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Archives: May 27, 2005

Counterpunch: Uncovering a DOJ Coverup

Bush,Others Should Face Torture Probes, Says Amnesty; Urges Arrest

Tear Gas in the Andes

Braveheart Goes to Washington

"It's the God, guns and gays wedge issue,"

Orange County Weekly: Facts and Feces

David Sarasohn: A flawed sense of history, to say nothing of the present

Just Shut It Down

Iran Should Not Blow US's WTO Support--Daily Star, Lebanon

Pipelineistan's biggest game begins

Bush finds spending 'political capital' no easy task

Raw Deal. Forget the spin: Bush and Frist got almost everything ...

Giving in to blackmail (this is exactly how i feel about the

I left a comment on the DNC blog about the Woolsey amendment

German Poop Story

Environmentalists bypass Washington to pressure corporations

Does anyone else remember a...

lee hamilton getting grilled on CSPAN right now!!!

Grand jury in Albany? Why do I doubt this?

Ohio Coins -- Officials now believe over $10 million missing...

NC needs help! Critical election reform stuck in committee

Update on Andy

VIDEO: America's Illegitimate Election 2004

Anyone hear Mark Crispin Miller on Air America a few mins ago? nt

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 5/27/05

The Great Republican Overreach has hit a wall (AhNo article)

Stop water privatization in California!

Another Dem and IP candidate to challenge Pawlenty in 2006

d-link router not working with

Builder's Commission's Seminar a Disaster in Houston.

Pentagon: Inquiry substantiates Koran "mishandling"

BBC World on helicopter Crash and bombings in Iraq.

OK, so what really happened tonight?

KO talking about the cross burnings

2 dead in Helicopter Crashed

Catapult the Propaganda

Chris Matthews IGNORED 2 separate mentions of fixed intel memo this week.

Texas republican attempts to reach out to new voters.....but will it help?

Firefox Users Fight Phishing heads up folks

Hurricane Outlook - 70% Chance of above average hurricane season

"They also serve who only stand and wait"

Kraft Foods Continues Support for Gay Games (Their Letter)

For those interested, A&E is showing interesting documentary

So, need a laugh?

Bwahaha -- Cons on Yahoo boards losing it BIG TIME

Is Joshua Bolton, Director of the Executive Office of the President,

Funny * pix >>>

Just watched the pilot episode of the West Wing on Bravo

Why did Frist vote against cloture on the Wilfred Brimley nomination?

Some Memorial Day Music

My wish for the 41: they went home, had a drink,and realized


I could use a favor

Reid's 'Sledgehammer' issues: Driving the filibuster wedge all the way in,

I found a new nickname for John Bolton

NEW grandtheftelectionohio: MR. SMITH GOES TO HELL

What if the 14 moderates formed a voting block?

Extremists use Sen Specter's cancer in propaganda ploy

Frist voted Nay to ending the debate.

Flip Flops for Frist - I think the Majority Leader needs some new shoes!

Tom Delay's PAC found guilty of violating Texas \\\Per NPR

Is this anyway to treat a popular president with an overwhelming mandate?

Iraq:The Words of Mass Deception

Grade Harry Reid's Performance

Do you have any good "Q" words in scrabble when your "u-less"?

Ladies and Gents, Your 2005 Base Closure List


Bolton delay is NOT a filibuster. White House stonewalling documents.

Marvin Bush + 4 billion BASF/Basell deal due to pressure on Iran

Who was actually surprised by the cloture vote today ?

FOX "News" Asman asks Lott "...if WE ...had the votes..."

Counter Protest in DC Saturday

Would Frist "go nuclear" for Bolton?

The median price of a house in our town is $825,000, and firstyear teacher

WP: Chicago Zoo Under Fire Over Deaths (some previously unpublicized)

WP: NYC Women In Line to Get Restroom Relief

US Foreign Aid Greatly Exaggerated, Says New Study

MSNBC Poll-Will Bolton be confirmed

Freepers w/1000+ posts

Bolton was promissed

Robert Strauss,DNC chairman '72-'77,on 2nd part of Charlie Rose tonight

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Roll Call

Chicken Arnold

I think my Freeper friend is embarrassed by Bush now

PrePaid Legal?

Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs

Worsening the Patriot Act - a frightening article, a must read

Pentagon Again Lies And Minimizes! No More Military Investigations Of The

Do NOT let Bush's legacy be Reaganized.


Fundie wingnuts at AFA attack Arlen Specter and mock his CANCER

Darfur: Daily News May 26, 2005

Youngstown by Bruce Springsteen

Check out Carrabbas response on Glenn Beck

DU's Memorial Day plans

I am tired of sitting here reading these boards -- I want to help!

Survey - Should deserters be given refugee status in other countries?

When is the DNC really going to kick some ass?

Tom Friedman op-ed on Gitmo: "Shut it down. Just shut it down."

Do you know what your Vietnam Lottery Number was? Or if you had been 18...

CSPAN Schedule Friday May 27

ACLU strikes again!! Judge orders govt to release Abu Ghraib photos

VIDEO: America's Illegitimate Election 2004

Why are ALTRUISM, COMPASSION and EMPATHY So Frightening to Freepers?

The enormous success of the hybrid cars from Japan shows once again

Whenever I look at a lake & see a Republican swimming in it I think

My Fellow DU Veteran's - How About A March On Washington? Veteran's Day??

1,651 G.I.'s WON'T be enjoying Memorial Day, but I'm sure dubya will

If you must use a credit card get a Democratic Party Card – Stop MBNA

Thursday Evening Update From Andy

Galloway: “We feel that the real criminals are them.”

London Kniggits looking awesome right now.

Centrifuges Sent to IAEA, Says FO--Pakistan Daily Times (Iran)

Pentagon Substantiates Cases of Koran Mistreatment

Court finds Thai anti-corruption commission corrupt

Democrats Force Delay Of Final Bolton Vote

Bush,Others Should Face Torture Probes, Says Amnesty; Urges Arrest

US wants to be able to access Britons' ID cards

Pentagon admits five acts of 'mishandling' the Koran (The Independent)

Judge Rules DeLay PAC Broke Texas Law

Orange County Sheriff Made Donors His Deputies

Toronto, Chicago mayors back Manitoba on water diversion project

Coalition vows to defeat attempt to ban gay rights (in CA)

NYC to Pay Aids Group in Settlement (criticized Giuliani, lost contracts)

NYT: Govt Shirked Duty to Wild Fish, Judge Rules (limited,skewed analysis)

Oregon Records Show Gordon Smith Approved Trip Paid By GOP lobby

Thousands Of UC Workers Stage One-Day Strike

Peru Govt Calls For Talks After Tintaya Mine Riot

Domestic terror law to be used against animal welfare activists (NJ)

WP: Chicago Zoo Under Fire Over Deaths (some previously unpublicized)

WP: NYC Women In Line to Get Restroom Relief

Bomb Scare Caused by plastic device (molded in the shape of penis)

Manhole Explodes Near World Bank, IMF

Man Shot Instead of Tasered, Sues Rochester

Oregon students reject military recruiters over gay ban

WP: News Groups Wrestle With Online Fees

NYT: Little Progress in Bid to Extend Patriot Act

WP: Aide in Schiavo Case Lands a Lobbying Gig

Huss Walks Away A Free Man (Rapist who murdered, disfigured his victim)

Land Rovers 'used in Uzbek killings' (Guardian)

NYT: Fed. Study Tying Longer Life to Extra Pounds Draws Fire

NYT: For Senators, Pact Does Not Mean Peace(deal covers judges,not Bolton)

Son Of Well-Known Atheist Says Name Got Him Un-Hired

U.S. soldier acquitted in Iraqi's death (Former Wall Streeter)

Non-citizen mother of slain U.S. soldier rejected by Gold Star organizatio

Enron pair fail to divert workers' pensions

Air Force Enforces 'Religious Respect'

Wider Use Urged for New Meningitis Vaccine (adolescents,college freshmen)

Military Deserters Flee To Canada (6000 deserters - 150 are in Canada)

Judge: Public Has Right to See Abuse Photos Abu Ghraib prison

Group Slams Product Placement in Schwarzenegger Ad

Bush,Others Should Face Torture Probes, Says Amnesty; Urges Arrest

34 attorneys general support 'shield' for reporters (Plame Case)

Kurd chief who taught mercy to Saddam's men (Jailed militia leader

Delay Slams NBC Over Criminal Intent

NYT: Surrogate Mothers' New Niche: Bearing Babies for Gay Couples

Ohio Officials Now Believe More Than $10 Million in Rare Coins Is Missing

Greatest love song EVER: "When You Give Your Love To Me" by Kevin Gilbert

Has anyone ever been to

The smell of wet dog fur and chlorine--

Memorial Weekend - any fun plans?

OMG.. I learned something from Michael Jackson trial

i hide threads with the word "enema" or some variant of it in the subject

i only ask for some Memorial Day exposure

I know it's a fool's errand, and I know * "supports" the idea...

Just found this picture of the ugliest car I ever had

I got a question for any car buffs out there:

Favorite "Star Wars" character theme

Have you heard the news, he said with a grin

A Blind man picks up a piece of matzah

I Just got ANOTHER recruiting pamphlet from the Army,

brick pagoda

The *use a song title to caption a picture* thread

Saturday we're going to go find an apartment!!

Ann Coulter before the facelift

The Real "Old Time Religion"

I think I might buy this place in Venezuela with help any body interested?

Star Wars Questions that baffle me....

How come The Daily Show is doing reruns?

Prize toy Yoda

So a Ukranian immigrant walks into the DMV to get his license...

A serious cat question

abe vigoda

South Park on Wal-Mart on now!!

50 games of Parcheesi

Which of these three shirts should I wear for my gig tomorrow night?

"LOST" is really annoying.

My brother is visiting for the week end and that guy can snore!

This has to be just about the coolest-looking car ever made.

How many of you have "black sky with stars?"

G 'n' R's "Civil War" holds up pretty well after 15 years

NOW I get the Gwen Staphani "Bananas" song!

Roger Miller singing "Me And Bobby McGee"

I just burned my hand. ask me anything.


In the name of all that's Holy, I beg of you, DON'T open this thread...!!!

just installed my first piece of PC hardware - does that make me a geek?

Should we have bombed Auschwitz?

If Alton Brown Were Coming Over To Your House For Dinner!

I want you to give me the massage!

The beatings continue at the Troupe of Performing Trolls.

Anypne hear about CC's fake pirate radio station in Ohio?

Anyone bought a DVD (widescreen version) lately?

Anyone actually watching something GOOD on TV tonight??

I'm thinking about enlisting...

For the first time this school year, I am pissed at my son's teachers.

Moon calendar

New Avatar Image


Ladles & Germs, the Dingbat's Wakeboard Instructor:

bumpersticker: an oldie, but a goodie

Dammit, my watch band just broke.

I have a 1 inch splinter stuck in my foot.

WOOOHOOO My accountant fucked up!

DU chat

Jay Leno - Point, What's Your Point? (Video)

Post here and I'll call you the name of a pasta dish.

Anybody have experience with Xanax

Want to see a slumber party?

Read any good books lately?

Donkey Kong sings Van Halen??

Jake Peavey throws a 2-hit, CG, shutout for the Padres 10-0 win over AZ!

I got a letter from the government the other day

Please take a long, hard look at Viagra.

Philosophical/moral question:

Ahhh! My fucking head hurts! This totally sucks.

Take me down to the Paradise City...

You know what pisses people off about liberals?

How do you make sure you're on someone's ignore list?

I'm at work and I'm freaking bored

Evening folks... can you help with a small survey that I need to do?

What was/is your dream job?

Gentlemen start your engines - I need you to reply


I am really down today.


Do us Canadians on DU seem different?

Live Aid Organizer Confirms Another 'Big' Concert Is Coming

Southern California DUer's check in here...get together time!!

What Song Would You Have Liked To Have Been Played At Your Birth?

Is the fun still over?

Libras rock!

Karl Rove is my bitch.

DU haikus

Longgrain! I want LONGGRAIN!

Do you have a TV crush you can't shake?

Whats your favorite left-leaning band/song

what is your favorite ray stevens song?

"I'm pushing the button as we speak."

MY NEW CAR some teaser pics, I will get some more in the daylight.

"Chinese" food

is there a Dem equivalent of "GOP"?

Is it easier to get laid if you're gay?

Post your senior picture

What Song Would You Like Played at Your Funeral?

Veterans and armed forces... roll call!

Post the name of your favorite band here:

Post here and I will say something nice to you.

thought you all might get a kick out of this

Big Pill: Dazzling new argument 2 nationalize it

Adieu, Andy! Roddick Falls, US Mens Singles Out At French Open

Schilling likely out till after the All-Star break....

Ok go ahead and attack me but I dont see the point in bringing

Ron Jeremy , coach of Miami Heat

What and When do dogs NEED there shots

Some photos of Yuri, recovering from his ordeal, and his brother..

Looking for articles/books on psychology of religion

Freepers vs DU Vets

a few stray comments from Cspan clips today

a few pics from yesterday of Kerry and other Senators meeting with Abbas

Why does KO show pictures of Ann Coulter wearing an eye patch?

Help my crazy Republican sister-in- law is in from TN

Another tarry feather for Bush this week...

I've been out of the news loop most of today, was Bolton vote

Any polling data on Bolton?

Joe Lieberman, Unlikely Hero of the American Left...

Bill Frist voted Against Bolton?

Frist procedural NO vote --->where do I get a flip-flop bodysuit?

Will Bush turn over the memo?

What happens now?

Why now?

buchanan on hardball tonight re bolton

Consequences of idealism for Democrats ?

Something about the Cloture Vote defectors

The Tweety replay is on now

Frist is LOSING it. "It looks like a filibuster. QUACKS like a filibuster"

Why are all the Bush flunkie judges Federalist Society members?

THIS is what we won with the compromise (well worth reading IMHO)

Stop MBNA: Get the DEMCARD

Thom Hartmann interviewed George Galloway today here in Portland OR.

Notice all Bush Picks are PNAC??

Salon: "Rumsfeld likens al-Zarqawi to Hitler."

So can you say that Frist voted against Bolton before voting for him?

If Neocon Theocrats were cavemen, would the wheel have been invented?

One thing Bush had dems on was the Nascar vote...

I'm very tired of some Dems on DU not understanding whats at stake...

Delay's upset with NBC and Law & Order

Worsening the Patriot Act - a frightening article, a must read

This just in from the Washington Post!!!!

A request: Translations of pet names, and their history.

5/26 Thom Hartmann's interview with George Galloway -AUDIO FILE

My View On Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Impeachment question

About the Secret Bolton NSA Intercepts Memos

Reid Lays Out Reform Agenda

USA TODAY: Poll shows majority would vote for Hillary

The Nuclear Option has nothing to do with John Bolton

Demand Harry Reid's Resignation!

Reid's new 'sledgehammer' strategy memo: the wedge is in place; now

The hidden history of the United Nations America's Foul Treatment of Prisoners . . . . .

Judge Rules [bush admin] Dam Plan Threatens Salmon

Bush established the New Freedom Commission (NFC) by executive order

Fury over Auden's role in 'distorting' UN chief's memoirs

A Mailer reflects on the 9/11 days

Could Dick Morris (cough, cough) be on to something this time?

Microsoft Deletes Ralph Reed

The Federalist Society: From Obscurity to Power

WaPo (Krauthammer): Profiles in Flinching

Reporters Without Borders Unmasked (funded by NED and Cuban exiles)

Do You Love Paris When She Sizzles? It's a Guy Thing

Stem-Cell Hypocrisy (Newsweek)

Indianapolis Star Editorial: Judge goes too far on parents' religion

Homeland Eyes, Right and Left (NY Times)

Krugman: Running Out of Bubbles (Overpriced Housing Bubble)

Fascinating column in the NYTimes by Sarah Chayes

LA Times column: Why the Bible Belongs in America's Public Schools

Federal Judge Demands Release of Abu Ghraib Pix

Failing oath of office

House vote on WITHDRAWING troops FAILS 300 to 128, 5 non-votes

Counterbias column: Torture at Gitmo

Lampley 05/27 - The Worst and the Dumbest

Great Rant on Thomas Friedman's Guantanamo Op-Ed Piece (Daily Kos)

Working people get the squeeze

Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs

The Gropenator's Road Crew Propaganda

Dahr Jamail: Sketchy Details (martial law in Baghdad)

Conyers asking for WH response to DSM (Downing Street Memo)

Friedman: Just Shut It Down (Gitmo is an embarassment)

LA Times Editorial: The Frist Problem

Is George Bush a Liar?

Asia Times: Price dollars in oil, not oil in dollars

Chicago DUers: Come protest the firing of 1100 teachers (I'm one of them!)

Corporations involved in Politics = politicians like Tom Delay

China's media profits from jingoism

Musicians sing praises of biofuel

Surprise: Air pollution linked to fetal defects.

UK Industry Leaders Demand Long-Term Climate Strategy From Blair - BBC

What a bird-flu pandemic might look like...

My local Toyota dealer says they have new Prius Hybrids- no waiting!

Chinese leader snubs Maoris to avoid lone protester

Pakistan serves as a model for North Korea going nuclear

S Africans protest unfair housing

China admits drug war is failing

China's health record raises concern

Soccer-mad Israelis barge into Palestinian home

Question for Eyl, Pelsar, and those who have lived in Israel

IDF arrests would-be suicide bomber

Take no prisoners - The fatal shooting of Palestinians by Israeli forces *

Jewish terrorist convicted of targeting Israeli Arab residents of Haifa

Must Read New Article On Gov't Involvement in 9-11

9-11 Pentagon Cover-up?

wow! new info on Pentagon 9/11 plane

Why building seven was knocked down & more!

New article on Mary Schneider

WA Gov Trial: "The claim that the vote was stolen is no more than a ...

Do we know how many races in the past 3 elections the Rep won despite

well we all know that Diebold truly sucks but. . .

LA TIMES editor on lack of 2000 & 2004 vote rigging & suppression stories

Salon: My Right Wing Degree (Learn how to rig an election)

Is this forum primarily "youngsters"? An infrequent poster thinks so.


Get Corporations out of Our Election System

A fake govenator doing fake photo ops

Nussle Gubernatorial Train coming to a town near you

Harkin compares Bush to segregationist (MC Globe Gazette)

My local Toyota dealer says they have new Prius Hybrids- no waiting!

DfA Massachusetts Organizing Conference, Worcester, June 4

Gov. Shitt Romney Vetoes Stem Cell Bill

State Sen. Becky Lourey's son has been killed in Iraq . . .

Self Deleted

a question about floppy drives (!!)

Abortion consent bill goes to Perry

Texas, no front license plate bill, in trouble, Help needed

Anyone interested in wearing an Aggie Democrats t-shirt?

State college admission criterion to remain for at least 2 years

Moving to Texas soon. What to expect ? SA area

It's Memorial day weekend what are your big plans?

The 9/11 Commission Report is INVALID

Students for an Orwellian Society

John Bolton's Greatest Hits (Video)

Can a person be a progressive and advocate a "flat tax"?

I miss Jon Stewart this week!

why is it that when someone says, "with all due respect to you..."

What ever happened to Manuel Noriega?

what`s up with a&e?

Interesting column in the WaPost today- Assault On the Media

I don't care if Dick Wolf is a republican-his comment made my day

My Parents are Christian Conservative Democrats

Andy isn't up to getting back on the computer yet, so...

Does anyone worry that we accept the following as normal?

Activist Judge Prohibits Wicca Instruction by Parents

bush might "recess appoint" Bolton?

It is fitting that a fearless scot is the one who seems able to speak the

We are looking forward to a great Memorial Day Holiday at our home.

William Schultz On C-Span Soon (9:05 AM)

Why would this surprise me?

Plotting a Campaign for 2006 & 2008

Brazil Releases Classified Data - Recognizes UFO Research

Amnesty Intl Coming up on C-Span - 9am

Amnesty International's Report on Gitmo & Abu Ghraib = SUPPORTING AL QAEDA

concerning Ohio coin scandel...

Uh oh, somebody's angry about Law & Order

FBI Nabs Soldiers, Police In Drug Sting

Are they (bush admin) completely corrupt?

In 2008, will you vote Democratic?

Good video of the build up and finding the 8 yo girl alive in Florida

C-SPAN avoiding the Downing Street memo

MSNBC: Tom DeLay fuming at Law & Order Season Finale - (VIDEO)

Dobson's warm and fuzzy homily for today...

Thom Hartman's local show in Portland interviewed Galloway

"Oil Acres" (Bush's song)

Is anyone else having trouble posting at pdamerica?

help. Anyone know where the Newsweek article is online about the Koran?

Atrios hits a home-run one-liner: "The Democrats have an opening..."

Since the Democrats have stalled the Bolton nomination,

States See Benefits, Challenges in Revenue Surpluses

"The Right has failed not only in Iraq, but N. Korea, Iran, the West Bank"

Movie Studios worry over Sliding Attendance... HELLO!!!!

Graduation pregnant with inequity - (RW Hypocrisy at work)

Score one for Di-Fi....

Please delete.

CNN: More ethics troubles for DeLay, PAC broke laws - (VIDEO)

So. Cal DUers check in here -- get together time!

Eric Alterman spells it out if you still have doubts about the end game...

IrateCitizen's "Thought for the Day"

Tony Danza had RFK Jr. on yesterday...John Stossel today

"It depends what the meaning of 'flush' is"

Coleman: If terror alerts used politically, "Congress will look into it."

Humor - Are James Carville and Bat Boy kin?

May the Farm Be With You

GWB spoke at Naval Academy graduation --- Applause was very light

the drunken popinjay responds

thanks to frikkin' 9-11, the next attack is going to make w look real bad

Marine tank's biblical name draws hefty criticism


Why I think we won't win back the senate in '06...

Anyone have a link to the Delay PAC ruling?


John Kerry at National Head Start Association

I saw a bumper sticker today that read "Ex-Republican" !

Hey kids, build your own A-BOMB!!!

John, not Juan

Grrr Freepers on Cruise Forums

Post Stupid, Immoral, Inane, or Otherwise Repulsive Legislation Here

Must Read New Article On Gov't Involvement in 9-11

Another episode of Freepers turning on their own...

It's Official: Even ClearChannel Hates ClearChannel

What happened to Limbaugh's records? Wasn't that supposed

Welcome to Dragonmart (China uber alles and a dig at Walmart too)

They seized this city only months ago and now are fighting for it again.

Okay, just HOW DUMB do you you have to be...

Group Rejects Slain Soldier's Mom Because She's Not U.S. Citizen

Is the current Republic Party what Lewis Powell envisioned in his "memo"

What do you think about the John McCain A&E movie ad on AAR?

Just in on CNN-Clinton fundraiser Rosen aquitted

Suspect Still Perched Atop Atlanta Crane

Are we making any progress on election reform ?

Can A Member Of The House Refuse Constituents?

Would it be legal to arrest GWB for war crimes in a foreign country?

*Song* for all corporate media 'Journalists'

The Sad, Sad Republicans

What happened to Valerie Plame?

From 'What is the president saying when he's talking?'

Iraqis Try to Find Carefree Moments

A great quote by NJ Acting Governor Codey about sex offenders and Viagra

Domestic violence victims allowed to get gun permits in North Carolina

Commander Cuckoo Bananas Speaks .........Caution ..... Head Exploder ...

The Never Ending Stream Of Straight Talk From The Pentagon!!!

WEHT Camille Paglia wannabe Norah Vincent

teacher fired because she shood up for 4th grader made to pick up rocks...

can we agree that the bushgang owns our Air Force

Gannon\Guckert on Lie Detector

Were your parents liberal or conservative?

5 ships ordered to ''surge'' to support war on terror

My Message To The Right Wing!

What's going on with the GOP?

Okay! Who called in to CSPAN and pretended to be a freeper??!!

California's Universal Health Care bill, SB 840, has now passed the

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Opposes CAFTA

Democrat Bid for More Bolton Docs May Jeopardize Filibuster Compromise

Rep. Franks (Az) rattles his sabre on the Balkins

Enlighten the furrinah, re: recess appointments

Subject: Hidden Message in "No Child Left Behind"

Bill Clinton: The Survivor. Is this pro Clinton or anti-Clinton?

Inside America's most powerful megachurch (GWB'S)

Bush Responsible for Decline in Real Patriotism

Mike Malloy called Dobson's group "neo-nazis"!!!!

Anyone listening to this idiot on Franken right now?

Secrets of an ancient warrior race are uncovered

How do I contact an administrator?

Memorial Day Weekend on the C-SPAN Networks

DUers help Monica Crowley. Why so much anti-Americanism.

Heavier Women, Lighter Paychecks, Study Says

It's my 700 th post, and I've gotta ask y'all a question...Did you EVER

Who the heck is Al Franken interviewing now?

Anti-Tom DeLay rally canceled.

How Many Of Us Smuggle Stuff Into Theatres??

"Americans are too spoiled when it comes to our freedoms!"

Oh well it is OK then: Mishandled, but Not Flushed

9-11 Pentagon Cover-up?

Limbaugh says it is not "all Frist's fault"...

One step away from fascism in our schools?

Will you vote for Hillary for President? What's the main reason?

Are GWB and Bolton playing kissy-kissy on the WH lawn yet?

The Eco-Politics of Spermicidal, Genetically Engineered Corn

Judge Dismisses Suit Seeking Paper Ballots In Florida

Injured Marine: "intelligence was right more often than it was wrong"

Paul Harvey has me a bit confused

Yearbook Prank Rankles Colorado School's weekly news quiz

Harry Reid Claims Common Sense Center

Poll majority say they'd be likely to vote for Clinton

Gallup's Newport said Alaska and Hawaii weren't part of US (CNN)

How legitimate is

Attack on election board whistleblower and leaked Blackwell threats

FDA Looking Into Blindness-Viagra Link

FDA Looking Into Blindness-Hairy Palms Link

Ilario Pantano

This is fun and empowering!

Hooray for South Africa!

FYI - Saudi Arabia is now on "State of Emergency"

Paris pushing burgers or NPR freedom: which is more important to DU?

Bush to sell Hawaii to the Japanese......

Goddamit people, stop talking about Idol!

Condi meets Bono

More blah from the heart of stupid

"Tales from the Crypt"to return to HBO in fall - with FEMALE Crypt-Keeper

Chimp meets Gorilla

Bush: "You Have To Keep Repeating Things To Catapult The Propaganda"

Genetically Modified Corn Causes Abnormalities--Monsanto's Own Study

"Frist to be honorary starer for NASCAR race" -- CNN onscreen

I can't tell youhow much this made my day

Let's all thank George W Bush for letting AK47's back on the streets!

The sole purpose of the American Media: to make us feel alone and helpless

Nuclear Fuel HOW-TO (for dummies)

Do you believe the American people will wake up and fight?

Mr. Bolton, I presume

How to honor our fallen:

Dick Morris is sol

Girl busted with drugs in Muslim country

Bring The Troops Home...

Novak Says Hollywood Dems Prefer Bayh, Not Hillary

Howard Kurtz Disses My Partner (WaPo Online!)

R.I. drivers last in rules of the road survey

Any heavy metal fans want to win a CD?

My Right Wing Degree

"In this post September 11 world..."

Language Friday: Radical Militant Clerics

Women Take Brunt of Human Rights Abuse: Amnesty

Be champions? WTF?

Saudi Arabia: State of Emergency, On Alert, or No Alert Whatsoever?

Randi's taking down a freeper on AAR right now!

All charges dropped against Marine in killing of two Iraqis

David Geffen forced to let public use Malibu beach

What are the pros and cons of the EU constitution?

U.S. arms sales go to dictators

In Upstate New York, Mirrors Not Safe Around Woodpecker

Take your Sirius & XM radio's with you this long weekend. Turn-on your

Congress not surpporting rights of women

If coalition politics WERE allowed, would you still vote Democratic?

Battle Hymn of the Republic at a Public High School Graduation?

What Republican Legislation In The Past 20 Years Did You Agree With?

What Bush is saying when he's talking

The Department of Defense's press releases 5/24-27/05

Randi Rhodes is slamming a freeper-type over the UN!

We don't have a chance.

Empire,kill it by doing nothing.

Okay DLC, consider this re McCain vs H Clinton:

URGENT ACTION: 100,000 Sigs needed From Conyers on DSM

They were once embryos


Memorial Day - the old fashioned way

How Will The Democratic Party Treat Bernie Sander's Bid For The Senate?

2008: Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain - Who Wins?

May 2005 Harper's Magazine should be saved and framed.

You were wondering, "Just HOW much of a filthy pig is John Bolton?"

And now from the "Are you f*cking kidding me??" department...

is this photo real?

The Real Purpose of American Media is not Alone or Helpless.

Anyone else listening to AAR - Garofalo re: Bolton

I think I've figured out what our exit strategy is.

Question about Dean/Iraq

Long Arm of DeLay - How Close Is Your Rep To Delay

Need link for uploading pics to the kitten thread!

Really Good Bob Kincaid show on "The Fox Syndrome"

Why is Bush pushing the Stadium in New York CIty?

A local newspaper printed my letter to the Editor

Question for those living in NYC

"We don't need a free media."

Fired Air Force Chaplain is coming up on Hardball (MSNBC) after the break.

I honestly do not know how anyone without health insurance

Anyone know what happened to the head from Saddam's statue?

MN state Sen. Becky Lourey's son has been killed in Iraq . . .

No More Free Pretzels On Northwest Flights

Bush-as-Groucho Posters Spark Uproar

For all the young'uns the lyrics to Dylan's Masters of War

Thoughts on Carl Jr's "Paris" commercial?

Who has legal knowledge re: cyber-stalking and harrassment?


I Was In Arkansas, Texas & Oklahoma This Week

Cowardly Marine Corps Releases Crazy Larry to Kill Again

Freepers are in drag (..."couch commandos")

If DEAN Makes LIMBO Go NuKUlar, He's Fine by Me

A tank named "New Testament" is leading the attack against Iraq insurgents

Was that October 2004 tape of Osama real?

Kerry finally wins 5yr battle to implement Women's Small Business program

American Trauma: are we starting to wake up?

CBC Fifth Estate program on Dick Cheney last night. Watch online

It's Friday! Time for "Brunch with Bernie Sanders" -- streaming

The ACLU website has some great documents

Darfur: Daily News May 27, 2005

On this, the 800th DAY OF THE WAR, check in with your thoughts

Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs

A Matter of Minutes -- DOWNING STREET DOSSIER (WoW)

Breaking: Dick Cheney has a PENILE IMPLANT!

(photo) Wow, it's a new 'do!

Oil Prices Rise before Holiday Amid news of King Fahd's Illness

Any Chance King Fahd Is Dying And If So What Does That Mean?

Ha Ha! Looks Like Freepers At That Other Site Are Pretty Discouraged!!!

Just thinking out loud re: Downing Street Memo

Bali chick gets 20 years for weed!???

how embarrassing, the Mighty U.S. can't find Zarqawi OR Osama

John Conyers: Letter to * Concerning the Downing Street Memo

Republican Quest for Dirt Fails: Former Hillary Clinton Aide Acquitted

Holy Crap! 40 Men Blind from taking Viagra???

Who loves Margaret Carlson on the left?

today bush said the war in Iraq is "America's Golden Moment".......

This is Tracy Pierce. He is dying of cancer.

NASCAR fan does not equal "redneck republican"

If a corporation is a person,

College Republicans teaching Voter Suppression

Oh Brother. Schwarzenführer DESTROYS perfectly good road for photo-op!!!

Midas My Ass! Everything This Administration Touches Turns To Shit!

The Germans came up with a NEW flag for our illustrious President

On NOW - America's lowest-paid workers take on corporate giant

My Son Just Called Me-He is being deployed to Afghanistan and

If It Walks Like A Lame Duck And It Quacks Like A Lame Duck...

Signed Copies of Conyers Report - What Went Wrong in Ohio?

Congress Vote On Iraq Withdrawl: Why Can't Nancy Pelosi See The Light?

Why don't people like Hillary Clinton?

AnnColter Clone form DEA said they r trying to pass bill to put observers

Boston Globe Op-Ed: The assault on NPR & related Media Matters action

A hypothetical income tax proposal (Not another FLAT TAX thread!)

Atlanta Area DU'ers

Guess what? The CNP was Involved in the War on Iraqis


Remember those who are alive and Injured

Gitmo Interrogations: DoD Persons Impersonated State Department Officials

Raw Story's (and DU's own) Larisa Alexandrovna on the “Media Muzzle”

Full hour of GORE VIDAL with Bob McChesney -- Sun 2pm EDT

DU mentioned in CongressDaily today

Chicago DUers: Come protest the firing of 1100 teachers (I'm one of them!)

Explain to me Again why bush hasn't attended a SINGLE soldier's funeral?

Is it better to vote for the lesser of two evils or vote your conscience

A Photo Greeting Card for our Glorious Commander in Chief

10 gunshots just fired outside of my window

C-SPAN avoiding the Downing Street memo

What Is The Deal With Graphics Threads? Few DUers Ever Reply!

The best thing for us to do...

for the DU atheists on memorial day...

Conyers seeking 100,000 signatures

Any "Soldiers Angels" here?

Since Free Republic monitors us so closely, it's a damned good thing

I wish DUers gave fuck about media reform.

MissionNotAccomplished focuses on the "AfterDowningStreet" opportunity

Penzey's soup bases arrived today

When in Pompeii, eat as the Pompeiians do.

A yummy way to get in your broccoli

BCTF takes Campbell to court

Christian activists capturing Tory races

DeLay PAC's treasurer broke law, judge rules

Claims About Al-Zarqawi Suggest Confusion

Shift to sectarian killings feared in Iraq

Small Plane Intercepted Near Air Force Base (CA)

[LA Times] Improper Handling of Koran Confirmed

Suspected Suicide Blast in Pakistan Kills 14 (martyers)

Rebels clash with forces in Fallujah

NYT,pg1: NCLB Spurs Efforts to End the Minority Gap

Signs of drug-war shift

FARC slaughters officials in rural town

US to expand anti-terror, oil interests in Africa

NYT: ("Clear Skies") Air Pollution Initiative Is Revived

Senate Committee Advances Energy Bill

State may be out $12 million Criminal charges possible in coin case

Poll majority say they'd be likely to vote for Clinton

Michigan county sued for holding inmates naked

NYT: As TV Moves to the Web, Marketers Follow (new all-video Web site)

Slain Soldier's Mom Rejected by Gold Star ............xenophobia!

CDC Recommends New Meningitis Shot for Kids

Slain soldier's mom rejected by Gold Star

Bush established the New Freedom Commission (NFC) by executive order

DeLay Fumes At 'Law & Order' Quip

Blair starts whirlwind G8 mission

Fury over Auden's role in 'distorting' UN chief's memoirs

(Fresno) Mayor Autry Wants Immigration Moratorium

3 cross burnings probed in N.C. city

Bomb kills at least 12 at Pakistan shrine

Church owes victims an apology, ex-aide says

Soldier Acquitted of Killing Unarmed Iraqi

Millionaire Ranks Hit New High

NYT,pg1: With Popcorn, DVD's and TiVo, Moviegoers Are Staying Home

Common Chemical May Affect Male Sex Organ Development

Iraq bomb suspects provide few clues to rebels

'Father' of Malaysia savages Bush and Blair

Vatican Takes Action Against Nine Priests

States See Benefits, Challenges in Revenue Surpluses

U.S. army investigates shooting of Iraqi prisoner - Abu Ghraib

Sirens at nuclear plants often lacking backup power

Iraq 'Human Shield' Challenges Fines

Utah Goes After Mormon Polygamous Sect

Zimbabwe Police Burn Harare Squatter Shacks

NYT/Reuters: Pentagon Making Plans If N. Korea Abandons Talks

Port Security Assurance Brings Skepticism

Ohio Republican Party to require ethics training for candidates

Man found near legal seminar with gun indicted (federal judges present)

Chechen Rebel Claims Outage Responsibility (Moscow)

Former US President Visits Tsunami Survivors in India (Clinton)

Wildlife Officials to Kill 4,000 Cormorants

Bolivian army discharges officers who demanded president's resignation

Enron saga plays out in court

Governor digs fixing potholes San Jose crews tear up part of road for stag

Warrants Issued in Journalist Kidnapping (businessman ruse to avoid jail)

Yearbook Prank Rankles Colorado School

Yukos founder convicted

Malaysians burn U.S. flag to protest Koran issue

Bali court sentences Corby to 20 years in jail.....Australia

Poll Puts Merkel Ahead of Schröder (Germany, fundies taking over?)

Demonstration calls for Spokane Mayor to resign

Tyco Prosecutors Finish Closing Arguments

Oil Prices Approach $52 Per Barrel

FTC quizzes Chevron-Unocal on $16bn deal

NYT: Plan to Gather (college) Student Data Draws Fire

Christian activists capturing Tory races (Canada)

Boston Globe: Red tide shuts bay to shellfishing

Federal prosecutors say former KC area official bribe in 2001

Minister Takes Down 'Flush Koran' Sign

(MN) State senator's son killed in Iraq; copter shot down

Storm Brews Over Santorum PAC's Weather Dealings

Infants With Rare Genetic Disease Saved By Cord Blood Stem Cells

N. Korea Dismisses Nuke Test Reports

Texas Exhibit Includes Saddam Mannequin (revisionist history?)

Bush-as-Groucho posters spark debate

Critics Question Timing of Santorum Bill

Hearing Held for Tennessee Lawmaker (John Ford)

Sex will make you blind err using Viagra

Two Japanese Soldiers From WWII Possibly Found in Philipines


Texas Exhibit Includes Saddam Mannequin

Bush: Base Closings Needed to Fight "Terra"

IRS To Close 68 Taxpayer Assistance Centers

Bush slashes S. Fla. funding

Militants sneer at latest security measures in Iraq

FDA Looking Into Blindness - Viagra Link

General says new Iraq offensive aimed at suicide bombers' "underground rai

Olympic flame may burn on Everest

U.S. Plan to Cut Trees Near Stream Opposed (Daniel Boone Forest)

Bush-As-Groucho Posters Spark Uproar

Iraq Qaeda says Zarqawi in 'good health'-Web sites

Wildflower Feared Extinct Found in California

Germans Vote Yes to EU Constitution

Bush: Money Wasted on Bases Needed for War

Broward pressures Art Guild to remove graphic painting of Bush

Teen awarded $8.5 million in vaccine case

Toxin in plastics harming unborn boys

Eddie Albert, star of Green Acres, has died at 99

U.S. Has Loosened Rules for Arms Sales, Study Says

Mich. Family of Burned Baby Gets $8.25M

Hillary Clinton's former national finance director acquitted... ...

Kashmir shuts down to protest Quran desecration reports

Doctors alert for a possible cholera outbreak in summer season (in Iraq)

Microsoft Deletes Ralph Reed

Hopes Begin To Fade For School Finance Compromise (TX)

March to Protest Taser Gun Death

Family, medical leave act at center of hot debate (BushCo plans for FMLA)

Fed's Ferguson says US house prices high

UN: Nuclear arms conference collapses without deal

Rice says Bolton has "rough edges" but deserves confirmation

NYT/AP: Wildlife Officials to Kill 4, 000 Cormorants

Anti-American Rallies Staged in Mideast

NYT: Kids Sing 'love You' As Clinton Visits Tsunami Camp

U.N. Nuke Conference Offers No New Action

APD Officer Facing Rape Charges Could Lose Job

Dems Accuse GOP of Failing to Back Troops

Ohio Official Resigns Amid Coin Scandal

N.Y. Court Rules Mayor Will Face Trial (re: Gay Marriage)

Japanese 'wartime soldiers' found in Philippines

Trial Begins After Student Chokes To Death On Marshmallow

Internet report says Zarqawi back at post (KC Star. (Cloning?)

In Haditha, second time around proves frustrating for Marines

Ohio Official Resigns Amid Coin Scandal

Bush: Base Closures Painful but Crucial

Muslims condemn Koran abuse

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd admitted to hospital for medical tests, according


Ex-Riggs Bank executive arrested over E. Guinea money

Marine gets 35 years for molesting young girl

Head Start Leader Resigns Abruptly

Two sex offenders struck again after receiving Viagra (Texas)

Bush says Iraq War "America's Golden Moment"

LAT: Senate Panel OKs Coastal Oil Survey

Romney Vetoes Stem Cell Bill for Mass.

Would GM risk gutting retiree health benefits? (it could happen)

Alabama may ban unhealthy food in schools

Filipino workers in US camps go on strike in Iraq (KBR)

Son of state Sen. Becky Lourey(MN) killed in Iraq

Family says Hoopeston man was killed in Iraq

US Foreign Aid Greatly Exaggerated, Says New Study

US rejects Venezuelan extradition request of Cuban (Luis Posada)

Nuke arms conference collapses without deal

Study says nation's urban roads deteriorating

Two GIs Die In Iraq Helicopter Crash

Rice interrupted by enactment of Abu Ghraib abuse

Governor... potholes: San Jose crews destroy part of road for staged event

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia reported dead

Congressman comes to aid of Quran - calls for treating book with 'dignity'

Washington Post covers FBI report regarding Quaran mistreatment! (wow!)

Rawstory: Conyers seeks 100,000 to sign letter on Downing Street memo

WP/AP: FDA Looking Into Blindness-Viagra Link

After 19 years in military, homeless in Philadelphia

I heard the news baby. All about your disease.

When you left and I was last to know

American Dad! fanfic: Fun in Venesula (paragraph)

If you could live on forever as a disembodied head in a jar, would you?

Manhole Explodes Near World Bank, IMF

If death is like a N2O high - that'll be SWEET!

New sig pic

The Politics of Star Wars


Killing time in a major city

Any advice on letting go?

What does it cost to build a deck that is about 10 ft X 15 ft ?

Is it a crime

What the Hell is that?

Anyone spend much time on the East side of Baja, California?

Ooooo, David Lynch's Dune is on

Freeper check in thread

Comedy Central's series, "CON". What a disgusting POS

You know one thing I miss?

What do you think? When DU hits over 100K users, DU will be taken...

Do you think that Serenity will revive the Firefly series?

I've fallen

Poll question: Is it easier to get Dial if you pay?

Do you ever get agitated?

Is it easier to get laid if you're Ray?

Brothers and sisters are natural enemies.

There are no original movies

Libraries rock!

CIA Games for Kids

Would you rather be

We pick up MINT tonight

Is Google's cache buggered for anyone else?

Origami Godzilla and Friends

It has rained 20 days out of the past 28.

Is it better to get a cat a puppy, or a dog a kitten?

Researcher discovers how to measures the age of bruises.

Could life get much better?

Computer program help needed...calling all experts!!

Why are you posting in the Lounge in the middle of the night?

I love spring (even if it doesn't feel like spring)

Nuke the Arabs

i couLd sure go for a snow fLake baby sammich

Polar Bear With Bad Breath Gets Surgery

Happy Birthday... Henry Kissinger!!!

Man Arrested After Asking Girls To Model Their Feet (SNIFFA)??

DS1 is the only permissable mean guy on DU.

hey! I just won $500,000!

Happy Birthday....Todd Bridges!!!

Firefox help please

OMG! My post hits the front page, for the first time. Gasp. Cant. Breathe.

750 Pounds Of Cocaine Found In Fake Fruit

Polar Bear With Bad Breath Gets Sugary

I know we always like to support small businesses on DU, but

Finally! An "arena rock" concert near me!

Attention: shun the term "Commander Cuckoo Bananas"

NYT: As TV Moves to the Web, Marketers Follow (new all-video Web site)

Why I Fired My Secretary...

Top 10 times in History when the "F" word was most appropriately used...

Evidently, I'm irresistable.


There's currently a UFO HOVERING over MASSACHUSETTS

I just found out George Bush is in MY town today

Freak Out!

The SUN! The SUN! For the first time in weeks!

Cleaning the cat box or sharing a hot tub with Karen Hughes

Happy 7th birthday to my son Christian!


To honor all Vets this Memorial Day weekend...

My Memorial Day present to each and every one of you, thank you!

I Google "schwarzenegger protesters" and get almost 110,000 hits

Pablo Cruise appreciation thread.

Tom Cruise devaluation thread

Know Your State Motto! :)

It's raining basketball-sized cats

Okay who has to be the one to tell him that -*Yes* it does stink?

What's your sine?

OK. What is your sign?

Sinn Fein 'bug' auction reaches $4,500

Hey, Progmom.

Royal cows predict abundant harvest in Cambodia

So, did Burt Reynolds slap the guy or what?

Am I Jethro?

DJ wins $10m over rival's scent that made her sick

Princess Cruise Appreciation Thread

Pittsburgh DUers - June 18th Meet Up

He doesn't like you...

Schools ban grills and creepy eyes.

I am SO playing hookey today

Is anyone into Podcasting?

We can all rest easy! Garth and Trisha won't be livin' in sin any longer.

Brasilia! Brasilia! Brasilia!

If we're FORCED to choose between Curly and Shemp, the terrorists have WON


Blue Angels currently buzzing Annapolis!

Deja Moo and all of that.....

If Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Perlman had a love child

OK. What is your cosine?

Check Post

Entertain me, dammit!

Fluffy Wuffy may be full of milk, but Fluffy Wuffy wants your soul

Calling all DU'ers!!!!! Memorial Day Weekend Meetup, in my

Burt Reynolds looks terrible~

Curly fries or regular?


PMS - What The Hell Is It?


Even More Spring :)

Wait a fucking second... Abe Vigoda is definitely NOT dead!

Jacko: Guilty Or Innocent? What'cha Think?

I saw "City of God" last night...

Is it easier to get paid if you lay?

What brand of deoderant do you use?

Woman Sues Yahoo Over Nude Photos Posted On Web

Why in hades is Medicaid buying Viagra?

My *other* son at the Mil Ball

a philosophical matter of free will and science

In honor of me finally watching Super Size Me: How much Fast Food do u eat

Monkey apes temple rituals

Fashion disaster - still shivering

Heh. Angy Bush/Pissed Chimp morph ani featured on software's site

State of balls under discussion

Five posts that I have to do every week

Let's all sing the Gilligan's Island Theme Song -- to the tune of

Who makes Gitmo's manties?

This is must see from GD (funny!)

Listening to Dazed and Confused right now

i Love emaiL banters that stray into poLitics

was it joe montana that did ads for panty hose?

I just need to scream: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

Breaking news: "Viagra causes blindness..." So, there's no FREE FUCK!

My mom found her vintage Beatles records

Anybody here remember the show "Goodnight Beantown"?

Siouxsie says "hi"

Say something pompous about things you know nothing about.

It's suppose to be 85 degrees here today.

Have you ever sashayed?

Tom Cruise Depreciation Thread

Lounge Rule #4 - If you're going to shake your finger disapprovingly...

I'm thinking of changing my desktop me decide

Did I just get my kid kicked out of school?

I owe a big thank you to some DUer out there, I don't remember who

The Northeast has the dumbest drivers

I need to vote three people off my boat-please help!

Who makes Gitmo's toilets?

Oh for the love of....

Hey!! Look at my striped shirt!!!


Pearls Before Swine

Is it easier to get paid if you're straight?

What the hell's a 'popinjay'?

Just got back from the bar with my dad...

I hate sloughing!

Australian travel tips......

Is it easier to "get" plaid if you're Islay?

I need one more hairy man for my sig-line: suggestions please

13 - the Movie

Tom Cruise or William Hung?

Screaming "SHUT UP!" out the window at 5:30 in the morning

Is anyone at a new beginnig in their life?

Hell yeah---I got out of work at 11:30

The Northeast Has the Dumbest Drivers (study)

My God, What Has Jenna Been Eating?

If you can't run, you crawl. If you can't crawl, you

what's up with the Tom Cruise threads

I am watching the end of a successful film career...


Is Matcom trapped under something heavy or did the weird stuff just stop?

"Homer, Mr. Burns called and said if you are not coming in on friday..."

Since the music appreciation forum is slow

Japanese Soldiers may still be hiding out in the Philipines

Someone PLEASE give Tom Cruise a giant can of "SHUT THE F*CK UP!!"

My God, What Has Jenna Been Reading?

Lounge Rule #17: Don't Dare the Mods

any math teachers here? or parents of kids with remedial math?

Does anyone else like "Midsomer Murders"

We don't need no stinking rules.

I'm here. Are you?

Anyone here get panic attacks?

What country makes the best bottled water?

For the DU Moderators

Let all hum.

Lounge Rule #17 (a)

Is it easier to get Raid if you pay?

I hate coughing!

Lounge Rule #88 - Don't mess with Skinner

Friday afternoon earworm

Lounge Rule #69 - The fun isn't over, but you need a deft hand

Freeper Cruise Depreciation Thread

DU Lounge Rule # 3.14 (a)

"Five Songs You Must Hear" on my Comcast page -- and they're all by

Anyone here get panic attacks?

This is becoming a VERY weird Friday...

A No-Shit Idyllic Moment

Is it easier to get laid if you're a chicken?

If my ass was made out of nickels, i'd be a billionaire

What food are you craving?

I am going to need your credit card numbers...

Re: Lounge Rule #17

Lounge rule #666: tithe all earnings to Satan.

Trent Reznor/NIN ROCKS!

It's easier to get laid if you're me

Is it easier to get laid if you're a mean chicken scratching me?

Thread's dead, baby. Thread's dead.

Now accepting applications for my harem.

Next up on SpikeTV StarTrek TNG: "Darmok"

lounge rule # 999

Is it easier to get paid if you're an Isley brother?

Lounge Rule #1

Lounge Rule #3248.7729- I rule.

If * worked at The Gap as described by Chris Rock

The Darmok Thread: Communicate through Symbolism

Lounge Axiom #28B - It's easier to get forgiveness than permission

What do you have to do to get Skinner to respond to your thread?

MrScorpio, please post a pic of yourself.

It's easier to get laid if you're in Hawaii.

Is this a thorny shovel?

It's easier to get laid if you are attractive, interesting, and rich.

In downtown Chicago there are signs everywhere that say "NeoCon"

Did Dubya Ever Kiss This?

How much do you no longer care about the "Jacko" trial?

#1 Lounge Mule

It's easier to get laid if you are an egg

It's easy to get laid if you're Hung.

Anyone wanna laugh - IT Ethics

Is this a horny devil?

I'm steppin' out

It's easy to get laid if you're celibate.

Here's a joke for Friday afternoon:

Apparently it was pretty easy to get laid if you were Wilt the Stilt

I have a job interview this afternoon



XX or XY?


#1 Lounge Pool poll


Reminder time: You forgot Poland!

It's easier to get laid if you're sexy

Once and for all, DUers, you decide. Is Tom Cruise gay?

Lounge rule #69. OK The Fun's Over!

It's easiest to get laid if you're bi....

Lounge Rule #18: You can't call the mods fat, drunk, or slutty

i hAvE ROmeO. iF yoU EvER wANt tO sEE RomEO AgAin...


Is it easier to get laid if you're a chicken scratching?

Lounge Rule Zero

Would someone please motivate me?

Tom Cruise really cares, man!

What would you do if you met a ghost?

Lounge rule 24/7

Ooh that smell

Lounge rule #99: Never diss chihuahuas.

lounge rule 22/7

With a little encouragement and funnel, Bush could find his ass


Floppyhat Dreads


It's Friday you bastards . . . Randy thread

"Where are you mount Everest? Give me some Everest. "

Ayn Rand

Commie rat bastards.

On a sunny, blue-sky California Friday afternoon, I just want to say...

Is the glass half full,

Rule #47 - No more rules!!!

Copycat threads


If you were the Tooth Fairy

Lounge Rule #62 - More Cowbell!

Well, its all over. I are a grajeeate!

Which "Lost" character would you like to be stranded with?

A caller on Randi says Cheney has had a penile implant

It's Friday you bastards . . . Brandy thread

Werner Herzog on Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise appreciation thread.

good place for sample cover letters?

It's easier to get laid if you're mean

Why is Christopher Walken the "Patron Saint of the Cowbell"?

Lounge Rule #100 - We are ALL Will Pitt

Post a picture of yourself dancing with someone......

Another "You Cannot Handle This Photo" photo. You have been warned.

Whitey Herzog on Tom Cruise

KG on Tom Cruise:

I'm so broke...

* ONLY 4 DAYS UNTIL the OASIS album is released*

I'm eating a tamal...ask me anything.

Lounge Rule #42581(a) - Furries

Lounge Rule #2 - Good Scotch is better but

Trying to make a decision on something.

Lounge Rule #267.58e: Don't smoke cigars...

"Where oh where are you tonight?...

Charo on Tom Cruise:

If you're into Neo Soul and downtempo check this out

How many pounds of hamburger meat do I need for 20 burgers?

Exit 69 to the Big Beaver! You have been WARNED!!

Monty Python's Gumby on Tom Cruise....

Does anyone know any or of any Pagans who voted Republican

Who is Tom Cruise?

Elad, a technical question. If we all put each other on ignore,

Worst Pun Contest

Dang, my start is gone!

Dora the Explorer

Kids! GRrrrrRRrrrr! (Advice appreciated)

I'm in a rhododendron mood today :)

Lounge Rule 261 » A wealthy man can afford anything except a conscience.

And you thought YOU didn't want the Star Wars franchise to end

My name is Tor Torvaldsen

I just paid my parking tickets.

I want to see some good documentaries. Recommend some!

MSG dehydration

Bush to sell Hawaii to the Japanese......

I've given up on my husband

dupe -- please delete

Forget the Lounge Rules. I like the Ferengi Rules of Aquisition

Maury Povich and I have something in common.....

I used to work in Chicago, at an old department store.........

"Entourage" is Baccck, Next Sunday!!!

Another cool Mars 'dust devil'

Lady rents Passion of the Christ then calls me back to gripe at me

Draw a pig!

I'm on hold for Randi -- what would you tell her

It's Friday you bastards . . . Randi thread

It is late you know what you are having for dinner yet?

Little old ladies and roadrage

Condolences to Rosanne Cash

Any heavy metal fans wanna win a CD?

Are drugs like viagra "recreational" drugs?

Tie yourself to me

ZombyCoffee: The Memorial Weekend Blend

R.I.P., Max, 5/27/2005

I'm so fucking bored. I want to pack my bags, get up...

Tom Cruise's Political Contributions:

Has this already been toasted?

Do you worry alot?




Randi caller: "We don't need a free media" - WTF?!?

Ever drop a large jar of strawberry jam on a tile floor?

Best bar brawl music?

Don't EVER do a yoga pose

So, now that viagra causes blindness...

O.K. people, the fun's Grover. CAPTION:

Who thinks I'm going to lose more "friends" over this?

Eddie Albert has died

Bush Admin unveils Part II of Abstience Education Program

Just a shout to Preacherman Dobson....

Want to start your own Web Site?

Tourist Rolls Over SUV On World's Crookest Street

I'd send the pain below...

I'm going to a huge BBQ contest tonight. Ask me anything!

Hi friends, update

wryter2000 doing DU proud!


I hate Triffids

what's with all the...

I Hate Skids

i'm going to see EMMYLOU HARRIS and Buddy Miller tonite


It's official: I AM DIVORCED!!!!


Does anyone here live in or near Atlanta?


Who's a better judge of a male stripper's stripability?

Janine Turner knows plenty about chronic dry eye.

Would you name a child Lenin? Bruce Wayne Jr. if dad isn't a Bruce Wayne?

Walking in heels - how do you do it?

Lounge Rule #4 - Don't Feed DS1



Please, no more posts on freeps waking up

DO we exploit kid's cuteness for our own purposes?

Stories from the road

Where is a good website to host pics?

How do I make a link to a picture without having the picture show up?

Best "Sunbelt" city.

How is Pensacola, Destin and Gulf Shores now? Are they touristable yet?

Do you think you're a good driver?


What's wrong with "Child Hating"?

Man I lost the ability to have a sig line

I'm in kind of a "mood". What should I listen to?

I didn't think I would be interested....any musicians here???

Eddie Albert, star of Green Acres, has died at 99

Anyone else as obsessed with the "My Posts" page as I am?

I am unable to get past Safe Mode to run Windows 98

How Many Of Us Smuggle Stuff Into Theatres??

My antivirus, antispyware, and anti-adware programs all come up clean!


So what is everyone doing tonight?

This guy is HILARIOUS. You have to see this.

I just took a Vicodin for my back what should I do next?

Is it easier to get laid if you pay?

I'm going on a a "date" tonight.

Ann Coulters twin: writer, Claire Berlinski. Argghhh!

Analyze my job interview, techies!

"My name is John Johnson."

No Dogs


Lounge Rule #48 - There can never be too much Febreze

Lounge Rule #3 - If you're going to copycat , make it funny


What should I post about for my 10G post?

I'm soooooooo hot.

Rule #22. Skinner really ought to post more in the lounge.

Windfall (song lyrics inside, Rabrrrrrr)

I'm going whtiewatering!!! Ask me anything..(and look at the cool pics)

What celebrity/famous person would you like executed at your funeral?

Lung jewel thunder tree-Biff, cure sewing new sloppy gnat, fake kit sonny

Get it off your chest here. Lets go!

Kids being picked up from school in limos.....

If I touch your nuts with the back of my hand, it's O.K., right?

&%$#@!!! Coca-Cola ad!!!


A disabled veteran requested SOAD's "BYOB" today on my local radio

Vacation starts now! Teachers and students: What's yours look like?

I just bought a theremin

I need a happy movie!

Is anybody here NOT a feminist?

Tom CRUISE? That's MISTER Thomas Mapother IV to YOU, cretin!

An apology: sorry about the size of my signature.

The Bar is open for bidness

A-Schwarzenegger, TimeChaser and Rabrrrrr are making me nervous.

stupid, dangerous stuff you did that your parents never knew about

Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Where do you live?

Let's give them something to talk about...

I've decided to show you all my cupcakes.

Green Acres' Star Eddie Albert Dies at 99

So, what's your favorite gang?

Who is right about Scientology?

sox/yanks - DUer meetup in boston

Viagra: screwin' or seein'

DU Ladies: do you use mineral-based makeup?


Stray MommaKitty I've been feeding brought me her kittens last night...

I think I upset my co-worker---now I am know as a "child-hater"

Is it just me or did Dear Old Abby drop the ball on this one.

It's below 60 and foggy today

If I were my neighbors I'd call the cops.

What song makes your foot go down on the excelerator

We have a new Weight Loss/Maintenance Group!

A good science link...

Mutton chops!

Which hippies are the worst?

SouthoftheBorderPaul is a freak - PROOF:

Do you like this avatar?

The funniest pic of me and SouthoftheBorderPaul EVER!!!!

Who was President when you were born?

Feral momma and four kittens! (pics!)

for my next meal, this rock

I pulled a muscle in my back, ask me anything

I love Communism!

registered to vote, ask me anything

Post here and I'll make fun of your sig line.

The How gay or straight are you? Test

A Memorial Day weekend request from a Vet.

Warn your children - if you mock TV preachers, God may kill you

Voyager Enters Solar System's Final Frontier

Bright Spot on Saturn Moon Titan Leaves Scientists in the Dark

Make your own A-bomb off the the Internet

Follow-up to "Little Black Book" story- local non-starter, national issue

GLSEN says distribution of explicit health book to youth was accidental

Who wants to form a "fake" public advocacy group

There's nothing like a wet cadet! Support the troops

Thought y'all might like this

Former NFL Quaterback Todd Marinovich arrested on drug charge.

NY Yankee Wang (Taiwan) triumphs again

Do your pets try to make you feel guilty?

Dear Abby's Atheist Advice

Kerry Wins SBA Women's Contracting Battle!!

Kerry's speech at the Head Start conference in Florida

Interesting dinner at JK's on Wed

Bolton odds and ends

So, What's up for the Memorial Day weekend?

This isn't my contest entry, but I like it :)

Another rhododendron for today and this one may end up being my

Countdown Newsletter -- 5/27/05

Bye y'all

Resolution of Enquiry, to my congress critter

As The Empire Crumbles Who Gets Left Behind?

Inartful - the new word

Drug Tax Law: In Tennessee, First They Punish You, Then You Go To Court

It won't brighten your day......but a must read.

Hold a "Fire Delay" demonstration Tuesday

C-SPAN caller just now identified himself as a

Imus to Lieberman, "Why don't you just become a republican?"

I heard Randi Rhodes mention the Federalist Society. She said virtually

Why I think Bush won't let us have stem cell research


California candidate to visit Twin Cities

If Bush and Cheney are impeached....we get Hastert!

Did any one else hear Randi Rhodes

So, Lord Black, what's going on here?

Minnesota is tops in voter turnout, census finds

Nelson, Pryor, and Landrieu...

Tom Delay t-shirts get your Tom Delay t-shirts

Condi on Bolton: "I talked to the president about having John do this"

Rachel Maddow on Hitler references...

CNN: More ethics troubles for DeLay, PAC broke laws - (VIDEO)

Hey where is it?

'Crackpot' Beatty slugs it out with 'fake' Schwarzenegger in Hollywood

Anyone know where this clip is?

Is it ideology or just plain greed?

*ahem* Yes Mr. Delay, good morning to you and.....

Senator (Voinovich) wants $96 million restored to DHS management

Orthodox Rabbis representing the Anti-Zionist community,

House passes military quality of life spending bill

Countdown to the Fifth Annual Memorial Day weekend datadump

How do you answer this from the CONs?

My AAR affiliate is playing an ad for the McCain hero movie on A&E.

protest in front of a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office in Seattle...pic

I just lasted longer than I've ever lasted: 85 seconds

LOL - (SC) Senate Hands Repub Governor His A$$

bu$h-As-Groucho Posters Banned In High School

Give Rumsfeld the Pinochet Treatment, Says US Amnesty Chief

Rep Franks (Az): American policy in the Balkans

Indigenous tsunami survivors at UN

Saudi king hospitalized with pneumonia

I burninated a FReeper today!


FYI from GD: Republican Quest For Dirt Fails: Clinton Aide Acquitted

wow! new info on Pentagon 9/11 plane

Another helicopter down

Great lead stories at newsmap: Reid controls Frist's Senate,

ONE WAY TO SPREAD THE TRUTH! (easy and cheap!)

On Sen. Mary Landrieu....

Events in Saudi Arabia

Democrats are catching a little wind....

Look at this tripe BS from ABC WNT

Fundamentalism vs. economics

Today is when the Muslims protest the desecration of the Quran

Why is it called the "War on Terror"?

Senator Boxer: Time to Act on Student Loans

Did you know?? (REALLY SCARY)

This is Beautiful (and Sad)...

Don't Forget to contact your own CONGRESSMEN!!!!

An example of how pissy & infantile Bush supporters can be....

Has this already been posted?

MTP Sunday 5-29-05: 4 Out Of 5 Guests Repugs

Transcript of 5/26 Pentagon news conference, Guantanamo Quaran desecration

Just sent off an email to Rep. Walter Jones of NC

Take the Culture of Life Pledge/ Stem Cell Living Will

Bolton QuickTime movie on M Moore Site: "There IS NO United Nations"

Need an opinion!

The Dept of Homeland Security has branches?

The "Catholo-fascism" theory of US politics

DeLay's Really Pathetic Lie

Poll majority say they'd be likely to vote for Clinton (News)

Could I be arrested if I made a bumper sticker out of this?

John Conyers: Letter to * on the “Downing Street Memo”

Conyers appeals for Contributions to help with his work

Bush says close US bases

BRAD BLOG: Sign the Congressional Letter to George W. Bush NOW!

WH reacted with surprize and anger (Bolton delay)

MSNBC: Tom DeLay fuming at Law & Order Season Finale - (VIDEO)

Bush's Bloody Mess (animations)

Why Pat Tillman's Parents Are No Longer Silent

The REAL John Bolton


Monica Crowley MSNBC doesn't understand why the world hates Bush

John Conyers: Hate Crimes Bill Introduced Today

Sign the Conyers petition!

Why are Corporations allowed to be involved in politics, they can't VOTE!

C-span this morning regarding Downing Street memo

Details of 2005 Bilderberg Meeting the World Media is Forbidden to Report

Drama students learn tough lesson: Dubya's no joke (bye bye free speech)

Washington Note: Landrieu issued statement. Will vote against Bolton

The best of the best: 10 people we need to back and support

CVS Will Fill Your Pills!

John Thune is going to wake up to a horse's head in his bed

Freedom on the March: "USA Evil, America is terrorism, America is hatred"

Which of our greatest leaders do you think would make the best President.

Tweety just said he voted for the Shrub..

Language as political weapon

Conservatives better debaters than Liberals?

Read this email from Congressman Conyers then act again on Downing Memo

DU is going to kill us all! THIS IS A MUST READ!!!

Support the Congressional Inquiry of Bush!

Signed Copies of Conyers Report - your chance to own a piece of history