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Archives: July 18, 2005

If Rove were a Democrat, he'd be shot

White House Desperation Play in CAFTA Fight

Larry C. Johnson (in the strib): A secret known, a cover blown

Maintaining cover no easy task for CIA

Wounded soldier's fight doesn't end after leaving battlefield

PBS and its grand ambitions

Important to realize all this before it is too late for Venezuela

How CEOs Would Handle Rove (BusinessWeek)

Now we can reveal the real Deep Throat (Woodward on his knees before Felt

So Santorum ... (Phila. Inquirer's Top Columnist Nails Him)

Linda McQuaig (Toronto Star): Rove Should Have Been Fired Long Ago

Joseph Wilson takes aim at Bush administration

Why Marx is Man of the Moment

The Stalking of Andy Stephenson

You Can Feel It - And So Can Bush

Other than

Protesters hold vigil over eroding HK press freedom

The American Plutocracy ....government OF the rich, BY the rich...

Make oil companies pay for their environmental damage!

KMT Chairmanship Election: TSU tells Ma to abandon Lien

Protesters hold vigil over eroding HK press freedom

UK halts publication of Iraq book

I heard a new twist on the 9-11/Military Exercise Coincidence today...

UK authorities openly doubt that alleged bombers intended suicide

Feeling a little guilty today

Camping - where and when?

Ooops only one vote counts -- vote here for camping - when

Vote here for camping - where

Any reports on the Kucinich visit to CR on 7/16?

Video Capture : Need Advice

Help the late, great Doug Sahm get inducted to the R&R Hall of Fame

Kirk Watson to challenge Gonzalo Barrientos - TX Senate (Austin)

Inherit the Wind on UPN now (West coast)

".. the WH had insisted for nearly two years that Libby and Rove...

I just love watching Fred Barnes squirm like the toad he is!

Patience is a virtue.

Ledeen and the Forged Niger Documents

Are you a rebel; an unmutual?

After all the GOP lies this week

Mail: To Open ... Or Toss? - Andy Rooney (his usual wit and wisdom)

The next time we decide to have a war:

Reporter Says Cheney Aide Was a Source

Has anyone here had any experience with Americorp?

So, rove & libby & probably whole wh in a blind with rage about Wilson

Poodle responsibility fixed by Royal Institute

Bush is the BEST President EVER

Oh... I Get It

What happened with Scotty? -nt-

Guardian: Three days of suicide bombs leave 150 dead

Al Sadr to BBC : Resistance in Iraq 'legitimate' , quotes Bush

Now That the GOP Woke me Up...

Another Rove lie regarding the email to Hadley:

Unsettling US Army Recruitment Commercial

Does anyone know about Prince Fahd's (ambassador) real

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

Anyone got any info on Marc Grossman ? The CIA memo was written for him

Correction: Shrub COMMUTED Henry Lee LUKAS, Not "Pardoned" Him

Novak and Rove given JOB SECURITY because they are Bush allies

Without TV, I have no way to gauge what the poodle press is doing.

More British Cover-Up: No 10 blocks envoy's book on Iraq

Any opinions on CNN's "new format"? I thought "CNN presents" last

99 Dead, 20 Car Bombs, in 2 Days.....Welcome to Iraq

If Fitz Is On The Level, ROVE IS FUCKED

CNN Stands by Robert Novak During Probe Into Leak of CIA Officer's Identit

Isn't it about time for the annual trek to Crawford for Dumbya

Juan Cole interview that covers Iraqi political situation

Max Clelland 7/24/ evidence of Iraq to 9/11 or al-Qaeda

Great moment this weekend..

Justice Sunday II "God Save the United States and this Honorable Court

Novak: "they came to me"

How ironic! On this day, remembering Andy, I found this

This is why the wingnuts have to attack Wilson.

Sy Hersh 10/20/03:Bolton changes policy & runs his own intelligence oper

Peter Werbe doing "Karl Rove for Dummies" now --- streaming

Criminal Contempt Could Lengthen Reporter's Jail Stay

With All The Rumors One Common Thread Continues

An interesting quote to remember during the Rove investigation

KKKarma for KKKarl - ain't it a bitch?

I ran into Bernie Ward of KGO at Oakland Airport...

Whites fear exclusion in new S. Africa

Gitmo Bay

Over DU's history, what event caused the highest amounts of freep attacks

Novak's second outing Brewster Jennings

How about the next time we wage a war, we do it because we have to.

1765 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Hey lurking Freepers

OK, we say we are in a "war" against terrorism. Then we cry foul


Even we are becoming somewhat used to Iraq War casualties

I would have gone nuts had there been an Internet....

Will America Realize The Mistake it Made in the 2004 Election?

Tom Tomorrow flashback - WTO and corporate tyranny

Write Your Republican Representatives Now

Bob Novak Is Guilty Too!

Question: Whatever happened to the release of the new Abu Ghraib

DU this Article on Yahoo News: Reporter Says Cheney Aide Was a Source

Karel on KGO is kicking ass right now, listen in

My local ABC affiliate just carried the Cooper appearance on MTP!

The White Man's Burden- Kipling's Siren Song Of Imperialism

Bob Schieffer rips the White House (video)

Freepshit praying for Satan

When will we see the Saturday Night Massacre?

Need some help understanding this point

The White House spins and deaths keep coming

CSPAN Schedule Monday July 18

Therapy Time for the Freepers: Libby's Dirty Too

'I did all the Playstation games, now I'll do it for real'


Is Scotty going to be doing a Press Briefing Monday?

Prediction: Monday Pile-on by the right

Double SECRET Probation for Rove, Libby and Bunnypants -- from Dave Ross

The Rove Press Machine Is Destroying Rove & Hurting The Republicans

Now that it's pretty obvious that Fitzgerald is tying...

So Now Rove Is Saying His Source May Not Have Been Journalist

Not One Republican...

Transcript of Bob Schieffer's commentary

I just heard a lady on a call-in radio program say, "God said don't ...

Ideas for U.S. withdrawl from Iraq?

Politically, how do you describe yourself?

The NDP should do a name change.

Mayo protesters remain in jail (Shell pipeline / Ireland)

'I did all the Playstation games, now I'll do it for real'

Protesters rally for medical marijuana (Santa Cruz)

Basra oil workers out on strike

DOD Identifies Army Casualty (#1765)

Reporter Says Cheney Aide Was a Source (Libby)

Greenville Library Protesters Celebrate 45th Anniversary

U.S. crude jumps as hurricane shuts Mexico fields

Second Bush official named in 'leak' probe

Helicopter crash in Chechnya kills 8; possibly shot down

Britain planning tighter laws to fight terrorism (sounds familiar?)

Abbas pledges end to Gaza attacks

Official: Iraq Wants to End Its Monopolies

WP: Ties to U.S. Made Britain Vulnerable, Report Says

MI5 said bomber was not a threat

Top British ex-diplomat blasts US invasion of Iraq

Sordid Images on TV Repel the Kurds, but They Raise Some Skepticism, Too

Alerts issued as typhoon slams coast - TW

NYT: Large Volume of FBI Files Alarm Activists

BBC: Resistance in Iraq 'legitimate'

Gen. MacArthur Statue Spawns Korea Protest

Arroyo loses another Cabinet minister

Chavez Urges Venezuelans to Embrace Socialism, Poll Shows 28 Percent

FBI Terrorism Unit Eyed Web Protest Sites

Soldiers re-enlist beyond U.S. goal (bonuses range from 1k to 150k)

UK authorities openly doubt that alleged bombers intended suicide

EPA Paid Weather Channel for Videos

Journalist at center of leak probe criticizes Time boss

When did "Shark Week" jump the shark?

Storm Chasers

Razmatazz Band, yeah!!!

Man allegedly mails feces to eBay customers

Where should I get my next piercing?

Behold the Sacred Parchment


This David Foster show is a bunch of bullshit

Boy oh boy I miss radio

"Family Guy" thread

A word about piercing advice


If we all have a purpose in life, why aren't we told what the bleep it is?

"Family Guy" On Now - 'Animated Cartoon Sex' Warning At Beginning

If you are in Alabama and have school kids..

OMG! Animated nudity on FOX! I'm scarred for life!

Notes from the G.E.D Section

Be werry, werry qwiet. I'm hwunting tewwowists!

Co-ordinates locked in! Arm the death ray!

Yay, a Laurel and Hardy marathon!!

Is it possible to become confused about one's identity?

Pestilence is a virtue.

How come ex-gays date only each other?

You look like someone who can handle yourself in bed

Six Feet Under at 9 PM on HBO

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Real Time with Bill Maher returns Friday night August 19th!

Use a similie that you've never used

What's YOUR stress/comfort food?

Larry King has Nancy Grace on now. Like nails on a blackboard!

Am I mean?? Am I taking Zombywoof's place???

Phooey, I missed "Sons of the Desert"!

Bruce McGill appreciation thread.

Stupid UPS.

Can Canadians cash US Postal money orders in Canada?

Who else remembers Latka?

I just saw Million Dollar Baby...I can't believe how much I cried.

"This town is under the stranglehold of a few tie-dyed treehuggers...


Be Kind to Animals

Queer As Folk - The Sharon Gless character just referred to Bush

It's a miracle...what appears to be a professional golfer and Democrat!!!

I'm Just Lurking

Which Superhero would you like to be?

Kind of says it all...

Retirement Bonus

DC DUers: What are some good, inexpensive restaurants in the city?

The Simpsons "Left Below" episode is on (on the East Coast) for those

The Great One v. The Great Old One

Lenny & Squiggy ... Are They or Aren't They?

Who else remembers Laika?

Fonzie vs Carmine Ragusa

Lenny and Squiggy vs. Lenny and Carl.

Hey! Where are the really good Karl Rove Jokes?

I am loving all of Pennsylvania right now

From 0 to 200 in 4 seconds

What foods are you giving up for shark week?

Best. TV. Series. Ever.

Little Steven's Underground Garage

The Beer Truck Image

should the two guys hosting shark week be fed alive to the sharks?

Anyone remember Silk Stalkings?

WooHoo! Simpsons Season 6 coming August 16.

I just ate the Corn I drove 80 miles to get.....

Does Raphael Palmeiro belong in the Hall of Fame? 3000hits, 566 HRs.

How come when I goggle "Bushturd" it links to DU?

Dad drinks Milwaukeeee. Mom drinks Sakeeeee....

Anyone ever seen a dog and an opossum interact nicely?

Star Wars Relevations- new film for download

Leeroy Jenkins!!!

Ya know what we need?

Desperate Housewives second season to be a real thriller

Anybody use Wildblue for sat internet service? Opinions?

Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Heiney Ho! Jambi is in...

Saw Patty Griffin tonght

Holy crap! I got an email from Helen Thomas!

Remind me to never post on this board again asking for ppl to listen

in a nutshell

Are you in the Kiss Army!?

Is "SHAKE WELL" a red company or a blue company?

Upbeat update on sweet Sirius

Yeah man, that's the good stuff (tribute to my mom)

How do you know when the time has come to make your own homebrew?

What's your favorite holiday or observance?

An unfortunate DU combination... (SEX IS GOOD)

how do you feel when you're post #13 in a thread?

what is a good MP3 player under a hundred dollars..??

I just came back from Seattle...

Anybody got a Windows ME install disc I can borrow?

Who remembers the Jonson Smith Catalog?

Oh, Romeo...(Does Skinner let him peruse DU?)

I finally found the perfect picture of Governor Gropenator...

What do you do to relieve stress when the world situation

Do you believe in predestination?

Who else remembers Laika?

Lenny & Carl . . . Are They or Aren't They?

"Ed Wood" coming on TCM, 12:30 CDST.

Is love really all you need?

I met a totally creepy family today.

Favorite curmudgeonly quote?

Who here could give two yanks it is shark week?

I'm feverish, ask me anything....

does it feel like that time again? have a problem?

Hell is ...

Tell me about alcoholism

I'm bored - please insult me

Going to San Francisco for vacation. What not to miss?

I had a really weird nightmare last night

You Stay Classy San Diego

Babylon 5 vs. Deep Space Nine

How about a Vegan/Vegetarian/Animal Rights Forum meet-up?

Question for any experts (or even non-experts) concerning neutrinos

Yanks fold Sox -- 3 games to 1 -- behind Al Leiter . . .

Kitten question

A follow-up to Tay Tay's post

Dear People formerly known as LUTD

Allen and Santorum are teaming up.

The White House spins and the dead don't care.

The State of our union:

Just in the last few weeks---let's count them.

A thought just struck me

Who was the top Cheney aid in the Plamegate leak?

Instead of calling Iraq a Quagmire

Rove's guilt: "I've already said too much." He knew it!

VIDEO Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation rips the White House

Is there still a media blaster?

What does NYT and WP have for us tonight on Rove?

Here is a detailed run down on Rove vs. Plame and all others...

Dean Down?

good NYT article about state dept. memo and plame leak

Given Plame, Etc., Repubs May Feel They MUST Win in 2006

What happened to AMPOL's Pundit Pap?

Lennon's "How Do You Sleep?" was WAY better...but.....

DU Check in: I just learned about WHIG make sure you know too

Freepers are OUTRAGED about Bob Scheiffers comments today on FTN

Evan BAYH on C-Span RTWH: What a freakin LOSER!

I'm in a war with a repug at College Help!

I`ll betcha Bush is trembling in his little cowboy boots.

bush gave covert aid to selected Iraqi candidates ...

Is Ken Mehlman Gay???

A question for the next press briefing:

I wonder...Are the Fundies aware that GW denied his faith?

Hillary on the Right

"Will the Rove Scandal prevent you from addressing the 3,400,000 jobs lost

WARNING GRAPHIC.......depleted uranium video

Desperate Repukes now looking to slime Cooper - He's married to Mandy

Fox,News "Fair and Balanced" sued for false advertising!

Wingnuts going after Mc Cain

Politics1: McCaskill probably in, Rossi out of Senate races (MO, WA)

Wardrove Malfunction (Fire Karl, Now!)


It Appears George Tenet is DEEP THROAT II

did bush administration use covert action to "fix" iraq elections?

Who's the most self-loathing, hypocritcal gay Republican?

We Were Soldiers Once, and Broke - The New York Times

Defining terrorism

Another from the P-G: The Iraq Mess (Bush's Nightmare)

P-G:Editorial: Santorum and sin

Rove, Libby identified CIA officer

Newsweek: Rove at War(Top Secret Memos perhaps shared on AF1)

New book 'Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar'

What the Bible really says about gays

GOP works late to keep you in the dark

Faith, science meet in space

OpEd: Miami Herald, Chas. Zwick on SS, and why bush plan is a dud:

EPA Propaganda

Rove Will Go Down in Plames: Do the Numbers!

"WELL, of course, Karl Rove did it."

Murder, Torture, Women, and Justice Sunday II

The Embedded 'New York Times' Reporter Who Brought Us the 'Atomic Age'

"The press is not to be concerned with the morals of its source."

Rovegate and Downing Street—Inseparable --- OpEdNews

Google Growth Yields Privacy Fear

If you can't shoot the messenger, take aim at his wife.

Judith Miller: Hearsted on Her Own Petard (General Judy's in the brig)

Why John McCain and Hillary Clinton are winning the 2008 "buzz"

P-G: Santorum's sermon on child care

The Aspen Ideas Festival - notes from an attendee (Clinton & more)

NYT: America's Truth Deficit

How Costco Became the Anti-Wal-Mart

Returning to Life---Please read this former detainee's account

Interesting LA Times Op-ed: What the Bible really says about gays.

Salon on Plamegate

Public Catching On To Dirty Deeds

NYT's Tierney: KKKarl is being smeared

GET OUT THE VOTE - Did Washington try to manipulate Iraq's election?

Online Democrats raising money for Paul Hackett Congressional race!

Please DU this AOL Poll on Rove

Is anyone interested in derailing CAFTA?

John Conyers House ideas and suggestions

Oil spilling everywhere, where's our enviros? Right here...

MSNBC poll: "Based on what you now know, do you think Karl Rove broke...

Misogynistic radio station apologizes!!!

A little help with a LTTE

Next Mission? LTTE asking Why Doesn't Bush Just Ask Rove

Proposed direct action against Wal-Mart: An EMPLOY-COTT

Some positive reinforcement activism?

Frequency of Actions

need help on LTTE re: Bush muck-up in UK investigations...

New Podcast Out On iTunes

About Those Voting Machines . . .

Two ways to read a RW comic strip

A blunt guide to Bill O'Reilly, the L. Ron Hubbard of cable news

New book 'Petrodollar Warfare': Oil, Iraq and the Future of the dollar'

June DOL: Less hours worked in US than in June 00 - population growth?

I would just like to say...

New book: 'Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar'

London attackers may have been tricked: UK police

Free Movie on Terrorism

Milosevic allies guilty of killing rival

Rant & Rave Sparky had it right - in 1998

Former Givati commander rapped for troops' deterrent fire

Jewish settler seeks to become Palestinian

PA launches campaign to remove Hamas graffiti in Gaza

Tens of thousands to begin Gaza march

7/7 and 9/11: Many striking parallels

London bombing: Why do details change over and over again?

London plot thickens, as does propaganda (Israel DID warn)

7/7 and 9/11: Many striking parallels

London bombing: Why do details change over and over again?

help me out here...

Were phone calls from UA 93 recorded or not?

What is in the plastic bag carried by the bomber?

London bombing: Latest findings (Team8+)

7/7: Top-witness Richard Jones can NEVER have seen alleged bomber Hussain!

Deconstructing Tom Burnett's phone call

"conspiracy theory"? Just found this. BTW...I think they MIHOP

Deconstructing Jeremy Glick's phone call

Deconstructing the lesser known phone calls from UA 93

UA 93: Cell phones and airphones

Something I was wondering

Florida, Ohio, Baghdad

2004 Election Results and Discussion-Check this post in Activist HQ forum

Remember when you first heard BFEE? Howz about VVPB?

never forget..McKinney was voted out of office b/c she questioned 9-11

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday 7/18/05

Scoop NZ picks up posts by DUers Autorank, TIA, MelissaB ! Check it out!

Monday Morning Press Conf: "Shocking" Election Practices to be Revealed

Outrage for our Andy

CONSISTENT Voting Patterns in Ohio Counties-hmmh...

A curious meeting of Rotarians, mayors and one congressman

San Diego's acting mayor, councilman convicted of corruption.

arnie establishing himself as a true republican (aka liar)

Calling San Diegeans! Whose our mayor now?

Come to San Diego this weekend & support Donna Frye! (DFA/Jim Dean)

Invite for a Dem Victory '06 Event

PuraVidaDreamin's political pilate workout.

Bluetooth help needed!!! I have a Palm Zire72 and Zoom USB adapter

PORK PORK oh wait a minute that's not it HELP HELP HELP

What's wrong with me? My HTML tables just suck.

Mac users? My eMac monitor is behaving badly.

Need help learning to back something up to a CD

Rape allegation fuels fear of racist violence among Hispanics in Ohio

Toledo revised Taser policy

PD article on Hackett

A suggestion on Legislators Pension

These Texas congressional Democrats are undecided on CAFTA

Greetings from a Blue State

Siblings are first declared Democratic candidates for Gov, Lt Gov

All Oshkosh and Fox Valley Democrats warmly invited!

New Podcast Out On iTunes

How do you know when the time has come to make your own homebrew?

UK authorities openly doubt that alleged bombers intended suicide

Hey rove, you play with a knife you're gonna get cut.

394 US troops killed in Iraq since start of Bush's 2nd term

A new method of suicide; Iraq

CNN Headline News running 'Cooper names Scooter Libby as source'

"If Rove can betray a fellow American – for any reason – we need to ask

RW lie that Plame sent Wilson; forged document care of GANNON.

Whatever happened to that Ohio paper?

Little-known books

A guy named "Scooter" is calling shots at the wh?

The GOP coming clean would be the worst thing that could happen

Will chimp's excuse still be "the world is better off without Saddam"

For all you lurking media people...

Now the freepers are attacking Matt Coopers wife

Republican Congressman Tancredo Says We Should Bomb Mecca

The weather channel AGAIN...


Wilson vindicated but badly bruised

GOP = below the minimum standards of ethical conduct

White House Mum on Disclosure in CIA Leak

BUSH ADMITTED "Niger yellowcake" should NOT have been used in his SOTUA.

London bombing: Why do details change over and over again?

Did Cheney know who was going to Niger?

Windows flaw could spawn DoS attacks

Who sent the other 2 people to investigate the Niger-Uranium...

Why History Will Judge Us Harshly for Our Violation's of Iraq's Patrimony

London bombing: Latest findings (Team8+)

Barbara "Plastic Surgery" Walters looks like a 16-year-old girl (on Plan-

Joe Wilson on Morning Sedition

CNN stands by Rovert Novak

SCOTUS nominee to come from the Federalist Society? Must read

Something I Heard On 60 Minutes Last Night

a soldier from my hometown

Large Volume of F.B.I. Files Alarms U.S. Activist Groups

Run for Precinct Committee Person.....

Tap water tastes horrible these days! What the deal?

Google is bad...

"I signed up the first time because I thought I was helping a good cause"

Important Strategy Alert - 50% of what the Far Right does is Hot Air!

"Karl Rove, Sir!"

Anybody else notice the increasing use of the word "extremism?"

Stinging OpEd on GOP and Bush brothers

If Will Pitt had any gumption he would organize his fellow reporters.

When Judith Miller comes out with her book about Rove/Plame.

I just got on C-span............

"I don't recall" How many times did Rove and Scooter use those words

Today = Spaghetti Day

What happened to Air America on Sirius

Explain to me how Rove didn't break Section 371 Conspiracy to commit

Rove: "I've already said too much"

How The Blast Fax Works...Today's Talking Points At Work

WBAI in NY playing clips from the World Tribunal on Iraq (listen online)

Has Valerie Plame's status as an CIA Agent been declassified?

Why the Republicans will stop at nothing, risking all, to defend Rove.

I'm so effin' sick of the false patriotism!!!

Governors: Drivers License Costs to Soar

Quote of the week

what does 314 billion plus 450 billion equal

Get Out The Vote - Seymour Hersh on US fixing of the Iraqi election.

La Times: Rove and Cheney chief of staff intent on discrediting Wilson

Energy-Beam Weapons Delayed

My reply to a Repugnican friend of mine.

What do you know and when did you know it?

"Wrath Of Emily" Gallery - Note To CNN This Happened To Mexicans...

How low can they go?

Q: How to proove Hillary is not a Lesbian? Bill and Hillary should?

7/7 and 9/11: Many striking parallels

Activists Launch

We need a "timeline" of all that is going on...I am so confused...

Baker Institute: guarantee Iraqis control of their OIL

C-span 9/11 BS Side Show

Is Scotty going to hold a Press briefing today?

Did Bill throw Hillary's hat into the presidential ring?

Are Britain's fringe churches preaching a deadly message?

Should we start protests directed at Judith Miller?

LOL..."Support Rove and Bush" stickers offered on Ebay

The Prediction (Prophecy?) of the 13th Dalai Lama

Who Else is Sick of this Imperial Administration? -PIX->

* up now on CNN, MSNBC and Fox

What kind of a nominee will Bush put forth -- what do you think?

Holy shit. Congressman ready to bomb Mecca.

In the future, they'll ask, 'Why didn't the American people stop them"?


Will a SCOTUS nomination kill the Rove Story?

Howie Kurtz not drinking Kool-Aid today? " From Mark Felt to Karl Rove"

Saddam's Attorneys Say They Have Not Received

Anyone catch CNN this morning when the anchor cut through the bull

Three Books the need to be written ASAP and on the shelves...

KKK "Imperial Wizard" on 1979 rally: "maybe God guided the bullets"

If the FBI doesn't think Bin Laden was behind Sept. 11...

Pentagon encouraging defying Mom, dropping out, to increase enlistment


This is how the Administration will distract from Rovegate this week

Is today the day that the AAR/XM schedule goes live?

No need for Bush to ever have another Press Conference.

Heads up....Bush press conference on now!!!n/t

The crime of outing a CIA agent vs. the crime of lying -reasons for war

This whole mess could be resolved

Saw a bumper sticker. On a gashog SUV, of course.

Update on Emily...for those of you that love Isla Mujeres

if i listen to another monent of Jerry Springer on AAR i will @%&*, anyone

Raimondo: General Judy's (Miller) in the brig – and justice is served.

How do you think it will end with KKKarl Rove?

Excellent column on Judith Miller's deep involvement in neocon crimes

Anyone who calls himself "Scooter"...

Why hasn't James Carville

Will Mike Malloy's head explode when he returns tomorrow night?

Looking for the site

London plot thickens, as does propaganda (Israel DID warn)

Grassroots Activists Launch

MSM picking up on the change of the firing of staff message

Clearly * and Cheney have known

Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela...

Ms Miller and her Petard; Rove, Shreds - The Neoconster Conspiracy Exposed

Will we get to see Scotty Squirm today? No briefings Thursday or Friday.

Deep Fried Puffy ...... all you can eat. OH Fish LLLL blog site or .....

Reporters have known for 2 years that the Administration was lying...

Just saw ROVE with Barbara WaWa on ABC

Indictments seem likely....and a bombshell?

Get ready, folks, * won't even fire Rove if he's indicted

Listen to this "To The Point" about Valerie Plame

A subject of a Beatle song dies

VIDEO is it factual? "Keeping It In The Family: The Bushes and the Nazis"?

Connected Coast to Coast Is On Now

Where's the 2003 quote from Scotty talking about firing anyone involved?

Caption this * pic...

How long til McClellan suddenly needs to spend more time with his family?

Scott McClellan's pic on the home page....

Katherine Harris' dirty money

So....British report declares Idiot Son's war has helped Al Qaeda


Happy Birthday to a "terrorist". Nelson Mandela is 87.

Was the 5/11/05 grenade part of an assassination attempt?

I think the ROVE debacle is going to HELP the DSM scandal...

"Momentum swings to Democrats"

Weee heee! I can't be banned by DU if I haven't committed a crime!

whooohoo two days in a row. Our local paper opinion call in line in print

Variety review of "Over There" -- new Bochco show on Iraq

I have some inside information on a certain Republican Congressperson...

What's happened to America (or sick and tired of being sick and tired)

Self delete

"a crime against humanity, the paramount war crime." -Nuremberg Tribunal

NYT: Bush 'changed his stance today' on firing the leaker

So we have to wait until Oct for Plame to be resolved.. & in the meantime

When an independent free press flourishes, we can begin to.....

New letter from UK: Need to wrongfoot Saddam

Top Rove and Cheney aides set out to destroy Ambassador......

After Downing Street Update

John Stossel: "Liberal Media" wasn't "Open-Minded"

Does anyone convicted of a crime work in Idiot Son's administration now?

OK, I give in. Blair really is a stupid lying bastard.


Every letter in Monday's USA Today denounces Bush and Rove

So who told Lewis Libby about Valerie Plame????

So what was the deal with the YellowCake?

FBI moniters Anti-Bush groups.

Tide is a turning --another feel good story

Joe Conason: "Rove on the Ropes"

Xian adoption agency rejects Catholics as adopters (receives state $$)

NYT: "President Bush changed his stance today..."

Check out this E-mail.."Sexy Christians".....

Why important for right to keep saying Plame had input on Wilson trip?

RNC-Kenny "Bud" Melman wants Dems to apologize to KKKarl Rove

Bill Scher: 738 Days (since Rove violated his SF-312)

Scotty Press Conference at 1:00 p.m. today

Not to be outdone, John Negroponte and Porter Goss...

Typically Blindly Stubborn mutherfucker * Changes Mind! Breaking:

C-SPAN 2 is showing the Gitmo PROPAGANDA piece, right NOW. MUST SEE TV!

Elliot Abrams: How is he involved in the outing of Plame?

Who the hell was that Lester guy in the press conference?

Margaret Cho's dog is a terrorist (re: Michelle Malkin)

"If someone committed a crime, they will no longer work in my

Emily is getting ready to rip through all those oil rigs in the Gulf

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out CIVIL WAR!

Why is hosted in Canada?

Freeperish comment on war in paper: How would you respond?

Rove's Feeling the Heat - PIX->>>

Denver's housing bubble has burst (how's the bubble in your area?)

Were WH officials responsible for GOP talking points issued last week?

Why didn't Eric Rudolph get the death penalty?

Misogynistic radio station apologizes!!!

A qwestione

Looking for a bumper sticker. . .

Podesta made some good points yesterday.

Self delete - my moment of humor has passed.

Judith Miller: Hearsted on Her Own Petard

Over 150 Dead in Iraq in One of Deadliest Weekends Since U.S. Invasion

Viet historian Stanley Karnow tells How Iraq war compares to Viet conflict

Somebody make me feel good, please.


Press Briefing Monday up at WhiteHouse site, link here

Danny Goldberg : Air America CEO

3 cop cars, 1 copter capture 11 yr. old girl (Calif. where else)

Yahoo's CEO Is A Repuke Supporter

Busted: From the transcript of Mr. Bush's press conference, June 10, 2004

Vote on MSNBC Poll

Saddam's trial will NOT be a good thing for Republicans - Recreation of the 07/23/02 Downing Street Meeting

ONE Man/ONE Woman - Rove's creation that we've heard over

An aspect of Eric Rudolph that's under-reported is Christian Identity

Where have all the 'W '04" stickers gone?

Only 25% of Americans Think The White House Is Cooperating re: Leak!

How are FReepers responding to the Rudolph sentence?

I need Air America ratings numbers from different cities...

Can someone give me the link to...

Double-Standard Dupes

U.S. Military Machine Moves Into Bulgaria and Romania To Stage ME Attacks

Chevron launches major ad campaign: "Will you join us"

I think Eric Rudolph will get Dahmer[ed] in Prison.

Bush DOES NOT Trust ROVE!!!!!!

Who Is Defending Rove?

Bushes have hosted only 4 state dinners (host Indian PM Singh tonight)

...not important to capture or not capture al-Zarqawi...

Joseph Wilson will be on Ed Schultz soon taking on the Republican

Does it not bother anyone that:

The thread about TRUE patriotism

Bush* didn't flip-flop today, he just lied to America again.

Quick help: Need the last articles on Andy describing his harassment.

Do you think Rick Santorum masturbates to Dog Fancy or the AKC Gazette?

Froomkin: A Sidestep and a Backtrack (Bush, Rove, etc...)

Only 25% think bush is cooperating in leak probe!

Is Randi on today?

Houston Chronicle: Study shows Bush war created and motivated terrorists

Why didn't Bush ask Rove if he leaked BEFORE promoting him

Thinking about Eric Rudolph and God.

Junior's Really Starting to Resemble Poppy -PIX->>>

HE'S BACKKKKKK (Mike Malloy)

Oh, Lord, Valenti for us on CNN again; suggests SC nom to get Rove...

Don't worry about going broke from high gas prices. The economy's growing!

So raw story is saying Bill Clinton is pushing Hillary for 2008

A look at Inauguration Day 2009 - courtesy of pabloonpolitics

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),

So it's okay to out a CIA agent - just don't get caught.

1767 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The poster child of the "pro-life" movement

Is the UN corrupt?

Is wishing that Eric Rudolph get's killed in prison bad?

It's sad, when 18 killed in Iraq is considered a good day...

"Terrorist" Rudolph goes to prison while his GOP supporters cry for him

Will the Media now refer to Eric Rudolph as a "Christian Terrorist"?

new twist in the Fighting-Them-Over-There argument for Iraq War.

Emily did "very little damage" sayeth Wolf Blitzer

Just sent my last check to MBNA! Can I get a woo-hoo?!

Time Reporter Contradicts Rove's Alibi; Rovegate and DSM Continue to Conve

It's shameful that an 85 year old woman is the model of courage.

I'm in tears, 76 counties in Mississippi will have Diebold by next year.

General Myers compares Iraq to 1776.

Republic of Cascadia: Bureau of Sasquatach Affairs

Did Helen Thomas just call Lester Kinsolving the new Gannon?

Ever hear the expression somebody is "snake bit"? A nearby guy hit by 2

Eric Rudolph: No Remorse (Terrorist)

IBM rebounds in second quarter

The Gutless media proved today they are STILL scared shitless of Bush!

Why Do Bush and Cheney not have to Testify Under Oath

R caller on WJ C-SPAN now wants cameras on every major street

Read What A BatshitCrazy RWer Just Told Me! It's Worth The Read!

Anyone watching Lou Dobbs?????????

Saddam's looted yellowcake and Niger.

MUST READ! - Could this be Bush?

Can an atheist or agnostic worship the anti-christ?

Butt Weasel, Mark Levin's latest Oral Fart...

Looks like Ms Miller is being set up to take the fall......

Has Joe Wilson ever lied, or shown to be wrong?

If the yellowcake evidence was solid, Rove wouldn't have had to leak

Sunday Times: Bush’s brain gives the White House a bad headache

Was Plame a covert agent?--discussion on Abrams Report-,msnbc

Karl Rove said: (hack away!)

Hey MSM, gotta question for ya!!

"Republicans are fools"

OK, so according to the Wing Nuts...

According to this guy, I should be knee deep in plaid shirts & Doc Martens

Created a talking points -on message video short

Soldier Drowns in Iraq Months before he was to Leave the Military

Anyone who tries to tell me this guy isn't 24 carats crazy is a damn fool.

"Are you saving too much for retirement?"

* takes the stand

Sign the petition....

Hardball: CIA Leak, Special Coverage all week

What the hell was so damn funny about Bush's answer today?

An open question to George W. Bush

Yoo Hoo: Peeling Back a Layer of the Bush Faction's Terrorist Connections

MSNBC...Week Long Special On "Hardball" All About Karl

Brit Hume just said Kerry revealed the identity of a CIA agent!!

MSNBC Poll being Freeped

So, when's BUSH'S next press conference?

What are you paying at the pump?

Limbaugh is STILL pushing "Cooper told Rove" on the radio today!

Niger/Yellowcake questions?? Here are the Official answers:

1999: Bush: those breaking the law should be held "accountable"

An interesting interpretation of a recent internet favorite

Divorce Drops, Along with Marriage

We're asking the WRONG question...

Monday 7/18: "Shocking" Election Practices to be Revealed

Not sure why Miller is in jail, but Novak hasn't been asked for his source

GOP Goes for Broke in Defending Treason (Buzzflash editorial)

62% of Americans think Judy doesn't belong in jail!

So, what's up with Boston?

One Way Or Another ... 104 Days

Just Found This Bad News

Did anyone see Lanny Davis (Clinton Lawyer) on CNN w/Blitzer?

LOL young republican caller on aar radio

So corrupt: Bush acts like he can't just *ask* Rove what happened.

Anyone Who Thinks Bush And Rove Haven't Had Long Discussions

The Politics of Bullying

CNN's Dana Bash Dissed Sen. Kennedy

A question for the DLC

Why would Rove release Cooper from his pledge of anonymity?

Wise Bush willing to wait FOREVER for Plame investigators, if need be.

Seymour Hersh's new article - Excellent! "Get Out The Vote" (In Iraq)

Guest List for White House Dinner

Should we here at DU be concerned about this article ? DU = civil rights

Who Forged Niger Documents?

Isn't Rove's Nondisclosure Agreement Enough For An Indictment?

Help me out here: WHAT LIES DID WILSON TELL?

The Plame Affair is the Politics of personal destruction......

Diebold in MS oh fuck no! Help me call people PLEASE!

Scotty looked a little too darn Confident today

Plamegate could be over in 2 seconds

Randi just asked a good question.

Get ready for it: All Saddam All The Time...rape rooms, torture rooms

Rove, Libby identified CIA officer

Newest RW talking point "Summer Scandal"

Holy Crap! The Truth on MSRNC! Bushco** "Cooked Intelligence"!

Scoop NZ picks up posts by DUers Autorank, TIA, MelissaB ! Check it out!

How to annoy your RW cow orkers...

MSNBC poll on Karl Rove

Reminder: Sept. 24-26, 2005 Massive Mobilization in DC

Proof: So Fleischer Had a State Dept Work-up on Wilson?

Poaching making China elephants evolve tuskless


'Rove Talking Points' by TOM TOMORROW

Matt Cooper is the only listed guest for tonight's Charlie Rose Show

We're on a roll here folks

Wise words from Professor Dumbledore:

Gates: No magic answer to tech worker shortage

Poaching making China elephants evolve tuskless

About half of the Freepers are DEFENDING RUDOLPH!!!

Had a brain fart, could we win 2006 by torpedoing moderate Republicans by

Rove on the cover of TIME

You know what I hate most about Bush?

Is there ever a WWII-free day on The History Channel?

WHY did bushCo try to discredit Wilson in 2003 when TENET in OCTOBER 2002

By Robert Fisk, 17 April 2001, When Journalists Refuse to tell the Truth

DU this MSNBC poll on Rove

Nephew going back to Iraq, had to buy his own canteen!

I need a new car

CAUTION! MSWHORE MEDIA is sucking US back in..over Rove/Plame!

How To Get Our Troops Out Of Iraq And Afghanistan

Is it even possible that Libby didn't tell Cheney the plan?

Heads Up! Barney Frank on Hardball!

An Interview with Ward Churchill: Accusations and Smears

Join the Marines, get injured in Iraq, and you can become a U.S. Citizen

London bombing: Top witness can NEVER ever have seen alleged bomber!

Special Prosecutor's Probe Centers on Rove, Memo, Phone Calls

must see documentary Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq (free online link)

Eric Rudolph: "Xian Terrorist"

Karl Rove Talking Points (toon!)

Fitzgerald is hunting big game

It is all about the Classified Document!!!!

"I would like this to end as quickly as possible." (Press Conference)

Are we about to be nuked???

Right-Wingers message to veterans: You are NOT a priority.

They're baaack! ... more BS about Ted Nugent running for governor of MI

Three Nights AWOL...Tweety...Where Are You?


Great quote today from one of Eric Rudolph's victims

I will pose a question I have not heard ANYONE ask re Rove:

Tinfoil Hat - Where did this expression come from?

Did Gwen Ifill on The NewsHour just say she is giving Mehlman

Saddam should still be Prez. of Iraq.

San Diego's acting mayor convicted. Will resign after 3 days taking over..

Judith Miller is Not as Innocent as You Think

Bush is rushing to nominate a new SCOTUS justice. Question:

Yellowcake: I Can't Believe They Haven't Told Us

Wardrove Malfunction (Fire Karl, Now!)

“POLICE, OPEN THE DOOR!” (Need Advice)

Read the news on Bush's attempt to rig iraqi elections yet?

I Need reference Pics for Photoshopping

The Times They Are A Changing!

Stripes letter: A liberal ‘apologizes’

Moazzam Begg's story. It makes me so ashamed...

Waxman: New Bush Statement on Rove Conflicts with Executive Order

Please DU this Poll ......... and Come to Michael Moore's Film Festival

DU this Rove poll please...I think its being freeped!

McClellan Transcript--Q: What is his problem?...what the hell is going on?

What would Nixon do?

Your Fellow DUers Launch WWW.ENDTHEABUSES.ORG. Take A Look!

My Sincere Thank You To My New Hero Karl Rove.

Bush committed another crime today, in plain sight, on National TV

Andy's stalkers: misanthropic, unconscionable ghouls. What drives them?

OK, it seems the only thing the Democrats in Congress can to is criticism

Bottled Water

Links To "Government Documents On Torture" From The ACLU. Photos Due Fri.

Looking for info to debunk "French are weak" claim...

Rove Indictments

Marriage is an ownership agreement. (Agree or disagree)

Right-Wing Phase Surely On Way Out

Police to hold random checkpoints

DU Street Memo (Top Secret)

Religious debates; Waste of Time?

This is the eulogy I gave for Andy

Alarming Judith Miller quote: What's going on here??

Canning Question

Harper to blame for poor Tory polling: Pollster

How much room

No 10 blocks envoy's book on Iraq

Hotels and register offices to turn away 'pink weddings' (The Independent)

Duncan criticises 'Tory Taleban' (BBC News)

Tube bombs 'linked to Iraq conflict'

Democrat[ic] votes on CAFTA crucial

WP: GOP Chairmen Face Off on Global Warming

FBI Says It Has Files on Rights Groups

NYT: Hybrid Cars Burning Gas in the Drive for Power

Sardinia Says It's Time for the U.S. Navy to Leave Port

NYT/AP: Health Care Costs Dragging (employees pay more; lower raises?)

Reporter ties Cheney aide to CIA story


Backing U.S in Iraq put UK at risk, think tank says (Reuters)

Suspect was within their grasp

British troops could start Iraq pullout by 2006, memo says

Joseph Wilson takes aim at Bush administration

Six policemen, gov't worker killed in Iraq

Iraq-Iran pipeline to be built soon

'Al-Qaeda man' wins German appeal

GET OUT THE VOTE - Did Washington try to manipulate Iraq's election?

Top Aides Reportedly Set Sights on Wilson

Straw dismisses claims that iraq made UK a target

Terrorist group asks Italy to quit Iraq

Gunmen assassinate university professor in southern Iraq

China uneasy as labor unrest grows

N.Korea seeks U.S. trust at nuclear talks

WP,p1:Chinese Riot Rooted in Confusion(protests major concern for Beijing)

Karzai ally lynched as Taliban violence rocks Afghanistan

Rising temperatures are melting the Arctic glaciers

London bomber visited Israel - Israeli official

LAT: Labor and Religion Reunite (seminarians spread union gospel)

Congressman: Mecca a possible retaliation target.

Protest at women candidates ban (Pakistan)

Anti-immigration drive spreading

'Treated like a criminal for wanting to read'

Detention method defended

Iraq on track for elections despite rise in violence: Myers

Bush To Pick Supreme Court Nominee by October

FBI defends Web site monitoring

Studies: War radicalized most foreign fighters in Iraq (CSM)

LAT: China Stakes Claim for Global Oil Access

Georgia offers $83,000 for clues on Bush attacker

Rumsfeld vows speedy action on Guantanamo trials

£12 credit for well-behaved teens

Researchers battle melting glacier

Lawyer Wants Saddam Trial Moved From Iraq

CNN: Cheney Aide confirmed the identity of Plame

Bush Focuses on Crime in Agent Leak, Backs Off Earlier Language

McClellan Transcript--Q: What is his problem?...what the hell is going on?

White House Mum on Disclosure in CIA Leak

RNC Raised $59.4M in First Half of Year

US fighter jets launch attacks in western Iraq

Governors: Drivers License Costs to Soar

Frustrated Iraqis ready to take law into own hands(forming militias)

Lawyer wants Saddam trial moved from Iraq (too dangerous)

US may need animal-health czar to protect consumer

(Canadian health) minister calls for swim lessons in school

Iraqi wanted man seeks inspiration from Osama

Iraq: Nation to Mark Suicide Attack on Children

Guardian: FO accused of censoring insider book on Iraq war

Initiative on Alt. Power Sellers Revives Regulate,Deregulate Debate (CA)

Bush Wants New Justice in Place by Oct.

Insurgents kill 18 in attacks across Iraq (and the killing continues)

Conservative Legal Group's (Federalist Society) Clout Growing

Rawstory acquires letter from British ambassador in lead-up to war

Rumsfeld can't name end date for U-S occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan


MSNBC...Week Long Special On "Hardball" All About Karl

"Downing Street Memo Anniversary – 150 Events Planned"

Supreme Court market lets you put your money where your hunch is

News Corp (Murdoch) to buy Intermix (MySpace) for $580 million

McClellan: Bush Nixed Iraq Election Funds

Bush Vows to Fire Anyone Convicted of Leak

San Diego's acting mayor, councilman convicted of corruption

Poll: Many Doubt White House Cooperation in CIA Leak Probe /ABC

Bush opens door to nuclear help for India


Message machine Rove built now comes to his aid

Senate gets expert advice on Iraq (two words security and strategy )

Media Shield Bill Would Exempt Security

Bush: Any Criminals in Leak to Be Fired

Liddy says Rove didn't break the law

LAT: Building a Bridge to China (new diplomatic front)

Bush to Host Rare Glitzy A-List Dinner (Associated Press)

Judge Narrows Pledge of Allegiance Lawsuit (Newdow)

BBC: Three UK bombers visited Pakistan

District Wants Santorum to Repay Tuition ("We don't think it's fair")

US bomber Rudolph gets life in prison for 1998 blast

51% Want Military Response to London Bombing

E&P: Transcript: McClellan Defends President On Failure to Fire Rove

Abortion pill maker alerts doctors to 5 deaths

Paul Hackett (D) vying to be first Iraq war vet in Congress

Bush: New Formula for Keeping his Word?; Statement from the DNC

A Troubling Chapter in the Bald Eagle's Success Story

LAT: Leak Probe Was Told of White House Interest in Wilson

Beazley says ID card a smokescreen

Adviser: Oil prices don't stunt economy

WP,pg1: Musicians Balk at Choice Of (female) Baltimore Conductor

Two more women accuse priest (Yo, Ricky)

Blair will say root cause was extremism not Iraq

Congressman says bomb Mecca if US attacked

New Podcast Out On iTunes

Going to a reception for Howard Dean Tuesday

installing new subfloor - i have a question


mmmm MMM! i likes me that CHEESE!

the quote of the day on

Just watched Team America

The PA forum looks like the Santorum Forum

I Don't Have Time To Read Long Posts!

I like the new Oregon Quarters!


Three's NOT a Crowd

Popcorn anyone?

How does Donnie Brasco end?

What do you give a Western Highlander Terrier for it's 10th birthday?

Funny things that light does ............

Chet Helms died. June 25th...I was gone and traveling, I will miss him.

i think i may rewatch Band of Brothers.

3:43 AM and I'm late........

In sooth, I know not why I am so sad...

You know I post some really interesting stuff over in GDP

My connection to the net just went whoooiiieeee

Must be getting early

DU cooks: Fondue questions

Has anyone here had a nightmare then kicked everybody's ass

My oped on Rove...

good morning all, and wish me luck

Panda Leads Chinese City on Pursuit

Wow, take a look at this fundie nutjob site...

Good Morning DU!! Happy Monday!

I'm sure what's happening onHoward Stern thing is a spoof

MatcomNews Update: Teen JAILED For Burning American Flag

Well I’m a-running down the road trying to loosen my load

Awww :( Franklin Park Zoo lost one of their Lions over the weekend :(

Sit-ups punishment over porn-movie

what's this all about?

Emily Crushed My Beloved Yucatan Last Night

The Flanders Family - Ned, Maude, Rod and Todd

*note to self* upon return from the shore ~ close the damn truck windows!

David Lee Roth has replaced Howard Stern

"Village People" Cop Arrested

Harry Potter: British version VS American version.

Pack Of Dogs Kill All The Birds At Indianapolis Zoo

Mother Injected Her Toddler With Human Feces

good, contemporary political music?

I feel like heck.

It took forever to fall asleep last night, and I'm really feeling it today

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - some thoughts (maybe spoilers)

Today 4 years ago

"General" Butt Naked and the All-Star Generals

Taking a shot at the Min Min Light

Malaysia 'teapot cult' attacked

What would you consider to be the BEST free image host (ing site)?

I spilled Holy Water on my copy of "Harry Potter" and it screamed.

Tell me something I don't already know.

Man Has Nose Bitten Off In Fight Over Bruce Willis Film

looking for Underpants Underpants, PLEASE pick up the white courtesy phone

13yr old sleeping on train tracks killed in Alaska

My close friend called me from Iraq today

What are some things you don't remember?

Man dies after having sex with horse

Help the late, great Doug Sahm get inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame

Exhibit Reveals Curious, Gruesome Civil War Medicine

Chinese wild panda in chase drama

I saw a funny ribbon magnet...

Hey Sniffa....

Maggie May.

GREAT! Now matcom is trying to top ATA Redux

juSt gradiAted from JouRnalism School wiTh a "C-" averaGe

Please help me get rid of a nasty smell in my apartment!


Arms for Camilla's 58th birthday

Will Pennsylvania and Will Pitt make up?

Do relationships with age disparity ever work?

Drink Coffee? You may be a Witch (in Utah)

What exactly is positive reinforcement?

Microsoft Courts Hollywood Allies

Does DU have a search feature?

Ned & Maude Flanders - BUSTED!

"Malcolm in the Middle" star Muniz (19) engaged to girlfriend

I told Althea I was feeling lost

600 year-old Papal seals found in German toilet

Enumclaw-area animal-sex case investigated

14-Pound Girl Born In Kentucky

14 Pound Baby Born In Kentucky

Is DU kind of slow right now or is it just my computer?

Murphy Brown and All in the Family. Is there anything close to these on

I believe the reason why women stay with "mean" guys is low self-esteem

On DVD tomorrow: "Iggy Pop Live At The Avenue B"

Steamy magazines may violate sex offenders' probation

Any cool or weird nicknames when you were growing up?

I'd like to complain about all of the complaints.

How many posts are in your "My Posts' ?

"Mr. Burgundy, you have an enormous..."


I'd like to file a complaint.


Conservatives who post news story comments on Yahoo:

My Dear ZombyCoffee Blend, anyone?

4 hours later, i emerge from Staples with the 4th season of ER in my hand

sundog doesn't like my avatar

"President George W. Bush reviews honor guard with India's Prime Minister"

How can I take a screencap of videogame for my 7 yo?

Dick Cheney, during better times...those were the good days!

TV cop show lovable stoolies you can't stand

Summer in the City

Who here has seen "Cops: Too Hot For TV"?

FBI mobs a bar called Mecca in Queen Anne looking for 'terror suspect'

Some JACKASS responded to my LTTE

NYPost has a "4 nights in Paris" contest...

I would also like to file a complaint.

It's official, I'm addicted

It's a luscious mix of words and tricks:

Who here has finished the new Harry Potter?

Things that only/always happen in the movies.

WooHooo, my copy of the new Harry Potter just arrived :)

Last pm's Simpsons Episode - Left Behind Movie...

I went to the Yankees-Sox game yesterday...

Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick (Music Video)

Please remind me never to forget this: NO WHIPPED CREAM ON MY FRAPPUCINO!

here's smilie for you cat lovers

2 Year Old Click's Father's Mouse - Dad Ends Up Owing $245k For eBay Car

Why, oh why, oh why.....?

Nanny: "Law Begged To See Me Again"

Check out this Gas Price index

My brain is fizzed... I can't think

My Fabulous New Invention

Eveyone is well aware that DU has a hobbit, right?

everyone is well aware that DU has a lobby right?

Everyone is well aware that DU has a bobby right?

Hobbits in lobbies finding hobbies make Baby Jesus cry

Ever wonder how Freepers would talk about Harry Potter? (SPOILERS!)

Evarwun's aware tha' HU hash a Dobby, right?

Great Rove/Bush Art

Everyone is well aware that DU has an open bar, hot tub and

Weee heee! I can't be banned by DU if I haven't committed a crime!

I have survived London.

Did I read that right...Amazon has used copies of the new Potter book

Googled "air force one and july 7 2003" to see if there are any pics

The sap is back!!!!

What's funny about this picture?

Meet the Savage Chickens

i'm in the best mood evah!

Sometimes I feel like I'm under siege.

110 degrees?!?

sick much??

Going to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. What not to miss?

My 4-year old son won a Harry Potter costume contest!

I just THE worst Geico ad. Ever.

Molvanian Heart-throb Zlad releases new video.

Hermione Granger is the Half-Blood Prince

This is my 2000th post. Ask me anything.

Geroge Bush is the Half-Wit Dunce!

everyone is well aware that DU has a search feature right?

"White House political aide Karl Rove talks with nuns"

Does DU have a search feature?

Any MMOBsters? The site is down. (Yes, I edited out the breathless

pitcher thread

I have users on my Ignore List and I don't know how they got there

who wants Ginger Snaps?

"The Rules" for us guys!

Best song about Texas?

What celebrity voice do you love?

Introducing the Biggest Asshole Boss in the History of the World

Risotto doesnt reheat

Couple Arrested For Having Sex On School Roof

I will now stick my head into this woodchipper.

My 7/7 London Experience plus Van der Graaf Generator reunion

Thank you to the DUer who hooked me up with scroogle (link...)

Is a fu manchu sexy?

woo hoo the ice cream man just came by

Drive-Thru law #237: If you request "no condiments"

Another MSM smokescreen for Rove

Identify this film quote and win a smiley

How old were you when you got the chickenpox?

help! MASKED MAN at my door

Bought a nice big crate of tangerines.

A strange little poem

Another DU first: Pick the most offensive smirk

Play me Old King Cole.

Anyone use AllofMP3 with an iPod???

Hey, Progmom, I think Kyle Farnsworth will have a couple of days off

Help Me Find an Indonesian Webhost!

hydroplaning on three wheels gives new meaning to the word excitement

Are women's bodies really THAT different?

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

everyone is well aware that DU has a search feature right?

The Hobbit vs Harry Potter

I wonder if I will ever meet someone that is in love with me.

From now on, I will refer to Republicans as Death Eaters

ladies, if you don't want me staring at your ass.....


Spammers Hack

everyone is well aware that DU has a search feature right?

We've Secretly replaced the White House Press Corps with actual reporters

ladies, if you don't want me staring at your forehead.....

Ok, question...

I just made up a kettle of SmileyBoy's famous Six Alarm Outhouse Chili!!

Matcom, if you don't want me staring at your butt

Chicago model might get the death penalty

Wisconsin native invents better beer tap.

Going long distance on Amtrak... what do their bedrooms

What do you do when you're replaced?

"Mystic River" was a good film, but the fake Boston accents suck

I see Wal-Mart has their back-to-school commercials on now.

The cynical thread

the vaguely mistrustful of humanity in general thread

I just exfoliated and boy is my skin soft


everyone is well aware that DU has a search feature right?

left brain, right brain........

The euphoria is wearing off

Let's go YANKEES!!!

Neil Diamond or Crazy Diamond.....


Why is the word "cynical" given such a hard rap?

How old do you feel?

It is accomplished!!!! New Futurama DVD movie to happen!!!!!

Is it norml for some employees in companies to be ill-willed toward others


What is the worst smell?

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I am completely ambivalent about Pennsylvania right now

What English pronoun is most abused in GD, GD:P, and LBN?

I am out of the dreaded 700 club!! 800th post!!!

Have you seen the new Matcom commercials?

tiger woods - dem or pub or other?

only true patriots post here

River's Edge vs. Blue Velvet

Chilling Video (for WLAN users): Cracking WEP in 10 Minutes

Now dadblameit! If Baton Rouge can get an AAR station...

Earth shattering poll...

my limebacker cat......

Who's worse, Voldemort or Georgedebush?

Tropical Shitstorm Karl Buffets Virginia, Maryland


Firefox Flaw Leads to Upgrade Encore

Does anyone else remember Wallace the Waffle Whiffer?

My "Service Engine Soon" light stays on when I start the car now


My day was all right; how was yours?

must... survive... this... day...

I feel like...

well, i mean, it started out as a $10/day, 'social' pass-time...

Smoked cheddar cheese food--yum

I'm in the mood for a Bo Jackson thread

I'm in the mood for a Kate Jackson thread...

have you seen the new Tiger Woods Commercials?

What's your favorite kind of cheese?

Just watched Finding Neverland for the second time....

I'm a programmer, my boss is a dumbshit, ask me anything.

Layover in Denver - entertain me!

Does anyone else just HATE the B-52s?

My copy of 'Harry Potter' had instructions for conjuring up Satan.

the angry thread

WTF? White Cop Maces Black Food Worker for giving "wrong change" (Video)

It is safe to say I have been initiated into this board

I miss Oscar...why doesn't he ever write?

do you care when people talk shit behind your back?

Earth shattering poll Deux

I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau..

Post here to kiss progmom's boo-boo.

Franklin Lakes, NJ area - how is it?

I hate the Yankees


Ruminations about Tom Cruise and WOTW

What is your style?

Boy Fired Bottle Rockets Into Traffic - Killed While Fleeing Angry Driver


Sundog's just a shark week poseur.

Rot in prison, Eric Rudolph

what the hell is a "throttle position adjustment" on my car's computer?

Shit. A Freeper singlehandedly dismantles Rovegate. It's going nowhere.

Free themes for your PocketPC device!

It is 74 degrees, sunny and a nice breeze off the ocean.

Records unavailable on CD


I've never seen The Wizard of Oz. Does that make me a dirty pinko?

What was the greatest thread ever on DU?


I need advice for a nightcap.


The happy thread.

You are one hot muffin!!!!

The things that show up on Google maps.

Crystal Meth is bad for you.

Am I the only non-christian that has read the Left Behind series?

Taking my kid to see Def Leppard Sunday. Have you ever met...


Jude Law publicly apologizes to fiancee for affair with nanny

the little red needle's pointing to "E"

These psychos need mega-doses of thorazine...

What was your favorite book from childhood

4 hours Later, i emerge from FR with 10 stapLes in my head

Who here knows the story behind Freepers and their porta-potties

I am in the worst mood ever...

Anyone else watch As The World Turns?

I don't care what you think... I LOVE I'm A Worried Man

I had a great injury story, but then Progmom had to 'one up me'

It's nearly impossible to be graceful climbing down a ladder

What's better than this??

4 hours later, I emerge from the ER with 10 staples in my head.

How many lives does a troll have?

Scooping Dog Poop: Is it okay to use a neighbor's trash can?

Firefighter revives goldfish after blaze

I wasn't sure where to post this but I really want you to read it

You Decide: Better version of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

School Shreds Magazine Over Poem Of Teen's First Sexual Experience

five photos from vacation

I created a new avatar to clear up any questions about my party loyalties

Bush nicknames (humor)

My mom, Jo Backus, was one of those climbers who died in WA last week

Our stupid realtor won't show us the house we want to see

Well someone at MSNBC is getting fired.

PLEASE DU this Poll ............. and Come to Michael Moore's Film Festiva

Jimmy Buffet---Root of all evil?

Radio Enigma rocks......

What was the worst thread ever on DU?


Everyone is well aware that DU has a hobby, right?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

"Flowers in the Attic" fans check in here

They're giving me an hour weekly to do a talk radio show. Name ideas?

Do you like Michigan? If so, great. If not, explain yourself here.

*SPOILER ALERT* Let's discuss Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Animal Rights Online Newsletter, Issue #7/17/05

Well, it looks like I've done it.

I'm curious

Help with my veggie kids and my pediatrician

Would you be interested in a veggie group east coast meet up?

I work in the health care field, Washington State....

Grapefruit seed may help ulcers

Earthquake Fault Under Tokyo Closer Than Expected, Study Finds

Huge crater and whale-with-feet boneyard named U.N. heritage sites

Senator Wellstone killing) Energy-Beam Weapons Delayed (deployment)

Scientific World Language .. Loglan

Turning off gays (Part 1 of a 4-part series from

Jury convicts father of fatally battering boy

Why does same activity make one guy gay and another not?

1 John 4:20-21 and 1 Elwood 1:8

Official Outings - NYT Magazine's take on the ethics of outing

And I thought the Log Cabin Republicans were self-hating crazoids...

Bye Larry Brown

Tigers vs. Royals BASE-BRAWL thread

Northern VA pet spa having dog wash to benefit Iraq K9 units

Help, please.

Cleaning kitten's ears

*Important request*

I'm new to the A&A group, and I have a question...

Vets, please note this Depleted Uranium thread.

Reid Says No To "Conservative Crusader"

Sen ForRelComm hearing on Iraq

Bush, Clinton, Bush*, ???

Kerry News at the Unofficial Blog

I need a Pic thread!

Bill Clinton tosses Hillary's hat into the presidential ring

Find the head in profile and the standing man in

Got a new toy!

Carey Fox, Newsletter Guy


Newsletter: 7/18/05 -- Rovian Re-Adjustment

Proud to announce I am back among the living!

KOEB 7/18/05 (The Grand and Glorious Return...)

New Podcast Out On iTunes

What Is "Scooter" Libby's Worst Crime? Plame? Iraq Invasion? Marc Rich?

Even The Fox poll has Bush at 47%......

I'm gonna keep posting this.....

Sometimes the Declaration of Independence is just good to read...

SECURITY, TERRORISM AND THE UK, new Chatham House report

I just realized something.....

The Iraq Elections

can anyone access this article, Cooper revealing that Rove unveiled Plame?

Reid Says No To "Conservative Crusader"

Isn't it likely that Ambassador Joe Wilson is actually CIA.

ITunes Mints (political) Podcasting Stars

Hmmm...not sure what this means but in the USA Today Letters....

What Says the Wall St. Journal About RoveGate?

Lundgren (R-CA) on C-SPAN re: extending library clause of Patriot

Poor poor republicans..

Will you buy Time and/or Newsweek this week b/c of Rove Scandal?

*Newshounds* Digest #40

John Conyers and other African-American's protecting democracy...

LATimes:Rove's Troubles Expose Strategic Drawbacks of a United Front

So simple, Dubya. Just ask Karl if he did it.

So if a bush supporter said this, what reply would kick them in the ass?

Hmm...Dems "conjured up" Rove story to embarrass Bush and "get to him?"

How Putin youth is indoctrinated to foil revolution

Activists Launch

Seymour Hersh's new article - Excellent! "Get Out The Vote" (In Iraq)

When Is The Giggling Murederer's Press Conference Today?

When is puffymcmoonface going to have his briefing?

Governors Discuss Concerns Over Medicare (Attorney Gens. in pic)

Is the Valerie Plame scandal just an "inside the beltway" story??

CIA over-reacted, she just had a desk job

This looks like Rove is guilty to me...

bush essentially admits that rove leaked, and that he knows it.

Another indication the Bush admin is in deep shit with the CIA leak

Where are connections: Plamegate, Iraq war, DSM etc.

Someone tell me why Boxer wouldn't run for President?

Bush Changes his Tune re: Firing the Leaker

How should the US react to the London Bombings?

Hearings on Iraq still going on now.

Whoa... This is starting to look REALLY SERIOUS for BushCo...

Senate Foreign Relations Comm Hearing on IRAQ NOW

Would you start ignoring Treasongate if Bush names a SCOTUS nominee?

Insurgents kill Iraqis but Iraqis don't kill insurgents....

Whitehouse page says press conference at 1pm. But no link? n/t

Scott McClellan press conference coming up in the next few minutes

Reality Bites: Rs Spend A Week Lying About Rove - Back to Square One

Rush is frantic this AM- Now that's good radio!

Valerie Plame 'posed for other kinds of photographs' in addition to

Bush "is the one who will suffer most directly from his decision" on Rove

W to fire those "involved" now it is those who "committed a crime"

Bush Changes his Tune re: Firing the Leaker

Fitzgerald is a Republican? Are those who say this sure of their facts?

Karl Rove is a one-trick pony

Sidney Blumenthal vs. Norman Solomon on Karl Rove, Dems, & Iraq

AAR adds another station.

Here's a way to show the difference between the two parties.

The repugs are running short on talking heads for the Rove Scandal

How does the deficit affect credit card interest rates?

How many members of the Bush administration does it take to change a light

Bob Novak, 2003: "Wilson is an as**ole and his wife works for the CIA"

MP3 Classic: William S. Burroughs reads "Old Man Bickford"

Transcript for today's McClellan tap dance posted on W.H. Web Site

Chimpy on CSpan 2

The Note says, "That Dean kid...ain't so bad, some who've seen him say."

Self delete

"Reporter Ties Cheney Aide to CIA Story"

"Shocking" Election Practices to be Revealed

Momentum swings towards Democrats

Who's going to ask the RNC?

Interesting article yesterday regarding origin of insurgents

Barry McCaffrey on MSNBC talking about Syria

Sneak Peak at ABC Poll on L'affaire Plame

Fox: Hannity & Colmes ask "Was Karl Rove Set Up?"

Justice Sunday II, coming to a mega Church near you.............

Kurrikulum VeeTie

Joe Wilson is coming up next on Ed Schultz

Is everyone listening to Big Eddie Schultz right now?

Bush* Words.....words speak louder than

Look out, Pakistan! 7 out of 8 Republicans want to bomb your ass!!

"Why Can't Foreign Lefties Learn to Be Objective Like Us?"

What if the W.H. press corps just snapped on Scotty's ass??

Latest ABC poll. Only 25% think WH fully cooperating with investigation!

I wonder if Joe "Schmoe" Scarborough still doesn't "give a damn"

Busted: From the transcript of Mr. Bush's press conference, June 10, 2004

AP/Ipsos Poll: 59% Say Country on Wrong Track, 56% Dissaprove of Job

Take a deep breath!

Bush Fire Rove? Why? Bush Loves Felons!

From re: Rove

Valenti is a closet Republican - now on CNN.

Editor & Publisher: "McClellan Defends President On Failure to Fire Rove "

Great Treasongate article on Yahoo - Ted Rall

Poll on "Connected" (Ron Reagan's show)

What happened at Wilson press conference today?

"Plausible Deniability" Should Be Re-entering The Politcal Lexicon Soon

When will Bush pardon Karl Rove?

how many people did saddam hussein kill; how long ago; AND

My email and a response about Mehlman and NAACP

Is it possible for the * admin to NOT know what is going on with the GJ?

ENRON: Connect the Dots to Plamegate

Has anyone heard about this website? Our troops

So what's the news at Bohemian Grove?

Hispanic group gives Hillary a standing ovation

Dear KKKarl: Just stand there, and let us punch away.

Oh Dear GOD..."Dear Karl: Stand Strong--Let Them Punch Away!"

If Ken Melhman paid for an abortion for his girlfriend

Idiot son's albatross and Achilles heel may well be ..........

MUST READING -- Robin Cook (Ex Foreign Sec, UK) on Iraq, Wow!

White House trying desperately to get to Fitzgerald ?

Slate: "Karl Rove Death Watch, Part 4"

HARDBALL to spend the entire week focusing on Plamegate. Hot damn!

Read something today about Rove finding out the person he

Whoa - Wolf Blitzer show pointing fingers at Cheney in Treasongate!

Maine Democrat Jean Hay Bright calls for quick end to Iraq war

Hannity on Ted Kennedy today

Can you help me out?

Barney Frank Rocks !

Olbermann: Rovian Re-Adjustment

Joe Wilson interview w/Big Eddie will be posted on Ed's site later!

David Gergen on CNN: "There is now a dangerous cloud over the WH."

Campbell Brown smacks down John Fund, WSJ, on "Hardball" (Rove)

Can anyone direct me to Roves history of felonies?

Congressman Threatens Islamic Holy Sites

Republican Congressman Threatens Islamic Holy Sites

Democrats hate Rove because he is "so effective"...

More Paid Propagandists? EPA To Pay $5 Million-Plus To Hawk Bush Programs

Useful idiots have always apologised for terrorists

asked why he's pursuing a diplomat so aggressively rove said "he's a democr...

Wingnut Congressman Tom Tancredo says bomb Mecca

Congressman who wants to bomb Mecca refuses to apologize

This is the rightwing spin we're contending with re: Rove/Plame

Special Prosecutor's Probe Centers on Rove, Memo, Phone Calls

MSNBC: "Subtle shift: Bush appears to narrow criteria for firing"

Helen Thomas to Scott McClellan: "It's been two years and...

Sen Kennedy on CNN now...

Democrat appointed to hear Hagan Civil Case in Cleveland

What's to stop BushCo from doing NOTHING about Rove etc.?

Raw Story acquires a new DSM type letter -- MUST READ!!

Rove was not part of the administration when he leaked Plame's name

DU MSNBC poll -- Based on what you know, do you think Karl Rove be fired?

McClellan on outsourcing to India: "Learn 21st century job skills"

Ann Coulter on "Clown Wilson and his paper-pusher wife, Valerie Plame"

I wrote my Senator about Kerry's DSM letter and got a non-sequitor back

What will the Spin be when Rove & Libby are indicted?

Joe Wilson for President!

Darfur Tutorial

Who the heck is Condi looking at in this pic??

Ex-CIA Agent (and Republican) BLASTS Bush White House -Amblog/CrooksnLiars

Supreme Nomination Tuesday; WH wants heat off Rove

Six Degrees of MICHAEL LEDEEN ----------->

Rovegate and DSM Continue to Converge - Much More To Come (Conyers)

Dean hits a home run in Montana

Words don't mean what they used to anymore. Dictionaries

Progressives, a simple reason to vote for even DLC dems for congress