citing

Their cell phone companies not "wireless providers"!

Snow Day!!

I tried novacaine for the first time tonight....need some input


Had a "Rome" orgy this weekend

Member when Patrick Swayze got in Whoopie's body to make out with Demi Moore?

What is your favorite music genre?

What if Elvis had grown up in New Orleans?

Todays Message


Umm..guys? Something REALLY strange just happened..I got booted OFF DU and couldn't get back on.

Anyone Have Any Experiences with Emigrant Direct Online Savings?

A brief summary of The Da Vinci Code (no spoilers)


First coinage of "wham, bam, thank you ma'am?"

Does anyone know how to frost a cake?

Sigh. Nothing lasts forever.

Boston Legal Question (caution: spoiler from tonight's episode)

WOOHOO - There will be Venison this year - WOOHOO

Paste this code into your browser at any site with graphics (yes, it is safe)

Zoo Sells Panda Poop Paper Products

Peace Sign Wreath Banned In Neighborhood By Homeowner's Association

Why is Latin considered a dead language?

Feral cats

Rich Kid Confidential: "They live lives people dream about, but they don't seem to appreciate it"

Do you write / highlight in your books?

that's it!...i'm going straight to my dr and demanding it....

A call for a moratorium

Women Surprised By Man At Window Requesting Sex

Yes! I'm going to have an article published in a journal at my university!!!

Man On Trial For Putting Baby In Freezer (To Break Fever)

most excessive tacky merchandising

PETA mistakenly targets church's nativity scene

I'm baaaaaaaack....

Wow. Not only did I kill a thread, I killed a PICTURE thread.

John Lennon Knew What He Was Talking About

Okay DUers....I just put an offer in on a house...good vibes please

Ladies Dancing & Lords a-Leaping get raises, Maids a-milking stuck at min. wage

Doubts swirl over claim of WORMS in (McDonalds) burger

I can't physically go on a vacation, but I certainly can take a mental

Ok. Something is REALLY wrong.

I love the snark on Craigslist!

I tried cocaine for the first time tonight....need some input

I am PISSED continuing break in saga

I am SO f'n frustrated!!!

I'm Pretty Sure There's A Ghost In The Hallway

All Hail Satin!

All hail Satine

Lime green, lime green and tangerine

Remember "Jib Jab?"

Am I bored or boring?

I dont have to work a single Monday in December

Yoko Kanno

Poop deck.

"A Christmas Story" House Opens in Cleveland

Please vote for Abbott for cat of the month (if you can vote for two somehow)

Yay! The boil water advisory is lifted in Vancouver

*ART* check this out (as seen in Reader's Digest)

Pam-Rock, it's over?? NOOOOO!!!!!

astro zombies

"Drunk Enough To Say You Yove Me"

I just got a substantial rash.

Puke Alert: Lindsay Lohan wants to play Stevie Nicks in film.

Chaka Khan????

Update : My mom is doing really good. I thank everyone for their thoughts and their support.

Question for feral cat protectors

Post your pick for 2008 Dem Nominee and I'll tell you why I won't vote for them

Good morning it's monday

Henry "Fonz" Winkler looks like a cross between Bob Dylan and Johnny Depp in "Peter Pan"

Man Seeks Guiness Record For Arm Hair Length

No one knows what it's like to be a dustbin, in Shafsbree, with hooligans...

I am going to the Poop Deck, What should I bring?

Dragon Rolls, Tempura Shrimp Rolls and Ice-Cold Asahis for taking orders!

We went to my parent's place for Thanksgiving this year.

Insights gleaned from SophieMN over my holiday break:

YouTube truly is the greatest thing ever.

No peace for Colorado woman?

Breaking News! Saddam Escaped!

I've been looking forward to my workout all day, but

Great News! Coldwater Creek facilities now 100% wind powered!

Lame music at the doctor's office

Today in history 11-27

I want to be Good but 'pie won't let me!

Capers. WTF?

So Whose Kids Will Be Most Screwed Up?

I Try Too Hard To Impress People Sometimes

I just sent the yearly roses to my MIL even though there's a divorce in progress.

It's a special day

Toasted Jesus

God has finally stepped in - he wants me to stop drinking coffee

Post No. 5000: Scenes de ma vie

Hatred Of Rachael Ray A Uniting Force Online


you find a tramp on the beach, when you brush the sand off a weenie appears

A few T-day pics from my trip to NYC.

Global Warming ROCKS!!!

that thread over there

the thread your family really doesn't like to talk about

No!!!, This is the right THREAD!!!!

Next Big Celebrity Break Up - Make Your Predictions Here

Guys! Remember the thread about...

Beatles ONLY on iTunes?

Turkey thread

My husband's cousin died on Thanksgiving.

I got a nice unexpected gift today

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/27/06)

WOW. The election has made SO many people happier than even I realized!!!

All hail Satin

I just got a substantial raise.

The Evolution of Beauty

Happy Birthday CaliforniaPeggy

Need some "just in case" ideas for the big fresh red snapper I bought

I'd Like To Recommend A GREAT Anti-SPAM Blocker For You

Yoko Ono

Burning posting format question: " or ' ?

alright SOMEONE has to say it. Gloria Allred is batshit CRAZY


Did I over-Christmasize my myspace page?

Flame me if you wish, but I think Suri Cruise looks a lot like.....

This THREAD is better than all of those other threads combined!

O.K. ladies, we've GOT to visit Scotland.....

OMG THE GAYS R CUMMING!!11!!11!!!11!

My cat, who had kittens eight weeks ago, is now attacking my spayed male.

Pam Anderson Files for Divorce from Kid Rock

Oasis on CBCs The Hour

My desk is better than yours...

Vote for my dog's pic!

Sheryl Crow has one song that doesn't totally suck. Name it.

The 2007 RNC Calendar: Mr. August

This made my heart glad last Christmas.

the other thread...


you find a lamp on the beach and brush the sand off, when a genie appears!

Last act of spontaneity you've experienced?

The THREAD!!!!!

Post your 80s Memories!

I got an incredible new job!

Monday, November 27. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


Have you ever noticed how many phrases from the lounge would make good band names?

Am I bad because I'm watching Seinfeld more now than ever?

surprise! i'm outraged

Creepiest song you've heard in a long time?

2 TV commercial "ethnicities" I just don't get.

Favorite Daily Comic Strips

Disturbing photo: first human-ape hybrid

Have you ever used a gun (sport, protection, hunting, etc)

i never left

What star should play YOU in a movie?

I'm starting a classic rock/country band - need song suggestions

Ever been so absolutely wrong about another person?

Sorry, DU, but it's come to this:

Ok so like who has not posted their pic here yet.

Philly, NJ night owls: Come see me play this Saturday night in Atlantic City!!!

Cat in snow pictures

Swedes Trust IKEA More than the Church

Black Faith - Souls on Ice

God is...

Dawkins campaigns to keep God out of classroom

How can someone believe there is a God?

Galactic Baby Boom Influenced Life on Earth

NYT/Reuters: Humpback Whales Have "Human" Brain Cells: Study

I need to thank a teacher but I don't dare do so.

Soap To Feature Transgender Character

So how was everyones thanksgiving?

Gay Street Patrols Guard The Castro

Don't bet on Barack

NCSU sacks Amato after pack goes 3-9

McGwire, Canseco on Hall of Fame ballot

Mike Shula Fired

BCS Fans! Help Me Out Here

Vince Young will become the Michael Jordan of the NFL.

Daily OM: Let Go and Let Flow - Taking a Leap of Faith

Researchers seek routes to happier life

December 8th- a day of peace

So how relevant or accurate are "thermometer" readings?

A good read at Culture Kitchen...

Andrew Sullivan: This week is Mormon Week -- a little vetting of Mr. Romney

OK, got the East BD card!!

Hair appointment accomplished.

Kerry Leads Democratic Field

Find the cat, or, Snow fallen on Bamboo

Denver In Contention To Host Democratic Convention

Juline Jordan is in studio with Peter Werbe tonight

A joke too good not to share.

Time Magazine Interviews Abu Deraa the Shitte Zarqawi

The Truth About the Sunni/Shiite Conflict....

Bush Administration Won't Give Up On Nuclear Projects

Help: Energy Independence At Local Level

Norah O'Donell needs a smack down -the Tweety show, MSNBC

Someone in Russia sure loves old US toys!

There are a lot of man haters around here

There are lot of man lovers here on DU, too

Several presidents have had a kitchen cabinet; Bush is getting advised by his "Bedroom Cabinet"

Our Top 10 Conservative Idiots ...

2,876 U.S. troops dead in W's war against the Iraqis

I hate the Political Video board for several reasons

AP: Fiery anti-war statement goes unseen, unheard (IOW, Media reports media doesn't give a damn)

Oh where, oh where has my Top 10 Conservative Idiots Gone?

Gore Vidal: Living Through History

The Princeton Project...we need to check this out.

The last word on the internet.

Ahmadinejad: Iran ready to help US in Iraq - if troops withdraw immediately

Congressional Leaders Press Bush on Iraq (aol poll)

WP: Study: Pentagon reporting on Iraqi force readiness "misleading," "severely distorted"

The Curse of Oil

Well, some good news!

I for one enjoy the DU 'infighting' we see so often

Juan Cole: "What is the Mission? Or, Russian Roulette"

How can someone believe there is a God?

(TOON) Rowson on the Russian dissident's murder

Hacking Democracy w/ Andy Stephenson is about to start on HBO

FYI - History of the Peace Symbol (Satan Free)

25% of returning vets filing claims for permanent service-related disabilities

Creating environmentally literate citizens

F-16 down in Iraq

It's about time we had a lot more photos like THIS one...

TPM: Has Bush "checked out" of the war in Iraq?

Question about free trade deals

A possible job for Michael Richards?

Fuck that! When can we have sex?

My Christmas wish list for our new Congress

Hawaiian Cop Killed in Bush Entourage Accident --->>>

Sen. Leahy predicted the Iraq mess

They lied their way into Iraq. Now they are trying to lie their way out (The Independent)

Non Sequitur - The elephant in the room

US ambassador warns Georgia against purchasing gas from Iran

Eschaton: When the Friedmans Come Due

January 2003: "War on Iraq will Open Pandora's Box in Mideast"

WAR ON PEACE - Woman Faces Fine For Xmas "Peace Wreath"

Hillary's 2008 Run

Andrew CUOMO sticks it to the CLINTONs (FREEH)

Changing climate imperils future of skiing

The three bestest freedoms of my life

Question: Does anyone know how much one needed to donate

Nato urges end of right to opt out of Afghanistan combat

(Chertoff) Bolton in sheep's clothing

Why is Latin considered a dead language?

quick question, is Congress out this week?

Bushcronium, New discovery

Would You Participate In a Direct Blog With Congress?

Army Game Proves U.S. Can't Lose

Democracy Now. Watch, listen, read - Iraq pull out news,

Is Venezuela MORE free than the US under Bush?

TMZ Audio Clip: Michael Richards informs radio audience "My best friends were African-Americans"

Where does Lyndon LaRouche get his cult followers?

On this day four years ago, this the website Democratic Underground:

War Room: 17 Questions for Bush(-Cheney)

Gentle reminder: the fight for SCOTUS is far from over.

Britain to withdraw - Bush you're all alone

"Good Old Days" gone for Biotech: Offshoring blamed for loss of funding, jobs in industry

Wal-mart to open up in India...

lunch, call rummy, plan iran, stage more terror

Q & A. Q: What's a mouthful of Mondays? A: Boring! Right ! . . . . . . So please come CAPTION!!!

It's A Complicated 'Civil War'

I really believe the conservative movement is crumbling.

Saddam trial witness recalls mass shootings and water torture

Help! Looking for a list

No rest for the weary . . .

"Civil War" who'da thunk it?

CAPTION why this woman is smiling...

Defending Bullies in the Schoolyard - The 'christian' Right

The Radical Fringe Toon Mon. 11/27 - ``You will be haunted,'' resumed the Ghost, ``by Three Spirits.

Things are going so well in Baghdad that w can no longer go there.

Am I wrong to suggest that we just leave Iraq to the Iraqis?

LIMBOsevic passing judgment on others

What "going away" gift should DU send DeadeyeDick?

US Soldiers Kill 11 More Innocent Civilians in Iraq. Where is the Media?

William Kristol.... what's the point to that sociopath?

Iraq Won't Improve Unless Bush Stops Spinning; Starts Recognizing Reality On The Ground

Question for religious DUers: If faith is a virtue, how is thinking Saddam did 9/11 wrong?

Nobel Prize winner - Spend on Women not nukes!

The possibility of a happy thought

Lobbyists jump ship...

True Story from our street corner: Shared sacrifice?

MSNBC has announced they are now referring to Iraq as a civil war

Confession: I was raised as and used to be a homophobe

Which Bush is Worse?

Part of Lincoln Memorial closed after package found ("anthrax" written on envelope)

Rangel Redux: the draft debate continues.

"Close the window, I feel a draft" by Cindy Sheehan

Foreign Affairs Mag: The age of U.S. dominance in the Middle East has ended

scuse me ignorance. What does BFEE stand for?

Peace Sign A Symbol Of Satan?

U.S. Embassy Asks Bush Twins to Leave Country

The Bush Library: The Punchline to the 6-Year Joke of an Administration

The Saudis strike back at Iran

We have a rose trying to bloom

Bernard KERIK is back too.. Critiquing Bloomberg.

"Dirty Sex" - Female infanticide in India. M/F ratios as low as 730 women to 1000 men......

Cheney preaching good will to Iran circa 1995

I Just Don't Care That Much About Impeachment

Peace sign creates stir

Does anyone know how many households are included in a zipcode?

The most feared Democrat in Washington

What is wrong in this picture?

Woodward calls Pickles a liar

Congress Returns to Spending Bills Loaded With Pork

So, what's so special about Lee Hamilton?

Dec. 18 is anniversary of bush's speech mocking "peace on earth"

Can tele marketing companies now call your cell phone??

Matt Stoller ( on C-SPAN's WJ -- Topic is populism

Lou Dobbs on the war against the middle class

The "S" word.. (are we channeling Ari Fleischer)

More grads staying home with parents, swamped in debt

So, is this two used car salesmen grinning, or is it for real this time?

We are part of the end of the American dominance

"A Hobson's Choice of 'Front-running' Phonies"

"Court allows review of NY Times phone records" This is a SUPREME COURT ruling.

The best thing the Democrats will take control of in January is...

Personal info of Chicago Teachers mass mailed (SSN's, addresses...)

New York on edge as police kill unarmed man in hail of 50 bullets on his wedding day

Media declaration confuses Civil War re-enactors, 26 dead in Pa.

Free XM ONLINE Two-Week Subscription

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

White House: Iraq has moved into "new phase" of violence

OK, I'm crushed.

Court ordered Bob Ney to repay $13.4 million back to those he

I've got dibbs on any reward money!

Now that the dems have won the media decides...

10 dead in Mo. group home fire

Police Officer injured in Bush motorcade dies

CNN's John Roberts re: Iraq "The place is a mess. It's an absolute mess"

One of the differences between Vietnam and Iraq, Vietnam was a Peaceful country

US's Arabic Language News Station Misses Big Regional Story

The Future of Science is Open (excellent series on open access to information)

Oh goody, look what I found:

Bush Twins won't Cut & Run from Argentina

Justice Watchdog to Review Warrantless Surveillance Program

Flashback >> PNAC letter to Bush 9 days after September 11

Pentagon Classified ''Vets for Peace'' as a "Threat"

wreath/peace sign satanic, anti-christ

This is absolutely the most sickening

The Bush Crime Family.

Why has the MSM been so easy on OVERT RACIST Trent Lott?

Prison crisis 3 decades in the making (blaming Brown)

Bush Administration's grip over GOP caucus in Congress will actually be tighter than before

"When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible"

Despite a request from the U.S. Embassy, the Bush twins party on in Buenos Aires.

Stay the Course ?

Want to create a timeline of the Destruction of America by the Republicans?

CQ Analyst Suggests ‘Rumsfeld’s Leaving Is Just The Beginning,’ Cheney Might Be Next

Bush in a Burqa?

Oversight board briefed on NSA program

I have a problem...

Gore in 2008 Tees available from Huffington Post! Do they know something?

Iraq Civil War: How Soon Before RW/Bushco Sez...

who are the modern day money changers?

Is Lieberman worth it?

need a source for story that Bush did not know sects within Islam -- Sunni & Shiite

Brian Ridel of the Heritage Foundation in on WJ this AM.

Oh no! Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock have split! Good thing they're not gay!

What is the DU consensus on Malcolm X?

Let's put a twist to the captions. What are the guys on Rushmore saying?

seismic shifts occuring

Man shot and killed after anti-semitic mob surrounds 2 soccer fans in Paris

Social Security - Survivors Benefits - College age kids - WTF?

Megachurches adding members, growing in number nationwide

Caption this photo

Broken News: The Firm building "The Fence" on the Mexican Border

Any word on Air America's fate?

Harvest (You Reap What You Sow)

W library in record book: $500M center would be priciest for a Prez

"Officer dies after Bush motorcade crash"

CNN: Retired General: "The Admin. has made an immoral decision to not equip the troops."

Let's not forget Condi, State of Denial and July 10th meeting with Tenet

How Many on DU Predicted a CIvil War in Iraq after the Invasion?

Was former KGB agent murdered over false-flag terrorism within Russia?

More outrage!

With all the 'cops gone crazy' stories I thought I'd share an upbeat, nice cop story.

Variety: Three Networks Challenge FCC "indecency" rulings (incl. Fox!)

What happens in comedy clubs (usually) stays in comedy clubs

John Edwards should run for...

Woman faces fines for wreath peace sign

Iraq has reached complete clusterfuck stage. Great idea, BushCo.

Big Brother vs. Little Brother

Is Seinfeld (the show) racist?

Imus-Does NBC "Think This Is Going To Have" The Same Impact As Cronkite?

The Bush land purchase in Paraguay

Bush twins naked and abandoned in Argentina according to Wonkette?

Anyone that thinks there's no hope for evangelicals, listen to this

"Rapture ready" board excited over possible "nuke" of Damascus

The gay film New Mexico doesn't want you to see needs your help

POLL: Were your parents BLUE or RED?

Citizen Days for Putting "Impeachment" on the Table! December 10 and January 15.

what heLL hath we wrought?

Time Mag: With subpoena power, Henry Waxman could be the Republicans' worst nightmare

Paula Zahn tonight "The Secret World of Deserters".. my letter to her

Increased airpower in Iraq the solution?

MUST READ--26 stories the media SHOULD report but doesn't.

More Republican corruption.

Freepers on Iraq

Just when I thought I had heard it all...something like this comes along.

Brad Pitt looks buff, but Graydon Carter is número uno in my book

Which changes would you like to see made to the constitution?

A joke too good not to share.

TPM reports K. Harris Comeback in Florida 2008 if.... LINK

USA Today OpEd: in Iraq, the Powell Doctrine took a back seat to neoconservative fantasies

caption this Cheney pic..

Seinfeld, Friends, The West Wing: Why AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is still necessary.

Monday TOONS selection

Make your bets--who will be TIME MAGAZINE's "Man" of the Year?

Who do you think history will treat with the most contempt?

"He's a faggot! Don't interrupt the straight man! Or we'll ship you to Wyoming!"

Why Ercilia Sandoval Took Her Wig Off

Asians make up 41.3% of California St. College Freshmen


Drudge Blows It: Latest Attack On Gore’s Global Warming Stance Falls Flat

Bush is coming to Estonia today...I can't fucking believe it.

Why do you hate George W. Bush?


CBS re: Iraq: "does not presently see any reason to refer to the situation as a civil war"

Foul state of affairs found in feedlots

Barney Frank Accuses FOX NEWS Host Of Bias 'Everything Is Aimed At Putting Us In A Bad Light'

I don't want impeachment

Classic FR Post RE: Homeschooling

I don't WANT impeachment either

I literally lose my breath when CNN's Michael Ware reports from Iraq

BushCo shit the bed horribly, and impeachment is off the table

Is this an insult to the military?

In a fashion magazine, President-elected Gore tells us how he really feels about 9/11 Bush.

AP: "Activist's fiery death prompts questions "

Lou Dobbs Just announced

West must prepare for Chinese, Indian dominance: Wolfensohn

I'm looking for that image of Bush & Cheney looking at their watches

Generation Y is turning Left

It's 1991 - Lee Hamilton (Coverup Dem) and Henry Gonzales (anti-corruption Dem)

The dangers of genetically modified food

25 news stories that have been censored this year

Black Gold: A Coffee Film That Has Starbucks Scared

Memo to Nancy Pelosi: Stick to Your Guns...Jane Harmon Must Go!

Why is "" advertizing on DU?

An Affront to the People of Oaxaca:A Chronicle of the Battle of November 25

How long can the neo cons drag out their precious war?

Is this a hate crime?

Bush's bizarre appointment (More Bush 'bipartisanship')

Likability poll bad news for Kerry

Walmart set to open hundreds of stores in India.

NBC News will now say Iraq is in a Civil War

LA TIMES: Keith Olberman-Unexpected Folk Hero Whose Anti-Bush Views Drove Up Ratings

Is the word "Cracker" as bad as the "N" word?

I want Impeachment ...

Thoughts on Sibel Edmonds' 'Hijacking' article

I don't believe it! After 11 months, the union hall finally called!

TONS of photos of the two recent rallies in Venezuela to close campaign

Whistleblowers Helped Recover $3.1B in FY06; Halliburton Whistleblowers/Waxman Set New Record in 07?

"If the impeachment provision in the Constitution. . ." --Barbara Jordan

Know your BFEE: Robert Gates did more than keep the doors open at BCCI

Are you pretending?

Bargaining Digest Weekly-Nov 25, 2006

Bill Clinton on the Ellen Degeneres Show Nov. 2006...

Lieberman: they should have thought about it during the primary.

Conservative, Christian, Right Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American Male

bruno (sacha baron cohen character with "pastor quinn" who loves to "convert" gays)

Iraqi Kid Runs For Water

Thinking of the USA as a **whole**, which of these actions will cause the most outrage?

Cartoon: Bush Tortures another Dissident...

The Nation's claim: A Republican Takes the Lead on Iraq

house republicans failed to fund veteran mental health programs

Five Years After Getting Favorable Trade Status, China Hasn’t Changed

This Modern World: Ballard Of A NeoCon

DU this poll: a planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Do you support such a plan?

John Roberts Tells Kurtz: Iraq Worse Than Media Shows

Project for Excellence in Journalism: TV network websites provided best Election Day coverage

How Ironic? How Fuc#%^&ed up our Iraq mess is, while * is going to Jordan

Dem congressmen and the media need a lesson in "liberal" policy

Today's talking point in the media is, apparantly, Democratic infighting ......

Pounding the Pulpit

McCain = Bush on Steroids

SSP analysis of new Survey USA polls (DeWine, Talent, Santorum, Burns race to the bottom)

If anyone believes GOP taking points are fiction, let's put that notion to rest

Anyone hear Tucker Carlson refer to Islam as a violent religion?

Barney Frank to Fox whore Chris Wallace: "I've got to say, Chris, you have an odd view of balance"

So, my stepfather opens up his Soc.Sec. check "I GOT A RAISE!"

Who will be the first to be impeached?

"The Visit" - how much do you think it's worth?

Phil Donahue Makes Anti-War Film

Fun with Rumsfeld

In 1973 RoeVWade was decided. 33+ years, later repukes are ONE judge away

"Compassionate conservatives" anything but when it comes to AIDS

NBC finally grows a couple . . . bucks WH and labels Iraq conflict "Civil War"

Pryce declared winner in OH - 20th district, automatic recount triggered

Who Shot Brad Will? (Villiage Voice 11/26)

Another country where * not welcome - Jordan

Mr. Diplomacy (A.K.A. The Decider) to deliver fatwa to NATO members: Increase your defense spending

MSNBC: We are now declaring Iraq to be in a civil war

Who are the "insurgents" the msm keeps referring to??

Neighbors go to war over peace wreath

Biden kicks off post-election primary quest in SC

General Abizaid on 60 Minutes - WTF?

The Democrats - The spine implant surgery appears to be a success

Sludge Is Claiming That This Is "Bush In A Burqa"

Fighting Big Pharma.

Are the DNC and the grassroots powerful enough to prevent the DLC and

I think I beat the freakers to this one;

Quinnipiac thermometer poll of national leaders

What happened the CHENEY'S "full steam ahead" on Iraq?

Al Franken now says we should be leaving Iraq in 4-6 months!

Edwards and Clinton were for the war before they were against it.

Brownback puts hold on Judicial Nominee because she attended a

Republican donors support Giuliani

That Would Make Denny Hastert President

Tucker Carlson on Iraq: "Wow! No wonder no one thought of a solution. There might not BE one."

Nancy Pelosi in a cat fight with Jane Harmon

Is Bush Sr. the most powerful man in the world?

I need help; your help could help start turning this country around, starting with bankruptcy laws

I had Dan Rather on my flight last night...

Dem aides upset Lieberman hired former GOP spokesman (traitor joe does it again)

Colorado Homeowner To Be Fined For Peace-Sign Wreath

The Solution for the Iraqi War: If we do it right: We fix the Prob, come home as Heros, Iraqi Peeps

Iraq Won't Improve Unless Bush Stops Spinning; Starts Recognizing Reality On The Ground

A Petition that will get noticed. By Sen. Barbara Boxer See her web site to sign!

Iraq War Now Longer for America Than WW II - And Continuing to Get Worse

NYT: Yankee Republicans Lose Place in New England: "Word 'conservative' has been bastardized.'" "Dec. 10th is Impeachment Day"

Which Corporate Media Generated Prez Candidate would you support?

If 2008 election is between Hillary and Newt or Brownback...?

I would support a Clark or Edwards but Hillary? Forget it!