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Archives: November 14, 2006

Do Democrats need the South?

Massacre in Chiapas (Mexico):Six Women, Three Men,Two Children...

Meet the Iranian Enterprise Institute (Laura Rozen, American Prospect)

The Nation: It's Over for Bush

Pissing In The Liberal Punchbowl -- Again (Joe Bageant)

Kinsley: Commission improbable

WP: GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy: Maryland Tactics Similar To Ones in 2002

Green - Democrat Follies

Baker's panel has 'no magic bullet' to end the agony

The Last Roundup… (Major Dick)

Blair wants shunned nations to help solve Iraq fiasco

Call to bridge West-Muslim divide (BBC)

Venezuela inaugurates $1bn bridge

NBA Players Association May File Unfair Labor Practice Charges Over Fouls

Tyson: Feed costs likely to hike meat prices(ethanol is to blame)

Tell the new Congressional Leadership what the priority ought to be

Rain capture answer to water woe (BBC)

Alta oil sands could leave Sask. short of water: study

Study hopeful for world's forests (BBC)

Blair faces revolt over C02 targets (Blair follows *, Howard "lead")

Great ideas for election reform

Unraveling the Mess... Election Reform, Fraud, News Tuesday, 11/14/06

Bush cool to asking Iran, Syria to help on Iraq

Specter: Bush (judicial) nominees may be more moderate

AP: Judge: Libby May Use Classified Data

WP: GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy: Maryland Tactics Similar To Ones in 2002

Dan Rather Reports (He's back, but only on Channel HDNet)

LAT: Democratic base dials up pressure (on new Dem congress)

The "white powder" Freeper - more info

NBA Players Association May File Unfair Labor Practice Charges Over Fouls

Korean Unions To Stage General Strike Against Trade Agreement With U.S.

US: Immigrants may be held indefinitely

Olmert draws fire in U.S. over praise of Iraq war

Calif., Ohio papers outsourcing ad jobs to Indian firms

WP: Gates May Rein In Pentagon Activities(Intelligence)

Study highlights amount of porn on Web (about 1%)

NYT/Reuters: Global Warming Could Wipe Out Most Birds: WWF

Wash. GOP Rep. Reichert re-elected (AP)

Video of Soldiers in Iraq Gains Attention (Soldiers duct tape a woman to a pole)

Latest news: Legislator Mark Olson arrested (GOP State house REP MN)!

Rumsfeld cancels plan to join Bush at NATO summit in Europe

NYT: For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’

Navy confirms Chinese sub spotted near carrier

Open up NHS to our drug firms, White House demands

AP: House Defeats Vietnam Trade Bill

CREW Blasts Pelosi Endorsement of Unethical Murtha for Majority Leader

House OKs bill aimed at animal activists (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act)

BORAT speaks to the Arizona Rupublican Committee

Did you ever have to make up your mind?


Bush calls on Britney to divorce K-Fed.

I have to drink shots... several... and I'm scared!

A chance to say "thank you" to our soldiers in Iraq.

Beer can chicken... beer can chicken...

Dobbsified Colbert

Are Skinner and CAPeggy the same person?

So I got this random package at work (cute, convoluted story)...


If I got my brother a Star Wars Cut-Out for Christmas..

Good Night!

What movie should I watch Tonight?

Here... we... GO!

Anyone with a teenage son might like this:

Would you work at this radio station?

Post a classic 40-60's youtube video

I'm in a *mood* tonight.

what would you rather do?

I'm a happy grrrrrl.....

Letterman: Rich Little, Robin Williams, George Jones

Are you a wannabe?

I just listened to Traffic

I am now officially an attorney! Ask me nothing!

KO used the story I sent him!

Trouble with co-worker: What would you do?

I need cheering up...

Can you tell female from shemale? Take the quiz...

You don't love me..

"Daddy, you look like an old Grandpa with that beard..."

Homosexuality and Heavy Metal

Hey!!!! Congratulate WannaBeGrumpy on her new star!!!

What do you sleep in at night?

Don't forget....Heroes is on TV tonight!

The most terrible thing has happened to my neighbor. Asking for prayers.


What does "0.o" mean?

DU needs a Hypochondriac Forum

I have to get braces and I am scared!

The world's easiest cranberry sauce.

I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!

WARNING: Silk Soy Nog is addicting.

Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough: inarguably superior to Nestle's.

What's your favorite Coffee Creamer?

How do you get a ghost(s) to leave?

When do you do laundry?

I just told my boss and our biggest client

Shopping at the husband store ..

Those 'perfect' breasts of yours can't be real . . .

Have you ever been stung by a Scorpion?

What's your favorite coffee creamer?

Male Gods and Female Gods.

The Inerrancy Delusion: An Essay From My Blog

Spiny creature's genome insight (BBC) {sea urchin genome sequenced}

Contact lost with Mars spacecraft (BBC) {Mars Observer}

Billboard Company Nixes Same-Sex Couple Ads

The Advocate wants to know if you live in a gay-friendly city/town

FINALLY!!!! Jason Campbell to start at QB

Tarot Reading - Nov. 12 - Politics (general) next 12 months

Question I have dealing with spirits and sending signs

Funny thing: I'm hearing the music .....

The Stars This Week - November 13 - November 19, 2006

Look at this post.

A little bouquet from Paul Krugman

OT: Fascinating!

Ta da!!!...You guys are great...I signed up with photo bucket after the lesson this am

#2 Son's First Gallery showing - The Pix

Wild Turkeys

Dear Ms. Malkin

Impeachment is about Democratic balls as well

John Murtha's book featured book on my school's website!

AZ Reps reaching out to dead liberals

I think Ed Rendell can beat Rudi Giuliani.

U.S. forces raid Baghdad Shiite neighborhood, residents report airstrikes killing nine people

I hope someone's keeping tabs on the phony unemployment figures.

Iraq Study Group?

Is Iraq President Moktada al-Sadr about the best we can hope for?

Puke Alert : Al From: Hoyer for Majority Leader

Elizabeth Edwards on NPR's On Point rerun

NBC's David Gregory is just spectacular......

Blair says No to Iran

This is Really Good, Demonizing The UN

Is Matthews having an orgasm over Giuliani? Dam he is carrying

The republican noms seem VERY WEAK

My e-mail to Carville and the reply I received.

I saw David "Axis of Evil" Frum out bike-riding this weekend in Bethesda, MD...

Minimum wage increase

Levin wants phased withdrawal from Iraq

here's the one thing the Democratic Congress should NOT fix

Rudy Giuliani starts Presidential Exploratory Committee

Bush: Cheney, Rumsfeld will stay through '08 - November 2, 2006

Newt in ‘94 vowed to investigate Clinton for 2 years as his platform

What's your favorite Coffee Creamer?

Behaving Like A Superpower in Iraq

So if I understand what's happening, with Jr. bringing Poppy in to bail his sorry ass out,

"Democrat Divisions": CNN's bullshit has started

re: Michael Steele and the RNC Post (isn't it coincidental)

Sun 'releases' Java to the world (BBC) {Open-sourcing!}

If you could join our Congresspeople in investigating ONE thing

AUDIO: Richard Perle Insists That Saddam Had Ties To Al Qaeda Because He’s ‘Seen The Evidence’ »

Facing foreclosure? Some good advice

Dick DeVos lost the governor's race to Jennifer Granholm, so why am I

ENOUGH with the impeachment talk-you people aren't seeing the bigger picture

Ed Schultz stood up for Howard Dean today!

Did Obama pull a Duke Cunningham with his real estate deal?


Rudy knocked McCain off the news today, somewhere McCain is having a fit

Majority Leader Poll

Oh my, Randy "Duke" Cunningham was some war hero before

When did Scarborough start wearing glasses?

Roche's Tamiflu to Add Warning on Psychiatric Risks

Funniest POUNDSTONE line!1

How much do you really care who becomes the Dem House leader?

Open up NHS to our drug firms, White House demands

Anyone remember Rudolph dissing the troops in '04?

Tamiflu made me strangle the puppy!

Anybody seen Bush / Cheney Bumper Stickers Lately? Just wonderin'

Are the producers at NBC news complete and utter idiots???

Any Bets on When Cheney Will Resign?

Hannity sounded downbeat on the radio today.

Q: why do posts have so many "views"?

Health Insurance Industry Urges Expansion of Coverage

Calif. Impeachment Forum: Malloy, Rep. Waters & others + crowd of 1,000

Sen. Reid Backs Lieberman for Homeland Security Chairmanship

Love this photo of McCain & Bush:

New LAT publisher fires editor who rebelled against staff cuts, pens op-ed about squash with Rummy

Either I am not popular enough for the lounge or my wife's music sucks...

Did Rush Limbaugh have any kind words for Ted Haggard? (drug use)

He can't be a "cowboy" anymore

Shut the fuck up, Glenn Beck, ya war mongering lunatic

So, Was That Freeper that Sent A DEATH THREAT to Stephanie Miller ever ARRESTED?

For lovers of wildlife... and domestic animals see this please.

All the Victory TOONS are now at one link for your viewing pleasure

Triangle Area Residents, NC: Information Satan coming to Duke Nov. 15

Olbermann: Since Election Day, Countdown's ratings up, O'Reilly's are down

Marines Charged With Murder of Innocent Iraqi Get off on Plea Bargains

More CNN Bizarro world - can't believe what I am hearing....

Democrats should steal at least one Green Party idea...

Domestic terrorism w/ phony Anthrax; Freeper's response it is DU fault.

Quickie Separated at Birth

Pentagon not releasing Rummy's letter of resignation, why?

What happened to the Stephanie Miller show site?

Colbert's WORD tonight was hillarious!

Last 2 Elections Rasmussen Cleans Up in Its Election Predictions

30 years after war, Vietnam suffers toxic legacy

YouTube: Howard Dean on Daily Show last week

How wingnut bloggers are retaliating RE: Castagana

Great piece about the war

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Wiccans sue VA over religious grave symbols

"THE CONSERVATIVE VOICE" - What Happened? or...Why I Voted Blue

So how long before Freepers go to the House Gallery and do this?

I respect CREW and Withdrawl my support for Murtha as ML.

What's CREW's beef w/Murtha? They don't say much about

Olbermann going to cover the Freeper terraist!

Anybody want to attempt to analyze this person?

Who do you think will win the 2008 Republican nomination?

Sen. Lott Will Run For Senate Minority Whip

Tempers flare in Sarasota election office - Fox TV

WARNING: RW'ers will try to secede from Union

Springsteen in UK Sings New Song About State of U.S. Democracy; ("...some semblance of sanity...")

Robin Williams on Letterman in a few minutes.


Missouri convention kicks out churches.

Jon Stewart movie script eerily echoes Freeper case

Oh Yeah, The Daily Show has it's A-Game going!

My same-sex oriented brothers and sisters will dig this one...

Right Wing radio talk shows are losing it big time!

I Think It's The Right Wing Who Is Building Up Obama as Presidential

so, HOW is Dave Letterman a "Liberal"?

LMAO!! Freeper to DUers analyzing Castagana: GET A JOB!!!

Right Wing Thug Vandalizes Our Home During Anniversary Party

America's mayor my ass

The "white powder" Freeper - more info

Freeper sent fake anthrax to Olbermann, Schumer, Pelosi and others

George W Bush, he's got a going problem.

Global Warming Could Wipe Out Most Birds -- WWF

Sorta interesting. I did a Babelfish translation of "Castagana". It's an Italian word that means...

Have you guys seen the Castagana affadavit? "Cuntface: IMPEACH THIS!!"

I have serious doubts as to whether McCain could make it out of the primaries

So it's official? We are cutting & running from Iraq?

Is Rudy Giuliani to the right of his party - what Hillary Clinton is to the left of ours?

Rare stamp 'used on US post vote' (BBC) {Broward Co, FL}

The End of Conservatism: my LTTE

Is there anyone out there who is "presidential" material?

Glenn is a guy I sometimes talk to at the pub. He is also a fiscal Conservative.

Jim Dean interviewed about Lamont, and the importance of his campaign.

Anyone with customer service problems with Earthlink email account?

Freeper terrorist kept COLLAGES of Jon Stewart, Keith, etc. (GRAPHIC)

How to Solve the Bahgdad Puzzel with Class, Pride, Success, etc, for all Parties....

United for Peace Saturday Jan 27 DC mass march v. War

Rummy Decides Not To Meet With German Defense Minister

Pelosi and Murtha may undo everything we have fought for

Chad Castagana, thanks for reminding me of the importance of donating to DU.

Found Chad Castagana's AOL profile

Shame the fuck on you China! Shame on you Yahoo!

Local news teaser: Computing while driving, they act all shocked people

Yep. Max Headroom & Tony Snow

IMPEACHMENT POSTCARDS to send Pelosi and other Congresspersons

You've just crossed over into the TWILIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY ZONE!

Missouri panel: Abortion partly to blame for illegal immigration

Regarding Carville and dirty politics...

The House passed 'Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act'

The ultimate "McCain in '08" campaign photo

Iraq: Your Opinion (Part 2)

WTO Announces Formalized Slavery Model for Africa

An Inconvenient Truth Coming Out On DVD-November 21

Bush is an impotent leader.. small.. insignificant.. let's laugh a little

The new study the prison guard union will hate with all its black heart!

Keith Olbermann - Anthrax Hoax Arrest

Bye-bye, bullies! A GOP culture of scorn and intimidation rejected by voters

Thank you for letting us vote, Mr. President

Sen. Clinton outlines legislative agenda for the "dynamic center"

Tweety's having an ORGASM over Rudy

Tweety to Ed Rogers (GOP): "Newt Gingrich is your Al Sharption ......"

Chris Matthews Show, November 12:

Democrats May Proceed With Caution on Immigration: Explosive Issue Not a Top Priority

"Bipartisanship" for now is the kiss of death. First justice must be served.

Sanity, Reality, Common Sense, Logic, Reason, Patriotism, etc.

Attn: Freepers. Your hero Rush did a fine job of sinking Sen. JimTalent

The Essence of the New American Foreign Policy: "Hey Daaaaad!"

Iraq team encountering "an astounding amount of ignorance"

My Apologies regarding my John Edwards Comments

More Dems on teevee ... my imagination? I'm delusional? We're getting some respect?

BRAD BLOG VIDEO - 'Electric City Political Comedy Special' on the Saturday Before the Election...

Ironworkers Union Providing Videophones For U.S. Troops In War Zones

Libby Dole sleeps well at night knowing the GOP did everything they could do to hold onto the Senate

Democrats Should Host A "Whistleblower's Reunion" Party

We want...among other things...

Guess it's Miller time:

It appears the media is trying to get Lieberman to switch to...

DU Do you want Murtha for Majority Leader email time

Vilsack (Dem Ia) hopes quick start will help him leap hurdles to presidency

Hillary will NOT beat Rudy so i predict she doesn't run

Most "presidential polls" at this point do not reflect who people will vote

Interesting questions on a Zogby poll

Judith Miller: “I’m worried about bloggers,”

Sundance doc "OUR BRAND IS CRISIS". Re: Bolivian elect campaign by Shrum, Carville..

A question for General Clark supporters:

Rasmussen general poll. McCain, Guiliani vs Gore,Clinton,Obama

Let's start an underdog campaign for Majority Leader. How bout Tim Ryan?

VERDICT: Noe GUILTY on 29 Counts

Will the pork stop here? Reid pledges change but he pushed funding that may benefit him

The Senate: Thinking ahead

Rand Corp.: Renewable Fuels May Provide 25% of US Energy by 2025

I'm no Giuliani fan but why is he a republican?

Do we have the guts to do the honorable thing in Iraq?

"nearly all Borat's victims are Republicans"

Rudy in drag!

The 2006 election is NOT over yet! ***Please Read***

Post-Election Message to the MSM

And AGAIN! Michael Ramirez is an ass.


Rove's (failed) Election Theft Revealed

DLC says "Unite!.... Behind us!"

Why We MUST Impeach (Mary Lyon)

!!!!!!! Exchange student's "Half -Year of Hell" with US Xn fundamentalists

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS --Dick Morris from The Hill

You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas...

Red State Babylon (Vanity Fair) lead the nation in violent crime, divorce, illegitimacy, and incarce

10 Reasons Why Congress Must Investigate Bush Administration crimes....

India faces talent shortage

A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives Michael Moore

Paris Airport Bars Muslim Workers--'secret mosques in tunnels below runways'

Getting drunk on information by Jen Gerson re: Malcolm Gladwell & blink

"The Democrats and Civil Liberties"

New Faces, Same Agenda

The Perfect Storm of Citizen Revulsion

And Now What?

electionU.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown is sign that his populist message is resonating among Ohio's voters.

Boosting the Minimum Wage is a Good Test of Republican Bipartisanship

'Angel' comes to driver's rescue by Bob Mitchell The Toronto Star

Rumor Club (Gossip as Direct Action) (Mickey Z.)

Ahmadinejad: Israel's destruction is near

Unofficial John Murtha Thread: Good, Bad and Ugly

PAKISTAN: Lonely truck drivers face HIV/AIDS threat

(once again) Dear 33%

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Now They’re All For Bipartisanship

Thank You ... A Renewed Effort Towards Peace from Dennis Kucinich

Former prisoner tells of torture at Guantanamo

UN says politics lies behind rift between west and Muslims

Bush Campaign Worker/Iraq Vet Votes Straight Dem in '06

The GOP's black tokens

Click Here for Conspiracy (August Vanity Fair)

NYT, pg1: Bush Says He’s Open to Change in Iraq, but ...

Bush's Post-Election Session With His Shrink

The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders' Cure for Royalism (J. Nichols)


Iraq calls for bitter medicine


Comm. College sees big results from conservation and renewable energy initiative

(US) Government promises to boost household appliance efficiency

Wood burning stoves and global warming

Survey Finds Geothermal Power Expanding in U.S.

Antarctic Ice Core Reveals Climate Link with Greenland

CERA and Daniel Yergin claim (again): Peak Oil a myth

Just wanted to share what I thought was an excellent quote -

Environmentalists, Though Winners in the Election, Warn Against Expecting Vast Changes

Democrats to Stress Environmental Issues

Diseases Appear on Rise With Temperature

Aussie Shifts Position on Carbon Trading

EU Parliament Backs Plans to Ban Mercury

Parties might find common ground on energy concerns (ya think??)

Reducing GHG emissions is good business, corporations report

S(an)D(iego)G&E to Buy 120 MW of Solar, Geothermal Energy (by 2010)

Spain requires new buildings use solar power

Solar Energy Stocks...Performance Solid in Wake of Democrat Victory

(Aus.) Howard in carbon trading shift (BBC)

Bush Assures Israel Iran Seen As Threat (AP)

Hamas says new government won't recognize Israel (after arab states send $'s to Hamas!)

Palestinians look to Shabir as leader

Hamas says new government won't recognize Israel

IDF denies B'Tselem claim it 'executed' 2 West Bank militants

Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust

Cheney Hit Video-- Plane and No Plane versions

NY: Suffolk County Executive Stands Firm AGAINST E-Voting! (Please K&R! )

What's the latest on Clint Curtis?

FL: Jennings takes legal action amid recount (Herald Tribune)

"The Dutch Diebolds" or "Holland, We have a Problem" or "Yep, it's a global catastrophe."


Comments of a Florida based professional software engineer regarding HBO's "Hacking Democracy"

Massacre in Chiapas (Mexico):Six Women, Three Men,Two Children...

Will the pork stop here? Reid pledges change but he pushed funding that may benefit him

Tempers flare in Sarasota election office - Fox TV

FBI: Pollard (spy/1980s) passed info to Pakistan and Australia

Report to Offer Climate Change Evidence

Former prisoner tells of torture at Guantanamo

US: Immigrants may be held indefinitely

Environmentalists, Though Winners in the Election, Warn Against Expecting Vast Changes

FDA: Tamiflu Patients Need Monitoring

Iraqi Spokesman Calls al-Sadr A Man of Restraint

Election Alters Trade Climate

U.S. "Raid" in Shi'ite Area Sparks Protest

Kevin Barret not teaching another course..?

(Sen) Specter urges GOP move to the middle

UK's Blair says to Bush: Its Palestine, Stupid!

Bush trip inflames House (Indonesia) (Call Bush a war criminal)

Gunmen kidnap up to 150 in Baghdad

U.S. drops Vietnam from religious intolerance list

FDA adds 'abnormal behavior' warning for Tamiflu label

AP: Iran Says Nuke Program Is Near Complete

Gunmen snatch 150 Iraq ministry staff

As Math Scores Lag, a New Push for the Basics

Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust

Ahmadinejad: Israel’s destruction near

Mo. Panel: Immigration, Abortion Linked (for shortage of workers)

CNN/AP: Scientists: Climate change making wildfires worse

India faces talent shortage

Sweden Tops Climate Change Efforts, U.S. Near Bottom, Environmentalists Say

US, Saudi, China rank among worst on climate change: group

Five senior police officers arrested in mass kidnapping

Plutonium found in Iran waste facility

Bush Says He’s Open to Change in Iraq, but ... (still talking military options)

Iran president to send message to U.S. soon

Inquiry into missing campaign fliers halted

U.S. admiral urges closer China ties after sub scare (Reuters)

Toys for Tots Rejects Jesus Doll

(Democratic nominee Christine) Jennings takes legal action amid recount

Unions, OSHA looking into new incident at 3V plant (chemical exposure)

Iraqi Forces Surround Hostages Takers

Labor's love of outdoors (concerning oil and gas leasing in Wyoming)

Bush's only big ally on warming shifts stand (PM John Howard)

WP/AP: Persistent Race Disparities Found in Income, Education, Census Data Show

Reuters: Majority of Danes want troops out of Iraq--poll

Union workers at U.S.-controlled Hanarotelecom to stage 1-day strike (Korea)

KeyBank exec stole $29 million, FBI says (OH)

Senate Democrats Decide on Party Leaders

Christine Jennings: In Recount vs. Republican

Democrat Reid elected Senate majority leader (Patty Murray not

Iraq govt defends Interior Ministry over kidnap

Mitchell's Lead Changes Little As More Ballots Counted (JD Hayworth update)

Rights groups file war crimes suit against Rumsfeld

USA Today/Gallup poll: Democrats Have Upper Hand for the Moment

Plutonium found in Iran waste facility(AP)

Press freedom being eaten away, says watchdog chief

Reuters: Changes urged in U.S.-India nuclear deal

CNN: Giuliani Takes First Step Toward '08 Presidential Bid (also has poll information)

Reuters: Baghdad gunmen abduct 20 education ministry staff

Neoconservatives: New Bush Advisers Will Raise White Flag in Middle East

Bag Tests Positive For Potential Explosive At Hopkins (Cleveland)

Amusing-Former Gov.Huckabee Defends 'Wedding' Gift Registry

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 14

Political bias rare at Pa.'s public colleges, panel says(reaction to Horowitz)

Bush to Meet With U.S. Automakers (AP)

Wal-Mart pulls T-shirts with Nazi skull logo

Iraq hostages 'freed by police'

Hoyer targets liberals after Pelosi’s blow

Reuters: Iraqis say 30 killed in U.S. raid at Ramadi

Syria says stretching 'sincere hand' to U.S. for negotiations

S. Africa parliament OKs gay marriages

NYT/Reuters: Catholic Bishops Tell Gays to Remain Celibate

Senate Democrats give Lieberman standing ovation

A taxing ride may be ahead for Pa. (heads up PA Duers)

Abramoff Reports to Prison ...Testimony on Democratic Senators

Lott looking to make a return (Republican Whip)

Nuclear Iran now accepted: Ahmadinejad

Teacher accused of sexual contact with student surrenders

Comcast pulls plug on English language Al-Jazeera

Federal judge sentences Cuban exiles on weapons charges

Rangel Backs Hoyer for Leader In a Break With Nancy Pelosi

Bush trades jabs with Rev. Al over elections

Murtha blasts 'swift boat-style' attacks

BBC: Red meat link to breast cancers

Libby: No Plot, No Crime in CIA Leak

Document shows Bush guided CIA on detention

Add fruit to your diet.

These bumperstickers are GREAT!

Just opened a bottle of 16 yo Lagavulin...

Easter Bunny goes mad - bites head off child...

Do you want to be stung by a Scorpio?

So, if I'm too poor to donate,

Every once in a while you read a newspaper article that just makes you livid

Ok, so it's been raining for 3 weeks straight here

My neighbor is going to cook a TURDUCKEN. And he's about 80 years young.

Favorite DU snack

I want to make donation #666....

Couple's passion on plane brings charges


Truer words were never spoken

Anytime someone mentions G. Gordon Liddy...

Couple Donate $1.3 Million To Corvette Museum (And Buy Their Sixth Corvette)

Stories From the Road- Allen part 1 and 2.

"Don't go on the database," they tell me as I arrived at work.

Police hunt farting dissident

On the Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets: an Empirical Study

Some asshat sliced into the phone lines here and we haven't had

I am bullish on Blue. It's going places!

Soul man threads today

Have you ever been seen in a Scion?

AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Very irritated right now.

I just called NewWaveChick1981's new employer and told them about her

Solemn threads today

Sick day!!!!!!

DU, need your help. I'm thinking about adopting another chupacabra

DU, need your help. I'm thinking of adopting Quetzalcoatl.

Take THAT Vegas! Voters In Seattle Make Lap-Dances LEGAL Again!

Post pictures of inter-species love

Kate Bush vs. Public Enemy: derby shows you how to do it oldschool

Happy Tuesday

AOUTCH!! It's the falling girl "game"

I propose several priorities for the new Dem Congress

Yikes! (Let the Cylon, Terminator, etc...jokes begin)

Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager

What is it with young males and skulls?

Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager episode two

I would just like to thank some of ...

Chad Vader, Night Shift Manager episode four

I have an interview with the Film Festival.

A question on job interview etiquette?

Chad Vader, Night Shift Manager episode three

Please entertain me -- what exciting thing did you do today?

Atlas Shrugged: The Movie

I just bought a hands free cell-phone adapter for $0.08!!!!!

Do you know the worst way to wake up in the morning?

Worst burglar ever

How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives

Are you a stressed-out liberal? Need some physical

No more solemn stuff---KITTEN PICS!!!!

Emergency help needed. I'm SERIES!!!!1111

I have room for about 10K more songs on my MP3 player - what band should I have on there?

Loungers, come over to GD and congratulate

I'm going to buy a DVD recorder


Be REALLY afraid...

So where the hell is Sugar Smack?

Lounge vibes really DO work!!!! (I GOT A NEW JOB!!!)

For those who would like to vote for the Proper winner of the OSU vs. Michigan game.

Do you know the best way to wake up in the morning

mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley mutley

I have a midterm at 2 p.m. - send me some good luck, please?

"The Underpants" Advance tickets available here...but hurry

I lost my ring- I'm so bummed.

Parents: do you buy your kids toys that YOU want to play with?

First day with my resume out there:

The BobcatJH jobsearch continues apace

Why shouldn't K-Fed get custody of the kids?

Gym members- some random questions...

It's The Shakespearean Insult Generator!

i just ordered our bird for thanksgiving

matcom news cub reporter with a Christmas scoop.

KFC Unveils New Logo With Giant Image in Nevada Desert

copycat of the copycat poll (please be honest)

I'm facing a possible layoff at work, so I appreciate the DU "star"

Fox has read my thread...

The copycat poll (now, please be honest):

Fresh bread and apple pie...

Are you making stuffing or dressing?

My Dbacks guy , Webb, won the NL Cy Young!!!!

Rick Santorum Concession Speech - Now A Top Selling Ring Tone

Don't Look Now

A local radio station here in Maryland has already started 24/7 Christmas music.

Sinus headache remedy?

Ahhhh! There's a girl from my high school sitting across the room from me.

Can a person get sick from *not* tuning out the theater?

A really good friend just gave me a bag of mint M&M's , yes they are for sale now.

Hey everybody! I bought this for my future nephew!

Come on, everybody... LET'S STUMPF!!!

Update: K-Fed (Fed-Ex) offers to sell Britney the tape for $30 million and custody of their two kids

Anyone here have Spotted Dick?

I've created the greatest animated Rush gif ever!

Has anyone here spotted Dick?

A matchup by matchup breakdown of Ohio State vs. Michigan

Michigan v. Ohio -A message from the Associate Vice President, Michigan University

This Friday..."For Your Consideration"...the new Chrisopher Guest film is out.

My Chemical Romance is not emo

Why do people hate O'Reilly? I think he's nice, and provides fair and balanced information.

Best Band Name Evah: "Bump of Chicken"

Damn you, Hershey's Chocolate.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/14/06)


well the destruction of christmas has begun, and the marines

Mice on a truck!!

Snakes on a plane? Well...not exactly.

Anybody ever have termites?

Guess what the College repukes at my campus are calling their meeting tomorrow night?

Bay Buchanan vs. Ann Coulter

Puppies With Cleft Palates Need Help At Local Shelter (YOU CAN HELP)

You are relaxed. You are getting sleepy. VERY sleepy. Your eyelids are heavy. VERY heavy.

How the hell did I get a star?

LMAO - FR TV????

Is there a way to tell where all my hard drive memory is going to?

Post in this thread or I'll hurt my puppy.

i am SOOO excited!! can i just brag on myself a little bit??

Md. Man Admits Burning Kittens to Death

Yo Momma

Goodnight, you lot

I'm always amazed at how fast threads can sink in GD

Remember. YOU made me do it!

HEY! HypnoToad. Quit screwing around. Don't make me come looking for you.

A few common grammatical errors that drive me up the bloomin' wall!

Chick flicks for guys.

How many pundits does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Time Magazine Lists '100 Greatest Albums' (Beatles But NO Pink Floyd)

KFC Bowls

For my 5000th, the most difficult of all questions... in poll form.

Tuesday, November 14. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

December Playboy Cover featuring Nude Ann Coulter

Toys for Tots Rejects Jesus Doll (ROFLMAO--Great Headline!)

My slippers are missing.

Wheels fly off GOP wagon, bodies everywhere!

Valiant Horse Rescue in the Netherlands - google video

Spotted Dick...

Favorite hang out place when you were a kid?

Please help! I need opinions! I am so mad I could punch a hole in my wall!

This is for Haruka3_2000 and LostinVa

I want to be reincarnated as a/an...

To the Red Lobster Haters

Anyone here like Spotted Dick?

URGENT - 2 Kittens need homes (Pittsburgh area)

Whoa!! I just tried on a pair of jeans two sizes down from what size I

It's that time of year again!

YOU GUYS!!! Skinner's gonna be a Dad!!!!

Official Ohio State vs Michigan Big Ten Football Championship Poll

Installing plow on lawn tractor. Can I leaver mower deck on?

I'm making PASTA VASUL tonight...

Rabrrrrrr is an insalubrious scalawag

Can a person get sick from *not* turning on the heater?

I'm not happy anymore.

This is just wrong (rant)

How gay are you?


I'm in the midst of writing a really scathing letter. One of my daughter's friends

I Miss HypnoToad Already

Congratulations Prag!! 10,000 posts

Terms of endearment that should be destroyed

Think your clothes are fur-free? Think again...

What time do you eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

Please name beach music and surf songs (but no Beach Boys) -- need them for

The Official BORAT IS ANNOYING Thread

Let the sunshine in ...

Need some good thoughts, please.

And now something completely different (from politics that is)

Post a picture of something you are thankful for this Thanksgiving

got nothing to do??? check out this discussion...

Private Texas spaceport launches test rocket (AP/CNN)

Google Earth Maps History

Newly Emerged Volcanic Island Near New Zealand

Mullahs to destroy Iran's most beloved national heritage "Persepolis"

Spit and Make It Better - Natural-born painkillers in human saliva.

BBC - Searching For Our Alien Origins (red rain)

Libraries In The Sand Reveal Africa's Academic Past

Aid for 'phantom limb' amputees

Belated veterans day salute to GLBT vets

Ramirez, Verlander top rookies

The 1975 Rose Bowl

MUST SEE Video!!! Mega-Wave Surfing Video! This video is Awesome!

Have you ever taken a "leap of faith"?

SHRED needs help with a ghost-post in Lobby.

I need some help now

OT: The Baker farce

Anyone know if Vektor is doing OK?

Yooper newspaper needs a response

That DOES it!! Here's my rant at someone who thinks Kerry should STFU.

Diary from Lamont campaign staffer on Daily Kos (pro JK)

Need a virtual hug -- just finished having big argument with wingnut neighbor

John Kerry to Lead Small Business Panel

New leadership of the Senate.

What ever you do Senator, don't give up. Read this on Iraq.

Who the Iraq Survey Group did not meet?

Senator Kerry Supports Lawsuit to Force Administration to Comply with U.S. Climate Change Law

Another Kerry was Right moment: Think Progress

Great Moments in Modern Punditry

Starting to see a bit of light and

Too funny. Check out this link........

Hey Katrina from Brooklyn, you were awesome on Malloy.

Krugman on Wis. Public Radio tomorrow

Iraq may engage Syria, Iran to help end violence

After Bush leaves office , could he be called to testify before Congress?

Cheney's face says it all. . .

Ferguson: " A wax figure of Bush was vandalized over the weekend..."

Bernie Ward talking about the rising gasoline prices

2853 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Police hunt farting dissident

Did you know that Rudy Giuliani's first wife was his cousin?

The one good thing about Freak Repugnic is....

As if visited upon by a plague of locusts...

Global warming intimidates Canada hydro power, oil exports

No Child Left Behind (quickie graphic on bush/Iraq)

A story that went under the radar

James Bond and Pooty Poot — Separated at birth???

If Castagana had nothing to do with Free Republic, then why was his account banned?

good Tester article from last year...

2,853 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

This Just In -- Barack Obama Planned 9-11 at Rove's request.

Congress to address global warming, NASA

Jay Leno: "In good news, Castro's health is deteriorating"

I am still walking on sunshine.... Are you?

U.S. workweek well past 40 hours

AP: Prosecutors Deny Padilla Torture Claims

So Joe Barton wants to be R Minority Leader in the House?

Gunmen seize 100 in Iraq

Cached Castagana Freeptard profile "Ann Coulter is a goddess" HAHAHAHA

KB&R getting ready to rip off your pension and 401k?

US: Immigrants may be held indefinitely

Hamas says new government won't recognize Israel

Als sie mich holten

Bush and Olmert continue the boogieman fear mongering about Iran..

Come to Daddy

Finally saw hacking the vote on HBO

Psssst: The War On Christmas starts next week.

To whomever donated in my name

bush's "joke".. crickets or laughter? White House, Nov. 8, 2006

Judge: Libby May Use Classified Data

John Larson (D/Ct.) on C-Span Candidate for Caucus VC is Very Impressive!

(VIDEO) flashback: Gingrich goes subpoena crazy

A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives Michael Moore

Kevin Barret not teaching another course..?

Microsoft ups stakes in browser war: Unleashes improved Firefox

From the "just desserts" department - anti-gay stance costs Kelly (r-ny)

Is Free Republic

Who scares you more as a Presidential candidate, Rudy or McCain?

MSNBC: Democrats still searching for a position on Iraq

Halliburton/KBR Fire Sale: IPO Planned for Tomorrow/James Baker Revs the Getaway Car

Pelosi 'will ensure' Murtha win, Murtha ally says (The Hill)

Castagana: "liberal-left =social engineers who work their corruption "

1976 was the last year neither a Bush nor a Clinton was on the Presidental Ticket

(TOON) Steve Bell on our new friends Iran and Syria

"Pelosi's Decision to Back Murtha Raises Questions About Her Credibility"

They are taking my drug without being in a clinical trial


Killing Babies? The same as letting them die naturally if they are

CSPAN WJ: Did you hear that Koolaid drinking woman from CT attack Rep. John Larson?

Anyone know where the video of Boxer slapping down Tucker is?

Where's Annthrax Coulter been since election day?

Shouldn't we be more about lurring Senate republicans to join the Democratic Party?


How long before Republicans begin blaming Dems for Iraq?

A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives

Unofficial DU Straw Poll #4: Updated Results

Thank You ... A Renewed Effort Towards Peace - VIDEO from Dennis Kucinich

I didn't know what I was doing on Election Day! I made HUGE mistakes!

Krugman on Lieberman..."Mr. Lieberman won only through denial and deception"

Bush Expects Our Troops To Continue Dying In Iraq So That He Can Keep Up Appearances

Did anyone see that dustup David Gregory had with Tony Snow

What exactly is left wing hate rhetoric?

US Lawyers Filed War Crimes Charges Against Rumsfeld In Germany Today

When they came for me

Polls to DU

A Republican Blogger Wrote From Our Home Election Night: Good Result, I Think

Chad "PowderFreeper" Castagana, domestic terrorist: should he be held indefinitely?

Does anyone know if Pelosi's lobbying reforms will stop "earmarking?"

Oregon Newspaper-Calls On ALL USA Newspapers To Join In Demand For NEW 9/11 Investigation

Interesting stuff

About the experience issue:

BREAKING!! Jesus Issues First Press In 2,000 Years !!!

House Freshman Photo on CSPAN

New World Order

On the Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets: an Empirical Study

I want our troops home NOW - not a "strategic redeployment" BS

Inhofe huffing over children's book on climate change

FBI Arrests Conservative Blogger For Threats Against Democrats, Celebrities. Should Coulter Be Next?

(AP) Libby: No Plot, No Crime in CIA Leak

Bush: Immigrants May Be Held Indefinitely

Senate Dems Press Conference

Police Chief in Irag arrested (where kidnapping took place)--just heard

Does anyone really think that the neo cons will just give up their war?

Air America Radio gets anthrax scare in mail

There was an article about U.S. weapon sales in the world, any one see it?

Bumper sticker: I believe in the separation of church and hate

Write KKKarl Rove.....

Converge at Fort Benning: November 17-19, 2006; Commemorate the Victims and Celebrate the Resistance

In '00 and '06, Lieberman's challenger received 448,077 votes.

International lawyers file suit against Rumsfeld in Germany

Child soldiers test case marks war crimes court's debut

Spain Makes Solar Panels a Must on New Buildings

Senate to investigate rendition abuses

For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’

MO Republicans issue report connecting immigration to abortion (MAN, are they dumb!)

Iran says nuke program is near complete

Just Donated, but . . .

Is America really ready for a cross dressing president giuliani?

Ok. We've covered the feminists and the Christians ("And other people of faith"). Anyone else?

When I state my objection to capital punishment - under any circumstances

The Reesurrection of Newt Gingrich..

150 men kidnapped today by Iraqi police:

Background Brief on the case against Rumsfeld, Gonzales and others. Filed in Germany on Nov 14, 2006

Newsweek's John Meachum on Imus praising Poppy/Where's that Crowning Moon

Rat Toothed Rudy Gassed His Own People!

"Bake Sale for Bolton"

Chimpy downgrades "victory" to "success" in Iraq

The tyranny of the market

I just found this story about that POS JD Hayworth!!!

Delicious irony on MSNBC

National Review charges Washington Post's Style section with liberal bias

Why is it Liberals with a conservative trait are considered Conservatives?

Why did New York vote for a self-imposed lame-duck Senator?

Up to 150 Iraqis kidnapped at Education Ministry - UNIVERSITIES CLOSED!

Fmr. Mayor Giuliani's first wife (And his second cousin):

I don't think GWB is happy. Or Cheney either.

Feingold on the Lame Duck Session danger

Lame Duck Congress on the job protecting the

Interesting website

MSNBC needs to do its homeworks

Since we're still talking about Joe....will he run in 2008?

Please help! I need opinions! I am so mad I could punch a hole in my wall!

How do we explain this?

Saudis decide to fence themselves in . . . against IRAQ!

Media relations: It's good to be a winner...

The Big Oil Coup and the BFEE - how I see things

Repeal The Military Commissions Act

Would enough rethugs vote BushCo guilty?

Love it when I find stuff like this

just heard on the Frankin Show.. Bu$h is writing signing statements on other presidents bills..

Cross post from lounge...Stressed out liberal? Need some

Russ Feingold:Democrats - Beware Of The Dangerous Lame Duck Session

What is a good site to use when researching senator votes?

Iraqi artist paints Rumsfeld gloating over ruins of Iraq

And now something completely different (from politics that is)

Post-Election Period = Pundits At Their Lowest Influence

Important article: "The Unfinished Story of Election 2006" How would you tell it?

Letter to a former President

Betcha the Internets get a Scrub-a-dub for a Guiliani run

Valiant Horse Rescue in the Netherlands - google video

Accused Olbermann faux-anthrax-sender Chad Castagana

Pro-Choice Voter Claims Assault, Intimidation By Poll Inspector

someone tell Randi "minute" and "minute" aren't the same thing

Obama, Edwards court Wal-Mart critics

Times issue on the midterm

White House Desperate to Discount Daylight Between Bush and Blair on Iraq

Kos: Lieberman is owned by Republicans now, so he may as well switch

Unemployment Rate Sky High For Young Veterans

GPS Catches Sex Offender On School Property

Democrats gone wild!

Energy Independence (James Kunstler)

Sen. Byrd to be President pro temp of the Senate...

Any reason NOT to have everyone who would like to run for President RUN?

Guess what, Freepers are trying to pin Fake-Anthrax dude...

If Hillary brings back healthcare for all and it passes, I will vote for her!!!

Civil Rights Group sues to have Rumsfeld investigated

Hey...nobody told me....Riverbend's back..

Toys for Tots rejects Jesus doll

Vista Home Basic: LESS Features and Functions Than XP Home! >>

"Democrats to Stress Environmental Issues" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Iraqi artists pay tribute to Rumsfeld

Howard Dean Politics = Successful Democratic Politcs (HotLine)

1.20.09 - What a great bumper sticker.

Bush Says He’s Open to Change in Iraq, but ... (still talking military options)

I wonder if "V" has been spotted today? Or maybe there were

Bush not even biting on plans for 'phased' withdrawal from Iraq.

About the new movie "Bobby"

Pelosi 'will ensure' Murtha will win

Do Not Send 500,000 impeachment letters to Pelosi by her first day as speaker Jan. 3

only a wk ago We had just begun to hear of exit polls. I am only beginning

HDNet: Dan Rather Reports debuts tonight.

Someone Please Explain What Is Going On In the Senate?

Clear Channel awaits buyout firms' offers. hee hee.

Bush % approval rating = % Who still believe Saddam was behind 9-11

US, Saudi, China rank among worst on climate change: group

Rudy: Adulterer; McCain: Dumped first wife. Bill Clinton: No further comments allowed, freepers!

Fox has read my thread...

The Republican Nominee for President in 2008 Will Be: Jeb Bush

Bush to offer business advice to big three auto companies today.

How many do you need for a quorum in the Senate?

Lieberman is the most untrustworthy politician in the Senate

It has been a week since the election, seems longer to me.

Warren Beatty for President!!!

Local Television’s Dirty Little Secret (they've been passing corporate promo videos off as news)

Will Iran become Bush's final infamous legacy?

Why is no one talking about Rummy and the Tamiflu side effects?

Heath Schuler on Ed Schultz Show NOW

What the Democrats' win means for tech

Remember how the right howled at the comment "two for the price of one"?

Melvin Goodman, on DRhem show -- Iraq is MUCH worse than can imagine

could our victories in the house & senate be part of a larger trap?

Demand Action From Congress: 500,000 Impeachment Letters to Pelosi by Jan. 3

What do we do for the Iraqis?

Viet Nam vs Iraq

Wal-Mart Charged with Organic Food Misrepresentation

Oh My! Matthews still pushing Dems don't have Plan and CNN onto Iran

55 views and one nomination?

Jennings STILL Needs HELP!!! I Just Got This Email A Little While

Bob Larson Ministries on "Inside Edition"




Conservative Mag: Bush Will Keep Rove Until The End: “He Knows Too Much”...

I feel like I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

Chris Matthews has interesting show - how to get out of Iraq

If Israel bombs Iran's nuclear facilities ...

The Sargent of Arms may go after Sens playing hooky if this vote passes.

As Math Scores Lag, a New Push for the Basics

Get Your Red Hot 110th Congress Senate Committee Assignments Right Here

Venezuela Expands Discount Oil Program, Hosts Thanksgiving Meal in the Bronx

"White powder freedom finder becomes American Martyr"

Look! Down in the basement! It's a nerd! It's a pain! It's Castaganaman!

Please Call Wingnut Line & Let Them Know What You Think About Freedom

Am I out of control for wanting a Housing Bureau?

"Now Romanians Say 'Borat' Misled Them"

More Freeper Funnies

santorum, dewine, allen standing together on the senate floor

After Eight Years, Comic Relief Back Saturday to Raise Money for Katrina Victims

Reid: "We'll treat The Rs As They Have NOT Treated Us."


Murtha ABSCAM video link here

Here is a handy link for you guys.

Rumsfeld faces lawsuit for alleged war crimes in Iraq

Iraqi state TV says most hostages seized in Baghdad have been freed

POLL: Should minimum wage be somewhere between 8 and 9 dollars?

I just heard something about rove I was wondering if anyone could confirm

now that the shooting is over, georgie is ready to go to viet nam

Ras Poll: Giuliani leads for '08 among GOP, then Rice and McCain

Freeperware at Walmart

"Quiverfull." - religiously insane women producing as many children

Have Not Heard From JIBJAB Lately....

Abramoff Reports to Prison Tomorrow; Offers Testimony on Democratic Senators

Ohio U says nay to keeping Ney's name

Were you expecting the Republicans to retain control of Congress this year?

Pennsylvania: State's first casino opens

I wish that Max Cleland would run for Senate again in '08

So that`s it? We sit back and wait for Jim Baker?

"The conservative political world crystallized by Bush has crashed"

A former National Review trustee surveys the wreckage of contemporary conservatism

Giuliani! Let's put that candidacy to rest right now! Or: click here, he' screwn

Tonight on Frontline-A hidden life

Anthrax Freeper Arrest Goes Mainstream... AP: Man Charged In Threatening Letters Case

Lieberman receives standing ovation at a closed meeting of all Senate Democrats Tuesday.

"If Dems win the Stock Market will crater!" Remember hearing this?

Ohio's 2006 vote count now includes a higher percentage of uncounted ballots than in 2004,...

Catholic bishops say gays are welcome in the church as long as they remain celibate

Murtha is being swiftboated, right here, and CREW is crap.

RW bloggers to pay Bolton's salary?

Toys for Tots Rejects Jesus Doll

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tue 11/14 - crashing into REALaTree?

The Witch beats Michael Moore to the punch

" we will rue the day we ever started"

St. Rudy's Mistake

Free Republic has a new Logo..I screen captured it

Why is Cheney always sleeping on the job.?

NC Baptists ban gays and friends of gays

um.... Gas Prices? How's that looking?

"CT-Sen: So You Wanna Know What Really Happened?"

Randi: AAR offices were sent white powder in envelopes

ConWebWatch Speculates: Is "Marc Costanzo" connected to Canadian band, "Len"?

Wikipedia entry on Mike Savage (ROFL!)

Gas prices starting to go up anywhere?

Dems: you are NOT Khan

We are just not the Roman Army.

Tuesday Night TOONS (TNT) (Dialup Warning)

Bush's Generals' Alternative 'Study Group' Will Counter the Baker Panel's Findings

DARFUR! Is this one area where we DEMS can work with the GOP?

Check out the state computer expert who is conducting the investigation of the Sarasota election.

Dems Should Withdraw Unanimous Consent to End of Term (slow it down).

The rehabilitation attempts of Joe Lieberman here on DU are laughable.

Daily Reminder: Same sex marriage is unconstitutional in WI

New Yorker beats shit out of Borat

Oh, sh*t!!!

Does anyone know anything about ....

Hilarious: Freepers Pissed At Marines Over Rejection Of Jesus Doll

POLL: Should San Diego County Registrar Haas Resign? DU This Poll!

Hundreds of thousands raped in Congo wars

Poltergeist in the White House?

NBC News reporting on Hoyer vs. Murtha

Why do we allow George BUSH to run to his DADDY?

NEW Senate Leadership Roster

Military Commissions Act backfires on accused US officials

Worth repeating: Operation Told You So

YEE-HAAAA! WHOOPEE! Got A Call Last Night To Help As A

Caption * and cheney

"Challenging the sovereignty of the US"

The Carlyle White House

I'm a Dad!

MSNBC: Guiliani's first wife was his 2nd cousin

I'm having a senior moment here; whenever I hear something

Taliban Gates' legacy

Joementum appreciation thread

Remember when w was the golden boy who could do no wrong?

Some Want GOP To Redouble Effort Wooing Conservatives. Stats Say That'd Be A Mistake

Willie Nelson ad for NORML on Air America - Way Cool!

GIULIANI: Bush not at fault for failure to secure the weapons dump in Iraq - blame the troops! VIDEO

Regardless of your opinion on impeachment, I think it will happen

Do you HATE Barack Obama?

sorry to pee in your Wheaties, but after what happened to Ford in TN

Hypothetical: If Dean were able to run in '08 would you consider him?

14 Constitutional Scholars agree Bush Broke the Law

Wal-Mart and other retailers kowtow to RRR bullies ("War on Christmas")

Sen Levin To Begin Investigations Of Rendition/Torture Abuses

Adoption: Domestic Vs. International

"Lawmakers push politician for UN post " Bye, Bye Bolton!!!

So...Skinner is going to be a daddy. Let's help him with some names :)

What the republican party stands for (2006):

The Genius of Impeachment----John Nichols

Wiretapping program ruled unconstitutional

Larry C Johnson Recieves Message From Someone On the Ground In Iraq

Ancient Crash, Epic Wave (Megatsunamis) - NYT

Larisa Alexandrovna-Intell Sources Question GATES' Independence From Cheney & Rummy

RUH ROH! The War On Christmas Has Started and LOOK WHO STARTED IT!

FOX NEWS?! "An Impeachment Storm Is Bearing Down on Washington"

Wake Up Wal-Mart, did you guys see the conference call?

How Many Here Are Willing to Back Off on Joe Lieberman With Me?

Things that everbody knows but can't be said

Once again it is time for the There, Their, and They're thread.

High drama on C-SPAN2 right now--Feingold-Collins amendment

Only Baghdad under US control, if that.

Big Tent My Ass....

A few thoughts about the election and the future of this country.

News Flash: Halliburton Heist Halted by British Authorities

Former President Bush Blames ‘Bloggers’ for ‘Ugly’ Political Climate

50 Foot Rebel flag fying over I-75 by Suwanee River in Fla...

Breath Strips For Dogs

Tweety just said it's time for the Democrats to start doing something

social security

I Cannot Get this "bipartisanship" thing...

Comments of a FL based professional software engineer regarding HBO's "Hacking Democracy"

Michael Moore: A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives

What is this "we need to have a victory in Iraq" stuff I've been hearing

Jack Murtha Has The Votes (MY DD)

You guys are getting me all riled up about this Michael Moore business.

Bargaining Digest Weekly Nov 11, 2006

(1987) The Secret Government (Iran clip)

Hardball: Dick Armey Explains Why Giuliani Can't Win Presidency

CNN/AC360: Pentagon lowballing injured stats for war

More evidence that CNN sucks: 11/12/06 Story on Bigfoot close encounter

Vote Republican: Because Jesus Hates Democrats

Olbermann/Countdown: Fox News Declares War On Christmas 2006 "Holiday Party"

Former Republican speaks

Shame on you Americans!

I hate Republicans

Billo, I never knew ya!

Should the US invade Iraq?

Real Journalist at work!

Arianna Huffington (imitation)

Rumsfield highlights (courtesy of Craig Ferguson)

MANIFESTOON: the Communist Manifesto told via cartoons

Conservatives launch baseless verbal attacks on U.S. troops

Why more people don't think like this? I have no idea

Happy Birthday, Fox News...courtesy Hilarious.

So Goes The Nation

Advertisers want to make you GAY!!!

Noam Chomsky interviewed by Bill Maher, November 10, 2004 (6:48 min.)

Puppetista activists @ SOAW Nov. 16th

Law expert: Bush ORDERED torture (waterboarding demonstration included)

Slayer - Eyes Of The Insane (Disturbing video about the Iraq War)

College War Supporters Won't Go Fight: Matthews interviews McCain

Bill Maher's A Farewell To Douche Bags (55 sec.)

One Village Idiot, One Big Dog

The Rummy interview we'd like to see

Wash. GOP Rep. Reichert Re-Elected (Burner concedes)

Racing to Irrelevance

Michael Steele as RNC chair?

The New Republic finally makes it official

Oh great, that idiot Conyers is going to be chairman

Rudy "Thank God for Bush" Giuliani on the 06 Midterms: "I don't see this as a defining election"

good Tester article from last year...

Fox's Neil Cavuto: "Even critics would agree that John Bolton has done a pretty remarkable job"

Guiliani will crash and burn in the primaries

Paul Street - Lunching with the Brute

C&L: Newt in ‘94 vowed to investigate Clinton for 2 years as his platform

Voting Machines Should include a Paper Trail 2008 Election

You know, I've been thinking...

Rudy "Cashin' in on 9/11" Giuliani moves to explore 2008 presidential bid

Paul Street on BaRockstar's Gradual Political Sellout

Will the new in-coming Congress help reverse the Bankruptcy Law

Fascism alert: Immigrants can be held indefinitely

Reuters: US automakers urged to be blunt with Bush on trade

Stephenie Miller

Mo. Panel: Immigration, Abortion Linked

December Playboy Cover featuring Nude Ann Coulter

Presidential Wood -- How do you measure up?

"Do Democrats need the South?"

I am glad that Conyers will chair House Judiciary Committee!

Question for the political science and history buffs in the room about The Great Romp.

Public expects the Democrats to deliver

Gunmen in police commando uniforms kidnapped 150 people from Iraq gov't institute

"Karl has the numbers."

Interesting take on Murtha by Steve Clemons (The Washington Note)

PM Howard Thinks Al Gore's Movie Is "peevish"

Kucinich Marginalized? How Can We Fix This?

Question regarding David Gregory

Election ends Repubs "boozy block party" fund-raiser

What would our country be like?

Anyone else not a bit worried about the rehash of ABSCAM (via Murtha)?

Judith Miller decries Bush Policies

We should not waste one single breath or keystroke to taking down Rudy

TIME: Behind Pelosi's risky support of Jack Murtha for House Majority Leader: Loyalty

Freeps respond to a Rudy run: "No thanks Rudy -- we need a CONSERVATIVE in the White House"

House Dem Leadership fight .... it is a good thing don't buy the MSM spin

Did Lieberman steal it?

Next election, the key should be to ignore whoever says not to support Dems

US elected officials should be citizens of the US only!

USW Slams Feds for Turning Blind Eye to Public Health Threat such as radioactivity

Senate Democratic Leadership Election Results

Seven words that are going to haunt Giuliani

John Edwards - New Book Today - On Letterman Friday

I'm Traveling Through Europe This Week And Seen Many A Political Cartoon....

What are the chances that Giuliani will be the GOP nominee?

Comments of a FL based professional software engineer regarding HBO's "Hacking Democracy"

Unemployment Rate Sky High For Young Veterans

"Bush-Cheney for prison 2009"

Some Want GOP To Redouble Effort Wooing Conservatives. Stats Say That'd Be A Mistake

R. Rep. Jim still a war monger Saxton opens his mouth

Infighting RNC over Martinez seen as Rove/WH Pick over Steele

"The election simply proves that one should not expect to take the

A Bitter Pill indeed

George Will: new Congress is *more* conservative

Does anyone have the data on the military vote for 2006?

I remember back when Dennis Kucinich was pro-life....

DU behind the surge in Cancer rates in Iraq

Another Day, Another GOP Rep now facing Ethicis Investigation

The Senate is in session, Cspan 2.

So why do we bother having a UNITED NATIONS?

Lawsuit filed against Rumsfield? Could this be another reason why he was fired?

Lieberman Lost In The Primary BUT

Please, someone get up and slap Judd Gregg. He's on the Senate Floor

Beware corpmedia putting Bush1 on pedestal - Poppy is the REASON for Bush2

The Karl Rove crush

Happy Birthday, Kindasleazy!

Dear President Bush

Anybody see the latest on Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, Tenet et al?

USW Charges Mexico Violated Treaty By Ousting Union Leader

Hey conservatives, want some good news from Iraq?

DU a poll: Do you think the Bush administration should come up with a timetable for withdrawing troo

New Dems on the Hill: ‘We Ran as Populist Democrats’

Here's what the cost of the war, thus far, would buy.

Huckabee (Gov. R-Arkansas) Defends 'Wedding' Gift Registry

Democrats Call on Bush to Support China’s Draft Labor Law

Impeach Bush? Are you kidding? Look what happened when Clinton was impeached

Medicare Prescription Drug Disaster: Bush Still Doesn’t Get It (with video)

ON THE RADAR: Katherine "Cruella" Harris's old seat being recounted w/major vote machine screw ups!

Murtha and ABSCAM? How About McCain and The Keating 5?

Mine Deaths (9 out of 10) Could Have Been Avoided in the past 10 years if safety rules had been foll


USW Returns To Table With Goodyear As Strike To Keep Jobs In U.S. Continues

UPDATE: Jennings vs Buchanon, Sarasota County elections

Saying Adios to the King of RINOs by Chuck Muth

Progressive Caucus, NOT the "Blue Dog" or "New Democratic" Coalition, the largest Dem. sub-group

A Zen koan that I think relates well to the entire Lieberman situation and netroots in general.

Jennings STILL Needs HELP!!! I Just Got This Email A Little While

China to sell Pakistan 6 nuclear reactors

Quick! Name 10 things the new Democratic Congress should do:

American Concentration Camps "On The Books"

Inspired by Lieberman enablers, I am reserving the right...

Could I get an assist?

Why isn't Pelosi acting like Newt did?

Deaniacs & DFA'ers, how did/do you use UR meetups back in the day......

Ann Coulter tries to elude prosecution by entering victim protection program

WP political blog: 2006 Winners and Losers

Are there any Senate Republicans who would switch parties?

Run Rudy Run!!!! It will be the best thing to happen to the 9/11 truth movement in a looooog time!


MyDD: Jack Murtha has the votes

If republicans think Guiliani can be prez then someone owes Clinton an apology

Diary from Lamont campaign staffer on Daily Kos. Very enlightening.

Teamsters Cripple Fort Worth Buses During Election for Perry (R), follow up

after some deep thought, I realized that I am a liberal....sort of

The Green Party members themselves spread the green lemon-lime Flavor Aid talking points.

Are there any congressional races still undecided?

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YEE-HAAAA! WHOOPEE! Got A Call Last Night To Help As A

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Voodoo Economics

Anyone know what's up in the Madrid-Wilson Race in NM? I have

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Joe will caucus with GOP if he feels uncomfortable with Democrats.

Clinton Gears up for Presidential bid

Next election, the key should be to support whoever Rahm Emanual DOESN'T support...

H&C Pelosi attack via Melanie Morgan-Juan Williams replies

The largest caucus in the House is not the New Dems or Blue Dogs. It's the Progressive Caucus!

Reid Immediately Calls For Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Stop the Murtha (w/ contact information)...DU get active!

What "baggage" does Hilary Clinton have? She voted for the war - what else?

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The Republican Plan to Return to Reagan "Conservatism"...

Rick Santorum,..surrounded by his family, all wondering why God hates their dad

Conservative site pulls account 'linked to anthrax suspect' (DU mentioned)