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Archives: July 8, 2005

A reporter (Judith Miller) goes to jail in a case without heroes

Who are "al Qaeda" terrorists, anyway?

David Corn (The Nation): More Trouble for Rove in CIA Leak Case?

Buying America, Chinese-style, is what's good for the gander

Oil, the only US interest in Africa

Occupation is simply tearing Iraq asunder - Warning Graphic

Global Eye - Dark Waters - By Chris Floyd

Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

David Corn (Tom Paine): Novak Squealed


Plamegate: Questions the corporate media have failed to ask *'s media search engine

Help in OK. Radio poll..better to beat a woman or have gay sex.

Get Cindy Sheehan on the t.v. again

United Farm Workers. Please sign up for listserve, action alerts.

My activism, a letter to the editor.

Start the first mission of the DU Activist Corps

"U.S. Filmmaker Among 5 Arrested In Iraq" - Cyrus Kar Needs Our Help

I think there should be a "WHERE'S OSAMA?" march on Washington.

Driest June On Record For Chicago - Tribune

North Atlantic Water Temperatures In 2004 Warmest Ever Recorded

Indonesian Court - Go Ahead, Mine In Protected Forests

Seattle Mayor Nickels To G8 On Climate - We Will Be Watching You

Cleanup Ship Grounds, Spills Oil In Remote Hawaii Wildlife Refuge

Scientists Await Toothless, Meaningless Greenwash From G8 Meeting

Agencies propose Great Lakes cleanup

FAO - Hungry Will Grow Hungrier As Climate Breakdown Gathers Force

16 Years After Exxon Valdez, ExxonMobil Plans To Go Double-Hull - Sort Of

Americans for Energy Independence

Bush Urges Move Away From Oil & Gas, Praises Alternative Energy

Dennis 135 WSW Guantanamo 951 MB Max Sust. 130 Cat 4 By Cuba Landfall

Su Tseng-chang says Chen should meet with Hu in US

Chen backs press freedom over security

Science council hopes to spark interest in physics - TW

Indian PM warns of more attacks

Tibetans risk lives to reach India - dodging Chinese troops

Police chief vows to bring justice to Nuevo Laredo

Prince Albert admits having a son

Who are "al Qaeda" terrorists, anyway?

Am I the only one who thinks US & GB terrorists are suspiciously adept?

We can't prove what happened on 9/11 and we don't need to

Fox news:London attack " to wests advantage.."

BFEE is more than capable of bombing their own countrymen.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 7/8/05

UIC Prof's Statistical Analysis Casts Doubt on '04 Election Result

Tom Hayden on the London incident on Huffpost

Senate District 40 (Bloomington/Burnsville) Picnic

YAAAAY! The Strib Printed my letter!

Minn. Cancels 'Whorehouse Days' Festival

Plame: Continuing What Shraby Started

Propose New Forum..."The Sewer"...for posts that get deleted.

CNN: New US Anti-Terrorism Center resembles hi-tech movie set - (VIDEO)

Did ABC pre-empt "Reign of Fire" becuz of London???

Does Bush falling off his bike precede a terrorist attack?

Did anyone else love Sam Seder on Randi Rhodes as much as I did today?

Schiavo ruling: Nothing criminal happened in her illness.

What happened to the ACLU and the Abu Graib Photos? Where are they?

Fuck bush and fuck bliar.

So much for African Aid and Global Warming

Joseph Wilson on Bush Crowd: "A Real Threat to Our Republic"

What Really Goes On in Gitmo

WHY Bombs Now ? Actual 2004 US Budget Deficit at $ 11.1 Trillion

Letter to my local papers editor

Pray for President Bush on his birthday JULY 6 very very specially

If you happen to see Rudy Giuliani...

Would someone please tell me....

Terrorists hone skills in Iraq, experts say

Iraq signs military pact with Iran. Where does that put the US?

President Bush's lies now a tough sell

Mission Not Accomplished


What's Bill O'Liely's lesson from the London attacks?

White House Insists, President Bush Hasn't Left Home

Iraq/Iran vs USA

The War on Terror

A second opening on the Supreme Court?

A message from the Sith, er I mean the GOP to DU


DU--the first progressive think tank

Gag me--watching Fox News

CNN POLL: London blasts increase concern foryour safety?

Why are people picketing Farm Bureau Insurance?

On this day in history

For my 3,000th post - a question - What are the chances that on both days

I predict: In one week London will be out of the news cycle

Anyone see Mind of Mencia on the comedy channel last night..

My cousin is fine!!

Supreme Court Justice Rudy Giuliani?

Susan McDougal versus Judith Miller. Hero versus traitor?

I'm running out of tin foil to make hats.

What's Behind the London Attacks?

Secret Society Of The Holy Macerel!

One of us placed this link today

My poll from 5 Jul: what would move Rove/Plame off the front page?

What's the latest on Karl Rove??

Oklahomans!! DU this poll against creationist exhibit at Zoo.

Just as debate for O'Connor's seat heats up, things happen in London.

Have you joined the DU Activist Corps?

Watching Countdown -- what the hell was Rudy G. doing in London

The contrast..... oh the contrast.....

Abortion supporting catholics ought to be ashamed

How Long Does it Take to Set Up Pregnancy and Child Care

Sky news Al-Zarqawi and Bin Laden

George, Your OVERT War on Terror is Failing

Link Please: Rove doing the Frog March with the wet spot on his pants...

Dean 12/16/03 : "The capture of Saddam has not made America safer,"

The War on Terror, War on Hunger, War on Drugs, etc., can never be won


Has anyone seen a list of dead and/or injured in London

Deceits enervate an Iraq exit

US currernt events article on Wikipedia needs updating

Bush and polls

writer for Slate, in London for Olympic notification, reports on bombings

would U prefer - wake up in the AM having beaten a woman or had gay sex

I have the sinking feeling that we're going to be led into another war

Cheney to Get High-Tech Pacemaker Exam

The war on terror goes on.

Am I the only one who thinks US & GB terrorists are suspiciously adept?

Richard Clarke-- the voice of reason

Would you "collaterally" kill another child if you had to in order to

Stick a butt plug in it, Reid ...

Richard Clarke on ABC now...

Something weird with ITunes

so did limbaugh get off the hook completely yesterday?

BFEE is more than capable of bombing their own countrymen.

Daily Show episode with Dean re-running on Comedy Central

Terri Schavio update?

Did Blair spend 7 minutes reading My Pet Goat today?

Amazing Flash movie, must see from Peace takes Courage

NYT: Blair's Rising Star Runs Into a Treacherous Future

Richard Clark on ABC just said something interesting -

Letter to Karl Rove: About Your Possible Indictment

ABC's Primetime Live is "The Fear Hour"

remember that bad feeling we all had?

Valerie Plame Outing Timeline

Is America Preparing for Martial Law?

What are we teaching our children? - ad about bush's effect upon kids

In other terror news - 1 diplomat, 18 Iraqi's & 3 GIs killed in Iraq

I love BartCop

Kansas City G8 Protesters Pepper Sprayed by Police 7-6-05

Odious Radio for action...violence against women

Hey Michelle Malkin!

Who is Bernard Goldberg?

Dennis is Category 4

I think we are finally in a Post-Post-9/11 world

Why Does Rudy Always Show Up Whenever

John Aravosis on AmericaBlog has an incredible editorial

An email from IWT, Independent World Television,

Reuters Update: London blasts death toll 52 - Australia PM Howard

William H. Rehnquist: A Legacy of Bigotry

Here is one way you can help and make a positive difference!

Words from a Muslim DU'er

Has there been a statement from my beloved Clinton?

Are There Any Details About the London Attacks?

What do you make of this? Norah O'Donnell on Plame Case

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Malloy.....The Blood is on Blairs Hands

Voter Verified Paper Ballots

Hitchins' report/comment on London bombings..(partly blames Britain's

Tulsa Board snaps out of it, nixes idiotic creationist statue for zoo.

Who is this new group "Secret Organization of al-Qaeda in Europe"?

London Bombing vs Madrid Bombing/Connecting the dots

Guantanamo getting full force of Dennis

Jon Stewart needs to hire a fill in on vacation days..

Great article about impact on CIA from outing Plame + indictments.

George W. Bush Failed! Four Years Later & Osama is Still Killing!

WTF? Guiliani was standing outside one of the tube stations when

"I was in Baghdad, it was fine. It was pretty ok"

The Brits will not lose any of their civil rights

CSPAN Schedule Friday July 8

Cindy Sheehan is on Mike Malloy right now!

"I think that works to our advantage"

To Limbaugh, Malkin, etc.

"If We Don't Fight the Terrorists There, We'll Have to Fight Them Here"

I've been watching CNN show British interviews

maybe it's really over now. No criminality in Schiavo collapse

THis guy is such a prick!

Pope Benedict: London terror attacks were "anti-Christian"

The Power of Suggestion

TomPaine.Com: Why London? Why Now? OPEC Peak Oil Gone by 2015

Andy Stephenson Medical Update 7/7/2005 - 9 PM CDT

99X Radio Station In Atlanta - DJ Tells People To Shoot Terrorists

"There is a reason that English-speaking people have dominated the world"

Why Rehnquist retirement is a GOOD thing

ANOTHER Tainted AP story (IMHO) to Cover-Up more FL Corruption!

Blair Speaks, Bush Blinks (Must See Video)

First report: 6 bombs. Then 4 actually went off. Now: 2 unexploded

Sirius Air America Fans... Special Deal to Switch to XM

Juan Cole: "The time of revenge has come"

Today is 7 / 7 / 2005 {2+5} or 777,


liberals against neo-liberalism (also known as Reaganomics...)

What are your ethics regarding war?

The shape of things to come... a warning from the Vatican

God and Emperor imagery on page 1 of the NY Times. Weird, if you ask me.

Fuck Brit Hume

Hate Bin Laden?

To My Friend

Hellping The Lounge rid itself of "GD Phobia"

I know it's late for most of you but What's for dinner?

Are we being fed Bullshit by the Canadian media re: terrorism?

Gonzales: "I'm not a candidate"

Witnesses said humvee was completely destroyed two soldiers were injured

Federal Prosecutors Say Prayer Carried by California Man Is a Key Part of

WP: In President's Strategy, Two Prongs Collide

Egypt: Iraq Diplomat Is Dead

Minn. Cancels 'Whorehouse Days' Festival

The War on Terror

Bush has to review (anti-terror) strategy, say US experts

Detainees Won't Be Told of Bombings

Richard Clarke on ABC now...

Some of sacked cabinet to demand Arroyo quit-source

Egypt closes its mission in Baghdad

Intelligence officials were braced for an offensive - but lowered threat l

FBI: Terrorism Task Force Investigating Robbery Suspects

No Crime Found In Schiavo Collapse(Jeb says case closed)

Romanian cabinet to resign after ruling

NYT: Blair's Rising Star Runs Into a Treacherous Future

(Rove asks for Supreme recomendation) Graham Praises William Wilkins

WP: NASA Able To Pinpoint Sea Levels: May Help Explore Global Warming

WP: Questions Remain on the Leaker and the Law (Rove's Talks With Cooper)

Worley picks Diebold over recommended firm for new voter system (AL)

Marine Cpl. Carlos Pineda of Los Angeles killed in Iraq

Ex-McDonald's Manager Wins $490,000 in AIDS Discrimination Suit

Google invests in power-line broadband

WP: GOP Plots Court Strategy With Rehnquist in Mind

Questions Remain on the Leaker and the Law

NYT: Billions Needed to Improve Great Lakes, Coalition Says

Abu Ghraib suspect fails in bid for new judge

Harry Reid: Hillary Clinton Not Best Candidate for '08

Judy Miller Finds (Neil) Diamond in the Rough (Jail)

Toyota to build 100,000 vehicles per year in Woodstock, Ontario

Volkswagens, Fords, Toyotas recalled

Federal Judge Says Government Money Can't Be Spent for Boy Scout Outing

Anti-Abortion Extremist Sentenced to 19 Years

Woman Says She’s Being Evicted From Shelter Because Of Her Religion

Hey Where have all the DU avatars gone?

DU is being glitch-y....

Cold Case Files On A&E now. The Zodiac Killer

I just need a break.

OMG! I can no longer post to "name not needed" - I have lost my

Anyone else take the Zomby poll this week?

Sunday - August 7 - Either Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein

Rush Limbaugh for Oxycontin

I cannot believe the helpline just cut me off.

Anyone else take the Zomby poll this week?

Bugsy Siegel is spinning in his grave 3000 RPM

Kroger had a buy one, get one free sale on DVDs

I bought the weirdest firework this 4th.

I just re-read War of the Worlds by H.G.

Stereo or surround sound for listening to music

These Are The Days Of Our Lives.

Yahoo!: "Body of Steelers Fan Viewed in Recliner"

bhg laughs in delight at Rabrrrrrr's prophecy of doom

Anybody want a hug?

Vern Is Den Herder (Not a Poll)

Anyone watching Beauty and the Geek?

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain

Brit Hume sucks

Oh my god. Sniffa has a mom.

What's The Secret To Angelina Jolie's Success?

Tom Cruise is such a tool (video link)

We need 50 people by Tuesday

Best Firefox Plug-Ins and/or Extensions??

I need some help lactating for cheese.

I had a reoccurring dream last night, what does it mean?

Anyone else take the Zogby poll this week?

OMG! My brother's girlfriend is in London right now!

Okay...Who's watching "Love and Death" on IFC?

Anyone interested in Yogiism, Hinduism, Krishna-type stuff??

A cookie to the person who can determine my favorite song.....

TomClash and evlstrd tied for the cookie :-D

Any surgical techs running around DU?

Question for federal employees...

remember that bad feeling we all had?

You think you can get soup?

Xiang-nian ni = Miss You

I am no longer working for the weekend

Fenris is a lousy guesser of Clash songs, but he's a great guy!

Please help: Who won Beauty and the Geek?

Rich Corinthian leather.

No one will play with me.

While JimmyJazz answers your song questions...

Shameless plug thread!

Age maps.

I just found a site with 11 Anti Bush songs!

Curious: what do you do when you are in a SUPER bad mood?

Parents find snake cuddled up to baby boy

Why has BBC America gone back to regularly scheduled programming

Mmmm..boy..I'll think I'll have some of them Taters..Mmm...Hemmmm

Honestly, does this grin make me look crazed?

Two people on my MIA list of DUers have appeared, but now I would like to

Please forgive this trivial request, but


I just past my 2000th post...

Opinions? Does any one use a search tool bar?

New Evidence Suggests Noah's Sons Rode Flying Dinosaurs

would U prefer - wake up in the AM having beaten a wombat or had Tex Mex?

been a hard day... i needed a laugh...

Carbonite, a high-quality alloy...

DU'ers, decide your M.O.!

Another One Rides The Bus

Why we’re sending blimps to Iraq

What would you want for your last meal?

These are for Fuzzyslippers.

Honestly, does this bag of freshly cut human heads make me look crazed?

I've been gone for a week, did I miss anything?

I so rarely check in on the Lounge-but I'm in the 700 CLUB!!!!

Gratuitous booby picture thread (w/ a PG rating)

I don't give a fuck what you think, Creed's first album was REALLY good.

Can someone recommend a good mutual friend?

I'm going to ride my scooter to work


Another Andy Stephenson update in GD.

Who knows anything about obtaining dual (specifically Irish) citizenship?

Aaahhh fudge!

One name I have not heard very much all day...

Pork and beans.

Cheer me up

Yes or No?

1 down, 2 to go

I finished Boell's "Group Portrait with Lady" last night

Legend of the BloodNinja

Nominate your favorite movie ASSHOLE

I bought a twin sheet set made in USA!!!

When they tell you to 'let go of yourself', how do you do it?

Bumper Music on Tucker Carlson's Show

Can someone recommend a good mutual fund?

For those of you in the possible path of Dennis (like me)


We are bad. We are so so so so so so so bad.

mmmmmmmm... chocolate

I saw Bride and Prejudice a couple of nights ago.

I think Jessica Alba looks better as a brunette.

Okay, you know what?

Bouncy and Rabrrrrrr

Flamebait for the night.

What a sad day. Can someone pass a shot?

I feel tired yet sexy.

Pretty Boys of Hair Rock. Post 'em here.

I am so proud of myself! I am holding my own in a debate with a repub!

I feel the need for kittens (warning, extreme Sugar Alert)...

Does this really happen if you sleep in the desert?

I just caught a cute little sharp-tailed snake

So, I went to therapy by myself tonight

"We Are So High"

I went to GD to buy crack, but got capped instead

Slogan ideas for cities

would U prefer - wake up in the AM having beaten a woman or had gay sex

the lounge needs some love


What is the best chicken fried pork recipe?

Could someone explain how to free up disk space on my scratch drive?

Hey Lounge!!!

RM -RF /

Flaky violin teacher. Advice?

rich, chocolate ovaltine.

Any suggestion on how to board up a Florida room for a hurricane?


I'm watching Pink Floyd's perfomance for the 20th time

26 years ago - the most unbeliavably kickass auto racing catfight EVAH

the Live 8 replays on AOL - are they downloadable?

ZombyNephew is actually R2D2

Okay...someone explain this.

Live Key West webcam - - - people revel as Hurricane approaches!

I think I just recruited John Kerry to DU

MATCOM News Alert: Couple hires stripper for son's 16th birthday

The one-syllable word only thead

Ramen noodles -- economical, quick meal, or the Devil's pasta?

OK, a few ground rules for you Americans and the 7/7 tragedy.


Let's all watch Monty Python on the BBC as a show of solidarity w/British

Tarot readings for charity

i just got new puppies! (photos)

Who else lives with...for lack of a better idiot?

Is it safe to go back into GD again?

Inventor says immortality is a matter of technology

Joe Torre is an idiot

Schiiling as a closer good or bad?

Is anyone following the Tour de France?

HORSE RACING NEWS & RESULTS weekend of July 8th

all that... and a bag of chips

4 feral kitties

Another reason why I stay loyal to Kerry (Kos diary)

So Rehnquist resigns tomorrow

How the Europeans see us

Santorum is a Moron

ewww - I may need your help ...

Would you prefer the '08 Repuke Presidential candidate to be:

My musings on today

Nine isn't a number carved in stone...regarding Supreme Court justices.

On Sunday - August 7 - Either Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein

DU this!

3 separate terrorism stories in my hometown paper tonight ...

Cheney and Halliburton today

After *'s Recent Speech On Iraq They Determined He Wore Out The....

hey, remember Jeff Gannon?

Have any Arab or Muslim governments denounced today's London bombings?

Cheney's heart gets a new Darth Vader tune-up Friday.

George, Your OVERT War on Terror is Failing

Did Tony Blair finish his crossword puzzle before responding?

What happened to the "Look. I'm horrified

Democracy or Despotism?

The "new" PBS is quick to tie the London bombings to Al Qaeda

Is it simplistic to think of the London attack as a Tet moment

Howard Dean on the Daily Show rerun (NOW - 11:15 edt)

MSM need to drop the horse-shit, Bush has had NO BOUNCE...

And the Bushit keeps flowing along........

WHO is Bushies Speech Coach??? Karen, Rove,? WHO?

Will England be more like post-9/11 USA or Spain?

Richard Clarke on ABC's Primetime Live

Flashback: a doc from 1962 describing gov. effort to dupe public into

From whatreallyhappened: Rove to be indicted soon?!?

Rehnquist to announce resignation at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Go Bernie! Four Interesting Articles, Pass them On

Rumor from RW Source: Rehquist AND Stevens to Retire Tomorrow

Looking through Rove-colored glasses

I JUST Can't Help It.... I CAN'T Let Go!

No Intelligence on today's London attacks?? Are we flying blind?

Supplements will be considered illegal drugs...

Wes Clark was prescient (again) with his 6/28/05 comments on Faux

G8 Concert footage of Pink Floyd and images of London 7-7 video

This post is for all of the Kerry bashers tonite

How Many on this Board are involved with the local Dem Party

Be Clever, not Angry......

Your 1st thoughts when you first heard about London?

WOW! The U.S. Has Consistently Voted AGAINST the U.N.

Plamegate: Questions the corporate media have not asked.

Govt Puts New Restrictions on AIDS Funding

LA Times July 8: A Prosecutor Who Didn't Back Down

Adviser to Bush court pick says he'll counsel restraint Washington's Attack on Freedom of the Press

Fathers, Husbands and Rebels (married priests are attracting a following).

Arianna: Bush "Flypaper" theory blown to bits

Contract Law's Lesson for Judith Miller

If You Want to Eat While You Recuperate, You Gotta Pay Extra

Watch/Listen Democracy Now's Excellent Coverage of London Attacks

The case for a federal shield law now

Bush spent his 59th birthday riding a bike...into a policeman.

Fafblog: "Your Guide to The Plan"

Mayor Ken Livingstone's Statement. Been close to tears for 24 hours ....

Wonderful article on liberal Protestantism

GOP Cranks up Fear-Mongering; Dems Cower by David Sirota

Applying the US standard: State sponsors of Terrorism

It's all in how you take the news

The traitor Rove is over his head (by Steve Gilliard)

FBI advised not to use London underground - in fall 2004

Attacks bear earmark of evolving Al Qaeda

A look in the mirror for America

ENJOY this detailed and amusing blog of Valerie Plame

Jim Hightower: Dean's Democratic Revival

Robert Fisk on London attack: The reality of this barbaric bombing

Very good article from Anti-War English politician.

What's Behind the London Attacks?

Rove's upcoming indictment and PlameGate, the file


Rumsfeld has until July 11 to produce Iraq benchmarks

Liberal vs. Conservative Commentators - My Blog

Ltr for media blast re- London bombings: * policies have NOT made us safer

Scripts to produce dramatic readings of the Downing Street Minutes

Mourn the Losses, Learn the Truth, & Investigate the Lies: 40 Events 7/23

Petition to reform the Patriot Act, from ACT and ACLU

Rove "wanted for treason and perjury" poster


** URGENT** Supreme Court Update & petition - from Sen. Chuck Schumer/DSCC

Electronic Voting Activism

Print this enlistment form and stick it on to every W'04 car you can find!

West Coast\Nor Cal DU Gathering !!! - Berekeley 7\16\05 !!!

Which London/Brit paper had the headline 'Bastards!' this morning?


Horrific statements in the media about London attacks, liberals, etc.

Why does media ignore real job loss under Bush?

Contact information for the White House press corps

The opposite of the Parents Television Council is SpeakSpeak News.

Can media ignore DOL stat UE rate drop due to long term UE's dropping out?

One guaranteed job sector increase if a Dem wins the WH in 2008

Bill Gates

June new jobs of 146 includes 184 of new pretend jobs - media says nothing

Liberia's doubts on Taylor exile

Sudan rebel leader welcomed back to capital

G8 pledges $3bn to Palestinians

Ex-Mossad chief calls for World War in Jerusalem Post

Brit Hume hearing of London attacks:"Time to buy futures"

Rudi was in London?

Like 9/11: warnings before or just when ? Truth is still in work :-)

Orwell was off by just 20 years.

Google 'Election 2004 stolen' and receive a Million Pages!

self-deleted - duplicate

NC Democrats pushing "alternative voter verification systems"

Question about Kerry's use of the 'pottery barn'

Surprised this isn't posted here yet - about Andy :(

Ohio Election Fraud just mentioned on popular TV show....

Orange County Weekly: Aborting Their Own

Mother Jones (July 7): Interview with Jackie Speier on Prison Reform

California suspends medical pot card program

CA meet-up at the Triple Rock; Any SO CAL Duers going?

Bob Dornan...He's BACK

Who is going to run against Dan Lungren? n-t

DU West Coast Meetup - I need a headcount

Eyes Wide Open exhibit coming to Iowa next week

Do you have concerns about the May 14 platform convention?

Everybody needs a little good news

He He ... well they backed down on the Racino and this may finally be over

YES! The new machine is up and running!

Building a computer question

Lawmakers fail to report gifts (R, of course)

Support Newspaper Strikers

Poof! Another $71 million disappears at BWC (Ohio Coingate)


Lampasas Democratic Party needs a CPA who is a Democrat to

Richard Raymond to run against Cuellar!

Grand jury re-indicts two in corporate money case (TRMPAC)


Gaylord Nelson Wilderness Park

I Posted This Link In GD, But Check It Out Here:

John Gard whining in local paper about Highway 41 construction delays

Howard Dean fundraiser in Madison, WI, July 13

Very good links on "Depleted Uranium" here.

Let's all thank those wonderful people at

Author Evan Hunter, Ed McBain 87th Precinct detective series, dies

STUDY: Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

Galloway: Attacks will not be last

A Verb is Born ..... Roved & Rovian

DESOLATE: Tony Blair, already aware of the London explosions, looks down..

What Were British Voters Thinking?

I was watching the documentary "Spin"....

Well... Thank GAWD, that the "market" did not suffer too much

Rumsfeld has until July 11 to produce Iraq benchmarks

Some UK front pages this morning (graphics)

Anyone listening to this asshat on Bernie Ward?

Did Novak get his information from Miller?

To a DUer: A Lullaby for Andy

Could Roy Moore Get Nominated For Supreme Court?

After coming home and skimming through the blogs ...Re: London

George Lakoff's "Don't Think of an Elephant" should be required reading

2AM advisory, Hurricane Dennis still Cat. 4, ominous hook towards Florida

Need help from smart people!

Joe Wilson coming up on the Mike Webb show at 11PM Pacific

Dan Rather helping fired 60 minutes producer with book

We should exploit for all its worth

"Terrorism should be #1"

"Do not pervert justice;

The xenophobic bigots are out in force

Netanyahu story now on AP / Yahoo

A lot of people here have fought The Good Fight.

International law and the war in Afghanistan: a conflict ?

Idriss Stelly Foundation

At least now, Bush supporters have to support anything the British want

London attacks proof that Bush is losing War on Terror

Giuliani: "The chances US will be attacked again are VERY GOOD!"

does anyone else think the attack had anything to do

Tony Blair is "Coping"

After the London bombing, I wondered if the whole world is going to be

The difference between the British reaction and our own is

LA-Times Article: "A Prosecutor Who Didn't Back Down"

How big of a drop/bump will bush*'s numbers get?

Statue of Orpheus unearthed

Terror on the dole

Chimp looks like a fucking idiot

Does any news organization actually link to these so called

Sky Pilot

Is Is Me, Or Does It Seem That We Have Server Troubles At The Most

St George slayer of the dragon found in Syria

Whose vision is likely to bring peace to the world? Bill Gates' who wants

A thought Andy might have now...

We Shall Overcome-for Andy

Support Democrats unafraid to denounce corruption

If we do not watch out, a merciless and endless religious and racial war

guess what.... Hannity was trying to connect London to Saddam....

CNN Online Poll

Taliban threat to kill captive US soldier

Presidential Poll

I just had an interesting discussion.

How I signed a petition to protect journalist for hiding their source

Why is Sibel Edmonds gagged?

Gas up another 5 cents in KC.

Robin Cook on the Downing Street Minutes

Where's that spelling thread??? Here's something that is

G-8 Leaders agree to $50B in African Aid

Does anyone really know what time it is? (thoughts on London)

No criminality in Schiavo collapse. Bush ends inquiry

A question for Plame buffs

Philippines President Gloria Arroyo will possibly step down tomorrow

Who’s the most despicable Faux news personality?

Have you seen this man? Some call him turdblossom....

Mr. Bush - will you save our economy from economic terrorists?

Republicans are the worst assholes in the world

We should nuke the Haj in Mecca (heard on RW spin show last night)

Blair's address to the nation makes him sound desperate and weak.

Is a coincidence that the biggest haters of Andy

Send or post your Andy Stephenson photos. I am doing a memorial album.

"Check out W's bike...SWEET!"

The contrast couldn't be clearer between those who care and those who kill

This guy "Ed" who calls in to Jerry Springer

Freep asking Freepers for advice on How to not get booted off DU:

Neocons cant be happy about this

Hinchey rails at Bush regime

DELETE - D'oh!

Caller from New York on Springer was AWESOME!!!!

Charges dropped against Young Republican Chair

Is the Stephanie Miller show cutting in and out for anyone else?

Would the Indians that attacked White Settlements be considered terrorists

ANybody ever hear of Voter Emailing Company? Just got this email.

This is despicable: (concerning Andy)

Why have terrorists been so emboldened since Bush got into office in 2001?

New Terry Schiavo book - check this out!

Message (OK, rant) to (OK, at) the American right wing.

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" video

Expecting Flames but 'Christianity' is a myth

Next justification for Iraq war?

Who predicted it?

BH: "Time to Buy."

Did anyone else wake up and see this headline:

Churches and sustainability problems.

Who has a photoshop of Rove in handcuffs?

Funny comic, trashes Fox News

I have a mighty gift--fear me!

Amazing Flash: Where they have died in Iraq

Do SOMETHING Bush! You miserable excuse for a leader!

A Little Hope for Sudan

Another great article by Paul Craig Roberts.Must Read.

Anyone see this headline at Raw Story (no link yet to story)

Email Congress, President to help Sudan

NewsMax: Katie Couric: Will Brits Blame Tony Blair for Attacks?

Surfing through posts about Andy, I came upon WP's 'pretty upset' thread

The president is abroad, a terrorist attack occurs on an ally and the VP

The Office of the Rebellion is now open

DISGUSTING Cartoon in this mornings New York Post!!

Somebody please tell Bush

strib: There goes the 'Neighborhood'

Geldof puts 'em all to shame....

Anybody here Bob Woodward on NPR Thursday?

Couple Sentenced for Hiring Son a Stripper

Help! Anybody have a snappy comeback for this?

Global Warming and the repub mindset.

We need 124 more DUers for the Activist Team

Q: Shouldn't Bush SC Appointees Recuse Themselves in Deciding

What wine goes best with terror?

London: Bush’s “Flypaper Theory” is Blown to Pieces

Judge Hatchett just made a very passionate plea for socialized medicine

Have the loons started blaming Hurricane Dennis on the Terri Schiavo

Just for you Andy: "Paper ballots NOW!!!, Hand counts NOW!!!"

Josh Marshall: Rehnquist retirement a good thing (and I agree)

Quotes from the American Taliban.

What are your views on children watching the news?

What's the exact definition of "grand jury"?

The Freepers don't want to catch OBL??????????????

Michael Savage has lost his mind Re: London Bombings

So what's Bush's lesson taken from the London bombings?

B-1 Bob Dornan has always been a few fries short of a happy meal

Ex-Mossad chief calls for World War in Jerusalem Post

Does Kenneth Starr feel small now?

Mother of N.C.-based Marine unsure what to tell sister-I HATE this

Blair's G8 Closing Speech: It really, really looked like he was wired. "KELO Covers John Thune, Dan Nelson, Metabank Scandal"

I'm beginning to think these are indeed the End Times

O'Reilly & Col. Hunt Have Biblical Neo-Con Meltdown

Thank you, Andy, for showing us the way

Dennis bearing down on Florida (Jeb Bush declared a state of emergency)

Hurricane Dennis & the depopulation of Florida...

Judy Miller Prison Address

Alice in Wonderland

My email to the British Consulate

The worst of today's newspaper front pages

Abuse of prescription medicine afflicts 15 million, study shows

Shrub: Better then Hitler, worse then Manson?

MIHOP posts being deleted?

U.S. Trying to link Zarkawi to London Bombings

Rode the commuter rail this morning--without a thought to terrorism

Is someone keeping track of the nasty things newscasters are saying?

Thanks a lot, Traitors


I'll pay for a clean environment

What Republican Wants A Withdrawal Plan?

Proof the terrorists are losing

What an ass!

The "flypaper" theory gone awry

What's wrong with this picture?: Liberal goes batty about evolution

Day 6: White House Press Corps Silent on Rove

Reconcile me this, Batman.... How can a socialist leaning

"Why Does Pakistan Have A Veto Over Our National Security?"

LBN-*they* are wrapping up the news preparing for the "slow news month"

"War on Terror"... self perpetuating prophecy of terror?

Okay republicans, tell me how it's STILL Clinton's fault!

How do Iraq's feel about us Fighting the terrorists in their country and

Herding Cats - You know what they say about us - Now see the video

Can someone fill me in on the Andy story?

Has Bush issued out a statement from yesterday?

New CNN poll ...

DAMN - I thought I found the LAST THROE

Why can't I support the troops without supporting bush?

The One time we evacuated - Georges 1998

Terrorism and a new way of life

What *should* she tell his sister?

Fear and Ignorance in the United States

Join up

Excellent 'toon from Doonesbury!

"Arab world condemns London blasts"

Cost of Iraq War July 8th- $179,337,500,600

Need help for Research - Posts from soldiers in Iraq.

How to get on the Corporate Media news programs

Nearly Two-thirds of U.S. Adults Believe Human Beings Were Created by God

I just got Social Security surveyed! (which is odd, I'm in Toronto)

Could New Movie Cause Another Big Debate On Stem Cell Research? SPOILERS

Apparently... Terrorist Bombings Are Good For The Economy ???

Question with my computer

"Blair's alliance with Bush Bombed"

Has Matt Cooper testified yet?

Jerry (Fallwell), take notes, you're late, man!!!

Thom Hartmann talking about Andy now!

LEGAL EAGLES:why r fam crts&crim crts diff in terms of rights of accused?

3:01 PM CNN radio news .... the US has linked Zarkawi (SP.????) to .....


Did anyone hear about the washing of Mount Rushmore?

The Hunting Of A President

Horrific statements in the media about London attacks, liberals, etc.

Judy Miller: care packages anyone?

Viteiraq. you gotta read this letter and from kansas even!!!

There was 4/19, 9/11, 3/11, and now 7/7.. 7/11 has significance too

Armed Guards on Board the Queen Mary II on the 4th of July.....

Hurricane Dennis hits Guantanamo Bay

Brace Yourself For Another 9/11

'Islamic Extremists' Misquote Quran in Bombing Claim

The Gross Misrepresentation of the word "Terrorism"

AntiChimp: "A short interview with Cindy Sheehan"

This Floridian is big time worried about Hurricane Dennis

Parents hire stripper for son

Quip from a Polish newsweekly

Mayor "Red Ken" Livingston Scalds Bombers

Where do you get your news?

U. S. Turns back flight from France (Terra?)

Maybe Justice Stevens will retire

Has one US official yet proclaimed that UBL could of been behind 7.7 ?

There's a plan afoot to get John Gibson sacked.

MSM Stop Talking about London and 9-11

Young GOP Chickenhawks to Hillary Clinton: BRING IT ON!!!

OK, convince me to NOT be unpatriotic

Hindrocket Disses DU....

Homegrown Terrorists in England?

Dear Freeperville

Why hasn't this blown up into a full-on shit-storm yet?

What Are The Chances Of This "PJ" Freeper Apologizing?

Has anyone seen or heard anything about how 7-7 may affect Bush's ratings

What is the phone number for Fox news?

Scarborough: "Have we taken our eyes off the ball again on terrorism ?"

Is the early hurricane season caused by global warming?


TX: Nat'l Guard recruiters stand apart by meeting quotas

Not wanting to sound like an idiot...

Brit Hume wants to make a few bucks on the London bombings.

Get on this for ANDY - In Praise of E-Vote Machines

found this while looking for pics for 9/24 DC rally...Jesus!

How Is AirAmerica Doing? a detailed study posted on daily kos

Plame, sum up

Logic, rhetoric, debate question

Starbucks provided 50,000 pounds of free coffee to troops in


Christian Wire: Radio host chides "American Left" re: London attacks

It's sad how ABC News tries to capitalize on the London Terror attacks.

When is the monsoon in the South West going to kick in?

Just found a few Old Baseball Cards... Should I call Ohio

Damn, my family has been swindled by Carlyle!

So I'm looking forward to Rhenquist's retirement

the disgusting greed and selfishness of Republicans


I wonder if that cowardly opportunist Hannity is going to London

'Christian' activist fumes at Bush over Supreme Court

A Pile of Poop is NOT Flypaper

It has NOT been proven that Al Qaeda hit London, or New York Either

a counties' secret agencies would never conspire to commit violence

Which political agenda was best served by the 7/7 attacks?

My posts on DU never get featured on right wing forums. This makes me sad.

Sorry "Wild Thing"! FDA orders warning label on Viagra

Lou Dobbs NOW, Colleen Rowley on the London Attacks etc

He's doing it again!

If you have any photos of Andy...

Has anyone read

Still the funniest little clip I've seen on the internets.

Caption photos: bushie and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo

Anyone Hearing Randis Show?

Who will sell more books ? Re London Bombings

Caption this

NASA changes back to "pre-Sept. 11 practices"

Why When I Open a Thread


Family Research Council: Couples who don't look like us are offensive.

Blitzer on CNN:" London terror bombings. Is there an Iraq link?"

Watch/Listen Democracy Now's Excellent Coverage of London Attacks

Which countries are serious about fighting terrorism?

Want to see a disgusting abuse of power?

FAIR Action Alert: NYT Suggests Bisexuals Are "Lying"

What about John Danforth for the Court?

Baseball and Softball to be dropped from Olympics -2012

Italy Increases Security Around Vatican and,

News Hour talking Plame


MSNBC News Stating London Attacks Could Hurt Bush Further:

The Narcissist

I no longer pity the RW'ers

I just received this.

more photos of bushie

Hardball: Plame talk coming up?

Dennis takes a W. turn toward Havana

Fred Phelps: God Punished England for Gays

A Person From My Little Town In Wisconsin Was In NYC On 9-11 And In London

My little message to the pieces of shit at that Scam Andy site

Chimpy "I think about Iraq every day!!"

Those Larouche people are freaks

Even the Queen has had enough of Bush so it seems...


WT...? Was the first WTC bombing LIHOP/MIHOP???

Pushing abortion law to the extreme as a wedge issue.

Ron Reagan Kicking Christopher Hitchens Butt

It's HARD WORK attending a Young GOP convention in Las Vegas!

Get it through your thick heads, liberals...

I changed my sig line in memorium & as a call to action . . .

4 pets died on flights in May, 1st monthly U.S. report says

Seventeen In Congress Sign Conyers' Letter On Rove - RawStory

Electronic voting chief selected (FL) -Conflict of interest-ES&S

Rush lying again?? Coworker told me she heard Rush say...

As for what the other side thinks about the London UK .....

"Future Al Queda Acts Likely Unpredicatble"

It doesn't matter if Rove "knowingly or not"

"They're either at large in the UK, elsewhere, or they are dead"

freeper trolls: you are scary, sick people.

Protests of Rove & W while Rove is in Omaha today

"Jobless Rate hits four year low" So says MSN.

Evil, nasty,hateful,UN-Christian BASTARDS

The Right Wing Media Just Don’t Get It

The ones who propagated the andyscam are feeling pretty

I was in Costco yesterday when I saw someone wearing a W t-shirt.

Not that it would happen, but is Bill Clinton eligible for SCOTUS?

Say hello to a bottomless rage

With regard to the DU Activist Corps

On Request: A Wanted Poster For KKKarl Rove...

How to send email totally anonymously!

Please explain what this means?

For Andy...and for DU...

Am I the only one who thinks the whole G-8 thing is useless?

Will/Can/Should someone please set up an Andy Stephenson avatar?

Share your memories of Andy.

Newsweek Sniffed Out London Attack (Nov. 2004)

From The Mind Of Brit Hume !!! --- Boy... Was HE Wrong, LOL !!!

My final message to

George Bush And Karl Rove In "GOING DOWN!"

Informal proposal for a new DU "feature" RE The Top Ten

Please post your favorite memories and times with Andy

Is the CIA Behind the Iraqi "Insurgents"--and Global Terrorism?

An effective "War on Terror" is like effective pest control:

It's just an illusion: We're not any safer

Scary weather in inland Central Florida, Dennis still over Cuba.

Caption the strange pResident.

DU this Poll about the founding fathers and religion

Reporter to Bush: "Do you feel responsible for this?"

Fox News round-up on the London bombings

A message from Andy - Support VelvetRevolution

The difference between Bush & Blair

Tonights BBC feed on the bombings, Galloway & Scheuer interviewed

Bush Urges Less Global Oil Use, as US Guzzles It

Unlocked: remains that hold key to origins of first Americans

Please send some prayers /thoughts

Who else feels completely stuck after hearing about Andy passing?

Psychologists PROVE That Liberals Are More Lovable Than Conservatives!!!

You made your mark...


Will Fitzgerald Indict Rove? - JOSHUA FRANK

It sucks being at level orange at work....

John Conyers asks for Assistance/ Fixing the Facts: A Time Line

One simple way to honor Andy. . .

Ok ok so what is the objective of AQ?

must ask. having seen Andy Stephenson issue..what up with Bev?

British MP Galloway Tells Blair and Bush To Resign

Fox's Gibson: "golden opportunity" missed: If France had been selected...

Fighting Them Over There so We Don't Fight them on the Streets of London

Andy Stephenson Memorial Photo Album Published.

For newbies: Who is Andy Stephenson

Blair Pledges To "Make Poverty History"

Hurricane Dennis Just made landfall in Cuba as a Cat.4! See at

Honoring Andy

Perception vs. "Reality" and the so-called "cultural divide"

Who is responsible for the inflated "100,000+" dead Iraqis myth?

DU West Coast Meetup - I need a headcount

One of Officer's thoracic vertebrae "crushed" during Taser test.

Who’s the most despicable Faux news personality?

Westar Energy admits bribing DeLay

Why does Jr. keep falling off bikes?

Jeb Bush needs a new issue. What would be a good one?

All terrorism is rooted in fanaticism

Rapture Ready "Christian" Bulletin Board HATES YOU

I Think A Lame-Ass, Freep Troll Followed Me Home From DU...

LaRouche - Emergency Impeachment Cheney, Then Bush

PLAME: Mark Shields on PBS Says There Will Be an Indictment

The Stephenson Initiative.

It's been a terrible week...I find few bright spots. If anyone knows of a

We need 117 ways to honor Andy today. DU Activist Corps Sign Up

BOOK TV Schedule July 9-11

Seattle Weekly memorial article on Andy Stephenson: "A Fight To the End"

Were the London Attacks Really "Highly Coordinated"? I Don't Think So.


Fred Grady needs to beg for forgiveness!

Flowers for Andy

Canada should get out of Afghanistan.

Taxloss was just on Canadian breakfast television

To my British Friends:

Good Morning London

WP: G-8 Leaders Agree on $50B in African Aid

New reality TV show arrives in Iraq

Energy Co. Paid $25,000 for DeLay Meeting (Admits Bribing DeLay)

Lobbyist (Ed Gillespie) to Campaign For Bush Ct. Nominee: GOP Muscle

Muslim leaders fear revenge attacks by the extreme Right

Saddam's cousin says US should talk to insurgents

Schröder adviser in 'bribes' scandal claim

Support for Philippine President Crumbles

4 Ohio R's fail to report dinner, football tickets from lobbyist ($5,000+)

Shaken G-8 Leaders Agree on Aid, Climate

No indication suicide bombers behind London blasts

Manila ministers quit in protest (call for Arroyo to step down)

NYT:Maker of Heart Drug Intended for Blacks Bases Price on Patients Wealth

2006 GOVERNOR'S RACE: GOP campaign coffers runneth over

Jewish Foundation Helps Teachers Learn How to Teach the Holocaust

BMDO Tests Must Be Based On Performance Benchmarks Not WH Schedule

Carroll planning board threatened with jail (judge rules vs their vote)

WP/AP: Former Rep. Tim Roemer Won't Run Vs. Lugar

Italy to press ahead with partial Iraq pull-out

CBO: Budget deficit shrinks (Tax receipts higher than expected)

WP: G-8 Urges Action On Global Warming,With General Goals(WH pol. victory)

No signs of suicide bombing found in attacks: police chief

Federal Appeals COurt Upholds Partial Birth Abortion Ban(headline's wrong)

Parade Float Depicting Bin Laden Sparks Debate

G8 leaders agree $50 billion aid boost

Fox's Gibson: "golden opportunity" missed: If France had been selected...

(flash CNN/Gallup) Poll: London Terrorist Attack Worries Americans

WP: Online Data Gets Personal: Cell Phone Records for Sale

DoE seeks Star Trek phasers for A-plants

Calif. Guard Unit's Possible Spying Probed

Exxon, Aramco sign $3.5 bln refinery deal

Iraq links London attacks to insurgency

Bush Gives Global AIDS Fighters Ultimatum

Israel's Sharon muzzles ministers on London blasts

Mystery of Karl Rove/Matt Cooper Connection Deepens

US, other foreign troops may protect Baghdad diplomats

Anarchists' weapon is 90 gallons of cooking oil

Bill Clinton to make Ideas Festival appearance..Tonight at 7pm Aspen CO

Iraqi professor found dead in Basra

Cuts Likely in Transit Security

Bad financial outlook for California schools

Mexican police chief survives attempt on life (First day on the job)


U.S. Appears to Win Global Warming Debate

US official sees Zarqawi spectre in London attacks

Sasser author gets suspended term

Al Jazeera: Phony reports link Al Qaeda to London attacks

Israel Was Warned Ahead of First London Blast (& Britain was too)

Attacks complicate monitoring oil prices

ACLU challenges 'speak no Wal-Mart' policy

London bombs likely simple and homemade

Neb. Court Upholds Partial Birth Decision ( :) :)

Security incidents in Iraq July 8 (US Soldier Killed)

Nelson still target of administration wooing

Fathers, Husbands and Rebels (Married Priests)

Italy to press ahead with partial Iraq pull-out

Italy to Start Iraq Troop Pullout in Fall

Gay service members challenge 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

BBC - London death toll now up to 50, cites "Intelligence failure"

It's all in how you take the news

Young GOP Eager to Face Hillary Clinton

Newsweek Sniffed Out London Attack (Nov. 2004)

Reports: Ohio Govenor's Aide Helped Noe For White House Visit

11 Southern Iraqi oil fields to go up for tender


Governor Bush gives up pursuit of Schiavo case

Egypt to cut Iraq mission staff

Uribe Would Help Displaced in 2nd Term, Colombia Official Says

Hurricane lashes Cuba with 150MPH winds (Gitmo damage)

London the 'price' for Iraq

London blasts may have Pak link

Coast Guard orders increased security for ferries

MINUTEMEN:Border watchers coming to city (Houston)

Italy to press ahead with partial Iraq pull-out (announced today)

Chavez's US-funded rivals in the dock

Iraq Links London Attacks to Insurgency

Karzai/Bin Laden 'not in Afghanistan'

Hotels 'cash in' on bomb attacks

DHS stages secret gas test in Grand Central Station (NYC)

(NH Gov) Lynch says he´ll oppose pardon hearing for Pam Smart

Oregon Senate Takes Historic Step Toward Equality (Civil Unions passed)

BBC: Liverpool Street Station evacuated due to 'suspect package' (London)

Man Sues Mass. for Right to Get Drunk (on private property)

1752---Soldier Killed By IED Near Balad

AP Vice President Gets Good News From Doctors

Congress Demands Pentagon Report on China

Young Republican meeting target of military question

Category 4 hurricane targets Gulf

Islamic leader warned of London attack 15 months ago

Officials Looking Into Claim That Little-Known Al-Qaida Group Did UK Bombs

U.S. jobless rate dips to 5 percent, lowest in nearly 4 years.

Local (FL) Pastor Arrested On Child Porn Charges (WJXX)

U.S. taps Medicaid commission to suggest cuts

Air France jet turned back by US

Highway assaults blamed on teens (Horror in Atlanta)

U.S. Says Iraq Militants Dealt Sharp Blow (notice the word "dealt"...)

Seventeen in Congress sign Conyers' letter on Rove

London bombs killed 'at least 50': BBC latest

Job increase only 146,000 in June

New drug blocks HIV from entering cells

Catholic bishops name lobbyist for Beacon Hill (Massachusetts legislature)

I just got my first post deleted. Ask me anything.

C'mon everyone!! Let's laugh!! You can do it!

Firefox Browser vulnerability Identified

You can tell it's summer...everywhere you look, parakeets in love (photo)

mens sana in corpore sano - post here to prove sanity

I got your...

Are there any pork fried chicken recipes?

I'm so mad at you, mutha!!!!

Is there a full moon in the lounge tonight?

Hey cat owners! Do your kitties "talk" in their sleep?

Husband Conserve

I'm so mad at my mother!!!!

I smiled like a prom queen and imagined the pleasures of removing his eyel

I think my plant is dead.

The FDA's "Food Defects Action Levels"...what's allowed in your food

oh never mind

What side dishes do you serve with....

I bid you all good night

Well, I am off like a prom dress....

Anyone here chew snuff.Or tabacco?

I am listening to Bing Crosby...

Who here does not have a single letter "e" in their full name??

Drink help please:

What's 60 feet long and smells of urine?.... (warning;tasteless!!)

What is the best pork 'n fried chick recipe?

I just ate some spinach ravioli

I'm tired of the lounge's fetus-eating culture of death!

Evolving Bears Attack al-Queda, Mark Ears

ya know what would be funny?

Spellcheck just tried to replace "dubbya's" with "Debbie's"!!!!

What do you call a guy with no arms or legs....(warning;tasteless!!)

I asked my good friend Agent Scully to pick up something for dinner.

What has two legs and bleeds? (Warning: Tasteless)

one and one

I'm a Midwesterner. An INDIFFERENT Midwesterner.

Can pork roll be used as a pizza topping?

Did one of you people just touch my butt?

what would you do if you couldn't visit DU on nights you can't sleep?




i'm weird, lonely, drunk and insomniac


Killing Bambi or The Deer That Wouldn't Die


"If I Had A Rocket Launcher"- Bruce Cockburn


Man faints, dies after seeing epidural

excellent advice





I am still awake...

one of my posts just disappeared without notice


Let's all sing "We Shall Overcome" for Andy: what do you want to talk about?

Bridge Over Troubled Water (warning: Lyrics)

A song for our Andy

I am evil and must be destroyed

Together again.

I am terrified of posting anything else in this room

Dag nabb it

This has been a bad twenty-four hours for all of us.

Comforting Quote (short; I promise!)

Just finished watching A Bridge Too Far

I am Elvis and must be enjoyed

In, 2002 I coauthored a novel that gave all proceeds to cancer research...

I know I post a lot of nonsense here in the Lounge

Many Rivers to Cross

More from the Poetry Corner...

When the last rose of summer pricks my finger

For Andy . . .

id turn some music on...

Whats with the "freedom isn't free" thing?

I rode my scooter to work for the first

I am sitting here trying to believe this terrible news.....

How do you amass $500 in bank fees in two weeks?

God damn it.

Have you ever stopped to think about what rats do for fun?

Tornado hits Atlanta Motor Speedway

My Goodness!! Evita is a coldhearted killer!!

German plane lands on speeding Porsche

Patron of lost items goes missing

Non-slip trick for Pamplona bulls

Do a show

Holy Crap! Why the hell was TRUMAD banned!

In Andy's Memory, the Bar is fully open. Just Help Yourself

goodnight sweet lounge.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right...

Could this guy be any more of a narcissist?

Any "Easy Rider" fans?

That damn windows paper clip helper thing...

be on the Look out for this man

I'm looking at you

Unseen force fells trees and kills birds in Russian woods

I don't need Viagra, and I don't want a fake Rolex.....

I have been reading Andy's posts.

Announcement: There is to be no further dying on DU

Tom Cruise is nuts.

To all, including freepers: I don't care what you do on my grave.

How did I miss the fact that Luther Vandross died?

named removed had messages deleted?!?

'name removed' was banned?

Parents guilty of stripper gift

What happened to DUs' acronym page?

Final conclusive proof that the human race has lost all semblance

What makes this a Happy Friday for you?

I think that everyone here could use a cupcake.

Top Ten Signs Tom Cruise Is In Love With You

2. "My hot dog has a knuckle"

I love my kitty!

Corporate Idiocy - Vice President of Functional Excellence

Well...I have one sliver of personal good news.

I've hidden my profile

Where's that spelling thread??? Here's something that is

Cats have their own special way of showing their displeasure...

The DU Lounge, it has a crowd...

To Andy, Goodbye - The Porpoise Song by The Monkees

Damn, Andy....

Lefty friend of mine, fled the US for France and won BIG!

The Dance of the Living Dead...Hey Ringo, play something hot...

Just becuzz I don't know sh!t

Bumpersticker I saw last night on a beaten-up station wagon in

Is anyone here familiar with "Uncle GodDamn"?

Who has coffee?

I lost my star.

For Termite and all in Andy's circle

Hey kedrys...

Is Beck Hansen a scientologist?

What can I do to get more of a "bad girl" image on DU?

For the falafel fans (and especially O'Lielly)

I have a shame I must confess to the Lounge here in DU - I am ashamed

I had a horrible dream last night where Poppy Bush became prez after *.


Computer/Video ? : Sound, no!

I was down at the New Amsterdam

The real torture in Guantanamo

I have discovered classified Mod secrets!

My updated sig line - too offensive?


Would Anderson Cooper be a good replacement on CBS Evening News?

Did Andy's mom lose two children now?

Drivers, please DO the speed limit and use your turn signals.

Well, even creative geniuses have to sleep, so.........

Funny vet story.

When Death Comes

Looks Like i got a date Lined up

Ok I Iied, creative geniuses don't have to sleep....

American Splendor -or- Sideways?

Looking for a site to download movies that is safe - and cheap. n/t

Delete---my bad

David Lee Roth to replace Howard Stern

Franken's on! Anyone want to listen?

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Non Sequitur on Fox News

Man commits suicide after learning Harry Potter spoiler

Just had beer brats smothered in onions

Personal Loans

In the best spirit of an Irish Wake, let's throw a party for Andy

Holy crap, my blog

Tom Cruise's MI-III co-star Keri Russell "very interested" in Scientology

should banners be Veganed?

I've been away for 24 hrs. What in the world is going on in here?

150 Frickin' MPH

Skinner banned. How the hell can that be?

Should Veg-All be banned?

Should Vitameatavegamin be banned?

primate1 hates Elvis

Name an old band still going strong (Quality and otherwise) today

Jaywalkers, your time is coming too.

Historic Mind Reading: #284

Is there fax software for linux? MS's fax program sucks

Expecting flames but 'Anti-Gravity Ray' is a myth

Good morning!

Hot pockets...boy they aren't kidding

What can I do to get more of a respectable image on DU?

Devil's Diary

Sir Duke

Quote for the day:

Ya know what? Some people are just fucking stupid.

So Putin Gets Seated Closer To Queen Then Bush....

I had an awesome day working around the house yesterday

Anyone try flavored hot sauces?

Should Vega$ be banned?

Got gas?

Should vagabonds be banned?

450 Turkeys Jump To Their Deaths in Cincy

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey

Don't mind me, I'm just talkin to myself

I confess: This will crack me up every time:

I just saw the stupidest thing ever

for my 13,404th post

There is a link to our thread on Andy's passing on Buzzflash

I can't fit my twisty potato snack on a corkscrew...

Should bands be banned?

Should banning be banned

OK, lemme get this straight ...

What can I do to change my image here on DU?

What does "BFEE" stand for? It hasn't been defined in so long I forgot.

Should asking if people should be banned be banned?

Should smelly armpits be banned?

Should posts about bans be banned

For Dr Fate: Favorite Byrd's album

Update on Amanda not eating

Should "Should _____ be banned?" threads banned?

The liberals have a stranglehold on the media!

Lizards, I need some help here.

NH residents: what's the name of the toll plaza near the border w/ ME?

Only in New York

Y'all keep it up and soon talk of banning will be banned, like chicken.

Should Vegas be banned?

"How You Gonna Die", the perfect quiz show for our times (Parody)

A day in the life of an infidel...

Should Reagans be banned?

Should W. H. Banning be banned?

No need to worry of Hurricane Dennis. It will only affect Red states!

Should "Should "Should _____ be banned?" threads banned" threads banned?

Crap, Another Hurricane?

does anyone have a good cat-kabob recipe?

wish me luck

I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

I am going to work it it in a BlissStick in 10 minutes!

im trying so very hard to justify this purchase.

To all in the Hurricane Dennis' path

Banana dance....

My office manager lied about the cockroach problem in our building.

What's it like to be in a hurricane? Anything like being in a quake?

World's ugliest dog keeps winning streak alive

$250K reward for Sasser virus informants

Funny picture thread...if you have one, post it.

Noel Gallagher seeing Starrs

What have I missed?

OK, I made something weird with a pic of etawful's cat, Althea.

I'm going to make GOPisEvil scream in frustration....

Should Fred Phelps be banned?

The person in the cube next to me is on speakerphone

How soon before our beloved no-neck Freeper friends start

2 more hours until vacation!!!

DU West Coast Meetup - I need a headcount

How much would you pay for a coffee table?

You know what?

gonna see Paige Wilson on Sat

This is what happens when ForrestGump can't find anything to do

What will Bush do when he leaves office?

What is your image of others here on DU?

DU West Coast Meetup - I need a headcount

A question for the doctors in the house...

Who da man?

Here in the Lounge... I feel safe from GD... I can hide all your threads..

There Is No Escape

Is one man's trash REALLY another man's treasure?

Has anybody actually ever escaped from the lounge?

Pulp Fiction, performed in 30 seconds by bunny rabbits

I'm drinking one to Andy. Anyone with me?

You learn something new every day..."Camelback Colonic"

I'm stuck

And who says music doesn't change lives?

It was 25 years ago yesterday

I changed my sig-line to honor Andy.--you are free to use it.

No baseball or softball in Olympics

If I had a gun for every ace I've drawn

Anyone wanna come see Femi Kuti with me tonight?

*Internet find of the day* -Virtual Dog Sh*t

I hope nobody was looking forward to the Fantastic Four.

Ask me if I'm a tree...

Great people to hail from the UK! Keep kicking, D.U.!!

Church Has 1 Million Bees, Honey in Walls

I'm my own best friend (earworm edition)

Son writes sonnet for demise of first car, 92' Crown Vic'--- humor!

45 minutes until the weekend begins

Bush elects replacement for O'Connor & Dems Support

South Park Veal

Pauly Shore ready for a comeback...

I don't believe this.

I don't care what they say - I love the Lounge.

apparently "I ain't no fortunate son"

Note to Buckner and Garcia: Your 15 Minutes is up

Selling your used car online.

Country Joe McDonald is still the man!

From now on, the Lounge is a food-topic-only zone!

I will see you all later. Keep the Lounge rockin'!

Anyone else have trouble sleeping last night...or didn't sleep?

Report -- David Lee Roth to replace Howard Stern

What can I do to trash my image on DU?

Lamb chop

Anyone know where to find a vintage style gown on these here internets?

sticks in the mud

Spectacularly, sanctimoniously, hand-wringingly... stupid!

Raspberries fans Not the food, the band

Kill this thread.

Gotta love Johnny Depp...

Just had my Friday martinis (two) and peanuts. Hungry now. Bombay

Would you date a person with a skin disorder?

Who enjoys research? I need to cite a quote.

Kudos to Divorced Parents who put Kids First

Since all we talk about in the lounge is food...

If you would like a thread to die, let me know and I will post on it.

Who was the first to flame you at DU?

TGIF!! It's just after 5:00pm on the east coast. Happy Hour...

Ohio Man Charged With Exposing Breasts

PLEASE don't patronize sites that spew hate

Conservative dude bumper stickers.

MSNBC reporting price gouging has already begun in Florida

Tonight: Batman Begins or Dark Water?

Scientologists drop copyright case against writer Karin Spaink

I'm stuck in the 700 Club and I'm bored


Non-work cell phones in the office...

Grammatical Q: anytime vs. any time..

Post your favorite sig line pics here...

Need help...

Google Earth is way cool....

President Caught in Trouser Mishap

Google your post count!

Sept 11th documentary on History Re: Flight 11

I come from downtown...Armed with will and determination and grace, too

The new code talkers?


I got a new oven today!!!

When you see a piece-of-shit car with licence plates from a continent away

Another sign of the Apocalypse: Britney may be carrying twins!

So, how are we all feeling about Lance Armstrong today?

There are a bunch of CRIMINALS at the prison where my friend lives

How many Bush Administration officials does it take to change a light bulb

what do you get when you cross ...

MTV and VH1 to air Live 8 commercial and VJ free

post your post count!

Please Continue To Call. Your Holding Is Important To Us...

Scary Dennis damage predictions

Computer Geeks I need help, please!

Andy passed away two hours ago. Here's the link to the GD thread.

Congratulations Cassandra Uprising! 1000 posts!!!!!!



MTV & VH1 to rerun 10 hrs. of Live 8...WITHOUT commercials, tomorrow

Wake me up before you go go ...


Anybody here like Yerba Mate?

Bush Slips On His Own Banana Peel.

does anybody ever use the Lobby?

Must read for pet owners in hurricane regions: How to keep your pets safe

Shocking Admission: I think Condi is hot!

My Neighbor Is Such An Ass!

Watched "Ghost World" last night. What do y'all think of that movie?

6 holes left, Michelle Wie is 4 under par! Could make PGA cut!

Another Shocking Admission: I think Al Haig is hot!

My Neighbor Has Such An Ass!

I think I am hot .

Do you go to movies because you find the stars attractive?

A Newbie to DU just came up with the best moniker for W yet!

I sense the chubby hand of Karl Rove is behind Hurricane Dennis

Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert

wow, dennis looks massive!

Honestly: can get sued re: Andy Stephenson?

Should SUV owners be banned?


If You'd Like To Honor Andy, We Could Use Your Help...

Is your main place of residence a..

recommend some good music to me.

If you go to a shopping mall or store, please use ONE PARKING SPACE ONLY

A new smiley? Why was this office not informed?

I'd like to take this time to apologize for something I said recently

Need a new boyfriend/girlfriend - why not check out Hannidate!!!

It is Friday night, it is time to

Dennis most intense June/July Hurricane in Recorded History. 155mph

Let's talk about Spinal Tap / Mighty Wind!


It Wouldn't Surprise me to Learn-

Lounge Lizard Photo Challenge

anyone else smell it?

Spicy hot or temperature hot?

Ya know what? Some people are just fucking crazy

88° F? 88­­° ? There is no way in Hell it's 88° outside.

Can someone explain the meaning of the lyrics to "Comfortably Numb?"

Three words or less

Who sent you your first Private Message on DU?

Who was the first to welcome you to DU?

Flowers for Andy

VH1 and MTV to air 10 hours of Live8 on Saturday...

Post your Friday morning confessions.

a rant about hospitals and infections...

Online banking- the awesome or the suck?

Mallard Fillmore versus Jon Stewart

So, we're back from the vet.

Who was the first DUer?

Please Continue To Hold. Your Call Is Important To Us...

How long will the movie chain thread last?

No one ever sent me a Private Message on DU.

Going to see Judas Priest tonight!

Nothing personal - but you all have reputations here at DU

Show us your desktop/background/wallpaper. Here's my new one

meat collage

What's your favorite 1950's era Sci-Fi movie classic?

Fred Phelps. I am gay. If you despise me so much, I dare you:

What can I do to improve my image at DU?

How 'bout a DVD rental recommendation...

Save the Naugas!

What can I do to get more of a 'bad boy' image on DU?

The five most unlistenable records in my collection:

My blog was attacked by freepers! Hilarious comments.

So...I just got home from's an update.

post pix of your favorite "bad boys" here

The beloved VW "Beetle" Is there anything more adorable?

Google Maps is the greatest thing on the Internet.

Who was your favorite Spinal Tap drummer?

Gas price Survey Lexington Ky $2.35 reg unleaded

Does anyone believe in spontaneous human combustion?

Cheney to get colonoscopy later this month.....anyone volunteer?

Red and blue beer companies?

ziggy played guitar...

He's doing it again!

What is your image here on DU?

How do you feel about the band Chicago?

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, ...

Lounge Haiku

I lost my dog today for about 15 minutes

Prayers for our dearly departed Andy Stephenson.


Photography Group Fireworks Challenge

So how come there's no Whig Underground?


Attn: New Jersey residents! Do you want to party?

PETA's "Animal Liberation Project"

Why is being a veg*n so offensive to people here?

Expecting Flames but 'Christianity' is a myth

Fathers, Husbands and Rebels (Married Priests)

Married Priests acting outside Catholic Church attract a following

Free to Choose Obesity?

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Seeks End To Gay Travel Ads

Independent Candidate For Virginia Governor Backs Gay Adoption By Partners

Military Gay Ban Justified Federal Judge Told

Gay-Friendly Conservative Rabbis Launch Network

Calif. Gay Couples Plead For State Supreme Court To Decide On Marriage

Michelle Wie has chance to make the cut...

London 2012


Michelle Wie fails to make the cut.

Dog light bulb joke...

Didn't I read in this area, astrological predictions of attacks in July?

Funny church cartoon


Well shit.

Love, Atheist Style: Let's try this again

Why Does Pakistan Have A Veto Over Our National Security? from Huff post

Another poster gets it.

Fireworks Photos are in the Lounge.......

The KOEB had a meeting on the beach @ Gull Bay ...... KOEB 7/8/05

The KOEB is in the Dog Days of Summer!

KOEB 7/8/05

Joe Wilson 7/6/05 interview

Senators Cram for Supreme Court Nomination; Rumors of Another Resignation

Presidential primary elections moved to February

Help me create a DSM house party DVD - what would you add?

Rosen: Press should boycott Novak until he talks

Indiana: Roemer floating his name as candidate against Lugar?

J Conyers: Common sense words on the London bombings

Help me create a DSM house party DVD - what would you add?

Saturday Night Massacre: The Sequel

Bush aide in riddle of CIA leak: The Times

E&P: Mystery of Karl Rove/Matt Cooper Connection Deepens

Home Secretary Charles Clarke thinks denial is a river in Egypt

POOR Jeb Bush. No more political mileage out of Terri Schiavo's ashes

It's 11 AM EST: where have all the SC rumormongerers gone?

Didn't Scott Ritter say something about

Latest on KKKarl Rove....

Saudis warn of shortfalls as oil hits $61

Fox News: Arabs and "regular" Londoners (Daily Kos)

ARGH! Response from my GOP U.S. Congressman re:Iraq timeline

When did the media become our prosecutors?

Has everyone signed Schumer's court nominee petition?

Saving Private Lyin'

Bu$h bounce on Brit bomb blasts?

And the raping of Iraq's natural resources begins...

Jeb wants xian based prog. in every Fl. public school (All Pro Dad)

Democrats' biggest downfall? We eat our own, including Viet Nam Vets

Cellphones set off the bombs in London ?

Norah O'Donnell and TPM's tectonic plates...

What?! Robert Novak Was Wrong About Rehnquist?!?!!?

Answer This Question pRes.* - You Say the War In Iraq Is Going Good...

Can I get a list of the speakers at the '04 DNC?

Democratic spokesman needed.

Rove to be INDICTED this week or next!!

Salon's Joe Conason: "Get out of Baghdad"

Rove's Phonebank = Multiple Indictments in PlameGate, Source(s) Leak

Well, folks .... its a fact ..... we're being led by a shithead

Interesting Article on US Atty Fitzgerald -"Eccentric and Kooky"

Print this enlistment form and stick it on to every W'04 car you can find!

"Hilllary Clinton really is an evil person."

British Commando Units Seal off Israeli Embassy in London in Wake of Attac

What have Dems done about paper trails for touch-screen voting?

Republicans want to execute humans faster

Franken on McClellan's "If anybody did this, they'd be out" Rove LIE

I'm really disgusted by this whole "Madison Avenue" supreme court nominee

Christopher Shays (R, CT), says Bush did not lie about Iraq; says

Voting overhaul Electronic voting machines

Heads up - David Corn (Huffblog) reports Rehnquist will retire today

Did I miss anything re: SCOTUS retirees?

House, Senate spar on protecting DHS whistleblowers

Republican-Friendly Lobbyists Organize "Non-Partisan" Iraqi "Truth Tour"

Partisan wild pitch

Of course stand up to terrorists but not with this administration

JUDITH MILLER: protecting criminal intent: Salon 7.8.05

"this Al-Qaida message is provided by The Faulty Iraq Intelligence People"

Look at your young men fighting

How Would You Respond To This ?

Video-Hitchens hates Hillary: Thinks funding DHS is a waste of time

What does Karl Rove have in common with a ham sandwich?

Rove drops the "knowingly" word LIVE in Omaha (DU thread you need to read)

sorry to be crass. but I though new Abu Graib phots were coming?

You have all donated to right wing presidential candidates in Venezuela

Anyone watch P.O.V on PBS last night? ("Streetfight")

"President George W. Bush shares a light moment" at today's G8 (photo)

Senator Coburn (R-OK) challenging Schiavo autopsy results

DU This Poll: Would the Founding Fathers approve religious icons in govt

I thought Rehnquist was supposed to retire today.

FOX News vs. 'FOX Facts' - Shepard Smith Is Clueless! (VIDEO)

cartoon: ye olde suggestion box

Iraq Reperations

Rove Want Poster Tacked Up At DC Adams Morgan Area

Do you think that the war will end when the US leaves Iraq?

Hey DNC, time to start calling Bushit on his lies

Woodward on Hardball: "You don't break the law to get even."

Italy to Start Iraq Troop Pullout in Fall...

What have Wilson and/or Plame personally said about all this?

September 24, 2005 anti-war march..... who's goin'?

Telling the truth

The blokes had no intelligence regarding yesterday's attacks....

Gillespie Added to Bush Supreme Court Nominee Lobbying Team

Karl Rove Live Inteview Coming Up at 3:15 pm CST on KFAB: Call In

Preliminary Bomb Forensics appearing......

French nuclear forces, 2005

WES CLARK -- Stop Killing People in the name of GOD! Hear that RW?

Novak is a liberal??

Young Republicans declare war on Hillary...

Governor Warner (VA) Slams Bush for 'Missed Opportunity'

A major problem with the flag burning amendment from a catholic

"War on Terra" -- WHAT?

News from Downing Street

The War On Terror is Unwinnable

Conservatives Hate Us for our Sexiness!

a Far Right-Wing Supreme Court is a GOOD thing

Limbaugh: "40 people dead, It's not a successful terrorist attack, folks"