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Archives: May 7, 2005

Robin Cook (Guardian Utd): Blair must step down sooner rather than later

Limited progress on nonproliferation (Schorr / ChrSciMon)

Founders rightly feared majoritarian tyranny (Boaz:Cato)

Hatching A New Filibuster Precedent (John Dean)

Karpinski Busted Back for Abu Ghraib, Right? Wrong

The Enemy is Nature

Union announces possible strike against CSU

Beverly Hilton Signs Labor Contract

Teachers Vote to Extend Work Action (Berkeley)

Foreign Lending Institutions to have greater say in russias banking sector

Hamas Emerging As Strong Political Force

Reminder - cspan2 book tv tomorrow re-airing Griffin's U.Wis Talk

Brit Broadcasters hail success of joint exit poll

Week in paradise auction for Andy ends at midnight tonight...

We just made $1200 for Andy at our DU marketplace forum

10 Steps to Better Elections-Our electoral system in tatters (Sierra Club)

Cook County (Chicago) inches away from Diebold optiscan

Peace Patriot --- Because this Post deserves its own thread

DOCUMENTED: "Went to vote for Kerry and Bush popped up immediately"

Hardball: Interview with former EAC Commissioner Soaries - (VIDEO)

$45m (Diebold?) contract flying under radar in Cook County, Ohio

Mainstreet Moms: Maria--time for a pillow talk with Ahnuld!

If you support the separation of church and state

Does anyone here remember the Leclair minister,

Task Force:Senator Kerry's Remarks on Marriage Equality Wrong &Mistake

Just took Texas Zogby poll

"Handiphobia" Leading Cause of Euthanasia

I thought everyone could use a laugh

Anyone e-mail Dean about NC Mosque?

2002 Census of Agriculture reveals facts on Asian-American farmers


I've placed a KBCO cd in nonpolitical forums for sale re Andy S

Audioslave concert tonite - Havana, Cuba. Castro to attend w/50,000 Cubans

Drove behind this "lovely" (note saracasm) bumper sticker today...

Blast from the past: Selko's Rant

This was in my inbox tonight

Week in paradise auction for Andy ends at midnight tonight...

self delete/dupe

Making "Pulpit Politics" legal and tax exempt...WTF?!

It would not matter if Bush was directly implicated in causing 9/11 .

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Round Up

Would Rove allow this?

Keith Olbermann is about to report on the church in East Waynesville, NC!

North Carolina Church thing could be a tipping point.

They are burying this on yahoo news, please help vote it up

How long do you think it will take before Americans are 'rendered'

May 6th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$167,918,867,492

For Our Own Good: Take an Oath to Respect Religious Privacy!!!

Shiavo Spectacle to Presidential Milking of a MALE Horse.

1000's of channels of Garbage on the Boob Tube.

John Mason, born-again virgin.

A republican take on the released Memo.

The revolution starts when ? ....

The East Waynesville Baptist Church's Ten Commandments


So,what's wrong with Estonia and Lithuania?

A MASSIVE rally in Waynesville should be planned ASAP!

India Bans Monsanto GM Cotton Seeds

TaskForce Calls Sen. Kerry's Remarks on Marriage Equality "wrong, mistake"

sometimes I hate Lou Dobbs, sometimes I love Lou Dobbs

Been Thinking About This Church In NC. Not To Excuse The Church

A huge thank you!

Remember when the popular image of "Jesus" belonged to the Left?

Send British Leaked Memo To Everyone You Know - I Did

The NC church incident makes my town's local news

Is the Blair memo on MSM tv yet?

Well, Rep. Walter Jones is everywhere! Meets 'MInuteman' founders...

What Is This About "Liberals Hate The Founding Fathers?"

Had to post this here- Canadian politicians insult each other in house

So, what's up with Korea?

Andrew Sullivan sure doesn't have much love left for President Bush

My Thoughts On NC Church Fiasco

IT is all making sense now

Okay, now the military has gone too far in promoting Christianity.

What's next after the Laura Bush Comedy Show that was such a hit

The coolest link: 10 X 10


Send a LTTE to the Waynesville NC Newspaper

What's the deal with Tammy Bruce?

A New Memo-gate? Knight Ridder Covers Leaked British Document That Dispute

We just made $1200 for Andy at our DU marketplace forum

Chan Chandler - Waynesville Baptist Church - Bio???

Mother's call gets son in hot water

Does Rush get paid "under the table" for pushing products on his show.

Yahoo story on excommunicated dems , please Recommend it

Open Letter to DU Community

How Our Leaders Should Approach Same Sex Marriage

Olbermann: "Democrats in Exile" at NC Church - (VIDEO)

Bill Maher, coming up, 10pmCT. (HBO) nt

Gee, look at that... Brit Broadcasters hail success of joint exit poll

CSPAN Schedule Saturday May 7

A way to change the debate on pharmcists and the Pill (Rant)

Garafalo on NOW.....NOW

Reminder - cspan2 book tv tomorrow re-airing Griffin's U.Wis Talk

Claymates vs. Limbaugh

I just finished watching BBC Newsnight on C-Span: it's actual news!

East Waynesville Baptist Church ... manna from above

For the Plaid Adder's Snake Bites can we all do a Shep's "I, Libertine"

Personalities aside - We DU'ers can unite around THIS!!! (we NEED to)

The lessons of Toyota's rise and GM's demise.

FOUND: Absolutely the most STUPID TOY EVER! A Cluster Bomb Model!

THIS KEEPS GETTING BETTER - Bolton, Negroponte and Hayden

Princeton Students Stage A Great Anti-Frist "Filibuster" Protest!

What Is The Deal With Harry Reid? I Don't Like The Sound Of This!!!

Right-wing website says leaked British document a fake !

Crystal meth is some evil bad shit.

"Concerned women" hail AG Gonzales' Task force on Pornography

Abu Ghraib - One Year Later and No Accountability


Potatoes made in heaven - brought to you by Cook's Illustrated

Great Canadian Political Insults

BBC Newsnight hints - Tony Blair to stand down in 18 months?

Robin Cook (Guardian Utd): Blair must step down sooner rather than later

Israeli linked to AIPAC probe to leave post

Judge Rules Against 13 in Elian Raid Suit

Health care laundry workers ready to strike (Angelica)

Appeals court decertifies nationwide class in tobacco litigation

Negroponte Moving to Set Up Intelligence

IACHR expresses concern over the situation of Yvon Neptune

In a Reverse, Microsoft Says It Supports Gay Rights Bill

WP: House Panel Receives Detailed Spending Plan for '06 (Environment Axed)

WP,pg1: Montgomery County, Md., Blindsided Over Sex-Ed

Canadian soldiers likely bound for Sudan

Feeling Shortchanged, Genteelly -NYT ("sharp increase" in 401K fraud)

Rell's ethics chief faces ethics complaint

WP: Critics Fault Medicare Handbook ("sows confusion" for seniors)

58 Die in Car Bombing at Iraqi Market

Virginia Governor Orders Review of 150 DNA Cases by Crime Lab

Bolton Warnings From Both Parties -CBS

WP: To the Dismay of Local Sunnis, Shiites Arrive to Police Ramadi

NYT: Security Costs Could Shut Some A-Bomb Labs, Experts Warn

Troops Raid Hospital and Seal Off City in Hunt For Terror Chief

Three Teens Receive Life Sentence for Killing Boy Lured to His Death

WP,pg1: Boom Times For Federal Contractors

In Dispute Over Nuclear Disarmament, Egypt Keeps Treaty Conference Stalled

US 'probes Zarqawi hospital visit'

Slashed majority hamstrings re-elected British PM-asked for departure date

Senior Al Qaeda Leader's Notebook Seized

Appeals Court, Without Opinion, Affirms Dismissal of Sibel Edmonds’ Case

Elation in Harlem as Girl Held in Terror Inquiry Is Released

United: Striking workers may be fired

Editor of Catholic magazine sacked by the Vatican

Dems Booted From N.C. Church Over Politics

Karpinski Busted Back For Abu Ghraib, Right? Wrong.

Gay Catholics To Be Denied Communion

H.R. 235 would allow pastors to endorse candidates& retain 501c3 status:

Inmate dies in Jefferson Parish prison (taser)

Time for Countdown!!!

A Mother's Day Greeting to ALL (this came with beautiful pictures)

If there's something strange in your neighborhood

I'm looking for a new church family.

Star Trek: Dude, Where's my Starship?


Is it possible to place a Kentucky Derby bet on line?

How old were you when you went to....

What to grill for mother's day dinner?

"Flue Voicer" is a real job title. Guess what a "Flue Voicer" does.

What does the phrase, "take time to smell the roses" mean to you?

What's for supper?


Bacardi Raz tastes mmm mmm good

Who's watching "Drumline" on TNT now ?

I Am Going To Stab The Next Telemarketer In The Balls Who DARES To Call Me

dam my daughters cat just climbed the front

I'm bored, ask me anything.

I am so incredibly bored or tired but i really don;'t know which

Imagine a world in which ONLY kids 15 and younger have guns.

the Lounge is so different at this time

I hit 3,000 posts, all irrelevant. Post here for an irrelevant response.

Everything at AREA 51 is totally under control

Bacardi Select tastes mmm mmm good

Kiss my griyuts!

For those wondering about the DOG beating/Death threat incident

I just experienced TRUE hell

So, would you be willing to pay 5K to save your KITTY's life?

What is this I hear about Andy needing the whole $50k upfront? By Monday?

An actual Item from The Pfister Hotel's bar menu...

skunk alert

the grateful dead

Amazing picture of invisible kitty in fog! Must see and comment!

Week in paradise auction for Andy ends at midnight tonight...

For the ladies in the Lounge who just want marriage...

Old School David Cross on Comedy Central right now.

What is "The nuclear option" ?

Underaged Bichon

10 posts to 3k...Anyone wanna help?

What is it with all of these kitty postings lately?

"the connection was refused when attempting to contact..

7 Mary 3 and 4, I'm pulling The Lounge over. I believe them to all be PUI

She's Leaving Home

What's your favorite song by your favorite artist?

I miss Oasis

Think yo down wit da hood? Take the N.W.A. test.

the doctor just said

Did you know that you can stay in the Borden house?

paula abdul slept with me!

New products for the Patriotic!!!!!!!!11

It's Archae's Friday night kitty thread!

"pcu" on foxmo dish 133

ho hum

I've got issues

For those living alone

What happened to High School?


Me in a swimsuit

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

If I was to post a thread, "Rev_Acts Topless" what would happen?


You asked for it, topless Kleeb

How often do you pad just to post your pad count?

DL Topless

Longgrain topless

I got a really nice surprize at work


&%*#&^$*#(&%#&%(*#&)(# Chicago Cubs

You know, once you let it get nice and cold...

For those with no mother.

Well when you have to move a body.


Check out my new license plates!

Is Kelly Rippa the poor American's Sarah Alexander?

I, Richard Bruce Cheney, Topless...

Here it is, my 3000th post, but don't ask me anything


Looks like the Yankees are about to lose again

So my Mom calls...

Adlai Stevenson and William Jennings Bryan never felt like this.

CF1982 topless.

Never mind.

Calamity Jane from Deadwood is the hottest woman on TV

Hello fellow Iowans or Iowanians...which is it?

If you saw somebody scratching your new car with a nail, what'd you do?

Why is Robb not starting a topless thread?

Did anyone else feel a little ill

Why don't you lay down that cowbell right now. With us. Together.

ART....twigs and water Andy Goldsworthy

surprising maher show tonight . . .

Interested in Canadian government? Here's what often goes on

Does anyone know how to not be so pissed off all the time?

Does anyone like hot alcohol beverages?

Okay, now the military has gone too far to promote Christianity

What should I get mom for mother's day?

I'm not going topless

My Hubby came to visit me at work today

Rock band with the best musicians and my pick is:

Depp fans. Cry-Baby is coming on Oxygen at midnight (central time)

Commonly used words NOT found in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

I knew it. Really, I'm not surprised at all.

I miss Dupe

You see the world through your cynical eyes

We just made $1200 for Andy at our DU marketplace forum

I'm going brainless!

I knew Gandhi... he was a prick

Sources Say Nash Wins NBA's MVP Award

The Lounge gone wild!

HEY!!!! Maestro posted a topless pic. LOOK HERE!!!!

i just saw crash...

Mr. Belvedere is dead

Who's the most famous person you've NEVER met?

3000 posts & a birthday.

Are you Felix or Oscar?

Yeah, I'm drunk. But I'm not THAT drunk.

Which is more annoying: holier than thou or lefter than thou?

You know you're getting older when...

Screw all bands except the Bay City Rollers

On a website from Holland.

Rev_Acts topless?

Cat Pictures!!!!!!

Cell phones in the john: a Really Bad Idea

For the Plaid Adder's Snake Bites can we all do a Shep's "I, Libertine"

Who are you in this 21st Century Pub called the Lounge?

Where is JimmyJazz?

I'd post a "RandomKoolzip topless" thread, but I haven't taken my shirt

Sipping on Tequila and juice - ask me anything

this is just too funny

Time for kitty pix!

I just saw the movie "Saw". That was a damn good movie

Q: Where can I find historical footage of Fallujah?

Time to post desktops again

Post here and condiment me

Eva Mendes Is So Hot...

How many enemies do you have?

Your thoughts on Nicolas Cage

My car just got EGGED!

What are you doing this weekend?

Topless Bunny

progmom topless

RetroLounge Topless


I am so fucking weary of being in so much fucking pain all the time.

Your favorite band the almost nobody has ever heard of

I'm going braless!

Screw politics. Help me find pics of Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke.

I just sucked face with your 10th grade english teacher.

John Mayer makes me fart.

Best DU cat ever

Ya know, they say the Pen is Mightier than the sword

What type of dream do you have the most?

How often do you post just to pad your post count?

Gorillas in the Mist

OK bible people

Catholics give the finger to Church's demands for Public Relations funds

Wizards move on!

Damn! Skankees about to climb out of the cellar!

TREVOR TIME!!! Hoffman picks up his 400th save!

Sources Say Nash Wins NBA's MVP Award

Greyhound rescue needs help BADLY

Shit happens and were not responsible

****Rant***Kind of long***

JK and Hillary together at YouthBuild in Boston

I just found this forum, will visit when the GD bashing gets to me

My daughter's oral presentation about Vietnam was a big success!

You know, you guys rock!

News 5/6/05 Small news piece in little paper called NY Times

More Bolton dirt

Rainbow over my house today.

My photographs from the Soulforce rally got picked up by The Advocate!

FASCINATING ARTICLE: Proof Bush Fixed the Facts (GOTCHA!)

Support DMCA Reform - Help Pass HR 1201!

Electioneering Bill so that pastors can tell congreg how to vote

"THE BRAD SHOW" : This Weeks Lineup- Being the Media..Cuz Someone's Got To

Blair memo massage data?

Abramoff Tied to Bush White House

Week in paradise auction for Andy ends at midnight tonight...

Who's watching the black box chicken coop?

Is blogery the only solution to media monarchy?

John Negroponte is portrayed in the movie Salvador by Oliver Stone

How do we petition against HR 235?

That's it! I've had it! I'm Excommunicating All Wingnuts

Olbermann: "Democrats in Exile" at NC Church - (VIDEO)

We just made $1200 for Andy at our DU marketplace forum

Democrats Plot Their Return to Power

I'm tired of Osama loose. Can we hire our own "independent contractors"?

Credibility of the bushenfurher

There's reason for condemning Laura Bush's "comedy"...

OK ,what are the chances this religious loophole could be exploited

Need Advice: My daughter's teacher says, "Bush never lies."

A way to change the debate on pharmcists and the Pill (Rant)

anyone like me? I distrust ALL govt. reports on Iraq and "terra" fact

WTF? DNC Sent Top Staff To Help Bush's Poodle Tony Blair Win 3rd Term?

Marylin Quayle possibly to run for AZ gov.

A woman running for President in 2008?

What Rough Beasts? (the body of Frist and the serpent tail of DeLAY)

American energy policy -- written by Beavis and Butthead.

Really Weird Moonie Times turns on Rumsfeld?

Does the US get China's game?

Right Wing Assault on Abortion and Dem Complicity

Iran, a Nation of Political Surprises

Stations of the Cross - 'faith-based news'

GÜNTER GRASS: The Gravest Generation NYTimes 5/7/05

"Tsunsmi '06, Totalize It, And Put A Stake Through The Heart Of This

Wolcott: Bend This (*'s gratitude to Tony Blair?)

Whither Disorder? Ann Coulter and the Texas Police State, Cont.

The Gravest Generation - GÜNTER GRASS - on 60 yr. ann. German surrender

Enough's enough on that bride (wow! someone gets it!)

Catching Up With Carol Moseley Braun

50 and Fired (Fortune Magazine)

Venezuela president calls Bush Mr. Danger, says he has reason to worry

Please sign petitions for abused animals

T-shirt plaintiff pushing for trial (MO)

HaShoah Holocaust Commemoration, Boston, Sunday, May 8 at 1:00 PM

National Conference On Media Reform -- Anyone Else Here Going?

Goldman: We Run Wall Street

New Bridges Made of Bendable Concrete


crisis in U.S. tax enforcement


Protest is next for service union (IN)

50 and Fired (Fortune Magazine)

Howard apologizes for deportation of Australian woman

Abbas Seeking Peace Meeting With Sharon

Gulf prince gives new houses to homeless Gazans

Annan demands Hizbullah disarmament

Naji Al Ali: An Artist With a Vision

Islamic Jihad kills Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel

Explosive New Study on TV News Coverage of Israel-Palestine to be Released

Thousands gather in Tel Aviv to mark 'World Marijuana Day'

Gaza lull shaky as Palestinians fire rocket at settlers' school bus

Heads up DUers 2:30 pm Book TV presents David Ray Griffin (CSPAN 2)

C-SPAN, May 7, 2:30 p.m.:

Sibel Edmond's website...

David Ray Griffin - The 9/11 Report: Omissions and Distortions to repeat

I missed the Griffin thing again

David Ray Griffin presentation

David Ray Griffin on CSpan2 NOW

The Silence of a Boing 767

Just saw David Ray Griffin on CSPAN2. What an absolutely awesome man!

David Ray Griffin just said what I thought about the pentagon plane

How many people know for certain that the 9/11 cover story is a lie?

Pentagon Hole Explanation

"A Lobotomy for Democracy"

Forecast Bush job rating: function of % who believe election was stolen

Confounding the Febble function: a solution to the RbR riddle.

Even assuming rBr, it takes a MIRACLE to reverse Kerry's 51-48% margin

Who's the Republican guy taking money from Diebold in the video?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Saturday

Robert Koehler on BradShow Radio Saturday 7PM-11PM ET

Discrepancies found in 35 percent of Miami-Dade precincts

Andy needs more money by Monday to have scheduled surgery.

Recent RNC touchiness about election fraud claims

Yes, the Reluctant Republican Responder (3%) was a KERRY voter!

Our Evidence vs. Their Evidence

Oppose discriminatory constitutional amendments!

RIP Emil Pavich

Phyllis Schlafly stinks up Northwest Iowa

"Religious-Left" Reverend Jim Wallis, Harvard Monday, May 9 @ 6:30 PM

Yom HaShoah Holocaust Commemoration, Sunday, May 8 at 1:00 PM

Neo-Nazi Hub protest angers Holocaust survivors

David Cobb here June 2 to talk about election reform

More funds needed for Andy

Deafness and Minnesota

Hey, how'd you like the way the House put through the tax bill?

Four Minn. Reps. endorse the insane 'poltical pulpits' bill.

Can anyone help with a Firefox problem

How to make yourself a Digital Video Recorder from an old PC

'no front license plate' bill, passes Texas house

State repug convention update,Ari says war was needed

Alan Lassee, The State Senate's biggest ass cantaloupe disses the DNR.

RadFest Midwest Social Forum 2005 June 3-5, Lake Geneva/ Williams Bay, WI

anybody know why Obey did not sign the Conyers Bush/Blair letter?

WI Democratic Convention goers - how's this for a meet-up plan?

can't we keep the ape home & stop infuriating europe?

So when do ABC re-run this Program on Delay from 1997/8

Not your average c2c shows

John Gibson explains it all for you: Why gays cannot marry.

Saturday Toon (5/7) Who's in YOUR pocket?


Hitler loved them in their first performance, and you'll love them too!

GF Tribune on Bush's cattle guard joke - this is hilarious!!

Reader's Digest - what a repuggy piece of garbage

Has it occurred to our rightwing numskulls that the world just may not

Thank you MrBenchley....

We need a march for democracy

Intelligent(?) Design discussion about to start on CSPAN

Is it true that the CIA is moving to Denver from Langley?

c-span talking of mj WashPost story. fella is disbuting the story

Reading the tea leaves...

They can all go to Hades !

Lookings like the runaway bride showed up on ebay

Should the World see America as a Threat?

Kool-Aid spiked with Holy Water - I'll pass

Morning News Digest For Our Great Leader.

National Conference On Media Reform -- Anyone Else Here Going?

Latin America may very well become the canary in the coal mine for

Do us all a huge favor. Runaway, and DON'T come back.

Today, C-Span2, Re-airing Griffin's U of Wisc Talk! 2:30PM!!!

what natural disaster is most likely to wipe out the human race?


Democrats Voted Out of Baptist Church - Guardian UK

Any teachers of parents know anything about the AVID program?

Can someone explain why churches are tax exempt?

The Dog Ate My Homework (ID experts publicly embarrassed in KS) Founder Eyes Journalism - Interesting

Anti-gay, Boy Scout Leader Republican Mayor Accused Of Child Molestation

Hey America, what's going on?

for al-Libbi, what interrogation tactics would you condone?

And now Jesus on curtains

HAHA, Greg Palast Blair Card

He was safe at a home

Any news of the second F-18 pilot, whose crashed jet was found in Iraq?

Mother's Day Proclamation

Family Values and Kevin Francois

bushCo "family values" = a wee bit of increase in US military RAPES

help with taser info

"We might as well go back to communism" -Burger King CEO

The Kentucky Derby's Dark Side: Jockeys Most Exploited Workers In America

Examples of "zero tolerance" policies

Covert Draft Scheme Already Implemented

Heads up DUers 2:30 pm Book TV presents David Ray Griffin (CSPAN 2)

So, you thought you were lucky to have health-care insurance?

There are reasons for School Policies

Bush arrives in Latvia - Drunk again?

Has anyone else noticed we've not had a "Red/Orange Alert" since the

There IS something on the air now....Saturday Radio Schedule

C-SPAN, May 7, 2:30 p.m.:

David Ray Griffin - The 9/11 Report: Omissions and Distortions to repeat

David Ray Griffin on CSpan2 NOW

"Taken By Storm: Art of Storm Thorgerson"

latvia honors bush with their highest award...WTF??

Stripes letters: Myth of the liberal media/Voters got what they asked for

If Jesus came back to Earth now...

Hannity Doesn't Know When To Stop re: Schiavo

I witnessed something SPECTACULAR Thursday night.

Maher: Madeleine Albright speaks on Iraq, N. Korea - (VIDEO)

Hilariously Bad FR "Science" Article "Toppling Evolution"

And the sign said Democratic voters need not apply...

Blair's survival chances

The PhelpsBot Cult Protests a HS play! Friday, Durham NC (Pic-heavy post)

How many people do you know who are working two jobs or more?

Just saw David Ray Griffin on CSPAN2. What an absolutely awesome man!

Harry Reid has no spine...

Gas prices are Good for the local economy!!!!

Do Shrub supporters have Battered Wife Syndrome?

David Ray Griffin just said what I thought about the pentagon plane

Parody on Daily Mirror 4th November 2004 Front Page

I know there are lots of Vets here, I know there are members of different

Just a few bites of the little liberal!

AP says more National Guard going to Iraq to "fight terrorism"

Is this child abuse? I mean seriously.

Vietnam Vet Murdered By Police. (MI)

God help us.

Hopeful signs that progressives are uniting

My Fabulous Gay Wedding

Republicans are CULTISTS. They ALWAYS put party above country.

bush mentions Hitler & "Himself" in a speech to Latvia today

Shrub just insulted FDR again

Where can I find how long a Congressman has been on a Committee? nt

Jesus loved other men. Does that make Him gay?

Things are starting to change in my office (Repub boss is sweaty)

What can you tell me about William Robert "Tim" Timken?

NR: Jews to be saved by Pope Benedict and American evangelicals

Gitmo expose on Cspan 2 , 5-08..E Saar "Inside the Wire"

Our president stands in the "wrong" spot"...then moves suddenly

The Steady Drumbeat Of Violence Continues In Iraq! Here's Today!

Newsweek: "A White House Adrift"

So, Andrew Sullivan is vociferously anti-Bush now.

Don't just tax the churches--tax the think tanks.

I have a beef with TIME..

Check out these ridiculous Wingnut T-Shirts

How many times have they "Captured" Zarqawi"? (Anyone have a list)?

Bush compared to a chimp by the Belgium government in a

GM's Chairman, Rick Waggoner, talks about the heavy burden

Are there any Vets around here at DU intending to attend the National

For What It's Worth

So how many VETS did Bush just insult?

Pleasant Surprise

Attention anti-immigrationists: Human history is all about migrations

Should OPEC Switch To Euros? Why Don't They?

"Everything good in this country came from Liberals"

Audioslave Plays First Outdoor Concert by U.S. Rock Group in Cuba

Stain Defacer still getting MSNBC coverage

What have liberals done for this country?

PHOTO: Bush doesn't know how to react with the earpiece visible!


BEST Photos Of Saturday May 7,2005!

Republicans Smoke Marijuana Too, the Assholes

bush reads moving speech about Hitler to the Europeans

read this in referance to Bu$h's 'Cowboy ' talk pissn off Iran and Putin

Those Bastards! did CSPAN2 broadcast David Ray Griffin 1/2 hr. early?

I Encourage all Churches To Shun Members they Don't Like


Was general Janis Karpinski a scapegoat for Abu Ghraib torture

Is this descrption of * OVER THE TOP?

marijuana is NOT the same as crack or heroin or meth

DU spell checker - an observation

Corporate social wars? HELL YES!, Bite em where it really hurts!

Police Say Parents Can Get Arrested If Child Is Out Late

McCain v Kerry

Novak on Capital Gang talking about Franklin and spying.

Anyone else having trouble getting Google search pages?

New Frank Rich column

Is Bush right about the Balkans?

Intelligent Design advocates admit they have not read the standards.

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked

John McCain "absolutely want to be President"

Bush Compares U.S. To Nazi Germany

Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" is well worth seeing :-)

PHOTOS: "Waaaaaah! I have a Man Date!"

Got Gay Marriage Ban Groups Now Press For Gay Adoption Ban (& Hetero Divorce Restrictions)

FAIR's 5/6 Counterspin was brilliant: CPB, SS, Venezuela -- hit all the...

The Right is even getting weak in their arguments

Anyone having trouble with Google? n/t

Did Keith Olbermann really say this?

"Super Rich" Hide $11.5 Trillion in Tax Free Havens

When a soldier cries in America, does anybody hear?

What is Bush's Stance on "Domestic" Drugs?

Republicans Lies Over Prior Use of Filibuster

Second-highest ranking Taliban official was an FBI informant since 1996

One Christian's view on Waynesville

Runaway bride blames lack of sex

Nagourney pens an infuriating "analysis" of the effect of Iraq on Blair

Army Censor Makes Technical Error

Bloated Toad Jerome Corsi Pushing For War On Iran: Calls Them "Moolahs"

Brad Show on Raw Radio 7pm-11pm EST: Check Out the Guests

Some Toons for Saturday

I Really Only Have One Request For The Christians In This Country.

I Don't Believe It!!!!!!! CNN Scroll Banner About Bush/Blair and 90 Reps!

You have to read this--"On the Brink of Theocracy"

CSPAN schedule for Sunday

Afghanistan was wrong, too. At least the way it was done.

Attention all Left-Wing Extremists for Peace. Picture time.

I haven't been to church in over 40 years!

I am glad to see other christians standing up

Mother's Day, Original Proclamation - (Anti war)

Too risky for an activist project?

Good work! Look at all the stories on the Waynesville church this morn!

Blood for Oil?

Yom HaShoah Holocaust Commemoration, Boston, Sunday, May 8 at 1:00 PM

CNN'S Larry King Live: Lauren Becall says "I'm a Proud Liberal Democat!"

Today's DU feature article....

CNN: 90 Dems seek answers about secret Blair/Bush memo - (VIDEO)

A liberal is a conservative with a conscience, and a conservative is a

CNN wants YOUR opinion: What is the greatest threat to Democracy?

The Odd Hypocrite: The NAZI Bush Celebrates the NAZI Defeat

FAQ: How Real ID will affect you

Barbara Bush: "Clinton is now my son."

A POLL: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Union Member?

50% of all proceeds will go to DU....

Question about making potato dish night before

I didn't know that Jeff Smith died last year

Stuffed roasting chicken for today

BBC (Saturday): Labour rebels target Blair

Vote rigging?

British study: schools can save by ditching Microsoft

Australia/Wreckage of missing plane found in nth Qld

Senate tries to toughen top 10% admission rule

Church Bans Democrats

Jesuit Magazine Editor Quits Amid Conflict (Ratzinger)

BUNKER-BUSTER REPORT: Earth-penetrating nuke would not spare civilians

Senate President's lobbyist disclosure measure fails (Florida)

Report: Vatican sacked Catholic magazine editor

Bloggers' Conference Emphasizes Reporting

U.S. to Let Colombia Question Soldiers

Iraq Qaeda vows to avenge Iraqi shot (in mosque) by (exonerated) Marine

Victim's kin oppose (anti Castro terrorist) Posada bid for asylum

U.N. Probe Chief Fights Congress Subpoena

Judge Rules Against 13 in Elian Raid Suit

DEL SOL HIGH SCHOOL APPEARANCE: Reid calls Bush 'a loser'

Explosions rock Burmese capital

Lobbyist's team found welcome at White House

NYT: Ex-C.I.A. Official Says Bolton Interfered

Bush Heralds Freedom in Latvia; Visit Draws Russian Protest

WP: Pentagon Revises Iraq Contractor Rules

LAT: Leader Who Restored Labor's Clout in L.A. Dies (Miguel Contreras, 52)

Energy Minister Blames Venezuelan Media for Fabricating Oil Crisis

WP: Reported Cases Of Sexual Assault In Military Increase

LAT: Head of Troubled Los Alamos Lab Resigns

Editor of Jesuit weekly is ousted

Man, 44, shocked with Taser dies after struggling with Miami-Dade police

Opposition leader lands in Beirut

Court Nixes Broadcast Flag (Fair Use Implication)

Bush to Hu Jintao: Talk to Chen

Bill aims to boost satellite tracking:States that monitor sex offenders co

Palm Beach diocese employee says judge should be denied Communion (Fla.)

Creation of Jobs Surged in April, and Income Rose

Sex-assault reports on rise in military

Embattled Los Alamos lab director resigns

WP: Events Pull Attention From U.S.: Experts Say Bush Agenda Waiting

Spitzer casts eye on spyware

AP: Race, pleas affect Ohio death penalty

Schumer Urges Bush to Rein in Judge Fight (Dem radio address)

Vermont all abuzz about rare death penalty case

Baltics 'should move on from war' (BBC News)

Members say church ousts Kerry supporters

DuPont Settles in Teflon Case on "Failure to Report"

Metabolic syndrome accounts for 40% of adult drug costs

Rand report underscores failings in Iraq

Syria frees Canadian

Guards accused of sex crimes investigated in other incidents

Got Gay Marriage Ban Groups Now Press For Gay Adoption Ban (& Hetero Divorce Restrictions)

Gay rights highly charged political issue (MSN)

Filipino gunsmiths are making a killing

Drug Makers Reap Benefits of Tax Break ($75 billion)

Thousands Gather in Tel Aviv to Mark 'World Marijuana Day'

U.S. leans more on Iraq troops to fight insurgents

China Rejected U.S. Suggestion to Cut off Oil to Pressure North Korea

Coffin Industry Booming in Iraq

A.F.L.-C.I.O. Lays Off 105, but Discord Grows Louder

NYT, Nagourney: War Takes Higher Toll on Blair Than Bush

Huge Solar Power Station Planned for Portugal (World's Largest)

Third World Gets Help to Help Itself (Fair Trade)

US AIDS Policy: More Harm Than Good, Says Brazil

(Peter Rodino,) Congressman who led Nixon impeachment hearing, dies at 95

LAT: There's No Plan B to Deter N. Korea

Fewer base closures predicted

Polish “spy” priest suspended by religious order

Darfuris demand action after women raped

NYT: A Mayor's Secret Life Jolts a Northwest City

Idaho nuclear lab can't account for missing computers

NYT: A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip

Man Who Led Nixon Impeachment Dies

Bush to lobby for democracy as he marks end of WW2 (Reuters)

74 YO Man Gets 10-Year Prison Term for Illegally Selling Prescription Meds

France Seeks to Harness Energy at Heart of Sun

McCain says he 'absolutely' wants to lead country

Revealed: militants plotted Iraq anniversary rebellion in London

US marine killed in bomb attack in western Iraq (# 1595)

US to Spend Blns More to Alter Security Systems (post-911 purchases wrong)

Hundreds protest against Bush visit

(Gonzales): Most detainee abuse reports don't qualify as torture

Seventeen people killed in Baghdad blast, including four Westerners

NYT: Drug Makers Reap Benefits of Tax Break (pay fraction of normal rate)

Lobbyist Paid by Pakistan Led U.S. Delegation There

Bush: U.S. accepts blame for divided Europe

UT heckling arrest raises hackles — and concern over school policy

Crash Kills Texas Lawmaker (Moreno)

"Morning after Pill" does not induce ABORTION--Ignore the Science.

Court rules (San Diego) county can't flatly deny medical care

NYT: Teaching Wal-Mart New Tricks

In Venezuela, Chavez's Oil Revolution Pumps Money Into Programs for Poor

(He was the) Taliban's Mouth, FBI's Ears

Well it's been real

Argh! My AIM's gone loco!

Paula...Jacko...Runaway Bride...what's missing? Elian Gonzales!

Happy Mother's Day

Hey kid!! You wanna see a chickenheart?

Who stole the keeshka?

Song time thread!: Doe a dear a female deer.

I just got kicked out of a movie.

Regarding that stupid NC church that tossed out democrats...

Yet another kitty "AWWWWWWWWWW" pic

7 posts away from 4000. Ask me anything.

Nash, 1st Canadian to win NBA - MVP

This sounds like a cool book...

Trevor Hoffmann get save #400!

Your favorite midnight snack?

Would you adopt a child if the agency said he'd been raised by wolves?

I just posted a 6-paragraph insightful post on another DU forum...

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the day #60

Not that it's important, but if you do think Tom Cruise is gay...

If I hafta close one eye not to see double while I'm posting....

So, just what would it take to make you 'run amok' with sharp objects?

Who's in YOUR pocket? (toon - Sat 5/7)

Acckkkk!!! CNN just ruined my appetite!

Fare you well my honey

Hey! How bout them Yankees?

Not_giving_up just posted on catster

Murray on CSPAN needs to be told to focus on Meth vs Weed

Fun musical mixup

Fake food????

Scarborough Fair with anti-war canticle

Well you can just go to heck

Lookings like the runaway bride showed up on ebay

Not sure if anyone here remembers my Job situation, but....

"We can't ignore that our nation is based on Christianity — not science."

State Senator to gve up health insurance

Every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste

Go away, Whoopi! Go Away!!


Just letting you know....

Driving by the Whitehouse today, anything you want me to yell at Boosh?

Dear Santa, I found the bike of my dreams. Love, Robb.

Another new Katie Holmes photo, looking radiant as the future Ms. Cruise

Beast Man- topless!

Derby winner - Don't Get Mad

I think Althea needs a kitty psychiatrist . . .

Treat your kids fairly

A note to an old friend.

Mmmm...Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Dip on Wheat Thins....

For those unfamiliar with ween, there's WEEEN!!!

So Miss Millie..are you around?

Dog is God Spelled backwards.

Traffic's Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys- good or GREAT?

WOOHOO! Going to the UNION picnic today!

Alright, once and for all: what do you prefer, cats or dogs?

What are "bangers and mash?"

I Saw The Cutest Couple Today

Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul. Paula FUCKING Abdul.

What does "Hic-A-Doola" mean?

Race For The Cure this morning - and it's pouring down rain.

What is the foulest part of a fowl that you are willing to consume?

Student suspended over cell call from Mom in Iraq.

All DUers who work a Regular SATURDAY shift...Check In,Por Favor!?

Sing me back home . . . .

Roland the headless thompson gunner!

This is really important...

The system works---to some extent

What do you think of Howard Stern?

Check out these cool hippie rock album covers!

Does practicing Yoko help with hearing loss?

Help! Need help translating British-English description of what clothes

David Ray Griffin coming up NOW on CSpan2....

Does practicing Yoga help with weight loss?

Jon Stewart in Indy...

I modified Freepers T-Shirts.Come in and tell me what you think.

Glad to see Zell & Weiner's books selling so well.....

*grumble gumble grumble*

LynneSin's song dedication for today...

Um, get me outa here please.....700.....

Does practicing Yoda help with weight loss?

If you were cookin for me, what would you make?

Russian Speakers/Readers: Help with "Peace Duke" Please!

Does masticating yogurt help with weight loss?

One on these days, I'm going to write poetic verse for all my posts

What do you think of spoof threads?

I'm mad and am not sure what to do about it.

What do you think of spool threads?

CAPTION the Right Honourable Labour Party Candidate

Here's a cute one: Republicans suffer from DAD

In this thread, talk like Yoda you will.

What's the pattern to this?

Singing in the rain *gasp*

Morning wood (picture)

Momcom Update: She is home

How often do you think about death?

Euthanasia Rates Lowest in Seven Years

Yom HaShoah Holocaust Commemoration, Boston, Sunday, May 8 at 1:00 PM

Favorite movie characters?

"The Ox- Bow Incident" TMC 4:30 ET....n/t

Maybe Paris Hilton is having a bad hair day?

Goodnight, y'all!!

Can you still pass joints at a concert?

Got Wood? bumper stickers

progmom on the air!

Just saw some dickhead with a Bush/Cheney sticker on his car...

My uncle passed away...

So I watched "National Treasure" last night...

Padres win 6th straight. Trevor Hoffmann saves #401.

Post a picture of yourshelf

Anyone hear of the Goldie Hawn/Sue Johanson bout on the View?

Click on the link below and you will go insane

Florida voting machine turns up in resident's yard (Palo Alto CA)!

Trip Hop and Downtempo fans

Careful with that cash card, Claude

More unfortunate "Bush Is God" imagery...stained class, you might say.

an easy to make quiche recipe published in the sun-sentinel today.

Headlines We'd Like to Read, May 7, 2005

Has anybody seen "Interpreter" Is it any good?

Is there any way possible to get larger CDs than the standard?

Better of the two artists in this woman's CD collection?

I inserted my foot into my mouth today!

And now.. Benny Hill.

Stern has me peeing in my pants lately.

Something slipped past the sensors on TBS

Caption the Fox News Reporter trying to attain "stature"

You realize that when people call Bush a Chimp.

Horse Races

Men of DU- would you wear this? Women of DU-aye or nay?

Anyone ever have a dog with Kennel Cough?

Anyone else have finals coming up?

What dogs ask God....

"They're going to have to kill me to get that sign down. I mean that."

Those of you young'uns should watch this hilariously sad video!!!

LBN.......Steinbrenner fires Jockey, Trainer. Horse sent to Doggie Dinner!

Google is DOWN!

More than "Batman & Robin," Joel Schumacher's "Phantom" BLOWS.

Anxiously seeking specific anti-bush song. .....Desperate in Texas

From now on, I won't post unless I have something worthwhile to say...

System of the Down on SNL tonight!

Google is BACK UP AGAIN!

My horse won! MY horse won!

What name was on your fake ID?

Malt vinegar

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

CONFESS!!!!! Who used to watch the Jerry Springer Show?

I feel like saying just forget it

Anyone in here remember Tommy Bolin?

Worst. Rap. Song....EVER

Best cheap bourbon?

My tree is no more..


Big Pussy in trouble!

Need some advice....who else has a job where you work with the public?

I have trouble with the words "affect" and "effect"

Do you like to burn incense? What's your favorite scent?

What points was Wuthering Heights trying to make?

Enough KITTY threads dammit! This is a puppy thread!

cell phone quandry... do I go with the "free" samsung flip phone w/photo

I saw Kingdom of Heaven last night

Would You Eat Cat Food?

I need help--anyone have any ideas how to find an old friend?


Hello I'm ZenziC

I'm so damn proud of myself (garage sales rock)

Henry Rollins is a boring old fart.

So long, DU!

Goodbye, cruel world . . .

Blue Cheese

Actors turned musicians that don't suck

Ever wonder where the phrase "Speak Truth to Power" came from?

Do you worry about your kids growing up in this fucked up world?

I Should Have Known

I would like to introduce DU to EvolvedChimp

What's the most trusted profession?

It's Saturday and once again I'm at work. What are you doing today?

Anne Rice to write about Christ's early years

Fuck it-who used to smoke pot?

CAPTION: Vote Labour '83!

Post here and insult me

What do you think of Goon Threads?

What is the best/your fave Seinfeld ep?

Bob Boudelang Stands Up For Traditional Values

I Got a Job! Should I Take it?

Anyone see Lauren Bacall on Larry King last night?

Help beautify the Lounge, post some art.

What do you think of goof threads?

Post a picture of yourself

Sarah McLachlan was awesome!

Name a movie in which L.A. is one the main "characters".

Post your baby picture here!

Cabela's to open store at racetrack in N.J.

Cockfight night halted in N. Georgia town. Mayor arrested.

New York Times' write-up on the greyhounds at Plainfield

Tomb Raiders in Italy

Japan working on a new generation of humanoid robots

Beautiful Mummy discovered in Egypt

How to make holograms at home

Headsup: MI archbishop denies communion to gays wearing rainbow sash

Baltimore Os--The Real Deal? Good column in USA Today...

George's team is in fifth, his horse is in seventh....and I'm....

The NBA Writers Have A West Coast Bias

Cat owners warned over killer flowers

I've discovered the greatest ferret toy ever!

Please sign petitions for abused animals.

If you need comfort over the loss of your pet

New York Times' write-up on the greyhounds at Plainfield

Just want to wish my Mom a Happy Mothers Day.....

Wow! Here's a beautiful form of creative meditation

*** I have found the answer! ***

Gossip items

John Kerry Welcomes Hillary to Boston

Ken Mehlman & RNC admit that Bush won by ***RAZOR THIN*** margin

Thanks everyone

Tay Tay, whome, rox

Hey y'all going to the possible meeting of John Kerry

McCain is running in 2008 -- now we know why he's trashing JK and

What's Your Favorite Short Story of All Time?

So, what is the best (free) photo gallery software and/or hosting service?

A Massachusetts barn

Need Contest Host Volunteer (s)

Advice needed on an SLR camera lens purchase (film, not digi)

Anybody ever wonder what Bleever does on the weekend?

Conservatives are so reasonable people...

* Goes To Europe To Commemorate the End of WWII and Start ....

Pentagon Seeks Greater Immunity from Freedom of Information Act

African-American Ministers in Action - C-Span press conference Friday

Byron York thinks Dems are gaining power and are poise for a comeback

San Diego DJ vs Coulter fan: The rest of the story.

Anyone have a link to all the major media outlets?

thinking of Dem unity and demonstrations

C-SPAN caller calls Iraqi insurgents "criminals"....

January 26, 1998 PNAC Letter

Interfaith Alliance Deplores North Carolina Pastor Banishing Democrats

7 MAY 1945

Souldn't we get SOMETHING for our taxes? T-shirt, coffee mug?

Latvia: "Bush is a horror, Bush is the terrorist. Stop the war in Iraq"

My LTTE -- should I trim it before sending it?

Lets not forget Dick Gephardt's outstanding description of the

Maher: Madeleine Albright speaks on Iraq, N. Korea - (VIDEO)

"The memo that has 'IMPEACH HIM' written all over it."

Reminder - cspan2 book tv tomorrow re-airing Griffin's U.Wis Talk

Heads Up- System of a Down to play anti-war/bush song on SNL tonight

People need to STOP misquoting Dennis here.

Moreno (TX-D) killed in crash, TX House celebrates a wedding

Heavy hand of Cheney....Biden, et all not to get documents on Bolton

Revenge Of The Sith = Anti Bush Diatribe?

Pentagon Analyst spy sells data to AIPAC.. but AIPAC is still lobbying?

From the Center for American Progress...

John Kerry Welcomes Hillary to Boston

CNN: 90 Dems seek answers about secret Blair/Bush memo - (VIDEO)

Kerry bashing has been alive and well of late

The "Bush/Blair" memo and Bolton's appointment!!

Dems voted out of N.C. church, members say

Tom DeLay is Going Down, Part 2

My fear: Chapter II of the NC Church story

The Key to Defeating Republicans

2008 is sooooooooo irrelevant.....

I don't want John Kerry to be the 2008 pres. nominee. Who's with me?

Bush is speeching about freedom on MSNBC now

Never forget how we got into this mess in the first place......

Raw Story has been correct: Real ID is the biggest threat on the table.

Robert Novak is disappointed in Dean's fundraising

How to manipulate the Government and not get your head cracked

Having a political discussion with an old friend...

Reid apologizes to Rove

Pat Robertson caught during Larry King break: "That guy was a homo"

Rate it UP - Schumer Urges Bush to Rein in Judge Fight

Civil Disobedience over such things as Real ID

I don't care if Reid apologized for calling Bush a loser.

Is the DNC falling short on fundraising?

In case you didn't know or hear it: Dean's ACLU speech

No, No, No, Mr. Bolton

MSNBC poll on John Bolton

Vote Republican...or Go to HELL!

After reading an article that said 29.4 million Americans said

Living Under Fascism

What else do we need to impeach Bush?

my meeting with Congressman Jim McGovern

Evan Bayh photos (is this our next president?)

Question: Would you trade in marriage for "civil union" ?

the impact of the now on the later.....

Does anyone here read, and can translate, a * protest sign in DUTCH?

My favorite Clark moment during the 04 primaries?

Democrat Hero of the Week

I am surprised no one mentioned the Dave Letterman's show last night

Is anyone watching Jerome Corsi saying Iran planning to nuclear-bomb

((((((((( Ripple Effect ))))))))))