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Archives: May 3, 2005

Commander in Chief Lands On USS Lincoln

Where is the outrage?...


Disregard political allegiances and vote for parties that opposed war

Losing the American "Near Abroad" (MoJo)

The woman who could detonate the "nuclear option"

The U.S.-Backed "Dirty War" in Iraq Drops its Mask

The Mystery of Hollywood's Dead Republican

Secret Service Searches Home of Protester

What`s next? Two cold feet on the cover of Time Magazine?

Indigenous opposition prevents oil exploration in Ecuadorian Amazon

Protests tied to Floridian, phone firm grow in Belize (April 29 2005)

Was Peter Jennings on the pile

ANYONE listen to Ed Shultz? Someone questioned the pentagon plane! ON AIR

I heard David Ray Griffin speak on a local independent channel

Karl Schwarz has announced he will run for President in 08

Now is the time to strike.

Gannon, besides a shill and possible man-date for world leaders..

KOEB: We've moved!

Video the Vote event went well in Princeton, NJ

Please go to Marketplace if you want to help out Andy...

british readers please pass this info to other brits immediately!!


What made you come to the conclusion that the election was stolen?

ES&S Files Legal Action to Maintain Choice in Ohio's Voting System Selecti

When did you come to the conclusion that the election was stolen?

Bev Harris, Cambridge, 5/21

California population grows by more than half-million in '04

Invitation to meet Bev Harris, Cambridge, May 21

Why aren't the smilies animated anymore?

We're starting to get to them:

report from Houston PPC mtg 5/2 + actions you can take

Ideas to Beat Sensenbrenner??

Bush's "Free Iraq", where a cab ride costs $35,000

Did anyone the politcial ad for Michael Howard on Cspan

Did anyone know that Hilary Duff Defended Jenna Bush's butt dance?

Laura Bush not Desperate?

Neocons try to separate power from passion (human passion).

WaPo: Daschle aides knew about Gannon's nekkid pictures

"Privacy" for Profit.

Gallup: Bush Didn't Help Himself Last Week on SS

What privacy standards can public servants expect ?

Dan Abrams is ON THE MONEY

History of Future Media.. 8 minute video.. Media circa 2014

What would be the lead story on Fox News or CNN if.....

Larry King---------

Poll: Most important Fox/CNN news stories the past 10 years.

Is "The Runaway Bride" a new tv sitcom, or did I miss something?

God spoke to me today

Do you think if 4 bombs had gone off today in London

Boeing, Lockheed form joint venture to build death rockets with our money


Sooo.. Let's just suppose that Shrubber manages to cut the Middle Class

Where can I buy one of them upside down 'merkinflags?

Moral guideance from the folks at Rapture Ready!

I'm working with a company building 2008 Olympics

Airman convicted for defrauding government (DOH!)

any polls since Bush's Soc Sec speech on Thursday night? nt

Moving tents eases with ingenuity

I Found A Finger Today

Here's what REALLY irks me about the Runaway Bride thing

Is the U.S. likely to use nuclear weapons in Iraq if it starts losing the

U.S. Urges Punishment For Iran Nuclear Work

Rant: Why the hell isn't Martha Stewart in jail?

Dammit another person I know has lost someone in Iraq...

If it's good enough for Martha, it's good enough for Jennifer..

What is the average half-life of a thread on DU?

Turn on Showtime - Bullshit is talking family values

Scarborough Country's now two hours?

Persecuted: Assaulted gay Harvard student speaks out....

CSPAN rebroadcasting the Griffin Wisconsin lecture. Saturday, 2:30 PM EST

To Quote the Daily Show

George Bush says Prius is a "gay car".

Need a GREAT paying Job? Equal pay for women?

The media ARE the Runaway Bride

Judicial Activism From The Right

CNN Click-Through Campaign

Please go to Marketplace if you want to help out Andy...

Advice/links? A newbie activist wants to 'contact the media'

Twelve warning signs of Fascism

Letterman and Laura's standup routine

Two Members of Saddam's Government sneak into New Zealand

Drudge gets punked!

Where's AP

Ho brah, Malloy is going OFF!

Haven't seen one media report on second anniversary of

I Met The Head of TSA Today

Stripes: Iraq town returning to normal after raid

Malloy, "Paul Harvey has a weird thing for horses"

Support National Geographic for telling truth (religion v. science)

Suppression of speech: Favorite tool of the fascist.

who's watching Zell on the Daily? n/t

Has the "runaway bride" received more corporate media coverage than Gannon

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

is what Lynndie England did worse than blowing children to pieces

Caption this JimmyJeff and Scotty pic...

CSPAN will Re-Broadcast David Ray Griffin - 9/11 Truth Activist

"De-homosexualization" of the Catholic Church

Great Bumper Sticker Site

Attention pretty white DU women: How you can stick it to CNN, FOX, MSNBC

Anyone else think daddy Bush had Hinckley hired to shoot Reagan?

Is there a SINGLE ounce of integrity left in this country?

People, let's nip this in the bud, fast.

Lets play a little game right now: EVERYONE TURN OFF YOUR TV

NightOwls; Want some incredibly good LEFTWING radio talk?

Action Alerts 5/2/05 From Liberty Belle

I heard tonight that England has a 'learning disability" . This is the

Does Jeb's tough new law on child molesters apply to Catholic Priests?

This "Third Party Thing." Is it time for it? I'm not sure. Every Third

Did laura say that Chimpie blew a horse?

I don't care if the runaway bride is charged with a crime.

GW senior not well.

I knew it.. Randall Terry gets involved in Abortion Case

i'm getting tired of this shit - falsely accusing minorities to cover up

"WE Have to Bring Corporate America to its Knees"

On Jay Leno - "When the President Talks to God."

I Have To Write A Persuasive Essay On How... The War Is Wrong!

Why do christian fundamentalists feel so threatened?

British DU'ers: Who Are You Voting For in the elections?

Sympathy for Lynndie

I think that we at DU throw around the word 'Fascism' a bit too much

The goals of the Iraqi Insurgency?

Christian liberals in America suffer more persecution because of their

Proposed DU group: Barack Obama

Auction for Andy

MNA 1608: Day 2 of MissionNOTAccomplished

A dumb question about the British election

Executives leave job, but oftentimes not the payroll

Report: Airport Screeners Lack Training

U.S. military comes up short again on recruiting

N.C. Man Finds Finger in Frozen Custard (This one for real)

Community's SSI checks missing

US soldiers shoot 6-year-old girl

Section Front • Section Front U.S. Military: Two Jets Missing

NYT: Ad War Heats Up in the Maneuvering on Judicial Picks

Iraqi Leaders Seek Deal Amid Bloodshed

NYT: Pentagon Says Iraq Effort Limits Ability to Fight Other Conflicts

Greenpeace Co-Founder Bob Hunter Dies at 63

Chavez Affirms Venezuela is Heading Towards Socialism of 21st Century

Police Commissioner Promises Investigation Into Philadelphia Arrest Video

City settles with family of slain college student

WP: Iraqis Bicker Over Defense Post (New Violence; 2 US Jets missing)

Survey: DeLay's District Disapproves Of His Job Performance

Deprive Iran, N.Korea of nuclear energy, U.S. says

WP: U.S. Urges Punishment For Iran Nuclear Work (Others Back Incentives)

Blair faces Iraq families' anger

Could Leaks Sink Tony Blair?

Chen calls for cross-strait talks based on democracy

Chavez's Popularity at 70 Percent, While Businesses Question Plans for 's

NYT: 3 Ex-Officials Describe Bullying by Bolton

12 killed in fight with U.S.-led forces in Iraq

Cheney says al Qaeda is still 'very active'

Nicaragua Situation Explosive, Warns Daniel Ortega

WP: U.S. Called Unprepared For Nuclear Terrorism

Guardian Utd (May 3): Poll reveals fragility of Labour lead

One U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb in Iraq

Canada's Conservatives to try to topple government

Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Preventing Proactive Moves (Myers to Congress)

Greenpeace founder dies

Somebody just Stumped the Schwab!!!!

"Thats no moon, it's a space station!"

An Essay of Mine: Analysis of "Sinners In The Hands of an Angry God"

How do you see latest posts?

(trivial problem humourously presented)

Harry Potter fans!

TWEETY just said "Laura Bush is perkin' things up a bit."

Ain't that the truth.

Ain't that the truth Vol. 2

My Room

The curvature of Earth's atmosphere makes the Moon look closer, right?

Bees do it. Birds do it. Even Pekingese do it!

Conservative Peter Kent quoting Chayefsky's Howard Beale?! That's so wrong

Cthulhu loves you

Matcom has white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, but...

What is the difference between a Zip File and a regular file (folder)?

I hate that "Mr. Lonely" song: Part 3 in the "Pop music sucks" series.

No sleep till...

For those who might want a Madonna avatar

I think I pulled some obscure muscle in my leg

Tigers 5 - BoSox 3 Bottom of 6th - One Out

Is it just me, or is Shawn of the Dead

What movie should I go see?

It's our 10th anniversary.

No matter how depressed I get, this picture always cheers me up.

Post your heavy sighs here. (Dial-up warning.)

Why don't they care about Jennifer

Someone in GD chewed me out last night for my sig pic!

Meet the Fockers


When you are in France.. Play tetris on a building with your cellphone

I love my husband - and not just because I'm drinking

Savage On Mrs. *

For the film aficionado who's hard to buy for

DUers, your weeding stories

Alright, *this* pisses me off.

Things people have said that you have forgotten...

All Together Now

This has GOT to be a joke!

Does anyone know if Simba is OK?

So I've been a DU'er for a month now

Man, I want Jon Stewart to kick Zell's ass so bad tonight...


Wow...some interesting things have happened.

OK, Misunderestimator..I'm ready for dinner

Must I start watching "24"?

So, for my atheist husband's birthday, I thought it would be fun to go

Okay, I'm turning yellow again and I feel like crap... WTF??

Update on the effin bird...Warning not a happy ending...

The Rat Story

Canada is really, really, really friggin' huge...

Hot DAMN! I got The Outlaw Josie Wales on widescreen DVD!

I can't take it anymore ... I MISS PATTY!!

How do I turn off the large fonts thingy?

Ask me anything - I'll answer in rhyme!

Ok I am back

I love comic books as much as the next guy. But this is too much

I was at a stop sign behind a car with the license MRS 666 tonight

I just spoke to Midnight's mom

My two kitties!

I will pay $1 million in "T-bonds"

I Found A Finger Today

I Found A Finger Today

So yeah, trout or salmon?

YATTA! . . . rock on with the jam!

What is the deal with Santa Barbara? Amazing apartments?

I have really big flat feet

Every Home Should Have One of These!

I want to sue Dairy Queen because Wendy's got sued.

"Please acknowedge it although it is very sorry."


I am willing to bet I'm higher than any DUer right now!

What should I request for graduation?

Call him MISTER Defense!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Did you see that Episode III spot?

How much Bush could a Bushchimp chimp if a Bushchimp could chimp Bush?

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck ?

I contend that "All Things Must Pass"

I'm waiting for Supernanny to come on and heard the saddest stuff.

What did you have for supper?

Listen to Laura Bush do standup or hit yourself on the head with a brick?

Please go to Marketplace if you want to help out Andy...

Is it appropriate to send out commencement invites for a Master's??

The world is coming to an end

N.C. Man Finds Finger in Frozen Custard (This one for real)

I have a problem with anyone complaining about "middle aged women"

Is there a smell that you absolutely LOVE that other people cannot stand?

These are SO good - will have to ration them.

I have a job interview at Echostar on Wednsday.

So there's a party

Zell Miller is on the Daily Show

Favorite "James Bond" other than Sean Connery

ZombyNephew Helicopter Attack!

Someone please tell me...what is with the middle aged women posts

What songs make you want to pull your hair out?

Do you think that DU is monitored by the government?

My heart is breaking again.

Been reading some threads about resturants and others' behavior in them

So is there some kind of email worm blastin from hotmail?

Quirks of registered trademarks

just started screaming

I hate parents of little kids who don't know how to behave in restaurants

Crazy things we did while young

I'm back, what did I miss?!?

in praise of Chardonnay....

Is anybody else watching "Warm Springs?"

ZELL MILLER on The Daily Show!!?? Tonight! Right Now.


Anybody watch "Two and a Half Men"?

This is dedicated to Zell Miller.

Anyone remember Nintendo cereal ?

This Mentos ad is driving me nuts

I think I have the next person I'm gonna punch in the nads picked out

Ooooo... Erin Grey guest-stars on tonight's "Magnum PI"!

Halp! How can I tell if a cat has given birth recently or not?

My house is infested with aunts!

I am destined to be a ten post hack...

Anyone have a lighter?

We now interrupt this lounge w/a message for bush voters (graphic):

Is anybody else watching "Warm Springs?"

post here and I will do nothing.

Kid Rock is like this biggest asshat

Post here and I will scratch Monty's head.

What were your thoughts on 24 tonight?

Ay, yi yi yi - I am the Frito Bandito!

ZombyWoof LOVES you, and FORGIVES all you SINNERS!!!

Gentlepeople, Start your engines

Watching the Bachelor (against will) - This guy keeps striking out

N.C. Man Finds Finger in Frozen Custard

I have an extra Gordita. Anyone want it??

I have an extra Godzilla. Anyone want it?

Update on the Dog beating yesterday

7th the architectural artisan

[pdy eoyj rbrtu lru ytsmd[pdrf pmo yp yjr tohjy

Is it me, or is it creepy to have "The Wiggles" on little girls' undies?

No, I don't hate cats - I just want to shoot them out of cannons

Actor/ Actress who is in everything?

How do I write to the Tonight Show?

Things people have said that have stuck with you.

OMG Zell is a fucking idiot. Said "gangster rap" isn't included in

My house is infested with ants!!

Are DUers still chatting about the big event today?

What is your favorite cereal?

Good night, Lounge

Things that people have stuck on you

Who likes the Allman Brothers?

Is there a smell that you CANNOT STAND, though most people like it?

Well we know who the boss is in this house.

I can't take it anymore ... I MISS FATTY!

Goodbye Cadence

I may be asked to leave DU because I have Sinned (Wal-Mart)

Can someone please PM me, let me know what this "party" is about?

Yeah Numa Numa Lovers check this out.

Mispel evry wurd iin thes posst.

Age disparity in relationships.

Did anyone know that Hilary Duff Defended Jenna Bush's butt dance?

So my boss was racially profiled last night....

Should I change my name to HairyEyeball or BigStinkyManThing?



You have GOT to see this. What is this world COMING to???

post here and I will give you a secret club name

How do you press 2 on a rotary phone?

An Auction for Andy

What the hell is the deal with all the "Take me fishing" commercials?

Photo of a Sonic Boom

The Nation: "GOP Gays and the 'Finkelstein Phenomenon' "

Important email I received today. Re: Lesbian fighting for visitation.

Is this a cheap shot? (Front page of

Survey: Best Heavyweight Champion

Treat others the way you would like them to treat you

e-mail from John

I am back after a two day scary hiatus

Pictures!!!!!!!!! (as requested by TayTay)

Anyone Know Where Kerry will be traveling in his upcoming tour?


Keith wants to know the consequences of Cold Feet! (New KO cap 5-2-05)

Hi everybody!

Amusing reading that will delight KO fans

KOEB Hello??? 5/2

Rangel and Watt come to Jeff/Jackson Dinner in NC/On Vote Reform..Silent!

Senator Maria Cantwell’s Weekly Update for Washington State

Olbermann Live Blog Here:

Did I hear correctly this morning?

From BUZZ-Flash - Gannon Poem. He's poed he didn't getta go to the party

Republican Chairman Exerts Pressure on PBS, Alleging Biases

Quick Historical Question

Letter to Robert Talton, Texas House, re Gay foster parents

Please go to Marketplace if you want to help out Andy...

"Project chicken" or "Project Buck, buck, buck, bugaaaaawwwwwwwwwwkkkkkkkk

OH MY God, Zell Miller is going to be on The Daily Show Tonight

"Reverend" Pat To Support Giuliani? WTF!

Alright I've made up my mind, I'm reluctantly rooting for Labour

How long until Bush is a lame duck?

List all the ways (be specific) Bush & Co. have screwed the country.

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday May 3

Do we have a new shill in the WH press corps?

GOP Wins Election Challenge in Washington (based on statistical analysis)

The new "PC" - Being "Piously Correct"

The New Bill of Rights

Demand that Dean, Kerry, Obama ,Hillary etc back Conyer's Iraq Query

Does Anyone Else Find It Odd That The Right Is So Scared of Hillary?

Kerry: “I Think These People are Extremists”

Do you think English should be our official language?

A Quote We Should Shout From The Rooftops

The Village Voice Covers Sibel Edmonds.

Torture Whitewash

Pentagon Says Iraq Effort Limits Ability to Fight Other Conflicts

Filibuster necessary evil in U.S. Senate

U.S. Called Unprepared For Nuclear Terrorism

Stations of the Cross: Evangelicals Creating Universe of Faith Based News

Some States Push for Health Care Pooling

Change for a changing population

Rejected Jokes From Laura Bush's Monologue

Stubborn GM Engineers Its Own Collapse - Baltimore Sun

Rethinking the D-Word: Does the Military Really Instill Discipline?

"Sex-Up" Tactics At Gitmo?

Prog Net Politics Takes Big Hit as MEETUP Starts Charging Fees

License to kill?

'US Invasion of Iraq was a Resource War'

Delete Thread - Dupé

"North Korea Labels Bush a 'Dictator'"

Duel at high noon?

Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - 35 Years Ago

Washington Monthly - Neocons: Iraq Wasn't About Democracy Promotion

The Muskogee Daily Phoenix & Times-Democrat on stand your ground law

Bush Administration Allied With Sudan Despite Role in Darfur Genocide

Orthodoxy's march

Winners and Losers: Moving Out of the Superpower Orbit

Mastectomy Bill in Congress - Lifetime TV Petition drive

Protesters want U.S. out of Iraq (MO)

John Kerry's town hall meeting on KidsFirst

The ``Teleglass'' comes with earphones and a box that connects to a portab

YDA's National Convention Hotel Boycott

Religious activists take on US boardrooms

Questions for economic experts

US in race to unlock new energy source

Interior Rejects Cutting Releases From Powell - Big Win For AZ, CA, NV

The Death of Environmentalism

The Tragedy Of The Commons, Cont. - Economist

Million Solar Roofs Bill – SB 1 – Passes Key Policy Committee 10 to 0

We've Had 40-Mpg Cars Before

A modest proposal: 100 ExaJoules per year

A New Plan for Colombia

Gaza dreams of life after the Israelis

25 signatures may overturn AUT boycott - Jerusalem Post

PA frees Hamas rocket squad member

Palestinians Begin Anti-Corruption Effort

Boycott Ariel college

Lithos, thanks for the moderating but...

If you want to understand 9/11 and the current political situation

If you want to understand 9/11 and the current political situation

Secret 9/11 Miniseries Planned

Undeniable proof that the pentagon hit was an inside job!

C-Span to rebroadcast Griffin UW speech Saturday at 2:30 ET

Grassroots movement seeking the truth of 911

David Ray Griffin advocates "a theology for a new world order"

"Disappearing News": The Second Mohamed in Venice

A Coup Against World Civilization-Tarpley in SF

If you want to understand 9/11 and the current political situation

Meeting on Election Integrity & Voting Machines

Do all presidential ballots have to be preserved for 22 months?

Statistical analysis to try to prove illegal votes swayed the race.(Wash.)

Important: Greg Palast in trouble

DRE -- Digital Rectal Exam

Latest Polls for Blair/Conservatives/ Liberal Democrats from Great Britain

Florida: Holmes County SOE beats Republican Candidate

NevadaStolenElection: Legislators question need for new voting machines

Globe publishes response to editorial

Costs to Store and Test DRE's and OpScans?

The ACTUAL reason why no one knows this election was stolen.

Gutless DNC. No "smoking gun"? Nothing to investigate?

Febble, here's what MP said about Reluctant Responders-BEFORE the election

Why in the name of Gwad do we have a Scottish Cognitive Psychologist ...

"Seedplanters" needed to distribute free video CDs on election justice

Houseparties For Full and Fair Representation

New Septic Rules Can Force People From Their Homes !

C.W. Nevius - It's Time to Redo The Revolution, Chron May 3, 2005

Stop the Governator from spending $70 millon on his special election!

Meeting on Election Integrity & Voting Machines

Will Boxer and Feinstein vote to allow death camps?

CR Gazette likens Molly Ivins to Ann Coulter

Iowa Radio Stations Refuse School Gay Bashing Ads

Just another billionaire with his hand out....

9 DFLers vote to cut healthcare

Free health care for everyone! One day only

If the State Forums are an indication....

I just came back from John Kerry's public forum on KidsFirst,

Sorry, I really need some simple help here

Looking for an elegant, streamlined, yet user-friendly Linux distro...

Voting-machine maker ES&S sues Blackwell for secret deal with Diebold

Please go to

Akron B-J: Congressman Brown won't run for governor

Garcia for Senate?

Oshkosh DUers!! What's a good, comfortable place to hold a DU meet-up...

Is channel 4 wtmj right leaning?

getting ready for Bernie Ward, when the top of the hour ABC news came up

WINNER of the Liberal Agenda Contest

Remember, Summer of 2002 when * accused press of getting "whirly"

Three Arrested In Protest at "Focus On The Family" (Dobson's hate org.)

Italian report queries US claims -BBC

Outsourced Barbie at eBay turned bag lady

" And the biggest ass-kisser of all is Dick Cheney."

Best post on a blog I have seen in a long while

POLL: Should every thread introduced into General Discussion

Robertson: Judges worse than 9/11 & WWII, opposes Muslim judges


George Bush's problem is the difference between run and ruin.

So...when is the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Want To Be A Freeper? HERES HOW!

Protesters Subject To Police Choking, Pain Compliance (Police Brutality)

how does a private social security account work?

How long do you think it will be before the Abu Ghraib techniques

Pig Zell Miller Suggested On Last Nights Daily Show That Freedom Of Speech

c-span 7:40am edt - heather macdonald on patriot act

al Zarqawi: the "Leader of al Qaeda in Iraq"

Feds probing alleged mad cow cover-up

Strange sticker combination

For those with Dish Network Satellite

Defense Department Invokes Geneva Conventions to Withold Torture

Qusetion on Florida girl

So basically Laura said George was giving a hand job to a horse

6 whole months since the last Terror Alert, what's that tell you?

someone please explain to me why the entire country isn't talking about

Some thoughts from me with recent info on Blair/Bush

Judges revolt, demand independence (Democracy, Egyptian Style)

Prediction: Attempts to Limit Access to BC Will Derail Anti-Choicers

Dems answer to Soc Sec, same as Iraq.

WTC or Pentagon ?? Which was more important to White House?

The "Runaway Bride" and paying for police

How long before the Runaway Bride's fiancée gets arrested

Well, George did milk a male whore thinking he was a journalist

"severe learning disability" and mental illness--England -just heard this

why are certain religions so sexually repressive, & oppressive?

Recent Guardian Interview with Hitler's Personal Nurse. Scary.

Who saw NBC's "Hand Of God" this a.m.?

DU this poll: "Should foster kids be allowed to abort pregnancy?"

Fighting the Laramie stereotype

Note conservative criticisms of Laura's "jokes" here

NPR Interviews on Bush Failures To Capture Bin Laden

Is the American need to have winners & losers in every human activity

13 Year Old Florida Girl Given Permission for Abortion

Refuge for homeless may lose grant for saying mealtime grace

CONNECTED to do story on PBS

'Permanent campaign'

Is the RW TRYING to make Bush look useless--so maybe the next

I called my Senator's Office today.. Have you called yours?

Is Jeff Gannon really Ann Coulter?

Summer's coming in the ME

Why are the Dems considering a compromise on Bush's judicial appointments?

just in on cnn: a Letter from Zarqawi..!

What if we ran Harry Reed against Rudy Giuliani?

Honor Your Father and Mother - Jim Wallis on Social Security

Stop CAFTA from exporting more of our economy

What happened to the SC station on Air America?

The Bushes and Jeff Gannon

Criticizing your workplace publicly: How stupid do you have to be

NYT TIERNEY explains: Freepers empathize w/Bush's loser status

crime and punishment

High gas prices? Why?

GWB Exposed: "Andover and Yale don't have a real strong ranching program"

There never was and never will be a war on terror. The smoke and

Scary Bush

Conservatives need more ads it seems...

The National Conference for Media Reform (Lakoff, Hightower, Goodman, etc)

Talking Point: Trying to privatize social security is like trying to milk

Nice to see this again

Anyone watching CPAC?

Well, after all, they ARE pigs.

If you want to understand 9/11 and the current political situation

SeaCode inc. redefines "Shipping out jobs"

Santorum and Republicans to privatize --get this-- THE WEATHER!

only 3 years, 9 months & some odd days to go

Alonzo Mourning is a Democrat

Grassroots movement seeking the truth of 911

C-Span to rebroadcast Griffin UW speech Saturday at 2:30 ET

Check the LTTE in my local paper.

Why does Pat Robertson like Rudy Giuliani and not John McCain?

This just in Pat Robertson worse than Al Queda

DU represents all that is good in this country! Keep it kicked for Andy!

Why do fascists and theocrats use the term "Islamofascist"?

Can the US break OPEC??? John Perkins suggests we can OR

The state of Health Care in America

Picture of the "People of Faith" -- Faith that the average stupid

PBS "Fair and Balanced" Makeover 'toon

Skills Shortage Gives Training Programs New Life

Anyone know why some threads CAN'T be nominated to greatest?!

Media Matters turns 1 years old today - A letter from David Brock

Howard Fineman thinks the country is sick of looking at Bush

"George Bush, you're an evil man"-song parady

PHOTO: THIS picture speaks a thousand words!!

Scott Brison is kicking ass in the house as we speak

I was asking the DU members.. and You lock me? please let us talk

PHOTO: Why does every Social Security event feature a black woman?

Question about Andy Donations via Amazon

MSM stupidity: runaway bride

A new reality show...

Am I the last one to find out about Free Speech TV?

Can we do a blast to our democrats about Bush/Blair?

Abortion Is The Reason Social Security is in Trouble


Help! I Need Succinct Quotes:

Where can I find photos of Falluja BEFORE the war?

Reds Player with 2 Mommies

Don't call her Lynndie

Al-Zarqawi's Group IS NOT Iraq's Al Qaeda

Bush Has Grabbed The 3rd Electrified Rail: Now Turn On The Juice!

I don't think Bush cares about public opinion

Why did Poppy B*sh turn on Saddam?

Another day of Laura the Entertainer's one-liners.

The Regressive Impact of the Progressive Indexation of Social Security

How Communists Became Republicans

Kuwaiti women still don't get to vote

The Graph !!! - Almost Back Up To Two A Day...


Sen. Allen: Sell Your Home to Survive in Retirement

A 7 Idea Argument Against The Iraq War

Hugh Hewitt gets Booed in Los Angeles

Great letter to Savage Love in this week's Onion: Fristing

Frist Filibuster continues...Pennacchio at 3:00

Denver Federal Appeals Court to Hear Roadless Rule Argument

For third straight month, Army misses recruiting goal

I'm concerned

Condaleeza Rice On Cnn Intl

More Gannon fodder

Outsourcing to a Ship

"I give you these data so you will see what suckers we Americans are."

Kill the Pig to Save the Fox

End Times Delusions book blasts Left Behind series on Rapture

Laura Bush: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am a desperate housewife."

So, I'm trashing Windows completely and going with Linux... [NEWBIE ALERT]

Does it seem like the Wilbanks woman is being brainwashed back in?*

Unwanted phone soliciations are starting to be a problem

Oh! Now *this* is a great bumper sticker!

Freakin whore media

Join America's Campaign to change Wal-Mart

Short Circuit to Universal Health Care

Iraq 1589 US Troops Dead

Is it impossible to persuade or to communicate with Bush supporters?

Question: how can we organize reports on how Andy is doing?

Tuesday toon --


Science of Happiness

could you support a bi-partisan grassroots effort to vote OUT-

I know this will sound paranoid

Search "Nashville Numbers System" get EOT Bible Prophecy?

What if they are rigging the primary elections?

Guys, we need help getting the Conyers letter on the main page

Just in case the Public forgets about Terri

I received my first piece of hate mail from an LTE that was published

More Million Movement on C-Span 2 Now

Hey! You! Red State Bush voters! How is that economy going?

I am ignorant on this matter--please help

Did Palast, Klein, etc. get specific evidence that * was pushing oil $ up?

if another 9-11 event occurred right now, how would America react?

Needs Unfreeping - The Skeptical Environmentalist - Needs Unfreeping

Majority report talking about corporote facisim

Looking for info on past presidents

Great article re: unfinished business from *'s father's war against Saddam

'Hitler's nurse' breaks silence


A Billion

Runaway news!!!!

Drug firms ponder ethics of human trials offshored to India

Question on Rumsfeld with F9/11

A poll in need of votes

ABC: Despite Find, Body Parts in Food Is Rare

Is * selling out America just for $$$, or is blackmail also involved?

Good article on the mercury now poisoning us

I voted republican today

Attributes of fair and open local government.

USA Death Toll in Iraq 1590

Tyrants' Lobbyist, Flamboyant to the End

LIBERAL media forgot to screech on repubs NOT supporting our troops!

Blair faces Iraq families' anger

Molly Ivins: Cirque du DeLay

Where can I find photos of Falluja BEFORE the war?

I demand a statement from The Family Research Council on Jeff Gannon!

Volpe Calls Conservatives KKK

OK...*how* many polls do they need to take about Social Security?

Coulter makes the cover of Time again!

Runaway Bride

Could this be why they witchhunted Clinton?

If You Were Washington, Jefferson Or Lincoln How Would You Feel About GWB?


Lawmaker's remark revives dying domestic violence bill (SC cockfight)

WooHoo!! Christiane Amanpour on The Daily Show tonight

It sure isn't press freedom that's "on the march"

Hartford Courant discovery: There's no "News" on cable news shows!

Iraq - Today's Casualties

Shut-up and accept it, because theres a line waiting to take your place...

if you thought a person was an enemy, could you torture them?

Shouldn't this Laura Bush joke get more attention?

Can anyone remember the post about reporters being pressured/threatened

“But,” Feith said, “they had flowers in their minds.”

This is Treason, and These are Blair's Last Days

Since when is "New-que-lar" the appropriate pronunciation of Nuclear?

Randi Rhodes question

What are your thoughts on illegal immigration?

Ya know, I like Oprah, but I am getting SO tired

we're killing Iraqis over there so we don't have to kill Iraqis over here

Please don't be so hard on the red staters

Low gas prices until now? Why?

It's Official: AAR Returns To Chicago Thursday

Rummy's "lighter, leaner, more agile" military is a big fat flop

If You Were In Charge Of Locating Bin Laden Where Would You Look?

my middle class squeeze courtesy of BUSH But does he care???

So we've got a couple of comedians in the White House >>>

speaking of catholics..

Filibusted Judge's Wife a Swift Boats Contributor

A fun little religious quiz

Show us your patriotic dissent! Post pics of your car's stickers!

Help! need sources to refute this Limbaugh sycophant...


Chit! Nadler's bringing up how Sensenbrenner changed the

Ever see the opening scene of Contact? A big reason I don't believe in God

Anyone notice the recent poll numbers for Bush...

Rep. Don Sherwood (R-Pa) implicated in choking incident

What should the Minimum Wage be?

the silence of the righteous right on Jeff Gannon indicates what?

A True Story, Military Recruiters Lie----............

Petition to save the filibuster.

AOL is a Saudi investor?

I finished a 17 page paper on the neocons tonight.

Real ID Done Deal

Bush Numbers Drop 10 Points Since Press Conference

The actual UK memo

Does anybody have any pictures or articles about GI's being spit on?

How did we come to this? Damn you George Bush!

Robert Kennedy Jr on "fascism"

A note some Freeper left on my car (photo)>>>

An Open Letter to Howard Dean from Rep. Kucinich

Andy Andy Andy Andy yeh you better click this Andy Andy Andy Andy

Election Prediction Project has page up for a 2005 federal election.

Came to a realization about the possible election today.

Volpe Calls Conservatives KKK

Anyone hear that nutjob interrupt that debate in Victoria?

Election literature

Wanted: Vote swapper!

Steve Bell, as ever,makes the point:

Why can't the Liberal Dems pick up any seats?

OK then Labour supporters...

N.C. Man Finds Finger in Frozen Custard

Obesity a problem among the affluent

Vatican condemns Spain's gay marriage law

Wrong video played at trial, witness says

Retribution Turns A Whistleblower's Life `Upside Down'

Ex-GOP Officials Critices U.S. Security (Carlucci)

Fourteen Iraqi civilians killed

Washington state ruling Aids Republican challenge

Two U.S. Hornet jets collide in mid air over Iraq

Crackdown on lobbyists hits felons, too - (FL)

Al Qaeda eyed chemical hit on U.S. base in Spain-paper

Iraq clashes claim many lives

New U.S. Military Commander Vows 'relentless' Campaign in Afghanistan

Loud Explosion Heard in Central Baghdad

Boston Settles With Family of Slain College Student

Many dead in Pakistan gas blast

Police called in over battle for Italian bank

(Fresno GOP mayor) Autry Supports Feinstein For Re-Election

Bomb attacks on the rise as 'New Baath party' is born

Hispanic Group Thrives on Faith and Federal Aid

Women of Kuwait denied vote by Islamist lawmakers

Hedge Fund Manager Faces SEC, Criminal Charges

China offers Taiwan giant pandas

Mother plans court action over Blair's 'war crimes'

Spread-betters punt on Blair

Explosion Heard in Central Baghdad

After 9/11, a Fatal 24/7 -LAT (counter-terrorism toll on agents)

Taliban launch attack in Afghan south

Army remaining mum on why second deputy commander named for V Corps

WP: Wars Strain U.S. Military Capability, Pentagon Reports

Musharraf orders police rape inquiry

Multiple ID voting bill wins preliminary OK

Case pits military against colleges

One Marine pilot's body found

Wal-Mart banking? Utahns cautious

Brain damaged for 10 years, firefighter makes astounding recovery

Layoffs, transfers begin at Kmart (Troy,MI)

Stem cell panel picks S.F.

GOP fills Cheney crowd (stacked deck)

Venezuela to choose between Russian warplanes

Jennifer Lopez wants to be first female US president

LAX renovations for enormous airliner approved

D.C. Bureau Chiefs Launch Push to End On-Background Briefings

Iraq is the new Afghanistan: US

New Iraq PM fails to fill cabinet

Spitzer slams executive pay

Army Recruiters Say They Feel Pressure to Bend Rules (and not

Former President Clinton announces initiative to combat childhood obesity

Source: Iraq, Afghan wars limiting military's reach

Judge okays abortion for girl, 13

Iraqi media under attack from authorities in Iraq (Beatings Threats)

Babies inherit 9/11 mums' stress

Myers: Iraq, Afghan Wars Strain Military

Saudis Play a Major Role in Al-Qaeda's Iraq Network

Sara Lee Apparel Division to Cut 350 Jobs(WINSTON-SALEM, N.C)

California sets up freeway shooting team

Angels bill clears Assembly panel

Chinese fighter jets increasing sorties near Japan airspace

Even some Berlusconi allies call for reevaluation of troops in Iraq

Protesters rally in Austin against Trans-Texas Corridor

Harvard U. Investigating Alleged Gay Beating

AND NOW THIS: Families of dead soldiers to sue Blair

Holocaust survivors seek payment from Israeli bank

Insurgents Counter U.S. Moves in Iraq

Detroit Mayor Ran Up $210K on Credit Card

College Editor Stands Pat on Giuliani-Hitler Likeness

Interest Rates Going Up Again - and the End's Not in Sight

New hot line targets election fraud, ‘Leadership move’ involving state GOP

Malaysia to fingerprint babies

Thousands protest major powers nuclear proliferation

Spitzer scolds the White House (re: insurance scandals)

U.S. seen as unaccountable in Iraqi civilian deaths


Africa Is Worst Place On Earth For Mothers And Children (US takes 11th)

AP: Lobbyist Paid for Lawmakers' Travel

Even if Labour Wins Third Term as Expected, Tony Blair Might Lose

Army misses April recruiting goal by 42 percent

Rove says GOP ready to keep power for years

Oil companies confront 'age gap'

There Is Word Of Hundreds Of Layoffs Coming To A Tulsa Company

Pastor, Wife Charged With Setting Fire to Their Own Church

Future Licenses No Sunday Drive? (4 Forms ID for Driver's License/Renewal)

Iran Will Pursue Nuclear Technology

Italian PM accused of editing report on agent's death

Hawaiians Protest Navy Research Plans

Defense:England Oxygen-Deprived at Birth-Casualty of overzealous recruits?

Bush Working to Avoid Setback Over Bolton

Military Says Wars Strain U.S. Manpower -may not be able to win a new war

Veteran GOP Operative Launches Anti-Clinton Web Site

Bush Pushes Revised Social Security Plan to (Nonunion) Auto Plant Workers

Fla. Won't Appeal Abortion for 13 - Year - Old (Jeb just tossed in the

Anti-DeLay billboards erected here (Houston Chronicle)

U.S.-led forces recover letter believed for al-Zarqawi

House, Senate Agree on $82 Billion War Spending Bill

CNN Poll: Most in US say Iraq war not worthwhile

New Tactic In Evolution Debate (10 ?'s to Ask Your Biology Teacher)

Sen. Lautenberg blasts Pat Robertson, calls on Frist to condemn remarks

Firefighter Emerges From a Lost Decade (after brain damage/"mute")

Phoenix Man Dies After Being Tasered (24 Yr Old)

The Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert gets his own show

Anyone watching Penn & Teller :Bullshit ?

Post the most obnoxious and tacky Bush crap

Watching supernanny....

I'm worried about going to bed

Juan Dixon was the man tonight.

Bush Elected Pope (For a laugh).....

I have some questions about Showtime's "The L Word" for all you fans...

I hate middle aged women who don't know how to

Which one's the salad fork; which one's the dinner fork?

I'm having an HIV test tommorow.

I'm George Bush at the Lincoln Museum dedication...ask me anything!

Girls go Potty over Harry Potter toy

Question answered, delete

Name your favorite actors and actresses.

The New Dr Who will never be aired on US television (spoilers)

Still Sleuthing to do

Now I know why * hate horses........his wife told us

Well, I've got an hour to kill until I can finish a paper I'm doing...


There's nothing in this thread

I took my oldest grandson to the British car show in Akron Sunday......

a letter to kitties...

Now, Be Fair!

Speak and Spell: Great Depeche Mode album, or...

wow what a day on the boards

if you date him, you date Jesus too...

good morning all

How many e-mail accounts do you (personally) have?

A midnight tale to scare you silly!

Anyone have an "Oink" invite they'd like to pass along?

I've never heard of David Ray Griffin before last Saturday

I think I might have a nasal infection.

I missed it all... I feel like georgie (So far out of the loop)

Has anyone seen...

The Ugly Truth - Dedicated to Someone Special (YOU know who)

Miss Jumbo Queen CROWNED!!

Brothers, 3 and 5, Take Family Van On Joyride

What's your favorite movie to make you laugh?

Something a DUer would never say:

FReeRepublic: Pat Robertson was right! Islam is evil!

did you know that new jersey grows 66% of the world's eggplants?

Who went camp

Did anyone catch the last episode of "The Runaway Bride"?

Can anybody explain this one?

Any good gut punches out there?

Should the same standards apply to the government and citizens.

Legal question:

hey everybuddy, i'm a big fat Liar

Have you heard of ""?

Do you think it's alright

"Untitled" - Effects of Drunk Driving.

You ever had a victim who wouldn't die?

FReeRepublic: Talking smack about Public school teachers, again

Today, fresh pineapple is putting the "mo" in my "mojo"

If you ever get to Seattle, check out Top Pot--great donuts...

China offers Taiwan giant pandas

Did You Know That New Jersey Produces 100% of the World's New Jerseans?

May the farce (au pain) be with you.

Just watched 'Scary Movie II' and am drinking Cabernet wine. Questions?

When Bill Clinton went back in for surgery..what was it they had done?

copycat thread: May the horse be with you...

Celebrity Hair Don'ts -- Gotta Love Photoshop!

When I smell ________, I remember ________.

Pope's car a heavenly ride, says new owner

Whining can be very frustrating.

Gone for most of a day, what the hell happened here?

May the Schwartz be with you

Doctor Pleads Guilty To Chaining Alcoholic Brother To Bed - Brother Died

Tell me what you know.

Technology 1, Plaidder 0

Do You Know Anyone Who Talks CONSTANTLY? A Chatterbox?

Question about breast feeding in public

George Wilkes Bush

May The Quartz Be With You

I'm going to bed in two hours. Ask me....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Raising awareness about Falluja

Attente alle Medusa!

The KKK took my baby away!

God Bless the GOP (with no apologies to Lee Greenwood)

I can't take it anymore....I MISS PATTY!!!

Report: "There Is Just No Need For Star Trek Anymore"

Arriving on DVD Today: Spaceballs, Webber's "Phantom," K.O.T.H.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness

Will telemarketers receive cell phone numbers to call?

"No Apology" from "Runaway Bride"...who IS this woman...George Bush?

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, with a dramatic reading from "Carrie"

People you want to slap silly.

May The Force be with you.

How does geography mold people?

Who was the hottest sitcom Mom of the 80s?

A favor.. can someone who trusts me PM the lowdown on "Party Time"??

Have you had a car that wouldn't die?

In a knock down drag out fight to the death, which hologram would win?

Wisconsin man in hospital after falling off of his barstool.

To my friends who are leaving because of harassment:

Has the shake-up made anyone change their minds about the DC cookout?

Man Finds Severed Finger In Frozen Custard

Wine can be very frustrating.


****Reminder***** Funday is coming!!!

Anyone know anything about milking horses?

I think I am going to be sick.

May the Norse be With You

Wiscosnin Woman charged with stealing $3700 worth of food from McDonald's

Does someone have a transcript of Laura Bush's "speech"

Russell Crowe upset over allegations that he doesn't pay for drinks or tip

My 3 questions and yours!

Dueling Earworms.

if you like cats AVOID THIS THREAD

Paris Hilton Wants To Be The Next Donald Trump (or at least Puff Daddy)

Doll company makes "Bewitched" dolls... Has arwalden seen this?

Only in New Mexico - Huge burrito mistaken for Bomb

Sometimes something makes me laugh. This did (non-political)

Lounge Lizards

Simba update, part deux

Drippy Dimebagger

Anyone make some good sangria?

Thank You to all the Teachers out there.

Charles Nelson Reilly or Rip Taylor?

Saks thread

The internet scares the shit out of me sometimes

Did AAR drop a station since yesterday?

Anyone have experience with lizards? (m)

Once again... a reminder from Iris Dement...

Attention Americans.

No fakery for me - I'm true blue!

I'm serious, where can I get packets of mayonnaise?

Oh man...never fall asleep with your mouth wide open.

How do you post a [view all] after title?

telling a DU funny on myself

I say give her the chance to go to New York - RE: 14-year-old

Offer me some. Solicitation advice

How many DUers have DU as their home page?

I got the test results back.

My secret club name is Renegade

R U Responsible?

Question on stereo equipment.

If ATA was open today....

Zep fans - anyone else enjoying Robert Plant's new album?

Hey Rev...Did Paula and Constantine REALLY get it on?

anybody else here a fan of reggaeton?

i'm calling it now

How many DU PMs do you get in a month?

According to Richard Morrison, the DeLay billboard is up!

Headlines We'd Like to Read, May 3,2005

audio file question

Graduation announcements - where the hell does the tissue insert go?

Ronny K - How was Cher's final farewell concert?

She packed by bag last night, preflight


At first I was afraid, I was petrified

DU'ers-anyone have hot pants pictures?

and the award for best album released today goes to:

DU fashion mavens - forehead jewelry?

Altered celebrity hair styles. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

URGENT to our Canadian Friends -- NON-FINANCIAL Help Needed

Important News! We are all hosting thousands of Operating Thetans!

when the spashship (ERRR, RAPTURE) comes, will you be leaving?

DU Rewind

okay, one more from 'best of' on craigslist, then I am off to bed.

Any good credit cards out there?

At first I was afraid, I was petrified

I've spent all of this time fostering my image of a cool EM-EFF

I just made the best garlic bread and I'm going to give you the recipe

What bumperstickers would be on the "Mystery Machine"?

I'm assuming that no one has ever met you know who in person

The Six Degrees of Skinner


"Strangers with Candy" at the ballet?

The lounge must seem exclusive and weird right now to new people

TomPaine: "As Goes Wal-Mart"


I"m going get you a nice cup of soup

Do you need a corkscrew?

So I go to the McDonalds drive through and order a chocolate shake....

For all you conspiracy folks ....(like me)!!

Here's a confession: I truly HATE wind-chimes.

Serious Parking Lot Rage (video)

when the spaceship comes, will you leave Earth?

I'm now suspicious of people who order Mojitos in my bar

Firefox is back on!

Post here and I will send you a PM inviting you to join my UFO religion.

What does it take to get a PM around here?

Change of plans, Holiday Inn is booked solid.

Is "Check your PM" the new Kleeb?

What a flamer!!!! LMAO!!! (Warning: Dark Humor)

I'm thinking of sending myself a PM. Is this possible?

Mr. and Mrs. Trent Lott greet the Supreme Dark Overlord Bunnypants in MS.

Replace any word of a movie title with "Check your BMW"

How many Lounge loops are you in on?

Just a reminder: The Internet is Shit

My Firefox browser isn't working...

I have a Wendy's Frosty in front of me

who is the best at PM's?

DU house/room painters-Is Benjamin Moore the best? Easiest?

The faint fans: ignore this thread. Everybody else: my score is 12740


Who is the best at BMs?

I'm sundog's sockpuppet... don't ask me anything.

No Rain In Sight - Really, Really Dry Spring for KC

Replace any word of a movie title with "Check your PM"

How different are guts from placenta?

New England Bed & Breakfast places? Anybody know anything?

National Guard recruitment flyer posted outside senior center today.

Husband makes cheating wife pay for time spent raising lover's child

Czech your PM

Hey Gang! God Hates Sweden!

When DU is weird and you don't know why just remember . . .

Regarding dog beating Sunday

Why is everyone checking their BMs?

I'm Throwing Out My Furniture.

I Get To Meet PROGMOM and 1gobluedem tomorrow!!!!

Why is there brown corn in my inbox?

Public Service Message: Be sure to check your PMs

Thoughts on home audio?

Honeymoon Suite

Whoa Mr. and Mrs. Smith looks like the hottest date movie ever...

Holy crap! Turn on Dr. Phil!

It is May 3rd...

Confess!!! What phobias do you have

Nigerian scam for Christians only

I've been a bad girl

I hate canaries.

American Airlines Pilot Fondled Himself In His Front Yard Naked - Arrested


I hate binaries.

Mr. Scorpio, Left is Write and any other pie bakers

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I turned 27 today

The Rapture happened yesterday at 6:37 PM Pacific Time.

Don't get between a man and his pussy

Accountant says Jacko overspent up to $30 mil annually. 30 MILLION!

I AM who I say I am!

Another admission...

Household tip of the week: Unfiltered

Okay! I confess...I am not who I say I am...

Tidepool Tuesday.

This might be a terrific Broadway musical - "Ray" to become musical

Faking a life on the web: Munchausen by Internet

I'm thinking about when I said Aye and Begorrah to a certain P

Queen is going on UK tour

Che Guevara visited Ireland in 1964.

How different are grits from polenta?

Retro Freeper

This Subject Contains BOTH The Word "Man" & "Pussy"

Rabrrrrrr's fifth r is a hoax!

Aye, me laddies! My dear grandmother wishes visit me in the states.

Mar 27 "Ten Things I Learned From Republicans This Week"

Are there any ideas which are not worthy of discussion?

CNN Breaking: Mr. T Pitys the Fool; Does not have time for jibba jabba

911 call from Burger King

I thought the excitement here was about panties

Don't look at me

I bought orgasmic milk and orgasmic eggs--praise me!

Toon for Tuesday

Off to the doctor to find out why I'm all yellow and stuff

Where Are The Threads Dedicated To Distressed American, Huh?

Study Says More Than 200 Animals Sexually Abused (Sweden)

Do you have Wagon Wheels in the States?

Bonus on my recent latin test

Skinner we need this smiley more than most

Need a hug? Hugging T-shirt invented.


The "the fun is over" sticky was gone for a second!

Advice from a bluesman thread

Child molestation isn't a widespread problem.

Can you connect to Limewire right now?

24 discussion anyone?.........

OK, I have to reveal my true identity

I thought DSL was supposed to be fast!

What's a good score on the ACT?

I bought orgasmic milk and orgasmic eggs. Envy me!

I'd like to dedicate this thread to Distressed American.

The dog barks at midnight.

Gee, how long does it take to ship a package from U.S......

I bought Organian milk and Organian eggs--praise me!

God hates figs.

Offer me some unsolicited advice

I've got new neighbors

I'm searching

i bought orangutan milk and orangutan eggs. praise the orangutan!

What did you have for supper?

I just got finished watching I, Robot...

This bed is on fire with passionate love

Wonder if Paula will crack tonight.

My cat just tooted. We may have to move.

The Cold, Hard Slap of Reality: Am I a bad DUer?

Boston Area DUers! Anybody ever hoist one at Eliot's Lounge

God hates Ugly

If I led North Korea and Iran, I would sign a treaty telling Bush

Is there a cop in the house?

when do the schools (k-12) get out of your area?

Liverpool shocks Chelsea, world, win 1-0

How Many Of You Are In The Lounge As Refugees From The Flame Wars?

Did I post this in the wrong forum?

DU Nurses: Happy Nurses week!!

For those of us who JUST DON'T GET IT

If I'm not me... THEN WHO THE HELL AM I?


In honor of poor, oxygen-deprived Lynndie England

So the DU tent just got a little smaller....

40 post away from 9000, it's time to play, ask me anything...

We're all very tired.... (click).... No one trusts anyone else.... (click)

What is the most unintentionally homoerotic TV show ever?

Ooooohhhh, Mexico. I've never really been but I'd sure love to go.

I bought organic milk and organic eggs--praise me!

Please stop asking Kleeb

Écrasez l'Infâme!

I Hate EVERYONE!! Get Off MY Planet!!!

Judge Orders Teen To Remove His Car Sound Equipment

Well....It Happened. A child was hit by a car in the crosswalk in front

Kitty Cosmetics

I'm considering a new sig line

I have to get back to Amsterdam

The girls and I are accepting applications for Cabana Boy

are you pissed/upset/sad when your favorite tv shows are canceled?

Who are you REALLY? (Be creative)

This post is for the ladies.

Maybe it's early, but I sense we need a ZOMBYHUG thread!

Yaaaaaaaaaay, elad!

Guys. Do you prefer older women or younger women. Why?

I'm hungry - what are Paddy and Tony making for dinner?

A'right stop what your doin'

Neighborhood grocery store, Eastern European type--great deals!

Mother flies from US to breastfeed baby

I'd like to thank everyone who worked their ass off finding the truth

With all the festivities and celebrations going on in the lounge

Dammit dammit dammit. Sing it with me---

Cambodian Troops Quarantine Quan'sul ... HOLY $#@* - ZOMBIES!

Jennifer Lopez wants to be first female US president

What the Bleep do We Know?

Dick Gregory has not paid his phone bill in over 35 years!

OK, so don't tell me.

Well my wife is 1/2 way through her surgery. I'm bored. So.......

Who went to camp?


A few words about the recent banning of Cuban_Liberal and Padraig18

I Am a Cynic By Nature...

What celebrity/s would you rate a 10 on looks and talent?

Okay, so what are your favorite Family Guy moments?

Pictures of my puppy here with me @ work this week!

Can I please vent a little? (Our dog is lost!)

the poem thast been asked for

No matter how much DU changes or stays the same...just remember:

Post your Favorite Quotes!

Hey! Kristi Adams (Animal Precinct) on cover of current Satya!

Greyhound Track closing - dogs need homes!

Germs or Demons?

Body's defences let HIV thrive

South Dakota fossil yields new dinosaur species

Acupuncture activates the brain

Creating 'Human-Animals' For Research. (Sheeple)

Did Life Originate in China? New Evidence.

Maine Mellowing To Gay Rights

College Board Member Calls Gays On Campus 'A Shame'

A Question For Any HGTV Fans Out There!

Lesbian Couple Sues Missouri Over Fostering Refusal

The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty

Emeka Okafor is going to win Rookie of the Year...

How does one go about fostering kittens?

Help save greyhounds

LMAO Spewing; Lorien's 'Giant Hairy' lounge post

we have a Phoebe nesting (pics)

Paging Prozacnation, what's up with the kitties?

Anyone have experience with lizards? (m)

This "apparition" visits me from time to time.

I need religious guidance; I'm very worried about doing the wrong thing.

Somehow this just does not look correct.

The Salon interview with Richard Dawkins...

Well, then, let me attempt to clarify.

A question for you all.

So it's been 6 months

Filibusted Judge's Wife a Swift Boats Contributor - Grrrrrrrrrrr!

A report from this morning's MINN meeting is in

Treats... Photos from NH Primary

Test Drive of “possible” Contest System. Please Vote!

"My Cold Foot": Newsletter 5/3/05

Me and Pat Robertson....not really !

REMINDER: Deadline for Evil Keith Picture Drawing Contest is TOMORROW!

...And tonight's forecast is

KOEB meeting, Tues. 5-3-05

WSJ: Low-Wage U.S. Jobs Get 'Mexicanized,' But There's a Price

A look at the past.

Since Rove's involvement, Repuke Party has performed oppositional research

Are Democrat programs such as AAR, etc. using our "gift from God" the

Let's call them what they are: EXTREMISTS

The British general election on Thursday?

GOP mayor of Fresno endorses Feinstein for Senate

msnbc reporting a survey that this is the first time that Americans are

Did anyone Catch Gannon

What will happen to the "coalition of the hoodwinked"...

IRAQ – FREE PRESS UNDER ATTACK: (not doubt supported by BushCo)

'I saw Polish war heroes hanged by Russians'

Bush "health agenda leads us towards ..where health Ins within reach...

Clinton nemesis Peter Paul strikes again

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

If Hagel or McCain ran as Independents, what % of Democrats would vote...

AAR coming back to Chicago next week.

they clapped, they fucking clapped

Hoo boy Michael "the Weiner" Savage was LIVID about Laura last night


Database of all sponsored trips by Members of Congress since 2000.

Statistical analysis prove Dems. STOLE election-

e-voting in the UK

Is it just me, or does * lie so often that we're just getting used to it?

Stop CAFTA from exporting more of our economy

Hain raises spectre of Bush's 2000 election May 2 2005

Video of Frist at Justice Sunday available??

Heather Mac Donald OnWashington Journal This Morning...What A Whore!

"because they wouldn't have to trim hedges and cut grass,"

Does anyone know if there is a list out on the web

HELP! I need a master list of email addresses for the major news outlets

Now that the conservative hubris party has died down a little. . .

Is there a photoshop anywhere of Bush "milking" a male horse?

Oh, god. I just realized something sickening!

Bush's Rasmussen Numbers Collapse In Post-News Conference Polling

Chris Matthews today at 4 PM Princeton NJ Filibuster protest

Thou shalt not bear false witness Tony Blair

Blair blow as secret war doubts revealed-Atty Gen's advice on Iraq leaked

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

Call your Senators, Harry Reid & Durbin,& tell them:Stop the Real ID Act

What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?

DNC: SIgn, Write, Call against the Nuke option....petition, links.

What's the worst part about the Real ID Act?

Why Lieberman is Awesome

Washington DC could be VERY close to gainning a House seat.

Republican Congressman, Family Values, and the Wife was out of town ....

From Greg Palast's Mailing List--call for help!

Google Search: Bush + bestiality = 186,000 hits

So, Clark "isn't against school vouchers" now?

govt dept in Ohio invests in rare some missing...repubs involv

What just happened on the House floor?

Then need to get rid of Matthews on Hardball. Nothing but a

Blueprint: How to crush the repugs in '06 and beyond.

TX:Courts reject new Medicaid rules: no cut benefits for parental errors

Yes, Wes CLARK is totally against school vouchers- is and was ALWAYS

Help answer a freeper at work

Did you all hear DEM Dennis K on Cspan just now? Telling TRUTH

Florida teen free to have abortion

"research into the "bunker buster" nuclear bomb"---Rummy wants $$

DeLay billboards go up in his district....DFA.

Hospital rules to unplug baby girl (guess where?)

So, Clark "isn't running for the 2004 nomination" now?

Karl Rove: GOP will be 'in charge for a generation'....

Jon Stewart lobs softballs at Zell "crackhead" Miller - (VIDEO)

Fiddling While Crucial Programs Starve

The middle class squeeze thanks to Bush...I am just about at the end of my

in search of Democratic Party unity

Attributes of fair and open town government.

I Love Dean

The Tide is Turning.

Can you see/hear "Kerry" without saying negative election thoughts?

When has Bush ever 'fixed' a problem when they could 'use' it instead?

Do Democrats want all these groups to oppose them in the next election?

CAP Panel discussion tomorrow - No Place to Hide

Harold Ford-D- TN

Should Honorary Republican Party Memberships ...