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Archives: May 29, 2005

An Iraqi View: Abu Ghraib, Abu Gulag, and Abu American Lies

"With Us or Against Us." It Really is a Crusade (Leupp / Counterpunch)

Bush gains international clout as others stumble

Sellafield leak a damning indictment, says Minister (UK)

Isn't it obvious that 9/11 Commission testimony documented official compli

Noe lobbied in 1989 to exempt sales tax for coin sales -- in 1996

autorank has had it with the DNC

We are the ones we have been waiting for...

Anyone know anything about Unisys "real time" election reporting?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 5/28/05

So you want to impeach a President?

I probably missed this somewhere....why isn't the present gov running

Firefox - Pop up blocker doesn't work anymore...

Self Delete

News - Repubs Accept Adverts in Speeches and get Paid for Them

Best Bumper Sticker seen today...

The next generation of Republicans. (LTTE York Daily Register)

Fascinating talk on what is usually rightwing radio.

Iraq: 'I know I helped destroy the country,' ex-Marine says

Complex Feelings RE Recruiting Commercial at a "Revenge o/t Sith" Showing

Forget the Anti-DU websites, move on dammit !

Is the Big Dog exhausted or not? Why all the confusion?

please delete

Conyers Conference on Media Reform on C-span starting now

M. Moore links to Downing St. & covers Conyer's letter to the pResident.

"Ready to Kill" Carl Sandburg

Theocratic Indoctrination

45 Iraqis, GI killed in Last Two Days, For Future Memorial Days

What American Want and Don't Want - This Says It All!!

Here's shrubby's Mandate...

WALL STREET JOURNAL Repukes Republican Congress!!!!!

Iraq War: I read Steven Bochco is doing a nighttime soap

David Brooks on class struggle. Am I in Bizarro World?

Something intriguing coming up on c-span2 at 11pm et -

I call Bullshit on people who think getting rid of Sadaam Hussein was

so, why don't centrists want to ally with the left?

Bumper Sticker: "Honk if you Love Jesus"

"Buying Off" Extremists - 1998 Dobson, CNP, Delay

Has anyone researched who makes "support the troops"magnets?

Is Authoritarianism the most popular American ideology?

A Must-Read Memorial Day Classic From Howard Zinn

Is Saddam the only one capable of leading Iraq?

The CNP: Pretty scary stuff!

Replay of Conyers Media Panel

Jesus Is Against The War In Iraq

How about an anti-war memorial in DC?

Doubt it all you want...the Revolution IS coming

EFF Obtains Draft PATRIOT Bill (link to draft on the page too)

How many pages (in GD) do you go through, normally

Bumper sticker, my contribution/idea

Liberal blogs and News clip services might be under attack in *'s war....

Just had an interesting (and weird?) encounter with an SUV/yellow ribbons

Anyone know who is scheduled to appear on Sunday Talk Shows?

CSPAN Schedule Sunday May 29

do moderates/centrists want a durable alliance with progressives?

How many of you shop at Walmart?

If all this had been predicted 40 years ago, I'd have never believed it

Conyers' hearings on CSPAN on now. Just heard Randi speak.

"The Situation With Tucker Carlson:" Coming June 13 at 9pm to MSNBC

Just saw Fahrenheit 9/11 for the first time today:

Alec Baldwin and Morrissey Team Up to Pack a PETA Punch

Why Iraq?

How is Andy?

Bush gains international clout as other leaders stumble

CONPLAN 8022 - nuclear first strike policy

Blue Investments... or what sectors / companies are getting your money?

The U.S. removes the nuclear brakes

If JFK were alive today, this is what he'd say to our leaders

A Call to All Our Elected Dems - PLEASE read this

I love Mike Malloy, but sometimes I wonder if he isn't too strident.

Should the NRA have a say in who Democrats candidates are?

In honor of Memorial Day - A poem by another DUer.

Silly question about salt

Just Heard A Great Song

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity

Man in W VA arrested for wearing a Grinch mask. Police State is here.

Hollywood Producer Buried in Native Bombay (Ismail Merchant)

45 Iraqis, GI Killed in 2 Days of Attacks

Experts: Petroleum May Be Nearing a Peak ap story

U.S. to streamline airport entry.

Owners of Gas-Guzzling Cars to be Hit by 5-Fold Tax Increase--UK

Tenn. State Senator Resigns After Arrest (Harold Ford's Uncle)

Type of blindness reported in some taking Viagra

Saudis Look to Change of Direction from King Fahd's Successor--UK

(UK) ID cards to cost £300 per person

Observer: The extraordinary pleas of Saddam's right-hand man (Tariq Aziz)

Some Fear Catastrophe From Amazon Highway

First Gay Pride March Staged In Romania

Owners of Gas Guzzling Cars to be Hit by Five-Fold Tax Increase

"Martha Stewart is Totally Against the War in Iraq," Says Activist Nun Imp

Anger Rises Anew over Number of Detentions -LAT

Revealed: Huge Sellafield Leak Went Undetected for 9 Months

Freed 35 Years After Stealing TV

WP: Hastert Directs Millions to Birthplace

90% of Children 'Set to be Couch Potatoes'

English Priest Stops Amazon Logging Giants in Their Tracks

WP: Review May Shift Terror Policies

WP: Senate Setbacks Test Frist's Influence (Bush is to blame)

Ten UK soldiers face international war crimes trial

Hot California market daunts first-time buyers

OK, I created my blog

My brother only dates girls who cost 50 pounds or less

Self deluted.

A trusim or not:

"The Patriot" on NBC now

Self Denuded

Have you ever had birth control products around so long they expired?

Dinner tonight

self deluded

I wish we could call out people from different sites

Plese check out my blog

Is there no Gay/Lesbian rights forum? Or have I just missed finding it?

Hollywood Producer Buried in Native Bombay (Ismail Merchant)


My mother only mates squirrels who make 50 sounds or less

Primanti Bros.

"Hit it with a rock, and we'll eat it." Let's play guess the movie quote!

Man in W VA arrested for wearing a Grinch mask. Police State is here.

I still have the flu and am drinking straight Tonic Water--ask me whatever

I just got a fundie email about the Paris Hilton Carls Jr. commercial

Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy

Who are your working class heroes?

My brother only dates girls who weigh 50 lbs. or less. n/t

Rare, Medium or Well Done...

It's time to play, "Guess what it is".

Maybe I've just been gone a while

I scream

wanna see my kittyo?

Yummmmm!, Hood strawberries are in!

I loathe the beer commercial about the bug zapper and how the guy

I ran over a snake with my van.

DU Strippers and Sex Workers check in!

Movies are fuckin' bullshit!

You kids think you got it tough today huh? Well let me tell you

The Literal King of Bloggers

The Literal King of Boogers

Some asshole in a van ran over my snake!

Some snake with an asshole...

I just downed a box of Ritz Crackers.

Some asshole snake just punctured my van's tires

Cool Bush "We Weren't Soldiers" graphic from ""

Ok..calm me down, kids and cops and disrespect..

Some snake in a van ran over my asshole!

I just adopted a kitten!

Some Van With An Asshole Ran Over My Snake

Van asshole tires snake:

A snake named Vanna ran up my asshole!

Some Snake In A Van Ran Over My Asshole!

some asshole snake made my van tired

what the in the hell is this?

English teachers, if you have nothing better to do:

I hate YOUR kids

Post here and I won't say a goddamn thing to you.

Girl Who Had Second Head Removed Goes Home

Retirees, "early" and otherwise - how confident do you feel about your

"Oliver Stone Arrested on Drug Suspicion"

" "Depp Arranges Shooting of Thompson's Ashes"

Just a play on words...

There's a call for you on line 2.

I think I got a fake/spam email from PayPal

Midnight... my coach is turning into a pumpkin and I am turning in

Laura, Bush, or Sandy

do NOT ...i repeat NOT click on this thread!!!

What "Creamers" do you use for your coffee or tea?

Proof there is a God

I don't need a Kleenex!!!

Cat allergy solution

Happy Birthday BullGooseLoony!

Alright. entertain me you Lounge Lizards.

Why did humans invent money?

Star Wars episode ? Yoda Coleman

I cut my tongue on these pancakes.

Something kind of freaky happened today.

Some guy wearing Vans Snaked my Asshole.

Laura's bush, or Cheney's dick?

Laura Bush or Sandy

Your best Halloween costume ever was...

Submitted 4 resumes...

Jedi or Sith?

Was I wrong to give a negative feedback?

It's 10:40 in Jackson, Mi. Time for MrScorpio to answer your questions

I'm drinking a Mickey's wide mouth. Ask me anything.

Love is a stranger in an open car

When you read a post, do you think of the poster's Avatar as the one doing

If you played a song, who would play you at your funeral?

Shark or Jet?

Tales from Dumbfuckistan: Mom Indicted for Hiring Stripper for Teen

Proof there is a Satan...suggested warning

GPS in the undies.....

Real cowboys take their hats off when they come into someones home.

I'm watching a Clint Eastwood movie for the first time!

Would you rip the wings off a cockroach for $1,000,000?

Most stuff on the internet is pointless...but this link is actually...

You know you're bored at work...

The Japanese sure know how to cover their sewers

Sleep better....awaken refreshed!

Famous "Big Ben" Stops Running For 90 Minutes To Protest Bush!

For my 9000th post, a picture of my HUGE Weiner!

"DeLay Upset Over 'Law & Order' Line"

25-pound tumor wrested from Berkeley man's liver

Diet Coke using Splenda is finally available!

Let it all hang out! Show me your desktop!

Would you rip the wings off a butterfly for $1,000,000?

Spy scandal in Britain

Best road trip song?

Steve Winwood I Love God!

I am 33, and just bought a Star Wars figure

Emperor Bush.....funny photoshop pics.

Post the titles (& lyrics) of songs that celebrate CODEPENDENCY!

Blazing Saddles: Funny or Not Funny?

President Kennedy would have been 88 tomorrow.

Ok Lounge. Need some songs to buy for my Ipod. Turn me on to something!

here is the cutest feral kitten anywhere on the internet tonight

God I love Steve Winwood!

Best "God" in a comedy film?

GPV's proof there was a god... (and his name was Ares)

Musicians: What do you think of B flat?

"Could you give us an example Duane?"

Does anyone really live in the Los Angeles area?

Guys: would you still take Viagara

Name something your city DOES have that you wish it DIDN'T.

Would any viewers of The L Word from Season 2 like to comment?

METS. ROCK! Dontrelle IN FLA!!!

Serious Kitties

Yard Cat Part II

Why are we here?

A couple of flower photos I took today

Liberal Label Something To Wear With Pride

Is Tom DeLay Whining?

Fox News is now showing a special "Iran's Nuclear Threat"

Congressman Conyers & Media Reform On C-Span Now: 11:47 PM EST

Historically, how bad ARE things, in Perspective, in America?

And the caller asked, 'If they control the oil, why do you think ....?

Is anyone else ready to leave the Democrats?

Interesting take on Ann Coulter's column on Jews and pandering.

You know, I was thinking tonight, that we are finally "getting" it.

Department of Homeland Security. What does it do?

Gold Star Mothers deny Bronze Star KIA's immigrant Mom Membership!

Andrew Sullivan Threatened?

VIDEO: Amnesty International wants Rumsfeld and Gonzales investigated

Any Green Party people here?

Lunch with Gen Clark...

Don't get the meaning of PNAC

Bushification is bringing PBS and NPR to heel Putin Blames UES Power Monopoly for Moscow Outage

La Tercera: Vice President of Venezuela Says Bush a 'Hypocrite' . . .

The Death Spiral of the Volunteer Army (NYT editorial)

Disrespecting Women Soldiers (NYT editorial)

Make the Draft-Dodger Neo-cons Fight the Iraq War!!

There's Democracy, and There's an Oil Pipeline NYTimes 5/29

NYTimes: McCain Urging Accord on Bolton and Secret Documents

in Boca Raton a 50 year old medical doctor,a man, has been arrested .

El Universal: Chavez Should Think Twice Before Cutting Ties With U.S.

Conservative Dems Vote With GOP in the House

Hungering for justice (Baltimore Sun re: Yvon Neptune)

Newsweek blunder gives Bush excuse to intimidate press

NYT: On Way to Baghdad Airport, Death Stalks Main Road

The Lure of Opium Wealth Is a Potent Force in Afghanistan

Here is a site to give your opinion and vote regarding Delay, well if you

The biggest outrage of all (Ohio's Noe Coin scam)

Why I'm joining the GOP Leaving the left for fun and profit

Give Peace a Chance -- has this been posted?

If Blair fights for liberty he cannot condone torture (Daily Mail)

North America’s First Heroin Prescription Program Introduced in Canada

Hear a Pop? Watch Out (Anna Bernasek on the Real Estate bubble)

Fla. County Urged to Ditch Voting Machines

Massive review of voting laws under way

What's going on at Gitmo? (Time Magazine)

We should at least speak up about torture claims (McQuaig / Toronto Star)

L.A. TIMES: White House Wants Search Limits Overturned

Neocons purging officer ranks-Unceremonious end to Army career

Harper's Mag: Soldiers of Christ: Inside America's Most Powerful Megachurc

Nine Inch Nails drops MTV awards show

Rich: Ground Zero Is So Over (Great Article)

Please DU this story!!

Why war is all the rage

Some Human Rights With Your Coffee?

UN Human Rights Inspector Fired for Reporting US Abuses in Afghanistan

Today would have been John F. Kennedy's 88th Birthday

Columnist speaks up about MSM not reporting the news

The Poor Are Not the Problem But the Solution: SudanWatch Blog

Coming Soon to White Rose; "The Morning Wake Up Call" with Lizz Brown!

SEIU United Healthcare Workers - West

Privatizing- Arguments against {pls add to Demopedia, i cant start a new

Coca-Cola to replace vending machines in Japan to go eco-friendly

Bringing `Diamond Taiwan' to the rest of the world

Tiananmen moms want apology

Coast guard forces Chinese ship away - TW

First gay pride march staged in Romania

Hu Jintao promises to stifle unrest and make Uighurs rich

The gravitational force of the Green Line

According To Security Sources - what remains of the Israeli media

Battle for truth, justice and ME peace

Abbas: Suicide bomber era may be over

Israel May Re-Occupy Gaza Cities During Pullout, Official Says

RPG kills Hamas man as he tries to fire it

9/11 related question...

Here's a photo of a commercial plane that sustained

Netscape 8 breaks windows internet explorer!! (so is netscape crap?)

(NJ) Essex County Task Force on E-voting Update

Warren County, OH Revisited...

Mr. Tom Noe and Sequoia in Lucas County...

(NYT) Miami-Dade recommends getting rid of electronic voting*****



Meet Howard Dean in Boston June 20

OK a real brain teaser

Police arrest 32 in NE Ohio, calling probe major drug bust

Ohio Coingate:Noes Moving to Florida/Democrats rip GOP for scandal

School tax plan appears doomed

Concerts in the Garden and Hip Pocket Theatre schedules:

2004 .....and the RICH get Richer!

The House Vote On Iraq Withdrawal

Darfur: Daily News May 28, 2005

Perfectly Unbiased Question Du Jour on FR:

Beyond GWB

Nate Clay, LIVE streaming liberal radio -- on now -- link

The media forum on CSPAN; what did you think?

Delete - duplicate

"Truth In Media" - A Proposal (Commentary requested)

Scary commentary about Asia, IT, nuclear war...

What's up with not being able to rec. greatest posts over 24 hours old?


Conversation with Bill Moyers on something called UCTV

Road to Damascus: Next Step for the Crawford Caligula? (Chris Floyd)

I have wondered about the differences between our brand of religious

Operation Thresher

Check out the lady on C-Span.....are you kidding me?!!!!

Is MHz the new PBS?

The Silent Media Curse of Memorial Day

Does Bush meet privately with the families of the soldiers killed Iraq?

Ronald Reagan - emptying federal mental institutions helped the prisons

To John McCain

Selling fear to America (MF rant part 2)

"Fighting the terra-ists over there so we don't have to..."

Bring 'em on,,,,,,,

Abu Ghraib, Abu Gulag and Abu American Lies

Rice Interrupted by Enactment of Abu Ghraib Abuse


Dueling Republicans

We need to leave Iraq NOW, f**** pottery barn metaphor

Beer mat ads recruit priests

The Rush to War

Please help and sign the Conyer letter!

Times Online asks: "Does it matter if the Iraq war was legal?"

a true thing from Personality Parade?

What stunt will Little Boots pull on Memorial Day?

Sunday morning again and no church anyone else with this dilemma?

Thank God for John Conyers and his relentless pursuit for truth!

Devolution - Why intelligent design isn’t. (New Yorker)

Bush's Global Clout Seen Growing

I can't let go of this filibuster thing

PC? a rant

"America, as we know it, would crumble"

CSPAN Caller Comparing Holocaust Medical Experiments to Stem Cell Research

Where is Herr Bush* hiding this 'Memorial Weekend'?

Very good * pic...

Which of these conservatives/Republicans is most likely to become an ally

Kraft: Is there any indication that the freepers have...

Low Price Isn't Everything

Sunday Morning Truths...

McCain STILL calling the missing WMD's 'a massive intelligence failure'

Ticket Against Jaywalking Chicken Tossed

Encouraging words......

I need help about international law....

Corprate america makes me sick!

With all the stuff coming to light now--Downing Street, the provocative

The reasons for the War on Iraq

Arnie's crew dig pothole - Arnie has photo-op filling same pothole

Cool Website; Biblical America Resistance Front - BARF

This Just In: DU's goodboy is a good man.

Since when did blogs get listed in Google News?

So ... tomorrow we're going to DC to visit The Wall and new WWII Memorial

Wasserman - a more honest photo op

Those Venezuelans sure are artistic.

Our complacency made it possible for them to steal the Presidency.

Dennis Miller hawks NetZero

A little fantasy situation for today: Could the Big Dog fix it?

Exactly what is the purpose of Sunday morning talk shows?

Just for fun, Google "Does Zarqawi Really Exist"? & see what happens

Who do you think will run in 2008 ?

Support Our Troops This Memorial Day

Gore Vidal on Bob McChesney right now (2:16 p.m. ET)

Revenge of the Feds as agents swoop on illegal Star Wars file-sharing site


Trying To Normalize After The Movie Theatre

Spinoff of the "why im leaving the left..." piece..

What one question would you ask * in a press conference?

Ok.......So what happens with the 100,000 fertilized eggs?

When was the last truly defensive war the US has fought?

Terrorist link to copyright piracy alleged

HP Announces New National Identity System Solution Built on Microsoft .NET

Margot Adler on the radio about the ICC on NPR

Standing for the National Anthem

What would it take for the world to get beyond what we've done?

I"m looking for a picture

Will I get a littering ticket if I return fast food litter to Mcdonalds?

Greed and the Western Culture

more on NineInchNails and smirk

I'll bet, right here & now, that the press won't touch the new Abu Ghraib

For Religious DUers: Interfaith Alliance

Headlines from The Future!

Hey ladies: Danica Patrick just led lap 56 at Indy

Should/Could Iraq Sue The USA For War Reparations?

does anyone have a list of zarqawi injuries....

World War 3

Danica finishes 4th.

"Republicans Laugh At The Democratic Opposition"

On CNN's web page. French voters have rejected adopting the EU

"Look at you in war...what mutton you are, and how ridiculous!"

Anyone know of a good article I can read about the French/EU Constitution

Study: Blogs haven't displaced media

'Forever's a long time' - Iraq sad story about girls now without fathers

President "Tumbler"

Why Does Saudi's King Fahd Remind me of Henry VIII?

Want a laugher of a read about the DeLay/NBC issue?

Krugman responds to NYT public editor Okrent's questioning of his numbers

Delay takes offense at Law and Order

I'm looking for a website of the soldiers who have fallen in this war?

OK looking for something to read.. what do ya recommend

Why I'm joining the GOP-Leaving the left for fun and profit

Did Clinton allow sex offenders to purchase Viagra with public money?

Danica Patrick is an awesome young woman.I hope she wins today!

Sam Brownback is a truly scary dude

Terrorist link to copyright piracy alleged

Bush administration pushes to overturn limits on secret records searches

House passes spyware bills

How much "Made in America" do you buy?

Was anyone at the USA vs England football match?

I need a good link that explains PNAC

looking for a link to a table of suspicious deaths

Would you offer this deal... would he take it?

RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war (and US)

Update from Miss Waverly

The lateset republican "get rich quick without working" scheme..

‘Child’ porn star backs Army major

If only she was a Democrat

Freepers and Chicken Hawks should enlist

What would a member of a European conservative party be the equilvalent to

L.A. TIMES: White House Wants Search Limits Overturned

Judge says pressures led him to porn Web sites

CHARTS: Iraq - Average Deaths per Day....Average Deaths per Months

Sex or Violence, which is more inappropriate?

I know, I know it's way too early

Are there other blogs like the Rude Pundit and Bartcop?

Brain downloads 'possible by 2050'

DJ Decides To Stop Supporting Nine Inch Nails

New York Times is ignoring the Fascists' attempt to get ISP records

BULLS***: The truth about Cyber Trojan horse of the Far Left

Do you realize that other than Afghanistan and al Qaeda,

"Iraqi forces launch crackdown; *al Qaeda* defiant" hmmm???

Tom Oliphant and Auth nails it.

Florida Judge Allows Graduation Ceremonies At Church This Year, But

Qatar buys off Al-Qaeda attacks with oil millions

Anyone watching 60 Minutes?

Dear Soldier

Remember The MSM Saying The Voice On The Berg Tape was not super Zarqawi?

Why Voinovich Hates John Bolton

Pro life really pro birth

Shrub Doesn't Believe in Heaven & Hell (Personal Responsibility)

Bumper Sticker Moran

John McCain: Hero? Bush butt-boy? Enigma? All of these?

Will Iraq make our military EVEN MORE right wing?

Jump ship or reform the platform...?

Los Angeles to New York on 22 gallons . . .

How many regularly read the "greatest" page?

How tolerant are you really?..Take the quiz!

Question about what the hell Bush is talking about....

Are Dems using biofuels to peel farmers from right?

"Americans United for Separation of Church and State"

LONDON: Blair faces US probe over secret Iraq invasion plan

Specter: Senate stem-cell override likely

France rejects the European Constitution - the first crack in the Neo-libe

Republican neighbor son's high school graduation party..

The Worst Columnist in America - NYT's John Tierney

A Pacifist’s Memorial Day Pledge

A letter from a mother to a fallen son

There is only ONE course of action - you can't VOTE them out.

We MUST End Terror At Home AND Abroad! (Warning Graphic Content)

These Downing Memo jewels of wisdom from CONYERS are worth repeating IMHO

This is good: "I USED TO BE A NEOCON"

John Kerry lost 7 out of 10 of the poorest white majority counties

Using Embryos For Stem Cells Makes Them Immortal

New Evidence: We doubled bombing rate of Iraq to provoke war

scott ritter has said on various radio shows that the U.S. plans to attack

Graduation Day with Howard Zinn

A Memorial Day Request

Bev Harris is proof that ANY of us can make a difference!

"If you ask those snowflake babies..."

If Most of the FDR, WWII Generation Were Alive Today...

What do you love?

Who's Seeing the McCAIN Movie with Wolf & Tweety? Bwahahaha

Actual conversation overheard at Republican Headquarters:

C-span doesn't report news & doesn't care about the DOWNING STREET MEMO

Major Policy Speech By Reid Ignored!

Mom indicted for hiring stripper for son

OK.. what have YOU done for "the cause"?

Why is America the best country on earth?

One last Memorial Day request...I'd like every one of you

ON YAHOO! Calling for Official Congressional Investigation - Downing Memo

Conyers says our response has been OVERWHELMING - now even MORE urgent!!!!

Linda McQuaig says we should at least speak up about torture claims

U.S. accused of reporting less than half its casualties in Iraq

Power, Viciousness and Shame among young girls

One more appeal to form a John Conyers group

The Graph !!! - Memorial Day Edition

Fantastic oatmeal cookie recipe

Briskets are on sale at Randall's for .88 a lb

Japan to station advanced fighters on Okinawa

WP: Air Defense Timeline Cited in Cessna Dispute (shootdown order,or not?)

WP: Bush's Jewish Allies Demur on Stem Cells

Reuters: Insurgents Say They Have Killed Japanese Hostage in Iraq

US, Black Pastors Forge Effort (faith-based fight against AIDS in Africa)

South African newspaper's report banned by officials - Oil

Long Jailings Anger Iraqis

U.S. soldier killed, suicide bombers kill five

Video of Abducted Italian Aid Worker Shown

Lebanese Seek To Map a Future Mired in Past

WP/AP: Clinton Endorses Tsunami Aid for Sri Lankan Rebels

With filibuster threat in the air, Senate Dems thwart voter ID bill

NYT: U.S. Case Draws Vermont Into Debate on the Death Penalty

Blair planned to spend £30m rebuilding Downing St (Blame it on George Bus

Jordan Islamists against Chalabi amnesty

There's Democracy, and There's an Oil Pipeline NYTimes 5/29

LAT: Employers of Illegal Immigrants Face Little Risk of Penalty

Senate Setbacks Test Frist's Influence - WP

English priest stops Amazon logging giants in their tracks

Police arrest leader of right-wing militia (Colombia)

Pleading for priests on a beer mat

U.S. urged to rethink training of Uzbek troops

The U.S. removes the nuclear brakes

NYT: Judicial Nominee Compromise Under GOP Pressure (Frist mocks deal)

Powerful explosions rock western Baghdad as offensive launched

Bush gains international clout as other leaders stumble

Greenpeace in rift with US branch over free flights competition prize

‘Child’ porn star backs Army major

Death penalty returns to Iraq, with a vengeance

High turnout in French vote

General fired for saying Romania to host U.S. bases

LAT: Risk of Civil War Spreads Fear Across Iraq

17 Killed as security effort begins

Public enemy

Leading Afghan cleric shot dead - BBC

RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war

Share Now,Pay Later (some share pres. drugs to save money,risking health)

Opposition parties express concern over nuclear leak (UK)

Conn. Sub Base a 'Minefield' of Pollution

Slayings deepen rift within Iraq

The scientist behind stem cell success story (South Korea)

AP: Cuban militant (Posada)worked for U.S. in covert Contra supply network

Arrest Warrant Issued for Rape Counselor in Air Force Academy Case

Saddam pictures inappropriate, probe continuing: Myers

Opposition claims Beirut election

Europe holds breath in final hours of French vote on EU constitution

WP/AP: Pope Benedict Pledges to Mend Orthodox Rift

Akron man dies; had been stunned with a Taser gun


NON vote wins in France (en francais)

Back from Iraq, finding work can be difficult for some

Aljazeera.Net: Attacks pierce Baghdad security net

France rejects the European Constitution - the first crack

South Korean Students Hold Anti-U.S. Rally

Chernobyl workers stage protest

Nazi row lawmaker refuses to quit

Cuban militant worked for U.S. in covert Contra supply network

NYT: U.S. Expands Aid to Iran's Democracy Advocates Abroad

Iraq bomb kills British soldier

Foreign Oil Firms to Pay Venezuela Taxes

White House Researching Potential Justices

Syria Arrests 300 Saudis: Report

A U.S. Faith Initiative for Africa

WW2 bombs found in Italy, thousands evacuated

NK denounces United States for religious and human rights abuses

US lawmaker calls for limits on embryos created during fertility treatment

RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war

Report: Top CHP Officer Narrowly Missed DUI Charge

Ney wins federal money to demolish privately owned bridge

U.S. senators call for inquiry into Uzbek killings

After new Iraq revelations, Conyers to write Rumsfeld

Iraq Minister Warns of Fuel, Power Hikes

Taser didn't kill suspect, autopsy finds

WP, Pincus: House Proposes Commission to Assess Nuclear Forces

27 killed in attacks as Iraqi forces launch crackdown

'Doonesbury' Again Lists War Dead (Will take 2 weeks)

Blast shakes NATO headquarters in Kabul

Cheney: China Key to Ending N. Korea Nukes


Myers Defends Treatment of Gitmo Prisoners

System Lets Parents Spy on Kids' Lunches

Indian call staff quit over abuse on the line

Security Forces Launch Baghdad Crackdown (Operation Lightening)

AP: Wal-Mart fights problems of service, low-end merchandise

South Korean Students Hold Anti - U.S. Rally

France 'rejects EU constitution'

Danica Patrick Proves Her Mettle at Indy

Taking the cause of the academic rights of the right (scary stuff

Six Found Shot to Death at Ohio Farmhouses

"Does this place look like I'm married, the toilet seats up."

Netscape 8 breaks windows internet explorer!! (so is netscape crap?)

Netscape 8 breaks windows internet explorer!! (so is netscape crap?)

Summer Nights

What appendage WOULD you rip off another living being for, say,

Waiter, there's some soup on my fly!

Scenes from some movies.

OMG! Jack's father is Hawk the Slayer!

GE's "16 Tons" ad - does it creep you out a little?

Anyone else buy $3 jugs of wine from Trader Joes?

What I learned from watching corn.

Prophet Noweh summons submarines

State Of The Union

Poke me

"Don't buy tuna. They catch DOLPHINS in those nets."

Video of Prophet Yaweh summoning a UFO

Would you rip the wings off a B-52 for $1,000,000?

Sunsets. How romantic ..... Oooo.

Where exactly is Dumbfuckistan?

I want to dedicate my 123rd post

Is there a side of yourself that you try and keep out of DU?

Kick me!

Man, I'm depressed, angry, frustrated, and hurt, but somehow

Please, just ignore me.


Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz

I think everyone just fell asleep

If your monitor is 1.33/1 ratio, would you use a 1.6/1 ratio? (HDTV)

Man it's Saturdays like this that I wish TNT still had Monstervision.

'The Big Lebowski' on Comedy Central NOW

REM lyrics: "Shaking through"

What is your social security number?

Holy CRAP. Now they've got the D on Comedy Central.

Does anyone miss NHL hockey?

We remember.................

Better than Ezra - but for how long?

Are there still Drive-In movie theatres where you are?

My husband's not-so-new assistant. (Helpful cat thread)

My rant on Movie Critics

Bye-Bye, DU and A Vast Ye, Mateys! I'm off to Sail the Islands

Damn, I did not win the Powerball

Depp to Shoot Thompson's Ashes Out of Cannon

Normally I abhor the death penalty....

Satire: Comedic art form or tasteless and offensive?

The cutest kitty thread.

Suzy, Suzy...Suzy Suzy...Suzy...

Now I know why they are called "throw rugs."

Post here and I won't put you on ignore!

The Star Trek connection

go spurs go!

anybody hear "The Woods" by Sleater-Kinney yet?

AMAZING idea for an acronym - EVOO

I have questions about 'No Child Left Behind' and Military Recruitment...

It's 9:11


John Fogerty turned 60 Saturday and he's on Austin City Limits on PBS to-

It's cold, I didn't win the Powerball, and the macaroni salad I had

Favorite John Denver song???


I'm photographically homeless...

Post your fave line (at this moment) from a song.

The Dark Side has cookies!

Saw a French film last night, drank a couple glasses of French wine.

I share a birthday with the 35th U.S. president

Is anyone else with Comcast having problems?

What is your favorite Blues album???

I will no longer condone Domokun tyranny, violence or criminality

I may have to move back to the west coast . . .

What are you listening to right now, May 29, 11:10 AM (EDT)?

Your job requires you to be available 24/7/365 - Whats your salary?

When old buildings get a remake...

Do something subversive for Memorial Day!

iTunes help?

have a BBQ on memoriaL day

Lady and Gentlemen, Start Your ENGINES!

i ran

A Memorial Day memory for my fellow vets...

Funny Star Wars Spoof - Virtue can be fun......

"They’re ok the last days of May"

Songs with State Names in Lyrics or Title

Watching the French Open, are 80's fashions back in style?

Ladies thread: What I learned from watching porn

Does anyone else have an ethical problem with what they do for a living?

Just watched "Sideways"

Hi there NOAA and Public Health Service types!

i have to go to petland and

What will occur first?

Thread hijackings

The commie just reminded me that a repuke told me at a party...

I just found out my problem, why I am mentally uppity

I really really wanted to make a thread titled

Do you ever actually laugh out loud when you post LOL?

Whiskey May Have Anti-Cancer Benefit

I hate having tendonitis and arthritis.

Reflections . . . .

Hi Friends, what is the best image manipulation software?

I have a ferret climbing up my leg.


Ugly, Fat, or Balding DU Guys Check in here.

bush joke


There hasn't been a thread on Satan in a while. Jeez.

Danica Patrick***Indy 500***WOW

Well my mind is goin' through them changes I feel just like Im in the time

Well, another sci-fi first! A non-hetero MALE higher-profile character.

What is the greatest AC/DC song?

Watching racing on TV is boring. Let's watch something exciting

i feeL stretched

One Last Look

Best 11:00 Sunday Breakfast Ever!!

DANICA, Thread II, last ten laps

My condo is worth over $400,000 ...


Congratulations to that gal.

The next "ripped off from other media movie"

Do you prefer mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

I feel wretched

I just wanted to say thank you...

Some thoughts on Return of the Jedi

Stand in line for a thank you kiss.

I'm sorry everyone.

Favorite children's Judy Blume Book (No Wifey Allowed!)

Do what ever in this thread.

Saw a vehicle that outdoes a Hummer for "conspicuous consumption"...

What music have you listened to this weekend?

Just came from an embryo soccer match

Toilet paper poll

So....what are you doing up this late (2:45am EST) ?

The most "Eh.." band of all time.

Toilet paper poll, part three

A few months ago, I cleared off my Ignore list

Whatcha cooking today?

Listening to the first Montrose album. Ask me anything.

What if John Bolton designed home appliances?

Hey CatWoman! Ask and you shall receive

Are there any other DU forums that are happenin'?

i'm watching sports disasters on TLC

This is my 4,000th post

Listening to Jimi Hendrix's "Band of Gypsys". Ask me anything.

How do you post a pic in your sig?


Washington, DC, area DUers: Mark your calendars -- the date approaches!

DUers with internal beauty check in here.

Check-in thread for DUers who remember when GD was sane.

Boston area DU Barbecue June 11th- third call

Brass Monkey!?!

A Serious Question About A Fire

Spring flowers for your pleasure

How fast would Jesus drive?

"The Machine: Will it replace the Chinamen?" The Onion 1905

So I have this black bitch under my table

Cassandra Uprising and Chavez Dishes the Goods down at the pub...

OK, what's with one of our barn cats?

Listening to Miles Davis "Live Around the World". Ask me anything.

BANG! This is my 3000th post!

What the *()@$#% is wrong with people?!!

Please Please.....

I just walked home from a Vietnamese restaurant. Ask me any thing.

Post the name of your favorite book here

why is it that (warning: rant - whine)

"The bastards barbecued Arnold Ziffel & 99 other Urban Legends"

I'm on vacation this week.

Dear God... ('toon)

"Whitest", most lame "Reggae" song?

Wow! Dave Chapelle's mother just seems so...

Soon... I shall be able to see into the depths of your mind...

Who's watching Titanic tonight?

So You Like Female Racecar Drivers? Meet Iranian Laleh Seddigh

HELP I have a baby kitten dying

Screen Cap Quiz! Name that film!

Dave Chappelle will be on 60 Minutes

All of us DU'ers who feel don't fall into the gorgeous category,post here

Skinner--Earl or Elad! Help!

The upstairs neighbor's dog will not stop barking. What can I do?

Today's "Guess Who This Is" Pics...and NO PEEKING AT THE URL.

I just finished Dinner - Shut the Hell Up and don't ask me anything

I'll be in the basement if you need me

What's my name? What's my species?

Post here and I will say something mildly annoying about you

Ewww... check out this creepy model family!

a lingering moment. . .

My 300th post is coming! Post anything on this thread!

Do you have any food habits that could be considered odd?

Moving to Denver or Palmdale, some help please....

Hey parents to be, get your Motorhead baby outfit for your latest edition

Favorite Star Wars lightsaber duel

Why does color hurt more than black?

Major problem with circular saw - help!

Ladies and others with an interest in feminine clothing: What's better

Can someone help me? I just stepped on our adopted kitten...

When will you switch to digital photography?

Perfect license plates for the type of car

Toilet paper poll, part two

Sites like webshots?

DU men who feel that love has past them by forever. Check in.

Nobody Knows......Memorial Weekend Lyrics....

Is there a more pointless song than Phil Collins' "Sususudio"?

A disturbing, powerful video.

Do you want a Crazy Frog on your phone?

Why do all the DUers

I have noticed the Lounge has all kind of kitty threads. Are our canine

Why is it that Brazillian people have a tendacy to have only one name?

Quit pestering Progmom to say something nice to you, you douchebags!

What 20th Century women authors have you read?

Team America: The joy of being a dick was also part of Nazi propaganda.

I just saw 'Team America' last night (unrated version).....

Ok I promised some pics of my new car in the daylight.

One last Memorial Day request...I'd like every one of you

Average-lookin' DU guys! Check in!

electric car 2.3m long and 1.3m wide - China

Woman kicks thief's ass (great video)

This has GOT to be one funniest freeper posts EVER!

DU'ers are you brave enough? ugly enough?

What kind(s) of music can you dance to?

'Lefty' promo thread - the name of your Website, blog, or egroup

Let's talk film.

Pleading for priests on a beer mat

WP/AP: Pope Benedict Pledges to Mend Orthodox Rift

A Hybrid jet?

A Prince Charming for the Prom

Jump ship or reform the platform...? /posted in GD

New Yorkers Should Vote Against Spitzer For Governor

Gay Oregon College Students Receive Death Threats

Gone are the days

Anyone watching the French Open?

If Danica Patrick wins at Indy...

Orioles as champs birdbrained idea . . .

Rookie (Female) Indy 500 Driver Dannica Patrick, 1st. with 10 Laps to Go

Now that was a smackdown (Spurs/Suns)

Report: ESPN severs ties with NHL

Where are all of the Lacrosse fans????

My Sphynx is loving my pregnancy hot flashes... (pic)

My experience with a feral cat who had kittens in my basement

I have been boycotting IAMS for a long time, but

The power of 3??

Good (anti-)Mittens snark

McCain on CNN

Urban Nature

Spring flowers from today . . .

Here are a bunch of flower photos I've taken recently (dial up warning)

Flowers in my yard.

It's official: Tucker Carlson's new show debuts 6/13 at (whew) 9 ET

KOEB Quiz: Sunday May 29, 2005

Crispini wounds me again.

What About Current Union Boss - Hoffa Jr..........

An Amazon reviewer NAILS Machiavelli's role in the Bush Administration

College Republican National Committee Con Artists offer refunds

Goals Reached, Donor on Right Closes Up Shop

Vulnerable House and Senate seats up for grabs? Update please...

Doonesbury. The List: Part One.

New pictures coming from Abu Ghraib?

Need some manure? ACU rep on CSPAN

What the U.S. can learn from India's electronic voting machines

So...have you seen the Venezuelan Bush-as-a-Satanic-Nazi poster?

Oliver Stone Caught - DUI & Drugs....

Senator Biden's floor speech on John Bolton as * nominee for US Ambassador

Little Bush enthusiasm greets UN anniversary

40 years of change in America

Was Iraq in violation of resolution 1441?

Farish successor: appointment imminent - Sunday Times

Setbacks pin 'lame duck' label on Bush

G8 leaders’ stumbles could be boon for Bush (difference of bad or worst?)

Stripping Rummy & Smirk of Impunity (& lying Sanchez)

The White House tries to redefine terrorism while Dems are on vacation

Fight Fire With Fire - Using Pug Tactics Against Them For Giggles & Grins

Bush admin tacitly admits terrorism is getting worse

Some frustrating traffic laws that should bend:

Venezuela protests "The World's #1 Terrorist," A.K.A. "Connecticut Cowboy"

You know those 14 new military bases being built in Iraq?

smirk trying to starve the North Korean people

‘New Castro’ threatens to take his feud with America nuclear

Conyers Media Forum Video


Old man McCain tries Bush’s crown for size

Ollie North to Al Sharpton: Vicente Fox comments true, not offensive

TinFoil Hats--It's Clinton's Fault!!!

Is D.C paranoid?

Who's Who in the Electorate

Republican Filibusters

CNN just told its 1,000th shameless, dangerous lie of the day.

WTF? I just heard on CNN...

Military guests offended at school assembly/admin apology

Why do Republicans act like someone just killed their firstborn son...?

"Every time I'm in front of a mic, I'm going to mention the name 'Monica'"

I love the idea of Hillary Clinton for a run .......

Looking for a definition for the term "grassroots".

Housing Bubble, Cheap Labor Lobby, & Pseudo-Recovery

McCain could never win the nomination of today's Republican Party...

I need a mathematician

O'REILLY: Give me one mistake that we've made. One.

How many of you still can't get over 2000?

What needs to be said about the Supreme Court

Bernie Sanders for president 2008!

Bush may have finally pushed the press too far

Why I'm joining the GOP... Leaving the left for fun and profit

Frank Rich calls John Kerry a "pantywaist" vs Bush..

Who is more dangerous: PNAC or CNP?

i just saw arlen specter on a sunday-morning

McCain gave impression that "gang of 14" will hang together...

Why Janice Rogers Brown wasn't blue-slipped

BUSH 08 ??!!?? WTF