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Archives: July 16, 2005

Asia Times : How the Pentagon targets teens

(Irony) Local LTTE: Lobbying is Bush's jobs program

Venezuela Has Oil Money, And Chavez Sings His Tune

CAFTA: DLC Stabs Democrats in the David Sirota

CNN: Christian adoption agency snubs Catholics

CIA vets speak out: Can We Trust Our President?

San Antonio Express-News says my LTTE on Rove will be published

My letter re Rove will be published

EC proposes tougher curbs on SUV emissions

Euro chemists study effect of more diesels on Norwegian CO2 output.

KMT still dominated by foreign elements

China's annual tally of 287,000 suicides

Mine managers lied, hid 17 bodies to minimize blast

PLA recklessness could lead to war

Analysis: The end of the period of calm is fast approaching

Hamas under attack from Abbas and Israeli forces

I thought this story was very interesting

Anybody up for 'Patsy' schoolin'?

Mississippi goes all Diebold Touch Screen - Secty of State: "great system"

Who wants to picket Coleman's office with "Coleman Soft on Treason" signs

Just Got Off The Phone With Chester Marcol

Media told Rove of agent?

have we idealized our founding fathers--and their gift of a constitution

Nice smack-down from ex-CIA officer Jack Rice - Plame collateral damage

Simulations of Attacks By Terrorists Illustrate Challenge Officials Face

Don't Forget Jeff Gannon's Interview with Joe Wilson

Schwarzenegger cancels $8 million magazine deal, but will fight obesity

My personal investigation into Plamegate

OK...fess up...Which one of you hurt John Gibson's feelings?

Has Plame herself ever spoken publicly?

Fred Rustmann on Hannity now.....he was Plame's "fmr. Supervisor"

I wonder what O'Reily paid to get out of Phone-sex rap??

AP Story: Rove's Emailed a Security Officer re: Cooper/Plame Leak

Congressman Conyers blog: excellent summary of his efforts

Is The Current WH Spin Meant to Influence Potential Jurors?

Not all Dictators use force to take over.

Did I miss something?

PBS @ 9pm in Houston, TX. The Journal Editorial Report.

Old Bushisms

When are some Rs in Congress going to jump ship?

O'Donnell said something interesting on Lou Dobbs

Bush AGAIN refuses to say he still has faith in Karl Rove

Any recommendations for the 10:00 EDT Radio hour?

Drug warriors contend to end human life


Could suicide bombers be members of a cult ??

Would the Chief Justice of SCOTUS have

Media Matters: Karl Rove Controversy Coverage

Who else is bummed Josh Marshall hasn't posted today?

New York Daily News: Prez ex-flack lumped with Rove ?

Hannity now FWIW: a CIA agent coming up 8:12pmCT Faux, to

Faux News has hit a brand new level of whoring and viciousness lately.

Is there a list anyplace of who testified

There's no TDS on Fridays, is there?

Washington Times: No Gitmo torture, Senate panel told

Woman gives birth to "drunk" baby??? Is this for real??

Iraq - 800 Iraqi Police killed each month.

Did Karl Rove and others violate non-disclosure agreements?

Authorities: Chicago Marine Had Cousin Shoot Him to Avoid Possible Return

Search for sources goes beyond Rove

CNN poll: are our elected officials working in national interest.

Tenn. teen in jail for burning American flag

England catches their terrorist in one week, ours still on the loose......

Sorry, but WTF is on Scarborough?

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

Rover for Dummies: what, exactly, do today's revelations mean?

Undercover Brother on tv right now.

State Dept Memo...tomorrow's NY Times...very latest on rove!

Another bloody silly conspiracy theory ---perhaps the truth?

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., wants to nuke Mecca

Questions of Who Told What to Whom, and When, May Be Crucial in Leak Case

Hey, that Jeff Gannon is REALLY building up his fan base

United Way withholds 1/4 of Boy Scout funds (Atlanta)

This poll says a lot about America. 99%to1%

Fox's John Gibson outdoes himself again

Repeat: Larry O"Donnell coming up on CNN in a minute

CIA + Israel did 9-11.. Iraq War is for oil: such no longer tolerated

My daughter's news release on Haitian journalist's murder

If only KKKarl Rove had exposed himself while making a leak

Heads-Up: O'Donnell Rerun With Lou Doobie - Must See

Media's Code Showing When Leaks Are From WH ?

O'Donnell boils it down on Dobbs (missed it earlier)

More Right Wing Spin, read if you won't vomit

O'Reilly is explaining to Wes Clark how to wage war.

GOP Treason-Gate: Karl Rove 101 For Dummies

The Effect Of This Flood Of Leaks and Guesses

Angel of Hope

Jeanne Garofalo just said "HE'S AN ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT"

Why won't Miller testify? Some thoughts on waivers. Interesting.

The WH is delusional if they think these leaks help Rove ...

More Actions on Rove-Gate Today

I want to talk you into giving me your money and life to profit me.

All the spin out of the RNC, Rush, and Fox = moving the deck chairs around

Motley Fool: Your Incredible Vanishing Pension

Palm Beach Post: If Rove were a Democrat, he'd be shot

In my email today from a friend that voted for * (Dallas)

Here's their talking point, and it's not easy to refute.

Paul Krugman: Rove's world

Roosting chickens..... comin' home......

Company for the People

Bush AGAIN refuses to say he still has faith in Karl Rove

Question About Driving With only a Permit

New info on the Comcast thing

"Oh Karl, sign my book before you go to prison !!!!!!!"

Video.....Hasidic Hip Hop Reggae , Matis Yahu ,,,,WOW! he is GOOD

Why Rove will be indicted

Kay Bailey Hutchison lied her ass off on Hardball

Meet the Press/Matthew Cooper on his grand jury testimony

Mo Paul is an artist!! Check out his cartoon of chimpo

Robert D. Novak:Ed Gillespie moves into the White House

Ray McGovern now on Mike Webb (9PM Pacific)

had something to say but don't want to offend

Ok. I've decided to pass out recruitment forms for these morons...

If Rove were a Democrat, he'd be shot

Just remembering......

Saw a sticker on a truck here in Dallas TX

If we could have risen to our potential, my God.

Forget the press, do YOU think this was a "Plot against Wilson?"

AP at E&P: Rove E-mail, Alerting Hadley to Chat with Cooper, Surfaces

On Letterman: Is Christopher Walken ripped?

Rove E-Mailed Security Official About Talk

"Anti-Labor" Labor secretary Chao christens "Pride of America" cruise ship

Thinking about buying "Indecision 2004" tomorrow

Coleman Springs to Roves Defence

Challenging Everyone I Know To A Boxing Match

I am feeling good about where Treason-gate is headed

Question: Could Fitzgerald order Sibel Edmonds gag order lifted for GJ

See STEAL THIS MOVIE by Robert Greenwald if you can...

You have all heard that W is the new swastika, but have you seen it?

Delaware. Both senators are making moves - check this out:

I think we can find proof of Bush's war plan

oh, my DU brethren & sistren, help me jam up this racist outfit!

Freepers seem to think the Rove story is over

NYT: State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry (Powell/Fleischer?)

What Old-School Punishment Do Traitors Deserve?

TROUBLE: Christians to "confront" mosque in Denver. "Battle of the ages"

Rove-gate: Who Leaked to the Leakers? It's not about Rove!

Put ICE on your cell phone

Coaches and Youth Sports?/WTF


Al Hurrah radio: Zarqawi has fled Baghdad, he is "in his last months"

The relevence of Santorum's gay aide

F911 on again--first twenty minutes are riveting imho....

Plamegate...the video.

Frontline: Karl Rove, the Architect. Video

The Ahrimanization of Culture

Four simple things Rove failed to do...

Take a look at our new Podcast

The truth requires no spin: Amb. Wilson vindicated by the ISG

CNN's "That's Bullshit" Coverage (see/hear the video)

Banana Bread recipes?

Canada urged to go after `scumbags'

Just Listened to BS O'reilly on Fox....The Nerve of the RW

Calif. Girl Faces Felony Assault Charge (11 years old!!!)

Man shoots postman to get jailed

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

U.S. losing its allies in Iraq

PM catches up with son in US(volunteer on Bush re-election camp)

Russian oil tycoon involves USA in serious international scandal

Tenn. Teen Jailed for Burning U.S. Flag

Black Farmers Miss Chance to Appeal Bias

Minister: Al-Zarqawi Fled Baghdad Recently

Senate moving to protect gun industry

Pressure on as jailed Iranian dissident hints death is near

Labour MPs blame bombings on Iraq war

NYT: Questions of Who Told What to Whom, and When, May Be Crucial in Leak

Black State Senator Claims Racial Profiling by Chicago Police Officer

Muslim Leaders in Call for Action (BBC)

Iraq: Evidence of Syria's Help to 'Terrorists'

Gay-rights opponent Santorum stands by outed aide

Venezuela medics march over jobs

'No al-Qaeda link' to suspect/Egypt

Straphangers outraged by Chertoff remarks

Major Hurricane Emily again strengthens to category 4

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer - NYT

$Your first born child.09 p/gallon...

Rove was told about Plame by the PRESSident.

That's it. I'm leaving the lounge. The people in GD are SO much more fun

Downloading music question

Cops: T-Ball Coach Took 'Hit' On Challenged Player

Question for audiophiles: OK to place tower speakers near air conditioner?

Man arrested for pretending to be Steelers QBs to get dates

Holy crap- an entire Kyuss live show from '91 on mp3!!!

My doctor is awesome!

High-speeders: the greatest 13 minutes of television ever

"Rediscovering" albums you didn't like at first

when was the last time you got some strange after a drink?

My fortune is made!!

I loathe my Proctologist.

I'm corny

Damn, I'm Sigourney

DS1 Is My Baby's Mother But She Spends All Her Time With His Horse

Take a look at our new Podcast

Two techie questions...

When was the last time you slept with someone after buying them a drink?

Everyone got their BrainButtons??

I am now in the dreaded 700 club. Whoot!! I'm flying up there!!!

Hey, no one post anything funny until I get back

Anyone here mix their own music?

I Just LOVE My Gynecologist!

Saved 600 gallons of fuel oil a year today!

So does Tucker Carlson think he's extra-super-sexy-cool

Wisconsin man invents greatest gadget EVER!!!

mmmm, banana

Gat a load of this!

Give me one good reason I shouldn't kick yer ass right now...

Damn, I'm horny

What's New Pussycat?? Fun little game

Janeane Garofalo vs Ann Coulter


Weekly World News: Bush's "secret mentally challenged sibling Jethro"

It's HARRY HIMSELF who dies!

Red Sox up 17-1

Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should...

I ran across a lawyer joke that I have never heard before

Time for all new SG-1, SG Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica

It's Friday night. What are you wearing?

I'm a Nielson Family this week

The W-stika

Warning: Harry Potter SPOILER

I love you... I really, really do

Now how stupid is this?

This guy is fucking nuts

What do you think is the most exciting sport?

330,258 posts needed to overtake GD

Early Release Harry Potter Info Here!!!!!

I still giggle everytime I see Quinn's baby picture......

Do the Freepers hate Johnny Depp?

A little humor....

Wikki Wikki Wikki Wikki!!

My new cat friends

Legal Advice, please - job related

You know this is what we are all waiting for

Is FUSE the new Anarchistic/Leftist version of MTV?

I just had one of those "OMG!" moments.

Bush's Cell Phone's ICE leaked...

You know there just isn't a market for field stone fireplaces...

"It's a lot of burger, but I'm a lot of man." Culture quiz

If I hear Brown Eyed Girl just one more time...

It's MIDNIGHT EDT!! Harry Potter Fest is underway!

Is it me, or does sandy o'connor look like...

Favorite Star Trek Captain?

States adjacent to the great lakes are usually better than other states.

I'm related to Elvis.

You drive us wild

Everyone is going to Heaven. eom.

is there anything sadder than seeing a couple in mathching seven jeans?

Do politics get in the way of your life in area's outside politics?


Jimi's "Machine Gun," dedicated to AWOL Coward War President Bush

Have you seen anyone nagging, trying to get their Harry Potter book early?

What is on everybodys music playlist right now?

Ever call bullshit on yourself?

video....ya gotta see this Hasidic reggae rapper MatisYahu...i like him.

Is tonights Mike Malloy a rerun?

Everyone is going to Hell. eom.

Knock knock?

My new sig line

I'm related to elad.

What have *you* been drinking tonight?

Donnie Darko question (spoilers, of course)

Update on Sirius (July 15, 9:10 pm EDT)

Go to Now, close your eyes...

Did Battlestar Glalactica rock or what?!

I'm home with my Harry Potter book... :)

Favorite Star Trek series?

What will you come back as in your next life?

What's your favourite/least favourite Beatles song? Give reasons!!


Everyone is going to Fatburger. eom.

Who is your fav Star Trek character(s)?

If There Was An Award For The MOST BORING Sport On Television...

Put ICE on your cell phone

In 2 weeks I leave Flagstaff, AZ

Update on my mother

Go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Do you think Skinner is experimenting on us like BF Skinner?

It's 11:15pm at night and someone just started moving in the apartment

I'm going to say something that will be deleted, and I'm okay with that

How about some cuteness? (pic heavy)

It's brutal.....

This evening, I got a call from the LaRouchies.

Anyone watching the WSOP Poker Tournament news?

Triad-area DUers: what's there to do in Greensboro?

I think we need to get one of our cats treat for ADD

I want to see how you see yourself.

My dog survived "bloat" last night


Is there a site where I can download "The Old Man in the Sea"

Dammit! 2 hrs, 47 minutes till Harry Potter!!!

Word Association thread! I'll start with:

3000 hits for Raffy Palmeiro

Stash found - 3 5month old kittens caught red handed

Not Kerry related, but this is also amusing

Holy. Mother. Of. Gawd! Channel 5 'story' on Kerry tonight

What brand of camera do you shoot with?

Friday night ASTB thread 7/15

Botany's infidelity.

Rove's new spin - 'I'm an incompetent boob!'

on a lighter note... Ive fallen in love

According to The Free Press

VIDEO - Clinton defends Ambassador Joe wilson

Karl Rove is SCUM

There were FIVE intel leaks from the WH - Are some of them related? (Kos)

Christine Todd Whitman basically says Rove needs to go on PTV's NOW

Christian adoption agency won't let Catholics adopt

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics

Correspondent Report (Australia): Pressure mounts on Karl Rove

Need a good comeback - a photo

Can Karl Rove be indicted without Judith Miller testifying?

I hate to do this to my fellow DUers - BUT check out Limpo

Barbara and George should have taken parenting classes.

Surprise Condi Mideast visit to...ahem..."nurture and ease the pullout"

Beaucoup Blues rescheduled in New Orleans 22. Dennis cancelled it.

DU this "next Justice" poll

Lets urge the major media outlets to ask former CIA directors (ie Bush Sr)

Liberal web sites will have no impact on electorate.....

Anyone Else a "Member" of project Vote Smart?

So I Had a Thought: Maybe I should run for Mayor when I am of Age.....

Bush the Peacemaker

Tucker Carlson Said It: "If Karl Rove is Lying, He's TOAST"

Hey remember Jeff Gannon? He was reported to be the Plame

Another new Rove bullshit story on yahoo: Rove E-Mailed Security Official

Let's not forget the White House coverup of the Plame Leak...

Great resource on Karl Rove's usual tactics

Talking Point: Bush Sr. was man enough to fire Rove for leaking to Novak

Dean talks about his version of "focus on the family" in Colorado.

See STEAL THIS MOVIE by Robert Greenwald if you can...

Can White House security clearance be yanked?

VIDEO-CNN's Lou Dobbs "That's Bullshit" Coverage

Army Of One?

The Conflict in Iraq, A New Television Drama From Bochco

Ok. They say there are no dumb questions so here goes...

Just Listened to BS O'reilly on Fox....The Nerve of the RW

Should Bush's Security Clearance be revoked?

Tell me your fantasy...

Read what the judge in the Judith Miller case said about the seriousness

Rove leak is just a small part of a bigger scandal

why do I hate Bush so much?

former CIA head John Deutch: "U.S. should withdraw from Iraq immediately"

A Time-Line Article from June 2004

Comprehensive Rebuttal to Republican Talking Points Defending Rove

Guardian: It is an insult to the dead to deny the link with Iraq

Love Me Tender: Harvesting the Blood Fruits of Terror, by Chris Floyd

Another LTTE for the New York Times to not print

Most Of All, They Lie

Misoverestimated 4/1/04 Op/Ed on Powell and Iraq WMD's claims

How London brought terror on itself

The Centurions 2 regimental commanders who epitomized unconventional war

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

Way to go, Ohio

U.S. Immigration effective at nailing Mexican "terrorists"

London calling



Follow the Uranium (Frank Rich, NYT, 07/17/2005)

Shades of Cover (LA Times)

War with China

Ranking CIA Turning On Bush - Call for Ouster of "Traitor"

China to get first crack at Russian oil: Putin

OpEd on Rovegate....Bolton wiretapped El Baradei's office re: Niger

QUOTES + NUMBERS - Who is screwing up America?

So, how many LTTE hits have we racked up, anyone tracking? nt

Tell the DNC to add the environment to the Party agenda

My LTTE posted in The Florida Times Union in Jacksonville, FL

The best LTTE we can write is one about the electronic voting machines.

My letter to the Lexington Herald Leader, KY was published!

Iraqi Blogger Jailed. Juan Cole says we can help.

Congressman Seeks Return Of National Radio Ownership Cap

Hurricane Dennis has little effect on extreme Illinois drought.

The DNC Agenda omits the environment as an important issue; speak out!

Will The Battle of Algiers teach America lessons it can use in Iraq?

Settlers `tattoo' ID numbers on their arms

9/11: Debunking The Myths

NIST and the WTC: "Science" at the Service of an Empire

Former DOJ officials claim OKC Bombing coverup

911: Watch "Confronting the Evidence" Streaming Video

We should use the Activism forum every time we can.

Houston Election Reform Hearing. yahoo group taken down?

Question for all of you experts out there

Where's the best summary of scandals re- Ohio election officials . . .

Andy's obituary and guestbook

Does anyone remember the site that received many e-mails from the

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 7/16/05

With the Plame Investigation, which appears to be the tipping point and

2004 Election Results activism idea. We can do this...

Bush is the only person to win without NY and CA

Diebold $10,000 (legal?)bribe of GOP Franklin County(Ohio) BOE uncovered

Please respond if you are in J. Speier's District

Calif. Lawmaker Nabbed on Drug Suspicion

DU Meetup - I will try to be there at Noon

Redistricting revelations spark furor (sacbee)

Enron to pay California (Mercury News)

Fee Fie Foe Fum... I smell the wallet of a middleclassman.

I am a writer for SpeakSpeak News, the blog for Free Speech

can Taft be impeached ?

call from Blackwell's campaign

I need to rant, anyone up for it? Steve Chabot needs to GO

Dallas Morning News--ignorant editorial

Houston After Town Hall Meeting, Sat., 7/23

Face the Truth, fire the Liars Rally in Madison

Doyle to make environmental announcement in Mequon Monday.

Close your eyes and imagine with me!

Homeland Security--Railway Cut?

Rove to Novak: " I Heard that too....." How powerful is this?

The Roaming Gnome says.........

Mike Webb is great tonight. eom

WorldNetDaily, hold your nose: Public urged to 'dump' on Rove's house

Bernie Ward

Question about Rove

The OTHER Bushco intelligence scandal (7/7Gate?)

anyone here seen cross talk with Randy Weiss

POLL: Do most Democrats in Congress support goal of monopolizing oil?

The private lives of those who DON'T CONTROL our country,...

Yeah. Rovegate's over -- that's why I just saw ads for more shows about

Predictable: Attack the victim

OK, I've been a bit out of touch for the past few weeks. Help me out.

Hastert SPIN, more lying nonsense

Something I was wondering with the Rove/Wilson/Plame case

PHOTO ..BP's listing semi-submersible oil platform after Hurricane Dennis,

I believe that Bush probably knew about Plame/Wilson

Okay, to be fair, we have to ask: Could Rove be telling the truth?

The whole Plame mess is less about Rove...and more about the war

who is morally more corrupt? the brain who thinks all of the dirty tricks

Freepers seem to think.

Background Info on Scooter Libby

Live 8 on July 2nd; was it watched in the US

Fred Thompson obvious choice for the SC


Yesterday was the first time I actually went over to FR

"California is homo town"

Freeway Blogger signs

Why are we fooling ourselves about Valerie Plame?

The July 1st, 2005 updated HATE GROUPS list.

In about an hour and 20 minutes...

The Simple Proof That They Are Lying

NYT: State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

Bush Regime for Democracy in the ME is a farce.

Let's play global political hypocrisy

If Karl is put to jail what will happen to the republican party?

DCCC's Fire Karl Rove video

New York Times: Bush Stays Mum on Rove, Who Stays by His Side

Refresh me on what Bush did to protect the sources of terror funding

Craigs court on Fox and Friends weekend

Patrick Fitzgerald, Valiant Defender For Justice ?

Anti-Depression Implant now available. hhhmmmmm.

So let me see if I have the new Treason-gate information flow figured out?

woof! Blame it on the press puppies -- new toon 7/16

Wash. Post joined Republicans in baseless attacks on Wilson's credibility

Bush is a liar re: Rove

Mike Malloy goes on vacation and things start going right?

was truth ever spoken in GHWB's household?

Bush's legacy - No hope, No prospect of peace

Had an awful argument this evening with a * supporter.

So now we are leaving Iraqi's in cars and letting them suffocate - WTF?

Probe focuses on donation to GOP (Ohio, Diebold)

It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble: by John Dean

No Breaking News since 2:18 AM ? WTF ?

cspan: Dem Commission on Presidential Nomination & Scheduling

Old Breaking News - White House would OK lie-detector tests if asked

"I did not discuss Classified information with that man Mr. Novak"

DU July-Aug 2003: "The Deadly Serious Crime Of Naming CIA Operatives"

CNN forgets Rove falsehood on its own broadcasts

Look for those subtle psyops on TV.

Just a reminder----Valerie Plame was a Covert Operative, GOP spin is wrong

Rob Kall's OP ED News has Andy article!

'Strange' stuff accompanies bug-tax ballots

"Shades of Cover" -LAT on Plame and other agency operatives

Salon: Bush fire Rove? Fat chance

bush's 'Honesty Ratings' are at an all time shit.

What the hell is a solider doing going inside a mission???

They published my LTTE in re Rove today

Has Rumor Burnout Set In Yet?

All you people in here..... have been a thorn in the side of this

Send Karl Rove His Pink Slip!

Did John Bolton have access to the State Dep't memo with Plame's name?

Fantasy time: Remember the ending of All The President's Men?

Where is full text of Rove email and why isn't media providing it?

Special Report: By Wayne Madsen and Umberto Pascali

How Stalin's favourite hotel hid a tonne of explosives

The Great Pyramid may still contain Khufu's intact pharaonic tomb

Todays curious government bid requests.

Company for the People

Has the Prince of Darkness come into the Light ?

My first hate mail this year from my business website

SOTU, for you....

Maybe the six reporters contacted should be asked why them?

Negligent Disclosure of Classified Information

Rovegate/Plamegate: dead. NEXT...

My letter to Tierney / NY Times today

A little primer on the handling of Classified information:

Fleischer: 7/12/03 Yes, the President has moved on..then Ari moves on 7/14

Aldridge Ames and Plame?

Tide Turning for Corporate Prosecutors

Cat question: would they like it alright in a dog-pen type cage,

Why living in the South is hell on earth.

More O'Donnell...Beats Up On Blankley

Kinda interesting...

"Bu$h Facts" set to music

Bush States What He Will Be Looking For In His Supreme Court Pick

Air Force One Phone Records Subpoenaed

How would it play if... (The "positive campaign" question)

Human Feces Powers Rwandan Prison - Rove next ?

Feelings... nothing more than...

Karl Rove and Novak

World War II Vet: "Hannity Reminds Me Of A Nazi"

GA man, owing debt, shoots postal worker

WOW! On MSNBC now, Pat Buchanan brings up memo and AIr Force One!

Of Rove, the Leak and the War

Does the whole deal seem surreal?

White House in a tangled web

RFE/RL: Iraq: Blurred Line Between Terrorism And Honorable Resistance

DemocracyNow! - New report shows torture auth. by Rummy months before Abu

Here is more on Judy Miller's role from the Washington Post.

Somebody clear this up for me, please: is Rove off the hook now? sources

"Wage Slaves: Not Getting By" on A&E right now

just saw this on cnn...

That Monty Python Moment

What the Administration didn't count on with Treason-gate: Losing the war!

On Air Force One to Africa

Speaking of nazis, isn't it odd how *co ALWAYS salutes like this?

"The Guy James Show" and our "good" friends at Comcast

Wow.. Nightline is "cutting edge"..Way to go, Ted...

What if its not Rove?

Heh, so typical of a debate with a freeper type

It's official...the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Most Repugnant Republicans In The Last Year

the part about Rove signing a release for Judith Miller is BS, right ?

The Taser Poll

If repukes want us all to be self-reliant, then why do we

10th annual Summer Redneck Games in Dublin, Georgia

So when are we getting a Saturday Night Massacre?

An Iraqi woman asks : "What have we got to do with terrorism?"

it is not about Rove, he is going after the Godfather

If Bush knew about Rove--would that be grounds for impeachment?

London bombings - terrorists let the politicians off the hook

Madsen: al-Qaida, Neo-Nazis, CIA, Albanian mafia

Calif. Lawmaker Nabbed on Drug Suspicion


Sirius can't afford Air America but they are buying Radio Disney

Hurricane Emily now a Category 5

New RNC ploy: Keep several R lawbreakers going at the same time

Where Is Everybody? Top Repubs MIA!

Memo Is a Focus of CIA Leak Probe

Define Irony......Check out a freeper post

i thought you were my friend karl, and this is how you pay me back?

At least 58 Killed in Baghdad Suicide bomber. 'Last Throes' Mr. Cheney?'

Handcuffed. Standing subdued. Tased 5th time. Video. Your Fired?

God Speak Freeper DU Bashing.....

Summary: GOP ignored warnings on veterans

Following ACLU Action,N.Cal. High School Students Win 1st Amendment Victor

Mother Jones Commentary: Homebuyer Beware.

Hi! I'm the 5th infantry division... but you can call me Ted.

Have you checked for Unclaimed Property? I found some for me!

Backdoor Gun Ban???

Is your Boss a Psychopath? (take the quiz)

"Karl Rove has screwed the American people."

All You need to know about Rove....

What ever happened to the Tom DeLay investigation?????

Great piece about "press rollback" at the W.H., at HuffPo

Bracelets tied to sex for children?

Who all has the Bush Administraion smeared besides Wilson/Plame?

Old Freeper DU bashing....

The word "Homeland."

In My E-mail From The Conyers Folks: "Rove-gate, DSM House Party Update"

"That's Bullshit"

I'm glad to find that there is someone else who finds it okay to have

A tin foil thouight: How many /if any of the "terrorist" bombings are

Why isn't the CIA dealing with Bushco?

Re "Operation Save America" harassment of Denver mosque

"sqeeze justice from this coprate turnnip"

What if...

Little girl faces felony charge for throwing rock at little boy

What Is The Motive Behind MSM's Political Spin for Rove?

9/11: Debunking The Myths

Harry Potter, Crop Circles and finger scans at Disney...

1762 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Was the latest Memo leak done in response to Rove's lawyers leak?

From georgia10 on DailyKos: "16 words & the 11 hour gap "

TB leak "monumental" compared to leak-conviction precedent (not IIPA)

Conyers makes enquiry to Library of Congress over impeaching Rove!

Those London Bombers on a Watch List?

C-SPAN Apology for Slavery Discussion is shocking.

"In praise of Karl Rove: Outing covert CIA operative was not a bad thing"

The News is Bad ...And Getting Worse

Public Enemy Number One

DCCC suggests theme song for Rove

Who would you rather see go down?

Diebold lobbyist tried to bribe Ohio county with $10,000

Suicide bomber kills 54, but you won't hear much about it

Guy James Show is GREAT tonight: Here's a link --

I Have An Open Minded Question About The Difference Between Rove & Berger

Way to go, Ohio

The Conservative Voice: Blood in the Water (oh yeah...)

Leaking incident should mean the end of Rove.....

-"fortunately it`s a nice government gang"-

"Intellectual Conservative"...must be some LIBRUL site...

MSNBC news anchor headline writers need a course in...

The Screwing of America and The Stain on The Flag

Criminal Contempt Could Lengthen Millers Jail Stay

Fred Phelps Update:"GOD BLESS IED's"

I STILL Don't Understand

Heads UP!!! NBC Nightly News, does story on CONSEQUENCES

I'm listening to Guy James right now,

Dad of boy in 'ex-gay' camp speaks out

Judy Miller Could Be Charged With Criminal Contempt=MORE TIME

Ari Fleischer and Howard Dean do AIPAC?

My first letter to the editor

KKK scumbag, "maybe God guided the bullets."

Is the State Department Memo the Smoking Gun?

New David Corn article on Rove/Plame in The Nation.

Matthew Cooper will be on Meet the Press Sunday 7/17 n/t

What REALLY REALLY REALLY amazes me about this whole Plame affair:

Evil is STUPID

You can't be serious...

Here we go again, Church has Harry Potter book burning party

Now that Novak's heroes have thrown him to the wolves...

How do we know the special prosecutor hasn't been bought?

OUTRAGE: "Airlines go for broke while executives take the cash"

Cheney suffering from esophagitis

I have searched..have..looked..I cannot find the repuke who loved donkeys

Guy James Show coming up at 6pm- Karl Rove, look out!

So, when is Divertor gonna swing into action

How Long Before Rove "resigns"

More on Judith Miller's possible link to USA Office of Strategic Influence

AOL Poll shows public does not believe Rove is credible even after

Need something to listen to? My Peace and Protest podcast is up.

CNN wants email: Is Rove-gate real scandal or partisan politics?

DU this poll please! Especially Aussies!!!

Sonar causing whales to beach.... morons at the controls.....

Newsweek: Dog Days of Summer (reality vs "last throes")

The W-stika

Obstruction of justice charges against Bush

T-ball coach allegedly paid to have boy hurt

Florida, has Laws Against Civil Unions, but Dogs are O.K,

The Prosecutor Never Rests (Patrick Fitzgerald Is Relentless)

IMO Miller is not "Protecting Sources" she is Protecting Criminals

My Rove LTTE made it into the paper today :^)

Best case scenario: Say shrubbie is impeached...

Finger Scanning At Disney Parks Causes Concern


Landover Baptist Church Site...what a hoot

What Is A Troll?

Wow, instead of Rove, Clinton and Liberman are more concerned about...

Do You All Remember Nixon's Infamous "Rat Fuckers"? (gif animation)

I'm Going to Andy's Funeral! (I'm in Seattle now!)

Here's a really GREAT idea from the Lounge

Mississippi goes all Diebold Touch Screen - Secty of State: "great system"

Of Course, cnn just Treated Harry Potter Book Burners Like Royalty!

Maybe Judy Miller's source is David Wurmser.........

When trolling Free Republic, has anyone seen the Hive Queen?

All Of Rove's Bullshit Spin Means NOTHING To Fitz

Forget Rove-Gate, get ready for Cheney-Gate.

Rove did NOT find out from a Reporter, he found out from Bush?

"General Judith Miller" in Iraq (E&P 9/03)

Michael Moore Triumphs as Libel Action Rejected


A question: Can we activate the DU Activists Corp to get Guy James on AA?

Oooh.. A freeper left me a new lovenote in my guestbook

Thank You Skinner and all of DU

E Clampus Vitus. What if they were able to take over the US

The DNC Agenda omits the environment as an important issue; speak out!

Loose lips sink ships. Why aren't we using that?

Republicans fired bad news messengers about VA budget - check it out

Sorry for such a general question:

Cut through the b.s. - here is the real headline to Plamegate

Rumbo's Mumbo Jumbo... OR...We are being drilled again

Proposal: The Abortion Prevention Act

Deisel used to cost much less than unleaded. Now it costs much more...

Something very interesting Pat Buchanan just said on MSNBC...

One of the funniest Bush videos I have seen

ever notice if you speak of "fair wage" or "liveable wage" PANIC?

Jeb Bush comments on Rove

Ok, what should it be called? (Rove treason, Plame affair, etc)

Tony Blair is pure evil.

BOOK TV Schedule July 16-18

Silly I know, but -- can we choose one "Gate" for the CIA Leak?

Are elected officials in DC working in the national interest? (poll)

Frank Rich: Follow the Uranium 07/17/05 -NYT

I know, I said no more TOONS

For Andy....farewell my friend.

Give me some good arguments against a flat tax.

Someone asked me why W was according me "the worst president in 150 years"

Interresting Developements in the London Bombings

Genesis of an American Gestapo - Must Read

Page One in the new Harry Potter book... obvious Bush reference....

Great lines in the new boudelang....

Iraqi blogger jailed by secret service

Fitzgerald, Tenet & Fleischer: Is The Conspiracy About To Be Revealed?

Gladio 101

POLL: Will democrats fuck up getting rid of Bush?

Absolutely gobsmacked by Boris Johnson's Spectator leader on the Bombings

We're nearing the U.K. forum's 1-year anniversary

Bomber's family express sorrow (Channel 4 News)

Meet the Press/Matthew Cooper on his grand jury testimony

Lawyers Secured Rove's Waiver

Hicks' handling 'beyond a joke' (Australian held in Gitmo)

11 US soldiers face Iraq charges

Public hearing on quarter-century-old Klan shootings begins

More charges against Palatka area farm labor contractor

Three UK soldiers killed in Iraq (roadside bomb)

secret religous sect behind anti-gay ads

BBC: Biochemist has 'no al-Qaeda link'

NYT: State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

Pakistan arrests 2 more in London attack probe

Poll: Bush Approval Rating at 42 Percent

BBC: Biochemist has 'no al-Qaeda link' (Egyptian Interior Minister)

Watchdog prepares legal paperwork for filing ethics complaint against Cunn

Cop accused of ordering killing

(Muslim) Leaders consider terrorist fatwa (The Guardian)

Former French minister faces oil-for-food inquiry

Saudi billionaires 'lining up bid for Olympic project stake'

Miller Could Face Longer Time In Jail As Probe Deepens

Taser deaths prompt medical review

Biochemist has 'no al-Qaeda link'

The News is Bad ...And Getting Worse

Officer fired after misuse of Taser

Arroyo supporters upstage foes with big Manila rally

Tribal clashes force 6,000 Kenyans to flee their homes

11 U.S. Troops Charged With Abuse in Iraq

Pentagon faulted on U.S. industrial security

Bush Weekly Address Gives Nothing on Supreme Court Pick

Farm agency considering closing some offices (600 nat'l jobs cut)

Shortfall for Veterans' Services Foretold, but House GOP Leaders Fired the

BBC: Iran announces al-Qaeda arrests

2 Lodi Men to Be Deported (to Pakistan); U.S. Will Drop Charges

BBC: Tribal chief 'hanged by Taleban'

Search for sources goes beyond Rove - Newsday

T-ball coach allegedly paid to have boy hurt

Calif. Lawmaker Nabbed on Drug Suspicion

Turkish resort blast kills four

Memo Is a Focus of CIA Leak Probe

Iraqi PM in landmark Iran visit

Italy gang sent steroids to U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Gerlach's Rove tie criticized

Thousands gather at Trinity Test site for 60th anniversary

Iraq's Christians Fearful of Islamic Law

Poor living conditions erode morale of Iraqi's fledgling army

Iraqi PM determined to expand ties with Iran

Leahy Braces for Top Court Nominee Fight

Democrats hit Bush on security of buses, trains (radio address)

2006 Elections Loom Over Governors Summit

WP: National Guard Troubles Concern Governors

NY Times Explores Question: Did Its Reporter Give Plame Name to Rove? (E&P

Messages Hint at London Blast Recruiting (* repeating the word "crusade")

Saddam general, son found dead after arrest by Iraq commandos

Task Force Liberty soldiers engage terrorists,civilian killed in crossfire

High court pick to have 'mainstream' values - Bush

Thriving women-only village is attacked by jealous locals

Study suggests link between eating red meat and Crohn's disease

"Details emerge about Stryker soldier charged in slaying" 3rd murder

Birth-Control Patch May Have Higher Risk

Criminal Contempt Could Lengthen Reporter's Jail Stay

(Coingate) Taft seeks order to block BWC deposition (executive privilege)

Iraq blast kills at least 54/Iraq mosque bomb

Prince sees dollar peg as key to a Gulf 'euro'

NASA delays space shuttle launch indefinitely

Finger Scanning At Disney Parks Causes Concern

Gay Catholics Kids Might Not Be Baptized in Canada (Me:How Petty & Cruel!)

My Husband a Suicide Bomber? PROVE IT

Daily Mirror: Was it Suicide? (London bombings)

Cheney diagnosed with swollen esophagus (not considered serious)

Healing Power Of Prayer Doubted In Patient Study

(Ohio)Probe focuses on donation to GOP (Diebold bribes?)

Police release CCTV image of the four London bombers

Geena Davis as president.

'Ichi the Killer' is on Sundance or IFC...

One last thing to look at before you go to bed...

Okay this is important: What is Heat Lightning....

I relate to Elad.

Did anybody see this? I'ts a must...

Need a download from itunes

Are these the coolest lyrics or what?

Of all the jobs I've had, I am glad not to be at only three of them

Calling Rush Limbaugh a "Dick Head" on the radio must be legal

I'm so tired I could cry

Anyone see 'March with the Dolphins'?

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

Anyone see "Sleep with the Fishes"?

Hey, stalkers... no need to google my clues. My full name/address:

So for the first time, I won't read the new Harry Potter first

Where, Oh Where has my tolerance gone? Where, Oh Where can it be?

Geta down and geta funky! Hmmm.

I won a game of horse today!

Need a break from politics

Okay, so was anyone else slightly disappointed with the second season

It is 1:30am and hubby is still not home

It's 1:22 and I'm sippin whiskey and grape juice


I just saw the movie "Sin City"

Behold! Excalibur!

Where's Fielder?

Iraq's new "post-Bush" map

You people are all just way too cool for me.

whats up kids?

Ah, just realized why I am sweating - turned the air con UP, not down

I feel like I'm posting on Harry Potter Underground

bwa-a-a-a bwaa bwaa bwa-a-a Spacecataz...

Off to slumber.

Where's Feldman?

Guess who?

We have a brawl at the tavern across the street

WooHoo - It's 12:30 am, and I'm finally home for the day

this is some funny stuff,if i do say so myself.

I know what you did last summer!


It's 3:33 Am and Here I am Again,,,

The DUer Name Absorption Field Thread

6:43am - 79F and 95% humidity

need a computer - but short on cash?


Where's Feldon?

sHOU LD i Sstop dreenkin G nOW ?

Little Boxes

Where's Felcher?

So, all you spazzes, good Saturday morning!!

Alcohol helps to deaden the pain

baby you're a rich man-baby you're a rich man-baby you're a rich man-too

I just finished reading "The Half-Blood Prince"... (spoilers and edited)

Does your state credit check for car insurance?

Mother is a driving force in boy's life

How's your hairy potter?

Tell me why this might not be a good idea

I'm free!!!

How's your Harry Plotter?

THE DOG TOLD ME -- new toon 7/16

Which were you more excited about Harry or Charlie?

lionesspriyanka has ovarian cysts

Wrong with a Capital W!

Isn't "half-blood" a racist term?

A finger trained Cedar Waxwing (not-so-wild bird picture)

Shake drives teenager over limit

Free Amanda the Opossum................

Feelings... nothing more than...

See STEAL THIS MOVIE by Robert Greenwald if you can...

"Break out the tissues," warns Associated Press reviewer Deepti Hajela.

They might pass a law banning cell phones while driving in my state.

Any good new PC games??

Best real car chases? Worst?

Man Again Drinks Holy Water at Ga. Church

I'm such a dinbat yet all the warning signs were here in the DU Lounge

My son barged into my room...

Attn DU Musicians ...... Check out folktivism

Last night my husband was told that he and I are sacrilegious. Why?

Alright damn it..


It's 12:11 am and I'm already home with H.P. Book 5!

Chinese vase left in dogs' room fetches record £3m at auction

My ignorance is phenomenal!

Commander Cokespoon seizes another "Infant Photo Op" in NC

What the hell are you doing up so late on a Saturday morning?

Alfred E. Newman, 43rd President of the United States? YOU decide.

Work to live? Or Live to work?

Indie film fans/Lone Gunmen/X-Files fans...

"High levels of a psychiatric drug" found during L. Ron Hubbard's autopsy

So I got buzzed last night, this is cool...

Do you like to post replies in polls without voting?

Don't see remakes, made-from-tv, sequels or comic book adaptations!

Did I mention that I am also taking Mexican wild yam extract? I

Check out my new bumper sticker!

The sky is falling!

Just ran a mile... now I'm biking up to Yoga.

This guy is falling!

So, I haven't had TV for nearly a year.

Going through the inbox...I'm miss Khephra so much :(

What song in your music collection doesn't really fit, but you love it?

I've been offered a job in NYC -- advice?

Guiness Cheats The Grim Reaper: The Luck of One Cairn Terrier

Incoherent posts?

How very puny!

I am Meglos!

anyone here listen to Dr. Joy Browne?

I just caught my dad get all bent out of shape...

I had a nightmare that I had a big mullet with a razor line cut through it

Sade di moi...

today, i got the blues...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! $100 for SHIPPING ALONE?!?!?! For 6 pounds?!

Watched The Big Lebowski...again last night.

Do the internets diminish your intelligence?

Mysterious Texas lights draw crowds

"My Fair Lady": Total rip-off of "Pygmalion".

"Bewitched": Total Rip-Off of "Bewitched"

hip hop music total ripoff

"The Stepford Wives": Total rip-off of that deam I keep having.

Blue Man Group: Total rip-off of Momenschanz.

Blue Man Group: total rip-off of The Smurfs

"N Sync": Total rip-off of "Menudo".

"Man of La Mancha": Total rip-off of "Don Quixote".

18-wheeler "car chase" Rancho Cucamonga.. "Don't look"

progmom on the air for your listening pleasure

"Dark Angel" ripoff of Robert Heinlein's "Friday"

how do YOU feel about progmom's 'lava lamp'

Saw War of the Worlds last night

This thread is a total ripoff of the copycat ripoff threads.

"Ron Jeremy" totally ripped off "My Penis"!

Copycat threads: total rip-off of

Willie Sutton total ripoff of the banks.

Confession time: I love Foghat

The Fantana Girls ripoff of The Spice Girls

Here's Where I'll Be Driving To Tomorrow

If you could enter cyberspace with just your mind...

Destiny's Child: Total rip-off of the Supremes.

Shameless plug for my Sis, pursuing her passion >

Dr. Strangelove: Up Next on TCM

Finally watched the season premier of BSG....

My daughter just started jumping up and down all excited

There once was a man named Rove...

Today marks one month with no caffeine!

In just about 11 hours . . .

Anyone got a good potato salad recipe?

Am I the only one?

How Many Movie Trilogies Has Leslie Nielsen Been In?

Can anyone refresh my memory about Harry Potter book 5??

"The Passion of the Christ" : Total ripoff of "The Empire Strikes Back"

There was once a man named Bush

Does anyone know if Frist offers lessons

Give me some good arguments against pine tree probes.

Saturday *things to do* list ...

I saw gossamer wings...

'War of the Worlds' is a rip off of 'Steel Magnolias'

Sanctimonious Rant: Kate Hudson shouldn't listen to her mom.

George W. Bush total rip-off of Adolf Hitler.

Get this...

"Dances With Wolves": Total rip-off of "F Troop".

I am nervous that I might actually get the job that I want

King Buzzo

I have a "mentallly diturbed" cousin.

Anyone find themselves writing long posts and then just abandoning

The decision about the kids and the trip and the LOC

how much fun is it to cook over a 350 degree grill on a 105 degree day?

Past War Songs that are relevant today

A poser for you. What has...

96 degrees, feels like 101 in Minneapolis right now.

What movie would you have liked to have starred in?

My Freeper-like friend woke me up drunk at 2 AM to argue about politics...

Ever work with a crazy person?

"Mommy, this movie has beer and cuss words in it!!!!"

Landover Baptist Church Site... what a hoot

I am no longer horny.

What's the best free virus software?

"War of the Worlds" is a ripoff of "Independence Day"

Whatever happened to Soft, Comfortable furniture and carpets?

Harry Potter fans: Got HALF-BLOOD PRINCE yet?

Coquettes bitch slap you... so polite...

I got home at 4 am,

I hate underwear sizes.


Have you seen "The Formula"?

I am sick to death of thunder and lightening storms everyday

My sister in law is busting my ass.

It's music treasure day for me!


Headed out from Oaktown

Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said... (Earworm Alert!)

Concerts you wished you'd seen but didn't?

The George W. Bush "Do you REALLY think I'm going to FIRE him" photo

New Evidence Suggests Noah's Sons Rode Flying Dinosaurs

It's fun to snort at the Y.M.C.A.

King Mullet

is the lounge the only part of DU with a sense of humor?

43 years of evil and debauchery

Zipper ties/Slipon Ties

Anyone know how to make thier own pneumatic t shirt cannon?

Chicken reciples?

Dubya and his magic wand (actual Bush quotes)

how nice that my home-made fave smiths songs cd gets a hideous scratch

How can their *facts* be so wrong?

When You See DU's Flashing "NEW MAIL" Indicator...

How many members of the * admin are needed to change a lightbulb?

Which career would you rather have?

Have you hugged a DUer today?

Concerts you saw but wished you didn't?

Do you, in general, have a positive attitude or a negative attitude?

Name the movie this came from

There once a man from Nantucket

What would a republican name it?

Anyone ever wonder how many quarters have been taken out if circulation...

have you hugged a Dewar today

Quick... before it's too late.. Top bid so far $103.50

The Smurfs: Total rip-off of the Welsh.

The soothing whir of the fan while napping...

Wow, my credit union just sent me something truly disgusting:

Anyone here work for H-P? Know anyone who does?

Andy the Right Wing Republican is, believe it or not, a swell guy

The Fact That Bobby Flay's Pic Is Hanging On The Iron Chef Studio Wall

Please help out a new message board

This post marks 30 MINUTES of being Cigarette-Free

I am only reading a chapter of Harry Potter a day. How long will I last?

hey DU. why the HELL aren't you over here mowing my lawn?

BREAKING NEWS Rove NEVER named Plaime........

anyone else have Windows XP (Media)?

ISO: Albums for purchase suggestions...

Today marks 45 years of being cocaine and heroin free.

wow-- just wow-- $2.73 per gallon TO MOW THE FREAKIN' LAWN....

listening to the capitan`s "trout mask replica"

Have you hugged a toilet today?

12 days till Paris...nerves and excitement rising...rising

I understand the Lounge so much better

Concerts you saw but wish you hadn't?

have you hugged a Delawarean today?

hey Matcom,. why the HELL aren't you over here vacumming

I'll explain later.

hello this is canuckamoks cat MILPOOL. pleez tell him to

Wow.. what took me so long? Optical mousies are FABULOUS

Self-serving "congratulations to me" thread

I drove through a stop sign this morning with a police car behind me

BREAKING; Bush's nickname for Jeff Gannon - "Pretzel"

today was my last day of work...

Need something to listen to? My Peace and Protest podcast is up.

I re-did my Joe Wilson post from earlier....

How sad is the new "reality" show to find a singer for INXS?

Letter to J.K. Rowling

The thre best years of Bush's Life??????

It started out ok, it really did.

Holy fucking shit, My Liberal town has become warmonger central!!!

I'm sorry everyone, I will try to be not so much a



Limerick thread.

Has anyone seen Après vous or March of the Penguins?

Cat question: would they like it alright in a dog-pen type cage,

So am I the only person here who DOESN'T like Harry Potter?

Karl Rove haikus

Silly Comic Clown or Serious Dark Knight, Which Batman Do You Prefer?

Pics of my baby & me.

Wait a sec... What is that? It looks like a door. Shit. I'm going in.

Has anyone signed up with "" What was your

Hey you, yes you slacker - did you write your letter yet?

I'm sorry, but NJ drivers are crazed psychopathic idiots!!!

Do you floss?

Actors who have starred in more than one major trilogy

Favorite song by The Police

I had Lunch with Jerry Springer......

When it comes to Charlie and the chocolate factory

Congratulations to my cat Abbott!!!

Reminder: Chuck Norris is George W. Bush's favorite actor.

Hahaha...Bob Boudelang, you crack me up!

guacamole ingredients. . .?

Dumbest Product Warnings??

So I'm driving along on my mower... minding my own bidness...

has anyone here ever joined the Peace Corps?

Click to see three leftist liberals! You'll be glad you did!

So what are you doing today?

Gay Songs by Straight Bands

I wanna be a boss I wanna be a big boss I wanna boss the world around

Who's Your Favorite GIRL BAND?

"The Island" - total ripoff of "Parts: The Clonus Horror"

Oh no! It's the BABCANO!

I powered my diesel truck with veg oil today. Ask me anything!

Did anyone else ever have a dream where they were sucked into DU

Is that sniffa and his wife behind home plate at Fenway today?

How very Punny!!!!

My mother has Alzheimer's

OK, which one of you stamped "F*ck *ush" on the $100 bill I got today?

Name Something Unusual About Yourself.....

Tonight marks three hours of being alcohol free.

Study suggests link between eating red meat and Crohn's disease

Google finds Jesus in South Amercan

Biblical scroll found in desert

End Times scenario: OBL/Terrorists = Herrod + Bush = Pilate

Be part of the change

When it comes to sex, men are eternal optimists and romantic at heart

Experts: Aging Shuttle Fleet Poses Danger

Calif. geological hot spot defies explanation

Local paper's coverage of a wedding

My boyfriend's sex drive has fallen off the map.

Zach: One Week Away From Freedom From 'Refuge' - Zach Makes NY Times

If Tiger Goes At Least 3 Or 4 Under Today, He Will Walk Away With The Open

well, Clement sure didn't have HIS stuff today

Orioles win

Oh barf Schilling is wearing dogtags

My dog survived bloat this week

One Week Later, RE: Tarot Reading on ROVE

I just saw "March of the Penguins"

Maps! (I love maps) What did last years vote look like

Thinking politically, you tell me what's up

Vegas Baby! Vegas!!!

Silver Spring

The KOEB Weekend Dump :)

In case you all are wonderin' where I am..

William Rodriguez is going on a 9/11 "truth speaking tour."

video....ya gotta see this Hasidic reggae rapper MatisYahu...i like him.

Keep on Talking, Mr Rove.....

Are Repug Senators and Congressmen INSANE defending the

Don't you feel the love flowing from W's uniter skills?

Is LIBBY the Source Miller is Protecting? Neo-cons Vs. the CIA

Discussion on CSPAN will reveal just how racist Americans are

Anybody Know If Novak Is On This Weekend?

Slip-up brings Perry apology

Revenge is best when served cold.

My belief is the stench of lies and "bad form" will hang on Bush

Rove outed as liar by Novak:

Arrogance leads people to believe they can lie and cover-up...

Remember when Bush wanted lie detector tests for Senators?

Today's Bush Radio is a stump speech for his SCOTUS nominee

Feelings... nothing more than...

Nice evening with Jim Dean in Orlando...just one problem.

Pete King (R-NY): "Karl Rove is the messenger...He did nothing wrong"

cbs radio news: Rove off the hook, dems look bad again...

Who cares if Rove was the Originator or the Confirmer?

Rove-Gannon Connection ? (CBS, Feb05)

Bush Admin. previously prosecuted a leaker - there's precedent

NYT needs to read this 12/03 WaPo article on Plame's role in Niger trip

"The Lie of the Century" (going to war)

This may be a stupid question but.."Can a 'Covert' Agent, Ever

You Can't Stop McClellan, You Can Only Hope to Contain Him

Novak: 'No great crime' with leak (CNN, Oct 2003)

PlameGate: Rove vs Novak?

FUNNY Letter to Editor Supporting Rove Needs Punchline.

Proof That Republicans Don't Care About Mass Transit Security

Both Delaware Senators moving visibly to the front and definitely center:

AP: Empty Bush Address Is Breaking News

How is "warning" about Wilson's claims different from "discrediting" them?

What about Rove's other victims?

Bush, Powell and Condi...what did THEY know and when did they know it?

Democrats Suggest Blocking EPA Nominees

What do you all think cooper will say

Fuck! Rove's gonna walk.

Send Karl Rove his Pink Slip!

Why is a memo written for someone, but no one know who asked for it?

Business is Booming at Clinton Pres. Library

Hurricane Emily in 'last throes'.

DCCC: Fire Rove (video)

MSNBC debunks myth that record high home prices are tied to job growth

What "Plamegate" is really all about.

So what time does Cooper's article hit today/tonight?

Paul Krugman: Rove's world

The Republican Party: Compromised Compromisers

Rep. McKinney to Hold All Day Briefing on 9/11: Exposing 9-11 report sham

So...NRO is saying David Corn leaked Plame's name, not Novak or Rove...

Bill Crowley's first show on Air America (sub for Laura Flanders)

latest from faux: press leaked name to rove

Updated Poll. Who will resign first?

An "Alex P. Keaton" Republican... or how a fictional character...

Just In: NYTIMES/Plame Finally some serious journalism! A memo, even!

Fred Barnes of Fox "Joe Wilson least credible man....

Creating a Cauldron in the Middle East - Michael Ledeen - Fascism

Bolton, Cheney and Ledeen Were On the Board of Advisers of JINSA

A great piece by John Dean on Rove/Plame. Rove's got problems.

6 EASY STEPS - I'd bet a million this is what happened - EE won't go down


Santorum refuses to retract connecting Boston liberalism to church abuses

Dean and Mehlman receive "vastly different receptions" at NAACP.

Feingold introduces lobbying reform legislation

You "out" Jeff Guckert. You BLOW THE COVER of a CIA agent.

Do you believe that no man is above the law ?

Will the GOP bash immigrants in 2006?

Dean rocks Idaho.. now he's off to Utah and Montana...

UPCOMING DSM townhall meetings! Talk with Ray Mcgovern..

Politics aside, this is one reason why I like and respect Joe Wilson.....

Does Elizabeth Edwards still post on DU?

How can their *facts* be so wrong?

State Department Memo on Plame points to Bolton?

Mississippi goes all Diebold Touch Screen - Secty of State: "great system"

Diebold bribed Franklin County, Ohio officials.

Not that I give a piss what happens here in Sarasota

the key difference between Dean and the DLC