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Archives: July 20, 2005

India nuclear deal takes Congress by surprise

London Hit - the Muslim Response

John Roberts: Sparse Record Raises Serious Concerns

Are We Truly Believers?

The supreme court pick = Fuel for Progressive America

Following the faint trail of torture

Scooter's Field Trip (Huffington)

Typical LTE: Media will not come out the winner in this situation (Plame)

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): It's not only about Iraq

This makes my big gay heart sing with joy (Santorum aid OUTED)

'Plamegate' is no summer squall

Welcome to Plan B-Preparations for Petrocollapse and Climate Distortion

David Corn (The Nation): Rove Scandal: Distractions and Disinformation

Ellis Henican: 'Whaddya gotta do to get fired here?!?'

Activists--Choice needs your help! Please visit this site...!!!

Human Rights Campaign take on Roberts nomination and GLBT issues

Ed Shultz, "Animals are not defenseless. I'm a hunter."

My local electric co-op wants to be deregulated...

Newest Lake Erie 'dead zone' brings horror story for fish

After Oil: Powering the Future

The New York Times (July 20): Iraq Constitution Draft Curbs Women's Rights

Japanese court denies latest suit over warfare unit

You have to see this! Great mock Diebold posters. Would be great slogans

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 7/19/05

Why do Diebold employees call it "AccuFake" ??

What can I say to our Hero? That hope is on the way????

Hi! I want to network 2 computers and don't have any idear what to do

Ohio: you may have the opportunity to send an Iraq War Veteran to Congress

Austin House party questions

Thanks, now I don't have to watch the Idiot Son of an Asshole.

Visited an army base today..... had to do a little work.... and I met

Ladies, time to turn your uteruses over to Mr. Roberts!

John Roberts, co-anchor for CBS News, cut in on Dr. Phil to....

Ok so this guy has ties to

CNN's John King saying WH has been "hush-hush" re. Roberts, FL recount --

Did ** pick already? I've been outside for the last half-hour

March to the WH over John Roberts Jnr

Remember those sheep that jumped off the cliff a week ago?

If it's True...and it's Roberts

If ** is impeached over Treasongate, will we have to keep Roberts?

Will female conservatives pipe up and complain that ** selected a guy?

Quote from the late Gen. Westmoreland

If they overturn Roe,

Bush has proven himself (again) to be a divider not a uniter

I just heard on the tv

The Dread Judge Roberts.

John Roberts against EPA and for Mining Companies-mountaintop removal

Roberts on Roe

Karl Rove Puppet Theater coming up on Countdown

Roberts was blocked to join the D.C. Appeals court twice in the Senate!

I want a job like Rove's

The Roberts nomination will split the RePUKE party. Half are pro choice

I see a Two Million Women March....

Are we capable of fighting two fights at once?

Abortion trumps Wilson/Plame ??

Is ** saving Judge Jones for a Rehnquist replacement?

Roberts donated $1000 to the Bush Recount effort

NARAL on Roberts

take back the Senate in 2006 and impeach the garbage

If Democrats are smart, they'll hold back on Roberts until Fall.

Will they filibuster or roll over (again)?

I heard Roberts had ties to the the 2000 election and the Ken Starr

WTF?!?! Panetta says that Roberts doesn't lean left or right?

Am I a super woman because I can focus on more than one issue at a time?

sweet irony....

Rep Roscoe Bartlett, R-MD live on CSPAN now - PEAK OIL nt

Roberts On Endangered Species Act And Cheney Energy Task Force !!!

Mr ask Congress to handle your Supreme Court nomination in

Nothing will suppress dem midterm turnout like dems refusing to filibuster

The halo effect is on live tv.

shrub got a dye job it is a little lighter.

Olbermann on Rove right Now!

It's not just two things to concentrate on...we got your dye jobs, tics,

Here On The West Coast I Have TV Land - All In The Family - On

Rove not truthful with FBI (Murray Waas, American Prospect)

I have NEVER seen Bush happier

I won't watch....but is ** on the TV now?

Don't throw that Pretzel, Laura!You're Gonna Luv em! Roberts for Supremes

Alright, flame me, but it could have been MUCH worse

Read this about a John Roberts' ruling --

Bush's daily intelligence briefings may go up threefold in quality


They gave him primetime for this bullshit. Why no questions?????

Schumer talking about Roberts now

What else will this Roberts guy do?

Poll: "Public views Bush as less trustworthy" (about time)

OW... My Eyes !!! - Warning: DO NOT TURN ON FAUX NEWS !!!

Has there EVER been a more sappy SCOTUS announcement?

Is Roberts Catholic?

Caption this

OMG, the Antichrist

Maybe the Roberts can afford decent haircuts now.


MSNBC only one of "Big Three" not to televise Democrat response.

Anyone hear what Michael Moore's been up to lately?

Remember those polls on abortion?

WSJ on rove investigation: State Dept memo shouldn't be shared

Vidclip of Countdown's Karl Rove Puppet Theatre

Any Connection Between Roberts & Fitzgerald Investigation?

Google news Rove stories today so far - 1,320, yesterday 1,140

To WAR!!!!

Two questions about John Roberts

How come conservative judges very often go liberal after becoming...

What did KO say about rover?

My anti-Fox LTTE is published on the front page

Maybe Roe was wrongly decided.

Clinton's SCOTUS nominees not controversial

The distraction of Supreme Court nomination is working.....even here.

I think the talking point re: Roberts should for the time being be this

DELETE...How does one delete an accidental post? LOL!!!

Why so few military people in top Republican ranks?

Who are the most vunerable Republicans in Congress?

MSM Will Cover This Tonight & Tomorrow

Something needs to be done that will

I have a Supreme Court nomination theory (or nightmare) and more...

Mehlman yes....Dean no...

Bill Hemmer Joins FAUX

Bush slurring his words

People From the American Way on Roberts

Would you have given up the Alamo?

WTF?! According to Drudge, Limbaugh & O'Reilly beat out Franken!

Re: Roberts - what did you expect?

Bush picks anti-abortion judge for Supreme Court

How can my UTERUS be up for debate? (sorry- another Rant)

Josh Marshall posts former CIA agents letter to Congress (must read)

Who is the unrevealed cowardly White House source that allows

How long before today's teenage girls and young women of

History Channel says al-Qaeda has a "Navy"

Don't forget: This (the Supreme Court) is for all the marbles

Did Thomas Friedman Flunk History?

Roberts - Just waitng in the wings for his time to come.....

Treason Most Foul from Within the White House

Dean: Bush Court pick clear move to cover for Rove

If Dems confirm Roberts, Repubs will look like blathering fools

Stay on message with Treasongate. Nothing is happening with SCOTUS for 5

Dean: Bush Court pick clear move to cover for Rove

Roberts is 50 years old.

Are we being played by Bush/Rove on Roberts?

Rove Stories the Media Should Investigate

Why can't we oppose the SCOTUS nominee

the news about Rove Exonerates and Vindicates him

One partisan hack for another

Bill Hemmer goes to Faux News

New Pic of Rove and Bush

Roberts will not be voted on until the fall.

Senate advice and consent?

If Rove is impeached/indicted/jailed etc etc

Fla. Boy, 8 Charged With Aggravated Manslaughter In Sister's Death

CNN's Candy Crowley Says Roberts "Looks Like Dudley Do-Right."

FBI collected ONLY 1,173 pages of internal documents on the ACLU

amy goodman on aaron brown NOW

If Roberts isn't filibustered what's to prevent a rerun for the next one?

Yahoo Most Emailed Photo...

What if President Kerry nominated a Democratic activist who'd worked

Let's not worry about SCOTUS but focus on Rove?

Who's watching The Daily Show?

Roberts was one of the judges in the Gitmo Military Tribunals case-Hamdan

Is anyone really surprised by *'s selection?

He is gong to get confirmed so get it over with quick & keep the

Deleting a Message

A Roving Ethical Problem

Since Plame is bound by her "status" at the CIA, retired dudes step up

Community Proposes Banning Sex Offenders From Beaches

Keep your Eyes on the Prize. The War. The Economy.

Rove in 2003 Photo with Novak

Check out the good things we've done for the Iraqis

If you think Roberts is bad, wait until Rehnquist retires

Gitmo Diet

Don't you ever get burned out by all the crap the Repugs pull?


Good Grief!! I turn of Faux News to get the crazies' reaction to Roberts.

"A Voice For Choice" - an incredible DVD to show right NOW!

Will The Likely Addition of Roberts Be The Vote That Overturns Roe?

After Losing The Filibuster On SCOTUS Pick #1, Will Bush Moderate #2?

Peak Oil being discussed on C-Span

Here he is.........BUTTER BUTT!!

The Daily Show is doing a histerical number on Rove, the

A swing vote?

John Roberts on Roe v. Wade

Veteran Newsman, PBS Host Paul Duke Dies

so, what are you doing to promote "Impeach Bush"?

Don't fight the Roberts nomination. Capitulate! Roll Over!

Can we start a "Fantasy News Team" league? that would be fun

How bloody will we get in the fight to block Roberts?

Lawrence O'Donnell on Tavis Smiley's show right now!

Another Take On John Roberts

John Roberts needs a nickname. I'm suggesting "Moon"

This will make u laugh

Conan O' Brien spoof on B*, Rove scandal, SCOTUS nominee etc..

Re: The Filibuster Deal... We're We Checked, Or Check-Mated ???

Roe v Wade

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

Matt Taibi nails the media

Dare I call it reason?

If Clinton can get Ginsburg, Bush can have Roberts

Bush nominated a conservative. SHOCKING!

Flip flop Frist wants to filibuster stem cell bills

Ooogedy Boogedy! I wave my MAGIC wand ---

Do you think there were enough US flags at the Bush - Roberts announcment?

"Thank God the White House is changing the subject."

Roberts will probably become more liberal overtime

Great Propaganda: Danm CNN!!!!!!!!

Paul Thomson on Tomorrow's "Morning Sedition" (AAR)

I'm hearing a lot of excuses to not contest Bush's SCOTUS nominee.

flipflop alert

Diversion? Not for Fitzgerald.

John G. Roberts, ENEMY of Women, Chimp Donor, and Ken Starr's Boy...

See? That asshole, Brian Williams just said

Ladies and Gentlemen... I have an idea for us and the Activist Corps...

Yeah, keep fighting, that's perfect

OK, who is Jason Tonks anyway? nt

Cheney is such a disrespectful SOB!

If Roe v Wade is overturned, what will be the law in each state

The MSM Haven't Forgetton Rovegate Just Yet - Today's Press Conference

Goodbye Roe ; Hello Back-alley Butchers

No woman to replace O'Conner? WTF?!

Rove-Plame Scandal Leading to Deeper White House Horrors?

New bumper sticker, need feedback:

Dems doing the best thing about Roberts now - nothing

Some churches support choice.

John Roberts a dissenter on the Cheney Energy Task Force Case

Hitting bottom - America's wake up call - again - and - again

Not Fillibusterable

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday July 20

This is what you want, this is what you get

Newsflash: elections matter

PREDICTION: Roberts will be confirmed easily

YOU are the sheep! YOU allow this administration to drive your cart.

Republicans = Traitors

VICTORY! California resumes issuing medical marijuana ID cards

Know anyone like this?

Roberts says nomination "under Senate investigation", refuses comment.

The Vote is still 5-4 on Roe being upheld.

DO NOT drop the ball on Rovegate/DSM

Perhaps the GOP wants you to hate the DLC?

Air America should start a sister station for just "banned" music

Charlie Rangel will lead an e-Town Hall Meeting on Iraq

For those of you who believe we should rubber stamp this nomination

AOL Poll on SCOTUS choice; Already close to 100,000 votes; 47% favor

Hal Lindsay: Liberals are some of our worst enemies

What do they think of Roberts over in Freeperville?

Minister molests church member, who has his baby

Mistake .....sorry guys!

Coat to Coast AM is all about the neocon conspiracy tonight

This is a mistake.

Fighting the Roberts Nomination Is a Waste of Time & a Red Herring

If you ARE concerned about CHOICE visit this site, please!

Dean: Difference between a Pro-Life Dem and a Pro-Life Repub...

Take a deep breath, relax, and put things in perspective

Harry Reid: Roberts has "suitable legal credentials"

Words of wisdom from John Conyers

They've got the 5 votes needed, it's a slam dunk. Not the fight to pick.

So if we (women) do not have the bare basic right over our own bodies,

Should Democrats Filibuster Roberts?

Bush has a new facial tick. Flicks his jaw to his left after every "point"

Another Folded Flag (Psst, Freepers in here!)

Urgent: Focus - Patriot Act II Hits floor vote on Thursday

We Shouldn't Fight This Nomination. BULLSHIT! You Heard Me BULLSHIT!

Ladies ,

My daughter is TOO worth it.

It wasn't *that* long ago that birth control products were ILLEGAL.

IMPORTANT! Freepers say they are watching us tonight, so FOR PETE's SAKE


Fuck it, I think I *will* fight some more, you fascists

Baking wonks: soy milk?

Senate passes same-sex legislation

Bush Picks Roberts

Pakistan: Top Taliban Leader Arrested

Terror police 'still to determine bomb type'

New Bush Remarks On RoveGate During Presser With PM Howard

3 Arrested After Amnesty Deadline Expires

Peak Oil being discussed on C-Span

Pentagon names new chief Guantanamo defense lawyer

Va. Appellate Panel Hears Arguments in Padilla Case

Iran Prepares to Ink Oil Deal with Iraq--Daily Star

NYT: (Plaintiffs') Lawyers Challenged on Asbestos (by federal prosecutors)

Beazley calls for Iraq 'quagmire' exit strategy

WP: On Right, Left, Time For Action: Groups Launch Long-Ready Efforts

Dean: Bush Court pick clear move to cover for Rove/Rawstory

Female Purple Finger's No Longer Wanted

Iraq : Conditions in Iraq to Dictate Troop Numbers, Rumsfeld Says

El Salvador asks U.S. help to ward off terrorism

Iraq Attacks To Peak In Six Months; US Out In A Year: Mccaffrey

WP,pg1: A Move To the Right, An Eye to Confirmation

Three British soldiers to face war crimes charges over Iraq abuse

BSO appoints new director (Baltimore Symphony)

WP:Nominee Not Well Known to Senators:Reps Endorse, Dems Put Off Opinions

Atta's father praises London bombs

Turkish minister condemns U.S. congressman's comment on destroying Mecca

Iraqi Constitution Draft Includes Curbs to Women's Rights -NYT

Bush's announcement on court nominee takes spotlight off Rove

(Canadian) Senate passes same-sex legislation

Former Iraqi PM escapes murder attempt in Lebanon

WP: Justice Dept. Opposes Shield for Reporters (Lugar/Dodd bill)

Bush move to share N-technology with India comes under fire

WP: Chinese Military Buildup Seen as Threat to Region(Pentagon assessment)

LAT: Aides Describe How President Arrived at His Choice

2 More Women Die After Abortion Pills

Memo Gets Attention in Probe of CIA Leak

Group: 25,000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq

Seattle Women Plan to Defy Cuba Travel Law

NYT: Hussein Tribunal Shaken by Chalabi's Bid to Replace Staff

Karl Rove's alibi hidden from FBI

Zogby: Mainstream Media Try to Hide the Impeachment Question

Senator Reid Launches Faith Web Site

Uncle Sam wants you – even if you’re 42 years old

NYT: No Vaccine-Autism Link, Parents Are Told

Bishop Pilla questioned in court over sex abuse questions

Senator Set to Propose 25 Percent Tax on Adult Websites

new resolution

Bush is going to nominate Roberts.

i just got cotton-mouth on my back porch

Since Karl seems to love talking about his opponents' wives...

Why not nominate Julia Roberts?

Why not nominate Eric Roberts?

Karl Rove Puppet Theatre!!


Why not nominate Bob Roberts?

Hi sweeties, I'm home!

Why not nominate John Roberts?



Our eye will not be off the ball. The Rove scandal is not dead.


Hey Misunderestimator! NSMA is on her way home now!

Did you know that cashew nuts aren't nuts...they're apple seeds?

When I think about you I touch myself.

Hey Cananda! Turn on that a/c, would ya?

"The Pink Eye" ep of South Park is on

Star Crunch cakes defend Tom Cruise

Maybe this is old, but still cool..

I need to say something stupid.

I just used my magic to replace Bush with.....

Oral Roberts!

How do you feel when you hear people talking baby talk to babies?

What is that Flag being waved at Le Tour

Maybe it's a cultural or geographical difference?

I'd like some help here;

My neighbor just put a gate up in the alley because of trespassers

Baby DJ

is nsma *really* on her way home?

From Rove to Rumsfeld to Rice to Roberts!

Is my signature too gruesome

Star Creatures Defend Tom Cruise

F**k this website.

anybody watching the PBS coverage?

checking out the competition

Will someone let Misunderestimator know I am on my way home now?

Anyone have any experience with SATA hard drives?

Assholes need to be held to account

Without using ebay, how can I sell off my extra stuff?

Ouch! I'm sorry I stepped in THAT thread!

Read this signpost.

Dammit, Janet

Our 'lectricity just flashed

Ken Starr has had a chin lift. Look at him on Scarborough.

I can't sit still

Flame war in the lounge. Film at eleven.

Who else has never received a massage from the moderators?

New Yorkers - Did the YES Network just cut out for you too?

this is an empty thread

A substantial number of states would keep abortion on demand legal.

this is an empty head

How do you feel when you hear couples baby talking to each other?

Do people in New York city live in the same universe as the rest of us?

It's been that kind of night - post your favorite prostate songs here:

Guinness = Yum +1

This is an empty bed

Attention, "joiners"....

G'night DU.

who is a loon right now?

So, if lurking freepers are as dumb as the trolls seem to be...

who has a loan right now?

Are you a fan of Thelonious Monk?

Here are some good replacements for Bush, Negroponte, and the Pope

Shrimp or Catfish Po-Boy?

does biscodawg's sig freak you out?


Treason Monkey!

Attention, non-joiners

Who else has never received a message from the moderators?

Who here likes happy hardcore techno?

Step by step

it it true Bush picks his nose in public?

Who is Paul Hackett (D-Ohio) running against?


On a lighter note, the Red Sox are back in first place!

HTML tags

Are you a fan of the felonious monkey?

I am funk

Republican politician hit by truck

What was the excuse that Novak was calling Rove for anyway?

Let's get it started in here!

I am sunk

Have you ever posted copycats of your own head?

I am hunk

I am skunk

I am crunk

I think we're alone now...

Who says GD doesn't have a sense of humor?

I am skunk

Have you ever posted copycats of your own threads?

Del Mar opens tomorrow 7-20

Holy SHIT! Sundog, did you just see that Greenland Shark???

ok, are you all happy now?

should I change my sig

I am drunk

I apologize to Flvegan


Holy SHIT, sundog! Did you just see that cow shark?

"you think you're going to live your life alone...

Bullsh**ting: A Great Tradition or Straight Up Emotional Cruelty

ok...ok....many words end in "unk"

I've got SAUCE

I predict that tofu will be banned n/i

It's been that kind of night - post your favorite protest songs here:

How do you spell thunder?

Post your pitcher!

i believe in abortion up to, and including, the age of 18

who uses the buddy function on DU?

This is not me.

One of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen --

I bought the dorkiest car today (but it suits me).

I don't own a television.... It makes me better than you....

Now Paul is a real estate novelist

We've gotta protect out phoney baloney jobs, gentlemen!

What famous line in the Bad News Bears?

Dammit, progmom

The Magic Wand Presidential Poll

Have you ever eaten croppyfish on your own bread?

The Day I Met Miles Davis (for chaska)


I'm a lumberjack!

MMjr. asked me, "Can you get heart disease from a mammogram?"


god help me, I dreamed about Jessica Simpson

Well, it looks as if my days are now wide open.

My new puppy loves beer.

So what's in your CD player right now?

This storm just passed right over my head (pics from my backyard)

Guitarists: SHIT! Do my fingers HURT!

Hey, Night Owls

More trouble for Borat while making his documentary

does sundog's sig freak you out?

There is a Western Cottonmouth on my back porch.

My first debate challenge is up in the Debate hall at L.U.!

You know you're OLD when a Supreme Court Justice (nominee)


And so the conversation turned,

Got an electrical wiring question if we have a resident electrician

Why aren't Coy and Vance in the new Dukes of hazzard movie?

I am punk.

The girl from Rio ! de Janeiro!

What do you think of my new sig pic?

Can anyone here make me an avatar?

I had a terrible dream.

Human Rights Campaign take on Roberts nomination and GLBT issues

I make the call

Agh BJ Ryan cant close for shit

And Joe Torre knocks the Yankees out of first place

Anyone ever used tracking collars?

A post of appreciation for the astrology, spirituality and alt healing grp

Hi. Newly atheist. Just want to share the love.

amusing wackyness about to ensue

Kerry bashing is alive and well today

Holy cr**, Dean "throws gays under the bus"!

This feels like a sad day for us

There are certainly some rather underthought posts out there

Let me just say I hate this graphic

So what's going on with Bolton?

Multiple Quotes and Info on Roberts

Bush Appoints Corporate Crony

Kerry Statement on Roberts Nomination

Committee hearings this week

Winter Soldier documentary is going to be rereleased

Fresh Hot Live Tuesday Night Post!

Hey, where be Sparky?

Betting odds on the SCotUS nominee

Roberts' political donation paper trail

The SC "consultation" crap was yet another Rove trick.

What we’ve done in Guantanamo has become an anti-American recruiting tool

Alright! Olbermann moving on to Plamegate at 8:15PM! Go Keith!

David Corn (The Nation): Rove Scandal: Distractions and Disinformation

Rove targeted Wilson because "he's a Democrat."

Alliance for Justice Opposition Report.....John G Roberts.........

Any Democrat in Senate who supports Roberts should be defeated

Roberts touted to be "acceptable"

Bush** picks the Court's 107th white guy (Roberts)

a hundred fake dollars sez that Helen Thomas will still badger

Here it comes... Chimpy and Roberts...

Write your senators NOW!

Okay, so its Roberts. I don't give a fuck.

Ho hum, a SCOTUS nominee - now back to Rove in the Plame leak...

Roberts had to have done something in Florida in 2000 that he


Roberts ONLY been a judge or 2 years!!!! how can he be USSC material?

WooHOO! Media Whores F**cked Brains again...Wild Goose Chase

but but but "he's well respected in washington circles"

Ark: Lt. Gov. Rockefeller Has Blood Disorder, Quits Gov's Race

Al-Qaeda gives European states month to quit Iraq (LBN but not sure of

PAYDIRT! Hogan &Hartson & DIEBOLD

C-SPAN 2 taking calls on Roberts now!

Fuck Roberts - Let's concentrate on Traitorgate

Naral's old fact sheet on John Roberts included the statements below:

"Rove should pay price for leak" - more press on Rove

Fighting Roberts is futile. We need to keep pressure on Plamegate.

McClellan Defends President On Failure to Fire Rove

Send an Iraq War Veteran to Congress - Paul Hackett

Court TV is having a very good discussion on Roberts nomination.

alliance for justice does not support john roberts

Bush nominated KARL ROVE for the SCOTUS?????

Okay .... take a deep breath and think about ........ judo

More than FIGHT we must FINISH too!

I heard this Roberts is source #1 in Rove/Plame Treason gate

New Rove Stuff...

POLL for Roberts - Minneapolis - needs help!

John G. Roberts, Jr.

Kennedy 's statement on Roberts

Should Senate Democrats filibuster Roberts?

To be honest, would there have been ANY nominee that we would have liked?

Naderites/secessionists: wait a second, the SCOTUS picks are YOUR fault!

Statement by DNC Chairman: Bush Makes a Partisan Choice

Remember this document?

The supreme court pick = Fuel for Progressive America

I made up my mind...I'm not watching......

Jon Stewart: "Rove's already a shoe-in to sweep this year's Leakies." (nt)

Back to Rove

Yahoo email users - did you get your John Kerry email today?

Misdirection on Supreme Court Choice

Is there ANYTHING redeeming about Roberts?

Maddow, Abrams separated at birth?

PFAW on Roberts

Need some data help for an article.

Roberts - WHY fight to the death on THIS nomination?

We need to start stigmatizing the Federalist Society......

Remember : Iraq = Viet Nam, just before we went to war?

"Senator Santorum is a man of principle." So there!

Leno: Barnes & Noble better at handling secrets than White House (nt)

I'm getting pissed off at some of us here

Roberts Said "Roe Settled Law of the Land"..

How the Democrats should handle Roberts' nomination?

Are organizations starting to dig up dirt on Roberts, the SCOTUS nominee?

HuffPo Exclusive: Newly Leaked Rove Memo

Eight Men & one woman on SC

It coulda been worse! It coulda been

Map of DU Activist Corps Successes

Baad News Bush.....absent is any kind of good news...all we get from

David Dreier (R-CA): Don't focus on Rove, focus on our GREAT economy

Roberts = Rehnquist

I have a question about Roe v. Wade for you legal buffs...

Is the unilatteral breaking a treaty an impeachable offense?

Did you HEAR what they're saying about Roberts' chances??????

What should Senate Democrats do on Roberts?

Judith Miller in jail


Bush Will Nominate John Roberts (The Left Coaster)

Are these five facts in Robert's History enough to stop or even get media?

Michigan could raise minimum wage, but ban affirmative action in 2006

Memo on Plame leak gets attention...

If Fitzgerald hands down Indictments before Roberts is Confirmed

so Bush has pissed off Hispanics and women

Roberts -- Extremely well qualified . . . and extremely conservative

Here's hoping we all remember who and what we are all

Kerry on Roberts Nomination

Kerry raising millions for Democrats -- My GOD, how DARE he.

Here's why it's important to fight Roberts nomination

So, what's our game plan? What do we do now?

Where does Roberts stand on committing treason by IDing a covert US agent?

Rove may have LIED to FBI

Bush says "Fuck you" to most of America -- Vote this one up!

Dems should confirm Roberts immediately and get back to Rove!!

Excellent Helen Thomas article on Joe Biden's stance on Iraq.

What does your avatar image mean to you?

Take a look (Photo) of what Judge Roberts Supported.

Housing Bubble Deflation?

A legal sham: first charges laid against Saddam Hussein

What Makes Suicide Bombers Tick?

Avenging angel of the religious right

A largely bourgeois endeavour

National Bank of Walmart?

A Fight, Maybe, but Not a Battle By Ronald Brownstein

Open Letter from former Intelligence Officers to politicians (re: Plame)

A Federal shield law for journalists is in public's best interest

Padilla Lawyer: Charge Him or Release Him

The Westmoreland mind-set

LATIMES Editorial) A judicious choice

An Unlikely Story

Sarah Vowell: Ask Me About Cleveland

An Unlikely Story

America's Big Malignant Tumor - Mark Morford

Common Dreams: Mayor Blames Middle East Policy

a News Ltd/ Rupert Murdoch liar bites the dust !

PLAMEGATE-How Rove's Leak Undermined National Security

Garrison Keillor: Karl Rove, The Real Story

Summer Stonewall By David Ignatius

50 Little Americas

Penny Arcade: Video Game "Censorship"

The Nation article on Roberts...

Why CAFTA is critical & should be the next DU activity

DU this MSNBC poll --52% says NO to Roberts!--as of now

Halliburton w/benefit from new Fed ruling to limit suits vs Iraq contracts

DU this AOL poll on Roberts

May I suggest a second thread for the July 12th DU Activist Corp topic?

I'll write a letter re Roberts if you give me facts.

Can we get a list of Supreme Court petitions?

Contact your senators re: Roberts' SC nomination

Letter writers: United Farm Workers need your help!

Supreme Court Rapid Response - gather tomorrow (JULY 21) - MoveOn

How about calling into local TV and radio talk shows to speak out?

how come no new actions in over a week?



Downing Street Minutes 3rd Anniversary Congressional Hearings, Saturday

Help Stop Bush's Anti-Choice Nominee - John Roberts

Topic for next LTTE - impeachment

Deleted - sorry

The "On the Record" host is finding an audience for her warts-and-all-styl

Has anybody in the media asked Orrin Hatch this:

Franken yelling at Lanpher

Redesigned LA Times....Op/Ed page

Foothill-De Anza Celebrates Solar Power and Energy Efficiency Improvements

SCOTUS Nominee Roberts -> Former Energy Industry Lobbyist

World Faces Massive Increase In CO2 Emissions As Population Grows

Heat Wave: SHHHHHH - never mention Global Warming on tv news

Ukraine sacks all traffic police

Shouldn't somebody notify the police of this threat?

Giving Up Liberty

Let the police win (Ha'aretz editorial)

London mayor: Likud and Hamas are `two sides of the same coin'

Settlers kill Palestinian boy: report

London mayor defends the use of Palestinian suicide bombers

9-11 Lie Created Patiot Act. Stop Its Renewal | Contact Info

Is there any other witness who actually saw the alleged bombers on 7/7

I'm by no stretch of the imagination a conspiracy buff, but....

WTC 7 and the Missing Plane

Marriage-Gate (Did Bush steal the Election through Bigotry?)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 7/20/05

Press release from Rep. Cynthia McKinney's Diebold press conference

SO SORRY I now believe my post CONSISTENT Voting Patterns in Ohio Counties

DemBloggers has Cynthia McKinney Press Conf. video

Harper's Forum Thursday: WHAT WENT WRONG IN OHIO >

Progressive Democrats of San Diego meet tonight!!!

Are all the DUers in the OC area going to the Register event noon Thurs

Inmate on Death Row suspected of taking lethal injection of heroin

Berkeley Peace Lantern Ceremony Aug 6th

PDA meeting in Vermont 7/23: Sanders, Hughes, Pitt..........


DSM Boston event 7/31: Rep. Frank, John Bonifaz, & State Rep. Gloria Fox

Sign the MoveOn petition against Judge John Roberts

St. Paul DUers: Come to the Muddy Pig tonight @ 6 p.m. and drown yer tears

Tinklenberg is another Janet Robert

Anybody have Broadband Phone service, and how do you like it?

Just got another Ney telephone poll

The GOP is running scared on Third Frontier issue

Texas primary election calendar is UP!

US House NEPA hearing in in Nacogdoches - End Endangered Species Act

Radnofsky says Hutchison Abandons Constitutional Dut to Advise and Consent

Help Planned Parenthood of North Texas

HJR 6 contact infomation / Dallas and state contacts

Williamson County - Leander - House Party

Humor. DeLay. Rove. Prison outfit.

Rain!!!! OMG we are getting pounded with rain in Madtown!!

My LTTE in the Racine Journal-Times

This judge nominee

Who Agrees? Rovegate & SCOTUS/Roberts Are Both Too Important to Ignore

Repukes whining about display in CA A.G. office

So what if the SCOTUS takes away MSM focus from ROVE

Was TDS worth staying up for tonight?

So I go out drinking, I come back, and Bush has chosen to go nuclear

Anybody who thinks that abortion/reproductive rights are safe

Have you read Susan Faludi's book Backlash?

What leadership and statesmanship look like

I wish

If Roe v Wade were overturned....

Conservative. White. WASP. Male. Interesting choice.

What is the Best Free "Photoshop" Type Download

What do you suppose is going through his mind?

POLL: What WILL Senate Dems do on Roberts confirmation?

First Take on Roberts Lesson One: Do not be Distracted


Barney & Miss Beazely "helped" pick Roberts

Wow, everybody relax. We're Democrats, we can walk AND chew gum.

Why does Al Franken support J.Miller?

Where is Mark Crispin Miller?

Dems should keep a PROGRESSIVE tax system

did anyone really expect bush to step out of his selfish,arrogant mould

Google tracks Hitler to San Diego

25,000 Iraqi civilians killed since 2003, 42,000 wounded. Success!

They did it!

If the Democrats won't fight for women's rights, what will they fight for?

why did they float one SC nominee all day & then announce another?

Help Stop Bush's Anti-Choice Nominee - John Roberts

True June unemployment rate -- 11.7% Reputable source


Wondering about White House values

Technology, jobs and unemployment...

WWFDRD (New one from Pabloonpolitics on Rove)

Ebonics suggested for CA School district

the day after the big diversion, Karl is still there

A serious question for those who want Roberts filibustered

My hubby said "Doesn't matter who we are talking about Republican, democrat

Wall Street VS the American Consumer (Cosco does it right)

bumps ahead for bush* - SCOTUS nomination timing

Workers having hard time finding work even as unemployment dips

# of "terrorist" attacks by year have increased

Another reason not to watch The Travel Channel

coin toss changes the headlines... new toon 7/20

I'm confused and have a question

July 23rd House Parties featuring Amb. Joe Wilson and Randi Rhodes

The Point is They Lied about going to War

Iraqi constitution draft severely curtails women's rights

Do other countries have controversy over their Supreme Court appointments?


is there any video of Isikoff on Hannity the other day?

This is what I really like about DU

The August Deal - Time for a Compromise?

So we've regressed back to 1971 right along with the Regressives

a Supreme Justice should be an experienced jurist

Over 200 House Parties Sat. with John Conyers !!

Rove pushes from headlines...

Roberts is Scalia, Jr. FWIW....

Jay Severin....

How do we get all the corporate whores out of washington???

Banjo-boy (Jeff Sessions) says Roberts is FABULOUS

Earth to Media... The STORY is NOT the scotus nomination

after 4+ years on DU, i've come to the conclusion that

SEIU & UFW is boycotting Gallow Wines, by the way. A recent email alert:

Newsflash: Nobody's fighting SCOTUS...not even the legislators.

Has this story disappeared? "Did BushCo Tip off London Bombers?"

Is the talk about abortion rights a smokescreen for reinstating Lochner?

the reason to oppose Roberts is that . . .

What the Dems should do about Roberts

The Boy Who Cried Wolf . . .

Pic: Make Rove my Be-atch.

Don't worry about the distraction from Rove

What outrageous law or laws would you REFUSE to obey?

anyone else having trouble digesting the "restoring dignity"

Those concerned about civil liberties should worry about Roberts

Bush* was supposed to meet with Democrats before making any nomination

Check the Record (sorry I don't have time at work)

Is there are list by name of the reporters who are willing to shovel

Uncle Sam Wants Me????

his jaw is grinding furiously today

So, who does Bush think is the most stupid?

Join the Army-Get a Job Interview (Partnership for Youth Success)

The state of womens health in this country makes me wanna cry!!!

The Right White Man!

Roberts wrote "We continue to believe that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided


Murdoch nets Intermix for $580m

NYT:Patrolling the Border for Migrants From Mexico,With Humanitarian Goal

Bald German loses fight for state-financed toupee

A couple of good "Rove" LTTE in my local paper.

About the mid-terms and the Supreme Court ...

A smart strategy would be as follows:

About the mid-terms and the Supreme Court ...

US Military 'Youth Camps" - Set up kids with military devotion early!

"Keep your eyes on the prize."

Court pick seen as victory for oppressed white Christain male...humor?

Dr. Dean on Lynn Cullen right now

What would happen in this country if Roe was overturned ?

Talking Points Memo regarding the Plame case.

I'm through with Feinstein. Period.

Why should Dems not fight every chance they get?

Democrats should reserve the right to filibuster.


Roberts' personal bio is a bit thin.. He's 50 and has toddlers..

I'm disgusted by Santorum promoting the gay lifestyle!

XM America Channel - When are they going to carry the full sked?

Now Americans can sue if their boss is sleeping with someone else

OK Bush wants to get rid of Rove coverage? How are we doing in Iraq?

Can we just admit we're in a modern version of a civil war?

Words of comfort from a Supreme Court historian

Poll on Roberts Confirmation

Chasing Both Rabbits

Not Much would happen if Roe were overturned.

I apologize for my outburst last night.

Even Ann Coulter Does Not Like The President's Nominee

Don't the new torture pics and videos come out tomorrow?

Is Roberts a member of the Federalist Society?

changed my mind

Bush best quote today; : "We Are Strengthening Our Nuclear Power Pants."

WJC: Dems "in better shape than it appears," Plus SHUMER/OBAMA in Coach

Will Scotty brief us this morning?

Yikes, some perspective, please!

The 9th Amendment: Privacy IS an "unenumerated right"

Pro-Gun Industry Measure Poised to Pass Senate

Sign the MoveON peition against Judge John G. Roberts

Let's face it. Roberts WILL be confirmed.

RW Genius: It's Easy To Stay On Message When You're Lying

It is not a mystery where Roberts stands on Roe v Wade

ZW's WTF GD Moment: On Women's Rights

Rember these simple rules as we discuss Roberts

Need quote - Republican Representative that said Rove "deserves a medal."

No matter what, Sens. Biden and Leahy will end up supporting Roberts

Army Cites Drop in Suicides Among Soldiers

Without a doubt the dumbest/scariest thing Bush has EVER said

HOME -PIX-->>>

Anyone have a 2WD Toyota Highland? Or know someone with one?

"more support for impeaching Bush now, than was for impeaching Clinton"

I wonder if right wingers are willing to bet on Rove not being indicted...

Ambassador Wilson on Franken now.

Check out this Rightard LTTE...

Can VP Cheney be Impeached?

Welcome aboard, Mr. Roberts (Keith Olbermann)

Morford on Rove: "The Dark Lord Will Reign..." hilarious and biting

And in other nations.. more scandals

Harry Reid Rules!

Question: Politics of Lowes and Home Depot...


"Global Warming: Blue Skies, Green Cities"

drug test question

Is John Roberts a Stepford Wife?

Well Ann Coulter's not happy with the Roberts pick

2 women, 2 minorities in the entire history of the Supreme Court

"Sunnis Suspend Taking Part in Iraq Panel"

White House press conf/daily scotty roast scheduled for 1:15

"I'm a source, not a target"

We deserve to know the source of the rumors re: Clement

Why isn't Bush being tried for war crimes?

Legalized abortion is the Republican Party's best friend.

Global Warming Books? Can Anyone Recommend?

Army says mental health among soldiers in Iraq has improved but morale sti

I have decided to make a new word

Remember Haynesworth and Carswell

Change the Subject, Change the Subject, Change the Subject!!! PIX>>>

Overturning Roe v. Wade would do nothing

Wolf Brigade turns into Operation Lightening in Iraq

Captain, she won't take much more

Anti-civil Rights, Believes in Segregation and Anti-Choice and Privacy

republican poem found on

" "Greenspan says Fed to keep raising interest rates"

Check Out This AP Stenographer's Version of the Roberts Pick >

ACK why isn't CSPAN covering the news conference???

Karl Rove's Wife Connected to the KGB?

Nominee Poll: Stand On Principles Or Count Votes?

Robert Kennedy Jr on The Daily Show tonight

so if the right appears mad at this SC nominee....

March for America!!!

Amy Goodman on Democracy now claims over 125,000 Iraqi...

The SCOTUS is part of the Branch that is resistent to change

I think Mario Batali is one of us.

Please shoot down the "Won't Legislate from the bench" crapola!

"A good reason to be a virgin..."

Patrick J. 'Bulldog' Fitzgerald

Help me debunk new GOP attack on Wilsons...

If Roe is overturned ....... what next?

An Unlikely Story (Rove lied to the FBI)

Holy Shit....GOP Priorities....

Roberts' Role in 2000 Election

Thom Hartman is talking about Roberts now. Not good.

Is Catherine Lanpher leaning a bit to....

Questions for Robert's confirmation hearings

Bandar Bush is quitting!

LBN: Video! GA Voters were Diebold Guinea Pigs

I'm actually kind of happy Bush appointed Roberts instead of...

Toyota to introduce 3rd HYBRID, the CAMRY! Production starts in 2006!

Bush! A nice man who would have a beer with you.

"We will fight them to the death" is the cry of the soon-to-be dead.

Roberts was not a thoughtful decision........

Repost or pointer, please to W pic made out of coathangers

Is This knucle dragging Roberts goon Anti Stem Cell ?

Not to jump the gun but I just found W's legacy

That's technology, Grasshopper!

With new wave of photos and video... BE PREPARED!!!!

Memo to Conservatives: Simply being nominated by Bush

How Good is Business for Taser Intl?

"Praise the Lord!"

Celebrity drug pushers lack regard for public safety

Bettors take aim at latest White House Scandal (odds at 1-6)

Army: Mental health better for soldiers in Iraq, but morale low

Were there any Rove questions at the press briefing today?

Gannon sr. now on C-Span3

Isn't It Time For A Book About Coulter?

Press briefing on Cspan3 starting (online)

FYI - information about Roberts

self delete

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Opposes Roberts Nomination

Rove's Last Stand

Retention elections for Supreme Court

Keith Oberman last night?

The choices made by voters and the consequences thereof

The nomination has renewed a dillema I have with Roe v. Wade....

Got Roberts Concerns? Do Something About It

CNN: Rovegate did affect Plame's 20 year personal relationship.

I'm by no stretch of the imagination a conspiracy buff, but....

Rude Pundit sums up Rovegate/treasongate

Question about "Red Friday"

What About the Republican WOMEN???

FYI: DKosopedia Roberts Profile, (dealings with Ken Starr etc.)

Hmmm - Rove Not Invited to the Photo-Op Today? -PIX->>>

NYT: Iraqi Constitution May Curb Women's Rights

Roberts wrote brief supporting the barring of citizens from suing

Did I hear correctly on Rachel Maddow this morning? Roberts is the judge..

Roberts was recommended by . . . Joementum!

Highlights from a Lost Episode of Star Trek---The Squire of Crawford

The SCJ nomination will not knock Rove off the radar

MSNBC's Fineman Says Bush Pick For SCOTUS 'Brilliant"

Mortgage companies court illegal aliens:

My town is going to get AAR!

Just got this email from John Kerry.

Is John Roberts a member of Opus Dei?

Frequency of spider-indexing at ?

About Taser Safety:

Women's Rights Don't Matter to Torture Supporters

Email response from Leahy on Roberts

"Republicans Must Choose: Bush or America?"

Prince Bandar resigns ambassadorship to USA

U.S. warns Americans in Saudi Arabia

Don't you love it when Randi Rhodes takes down a wingnut caller?

Do you think voters were voting to overturn roe v wade in 2004?

ROVE vs. ROE.... B* is a divider not a uniter;The Real issue is Iraq War

"The Memo, the Press, and the War"

"India, US Open Can of Nuclear Worms"

Cheer up, Stevens is only, what 87?

Dems should endorse flat tax

What's with the * and the "Heart" crap?


Are there any connections between Rove and Roberts?

how much longer will Rehnquist be alive?

When are the torture pictures coming out !!! I heard sometime this

Rummy is finally presenting the Iraq progress report to Congress

Who was the Wade in the Roe v Wade case?

Bo Deitl is on Cavuto!!

Please check out my very first TPMCafe blog post :-)

Email from John Kerry on Roberts

Is it pronounced

Media takes a quiet jab at **

Tommy Thompson is getting a chip implanted. why? you ask


Speaking of weird...

For crying out f--king loud, cut the hyperbole and get a grip, all of you.

Is the Light Shining In One Ear & Out the Other? -PIX->>>

Pentagon: China's Military Strengthening

1770 Reasons why the DSM Is Important

Wha happened to Tom_Paine?

Sudden thought about right wing "Rovegate" spin...

London mayor: Likud and Hamas are `two sides of the same coin'

Plamegate as a RICO violation? Legal minds check in here!

"American Mullahs and the Cult of Fear: Network News as Counter-Reality"

D.C. Emergency Truth Convergence - Heads Up

Self- Delete

Great strategy to use against Roberts

No "bubble burst," but "Rapid pace of home-building slows down"

Libs are salivating that Karl Rove might go down.

Cost of Iraq War July 20th- $181,982,900,660

"Cheney Wasn’t Involved Either. Right."

Something just plain weird going on

James Doohan, Star Trek's Scotty, Dead At 85

Local Netroots in Action: Pacific NW Portal Relaunched

Judge Roberts is probably a wonderful man and a great lawyer

The men on the Moon are PLOTTING TO BOMB US.

"You never introduce a new product before Labor Day" -- Andy Card

What's with the so-called MSM using Robert Bork for commentary??

Memo Gets Attention in Probe of CIA Leak

Dubya's life story to be made into a movie

Funny pic of Chimp trying to work the room...

Has poppy Bush ever made any comments about the war in Iraq?

Karl Rove should clarify his role in leaking Plame's identity

Fire & Convict Karl Rove

Have we got a compilation of what we know about Roberts.. with sources

Comments on my LTTE regarding Rove?

Faux: Is Karl Rove a Hero?

Credit Card payments to double?

Changing the Subject?

Mock Trial Juries Acquitted Rudolph

Did Scotty take a beatin' today?

Why are so many willing to roll over for this nomination?

Supreme Court Rapid Response - gather tomorrow (JULY 21) - MoveOn

One question... Why's Randi going on and on about..

Merck failed to test safety of Vioxx on heart

Guys like KKK must ask permission first

ROVE : etymology = can't be printed here

AP: Nominee's son shows family's playful side

"Pick Your Battles" Is The Rallying Cry Of The Already Defeated!

From the Mike Malloy forum: What if the last 5 years were all a dream?

Read it if you want........

Hillary Clinton will NOT be a candidate in 2008.

The Stones Attack Bush On New Record

FYI: David Gregory hosting Hardball tonight again. Might

just heard Mike Malloy's segment on Andy Stephenson on my podcast

No Fly you know if you're on it?

Feinstein: Roberts not 'filabuster-able'

Protest ensures Judy Miller will not be receiving "First Amendment Award"

Dry powder for Supreme Court hearings

I just called the police...

Where's Howard been?

A glimpse into our future?

London mayor says West fuelled Islamic radicalism

Rove wears very interesting button

FWIW: Newsmax thinks Roberts is a foe of Roe v. Wade

MSNBC: David Gregory is asking Andrew Card about Plame

KARL ROVE: He has betrayed the nation

John Roberts

Sex on school roof lands couple in jail

For those doing counter-recruiting, what slogans do you use

I just called the police...

"Fighters" post your plans to block the SCOTUS appointment

We make fun of him behind his back

The 90s, remember those years when the US had a president.

Canada Legalizes Gay Marriage

DUCK & COVER! "The AWOL President" Plans ANOTHER Month-Long Vacation !!!

You've come a long way baby....or not

"Why “White House v. Wilson/Plame” Matters"

Man Kills Waitress Over Letter to Editor in Local Paper

"We choose to go to the moon."

Lewis Black skewers Hillary's crusade

Boot-licking corporate lackey......

Wanna see something funny? Isikoff kicks Hannity's ass

Hannity's voice?

I just received the strangest email>>>with a cryptic message

Never mind

Now I am really depressed.....Scotty is dead.

AP Photo (6/03) Rove wearing an "I'm a Source, Not a Target" button at ...

AP via Yahoo: Ex-Intel Officers Speak on Plame's Behalf


Katrina VanderHeuvel on Hardball

Hey guys, NEWSFLASH, the Senate hasn't investigated Roberts yet

Israel and Pakistan helped China build new fighter plane

For "strict constitutionalists" they are missing the whole point

Iraqi Constitution Draft Includes Curbs to Women's Rights

US to Turkey: Come on in the waters fine......(Iraq incursion)

If someone in this administration is convicted of a crime ...

4 & 1/2 years ago today...

Helen Thomas: Bush Knows Who To Ask About CIA Leak

OMG.. This guy on the phone on majority report.. Is he for real??

Concentrate On Roberts, Treasongate Isn't Going Anywhere

To the sky-is-falling crowd re: Roberts ...

CIA agents letter to US Senater and House

Fienstein and Reid talking about NOT filibustering Roberts, heard on AAR

Coulter caught cribbing June column from 90s magazines -- DEVELOPING STORY

Who is Diddly Squat?

Would a Supreme Court nomination be withdrawn over past marijuana use?

DU this poll

Would you oppose a constitutional ammendment to OK Roe?

The Cute-sifying of ROBERTS. Here He Is in His '70s Hair

Judge Roberts' supporters are already "campaigning":

Freepers planning a S. Court calling blitz, counter it call # 202 224 3121

This is thier plan ...

Statement Of Senator Barbara Boxer On The Nomination Of Judge Roberts

Stars and Stripes letter: Bush must fire Rove

Oregon House votes to require prescriptions for some cold pills

I am aware of the likelihood that we will lose on the Roberts nomination

Can you all take a minute and click on this site

Seymour Hersh's interview on Democracy Now! another major eye opener

If I hear one more talking head worshipping Roberts

Iraqi Christians on the run

Bush and the right wins over DU and the Media, Roberts not Rove

Please..........DU this Poll Concerning Walmart

When Roe v. Wade Is Over-Turned, What Will Happen?

Video - Isikoff schools Hannity on the Case (A must see!!!)

Why the Rove case is Pertinent to Robert's Selection

So, will Drudge report about Coulters plagerism?

Please check in here if you are attending a Town Hall meeting 7/23.

Lou Dobbs CNN Poll: Is John Roberts a good Pick for SC Justice

FBI Is Keeping Documents on ACLU and Other Peaceful Groups (ACLU)

Do Democrats dare make an issue out of John Roberts' race and gender?

Supreme Court Nominees Not Confirmed by the Senate

Roberts opposed legal settlements for American POWs, against IRAQ!

Was Judy Miller on AF1 during Bu$h's 7-13 July 2003 trip to Africa?

DUers, DU this Roberts poll in the state newspaper. Please.

I'm going to be on Air America shortly (Morning Sedition)

CIA leak story has fallen off the Google News page.

I am literally going insane....HELP!!!

Democrats plan their own hearings on outed CIA agent

My Mom: "DON"T take your boys to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" !!

Now we know the true consequences of "going easy" on Iran Contra

The biggest fight isn't over judges. It's over pop culture and attitudes.

GTA: San Andreas recieves new rating after Senate controversy

Treasongate under the surface, the company is a bigger deal

What Selected Interest Groups are saying about John Roberts

OMG My head just exploded

Dallas Morning News: Roberts role in Bush recount team "critical"

Will SOMEONE Please Point Out A Single Instance Where Not Fighting

Bush won the election! He deserves to have his nominee approved

"We the People" have screwed the pooch.

What Ever Happened To Saving The Filibuster For The SCOTUS?

WOW! Ron Reagan opens with ROVE, not Roberts!

Beam me up Scottie-James Doohan-has died.

Great point by a poster at Kos: Roberts means we already won.

Another big reason to oppose Roberts

Fuck Bush

Did this bother you?

Meet Mrs. Roberts' venture

From 365Gay.Com: UK Gay Leaders Receive Muslim Death Threats

Tell Bush he can have his Roberts confirmation vote AFTER

Media not reporting CIA open letter to Congress - SEND TO YOUR LOCAL PAPER

Roberts is proof that the GOP doesn't want Roe v. Wade overturned

NOT a hoax--You will lose the right to control your own health

The Corporate Court System - why Roberts?

Ask C-SPAN to Cover Downing Street Minutes Events - NOMINATE PLEASE

Painting of U.S. in toilet raises GOP hackles

LOL-Check out Robert's son last night at the announcement

Anyone listening to Franken?

Here's How We Should Handle Roberts...AND WHY!

Has Your Life Been Affected By Autism?

Please DU MSNBC hour ago the results were quite different...

Pssst, efungelical zealots: Catholics taking over the SCOTUS

Scottie's idea of impartiality

Is there any chance - any chance at all - that Roberts can be defeated?

Note To The Trusting - Roberts Is A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing!

7/7: What kind of explosives have been used? Endless contradictions.

I could be wrong, but the french fry case might be his undoing...

Roberts spent $80,000 helping Bush get elected in 2004

Can a Hillary fan please explain WTF this is all about?

Georgia voters are Diebold guinea pigs

Did Roberts work on the Bu$h Recount Team

A GREAT Letter to show the Freeper in your life

Video games under threat

Getting Roberts to answer three questions will do it, IMO

My take on Rove-gate versus Roberts - a little different from most

Seattle Weekly: Editor's Note on Andy Stephenson and his memorial service

Coulter caught cribbing from conservative magazines

My message to Bob Somerby on Joe Wilson: Don't do Rove's dirty work.

So I've got friend who works for a major DC newspaper--Re: Roberts

Why we must fight the Roberts nomination.

Roberts or Rove?

What Happened To Wife # 1 for Mr. Stepford Roberts?

"Either way, the president has painted himself into a corner."

Dubya & The Chocolate Factory =====>

Mindlessly violent video games

Another Idiot * Voter Now Begging Him For Help

Ok I did it I bought a $119 Kitchen Aide Mixer

Crabs .... Chesapeake Bay steamed crabs .....

Muchmusic's JD Roberts named to the Supreme Court by Dubya

Kinda freaky that Bush is talking to Conservatives

Who was the best British Prime Minister of the 20th Century?

Panorama: The British NHS and treatment of elderly patients. A disgrace.

Soldiers may refuse to serve over legal threat

Credit Cards, Junk Mail & "Mosaic"

UK soldiers face war crimes trial

Boy, 15, wins curfew legal battle

Interview with BBC Governer General

The reinvention of failure (NHS article)

Several die in Kashmir bomb blast

'Plamegate' is no summer squall

Army expects to miss recruiting goal; other services on track

Trial to Begin for Second Fort Riley Soldier Charged With Farmhouse Murder

WTO creates panels for illegal subsidies

Venezuela to sign deal with EU on electoral observation

Egypt chemist 'not bomb suspect'

Washington Lawyers Rally Around Embattled Leader (Tom Delay)

Sunnis suspend membership on Iraq constitutional committee; bomb kills 10

Sunnis Suspend Membership on Iraqi Panel

(Ohio Coingate) More unreported golf trips by Taft surface

NYT: For the Senate, the Strategic Dance Begins

Fox news: Senator Schumers (D) list of questions for Roberts (good read).

IRAQ WRAPUP 1-Iraq constitution body in turmoil

In Rare Move, Boy, 8, Charged In Slaying (of 7 month old girl)

NYT, Nagourney: Bush's Strategy for Court: Disarm the Opposition

Pakistan: Over 100 held in crackdown

NYT: SC Choice is Judge Anchored in Modern Law (in middle or on margin?)

US reports China missile build-up

Mafia boss walks free as key witnesses fall silent

WP: China's Haier Group Withdraws Maytag Bid

Hispanic kids less likely to have health insurance

Border Bill Allows Temporary Workers

Enron hires lobbyist to collect PUD fees (for services not delivered)

Colorado rep ripped for remark on attacking Islamic holy sites

Justice Dept. Criticizes Media Shield Bill

Jim Pederson Resigns as State Party Chair (Arizona)

Well Ann Coulter's not happy with the Roberts pick

Star Trek's Scotty - James Doohan has passed away

Bush Wants Roberts in Place by Next Term

Democratic chief quits; could face Kyl in ’06

Coulter caught cribbing June column from 90s magazines -- DEVELOPING STORY

Suicide bomber kills army recruits in Baghdad

Specter: Roberts will get fair hearings

London mayor: West fueled Islamic radicalism MSNBC

Skimpy pay raises still rule -Houston Chronicle

After U.K. attack, Bush seeks to reassure U.S.

Almost 9,000 Chicago students are homeless (Number has doubled since 2000)

Army Cites Drop in Suicides Among Soldiers

Greenspan Signals Further Rate Increases (addresses housing bubble issue)

Thirteen die in Yemen riots over fuel price rises. (Yemen has oil!)

James Doohan dies

Italy Seeks Arrest of 6 More CIA Agents in Cleric Kidnapping

Falwell cleared in election statement (FEC grants Falwell the media exempt

Most Britons blame Blair for bombing

WP/AP: Unocal Board Backs Revised Chevron Bid (rejects Chinese bid)

Bandar Bush is quitting!

James Doohan, Scotty from 'Star Trek', Dies at Age 85

'Star Trek's' Scotty dies

Georgia voters are Diebold guinea pigs

Federal judge: Louisiana teacher didn't violate prayer ban

London mayor says West fuelled Islamic radicalism

Falwell pleased by Bush's pick

An Unlikely Story

London mayor defends the use of Palestinian suicide bombers

O'Connor Praises Supreme Court Nominee

Pakistan nabs London suspect, UK plans crackdown(Haroon Rashid Aswad )

Kodak posts quarterly loss, sets more job cuts (10,000 jobs)

Blair 'liable for UK bombings'

Choudary: Britain to blame for bombings

New Yorkers fear London-style attack, poll shows

Parents sue over cancer treatment

BBC: UK plans global extremists list

Aussies in Iraq didn't trigger (London) blast: PM

Lugar Among Roberts' Donation Recipients

Pentagon assessment of Iraq progress goes to Congress tomorrow

Iraqi police lose control over Mosul

Georgia Grenade Suspect Captured (thrown at *)

Scotty has died...

Michigan Man Banned From D.C. After Threat

Roberts Upheld D.C. French-Fry Arrest

Battle May Center on Abortion(Thompson:Roberts positions were as advocate)

Local janitors inspire striking in other cities (picketing nationwide)

Mock Trial Juries Acquitted Rudolph

FBI Is Keeping Documents on ACLU and Other Peaceful Groups (ACLU)

Italy Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrants (for six more CIA agents)

WP: Democrats Faintly Echo Republicans' Loud Praise

Man Kills Waitress Over Letter to Editor in Local Paper

Cuba trip a challenge to U.S. law

Star Trek's Scotty, James Doohan, Dead At 85

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 20 July

Ministers warned of Iraq link to UK terror

Ga. court removes Ten Commandments

U.S. warns of Saudi attacks, bomb factory found (Reuters)

Cuba trade hurdle puts Treasury in limbo

Eleven die in Yemen riots over fuel price rises

Turkey, Kurdish rebels exchange threats

Italy Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrants (6 more CIA agents)

Niger Famine Crisis 'at 11th Hour' (Troubling Image)

Koreas to remove border propaganda signs

13 People Die of Heat-Related Illness in Phoenix as High Temps Soar

Long-Serving Saudi Ambassador Resigns

GTA: San Andreas recieves new rating after Senate controversy

Only 50 percent following Rove flap (Pew Poll)

Baquet Named Times Editor as Carroll Retires

Blair denies Iraq on brink of civil war

US Senate links foreign aid to extradition

Bush: "go on offensive" best way to protect US

‘Shopping for Arms Is Not Restricted to Any Country’ - Saudi Arabia

Man Gets 34 Months for Wreaking Havoc Near W House Before Bush Inauguration

Army: Soldiers' Mental Health Improving

Rising healthcare costs stagger cities

Aust bombing victim questions Howard on Iraq

Democratic Filibuster of Roberts Unlikely

[Mississippi] Adoption group changes policy to accept Catholic applicants

North Korea has nuclear bomb, would-be defector claims: report

34% Say Rove Should Resign

Painting of U.S. in toilet raises GOP hackles

Veteran Saudi ambassador to Washington resigns

U.S. says militants planning attacks in Saudi

Canada Becomes 1st New World Country To Legalize Gay marriage

Democrats file complaint over Schwarzenegger deal

Trent Lott collects more than $1M for campaign

With Roberts Announcement, Bush Takes Media By The Horns

World reacts angrily (Tancredo's threats against Muslim holy sites)

'Gene test' for autism in sight --BBC News

Supreme Court Pick Shifts Attention From Rove, Agent Disclosure

Zell Miller Returns Money to State of Georgia ($156,668)

Bush vows to safeguard U.S. transit against attack (Bring it on! Part 2)

House Votes Against Early Iraq Withdrawal

Most soldiers in Iraq report low unit morale: army study

Iraq insurgents 'effective, adaptable,' Rumsfeld

Museum replaces A-bomb model, citing security concerns

Montana Gov. Mentioned As 2008 Contender

AFL-CIO goes after CAFTA on TV

Former Intelligence Officers Speak Up on Behalf of Protecting Valerie Plame

WP: Classroom Evolution's Grass-Roots Defender

Indonesia Confirms First Human Deaths From Bird Flu

Rumsfeld cautions Iraqis on women's rights

Scientists worried by riot control ray gun (to be deployed in Iraq)

Who knows about receiving phone calls from jail?

Assholes don't have SAUCE

Pitch your post here

Who uses the body function on DU?

I am sweet on the Lounge

who uses the bodily function on DU?

Klu Klux Kisses!

I'm having trouble finding out the range of tarantula's in Argentina

Is This Why Conservatives Hate Europe? (link)

Bump the post below me.

I left fishbait in my work van

Wag the Dog and throw the press a bone...

So is anybody else watching the West Wing on Bravo?

Who uses the bootie function on DU?

I left jailbait in my work van

It's asshole night in the lounge

Emily & Eugene..what a pair..

Ultimate Cage Fighting: ROVE V ROE

I knew Hollywood was low on ideas, but now they're really scraping!

On top of Old Popo

Why is it with this administration I think of

Damn. The freeps are out tonight.


I love GD!

just got in... Bush appointed John Roberts to the Supreme Court?

It;s 2:22 Am I;m checkin' out for the night......

Whoa, I just found out that Skinner noticed that thread!!!

Some Oldies......

Life is good. (pic)

Snow animals.

Watch Frank Zappa kick Novak's ass on Crossfire!


Chat started


When is this place shutting down......

Morgan Spurlock doesn't get enough credit

I'm bored and I don't have cable.

Gonna do programming for the rest of the week

I am sweating on the Lounge

It's 100°F at 2 AM

What I've always wanted to do is eject

What I've always wanted to do is erect

So the meds didn't work It's 3:33 AM ANd I'm still up,,,,,,

Is it Dodger Stadium, or Chavez Ravine

One part ladies' man, one part genius, and one part mullet...

Hide me, Dickhead Cheney is coming to my state on Friday

I'm not mean.

Humble Pie "Smokin". 30 Days in the Hole!

Oh my.. This is funny..

What I've always wanted to do is direct

What I've always wanted to do is correct

It's HEADS - new toon 7/20

The song is off the Greatest Page

Uh-oh! Emily's not the only one coming to visit Mexico

2 interviews later.....and still NO word.....sigh....

Hair Length Prompts Mother To Question Athletic Policy

Bush seriously considers whuppin' a reporter's ass (photo)...bring it ON!

Omg...I forgot how much panic attacks suck

Happy Birthday Diana Rigg!

76 Year Old Woman Arrested For Selling Crack

Naked Man Shot, Crashes Squad Car Into Bus

Larry Kramer thinks that Republicans just want gays to die off from Aids

it's that time again! - Pitch that Poster!!!

Ex-Black Panthers Want To Sell "Burn Baby Burn" Hot Sauce

it's that time again! - Pitch that Tent!!!

A Toast to Those Who are Gone

What's with the lower jaw?

Law firm gofer embezzles $1 mil. from work,so now owes IRS $1 mil.+

Lounge Lizards in LUV !

I just watched an advance screening of 'Four Brothers'.

Fire Captain Caught Using Fire Truck To Water His Lawn

You have a PM, Misshoneychurch :)

Cats 1- Birthing ball 0

Prophet Yahweh, Seer Of Yahweh, Will Call Down UFOs For Radio & TV News

Doctor's Phone Hacked By Rival Answering Service Patients Get Sexual Moans

Mice gang up on endangered birds

Mind May Affect Machines

Police Send Nude Shopper Home With Warning

London Teachers Propose Banning The Word "Fail" Use "Deferred Success"


Time for yet another-Post your Sumo wrestling PICS thread!!!

Demotivational Posters (Photos)

Storm chaser builds an armored Ford F-450 to drive into tornados

Police powerless on outdoor orgies

Chased after a hit-and-run driver last night

Happy MOON DAY!!!!!

battle of the annoying chart-busting nursery songs /ear-worms

Man Brags About Robbery To Radio Station - Arrested

Congratulations LynneSin! Your LTTE is the SECOND one for you

Colin Farrell tries to stop release of sex tape

HELP! Working with an uncooperative lawyer.

Well, we MAY have been exposed to asbestos

Your strangest car: what was it, where did you see it?

Mozilla updates Firefox and Thunderbird clients

Town Approves Pigeon Coop For Mike Tyson

The Baby Boomer Times.. nostalgia and then some:)

I'm NEVER buying a car with automatic transmission ever again.

WHo owns this pediatric clinic? Michael Jackson?

If Karl Rove was a HARRY POTTER character, which one would he be?

The chicken and the egg

concert/auction to benefit Dave Clark Five lead singer . . .

Great news for FREEPERS and redneck, red-state knuckle draggers

If you were a

A different version of the name game

GROWL GROWL grumble grumble what are you looking at...

Man fined for calling suspect 'scumbag'

Save for late night boredom.. better than

Well, after a 4 month hiatus...

Somebody stop me.

Endangered Turtle Rescued & Repatriated Before It Became Soup

Do you like Jazz Music?

I'm NEVER buying a car with power windows ever again.

MatcomNews Update: Man Found Under Outhouse Claims Lost Wedding Ring

Pix from my best friend's wedding

Bacon Strips or Snausages?

Stood up

Star Trek's Scotty - James Doohan has passed away

Couple's Wedding - Blaze Sets Cross On Fire, Brides Mother Breaks Hip

FUN thing to do--but addictive

Which should I choose for my next career move?

IM me OK?!

I hereby pledge:

any other people on dialup? (DU feature idea)

What God wants God gets God help us all -my latest earworm

bacon vs. sausage

Whatever happened to the Tom DeLay scandal....

Alternative calcium/milk sources for a finicky 2 year old...

The best "Willy Wonka" was Pawtucket Pat from The Family Guy

Post your top 25 most played in iPod! Here's mine:

Anyone With a Juice Extractor Have Any Good Juice Recipes?


9,000-Year-Old Beer Re-Created From Chinese Recipe

James 'Scotty' Doohan From Star Trek Dies At 85

What do you like best and hate most about your body?

"Bonnie Raitt to Receive Humanitarian Award"

Good morning DU!!

when do eggs go bad?

Separated at Birth?

Caption Bush walking in the garden with SC nominee Roberts.

Air America Comercial --- Go to Meeting .com

remember 'no friLLs' food?

I'm gonna go get some chocolate cupcakes.

JimmyJazz will do Dance of the Yak for all who come to DC on Sept 24th

Broken office computer - day 2.

Just heard THE funniest Travelocity ad.

This is gonna be goooood...

Who will save us now using the Dilithium Crystals?

Pigs CAN fly!

Peaches or watermelons? Which one do you like more?

Should I stay or should I go?

I'm about to post something in GD, wish me luck. It might be bad.


Ha ha ha! I made FreeRepublic

objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Is studying Constitutional Law still relevant?

My faithful pet has been with me for 11 years now.

Huzzah! I found my Dreyer's Grape Fruit Bars in Texas!!

Last night was the beginning of season three of EXTREME DODGEBALL

An amazing oversight: No discussion juggling??

Bow down before the Burger King Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake!!!

RIP, James "Mr. Scott" Doohan

OMG! I just found out that my father has one redeeming feature...

Oh no! There's a shark in my backyard, trying to catch birds...

dangerous life (kittens)

Do you look like anyone famous?

Fountain Theater in L.A. to debut Iraq war piece -- wanna help?

Share your terrifying wildlife encounters here.

Who wants cat hair?

Which rock "star" would you least want to sleep with

I wonder how many tofu threads have ever popped up on "that other site"?

well our favorite little town in Mexico was practically DESTROYED by Emily

Scotty is dead :-(

TV Dinner Inventor Gerry Thomas Dies

'Star Trek's' Scotty dies

Women do turn gay because they work. And do you know why?

Can Gay guy's judge hot chicks?

What of the people who don't have what I've got?

*Holds up glass*.

"Hummer Joins Fox News Channel as Anchor"

"Hemmer Joins Fox News Channel As Anchor"

Three Days 'til Gabbo!

James Doohan dies

The Redneck Dictionary Of Medical Terms

"Hammer Joins Fox News Channel As Anchor"

Help me with my sig! I am totally clueless when it comes to HTML and stuff

Oh snap! My S.O.'s BIRTHDAY!

Being on Central Time again is weird

Have a good laugh folks---World Net daily article on FReerepublic

It's alright Ma (I'm only bleeding)

Another Enterprise Crew Member Has Died

That's it. I'm officially over.

Grab a hankie: The Presidential Prayer Team's "Bush needs prayers" e-card

weird dream about my cataracts professor

The Breeder's Cup Is One HELL Of A Racing Event

Do you like alliterated names?

Holy crap! I lost my donor star!

Gateway Laptops. Yes or No?

Drink this Breeder's Cup

Need computer help - blurry text.

"I drink Dr. Pepper and I'm proud. I used to be alone in a crowd"

"Some times, some crimes, go slipping through the cracks....

Randi has interesting taste in men.

Aaaarrrggghhh!! Name your household pet peeves

Who wants chicken tikka and naan?

Michelle Malkin's site has been hijacked.

Morrissey has his first encounter with masking tape.

Green Day

What is this wet stuff falling from the sky?

It's my Birthday!!

She said her telephone number was 911

Post your favorite inspirational quotes here.

I hate to say it, but I performed CPR on a breeder and prayed

What should I think tonight for my Wednesday?

Ok DUers...To Dump the Ball n' Chain, or not?

woo-hoo: just got a job offer!!!!

Whitey On The Moon

A love note to the DU lounge (please read)

There's a HUGE Reaganstorm just south of here.

Duers with fibromyalgia. Can you give me some info?

Washing Wood Floors: Aside from Murphy's Oil Soap, What is best?

Jimmy Carter is on Paula's Home Cookin'

I don't think I've heard any NICKNAMES FOR ROVE!

I "hate" to say this but...

I have a dilemma

Get out of the way of the FUCKING AMBULANCE!!!

I have created a monster.

Weird dream about my Contracts professor.

Bulls pray for lightening to hit matadors while screaming children in

Which is true more often for you?

Outer bands of Emily

Is animal cruelty the new "feral cat/songbird thread" phenomenon?

What should I drink tonight for my birthday?

OMG!!! YES!!! My dad does NOT have prostate cancer!!!

Bee bop bop boo bop - bee bee bop bop boo


What is that "fuzzy bear giving tuxedoed Bush a hummer" picture from

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

Spring lamb.

I'm eating cold pizza. What are YOU doing?

Beer can chicken for dinner!

Moon maps in Google -- see what happens if you zoom in too much!

Such a smart little beastie!

(on NPR at 2:50pm) James Doohan, Scotty from 'Star Trek', Dies at Age 85


"YARD SIGN blogging" for Judge Roberts:

Farewell, Scotty: James Doohan dead at 85

50's/60's babies: are you ever accused of being too liberal?


Caesar and Plato insisted on going out into the atrium

Homeschool fun!

Hilarious reply to a post in a tech blog ... MUST READ!

My goal in life,

Did Mitch Hedberg pitch Jimmy John's sandwiches?

Hey SoCal DUers! Is it HOT where you are at?

when did western leaders jump the shark?

Randi's got a live one on the line.

How do I post a picture for everyone to see that's on my hard drive?

Shell Beau - Tomorrow AM

I am off to celebrate my b-day! I hope I don't get too

Brrrrrr...Evil Dick Crashcart has emerged from his undisclosed hidey-hole


Star Trek's Scotty, James Doohan, Dead At 85

Ever say something and immediately realize it was horribly inappropriate?

Well I'd just like to say that .......... well ...... uh ...... not to

Whatever you do, do NOT read this post!

I wore a suit to work today and everyone

Ok I finally finished the Harry Potter book

The house is empty except for me and the cats and the bird

I reallly like to cook and I just found the most wonderful


I'm getting a lap dance. I'm getting a lap dance.....


Condi Skull

Nominee picked too late for vote, some say

OMG this commercial is hilarious

Spot the similarity...

Rate My Granny!

prolesunited & I are going to see WAR tonight!

Fun with Domino's Pizza

Do you trust people too much sometimes?

Okay...this is pathetic..

Is this real?

I want to like Whole Wheat bread more

Hi! I could really use some kitten pictures right now!

Another Fashion Post...Who is your "fashion icon"

Tom Arnold on "The View"...Cruise is "ignorant and a little out of touch"

CNN: "Network of the Living Dead"

gwen stefani fans

My new coworker/cube neighbor's voice is so loud and intrusive.

Check it out...

State police scam?

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-based Education and

What would you wear if you were invited to a white wedding?

Celebrities Then and Now.

Should I put up this idea for a bumper sticker:

XM radio what's the best service deal I can get

Rating on popular video game changed to adults only - GTA:SA

Painting of U.S. in toilet raises GOP hackles ...

Oh no! There's a jock in my backyard, trying to catch nerds....

Video Games where you can feel REAL pain

WTF? It's now said I am receiving SS disability!


Poll: Mens Room Etiquette

Your High School Graduating Class: Biggest Screw-Ups

Phase II of my new life starts TODAY

What would YOU wear if you were invited to White Castle?

Firefox add-on Greasemonkey slips up

Hannity's voice?

Cat can't quite make it. LOL

I'm drinking a Corona with lime and listening to new wave music...

I'm dressing like little Lord Fauntleroy. New fashion craze.

D.C. mayor feels dissed by ESPN's '50 states' tour

Hard-Left Street Cred?

Undies burglar says he just can't help himself

R.E.M --> Losing my Religion --> KARL ROVE??

My new favorite kitty litter - Yesterday's News. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't animals wonderful?

Teriyaki marinaded boneless pork loin.

Crispy Squid Chili Jam!

After Chase. man runs into courtroom where he was scheduled to appear

4 & 1/2 years ago today...

Alright everyone I have started my diet to rid my fat ass!


The host on AAR - Sam Seder: a defender of Karl Rove

Check out the baby panda!

Potluck at Darth_Kitten's - What would you bring?

Poor Bear...he misses his boy already

My Favorite Beatles Song - A Song In Pictures

FrontPage users: Need a little help

Remember clackers? And Wizzzer tops? I want some!

Who saw the Shark week mythbusters...weren't Busters hands a RIOT!

So I went outside to check my fence

The Breeders' Kim Deal might have ended up a pool shark...

Bored, I am. Entertain me, you must.

Scotty's best moment?

Hotor not and Google maps combined.

Your kids' first words, if other than a variant of Mom or Dad?

Happy 11th Birthday to Harry Truman and Richard Nixon

James Doohan, RIP.

Well, we have thoughts on bullfighting & rodeos, Now how about cockfights?





Great. I feel like I am getting a cold

Your strangest scar: where is it, how'd you get it?

What are some signs that you are spending too much time on DU?

Goodbye, Daddy. I hope death works out better for you.

Any DUers presently employed doing manual labor

Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Hey lady! Put a leash on that brat.

Did you like Google Earth?

He's coming

What movie character(s) are you the most like?

Who was your DU creator god?

Uh yeah, he's getting dumped... (ball n' chain redux)

Amusing LTTE in Green Bay paper...

does anyone know of a website that can assist in finding a grad school?

What's your favorite part of DU?

Life in Phoenix

Is "breeders" a hateful term or not?

The French take on "Breeding"

Check out Abu Graib Chicken (in totally bad taste)

What should I do!?!?!

Attention Northwest DUers

Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire! Touring! Plus MUST HAVE DVD!

useless knowledge thread

I saw a very weird bug - a bee with a backend of a dragonfly?

Check in here: My mother always said...

Is the guy on Majority Report a joke?

when visiting another DUer ~ what should one bring along

Parents, help this childless-by-choice gal understand please

why did you join DU and what keeps you here

I'm getting Direct TV as we speak.

Anyone for Open Source Beer?

Underpants -- if your child is a boy, and you do this to him

Oh no! There's a hawk in my backyard, trying to catch birds...

Let's lighten things up with a Haiku thread!

Gwen Stefani fans

Does your cat like to do this too?

"No boxed gifts, please." Indian wedding reception.

DU EXCLUSIVE!! PIC Of Matcom Drunk Off His ASS!

Do you have any autographed possesions ?

I want ice cream SO BAD

Why Does John Roberts Dress His Kids This Way?

What would YOU wear if you were invited to the White House?

GD is much funnier than the Lounge today.


seen on a shirt -- where's the data to back this up?

Where is Veganistan?

What did you eat today?

Dumitru Duduman Revelations

Americans United for Separation of Church & State Oppose Roberts

I am sick to death of religion & theology entering government

Falsewell Attacks: Christian Alliance is "hardly Christian"

Who can explain Hinduism to me like I'm five years old?

What's not in the Bible...

Question(s) about religion and abortion

Cuban Breakthrough in Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers

Socialize US health by flying in dr's fm Canada, Eng.,Austrlia

The Biggest Starquake Ever

Robotics show Lucy walked upright

Radar finds water for Sudan refugees

Antarctic ice anomaly could be man-made structure

The resurrection men

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force on the Nomination

Looking for photos of diverse families

Latvia Pride organizers will defy Prime Minister

Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Heads To Court Showdown 

From the anti-gay Bigots at Artcle 8 Coalition (Massachusetts)

30 months in prison for teens who beat priest

Canada Becomes 1st New World Country To Legalize Gay marriage

Freaky Gays

Williams Cleared to Report to Dolphins

Brown Leaving Detroit

Tedy Bruschi decides to sit the year out..

NHL Fans: Alexander Ovechkin to join the Caps!

Very Interesting Canadian NHL Hockey Poll:

Since hall of fame weekend is coming up, lets take a look at the

WHy is such and such your favorite team.

Caroline county, VA shelter needs to find homes for all dogs by Friday!

Good advice from dogs

My dog passed on today.

Experiences with Gentle Leader harnesses?

How smart are our pets?

Nancy you've done it again

Thursday's Full Moon celebration of the guru

Birthdays....something I've really noticed is, for some reason, there

Some good news from the bible belt....

Top Ten Signs You Are A Christian Fundy

beam me up scottie!

I am in Colorado Springs this week. James Dobsons backyard. Help me!!!!


Teddy on CSpan 2 now

Some people really want to bash Kerry

Okay, I got a vote question

OOOh - I need to vent!

Kerry: Fewer Speeches, More Action Needed on Port Security

SC Nominee has an Iran-Contra connection?

I have decided that I'm a Dean Supporter.

Democratic Daily Blog opened today

Homeland Security hearing yesterday

A convert?

Kerry's call for comments on his website.

Hey--I'm back

The Sentinel

Where'd the real water pics submissions post go to?

Oh, deer! I'm sick of water shots already!

Water contest...

Wednesday newsletter!

Roberts' Rounds: Newsletter 7/20/05

New Blog from the man himself

When bush & company go down can the EDVs of the KOEB show restraint?

I just had my first post make it to the Greatest Page on DU

KOEB 7/20/05

Howard Dean's speech today before La Raza conference,..excerpts.

Has * EVER READ ANYTHING without a $ in front of it?

What's with Moveon tonight.

Roberts is "well liked" and has the "pure intectual power of Scalia"

FYI: RNC emailing on SCOTUS nominee

What do they want wtih Roberts?

This senatorial country club gentrified civility will be the death of us.

petition against Corporate Judge Roberts...

Roberts worked "behind the scenes" on Bush's side of Bush v Gore

Judge "Wineqwist" /????/ Whadda Pres...Moron

I want to know why that Mo Fo is still in the White House

Did Judge Roberts work for Olson ??? Assistant Solicitor General ??

Rightwing online mag blames Clinton for Delay, Rove troubles

Bernie Sanders' Senate campaign off to a good start

McClellan, 10/6/03, on "setting the record straight" VS "punishing" Wilson

CIA Agents Letter to US Senate and House (sorry if dup from C&L

A Letter To The British People From A Daughter Of Iraq

OK, there's one really important thing that we have in the

*cough* ROVE *cough* *TREASON* *cough*

Bush is saving the female justice nominee for if Rehnquist resigns

Should we force the Nuclear Option...

Is it worse to vote out of ignorance or vanity?

Does anyone know if Roberts is a member of PNAC or the Heritage foundation

Bush surprises many in nominating CBS correspondent John Roberts

Is Bush on mind-altering drugs?

Rove And Roberts....

Who is John G. Roberts Jr and why should we care

Instead of Rovegate...

Great column today from Gene Lyons on Plame and the Repub spin machine!

Republicans: Bush Rushes Court Pick to Take Heat Off Rove

Should The Age of Roberts Be Part of The Public Discussion?

Review of executed man's conviction boosts anti-death penalty lobby

June 2003-Rove and Novak "I'm a source, not a target"

Iraq: Mortuaries swamped as toll estimate hits 25,000

New DVD: "Rove's War". What they said then and now.

roberts doesn't have enough of a record to build a case against

John Roberts = Robert Bork

How did Gannon know about the classified Wilson memo in Oct 2003?

Prediction: More Leaks in Rove-Gate Case in Next Few Days

House two minute morning speeches today--what's with all the Rs

* speaking on Patriot Act - MSNBC

How do you negate this talking point I've been hearing since last night?

TPM posts Plame letter from former CIA officers to Congressional leaders!

John G. Roberts, Jr., ENEMY of Women, Ken Starr's Boy, and Chimp Donor...

DeLay raises more corporate $ in last qtr than any other reporting period.

CAF criticizes Rep. Tanner's Wal-Mart vote (had accepted $17,500)

Roberts: Its way too early to decide...

POLL: Is this the "BEST" Judge * will nominate?

A Real Solution to Illegal Immigration

CSPAN-3: Journalists and Protection!

Eminent Domain Ruling.

U.S. history buffs, has any group of citizens in this country

Bush's Speech -- Attempt to Lift Sagging Polls ?

So whatever happened to the DeLay investigations?

Women's Groups Actively Oppose Roberts, the Stealth-Scalia

John Kerry: Fewer Speeches, More Action Needed on Port Security

Dean draws over 800 tonight in PA....5 foolish Repubs scream outside.

What is the likelihood of this?

John Gibson: "Blogs attacking me for saying Rove should get a medal"

Frameshop, breaking the frame on Roberts

Great Rovegate piece in the Miami Herald by Robert Steinback

Ray McGovern: "Why White House v. Wilson/Plame Matters"

Testing the waters: My little idea to help take back the White House.

Who heard woman caller on CSPAN dur. Roberts judic. discus.. w/ Jon Kyl?

Mrs. Jane Sullivan Roberts

A matter of tactics, not of either giving up or fighting unwinnable fights

Boston Globe Op Ed piece tells it like it is

Downing Street Minutes 3rd Anniversary Events, Saturday, July 23

Action alert from PFAW on Roberts

Can the SCOTUS be expanded?

Photo: Book of Honor - Dead CIA Agent in 2003 killed by Plame Leak?

As far as I'm concerned, Bush nominated a man named Karl Roveberts.

Chicago DUer's

All The Talk About Roberts Ignores One Basic Problem:

" ... when the pResident got to know him during the interview process ..."

Is there a press briefing?

here's another article on smirk's payoff to Roberts

Just got email of Kerry's on Roberts

Who here sees the Metro incident as child abuse?

Are you attending a Moveon event Thursday July 21st.?

"faithfully" interpret constitution

I just got a call fro John Kerry's office with a request for $$.

Hey! Clinton was/is a LIBERAL!!!! Who knew?

A Modest Suggestion. Opposing the Roberts nomination is politically sound.

will Fitzgerald also go on vacation for the mo. of Aug.?

What surprised me about Roberts

Our local right-wing, talk-show host is upset about Roberts' nomination...

is anybody listening to the Al Franken show?

Question: Roberts & Recount

Time to start your letters on Roberts folks

Is that the Les guy who taught Jeff Gannon?

Okay I'll ask-WERE there abortions in the Founding Fathers' days?

BORK that sonofabitch!

Why are we eating each other regarding Roberts?!?

Bet Roberts is no member of Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

John Edwards: Let's shake things up

Walking and Chewing Gum

Joe Conason must read: "The Miller Crusade Diminishes the Press"

Maxine Waters on CSpan 3 NOW protest against Roberts in DC...NOW

Halliburton w/benefit from new Fed ruling to limit suits vs Iraq contracts

Don't let the White House win with Supreme Nomination distraction tactic

Wanted by GOP: Pregnant White Woman in Tragic Circumstances

DU This CNN Poll: Will Roberts Be Confirmed?

We must fight all major battles.

Roberts is pro torture - smirk pays him off with Supreme job

Aljazeera SMACKS Junior on Rove: "Bush says one thing does another"

Al Franken is in High Dudgeon today!

Oliphant: "Pay no attention to my assistant..." (SCOTUS distraction)

Rove carefully orchestrating his own demise!

Has anyone thanked Ralph today?

Of course I would like Dems to fight Roberts' Nomination. However...

Hitchens defends Karl Rove

Let's get something straight ..........

There's a difference between personal and professional opinion...

Dan Bartlett: Bush did NOT "accelerate his selection because of Rove."

Scared yet Re: Roberts

(Prince) Bandar Bush Steps Down For "Personal Reasons"

Dailykos: Dems turn pressure up on Rove

Montana Gov. Mentioned As 2008 Democratic Contender

U.S./Iraq Involvement (In a Nutshell)

Memo connecting Dubya with Plamegate? Did anyone hear that

"Washington is a mean town, But Karl Rove does not deserve this fate"

One Good Thing About Roberts

"We don't talk about Osama anymore. That's because Bush knows his family"

Another Rove diversion: Saudi U.S. Embassy issues "Terror Warning"

Judge John Roberts' Record

Pick the fight!

How Long Before The RWNM Calls For Plame To Be Fired?

John Conyers: First Take on Roberts - Lesson One: Do not be Distracted

Judge John Roberts and the Iran - Contra Affair

I've changed my mind on gun control. I was wrong.......

"I've constantly expressed my displeasure with leaks" clip (M. Moore site)

What is the appropriate prison term for gwb*?

Georgie plays "Wag the Judge"....

Activists Launch

Is The SC Now 6-3 In Support of R v W?????

Hispanics and women let down, still waiting for representation

Judge John Roberts and the Iran - Contra Affair

Re Wilson: "..Swamped by the tsunami-like wave of his continuous ego trip"

Raw Story's reporting that a forum on Plame/Wilson 'outing' on Friday

I feel like total dog shit today

WH Web Site: "President Encourages Renewal of Patriot Act Provisions"

get this Rove 6/03 AP photo to MSM and Fitzgerald......Exibit A

Bush Offers New Catch-Phrase on Iraq Withdrawal Timetable

Todays Headline: Bush Picks Justice to avoid Justice

I would rather do XYZ than vote for a Republican...

Correction on Roberts and the Iran-Contra Affair

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Roberts had Role in 2000 Fla. recount.

just now MSNBC -- report of 3 DEM Senators being investigated

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Civilian Casualties in Iraq, 2003–2005

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It's a question of whether women are equal to men ?