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Archives: November 12, 2006

An Open Letter to Carl Levin: No Free Pass to Gates (Ray McGovern)

LAT: Democratic base dials up pressure (on new Dem congress)

This is Team America, the new power brokers --Guardian

I am re-energized: A call to arms to progressives worldwide!

Frank Rich: The Year of Macaca

Bob Cesca (HuffPo): Time for a big ol' cup of 'Shut the F**k Up'

In Gates Selection, White House Hopes to Close Rift Between

Remembrance Sunday Special: Remember the war of words

Dirt & the diplomat

Scale of violence in Iraq shows no sign of abating, British security firm warns

Beating in Jerusalem ends gay Palestinian Americans' plans

Christian population falls in Holy Land

Hezbollah’s missiles back in Lebanon

Italian MEPs campaigning for Israel's inclusion in EU

How Israel put Gaza civilians in firing line

In honor of our veterans, we call for truth

Check out this interesting and detailed blog that just came up!

Voting machines lose ally (X)

Election '06: Great Outcome, Flawed Votes

Mayoral Candidate Disputes Tally of Zero Votes, Says He Voted for Himself

They're Already Hacking the 2008 Election;Paper Ballots-- the Only Acceptable Solution

BradBlog: Lieberman Senate Opponents Receive Exact Same Number of Votes in 2006 as in 2000 - 448,077

The Rags-to-Riches Story of Harry Reid

Hit-and-run driver hits stroller; mom, 2 kids killed

Democrats Aim to Save Inquiry on Work in Iraq

Bush: Terror Fight Unchanged by Election Results/ VOA

Gunmen kill 12, kidnap scores

Nancy Pelosi's tough new rules

Bush talks of change, car bombs kill 8

Exclusive: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

Sarasota County audit to begin Monday, state officials say

No immediate US Iraq withdrawal: Downer (Australia)

Democrats urge Ohio Supreme Court justice to leave GOP (and join the Democratic Party)

FEMA Official Gets Dunked in New Orleans

W.House brands Iran, Hezbollah as terror "nexus"

'IBD' Hits Rep. Conyers As 'Islamist' Tool, Hails Rumsfeld as 'Great'

NYT: Incoming Democrats Put Populism Before Ideology

Voting machines lose ally

Ga. Display Lists Vets' Names by Race ( WTF whites and colored grrrrr

Rove Off The Hook As Party Blames Iraq

WP p. A01: Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete

Shaw blames Rumsfeld for his, Republican's loss

WP: Rove Remains Steadfast in the Face of Criticism

Outrage at London sting by US spies

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Celllllll-ebrate, Good Times, Come On.

Mice need Love too...

This picture is creepy

Am I a snob???

Revolutionary_Acts horoscope thread made me curious so I went and looked up a few things

Hey Revolutionary_Acts04 ! Guess what I just ordered for my B'Day Nov 20

My MIL recognized her son!

Please forgive me for whining: GAWD, my ear hurts!!

AAA Subcontractor Ripoff Alert

All I want for Christmas

Which one of these things about me is the oddest?

Joke: Sweeney (NY20)

Hey hey y'all....

Two old biddies.... that's who showed up!

I had to break up a fight at work today.

I need help finding more "generic" Brad's

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!


Taking the grand tour of newly blue States!

Just saw American Haunting and it is very disturbing!

Will anyone miss George Allen's campaign nickname?

If the GOP admits they harbor Gays


bad joke thread

My absolute FAV Halfbakery Idea: The Toilet Duplexer

Who should be most upseted by Borat movie?

Once Again, * is a Post Turtle!

Can anyone tell me how to read an .av file?

The Road Not Taken

What are good manners for Instant Messages (IMs)?

My first shot at photoshopping. My target? Bill O'Reilly

Off to see the Dixie Chicks!!!!

Does anyone remember this album?

My neighbors are rocking out to Jim Croce tonight.


R.I.P. James Glennon, Cinematographer (Election, Citizen Ruth, El Norte) age 64.

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

When you were a kid, was visiting your parents' friends' house like this...

Hey, somebody's been missing for a while - danCA hasn't been around!

would anyone be willing

I have to ask - (and don't jump all over my case for this), but,

Bought the new Who cd today...

A choice of viewing tonight:

Dedications to Heidi and Call Me Wesley Appreciation Thread

So, you helped us name our son. Now help us name our daughter...

Elton: religion breeds gay hatred

Did any of you see Richard Dawkins on Cspan?

Gay marriage is bad for society? Where's the evidence?

Woooooo Pig Soooooieee YA'LL

OT: There you have it:

Why none of this makes any sense right now!

Need transcripts of JK's '06 Faneuil Hall speeches.

Decrepit healthcare adds to toll in Iraq

LEFT RIGHT by The Chemical Brothers featuring Anwar Superstar (brother of Mos Def)

Need help filing complaints against WalMart.


New man at the Pentagon puts his hand on Baghdad exit door

Abu Hamza al-Muhajir - Further proof Al-qaeda is FAKE.

Borat film 'tricked' poor village actors

After midterms and Rumsfeld resignation, only pro-war non-Dem senators scheduled on Meet the Press

Like Windows? Going to buy Vista? Is it too expensive? Look:

Which of these right-wing statements makes our Congressional victory the sweetest?

Time: Germans bringing lawsuit against Rumsfeld over Guantanamo Bay.

Hey, somebody's been missing for a while - danCA hasn't been around!

I want to apologize

Now that Ted Stevens isn't Chairman of the Commerce Committee

CA LTTE-- Iraq war "unmitigated success," but we should be nuking them

I always wondered about this; History of "Red State/Blue State"

C-SPAN: Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi @ 9:00 est

TOON: Rummy a bad tooth dems punched out of GOP mouth

I think Gary Hart would be a much better choice then Robert Gates

Where did the "Economist" come up with these statistics?

Spacecraft beams back images of Saturn hurricane

Anybody watch IFC

Video of Bush announcing the beginning of the war in Iraq

The threat of impeachment is a power tool for leverage... and can be dragged

Night before Iraq invasion, BEAUTIFUL MIND had her doubts...

What will become of the huge embassy in Baghdad?

The Iraq War veteran on C-SPAN this morning..?

Carville has been neutered by his wife...time to neuter him from the party

The Undertaker of Euro-American harmony, "Der Spiegel"

What, then, of Jeb?

Earlier today on MSNBC crawler

Cheney to be forced out? so new VP can have perks in 08 campaign?

Veterans Day

What constitutional amendments would you like to see?

Hey Ya'll...

Russert's CNBC guests showed some real candor tonight

Alternate history

What are the real chances that Jeb will run for president in '08?

Special Panel Could Help Reshape Policy: Plan expected Dec.

Crack US military team reviews terror strategy

Bush v Bush: an oedipal battle between men of rigid beliefs

Solarbus Election Justice Center - '06 election fraud/problems

2008 Polls: McCain leads Hillary by 1%, Obama by 9%

I like to use the Google.

Caption this photo of Condi and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Anyone watching Frontline? "Can You Afford to Retire?"

Iwo Demo

Judging Crimes (and law blogs)

Anybody have a link to total votes cast (Dem vs. Repub) in the midterms?

Elementary Student Threatened with Psychiatric Evaluation After Visiting 9/11 Websites

The Architect Speaks (Rove)

Our 2008 nominee needs to be someone who can help us keep control of Congress with coat-tails

Revving Up The Dirty War in OAXACA

What our gay friends are up against (another reason I am glad we won!!!)

What say we run a Music star?

Dems may be too nice?

Brits to Dean: Help Labour Party win in the UK!

From HuffPo: Veteran's Day Message to Karl Rove:

Democrats cannot rest until Bush and Cheney are out of the White House...

There must be some Republicans around here.

I think Bush is going to capitulate on the minimum wage bill

Aaagh -- need help puncturing Viguerie's lies

According to THIS GUY ON FOX Liberal Bloggers are the same as Al QAEDA!!

They'll never give up (pics)

First "Meet The Press" since Dems swept House and the Senate Will Feature?

VIDEO: Howard Dean and Jon Stewart's post-midterm celebratory chat

Dem's should investigate Jefferson (D) in Louisiana.

So HANNITY wasn't able to hysterically scare people with SPEAKER PELOSI

DU my paper's poll re:Rumsfeld/dem win

John Loftus to get a show on Nova M radio???

Time For A Big Ol' Cup Of 'Shut The Fuck Up

DEAN should not be replaced but if that is going to happen

So, where was the October attack on Iran?

Were you surprised so many Repubs still voted ...?

Can a Vice President be fired?

Anyone watched "Babel"?

I submit that the Democrtas CANNOT lose in '08


Gates reopens old wounds in Washington

Out of all this, I want my childhood heroes back.

Remember that Clinton-Bashing ABC "Path to 9/11" flick?

Studies: Military service may boost Lou Gehrig's disease risk

"I'm the DIVIDER!!"

Someone mailed an absentee ballot using an Inverted Jenny (ultra-rare postal stamp)

The right wing sites are totally lost and totally depressed

Did anyone watch "Combat Hospital" on CNN tonight?

Karen and Condi tap Michelle Kwan to promote U.S.

Another fundie bites the dust: Dr. Dino convicted on tax evasion

"If there is one thing we are going to kill, bury, and put away forever it is this politics of fear.

In 2008 - we need a President and VP who are NOT white men.

London Sunday Times: "Humiliated" George W. slinks back to Poppy for help

Chimpy said he would sign the Assault Weapons Ban. Let's make him

OK, DU, make the case for Gore:

*** Saturday Night TOONs: Bye Bye Rummy ***

"How to Read Exit Polls: a Primer"

War movie fans, help me out here!

How old are DU'ers?

Ya know, I just don't give a sh*t

A letter allegedly from a soldier in Iraq to Rusty Humphries read on the air.

Reason for Impeachment # 2 Haiti **Warning Graphic**

Reason for Impeachment # 3 New Orleans

George Washington REMOVED tyranny, although it made us look bad.

Time for yet another unofficial DU '08 straw poll--vote early and often!

My Hopes for Our New Congress – 10 Critical Priorities

Freeper fun. Apparently, they think B* can run again in 08. I kid you not.

"V" Delivers People's Petitions To The Government

BREAKING:David Gregory says Gore "wants to get into" the '08 race

Did the fraudsters take a substantial vacation?

From Robert Parry, Nov12,2006: Democrats, The Truth STILL Matters!

Good-bye Rumsfeld

Anti-Bush video of Depeche Mode's "John The Revelator"

Maher's Post Midterm Commentary

Lest Not Forget

Keith Olbermann doesn't vote!!!

The Majority Leader (Murtha) Opens a Can of WHUPASS !

Dem Strategist Cliff Schecter laying down usual GOP tool beatdown

Dean tells Hannity to watch Outfoxed, the movie. Hannity squirms.

Twilight zone: Unknown unknowns

More election analysis and the shift left

UK Labour party courting Howard Dean to guide them to victory

Do we want no checks and balances in 08' if a Democrat goes to the WH?

A new approach to this Greens vs Democrats

Bolton replacement?

U.K. Times Online: Bush v Bush: an Oedipal battle between men of rigid beliefs

Photo: "I, George W. Bush, do solemnly swear that I am ROYALLY screwed..."

Let The Investigations Begin

Homeless veterans honored by Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries

Veterans Day Messages from Troops In Iraq...Feature Replica of Twin Towers

Chicago Trib vs. DU: Who's right?

NYT Editorial: Dems have no plans; temporarily (huh?) escalate war

Sunday Talk Shows

Democrats Surge in State Legislatures

"How Nancy Pelosi Took Control" (American Prospect)

One of our main priorities for the next couple years should be to make Jeb Bush unelectable.

Nancy Pelosi's tough new rules

Mitt Romney in 08: Take it To the Bank.

Rationalizing for Inaction on Impeachment

They’d rather die: brief lives of the Afghan slave wives

NYT OpEd: "Let the Investigations Begin"

President Chavez Calls for Bush to Quit 'Out of Honor' (Tal Cual)

Youth Movement at the Polls --WaPo

That way son----It's Shakespeare meets Freud,

The War Loses, Voters Win (Only 8 of Rahm's 22 hand-picks won)

Fighting over who lost Iraq (Andrew J. Bacevich)

TIME: The New Congress: Can the Democrats Get Anything Done?

Belling the Cat: "Smaller Government"

"Why the Beltway class can't comprehend the Russ Feingolds of the world" - Greenwald

"Ike would like elections" by H. Brandt Ayers, Anniston Star in Alabama

TIME: A "family intervention" on Iraq: "It pains the father that it has come to this."

TIME cover story: The realists take charge in Washington

Senator Russ Feingold...."Dear Friends and Supporters......" email

Rove Remains Steadfast in the Face of Criticism --WaPo


Landscapers Cause Furor by Shunning Gay Clients

WP: Webb May Be Senate Maverick

FT: Mid-term hunting trip suggests Cheney prefers duck shooting to lame duck future

Notes from Washington:Election affects McConnell's post

Posada is target of new criminal probes

New Man at the Pentagon Puts His Hand on Baghdad Exit Door

Flat Lights: The Light Emitting Capacitor

Dingell aims to cut American oil habit

Silicon and Sun (MIT Tech. Rev., marine sponge silica for PV)

The Global Water Crisis In Relation To An Inconvenient Truth

Rangers investigate manatee mutilation in Biscayne Park (Miami, FL)

Not only did Pombo go down...

EU directive on energy-using products could force monumental changes

The SRI "acorn" -- neat VAWT under development in Canada.

Minnesota Researches E85 Conversion Kits

Canada faces U.N. grilling over Kyoto abandonment (Reuters)

How do we attain sustainability?

Video: Pollard steals secret documents

Anti-Israeli? You just don't like what I say (Neve Gordon)

A cloud over Jerusalem

'Israel must prepare for full-scale war'

US vetoes 'biased' UN resolution attacking Israel's Gaza bloodbath

Independent Publisher Norton Purchases Rachel Corrie's Writings

Israel general quits over Lebanon (BBC)


What caused this to happen to a steel column?

double post

BradBlog: ES&S VOTING MACHINES FAIL AGAIN: More Votes than Voters in Arkansas

Is there a website that shows vote totals for Sen and House races?

Report: Monkey Biz at the polls in Tom DeLay's Hometown.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday Nov. 12, 2006

Gov. Bush says undervotes worth investigating

S.C. Governor & Missouri SOS denied right to vote by new ID requirement

Today's Crime Against Democracy:/**Corporate Media Control*

Mayoral candidate/bar owner puzzled after receiving 0 votes

Jennings Campaign in Sarasota Florida asks this message be spread to as many in Sarasota as possible

Media recount in 2000 documented Gore won Florida with fair count under Fl. law

Election Results Continue To Puzzle (turnout jumped from 49 percent to 83 percent & one over 100%)


Lieberman refuses to close door on switching parties

Dirt & the diplomat

Putin meets Iran's nuclear negotiator

LAX laptop search heads for appeal on privacy issue

Bomb kills 4 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad

WP (A01) Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete

Republicans look to Reagan era for inspiration

Posada is target of new criminal probes

New Man at the Pentagon Puts His Hand on Baghdad Exit Door

Absentee ballot mailed with rare stamp ($200 000 ?)

U.K. minister criticizes U.S. military

Assembly GOP moves against governor

Anti-corruption official in Iraq accused of fraud

AP: PM orders lawmakers to be loyal to Iraq

Downer denies relationship with US Democrats neglected

Bush proud that elections weren't cancelled.

Iraq prime minister plans big reshuffle

Man attacked by shark off Maui beach

AP: U.S. military reports deaths of three soldiers in Iraq's Anbar province

Four UK troops killed in attack in southern Iraq

Suicide bomber kills 33 in Baghdad

Airports across India on high alert following hijack threat

ChiTrib: Work shouldn't be hard to find for Rumsfeld

Mick Jagger's father dies

Olmert heads to U.S. to gauge post-election policy

Iraq panel may have few good options to offer

Bloody day in Iraq, 64 killed, 138 injured

AP: Heavy Fighting Erupts in Central Somalia

AP: Bush stands by his man for U.N. envoy

New bomb clean-up treaty begins

Pakistan PM: U.S. attacks within borders unacceptable

Lieberman Wishes to Be Called "Independent Democrat"

AFP: Philippine Army tied to death squad

US 'open to Iran talks on Iraq'

Gerald Ford is longest-living U.S. president

Feingold Will Not Run for President in 2008

Romania Vows Not to 'Abandon' Iraq

Impeachment Call Echoes Near Independence Hall

African nomads to be first people wiped out by climate change

Afghan conflict deaths quadruple

A vicious monster rises in Iraq's sectarian war 'the Shia Zarqawi'

Start U.S. Iraq withdrawal in 4-6 months: Democrats

It must be cameo night on SNL...(spoilers for west coast)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superkitty!!

finally, FINALLY we got a new computer and I can SEE!

I could use a hug if anyone has a spare laying around

What would cause an adult sibling to ask everyone to meet for a family photo?

Absentee ballot mailed with rare stamp ($200 000 ?)

I was a rebel from the day I left school

I would like to invite you all into my midwinter tradition.

"Ode to Winter"

Want to hear one of the best voices in American music? You Tube

Hey, the Little Deer Got His Head Out of the Plastic Pumpkin

"an epidemic of mass murder"

Does your child's friend have a "pushy" mom? How do you deal

If I were on the "Market"...

What is the elevation of your home?

"night of the living dead" reenacted by bunnies

If I were on the "Stock Market"...

is "desperate housewives" just "sex in the city"

movies you didn't like before that you like now

DAMMIT!!!!! The job search director tried to get in touch with me...

When baseball or football players pat each other on the butt...

Good morning DU

If I were on the "Farmer's Market"...

O.K. You think you know music!

What a great Elton John concert on Bravo, it has been on for ever.

What a great Elton John concert on Bravo, it has been on for ever.

Calling on a DU electrician.....

Anyone see the glaring error on the TODAY banner ad?

Where the hell is ZombyWoof?

BitTorrent enthusiasts: your assistance, please!

Wow, I went from from having no cameras to 3 in just a few days.

It's the Mulholland Dr. Question and Answer Thread!

I just sang. About lesbians. With the guy I like.

Should I tell my grandfather about this site?

People who buy antihistamines. Are they antihistamites?

I am going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight!!


What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

A List of Celebrities I've Seen in my Neighborhood Over the Last 5 Yrs.

How long of a victory lap should I take?

Did * actually say he took a "thumpin"?

HAve you read this special report in the Milwaukee paper?

Anyone else getting HUGE amounts of spam from "AmazingOffers"? n/t

Olbermann - Highlights of Bush Press Conference, 11-8-06

Thirty days without shaving...

The Fifth Element is the greatest sci-fi movie of all time!

LA 7 Mary 3 and 4

juvenile outreach

Reno 911! ... coming to a theater near you!

This thread comes to you courtesy of reyd reid reed...........

Donovan McNabb - First NFL player to have his own clothing line

An Apple A Day...

Darren McGavin in "A Word To The Wives"--1950s commercial ROFL

Download "Boys Beware" free (1961 public school film about gays)

I have just learned something about women

Could someone come clean my house so I don't have to? PLEASE!!

I donated during the last Donation Drive, and still haven't received my sticker...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/12/06)

I want some Morphine


Has anyone ever had Lasik surgery?

Anyone else see "Opus" today?

I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow.

what's the deal with all this kfed stuff?

Anyone speak Spanish?

So this kid comes to my door now, asking if I want to subscribe to the local paper

Anger Management - ROFLMAO!!!

i am sarcastro

Today is one of those days when I want to slam my head into a cement floor

Lioness woke up at 5.00 am with Hives.....UGh!

Happy birthday CanadianSocialist & joeybee12!!

North-side Chicago parents with 2-4 year olds - get together???

Hey Matcom.......

KFed has Britney sex tape - using it to blackmail Britney for his divorce demands

Any Saab automotive mechanics out there?

What is your dream retirement?

Wherefore art thou screwn?

Letterman on W

"I mean" this is driving me up the

I wish I could take credit for this picture....but I can't...

Packers over the Vikings!!! Woohoo!

Rant: It was "Achievement Day" at my DD's horseback riding club.

The kitchen smells so good right now!

Lieberman refuses to declare that he is not the Messiah

OK...let's talk about flying on commercial airlines?

I'm bored.

Medium is coming back. Yippee!!!

Do You Think I'm Sexy?

do they just not make knitted stocking caps anymore?

SNORERS: What's the best store-bought snoring solution?

When did Y memberships get so expensive?

Calvin and Hobbes - best comic strip of all time?

Goodbye New York City

Why is this place so addictive?

Mariiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa.... I just met a girl named Mariiiiiiiaaaaaaa....!

Flip that House! I can't be the only one here who finds that show to be

Ok, so why does everyone hate Britney Spears so much?

Prime Suspect 7: The Final Act on Masterpiece Theatre

What should I have for lunch?

A guy tried to ask me out at work today.

Anybody need some more smilies, pt. 2 ?

K FED an complete asshole

The view from my back porch last evening.

@#&! LINKSYS! ... Anyone understand LINKSYS wireless router config?

Death Valley Days *dial up warning*

I Know We All Care So Much - but Federline is blackmailing Spears

Where is haruka3_2000? I miss her!

Mad Max II: The Road Warrior = Brilliant.

Gaming Industry Innovators CCP and White Wolf to Merge.

Iron Chef Tonight: Rachel Ray/Mario vs Giada/Bobby Flay

Ford Mustang (minor dialup warning)

Sweet Crispy Jesus! Post your favorite exclamation!

Since i'm 45 and still married, should I even bother dating?

Our sweet boy cat, Ginger, is having surgery tomorrow, ya'll. (PHOTO)

Borat film 'tricked' poor village actors

What star sign are you?

What movie are you embarrassed to say you liked?

So... How'd your college football team do this week?

Is it a sin to smoke marijuana...

Count Dooku. What was George Lucas thinking?

Oaxaca Bishop: No Sanctuary for Leftists

Just watching "The Root of All Evil?" by Richard Dawkins...

Was the outing of Ted Haggard in anyway responsible for our loss

N.C. Baptist Convention may oust churches supporting gays

Download "Boys Beware" free (1961 public school film about gays)

Jack Rabbit Chess Report for November 12: Hippopotamus Edition

BCS shakeup!! how will teams land?

Hey Vikings fans

cross-posting for alternative healing: vitamin B1 and diabetes

Fascinating post in GD:

What does it mean to dream about ghosts?

Does anyone else

Attacks on Murtha

Anyone see Carl Levin on

bad news, Feingold not going ot run for President

John McCain on Meet the Press. He still thinks it was not a botched joke.

OT: Iraq

Help Wanted, good organizational skills, attention to detail needed

Boston thread - please PM me.

Who is Jonathan Chait? Can somebody give me some background?

Election Day in Anchorage

The Scottish Highlands Festival

Did any of you see Richard Dawkins on Cspan?

Anyone watching SNL?

Here is the Republican definition of "conservatism".

Landscapers Cause Furor by Shunning Gay Clients

Is Bush the stupidest guy on the face of the planet or what?

A funny Freeper post. FINALLY.

Elton John says organized religion encourages hatred of gays

Words of US troops and their families.

Can we get rid of the 2004 candidate avatars?

We've thanked Bush and Rush for our victory

November 2006 Midterms Wrap-Up: A Few Thoughts and the Duties of "We the People"

Bush approval drops to 31%, "Huge majorities" back Democratic priorities

Things that can bring Progressive Democrats and Blue Dog Democrats together

Lost Libraries of Timbuktu reveal Africa's Academic Past

BSU student a target of gay discrimination

Superstar' pastors pose challenge

Texas pays $450,000 for wrongful conviction

The President Commands Our Armed Forces

You know, Bush and the Republican congress were so BAD...

Chicago Trib: How Rahm Emanuel helped end an era of Republican rule

"Vice". The authors were just on cspan2. Good history of Cheney

Okay...this can't be just can't be

'Truth' organization wants GOP 'gays' to come out (freeperville introspection?)

2,844 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Just a friendly question from a newb...

Bush shed a tear for our veterans. Ain't that special?

Dan Rather's new show premieres Tuesday night

78% of Americans concerned Dems will abandon Iraq. Should this concern us?

Feingold email -- It's only five minutes old! -- He rules out prez bid for '08

LAT: Liberal groups expect postelection results

We're Baaaaaack!!! (A celebratory pic)

Nate Clay going off on Bushco -- LIVE stream

"Right now, Optimism is a political act"

OK Rush, Let's do that!

Feingold Will Not Run for President in 2008

Opus -IMPEACHMENT..... (YAIT (Yet Another Impeachment Thread

Please DU this poll.

Flyer Arrested for Rubber Band Ball...

Who would yourather have in control when US was attacked?

Rahm Emanual to be on CSPAN's WJ to take credit for Dem win

In the spirit of "bipartisanship," will Lieberman

Can a "Centrist" Democratic Party make needed change?

DU Help needed - some images please!

Calls for Gay "witch-hunt" among the Repuglicans

I've seen a definite rise in Cojoneism with more and more liberals lately

Watch out Phoenix

So, how was your Veterans Day?

"Anyone but Hillary" bumper sticker?

Hey Where is Ann Poltergeist these days? Jail?

Dean on Carville's 'fire Dean hire Ford' bit-"I got a laugh out of that one...

Issues for the new Congress

Out of a job, Republican staffer? Why not join the Marines?

I REPEAT: Gore/Clark 2008

I just can't wait until McCain has some huge fundraiser scheduled and Harry Reid...

Crack US military team of criminals reviews terror strategy

The majority shuffle - Changes sweeping Congress could decrease Ohio's clout, and should mean ...

Run Back To Poppy Again

Impeaching Bush to Preserve the Constitution-by Elizabeth Holtzman

Lieberman on MTP doing the crawdad dance.


I think Dems should drop the illegal immigrant amnesty idea like a hot potato.

Russ Feingold will not run for President in 2008.

Idiot Santorum: We Found the WMD - 6/21/06

How many more Iraqis will die while Bush's "Iraq Study Group" dithers around?

They seriously need to revoke her license to speak for the party.

That DAMN Donna Brazile..............

Evict, eject, remove, dispossess, dislodge.

"A New Direction For Peace In A New Iraq"-A plan to end the occupation

Bad Day in CA... anyone subscribed to "The Nation"?

From January 31, 2006: Tom Vilsack on Bush's illegal wiretapping

Threat to Blair as Democrats pledge inquiry on Iraq

Bush's accomplishments since 2000 in pictures

Gas prices are rising! damn those democrats.

U.S.: Castro's health is deteriorating (AP)

Dean going great on Fox News Sun. Chris Wallace

Al Gore is an Aries born in the Year of the Rat

Toles TOON: The Thumpin'

Reuters: Baghdad morgue took in 1,600 bodies in Oct -source

I'm sick of Art Bell...

How will the U.S.'s total 'rejectification' of w affect his tiny little brain?

The new Bond looks like a bad guy, not like Bond.

Dems to resurrect agency that exposes corruption in Iraq

The media doesn't know what side to butter its bread on.

The whole argument about Rahm Emanuel's been that he favored conservative Dems. Check this . . .

Late Edition starting on CNN nt

Sherwood would have won "If his mistress hadn't whined about being throttled"

Let's take Bush tax policy one step further

Great new bumper sticker "Peloisi '07"

Howie Kurtz wants to know if Pelosi will ever get the kind of scrutiny

Some of us had gifted "star" from fellow DUers. My first check is coming

Rove's "confidence buoyed everyone... especially the president"

Full House Committee Chairpersons list for the new Congress

Democrat v. Democratic

Best-qualified Democrat only won post because she was female?!


Our Constitution: cherish it and abide by it or amend it by constitutional means or get the hell out

SP Times: Dirt and the diplomat - Penile pumps, Sexual Abuse and Diplomats

So Joe Lieberman is already set to blame the American public for losing the war

A modern-day Greek tragedy, photographed in Iraq

can the Sun. political shows get any more boring?

If the media is liberal...

The best defense is an offense, and 2 years ain't long, so. . .

Here is the message I get from listening to all those neo-Dems who won

Did any foreign country intervene in any way in the US Civil War?

Schumer: "no new inquiry into what happened in 2001"

Question: Did Speaker to be Nancy

Anyone here actually make money in politics?

Iraq Puppet PM calls for major reshuffling of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic

Is Dick a Dead Duck? ---pix--->>>

Another Bush Admin First: Using Banned "Sting Tactics" On Foreign Soil

Did gas prices shoot up right after the election...

Lieberman: ‘This Was Not a Major Realignment Election’

Bought the new Who cd today...

Global growth in carbon emissions is 'out of control'

We win even bigger in '08 by paying attention

How Cooperative Will Bush Admin Be In Allowing Smooth Transition In January?

Lieberman proves to be the political whore he is. Wants MORE troops in Iraq!!

Does it worry anyone else that this failed president....

Everything's gonn' change, as the World crosses the threshold, and there'll be nothing

So, what is it with "undervotes"? There is something wrong there.

Zhou Xiaochuan is as powerful as Ben Bernanke

For the last 18 years of my life, it's either been a Bush or Clinton. It could end up 36 years.

New Yorkers, I Need Some Information... Please

Dean on Fox responds to the Carville stuff. Replays on Fox News at 6:00 Eastern

***Live Vets Day Programming on CSPAN2's Book TV 12pm***

Help me argue the "Protest Vote" meme with a European friend...

Democrats have two years to prove themselves.

Serious questions about 2008 and beyond:

Borat film 'tricked' poor village actors

Oversight Is The Democratic Battle Cry Reverberating Through Congress

I Agree With Sen. John McCave, That Big Pander Bear

Feingold won't run for president

( I/D - CT )

I wish Lieberman would Become a Republican, He is a horrid Democrat.

Dirt & the diplomat

The Watchers on the Hill

Newsweek: Karl was certain of victory -- but his "metrics" were wrong

How would describe your political ideology?

WP,pg1: Baker-Hamilton Iraq panel's problem: "Few, if any, good options left."


Who is McKinsey Global Institute? where do the get their funding?

?????Broward Co FL -- absenttee ballot mailed with valuable stamp

What prevents you from running for elected office?

Republicans believe that now is the time to dig up dirt on Republicans!

Democrats start US Iraq withdrawal in 4-6 months

2008 Newsweek Poll: only 28% want a Republican as president, 58% oppose Gingrich

Did you catch this? The New Democracy.

this week's dosage of delightfully disturbing pResidential pRetzel logic

"Universal Health Insurance"

Saddam says thanks for the memories...

Bartlett: Medicare drug costs low enough already

The President has admitted he valued the election more than the lives of American troops.

PBS - Washington Week

Thesis: November 7 invalidated concept of loyal opposition since those who systematically

Newspeak Weighs In On Daddy-Gate

About Iran Contra...

I can support Murtha.

Orson Scott Card Builds an Empire (Videogame Civil War between Red and Blue States)

I wouldn't support Murtha (not that anyone's asking)

Hey Nancy! Don't Forget Global Warming & "The Keeling Curve"

Waxworks visitor casts vote early against Chimpolini

Freeptards show their mind-blowing hypocrisy

OOPS False Alarm.

Book-TV - This evening: Richard Dawkins on "The God Delusion"

AP: 75 Bodies Found in Baghdad, Baqouba

Open Letter to Reps Pelosi and Conyers

The L curve for dummies

Any word on the fellow who beat a voting machine to death with the

Sweet Jeebus. They think Ann Coulter is sexy

MSNBC Dem commentator Flavia Colgan is AWESOME!

Who is the Wizard?

Saw this big sign in somebody's back yard! :o)

K FED an complete asshole

John F. Kennedy v. George W. Bush: Polar Opposites

Wax dummy of Bush takes a thumpin'

Rahm's Losers

Remember this article?

James Carville is on a one-man mission to destroy the Democratic Congress.

Civil Unions Do Not Mean Equality Unless They Are FEDERAL

Millions in Asia Suffering from Lack of Water and Proper Sanitation

Moderate Democrats

There is just no hope for Bush, clueless fuck that he is

Why is it the Democrats responsibility to work with the repubs?

It is so important to keep the internet free of censorship.

A knife and a fork and a bib with a donkey on it

It feel so good to be able to tout our victory to Bush supporters for once

DU straw poll #4: Results

I agree with Cindy Sheehan

Murtha's Mixed Ratings......hmmm

Maureen Dowd: Drapes of Wrath

Unimportant question, but I'm interested

Pentagon spokesman to reporter on NPR "we've dropped 50,000 bombs on Iraq!!"

Do NOT forget about election reform

Pelosi: "I Would Say To The Vice-President That It's A Little To Late For 'Full-Speed Ahead'"...

Poppy takes junior to the woodshed (Tom Toles 'toon)

Murtha vs. Hoyer -- Discuss

Feingold will not seek '08 Presidential nomination

JoeMentum refuses to close door on switching parties.

It's easy to see why Tester won Montana. This debate video is awesome!

I no longer wonder why *'s grammar has failed to improve via home tutoring.

Dems to push for redeployment: Start U.S. Iraq withdrawal in 4-6 months

NEVER ever forget what has been done to the US since 2001

Dixie Chicks rocked Tacoma/Seattle last night!

Since Bush was Ballot B Poison, How did Laura Do?

My Discussion With A Repub at Work Today......

I saw the cover of the new issue of Time

Democracy usurped again.

U.S. Open to talks with Iran and Syria.

Monsanto still trying to force it's GM corn on Mexico

"Bill, George Show Keeps Laughs Coming"

A sincere in house thank you for DU feedback

5 Ministers submit resignations in Lebanon. Gov't could collapse.

Don't know about you, but this is one of the best weekends of the past 6 years...

Read this: Iraq cause lost?

Are the media going to be falling all over the Democrats now,

Only Fox News would have someone who didn't vote comment on the midterms

Wax likeness of Bush attacked in Vegas day before election

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 11/12 - rising tide lifts the yachts

Impeachment smart move for Democrats?

Veterans Day: The final salute

Will Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites ever be able to live in harmony? CNN Poll

Why is Howard Dean Helping Tony Blair's Party

We just finished our new improved Bush countdown calendar

Time to update your "Culture of Corruption" brackets

A big statewide office upset in Wisconsin. Go Dawn Sass!

Impeachment good four our country?

#1 Must on Dem agenda: Stop War Profiteering!!!

John McCain may be the best thing that ever happened to the Dems for '08

CNN, Daniel Libeskind: why are architects so f'ing whacky?

Anyone have the video of SNL last night? They had a great

To Dems in Congress: Be Prepared for the Republican Filibuster

Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Fortunate Son" was inspired by?

I am laughing uncontrollably...

Lieberman comparing Iraq to World War II is ridiculous

Lawyers to argue Ressam sentence on Monday

SPECIAL REPORT: "THE HOUSE THAT RAHM BUILT" This is the article discussed on CSPAN this morning.

How Mainstream Is DU?

Who would be terribly surprised to find out most of the Iraqi on Iraqi killings lead to Chalabi?

Laws of Fear

On 60 Minutes: Remembering Ed Bradley

In defense of being called a FReeper.

Breaking: Russ Feingold is not running for President

dems contemplating '08 should look to the lesson of '06 in CA....


''In our culture, children are sacred,...but women are sacred, too.'' Excellent article

"Should the Dems act with bipartisanship?" Washington Journal question

Your dream President/Cabinet in 2009?

Kristol: Send 50,000 More Troops To Iraq-So We Can't Call Him A Loser

IMPEACHMENT-The American People Are Once Again Ahead Of The Politicians

What did the religious community have to say...

Another way to spot a freeper on DU.

"12 Reasons Not to Trust Schumer" (must read)

I think I liked Harry Reid better before the election

Yet another reason for the Arab world to hate us.. Depleted Uranium

The Wikipedia page for 110th Congress is fully filled in

I can;t thisk of anyon better than Mitch McConnel to lead congressional Republicans

Jeb Bush Admits Problems with Florida U.S. House Race Featuring 18,000 Missing Votes !!!

Personally, I'd rather we run the government than some perpetual campaign.

Is Bush the first President who needs to be bailed out by someone close to him

I don't hold the same hatred of the Clintons that many here do.

Do something REAL for a soldier-- send PFC Amy D. in Tikrit some books

President of The National Lawyers Guild-Donald Rumsfeld: The War Crimes Case

The War on Christmas has begun. The first salvo fired in Britain.

Why Ned Lost

Arnold the Asshole

Should straight people be allowed to dictate the agenda wrt same-sex marriage?

Heteros don't know what marriage means

Where can I find a capsule DU history?

Has bush totally lost his 9/11 Mojo?

Watching Lieberman on the MTP replay. Only one comment

Maybe it's time to recognize

San Franscisco Values

So I read Bill Richardson of NM is throwing his hat in. What does

Gore picked Lieberman for VP in 2000 and therefore is not qualified

Dear Sen. Schumer, CC: James Carville,

Lieberman and McCain on MTP: Pseudo-Moderates and the BushCo. Blue Dress Moment

John Edwards Book Tour Schedule for "Home: The Blueprints of our Lives"

NEWSWEEK COVER: Father Knows Best- Can Dad's Team Save The Son's Presidency?

Who do you think is the most religious, most progressive person in America?

New Committee Chairs

Best Frontpage "Illustration" of the chimp EVER!!

Wow! Russert is certainly "fair and balanced" today.

To those of you who still think centrists won this election

Some DUers make me think of this:

Great post on Pelosi's tough new rules...

ERA! ERA! ERA! ERA Call to Action #1

MSNBC's Abrams: Olbermann may become a model for the newscast of the future.

Give 'Em Hell, Harry ---pix--->>>

It's Official! GW Has Outsourced The Office of The President of the US to The Carlyle Group.

Bush proud that elections weren't cancelled.

Reason for Impeachment # 4 New York

DU this JD Hayworth poll

What would Winston do? Oddly enough, he had a chance to deal with Iraqi insurgents.

Forget impeachment --it ain't gonna happen...

Did JD Hayworth ever concede?

List all the good things that the R-controlled Congresses did from 1995-2006

If you still think "civil unions" should be left up to the states...

This back and forth about centrists, liberals, progressives, whatever, is a stupid game

Iraq: Your Opinion, Please.

"I Am Macaca"

NEWSWEEK COVER: "Father Knows Best": George H.W. bails out W once more

Send 500,000 impeachment letters to Pelosi by her first day as speaker Jan. 3

Impeachment...or Resignation?

Should pot be legal?

Neo-Control Redstate...funny commercial by Maryland DFA

The Oil Age, start the transition sooner than later...

A campaign for renewable energy...

Midterm Midtacular TDS/TCR Check-ins

The History of Oil - by Robert Newman

Jon Tester will blow the President's Secret Iraq War Plan

Don't Go There: An aptly named and insulting radio ad

Bob Ehrlich - Golfer in Chief

Did Joe Scarborough swear on Tucker?

Daily show Midterm Midtacular - E-Voting

"Get thee behind me, Satan..."

Was the Dem victory a known known, a known unknown, or

I MO , Libby will see Tues results as "time to cut a deal"

Bush must long for the carefree times of the past.

Who will be the stronger, more prominent Democratic Party 'leader'?

Democrats Aim to Save Inquiry on Work in Iraq

Did the Democrats get a mandate?

Once our domestic problems are taken care of ,

WP,pg1: Democrats Find Lessons in GOP Reign: New Majority Mindful of Rivals' Mistakes, Successes

Republicans look to Reagan era for inspiration

Lieberman's magic number...

Lieberman's rival count is once again 448,077

Bush is now cuffed in the back seat of the cruiser.

Russ Feingold announcing that he will NOT run for president in 08!

With Feingold out, . . .

Rahm is great-Washington Journal

J D Hayworth was spanked good and hard

POLL - Was machine rigging the reason the Dems won in 06

How many people really understand

Who joined Central Committees, and what did you you do?

Liberman coming up on MTP

Take Feingold Out of the Polls

Draft Kucinich 2008

Will you vote for Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic Primary if he runs?

Is it still O.K. to gloat? Great Stat.

And the "Word" is....

Calvin and Hobbes - best comic strip of all time?

Lieberman: I'm an Independent DEMOCRAT

The Dems in the new Congress need to force the Pukes to go...

My Trip To New Orleans: Help is still Needed

These here internets is SLOW this morning . . .

Iran OK, here's my theory

VOTE BY IDEOLOGY from CNN exit polls

If Capitol Hill staffers elected the President


Sunnis and Shias have United to tell US to GET OUT!

I wonder why our fearless leader

I have 2 questions about Gore which I couldn't find the answers to

How do ya think shrub's gonna like this?

First thing to tackle: Reducing Abortions--let me explain

Will you vote for Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic Primary if he runs?

Carl Albert (D-OK), speaker of the House 1971-1977

Will you vote for John Kerry in the Democratic Primary if he runs?

Statistical election data please . . .

Can't you hardly wait for our side to be the presiding officers in sessions?!

The case against Murtha for Majority Leader

Mo Dowd: What Poppy Bush is doing is like parents kidnapping their child back from the Moonie Cult

I saw true American Heroines last night "Dixie Chicks".....

Now that Rummy is gone how many thought of this song! I'M THE DECIDER Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo

The REAL REASONS for the Ass Kicking the GOP took on Tues

Hillary and Dean

Great political cartoon!

Women abandoned the GOP much 11/7? Uh-huh....

McCain gets tripped up by his double-talk on Iraq

Anyone else have a congressman getting a big promotion from this election?

OK, reality check time. Everyone who thinks Bush will "work with the Dems," raise your hands.

So the second worst president of all time is now in charge....

Jennings Cong.Campaign in Sarasota Florida asks voters in Sarasota contact them asap

I agree with Cindy Sheehan

Yet another 2008 Presidential poll

Why the Beltway Class Can't Comprehend the Russ Feingolds of the World

Isn't it so bizarre: Bush II being saved by Bush I

So DADDY'S going to bail Junior out of his mess

Open Letter to Reps Pelosi and Conyers

Screw off Harry Reid.....

Less than 800 days

Cracking down on Saipan abuses would be an easy first day victory

RW spin on Webb

If your still pissed about the '04 election, get off the stage.

Carnage in Iraq

Monitor Radio: (1) Minimum Wage won everywhere. (2) Robt Gates' past.

Confessions of an Angry Hustler: Ted Haggard's Bitter Boy Tells All

An interesting article by Paul Waldman in Common Dreams,

Wes Clark- "If you're feared, you'll be hated. If you're hated, you will be sabotaged."

Did McCains appearance on MTP today end his chances?

All the pundits in the world can only deliver a single vote - their own

So, you're out there, hangin' on the corner with your friends, and along comes .....

Just saw on MSNBC Feingold to not seek nomination?

So we impeach bu$h and he is found guilty.

Does anyone know who won the Military votes?

A little personal DU history

Why are Republican gays so freaky?

Please tell me I was dreaming...

So 2 of the best candidates not named Hillary are out.

Is spoilerism a form of terrorism?

The Local Democrat and Chronicle(Rochester, NY) calls for the

My prediction who's running in 08 from the dem's

Mary Matalin, you goofed bigtime on your prediction for Dean and Democrats.

Now that we have the Congress back, isn't it time for us to go after the Judas media?

Start U.S. Iraq withdrawal in 4-6 months: Democrats

If there was one Repub that might think of switching Parties...?

Kerry-Feingold is still the best plan and the election gave it momentum

Pissing In The Liberal Punchbowl -- Again (Joe Bageant)

I'm not listening to any "electability" arguments for '08 candidates!

Curious Lieberman vote tally, posted on

We still need liberal infrastructure...

Sweet JEEBUS, the new Newsweek cover makes Bush look like the biggest loser on two legs.


Adam's Apple Annie: "Democrats' pathetic gains" are "the death throes of a dying party"

Political Compass - Where are you?

I want to know why the Democrats still did not put forth effort in every race.

There is no such thing as a "moderate" ideology.

Who else would you like to see run, honestly?

Fellow Feingoldians, where are you headed?

Has a general election "loser", ever won the presidency?

Wallace asked Dean about Kerry:

Lieberman doesn't want to to see us "digging around anymore for who did what in 2003"

Rove:"The Republican philosophy is alive and well and likely to reemerge in the majority in 2008."

Gore-Obama 2008

Feingold's Withdrawal: Good News for EDWARDS

Pelosi: "Anybody who's ever dealt with me knows not to mess with me."

Will you vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary, if she runs?

Could it be SHERROD in '08?

Lou Dobbs is a scapegoating piece of trash and I'm sick of em.

AP: Lieberman refuses to close door on switching parties

My major Problem with Edwards as an '08 candidate

Will you vote for Al Gore in the Democratic Primary if he runs?

Green Vote cost Michigan Dems State Senate

Your Ideal 2008 Presidential Candidate: A Non-Partisan Selector

Will you vote for Wesley Clark in the Democratic Primary if he runs?

John Kerry's "baggage" minus the spin

Industrial Hemp