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Archives: September 13, 2005

It's Getting Scary Out There

New Orleans Unmasks "Apartheid, American Style"

Fantastic article. Explains a lot about the American mindset.

Firms with Bush-Cheney Ties Clinching Katrina Deals

The Source Beyond Rove: Condi

Analysis of 4 USAID Contracts w/Rep. & Dem. Party Foundations in Venezuela

Levees Made of Lies: Rage, Grief and the Chimera of the American Dream

First Read: Is Bush's two-pronged approach working?

Brownstein, LAT: Bush Should Nominate a Democrat to Replace O'Connor

Love Canal-type landfill submerged in New Orleans floodwaters

Goodbye, 'Brownie'

Now They Tell Us (Froomkin / WP)

Gloria Steinem:I'm a hopeaholic. There's nothing (GW)Bush can do about it

'Times-Picayune ' Writes Another Open Letter to President (E&P)

Anchor Who Reports Disaster News With a Heart on His Sleeve/AndersonCooper

What is Roberts' America like?

BinLaden is just a skilled capitalist

DU a good deed - thank the Vancouver USAR staff

How Fox Covered a Dem Presser (talked over) vs coverage of a GOP presser nails Fox on Misrepresenting Katrina Poll to Favor Bush

Is Christian Radio Tax Exempt?

Bush's poll numbers are in free fall, but CNN's Malveaux claimed ..

Air America loses Providence RI and Charleston, SC

DU Energy/economics experts, Please help me understand this...

Large scale biodiesel from algae for $5.64 / gallon

Hamas vows to keep fighting, not to disarm

As Israel withdraws, Gaza burns

tinfoil time..L.A. power outage and NOLA

New Orleans: "deliberate act of sabotage was the opening of floodgates"

New 9/11 documents here

In his early morning speech, Michigan Congressman John Conyers Jr.

Bush Approval Rating Hits Career Low in Post/ABC News Poll Sept 12,2005

Bush's poll numbers are in free fall, but CNN's Malveaux claimed they are

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 9/13/05

Who has reservations for Big Basin in October

2 Convicted of Murdering Transgender Teen

need info on California Water Service

Oreo Mobile visits CR this Wednesday! (Sept 14)

Poor Stupid Congressman Mark Kennedy

Network printer questions

Columbus, Ohio area - where to live?

Sept. 24 carpool from Dayton?

did any of you read the front page article in the Milw JS

Can anyone find a picture of this.

where are contract awards posted online?

I heard on MSNBC an interview with a weather man who looked

Maybe if Terri Schiavo had been caught in the hurricane...

Let's Have Fun: What Do DU'ers Think G.A.L.L.U.P. Now Stands For?

"you know I have been work'n"

The storm didn't discriminate, and neither will the recovery effort - GWB

Keither: "Duck tape man"

9/11 was like the Visigoths sacking Rome

I am afraid... very, very, very afraid...of -

From a dear friend: I'm speechless and astounded!

HA HA I been working?? watch the expressions.......

Looks like they can't wait to "Bulldoze" homes....

The Moron doesn't fall far from the tree (Babs and Chimpy)

The only place Bush can go around in an open vehicle is an evacuated city!

Surprise SURPRISE---bush is a Clueless Fuckwit---who KNEW?

CNN making "plastic sheeting and duct tape" part of Paulison's name --

"Pres. Bush walked this area a week ago & the Gov't hasn't done anything"

So is the power back on in LA?

repairing NO with duct tape. Keith

Lamentation, a poem about New Orleans

What DIDN'T the president know and when DIDN'T he know it?


Why does this Prezdent walk with his arms and hands about 2 feet from

Chimes of Freedom

Marine on leave says being in Iraq was like being in hell

self-delete / dupe

Keith O says Glenn Beck is today's worst person in the world *g*

Let’s Make Sure President Bush Doesn’t Survive Katrina

The Uses of Disaster

The Clinton Global Initiative

hey bush, get off your tush, instead of all these photo ops...

Question? I heard on tv that the Astrodome was down to about 1800 people.

Bush finally said something that I believe in 110%

Harball had the story that everyone should be talking about.

The Freepers on the poll tax in Georgia. It's all you would expect.

Bonhoeffer--'wrestle the steering wheel out of the hands of the driver."

CNN Poll, should Bush have been on ground in NO sooner?

Chimp says he didn't know Brown had resigned

New Frame: Bush unpreparedness for Katrina is an invitation for terrorism

Step right up and get your FEMA Budget Shark Cage!

FEMA restrictions for housing evacuees.....

Bush: One of the Worst Disasters to Hit America (Sky News)

Fidel Castro Announces Attack on Miami

"It's simply amazing what people can do when a disaster strikes."

Spellings: 372,000 students displaced by Katrina

I think the bush administration is out to start a civil war...he has

At what point does the group who "approves" of bush become a "cult"?

Looking for DC News coverage of Poetry

Storytime in New Orleans, gather round kiddies....

Bush's recess appointments(contributors)

Is this going to be the last straw????

Which "Monday" was blivet** talking about today?

Intellectual curiosity: B*sh vs. my 3-year old daughter

Have you ever heard of a camel spider?

N.O. Gov. Blanco is "deputizing" Blackwater mercenaries?

Dozens found dead in flooded NO hospital

New Levee break! - London Ave

A question about Sept 24

Just when you thought Freepers couldn't get more disgusting...

What happened to DHS $$ allocated to State & Local

Hear the new BushCo excuse for Corrina, er, Katrina?

Lockheed Martin Named for National Archives Project

WSJ: New Orleans Nat Weather Svc reported 8:14am that LEVEE BROKE

Weather Channel really pushing global warming

Puke alert! Another "photo-op"

Is down?

I sure hope Mr. Bush didn't get BITTEN by mosquitoes, today...

About that CBS News story, re: FEMA's misuse of firefighters

Hey Skinner! I had an idea the other day to make the forum livelier!

Condi : Katrina 'gives us an opportunity' to rectify historic injustices..

Wow, Di-Fi came through. She said she'd bring up Roe V. Wade

Anyone know, is Gretna a separate city from N.O.? Or is it just an area...

What Happened Today with Mr. Zombie Roberts?

Rita Crosby has failed to endear herself to me.

"CNN PollShould President Bush have been on the ground in New Orleans soon

Are there really NO people in New Orleans or when Bush was

My niece almost died Saturday night. Long story with a gut-shot overlay.

maybe someone should make a DVD of the Iraq war for bush to see

LOL! One week later, and the babs bush fuck-the-poor story still has legs.

OMG! There are still 1700+ children missing due to Katrina.

In Honor of new FEMA guy here's my Flash animation "Duct Tape Theater"

End the War on Iraq! September 24-26 · Washington, DC

So...that person who cut the powerline in Los Angeles to get Wolf

cspan ..fema housing guy on talking about ideas for evacs.

Have their been any numbers released regarding katrinas victims?

Long Arm of Rove?

Dick Cheney's Absence

Why is Bush the most powerful man on Earth?

Can someone enlighten me? please?

Plame affair...uh oh...Fitzgerald losing job?

CNN story on Black perception of what happened - interesting to


FEMA Blocking Relief Efforts - A compilation...

so folks are AFRAID to tell bush bad news....let ME tell him

PG&E: CA natural gas bills expected to spike by 40% due to Katrina

Ken Schram Commentary: Proud To Be A 62-Percenter

twice tonight i heard that amtrak offered

Lookin up I see Half a Moon.

Why doesn't Bush wear short sleeve shirts?

Some real sick people in Ohio.

Need help debunking Hillary old canard

Just when I thought I had heard the worst Katrina stories,

signing off for the night, you crazy fuckers keep on keepin' on

Evolution Schmevolution

Why is Steven Segall news?

A brief story from a friend who volunteered to help the evacuees in WI

Any news from Fitzi yet?

Could Someone Give the a Link to the Two-Take Rivera

Researchers: need stat to help a minister

Moore To Capture Katrina on Film?

Lost video clip of cops (?) evicting a family in NOLA.

Roberts' stock ownership raises potential for recusals

Peter King: New Orleans is "like a Mogadishu-like gang situation"

Regarding China allowing foreign business

On the refused offer of Amtrak:


Freedom Walk video

Little Lord Pissypants legacy has turned to SH*T

Buy Bush a TV!

Bush ratings in a freefall?

Has the truth finally put on its shoes ?

Locals join criticism of tardy response: Baton Rouge

In addition to Evolution Schevolution by Jon Stewart

Poppy knows best!

Overkill in New Orleans - Blackwater mercenaries In New Orleans

"Silence, are you questioning my motives? How dare you."-speaker hastert

LAT: Hospital Staff Tried to Comfort Dying Patients

Nagin + Shrub =???????

Exactly 14 days ago/CNN's Aaron Brown + Crawl

So, why don't we just leave?

Hey did ya'll see Keith Olbermann's show tonight? I did and there

Bush cannot say no one could have anticipated what happened

On the news crawl tonight I also saw that Judge Roberts would

Oh, Lord -- CNN's brought out Candy Crowley...

I wonder if there's a Deamonte Love scholarship fund.

Vid Clip-selected bits from Bush in New Orleans today

I'm sure this has been posted before...

"Duct tape man" that's the best you can come up with for FEMA?

Bush down even lower now?

An answer to the question "Why didn't they leave?" re N.O. evacuees

SO! The Los Angeles stuff was a stunt???? What do you think? n/t

My mother's reaction on hearing about Bartlett's Katrina DVD for Bush

Did They Say bush had a beer

I Wish bush would say........

Prezbot Katrina Summer Tour: 2005

1999: Bush demands TIMETABLE for withdrawal of US troops from Kosovo

Why some Du'ers faith in Capitol Hill Blue bothers me

Did you guys read on the news crawl that Gen. Honore was

China sends warships to gas fields...

i never seen such a load of crap (anyone else watching Roberts hearings??)

why fundamentalists (Christians as well as Muslims) cannot compromise

Most shameful character in the Katrina aftermath? (Excluding Bush)

Need help...Did Bush support NAFTA?

I need info asap on military recruitment in Houston and all other centers

Question on the possibility of a Senator Sanders

Did you hear that there was some report given to Maxine

Hey! Will the guy who told Dicky C "Go f*** yourself"......

Anderson Cooper ON FIRE! >

Does Anyone Here Honestly Believe That Every Big News Story...

Attention: All Canuck DU'ers!! Who would like to see Bill Maher on CTV?

Katrina has brought me back to watching Cables Again!

WP: WH Staffers Suffer Stress, Fees in Facing Grand Jury (oh, brother)

Faux News/Hannity show just gave us a Google tip....

Here's how we get Bush/Cheney OUT of office

Attention all Rhode Islanders.......Air America gone from WHJJ

Scarborough shouting at the camera on MSNBC about FEMA....

Why do RWer's think bush is the greatest president there ever was?

A Bush hating friend of mine thinks Bush won Florida fair & square

Just to be a smarta$$, it really is DUCK, not duct, tape.

Survival kit -- do you have one or are you going to get one

What is "the poll tax"?

NPR's All Things Considered on *'s visit of New Orleans

"New" 'Al Qaeda' Tape Released October 2004?


BAD NEWS to BUSH is Not the Deaths, Destruction & Danger in NOLA >>>

Malloy on Randi Show About Clinton

Fitzgerald.....This Week

Photo's Of Cindy Sheehan Anti-War Movement In Pittsburgh....

"The Great Uniter" is at it again; Poll shows Katrina's racial divide.

New FEMA head says fewer homes would have flooded if people

Oh my! Looky here! Looting in Belfast! ATM Machine LOOTED!

The brand that didn't deliver

Any DU'ers feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Ophelia right now?

Presenting Even MORE Evidence That Gallup/CNN Are Untrustworhty Scum

SUPER-CHARGED Rant About NOLA and the American Dream

should bush be FORCED to read a few morning newspapers?

Democrats must start questioning Cons faith

NO WAY... Olbermann said that Newsweek is reporting in

Bush is "an unpopular president ." - WP columnist.

What tune do you think is playing in *'s head tonight? I hope it's....

Malloy caller: Dem candidates have been a "Pantheon of Losers"

Is it legal for Urgent Care to ask you what your Religion is?

Likelihood of Impeachment


VIDEO - Bush on CNN: self-congratulatory about his handling of Katrina

How much do you hate Barbara Bush?


Thoughts on Katrina from a professional engineer

Did you find DU thanks to some hateful RW gasbag talking head?

Right Wing = Reich Wing

How long have you been a registered Democrat?

A question for my black DU brothers and sisters.

***Bush's PHONE LOG: A revealing chronology (PICS)

Should we eat crow? It appears Capitol Hill Blue was right all along

lately I don't feel like cooking very often....

How is Brian Mulroney viewed today?

Years later, 'he bugs us still'

Congratulations England!

New Levee Break - London Avenue

Holy Rollers- The Church Van is Hero of Katrina Recovery for Blacks

New FEMA head is the duct tape and plastic guy from 911

2 Convicted of Murdering Transgender Teen

It's time to learn the national anthem (2/3 of Americans don't know it)

Arms fair criticised for using Iraq war to market weapons

First Read: Is Bush's two-pronged approach working?

Westar Executives Wittig and Lake Convicted of Fraud (DeLay connection)

Roberts' stock ownership raises potential for recusals

Chicago Tribune: Judicious Obama turns up volume

China Deploys Ships to Area Japan Claims (Disputed Gas Field)

Bush works to find footing... Editor Says 'Times-Pic' Newsroom is Feeling Post-Katrina 'Paradig

CBC questions John Roberts

A Major Test for FEMA And Its Contracting Crew

FEMA Ice Truck Convoy Sent on Twisting, Weaklong Route to Hurricane Storage

Weakened Ophelia Rests Near Carolina Coast

'Hank' Steps Out of Shadows to Take Over US Counter-Terrorism

VW May Axe 30,000 Jobs

Army Expects to Miss Goals for Recruiting

Gallup: Poll shows racial divide on storm response (Bush @ 46% approval)

Lawmakers ask Bush to save Gulf Coast naval bases

Judge Throws Out Slander Suit Against Sharon Bush

WP: Talabani Says Iraqis Could Replace Many U.S. Troops (50,000 Troops)

St. Bernard Parish residents crowd Capitol for town meeting

Bloggerman: New FEMA boss is "Duct Tape Man"

Norway Votes to Spend Oil Riches on Welfare State

Texas Parole Board Rejects Clemency Plea for Woman on Death Row

Arms fair criticised for using Iraq war to market weapons

Bush unpopular in South America, poll shows

Nine Children Found Caged in Ohio Home

EARWORM ALERT!!!! Make it stop--make it stop.....................

Good Evening....

Actually, this doesn't surprise me.


Time must heal. I just took folks off my ignore list... forgot why I

Tech headed Apple types....Ipod nano question...

"I think there's something broken on our website."

What is the difference between manga and anime?

dferar macytvom

Why do yall all hate us for our freedoms?

I can't see sig lines. Anyone else having that problem?

Lost my wallet today and DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!

Say something incoherent.

Someone PLEASE tell me this is satire: Pat Blames Katrina on Ellen/Emmys

Sorry girls - Matt Damon is off the market

is anyone having troubLe with DU using IE?

Why the hell is THIS right-winger getting a "lifetime achievement" award?

Today, I killed a cat...

county jails

Bumper Sticker

Every silver lining's got a jpgray

My co-worker made up an obscene password

Surreal sex spam...

Now that is a cool ad.

Guess who's going to D.C.........ME!

Come on, Eagles!

I CANNOT wait until Thursday !!!!

I vote we change the name of the shrug smilie...


I was aborted in a past life

Should I make zucchini bread or cinnamon rolls?

Humans are apes that were taken from the womb one month early.

Most fun I've had in a long time

Coco kitty (age 14) is acting very strangely tonight,

Is anyone listening to Malloy? Paul Rieckoff - WOW - is subbing.

I did something to Will Pitt's margarine today while he was out

Hmmm. My legs keep getting more painful.

By request - what has a cat done to YOU today?

My daughter's father keeps calling my house.

I think my cat really digs the incense I'm burning

hope this is ok to post here: 60gb ipod for sale

Worst performance in "Batman and Robin"

Evolution, Schmevolution on the Daily Show right now

real estate ...

I just bought a Logitech MediaPlay Mouse and I am LOVING it!!!!

The post of this message is false.

I just saw a catfight.

The message of this post is false.

Fun with faces...

Zombie movies

I need to nurture my inner 'SNARK' - post in this thread to help me out.

RANT: Senator Kerry.

What is Bush's position on Roe v. Wade?

Check out my new tattoo!!!

Sept 24--D.C. hotels?

Hey Skinner! I had an idea the other day to make the forum livelier!

I feel it's time for me to post another fractal, so I will.

Is this the real life...

Some people say

Hey, California Peggy:

I'm bashing Christians because of all the DU-leaving.

Did the mayor use city buses to evacuate the people of New Orleans?

Forget it...

I'm leaving DU because of all the Christian-bashing.


If we were ever invaded by an Army of zombie freepers, we'd be screwed....

"Some cheese on that Roethlisberger...

I'm leaving DU because of all the bitchin' crashing....

I need to sleep, you need to...

I am joining Sundog and Zuniin solidarity against lame threads [View All]

Only the local Hooters survived.

I'm spending the night with my plumber.

the Grey Goose has landed, and I am going to bed....

Lame Thread

Holy crap! South Park fans need to read this!

I'm scared to go to sleep...

This guy is totally screwed.

.-..-..---../ .-..-..-.--/ ...-...--/ .---...-../ ..--..--.-..--/ ...--.

2005 Stupidity Awards given out-Coulter wins stupidest man of the year

My new sig has a nude girl on it

[View All]

Andrea True Connection

Lamest Thread

Hey Progmom.....

Any Moxie drinkers out there?


Do you believe the rumors that Bush injects cocaine?

Dance-floor-worthy country music songs

Thanks to all of you who offered up hugs the other night

Lamer Thread

Can you think of an adjective named after a person?

glue eats hand with pie...

Everybody say "Hi" to Snooky Fenster

He said . . Why are married women heavier than single women?

What have YOU done to or for a cat today?

official word of the hour: ennui

DU LADIES: I have a story to make your knees weak

No offense to philosophers out there, but. . .

Send your name to the planet Pluto

Rode 12 miles on my bicycle yesterday. Not a big deal for


Submit one of your poems/writings here.

Yo. Public Service Announcement. Heads Up.

The Novocaine has worn off.

DAMN! Tori Amos on Leno!

How tall are you?

so I hear Bush is depressed ...

I want to create the worst Lounge thread ever

I am joining Sundog in solidarity against lame threads

Columbus, Ohio area - what can you tell me about it?

Is anyone else disturbed by the way Alicia Bridges sings the word

when you meet DUers in DC, will you feel self-conscious about your body?

Is Hurricane Ophelia trying to spell "BUSH" in the Atlantic?

Two convicted of murder in the case of Gwen Araujo

Katrina Displaces Thousands With HIV

Monday night football turns into Monday night fight.

Video of Sen. Kerry at Logan today loading supplies

I am a Kerry sycophant

I want a pic thread

The Duct Tape Drinking Game!

heh...check out this snip on KO

Katrina as seen from September 11th

British opinion piece: "The wind at Hillary's back"

Katrina Evacuees: Next Steps?

Lets play the BLAME GAME

Dick Morris blows Bush

Is DU having an overload

Now is not the time to point fingers!

Is the * response to Katrina, strictly speaking, constitutional?

One sign our country has changed:

*'s nickname for Paulison: Daffy Duct

Bush's poll numbers are in free fall, but CNN's Malveaux claimed they are

Poor Dubya. From throne to booster seat.

Bush Approval Rating Hits Career Low in Post/ABC News Poll Sept 12,42%

The Four Freedoms

Can someone help find the Governor's letter to *

David Schuster reporting a new FEMA failure right now

If Chimp were a man and Nagin were a woman

DU Economics experts, Please help me understand this...

Link Wanted

The Unseen Epidemic

Bush and Clinton

Not a Big fan of Biden but he had me going today

ya gotta see this...

Dean Statement on Brown Resignation

Get outta dodge. Is it time to invoke the 25th?


A matter of humanity

New Dr. Phil Thread...he is filling in for Larry King on CNN

Picture: Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job.

Hey! The Daily Show just did "Meet the F**kers2..."

China sends warships to gas fields

Is ANYONE in MSM pointing out how effective FEMA was under

Anyone hearing talk on the TV tonight, you know on "What

Goodbye, 'Brownie'

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC -- awesome point on Roberts

Please DU this poll - RW'r who voted against $ for Katrina

Dr. Phil...Why on God's green earth is a psychologist (or

OC & L.A. Weekly Reporters afraid Villiage Voice will buy them out.

From the bowels of hell-The Talking Anne Coulter Doll is now available!

Is an election like the Miss America Pageant?

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday September 13

Double Whammy...Anderson Cooper and Aaron Brown...they have

i need help ..tell me about Charles Krauthammer and his loyalties

January 20, 2005: Bush's $40 million inauguration had nine balls

What would you think about a person

NBG '08 ~ Nobody But GORE!!!

Kerry: Leave no American behind: Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina

If you lived in Georgia,who would you vote for in the Democratic Primary

Did anybody see Catherine Crier's show today?


Krugman--All the President's Men (Bush has created many FEMA's)

Your opinion.. Bush: Incompetent or Devious Opportunist

Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) A puzzling hypocrite

WTF is Wolf thinking?

Kucinich in '08 - Because *Real* Democrats Come In Small Packages

Boy, we sure could have used some of Al's "micromanaging" these last 5 yrs

Demand Accountability for the Response to Katrina (independ. counsel)

Some REAL Questions for John Roberts

Setting an example (Al Gore & other private citizens respond to Katrina)

I got the morning paper for you, NYT enjoy

Bush Lied When Asked About Brown's Resignation

I'm a hopeaholic. There's nothing George Bush can do about it

Penguin film as Political Fodder

At Home and Abroad, Bush Has Wrought Devastation

New Draft/US Defense Paper Calls for Preventive Nuke Strikes

Conyers op-ed: 40th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

Death in Bobur Square: Survivors talk about the May Uzbek massacre

Bill Clinton: Saviour of the world?

Chris Allbritton: Here be Dragons... (Young reporters stay away from Iraq)


Jesse Jackson-Hurricane Looting Not Over Yet (looting by Halliburton etc)

"Euthanasia is illegal in Louisiana" yet under some circumstances it

Blackwater USA offer "relief"

Story in Arkansas Times

Death in Bobur Square (the forgotten Uzbek massacre)

When Religion is an Addiction: by Bob Minor

Legal Experts Call Current Law A Poor Fit for Leak Prosecutions (Plame)

Riverbend (Baghdad Burning) remembers 9/11

Schram: I've Already Written My Prayer

The Noxious Lullaby:

Look in the mirror, Mr. President (Reaganite says Bush should apologize..)

End of the Bush Era

Disaster Capitalism in New Orleans

E.J. Dionne/WaPo: "End of the Bush Era"

Another Flood, Another FEMA (Grand Forks/New Orleans contrast)

Molly Ivins: The graft goes on (Molly says "I told you so" about W)

Bill O'Reilly in his Ratings Magic Wig (CARTOON)

US MainStream Media ignores "Love canal" Superfund site under water in NO

Okay, this has probably been posted; however, I have researched and

Blanket Of Smog Marks Magical Occasion As Hong Kong Disneyland Opens

As Climate Breakdown Worsens, Replacement Of Canadian Boreal Unlikely

Miles Of NO Levees Gone - Damage Much More Extensive Than Thought - LAT

Peat Bog Fire Erupts Near Vancouver

National Ice Center - Svalbard Now 100% Ice-Free At 80 N And Beyond

Breakthrough Unlikely At Montreal's Post-Kyoto Talks Late This Year

Chilling Sat Photos Of Lousiana Wetlands, Hurricane Effects - NYT

PECO Energy Settlement Includes Funding for Renewable Energy

EPA is covering up environmental damage in NOLA

Energy Giant Sells Off Oil and Pipeline Business in Ecuador

Commodity Strategists: Oil May Average $93 in 2007

Toyota Hopes To Cut Hybrid Marginal Costs In Half - USA Today

Gaza Sites Are Awash With Palestinians on a New Shore

What If Jews Destroyed Mosques?

Egypt and PA turn Gaza in to a large prison....

Todd Beamer

Have you guys seen this? Isn't it great. I love the Internet

So, early last night, for some reason, intuition maybe, I reach into

Protest song on Tonight Show with Jay Leno references election fraud

I voted today.


Election Truth CD-ROM - reliable download !!

You'll want to see this too ASAP cause it's long overdue.

Well, well, what do you know...

Los Angeles get together after the march on Sept. 24th

Need advice re: apartments/NoHo

Call Ahnold, tell him to sign the marriage equality bill

KOMY-AM (Santa Cruz AAR affiliate) finds it hard to sell ads

Harkin Steak Fry 9/18 Tickets for sale online

Massachusetts Otis Air National Guard Base WILL REMAIN OPEN . . .

Vigils in Brockton, Boston, other cities tonight, tomorrow, etc...

A call to arms! Ballot initiative to bring the Mass. NG home

Don't forget to vote today.

Kos, DFA-List

I keep getting a pop up wanting me to download a file I never asked for

Eleven Children Found Caged in Ohio Home

Air Force Officer Pleads Guilty to Trying to Have Wife Killed

NOLA attorney needs a job in Houston or anywhere in Texas!

Dallas Morning News wants Bush library in Dallas

Last Call for Bay Area New Democrats Fun-Raiser and Meet the Candidates

David Van Os needs your help

Reminder: Drinking Liberally TOMORROW (9/14!)

I need some vets. PLEASE!

On casualties

Katrina-9/11- and remember how nobody told him the capitol

"Go to and get educated, damn it!"

Does anyone know how to read the info. Search & Rescue put on houses?

Big government Liberal?

Words we need to hear from reporters in a Post-Katrina era

?!?!?! FEMA...REFUSING to activate its individual assistance programs


FEMA: prepare a two-week supply cache (emergency preparedness)

On impeachment

MEDIA BLAST privatization spin?

Hey, lurcking media folks, anyone interested in a Pulitzer?

New FEMA guy is "Duct Tape" guru from 2 yrs ago

Bush Lied When Asked About Brown's Resignation

Ahr-nuld: I can absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted....

dR. O 'Go F Yourself Mr. Cheney" up next on Morning Sedition


The "Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney" guy is on Morning Sedition..NOW!

Telephone Schwarzenegger and tell him to allow gay marriages . . .

Craig Crawford Suggests "They Let it Happen on Purpose"

The United States Of Apathy - God Bless The USA!

The MAJOR reason why this country is in the shape it is -- MEDIA

Got this email, What they MSM aren't reporting.

Let's just say the Iraq War was a smashing success

US media hails martial law general in New Orleans

Jesus Christmas, why is liberal programming NOT supported by us???

Please DU This New MSNBC Poll and keep kicked! nt

I Can't Bear To Watch The Roberts Hearings! Dem Appeasement Run Amok!

Bush said need to be prepared 4 BIOLOGICAL terrorists attack is down........

Survival of New Orleans Blog -Apologies if already posted

c-span caller: gw bush greatest man who ever walked

urgent appeal to halt the execution of Frances Newton--new evidence

The burning bush was Christ himself?!?

Confronted a freeper in line at post office yesterday....

Just registered with Fema. WTF?

Has rule-of-law usurped our establishment of justice?

"What advice would you give to the xxx High School graduating class of

Am I the only one not able to connect to...

Peace Activists trial starts Monday - need help!!

Is anyone besides me with sloooow DU

Miles Of NO Levees Gone - Damage Much More Extensive Than Thought - LAT

America is not a liberal country.... Never Was!

NYT: March of the Conservatives: Penguin Film as Political Fodder

Foster-Farming: 11 foster children found in cages in Ohio.

Bush to address nation Thursday night from Louisiana

FEMA repsonded "much differently to Katrina than the others" -- reason???

Be aware of 2 media stories playing into BushInc's ploy to dissolve FEMA.

Feds OK emergency plan for (Indian Point, NY) nuke plant - Paulison

FEMA Under Clinton. Beginning Comparison Between Dem/GOP Responses


Rumsfeld is turning over "Bin Laden hunt" to NATO ?????

Conservative Kansans joined us at Nichols Fountain on 9/11 Sunday.

HEY! Who in the hell put Brian Doyle Murray in charge?

Official Day 2 of Roberts hearing thread - CSpan 3

none of us ever thought that the deadly Y2K virus we all expected across

Poll shows racial divide on storm response

Laura * speech to Heritage Foundation

These guys are too slick.. Brown's resignation and avoiding the Blame Game

Arlen Specter Is One Smart Cookie...

Is anyone else getting slow responses

Booklist for a prior DU discussion (JFK Assassination)

Arlen Spector asking Roberts about Roe v. Wade & Birth Control issues now

SCOTUS position is QUID PRO QUO for Roberts' (s)election role

Does Anyone Remember?

Bush to "Address the Nation" this Thursday at 9 PM

Colin Powell with Barbara Waawa...

Why does the NYT even bother running John Tierney's column?

Los Angeles No Longer Plagued By Alligators. Can't Say The Same For NOLA!

Raw Story, from WSJ: Internal docs show feds "bungled" Katrina response

Bring Them Home Now Tour experience

Whammo! Specter shows Roberts chart of 38 Roe v. Wade affirmations

Amtrak and the great evacuation debate....

Who has received $$$ from the $50 Billion- Where can it be tracked?

After Levees Failed, * Had “A Sense of Relaxation”

BUSH DUCKS --pix->>>

John Roberts annoying-talks to Leahy as if he's talking to a child

DU Group Proposal - Sexuality and Public Policy

AAAARGH! If I see another g-damned story blaming welfare>>>

Springer is talking about poverty on his show now

If nothing else, can we at least agree now that Bush is NOT "clever"

You have to read this: The Bush Era is Gone

We dreamed the internet would free the world, but it was just a dream.

Gag, it's freeper day on Springer...

Roberts "Big Baby Blue" Contacts are freaking me out! There's something

Evacuees at shelter treated like prisoners and shot by authorities

LMAO! Readers Weigh In On Bush/Hurricane

All Aboard the Katrina Gravy Train - Halliburton, Shaw, Bechtel

Either the Bush kids serve in Chimp's "noble cause" or the troops come hom

Politician and the porn star - did she fake her own death?

So why is this guy still in College instead of dodging IED's?

RESOURCE: Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

Okay, Roberts's eyes should be addressed -- MSM, what's up?

Did you happen to notice on the news yesterday that Catholic School,

Anyone Know The Woman Behind Roberts?

ROBERTS' Wife Looks Like She's Been Hit with a Board Between the Eyes

So Junior wants to sit on Trent Lott's new porch.

Where was the clergy during the hurricane and flooding?

CSPAN 2- Byrd on ripping Bush another arse....

Bush aides were too chickenshit to talk to him....

Georgia's New Poll Tax Sorry if dupe, I know I missed it

Why is everyone talking about Roberts' EYES? ---pix->>>

Oceanside man joins campaign to find WWII MIAs

Need Help/ Advice SSDI - What is ticket to work

The Iraq War is over...

It's time to shake the RW'ers Faith in Bush-God

"The bugle of Katrina must be heeded.."

Be sure to check out this article!

IRAQ: Cindy & DSM underlined lies, when will real reasons break through?

What's this? Starting 9/18, NY Times op-eds will no longer be free.

Camp Casey tour draws 200 to rally protesting Iraq War (Buffalo News)

Seems General Honorer's "zero access" order for the media is still in force

I love Ted Kennedy

LA Mayor said wasn't worried about threat to LA - so the lights go out

REMIX: George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People! (KICKS ASS!)


Complete this quote, fill in the blanks " is a dangerous and

Please refute my contention that Repukes are systematically destroying

"I've been workin' -" really bugging me!

Bush & some Iraqi on TV shouting his praises. Was this planned

Condi 2008 - You know it's coming

Medicare Cutting seniors coverage by a staggering 4.3% on January 1, 2006.

An area the size of Great Britain!

Out of the money: Whatever happened to the War on Poverty? . . .

Is Bush Saddam Hussein's Soul Mate? Don't Tell The Leader Bad News . . .

I was sitting in my local watering hole on Saturday night..

this a.m. Grassly used Katrina as reason for making Roberts Chief J.

Republicans: No need to answer questions Mr. Roberts...

Katrina through a different lens - Ethnic news organizations provide

Bush just accepted responsiblity

"I take responsibility"

NYT LTTEs: Bush and his Can't Do government

When will my dreams come true Fitzie?

Bush accepts repsonsibility!

Roberts' baseball metaphor is a clue

press conference: He STILL doesn't know what happened...

Keith's Boss KAPLAN Could Be Out of a Job by the End of the Year

OMG, * is talking about IRAN and Nukes

Poll: Should more officials step down because of the government's response

Thank you, Mr. Bush, for your honesty

Gotta wonder what is up when someone who ALWAYS sends me freeper emails

Bush to Address the Nation Thursday Night!!


Bush taking responsibility is akin to the criminal caught on tape

Where Has All the Money Gone?--re Iraq and now, NOLA?

Rove is channelling JFK with Bush's admission of responsibility...

Bush's "Taking Responsibility" comment is just a Political Play

"I want to know what went right and what went wrong."

an aside: how many pet pythons got loose in the storm

Guh... buh... how the hell am I supposed to react?!?!

Junior must be desperate to invade IRAN if he's "apologizing" for Katrina

Words of Wisdom from "Bewitched."

Are heads exploding? Two weeks of freepers saying Bush not at fault

If Bush nukes Iran or Syria, will we sit idly by and let him keep power?

This is an e-mail I got from someone I know, "Let's have an investigation"

Did Bush* claim responsibility for negligent homicide?

Bush's Address to the Nation on Thursday Night will be...

The old men and children they send out to stop us they can't ...

Last week to Pelosi - "what went wrong?" This week - "my fault"

They vacationed and played while our fellow citizens drowned.

Lovely, we have 3 more Augusts of Bush vacations

New CNN poll: Should more officials step down...?

Bush's limited-liability admission -- check his exact wording!

Iterim FEMA director ...

Important info from the Center for Disease Control

"I take responsibility." No apology, though. Is one coming Thursday?

Biden got in a good zinger

If you woke up tomorrow morning in bush's body, what would you do?

Bush learns "responsibility" - a skill normally learned in CHILDHOOD

Bush To Take Responsibilitiy For Katrina Response Blunders

If DUers are impressed with Bush "taking responsibility"...

Bush admits being President, that's all. Not mistakes.

Sign Petition: Katrina Money for Halliburton? How Dare They!

Scary, scary thought...what if the Chimp actually resigns Thursday?

Bush taking responsibility is Rove's idea....

Bush is taking responsibility so congress doesn't investigate Katrina

The Brief on Judge Roberts

Arlen Specter is being a bully goodness nt

Until the press asks about "Cutting the emergency communication lines"

You misread it, bush didn't take responsibility, he FAKED responsibility..

OK, who's going to tell the nation that * going to war with Iran

Wanna get rid of Conservatives....... Get rid of Racism..

Bush: B4 "What went wrong?" Now: "I take responsibility" B4: "Brownie..."

I saw on MSNBC crawl something about live videos at

You know what? This latest Chimpy stunt is going to work

FBI Analyst At Fort Monmouth (NJ) Charged As Spy

FEMA is "now idiots"....Privatization starts (Haliburton, Bechtel & more)

Quick! I need info about Georgia's "Poll Tax"

War with Iran!

Pathetic Freepers

Bush takes blame for flaws in Katrina response -- Too Late!

Email Cafferty NOWShould Judge Roberts have to answer specific questions ?

Bush Mea Culpa = Shoring up christofascist & Southern black voter blocks

If DU Knew, Why Didn't YOU George? >

Smirky, just resign now. It's over.

Blinky McTwitchet is lying. He feels zero responsibility for...

The "Photo-Op" Administration - look at this photo

Help, can you find the picture of Bush ducking in the hummer in NO

Script writer to the rescue

BUSH: Americans have shifted focus from Iraq to problems at home.

Anyone who REALLY believes that bushy genuinely "accepts responsibility,"

FUNNY PHOTO: Bush in New Orleans

Do you think race played a part MSNBC Q? of the day

Has anybody read "The Charm School" by Nelson DeMille?

Kill them with kindness

Dumb question but what does "freeper" mean?

W's taking responsibility is like Hitler apologizing to the Jews

"Amazing Grace...How Sweet the Sound........It saved a Wretch like Me....

Right now, with what we have - Impeachment will not happen

PLEASE....Junior is NOT taking blame, or real responsibility.

Remember....George Bush = SOCIOPATH. Clinical criteria included....

For the FIRST time--the talking points and spin didn't work

CNN finally admitting Bush is failing miserably in the polls

New Orleans: "deliberate act of sabotage was the opening of floodgates"

Latest Katrina polls show racial, economic class divide.

"I shouldn't answer any questions that might come up as a SC justice"

W's WOT is nothing more than Cain v. Abel

Bush is only 10% points higher than Gray Davis was just before his Recall

Some Candles, a Flashlight, and a Can of Beans

Bush: "most solemn duty is to protect the American people"

New FEMA chief: Well, that's good

Bush on the role of government

Joe Conason is Bernie Ward's guest now

Poppy knows best!

What about people with mortgages, or equity loans?

(VIDEO) Colbert/Hitler on Letterman to promote the new show

I need some documentaries to watch!

ray tal is on fire tonight folks

paddle? new toon - 9/13/05

Front Page LATimes

Why is * losing his base?


Step One: Get RID of bush. Step Two: Take back the Nation

Why is DU so slow? When I try to bring up....

Front Page Boston - Can't forget Boston...and Mexico

How Can You Screw Up An Arabian Horse Job?

Will the NAACP & the Black Caucus move to impeach bush?

What's say we show our media some love today? If you can

Shaq's big assist leads to an arrest

FEMA impeded the efforts and now CNN is saying housing needed til 2010

how can bush get past Katrina & back to the glorious wars?


Has anyone heard of anything that Operation Blessing was doing

This politician with a distorted face must do nothing but lie, cheat, and

Historians vs bush:

Why it's better for us if GWB does not resign.

My prediction for Thursday's speechification.

well forgive me for being an optimistic DUer

Vid Clip- Bush in Gulfport, MS Sep 12, 2005

the emotion motivating fundamentalists of all stripes . . .

Evacuee, turned away from Astrodome, dies: blood clot after 30 hr bus ride

What happened to Crooks and Liars?

Where were Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes today?

'Low body count reflects successful evacuation'

Like being in a fine country on a misty day...

As bodies lie uncollected in the streets,insurance fraud is a priority

Stupid Supreme Court Justice Question

PHOTOS - Bush's New Orleans Vacation

Front Page: Washington Post

2004 Letter From Louisiana Politicians Complaining About Federal Cuts

Which Justices did Roberts say he admired

Is it possible that Bush could have done something right?

URGENT! Tens of thousands of pets need your help-call WH & FEMA

Citizenspook ; "Treasongate: A New Constitutonal Discovery"

Special on ice-skates in hell today!

An Attorney's Efforts to provide Legal Aid in Mississippi

FEMA Acting Director David Paulison & Congressional oversignt of FEMA

Harold Ford Jr actually called out *'s "leadership" on 9/11!

My Amateur Toon: Neocon's Disaster

Wow. That was fast. Paulison's bio already replaced Brown's at

Now that Bush has accepted responsibility

Actions have consequences.


NO should get as much bailout as the airlines did after 9/11

Separated at birth?

It's not a lie if you believe it! The Costanza Defense and Bush:

"Freedom Walk" remixed.

Out on a Limb - Prediction - Bush Resigns....

Hey Tehran - do the deal!

Bush accepting responsibility - the real questions to ask

Rich Little as NIXON on "Responsibility vs Blame"

"Responsiblity" is HIS to take. "Accountability" is OURS to make! private, how pissed do you think * is,

I Am Avoiding The Huffington Post Today...Maybe All Week...

Does anyone have that long list of FEMA failures with links?

Aren't the body counts only referring to direct hurricane

How many Du'ers are 60 yrs. or older?

"You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government"

Bush taking blame seems hollow and fake to me

The real issue here, instead of an apology

Debunking the "Truth of the N. O. hurricane" chain letter. PLEASE READ!

Bush "Accepting Responsibility" Vs. Newsweek & Time Exposes

What Bush would need to understand in order to take real responsibility

Guess Who's On His Way To New York --pix->>>

The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis

I just called my Republican friend

Why The FUCK Is Biden Suddenly Concerned About The 14th Amendment?

How important are your politics to your personal identity?

A Rovian brainstorm. Anyone interested?

What's the REAL reason for the delay in Bush's response to Katrina?

Thank you, Judge Roberts, for taking Roe v. Wade as settled law.

Camp Casey to DC Update by Cindy Sheehan

Look, people, TALK IS CHEAP.

That weasel candy ass Cliff May mocks DU

Is it Bush* that is INCOMPETENT or is it the whole Republican Party

Rumsfeld rebuffs Iraq troop withdrawal suggestion

Bush 'taking responsibility' --pix->>>

Some misinformation I have heard about a Chief Justice

Bush lied about Brown resignation

LOL! Freaks Heads Exploding Over CNN Photo of *

Robertson Blames Hurricane On Ellen Degeneres!!!

What will DU be like if Bush does resign on Thursday night?

Chimpy addresses the UN tomorrow night, and the USA Thurs. nite

A few days ago someone asked WHEN the media started working for the GOP

Caption this * pic...

Bush's mea culpa falls short....reporters once again let him off the hook

Look at what the CHIMP actually said!

Robertson article on Ellen is SATIRE__SEE ARCHIVES

DU capion time

Bush shouldn't claim responsability.

Quick! Someone get Brownie on the phone!!!

Meanwhile, the war goes on...

Would * be taking ANY responsibility if a REAL body count

Karen Hughes at it already.

He already HAD Responsibility, the real question is ACCOUNTABILITY

If Bush was serious about ACCOUNTABILITY he would have said this:

Please DU this right wing poll

Katrina brings a brief glimpse of freedom and fresh air to a few.

Why do conservatives only object to "activist judges"

Is Chimpy's "Acceptance" Of Responsibility a MEDIA Creation????

Breaking Raw Story: Gov Blanco took all neccessary steps in Katrina

Did Bush also admit to misleading the country about Iraq?

eBay suspended Dr. Ben Marble (Go "F" yourself Mr. Cheney)

I Do Not Care That The Media Manipulates. People Are Responsible For Their

Am I being snowed by Roberts?

Difference between Democrats and Republicans

NEVER say 'what went wrong' without 1st saying 'what went right'

FEMA's bouncing emails

Dumb ass! You should watch this trailer and feel good about the future.

Why Bush Co had to take "responsibility"?

200,000 "may need" temporary housing for FIVE YEARS!

barbara bush takes full responsibility for george's fetal alcohol syndrome

I' starting to believe that many Dem Senators

LTTE to local fish wrap

Sign 'New America Initiative' - from Elizabeth Edwards

Katrina comes to its conclusion


Oh Great........a Randi rerun! Where's Mike?

Confirm and move on...

On the "looking for" list on MSNBC

Tell Arnold Schwarzenegger what you think...

Great article about John Kerry, Iran Contra, and the Corporate Media

Will the Chimp taking responsibility reverse his slide in polls?

Freeper Thud on Hurricane Katrina Blame Game

Anyone see the irony of this?

Tancredo Questions Shape of 9/11 Memorial

I thought I had the link. Does anyone have the scoop on the buses?

So now the 'strategery' is to make Smirky look noble and humble

Biden to Roberts: Booga booga!


What question would YOU ask Roberts?

Is Bush*t giving a speech thursday?

"How Bush Blew It" has

Great Article on John Kerry, Iran Contra, and the Corporate Media

JUST POSTED: CRS Report on Blanco & Bush response to Katrina

Spector to Biden about Roberts:

1897 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Silver Douche-bag, Duct tape and Brownie.


Someone please give me what Betty Bowers would think

Slow reponse to Katrina because of prep for Syria/Iran action?

Streaming Air America went offline!

The entire USA is a cover up....

Paper: Internal docs show feds 'bungled' Katrina response

Gloria Steinem is a Hopeaholic and ** can't stop her

The most important video links?

Caption Condi showing off her new $1000 pair of shoes

“Osama can be an excuse for the US leader to push ahead his agenda..."

Oh Shit. Bush may really be crazy.

If Bush were to announce his resignation in Thursday's address,

"The Government Has Failed the People"

Barbara Bush's responses to other disasters (satire)

"Finally Fooling None of the People"

Think Progress: Right-Wing Myths About Katrina, Debunked

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

Anyone think this is ironic?

guess who!

Another Roberts photo --pix->>>

"Roberts dodges specifics on abortion"

If you believe Bush's sincerity in regard to accepting responsibility...

Mr. Duct Tape Replaces "Brownie"

Roberts I'm lost

Sorry Bush, but your apology is too little, too late

A Bumper Sticker that will get the message across.....

Boxer on Schultz...slamming George re FEMA.

self delete

Senator Sessions sounds like the voice of Deputy Dog

Shit-eating grins that one can truly hate with a passion

What the hell happened to CBS? In the 50's they brought down McCarthy

GWB, Carefree --pix->>> (warning - graphic!)

What is Jeff Sessions smoking in the cloakroom?

If * resigns, what would you do?

Bush Takes Reponsibility for Blunders

Freeper = Narcissism Support Group Member

CNN blames everyone but the Chimp

"President Bush is not at fault for New Orleans response"

Thursday's Address

"Hurricane Bolton Threatens to Wreak Havoc on the Global Poor"--Medea B.

What will bush wear

OK . . . Now the * fishing pic has gone full circle . . .My RW brother

Will Bush resign on Thursday?

when are we gonna get liberal/progressive tv that's accessible to...

Democrats prefered 50% to 38% over Republicans for Congress

!! Developing Raw Story on CIA Leak!!

Where do Americans get off thinking they have a right to PRIVACY?

Negligent Homicide Charges in NO,

Feingold asking Roberts about not recusing himself in Pres. Bush case

"Beggers can't be choosey" Chris Matthews

The Stakes in Roberts's Nomination

Adopt a Katrina chicken survivor and really torture your neighbors

Anyone care to help debunk?LOL (puke alert)

We need a Recall Amendment to the Constitution, with a Fascism clause

Who lost New Orleans?

John "Palpatine" Roberts

My letter to Senator Conrad "horsemeat" Burns (R-MT)

NPR had to retract it's report of THREE CHOLERA Victims in NO's

"The Rightwing Crackup"

Jesse Jackson: "Hurricane Looting Not Over Yet"

The dishonesty that is involved in Roberts' refusal to answer

I got a really cool card in the mail today....

Byrd urges America to "come home."

Whoa, Bush! You may think you're done with NOLA, but think again...

President Jalal Talabani - Who is pulling the strings?

Texas Republican PAC officials indicted!!!!!! BREAKING!

My 2nd Jeff Sessions thread of the day--sorry

Jeff Sessions thinks it's funny that workers in NOLA won't get fair wages.

Bush is head of ARC

While he's at it will Bush take responsibility for lying about WMD in Iraq

Found someone who is still using the Blame Game meme

Fema outsources Katrina Body count to SCI

About the hearings today.....

What does it mean to take full responsibility....

hell, just comfirm the crazy sonofabitch already and be done with it

Preaching to the choir...

Hampton Roads, VA is currently under a Tropical Storm watch (eom)

Should there be term limits for judges?


Stages of Republican Grieving

Whistleblower: Chertoff Impeding Rescue NOW!

The seperated children in the aftermath of Katrina????

Citizenspook - Pardons aren't legal, Bush & his men are doomed

Heard on KLSD1360 this AM: Bush's poll numbers are so low, that....

F*** ANY investigation--here's how to make a difference:

Shaquille O'Neal Assists Police In Hate Crime Arrest

Please help us get rid of Sensenbrenner

Please test my new stream of the Mark Levine show.

Tweety is positively drooling over * tonight. Unprecedented

E. J. Dionne: End of the Bush Era

Current body count?

the senate ought to just stop this charade with roberts ...

"Constitution in Exile". John Roberts and his agenda!

newsmax: gore bLames bush for katrina

Google the word failure

Good Lord - it's an Intervention....

meanwhile..."US planes strike 10 times near Syria border"

Fema to outsource NOLA body counting to Dibold!?

Tempers flare between Houston, Louisiana students and their mothers

26,000 Homes in St. Bernard Parish to be demolished

If our government is starting to use a private merc company

I cant be the only one who sees the irony in New Orleans-gate.

anderson cooper going to tell "the bridge" story.

Baby born to brain-dead Mother dies

TV alert: Gov. Dean on Hannity and Colmes tonight at 9:00.

Does anybody really expect Senator Kerry to get installed Thursday?

A response from Sen. Martinez (FL) to my letter. (rather long)

Had it with Bush

We shouldn't compare Bush the Butcher to a Chimp!

Who here would be FIRED from their jobs if they f*cked up as bad as bush**

What's with all this Chimpy is gonna resign bullshit.

* takes responsiblity. Finally. Now, pay no further attention MSM.

It's the Great Tweety Fellate-athon (of Shrub, Natch)

What is the most important issue facing this nation?

OK - who's the wise ass??

"Huge new FEMA scandal:"

A U.S. view: Common sense revolution goes south

Question: How does George W. Bush really feel about Roe vs. Wade?

Was there any time at which ALL roads to the center of NO were cut off?

Sen Mary Landrieu is on with Big Ed right now

k, can't find a Blanco CNBC intreview (let's bush off hook?)

Bush is tardy again: first national speech on Katrina is 2+ weeks late

Yesterday G. Beck calls survivors "scumbags" - today a student throws can

Human and Animal Rescue Stories in NO! Bring Hankies...

Bush Takes Responsibility for Blunders

why don't they strap bush's mother in a truck & roll HER down the street?

This is probably a pipe dream, but...

I keep thinking about something my dad said re: Bush

Rebuilding NO at below min. wage

Okay, What is up with CNN's 6 images on the screen?

What else has Bush accepted responsibility for?

Wow! A Supreme Court Chief Justice who answers only

How Will They Ever Know How Many Dead?

The sad thing is that the entire country

FEMA outsources Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scan

Why is Steven Segal dressed up like a cop in New Orleans...

Coeur Alaska, Inc. to subvert Clean Water Act and destroy Alaskan lake!!

Political Science

I was invited to dinner with Bush...

NOLA: A Criminal Act

this is a scary pic

Heads Up, New York! --->>>

Are there more trolling Fweepers around today,

Apologies in Advance --pix->>>

Stars and Stripes letter -- Read it and weep, Chimpee!

Corruption is Inherent in Any Ideology that is Not Reality Based

So how are the freepers handling *'s apology?

Where Can I Find a Timeline for Hurricane Katrina

Heeeeeere's Johnny (small photos)

Commanders Ordered Not To Fire Gays Until War's End

I wish that they would move the UN headquarters out of the US

Did you know John Roberts appeared on Star Trek?

Breaking news - CNN-Nursing home indictments

Dr. Phil wearing white doctor scrubs in NO. Now, I've seen it all.

Okay. . .which comedian has a good base on the pulse of America

Halloween CAME EARLY!

Cut it out with the Bush resign fantasy.

Remember our chat about a children's book "Liberals under the bed"?

WOW!!! Check out the URL for the bush "I take responsibility" story...

In YOUR opinion, what is a Progrssive Democrat?

Just how much sovereign immunity does the Bush administration have anyway?

Conyers delivers AGAIN!!!

Blanco gives up on FEMA, hires firm herself to recover Louisiana dead

GOP guns for Angelina Jolie, they claim she is trying to put a pretty face

it's a full time job making bush look like he's really the president

*** I've been a prick to many of you. I'm sorry. **

Mystery surrounds floodwall breaches

Congressional Republicans are Forced to Address Rove's Plame/Conyers

Oh, my little granddaughters, I weep for you.

(Quality rumor) Levees opened on purpose routinely

Anyone else think Judge Roberts has the eyes of a cobra?

who WAS that weeping republican at the hearings calling liberals meanies?

'Reagan revolution': I have never heard this term before

Another Bush Hoax!!!!

I dont hear or see real critical evaluation of WHY bushco wants roberts.

Aides wouldn't Bother * ?? There's More here, & Impeachment Ain't Enough!

For my friend - please come to D.C.

Hey Freeps, it's just a bumper sticker!

John Kerry on *'s responsibility moment

Has any Dem asked Roberts about corporations?

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Evolution Schmevolution Day 1

*'s "No TV Defense": First Lady Says President DOES watch TV!

The American right responds to Katrina: A synopsis.

Report Confirms that Louisiana Took Necessary and Timely Steps

Highschool blasts mmmBop over loudspeaker until kids donate money...

Joe Conason: DLC has no constituency!

Abu Ghraib: What the hell is Judge Hellerstein doing?

What happened with the big march on 9/11?

Tuesday TOONarama

Rape-Reporting Procedure Missing After Hurricane

Mom's freeper neighbor's cathartic dream..... (KINDA LONG)

1,463 Days since 9/11 and Bin Laden STILL a FREE MAN....

GA Dr. blogged from NOLA. Dr. Otter was just on Ed Schultz. Blog Link:

quod erat demonstrandum: It Was Intentional

Brooks: * WH "decided our public relations is not going to be honest"


I haven't been cooking hardly at all lately.

My waffle maker came!

Coriander in Green Chile, yes or no?

Alberta asking private insurance to bid on all medicare coverage

Newman rejects Mulroney's claims of betrayal

Pope appoints new Bishop of Paisley

Kennedy looks to Thatcher for inspiration

Make Poverty History campaign ban in UK?

William to be homelessness patron

Fanatics cause petrol shortage

Saville enquiry: Shadowy group linked to collusion and murder

Where is Kicked in the Taco?

(State Premier) Bracks voices concern over US activist ( Scott Parkin)

U.N. summit burdened by disagreements over human rights, terror, nuclear

Former state judge: U.S. Supreme ignoring Holmes' lesson

Big gift gives Kilgore an edge:Republican governors' group gives nominee $

Setting an example (Al Gore & other private citizens respond to Katrina)

Nicaragua's main opposition party suspends drive for removing immunity of

Investigators to monitor Katrina contracts

Iraq constitution faces new delay

Colombian hijack ends peacefully

Front Page: Washington Post

Front Page LATimes

Front Page NYT "45 Bodies are found in New Orleans Hospital"

Front Page Boston - Can't forget Boston...and Mexico

US 'could cut 50,000 Iraq troops'

Rescue team finds 45 corpses floating in flooded hospital

Bush Lied When Asked About Brown's Resignation

Ethnic news organizations provide new angles on U.S. disaster

Death in Bobur Square (the forgotten Uzbek massacre)

Blair's office: No plans to change British Holocaust Day

Talabani Says Iraqis Could Replace Many US Troops

NYTpg1: A Rush to Set Up U.S. Housing for Storm Survivors

US Says 'All Options On the Table' to Punish Syrian Meddling in Iraq

Camp Casey tour draws 200 to rally protesting Iraq War (Buffalo News)

Career Firefighter Named New FEMA Director

NYT: Envoys Reach Compromise on Scaled-Back U.N. Reform Plans

NYT: F.B.I. Found to Violate Its Informant Rules

NYT/AP: Katrina Displaces Thousands With HIV

NYT/AP: Talks Resume on N. Korea Nuclear Program

Criminal probe eyed in nursing home deaths

LAT: Chavez Extends an Oil-Rich Hand to Neighbors

Bush balancing agenda with storm response ("I can do more than one thing")

Paper: Internal docs show feds 'bungled' Katrina response

LAT: Much Wider Damage to Levees Is Disclosed (little or no protection)

'Hundreds' May Pose Terror Threat, Says Clarke

Informants Decide Fate of Iraqi Detainees (Use gladiators' thumbs-down!)

Iraq: Jihadist Group Announces Chemical Attack On Baghdad

Insurgents shell Green Zone in central Baghdad

Bush to address US amid new questions

Roberts Says U.S. Constitution Covers Privacy Rights

As LA Lights Go Out, Power Worries Rise: Doubts about system's integrity

Vote on Wednesday, Hearing and Rally on Thursday Challenge War


Bush & some Iraqi on TV shouting his praises. Was this planned

OMG, * is talking about IRAN and Nukes

Bush Takes Responsibility for Blunders

Company admits slave history - Lehman Brothers

Protesters deride VP Cheney as he visits Austin shelter

Bankruptcy court clerk accused of cheating debtors

Iraqi Police Say Four Americans Killed Near Basra

WSJ: Congress Delays Plans To Extend Bush's Tax Cuts

Doctors Watching Katrina Shelters Closely for Disease Outbreaks

New FEMA Head Says Focus Is Finding Homes

Hackers hit U.S. Army computers (identity theft)

Bush takes blame for flaws in Katrina response

Iraq's president: no timetable for US withdrawal

Frist says Katrina might cancel Medicaid cuts

U.S.-Canada timber fight in court

Bush, Seeking to Regain Trust, Plans Katrina Recovery `Czar'

Iraqi police say four Americans killed near Basra (mercs)

Roberts: Roe V. Wade 'Entitled to Respect'

Arms fair criticised for using Iraq war to market weapons

Feingold Wants All Troops Home By Dec. 2006

Iraq’s draft constitution undergoes 11th hour modifications

Federal Judge Blocks Sequoia Forest Logging

Senate effort to repeal mercury emissions rule defeated

New Orleans Port Begins Limited Operations

Sen. Reid: Bush should have fired Brown

FEMA Convoy Gets Ice to Cities Not in Need

City Needs to Control Recovery, Bush Says

Bush Vows to Support Iraq's New Democracy

Negroponte: Iraqis in Insurgency More Elusive

Nonpartisan congressional research report finds LA GOV took necessary step

5 US Security Guards Killed in Basra

Pakistan forces find 'drone' in Al-Qaeda raid

Groups Challenge Abstinence Curriculum

JUST POSTED: CRS Report on Blanco & Bush response to Katrina


Bush: 'I take responsibility'

Gasoline Rises on Signs Refinery Damage Will Cut Fuel Supplies

Norway's Prime Minister to Step Down

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 13 September

NYC primary: Some Democrats say they'll vote for Bloomberg in the fall

Poll finds blacks, whites see hurricane relief effort differently

Air Force Officer Pleads Guilty to Trying to Have Wife Killed

Harris keeps them waiting, but Republicans don't mind

Aldermen call for withdrawing troops from Iraq

Envoys Reach Compromise on Scaled-Back U.N. Reform Plans

Negligent homicide charges filed in nusing home deaths during Katrina

Warning: Iraq war boosts terror threat (EU's counter-terror chief)

New front in lumber battle

U.S. Commander: Iraq Fighters Use Torture

Bush Seeks to Pressure Syria Over Lebanon, Iraq

U.S. Commander: Iraq Fighters Use Torture

Marine on leave says being in Iraq was like being in hell

Long Queues at Forecourts as Motorists Try to Beat Fuel Blockade--UK

Venezuelan Economy Is Growing Faster Than Forecast, Maza Says

NYT/AP: Union: LA Cut Corners With Utility Wages (link to power failure)

Senate Maintains Mercury Emissions Rules

Red Cross volunteer says Katrina relief effort is unusually disorganized

LAT: Order to Halt Sequoia National Monument Logging May Be Appealed

Nursing Home owners charged with negligent homicide (AP)

Troops may leave Iraq - Britain and Australia

Louisiana nursing home operators charged in deaths

Firefighter arrested after 9/11 remembrance

Wholesale prices (PPI) in check -unchanged in August

LAT: Unreleased DVD Warns New Orleans Poor: Save Yourself

Biden not satisfied with answers from Roberts

Bush: Iran has right to civilian nuclear program

Haitian Women Pursue Atrocity Lawsuit Against Former Strongman

US bars Cuba from UN conference

Bodies Lie For Days Awaiting Retrieval

Bloomberg:Blanco Hires Contractor to Help Recover Bodies(gives up on FEMA)

WP: Bush,Talabani Say No Timetable for Withdrawal (Talabani reversal)

Grand Jury Indicts Two DeLay Associates

Employees Will Be Bearing More Health Care Costs In 2006

Bush To Address Nation (from LA) on Thursday (9:00 p.m. EST)

LiveScience: NASCAR Engineers Help Design New Combat Vehicle

North Carolina braces for Hurricane Ophelia

(FERC) Regulators to aid hurricane-hit utilities (unprecedented)

Police chief faces Menezes family

U.S. consumer confidence gauge drops sharply-report

Democrats demand coin inquiry

First lady becomes president's defender

Farrakhan Ministers To Evacuees, Vows To Bush That Payback Is Near

Russia warns U.S. against new nuclear doctrine

Undocumented aliens rebuilding Biloxi, say they deserve visas

Canadian sailors to go ashore in Biloxi

Bush officials say they're concerned about natural gas shortages

(Houston) School fight involving evacuees ends with 3 injuries, 5 arrests

Blair to take lead in Security Council drive against terror

Fox News: Talabani: Iraqis 'Will Never Forget' Bush

Bush vows action over Iran

Father of 278th soldier killed in Iraq speaks out in support of war

Study: US Losing Ground in Education

WP: Wal-Mart Accused of Denying Workers' Rights (class action suit filed)

CONYERS RELEASE: 4 House Comms to Vote on Rove 'TreasonGate' Resolution!

Commanders Ordered Not To Fire Gays Until War's End

Burger chain to pay $34,000 after not hiring disfigured worker

Slowness of recovery of Katrina dead criticized (Blanco criticizes FEMA)

Roberts Sidesteps Landmark Abortion Ruling

FEMA outsources Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping!

Nonpartisan congressional research report finds LA governor took necessary

Electric crews diverted from hospital work by White House

Cuban doctors' group would tackle global disasters

As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories'

Top Democrat calls for troop withdrawal from Iraq (Sen. Robert Byrd)

NYT: Musharaff Confirms Nuclear Exports (by Khan to North Korea)

Rice: Disaster shows 'ugly way' race, poverty collide


RAWSTORY:Investigation finds Red Cross agreed to withhold Orleans aid, ...

The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners

dont you hate it when..

Anyone watch Hit Me Baby One More Time?

When's the Lounge going back up on the Latest page?

Hooters ..........

"Ice Cream Man."

Damn, Moose has retired

Double Indemnity on TCM - anyone watch it?

John and Yoko

Ike and Tina

Making up for Lounge withdrawal. (Holy hubba alert)

Dearest Lounge, How Are You, Love Pri

Lamb Thread

A question for those who speak and write French

For my 3000th post that you have no comment

Damn, this "packing everything you own" stuff is hard work.

Bad poetry thread!

Bloggers: what do you use?

One last post before bed for all of you

Just over three hours before vacation begins!

new toon - 9/13/05.... paddle? what paddle?

Anybody catch the Moment of Zen from Monday's Daily Show?

Abbie Hoffman talking about Janis Joplin


a senselsess thread

John and George's "Beavis and Butthead" Moment

Breaking: Cost of movies to double, LA blackout to blame

Mint Jelly Thread

Am I pretty?

Most Pissed Off DUer...


Come and play Yinsh

Good Morning, Everybody!

The last time oil was $63/barrel, how much did gas cost for you?

LTTE in today's Guardian re: cricket

I got sucked up in Clintmax's thread

CHAKA KHAN!! Her Son Will Stand Trial In Shooting Death

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is: Tergiversation (Use in a sentence)

Choose your opinion of the Monday Night Football opening credit sequence

What's on your agenda for today?

how many of you jokers ever played descent?

If you saw this...

Is Anyone Having Trouble Connecting To N\T

Sinkhole Disrupts 'Happy Hour' at Eatery

Today's ZINGS!

Cow Power: Battery Runs on Bovine Stomach Bacteria

Attention Cat Lovers!!!

Are you serious???!?! It's only TUESDAY!?!!

Drunk Driver Jumps In Back Seat With Passengers - Car Spins Out Of Control


Hardee's To Pay $34,000 For Not Hiring Woman With Disfigured Face

Jane Roberts certainly looks prim and proper, doesn't she?

Damn my dreams!

What do you think of Thomas Szasz?

Good night to all my dear friends...this sleepy head needs to toddle

Re confirmation hearings: I love knowing what they're talking about!

YES!!-Big Daddy's a will throb AGAIN

Yes the Eagles lost but I still beat GOPisEvil in Fantasy Football

I have the Earworm from HELL

Barbara Bush Releases "Houston For The Underprivileged" Tour Guide

Sat 12 miles on my couch yesterday.

Check out the tracklist for my show this Thursday!

which do you prefer....wonderland or looking glass...

Anyone catch "Wanted" the other night?

Easy recipe for you folks...pure heaven.

Can anybody download thisExcel template?

I do have ONE thing in common with Orrin Hatch

What can "Brown" do for you?

So, who here is getting that kick-ass "I can wear long sleeves again"

Anyone watching premiere of House tonight?

In an all out street fight who'd win?

Gas prices

Any DU t-shirt designers - cafe express folks - Katrina T-shirt needed

Open Letter to the President from Bill Maher ........

Once and for all the BATTLE ROYALE: Bono vs. Sting

Stop kissing Roberts's ass, Biden!

(Other) DU word of the Day: abstemious.


With which company does ship?

Update on the Glowlights: they have Ick.

"I wish I was a loofah"- the quotable "Stripes" thread.

Trap-Breaking Chimpanzees Found In Guinea

How long have you had Pez?

Once and for all

This Thread Is For Sundog And Zuni

1,000 Chickens That Survived Hurricane Will Escape Frying Pan

This is what bothers me about John Roberts' eyes...

pr0nwatch: Suicide Girls owned by right-winger who treats models poorly?

We're Picking Up A New Kittie Today!

I got 30lbs. of kitty food for Katrina's kitties

Historians vs. Bush:

We're gonna bidet

My coworker is playing Dylan in his office

Condoleeza Über Alles

How can you tell if sashimi is bad?

So listen............

I like cheesecake.......

Police Played With Woman's Sex Toys During Drug Raid

"The Medeusa Touch" is ripe for a re-make.

Would you sell something to Kellogg Brown and Root?

On a Horse.

I like cheesecake

Mmmmmm Hickory Smoked Pork Loin

Remember the Gloria Estefan "Cat Video"

Mad Magazine: The Simpsons meet the Family Guy

Bush vows action over Iran. But ignored Katrina for a week as

Separated at birth?

Anything I can do for bacterial pink eye

DO pay attention to the ROAD!

How long have you had pets?

Hmmmm ...

Do you let your cats drink from the toilet?

Great names ruined by TV and Movies...

Kraft caramels: The food of the gods!

HELP!? Please attend Air America Chicago Event on Sept 14!

I hate that * says the hard "a" instead of "uh," for the word "a"?

Woman gets pregnant after 'acrobatic joyride' (rollercoaster ride)

Anyone else think Judge Roberts has the eyes of a cobra?

Name a place, that you have visited often, yet.....

I already miss Sirius Left

Anyone else think Judge Roberts has the eyes of Cobra Commander?

Sign The Petition To Remove Babs Bush From The $1 Bill!!

Wow, my first moment of hope since Dec 12, 2000 - just had it

Hey ladies

Estelle Getty & Saddam Hussein- separated at birth...

Holy cow... I just joined an on-line dating service

List your pets' restaurant peeves.

Holy cow... I just answered an on-line dating service ad!

Caption this clueless POS.

Have you ever been hoisted on your own petard?

Song lyrics you fail to understand

Bizarre Love Triangle.

"The biggest loser 2" starts to night on NBC

The obligatory Frank Zappa quoting thread

Webfun - Google the word "failure" and look at the first return

End of the internet!

What is the world's most perfect food.

Only 44 days until Mr. Scorpio's birthday!

Integrating a cat into the household

THIS JUST IN: Bush to Resign, Live in a Van Down by the River

iPod Help

When An Ebay Transaction Is Completed With No Problems...

Here's my graphic vision. Picture King Kong, with the face of GWB,

So...has anyone ever gotten a letter informing them that a

Where the bleep is the bleeping UPS truck???????

I think that John Roberts is actually George Bush.

So, I'm Thinking Of Joining A Gym And Lifting Weights Again

I finally shaved...I'm getting a hat


Students must pay to stop MMMBop

Bush announces new position on Roe vs. Wade.

Aw shit - we lost "hide thread" again

I finally hit 1,000 posts

Oh, there are some nasty people on C-SPAN right now!

Only 16 days til VelmaD's birthday...

Has anyone heard from Kleeb?

I just scalded my face and mouth with Peets coffee

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are,

guess who!


Famous Amos cookies!

how many of you jokers ever played descant?

"Exciting changes" at the New York Times

How old were you when you first fell in lust?

Surefire way to win the women's vote: Colonel Angus for Prez 08!!

I need advice (re: moving/apartments/rent/etc.)

What's for lunch in the lounge?

Is it Valentine's Day? Did I miss something?

Advice for a new octogenarian

Fucking is nice.

Is it Valentino's Day? Did I miss something?

You guys know the new Newton-John?

Don't you love these softball questions from the Repugs?

What albums have you listened to today?

Differentiating a cat into the household

Woman gets pregnant after 'acrobatic joyride'

Got rickets? Know how to get rid of a ricket? Anyone? Please.

If you believe in hell, do you take any satisfaction in knowing that

Post your favorite anti-Bush pic or cartoon

How are you different on DU than on the Real World?

I love you.

I need some documentaries to watch!

The greatest site of all time?

Separated at birth?

I finally catted - I'm getting a cave

How old were you when you were born?

I despise Florida sand fleas.

I'm off to take my son to soccer practice.

What the hell is on my cat's chin?

SCOTUS nominee John Roberts sings the Talking Heads Songbook

Whom have you goggled?

How many auto-didactics do we have here (self-educated; unschooled)?

What is your favorite dog breath?

Have you ever voted "I don't know" or "undecided" in a poll?

Can you guess my birth name? (shameless copycat of Lilyhoney's thread)

Couple of good * pics from photobucket

I need a big, strong man to help me unload a box

Nighty night Lounge!

My 1000th post

I have done nothing today - NOTHING!!!!

All threadkillers post here!

Has anyone here had a dream with Kevin Bacon in it? I'm still

Has anyone here had a dream with Canadian Bacon in it?

So my live in girlfriend gets back on friday after being

Is this guy horny or what?

I think the Lounge could use some of this. *warning,lyrics inside!*

I hear bagpipes out my window...

Everybody Hates Chris--funniest show EVER. Clear your Thursday schedule...

I just ate a half stick of butter.

Maher's new rule from Friday was so great (about Bush)...

List your restaurant pet peeves.

Shaq assists police in arresting man

My friend is turning into a moran

Quote: "Admiration is the daughter of ignorance."

DU shamans! Please remove my thread-killing curse.

In a no-words-barred snark-off, who'd win?

Wish me luck

Post a pic of how you feel today

Where do your pets pee?

Something you'll never hear me say...


I received a call today - I MIGHT be housing a N.O. evacuee.

Do you burp? (be honest)

Holy Pschidt! Getting one helluva T-Storm here!

Gas prices DROPPING in Southern California!!!

I like beefcake...

OK, this just has to be said. Ted Nugent's a bit wacky.

How many TV programs do you watch regularly?

What were the names of your grade school crushes?

Are Porn stars right wing?

What's most important in your life?

I have a question, and you gotta be honest with me...

Seperated at Birth?

Looks like the FRENCH just outdid Fox News at their own hot blondes game

Tech question: is there ANY way to transpose info from an

Question: How does George W. Bush really feel about Roe vs. Wade?

Favorite deadly sin?

Advice for a new vegetarian

How old were you when you first fell in love?


Hey, did anyone ever hear from BOSSHOG?

How are you different on DU than in real life?

Cat it ok to change my new cat's name?

Caption der uuber gruppen wantobe fuher...

What are your annoying habits?

Share your general pet peeves

Another reason to detest Tim McGraw (as if I needed one).

I wanted a bunny rabbit.

On average, how many threads do you create in one day?

Hey, DU Lounge, call Arnold and tell him to allow gay marriage . . .

What are people "dumber than?"

Just Got Back From The HONDA Dealership! JUST BOUGHT MY SCOOTER!

Nice song.

Where are you from?

What was your worst job ever?

Cell phone

Who have you Googled?


How old were you when you last fell in love?

I'm dedicating this LAME thread to Sundog and Zuni

Is there a certain DUer you'd like to meet?

only 6 days till Sniffa's birthday

THIS JUST IN: Hotel Soaps Shaped Like Ice Cream Don't Taste Like Ice Cream

Major League Baseball Flips Coin To Determine MLB Playoff Series

Only 195 Days Till Matcom's Birthday

Way to go Atlanta Falcons!


Got crickets? Know how to get rid of a cricket? Anyone? Please.

Have you ever run from the police and gotten away?

I just had an experience that might make me believe in karma...

Gabrielle or Xena?

Yay! I have my bicycle back after years of storage!

Great joke that's probably been posted before but is too good.

For the lounge, with love :)

Newton-John "Had Split Up With" Missing Lover

I finally caved...I'm getting a cat

Who was President when you were born?


World's fastest blind driver

Mormonized Pastafarianism???

I Got Mail - I Got Mail !!!!!!

How much fun is this?

Must one first be a "pert"

Ok, White House the Cartoon---who would you cast?

Gay duck necrophilia is never pretty

DU gathering in Los Angeles on Sept 24th after the march!!!

A Tribute to Distressed American

Vitamin C 'helps to fight cancer'

Exploding Star Is Said to Be Oldest Ever Observed

Pounding Pavement Generates Electricity When Wearing Novel Backpack

Freedom To Marry: Actions to take and Vigils to attend

Gays Open Wallets For Katrina Relief Refutes Intimidation Charges; Moves Forward With Site

Court Wrong Place To Decide Gay Marriage Bloomberg Lawyer Says

Robertson blames Katrina on Ellen Degeneres

So, Fantasy Football Question- change defenses?

So the Eagles kinda lost and stuff.

Hey, if Bush resigns...

This is why players holdout

Chiefs Fans Check In Here

Official Michigan State is gonna whup up on Notre Dame thread

Any Pats fans heading to Pittsburgh for week 3?

5 weeks old and already causing trouble.

I recently inherited an elderly ferret

Just an observation

Anyone here work with runes?

"Million Dollar Baby" and Condemnation of Religion

Yet another update

Oceanside (CA) man joins campaign to find WWII MIAs

Critical Iraq passage in Froomkin today

Scott Lehigh column in BGlobe today (9/13/05)

John Kerry on Bush's so called "accepting responsibility"

Kerry to offer Kerry-Landrieu Small Business Hurricane Katrina Relief

Remember this? A dose of reality.

Kerry on Failure of Senate to Demand Administration Improve Mercury Rules


Posted a buncha Kerrygoddess stuff on Kos

I am (cautiously) sensing a seachange, my friends.

Hurricane Ophelia headed my way

Anyone watching the Roberts hearing?

Okay, I finally put some photos in my Smugmug album

Sunsets again

In case anyone didn't see the Staples ad, they have 1 GB CompactFlash

Ratings for Monday!

Kaplan Blurb at!

So. Let's play MSNBC - CNBC smashup.

Don't Shoot the Messenger...possible pre-emption

Question re: downloads from Websites!

Sweeeeeet! NY Post: Kaplan rumored out by the end of the year.

Newsletter: 9/13/05 -- Roberts Grilled

Screen Crawls

The American Legion may surprise you....

Why Iran is the next target...

Must Read: Sorry Mr President, Katrina is not 9/11

A Republican’s Insight: Is There a Chance for a Dem Foothold in the South

On casualties

When George Bush says "Freedom" does he mean the same


On impeachment

Florida in 2006 face tough Ballot Issues

Nora Ephron's Where's Cheney? theory...

Yesterday * Thought He Was Riding In A Mardi Gras Parade....

The Real "blame game"

Great LTTEs about the value of government - NYTimes

Authorities delayed announcement of 45 bodies in hospital until * left NO

Where are the minority contracts for cleanup?

Are New Orleans refugees going to be able to vote?

Bush, in N.O. yesterday, asks "'Are we prepared for major catastrophes?"

What ever happened to the anthrax guy?

Bush bloopers on network TV last night

Any websites that dispel the various myths regarding Cindy Sheehan?

did the freepers ever comment about bush....

CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll : Racial divide?

Laura * live on CSPAN 2

Kennedy: "Disparate impact" is key concept re Katrina!

Hey can someone help me, I just got zapped and frozen I'm

Novak: 'Big Business' Fundraiser Held for Pro CAFTA House Dems

In all seriousness: An Impeachment Laundry List

Vote on Wednesday, Hearing and Rally on Thursday Challenge War


What's Next For Michael Brown?

Wag the Kat

Brown >> Chertoff >> Bush.

800 number for Congress??? I lost it

The next Bush family member who should speak in defense of Junior

Iraqi President on LIVE TV right now...anyone watching?

Kennedy nailing Roberts on poor civil rights record

Wow, G.W. Bush's younger brother had a lot of interest in the WTC....

"Moonstruck" and the Democratic Party: A Fable

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ar) amendment to investigate gas price gouging

Roberts won't commit to a woman's right to liberty, freedom,

The Roberts Nomination - What’s at Stake?

3 bushgang scams

Paul Craig Roberts column: "Impeach Bush Now"

We snagged another one!!

Biden/Specter smackdown

"partisan lines"

Roberts' helped a man obtain the presidency fraudulently...

Bush in New Orleans: 'Sense of Relaxation' After Hurricane Hit

Give me the rundown on Roberts and the torture memo

More evidence of idiot son having an illness of some sort?

Today is the first day of Rove's LEGACY BUILDING

CAPTION Emperor Asshat's Gulfport Mississippi photo op:

Sen Biden please stop with the Baseball analogies,

Roberts is proof that crime pays.

what happens when a countries' Health Care system has crumbled

Love Canal-type landfill submerged in New Orleans floodwaters

It's a sad day in politics when the most stirring headline we see is

Ginsburg Ginsburg Ginsburg

What if Roberts just outright lies?

Bush responds to question about Roe V. Wade

Bush thinks he was "Extraordinary" with Katrina

Impeach - today's cartoon

POLL: Should more officials step down ... (due to) Hurricane Katrina?

The Today Show Reporting

FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts - an Amazing List (important!)


Picture from George Jr.'s recent vacation...

Roberts opposed fed laws prohibitting violence vs women.

Bill O'Reilly: "Can President Bush Make A Comeback?"

Check it out. "A man may smile and smile and be a VILLAIN."

In your opinion what is the MOST important 2006 race?

hey what's that bogus website for bush flying off the handle?

meanwhile - 9/11 info you might have missed (able danger)

Mercury bill by Leahy rejected - 5 Democrats voting with Republicans

Investigators to Monitor Katrina Contracts, Dems Call for Independent Comm

The Hill: Katrina may cost LA a House seat

Translating *: "to the extent"

* unaware of who is running FEMA - has a "sense of relaxation

WTF?!? 34 states under State of Emergency?

Sen. Dorgan introduces amendment to create select cmty on pentagon waste

So, Bush's handlers thought it was finally time for him "be responsible"

40th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

OMG! Bush just accepted responsibility for Katrina failures

Called the White House and told them Bush could be a hero...

Jack Cafferty CNN was saying he is not getting as many emails...


"Source of Bush political success: claim that he could protect Americans"

new orleans is bankrupt

Kerry to offer Kerry-Landrieu Small Business Hurricane Katrina Relief

I thought I had the link. Does anyone have the scoop on the buses?

Just Posted: CRS report on Blanco & Bush response to Katrina

Could Karen Hughes be behind the "responsibility" statement?

Sounds like Sen.Kyl is PRO Roberts

I wrote my REP did you write yours yet?

Anybody here seen this?

Are people forgetting about what happened in New Orleans already?

You can nominate your own grassroot hero to be a DFA All-star candidate.

Bush doesn't know if we can handle another terrorist attack?!?

Is appt of the FEMA director subject to Senate oversight and confirmation?

Sessions is a prick

Is Bush Responsible?

Does anyone have a copy of or link to Bush's cocaine record?


Rep. Waxman. News from the Gov't Reform Committee

did anyone hear that Bush said that the Fed gov will accept responsibility

Kinsley: LA Times publisher 'wants me gone'

Where is the common ground?

Brit "Hmmm...time to buy" Hume's Rovian swipe at N.O. Mayor Nagin

So Roberts believes Bush can keep us in a permanent war

Don't let it all drop...

Media Matters Shows How The RW Uses Selective Statistics to LIE

Long-term "refugee" settlement and the next election...

Does anyone else feel like we're the little Dutch boy with his finger

"The Reagan Revolution" -- I WANT TO VOMIT!

Texas Not Being Neighborly with Evacuees

I am VERY impressed by Judge Roberts. Very impressed, indeed.

Am I the only one having trouble with

Another fantastic editorial by E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post

Man Oh Man, Do I Despise Ultra-Religious Kooks!!

The Laura Bush Lullaby, heard on Air America. Helps George sleep.

Squishy Republicans OOZING towards Democrats

Judge blocks Bush admins bid to log Sequoia National Monument

Anyone know what Laura's current approval ratings are?

Can Cheney be impeached concurrently with Bush?

Negligent Homicide? Wtf

Biden: "Go ahead and continue not to answer"

Anyone know who Tom Flocco is? Heavy stuff - I s he a lunatic?

How to argue ‘morals’ with a RW’er

Kerry on President Bush Accepting Responsibility

Paul Campos, Rocky Mountain News: "The Mediocre Frat Boy Theory of Life"

So it sounds like Bush is going to step down, right?

Hell has frozen over: "I take responsibility."

John Kerry on Bush's so called "responsibility moment"

Jeez! Asa Hutchinson/fmr Homeland Security rewriting Filipino gov???

You gotta watch Deep Throat, the documentary if you can

What the hell is wrong with Robert's eyes?!

End Of The Bush Era (E.J.Dionne)

Roberts confirmation: Quote of the Day

Blanco acts to remove dead, due to slow FEMA responce... again...

WH Aide Made Bush a DVD To Understand How Bad NO Was

A guy beats his wife

McClellan explains Bush really meant his "breeches are not Levi's."

Gretna Police and negligent homicide????

Dummy will address the nation on Thursday nite

Prosecution of St. Rita's Employees? What about *?

Transcript of Roberts Hearing

For the first time in weeks - I can safely say that nobody is in danger

How important are Civil Rights & Voting Rights Acts to our democracy?

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday September 14

N.O. to the the Boy King: ""That would be a huge mistake, Mr. President."

CLEAN VERSION: Tweety Loves Bush; "Takes Full Responsibility"

91% of funds received by the Red Cross go into its programs, 5% to admin.

Is this new Rovian Strategery?

**Progressive Democrats of America** redesigned Website!

Senator Byrd: "Wake up, America, it is time to bring the troops home"

The Republican establishment has no intention of letting Roe v. Wade die.

Bush (No Joke) Honestly Reflects on Fed Response to Katrina

Kerry on Failure of Senate to Demand Administration Improve Mercury Rules

New York Times: Karl Rove Taking Over To Contain Storm Political Damage

By Jimmy Carter "Arctic Folly"

Winning back the White House is bigger than all of us

The President's Blame Game Comes Tumbling Down

New Republican Mascot Reveled

IMPEACH BUSH: Rep. McKinney Special Order to Impeach * Censored???

Norwegian elections: We won! We bloody won!

I can't believe the Democrats ran Adlai Stevenson...TWICE!

REMINDER: John Roberts helped prepare case Bush v. Gore in 2000

Did anyone expect gas prices to come down more than ten cents

BREAKING HARD: FEMA, Bush, SCI, and 1999 Funeralgate as Governor

Sen. Warner & Snow: "revise" Posse Comitatus & Insurrection Acts