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Archives: July 13, 2005

The Rovian-Centered Theory of the Media Universe

War and Peace: They Died for Their Country

Indonesia: Acquittals Show Continuing Military Impunity

Theft, fire and acts of terrorism: Insurance in a world of bombs

WP: Classic Rove - Now Karl Rove has become "fair game." (excellent)

Dragging the Media Down Downing Street - AfterDowningStreet Update

My letter to the Austin American Statesman (Plain and Simple)

Here's an idea

FOX TV commits one of the greatest of all sins against baseball

The good that came from hurricane Dennis

The Bad That Came From Hurricane Dennis (So Much For Deep Water Drilling)

Archeologists shake up history - China

Call for constitutional change in Manila

South Africa dramatically revises its HIV estimate

Woman bikes more than 2km with bomb

Many people die in global conflicts, UN report declares

WTO chief warns of global trade crisis

A weakened bully and a bigger bully join hands

Hamas plans victory parades

(Oliver) Stone assesses Sept. 11 project

More vendors wining and dining SOSs at NASS national convention...aarrgghh

Conyers Turns Up Heat In Ohio Funding Scandal

Congressman's donors linked to tribal dispute before committee (pombo)

progressive seminaries berkeley area/pacific school of religion

Western Mass Organizing Rally on Saturday, July 23 (Pittsfield)

Pics from Gore's presentation on Climate Change 7/12

Can anyone assist with a wireless networking issue?

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is Engaged

Look at this letter a former Reagan JD staffer sent Cornyn:

Anyone else watch the press conf with Frist, Reid, etc?

Austin question

Dem meet-up in Madison Wednesday from 4:00-7:00 p.m...

Anyone committed to going to the Impeach Bush march?

Has anyone noticed the freepers dissapearing

I wish we could split the libertarian vote.

To those of you making fun of Mennonites:

Does somebody have a link to that BBC clip about London bombings?

Can we do anythng with ?

This ends speculation about Pickles having work done

How Baton Rouge got AAR and How you can get it in your town too!

ABC Nightline covering Rove/Plame

warnings received before 7/7 blasts - * MSM REPORTS*

For fux sake Bill; where is OBL??

Benedict Arnold == Karl Rove

Anybody watchong PBS's "P.O.V." about political arguments in a small town?

Can someone who does not have a conscience develop one?

REPUBLICANS: soft on treason!

Iraqi PM warns worse to come from insurgents

Larry King: Plame/Rove talk

Uh Oh! Big Trouble Ahead for "Bush's Brain", whoever that is.

charlie rose

OK, maybe I'm missing something or reading too much into it, help me...

Anyone have HW Bush's quote about how despicable it would be

Scott McClellan reminds me of George Costanza!!!

A thread that may unravel this Administration.


Did anyone see the piece CNN Headline News did on the WH press corps

Ted Nugent for Michigan Governor? (Run Ted, run!)

What the hell is a "turd blossom"

Is Niteline covering Rove Ass ?

Can anyone direct me to some good sources on China?

Is Uncle KKKarl wishing for the good ole days yet? (photo heavy)

Who is opposing UN Reform?

Mr President, your campaign was based on your war on terror

Lest We Not Forget - Bush Knew About Leak of Plame's Identity

Hummer (H2) with FReeper bumperstickers...

Scarborough & Greta both covering Aruba.

I'm Following Jesus To Berkeley This Weekend... You ??? Praise The Load !!

Another report of torture at Guantanamo Bay

Newsmax: Robert Novak: Plame Source 'No Partisan Gunslinger'

Does anyone recommend the Working Assets credit card?

Jon Stewart opening a can of whoop ass on Rove

anyone Watching the HARDBALL rerun??

NYT Rove Case May Loom as Test of Loyalty for Bush-"Karl is his right arm"

Mr. President, It is known that Karl Rove shopped the identity

Menendez (D-NJ): Rove should walk the plank

I just received a response from AP for a story exposed on DU

I'm going to see the doctor on Tuesday

I am going to send this to my newspaper about the War on Terror

CSPAN2 NOW ... Scotty's Press Confrence Replay of Today.

Time for Bow Tie Boys show (Tucker Carlson)

The Space Shuttle- America's Hummer.

Without The london Bombing..Would Rove

Captin this pic:

Letter from former Reagan JD employee to Sen. Cornyn

Shhhh! Picture of traitor--no names, please! Nobody look, either, 'kay?

How Can A Puppet Get Rid Of The King?

Faux: Cavuto message to the press about the economy

why was my 7/7 post moved to the 9/11 forum pray tell??

Here in this thread we make our big huge list of traitors.

Tucker Carlson just said the Rove story WAS NO BIG DEAL

Terry Moran my vote for repoter of the day!!!!

I hate to ask, but is the person on the left on Tucker Carlson's show...

From Buck Fush --- Behind You :) :)

Puzzling bumper sticker I just saw

DU Thank you and Congrats Card to Veterans For Peace

"Democrats overwrought" - bowtie

O'Reilly Factor: if Rove broke law OR violated ethics - should resign

Any News on DSM

'Beslan' damn fine TV: PBS

Someone told me that I can't post here anymore

Psssst ! Misses Rove's husband is in deep shit. Pass it on.

Grand jury: target, witness

So...Joe Wilson lied and Matt Cooper set Rove up..Yeah, that's the ticket!

Bush going to Raleigh NC related to his Supreme Court pick?

Can anyone please...

Bill Krystol just now on Tony Snow's radio show....

Visualize Impeachment

Tony Blair: Mad Genius

So, I hear bush is looking for a new brain.

How low has the press fallen that instead of exposing govt shit they are

Why the fuck does Sludge have a picture of Hillary above his Rove story???

Mike Malloy coming up ASAP on AAR !

DailyKos: Novak Co-operated but Investigators don't believe him?

What are the Republicans trying to achieve when they call us ANGRY?

if the republicans are making lots of money on housing

Fascinating diary of Tube traveler and life in London

In Response To Something I Posted Last Friday

My LTTE was published, thanks for the inspiration MrsGrumpy!

Has anyone else noticed that CNN

Arl-Kay Ove-Ray in Lame-Pay Rouhaha-Bay. reaking-Bay

DU Meet Up Planned for Albuquerque / Santa Fe area Thursday

Looks like Hannity is spending the entire hour on Aruba again


Military Begins Internet Censoring

did anyone just here gibson replay on majority report?

Rove's postion in the pecking order

Please sign MoveOn's online petition

So Tucker wants to know if you believe in ghosts? Do You?

Please give feedback on this LTTE re: Rove/Plame/DSM...

Oh, man they jerked the G-spot thread

Interesting TIME article on how an Afghan shepherd saved a navy SEAL

What did the president know and when did he know it?


What have Republican Senators said about Rove?

Understanding freeper spin

OK...Who Else Were Invited To Meet Pete Fitzgerald??

Mr. President, if you knew Rove was involved would you fire yourself?

What's the latest with Fitzegerald?

CBS Revamps News Web Siteas a 24-hour news platform, including streaming London

Joe Wilson is getting slimed all over the place

Iraq to Debate Overhaul of Saddam Trial--Daily Star

"Treason" is such a superior word in every way to (Whatever)-gate

What was the tipping point where Rove story got MSM coverage?

Freeper threads, love em? hate em?

It better be worse than Watergate. A lot worse.

Need some ideas here friends, I have the attention of alot of Freepers

What did the Senate Intel. Committee say about who sent Wilson?

To help the admins and mods, list sources that are too crazy or racist

George H.W. Bush: Quote on exposing a CIA agent

Please tell me.

Consider signing the "Card" for Veterans for Peace

Remember Ashcroft covering up that naked statue?

"Conspiracy theorist" = "not verifiable"

Video games are now officially banned in Greece


7 Federal Prisons to Get Lethal Electrified Fences (AP-WashPost)

To the LIHOP, MIHOP people...

Rove, Hannity, Rush, Carlson, Oreilley and all of Freeperville


Wal-Mart alters Willie Nelson's album cover...

Caption this * pic....

Anyone have mp3 or video of Bush looking for WMDs under furniture, etc?

Only 23 signatures so far to say Thank You to Vets for Peace

Anybody listening to the Daily Show?

International DUers. Is Plame/Rove getting any play outside the U.S.?

Rovian/RNC talking points: Why haven't copies been leaked before?

Truthseekers need to press this: Plame was WMD expert preventing terrorist

How are tax revenues going up?

What sick revenge will the Reps take for losing Rove?

For those who think that Rove should be protected......

Comparing the networks on Rove coverage tonight

My E-Mail to the Republican Talking Points Contact

Iraqis say U.S. rehired Saddam-era torturers as "new" police force

I saw Avenue Q for the second time on Saturday...

How a Mosque for Ex-Nazis Became Center of Radical Islam

Rove/Plame Missing the point

"we have secretly replaced the White House Press Corps..

Oh, Snap: Rove's Attorney Refuses To Comment On Key Issue

I have an idea!

Rove LTTE help please. Is this fine? Is it done?

Woman Loses 33 lbs. Eating McDonald's

Conspiracies and conspiracy theories.

I know some folks get sick of "freep" posts, but ...

Daily Show talking about Rove/Plame

John Gibson of Fox News: Rove deserves a medal for outing Plame

I Favor Capital Punishment

Legal Analysts Critical of N.Y. Times Reporter's Stance in Leak Probe

From the Daily show . . . .

Rove/Plame has penetrated the Evangelical media!

Nostalgia time

TIME magazine wants me back!!!

Dear Christian DUers...

There are two CIAs --- and they are at war with each other…

John Gibson of Fox News: TRAITOR

A Short History of “Conspiracy Theory”

Security incidents in Iraq, July 12

Australia to send troops to back Afghanistan

Philippines on edge ahead of anti-Arroyo protest

National Guard Criticized For Anti-Islam Poster

Investigators Urged Reprimand of Former Guantanamo Bay Commander

Illinois Governor Directs $10 Million in State Money for Stem Cell Researc

(Australian) PM sends 150 troops to Afghanistan

7 Federal Prisons to Get Lethal Electrified Fences (AP-WashPost)

Scarborough & Greta both covering Aruba.

Aramco (Saudi Arabia) Joins Forces with China's Sinopec (OIL)

Rove becomes distraction for Bush early in second term

(Oliver) Stone assesses Sept. 11 project

Prosecutors Probing Mo. Man's Execution

Boston Chief Federal Judge Criticizes New Law on Deportations

Bush's Visit To Black Expo Raises Questions

WP: Bolton May Accept Recess Appointment

NYT: 10 Sunnis Suffocate in Iraqi Police Custody

4 From Britain Carried Out Terror Blasts, Police Say

Alberta to recognize same-sex marriage

Move may reduce attacks in Islam's name

Norway to launch 'Homo Light' (pear soda) for gays

Experts urge Bush to quickly address Rove situation

WP: GOP on Offense in Defense of Rove

(Bill) Clinton: Rogue nations still threaten U.S.

Defense Logistics Agency ($58m contract for Tamiflu - Avian Flu drug)

Oil jumps 2.8 percent as new storm brews

Pizzeria Owner Jailed for Refusal to Serve French, Germans in Iraq Protest

Pentagon says key Zarqawi operative caught in Iraq (second-in-command...)

WP: Pentagon Official Admits Iraq Errors (Douglas Feith)

WP: Legal Analysts Critical of N.Y. Times Reporter's Stance in Leak Probe

UPI: Iraqi civilian casualties (now at 128,000)

NYT: White House Silence on Rove's Role in Leak Enters 2nd Day

Many killed in Pakistan train crash

Britons Say Iraq Support Left Country Vulnerable (72%)

One-Fifth of Cuba's Doctors Working in Venezuela

Rice again warns North Korea (to give up its nuclear programs)

A passage from India - IBM -13,000 jobs USA, +14,000 jobs in India

Hundreds Gather for Reconciliation Service for South Carolina Lynching

IBM Takes Broadband to Power Lines

The suicide bomb squad from Leeds

WP: Judge Berates U.S. Over Indians' Treatment


Lobster - overrated?


DU Has Taught Me About Economics, or....

They're posting in Pig Latin in GD

im watching my first Rockstar: INXS

My 500th post

The NL sucks!

Yippee!!! I just won $13 on a lottery ticket. What should I spend it on?

Bush enters "The Real World"

Just got an email offering to make my woohoo bigger....

Democratic Underground Is Under Attack

I've been posting in GD and GDP. Am I still allowed to come in here?

Show some Lounge Luv for Scotty McClellan

to those of you making fun of the mooninites:

Job interview attire

Democratic Underground is above a tack.

Democratic Underground Is Under A Yak

MTV Real World: arguing about Iraq

Anyone good at wireless networking?

Dinner time. Mmm.

Now is zhe time in zhe lounge vhen ve dance


So what would you do if your mom told you your dad needed viagra?

6:30 pm, and it's 116 degrees out.....

Ah, what a pleasant evening.

Where's Swamp Rat?

If you only check out one post this evening, see THIS one

Whose bright freakin' idea was it to remake Bad News Bears

70's Movies: Was JAWS a scary or a bad movie?

What's for dinner?

I wanna hug Scottie and give him a teddy bear. Am I a bad liberal?

Hey there ! I'm in the 700 club so I'm hanging in the lounge

Cilantro: Love it or leave it?


Ronin is on USA Network.

Confess! Are you one of the 14 people who snagged that Harry Potter book?

What Do You Say To The Person...

Puppy Kisses...

Time to fantasize - replace the sheep with human freeper sheep:

Oh noooo!

Bush is too big a coward to act against Criminal Karl Rove

How many Yaks are burried on your property?

quick, who here has my sense of humor?

I was going to take MM Jr. to watch the shuttle take off tomorrow....

7:30PM and it's 90 degrees out

What is the most often used line in the movies?

I just spent 11.5 hours at work....

You must see this

I think this guy has been watching too much Reno 911

Can I get help with a LATTE?

Very cool google program...

My cat barfed three times in a row

An Aversion To Therapy.

May I ask?

Playing the British National Anthem at All Star game...ok but


Mariah Carey's Clothes fall off

Which of these scintillating activities would you rather do?

Smokers look smart.........

Pitcher plant post!!

Pitcher post!!!

Happy Birthday to my momma the lurker

All Star Game Thread.

How many words can you make out of my screen name?

Best Al Jean/Mike Reiss cartoon?

Has anybody here ever tried Fromunda Cheese?

Applebee's brings Robert Palmer back from dead to sing about rice bowls

I'm a Yankee and my initials are MS. Bring me Brits.

DU Meet Up for Albuquerque / Santa Fe area this Thursday

I know many here don't like the movie, but I STILL say that

Who's the best player in this All Star Game?

Democratic Underground Is Under My Thumb

So, Tom Cruise has no Box Office clout with WoW #2 finish to a dud

Do you like the taste of lambykins?

What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

I keep thinking of all these great threads to start

Let's play musical 20 questions - can you guess what song I'm listening to

I'm cranky and need a man. Tell me of something men would want!

League that wins AS game get home field in World Series. Like it or not?

Wad D.W. Griffith a Racist?

Every time I log onto DU, I start crying.

What happens when David Lynch is your Father

Watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first

Where's LynneSin? I have a confession. That stanky smell in the lounge..


Anyone watching "The 70's House" on MTV?

I can't wait for Friday to get here

Ignore this, it's boring...

Why do my mozillah live book marks fail to load on my new /used laptop????

You of earth are stupid! Stupid! STUPID!!

Ok, Let's all sing along with the Fox News Crew!

Damn,I cleared 500 posts & didn't even notice.

What are your talents? I'm sorry. I had to turn off my television....

I'm cranky and I have CRS. Bring me grits.

Hey! ChavezSpeakstheTruth......

Best FreeRepublic Post Ever on Rove-Gate

Auntie Pasta

I am 19 posts away from 1000. Ask me ANYTHING!!!!

Does public yeast-spreading make you uncomfortable?

AIM chat tonight

Ignore this, it's boring.

I have 32,606 panties.

Uncle Albert

I'm Spanky and I have CBS. Bring me girls.

Men - I want a relationship right now

LOL - online chat in another browser... it's amazing,

did you write your Letter to the editor yet?

Entertain me while I wait for Norton Antivirus to download updates.

Two lesbian nuns walk into a bar....

Da doo doo doo.Da da da da...

Bu bo bo bo bo. BO bo. Da da de de dum.

Someone from Russia responded to my personal ad...

Browser help requested, please.

Best doughnut chain

Sigfried or Roy, who wins in a fight

Why is it that every @(#$ing time I have a short web update to do

Two thespian nuns walk into a bar

DU chat tonight if you wanna

I have a very kind husband.

Need help getting Firefox to run quicktime.


FYI--Scotty's Press Briefing was dropped from the CSpan schedule...

Big belly laugh from Reno 911 just now

I just flew in from Boston. Boy

Today was my first day on a new job

1000 Posts!

I remember when staying up past 10:00 pm used to mean something.

I'm cranky and I have PMS. Bring me gifts.

Jumper cables walk into a bar...

I think I know what I'm getting someone for Christmas.


SantaWoof's Christmas in July Thread!

I'm back...

Thank you to whoever donated to my college fund!

Could use some advice here, 'specially from any organist/homophobes.

Hillary Swank or Chad Lowe, who wins in a fight.....

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Two peas on a bun walk into a bar

Can anyone recommend the best "quit smoking aid".? Need some

Chocolate....a gift from the gods.

What's another British way of saying "capital idea"?

In the name of all that is holy (or not) what am I still doing awake?

Has anyone here ever heard of Fats Waller?

I'm off to Calgary to catch the Stampede.

In ancient Rome, the Emperor loved growing berries.

A piece of string walks into a bar and orders a beer...

Who else feels good tonight!

Is "Democrats are engaging in partisan attacks" a Rep reflex now?

So... could I burn MP3s on a DVD-Rom and play them on a car MP3 player?

Amy Sederas or David Sedaris, who wins in a fight

I made money today acting as a garbage man.

Bible Action Figures? An Adam Doll That Turns Into Eve?

We're remodeling the lounge - what would you like for us to add?


Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Why do I keep running in circles?

This is neat, 30 minute lightning strike map

Super Mario Bros. 3.

With The Lights Out.....81 tracks of NIRVANA

I only have one thing to say about a bunch of no-life assholes...

Fire Walk with Me.... Twin Peaks.... David Lynch Appreciation Thread.

When did "God Bless America" become the new 7th Inning stretch song?

Ladies - "I don't want a relationship right now"


I posted about my hair disaster last night...

Super Metroid.

I have 32,606 pennies.

Have You Ever Been Tested For HIV?

What is your favorite style of Blues music?

I'm asking for some good wishes/prayers

ms. sniffa just sLeep waLked out the door

What are you supposed to do when you're 37?

Attention all DUers of the Solar Federation. I have assumed control.

Chocolate....a gift from the mods.

Help! My cat just licked a tiny amount of Tea Tree Oil. Will she be okay?

Could use some advice here, 'specially from any organic/homeopathic

Meet Graybaby! (kitten pic alert)

The return of SLuggy

Baen books offers free chapters of new SCI FI books by Ringo & Weber

What is St. Ides the patron saint of?

I just had a terrifying thought. What if...

Recommend your favorite Podcasts ...

SF AIDS Walk ...... can I get some donations?

Dr. Ralph Stanley sings "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow!"

Greg the Bunny, we hardly knew ye.

Do you like the taste of veal?

Pee Wee, I will have my revenge!

Where, in the name of all that is holy, is CaliforniaPeggy?


How hot is it where you live???

Racism- the reality is a world of color.

How are western versions of Indian food different from the real item?

Look! DUers take a stand against veal!

progressive seminary schools: anyone attend one or know someone

A Prayer for KARL ROVE from the Psalms.

Hmmmmmmmm.... Tying run on deck.

NCAA 2006 , is great ...

Which breed is your favorite feline?

Something I've been working on

Nice thread in DU P on Kerry

What happens when the * House of Cards falls?


Bill Clinton's Christmas card list

Rep. Don Sherwood:Tom DeLay's Latest Crony of the Week

C-SPAN2 5:40 PST Replay of today's WH briefing.

Does the US "hate the Brits because of their freedoms?"

Does it makes sense that Cheney doesn't know Wilson when:

Bush Should Have Sacrificed Rove Long Ago

Memory refresher: Timeline of the Iraq Uranium Allegations

AP: "Bush continues to protect Rove"

Can anyone please...

Gannon, DeLay, Fristian Putsch, DSM, Rove's Treason - Keep them going

Why's Bush coming here to NC? Supreme Court nomination related?

We cannot allow the story to only be about whether a crime

Tweety to Biden: "Do the Dems wish they had somebody as good as Rove?"

Josh Marshall has NYT's article debunking "Wilson's Wife sent him to Niger

DailyKos: Did Novak 'lie' to the Grand Jury?

GOP Talking Points about Rove are at

Documented Point by point rebuke of RNC talking points #1

What did Bush know... and when did he know it?

WH transcripts over time on Rove/Plamegate at MSNBC - very useful.

Where is Jeff Gannon

What the RNC SHOULD have said (if they weren't liars):

If Angelina Jolie did this.........

Documented Point by point rebuke of RNC talking points #2

Scotty's Press Briefing Today 7/12 on CSpan at 11:22 pm ET

Liberal "ANGER"

"Kill Jim Smith's Wife!"

Does anyone recommend the Working Assets credit card?

L.A. Times: "White House Deflects Questions on Rove as RNC Defends Him"

'We're not afraid' poke at GWB

Wikipedia entry on Karl Rove.

Focus on what really matters....Semen Stains.

Need a link and need it baaaad. . .

I am very impressed with both Senators Kennedy and Kerry

Here's the LINK to STOP CAFTA! Please use it to contact

Video.......60 Minutes interview with Paul O'Neal ...worth the rewatch

Karl Rove controversial wedding photo found!

Hello World

Crime and punishment - right wing style

Valerie Plame WAS undercover. "Analyst" was her cover.

Replay of Scotty on CSPAN now.

Wow!. Talk about anger management problem

Rush refers to "Obama Osama" and then says Ted Kennedy called him that

Are we beginning to see the cracks evolving in BushCo?

Downing Street Minutes and Plame: Fixing intelligence

Fox is without shame


Beeb article on Rove...

Juan Cole calls Rove a traitor , "Unfit"

I Want To Know Why Colin Powell Is Hiding???

My vote for best WHDB exchange today.

If you watched Charlie Rose tonight you will learn the investigation

Has anyone noticed how much BushCo HATES it when people don't...

I think we should just turn Rove into one big ridiculous joke!

Tucker Carlson is saying we're insane and cowardly ...

If Rove is impeached, he cannot be pardoned - it seems.

Fox News:John Gibson Rove deserves a medal for outing Plame

Easy Senate Score Chart. This should make people from New Jersey happy.

1946 educational documentary on "Despotism - Democracy"...must see

I think Fitzgerald should take his time completing this investigation

Cooper expected to testify tomorrow

Empty Rhetoric: The White House & the CIA Leak. DNC counters rethug spin.

To talk about Valerie at all means the WH was out to smear Wilson

Easy House rating chart; Look who is on top.

Folks in Madison, WI, be on guard tomorrow for right wing shenanigans.

(DSM) AfterDowningStreet Update - Dragging the Media Down Downing Street


China and Russia getting it on

Arianna: "Has the Turd Blossom Express Reached the End of the Line?"

Tampa Tribune editorial (mild shots at Bush, Scotty);

Uncompromising Journalist or a Left Wing CNN-- from I WT

TPMcafe post by Plame's former CIA classmate

NYT: A Few Thoughts on Karl Rove

Bush should tell what he knows

Democrats Can Succeed Without the Filibuster

The Speech the President Should Give - SARAH VOWELL

Krugman: Un-spin the Budget

Washington Post: Classic Rove

Pretty good summary (and apology) Regarding Rove Plame Affair

Religious extremism in Pakistan: BBC News website

AP's Peter Yost has serious ?'s for the Rove investigation here:

San Diego Union Tribune: Wyoming at risk?

Article: M is for Moronic (That joke of PBS bias study)

The Rove Distraction.

DUI attorneys adopt ‘McClellan defense strategy’ (very funny)

The Iraq war is identified by the dossier as a key cause of young Britons

Should this leak sink Rove? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

White House Follows Scandal Script For Rove (Helen Thomas)

CSM: The White House Rove Garden

The Nation: Rove Did Leak Classified Information

Study Tries to Explain Anorexia Symptoms

john gibson's daily report: "karl rove should get a medal"

Is Abramoff next?

Karl Rove, Whistleblower

Newsweek - "Matt Cooper's Source" - Interesting comment


Why Iraq oil money hasn't fueled rebuilding

Letters to NY Times re: Rove

The Chattanoogan: Karl Rove Will Survive

U.S. Terror Attack — 'Ninety Days at Most' (Foxnews interviews expert)

Exposure of Rove’s lies throws Bush White House into crisis

Downsized, frustrated workers speak out

Jesus Takes the A Train

The difference between Sibel Edmonds' case and the Downing Street Memos

9/11-PNAC Should Be the #1 Topic of Discussion!!

Lobotomy Back in Spotlight After 30 Years

Why does Blair oppose an inquiry into intelligence failures?

Larry Johnson-The Big Lie About Valerie Plame

LA TIMES torture memo author calls for al qaeda false flag operations

Karl Rove should be fired immediately (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)

Paul Craig Roberts - The No-Think Nation

We need a "networking" group.

* in Indianapolis tomorrow

Petition for fair pricing in medical care

Denver-area DU-er Back-up needed for Dean:

Three suggested areas for actions soon: absolute poverty, SCOTUS, L

Orlando Sentinel is in!

Who is in the Alameda County CA area

My LTTE...please comment

What areas do you care the most about

**Seven distinct Fire Karl Rove petitions in one handy location**

DEFINITE must-do for July 19


I got the call!!!!!

DU this CNN Poll--44% say "brush aside civil liberties"

URGENT: Stop Romney's veto of LGBT suicide-prevention programs

My LTTE about "Plamegate"

I want to thank Skinner, Elad and EarlG for the DU Activist Corps

I want a DU Activist T-Shirt!

Uncompromising Journalism or a Left Wing CNN-- from I WT

7/13 Today Show Katie only allows GOP "Rove only noted Wilson lied " spin

Liberal talk radio trends ahead of Limbaugh

Sam Seder is effing brilliant!

What does Manthrax Coulter have to say about outing a CIA agent?

Motorola Increases Asia Pacific Investments; New R&D Centers in India, TW

Environmental Activists Launch Campaign Against Exxon

June: second warmest on record

Warmer oceans may be killing West Coast marine life

PM orders Gaza closed to Israelis until pullout ends

Haaretz - IDF: Troops can fire on pullout foes as last resort

Demand to Probe Cancellation of Sharon Debt

The Revolt of Israel's Center, Thomas Friedman, NYTimes July 13

. "It is three times as high and twice as wide as the Berlin Wall."

Teenage friends killed in Tues. blast are buried in joint funeral

Masked gunmen wound PA official

'Israel will eventually disappear': Hamas

British, Austrian engineers kidnapped in Gaza

Jerusalem barrier meant to ensure Jewish majority, official says

Palestinian Poet Lashes Out at Militants

Israel: Transferring The Truth

Racist content on

Anti-Islamic Italian author in new legal fight

The London Bombs, The Rogue Network and Iran

I feel silly posting this thread in the 9/11 forum BUT it will get locked

My daughter's friend (left the dark side today)

More Evidence that a 757 did not hit the Pentagon --- Depleted Uranium

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 7/13/05

This thread in GD needs our attention.

Twisted Election Idea

How much evidence went to sites set up by the RNC?

Need help responding to this - letter from my county clerk re:Hollywood

Every DUer should know what Jimmy Carter said about the last Pres. electio

HBO's Six Feet Under: Bush re-elected because evil in world - (VIDEO)

Taft at 17% approval, 76% disapproval (n/t)


LAT: El Toro Base Is Private Property

Progressive Dems of San Diego meets July 20th

Bay Area DUers I need your help

San Diego mayoral candidate says CA Constitution is "wacko"

Governor pumps up lobby group

KOMY/Santa Cruz picks up AAR

Congressional rivals off to fast financial start - IA-1 - AP article

Patty Judge to Announce Gubenatorial Bid - DM Register

Heads up on a Northwest Iowa lunatic

URGENT! Call for over-ride of Romney's veto of school gay rights programs

United Health as a place to work

House Democrats want larger role/clout in look at investment scandal

NARAL pro-choice America - July events in Ohio

Hello Ohio! Number one for Republican scandals! WE ROCK!!!!

Howard Dean in SA and the DNC Hispanic Leadership Summit

New LTTE to SA paper re: Rove

Houston's Texas Land Use Meeting Tonight (07/13/2005)

What is new with Tom DeLay?

Letter ito the Editor in the Austin American Statesman

The Minutemen are Coming to Houston

Hey! Glen Maxey to head up effort against same sex marriage ban!

WWSP (UWSP radio station) Gets one year reprieve from being WPR affiliate

"Carry on. And never... never... give up the fight."

More Sensenbrenner craziness

DSCC Fundraising beating Repubs - possible fillibuster deal result

Quick please I need a little help with Patriot Act:

Karl Rove is the victim in all of this.

But Rove did reveal her identity

self deleted

Talking Points = confession of guilt

Why am I seeing all this love for the CIA here?

"Karl Rove has become fair game"

Ugh.. on the Today show they just had Newt gingrich and he was sprouting .

Katie Couric on Today kisses Gingrich's talking points ass.

Barton setting his sights on global warming researchers

What about Bob?

I'm so very sad. I have to start finding new homes for my kittens.

Tonights premier of 'Wide Angle' w/Bill Moyers..Any thoughts?

This is the Age of Injustice

My daughter's friend (left the dark side today)

Stop thinking that now! You make us look bad!

Rove's defense reminds me of that old joke.


I think Bush is going to thumb his nose at us yet again....

Joseph Wilson 'not satisfied' with 9/11 inquiries, thus far (interview)

proof that fundy god doesn't exist. please correct me if i'm wrong

Kyra Philips and CNN's bad memory

Mother Charged

I’m trying to figure out ALL (EVERY SINGLE ONE)...

Case Reopened?

will he jump? Wed 7/13 toon

If the GOP goes down hard, have you prepared "I told you so"

Jolt my brain a little:, how would you respond to this?

NRSC fundraising dries up

LTTE reviews if you please

Military balked at punishing Guantanamo chief

Why Bush thinks he can get away with it again

The more MSNBC plays that promo for TUCKER! In Color! ...

My Rove LTTE got published

Righteous taunt of hypocritical war wimp young Republicans...

The Revolution in rising expectations and the end of tyranny.

History gets bulldozed

The Republican Guide to successful Supreme Court Nominations (toon)

Tommy Thompson (now with Verichip) wants you "chipped" -- watch video

Bigger story: How did that 16 word sentence get into the speech?

Question About Body Counts

Today show has Gingrich on doing talking points and lies

So was the gal in Aruba found?

Why did Alberto Gonzalez make a short, hurried trip to Baghdad?

"Some Say" Rove is already planning his post-WH ShowBiz career.....

Official and unoffical narratives--whose conspiracies are whackier?

Unbelievable - Milw. Journal goes after Sensenbrenner AND Rove

Pope opposes Harry Potter Novels

Let's face it.True Democracy anywhere is not in the best interests of the

Vatican urges jail for kerb crawlers (clients of prostitutes)

Will the Brits get their own patriot act?

ATA - bring it back or not?

I want to have TDS's children

Ok explain sandy burger to me

Anything new on the Abu Grahib pics..

Rove's motivation, protect the big lies that took us to war.

Recruitment Numbers Down Because...Risk To Guardsmen in Iraq Exaggerated!

Don Cheney and his capos now seem to rule the U.S.

While We're Fighting them over there, They're Sneaking up on us over Here

Good toon on Hurricane Reporters :)

Equating eco-activists with terrorism is now commonplace

Britons, upset over attacks fault Blair's support for Iraq invasion

has cheney showed his face yet?


When a WMD Terrorist attack occurs, it must be laid at the feet of Rove

In the shadows of Rovegate, Bolton may get recess appointment? WATimes

Did American taxpayers fund the "investigation" into the leak?

Cox discloses financial records

Bush's Domestic-Spending Limits Unravel in Senate's Budget Bills

Team Bush HAS to keep lying otherwise the whole enchilada is coming down..

"Joe Wilson was a liar! I had to destroy his wife!" is a great defense

Anybody just see Bernie Ebbers push a reporter on CNN?

peak oil on npr now,

Executed man's case reopened

Is Abortion Turning Blue States Red?

British bomb suspect profiled- Homegrown threat examined

Criminals in the White House

Al Gore gave a passionate talk about global warming last night (photos)

I got a great birthday card today

Pointer thread

Why? (caution pic)

Is Cooper testifying today?

Car Bomber Strikes As Soldiers Hand Out Candy To Iraq Children

There's a Bomb Scare at Grand Central right now -

Anyone else here check out this site?

Fair and balanced, as always.....except when...

Republicans' tortured talking points: "Support the traitors"

Santorum Resolute on Boston Rebuke (It's all gay people's fault)

Some Reading Help on Gonzelez

Wall Street Journal IS SOFT ON TREASON!

Spin Dry (Billmon on Rove)

RNA's newscast last night, audio obit for Andy & Commentary

What's this stuff about Kerry supposedly outing a CIA operative???

Rove is in over his head

Leak Was Politically Motivated, NBC Says

A "one-man sleeper cell..."

Jim Ladd is playing a set in honor of Karl Rove

Caption this * and turdblossom pic...

Only matters that Rove did it on purpose, not WHY he did it on purpose!

Howard Dean to speak in Salt Lake City

Monica blew Bill, but Rove blew the cover of a CIA agent.

Bush and first lady Laura Bush are standing by Rove

Top 50 Most Influential Churches

Bush after a Cabinet Meeting still refuses to answer questions about Rove

Why are you crying about it? That's what you voted for.

Now they're hammering away on Chimpy!

Liberty suffocated - Freedom of Speech

Karl Rove - his history

Should we be outraged over the jailing of Judith Miller - or ecstatic??

So - we know others eventually caved

I like how the Republicans are saying - Valerie Plame really wasn't an

Counter Attack to Radical Republicans

How did Rove have access to Plame's identity?

Jon Stewert last night

Has Rove altered his statement that he did talk to

Challenge and frame it: outing an agent is NOT political it's un american

Roves Lawyer gets $500,000 from drug dealer for case fee in GOLD BARS

Hey Karl! Why doncha plant a story that Fitzgerald has a black daughter?

Keeping Up With Ricky Santorum....

will bush be able to function without his brain?

Profile of the London bombers

Reverse Leaking? MILLER as "Carrier". Obstruction. 8 Redacted Pages Docs.

Our Truth TALKNIG POINTS on Plame

3 bombers were of Pakistani origin: London police

Thought Lou Dobbs was going to start crying about Judith Miller last night

Kurtz: If Clinton aide,"would Fox shows have given leak a bit of airtime?"

Non-Mexicans Arrested at US border nearly doubled

Modern day Minutemen...?

The Persecution Begins: 1933-1935

Questions for the London Police (seems more like the 911 inquiry)

John Dean:Serious Implications of Bush lawyering up in Plame Investigation

OK, I'll say it - I LOVE the DU Activist Corp!

Bush and His Brain -PIX->>>

Shrub just said he "just finished the 3rd cabinet mtg. of the year!

Remember the republicans howling about a $.50/gal gas tax

Rove as a child...

MSNBC: Are people born homosexual or is homosexuality a changeable conditi

Help us change primary schedule

Wes Clark's Plan for Winning the War on Terror

Military Investigating AZ soldier who opposess Iraqi war

Want to know more about Newt Gingrich?

Why 'imaginary voices' are male

Rove didn't know that "Operative" meant "Spy" Or "Secret Agent"

Hatch: Rove story a "tempest in a teapot"

Jim Moore ("Bush's Brain") on with Thom Hartmann now

Remember this George W. quote?

Larry Johnson (Ex-CIA): Speaks Out on Plame

So does Rove tell Bush what to say about his Investigation?

Does anyone have the link to where Bush said he would fire Rove?

Tavis Smiley interviewing Tim Roth (london bombing /MSM)

Why Do Republicans like being on their knees?


Hey, what about that looming social security crisis?

Karl Rove should get a medal

What happens to the Bush Admin. if Rove goes ta-ta?

I'd like my Scotty medium well today, thank you -- press briefing at 12:30

Americans Are In Danger Because Of This Act Of Treason!

A post everyone needs to see from TPM Cafe

Link is disabled for press briefing at

I just rocked my 5-month old granddaughter to sleep and wept.

Environmental Activists Launch Campaign Against Exxon

Wie advances (golf) but not all are happy about it

BIG PROJECT a list of ALL (Every single one) of the...

Is there any place to view Cooper's press conference?

Developing Raw Story: MoveOn plans White House Rove protest

Where is the outrage and "war on drugs" mentality re: crystal meth???

Robert Kuttner has second thoughts on Plame leak case

4 major Republican weak spots on Rove

Anyone else having trouble with Air America's webpage?


A Nation in Peril

Ken Starr was on TV a lot while investigating Clinton

Today's Press Briefing At 12:30

Alterman speaks about Rove affair. Link to WSJ and WP editorials


STUPID REPUBLICANS! Using political rhetoric as a legal defense

Laura Bush rules out run for president!

How Bush will dodge the bullet


Scotty roast on CNBC

Police: Teen on drugs dies after Taser hits

Wal-Mart Tweaks Willie Nelson's new Reggae album cover

WH Press Corps: Does Karl Rove eat, piss and shit every day?

It occurred to me while reading an article about

Rove petitions - From Kerry, Slaughter, DSCC, MoveOn PAC & True Majority

Would you trade a Rove investigation for a moderate on the SCOTUS?

Santorum: liberalism caused sexual abuse plans Rove protest

The bastards (MSM) won't even show Scottie's press conference

Rove leaked Plames name, was he

Richard Clarke coming up on Al Franken

Isn't Bush legally obligated to put Rove on a "Leave of Absence"?

Is anyone else having trouble getting AAR to even show up in your browser

Exit Mundi . . . A Collection of End-of-World Scenarios . . .

Luskin got $500,000 in gold from client who launderd drug$ via gold dealrs

Bush/Rove tell us all to "screw off."

Maybe this has been asked and answered many times but....

How the Pentagon targets teens (mothers' attitude study, for one)

Well Bush won't have the NASA launch to distract attention..scrubbed!

Wow great news

I gather that the RW is starting to trash Fitzgerald.

Iran could be behind Israel bomb blast: Rumsfeld

Bush explains global warming (cartoon)

Are the press hammering away at Scotty about anything besides Rove?

If Communism were a living, organic system - would it work?

Bush explains global warming (cartoon)

Q:If * didn't know about the differences between Iraqis, whose job was it

Democrats need to bring up why


Why did CSPAN not cover Scotty's grilling today?-nevermind

"Shuttle Control, this is Uncle Dick...."


* No Comment surprises some WH advisors...expected a vote of confidence

Stop me before I say something Rovian...

Q: What causes dupe-posts?

"It is beyond dispute that President Bush is not a man of his word."

Q: Is the main reason U.S. hasn't had another Terrorist attack because

anybody having problems with cspan wh press briefing video?

Saturday Night Massacre link - could it happen again ?

What do you think of this? Rove in 2001

Just sent to the White House...

Ok and why is novak not in jail?

AMERICABlog: Bush was supposed to show support for KKKarl, but didn't

I think Novak must have some important info

Wasn't Ambassador Wilson a Republican?

Rude Pundit on Scott McClellan

Pic of Bush, post-Rove?

Nothing will happen to Rove


And now, here it is, your moment of Zen...

AOL Rove Poll; Note subtle change from yesterdays...


Chief Justist Rehnquist hospitalized...CNN

Are we focusing on Karl Rove too much?

Peculiarities in the Wilson story don't change one fact: the Bushists lied

Samuelson: Larger homes for smaller families

All together now... sniff.... sniff.... sniffle....

Paris city hall will not honour Scientologist Cruise

Jacko faces court over '£26m debt'

Shuttle launch scrubbed

Ok if Rehnquist get out I'm fearing bush will

. "It is three times as high and twice as wide as the Berlin Wall."

I wonder if the video of Rove's grand jury testimony will be released.

* isn't a cancer on the pResidency - he's a cancer on the United States!

Make Sure You Call Your Senators!!!! This Is VERY IMPORTANT!

'Making abortion illegal leads to back alley butchers'

Here's an interesting Google search: "sent Joe Wilson"

Queen Hyde Park Show To Become A Tribute!

A question for *bush: What about loyalty to your country?

Could Springer's RED State pandering be anymore TRANSPARENT?

Invasion of the Alpha Moms

Where Does Your Phone Tax Go? Hang Up On War

Cost of Iraq War July 13th- $180,440,400,178

Democrats alone? Nope. Democrats and the media? OH YES!

A question regarding Germany's VW scandal.

Back of the envelope timeline of Plame-Wilson affair

they say new housing purchases are rising.. did you know so are forclosure

Photoshop request: GWB and Rove - How can the puppet cut the strings?

Chief Justice William Rehnquist taken to hospital .

Fox News wants to give KKKarl a medal for being treasonous

Has Bush's Brain Already Left The Building? -PIX->>>

Many study results fail to hold up

nyt. "A Few Thoughts on Karl Rove"

can anyone show me where Wilson said Cheney sent him to Niger

Transcript from todays Press Briefing.

Is the video up yet of WH press conference

the most incredible rove stove...recipe included

July 11 Comes and Goes: No Iraq Indicators (violates laws)

I think Judith Miller's source is not Rove

Reporter Confidentiality/Bushco Loyalty

House of Cats

How do Presidential pardons work? And why do we have them if

Prof M Cohn: No War Criminal for Supreme Court

Press conference today: "Republicans would have hammered them as having.."

'They wanted to be known': Suicide bombers had IDs

Who's the terrorist?

Attention editors! Please proof this short LTE before I send it:

On the Stephanie Miller show this morning. . .

Rove's cute little buns in Gitmo ????? Priceless

The V. Plame Case is a direct tie in to DSM

No More Nukes

A continuing list of scandals All (Every Single One)

Looks like we've got 2 positions opening up on the SC.

Dem, Jay Inslee on House floor givin' it to KKKRove! NOW on C-SPAN1!

I must say this...HEY FIRST STEPFORD LADY!

Britons Say Iraq Support Left Country Vulnerable

Randi's quote of the day


Tokyo governor sued for insulting French language

LTTE (ROVE)... Feedback, please.... Thanks.

I've judged hundreds of debates in my life as a teacher,

The Cleveland bank Robber with no gun.

Why Did Rove Take The Chance On Blowing Plames Cover?

Rove providing his OWN "talking points"...

Pentagon Misses Deadline on Troop Levels...."F YOU, Congress"

I went to the most lame Move-on meeting tonight! and I'm pissed that they

MSNBC Breaking: Ex-WorldCom chief Ebbers sentenced to 30 years.

Re: Rove - Help catch the repub spinners and liars

Rightwing women are far more vicious than their male counterparts.

McClellan: "No excuse for murdering innocent men, women, and children..."

Words of Bush #1 when he fired rove for leaking to Novak...the first time

Please read my LTTE and comment

Mr. Rove and the Access of Evil

I think GoBlue just coined a new term. The "W"astica

Helen Thomas next up on the Large Edward Schultz show-now

Melody Townsel is on Randi!!!

Helen Thomas on Big Eddy show

Bolton May Accept Recess Appointment

Rush Holt D-NJ just used the word TREASON on the House floor


Helen Thomas: White House following a scandal script (You go, girl!)

The Mainstream Reporters Who Got the Iraq Story Correct in 2002

Tom Tomorrow takes on Fox News

Rehnquist in hospital.

Insane anti-gay LTTE in local paper

KPFA show 'Guns and Butter' is discussing the London Bombing

Bush's Choice Aside, The Court ....

Caption this * and turdblossom pic (part 2)....

PHOTO: Bush sings to his sweetheart, who made him what he really is

Now That The Shuttle ISn't Going To Explode Today...

National Guard criticized for anti-Islam poster

Better names for RNC talking points

Can anyone explain to me, how you submit a POI for Google Earth? plans Rove protest outside White House Thursday

Can someone please explain why the Constitutionality of the Patriot Act

Turd Blossom Express Reached End of Line?

Flat Out Refusal to answer a Question makes one look a bit Guilty

Cooper on live on MSNBC explaining the waiver from his source

It Must be Rove

People Act Like This Is Rove's First Bobble

1758 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I don't watch Fox - What's Neil Cavuto like?

Senate Democratic leaders call for White House Rove inquiry

US close to testing massive "bunker-busting" missile

Is Judith Miller in jail because there are Bigger Shoes to Drop?

Why did the Bushists think Plame's role was a mark against JW's charge?

Does the UK or Canada have versions of DU ?

6 feet under writers definatlely hate Bush!!! did anyone see this week?

Fitzgerald needs to call Sen. Roberts to testify how he found Wilson lied

scotty's on cspan-replay n/t

How do the military in Iraq know what's on US news?

Plame is a fucking hero....


Roves Benedict

OMG I can't believe this email I just got!!!!! (anti-gay bullshit)

Can't the Wh afford to hire a speech teacher? Geesh!

Root of the Rove controversy is the war in Iraq

I wonder could Karl Rove be playing us again?

Say thanks to Veterans for Peace on their 20th Anniversary

Rove Did Leak Classified Information

"But he didn't say her name"

YAYYY!! Thank you Mods!!

Worldcom CEO gets 25 years in prison

Kennedy Santorum Dust-up...What's going on here.

KILLER QUESTION for Bush on Rove:

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) : Rove Critics Should “Shut Up”

LOL!! More Hilarious Freeper Songwriting Talent

WH and Congress defer to a criminal investigation re:leaks of CIA info?

Bushco and CIA are at war over Plame - guess whose gonna win?

Faux News: Latest Breaking News

Remember when Chimpy threw his "good friend Kenny Boy" to the wind?

Turdblossomgate: Cooper testified for 2.5 hours today

Let's talk BOYCOTT on July 19

"talks" of suitcase nukes in the US ... is it BS or is there more to it ??

Bush is a man of his word, he doesn't hedge, he's resolute...

Mr. Rove and the Access of Evil

"I'm going on vacation - a hunting trip in Iraq"

For What It's Worth-- by Buffalo Springfield (A Republican Controlled USA)


Same LTTE to more than one paper?

Are you the new male or one "unable to tell a clitoris from a lawn mower"?

The new slogan for the democratic party should be

Rove - is the president

My 1000th post -- on my birthday!

Pelosi demands Rove's resignation, hints at a larger WH conspiracy!!!

What should Homeland security protect the most?

Lehrer (PBS) just mentioned the Gannon/Guckert softball questions

Red states lead in rape - Tell Santorum

Exxon Mobile being boycotted by environmental groups

Randi Rhodes thinks we will see another Saturday Night Massacre

"Daily Show" on Traitor-gate

If Karl didn't know Plame was covert, why NOT give her name?

Richard Clarke predicted some US troops in Iraq will come home

I DID IT!! My letter to the Editor of The Houston Chronicle will be

Picture of Bush Responding to Question on Rove

The Missing Link, Who Forged The Yellow Cake/Niger Documents

Dog Dies After Taser Shocks (No coke in its system, no comment fm Taser)

Plame outing and circumstantial evidence

Zell Miller to return $113,000 to state

GOP congressman says media should be 'shot' over Rove focus

The woman whom Bolton chased down the hall is on Randi NOW

My Calendar Reminder Tells Me It Is Time To Post This Again (Un-American)

Gergen & Mitchell defending Rove everyway possible.

Repeat of last night's The Daily Show on at 8 pm EDT

Question: Why is Jennifer Granholm unpopular in Michigan?

Sy Hersh "Chain of Command" on forged documents.

A nuke terror attack on the US is coming

May I recommend a TV program? "The Fire Next Time"

Link to an Mp3 that nails the core political problem. (Bernie Sanders)

London Bombings: Just my opinion,

Nothing is going happen to Rove

"I will fuck you up! Don't fuck with me!" ---What is happening to us?

18 Kids Dead. US Soldiers Still Handing out Candy & Toys to Iraqi Kids?

Bernie Ebbers gets 25 in the slammer. Now maybe Martha's stay wasn't so

hey bush you chickenshit, come out & talk to us about your boy karl..!!

I think Rove mentioned the 'wife' maybe hoping it would be looked into fur

Did Russert really say that Liberal=Secular?

Nugent Considering Run For Governor

DU Assigned Names To Republicans

Anderson Cooper jumping on his republican guest

Just wrote to AAR to ask them if the XM schedule will continue

According to CNBC all the Major Cable/Media/Print Outlets are in Trouble!

BREAKING: Democrat intelligence committee members send letter to Bush

Something that should definitely happen in the Rove case.

What if the press started hounding the White House?

Any new Abu Grahib pix or video? I've

That lying, weasely,POS Mc Clellan is the Flag Ship for the BFEE!

OMG, Republicans are in a HUGE dilemma - Rove Runs the party!!!

Rep. King Says Russert and Others in Media Should 'Be Shot,' Not Karl Rove

You have to admit Repukes defend Rove better than Dems did Sen Durbin!

Did Bush Perjure Himself Before The Grand Jury On June 24, 2004?

Many on left Ass-backwards about Judith Miller

Scuttle the Shuttle! (says this foundation)

Greg Palast kicks ass......

Oh the irony! I just found out that the CIA Headaquarters at Langley

Listen, old people, if I can do it, you can do it! (My letter about Rove)

OUCH! Atrios catches Bob Somerby in a huge Howler.

Please post your Rove "perp" photoshops here!

Like sands through the hourglass..The Rove family Album

DU this CNN Poll--44% say "brush aside civil liberties"

James Moore: "held accountable ... which is never a happy time for Karl"

Congresswoman Slaughter: Bush Must Keep His Word

JOE WILSON to be on the Today Show tomorrow morning.

Nothing will happen to Rove.

Are you diggin this shit

Anyone catch what someone was yelling as Scotty was leaving the briefing?

Have you had an experience involving the police? Take this poll!

We're gonna see another Saturday Night Massacre re: Rove

Send an Email to Karl Rove (Parody website!)

Wilson's Niger report was not the only one. There were 2 others...

"They've thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled"

Barf Alert: Ken Melhman on Hardball (RE Plame)

Help Counter Original DSM's Destroyed Talking Point

They dont hate us for our freedoms!they hate us for... (2 photos)

Kerry vs. JFK vs. FDR

Mmmmmmm boy - - -Toby Keith has opened a freeper restaurant!

WSJ shocking editorial

Reporters in a Rovian world.

Most chilling things you've heard everyday reich-wingers say?

Michael Savage....There are 20 NUKES in the USA

I am so fucking tired of being told to get over it

Everyone is missing the point about Rove/Wilson/Plame

My wife just filled up her car, and it cost over $50 for regular unleaded

TOONS to get us by while Team Toons reorganizes

Dick Cheney Resurfaces -PIX->>

Hannity: Plame outed herself by dating/marrying Wilson.

SIMPLE PROTEST: stick on gas pump pic of dead iraqi kid/gallon (GRAPHIC)

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) says media should be 'shot' over Rove focus

Richard Clarke just note there have been 528 suicide bombers in Iraq

Head of BBC News: "the comments made on Fox News are beneath contempt."

Mother of lesbian who committed suicide: "I committed a hate crime"

Madsen: Fitz has more than Plame leak.

A cancer on the presidency .....


Dems need crystal clear talking points to counter the mud RNC is slinging.

Need help finding military recruitment trend info

DU This Poll Should Rove be Fired

So if you're Gay and you try not to be, will your head explode?

Whoever...discloses ANY information identifying such covert agent...

In honor of our French DUers

*'s SCOTUS Pick: Ted Olsen?

A freeper showed me this graphic . . .

Abrahmoff Cohorts Flee To Israel!

AMERICABlog: The Rove story keeps getting worse (Fitz talked to Ari)

Rove or Dean

Most progressive places to live: Anyone interested in this?

The Stalking of Andy Stephenson - >

"What a Ballot Is" ~ Andy Stephenson

My favorite new "foodies toy"....

Britons Say Iraq Support Left Country Vulnerable

Charlie Clark and Big Blair at it already. ALL EU CITIZENS to be

A little comment by cartoonist Alexander Zudin of Russia

NYT Rove Case May Loom as Test of Loyalty for Bush-"Karl is his right arm"

Drug firms arming for battle at ballot box: $43 million in past month...

Brownback set to hold meeting with Gonzales

Air Force removes sharply-criticized ban on personnel traveling to London

Pakistani killed in England (hate crime)

Pakistan: 3 trains collide, 200 feared killed

AP: White House Says President Has Confidence In Rove

Pope opposes Harry Potter Novels

Numerous stem-cell measures await Senate

Universe 'too queer' to grasp

Two foreigners kidnapped in Gaza

Reprimand of Guantanamo Chief Urged, Nixed

House backs eminent domain limits (Texas)

About 700 GIs from 82nd Airborne to deploy to Afghanistan

California lawmakers quietly drop explosive euthanasia law

3 bombers were of Pakistani origin: London police

Police seek fifth man in London bombings probe -BBC TV CITING PO

NYT: Among Janitors,Labor Violations Go w/ Job(illegal working conditions)

Oil sits above $61 as storm nears

NYT: Colin Powell Joins Venture Capital Firm

Byrd, Bush discuss court

Time Reporter Shows Up in Federal Court (* and pickles standing by Rove)

Pakistan: We Helped Foil U.K. Terror Plot (before May's general elections)

UK police hunt mastermind behind London bombings

Military: Only Three Violations at Gitmo (Levin calls BS)

Bernie Ebbers sentenced to 25 years!

'Bomb' found in Dutch boy's room

IEA Says China 2006 Oil Demand to Grow 7.2% as Economy Expands

NYT/AP: Harley-Davidson's Profit Dips, Faces Inquiry

(Ohio R.)Chief justice disqualifies entire Cuyahoga County court(Dems)

Democrats Offer Three Names For O'Connor Vacancy

Actor (Michael J) Fox Urges Congress on Stem Cell Bill

Tax revenues to shrink deficit by $100 billion

NYT: Experts Fear Suicide Bomb Is Spreading Into the West

Supporters of stem cell bill pushing for full Senate vote

Supporters of stem cell bill pushing for full Senate vote

Military investigating Arizona soldier in Iraq (for anti-war blogging)

Plan B contraception hasn't changed behavior, study says

john gibson's daily report: "karl rove should get a medal"

Netanya bombing claims fourth victim; IDF raids Tul Karm

Massacre horror at Kenyan school

Rove Benefit Stirs Controversy (cancel?... (R) Senate Committee says no)


NASA delays shuttle liftoff due to technical issue

Santorum resolute on Boston rebuke, Insists liberalism set stage for abuse

Suffolk Mother Charged with Felony Child Neglect

NYT: Editors at Time Inc. Offer Reassurances to Reporters

Cooper Details Rove Conversation About Plame

Warmer oceans may be killing West Coast marine life

NASA Calls Off Launch of Shuttle Discovery

Ex-WorldCom CEO Ebbers sentenced to 25 years

Update: Leonard Clark's Arrest / Liberal Soldier in Iraq

Chertoff to Overhaul Homeland Security

Homeland Security Getting Major Overhaul

EPA Is Faulted as Failing to Shield Public From Toxins

Doctor held over ritual maiming of gang victim

Bush Says He'll Consider Woman for Court

Analysts urge U.S. forces to attack invaders at border (here we go...)

Islamophobia blamed for attack (UK - Muslim man beaten to death)

Episcopal Bishop in Conn. Suspends Priest (re: acceptance of Gay bishop)

Pelosi (releases) Statement on Karl Rove and White House CIA Leak

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 13 July

Bush urged to back more spending on stem cell research (Michael J. Fox)

Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels

White House Follows Scandal Script For Rove (Helen Thomas)

Calif. Guard Targeted Over (Sacrilegious/Anti-Muslim) Pig-Blood Flier

Shiites bring rigid piety to Iraq's south (Talibanization of Basra)

Stripes: Navy, Army miss June reserve recruit goals

British police make new terror arrest--report

Britain to act against Muslim extremism - Blair

White House Letter: Gathering storm tests Bush's loyalty to Rove

Transcript:Press Briefing by Scott McClellan (?'s Rove/Treasongate Day 3!)

Woman sues over radio station's toy Hummer April Fools' prank

Republicans offer concession on Patriot Act (10 years)

House Panel OKs Patriot Act Provisions

The difference between Sibel Edmonds' case and the Downing Street Memos

White House Touts Falling Budget Deficit

MU player dies after workout - (pictures of his collapse)

Root of the Rove controversy is the war in Iraq (David Gregory)

Dad, shooting at raccoon, kills girl(2 yr old); charges unlikely

US, Canada oil companies mull Chinese rigs, crews

Vatican urges jail for kerb crawlers

Thousands of Peruvians protest U.S. trade pact

Judge Refuses to Drop Case Against DeLay Ally

Lobotomy Back in Spotlight After 30 Years

White House Wants More Vet Care

LAT: "Uproar Has Roots in Rove's Vast Reach"

The Chattanoogan: Karl Rove Will Survive

Chief Justice William Rehnquist Hospitalized - CNN Breaking

Lawmakers start to ponder Iraq factor in UK bombs

Pentagon Not Punishing Gitmo Prison Chief

Executed Man's Case Re-opened

NYT:For Parents Seeking Choice, Charter Schools More Popular Than Vouchers

TX: 'Mark of Rove': Attack, leave no trail

Iraq agrees to Arab League participation in drafting Constitution

Britain denies bomb suspects arrested in the past

Vice-President Responds to Otto Reich, Denies Venezuela is “Cubanizing”

Four from Washington yacht club subpoenaed in Cunningham probe

First lady tours Muslim East Africa

Bomb suspects 'had been arrested before'

Rules for Reagan Airport Passengers to Be Eased (30 Min Sit Rule)

WP,pg1: Data Show Scourge of Hospital Infections

Watchdog group wants FDA to put health warnings on sodas

BREAKING: Top Dems Formally Demand Termination of Rove's Security

Time reporter testifies before grand jury

Boy, 14, Found Dead from Vietnam Era Bomb

Discovery launch just scrubbed

From cricket-lover who enjoyed a laugh to terror suspect (London bombing)

President Could Appoint Non-Judge To High Court

British police identify London bombings mastermind: report

Vote on U.S. Social Security revamp may be delayed (until later this year)

Senate Democratic leaders call for White House Rove inquiry

Bush Declines Comment on Rove During Probe

Guantanamo detainee 'abused not tortured': US report

Dems aim to increase army size (Lieberman, Clinton, Tauscher, Udall)

Hockey lockout is over: Sides will have to ratify new CBA

Car Bomb Kills Several Iraqi Children, U.S. Soldier

Kennedy Rips Santorum for 2002 Column

US white supremacist arrested in plot to bomb Washington

Apple Sales Leap 75 Percent on iPod Sales

Bomber's uncle: 'Forces' drove him to kill

Man killed by police officer had no gun

Iran: World fed up with extensive violation of human rights by US

Breaking: NBC/WSJ Poll--Bush at 46% approval

AFGHANISTAN: Child marriage still widespread

White House urges another vote on Bolton

Vets to sue to get documents on (VA) hospital cutback (ACLU)

Funny Rumsfeld Joke

Chocolate-A gift from the pods


So a duck walks into a bar...

Let's hear it for sleet!

Lets hear it for sleep!

Did you hear about the peanut walking down the street?

Stella is my new favorite show

Let's hear it for sheep.

Looney Tunes lyrics site!

Mungo Jerry.

A chauffeur has a flat tire with a client in the vehicle.

This doctor has been going to the same neighborhood bar

Let's hear it for MEEP!

Sit Ubu. Sit. Good Dog.

this guy is sitting at the bar in the Chicago tower...

What would you do?

It worked!

Daddy, Jimmy said the F word.........

3 hours to sort the laundry,

Hannity or Colmes, who wins in a fight.....

Mickey Mantle, Willies Mays, who wins in a fight.....

Sick joke thread!

I've reached a milestone! This is my...

Does public breast eating make you uncomfortable?

Poker on TV

Canada enticing gay tourists.

Mickey Mouse, Willie Wonka, who wins in a fight?

New Firefox Fixes Holes - 10 security issues

Have You Ever Been Tested For SUV?

I have officially amused myself to death.

I'm going to practice doctoring

Damn it's 3:33 AM again

Poke her on TV

Does the word "uncomfortable" seem really odd to you?

Why aren't there kitty and puppy smilies to choose from?

Worse superhero team

If you were breastfeeding, would you get offended if I peeked?

Will someone please come and feed me


Rove to jump? We-7/13 toon

ive gotta go to the dentist in the mornign

hey you, review my Letter to the editor

It's Wednesday already??

Ladies: I don't want a relationship right now

I Finally Saw "Team America" and "The Grudge" This Weekend

What about the guy in Vegas who claimed to call UFOs at will? He said...

Jim Dandy on a mountain top

I'm sleepy but need to stay awake - inflammatory

Jail Time Sentence Overturned For Unmowed Lawn

The dew has fallen with a particularly sickening thud this morning

Launch Today... Good Luck To The STS-114 Space Shuttle Crew!

Hurricane Dennis Flips Sunken Ship Upright

Boy hiding in duffel bag dumped into garbage truck

Good Morning, DU

British rural folk told to be nice

Drunk Driver Arrested After Knocking Over 17 Street Signs

73 Year Old Man Rammed Cop With His Wheelchair - Tasered

Albino Blue Crab found

Roast the Boss?

SF Bay Area DUers: John Hiatt doing a free show in San Jose tomorrow

3 Year Old Put Fireworks In His Mouth - Bottle Rocket Exploded

Apple Mac OS X Two Vulnerabilities

Pink Flamingos!

Queen Hyde Park Show To Become A Tribute!

Catholic Math

Good Morning, DU (Over the hump day edition)

Cops shower James Taylor fan with punches(picinic basket brushed car)

Do the Hump!

"Thank you for your service" it trite?

Do the Hustle!

Cost of Kitchen Cabinets?

Rod Stewart

Man Tries To Rob Same Bank 5 Times

progmom is my sockpuppet!

Pet Tortoise (Michelangelo) Missing For Weeks - Found 20 Miles Away

I think we need a cheerleader group!

Happy 65th Birthday to Patrick Stewart aka Jean-Luc Picard...

If JimmyJazz won't share her mystery date game she can't be my DC roomie

Daily dose of surrealism: Only Rove had the cajones to out Plame

Jesus Action Figure with Apocalyse Accessories Pack

Good morning peoples

favorite oLd schooL movie

Remember, today is Zuni smiley day.

Help I have poison ivy!

Corpse, gurney fall from truck

Okay----- pets (cats)and babies. Ideas? Knowledge? Opinions?

What? No one here is MY sockpuppet?

Watched "Fire Walk With Me" last night on Show TIme...

What do you think of the new Daily Show set?

Need some blog help from DUers...

I pet a stray cat last night, now I'm all paranoid about rabies

1GB SD storage card for my PDA. How shall I fill it up?

I'm too impressionist.

your favorite pretentious loverr

Who is going to the protest in DC in September?

I confess. I am elad's sock puppet.

~ the just *slug* me thread

favorite weapon of olden days?

Did you ever spend time looking for deeper meaning in a song or poem...

Remember, today is YOINKS smiley day

If Mrs. Underpants could post here at DU, what would she say?

i'm in the mood for love...simply becouse you're near me...

Eating Disorder Expert Collapses at Market - from huffing Whipping Cream

OK, who is hiding my sunglasses?

I have found my DU Lounge long lost soul mate: shugh514

This is my 600th post. Ask me anything.

WH Photo: "President Bush reacts with a joke as he is given a Speedo"

I am going to an interview in about a hour...

Please, please, PLEASE don't explode Space Shuttle..

Does public breastbeating make you uncomfortable?

Going topless is legal in Canada.

Goose Feathers Cause Brawl At Firehouse

Anyone use VONAGE Broadband Phone Service?

I don't want to work

Help needed for my Hannidate responses - talking points needed

Secret pot farm found on college campus

Did MATCOM know

Really bad joke!

$56,000 robbery at bank drive-thru

Energized Water!!!

New pope "adores" kittycats

I'm going to be punished!

Remember, today is eyesroll smiley day

Holy spirit is found under church

Tour de France, or rather Tour De Lance

Who has a copy of the Pope as Palpatine photo?

Whut do you thinck of a bad spelers DU grope?

I'm going to be published!


OK who wants to join *my* activism project?

My letter to CompUSA

bush gets a Speedo from Auburn

And dupe posting too!

I'm the masta pasta maker from Itaaaaaaly

Where the feck is my fecking furniture??

GF's Mad At Me

Anyone a Tom Petty fan?

Tim Russert's potato chips

So, what was the verdict on Matcom yesterday?

dark russet potato chips

Quackery For Fun And Profit: The LIFEWAVE Patch

A cry for help - I'm punning my ass off today and can't seem to stop

Got your iGuy yet?

Good Political Wallpaper

Stupidity cost this guy $4 million dollars. He had it all too

Baseball the the last player....

I'm off to get sushi. Anyone want anything?

Nightmare Central-

Hilarious Al Franken imitation of Scotty McClellen crying and yelling

*Pregnancy update* or my life is a Country Western song

Ugh, its like a torrential downpour here (warning: whiney post)

A cry for help - I'm pruning my ass off today and can't seem to stop

Shingles: Ever think that you're destined to be aloft?

134th Open starts tomorrow at St. Andrews. Who are you rooting for?

What do you think? local radio station intern was in London during bombing

Skinner: Ever think that you've designed to a tome?

Do you wake and bake?

I'm listening to 'Lakmé' and so should you :-)


WOOOHOOO! I have health insurance!!

Oh I feel GREAT!!

My boss just sent me this hysterically funny obituary.... you'll love it

If you're ever in Bedford, MA at lunch time, stop by Ken's Deli

Sinners: Ever think that you're destined to atone?

Have you ever hallucinated

Why do some people join DU to be nothing but fucking nice?

I just found out Massachusetts has a State Holiday called....

Mrs. B is a fan of Rock Star: INXS- kill me now.

Dammit. They pushed back 'Feast for Crows' AGAIN!!!

Right now... in my refridgerator.....

I watched Rock Star on CBS last night...

Top 10 Amusement Parks

Harlan McCraney: Presidential Speechalist

Is it hard to get into the Paris Hilton?

is judith miller still in jail?

The Magnetic Fields (& Stephin Merritt!!!!)

Willie Nelson's reggae album (* gulp* ) has been "Walmarted"

How should we punish Karl Rove?

rove has guts


Ah yes, remembering those summertimes of youth

I get to see my nephew in just over 3 hours.

World Champion Baton Twirler - from

HEARTLESSNESS ABOUNDS....Police release details in cyclist's death

ARGH!!!! I'm so pist @ Amazon right now!!!

This is what your Grandma does at bridge club on Wednesday nights!

A public challenge to LynneSin

Which bug bugs you the most?


A little humour from the borowitz report:

I love

Man Wanted Perfect View Of Lake - Removed 37 Trees From City Property

Does anyone have anymore fun stuff

SNL's Mercury Mistress.

Nominate your essential DU threads

I DU lagging right now? I cant open posts.

Life, death and the bomb...

Frickin' Amazon. . . GRRRRRRR

PHOTOSHOP - How can I force a pixel number on the rectangle selector

Any Robbie Fulks fans?

New leader of the Catholics loves felines

It's JOHN Kerry... Not BOB Kerry!!

It's Bob Kerrey not Bob Kerry!

It's Carrie Underwood, not Bo Bice


psuedo-christo-fascist cartoons OR a the mind of the religious right

Tom Cruise is

"Not the craw! The CRAW!"

So this ain’t the end

Its Carrie Fisher not Bob Kerry

Video tribute to Andy Stephenson.

It's Priscilla Barnes, not Suzanne Somers

IE question

Furniture Arrived - glAss broken on the chinA hutch

Calling all viragos...calling all viragos

any boxers here?

Calling all virginians...Calling all Virginians!

HomAge to sniffA - cApitAlize A certAin letter in your posts todAy!

Windows Updates: Just a reminder that the second Tuesday

Post a Pic of your favorite Porcine 'Publican

Tonights episode of Morgan Spurlocks "30 days"

Let's resurrect a classic - "Time to make a food chain!"

What features do we miss in old cars? (humor)

A fluffy kitty.

I think that once I get my camera back from service, I'm going to

Space shuttle launch party in here!

Coincidence? You decide!

So who here is into scat?

This is the Greatest Thread ever in The Lounge. I deeeclarrre

Snake dies after biting priest

Update: KFC is Kentucky and Fried again (Go figure)

Woman Receives $74,326 Water Bill From City

Hello from London part II

If we're supposed to fight them over there so we don't fight them here

Woman sues over radio station's toy Hummer April Fools' prank

What the hell is going on in here?

I feel like I belong here now,

Best Easy Listening Artist

oh *gee* is it still eyes-rolling wednesday?

Corpse Falls Into Traffic in Texas

GEICO just called me about my truck


John Waite fans

What do you think cats and dogs ate before commercial food products?

In anticipation of the new Harry Potter book out this weekend..

are you a cat or a dog person?

Kissing Butt Tips? (Law School Transfer)

What should I wear to my job interview?

Television without the censors!

Calling all virgins...Calling all Virgins!

tell me not to freak the fuck out.

who Loves the chocoLate?

For Xmas I Received One Of Those "Lily Bulbs In A Box Kit"...

Finish This Sentence: "Some Of My Best Friends Are...."

Okay.. I just watched 2 hours of births.. What's wrong with me?


Can anyone explain to me, how you submit a POI for Google Earth?

The most fun I've had in the past week is......

Let's resurrect a classic - "Time to make a daisy chain!"

Oh my God. Now I really feel sick.

Jean de Florette Vs. Manon des Sources

How does these speakers work?

Who'd a thunk it?

To which song would you prefer drinking a liter of beer while dancing?

MSNBC's Monica Crowley

screw this tiptoeing around the subject--let's just have a sundog thread!

A telephone call?

Why can't I take a nap at work?

Woo hoo! Just got a job for the next year!

Woman sues over radio station's toy Hummer April Fools' prank

This is most certainly a sex thread...with a picture as well...

I finally put a patch on my firewall to prevent ME from visiting FR

"Frimmin at the Zim Zam, Frammin in the Kronitz"

Found a letter to the Editor I wrote last year that you guys might like

Guess what? Men don't mind seeing naked women...

I hereby declare today: Eyes-Rolling Smiley Day!

Do some people think of their actual human children as pets?

You know you're addicted to the Lounge when...

Can I pant about your MOTHER?

Ooohhh- my melons are swelling up!

will you ever look at rolling-eyes smilie the same way again?

i'm making a tofu pizza. anybody want some?

For some reason, I really, really, really want this jacket

Sales sales everywhere!


Piti mayor says he's fully empowered to pull over speeders

Your tax dollars at work - NASA video on "GottaGo"

My S.O.'s working the late shift tonight.

Wow. Today was not just :eyesroll: smiley day, it was also passive-aggress

Everything happens for a reason...

I don't care who knows it; I love me!

as of tomorrow I will stop doing

Santorum makes the dictionary

Anybody own a cafe press shirt shop on here?

I just finished "The Da Vinci Code" .. My book club picked it

Oh Yes! YES! 8,000 posts! Woo-Hoo! It only took four years, too!

Some people have too much time on their hands.


I don't care who knows it: I love Bok_Tukalo!

Anyone here use Google Earth?

A little LTTE help, please? I don't like the wording of this paragraph

30 days reminder.

Okay, I'm an idiot. Can someone please help me make this into

Man puts hold up note at bank drive-thru window, teller gives him $56,000

Dumber than...

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Is George W. Bush the Jar Jar Binks of the Republican party?

Why do some people join DU to be nothing but fucking assholes?

Is George W. Shrubbie McCokehead the worst subhuman fuck on the earth?

This will make Freeper heads EXPLODE!!!

NEW WHITE HOUSE SHOCKER! Pres. to Name Yoda Homeland Security Chief

I REALLY Like Clothing Made Out Of Snakes

My dogs are wrestling...

Question on "aging musicians"

Hello, my name is Poopoo Nuggethead



One of our national nightmares is over: The NHL Lockout has ended!!

Any Fred J. Eaglesmith fans?

Bay Area DUers...I need your help

i might have to drive to memphis from new york

All you parents, how do you deal with kids who bully your children?

I'm so very sad. I have to start finding new homes for my kittens.

Wowwweeeee!! Am I the first to buy an ad on DU?

It feels like PAIN

Universe 'too queer' to grasp

Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels

Do you wear any of the LIVESTRONG bracelet derivations?

Singers: Don't you realize that you are atonal?


It's worthless piece of shit not Bob Shrum!

I'm hungry. What should I eat?


Little Ricky just came strutting into the house....

ok who is going to sing Happy Birthday to me?

Wow - my super angry Christmas letter from Christmas 2001

I don't care who knows it: I love sundog!!!!!!!!!!

Do some people think of pets as their actual human children?

Does waiting for things drive you berserk?

I have a message for GD!

'W'astikas and rude drivers.

I'm too impressionable.

How many posts a day, month, or year do you average here?

Freeper Logic

uh-oh, DU's got a new member on the way

When * reads DU, this is what it looks like...

Do you say 'the internet' or 'the internets'

It looks like RAIN!

Are Your Pets Finicky Eaters?

I've got a question for the "straight" males here.

Um. Ever get through most of a day and realize your shirt was unbuttoned

Who is your favorite actor from the 1940's?

Granny grows tired of prostitution at age 63

What would be the fitting punishment for Rove, if found guilty?

Time for another round of my favorite guitarists.

Favorite posts on Rove from another forum (shout out to bb)

I start Spanish classes today.

Best movie gunfight!!!

I just realized something absolutely nuts.

Can I rant about my MOTHER??

As of tomorrow I will be smoke free

Married, Single, Boyfriend, Girlfriend?

DU Newbies: Come introduce yourself to the lounge and join the lounge gang

I think we need a Football group.

John Wayne fans

Really inconsiderate and rude ideas for T-Shirts

I Am REJOINING The Military!!!

So, I'm changing by daughter's diaper and she asks...

berkeley/san francisco and progressive seminary schools: anyone

I work with a bunch of slobs!

Boy, 10, dies while apparently playing 'passing out game'

Poetry for Karl Rove

Do animals have souls?

To those who have a problem with the themes and values in the Harry Potter

~ the just *hug* me thread

Hi-jack this Thread!

I didn't win PETA's sexiest vegetarian contest, but they did!

Vatican urges jail for kerb crawlers

Top 50 Most Influential Churches

Muslims to protest against terror attacks

Here's An Interesting Book To Add To Your Collection

African Churches May Refuse UCC Cash After Gay Marriage Vote

proof that fundy god doesn't exist. please correct me if i'm wrong

"Universe 'too queer' to grasp "

12000 per year get hospital infections in Pennsylvania

Can anyone explain to me, how you submit a POI for Google Earth?

Have any women here come out at midlife?

South Africa May Become 5th Country To Legalize Gay Marriage

Criminal charges dropped against N.Y. mayor who performed gay marriages

Most gays, psychologists reject conversion

Calif. Gay Marriage Bill Moves Forward

Queen Begged To Halt Canadian Gay Marriage

Domestic Partner Bill Introduced In Congress

Hawaii Governor Vetoes LGBT Civil Rights Bills

Universe 'too queer' to grasp

GAYS AND THE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST: Not even the Puritans stayed prudes

DU This poll: Are people born homosexual or is homosexuality changeable?

Georgia man executed in gay mutilation slaying

URGENT: Stop Romney's vetoe of LGBT suicide-prevention programs

Salt Lake Area Rejects Gay Benefits

You Can't Blame....

Gretzky is seriously flirting with the idea of coaching the Coyotes.

Hockey is back! So what?

First Arrest of an NFL Rookie Player(Class of 2005)

Rumors of Mr. Rivera's deathspiral were premature...

NHL deal could be done today!

It's time(finally) for Hopkins/Taylor!

STP to Lorien: Is my Boots part Maine Coon? (kitty pics)

Charlotte-Mecklenberg (NC) Animal Control needs help!

pet advice needed

A delicate situation ... suggestions?

The Atheist Joke Thread

New Kerry letter on Rove - Rove: Packing or Stacking?

Present for Whome

Dems introduce Child, Worker & Consumer Safe Chemicals Act

John Kerry Whacks Santorum on Boston “Liberalism” Comments

Another reason why I take refuge here

Clearly, we are not regulars at MyDD (poll!)

For GlobalVillage: Santorum is an idiot

Water (not for the contest)

This water thing is too much fun...

Imus out?

Idea for T shirts or bumper stickers

To Dan Abrams' people?

LOL. Matt Cooper's tie...

ASTB 7/13/05 (more waaah...)

How far into the Oval Office will the Plame leak conspiracy lead?

Why Scotty's Scared Speechless

WTF? Didn't anyone see The Daily Show tonight? It was Awesome!

Take Rove to the Woodshed and Show Him the Ax

Scottie makes my eyes roll.

Karl Rove GOP Talking Points

Charlie Rose did about 20 minutes on Rove/Plame (PBS)

Boston Herald getting all snarky with Dems...

Our Response to Today's RW Talking Points about Rove -

What penalty does treason in time of war carry?

Former W. H. counsel Quinn: "Bush's credibility cast in Rove's shadow"

"Bush's Brain" author Moore: "The Knower of All-Knowing Knowledge: Rove"

Interesting tidbit on Fitzgerald's investigation...

Diplomatic immunity for Bolton?

From Raw Story, the complete RNC "Karl Rove Talking Points" document

Occam's Razor - If the CIA believed a CIA agent was outed -

Anger rises in Britain over Blair's Iraq policy.

Who has **not** been interviewed by the grand jury or by Fitzgerald?

It's just a matter of time Bubba.

Washpost: Bolton May Accept Recess Appointment

On CSPAN now; Should WH continue to back Rove

Scathing editorial | Still waiting for truth. Also Tony Auth cartoon

Jawa Report: "Mr. Bush, fire Rove and then do what we elected you to do"

Rove is taking one for the team

Get your Wilson/Rove Talking Points here-direct from the RNC

What? W worry?

jailed for justice

It's funny how things change.

Ken Mehlman: "The angry left is trying to smear Rove"

Right Wing talking points: what I wish someone would do...

"Rove, Bolton, DSM all one story" (fixed intel)

Quinnipiac Poll - Santorum 39% to Casey 50%

Rove's attorney: "By any definition, he (Matt Cooper) burned Karl Rove"

BTC News: Operation "Turd Blossom" continues: The press go nuts

Democrats in the House and Senate need to learn to stick together...

If there weren't so many ignorant religiously insane conservatives

I have received no fewer than 20 Rove related stories this AM...

Will Bush say he "really doesn't know" Rove that well?

"Shh-hhh.. Karl..Get somebody over there and talk to Fitzgerald..."

NYT reports today Mrs. Wilson denies she suggested sending her husband

John Dean was on Lou Dobbs this evening

Rove wasn't EVER supposed to be in the spotlight...

Activists: help spur election reform (and improve our Pres. candidates)

How long will it be before we know the outcome of the Plame Grand Jury?

Have any books on the Dean campaign come out yet?

What will Rove use next to distract Americans and the MSM

David Gregory is my new favorite journalist.....

Industry-Paid Consultants Working for Bureau of Land Management

Joe Wilson: the Democrats' blowhard hero? A fount of illogic?

Read between the lines: McClellan protecting his testimony to Grand Jury

Treason Apologists, Torture Apologists, Apologists For A War ...

The ISSUE is: Blowing The Cover of a CIA Operative

9 out of 10 w* voters don't know who Rove is, never heard of Plame

Why it is important..

WTF? No one covering Coopers press conference? MSNBC

Kerry's Open letter to the President - Please read and sign

Contradictory spin: Rove didn't know about Plame, yet he warned about

So how long till the Rove story dissapears into nothingness?

Leak? What Leak? and the 1854 other stories about Rove

What the MSM is covering right now - Treasonous Rove in top 10!

Does Fitzgerald NEED Miller's testimony for indictments?

RE-FRAME Plamegate!

In honor of today's press conference...a new 'toon

Richard Clarke coming up next on Franken! nt

Historically, during time of war, Americans expected to sacrifice

Help with Rove letter

None of the regular "newscasters" are on any of the stations this morning.

The entire continent of Europe to be fingerprinted in the wake of London

Paul on the road to Damascus...

self delete: already posted

Heads Up: Today's McClellan Press Briefing in 1 hour (12:30 Eastern)

So what if Rove didn't say her name!!!!!

consider: all this desperate spin to save Rove is from...Rove.

Cooper admits Rove was source

The Progressive Frontier -- Important lessons to teach Democrats

I think The Plame-Game was a deliberate GOP ploy that backfired

Well, the Rove thing sure has knocked the DSM story and everything

Media Silence in the South

Directly out of Bush country Florida....

Fox wants to hurt Nielson TV ratings company

Did republicans discuss Whitewater during the investigation?

Oh, "F" PICKLES is "standing by her very good friend Karl Rove"

The fact Rove called her Wilson's wife just makes the case...

Anybody just hear that lady on C-Span??? LOL

I am for putting a Senator or at least a qualified

Ebbers will never go to jail, just like "Scroungy"

This picture from London speaks volumes.

Gingrich smear on Joseph Wilson

Cliff May (RNC) just claimed on CNN that Plame was NOT undercover agent

Leave it to the WSJ editorial board: "Karl Rove, Whistleblower"

Does anyone think anything at all will happen to Rove, really?

The Ministry of Truth's Boldest Moves Yet

Leaked dossier reveals Al-Qaeda’s British recruits - Iraq war is key

HBO's Six Feet Under: Bush re-elected because evil in world - (VIDEO)

Who was it that said; "Valerie Plane is OPEN GAME"

Exposing Valerie Plame BADLY damaged National Security

Time to run the Plamegate "look back", media!

B*sh won't talk about Rove b/c they are thinking of another lie to spread

Petition for fair pricing in medical care

The RWAM has finally started labeling Fitzgerald as being out of control.

41% increase in corporate tax revenue (federal)

Fitzgerald = the special prosecutor in the film "Z?"

Breaking news: Shuttle not going anywhere.

OMG! RNC website has Talking Points for Talk Show Callers!

A very eloquent and convincing case for Impeachment.......

Faux News makes me sick!

'Bush is being suckered'

Watching Cable News, One Would Think This Was The Moon Landing

Would Southwest Airlines buy my idea?

"House Repubs renew press for Patriot Act reauthorization "

Lest anyone is tempted to fall for the LIE that Cheney

Victims Group Blasts Santorum

"Fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here" crap

What about Wilson's Niger report was "crazy"???? Heard on Fox.

Need to Hurl? Check out "Regular Joe"'s latest

A Talking Points Memo for Democrats on Rovegate

We might like to see this again.

Heads up! My local paper will publish my LTE... but I need your help!!!

Could Bush be afraid Rove will talk about 9/11 if he cuts him lose?


I've lost more soldiers to auto accidents than from combat

FYI: Yesterday Randi Rhodes said that Sirius dumped them.

What do you think of Scott McClellan?

Ugh. Good Ribbin' on Franken today. I love Al, but...

WTF is up with the Pickles? Why is she in S. Africa? And Condi's out...

Senate Democratic leaders call for White House Rove inquiry

Just what is a covert agent?

We need to reach across state lines and donate to those campaigns

Cooper about to NAIL Karl Ruh-Rove in Time...

Several laws may have been broken in Plamegate

What do you think of likely recess appointment for Bolton?

A question about the London bombing

Ed Schultz mentioned something about Feith talking today.

Ohio (R.)Chief justice disqualifies entire Cuyahoga County court(Dems)

David Corn, The Nation: "Rove Did Leak Classified Information"

BRAD BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Joe Wilson says, "The President Should Fire Rove"!

Perpetual scandal mode

Coverup of the Number of US Soldiers Killed in Iraq (states actual 4,076)

VIDEO-Rep. King: Members of Media Should be Shot

Has anyone asked George Jr point blank if he asked Rove if he was the leak

PBS: Detainees forced in panties & dog tricks but not torture - (VIDEO)

I'm so sick of being flat out lied to by BushCo...

Ken Mehlman, RNC Chair

Another Meme Worth Reviving

Karl Rove For Depend Undergarments: "It Stops Leaks!"

Another reminder... Floor Plan of West Wing

***The Clinton Global Initiative, September 15-17 in New York City***

Has anyone ever asked Tweety on tv "Did you tell Joe Wilson "I just

WSJ: Karl Rove deserves Truth-Telling Award

Top Dems demand termination of Rove's security clearance

"Tweety" Matthews & The Gang on "Teeball" are Whirling Dervishes Tonight

budget committee is on c-span really slamming

F-U Andrea Mitchell and your partisan BS!

Be A Witness..

Bushco is patting itself on the back for the deficit, and we're silent?

Repubs PLANTED their spin against Wilson in Senate Intel Report last year.

Letter to the N. San Diego Co. Times: None of Bush's relatives are dying i

What is MoveOn alluding to when they say that Rove was fired

(VIDEO + SCREENSHOTS) - Bush Approval Continues To Plummet

Talking point: Bush turning back on "friend" Rove, who got him elected.

Kennedy Rips Santorum for 2002 Column

What's the Frequency, Kenneth! Thank you, Dan Rather! Re: Rove.

Stand Against the Democratic Lynching of Karl Rove!

SCOTUS involvement in PlameGate?

Help me out here, do we have debunking on the anti-Joe Wilson


Out comes the evil stench known as Newt Ging(gag)rich....

NeoCon/ Podhoretz tries to claim Wilson was reponsible for Leak of Wife!

Clinton Defends Wife's Abortion Remarks

Hardball says Bush 'trustworthy' poll down to 41%


Why have we not been hit ???

Do any of you ever read the letters to the President at

So, does McCain have a litany of comments re:Plame we can keep on file?

Karl Rove: Just One Simple Question

"Freedom Isn't Free!" Do you agree?

Sen. Boxer calls for "success strategy" in Iraq!!

Randi's show is a hoot today

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To Kerry and Reid: Please Don't ask for Rove's Resignation....

Bush himself was questioned by Fitzgerald in the Oval Office on

I fucking hate the, and need help debunking this:

"Slime and Defend">>>>>>Billmon is on a roll:

What is the point of being a troll?

Dean's letter is F*CKING AWESOME!!!

Operation Rescue in Denver to confront the evil "God-hater" Howard Dean.

Nobody is putting the puzzle pieces together...

Center for American Progress: Debunking Rove's Spin

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Has anyone investigated how many of Plame's contacts in other countries...

Joe Wilson is constantly being referred to a a "proven" liar by the Press

Patriot Act is used to spy on those opposed to Bush policies

If you spend more than 3 hours a week on DU, please please PLEASE

MSNBC poll shows Bush's honesty ratings the lowest yet!!!

Full debunking of RNC talking points from TheLeftCoaster