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Archives: May 23, 2005

'Three massacres' in anti-government uprising (Andizhan)

Heritage Foundation trashes Wexler's SS fix

Background on Darfur: History from Wikipedia

Inspired by Kos diary, bloggers take on U.S. over 2002 Iraq planning memo

Notes on our patriarchal state

Guantanamo prisoners tell their Kafka-esque stories at secretive tribunals

Krugman: America Wants Security (of Social Kind)

Just What Every Iraqi Needs: A Bible

Galloway Senate testimony PDF goes AWOL: Evidence 'missing' from Committee

Herbert: The Rumsfeld Stain

College Steered Students to Backbreaking Loans (15% from Sallie Mae)

Norm Coleman's "Celebrity Jeopardy"

Bush to Dine with Porn Star: Mary Carey Does DC

If Phil Donahue had a one-hour radio show on Sunday nights,

BBC Strike re- cuts & privatization

Bush backs security fence

Polisario leader warns of new war

Israel comes first, says US politician

Sharon booed in NY over Gaza plan

testing new signature line....

Gonzales says bush admin is protecting US from terrorism

bin Laden says he's responsible for the 9/11 attacks but.....

From the Crisis Papers... Current Events for Dummies (stolen 2004)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Monday


Tell the administrative law judge to deny Gas Company Rate increases!

"Move Left" recent articles

Norm Coleman's "Celebrity Jeopardy"

Finally, Palestinians and Israelis agree on something: Laura Bush

Iraqs Ayatullah Sistani met with the Iranian Foreign Minister this week

Best Alternative to the IPOD?

Afghanistan slipping into civil war...5,500 troups to be rushed in...

Tangipahoa sheriff alleges devil worship in child rape, animal sex case

What lasts longer news or art? Why Bushco can't win forever...

On Air America Laura Flanders Eyewitness toKorans "Routine Desecration"

What is OUR "nuclear option"?

PHOTOS: Pickle's Excellent Springtime of Hope Tour!

To me the very act of not calling our wars in Iraq or Vietnam aggressions

Frist's Attempt To Trash Constitution,Install Dictatorship

Could we get some international help to fight the nuclear option?

Know the Enemy

Galloway Senate testimony PDF goes AWOL

No, that's Karl Rove in drag.

Media Alert: Shreveport local station

Massacre in Fallujah and mass graves?

A recruiter has allegedly kidnapped a Salvadoran immigrant

Saw a funny bumper sticker today

3 First Amendment Project videos airing on Sundance Channel tonight

So much for any more good X-Men movies.

Matt PUDGE Is Worried about "Rounding them up" petition campaign or

Is the FBI Spying on You? (ACLU has evidence that it is)

Dean MTP replay on MSNBC now (10:00 EST)

I hunt with Scalia

Having trouble getting troops? Shanghai them! (Found this & had to share)

Have been out for three days, any "action items" I should be pursuing?

Police Officer Shoots & Kills Suspect after Taser probes removed.

Re: Cloture Vote And Filibuster Imbroglio... Which Day This Week ???

Check in when you've signed Move-On's petition against the Nuclear Option

If a Dem Senator called for a march on Washington, would you come?

NY Audit: Sex Offenders Getting Viagra

NO I will not stop fighting...and YES it will happen!

Why I am so PISSED at Democrats and Progressives...

Fascoid pukes PO'd about Newsweak, what about Harper's?

Conservatives and majoritarianism

Today in Kansas

death penalty authoritarianism psychiatry = social control

How many senators make a quorum?

Psychiatrists May Push for Gay marriage OK

The Fundies preach abstinence only. Did you have sex before marriage?

Emergency MoveOn petition against Nuclear Option

SO, Why didn't they Riot in Afghanistan in March, when this Harper's story

What the hell has * started? Protests all over the world now!

Should Democrats do a 'Contract To Restore America' before midterms?

Anybody see Extreme Makeover with the Pewistewa's & Jessica Lynch?

Howard Dean punk smacked fat-ass Russert ten ways to Sunday

Property Taxes Questioned As Prices Zoom

Master Yoda: Only The Sith Deal In Absolutes...

But, of course...

Run, Laura, run! What kind of husband would put his wife in this situation

I am sorry if I went over the top on that gun thread. Applegrove.

If you want to see what a real legislative body looks like:

Here's a quesrion for all: what will put an end ro the Guwh doup.

We have returned to 1775. Our enemy is the Bu$h neoconster regime.

Krugman: Maybe 2004 Was 1928

Why are there 25% more abortions under Bush than under Clinton?

Now NEWSWEEK says Korans were abused by the PRISONERS!

VIDEO EVIDENCE; Intolerable privacy invasion by military assets.

CSPAN Schedule Monday May 23

Republican Total Power Trip is like the Stanford Prison Experiment >


A Reputation in Tatters -- GOPer bigwig: "Impeach Bush!"

Reasons to be cheerful.

Afghanistan: Canada's Iraq?

US, Iraqi troops in fresh offensive

On Air America Laura Flanders Eyewitness toKorans "Routine Desecration"

Venezuela's Chavez to Reconsider U.S. Ties

Bolivia faces pressures from protesters, provinces

Democracy protests in four Nepali cities

Race plays subtle role in Scrushy trial

U.N. Official Calls U.S. 'Ungainly Giant'

N.Y. Audit: Sex Offenders Getting Viagra

U.N. Official Calls U.S. 'Ungainly Giant'

British Army Colonel Faces War Crimes Inquiry After Iraqi's Death

Leaving the Army not an easy decision, but it's an increasingly common one

(NY) State calls for clamp on Viagra supply to sex offenders

Germany Arrests Suspected al-Qaida Link (another #3?)

In New Job, Diplomacy Displaces Saber-Rattling -WP (Crouch,/NKorea)

Blair Faces US Probe Over Secret Iraq Invasion Plan

WP - Tillman's Parents Are Critical Of Army

Union workers picket resort (HI)

1,500 Demand Media Freedom--Moscow Times

Protesters Mob Laura Bush in Jerusalem

Property Taxes Questioned As Prices Zoom

U.S. soldier killed by car bomb in Iraq

In from the fringe: Blogs' influence on Illinois politics growing

Inspired by Kos diary, bloggers take on U.S. over 2002 Iraq planning memo

AP: U.S. troops unaffected by Uzbek unrest

Arabia shows support for globalisation, says Albright

AP: Records Reveal Guantanamo Stories

Link to Lobbyist Brings Scrutiny to G.O.P. Figure (Abramoff and Norquist)

Cannabis smokers 'at risk of brittle bone disease' (Independent)

An Iraqi Police Officer's Death, a Soldier's Varying Accounts (Must Read)

LAT: High-Deductible Insurance Plans Reach Large Corporations

US military to build four giant new bases in Iraq

US Military to Build Four Giant Bases in Iraq (Redeployment)

WP: Newsweek Curbs Unnamed Sources: Koran Story Led to Rule Change

Spectre of Extinction: India Vulture Population Crashes (Culprit Found)

Karzai Demands Justice for Prisoners Abused by Americans (Sun. shows)

Strike Brings BBC to Standstill

NYT: Trial for Governor's Seat Set to Start in Washington(Rossi, Gregoire)

Review sought in inmate's death (Another Taser Death)

Apparent murder-suicide leaves Fort Bragg soldier dead

Beatty Won't Rule Out Run for Calif. Gov.

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

WP: Putting the Brakes on Wal-Mart (Chicago, NY, LA -- now D.C.?)

Marine Corps recruitment sluggish

New York Comptroller: Sex Offenders Have Been Getting Viagra Paid by Medic

LAT: Future of California Stem Cell Research Uncertain

Tillman's family critical of Army, 'lies'

Bush administration accused of hypocrisy over Newsweek

Tillman's Parents Are Critical Of Army (Lies and a Cover-Up)

WHO report charts disturbing changes in avian flu virus, urges preparation


Laura Bush wants us to "committ" and reject "hatered". Sigh.

Wow, Miranda July won Best Film by a First Time Director

I've only been on DU for a year


Best Alternative to the IPOD?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: HELP ME Find The Old DU Website and Archives

What is the nature of this smiley?

Has anybody ordered the unaltered Star Wars DVDs off ebay?

Be sure to catch "Laura's" other tour stops

Ten years ago I walked this street, my dreams were riding tall

Question for Star Wars fans:

Condi Rice is really Alfred E Neuman of MAD fame

What is it with the Forces of Darkness

WTF? Episode II is not worthy of being in the slot of Family Guy...

Can someone give me the link to the long pics thread of Star Wars Spoilers

Woo -1 San Francisco Cocksucka 0!

I finally lost my star. Sad.

Sooooo check this

A non Star Wars post

Cannabis smokers 'at risk of broken bong disease'

Are you a weekday or weekend person?

A Caligula and W. thread ..........

The Life Aquatic

If you lead a cow upstairs...

Stump Darth Vader

oh! I just "lost" two cats....

Who would you like to see compete on American Idol?

I have 2 fortune cookies , should I read them to the lounge?

Best Alternative to the IPOD?

Mmmm! Goddamn, Jimmie! This is some serious gourmet shit!

Hayden Christensen can't act.....

I'm truly dreading going to work in the morning. 8am staff meeting.

I just had a moment of perfect kitty happiness

I want to run a Google experiment, and I need some fast help.

What ain't no country I eva heard of...

Living in tropics I need good sunglasses. Your favorites?

Don't be tellin' me about foot massages - I'm the foot fuckin' master.

Who will win the Western Conf. Finals?

Who will win the Eastern Conference Finals?

Is this Emperor Palpatine's wife?

My post count seems to be stuck. Does this happen to anyone else?

do you know whar I absolutely HATE?

could this be the sign of a cosmic event

I got my uncle's books today.

To all you Anakin/Darth Vader lovers out there...

The next Bush Mideast peace trip: Jenna, a key of weed, and lots of porn.

goddamn my crappy memory

Have you ever met a clinically diagnosed Kleptomaniac?

To "us guys" You know who you are.

Name the kitties

How many songs are in your mp3 player/iPod?

Does anyone watch Deadwood on HBO?

Electronically Inclined Persons, Help!

Beautiful video of Hundreds of buglers honoring veterans

What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

I haven't watched any television for about three months,

Okay, what the bleep is wrong with my Firefox now?

Who doesn't want to talk dirty?

Does this man look sane to you?

10 Great, Forgotten Songs of the 90's:

Who wants to talk dirty?

It's been awhile. What are you wearing?

The song I am listening to right now...

Did anyone else watch "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" tonight?

Swiffer wetjet issues...please help!

Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.

Favorite song that no one has ever heard

Hey everyone! Let's not feel so down! Let's all sing along!

Would you rather get locked out of your hotel room with nothing on but

Official Big Brother appreciation thread

Did anybody damage your car because of your Kerry stickers? Please tell.

A month's work down the drain

so who would win a fight between Count Dooku and Sauroman?

Just "Galloway-ed" a music message board

So, how many times have you seen "Revenge of the Sith" so far?

Deadwood Season Finale

What was / is the worst job you ever had?

Another MP3-related post: How many songs do you have on your harddrive?

I have only one word to describe the new Star Wars movie...

It is I, the Energy Hog, over here

I don't give a RODENT'S RECTUM about the new Star Wars movie.

we overcame our differences by sleeping together

Anyone here a Romaphile?

Why aren't there any angels named Matilda or Roxanne?

TV alert-Cold Case-The serial killer/hunter returns-SPOILER

I saw Episode III this morning

What was the first Beatles Song

Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity? If so, who ?

What county do you live in, and how liberal is it?

Wanna see some paintings and drawings of mine?

Just saw REVENGE OF THE SITH this afternoon

The latest poo flag sighting! (picture)

Let's talk about punk music, shall we?

Hey! I have an idea for a fitness/weight loss website for gays & lesbians

Remember Buster? David Dunn, Chief of Staff to the U.S. Sec of Education

Steinbrenner rocks but the Yankees suck

So, how about those Suns?

Developing- Rawstory-Tillman's parents angry about lies!!

Grad Pics!

So I Went to the UK

Remember Cat-Killer And HCA?

What Would You Say If You Got Through To Brian On RW Friday On C-Span?

What do you call it when....?

Letters to my local paper on Newsweek....

Was Laura Bush's little brush in Jerusalem a signal from Chimpy?

I just had an epiphany--Dick Cheney is like the Tin-Man; nt

Dean on MTP just brought up Bolton and cooked intelligence

Could the UN get involved if the nuclear option passes?

Could George Bush become the only president to get all his judges ....

Why didn't Howard Dean punch Tim Russert in the interview?

Money washes ashore, not jobs (Chicago Trib)

Laura Flanders on now - eyewitness to Koran (Qu'ran) desecration


Ok, stop the Dean Clark Covert Attacks and just Friggin Vote!

Just got an Email from MoveOn PAC....PLEASE sign the petition.

I'm diggin' Dean on MTP

Do you agree/disagree with this statement Dr. Dean made re: abortion?

Brian Schweitzer is really a class act, check out this photo

What would your advise be to a woman in the last trimester?

If the Koran was desecrated as eyewitnesses have stated now.

What is best way to appeal to senses of moderate Repubs?

Were you ever politically innocent?

Will the nuclear option vote be open?

Don't talk about abortion in some places! Ban the thought of it!

Cunningham doesn't represent me on issues

MTP Video Archive: Kerry vs. The Russert 1/30/05

What do they mean when they say that the Senate is getting like the House

What's with Trent Lott ?

New Product on Cafe Press, photo

Wes Clark's speech today to the ACLU

I was disappointed with Dean on "Meet the Press"

In from the fringe: Blogs' influence on Illinois politics growing

One janitor's opinion--that symbolizes so much.

So my husband is thinking of running for sheriff...southerners especially

Neo-Victorian America? An interesting perspective on current events...

My LTTE "Don't blame Newsweek"

Galloway Senate testimony PDF goes AWOL: Evidence 'missing' from Committee

If "moderates" reach a compromise where only 4 judges are confirmed...

I just watched Pickles speech on CSPAN

Attn: Dean Bashers and Those Disappointed in No Mention of THE MEMO (long)

Why didn't Dean mention the memo on Meet The Press?

Chomsky: the national state and the transnational corporations

Freepers in line for Stars Wars movie get their butts kicked

A reminder as to why Frist is giving the Bushies a rim job

Repost: DUers! URGE CSPAN TO COVER CONYERS FORUM on media bias

Galloway in DC: "I haven't seen such mass destruction since John Dean"

"Yes maaaaster"

H.R. 1528 would have everybody used as informants..??

Moscow Times: 1,500 Demand Media Freedom

Grist Magazine: Apollo in Action (substitute enery bill)

"Israel-China-US Triangle" (Global Arms Sales Leading to Conflict)

Spike Helmets for the Youth of America

Why I'm Still a Liberal

It’s Not Patriotic to Violate the Constitution

US indebtedness a growing threat to global stability

Fourth Estate Goes After Independent Journalists

A lobbyists's excesses make case for reform (USA Today)

Great Lies of the Amercian free press

Personal physicians endangered species?

Americans look to Jesus for diet

Economy Booms, Trees Vanish. Vegetarians- Where'd You Get Veggieburger?

The War for American Constitutional Democracy

Two Must-Read Scientific American Articles

Pot, Kettle, Black

Watch where you Point that Camera

E-Mail Sen. Harkin and tell him what keeps you up at night!

The Rise of Islamophobia

Democrats would do well to focus on Medicare

Karzi at Boston University Commencement: MP Galloway he is not.

Arutz Sheva: Do 50,000 Baptists Have a Hidden Agenda?

Just the Beginning - "Court Stripping" by radical right - Eleanor Clift

Inventing a Pretext for War: An Interview with James Bamford

Chomsky: the national state and the transnational corporations

Goodbye American Dreamland

Richard Dawkins (UK Times) - Creationism: God's gift to the ignorant

Nation again in the clutches of greedy robber barons

Joe Bageant: Carpooling with Adolf Eichmann

Historians rate Bush as worst president ever

Bill Moyers Speech on PBS Censorship

Tuesday: Citizen Filibuster to Stop the Right-Wing Power Grab in your area

Good Jay Marvin show this AM on political bumper stickers.

If you have not heard the Bob Kincaid show, you are really missing out!

Has Thom Hartmann moved to Oregon?

If CPB&PBS has an ombudsman, why doesn't Armed Forces Network?


The Economist: International Banking

Locusts Arrive In Drought-Plagued Northern Cameroon - Reuters

Australia's Continuing Drought Raises Doubts On Farms' Survival - Reuters

Geologist Discovers New Piece Of Pacific Plate Under Tokyo - Reuters

"Europe's Rules Forcing U.S. Firms to Clean Up"

Manufactured Doubt Now Standard Industry Practice - Scientific American

Bolivian Natural Gas Fight Highlights Struggle For Natural Resources - NYT

Eastern KY Discovers Tourism Tough Sell When Sewage Taints Rivers

Ponca file suit against carbon black company(interesting stuff here)

Red Tides May Set Stage For Fight Between FL Tourism, Agriculture

Spain Projects Wheat Harvest Down 29%, Barley 25% As Drought Continues

Chavez: Venezuela interested in nuclear technology

Mother of shot activist accuses Israeli army of cover-up

Harel on the arrest of Israeli peace activists in Hebron

Palestinians Announce Delay in Elections

Israelis arrest teenage suicide bomber: army

Has anybody studied BinLaden video tape's?

Did whoever pulled off 9/11 expect such a spectacular death toll?

9/11 has generated the mother of all conspiracy theories

The Engine and the Crater-- What Happened to Flight 93?

Shanksville - The blue Container

"GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun"

Does anyone have any links or information to the alleged crash in Kentucky

The Mystery Of The Freeper's 911 Dream.....

David Ray Griffin's New Article: "A 571-Page Lie"

It's Over

More Exit Poll Questions

Did anyone else just get the Alliance For Democracy "Justice Rising"...

Cuts & Privatization at BBC


OHIO Teach In Video Online (as well Paul Harmon Video)

State of California PROCEDURES Required for Use of the AVC Edge®

The connection between election fraud and the "nuclear option"

Something I noticed with the voting video

Why I'd fly with computers, but never have them control elections.

OH Coingate scandal, how does it relate to OH 2004 elections?

Election Fraud Blog

Attack on OH election whistleblower & leaked Blackwell threats--Free Press

Mr. Noe and his Billion Dollar Connection

California Daily Ledger-May 20, 2005

Great Personalized California License Plate!!

Must attend event in Orange County Tuesday May 24

2006 redistricting called impossible (by GOP SoS Bruce McPherson)

Hey, Cali, tell me what you know about Alex Kozinski

Please vote in this poll: Don't let the DFL get blamed for special session

Norm Coleman---the "Minnesota Mumble Mouse"

Finally found inexpensive iPod accessories!

I downloaded the power of nightmares and can't watch it

Need Help!!!!!!!

Voinovich to support nuclear option

Anyone interested in starting a filibuster in Columbus OH?

Columbus Residents (and other Ohioans, if interested): The smoking ban

The Lone Ranger (Ronnie Earle Travis Co District Attny)

SOS vendor examination/certification process closed to public

Hey, PDittie-

Keep Austin Blue with Chris Bell

Citizen Filibuster May 24 (MoveOn)

Fear of civil war grows as Shia start to retaliate

70,052 Registered DU users..How Many Lurkers?

Why so Many Americans Support the Preservation of the Filibuster

Homophobia hurts us all

Man wants execution delayed to donate his liver to sister

Do you guys remember the story about the black kid that got beat up...

How would one go about organizing a protest march?

new Faux news advertiser EverLife Flashlight (Cricket Productions)


I was thinking about Tim Russert's anger problem

Advice needed: how would I infiltrate Walmart?

Which is more nauseating?

Why do you think Rush Limbaugh is doing a song and dance with

The Power of Nightmares

200 Dead Cats Found in N.J. Woman's Home

Torture TV: Hottest Show In Iraq Is Run By Americans

Flooding the Middle East with Bibles, Pat & Jerry's ultimate solution

Chavez considers breaking US ties

What They'd be Saying if Bill Was President Right Now

Options Limited for Response to a Nuclear Test by North Korea

If Laura knew what it was like before she went...

Today's Rich truth

Springer's TV show is wacky, but his radio rap is compelling.

We are all pulling for you Dems.

No Child Left Un-recruited

Laura Bush Not Surprised by Protests

Kos Calls Out the Chickenhawks: 'Hollow Military,' No Call To Duty

How much would we need to raise to get this thread a full page ad in WP?

Stephanie Miller talking about a new poll (on judicial nominees)

George Joins Laura in Egypt >>>

I think it is time to quit being held hostage by the repukes

Are things that bad for *, that he has Pickles doing his "work" ?

Huffington Rips on Russerts interview with Dean

Could Stem-Cell Research be the thing that finally does it for Bush?


Damining editorial mentioning the Downing St. memo, in the FL Panhandle!

when w meets with dignitaries, they publish the transcript, BUT...

Gore Vidal discusses the Ohio Election on Real Time

It is time to act against the RW

Democrats on Fox News show?

Your Opinion - Is the Main Stream Media Waking up?


The Senate is now in session!

SNL TV Funhouse "Divertor"

Three words all Dem Senators should hear today!

Yay--I'm checking out the Stephanie Miller Show at work!

Female chaplain on cspan2

Guilty secrets and a public pleasure

Franken's Judith Miller joke

Bush / Karzai news conference on now

Are there six Republican senators with long-range vision?

can anyone recommend a website for learning basic Spanish?

Anyone Good At Airbrush/Drawing Programs? Someone Gave Me A Wicked Idea!

"there are too much poppy fields in afghanistan"

E&P: Press Photos Fail To Show True Picture of War

Joe Bageant: Carpooling With Adolf Eichmann

Newsweek in full Propoganda mode - Osama

Columnist is HOPPING MAD that Dr. Rice was called a HAG!

Can someone muzzle the rabid dog

Scientists say they found the root of sarcasm. Yeah, right

Abortion Question

Caption this Pickles pic...

'Star Wars' Breaks Box-Office Records

Want to ride in an elevator that is maintained by the janitor?

Fight Between School Bus Driver, Boys Caught On Tape

Listening to Frist = scatching fingernails on a chaulkboard

Sad, sad, situation for Uzbek refugess. Does anyone care?

A Senate slowdown is NOT enough ... we need to do MORE

Commission on Truth and Reconciliation

The Clash said it the best...

A Secretive and Powerful Syndicate controls the GOP and Bush

One reason we'll never have single-payer health care in the USA.

One reason we'll never have single-payer health care in the USA.

Simple Question: Would Laura Bush be allowed to vote in Saudi

Bush is begging for an attack!

Rawstory: Dems have 49 votes in fillibuster vote.

Howler: Okrent is a thug and a coward for attacking Krugman as he did

Why won't DU Admin delete a certain post?

Maine Keeps its voluntary Clean Elections (public funding)

This Article DEMANDS and answer!

Novak and O'Reilly demonstrate their couthe, tact and graciousness.

Tomorrows Liberal Radio Row at Capitol Cancelled by obscure rule

Don't you ever think to yourself.....

Free Jose Padilla: Three Years In Prison, Not A Shred Of Evidence

"How many brain cells did he lose to binge drinking?" - Rush on Gov. Dean.

Caption the Clown

I need advice.

The Sunday Times - Britain

Sen Rockefeller honors Tuskegee Airmen at WVSU’s commencement

In Praise Of The Republican Bob Barr

Lipstadt's "History on Trial" reveals how NY Times coddled Nazi Irving

Sugar barons mad at smirk

What lasts longer news or art? Why Bushco won't win forever...

Rush: How many brain cells did IDIOT SON lose during his "binge drinking"?

I believe that Roe V Wade will be overturned in the next 5 years.

Conservative columnist justifies Cheney's "Go F*ck Yourself".

A terrorist attack doesn't mean "planes hitting buildings"

Pat Tillman's family says the Bush administration is "DISGUSTING"

THE DORK REPORT: Media missing coverage of war memo

Need Help(links)!!! Where can I go to show proof of Bush lying(Iraq)?

Camp Delta death chamber plan

Vote in this poll.

Hannity,O'Reilly, Coulter,Limbaugh

Will Hillary Clinton give a Senate floor speech on the filibuster?

So theoretically, Senate goes nuclear


so Bu$h executes 152 prisoners/starts a war, is worried about taking LIFE?

will the next terror attack have the same effect on us and on bushco?

Why Progressives should be in favor of public Ten Commandment displays

Our side's biggest weakness is focusing on absolutes and single issues.

Christopher Marlowe's FRISTUS

Pat Tillman's family: "The administration let him down."

What's The Deal on Child Abductions ?

An Exclusive Interview With George Galloway On U.S. Politics

Maybe losing the filibuster battle will be a good thing

new presidential seal (photoshop alert)

DOD website jokes of Christian crusade against Muslims

Bumper sticker I saw yesterday

Quick flood Voinivich and Cochrans's office they want to go nuclear.

Explain this to me? Why can't the Democrats filibuster the Nuclear Option?

Thread from my UGA sports site...

Commission on Truth and Reconciliation has been activated

Are people who still support Idiot Son too mentally ill to hate?

HEADS UP: Reid to do 90-second 'Anti-Nuke' ad tonight

Two things can be true at the SAME time..

What's up with the NYT Magazine's fawning Santorum profile?

I think I've caught on to the new Gasoline Racket

Give 'em a Dean Holler! Howard give 'em hell!

Researching psychedelics

Freeptards are trashing Tillman family for exposing Dear Leader

What's this about Senator Byrd changing the rules of the Senate?

Ok. So, lets say I want to set up a new PAC. How do I start a church?

Harry Reid on Ed Schultz now

Biden just took the floor of the Senate (cspan2)

Oh the IRONY of it all! Chimp says Friday that he will not okay federal

HEADS UP! Senator Byrd is in the House! (Senate floor)

Iraq govt approval rating? 45%.

Cabbage head FRIST - Turnip Truck Option - GO BYRD!!!!!

Jim Bunning..."The American people Elected GW Bush for President"?

Dean's MTP Reviews are In

HEY rightwingnuts! You been DUPED AGAIN! Just incapable of learning.

Rick Santorum is involved with Amway. Why does that not surprise me

Can you tell me what this means for Delta Airlines?

Ok why shouldn't parents be notified before their child undergoes surgery

Russert: Tom DeLay's pitbull?

cnn: Pennsylvania man arrested for selling bomb to Al-Qaeda...WTF?

Re: e-mail scams

For my 1000th post : I have a cold war infrastructure question

Sunday Opus comic - anybody know how to post it?

I'm SICK of people saying 'red states' and 'blue states'... it's baloney!

you can put lipstick on a hog, but it still looks like barbara bush

Was Jeff Gannon ever alone in the Oval Office with Bush?

Isn't today the day Prosecutors get PIgboy's medical records?

Did Dr. Dean mean Saddam not Osama or is Transcript Wrong? On MTP Sunday

MSNBC: Gay Republican Mayor is sorry. Blames Cancer? - (VIDEO)

two simple poems

Filibuster Fight: They're "Going to the Mattresses"!!!

One reason we'll never have single-payer health care in the USA.

Important: Reid to Discuss Checks and Balances This Evening...

Anybody else see the hilarious video of workers rolling beds into

Is this one of those "Virgin Mary stain under the overpass" photos?

Star Wars story

San Francisco Bay Area Housing Crash Continues

Star Wars anti Bush Bumper Sticker (HELP!)

A sign? The Washington Times reports on Downing Steet Memo...

"GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun"

What Happens If Anger Irrupts In The Chamber Like Byrd Said

Bushitler & Cheater Cheney reaps on Iraq's Oil for Food Pro.

bushitler and cheat'n cheney profit from oil for food in Iraq.

Janice Rogers-Brown - You don't like Affirmative Action - Yet

My latest tilt against the conservative radio windmill

So if the ReThugs are all so right on the filabuster, why are they taking

Idea -- A feud between urban and rural Democrats?

Another FIVE US TROOPS slaughtered in Idiot Son's war

Five U.S. soldiers killed in northern Iraq on Sunday, military says

Wal-Mart, art, social climbing, and NY Times "chickenshit journalism"

Hillary is up - May I suggest all Hillary Haters combine their hate

"Libs think Bush is a moron, but can pull off a huge conspiracy"

Dahr_Jamail: I stared at him dumbly

And now, a prayer vigil/news conference for judicial nominees!

Cheney Predicts Another Terror Attack...from BBC, May, 2002

Laura: 'those awful photos have given the U.S. a bad image'

MEDIA ALERT: Spaceships Will Appear Over Las Vegas On My Signal

Art, Pop Culture, & Mass Production: Why Bushco CAN'T win forever...

December 19, 1998, the day ALL civility died

Do you think George Bush takes pleasure in the deaths of innocent Iraqis?

May bombings in Iraq

24 year old female slaughtered in Idiot Son's "free Afghanistan" for......

Trying to do the right thing vs Trying to do the thing you know is right

After our invasion of Afghanistan, * said not to destroy the opium fields?

Penetrating The Closed Mind With The Truth

How much longer B4 other countries refuse americans to emigrate to them?

What Has Bush Come Out For...

Giving blogging a shot

NPR Game show wisecracks that Bush won 2004 w/ massive vote fraud

Way to avoid the Fillibuster. Is this a possiblility?

The Pat Tillman story says it all about the Bush* administration

Britain: military families take legal action against Blair government

CBS News: Fed's pay for Viagra for Sex offenders

Pickles & Suzanne Mubarak, Sesame Streetwalkers

"Senate will come to a screeching halt" Debbie Wasserman- Shultz

Dental problems hurting soldiers' readiness...

Wellstone's death is looking like a important moment in our

DU Physically threatens "the President"

White Rose Society Guy James link

The Nuclear Option vote will be on Tuesday at noon, et

Student journalists sue school district

Justifying the unjustifiable. --- A step toward re-establishing "America"

Army recruiter rapes woman

Just don't get it

I'm shaking my head..

Person on CSPAN just called it a coup!

Why I'm not too concerned about the nuclear option

I like "60% should be required for a lifetime appointment" talking point

Laura Lies! Breaking on GMA "Only one or two protesters."

Are we losing Iraq?

Students protest outside military recruiting stations

Email from Barbara Boxer - call Frist, Allen, McCain & Hagel

Do you see the Democrats in a huddle on the Senate floor?

Contacts for fence sitting Sens on opposing nuclear option

Mountie to train Iraqi police officers

I just saw Howard Dean on Meet the Press. I am now an official Deaniac!

Anyone concerned that Lieberman, Nelson and Bayh are the ones

Would a draft help the "anti-war" movement?

They are really spinning this

Who wants to talk about their sex lives with their parents?

Do you honestly expect a backlash against the GOP?

Online Banking Needs Stronger Security

My Response To A Republican Post

MSNBC:Tweety et al - Any Deal means Frist is Toast!

'Buy American' legislature comes under fire

Proof of why political parties are anti-democratic

One Family's Metal-Clad Home is Others' Eyesore

Re: "The Deal" - will someone please explain..

Uncle Tom liberal consensus

Gang of 12 is holding a press conference right now on Nuclear Opt deal

Lou Dobbs just announced another plane drifted into WH airspace

I think we were sold down the river again

Yet another Repug conversion story....

Sold out again


Freeptards angry about Repuke CAVE IN on judges

Sorry people, but I say no compromise

Reminder; We can impeach ALL of Bush's Judges if we win in '06

Do you think there is a back room deal here?

Harry Reid on AAR now. 2 short on Filibuster

What are your most liberal views?

The cozying up of Bill and Hillary Clinton with the Bush clan reminds me

Respectfully, please consider renaming DU to the "Opposition Underground"

GOP wants a "do-over" election in Washington State!


African Americans and People Living in SE U.S. More Likely to Have stroke

Question: re: Filibuster Deal

Glenn Beck loses a sponsor - Way to go DU!!!!!!

Tweety Says Woodward Says Cheney Is Making Presidential Move!!

I experienced some regional bigotry over the weekend (anti-California)

OMG DU are we going to let a bunch of America hating freaks out call us?

Majority of Physicians Give the Nod to Evolution Over Intelligent Design

CBS 60Min: Feds pay Fundies & Schools to lie about Safe Sex - (VIDEO)

New Gallup (puke) Numbers

Trump University.

Am I the only one taking the long view on this filibuster deal?

Neighbors spying on neighbors?

Santorum calling Dems Nazis (in Con Idiots this week)

Is it just my particular cable feed, or is CNN now just non-stop trash?

War Math

Will The Pentagon Now Take Rush Limbaugh Off AFRTS?

CNN Just broke in with "Deal made on the filibuster debate"

Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones (R): we went to war "without justification"

Today in Darfur:

Are Evangelical Christians Sick Of Being Associated With Bush And Pals?

2 Years Ago I Was a Neocon

Three words to Reid and the Democratic Senators

DU bumpersticker on car/truck/etc.: Yes/No and Why ?

I have to say this.

The Iraqi elections: were they real?

50,000 Baptists Plan Move to Gush Katif

Blue bank?

YOU Can Get the "GE Food Right to Know Act" Passed Into Law- Act Now!

Walmart: you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Question for history buffs: Was the U2 incident 1960 sabotage by CIA?

Is DU available at the Marines' internet cafe at Camp Buehring, Kuwait?

Murdered Scientist, recently announced a CALL to TEST all CATTLE for BSE


Place all post-9/11 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in this thread

Where are the September 11th Attacks?

RIP Ernest T. Bass

Is this Passive/Aggressive Behavior?


BUSH IN FREEFALL: 35% Approval on Economy, 37% Approval on Iraq

Hillary Clinton hangin' out with the Bush Clan?

I can't believe they're bragging about this.

Geesus-h-kay-rist....Do the People Realize What is Going On??

Student reports Quran in campus toilet

Anyone see Durbin go Galloway?


Iraq: Brink of Civil War, 4 Giant New US Bases, Exit Strategy?

Report from Iraq

This is a photo gallery that really explains what the war is

A certain rocker friend had a recent conversation w/ Mikhail Gorbachev.

To Stop a War - Welcome SGT Kevin Benderman & his wife Monica to DU (Pt 2)

Cheesy Potato Soup

Is it true that Canada has an immigration quota it doesn't meet?

Albion Ltd

UK continues defence of EU rebate

Cannabis smokers at risk of stupid government disease

UK Channel 4 now: great programme on New Labour astroturf

Does new political satire hit the spot?

G8 Summit protests in Gleneagles. Who's going? Who's worried?

Psychiatrists May Push for Gay Marriage OK

Iraqi suicide bombers target US base (Samarra)

Gunmen kill aide in Iraqi prime minister's office

Black market organ trade is Baghdad's new growth industry

LAT: Uzbek Witness Tells of Brutality on Both Sides

Sex offenders get Viagra paid for by Medicaid

For Arab press, Hussein photos reinforce view of US

Breaking: Hi Level Gov't Aide in Iraq just Assasinated!!

Senate moderates forming power center

Laura Lies! Breaking on GMA "Only one or two protesters."

U.S., Iraqi Troops Detain About 300 People

200 Dead Cats Found in N.J. Woman's Home

Allegations against Posada grow

Insurance Option Has Workers Pay More (more!!)

Fleeing Iraqi Christians on road to Damascus

Bush works behind scenes to break filibuster impasse

NYT,pg1,lead: U.N. Forces Using Tougher Tactics to Secure Peace

Audits blast waste in post-9/11 security buildup

NYT: 3 NYC Institutions to Get $50 Million for Stem Cell Research

LAT Unseen Pictures, Untold Stories

Options Limited for Response to a Nuclear Test by North Korea

Business forecast for slow growth (Reuters)

China declares bird flu emergency

Senate moderates forming power center

Bush Nominees Could Tip Court Balances--Democrats See Picks Advancing Cons

AP: Poll: Most want thorough check of judges (4 out of 5 Americans)

U.S. options limited for response to a nuclear test by North Korea

House whip harnesses lobbyists' clout

Venezuelan comedians making a comeback

Parents: Army disrespected Tillman's memory

Newsweek Revamps Source Policies Following Story About Quran in Toilet

WP - U.S. Border Security at a Crossroads

Bush to Meet With Afghan President

Blair to visit US, Russia, EU capitals in G8 drive

Mother of shot activist accuses Israeli army of cover-up

Sex abuse systemic, group charges

Clerics to get post-disaster protocol

Mass. Justice Defends Gay Marriage Ruling

Galloway to tour US

Sex attacker buries girl alive at rubbish dump

On Visit to U.S., Afghan Leader Defends Opium Fight

Republicans 'go nuclear' with vote to ban the filibuster

Indonesia readies Iraq oil exploration deal

Court Rules Against Shackling Defendants

Military agreements signed in Philippines China defence talks

Black community uncomfortable with Pompano pastor's GOP ties (Florida)

Car bomb kills five near Iraqi city of Kirkuk

Vatican: No Plans for Degallado Probe (sexual abuse allegations)

Pakistan to raise Koran desecration issue with visiting US official

Fight Between School Bus Driver, Boys Caught On Tape

Congressmen dare Bush to veto expansion of stem cell study

Lawyer: Ex-Tyco Exec Committed No Crime (Closing arguments)

Huntley row politician is ousted

Collapse in bonds may top $32 billion

Judge Rules on GI's Murder Trial Testimony

RAW STORY: Dems Say They Have Nearly Enough Votes To Save Filibuster

NYT: Bolivia Epitomizes Fight for Natural Resources

Coca-Cola Workers Strike In L.A., Conn

Car Bomb Explodes Outside Mosque in Iraq

China Cancels Meeting Between Top Envoy and Japanese Prime Minister

Karzai expresses concern to Bush over detainees: Reuters

Secret Report Raises Fears Over Genetically Mutated Crops

Frist schedules Senate ‘all-nighter’ on judges

TV Stars: Why We Crossed BBC Picket Line

Bush, Karzai sign pact for long term US military presence in Afghanistan

Vatican: No Plans for Degallado Probe (more priest abuse)

Laura Bush downplays heckling in Mideast

Interest Rates Rise at Treasury Auction

Ex-Prosecutor:Cuban Militant at Bomb Planning (Ven. May Cut U.S. Ties)

Rehnquist Visits Capitol Medical Dept.

Group Wants Ban On Candy Flavored Cigarettes

Biden just took the floor of the Senate (cspan2)

Chinese Man Gets Prison For Eating Dead Body

(SCOUS) Justices dismiss case of Mexican on death row (Reuters)

Zimbabwe Police Target Street Vendors

Vatican reportedly drops probe of Mexican cleric

Four teens shot dead outside home

Afghanistan: Violence Surges

Secret N. Korean Footage Suggests Nascent Dissent

U.S. Supreme Court Will Rvw Law that Den. Fund. to Campuses that Bar Mltry

Terrorist: bin Laden to set up caliphate state

Afghan Forces Arrest Opium Smugglers

Marathon Debate Over Judges Set in Senate

Australia to plan troop withdrawal from Iraq

Report analyzes outcome of Native Vote 2004


South Natomas Home Covered With Sheet Metal (tinfoil hat not sufficient)

Murdered Scientist, recently announced a CALL to TEST all CATTLE for BSE

Three Fort Lewis soldiers die in separate incidents

Attorneys Question Use Of Tasers In St. Joseph County (Taser in the Groin)

Insurgent attacks kill at least 34 in Iraq

Building the world's most powerful laser

Homeland Security Weighs Plane Shootdowns

High Court blocks web porn sales

Pa. Man Accused of Trying to Sell Bomb (to Al-Qaida)

China bird flu could 'cause mayhem'

At Least 20 Killed in Bombings Near Mosul

Byrd faces a fight in ’06 — if he runs

MSNBC: Centrists Reach Deal on Filibuster

Banks (Wachovia, Bank of America) Notify Customers of Data Theft

Fewer students major in computer


F-16s force down plane near WH

Russia reacts coolly to "political games" of the U.S. Senators and the Bal

CBS Seeks Opinions (Dr Phil creator) in Search for an Evening News Anchor

'Friendly fire' Canadians honored

Car bomb explodes at Baghdad restaurant

(Supreme)Court Taking Up Abortion Notification

Bill would let Texans buy Canadian drugs

Democrats may extend Iraq war memo probe to London

FAA Revokes License of D.C. 'Alert' Pilot

Senate Briefly Recesses After Plane Scare

20,000 gallons of gas leak into Missouri River in Kansas City, Kansas

Court-Martial to Begin for Navy SEAL

Stockpile of Surplus Milk Powder for Poor Dwindling

Teamsters strike Coca-Cola plants

Taser research marred by conflicts

WP:Most Not Paying Attention to Filibuster Debate(check this polling!!!)

Company Alleged To Have Hid Implant Ruptures

Gasoline prices dip to $2.15 a gallon (Reuters)

Harry Reid on TV tonight

Insurgents shot down British C-130: report (1-30-05 Incident)

NYT/AP: Beef Makers Can Be Forced to Pay for Ads

NYT: Are Bloggers Setting the Agenda? It Depends on the Scandal

Mrs. Bush Endorses Mubarak Election Plan

Spending Continues in Cisneros Probe

NYT: Big News Media Join in Push to Limit Use of Unidentified Sources

Ex-FBI Whistle-Blower Mulls Congress Bid (Coleen Rowley)

Bush Rebuffs Karzai's Request on Troops

Five U.S. soldiers killed in northern Iraq on Sunday, military says

Sisters give birth at 12, 14, 16 (UK story)

"Buy American" Legislation Draws Fire (ZDNet) ...

Dems say they have nearly enough votes to save filibuster

Ex-KKK leader's robes bring $6,000 at Michigan auction

Kyoto accord signals death knell for dinosaur era fish in Canada

Pro-Israel Lobby Weathers Espionage Allegations, Gains Support

Evangelicals rethink their public face

Car Bombs, Suicide Attacks Kill at Least 49, Wound 130 in Iraq

SJC chief decries 'attacks' on judges

Karzai denies article prompted riots in Afghanistan (Newsweek)

Alabama congressman: HBO comedian's remark "borders on treason"

Atheists gather to ‘push back’

Protests Over Oil Industry Resume in Bolivia in Spite of Military Warning

Boys Slapped With Felonies in Bus Fight

Cholesterol drug may be riskier than thought (Crestor)

Sen Ben Nelson says deal reached on judges to avoid shutdown

Bush: EPA Chief Will Emphasize Science

District Apologizes To Student Identified As 'Black Girl' In Yearbook

Starwars a qick review

coloradodem2005! ! Get here to this post NOW!! Or I will kick

Stalin Cares About Everyone In Kremlin

Hmm, the Bates Motel, Looks like a nice place. Should I pull over?

The Day Tom Jones Changed My Life

bush joke ...

I love Banksy

Damn. It's my birthday... I missed all my presents

Cat Dog

I'm stone cold sober

I don't give a crocodile's cloaca that SmileyBoy doesn't give a rodent's



David Cross is a god

Big day tomorrow.

I'm ready to figure out why the hell do I even exist.

I am through with women. Permanently this time.

Who here misses Grovelbot?

The White House needs to fire their webmaster

Sun night/Mon morn still awake check in.

Hey guys I'm getting tired. I'm going to sleep. See you tomorrow.

If someone requires patience, does that make them a burden?

Hey! Is that a peanut? But it's on the floor. Should I eat it?

Am I the only one that sees an empty box with a red x

This is really cool: Check it out!

Would you rather have your thread locked with nothing on or



Am I buck-nutty or what?

Carpenters Break (It's just some Bacharach for yours truly)

Anyone else here remember the British TV show "UFO?"

What was that movie......

Grovelbot song

saw F911 again last night

Political satire in "Blade: Trinity"

Think you can make money by advertising on your car?

If you had a child, then time traveled 25 years to see how it developed,

Attention Western New York DUers......

Police Mistakenly Train Drug Dogs To Sniff Talcum Powder

I've gone and done it again...

Author Says The "Manhug" Is Complicating Society

Job Interview tomorrow for job I REALLY want

More innovative musician: Wesley Willis vs. The Edge

What part of "Revenge of the Sith" would've scared you as a kid? *SPOILERS

Hahaha Birthday!

Woman Endures 33 Hours Of Pain, $4,000 For Her Tattoo

My profound thought for the day...

Lawmaker Wants To ID Dog Droppings

The cat is NOT in the central air ducts (move complete)

I saw Hotel Rwanda. It made me so upset and sick!

Toddler Calls OnStar - Police Find 1,700 Pounds Of Marijuana

Bob Dylan Public Service Announcement!

Which lyrics are more compelling?

Daphne vs Velma (get out the kiddy pool and the astro, it's time to fight!

The MSM may suck, but at least we have Green Day.

Mary Kay Letourneau, and poor little Villi...

Bear Wanders Into L.A. Suburb, Takes Dip In Family Pool

Oh My God! I just saw an Ad on T.V. (Comedy Central) for

I'm having back spasms, and I'm at work.

Hey, I just noticed...the fun isn't over anymore!

My Weekend Cooking School disaster - Kosher French in Turkish style

Pope's flat 'for sale'

Man Pronounced Dead Begins To Talk

So...What should I do with all of my free time?

Do I have to sign my will in front of my lawyer?

You were the girl that changed my world

Disney Rejects Pleas Against Serving Shark Fin Soup

OK. The funk is over.

Language Learning: 200 Commonest Words?

Canucks, what are you doing to celebrate Victoria's birthday?

Hungry eagle lost over the South-East

My hideous earworm for 2 days now has been

I need to stay out of GD and GD-Politics

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 23, 2005

School is out this week

"I've got bigger problems."

So, Janel Moloney (Donna Moss) to play Amber Frey this Wednesday

This was a big weekend for me.... and he didn't even call

Imagine This Nightmare

"for the kingdom of god is not in word,

Seoul eatery trashed by elephants now doing jumbo sales

I just made my 1000th post, ask me anything

For those who have seen "Sith": Did you like the film

Hi *wave*

I'm 23 posts from 300, ask me anything!

I'm going to San Fran this weekend! Ask me anything.....

After a year of co-habitation, it finally happened!!!!!!

How do the things going on in our country affect you?

Hey Skinner....I'm eating a bag of Swedish Fish

Dumbest Marine Corps renaming of common objects

I'm off to the food stamp office

Revenge of the Frist

How do you like the House Warming Gift I got for Underpants?

Cat trees are the best invention. Ever!!!!

Question about Newsweak

The Star Wars (EP3) Soundtrack...

Who'da thunk it?

The Picture of Everything

My question of the day..If the govt. is so serious about illegal

Somebody come and play....

Why in the discussion of Star Trek babes, does Uhura get overlooked

Who is hiding the gummy bears?

N.Y. Sex Offenders' Viagra Being Paid For By Medicaid


The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes.

Ok, who here is *NOT* going to go to "Revenge Of The Sith?"

Hasppy Birthday-Kelly Monaco, Ken Jennings, Jewel, Joan Collins, ...

Anybody watch "Charmed"?

Anyone know of link to Saddam' pix (photoshop idea)

Suggestions for stores that sell good athletic underwear?

Let's make up our own pop culture test

Hey - Democracy Now just played "Vitamin C" by Can!

Which of our DU ladies will be a groupie for George Galloway's US tour

I'm going on an anarchistic nominating spree

I wanna see Archae do the "Mr. Six" dance!!!!!

I just got off the phone with Vidal Sasoon.

Beware if trying to book tickets on

Bitterly Disappointed In Star Wars (No Spoilers)

How many times have you seen Revenge of the Sith?

I am not Iron Man!

Zogby: Which Hogwarts House would you put Bush in?

SKINNER: everywhere and all-powerful?

Revenge of the Sith grosses $158.5 million in four days...

I just recieved another job offer....

How many times have you seen Revenge of the Shit?

"Each of us hides a secret pain... Share it with me!"

Followup on Crying and the Check Engine Glitch - btw, THANKS DU!!

David Cronenberg-Which film is the Cronenbergiest of them all?

Holy poker! You son of a double-eyed whore from the reeking gutters of....

"ART TERRORIST" Strikes Again

Freeper Weed Removal :-)

My OBX vacation--BOOO

Sneek Peek: The ship from Pirates of the Carib. II

Bill or Hillary- who is smarter?

Researchers Pinpoint Brain's Sarcasm Sensor

Who's awake?

The essential elements to a perfect BUBBLE BATH

Queen with Paul Rodgers

Question about protesting a home appraisal increase...

i just joined a doubt management program

Shoppers! Googlers! Can I have some help? A cookie to the person

perhaps a silly question...What is dirt?

Watch Star wars and Go To Hell!

Ok, I really really need to fricking cry

For those who care, I had my Gyro Friday, and it was DAMN good.

Hey, my Pantene Pro-V has AMINO proteins in it!

Which is more pitiful?

Which Star Wars character would make the best President?

How much does a tutor typically get paid an hour?

What can you tell me about the weather in Canada. We're thinking

Retrieving voice mails on speakerphone

What's a good bronzer - tanning lotion dealie?

ubi dubium ibi libertas

I liked the new Star Wars film.

Anyone ever clean out a dryer vent?

I don't know how to post a picture

There's a Republican on my TV

When the truth is found to be lies

Good news. 25% chance the sun will show up in the Northeast by Thurs.

I hate it when I'm right. Maxtor Hard Drives again

I just saw the life aquatic with Steve Zissou ask me anything

Star Wars III Question (possible spoilers)

Jane, you say it's all over For you and me girl

American pop culture test for "old" people

How does one evaluate a bank?

I get to see my family in 5 days!

Do Dem politicians choose more intelligent wives than Reps do?

China outlaws 'naked sushi' meals

Chinese Man Gets Prison For Eating Dead Body

What's the cheapest way between Philly and DC?

I'm eating Caesar croutons right out of the box!

I'm eating Caesar croutons right out of the box!

I'm eating Caesar croutons right out of the box!

I'm eating Caesar croutons right out of the box!

Dobson used to hit his children with a switch?

Grrrr... salesmen! Don't they know I have no willpower?

Back from the UK - Ask Me Anything

Robot Cat Video

I just got off the phone with Gore Vidal.

Has anyone seen Team America?

Laugh out loud funny graffiti

The best line in the new Star Wars movie is:

Some people think this guy is a genius

Pictures of my pet rabbit Walter


My cell phone is toast and I don't have an upgrade coming. Suggestions?

3 in 1 credit reports

You've been offered $1mil (tax free) however....

My grades are in....

What can you possibly learn at Trump University?

Jewish and proud? Get one of these for YOUR car!

Mmmm...tastes like BACON!

So, there's a sex offender down the street.

Happy smiling singing Egyptian children sing for smiling Pickles.

Best part about "Revenge of the Sith" (could be considered a spoiler)


Yup, my parents are nuts.

Man Leaps From Car to Retrieve Cigarette

South Natomas Home Covered With Sheet Metal (tinfoil hat not sufficient)

Imagine a David Lynch/Robert Wilson theatrical production

Something that Darth Vader can scream 'Noooooooooo!' about:

Question about DVD burning

propeller beanie

Obi Wan/Anakin Question (spoilers)

What's your morning background noise?

The Reason a Dog Has So many friends...

I can't bear to look... is Sand Fences still winning?

For the next DU money fund drive, how do these ideas sound?

Billionaires For Bush and Ebay: How much for that Social Security?

Which picture freaks you out the most?

How would you describe the taste of chicken?

Hoisted by its own petard; MS anti-piracy opens a huge piracy hole!

I dont know anything

Darth Vader robs Springfield Illinois theatre

I couldn't find my password for two weeks.

AFP photo caption: a glaring Bush "listens to a reporter's question..."

someone please help me identify this song!

Apple to use Intel chips.

Damn! I just realized the only bad thing about my new job...

This thread title has six words.

Explain to me - just what the hell IS the "nuclear option"?

Bow to me, I have a Motorhead lyric in my sig line

Cupid help me ! I miss my boyfriend .

Dinner for Monday night

The solution to computer security? Write down 'em passwords on paper.

Bah. Lounge is not touchy-feely today. Ask me anything.

A generic rant due to tiredness and lack of inspiration

Speaking of throwing parties when your parents are away

Do you think IT will make a comeback in the US?

97F here in Central Texas today

Group Wants Ban On Candy Flavored Cigarettes

Former conservatives, what did it for you?

Help solve an argument with my 13 yr old kid

Thanks for your help DU! We got our Hollywood apartment!

Calling all people who have lived in both Canada and the USA

Alone in the parents' house starting Wednesday. Should I throw a party?

what song are you listening to right now?

My my, this asshole calling into Air America is a...uh...asshole

Time magazine picks the 100 best films of all time

Have you ever been inside a Christian Evangelical Church?

An Original Tommy's Burger

Female celebrities, weight, and health

You've been offered $1mil (tax free) however....

Anyone been on an Alaskan cruise?

Tom Cruise gives unsolicited Scientological advice to Brooke Shields

Three parts of the week

Words of Wisdom? A Public Service Announcement from BOB DYLAN!

Do you ever eat breakfast for supper?

Check out my "George in Rome" cartoon

Road Trip/Travel Fever. Got it?

Hey kids, what is the name of your favorite Chinese restaurant and.....

Caption This!!

Clothing fads you will be very HAPPY to see go away

Can an ebay seller rescind a negative rating?

2 1/2 Year Sentence For Man Who Dug Up, Ate Dead Woman

Have you had any recent Kodak Moments? Here's one of mine.

Sex or Love

I am not Tron Man!

How often do you give tearful testament?

If you won the lottery, what would you do with it?

Who knew that there were so many kinds of virginity?

Heads up: Ernest T. Bass (Howard Morris) is dead.

What we really loved about 'Revenge of the Sith'

Tell me something you're happy about!


How can this girl get a life?

22 posts to the big 10,000 (Tell me what's important to you.)

If you were a Jedi, what color would your lightsaber be....

Good morning, DU.

A serious question about significant others

I just saw Kirstie Alley in a Jenny Craig commercial

A REAL baby boomer's trivia quiz

When I joined DU, there were (____) user registrations...

Are you gonna watch the 2 hr season finale of 24?

Ok, what would you never hear DU'ers say?

I just joined a debt management program

I just got fired

Ok, Some Paul Lynde Zingers from "The Hollywood Squares"

Future Star Wars Movies (SPOILER ALERT)

Does anyone know where my engagement ring is?

Some pretty significant Michael Jackson news....

For the D & D players here, any funny stories?

Guess what's new?

David Lynch fans-an entreatment

What's your first though when you see the name "Diana Ross"?

Kittens anyone? Any Socal DUer's have kittens that need a home??

What's the first thing you'll do once all the assholes are raptured?


Let's make a DU "Top 100 Movies of all Time" List your 10 favorite

Religion Question - New Century Bible

Do you believe in Angels?

Chopsticks for better cloning

Robot to explore buried ice lake

BBC - Vanishing lake baffles Russians

Wormhole 'no use' for time travel

Museum Claims Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Found! New tectonic plate under Tokyo

Saudis Round Up 92 More Gays

Thousands March For Gay Marriage In NYC

Fred Phelps coming to Massachusetts June 4-6

Psychiatric Association Calls For Gay Marriage Recognition

Calif. Supreme Court To Hear Gay Parenting Case

Protect Independent Courts Gay Marriage Judge Says

Ex-policeman convicted of killing gay student

Spokane Chamber, CVB call for West's resignation

Do you get asked this a lot? (How annoying is this?)

Navajo marriage act veto draws swift reaction

New Bid To Pass Federal Gay Hate Crimes Bill

Maryland Governor Offers Gays Small Olive Branch

Spitzer Stays Course On Gay Marriage

My amazons nails and wings

Anyone sense another attack?

For those who debate christians...

Having Fun With Intelligent Design

Jobs on the Hill

John's Newsletter

Harry Reid on TV tonight

anyone watching the Senate today?

How I will promote unity (the GD-GDP problem)

Monday Bolton

Funny thing I just thought of about the photo contest

Photography and terrorism fears

It's all over my head...

I dropped a KO/Countdown transcript in this thread....

A theater director and critic's take on Keith (Swans Commentary 5-23-05)

Can I get some KOEB love for 5 more who died in *'s insane war.

Tonight on Countdown: 5/23/05

Six Year Itch?

Update: Full Spectrum Dominance - Must consider

White House Wants FBI to Be Able to Track Mail

Need a tutor? Call India.

Repubs furious at poll--shows them out of mainstream on stem cells...

Go tell the Sheeple...

CBS 60Min: Feds pay Fundies & Schools to lie about Safe Sex - (VIDEO)

$5 BILLION a Month...cost for Bush*s Iraq War are rising.........

Only one thing left to do....

Help stop the nuclear option!

District 2 - West Virginia - Any info on who Dems are Running.

Rawstory working on Filibuster update

Yesterday on the 2005 Republican Freedom Calendar

Poll: Daley's Approval at 16-Year Low

DU Educators--question about NCLB.

Who benefits from the idea of a "culture war"?

Laura Bush brushes aside Jerusalem shrine protests

Evangelicals ponder wisdom of being a "conservative political movement"

Can the people be trusted ?

Soldiers help Iraqi family settle in ND (seek asylum)

UNSUSTAINABLE! Our new one word talking point. Say it loud

Russert: "When did bush suggest Saddam was responsible for 9/11 ?????"

Why would the Repubs have a cloture vote if they think it is ....

Another GREAT Cartoon from Horsey! (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

MoveOn emergency petition - 72 hours left!

Baristas of the World, Unite! (Starbucks Unionizing)

Question about the 2008 Democratic primaries....

He's so correct.

The Newsweek setup didn't work - chumps!

It's now 5/25; the filibuster is dead; what's the 1st law repealed?

Why does the Radical Right constantly

Air America off my Sirius radio now.

The human was Enron's Ken Lay

Because we're Republicans, That's Why

Karzai thinks the world OWES an "alternative livelihood to Afghan people?"

" was only Johnny Rocko!"

Bashing Judges, Then and Now

Constitution Restoration Act of 2005

"Protest and Survive "

re: Priscilla Owen - Where's the "culture of life" folks on this one?

OK, now Pickles is flat-out LYING ("literally a handful of protesters")

Did anyone hear Keith Thomson today on Rush ?

What's Up With Bolton?

We need to plant moles at voting machine companies.

BBC Gets Qu'ran desecration wrong

Former state Democratic party chairman changes to GOP

C-Span 2 Question: Are Things A Little "Slow" Today?

FCC response to my e-mail complaining about Glen Beck's death threat

Democrats: Get back in the game

DU this poll, If Laura Bush came to your community, would you heckle her?

Help - Need Accurate Abortion Statistics!

When you contact Senators on the fence

Great photo regarding the fillibuster!

"Off-Topic" Queston: Why Does Zell MillerCall Himself A Dem When He Hates

GOP phone jammer's jury questionnaire- There's a pattern

Frist rumored to call Bolton vote Wednesday: 4 talking pts for Senators...

Looks Like Jesus Is Putting on His Combat Boots!! ..about time

Conservative Asks Goodman to Resign Over Shoot

Jim West - 'Bigocrite'

Supreme Court agrees to hear abortion case- Re: Notification of parents

Byrd is UP!! n/t

Cheney should be gang tackled when he walks through Senate door. Or..

Anyone got a rough count??

MSNBC / Newsweek: "Is the hunt for bin Laden grinding to a halt?"

9/11 has generated the mother of all conspiracy theories

C-SPAN2 Repugs -- Head exploding rhetoric

Evangelicals Seek Ivy (League) Students' Hearts and Minds (FA/NPR Now!)

The Republican's Holy Grail is Just Hours Away..........

Biden warming up

Who here is opposed to discrimination against children?

What is the point of DUing polls

DU This Poll! (Please):

MSNBC: Gay Republican Mayor is sorry. Blames Cancer? - (VIDEO)

Moderate Republicans - The Nuclear Option will destroy your party!

Hatch on CSPAN

Remember the missing $8.8 billion in Iraq

Advantages/Disadvantages with Bernie Sanders (I) as Senator from Vermont?

Biden just took the floor of the Senate (cspan2)

Trent Lott pissed at Dobson calls him Unchristian

anybody recommend a good blue (and green if possible) homebuilder

MON. OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms & Filibuster

Is it me or are there many more "charts & graphs" in the Senate nowadays?

Wow, I had no idea that Bush had a big confederate flag in his dorm

Hillary is up! n/t

What are they voting on in the Senate now?

So James Dobson has more power over legislation than any Senator?

Latest Message From Dr. Dean (Grassroots-- Awesome!)

Anybody on The Phone To Their Senators Today (& Tomorrow)?

Vicious Circle: The Dynamics of Occupation and Resistance in Iraq

Dean to appear on Inside Politics Tuesday 5/24

CNN/Gallup Poll - Bush Titanic is going down fast (from Daily Kos)

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll Results: May 23, 2005

Cloture question WRT to Senate rule changes

Need help with facts re: filibuster

MON. #2 OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms & Filibuster

What is the 'deadline' for a deal in the Senate?

Unsustainable! This should be our new talking point. Say it loud and

Dumbass (from Daily Kos - Bu$h answer to question from reporter today)

How many Zells do we have in the party?

Did Dr. Dean mean Saddam not Osama or is Transcript Wrong? On MTP Sunday

Ldotters on Tillman's death: "War is Hell."

McConnell is speaking now on the floor of the Senate.

Narragansett win suit over raid

Preaching to the Choir? Not This Time

Who Are These 14 Senators?

Gov Gregoire (WA) question

IMPORTANT: Please contact fence sitting Senators!

According to the logic of Indiana Republican Mike Pence, we shouldn't

I don't like this

McCain Pulls A Staged Interview On Tweety - Brokers Judge Deal?

U.S. News & World Report: super right wing mag ?

Democrats Wall of Unity Is Cracking

Newsweek Japan

Gang of 12 is holding a press conference right now on Nuclear Opt deal

Bottom line: If the "DEAL" includes agreement by Dems to NOT filibuster

The Vote tomorrow - will it be a roll-call vote? Is The Vote tomorrow?

The Nuclear Option vote will be on Tuesday at noon, et

Frist's legacy: "an illegal precedent that will remain in Senate history?"

Ways to respond if Bush/media starts ANOTHER fake war.

Deal reached on the Filibuster/ CNN

Limpballs wants to see Dean's Medical Records

Are we going to have another Civil War?

Gov. Howard Dean: 100 day progress report

Barbara Boxer: Stop the Right Wing's "Nuclear Option"

John Edwards - grassroots activism, taking one state at a time.

Mr. Smith Goes to Hell Sure is A Welcome Distraction From the British Memo

Definition of Compromise

Is a new US Constitution needed? My proposal. See post 1 for explanation

BRAD BLOG: WaPo Buries Sunday's Page 1 'Iraq Intel' Article on Page 26!

I think the law for appointing judges should require 75% of Senate..

C-Span to cover Conyer's media bias forum

Question about Senate rules

Urgent - Citizen Filibusters start tomorrow 12 pm Sign up to filibuster!

Re: Pat Tillman - now that his family is blasting bush and the pentagon...

Redneck on Redneck

Judge Brown won in CA at 76% Do people know she was unopposed?

We Just Preserved the Filibuster for the Supreme Court Nominee

WH Is Acting Through FEAR (not Arrogance) This Important to Remember

Gore To Keynote 1st Annual "Gore Family Dinner" 7/23

I was kissed off by my Senator.....

Republicans and WWII and why didn't we use that against them?

Remember, DeLay is still there

We need a kids' rights group

Dean's "MTP" reviews are in (Salon War Room)

Evan Bayh's Presidential Campaign Has Just Begun

Good News: Majority of Americans think abortion be between doc and woman.

The Conyers media bias forum will be broadcast Tues LIVE ON AL FRANKEN!

Sirius Listeners get Homeland Security Advisories

A Voter Switches Party Affiliation