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Archives: September 5, 2005

Anger, empathy, skepticism cracking through journalistic objectivity

Breakdown in Louisiana

Daniel Patrick Welch: Only in America

Billmon (Whiskey Bar): The Potemkin President (must read)

"6.7 million liters of water and 1.9 million field rations"

Tomgram: Iraq in America

NYT: After Failures, Officials Play Blame Game

Heard snips of this read today, in ref to New Orleans and the Arcadian

William Rivers Pitt: Wake of the Flood

Open Letter to the President - NO Times Picayune (Blistering)

Krugman: Killed by Contempt (Bataan story, Brown's Ineptitude, Etc)

Herbert: A Failure of Leadership (Bush to NO - Drop Dead)

Katrina devastates all but leaves many of the poor in free fall

The Lost City

Flood horrors the US can't hide

my word for the day: kakistocracy

For god's sakes, just shut up and send us somebody

WP: For Bush, Next Moves Are Key to Rest of Term

This is what "starving the beast" looks like.

DENVER POST:Brown left Aurora group over funds

Alan Dershowitz (HuffPost):Telling the Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist

MUST READ from Hurricane Guru Jeff Masters anyone help?

Join the Katrina PeopleFinder Project

Interesting how they sneak editorials into the CBS evening news.

Paper on the process improvements in the gasification of municipal waste.

Economics of freight transport

Many NY firemen having to retire prematurely due to lung damage

20 Things We Know 4 Years After 9/11

Telling the Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist (Yeah, right forum.)

PLEASE MUST READ !! New Orleans Speaks For Me By Stephen Pizzo

They just had a spontaneous protest in NY! Can we?

Rally for Parental Rights Sept. 6th!

My 13 y.o. is ranting about * to someone on the phone

Reformatting question for guru's please.....

I met Tommy ("Buddy") from the Stephanie Miller Show today

hey, texas forum buddies, can you help me out with this request?

Need help facilitating very large donations for Dallas - Crispini

Why I love Wisconsin.

Guys, I'm in Stevens Point now.

Army Corps of Engineers says 8 people shot in New Orleans were contractors

Horrible thought if this was planned should we rebuild to help rich people

Mr. Rumsfeld Visits Field Hospital-"Walked Right by a Dozen Refugees..."

LIVE CNN rescue copter down!!

Help with Propaganda Spreader on another board

Did you guys see this article on MSNBC

How where what and why...the displaced version..

Has the bu$h family donated cash to victims? John Grisham gave 5 mil!


NBC news did the show horse story tonight

Bush's photo op details

Author John Grisham donates $5 million

Live Fundie webcast regarding Hurricane Katrina

Okay. I'm slow but I finally figured it out.

60 Minutes: Interview with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin - (VIDEO)

Racism sucks

Is there a way to argue against this?

They're having survivor stories on t.v. already

These Photo Ops are repugent

strib: Saw it coming

FR - Bush: US Flag to be lowered to half staff to honor Katrina victoms

FEMA Sniper Propaganda

Bush came right out and said it. "We did the best WE could do"

I saw four huge SUV's driving around with "For Sale" stickers today

Just sent this to my Congressman, and Dennis Kucinich

"There needs to be a master list" and research threads.

Granny D speaks out. == email I received today

This David Broder column is so bad I can't believe it

San Diego takes in Katrina victims.Ch 10 news. Is your city taking in any?

America land of inequality

Is anyone else feeling uneasy that Cheney has not surfaced?

Typical Rovian tactics - let's get everyone confused about the detail,

Selecting two Supreme Court Justices

Here is the disaster plan as written by the Bush Admin.

What Does It Take For A Supreme Court Justice To Be Impeached?

Life Has Become Surreal.

Rescue Helicopter crashes in NO

Tidal wave of compassion? Tidal wave of COMPASSION?

Wait for it....(Sarcasm)

Where is Cheney?

Guess where I just found gas in Baton Rouge?

Michael Brown's official FEMA bio vs. the truth

I think of this, and it gives me hope, I know its right.

The Media is the Message

1974 documentary of Janis Joplin; Sundance at 8pmCT.

Condi was in town...

I want to see the dead bodies on the news now. No more sugar-coating.

Bust Bush!

On AAR just now:

An example of the big picture....we've had nothing but failure for 5 yrs..

Did anyone notice the water is running OUT of the city now?

08/28/05 PDB - Katrina Determined to Strike the US

So....The ignorant little cretin gets to appoint two Supremes....

My new Democratic Talking Point

Bush orders flags to half staff for Rehnquist

Chertoff coming up on MSNBC

"U.S. the New Saddam"

Jerry Lewis -- raising $$$ for his kids AND Katrina's victims

Puzzled...have the Dem leaders been stolen? Vanished?

How many of the hurricane victims are going to be homeless?

Lking; They are burying their own.

Mary "Upper Cut" Landrieu vs George "The Prince of Tides" Bush

My letter to my Senators:

Mr. Nagin, this is how you should handle Bush the narcissist.

Freeper LTTE and my response...please critique

With no way to check...

Dr. Phil is in the house!!

Armed White Thugs

BUSH KILLED NEW ORLEANS: A Small Collection of Links

Has Ted Turner weighed in on things? I'd like to hear what he has to

Help the Internet Archive archive blog coverage of Katrina

For us landlocked peeps-- difference between levee & floodwalls?

Did the government lie about the number of dead in a hurricane Charley?

Wanted. Philanthropist/Patriot.

If 7000 troops can't evacuate, how could Naglin/No have done BEFORE?

Camp Casey Tour Madison WI. Standing room only

All is well, Dr. Phil is in the Astrodome! ON CNN

Does anyone have any news on "spontaneous" protesting around the country?

GreenLantern predicts the next Chief Justice will be

What did GW just say on MSNBC ? Thanking NG? for giving up their holiday

Army Helicopter School, Ft. Rucker Alabama. Did they fly?

Where the FUCK is REPUBLICAN SENATOR from Louisiana???

Don't internalize youf feelings. FOCUS them. Check this out.

Mr Bill! Long time resident of New Orleans. Talks about Katrina!

BrownChert (Chertoff): "This is ..breathtaking in its surprise"

Doctors need to use this idea to get into NO?

Nostradamus: Century 10, Quatrain 49

MSNBC reports that the downed chopper was civilian

Looking for the best place to donate Go to the Front Page and

Remember the grief counseling after 9-11 that was everywhere?

Here's irrefutable PROOF that they were derelict in their duty!

PC Mythologies: The Great Generation.

"Mama, I was so ashamed"

OMFG This is unbelievable!

US Coast Guard helo crashes, Another Bush Failure

My LTE, sent to congress people too.

I am in awe of the dignity of those trapped in N.O.

Yahoo Popular Pics: Nice to see *one* American is feelin' pretty good.

Geraldo Rivera, my new hero....

Meet the Press replaying on MSNBC

Have all the hospitals in New Orleans been evacuated yet ?

If you missed Meet the Press this morning, it's on again on MSNBC now.

Idea: Website for Disaster Victums to Find Family Members

We're talking abour the worst disaster our nation has ever faced,

Here is the only solution to federal disaster funding, eliminating

OMFG... YOU PEOPL Have to listen Laura Flounder interviewing

Under what logic is FEMA cutting phone lines?

"TAX CUTS KILL". Is that short enough, sound bite worthy enough?

"Worse than 9/11 by more than a factor of ten"

Discovery channel - "Killer Hurricane" about Katrina

What about the 80% of the population who evacuated? Where are they?

Poll on Smirk's handling of New Orleans disaster

Seventy one million dollar cut!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte Vigil

Something Productive for a change - Evacuation in your town

"Celine Dion kicking ass" has got 2 B one of the Signs of the Apocalypse

So Much For The "Solid Republican South"

Meet The Press repeat starting now

The NO point to remember and repeat.....

bush - american idle

Fed Response on Katrina Gets Hands Down - Rasmussen

If you live anywhere near Prince William County, Va...come out tomorrow...

Looking for a counter argument: Nagin and Buses

National Guard Killing Civilians in NO

We have been abandoned by our own country

I know where Cheney was on August 18 2005

Screw the polls, Bush isn't any where near 90%, heck he's not even at 50%

Mississippi suffers in angry shadow of New Orleans

Tell some evacuees to BRING some of that Water back to be tested

There's a car magnet for every occasion: file this one under are

Bush visit to NOLA interrupts food delivery.

Official on NO scanner: "Got my head down and my shotgun UP"

The Port of New Orleans

The Aushwitz Plan

Keep hope alive?? Keep hope alive?? Are you serious, Dr. Phil??

Engineer on 60 Minutes: It would have taken decades to reinforce

Do you think that the anniversary of 9/11 will bring it home Americans

I hit the proverbial brick wall today. Too much for me. Please forgive

How can the official death toll in NOLA be 59??

New Orleans a 'ghost town' for 9 months

I can't afford my gasoline (new C &W song)

Violent criminals tend to exhibit conservative thought patterns T or F?

Why not solve the homeless problem by giving THEM the money

Who called up the national guard and when?

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior...

ghetto fries vs. NOLA

This debacle goes even beyond Bush.

Hurricane Katrina Recovery Projects - Apply Here!

Why are we still at a Level 3? The threads don't seem any

American War Resolution..... whereby which

My new response to Bushites.......

About Condi's new shoes.

bush* and Katrina sitting in a tree...

Isn't AWOL due for another "Mission Accomplished" speech?

RW'ers, where are you?

When you vote on one issue, this is what happens.

Does anyone have a link to the video

Looks like the GOP is getting back to work

Lance Mannion: They're not just political failures but MORAL failures.

OK how do I respond to this ?

"Those people are used to government handouts . . . "

I just had a RWer say Aaron Broussard was lying

The MARINES Have Landed in LA (paging Will Pitt) -------- ------ > MP3

Some NOLA Police and Firefighters Commit Suicide per Nagin

Al Gore arranges air transport for evacuees to his home state

I say Bush's anti-Kyoto stand is responsible for Katryna.

New Protest Slogans/Signs

Can anyone tell me if this source is at all reliable?

"Osama Will Attack Us Now"

Katrina: We have a national Offense, but we have no national Defense.

As White House Anxiety Grows, Bush Tries to Quell Political Crisis


Who will be swiftboated as this ordeal continues

OMG! Joe Scarborough just said, "if you are Jeb Bush and in the middle of

Who is the one & only Emperor of the United States?

Chertoff's comment todate

Janet Napalitano You DAMN ROCK! Flood victims have already started

A little humor from NO

Another urgent matter

2 weekend freeper stories

Bring us your tired, your hungry, your huddled masses... but if

Texas plans to airlift evacuees (Utah, PA, and NY)

Fringe Christians: Katrina Shows God's Mercy

For god's sake will someone please explain to the ignorant fools

I am SO proud of my business partners

Bush playing the Guitar = My Pet Goat

I shudder to think how I might have looked had I been forced to flee in NO

Senator Landrieu: I'll Punch Him In The Mouth If Bush...

Did Nostradamus have anything to say about a great flood?

The Republican Party Urban Renewal Plan, coming to a city near you!


Er...ah...General, there are bodies floating in front of your hotel

Death in New Orleans - This is what the class war is like for our side.

LSU estimates....more than 10,000 dead in New Orleans alone

John Edwards speaks up: Two Americas illustrated by Katrina

I am so sad

Vid Clip- Joe Scarborough comments on MTP/Chertoff

saw a bumper sticker that made me smile today...

Freepers' bus barns are irrelevant to charges against Bush.

Check out what they are saying about Katrina in the Arab press.

Superdome's Condition Leaves Mark on Doctor

So What Do M.PUDGE, L.INGRAHAM, & LIMBO Have in Common?

Bush* personally handed out water and ice to Floridians when Frances hit>>

Hurricane Pam - research thread.

If Katrina wiped out Kenebunkport or Newport, RI how quick...

Point to remember re: "looting" is....

A journalist, a protester, a regular doesn't matter!!!

Larry King sucks

Anybody watching Arlen Spector on c-span?

DC buses to NO may come back EMPTY! Can't find anyone

now is the time for a choice

My choice for Chief Justice (please hope I'm wrong)

Concerning Contractors: US Media Print One Story, Rest Of World Another

"Bush Promises to Move Quickly on Chief Justice"

Now THIS is spooky. Somebody at DU predicted Katrina's effects.

Oh my God - callers into CNN on lessons learned - "that

Excerpt and link to latest Rasmussen polling on * and Katrina -

John Titor and current events (this is pretty "out there")

Do you have a link to a conservative column or article

Every day Bush stays in office is another day we are made less safe!

Saw a lot of hand written "Warning! price gouging ahead " signs tonight

Naygin and nightline just said that fema order them off the road?

Republicans are Too Self-Serving to Govern

Uh oh, Lieutenant Governor of LA said something..umm..troublesome

It's all about race. It really is.

Worker in NO says medical needs are "overwhelming" them

Floridians: What help, if any, did FEMA give re: Katrina?

Definition of High Crimes and Misdemeanors

I choose to believe............

My Letter to Senator Richard Lugar

Did the camp casey attorneys ever locate their child in NO?

Calling katrina survivors "refugees".

Great new Reason to Secede

Bush will command respect with disaster #2!

BBC WORLD: Bush to return to Disaster area tomorrow

Just got in an argument w/my Repub mother about New Orleans, etc.

Here are the comments I am delivering to our City Commission this week:

RW playbook

FEMA: Outperformed by ballet teacher

Just as I predicted. Probably >10,000 dead from Katrina

Some comments from readers at the BBC website

Fireworks and Republicans.

Congress Toll Free: (877) 762-8762

Don't Blame Bush for Katrina

DU Project

Bush's FEMA Failed Us All.

A little good news.

WP: Bush might name Roberts chief justice.

Is it time to remind Republicans of the words of Abraham Lincoln?

B*sh flies in and operations grind to a halt, or worse, yet...

Question about Level 3


Looks like our Senate Dems will go for Roberts..looks that way.

Baghdad on the Mississippi: the evil clowns produce another big pile of co

Write your Congressmen and Senator.... now is the time....

so is Cheney crying in the corner of a bunker praying for a heart attack.?

My Views On Airline Roles in Disaster(s)

The Iraq War is the most expensive brand of foreign aid this country has

Five shot dead 'were army workers'...

RACISM and Blaming the Victim: Feds SCARED of angry Blacks?

When will the jackasses at Newsweek and WP expose the liar in the WH?

Taking a Moment to Recheck the Facts

Important things overlooked (RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS)

Uber Madness: DSM...gone. Sheehan...poof. NOLA...on the way

PayPal Blocks Hurricane Relief Funds

STOP using the word refugee!!!

500 people from the Superdome arrive in Texarkana today

FEMA Budgets & Online Map Selling Business??

Can we compare FEMA Response to Florida??

For those who can't make it to DC on Sept. 24

60 Minutes: OVER PROGRAMMED "echo boomers"

anyone hear from Colin Powell?

Good Opinion piece on Bush: is this a national tipping point?

The Wretched of the Earth

What's the deal ? Bush's jaw wiggles between phrases.

A Disaster of Biblical Proportion?

ABC News: Poll: Bush Not Taking Brunt of Katrina Criticism

Rove and Bartlett are behind the influx of cabinet visits, Bush's return

they should have had those sandbags in by Tuesday instead of

Do you fucking believe this? In Performance at the White House

I LOVE Sean Penn. He Was Trying To Save People by Boat in NO

Help me correct a RW talk show host I have been emailing

The stages of grief.

The future disaster that is still hidden..

Spin and Human Suffering

FEMA outsourced the disaster planning for Louisiana in 2004

"Worst abandonment...FEMA cuts emergency communications.."

Randy Newman's song about the flood of 1927

***********Important: If You Have a Yahoo Account, Please Read************

A little humor in a dire situation . . .

i just watched the video clip of Aaron Broussard

So is FEMA thinking of the "little" stuff?

About the Bush photo op with the two women?

How Pathetic Is This Photo-op Of Condiliar? Very....

How about major tax-breaks for persons who open their homes to victims?

DU this FOX poll: "Feds response to Katrina"

THe disconnect of the many on the right is amazing....

Repug Debunked...

Joe Scarborough invokes Titanic

Any idea how Mann Coulter

Democratic Party strategy per NY Times today

Anyone Admiring Rove, Has a Very Low Standard for "Genius"

Firms Offer Technology for Katrina Effort

Another Shepard Smith outburst?

Response to school buses not being used.

Did everyone read Steve Galliard's enraged rant against RW IDIOCY!?

Cheney leaves a small clue - he's not going to be in Canada

Celine Dion video on

My new bumpersticker: The Blood of NO is on Republican Hands!

"This part of the World"

Daily Kos: MOBILITY was my middle name -- Air Force Vet livid

Dr. John (quoted in the strib): Nothing left for the people

An Elderly Couple in LA That Needs Your Help.

This post on a different forum bothered me

An Observation About HBO

Is Geraldo a self-serving media whore or an angel of mercy?

OMG, the word "devastation" is mild compared to the magnitude of this.

USS Bataan was in -Gulf on Monday. Had 100s of beds, 100K galls of H20

Chertoff Warns Americans of 'Ugly Scene' in Katrina Aftermath

I just had an awful thought and I wish I didn't think it was possible.

I am Volunteering in the Katrina Cleanup

CBS News just broke my heart. They had a 3-4 yr old boy say

How can the rich people continue to take their tax breaks?

Alaska Airlines plane & crew turned away from relief effort

Rove Prepares Plan to Save Asshats . . . ASS

Is there any way in God's Green Earth that we can stop "Dr. Phil' and CNN

I DEMAND George Bush's resignation. I DEMAND IT!!! GODDAMNIT!!

This is what "starving the beast" looks like.

Iraq in America: Parallels and Connections to Katrina


Casualties of War: Camp Casey and New Orleans, By Starhawk

Incompetent FEMA Chief Fired From Previous Job (Horse Show Organization)

46% Approve of Bush's Handling of the Crisis!!!

The reason for the * Photo-Op... And the new Gov. Relief Banner

George Norey just wrecked Drudge's little party

Former FBI agent blasts Bush administration on handling of Katrina

Muddy Waters - Louisiana Blues - and a wish for Queen Marie


I predict when the number of dead is released,

Which is the best organization to deal with

The Fools on the Hill

Latest Survey USA poll on Bush and Katrina

MUST READ from Hurricane Guru Jeff Masters

Herbert:"The nation as a whole is so much better than this administration"

$600,000+ Spent on Eating Out

Oh, so THAT'S why New Orleans was destroyed....

Headline:"Direct Hit In NOLA Means Modern Atlantis"-USA Today Sept.14,2004

Hello, George? Katrina calling!!

What was the biggest blunder of the Bush Administration with Katrina?

What Hurricane's did Clinton handle and how were they handled?

Halliburton, NO.....Public Works....YES!

How long do you give this post at freepturdland?

Look what they did about flood control in the Netherlands.

Just got home from working 6 hours helping clean up Bush's mess

Google September 24th

Link to Sean Kelly BBC Interview

New Orleans and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire....

YESSSS!!!! Someone beat Fred Phelps to the punch!

Lawlessness: Is our approach that it doesn't exist in New Orleans,


omg! Folks in the French Quarter of NO! Are they Flood Crazed?

"It looks like there ain't gonna be no Republican Party no more."

Faux news poll.....please vote.

Telling the Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist


I started to answer another post about stop calling "them", "refugees" and

I have successfully created an mpg of the Sean Kelly BBC interview.

Anyone read this excellent Tim Wise piece?

My mom is volunteering at the Astrodome

My Hurricane Katrina rant

Good news, Snowball may have been rescued...

Attention All Animal Lovers! Finally! Wonderful Animal Photos From NO!

We really need your help - Join the Katrina PeopleFinder Project

Another "weird food" picture

A Moment Of Silence

Heads up, Firefly fans!

LIVE CNN rescue copter down!!

"Worst abandonment...FEMA cuts emergency communications.."

Oil Spill in Gulf

Iraq 'link' to blasts (Sir Crispin Tickell: oil, Iraq, blasts in UK)

Kuwait donates 10 million dollars to Iraq

Reuters: CORRECTED:New Orleans kill looters as body hunt gains pace

Rice Defends Bush Against Racism Charges

Gore to speak on Global Warning on Tuesday (Oregonian)

Australian Dems seek 'proper' Hicks trial

U.S. Troops Cordon Part of Iraqi Town To Trap Insurgents

Mayor (Bloomberg): Feds Failed On Katrina Response

US gives Australia sunset deadline to find duo (in NO)

Abortion foe sees wrath of God (nut allergy warning...)

Team Bush spins the crisis

Iraq a New Transit Point for Drugs

Update from Plaquemines Parish (south of N.O.; no relief at all yet)

Iraq announces new rule for private cars

Holloway’s mother leaves Aruba

Typhoon Nabi is nearing the Ryukyu Islands (moving toward Nagasaki)

Door-to-door search could take weeks

Jetliner crashes into residential area of Indonesian city, 30 feared dead

FEMA puts Nevada convoy to Gulf region on hold at last minute

New Orleans police kill (4) looters in shoot-out

NYT: White House Enacts a Plan to Ease Political Damage(blame state/local)

Times-Picayune: Breach closed in 17th Street Canal levee

Senator Gives Estate Tax Repeal Bill ‘Zero’ Chance Of Success

Hurricane Center Dir. Tells Paper He Briefed Brown and Chertoff on Dangers

Here's a twist on the Badger Badger Badger

"They will beat their swords into plowshares,

Any DUers from the Chicago area in the tire business?

Sing along now! E-Bay Song, Weird Al -

cool, Pale Male is on PBS again tonight

Bees: Any experts or knowledgeable people here?

Why PeeWee and Bush are birds of a feather.

Mary "Upper Buttercup" Landrieu against George "The Prince of Tides" Bush

I was waiting for Celine Dion's "interview" with Larry King to be posted

Why do people disrupt traffic?

If you hate the cost of going to watch professional sports,

How do I contact the webmaster or whoever is in charge

check out Granny D's letter in GD (shameless promo of my thread)

The Rehnquist Emergency Tag Team Lineup POLL

who's teh larger, white-haired gent on Iron Chef America?

m.i.a ----

We should have told Bush the WMD's were hidden in New Orelans

Fuck, I can't even rant any more. Fuckstick McAWOL simply has to go.


"I wonder if that bitch is dead?" Said Bitch Drudge about NO resident.

george w. nero

The Constant Gardener - Good movie - Rachel Weisz is perfect

Ever say "F U" with love?

the vibrant sunny character of california's central coast

Anyone else need a drink? What's your pleasure?

I have an unopened case of newborn sized Pampers diapers...

Anybody seen "Rome" on HBO?


OMG - local Fox News reported that the looting and violence is being

Why didn't the victims "just leave"? This is why...

George W. Bush's real first name is.....

anyone read.. "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man"

Harvey Birdman: Cavey Jr sues School for Intelligent Design

Housekeeping tips (or not)

Howdy folkorinos

Home wireless network question

Hi there. I feel I haven't been here much and I really do miss everyone.

Any of you Guys have this problem (when Dating) ??

Wow...I guess Bush REALLY liked that "thumbsucker" photo with McCain...

"Meet The Press repeat on now"

Pink Lemonade ~ the hard way ...

I am thinking of writing a screen play

Do you think they've thought of everything?

Do chocolate milk and Bailey's mix?

Is it possible to DIE from waves of fury and despair?

Is there some medical condition that makes you smell pancakes?

California DUers: Do You Have Your Earthquake Preparation In Order?

Has anyone heard from BOSSHOG since he and his family evacuated.?

On a lighter note...who's drinking organic milk right now??

Mr. Bill, long term resident of New Orleans, saz OHHH NOOO!

I have one day in SF, what to do??

"Rome" episode 2 now on

Ooh, I'd love some Disco Fries.

Anybody else watch "Footballers Wives"?


Astrodome evacuees being tortured...

Nostradamus: Century 10, Quatrain 49

I think we all need a drink here. I'll buy.....

So, has DU been on Level 3 all weekend?

If you live anywhere near Prince William County, VA...come out tomorrow...

Someone is having a bit o'fun.

My dogs, doing what they do best.

Hey, Techies...

Any other Warbirds players here?

New Uses for your Hummer

Who else here absolutely loves Washington D.C.?

Touch my Stangle.

Any other Damon Runyon fans?

Ladies, are you bad enough?


A photo that suggests a future:

The blog "Great Scat!" seems to be cancelled.

Practically all mammals come with four extremities, right?

A pic of me and the misses from two weeks ago.....

I rescued two dogs today in Hancock County, Mississippi

Let's give a round of thanks to EarlG for the great job!!!

Lounge Lizards, who's going to the September 24 rally?

"The porn industry generates more money than Halliburton." -- line from

ooh, i'd Love some ghetto fries

I'd like to defend the Old Testament

Calling all Biblical experts - serious help needed

When did trickoration become a word?

Rest in peace, Sheikra

Katrina Prayer Thread

queen of cups redux

Feeling BLUE?!?!

Felt needs indeed

I guess I can tell you now...

I had several interesting conversations

O/T But...

Making right wingers see the light

The feds are doing a GREAT job of relief

Bush Tax Reform Panel Sets Next Meeting ("National Sales Tax / "Fair Tax")

"GOP will have to justify additional tax relief for upper-income people...

I have been on helicopters that went down-twice...

Hey Grover... you big boy you... me & some of my girlfriends wanna


How Bush Made His Money - old article

Political Ad - what do you think?


MSNBC/Scarborough He really, really wants to talk about the

Re: Supreme Court Panetta's comments vs Neas (PFAW)

Back in Iraq: Unions About to Be Destroyed (TPM Cafe)

Bush visit halts food delivery

Letter (not mine!) in the (CA) Daily Breeze: A double standard on looting

Freeper 'Compassion' and Ignorance in action...

Letter (not mine): Appalled at behavior of Bush supporters

Here's a poll on Smirk's handling of Katrina disaster...

Meet the Press will repeat on MSNBC 10pm ET, 8pm MT

Cost to rebuild the Katrina-damaged highways: "at least $1.5 billion"

Nobody told us we had been sold to the highest bidder....

Wow! Imagine if they WEREN'T Compassionate Conservatives?!

Times-Picayune Strafes FEMA & Bush.

Did you see the little bitty boy on CBS news tonight?

Isn't it clear? We've outsourced our internal security with disastrous

Re: FEMA and Brown -Shouldn't someone ask Bush or Chertoff

HBO Running BULWORTH w/ W. Beatty!

Bush: The Incompetent President

Katrina Recovery: Couched in Military Terms. Its all Military. Military.

C-SPAN2 now: Margaret Atwood ("The Handmaid's Tale") on BookTV.

Does anyone know what help FEMA provided to Florida/Katrina?

Dear Rove: Sorry, honey, but it's too late for your little PR push.

Well, Mr. Mehlman hasn't wasted any time lying to the ignorant:


Why hasn't the Ragin' Cajun spoken out yet on the NOLA disaster?

May I see your papers, please? Your papers? Papers, please.


Landing Craft loaded with supplies within 40 M NO ordered back last week

Anybody want to pick this one for me???

Concerning Contractors: US Media Print One Story, Rest Of World Another

Rep. John Lewis: “I think all Americans should rise up and speak out.”

"President Bush comforts Debra Foster..."

They truly believe they can PR their way out of any mess....

"President Bush Don't Need to be the President NoMo"

bush* and Katrina sitting in a tree...

Matthew Cooper of Time 9/12/05 Article On GW Bush

Faith based FEMA, We pray for no hurricanes.

Does any body know who gave the order to block the bridge to Gretna

I have lived New Orleans too vividly to see this pass: your stories?

Shouldn't the DU activist corp be setting up to flood the

Toll free Congressional Switchboard:

Seeing people in the Bush Administration on TV now makes me feel...

Class warfare + racism = no coincidence poor are mostly brown-skinned

Impeachment, The Other Urgent Matter

Via Kos: SUSA Tracking Poll: Bush Still Dropping (inc. 9/4) 38% approve

Why does Chertoff keep separating the disaster into two parts?

Why is Bush playing politics with Bush

What are the duties of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

Condi says "discrimation was not an issue of NO aid" photo op in MS....

Drudge signals Rove's Scapegoat: "BUSH'S DISASTER APPOINTEE..."

Shame on any democrat mourning the "great " Renquist

Fox news poll needs DU votes

From the "weatherunderground" to the "democraticunderground"

Have you DUed this poll? It's getting Freeped.

This fuck-up in New Orleans gives a tremendous boost to the terrorists

In Nicauragua there was a natural disaster that helped end a dictatorship.

"For days, Bush's top advisers argued over legal niceties..."

VA man to Jesse Jackson: "You can't bring those types of people here"

FEMA knew Katrina's potential - Max Mayfield, National Hurricane Center

Bush doesn't believe in anything.

Katrina & Renquist - Make The Connection

Photos of Condi in Alabama today (SHE has bottled water...)

Petition Congress: Release Vacant Military Bases for Katrina Victims

OUTRAGEOUS! Political toon on CNN calls Katrina "looters" VERMIN.

Must read: SurveyUSA tracking poll shows Bush continuing freefall

Let's expose the underlying policies that led to the NOLA tragedy

Anyone see "Meet the Press" today? Jefferson Parish President hysterical!

Labor Cost Reductions REDUCE Corporate Profits

Bush Has Many Options for Chief Justice (Chief Justice Roberts?)

don't hide behind god

Another Levee Breaks: The Death of Rehnquist Means More Disaster .

It’s Not Just New Orleans That Needs Rebuilding

Experts: Homeland Security Was Off Guard

Catastrophe was predicted - and ignored

BBC: Viewpoint: Has Katrina saved US media?

Why Nero Burned Rome, How Bush Will Let the Vultures Descend Upon NO

Larry Elliott (The Guardian): The poor reap the whirlwind

The Battle for Congress in 2006

White House moves to contain political fallout from Katrina

The Message of Katrina (according to Houston Chronicle's Rick Casey)

Letter in Chicago Trib: Cindy Sheehan is Helping the enemy

LAT: Bush Takes Safe Path on Roberts (unusual haste)

Nero (And His Cabinet) Fiddle While Rome Burns

please take some time today to

Insurgents Seize Key Town in Iraq

Check out this marvelous tirade from another NYer on another blog!

Military releases seep into Katrina news articles

Baltimore Sun claims 3rd tour

God to Bush: You blew it

The 9/11 "Jersey Girls": The Hurricane and Accountability (NYT)

NYT: After Failures, Government Officials Play Blame Game

NYT:In Tale of Two Families, a Chasm Between Haves and Have-Nots

Article from 8 August, 2004 re: hurricane threat to New Orleans

Picture of a real President who actually cares

The Perfect Storm and the Feral City

Unnatural Disaster: Bush & Co.= Absymal Failure

I wrote this a few weeks back. I believe it holds more weight today:

Lobbying Against America

Who lost New Orleans ? (Bush again loses Buchanan)

Michael Hiltzik: Bush's Hurricane Response a Disaster

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Handled Faster Than Katrina

Has Katrina saved US media? - BBC Commentary

Why FEMA turned away help

Paul Craig Roberts: What's Next, Mr. War President?

Scarborough: We deserve answers, Mr. President

We Know How This Is Going to End

The great humbling of the U.S....

Question: Is Dick Cheney Dead? Missing VP raises health questions again

Hitchens reveals that we've made the world safe from...Friedrich Nietzsche

I think this might be worthy of the activism forum


Petition calling on Michael Brown's resignation

Don't Let Frist Sneak Through the Estate Tax Repeal!

Katrina: Chronically Ill Evacuees

Our Vets for Peace in Covington, LA helping in relief need us! URGENT.

Camp Casey clean-up gas offer to a Texas DUer ....

Let's get the Katrina survivors absentee ballots or re-registered to vote

Wolf Blitzer (Video) So Poor So Black

Sweet Neo Con - Music File

Air America Radio (Streaming Audio)

DU just mentioned on WPR

Well-rounded article on super-efficient homes.

Damage to Gulf oil rigs mounts

Tropical system looms off Florida coast

Environmental experts: Does pumping 'toxic gumbo' into the Gulf of Mexico

Tar sands tech breakthrough?

The Katrina Crisis (Daniel Yergin - not good)

Gaza unrest may spoil PA plans for calm

President Abbas Consoles US President on Hurricane Katrina Victims

Hurricane relief may cut into U.S. pullout aid for Israel

Israel sending relief aid, volunteers to U.S.

Israel's threat to achieving real peace

Weldon on CSPAN

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY, 09/05/05

FYI -- Threads now need FIVE (5) votes to appear on the Greatest Page.

No Relief for Schwarzenegger’s Numbers in California

Governor's far behind on 2 issues

OC Register's Wisckol: Minuteman may give Democrats Cox's seat

Called Congresswoman Jane Harmon-(d) in DC and L.A.-nothing but voicemail

Robert Reich endorses Deval Patrick for Governor

what is a good 'XP' Utilities/Registry/backweb FIX PROGRAM..!!

Question about setting up wireless network

Dewine is the US Senate's 97th most popular Senator!

Letter to my "representative" Culberson re: Katrina

medical professionals needed in houston

Austin resources - How to help

Dallas DUers: Whatcha taking to the DCDP Labor Day picnic?

Dallas County Democratic Party 2005 Labor Day Picnic (Air America LIVE)

Camp Casey clean-up gas offer to a Texas DUer ....

Inside the Astrodome


Laura Flanders just played the entire clip - I need this clip please

Kerry's response to NOLA Disaster has been amazing, hasn't it?

Paul Krugman will be a guest on the Franken AAR show

I am really impressed with Dep. Chief of Police Warren Riley (NO)

Funny how they lauded Guiliani and Pataki as heros but.....

New free email service, 1 Terabyte of free storage

James Carville in 1997: History of dynamiting LA levees and shooting

"No more tax relief. We need people relief"

LATimes: Bush's Hurricane Response a Disaster

FEMA wanted to kick the Vets in Covington out, RED CROSS said NO WAY!

Jesus had something to say about feeding and clothing people

No phony photo ops today?

Surprising Conversation with a New Orleans resident

Erin Hart's radio show is streaming

Didn't China donate 5 Million for Hurricane Relief to the US?

Those clumsy Blackwater boys

Side effect: the consequences of "Small" government and privatization

This weekend RAGE

Katrina Timeline Website

Erin Hart Gives New meaning to FEMA

Vid Clip- Bush -Looking Forward to Trip - Or Not

RW spin on Kagin & Blanco is brutal!! -Tammy Bruce tonite

Chertoff is saying there were two disasters...

Under the radar, US Quietly announces we'll never leave Iraq...

Epiphany while writing my "Bush resign now" blog article

I think this country is headed for a breakdown

I saw Broussard on MTP and I'm ashamed

The unseemliest of contrasts......

Miss. Motels Under Miserable Conditions

Rename Katrina "Dubya" (online petition by Rik Reynolds)

The Irony of Hurrican Katrina (pic heavy - not graphic)

Katrina shows that America's free market does not have all the answers

Lost opportunity: bush could've been a modern Hans Brinker!

Bush's "Window On the World" and Led Zeppelin

NC Pharmaceutical CEO flew in Company Plane to NO's with med supplies

Blaming Blanco & Kagin Doesn't Let W Off The Hook

Racist Steve Sailer (VDARE) Malkin Protege on NOLA

Great rant on BushCo ineptitude in New Orleans

Real Bushler poll numbers in the wake of Katrina?

Has it been four more years yet?

You know I ALMOST joined the National Guard

Concerning the amount of Third World analogies

Where is the thread compiling report of help refused or turned back?

The dead in NOLA will not be accurately counted, and here's why....

This is a Test, This is Only a Test. Had this Been an Actual Emergency

"The Constant Gardener" - Viewer question : How does Tessa so easily

Guardian: Bush team tries to pin blame on local officials

It's Time To Haunt Bush. New Protest Form.

Sorry, I refuse to watch this photo op of Bush at the rescue center.

Will the MEDIA ask Bush why FEMA was cutting Comm. Lines ???

Where the fuck is Cheney?

Guardian: National Guard Delay Likely to be Examined

Bush Going Today for more Photo Ops in Louisiana and Mississippi


People still in their homes weren't just being "stubborn"

Alleged One of the police officer that committed suicide had returned home

gee, what happened to 'political capital...and I'm going to spend it?'

To those that want to adopt Jefferson Parish, please go to the

Mayor Bloomberg (NY) : Feds Failed On Katrina Response

Listening to SRV's "Riviera Paradise" while thinking of NO....

There were 60 thousand people in the Super Dome not 20 thousand

Bush team tries to pin blame on local officials (and a Toon)

WDSU live feed..

Brown calls NO a "war zone"; Honore claims people chose to stay in Dome

did the levee break or was it unfinished?

Geraldo: "It's even too big for FOX to handle"

Rush And Hannity ON BROADWAY?

Katrina medical help held up by red tape

Everyone knows * screwed up, some people just can't admit it

Re: Bassiers--five South African families stranded in NO

Property rights and Martial Law

Writer Anne Rice: During this crisis you failed us. You looked down on us

Katrina PeopleFinder Project - way to help via data gathering

Well I'm off to bed


The people responsible for this

Hidden Clause: Leave No Child Behind, except in New Orleans

Idiot Son's numbers will be even worse when Americans learn.......

What the Hell just happened to WWL they went completely RW

Sad reply from my mom - another example of bush ruining america

New Orleans should convince the Arabs that Democracy is best

This Jordanian toon pretty much sums up the international reaction

Santorum devised a bill that could've stopped hurricane warnings for many

Please Tell Me That Evacuees Are Still Connecting With Family...

Bush should replace Bad in our vocabulary.

A thought that thoroughly enraged me today: After Sept. 11

blog from an area journalist in the eye of the storm ...

Question Re: FDR and his response to Pearl Harbor...

While we were Fighting them Over There, Katrina kicked our ass Over Here

"act in a timely manner"

random thoughts on an early holiday morning (can't sleep again) . . .

The Huffington Post mentions what I thought might happen in times like

I am listening to the news and I think Condi just discovered that she is

WaPo: One Reason For the Slow Response? Multiple Vacations.

Ray is on now.

"Bush's people failed him . . . he deserves our sympathy and support" . .

It took * five whole days to realize the "response is unacceptable"

"A society is measured by how it treats the weak and vulnerable"

When the president declares a national disaster area, what does that mean?

Monica didn't blow Clinton away, will Katrina blow Bush

American father of evacuee "embarrassed" to be a US citizen

Those people we elect, Let's stop calling them 'Leaders' o.k?

Today's ZINGS!

AWOL Bush either got really fat or he was wearing a bullet-proof vest

Dumbya has brought out the BIG GUNS today -

Why didn't Bush nominate Scalia for CJ?

Tim Russert is NOT human!

a friend told me about Paul Loeb on npr tonight

MSNBC: Lack of Immediate Leadership from Bush

America's Dirty Little Secret Is Out For All To See Now

The NY Times has an excellent interactive thing up , especially on timing.

democratic party leadership missing and presumed drowned by

This administration is like the people on the Titanic who pushed onto

Rumsfeld Visits Louisiana, Ignores Victims

Chris Mooney imagined the damage to NO of a Katrina-like storm in MAY!

Anyone listening to call in on CSPAN? Now is the time to attack

Shame on those 1%ers who got and received a tax cut and sit back, and do

Nagin - "The Blackhawks we asked for didn't come" 08/30/05

Can we have candlelights vigils for NOLA tonite, Labor Day, 9.5.2005?

Looks like the 2nd plane missed the Tower

Chimpy's Playhouse

Has anyone seen/heard a report about a Coast Guard helo down in NOLA?

European help on its way

Mayor Nagin on CNN now w. Soledad nt

OMG, I just wandered over to Freeperville and I'm going to be sick.

Why haven't we gotten pix exposing those Bush photo-ops?

Honoroe on CNN now n/t


the bushco system is set up mainly for killing people, not saving them

Coming up on CSPAN Cincinnati caller!

Question re: LA Governor's control of the NG.

Chimp to speak at 8 a.m. as per MSNBC.

Corp Media has not developed a spine.

I'm coming up on CSPAN

I can't tell them apart. It is worse than all the "New Nixons" in the pas

Bob Herbert NYT editorial: Bush's massive failure of leadership

Chertoff was a federal prosecutor who Bush made . . .

It's official - there IS no Congress..


Michael Brown - "FEMA doing a good job" 08/29/05

This is interesting, General Honore is all but saying he does NOT

Hmm... Roberts, Scalia, or Thomas...

Rove advised "Blame NO problems on local and State!

According to the local news this morning, the official dead count...

The Humane Society is now down in LA/MS giving food, shelter, immunization

How is a hostile corporate takeover like a military coup?

President Bush to nominate Judge John Roberts to be chief justice of the

Next time you hear someone say "Oh but Louisiana didn't ask for help"

My new prediction for the ranking justice next to Chief of the supreme:

thank god the man called president bush is doing more photo ops today!

Meanwhile, attacks are stepped up in Afghanistan and Iraq.

MSNBC telling about Brown's job history!!

Not just more attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq but now in Saudi Arabia

Bush's Katrina Poll Numbers still in free-fall mode

The priority is Katrina NOT the Supreme Court. BLOCK ANY MOVEMENT

Just heard an anchor on network news

Damballa (Voodoo) Sent Katrina

FYI - Katrina maps (interactive) (link fixed)

Bush -Nominates Roberts Chief Justice -CNN n/t

Christian Group Blames Katrina on Gays

Hey Idiot Rethugs: Guiliani Had The Rest Of NYC....

President bush Leaving for Gulf Coast! who fucking cares?

This May be the End of Democracy Folks

"Report from the levee" UPDATE= original archived.

TD Jakes and Dr. Phil?

Is this going to piss off Scalia?

Vengeful God sent Katrina, some say

Infusion of money for NO flood controlproject in late 90's-Cuts after 2001

The Rove Propaganda machine is rolling through the Gulf Coast

Get back in the kitchen for 2 generations ladies!

Bonnie McElveen-Hunter

An Apology to DU and Fellow DUers

It’s Not Just New Orleans That Needs Rebuilding

The only "Gods Wrath" is see falling on us is for

They strongarmed Blance out of the photo op!

These criminals do not deserve to choose Supreme Court Justices...


Need HELP, Please!

Vid Clip-Bush Snubs Gov Blanco

Bush at 44% : 41% strongly disapprove, 55% disapprove: Rasmussen Reports

When do Brown and Chertoff get Presidential Medals of Freedom?

Once New Orleans is dry and cleaned up, What happens then?

Could you please help me put together a kit of articles

What Karl Rove doesn't want America to know:

IMPORTANT (imho): DHS/FEMA Authority and Responsibilities

Axis of evil country, Iran, offers help

Axis of evil country, Iran, offers help

Axis of evil country, Iran, offers help

Zoo Animals Treated BETTER Than Poor Blacks in New Orleans (Literally)

A poll on AOL needs attention

Dem's need to introduce legislation to restore FEMA to its previous status

Bush is consistent in appointing "unqualified" people in his admin.

Miss. Motels Under Miserable Conditions

Bush speaking on CNN

I wish there was a left leaning national daily tabloid I could go buy and

Life begins to return to New Orleans

"federal holiday"

What does the constitution say about

did i just hear chimp refer to john roberts as jeff roberts....

Corpo-media calling Roberts

Guiliani would have freaked in NO---Jeb would have evacuated

The Democratic Senators had DAMN WELL BETTER MAKE AN ISSUE

Give George someone to know he won't hug Jakes!

Anyone know about specific Medicaid cuts

My Daughter in San Francisco is preparing for the next earthquake.

It used to be that shameless photo ops in disaster areas worked

Louisiana Governor Blasts Faulty Wireless Networks

We need some facts on Red Cross access...

"And that's why I came back to this state"

Viewpoint: Has Katrina saved US media? (BBC-- Must read!)



FauxNews' Poll On Katrina

I think ALL needs to quit listening to the words rove puts in his mouth

If anyone is wondering what Karl Rove is doing....

Katrina Movie Flash from Peace Takes Courage

Is anyone surprised that roberts will be chosen as chief justices?

Anyone listening to AAR now? (just asking)

Pat Robertson's Partner Funded Al-Qaeda!!

Bush's pals in the Insurance industry should be furious with him.

Bush certainly likes short words.

Vid Clip-Poppy and Big Dog

Bush Administration has displayed their ability to lead - "UNACCEPTABLE"

The "Photo Op President"

Needed: Smart Slogans Linking Katrina & Iraq -- Apply Yourselves! (9/24 !)

too many chiefs doing tv and not giving a helping hand

Anybody else get returned e-mail failures at FOX?

Any word on the NOLA survivors who were relocated to a lead toxic barrack?

Another similarity between 'christian' Extremists and 'islamic' Extremists

So, did Bush play golf during Katrina?

Anyone just see Sean Penn on CNN?

How about giving the families HUD homes that are sitting empty? Help them

Where was bush* Tue night?

truth about the gas prices

The poor services and response from FEMA and HS are designed to

Smirky, just resign. Your visits are disruptive.

From Refugees International:

So with so many of our National Guard and Reserves in Iraq or Afghanistan

Volunteer training conducted in Houston yesterday, per

BrownChert (Chertoff): "This one .. was breathtaking in its surprise"

how much money do they spend on backdrop bush/clinton katrina

Bush's 30% Base Support

Combat Operations in New Orleans & Fighting Insurgency!!!!

Oh, man...check out SomethingAwful!

Just saw @#$%%-head on cnn and he does not look comfortable

Just saw the chimp autographing storm victims....

The "Presidential Prayer Team" website. WTF?

Anyone here member of DSA?

Is there a Bizarro-world, Venezuelian Pat Robertson out there? Help us.

Laura Flanders. right now...reporting on *'s trip to Biloxi being staged.

This muthafcka has the NERVE to have a press conference with a

DU this AOL poll re: Roberts, it needs some serious help!

Watch out - Bush just reinvented himself

He leaves his vacation two days early

Anyone have links to German story about how Bush photo ops staged?

Walmart pledging 23 million-any of that come after their PORK

Celine Dion on Larry King: She breaks down crying, Larry asks her to sing

Hey, KKKarl, it's too little, too late, and too fake.

The biggest Bush lie of them all...

bush must be MOST confident that ROBERTS will be a better "toe the bush

What is the story about Blanco not caving to Bush on Fed control on CNN

Nagin up next on msnbc

Time running out for survivors

bush finally orders flags at half staff

A LTTE about what the military CAN do...

Body Recovery starts today

Guess who goes back to Louisiana and tells people to be compassionate?

American troops in Iraq have mutinied against their officers.

When blame starts getting placed and they pick Chertof and Brown to place

The New Orleans convention center was easily accessible by boat

What a "dishonor" to be nominated to anything by this President!

Unemployment assistance for everyone: Labor Sec. Chao

Hope all the Freepers are at work today....

Thousands die needlessly and the flags go to half mast for

Laura Flanders just said that a German news agy. reported Shrub's

Who's the imbecile here?

This is making me angry. REFUGEE

Poor, Poor Judy Miller.

Sold A False Sense of Security

Tomorrow is Critical! Don't Let Them "Tenent" Anybody.

Buses from Indiana held up four hours for "security clearance"

All proceeds go to Katrina victims - good deal!

All Hail New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, the Anti-Rudy!!!

O' When the Snakes, Go Marching Out, O' When the Snakes go mar-ching out'

A day in the life of...

Team Bush Erects Fake Food Distribution Point For Photo Op

Clinton is the best that ever did the Presidential thing!

This is outrageous!!

Martin Rowson Toon in the Guardian

Rhenquist went room temp 48 hours ago--now they announce a CJ nominee.

Another view on turning away local help...

Poor, Poor Judy Miller.

What do they think these people are?

Bush Photo Op resembles Saddams'


Is Katrina a 911 killer?

These criminals do not deserve to choose Supreme Court Justices...

Bush was handing out water in Florida last year after a hurricane

Nero (And His Cabinet) Fiddle While Rome Burns

Saddam Offers Help:

Is the fight between Blanco and Bush really a fight for our country?

After Failures, Government Officials Play Blame Game

Mikey Brown of FEMA

Has anyone heard from FrustratedLefty? He stayed in NO with his ill wife.

Anybody have a link to the photo othe woman's body floating

Is anyone serving as a clearinghhouse for housings offers?

Is there a clause in the constitution about being mentally unstable....

"...the president, would have left people unattended on the basis of race"

Jerry Lewis raised $3 million, callers could choose between MDA & Katrina

Katrina comments from BBC readers

What Does the Appointment of Roberts Mean...

how much levy and wetlands restoration would the "lost in Iraq" 8 billion

A retired comedian knows what Bush does not: "We must help them."

Happy Pills - The Missing Link and PNAC

Join the National Guard! Get free education!

It's time for the Dems to respond.

i think kanye west could've put it more simply and

You can bet your asses that those levees would've been built higher

.014% of our surplus (During the previous real president) would

the racists couldn't wait to get on Wash. Journal this morning

fucking poppy is an asshole

Lou Dobbs will blame the devastation in New Orleans on...

Did anybody hear the CNN reporter at Baton Rouge

Gambling in the pork barrel--someone rolled snake eyes

why doesn't the Lo Gov get more TV time....she's in charge?

President Nero just landed in Baton Rouge: live on MSNBC & Faux.

Do you have gas in your town?

John Roberts will be nominated for Chief Justice

Something that needs to be archived...

The Monster Chimp just DOESN'T give up does he? WTF?

NOT A DIME to Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

What is the diff. between the position of Chief Justice & Assoc. Justice?

Whats this on CNBC...a 2 hr Wal-Mart ad???

Tell me this is not true..... Tens of thousands of victims in NO ... MSNBC

Bush can't get in and out of NO with disrupting vital works

Who is to blame? Let's find out, but first, for the safety of the US,

Medical Professionals Needed In Houston,

Stripes letters: military spouse blasts Bush/1st letter on Katrina

Team Bush Erects Fake Food Distribution Point For Photo Op

Wow, the look on Poppy's face as he listens to Clinton.

Did Bush "red light Northern Command" over Lo Gov. "turf wars"....?

Price of steel will skyrocket (it's IMPORTED). We MUST REINDUSTRIALIZE

Anyone notice a lot of Clinton officials coming out?

Gas price today in Boston: $3.39

listen up women: judges refusing to hear abortion petitions

Broussard on CBS

For those who think they can take their country back by force, no

Please Don't Throw Me In The Briar Patch

More blood on chimpie's hands

With all this anger

What are churches doing?

A line must be drawn!

Will Bush call his Mommy to beat up Blanco?

Is that monkey scalia offended by the chief monkey bush...

Hurricane Tracker graphics

100 Nevada Police set to depart for New Orleans told to stand down by FEMA

Is FEMA dropping the ball again on the real "second" disaster (medicine)?

Bush and Military have met their objective - - control (no dems)

NYT: Bush Nominates Roberts to Replace Rehnquist

Is Roberts the best of the three worst choices for Chief Justice?

George refuses aid because his Dad did the same with Andrew!

So Bush is finally going to address the victims in the shelter?

We'd be Royally Screwed if that Saddama guy attacked us right now

Housing For One.......

If anyone can explain what happened re: Blanco/WH/rescue efforts,

Chernobyl 'likely to kill 4,000' : latest report

How long will it take for CBS coverage of the US Open to mention Katrina?

Hurricane Center Director Briefed BrownChert on Severe Flooding

Keating of NorthComm on msnbc

What a petty, small man....and I use the word 'man' loosely...

The great humbling of the U.S....

Posting a CENSORED post. Edited to make it clear that this was

The great humbling of the U.S....

MSNBC showing a downed helicopter in NOLA...

The military has "kick Katrina's ass" t-shirts? Oh, tough response.

Why did the media ignore the 18 buses that evacuated the Ritz

Impeachment won't happen...

Northern Command Adm Keating just said he is happy with Governor's

I hope any of you out there who have relatives who have been displaced

Chertoff & Brown: We were "not told of...N. O. until Thursday night" ?!!

What is important now?

FAX # for FEMA Dir. Mike Brown

The photos you didn't see from Katrina (image heavy)

Is WDSU live coverage out? I'm not able to get it this morning.

Lack of Response to Katrina is due to Class Discrimination.

ABC is doing a special on Nuclear Preparation

Did I hear correctly on CNN? Bush wanted to federalize the National

Suicide note rang alarm bells over Bayou Management hedge fund millions

Blaming Katrina on Gays, Israel, and Man-on-Horse Sex

My own tin foil hat theory about the New Orleans mess

Great article from pittsburg-post Gazette: Blasting monkey-king!

How "pissed off" is Judge Antonin Scalia ?

wisconsin public radio right now

CJ dies in office + Roberts nomination shifted to CJ

i need a live broadcast to listen to here at work


Can somebody photoshop that shameless photo op of Condi helping load

Send BBC interview of Sean Kelly at NorthCom to media NOW!!

I have a feeling....

"Fema for Kidz" rap song

POLL: Does nominating Roberts for Chief Justice help or hurt odds

What happens now? Plans for the long term--

Our fate is in the hands of Fitzgerald and the Grand Jury

Did you hear Lauer interview Nagin? "Who sent them to convention center?"

Did the Levees have back-up generators?

Army Corps of Engineers say some contractors killed by police

Hurricane season not over until November-what if????

MSNBC just had a report on satilite photos of the disater area. Did anyone

So do you think bush* is sending military recruiters to refugee sites?

Will American Ghettos Errupt in the Wake of the Katrina Massacre??

Is that Bill "Potsie" Hemmer on Faux now?

Clinton vs. Poppy says it all

Charles Boustany (LA republican - congressman) --- asshole MEME maker

TV getting tough on authorities

If Roe V. Wade is overturned...

what to do with the superdome? they are asking that question now

I thought of a simple way to cut * supporters...........

Are any of our Dems helping Blanco?

Exactly what was the freep method for destroying Jennings through blogs?

Official Don't-forget-the-"polls" thread

Murphy Oil tank in Louisiana spills (85,000 gal. - evacuations)

Why We're All at "White Heat" this Week.

Bush declares war on Nature

NYT's Bob Herbert: "Bush to New Orleans: Drop Dead":

A Failure of Leadership

What's your take on this?

Thank you Admiral - An Admiral is giving an update to the press and

Vampire active again, claims occult expert

Here Lies Vera-- God Help Us

Has Cheney poked his head out of his dark hole?

Bush: Skips Thomas for CJ, to rebuild Lott house. Message: I don't care.

Wouldn't it, at least,

Is * doing his disaster photo-op before or after golf today?

How Are Blanco & Nagin Be Responsible For A THREE STATE Disaster??????

My response to the editor of the local fishwrap

How to survive in America, the third world country

Bush sure shows up in appropriate clothing for a flood

Liberals saw the destruction of N.O. and wanted to help.

Levees opened on purpose?

Can anyone answer this for me?

Gas Prices...What was $2.79 two weeks ago, is $3.59 Today..

Race versus Class

News from the French Quarter - love this story!

Roberts: 50, Scalia: 69, Thomas: 58 - It's obvious why Roberts

Does the Int'l Arabian Horse Assn. have ties to, uh, Saudi Arabia?

I changed my avatar from Cindy

A somber realization

Jamming Communications in New Orleans! (redux)

Governor Blanco has hired James Le Witt, FEMA director under Clinton

Two articles, same theme: ideological inevitability of disaster response

The US government charters 3 Carnival(tm) cruise ships

Great article from pittsburg-posy Gazette: Blasting monkey-king!

This is why we will never know the truth death count

Papa Bush just compared the lousy relief response to

some more info on the bridge murders

Did anyone else see Rick Sanchez threaten Broussard yesterday?

"The Manchurian Candidate" is now the president.

New Orleans wetlands developement

is the Charmaine Neville video online?


Link to the thread from the DU'ers husband who is an expert in disaster

So do you think Senator Landreaux will vote with the Republicans lock step

Is it fascism yet?

Limbaugh goes on the air in a few minutes. I'm going to listen in.

Military is controlling communications...

Bush said this?

$231 million on bridge to nowhere instead of $105 m for levee

Repubs: Photo Op Fakers vs Dems: Competence in Action

Worth noting: "federal disaster, federal responsibility"

It's time for Dems to respond

Katrina. World News.

not allowing rescue efforts for animals in NO

The Katrina Commission?

CNN's Kagyn just said that Bishop T.D. Jakes

Could Condi Have Helped?

Former and Future Democratic Presidents in Houston Today

Bush Nominated Roberts for Chief Justice just heard on AAR.

MSNBC just said it: "As many as 10,000 dead, possibly more."

18 year old does an INDEPENDENCE DAY rescue & gets put in jail????

What are some responses to those blaming state and local NO officials?

Sean Penn on CNN calling on all volunteers to come with small boats

Are we a Super Power anymore?

Castro offered 1500 medics. Hasn't heard from Bush yet. MSNBC


CNN Goofs....shows troops standing around by Canal St. doing nothing

What the hell is Bush talking about here??

the Statue of Liberty will have to lower her arm

"Lessons learned"...anyone else sick of hearing that cutesy

3 laws of Neocon Robotics:

Pic-No Tragedy Left Unpolicitized

LOOK at the "hard work" Bush* did in Florida after Hurricane Frances>>>

Probably the most significant thing Clinton noted in todays statement ...

I'm sick of the people who want the residents of NOLA to be in gloom

Why is Pickles on the way to the Gulf Coast?

We need a photo timeline of Bush and Repubs

What is the best way to make sure your remains can be

the rude pundit -read at your own risk today-

How come Rehnquist snuffs it and the flags go half-mast?!

On CNN. Honore has his people in line. Fed control wouldn't change

is * hitler yet?

Roberts is a shoo-in; Bush gets a second chance

IMPORTANT!!! Payback to Louisiana over oil revenue?

when the saints all marched away

160 million in federal grants for convenient

Where is all the DRUG and Gas money going.. we are talking Trillions.!!!

I Emailed Fox News

How Come Bush Isn't Asking Haley Barbour to Federalize?

Google Images of Katrina Victims, Hurricane Katrina Survivors etc. Nada

Is anyone on here in or near New Orleans? Or an evacuee?

Clark on Faux now

Jazz funeral for the Bush administration

"receiving states" to get federal disaster aid too (all red states)

US thanks NATO for help with Katrina disaster

Death count from Katrina...

Hilarious/appalling Wal-Mart exchange a friend had

Dear Mr Bush

How did we get rid of Nixon?

Is today's Randi a "Best of"?

Bush on MSNBC: "I'd like to come back down here... in two years..."

Well Randi Rhodes is a repeat too. She said if there were

Reading thru pre-storm news reports..

My, that's quite a crowd of white people Bush has assembled in Poplar.

I'm on the way out to buy Kanye West's new CD: Late Registration

In their own words: Newsmax's take on Roberts' new nom:

What a frenzy of bureaucratic butt covering

Another message from relief worker

please take sometime today

Bush IS a Tyrant, an actual Goddamned Tyrant

RED CROSS: 135,500 survivors in shelters across 12 states

Dear Conservatives, PLEASE stop giving me reasons to HATE YOU

"This is not the time to point fingers"

Clinton: "No actual person in charge!"

George W. Bush salutes innovators of labor on Labor Day

Strange Events at Danziger Bridge - NOLA

I intend to write the media, all of them, and tell them to stay

Just watched "Convoy" on FLIX

The FBI was in NO in advance to protect communications...

Rasmussen Poll: 45% Say Federal Response to Katrina was Poor

AWOL Bush: We're here to make sure people know there's a lot of work to

Rec'd from Aussie friend, RE: Impeachment

Bush is back in Louisiana again now. Just arrived. Live on CNN

Since Smirky has by now bankrupted our country......

Mr. President, have you made any mistakes yet?

How black Americans (not political sell-outs) view the Katrina response

The repukes want to kill Labor Day . Will we let them?

Recent events show the depth of Bushco's compassion. . . .

does anyone know anything about the brights? tia eom

Katrina Death Toll May Hit 10,000

Let's concentrate on the looters scores another direct hit...

Air America - good comments - the framing of the NG and troops help

third world governance at first world prices

German leader blames Bush for Katrina and his indifference to Global

Question about the school buses not used in evacuation of NOLA.

The effort to blame local officials in LA...

A little light relief, if you can take it at the moment.

Ed Schultz IS a repeat today

Cutting of Phone, TV and Internet Lines: Please post reports 9/5/05

Quick rundown of how impeachment works

Google comes in handy for victims

I had a real problem with the jovial tone of GWB Sr. at press conf. today

Please give me some response, I haven't heard this. Have you?

They're not going to get away with this are they?

Wow Cindy is

NO has 95 acre toxic landfill in middle of the city. Seems was forgotten

I'll be glad to help Katrina victims with debt/bankruptcy issues.

If the shoe were on the other foot...?

Bushco: The Administration That Will Live in Infamy

Another photo-op

This is the transcript of trent lott

Bush "press conference" in Biloxi(?) - screened crowd - all white

Is this possible?

FEMA is refusing to collect the dead bodies that they see....

French Quarter Holdouts Create 'Tribes'

RawStory: Advance: Senate Democrats issue relief plan for Katrina

Where are all the black preachers?

I hate level 3. Let's half of us take a break for a half an hour and

NOLA GLBT to Katrina: Screw You!

People listenig to the scanner... what did they say about finding out

Air Force 1 has showers?

If hurricane Katrina were slamming into Kennebunkport, Maine

The Roberts CJ Nomination-He couldn't have waited till

Curious...Chief Justice of Scotus retirement

The FEMA for Kids Rap (Thx CrooksAndLiars)

NYT's Paul Krugman: "Killed By Contempt"

Looks like Rove has gotten CNN reigned in....

HORRIBLE report from French TV2

Everyone should write their senators/reps

Look for the "DOD Video" label


Operation Google Bomb for Truth

Do you think US will accept Castro's offer of aid?

The biggest difference between the response to 9/11 and N.O. is not race.

Ever notice how Bush talks about "hard work" but never does any?

FEMA and flood repairs

Wayne Madsen DISSES James Witt & Associates BIG TIME!

MSNBC - How Mike Brown Got his job - coming up!

Little Lord Pissypants is punishing Blanco for calling in James Lee Witt

National Response Plan discussion thread

Did anyone see this essay from Edgar Lawrence Doctorow, bashing *

Talking Point: "Since they're so afraid of telling us how many bodies

Isn't Roberts kinda underqualified?

CNN - Blanco and Bush have been in a meeting for the last 90 minutes.

Bush back in LA trying to find his "9/11 standing in the rubble" photo op

Roberts As Chief Justice Means O'Connor Stays On Court For Now

Bush Message to voters nationwide in Katrina Aftermath:

I wonder when Haley Barbour found out Bush was coming to MS today.

WTF is up with this???

How long exactly did it take * to respond?

Dumb question: What additional duties does a chief justice have?

Honore = defensive blowhard, and a bald-faced liar.

MSNBC - Hillary calls on * to investigate the federal response

We'll get the death count from Katrina, just as soon as

Horsey Brown

Who cares about over 10,000 dead bodies. There were LOOTERS! LOOTERS!

Why the U.S. has Chavez in its crosshairs

Bush headed to Mississippi, “To let the people know....

If the death toll is high, Katrina is what Bush will be remembered for

'The Right is Dangerous and Violent'

what city in the usa is next?

who is Lt. Gen. Russel Honore

I gotta tell this story--Fundie neighbor

strib: Abandoned, yet again

Song of the Week - Sept 3, 2005 "Louisiana 1927"

"Bush's Hurricane Response a Disaster" by

Is there any "Help the N.O. folks" site or organization that TRULY..

What the fuck????

French Quarter is the rich, white part of the city... highest part of

another interesting aspect I've not seen mentioned....

Did I just hear on CNN from their reporter in Baton Rouge ...

Chertoff is committing another PR debacle

Cuba's offer to send doctors

Contact CNN and tell them we are NOT buying the PR campaign

My church gave 50,000 DIRECTLY to the relief effort

MSNBC is skewering Brown right now!

Michael Jerkoff

Could "Fear of US Govt." replace Fear of Terrorists in Citizen's Minds?

The Face of New Orleans

There are now TWO gulfs separating fearless leader from any

So Gen Honore's son is in the LA National Guard serving in Iraq

OMG! Press asking directly about Brown's qualifiations.

Nobody can read God's mind...

Reminder: We should all be writing our senators today

NO Times Picayune 5 part series from 2002 called "Washing Away"

"There is no reason -- no jobs, no food -- no reason for them to stay"



What have we learned?

This **pResidential visit must be terribly disruptive to rescue effort

Three words I want to hear out of EVERY Democrat's mouth in reference to *

anything from bushco or fema except 'oh shit we really blew it'

What happened to the resource list of news orgs. and gov't reps?

Hear the United Radio Broadcasters of New Orleans live at...

OH HORROR OF HORRORS...some tv's are missing!!!

For labor day - an unhappy anniversary

"Evacuees return to see damage", BBC web site

Vid Clip -Clinton on Federal Response


A thought: Retaliation for Blanco's March 2005 trade deal w/Cuba?

Post Links to Hurricane Suvivor Stories Here


I hope a floodwater mosquito bites Bush today.


Vid Clip- Keating: Federalizing Would be No Advantage

Why doesn't someone tell Bush and Laura to piss off?

CNN spinning ABC/WaPo poll

Hey W, We're On To You. You Don't Give A Flying Fuck About Katrina

The price of gas.... if you drive this

New Orleans may take another hit this week:

First reference I've seen to tension between Blanco and the misleader -

Everytime the Bush administration screws up they say "don't blame us".

Why do the "family values" repubs support decisions that hurt families?!

Why would * want to force Blanco to cede authority of NG?

Gen Honeree appearing with Bush lends Bush credibility he doesn't deserve

Anyone here have contacts or a direct line to AAR and/or Randi Rhodes?

Where is Howard Dean?

I want a "Support American Citizens - Not Corporations" yellow ribbon

They ARE racist and classist

Hero's welcome for anti-war activists in Wisconsin

9-11 vs. Katrina -- The Fatal Flaw in Right Wing logic

Aftermath of Katrina suggest we neither must fight for oil nor control

What A Coincidence That The Supreme Court just ruled that

Hurricane relief may cut into U.S. pullout aid for Israel


What Bush should be asking himself right now:

Tomorrow, the Repubs will vote to kill the estate tax...

How do we preserve NOLA for the New Orleanians?

Harry Reid emerges from his cave

why aren't the FLAGS at HALF-STAFF??

So if a nuke blew up in New Orleans, would Bush insist on Federalization?

Is it unusual for a new Supreme Court appointee to be named Chief Justice?

rapper Kanye West said on NATIONAL TV that Bush doesn't care about blacks


Donna Brazille coming up on CNN (4:44)


Big Dawg on CSPAN now...............n/t

why do the buhses HATE HUMANITY so?

Organizing local protests...

Republican relief efforts (cartoon)...



Well, it was bound to happen

Katrina could prompt new black "great migration"

Time Magazine: Dipping His Toe Into Disaster (Bush & Katrina)

CNN got its orders - thank you Wolfie

Flags at Half Staff Days Following 9-11

I'm Looking For A NOLA Friend, Need Help With Timeline

Michelle Malkin to Bush ----- Fire Michael Brown

News from Australia: "America's inept response"

Where the hell is Cafferty? Was he fired?

The Greatest Government Taking of Property in History?

Today's CNN Poll - You Know What To Do

Donna Brazile on CNN now....

"There's plenty of blame to go around, from the governor to the mayor".

Why not clean up the NOLA "toxic gumbo" through...

Is it just me, or is Bush morphing into Chuck Barris?

CNN Poll on Roberts as Chief Justice

republican 'traditional family values' except for black children + elderly

Xtian Group says gays responsible for destruction of 'wicked city'

About 3,000 died on 9/11...

My proximity to Louisiana

Gotta love Ted Rall!

My Aunt says "It just goes to show you have to be prepared", Pro Bush rant

Remembering My Machinist Dad On Labor Day

Will this disaster affect the Bush rally cry of 9/11 ??

Lott: house in N.O., Senator from Mississippi?

Where the heck is the NOLA home video?? (mentioned in GD yest.)

AMERICAN SAMIZDAT: 2nd Lt. who chewed out Bush is facing courtmartial.

Republican on MSNBC says should be federalized

Donna Brazille on CNN

September Is National Preparedness Month

Have you ever been spit on?

You have got to read this.racist banter

Bush ordered flags half staff on 9-11 & for Bob Hope, not for Katrina!

Randi Rhodes

Daddy and Mommy protect baby boy on CNN

Has Katrina saved US Media - BBC

Quick check - Where are we with Rove Gate & Release of Abu Ghraib Photos?

Real Time with Bill Maher last night...

Vid Clip- Honore No Red Tape

al-Qaeda, Christian evangelicals agree: Katrina is "wrath of God"

Who's now being allowed into N.O.?

1887 Reasons why the DSM is Important

George W. Bosch

WTF? Caption This ....

According to Conservative Philosophy, NOLA Went Well

how do we send support to LA gov???? urge her not to allow fed takeover???

Heads up -- NO Police Chief on CNN

photo op vs. the real thing

WH shifting blame to Nagin/Blanco - a proposal for DUers

Vid Clip-Bush With Blanco in Baton Rouge-The Kiss

They're starting to pump out the water.

Someone gave birth in a tree in NO? Anyone hear about that story?

Will Pitt.....Paging Will Pitt

Is New Orleans one more step toward instituting a military draft?

Bush won't even acknowledge the American workers on the one day

The Last Time America Lost a City

PHOTO: DR. Rice pictured in silhouette in an attempt to appear black

Bush says to the camera man, "did you get that?"

BBC - Viewpoint: Has Katrina saved US media?

A new AOL poll needs attention

I weep for NOLA . An article. "A Mayor Warns Death Toll May Hit 10,000"

This is scary. Katrina has shown us that we are not prepared for anything

Responding to "well, they were told to leave"

Where are they?

HERE's your B***horn moment, B***!


Examining the Wal-Mart/Walton's Family donations

Why is it that Republicans can criticize the government but Dems can't

Re: Roberts as chief justice, Wolf sez that Bush felt a sense of urgency.

Interesting FEMA press release

If FEMA is controlled by Homeland Security, is HS more responsible?

Mosquito question: Lake Ponchatrain is brackish water. I've never

You know the drill, tell AP their wire story contains poop...

CNN's Dana Bash says Whitehouse looking for "bullhorn" moment

Hurricane MARIA

check out air america page!!!!!!!

Conserving gas? Maybe I'll sit this one out.

The MSM on this Monday 5th September

Excellent Hurricane Fund Raising Idea from Canada (Rock Radio Station)...

Why is Bush intent on taking over the LA National Guard?

Lou; how stupid do you think the public is? (Rant)

God hates fags, but what about New Orleans?

Watch the fundies "head spin".... a simple quote:

How Many Homeless Have Died?

Why Fema turned away help! Very telling !

Bush is particularly pleased to see

IMPEACHMENT - How far from the lips of MSM?

Corporatization of Katrina

state of emergency explained please?

NY Daily News: Federal bureaucracy in the way

So I'm curious, what are the bush twins doing to help....

**PLEASE** read this Hurricane Katrina FORECAST>>>>>

This is Bush-Halliburton's experiment for national Martial Law. Can it get

WTF?! I thought Star Trek was for Liberals

Oh, ok, here's another talking point pissing me off

What do you have to do to get fired in the Bush ADMIN....

United Radio of NO, WWL relay--website and full Shortwave Schedule....

Seen on Bartcop:

Recruitment opportunity?

Talking point making me ill.

Katrina victims: Tips for debris cleanup/pickup

In all this excitement, what dots are we not connecting? What is Rove's

Okay, that does it. I need a Chinook & the World's biggest magnet.

Gov Blanco Live

WHEN will he stop trotting out his "Beautiful Mind" Mommy???

Please, help me compile a list of all the rescuers and supplies FEMA

The "Spin" is in (Dobbs). Counter spin: "They Lied Again." We are NOT

Jesse Jackson now on CNN


FR: Stranded NOLA Citizens Are Poor Due To "Bad Decision Making."

"I was there" T-shirts worn by couple shown on ABC news

Can we NOW discuss the "state's rights" issue?

Remember That Saying... Things Happen For A Reason!

ABC News just showed dead body

I guess most Americans don't even believe Bush is in charge.

Bush looks PISSED OFF coming out of his meeting with Blanco

We're fighting against pure evil, my friends

ABC News talking about Brown/FEMA

Jesse Jackson said the 'H' word on Lou Dobbs - Halliburton.

A solution to the Level 3 woes

AOL poll: Who is ultimately responsible?

Has "the media" really become human?

Flying pigs alert: Michelle Malkin says Bush should fire "Brownie"

Email reply to friend who evacuated from New Orleans

Why do republicans try so hard to downplay racism in the US?

It's beinning to look like FEMA "stopped" more rescue efforts than they

"Most-Wanted Terrorist Dies in Saudi Clash"

Another celebrity hero emerges .... Pink!

What happened to Cincy Sheehan?

Rep. Boustany (R-LiAr) caught shamelessly spinning for Bushists

CNN: Former NO Mayor: Fed's desrves the most blame

Interesting dialogue on FOX NEWS

So.....Where are all the AWOL Dem "Leaders"????

FR - "We're gonna ship 'em all to Texas and teach 'em to be Republicans!"

Once again the solution is to do what GORE AND KERRY would have done

What if you had a bully terrorizing your neighborhood

Katrina Delivers Second Blow To Gay Families

RW: "Blanco Paralyzed by Fear"

Upcoming book by Bernard Goldberg

If ever you have someone missing, as people are now

Gas prices expected to drop soon, but supply will likely remain tight

***********MEDIA BLAST REQUEST**********************

"Left behind in New Orleans" - woman and 12 of her 15 cats rescued

Should we make a web page debunking the RW spin on Katrina?

Experts: Homeland Security Was Off Guard

No confirmation for Roberts...This is Bush's out for Roe v. Wade

OK, I'll meet you halfway Lou Dobbs. It wasn't about race

A MUST Read: It’s Not Just NEW ORLEANS . . .

Poor victims on roof thought they'd have to pay for rescue

Stupid idiot on Lou Dobbs today. (Debra Ferrick)

Coming up on Lou Dobbs: "Michael Brown. Is he fit to lead?"

Iraq war vets looking for work.... and looking, and looking.....

To FEMA, HS and DOD Katrina victims are the enemy, interfere with profits

Bush and company CAN'T kill American democracy.

Well..Here we go...Its all the Mayor and Govornors fault!!

Did the Washington Post retract this?

With all this local blamin' Does that mean Rudy caused 911

nbc just said NO mayor said military can force people to leave.

How did Blanco's staff NOT know about the Monday visit?

MSNBC just reported that the 17th St. levee has been repaired

AstroDome Med volunteer Contact. I lost the thread.

Upcoming Malkin book "A Defense of Letting 10,000 Poor People Drown"

Escape from hell of Katrina

Great photo on Michael Moore's front page

History Channel talking about Anti-Christ

Controling oil distribution, controling a major port, controling who

Need transcript of weather report on day of and day before Katrina.

I bet Tom Ridge is a happy man

Has there been discussion in the last days

Rightwingers floating the idea of throwing Brown Overboard

Just learned that DC buses (10) are returning empty. FEMA would not

Perhaps, it's time.

ACTIVISM ALERT: Have you called out **'s Keystone Cops disaster relief

If you think Walmart's bad...Check Ford Motors relief efforts

Upcoming Coulter book "How to talk to a Katrina victim (if you must)"

Rush was classic today

Bush: less compassionate than Emperor Nero

Emperor Nero was more helpful than Bush...

Catapult the Propoganda.

People should be paid to evacuate.

DU this poll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God did Katrina because Bush finally pissed him off bad enough.

Need some evidence of the vote theft in Ohio,

Clarification--doesn't Bush already control the NG?

Is the following true?? The environmental harm is way worse than

Shave Bush's head. There's a 666 there someplace.

Where's James Carville's take on Katrina aftermath?

Petfinder Website now up

Level 3 gone forever?

Faux Reports: Bush: "The U.S. response (to Katrina) has been amazing!"

"There but for fortune go you or I."

Some states to roll back their gas tax to make gas more "affordable"?


Can the Landrieu family SAVE NOLA from the Bush Inc. vampires?

Is "DU" unprepaired for major Disaster Threats? Weather or Terrorist/

Navy ship nearby underused ( no orders for water generation etc

Fake food distribution point just for photo op?

Another complication: Vital Records in the Dark Ages

How 'bout making a Katrina quilt?

No way out - I've been thinking for days - ideas please

The Christian right--trouble a brewin'?

When is the next WH Press Conference?

Notice how it was the females who delivered the knockout punch to *?

DU: How is all of our precious info being housed, how do we get to it?

What are you doing to reduce our dependence on *everything*?

I've decided REFUGEE does fit. They are fleeing political

Who is the RW's Darth Sidious?

"The plan was to let them die." -- Jeff Masters on Wunderground blog

Did God fail when it come to Columbia Disaster?

Yahoo addresses racial bias

You can use Control + H to find lost threads. n/t

Whenever the RW'ers come to town...


Honore deserves another star on his shoulder for his role in NO.

Petition: Release Vacant Military Bases for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Are You Sick of Paying for "Red State" Disasters??

Are we the Ham Radio Operators of the 21st Century?

Decadence Day Parade in the French Quarter today! (with pictures)

MSNBC Poll: Do you think gov officials should be held accountable?

A control center will be set up tomorrow

This one quote from Bush is all you need to know about the man

I don't know if I missed something, but did any of the bush hillbilly

FEMA: If mayors don't fill out paperwork, NO HELP.

The Spin/damage control over failure after Katrina kicks into full gear.

From one of my freeper brothers; the other one

So your position is that the mayor and governor dropped the ball? Well...

Idiot Son sounds PISSED at the criticism not SAD about 10,000 drownings

Gov Blanco's press release

You really should watch WWLTV -- big issue is people "coming back"

What is Martha Strewart doing?

How Many Times Have You E-Mailed, Called Media, Reps?

if we the people don't take back our nation real soon then FUCK US ALL

CNN says Oprah at Astrodome now


Stop saying it was Bush's fault !

Poor, Black, Left Behind: the political invisibility of people of color

Whoa...showing bodies on CNN Search & Rescue...WOW


An economic question.

YES YES YES! Democratic PLAN:

Another local mayor reams FEMA

CNN is about to do a fact check on who knew what and when ...

MIKE BROWN Lies on resume: Proof here (nom. this please)

What is the name of the corporation that got the outsourcing contract

I have a question about the rescue operation I hope is not dumb.....

Did Blanco Send The National Guard To Iraq?

Bush's PREMEDITATED disruption of life saving efforts

The comfortably well-off evacuated their pets - animals, not people.

More Than 55,000 Vietnamese Americans Affected by Katrina

The Bush and Rove "spin" cannot work without the MSM assistance...

Armenian publication asks Hastert to come clean... (Sibel Edmonds)

A few words from the Bible for Bush and his fundamentalist friends...

Why Mike Brown was FIRED from the Int'l Arab. Horse Assn:

It sickens me that people here refuse to understand General Honore.

Did Gov. Blanco kick the Coward's ass?

Shep Smith supposed to be on Letterman Monday n/t

I wish we had a real president

State of Art Mobile Hospital from UNC Turned Away

I'm rethinking how I feel about Blanco and Nagin

Update from the VFP's in Covington, Louisiana! Please READ!

Condi: "The Lord Jesus Christ is going to come on time If we just wait."

Clinton caught W with a strong left jab. "We had earmarked funds

Did Gov. Barbour sign over HIS NG?

FEMA folks on vacation in Greece for a wedding???

CBS News: FEMA kicked old women in wheelchairs out of room

Randi just read lists from Blanco's letter asking help 8-26 2DAYS before

George Bush doesn't OWN Louisiana

Bush Sr., on criticizing his dimson ~

Pre-Katrina Psyops plans for hurricanes

I want to tell you all what happened at my church yesterday.

Quote from Slidell Mayer (threaten's FEMA)

the 'old man' on larry king tonight making eternal & cloaked...

dupe...please delete n/t

The polls don't show those who just took a massive ego hit.

International Views of Bush: He Panicked

Someone just kill me now. If America doesn't get it by now, we never will

"I know what the body count is so far, but I won't horrify the nation."

Sunday my liberal Presbyterian minister said in his sermon:

an apparent Michael Moore letter to Bush on N.O.

NO escapee I just met in the super market said.....

DUH, Bush = the Federal Government, Bush in freefall: 38% approve!

Pierse Brosnan tells it like it is

Why the American dream is one of the biggest lies

When in the past has the national guard been "federalized" in a disaster?

Bush is killing the animals too.....

Eminent Domain: If they evacuate a city, they can RECLAIM that property?

Who are the Hollywood-types who have already spoken out?

Do they HAVE that much space in their cemeteries?

How many foriegn nationals are missing in New Orleans?

Iraq has not strained the resources of the NG, not as much

Admiral in charge of Northern Command on CNN

BBC Viewpoint: "Did Katrina Save US Media?" Powerful article.

What would President Al Gore have done if he had the resources of the WH?

BUSH: "Mississippi is on my mind! I UNDERSTAND the damage!"

Two reports from Vets for Peace Camp in Covington. Want to help? URGENT!!

Just discovered a great spot for political videos

"He Held Their Lives in His Tiny Hands" - a good story out of NO for once

Who first started calling New Orleanders "refugees"?

Five links is all it takes!


Put on your "what if" hat and think about where we would be if this

Four charged in swastika vandalism

Support the "FIRE MICHAEL BROWN" movement

It's confirmed that we're on our own. What's in your disaster kit?


I think I finally figured out what Clinton was doing

The Second Civil War

RawStory: Jefferson Parish Pres.: "They're keeping the body counts down...

Any ideas on what Oprah will do for the hurricane victims in the Astrodome

monday sept. 5 scanner thread.

Why didn't Rudy evac the second tower? That is what I wanna know.

Photo timeline - Bush/Katrina victims

Josh Marshall: Plame-like disinformation being fed to media on Blanco?

Gulf Cleansing--Theory to Explain FEMA Actions and Delays

Camp Casey clean-up gas offer to a Texas DUer ....

Here's why the Mayor is NOT responsible for evacuation --

Seven Curses

Repost from LBN:Duke students tell of 'disgraceful' scene (drove into NO)

Honest Question to the Admins!

(Chertoff) U.S. Must Be Prepared For What's Coming -

Does anyone realize what a HUGE disaster this actually is?

Is there a website countering the disinformation being put out

CNN: "We advise people that this city has been destroyed. It has been ...

sounds like James Lee Witt is unofficially taking over FEMA

Bush is Not to Blame for Katrina Response

Links for State and Local Emergency Preparedness

Both Brown and Chertoff aka "dead man walking" warned about levees

A Mole in Gov Blanco's office reports

TIME: Not easy picking George Bush's worst moment last week

My niece - your input in the situation?

More on Snowball

Aaron Broussard told Bush in June that a disaster was imminent for La.

Pet Rescues!!! -- Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS)

Kerry's people called me tonight wanting is what I told them

Direct link for CELINE DION rant

Why don't we, DU, adopt Jefferson Parish, LA?

Help compile all incidences of FEMA refusing, or delaying, help.


Wine recommendations for South Indian food?

The danger in Blair's balderdash

MI5 officers tried out truth drugs

Hello again UK duers

Bruce Anderson?

We and America are family, but God comes between us

Katrina devastates all but leaves many of the poor in free fall

United Nations asks Iraq to stop executions

Strange Events at Danziger Bridge - NOLA

Beleagued Bush forced to admit US is unable to cope

Indonesian Airliner Crashes With 117 Aboard

Typhoon Nabi poised to hit Japan's main island (Cat 4)

The Lost City

Bush Has Many Options for Chief Justice (Chief Justice Roberts?)

Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Katrina Deal

Experts: Homeland Security Was Off Guard

13 Suspected Taliban Killed in Afghanistan

Vengeful God sent Katrina, some say

Sunni rescuer hailed as Iraq hero

(At least 58) Somalis drown on Yemen crossing

NYT:In Tale of Two Families, a Chasm Between Haves and Have-Nots

La. Parish Locals Allowed to Return Home

Two British soldiers killed in roadside bomb attack in Iraq

CNN's Kagyn just said that Bishop T.D. Jakes

Bush is back in Louisiana again now. Just arrived. Live on CNN

Link to Bush Nominates Roberts for Chief Justice

Bush nominates John Roberts for CJ

Bush taps Roberts as chief justice (AFP)

(Chertoff) U.S. Must Be Prepared For What's Coming -

Chaos surrounds efforts to get medical help to hurricane refugees

Katrina: The Brits are pissed off too.

Cardinal accused of inciting prejudice over gay adoption

Axis of evil country, Iran, offers help

WP: Where the Rumsfelds Retreat, The Cheneys Soon Could Follow

Bush Orders Flags To Half Staff..Katrina...Breaking

Bush nominates Roberts as chief justice...Raw story...WTF...Chief?

WaPo: Officials Deal With Political Fallout by Pointing Fingers

Question: Is Dick Cheney Dead? Missing VP raises health questions again

Hurricane MARIA

British troops on trial for murder of Iraqi teen

Katrina response prompts questions of race in U.S.

Iraq bill proposes anti-terror death penalty


Militants Attack Iraq's Interior Ministry

Nearly 70 percent of Gulf oil production still shut in

Up to 30 gunmen attack Iraq ministry-sources

Tensions color Bush, Blanco meeting (Blanco not notified Bush was coming)

Disaster Officials Collecting the Dead

Human Rights Group calls for ending raids on Tal Afar (Kuwait news)

Americans Regret Iraq War, Say Casualties Unacceptable (TNS/WP/ABC)

AAA website shows national average for regular unleaded reaches $3.05

Mississippi death toll could reach hundreds, officials say today

PM apologises to hurricane victims

Fed Response to Katrina Gets Thumbs Down (Rasmussen Poll)

Nine killed as chopper drops concrete block on Austrian cable-car (AFP)

Insurgents Seize Key Town in Iraq--WaPo (Zarqawi-AQ Banner flying)

More Than 70 Vietnamese Feared Dead in Empire, Mississippi

Russia opposes reporting Iran to UN

Climate change raises risk of hunger - scientists (50 million more people)

Exclusive: Senate Democrats issue Katrina relief plan

Bush: U.S. will "do what it takes" after Katrina

Soldiers warned again about Internet postings

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1887)

He Held Their Lives in His Tiny Hands

UN's Annan: terrorism in Iraq worse than Afghanistan

Iraq: U.S. Influence 'Too Much'

Venezuela's Citgo Sets Up Hurricane Relief Centers, Country Plans 1 Millio

Basic medical supplies top U.S. wish list from Canada

Frist Postponing Roberts Hearing - C-Span

NO2ID: Charles Clarke, ‘ID cards are about controlling society’

Leading cardinal urges Iraq constitution change

Sasebo braces for arrival of Typhoon Nabi

Venezuela Governor Seizes Heinz Plant

Mayor: Katrina Death Toll May Hit 10,000

Insurgents Seize Key Town in Iraq

3 Duke students tell of 'disgraceful' scene (drove into NOLA Sat)

Many of the Dead Never to Be Identified

Things Working Out "Very Well" (poor evacuees) -Barbara Bush

Hillary Clinton calls for 9/11-type 'Katrina Commission'

BREAKING: Bush will nominate Roberts for Chief Justice.

U.S. Sub Collides With Cargo Ship in Gulf

Makeshift morgue works to identify Katrina's dead

Extremists say Katrina was result of Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza

Britons Describe Superdome Horror (Sdome lights turned out for them)

Graphic advice, please: Free way to crop animated gifs?

Got an international hockey question.

High Water

Just because it's Labour Day...

Quinn and Althea all tuckered out after helping me unpack boxes

Help with accessing home wireless network

Betty Bowers on Katrina

A couple of pics that will bring a much needed smile...

computer help - all programs - how do I consolidate list?

I made this to make you smile. Enjoy:

The playlist for the upcoming show

Cooks: what is Hoisin sause and...

Whats for Dinner tonight ?

After seeing what happened in NO, I would never evacuate my home

I made a semi-difficult decision about food (Katrina related)

Your favorite metafiction movies?

What's Your Campaign Strategy?

More Singing Kittens

Make George Bush say what you want.

1997 - A great year to watch MTV

(SATIRE): Bush Withdraws All Iraq Troops to Assist in NO Recovery

I'm going stir crazy

i'm so fucking angry today

So the gov't is still going through with next week's propaganda march

Everything I want to post requires the poll function

Reno 911 marathon is starting right now

Here's a cartoon of Dumbya from the Toronto Star

I'm goin' to a buy-your-used-media store with 10 IT books, 10 CDs, and

Good evening, Everybody!

Exercise question

So What Did You Do This Summer?

Sad anniversary: On Sep 4, 2001 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf died.

To All of Our Lurky-Lurk fuck headed pals - Let me make this clear

Slow golfers - a rant.

US Military to begin combat operations in New Orleans: "Little Somalia"


OK, I figured out that to do about my situation, what do you think?

OH YAY!! The war in GD has slowed down, we're no longer on level 3

Your Governor calls for the evacuation of your region: Are you Ready?

GD has a lot of mods...

Post a pic of you hangin' with your pet

Will Brown (head of FEMA) be fired by Bush?

George W; the presidential equivalent of living in mom's basement...

Heywood Jablome survives Katrina!!!!!!

FAX Mike Brown at FEMA

Gigantic hugs and love for the Lounge!

I know I probably should ask this in GD but...

Where is Heidi?

Good Night Everyone......

I miss your avatars!

I miss My Posts

So I saw the most ridiculous homemade bumper sticker ever....

I'm craving...

Whadaya think? In light of the *'s performance during this tragic time,

FEMA Freely Eliminating Masses Assiduously.

I am feeling a bit squishy

Has anybody heard from the poster Catholic Sensation ?

Now with a special report, here's a normal-looking guy with a funny name:

Good Morning, DU'ers!

question: What is that?

In need of avatar inspiration.

*singing* "I'm never gonna dance again...

George Bush Cares About Black People

if it stormed outside, why is my rug wet inside?

Puppies gone wild!

Official RWer #2 of the sports related forum I'm in chimes in

Oh my...this morning's earworm...with a touch of class!

Today's ZINGS!

REPOST: Oh, man...check out SomethingAwful!

"The 40-Year-Old Virgin" - what a hoot!

Nazis' exploding chocolate plans

German woman torches house trying to kill spiders


Should I try to clip the dogs nails or call in a pro?

Did everyone lose posts last night?

so there's this big pignut hickory tree beside my house...

What is the best choice for a Movie with a 6 yrold?

Going to Grandma's for fried tomatoes

This is inside joke that never fails

I'm looking for a song (Eve of Destruction--Barry McGuire)

Farewell DU

Would YOU buy a 15" used monitor?

Who is the 'hollywood celebrity' that is doing his/her own rescues?

Choose wisely ..

Son of a gun, GD's cycling faster than the Lounge on copycat thread night

Condi spotted in the oval office wearing a blue dress! Democracy restored

Touch my dongle.

eating and sleeping and ..

I am sick of Little Lord Fauntleroy and his screaming baby tactics

Anyone know if Costco is open today? Yes, I know I could call,

Ewww... Somehow Evita managed to capture and EAT a small songbird

Oh hey guys --- Shelter status, Pet locations, & Donation Needs

The mullatino is a friendly folk

Acid indigestion!!

On a slightly lighter note, Caesar is 14 today (cat pics)

Where's a good local outlet to sell a 37 gallon aquarium?

I just got the latest issue of "Blues Review" magazine in the mail today

I was allegedly due on September 5th; can I have a birthday today too?

Message via Romeo from Skinner

Wine recommendations for South Indian food?

So what's been going on?

I sat waiting for you by the window all day ...

sniffa and I went to the wedding

Michael Jerkoff

The Illuminatus! Trilogy

Horsey Brown

Vampire active again, claims occult expert

Free art for your hurricane donations

Time for Jesus Inc.: Christian offerings go mainstream

Jazz Lovers! Help save WWOZ!

Are you so blessed as to have a Schlotzky's in your town?

my window is open

I know its old news but man, not having the "my posts" function sucks.

Dogs are Democrats, Cats are Libertarians, Snakes are Republicans


Is it me, or did cecil look like a green penis....

I believe God sent us Katrina because

Son of a gun, GD's cycling faster than the Lounge on copycat thread night

Something Awful is back up! -nt-

New free email service, 1 Terabyte of free storage

Cat people - what do(es) your cats' meows sound like?

You have got to read this

We're attending a REAL Labor Day parade in Wilmington CA today

Transporter 2 #1 movie this weekend. I don't even remember the first one!

Hi Lizards. I think I'm less crazy today

I have a nominated thread in GD!

"Louisiana 1927" all over again

I have the power to turn you into blind three-legged gay albino platypuses

email from michael moore to bush

Emergency On Planet Earth.. (Jamiroquai)

Ok, about that Aussie Surfer who punched the Great White Shark...

Is anyone here on DU a hairstylist, hairdresser .

Somebody stop me...

Help for the single man? (I am a slob and need intervention!)

Group hug!

I just stole three whole albums off my dorm's iTunes network

Did you ever do something, you know to kill time....

In honor of the city of New Orleans, I just ate some Popeye's chicken

Would you buy this sofa?

Anybody with a store? I have an idea for a t-shirt.

"Ok, who's the dummy waking me up again?"

My cat Evita is a psycho songbird killer and she lives indoor

How many neighbors say "hi" to you when you see them?

My "freudian slip" was showing in church yesterday.

Anne Rice's best book on New Orleans?

I want doughnuts...would Albertson's already have the fresh doughnuts

Okay D&D fans, this one's for you - animation.........

Have you donated to the relief efforts, DU?

We fucking rock. Jus' sayin'.

Just saw the movie "Crash."

Are Anderson Cooper and Carson of the Fab Four, brothers?

Some people are just dumber than day-old toast.

I'm a little high right now.

Who on here is owned by the kitty Oberon?


Non competition covenants

There is someone in GD needing help de-Freepering a Fox poll...

Have you ever eaten a MRE?

Floridians, this was us 1 yr ago.

advise for a friend.

Breaking! Breaking! Breaking! DEMS Now Getting Serious. It’s about time


Sweet Neo Con - Music File

Reminder: if you're going to have a parade ...

The Scorpio Family Thanks All Of You For Your Kind Words And Thoughts

Better names for the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Two Day Old Sushi is...?

U.S. Sailors and Merchant Mariners Present and Past Sound Off!

you know what is missing? - a picture thread

Hello DU!

Outrage fatigue exists.

Modern gentlemen prefer redheads and brunettes to the charms of blondes

This is my 11,000th post. Does it count? Is it a Milestone?

BBC Viewpoint: The global voices reclaiming Islam

Bismuth is NOT a stable element; it is, in fact, radioactive.

Climate food crisis 'to deepen'

This poll still needs help: Methodist church's gay-friendly event

Gays Defiant In Katrina's Wake

Mercury Seeking Auriemma

Palmeiro sent home

Looking for a DUer who breeds Dachshunds within 6 hours of Chicago...

OW! Gideon had a huge broken bloodfeather

I have a good feeling about this week guys...

The Lovers.

This is unbelievable...

Objective Ministries is back!

Fresh Ammunition

This really ticks me off. And some dodo's nominated this for

Kennedy On Chief Justice Nomination (Roberts)

A letter to John Kerry:

Dem pic thread in GD. How long till it gets flamed?

September Is National Preparedness Month

On a positive note

Heads Up Kerry Warriors

For those who do not go to GDP, here are what the democrats are doing

Some words from the Bible for Bushco and the stingy conservative crowd...

Cam Kerry on the Huffington Post

Damn - And I had some respect for Schweitzer.

Has anyone heard from Kleeb lately?

Stupid thread on General Discussion

Mini-meetup today - Rox and TayTay

A nice Kerry thread that got turned into an idiotic flamewar


"Hey, Dave! That all you got??"

KOEB 9/5/05: Countdown to...KEITH!!!!

Double blow...Roberts to be Chief Justice, and no Countdown

ALERT! Countdown WILL be on tonight.

Interesting blurb on re: MSNBC, & re: tonight

From Lloyd Grove at the NY Daily News...Pat Robertson

The new "Jesusland" map :)

I got a message from Merh! (via another DUer)

Countdown MAY be on tonight...and a way to vent.

Scriptfree vs. Sriptripe

MoveOn Hurricane Housing up to 124, 368 beds offered so far.

My letter to the WaPo

Please PLEASE do a photo op tomorrow!


Election fraud investgators say it will cost to much money & time

This weekend RAGE

true? the Bush Biloxi Sisters Hug are looters scam


Who Is Wayne Madsen and Why Does He Call DU Dems Squishy?

National Protest Sep 7th - from Conyers Blog comments

Bring Back the Works Progress Administration


Even the "drug-addled Dutch" are smarter

*Dumbass IS

White House Enacts a Plan to Ease Political Damage

If there was ever a time to fillibuster...this is it!

I have to ask a silly question about emailing........

George W. Bush Would You Please Go NOW!

I hate the cynical aloofness of the political commentary Re: Bush/Katrina

Blood on their hands!!!!!!

No Way can we accept Roberts as Chief Justice!

The SCOTUS had already lost its credibility in 2000 election. Why

Ads on Roberts on CNN - every commercial break

Prepare thyselves, DUers. It's all about the LOOTERS

The Roberts nomination is a johnnie cake in the urinal that is

Boy I sure would like to see Fitz come out with some Indictments

Reporters who have been in LA are reporting differently than ones

Bush should elevate OConner to Chief Justice

Lisa Myers on Today Show...a story on Brown's non-qualifications

What's on tap for today's photo-op in NO? Anybody?

Nazis' exploding chocolate plans

Hu and Wen - China "moving towards democracy"

What really can be done about the Republicans?

Why aren't people screaming about Bush hindering rescue operations

NO After The Hurricane and Flood, America After *.........

This Is Ridiculous

It was all about the Supreme Court

Roberts is supposed to "PROTECT" Bush from the Impeachment.

Headscarf ban is judged success as hostility fades

America is ready and waiting for our Fight- Fillibuster Roberts Now-

Don't Frist Get Away With the Estate Tax Repeal!

Bush has revealed his Brain doesn't Fanction so well as of late....

The freeper site is blaming the poor for the disaster!!!!!

"The President was Prepared to Act Immediately"

Astrodome Concentration Kamp

Rehnquist: one of the 2000 coup d' etat bastards

Oh, look! See Dubya! See Dubya in free fall! Whoosh, Dubya, whoosh!

C-Span replete with Rove talking points

Cheney was vacationing in Wyoming....

I guess the General really doesn't need federal authority over anyone

Was underfunding of New Orleans payback for Landrieu's '02 Senate victory?

Feel like answering another poll? Re: Roberts for chief justice.

Repealing the estate tax = blood money

New Yahoo political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz.

does ANYONE have links to sonic laser use?

Is it time for a Constitutional Convention?

For Iraq * Says "We'll Stand Up Until They Stand Down" In The U.S....

Operation "Hug Some Negroes" in full force: Rove sends Bush back to NOLA

Camp Georgie - Distraught Mother of the President Wants To

We do NOT need a '9-11 type' commission for Katrina look-see

mall wart to the rescue!

Help. Were New Orleans citizens offered rides

Bush should have been down in the stink

Blast from the past from Liar-in-Chief Gore debate 2000

and in Iraq the real plan hidden in the Katrina coverage

Are 'plantations' possible in today's United States?

Has anyone heard what the fat dittohead blowhard has had to

Just saw Bush with Roberts and does he look terrible

Miles O'Brien on CNN, says Bush in "turf war" with LA governor

Laura Flanders subbing live for Al Franken.

As Gov. Goodhair tells evacuees to get lost, is Stage 3 starting?

silver lining for 06 election

Newsweek's Joseph Contreras on MSNBC slamming those who need it

An UNNATURAL DISASTER; they knew thousands would die

Time for Big Oil to Step Up

Is Cheney set to resign?

Chicago Tribune - Big Oil's Big-Time Looting of Nation

Thank God Bush was President when this disaster struck

Mr. Nagin, the federal government is lying to you!

Make Every Vote Count! Pass Rush Holt's Vote Reform Bill

A simple way to counteract the Blame the Black Mayor spin

"Massive Day of Resistance" 11/02/05

The News Blog: "Bush fucked up so bad, FOX turned on him like a rabid dog"


DEMS - PLEASE help out Blanco!

Fire Karl Rove

Repuke legislator busted - blames Chimp before spin takes effect

Les Miserables to have a rewrite

Bush is Kaput< thinks he still got PolCapital to spend> his lame brain

The demise of the conservative "anti-government" agenda ?

Baker III Plans Iraq Invasion 2001 to *, Condie, Cheney, NEW Cartoon

I wonder how the Republican drive to attract minority voters is doing

Rove's Texas residency status negates D.C. tax deduction, pays $3,400

I just emailed CNN to tell them I turned OFF the news showing Bush...

Nobody can criticize W's Katrina response because

The Second Civil War, Why * Wants to Federalize the South

Will the Democrats get outgunned by Armies of Compassion? Must counter it

Re: James Lee Witt - a Level 3 attempt at a a poll

Breaking! Breaking! Breaking! DEMS Now Getting Serious. It’s about time

NYT: Rove Scapegoat Strategist

What does declaring a Federal Disaster Area actually do?

Letter to my Congressman

Hmm,wonder how much the no-bid Halliburton pumping contract will be?

Police Suicide in NO?

Katrina Blew Off The Emperor's Clothing.

I just emailed MSNBC

Shadow BFA Blog

Twelve American soldiers have died in Iraq since Hurricane Katrina hit


Blanco getting the blame - DEFEND HER!!! Here's the link:

Bush and his Military: Keystone Kops /Incompetent! US Sub Collides,again

The effort to blame local officials in LA...

We need a Democratic "Contract with America" for '06. Add your ideas here

Wolfie says Big Dog now unhappy with FEMA's role in responding to Katrina.

Message to Republican Christians about Bush and the Katrina response...

It sure does make sense that the Mayor of N.O. is to blame

new GW Bush stamp

Post Links to Hurricane Suvivor Stories Here

NYT Article.... WoW!

please take some time today

How can we get cong. hearings started PRONTO on Katrina response?

Post Links to FEMAs Refusals of Offers of Help

Ineptitude led to redudancy which led to bureacracy which led to death.

FEMA Registration Numbers For Disabled - Please Pass On

"Mr President, how many people died for your photo ops?" -A gutsy reporter

This is a natural disaster and a man made catastrophe.

John Conyers requests your thoughts on next steps for Congress re: Katrina

So Why Didn't The "Security President" Secure Our Major Port?

BREAKING NEWS: Pres Bush took a Shit....

Action alert from PFAW on Roberts

Bush snubs Governor Blanco on his visit to Baton Rouge

Should Dr. Dean do a 'Frist' in Hurricane Country ?

What can I listen to

Why all the posts about how we should "use" "swiftboat" "make up

BLACK CHURCHES - What they are doing for the CAUSE!

So I'm thinking the expression "Compassionate Conservatism" is "out". n/t

"The Real Looters Wear Pinstripes: Profiteering on Disaster"

I WISH CNN would get Bush OFF the TV.

BOTH of Bush's "greatest accomplishments" involve shoes.

"Two yahoos from Lafayette"

Did * try to strong-arm Mississippi Governor

DU this poll on Roberts. We're losing

From Bradblog

SHAME is the Achilles heel of the Republican Party: outline for its uses:

Military releases seep into Katrina news articles (AP, UPI, CNN, Reuters)

Rep. Charles W. Boustany Jr., (R-La.) says the STATE, not BUSH, fucked up.

This poll still needs help: Methodist church's gay-friendly event

Did Bush turn FEMA into a domestic Coalition Provisional Authority

Katrina victims: Tips for debris cleanup/pickup

Am I a bad person? I can wish nothing good for either Bush or anyone in


the MSM is in full RDSS mode

Why hasn't Blanco been before the cameras?

MEME! Where Was Gov't Help for NO? Grover Norquest was drowning them in

Sean Hannity Donates 10,000 Bottles of Water, posts photos on his site

Hey Americans! Are you better off now than 5 years ago?

NOLA: Placing blame on locals - REPUBLICANS WANT IT BOTH WAYS

Bush Is Now A Three Time Loser

Fans of Lou Dobbs....Tell ME! why should I listen to this man...

PRIORITIES: Cat Killer Frist "tries to keep Roberts nomination on track"

Lack of Preparation, Poor Response to Katrina is BEST Advert for Big Gov't

Lee Greenwood is FUCKED...

On ABC News a guy from Placquemines said he and an old

Criticize Bush for canceling PROACTIVE measures, NOT for SLOW Response

Is it time for Garry Trudeau

I guess it's time to set out the mannaze jars.

If NO was such a big port for receiving drugs, what city will get

OK FREEPERS & all u hidden sympathizers: LET'S PLAY 'GET THE NEGRA'

ACTIVISM ALERT: Have you called out **'s Keystone Cops disaster relief

Condi: "The Lord Jesus Christ is going to come on time If we just wait."

What happens if a Justice gets Alzheimers but won't resign?

A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare state

The College Democrats Care...Of Course The College Republicans Don't

Wolf Blitzer clip: "These people are so poor and they're so black?" WTF?

Tomorrow, flood the Senate lines: no new justices on SC til Bush out.

Granny Bee - Vote Republican--OR DROWN!

Did anyone watch Reid and Frist press conferences (on CSPAN)?

Feingold and Conyers try to delay the Bankruptcy Bill

From 2001: Screen Shot of CNN's Cheney Obituary, posted in error

"Hero" Bush Fiddled while New Orleans Drowned (Excellent Photoshop)

MSNBC: "Like estranged in-laws, Bush and Blanco kept their distance"


I don't understand the "personal investment" some people have in Bush*.

DU this poll please

has Dick Cheney said a dam nthing about the disaster?


Gary Hart Attacks Can't stand the silence

Gas Prices has been tipping all the marginal repubs I know...

Bush: One Fret Off (photographic evidence)

Message to Sen. Trent Lott (R) re Katrina

Letter to my "representative" (R) Culberson re: Katrina

Bush needs to repeat the 7th Grade...... he is failing miserably in

Need links and response to this slurp email

You think * delayed response in N.O. so not to interfere w/"God's will?"

Does this Huricane set up Mary Landrieu for a run in 2008?

NOLA: Those who want to help aren't being allowed to!

Bush's Cacodemon is trying to gate

Dean: Bush trip "another callous political move" shift the blame.

Conyers asks for input in latest post: Hurricane Katrina -- How We Got The

Criteria for Impeachment?

vacation is open letter from michael moore to george w. bush

Bush looks BORED, PISSED, CONTEMPTUOUS in today's "briefing" photos.

Michael Jerkoff & Horsey Brown

SEPT 24TH MUST BE NON-VIOLENT - Governor Blanco Blackmailed?

Salon: Rove pulling a Sheehan / Wilson / O'Neill / McCain smear on Blanco

Al Gore, please run for President.

Do we have any Fort Worth or Dallas DUers? We need a favor from...

Where are the Democrats? Drafting a plan to assist survivors

Friends of John Kerry called me tonight...wanting a donation

Response to those who would blame local and state level officials

Should DU come up with a presidential candidate?

Who thinks a manufactured disaster on 9/11 is a possibility?

(Massachusetts) Robert Reich endorses Deval Patrick for Governor

NYT: bush failed his test; action was needed and he didn't deliver

Condi's F'ing Gall: Be patient, the drowning are told, Jesus is coming.

Condi: "If there's anything I can do outside of my responsibilities...

Have they Wellstoned Walter Maestri??


Rass shows bush at 44%....

This is MY President