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Archives: July 10, 2005

Iraq: Bush Myths vs. Reality

Amnesty hero hailed as his battles go on

Fight poverty for a more secure world

Despite promise, energy-beam weapons still missing from action

Noam Chomsky: "It's Imperialism, Stupid"

John Gray (London Observer): Look out for the enemy within

We're Not in Watergate Anymore/Frank Rich

WP Editorial: Stop This Bill - limiting reviews of Death Penalty cases

Nature - Scientific Study Pinpoints Location Of Sudden Ice Age 11,000 BCE

No new troops to Haiti, Canadian envoy says

The End of Suburbia showing in CR area

Kinky Friedman on CNBC with Tim Russert right now

I'm just a regular working mom, says America's most famous spy (Plame)

Clinton and Ted Turner on CSPAN!!! PST

"Terrorism is not an enemy"

still concerned about situation w. Leonard Peltier

What ever happened to

Only 80 more members to reach 1000!

What is the situation regarding U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia?

Storm-threatened Floridians:

Painful irony

Latest NHC advisory about Dennis

US, Britain mull major troop pull-out from Iraq next year

Is the Sprint network down in Alabama?

In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire.... Bishop withdraws license (Hereford

For those worried about Dennis striking New Orleans.....

Brad saluting Andy now -- link to stream

Is the DSM officially dead as a serious media issue?

I don't see how Rove can get away with the "not knowingly" defense

Bob Geldof: Man of the Year

Scenario: After the cold war the West and East got out of the Third world.

Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central

Four Islamic centres in Auckland were attacked overnight

A man is alive because I acted, so why am I in trouble?

I just watched Bernard Goldberg on FUCKS News

Judith Miller on C-SPAN 10:15-10:30 pm

Sunday Yapping Head Shows - here are the guests tomorrow.

Is google down for anyone else???

So, I had this dream that I was working for George Dubya....

anti-torture poster found at patriotboy

i've never been on a right winged blog any reason to.

Computer Models' Projected Paths of Dennis in relation to NOLA, Gulf Coast

Review of Santorum book, from

If you don't mind, one more post for Andy.

Sometimes, ya just gotta love the Brits!

Letter to Sen. John Warner: The Iraq War Resolution

Poker and politics

I was thinking about something earlier

Ohio -- Heard on Air America Tonight

"Into the West" / Iraq Situation

Has FOX "news" made any kind of statement about the crap spewed

they are fighting the vietnam war again on cmt (country music tv)

OK... Who saw Mr. Divertor on TV Funhouse on SNL?

BBC: UK-Bombing 'Exercises' Covered for Real Attack, same as 9/11

What is the US doing in IRAQ? Getting rich, of course!

That's It! No More MSM For Me....

A word of appreciation for the DU Lounge, from a GDer.

I’ve seen the light…

Why they say we have no ideas.

13 year old LAN activist sends photo from London

If the Freepers had a fundraiser for a sick member, I'd probably donate.

Kids say the darndest things

"Former Blair Minister Points Out Al-Qaeda Cia Ties"

Earth's population to reach 9.3 billion people by 2050

Santorum's book may save this marriage

Paula Jones Plans Clinton Library Visit

You have to give FOX credit for a game well played.

Remember when Rummy met with Saddam? Look at what they were doing

Cut the Bullshit, Middle America

Bill Clinton is brilliant (and on C-Span now)

U.S. losing lead in science and engineering-study

"Larry the Cable Guy" (blue collar cmdy): Political beliefs (!!)

Explosive New Rove Revelation Coming Soon?

Do you go to right wing web forums, and if so, WHY?

Called AAR to talk about this but they ran out of time

I hate America

What does the Bush administration have on the media?

"We need to start pushing a story about how Andy Stephenson faked his own

Disastrous Iraq adventure is a sideshow to the long haul war on terror


HEADS UP re: Andy's service

Something about this photo is bothering the hell out of me

AR: Ave Maria University establishes Schiavo scholarship

How did you feel when Barbara Olson died ?

Had a dream about Kerl Rove last night

Left-handed human race to make the world a better place

My neighbor just told me my 6 month old son is probably gay.

Recipe needed for crock pot Puerto Rican-type pork

Consumer Reports Dishwasher & DW Detergent Ratings March '05

Independent MP Chuck Cadman dead

Time for Alberta to exit, stage right?

'Terror' author hails London response

More info on David Ervine?

London police revise timeline of subway blasts

Memo says US, UK readying Iraqi withdrawal-report

Lawyer Says Military Agrees to Release U.S. Filmmaker From Custody in Iraq

NYT: Few Wealthy Farmers Owe Estate Taxes, Report Says

WP: High Court Nominee to Face Diverse Senate Panel

U.S., Iraqi forces launch new raids

Madagascar hissing cockroaches invade Moscow's underground facilities

Central Birmingham on alert (England)

Earth's population to reach 9.3 billion people by 2050

More than 140 arrested in Italy

Explosions at Mexico Gas Pipeline Kill 2

Mastermind of Madrid is key figure

Kingdom Offers Support to Find London Bombers

200 Feared Dead in Indonesia Sea Accident

Midlands police carry out controlled explosions (Birmingham)

Spanish team helps in London investigation

Italy gay march falls silent to honour UK victims

Security Alert Closes Birmingham (BBC)

Few Wealthy Farmers Owe Estate Taxes, Report Says

Malaysia charges 68 Burmese over Suu Kyi birthday protests

NYT,pg1: In New Court, Roe May Stand, So Foes Look to Limit Its Scope

Iraq envoy 'remarks' anger Egypt

Mitterrand Approved Sinking of Greenpeace Ship (Pres Authorized Terrorism)

UK memo says US, UK readying Iraqi withdrawal-report

A 'middle way' out for Tibet

Hurricane causes generator shortage

Leaked No 10 dossier reveals Al-Qaeda’s British recruits

Four New Zealand Muslim Mosques Attacked After London Terror Bombings

Lawyer/Military Agrees to Release U.S. Filmmaker from Custody in Iraq

NYT: Democrats Seek Greater Voice in Nomination, Tell Bush It Would Ease

Bush's Judges Already Making Their Mark

WP: A Push to Extend Voting Rights Act

UK in talks to hand Iraq role to Australia

Protesters march to coal mining company's Richmond headquarters

Despite promise, energy-beam weapons still missing from action

Allawi: this is the start of civil war

Oh Kick Fucking Ass! I found a free download of the old Ultima IV game

New film about George Bush to be released to theaters in February

Hey? Young Turks on Air America?!

iTunes question: can you deauthorize your computers and then

Well, this is no way to start off a collaboration

"I ain't as good as I once wuz..."

Fire up the Blender!

Battlestar Galactica on NBC?

you know what's yummy?

Your favorite Pink Floyd member

We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle

What's all this crap about my old cat, Dennis?

What's all this cat about my old crap, Dennis?

Did I see a Nazi flag waving in the Germany broadcast of Live8?

The Fucky McFuck Sunshine Hour . . .

Tom Cruise: Will publicized Scientology belief rantings hurt his career?


What's with the server tonight?

We have a new member.

Days like today make me long for WINTER!

I got one, I finally got one!!!

Alright...please don't hate me, but: I need a new Tarot reader.

Ever see a butterberg?

Favorite Family Guy Character

How prophetic were these lyrics 35 years ago?

Floyd: David Gilmour's nose hairs almost ruined it for me.

Imaginary scenario: I'm able to become invisible for 48 hours

I'm listening to Astronomy Domine

OK, Lounge Lizards, time to head over to GD,

Ugh...I've had a cold since Wednesday.

Like Tellin Jokes? Think You're Dave Chappelle?

Anyone know how long the AOL LIve 8 downloads will be up?

Does anyone have the lyrics to the song from AAR, spoofing "Kokomo"?

To our DU friends in Hurricane Alley......

talking leader understand modern news

the worst part of spilling a large rootbeer float in my car is..

Best rock song paired with bad lyrics?

Madagascar hissing cockroaches invade Moscow's underground facilities

Let's pretend that Bush were brilliant.

Roberto Duran at 50

The Meak Shall Inherit the Earth.

Amazon reviews for the A-Team Soundtrack

This place is the cat's meow! I love you cool cats in the lounge!

Well, G'night folks

Andy died??

New Vike Prescription!!

If You Could Would You Want to Live Forever?

Aww. This is too much!

For Crazy Guggenheim

I am gonna wake up in the morning, hit Hwy 49

jesus of the week

This is what I remember of the 1970s

It never ends; new storm developing

Sand dunes on Mars

Did not know this, the last Japanese to surrender in WW2 was 1974.

"Jesus Of Suburbia" music video on now

Holy hell did I get drunk tonight!

Free audiobooks at Audible!

"what's your status?" by Napalam

All kitty threads should be posted in the Pets Group!

Bunches of cute kitties.

Okay, the Fantastic Four flick was fairly good.

Oooo...they are showing the season finales of Battlestar Galactica...


Eliminating "To the Extreme", your favorite Vanilla Ice CD

I'm home

Where have you been?

If you live in Pensacola, RUN, just RUN!

I'm buzzed....should I get drunk?

Aside from marijuana,

After reading this,you won't look at a bottle of coke the same way:

This is simply the best summer movie season we've had in decades

I think my first crush was on an inanimate object.

Does anyone else see humor in the "Terry Schiavo Scholarships"

With all this talk of Pink Floyd

Post what kind of jewelry you are wearing right now.

There is an invisible message to me in one of the threads

I can't sleep.

Now for some real Pink Floyd fun: Dark Side of the Moon and....

I'm going out to A&W. Anybody want anything?

I saw "Batman Begins" today

My neighbors are having a blast

Please forgive my 1-track mind, but look at these images Dennis.


Eliminating "The Wall" and "Dark Side", favorite Pink Floyd Album

If aliens land in your yard and say "take me to your leader"

WTF???? They're playing Battlestar Galactica on NBC????

Who the hell is Robbie Williams and why isn't this cutie...

Have you ever had a water bed?

Any newbies around? If so post here

Duran Duran at 40

I went to the funeral of a Big Chief today (pics)

Did you see the War of the World? Are you from NY or MA?

Who else has the Opera 8.02 preview?

Someone please tell me if I am right or wrong

Which of these 2 superpowers would you choose?

Any bobcat experts out there???

A big urine stain, some tobacco drippings, and "Christ Died For You"

I need to vent about my health problems and ask for input.

What bumpersticker should I put on my new car?

Oregon Country Fair live music is being streamed on the net here:

I just want one more week to live!

Mutant Flowers!

Time for a LynzM POSITIVE THINGS thread

IFC showing documentary "Punk: Attitude" at 10 PM EST

We're hunkerin' down in Satsuma, Alabama...

A timely musical interlude

Texas Vegans and Vegetarians, do you like organic wine?

Conference Offers Acceptance Of Gays, Lesbians (WA)

Astrologers: Ralfee Finn's "Week of 7/7 Forecast."

For those more experienced

a thought or two on terrorism

survey: how many are on your ignore list?

A few days on the Oregon Coast (dialup's be warned)

Pictures of a Jazz Funeral in New Orleans today

political ad idea.....

Here's my salute to you Rehnquist......

Terrorism expert says at least one person tipped off to London attacks

Radical Bush appointees to decide Gitmo detention case

Fox News - NY Times "Fighter" Nonsense

George the Uniter

What Happened?

Bush wants to fight them over there so we don't have to at home.

PAPER: Britain and US secretly preparing to withdraw from Iraq

I've gotten on pretty well with some conservative folks.

WP: "For Santorum, Bigger Is Definitely Not Better"

I wasn't even a Deaniac. But this writer is WAY over the top!

BBC report claims London 7-7 attack group is from Northern Africa

Sen. Lieberman's 2006 finances from

Website that carried al-Qaida claim has connections to Bush family

Could Katherine Harris turn on Bush with evidence that Gore REALLY DID

Sounds like an insider spilled the beans on Ohio rigged votes:

David Corn: Explosive New Rove Revelation coming soon?

Tony and the Hornet's Nest

Empire Builders/neo-con index; short bio's, links. CSM helps the cause

The title, "Bubble trouble? Unlikely," hides what I think is the true

London Times: Bush’s terrible twins try a little African charity

How They Get Away With It (Attacking Iraq, etc.)

LTTEs in today's Chicago Sun-Times are freakin' scary!

Boston Globe: Should (Supreme Court) justices be elected?

Paul Craig Roberts - Who Owns the Dollar?

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS nails it again--short but sweet

Time Cover: Why Iraq Has Made Us Less Safe ...

LAT: After Flagging Support, a Second Wind for Bush (from London bombings)

Middletown, NY: George Lakoff's 'Framing the Issues' workshop July 13&20..

Ask Congress to renounce claims to Iraq's oil and oil region hegemony

Memorize the phone number to Capitol Hill: 1-877-SOB-U-SOB

Antifreeze Bittering Act

We need a better CONTACT ELECTED OFFICIALS function on DU

DISCUSSION of ACTIVIST CORPS general policies and procedures

Any suggestions for the first official action by the DU Activist Corps?

Newsweek's Rove Stories - Isikoff again?

Worth a campaign??

Sir Edmund urges climate care

G8 Climate Talks "Less Than Nothing" - Sunday Herald

Gore Will Exclude Press From Presentation At Global Warming Conference

Gallery: Earth From The Air

Bright side of the hurricane: US Drought regions in path.

Biologists Confirm Condor Chick Hatched In Arizona National Monument (#4!)

Australia immigration chief quits

U.S. losing lead in science and engineering-study

Does this make me a terrorist? My two "activist" actions

Militants shun Abbas unity offer

Should the USA be a loyal supporter of Israel?

Barrier to separate 55,000 Palestinian residents from Jerusalem

Lord Stevens (former Scotland Yard): they were ...british

Amazing-- the security camera on the London city bus wasn't working,

"Al Queda" of Europe and Houston connection,.

Continuing the thread on false-flag terror by BFEE (Octafish)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 7/10/05

Coingate and Bush connections

NJ passes and Gov. signs VVPR law

COINTELPRO-style disruption of election reform going on?

NY meetup/ memorial for andy this coming saturday.....

Idriss Stelley Foundation

San Diego Donna Frye Supporters!!!!

Free Renewable Energy Forum - Grinnell, Iowa Saturday, July 16th

Here are legislatwhores who voted to continue shutdown

Jonathan Gurwitz at it again

My LTTE about Jonathan Gurwitz of the San Antonio Express

Chris Bell's remarks to the SDEC yesterday

My LTTE to the SA paper

Surprised that noone posted this last week...

Nice editorial in the Point paper

Sensenbrenner to speak at NAACP conv. WTF

A Flash Memorial For Andy Stephenson by Symbolman - With Love from TBTM

Why Does Everyone Hate Bush?

Water Vapor satellite image of Dennis

When did GD get an "acceptable" list for sources?

Did I just post an article here two minutes ago?

The Weather Channel just announced that Dennis now has winds of....

CNN wants your storm pictures.. but "don't do anything risky"..

More depravity from Fox News: "The Gitmo Diet"

Hurricane People: Cellular phones should work- article/link

2:33 in Columbus Ohio... what are you drinking?


***Hurricane Dennis: NOW CATEGORY 4***

I saw this great ad...

Conservatives piss and moan about this country as much or more than we do

Allawi: this is the start of civil war

Miller afraid to testify, am I going nutso?

God Bless Andy...

from BBV forum on Andy Stephenson

The Right to Read

Jerry Falwell, who the hell do you think you are, condemning others.

I think a lot of Americans want war

Fighting the Draft books needed

Before next attack here, we need a big story on 9/11 funding and logistics

Catholic church pays $16 million to 12 men molested in the 1970s

Re-runs on the Weather Channel are starting to piss me off

Did * make a mandate re:lowering of the US flags since the London attacks?

Dennis is now at 145 mph, with a pressure of 932 mb, according to....

Terror Web Site (London Bombings) out of MD?

I lost my wallet have you seen it?

I Smell Impeachment!

Fox Beltway Boys: "White House suspects 4 SC vacancies" - (VIDEO)

WTF???? someone is delusional

Bush's war on terror is a colossal failure! The chimperor* has no Clothes

No suicide bombing in Iraq prior to U.S. invasion

Fox News: Is right-wing radio "Truth Tour" in Iraq biased? - (VIDEO)

'Why me? What did I do wrong?'" Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said.

Why Right Wing Blogs Don't Allow Comments

Is this fucker going to Category 5? Now 145 mph

50 to go!

Political Compass - an oldie but a goodie

Michael HILTZIK, BookTV: The Plot Against Social Security

Brit "Hmmm- time to buy!" Hume hosting FNS?!?!?

Compilation: Fox News hype of London Bombings in 1 minute - (AUDIO)

Novak Wrote the Story

For those of us who need statistics or enjoy counting beans....

What is meant by the term Freeper? And why are they so bad?

Peace on a SCATEBOARD!!!

How did DUers come up with their author names?

Children pay price of US offensive

The Sec. of Veterans Affairs is on Rev. Schuller's Hour of Power today.

bummer, the military's ray gun is delayed.

Latest Mobile, Alabama radar pic of Dennis

Latest Tallahassee radar pic of Dennis

Trotsky said it perfectly

New Dennis Pic... The threat becomes real!

It's Sunday! Look at all the Christians that are being trampled

US launches another offensive in Iraq

Question: Bush/Rove/Plame

Raddatz & Clarke on ABC This Week: Iraq The New Training Ground

AARP's full page social security ad in LA Times:

Karl Rove and the Valerie Plame Leak

Project censored

"All The President's Men" on DVD: WATCH IT!!

I'm just a regular working mom, says America's most famous spy

Dennis is predicted to go right over my parents' house...

I admit to our only Defense failure

Latest visible satellite photo of Dennis

Conyers: Remember during the 2000 Pres. campaign when the Rep. mantra

I'm just a regular working mom, says America's most famous spy

Iranian Sunnis?

Tim Russert wants to make me puke

Iranian and Iraqi Sunnis?

Hey!!! Brit Hume, you asshole!!!

6 New York priests expelled by the Vatican

Half of America will NEVER believe the truth about Iraq - Plame - DSM

Should the USA be a loyal supporter of Israel?

The Fifth Estate

Do you feel that you are well informed

Billy Graham's daughter spends night in jail after 'throttling' her husban

Does anyone care that the president's top advisor is a traitor?

Appeals Court Voids Ban on 'Partial Birth' Abortions

Two versions of reality

US troops kill Iraqi civilians

What do polls say re overturning Roe vs Wade?

I was comforted today...

Cheap Health Insurance Available to Many Young Adults

Great site- link to newspapers from all over the world-

I certainly hope that * and his ilk won't be in charge of

Do you believe in your heart that if God was going to destroy Washington

Islamic Center attacked by vandals

Okay so who did send Ambassador Wilson on the fact finding mission to Nige

Moral values - child sex rings? Discovery channel's "Conspiracy of Silence

I just heard the most ridiculous excuse

OK, so Rove was Cooper's source. Who was Rove's source?

My family's church: most voted Repub, but they feed the homeless

U.S. Army struggles to grasp foreign cultures

When will the Soldiers say more about what happened to them?

Al Qaeda website traces back to Maryland?

I think the wars started by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld have their origin in the

Hurricane Dennis is likely a weapons test ordered by Cheney

"The Chimpy and Cheney Show" = "Go fuck yourself America"

Was Dennis The Menace created to take attention away from Rove?

It's not just Bush - it's the entire Republican Party...

The EIB Institute of Higher Learning that is run by Rush Limbaugh...

Would it be worth it to you to have the truth of all of the WH scandals

conflicted over Miller's imprisonment

Rove was source for both Cooper and for Miller .. here's why ..

It's been 3 days

Is Rove still on the American peoples payroll?!? Jail that traitor NOW!

The Bill of Rights

Animation: Is Iran next?

John Dean on why he believes Cooper and Miller's testimony is sought:

Cool satellite image of Dennis 5 minutes ago

Juan Cole analysis of AL-Qaida letter: Unlikely to be by British Muslims

Winn Dixie in Georgia rural areas will remain open according to

Oh my much can one say about a damned hurricaine...

And so, the war on terror ends! Or does it?

Rove-Gannon Connection? Anyone here see this? CBS news

Bob Dylan's "Nothing Was Delivered", Bush, and American gullibility

Our high standard of living, based on easy credit, is becoming an albatros

A question about Karl Rove "releasing" Cooper from his source?

Judith Miller admits to protecting self, not source

Oliver Stone to make movie about 9/11.

Anyone here successfully fight a WalMart???

Mutation into Global Insurgency

Now that the Rove Newsweek Article is out how do you feel?

Love Thy Neighbor, Do Unto Others, Turn the other Cheek, what Nonsense.

Parade poll: Oprah over Bush for president

Was the London bombing in reaction to Iraq?

Why The Employment Situation Sucks

Max Blumenthal: Christopher Hitchens and "four small bombs".

Conservative donor pledging $1 million to an anti-Gonzales campaign.

What ever happened with Bolton?

Activist Corps

What Would Rove Do?

It's the CONSPIRACY, stupid!

If you want to listen to an old Andy Stevenson's interview go to now.

U.S. Troop Levels: A Bush Shell Game

Using contractors to cook the Iraq books endangers troops.

Where is the Grovel bot?

Florida editorial: Don't let Santorum take your weather service!

LET's Give this WING's !!------ Viet Now --!! not mine but i love it

1000 by tonight

Here's something to reassure us

Global warming question for those that know

NOAA really nailed this Hurricane Dennis

Our elected Reps are ignoring their responsibilities re: DSM/Impeachment

Ring Of Fire.

Updated Andy Stephenson Photo Album Published.

Which is worse - Watergate or Rovegate? I've noticed some reporters

Is Alan Colmes Posting On DU Under About 45 Differant Names?

1753 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Question for any Lawyers out their

Thank God for Howard Dean!

County Council no longer get paid more for driving SUV's (WA)

Vote the David Corn story up at Yahoo.

you don't have to utter someone's moniker to "name" someone

Hate Crime

Pictures of caskets returning to the U.S. from Iraq.

IWT News continues to grow. IWT is a great idea!

I didn't like Reagan, and I'm glad he died of Alzheimers. Sue me.

Where To See Coverage of Dennis?

Is it demeaning to the presidency to call Bush "The Stem" ?

I'm meeting with my (Repub tool) Congressman tomorrow

Anyone here PRAYING for Dennis to come where you live?

In about 15- 25 years when the big media honchos of today are ready to

"US commander in Iraq orders UK forces to attack Iranians" (last year)

Will the Rove story disappear next week if Rehnquist resigns?

The ideal Democratic nominee in 2008: a moderate anti-war candidate

Today's Sunday Monitor - up at 6 pm CDT -- London. Mississippi.


Will the New Supreme Court Strike Roe Down?

PLAME: Cooper's Email About Rove & WH Spin in Newsweek >

There have been some ominous arson fires in the US lately. A pattern?

State Trooper's head shaved in drug test.

Conyers asked for a DSM Chronology -

Woah..... that didn't take long.....

SHAME on the Major Networks for Not Airing ANY Dennis Coverage!!

Fox News/Assholes

False flag over London

Who were the six journalists who were given the leak ?

The Price of Freedom: $ 2.25 per gallon in Houston

Officials probe Zarqawi link in London attack:

Did Murdoch hire General Clark to give FOX more "balance"?

Why are tornado warnings only breaking news on CNN in ATL?

Fourteen Signs of Fascism

Financial Times: Top Bush adviser revealed as source

Time Magazine: Curiouser and Curiouser (Plame, Miller, Rove, etc..)

Reuters wire: Bush aide Rove was Time reporter's source-Newsweek

London Bombing: A suggestion

I've been patient.........

ROVE IDed as the source of the leak, but.....he is going to get off.

Not just the Rove leak: Is Fitzgerald preparing Espionage Act indictments?

The situation in Iraq is now officially out of control.

Rep. John Conyers: What's Fair Game?

ABC News will talk about Rove/Plame

When Rove gets indicted,do you think he'll spil the beans regarding Gannon


anytime a bush asks for prayers my soul refuses to do so.

HEADS UP - Fahrenheit 9/11 on Showtime!

Bush still doesn't have a clue!!!

What date was Andy on the Mike Malloy show?

'War-on' a failure

Meanwhile: At Least 48 Are Killed in Suicide Bombings in Iraq

Where's Jeb?? Jeeeebbb!!!

Would we have Osama by now if it wasn't for Bush's little Iraq adventure?

I cannot stand another minute of media hype of this hurricane..

Why would Rove have just assumed Plame sent Wilson to Niger?

The Republican Taliban organizing in Iraq?

Newsweek July 18th Rove and the MSM

Downed US Seals may have got too close to Bin Laden

Hurricane Dennis: Mother Nature or God?

well rove/plame is on Yahoo now, if it continues next week

I saw an upside down W'04 oval sticker in an old man's car window

Look at the *terrorists* the No Fly List is catching.

so what is the difference between Sunni and Shiite, worth killing over

My LTTE re: London Bombings


Why The Employment Situation Sucks

Why would his wife being CIA discredit Wilson at all?

Wolf Blitzer is positively DOWNSTRICKEN!!!

Freepers, By Definition, Are Members Of A Hate Group

Double Standards Rule the Roose in the Wake of the London Bombings

Breaking - Huff Post: Newsweek About To Nail Rove!!

I spit in the eyes of two journalists: Bob Schieffer and Rosie DiManno

Queen Elizabeth can do something Chimpy can't, or daren't

Yo! Fitz doesn't run his investigation based on Newsweek's reporting

Signs of Slowing (San Diego real estate)

Brief tribute to Andy, coming up on radio

"Reverse Negroponte Effect"; Blair in self denial

"Why me?" says Jeb Bush

Holy crap! Parade Magazine's Walter Scott is really . . .

who forged the YELLOWCAKE documents -- the Wilsons were trapped.

Number Of Iraq Casualties Is Double Official Figures

Something nagging me about the Plame GJ--Let's not forget

Do you think ours is a doomed society?

No record of a Category 4 hurricane hitting the Panhandle or Alabama.

Caption This Photo

Requesting verfication on this Bush "quote"

They are more like our enemy, Part II

From the Daily Mail (just announced on CSPAN) US to withdraw from Iraq

When will we negotiate with terrorists ?: my view

Time (Magazine -Cover Story): Why Iraq Has Made Us Less Safe ...

Fitzgerald preparing indictments under the Espionage Act?

AAR's Marty Kaplan married to FOX's Susan Estrich?

Who are we?

Republican Pledge of Allegiance

To the Democrats...I say Bah!

Attention DU: RESISTANCE is FUTILITOUS! Your Culture Will be OSAMA-lated!

The China Price

Why does the right hate the ACLU?

Suze Orman: Public Television Parasite


What We Owe What We Eat by George Will

Islamist terrorism is a threat, whether you believe it or not

DC Emergency Truth Convergence, July 22-24

That thread about Freeper conspiracies (re: Andy) really bothers me

What show is Babara Boxer going to be on today?


"Hate" and "Evil"

Funding solution for many things...

American casualties buried in paragraph 13 - RICO! Incredible CORRUPTION

Getting banned from a wingnut majority forum

Andy Stephenson's Obituary

How come whenever there is a topic about Wesley Clark...

How great the economy is for this job seeker

Sunday Morning News Shows Mum on Rovegate: WHAT'S GOING ON!!

For your Yahoo rating pleasure: Rove's lawyer admits Rove was source

The Best of Us - an essay for Andy

Supreme Court - Media Ignore Possible "Fascist" Play

Great site, front pages of newspapers all over the world.

Mayor of London on *: "greatest threat to life on this planet that we've..

POLITICAL CARTOON: Blind Lady Justice being led by an elephant

Tha anti-rage, "not all Freepers are Bad" threads...


There is a very touching tribute to Andy on TBTM

Can we make "Ballot", Andy's puppy, our new DU mascot? The thing

DEA Agents Agree: CIA means Cocaine Importation Agency

TOONS: Your Dollars Are Belong to Us Edition

Vandalism hits close to home.

A note of appreciation for progressive Catholics.

So still no word about what happens to Air America Radio on Monday?

ANIMATION: Lest we forget Jeff Gannon...

The Wall Street Journal, nature, and Wal-Mart.

Catholic Canadian MP denied communion over pro-gay marriage vote

SpeakSpeak News, the answer to Brent Bozell.

OK, dammit, enough is enough

Lumping ALL Freepers together does the good ones a disservice

Proposed new DU Group: Sibel Edmonds & Other Whistleblowers

POLL: What is cause of current freeper invasion of DU?

I'd like to make a suggestion, if I might - for Andy.

Hurricane DENNIS Public Advisory

What time will Jebbie go on the air begging for federal assistance?

"Reclaiming America for Christ" with D. James Kennedy Ph.D.

Toyota building new plant in Ontario- untrained workforce in AL

New Jersey Legislator Wants to Ban Smoking in Your Car

Judy Miller says she will not testify because she is AFRAID FOR HER LIFE!

Is this why there was a concerted effort to slander Andy?

Newsweek, July 18 issue: Matt Cooper's Source: What Karl Rove....

Let's Be Columbo - Let's Out THINK ROVE!

I saw a HUMMER with a huge "For Sale" sign on it today...

Rove is going down, here's why I believe this to be true...

A simple question: Do you believe Bush stole the 2004 election?

New York Times - Frank Rich: "This Is Worse Than Watergate"

Update on the fund for Andy. Please keep this kicked.

My hamburger buns took forever to rise

Bombs "almost certainly" the work of British-born attackers...",

Nick Cohen spews crap, again

I had to come here and give my condolences.

'Britain sent me back to Mugabe. Now I'm in hiding.'

I know it is a little late to be posting about 7/7 and how it made me feel

Three dead in Iraq suicide blast

Allawi: this is the start of civil war

Hate by privacy advocates, database search engine lives on

MSNBC/Newsweek: Rove IS Matt Cooper's source!!!!

Huff Post: Newsweek Docs Show Rove Leaked CIA Agent's Name

National Hurricane Center Advisory 24A, 7:00 a.m EDT/6:00 CDT

China’s military buildup a concern, not a threat: Rice

WP:O'Connor's Exit Energizes Va. Abortion Debate(gov race decisive issue?)

LAT: After Flagging Support, a Second Wind for Bush (from London bombings)


Police hunt 'mercenary' terror gang recruited by al-Qa'ida

'Yes' leads in Luxembourg EU vote

Bomb Attack Wounds 20 at Turkey Resort

Islamic Center attacked by vandals

Report: Mitterrand OK'd Greenpeace Bomb

US judge set to lose home under law he brought in

Military's Energy-Beam Weapons Delayed

Iraq Suicide Attacks Kill 33

Appeals court: Abortion ban unconstitutional

Rice calls for China-Taiwan talks

NYTp1:London Thrived As Terror Crossroad;WPp1:London Islamic Radical Haven

Dupe please delete

Afghans say Taliban behead six policemen - Convoy attacked

Al-Qaeda-linked extremist groups getting a foothold in Somalia: ICG

Same-time-as-attack undrgrnd bombing exercise in London a chilling coincid

Kurdish rebels claim responsibility for bomb attack

London Bombers Were Probably British, Says U.K. Ex-Police Chief

Luxembourg says yes to EU constitution

Business Booster: Tom DeLay is U.S. companies' friend in Congress

Six Afghans beheaded 'by Taleban'

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Att

U.S. says willing to be flexible in N.Korea talks this time

Chavez Condemns London Attacks, Criticizes US Policies on Terrorism

LAT: British Response to Attacks Is Measured (contrast to U.S., Spain)

London Times: Bush’s terrible twins try a little African charity

Time Magazine: Curiouser and Curiouser (Plame, Miller, Rove, etc..)

Fake Research Allegations Reach New Highs

Tension, Confusion Between Troops, Contractors in Iraq

Summary Box: Missile Defense Setbacks Stall Program

Iraq warns neighbours of terror threat

IRAQ: Oil workers defend public ownership

WP: Bush aide Rove was Time reporter's source-Newsweek

3 Arrested in London Under Anti-Terror Law

London Police Arrest Three at Heathrow Airport; 49 Bodies Sent to Mortuary

Egyptian Ambassador's Wife Slams Government, 'His Blood on Their Hands'

Saudi Arabia says ready to beat militants from Iraq

London Times: Downed US Seals may have got too close to Bin Laden

Anti-Shiite fervor stuns Iraqi community

Wave of Attacks Kills Nearly 50 in Iraq

Brennan faces state inquiry into influence (Ohio)

Slain correspondent was also a doctor, father -- and friend

Iowa native is killed on duty in Iraq (#1753)

LAT: Tractors Crush Heart of a Nation (Brazil)

London: Cops probe Zarqawi link

Bush won't announce Supreme pick until end of July

Revolutionary foetus sex test raises eugenics fears

Fortunes made on bombing

Officials prepare for visit by Minutemen

Pope Urges Prayers for London Attackers

Death toll likely to hit 70

Roadside bomb hits US convoy in southern Baghdad (2 US dead, unconfirmed)

Bomber Hits Iraqi Army Recruiting Center

New Tropical Storm/Hurricane Forming Near Where Dennis Started

Iraqi Karate Official's Body Found Floating in River

Matt Cooper's Source -What Karl Rove told Time magazine's reporter

'Monster' Storm To Slam Gulf Coast With 140 MPH Winds; Going to Devastate

Remains Identified As Missing Idaho Boy

Housing markets pricing out middle class

Iraqis blame U.S. and Britain over London bombings

WP/AP: Comet's Formation Appears Gradual:Collision Provides Data on Origin

Sea levels rise fast: 1 inch in 10 years

Clinton: Global warming an opportunity (U.S. should stick it out in Iraq)

Man cuts feet off 'promiscuous' wife

Critics say attacks justify early opposition to Iraq war

Raspberry kamakazis ROCK THE BLOODY HOUSE!

Yuppies- a threat to humanity?



S A T U R D A Y night

We (Canada) need to address the issue of possible Quebec terrorists

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Who would win in a fist fight? Zombie Reagan or Mega-kitten?

Who was your first crush ?

Freaky - Rubber Johnny

does anyone here play the lottery?

MMM... I'm eating a baloney sandwich and drinking strawberry kool aid!

Fire up the grill!

I just about busted my ass.

I hate photo labs so much

I'm eating a salami sandwich and a brownie

Gulfport Alabama live-cam still working..

NOW what are you listening to? And post a pic of it while you're at it.

Let's play 20 questions


It is POURING here!

They have NO subtlety tonight

When KKKarl is to frogmarch what MJ is to moonwalk

I think bettyellen has a problem with her "a" key.

So I went to the Arizona Democrats Heritage Dinner tonight

What do you do when you listen to love songs?

2:33 in Columbus Ohio... what are you drinking?

Serenade by Steve Miller.

Hippies- a threat to humanity?

Have you ever walked backwards and eaten ice cream?

I'm off to slumber.

Shhhh....The West Wing is on

Are there any cheap substitutes to pool (hitting balls w/stick into holes)

Who's drinking bad beer?

Was assaulted by 2 patients tonight and brought a man back with CPR!

Fish make lousy models

William Shatner sings Yummy yummy yummy, I got love in my tummy:

What's the name of that south park-inspired movie re: terrorism?

Attention DU: RESISTANCE is FUTILITOUS! Your Culture Will be OSAMA-lated!


I'm way past a buzz

At this moment, I have a dog in my lap, a cat on my shoulder...

Not to sound crazy but...

"Miss Sarajevo"- Passengers

Looks like Abeline is going to be adopted today

Huge , panorama pic. (linked..not posted) Amazing

Heading for bed

Baby panda born at National Zoo

Anyone who wants to listen, Mobile's police scanner is on the net.

Can you hear that?

The Day Before You Came

Oh great, a bad air quality day here in Cleveland

about a tortoise and a hippo... for Sunday morning

Watching I, Robot on Cinemax...

Should pagans be fed to dingbats?

Keep it down, will ya.. You're gonna wake the horsies

I bought a Playboy because Arthur Schlesinger Jr. has an article in it....

I'm very jealous of Canadians. Is that wrong??

Dennis compared to Camille

Atlanta Area DUers turn on Channel 2 NOW! Zell Miller EXPOSE

Thank you to all those who read my blog regarding Andy......

Dennis compared to Camilla

I don't think I am going to make the Chicago meet-up...

Dennis compared to Camille

So while I was out you guys, what, did a GD panty raid?

Lounge Rule # 3 - If you are going to be absent you'll need a note

Sunny and 90 degrees in Michigan! Meanwhile, the South gets PUMMELED!

I think Val Kilmer is turning into Gary Busey

Why does Pink Floyd make me cry?

I barbecued pork ribs for breakfast.

Peanut Butter: Regular or Chunky?

Petition to revoke Tom Cruises citizenship

Choose the catapult you'd most like to use for catapultin' your propaganda

No 'American Dad' tonight

I bought a bunch of cheap, cool jewelry last night

Thanks to asshat Ricky boy, I use NOAA's website now for my weather

Lawyers have feelings too

Who would win in a fight, Hurricane Dennis or Dennis Kucinich?

TV or Highspeed Internet. I can't afford both, so I have had to choose.

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

I always get canker sores when I drink orange juice...

Strippers Charged With Battery After Spanking Trucker

YES, it's a trick subject line. NO, it's NOT George 'n' Condi at the ranch

The latest saga from the fundie side of my family.

New Dennis Pic... The threat becomes real!

Has anyone been watching "30 days", the Morgan Spurlock show on FX?

Ron White on Hurricanes and Idiots

absent-minded DUers thread.

DAMN, my wife makes strong coffee.

Since when did it become ok to sign a flag?

Sometimes Rice looks a bit like a Roy Lichtenstein painting

What is currently spinning on your HiFi Qué Onda Guero

Ahhhh...that felt great. Just put the SOLD OUT sign on the window here

The next hurricane after Dennis will be named after me...

Okay who besides me is not going to church today.....

Do you have a little red rooster, too lazy to crow the day?

Leave it to Bush -- Featuring Gary busey and Bill Cosby

I'm Sooooo thirsty

My parents have been alienated by my Freeper brother

Blueberry-Banana Bread

Impersonate another DUer

The 400-pound winner of the Maui onion eating contest (9 OZ. in 1 min.)

Back from Maine. Great long weekend despite the soggy weather.

any dream interpreters here?

What are the two symbols of the Republican Party? (A joke)

Men who do the ironing: STAND UP!

Poor American musicians.

The golf course is flooded, The pool has overflowed.

Do You Realize?

GD Sunday AM wackiness--it's flying thick and fast again.

Who would win in a fight, Hurricane Dennis or Dennis Kucinich?

Coffee is either the greatest thing ever or the Devil's elixir.......

I want to be a weatherman who stands in the wind!

Anyone seen tjwmason lately?

Every time someone posts about the "Fantastic Four"

Who's up for a chorus of "Ding dong, the witch is dead" when Rove falls?

I don't think DS1 really has a rat's ass to give

Now this is thought provoking.

Anderson Cooper is a nut.

Tastes Like Somebody Loves You!

Well, my brother may be a pain, but at least his wife is smart

CNN is my Hurricane Headquarters - What's yours?

Elmer Fudd - I'm Too Sexy...

Chicago DUers...drink a toast to Andy Stephenson this afternoon.

What's the real difference between having a crush on someone and loving is

Do YOU ever get sad when....

War of the Worlds

Did Rove, The WH, And MSM Coordinate Hurricane Dennis' Landfall?

A Wartime President Song !

Examples of people who answer an Internet posting without even reading it?


Penguins more popular than Tom Cruise!!

The Official NASCAR race thread

What do I have to do...

Eight minutes to air the NECKCAR race...

Does anyone here own a Mini Cooper?

Does anyone have a link to a story about what happened to Andy?

I'm listening to Johnny Cash.

who was your first crash

AC/DC sing about PMS (Warning: Crude,sexist and very offensive)

I hope one of those news fools standing out in the hurricane...

Do you look back on your youth and think you lacked depth you now have?

Late night DU cehck in

Dennis was just downgraded to a cat 3

Delta Dawn, What's that flower you have on?

What is the best site for music downloads

Where is "home" to you, or where you're "from"?

My dog's being treated w/liquid Viagra 4 hypertension in the heart (long)


why is soledad o'brien working on her day off?

I lost my wallet have you seen it?

Soda vs Pop

New Jersey legislator proposes banning car radios...

Does anyone else get hungry when you read about "yellow cake"?

LTTE at our local fishwrap today. (WTF?)

I'm sick of Pauly Shore......again!

American Gigolo

Here come da judge!

Smart -assed wife.

LOOKIN' OUT FOR NO. 1 - A Song In Pictures

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a message for you all

"Dennis" VS Anderson Cooper (CNN) - Who Are YOU Rooting For?

Any PS2 players out there? I have a question

BREAKING: CNN Tries to Cut the Payroll

Absinthe DUers thread.

Is anyone here a fan of the video game Dungeon Siege?

In my hour of need DU helps me ....... i found my wallet!

large pieces of scrap metal are blowing around anderson cooper

Inside the Park HR in Colorado? Padres vs Rockies.

An actual local radio ad...

I'm going to see Tom Petty and the Black Crowes tonight. Ask me anything!

how many BUSH admin officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Why do I suddenly have the desire to stay at a Ramada?

Powdered Mac and Cheese Poll: Kraft or Annie's??

Willie Nelson to release reggae album

Fear my Post #666

Does anyone want to enter these data sheets?

I am so angry about something I found out about my surgery.

Should vegans be fed to bobcats?

Okay, my fellow Lounge Lizards....

When is : "Time to make a movie chain!" gonna be locked?

Who else thinks those Duchovny-voiced dogfood ads need a conspiracy angle?

To hell with other DUers. Say something nice about me.

How did Jerry Lee Lewis marry a 13 year old?

Enough disasters for one week

Pics are taking along time to load

A mad cat thread...


Met up with the local scooter group

Six Feet Under.

Hurricanes: The New NASCAR?

i think Ramada JUST erected that huge sign yesterday. Free Publicity - CNN

Alright, who's next?

Y'ever save someone's life?

My newest chef crush: Ming Tsai!

Airplane! on AMC now!


Recipes For Pickling A 13 Year Old? Help?

Who can't wait another month for Bill Mahr?


OK, now we're getting some real winds...

Favorite fast food joint? (in-n-out, whitecastle, et al)

On this sunday what is everyone listening too?

I just figured out that it's "Stalking Horse" not "Stocking Horse"

Who's your favorite Congressman . . .

Gas approaching $3.00

The severe weather alerts have taken over my tv

Same Sex America is on Showtime East

Who would win in a fight, Hurricane Dennis or Hurricane Ditka?

4 and 3 and 2 and 1! When I'm on the mic - the suckers run....WORD!!!!

Have you seen this?

Recipes for picking on 13 year olds? Help?

NYC apartment hunting sucks - UPDATE!

Animal House fans.... need help

I can't wait for the Fall/Autumn .

Best Doonesbury yet: "It's the stem cells, I hear their cries"

Obligatory Bush 666 post

Users of personal ad services... when someone 2x your age responds,

I'm tired of fighting with GD

I've been to the geographical center of The Yoonited States


note to self ~ *must stop wanting to kick the poo out of someone*

"Real" beef chili has beans? yes or no?

What is the worst excuse a Republican gave you for not enlisting?

Riddle me this;

NY meetup/ memorial for andy this coming saturday.....

"CNN Crew in Pensacola Taking Cover; Metal Signs Flying"

Does your dog have a doghouse like this?

I got asked for my id to buy beer tonight!

sketch for today

A tribute to Andy.....


I know it's costly, but I'm thinking of doing it.

Which would you rather live through: Hurricane Dennis or Dennis Miller?

I've upped MY post count; UP YOURS!

My Donor Belly-Star


Need a laugh? LIsten to this voicemail by a guy calling in late to work.

Ok, I'll reword and try again

I'm eating my first vegan Boca burger. Ask me anything

Redneck Games celebrate 10 years (pic heavy)

Sunday Morning Blues! I Saw Buddy Guy Last Night! Pics And Video HERE!!!

I am a self-destructive drug addict

Sonofabitch, just dropped a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red

Call your member of Congress: 1-877-SOB-U-SOB (really!)

Titan A.E. or Animatrix?

Southlandshari and merh. You don't want to hear this.

OK, Is Dennis really the Big Shit, or is it a distraction?

I'm going to see Trout Fishing In America tonight. Ask me anything!

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na:

Why the North East is better than wherever the hell you came from.

Debris is falling all around Anderson Cooper on CNN

Excuse me, could you direct me to the nawal base in Alameda?

absent DUers thread.

FreeRepublic's been down all day...

Ripping CDs on Linux

Last orders for snob yobs as Cornwall cracks down on upper-class parties

1-2-3-4-5, 6-7-8-9-10, 11-12!!!!

Favorite. Divas. Ever.

Soda: Coca-Cola or Pepsi

Whose avatar, other than your own, do you like best?

Tell me in which state you live, and I'll tell you what I think of it!

Crazy thing just occurred when I took my dog out....

Favorite Meat

Who are some posters you miss?

What hurrcanes have you experienced?

Willie Nelson to release a reggae album

Us liberals have a sense of humor about ourselves, right?

Dude, give it a rest: your car won't beat my bike

It's time for some Van Morrison in the Lounge!

Is breastfeeding vegetarian?

Looking to add a couple netflix friends.

Ok (MEN) I have a question. Can you be friends with a woman you

I am waiting for a pizza

Movies in which you like both the original AND the remake

just for fun . . . 5 Most Influential Popular Music Artists . . .

You have to read today's Doonesbury

What is your sign?

New pic thread. And it has pictures of ME!!!!

Recipes For A Picky 13 Year Old? Help?

Your image on DU: another approach

Remember Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker?

Stopped my Bush* loving pug boss in her

Yeah, i'm new here...

Redneck Games take on Olympics for glory!

How did DUers come up with their author names?

What We Owe What We Eat by George Will

Antifreeze Bittering Act

Archeologists discover another Stonehenge

John Paul II set to be saint within weeks

Looking For A Good Bible

Genes may affect cholesterol more than exercise: twin study

Genomics researchers discover protein deficit that causes drug toxicity

Adult Lifestyle Biggest Risk Factor for Diabetes

Energy Breakthrough! Cold Fusion Using Crystals Verified in CS Monitor

DUer's see weather site... every body in strom country needs it...LINK>>

Why are some of the Lakes in Russia RED? What would cause that?

Galileo Redux: The Catholic Church examines evolution in terms of dogma.

Response rally today (WA) at church that held Focus on the Family

Stalking Steve Bartman

Antifreeze Bittering Act

New Tarot Reading - Subject - ROVE

Today's Sermon: Design Your Own Hell

WP Book Review : "American Spirit"

Anyone else listen to

Where's Az been???

Look! I'm searching for aliens!

Remember this pix?

Pix of me and Governors Neapolitano and Warner at the party

An insect thread...

Okay DU Photographers .. I Need a Hand

Did you see the mutant flowers

Philosophical thought for today:

MSNBC put up a "Notable Quotables" article for Keith this week.

Dupe. Ignore.

Speaking of the Plame affair, can anyone point me to a timeline that

I don't get it - What Was the Point of the Plame Outing?

California Suspends Medical Marijuana IDs

BBC: UK-Bombing 'Exercises' Same Time as Real Attack, same as 9/11

Fox Beltway Boys: "White House suspects 4 SC vacancies" - (VIDEO)

self-delete - repeat

help! need mp3 of today's Guy James show

Universal Health Care Push Being Revived

Fox News: Is right-wing radio "Truth Tour" in Iraq biased? - (VIDEO)

These people are a disease! (Freep and Rove story)

"Nothing suggests that Rove used Plame's name or knew she was a covert op"

Rove's Email to Cooper & New WH Talking Points >

This COULD Be Old News I Wasn't On Yesterday... England To Remove Troops!

I went to the BBQ Fundraiser for Thom Jackson yesterday...

It's not the number of deaths, it's the degree of terror created....

It seems that Iraq and Al Qaeda did have

xymphora attacks DailyKos for purging skeptics

Juan Cole: Peace groups, Pentagon see eye-to-eye on Iraq

turned to the Chris Matthew's show - boy was that a mistake

Insurgent bombers kill 30 in Iraq, wound 75, freedom still marchin'

Exactly what information is Judith Miller refusing to divulge ??

Saddam offered to step down if it would prevent an attack on his

Harry Shearer's - "LeShow" starting Now Live! Don't Miss it!

Let's not pretend that Plamegate is the nadir of Bush admin deceit.

Tonight on 60 Minutes (Homeland Security Spending)

National Ledger: "Karl Rove MAY not be in legal trouble, but...

Watch "the Unathorized Biography of Dick Cheney" online for free

VIDEO-Sandra Day O'Connor for Chief Justice?

Site where you can send email to congress about SCOTUS

Loading up the plane?

When does a cult become a culture?

Great Doonesbury cartoon today

MTV's Gideon Yago Reports - Saying 'No' To The Army (VIDEO)

Media Terminology

Compilation: Fox News hype of London Bombings in 1 minute - (AUDIO)

By every measure, George W Bush and the Repubs have been a disaster...

Mrs. ZBDent - on seeing the promo for ABC World News Tonight

What Would Happen If When A Politician Was Accused Of

Candidate for MT Dem chair won't get pic taken with Dean next week-end.

Bush: "I sleep well at night. I attribute that to my faith."

The Right Is Literally Crowing Over The London Terror Attacks

I just got back from Democracy for America training

Finally, the bigotry comes out full force

Do you all think The Chris Matthews Show is worthless?

How would you respond?

So who did London?

The Newsweek article was oversold

Greatest Threat

Here's a journalist who nearly "gets it"

Bush’s terrible twins try a little African charity



THIS is supposed to make it OK???????????

Another reason to avoid Domino's (Dominionist) Pizza

After seeing Cooper and his press conference.....

The media bought into the "myth" of George W Bush....

The Media .... whores, sellouts, or cowards?

Reading on ROVE - For those who believe - and even those who don't...

Republicans do not indulge in "politics" - only Democrats...

Update on the fund for Andy, Please keep this kicked.

America: One Nation Under God - "Dr." James Kennedy (moran extraordinaire)

Goodbye Middle Class; Hello House Poor

Allawi turns on Bush...what next?

so, when will Patrick J. Fitzgerald have his deadly heart attack?

Frist epitomizes the Republican strategy of LIE, LIE, LIE--AND I'M FED UP!

Anyone else have a problem with that clenched fist in the right column?

By the way, TIA --

Hey!!! If you are LIHOP you are fucking up the cause!!! (Purge????)

Thread 2 of "Daily Kos purges "Tinfoilhatters" from DU'er "Geek Tragedy."

What's the right wing to do about progressive blogs?

The South Does Not A Majority Make