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Archives: November 10, 2006

The Deeper Reality Behind Rumsfeld's Resignation By Chris Floyd

Economic Report: India, Land of Outsourced Jobs, May Face Skilled Labor Shortage

Paul Krugman's cry of joy

What the Democrats Should Do Now

Krugman: The Great Revulsion (his take on 06 election)

Vice-president faces isolation over Iran and Syria

What Really Happened ...... Midterm Election 2006 .......

The Robert Gates File

Handover to Iraqi Army 'set for the end of next year'

When Soldiers Fall, Grief Binds a Unit's 2 Worlds

Pombo defeat great for Canadian harp seals

ADM to Move into Brazilian Ethanol and Indonesian Palm Oil.

The "Dirty Dozen" dumped! The environment WON!

A message from Ms Boxer:

The Environment Won Big

IAF negotiates purchase of 100 F-35 fighter jets in $5 billion deal

France demands Israel stop mock raids (Over Lebanon)

Do the buildings coming down in "demolition

Irregularities in Virginia hurt Webb's Total - Call for Full Recount!!

Feint! NYT: "Blogs Take Lead in Reporting Polling Problems, With Supporting Evidence on YouTube"

Pennsylvania 'Pukes Investigate E-Votin'!

Police approve Jerusalem rally in lieu of gay pride parade

Wyoming Senator diagnosed with Leukemia

Magnanimous in Defeat: Lame-duck Chafee to oppose Bolton nomination

Italian police 'bust drug cartel'

Elderly harmonica player arrested for performing copyrighted songs at bar

AP: Gay Marriage Vote Put Off In Massachusetts

Mexico City passes gay union law

Another Election Upset: ABC's Coverage Beats NBC; CNN almost catches Fox; MSNBC gains

Economic Report: India, Land of Outsourced Jobs, May Face Skilled Labor Shortage

AMy Goodman of democracy Now and Robert gates

France demands Israel stop mock raids (Over Lebanon)

CNN Developing Story: Ken Mehlman will step down at the end of the year

Colossal hurricane-like storm seen on Saturn

Iraqi official: 150,000 civilians dead

Reuters: Schwarzenegger says Democratic win is healthy

More rumors of bin Laden's death

Democrats rebuff Bush's pick for UN envoy

UN Adopts Resolution Condemning US Embargo on Cuba

Media Bistro: Nader Starts Email Campaign to Reclaim the LA Times

Mexico City approves gay civil unions

Dancing his way to power, Reid begins in jig time

MI5: 30 terror plots being planned in UK

McGovern says Dems need to end Iraq war

Condoleeza Rice: Democratic victory will not change our policies in Iraq.

AP: NY congressman Rangel says no offense intended with Mississippi remark

Vatican Slams Jerusalem (Gay) Pride March

GOP furious about timing of Rumsfeld resignation

Human stem cells stimulate insulin in diabetic mice

Iran offers Iraq security help

Mubarak warns against hanging Saddam

WP: Relief Suffuses World Views of U.S. Vote ("Thank you, America.")

Cuba Gloats Over U.N. Vote, U.S. Republican Losses

Post songs about Heroes

So, who is jealous that I met Uncle Jr.?

Take my avatar, PLEASE!

I want to strip naked and roll around in Pastorelli brand Pizza Sauce

Defining My Liberalism

I am leaving DU( for about 20-30 minutes) I'm gonna shower!

Last night's Colbert Report on now! If you missed it, WATCH IT!!!!

Replace any word in a movie title with the word "Allen."

Mexico City OKs law recognizing gay unions

An apology to LoZoccolo for something that happened earlier today.

Okay, dammit, now my linksys asks me repeatedly for login info

Does Shar Jackson want K Fed back????

Post a song with "wind" in the title

Ahhhh.... I'd forgotten what this was like...

I want to strip naked and roll around in Manwich Sauce

I'm off tomorrow.

Vintage Neil Young ALERT...VH-1 Classic showing Harvest-era acoustic concert

I had a really lame morning... Ask me anything!

South Carolina woman photographs an actual ANGEL!

Impeachment impeachment bo beachment

Chuck Norris is coming up next on Hannity and Colmes

I love how ALL of the MSM is choking on the DEMS

Trying to reset my linksys router - can't. Help please!!

Aaron Neville singing live on Larry King for Ed Bradley

How about a Victory thread :o) post yer favorite mug

Wow, what eHarmony has to say about me?? (too funny)

Need help from any New Yorkers - I'm coming to NY, NY

Sweet! Spider Man III trailer just showed on Comedy Central!!

Kewlness! One of my Pitt Law classmates went and got herself elected to the PA State Assembly!

Does the Brazillion joke need rewriting because of Rummy's departure?

Classic clip of Chris Matthews owning that dumbass Malkin

Curt Schilling, Bush-lover, on Celebrity Jeopardy

I'm smacking my lips over a really good

Everyone in NYC thought I was from Texas because of my accent, but

Employment agency question.

Fiore once again has a great one (comic)...

South Dakota woman on golf cart arrested for DUI

I'm smacking my lips over a really good California Pinot Noir.

should I go to the store now??

After two miserable years, I can finally have my real avatar back!!

Ok, I can't remember how I got my personal avatar (not Stewart) working.

Your favorite Bushism quote

Most funny/ironic t-shirts are something I'm sort of weary of but...

Quickie Legal-ish question for a friend

Anyone watching the Rutgers-Louisville game?

im a "concern troll"!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny Fox News Blooper

Sex, Dirt, Gossip, Nudity

Ok I wrote a loving poem to my husband and now I am going to vent some anger

Just watched "V for Vendetta" for the first time. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.

Can this be true? Is my MINI going to be delivered tomorrow???

A really weird Bush resemblance...

An old classic of Olberman owning O'Liely

How big should my wiener be? (get your minds out of the gutter...)

Help, looking for a Stephen Colbert clip from the Daily Show.

Something you didn't expect: Ziggy Marley & the Chieftains

Updated fun: Fundies Say the Darnedest Things!! Dumbest ever Edition!

I just got made fun of for being polite!

You know... I really wish I had ENJOYED that more.

I called the White House today with a message for B*sh:

Howzabout a "Democratic Victory Desktops" thread?

A grasshopper, A tree, A sunflower sunset and a Rainbow

Why won't my wife go out and get me a hamburger?

Is it time for me to bring back Prozacimon as my avatar?


Freetards support enforcement of adultery laws

A Cat, a Toilet, and a Woman. Oh, the things that happen in a houseful of cats.

Do *YOU* have tomorrow off from work? (veteran's day)

I want to get in the sauce, strip naked and roll around

Hey everybody... I've been backpacking in remote wilderness since Saturday

Will everyone PLEASE stop talking about

jus got paid n I'm already me put together the ultimate grocery list.

I'm skipping dead turkey day with the folks. Mom is displeased. A phone transcript of dysfunction.

Replace an ad campaign slogan word with "ZombyWoof's Petals"

Thank you Ohio!!!!

I've signed up for a professional dating service, ask me anything!

Would it have been unethical if Einstein had taught Quantum Mechanics for money?

Colossal hurricane-like storm seen on Saturn

Vatican Tries To Block Jerusalem Gay Pride March

who is the biggest star in sports right now?

Rutgers BABY !!! WOOHOOO !!!:D Great game Louisville, but our

Synchronicity 2: Not sure which thread to post this to, so ...

"Why the Sky is Not Falling" - astrological analysis about upcoming economic energies

Astrology question....

New Matthew message from November 9, 2006

Karma question here:

Other 08 possiblities

I think we may be surprised by some of the people that were elected senators

OT - Globalvillage - congratulations and.....

Charlie Rangel ??????

Have you guys seen this site?

Is she serious?

Ms. Toad......

One from this afternoon:

Have you read Barbara Boxer's latest email? LOOK AT HOW MUCH $$$ SHE GAVE McCASKILL!

Gates is Poppy's guy-this takes us to another data-dumping thread


Will everyone cool it over impeachment, we have time

Umm...So they're admitting that they DO control the price?

You're all a bunch of lazy asses.

"The Secret World of Robert Gates"

J.D. Hayworth blowing smoke about 100,000 UNcounted votes in his district

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: What Now For Iraq?

Does anyone remember when chimpy had his little sleepover?

The simplest way to get rid of Dipshit

10 Cool Things About Democrats Controlling Congress

from the world of "DUUUHHH", I give you.................

Ken Mehlman to quit as RNC Chairman

Karl Rove: Evil Genius?

Mercy killing?

The first woman president: Nancy Pelosi

(VIDEO) Colbert's "love-letter" to the Republican Majority

For the first time since she took over I watched Katie Couric on CBS

If we want true progress, we have to tackle media consolodation asap.

The Sacrificial King...(Not Quite) a Fable...

Goodbye Rumsfeld, we won't miss you (dial up warning: pix)

Snarky CNN? ? ? Mehlman "OUT" LOL.

Mexico City approves gay civil unions

If you missed Colbert last night

The truth needs to get out there - impeachment or none!

My letter to Chris Matthews

Those who knew Bob Corker did not vote him into the Senate

Check out this shirt on ebay..

The World Turns Upside Down!

Beautiful video of autistic Boy Spinning

Does anyone think Sens. Snowe and Collins will come over if asked?

Can the Dems do anything about the thousands of Bush signing statements?

Vote in MyDD strawpoll. Edwards in 1st, Feingold in 2nd, Clark in 3rd

Newsweek: "The New Team in Town"!!! Here are the new Leaders....

Schwarzenegger says Democratic win is healthy

This is our time to shine, or fall

Independence Day - The Election Result Game

Another Election Upset: ABC's Coverage Beats NBC; CNN almost catches Fox; MSNBC gains

Most Americans say CORRUPTION MATTERS. So smart Dems will run an anti-corruption candidate?

For those of us that wants Bush Impeached...

Heard on Countdown, something about "Bipolar not bi-partisan"

Did you hear Keith say that Conyers was not one to suffer fools

Froomkin: "Meet the 'New Bush'"

A Truly Great Toon

What Pelosi should say: A Bush veto = Impeachment hearings

So what reactions have you heard from your Republican colleagues, family and associates?

Military and overseas vote?

Another way to look at impeachment

I have another nomination for the coming war crimes tribunals

First Post-Election MTP Features Exclusively Pro-War Politicians

Anyone else get a video email thank you from their senator?

WTF is wrong with NBC. "Are American troops today afraid they are losing public support?"

I just had feeling we are going to be hearing from Fitzgerald again real soon

Okay I am Taking A Break - But I Hope We Do not Forget the Job Ahead.

Statements from Sen. Boxer and Sen. Feinstein on Resignation of Rummy

The Rethuglicans can thank us that they still have a FILIBUSTER

Bush wants input on war...OK here it is


Katherine Harris' Congressional Seat Up For Grabs and HACKED!!!

(TOON) Steve Bell on Rumsfeld's departure

Religious Right Joins In GOP Civil War

War Pigs- dedicated to the Republicans

Maybe now this song won't keep playing in my head,

Drudge -- right now

What can we actually expect from this Congress and President?

So...The 'War on Christmas' has begun [again...]

Bye Bye Bolton

''Every single member of the Republican leadership in the House should be replaced"

How do we take back the media?

Specter and Chafee


At work today

Wanna know the true meaning of "laughing stock"?

Keep your eyes open for Daleks and Cybermen

Jack Abramoff’s Shell Games and Fall Guys - Mother Jones

Ms. Toad......

With Webb now the winner Veterans have a victory

Dear Skinner: Please revise AZ-05, Mitchell hasn't yet won.

My heart hurts when I think about JFK and RFK and even JFK Jr.

Is your candidate on this list?

The Sins of Brian Williams... on tonight's evening news:

Idaho Values Alliance: City of Boise Has 'Rejected God'

110 vs 43?

How did Santorum ever get elected in the 1st place?

WOW! BBC World Service Website got it right

Poem my wife wrote I wanted to share:

Welcome Freepers and Neo-Cons

I think Scarborough

Pope gets in picture with calendar girls

Anybody Have That Pic Of Webb Holding His Son's Combat Boots Up In The Air?

I am glad the political aspects are over now.

The HUGE favor KERRY did for Democrats and for America last month

Will Rebub pols feel more emboldened to cross party lines now?

Handover to Iraqi Army 'set for end of 2007'

Yup, subpoenas all around (photo)

Bob Gates Reviews

Rumsfeld: "My half-ass job here is done." (from The Onion)

What is Everyones Thoughts on Gun Control

Senators dismiss new Bush bid for pondscum Bolton

Democrats in control

The FIX IS IN!!!!!

This election went WAY better than I expected.

Coulters Whine. victory for diebold and too much testosterone

The most Corrupt politician in modern American history

My synapses must me very slow, as the victory

Chris Matthews advocates immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

The great DU Debate - Should this African-American go to jail?

Ms. Pelosi should nominate an African-American in the House leadership

If the '08 race came down to Obama vs. Clinton....

Will 2008 be like 1932?

Why are people trying to alienate so many groups here today

One day the American people need to face the economic realities

When Bush signed that "Partial Birth Ban" legislation, who were

"The Last Don". Jon Stewart

Congress needs to do its Constitutional duty to impeach the rest ...and Pics


Breaking: FOX & CNN: Mehlman to step down (GOP says in Jan.)

The only thing I was ever in this for was the kids.

Bill Maher says Republicans = Scientologists

Chafee may leave Republican Party

I Found One! An Honest Republican....

Well, Sheldon Drobny just confirmed my suspicions about Rahm Emmanuel's agenda

Did Allen and Burns avoid recounts to prevent voting fraud from being exposed?

Mariners report new island in South Pacific

Hot Damn! My Town just made the Daily Show!!!!!

Democrats to force change in Iraq policy

Where's Michelle Malkin?

The Point About Impeachment Is Very Simple

My wife took the freepers to task over Parkinson's...kicking freeper butt!

We the People will defeat the Evildoers! This VICTORY is

Name the DLCers on DU, or be quiet.

What kind of democrat will WEBB be?

Our Government owes us

Well now I know the pukes are totally losing what little minds they had left.

Was the Darfur ad with the quote "Stop The Genocide Mr. President" an...


Can't wait to see Pelosi in the Speaker's chair for the SOTU address

" I'm more affraid of Nancy Pelosi than Bush ! "

FYI: Dustin Hoffman on Jon Stewart's TDS tonight. And then

Tomorrow evening, I have some final words and thoughts to post

Tony Snow sure has a bad sense of timing

My personal favorite Rummy moment:

Gas prices rising???

Gee... Imagine how sweet it would be if they had used the Nuclear Option...

I propose that 'W's knickname be changed to "scooter" :-)

Dude. I still can't believe it.

So, dear ol' Bob Gates was accused of politicizing Cold War-era intelligence!

Impeachment - Off the Table: A Farce in One Act

Who's listening to Malloy?????

Where can Democrats find money to fix the deficit?

Forget Hillary, how about Al Gore in 08?

US surprised by strength of Taliban fightback

Isn't Rumsfield wanted for questioning

The Vanishing Veep: Where the Hell Is Cheney?/ Wonkette

Attention All Troops!!

There could be an escalation in Iraq now -

I admit it I'm a DLCer!

If a Republican drove drunk through a rehab clinic wall with a same-sex prostitute and a bag of coke

Dick Cheney used to be Secretary of Defense

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

CAPTION: Bush & Cheney

Is Mr.bush really the Head of the Republican Party?

Democrats on Iraq

If I wanted to know all of that junk, I would turn on the news stations.


White Supremacist Named Public Enemy # 1

Troops fear Rumsfeld's exit will end their Iraq mission

The AAR MP3 Stream.. Anyone else's stream distorted?

On Scarborough - "Jon Stewart: Dems Secret Weapon?"

My letter to Lincoln Chafee

Why rush? Let's have lots of long, slow, delicious investigating first, . . .

Damn, Scarborough is obsessed with the Daily Show....

"Did the Democrats really "seize" the Senate or were they 'elected'

I can't wait to see the Minority Leader hand the gavel to Nancy


Checks and balances.

Spock Must Die!

Is Ann Coulter on 24 hr suicide watch by now?

Mr. Chairman Apparent:

The President's designs on the lame duck Congressional session...

Next on the chopping block: Condoleeza Rice

Do we all agree that we want Senate MAJORITY Leader Harry Reid?

Which should we investigate first?

AMy Goodman of democracy Now and Robert gates

The Republicans are just now picking themselves up off the floor...


WTF? Bush wants to push thru a domestic surveillance program & Bolton?!

Whats republican resposne to Rush admitting to lying?

Excuse Me, But... Aren't Poppy Bush's Friends, Once Again, Bailing Out Boy George ???

CRIED my eyes out. It's nice to hear this and believe in it once again.

is a facist still a facist even if they get a terminal disease?

Caption: The end of Katherine Harris

Has it occured to anyone that being Independent gave both Sanders and Lieberman an advantage?

Most delusional post-election RW comment?

Bush’s Chernobyl Economy; hard times are on the way

Still Happening: Execution Pending for US Citizen in Iraq (Military Commissions Act 2006)

Rumsfeld: 'My Half-Assed Job Here Is Done'

Will Pitt! Please write Andy's biography!

All this impeachment talk.....

Impeaching Bush may be the last thing we want to do. Can you say Pres. Condi Rice??

Real Simple Poll: Do you believe bush has acted in a criminal way?

George Bush Should be Impeached (Resource Information)

Wed morning, Nov. 8th, I'm @ wk and a colleague asks me

This kidnapping of Philly homeless and bringing them to Maryland story

Why I'm Not Impressed With Jim Webb

Rest In Peace, Ed Bradley. "You need some good story tellers."

The end of the Neocons

Hi, I'm the new Congressional lunchroom attendant.. Want some fries? How 'bout a soda?

"What do you do when you see the ones with all the power...

President's Humble, Conciliatory Remarks Begging Terrorist-Felating Liberals Not to Impeach His Ass

David Swanson: Throwing Stuff Over the White House Fence

This is just to damn funny!!

Colbert sings National Anthem w/ Congressman Hall

"Democrats will raise taxes! (on you)" debunked right here by AP

Blah3 Editorial: On To Phase Two

RNC Chairman outed on Larry King Live

Thoughts on Impeachment from a Katrina Survivor

RE-introducing Jerry Brown to DU - California's new Top Lawyer & Top Cop!

Poor widdle Georgie Allen is "shell shocked" and "going through a nightmare"

It can be argued that it was Hispanics who tipped the balance in the direction of the dems


getting much bluer ( a new election map)

Who are the potential switchers in the Senate?

Molly Ivins ROCKS: "Post-Election Etiquette"

Mehlman, Outted on Wednesday, Steps Down on Thursday --->>>

While the DLC takes control of DU, is doing something...

Robert Gates’ Main Qualification for Secretary of Defense

My neighbors 70-something mother in law tore my LAMPSON sign

Send Senator Craig Thomas a get well message....

Mr Fish TOON: Rummy's next job

Do we have a chance to change attitudes toward gays?

So when do we make Christmas illegal?

Constitutional Basis for Impeachment (More resource information)

Y'all are so used to being defensive and fighting the enemy

Freeper email from my mother

Rumsfeld mourned by some in Russia

On the question of impeaching Cheney, never forget American Judas.

We need to declare a truce between moderates and liberals here on DU

Bush family reportedly buys almost 100,000 acres in Paraguay.....

Poll: Americans Favor Bush's Impeachment If He Lied about Iraq

Pardon me for yelling and cussing but...

Understand this, if investigations warrant impeachment(s) then

Poll on impeachment

I know we don't need much inspiration these days, but this is worth your time....

OMG it just dawned on me....Baker is going to replace Cheney as Veep

Ah, the BEST Reason I've Heard to NOT IMPEACH

Freeper "Webb is finished" thread (10/26 day of "dirty novel" smear) HILARIOUS

WTF??? Does NO one remember Ahrnold's meeting with Enron???

For those feeling sorry for Lincoln Chafee.

Did you know that Robert Gates was involved in the voting machine industry?

Salon: The vindication of Howard Dean's 'crazy' strategy

War Crimes Suit Prepared against Rumsfeld

"I feel so sorry for the defense contractors now."

At this point there are 2 wings of the Dem party that WILL lock horns.


Build more prisons

Bush Thumping Election Day Speech

Stewart apologized last night to Dean...for making fun of DNC doorhangers

Cindy Sheehan gets the news that Rumsfeld has resigned

A Terrifying Message from Al Gore!

Colbert Tribute to 12 Years of Republican Majority

Colbert sings the national anthem

Protester shot in the face, and cops laugh

U.S. Democrats re-embrace independent Lieberman

Nov 9, 2006: Burns and Allen concede...

i get a dollar for every time someone posts "impeachment"

How are poll workers treated in your state? Please discuss!

Wyoming Senator diagnosed with Leukemia

Lame Duck session = degree of "bi-partisanship"

Announcing Run, Russ, Run...Support Feingold in 08!

Who'll be the next RNC Chair?

Here's an idea

Congrats to the Senate

Can rummy be questioned by committees once his is out of office?

Hey Reid and Pelosi--Use Joe Biden's example of how to treat Bush.

First Post-Election Meet the Press Features Exclusively Pro-War Politicians

Joe and Jim: Two Guys Get Fame. Waiting for Fortune.

Exit polls: Iraq upsets most voters

A question 'bout Byrd

Mehlman Out;; Maher Censored by CNN

The Senate isn't close in terms of numbers who voted for Democrats

Steelworkers File NAFTA Labor Complaint Against Mexico

Does Jack Murtha have any serious competition

Former miners file suit against Alcoa, waste dumped at the Squaw Creek Mine

Where's a good place to find political cartoons...

I think Cheney is incapable of dealing with a Democratic

The only people who won were those voting over right vs wrong

Labor WIll Be Looking For Quick Action From New Congress

Homeless Man to GOP Pol: "No One Has the Right to Use Me That Way"

Question 2 for the "Impeach Bush Now!" folks

political families -- there are MANY MORE than Kennedy, Bush

Nov. 8: Why Union Members Took Action

Stunning fact I was reminded of today on radio: last President from Congress was Kennedy.

Mitchell's apparent win over Hayworth may take a long time to verify

Out-of-Work GOP Aides Face Tough Road Ahead - WHAAAAAAA

Bush dumping Rumsfeld means you can't rely on a single thing

Best Picture of Bush -- ever

"Yeah...well win an election then you can do something about it"

Chafee may leave the GOP!

Wish I felt differently, but I`m not quite ready to play nice.

The basement investigations

Congrats from Australia! "Mr Flip-Flop deserts buddies"

Poor little Ed Gillespie...he was clinging to hope for a Macaca recount, BUT...

there are an awful lot of 'seniors' in the democratic congressional

Pleeaassee, oh please, oh please.... Please post up new hate mailbag stuff!

Video: Stewart tells Dean you are "so not taking back the house and the senate"

Trivia geek question!

Wayne "Bush's Brain" Slater asks "Can Rove rebuild GOP by '08?"

Does Bush Know Pelosi Is Italian ?

CNN cut video from YouTubesuggesting Mehlman is GAY

Does anyone have a big BLUE map of the USA after 2006 vote?

for those who don't get the TIMEs

Great Moments of the 2006 Campaigns: Remember this one?

Shouldn't Someone Give "Macaca" A Medal Of Honor

Dummy aka * is in full-blown save his own ass mode. Don't you

Put the rifles away people

OMG -McCaskell-MO told Hardball she would probably support Bolton nomination!

Congressional Dems - Does Duty or Elections Come First?

Bayh/Obama in 2008!!

My take on Gov. Vilsack entering the 08 Presidential race

NOW THAT WE CAN: Save lives in the Middle East...we can impeach when they are safe.

Chavez: Bush should get death penalty

Possibility for new majority leader

Why Pelosi? Why not Conyers for Speaker of the House?

We won!!!1111 Let us convene the circular firing squad.


Senator Evan Bayh For President?

Fuck bi-partisanship, Time to sharpen the guillotine blades!

Republican candidate loses election...then punches his wife in the face!

If we don't investigate and hold this administration accountable....

Christ...can't we enjoy this for one day before we start arguing again...

The Media Just Kills Me...

Zell Miller, President 2008.

Hello, Dem leaders. We don't have to be mean but we must not be " nice". Coldly professional

It was not the centrists who won this election for the Democrats it was the progressives

Claire McCaskill was Great on Hardball!

Off the Table: A Farce in One Act

Freepers want Michael Steele to head the RNC

Let's have a rousing goodbye for our least favorite R's


I hope we don't get DUers sent to "remedial tolerance" lessons

Borat's Protest Sign...

Thoughts on the Election Results from a Soldier in Iraq ?????

a message for Rahm Emanuel

Is the DNC cutting and running from Impeachment?

Dead Democrat Beats Live Republican

Who are the likely committe chairs in the House, Senate?

New "pro-life" US Senators?

Some excerpts from the 1991 Gates hearing

Our New To Do List

Who should do the Dem response at the SOTU?

2008 Senate. Our Targets and Possible Candidates.

A VERY serious question about pro-life/pro choice

Who did the most to push us over the top?

Next time an incumbent won't respect primaries, what do we do?

Clark considering a Presidential bid |Arkansas Times

Say it loud: I'm a Democrat and I'm proud

Robert Parry - Hey Democrats, Truth Matters!

Pro-gun, anti-abortion and fiscally conservative: meet the neo-Dems

Santorum was his own worst enemy, analysts say

NYT: Marines Get the News From an Iraqi Host: Rumsfeld’s Out. ‘Who’s Rumsfeld?’

The Cheney-Gates Cabal (Ray McGovern)

ex-assoc dean at U of FL law school involved in internet child porn ring

OK Democrats, Prove Yourselves: Investigate Cheney’s Energy Meetings!

Akhil Bhardwaj: Cascading Failure -- A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

Bechtel Departure Removes More Illusions

American Revolution 2006 - Blumenthal

Iran the key in US change on Iraq

National Groups Announce Movement for Impeachment

Regime-change blowback

Rummy's Next Job

Mid-Term Election Post Mortem (Mickey Z.)

What the Democrats Should Do Now

Understanding Gates (James Mann in WaPo)

US: world empire of chaos (Will we now 'make nice" with the world?)

America Elects at Least 16 Indians with INDN help!

Outgoing Sen. Allen touts Net efforts

Dem denies push for AT&T-BellSouth hold-up


Only a MINOR Earthquake - Krauthammer/WaPO

Liberals have more in common with Christian Fundies than...

NYT: Bipartisanship on hold (re: wiretapping bill)

how to re-enter society gracefully.

Now Canada Wants To Play In Chimpy's Kyoto-Lite Sandbox - AFP

Huge Potential to Exploit Landfill Gas as an Alternative Energy Source

1 Billion trees to fight Global warming

'Energy independence' on Bush agenda

Solar World: Another step for Solel (150 MW solar thermal, Spain)

Scientists: Millions Could Flee Rising Seas

Africa's Famed Rwenzori Glaciers Melting Rapidly - Down 60% In Mass Since 1910

ENERGY: An Acceleration Toward Alternative Fuels? (Dingell, Wash. Post)

Boxer pledges shift on global warming policy with new Senate role

Voters approve renewable energy initiative (Initiative 937, WA)

Canadian Opposition To Pursue Ambrose All The Way To Nairobi Next Week

Conergy to Set Up Solar HQ in Pennsylvania

Danville (VT) Voters Authorize Use Of $1.2M For Biomass Heating Plant

Chinese Fishing Industry To World - No, No - We Would NEVER Fin Sharks!

Oro Utility looks to distributed generation of renewable energy...(Philippines)

Salt Lake City plan may turn sewer waste to energy (sewage heat pump system)

PowerLight breaks ground on a 20 MW photovoltaic project in Spain

Testing Shows Green Biofuel Offers New Advantages

U.S. Higher Education Rallies on Renewable Energy

UNDP - Efforts To Help Developing World Meet Climate Threat "Woefully Inadequate" - BBC

OECD - China Not Even Close To Where It Needs To Be On Environmental Protection - AFP

IEA - Global Q4 Demand For Oil "Exceptionally Strong" Even W/O Cold Winter - Reuters

Australia, Saudis Want Part Of Climate Adaptation Funds Meant For Poor Nations - AFP

Exclusive--Russian agency threatens to take Shell to court (Sakhalin-2) - Reuters

Ecosystems under threat: Invasion of the alien species

A Concrete Step Toward Cleaner Air

Mexico's energy crisis has arrived

Three year sentence asked for Indonesia Newmont boss (Reuters)

Israeli: Strike Against Iran a Possibilty (AP)

Italy calls on the U.S. to press Israel on Palestinian conflict

Israel on high alert for fear of attack

Column One: Olmert's ill-timed Washington visit

Why the world loves Syria

Explosion levels Gaza house in apparent accident with bomb

Hamas PM Haniyeh hints he will step aside (Reuters)

Gore Vidal On my local NPR takes a look at the "big tent"

Thom Hartmann read election data from DU today!

a machine that i could accept. a worms eye view.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 11/10/06 Here we go

Whoa! So, what, exactly, IS an election meltdown?

Help needed in audits of 8 undecided Cong. races with less than 2000 vote margins

Reuters: Battle over gay marriage heats up in Massachusetts

McGovern to Meet With Congress on War

(Calif.) Assembly GOP ousts leader in favor of more conservative lawmaker

Emanuel to seek Democratic Caucus chairmanship

Sept. 11 perjury trial reopens

FBI probes use of force in L.A. arrest

National Groups Announce Movement for Impeachment

On Imus now, Russert says he will have John McCain and...

CNN: Key Republican joins Dems opposing Bolton nomination.

US envoy to UN 'set to lose job'

Israel Official: Strike on Iran Possible

Three U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Removal of Rumsfeld in the Works for Months-NYT

AP: Poland Said Not Helping CIA Jail Probe

Tillman investigations yield some startling findings

Russia set to join WTO

(Carl) Levin to Use Top Armed Services Post to Push U.S. Iraq Pullout

Iraqi forces claim arrest of local al-Qaida leader (al-Masri)

Khamenei calls elections a victory for Iran

WP: In Letter, Radical Cleric Details CIA Abduction, Egyptian Torture

Pakistan Releases Surveillance Video of Bombed Terror Camp

Chicago Subway Evacuated for Rail Damage

Pensacola evangelist convicted of tax fraud

Key Republican joins Dems opposing Bolton nomination

Sweden Violated Torture Ban in CIA Rendition

Israel official: Strike on Iran possible... (On their own for sure now!)

AP: Burns, Collins wait for final vote counts, possible recounts (which are impossible in GA)

AP: Mehlman to step down from RNC post

Hagel (R-Ne) expects an OK on immigration bill

Oil Prices Fall As Traders Take Profits

Business may get Sarbanes-Oxley relief

CNN: Democrats bristle at Bush's push to confirm Bolton, pass Surveillance Act

NYT: In Florida, Echoes of 2000 as Vote Questions Emerge in Christine Jennings' House Race

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 10

Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse (Germany)

RE: Rumsfeld "resignation".

Waxman set to probe areas of Bush gov't

Iraq Qaeda chief says Rumsfeld fleeing battlefield

WaPo: French Forces Almost Fired On Israeli Jets

German neo-Nazis attack Jewish memorial

Intel backs Vietnam in $1bn deal

Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

Democrats are set to subpoena

John Conyers: Will he push for Bush impeachment hearings? He says no

NYT/AP: Eight House Races Still Without Winners

Poll: More evangelicals sour toward Republicans

Leader of al-Qaida in Iraq Mocks Bush

NYT: Pentagon to Review Its Strategy in Iraq

PG&E Apologizes to Ariz. Indian Tribe

New al-Qaida tape says 12,000 activated

Mitchell Still Leads Hayworth

Iraq patrol told Rummy is gone, barely blinks

Dems Pledge to Sever Ties to Lobbyists

Layton Says US Elections a Wake Up Call for Tories (Canada)

Palestinian PM offers to resign

Republicans squandered gains made among US Hispanic voters

AP: Bush to Meet With Iraq Study Group

Catholic nun jailed for 30 years for her part in Rwandan genocide

Top Democratic senator says Russia has WTO work to do

Gates sees Iraq exit by 2008

Gore Keynotes S.F. Global Warming Summit

Lieberman: Call me a Democrat

Human development index improves in Venezuela

ABC Exclusive: McCain Begins Preliminary White House Run

Sen. Reid Backs Lieberman for Homeland Security Chairmanship

Waxman set to probe areas of Bush gov‘t

After Rumsfeld: Bid to Reshape the Brain Trust

Students at Calif. College ban Pledge of Allegiance

Arsenic water safety breakthrough

Ford set to become oldest President

German neo-Nazis attack Jewish memorial

BBC: Vietnam court jails US citizens (for "terrorism")

Iran: Sex footage leaves actress fighting to save honour

Eagleburger to join U.S. Iraq study group (replacing Gates)

Military service linked to Lou Gehrig's disease (Gulf War Double Risk)

Liberals (Canada) announce Keynote speaker, theme of Convention. Howard Dean

Now in space, everyone will need to walk like they are tea-bagging Bruno

Colbert had Dean Kamen on - now he should have Denny Hillis

YEAH RUTGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, which one of you WONDERFUL DUers is getting me this for Christmas!!

deleted (polls not working)

Cash-strapped Indian city hires eunuchs to help collect overdue taxes

I am so glad that early voting is over.

Follow up for matcom - video of guy launching firework out his ass

Who wants a moustache ride!

Why the republicans lost...

The Borat movie: Awesome, or really, really awesome?


Food for thought

If I go to sleep, will CNN tell me it was all a false report tomorrow?

My next door neighbor asked me to watch her baby while she went shopping last night.

I must really be sick because I have a taste for a glass of milk ...


DU alcohol snobs

I'm Creeped Out....

a dove, a nebula,a flower,an hour,and a butterfly

It's my birthday and I got what I wanted for a present

cebollas asadas for breakfast

The reason why the Philadelphia area is the BESTEST in the world

Borat Sued by Loser Racist Frat Boys

WHY is Katherine Harris???

What is Katherine Harris?

I've been asleep for the past week. Did I miss anything?

I believe I got on the Greatest page

Denise Richards throws laptop at photographers-hits two old ladies

Looking for a band. Maybe Canadian, used to be played on Much

Best taping policy EVER: Umphrey's McGee


If you Waterboard H2O Man, will it work?

Have a look at Mrs. 2kewl's new music website ====>

I'm so hungry for that low carb breakfast bowl from Hardee's

*sigh* We must now say good bye to two old friends

Hundreds Compete In Rock, Paper, Scissors WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS

Please sign Ed Bradley's guest book

It's been a long 2 months

Any chance of a hug?

Congratulations TankLV!! 10,000 posts

Free "Rolling Stone"...why?

Shared grief with teacher of my class last night.

Why I have chest pains

Where is Katherine Harris?

Do you make a living doing something you love to do?

Why can't Britney and K-Fed just give it one more chance?

I have been called embittered and faceless

From Letterman: Top 10 Signs George W. Bush is Depressed

Wanna be firm without annoying your partner?

A HA HA HEEE...just saw new Geico caveman commerical!

Anybody else stopped giving gifts?

Caption Borat...

A new Freeperism: Dems are "hate mongrels"

Today's my last day!

Wow, I made 1000 posts.


Why are my fonts on firefox all screwn? I can't get them normal! HELP!!

Sig lines are back???! Thank dog!

The Doors turn 40

Can you identify trees by their leaves? If so, help, please . . .

Is A Burrito A Sandwich? Debate Goes To Court

Man Makes Up Bug Story To Get Women To Disrobe

Why I Love Living In Maryland -- Photos

Judge rules A. Burrito is not a Sandwich

i posted this in GD and it sunk like a lizards have hearts, don't they?

May everyone have a good weekend and get nicely screwn!

Need feedback on my poen

anybody got any good braciole recipes

Need feedback on my peon

watch out for the pinkies of death

is it too early in the morning to get some good advice?

I think EVERYONE in GD must have gone to Community College


Favorite past tense word...

You know you're a dog person/ cat person when:

i've found at least 5 different versions of the song "convoy"

the 2 pac of norteño

BG fans: does Nancy Pelosi remind you at all of Laura Roslin?

Can I beg a favor of you, DU... I'm taking PoppyG to the hospital

Judge Rules A Burrito Is Not A Sandwich

Post your ideas for TV ads.

I'm thinking we need an old-fashioned DU ass whooping somewhere


Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption" on the violin!!!

Who is in cahoots with whom?

The greatest collection of kitty pics ever

Co-author E. Gilbreth Carey (Cheaper by the Dozen) dies.

Is 6 the number of the beast?


Anybody ever repair a rubber roof? Is Ames Elasto-Barrier good as it sounds?

If they genetically engineered a cow so that instead of crapping...

As my little pre-Veteran's Day contribution . . . . I give you

My hate mongrels are so screwn!

How many of these Java installations do I need?

Speaking of yuletide glee...

Good Friday morning, Crew! (& I'm leaving DU)

hat mongrel

Well, celebration is over. GD has decided.

Can you guys see what my Avatar is?

Overseas voter response

31 years ago today

should I put the brazilian joke in my signature?

Ross the Intern at the fire station-very funny video

Let's Come Together like in the musical Oklahoma..

No Christmas decorations???

The Lounge is officially "kick-ass" again

Just out of curiousity - do folks know how the Senate Judiciary committee works?

Speaker Pelosi! Speaker Pelosi! Speaker Pelosi! Speaker Pelosi! I just like saying it.

Rev. Al Sharpton just announced that Gerald Levert has died

It's in the numbers.

It's in the numbers.

Anyone else just about quadrupled their posting rate the last four days?

Tuesday through Thursday we had great weather here...

I'm thinking about buying a flag now

Well, Cal Thomas says there's no torture in Gitmo. He went there.

Rumsfeld's Ghost. LOL

Congratulations gratuitous!! 20,000 posts

For Veteran's Day: SEE "Flags Of Our Fathers"

To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door

Somewhere in a liberal paradise, Khephra is smiling down at us!!

the interview was a week ago. Help!

LostinVA said I'm not allowed to be LynneSin's roommate.

Guns N' Roses cancels show after being told they can't drink on stage.

Chuck E. Cheese Deemed A Safety Threat To Community

Gates first meeting as Secretary of Defense with President Bush

R&B Fans...we lost a good one today...

Veteran's Day Poppy

Please help me run a test. Thanks very much. Go to the initial link ----

Will the chimp become a Democrat?

Last night, Portland celebrated with the Dixie Chicks!

ODB was the dope freshest wu tang element


If shredding the flag were illegal...

can I get a hug? It's been a fucking bad week for me

Netflix. I know it's been talked about here, but can I have opinions?

My dog almost died 5 wks ago, but last night he ate meatloaf

Which Frequently Posted Thread Would You Rather See? Kudzu or Brazilian?

Kudzu Humor.....

What should John Bolton's mustache do now?

Five days later no one has claimed that White Van in my neighborhood

Friday, November 10. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

well, it took a hammer and a chisel to get that stuff out of the corner, but

It's time for an Autofill jubilee!!!!!

anyone else soloing

Coincidence? I think not. ShellBeau and kick-ass-bob disappear and reappear at the same times.

Veteran's Day--it'll just take a moment, Loungers, please.

Gerald Levert is dead at age 40

I need some spa/tub help.

The repubs are saying that the ONLY reason they lost is

It's time for me to get to

Breaking News - Saddam escapes

XM Radio is playing recordings from a radio station I grew up with - fun!!

Does anyone in here like that band 'The Darkness'?

this is hugh!!!111!!! i'm series!!!!!11111!!!!11

Hey, Ladies... It's Me In The Shower!

Huzzah! The country is saved!

This is my 900th post! That's all!

post your FAVORITE Simpson episode HERE

Jack Palance has died

A plea for Lounge Mojo. Another house showing tomorrow.

Ever take an anatomy class?

Sooo... any band geeks want to settle this one?

Snow? Yes, snow!

So i went to see "Stranger than fiction" today and saw a trailer for

HA HA ALUMINUM!! You Can't Catch ME!

Humiliated frat boys sue over "Borat" portrayal

periodic table of the elements appreciation thread

I didn't get the job.

Anyone else flying solo for Thanksgiving?

It's 3 O'clock where I am. I'm gonna start drinking.

Now that the Dems control Congress, will you wear less?

My Farewell Song for Rick Santorum

I'm gonna go see Borat tonight. Anyone seen it yet??

Battlestar Galactica - a guess as to what will happen (spoilers to prev. episodes)

WARNING: Today is day 45

Lounge love request: I put an offer in on a house today.

My dog got plastic surgery so she could look like Pickles. Isn't she pretty?

I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one

The american music industry is messed up when

Does it really take 45 minutes to warm up your car?

Lamps in escapee's shack similar to ones missing from cop's grave

(insert DU'er name here) (insert verb here) (insert cutesy/pithy/witty/sarcastic remark here)

Question: How fast can you get a bachelor's degree?

Why are they called 'Christmas Trees'?

HA HA COPPER!! You Can't Catch ME!

#2 son has an audition

At 32 weeks the baby is already 5lbs. 3 ounces!!

I feel like making an unseemly jester.

I'm uglier than you are!!

Now that the Dems control Congress, will you swear less?

I saw Clintmax in GD the other day...

I just decided which job to take.

apparently, g'n'r need to be trashed in order to perform


R & B Singer Gerald Levert dies at age 40

can someone give this guy a hug?

Breaking on MSNBC -- Jack Palance has died

British Man Injured After Lighting Firecracker in Buttocks

Happy birthday wishes to.....

My Friday's Night Ask Me A Difficult Question Thread!

What name would you change HypnoToad ?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/10/06)

Veteran's Day / Remembrance Day not so trivial trivia

Does anyone have any good slow cooker recipes

I'm drunk, depressed and discarded. Ask me anything!

Should I change my name?

Who will be the conservative Colbert?

Hey peeps. It's been a bad night, keep me company

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Why is California a red state?

Does the glass you use...make a difference in drinking wine?

Do you give gifts to ungrateful family members?

My theory: Libs like "The Addams Family", pubs like "The Munsters".

Hilarious Cat Photos Page -- Which Is Your Favorite?

Actors and Actresses people like but you can't stand?

Yippee! Al-Jazeera English launches 11/15!

So, What Are All You Cool DUers Doing This Weekend?

I love the new word "screwn"

Time for a Friday afternoon photo thread! Post the newest one(s) you have!

Three days--three days--of airport hell

To all the volunteering corps...

its time to resume the diet

What is the worst movie you were forced to watch in school?

Just a friendly question from a newb...

Hey, YVR girl.... I'm moving like ten block away from you

Anyone want to comment on the latest Catholic outrage making the press?

Cool pic of geological feature in Africa

Viking ship to ply North Sea; no invasion planned (CNN)

Cheaper solar edging closer

'Aliens could attack at any time' warns former MoD chief'

From Bay Windows: Victory! Blogging the Constitutional Convention

Gay student attacked because of his sexuality!

Boxing: Heavyweight Weekend

Can the Penguins make it in Pittsburgh?

NCAAF:OSU/Mich winner vs. SEC Champ for the National Title?

Gary Sheffield traded to Detroit Tigers!

How my Computer Celebrated the Dem Win

My Kitty Stella ran off a couple of days ago

Y'all hear of the "hurricane" on Saturn ? What's up with THAT?

Hi again

Here's our blonde?

OK OK OK OK - Rumsfeld was dismissed at the moment of the beginning

Ummmmm. . .tomorrow is 11/11

It is my profound and absolute pleasure to. . .

Just hear on the radio that there are only 14 living American

Selective Service asks Vets to wear medals on the left side Nov. 11th

A message for Hillary, nameless party "strategists," and other enablers of swiftboating:

My Veterans Day tribute to JK

Attn: GV

This is awesome!

Interesting Analysis of Sen. Clinton's win in New York

New election map here

I'm back with news about my conversation with my local newspaper about Kerry

Dissecting the Lamont Effort: David Sirota checks in

John Kerry on New Democratic Congress

Hey Mass-souls

Of unintended consequences of the "botched joke".

Two articles point out the war between The Media and John Kerry

Whooooo Hoooooo!

Do the buildings coming down in "demolition

I'm gonna sleep . . . real soon. But, hey! Remember all of that bullshit Bush was spewing?

I was just thinking about something. With the Dems taking control

Okay. Restore Habeus Corpus. Bring them home. Send THEM home.

O.K., Did I See Something On The CNN Crawler About YouTube?

What would Cindy do?

Why The Hell Wasn't Dan Rather On larry king Tonight?

The Borat movie: Awesome, or really, really awesome?

Did Ron Paul win re-election?

Remember that "I don't apologize" website?

For the last 3 years they have been telling us how great the economy is

20-30% of every health care $ spent in the US is profit

We WON the house and the senate... please DU ... let's stick together.

This thread is dedicated to Class Warrior, a special thank you

Stop the WAR! AND impeach. Better?

George McGovern to meet with Congress to get troops home from Iraq by June

What does this victory mean?

The dems are not a mirror image of the GOP

Dear George,

WaPo: Ed Bradley, The News Pioneer Who Never Lost His Cool

the Democratic congress has two years to convince me NOT to vote Green in '08.

Squelching impeachment talk, the next war & history:

Media ownership, drug ads, junkfood ads: Top priorities for hearings?

Didn't the military lower their recruiting standards?

Instead of trying to make people 'nervous' how about we act like the REAL grown-ups for a change?

If the House Democrats DON'T vote for impeachment, what message does that send?

At least Ed Bradly got to see the Dems take back the congress

Number of Jewish lawmakers worldwide reaches record high

GW Bush head-shrinking thread: Will he fall under Pelosi's spell?

Webb dares mention the "C" word...

Anyone know who Bill Maher is outing?

Wonder if any remaining Repubs in Congress will answer Rove's phone calls?

Some thoughts on bi-partisanship

I'd like to say thank you to a special DUer tonight.

Name 67 Senators who would vote to remove Bush* from office.

Kind of sad some of the defeated Pugs won't be there to see B*sh sign

Boy the industry PR firms are busy.

WHAT IF: bush announces he's becoming a Democrat tomorrow?


Impeach or not to Impeach, did they protect Americans

Will somebody tell me what they really think of my LTTE?

BREAKING: Iraqi official: 150,000 civilians dead

The Republicans have made it politically difficult to impeach

'Corporism '.... and your leverage

How about a break for a unimportant but nice news story?

Some interesting quotes...

Question: Who was the one that said "get over it?"

I've had about enough of this "Far Left" taurine feces.

Just read a new Republican slur on Democrats... and I LIKE it!

McGovern to Meet With Congress on War

Before we give the OK to partisanship

I kind of snapped on a soldier/customer tonight

Gergen: Will the Democrats govern from the far the BLOGGERS...

I think it's cute we have a "Senator Whitehouse".

R House voted to impeach Clinton on 12/19/1998. Then Rs won elections


David Brooks: Election a "rejection of liberal bloggers and fair trade advocates"

Do you think if the freeper morans are screwn in a HUGH way, that they'll quite?

Beyond the nine-second sound bite... Gate Bush want

Pelosi on Impeachment

Stop the WAR! then impeach.

What did Bush do to get impeached?

As soon as Democrats win, NOW everything is about bi-partisanship

The BLUE Capitol Bldg. Nice photo on ABC's webstite

Pssst...Fundies - America Was Not Set Up As A Christian Nation

Lame Duck Congressional Session - what will they do?

Impeachment - Its about the future not the past

Catholic shift gives Democrats big boost

Doesn't anyone else like the idea of GWB's bio including the words "the House voted to impeach him"

RNC chairman ken mehlman stepping down eh? Hmmmmm...

Now, about that war...

The Dems' Impeachment Dilemma: NO Impeachment = LEGAL WIRETAPS

Rahm and Schumer on MTP -- investigations will not lead to impeachment "NO MATTER WHAT"

Subic Bay rape case verdict this month (Philippines)

Rev. ted haggard looking "to where God can best use him,"

It's stunning at how bad W has failed throughout his life.

Evangelical Haggard Claims He Was Molested By Republican Congressman

w: "I thought we were going to do fine yesterday, shows what I know.”

Another impeachment viewpoint

I'm curious DU, what do you think about dems who are freepish on some sinlge issue -

Did 11-07-06 Change Everything?

The Elephant In The Living Room Re:Impeachment

"Will the Dems fix corruption?" Washington Journal's first question.

51 slaps for accused rapist

Iran hints at kicking out inspectors

"Dad, get me out of this!"

"Mandate for change" - a call for a civil DUbate

CHECK IN: All you with the Howard Dean avatar!

Do not forget to check out the video forum!! Here's a DUermade feelgood gem

Has anyone heard from senator mc cane since Wednesday?

Self delete - dupe

Now for some really important Britney Spears news

Some out-of-work GOP staffers may face unemployment (I have some advice!)

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.

Iraq disaster finally caught up with Bush

Global Warming has a new enemy (woohoo!!!!!)

"Iran the key in US change on Iraq " Time to Talk!

All in favor of changing the name to Democratic America, raise your

Look at the date this article was published in the Asia Times

They did not hear the people. They did not vote because they simply wanted change

Dean Stepping Down?

Does anyone know why Jane Harmon and Nancy Pelosi don't

Now this is sad: Iraq war dead memorial struggles to keep up with losses

I'm a Republican Because...

The 'number' is now 2842.

How Rahm Emanuel nearly lost the election -- A post that deserves its own thread

I finally agree that Bush* should "stay the course"

Mehlman to step down!

Enemies cannot stop our nuclear work: Iran

They are finally on the let's keep them there

BUSH's Bald Face Lie Regarding Rummy's Departure

SFGate: Republican voters didn't show up at the polls in California

"Indonesia forest fires, attacks kill 1,000 orangutans " Help!

Movement to Impeach Bush and Cheney Announced

11/10/06 Slut Club ... Let us get this Mama Started .... party & gloat time

A true oxygen thief...Dad shocks baby with cattle prod

Hey....bush won't get his war in Iran now

High-Income Voters broke for Democrats

Draft Jim Jeffords to Replace Cheney as VP

Russia fails to see the funny side of Borat as ban looms

I think I'll fly an American flag this Veterans' Day.

Today Show - Is this NBC or CBN?

"George Who Is Using The Family Brain Cell At The Moment?"

cspan caller: Dems are just hate mongrels

I thought of Senator Reid today and remembered the "hearings"

This is what I think of Dr. Dean...

Revised Number of Iraqi dead - 150,000 or so.

Have you noticed that even the news seems to be happier

Bush's pledge to work with Dems means he expects them to do what he tells them to do

Anyone Have a List of Why Republicans Lost

Guess what Democrats can chew gum and walk at the same time

W & Pelosi: "I'll have the crow, she'll have the pasta - NY Daily News

On impeachment, getting started on the right foot and tack. imo

Republicans in dilemma over "Religious Right"

Rummy Flips The Bird To History

Another Proud Accomplishment For The Chimperor!

Tough week for two old friends/business partners

Can you say: Rule of Law! Principle! Justice! Integrity! The Constitution! Impeach and Prosecute!

Democrats didn't win - we were blown in on the wind

Robert Gates: "cyberterrorism" is worst WMD out there?

Where in the Hell in Cheney???

Joseph Galloway - CAN YOU SPELL "SUBPOENA"

We hope the best for the Republican Senator from Wyoming...

Rumsfeld is a pathetic, deluded old fool!

no impeachment!

Shall we now play fair with those who refused to play fair?

COOPERATION? According to CNN, the White House says...

Regardless of what you think, Bush is in a VERY comfortable position

No more disparaging drunken sailors! It's time to change the lexicography

Gates is a LONG WAY from Confirmation .... LINK

Did Bush inadvertently forget Cheney was in the room?

Congratulations, you've been appointed to the Election reform committee.....

Breaking on FOX: George Bush says Rumsfeld didn't resign!

38,000 Vietnamese people have been killed by unexploded ordinance since the end of that occupation

== Eleven New And Happy Things = By Mark Morford

E-voting reform. I haven't forgotten. Have you?

My State Voted to Discriminate

I wish Senator Paul Wellstone was here to see this.

Feinstein and Boxer poised for pivotal roles in U.S. policy (Iraq & Global Warming)

People, let's talk ethics now. How do we go about it?

Almost forgotten! This election proves democracy works.


So you thought there would be some bi-partisanship?

Are the rats jumping from the sinking ship?

Should 1st Dem issue be armor for troops and their vehicles?


Caption Borat...

What's on your C-SPAN Must-See-TV??

Rummy flips dissenter the bird!

Presidential Papers Act

Hope on global warming...boxer will chair Resource Comm.

Stop sending our jobs overseas!

Why the Gates Appointment Must Be Stopped Through a Democratic Filibuster

Something symbolic, almost Jungian, I saw on my way to work today.

As a Virginian, may I remind everyone exactly how popular George Allen once was?


Anyone listening to Brad Blakeman on MSNBC

Dorgan's Response to Rabid RW C-SPAN caller--CLASSIC!

House and Senate cannot meet in the middle of the night any more!

Webb is the real deal

The hypothetical Clean Elections Act of 2007 can WORK for AMERICA!

Rummy gives the finger to KSU student

Hey we have to take Taps off the Top Ten List. Dial-up Warning

Caption this Cheney pic...

The last 6 years...There is a silver lining to all this

Might as well IMPEACH the right guy: IMPEACH CHENEY NOW

Is repeal of the bankruptcy bill on the agenda?

NYT frontpage: DEMOCRATS TAKE SENATE: Schumer, Reid and Durbin on the steps of the Capitol

Jon Stewart: Democratic majority kingmaker-- New RW spin

Happy Veteran's Day to all DU Veterans and in fact all Veterans

Tony Snow: Bush 'Doesn't Absorb a Rejection' in Election

Tillman investigations yield some startling findings

I just heard an add that caught my ear.

So Harry Reid Does Yoga. Harry Reid Is Not Boring-

Episcopal congregations seeking spiritual shelter in Africa

In Sarasota County, Fla., 18,000 Votes Disappear

"Impeachment is Off the Table" = * "No War Plans on My Desk"

Karl Rove Runs the Numbers

Will Fox News Channel Pundits Criticize Murdoch's Insensitive Comment?

Wyoming Vacancy = Lame Duck Lieberman

What I loved about this victory was that it really felt like a TEAM effort.

Oh the wonders of

Iraqi Official: 150,000 Civilians Dead...

The Bolton nomination is nothing but a line in the sand


NY-19 Sue Kelly lawyers up

Is Lieberman the new McCain, with plans of an '08 run?

Time to Don Your Tin Foil Chapeau

Freepers just got a new member. Jeff Gannon/Guckert

Dems, clean up Washington! Strip lobbyists of their power to raise money for members of Congress!

Remember How it Was....

My Impeachment Poll

Veteran's Day: Tribute to the Fallen Troops

Democrats Got 1/3 Of Evangelicals (Per Dean). Anyone Seen The Poll Citing That Info?

The crimes are greater and more widespread than most can fathom


The return of terra....CNN is wazzing out about MI5 and terra tapes

Man Uses Bug Story To Make Women Disrobe

Poppy with Robert Gates on Nov. 4, 2006 - pic

First bill Dems should send Bush: outlaw his signing statements

This Image was in my dream last night!

Golden Lips Award

Bolton is a goner

AP: Startling Findings In Tillman Probe

Paul Hackett just told Stephanie Miller the most hilarious story

Any websites for post election Bumper Stickers? My car wants to gloat.

Rep. Clay Shaw: I might have won if Rumsfeld had left before the election

Dean didn't inspire me to vote and neither did the DNC. WE won the election.

* just said that he and Reid are plainspeakers boding well for

Today's NYTimes Front Page: A site to savor...


Fact one is bush* has the veto pen fresh, full of ink and at the ready

We won because moderates and liberals now agree on huge issues like Iraq and health care

WTF is wrong with Zogby?

Boxer pledges shift on global warming policy with new Senate role

Reid and Durbin meet with * - pics

Mass. senators taking control, pledge to set Iraq deadline

Post Your Comments To Harold Ford Jr!

A simple but very heartfelt verse I just wrote for Veteran's day

Rush Speaks - He's Been Carrying Water For Bush!

Thank you. Um, I request Congressional hearings on The Carlyle Group.

Bush wants Republicans to push through his radical ideas before...

Native vote in Montana favored Democrat Tester (Abramoff scandal)

Repeat. It was a mandate. Not a single Democratic incumbent lost.

Veteran's Day Jukebox

Paul Harvey says.. WE'RE #8! WE'RE #8!

does anyone have a list of the new committee heads?

Here are my top priorities for our new majorities. Comment and post yours!

Will the Dems now cut "defense" spending and shrink the

This email floors me. How do I respond--respectfully?

Will enough Republican Senators vote to convict if Bush is impeached?

Okay it's been 3 days now- How's the "War on Christmas" plans coming this year?

The reason we won - IMHO:

We are “underground,” and why I think that’s good.

Pictures from Michael Moore's "Sweep them outta office" campaign

Epiphany about "going to war with army you have"/underarming your army

Shows how much that al-Qaeda in Iraq leader knows, the White House is extremely clean!

So Far I Like What I Hear from Tester-MT and Webb-VA....

What a difference a day, week, year, 2 years makes.

Kos: Taking a bow

Will Dems change No Child Left Behind in 07?

** Is this an unpopular view ?? ***

Frat brothers sue Borat for exposing their racist beliefs.

Net Neutrality!

Bush forgets Cheney's in the room -- and Tony Snow says Rove's future is "a good question"

Meeting with Reid, Durbin, and * from (refers to Sen. Durbin as Sen. Reid)

Marines Get the News From an Iraqi Host: Rumsfeld’s Out. ‘Who’s Rumsfeld?’

Native American's hold ceremony at Washington monument

MSNBC poll: 87% want impeachment

Appropos Words Attributed To H.L. Mencken

ya know what, bush? The American people

I found Cheney

So the freepers have posted a DU post....with commentary.....

Military Hospital preview on CNN "Don't call my mom,last time I got hit

US force storms Allawi's Home

Suggestion: Can we have a "GD: Impeachment/No Impeachment"

Hilarious--- the Lieberman apologists hid the last couple of weeks before the election...

Next on the agenda.. C-Span.. Brian, we are TIRED of seeing CATO

Dean, Kerry, Murtha are being sidelined even as we celebrate.

A reminder : John Conyers now can act on his wishes

Nancy Pelosi's 100 hour plan - she gets to do it now.

Happy 231st birthday to the Marine Corps

Thanks for the Memories, GOP. (with apologies to Bob Hope)

I've never seen a bigger bunch of crybabies....

Can we get GORE back to replace Bush (preferably by next week)

Brother of Marine Killed in Iraq Takes Own Life. The occupation that keeps on taking.

Never Forget - RUMSFELD Is A Torturer & War Criminal Without Remorse

I think that the DNC should produce a thank you ad

If you support Dr. Dean...add a penny to any contribution to the DNC

James Carville makes an unsolicited call to the NYT to diss Dean

Democratic purity isn't everything...but Democratic loyalty should be

Colbert Quits!!!

What impeachment actually is. A look at history.

Steal the Main Republican Planks! We're doing good

MUST SEE VIDEO ARMY RECRUITERS are lying to your children - secret investigation

A Note on Victory, and Credit.

If Bush had been a lawyer...

'member the hagio-mentary of AuH2O? It was family/wingnut propaganda

I am amazed....not one mention of a subdued suspect getting beaten..

Carville Typical DLCer

Former OSU Chimps Living in Unhealthy Conditions

Caption Reid and *

Neither Ann Coulter Nor Mark Foley Voted Tues .... LINK

Who was most responsible for the Democratic takeover?

What's with these Murtha votes?

A true grassroots campaign in NH. Way of the future.

DU love needed: Do U expect a Dem Congress to accomplish more than Repub one?

Since everyone wants to take shots at each other and claim responsibility for success....

Henry Waxman to head House Gov't Reform Committee

Earth to Democrats--Public agrees with you on all the issues.

Ford's "call me" girl not even from Tennessee but from....

Please sign Ed Bradley's guest book

For the politician who is wanting to make a name for themselves

Bushco Machiavellian plot for 2008?

Gates challenges: Iraq, budget, stretched force

Voting reform

A message from Honorable Senator Edward Kennedy

From Kevin Tillman on the day before his brother Pat's Birthday...

Richard's Last Vote

Wrong Man to Replace Rumsfeld by Mel Goodman

Take Back The Media!!

What's Likely In the Fri Afternoon News Dump??? ....

WH Chuckles as It Stabs Dems in Back: More on the John Bolton Nomination Story

One of the best '* reaching for a handshake' pictures yet! - * and Reid pic

Gates' views have differed from Bush

Get ready for a Victory Friday boobie bounce!!!

Germans seek prosecutions against Rummy, Gonzales and others for Abu Ghraib & Gitmo

We need to think of 2008 as soon as possible

Won't you take another look?

Lest we get lost in the afterglow...

* wipes a tear from his eye (National Museum of the Marine Corps) pics

This is why the Jessica Lynch and the Pat Tillman lies are so harmful

Who else bought stock in companies that make shredders?

Now we have the tools, we must break up Big Media. If not, Neocons will rise again.

Dean/Carville etc. is NOT about DLC/Centrists it's about HILLARY

Why should I care about Wall Street's Reaction

Former senator visits Chicago, says GOP in bad shape

We need to go to mail-in ballots

Howard Dean, vindicated - SALON - By Joe Conason

Does anyone have audio of Hannity the day after the election?

Time Exclusive: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

" ... they couldn't even beat a dead man in North Carolina."

A BIG thank-you to S. R. Sidarth (macaca).

It's not about winning, it's about doing good when you win.

Both morning shows (ABC and NBC) have personalities in Jerusalem this morning

2842 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

"Lieberman: Call Me a Democrat" Well, THIS is a relief.

Katie Fired! (Per National Enquirer, so consider the source)

X-post: Tribute to Ed Bradley

What's wrong with you, Carville?!

"Social Security Data a Major Source in Terrorism Probes"

John Gibson Answered my email

Has the primary started and I just don't know it yet?

John McCain on Suicide Watch!

Exclusive: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

On Impeachemnt

Democrats ARE SET TO SUBPOENA-First Up-Hearings On Miltary Spending & Iraq War(LAT)

Turns out the Right was right after all.

What was your favorite sound bites from this week?

Madison, WI losing AAR!!!!

**I'm a better Democrat than you are !! ***

Rahm E, Dean, Pelosi, Reid, etc. ALL contributed to our win.

Kristen Powers: Gorgeous Right Wing Scum

White House considers bypassing Senate to keep Bolton at U.N.

RE: Rummy and morale

Question about posting TV clips on YouTube.

We received this in the mail from Amnesty International yesterday.

There is the makings of a real Liberal/Progressive Populist bloc in the Senate now

Cowboy Boots vs. Combat Boots - pic

DEMOCRATIC VOTERS will decide if Hillary is nominated, not Dean, DLC or Carville

On this Larry Scott and myself agree one more must go Nicholson

Bushco's Subpoenas = worse than Clinton's Penis

Our new Conservative Overlords and The Conservative Agenda

We won in '06 because we won the center

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld needed to get out to the movies more

CRUELLA!....Katherine Harris Florida race is going to a RECOUNT???

The Conservative Agenda

Is the hate radio/Fox News era over?

A message from the White House...

Middle? Or, Consensus?

Coming up on MSNBC: Fucker Carlson report on "Is Dean on the way out?"

Will Pitt has some very good words posted over at BuzzFlash

Dick Cheney -- Puppet Master

Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

US lifts ban on training latin american militaries because of swing to left...

Oedipus at War: Father issues still haunt George W. Bush

Caption Harry Reid and *. Oh so perfect!

Smog eating cement how cool is this.

A easy way to put the Dean story to rest.

Who is MOST responsible for the great Democratic victories this election?

My Stepdad, (Pretty RW, but Is Starting To Listen & Vote Dem),

Carvilles just blowing smoke---he nor the DLC have the power to remove Dean

I Propose A Truce

"unemployed Republicans flood the market"

link to lthe video with like a rolling stone with all the repub losers/ thanks

FBI to investigate this police beating

Is Al Gore going to run in 2008?

Bay Buchanan on CNN - Republicans eating their own - Makes me smile

"Dean is God! Down with Dean!"

did you know Cindy and friends had to throw the petition papers over


Jack Palance has died: AP

God wanted the Democrats to win the House and the Senate!

Rep Masha Blackburn TN......Big Mouth..on Hardball

So ,I Wonder If CNN Will Replay The mehlman Interview This Weekend?

There's a basic reason why people are wrong to want party "purity"

Am I every going to get tired of hearing "Speaker Pelosi"??!!

What Carville did to Kerry in 04, a reminder. Plus Matalin RNC chair?

The "no. of views" function and the environment/energy forum

Tomorrow being Veteran's Day and all....

What position does Carville hold in the Democratic Party?

New Car Ribbon spotted today in the parking lot

NO Hillary in 2008: That would be 24 years of two family rule

Baltimore man wins gravesite battle

Investigating RUmmy in Germany hits

Reid won't shake Bush's hand either

Any guesses on who in the republican party Maher is going to out tonight?

Can we get an honest

Fact of the matter is-- if not for Loserman, Ned Lamont would be the Dem Senator-Elect from CT..

Here James Carville's email address for anyone who wants to tell him to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Circular firing squads still!?

This new Republican meme about "conservative Democrats". Last week we were "San Fransisco Liberals"

Who do you give the most credit for the Democratic Victory this past Tuesday?

Sen. Elect Ben Cardin, handling himself well on CNN Situation Room!

Tucker: "Democrats win, Al Qaeda celebrates"

Please, can the freaking mothership just come and take

Helen Thomas Podcast: Change in Iraq if Democrats get some backbone

"The Mandate"

RE: Rumsfeld "resignation".

Where's Laura?

McCain Begins Preliminary White House Run

George Bush is an abortion.

Chávez attacks Bush as a 'genocidal' leader

**HBO: Real Time w/ Bill Maher LineUp**

What Defines a Democrat?

Jack Cafferty just said not one democratic incumbent lost

Hey Carville, Pass Me Some of That Sweet Crack! (from Huff Po)

Freepers are giving "shut up and sing" bad reviews

List every public figure who contributed to GOP defeat in 2006

He looks so much like Nixon on this one!

Credit: Dean 95% - Emmanuel 5% ... 'nuff said.

People we're going to have to keep an eye on for corruption from TPMmuckracker:

Mr. 51 (Senator Elect Jim Webb) up next on Lou Dobbs!

Bush loses unconditional support from religious right - Caption this pic

Why do the Daily Show and Colbert not broadcast on Fridays? n/t

DE: Biden Endorses Dean 50-State Strategy

Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment? 87% -Yes

Oprah today. Guests include an Iraq vet who is terribly burned and an amputee.

Saudi lawyer may sue Rumsfeld over Guantanamo

Help remove Bob Ney's name from Ohio U building

To put it simply...this election was a mandate to save America.

John Boton finally free to Hate UN from afar

If you think our infighting is bad... "Americans For Truth" says Allen's gay staff threw the race >

Pelosi at HuffPost/100 Hours

Olbermann closing in in key demographic:

"A Bad Day At NBC"

POLL Will the impeachment talk "Backfire on the Democratic party?"

Bushbot co-worker overheard today whining about Virginia marriage amendment passing

Breaking News.......

Email from Jim Webb

I don't know about anyone else but I am going into my weekend with a whole new appreciation

Who will the Repugs blame for their recent ass kicking...

U.S. AIDS patients live 24 years after diagnosis

Freep Idiot Proclaims "No whining!!1!!", then proceeds to whine his a$$ off...

Meet the new Katherine Harris: Kathy Dent, Sarasota Cty (Florida) Elections Supervisor (Repub)

Only Rep. Pres. that Democrats Turned Out of Office was NOT impeached.

I See A Storm Coming. The "Unitary Executive"

Jack Palance has died.

Can we force Fox news remove the "fair and balanced" claim.

Time Exclusive: Charges sought against Rumsfeld in Prison Abuse.

Did you hear that our new leaders are going to make conferences open to the press?

Two very huge incidents of blatant censorship. WAPO---CNN

If you wrote down every Repub lie in last election season it would stretch from here to...

Thank you, Joe Lieberman

So where the hell is Darth?

Caption the cry baby

Consider: What if Bush governs as a "moderate" the next two years?

Caption this photo

"scary stuff for the dollar"

Why the "Fighting Dems" didn't win. Tug of War

Semper Fi, Marine......(Marine to receive Medal of Honor for Iraq heroism)

Good Morning, Veterans Day is tomorrow, observed today so

My Life as a DLC DU'er

How things have changed: A CAPTION series...

Pelosi may make life more easy for Hillary

Chill Out

Happy Veterans Day: VA CARES - An Orwellian Thank You to the Troops/Military Families

Oh geez, oh pete! More fighting here. 2-3 days after such a WIN

Let me see if I've got this right.

Why is there no Dean/Schumer blood feud right now?

Tech Help: Safari keeps crashing while on DU forums

You Know, After The Election Victory, I Truly Thought DU Would Be A PARADISE!!!

More Freeptard madness...(Democrats are set to subpoena)


Military leaders are taking a hard look at its successes and failures in Iraq.

[email protected]@K AT ME

Newt vs McLame will be a fun time.

Joe Lieberman is the greatest Senator who ever lived, and Hillary Clinton is an idiot.

Alright lets debate whether we should pursue a liberal or moderate agenda

POLL: Should the Equal Rights Amendment be re-introduced?

Waxman set to probe areas of Bush gov't for allegations of war profiteering

Indy Dems win 3 House seats, thank Dr. Dean for sending nose-pickers!

Are we splitting over a difference in process concerning impeachment?

"Nobody likes Democrats because they say such stupid things.."

Against Impeachment

Why it is absolutely necessary for us to hold war crimes trials.

real reason neo cons want our military to stay in Iraq

Senator Durbin on White House nominees: "Send us more moderate people, or don't waste your time."

RADICAL FRINGE TOON 11/10 TGID (Thank God It's the Dems)

Sweeney's wife beating fiasco continues

Mark My Words: America's Favorite Democrat by Spring Will Be:

I'm betting Pres. Cheney will resign for "health reasons" real soon.

Learning from Lamont - By David Sirota

The only plan that I would support regarding Iraq...

Senate Intelligence Committee Phase II Report

The picture that "turned" Pastor Ted gay

"Biblical homeschooling would stop idiots who fell for Michael J Fox ' publicity stunt' "

Democrats Pledge To Sever Ties To Lobbyists

LOL, freeper people go nuts at McCain announcment, would vote for Hillary against him

2008 Senate Elections - An even larger GOP massacre? (Update: Freepers dreading it already!)

What would our founders say about our modern problems?


Saginaw man TASERed at City Council meeting

Progressives Increase Their Numbers as Largest Group Within the House Democratic Caucus

CBS news w/ Fluffy Katie = Fox Light

Whoa! Waco Tribune Gives Election '06 Props to Cindy Sheehan :

Social Democacy Works

National Groups Announce Movement for Impeachment

NYT, Paul Krugman: The Great Revulsion

Exclusive: Germany is Filing a lawsuit Against Rumsfeld, Gonzales & Tenet Over Prison Abuse

Update on that DIRTBAG HAYWORTH!!

Proctological Exam .... Billmon


Tucker is a smarmy desperate little twit

Weapons Stolen From Orange County Sheriff's Vehicle (Had noise supressions device)

Oscar-Winning Actor Jack Palance Dies

What's with this 'Will the Spirit of

Karl Rove Jumps the Shark

Further evidence of the cleaving of the BFEE faction from the Neocon faction

Tell James Carville You Support Howard Dean's 50 State Strategy

Democrats win... So Dean should be ousted -- That's a good plan

21 Gun salute for veterans no longer with us

Santorum Concession photo...

You HAVE to see this photo: The New Team in Town

CNN: "What a Democratic sweep could cost you at the pump"


Democrats are set to subpoena

Was Pat Tillman intentionally shot by an American sniper / his own men?

Will the Democrats Become Part of the Problem?

The Truth About Rahm Emanuel - Sheldon Drobny

I stand with Governor Dean

It is IMPERATIVE that we investigate and impeach Bush. (Please read and pass along)

Common Cause calls for complete re-vote in botched FL-13 election (18,000 e-votes "lost")

more debate on impeachment vs not impeachment

TIME Exclusive: War Crimes Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld And Others

Senator Leahy - Drafting Bill To RESTORE HABEAS RIGHTS!!!

Well Rice is going to have to resign

I am standing up for Howard Dean as DNC Chair

Busy busy Carville.... Dean out, Harold Ford in at the DNC ?

So the media whore have already

The Dems should tell Bush to nominate Lincoln Chafee for the new UN ambassador


"High Crimes & Misdemeanors" = Abusing the Power of the Office

A Cartoon Tribute to Donald H. Rumsfeld

Are you ready to rock like ya did Tuesday night?

We still have 10 undecided House members?

Patti Davis - Father issues still haunt George W. Bush.

DEAN's DNC Response To Carville

CARVILLE: Dems Won In Spite Of Dean-Who Should Be Replaced By Harold Ford?

Democrats should form Joint "Truman" Committee

Bush’s Chernobyl Economy; hard times are on the way

Barack Obama is left handed....

Check out Reid's hand. Its placement means: Bush, you are PWN3D!

CHARLIE RANGEL TO CHENEY- I'll be needing my office SOON and please take your drapes! LOL!

Turley at Conyer's NSA Hearing: What the President ordered in this case was a crime

Does it bother anyone else that * keeps referring to Nancy Pelosi

IS AMERICA FIXED NOW? Net Neutrality? NSA Spying? Racial Profiling?

Easy way to send email to Senators for paper ballots and audits.

Impeachment myths

MSNBC Live Vote-Do You Believe President * Should Be Impeached?

GAWD I'm Tired Of This Impeachment Fight - So Here Is MY $.02

DU Vets- REeeeeeeeePORT!

I'm the face of the Democratic Underground

What This Proves

Freeptards freaking out over possible HerrReichFieldMarshal indictment

I understand now why ERA failed, unratified in 1982....

How did Republicans ram welfare reform down Clinton's throat? Clinton campaigned

Does our 51 (D)'s count Lieberman in the total?

Our Long National Nightmare Has Just Begun By Ted Rall

A huge Thank You to AutoRank , BradBlog & many others who

Oh God...have the circular firing squads started forming already?

TOONS! Regime Change Edition! (mega-dialup warning)

Republican columnist: Jon Stewart cost us the election (ROFL, Crybaby alert)


Our House Leadership website. I've signed up for updates

2 Days After The Election, War Was Beginning. What Happen?

You so called "moderates" keep spoiling our fun

I know it's crazy, but I think the Min. Wage should be $10 an hour.

Bush Back Into The Arms Of Daddy

Let's have a DU check in

Time to Gut the Pork from Red States

Lawrence Eagleburger has filled Gates' seat in the Iraq Study Group

The Best Day Ever

Jason Alexander On Politically Incorrect

Enron Energy Traders Caught On Tape

Kidstoned Chewable Valium

Allen Concedes

CNN: Congress 2006 Dubious Achievements (03:27)

Cheney first

Ralph Klein roasts Belinda Stronach

It's a Beautiful Day in America!

The trailer the media isn't talking about Dixie Chicks

A (reality based) tourist promotional video for visiting Iraq

Trigger Happy Iraqi Police (what your tax money is going to train)

A little something for the Sweet Preachers out there

Policeman runs over suspect

Nancy Pelosi - Election Night Victory Speech

Iraq Police Shoot Crowd (kill and wound many)

Webb declares victory. ..VA helps turn America blue.

You Got Away With It

Why We Fight (from John Conyers' blog)

Rumsfeld gives the middle finger to questioner

Sen Durbin @ Senate Majority Victory News Conference

We are the Champions

WHAT BARRY SAYS - PNAC by The Knife Party

Seriously - Mother In Park

Your Typical Freeper On C-Span

SNL: President Gore Delivers SOTU ("Alternate Reality")

The Morning After...ode to the GOP

George Bush - One Finger Victory Salute

We Will Rock You

Another Great Toon

For the record

Will the possible future SecDef Gates be confirmed by Dems?

It's amazing that Dems hold the 3 most important state/federal office in Montana

Tell Senator Elect McCaskill NOT To Confirm John Bolton

"We are the patriots!"

It Just Occurred to Me: For the 2008 Election,

Ah, why are we posting about Freeper thoughts?

I was wrong

Send a Message Early: Block the Gates Confirmation

RNC chairman a closet 'gay,' charges Bill Maher

Nevada: send us your rejected Republicans ....and your nukes ...

From Verified Voting: Election Audit Observers are Needed

Dobson- 'They just don't get it' is why republicans lost

Lieberman's Opposition in 2000 and 2006 Received the EXACT Amount of Votes

Gas prices and politics - this chart shows it all.

Let's make history - 2008

AP: Boxer pledges shift on global warming policy with new Senate role

Wal-Mart Selling Republiklan Accessories

There'sbeen a lot of postsabout 08. I'mnot sure I WANT a Dem

Pelosi, Rangel, Conyers, Franks, We got them all

Webb called on Pres. to ' publicly denounce" dirty campaign tactics in

New columnist Chuck Norris on Fox tonight...

Republicans may have gambled away the senate

When will Foley resurface?


Her Next Job: First Lady of New York

Toles on George Allen: Another lost cause LOL!

Rice: Democrats won't end Iraq mission (AP)

Molly Ivins: Post-Election Etiquette

Lets keep our eye on the ball: Restore the constitutional rule of law.

the va and flu vaccine

Quick question: Who again, Mr. idiot, is the decider? ----

Clark and Bayh are the only ones who could win the Electoral College

Damn!, Jim Webb is a genuine Progressive: per the Larry King Interview

Our world has changed for the better in a week ... a short list

Robert Gates' confirmation hearing could be very good for us for 08

Brian Lamb played Nancy Pelosi's comments about ethical changes...

Are Democrats going to use the blackmail card against Bushes veto pen?

Bill Press just said that 44% of Latinos voted for republicans last

“What kinda of Repubican are you”? asked Brian Lamb who did

Let's hold our noses and confirm Robert Gates now! Here's why...

Bill Maher: Republicans = Scientologists

I will maintain that GW wanted this to happen..He was at a

Now Lieberman is an independent (silver lining)

Conscience in Connecticut?

Impeachment would be bipartisan

19 yr NH Marine - Went to Iraq in place of a dad - dead after 2 mths there

Pic: Memo to Condi...lighten the "F" up. It's over. Your NeoCon dream is O-V-E-R. Go shoe shopping.

How the GOP hijacked the Congress

Announced Dem Presidential Poll

Who is the congressman that is starting treatment for leukemia? I saw it on the crawl on CNN but ca...

MyDD DemChoice Presidential Straw Poll

The Republican playbook for 2008 is so glaringly obvious

The Little Boy With The Big Blue Vase ( Where is their plan?)

I have this idea that Condoleeza Rice will leave the administration soon.

I've changed my mind about Murtha being Majority Leader

And Will the Press Finally Feel Free to Actually Report the News

"President Bush Open To Suggestions About Iraq" That's the

Bush administration escalates defense of its illegal spy program

Blue Dog Bull$hit

Looking ahead, history tells us that being in the minority and kicked around

Maybe "Johnny Cakes" Bolton can go to N.H. in January & open an antique store with Harriet Miers...

Aspen Times: El Jebel gives electronic voting thumbs down, Delays drove voters away

The last good Republican?

The DU Unity Thread

Marines Get News From Iraqi Host: Rumsfeld's Out. 'Who's Rumsfeld?'

"Gracious" "Work together"

Just in case you were asleep the past 12 years...

Will the Democrats Become Part of the Problem?

I hope that we can now all agree that the "Karl Rove is an evil genius" meme can be

Removal of Rumsfeld Dates Back to Summer- NY TIMES

Democrats snag young voters

Bush is Still Pushing Bolton: Does He Just Not Get It? Still?

Did we get a lot of reports about Denny's wardrobe?

The Republican Message Will Not Play in Peoria!

War protester sues over arrest /CHARLOTTE COUNTY FL

McGovern to meet with Congress on war

2008 Thought Exercise - How to disarm the "one party rule" is bad theme

PM eyes limits on Ottawa's powers

1980: Robert Gates Prevented Iran Hostage Release

Tony Snow: Whitewasher at Work

tammy duckworth defeated but unbowed

Robert Gates = Trojon Horse

Bush wants the Congress to absolve him of any illegal behavior...

Native American voters in Montana helped Tester win

We've won a huge battle but the war is far from over. We beat back

What's happening with Mean Jean Schmidt?

Pelosi Aims to Block Democratic Hawks from Key Posts

Gates was involved in Voting Company

Talk of impeachment illegitimizes any investigations...

Steele will not be new GOPiggie Chair

Today's moment of CNN Zen: "This is probably not what President Bush had in mind"

If Lamar Alexander takes a new job (I didn't get what it was) does

an online survey

Dems must look to 08....of all things to do, Dems must come together

Elections may shift U.S. Iraq war policy

"Elections may shift U.S. Iraq war policy" - ANNE GEARAN, AP

Prime Minister Olmert Warns Against Hasty U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq

SUNDAY'S MTP will not feature any Democrats, Just Pro-War McCain and Lieberman!

The Friday Political Grab Bag

Why Rummy is the New Brownie! (It's the Torture Stupid)

My letter to (my) Sen. Durbin re: Bob Gates:

Our NEW Hispanic Constituency!!!!

Bush's World

Memo to RNC re: George Allen

Impeachment? Let Albatross Georgie Stay In Office

Gates thinks pc virus worse then WMDs

The Final Word on Impeachment?

I think the Bolton nomination is a feint by the White House.

On impeachment

I heard a rumor


The Secret World of Robert Gates

Carville wants to oust Dean as Chairman of the DNC?

Carville is a stupid dick and Dean rules

Charlie Rangel kicks Dick "Go F Yerself" Cheney to the CURB!!!!

The "Blue-ification" of Virginia,.. and related notes.......

Carville wanted Kerry, then he wrote a book calling him a bad candidate

Will Rove get a new Dubya nickname now that the Blossom is off the Turd?

Should've seen these election results coming years ago...

Las Vegas union may be a player in the 2008 race

Unprecedented USW Voter Turnout Effort Highlighted Trade and Economy

NY Times: Half of incoming Democratic freshmen planning on joining the New Democrat Coalition

Its official. Rummy to be charged with war crimes.

The Democratic Left Won This Election But Can't Govern Without Moderates

Anyone who thinks Nancy Pelosi is going to be pushed around is in for

A look at the new leadership in Senate includes committee chairs

Paper: No 'I voted' stickers for Coulter, Foley

Chafee, unsure 'where my place is', may leave GOP

We need to fight the Robert "Trojan Horse" Gates appointment as SOD

I am not angry at the Republicans anymore. Have I lost my mind?

The campaign is OVER -- now show your mettle DUers.

Madison Air America station turning to Fox Sports Channel in 2007

Democrat victory encourages US greens on climate change

GOP looking at Mark Sanford, Gov of SC to run in 2008

CNN just doesn't get it - they talk about "bipartisanship" & then talk about Bolton as if they just

Kenya's Maasai plead for help against global warming

Bill Maher says 'I will name them on Friday' night '. Gays in Republican party.

Bush went from...

Dean's "50 State" Approach

David Sirota: What really happened in Connecticut

In Sarasota County, Fla., 18,000 Votes Disappear

What Is The Story Behind The Democratic Win In '06? (William Chirolas)

From NYTimes: NEP Survey of 2006 Mid-Term Voters: Who They Were

Is Bush turning...?

Sorry, I don't trust anyone who lives with Mary The Lying Snot Matalin

FAIR reports on castle moat filling

A humble suggestion to cartoonists who draw Bu**sh** ...

Troop withdrawal from Iraq

Anyone got one of them black "W" stickers that says "W - Lame Duck President?"

New senator's (Jim Webb D-Virginia) earliest bouts were in Omaha

For all you "Don't give Lieberman anything" folks - DON'T MESS WITH MY JUDICIARY!!!

US training Latin American & Caribbean militias

have you voted? vote now before they pull it

Harry Reid rewards Lieberman??

First Rumsfeld, then Ken Rove Next?

I wonder how the Dixie Chicks are feeling

Who's Who in the New Congress? WaPo

When you're subjected to the voice and views of Marsha Blackburn, its obvious .....

2008 U.S. Senate Races

Congressional Republicans find out where they stand with Bush.

What should we as Democrats do to help insure victory in '08

Should Lieberman caucus with the Republicans?

Ms. Nancy hoists Bush on his own petard...

Can we replace CONDI too?

Election historians, is having so many races so close so long

Exclusive: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

Considering the SENATORS running for PREZ 08, Who's gonna mind our store?

Donald Rumsfeld: The War Crimes Case

Vaya Con Dios, GOP....the Morning After. Wonderful video.

A post of support for Howard Dean. We need to sign it and

Candidate for Republican Leader Promises Confrontation

Dems to appoint corrupt officials?

Tucker is a true Dork!

Dean has a problem keeping his mouth shut...

Last week was a horrible week for rummy

Who are the members of the DNC?

This entire Carville story may be based on hearsay; nonetheless the issue is MOOT.

Lieberman: Call me a Democrat

Is it me or did Bush today look like a rumpled old man?

Jim Webb's doing a GREAT job on Lou Dobbs CNN now!

Is the Republic Party retreating into the South?

Is the DLC taking over the dem party It seems like it...

What happened in Nevada?

About this impeachment hysteria. . .

Do Dems Have a Mandate?

John Tester's conservative agenda?......

ok. regroup. A thread for discussing strategy, or "What do we do NOW"

Houston Emerging as National Testing Ground in Efforts to Halt Spread of Poverty Wage Economy

So, who SHOULD be Secretary of Defense ?

Wow, Just take a look how Kerry and us contributed to our victories!

POLL: What song has been going through your head for the last 3 days?

An Open Letter To George, from Cindy Sheehan:

Urgent! From The Kilroy Campaign

Borat Would Be Proud!

What if General Clark and President Gore both run?

McCain begins his '08 WH bid--and DU maybe unites?

Marines’ Reaction to the News: "Who’s Rumsfeld?"

BBC: Who's looking good for the White House after the mid-terms?

The Case for the Impeachment of Al Gonzales

Gingrich, Romney, McCaine will be the field in '08 for Repubs

A word of thanks to the Founding Fathers.

Hispanic voters punish Republicans in US elections

Now that Dems have the majority - what should our FIRST priority be?

A victory for Wisconsin and then nation. John Gard, the LOSER.

Corporation supporting "free" traders lost really big on Tuesday

Bury the hatchet? Are you shittin me?

When the Host Dies, The Parasite Needs a New Host

08 Will be Gov Dull vs Gov More Dull, because

In Ohio .... Fight Mary Jo Kilroy, Fight ..... count the vote. 1 more seat for us.

87% in MSNBC poll (344970 responses) want Junior impeached. IT'S A MANDATE!

I have a brain cramp already...We just had the biggest win in a generation, and all I am reading

OK, we kicked the ass of Bush, the Republicans, and the Evangelicals. Now it's time for the DNC

Iran war - is it on or off?

Let the People go back to sleep - Impeachment off the table

Just heard some PR person named Lisa Caputo on Hardball.

Political Cartoons

Can't believe no one has posted this yet!!! (Best post-election editorial cartoon)

Let's prove Carville wrong - He's wrong about Dr. Dean

This is all anyone needs to know about James Carville.

More Freeper madness.

Both CNN and MSNBC are now covering the story about replacing Dean at the DNC.

What one or two BIG issues should the Democrats mark for completion?

Dean responds to Carville via Karen Finney of the DNC

Kerry on bringing the troops home, the message of the election

Announcing Run, Russ, Run...Supporting Feingold in 08!

The Last Great MaKKaKa Post: "The Many Rugs of MaKKaKa"

2008 - If Iraq is "off the table" - Edwards looks really good

Ya stays with the one what brung ya to the dance .....

I am dreaming of a Fitzgerald November surprise.

Memo to the Greens: You are irrelevant.

Next Step in fhe 50 State Strategy: Take the Progressive case to the Red States!

Did Carville actually SAY he wanted to see Howard Dean replaced?

A symbolic gesture, $11.07 + $11.09 + 20.06 = $42.22

This window of opportunty isn't open very long

Seriously, who is running the Admin now that all the neocons are running

Who do you support for Majority Leader? Hoyer or Murtha?

Re: Bipartisanship, know your enemy, * is still the same LIAR