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Archives: July 23, 2005

Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak

Giving Reporters a Shield

Weekly Media Matters report on Judge Roberts and Rove/Plame matter

Daily Kos: "...For Freedom."

Why Karl Marx is the man of the moment

Bush's Mouth (on Karen Huges)

LA Activists: CODEPINK Multiple Events for tomorrow, DSM Day July 23

Urgent: Women in Iraq need our help NOW!

my letter to my senators, and a couple of questions....

Japan's parliament passes law to boost its missile defense

Putin's fixation threatens Russia

UN launches new Afghan board game

Chen happy with US' visit decision

China's a dangerous country

Hamas now outguns Palestinians in Gaza power struggle

New amomalies regarding the Pentagon crash or explosions

I Need Ohio Registration Stats (2000)

Off topic, cross post......horrible actions by our govt .....sick

FYI, LA Times 7/22/05 Federal Officials monitor Voting

CODEPINK Multiple Events for tomorrow, DSM Day July 23

Don't count Schwarzenegger out yet

Court knocks re-regulation measure off Nov. 8 ballot

Norm Coleman: Minister of Agitprop (Nation article)

Help: Is there anything better than Yahoo Calendar?

Hey! Look I got a new bumper sticker on Rove!

Wall 8th in fundraising among non-incumbents

Personally, I wish this world were invaded by creatures from outer space

Worth a re-post

EX CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak

How would a strict constructionist feel about undeclared wars?

Anyone notice CBS's John Roberts playful manner this week?



C-span alert - take your pick: Plame/CIA outing, Dean or Clinton!!!!

Yesterday, I was officially worried. Now I'm not so sure.

CIA hearing repeat on CSPAN now!

Wilson on Olbermann NOW

Comment by Catholic friend about the priest scandals.

Anybody watching Bill Clinton on c-span3?

Stupidity Awards

Ragin' Grannies coming up next on KO

When does a conflict become a war?

Loved the punchline of the movie Anchorman

Rawstory: WaPo to expand on Rove/Libby Testimony

Immediate Job Opening.

I still say we need to divide and conquer this beast

LA Times moves 'perjury' with Rove to front page

sexually explicit caricature involving Bush,an Arab sheik & a barrel of oil

Why can't I find a thread on todays CIA testimony b4 Congress?

So while debating conservatives...

What is with the Rep. need

German TV Reports: 108 Children being held in Abu Ghraib

Any interest in a Bollywood group?

Republicans should stop worrying about Karl Rove...

Bush's trickle-up economic policy (a.k.a. Bushonomics)

OK Mods...tonight I've had it..

Doesn't this qualify Plame as covert for the law?

I tried to post a complaint to the Moderators,

Arthur Sulzberger Jr., chairman of The New York Times Company

Anyone here live in a home powered by Solar Panels?

Campbell Brown, why do you feel so compelled to defend Karl Rove....

Acceptable compromise for not releasing the photos today?

Harness the Outrage!!! Spread the Outrage!!!!

message to lurking conservatives and republican supporters....

CIA/FBI question

So what's Gore been up to?

I can't take it anymore.

Karen Hughes: Out Plame Leaker

Karl Rove, George Bush, and the GOP: Osama’s Best Friends

Friday Malloy Truthseekers Check in, Happy Birthday Molly

Another "surprise visit" by Condi. Is this a Bushie innovation?

300 days since Americans were taken hostage.

Seriously, is Karl Rove a Sociopath?

Stymied on Plame? A fun new game for the media.

Had Kermit Roosevelt been outed

How many congressional and presidental wrongs make a right?

We Shall Be Free

Okay, a fear has washed over me this night. . .

Hey DC/VA (and Maybe MD) DUer's..

TreasonGate - What Did Bush Know, And When Did He Know It?

I used to hate politics.

Cheney Opposes Detainee Legislation

"I've got capital. I got capital in the 2000 election. And I earned

Out of curiosity

Note the emphasis: Explosion rocks Beirut hours after Sec. Rice arrives

Eastman Kodak to layoff 10,000 workers

Play the NARAL Makeover Roberts would affect you.

Was it an accident that the Patriot Act was renewed the day before

"Fitting" quotes

I once had a dream that the US nuked a middle eastern country...

Change foreign policy - top Muslims

JEB! Bush defends meeting with SC nominee Roberts

How to convince a wingnut to switch from oil to alternative fuels...

WP A01: Testimony By Rove And Libby Examined

July 12, 2003 WH Press Briefing - Its Back!!!!

A commentary segment on my local news?!?!?!?!

Anyone nervous by this bloody July?

Who has American flags from loved ones who served and have now passed?

ACLU Blames Gov't for Abu Ghraib Delay

I think the Time is Right - "RECALL AHNOLD"

From Hunter at dKos--Sodomizing children. For Freedom.

Atrios has an interesting link up that pretty much sums up cable news.

Waxman Puts Spotlight on Guckert/Gannon - Rove/Plame Connection

Cheney's "Armageddon" and Bush's "Impending Doom"

Forty-nine killed in three Red Sea bombs (Egypt)

Tim Russert flashed a Bush-pin to Bush in 2000,

The only thing worse than having these Republicans in power...

James Sensenbrenner, YOU ARE A LYING SON OF A BITCH!!!

"Women's Liberation Movement".....still appropriate today?

The IIPA & Why Karl Rove and Others Legitimately Face Prosecution Under It

Even Fortune Magazine thinks American Workers are screwed

Combat tales from Iraq - First hand blog account of US troops

I think Mary Matalin may have told

So why's no one talking about the bombings in Egypt?

Oh, now take a look at this. (Rove really might be a genius)

A History of the Bush Administration in One Sentence (updated)

Urgent request from Iraq: Women in Iraq need YOU - NOW!

Randi Rhodes Fans: Want to see something?

Need help- Being pounded by freepers

all i can say is WHAT THE FUCK!

Waxman: 11 Security Breaches in Plame Case

Wilson on Olbermann-laid it all out

Will another "incident" on American soil undo everything?

But Then It Was Too Late

9-11 put records erased by government. Insider tells but not to MSM.

Silent US Genocide against the "Heart of the World: Kogi Indians"

Tenet let Rove EDIT his Wilson report. Did Rove EDIT Senate Intel report?

I ordered my dishwasher today!

Thank you Canada.

Kenyan Army Steps In As Cattle Rustling Turns Lethal

Home won't sell? Some cancel and relist

NYT: Government Defies an Order to Release Iraq Abuse Photos

ACLU blames gov't for Abu Ghraib delay (says violate Gen. Conv)!!

Ann Coulter Named Stupidest Man of the Year

Canada wins dumbest government at World Stupidity Awards; Bush wins one aw

Pentagon report says Europe should not sell arms to China

NYT: 45 Dead, 200 Hurt in Egyptian Blasts

Russian Aristocrat Reclaims Estate Taken by Bolsheviks

NYT: Government Defies an Order to Release Iraq Abuse Photos

LA Times moves 'perjury' with Rove to front page

CNN: Egyptian Resort Town Blasts Kill 30, Wound 107

China fighting Falun Gong in US: defector

Lebanon Blast Hurts Scores

NYT:Stem Cell Bill, Once Seen as a Sure Thing, Is Now Mired in Uncertainty

NYT: Water-Cleanup Measure Stalls Energy Bill

WP: Testimony By Rove And Libby Examined ... Prosecutor Compares Accounts

Bush aide misled FBI, say reports - The Guardian

UN Report Damns Mugabe Slum Clearance Catastrophic

NYT: Anti-Abortion Advocacy of Wife of Court Nominee Draws Interest

WaPo: Roberts Supported by a Majority. (But 65% Want Roe Upheld)

AOLBusiness: US Corporations cut 110,996 Jobs in June. More to Come.

300 Events to Call for Bush's Impeachment over 'Downing Street' Allegation

NYT: Democrats Prepare Ground to Challenge Judge Roberts

Florida Art Director Fired After TV Discussion of Graphic Work on Bush

Food Aid Starts to Reach Niger

WP: Defense Lawyer Gave Reporter FBI Memo in Corruption Case

NYT/AP: Journalist Sues Iowa Archdiocese for Abuse

Brazil's Lula says will not submit to "wealthy elite"

Asian nations piqued about US snub of forum

Venezuela-U.S.: Looming War of the Airwaves

NYT: Govt Defies Court Order to Release Iraq Abuse Photos

Cheney Opposes Detainee Legislation

Terrorist camps thriving

L.A. Times: CIA Probe Moves from Leak Source to Perjury, Obstruction

Secks and Violins

Ok I am officially pissed @ Nextel!!

Statistics officially passed. . . . no more math.

Socks and Violaines

Rating Yahoo Stories: Does This Ever Happen To You...?


Anybody want to be hit with a rhythm stick?

CatWoman's movie lineup for tonite


Might as well start a JimmyJazz thread, hell, everybody else has least I got the front yard edged and mowed before the rain.

The Who Live at the Isle of Wight right now on VH1 Classic

Battlestar in three minutes

In honor of shark week---"Jaws"--in 30 seconds.

Man. Check this email out. Lol.

For my 9,999th and last post on DU, I just wanted to remind you all

I watch Hotel Rwanda today

Sex or violence

I threw out a homeless fiend today.

Trailer for 'V' for Vendetta is now online.

Best on-line Bookstore


I homed out a friendless throw today

Ahhh, a satisfying evening, but GOODNIGHT, my dears

My 7 year old stepson IS Andy Milonakis INCARNATE...

Anybody want a kitten?

Who was it here giving away email accts a few weeks ago?

The funniest thing ever posted on DU

Kitten Post

DU this poll

I think someone is impersonating yvr girl

lol, the 'Asgard' on "Stargate Atlantis" rocks (Spoilers)

Who would win in a fight, Mark Shields or David Brooks?

Sleep meds are kicking in-- you may fsck with my head......NOW

I Hate Editorializing On The News

the Lounge: Rove/Plame free since 1897

Back from France. Ask me anything!

You love me, don't you?

Jazz fans--you need to come to the Detroit Jazz Fest

Puppy Picture Assault

Canada wins dumbest government at World Stupidity Awards; Bush wins one aw

DU chat tonight

New Mail! New Mail! New Mail!

"Scooter" is not the world's best prison moniker

The air pressure is dropping llike a mallard full of buckshot.

Any fans of Lord Foul's Bane/Thomas Covenant?

Today we were lucky - only 99 degrees in CO

Jay Leno video of Bush speech with little girl - AAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

Robert Plant Performing On Jay Leno Tonight

Did You Here The One About the Nude Tickler?

Who dresses better? Leno or Letterman?

For your viewing pleasure

I found a body In a canal today

It would be a really great day when........

I saw "Outfoxed" earlier tonight with my Young Dem group.

Well, my job interview is August 3rd.

It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Devil's Rejects was awesome!!

Worst sci-fi monster ever

Anybody know that James Doohan died July 20?

Yes, Ve are doomed and I am filled with remorse, and it is most delicious

Goodnight Lounge!

I told my wife not to worry about her weight.

Who's got it?

When will "Sin City" be out on DVD - Christmas??

I'm hitting the sack oily, Folks

Have You Flown No Class?

So what's everyone doing to celebrate ZUNI week - which is next week

Do you eat a big breakfast?

IChing reveals his personal image and his dogs

I told my squirrel friend to gain some weight....winter's coming


What do you want?

DU women: You don't own me.

ARG! My wife just got back from a candle party!

OK, I NEED A SMOKE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Lord Voldemort was real (not fiction) and he'd be...

Do you want to live in luxury?

My next post is for 15,000. Post here first and I'll give you a hug

It's not Deep-South Hot, but SoCal is HOT

I've been traveling for work all week. Did I miss anything?


If Harry Potter came to real life - who would be (use famous people)

My little one asked me if I knew the worst combo for drinking....

DU women: You don't know me.

How do you lose a half gallon of milk?

AAAAARRRRGGG!!!! My wife just got back from a pirate party.

I told my girlfriend not to gain anymore weight

Harry Potter parody song: "Hey, Jo" (SPOILERS!!)

Anyone see 'Battle Royale'?

My "buddy" in Georgia is still at it.

Favourite scifi flick monster

Our leader, heading off to a rare, well-deserved rest at Camp David

Finally! Just uploaded a new song (lame vanity post).


Ann Coulter Named Stupidest Man of the Year

The Story of Mark Eklund, Catholic School Student Killed in Vietman


I kinda feel like, no, I DO feel like... yes, I do... I will...

My boyfriend's brother was in a serious accident.

I hate diabetes.

I'm here to wish DeposeTheBoyKing good luck on her bar exams

Have You Flown First Class?

Any interest in a Bollywood group?

Now is time on DU when we....

put your brilliant obtusenesses here: a Final Poll

I told my girlfriend to gain some weight.

I've seen some damn creative sig lines here on DU

It's the Friday evening "What are you listening to" thread

I saw a REALLY bad print of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" today.

Where are you and how HOT is it? Check in!

Post fake band names here!!!

DU women: You know me.

My husband ask me to not gain any more weight!

Tough questions for Judge Roberts (how you can help - from the Advocate)

Astro compatibility question

"Auntie Pinko" blows a Stinko...

Stupid church sign I saw today:

Kerry: American People Must Know Roberts’ Record on Civil Rights

Kerry Seeks Release of Roberts' Documents

Why did Kerry vote against the Boxer amendment?

Not Kerry news but you know whats depressing

Too soon for another photo thread?

Happy Accidents

New Blog 7/22/05 - Wilson revealed

KOEB 7/22/05

With apologies to Mr. Kupferberg, 5 ways to get us out of Iraq

Your tax dollars at work -- buying elections

The Wilson-Plame-Novak-Rove Blame Game (timetable)

Wash. State DUers Who is Jay Inslee?

Great dailykos post: Plame Floodgates Open

Wilson on KO tonight!

Since Plame had a "desk job" as a CIA agent, how about cartoon superheros?

Foreign Intelligence officer discloses CIA name

If you were forced to place Sen. Robert Byrd...

The factcheck,org article on Bush's "16 words" really pisses me off...

TPM Cafe - Party of (Feeble) Opposition

OK, trying again. C-Span 1 lists Dean/Mehlman at 11:01 tonight.

John Nichols (The Nation) explains some of Feingold's logic on Patriot Act

Was Goss Appointed Specifically to Protect Rove's Treason?

Democrats Prepare Ground to Challenge Judge Roberts (NYT)

Has Howard Dean reached out to any pro-gun groups?

White House, DHS Spin Chertoff Comments Comparing Aviation, Mass Transit N

I wish I had the luxury....

Will/Are today's CIA hearing be in print & where can I get it?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Bush-Rove loyalty a threat, CIA retirees say

'Hurricane Karen' on mission and more...

What did the pResident know, and when did he know it?

How would the Election been affected if Treasongate had broken in Jan 04?

A Dem fighter wins council seat in SC in spite of dirty GOP tricks.

Rovegate is a symptom, Abu Gharaib is the disease....

Kerry Seeks Release of Roberts' Documents

Make No Distinction Between TRAITORS and Administrations that Harbor them

When did John Roberts adopt his two kids?

Sunday Morning Talk Shows. Your predictions

What if?

"democrats say nominee will be hard to defeat"

A question I can't answer. RE ACLU and photos..

Why did no Democrat show up today at Karen Hughes' hearing?

Larry Johnson is giving Sat Morning Dem Radio Address

Are people in the CIA mad at Bush and the RNC over Plame?

Kerry: American People Must Know Roberts’ Record on Civil Rights

BushCo and their Locker room Trash Talk..always denigrating the Liberals


Stop using NeoCon and right wing when describing the opposition

N.Y. Times Corp. Publishes Edited Version of Rove Leak Article in IHT

Bush Administration Files 11th Hour Papers Blocking the Release of Photos

I name the four powers who are behind the al-Qaeda conspiracy

Handcuffs and Stethoscopes

Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name

Moral Cowards In Hiding

Supreme Court nominee seen as threat to women, labor, racial equality

For Bush, Effect of Investigation of C.I.A. Leak Case Is Uncertain

Potemkin World... or the President in the Zone

Hired guns walk uneasy legal path

Sensenbrenner is going from bizarre to bonkers

This is why conservatives win

NYT: For Bush, Effect of Investigation of C.I.A. Leak Case Is Uncertain

300 Events to Call for Bush's Impeachment

Lajournada: Bush Plans for Global Police State Gather Apace

DailyKOS: Artist Renderings of Abuse of 8 Year Old Girl at Abu Ghraib

New York Times’ Thomas Friedman libels opponents of Iraq war

NYT's Frank Rich - Eight Days in July (Wilson's Op-ed to Novak's column)

Conservative movement is completely Bought

George Bush faces a political lobotomy

Our Founders & The Unbalance of Power by Al Gore

Support a sick out day of impeach Bush rally in DC?

July 26 Patriot Act Protest Rally in 4 Colorado cities

Not sure where to start: Taser abuse?

PRESS RELEASE: Voter Confidence Resolution Adopted in Arcata, CA

Attention News World International fans

Record Numbers Of Lion's Mane Jellyfish Hitting British Beaches - Times

One Bright Spot For Polar Bears - N. Labrador Population Doing Well

Domenici Acknowledges Warming, Plans Testimony By "Skeptics" - WP

Drought Bears Down Across Southwest Europe - Der Spiegel

Scotland's Upland Bird Numbers Declining Rapidly

Valence Technology Helps Drive Move to Hybrid Vehicles by Tripling Fuel E

NY Times covers extraordinary western heat wave without mentioning climate

GM trees bloom in rush to feed growing paper industry (please read!)

Plankton Counts Collapsing, Warming Sign All Along Pacific Coast

BBC (July 23): Dissidents held in Cuba crackdown

Bill Clinton launches Kenya HIV plan

PA, Egypt do gas deal without Israel

Get ready for the mother of all elections

Verging on Holocaust denial

Haaretz (Saturday): Rice praises Abbas' efforts to clamp down on militants

Egyptian analysts blame Israel for Sharm el-Sheikh terror attacks

Must-See Saudi TV, Part II

Enough is enough: Time to play hardball

Question abotu 9/11 commision. Not finished yet? Phase 2?

9/11 and the CIA

McKinney Reopens 9/11

McKinney reopens 9/11

The Republican Nemesis

None Dare Call it Stolen

Can anybody get the rest of this article?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 7/23/05

(old news) Did George W. Bush steal America’s 2004 election?

Demonstration of HAVA compliant machines

Is it me or do you become upset when you hear talk of what we can do to

Please Help! Vote siphoning from Kerry to 3rd parties in Minnesota

I need a precise explanation of what happened in Ohio in 2004.

WTF !! OHIO Registered Democrats for 5/2004-11/2004

HAVA advisory-- title III section 301 THIS IS BIG for the DRE junkie

Torrance Democrat plans to run for Assembly seat

Regarding the Town Hall Meeting in Oakland today.....

Just got in from the Town Hall Meeting in Oakland w/Barbara Lee.

So what party did the San Diego Mayor(s) belong to?

Planned Parenthood event

Romney won't cede pill decision

How much did Kennedy's fund raiser cost taxpayers?

help with Virtual Truck message

Cincy Ohio DUers, need your help on air waves

North Texas parties - Downing Street Memo, TODAY (7/23)

Soooo...ya want some rain?

Anybody at SEIU rally today at the capitol?

Remember, Remember... the 5th of November....

Recently posted but wanted to repost: "No Time for Despair"

Hurricane Emily takes toll on sea turtles

Why is Karen Hughes getting a free pass?

POLL: Please do this poll, I got it off the FREEPER(RNC) talking point

John G. Roberts (R-Corporate Shill)

The weakening dollars

W Scares Old Lady

Listen to Kay Griggs confession, it may help explain Abu Ghraib

Sorry...did a search...can't find Plame Timeline

DU this article on the AG torture pictures, freeps have it at 2 stars

I know you're out there so step up and be the conscience of America

New Test Takes Closer Look At High-Risk Sex Offenders

1776 Dead Soldiers who needn't have died at all.

Is Your Printer Spying On You?


Maybe if we ask them real nice, they'll stop this stupid war

only a Revolution will turn it all around

one gets the sense that all hell is about to break loose.

"I expect better behavior out of republicans."

Worst Case Scenarios we should be preparing for.

Hey, all you socialists and near-socialists -- how many understand econ?

My LTTE is published

What is the significance of the latest bombings?

How do you explain a Republican Party that refuses to think ?

So why has Christianity led to so much violence?

First of all, you have to understand we are at war...

Is "racial-profiling" acceptable during a time of war?

did the torture pictures come out yesterday?

What will be the breaking of the prez and all his men?

Do you think people will wake up in time for us to when the 2006 elections

If we are attacked again will Bush get "backed up" again or

If you don't think that Roberts is strong anti-abortion then you're a fool

We are the good guys so we can be as evil as we like

What could Bushco do if the New Abu photos leaked out

Bush supporter Italy PM prints books of insults

Freeper thread on Fitzgerald...

How many abortions is too many?

Pssst, Son, do you really believe the BS your spewing? (photo)

If your hobby is twitting freepers--

I have a question I haven't seen asked yet.

Daily Show spoof leads to firing of Broward Art Guild chief

I mistakedly called out a Moder**** ....

In 2006 "My republican opponent…"


Wanted: A long good list of Bushy's Lies

Want to take a psychological test that determines racial bias?

This psychological test appraises public support for the president

FBI has "expanded role" in Aruba disappearance..WTF?

World Destruction Begins 2005- The Price We Pay for Stupidity

White House says they want to continue torture

U.S. defies order to give up Abu Ghraib abuse photos

What would have been the appropriate response after 9/11 ?

Nearly half of the people questioned by Pew worried that the war in Iraq

The Bush Dilemma

Corruption in the FBI/NSA - 275 Votes - One Star -Statistically impossible

Wayward Moose Breaks Into 'Secure' Colorado Military Base


The day Rush Limbaugh goes to jail is the day America gets back...

"Parallel investigation" into forged Niger documents underway - Guardian

Internet graphics and copyright laws?

Sick! US soldiers in Iraq pose in Rush's offensive "Club Gitmo" gear

ID theft -- bank finds a way to profit

Pentagon wants to raise age limit for recruits (35 to 42)

The Great Union has been created

Catholic dissent over mystery of the pregnant Madonnas (DaVinci Code)

Blogathon 2005

CIA Vet's Harsh Retort to Rove's Spinners

self delete

Should realtors provide information on sex offenders

Environmental experts gauge 'ocean economy'

The Secretary of War and pResident declare American Judicial system null

How to get a: Rove Leaked. I'm Pissed. Bumper sticker

Unfortunate Sons.... fyi

3 ways America could go from this date: 7/23/05.

Is anyone intending on attending a DSM house party today?

Bush Threatens to Veto Attempts to Regulate, Investigate Abu Ghraib Tortur

Another memogate???

Did anyone ask Novak?

For those following the Leonard Clark story...

Larry Johnson Delivers Dem Radio Address -Text and audio (wow)

first video on c-span is the CIA coverage yesterday

FBI eye witness tells what he saw at GITMO

I am back and blogging Coast to Coast DSM events today...

Network news reporting on CIA hearings could have opened people's minds

My mother just came back from France

'Rove is Toast' Auction Hits eBay

Is George Bush analogous to John Gotti?

AO art galleries

Conyers!! DSM Town Hall Meeting, Wayne State Law School! I'm going

Here's what I think really happened in Rovegate

Anyone know where i can get some good "Rove = Traitor" type t-shirts?

What Bush should have said when he introduced John Roberts:

"Kerry Film Did Not Violate Election Law"

"Senators Demand More Information on MTBE"

While we argue about video games

Is Gaza pullout in preparation of Iran attack?

Video of Rumsfeld/Saddam handshake, plus shmoozing

"House Endorses NASA Missions to Moon, Mars"

"Smog Fight Aided by Self-Cleaning Elements"

"U.S. May Use Airline Data to Find Sleepers"

Put all pundits and politicians under a civil oath to tell the truth.

Yesterday there was a thread in LBN about Iran executing two teenagers

New Recruitment age moved up to 42 by Pentagon.

Karen Hughes: Out Plame Leaker

I am going to hear Cindy Sheehan speak at the Full Circle Fair today

shepherd's BUSH, the OVAL, WARren.....Has anyone noticed the

WUMF. Feel that? WUMF.

Public Disclosure of Covert Agents cspan 12:04 PM EDT Sat, July 23

Warning: Viewing the portrait seen in the pic below can cause nausea.

Controversy over pet tags/chips: "Is There Anyone Who Can Read My Tag?"

"Santorum Meets Group Upset by Comments"

Online data gets personal: Cell phone records for sale

About abortion posts: what I learned from Calvin and Hobbes.

This is what WE stand for..Now let's get it back!

New Zogby poll-heavy on boxing questions. Why?

WATimes GOP propaganda paper, discrediting CIA hearing.

Repeat after me "We are not at war"

(VIDEO) Robert Kennedy Jr on The Daily Show

People trying to make a difference and saving a few bucks

Come On people, only 283 have signed the petitions, let's get busy!

Does anyone work for or use Verizon?

"Rosebud knows" (Cheney) Must READ!

Sheepole/Freeper logic smack down

How many is too many?

Is it enough for the "terrorists to just say "SORRY"?

Let's say you are a RW'er

props to london

Breaking news man shot in london

Important Discovery

Who's safer anyway?

Freeper blog - go leave a comment

Krugman and Palast reflecting on China un-pegging the Yuan to the Dollar.

Anybody remember Pollard

Please help me alert

Fiore: Double super-secret background

August 28, 1963

Have there been any recent polls of Iraqis?

Do you think Roberts was choosen to defend Rove, etc???

Conyers DSM Event being live audio blogged...

Scandal Overload List Website

Dem radio address

In case you missed the Wilson interview on last nite's "Countdown"

Iraqi Women May Lose Basic Rights Under New Constitution

Anyone get the feeling that the new show "Commander in Chief" will be GOP

Heads up: Conyersblog to be Taken Over by House Party Hosts Soon

Love-struck Kenyan awaiting Clinton's nod to marry Chelsea

I watched a 1 hour "Protest Warrior" video last night

Wilson/Plame time line


Phoenix works to ID heat victims

Live Broadcast - NY Downing Street Event (PDA, ADS, and

Dear Mili (Even as an agnostic Christian based tales can touch the soul)

Check out the picture on Michael Moore's page.

London bombings: The mysteriously vanished timing devices

The Republicans didn't stray away from criticizing Clinton during Kosovo

Poll question: Support a sick out day of impeach Bush rally in DC?

Has anyone done Astrology Charts/Horoscopes

Is it a good thing or a bad thing if the Traitorgate GJ continues thru...

Stressed US troops in Iraq 'turning to drugs' - Telegraph

Stressed US troops in Iraq 'turning to drugs' has 3 US soldier killed in Fallujah, no story

Regarding Iraq

TPMCafe: Party of (Feeble) Opposition

When is Guy James on today?

Conyersblog to be Taken Over by House Party Hosts Soon

A Year of Work To Sell Roberts to Conservatives

Official Presidential Portraits

OK, guys, this LTTE is gonna piss you off.

Postulo Tyrannus

First Lady of the Press Helen Thomas

Repub. Senator gets donations from Southwest Airlines, introduces bill

Weekends on AirAmerica Radio are getting better!!!!

"RING OF FIRE" RFK Jr and Mike Papantonio AAR Live NOW

What Happened in the UK is kind of like the reason we went into Iraq

Poll question: Support a sick out day of impeach Bush rally in DC?

LAURA FLANDERS Tonight AAR 7-10 PM - Sunday also


Good morning.... and where is TS Franklin headed today....

What was Yahoo's role in China's prosecution of journalist Shi Tao?

Brilliant deconstruction of the Iraqi Constitution

Muslim visitor to Britain beaten to death: Islamophobia blamed for attack

Fitzgerald is making this Case Confusing - IMHO

The guy the Brits gunned down was a Brazilian with no ties to the attacks.

How are government officials investigated in Parlimentary systems?

Anyone remember a May '05 radio interview with Jesse Jacksons Jr & Sr?

I hate bush's world.

Bush featured on cover of NYTimes magazine....

Ebay has a new listing... "Rove is Toast"

The Brad Show - Raw Radio (Raw Story)...

Christian doctors urge FDA to pull RU-486 (Mifeprex) from market

Anybody with problems accessing RawStory? (403 error)

You want to see a webcam of a local bar

I thought bush didn't want the media to publish pictures like this.

Where is that list of all the republican media..

It's time to protest the protesters

The guy shot on the London subway had NOTHING to do with the bombings

Forecast: Just heard temp and heat index for tomorrow...

Karl Rove is the ugliest man I've ever seen

"White House Threatens Defense Bill Veto"

JIM MARCINKOWSKI Former CIA Case Officer On Brad Show Today

Armed (FCC?) agents raid, shut down unlicensed Free Radio

I'm taking my cat in to get an abortion tomorrow.

The Straight Dope on Smaller Tactical Nukes.....

Anyone remember this 01/05 Hersh article? - The Coming Wars - REREAD IT.

There is NO WINNING the "war on terror" or the war in Iraq...

POLL: 60% America Say World War III Likely...

Military morality

"The Guy James Show" is going to be hot tonight!!

I went to John Conyers' town hall meeting on DSM/Rovegate! Met otherDUers!

NYT's Frank Rich - Eight Days in July (Wilson's Op-ed to Novak's column)

"why do they hate us" is coming up next on CNN

What hope without the Media? There are 43 wildfires burning in the

Senator Lincoln To Propose A Tax On Internet Pornography

What kind of maniac/idiot would attack Mecca?!

Police: Man shot 'not connected' to bombings

''Housing turnover is now reaching Ponzi-like proportions.''

Someone suggests Million Mom March members can be raped - WTHF?!?!?

FL Church Day Care Kids Molested, Forced To Eat Worms, Smell Feet

Showing my ignorance but in a political tone what is a "brown shirt"?

It isn't separation of church and state.

Worst states for Blacks in jail = Battleground states for Dems: IA, WI,

John Kerry at Le Tour.

Almost four years of looming terrorist attacks in the USA, and...

Fluoridation, Cancer: Did Researchers Ask The Right Questions?

Agents raid, shut down unlicensed Free Radio

Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick defends her son (VIDEO)

Is America the World's 97-lb. Weakling?

Power stuff

"The equality of rights under the law shall not be denied

Alabama legislature: BOYCOTT ARUBA!

Why doesn't anything pay well?

Rovegate: Scandal that Lays Bare Cynicism Behind Bush's War (Independent)

Article on the failing Gates' schools

Heartbreaking News -

GOP candidate: Impeach Bush, "I am a Republican, I 'm not a Brown Shirt"

Which Alignment best describe Bush

I figured out what is bothering me about the London shooting

My cousin is training to be an army recruiter

"I always have hope that enough people will come together..."

why i will never take the new york subway ever again:

Rove Payback? Crains Chgo questions Patrick Fitzgerald hire's appointement

AGAIN My Head Explodes At The Sheer Evilness. But, This Time I Get Even!

Was what happened in London on Thursday a "MIRACLE"?

Here's why the 2nd London bombings are suspicious.

Encouraged by missing bumper stickers....

In memory of Andy: Remember 18181

"95% of suicide bombers act in order to remove occupying foreign troops"

Karl Rove was fired from George Bush Sr.'s 1992

Here's why I like Larry Johnson


Has Dubya Made The World More Safe?

everythingxen's penultimate conspiracy theory

Mayberry Machiavelli: Will Otis Rove Go To Jail?

How many children of unmarried males is too many? By how many women?

German artist rendition of latest torture photos (sorry if dupe)

The "Godfather" had a scene with a tit, therefore it should be rated X

What should I do with all these tomatoes?

Is there any place you go that you eat like a pig ?

Does anyone have any good Portuguese recipes?

Canada takes up `unfinished business'

Shot man not connected to bombing

The right wing cretins step into action:

Blasts in Egypt Kill at Least 59 at Sinai Resort

Tokyo Shaken by Magnitude 6.1 Quake; No Tsunami Risk

Ex-agents rip Bush on CIA leak

London Police Arrest Second Man in Stockwell; Linked to Bombings, Sky Says

Cheney Calls War on Terror Unpredictable

Wayward Moose Breaks Into 'Secure' Colorado Military Base

Al Qaeda in Iraq says kidnapped Algerian envoy-Web

Bush-Rove loyalty a threat, CIA retirees say

Iraq Police Search for Algerian Diplomats

White House Aims to Block Legislation on Detainees

'Rove is Toast' Auction Hits eBay

Rice Heads to Ramallah to Meet With Abbas

Sunni cleric criticises Kurdish plan for Iraq

Blasts kill 83 in Egyptian Red Sea resort

A Daily Look at U.S. Deaths in Iraq (1775)

Guardian - Hundreds mourn youngest victim (July 7)

German pilot was quizzed over missing wife (Reichstag crash)

Democrats spotlight CIA leak in radio address (slam *)

Bush caught having sex with hamsters on Whitehose Lawn: Hamster sales up!

Clinton regrets personal failure on Rwanda genocide

Shot man not connected to bombing

US anti-war grannies face justice (BBC News)

US misses rare chance to discuss security issues with Asia

Obama a Celebrity Despite Low-Key Approach

Bush administration condemns Egyptian attacks, urges Muslims to oppose ...

FEC Rules Against Democrats in Complaint About Kerry Documentary

House ethics panel's standoff ends

M6.0 earthquake hits Tokyo, over 20 injured

Inner Redbud Woods Razed; 58 Protesters Arraigned

Report: Coin dealer, wife questioned over gifts to Taft, staffers

White House Aims to Block Legislation on Detainees (Cheney at the helm)

Noe transferred $3.18M to own firm (from Ohio's Coin funds)

NYT: Defying U.S. Efforts, Guerrillas In Iraq Refocus and Strengthen

MZM Eligible To Seek Work Despite Inquiry


Army Replaces Commander in Charge of Training Iraqi Security Forces

GOP-linked Fla. firm helping promote Roberts

US shows signs of resignation to Hezbollah political role

Guantanamo detainees give demands to end hunger strike

Tower Bridge 9/11 plotter jailed (The Guardian)

Bush administration lobbies against prisoner bill: report

Hired guns walk uneasy legal path

NYT: For Bush, Effect of Investigation of C.I.A. Leak Case Is Uncertain

North Korea ready for visit by Bush: report

U.S. commander: Taliban recruiting children

LAT, Brownstein: Opponents of Roberts Taking Populist Tack

LAT: Heat's Grip Too Much for Southern California Grid

Bush Urges Timely Confirmation of High Court Nominee Roberts

Egyptian analysts blame Israel for Sharm el-Sheikh terror attacks

Iraq still central terror front despite other bombings: Rice

Late Twist in Tobacco Case(grps can argue DOJ didn't rep public interest )

British boy wrongly labelled as London bomber (Dead british bomber, ALIVE)

Federal Judge Rejects Peltier Appeal

NYT/AP:Organized Labor at Crossroads w/ Feud(some unions may quit AFL-CIO)

WP:Hughes Hopes to Burnish US Image(will run 3 bureaus,860 employees...)

With Bush's help, GE courts Indian PM

'Al-Qaeda chief has well-stocked teams in place'

Spoof of Bush Wins Faux Faulkner Contest

LATEST: Man shot in Stockwell tube not connected to July 21 attacks, say p

Injured inmate in vegetative state (Florida)

Temperatures Soar - And So Does the Cost of Electricity

Insurgents launch attacks in Baghdad, Fallujah

Ex-Diplomat's Surprise Volley on Iraq Drove W.H. Into Political Warfare Mo

Pressure on U.S. to Use More Surveillance

Dallas Morning News: Rove puts Bush's loyalty to test

NYT: How a Trip to Film in Iraq Ended in a Military Jail Cell

CIA's Tenet was 'furious' over leak, Schumer says

US equates war on terror with major world conflicts

Poll: U.S. More Likely to Expect WWIII

One French icon goes to the Americans(IHT/NYT)

GOVERNOR IN RETREAT - Schwarzenegger

State: Day care kids were sexually abused, forced to eat worms

Marine Corps excited about future of the Osprey

Dean: Democrats need 'big tent'

In Violin Sections,Women Make Presence Heard(male violinist sues NY Phil.)

Ok. Let's have some DU "Fark" photos :)


Spike TV is running DS9 Trials and Tribble-ations...right now!!

LotR's "Legolas": neither Lego nor female.

I keep telling myself to lose some weight...

It's the recursive thread.

Whenever I visualize Narcissa Malfoy I see:

Funny how life and friends can be sometimes....

somebody isn't ignoring all alien orders

Give Dubya a Brain - The Game

I told my girlfriend to gain some taint.

this is cool: type "Corzine for Governor" in google (no quotes), then...

Arghhhhh, my wife just got back from a Pilates party..........

I mailed my girlfriend to the Isle of Wight.

this is yvr girl's thread

Goodnight all

so how do you clean a keyboard out?

Hello. I mate people.

Ernest T. Bass appreciation thread.

good morning Duers, we are the late night crew........

Lance Armstrong is considering running for Governor of Texas...

Serious poll question

For what it's worth: I hold don't hold grudges against people.

Guess what I'm doing?

I'm sorry guys.


For What It's Worth: I do hold grudges

I'm sorry, too, guys.

For What It's Worth: I do bold nudges

Well just got inside from watching a Big Bust.

My girlfriend told me not to lose any more brights

Which is more important, preserving morality or success?

I called my health provider today and was kept on hold for

Well, since I just got zinged by Heidi, I figured it's time for bed......

So It's 3:33 AM and Here I am in all my glory....

For those who use Firefox

HA! eom

Harvest woman files suit over 'test' lottery numbers

Goodbye, cruel world! I've done my DUty for the day . . .

I would like an honest dating option

I would like an honest date with opinions

Anyone know of an Arabic to English translator tool

I would like an honest date with onions.

What tunes should Xema chill to?

I told myself it's time to finally lose some weight.

I would like an honest opinion about mating.

Did the granite cookies go away?

I would like an honest opinion about bating.

I would like an honest opinion about dating.

I'm not sorry at all, guys

"Picking up girls can be as easy as opening a beer!"

Who has me beat? I have 63 Posts in 'My Posts'

WOW!!! The album you've been waiting all summer for....

HEY! It's my Birthday

Post your RL name and address in this thread!

I've got a little black book with my poems in.

I was sick as a dog all week.



Favorite grain-based hot breakfast cereal?

Good Morning

Traditional weddings make me want to throw up


It's here! It's HERE! ZUNI week is FINALLY here!

I am Pretty Cheezed off about that Dam jockey

I just want to say something.

Everybody to the limit

Hello from NYC!

My FAVORITE movie ever is on. Let it Ride!

JimmyJ, you still here?

Karl Rove Charged in Convenience Store Theft (Satire or Prophecy?)

Random Post Titles: A Poem

How do you refer to your SO (assuming you aren't legally married)?

I'm going out to mow the lawn.

early morning chat

I haven't been to New Orleans in almost 15 years.

I've told my girlfriend to gain weight

Does anyone think bugs are more conscious than we give them credit for?

I would like an honest opinion about driving

Ain't this a pisser....

DU you DU Groups/Forums ?

Which DU'er do you wish would join the California DU Campout?

Did anybody like Team America: World Police ?

Hey Beastman

New to dvd players- do I have a bad disc-"no disc error"

My brother is moving back into town.

Does your dog have any control over the cats behavior?

Today is my birthday, but anniversary of Bro's death

Denverites.. check in

not only is it the first day of zuni week, it's also sadfuck smilie day!

i said happy birthday to zuni in his birthday thread but he didn't respond

What was this dance called again?

If it paid better, what would you like to do

Apparently July 23rd is "Paul Rubens Day" in San Francisco

Lance is underway....

NYT article: controversy over pet tags/chips

Who is the republican politican that looks like Henry Gibson?

What sundog MEANT to say is that it's also "nutkick" smilie day.

DU women: You want me.

You can't have-ah the Mango!

Dumb computer question

JimmyJazz's mother is a hamster & gathers woodchips for breakfast.

My girlfriend told me not to lose anymore height

I've been trying to post on DU with my cellphone

Check for your driver's license online here:

I am yoga. Hear me roar.

Thank God!!! Coughing Guy left!!!

it is 11:45. Early enough to start indulging? Who wants to get down?

I am yogurt. Hear me pour.

hahahahahah haahahah ahhah ahah ahahah

900th post!!!

I am Yoda, roar me hear....

Read Dear Mili

Where can I get free usenet/newsgroup access?

What tunes would Xenu chill to?

greyhound bus


"One niiiight with yooooou"

Chinese food trivia: Shandong Chicken has been renamed in America as...

I'm the mystical dark force against which valiant Prince Finnfan struggles

Gay Marraige is a homophobe plot!

True Pessimist

Quiet Please, It's my birthday and I have a Hangover

Anybody out there remember the band Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band?

i have never seen an episode of "lost"


OK, guys, this LTTE is gonna piss you off.

progmom on the air now 'til 2pm eastern

How many robots is too many?

"I don't care what they say, I won't live in a world without____________?"

My apologies, but this is just too funny.

Caption this!

***************HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZUNI!!*****************

It's Zuni's FREAKIN' Birthday, so what is he doing on DU?

Spoof of Bush Wins Faux Faulkner Contest


zuuuuniii.... zuuuuuuniiiiii...

If you could change

so I got this voice mail. . .

Gay DUers and other people

"One of a Kind" people:

guess what burns?

I am so friggin' bored.

What's the best way to peel labels off wine bottles without damage?

Can guys get cranky? (w/o hazing) or can they cop"being in a bad place."

I received this email from a friend & first thought it was freeperish.

so how many holidays do we officially have today?

Well just got inside from watching a drug bust.

The Watusi....the Twist...

The "sadfuck smilie" gets me hot.

favorite grain based beverage

Why is sundog so down?

I just became cranky...ask me nothing

It is a GORGEOUS DAY here in Taxachusetts!

Baby mouse's self image poll

Tasty little flamethrowers

Love-struck Kenyan awaiting Clinton's nod to marry only daughter, Chelsea

Who else likes to watch Telemundo because they have hot women on it?

Believe me.

Head swap!

Walk the Line trailer! If you love Johnny Cash, here is a link!

If you want BBQ Pork Chops, Mashed Potatos & Honey Cornbread For Dinner

I'm worried- did I break the law?

What is your favorite slang term for office workers?

I love Larry Johnson, but...

My little dog got "five paws" on Dogster!

My new neighbors are having a party. Their music is shaking my house.

I just broke my record in Tetris!!!

Sadfuck smilie is taking over

PHOTOS: Beautiful Day With My Horses

"Actress-turned-singer" Juliette Lewis (?) on negative Scientology reports

FReeper Simulator Poll!

Weekends on AirAmericaRadio are getting better

Sonny Barger's new book "Freedom: Credos From The Road"

March of the Penquins

Has DS1 lost his freakin mind?

I din't know this but Waaaaaa is not in the spell check

Motorcycle Safety Class, Day 2: Monkey Butt

"Good Luck & Best Wishes" to all those who will be taking your


In this thread, convince me to move in!

Drive Out the Bush Regime

DVD-Video Therapy List

Which of these is THE classic 1950s fighter jet?

Congrats Alexandre DESPATIE - 2 diving golds for Canada

Waaaaaa: Why don't women like gay guys?

8 out of 10 people ask me if I came from another country.

Things you never knew about GWB

Mr. John Baldry dead at 64

What can make a grown man cry?

Amazing Tornado Videos

Dove of peace, killed by Russian children during ceremony!

Could this day GO any slower?

Pix of Veg Truck Conversion.

Waaaaaa: Why don't women like Ice guys?

What is the worst foot you ever smelled

Dwight Yoakam Kicks Nashville's Pansy Ass AGAIN.

Last night I had the weirdest dream ever - share your weird dreams

Hey - Chet Helms died - damn!

I wanted to say that I'm totally in love with....

Light weight Issues You Wish Business would think about

How long do you keep the messages in your inbox?

Is my new sigline giffy too tasteless?

Answer the "Name the Baby Sweepstakes" question......

It's a matcom, matcom life...

Almost 6,000 posts! Ask me anything!

My Cat Just Finished Licking All My Fried Chicken Scraps

So for the first time in my life, I am walking for exercise.....

"Country roads take me home"

Bewitched or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

What a diference a day makes. 101 yesterday, 79 today.

what was the saddest movie you ever saw?

Would you call "Law and Order" a liberal TV show?

Phyllis Diller line heard on NPR's Weekend Edition today

What's your favorite word to use when you can't swear (i.e. "Fudge")

So I downloaded the entire first season of Lost

Random Saturday Quinn Picture (just 'cause it's been a while)

DS1 was supposed to post a kitty thread to cheer us all up.

So who wants to go for a root beer float?

bush caught on camera porking Siamese cat: Siamese Cat sales up 100%

It's confession time...


Message to the * White House from Ming the Merciless

Anyone Ever Gotten Sick From The Drug-- "Cipro?"

Do you ever play a song over and over again just because

Southlandshari, you still here?

Worst Led Zeppelin Song


So, you had your wisdom teeth pulled; no solid food for a week!

My friend needs help! Her husband plans to campaign for Bill Frist.

do corporate office environments horrify anyone else

The NSMA/Misunderestimator memorial I like to watch CAT PICTURE THREAD!!!

Happy Anniversary, Misunderestimator!

"Who WOULDN'T want a blonde, blue-eyed Russian?"

What's your favourite season?

Ya' learn somethin' new everyday--D.Lynch, fan of Reagans..

Tell us about the funniest wedding you've seen

Hot enough for you today?

Joan Alpern's corrupting me with apple martinis's, ast me anything

I would like an honest opinion about dating.


I'm going to introduce some new religions. Today's religion, Xenu Worship

We just got Sirius radio. The flyer we received said AAR was on 144

Ulysses Zimmerman

New poll on GD-P:

So why has Christianity led to so much violence?

Radioactive patients risk setting off airport alarms.

Would NASA conceal evidence of advanced, extra-terrestrial civilization?

Pineapple stem may combat cancer

Deep Impact--Desperate Delays

Pastor summit to draw protest. (Jackson MI)

The Triplets - Aikman, Irvin, and Smith to be inducted to Ring of Honor

Feral cat explosion--Agghhh! (long)

Dog People: Pure Breed or Mutt?

Tarot spread: Metaphysician heal thyself

Two psychological tests >>

Good News!

more Xian cruelty

A question

How does Jesus relax in heaven?

"I know you're barely making ends meet here on earth..."

Ha! Sometimes a writer drops a big hint...

Superstition night at the ballpark...

What do atheists really believe?

Who is this?

News of Kerry this week-end.

UPDATE: Brave outspoken soldier Leonard Clark

Why did Kerry "roll over, cave, etc."? Is anyone tired of hearing that?

Official Rant. I cannot take this anymore! Fuck Dean and his

JK Tour de France Picture Thread

None Dare Call it Stolen

Something I shot a few months back as an experiment

Countdown to 15,000 !

WP: "plame's identity marked as secret"

Pravda: "Plame Case Is About Iraq"

Kennedy, Durbin Gearing Up for Fight on Roberts’ Nomination

Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens

Photos of 4 Suspects in UK Attempted Bombings

Do Senate and House Dems have a joint forum/caucus/meeting

When do we get billboards with GHWB "Insidious Traitor" Quote and Rove Pic

"Republicans lined up and went on record claiming they had knowledge...

WP Front Page story on Plamegate: "Testimony by Rove, Libby Examined"

Republicans Speaking Out Against the War - Must Read!!!

Video of Hearing on Security Agents

Gonzales won't even give a straight answer about providing Roberts docs

Today's Bush Radio: Basically, let's all just give Roberts a big wet kiss

Blast from the Past: pickles/jenna's Mystery Tour


Why didn't Bush appoint Bolton in a recess appointment ?

For the WTF file: Rightwinger likens Valerie Wilson to Linda Tripp?!?

Notice the sudden interest in the media in the biography of Fitzgerald

Judge Frenchfry and Bob Jones University

Bakdoor Biz Bucks for Gov Pataki

Abu Ghraib Pictures and Conservative Politics

Cheney tells Pentagon to prepare plan to attack Iran - including nuclear

Are We Safer Yet?

CIA leak investigation turns to possible perjury, obstruction of justice

Novak revealed Plame's identity in his July 2003 column...Rove question...

Have you contributed to Maj. Paul Hackett today?

Know any progressive Blogs/Pages that are AvantGo Enabled?

GOP candidate calls for impeachment

Waxman: 11 Security Breaches in Plame Case

What's with these "secret court filings" in the pictures case and

The UN, the US and the Cuban 5 -- Kidnapping in Miami

DNC has audio and transcript of Larry Johnson's Dem Radio message.

Salon's Joe Conason: "Pundits on Plame: Clueless and Conscienceless"

smirk's Four Horsemen

CIA Leak Investigation Turns to Possible Perjury, Obstruction

Where were the Dem Senators yesterday?

CSPAN WJ: Time reporter just lied about why Roberts went to FL for Bu$h

Don't expect the RepugniBots to EVER condemn Rove

06 strategy point ........ a question

Cheney tells Pentagon to prepare plan to attack Iran - including nuclear

"Hughes Consults Experts on Best Lipstick for Pig". Your headline?

Cheney, WA Post, 09-08-04: "If Kerry is elected, we'll get hit again"

Did Dems Have Control of House/Senate....

Transcript of McCain on Hardball, 7/21 (Rove's "understandable" actions)

What talking points should dems repeat until every American knows?

Sent Karl Rove letter at

In case you missed the Wilson interview on last nite's "Countdown"

At least the British ADMIT shooting the wrong man 5 times is a "tragedy"

A Short Divergence from Reality in the LTTEs.

been listening to Fox for a while today. Lots of talk of possible US

Isn't this a CondeLIEsa LIE?

Cincy Ohio DUers, need your help on air waves

Dittoheads are blaming Rovegate on the Democrats.

Kudos to Kathy Castor, shame on the Hillsborough commissioners.

I believe that * & crew outed Plame intentionally to compromise the CIA

VIDEO: Larry Johnson testifies before a joint session of Congressional De

Obama a Celebrity Despite Low-Key Approach

Rep. Jan Schankowsky: Progressives, Stand Up!

83 Die in Car Bombs at Egyptian Resort

Guy James is on--keep it bumped!

Just got home from Town Hall Meeting in Oakland, Ca. w/Barbara Lee

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "KARL ROVE: He has betrayed the nation"

Twisted logic of a member of the ".culture of life"

"John Roberts won personal praise Friday from Sen. Dick Durbin"

Where were our spineless Senators at Hughes confirmation hearing?

While Congress struts around and prunes its feathers

I want to know what good it does if we get Rove but are stuck with Roberts

Kelo V. New London not "the last word" on eminent domain.

The Bush administration has helped save the legacy of President Clinton.

CSPAN Hearing on Security Implications video is DOWN

Ex-CIA : "We must put to bed the lie that (Plame) was not undercover"

Important Roberts Meme

60% of America approves of Roe vs Wade.

The man shot by British police was not involved in bombing...

El Mentiroso Muito Malo hombre.....El Liar Rides into our lives

Query re: Forged yellowcake documents and Bush's WMD claims

The photos the government won't release show the slow

Is anyone else getting scared we'll be dissappointed again??

Dems Call For Ind Comm On Detainee Abuse

I'm f-ing freaked out: Will Bushco attack Iran?

Plame: ex-CIA agent Jim Marcinkowski explained the real damage

"Parallel investigation" into forged Niger documents underway - Guardian

Wilson went to Niger TWICE for the CIA?

Teevee Ad Spot Idea

If Hillary runs for Prez in '08 - who would you like to see as VP on her

NYT Rich calls out Bushco-"it's every liar and lawyer for themselves."

Test of Bush's (un)Popularity on Aug 2nd in Ohio 2nd district

Bu$h Regime is being exposed

'Where are these men and women with any integrity....?"

Rove Has Done This Before!!!

You think Lance Armstrong would run for Congress or the Senate?

Do You Support Animal Rights Issues ?