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Archives: July 22, 2005

Rovegate: The scandal that lays bare the cynicism behind Bush's war in Ira

Arianna Huffington: Iraq: The War We Are Not Being Shown

Bob Herbert: Education's Collateral Damage

The Pakistani Connection to 7/7.

Lessons Of Big Government

Iraq's Dangerous New Friend

The CIA and the War on Drugs

In the name of God

Molly Ivins: Big Time Trouble

Hey! We hit 50 successes on the LTTE campaign!

I still support doing a follow up to the G8/Live 8 thing on immiseration

Form letter response from my Senator re; Roberts nomination...

THE smoking gun on the Roberts nomination

Let's nourish our next generation of journalists. From Media Matters

Massive Fish Kill From Toxic Spill Closes Winooski River (VT)

Upstream Drought Shrinks Gulf Dead Zone - "Only" Rhode Island-Sized

Up To 8,000 Pelican Chicks Die At ND Refuge - MSNBC

Interior So Busy With Oil & Gas Leases That It Has No Time For Monitoring

Iacocca Slams Detroit For Sloth, Inefficiency (I am without words here)

Chen cites Pentagon report as proof of China's threat

Nepal's journalists brace for renewed crackdown

Bird-flu virus is found in Chinese frozen duck export

Kenyan rioters, police clash over constitution

Pentagon report takes no prisoners

Fed Court Upholds Volusia County Decision NOT to Use Diebold Touchscreens

AP via LA Times (July 21): Redistricting Measure Ordered Off Ballot

Hollywood Town Hall meeting - Sat. July 23rd details...

Any Santa Barbara DUer's

Weird, weird weather again

Response from Feinstein--signed petition re; Roberts nom.

Watch Coleen Rowley Tonight on CNN

The Star Tribune published my letter on John G. Roberts

Group wants major changes in politics

Kerry/Feingold win Appleton; why no local Dem candidates?

ANWR "Rally Vans" (still time to save ANWR)


What happened with Bernard Goldberg on MSNBC on Wed Night?

Did Karl Rove Lie To The FBI?

Afghanistan struggle goes on, democracy a mask

Big Time Trouble

So, Uh, anybody know Mr. Robert's church?

GOP: Fetuses and Corporate Personhood Outweigh Living Human Beings

Information on Plame in memo was extra-Top Secret

c-span - little kid on house floor

CIA and State Dept both doubted Uranium from Niger

Donald Trump wants to rebuild the UN!

comic artist Jim Aparo dies at 72 (drew Batman in the 1970's)

The right wing beat the left wing at invading the core institutions...

Olbermann to talk Plame next

Current Legislation on U.S. Policy in Iraq (Nice chart from FCNL)

Voting on the Patriot Act-Cspan-now -

The Chicago Tribune is a RAG!

Why Bushblossem should follow Roveboy to prison

Bush's Grimmer Vision

What Is This "Cultural Elite" Crap?

Karl didn't SEE the memo, Ok. But when was it read to him and

I have always despised smarmy Ari Fleisher with a white hot passion.

Stage 2 Power Alert in Cali - Isn't this kinda thing the govnor's fault?

What makes me crazy

* planning nuclear attack on Iran.

Gay kids hanged in Iran by the sect we're fighting for in Iraq

Why can't I reply to this thread???

Make the most of this people. Get your Karl Rove WANTED poster here

WOW!! Rev Al & Rachel Maddow on Tucker tonite

WSJ to Break tomorrow am - Memo Top Secret, Classified

So has Bush been questioned yet?

I can't get Air America's page to come up

Correct me if I'm wrong.. but if Rove/Libby get the PERJURY slap...

I have just seen how we might be able to stop the Roberts nomination

How come we are still at code Yellow?

Have you ever seen someone that looks so mean and hateful?

guess Ari should watch what he says, uh?

Attention Photoshop Artists...skill/resources are needed

* * TOP SECRET * *

Chief Justice Roberts - try it on for size

Can John Paul Stevens Hold Out Till '09?

Hey... Fox News!

"Tom the Dancing Bug" - Should G.Washington fire Benedict Arnold?

Is there an IRC channel for DU ? nt

Top Secret means the document was TS, but the paragraph was still S secret

Heads up: CNN will be talking about the memo, and the letter "S"

Out of the mouth of Bush

A Repub Caller to C-SPAN this AM said she was from Ohio and....

C-Span 3 will carry the Dem hearing on Plame leak tomorrow

Say Rove, Ari, and Libby go down...

Other than inditments, how much of the GJ testimony will be public?

How Much Is All This News Swaying Public Opnion?

I was never a huge Gray Davis fan.

How Will History Books Remember the Iraq Invasion?

What On Earth Could Bush Be Thinking Right Now?

First-Ever State Report On Hospital Acquired Infections

Hatch urges John Roberts NOT to answer questions

Countdown Top Secret Vidclip

Rove how much jail time will he get?

King George's Madness Linked to Arsenic

When you think you are above the law.....

Bloomberg reveals Rove, Libby gave false testimony

How does one listen to the weekly Dem radio address?

Should this book have been banned from school library?

How are Freepers taking the latest Plame revleations?

So I'm covering Rove and the Supreme Court on my blog..

Favorite Daily Show Staff Member?

NORML calls ONDCP on their lies

Bush responds to perjury allegations

One of these pictures is NOT of the pResident. Can you tell which one?

Hardball: Did Matthews SayThat Ari Called Rove From Air Force One?

What's the latest ETA on the new torture pics?

Finding a skeleton on Roberts

Panic Attack: just got warning of Trojan virus on my computer

Court nominee Roberts' panel rejected P2P ruling

Question on the Patriot Act voting today

Jon just said he's having Santorum on his show on Monday!!!!

I voted for BUSH - TWICE!

GWB/Rolling Stones

RANT: Barry Levinson and David Mamet

Breaking News: New report that Libby and Rove may have committed perjury

A pic dying to be captioned :)

This little tid bit may just be the "sleeper" in Treasongate

Proof that the rightwing is screwed on Plamegate: They're whining about

The DA's WANTED Karl Rove poster

Inspirational posters. Would love these in the office.

Big news from the DU Activist Corps - logged 50th published LTTE tonight!

So, the Dems are not going to filibuster

Can we negotiate with terrorists?

URL's to pics of Bush, Cheney,Ari,Rove, Libby,Hadley,Rice,Tenet

Ann Coulter/ Plagiarism????

My Thoughts On Censorship

Charlie Rose

All signs are pointing to a terra alert!

What do you think of this...

Jeff Gannon better finish his book soon....

1772 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Where the hell is rummy these days? n/t

Bush will be in the ATL on Friday to speak about Social Security

Remember Traingle Shirtwaist!

Heads up - Bloomberg story just posted on Plame

Say hi to Hannity - he may visit us

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shin Dig

anti-torture legislation is unamerican

At What Point, During Nixon's 2nd Term, Would A SCOTUS Nom. Been Untenable

"The Boys From Brazil" A True Story?

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act

The Zell Miller wing of the Democratic Party

If they lied about Iraq & Wilson, then you *know* they lied about 9/11.

David Letterman explains why conservatives become liberals on the SCOTUS

Wikipedia's article on Democratic Underground has been redone

Hold your hand up if you have ever not intended to conceive

Please delight in another memory


Downed sites?

CSPAN Schedule Friday July 22

Conyers: Patriot Act in the House, Resolution on DSM, More on Rovegate

Wilson on Countdown ....

Anyone watching the Daily Show??

Well, I'm officially worried.

So I was thinking about Roberts just now

Bush working behind the scenes for a year to sell Roberts to Conservatives

Poll: What should the "Hillary bashers" next bogus charge against her be?


The Plame Affair: It's Rove vs. Cheney

Re: Walter Pinkus on Charlie Rose---

Bugliosi on "perjury" .....

Who is the flack on Letterman?

I hope Fitzgerald has an armored vehicle and sleeps in a fortress.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York vs. Freedom

Did Valerie Plame Bomb the Chinese Embassy? (Idiot Freeper Tinfoil)


New hate mail's in! (You will be amazed, twice)

A discussion about The Plame Affair on another board *rolling eyes*

Here's a Rove wanted poster that DickSteele did. I've resized it to 8.111

Serious discussion

P..... E..... R..... J..... U......R .......Y

POLL: What should Hillary's next crusade be after video games?

Big Story in the New york Times!

Well, if you need Proof that FREEPER are NAZIS...

Jon Stewart needs a radio show

Cross Post: What can I say to Our Hero????????

I'm Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

Breaking Bloomberg report suggest both perjury and obstruction for Rove

The Official When Will The Indictments Come Prediction Thread

YES. Pile it on. Marcy Kaptur speaking now about the OHIO (C SPAN)

Favorite Food Towns - Non-USA

Favorite food towns - USA

Rovegate: The scandal that lays bare the cynicism behind Bush's war in Ira

Stage 2 Power Alert in Cali - Isn't this kinda thing the govnor's fault?

Roberts Helped Counsel Jeb Bush (presidential recount in 2000)


US pats itself on back over Iraq

U.S. Transit Alert Likely to Remain Orange

Bloomberg Reporting That Rove, Libby May Be Subject To Perjury Charges

4,400 recruits join Microsoft (but majority are outside USA)

U.S. must press Saudi Arabia on terrorism, senator (Lautenberg) says

Bloomberg-Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters

NYTimes front page / For Two Aides in Leak Case, 2nd Issue Rises - READ

Ethics complaint aimed at (Indiana) governor’s RV

Schwarzenegger's redistricting measure ordered off ballot

Analysts: Trade Deal Would Cost Taxpayers ($50 million a year)

Noe involved in 'absolute theft of funds,' Ohio's attorney general says

US lawmakers may extend daylight-saving from 2007

Illegal Miners Threaten Brazil Indians (Guns and Diseases)

N Korea calls for US peace treaty

Iraqi Forces Nowhere Near Able to Fight Insurgency on Own, Senate Told

(Republican) Congressman Admits Affair, Denies Abuse

Senators Demand More Information on MTBE

House to Back Bush on Moon, Mars Trips

O'Connor Says She Is Worried About Future of Federal Judiciary

MSNBC: Oil Industry Awash in Record Cash

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act

Odd. My e-mail to my parents didn't get to them yet! Been only 10 hrs...

So I married this nice guy

I heard Silent Lucidity by Queensryche being played for NBC's

Can we get back to what's important here at DU?

Just got back from Nawlins, going to Lollapalooza, ask me anything (yeesh)

Is the Lounge slow tonight or what?

I just need to stumble for a bit

have you seen a lot of names you don't recognize today in the lounge?

The last time we mixed politics and religion

RPM's bored with being insulted. Insult me instead.

King George's Madness Linked to Arsenic

I need a sign idea for the protest in Atlanta tomorrow.

I wanna ask a question and it may be controversial....

Is anyone here going to the Seattle Atheists meetup tonight?


Austin the Shepherd sez:

Got the new computer tower up (obviously)!!

Damn Trusts damn Wills damn UCC damn Oil & Gas damn Family Law damn it all

Guess what I found on my Taco Bell burrito??

Where does Roberts stand on Grand Theft Auto?

Enough of this crap: who wants a ......?

how do i get andys picture on my posts.??? help

Tech Question About An .avi File


Disconcerting earworm in light of London attacks

Any red-state things you like?

GodDAMN Network Crash

damn it, this board is suffering from outrage fatigue; come on people!

Most endearing trait

it's human, and i am a yeti

there's something I've been meaning to tell you

Any italian speakers here?

Can a person who gets all emotional over Nickel & Dimed be a Rethuglican?

OK so help settle a workplace gossip dispute.

it's humid and i am so sweaty

The Swedish musicians on the Flintstones.

Stop masturbating with Jesus

aaah! i almost forgot for jaws by bunnies for shark week!

Should I go party in San Francisco with my buddies and

Visited a great pharmacy in TR today. Pharmacy/hardware store!

Uncle Zomby's Relentless Thread O' Fun & Bliss!

I'm back!

Worst company commercials

Pick one

If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college

If the (new) London Suicide Bombers "attempted to kill" as reported

I think I just saw a Shakeydave? Can it be? Or was it a gremlin?

Who's got a thing for Kim and Aggie?

What's the dumbest thing you've ever bought on eBay?

Huzzah! I won the Vintage Milton Bradley Snoopy Red Baron Game!

Should I get liquid latexed up tonight?

So, Michael is on the phone now with ShakeyDave

The triviality of every-dayness

to hell with "nice" people - i want honest people

Should I get lacquered up tonight?

ooo...Ray LaMontagne is playing here next Tues.

Sniffa - have you seen this?

Just got my tounge pierced....Ask me anything

I hate that voice on the Whataburger commercials

:: Groan :: Did I really need to put bacon on that?

:: Groan :: Did I really need to put bacon on that?

What is your least memorable year?

I have to water my trees!!

BlueJazz needs help with Microsoft Word

Chiunque in su per un gruppo italiano di affari?

I suffer from BPPV

I'd be embarassed to be seen arguing with a Freeper

Do amoebas like "nice" other amoebas?

Please Help...Need to Find "Sympathy for the Devil" Remixed w/ Bush Speech

My sweeping generalization about the lounge

Should I get liquored up tonight?

Damn scroll bars!

Digital cameras through X-Ray machines...

"Well, I gues it IS my head we're talking about...."

"You baby gorilla"

"Y2..K..? What are you selling... chicken, or sex jelly?!"

When the upstairs neighbor plays Hootie and the Blowfish loudly...

Question for those who speak German (especially those living in Germany)

celebrate your polopony here:

I think I will be watching

Celebrate your polygony here

The Alan Parsons Project Appreciation Thread

I'm going to see Kasey Chambers in a few weeks....

Will this Duke boy be in the Dukes of Hazzard movie?

Anyone want to go to the Newport KY Hofbraeuhaus soon?

Celebrate your misericordia here.

Celebrate your misanthropy here

Is anyone here a google researcher?

Celebrate your Philanthropy here.

I'm kinda disappointed in Brad Pitt.

I'll tell ya what's wrong with America

celebrate your polygamy here:

I feel like I am just falling apart.

I'm glad I'm not nice.

Celebrate good times. Come on!

I'm glad I'm not mice.

Baby Panda!!! You can see him/her if you go Right now!!!

Test post

Celebrate the cacophony here.

Clorox: Rip-off or miracle?

I'm glad I'm not Rice.

Forgive me...

Favorite Daily Show Staff Member?

Paging Swamp Rat. paging Mr. Swamp Rat...

I'm glad I'm not Lice

I'm glad I'm not (Donna) Rice.

What is the minimum credit rating needed to get hired?

Oh, the moon is GLORIOUS right now!

What Axl do you like better?

OMG I need a hug.

I never could believe in miracles

"Click, click, bloody click, pancakes!"

It's too rainy to leave the lab, so what's up fuckos?

I believe in miracles

To all those have been answering my posts these last few days...

Cute pink toenails.

Just watched "The Wicker Man"

Is this the creepiest pic of Dubya?

A's win again (spank that punk Kenny Rogers)

Celebrate your misanthropy here

"Gimme one more shot - I'll give it all I've got!"

Is beating a hooker to death to get money back supremely mysogynistic?

Celebrate your progeny here

You guys are great.

Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris playing together on Letterman tonight.

Tenacious or just stupid? Amazing bull terrier photos

Funny comment by Paul Begala

Mr. 'pede is in the hospital

All time favorite song?

Citronella collars on annoying little dogs

A movie trivia question

When Jesus come back...

Say it with me, everybody: CHIMPEACHMENT !

Now they often call me speedo but my real name is Mister Earl

Just sat through a tornado warning (Indiana)

Old Devil Moon

A white sport coat, and a pink carnation

Warped Tour: not into it.

1993 Volvo 240...Good car?


oh yeah, it's the full moon... anyone up for a voodoo ritual?

Alright damn it! It's that time! The full moon! Hold me back!

WTF Santorum on the Daily Show?!?

For "Nice Guys" & the women who know them...

What's a band that you haven't listened to in years but just went

In 9 days I will be back in California for good...


Celebrate your mitochondria here

Who just saw Robert Reich on Conan?

when a customer comes in 5 minutes till closing

I would kill Yes for my wife.

She don't like her eggs all runny

Celebrate Your Singlehood HERE

Anyone every copycatted a GD thread? What's it like?

I need a good bumper sticker.

What is your most memorable year?

"The Ghost Whisperer"?

Tomorrow is FRIDAY... But I am on call... BUT TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!

Does yahoo have a feature that blocks "suspicious" words?!

ceLebrate your poLyamory here

So, I've got this nice guy coming over.

I want to relax the way Jesus relaxes.....

You got owned.

Watching the movie "Grand Prix" on Turner Classics right now

Enough of this crap: who wants a hug?

Make up some shit and post it here.

Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 30 Seconds. Played By Bunnies.

My sweeping generalization about all DUers

Fenris! Guess what came in the mail today? Warning: extreme vanity!

This game is hard.

Yes. I would kill for my wife!

Celebrate your misogyny here.

Why I may be attending another funeral soon.

What are symptoms of gallbladder problems

Celebrate your misunderestimator here.

Theme restaurants our corporate masters have yet to trot out

Ask me questions about shit that I don't know

THE GREATEST POLL ASKS: What body part gets the most lotion?

Any other Step-Parents of teens here? ARRGGGHH!

Cholox: ripoff or miracle ? Hi friends

What is the worst food you ever ate?

Celebrate your polyphony here.

"There are no stupid questions" - that is total BS - there are a lot of

What the judge told the "Shoe Bomber" -- Your comments???

My girlfriend wants to solve the energy crisis.

The day I get a "hug" from some pixels and shit on my screen

All time favorite stupid song?

Apology to the group, mods and admin.

Definitions of myth on the Web:

Has anyone here heard of the "Equality Ride"?

Just remember, we won last year. We won last year. We won last year...

Boxing fans (re: John Duddy)

So, what kind of a dog do I have here?

Wanna guess what kind of puppy I've got?

Astrologers, how

Something interesting about Roberts' wife

OMG!!! Rick Santorum on The Daily Show Monday

a Kerry pic thread--TGIF (five hours early!)

Forever Free _DLC Stuff not what I meant

my very first DU photo

Response from Hillary to my email on Roberts

Who would make your day to bring down?

Poll: Virginia Senate Warner leads Allen 48-44

People in Ohio

Rove Traitorgate Hearing 10AM Friday - CSPAN 3

CAFTA Would Cost Taxpayers

Democrats don't have enough votes to keep filibuster going...?

Tancredo's "Nuclear Option"

"Deferred Success"???????

"I can tell you, Judge Roberts IS pro-life" , Lindsey Graham (R)SC

Washington Note: UN Ambassador Gingrich? Say it ain't so!!

Here's why Bolton SHOULD be confirmed

Politics is local..organizing and training by DFA in VA. Good write-up.

Calling London....

Bill in Congress to Address Media Concentration

Can Santorum even run in 2006?

Don't buy that "Roe v. Wade is settled law" trojan horse

Rove's "Popularity" Pays Dividends For Republican Congressman


Remember: JOE WILSON on Keith tomorrow night!!!

Fareed Zakaria/ Daily Show

Conyers: Patriot Act in the House Resolution Intrdouced on Downing Street

McCain on Tweety - what a whore. defending Rove's attacks on Wilson

Harris Poll: Bush approval rating on Iraq at new low

Jon Stewart just announced his guest for Monday

Rove Scandal: A Conspiracy Charge for the White House?--David Corn

Judge kicks Schwarzenegger’s redistricting measure off the ballot

For the Backbone Wing of the Democratic Party

Why not a single Senator?

It's time for a new Democratic whip in the House!

Now maybe Andrea Mitchell will begin to understand what's happening in USA

The number of democrats worth receiving the nomination in 2008

Why does the Rove treason case have no "name"

How high up do you think Rovegate will go?

I hope to see the dissolution of the Bush/Cheney WH soon......

Recess Appointments

Activist Corps logged 50th published LTTE from 1st campaign tonight!

"You say Osama, I say Usama" -- Bush, Clinton, and What's in a Name

Why Can't Democrats win the NYC Mayor's race? (poll)

Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters

Teacher says principal ordered Bush portrait removed from classroom

Hasn't Judith Miller Proved Her Point?

Feingold says he can vote for the Patriot Act as it goes out of committee

It's not political correctness to hold soldiers to account - Iraq: What Are We Fighting For?

TPM - Fleischer read State Dept memo on AF1

USA spooked by Russia and China

Larry Johnson: Correcting the Record on Valerie Plame

Mark Weisbrot (CommonDreams): Rove Scandal Could Stick


Thom Hartmann (CommonDreams): What Did Bush Know, And When Did He Know It?

There's Sex In My Violence! - Mark Morford

A Bid to Chill Thinking

Hypocrisy alert: Senator's book at odds with his life (Santorum)

Rove: Not Entirely Forgotten

Diebold & The Mormon Mason Handshake

Tom Englehardt: The CIA's La Dolce Vita War on Terror

Bush is the enemy of Freedom

billmon - Breaking the Peg

The Iraq War is Over and the Winner is... Iran- Juan Cole

faith based day care in jacksonville -- you won't believe what they were

H. Rules Comt. Nix Patriot Act Rfms, adds"Smokeless Tobacco" Amnt.(ACLU)

Timeline: The CIA Leak Case --(extensive timeline on NPR site)

Lawrence O'Donnell: The Rove-Luskin Leaks

Rove, Libby Accounts on Plame Differ With Reporters' (Update1)

Bush: Ruining the American Dream.

Robert Reich: Balance Sheets Still Unbalanced

Genesis of an American Gestapo

The Iraq war is over, and the winner is... Iran

Remember the Titanic: Bush & Co are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

They Are Not “Conspiracy Theories”

The (Over)Exercise of Power-Bush's Obsession with Exercise Creepy

Luckovich's Take on Rove

Krugman: China Unpegs Itself

Will Rove retire on a hot summer afternnon in Friday? Stay tuned.

Palast - China Floats, America Sinks

Juan Cole says Suspect who was Shot in Britain was Unarmed

Thomas Friedman:Giving the Hatemongers No Place to Hide

The (over)exercise of power (*'s Obsession with Working Out)


LATimes - Is Islam to blame? -Koran offers cover for acts of terrorism.

NYTimes Olivier Roy: Why Do They Hate Us? Not Because of Iraq

Please help stop Parents Television Council theocratic stranglehold

Posted this on another board...

Hocking BOE to meet Tuesday at 12:30 Courthouse Logan, Ohio

Please contact C-Span to re-air this hearing! link

DU this poll! (Roberts nom)

FAX this Article to Members of the Judiciary Committee

question on ltte's. is there a way i can do a ltte without

Mon 7/25 Cheney Coming to Staten Island

PETITION !!! Justice for 15-yr-old Blind, Deaf Dog Kicked to Death

Stop the Genocide in Darfur! Please sign this petition

When are the hearings rebroadcast?

Love leftty-talk radio? Help BETA test this new FANSITE

Steeply progressive income taxes...

Judge clears way for logging in forest

Discovering An Ecosystem Beneath A Collapsed Antarctic Ice Shelf

Hurricane Emily takes toll on sea turtles

An Iraqi man walks towards a covered body at the Yarmuk hospital morgue

Sub officers objected to closing base in Groton

Boeing in talks with Indian Air Force to supply F-18s

Sandy Berger vs. Karl Rove

Kenya corruption review 'blocked'

Shot 5 times while being held down? Don't the Brit cops know

Days of Darkness, Days of Light: The Unknown Story of Iran's Jews

the contrast begins.....

Do you think TreasonGate

Phantom Flight 11: Generals Eberhart, Arnold lying under oath

Roberts: Bush v. Gore is the litmus test

Have you seen this thread? What was Roberts role in 2000 Election

Toledo Blade 7/22 -- Petro: Noe Stole Millions

Could we get voting reform ordered by a court?

What is your interpretation of this graph?

What if NY Times was right about massive Dem. increase in OH voter reg.?

San Diego Mayoral Poll from SurveyUSA (7-19-2005)

Gavin Newsom finalists in the Web-based competition 'World Mayor 2005'

Redistricting plan thrown off state ballot

Dem Party Files Ethics Complaint Against Arnold

Is there a forum regarding this Rovegate in Iowa tomorrow?

Another republican THIEF gets appointed to govt. post

Romney rides the T- a must read

Buh Bye Dick...

Bob Kerlin of Winona is 4th MN Legislator to decide not to run in 06

Messy backyard lands elderly man in jail

What's going to happen to NWA?

Scott Mortenson will be on AA w/Nick Coleman Monday, 7/25

Al Franken moving back to Minnesota!

can anyone help Bombtrack - sounds very desperate

NIC card....questions

Noe began stealing the first day he got money from the state

Strickland Fundraiser Hocking County Sunday - Sherole Eaton

Hey Browns Fans - Modell hinted at who told him to move out in 95!

Insurers were TAB's biggest donors (scum buckets)

Where to see your 2006 Democratic Candidates this weekend!

Well, they can't blame Democrats.

Remember the Norwoods at the SOTU? Pflugerville PO named after son

Rural Texas Democratic Summit, 8/26 and 27, Tyler Ramada

Yay or nay...Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton

You remember that UWSP Student who wrote that LTTE doubting the repukes?

Hey Wisconsinites!

In 1K years, will they look on today's religions as we look on mythology?

Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters

Karl Rove Scandal and the Big Picture

Sources: Classified Memo IDs Plame

The goose is cooked

UQ Wire: 911 Families Declare Commission A Failure

Intelligence Officers Write To Congress On Plame

Rep. Lee Introduces Resolution Of Inquiry Into DSM

Arnold delivered HUGE setback tonight

Psst... The Eagle Has Landed

Trouble for *, so he's goin' to the ranch, what chores will he stage?

Who do you suppose has killed more Iraqis?

Let me tell you about classified documents

anybody listenign to the ass

Unbelievable! Just unbelievable! Joe "let the swift liars go on for weeks

I bought the latest issue of Time with the photo of KKKarl on the cover

Jon Stewart doesn't believe that London bombings are a reaction to Iraq

For Two Aides in Leak Case, 2nd Issue Rises

Bernie Ward hammering on WHIG!!

Why in the hell is the Wall Street Journal going after Bush ?

Farmer Puts USDA Mad Cow Cover-Up in Context of "Big Lies" of Bush Gang

Uncle Sam wants you – even if you’re 42 years old

John Roberts played a roll in 2000

I think that Blair will crack first, so lets do a poll on the poodle

Nancy Disgrace just said that she will not be flying Song or Delta

Isnt it time for Shrub to start his vacation?

Everybody calm down, the turkey is in the oven

Could these leaks be anyhow hurting Fitz's investigation?

Unfreep Virginia Governor Poll

Best part is: Chimp is looking at 3 more years of this grief

NYT: Libby and Rove Were Working on Response to Prewar Intel Critics

Priceless Video: Bernie Goldberg gets slammed on Donnie Deutsch...

Who thinks Cheney would fall on his sword for the Chimp ?

Definitions of myth on the Web:

Looks like Ray Taliaferro's going MIHOP tonight.

Mississippi Supreme Court: Poor criminal defendents are SOL

"Martha Behind Bars"..Latest hit piece due to air in the fall

will the coward in chief EVER have another press conference?

East London mosque surronded by London Police now

So, we can execute 17 year olds, but we can't let them play GTA...

Can Bush Fire Fitzgerald?

What's not in the Bible...

Sen.Orrin Hatch compares Democrats to Pharisees

CIA can now interrogate Irish citizens on Irish soil & in secret, too!

Wife of John Roberts helped start an anti-abortion group in Wichita Ks

At about this time 4 years ago, george went on a long vacation

Can Sunnis prevent ratification of new Iraqi Constitution?

Rove on Secret Memo with the "S" mark on it: "I thought it meant....

Hot new T-shirts by NYC sidewalk vendors

Dude, where's my pictures?

Dell sucks another $7m out of North Carolina (bringing the total to $284m)

Iran has won the Iraq War

Impeachment NOW! Paper Ballots and Hand Counts NOW!!!

Must Watch! Hearings! Revealing Covert Agents! 10AM EDT C-Span 3

My question about GTA

Is abortion controversial in other countries?

Heads Up - Craig Crawford has his own website

BOOK TV Schedule July 23-25

So, what's going on in London?

Chimp is Buzzflash Hypocrite of the Week!

How many more secret memos is the press withholding from this WH??

I'll never look at the republican party again without associating

Correcting the record on Valerie Plame

Good thing Rush said Rove thing is "over"....and Hannity said "vindicated"

Craig Crawford saying Friz persuing a conspiracy case-Imus, msnbc

London Terror! Plamegate unravels! NBC Today Show: couple discusses farts

Was Clinton the most investigated man in US History?

O.K. is this just one of those myths (re: London police shooting)..

backlash to a likely future economic upheaval - what will it be?

Question about today's CSPAN3 event

The SC Nomination Diversion FAILED MISERABLY!!! Why?

If the Leak had happened under Clinton the GOP would've let it slide

Where are the Pictures

The scariest thing about Bushbots

Do you think Americans REALLY expect politicians to tell the truth?

Bush's Brain ===>

dupe, sorry.

Is there a press conference today?

Small alteration to separation of church and state law? Speak up.

An Iraqi boy walks towards a covered body at the Yarmuk hospital morgue

Heads up - C-Span 3 - live hearing on Public Disclosure of Covert Agents

Surprise, WH Doesn't Hate CBS News Anymore, with SCHIEFFER There

Jenna Bush has a job. I told you she was the good twin.

The latest war apoligist rhetoric

Panels, committees, teams - Sometimes ya gotta do it.

Led Zepplin wrote a song for * and company ..... "When the Levee Breaks"

Stockwell shooting: what appears to have happened

Stockwell shooting: what appears to have happened

To do list : Have abortion and file bankuptcy immediately.

FAUX and F**ked-up Friends


What is your interpretation of this graph?

Do you remember why Cheney was chosen VP in the first place?

Rep Jay Inslee On Joe Wilson on CSPAN 3 IS GREAT!!!!

I dare say, Hitch the Snitch is an ass. Says he'd have outed Plame, too.

Larry Johnson is killing the Bush idiots on CSpan 3. i love it.

Early Daily Show Reminder--Monday's Guest

Patriot Act House Vote: 43 Groveling Democrat Appeasers

WHY isn't this hearing even hinted about on MSNBC, CNN or

One solution to stopping terrorism & trigger-happy police on trains et al

Does anyone know when time the Karen Hughes hearing is?

FYI: Pro Roberts Ad from Progress for America

Any NYers here get searched today?

All DU'ers should be listening to CIA panel

Gov. Dean on Stephanie Miller right now.

Even RW blogs are admitting things aren't looking good for Rove!

Dick and Dubya call a meeting with their top assistants...

this was a good stragetic move for dems. those bashing dems

I subscribe but can't find WSJ story on Plame memo.....anyone?

Am I getting too excited about this Investigation (Plame)?

wow-CIA panel are ripping them a new one

Looks like someone's had enough (CAPTION)

Help me disprove a right wing talking point

Liberal media hammers Bush on Rove!! You know -- WSJ, Bloomberg...

Are Rush, Hannity, O'Lielly gonna bash all these CIA heros?

Do you think TreasonGate

Court Rules State Not Liable To Pay For Legal Help For Poor


Gary Sinese charity- choked me up a bit.

I don't see how Rove can lie out of this one

So the media is finally doing its job (re: Rove). Should it matter why?

Hole to Great White North

CIA Panel is on!

What did the president know and when did he know it?

The Ultimate act of dumbing down America--is this really an accident?

"The Bush Administration: Lying our Asses off Since 2000!"

Tax break boosts Microsoft earnings

Jon Stewart on NPR's Fresh Air now

Can anybody post a recap of the CIA hearings so far?

MIA WMD WTF W? New Blog I am looking for comments

CIA Panel is on! THREAD #2

Holy FUCK this is pathetic: new Pew poll on Bush/Iraq

Al Franken NOW -- Bolton involved in Plame case!

Where are the photos?

Can anyone recommend a good Blog hosting service

It's time to stop being shocked and surprised...

Give Karl Rove a Break

Link to graphic that accompanied NYT page-one Rove/Libby story

Vomit alert -

Thanks to fellow DUers from CIA panel threads

British police kill man in the Tube

I swear Blair was smirking the other day talking to the world about

A good idea/statement on Labor from today WP

Ebay auction: Karl Rove is Toast - - with Don King Hair !!!!!

Pentagon Seeks Higher Age Limit for Regruits

E-Townhall on Iraq war with Charlie Rangel is on NOW (noon ET 7/22)

If you think parents should be responsible for what their kids watch

Convicted Spy Pollard Loses Appeal Over Life Sentence

So what will the confirmation vote for Robert's likely b?

Freaky Scary Weird Bush Photo --->>>

I'm Not Sorry: Celebrating the Right to Choose

is Cheney still MIA?

Bumper stickers and key-jobs

GOP candidate for Sanders's seat calls for Bush's impeachment.

Bu$h proves once again he can't be trusted with the English Language

Halliburton at 52-week high as results beat estimate

"Rice Makes Surprise Visit to Lebanon"

They tried to shut CIA panel down by claiming evacuation of Bldg

Check out the GOP talking points memo on Roberts

"Cheney Calls War on Terror Unpredictable"

Blair and Bush on different pages about how Iraq-related London terror is

George's Madness Linked to Arsenic ???

Freepers: Why Do They Hate America?

The CIA panel...The tide has turned...

Sister got a picture with Bush's limo!

Learn to use e-mail encryption. Open-Source, STRONG encryption.

Is BOLTON Up To His Eyeballs In TRAITORGATE????

Bo Dietl: "They're all inbreds they marry each other" (Video)

Cheney already on way back to Mpls-St. Paul Int'l 12:35 p.m. CDT

Bill Clinton on Franken NOW..... NT


Bill Clinton on AAR

Several former Wesley Clark staffers have launched

Cost of Iraq War July 22nd- $182,418,100,451

2006 - The Return of Justice and Accountability

Republicans now believe global warming is for real!!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a real president?

It's RAINING ~ Let the DRIP,DRIP,DRIPS soar !!


Why aren't we doing anything about Bush?

Graphic reminder of how many U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq

There is no such thing as "settled" law.

why has the delay talk

Bush Advisor Karen Hughes Tells CIA Leaker To Come Forward

Letter to the Editor About Rove Was Published in Deep-Red Area of Mich

Extreme Makeover: Supreme Court Edition


Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution?

Woman loses job over Daily Show appearance

Missing billions in Iraq?

Buying Iraqi currency.

Bush says U-S stands with Londoners

Drinking the Kool-Aid by W. Patrick Lang former CIA officer

Missile Defense Update, because you're not feeling ripped off enough today


If Karl Rove and/or Tom DeLay were on our side, would we defend them?

*: "no one will frighten us from our great love of freedom."

More lies! Some want SC nominee disinformation leaker outed by reporters

So they are executing people on the streets of London?

Clemons: MSNBC stands by Bolton/Plame testimony story

Betcha the Rs are breaking their necks to see

House of Representatives HALL OF SHAME (Democrats)

There is only one thing that can knock Treasongate out of the headlines

David Payer Iowa GOP is a Moonie propagandist

Hillary Clinton must want us to see more sex in video games

300 Events to Call for Bush's Impeachment over 'Downing Street' Allegation

What Is Bush's Current Disapproval Rating?

Bush's Future as a "Jeopardy" Question

Howard Dean LIVE on Stephanie Miller Show!

Leak Timeline Graphic from the NYtimes

Fail's your turn....can you say "TreasonGate"?

Bushies Pimp Themselves Out Separately for Fundraising

Scenes of People Reading Books Hidden in Porno Movie.

Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Rape??/Warning Contains Graphic Subject Matter

$82 per barrel

A good time to throw yourself on the grenade, Karl...

Shocking things occurring. Thread has been locked.

The true scandal is Bush's great deception executed going to war

Crazy Noam Chomsky denies the unique moral virtue of the United States

Froomkin on Bush's CAFTA speech yesterday

Randi Rhodes is doing a nice summary on the Plame Outing....

Most noted member of "Feminists for Life" other than John Robert's wife

I hope Dana Milbank isn't covering the CIA hearings for the Post....

Randi Rhodes is gonna have a PARTY with this!

I just got back from Europe, I was in London for the attacks... my feeling

Caption this * and mama pic...

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Point made on the Malloy show: Pres can be indicted for murder

CNN calling Roberts senate visit a 'Lovefest'

It's a good thing Roberts has only been a judge for two years. Really!

I've decided to swear off listening to interviews w/Bill Clinton

Report on the CIA Hearing is on the AP wire: "Ex-CIA officers rip Bush..."

'Raging Grannies' want to enlist, go to Iraq

Windows 2000 should receive an AO rating, just like Grand Theft Auto.

Founded on "christian princilpes"?

Brit Hume is attempting to downplay Iraqi civilian deaths.

In a small midwestern town: "Impeach Bush"

It's the mama and idiot son comedy show! Coming to a town near you...


If the White House had simply ignored Joe Wilson...

Et tu, NewsMax?

Old Richard Myers quote on Bin Laden

Pat Robertson's CBN's "Terror Analyst" Erick Stakelbeck is a RW Partisan.

You guys think Dan Rather is laughing his ass off right now?

How John Roberts' Experience compares to Supreme Court Justices

"I wouldn't pardon somebody who's not been indicted" - *

Smell it?

Birmingham UK.. arrests being made

Next time you see those vapid-seeming Wal-Mart commercials, remember...

hows about a pool on how long Rove will last?

Bush quote regarding Rove(Not technically illegal)

Abu Graib pictures? What pictures?

Besides the Latest page and the Greatest page we should have

The Gang of 14 seems to be on board with Roberts

Was Karen Hughes involved in outing Plame?

This Is The God's Honest Truth

Panda's Thumb Reviews Fallwell's Creationist Extravaganza

Okay, it's FRIDAY! ALL DAY. Time For a POLL re: Abu Ghraib FOIA material.

43.4% of Freepers would make abortion illegal WITH NO EXCEPTIONS

More heat on Bush vis a vis Rove

tonights full moon will be HUGE is closest it will be until 2007,

Only two people were there, yet she was "showered with praise"

Did Cynthia McKinney hold her 9/11 hearing today?

You know whats funny?

RW'ers: Evidence for Freudian Psychology?

C-SPAN Showing CIA Dem hearings 4PM and 8PM EST!!!

Question, please-- How do I keep RealPlayer on top?

Democratic Senate Foreign Relations Committee HALL OF SHAME

The forum is moving so fast today but here is my question

TWO Senators showed up for Hughes confirmation? WTF?

There are terrorists everywhere!!!!!

House OKs bill making Patriot Act permanent (ouch)

Rep. Congressman Tom "Let's bomb Mecca" Tancredo might be president

Healthy conservative judges

Yahoo has the story now Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak

1773 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Do republicans NOT care about national security??

You have to dehumanize somebody before you kill them.

Dana Milbank: Worthless, Stupid RW POS

The Reagan Legacy?

Kerry statement: American People Must Know Roberts' Record on Civil Rights

Bolton-Judith Miller connection?

Did Rush Limbaugh murder Vince Foster?

So, I'm thinking my brother is safe for today...

Its' a matter of TRUST.... former Cia Officer Jim Marcinkowski

Now everyone in NYC is having their bags checked... do you feel safer?

Can Someone Give Me Some Info? Randi Was Talking About Mole They Outed


CIA Leak Controversy Adds to Bush's Woes - NPR

Bo Dietl Spews Hate on Neil Cavuto

BBC: passport of bus bomber belongs to an ALIVE TEENAGER!!

Bounce your boobies

I want a reporter to track down who did the false alarm during the......

"Random" Bag Searches Started Today in NYC >

It used be National News when buildings in DC got evacuated

Life has become pretty dangerous & exciting under bush & blair huh?

Am I the only one tired of the talk about "sleeper cells"?

So now we know the Photos will never be released

ferme la bouche: french for shut your mouth

Update on my friend...

Joe Wilson

Sky: No explosives found on shot tube bombing suspect

Woah... Bolton could be Miller's source??

Why Did Bush Sr. Fire Rove? Could Plame sue Rove?

DU This Poll: Should video games w/ adult rating be sold in dept stores?

"The Hunting of the President" Pay for view.

I'd just as well just see people carded for the damn games!

Trivial Pursuit: Watergate Edition .....

Caption this * and mama pic - part2 (this one is good, I promise)...

Rove is #4 News Story At Yahoo News-Keeping The Story Alive

Dems Urged to Reach Out to Pro-Life Voters

John Roberts denounces John Bolton, Tom DeLay!

Domino's Pizza founder disappointed, must scale back his Cathedral

Almost got a heart attack on local news, we're getting 'tronic voting mach

Do You Listen To the Dem/* Weekend Radio Addresses?

KC cops fired for tasering handcuffed suspect

The negative Randi Rhodes threads and the flypaper effect.

Today is July 22nd. Where are the Abu Gareb pics?

OMG They pulled a Wilson on Colin Powell too, forcing him to resign!

Video game flap: Libertarianism vs. Socialism

1774 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Breaking: Four Car Bombs go off in Egypt

Did Rumsfeld ever turn over info he was to have done Monday?

Did Hitler ever orate about Germany's freedoms?

Will this adminstration ever have to answer to the lies

Larry Johnson to give Dem radio address tomorrow

news hour covering shooting of young Asian man

Could the convicted criminals in the Whitehouse be "unpardoned"

Could we have a forum for cinema/TV films?

What was Bolton's role in the Plame leak (if any) ?

***CSPAN!(3PM Central) Replay Plame Joint Hearings Nat Secutiry****

Yes, it would be GREAT if DU's priorities were the Dems priorities.

Lou Dobbs over the top tonight: DU this poll.

Right Wing Hate Mongering: Specific Examples?

You want to do searches of people at subways? Do it this way.

Karen Hughes is so Freaking FULL of Herself --->>>

Joe Wilson is on Olbermann tonight (MSNBC)

The balance of power has shifted from the West to the East.

Raging Grannies Rock!

Potential bombshell about John Roberts and civil rights! (plus Bob Jones

More motivational posters. My eyes, they burn!

Are You A Card-Carrying Member of the ACLU?

any mention of CIA hearings on network news tonight?

House passes PATRIOT Act , How Did Your US Representative Vote?

Does Barbara Bush EVER look pleasant?

Caption *

Cheney tells Pentagon to plan for Armageddon?

THIS DAY LIGHT SAVINGS ISSUE is not an issue for the people

Say you're a subway bomber in New York, and a cop wants to search you.

RWmedia: Dems offer no plans. Me: Media won't DISCUSS Dem's offered plans

Bush Administration blocks release of Abu Ghraib photos

Bush's SBA has been summarily denying small biz's access to disaster loans

Bush warns of "impending doom"... wtf?

What the hell is a "strict constructionist"?

Corporate Ownership Of Gov't Gone WILD: Bush on tour w/ Quaker Oats Guy!

Bernie Goldberg cries about the big meanies at CNBC

Leave your bags at home, son..Don't take your bags to town..

"Your highness, the peasants are revolting."

Creationist loon in Kansas, a pig at the trough

I would like to know why not one Repug has stood up to say

Admin. shamelessly disregards order Re: Abu Ghraib files. Our Party Will-

Home won't sell? Some cancel and relist

"House OKs bill making Patriot Act permanent"

Powell and Tenet get my vote for the Treasongate Deep Throat Award

A few things I would like to say to Hillary

Faux Writer/Vogue Editor Slams Randi, oh yeah? How about

I'm through with Bush, Rove, etc

Best quote about Social Security "crisis" Evah!

Another example of Ridiculous TSA rules!

"Roberts Wins Another Endorsement From GOP"

Scientists worried by riot control ray gun

Help - my boyfriend is anti Union - can't win any arguments...


somebody who played w/Rod Stewart and Stones just died

Please contact C-Span, this hearing needs rebroadcast.! contact link

The GOP sent me a post-paid envelope. What should I send back to them?

We need someone to sleep with Bush, and videotape it.

ATTENTION! All freepers who were born 1963-1970...

Rudy Ghouliani, the Official Spokesmodel for Terror (tm)

CIA Panel is on! THREAD #3

FWIW, a Wayne Madsen report on Treasongate

I want to tell you all THANK YOU! I was on medicaid and used WIC

Need help finding a thread

Campbell Brown is a moron

JUST DO IT!!! ENOUGH of this bushit!

the new america - everyone is a temp. worker

ATTN. NJ DUers... come see a "Paranoia Show" sneak preview Sat. night

CSPAN Schedule Saturday July 23

Congressman Conyers discusses today's hearings

Free Maribel (11 year-old girl charged with felony assault)

Cheney Instructs the Pentagon to Prepare a Nuclear Attack Against Iran?!?

Democrats are worse than terrorists, so says loon in local paper

Taser Injury Lawsuit Dismissed

Campbell Brown Hosts "Hardball" Update on Rove

MSNBC: Would you be willing to be searched? (poll)

Former Intelligence Officials Testify About Damage Caused by Outing

Click me...please

Have you ever met anyone who was "pro-abortion"?

Canada defiant in face of Danish military aggression

Abortion Distortions?

Colorado Rep. Tancredo Melting Down On Wolf!

My Mom had a stroke on Wednesday night.

plainclothed UK police have orders to kill for "refusing to co-operate"?

I have just listened to Randi Rhodes for the last time.

looks like we are going to murder people in Paraguay

Here we go again: Sims 2 content "worse than Hot Coffee," says lobbyist

P L E A S E ! ! !

Wasn't George Bush Sr. the head of the CIA, at one point?

Is John Bolton a big source for Judith Miller-Chalabi? The Washington Note

Niger forgeries: SISMI, OSP, Ledeen, Feith, Iran-Contra - It's ALL here!

Abu Ghraib Photo/Video update via ACLU--F* the administration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a recipe or suggestions...

'tick or 'tin .... how do you like/make your pizza?

USA Patriot Act comes under fire in B.C. report

Bombing conspiracy theories.

The other Stockwell incident reaction thread.

Thank you Polly Toynbee for saying what needed to be said about religion .

Is this a first?

Police shoot "suicide bomber" at Stockwell

Group wants major changes in politics

Sunnis present conditions to rejoin constitution panel

Pfizer to cut jobs in Michigan

Chicago Mayor's Popularity Dips as Associates Are Indicted

North Korea calls for peace treaty with US

Arsenic may be responsible for King George's madness

Striking fear in Italy

Two Arrested in London Subway, Bus Blasts

U.N. Slams Zimbabwe's Slum Destruction

Truck Strike Paralyzes Gas in Puerto Rico

Kentucky boy, 7, charged with murder

Scientists worried by riot control ray gun

AP - Vote to Extend Patriot Act (Coincided w/Bogus Bombings Yesterday)

Iran executes gay teenagers

Detainee Rules May Lead to Veto

Bloomberg calls on Court nominee to support Roe

Ford white-collar job cuts planned?Report: Automaker may cut 10,000-plus s

Pakistan arrests 90 more suspects (bet many in the WH wish they

USA spooked by Russia and China

Pentagon: Iraq Progress 'On Track' (3 of 100 battalions can fight w/o US

Saudi ambassador links latest London attacks to Al-Qaeda's your turn....can you say "TreasonGate"?

New problem for London: Scared tube drivers

Rove, Libby Accounts on Plame Differ With Reporters' (Update1)

Man shot dead by police in London Tube

CNOOC Critics Took Money From Chevron

Rove, Libby tried to identify Iraq nuclear aim

U.S. Gen.: Iraq forces need more training

(Navy Times) Report unclear on ability of Iraqi forces to assume control

NYT: Gunmen Abduct Algeria's Top Diplomat and a Colleague in Baghdad

Bloomberg reporting that Rove, Libby may be facing perjury charges

Sept. 11 Panel Co-Chair: U.S. Still Unsafe

Pentagon seeks higher age limit for recruits

Bush Names Burns Ambassador to Russia

Unused 2000 ballots cleared for destruction (Florida)

Germany heads for early election

Haitian civilians died in raid, residents say

Bloomberg Article Up

Al Franken NOW -- Bolton involved in Plame case!

Abducted Envoy Refused Bodyguards in Iraq

Security incidents in Iraq, July 22 (1 US Soldier killed)

Daylight Savings Time to Be Four Weeks Longer

Alleged mercenaries appear briefly in court

NYT: F.D.A. Orders (Class 1) Recall of Intravenous Pumps

Mexico, Canada Introduce Third Plan to Expand Security Council

NYT,pg1: In His Opinions, Nominee Favors Judicial Caution

Bush says U-S stands with Londoners

Judge Asked to Determine Who Leaked Info

Kimberly-Clark plans 6,000 job cuts

Congress votes to make Patriot Act Forever

No recent reports of Iraq-Syria border shootings: US gen (2 Syrians Dead?)

WP: D.C. Airspace Authority Changes Weighed

GOP candidate calls for impeachment (Bush)

BBC: Police issue bomb suspect images (London)

(wheelchair bound) Drifter jailed (37 Months) for threatening President

Man arrested in Birmingham (re: London Bombing)

US Rep. Don Sherwood (R) admits to affair with Ore.....5 year affair

LAT: Activists Lack Allies in Battling Court Pick

Daily Show (Bush/Oil) spoof leads to firing of Broward Art Guild chief

LAT: Fed Officials Monitor Voting (LA mayoral: multiple-language ballots)

China: Attacked villagers keep land

Bush Approval Rating on Iraq Fell Since April, Harris Poll Says

Nigerian secret police question oil delta warlord

Niger's poor find money to help the starving

NAACP, human rights group sue Gulfport over poor defendants

BREAKING NEWS Man arrested in Stockwell area of London in connection with

Hot-Button Issues Will Be on Ct's Front Burner (immediate balance shift?)

Attacks on UK will continue, radical cleric says

NYT: Deal on (oil industry) Pollutant Cleanup Pushed to Save Energy Bill

Newlyweds Shot Day After Their Wedding in Baghdad (& 4 police killed)

Democrats to hold Rove hearing

WP: Specter Threatens an End Run To Get Vote on Stem Cell Bill

Here we go again: Sims 2 content "worse than Hot Coffee," says lobbyist

Yr of WH Work To Sell Roberts to Conservatives(makes case against him now)

Al Qaeda group claims responsibility for latest London bombings

Iraq Gunmen Kill Bride, Wound Husband

Former agents criticize Bush over CIA leak (Reuters...RATE IT UP!)

Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed

Beirut blast kills one, wounds 7 -security sources


Bush and His Mother Pitch His Agenda

Sen. Byrd praises Bush on nominee

London Police kill 'suicide bomber'

The Iraq war is over, and the winner is... Iran

Rasmussen: PA Senate 2006: Casey 52% Santorum 41%

U.S., Iraqi Forces Shoot at Syria Guards

Bush resumes push for social security

Military Lawyers Honored by ACLU for Challenging Guantánamo Policies(ACLU)

A Bolton connection to Plamegate??

Light plane crashes in front of German parliament

Iraq war promotes radicalising of young: Muslim Council of Britain

Disgraced ex-Giuliani official claims mental illness, judge prescribes pri

Bomb blast in Egypt


Bush creates high-level anti-piracy post

Terror Suspect Released

UN condemns Zimbabwe slum blitz

Jeb Bush Recounts Meeting With Roberts

Firm Hired by Navy to Sway Vieques Vote

LAT: Dozens of Chemicals Found in Most Americans' Bodies

Seattle Man Questioned in London Bombings

exposions in Egypt... breaking..

Bush says not backing down on Social Security

Rice Makes Surprise Visit to Lebanon

U.S troops in Afghanistan and Iraq aren't routinely tested for steroid use

U.S. court rejects Jonathan Pollard's appeal over life sentence

Karen Hughes on Track to Confirmation (rated only a 2 on yahoo).

Group Decries Urban Outfitters T-Shirt

ARG Poll: Bush Approval 42%

ZDNet: Longhorn's new name: Windows Vista

More Americans Believe Iraq War Hurts Fight Against Terrorism

Public execution for the teenagers convicted of rape ( Iran)

'I had to kill' boys, mom tells police ("Better off in heaven")

'We've been having several Londons a day in Iraq'

New Yorkers Tolerant Toward Bag Searches (on public transportation)

(Canada) B.C. woman to be ordained as Catholic priest

Bolivia gearing up police with US help

Massive Scale of Corruption in Russia Revealed

Sen. Byrd praises Bush on nominee

Government Report Shows TSA Violated Privacy Act w/Screening Program(ACLU)

U-M, MSU fall tuition skyrockets (12.3% and 13.5%)

Dems Urged to Reach Out to Pro-Life Voters

Key Democrat upbeat over high-court choice (Durbin)

Kerry Seeks Release of Roberts' Documents

Explosion in Egypt tourist town

Signs point to global influenza oubreak--WHO warning

Gunshots reported on the Tube(London)

"Raging Grannies" want to enlist, go to Iraq

Tom Tancredo Eyes White House Run (Mr. nuke Muslim holy sites)

Roberts' role in recount is fuzzy to Bush

Memo at Reagan Library Sheds Light on Roberts's Civil Rights Views

Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak

City seeks ban on (Plant) hallucinogen Salviia

In Saddam's birthplace, fond memories of Uday and Qusay

Bush Administration Blocking Release of Photos and Video Of Abu Ghraib

Group prepares to embark on 16th mission to Cuba


Where's Rabrrrrrr?

I know what girls like

freeper alert here if anyone wants to play

Celebrate your Pollyanna here.

Million Dollar Baby was tough to watch.

Police search for naked foot tickler

Particularly nice weather.

Digital Camera Installation Software - Lost it

Is anyone else having trouble signing in to Hotmail?

A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace . . .

Is this good morning or good night for you?

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HA! I'm on my way to Nashville!

Alright, I better get to sleep, G'night....

DU Late Night Chat

Husband imprisons wife in their home and cuts off cell phone service

Nevermind, Duped my own thread

I will now make GOPisEvil cry

African man offers 20 cattle and 40 goat heads to marry Chelsea Clinton

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup,

It is fun

Police Love To Laugh At Stupid Criminals

I'm listening to QOTSA's "Little Sister" for the fourth time today.

A Space and Time Question?

Wife May Determine Husband’s Marijuana Use In First Year of Marriage

Has the lounge turned into nice?

Remove dead people from do-not-call list - for $1

Is it ok to be nice today?

Boston Globe Lists Really Bad Album Covers (Pic Heavy)

Needle Left In Patient, Doc Liable

And for my 500th post my favorite quote:

Director Polanski wins libel case

Russ Feingold is a traitorous member of the DLC. I read it in GD:P!!!

Volvo Asks Gov't if It Could Drive Drunk

Hi ladies...

Do you care about the Natalee Holoway case?

Bizarre boulders litter Saturn moon's icy surface

Twister sucked up all the lambs

"Why do you like watching grown men fight over a ball? It's not sexy"

Going to a mini-class reunion

Can't even go to a photography forum without running into

I left my ipod at home

Female worker trapped in haunted house's bath

When I look at the face of a rePuke (et al)...I get such bizarre images.

Another Democrat is Born!

So I had a two and a half hour interview last night.

I just sneezed

I'm a hard core cokehead

I DARE you to try this quiz: African Capitals

Coming August 16th: The Sin City DVD

Neko Case.....

How low can tabloid attacks go? When it comes to Katie Holmes, LOW.

Firefox users: 1.0.6 "stability update" released (fix for 1.0.5 update)

fun with shrub & poodle boy (animation)

If all of humanity is descended from Adam and Eve…

Every gay on DU is SO jealous of me right now.

Bush picks his Supreme Court nominee.

ARGH! Awoken by the Alarm Company

I just got an email from reccommending CDs (rant)

What are you doing at this exact moment (other than posting, obviously)

good thoughts requested again.

Thank you all.

What will you do to celebrate Zuni's birthday?

My name is Axel Foley. Ask me anything.

You know you're an AAR fan when...

I beat the internet!

Great Moments in Conservative History

Let's have a Super-DoubleLayered Tinfoil Hat Thread

When you go to any particular website, is there sometimes a lengthy delay?

I don't want to play anymore.

follow the yellowcake road

Would you read a book about a depression era

Microsoft renames the next release of Windows from Longhorn to...

And we're not going to fall for the bananna in the tailpipe.

Blast off! It's party time!

More Sunshine!

Naked Serial Tickler

I think "peloton" is a cool word.

Good Morning DU! It's Friday - post your positive thoughts here!

Bush ruines everything,,,,,,


The 1972 Nixon...

What would you do in this situation?

I think "pantaloon" is a cool word.

What do I have to do to get flamed???

Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man's war.......

Good Afternoon DU! It's Friday - post your negative thoughts here!

Bush is my Shepard

I just masticated all over a footlong subway sandwich and some chips

Help me wish my dad a happy birthday!

I'm driving on your street with my audio system cranked up-ask me anything

I really love Howard!

I'm sorry but...Carly SImon sucks at singing standards.

this was the best shark week ever!!!!


Someone finally found who Roberts looks like!

Has the lounge turned nice?

Fighter pilots needed in sector wars!

Sexual attraction defies big lapels

Good Morning Starshine - the earth says hello!

Killer eel strikes again

Who was the "Master Blaster"

What can brown do for you?

I'm 36 years old. one bachelors degree, start on the masters in '06.

How do you capture a screenshot on your computer?

Your favorite Shebop album?

Quick! I need addicting games to play at work

Office Politics - Help me help a friend

Your favorite Bebop album?

Useless old baggage (thank you founding fathers for losing this shit)

John Roberts Bobblehead

Is Billy Idol?

Anyone going to see this new movie about the Young Republicans?

Californians- Have you heard about the DU camping trip?

Is Rich Little?

I know this will be a relief to all of you: Fredricks of Hollywood - BLUE

Did the rapture happen?

Update on my kitties

What do you think about women playing Roller Derby / Roller Ball?

Firefox Gurus---HELP!!!

Can I go home yet?

Smithers...release the hounds...

I just brushed up against B-movie legend Bruce Campbell. Ask me anything.

Chimichangas RULE!!!!!!!

An idea for video game enthusiasts and Microsoft haters alike!


You know who's awesome?

If RethugAssKicker wanted to go

I have a movie question: The Abyss - ** SPOILERS**

Chupacabras SUCK

I thought people were supposed to grow out of this sort of behavior.


March of the Penguins- documentary


1952 Vincent Black Lightning

The 2005 Ford Mustang Convertible

it's whack-a-mole time!!!

Embiggens is a perfectly cromulent word

Long John Baldry has died.

Go get the new Van, "Magic Time" ...

So has underpant's wife popped her kid yet?

Help me identify this movie

Favorite documentary host/ author/ narrator

This is funny: Marijuana crops up on city [Salt Lake City] property.

Firefly funs!! I cannot wait for the movie.

Photographic PROOF that Starbuck had a sex change AND cosmetic surgery

Dangerous new cookie on the market

dilema, please advise

y'know, if dubya were president today

Photographic PROOF that Starbucks won't seek Britney's endorsement

It's a kind of magic

And you're rushing headlong you've got a new goal

What fun stuff are people doing this weekend?

what was the deal on KO last eve about Worst person in the world

I saw Highlander earlier today.

Who else thinks female pipers are sexy?

I don't think I'm getting enough advertising in my life

hey everybuddy, i'm getting ready to head out

"The Devil's Rejects: The John Roberts Family Story" in theaters today!!!

I may have a job interview next week.

Do you have "sock puppets" on DU?

What is the worst fool you ever ate?

I'm moving... anyone wanna come over and help me pack?

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Need a sneaky caption for a sneaky moron

Let's all wish AmandaRuth luck on her job interview!!!!

THE GREATEST MULLOSK : Name your favorite bi-valve

Surely, DU'rs can pass 3rd grade. Right?

Barbara Bush Baggins

Jon Stewart is on Fresh Air today

Serious question: Credit & collection agencies

What a F*@#ED Up Week THIS Has Been

Today's Top Story - President's Job To Be Outsourced

Why is San Francisco's Music Scene So Fantabulous?

Is Thatcher final answer?

Is that your final answer?

Unusual view of Hurrican Emily

Do you still fantasize about the people you had crushes on in high school?

Did anyone saw or going to see 'Devil's reject?

DU Foam Party Time!!!

Anone know of a good image hosting site besides photobucket?

Just got back from the Bull Moose Party Underground......

matrix ping pong

Should Sundog go into therapy to deal with the end of shark week?

Okay, who downloaded these Celine Dion songs onto my iPod?

Channel surfing is scary. I just saw a Baldwin brother on TBN!


Anyone ever use that spray foam in a can?

Going to the Demolition Derby tonight and Monster Trucks on Sunday!

Any one else here interested in Cryptozoology (Study of unknown animals)?

C.S. Lewis...tool of the debul..


Holy cow, $2688 per barrel!

I watched The Elephant Man again last night.

WHAT? no one's interested in open source beer??

Gosh Damn it...

Can someone please tell NSMA to come home now?


Maury hit a new low-point for me today

Tom Cruise is Batshit Crazy. Reason #8896728921

Dreams don't always come true

I just heard..... Monster Asteroid headed toward earth week

Word Association Time! The word: ample


Ach!! Damn Hippos!!!

CAPTION this pic of Oedipus Bush and his mummified mommy.

Ach!! Damn Hippies!!!

Online dating services. Have you used them?

Official Sidney Crosby is going to be a Penguin Thread

Oh yeah...this music makes me wanna party.

Discount Code for XM Radio Buyers

what are those plastic things called in men's shirt collars

Aw man, how could Pixies tickets sell out so quick? Has anybody seen them?

So Who is Looter Skibby?

I love Howard! Ask me anything!

Senator Clinton launches investigation of Microsoft Paint.

LOL! I love the Whizzinator testimonials page!

MIA: Mister Salty, Doo-Dads & Other Assorted Missing Snacks

What is the WEEEIRdest life form currently inhabiting this planet?

If your wife wanted to go

OMG - They "age" bike tires.

Monty Python experts, buffs, help me out please:

Love leftty-talk radio? Help BETA test this new FANSITE

Looking for picture of 1950s mother and daughter in church

What was the first adult novel you ever read?

Post your favorite Cocteau Twins lyrics here!

Firefly: the series on Sci Fi channel now

Weather Forecaster Rant

I would never name a child Will

Wonders will never cease! My conservative minister FIL is at my house

What movie had Robert Mitchum as an evil preacher with tattoos on his

Senator Clinton and Jerry Falwell launch investigation into MS Calculator

Ahhhhhhh!!! SPYWARE!

49 er's QB Alex Smith just called my son.

Everyone in the Lounge needs to see this movie!

He's an ugly man He always was an ugly man He grew up to be like his fathe

"The sea was angry that day my friends,


kick my ass, for a man


Dear DU Iggles Fans

One thing I like about the Harry Potter books: they're anti-materialism

Damn, stupid, F*(^&in' Nextel!!!

What's your favourite Matcom?

I've realized I am one unmotivated S.O.B

Go. Watch. The Island. (no spoilers)

It's the Friday uber-cute attack!

It's Aloha Friday

Microsoft to release beta copies of "Windows Vista" (formerly "Longhorn")

Play the "Give Bush a Brain" Game!

Personally, I wish this world were invaded by creatures from outer space

I'm gone for the day, but before I go, the following advice

Is anyone else freaked out by

what was the first movie you ever saw?


Ha! A cop is jay-walking outside of my window!

ONLY Post In This Thread If You Give A RAT'S ASS About The NHL

What was the first X-rated movie you saw, how old were you and who...

good news and bad news

i am tweaking my "................" at work

DO do Do do ...DO do Do do ...DO do Do do...

new Hillary toon

Which movie will you be seeing this weekend?

I just had the most perfect beach day at Crane Beach in Ipswich

I saw a good bumper sticker today in Colorado Springs, of all places.

Do you genuinely hate or genuinely love humanity?

OMG, I am SO jealous! you won't believe this clueless eBay seller!

What do I have to do to get people to reply to my posts?


More Word Association: "Pendulous"


If you were self-important and ridiculous, what would YOU name your kid?

Bad idea for a show

Now that Rove is closer to political death let's talk "the handjob tale"

Is AAR out in LA?

Hello. I hate people.

Colors you hate

What movies we would like to see?

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

For Texas1928 and other gridiron fans- a DU Football Group.

I can't access yahoo email w/Firefox, just w/Internet Expl. What gives?

Every guy on DU is SO jealous of me right now.

G.G. Allin Signature iPod

What was the first R-rated movie you saw, how old were you and who...

Funny Picture Time!!!

*puffs chest* "Yep, I type about 65 words a minute!"

sage advice from Walt Whitman, Holy Fool

I will respond to every question in this thread with a Dylan lyric

What is the worst food you ever smelled

I am a cold, emotionally distant bitch.

"Sexual attraction defies strict labels"

What's your favourite Britcom?

I helped out a homeless friend yesterday.....

What was the first movie you saw that scared the hell out of you?

Drinkers Yo!!! Come on in to the bar!!!!

Ok who was the idiot here who said I could get XM radio for $50???

PLEASE HELP ME Is there any way to restore a deleted folder on the c drive

The best graduation gift ever. I met my mother (truly a must read)

What's your favorite sitcom scene/episode?

**HELP** My Daughter's Birthday Party is Tomorrow

DU latenight lounge lizards, come on over here and getcha some

does anyone else suffer from depression after shark week is over?

How much beer do you drink?

Is Linux For Losers?

what was the worst movie you ever saw?

Thank you everyone for your Vegan book selections

Check out these Web sites.

PETITION !!! Justice for 15-yr-old Blind, Deaf Dog Kicked to Death

What. The. Fuck.

Meat is to a new veg* as *blank* is to *blank*?

watch"Heart of the Beholder" trailer...true story...scary people

The Pagan roots of Christianity and questions regarding them.


Ataxia and a Friend

Fighting Toothlessness in Appalachia: Either funny, sad, or both.

Hawaiian caterpillars hunt like spiders -report

Revelations about the center of the Earth

Chronic fatigue is not all in the mind

Study: Brain damaged investors do better -- emotion and investing

really sounds like star trek

Oregon GOP Makes Good On Threat, Guts Gay Unions Bill

Latvia Gay Pride To Go On Despite Ban

Adoption agency relents: Bethany Xian Svcs now allows Catholics to adopt

Chicago GOP Disavows Gay Games

Iran executes gay teenagers

Anyone interested in a football-only group (American fb, that is)...

Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes to be announced NOW!!!

The Bad News Bears


NHL will have a shootout

HORSE RACING NEWS weekend of July 23

PETITION ! Justice for 15-yr-old Blind, Deaf Dog Kicked to Death

Gah! They grow up SO fast!!!

Can anybody help me with astrology?

It is now out in the open in the UK.

In the name of God

Fun alert!!

The further adventures of Mitt the Clueless...

New Email - Kerry Thanks Vets

Holy (Bolton) crap!!

Kerry OpEd: 7/21/05 Financial Times

Kerry: American People Must Know Roberts' Record on Civil Rights


Kerry's sterling environmental record

Plame Hearing Repeat CSpan 1

Kerry Renews Fight to Assist Small Businesses Hurt by Drought

What the hell is this? Byrd praises Bush for nominating Roberts?

Bill And Hill's Aspen Adventure

Going WIDE and TALL (minor dialup warning)


New Blog: Terrorists hoist on their own petard

"If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"

Is the image of the President considered copyrighted material?

How did the all anti-Roberts events go today and last night?

Is there a central website for "Solid Reasons to Oppose Roberts"

Dean and Mehlman on stage together in Houston next week.

Still no answer to my letter to Gannon... Oh well

GOP demonstrates once again its commitment to family values

2 years on the bench is an INSULT to standing judges

Do we know the time the new torture photos will be released?

Where can I find HW's Quote: "those who leak sources are scum?'

Rove & Libby may have perjured themselves: contradicted by Novak & Russert

Judith Miller, Traitor? A Different Take

Orange County Weekly: A Karl Rove timeline

7/22/05 It's PICTURE DAY isn't it? Don't hold your breath.

John G. Roberts Jr. SCOTUS nomination political payback....

Metrics and the bad guys--

"Leaking Standard: No pal left behind" - editorial plus poll

Corporations are not people too.

* in his PJ's - great cartoon

Just posted this on Drudge's anonymous tip section of website.

Two unrelated thoughts...

Where's the WSJ Article??

More Tom Friedman BS

Great LTTE Roberts/Harvard/Santorum

Ohio voters may decide on changes for elections

Ivins recommends LLoyd Dangle's Troubletown "Guide to Today's Economy"

what if we just call it the Whitehouse Affair? after all, it all took

Looking for the photo of Conyers' march to the white house gates

Odds maker Odds on Karl Rove's Departure (NO, 1-6)

10:00 AM EDT (may be earlier or later)--Rovegate coverage, Cspan3

Wasn't the Security Issue suppose to be our issue?

The Bushies dissing the CIA

"The True, Terrible State of Iraq"

Increase recruit age limits - another conservative legacy

Dick "I Had Other Priorities" Cheney speaks @ 75th anniv. Veterans Admin.

A crazy idea about the State Dept. Memo, and who's leaking it.

Ask Sandra Day O'Connor to rescind resignation?

Crazy Uranium Claim STILL ON White House Web Site!

How To Talk To A Conservative About Karl Rove (If You Must)

London police kill man day after transit blasts

Springer talking about a State Dept. memo(just unclassified)

Bush backs Cowboy Day

Southern Poverty Law Center Link?

What do Ex-CIA/Intel officers think of Rove's outing of Plame....

fox news at it again with Rove...

John Dean: It doesn't look good for Karl Rove (JD oughtta know!)

Conservative bloggers sweating....

Bumpersticker seen in Indianapolis this week:

The press had to know it would come back and bite them on the ass....

When the Righties sneer and say stuff about us whining about our

Ex-CIA: "Intelligence officers should not be used as political footballs"

If the Fascists wont prosecute Rove for Treason, can Citizens do it.

C-Span3 Hearing on Now! 10AM EST! Revealing Covert Agents!

Santy on Jon. How many questions till Jon asks about gay toady?

Ahnuld #s in the toilet; Ldotters: "Unh uhnnn!"

Anyone see McCain on Hardball last night...

Larry Craig (R-ID) on Dems and "keeping Rove on the front page"

Houston Chronicle: Wilson "probably" wrong, "no one can judge" Rove

Bloomberg Reporting: Rove, Libby may be facing perjury charges

United States plans to invade Venezuelan airwaves in propaganda strike

C-Span: Public Disclosure of Covert Agents on now

Roberts and the Opus Dei question

Brit Hume: "Liberal bias" on reporting from Iraq Body Count (IBC) Web Site

Did Olbermann's breaking story make it into

bush/rove bashing ltte's in a red state newspaper

A "mainstream conservative" is just another Goddamn RW hack!

Federalist Society

Westboro Baptist: U.S. deaths in Iraq "God's punishment for gay tolerance"

When is Karen hughes confirmation hearing???

Mystery Leakers

Now Bolton? Is there a single person in this admin who won't lie?

"If you don't like what Oopsie the Clown is doing down the hall...

"Democratic Fundraising Up Sharply From '04"

Bush: "We're working to make sure this economy is strong and vibrant"

Social Security Bill vote in U.S. House 'end September or early October'

Just got this (unsolicited) email from Senator Kennedy re: Roberts

NY Times: A Year of Work to Sell Roberts to Conservatives

Is John Robert's wife "Fair Game?"

CSpan ..Dorgan talking on floor about Waste Fraud and Abuse in Irag

Why Can't We Have a SC Justice that has Represented the Average American?

DU activists may be interested in this on the OH-2 congressional race

Scarborough on Rove and "circling the wagons for ideological soul mates"

Good site on Rove/Plame outing materials

So, The Senate is going to have a cloture vote on two bills

DU Activist project?

Need more info on GOP dirty tricks

E-mail from Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colorado) re: John Roberts

Any word on the Hughes nomination hearing today? nt

Ireland gave the Irish people to the CIA, lock, stock and barrel

Lawmaker files bill to close Tulsa airport

The Bloodhound is sniffing at the desk of Dick Cheney....

"all enemies, foreign and domestic"

Lack of Military Service by republicans = security compromise

The true scandal is Bush's great deception executed going to war


Wouldn't it be a blast if an immunized Gannon implicated Rove in criminal

Mama Bush Pitchs Social Security

If Only Nov 2004 Had Been Different


Clinton on Al Franken's show today

2 minute blurp on Rovegate but did NOT mention Waxman hearings

unintentional truth. * on MSNBC.

More proof Santorum is crazy: He'll be on The Daily Show on Monday

HEADS UP: CSPAN has the hearings at 4:02 ET TODAY!! n/t

Scenario: Rove is indicted and convicted, but Bush keeps him on staff.

Lawrence O' Donnell on Luskin and the case

what are the intelligence official nominations on C-span 3 now??

National Security Watch: 60 RIGHT-WING terror plots foiled

Any TV news reporting about the CIA hearing today?

BRAD BLOG:Former CIA Officer Says Leak, CoverUp 'Increases Risk America'!

Our Country Has Been Gang Raped

What top guns do we have that can successfully run a campaign?

Weren't the Abu Ghraib photos/videos to be released to ACLU today?

Secrets of Conservative Millionaires Revealed!

PlameGate Hearing Video & Transcript Links!!!

cnn to see what the blogs are saying about the CIA leak--coming up

If W. nominated someone for Supreme Court then resigned before hearings

Is an impeachable for W. to pardon Rove to supress his testimony?

A "Bolton-ian" Noose for Judge John Roberts

Liberals will use the Patriot act to Destroy Christianity in America

Roberts: an extreme right-wing idealogue and 20-year partisan hack?

Bolton Scoop from the Washington Note

HUGE BRAD SHOW This Saturday! 7/23, 7p-11p ET!

Roberts Wife runs around country helping anti-abortion groups...

The new democratic congressional leadership


Intelligence Identities Protection Act and why Rove faces prosecution

Bolton Was Regular Source for Judith Miller WMD and N.S. Reports

Congress Report: TSA Broke Privacy Laws

Top Secret Talking Points Debunking Memo

Could you ever have envisioned wishing for Dennis Hastert to be....

Just a reminder of what we're dealing with here...

Oklahoma To Install Touch-screen Voting Machines

If Rove is pardoned, will he have to testify?

Suzanna Malveaux: CNN Whore

WA Times' Donald Lambro misleadingly edited Cooper to support Rove

Lawrence O'Donell: The Rove Luskin Leaks

Former Intelligence Officers Criticize Bush For Not Disciplining Rove

A Bolton connection to Plamegate??

Yahoo story rate it up on the CIA hearings today

Abu Ghraib Photo/Video update via ACLU--F* the administration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Replay** CSPAN1 Joint Hearing on Nat Security Plame Leak***

Steve Clemons: Bolton+Miller sitting in a tree...

Condi was right--it was all about the mushroom cloud.

My LTTE was published today! Read all about it!

Yahoo article on the hearings!

Please contact C-Span to re-air this hearing! link-

Dean/Mehlman at La Raza on C-Span 2 at 8:45...repeat of hearing at 8.

"Sir, do you want me to soften the blow of this investigation?"

A vision of hope

Defense Department Refuses to Turn Over Abuse Photographs

Podesta (CAP/Dem) did "Pretty Good" against "has been" Ed Rollins on MSNBC

Site that lists all of John G Roberts Supreme Court cases

GOP candidate calls for impeachment

Condi Rice's Disgraceful Adventure

Anyone watching C-Span recast of Dem/Plame Hearings? Who's NOT there?

Leaking Standerd: No Pal Left Behind. ( Poll at the bottom and vote!)

So what did Wilson supposedly Lie about?

Sen. Byrd praises Bush for nominating Roberts

Could Valerie Plame Sue Karl Rove? (

When do the Roberts attack ads start running? Where do I send money?

Are any strategies available to Fitzgerald to prevent Rove's pardoning?

Washington Post: An Image A Little Too Carefully Coordinated

Sirota - A Crystal Clear Example of Democrats' Problems

Campbell Brown asks if Rove CIA leak investigation is "payback"

Falafel Boy Bill O'Reilly: "Do You Care What Happens To Karl Rove?"

"State Department Memo" - that's what we're

Just got this (unsolicited) email from Senator Kennedy re: Roberts

Schweitzer: idea of '08 run "kooky" ("not that smart... ain't pretty")

Buh Bye Bolton -- Busted by TalkingPointsMemo

Tancredo just had a shouting match with Zogby over bombing Mecca

Great news! FL federal judge rules DRE machines aren't required by fall!

List of reporters who testified about Plame leak to grand jury

I defy any repubs (or lurking trolls) to provide evidence that Wilson lied

Dems miss "talking" Point

2006 election Every Republican Congressman is Vulnerable on Plame Stance

What if the Republican story about the Plame outing is true?

It's official: God "hates" Canada.

Why do so many of you give Joe Biden a hard time?

"It's Hitting the fan" Plame not only listed (S) on memo but.(SNF)

Roberts: Bush v. Gore is the litmus test