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Archives: May 25, 2005

Capitulation to the nuclear lobby is a politics of despair (UK)

Link to Lobbyist Brings Scrutiny to G.O.P. Figure (Abramoff/Norquist)

Report 2005: A dangerous new agenda (Amnesty International)

Friedman: C.E.O.'s, M.I.A. (On Health Insur, Science, Deficit, Etc.)

FBI's powers may become fearsome

US: farmworkers take on the fast-food industry

Fineman: A food fight in the Big GOP Tent

New Democrats Online: Nuclear Stand-down

Who Really Runs The White House?

reuters-Italy investigating child TORTURE site....Jesus H. Christ

Why do Newsweek reporters clear

Wichita machinists reject contract with Onex

State University Coaches Threaten to Strike

Talks resume between United, machinists

Public backlash over private water deals (Guardian)

Indonesian's U.S. visit to stress military ties

Some recent good posts from the troops at OpTruth

Hey you stubborn coincidence theorists...

CONYERS on elections, push for impeachment?, "dictoral flavor", Iraq

what does the "J" stand for anyway?

BRAD BLOG: Conyers at Media Bias Forum: 'Independent Press Under Assault'

J. Gideon - ES&S Demonstrates New Method To Sabotage An Auditable NY Vote

Is anyone spearheading an effort to remove Feinstein?

Attended a Martha Coalkey event tonight

Event for Pat Jehlen in West Medford

Newest DUer Keira Jane Oreo born May 20th

What's the deal with Oberstar and Peterson?

Judge Jennifer Brunner - future candidate for SOS

PDittie made the Dauo Report!

please delete

Evangelicals Rethink Their Public Face

Is the crap going on in the government a contagious mental illness...

On Olberman: the nut pastor with the 'flush the Koran' sign

Did you know this?

"Priests for Life" reprimand Congress re: Stem cell vote

DeLay's threats to judges

Tom DeLay speaks out about the horror of dismembering human beings

Peace March. Thousands Oppose Vietnam War, 1967/04/18 (1967)

KO's guest on Countdown

remember this presidentel debate..."need wood"

I was just polled by Zogby International..

Let's play a game. Who do you think is the anti-christ?

I know Savage is nuts....

MSNBC poll on Stem cell research

FOX TV going "Over There" (Iraq) internationally-

Do you support using tax $$ for embryonic stemcell research?

Don't hate the players hate the game

US Troops May Death Toll Tops 60

Killing people is a lot of fun, Part 2

Yup, Its Time To Give Hannity The Pie

What's "We the People's" "Nuclear Option" ?

What have the Clintons (either one) said about the "compromise?" n/t

coulter coming up on hannity

Every Member of Marine Squad Killed or Wounded

Why doesn't Bush and the fundies push a ban on in vitro fertilization?



Graph of US Casualties

Fuck CNN! I Demand A 24 Hour A Day Daily Show News Network!!!

Hackers use new tricks to steal IDs

Send Recruiters To Young Republican Meetings

Deputy Suspended After Using Taser Gun On Handcuffed 13 Year Old Girl

Please explain to me why most Dem. senators and house members say

My wife's idea on embryonic stem cells


In case you don't know about

GROVER NORQUIST: Link to Lobbyist Brings Scrutiny to G.O.P. Figure

Mainstream Republicans unaware of neocon/fundie hijack? >

Social Safety Net: What are the fallacies in Repug. arguments ?

Once a hero.....

Christian group retreats from Disney boycott

So, were you aware that Michael Jackson was on trial..

Embrace the Center

U.S. Military to build 4 giant bases in Iraq

PBS's topic was supposed to be

A couple of more dead people after being shot with a Taser

Editorial: A Smoking Gun

I just watched "Kinsey". GREAT movie!

Law & Order: SVU taking on 'the new Agent Orange' - violent soldiers

Veteran Democrat raises worries on civil liberties, 2002 Iraq attack plan

The tide is shifting.

Nightline-ABC CT, 10:30 pm. Stem Cell stuff. nt

Northwest, United, et al.

Christian Group Ends 9-Year Disney Boycott: NO EFFECT

Democratic measures deserve an "up or down vote"

Bush makes Jesus cry...

Conyers' congressional panel says media drifting toward tabloid coverage

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

Which do you prefer: Big government or Big church?

Man Shot With Taser by Tustin Police Dies

Idaho just lost another boy in Iraq - TV announced

Will your grandchildren be proud?

Convicted Sex Offender Hired By Second Police Department

Wild speculation...

Future: "Iraq is in civil war now because we were forced to attack Iran."

Repub 30 Year Plan?

How did that nuclear test in N. Korea go?

Human Rights Watch: Group WH Cites on Iran Intel is 'Cult'

Prominent DA May Take on Sen. Clinton (but husband has prison record)

Why do they want these 3 judges so much?

What happened to the Bight Eyes/Leno video?

Pakistan to Guard Indian Pipeline

A Knock-Knock Joke That Isn't Funny

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Idaho just lost another boy in Iraq - TV announced

Math...and hypothesis.

Need stats on Repub use of filubuster

Caption This Duo

Big Guns: When Cops Use Steroids "Holy Crap"

Sen. Voinovich urges colleagues to vote down Bolton!

Al-Zarqawi Has Lost, Like, His Sixth Leg!

free republic are sick puppies

Today was awesome from a parkinson perspective

Report: 84,000 acres of Fla. wetlands disappeared over 15 years

50 House Repubs defy Bush and Tom DeLay

"The poppy problem"

Aisle crossers on HR810, the stem cell bill

Our hottest new export product: Creationism

May 31 to June 3 – National Iraq Call-In

True or False : I watch C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 more than any other station

Lizz Winstead Sues Air America

Did ya know this?

The two words that best explain why we should focus on election fraud:

What Happened to Bush's Broadband Plan?

PHOTOS: Schwarzenegger's problems "follow him to Chicago"

Stan Goff: Golloway's courage challenges Dems to be a real opposition

Frist has double crossed America! He went back on the Compromise!

How far back do you think the the US will go before it is all over with?

OMG! Brilliant solution to the stem cell research impasse!

Police brutality "Unfreakingbelievable"

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday May 25

WAKE the F*CK UP: **Stop Election Fraud** Advice--Rep. John Conyers,D,M I

INS Status Adjustment Interview - anyone been thru one?

Sudanese security forces have arrested 250 people

Is It Labor Party Time?


Great Moments In Bi-Partisan Compromise During The Bush Years!!!

May 24th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$171,953,286,278

WH unable to fill the seats at Bush press op

How to Build a Successful Progressive Alliance (George Galloway)

About the rash of credit info thefts lately...

Price of hamburger for Memorial Day

Today's DARFUR posts: Getting Worse by the Minute

NION: We need to be about the business of driving the Bush regime ...

My heart is breaking tonight

any recipes for pink sauce?

Liberals win crucial byelection

Is there room for 2 monarchs in Alberta?

The election is over:now will the fight to redeem Labour begin?

Students protest outside military recruiting stations (OR)

Republican asks senators to reject Bolton (Voinovich)

NATO Warns Uzbekistan on Crackdown

Peru protesters break into copper mine -mine vp

'Nightline' to Honor 'The Fallen'

Arctic leaders sound the alarm over global warming

First Lady's Comments Irk Egypt's Opposition

Northwest (Airlines) seeks (2,000+) job cuts

Remaining Md. Suspects Won't Face Slaying Trial (prompting protest)

Mediators to meet in attempt to halt BBC strike action

Slovene police charge ex-Communist leader in post-WWII killings

Northwest Preparing For Mechanics Strike - Union

Flagship Water Privatisation Fails in Tanzania

G.O.P. Senator (Voinovich) Issues Letter Urging Vote Against Bolton

NYT, Nagourney: A Compromise With Overtones for 2008

WP: House Defies Bush on Stem Cells

NYT: U.S. Effort to Secure Foreign Ports Is Faulted

Seattle high school seeks military recruiter ban

NYT: Supreme Court Justice Could Rekindle Filibuster Fight in the Senate

Dean: Blacks Annoyed by Party's Outreach

Nicaragua, El Salvador Alert for Al-Qaida Suspects Was a Misunderstanding

(Rep. John Conyers) Forum on Media Bias - Clips To Come Later Tonight

Idaho just lost another boy in Iraq - TV announced

EU Doubles Aid for World's Poor

Bush Veto Looms over House Stem Cell Debate (NPR)

WP: Bush Expected to Push for a Conservative (Supreme Court nominee)

Trust us to decide our role in the Army, female servicemembers in Iraq say

Homeland Security taps anti-snooping tool (will block content as well)

WP: For GOP, Deeper Fissures and a Looming Power Struggle

Inspector: Saddam Created WMD 'Ambiguity'

Police Use Taser Gun On Shooting Victim

St. Vincent PM Demands Extradition of Posada Carriles

Europe Expected to Get Tough With Iran

NYT: Many Senate Repubs Already Eager to Challenge Filibuster Agreement

NYT: Steep Rise in Prices for Homes Adds to Worry About a Bubble

Protesting Indians block roads linking Bolivia with Peru, Chile

Peace in Iraq 'Will Take at Least Five Years to Impose'

Navy ships, one from Florida, sail to disrupt terrorists at sea

WP,pg1: Military Had OK To Down Cessna

Man Who Preyed on Churchgoers in Investment Scam Pleads Guilty

NYT: Hoping to Make Policy Waves,and Graduate (new liberal think-tank)

A Community Celebrates a Nun's Return after Her Protest Led to a Term in

New cancer warning on food mulled (California)

BREAKING: Ignoring Deal, Frist to File for Cloture on Myers

May on target to become one of deadliest months for U.S. troops -KR

Chicago Protesters Greet Gov. Schwarzeneg

Protesters beseige Bolivian capital, blocking roads

Aurora Father To File Suit Over Police Taser Incident At Salad Bar

Democrats clear way for Senate vote on Bolton

WP: A Matter Of Public Record (Activist puts officials SS#'s on website)

NYT: Lack of Diversity Persists Among Ph.D. Recipients, Study Says

Vets Sue Rumsfeld Over Health Care Cuts

French fries protester regrets war jibe

750 Bush protesters: 'No more pension stealing' (Rochester)

The Party of the First Part

Some old, some relatively new,but most of them are good.

Ok. Who wants a ugh?

Ok. Who wants a hug?

Kiefer Sutherland on Jack Bauer.

LOL . . . Some show called "Lie Detector" on PAX has a guy on who

New Organization

Me and my friends built a cat a boat.

Anyone else watching One Tree Hill?

Caption Pickles and her hallucination

FOX TV going "Over There" (Iraq) internationally-

Oh... good gravy!

House MD anyone? I love that show!

Have you ever seen a clock like THIS?


I can give you an evil EARWORM. Enter as your own risk

"Who cares what YOU think?"

Good, Idol is I can watch HOUSE

All I needed to know from Chappelle's Show season 2... episode 1:


Any Boot Hill players?

Bad acting in Episode 3? Or bad writing....?

Coworker conundrum...

anyone else going crazy trying to start a family?

Did you like Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion?

I Feel Like Saying Jell-o

The Rating Systems don't work

All in favor a gas rationing??

I feel like singing Mellow Yellow

I know what you did and I'm telling.

Who let the dogs in?

ASK ALICE! Please! Call Alice! Please! I think she'll know!

Okay, who wants some of this?

hey friends and latest conundrum

A big THANK YOU to the Lounge denizens...


A Serious Question...What would you expect to pay???...

I lost my dog and I can't stop crying....

Jeff Gordon

Less than 100 posts away from 10,000.

Who won on "West Wing?" I've been meaning to ask this for

Okay, at the very end of Henry Fool..........

Update on Andy's surgery

Meat Pictures, to Counteract all the Cat pictures

I need help tracking a rock song (80s radio hit)

What is your favorite finger?

New Joke

Who let the dogs out?

Honeysuckle- the anti-tobacco-smell

Where the Fuck is FORKBOY ???

Live in Vancouver, Love Heroin? Sign up for a free year of it

Where the Fuck is FENRIS!

Dinner at the Prophet household

MSN phote email

Which Biblical Translation is considered the most scholarly?

Tell me if you've seen this commercial...then tell me if you noticed...

The Pidgin Bible

Does anyone know what's going on in Miami and/or Cincinnati for weather?

Here's a freeper comment you don't see every day:

Putin talks about his dog.....a Lab

School books are different these days

Woman, 86, Jailed for Calling 911 20 Times

I'm from another planet. Please explain something to me.

Homage to Blue

If you had an invisible, lethal weapon... Would it be good or bad?

Another Market Research study


just got a masters in journalism-any advice on job hunting?

Who is Tweety?

I start my new job tomorrow.

Saw Episode III tonight for the second time

What is it with Freepers and this Photograph of Dean?

Interesting musical entertainment on the late shows

Bender is jacking on

Law & Order: SVU taking on 'the new Agent Orange' - violent soldiers

What is your home network like and what do you use it for (and ideas?)

People who should be (fill in the blank)

I'm bored who wants to take a midnight trip to Atlantic City with me?

I'm baking cookies

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Hacked

I got new eyeglasses today!! Non-glare versus non-non-glare.

It's still hard to deal with right-wing family.

Someone please explain to me why Obi-Wan Kenobi looks so much

All of a sudden, I smell wet dog. WTF?!?!

So I am researching Roman sexuality and have discovered the Pompeii porn

I'm having 'The Daily Show' withdrawls.....

Wow, amazing huge moon over the ocean tonight...

How do I tell if the guy I work with likes me or not?

List some things George Lucas did *right* in the prequels (SPOILERS)

I don't know what I did. WIll you tell me?

I'm going to sleep now. But if you dream of a purple container

I'll drink to that...

I'm the baddest, takin' out all rookies...

Would you eat at a"Toilet themed" restaurant? There's one in Taiwan!

anybody married to a foreigner?

Cold Lying in my bed Staring into darkness

Sounds like a hurricane here in Boston area,a Nor'easter!

Dammit, this was a Guiness post and noone saw it!!

DU chat

Removing Bee/Wasp nests Help!

Night, all! *hugs*

AP: White House asks all media to cease releasing "facts"

G'night you crazy bastids

So, who would like a BJ?

Favorite Bo Diddley song

Just heard Zappa on Mike Malloy...

I can't do this anymore.

Bok_Tukalo! Paging Bok_Tukalo!

Welcome to Cheesie Charlie's! Heil Hitler!!

Anybody read "Once an Eagle"?

Two ships have collided.



My siamese cat is a spoiled rotten little diva.

OK I have to post this...

Will anyone ever talk to me, again?

I wish I could marry a plumber.

"Trump Unauthorized"

"What a beautiful bitch this one is!"

Plugged into one electrical outlet, I have the following:

So let me get this straight about Gordon Ramsey

Do DUers in general give good advice?

Update on Meniere's Disease..... "Real Science".

Go, Bo!! ... Bo friggen ROCKS!


To everybody I have inadvertently pissed off over the last six months

Freepers are using my pictures.

L-I-B-E-R-A-L V-A-L-U-E-S defined....

WTF? It's May 24, and with every breath I take, I see Cream

Isn't there some small award when you draw a troll's first post?

What's the weather like tonight where you are?

Favorite Tom Petty number

Which president started the Vietnam war?

Post a palindromic sentence here

Your favorite quote attributed to Jesus

Confess: how often do you exaggerate online?

Dammit, this was a genius post and no one saw it!!

What's the strangest/weirdest thing you have never seen/experienced?

Is there anything on tv besides Rob and Amber?

Ok, name of political person/politician you wish you could date or marry?

I found some new old B&W family photos (pic heavy)

If you could marry Russ Feingold, would you?

Massholes:Boston gathering for the Sox/Yanks games this weekend?

Please tell me someone here watched the NCIS finale

For a new perspective on all things...

Dr. says sprain but I think my foot is broken.

Does anyone know if Dylan still lives in California??

How do people piss me off so much?

Does anyone else think Ranch Style Beans aren't half bad?

Will Americans ever go for the metric system?

Ok, who wants a kiss?

Post random facts you don't know here.

I was checking out FR


Manilla was a bad kitty today

I want to start feeding my cats healthy food.

the Iconoclast endorsement, revisited

Have we heard anything from our sweet baboo about the compromise?

Bolton nomination on the floor tomorrow

New Kerry Photo From a Pelosi Mailing

This should be fun, I just ordered a 50mm 1.8 lens

A snap I took today...

Yippie! Countdown 5.24

I feel "silly" posting this but

Heard on the Randi show: The Dems may not be unanimous against Owen.

Today's Cloture Vote on Owen

Democrats need to tell as many people about this from the rooftops.

CSPAN2 re-playing today's speech by PBS Pres./CEO Pat Mitchell

Frist is still a danger.

Filibuster: This may be one hell of a slingshot move being set up for us.

Anybody know why the Rassmussen poll is always so much higher

The Senate compromise will only be viewed as a success, if the GOP 7..

Starting NOW! Frontline/World goes to Iran with UN Nuke Inspectors Coverage on NBC-11 SF Bay Area

In case you don't know about

McCain's moderate GOP block.

Ok folks, lets caption, keep kicked, and print this out and email out

Principle, Principle, Principle-fuck all apologists and "pragmatists"

Making America Safe for the Sheeple

A Food Fight in the Big GOP Tent

Frist - Owen - Bush prancing around the WH - Victory lap

Tony Perkins: Janice Rogers Brown For Supreme Court

Let's put the unfunded manate of the "Real ID" on state ballots in 2006.

Alright, I just saw Rep Gene Taylor on C-SPAN

the MORANS are sooooooo MORANISH

Did Hillary Clinton publicly disagree with/ criticize Howard Dean?

anybody see Matthews say dem senators are "poutin' n bitchin'"???

More about the "compromise" in the Senate

Was the "nuclear option" not a constitutional crisis?

Malloy played "Tell Me Lies" tonight

"tax payers who are pro-life should not have to pay

Over 1200 people rally against Bush Social Security!

Why do Newsweek reporters clear things w/ Pentagon before

Tweety (R. Shill), Asks: "Is Abortion Immoral?"

Is anyone else upset that the nuclear option didn't happen? (semi-Rant)

Want Russ Feingold to run for President? Sign this petition

What happened to GOP ghoul who wanted to exhume WWII dead in France?

I'm a Raving Lunatic Radical

WATCH...The Ground Truth:The Human Cost of War /wounded US soldiers video

Mind Over Media: The Media and Democracy Act of 2005

Is it too early to start flame wars about the 2008 nomination yet?

We should not use public money to support the...destruction of human life

*-WH Photo op w/"Snow Flake" babies- Christian "Embryo Adoption" group

Rep. John Conyers' Forum on Media Bias

Muslim Lives Are Desecrated, Not Just the Qur’an

What A Social Security Deal Could Look Like (Beware of Reform Lite)

Amnesty International Report 2005 published

'Smoking gun' on humans and global warming claimed

What's the matter with Iraq? (and other things)

Scopes Is Indicted in Tennessee for Teaching Evolution (80 yrs

US Amphibious Task Force Sudden Deployment to MidEast - Iran or UBL?

Multi-Media Tune-Out: Ignoring Female Expertise

Gitmo Guards Accused of Mistreating Koran - WP - 5/25/05

The No-Nuke Deal ( The Nation - David Corn)

"In God We Trust" -- a more fit & fair motto needed.

Blackmailed Onto the Court (The Nation - John Nichols)

Science on side of evolution, not 'ID'

Limbaugh Vs. Moyers

THE CAGING OF AMERICA! - It's all about the judges!

Creationism: God's Gift to the Ignorant

Peace Does Not Come Easily -- by Camilo Mejia, Iraq War resister

Since when can Rumsfeld greenlight shooting down commerical planes?

Can hybrids save US from foreign oil?

Google going Neo-con?

Regional Rainbow Gathering May 27 - May 30 in Nebraska at Elkhorn Crossing

URGENT! Iraq House Vote Imminent (Woolsey Amendment)

K-State Professor Skeptical of Process of Embedded Journalism

Media Matters Launches 'Hands off Public Broadcasting' Campaign

Detroit newspapers sell *entire* front page for an ad

Upcoming Television

Great Labor Blog

MOGAMBO GURU: Back On The 'Scared And Paranoid' Side Of Life

Yellow River Unfit For Drinking Or Swimming For 3/4 Of Its Length

Indian PM Singh Tours Tiger Reserve, Vows Stronger Protection - Reuters

Church Bells Will Ring Across Scotland To Protest G8 Climate Inaction

Oil Firms To Receive Millions From EU CO2 Trading Plan - Reuters

Greenpeace Nominates Lula For First Golden Chainsaw Prize - Reuters

Arctic Leaders Urge EU To Do Something - Anything - On Global Warming

Disneyland Hong Kong offers endangered species on menus.

Scientists Project Thirsty Decade For Northern China - Xinhua

Melt Rates, Temperature Increases Accelerating In North And South

Corporate Coal Bemoans Negative Image

Strange bee behavior a sign of an active hurricane season?

Disney's China Hotels Slammed For Selling Shark-Fin Soup

New Rule on Endangered Species in the Southwest

Thinking about batteries

Dwindling Arctic Ice Raises Fears For Rocky Mountain Snowpack

Can Hybrids Save U.S. From Foreign Oil?

SEF issues second warning to China over research ship

Little girl scarred by time in custody

Lynchings spark calls for more security

Japan tells China to learn manners

Eminent scientist says Australian farmers should leave the land

Amnesty Internatioal Report 2005

"Mr Abbas Goes to Washington: Can He Still Succeed?"

Operation Charm Offensive Towards Islamists

Second teen caught with bombs at Hawara checkpoint

Hezbollah: All of northern Israel in our rocket range

Bush Plans to Give More to Palestinians

"Israeli Discriminatory Law Tears Apart Thousands of Families"

Boycotting Common Sense

Moslem Cleric Calls for Revenge Against Britain on PA TV

Peace is hopeless if the aim of the Palestinians is total victory

Anti-Israeli propaganda seeping into European schools

Amnesty Interantional Report 2005

Head of WTC security before O'neill?

Proposal - A New 9/11 Commission that is made up of Citizens

The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie, (Dr. David Ray Griffin)

Why did the Flight 93 Hijackers Wait So Long to Start the Hijack?

Tons of free evidence.

THE 9/11 CITIZENS' COMMISSION - NYC, Sept. 9, 2004

FITRAKIS: Fired Ohio Election Board staffer defiant over "retribution"

Send the CA Sec of State a letter!

EAC Submission Deadline 5/25 at 5:00 EDT

Fired Ohio Election Board staffer defiant over "retribution"

Stanford students offer photo essays of election equipment and procedures

Hey Election reform experts & fans!

Another probability analysis to illustrate why rBr is implausible....

Bellaciao picks up DU thread: WAKE the F*CK UP: **Stop Election Fra

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 5/25/05

EAC Executive Director Selected

Attack on Election Board Whistleblower and Leaked Blackwell Threats

Thread on Andy's surgery (going on right now) in GD:

EVERYONE: Please take the time to read this. VERY IMPORTANT

question for Landshark (and others) about the WA Governor trial

Shit! Google hires neo-con

'MSM' is NOT mainstream! Use 'news monopolies' (or '*lapdogs')!

Any news on the Donna Brazile investigation of the Ohio election theft?

Ron Baiman: Sunmmary of the USCV/E-M and Liddle Debate

UC decides whether to compete for nuclear lab contract

California Daily Ledger--May 25, 2005

Arnold's selling more than his agenda

Gronstal weighs run for governor (DM Register)

Johnny Gosch Update on the News Tonight (Wednesday)

John/Chet Culver

Romney FLIP-FLOPPING on abortion

Bachmann rakes in dough from outside her district

Great tech tip

Survey Shows More Ohioans in Poverty

Delaware County special licensing for "sexually oriented businesses"

Way to go Schlitterbahn!!!

Please call on HB2833 TODAY, esp. if you are in CARONA's district!

Question – Jury Questionnaire

Take to the streets! New Orleans - June 18 - SOULstice

Dealing with the Devil

Is it just me? Or do we have many new DUers tonight? n/t

is there a liberal/progressive job listing webpage out there?

Question about Authenticity vs. Offensive Language or New Meanings

Not Just Rude

EU starts to agree with U.S. on Tehran

Deadline for Microsoft... will they have to pay ?

Question from me

People yell at democrats for repeatedly "rolling over"

Fantasy politics

"House defies Bush over stem cell bill"

cat video funny

Is the "Daily Show" still Monday-Thursday?

I may be the only person on the planet who never saw a Star Wars movie

Anyone have a good link to all the good things that embryonic stem cell

Christo-zombie DeLay describes "dismemberment" of an embryo

once you've justified Genocide, you'll justify ANY fucking thing

"Downing St. Memo" coverage at Virginian-Pilot


Bernie Ward: The pension time bomb ... closer than you think

We are always the good guys;so, by definition we can do no wrong.

Question about labor unions.

Charles Taylor tied to Al Qaeda, AGAIN

Did You All see Who Ahmed Chalabi was Hangin With Yesterday?

Public, press differ on attitudes about partisan bias...

U.S. Marine writes an identification number on the forehead of Iraqi

Could this deal keep abortion legal?

Curiouser and curiouser.

$8 MILLION Dollar Mess Hall in Mosul is Now Open! The US is Staying!

Considering the propaganda Judith Miller has pushed, should she be

Who is REALLY setting off bombs in Iraq?

Help! Need links to Fallujah massacre and resident ID badges

Would You Call Bush's So Called WAR ON TERROR A War On Islam?

Computer People: AAR's Morning Sedition just said something about they wi

I'm coming up on CSPAN...

29% congress approval? Seems 71% are 'out of the mainstream'

Our mad rush into the Middle East and our tortures of innocents reminds

GOOD NEWS-17 YO Quits ROTC after 5 years and won't sign up with the Navy!

As with the Navajo, the God of the Arabs must be REPLACED

Good News-Son's HS Won't Allow Recruiters To Require Info for Rock Wall

The stampede of the rhinoceroses.

CULT of "life," not the other of which I won't repeat.

I'll take 'American History' for $800 Alec

NYT front page upper fold--pic of Bush holding babe-- 'born as

Proposal - A New 9/11 Commission that is made up of Citizens

Feingold is on c-span now

Feingold slammin' the compromise on C-SPAN!

Looking for information regarding my military medals

Fox and Friends

Howard Zinn on the Nymphomaniacs of Power

"Reporter" Terry Moran really is a MORAN. Angry? Wanna VENT?

Cut DOD Spending In Half

N.J. schools may stop selling junk food (let's hope more states do this!!)

I'm AGAINST Federal Funding to Murder Iraqi Babies

I don't know if we "won", but I am liking the headlines...

Please explain this if you can

MOGAMBO GURU: Back On The 'Scared And Paranoid' Side Of Life

culture of life? CULTURE OF LIFE? gimmee a fucking break

A Question For Bible Knowledgeable DUers

I'm against Brown and Owens because they are UNchristian and Pro-fascism.

Nice fantasy by Christine Lahti on

AmericaBlog: Ohio GOP Coin-gate hits the Governor's Office (it's good)

HuffingtonPost: Bill Maher "Fruit"

When did the president talk to God.

Ajai Raj (The guy who said bad words to ann coulter): What's the latest?

Recap on Zarqawi- I must have missed something

Dog owners please help

"The American Bar Assn gave her the highest ranking...."

Whoopi's Bitter

* still controls the "14"

Do Saudi's destroy the Koran?

Want to better understand (and despise) the Repuke "Noise Machine?"

another disturbing prophetic(?) dream...

Sponsors of stem cell legislation - ask patients to help

Amnesty International blasts US for "cynical attempts to sanitise torture"

The Unnoticed Death of Amada Saria

Did you just hear the U.S. Soldier on Springer???

This is how shrubbies base justifies the war


$215,634,116.54 per DAY....that's the Cost of the Iraq War

Is the US suffering from a shortage of widows?

Another Plane Enters Washington Airspace

What do you think of this pic on the homepage of MSNBC?

EU biometric visa trial opts for the tinfoil sleeve

Chuck D returns to AAR Sunday night

I need help with this letter to the local Voice of the People

Can I Zell you on this?

Amnesty slams U.S. on human rights...Aren't you proud to be an American?


U.S. unleashes 'surprise' offensive in western Iraq

When and who will be the "Walter Cronkite" in this war?

"Not unless you make it happen."

A repub with a little brains?

bush's photo op with frozen embryo baby familes. They're all White

Have you ever googled your DU screen name?

snake Chaney is house hunting by helicoptor (ours) we are paying

remember the guy who wanted to clone Jesus with DNA from the 'Shroud'?

Italy investigating 186 over child torture site

Barbara Boxer on the Stephanie Miller show now.

Did you all know that NewsMax has gone to print magazine form?

That commercial on Air America is fucking stupid....

Jurors regret 1983 murder conviction

TPM: John EDWARDS Blogging!

Zarqawi Escapes Iraq 1 hour ago! with bullets in his lungs!

LTTE in the Dallas Morning News re: filibuster deal.

"Library card? Check. Fingerprint? Really?"

voting now on Owen

Have you noticed that Bush disses science when it comes to life

Who is this "family" suing M. Jackson? How do they get close to stars?

A food fight in the Big GOP Tent - Fineman

Reading about the recent American deaths in Iraq, I found this in email:

New virus holds computers hostage... just saw this in the paper

Congress to Introduce the Clean Sports Act of 2005

The Filibuster Deal: Paving The Way For More Democratic Election Defeats

Now that Priscilla Owen's nomination has been confirmed...

George Bush Finally Gets a Job He Can Handle >>>

a&e is running a program about the tet offense

Rush wants Frist to shove the other rejected nominees down the Senate

Just when you thought they found something W *COULD* do successfully

The embryos just want to play soccer....

Women of DU: Just found this amazing site on Emergency Contraception...

And Now, It’s Time For ... "Media Jeopardy!"

Can someone tell me what Newsweek was thinking?

Haditha assault: astonishing picture from Iraq ?

sen. bird votes for owen

Judge Brown will be the acid test.

Median Housing Values Continue to Rise, Census Bureau Reports

Um, has anyone ever read this??? (Novak in 2003)

Yellow dog?

New drug stops premature ejaculation.

The fruits of our great victory! Part I.

Jedi Lightsabers are BLUE; Sith Lightsabers are RED

Biden is just going off

Vote in 56-43 on Owen.

Fire in the minds of Men.

John Conyers, Maureen Dowd and Randi Rhodes all win EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR

The Dove Foundation

For those who saw Law and Order SVU last night (The real story)

Bill Frist looks like such a pansy.

What is most disconcerting about the compromise

The republicans have collected their first payment for the "compromise'.

Funny email from someone trying to sell right wing domain

Washington state GOP dealt blow in vote trial

Republicans Control the Government - So Are Things Better Yet?

So. If Bush vetoes stem cell legislation is he an ACTIVIST PRESIDENT?

Democrats need to make the increased Abortion rate an issue

The new DCCC fund raising program benefits the Blue Dog Democrats

How will your Senators vote on Brown?

Ever been a victim of check fraud?

Rockefeller says Bolton mishandled classified docs; Dodd says he'll block

What Christian religion is against medical treatment?

bad hair day

Oregonian ltte-this is a brainwashed woman

Google hires shrub neocon as VP

Camera Phone Security Question

Voinovich on the floor of the Senate re Bolton. Reading letter he sent to

Brownback CONDEMNS U.S. House vote on stem cells ("killing young humans")

Bill Maher responds to Bachus and tells him to get to work!

A germ of an idea regarding stem cell research.

Question about the Christian Right

URGENT! Iraq House Vote Imminent (Woolsey's amendment)

"Give an adopted embryo a proper Christian burial"????!!!! C-SPAN caller.

It's the pharmacutical companies, not the fundies pushing georgie*

Ed Schultz "Dems were the losers on Filibuster"

TO SENATORS: What are you doing to prevent Bush's planned war on Iran?

Conservatives vow revenge

YAHOO NEWS: Marketers big and small taking a shine to blogs

BBC Ignores Evidence of War Crimes

Voinovich in tears over BOLTON!


any day now, someone will flush a bible, then watch what happens

Why we don’t fight back

WHY is Shrub pusshing so haed for Bolton?

"Democrats See Star Wars" (Men's News Daily) ...spoof on Star Wars & Dems

PETA Launches, Releases Undercover Investigation

would the neoNaziCons go so far as to have

Camera Phone Security Question

Bolton nomination just announced

New WH chief economist got rid of the current account deficit ALREADY!

Yesterday was a great victory for us in my opinion...

I need help finding a website

I heard Jamie Gorelick speak last night

So let me get this straight, RE: abortion and fertility clinics.

Number of millionaires hits record

Aircraft carrier with 100's of Marines & C-5 planes will guard Bush at G8

Think unarmored Humvees are bad, how about mini-vans instead?

I wish I were ten or fifteen years older.

Woolsey Is Now

Pledge Your Commitment to Denounce Torture, Now !

Why the deal was a good move for the Dems

a THANK YOU from Harry Reid

Frist's nuclear meltdown - a new 'toon

URGENT ACTION: On Iraq War - Timely!!!!!

Found this quote about why Boxer removed her hold on Bolton...

"Concerned Women" hurl insults in press release congratulating Owen

Dupe, please delete.

Levin Quotes the Blair War Memo on the Floor of the Senate!!!!

Further Explanation of the Right of Recall...

autorank @ Democratic Underground on bellaciao

How many versions of the Bible are there?

Bill Maher responds to treason allegations from the right-wing

Voinovich's emotional appeal covered on NBC Nightly News

Letter from Governor Howard Dean

The Royal "We"....Fox News....LOL

autorank post picked up by bellaciao


Please DU this Lou Dobbs Poll

Randi Thread!

Graham: The dirty secret is that some of these nominees will get rejected

'When The President Talks To God' Song Rocks!!!

I remember Richard Nixon in the final months of the Vietnam war...

ON SCHULTZ: FBI documents prove Newsweek is innocent.

flame away -- new toon 5/25

My letter in the Miami Herald...

The Woolsey Vote Is Up Next (7:43 PM, CSpan)

Donating embryos should be like donating organs

Lookout, France! Google hires neo-con headbanger

Raging Lunatic Coulter on Dew Lobbs now

Lou Dobbs: Is the White house trying

This makes me chuckle

Full screen video for web sites

Newshour Showing Deserters Who Have Fled to Canada after Fighting in Iraq

Kitty Kelley on Lou Dobbs now.

Congratulations, autorank! Bellaciao picked up "WAKE the F*CK UP" post!

Need information - list of Democratic Accomplishments....

Guantanamo Bay, "the gulag of our time"

US Ramps Up Arms Sale to World's Most Repressive Regimes

Huge propaganda campaign to justify nuclear power (Helen Caldicott)

autorank @ Democratic Underground on bellaciao

JK Galbraith: Corporations have taken over the basic process of governing

Vote Now Is Bush trying to control the media? Lou Dobbs poll

Guards "flushed a Koran in the toilet," Washington Post


He looks more and more like a madman every day

Here is a first hand scoop on why Media is so biased and way to get even


Republican Public School Teachers - A mystery to me..

Update from BradBlog - Andy Stephenson in Recovery after 7.5 hours surgery

This Seattle PI cartoon says it all re. the bogus Newsweek fooferaw

Stripes letter: Americans shoulder blame

You guys would have loved this

This is why this place (DU) is so damn good

Conyers Trancript from Raw Story...

if Homosexuality could be Genetically prevented, the fundies would love it

Bolton update - non-filibuster filibuster tomorrow???

Sen Rockefeller's letter to Luge & Biden re; Bolton & the NSA intercepts

UK Study :Some children 'born bad'

The World Must Bow Down to America, and to Our God

Regarding the "deal". I understand Astroglide works much better

Relaxing way to make a difference to impoverished children

Speaking as part of the vast DU groupspeak

Cut DOD Spending In Half

I don't like the shrub, I can't stand him

CNN: Novak says "Get the Hell Out" of Iraq Now - (VIDEO)

11 days left to protect bloggers from FEC

'Newsweek' Error Bad, Pentagon Lying About Tillman Death O.K.?"

Another glaring example... how far the MSM has fallen....

My 5th Grader won the "Tom Delay Academic Excellence Award"

By the way, it's a war ON Iraq.

Republicans Balk at Requirement to Teach Constitution

I find the "adoption" of embryos to be offensive

NEWS: FBI Records Cite Quran Abuse Allegations

Holy Shit! The Koran Story is TRUE // White House should appologize!

My blog featured on (Wow, I feel almost like people read it)


Sean Hannity plays hardball with Strict Daddy Dobson

Voinovich: "there are theories why Bolton got this nomination...."

Tim Robbins is smacking down Wolf Blitzer!

Newspaper union leader: U.S. military targets journalists

Sometimes the teachers are the sane ones

Funny store sign

What is Bush's job creation record as of today?

FYI - Barbara Boxer said the Democrats did NOT have the votes to

TO LA TIMES: 9/11 & Iraq were White House decisions not intel failures

Ann Coulter is on Lou Dobbs

The Good Republicans

Bolton expected to be confirmed after head count

700 protest Bush Social Security in Rochester?

Funny email my friend sent me about Wal-Mart

GENOCIDE UPDATE: AU seeks $460 million for peacekeeping efforts

Darfur: Daily News May 25, 2005

Darfur Needs Bolder International Intervention

ACLU Press Release (stiff drink): Koran abuse

Photo - Frist raptured

What can be done to curb the power of corporations?

Andy's Surgery was scheduled for early this morning, so

Is Tom Cruise a doctor?

I have completely changed my position on adopting embryos.

DU is being read on Capitol Hill at this very moment

Goodbye everyone.


Photo of Iraqi Detainee blinfolded with US Soldier writing # on head!

Is Randi Losing it?


Johns Hopkins has verified that Andy Stephenson is in surgery right now.

When you're looking for a restaurant's recipe

"Floating glass" on a fridge exterior

Question on seafood stock......I just cleaned about 3 lbs of crab legs

does anyone have the recipe for La Madeleine Caesar Salad Dressing?

Anybody have quicktime, mpg or mov Power of Nightmares link?

Clarke makes second ID card bid

Iran forward not back

What would make the best Tony Blair legacy?

Trouble in the valleys

Church bells ring in G8 protest

Howard authority 'ebbing away' over Tory rules shake-up

The Champions' League: AC Milan v Liverpool thread

Compulsory ID Card debate to begin today.

Prominent DA May Take on Sen. Clinton (but husband has prison record)

China locks villages down to halt spread of foot-and-mouth

CIA official and ex-SEAL give differing accounts of prisoner abuse

Key British official OKs extradition (Enron trial)

FBI probe into fatal shooting by Pinellas deputy

Gunning for Stem-Cell Naysayers

Lawyers for Bush, lawmakers worked at exhausting pace on Schiavo

PBS president says network is independent

Report: 84,000 acres of Fla. wetlands disappeared over 15 years

Cox takes step toward challenging Clinton

Frist issues new warning on filibusters

Official Says Law Doesn't Cover Gays

AP: U.S. Troops Launch New Offensive in Iraq

WP:Rules to Be Set for Small Planes at National(private jets would return)

Trial Starts in Abu Ghraib Death (military resent civilians not charged)

U.S. Brochure Drops Arms-Control Deals

Elderly poor may be wary of applying for drug subsidy

Car bomb explosion rocks Madrid

Female staff at Guantanamao sexually abused Pakistani prisoners:-

Peace in Iraq 'will take at least five years to impose'

Liberia: Taylor Received al-Qaida Funds

Udall signs letter that seeks truth about Iraq

BBC: Hamster virus kills three people

LAT: Senators Broke Bread Before Impasse Broken(begun by Nelson,Neb; Lott)

U.S. Base Closures Cause Jitters Abroad

Syria halts cooperation with U.S.

'Runaway bride' charged with making false statement

Grand jury to decide runaway bride charges

US House panel backs another $45 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

Bolivian capital isolated by massive protests

(key players) In a Polarized Senate, A Victory for the Middle

Social Security debate lauded (by Teamsters Union President)

Paisley denounces Bill Clinton

Put U.S. soldiers on trial in Colombia, some urge

Senate Votes 56 to 43 To Confirm Owen

Can hybrids save US from foreign oil?

Drivers Lining up for Converted Restaurant Oil to Fuel Vehicles

N.H., Maine senators upbeat about filibuster deal

Giant Caspian oil pipeline opens

Robert Pickton Charged with 12 more murders

Voyager At Edge Of Solar System (scientists fear Bush moon/Mars will kill)

Bird flu plan calls for airport screening (HI wants to test air travelers)

'Runaway bride' to face false claims charges

California court mulls parental rights in same-sex couple disputes

Both Sides Rest in Theodore Sihpol Trial

Stem-cell vote has Focus on Family 'down but not out' (fotf whining)

Aurora stuck with costs of presidential campaigns

NYT/AP:Analyst("nonpartisan chief actuary")Warns of 2009 Social Sec. Pinch

After 4 Years, Owen Gets Confirmation Vote

In Moscow, U.S. Strives for Greater Share of Oil Exports

Nab Neo-Nazis in bomb plot (Leader in Matthew Hale's Group)

Human Bird Flu Deaths in Qinghai China?

Al-Zarqawi has Fled Iraq - Report

Environmentalists want Exxon out of Arctic

Social Security is next for Gang of Fourteen -The Hill

Mars Rover Spirit Finds Wet, Violent Past

House Panel Debates Mortage (sp) Giants Bill

Google going Neo-con?

Religious right vows payback for brokers of filibuster pact

Amnesty accuses US over 'torture'

Defense rests without putting Jackson on stand

FBI Records Cite Quran Abuse Allegations

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 25 May

Lights Go Out as Interior Minister Tries to Award Iraqi Troops

Australia below-par on human rights

BP Revises Blame for March Refinery Blast

Democrats Urge Increased Tax Collection Before Social Security Changes

World Unprepared for "Bird Flu" Pandemic, Experts Say

Dean: Blacks annoyed by party's outreach

Bush Pushing Hydrogen Fuel As Alternative

U.S. under fire at nuclear arms control meeting

Democrats Threaten to Stall Vote on Bolton Nomination (Update2)

Vote Now Is Bush trying to control the media? Lou Dobbs poll

NYT: Democrat Says Bolton May Have Mishandled Classified Data

U.S. suspends hunt for troop remains in N. Korea

Reid Wants Swift Vote on Stem Cell Bill

White House rebukes congressman Weldon

U.S. backs B of A fees from Social Security deposits

Thousands rally against Quran desecration (Pakistan - Thursday, May 26)

Reuters: Filmmaker Ismail Merchant dies in London

GOP Says Bolton Should Be Given U.N. Post

Gov. Bush OKs Fla. Abortion Disclosure

Lawmaker directs military to change 'tragic' next-of-kin policy

Powell Joins Group Bidding for the Washington Nationals

Mississippi ranks fourth in Guard casualties

Pentagon denies Rumsfeld authorized downing plane

FBI (2002) memo reports Guantanamo guards flushing Koran (Reuters)

Congressional setbacks, low ratings could limit Bush's effectiveness

Ex - Dentist Gets Probation in Semen Case ( this is Fu_king SICK SICK ...

Baghdad's Polluted Water Makes Children Sick With Cholera

Fallaci charged in Italy with defaming Islam (Italian author)

AP: 1,000 US Troops Launch New Offensive in Western Iraq

Alleged Louisiana Sex Cult Evidence Seized In Ohio

Violence Against Women Rampant in Asia (forced abortion in China)

US religious right sees Senate compromise on judges as 'betrayal'

Family brings boys to D.C. to draw attention to frozen embryos

Venezuela Demands Posada be Tried for Terrorism not Immigration

Democrats turn to Web to conduct 'e-hearing' (concerns about pensions)

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (1649)

Thune threatens no votes on Bush priorities

Indiana executes man who wanted to donate liver

For GOP, Deeper Fissures and a Looming Power Struggle

(Boston) Police Errors Led To (Red Sox) Fan's Death

Senate confirms Owen for circuit court

Moscow Times probes business dealings of North Carolina congressman

Bill bans payment for lifestyle drugs (Viagra)

Ill Sen. Specter Backs Stem Cell Research (Major crack in the GOP Dam

Widespread power outages hit Moscow

Bush says tired of waiting on energy bill

Senators Weigh Indian Apology Resolution

CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game on Internet

General Clark touts Democrats' 'vision'

Rumsfeld laments global reach of news in wartime

WP: Gitmo Guards Accused of Mistreating Koran

Republican senator urges vote against Bolton

China Backs Uzbek, Splitting With U.S. on Crackdown

House Drops Women in Combat Limit Bill

QC completes longest speech in legal history (BCCI class action)

US dependence on foreign oil growing - experts

Group (PETA) Passes Out Controversial Cards to Children

Iraqi Forces Arrest Key Zarqawi Aid

Churchill, university officials meet

House Votes for Temporary Nuclear Storage

Dems Want Illegal Business Crackdown

US slams Amnesty criticism

Iraq asks UN to let US-led force remain

Senate Bill Would Double Ethanol Use

Soldier Testifies Iraqi Was Cooperating

Amnesty slams U.S. on human rights

(Study:) Some children 'born bad'

And We Danced!

proud swagger out of the schoolyard waiting for the world's applause

I don't care about carcinogens, I just took two loaves of bread out of the

They call me Yuck Mouth, 'cause I don't brush!

Whoops. Never mind.

BREAKING NEWS: Everything gives you cancer!

Hooray, its my first night of vacation!

Whoops..Never Mind the Bollocks


I just want to say Platypus!

Race Car

I gotta do it my way! Or no way at aaaaallll!!!!

I discovered who I am. How can this be. I am ...... I am .......I am .....

One last one before I retire for the evening.

Want to love, to be loved and to be a banker.

Anyone else put in a Maiden album/video in response to the Maiden poll?

Huge Waves.

You know, I'm beginning to believe I'm not a very nice person.

Save Toby!!!

Iron Chef needs a new intro

Who stole the goddamned remote??!

List all perfect numbers

Grrrr / Eeeek


Ever Been Shot Down But Still Felt Good About It?

This is post number 1000

For those of you that have seen Revenge of the Sith...

I see London, I see France,

I just posted my first poll...ask me anything!

Ah this lovely New England Spring

Thanks DU Admins, moderators, techies and all.

Man Fires Crossbow At Neighbor - Arrested

To everybody I have inadvertently pissed on over the last six months

Brainshrub's website is cool...but, I didn't know it was "cooler"

View the picture and tell me which one is the puppet

Funny incident at a restaurant...

The Eve of Destruction

Mr. John Paul Needs to give me Money to help the Tsunami Survivors

Yays, Lunch-time

Found on Worth 1000

Saddam’s magic stone

Who'll win American Idol? Bo or Carrie?

today .... working, tomorrow .... VACATION!!!

The Feel-good Hit of the Summer

Do Not Attempt to Pet the Cruise!

Okay I've been feeling bad but not feeling PHIL SPECTOR BAD!*!!*!

I am now alone in my parents' house. Big party tonight!

DumdaDUMdumdumdadaDUUUUM Wagner's "Flight of the Embryos"


May the Force Please Go Away

Is Today "Take Your Embryo To Work Day?"

What did I miss? What's up with all the embryo talk??

RE. The Dog Beating/ threats

You shook me all night long.

Connie Selleca (Mrs. John Tesh) is 50 today

Today my job entails taking pictures of all of next years college Freshmen

Woman Calls 911 (20 Times) To Complain About Pizza - Jailed

Everyone, all together now, in unison: "You looked like Jodie Foster!"

Man Catches 5-Foot, 124 Pound Catfish (PIC)

Check out Landover Bapist site. jesus thongs etc

Had Job Interview for Public Enemy position yesterday

What is your ideal swelling?

Had Job Interview for Public Policy position yesterday

Sniffa's back? What a douche. I'm gonna go complain in ATA.

matcom did NOT tell me to post his baby picture

You think that something's happening And it's bigger than your life

What is your ideal dwelling?

Post here and I'll make your day.

'Star Wars' Fans Hurt Replicating Sabers (gas in fluorescent lightbulbs)

Worker Strike Threatens Beer Supply In St. Louis

Ispilledbeeronmykeyboardand myspacebarismessedup

Chimpy & the Chocolate Factory

Misreading headlines: "BBC: Hamster kills three people"

Burt Reynolds Slaps TV Producer In The Face Outside Movie Premier

Dog owners please help

What kinda software company asks for an original poem in the application?

My 666th post passed and I missed it!

Hufu: Human Flesh Alternative.

Where can I find a Mike Malloy song playlist?

George comments on judicial nominees

Send your sissy boy to bible gun camp.Is this for real ??

George Bush will veto Stem Cell, and allow thousands to die!!!



I've had it. I need the sun. Where can I get a cheap flight to FL?

Holy crap! Helicopter crash, all three survived.

I don't want to go to work.

Man eats "Runaway Bride" toast after buyer renegs on $15,400 bid

Ispilledwhiskyonmy tongueandImmessedup

latest zogby poll - harry potter, star wars??

"Lost" question.

Could you see this new Star Wars movie without seeing episode 1 & 2?


Here is the real truth about your Star Wars!

BB guns for 10 year olds? Am I Out of Touch?

Parking Meter Attendant Stole $120,000 - Quarter By Quarter

When did school busses begin offering door-to-door service?

Who Is Organizing The Runaway Bride Defense Fund?

i am worried about my cats

33 Pound Cat Gets A New Home

Has anyone seen Embedded by Tim Robbins?

I have an earworm. Care to guess what it is?

Do you know what I liked about the new Star Wars? The furniture.

Request good thoughts from the gallery

Loons in their native habitat

any word on andy's surgery?

I just discovered The Band and I'm in love

So .... ......

Boston DUers: I just saw a picture of your city on the weather report

I got a job interview!!!!

Has anyone been Embedded by Tim Robbins?

Parachuting Guinea Pig Won't Lead To Animal Cruelty Charges

Image of GWB on toilet paper being sold at E-Bay

French fries protester regrets war jibe (North Carolina)

I saw my first DU bumper sticker in the Detroit area today

Need a laugh (quick)

Another "Lost" question: Will we find out what's in the hatch tonight?

Etymological speculations on "chav"

a sincere couple a nia to the peeples here

a sincere couple a valerie to the bertinelli here

Sniffa is back? I have missed so much!

More great Futurama news!!!!!

Does anyone else watch Alias?

Do you have a favorite scent? (candles, perfume etc.)

Who is this "family" suing M. Jackson? How do they get close to stars?

I have come to the conclusion


'Runaway bride' to face false claims charges

After much soul searching,I've decided...

New George Clinton record coming this summer.

Vanity plate shows drug formula

Runaway Bride indicted, DeLay a free man and flipping you off from Texas

What the heck is this song about?

Four Americans in Paris

Is anyone listening to the last bits of Franken?

I live in Los Angeles and want to learn Spanish...what is the best

a sincere mea culpa to my friends here

Top Ten Questions George W. Bush Asked His Homeland Security Nominee

Any cat behavior experts out there?

Hail Britannia!

Doo wah, whoa whoa...

Dumb question! How exactly is avatar pronounced? Where is the emphasis?

Soy la lectura DU en español. Pregúnteme cualquier cosa.

yvr girl is doing a happy dance!!

OMG!!! OMG!!!! LOOK Who Is Touring In The Boston Area!!!! LOOK!!!

Separated at birth? **American Idol warning**

My nephew is going to cut his hair!

Post a pic of yourself posing with DU propaganda:

Why I like kids (pictures)

What do you get when you play country music backwards?

I guess I'm late at wishing Bob Dylan a Happy Birthday.

Filmmaker Ismail Merchant Dies

"Dead" Man In N.C. Begins Talking???

Official "LOST" Hatch Speculation Thread - What's In the Hatch?

Kabbalah- The new fad.

Happy Birthday Miles Davis!!!

Grand jury to decide runaway bride charges

I don't understand this "framing" stuff at all

New word of the day, "Asshattery"


Advice needed on discussion forum software

That movie was so bad I think it gave me cancer!

gawd, it's been a beautiful week in coastal Northern California....

Something Nice Happened Today! Thank you, DUers!

I'm looking for some sunshine

My best friend...

Which of these other languages do you speak?

Thanks.So I had a dream that had Al Gore in it, well that was nice...

Is Vanilla Ice Related to Bob Ice?

Very, very short trip to DC Fri-Sun; what's the sine qua non?

What am I dropping $1300 on today?

Filipino Professor Challenges Fermat's Last Theorem Proof

Defense rests without putting Jackson on stand

Thanks.So I had a dream that had Al Gore in it, well that was nice...



It's not a habit of mine, but after seeing this, I'm never passing out at

I took the train from Paris to London today.........

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang thinking "let go of my hand, you dick"

Typical Freeper Blogger?

Bloggers needed

Just cleared my ignore list. Ask away.


Tofu: Edible Chalk Alternative.

Will you still love me

Who were the bigger Beatles wanna-bes?

I wonder if Malloy will have a heart attack over Owens being confirmed

Yummy, yummy, yummy

Paging redsoxliberal

Do you have a favorite euphemism?

what are the most ugly/scary/creepy looking animals you can think of?

Fine February weather we're having here in New England

Mugshot of woman who kept dialing 911 about pizza place.

Do you shop on Ebay? What kinds of things have you purchased?

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

50 posts away from 10,000

In a surprise move, Priscilla Owens' nomination dropped

Is DU slow for anyone else right now?

There's a film version of "The Honeymooners" coming out?

How do you eat a flea collar?


Tonight I'm gonna be watching LOST nekkid while injesting adult

About the Donor Stars....

Don't be jealous...

Scare yourself: Imagine if Rove had backed a brilliant guy in 2000!

PC Relocation Software IntelliMover vs PC Relocator. HELP

How do you get rid of fries?

Yeah, you got a problem with that?

Wildflower feared extinct discovered in California state park

Oh come on. It's the Champions League Final. THE cup.

Terrible job interview

Ugh... Ann Coulter... Lou Dobbs... Turn channel immediately.

Presenting ... the Propaganda Catapult!

How do you get rid of flies?

Questions about Big Three credit bureau ...

The DU Lounge Life Line

Okay, I am seriously considering getting these glasses:

Gooooood Morning DU!

How do you get rid of lies?

Will someone PLEASE pay some attention to me?! I'm bored and lonely!

Ben Folds Loft Special on XM50 at 9 est

Check out my Urban Dictionary entry for Commander Cuckoo Bananas!

new toon (5/25) and I'll probably get flamed for it

Do you have a co-worker that you don't like for no particular reason?

ATTENTION: Bertha Katzenengel would be great to play poker against

Bono to Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot: We Need To Talk!

Secret, secret, I've got a secret

"Comeback-minded" scumbag bottom-feeders Motley Crue sue NBC

The parents are gone, but their champagne remains and is quite tasty.

Express Yourself!

Commander cuckoo-bananas

hey! this isn't reaL money. it's printed by the montana miLitia.

Princeton's Art of Science competition

I saw the ultimate FIB today.

NEWS FLASH: Bertha has made a very important life decision.

Anyone seen DS1 since this morning?


Woot! Final Grades are In!!!!

"I've got to take a Dubya."

Do you bait your own polls?

Ummmmmmm, Catfish

Is there any SUPERNANNY for KITTIES.

The champagne is gone, but the parents remain, and are quite tasty!

Do you bait your own poles?

What the heck is wrong with me?

KGs computer question of the week.

I have to go make dinner


Are there any ragtime fans/players here.

I am only going to say this once

I'm curious about satellite radio, can you help?

AC Milan 3 - Liverpool 0 (half)

Is anyone else paranoid of getting fired?

URGENT! Iraq House Vote Imminent (Woolsey Amendment)

I got all my final grades back, finally -- Not good news.

Chappelle's Show, season 2 set.

List all prime numbers

Who do you want to win AI?

Vinyl siding is going on my house today...

Official Crucifucks appreciation thread


Hey Mister Warren Reds Beatty

We have a new little one...

I know I'll live to regret saying this........

A certain Troupe of Performing Trolls is having a group seizure...

My house was "baby-proofed" today. Ask me anything.

Could someone please tell Skittles I'm a pacifist?

Is the sky falling? Just checked in to GD and apparently it is!

Well I finally saw "Sideways"


How many languages do you speak fluently?

Fine, We'll Do It In My Spaceship Tower.

Can we have a 'head count' for the Ft. Worth/Dallas meet-up on

The Funniest Website So Far This Year:

I wish I could post one-line threads and get tons of responses.

There's something odd about this painting


What did you have for dinner tonight or what are you planning for dinner?

Three years after signing up I can finally access the DU

What the HELL is it with American tourists?!?!?!?!

I'm shocked! .... What has become of today's youth?

How many people still have dial-up here

Do you own anything made of Hemp?

Do you have an accent?

What is up with unkind people?

Attn: June/July babies!!

Bushism of the day: Catapulting the propaganda

I think my cat Erin is weird.

Which celebrities do you tend to mix up?

Penis Closes Road (true headline, not a sex thread)

Good Kitty! (pet training tips?)

man accused of killing,skinning his pregnant cat that ate his pet bird

Target VS. Walmart

So let's do it! Let's pool our money together and buy our own island

What would Darth Vader drive.

show me some kitten/cat pictures I have never seen before

**RANT*** I hate when people

Best Iron Maiden song?

Do you take fish oil supplements?

Beets: Yummy sweet goodness or Satan's flesh & blood?

OK, who knows about MP3 players?

Your favorite website to buy cheap airline tickets?

Michael Jackson Defense Rests Its Case

Okay now I'm nearly back to thinking people just need to laugh stuff off.


Man, I love me some rice and beans...

I don't like cats or birds who's with me?

Any Bollywood fans/recommendations? Shahrukh Khan is sooo dreamy...

Slang terms or words that you cannot stand.

Name something after Ronald Reagan!

Name 5 20+ year old songs that you'll always love


Regional Rainbow Gathering May 27 - May 30 in Nebraska at Elkhorn Crossing

The Official *Welcome Back Sniffa* Picture Thread!!!

Attn. PA, NJ and DE DUers: Come see me play "down the shore" this weekend!

Schwaebische Maultaschen are better than ravioli and you can't deny it!

Help me help me help me

CAPTION Le Donald with his Towers

How do you want to die?

Finally! I thought the PETA bashing would never return...

Two months as a vegetarian! Woo hoo!!!

Church Ad Wins Gay Media Award

With the Koran being flushed lately

Did You See The Recent "Penn & Teller's Bullshit" About Mother Theresa?

"Saving the embryos" - So, when are the righties going to start lining up

Human Bird Flu Deaths in Qinghai China?

Utah Gays To Carry Concealed Arms To Pride

Christian group calls off Disney boycott

My closest gay friend was diagnosed with Herpes 2

New Allegations Surface Vs. Spokane Mayor

Battle Plans Unveiled In California Anti-Gay Amendment Drive

Gays Blamed For Driving Kids From San Francisco?

Scouting Convention Protested Over Gay Ban

Bush Special Counsel: Gay Federal Workers Have No Protections

Liverpool vs. AC Milan: Who's gonna win?

After likening Rush to royalty, Mike Piazza...

A-Rod Donates $200K To Mental Health Program in Wash. Heights


500 Greyhounds need foster homes/permanent homes ASAP!

Pets with asthma?

Question for the bird experts

"You don't get to critique my religion!"

Check out the USS Abraham Lincoln photo op!

Kerry Events Thread: May 24, 2005

Anyone watching the Owens vote?

Starting on Bolton now.

They watch Fox News so you don't have to...

Strong stomach? Today's reading.

did anyone watch Voinovich on Bolton?

John Kerry on the Vote to confirm Priscilla Owen

John and Teresa 10th Anniversary (5/26/05) Picture Thread!

Teresa at Heinz Awards Banquet (Sweet)

Pulls crumpled piece of paper from pants pocket....

Idea thread for July's Photo Contest Theme

Topic: Rural / Farm Area

Approximately 600 posts from now

Tonight on Countdown! (Wednesday 5/25)

Since I can't watch tonight in real time.

Bill Maher's response to the Congressman DU Thread

Countdown May 25, 2005

Keith to do Podcasts for MSNBC/NBC

WH Seeks Supreme Court Advice From Christian Legal Society

Bush ran as a Uniter & to set a new tone in D.C.?

Russ Carnahan On Washington Journal

Every Sperm is Sacred

Downing Street Memo Resources

Great LTTE about Stem Cells - short and to the point!

Did I Just Hear A Caller Get Through To C-Span and Say "Fuck bu$h" Twice?

Joe Conason: "The Right Cries Foul as Bush is Foiled"

somebody better tell the congregation of this church they better stay away

Owen Has Highest "Poor" Rating In Texas, From Those Who Know Her

If anyone attended either of the Clark events in Phoenix yesterday,

Tony Blair met with Edwards to talk about populism yesterday.

"NOW Asks: Senate Nuclear Option Deal—

Why not outsource health insurance?

Democrats turn to Web to conduct 'e-hearing' -The Hill

Feingold on C-Span 2

Does political mudslinging prove to the public that...

Where Oil and Democracy Clash---great article

Feingold doesn't know Janice Rogers Brown up for D.C. Appeals Court?

Sellouts Will Become Order of Day

Ask Congress for an Up or Down Vote on CAFTA

The culture of life/embryonic stem cell research and Republicans

"I Hate Republicans" Video

Pres. of PBS Rejects Charges of "Liberal Bias"

Olympia Snowe has one Dem opponent

Should Democrats not run an opponent against Graham or DeWine...?

SoftMoneyHardLaw on Fillibuster compromise:

C-SPAN said Conyers' forum to air this weekend (tentatively sch!)

CNN: Novak says "Get the Hell Out" of Iraq Now - (VIDEO)

It's Going to Explode!!.but it's going to be an explosion controlled by us

Has Cat- Slaughterer Broken The"Deal"?

Do You Think Reid & McCain Have Other Secret Deals Worked Out???

Pipelineistan's biggest game begins

It's important to look at the present "crisis" in the big picture...

A modest proposal for Bush and the others objecting to stem cell research

French Fries Protester Regrets War Jibe

Owen confirmation ROLL CALL

Time for Bolton Debate

Am I crazy to think this may be the best we could do re Bush and

Homeland Security panel to broaden oversight agenda

Roll Call on Owen is Underway

Feingold introduces bill to reform irrigation subsidies, help small farms

CRITICAL: Thank 7 Republican senators for their support

McNamara: U.S. & NATO nuke policies are immoral, dangerous & destructive

I'm disappointed no repubs voted against Owen

Is anyone else watching Frist right now on CSPAN?

Reid, Kennedy, call for an "up or down vote" immediately on stem cell bill

Inland Valley (CA) Daily Bulletin letter: It’s time to cool judge-bashing

Registering Dissent: Contact Election Assistance Commission

What's up with these Senators? Is it opposite day again???

* threatening to veto bipartisan-ism?

Galloway's Staff Asserts in Interview: Senate Docs are FRAUDS!

Why did Barbara Boxer

$170 Million wasted, FBI grilled by senators

Will I see you in September? (in D.C., that is)

The GOP got Bolton the Dems keep the Filibuster

The compromise hurt the right, but they will get stronger (oh no!)

Where are my childhood American heros I learned about in school?

I am so fed-up!

One more reason to know that the filibuster agreement is good

Biden going off on Bolton

How To Tell If You're An Unpatriotic Butt-Head (comments please)

Gasoline today half the price of gasoline in the 80s when adjusted?

Who saw John Kenneth Galbraith on the Newshour last night?

Is there an online transcript of yesterday's media forum?

Biden's answer to Warner is brilliant.

"The Clerk Will Call The Roll"

Where can I get a transcript of Dick Lugar's comments concerning Bolton?

The Filibuster compromise was interesting.

Bo or Carrie? (?!) WTF?

Udall signs Conyers letter seeking truth about Iraq

They Thought They Were Free

Today's vote was the hypocrisy vote

Did you notice that the good guys won one in the House yesterday?


URGENT ACTION: on Woolsey Amendment

The 'filly bluster' show is over. Now let's get back to business.

Tell your representative to vote "yes" on the Woolsey Amendment

Jeb just signed bill that will force underage kids to have

Meanwhile in California- Protest set for TODAY vs Arnold

Did we ever find out who was on board the sub ...

Why didn't Voinovich just settle this at the committee level?

Okay, I've got to share my phone call with McConnell's office.

French fries protester regrets war jibe

George W = Lame Duck

Why Chaos is Good for the Oil Biz

The Nation: Blackmailed onto the court

A conservative blogger who gets it right

Senate Scorecard: Boxer in lead again

Pat Roberts R-KS on C-Span2 now and is starting on....

John Edwards will be first blogger at TPMs new site 5/31-6/3

The "compromise" is weak and wobbly...

Something happening on the senate floor, Roberts was put on the spot

Faux New's Asman refers to Republicas as "we"

Bush blames india for high oil prices. says they must find alternatives!

The Polaris Institute and Bechtel Corporation

Santorum to filibuster Stem Cell Research bill?

New Poll Released by University Poll... Voters back Rove vs Wade 2-1

Carl Levin just brought up Downing Street Memo at Bolton hearings

New Quinnipiac Poll: Abortion; favor Democrats on filibuster....

the signs are EVERYWHERE ... the republicans are in full retreat ...

Is political moderacy true sanity / nirvana / bliss?

Bill Pryor stands up for press freedom

CIVIL WAR along religious lines ?

Is this really happening?

Did Ted Stevens vote present on Owens?


It's like the limbo! "How looowww can he go?"

A question about red state Senators

Bush oposition to stem cell is to protect religion from science.

Is this where bu$h is taking us?

Helen Thomas stomps Poor Lil' Scotty McLiar

A letter to my congressman.....Speaker Hastert

Theofascism: Define it and start using it.

Villain: George Bush--The Scotsman (look how Bush is traveling to Scotland

Bolton - Up or Down? (or IN or OUT)

'US leads in human rights violations' (Amnesty Intl) THANKS W!!!

An email from someone at me respond...thanks

New allegations about repub Mayor, West

Bay Buchanan just said on CNN Crossfire that McCain is

can't find a replay or transcript of biden from monday

The Jay Rockefeller vs Pat Roberts dust-up

I guess Pickles trip was not so hot...those brown guys still pissed

To Those Who Are Okay With The Senate Agreement

Landrieu and Byrd voted to confirm Owen. ???

New email from Howard Dean

Lynn Woolsey on CSPAN with her amendment on withdrawal n/t


Which party will push for significant troop reductions in Iraq first?

Who Really Controls Bush? Cheney? or...

As predicted - Dean misspoke so WSJ uses it to train the cult

McCain...Is he a neocon? A centrist? Against conservatives? Good? Bad?

Vote count - Confirmation Priscilla Richman Owen, to be U.S. Circuit Judge

We know what polices we don't like, what policies do we want?

Here is your "BULLSHIT OF THE DAY" email !!!!!

Bush said: " kind of catapult the propaganda"

Bill Maher responds to Congressman Bachus treason comment

Voinovich is in tears on Senate floor!

Bushies gone wild.

Bush errs on the side of death and illness

Volinvich: "I know the reasons Bolton was nominated to UN Ambassador..."

Anybody else see that the Bush regime is getting everything it wanted and

Women v Men Poll:Should Medicare or Medicaid pay for Viagra

The New War On Drugs: Everyone Is A Cop

John Kerry on the Vote to confirm Priscilla Owen

something the religiously insane never mention re: embryos

Join the BUYcott: Buy your gas at Citgo (tell your friends)