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Archives: July 7, 2005

On Judith Miller's Sentencing by Joe Wilson

So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?

Dear Diary … (Patti Davis)

S. Blumenthal: All the president's men

Why this journalist thinks that Judy Miller should go to jail

West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Judith Miller no stranger to controversy

Live 8: Corporate Media Bonanza

The carnival's almost over for oil giants as the South strikes back

Rove-Plame: The Word from Aspen/Arianna Huffington

Not just here / U.S. needs to close bases in Central Asia

Va. Officer Probed In Killing Of Deer

Democrats Blew it on CAFTA Vote- John Nichols

Here's What's Wrong In One Sentence

Shrinking Amazon fuels paranoia of invasion

Temple raid irks Hindu hardliners

Thailand's Hmong beg for shelter

Kenya reports an increase in child sex-abuse cases

Taiwan belongs to the Taiwanese

President praises Dalai Lama as the `world's greatest'

Welcome to Costa-del-Gaza

Sharon Orders Speedup in Building Barrier

The testimony of William Rodriguez

“The 9/11 Commission gave the Saudis a free pass."

Were the Pentagon videos released fakes and if so what does that imply?

Conyers blogs about "Coingate"

Bowling Green Ohio Voters get chance to try touch-screen device

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 7/7/05

Billionaires for Bush - OMG

OMG! Could funds stolen in Iraq have been used to finance GOP in 2004?

Any Iowans part of the DU Activists Corp?

Who are the Massachusetts activists?

best place to blog?

Power supply or hard drive?

Coingate Scandal: My Letter to the U.S. Attorney in Ohio (John Conyers)

DeLay gets fingered at parade (pic)

A report on Tom DeLay's townhall meeting (and protestors)

Pound Baptist minister blasted for homophobic sign.

Keith O. to discuss Novak's role now!!! nt

I'm nothing if not persistant

Olbermann to do Plame again

FAUX news top of the 7:00 p.m. hour???????? WTF

Republicans forget, dissent is American

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun mag. coming up on Majority Report

IMPORTANT..our cultural heritage under attack by bushco

Olbermann seems to be doing Watergate tonight.....he had

so a moderator locked my LBN thread because

More security problems exacerbated by Bush the blivet**

The Black Commentator outlines the next progressive mass movement

Are the Washington Nationals the real deal?

Star Bucks Cash registers

Rush's company's logo looks like prescription drugs.

What happened to Condi? (NY'c Olympic bid)

Rush Limbaugh on DU "nuttier than he even imagined"

I hope Halliburton doesn't take this advice:

so did rush get off easy

Hay Rove you can take the easy road.

Self delete, it's a dupe.

1750 Reasons why the DSM is Important

larry king doing ufos rather than rove.

Mr. Rove, the tailor called. Your new suit is ready...

Must be a slow news day...

Senate hearing coming up July 20 on news sourcing

Miller in Jail, Copper to testify whats the next step in Rovegate?

People, we can't wait for justice to happen-it won't unless we demand it &

Senate hearing slated on news sourcing

Anyone else frustrated as hell with the Rove/Miller spin tonight?

This Sunday on the History Channel: The Dark Art of Interrogation...

Would Judith Miller be in prison if she were not a reporter?

If anyone wants to know what is wrong with the sheeple...this is it

The Aussie dollar has fallen a bit

Regarding Rove........

Unbelievable! ANOTHER "Heil Bush" photo!

Was a California National Guard unit created to SPY on citizens???

List bad sources for information here:

AUDIO: Rove denied outing CIA Agent

Why the hell does Rove have an office in the WH to begin with?

So, Carlson is trying to do to "covert" what Clinton did with

Rachel Maddow is kicking Bowtie's butt

A Georgia Veteran Needs Help!

I said it once and I'll say it again: James Wolcott's is simply the best

Here's a sports analogy to some current events.

Rover could be dead meat if...

The 'christian' Right HATES Arlen Specter

[email protected]

White House Scrambles to Stop Criminal Indictment of Rove

Brokaw does Deep Throat

I found an evil document today

Radical Right starts pushing a draft

Fergit NOVAKula, Why Isn't Matt PUDGE in Jail/Prison/Gitmo? n/t


Aaron Brown covering Plame/Miller

Judith Miller a coog in bush crime family...not a hero

A Report: DeLay's "invitation only" townhall meeting

Seperated at birth?

Dan Abrams : One person's whistleblower is another persons criminal.

Attention, DU combat veterans! Got some news for you:

Who are "Reporters Without Borders"....

So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?

Bush and Peaches saved me a bunch of money!

Conyers blogs about "Coingate"

Is there a much bigger spy scandal about to break open ?

Now, watch this drive

It was the largest loss of Navy SEALs in a single incident.....

Question about the Iranian Hostages and their claims.

Okay .... now I know Rover/Plame is mainstream 'news'

Former FBI chief dies

Man headed to kill principal; shoots cop instead

Honorable death?

Dean responds: Dems intend to file ethics complaints

So, I finally spoke to my student who attended Bush's Ft. Bragg speech:

Dennis May Hit Gitmo -- God is going to close Gitmo

Wait: This is GWB's 3rd bike accident?

So they threw Rove's stenographer in jail today. Big Fucking Deal!

Dude, Blaire worked out a deal with Bush for the Olympics - no doubt!


Why Miller is in jail. And why, probably, Novak isn't. Yet.

Democracy or one party dictatorship?

Was polled by Gallup tonight....

Tonite's 30 Days a fundie in SF, damn this is such a good show!

Powwow between Rove's attorneys, Cooper's attorneys and Fitzgerald

Al Franken on Sundance

Blog knocking DU

Do you hear the undertones on kkk-whore-porate media?


Give Me Some Truth

Was listening to the radio and all of a sudden it dawned on me

Could George Tenet be Miller's source? The reason I ask is weird

Chicago DUers, especially union members BOYCOTT Walgreens. . .

Anyone ever heard/listened to Sean David Morton?

We're too nice.

Pleae explaine to me the difference between gederalist ^ anti federalist.

where IS cheney?

Aaron Glantz - "How America Lost Iraq" on Washington Journal Thursday...

Hehe Rush limpballs parrot is

Uh, do I REALLY believe KKKRove phoned Cooper and told him to sing?

Have you seen this?! Daily Kos Plame Leak Timeline (Gannon) This is GOOD!

Puzzle me this Riddler...

Open letter to the Press

Did Bush Ever Prosecute The USS Cole Bombers?

Gallup: 25% of Democrats want a more conservative Supreme Court

Should we attempt to raise Terry Schiavo from the dead?

The Greatest Show on Earth - Live 8

Limbaugh's attorney: 2,130 pills prescribed/ 217 days --"not excessive"

So What's Judith Miller's motive for stonewalling?

Actually this Judith Miller arrest might work to our benefit


MSNBC: Spooked by Spyware, Net users change their ways.

Where are the Downing Street Memos?

Plame leak traitor. Was it Rove?

"It's just not something we would do"

Down Memory Lane. Dr. David Kelly and Judith Miller. Miller


Question regarding number of deaths due to Plame outing

US imposes controls on a new security threat - birdwatchers

Gov. Bush touts Christian-based program for schools

So when is Cooper testifying and when will his testimony be released

Tell me my tinfoil hat is too tight but is Plame a distraction for DSM?

Why Indians love America so much

The new PJ Comix is an Idiot blog

Rhetorical: "where have all the (real) cowboys gone?

Video of Wes Clark on FOX today 7/6,.........

I took my daughter to enroll for college today

You’ve Got to Fight Back

PREDICTION: Scooter Libby is the person who called up Cooper

Are there any PICS of the Spazmo's bike wreck today?

Letter to Karl Rove: Your Possible Indictment

Susan McDougal spent two years in prison for contempt?

The total State tax burden is pretty Regressive and the Rich don't pay.

CSPAN Schedule Thursday July 7

Terry Gross interviewing Michael Smith on NPR re: DSM !!!!

Dubya makes Gerald Ford look like the Great Wallenda.

Coingate Scandal: My Letter to the U.S. Attorney in Ohio (J. Conyers)

Water Crisis in Baghdad

Toyota declares Americans too stupid for factory work

picture of the bike Bush was riding today

Rachel Maddow does three way - comes out on top .... consistently

Caption This Pic

Tucker wants e-mails re how the leak hurt national security. Drown him


tonight on Countdown, bush just about fell over trying to blow out his

SURPRISE! Army gives 'secret' $5 BILLION of work to Halliburton

Judith Miller: The Source of the Trouble - NY Magazine

hello. Miller protecting a felon...deep throat outing a felon

Ford's pardon of Nixon: Right or wong?

get out that spray paint........ THANK YOU PREZ BUSH!!

DU this poll - if you are against the death penalty

Unusual amount of military air traffic near Edwards tonight.

Nixon was a Crook. Bush is a Traitor.

IMPORTANT: The legal definition of "whistleblower"

Drip, drip, drip

Too hot to cook pasta?

Bush about Guantanamo - "To protect Americans from further attack"

No Child Left Behind Opt-Out Form

White House Scrambles to Stop Criminal Indictment of Rove

Olympian joy for London and its lord of rings

Officers reveal Iraq woes (Fijian truck drivers not paid for months)

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Case in Court (A Dozen Servicemembers Challenging)

Gov Bush Touts Christian-based program for schools

Iranian-born LA filmmaker detained in Iraq by U.S. military

NYT, Nagourney: Democrats Adopt O'Connor as Model for Bush Court Pick

L. Patrick Gray III, 88, F.B.I. Chief During Watergate, Dies

NYT: Shiite Morality Is Taking Hold in Iraq Oil Port

Final Results Confirm Landslide Victory : (PRI) in Mexico's Biggest Statet

The Guardian: So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?

WP: Divisive Issue Is Decisive for Some (abortion and Gonzales)

Military to require soldiers to pick person to handle remains

UN troops storm Haiti shanty town (BBC)

Gov. Taft sued over ‘Coingate' scandal

Rampage before dawn ignites protest chaos (G8)

NYT: Shiite Morality Is Taking Hold in Iraq Oil Port (theocracy)

WP: Experts Predict Polar Bear Decline (Global Warming melts habitat)

Military to require soldiers to pick person to handle remains

Canadians train for combat in Afghanistan as insurgency escalates in Kanda

Firm: Donation brought access to DeLay

Study links fat in bloodstream to heart disease


Putin wants U.N. to take lead in Iraq

Judith Miller's New Home in Alexandria Known as a "New Generation" Jail

Oil Traders Raise Bets on $80 Crude on Supply Concern

Governor's deputy chief of staff among those indicted in hiring probe

Iraq: Focus on illegal organ trade ($2,000 for a kidney)

Prosecutors get Limbaugh medical records

Colleen Rowley makes it official!

In call with bloggers, online media, Dean raises Rove, ethics

NYT: On Bush's Birthday Abroad, Lots of Cake and Then a Spill

WP: Democrats Challenge GOP on Ethics (nationalizing midterm elections)

This sound fills me (and every Brazilian) with terror.

The thread with the most uses of "tallywhacker" and "wang"? This one:


Friday's child is loving and giving.

What is your favorite Bush nickname?

Wisconsin man sent to hospital after being hit by beer keg.

Did anyone see the end of Reno 911 last night?

Unintentionally homoerotic public art:

cthulhu told me

I find myself getting sucked into this abyss known as the DU LOUNGE

"Children for Sale" on E-bay.

Hurricane Dennis has four "eyes"

what's the weirdest thing you've ever stuck in your mouth?

i'm gonna try malt likka for the first time tonight. any suggestions?

Kitty problem--not eating

me and some of the guys from State

Life's Simple Pleasures: Fresh French Bread from the Bakery


Here's the latest on Dennis the Menace... (big graphics)

someone told me the lounge

TORTURE!!....then a yummy chicken dinner.

Limpdick Limbaugh about to turn over medical records

Poll: Name *'s bike

I can't do it anymore


A Matcom news find, Man sets self on fire and proposes to girlfriend

Borowitz: Paula Abdul Emerges as Favorite for Supreme Court

Judith Miller's next book on her reading list!

Freep alert!

Gallup called tonight

I don't say a lot

MUST READ: Joseph Wilson's "The Politics of Truth"

Anyone here play CS:S?

I feel funny tonite...wacky and giddy

Johnny Cash on PBS!!

Is there an AIM chat tonight?

Why do freepfucks always bring up the bombing of the USS Cole?

Choose One!

Generic post

Dr. KittenHearts is now in...............

Is everything possible?

Jeb Bush and Tony Dungy can both kiss my ass!!

So, I thought "War of the Worlds" was pretty good!

I'm drinking a HUGE strawberry daiquiri right now.

Another reason to love George Clooney!-I can't wait for this movie!

Oregon man lights self on fire to propose to girlfriend.

My kid is such a smart-mouthed nut.

Search page?

Put yourself in others' shoes.

One week on Cape Cod

Represent your college in this thread!!!

If you've ever heard seen Rockbitch play live

When you're bored with life, what do you to do change it?

Google fun

Who has contributed the most to American music?

Anybody seen Elvis lately?

Geeks: Celebrate your eccentricities here

Am I the only one who thought Prince Albert was gay?

So, I just watched my son take cough syrup, and I thought to myself:

Anyone ever heard of the band Air?

Why have I never heard of HootersAir?

Who would win in a fight Bono or Sting?

How to stop riot police dead in their tracks:

No Effin' way! I did not just hear an ad for a CD called Patriotic

ER gripe!

I've been listening to the same 3 songs...

Where is the bumbling bicycle picture?

I forgot my lunch in the car.

Another Blog in the Fog....

What is the most disgusting shot you ever drank?

I'd like some prayers or good vibes, please.

Who's Your Favorite "West Wing" Character?

How many accidents have you had while riding a bike?

The birth of an Island

Welcome Back Kotter fans....

Judith Miller is in Jail, LET'S PARTY!!!

A Freeper gave me this link as a "source" for an article. What kooks.

Can someone explain "Napoleon Dynamite" to me?

Another heads up. "Abortion Ship" is coming on right now on LinkTV

Davis, original Parliament-Funkadelic singer, dies

If you guys have Directv, you need to watch Link TV's "American Virgins"

I'm Stone Cold Crazy.

I just heard the juciest Tom Cruise gossip!

It's finally RAINING!

These Songs Always Put Me In A Good Mood...

Most of Florida, looks like we dodged one!

Wine enthusiasts, I need you help please.

"Napoleon Dynamite" a movie that resonates with the mentally ill.

Dennis will be a CAT 2 hurricane within the next 24 hours

Is there a forum or group that addresses having a family member

I think I have found the best recipe ever

What Music are you listening to right now?

I am watching Sean Hannity

A cave-in occurs while you and a stranger are in a concrete room

Latinists: I need help.


Why does nobody want to live in North Dakota??

A strange question

I am so enraged right now.


Chemical Brothers "galvanize" won't leave me alone!!!!

Help: I Need Dog Advice Animal Lovers

Hell of a funny joke...

whats your favorite website for searching for used cars?

i keep watching the Pink Floyd live 8 set over and over.

Help... NEED Quicktime copy of that Bush preG8 Interview...BLINKY

Follow-up re: creepy email from my dad -- I replied to him.

I wonder if Bush* childhood was like this.

Look what Bushieboy did to that poor cop, and he is crying too...

How do I count triplets? (musical question)

Mortgages? Anyone know anything helpful?

For those of you wondering when the Finnfan/SarahBelle sappiness will end

Help needed (language), a new puppy, and potential heartbreak.

Google Knows Best

Use a DUer's name in a sentence.

DU lefties (hand that is)...represent!

Once and for all, who's better lookin'???

Help us fit Will Pitt

Any other Thelemites here on DU?

You gotta check out this cool drawing I did.

Great Songs with Weather-related Titles

My apartment smells like there's been a dead body in it.

Why everyone hates living in San Diego

Quit Bullshiting....Post a pic of yourself!

Avian Flu Found in Migrating Geese

Here's a very cool website for tracking Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Red Sox Take 3-2 Lead

right through the chin hole

Danica Patrick is a Cardinals Fan

NOOOOOO. Nate McMillan to be named Trailblazers coach tomorrow

An interesting point about closers


Boxing News: Winner of Skelton/Williams will face Ruiz, says Warren.

Who will we play in October?

Jesus now has a 22 game hitting streak

Sox and O's this week

My new baby

Okay! Who saw this one comming to Dimson?

Why is loving ourselves so difficult for some of us?

God Wants You To Roll!

Are the blue states beiing punished with the base closings

What is wrong with Reid? And what is wrong with our Dems? How

Kerry Articles & Cognitive dissonance

Kerry and 51 other Senators voted against exporting uranium

Trying again - the photo I'm NOT going to enter in "Water"

self delete

Wednesday KOEB, 7/6/05

Opportunity to trap these rethugs complaining about "judicial activism"

Sean "Nazi Prick" Hannity Calls Allegations Against Rove Mass Hysteria

So, are there any other countries you can think of that are run

do the white house tentacles reach out to the federal prison system?

Who thinks a torture-proponent who, as a judge, misled to kill more people

The Impeachment Question...WH Breifing in the WP...

How did the White House react to Novak's article?

Bush's Favorite Judges & Activism---great suggestion from this Kos post...

Bob Woodward discussing Deep Throat w/Tom Brokaw on NBC...NOW!

GOP "Culture of Corruption"

Oil is the reason for this season! Behind all of this; Rove,

No Child Left Behind Opt-Out Form

Question for everyone

Why all of a sudden is she "Judy" Miller. WTF- It's been Judith til now

Skinner only needs another 161 volunteers to start a force -a

"If she were only an analyst, not an operative, we would not have filed a

Need Pre-War Attack Info

Question: Miller has a WH source separate and apart from Cooper's?

Can We Let This Treasoness Bunch In the WH Appoint.......

Either Bush or Novak should go to jail.

Is there a tally somewhere of the lies Bush has told? Or better--

Bush to Push Building Nuclear Plants at G8 Summit

Governor Dean to be on Big Eddie's show tomorrow.

The toughest, most outspoken Democrats are also the oldest

Raw Story: Rove denied outing at RNC Convention (MP3 link)

National Guard Accused Of Spying On Anti-War Protesters

Katherine Harris pursued MAGIC as a cure to Florida's Citrus Canker

Is Gonzales really pro-choice?

The Raw Story - A Rational Voice Now Featured Site at

Here's a clear plan to have American troops leave Iraq AND make Iraq happy

The 2012 Olympics to London: A Euro Conspiracy?

The other question is .....

We need to "Name This Day In History"


Effects of the Federal Estate Tax on Farms and Small Businesses

Rove told Miller. Miller told Cooper and Novak.

"Republicans and Sexual Frustration" interesting article from TPMCafe

This quote makes me think that Cooper's source wasn't Rove...

You know what? We don't deserve the Olympics because we elected Bush.....

Conyers rips Justice Department for 'delayed' Noe probe

Spelling PLEASE!

Impeachment: A More Popular Notion Daily

If the Democratic leadership turns its back on Dean....

Rove, Gannon, Keeler and History.

A fiction as powerful as WMD

A review of"Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in All

Stung in an Afghan 'hornets' nest'

PBS stolen by right wing in cunning bait and switch (food for thought)

London threat level recently reduced-Guardian

Orange County Register: Judith Miller should have had a shield America: An 'Extraordinarily Voracious Country'

Israel was Warned ahead of First Blast

Let the Republicans Keep Digging That Hole

The Guardian: The price of occupation

Over There


NYT: * Bankruptcy Bill Will Hurt Small Biz & Enterpreneurs

Molly Ivins: Pigging out on pork

Where has all the money gone? Ed Harriman follows the auditors into Iraq

Time for some more decontorsion of Bush Speak

Why London? Why Now?

Novak knew he blew Plame's Cover

Fight Republicans on Filibuster!

Fox News' Brian Kilmeade" "works to...Western world's advantage..."

Iconoclast: Depleted Uranium: A Scientific Perspective

How will we respond to the London Underground Attack?

Let's come up with a calendar for activism topics

I've got a couple of questions about how this Activist Corps will work

Don't Let Anti-Choice Extremists Win the Fight for the Supreme Court

Questions the WH press has not asked (Plamegate)'s media guide.

Bob Geldof: Choice quote from a deranged man

Hurricane Dennis (cat-2)

Million Solar Roofs Bill Passes Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee

Honda unveils higher mileage Civic engines

What? There was no "chatter" going on before this morning's bombings?

Do you realize that there's exactly 481 days between the 3/11/2004 Spain

"U.S. Filmmaker Among 5 Arrested In Iraq" - Cyrus Kar Needs Our Help



9-11 Scenario by Peter Meyer

Today's London events made me think, If MILHOP on 911...

Have you seen this video? Planned demolition explained.

911: Col. George Nelson is interviewed by Dave vonKleist

If flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon, what happened to it?

Accupoll says HAVA requires VVPR for Federal elections---

Self-Imposed Curfew Halts Arcata Hearing on Voter Confidence

Pastor: “I don’t need to know how the machines were hacked” (EAH report)

On Fl Radio Today,Clint Curtis programmer hired by Cong Tom Feeney to rig

Political Clout Pulls in Cash

Need Help Now in LA, & SF Prep for Sept 24 Mass ANTIWAR RALLY

Democrats will go the high-tech route

Poll: Californians back unions over Schwarzenegger

Poll: Californians back unions over Schwarzenegger

California Nat. Guard Spying on US?

Bay Area DU get together

Redistricting measure could drop off ballot

Can A *Recall Ah-nold* Initiative Be Added To His Special Election?

Blouin steps down as IA Dev. Dir. to explore gubernatorial bid

Three cheers for my old A.P. Government teacher in high school.

Giant Multicolored Jellyfish descend on St Paul


KARE 11 Poll

Keegan's Pub sponsors local right-wing radio

Microsoft rumored to be buying creator of Gator adware

I have downloaded Kazaa to my computer, I have not used it. I ran a scan

My monitor gets very blurry, then it blinks out

Govenor Taft's Aide Helped Noe For White House Visit

House Republican broke pledge to sit out school finance vote

Factions line up for two Texas Hispanics

"Bush's Brain" showing in Austin Friday 7/8 -Free

Al Edwards gets erased - Ha Ha

Democrats considering Laney for governor

Review of Oral Arguments in School Funding

TV reporter in Madison who flipped out

Is Judith Miller's mission Mockingbird related?

Further Adventures of The "Stem"


Will Rove be Indicted?

Theory: Judith Miller IS playing them all

Hannity Calls Allegations Against Rove Mass Hysteria

Kadena airman accused of molesting child

Limbaugh's Medical Records Released, Reveal “Doctor Shopping”...

Karl Rove Bio - Conservative or Crook?

One thing I admire about Dean

So...does anyone know the average number of resumes

What is an activist judge?

Ride the Music (Believe it If You Need It) [My 6000th Post]

Unforeseen events playing havoc with oil prices

O'Donnell: Why rover might be indicted

Repugs protesting TVNZ live in newyork

Mistrust rises with autism rate

CNN tours Gitmo prison camp

Hey Media, in regards to the Judith Miller story?

We Love Tom Delay dot com!


1751 Reasons why the DSM is Important

the spider's lair -- new toon (Thursday 7/7/05)

Judith Miller as a CIA asset from the beginning of her career?

Good thing we got Saddam, "W"!!!

Funny how Bu$h always gets a distraction

assuming the worse, i.e. terrorist caused the explosions in U.K.

Now we know its a power surge dont lose site of ROVE/DSM


If anyone ever needed an example of irony, check out this Miller statement

BBC America/cable live coverage now

NYT Editorial Page likens Miller to Rosa Parks and MLK!!!!!

CNN Intl are saying al Qaeda's

I want to date this republican

"Tomb of the Known Soldier"

bush will use this tragedy to justify iraq

the bbc is reporting many casulties

hey what was the percentage increase of terrorism since 2001?

some pictures from UK

Our Leaders have failed us.

Blair's sposed to speak at top of hour,7 AM Eastern.

Sad. There are still people trapped underground.

White House Press Corps Fails To Ask About Rove


Rove-Plame: The Word from Aspen

NY, DC, LA, Boston and elsewhere

The Queen is returning to Buckingham Palace.

European Bases Heightening Security

MSNBC: France has raised their alert n/t

blair: "barbaric to do this while people are meeting to end poverty"

DUer's, we could be on the verge of historical conflict

so much for Rove indictment....bush crime family strikes again

What are the chances that this could happen in US today as well



10 confirmed dead now at one station...

I have the BBC World feed on via Starchoice Sat ....

They are now saying its not a rescue mission anymore but a ..

Will Blair expedite...

Timeline of London blasts (link)

Link to BBC Radio Streams

The world is a safer place. n/t

Prayers and Condolences for all London DUers

Kill an innocent person, create three new terrorists.

Eye-witness reports, on BBC site

wikipedia entry created for today

Is the Bush Administration using buzzwords like Freedom,Liberty,

Picture taken inside one of the bombed trains

Guardian newspaper on-line news blog

Good Morning America just announced that a Islamic terrorist group

MI5 web site, page on the London bombs 7.7.2005

Oh my GOD. . . Terrorist attacks spreading to other areas of Britain!

Blair's Rock and Blair's Hard Place

Right wing group plans alternative to Moore festival

They just showed a live shot of Blair and the rest at G-8 on CTV

Significance of July 7 as date of attacks?

Please DU this CNN poll

Will the Stock Market fall like a stone today?

London's 2012 celebrations cancelled

Backlash will come from the UK public.

Many People still trapped in tunnels at Kings Cross. BBC: rescue under

The Muslim Council of Britain utterly condemns

The Butterfly Effect

London further proof of Bush failure...terrorism is like cancer

I can't stand 3 and a half more years of this jackass....

pResident speaking on FOX live NOW

On MSNBC.... Bin Laden made Zarqawi to be his Prince and Zarqawi

Scotland Yard was warned and passed info on to Iraeli officials.

BBC reporters' Notes: Updated continually

But We were told 'The World is a Safer Place'

And Will Bush Now Claim This Was Saddam's Work?

Say Goodbye to the Rove/Plame story. Terrorism 24/7

Sending your kid to Iraq

The battle of the Right vs. the Right

Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the London bombs 7.7.2005

Muslim scholars move to curb fatwas

Syria arrests two more terror suspects

Leave the politicizing and manipulating of this tragedy to the Bushists.

The war in Error is now out of Iraq.

One of the things I find amazing is the belief of Bush, Rove,Cheney,

If this is al-Qaeda or a copy cat, this is the price of letting Bin Laden

The "Queen" responds....

Bush says " They don't like our way of life".It is more likely that they

ONE BIG Question! - Why hasn't the terra level ben raised?

Memo to Karl Rove . . .

Gas jumped 14 cents overnight in KC.

Bush speaking on the BBC from Scotland

I'm so sorry London.

Impeach NOW! This is a political site and the bombs are political events

Al Jazeera report

C-Span via AP wire.. 40 dead in London attacks

What is the response by Democrats?


Bush "Expresses Condolences ... To The People Who Lost Their Lives" ??

attacks in London planned in U.S. (using double-speak)

Latest from Guardian news blog

Any big-city public transit users ever nervous about terrorism?

It's a scene right out of "Casablanca"

Did you notice that during Blair's statement at G8

Will B*sh use the London bombings to turn the tables on the other G8ers?

Many years ago, Frank Zappa, perhaps our most astute observer

I am so angry...

CNN: "No plans for bush to leave summit early"

Wasn't Britain already planning to pull out of Iraq?

Impeachment? DSM? PlameGate? How Dare You!

Sadly, moron* has made terrorism and politics inseperatable...

Microsoft rumored to be buying creator of Gator adware

We are preparing for Hurricane Dennis and I got to tell you

CNN: bush on now

Bush & Blair are seen as weak by terrorists. And they react predictably.

When Bush uses the word "compassion" it makes my skin crawl

London Bombing: Olympic Games Connection?

Lack of Empathy ....

David Horowitz strikes again

How can we be sure in a world that is so completely corrupted by

So....I have been away for one week

So, how long before the UK PATRIOT Act?

Hold on to your wallets,

Would a similar attack in the US increase support for Bush? Or would

Iran and Iraq to sign military deal

Is the muslim world in an all out civil war?

Close the borders, close the gate, close your door, close your mind and...

DUers show some damn class, this a tragedy no time to worry about ROVE!

Bin Laden vs Bush

Fusion of Church and State can help Terrorists

So it took a terrorist attack to "revive" Cheney?

When will they learn they can't "fight terror"?

Another thought: do we even want attention on the Plame case?

Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq killed.

We're fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here

We knew that another terrorist attack was coming.

The London Blasts: A Firsthand Account

'NY Times' Says Source Who Gave Matt Cooper Waiver Was Karl Rove


No sign attack planned in U.S.-Homeland Security

Two questions for the paranoid set

The Britain attack makes perfect sense (I think) and here is why

Coordinated train attacks are what scare me the most about NYC

Rove/Plame and the "Liberal media"

"Blasts" from the past: 'They hate our policies, not our freedom'

Tell me again why we gave up on Afghanistan to invade Iraq

Ending Term Limits go against Democracy

who's the head of Homeland Security?

"Fight them there, so we don't have to fight them here"

Interesting Bush Observations

London blasts, this is the path Blair and *Bush have chosen.

Flashback: Gore Won 2000 Election/NORC recount DELAYED because of 9/11!

Why the hell isn't Bob Novak being pressured to discuss Plame?

Rasmussen has Bush up 6 points in his approval ratings

Roves first act in White House

another war apologist myth bites the dust

Will Bu$h get a jump in the polls from these attacks?

My theory: terrorists attacked to keep Bush and Blair in power

london police says had "no intelligence in our possession" that

It WILL happen here again

No credible claim of responsibility: Brit. Police

The London attack helps Bush (Coincidence?)

POLL: Will London attack help or hurt Bush & Blair?

I was right


The thing to remember is that the terrorists WANT Bush in charge

NPR = FOX (London bombing coverage)

I Pledge Not To Be Paranoid And Kooky.

"There won't be a rock big enough for the liberals to hide under..."

Will everyone please calm down. Christ this is exactly what

Take a deep breath

Who stands to benefit from today's tragedy?

Will Congress return from recess early to address "border" problem?

"nothing like brief stint in minimum-security prison to restore luster"

Report from London

Brian-Expat: Question St. Martin's College

I am terrified...


Coincidence? NYC is holding a Major pre-planned terror subway drill today.

Four London Blasts Kill 40, Injure 350

Brian Expat: Is there anything we can do here to help London?

How long before someone blames Durbin?

Right now on MSNBC

Now is no time to let tragedy make us slow down our work

Best thing Bush could do in the war on terror is to stop killing Iraqis...

London terror attacks of the past 25 years

U.S. raises terralert level on rail & subways, just on M$NBC

What should be the Democratic leaders response to next attack here?

So, I called my repug mother in law

Gas in my area

Purely on a personal level, can I just say that George W. Bush is

Anyone watch the Daily Show last night?

Where Is Judith Miller Being Held

Sick, sick right wing bastards!

So I guess the world is not safer with Saddam gone.

Timing of attack - trying to derail Live 8 effect

The ultimate revelation is still 9/11

The "I" word.

an FYI to those who want to help.......

What's YOUR favorite DU group?

Bush WILL use today's tragedy for political gain - We need to discuss it

A little perspective on the London bombing

Statement claiming London attacks

Tragedy seems to bring out the best and worst of DU...

Interesting notes and questions about the Judith Miller story

Apparently, terrorists operate freely and bomb at a time and place

Don't Forget to mourn for Nigeria too ....

AP: Suspicious Car Near Treasury Prompts Security Caution

Best Headline: "Bike-bobbling Bush bumps into a Bobby, gets bandaged "

Tulsa park board reverses vote to include creationism exhibit at zoo!

A question?

Do we know that all London DUers are okay?

Franken re G8-this will now take the focus off of poverty and global

After 7/7 bush had tea and muffins. Dems want to go after terrorists

After 7/7 Neocns continue giving $ therapy to Pakistan and Saudi dictators

Just before the Nov. election London was thought to be a terror target.

BBC America has the best coverage of the tragedy in London

Halliburton's Higher Bill

Will our Democratic leaders ask why

Where is 40 coming from?

From New York City to London >>>

Anybody else feel dirty?

We Are Still Fighting The Gulf War of 1990

Charlie Gibson: "I didn't know they had cell phone video cameras"

"Last time Bu$h was in Great Britain there was a terrorist attack"

342 arrested by G8 police

When you Google "miserable failure" GWB's bio pops up -

The moratorium on expression is a pile of crap.

McCain gets tough on terror

Sad, Today DU looks a lot like FreeRepublic

Fuck Politics

Does this really have ANYTHING to do with religion.. ?

All Because Of Bush

Why isn't there coverage like this when 40 Iraqis die in weekly attacks?

So, where are the pics of Pretzeldent and his bike

What can our leaders say? "This will not stand?"

INCOMPETENCE AND LIES have made the world more DANGEROUS

Security incidents in Iraq, July 7

Anyone hear anything about when Cooper testifies? n/t

If the terrorists from London turn out to be Saudi's or Pakistani's

Springer mocking "fight them there" nonsense

The "IRA" is not responsible for London attack?

"blame" is to blame for the bombings

Spain got an equal or worse hit from Al Qaida...

Things appear to be returning to something like normal in London.

The message seems clear: no amount of weapons, money, or hubris

Don't forget the reason behind the Live 8 concerts

bush turns everything into shit---

Rudy Giuliani -- International Terrorist

This BBC article about Bush's bike wreck cracks me up

Anyone realize there was a bombing in Indonesia as well today?

Huh. Bush said that the Iraq war was to fight the terrorists THERE.

Quick Jay Leno question -

Birth control is mass murder and is never justifiable. On the other hand,

California National Guard Spying on Americans?

Military helicopters flying over my neighborhood RIGHT NOW

BBC expert: Al-qaida cell claiming responsibility unheard of before

Anyone Hear from Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson Yet?

London Bombing Pictures on Flickr

We are fighting them there so we don't have to

Bicycling Bush scraped up in collision with policeman

Here's What's Wrong In One Sentence

Whoever is deleting my posts on not silencing M/LIHOPERs...

Limbaugh is lauding Ken Livingstone

Do Al Qaeda have their own version of Tommy Franks?

Opportunistic pigs.

Will they move the Olympics back to Paris because of this?

Syria, Iran, Hamas, Hizbollah condemn the London bombing

The British Red Cross has something up on their website.

self delete double post sorry

George Galloway statement on the London bombings

There is a terrorist coming. His name is Dennis.

Phone numbers for info on friends and family in London

John McCain: "We have not had an attack since 911"

My "I have always been a Republican" Boss

Dick is telling everyone to relax, What happened in London

Notice how quiet the news has gotten about Rove being leaker...

I will say this

If this horrible incident had happened to Iraqis would it be news?

DU CNN poll: Just say no

Bush's Bike Boo-Boo --PIX-->>>


The US has spent all of its efforts on "fixing" security

How long till Bush & Blair blame this on Iran?

Please, DU friends, lets show some sensitivity.

2 days @ Camp Victory and 3 days in Kuwait, staying in luxury hotels...

How do we know that Tony's government is telling the truth now?

U.S. Muslims condemn attacks

700 Dead?

Afghan 'war criminals' under scanner

Well folks El Rushbo has us all figured out

George Bush's voice in a Spielberg commercial?

Heritage Foundation's Emailed This Load of Crap on the Brit Bombings:

is anyone listening to aar?

Brits tell Israel min. before blasts - who told the Brits???????

What will be the Brits reaction to this?

Dick Cheney has been at his ranch in Wyoming, according to news.

We're fighting them in Iraq and London so we don't have to fight them here

It reminded them of the WTC attacks on 9/11....

Do I sound like an apologist here? Some random thoughts on terrorism:

IF anyone wants to hear a half decent show on the bombs

So, Will Repubs Be Joining The Military In Droves Today?

From news so far, it looks like the terror attack in London is a failure

BTK killer: "I know it's not very Christian, I had a demon inside me"

Where was the "heightened chatter"? Where were the signs of...

A Brit writes...

Last Throes My ASS

So what have we learned today?

It's Times Like These That I Wish We Had a Real President >>>

Democratic senators issue statements on attacks

What, Do You Suppose, THIS Man Is Thinking ???

we get upset about 1 terrorist event when our Terrorism is for ever , DU

The Bush Administration is a threat to our Republic and National Security

olympic blvd, west LA closed due to bomb squad???

So, will this event have the British on Blair to actually HUNT terrorists?

Just a reminder- Don't let the laest attack distract from the Plame outing

What kind of bombs were used? And how were they planted?

Will any Politician have the balls to stand up and say

So is the country going to "rally around Bush" because of the London

We Have To Discuss The Political Implications of This Attack Because....

Today, Weapons of Mass Destruction Tore Into Great Britain

Just got word something happened in Boston...

Giving credit to Ashcroft..(Plame investigation)

Huff Post O'Donnell "The One Very Good Reason Karl Rove Might Be Indicted"

Here's a very cool website for tracking Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Hey Bush, remember that Osama guy?

Listening to CondorLizard Rice being interviewed on BBC.

Damn you, Mr. Bush

Did anyone happen to catch The Daily Show last night ?

For DUers w/family & friends in London

So, will "Al Qaeda" be blamed for these attacks?

War is a two-way street....

An MSN conservation I just had

People died today

WTF is this? I just got this Presser in My email...(stiff drink needed)

Can someone "explain" because I think I'm "missing" something..........

Since extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, should not every

and did not even shrink from terror attacks against their own people.

Bu*h has turned the entire world into a deadly minefield.

Months ago they restricted driving into downtown London

George Clooney was on Pat Robertson's show last night

Take the Pledge....No Politicking/Manipulating this tragedy just for today

So, after this latest terrorist disaster, what sort of rw bombast

The deadliest "peacetime" (???) attacks on the capital

I'm with Oliphant on AAR

Are all the things that we have been fed since our grade school about

So what's gonna be your response George?? Invade Lichtenstein?

Everyone should read this article from the Nation - ESPECIALLY today!

After hearing the cheering London crowds on NPR yesterday this kills me

Argghhhhhhaa! The alerts say : JUST away from mass transit only!!!!!

CNNI: It was the largest attack in London since WWII

British Consulates in America (email addys - to let them know you care)

Know why Poodle had to leave the G8 meeting this morning ???

In memory of the people killed in London, should we all go shopping?


As horrible and sad a day this is for the Brits...

In Spain they took a different pledge

Fox News Clip on the London Bombing: I can't even attempt to describe it.

"The Snake:" Blaming our Leaders vs. the Terrorists

maudlin sappy americans

Today's bombing PROVES that Bush is losing the war on

High Traffic on DU now? Must be Freepers or something.

"If we had all been standing behind our President..."

Innocent Dead = Jesus

Cost of Iraq War July 7th- $179,125,700,648

Howard Dean is to be on Ed Schults show today!

Sorry about earlier...

Report: 28,000 victims of terrorism, dramatic increase in global attacks

I woke up last nite at around 3:00 a.m. from a horrible nightmare.

Another STUPID comment from the right on C-SPAN this AM re: London blasts

Why is the IRA being ignored in all this?

Howard on Shultz right now!

US Prison Population- 2.03 Million and Growing

I feel bad for Tony Blair.

I'm NOT sorry about being offensive

Georgie, "Mission accomplished?"

Howard Dean is on Ed Shultz right now. Link is above.

Tactical move against London - what blowback are the bombers hoping for?

9/11, Spain bombings and London bombings all ocurred

Novak Squealed

Irish America and ALL of America STAND WITH THE BRITISH.

So much for "Fighting them over there,so we don't have to fight them here"

War on Three Fronts?

Will Britain try to take the lead in fighting terrorism?

Media darling Judy learned from Martha that prison can restore old luster?

UK police investigations generally succeed.

Iraq signs military pact with Iran

Do you support Bush and his minions when you pay taxes?

Imagine a world where no one criticized George Bush or Tony Blair...

I think the events of today prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, LIHTI theory

"Oddly Stoic"? What a weird choice of words.

So what are the British going to do now?

Oregonian Newspaper Headlines Today

Are Shark Attacks a new Early Warning System?

Terrorists don't throw rocks: London bombings and the G8

Hurricane Evacuation - The contraflow signs are in place

What army are we going to Invade Iran with again?

Unless we get a little crazy...

Face it folks, any attack will be politicized.

Strange Republican Prophecy

*Alert* Bernie Kerik about to offer his insights on Hannity's radio show

So, have the Freepers figured out how to make the London bombs

Where is Bandar Bush?

today i fly the union jack n/t

Brian Kilmeade/Fox News Asshole

Report: Drug firms spend most on lobbying

"London-like attacks not expected in US"? How do they know this????

Time for Robert Novak to Feel Some Chill

Miles O'Brien/CNN: "Welcome back to the NEW NORMAL"

Bombing victim's account (The Tyee)

Aimee Mann has a Message For George & Tony...

We're fighting them THERE so we don't have to fight them here !!?!?!?!?!?!

Bush claimed Al Qaeda was severely weakened - wrong again, Shrub

AAR just said that they found some unexploded bombs...

My heart goes out to the people of London right now, but..

Strong, strong, strong

To those of you who are angry at so-called "apologists" right now:

Any DUers in the D.C. area riding the Metro today? Say hello to Gannon.

White Women, Sharks, And Terrorist Attacks

New York, Madrid, London. All infrastructure targets.

Of all the crazy wingnut "pundits" out there . . .

Where Next?

Today just sucks

We are safer now that Saddam is gone?

"We need to fight 'em in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here at home"

Fables for the freepers to believe

POLL: How will Bushies use London Attack?

Gulf of Mexico temp 91 degrees at Clearwater Beach

Why is no one in the news discussing link of G8 and attacks?

New Iraq Video...Why Aren't these on CNN?

The War on Terror is a Failure

I predict that the Right Wing's response to London attacks will be

Would $300billion spent on US ports, airports, etc. have made us safer?

Journalist on CSPAN this AM said something amazingly STUPID re: Wilson

Wingnut radio hosts in Iraq for 2 days--in Kuwait for 3.

HEY ....I thought the world was a safer place bush?

Why do they keep killing our children ?

Will the neocons stop justifying torture now?

Anybody listening to AAR?

Question on Plame - Rove used the press to commit a crime?

I hate the way I feel.........

"They don't like our way of life"

There goes the latest excuse for being in Iraq.

What didn't happen today may be important.

So where to now?

I am British and my first reaction is FU Tony Blair and the warmongers!!

DAMN! Mods, you guys are rocking today !!!

So how exactly has miltary action lessoned terrorists attacks?

Bin Laden/4th of July Parade Float

If we don't get rid of B* this will happen again and again.

Have our leaders created a environment?

I knew it would be our ally and not us to get hit next

From statement by Mayor of London, 7.7.2005

Hurry up, Toby Keith, write a song. America needs to "heal"!

We are all British today

Racist Debbie Schlussel baits American Arab ADC.

CNN Intl quote on Muslims

Which position is political ?

Blair Press Conference Pic (with a difference)

If you doubt who the terrorists are-check out this video:

Conversation between Bush and Blair

Pack your bags, Greta Van Susteren!

Any links to websites where we may post condolences to the U.K.?

Novakula: Bush obstacle to a conservative court (Rehnquist to retire?!)

Will any elected Democrat publicly connect the London attack...

My guess on the London bombings.

Former New York Major Rudy Giuliani on CNN Intl

Is this attack a run up to Iran?


Paging Ben Burch-

I'm still waiting for the torture pics and audio segments

The New York Times editorial on Miller's imprisonment

Heard Iran and Iraq signed a mutual defense treaty?

Where was the "heightened chatter"? Where were the signs of...

Does anyone have a list of "who was actually KILLED" in this bombing???

Have some pity on the poor media today, folks...

Looks like Dennis is going to Whack the Florida Panhandle

Oh my gosh! Why aren't we out SHOPPING???

Sources: William Rehnquist to retire tomorrow

London Bombing/Whats next???

So here's to the Man with the Feet of Straw. Bob Woodward.

Looks like Dennis is going to Whack the Florida Panhandle

Whatever happened to "CHATTER"?

Sources: William Rehnquist to retire tomorrow

Strange Republican Prophecy

I guess we now see what it takes to raise the post election terror level.

Patriotism vs. Nationalism and Jingoism

Meanwhile, scores of innocent civilians are being killed...

it seems that discussion in the media of G8 / Global Warming & Africa

who did it?

Pictures from US & Canada transit systems today.

I wonder how Chirac is feeling today.

High Traffic on DU now? Must be Freepers or something.

GW showed up for G8 with blood on his hands. Literally.

You all know what this London bombing is also going to mean....

Corruption in action: Pharmaceutical industry buys government

"Fight them there" strategy a failure....

Please explain why the London attacks today are worse than Iraq...

Thoughts go out to all with loved ones in London

Ok, Just got home, has any news channel had the balls to talk

The Guardian has pictures online

Chief Justice William Rehnquist to retire

So, Blair was contemplating pulling troops out of Iraq, then his nation ..

How long will Blair last now?

So, what happened to MSNBC's big announcement?

Stockdale's heroism to be honored in book, "The Class of '47"

Florida has declared state of emergency, Hurricane Dennis

Eyewitness reports from London this evening.

Sam Seder just played the Faux News bullshit statements on the bombings

Fascist LTTE in today's Arizona Republic

To all of the DU Watchers out there

What did the fbi know about the london attacks?

Weapon's Planted on Iraqi Teens


Fox News on London Bombings: "Hmmm, time to buy (futures)."

Reminder: Porter Goss bragged about having an "excellent idea" of OBL's

I don't know what makes me angrier about London.

freeper stirring up freeper hornets nest over OBL and terrorist attack..

Cspan caller on Washington Journal

Are there any photos of the actual bomb blast sites?

Power Surge causes London Underground expolsion

Please forgive this trivial request, but

Thnak you Janeane - on AAR Majority Report

SNL KNEW back in 2003! Rove did it!

Has DU been crashing for anyone else?

What Chalabi is doing in Southern Iraq re: autonomy movement

Looks like Dennis is going to Whack the Florida Panhandle

OBL: "Today I thank Satan that George W. Bush is your president."

Holy Cow! We have a NEW color code!!!

Michelle Malkin reads and cherry picks DU

Did anyone else detect a sense of glee or satisfaction in Bush's

I think almost all reporters and many politicians read DU....

LIMBOsevic Hates Other Americans More Than Terrorists

Terror Alert raised to Orange, "What do we do now?"

Isn't it odd....


Do you see your impressions of today's events reflected on the TV news?

The Consequences of Failed Leadership

A great JFK quote from Hugo Chávez:

Will Bush pardon himself in his final day in office ?

Why I can't take the pledge

Seems we've had another intelligence failure today

Today in London = every day in Iraq. But compare the coverage...

'War on Terror' is like a war on fear or hatred - it's impossible

I am pretty darned sure that I heard Wes Clark recently predict that

Fightin Terra, Freeper Style!!

The Bush* Agenda Now Rules G8 Summit

'Islamic Extremists' Misquote Quran

yesterday London celebrates getting 2012 Olympics and then today.....

So, it's a big deal when a bomb goes off in London...

People who died yesterday.

The American Right Wing does not give a Flying Fuck about the British.

Whether or not terrorists attack, the republicans always win.

Young Conservatives! College Republicans!! We have been attacked!!

the root causes of terrorism

Aren't there CAMERA's all over London ?? Where are the video's??

Woodward on Fresh Air tonight re Miller.

I hope that at least some folks here..

What did the fbi know about the london attacks?

Hurricane Dennis ain't lookin' good. I don't want another Ivan this soon!

I'm SICK of bush's extreme narcissism. It's embarrassing as hell.

Did Matt Cooper testify today?

Prove to me that the world is safer now because Saddam is gone.

Unintelligent design: Wingnut gasbags talk about evolution

Name one thing that was successful for * ?

I want to tell you a story and have you help me sort my thoughts.

Bush has to review (anti-terror) strategy, say US experts

Is every terrorist attack purpotrated against the West MIHOP?

DUers Look at the London Bombings and say...

Blaming Bush

The London attacks belong to Bush and Blair and not in a tinfoil hat way.

A suggestion for Muslims

Terrorism, made brutally simple.. (animation)

Plamegate - questions the WH press corps has not asked

Bush Admin Exposed a Covert London Al-Queda Asset Last Year

If I ever die in a terrorist attack...

Who's betting the terrorists are from Iran?

Ignore the Chicken Hawk Bullies on Faux and other Cables!

"Broke the news to President Bush"

I am so sad right now- my heart is breaking.

Will/Should flags be lowered to half-staff?

Is the US Terror Threat Color Code 'system' stupid!?

LOL - banned from my favorite message board

Al Qaida

Business as usual. (A post from central London.)

Are you listening to Sam on AAR???!

In U.S. rail networks still vulnerable to terror attacks - must read

Today's attacks in London PROVE BUSH RIGHT!

A Letter To The Terrorists, From London

A plea from London

Okay...who believes that this nation goes to war only when

Understand, the elites who seek to control the world don't care how many

Vote for the most annoying Air America Comercial

Today, I am from London.

Let us compare and contrast...

Returning to the days of 9/11

Pics of Bush bike injuries.

who else is freaked?

Fortunate Son (Pataki Son seeks three year military deferral)

Yet when 40+ Iraqis are killed, when 100s+ Iraqis are wounded, no DUer

DNC (Dean) statement on London Attacks

I can be angry at the terrorists AND at bush and his ilk at the SAME TIME.

on the day my capitol is attacked i want to reach out to the Iraqi people

Its a war. My country's army is killing civilians; am I a "fair target?"

My exchange with Freeper teller at my bank this morning re: London blasts

I haven't heard from my cousin

"I truly am not that concerned about bin Laden" - George W. Bush

O'Donnell: "All the judges who have seen the prosecutor’s secret evidence

Why Not Tokyo?

Faux News keeps going on an on...

On the terrorist bombings in London

Fox News: London bombings is "to our advantage."

Send your prayers, energies & thoughts to our friends in London here

Take A Minute Off Of The Bombing To Enjoy - "Dance Of The Retarded Chimp!"

Liberals Must Make London Political

DA Asks You To Please Support Chimp-Peach-Mint!!!

The London Subway bombings show Bush as the failure he really is.

Locations of the London Bombing

Over There

Are you glad that Judith Miller is in jail?

A bomb will explode in Iraq today

Why MIHOP theories re. London are, for now, baseless

A question to British DUers - Are Britains putting up flags everywhere?

MissionNOTAccomplished: End Bu$h, Blair nuclear-age imperialism

Blair already making political advantage. his moist eyed insincerity

Olympic Victory Helps Fuel Blair Comeback

My heartfelt condolences for our

I'm very encouraged by Tony Blair's most recent statement. I take back my

My deepest condolences to those in London.

Anybody watching the coverage of the situation in London right now?

Arroyo asks all ministers to quit (BBC)

Uzbekistan Mulls Future of U.S Air Base

U.S. initial jobless claims up 7,000 to 319,000

So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?

Firm(Westar Energy): Donation brought access to DeLay

Kadena airman accused of molesting child

Mistrust rises with autism rate

A bus has exploded in London.

Report from London

White House issues correction to Bush's lie during G8 statement

Multiple explosions on tubes, buses and in streets of London.

Another explosion just reported in Liverpool Street

BBC just reported more bombs on liverpool street

BBC: Brighton train station now closed. No reports yet of any explosions

BBC has just reported that "Arab sources" claim Al Qaida responsible

Sky News: "Army in covent garden." No further explanation

Blast at (London UK ) City tube station

Scandal isolates Cunningham (the Duke Stir)

GUYS! HELLO! CNN and BBC reports SIX explosions, TWO dead and 95 wounded

Al-Qaida Claims Responsibilty for Explosions in British Capital

Boeing export to China raises concern

Al Jazeera: Police fire on protest in Iraqi town

Live video, London blasts: t BBC Video update.. (Also Audio)

Al-Qaida Claims Killing of Egyptian Envoy

Afghan media body urges Karzai to release detained reporters

Multiple explosions rock London - THREAD #2

Washington Steps Up Transit Security

Romney raises MBTA security level following London attacks

Austalia/Cabinet to discuss Afghanistan troop redeployment

Iraqi police open fire on 1,000 demonstrators

Taliban again say holding missing U.S. commando

NYT: Study Says Malpractice Payouts Aren't Rising (but insurer rates up)

Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast

LAT: Federal Officer Is Charged in Fatal Shooting

US raising terrorism alert level for rail, metro (Code Orange)

Energy Co. Paid $25,000 for DeLay Meeting

Iranians to train Iraq's military

Bicycling Bush scraped up in collision with policeman

More in U.S. Have Foreign-Born Mothers

U.S. Monitoring Market Reaction to Blasts

Florida Prosecutors Receive Limbaugh's Medical Records

U.S. raises terralert level on rail, subways just on M$NBC

Pentagon bars retired admiral from testifying

Israel had early warning

UN Security Council condemns attacks

Why London? Why Now?

Peru Military Resists Civilian Trials

Yucca backers rallying

London Blast Thread #3 - 40 reported dead in London blasts

(KY) Governor's deputy chief of staff among those indicted in hiring probe

U.S. Threat Is a Blow to Colombia's Easy Terms for Death Squads

US will never be able to use arms on N.Korea - Roh

Al Qaeda says kills Egyptian envoy in Iraq-web

Bush to Stay at G-8 Meeting in Scotland After London Explosions

IOC: Britain will still hold 2012 Games

Pfc. England Judge Refuses to Step Down

Guard Recruit Is AWOL (warrant for 17 yr old girl/says she was deceived)

WP: Bush, Blair Deadlocked on Global Warming

Pa. National Guard says recruit is AWOL (Deceptive Recruiting)

Senior police officers plotted to bomb interior ministry: Iraq

U.S. Gov't: No Evidence of Planned Attacks

Suspicious Car Near Treasury Prompts Security Caution

US prescription drug abusers top 15 million- study

Egypt Closes Baghdad Diplomatic Mission

SUPREME COURT VACANCY: President defends Gonzales

Tax Revenues Strengthen State Budgets

Unforeseen events playing havoc with oil prices

Details of the London blasts

Bush warns to let review of Chinese UNOCAL bid run

MSNBC: No immediate plans to raise U.S. threat level, official says.

U.S. raises alert level amid "copycat" concerns(from "elevated" to "high")

G8 prepares climate change statement

Iran promises Iraq financial aid (one billion dollars)

Jewish group sues area evangelist

Fortunate Son ( Pataki's son seeks three year deferment to service)

London bombings evoke sympathy in Middle East


Return Vioxx to market, experts tell Health Canada

Saddam Hussein's Chief Lawyer Resigns

Iraqi rebels bomb Baghdad water pipeline at height of summer

Saddam's chief lawyer resigns, accuses U.S. peers of controlling legal tea

CAIR Condemns 'Barbaric' London Terror Attacks

9/11(Giuliani) mayor near London bomb scene (BBC News)

Taliban Threatens To Kill U.S. Navy SEAL: Vow To Release Video Of The Man'

Two years into CIA leak probe, no charges

Schumer seeks to double funds for rail security

Tulsa Zoo "creationism" exhibit cancelled, Park Board reverses itself!

LAT: Natl. Environmental Policy Act "at Crossroads" (Bush adm. challenge)

World not doing enough to fight terrorism -- Putin

Cheney to Get High-Tech Pacemaker Exam

Officials: Unexploded Devices Discovered in London - ABC

WP: FAA Slow To Require Fuel Tank Safety Gear (outrage!)

America unaware of Afghan plea(of Austrailian Troops)

London-like attack not expected in US-Officials...

Security-related stocks jump on London explosions

U.S. has no good options for Iraq, experts say

Group seeks bribery probe of DeLay(reissued indictments for 2 Delay assoc)

Second Decontamination Set For Boxes At Former AMI Building (anthrax)

Gunmen kill 3 barbers in Baghdad

Pentagon denies medically abusing detainees

Iraq signs military pact with Iran

(UK) More attacks possible as terrorists still at large, warns expert

'The whole of the front of the building was covered with blood'

Navy Panel Recommends New Search For (Gulf War POW) Speicher

London Blast Thread #4 - 40 reported dead in London blasts

Fla. Official Who Killed Self Stole Money (AP/Guardian)

Chief Justice William Rehnquist to retire

BBC: Massive hunt for London bombers

(AP) Military releases info on missing SEALs, copter

ADL Expresses Solidarity with British People in Wake of Terrorist Attacks

Three killed, 46 injured in mortar strikes in Mosul

Focus on the Family: "Schumer must Withdraw from Confirmation Process"

Prosecutor: No Criminality In Schiavo Collapse;(Jeb)Bush Ends Inquiry (AP)

Statement claiming London attacks : BBC

LAT: MTV Stung by Live 8 Criticism (AOL "defining moment in online music")

Pope condemns London attacks ("anti-Christian")

Breaking news, Bush comments on London Blast

Union Leader: Labor Can't Just Back Dems

'NY Times' Says Source Who Gave Matt Cooper Waiver Was Karl Rove

Robbie Williams gets punk'd

The Great Tom Cruise Backlash (Mark Morford)

Any women here who smoke cigars?

Ride the Music (Believe it If You Need It) [My 6000th Post]

A song about Howard Dean.

It's 10:40 PM. Do you know where George Michael is?

Maddox is funny as hell.

What is the origin of the term Cuckoobanannas?

I'll tell you one thing. It wasn't Rove.

Why does nobody want Dakota Fanning to live??

Please nominate this thread --

so was the daily show new tonight?

"My Mother and your Mother were hanging out clothes...Childhood rhymes

Harry Crews

I am so engorged right now.

Do you have a Fetish? You'll not want this one..

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. THAT'S what I'm talking about.

My daughter has the same birthday as shrub...

Do you have a Fetish? You'll want this one...

I have a wish for all DUers.

And So it is...

Hey, Maddy...

Good night all, be on your guord...

That G8 meeting is taking its toll and haven´t really started yet..

I think any little girl would love this doll for Christmas.

I like ForrestGump. He makes me laugh.

He looks friendly.

Listening to the scanner...

Yup, it's official, Layla, you got me on my knees.......

Anyone watching " Mind of Mencia"?

Where is Dick Cheney?

Should I make some Decaf or just stick with the "Nuclear Option"?

What's the conversion rate of dollars to pounds?

Momma's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest!!!!!

My three year old daughter told my wife something today and then said

Am I a Voodoo Child?

Bob Geldof nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!? Is this right?

It's gotta be wrong listening to Ted Nugent while I'm on DU.....

the spider's lair - new toon Thursday 7/7/05

I think somebody just tried to break in my apartment!

Aren't there times...

Damn it is too late for me to sleep

Anyone ever tried Saliva?

Classical music enthusiasts: please help identify the tune in this clip!


Blair speaking at G8, Bush behind him with same look on face as 9/11...

We Should Get Bush** A Birthday Present...

Waters & Gilmour need to get over their spat and get Pink Floyd on tour

Kooky Kriminal Karjacks 2

Anybody watch "The Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Ch.?

My thoughts are with our London and UK DUers

Gilbert, MN, cancels "Whorehouse Days"

Lil Kim will now be known as "Lil Martha"

Is everybody REALLY working for the weekend?

Was told I was over-qualified yesterday

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Anyone watch 30 days last night?


I am sooooo sick....

Recommend some good mafia/crime movies

I'm back

discovery of the heaviest chemical element yet known to science.


What is this?

Need Tech help: Download/edit streaming real audio

Microsoft Security Bulletins

Where's HEyHEY?

I don't wanna be an American Idiot - so I got myself tickets for Green Day

Feeling kind of messed up. Should I watch The Young Ones or

Creepy mannequin thread. Heavy on graphics, dial up warning.

What is something about the UK you love?

Linux vendors pump out highly critical patch

For those of you wondering when the johnnie sappiness will end

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (Hilarious!)

Well, that's it. It's over.

It's official:

C3 - I'm an addict..

Just came back from my first visit to Free Republic....

C2 - I'm an addict

CB4 - I'm an addict.

Cop 'tries to convert'

CB - I'm an addict

CBGB - I'm an addict

Heebie-Jeebies - I'm addicted

Tanzania declares war on poor quality toilet paper

Lil' Kim jailed for protecting her journalistic sources

Post a pic of your SO, pet, BF or someone dear to you!

C4 - I'm an addict.

Finally- I'll be able to post from home by the weekend!

CB4...I'm an addict

So what are you news sources? And will you be jailed for not citing them?

Post here OR I will make out with you

Fruits and nuts and nuts and melons... Waldorf salad was never so sexy.

Tom Cruise's nuts!!!

We've got a Darwin award candidate here in Sheboygan...

Tom Cruise is nuts!

NO remorse.....NO repent....we don't CARE what it meant.....

I am TIRED of the MAN keeping us DOWN!

C-5, I'm an addict!

Who else is watching the BBC news coverage

So did all ya'll watch 30 DAYS tonight?

What does "w00t" mean?

Seven Seven is no longer a lucky number

Balut ideas?

Foie gras ideas?

Does anybody remember the 70's seasonal variety shows?

I hear , the secrets that you keep ... when you're talking in your sleep

How hard is it for an American to find a job in Europe?

Whorehouse Days cancelled

Play the "Bush Bike-riding Game"

Hug Fred

If You're Mad And You Know It... Stomp Your Feet!

Can't people take ONE fucking day off to grieve?


Happy 65th Birthday to Ringo Starr!

What's the best, most recent movie you've seen.

LIVE from Auchterarder, Scotland...George W. Bush, Lord of the Dunce

Thanks to the mods in LBN today!

Today I am from Mexico City

Which DUer would you like to meet and what board game would you...

Do pins and bumper stickers make you patriotic?

Anyone ever tried Salvia?

funny . . . i've been to sandusky ohio

The place I'm working at (our customer) is Earworm Hell.

I am pondering getting something to eat...Any suggestions?

If you're mad and you don't care - do, you know, whatever. Doesn't matter.

I'm working on something new: The Republican Scumbag Of The Day

I'm replying to myself.

Pets are love in the tangible furry form

I [club] your teenager

I [hate] my tengauger

I [spade] my teenager


Does Terroir exist? And if so, does it matter?

I would like to [date] your teenager

Excuse me, what's with all the words in [brackets] today?

Veal ideas?

I ate my teenager's [heart].

Carlos Mencia


So, what music are you listening to now?

I hate when I have to pop out my ball and clean

Here's a low life for you. Anyone from Columbus know who this guy is?

Who else is sitting in Jell-O salad?

Here we go again: Level 1

I just found a black seed in a seedless Watermelon

Where have you been hanging out lately?


"aMURKins Should Go About Their Business...But Buy Brit Goods!"

What irritates me more than my political opponents

I love speaking my mind in GD.

Need a break from the insanity?

Greatest "sporting event" you've ever seen on ESPN2.

What fools are non-controversial?

Going to the pool this afternoon! Anyone want to come along?

so, how long will it take

Would you ever buy a car that was previously owned by a rental company?

The Secret Shame of Modem Butterfly

15 years ago (July 14, 1990): Billboard's Top 20 albums, M.C. Hammer at #1

Why would I eat cherries on a day when I'm wearing white?

When profession and politics collide.

Question for those in recovery for alcoholism.

The acceptance of Death

Something new about women i never knew.

Freepers discuss Junior's latest bike accident...and they quote DU

Orange alert

you know you are living in 2005 when.........(more spam silliness)

Can I just have a hamburger?

What the $%%&&**##$ is going on with this weather?

Hokay, which one of you muttballs drank the last of the lemonade

Most over-rated songs

2005 International Pun Contest

Daughter just called me and told me she saw a t shirt that

Time for an alcoholic beaverage!

Piss and moan.

Do you let politics define who you are?

Man! The freeps are really going at it!

Zsa Zsa has had a stroke.

I'm having Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola

MTV Execs: Yeah, we screwed up with Live8

Ever been to a Communist Country?

It's a hard road it's a hard road daddy-o

ZombyCoffee: Create Your Own Blend!

The British Embassy

Sorry about earlier...

Donny Osmond's mother passes away, remarks from his web site

I am eating a Chipotle taco. Ask me anything.

Could I possibly be any more of a fuckup?

My word of encouragement for today

The Only Sure Thing That Will Happen After The London Attacks

What is taking so long?

I [heart] my teenager.....

How many Slinkies do you know?

"It leaks!" Well, there's a reason for that

A shocking conversation with a "friend"

Post = shameless plug

It's 3:30 EDT - the bar is OPEN!

Turning and turning in the widening gyre


What is the.....

What is it with these junebugs?

Wow! Michelle Wie is the real deal.

Anyone here have friends/family in London?

Where the hell is everyone? The Lounge is very quiet.

Tori Spelling PLEASE...

Don't read 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America!!

Ladies! Get your ass's in the kitchen! It's feedin' time.

Calling all DU coin collectors and experts.

Looking for Summer Activities for the Kids?

Anyone listening to Sam on Randi?

I'm new here, I hate W, Chichiri is my boyfriend, ask me anything!

The Aspertame Poisoning Hoax E-Mail Is Making The Rounds!

Hug thread!

Why am I already thinking about supper?

Question about Automobile Glass.

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

am i the only one who thinks joan cusack is HOT?

today i am from sandusky ohio

breaker 1-9

Worst TV series spinoff

german "convoy" fan site

Need help re: naming a company

leo sayer

i just heard that the London attacks were a good thing


Why is it that everytime I call into Air America Radio the line is busy?

Canadian Women Rule! *pic heavy*

'the hiLLer report' - London shouLd serve as a wake up caLL to america

white line fever

Post here and I will make out with you.

Two Dumb Jokes

When an Expedition and an 18-wheeler meet, the 18-wheeler will win.

Funny Bush photoshop

Can fireworks still be purchased?

The iPod flea - Funny Video

I'm sorry but DailyKos practices discrimination...

Post Something Delicious!

My dilemma with the woman I like in song.

Can a Peep suffer? Do we care? If so, are they still worthy of respect?

I am so sick of these NFL Sunday Ticket Commercials!

I just walked outside, and it feels like hell

I kicked the Queen


Those 'Fancy Feast' commercials on AAR are killing me.

So I'll be on the radio again tomorrow night.

God, I'm officially old...I'm starting to appreciate classic country

I'm on a Dairy Queen kick.

Only 134 people needed to make 1000!

My son is watching 'Dumbo'

That's Wanda Sykes doing voiceovers for those Greyhound commercials!

I am on an "Aerosmith" kick!!!!

Bush's face during Blair's speech: He looks like he sucked a persimmon


I want to break free

I love watching West Wing on Bravo when I get home, but...

"The Sexual Politics of Meat"

Post your favorite fictional or real freeper names here...

Orioles are on ESPN!!!!

holy synchronicity Batman! Alex Jones in Audio with Galloway discusses..

Should people who are vegetarian for ethical reasons be held accountable

What is the helpline number?

What is the help line number again?

What are your top 5 songs?

Who else prefers their love stories in fantastical settings (books/film)?


I don't have enough rigatoni. Should I mix in some elbows?

Neighbor: OJ Beaten by girlfriend

What is your favourite flavor of cheese?

Anybody ever seen "Highlander" the movie?

I've hauled in the deck furniture, tied down the dock swing.

CNN Breaking: "Rove is still a worthless, traitorous POS"...just kidding

holy shit... playing UT2004 and entered a server. it brought up a caption:

Where are the avatars?

Horoscopes for Christian Fundamentalists

Meat Is Murder

What happened to all the "ask me anything" posts?

Hey!! Rain is heading toward Austin!

I need help locating a cheese

"...a Halliburger with everything"

That new Black-Eyed Peas single is horrible.

Why do people shove their kids in the faces of people who can't have them?

KITTENS. Nothing but friggin' KITTENS. As far as the eye can see, KITTENS.

Anyone up for a snack?

I need to transfer a large powerpoint from one computer

How many posts have you made in the past 48 hours?

The definitive love poll.

Anyone here use an online music service?

not to be crass, but...

UPDATE: Snoopy Has A Vet Appointment!!!!!!!

Going to a Donna Summer concert tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, an answer for vegetarians AND meat eaters

Need Some Advice About Online Friends

As a mark of solidarity with our UK brethren, I'm changing my avatar today

Mmmm....a tin of foie gras. How should I cook it?

Can a freeper suffer?Do we care?If so, are they still unworthy of respect?

Latest Computer Models on Dennis

Can an animal suffer? If so - is their life worth respecting?

Gilbert (MN) cancels "Whorehouse Days"

Reason #758 to hate my husband

If I decide to become a lesbian...

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go? (To London)

How about a kitty pic thread?

I adore and admire Angelina Jolie

Spice it up! What COLOR is your car?

What foods are non-controversial?

I am on a Queen kick.

I'm sitting down to a serving of chicken fried veal, ask me anything

Best Queen songs NOT song by Freddie Mercury

sniffa's mom: "you think saddam hussein was a good person!?"

Brilliance within Blackouts

Bush admits responsibility for every terrorist act since Civil War

Propose New Forum..."The Sewer"...for posts that get deleted.

Indexfox spyware

When are we going to discuss things that *I* like??????

i am the lizard king, i can do anything

Will anybody else watch CBS Big Brother 6 tonight?

Connecticut DUers - anybody for a July 30 meetup in Middletown?

Name A Song About A Dance, Or About Dancing, Or With "Dance" In The Title.

Recent Update on my condition

Lounge veal thread

"Honor Among Beasts" - Time Magazine

IRS investigating televangelist's operation, report says

Diabetes - Severe Hypoglycemic Episodes Infrequent In The Workplace

Slow walking may be best for obese

Weight Loss May Up Death Risk

Deadly New Sea Creature Lures Fish with Red Lights

AFA going after Allstate

8 Cities Challenge Wisconsin Gay Benefits Suit

Uganda To Jail Same-Sex Couples Who Marry

Red Sox acquire infielder Alex Cora from Indians

Pedro Martinez will skip All Star Game

How insane would it be

Why do fans get to vote for All-Stars if

Podsednik edges Jeter in All-Star voting

My friend, companion and best dog ever just passed away.

my 5mo old kitten is stuck up a very tall tree,

When do you decide to put an animal down?

Cat in an RV?

Okay, Delay is in yet more doo doo with an energy company,

London explosions....terror attacks?

Question about something I see

Rehnquist to retire!!

Some indications in the Spring Equinox chart for the attack

Chief Justice William Rehnquist to retire tomorrow - Uranus

Hitler was stopped by a brave band of...psychics?

Rumors of my demise have been exagerated (by me it seems)

Okay, Delay is in yet more doo doo with an energy company,

Anyone notice that there is not only an influx of

Does anyone know if Vanessa Kerry is still in London?

John Kerry on the Terrorist Bombings in London

Sick of people saying that Kerry voted to start this illegal war

An analysis of the bombing in London

The Progressive meeting and a response:

Colorado Sunset(s)

Think you need experience and an expensive camera?

Newsletter: London Attacked - 7/7/05

I need a hug.

KOEB 7/7/05

Rachael Maddow Kicks Ass on the Tucker Carlson show again!

Limbaugh's Medical Records Released, Reveal “Doctor Shopping”...

My 7000th post and Bush is still an A hole!

The Impeachment Process

19 billion reasons why some supported the war.......

Bush is still my president

I hope what happened in London today does not happen here.

Say a Prayer for Britain

bu$h In 10 Years - After ANOTHER Fall, You Have To Wonder

Cheney is cashing in...

Victoria Toesning on c-span

Our "single-issue" defensive weapon against the fundies and Neo/

Very sad day indeed....and very curious timings......

Need Help Now in LA, NYC, SF, &DC Prep for Sept 24 Mass ANTIWAR RALLY

Let's be irresponsible like conservatives and blame groups

WP: Rove not the source who called Cooper

God Bless Steve Sack: Brilliant Political Cartoon

Holy Shit. They will use this to Invade Iran.

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks...

We shouldn't react at all yet

Well, here it is folks-no more DSM, Rove/Treason- it'll be 24/7 TERROR

We need to offer the Terrorists some therapy

Today's Doonesbury on Last Throes (1,748)

Lawrence O'Donnell: The One Very Good Reason Karl Rove Might Be Indicted

White House issues correction to Bush's lie during G8 statement

Time to end superpower myth

London: More evidence of the need for IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

We need a Muslim leader of peace.

Distraction, Destruction

Tony Blair should resign now.

Alberto Gonzales v. Priscilla Owen

Rasmussen: CHIMPS Approval UP to 52%

Dick Cheney is a Documented War Profiteer

"I'm not concerned about Osama bin Laden."

Are you a Democrat Because of Your Family is Democrats?

Assuming Al Qaeda is responsible, is this an indictment against

BUSH: spread an ideology of hope and compassion....

Well you had to know an attack in America wouldn't boost Bush

How quickly will the right blame Democrats for emboldening terrorists?

DU Thread Last Night About Unusual Activity At U.S. Air Force .....

Saddest thought: the world is no safer with Saddam in prison.

London Attacked - Democrats Plan Therapy and Indictments...

If ever there is a time for Tony Blair to do something great it is now....

Whatever You Do.... Listen To The People Calling C-Span....

Here's what I just told the RWers at my office

Some right winger posted this on another board:

House of Commons on CSPAN

Brit. Parliament member said bombing was: unspeakable depravity

I haven't seen anything about the reason for the bombing is the Olympics

I wonder if the British think the war in Iraq has made them safer...

All I can say is.....

So, when do we invade Pakistan?

The London-Iraq Tragedy

After Today's Attack in London, A Prayer For Our Leaders

The incredible irony of the Iran/Iraq "military pact"

Great Summary over at

London Attacks in Light of Announced UK Troop Withdrawls

Haaretz reports Al Qaeda in Europe warns Denmark, Italy of similar attacks

CNN Breaking: "U.S. terror level to be raised to orange in wake of London"

It's all Bush's fault

What are people's feelings on the fact the Rudy was in London

Iraq is Al Qaeda's training ground. They NEED the UK in Iraq.

Low poll numbers, more bad new to come out - just like before 911

U.S. will withdraw troops from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan if asked (?)

First Bombing at our 3:51am EDT -- DHS Announces Alert at 11 am EDT

Bush is boring

Newsweek: Miller and Cooper could "embarrass the Bush administration"


Pay Very Close Attention To the RW Talking Heads Now ......

The Tiny (US) Victims of Desert Storm (and Afghan. and Iraq)

Andrea Mitchell is a low class Bush Whore! Right after the British

What is the best thing that could come out of the London bombings?

Amazing! Interactive map of Americans killed in Iraq, Afghanastan

Did British intelligence have advance warning of an attack ??

What if...

Will Britain pull out of Iraq like Spain?

They keep saying that people have become complacent then

In U.S. rail networks still vulnerable to terror attacks - must read

Quick, alert the media - more bombings

Blair returns to England and therefore gets off bu$hie's back

Fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here

Will Joe Six Pack Look at the London Bombings

Interesting Times - By William Rivers Pitt July 7, 2005

The reporters who won't speak should be tried for treason

William Rivers Pitt has done it again, summing up this crazy

The perverse "luck" of Rove

Miserable Failure

Disinformation on the part of Miller and the NY Times

From Communism to Terrorism: I think I’m finally starting to get it…

Bush on London blasts: "We will find them. We will bring them to justice"

Pentagon, CIA, & P2OG Agent Provocateurs of Terror

Is it safe to predict that George W's "bounce"...

House Republican broke pledge to sit out school finance vote

"Porter Goss Should be Shaking in his Boots" - Oliphant

Court documents in Delay case

Was the Cutting of Funds to PBS a diversion tactic as they replaced people

Tori Spelling PLEASE...

So Mr. Blair, you agreed w/ * on "taking the fight to the enermy"

To answer the question about the P20G group....

Contribute for Fair Elections!!!

Homosexual Marriage = Democracy Bashing

How soon before Martial Law is declaired?

Flypaper Strategy: Will It Apply To The UK

Galloway, again, says it like it needs to be said!

A Bush bounce for a few days-then the hurricane-then more fluff.

Andrea Mitchell: Attacks will clearly play to Bush's strength

MP George Galloway says:

Maybe Bush has a form of MBP

Which country will be invaded as a result of these attacks?

Remember how they were prepared to blame Osama and Oswald?

Brits knew of bombings in advance

Question? has Blair ever rationalized Iraq

Has anybody ever really looked into the websites

Likely that Cooper and Miller's (chief) sources were not the same?

Rove's phonebank. Multiple indictments of admin. sources in PlameGate.

Is anyone else getting "web site not responding" messages

Novak: Rehnquist retirement means Gonzales may be nominated

Just how serious is the situation with the DSM for PM Tony Blair...

Israel was Warned of London Bombs

Let's revisit two quotes Bush made about bin Laden.

Great. On CNBC they are discussing which stocks to buy

Bush: "We are taking the fight to the enemy abroad so we do not have to.."

"London-like attack not expected in U.S."...Chertoff: "no intelligence"

if you can't fight like the rich kids you fight like the street kids

Words that the Bushites use, and words they avoid in their London remarks.

MSNBC Claiming Those Responsible are From Iraq....

The Brits are off to find Usama

I'm Watching BBC and Giuliani is on being interviewed

Some think the bombing will make Brits more supportive of the Iraq War

The war in Iraq keeps terrorists so distracted they can't attack us here.

The Bush crime family-- Did they lie? I don't know, but they were wrong.

What's the biggest flamewar topic on DU?

Just yesterday, "UK seeks to free troops for Afghanistan"

Need help. I saw a great graph on DU about the oil, aerospace and MIC

Only 134 more signers needed to be a political force with

Oh God. Santorum's written a book..

Dean: "Bush destroyed presidency by being unwilling to work with anybody"

La_La Hits one out of the park re: Judith Miller - GREAT READ!

Lou Dobbs NOW

Dean Statement Condemning London Attacks

Where is Cheney now? inquiring minds want to know...

How paranoid am I?

so far, I've heard from bushturd, mccain, rice,

"Journalist Bob Woodward on Deep Throat" -- "Fresh Air" On Now (3pm)

Salon: Rove fired by Pappy Bush in 1992 for leaking information to Novak

Military options for Iraq (according to KRT there are four)

Michelle Malkin Blogs about DU posts

Anybody hear what Limbaugh has to say about all this?


Email/Call Fox News NOW! Watch the video of their remarks on London attack

John Kerry on the Terrorist Bombings in London

Wes Clark on Hannie & Homie (Faux) today at 9:00 p.m. E.T.

White HouseScrambles to Stop Criminal Indictment of Rove/Capital Hill Blue

"Some say" put the politics aside and just grieve for London...

Robach's "unpatriotic " WV protestors....more like 400 to 500. Great pics

Why is CNN going into graphic detail of injuries and maimings?

"This is the last straw. This must end NOW" ...........

Anyone here think the London attack is beneficial to Bush?