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Archives: September 9, 2005

Gulf Oil Disruption and Government Ineptitude

NYT: Macabre Reminder: The Corpse on Union Street

If Louisiana Was Florida

(USA Today) A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina

New Orleans and the Third World

Rush Holt (TPMCafe) - Intelligent Design: It's Not Even Wrong

NYT: New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes


At Rally, Groups Call UC Hurricane Aid Inadequate (CA)

Mainers caught in roadblock (New Brunswick truckers)

Huge enthusiasm for Bushville, DC in Greatest DU post

OC Weekly's Moxley: Regrets: Angry Liberals

The One-Eyed King..from W. Grieder and the Nation

Kyoto benefits 'being missed'

WorldNutDaily: Big Oil's Secret Strategy To Gush Profits Exposed

The crushing cost of the Russian counter-revolution

Arar inquiry shrouded in secrecy

Christophera's core

After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go By Gordon Adams

if you go to any of the cindy sheehan events

A Blast From The Past ! (For the new crowd)

Wouldn't right now be a perfect time for a big break in the case?

Senate rejects governor's choice for DMV head

Join CINDY SHEEHAN In Los Angeles FRIDAY SEPT. 9 (Urgent, Please Pass On!)

Middlesex Dems

Club Passim Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Benefit

Is there a WMV player that works on Mac ? I've downloaded

Simple question from a computer newbie

Was Cindy Sheehan in Columbus today?

John Conyers at Bobfest


So, has Roveco succeeded in securing their base with the new distractions

Repeat of Daily Show from last night on now

Countdown showing rescue and recovery footage.

Speculation? on Nola Survivors my sources

Just heard on MSNBC that two morticians were told by FEMA to expect

C-SPAN: National state of emergency?

What's he gonna do, try to get a cut of that $50 Billion?

OK - I'm confused about Hartmann and AAR

Rep. Ron Paul votes against Katrina relief

Bush*t calls for National day of Pray

Olberman is starting his show off talking about the dead bodies

I understood the other day that

I wish a Democrat would say on T.V.

How deluded are wingers? "Haley Barbour Displays Giuliani Effect"

Michael Moore..."seriously considering" documentary on Katrina...

so abc and/or the nfl just "bleeped" the stones

Rolling Stones on NFL now in PST Kanye ?

C-Span's showing the 20-minute thing with Cheney being told

If the "Buck Stops" at Blanco...

They don't want us to play Blame Game

Please tell me that Bush's historical legacy won't be sugar-coated!

The emporor plays while Rome burns...

Tonight's Daily Show preview

FBI: Hurricane relief Internet scams proliferate

CNN - even Paula's segment is hardcore.

Full Blame Game covereage on KO... with instant replay!

What's happened to/Where is CNN's Jeanne Meserve?

c-span language warning - cheney visit replay starting

As a peace offering to Bush and the FR's I propose we send them

What ARE The Terrorists Saying?


Do FUCK YOURSELF, Mr. Cheney! ------------- ----------- > MP3

How much of this 62 billion authorized by Congress will come up missing?

This guy on Rachel Maddow ON FIRE!

"Governments that prey on their people."

It's not politically correct to ask whether NO should be rebuilt

a truly righteous president & his wife & daughters would be THERE WORKING

Real Story from the inside of NO, very long....

Heads turn as Mexican troops roll into US with aid

KFC and McDonalds blasted in Pakistan. Iraq redux....

"Don't try to equate Tal Afar with any previous operation" (ie, Fallujah)


How much of the billions has just voted for is going to Halliburton?

Why would Ron Paul vote against the $51 Bil package for Katrina survivors?

I'm sure I'm not the first: in re Freeping

So has Bush pretty much covered all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

I Would Have Liked To Have Seen A Lot More Of These Images In Election '04

Reminder - parents of High School Juniors and Seniors & NCLB

Bush Discusses Hurricane Katrina - Day before landfall 08/28

This administration is all about WELFARE for HALLIBURTON

Insane, Homophobic, Freeper Spew - Edition 19,298

New Diaspora has Unintended Consequences for Republicans / Bush

multi-tasking NOLA work

multi-tasking NOLA work

HuffPost: Judith Miller is Bargaining

CNN showing photos of mutilated bodies in New Orleans?

Calling all socialists, greens, social democrats, and commies

Why is the * admin playing politics during a national crisis?

Who else thinks the Crawford Ranch would with a little work,

I Told Off a Freeper Today

There are some churches and schools doing some great things.

Bush calling for a national day of prayer.

How did Bush know that the levees weren't attacked by Al Queda?

Need the worst and most violent quotes of the extreme right

15 Characteristics of a dysfunctional church (or administration)

What the "they didn't leave, so it's their fault crowd" really mean

I just read an intelligent essay that I will pass on

Jazz funerals in protest

Tom Delay was indicted today??? Did I hear Rachel Maddow correctly?

MSNBC: "I don't want a President who is taking a six week vacation."

Brit TV: "Bush: One of the Worst Disasters to Hit the U.S."

Three FEMA contractors arrested for looting in Plaquemines Parish

Idiot Son LEGACY a toxic soup of poverty, disease, misery and death

I 'm so sick of hearing "It's economics, not race" I call bullshi########

Newest RW "Blame Game" - Enviromentalists (debunked here)

Im having a little Historical Deja VU...

Just wanted all y'all supporters of my Iraq-bound brother to know,...

I Want to See the New Orleans Dead Bodies--Honestly, I Really Do.

Sheesh. MSNBC Subtitle: "Mistakes Were Made!"

The Republicans that I know & talk to have no problem with Bush.

rePUKES trying to merge "inadequate" and "imperfect"

The fact that repukes want to blame nangin means they are willing to eat

David Gregory vs. Puffy McMoonface on KO....anybody catch it?

Did any of you notice that Cheney

I Want More Dems to Speak Up Like Pelosi Just Did

replay of Nancy Pelosi's briefing today on Cspan NOW

The PEOPLE should declare a national day of Accountability -

Nursing home didn't evacuate,video

"Meet the Fo**ers". Anybody who hasn't seen Jon Stewart's

Anyone have information on when more foreign aid will make it here?

Wouldn't it be great of the WH reporters all stood up and walked out

Jesse Jackson coming up on FAUX news - Insannity and Colmes.

This is the "I" administration!

We were promised honor and dignity

Since when is a 300,000 pop. city (Baton Rouge) a "sleepy town"

Record home sales in Baton Rouge. Home up 30% taking advantage

CNN: 'No fear' of homegrown terrorism over Katrina bungling???

Global warming & Katrina: The laws of science don't apply to us, right?

Shep Smith says the "GFY Cheney" guy just got a citation

Why Some Voted Against the Katrina Aid.

Sept 16th: The National Prayer For Impeachment Day.

Bin Laden hunters a step behind

Landrieu says federal government failed to protect American lives

Read this and tell me if your opinion of the media has changed ??

Disaster all around him - Bush hardly notices

Everyone With A digital Camera:

American Library Association Katrina page

Vid Clip--Scott McClellan's Blame Game-Olbermann

Brief timeout from all this hellishness: Buckingham/Nix on WTTW Chicago

Bush "Corrina" Investigation--let's see if I have this right.

FEMA is looking more and more like a slush fund/money laundering operation

Why are so many NG and military pictured just standing around?

Smoking gun: see and hear w EXPLAIN how he massacred all those people!!!

Virtual martial law in the Big Easy

Is there a transcript of Laura and Hurricane "Corrina"?

Harry Reid just appealed to the press to help gain transparency

Keith O Rocks! Pointing out very clearly that the ripping up of W is

YES!!!! It was that dopey photo from AF1 that did Chimpy in!!!

Katrina Invesitgation Complete .....results = "Every Level Failed"

Rachel Naddow (sp?) on AA just said Tom Delay was indicted

Partisan Rancor Accompanies Passage of Disaster Aid Bill

Man walking his groceries home in shopping cart.

So, Fed's plan for a Bioattack is "call your Mayor & wait for the bus"?

The critical reason why Bush/FEMA MUST be the focus of attention NOW!

"Non-citizens admitted to Gold Star Mothers"

So you want to be a Wingnut?

DU this CNN poll: Who was slower? Fed? State? etc.

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

I gotta say that Pelosi ownzed Phillips.

I'd like to congratulate Anderson Cooper's mom, Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper

Aaron Broussard, Judge Subpoenaed In Corruption Probe, August 18, 2005

NG deployment - what say does each state have?

Great! Scarborough is going to discuss "How God could let this happen"

Let all those who perished be laid at the doorstep of Grover Norquist

Brian Williams on TDS. He is really pissed.

Waxman: Katrina relief bill ups govt credit card limit from 15K to 250K

Samantha Bee Rocks!!!!

3000 will benefit from "death tax". 10,000 died in the flood.

Anyone else having a bit of an energy dip tonight? Hoping TDS

Battle of New Orleans, rewritten

Blame Brown not FEMA

A sorta poll on your thoughts regarding the media .....

I think Texas is in for major upheaval

How much of the 62+ Billion dollars will be given to Halliburton?

The media isn't pointing out all the good things happening in MS and LA...

Racist piglet on paula zahn

Olberman has the clip of guy telling Cheney to FO!

Halliburton's KBR unit gets contract to repair Gulf Coast facilities

Gonzales urged lawyers to "interpret the fed law creatively" !!(Katrina)

Anybody listening to TDS?

End a DU double standard

Reformatted my "call to resign" article... should be easier to read

Military recruiters going after Katrina victims already

CNN Breaking, Brown resume discrepency EOM

between the warmongering and the sheer incompetence,

Cheney needs SIX paramedics to go fishing?

One word -- BULLHORN

Historian Douglas Brinkley on Imus this morning.


All those comments by Barbara Bush: She is only saying what

Activists and Writers - Please critique the content of

Five Indictments against TRMPAC, DeLay's group...Reuters...

"Right of Return" for displaced NO Katrina victims. Great read

Billy Graham's son Franklin talking about death

Colon Powell

john edwards on CNN with AaronBrown

CW: Federal Disaster Edition

Unnoticed in the Katrica Coverage - Iraqi US War Death Count

Comparisons of hurricanes.

Was Katrina a message to Bush and shoe girl?

Did anyone Tivo or record Bill O'Lieley during his first show?

My letter to Brian Williams.

Why Didn't Dan Rather Cover Katrina?

Judge Roberts grieves for his mentor Rehnquist.

Cindy Sheehan in LA Friday 9/9! CODEPINK Alert!

Ford sells Hertz

Has anyone ever brought a suit against GWB?

Songs for the DEAF

Bush lifts wage rules for Katrina

today in class- a rant

How many school busses were actually left in New Orleans?

WTF? Bush's exec. order lets Katrina contractors pay below prevailing wage

My nephew joined the Marines today.

Well, Tom Tancredo (R - CO) certainly doesn't mind the "blame game"

What does FEMA stand for???

Let us never forget one thing that I was reminded of tonight.

I found the perfect answer for Repukes who accuse Dems of playing politics

Government Search & Rescue Agencies Reportedly Authorized to Rescue Pets

*'s base is imploding. Evangelical official: minimal progress in Darfur

Mary Landrieu's speech was really moving.

New Riverbend blog...


"Slow-poke-veterans for truth": Impeach Bush!

Olbermann rerun now - showing bodies. Watch if you missed earlier.

Bush allows contractors to pay lower wages to rebuild disaster areas

It is not Bush - it is Republican voters and Republican politicians.

WTF? I just got an auto reply message from the White House...

I'm not the tin foil hat type normally, but this scares the hell out of me

Kiss Lake Pontchartrain goodbye.....

Ultra Tin Foil MIHOP levee rumor

Tony Perkins (R, Insane Fundie) compares FEMA to F-Troop

Minister: Bush must be 'shot down'

The LA. state Homeland security guy will be on Nightline tonight.

Barf alert. Frist on Larry King

Katrina kid in my daughter's class

Is there a central database or something so families can find each other?

Designers: What type of font should you use on bumperstickers?

CNN's Tom Foreman is trashing state and local officials right now.

BBC Is Brilliant

Pardon me if I don't forgive Republicans....

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseker Roll Call

What's going to happen to the guy who cussed out Cheney today?

"GAWD destroyed New Orleans because of the immoral homosexuals!!???"

here it is Folks: the Brown Confirmation Hearing

so is this a sign that the mutiny was real? LA GUARD SOLDIERS HEAD HOME

Oh PLEASE let Bush visit Louisiana the week of the 19th!

Has Rush said anything interesting about Katrina?

My response to a "Don't Blame Bush" email

I retract what I said. It was unfair and unkind

Whoa!! someone's meds have worn off!! Pickles slams Kanye and Dean

Judy's negotiating

Another reason why I hate the GOP - government haults sucessful pd drug

I was listening to Laura Ingraham on the way home just now

The legacy of the Uncivil War haunts the Katrina catastrophe

CNN crawl: Lockdown in Astrodome! Nobody allowed in or out!

Counting down to.......Jon Stewart

Why Aren't We Advocating Being One Race: the HUMAN RACE?

Tomorrow is my birthday, and for my present I want

John Edwards on Arron Brown NOW!

Countdown: Cheney slammed by New Orleans Cop

Microsoft and Katrina : Market-Share

President of FEMA Headquarters Employees Union speaks out

Those bodies were once someones precious children!

anyone seen this? WHOIS search

Scared Southerners buy guns at fast pace...revolution is knocking!

Slide show from a NO resident, before and after Katrina,

How Much More Will We Take? (video)

Deamonte Love - He Held Their Lives in His Tiny Hands

* not admitting mistakes with Katrina downplays the power of the

$200 BILLION in Iraq and Reconstruction could STOP since money GONE!!!

The sky is not as blue

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed: After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go

Another Republican conversion story, if you can stand it! :)

Barbara BUSH's Texas Is No Welfare Paradise

Political designs - what do you think?

Bush** to Pelosi : "What didn't go right?"

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 9

Shrub signed an esecutive order to pay below minimun wage to

As bodies rot in America, I understand they do it in dignity...

To Democratic leaders: It’s The Message Senator!

A huge welcome to all the new DUers who have finally had it with the lies!

Homeowners in Ocala, FL say evacuees aren't welcome

I think we need a Katrina Issues Forum

Homage to nostamj: HURRICANE TOONS - MyPetGoatMyPetGoatMyPetGoat

Black people loot. White people find stuff. The FBI takes "souvenirs"

DU and Race

**Al-CIAda** I'm worried! haven't heard from you since 8/31/05

4000 posts.

Feds so far failing to meet two emergency requests from Blanco

AP: 9/11 Recovery Loans Loosely Managed

National Archives Names Lockheed Martin to Build Archives of the Future

(Calif.) Senate rejects governor's choice for DMV head (D)

Katrina underscores Bush's isolated style

Slain Marine's father leads Atlanta ('small' Anti-Cindy Sheehan) rally

U.S. "war on terror" saves few lives, expert says

Congress Passes $51.8B Katrina Relief Bill

N. Texas absorbing part of wiped-out economy-Military recruiters descending

Judges Question Lack of Prisoner Rights

Fema Director's Online Bio contains false info (CNN, Breaking)

White Supremacist sets up Hurricane Katrina donation websites

(AP) Secret Service investigating student (for Katrina/Shoot * Comments)

(USA Today) A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina

Powell speech 'painful' (said UN speech was 'a blot' on his record)

Cheney, Gonzales Tour Stricken Gulf Coast

(AFP via Yahoo) Vice President Cheney heckled on hurricane tour

Halliburton's KBR unit gets contract to repair Gulf Coast facilities

(Laura Bush) Wife says criticism of Bush 'disgusting'

WP: Senator Landrieu Bears Witness And Bares Emotions

Apparent Hunter S. Thompson suicide note published

Washington man charged for killing 2 sex offenders (Reuters)

NYT: Cost of Recovery Surges, as Do Bids to Join in Effort

Key CIA Clandestine Service Official Retires (no confidence in leadership)

Political Issues Snarled Plans for Troop Aid

CNN: "TIME: FEMA director's online bio contains false info"

Money runs out on U.S. projects in Iraq (major reconstruction halted)

Source says Katrina `expose` [by Michael Moore] considered

California Earthquake Could Be the Next Katrina

AP: Katrina, Aftermath Galvanize Black America

Red Cross: State rebuffed relief efforts

Former secretary of state Powell critical of US response to Katrina

Sharia move in Canada draws anger

In spite of her addledness, Progmom doesn't really have a concussion

WTF, everyone sure made a fuss over the CNN Pelosi /Kyra exchange.

Oswald Jam

In spite of her promises, Progmom doesn't really have a concussion.

The Stones still rock!

First the Stones, then Kayne West

Hey! Lounge guitar fans,

Digital Prayer Wheels

They just censored the Stones at the football game!

Who's watching Prison Break tonight? (It's the frist ep. right?)

Green Day lipsyncing?

Testify! Rage Against The Machine

I've just asked for a Garfield cake for my birthday

Baseball players from hurricane-prone country each donate $50k to relief

Thom Hartman

Ozzy doing "Crazy Train" at the Patriots game now

I met Joseph Wilson tonight

Is Hollywood trying to tell us something?

whoisalhedges' dingo ATE my baby!!!!

Hybrid Car Bumper Stickers, license plates, etc...

whoisalhedges has lost his celebrity status?

Level three polka. Post yours.

I'm glad I'm not a DU celebrity anymore.

Piss. I'm going to bed now.

Breaking: Al Michaels and John Madden to Leave Broadcasting

Anyone else catch the premiere of "Reunion"?

whoisalhedges LOVES to have his name in thread titles

Drum Roll Please.

Feeling BLUE?

Bulworth in 2008!!!!!!!!!

anyone else have a long ass day?

i have tonsilitis...any home remedy recommendations?

A tiny bit Creepy - Anagram of CRONYISM "I CRY MS NO"

Do not post anything to get this thread locked. That's the only rule.

Suggestions for a cheap guitar?

So, who are our DU non-celebrities?

This universe is a gigantic pile of crap.

Let's print "I'm a Republican and I LOVE the blood on my hands!" stickers

Could someone PM me about something?

There is an incredible sunset going on outside my window.

Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Harry Connick Jr in NO?

anyone collecting musical instruments?

Anyone watching The History Channel? The Roman Coliseum?

There's a wikked-kewl sound and light show going on in my appt.

I like level 1/2/3

How about that Sam Jackson and Eugene Levy movie?

"Do you think a black man can be president?"

Is my supper "gross?"

She comes down from Yellow Mountain


Enjoy America's newest destination spot.

Dashboard Confessional

hey pass it on...

Feel free to hijack this thread

Which TV series new season are you looking forward to?

DAMMIT! Now I've got that crazy Fanta commercial stuck in my head!

Milli Vanilli was twice as famous as Terence Trent D'Arby.

Help periodic absentee lounge lizards - summary of key things missed

This Saturday, I am Going To Heaven On Earth

Weezer is on Letterman.

All I know is NE's Corey Dillion better be running his ass of tonight

i want to ______________ myself....

That Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid...

Scumbag, Thy Name Is Tancredo

Do you know me?

Texas Chain Saw President...

Hickeys for everybody!!!!

This is GrandpaZomby, hijacking nini's account again

The DUers We Do Not Appreciate Thread

has anyone heard from Frustrated_Lefty

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world

Post in this thread, and I will respond in two words or fewer.

Rep Pelosi rips Kyra Phillips a new A-hole!

Need to temporarily host a large file for others to download

So seriously, what is a Hollaback girl and why is not desirable to be one?

Angels' Guerrero and Boston's Ortiz donate big money for relief effort

Just had an experience that left me shaking.

How reliant are you on the Internet?

A group hug for all you Loungey types

Interesting car design.


Can we talk about fried Catfish?

Anyone here know of the band, Sugarcult?

So I made a video

I love how Al Michaels and John Madden worship at Randy Moss' altar

Any Pats fans in the Lounge? Or are they all watching the game?

Fuck the republican filth slime - listen to this bullshit

Feeling like a waltz, growing old

Guess this movie's title from the Yahoo description

Level three haiku. Post yours!

We have not had a JimmyJazz appreciation thread in a while.

Great songs in commercials...

my rotten ingrate kid

So I'm watching these 9-11 documentaries,

Raiders Rule! (What's your favorite pro football team?)

a self-serving, pity post (I need a hug)

Landlord Sues Restaurateurs Over Ghosts

What shall we call sundog?

Crap, as if my emtions aren't fucked up already enough tonight


Does anyone feed their pets Kirkland (CostCo brand)?

Voodoo Queens of New Orleans?

What Can The Esoteric Study Of Tarot Do For Us?

DU supporting Republicans?

LTTE: The Lowell Sun 9/8/05

Fuck the haters

I've had it with DKos

Just a quick word to my friends here


OK - So what time is Keith on this Sunday?

But Cheney didn't donate his vacation to Corinna victims

Terror Threat level raised to RED indefinitely

FEMA can't handle food and water, but they CAN handle 25,000 body bags.

This Santorum / Hutchinson CRAP just keeps getting better and better...

Ok, why have they not been impeached yet? How much more...

We all need to watch that 9/11 documentary. We need to do a little

The $52b spending bill is for hurricane Katrina and "other purposes"

Who else loves the DU homepage?

What does Chaney do? Go to his White House homepage, see below

I'm listening about "Brownie's" resume. Where did Chertoff come from

Lawyers out there: Class-action lawsuit: U.S. Taxpayers vs. B*sh Admin?

FEMA sends firefighters to hand out fliers and attend B*sh photo-op

(Very Long Post) Inside NO during and after Katrina.

Compare Lott to DeLay for a moment...

Scarborough on MSNBC turning into a bitch session with shocked GOPS

what happened in the house????? I"m lost!

The Ultimate Reality Show..........

Cutting Medicaid Will Help Hurricane Victims

MUST watch C-Span ...

Landrieu's Speech

Very good Katrina Timeline

The real heroes and sheroes of New Orleans (Must Read!)

Bush's leadership a partisan issue: "Bush can learn on the job"

Ann Coulter alert !

The Sheriffs Dept Called for a Donation

SOLID info on LA Nat'l Guard diversions to Iraq

So, who exactly is blivet going to have fill the vacancies?

amazing videos and links on Katrina

So here's how the defense of Bush gets started...

Solid interview with NBC's Brian Williams on The Daily Show about N.O.

After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go By Gordon Adams

Should We Demand A Bush Apology ala What They Did To...

Why did Cheney need Gonzales with him? While watching The

Pelosi: * Undermines Workers Rights for Livable Wages in Hurricane Areas

Big Dick

Laura Bush SPEAKS: Criticism of Bush 'Disgusting'

Three FEMA contractors arrested for looting in Plaquemines Parish

OMFG I wish I'd written this!

Holy holy shit. must see this...

Can someone from Canada (or one familiar w/ their laws and customs)

New Meme: It was OUR money and YOU spent it...

"Read my lips"...Michael Moore claims NO...$2000...DEBIT...CARDS. None.

CNN just showed horrendous photos of mutilated bodies from Convention Ctr.

Nancy Grace is reaming out the government!!

About Cheney's statement - Must be "A Friend of John"

Lieberman's committee approved "Brownie" on a voice vote in 2002

Could Katrina give Bush his exit strategy?

Bankruptcy Bill Introduced Today & Bobfest (Wi)

If we can't pick up these 11 seats there is something wrong

Presidential Prayer Team's prayers for Bush as he "manages and responds."

The Kerry White House

DU MYTH: Top Democrats are not allowed access to TV interview shows.

SHOULD Dick Cheney go fuck himself?

I Predict: the GOP will force Bush to resign.

Do you think the media has swung a bit to our side ??

NOT blame, ACCUSE...

I told my Republican Mother last night...

George W. Bush is being interviewed by a group of reporters while

National Urban League Calls for "Katrina Victims Bill of Rights"

The Katrina exit / Tending to a home tragedy is reason to leave Iraq

Novak: First, get rid of the lawyers (What Repubs are saying FEMA)

Dispatch from New Orleans (a good read from Slate)

Honor Their Sacrifice (The Nation)

CSM: Where do gas prices go next?

AlterNet: Eight Big Lies About Katrina

AlterNet: It's Accountability Time (Scott Ritter)

Spying on the Protesters (The Nation)

A feeble plan invited failure

Tight Constraints on Pentagon's Freedom Walk - WP

Katrina economic impact limited because of the wealthy

Homeland Insecurity (another FEMA/N.O. article from Sept. 28, 2004 )

Krugman: "Point Those Fingers"


FEMA Nixes Grassroots Radio Sta for Hurric Kat Evacuees

Howard Zinn on Katrina and Iraq (new interview)

Twenty Things We Now Know, Four Years After 9/11

My weekly newspaper column: Blaming the victims

No Longer Invisible [class and race in the U.S.]

With the poor gone, developers are planning to gentrify the city

(Father Greeley)2 deadly sins did Big Easy in

Al Gore - What a man!

Power to the victims of New Orleans

Don't worry about the Big Easy, says one writer:

Jimmy Breslin - Black and White and Wet all Over

Mark Morford: George W. Bush Still Rocks!

(FEMA) A Disaster Waiting to Happen (Great Sept, 28, 2004 Article!)

Blame Game, Race Card ....... Molly Ivins

The Confirmation Process is a Huge Joke

Hughes Is Varnishing the Nation's Tarnish

Central Michigan University professor calls for Bush impeachment

UK Guardian: editorial cartoon

Efforts to rescue Bush's image swamped by criticism in Katrina's wake

A Matter of Priorities

Heads Up Politicians!!!

First lady: Charges that racism slowed aid 'disgusting'

BILL MOYERS 9/11 And The Sport of God

The Nation: Pat Robertson's Katrina Cash

Nat'l Geo. knew; no excuse for ignorance...

Wake Up Call to Media: You can't CARE when you're UNAWARE!

Read and sign: "The Declaraion of New Orleans" petition

Boycott stations that carry Accuweather

The CSPAN activists seek support - 5 minutes/day is all we ask

ATTENTION!! Anyone want to help DU friends wiped out by Katrina?

Take Action: New America Initiative

Call/Email Your Senator, FILIBUSTER EVERYONE

Simple Action, Slash/dot the mainstream media - email Anderson Cooper

Washington events for Sept. 12 - 16

Need help -- something mentioned on Randi's show

Local evening news coverage 9/9- on new projected body count

Air America Radio Buries Sean Hannity in Portland, Poised To Take Over ..

What's the deal with Oprah?

EPA Chief Had Hard Choice in New Orleans

Republicans Eye Expanding U.S. Offshore Drilling

Sun sets over bid for solar program (CA Million Solar Roofs)

Wolf's "beautiful scene"

Mexico Beats Deadline, Stops Using CFCs

License for nuke storage site OK'd

Acetone+30% milage increase?

New hydrogen storage breakthrough

Japan Begins Hunt for 60 Whales

The UN report on Chernobyl, 20 years on: NYT.

Malawi appeal gets 'not a penny'

When the terrorists hit the US from a loading dock housing

Report cites gap in air crew security training

Rice Wants Nations to Send Iran a Message

New disorder in Gaza

U.S. turns down Israeli offer of extensive humanitarian aid

Doctors disagree on death of Arafat

Two demonstrators hurt in Bil'in protest against separation fence

False TV report fueled start of intifada - When pictures lie

This time, peace may be real thing

9/11 a US plot, Islamic newspaper claims

McKinney's 9/11 disclosure project on CSPAN?

VERY TRUE BUT SAD ARTICLE Will George Bush be Impeached? Jihad El Khazen

Debugging The E-vote/Tom Paine/not new/sorry if dupe

My First Date With the Republicans

Optical scan system safest, but gets unfair rap by wrong information.

Urgent Action alert - SB370 - to require audit of paper ballot

49th District - hopefully, we will have a new congressperson soon:

Still hope for equal marriage bill

Bruce Braley events coming up

Report from Braley event

Mass Equity's take on AG Reilly's Approval of New Amendment

Massachusetts State Representative / DSC member deploys to Iraq

From Progressive Talk in Boston: Help fill the van for Katrina victims

Janet Robert continues to censor AAR

I had one of the ultimate activism experiences today

FBI takes Mpls Green Party candidate's computer/Searches home!

Scott Mortensen Makes First Cut for DFA Endorsement! Whoo-hoo!

Who is going to DC for the 24th?

Seems ol' Normie was known as "Norm Coleperson" in law school.

Foxfire Browser won't let me login to DU.

Does anyone know how to repair damaged JPEG files on my HD?

One final dumb question before my reformat...

Windoze Longhorn : Hardware Requirements

Police Use Stun Gun On Girl

Ohio anti-choice law upheld. The Buckeye state: Women keep out.

DeLay - he doesn't get it, does he?

Sabo Collection Center, Houston, could use some help.

Joe Barton voted NO to Katrina disaster relief

Amy Goodman won't make fighting bob fest.....going to NO

Neighbor still drinks the kool-aid

I had the best chimichanga I have ever had in a very long time.

Mike Malloy in River Falls

Racist woman on CNN.... check out the link --->>>>

Bush Campaign 2000 - Talking Points- Bush* Management Skills

Preparing for Ivan a year ago, with mandatory evacuations

Pelosi on C-Span saying bipartisan shmartisan.

I have been trying to get on DU for over 1/2

Time to tie Bush as closely as possible to FEMA Director Brown.

Video of Police Looting...

Landrieu on senate floor (C-Span repeat). n/t

The Office has moved (Michael Moore's webpage)

We were "outed" on the Jimmy Kimmel board!!!!!!!

CNN just reported BROWN lied about his background??

Good article and discussion: Van Jones

Funny name for Brownie: "The Horse Whisperer"

Help - Need timeline data on evacuation

I get panicky when I can't get on DU!!!

two things have become crystal clear in the past two weeks . . .

Hurricane Katrina brings a foretaste of environmental disasters to come

Stories from NOLA

Tsunami Aftermath contains lessons for New Orleans

"Operation: Defend the White House"... "End Socialism in America"

Gulf War III: Why is Blackwater USA patrolling New Orleans with M-16s?

I think gas prices are starting to affect air fares.

Have we heard anything from Benedict XVI

Question : Dennis Hastert opposes rebuilding of NO ?

Let's not forget the Bernard Kerik episode...

Conversation with friend (not a freeper)

ABC: FEMA Employees Union blames Bush

U.S. turns down Israeli offer of extensive humanitarian aid

FEMA's Response to The Historic 2004 Hurricane Season-from April 2005

Did Jeb Bush have to sign off on release papers to allow the federal

Daily Show coming up on Com. Ctrl, 9amCT. Brian Williams. nt

A phd's response to a person who thinks stem cell is murder

What do you think of Sen. Tom Coburn's proposal?

The Kanye West and CNN-Cheney clips

Bush Approval - 39% (AP-Ipsos Poll) Marks 2nd major poll in 30's

Shelters and McDonalds

Hey Dick Cheney...

on the whole, I don't feel any safer with saddam behind bars

** Finally! A diagnosis of the President's brain disorder! **

I'll take small victories when I get them: sister divorced repuke husband.

Please DU This Blog:

Steve Bell cartoon

The letters we SHOULD be writing to Congress

Vietnam pledges $100,000 in Hurricane Katrina aid

Cause of delay: Bush wanted to send troops in under the Insurrection Act!

Trim pork AND rescind "give-aways"

Poll: Most Say Abandon Low-Lying Areas of New Orleans (Bush Approval 39%)

DeForest Bush: Bad Policy is as Bad Policy Does

Great Picture - Bush is Greatest Disaster to hit the US

FEMA reaches out to corporate america for help

nice map showing water depth in different parts of new orleans

Eight Big Lies About Katrina - Excellent, Detailed from Media Matters

Karen Hughes: Ambassadors free to talk -- if they use her talking points!

What did Bush do on 9/11 that was so great?

OK. Say Bush is caught on tape in a Marion Barry type situation.

I refuse to call it INCOMPETENCE

Bushco creates new realties-as left analyzes, Bushco creates new realities

Why couldn't this guy have become our Vice President? - Why?

only parts of NO being evacuated - (parishes up and running)

Compassionate caption needed:


Gov Exec-Homeland Security had power to bypass states in response

Any news on Brownie's false resume?? Broke late last night,

the president is laughing it up at karen hughe's swearing in ceremony

Bush on CNN now -- swearing-in of Karen Hughes

Does anyone have a link to where Mikey Chertoff blamed the victims for...

who am i forgetting in the house of horrors? links to images, please

what motivates those who say silent about atrocities like NOLA

Iraq rebuilding under threat as US runs out of money

Civil Disobedience in DC - 9/11 Build Bushville, DC -

Latest on Ophelia is she'll be a full hurricane by tomorrow evening...

I really think Bush's support is breaking.

Very disturbing Photo...

So what happens to the "Go Fuck yourself-Cheney guy "?

Photo of School Buses NO's



What in the Hell is Karen Hughes and Bush doing on C-SPAN, right now!

DUers! Participate in Bush**'s National Day of Prayer!

If There Were a Coup, Would We Even Hear About It?

Feds won't assure Katrina's illegal immigrants in need won't be arrested

Do You Have a 2006 Gameplan? Here's Mine.

BROOMS-RUGS expected to be in short supply ... new toon 9/9

We Laugh at YOU a lot too Rush, & you wouldn't believe what we've heard

Bush really is a uniter, Americans will be uniting to Impeach, Indict, Imp

Exposed by Katrina, FEMA's flaws were years in making

Applauding The Weather

1895 dead G.I.'s so far, hell the storm killed 10 times that many

A feeling of dread sets in

Anyone remember after Nov. 2nd there was a thread here at DU

Excellent Howard Zinn interview: War is now always a war against civilians

Are there news stories, links about FEMA trying to ban photos of the dead?

Well, I guess we won't be attacking any other countries

Cspan Question

Any video of pickles saying "karina" yet?

Good article by Scott Ritter; Effects of Katrina and Sheehan on MSM & B*Co

It's the same admin that appointed Brown that wants to appoint Roberts

New details about Bushville, DC 9/11 Protest -

DIttoheads, here is a link to the post about the stranded traveler

So funny how the Federal Gov. used to be the source...

(Help) Anyone Here a JAG Attorney ?

NYT's Krugman: "Point Those Fingers"

The madness of King George

Vid Clip-Laura Bush, at School, Gets the Hurricane Name Wrong

Who remembers "Travelgate"?

AFP: Katrina "refugees" get hundreds of millions of dollars "in handouts "

And now for really bad analogies!

Talking Points

Rush Limbaugh Quote from 1992 Regarding the Poor, how UnChristlike

What happened when the ALL HANDS ON DECK was called? has 3,562 visitors 2nd day - Please pass the word

John Stossel defends price gougers and can kiss my ass!!!

Luckovich on Barbara

Command and Control Center for HLS in disaster/attack...

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Brian Williams

Answer to the statement "If this was a white city, they wouldn't do this"

Did repukes blame local NY & D.C. govts. after 9/11?

Today Show: "Brownie" padded his resume

Good planning: If you want them to evacuate, help them take their pets.

Federal workers w/ govt credit cards now have $250,000 limit - CNN

To all the people who still support George Bush

My 200th Post!

just heard on kpoj that Thom Hartman doing a live AAR show on Sunday

A drunken cheerleader hired a intern...

Kanye West Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts

Generous Americans

Looking for a pic or vid

Deciphering the code

I think Media Matters needs its' own...

Next Friday: * 's "Day of Prayer and Remembrance"

Political Appointments - Bush vs Clintion

When people blame Blanco & Nagin, ask them this

FEMA rep re Brown resume.... "oh silly Time..."

Has Alex Chilton (BoxTops lead singer) been found yet?

Has Shrubco secured their base with talking points and distractions?

FEMA's Individual Assistance Programs: Have a close look!

Congressional Democrats show their leadership once again


Thousands of deaths in the Dome in NO - not being reported

Snopes debunks the blaming of Nagin-Blanco

Bush suspends prevailing wage rule; more profits for Halliburton

Cynthia McKinney's House Remarks Sept. 8

Umm, what are all the evacuees living in communal areas

If a place is "Declared a State of Emergency, "

Employment law question:

I don't get this, can you explain about loss in demand for midwest grain

What is this prevailing wage shit all about?

Bushworld is Bizarroworld

Too many too late? Bush's 30,000 troops are "securing" empty streets

Read and sign: "The Declaration of New Orleans" petition

Ray Nagin's Bio

Colin Powell: Critcism about govt emergency response ...

Friday Repug "Oxymoran" - Tight Constraints on Freedom Walk

Rep Baker of Baton Rouge: He sounds racist

Any news from Kanye on the NFL last night? nt.

I hereby coin the term "BUSH MENTALITY"

Our government is getting smaller, right before our eyes!

Prevailing Wage info here:

Karen Hughes Under Sec of State?

Prevailing Wage Thread with Excellent link:

"What's all this I hear about finger painting and the name game?...

Cuba offers model of how to plan for disaster

Under which President have citizens had their guns taken away?

Transcript of New Rules - First one goes right after Bush!

What did * say to Condimelda about Pickles?

bush is a jackbooted thug stepping on the soul of AMERICA.

Have they blamed the "liberal media," yet

Private Security Firms Exempt from Firearm Confiscation in NO

Cspan just said Bush going to Gulf Coast on Sunday-9/11

WTF??? I mean, really.....WTF????

Any suggestions on buying Bill Clinton prints?

Great Picture

Republican, Catholic N.O. native vows to vote Dem next time

The Dictatorship is coming

NY Observer's coverage of "horrific story," GW as Imelda (funny Pg1 image)

Mike Brown's Resume on FindLaw Changed Last Night....

Read email sent to - Over 3,200 site visits on Day 2

* on 9/11 v. * after Katrina


Wife Says Criticism of Bush 'Disgusting'

Where is the front page story

CNN showing images inside the Convention Center

The Bush Presidency: Letting America Drown

DN! piece on FEMA media ban

Why We Fight (Long)

Bush announces a National Day of Prayer.

HELP .. need info

ROFLMAO - look at this pic

The Bush Legacy

Were McKinney's/Paul's comments in the news at all?

The Karen Hughes/ anti-terror event was the beginning...

So, all you have to do to wake up the media is

Be carefull using a debit card at the gas stations.

Remember Blanco doesn't represent anyone except Louisianians

What does 'the least prevailing wages' mean?

I just don't believe this MF. If this is an indication of Karen's first

AP-Ipsos: Bush approval at 39% America Blog

Join Campaign: All New Orleanians MUST be allowed to come home!

How was the levee really destroyed?

With the poor gone, developers are planning to gentrify the city

any word on who the guy was who told cheney to "go fuck yourself"

FINALLY, bush is back to the terror terror terror speech!

New Orleans' Nero (warning - graphic)

Did Karen Hughes really just say she would support his "limits on the

C-Span 2 - Repugs taking the floor and talking about Iraq soldiers

Just got on "Radio Times" with Marty Moss Coane, Phila. Pub Radio talk

Image czar says looting shocks world opinion

You've got to read this

I declare that Grover Norquist, The Hertitage Foundation, The

Does anyone have a link concerning (media related)

Why does my dog run and hide every time bush* speaks?

We're two days away from September 11, right?

Freaks ?? Authenticity of Governor's Ltr to Bush (No Really, THEY DO!)

Vid Clip from yesterday- McKinney on K West, Pres, gets mike cut


Reported Confiscation of All Cameras in N.O.

Bush's BullHorn Moment LIke Groundhog Day

Roundup of recent Earth/Solar events

There was a posting here on DU a day or so ago,

Video: Barb - Hurrican Corrina x 2

"Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans" Army Times article.

Michael Brown - the medal of freedom award?

We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, bu

New letter to the editor. Marie Antoinette strikes again.

Levee work update

The Peak-Oil Crisis: The Storms of August

I Posted this image as I rebuild my website and

"FEMA did a great job"

Why is Pat Robertson's cash cow Operation Blessing a Katrina charity?

Why do you think Blanco and others.............

Michael Brown & all the other officials at FEMA worked to elect Bush!

Sponsors for the "Freedom Walk" Propoganda march

Anybody seen this cartoon?

English Idiom : The pResident doth protest too much, methinks

Gen. Honore, tell the soldiers to stop with the guns!

Searching for failure? Try George W. Bush

Laura Bush on Kanye West - "those remarks were disgusting"

School Uniform Help for children of New Orleans - Please Read

Bush nearly invoked the Insurrection Act?

What's the skinny on the Insurrection Act?

why can't residents whose neighborhoods were never flooded leave?

The Actual Purpose of FEMA

in response to the 9/11 anniversary this sunday

Ltr from John Conyers, RE: Election Reform:

pet peeve: misrepresentations of the size of New Orleans

That map showing (IN RED) the counties in Louisiana that Bush*

Gee, too bad we pissed it all away in Iraq. Sorry, New Orleans!

Daily Pilot: Wearing out welcome (in "The O.C.")

clip of hecker yelling at dick cheney

are there any reporters at the morgue site? counting the trucks,

Free people are free to riot and loot. Isn't that what Rummy said?

Link to petition to fire Brown?

Was it just me or did I hear correctly that Halliburton was given

In combat, soldiers remove their dead from the battlefield even under fire

God "finally cleaned up public housing" in NOLA, Repub Rep jokes.

Look at this.... we had the thread here about

Jeepers Freepers! Who Else Saw The Repugnant Racist On Paula Zahn?

Bush: I am going to get to the bottom of this!

Bush on Vacation!

If Brown's Resume is suspect maybe others should be looked at as well

"The price gougers save lives" - John Stossel: Total Wanker?

They're not going to remove the bodies?

Yesterday's timely disaster assistance, brought to you by Bushco...

The Blood On Bush's Hands

If Scott is not going to say anything....

Need help with an argument

Rate this one HIGH: Bush faces new questions on relief


guy at NO press conf. said they had checked every house/bldg. in NO

HELP!! Louisiana State U disaster Animal Shelter needs help urgently!

Was the S.F. Quake of 1906 On Par or Bigger than Katrina?

So help them, God (CAPTION)

CNN Just in - on air - Brown to oversee Big Picture Vice Adml Allen

All hail Obermann !!!

Uh Uh Uh well uh Brownie...gots some good news and some bad news

Breaking CNN Banner.........

Bush last week: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job" - now back to DC

An incredible pictorial essay of NOLA

"A free nation is a peaceful nation."

Blame Game Scorecard: People 1, BA 0

Brownie, your not doing a heck of a job.

Verrrrrrrry in-ter-est-ting...(CAPTION)

CNN- Breaking: Brown to receive Medal of Freedom

Limbaugh trying to be cute; calls Mayor Nagin "Nayger"

CNN - Vice Admiral Allen will be taking over from Brown

"East of New Orleans... has largely been untouched by anyone"

LIST: FEMA stands for........(come up with some good ones)

Fewer Bodies Than Expected Found in Sweeps -

How Soon Before Katrina Is Deemed "Old News" By The RWNM?

Has anyone ever requested their FBI records?

Damn it. I thought the Rethugs wanted everyone to have a gun?

another question about mayor Nagin

So Bush hires, but does not fire. They are still protecting his ass!

Race card fits Brown, no aid cause th Blacks would riot.. again and again

Chertoff and Brown briefing on CNN in 10 mins

"Dodged a bullet" - I hate to throw cold water on Franken et al...

Casey Sheehan would be giving aid & comfort to people on OUR Gulf

I need search help on info posted here

Thanks to the last 5 years of Bush, I am now a born again agnostic

What happened to level-3 BIOLABS in New Orleans?

Why can't they build some sort of a treatment plant right on the lake to

AP/Ipsos: Bush at 39% approval

Mike Brown Just removed as Dir. of HKRE

Ding Dong: Brown Gone, NEXT!!!!!

"Let the People Rebuild New Orleans"

DU bookmarks question

Why The FUCK Should We STILL Be Paying This FUCKWAD BROWN'S Salary?!?

Canadian reporter witnesses police brutality in NO has camera seized

People, they are trying to change the subject to

When will Bownie be relieved of ALL duties?

But But "Brownie was doing a great job" --- so what happened Mr Bush?

Help me refute this email from my brother

"I know your heart."....??? Anybody else catch that from Kyra?

Is it "Brown" or "Brownie"?

«·´¨******* Hitch a ride to Washington 24th of September! *******¨`·»

Morford Spanks Bush

Who will be the "Jersey Girls" of New Orlean's Katrina catastrophe?

FEMA Chief Relieved of Katrina Duties

FEMA director relieved of hurricane responsibilities


"Brownies' Mission is Accomplished!"

Brown's reward? A "working" vacation!

Brown is NOT gone yet.

Republicans always look on the bright side...

Breaking it down

Are you listening to this shit on CNN?

They changed the message--Mission changed, Bownie just being moved

Chertoff is spinning this like they need Brown in D.C.....

Latest Pictures of Mike Brown just emerging

Help please, Searching for essay written by psychologist in Dallas was on

ABC news at 1:00PM hinting Great Job Brownie may be gone soon.

Forced evacuation video - Found it! enjoy

MSNBC Poll - Should Director Michael Brown be fired?

Bush about to hand out some medals. C-Span 1


AOL poll help needed

It's (semi-) official, the media's not allowed in.

Go, Scotty, Go! Katrina = We're preventing attacks from happening

1/3 of Anti-war tour hits Cleveland on way to D.C.

I'm declaring Sept. 17th National Get Off Your Ass and Do Something Day

What "Time" article left out about Brown's Padded Resume!

Tap Dancing elephant symbol for the GOP

List of people searching survivors Katrina?

Heads Up - White House Daily Briefing - Snotty Scotty goes to bat again

Yesterday, lou dobbs was quite disturbed...

Bush administration snubs Cuban hurricane relief offer

Remember the "Heaven's Gate" cult? Help me remember somthing?

New Talking Point: Biggest Disaster in U.S. History

White House press conference on c-span shortly

Hey Pickles it's DISGUSTING how rich people commit vehicular homicide and

Found Headline-NO dodges bullet

My thought may piss off some here

Has anyone on Air America reported the Al Gore mercy flights?

Crimes Against Humanity

They're grabbing guns and allowing a foreign military to operate under

I've seen the various talking heads' takes on all this Katrina news.......

You can't CARE when you're UNAWARE

O'Reilly...Actually being (somewhat) fair and balanced??

Rightwing Pro-Faux Propaganda Bulk Email & My Response to My Dad

IDEA: If Bush won't resign, let's make him promise that next time,

FEMA representatives - "Show us your tits for emergency rations!"


Damage Control Weekend for the chimp**! He is Heading Back to MS and LA.

Buses were used to pick up people at 12 locations - Prior to storm

What do you think is the WORST thing that Bush has done (as POTUS)?

must read articles

Jesus Punishes southern Baptists--Destroys Churches....

How Reliable Is Brown's Resume? Time Magazine Reveals

Looking for a rebuttal

Just say it CHERTOFF........."We must go on with our lives"

Prediction; Brown to suicide self; media to be blamed.

Ratchet down body count? Says WHO?

Bill Maher article in LA Times

Douglas Brinkley on CSPAN now

Statement FROM RED CROSS WEBSITE about Louisiana efforts

So ironic it hurts: National Preparedness Month

Just in ! NRCC EMAIL: "REMEMBER 911!"...oh, and Katrina too...

*'s Power Struggle with the People.

Skeletor (Chertoff) and Skid Mark (Brownie)


Remember the group of tourists who chartered a bus to escape NO?

Sooo, the man responsible for the worst response to a disaster in history


Will Brownie Resign to "Spend more time with Karen Hughes family",

They are not refugees they are detainees.

Who cares if Brown was sent to DC? He is still taking taxpayers' money

My rant (American Red Cross)

"Let's not play the blame game." ->

CNN: Reid circulating letter for dems to sign demanding Brown be fired

Say, isn't bush HIMSELF utterly unqualified for HIS job TOO?

Chertoff Press Conference now n/t

If *'s numbers are so low, why won't everybody do a class action lawsuit?

Kyra should have stayed shut up

The only thing Bush has ever led is a cheer

When did you first hear that the MSM was blaming The Gov and Mayor of NO

Don't you understand? We don't have until 2008.

This pic says it all

Cindy's on Tom Hartmann right now. n/t

You Do Know Rush is Broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, Don't You?

Displaced Citizens

I saw a big fat guy on the side of the road...I gave him some oxy.

I saw Karl Rove on the side of the road - he was eating flies

I saw a guy with a "W" sticker on his car stranded on the highway...

Paging William Lokey...! Paging William Lokey...!!!

I saw Satan by the side of the road...Bush's limo picked him up.

Rush Limbaugh has been spotted in drag overseas in various gay

A parade for the living, a shrug for the dead

I want Al Gore to be President right now.

The Bushists are going to blame God now?

Strictly for the Furries: LA shelters taking animals (send 'em $$ y'all)

Can we find out the name of the "fuck yourself mr cheney" guy?

Another Compassionate Conservative.

Recalled to D.C.?!?!? What do you have to do to be fired by *?

USA-Today: Bush Responsible For FEMA's Disastrous Failure

GOD DAMN! I just got off the phone with my mother....

I was stranded w/ a Kerry bumper sticker, and so many Republicans stopped

So, WHY do you think Brown is being recalled to DC?

The New York Times once again the framing of record

Obvious Question

We the people

Bush only cares about two kinds of people: "the haves and the have mores"

FAUX slips Up On J LO! Call the FCC!

What is the best way to get stories picked up by media outlets?

What if: Iraqis were "White" and "Christian" ?

need help with rw talking point re: bush wanted fema separate from HLS

Karen Hughes starts her job: Says looters making the US look bad

Let them stay

Bush* sets aside Davis-Bacon and Unions sit on their hands

At least one reporter there has gonads.

Fake dog Tags being handed out at Fake Freedom March


George W. Bush Still Rocks!

It's Friday - Ya Bastids!!!

come join the dicussion on paper ballot/optical scan systems


New Orleans is a great city.


An announcement from the Surgeon General

Chertoff: we must "expect other disasters, natural and man-made"

If this was a game, a new quarterback would be welcome.

"This is not something that should be politicized..."

You're Karl Rove for a day

When this is all over...

I just heard a rumor that Colin Powell is going to give a speech tonight.


Cafferty says Brown is a liar and should be fired.

So they're blaming NWS, NHC and NOAA now? Proof of the budget cuts.

The film of NO evictions should be a call to revolution!

"9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11"

Right Wing groups plan counter protests at September 24th march on DC

I'll probably take a beating for this, but....

Cafferty blasting Brown for lying about his background.

Scotty the liar on C-Span1 NOW!

did Brown need congressional approval?? Freeper in my office wants to know

Do you believe reporters have a duty to report on deaths?

The problem isn't just Brown's inexperience, it's Bush's inexperience.

FEMA turned down our help- update

His Eminence Pope Benedict is pretty right wing.

How did Brown get his job?

e-mail I sent to friends about Roberts, with petition link:

Would it be useful to set up a web-accessible database of dead/missing?

Da Grate Communikator

Jack flat out calls Brown a lyer on CNN just now

Remember 9-11? without question - Remember katrina? count on it!

Chertoff is an eye rolling prick

Are there less cars on the road in your neighborhood?

Katrina: A free teevee ad for Wal Mart

Dear Rush Limbaugh

Join CINDY SHEEHAN In Los Angeles TODAY !!!

A must see doc on tonight!

A "birds-eye" view from the Houston Astrodome

"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans."

Rush Limbaugh is a disgusting pig

Bush: "9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11." nt

Let's DU this Red, Red Oklahoma poll...

Question: If a major earthquake struck the western U.S. tomorrow...

Lies from the WSJ's Henninger: Who Should Call The Cavalry If Katrina Call

Minuteman founder using Hurricane tragedy to fund his racist thugs

Proposal for USS Iowa museum honoring gays in military in works

self delete - duplicate

Hey Limbaugh has company today! My head is going to explode i swear.

Just saw this story on CNN

I am SO paranoid

Joe Lieberman, Mike Brown's confirmation, and resume padding

maybe mikey brown got his JOB the same way jeff gannon got his


Did anyone catch the female truck driver that called the Limbaugh

Bush promotes lethal negligence.

The Brown, non-fired firing

Brown to go home hug wife, eat mexican meal, have margarita,....

I don't know what is going on

The question on everyone's mind, after the FEMA head shuffle...

Our new scripted response to all neocons and apologists.

This starting to look like the takeover of Iraq! Stealing our country!

Tonights lineup on Real Time with Bill Maher

Isn't lying on your resume about your credentials grounds for

Jack is coming up on CNN with your emails. NT.

John Stossel, Hurricane Katrina and Compassionate Libertarianism

Need help with images... NOLA, Iraq

Media Blackout in NOLA?

Do you think this article is racist?

New AP-Ipsos Poll: Bush Approval 39% (THE BOTTOM IS FALLING OUT!)

Need help with * response to Katrina SOE

Sometimes I have to find a way to transend all of this BS

Conservatives are to blame for the unfolding tragedy in the south

Freep on False Resumes: EVERYBODY DOES IT.

Howard Dean coming up on Situation Room, CNN

Dupe-pls. remove.

Tuesday, Aug 30: FEMA activates National Responses Plan to fully

Sojourners: Take the Katrina pledge

The bullshit from Washington needs to stop now.....

Why the action on Brownie? Because of CHENEY, not Bush

Howard Dean interview coming up on CNN (4:30)

TOON: Bushies in a boat in New Orleans

Brookhaven ambulance company defies FEMA orders and heads to Gulf Coast

Outside of the bullshit Enemy of the People Republican

But what about Bush, huh?

How many earthquakes have there been recently?

Just home from work - did Sparky McGriddle have a briefing today?

LOL-The "7 trucks outside the Superdome" talking point (original source)

2 Qs That MUST Be Asked Now That Brownie Got Promoted

ABC has Breaking News banner up: Brown Out

LTTE by my friend, former Southern Baptist pastor and elderly gay man

Dr. Dean coming up next on CNN in the Situation Room. n/t

This is what they (Bush) don't want you to see (not for the squeamish)

SUGGESTION (Pls Recommend and Keep Kicked!)

From Katrina blog: Two rescue dogs have died.

Call/Email Your Senator, FILIBUSTER EVERYONE

CIA leak probe may be nearing end

Yea, Middle Eastern Democracy. Mubarak declared winner in Egypt.

St. Bernard's animals desperately need rescue; please pass on ...

United States of Arrogance (this says it all - cartoon)

Bush gives present to workers

Interesting article New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize

Who else is really f-ing angry today?

So where is the rest of the $51 billion going?

Question Re: Roberts and Katrina

Heard the hunger strike in Gitmo is on its 2nd month

My freeper relatives agree Bush has a disconnect with the poor.

Run in with a rethuglican jackass...(long)

Howard Dean, up next on the CNN Situation Room.

White House version of Brownie's dismissal from CNN's Dana Bash

Photographer roughed up, cameras taken by NOLA cops

Want to see a useful idiot in denial?

Is there a doctor in the house? Dean coming up on Blitzer!

Please DU This AOL Poll! Michael Brown & Responsibility!!!

Second most shocking comment on the hurricane

Gotta love Cafferty

What have we learned this week?

NO Pet rescue contact info: contact TODAY Sept 9 to give permission to

OK you old rock 'n rollers....

When Tsunami hit Bush dropped food the second day...!

Krauthammer: Blaming Bush is like burning witches, killing jews (dupe)

Dr. Ben Marble, the guy who told Cheney to go Cheney himself

the "F"-word network

The "F" word network

"Brown is being assigned to other disasters!"

Dallas city mayor taking over relief/aid for NO citizens

DeLay to evacuees: 'Is this kind of fun?'

New Orleans - 80% evacuated before Katrina hit

Missing From the Katrina Dialogue

is there any streaming link to the solidarity concert ?

Blanco - what did she do right and wrong?

troops and martial law

Dean was great. No BS...just the facts, nothing but the facts.

Those of you who the "Social Welfare Is to blame letter" I debunk it here

POS Brown going home to walk his dog and have a drink

FEMA Dir. Brown to go to Washington to oversee the big picture.

A thank you to Gen. Honore, Adm. Allen & troops

Forced Evacuations will be Bush's WACO

Bush can label any of us "enemy combatants" and imprison us

The news reporter on AAR

The alternative FEMA rap... butt hole republican whore...

$500 Million in donations reported by Red Cross

Anybody else think a lot of those fires in NO are purposely set by owners

the political levees protecting bush have broken

Doesn it feel good not to hear about Iraq war? Even better if it was over!


Tom DeLay to evacuees: 'Is this kind of fun?'

After Sept. 11th a co-worker arranged a prayer session in our department

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Hurricane Aftermath and Justice At Peace

Randi just had a fantastic line on AAR

An environmentally friendly president would have

Regarding those two photos of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Poll: By what Magnitude will the Busheviks suppress the NO dead count?

Convicted Sex Offender Charged with Elderly Woman's rape

Have you met anyone who will vote for a Dem in '08 to stop withdrawal?

Dean...."the president was not informed".

Letter to Conservatives: How Fema handled Hurricane Charley Vs. Katrina


So long 6th Amendment!

Is Brown firing 1st time Bush didn't get his way?

Brown falsified job ap -- so, B* has no accountability for not checking?


Cafferty: The F WORD NETWORK?

There is no doubt that New Orleans will be rebuilt, but


Brown move fails to convince

Will America demand an independent investigation?

Empty gesture, empty words.

Louisiana National Guard soldiers return home from Iraq

Worst disaster to hit the U.S.

Brown knows nothing about disaster preparedness, but....

Caption this

Vid Clip- Brownie

Pigs Flying Fat Lady Warming Up!!!

Self Deleted..too risky..I'll repost when confirmed

"Brownie, yer doin' a heck of a job!" I think I'm going to start saying...

Can we now see how 1930's Germany slipped away...

Do you think Bush would appoint Brownie to the supreme court?

Letter from my RW relative... debunk at will

I firmly believe that Bush and Brown are capable of handling Katrina

INCREDIBLE Katrina Storm Surge video from Gulfport!

Repub Announcement: Now that we get all our low-wage unskilled labor

An open letter to Mayor Nagin regarding rescuing pets in NO

Anyone find Bush's remarks about Brown's qualifications when he appointed

No Comment

Wolf has developed quite the "helicopter" fascination, has he not?

Has Juan Williams ever not sucked?

"Freedom Walk" has no freedom for press, easy arrest.

How do you get your State representatives to listen to you?

OK, so now, who is going to fire Chertoff? Just asking. n/t


Post Katrina Employment

How should we respond to: "It's the governor's fault"?

My letter to WBAP, ABC, NAACP, and FCC regarding Rush

This picture

I missed Kanye on Oprah, What did he say?

FEMA responds to slow response, Cuts rap single

Conversation with winger (paraphrased)

Will the Katrina survivors be able to sue the government

"The people will rise up in 20 years"

Photo: 'FEMA hung up me'

How do I post music I have on my computer?

Bush: "One of the worst disasters to hit US"

Democrats and Media - Bush's Job/Security Confirmation Pattern

bush is a damn no good bastard power and control freak.

Reminder about tonight - Shelter from the Storm

Question about bus drivers license. CDL's and the S & P endorsements?

Just Announced on Atlanta news

Republicans Still Plan to Cut Medicaid, Food Stamps and Other Benefits

Who will be allowed BACK IN New Orleans?

Sad sad news: Dallas News Video of dogs being shot by St, Bernard parrish

Randi just called Rush Limbaugh a "Fat, nazi bastard," for

Randi talking about RW talking points this weekend....

Contact info for Reichwing maggot Baker 'God took care of N.O. housing'

When else has an ENTIRE MAJOR American city had to fully evacuate?

ABC News to talk about FEMA/Pat Robertson Charities

Air Am. New Syndication Div., Hartmann 1st Offering,more weekend programs

Think of all the future generations chimp has destroyed w/ slow response

Efforts continue to find missing children

Penguins evacuated

Has anyone here reported Brownie saying he doesn't know why

NOLA Residents should rebuild the City if they choose, and should be paid

Words That Will Live In Infamy....

"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans" - Rep. Baker , LA

Swedish plane full with aid waiting since 6 days for an US order

new poll to unfreep

Ebay link to "go fuck yourself" video

Photo of Poppy and Shrub on Vacation >>>>>>>PHOTO>>>>

What the hell is Sludge talking about West being booed?


!?!?!?!?Glenn Beck Fri: discussing end times in long interview with T.Ice

ha! they're showing "Volcano" on AMC

troll cleanup needed in aisle 3!!

WNBC: FEMA to scrap $2K debit cards

New Orleans: "Gracious homes are mostly intact and powered by generators."

What if on 09/11/01, the terrorists had "missed" their targets

1st person account of NOLA: Everybody helped

Announcing Jeeni Criscenzo's campaign in CA-49:

FEMA just scrapped their debit card plan

Bush Administration Wins Appeal on Padilla

Bush Suspends Pay Act In Areas Hit by Storm

Is It Revenge of the Freeper Night?




Did anyone see ABC news Tonight

So CNN is taking the gov. to court over showing dead bodies?

CNN just filed suit to protect their right to cover anything in the rescue

QUESTION: What can Brown do for you?

I need help in regards to buses in N.O.

Jon Stewart on The Arabian Horse Commissioner "Well it's a change

Looking for Any Info ... the Garlott Family..of Biloxi..

Freepers:Katrina proved compassionate conservatism is a lie!

M. e. Cohen Toon

Questions about Brownie's recall

Who is the Bushbot on PBS Newshour right now?

Kanye remixed: "George Bush Don't Like Black People"

Guy who said F*CK YOU Cheney - whole story and video on EBAY

Who cares where the buses were?

This whole debacle of zero govt. accountability

Help me Slash Dot the Media, Easy Action Alert


Krauthammer: Blaming Katrina disaster on Bush policies is like burning wit

Sign this bill NOW - Impeach BUSH - already over 25,000 signatures

The 32 patients that were abandoned in the Nursing

PhotoFreeway Katrina Website someone posted yesterday

Some good news: LA Wildlife and Fisheries NOT shooting dogs


There needs to be a reconstruction brigade organized

bush Links Katrina to 9/11.....of course

What kind of permits do protests require in other cities...

Will someone PLEASE tell Brown another hurricaine is on the way

Ret. Lt. Col. and Bush supporter blames Bush for failure, good video

Natural gas to possibly go up 71%

Guy who f***ed Cheney Lost his Home in Katrina, Detained, Cuffed

Judge Rules Against the U.S. in Patriot Act Case

The Katrina concert question

VIDEO: Pets being executed - **GRAPHIC** - DALLAS NEWS

George Bush won him some political capital in 2004.

eBay nixes expletive-laced Cheney video auction...

bwaaahahha, chris matthews just opened his show with Brownie's quote

Democrats will tell Bush what to do.

Dean kicked @ss today. How long 'til DLCers distance themselves? nt

I have a favor to ask. How many of you have attended the Bring Them Home


"Mr. Cheney, Go Home" (photo from NO)

Origin of the Project for a New American Century:

People don't seem to like the $2k debit card idea

I dont understand how Blanco turning over power would exonerate Bush

Thoughts about CNN

received notice some hurricane survivors are moving into my apt complex

NPR's ATC: Walmart prepared for natural disasters 3 MONTHS AGO

Lawyers! Please tell us what you know about the 'Insurrection Act '

They have a little sumpin to say about Colin Powell

Sack Brown! Appoint Chalabi!!!

(pic) W links 9/11 to Hurricane recovery OOOH SHINY THING!!!

I sleep well at night, just knowing that the president is protecting us

Have the Jersey Girls made any comments in the media about FEMA

Bush-- One of our worst disasters! (funny pic)

Nighttime On The City Of New Orleans

Can we please settle "the buses" question once and for all?

"The President decided this and he decided that"

Who was it yesterday posted Brown would step down today?

NRC approves Private High Level NUCLEAR Waste Storage!

Honore: No embed reporters allowed in recovery operation.

You people here at DU are lacking one important thing

Malloy Clip - Good News From New Orleans

Brown: I'm going to get a "stiff margarita, good Mexican meal, sleep"

Blitzkrieg of Outrages: The pResidency of George W. Bush

Miles Obrien on CNN said the Katrina victims have to sign a waiver to...

Just like roaches, the bigots come out at night

What was 'Brownie' actually expected to DO at FEMA?

A little help please - DO NOT CALL LIST

Psychological torture in Astrodome--Dr. Phil there again.

A question to ask your rep or senate person when you call in

Military recruiting among evacuees for Iraq!

Cafferty question: "How much importance should be put on rescuing pets?"

I Just Got Stomped on By Midwestern Republicans

Associated Press/Ipsos poll fianlly has Nero below 40% approval,

Most returning LA Natl Guard lost everyting to Hurricane Katrina

'I will leave when I am dead' - video on CNN re the Holdouts - a good

· Kick-Off of 1st "America Supports You Freedom Walk" (10am) - LIVE

My Response to a letter from my freeper uncle (welfare is to blame for NO)

So much for that commie bastard Norman Rockwell....

AP wire: Brown doesn't know why he was removed

Mexican Marines Storming the Beaches of Mississippi

LOL, they are going to have a 20 sec delay in tonight

Why does Bush want to pay recovery workers less than prevailing wage?

Is That The Hoof Beats Of the Four Horsemen I Hear Thundering In?

Should the people still in NO be allowed to stay even if it's dangerous

Some simple questions reporters should be asking Scott McClellan and...

A compilation of stupid, insensitive quotes by Repubs re: Katrina disaster

ABC News Tonite reporting on 'Operation Blessing'

Digby TRASHS Tweety Matthews in "Waiting for Big Foot!" Unbelievable!

Wingnut Blames NO Police for Confiscating Guns

DeLay to evacuees: Isn't this fun?

Karen Hughes - A comment

I love it that the carTOONists have picked up Ma Bush's comment

The next time I hear a freeptard talk about "liberal Hollywood"...

Katrina overview. Events leading upto August 29, 2005

people saw loose barge hit levee and break it

anyone have a collection of Republican "leader" quotes on Katrina?

Can someone explain something to me?

Re: Bush--If any man have an ear, let him hear.

A remarkable CNN Homepage lead .... No comment required.

Eight Big Lies About Katrina

Physician who told Cheney to go F*ck Himself Lost his Home in Katrina,

My First Date With the Republicans

Another pic of Bush hard at work in the disaster areas:

Bumperstickers seen on a Repub's SUV. OMG!

MSNBC LIVE VOTE - Brownie Relieved Of His Katrina Duties: is it enough?

Powell grovels in front of the world

CNN weather guy just noted that Ophelia may be headed toward....

Kyra Phillips showing yesterday's Nancy Pelosi interview on CNN now

The Rapture Index - "fasten your seatbelt"

Kelly Carlson (celebrity) - about Kayne West's comments

Vid Clip-Cheney's Bad Day at Gulfport

Sign this PETITION!! Hold them accountable!

Brian Williams, I bow in your general direction

Spider Robinson's essay: "Carry On, Singing."

Pat Robertson - Operation Blessing - on FEMA website

Santorium blames National Weather Service for Katrina Damage

Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans has stopped all animal rescue!

NPR-ATC - aired "Katrina Timeline Unexecuted plans - Shocking!

What? No one's posted it yet? From Malloy t'nite: An intervention letter

"90 percent of refugee's can get jobs now," my sister said this at dinner

Is my friend a semi-freeper?

Tons of Anti-Bush Musicians on every channel tonight? Who do I thank?

Was Rome a Republican Utopia?

Has the Bush Administration Radicalized you?

New Qualification for All Future Govt. Jobs: You MUST BE QUALIFIED

Why didn't Bush return to DC on Aug 28th?

Dean coming up! (CNN) nt

Repugs want Landrieu prosecuted for "threat against the President"

Need T shirt, bumper sticker: "Dr. Ben Marble: What he said."

Cafferty just said that Gen. Honore is going to help get pets out of NO,

Just when you thought your job was jeopardized, or really stunk......

Katrina Help Wiki - Share & Learn - Personal Stories Forum Now Live

Physician who told off Cheney lost home in Katrina, detained, selling vide

Rush Limbaugh, America's Anchorman.

This Oliphant cartoon says the whole thing.

I got my first hate mail!

George W. Bush on night of 9/11 "THAT'S RIGHT-- WE GOT A LAUGH OUT OF IT!"

An idea for helping our DU friends wiped out by Katrina

Dogs are being shot by some, Blast to Media!

George Bush Still ROCKS!!!

4 years of FAILURE to get Bin Laden & they're having a Parade?

Great Dr. Dean interview archived at


What's up Lou Dobb's ass? What a jerk

FREEPERS, READ THIS....Police Begin Seizing Guns of Civilians

They are stealing our country!

Media blast needed for the citizens of Moss Point, Mississippi!

KATRINA: Audio, Video & Image Archive - add your thoughts 4 the record!

Ex-Secretary of State Powell slams US storm effort

I support mandatory voting

Why So Many People Did Not Evacuate

Anyone else troubled by the 4th Judicial Circuit ruling today?


FEMA's Hurricane Pam Exercise 2004: Perfect preparation!

A Stench: Mobile Morgues, Brown, Funeralgate, FEMA - a Cover-up?

The question of evacuating/rescuing pets

You know damn well Brown didn't "pad" his resume. Rove did it!!

OMG!! CNN has filed suit! They've filed suit!

New Orleans Animal Rescue in Peril! Help needed!

I saw a guy with a "W" sticker stranded on the road today. I ran him over.

How long can the judge wait to make a decision on the torture photos case?

The school buses are IRRELEVANT. Here's why.

I heard the spray paint through the wall

Rep Davis & Waxman Letter to Chertoff -- something you all must read.

Please folks can we stop with the threads

an account from News Orleans

Holy Shit! Listen to Kanye West's new song: George Bush Doesn't Like Black

Thanks to all who have helped with PeopleFinder

BOOK TV Schedule September 10-12

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath Video Collection Pt1

Who would you select to lead an independent investigation of Katrina?

Rush Limbaugh has a history of hiring male prostitutes

Open letter to Gov. Dean. Now is the time.

The Song You Have GOT TO HEAR! ("George Bush Doesn't Like Black People")

NPR Reports: GW to Blanco"I'll send in the troops if you answer to the WH"

MOTIVATIONAL POSTER: compassionate cons in New Orleans (GRAPHIC!)

The Skinny on Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing & Katrina Cash

Shapshot from bush's America: Dogs Eating the Dead...(graphic)

I'll betcha Brown resigns or is fired tomorrow. Whaddya wanna bet?

Alright! Snowe, Kerry get congressional investigation of WH's 9/11 loans

Media blast: PLEASE help prevent shooting of animals (72-hr. warning)!

Does anyone use Kitchen Bouquet, and why?

NYSE halts Huntingdon listing at last minute

Lancet attacks its owner over promotion of arms trade

Harold Evans: Hurricane Katrina in historical context - Hoover, Coolidge

Anyone else excited about the new look Berliner Guardian on Monday?

NYT: Some in Senate Seek to Change Mercury (emissions) Rule

NYT: F.D.A. Panel Endorses Inhaled Form of Insulin

"Senators press Bush on hurricane relief czar"

Katrina economic impact limited because of the wealthy

Ex-sugar cane cutters take pay fight to U.S. court

Soldier acquitted in detainee's beating

Three FEMA contractors arrested for looting in Plaquemines Parish

Report: FEMA chieffs bio overstates experience

Thousands of deaths in the Dome in NO - not being reported

Political Issues Snarled Plans for Troop Aid (NYT)

Powerful quake recorded off PNG

WP: Leaders Lacking Disaster Experience

Congress Faults Nuclear Deal With India

FEMA leaders lack disaster experience

GOP to seek eavesdropping money from insurer Sept. 22

Miss. Residents Say Health Warning Lacking

Homeless NBA team checks on LV's interest

former high-ranking deputy in the DC Office of Inspector General indicted

Rescuer on Las Vegas respite can't escape 'night sweats'

Bush suspends minimum wage

BuzzFlash: Bush suffers in polls post-Katrina approval rating 40%

Reid criticizes amount, direction of relief funds

Katrina Sparks Review of Federal Response

CNN "Bush signs excutive order that allows contractors to pay less $ to

Republicans Eye Expanding U.S. Offshore Drilling

Katrina Telethon (w/Kanye, Dixie Chicks & Neil Young) Won't Be Censored

FEMA reaches out to corporate america for help

BBC: Powell criticizes storm response (criticism "heartbreaking" to * )

Fearing deportation, illegal immigrants avoid hurricane help

LAT: Schwarzenegger Vows to Veto (illegal immigrant) Driver's License Bill

Feds stop short in assurances for illegal immigrants (Katrina victims)

LAT: Demand for Fuel Seems to Be Falling

Audit Examines Links Between Campaign Contributions, Tax Cases

Charge against former Halliburton CFO dismissed

Police Use Stun Gun On Girl

Yankees donate $1M to Salvation Army

US court upholds enemy combatant's detention

Hughes Is Varnishing the Nation's Tarnish

Appeals court rules egg donor in surrogate case has parental rights

British troops close down Iraq airport (have not been paid)

Storm rages over Katrina relief chief

Karen Hughes says New Orleans looting will tarnish American image abroad

Retrial for SA's 'Doctor Death'

US raids on Iraq 'insurgent town'

U.S. Names 5 Firms to Build Housing

$51B in aid, but it's bottled up

NATO to scramble ships, planes for Katrina aid

Nicaraguans warned against coup

U.S. indicts man who threw bomb at Bush, -this is barely being reported

Former Malaysian PM calls Britain 'state terrorist'

"N.H. Dem blasts storm response"

Doctors disagree on death of Arafat

Inquiry agents face US vetting

Bush Administration Wins Appeals Court Ruling on Padilla Case

Cherie chides Muslims over women's rights

AP: New Orleans’ last unclaimed baby with mother

Review Criticizes Pentagon Over Base Plan

TV images keep heat on Bush

White House press conference on c-span shortly

clip of hecker yelling at dick cheney

Berger Is Fined For Smuggling Classified Papers (in vest pocket of suit)

Cops Set to Forcibly Clear Out New Orleans

National Guardsmen Return Home From Iraq to Ravaged Louisiana

Republicans Eye Expanding US Offshore Drilling

Now on dry land, evacuees spurn cruise berths

Baghdad airport closed in row over unpaid bills

Bush Suspends Pay Act In Areas Hit by Storm(Highway labor less than 9.26/h

Key Official In Clandestine Service of CIA To Retire

UT Peace Display Vandalized

ABC news at 1:00PM hinting Great Job Brownie may be gone soon.

Political Issues Snarled Plans for Military Help After Hurricane

Breaking: ABC News -- Brown out soon

MSNBC saying Brown being removed, no link yet. AP

9/11 a US plot, (Aussie islamic) newspaper claims

AP: FEMA Chief Michael Brown Removed From Katrina Duties

MSNBC - Brown Out

MSNBC - FEMA Chief relieved of his duties!

FEMA chief relieved of Katrina duties

FEMA Director to Be Out Soon, Sources Say

US appeals court upholds Padilla detention

Iraqi: U.S. Troops Not Needed in 2 Years

"Freedom March" Will Be Fenced In, Require Prereg (Washington Post)

Variety: Murdoch On a Roll (buying web properties)

Iraq's draft constitution ammended to meet Arab demands

NO Pet rescue contact info: contact TODAY Sept 9 to give permission to

Physician who told Cheney to go F*ck Himself Lost his Home in Katrina,

Greenspan's Last Day Likely Jan. 31, 2006

Stop this sad news:Dallas News Video of some dogs being shot by St Bernard

Venezuelan Authorities Seize Idle Heinz Ketchup Plant

Ex-KKK Leader Killen Back in Jail

New Orleans now secure - city attorney (wants businesses open in 7 days?)

Canada and China sign strategic partnership, discuss human rights

U.S. turns down Israeli offer of extensive humanitarian aid

Pelosi Statement on Removal of Michael Brown

Guantanamo (hunger) strike in second month

Gore Helps Airlift (270 Katrina evacuees on two private charters)

FEMA and Katrina: REX-84 Revisited

New Orleans death toll may not be "catastrophic"

Now, even a bank slams workfare (from Canada. This is GREAT stuff)

Chilean ruling coalition set to win December election

Conservative Groups Plan Pro-Troops Events (9/24; FR mentioned)

FEMA to halt debit cards, use bank deposit

Louisiana National Guard soldiers return home from Iraq (not a sick joke)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 9 September

Cindy Sheehan arrives in San Francisco; meets with Feinstein staff

Gore Helps Airlift New Orleans Victims

Method on Ap-Ipsos Poll on Katrina (Bush Approval Falls To 39%)

Officials: Guard Deployment Hurt Response

East Texans Sound Off On Church Sign

Pentagon's Freedom Walk? Really tight constraints & hardly freedom

Spokane diocese's appeal inflames victims (Religious law ignored?)

Republican Laffey enters Senate race against Chafee

New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes (incl leg reg)

GOP moves ahead with spending-cut plans(Programs for the Poor & Disabled)

Hurricane Simulation Predicted 61,290 Dead

Dalai Lama Donates to Katrina Relief Fund

Bush lifts wage rules for Katrina

AP: Bush links hurricane, Sept. 11 attacks

Klansman's bail revoked in 'Mississippi Burning' case

FEMA Chief Relieved of Katrina Duties

Poll: Most Say Abandon Flooded New Orleans

UPI: Cops Trapped Survivors in New Orleans

Philly radio host calls hurricane survivors "scumbags"

Tortoises buried alive by builders prompt outcry among S. Florida resident

"The politics of failure have failed. We need to make them work again."

Ok - now THAT sucked. Where did DU go?

I'm shaking!! Damn it! DU went down!! But I'm getting better!!

Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is now available

Every dog lover should watch this video......Katrina related...

I'm furious at my fortune cookie!!!

OMG - I have way too many socks

Le Bron James went out today and bought

Hooray! There be Avatars here!!!

Major Announcement: Crewleader is in the building!

lice! my wife's effing co-worker's kid has lice, she came to work w/ lice

I am listening to Carole King's cd The Living Room Tour, I needed to

Quantum Leap

Whatever happened to the Robert Cray Band

Confession time - Who Broke DU???

Damn!...US Open coverage and now Hootie & the Blowfish....

Any "The Pretender" fans, the first year DVD's are out. Jared you were

Woman, take me in your arms..... Rock your baby

Funniest Amazon Book Review Ever - You gotta read this

Is anyone else so sapped of energy that the snark is sucked right out?

I am almost ready to get another cat

Is cheese food what they feed baby cheeses?

The KitchenWitch Appreciation Thread

Since Rudy Giuliani is such a disaster expert, why wasn't he in NO

Mr KW and I were talking about the hurricane and the response

Robin Meade

Let this be a warning to you!

Can you lovely people answer a question for me?

Broom and Rug Shortages expected... new toon 9/9

Can't sleep - one of those "world on shoulders" nights, bummer :(

Picture of Pink wearing a lovely t-shirt.

My 484th post! How do I rule? Let me count the ways.

Today's ZINGS!

People of New Orleans (with apologies & credit to Goodman, Guthrie et al)

Japan Will Move Entire Country Ahead - By One Second

George Bush Don't Like Black People

Man Reports Stolen Safe - Police Find It (Along With The Marijuana Inside)

Going into GD?

A spider is invading Mozambique!!!!!!

I know who is really to blame for the Katrina mess...

The Dada Detective

I am almost ready to get another peanut butter and jelly sandwich

A little Friday morning humor.

Colin Powell interview w/ Barbara Walters.

LTTE by my friend, a former Southern Baptist pastor and elderly gay man

My dad was just rushed to the hospital...good vibes please

Does anyone know of song that has this line or one similiar....

I just found a gun.

Yay! I get to go home soon.

Happy birthday to ME!! :)

The official Flame Fest Fantasy Football Thread

What was a bigger disaster for the US, other than Katrina?

I'm listening to Jethro Tull - all is right with the world

Jeezus Christ on a hot buttered bagel - Bush just never quits, does he?

Anyone need an earworm?

John Bolton doesn't give a damn about black people either

JimmyJazz & Joan_A's real birthdays are actually Sept 23rd......

Eight big lies About Katrina

1600 posts to go, 20 days to the anniversary.

Happy five-year anniversary, KitchenWitch and Mr. KitchenWitch!

Poll, just because I can now!

Kayne West - What's a good song?

never mind deleted

Solar-Powered Video Tombstones Coming To A Cemetary Near You

So, lemme get this straight

Habeneros fresh off the bush!

Coffee flavors run WAY amuck...

This has to be one (if not the best "Come-back") I have ever heard.

Skinner sprints to second consecutive Trucks win!

Bush is a lying, cheating, stealing, unforgivable son of a skunk.

Most improbable gig you've heard ascribed to God?

Pet Monkey Escapes - Bites Boy On His ASS

Paris Hilton turns happy homemaker: Vanity Fair

office politics suck


Off the AWWWWWW meter

What would you like to say to a historical figure?

Anyone ventured into GD this morning?

Woman Charged $1,133 To Have Toenail Clipped At Hospital

Polish cat catchers cash in on German rodents

This week's MIME thread.... with smilies

How many here have fish as pets?

Huh? "Batman" "Beetlejuice" is 54 today???

Why hasn't there been a "W" movie?

please delete

Weatherman Claims Japanese Mafia Behind Hurricane Katrina

Tears of blood 'Miracle' explained

I am eternally grateful to the Pretzeldent for skyrocketing gas prices

Right noe on TODAY -"did Michael Brown overstate his credentials?"

Happy Independence Day ... NORTH KOREA!!!!!

Go Janelle!!! Woo Hoo!!!

So, classes started yesterday. I'm actually back in college.

Bush Asks Congress For $30 Billion To Help Fight War On Criticism

John Stossel is seriously 1 brain dead fuck face - Defending price gougers

D'oh! Price Is Right offers trip to New Orleans as top prize

Feudin redneck fucks fling food at Olive Garden - 6 arrests, one tasering

Are new threads in the DU Lounge no longer counted as Latest threads?

Good Morning, Everyone!

testing - can you see my sig?

I think we ought to invest in buying up 'W' and 'IAM4W' stickers.

Gahhh!!! Are They Working On The Servers Today??? DU SOOO Slow!

I LOVE Aaron Neville !!!

weedaloooo weeeedaloooo weeedalooooooo bwaaaaaaaaa

Chimp Brain Syndrome...

Is this song creepy? Or is it just me?

Favorite music project featuring Yamatsuka Eye?

where are the data tags for the birds in the freezer?

What do people recommend for insomnia?

Fluorescent Shark Caught on Film

Ophelia: Will She or Won't she (hurricane doing a U-turn)

I am taking you all out for breakfast!

Real Time with Bill Maher on TONIGHT HBO! 8:00 & 11:00 Pacific

Man Killed, Buddy Electrocuted While Trying To Steal Power Line

THIS JUST IN: GD Webcam Captures Thoughtful Discussion About Looters

Why I keep my hubby despite having nothing in common in politics and

never mind

I'm the luckiest boy in the world

BIC Sells It's 100 Billionth Pen

Peepol in the Middwezt r all STOOPID

People On The West Coast Are All STUPID

Squirrel Knocks Out Power In Kansas

People on the west coast of the Andaman Sea are STUPID

GYWO page 48 is up

People who refused to evacuate Pompei are STUPID!

Warning! "Coffee out the nose" funny!

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is: Harridan (Please use in a sentence)

I have an assignment, and I don't wanna do it!

People in Innsmouth are all STUPID

CNN--Breaking: Brownie will be sent to coordinate efforts in Iraq

Happy birthday Hugh Grant!

BREAKING *** Cheney resigns, nominated to Supreme Ct as the minority

In 3 hours I strike!!


CNN- Breaking: Brown to receive Medal of Freedom


I'm craving brownies

People in Boston are republican rib boilers using cornflakes for breading

Any pets fans in the Lounge? Or are they all petting their furbabies?

"Let Freedom Reign"

Bush: FEMA Director Brown "greatest living american"

Electric bill $200, collect call I didn't know was a collect call... argh

CNN Breaking***Cheney To Resign, Brown Named As VP

I think I need to sedate the cat

They're going to remake "Triumph of the Will" with Steve Gutenberg!

--Breakfast/Brunch with the Herd and the Wildcats tomorrow 10:30 AM--

Just passed the written Massachusetts Motorcycle Test

RESOLUTION: Motion to table

Here are some pictures of Myrrh

First Survivor winner could face 75 years in jail!

You take the pills, it's not my society.

Anyone here ever wear a holter monitor?

Some pictures of Frankensense

OK so, I'm going to Australia for Business, leaving Saturday.

One day my rapid-response one-liners will be the death of me.

What the (bleep) is a "moonbat?"

Morrissey is watching tennis (part deux)

Krike-ee, my firefox is slow as mollasses but my IE flies. I am wifi-ing

Do you ever post something KNOWING it won't get any responses?

Well. 8000 posts! Thanks to everyone!

Attention Lance Armstrong fans.

Hard working George (cartoon)

Breaking: Brown named to Supreme Court

Newsnight daily "Joke fit for a ten year old"

Hey there sundog - how's the wee squidy doing these days?

It's 1:55 p.m. and my husband is snoring up a storm!

Just listened to Eminem's Mosh for the first time in months.

Be sure to DU this Poll!

Band of Gypsies ......

I want to be one of the pandas

Inappropriate use of oxygen

How do I deposit these Visa Travellers Cheques?

Don't leave our non-American friends out - why should we visit their land?

Hey! I've passed 6000 posts!

PhotoShop or real image? I can't tell! (Bush on vacation)

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Berklee College of Music in Boston is helping New Orleans musicians

my desk is a bit messy today

i just scratched my leg

ACHOO!.. burp... scratch scratch...

oh there it is...

I'm at work.

bar inversely links gas prices to beer


I'm posting in the DU Lounge

I like baseball!

I hate baseball!

my shoe has dirt on it

my stomach is growling

Today is my wedding anniversary!

I don't care for the latest Lounge trend.

I just had an awful thought... (Katrina survivors and porn sites)

I'M OK! Thanks for the concern.

the overwhelming need for acceptance is most curious

I'm bucking the trend - I like you.

I'm cold...

I have a spot on my shirt

My pony is in a hair shirt!

"jpgray. don't stop."

my finger hurts

Dear Chevrolet:

* Attention please* Words I never thought I would say or post on DU

Stop the badgering . . .

I hate you

Wow! I don't even notice we're at L3 now that we've got My Posts back!

Bandwagons are neat.

My hair is in a pony-tail!

Well, I think it's Peanut Butta Jelly Time

If I drink, maybe this will seem cleverer

And for the record....

Happy Weekend DU!

Everyone get ready for Penguin Calls

defeat from the jaws of victory? (tennis spoiler alert)

I ate lunch

Check out this new song. "George Bush doesn't care about black people"

Shell Beau's hair is in a ponytail!

Why shouldn't I visit your state? Tell me something that would....

Can you describe your last broken wind?

How many of you on ignore have me?

I hate my treadmill relationship with love

I just figured out the espresso machine here at work

I have a love-hate relationship with windmills...

Tweek tweek...jitter jitter

I'm going to go take a shower. Then everything will be better.

My nose itches.

my cat just rolled over!

Been thinking about this a while. Posters who use their real name

First month of cat ownership

Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were born one day apart

I love myself

Mods, DeposeTheBoyKing is spamming the Lounge

Bush was booed at a vets meeting----

Read this all the way through before you respond.

i woke up last night, and both of my arms were numb...

Infinite Regress

I've walked by Harvard. Does that mean I can say

In case anyone forgot...

Will the US go to war with Qumar next?

My Uncle was really disturbed by Barbara Bush's comment on ....

Annoying habits.

Teach me about rap.

Post a pic of yourself in the future!

Cap the Teach

Anyone wanna make an omelet?

Cappy Dick

Sharp teeth! SHARP TEETH!

I have a love-hate relationship with Hayley Mills...

Ok, help me figure out one of my friends...

Cultural question re perfume/cologne

I have a love-hate relationship with general mills...

brownie! brownie! brownie!

Teach me about cap.

Who's listening to Randi Rhodes? Meetup here!

Crappy dick. (or "Teach me about crappy dick.")

And the ugliest NFL uniform is......

BWAHAHAHAHA - revenge is mine!!

Probably been discussed, but...

why won't my computer 'recognize' my digital camera

Does anyone else think this is fishy?

AAR: Thom Hartmann is in..... Al Franken on his way out ?

Now Ophelia, she's 'neath the window

If your name was like Osama Hitler.....

Son of a bitch, my luck is just ROTTEN right now!!!!

Job rant: I have 2 post-graduate degrees...

I'm thirsty.

Hey! I got my first piece of mail with "Esq." on it!

About time for a happy NO story - 6-Year-Old Leads Five Toddlers To Safety

Well, I am off to dinner....

White House. ORG/humor/parody

New Vulnerability in Firefox Browser

Booze question...

Well SHIT. Looks like NO Cooter for ME this weekend!

Damn, we are going to the Country Club....

Bush appoints the guy who inhaled the gold paint new head of FEMA

Post a picture of yourself:

Wow. I just heard Deans comment on Bush

I have to work ALL weekend

This guy should have to play a game without his helmet.....





After a year and a half, I give you my 1000th post


Who has the most posts on DU? optionally: why?

Hello? Hello? Am I here?

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the Day #90

Reality Shows where Bands replace a Dead Member

I love hair in a ponytail.

what does Condi remind you of?

Cat Rescued from Flood Waters (Pic)

I got some chocolate and I need some raisins and nuts

Colonel Angus, the pleasure is all mine

F**k You Cheney personal video for sale on Ebay. Great story

Sugar Smack ! ! !

I am treating everyone to dinner!

It is my birthday today!

"Yellow Submarine"

Have you been targeted by ironing boards?

New picture of DU Admin..... (something to put a smile on our faces)

First they don't count the votes, now they don't count the bodies.

Who wants tea?

I think we should be using the word "Brown" as an adjective....

Four days with no internet connection is painful

Picture of the bushes (sr & jr) in NOLA

VERY appropriate picture on BartCop!

People on the East Coast are All STUPID

Regrowth Katrina T- shirt. Another way to donate.

The Fly is Open

Why must I live my life like George Costanza?

so lounge... I'm new to Charlotte NC

What are your plans for the weekend?

A free-for-all tandem story



Did you ever like someone a lot but HATED the music they listen to?


Ready for the weekend? Kittens AND weed....

Teach me about crap.

What teams will be in the World Series?

I don't know if I got mail today or not

I am emotionally devastated...

Who wants to see "Corpse Bride"?

Remind me to stay out of GD when I'm feeling vulnerable.

Alex Chilton is Alive and Well

Reminder: "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" opens tonight

Anyone hear from Mel Gibson lately?

Bill Maher tonight

GREATEST Rivalry In The HISTORY of Sports - Yankees vs. Sox

Should I have my son fitted for his first tinfoil hat?

Michael Brown has been relieved of duties! No joke!

Help me write a joke about Georgie please:

I'm gonna be a Daddy!

matcom hates Amurika! He was LATE with his Friday Flamewar!

Well SHIT. Looks like NO Scooter for ME this weekend!

Shameless plug for my friend's movie: "Green Street Hooligans"

See you all tomorrow

What are you listening to?

The Sears Tower is still the world's tallest building, dammit!

What would you do if you were turning sixty years old tonight?

How many of you have me on "ignore"?

I had Butt for lunch. Ask me anything.

Fashion sense, thy name is Michael Schumacher

Chinese Eatery Sold Donkey in Tiger Urine

The Bar is Open

OMG THIS IS [email protected]!

Got rear-ended . . .

An incredible pictorial essay of NOLA

No Pets Policy for apartments

While at work.. don't forget to get your porn printouts from the printer

I have a love-hate relationship with treadmills...

I've got shorts on.

Grr I wish I could search... any good ideas for pranks?

Why should I visit your state? Tell me something that would

any good free photo editors online?

Lucy Lawless stars on Battlestar Galactica tonight!

Hey America: are you missing one neocon?

Thank God Hayward J. Ablohmie is O.K....

Post a baby pic of

I have been to Princeton MN, so I can put that I went to Princeton

So what critical area/facet of America has Shrubbie yet to fuck up?

Happy Birthday JimmyJazz!

Post a dorky picture of you - I triple dog dare ya!

"Innocence And Despair"- Langley Schools Music Project

Nighthawks X (dial-up warning)

Do you have a cell phone?

Who is your favorite "West Wing" character?

Here are some pictures of merh's house! Unbelievable!

Presenting my first ( of many to come ) editorial style cartoons

OK. I am supposed to move my neighbour's car while he's in Europe

Pit Bulls Save Couple's Life In Fire

ATTENTION!! Anyone want to help DU friends wiped out by Katrina?

Have you been targeted by rw boards? If so...

"jpgray. stop." - sundog

Subway Systems of the World.

Can you describe your last broken heart?

Inappropriate use of 'The Shire' theme

Sign outside Texas Baptist church equates NOLA with Sodom & Gommorah

Any word on Sister Helen Prejean?

# of Babies Born Prematurely Reaches Historic 1/2 million mark

Inhalable insulin: I'll 'stick' with the needles (for now)

Is your mind changing? Scientists think so

5 X-class solar flares in past 2 days, more to come

question about calcium hypochlorite

9/9/05 Fuel cell developements - better storage at normal temperatures

Doing the right thing (legislators who stood up for marriage equality)

Musical comedy is set to Santorum's 'Teachings'

This is serious, and not an insult or joke

Rehnquist Was Arch-Foe of Gay Rights

Will the people stand for discrimination?

Science’s Hope of Two Genetic Dads

Where's the Governator Now?

U.S. Bishops to Begin Inspecting Seminaries

Neo-Nazi prisoner free soon

Gay union veto plan opposed

Online Banking?

Gay-rights backers, foes alike slam posting of names on Web

Bank customers' HIV test anger

Donation dilemma: Red Cross, Salvation Army raise questions for gay donors

1st Annual DU Fantasy Hockey League has room for 8 more teams!

New England Patriots: Bring on the Yankees

Ah College Football before noon

Oh yeah.

Goddamnit! I can't take this! Three more weeks of Virgo?

Anyone remember after Nov. 2nd there was a thread here at DU

I think DU went down tonight for a reason.

Astrologers Only: Earth Signs Alert! Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn .

"This is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah"

I'm declaring Today, September 16......

Part of the reason the zealots don't care about New Orleans

Jesus of the Week: This week--Jesus as preppy gay mountain climber?


Those darn ghosts!

Bush Lifted Wage Laws In Hurricane Areas

Something is wrong with this picture

This is the NJ letter from - references grassroots, volunteers

Kerry's office calling back constituents

Not really JK related, but still

***LIGHT NEWS*** for Friday - a person's GOT to laugh...

GD/P seems poison today

Snowe/Kerry start an investigation on abuses on 9/11 federal loans.

Mike Brown's been (semi)canned.

Could Cheney's embarrassment be Kerry's gain?

Iraq deployment hurt response - could it be that Kerry was right again

JK offers major legislation package to help Katrina victims!

Put a new Kerry sticker on the car today.

RevCheesehead's Countdown to 10,000

Can I vent in here for just a sec?

Time for a laugh!

Sweet! KO in for a second hour on DP today.

Oh SNAP! KO comparing NFL response to that of Bangladesh.

Michael Brown out as head of Hurrican Katrina relief!

Here's a classic article for you all...

A member of the Massachusetts General Court is deploying to Iraq

President Frist Will Run as Incumbent in ‘08

Fidel for FEMA Head

Protestors at the White House: Shame on Bush

What day was it reported that the USS Comfort was being sent?

Collision with one of the political ignorant and apathetic...

DeLay to subsidize Big Oil

Who needs a barely livable wage anyway?

An Exchange I Had with a Freeper -- Some may find this interesting

Media Ignored, Mischaracterized Pelosi's Account of * Query on Fed Respons

Will the Bodies Be Burned Before Cause of Death Determined?

Why the push to evacuate New Orleans, but not other parrishes under water?

TX Gov Rick Perry solicits Katrina donations to his faith-based foundation

Anyone see on CNN a man with a poster behind the reporter

"First Wave" Katrina-related unemployment claims: 10,000, "flood coming"

Media Matters has tape of Pelosi - and notes media's spin on what was said

Can we turn these next few years into the late 1960s?

Yes he sure is...

New Slogan - Ich Bein Ein New Orleanean!

Left Coaster thanks Mitchell Gore for this flash animation on our MBA Prez

Great picture!

Kuwaiti official: 'The terrorist Katrina' is a 'soldier of Allah'

C-span excellent

Cartoon idea:

Beware! "Anti-B*sh regime" vs. "anti-government"

Ron Insana on permanent Bush tax cuts to "stimulate" post-Katrina economy

Either Chertoff Lied, Or He's Grossly Incompetent

NPR - Morning Edition: A Look at State Secrets Privilege

Correction Bush and Condi on c-Span at the State Dept getting wild applaus

Top 5 FEMA admin all * cronies ...... no experience

USA Today: A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina

LIVE on MSNBC: Condi & George swearing in Karen Hughes, Secy of Diplomacy

The last caller on CNN (a woman) really put the poor in

Bush signs order allowing contractors to pay below prevailing wage in NO

First time doing this CNN international Poll

DU this Poll

"Karen will deliver the message of freedom with humility and compassion"

Must we play the "Blame Game?"

DNC Chairman Howard Dean's Remarks to the National Baptist Convention

Conyers to introduce bill today to exempt Katrina victims from bankruptcy

Sad state of affairs when $$ is thought needed for 'image making" for

Email Circulating

(FEMA) A Disaster Waiting to Happen (Great Sept, 28, 2004 Article!)

***How the Democratic Party Can WIN Again...***

George W. Bush isn't a monster.

Does anyone have the amount of money "saved" by Bush cuts in....

FEMA Brown ! - It's all about Florida November 2004

Freep-holes "Feel sorry for people hoping the president cares about them."

Who is the caller on Washington Journal now? She is really naming the

Katrina sinks Bush's charm offensive (from N.Z. press)


Dems hold up pic in Senate of Bush playing guitar while NO was hit.

Flour, Bechtel, Halliburton Contracted To Rebuild

House Cuts 80% of FEMA's Search and Rescue Funding for 2005 by 80%!

Finally - honest press!


Let's start the bidding on New Orleans real estate (whites only please)

What will the filibuster compromise do for us re. Roberts?

Gov. Dean on CNN Situation Room Today

Great article from E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post

WH press conf. on now CSPAN

Transcript of Michael Brown's Confirmation Hearing

On CNN Bush and Condi getting wild applause!!!

WOW! Douglas Brinkley On C-Span... Hopping Mad About Lack Of Assistance!

Bush wanted to be the war president, but is the disaster president.


FEMABOY Brown is 51. Removed. Sez he wanted to retrie anyhow

I was struck by the way Cheney kept looking at the ground

CNBC reporting Brownie being removed in role of Katrina FEMA coordinator

How prescient was NBC's David Gregory? Remember him and Scotty

Did Scotty really just say

Let's use some Freeper Logic

Is Michael Brown resigning?

News breifing with Chertoff coming up MSNBC

MSNBC: "The W.H. just needed someone with a background in emergencies"

White House ACTION PHOTOS of Karen Hughes getting sworn in.

Anyone got the clip of Kanye West going on off on Bush?

Statement from President Bush on Michael Brown

William F. Buckley Jr: "Dramatic pauses at historical moments happen"


Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA)..Quote of the Day

Social scientists, psychology majors, deep thinkers: check in here.

BARBARA BUSH RELOCATED .. Away From Cameras, Microphones

Lurking freepers, dems, libertarians, Americans of all stripes...

Cindy on Thom Hartmann now. n/t

Cindy is writing a book, Thom Hartmann contributing. n/t

DANGER: Brown (the man) becoming the story. REAL story is Brown the facts

Scarborough BLASTED B*sh, FEMA on NBC's Today show this morning

My Rant (Red Cross)

Listened to Rush (shame on me)

A talking point for 2006:

Incompetent Brown sent back to D.C. in case we have ANOTHER emergency????

I Like Both Kerry and Edwards but

Do Search and Rescue teams keep a count of the number of bodies they've

I wonder what's going on in Congress right now?

DU this poll...

Tattoo this on *'s forehead

MSNBC Poll: Should FEMA director Michael Brown be fired? (86% YES)

not firing Brown makes it look worse for Bush

"Brownie's doing a heck of a job" -GW Bush. Will haunt him forever!

"Democrats will say or do anything to get back in power."

Watching Adm Allen and Gen Honore on teevee now ... and I feel better

Remarks of Hillary Clinton, Tom Carper & E. Bayh to 2005 DLC National Conv

LA Nat. Guard pics coming back from Irag as cable went to Fema conference

Brown being removed from Katrina efforts. It this their way of admitting

Ahh...another day of misinformation and fear on AM radio

I'd rather have them here dead than alive.

reson no body count. 60,000 died in the flood

Bush is Really Taking It On The Chin Today

RWers debunk their own claim that Gov. Blanco/LA NG denied Red Cross entry

Body double: Chertoff and Jafar?


Today's McClellan transcript...apparently they're still "addressing needs"

Howard Dean up next on CNN's 'Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer

Bushes failure to accept responsibility eating him alive

Power stats! all cats of approval = 39%, strongly disapprove = 40%

Is this troubling for Democrats in 2006 or what? - Charlie Cook

NO was a little blue island, swimming in a sea of red.

«·´¨******* Hitch a ride to Washington 24th of September! *******¨`·»

8/28/05: The night they let old dixie drown

Bush Told Brown Demoted, Not Involved

How bad is it when we can't even count on Ted Kennedy anymore?

Tweety just chilled me to the bone. Brrrrrrr!

Another nail in the Democracy coffin. Federal appeals court supports

Please Help Katrina Victims with Bankruptcy Law Amendment

Reports of outrageous behavior from some Louisiana police (must read)

Do the right wing scum get any scummier than Mark Williams?

Senate SBC (Snowe, Kerry) investigates abuse for federal loans for 9/11

Concert for the Gulf Coast

wal mart americas friend or foe?

Two very interesting items picked up on CNN's Situation Room & Lou Dobbs

Announcing the campaign of Jeeni Criscenzo for 49th District, Cal.:

LOL look at Dan Abrahms!

Today's Bush photo op is a 9/11 hug, NOT a Katrina hug. But a still a hug.

Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA) latest comment. YOU GOTTA' SEE THIS.

UStaxpayers pay Katrina survivors $2,000/Gaza Strip squatters get $200,000

Jerry Falwell offers a free semester to Katrina-displaced college students

Do we really want to win in 2006 and beyond?

Masterful dope slap: "An 'Investigation?' We Saw it Live!"

Sorry, I don't like or trust Laura Bush

FEMA says it will end $2k debit card program- two days after it started!

Borrow and Spend Republicans

Bushville, DC 9/11 March on Front Page!!!

VERY TRUE BUT SAD ARTICLE Will George Bush be Impeached? Jihad El Khazen

Warren Beatty for Senator

Clip of Laura Bush calling Katrina "Corinna"

Tell me about Dean on Wolfie's show!!

Repuke Blog Scum Face the Dark Reality - Chimp is Fucked!

MUST LISTEN: Damning Katrina timeline from NPRs All Things Considered

Enlighten me please. If, (big IF) Bush ever gets indicted and/or impeached

Info on proposed windfall tax needed!

I'm not the ONLY one who saw this "Brownie" pic and thought "Home Alone"

"We the people will defeat the evildoer. Can I speak my mind

Ominous Katrina-inspired Reports from Yurica--Read Up!

This is NOT about Brown. It is about Bush appointing cronies.

DeLay to evacuees: 'Is this kind of fun?'

Brian Williams on The Daily Show clearly wanted to blame the feds...


Is it possible to further the progressive message through CSPAN?

Mass. State Rep. / NG reservist Lt. Harold Naughton heading to Iraq

Can someone please tell me how it would be possible to hide 60K bodies?

Who can post the video of Dean spanking Wolf?

Physician who told off Cheney lost home in Katrina, detained, now on eBay

Embedded Hot Mics? Nah ... they wouldn't do that. Would they?

UKers picket mfgr. of torture items for Gitmo

Senator Kerry's office just called me! Someone is listening!!!

US 'approved' oil smuggling (a few wks. before invading Iraq)

Pathologist helps identify hurricane's dead-but not allowed to give count

Black and white and wet all over (a must-read article)

What does Bush expect us to use to protect New Orleans, Gulfport andBiloxi

Hey Dennis! National Health Insurance can begin in New Orleans

had a scary discussion with a Dem who voted against Kerry for Bush ....

The Judy File: Is Miller Getting Ready To Sing?

Pet Solidarity for the Rich

PR like this is killing Bush,, from a small WV city

MSNBC Live Poll - Is removing Brown enough? Vote.

Bill Maher's column in today's Los Angeles Times

So, do you think John Kerry or John Edwards will Rise UP

uh oh - did little georgie approve "OIL SMUGGLING" from Iraq ???

RNC: Come Join Us in a Fundraiser for Katrina's Victims!

FOLLOW THE MONEY!! Communications the main problem.

Just for Honesty's Sake,

Congressman Ron Paul and "Why we fight..."

UC Regents lose control of nuclear weapons program (guess who is

You won't believe what this little fundie child told my sister.

Katrina Montage- great for front cover to a flier... needs text

From John Edwards today:

We need a Days Counting till Fitzgerald gives his report

Crooks & Liars: Rush Limbaugh: Racist Pig (WARNING: OFFENSIVE)

Kerry: Major Package of Legislation to Help those devastated by Katrina

Norm Mineta: Last THURSDAY, we were told to get 455 buses to Superdome!

Help! L.A. Katrina Survivors being held by evil doomsday cult!

What about that school and city bus evacuation... to where?

Modest Suggestion: Use NOLA VIOLENCE as Call for GUN CONTROL

anyone else called by nbc news for national poll

Van Jones: "Now let's Rescue America" -- Great call-to-action

Who else thinks Sean Penn should be appointed President of FEMA?

Boycott eBay

With sorrow, I am leaving