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Archives: September 15, 2005

On Eve of World Summit, Hurricane Bolton Threatens to Wreak Havoc on ..

Who Wants Annan's Head And Why?! (Accra Mail)

Submitted to my website's editorial section

Detective story that linked £1m Pinochet cash to BAE

US Military vs. Global South Cities

Cornel West: It's Not Just Katrina, It's Povertina

Juan Gonzalez: Democracy's Future Depends on More Accountable...Media

End of the Bush Era

Former GOP Senate leader Trent Lott may quit after Katrina(Raw Story)

Is it possible that this administration is mad?

The Man Beneath the Hood Speaks Out: "They Tortured Me" (Abu Ghraib)

Maybe Bush is worse than Harding

Global Exchange Blasts John Bolton in NY Times ad as UN World Summit Opens

Juan Gonzalez: Democracy's Future Depends on More Accountable...Media

Detention of Iraqi Employees Angers Western News Media

FRONTLINE: A Preview of the New Season

The Israeli diskette, a memory erased

Poll suggests 'optimism' in Gaza

Bad Start in Gaza - WASHINGTON POST 9/15/05

Ultra-nationalists detained in Lebanon

Abbas to disarm resistance groups

Hamas vow to bring down Israel

The Election...Fraud News THURSDAY is Well Worth Reading

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News THURSDAY, 9/15/05

Judge: School pledge 'unconstitutionally coercive' ( Mike Newdow rocks)

Another plea for votes for Loebsack in the DFA poll

***Aurora Alerts posted for TONIGHT , Sept. 14***

Stomach bug afloat at Austin Convention Center but the good news is

Family Planning offers services to Katrina evacuees

KO slams Chertoff for 36 hour delay

Damon Wayans: "I'll send my sons if he sends his daughters,"

Years of Research Ruined in Katrina Flood (including BIOWEAPONS labs)

Iraq vets struggle to find jobs at home

Palmer sergeant killed by bomb in Iraq

Taking nominations for the October non-fiction book club title

"Seperate but Equal" Education for Katrina kids....what next?

Soldier home on leave is shot by his wife, accidental.

Katrina's fury felt in Iraq, Hudsonville chaplain says

Power crews diverted. Restoring pipeline came first.

Last note before I head to class: If ONLY Kerry would have spoke like Gall

"you were a buterfly, but now a slug, an angel and now with the devil

John Roberts is so lonely

There is a freeper among us

Is there a DU forum where experienced bloggers hang out? If not

Daniel Ellsberg slams secrecy and lying by Bush on Iraq

Americans Believe Iraq Conflict Was Wrong

Greg Palast SLAMS George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens.

Animal Lovers, Time For a Smile.... A Rescued Kitty in New Orleans!

Mark Twain...words that remain evergreen

Yellow Dog Blog: "Questions For 39 Percent Who Approve Of Bush"

Is it significant that two Brits are defining the Iraq debate?

O'Reilly goes nuts tonight. Do you hear the Horst Wessel Song?

Craigslist (ungrateful Katrina victims)

David Vitter is a disgrace!

If you stand in the light,

Frances Newton will abide in the house of the Lord forever

OMG! Tom DeLay declares victory in war on budget fat!: WARNING BS AHEAD!

FEMA blocking trucks with food and water from getting into NO

The Onion: "Bush Nominates First-Trimester Fetus To Supreme Court"

‘US casting Syria as scapegoat for Iraq failure’

Nice rhyme to the shocking locking mod

Quote of the Day (warning, slightly graphic!)

Condi: I've been black all my life, no one has to tell me how to be black

Sodium Pentothal for all

Maybe Bush is worse than Harding: Very cool. Worth checking out.

Kudos to Keith Olbermann!

Body-dumping firm & Press Censorship - are they linked?

TN guard helping in LA

Galloway is SKEWERING Hitchens

My LTTE has been published

"I'm Sorry Honey"

Cat Stevens no longer considered a terrorist?

Who helped

An interesting meme from Catherine Crier: "What Left? The Left is dead."

When will the Galloway/Hitchens slugfest air on Cspan?

Bush's thursday pm speech guess

I cannot believe that people....

As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories'

Thank you

Be very careful. The bathroom break photo may be a set up.

bill clinton on larry king friday...

U.S. Ready to Delay Showdown on Iran's Nuclear Program

G*D Damnit! Just got back online tonight, they executed her!

BUSH accepts full responsibility - In other words, he screwed up, so -

Poll: Rebuilding NO Higher Priority for Public Than Tax Cuts, Changing SS

Editor & Publisher Confirms: * Pee Pic

So, I received a survey/donation request from the Friends of Hillary

Jews, Muslims Vow to Fight for Faith-Based Tribunals in Canadian Province

A hardy DU welcome to all our lurking Freeptards!!!!!

Trust us, we'll keep you safe from evil-doers (pics)

Anyone here have Galloways' schedule of appearances in the US?

Why are two Brits defining the Iraq debate?

You know for being the alternative media, there sure is a TV overload here

Abstinence information is in error, groups say

Just when you think you've heard everything

Republicans scuttle Hillary plan to establish independent investigation...

Woman awaits execution in Saudi for killing man who attempted to rape her

Bush's Bathroom Break Note to Condi will...

Republicans scuttle Hillary plan to establish independent investigation...

George Bush should go to prison for what he has done....

Matt PUDGE to QEII: "More, Please"

Scmuck from Kenyon on Rita Cosby right now

Wow Super Mayor turns toxic soup into New New Orleans in

Nagin on Larry King Live now


Ari to Bush on 9/11: "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET"

Post your favorite dumbya photos here! (pic thread)

Bush is at the Mets-Nationals game


Pledge of allegiance: Matt Groening ahead of the curve

Bush's real trifecta

Hello to DU from Mike in Japan

"Psst. Condi, I need to tinkle."

We Americans Have Risen to Meet the Challenge of These Perilous Times?!

Was this question asked of Roberts? If not, it should have been:

One good (convert) story + one not so good (Fox News junkie) story

Landmark hate crimes legislation passes House-our man Conyers!

another nursing home tragedy in NO...

Do you think Bush would cut his vacation short for the Rapture?

This Monday First & Only Conspiracy Trial Arising From Civil Disobedience

'WTF are they talking about? Why the fuck am I here?"

Drudge: The internet is losing it's innocence

Carlos Mencia about to go off on Shrub.

Another Bush I got to tinkle pic

Extraordinary changes demand extraordinary gratitude.

I wonder if Rove is laughing

Improved Cindy Sheehan Video Now on Current TV Site--Please Vote!

anyone reading the Gov. Fletcher (Ky.) follies?

Over 50 Katrina survivors died in Texas

Maybe the bathroom photo will finally take him down.

WHY? Makes no sense

Bush is an operative in an Alien Conspiracy

When is it going to be enough?

Parse "BATHroom break." Speculate, even. Me, >

George Galloway vs Christopher Hitchens Debate - Who Won?

Fundie Freeps Go Wild in Response To Passage Of Gay Hate Crimes Bill


At Least 160 Die in Iraq al-Qaida Bombings

Very graphic photo's of the dead in NO. musn't be forgotten

Did you hear what Bush said about Roe vs. Wade last week ?

Condi has been promoted...

Waas: House Republicans beat back Plame resolution of inquiry

Tinkles. Er, President Tinkles.

I must excuse myself... will you excuse me... pardon me, please...

It's clear what George W Bush needs....

US delegates at the un walked out when the Iranian president spoke

DAILY SHOW DUTY: Humpday Sarcasm Seekers Checkin!

J.Stewart on * taking responsibility for executive branch's Katrina FU....

How to fight Crack in my neighborhood...

Kurt Vonnegut's "List of liberal crap I never want to hear again"

Sadly, my sister survived Ophelia enough to spew.

"BUSH: Worst Disaster Ever" slow response because of race and the poor

Can Someone Help Me Find This In Print???

Do "guests" on news shows or late night talk shows get paid?

This is THE best interview on The Daily Show, EVER.

Who was the "I DON'T CARE" radio guy @ Camp Casey?

ABC news shown interviewing only white people re Ophelia.

Where can I hear the Galloway/Hitchens Debate?

Bush plans $200 billion recovery bid

Seems like Bush is losing at Simms

Anyone heard from Swamp Rat lately?

will the katrina disaster turn ray nagin into a real democrat?

Katrina's homeless

NASA photos show extent of flooding in New Orleans

"Brownie" Speaks

I Pledge Allegiance

"BUSH: Worst Disaster Ever" needs your vote!

Can anyone recommend a good book on how China now owns the US?

So taking a piss is the news of the day..

SHOCKING! the picture from the UN meeting that even Reuters dared

missed among the news 4.1 mill more americans in poverty

Blanco's speech at state legislature on C-SPAN now

Anyone have the clippy on Bush's finger picture?

So List All The Scandals Brushed Aside

Hurricane Katrina and the meaning of September 11...

Give us our daily breath and letter to congress crittters

Holy Crap! Malloy is in total meltdown.

George Bush's new position on Roe vs. Wade


Olberman just said a great funny!

is CSPAN going to repeat the afternoon hearings anytime soon??

Hiding Katrina body count?

Stripes letters: Shame for Katrina Response/What went wrong?

NPR: What did NO mean to you? 12 year old - Dignity, My Pride


May I please leave DU for a sec?? I need a bathroom break

"Reporters Gone Wild" video at

OK, tinfoil hat time.... Bush's note @ the UN is a code for....

PHOTO: Bush winks at Pres. of China (will Gannon be jealous?)

Stop making fun of GW! The "don't make fun of Bush being a moran"

Heard the best name for the Katrina scandal...

Ophelia may affect entire east coast now!

Woman who issued tickets to Atta & co killed herself?

"But Laura, it's just one drink..."

87 Years Ago Today-Eugene Debs Sentenced to 10 Years for Opposing WW1

CSPAN Schedule thursday September 15

As the death toll rises...


So now, what reason do the freeps and RWs have left to support Bush & Co.?

There is another woman on Texas death row that is probably innocent

How about, instead of you all demonstrating in DC, you all go to NOLA and

The honor roll of Section 60

Rep Crowley: The tragedy is that the American public will never know what


Pledge alternative..."One Nation Under the Flying Spagetti Monster"

Who won the Galloway/Hitchens debate?

Hearing on Exiting Iraq to be Webcast Live on Thursday

An email I just got from a friend who is doing relief work down in

"Brownie, yer doin' a HECK of a job!"

????? John Bolton

A question for death penalty opponents.


Bush UN "I think I MAY NEED A BATHROOM break?" Time-line

***Aurora Potential HIGH tonight!!!****

Should ESPN run newsbriefs? How else might Dubya be kept clued in on current

Improved Cindy Sheehan Video Now on Current TV Site--Please Vote!

John Edwards "Two Americas"

Our Voice has been Silenced

Update on the "Mother of all DU Meetups"-September 24th

US (Warner - R) senator urges Pentagon to review disaster role

LAT: Schwarzenegger All But Declares Reelection Bid

Detective story that linked £1m Pinochet cash to BAE

Arar report to be delayed as inquiry sorts out federal secrecy claims

Press Conference on Iran's Nuclear Program

Poll: Rebuilding New Orleans A Higher Priority For Public Than Tax Cuts...

End of the Bush Era

Republicans scuttle Hillary plan to establish independent investigation...

Juan Gonzalez: Democracy's Future Depends on More Accountable...Media

Katrina victims piling up credit card debt

Protesters rally over Parkin deportation

Jason Leopold: FEMA Katrina Funeral Contractor Desecrated Corpses

Support for Bush Continues to Drop, Poll Shows (NYT)

FBI Intel Analyst Charged With Spying

Republicans move to bury debate on Downing St memo

NYT/AP: New Orleans Air Found Not Overly Polluted

La. Congressman Had Guard Escort to Home

Journalists' group claims U.S. military failing to probe media deaths ..

Airlines ask Congress for fuel tax relief


Reports says 13 journalists killed by U.S. troops in Iraq

Texas County Bans Parking Near Bush Ranch

U.S. ready to delay showdown on Iran

Oil Rises Past $65/barrel on Supply Drop

NYT: Court Nominee Says Early Career Is No Guide

WP: Bush to Request More Aid Funding

Mississippi readies trailer cities for homeless

( Scott ) Parkin deported to US: FBI says he's 'welcome'

Hurricane Katrina death toll rises past 700

Hubble spies homeless black hole

NYT: Numbers Show Economic Lag Before Storm

(Frances) Newton Executed for 1987 Slayings

Revealed: BAE's secret £1m to Pinochet (UK's Largest Arms Firm)

Bush Issues Emergency Declaration In N. Carolina

Florida response saved lives, Gov. Bush says (lashed out at GC officials)

Politicians Are Voted the World's Least Trusted People

Top CIA official to quit sooner over Goss dispute

Texas County Bans Parking Near Bush Ranch

Chicago City Council urges immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq

(US military) Arson, crime test patience of Germans in Baumholder

Reuters Photo Appears to Capture Bush at U.N. Writing Note About 'Bathroom

Schwarzenegger Seeks Meeting With Gays Over Marriage Veto

La. Governor Takes Responsibility For Hurricane Response

Man Rescued in New Orleans After 16 Days

Support for Bush Continues to Drop as More Question His Leadership Skills

Bush rejects request to release Pollard

Ex-FEMA Chief Tells of Frustration and Chaos

Times Select...anyone here signing up for it?

Cat Lovers UNITE: Matcom wants to use our CATS for Scooter Fuel

Fun with anti-gay protester pictures (Thank you, Article 8 Alliance)

He took IT

This is the Copa Cobanna's...

Jazz Fans

Bill O'Reilly was a weatherman?

Woo - we passed 77,000 members!

It's getting dark earlier - fall is almost here!

So, it seems eventually I'll be dressing like a cowgirl.

Its not the gays!

I ate a banana today. It was sehr gut.

Cool, Most of AAR

Found a deep-fried corn-worm in my bag of Tostitos--can I sue?

LOST Speculation Thread: what IS in the hatch? {*possible spoilers*}

How much do you hate your employer?

A dead man and his dog.......

Bad joke... but I'm passing it on anyway

I sing to my doggie.

I have a problem with redundancy.

I'm playing Donna Summer's "Endless Summer" CD all weekend in DC

CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK watching thread (9/14)

Who else likes the SciFi show "Ghosthunters"?

I made banana bread today. Good banana bread. Exceptional, even.

I was told I can't go bankrupt because of my assets.

What Song Makes You Bi?

The "I'm going to bed" thread

Invasion is an update of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

I was at work. How'd Galloway/Hitchens go?

Should I become more elitist?

I have a cat...

Music pollution.

Ok chat tonight if youre interested

We dare not risk another frontal assault - that rabbit's dynamite!

Favorite Invasion

WTF?! "Cindy Sheehan - Osama Loves You" sticker on eBay

What should we pop in my mouth this evening?

Just for amusement

My adventures with the Geek Squad...

How many of you know my real first name?

A Question to any Players who want to Poke her out there...

DU Meet-Up Rules

Help help - I'm being repressed!

Humma, Humma, Humma

Are Bicuspids incisive?

Are Bisexuals indecisive

Very bad FEMA joke

Not much puts me off more than steaming goat pellets of CONDESCENSION.

Man I feel old - Prince Harry turns 21 tomorrow.

of all the things I need these days, I don't need THIS - but it's got me:

Check in here if you're NOT going to DC

First presentation in Speech class tommorrow...aaargh!

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

Neither does this one, I'm afraid.

Lamest Weird Al Video?

BTBM Quit spamming the Lounge


Jon Stewart has been KILLING this week!

There's an empty Sprite bottle on my desk.

There's a minstrel in my apartment...

OK, Volvo has an ad with Bob Dylan singing in the background

Most SPAM is neither self-propelled nor advertising material.

I hereby bow before JimmyJazz's greatness

I Cartoon I Just Drew

Nifty Metro Train Map For Getting Aroung DC

Cole Slaw: Side dish of the Gods.

This thread has no substance.

Reality tv has got nothin' on this city council meeting I'm watching.

Why do cartoon animals wear pants?

1950-s Soviet Space Monkey's Flight Pants

Have you seen those Emerald Nuts ads?

I am leading a charge of Loungey's to GD, the time is right to take over!

Has anyone else had an MRI?

I have a 5 month old kitten/cat that now sleeps in her favorite tree all

Why does the Gorton's fisherman always wear a raincoat?

I want this thread to sink like a stone

That cat's something I can't explain....

Help please!

Watching "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" - come on over!

A Semi ran over a car.

Freeper responses to Bush potty pic

I have 21 lbs. of furry, purring love sitting next to me

Hey Lounge Lizards, Who wants pizza?

Music website posted here. Shows related bands in 'stars' layout

Doesn't the following thread belong in the lounge

I'm depressed...

Note: If you're going on TDS to defend creationism, don't get tanked first

Are Tats and Piercings Mandatory In California, Or What?

I got the house I wanted!

Graphics help needed!!

UK offers Katrina uni space... is Newcastle aware of how ridiculous this

I got pissed off at a store clerk over Red Cross donation jar!

Bush Nominates First-Trimester Fetus To Supreme Court

Guess who's going to the U2 concert on Friday?

I have a problem with redundancy.

Poor W Needs to Use the Potty

Christian Powerlifters:"Gays are genetically gay like Irishmen are drunks"

Some Moran threads out in GD need your help

I think I MAY NEED A BATHROOM break?

Someone please sell me a bloke.

Gumby mocks J Edgar Hoover

Someone please tell me a joke.

George Galloway slept HERE?

1982 time capsule! What are you submitting?

This is why I post in the lounge......

Whoever recommended LimeWire to me should be elevated to Lounge Deity

My name is Hugh Moran.

Question to any poker players out there

Halliburton gets contract for gold from corpses' teeth

God I fucking hate math.

Why are you here?

Why is Country Music SO Alienating

More Photo Fun

A time capsule of the BUSH years


Student Loan Consolidation: Academic Loan Group -- anyone use them?

It's all LIES Matcom CAN'T cook

Wrestling fans, past & present: Who was your favorite jobber?

Add "under God" to a famous saying, quotation or title

Coronal Mass Ejection will HIT the EARTH tonight!! RUN for your LIVES!!!!

Post your most inane random thoughts here.

Wow, who knew?

Now this is a bit much

Who played the best Hamlet?

so who here is into Prostitutes and model trains?

Update on the "Mother of all DU Meetups"-September 24th

Tenn. may shut down ‘ex-gay’ facility

Uhm... check this out...

Was the Bosox player with the torn achilles

holy crap...while I wasn't paying attention the Indians...

If anyone is in touch with rescue groups dealing with NOLA animals..

Has the game legend of Katrina been fulfilled?

MP3 of Mike Newdow's Supreme Court oral arguments

Looks like Celebatheists is back up and running

So..... wud I miss?

What are the odds?

Hey, KG? Is Sen. Kerry speaking tomorrow on the floor

John Kerry: Administration Must Investigate Gas Price Gouging

Got my van back!

Caught a snide Nancy Grace comment this afternoon:

LOL. Looks like we have an idea about who will be on Countdown

Even GOP Voters Criticize Bush in Hurricane Poll

You said "I accept responsibility". But you're still there. WHY?


Is there a poll, a list of questions that one could ask * voters

Kelso Majority on eminent domain: State's rights, judicial restraint

Republicans: The "[email protected]%k You!" Party

Galloway-Hitchens debate

Olbermann: "Keep teaching them, they might be able to run FEMA"...

While I was away...

Mission accomplished

Dubya Gump + Condi

Tom DeLay: "There's plenty of time to do everything that we want to do"

Justice Stevens threw out the first pitch at the Cubs game tonight

FU MrCheney doc on Countdown with to his post

Dean is to be on The View on ABC tomorrow morning.

Greatest recent TV news moment:

Just a tad about Iran, and foreign interest in oil

Lindsay Graham asked Roberts about his legal opinions with Reagan.

Ignorance and abdication that amounts to madness (Berger / Guardian)

John Kerry: Administration Must Investigate Gas Price Gouging

Galloway vs Hitchens (summary)

Democrats share blame for hiring Brown FEMA director.

need a link to a download of Galloway v Hitchens debate from tonight

Freeped poll on racism I found over at freepland.....damn racists

DU pages not available?

I think the Roberts confirmation may be the end for me

Ok, before i put on the tinfoil, can anyone explain this

The jig is up Repuglican's just get more stupid each day.

bye bye Roe vs. Wade

US delegates at UN walked out on Iran speaker

Is there a time line, or a report from a non-partisan group

4.1 million more americans slipped into poverty between 2001-04

Take Action - Help with Great Nordquist quote on Billboard !

Blanco Takes Blame for Response; calls Bush "friend and partner"

CSPAN Schedule Thursday September 15

Conyers Hate Crimes Prevention Act Passes House in Historic Vote

Is it common for both pres and VP to take Vacation at same time?

Please respond to this poll - Intelligent Design

It is time for Congress to exercise its duty to oversee the Executive...

PA takes shameful step backward on voting rights

China: tick, tick, tick ...

Is Bush Legally Culpable for Deaths?

Chertoff delayed federal response, memo shows

Fiore: "Petrotheism" - coming soon to a gas station near you ...

The Blame Game distracts from anyone actually having to do anything.

Clark: Where is the Economic Leadership?

Granny D says: "Stop that Rider!"

Roberts hearing is one big joke!!

Katrina's lesson: US 'not safe' enough

Asia Times: The reconstruction of New Oraq

Ham radio operators tune in hurricane help

Ignorance and abdication that amounts to madness

ACTION ALERT: Call the US Senate - Ask GOP Senators why they hate America?

Public views of Bush handling emergencies bad

Shooting Salah:In Iraq sometimes wrong man,like KSU prof,gets killed

"It shows that the president is running the disaster, opposed to Brown or Chertoff,"

Liberal imagination

The federal response to Katrina was not as portrayed

A transgender evacuee's story

Molly Ivins: You know me, Dubya (Goodhair Perry writes to W)

Katrina: Comtemporary Screams of Agony ( "authentic courage")

Time to Talk to Al Qaeda?

Racial Profiling Necessary

The Fallout of a Can't-Do Presidency

Being Poor

It Crawled From Under A Rock

Some great LTEs from NYT here on Bush's "responsibility"

Seattle Times - Iraq War: Inept managers (Vote in the online poll!)

Building a case, any case, against Iran

Tom Oliphant: Roberts throws a curve

Al-Zarqawi's dark forces riding high on a tide of blood

THESE are the concerns of our Secretary of State

Iraqis' right to life no longer protected -Annan

Howard Dean's verdict on John Roberts...

"Charities are for Suckers" Food for thought from Ted Rall

Woman fired after rescuing siblings from Mississippi

Children's Author: Warn Kids About Liberals

ACTION ALERT: Call the US Senate - Ask GOP Senators why they hate America

NAACP needs volunteers in Baton Rouge

Pre/post Bush address to nation, will media remember all they found on

Is there a better media update on Katrina 710 deaths to date than dailykos

Bacteria, Lead Taint Water in New Orleans

Mice Infected With (Bubonic) Plague Missing From Newark Lab

As Arctic Warms, Tundra Greener But Boreal Forests Drying Out - ADN

Peruvian Glacial Retreat Uncovers Evidence Of Ancient Climate Shifts

100+ Of World's Biggest Companies Ignore Climate Survey - Guardian

Massive sunspot has Earth in its sights

Warming Accelerating Throughout Arctic Regions Around The Planet

Discovery Of Chytrid Fungus - Deadly To Amphibians - Confirmed In UK - BBC

NO Sludge So Dirty EPA Scientists Don't Know What To Test For 1st - KRT

Hurricane Maria Kills One In Norway (WTF?!?!?) - AFP

Mice infected with bubonic plague escape in New Jersey.

Scientists Sweat As Katrina's Pollution Plume Enters The Gulf - AFP

Here ya go NNadir.

Oil Cos Worried At Growing Number Of 100-Year Hurricanes - NYT

Palestinians go to town as border opens

'A Very Fateful Step'

Israeli Court orders part of barrier torn down

PM to UN: Palestinians must show want peace

Hundreds of assault rifles, handguns smuggled into Gaza from Egypt

East J'lem residents file more war crimes complaints in U.K

Why so many FBI jump ship after 9/11 crimes?

Election fraud in Ethiopia - mentions stolen 2000 & 2004 here

DUI results tossed out due to hidden source code -- why not elections?

Heads up in Snohomish County, WA

Oops I got too depressed and upset General Discussion

Developing Hard! A Diebold Insider Speaks!

Quick guide to CA Democratic Party Positions on upcoming propositions

Disaster Preparedness: FEMA courses online w/ CA info links


A big THANK YOU to California Task Force 5 from Orange County.

Harkin - Yea; Grassley Nay - On Commission to examine Katrina response

Okay, here's MY idea for a REAL marriage amendment...

Deval Patrick's Economic proposals

Update: My idea for a REAL "Marriage Protection Amendment" for EVERYONE

bunk available Sept 23,24,25

Wiretap mosques, Romney suggests

Kerry speaking at Brown on Monday (Free event)

Last call for the 1st Annual DU Fantasy Hockey League

Anyone following the Vang trial (six Wi. hunters killed?) Question:

Has anyone heard of HHOE

TX County Bans Parking Near Bush Ranch:

When do you fine folks have your DU gatherings

President Bill Clinton opens Texas Book Festival 10/29

Slinker vs. Jeskewitz

We have a talibornagain picketing outside the Center at UWSP.

Me vs the Hawk

Choking on pretzels, scraping up his face, asking for permission

The prisoner in the hood speaks out (symbol of torture at Abu Ghraib


What Do Du'ers Who make Defeatist Posts Want? Truly--

Breaking: Insurers are getting sued by MS for refusing to pay damages

Lot's of pictures of the Mississippi destruction at the

St. Patrick's Four: Please Read!

America is being ruled by shitheads; Please, World, help us!


Contact your Representatives: Rove should not head up NO reconstruction

Zarqawi sightings are becoming equal to Elvis sightings

Halliburton gets contract for gold from corpses' teeth

Did anyone attend the Hitchens-Galloway debate in NY?

More espionage, FBI & Philippines high police

Cindy Sheehan speaking with Donnie Doitch


My name is Hugh Moran.

Even DRUDGE has a link to the pee picture.

Anyone know anymore about this? (witness tampering)

Fight Between La., Houston Students Leads To School Riot

A code name for Katrina disaster....We need a name for this Bush mess

Bush like Gump

John Malkovich threatened to shoot Galloway and Robert Fisk???

I didn't see this anywhere. ABC will do a Katrina follow up tomorrow

In Praise of ...Norway (The Guardian)

Bush wants to waive law that bans educational segregation for homeless

The funniest thread this evening

Straight party vote kills Clinton amendment to form Katrina commission

President Galloway...

Hey Drudge, make sure you put a question mark on your caption.

Worst case scenerio for Thursday, Bush declares that he is Chimperor

Please help DU this poll

"The Passion of the Penguins": Neocons adopt "March of the Penguins" as

For shame, Mr Bush. For shame. RESIGN NOW ! ! !

So my Dad's now a liberal.

Is it DU's view that law enforcement in NOLA should break into residences

I watched the rerun of * speaking before the UN today

Brownie Tells all this good ....

Another google "asshole" and select the "I feel lucky" (nt)

UN Face for the 21st Century (TOON)

Do you think the power brokers are dumping Bush?

"I Will Not Kill" Campaign Supports Right to Resist War . . .

Fact-Finding and Friendship Delegations to Iran


There was a article by President Carter posted a few days ago...

(VIDEO) Daily Show : Evolution Schmevolution Day 3

Security incidents in Iraq, Sept 15

Is "Lieutenant Dan" a Republican?

Just curious what does a state of emergency entail?

Any one listening to Ray Taliaferro, he has a freeper on after the news.

Freepers: Roberts Is "Moderate" - Boston Globe Quotes Freep (WRONG URL)

How Places of Refuge went to Hell

Freepers are so upset their freeping can't affect major online polls

Roberts is NOT qualified

Bush faces the world at the UN

Eritrea holds U.S. embassy staff for human trafficking

Howard Dean on "the View" today

Who begins impeachment of a SCOTUS associate judge?

Creepy Ed Gillespie on C-SPAN now

NYT's Bob Herbert: "Sick and Abandoned"

Today marks 911 days after start of Iraq War II.

The Judiciary is independent branch and should not bow to Senate demands..

Dissent will not be silenced-9/19

Bush responding strongly to red state areas of North Carolina.

1st AD’s Tucker cracking down on troublemakers

Iraqi minister slams arrests by US army

I'll believe the media when they cover SIbel Edmonds or Oil $$$ LOOTING

I flipped a Republican yesterday.

They hate us for our bathroom breaks.

George Carlin coming up on MSNBC's Imus Show

Chaos at Red Cross aid centers in Mississippi

Tues Daily show...

Support the Rockridge Institute

"Moran" has been in Demopedia since December 2004.

Where was Cheney during the first five days of Katrina?

George Carlin up on Imus-MSNBC. nt

Why tell Condi? She gonna hold it? Geez!!!

Latest Rasmussen numbers....not much movement. he's stuck!

Was there a Louisiana body count yesterday?

NG water purification unit goes home unused (add to unused resources file)

This is the REAL coalition of the willing!

So, what shall we fight about today?

The flooding of New Orleans: Where was Nostradamus?

Oh Great! We have a President that can't hold his country together

So bush is giving his speech tonight from NO

Maybe Paul Bremmer will become the "LOOTING Czar" for New Orleans

NATO allies resist U.S. call for tougher Afghan role

States 'not run by people's will'

All this original DU art has inspired me!

Here goes Schumer..."You are deeply troubling. So I'll vote YES."

For death penalty PROPONENTS a question.

Cheney restarts power to pipeline at expense of power to 2 hospitals

We should send a case of depends

Cardboard cut-out of George Bush at local costume store

So the xians claim that Katrina hit N.O. because of it's godless ways...

No wonder conservatives idolize penquins...


You've performed so poor I'm surprised you haven't given yourself a medal.

Republicans shoot down investigation of government failures in hurricane

Rebuild Our Cities

Latest freeper e-mail...

Check In Here If You Know A Republican That Has Finally Gotten A Clue.

"Will the President's polls go up?"

Denver Post: "Tancredo rips Sept. 11 memorial" (This guy is unbelievable)

Tweety Matthews and Lieberman Push for Jack Welch (NBC) as Czar

Odd - for weeks we read: Bush polls drop to lowest... and always

Where is the effing money coming from, W?

So how much longer before Bush turns the US into Bosnia?

Shummer was wonderful yesterday !

New film from "Asshole" producers

Secretary of Prostate

Share the blame....

Poll Says: Rebuild NO and Forget Tax Breaks and SS Reform!!

How convenient. Brown says it's not the WH's fault now, but Gov Blanco's.

Please delete (duplicate) -sorry.

Only one more step to complete the disaster of America.

Rep. Jeff Flake R-AZ is on cspan, and actually said something

Fiore here - "Petrotheism":

New York Times/CBS poll just out: Bush approval at 41%

BUSH: first duty is to protect the lives of the american people...

Second question about the death penalty. The 100% issue.

So what's the second sentence? >>>

Photo of * with a glass of wine (?): is he drinking again?

DiFi asking Roberts about Iran Contra

Bush to "roll out" rebuilding efforts "through private companies" tonight

Did I just hear on NBC that Gov. Blanco stated it wasn't Bush's fault?

Per WSJ - Top Czar Names to SPEND $200B Katrina (Guliani, Welch & Powell)

HS FEDS took control of NOLA in 2003

It's too bad we can't call special elections for loss of confidence...

I HAD To Do Something With These Shots - American Leadership At The UN

He'll likely tie making tax cuts permanent in with Katrina recovery


The View on ABC just talking about the Bathroom break note!

AILES Finding Shrub's-Stooge Label a Drag on Him, Yeah-right

Wonder If the Iraqi constitution includes presidential pardon provision?

So much for the Plame case. Katrina, Roberts, Renquist, Brown, "under

New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize

CSPAN - Subpoena Grand? Jury - Clerk Como? Did anyone hear?

So was that Bush UN picture real??

The "private companies" will rebuild with OUR dollars

Once the press piles on, that's it

Rebuilding New Orleans: Halliburton vs local contractors

"I've been telling people for years...Bush is human and not some alien..."

man identified who said "Go Fuck Yourself" to Cheney

Toyota Says It May Put Gas-Electric Engines in All Its Vehicles

Thanks, DUers...up to #3 (or #4)

Brown speaking out mainly against Blanco, BUT......

Chertoff will be following Brownie's exit route after Bush speech...!

Hastings (d) of Florida is kicking them !!!

Why did the TaliBornAgain Shiite Baptists Evacuate, anyway?

Pssst. Where the devil is the exorcists convention?

Photo: Chimpy, Bolton and Condi laught it up at the UN

RE: Bush -- "This guy needs to take a permanent Pee Break"

Thinkprogress: Rice Suddenly Loses Her Ability To Assess Polls

Republicans Advocate Killing Cops

Victim of Hurricane gets primetime TV slot to plead for help

Okay, I've been in media/internet blackout for about 5 days. What's up?

When is the Roberts vote? nt

sorry, I won't be participating in bush's national day of prayer tomorrow

What do you think NO will look like in 3 years?

From USA Today: Interesting animated graphic showing history of NO...

The situation room

2008 Ticket needs a little Leadership- not more white-washing.

Debate on the Floor of the House is pretty Heated

I don't want to repeal the tax cuts for the wealthy

What rights are YOU willing to give up to win?

Raw developing story: Only GOP gets subpoena power in Katrina probe

BUSH accepts full responsibility? - To be refined on thurs. speech

Freeper reaction - Potty Photo

is it the LAW that kids must recite the pledge? we don't even need it.

OMG! Condi Rice thinks "DSM" is a discount shoe warehouse!

need for volunteer help around NOLA-- whats the real story?

I Guess George Got His Potty Break --pix->>>

We need a candiate with Charisma , Intellect and Fortitude..

What we call Islam is a mirror in which we see ourselves

Now let me get this right: this asshole even needs to be told how to pee?

Flake (AZ-R) on WJ CSPAN now. Said Rs have

I am impressed Jr. spelled room right.

WaPo: "It was as if all of us were already pronounced dead"

Please post the Pee Pee note again. To me it is like fresh baked

I used to think the Unions had a pair

Rules of War in light of Bush era

Bush Katrina speech calls to 'think big':

for anyone who thought CondoleezzaRice was not Bush's diaper wiper, just

A little more info on tonight's live public address by Bush

Can't different state's Attorney General investigate

Cut Iraq War funding without hurting troops

I just did a Google image search for Lindy England (oops. never mind.)

Bush-Be-Gone Index -- Up 1.1% from yesterday

Anyone see the Coast to Coast intro just now?

Turns out Australia has a bunch of "family values" assholes, too

Re: Bushbot on 'The View'

The General has a particularly amusing entry

I've had the unfortunate opportunity


DSM?, Plame?, Delay scandals?, Iraq meltdown?, bin Laden free?

In future times-people will cringe when hearing the word -Bush.


Trust the Times: 'Excuse me Condi, can I go to the bathroom?'

Meanwhile The War In Iraq Continues To Grow Worse With Each Passing Day!

The GOP's Criminal Defenders

Cheney's Office Ordered Power Restored to Pipeline Before Hospitals

Just two words which should stop ANY senator from confirming Roberts


Isn't Bush Screwed No Matter Which Way He Turns?

Dean on The View Now (11:48)

If I knew how to do a poll here, I'd poll if the MSM is going to spend

"Dubya, you need to give a speech from New Orleans..."

Is anyone listening to Tom Hartman? He's on a roll today!

Has anything changed?

Is Bush having his "Carter and the Rabbit" moment?

I hate to revisit this Houstonian Volunteer email issue

Imagine how you will celebrate a Democratic return to power.

Rick Santorum's Republican Child Molesters

Michael Brown makes statement. Shifts blame to

Would-be humanitarian workers sent to clean up casino

So what's behind this urge to ditch folks who are anti-forced invocation?

Why Is Everything About "Can Bush Deliver/Do Job", etc. Tonight??

Anyone making A Bingo Card For Tonight's Speech By The Giggling Murderer?

Here's why I don't support an independent Katrina commission

my 54 yr old trust baby repug neighbor with a huge bush cheney

Another compassionless Bush - Neil...

Why isn't the Republican't Party just a horrible memory by now?

Sen. Feinstein was pushed to wonder whether Roberts is anything more ...

Disaster Preparedness: Online FEMA courses for the public

Why dubya "bathroom" photo is a fake, debunked...

Call your Senators and Representatives and use the words - COVER UP

Playing Pin the Blame on the Donkey

Roberts, expediency, and the "Good German" defense.



Great cartoon..................

So Is Our President Fake or Real? I swear, I just can't tell

Does anyone have that photoshop of Bush playing guitar in NO?

Nice TV moment, via Steve Clemons at

Blackwater, USA.

Freeps comparing apples to oranges

They say we play the blame game, SO LET'S PLAY: Who's Most To Blame?


We should lay the blame at the feet of those that deserve it.

Oh, gosh, Katrina contract opportunities won't be posted on the web!

The Bush Speech Drinking Game!

WP: 70% Of Teens Are Having Oral Sex

Blackwell’s Un-American Scheme:

Three more years of Bush will bring this country to its knee's

What is the most current death toll number?

What is the relationship between the press and the internet?

Should Democrats make public call to repeal all the Bush taxcuts?

DERSHOWITZ Describes Clarence THOMAS as a Mr Stupidhead

There IS a solution to George's weak bladder

Call your senator if they voted against Katrina Commision!!

News Flash to Russert (and DU): Katrina didn't move Bush's polls a bit!

HELP! Need A Place To Stay In D.C On 23rd & 24th of Sept. For 2

Howard Dean: "Here's what I think about John Roberts"

Bush always has to be shamed into doing the right thing

Mice infected with Bubonic Plague Missing from Newark Lab

Tyson Foods is racist - being sued

Anyone want a Pulitzer?

Howard Dean: Katrina Deaths Bush's Fault (Lousy Headline - great quotes!)

The "Under God" ruling is a stunt right?

Total media blackout - Where can one find a body count?

Bush takes responsibility -- but for what? [your chance to suggest]

BREAKING: Proportional Spacing discovered in Bush's 'Handwritten' Note... "Bacharach Blasts Bush"

Where are DUers meeting up for the SEPT 24 Peace March?

Someone take the crack pipe away from Tim Russert!


I thought Dems wouldn't participate in a slanted Committee

amazing hurricane katrina photos

Very revealing MSNBC poll today....check it out.

Judge Lets Beating Victim Reopen Civil Case Against Reinstated Officer

Company Hired to Handle Katrina's Dead Has Tainted History!

Spitzer: Eight Former Insurance Executives Indicted in Bid-Rigging Probe

It's Air Force 1 to the rescue!

So many posts re: Bush potty break pic

OMG, CNN's Kyra Phillips is on the ground reporting from New Orleans

Enough Already!

What Is A Pre$$titute?

You can just tell, this man Bush wants to help!

Is Bush going to repeal his tax cuts to pay for Katrina, war?

Please Help DU This............

5 More Illinois Pharmacies Sue Governor For Right To Deny Birth Control

Notes on Cashing In After Katrina

You are cordially invited to the grand reopening of the BIG EASY!

George, George, Put Your Hand Down! >>>

Molly Ivins punks Bush.

Republicans: We're the Party of National Security!

Grandmother loses job because parents were stranded in NO --

Relief trucks sit idle while FEMA pays - Over 100 trucks at $600 per day

George Bush will bring about the fall of's just history

If George needs to use the bathroom during his speech, what shd he do? >>>

Letter to Auntie Pinko:

Raw: Homeland Security warned Diebold of electronic voting flaw...

If there are gas shortages in the UK...

Chicago biggest city yet to call for bringing troops home

Bush's Note to Condi

RAWSTORY: Homeland Security warned Diebold of electronic voting flaw...

Dems on the Judiciary committee seem to have a lot of doubts about Roberts

MSNBC - High Stakes: Can Pres. B*sh turn public opinion around?

Bush Speech Tonight: Can anyone save frame by frame to see if * has...?

Planned Parenthood needs to get its act together

Fleming senior wears racist T-shirt to school

WashPost - Froomkin: "Who's in Charge? Karl Rove!"

Slidell Memorial Hospital - fully operational

Essential DC items, wear, How to thread....

Man Is Iraq Ever Getting Stable! I Feel So Much Better! (Animated Gif)

How's the attitude/reportage of the various Katrina journos?

Democrats Ranting on C-SPAN Asking for Independent Katrina Commission

The Postal Service has created a stamp with a picture of President Bush

Concerning the DSM....

ACLU: troops rely on movies to learn interrogation techniques

GOP lawmaker on SS reform: 'It's Over'

Though I really don't care but-- Call me a pledge "originalist"

Vid Clips of House Dem Arguments for Independent Commission

Can someone help me?

Re:God/Pledge of Allegiance... Right or wrong, why does CA once again have

Why dubya "bathroom" photo is real :-)

Anyone else get this crap via email?

Hah! It just occurred to me what tonight's Dog n Pony show is all about.

Her badge says it all...

Profanity update.

what's the deal with AAR's new lo-fi sound?

So if George Bush had

CNN says tonight Bush must get back his "bull-horn moment."

I just lost it with a freeper and I feel bad that I didn't control myself.

Russia ready to cooperate with Argentina - Putin

Condi has been promoted once again.

WSJ: As Gulf Prepares to Rebuild, Tensions Mount Over Control

So what are the consequences of responsibility?

So Nagin has outsourced his city's drug and crime problem

What do you think was Bush's biggest mistake with regard to Katrina?

Katrina worst environmental calamity in US history - PLEASE READ

So I'm watching the opening segment of "The View"

Self Delete - Dupe

FBI is watching you - A little humor

Do Bush and the Republicans believe everything is a "free lunch"?

Are we living in a dystopia? Why do I ask?

Need expert German translation of this White-Rose-related song, Please.

More Katrina Opportunism - Sen. Inhofe (R) trying to relax EPA rules

Live chat with Rep. John Conyers, 4:00 PM ET (

Canadian rescue team gets to St. Bernard Parish first

In addition to the speech thread, there should be a "LIES"

If New Orleans is "doomed" to be "rebuilt", why the hurry

Venezuelan Oil Exports to China to Increase Five-Fold

Pope Urges Exorcists To Keep Up Good Work

Anyone have realllly good advice on potty training

Pledge of Allegiance Poll

Tonight's speech should be criticized now

Ruh roh...Bubonic plaque mice gone missing

CBS demands that US forces in Iraq release camera man

Two bills introduced by Sen. Kerry on 9/14/05

from religious wrong--NOLA now 'abortion free'

Randi is tearing apart "Nagin didn't use the buses"

St. Paul Mayor who endorsed Bush is a DLC Favorite

Canada official: Torture can be tolerated

Inside the NO convention center.....on NPR now...

Bush takes responsibility? I don't buy it.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers ?

Guardian: Cornel West talks about exiles in America

The Legendary K.O. has a new release out:

When Will Oil Start Running Out? Experts Argue: Now or 30 Years Away

Why dubya "bathroom" photo is a fake

Do you think the pendulum is actually swinging left after Katrina for 2006

No Smiling for Passport Photos in Germany

For a little chuckle...

With “Last Throes” Debunked, Rice Unveils “The Latte Defense”

Read *'s speech now, enjoy your evening later:

I got married in Jackson Sq - NOLA and today is our anniversary!

Presidential message to Congress?

Ruth Ginsburg Wants To Reduce The Age Of Consent To Twelve

A little snipit of Bush's speech tonight

Laurel, Mississippi...still no FEMA...and won't be for a while.

Evacuee seeking his guide dog

Ever feel like the inmates have taken over the nut house?

The Wolf Blitzer Channel

Deja vu: low polls...time for some rah-rah in the NO rubble!

Rove in charge of Katrina reconstruction...why am I not surprised?

Ukraine's Orange Revolution loses its lustre, entire cabinet could be dism

Republicans abandoning SS phase-out for now.

Molly Ivins: Follow the Money for the Real Story

Has the news about the three missing lab mice carrying deadly strains

dupe n/t

Roberts Nomination--Write Your LTTE Online

Help Bush out. Help him work 9-11 into his Katrina speech tonight.

Chavez foes facing trial to get more U.S. funding

Who's Rich And Who Isn't?

Last night I dreamed that the Chimp was not our resident!

What is the lowest approval rating ever recorded for a president

The "he's not waking up very easy" baby at the Convention Center died.

Who volunteers to Chimp-watch tonight?

Iraqis' right to life no longer protected -Annan

Disaster relief double standard

CNN says "what would you like to hear the president say tonight?"

Karl Rove in charge of $200 billion post-Katrina reconstruction effort

Delete dupe

Why the Rich Should Pay More Taxes

Katrina deaths

A little advice for our "friends" in the GOP

We were undefeated in our wars UNTIL we put "under God" in the Pledge

Think bush might try to pull some Jimmy Swaggart type of scam

GOP lawmaker on SS reform: 'It's Over'

Great PhotoShops of the "POTTY" note!!!

Was the Afghan election that Hamid Karzai "won" on the up and up?

Faux Snooze Poll 41% LOL

Karl's in charge of the rebuilding effort

What's your worst case scenerio for Bush's speech tonight?

You know, Rove does have experience running a disaster

I AM watching the stinkin' lousy speech

okay, let's debunk this one

The MSM or main stream media does not exist, it is the corporate media

All Your Base (Are NUKE By Us)

If I were a wingnut, I'd actually believe that:

Let's Play "Think Like A Repug - What Law Gets Suspended Over Katrina?"

Will Bush mention Roberts in his speech tonight ??

Must Hear Radio Interview with author of: "The Republican War on Science"

Flame War Time: Our problem with the MSM is all in our heads.

God DAMN, I wish us DUers could whip up this much support against a flag-

Palestinian refugees donate $10,000 to Katrina disaster victims....

Right wing talking points for tonight's speech by Bush in NOLA

Diebold System One of Greatest Threats Democracy Has Ever Known

The 2005 MSM "Lineof the Year Award" goes to.... *drumroll*

I ain't watching the stinkin' lousy speech

Have the 2000 missing US Postal Workers been found?

"Wish I had a Camera" moment

There was a Young Lady named Condee, Whose boss said he had to go wee wee,

Anyone here decide AFTER Katrina to March on Washington on 9/24??

A Sausage - Looted or Not - Lands Elderly Church Leader in Prison

Inventor denies using dead cats for fuel

Rove may finally have the visibility we need to put his ass in a sling

Vid Clip-Edward Markey about LNG, the Coast Guard, and Energy companies

E. J. Dionne The bush era is over--msnbc now

'Hands off KKKarl, or the city (NO) dies. . . '

CNN doing a preview of the shrub's speach. They have excerpts and it

Can New Orleanians sue?

How desperate will * get tonight?

Something about the flag

A question about flood insurance for Louisiana & Miss residents

Election Fraud Clearinghouse Thread

A wonderful site that I just discovered.Documentaries about veterans...

IMO, Nixon was discovered swearing + at that point lost his base support

What's this animus a few at DU have against yellow ribbon magnets?

CNN to report on pee pee note

I have to watch the speech - history in the making

Anybody doing a bingo card for tonight????? n/t

Q: What's **'s position on Roe v Wade?

self delete

watching bbc news...

Do you believe people can actually become possessed by the devil?

My predictions for speech tonight

End of the Bush Era? (email from Congresswoman Louise Slaughter)

GOP working on legislation that would limit Katrina victims' right to sue

Wasserman: "My bad"

Anyone else think Rove's going to walk on outing Plame?

dubya's PEE PEE note to KKKondi coming up on blitzer!!!

Is Bush trying to pressure Fitz with this Rove disaster thing?

Do you think the time is ripe for a "return" of a type of Populism

Where is Rove heading with this

Primetime before and after the Presidential Address looks good

Breaking AP: George Soros offers Dick Cheney 1.5 Million to

Mexican border city of Tijuana tries to make prostitution safer

"Generation X-ers," Please check in here.

A defeatist post: Someone please invade us!

Has there ever been a Chief Justice nominee with only 2 years experience?

Debbie Downer for the day - "We have three more years of this ASSHOLE!" nt

Church Lady, 73, held for Looting

Reuters Explains Bush Bathroom Note

Canada's Martin blasts rape comments by Musharraf

73 year old, diabetic woman arrested and jailed for looting in New Orleans

When is ** coming on? I want to go for a walk but don't want to miss

RW'ers say that America is a religious nation

NOAA confirms it...

Is GW addressing the nation tonight?

Economic Recovery an interesting approach

How many times will president rain man say hard work?

oh heavens no!! drudge may boot the nytimes

My name is George,I wont take responsbility for anything

Are we headed to the 2nd Wave of the Katrina Disaster?

Can you smell what Paul Bremer is cooking?

Could Cynthia McKinney win a senate race in a blue state if she were to

When right calls for estate tax cuts, call rich CRY BABIES & UNPATRIOTIC

Thom Hartmann on AAR tonight

Freudian slip? (funny picture)

George Galloway vs Bill O'Reilly

LA state number of deceased victims 9-15-05

A New Animation - The Waters Are Rising Fast! Pull The Freaking Plug!


Timely instruction from the greatest mind America has ever produced

Anne Rice Speaks Out

The rich and the poor - so far apart.....

"Chimps, The Dark Side" National Geographic program on now, wonder if this

Watch Bush Fall!

Chertoff is the one who mangled the hurricane response, not Brown

Curt Weldon says that 2.5 terabytes of info about Atta were destroyed

Wanta hear something really, really scary?

Who else is relieved Bush will finally speak tonight?

Hurricane Ophelia vs Katrina

Who's gonna count how many time Bush says 9/11 tonight?

Every time GW speaks to the nation... - Lou Dobb's "Quote Of The Day"

What time is bu$h giving his speech?

New AOL poll

Take The Zogby/ Risky Sex Survey

DU this poll

Drudge: pres pee note photoshopped

Louise Slaughter wants our opinions on the Bu$h era

Is the Pee Pee note the WaterGate of the new Century?

Did any Democrats vote for the Republican Katrina Whitewash today?

my weekly column (tipping)... flame or comment away...

This man could be a contender!!

Does Bush always have to have a fireman in a shot with him now?

How important is this speech for Bush?

"Save the stonewall for rebuilding the levees"..Classic. Rep. Doggett

Something has changed in Iraq.

We Need a Modern Way to Recreate Religion's Respect for the Earth

DU this poll- it's being Freeped!

Smirky asks Annan, 'Has the place blown up?' (OMG)

Register your guess for how many times he will refer to 911 tonight

What's up with that spastic jaw thing Bush does now?

More Problems??????

excerpts from speech up on Yahoo

Wow! Dobbs' Poll: 95% of Americans don't think * can reassure

KR Report: 'Confused' Chertoff Delayed Federal Katrina Response

WSJ: Katrina Erodes Support In U.S. for Iraq War

Will Keith still be on tonight? I think I MAY NEED A BATHroom break?

"that of which we shall not speak"

Hey Crispini??

Here we go...

Curious George goes to the UN: A photographic summary

OPHELIA VICTIMS - How can we help?

EVERY time I click on Tweet, he's blaming Blanco/Nagin

Repuk Pals Are Fully Awake Now!

So, rewatching Corrine Brown from last night

Anyone See What CNN Just Did !

Amazing Video: Katrina Storm Surge

Have the missing 2000 U.S. Postal Workers ever been located?

Does anyone have a sample of Karl Rove's voice?

The moral thing to do is to go on the offensive....

GOP lawmaker on Social Security reform: 'It's Over'

80% of Americans say SUV owners should switch!

"None Dare Call It Stolen"...."America's servile press"

Local crawl claimed over 400 La Nat Guard misssing (not the ones who went

Did they just pull the "2000 school buses" number out of the air?

Bush Speech Drinking Game Oh Fish LL rules.

fuck the war on terror, we need a war on U.S. & World Poverty

Kerry's speech yesterday - Bush will pretend some ideas are HIS tonight.

Call your Republican Senators re voting against an Independent Katrina

Video of the NOLA baby that died

ban the damned pledge, legalize drugs and gay marriage...

Enter the Blogosphere: For intellectual DUers only.

What are onesies? There's a citywide baby shower for evacuees

Howard Dean will be on The View

Howard Dean: Here's what I think about John Roberts

Damn it....fundies are worshipping "March of the Penguins"...

TOONs for Thursday

The Christian Paradox - How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong

Who is your favorite cnn host?

I Pledge NOTHING to the Flag, OR the United States of America

German Technisches Hilfswerk doing terrific job pumping out water in NO

The rules at Falwell's College (in case you haven't seen them before)

Motives for sex: Business or Pleasure?

Help me refute this...

Great new ad about John Roberts from

Blue checkered shirt or suit & tie?

HOWARD DEAN up next on 'The View' on ABC!

Brown admits calling WH within hours of Katrina's hit

Remember the NOLA baby that wasn't waking up so easily? He died

Re: Bushbot on 'The View'

An explanation to why some are upset about the pledge issue

What could cause the financial collapse of the US?

What REALLY happened at the U.N. (A photo montage)

Feinstein and Schumer may vote against Roberts!

Ivanov: US to use nuclear weapons against suspected Qaeda bases

One thing bush could say that would lose his moronic 30%?

pic of flood, W + guitar + 'I was there....I saw what you did.....LIES'

Please Respond to this query-

Dems should vote together against Roberts since Bush wounded

Finally, the truth about Dinosaurs!

To everyone who is considering NOT donating to the Red Cross.


Consciousness As New Civil Rights Movement - Deepak Chopra

I did a handwriting analysis on GWB's note that was posted here.

Herbert/NYT: "Sick and Abandoned" FEMA blocked emergency hospital

AH! The PM and I are going to be in the same place on Sunday

3 Canadian Army reservists beat a homeless Toronto man to death.

Last call for the 1st Annual DU Fantasy Hockey League

Okay they've read it, so I can delete it n/t

Heads up: 2 Michael Moore documentaries for £12 @

Hastings on NI: The last writhings of a society left beached by history

Americans' Guide To Britain

Elephant Culture

I start my BTEC Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling today. Ask me anything

DeLay associates indicted again

Iraq concerns will reverberate in Congress

Democrat Cuts Through GOP 'Malaise' for Win

Latinos Souring on Gov. and His Party

Democrats add defendants to phone-jamming lawsuit

Britain's BAE allegedly made secret payments worth 2 mln dlrs to Pinochet

World leaders shake heads as reforms to check nuclear arms spread dumped

Wiretap Mosques, (Mitt) Romney Suggests

Report offers 'grave' view of impact on (N.O.)environment (Houston Chron.)

Eritrea holds U.S. embassy staff for trafficking

How Places of Refuge went to Hell

Roberts's testimony alarms conservatives

Blanco wants feds to foot full bill for Katrina recovery

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 15 September

Woman fired after rescuing siblings from Mississippi

A transgender evacuee's story

Fleming senior wears racist T-shirt to school

Bush call to end trade barriers

Iraq Concerns Will Reverberate in Congress in Coming Weeks

150 killed in Iraq attacks, Zarqawi declares war on Shiites

Catholic probe to look at gays in seminaries: NY Times

Huge increase-71000- in initial Unemployment claims to 398,000

Cindy Sheehan speaking with Donnie Doitch

1st AD’s Tucker cracking down on troublemakers

Support for Bush Continues to Drop, Poll Shows

Bush to Request More Aid Funding

Chile Tax Breaks Cost More Than Spending On Education

Robert Wise, Film Director, Dies at 91

Effort to refer Iran for sanctions opposed

NYT: Detention of Iraqi Employees of Western News Media Angers Media

LAT: Katrina Toxic Threat Still Vague but Ominous, EPA Says

Pubs block Plame investigation

NYT: In Roberts Hearing, Specter Assails (Rehnquist Court re. Congress)

U.S.: Government Seeks to Promote Arabic and Sharia Studies


Ex-Argentine army chief ordered detained

LAT: Speculators Rushing In as New Orleans Water Recedes

Children's Author: Warn Kids About Liberals

In war of words, U.S. mounts counterattack

EU ambassador finds the positive in Katrina

Revised Sept. 11 report contains new details

Judge declares Michigan's abortion law unconstitutional

Company Hired to Handle Katrina's Dead Has Tainted History!

U.S. Wages War of Words in Iraq ("success in Tal Afar")

U.S. Consumer Prices Rise 0.5 Percent; Core Rate Increases by 0.1 Percent

Newsweek Web Exclusive: Red Tape

WP: Rupert Murdoch, Bending With the Wind (change in the air at Fox?)

Howard Dean: Katrina Deaths Bush's Fault (Lousy Headline - great quotes!)

CNN: Chicago City Council to Bush - Withdraw troops from Iraq immediately

Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel Ahead of Upcoming Disasters

Blair says Iraqi bombings stress need for troops

Talabani: Iraq ready to replace some foreign troops

Parts of New Orleans to Open Next Week (Monday)

RAWSTORY: Homeland Security warned Diebold of electronic voting flaw...

GOP lawmaker on SS reform: 'It's Over'

Iran Willing to Share Nuclear Technology

Senator (Inhofe) Wants EPA Rules Eased for Katrina

Senate Democrats to Investigate Halliburton Tomorrow

Reid presses Congress for immigration reform

Gov't credit cards for Katrina draw fire ($250,000 each for 250,000)

No Smiling for Passport Photos in Germany

Official declares Iraq '80 per cent secure'

No evidence about Atta before 9/11, panel ex-members say

Conflicting accounts from top on Katrina response

Car bomb hits US military convoy in eastern Baghdad

Terrorists unite to plot Iraqi civil war

NY Daily News: Mice infected with deadly plague are missing in N.J.

De Beers denies improperly exported gems

Roberts Appears Open to New Interpretations(distances from Scalia,Thomas)

Howard Dean on Roberts "wrong man at the wrong time for our country"

Al-Qa'ida strikes on Europe set to spread

Danish anti-war posters to hit Iraq

Anti-terrorism plans unveiled (new ones for UK )

Pharmacists seek injunction - Claim governor's emergency contraception ...

New Orleans’ French Quarter to reopen soon

Reid challenges Bush to improve disaster response

Barbara Bush praises outpouring of support

Bush Approves Base Closings Plan

9/15/05 FOX News Poll: Post Katrina, Bush Job Rating at Record Low (41%)

More FEMA bigs are bailing out

Spitzer: 8 Former Insurance Execs Indicted

Ensign urges better pet rescue effort

Agency says lever voting machines don't meet federal requirements

Conflicting accounts from top on Katrina response

Military admits killing Kent State University professor in Iraq

Chertoff to proceed with Dept of Homeland Security reorg

NYT: Vatican to Check U.S. Seminaries on Gay Presence

U.S. Buys $100 Million of Bird Flu Vaccine

9.15 ACLU/FOIA: New Documents Contradict Army Report Denying Systemic...

NY Times: Karl Rove in charge of Katrina Reconstruction Effort

Reuters Explains Photo Of Bush Bathroom Note

Mice infected with deadly plague are missing in N.J.

US Natural Gas Production ‘Crippled For Months’

House Democrats unveil defense plan

Harry Reid statement on Katrina and Bush's speech

Nuclear plant operator agrees to pay record fine(reactor almost blew top)

U.S. says ready for new strikes against Iraq towns

Like Senate, House Committee rejects independent Katrina commission

Rescuers struggle to save pets after Katrina

Microsoft Talks To Time Warner About Acquiring a Piece of AOL

Aged woman charged with looting

Bush's popularity continues downward spiral: polls

Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders

8 in 10 Want Drivers to Drop SUVs-POLL

Federal survey--Survey Finds More Women Try Bisexuality

'Has the place blown up?' (Bush asked Annan @ UN)

CNN BREAKING: British authorities detain a number of people in London and

Chavez Arrives to New York for UN Summit After Delays

I helped the the Katrina Recovery eating....

I got the hose I wanted!

Does anyone here have a three year old child?? Tell me...

Tonight's obscure lyrics (can you name the artist/song?)

I'm bored. AMUSE ME!

Who is in the OTHER Fantasy Football League?

Best caption ever! "Condi, may I?"

Alright, I'm just gonna vent about something

you want yor mony? Well come on here and get it becuz I dont no where...

delete dupe

Now you're messin' with a ... A son of a bitch

Robert Wise has passed on

Want to see the rants of a guy even the Freepers would laugh at?

Does anyone else like that GE coal mining commercial?

I must look like a dork

I have come to whine

A car salesman yelled at me today....

Firefly = Blake's 7

FUCK IT! Let's just become a theocracy

Goddamn Trolls are ignoring the Lounge

stop the world -- i have to get off!

The Official Condaleezza Rice Bathroom Permission Thread

Oooohhhh...Coach is on!

Give Bush A Brain! Not as easy as it....oh wait...

Who were Capitani Reggenti of San Marino when you were born?

Has anyone taught their teen how to drive a standard? Or

What's the best way to rip DVD's to your hard drive...

Zoo Installs Treadmill To Exercise Fat Elephant

Man Arrested Carrying Pot Plants On Bicycle

Who was the British Prime Minister when you were born?

Rate this

What are you listening to?

Woman Sues Rolex - Claims Watch Gave Her A Rash

50 Years of Lolita

Bush has girlish hands....

Can someone tell me if

Canada To Sell Medical Marijuana In Drugstores

Obviously the Bush comment has not affected sales of Kayne Wests new album

Like my new avatar?

Good Morning, Everybody!

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is Malversation (Please use in a sentence)

New Hampshire Town Has Problem With Drive-Thru Flashers

Do *we* need permission to leave the Lounge? (LOL)

Likely the Havoc Household will be without power a day or two.

Man electrocuted while trying to steal power line

Who was governor of your current home state when you were born?

2005 time capsule to be opened in the year 15,005AD...

I could probably eat healthier if tastykakes weren't so fricking tasty

My doctor's appointment is today...

Who makes the best omelette?


Hot Dogs To Cost $170 A Piece During UN Summit

Kitty stealth attack!!

Halliburton gets contract for gold from corpses' teeth

Robert Wise, Film Director, Dies at 91

Surfing picts from yesterday in Tahiti

I think trolls are a myth!

Who was the city councilman in the ward where you were conceived

Who is this?

Man Crashes Car Into RMV Building While Taking Driver's Test

Morrissey is being so needy - anyone else need lots of love this morning?

Oh what dreams may come!!!!( a sharing thread)

(graphics) OMFG - The righties are Right! I never realized how much we

Mud eater bugs neighbours

Who here remembers the Cocteau Twins?

When is the new Christopher Cross album coming out? Anyone?

Neighbors Find Obscenity Mowed Into Lawn

Debate rages as medium finds body in lake

Just curious. Why is this thread..

Meet The Fuckers...

'Miracle baby' puts mom in jail

Who needs a potty break?!?

Who was Soviet leader when you were born?

Who was the mailman that delivered to your parents the day you were born?

I got my tickets..

Dubya's "growing problem."

Who was British Prime Minister when you were born?

Ahhhh. Republican on rampage!!!

For all of us Harry Potter fools....

I like pants.

"Thistlethwaite" - say that name 3 times fast!

Who was Doctor Who when you were born?

Scientology woos displaced hurricane victims

Every second term president has faced a scandal.....

Stays in mexico!!!

Pico And Sepulveda

I'm going to eat a bunch of lemons, 'cause I'm too sweet for anyone else!

Inventor: I never used dead cats for fuel

People going to PM, DC me

People going to DC, PM me

Post a picture of your piercing (or tattoo)

Another Pitt Law grad on C-SPAN 3 now

Dear DU,

I'm having a bad hair day!

I like to sleep in on week days.

What was your college major (and minor, if applicable)?

I like underpants.

Is that pizza I smell?

What will you do instead of watching * tonight?

Have you eaten breakfast yet? What did you have?

Tra la la, la la la la

Happy Birthday Sophia Loren

I like bear!! alot.

Remind me - I need to make dal chawal today.

Am I a Boer?

Am I a boar?

Am I a DUer?

I like beer! alot!


QUESTION? Posted on a game link dump site.

South of the border, down Mexico way

Uh... YeeeaaAAH... Just wanted to....uh.. ... wish you a Happy Birthday

I Have To Go To The BATHROOM!!!

Am I a bore?

What was your mother's uncle wearing on the day you were born?

Who is my father's son who is not my brother?

Things you have gotten "rid of" that you regret.

Halliburton gets contract for gold from corpses' teeth

I hate christmas.

One Of The Best Things About This Time Of Year

Are you folks missing me yet??

Please share your keyboard shortcuts and time savers here

Okay, I'm going to go on a limb here and say -

Microsoft to buy AOL (image)

Hey ~ Sugar Smack ...

Typical day for me:

Oh no! My wife has pink eye!

Satire and American Dad

Help me pick a musical for middle school students!

I need a good recipe for meatloaf or

need suggestions on a new beer to try to replace my usual

I am going shopping after work.

The rumors about Renee Zellweger and me are NOT, repeat, NOT TRUE!


Octopus Balls!!

Okay, raise your hand if you found my Bush note to Condi offensive

My rib dinner w/ Brittney was ruined by kids, smokers, rap music, fundies,

Late night political humor

Anyone who *didn't* go to Harvard or Yale check in here

FEMA's Illustrated Guide ( graphic)

The BEST song about NOLA yet - Ben Harper

Breaking AP: George Soros offers Dick Cheney 1.5 Million to

Anyone ever coach soccer?

Do you buy shit music based solely on political ideology?

When you get old, your toenails thicken

Why I hate Creed so much

DBAs check in

I just found the best way to silence a creationist

Did John Basedow frost his hair?

WTF???? New Orleans floods and Congress Passes Tax Cuts????

uh-oh. the ceiLing's Leaking

uh oh

Is this the world we've created, by Queen

Football Sucks!!!!

will I reach 3000 posts tonite?

The Bar Opens Today

Any adults here with Aspergers?

I'm going to the post office. If Natalie Portman or Kirsten Dunst call,

What makes the world go round?

Do you try to synchronize your directional with the car in front of you?

Helloooooo. It's 2:30 and I don't see any cowbell!!

Please help so I can go to bed :)

Do you believe in magic

Drunken Fratboy Homoeroticism

Lack of pirates caused global warming.

For those of you who don't get out of the lounge much...........

Here's what I don't like about pandas:


kristinn: Saddle up Freepers! Eagles Up!

Go look at the panda right now

Favorite mints?

e.e. cummmings is great!

BOSSHOG is back.

I think this Freeper wrote this letter himself

Is it me or has Shell Beau

Remember this name...Francisco Liriano


I had the time of my life

Should one of the cable news networks form an All Missing White

Whats with HUGH!!!

We need a DU gathering in Memphis.

Grab Some Popcorn!!!

What's More Annoying? People Who Continually...

Do me a huge favor, everybody...

If I could get a private room for the Saturday night party in DC...

New use for dead cats

I'm outta here

Glucosamine Chondroitin

Now that I have my DU bumper sticker in place on my car...

Holy Cow, my streets under water!

CNN Co-founder urging for an All-Iraq-War Cable Network

What is good breakfast brain food?

HELP PLEASE! A friend of mine hurriedly has to write a

Squeech music live in Boston

Survivor Starts Tonight on CBS (I hope) - Spoiler Discussions

Who was the doctor who delivered you?

No Hate Here: DUers who were in a Fraternity or Sorority Check in Here!

Life is a highway......

Why is it when surfing the channels on tv, I always come

My graphic based on a song by a Chicago performing artist.

I'm at Sarahbelle's. She's asleep for the next 4 hours. What should I do?

David Letterman's Top Ten Questions For The Fema Director Application

I am a legal secretary and I work in a dormitory. (RANT)

Anyone ever met Donald Trump?

Classic approach-avoidance conflict re: King Dumbass** speech

Family Guy...A-Ha Video...(link)...

So basically the rapture is loosely based on these 4 scriptures and

Morans are drunk drivers........THIS IS HUGH!!!!

THIS JUST IN: TBS to Carry GD vs. GD-P Friday Night Smackdown

My PSA...great travel site

going riverboat gambling saturday...any suggestions on games to play etc?

Ever google your screen name, and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky"

TV geeks: Can you guess who this is?

That was a crappy copycat

If fundies say Katrina was to purge New Orleans of wickedness...

Is it just me....

Have you heard this one, yet?

Condi told me

Which is worse?

I want out of my poker group........what do I say??

Self Indulgent Crappy Song, or Musical Brilliance?

What kind of sound is made when you smack a freeper in the head?

What is SKINNER doing with our sig lines?

Anyone remember that McDonald's "Baby Sister" commercial from the 80's?

Who played the best Hamster?


Student Streaker Wearing Gorilla Mask Chased By Principal

Why I like mead so much

Stop staring

Is there a reference for this "HUGH" that I keep seeing?

Ok...list athletes you want to hate...but just can't...

Internet Explorer UI designer switchs to Firefox

If you're into Metal/Thrash there's an EXCELLENT streaming radio station

Post here if she was just seventeen (if you know what I mean)

Just finished building my desk and tossing out my desk.. Ask me anything!

Terry Jones in Monty Python was the Best Hamlet.

Britney Spears walked her dog today

Who played the best General Lee?

Why I hate Greed so much.

Britney Spears wokked her dog today

Advice needed: all-in-one printers/scanners

Oh hell yes JJ! Survivor is on tonight!

What are you planning for this weekend?

All this original DU art has inspired me!

Picture test thread....

There's a heart in the sky

Coalition of the willing!!1!1


Remembering New Orleans (photos and a poem)

Lunch with an ex-Republican

I read a news today, oh boy!!

With AaaaRMS WIDE OPEN.... Under .... the sunlight......

Somewhere, beyond the sea, somewhere, waiting for me

Poll: Guppies, Puppies, or Yuppies?

I will now commit Lounge suicide.

One hundred forty million Muslims and a blonde with big boobs

Save some money at Christmas.

Best. lunch.EVER.

ZombyCoffee gets in your soul

Allenberg - you out there? How's your kitty's chin?

UPDATE-German inventor: I never used dead cats for fuel

I like rants.

Funniest sports smack post of all time:

Post here if you have lips like booger.

Taverner's Beer of the Week

Anyone else experience a letdown feeling after troll hunting in GD?

What year did you see The Who do their farewll tour

Ever just seriously screw with a Rethug's head?

Did you see this? Bush needs to go potty.

Intriguing headline from online Washington Post today:

What's the worst song currently "gracing" the airwaves?

Kill the cats AND the songbirds!

Oscar-winning director Robert Wise dies at 91

I haven't left the house since Monday. Is my life boring or WHAT?

I make the best bbq Britney Spears w/ Tequila kabobs!

I like paints

Scan Button Songs of DU

OK...these guys really suck too...Nickelback


The Vaporizer: My report

Which band do you think I am the craziest to not like?

Foosball sucks!!!!


Do You Believe in God

My Fellow Lounge Lizards. This Year I'm Giving You A Xmas Gift!

Tx heat is worse now, than in August!

Is the Bush administration factually mad?

My mom goes in for surgery tomorrow...

This is very cool! The Aurora Borealis is supposed to be visible


Britney smashes cat with trombone, cooks it for noisy pagan kids

Brakes Plus - a tendency to over-charge?

I am having serious doubts about the existence of God.

DU cable subscribers, a question please?........

How weird are you? Take the quiz!

What band/singer does EVERYONE hate but you enjoy?

Anyone care to wager exactly when David Spade 's

Millions love this band / singer, and you don't. Name that performer.

Ladies..someone needs to grab this guy up

I am shocked! Simply SHOCKED, I say!

Who wasn't the starting quarterback for Ohio State when you were born?

oeufs de fromage avec des escargots?

When the Rapture comes

This may be a dumb question but...

"You just sit back and enjoy....The Magic of ROCK!"

Heard this song at lunch and thought about YOU the whole time!

Batman, Turkey

Well, I think my curiosity with the Canadian Navy is over.


Anybody Know Of A Place To Stay For (2) In D.C. On The 23rd & 24th???

Wow there's a proud Freeper on my server

Time again for 10 absolutely random questions!!!

Terror poll: Will Bush say the "T" word, tonight?

So what's the difference between a "good" Pro-wrestler and a "jobber"?

I have a SERIOUS crush on Billy Idol

Cleaning The Alfred the cat

With all the heavy stuff going on in the world you'd never know it from

Question on timing belts

Who was the starting quarterback for Ohio State when you were born?

What music is on your workout mix tape/cd/mp3 group

Is there any way to watch CBS online?

Are you more right brain or left brain? Take the test

For the newer people: Ways to get more replies to your threads

Nighthawks XII (dial-up warning).

"The ice-cream truck in my neighborhood plays 'Helter Skelter.'"

Ok, weird things that is talked about at lunch!!(discussion)

I'm having a baby!!! (First pictures)

Add "in the sack" to any famous saying, quotation, or title

"Generation X-ers," Please check in here.

Need Gatorbait, any Volunteers?

Antique technology found!!

"Every time you eat a steak, a hippie's hacky sack falls down the gutter."

Groups that will never form on DU!

The unOFFICIAL DU new TV season thread

Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel Ahead of Upcoming Disasters

Pope Benedict encourages growing exorcism/church involvement

A Pagan response to Katrina

Bill Maher hits the nail on the head. Why not The Beatitudes?

I don't believe in God as of this afternoon.

Standing in the Shoes of the Uninsured

Interesting self-organizing effect.

Must Hear Radio Interview with author of: "The Republican War on Science"

Q: How can you spot an extrovert mathematician?

Transgendered evacuee arrested

Ban on gay adoption stalls in committee

Round Rock drag show prompts fire inspection

Okay, here's MY idea for a REAL marriage amendment...

Campaign to raise awareness of gay 'marriages'

Vatican Gay Witch Hunt Begins

Why are tennis games scored 15, 30, 40, etc.?

Last call for the 1st Annual DU Fantasy Hockey League

Nats Win!

Anyone hear the Milton Bradley 9/11 Tapes?

Astros E (elimination) number is 2

Shocking Arkansas Court Case!

NOLA Rescue group question. There was a story about a

Letter from Joe Lieberman regarding Katrina pet rescue

HSUS' animal relief efforts

Does anyone else have a camera shy dog?

Lost one of our pups over the weekend - very sudden (Canine HGE)

I had to give up my belief in Karma

I am new to i-ching & invite you to help interpret this... fun fun fun!

Anything happen to anybody else last night?

A joke to lighten people up.

A little help here?

Excuse me, but it's rant time

The honor roll of Arlington National Cemetary section 60

Kerry’s Floor Statement on Relief For Small Businesses - Katrina

The Pledge of the Allegiance and Getting Dems elected

Rethug agenda watch

Per Sandnsea's post: E-mail C-Span, ask them to cover this

Two bills introduced by Kerry on 9/14/05

Two Kerry Bills Pass in Senate for Katrina Relief!

Kerry's Bill is up next.

Kerry Speech In Rhode Island, Monday

I'm through with the other forums

Will you watch bush* here with the Kerry group

Kerry charges up Chatham Dems

What the hell is up with some Dem Sens?

Oh happy day

Yay! Another new toy . . . bought on impulse :)

I'm not sure how many members in this group are from Mass., but . . .

KOEB During-the-Show Thread 9/15/05

WE are 10 posts away from 20,000 guys !!!!!!!

The Legendary K. O. has a new single out...

Ratings for Wednesday!

KOEB 9/15/205 Pre Show Post Party!

Newsletter 9/15/05 - Stubborn Resurgence

Kerry’s Floor Statement on Relief For Small Businesses - Katrina

The SBA Needs Some House Cleaning, Too

Call the Senate! Ask the GOP Senators why they hate America!

Does anyone else get tired of freepers forcing us to look at everything

A theory: The Bush Admin. made a deal with Iran

I think I may need a bathroom break

Just who is in charge in Iraq??

So, what happened to the Abu Ghraib photos?

Arrianna Huffington on Judy Miller & "sources".

Whatever happened to Rove and Plamegate??

Can these words form a logical sentence?


If we lose on Roberts, there is no reason for the Dems to be in Congress

Romney calls for mosque wiretaps, Roberts worries Repugs, and 160 die

Bush plans to spend his way out of Katrina mess

NAtalie Holloway siting on MSNBC....

The Note: " He has never been rolled by Nancy Pelosi before"

Why don't the Democrats use the term "Partisan" against the Republicans?

Interesting letter (not mine!): Not another rubber stamper

SENATE votes DOWN an Independent invest. of Katrina!

What do you expect in *s speech tonight, I think we are going to

My note to Peggy Noonan re: her WSJ OpEd

Neocons' new plan for Iraq: Crush the Sunnis

Term Limits

Could Trent Lott be retiring

How does suspending Davis-Bacon "speed up"...

Romney (R Gov MA) Positioning Himself as Homeland Security Expert

Labor fights to preserve Davis-Bacon

Katrina victims bodies stored in a high school -- need link

Ed Gillespie said he was asked to help prepare Roberts for hearing

Sen.Coburn allegedly sterilized 20 y.o. woman with out consent

The question they should ask Roberts...

Orrin Hatch and goose stepping

egads! OBama spoke Garble on Anderson Cooper's show last nite

I Posted This On My Website On 11/3/2004. Has it rung true?

Will Congress Ask These Questions of Roberts

Roberts and political calculus

Why does this picture bother me?

Tonight's Theme: Tax Cuts = Recovery

The best thing about *'s speech tonight

Happy Independence Day!!!

U.S. National Debt Clock with FAQ's and Links:

Can the Republican Party be RICOed as an ongoing criminal enterprise?

John Lewis testifying in Roberts on CSPAN-3

GOP: The Party of No:

Senate Dems need to filibuster Roberts

Bush's Priorities in Order? Check Out This Photo ...

New Orleans (and the entire Gulf Coast) should be ***our*** time

Dean and Nader on Roberts

Press Briefings?

Dismantle the federal government bureaucracy -- the Dem way.

Anybody Know Of A Place To Stay For (2) In D.C. On The 23rd & 24th???

Senate and House Vote for Republican Controlled Investigation

John Roberts : Today's cartoon

Salon asks readers to submit "responsibility" questions for Bush tonight

Bush "committed to eliminating the poverty and joblessness" my ASS.

Help me with this LYING Cindy Sheehan email that going through

Crooks & Liars: "Did you read my note? I can't wait any longer."

Fight lies w/ Truth; Spin w/ Facts - Dems should set up Indep Investig

Talking Points MOST LIKELY to be covered by the Emperor tonight

Help with ammunition, please.....

A must read! "Overturning the Gospels" by Melinda Henneberger

Rove rebuilding NO, welcome to Baghdad on the Delta

US Military closes off part of Eastern Baghdad to hide US deaths

Tonight is all about "restoring the public's faith in Bush's leadership"

Tilting @ Windmills department ...... calling my (R) Senators.

2000 Katrina children missing - do the politicians even care?

"Would they wanted to have gone out for coffee when Saddam was in power?"

Does anyone else find it odd...

Right on spot - Future of New Orleans

Public opinion on paying for Katrina "exact opposite of what Bush wants"

GOP lawmaker on SS reform: 'It's Over' RAW STORY

Highly recommended: For those of you who need a good laugh...

Oh, look what the RNC just sent me via email (re: Pledge of Allegiance)

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dean: Washington Republicans "Disturbing Inability" to Relate...

Roberts=Brown because they are both cronies

Is there any kind of Buddhist holiday?

How much is your vote worth?

Can anyone verify this? Nothing up at CNN yet. Dean on Zahn's show..

Karl Rove will be in charge of rebuilding New Orleans

Once we regain power, and impeach Bush and Cheney, don them with orange

Dems offer PROactive gov't; Repugs offer REactive gov't

Bin Laden said he would bankrupt the US. Well, Bush is doing his part

Tonight: "Emergency Katrina Recovery National Sales Tax Act"

Louisiana Sheriff Deputy -- Blame the victims!

The looting of America – by George Bush

12 dems vote NO in Dorgan amdt protecting labor laws in trade negotiation

What happened to Bush's political capital?

Think Progress obtains GOP talking points re: Bush's speech tonight

If you are female or a minority and Roberts gets confirmed, you're screwed

Poll: And tell these idiots we do NOT want to ban The Pledge of Alegience?

Anyone know how last nights' Galloway /Hitches debate went in NYC.

Democratic ad idea

Question about the Louisiana 2006 vote!!

Lame, lame, stupid, lame Republicans

Kurt Vonnegut's list of "Liberal Crap I Never Want to Hear Again." (TDS)

Democracy Now vs The Associated Press

An Email from Rep. Louise Slaughter...please reply

Tweety sputtering over Bush "reconnecting" with a "bullhorn moment"

Did anyone post Lewis Black's Evolution rant tonight or * taking the blame

Catherine Crier kicked Hannity's ass last night (video)

KARL ROVE is in charge of the New Orleans reconstruction? ROVE???

Spin, Drudge, Spin! so it's CONDI who wrote "need a bathroom break"

Do you have any arguments AGAINST a parliamentary system in America?

Every Democrat should demand that GOP dump Chimp/Cheney. Just...

Urgent - freep Lou Dobbs poll - will Bush be able to assure public...

Rosemary's baby on TV tonite - Which way will his poll numbers go?

Two Kerry Bills Pass Senate for Katrina Relief!

Now right demanding Dem memos (on groups opposing Roberts)

Photo: Bush, wearing a yarmulke, at "350 Years of Jewish Life" Dinner

Will Bush cry crocodile tears for the cameras tonight?


DU this MSNBC Poll: Can Bush turn around public opinion?

The ONION points out John Roberts' utter inexperience in fine style:

If you missed the View today with Dean, here is nice write-up.

What if George has to make a peepee during his speech tonight?

Does Bush favor Roe v. Wade?

Bush Speech's Talking Points - for real


DUer snot just posted a GREAT video on Camp Casey...amazing


Democrats are blowing the Supreme Court nomination

HR437, the rethug's Katrina whitewash commission

Sen. Coburn (R- Coathanger) is on another planet

Senate Supreme Court confirmations: what a freaking joke!

If Roberts is confirmed

FOX News Poll: Post Katrina, Bush Job Rating at Record Low

Has anyone here heard of the Al Rantel Show on KABC Radio?

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

I think it was CONDI who asked to go to the bathroom, not Bush.

Tom Vilsack: FEMA has become a "turkey farm."

Why approve a man for Chief Justice when he refuses to answer questions?

Two groups of people that don't fit into today's political spectrum

Sweet Graph on Bush's Free-Fall

Group Wants Christians To Fill S.C., Secede

Why haven't Dems brought up Roberts Iran Contra links?

Hey, what about "history's actors" and "shaping perceptions,"


CNN VIDEO - "Dems to Blame for Brown Hire?" Lieberman was in charge

Howard Dean: Here's what I think about John Roberts

(RawStory) Only GOP gets subpoena power in Katrina probe.

Dean: I've made up my mind about John Roberts...wrong man, wrong time.

WES CLARK says Republican 'values' are only about SEX