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Archives: July 31, 2005

Final Senate List of Democrats' Ultra-Disloyal Sellouts by David Sirota

Politics: Revolt on the Tigris (Book Review)

NYT: On Farthest U.S. Shores, Iraq Is a Way to a Dream

NYT: How Wall Street Wrecked United's Pension

Watching neocons spin the collapse of "the Bush doctrine"

My LTE re: "A Conservative Says: End the War"

Flordia trying to take child away from gay parents-help save this family

Nobel Laureate George Olah, carbon dioxide fixation, and fuel cells.

Columbia River Gorge pollution may be linked to PGE plant, Boardman dairy

Americans Urge for Increased Transit Security

Americans Review Situation in Afghanistan

Euan Ferguson (London Observer/July 31): World turns away from Darfur

BBC (July 31): Mexico ex-mayor launches poll bid

Majority in U.S. Feels Misled on Iraq War

Police amass to block pullout foes' march

Off topic: Democrat Activist Soldier in Iraq Punished for Blogging

If you haven't...

Anyone see Jesse Jackson on C-Span talking about Voting Rights Act?

Did you see the FreewayBlogger tribute to Andy?

Legal question from a California reporter

Bushco stopped stealing votes after they had it in the bag.

Respected Pete McCloskey is going after fellow repuke Doolittle

Another "fighting them over there" quote - from 1621!


If there is a bogus email/hoax going around and when we talk about it,

If Bolton gets recessed....does he receive Diplomatic Immunity?

Need something to listen to? New Peace & Protest Music Broadcast

Which featured radio segment do you find more hilarious?

Uzbekistan evicts United States from air base

US oil company returns to Libya

No Charges In Secret Service Impersonation At Denver Bush Rally

This Wed., 1 pm EST, WaPo's Jim VendeHei takes questions on-line re Bush

NEW! Bill Maher Comedy Special on HBO @ 10PM EST

HELP! Any Emerson for kids?

If you have HBO, Bill Maher's special "I'm Swiss" is coming on -

The key to a Hackett victory

Fall of the Roman Empire (in my readings today)

Does anyone know what happened to Tookie Williams?

I need a favor please

President Carter: Guantanamo detentions a "DISGRACE"

The Question I hadn't thought to ask....until now:

Is KGO streaming down tonight ? nt

Legitimate telecommuter job placement agencies-do they exist?

Religious Fundamentalism and Superstition Target Congolese Children

I found my dad's manuscript of poetry he wrote over the years

Iraqi blogger recounts his arrest and detention

Hey Change of Pace:

What is the significance of selling oil in euros v. dollars?

Bad Bush numbers on Iraq

Bill Maher's "I'm Swiss"... I started

Must see documentary!


Black Gold: It's why the United States invaded Iraq.

Fred Phelps is coming to town on Tuesday.

National Guard advertisement in "Taxi" DVD

KGO stream will not be working until Tuesday!

Anyone in here believe Bush and Cheney knew nothing about outing plame?

If TUCKER CARLSON gets pushed any later in the TV line-up....

Christians on the Dealth Penalty:

Bill Clinton Not Credited In Contact

John Kasich just got ambushed on 'Heartland'

Are Diebold machines going to used in the Hackett/Schmitt election?

*** Last TOONS for the week ***

Just watched a televangelist. I should'a had root canal without Novocaine

BOOKNOTES in on!!! Please watch it. n/t

How could anyone who voted for CAFTA still be a Democrat today?

Bill Maher: Bush is so retarded he could be on Death Row in Texas.

Was the invasion of Iraq illegal?

Remember all those "Work From Home" signs that you used to see

Tin Foil Hat Time ...... Docs say President Bush is a OK

G'night Tucker Carlson......

What Do We Know About The Federalist Society?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

H2O Man's "appreciation" to DUers.....

JFK's Church/State Separation Is Being Broken by Current Caths

What do we know about Rita Cosby (new MSNBC host)

Al Jazeera: Japan may penalise US imports

The Junta spits at science again... now they want to control time!

How optimistic are you about the future?

I'm sorry if I've made inappropriate comments

Bush draws heat from conservatives on highway bill (Reuters)

Mother Cursed for questioning War has son in Iraq

Iran sets nuclear offer deadline

(Iraq) Soldiers Open Fire On Bombing Victims--and Recruits

At least 14 injured in Disney rollercoaster crash: local official (AFP)

NYT: A New Hope for Dreams Suspended by Segregation

Weiner: Anti-terror dollars going to pork-barrel projects

Economist Blames Aid for Africa Famine

Mexican Presidential Front-Runner Registers to Seek Nom of Leftist Party

(AP) Man Admits Role in Failed London Attack

CNN: NASA declares shuttle safe for return

WP: World Not Set To Deal With Flu

Church Members To Picket NC Marine's Funderal In Minnesota

Toyota, GM to scrap plan on fuel-cell car tie-up: report (AFP)

Black Teen Killed in Apparent Racially Motivated Ax Attack in Liverpool

WP: GOP Says It Will 'Bury' Name-Calling Candidate (Paul Hackett)

Oregon anti-meth law would require prescriptions

Look what you've done to your arms!

MM PSA for the day: 4 out of 5 Southern Baptist divorcees ...

Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

Who wants to hear some JAZZ FLUTE???

Look At This...

Pardon me; I am going to sunless tan now.

Have you ever be eviscerated by a shark?

Have you ever been Tarred and Feathered?

Have you ever been hit in the head with an anvil, dropped from 10 stories?

Have you ever been drawn and quartered?

Have you ever been tired...

Bye Bye Tucker.............

Have you ever had absol-fucking-lutely nothing happen to you at all

Cat Adopts Puppies (Cute Video)

Have you ever accidently fallen into a very large meatgrinder?

Have you ever been dismembered and turned into cattle feed

Seventeeenth Milllionth Post Coming Up Sooon...

Have you ever been blown up by a hand grenade?

This is driving me crazy!!

Lock. Because it needs a lock.

I'm beginning to feel like I'm not a real liberal

Help.vegetables out of control

A's win again (Big Green machine rolls on)

I'm a real liberal, gosh darnit

Those Bacardi and Cola commericials are so fucking stupid

Have you ever been kicked, spit on, shit on, pissed on, and set on fire?

computer questions

What's the wierdest song you've ever heard?


Notice how politically relevant this season's pop art is?

To Answer DS1

Have you ever been kidnapped by aliens and

Saw this Freepermobile this morning.

What are you wearing?

Military Recruiters Set Up Shop at the Ozzfest

Have you ever been decapitated?


The Gratuitous Kevin Spacey Outing Thread

Have you ever been run through a combine?

Have you ever been steamrollered into freshly laid asphalt and had

Oh, hey, thanks for all your help with the yard work.

Who knows about the Distinguished Flying Cross?

The Gratuitous Kevin Spacey Quoting Thread

Who saw I, Robot?

A gepard with kittens

Is it safe to be here tonight?

Have you ever been mellow?

DS9 or B5?

The ultimate cameltoe: Led Zeppelin

Aw crap.

Manny Ramirez wants out of Boston again? All that $$$ and a Ring

How do you think bob jones university students rebel against the system?

Are you all for real?

What does a yellow light mean?

At last, some new Boners.

Three Little Kittens, Sleeping on a Kitty Condo

Went to NHRA National drags in Sonoma yesterday: US ARMY sucks

Bill Mahr, really tearing into Bush

Have you ever had knitting needles jabbed into your eyes?

Have you ever been felt up?

Favorite Foul?

CONFESS!!!!!! What makes baby Jesus Cry?

You know the best part about Boxers.....

Guess who wrote this?

This post will give you nightmares tonight

The wait is interminable.

Lunchtime raids net 15 strippers in Tampa-area clubs

oh, god help me, I actually just typed "Cervix-A-GoGo".

Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical, liberal,

hey, what do you call that ceramic red pipe stuff use to store bottles?

Legitimate telecommuter job placement agencies-do they exist?

Have you ever shopped at CockMart? It's HOT!

This is my 1000 post!!!!!

I'm looking over a four leaf clover...

Maestro....I'm thinking of you.

How about we track sex offenders......

Is Revolutionary_Acts04 at work?

74,000 DUers!!!! Nearly 17 million messages! Woohoo!

Seal the Peach's fate - The Peach For Peace

Woo Hoo , I got my "FIRE ROVE" bumper sticker from AAR

I have MoveOn's "50 Ways to Love Your Country." Ask me anything.

"No" means no

Not quite cold Guinness? Or cold other beer?

Track the shuttle here---it's currently over the Pacific, heading toward

Do People in Gibralter Speak English?

Johnny Depp's wicked interpretation of Willy Wonka

Tom Cruise kills Oprah.

Ya know what it's like to fall in the mud

A picture of GOPisEvil doing yardwork

Best decade for Rock & Roll

This thread is about no one.

Interesting airport in Gibraltar.

How many different countries have you visited?

Mommy brag

Maat is almost at her 5,000th post!

I confess... I prefer the Remake of "Dawn of the Dead" to the original.

Clinton is Clinton. Gore is Gore. Bush is friggin' stupid. Explain that.

The Thread Carries The UL Seal of Approval

This Thread Carries "The Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval"

I saw Lyle Lovett tonite - and you didn't

I miss Rox, dmr, Kheph, Nostajmi, Olaf the White, Oafofoffice,

I'm listening to the Fixx

Favourite fowl for NOT eating?

Wow I am down to 9 posts in My Posts.

This is for Mom

ZombieNixon is 1 post away from 1294. Think I can make it tonight?

Chicken is chicken. Fish is fish. Cow is beef. Why is that?

Bill Maher: I'm Swiss - on now on HBO. (Spoilers for west coasters)

So, as I post this I have a size 12 white gold wedding band on my desk!

I am fucking freaked out right now

How do you feel about women who belch?

Ever have anything that meant a lot to you get stolen? Mourn with me...

So. Do you want to go to Bob Jones University?

Okay...I want 74,000 responses. All DUers check in here!

Summer 1995

Meg White is the greatest untalented drummer in rock. Discuss.

Bukowski: Born Into This is coming on The Documentary Channel tonight

Best Breakfast Cereal?

I'm 39 posts away from 3,000 - Ask me anything!

Has anyone heard from Liberal_Andy? (diagnosed throat cancer)

Rickie Lee Jones.

Any one use 'natural' laundry detergents?

Let's talk about music or dating or even politics then.

Do you ever dream about celebrities? What do they do/say when you do?

If you have iTunes, help a brotha out.

Movie of the Year: "THE ARISTOCRATS"

Think Of Any Playing Card... Concentrate... Now Click Here.

Today, 7/30,is my birthday

Who is your favorite Village Person?


How far would you travel to see a concert?

Lover Boy!

Help! I want to learn simple html commands to post pictures, smilies,

Well I finally saw "Cold Mountain"...YAWN

Wine crisis

Who's Your Favorite Singer ... That's No Longer Alive?

Yes Deer

Let's talk about religion. Seems like a safer topic this evening.

Rant!!! Someone scraped off some of my bumpertickers today!!!!

Have You Ever Seen A Grown Man Naked?

Pho Bo Tai

I'm only 25 posts from 1000!! Think I can get there tonight?

I need a funny movie to cheer up my SO

We should all drop Judith M. a line and let her know how

I had the most surreal experience today

Alright, edited for second time around: Who is your DU crush?

Here's what DU looked like on July 19, 2001

Ladies! Rate this guy on physical appearance a scale of 1 to 10...

Didya hear that?

I lied about what I was eating

How many vegs do you know who eat fish?

How old are you?

Have you visited "The Christian Alliance site? It has great Dem

does anyone have a good online bible verse search?

After 50 years U-2 spyplane still delivers the goods

Parental Rights, HIV and Jeb

Dog sprayed in eye by skunk

I'm curious

Another roadside shrine.

Speaking of goofy questionnaires:

Deputy Undersec. in chimp's Education Dept found guilty (travel expenses)

Heads up: CSPAN2 DSM!!! n/t

A diet plan for the new end-of-the-world meme

When is Senate gonna vote on that Flag Burning Amendment?

You Should be afraid of the Federalist Society..very afraid!!!

Liberal Blogs are kicking conservative ass in Hackett race

Bill Maher is on a roll! HBO! nt

Heads up for San Jose, CA folks...DFA summit, Jim Dean and Lofgren

Some of My Favorite "Glitches" (aka "Why I KNOW It Was Stolen")

oil slick miller..she hand her around alot

Ha Ha.. Pittsburgh sportswriter almost fired for being in Scream contest.

Is the DLC a bunch of corporatists?

I just checked alexa for Hackett and Schmidt. :)

The DLC: My One Question

WP: "what the federalist society stands for"

WP calls last week a flurry of GOP victories

Bernie Golderberg "no longer likes being associated with elitist liberals"

Anyone in DU believe Bush and Cheney knew nothing about outing plame?

"The greatest strategic blunder in American history" (-Paul Craig Roberts)

I got kicked out of the "Freerepublic" site!

Guys, HR 2726 needs a DU Activist Corps smackdown.

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

DLC and Iraq War

SOCIALIZED MARKETS... the answer to the health care crisis?

On Farthest U.S. Shores, Iraq Is a Way to a Dream (Army Recruiting)

accountability of gun manufacturers

Repeat not the evil, let them rest in peace

Huffington: Hillary’s ‘American Dream’: Stuck in the Middle With You

Forged "yellow-cake" papers real spy "crime" (Nashua Telegraph)

Could Barry Seal be the man behind the JFK assassination, Air America...


When They Knew

Schmidt for Congress: Republican offers better experience, fit for 2nd

A few obscenities for Blair and company to chew on

Even lobbyists are gagging on Ohio's sleaze

Beliefs drive research agenda of new think tanks

Military loses its luster among high school grads, parents


The Permanent Role of the U.S. Military in Iraq

3 big issues may hinge on who replaces O'Connor on Supreme Court

Rebuilding the Iraqi army: a 'tremendous' challenge

Los Angeles Times: MARINE TO MARINE

A few obscenities for Blair and company to chew on

Series: What America Needs to Do to Achieve Its Foreign Policy Goals:

Democracy Progresses in Haiti

Countering the Julius Streichers of our age

The Week in Restoring Honesty and Integrity to Government

Mpls star and tribune has couple good articles that straightens out

Prince Turki's Résumé

Anna Quindlen: Scrap Metal, Not Soldiers (Taking Care of Vets)

Blair's two faces of terrorism

My oped on religiousradicalrightism

GOP practices duplicity (LTTE)

The Islamists who police Basra's streets

email complaints to

Santa Clara County (California) Dem Actvities

SEIU hires activist from a new school

Suggested reading: MoveOn;'s "50 Ways to Love Your Country"

AAR - 67 stations : Bush, 41%. Connection? I think so.

World's Top Coal Companies Serve Up Steaming Mound Of Kyoto-Lite

Bangladeshi Port Popular Spot For Dumping Toxic Waste - Gulf Times

MN Government Guts Mercury Control Plan After Consulting With Industry

Confronting Toxic Oysters, MS DuPont Plans PR Blitz, "Town Meetings"

Spanish Firms Combine To Build 50-Megawatt Solar Power Stations

Climate Breakdown Evidence Overwhelming As Changes Speed Up

Study: Warming Making Hurricanes Stronger

Gordon Brown (UK Exchequer) To Launch Global Survey Of Climate Damage

Kleberg residents oppose new uranium mines

Welcome To The European Sahara - 300,000 km2 Already Withering

Creating ecoburbia.

Study: Warming Making Hurricanes Stronger

Pakistan announces new F-16 deal

Athletes protest over flag-banning

Private firms probed for detention center abuse in Australia

Customs pact not a recognition of Cyprus: Turkey

Australia foresees end of `smoking epidemic' by 2030

Srinagar gunbattle rages for second day

Chinese basketball's `night of shame'

Young people feel overworked, have little time: survey - TW

Indonesia rejects US report on abuse violations by police

Pakistan expels foreign students from madrasahs

Uruguay examines accusations of past

CAFTA's Promise of Security Gives Central Americans the Chills

Soil bacteria may have killed six in the south

Disengagement and Its Discontents: What Will the Israeli Settlers Do?


New rules for Jews immigrating to Germany -- Israel reportedly sought

Halutz promotes disgraced officer

G. Gordon Liddy: The pullout is recipe for disaster

Youth wing of UK Muslim group calls for jihad

Settlers Ask Israel to Buy Their Houses

All you SKEPTICS of 911 lore.....THIS ONES FOR YOU!

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed on BookTV - July 31, Aug.1

I'm not a researcher

Suspicious Features of the Twin Towers Collapses-- A Summary

This is the best closeup I've seen of WTC 2 collapsing.

Brad Blog interviewed Jim March today

When is Matt Taibbai's article coming out?

Some fear Voting Rights Act could change as provisions expire

Need some Info on local voting machines

Organizing and Marketing

Dramatic New Charges Deepen Link Between Ohio's "Coingate,"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News for the weekend of 7/30-31

Yeehaw I can post now!

Reports: Nat. Assn. of Secretaries of State (NASS) Conference in MN


looking for info on Indiana election glitches

Paul Hackettt Campaign "Worried Sick" About Fraud

*** URGENT *** Diebold machines not HAVA COMPLIENT!!!!

Time to dump Dean Koontz from my reading list

Ahnuld facing "Tough Times"

I'm coming out to San Francisco for a vacation

Corporate polluters writing Minnesota's mercury laws

Want to buy PC in Mesa, Arizona - Any *blue* suggestions?

What is a "smart card." I am bidding of Ebay on a DishTV 301 receiver and

I want to build my own computor

Need a bigger hard drive. Advice please

Good Luck on Tuesday Southern Ohio!!

"Just say NOE to Schmidt", "NOE Schmidt"

Schmidt for Congress: Republican offers better experience, fit for 2nd

Kleberg residents oppose new uranium mines

I just wrote a 23 page report on Texas school finance

anyone seen this trailer? Looks interesting...

Did George see the "real" doctors today?

How many still have their Kerry/Edwards yard sign up?

Uzbekistan to bush; 180 days to GET OUTTA TOWN!

How to win in "06 ".....

Is this article about Mad Cow Disease/Creutzfeldt-Jakob correct?

Dean is the only one that has balls...

Has anyone looked in the DLC for CIA connections?

what's the Nate Clay call-in number?

Young Girls Kidnapped for Brides in China

Anyone else in here have trouble falling asleep with Mike.....

How can "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" still be unreleased on DVD?

ok, is the record of "attack Iraq" lies getting scrubbed?

Nate Clay got a lot of "full moon" type calls the first hour

Isn't intelligent design basically Deism?

sunday morning toon - 7/31

Many today parallels in this Martin Luther King speech

Where Is the Hirsch Report?

Will the pendulum swing further to the right before it comes back?

Chossudovsky, heretic or insightful political analyst?

Bertell, a voice of reason in times of insanity in high places....

when Karl Rove fell off the earth where did he go..?? havent seen him in a

I miss Maureen Dowd's Sunday articles.

Followed around at Public Garden for carrying a sports bag!

Santorum on "This Week" : Hillary Clinton a "radical feminist"

Does anyone have video of Al Franken spanking Bernie Goldberg on Donahue?

So Joe Klein says the '94 whisper campaign about Ann Richards..

One Person’s Terrorist …

Meet the Press, Face The Nation... All about NASA: --CAFTA, Rove & Plame?

"Gimps for Truth"

Dick is a Killer (and bush believes he was born a woman)

Edmond Safra death: the plot thickens - Sunday Times

Congratulations! Great job, so here's your reward....

Freeper hate mail

Crap News Network is asking: Would the world be better without religion?

Doctors pronounce Bush 'fit for duty'

Breaking on MTP - "The level of cooperation from WH to Fitzgerald

Georgia Theater Drops Play About KKK Rally

Advice please: Can I just make a sandwich board sign and picket a media

Moore Says Doc Already Has HMOs Spooked

Book TV.... Blind Spot, Timothy Naftali.... link, synopsis.

A lost liberal in Bush land? You need a stiff drink

I'm not a researcher

This week's Boy Scout disasters are warning from reality about Bush regime

this is only the beginning-two shot trying to cross border

George W FraWD!Corrupt rich little frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

OK, forgive me, I'm sorry, mea culpa, etc... Stupid question time:

The Judith Miller scandal in chart form

Ohio Coingate, A Waste Busters video clip

Just reading the Constitution. Question on recess appointments.

Here's one for Paul Hackett

Ohio is appalled that Jean doesn't know Schmidt about Noe

AP: Questions, Answers on CIA Leak Probe

Can you help with my Freeper Father-in-law?

London Bombings..Possible link to Saudi Arabia

State Dept. official calls Rumsfeld "Voldemort"

Can a country ever be too free?

Help...How did I miss this?

Brownback on Face the Nation

Paul Hackett on ABC News tonight?

California "minutemen"

Can you help with my girlfriend's gay uncle's freeper partner?

Wal-Mart "apologizes", Admits They Were Wrong To Ban Newspaper

Iraqi forces infiltrated?

eXile Website Busts Columnist..hahaha

Computer question: My Compaq Presario 2500 laptop faults during boot-up ..

Now on C-Span3 - Who Killed Daniel Pearl?

72 hour delay in notifying WH staff?

Sources Tell 'Time' Bush Officials Learned Plame CIA Link Early

Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Schmidt

Kate O'Beirne just said on Meet The Press that the Plame leak

Haven't seen this discussed--cause for hope?

Could terrorists infiltrate our military? Lenient and desperate-join now.

So what are Paul Hackett's chances? What can we on DU do to help him?

Hackett Contribution Deadline Question

Out of curiosity a hypothetical question

Religious Org Condones stem cell commends Frist decision

Is tweety going to give Hackett a spot on Hardball?

Good Read-----Another Face of Terror

Right Wing Comic Book

Body count 1-30 July: 50 GIs / 376 Iraqi civilians.

Probable racist just called Washington Journal

1796 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Have you CANVASSED your family today?

Latest on Downing Street(conyers Blog)

Should the US observe international law at her detention facilities?

i think marijuana should be decriminalized for everything EXCEPT

(VIDEO) new Hackett v Schmidt debate

Current TV debuts tomorrow -- Al Gore's network

I have been saving links about the rape and torture that is going on......

The downward spiral- a woman's downfall shown in mugshots

I wish I wasn't a technomoron

Question about doctor-patient confidentiality and the "War on Drugs."

Red Sox Win!!!

How do you shut up all the American TV at once?

I hate the Media: Tim Russert is a Moron

Do you sense any pressure from the press corps for Fitzgerald to end...

Republicans understand most Americans are dumb and ignorant...

A slightly different view of the space program.

Adam Dunn grand salami!!! Reds up7-0...get out the broom! 5

Will this be the Flu pandemic of 2005-2012.....

"The Reception Bolton will face at the UN". Wayne Madsen Report

ABC News is talking about Hackett

Are you pissed off because Bush may get away with his crimes ?

Isn't this funny? Texas Minutemen head quits because, hang on it's good...

more right-wing comics ahoy!

New Ted Rall toon that slams the "Support the War" chickenhawks!

Someone is up to it on the beach!

Fat fortune for Diet Town, USA

Speaking of the Schiavo Case...

As an example of the stupidity of the MSM

Is there video of Hackett on "Hardball"?

what was the name of Chaney's 'Terrorists War Game' on /during 9/11

The difference between then and now.

All you SKEPTICS of 911 lore.....THIS ONES FOR YOU!

The Daily Show kicks Xenu butt -- I must have missed this one last week

Keep discussing what is happening.. as simply as possable..example

Iraqi government aims to ration fuel

Anybody know when HBO is showing "I'm Swiss" again?

Who is going to be the future coalition partner of progressive dems?

Are some folks wary of speaking their minds on DU because...

Define a woman's right to choose for me.

Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured

Note similarity between Enabling Act and Patriot Act

Who's The WEAKEST GOP Candidate for '08?

If I argue with you, it doesn't mean I don't respect you

Do you get the Newsworld Internationl channel?

Roberts' faith in the greenback

Former European Central Bank Chief "father of the Euro" -Dead in his pool

Bushheimer's Disease

CBS News just said US has put $9B into rebuilding Iraq

OH-02: Jean Schmidt, GOP Lying Liar Caught Lying on TV!!

anybody ever visited Russia?

So lemme get this straight!

Buddha Spoke About A Madman Wildly Swinging A Sword In The Market

US plans to reduce Iraq force to 80,000 by mid-2006

Mayor Jim West caught with live boy (practically) and still in office...

Do you think they are telling the truth about the space shuttle ?

Let's Review: George W. Bush is President of the United States

Where Did You Go, Joe?

Are there US POW's in Iraq?

Are "blogs" giving MSM reporters an excuse not to do their jobs?

Count 'em up.... and ask yourself why this guy is not on trial

If * himself got indicted in the Plame case, could he pardon himself?

Bush torture policies: Suffer the little children...

Indictments when? Grand Jury timing.

The Iraq War for Dummies (A Zen/Christian parable)

Just heard Dahl Jamail

5 more dead GIs yesterday. Yawn.

Could someone please explain this to me??? concerning Saddam and terra

Camp Pendleton marines given surprise pay cut

"I'm Swiss" Bill Maher on HBO last night.

TIME: Rove may have learned about Plame weeks before Wilson's Op-ed

10th Planet Discovered, Bigger than Pluto

Did Schmidt really say 'vets not qualified to serve in public office'?

Should Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba be closed down?

Any doubt that CNN lies to help * can be put to rest w/ this ..... * is 6'

There's no way that a young family can get by without a minivan these days

60 Years Ago right now!

Today at 1:00 PM EDT.C-Span2 : The War On Truth - Nafeez Ahmed

How many of you support legalized pot but are also non-stoners?

Let's give the ACLU a big DU boost!

Post your Cafe Press Products!

Report: Anti-gay movement gains momentum

Happy Flashback...Bill Hicks, 1992: "The Elephant is Dead!"

Death of a Brazilian and the increasing desperation of the elites

Fall of the American Empire - can it be reversed?

Santorum stands firm: liberalism to blame for Catholic church sex abuse


Again not supporting our troops, except the the lip service.

The faces of meth

Ever get those calls from the policeman's association?

Is Time reporter Viveca Novak related to Bob Novak?

PICTORIAL: "US has poured $9Billion into rebuilding Iraq"......

Just wanted to drop by with an update, I'm getting better all the time!!

Time Magazine: When They Knew

DEA voices suspect special agent assassinated

The problem of the changed face of war

Explain this to me like I'm a 5 year old...

Rape cases in US prisons number in the thousands

300 Boy Scouts get sick while waiting for Bush...who never showed up

Something to Choke On, Again

New Christian left group formed......

"Deliberate childlessness" ... my husband and I, since the 70's..

Kid we know just sent to Iraq


Newsweek Exclusive: Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured

Democrats must understand that American people are dumb and ignorant

A pizza documentary. (by John Dough)

So I was talking to the Safeway Meat Dept manager yesterday.........

Next Govenor General

anyone recently move to canada (or know the process)

Contemporary parallels with "Carry on Up the Khyber"

Police investigate Saudi link to London attacks

Blunkett covers for absent Clarke

Doctors pronounce Bush 'fit for duty'

NYT: On Farthest U.S. Shores, Iraq Is a Way to a Dream

The Sunday Times: Bush to defy Senate and send his man to the UN

NYT: How Wall Street Wrecked United's Pension

Economist Blames Aid for Africa Famine

Call for hi-tech border checks

Extraordinary admission to interrogators by London bomb suspect

Power Cuts Leave Jeddah Sweating

Fat fortune for Diet Town, USA

Iraq Constitution Framers Seek Extension

A lost liberal in Bush land? You need a stiff drink

Iran: Europe Proposes Nonaggression Pact

Private Prisons Experience Business Surge

U.S. territories hotbed for Army recruits

U.S. troops set up base near Syria

Pig-borne epidemic shows no signs of slowing down

Rape cases in US prisons number in the thousands

GOP Fundraiser Nominated As Ambassador

Pakistan court to hear controversial “Taleban” bill

Seven held in anti-terror raids : BBC

Police comb Yankee stadium for missing boy

Former ECB chief Duisenberg found dead in France

Bangkok's financial wizard revealed as bogus Belgian

Brazil's fight against AIDS loses U.S. funding:Nation won't condemn prosti

UN nominee derided by Democrats as 'damaged goods'

CPJ Delegation, Including Brokaw, Visits Judith Miller -Editor & Publisher

How state Democrats regained the driver's seat (California)

Iraq rebels die in border clash (Syrian border)

Report: Plane With Sudan VP Goes Missing

US stem cell sponsor sees veto-proof Senate backing

Ex-ECB (Euro. Central Bank) Chief found dead in pool (BBC)

London bombers wanted to avenge Iraq

Amnesty demands release of Nepal's student leaders

Bin Laden still commanding attacks - Saudi envoy

Los Angeles Times: MARINE TO MARINE

Cuban regime and dissidents agree in rejecting new US official

Bomb suspect: 'No 7/7, al Qaeda links'

Rebuilding the Iraqi army: a 'tremendous' challenge

The Islamists who police Basra's streets

UN admits Haiti force is not up to the job it faces

Grounds for terror attacks can be removed-Egypt PM

McCain attacked for cameo role in Wedding Crashers

Saddam trial TV coming soon

Police investigate Saudi link to London attacks

Iraq citizens deem U.S. soldier as sheik

Finger points to British intel as al-Qaeda websites are wiped out

Most Americans Doubt Eventual Success in Iraq (Gallup/ CNN / USAT)

Man who protested "Bewitched" statue demands trial

Nasa ponders fresh spacewalk trim

Trump says he'll renovate the U.N. quicker, cheaper

Sunday Times: Key No. 10 Aides Split Over War

Study: Few Blacks Seen on Talk Shows

Warner popular in heavily Republican Va.

Wal-Mart foes realign

Embassy attack 'was for Iraq'

Time: When They Knew

Sudanese Vice President's Plane Has Disappeared : Not landed

Sudan's VP Garang 'landed safely'

NASA chief says agency 'goofed' on pre-launch safety checks (AFP)

Chavez Says CAFTA Is 'perverse' Deal That Will Harm Central America

Newsweek: Exclusive: Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured

Roe's Army Reloads: How the Pro-Choice Mvmt. is Readying for Roberts

Mexico slow to confront racial issues, experts say

Reid Blasts Bush in Interview: 'This Administration is Drunk with Power'

Former European Central Bank Chief Dies

Chalabi bodyguard killed in Iraq attack

Al Gore's TV Network to Make Debut Monday "Current TV"...

Cardinal: Chavez needs 'exorcism'

Could this ‘police officer’ be a soldier? (de Menezes execution in london)

Pressure on to limit eggs in IVF process (by lawmakers and couples)

(AFP) Five US soldiers killed in Baghdad bombings.

Man hospitalized with bird flu symptoms in Kazakhstan

Leaked emails claim Guantanamo trials rigged

School trustee tangled in Web (rants on Free Republic!)

Russian military freezes out ABC (T.V.) (BBC News)

Who is running the lounge this week?


This image is guaranteed to get GOPisEvil to propose to me.

I'm watching fireworks right now

Just got back from seeing Olivia Tremor Control

It is Fenris Week

I tore the tag off of my mattress.

Watch out... It's gonna blow!!!

James Dobson's frogs are a bunch of horny sumbitches

A word that drives me around the bend:

Well Tis early but I am a tad tired and weary from day...

Go All The Way

Anybody remember the movie "War Games"?

I have been riding my bicycle almost everywhere I go for the past 6 months

Maybe it is because I am getting older

What might be the best Beatle solo album?

Imagine the world without music.....

Track the shuttle on Google maps

I am off to bed.

I just found out that Enigmatic is my step-brother............

Whatever happened to Alf?


White man came across the sea...........

Fridays Late Night

Anybody ever have an experience with Fletcher Christian?

Ever had an experience with Scientology?

Anybody ever have an experience with Christian Slater?

anybody here ever have an experience with christian international?

Anybody ever eat a a brand of mix called Munchies?

My Saturday night ESP thread (lol)

Husker Du............

Rocky Horror Picture Show in 30 seconds, as done by bunnies.

Husker Don't....................

Bad Company update

Poets, priests, and politicians...

Oh, Snap!

Toss Bush around

My local Big Lots store has a huge display of TeleTubbies

Are you a flirt ?

Caption this picture of my girlfriend with John Myung of Dream Theater

In honorable tribute to Charles Bukowski and enigmatic.....

Anyone else having problems accessing DU tonight?

Separated at birth?

I just wrote the first few sentences of my graphic novel

who is ruining the Lounge this week?

I'm leaving. Take the house, the car, the kids... I'm gone

I'm ready to kill that fucking rooster

DUers' Insomniac Group.

If you don't vote, shave here

So I guess everybody's seen the CIA leak clock on the DU homepage

French men crack me up...

Now this guy can skateboard!

celeb right winged whackos

The Onion: Bush To London Bombers: 'Bring It On'

The dust tha Poncho bit down south ...

Okay, I'm bored. (slightly gross topic, but my curiosity is killing me)

A new hospital just opened up...

Newquay calls in the Seagull Terminator!

Puppy at the park. (pics)

One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster

You know you're royally screwed when...

So I like to smoke cigars. Does that make me a dirty, dirty Capitalist?

seeking spooky web sites like caver ted

Any boxing/The Contender fans here? Got Jimmy Lange tix

I am soooo lazy today

Okay... I've really hit the sordid underbelly now...

You've said hello to my feathered friends, now say hello to my horny ones

my eye.

I am an experienced Dem seeking a gop for long term amusement and ridicule

I don't know about you DUers...

I put too much cinammon in my mango lassi!

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM: a true story

Pat McCormick, actor, comedian,Tonight Show' head writer ,kicks bucket

Is Kathleen Turner shit-faced on NBC now?

God Songs: Secular vs. Certified Religious

toon for Sunday Morning 7/31

I Predict...

Hey, I have a question about something that happened to a thread of mine,

how do I get rid of a zit quick?

Good morning DUers, say hello to my feathered friend

I slept most of yesterday. What did I miss?

I watched "Harold and Kumar" last night

must.... have.... caffeine.....

RSS Readers?

Anyone here ever had an experience with Christian Science?

Proverbs with NEW endings!

is there a yankee game today? a home game?

Who wants pork loin for lunch?

I watched K-Pax last night

A brindled-and-white Great Dane named Lucy

Oooooh, look at the pretty mountain

AP Photo: Bush "takes a moment with Senate Majority Leader Frist" (7/29)

For crying out loud, will somebody feed me?

Museum of BAD ART!!!!!! Hilarious! Read the descriptions.

Okay, this is ridiculous, I think I need to move.

I met Kick-ass-Bob on Friday night

Ever here of the righteous band: Marcy Playground?

So I ma an underage drunk and my car got pulled over.....i wasnt driving second post. What do you like to do when it's effing hot out?

Can you help me find english words to "Maria"

Question about doctor-patient confidentiality and the "War on Drugs."

Bush is a toker! Proof here!

I watched "My Cousin, Vinny" last night

9/11 Quote from Bill Maher's HBO show "I'm Swiss"

can I commission a parody song?

Consumer Alert! Consumer Alert!

We no know how we and dem a-go work this out, oy!

I just saw Mystic River last night

Ooooh! Look at the pretty flowers:

The History Channel's store has drastically cut the prices of VHS tapes

I worshipped Steve Guttenberg at church today

Did you have a mullet in the 80's?

Computer question: My Compaq Presario 2500 laptop faults during boot-up ..

The Neo-Con Believer test

Can you help me find english words to "Ave Maria"

It is dinner time

"I assumed you had stolen the car"

Anyone watching the Hall of Fame Induction?

Self deleted

Look what I saw at the Port A jetties


Conclusion Reached After A Long Drive

Crewneck or V-Neck?

"A more manageable diamond-less platinum Cartier band for everyday wear"

MLB Gameday is the bomb!

I'm making chicken marsala tonight. Share your favorite Marsala recipes!

I need ideas for quick appetizers or desserts

Opinion of the Iraq War series 'Over There'

Someone is making homemade spaghetti sauce in my building

I'm watching "Alexander" right now.

It's official, I am a Kurtz

What is the best placement of an infant car seat?

It's ok to give your dogs raw steak right?

A Religious Statement

Results of the Fun Test on Observation



It is time for me to hit the bed

Just added a Patriot Crab to the aquarium! YAY!

Fucking Awesome song: Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind me of Anything

Dammit. I can't find my glasses anywhere.

I'm too lazy to reply to Progmom's thread but I'm glad you found them!!!

It's official, I am a klutz

I'm too lazy to read Progmom's thread - did she find her glasses

Did anyone see "Weekends at the DL"?

Une Nuit A Paris

This man's IQ, the number of days since his release from prison and...

i need a new avatar-- any suggestions?

What's the weirdest place you put something you found later?

I'm going to watch my tape of Tanner 88

Freeper school board member gets busted in Hyde Park, NY

My new glasses arrive tomorrow! Woo Hoo!

DUers' Alcohol Abuse Acceptance Group.

I'm too lazy to read LynneSin's thread but: I Found My Glasses!!

Talk About Scary

Splitting wood

So how is everyone today?

DUers, can you answer a question for MMjr.?

Lauren Bacall: Tom Cruis is not a great actor

There is no civility left in this world anymore!

The New Season Of Stargate SG-1 Looks Like It's Going To Be Great.

Fresh blueberries and the bird turns up her beak.

So I've had my Windows XP open for almost 24 hours, and it works great!!

New Yorkers--travel advice, please

About to play softball for the first time since the incident involving my

Just great! I go to the store and my car gets hit in the parking lot.

So, what music are you listening to?

Ahhhh Cream Puffs....

You know what I hate about those new dance/modeling/rock star shows?

Damn, I just pushed my lawn mower over a wasps nest. Ouch

After posting here for 4 or 5 years.... I REACHED 1,000 POSTS!!!!!

Okay, would you rather see the Dukes of Hazzard or Stealth?

Senorita I'm in trouble again and I can't get free

Great "one-sitting" books?

Did I miss the Underpants "We had a baby thread?"

Question. What would you spend a quick $ 250 on.....

Hell Nite anyone?

Movies You Have Seen That You Don't Remember Having Seen

All my life I never stop to worry 'bout a thing

Who is the best cartoon character?

Has the asshole quotient in America risen since Bush became pres?

Pics of me with Dream Theater

I never did an update on my exchange student experience! here it is,

Does anyone here use a Waterpik?

Is Steve Guttenberg the new William Shatner?


My house finch flew the coop (I miss the little guy)

this bud's for you: Mr. Scorpio ~

HOLY BATCRAP!!!! Rick Santorum is doing a book signing in Delaware

OK, Kids. I'm 50 posts away from 5000. Ask me anything.

Rant: if fat and queer are frowned on, why is "fat!" good and "gay" bad?

How HOT is it?

Do you have paid sick days?

Any rabbit owners in the house? I found a bunny ...

Try this fun and easy online magic trick!

Comedy: If Bill Bennett Wrote an Advice Column

We Just Took Our 5 yo Son to See "March of the Penguins"!

note to self

Who doesn't know about Santorum bringing home his stillborn child...

I am posting NAKED....what are you going to do about it?

Help! Bat in my house

Behold: the King (cat photo)

So whats the name of the site that saves and catalogs gillions of sites?

Time to post those desktops again.

Pappy Bush and Lee Atwater, making 2 of the worst "guitar faces" EVER.

Does your cat get "Elevator Butt"


Does internet dating really work?

Best Regional Fast Food Burger Chain


A personal Happy Birthday wish to ChavezSpeakstheTruth.

Choosing your religion (or the lack thereof)

So, if MissHoneychurch wanted to come to a DU meetup in the states,

Favorite Fowl?

I'm happy to say ~ I found Miss Sugar Smack!

Tell something romantic that you have done or experienced......

I want to live on a farm.

Six Feet Under Poll: Nate is..(Spoilers if you haven't seen it last week)

I just took a Schmidt. Ask me anything.

*ush givin' ya'll ALL the FINGER....photoshopped or NOT....?

Is it easy to live without a credit card nowadays?

Post a hot pic of uh, someone that's hot

I was watching CSPAN replay of Sen. Gaylord Nelson's memorial

I don't think I ever fully appreciated Guinness until tonight.....

Ethical Question.

So how the hell are you, anyway?

Steve Guttenberg is the new black.

So, if MissHoneychurch wanted to commit a crime in the states

Does anyone suspect that a DU member is really a Repuke in disguise???

Holy Thundercloud, Batman!

Who is the most unethical musician still performing?

Do you know anyone who still refers to black people as "negroes"?

The mutley_r_us - Wetzelbill non-hijack a serious thread thread

Goodnight Veggies!

I am giving my dogs baths today.

Jane Goodall special coming up on animal planet!

Seven days without meat and I am not weak!


Isn't intelligent design basically Deism?

Sleep deprivation eats into child development

Nasa ponders fresh spacewalk trim

Bisexuals - does your attraction ebb and flow?

Manny: "I want to stay with Boston"

Red Sox Win!!!


Rockies score 9 in the fifth.

God, I love Boston

Adam Dunn grand salami!!! Reds up7-0...get out the broom! 5

Pre-Season Football - less than a week away

Manny Staying With The BoSox - Best One-Two Punch In Baseball Stays

Last Year - Veritek Punches A-Rod (TURNING POINT) This Year?

Any 'cures' for carsickness?

TX:City employee disciplined for ordering drowning of stray dogs

BB The Moosedog-R.I.P.

Puppies at the Park. (pics)

Neptune/Pluto Septile......a call to transformation in the 21st Century

Meditations on Saturn

this may not be the place to ask (but I couldn't think of anywhere else)

Good Astrology Site - book online by Deborah Houlding

New astro-blog on Starlight News!!

atheist or agnostic?


If you didnt know it already, I decipher drunks

OMG I am soooo Drunk and my CAr just got pulled over

Slow today eh

Vote on the theme for the August photo contest

Puppy at the park.

brought up Michael Ledeen and Manucher Ghorbanifar on Nate Clay

Reuters: Bush victories delay lame-duck status, he "has a lot of cork"

MSNBC: "After 6 months on job, Rice seen in firm control at State Dept"

List Pro-Working Class legislation that has PASSED since Reagan???

Cairo: Riot Police kick and beat activists with batons at Mubarak protest

Our most formidable adversary: apathy?

DOJ makes Al-Qaeda manual available in english.

So when Hackett wins the special election

Awe . . . poor media! They have Iraq Fatigue Syndrome

Poodle's Whip & God's Banker's murder: the Austin Mitchell MP link

PNACers--who died and appointed them God any way?

Excerpts from Mark Warner's Recent Speech

POLL on Hackett v. Schmidt? Anybody? Hello?

Has there

Judith's flow Chart (no, not her monthlys- her contacts, sources, etc.)

Because of Centrist Mark Warner, VA may be trending Democrat

Santorum just got his ass handed to him by Stephanopoulos

Is the "stem cell" issue divisive for the Repubs ?

Iraqi Bombing Survivors Shot By Soldiers ("some say")

Hardball : shilling

GWB asks "How Much Is 2+2" and the people answer....

Okay, I'm curious: Are any lurking OH-2 Republicans voting for Hackett?

Star Tribune: "GOP tries to make Wilson the issue"

Jean Schmidt does know Tom Noe after all. Surprise, surprise NOT!

Bastards! Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Schmidt.

Pictures from yesterday's Hackett rally

A great "talking point" came to me this morning concerning Santorum's book

Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured

"Come Clean Jean"

On Resistance

Does Jimmy Carter dare speak his mind on USA soil?

Will it be a political blunder for Bush to nominate Bolton with recess ...

New * LIES excuse heard from local psycho freeper

Court decides case using Bible - in Alabama

VIDEO-Bob Schieffer blasts the Administration on" Torture"

Former TN QBack Heath Shuler running for congress as a (D)

It's ok if u r Republican taken to extreme in Mayor Jim West case...

Are those congressional votes that close? Are we kidding ourselves?

"Republican Thieves" part one "COINGATE"

CNN: Chalabi's convoy got shot up. Body guard killed

Anyone been watching C-Span Book TV?

Too delicious for words! Condi adopts Gore's phrase "practical idealism."

After watching "The War on Truth" on Booknotes last night BIG Q?'s Fire Karl Rove slogan contest.....

Has anyone seen this before???

Lunatic's letter in my local paper

How can Bush get impeached ?

Houston interview: Mehlman's talking points vs Dean's blunt talk.

Is anyone attending the DNC meeting in September?

Florida Ponders Vice-President Jeb Bush

"Button Up your "Tinfoilhat" cause there's speculation.....

Name me ONE of the spineless Dems who are pro-marijuana.

Just a reminder - Senate Repubs don't represent the majority

The Nation: 15 Pro-CAFTA Dems "faced little or no pressure from the W.H."

"The Thinking Woman's Sex Symbol"

Tennessee Democratic Governor Bredesen, hang your head in shame.

Jimmy Carter: U.S.-led war in Iraq is "unnecessary and unjust."

Is calling a son of a bitch, a son of a bitch wrong?

George Bush and the Repubs want to play hardball politics....

Shia systematically slaughtering Sunnis

Is "Time-Warner Cable going to carry Gore's new "Current" Network?

Hillary's DLC speech on C-Span NOW (7:08 edt)

OH-02: Huge Hackett news " Come Clean Jean!"

If it's true that you can commit a crime by NOT doing something (crime of

Conyers: Latest on Downing Street; Help Me Revise and Update the DSM Chron

How many churches in your neck of the woods were closed today

Ex-NASA computer programmer

Clinton A Lightning Rod for Both Sides Ahead Of 2008 Race

"It's time....for go."

Hillary Clinton Strikes Gold in Bush Country

from the Wayne Madsen report : tinfoil or...

"So, I'm dishing the dirt on Jean Schmidt", By childhood neighbor!

Is Hillary Losing Sleep Over Attacks From The Left?

Study: Few Blacks Seen on Talk Shows

To those who promote breaking with the Democratic Party...

Don't Let Congress Limit Your Access to Dietary Supplements

If Hillary wins the 2008 election, it will be more of the same...kinda!


we are now technically in a three party system w/ Dem's divided

Right Now I think these are the best candidates in '08.

Bush isn't the only one to flip the bird; so has Jean Schmidt

2006 US Senate races, report your state

I'm curious. What do you call...

Please check all the LTTEs in your local papers!