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Archives: May 20, 2005

Rolling Stone: The Hammer Falls

Coming Home: An Iraq Correspondent Living in Two Worlds by Dahr Jamail

Western news media inflames Pakistanis...but, it's not NEWSWEEK!

The Amazon Rainforest 2005: by the Numbers

NYT- Behind Scenes, Aides Take On Filibuster Fight

Newsweek To Remove Spines From Future Publications

Downing Street Memo - commentary by David Michael Green

Stan Goff: Listen to Galloway and Learn Something

NEWSWEEK FALLOUT - duped in General discussion

Did anyone hear Dennis Hastert today on C-Span?

EPA Drops Poopy Water Policy

Beauty of the Orange Grove is Crushed as Sharon Prepares to Move Settlers

Hamas leader says group rejects ruling on Gaza election results

19 days left before war with Iran

Has anyone seen this web site?

Tennessee voting rights (might be interested in)

Reminder to Blast the Carter-Baker Commission

Unilect Patriot voting machines decertified in PA

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Friday

BradBlog: Lampley Fires Back at Goldstein!

Rick Santorum is worse than Norm Coleman.

Tips on sending photos as JPEG attachments.

The Best Part About Moving to Wisconsin (so far)

DUPE - self-delete

More than 50 New Homeland Security Products to be Released During GOVSEC

No one wants to hook up with repugnantcans

Shadegg's excuse for drilling in Alaska...Hasn't made a peep re filibuster

Statement of Plaintiffs' Lead Counsel Re: Verdict Nuclear Litigation

David Sirota is smarter than me or you. Listen to what he says:

Cable "news" propaganda free since 1994!

Voinovitch speaking in the Senate NOW! 8:15PM est

Is there some web site to view the rulings of the judges up for vote?

Pickles Bush on "Countdown" right now

..There is a petition to recall Tomlinson of Public Broadcasting?

Russia to Sell 100,000 Kalashnikov Submachine-Guns to Venezuela

Help save Faux news..

A suggestion to stealth-diss the idiot boy .......

What the nuclear option is all about: Roe vs Wade

Faux: Does the white house press core hate the president

What are the most popular religious right blogs that allow commments?

Great moments in rightwing stupidty, March 23rd, 2003

Right vs. Left: Absolute power vs. checks and balances

The 23rd Qualm

Two Chimp Photos from Today

Conservatives = Big Government

OUTRAGE: Wisconsin legislature hires Conservative Christian lawfirm

So Lets get this Straight...Condi has to sneak into Iraq at night and the

The Virtuosi 2005

May 19th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$170,835,757,496

Has CNN canceled Paula Zahn Now?

Quentin Tarantino rules

I predict Bush will hand Democrats both houses then the presidency

Kerry coming up soon (I think) on CSPAN2; Byrd on now

an oldie but a goodie: - US safer if Gore in charge: Albright

"GOP's current position mirrors Democrats' spot in 1993"

Librarians brush with FBI

You were all correct, and I apologize. (also posted in the Lounge)

Who is the Reagan Republican that wants Bush in Jail to restore US

Any News on John Gosch / Jeff Gannon? the FBI witnessed torture at Gitmo...

Save the Republic!!

Here you go, California.... VoteYesMarriage! coming to you soon!

Springer on Scarborough - Springer's theory for Dem success

Donald Trump wants your children to join the Army...

Listen To Lionel Tonight.

this is why I hate Faux more than Bush

"Leaving Behind Left Behind"

Yet another racist anecdote

Does the Christian concept of "The Second Coming" necessarily


Jesu Christo. Lampley may be the most honest man in the US today.

Democracy Radio's "Talk Radio Row" broadcasting from the Capital

MSNBC: Congress Approval raiting sinking

Treasury Relaxes Time Limits For Flexible Spending Accounts

Did everyone catch the CBS story about recruiters?

Are Democrats like B'rer Rabbit ?

A History of Secret Human Experimentation

Who has the Gandhi quote ??

The Growing Case For Screening Newborns

I realize why Neo-Cons spend every waking minute attacking Liberals

Remember this headline "Rashes Among Schoolchildren-14 States 1000s infect

Commandos trained by U.S. Special Forces force way in AZ cross border

This country used to make things

Pro-nuclear option ad campaign

A question for teachers, college professors, etc.

Foxnews On-screen graphic: "Why do Democrats hate this woman?"

The Attention Seeker . . . by Peter Howe . . .

"When are people going to wake up to his bullshit?"

Check out this site on Darfur - Action Kits and local events.

So almost 10% of the populace has turned on Bush 6 mos after the election?

"they'll train me around here until they need me." - Army Reserves tv spot

"Why are Democrats afraid to put a black woman on the court?"

Question about Saddam's trial

Bill Maher speaking about Bill O'Reilly.

The Federalist Society- is it a secret society for judges? a secret cabal?

Cigarettes Smoking & Politics -- Is there a gullibility factor?

NEWS: Bush Extends Order Protecting Iraq Assets (OIL)

So, did you ever, 'Get Over It'?

I suggest, that too many people are taking psychotropic drugs

What Brought You Here, to this, the Coolest of all Political Websites?

GOP Aides Say New Patriot Act Helps Bush

Way tooooo much fun!

We're The Ones Who Love America

wtmusic Confirms So-Called "Freedom Fries" Are, In Fact, French Fries

Seen Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith?

South Koreans Streamline Cloning of Human Embryos - NYT

Revenge of the Sith = Bush Administration

"No Child Left Behind" is backdoor draft?

Idiot neighbor tonight: "Why can't blacks learn to speak English"?

Saw a great bumper sticker today ,it said

Were you personally AFRAID on/after 9/11?

George Lucas sold us out just like John Kerry. Lucas is Darth Vader....

Did you suspect BFEE involvement in 9/11 from the beginning?

Now the government of Sudan is trying to forcibly return the people

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Rendezvous

What is somebody purchased Diebold?

19 days left before war with Iran

If SO many people agree with the reich-wing, then WHY

When Will The DU "Campaigns" Be Updated?

Why is the "spreader of freedom and democracy" giving Uzbeks free pass?

My Patriotic Neighbor >> Pictures

Modern day STONING: Michael Jackson.

Americans Tortured to Death An Afghani They Knew Was Innocent

I saw a Bald Eagle kill a Canada Goose this morning!

There should be more like Chuck Cadman in the House

Curious: how many of the insulting "sexist" Cons are former Reform?

Exiled Rebel Group Said to Torture Dissidents (Iran/Bush)--Jim Lobe

Red Cross told U.S. of Koran incidents

LA Times - Republican Eyes Office of San Diego Mayor

POMP AND POLITICS IN GRAND RAPIDS: Bush visit brings controversy

Md. Official Loses Job After Using Racial Slur

NYT - In Rare Talks, the 2 Koreas Agree to Talk Again Next Month

Six Afghans on U.S.-funded project killed

NYT - Russia Challenges U.S. Effort to Take Custody of Ex-Nuclear Minister

Colombia Rebels Kill at Least 13 Officers

Md. governor vetoes Wal-Mart benefits bill

Stem Cell Debate Splits House Republicans

Uzbek Troops Capture Rebel Leader Easily

Iraq Calls on Neighbors to Stop Insurgency

Pressure by White House Is Being Applied With Care

US accused of 'terror hypocrisy'

Parties Court Blacks in Filibuster Fight

Democrats Fault Plan for F.B.I.

Beauty of the Orange Grove is Crushed as Sharon Prepares to Move Settlers

GOP's Current Position Mirrors Democrats' Spot in 1993

U.S. Hopes for Changed Policies by Iran, Better Relations with It

Masai Threat to Invade Farms After Aristocrat is Freed

Government (of Ghana) commends Cuba

Eco-Militants are the Greatest Terrorist Threat, Warns FBI

US overstated China's military spending, study says

EXCLUSIVE - Rafsanjani urges U.S. to begin thaw in ties

ASEAN Accord Leaves US Out in the Cold

Senate's 'Gang of 12' Steps in... (Santorum calls Dems "Nazis")

'No' Vote Looms in EU Poll as the Dutch Fall Out of Love With Europe

10 bodyguards of Iraqi lawmaker killed in wild Mosul clashes

Convicted Iowa priest hired by Diocese (Served time for child pornography)

Bush Extends Order Protecting Iraq Assets

NYT-Iraqi Government, in Statement With Iran, Admits Fault for 1980's War

GOP's current position mirrors Democrats' spot in 1993

WP: Amid Audit, DeLay PAC Revises FEC Filings

Bush Touts Social Security Plan in Wis.

Uzbekistan Opposes Int'l Probe of Violence

NYT: G.M.'s Brands to Cut Back on Variety

Sen Frist Spokesman says Nuclear Option to be exercised on Tuesday.

NY Times: British Memo on U.S. Plans for Iraq War Fuels Critics

House Moves to Block Sales of Wild Horses;House RollCall Wild Horses

Black Students Sue School District Over Racial Harassment

UK Breakthrough as Human Embryo Cloned

Two Thyroid Cancer Victims Win $500,000 (Hanford Downwinders)

(Charles) Schwab clients threaten to leave (over co support o *Cof SS plan

Venezuelan Prez Lambastes U.S. (over Posada immigration charges)

Farmer (Arkansas farm bureau) urges trade with Cuba(w* to veto trade bill)

Army Warns Iraqi Forces On Abuse Of Detainees -WP

Anticipating protest, Seattle recruiters to close Saturday

Officer guilty of sending arms from Iraq

CU-Boulder Students Rally in Defense of Academic Freedom

The Rape of the Rainforest and the Man Behind It

Marburg death toll reaches 311

WP: The Chamber Meets the Force (Lautenberg displays Palpatine poster)

LAT:Rules and(Iraqi)Cash Flew Out Window(before U.S. handover) - BIG STORY

In U.S. Report, Brutal Details of 2 Afghan Inmates' Deaths -NYT

Military Recruiters Lie About Dangers In Iraq

Former guerrilla says Cuban militant (Posada) ordered him tortured

Saddam shown in his underwear

House Dems to hold forum on media bias Tuesday with Franken, Brock, others

I've never had a cannoli - am I depraved?

Can someone be arrested for riding a bicycle while drunk?



What is your favorite John Steinbeck Novel?

Anyone know how I can find out which theatres near me have digital screens

I'm craving salad

What are your spring / summer vacation plans ?

Woo Hoo... Bye-bye 700 club...

OH MY GOD!! **Spoiler**(Will & Grace)

This is my 7777th post!

Judging Amy cancelled.

I've never had Cthulu. Am I depraved?

That guy who wants to become a cat is on TLC

Finally, after 4 years, my cat Nigel makes his DU debut

I've never had a Chihuly. Am I deprived?

I going to the matinee tomorrow to see Episode III

Are teenagers getting bigger?

The Swatch Smart Car is finally here (in the USA)

Ok, I am gonna skirt the line here.

If the employer asks for a bachelor's degree, should I apply?

Listen to this wonderful singer!

I know everyone's sick of Idol but this is hysterical!

What's Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book?

Aquatic mammals of La Jolla. Warning! pic-heavy!

I would like a pie delivered to my horse.

I would like a pig delivered to my mouse.

I would like a pig delivered to my house.

Apprentice Poll: Who do you want to win?

Rank the six Star Wars films

If You Were Going To Reverse-Freep The Ememy Sites What Name Would You

Wow! Did you know that if you post a thread and then hide all the other

I just noticed that Ward Churchill...

I would like a mouse pie delivered to my horse by a math freak pig.

Click here if you can grok!


What is the difference between pate and cat food?

I'm eating kimchi...ask me anything (hack,hack...lung)

This "Unwrapped" looks like an interesting program.

Walk down that lonesome road....

Quentin Tarantino rules

Has a moderator ever had their thread locked by another moderator?

I am eating cannoli shells with Dr Ruth while dying in the living room

I was going to go to the beach for a walk, but Rev sent me her rain

Wow, a new Nick Drake album!


You may call me stupid and I won't get angry: Starsky & Hutch, The Movie

I'm watching the Game

Lisa Rinna....what? why?

World Poker Tour announcer.

I think this smiley is sooooooo cute

Do you ever fantasize about.......

I would like a pi delivered to my house by a math freak.

Donut Henley or Freedom Freys?

Oh for cool

And I, for one, welcome our insect overlords.


Don Knotts or Glenn Close?

Welcome to the Copycat room!

Don Corleone or Glen Glenn Sound?

New monkey species found in Tanzania

New Star Wars related MoveOn ad.

Red Red Wine

STUNNING REVELATION: "Sith" is secret code for "Bush"

Stupidest sine I've seen all week: ~

Assuming I had the "goods" on a Freep or similar...

Dude, your car is totally on fire.

How much cash is in your wallet, purse, or pocket right now ?

Evidentally North Korea is proud of their cunning liguists.

When writing 'why did you leave' on an application form,

All hat and no cattle

Stupidest sign I've seen all week.

Laptop lock picking made easy

Linkage to a funny review in The New Yorker of the Stars Wars movie:

Nominate hot nerdy and geeky guys for a DU Poll

OK, I am headin to bed. Will be back to check on the hot geeky nerds and

hot or not?

Tomorrow's the move.

Let's talk. 9 until 10,000 for me.

Harry Potter Pronunciation Guide.

I'm at 996 posts - Ask me anything (but just 4 of you)!

"Power To The People!"

It wasn't me -- I didn't do it.

where do you get cannoli shells

DU main page has a pop up ad

How ridiculous can airport security get?

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

Fold your t-shirts like a pro. (Video)

Incredible baseball blooper

Deleted because of West Coasters.

Baloney is also called bologna.

How do you add a state forum to My Forums? n/t

ALERT!!! 9-11 ( not September 11,2001!)

I can (________) , but I can't (_________).

"Whatever happened to . . . "


I heard a rumor that progmon snuggled up to P.J. O'Rourke.

What attachment would you like for your "Dream Home"?

All we are saying, is give peas a chance.

I don't know who you are, but thank you

Sorry I cant donate

I did it!

for JimmyJazz

American Idol: The Worlds Worst Auditions.

My mom is dying in the living the room.

Cartoon time! (Except for those with Dialup.)

Oh! NEVER take Fish Oil capsules if you're gonna burp!

What ever happened to Michael Penn?

A star,a star, shining in the night

i didnt do it ! !

Dang, DU has been taken over by a cannoli fetish. I had no idea

Kill me now. I was just nice to....

My hernia surgey is scheduled for June, 2.

"Be careful what you ask for"

I think there should be DU yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers.

I just saw the worlds biggest A-hole today.

She asked me why I'm just a hairy guy.

I am really digging this Green Cine online movie site

Dear Dr. Ruth...

Librarian Tigress Nominations

Got a call from the People for the american way


You can tell one is too paranoid when.....

What is the furthest you've ever traveled away from your home town?

"Yo yo, my people. Ludafrist is in the hizzouse! " (CAPTION)

Will DU be here in a hundred years?

Whiskey River, take my mind...


Rank, the six Star Wars films?

Foods only grown-ups can appreciate.

Post your TV crush


Ok, so I'm a bitch. (rant)

Damn....this CSI Season Finale is rockin' good!

Hubby said the funniest thing tonight while watching Star Wars

I'm gonna line a skirt.

Hot nerdy and geeky actors


Ready to buy that new Mac but need advice!

my grandbaby's here

My wonderful 'pup' passed yesterday

What instrument(s) do you know how to play.

I would like a pie delivered to my house.

Did you all watch Nature tonight?

Girl pitches perfect game against boys (Little League)

Make your pet a star.......

Anybody do readings here?

Good read... (long though)...

Atheist DU'ers Please DU this poll

Kerry on CSPAN2 now - replay of this afternoon's speech

President Kerry would have been bashed too

Sent this in: Mary Carey, porn star, to attend dinner at White House, and

You're going to love these! -- Latest screencaps from gogomag.

Yippee! Countdown 5/19

8 more posts and I'm out of the 700 Club, take that Pat Robertson!

Dear Mr. Kerry...

need a list of the controversial Bush judge nominees

FREEP Poll on FILIBUSTER - Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) site

The filibuster debate defines what being a "liberal" truly means.

MoveOn: Senate Wars, Revenge of the Frist

Another example of Republican magnanimity in the face of victory

Woman Killed in Afganistan for playing music

How many "moderate" Repubs will vote with the Democrats ?

My Simple Email To George Galloway

Today's WTF moment courtesy of Rick Santorum

Frist's ties to the religiously insane could be documented.

Jeb Bush builds on GOP base as Florida governor

The problem with "liberals" is that they are too "religious"...

Has Newt's Republican Revolution reached its high tide?

Byrd up now CSPAN 2; Kerry next (REPLAY)

Because I needed a laugh -- and maybe you do too...

A Legitimate Call for Santorum to Resign

EPA Drops Poopy Water Policy, Congress Passes Anti-Sewage

I love the new moveon pac Star Wars ad about the fillibuster

Judges? Filibuster rule? I don't care.

Galloway PDF Transcript Conspicuously ABSENT!

How "freedom" became part of the Bush lexicon ?

Are the "insurgents" in Iraq getting ready for their own Tet ?

You've got to see this !!! Past Polls of Idaho Senator Larry Craig

12 House members have perfect voting records this year.

It's time for the Democrats to take Specter up on his offer...

Dem senators still trying to cut a deal on filibusters

When there is no fear of being called on their lies and no repercussions..

I've lost every ounce of desire I ever had to communicate

Have Moderate Repubs been kicked to the curb?

Why Irag--in a nutshell

I miss John Edwards! He'd be kicking their asses right about now!

About these last minute deals to stop the nuclear option.

Frist and Rev Harry Jackson - OMG

so what will be the repercussions of the post-apocalyptic landscape?

Let's Call Brian Lamb Tomorrow and DU Him For The Usual RW Friday!

HOOREY!!! Dropped off three "handbills" at the market today!!!

Is there some sort of gop academy where they teach these bastards to smirk

Kucinich calls for withdrawal from Iraq & fights weapons in space & CAFTA

Ward Churchill update

Radiation therapy for a "trans-party" Democrat: Surgery in the AM

The best pro-filibuster speech ever delivered in the senate: 01/31/1963

we must marginalize the fundies

George Bush's behavior as a child explains it all

What news story will get Faux Snooze back to better ratings?

I see the Freeper windshield letter made $76 on EBAY

Please DU This Petition To Save Public Broadcasting From Radical Right

Thinking of running against Sweeney in NY - what do you think??

dKos-Galloway speech -ON EDIT-misdirected

Let's say "thank you" to George Galloway. Email him here:

I don't understand why we do not come with our own SS plan

Kennedy Lays Out All the Rules They're Breaking

19 days left before war with Iran

Just what do you do with your spy if he's called a terrorist?

US Senate staffer sues sex blogger (Jessica cutler)

Iraq-war inquiry still needed

New York Times Makes Itself Irrelevant

NYT- End of the Line for Families of Baghdad's Missing: The City Morgue

Libya lobbyist holds seat on top U.S. Energy board

Kerry's talk on Senate floor re 'nuclear' option

Ignoring the rules

Conservatism, Religion and the Bush Administration(FindLaws)

The Iran Policy Committee: Consultants for War

A passion for mixing religion, politics(Rick Scarborough..Pearland,TX)

Neocons' Pet Iranian Revolutionaries Accused of Torture

In Baghdad, a site of pride - or occupation

Greg Sergant (The Nation): Brand Hillary

CALLING ALL SYCOPHANTS! Report to Propaganda Rally, Immediately!

The Bangram Report: Warning....very upsetting

Here come the judges, again: 7 nominees who could rise from filibust ashes

Listen to Galloway and Learn Something

Months after Abu Ghraib, the abuse continued. (Vanity Fair article)

Defusing Frist (Senators on both sides of the aisle tried to broker deal)

"Republicans and Their Porno King & Queen"

wrongly - believe these people are incapable of rational thought ..

Foreign Companies Pay to Influence U.S. Policy ($620m)

The Politics and Economics of Outsourcing

Motion Sickness, By Chris Floyd

David Corn (The Nation): Pentagon Caught In Fib about Koran-gate?

Immigration Could Cause a Republican Crackup

Harming U.S. image abroad(Bush not Newsweek)

A no vote could be just what Europe's constitution needs

Must read Asia Times story on Bush and Al Queda

"In US Report, Brutal Details of 2 Afghan Inmates' Death" (NYT's Expose!)

Reagan Republican Calls for Bush Impeachment

French Report Analyzes US Military Performance in Iraq


Saudi Arabia, Off The Hook ...

Not-So Endearing Enduring Military Bases In Iraq

Petition against EPA allowing sewage dumping in drinking water

Cannes auteurs face hard-sell Stateside (Why? Payback for F911?)

Rick Klein, Boston Globe, RW media shill? - my draft LTTE

Air America WLIB feed is down?

I need Air America Radio help, please.

Even With Level 5 Restrictions, Australian Town Has 8 Months Of Water Left

Brazil's Tiny Green Party Leaves Government To Protest Amazon Destruction

Eastern Antarctic Ice Height Growing, As Predicted By Climate Models - NYT

Americans' Pay Not Keeping Up With Energy And Other Prices

What world is this guy living in?

Hydrogen Cars Still Decades Off - Woolsey Urges Spending Shift

Humans Fuel Accelerating Extinction Crisis - Open Letter To The Senate

Volga River Village's Lake Disappears Overnight - Reuters

Fear of protesters will keep Jackie Chan from Taiwan

`Rogue attorney-general' sparks concern in Kenya

Philippine lottery game returns to haunt Arroyo

Memorial for the murdered

why the war goes on......

The dead who walk among us

Secrets and lies

End to academic boycott of Israelis urged

Alex Jones Predicted 9/11 Months Before It Happened

Anybody know this about NORAD?

Did UA 93 request the change of flight path to Washington?

Question dealing with ClearChannel

Is it feasible to design public polling in libraries via the Internet?

contact jerry springer

New Yorkers: Please help stop E-Voting Machines from stealing YOUR VOTE!

Ohio county seeks 1st trial run for Diebold voting machines in July

OH CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS about ready for signatures!

Please donate to Voters Unite.

Just got back from seeing Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller interviewing Cliff Arnaback & other Ohio election fraud

Electronic vote switching: EIRS analysis shows 12:1 ratio of K/E to B/C

Ron Baiman explains USCV position and how it relates to Febble's work

More on the Toledo Coins -- Profits "skimmed" Noe contributed to Top

The Daily Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread needs help.

Ask Arnold why he needs spec. election BEFORE paper trail requirement

Potential screening of The Corporation in Sacramento

'Grassroots' Group Backs Schwarzenegger Measures (funded by CA Rep. Party)

Draft letter to the Globe ombudsman

Bigotry a loser in battle of the note

Kerry Healey for...governor???

Join Medea Benjamin as she stops of in Mass.

Could Minnesota make Election Day a holiday on it's own?

Hey guys, is there going to be a Twin Cities DU meetup anytime soon??

?? which mn u.s. senate candidate would ....

Theatre de la Jeune Lune

Anti-war activities this Saturday and Sunday (Minneapolis)

Disscussion group hacked

What is a .cwr file extension

Satellite internet?

Have you seen this new billboard around Houston?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Clinton Nominees:

Amid Audit, DeLay PAC Revises FEC Filings

Please help stop HB2833

(WI) County Board gets resolution on Social Security

Caption this photo: Bush's visit to Milwaukee

Great News!

Sensenbrenner = batshit crazy

Doesn't anyone remember Lani Guinier???

Deal would allow vote on 5 Bush judicial picks - CNN Inside Politics

Is aborting a fetus illegal in most states unless the mother is in danger?

I heard a new term for MSM today: News-ak

Kick to thread about buried Galloway testimony

My Disney "protest" idea ... who's offended?

Clark to keynote ACLU of "Bill of Rights" dinner tomorrow in Georgia.

What sort of crazy judges would submit to the media circus

George Galloway on BBC's Question Time

Interesting theory on why the neocons are violent

What is the "Victory Act"?

Victory in Ohio: Blackwell Loses in Court!!!

Anyone see MoveOn's new add using Star Wars and Bill Frist?

Why do so many repukes wear toupees?

Corn: "Isikoff Is Not The Enemy"

Bush's EPA wants more sewage in your drinking water

"Oil Strom" (peak oil film on FX)

See the republican senators spin.

not-so-safety-net toon (new 5/20)

WOW!!! bush's GOOD ALLIES are such powerhouses of DEMOCRACY!!!

Should we tax robotic labor?-

fun with bush* speeches

Jim Morrison is alive and well and busting broncs in Oregon . . .

NY Times details Afghanistan prisoner deaths

The flushing of the Koran down the toilet is true.The Red Cross says so


Two Georges.

NBC top story: Saddam photos in Underwear Violate Geneva Convention

Saddam's Picture

Best Book Describing 9/11

Faux News Morning idiots hold "Saddam in his underwear caption contest"

"When The President Talks To God"

Catherine Crier SLAMS the fundies - Huffington post

*'s mindset prior to the war....

Holy Water-gate

US State Daily News, Year 2006

Humpty Dumpty...

Want to know what WMD in Iraq are?

The hard copy of this post to Howard Dean - wondering about answer

I never thought I will have to ask this question in the U.S.

Fruited Plains, indeed.

"Newsweek Lied & People Died" the NeoCoNazi spin

What the hell does intelligence mean to these people?

Webster Bank to Buy J. Bush & Co


The Polls are DOWN; search for Usama heats UP!

I apologize for the size of this photo BUT

I guess I'm not feeling too Patriotic

John Bachelor ABC Radio Rep on C-Span ....

Rick Santorum compares Democratic members of the Senate to Adolph Hitler

The Goals of Right Wing Judicial Activism Exposed

White House Press Corps woke up, showed Scottie some teeth

I hope that George W Bush lives long enough that he sees his name

Do they compromise now only to go nuclear option for SCOTUS

Bush* Lied...we DO torture detainees...

buscho is literally DARING the Arab world to attack us

The woman killed for pop music - Afghanistan

Republican solution to civil war in Iraq


every day the christian right becomes more like the muslim zealots

The guy who made ann coulter speechless is in court today.

Remember Mike Farrell?

If I was nominated by a president

Saddam and Bush Man to Man

Our soldiers beat Afghani men to death because they were young and bored

totally irresponsible

3 U.S. soldiers killed today - but the headlines are "Mary Kay & Villi"

What happens if all out Civil War and Rioting occur in Iraq?

Are the Senate Democrats selling out by negotiating wt WH on nominations.

What a stupid thing to do

Those who are convinced of the righteouness of their cause or

All those 18-39 year old...

Bush should have been told of plane scare - wife

In Praise of Empires: Globalization and the World Order

Stop Newsweek... Before It Kills Again!

Born Againism is a sham for money

What would you contribute toward a truly independent news channel?

I Don't Care If The Holy Bible Is Burned Or Not

It's Hurricane (i.e. Media Whitewashing of BushCo Crimes) Season

Out of all the planets I've lived on....

Ok, I shouldn't be shocked, but--CATO institute ad in the New Republic?

the Quran 'WAS' flushed, & bush 'WAS' A.W.O.L.

Just Had Horrible thought - is WH grooming *Laura" for 2008 run?

$72Million dollar bonus when Troops are begging for stuff

Blockbuster DVD inserts (National Guard)

Oh the backlast cometh

Do freepers keep track of the US deaths in Iraq?

Bush to address the nation Friday night

A House Bill that says females don't have to serve on the front lines

WSJ's Begley: Theory Men Are Wired To Kill Straying Mates Is Offensive and

What is wrong with enjoying sex anyway you want it? Why is it my business

Many at Calvin protest visit by Commander CuckooBananas

Owens, Enron & Halliburton - I don't hear this being mentioned in the Dem

Great Eisenhower Quote

Conservative talk radio host John Ziegler cries on stand

52% think the country's on the wrong track


How close are we

I agree with Scott McClellen...

TAKS Scores

Why would a Jewish Iranian be an ardent supporter of Bush's foreign policy

Disney girl found safe

Do top-level Repukes really oppose Stem Cell Research?

Yoohoo - NEWSWEEK - What about these?

tighty-whities for tighty-whities? (Saddam underwear issue)

Hey I lost my star!

Red Cross validates Quran abuses

Boston repeals no Indians Law

Red Cross Says It Told U.S. in 2002 About Alleged Mishandling of Koran

''These people are motivated by a vision of the world that is backward and

Stem Cells Tailored to Patients

Bamford says

" which destroys life in order to save life, I'm against that."

And this is why I stopped watching ABC News

Bush: Ideology Motivates Iraq Insurgents

So They Can't Find A Judicial Appointee that Even 6 Dems

Bush on how the media should control itself

Is t a possibility that Nader was paid off by the Republicans to spoil

One poll Id like to see the media to run

Our administration took our country and placed an "All in" bet

I saw a yellow ribbon magnet today I liked.

NPR: Chile's fast growing economy due to Pinochet's free market reforms!

Another pic from Fox News

last hurricane season $31 mil given to non-storm people - you bet'cha

Laura *'s take on Newsweek retraction

NPR (audio): Red Cross Reports Claims of Quran Abuse at Guantanamo

Bush's "Multi-Racial" Cabinet Supports Torture/Brutality! How Could They?

So, who DID release Saddam undie pics?????

Anyone see the NRA thing on C-spn

How Republicans rationalize

FAIR Action Alert: Network Viewers Still in the Dark on "Smoking Gun Memo"

Wingnut hero Ayn Rand quote on Abortion (guaranteed to infuriate them)

Bombs in Iraq being set off by US Soldiers or US puppets??

Is "Laura for President" a joke or a real possibility?

The Right now admits Global Warming, but ... it's a GOOD THING!

US Russia still face mutual distruction

Anyone listen to Jerry this morning?

Database Programmers

"at least Bush admits when he's wrong...", WHHHAAAAATT!!!!

HOW STUPID are rightwingnuts ya ask??? GLAD ya asked that!

OK. When the DRAFT comes

Are insurance salesmen good people or are they the

Have you or do you spank/hit your children?

Sorry-- dupe

The Left is connected to Terrorism

Wal-Mart sales slipping=disaster for small towns.

Anyone who posted a pope thread should donate.

I'm disgusted.

Good reasons to be against Human Cloning (joke)

Linda K. Foley, truthspeaker: US military and killing of journalists

Avatar hijacked by ALIENS!!!!! News at Eleven.

Malloy mentioned that Rush condemned the Nuremberg Trials?

Alan Colmes FINALLY gets my thumbs up (video)

CBS News VIDEO: "Christ-o-crats", the 'holy crusade' against judges

Military Recuriters Lie About Danger In Iraq (Watch Video)

Was it possible Nader was paid off by Dems to deflect attention...

Another great post from the Huffington post

Will Bush apologize for flushing the Koran?

70% Disagree with Bush on Stem cell Issue / AOL Internet Poll

Awesome post by Catherine Crier (at Huffington Post)

Having trouble streaming AAR

Army's New Recuriting Ad

'Newsweek Lied, 16 Died', vs. 'bush Lied, 200,000 Died Plus 1,600 G.I.'s'

Do the articles on the homepage seem a little bland lately?


The Rape of the Rainforest... and the Man Behind it ...image

OK, I give up - why is she called "Pickles"?

If Ru$h says it does that make it so?

Do the artilcles on the homepage seem a little bland lately?

Saddam to sue over prison photos (ironic?)

Oh my God, Joe Lieberman is actually making sense.

*****JASON re ICCC!!!*****

How stupid does a person have to be to live like this?

Republicans now seek to "reform" United Nations with new bill

REMEMBER! Guns don't kill people...

Looking for a Marylander w/ a "Clark 08" bumper sticker


News 5 Investigative Report : Unethical Army Recruiters (video)

Obvious question to ask McClellan or Bush about the Blair Memo

Company in India will pay you to attend political rallies...How long until

Wingers targeting another journalist for criticizing US military

Marbury vs. Madison vs. Cheney

NUCLEAR ENERGY: Time To Try Again? (MSNBC poll)

Should Nader be put in jail for running for president?

Dissolving the Senate, and Re-instating them without rules

Should duplicate, hate filled, flame bait Nader threads be locked?

i dont use sunscreen on my boys

Guilty Secret: I Love The FR "Intellegent Design" Threads!

Is Nader like a smack-addict neglectful parent?

Poll: Senate Should Examine Federal Judges

why did nader cast a yea vote on the bankrupcty bill?

Should Nader be made to write "I have been a naughty boy" 500 times?

Christians look to form new nation' within U.S.

Should I email this to Santorum?

Ignorance and Apathy Abound in the U S A.

What does a real Girlyman think?

Should Nader be recognized for the hero that he is?

CPJ Calls on US, Iraqi Authorities to Explain Journalist Detentions

Anyone know if there is any tax funding for fertilization clinics?

Plan to drop French from N.H. signs elicits 'Non'

Whoops, these Christians do NOT like Bush.

Has Glen Beck publically apologized to Michael Moore?

Now is the time for Dems to release own version of "Contract with America"

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Vendyl Jones and the Ark of the Covenant

have our PNAC overlords designed this war to be neverending?

WOW!!!! Du appears to have gotten back to normal

In open letter to President Bush re. stem cell

Who said this is a jobloss recovery?

Advice,please: Authorizing credit check to potential employers

Just saw great TV ad: Against ChangingSenate rules: PFAW

Do YOU owe America an apology?

Fox News "journalist" attacks the Washington Post

I don't bathe my children...

Bush: Photo wont incite violence

O'Reilly seems to care about whether Osama is favorably disposed to US.

RW'ers' reluctance to believe in BFEE involvement in 9/11

No tax dollars for stem cell research

Legal Culture of Nazi Germany

Ol' Pubic Bush fanning the flames in Cuba...

For the first time ever, I peeked into FR!

Frother Friday on CSPAN: Today's guest, the justly obscure John Batchelor

Enron defendents offer to pay jury for extended trial

Bo/Grove... Mathews?

Galloway on CSPAN 2 now

Hilarious-- Bush promises probe into Saddam underwear pictures

Another classic Bushism: "And that problem begins with people like me"

There is a reason why the are called fundamentalists

Is the current hyping hijacking of 'Christianity' a fad or a movement?

Rehnquist, Alice Cooper awarded same honor

as long as Nader is a topic again,

Dean Still Calls for Jail Time for DeLay - Guardian

George Galloway


GREAT bumper sticker I saw today - - - -

Let's pull some tactics from the RW's Book

Presidential library destroyed

Neighbors //// Suck

Are Army recruiters attending Young Rethuglican...

How would you structure the government if it were your choice?

Was it one of you who left the army recruiting pamphlet?

Cornyn just lit the fuse

CS Monitor Roundup: US generals say Iraq outlook 'bleak'

NBC just said that anti-US sentiment will be felt over the

VA reports 85,000 Iraq War & Afghan War vets have sought medical care

This needs a repost.

My tongue was BLOODY after this one! "We call Black Bubbas DEMOCRATS."

We just saw the movie "Crash"

I think the reason why Bush has been able to get away with his policies

NY Post demonstrates its usual decorum in justifying Semi-nudie Saddam pic

I've found a perfect bed for my children: The Quantum Sleeper.

The Party of Moral Values: Bush to dine with Porn Star.

What the heck happened?

Ooooo. Me thinks things might be turning on the Pugs!

Why do indignant conservatives find it so hard to believe that Gitmo

my son received scholarship from the marines

Mountain Lion Spotted in Amador City (Can't relocate it, can't kill it)

Would you volunteer to teach on weekends or evenings?

What did the country think would happen

Can anyone sum up what happened in Canada Thursday?

Super secret hideout... made of plywood?!

ACLU: The fight against the secret moves to make the Patriot Act permanent

Stephanie Miller!

When was the last time you saw a Krishna Consciousness person in airport?

Bush said he is opposed to using taxpayer money to destroy life

You Photoshoppers have let me down!

All this for a lousy fucking 30% .... AAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Supersize Koolaid Drinker John Batchelor on C-spn

Does anybody know how Karen is doing?

From HuffPost: Why all the autism?

Feel Bad for Saddam?

Would you Support my Idea for a Draft?

Rep. Waxman Introduces Legislation to Restore Transparency and Open Govern

Bring the Boys Back Home

Did Santorum say that homosexuality is like bestiality

Global Boycott of Proctor and Gamble Saturday, May 21st

Does Ralph Nader still think there is no difference between the parties?

(Boston pix): Cross posting from Lounge - some light looking

Check Out The New Tyrant In His Underwear Pic Here!

Ralph Reed Scandal Blows Up

Faux "news" transcript: Pickles is 'Glad' Newsweek Retracted Koran Story

Boycott not working? 'Star Wars' Grosses Record $50 Mln in First Day

I love buzzflash but...

Bush still doesn't get it

How U.S. Consumers Spend Their Time

CSPAN Schedule Saturday May 21

Who's to blame for anger at the US?

This disturbing new flood of "Baby Chicken-hawks"

Please don't give out stars

VICTORY for Wild Horses!

Name at least 2 things that you did not know before you became a DUer:

Right wing kook Phyllis Schlafly furious at being called "crazy"

To all the kids who survived the 80s or 90s


Scott McClellan: "no need" to respond to the Democratic letter on UK memo

Dear Koran,

Suppressing truth. Galloway's testimony scrubbed from Senate website.

Looks like Clark is looking to 2008 (Last Nights Chicago Reception)

the NEW government emblem replacing the eagle.

He likes us, he really, really likes us! (Galloway)

Young Repuke "explains" why they are not volunteering for war

Will you support Hillary if she is the nominee?

Does Kerry owe the nation an apology?

The Economy is Doomed!!!

If you like Pete Seeger, then visit my blog "Move Left" today.

Name one thing you bought that you appreciated more than DU

Please donate to DU -- Still the best online community on the Internets.

Germans and Russians Used Fluoride to make Prisoners Docile

Is left intellectualism inherently authoritarian?

Does George Bush owe America an apology?

Double your DU donation--I'll match yours (up to $100 total).

My letter to the Editor was printed (RE: Cannon AFB Closing)

Does anybody know how Elizabeth Edwards is doing?

Please help rate this important story

Just saw Barbara Boxer at the grocery store in Bay Area (3PM PST)!

Open question: how can American labor unions be revitalized?

so, how's moving to the center working for you?

Are the racists coming out from under their rocks?

Idea! The only way to get rid of these Hypocritical "Support our Troops"..

Turn in your friends and family legislation. How destructive.

Okay ... so ... who has plans for Nuclear Tuesday?

Fight, take flight, or bend over and take it?

Nader posters on both sides: Nice timing!

Are Nader-Haters inadvertently rewriting history for the Bush Cartel?

TOONS! The 'No Darths' Edition (5/20)

Does Nader owe the nation and the Democratic Party an apology?

Housing Prices - Is There Any Hope?

Genocide update: "NATO on alert to provide help in Darfur" (Bush silent)

Is a Vita-Mix blender all that?

Red Snapper filets broiled in garlic butter

HEB had whole chickens on sale for .59 a lb.

Since I don't find an organic foods group...

A fun thread over in the Lounge

Chantal Hébert (Toronto Star): Battle still on, but leaders stall

The most unfair election ever?

Is left intellectualism inherently authoritarian?

Sun under fire over Saddam pics

Rising Tory star won't run for top job

EU arms-sales ban `will not be lifted'

Canada PM wins no-confidence vote

Purported 'Star Wars' copies circulate over Internet

Audit questions accounting used by DeLay committee

US military limits Uzbek activity

Officer convicted in war trophy case

Behind Scenes, Aides Take On Filibuster Fight (nyt)

I raq, Iran issue joint statement blaming Saddam for 1980-88 war, 1990 inv

Iraq's Qaeda denies meetings in Syria - Web


Vote inquiry in Galloway's seat


Al-Sadr Followers, Governor's Guards Clash in Nasiriyah

US military to lay off local workforce in S. Korea

Pope anxious to open talks with Beijing: HK bishop

Iraq, Iran Forge Closer Ties

Iraq plans talks with Syria on insurgent flow

Italy in recession but porn booming, says Vatican study

Oil-rich Iraq wants to end gasoline imports

Cherie: Injured Tony upset at tennis ban

Iraq's Zebari Says $6 Bln Aid Paid (International Donors); Calls for More

NYT: New E.P.A. Chief Says Budget Is Sufficient (funding decrease okay)

WP/Reuters:'Star Wars' Midnight Showings Total $16.5 Million(break record)

House Rebuffs Push to Soften Offshore Drilling Ban (tougher battles ahead)

Congress thirsts for oil drilling in Florida waters

British Memo on Iraq Continues to Vex U.S.

Bush ally urges him to drop Social Security private account idea

U.S. Envoy Met With North Korean Officials at U.N.

U.S. tells Iraqis not to abuse prisoners

North Koreans 'Facing Starvation'

Recruits must learn to guard border--fast (Iraqi Border Patrol)

In Baghdad, a site of pride - or occupation

Reports: Letourneau, Fualaau to Wed Friday

Shiites, Sunnis protest U.S. presence

Washington Retains Strong Ties With Uzbekistan Despite Notorious Human Rig

Russian Expert Predicts Oil Prices of $80 Per Barrel by August

(uh oh) Is the brain really that plastic? Perhaps not

Britain's Galloway Turns Into Media Hero

NYTimes Breaks story of Brutal torture of 2 Afghani's by US Soldiers.

Rainforest Loss Shocks Brazil

Sperm donor fights order to support 2 children

So you thought that smell was cheese!

Shiites Stage Mass Anti-U.S. Protests

Russia Urges US to Avoid Space Arms Race

U.S. Moves to Reassert Itself in Iraq Affairs

LAT: Google Joins Its Rivals in Luring Users to Stay Awhile

Iraqis: Zarqawi hurt in U.S. offensive

SLAUGHTER OF 41: House votes to halt horse sales

Bamford says

Bush: Ideology Motivates Iraq Insurgents

Short list begins for Supreme Court (Top pick abortion foe)

7 Members of Louisiana Church Charged With Abuse of Children

Here come the judges, again: 7 nominees who could rise from filibust ashes

IBC to close bakery, cut 1,400 jobs

United, union hold contract talks down to the wire

RWANDA: Appeals Court adds 10 years to ex-mayor 's prison term

FCC Wants 911 On Web Phones Within 4 Months

Pair raise funds for California ballot measures (Jeb Bush,Schwarzenegger)

First Lady Not Worried About Mideast Trip

Filibuster fight spotlights Senate's generation gap

Mrs. Bush: Trip should've been interrupted,She was in bunker with Nancy

Bush: I'll Veto Stem Cell Legislation

Defusing Frist (Senators on both sides of the aisle tried to broker deal)

(WPost) U.S. Condemns Publication of Hussein Photos

Washington Retains Strong Ties With Uzbekistan Despite Notorious Human Righ

Protesters chant 'bomb New York'

House Votes to Stop Sales of Wild Horses, Burros

America's kind of terrorist?Bush risks undermining cause in al-Qaeda battle

Former top GOP aide indicted

WP: Indian University Alumni Share a Global Success

Military Recuriters Lie About Danger In Iraq (Watch Video)

Sources: Iran smuggling graphite for nuke work

merit system investigation:Lt. Gov. Pence passed on checking allegations

Gay Israeli artists seek Arabs to fall in love with

Miss. Patients Face Transplant Obstacles (told to move to another state)

Indian Muslims burn U.S. flag over Koran report

First lady of Illinois linked to developer

Korean stem cell study funded on $200,000 a year

Frist Speaks at Medical School Graduation

Israel honors late pope John Paul II with stamp, Galilee park

WP/AP: U.S. Condemns Publication of Saddam Photos

Female Afghan TV host shot dead in Kabul

Woman Charged In Alleged Church Sex Case

U.S. to launch sex offender registry Web site

Naperville to install fingerprint scanners on library computers

Shiites Stage Mass Anti-U.S. Protests

Kentuckians checking on FBI scrutiny

Judge orders Exxon to pay gas stations (overcharged for more than 10 yrs)

Al-Sadr Supporters Rally Vs. Occupation

FBI calls UK animal activists terrorists

City of Boston to Lift American Indian Ban

Rice Broadens Indictment of Syria

Experts: Too Many Carriers in Air Industry

Sun Publishes More Pics

Allies Advise Bush to Alter Plan, Urge Hill to Act

Bill (in CA) would ban text-message campaign ads

CHP Completes Probe Into Death Of Suspect Struck By Squad Car

NYT/AP, 9:16 a.m., Friday: Clashes Break Out Over U.S. Occupation

Iowa, NYC ERs closed for suspicious powder

East Grand Forks combat vet dies in motorcycle crash

Official: Oil firms willing to pay tax increase in Venezuela

Iran smuggling YELLOWCAKE - Washington Post

Uzbek Leaders Round Up Suspects in Unrest

EMBRYO CLONED IN BRITAIN (Human--first for Europe)

Senator concerned politics played role in base closings; Pentagon denies

"Dems 'Frustrated' With DNC Chair Dean's First 100 Days"

Saddam to sue over prison photos

Pope ready to abandon Taiwan

Same-sex couple sues N.W.T. (Canada)

Text of a Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of....

Lawyer condemns jailing of Saddam

Group in California plans to seek vote to ban gay marriage

Intelligence analyst describes problems with war planning

Call for Iraq war inquiry rejected (UK)

DA's speech (to Dems) prompts calls for him to resign (DeLay case)

EU politicians expelled from Cuba

BBC: Defiant Uzbeks stage new protest

U.S. outlines new diplomatic approach to Mideast policy

Big sugar takes on Bush govt in trade pact row

The "Two Darfurs": Redefining a Crisis for Political Purposes

U.S. doesn't have needed support in U.N. to punish Iran

LAT: How Bush Makes Sure They Agree

Iran Said to Be Smuggling Nuclear Matter


Americans' Pay Not Keeping Up With Energy And Other Prices

Morgan Stanley to pull ads from 'negative' newspapers

GOP Sets Stage for Filibuster Showdown

Real Gitmo shame?: Report U.S. soldier rapped for Koran abuse at lockup

More Arrests Made in Case of Bizarre Sex Ring

'Fresh query' over Galloway fund

US generals say Iraq outlook 'bleak'

Karzai angry at US Afghan 'abuse'

Al Franken buys townhouse in Minneapolis (possible Senate run)

Bill Would Tie U.S. Dues to U.N. Reform

Antarctica ice cap growing, another sign of warming

WP: Legislators Working to Reshape Endangered Species Act

Senior Senators Eye Filibuster Compromise (Cloture Motion up)

Library card? Check. Fingerprint? Really?

Osama Bin Laden Is On Run, Officials Say

Sun defends using Saddam pictures

Bush says he does not fear violent reaction to Saddam photos

U.N. Finds Sweden Broke Torture Convention

Senators (Byrd and Warner) Work on Filibuster Compromise

Ehrlich Vetoes Gay Rights Bill (Maryland)

Venezuela's Chavez Calls Former Spanish Prime Minister Azner a 'fascist'

Santorum Regrets Making Hitler Comment

KOS EXCLUSIVE: New Guckert/Gannon FOIA Requests

Bush condemns Korean stem cell research

Dean Still Calls for Jail Time for DeLay

Poll: Most Want Assertive Senate on Judges

'God's Banker' was murdered: London Evening Standard

Carry on, you Delightful Unifiers in your Delectable Undergarments--

Can you hide GD from the Latest Page?

Random non-sequitur

I think I want a Mini Cooper convertible

what is the big fuck`n deal with joss stone?

She came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island

DC DUers

I know that things suck now, but on the bright side...

Shaka. When the walls fell.

Hey folks. I'm just drunk and a lot of shit happened to me today. Ask me

Ok man. One more before I hybernate for the night. Finger snaps.

I was gonna go to bed but fuck it! Conservatives fail to defeat Libs!

Why the hell am I so helpful?

British Sea Power!

Do I ....

Jesus of Suburbia (repost)

Hap land 2 is out!

Alright damn it! I'm going to go out and howl at the Moon!

Look at the grouse! Look at the grouse!

Does someone wanna...

I Melted Down My Motherboard And Processor - Ask Me Anything

Have I been wrong? Have I been wise? And play along?

Roe v Wade foe to Supreme Court - Needs nomination for greatest

My boyfriend passed out after 3 drinks! Ask me anything.

Our cat, Patrick.

ER was just too much for me tonight

Creators plan sequel for dark 'Sin City'

Monkey On The Run In Tokyo (RUN Monkey RUN!)

not-so-safety-net toon (new 5/20)

I saw Star Wars: ROTS today. It's very good.

Long time coming: Best Radiohead Album (eat your HEART out)


We're only 90 DUers away from 70,000!

So, Kendra won! Any surprises?

Lesser panda standing on two legs charms Japanese zoo Thu May

Students USED To Use "Facebook" For Social Networking - NOW Its ASSBOOK!

Today is f--in miserable

"Operation:White Flight" is a GO! repeat

Dreaming in Metaphors.

I pre-apologize. I'm feeling rather snarky today.

Favorite FRANK SINATRA song?

Today is f--in AWESOME!

Christmas cake intercept leads to Mafia gangster bust

We are getting rained on big-time! Thank you, Revolutionary_Acts04

Lost at 30 ft. LOL

Photo Caption Contest - Saddam in his Undies

91 Y.O. Man (Selling Bootleg Booze) Holds Cops At Bay With Shotgun

Wrestlecrap- Star Wars style!

$11,300 for a month's worth of advertising-on her body

CSI fans

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffin' glue.

Day #5 of the plague - I think I'm finding bits of my brain...

I've never had a canoodle. Am I depraved?

Billmon: Scenes We'd Like to See

5-Legged Calf Born (PIC)

WP/Reuters:'Star Wars' Midnight Showings Total $16.5 Million(break record)

where is everybody?

AHHHH , , ,purged my Ipod of all NUgent songs (and others)


Anyone planning on mowing The Longest Yard?

Now what do I do?

anyone longing to plant the viewing yard?

Favorite soul/ R&B artist?

Anyone planning on longing for a Mauist Yard?

Anyone plan on growing The Longest Yard?

Anyone planning on thonging for a fauvist bard?

Favorite Chewbacca quote

The One Thing About Star Wars Episode III that Really Bothers Me

Can Obi-Wan score a goal on Sauron when it's 4th and ten in

What is with those stupid lip injections?

Crap....They cancelled Joan of Arcadia.

Daily Dose of Cute

Anyone ever have a case of "anal glaucoma"?


Pop culture fans-Who is this person?

Anything on Andy Stephenson?

Anyone planning on seeding "The Longest Yard"?

So, my wallet got stolen

Law Banning American Indians From Boston Has Been REPEALED!!

Man Sued For Mowing His Lawn During Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Anyone planning on seeing "The Longest Yard"?

Question about tabasco use

Jim Morrison is alive!


Darth Cheney

Facts are...

CDs that remind you of very specific times and places.....

Is it poll day?

Hacked site

"Some critics think 'Revenge of the Sith' is Lucas' best yet..."

What should I poll on?

I want a Gyro for lunch.


George Lucas - I forgive you

coolest nickname if you're 12 years old

My next tattoo v.2

Grocery Store Wars

Big cat lovers, take a look at this


U.S. condemns Matcom underwear photo

Wedded DUers: Did you design your rings? more questions

Headlines Freepers Would Like to Read, May 20, 2005

Favorite expendable Rebel fighter.

One poll Id like to see the media to run

HEY!!! I Got GALLUP Polled... By Telephone...

DU gardeners: Whatcha planting?

"Searching for Debra Winger"

Best Imperial Stormtrooper quote

Tech Firms Owe Debt to 'Star Wars' Creator

What color is your strap?

I've never had sushi, am I deprived?

Are you going to watch the Muppets' Wizard of Oz?

BREAKING: Matcom is full of crap

Pregnant Teen graduate has last word

woo hoo unexpected sammich!!!

OK. Here's the plan...

Winner of 'Star Wars vs. Star Trek' vs. Star Search

speaking of ewoks...

Breaking: Pregnant Graduate Prefers MatchLight Charcoal Over Kingsford!

People who talk or play games on a cell phone in a public restroom stall

Ewok poll:

I work with a woman who you all would hate

Privacy Invasion!

i am Looking for an individuaL's emaiL address...

So should I actually buy me a bun?

Hello. *thump thump thump* Hello? *thump thump* Is this thing on?

I mailed a donation to DU this morning.

Does anyone know a good Japanese metaphor for life?

Yup, sweating dismissed by the quack as just a side-effect.

Breaking! Pregnant 5-legged calf grad falls off wagon, BBQ's matcom's nuts

speaking of cats...

Get yer stars here....

Guess whose wedding day it is?

Foods only grown-ups can regurgitate.

Do you wish you had a twin?

*lol* my cat was sleeping on the back of the coUch and fell off

Ok who is the red faced, black cloaked Star Wars evil guy?

3 more hours to go

I don't know why everyone is so mad at "fundies." I like them!

Question about tobacco use

A Friday joke for ya all.

"Fox will mostly avoid reality"

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 20, 2005

Reports: Letourneau, Fualaau to Wed Friday

I like these nuts best!


i love hot tuna--------

The "I Hate Tuna" Fan Club!

Have you ever had a twin?

Logo Creators - I need help

which current sci fi movie is better

WOO-HOO! I have FREE tickets to see John Lennon next weekend!

A Joke For Friday.

I just got a bile tract pushed through my door...

In order to truly appreciate Peter Gabriel's Genesis, you have to...


"Click here to donate"

It's Friday. Who got paid today (hint, hint)?

who's Phill Buster anyway?

Monday I'm getting a new cat.

Google Content blocker?

Breaking: Newsweek Reports Runaway Pregnant...

Last time I looked at the dictionary, my name's Ron Burgundy.

Is Yahoo mail down for anyone else?

Vello Ricotta Salata cheese. What is this stuff, it's awesome!

I finally watched "Episode I" last night. Never saw it before.

Gay Israeli artists seek Arabs to fall in love with

Organization is an act of symbolic violence against a turbulent world.

Lakers disappear, baffling Nicholson.

200 Dead Cats Found Stuffed In Woman't Back Yard

Who is the douchiest of them all?? poll-alicious!

Bumper sticker I saw today...

For Chickenscratching re: music

At least he didn't say "fabulous"!!

I have just taken a whiff of Jiff!

Avant Browser has the best feature ever

I am your father!

Am I the only one who likes Ewoks?

Please allow me to introduce myself

How do you make Samoan pastry?

Did you ever play with matches as a kid?

How do make a Samoan pasty?

The WINNER of my poll: "who is the douchiest of them all?"!!!!!!

In the Old Testament, the plague that took the first born

Attention Grovel Bot, I already donated so may I please have my

America is such a mobile nation

Today at work......

The Case of the Police Station Lawn Goose Poacher

For RainbowReflect, RE: John Edward

The avatars are back!

So should I actually buy me a gun?

Is there anything better than finally finding a good mechanic who

The avatars...they're all...

Hey Mr. Bot . . . . you and I are going to have problems!

Does anyone here redeem Citibank visa 'thank you points'?

Rationale for a Friday Afternoon Nap


Listen good . . .


Fun with HTML...Bush promises probe into Saddam underwear

So you thought that smell was cheese!

Holy SHIT! Episode III schedule for Columbus Ohio Theaters!

The Boise-area liberals are out in droves today.


The Muppets' Wizard of Oz?

I gonna try to pick up some Star Wars tickets

WARNING: Golf can be VERY dangerous!

I'm goin' tubin'....

Gotta go pretend to clean the house.. Seizure later, gang!

What book(s) are you currently writing?

DU Guitar Players:

Anakin turning into Darth Vader BETTER be some good shit, that's all

This Stinks!

The Soundtrack To "Vertigo"

Who is in favor of tart reform? I think tarts should get a decent wage.

This REALLY stinks

BTW, if there's no bar at the regular time, I'm watching Star Wars

Anyone have Virgin Mobile Prepaid wireless

Highlights/Lowlights of the new STAR WARS flick

For my 6000th post I just want to say thank you to DU.

Lounge spilled into GD today

The "Whizzinator" is in the news again.

How do you make samosa pastry?

I was told by a RWer that class warfare doesn't exist in America.

Caption Condi's new wardrobe

This gives "I fried my CPU and mainboard" a whole new meaning (pic heavy)

Day after day, love turns gray

I ain't gonna work on maggie's farm no more!

Should we just start sending monthly checks to George Lucas?

AGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Why do DUers SCREAM?!?!?!?!?!

I've just left the 700 Club.

Is the bar open??

In less than an hour I plan to be relaxing in my favorite

Star Wars Breaks Box Office Records - one day total

Ok, so, Episode III was pretty good!!

* in his saggy sloppy whities..

Does size matter?

Time for the Ultimate Flame Poll - One that will End in Ashes!

What can I do to waste the last 45 min of my work day

Petals Around the Rose.

i'm going to aberdeen barn.....

Professional baseball is coming to my town tonight.

Anyone planning on finding my Longest Yard?

So who's ready for the Subway Series tonight?

The "I LOVE Tawny" Fan Club!!

Eye, In The Nair. Worse!

Well, it's Michelob time tonight! I got good news...

My Favorite Quote (very anti-Bush) in Revenge of the Sith (SPOILER)

I need coffee! Someone hook up the IV

Why I am I doing this NOW?

How much work do you get done in the last ten minutes on Friday?

Ok, Please someone, can I get a congratulations?

If you twist and turn away

I must be hungry. What is your favorite nationality of food?

Anyone know where the pictures of Saddam are?

What's your browser's homepage? Current headline (if there is one)

Okay, that did it! Good-bye, bank!

Fresh haddock coated with "Andy's" (a corn meal coating), fried in light

Rabrrrrrr's non-spolier review of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

It's Friday, you know what that means . . time for gratuitous kitty pics

Mysterious Mongolian actor wins prestigious Cannes Film Festival prize

My husband and I are aunt and uncle for the second time!

She drove a Plymouth Satellite, faster than the speed of light...

Coldplay completes the transition into U2

HAHA my friend is on the cover of this book "Dissent in Dangerous Times"

Would You Support MY idea of a Draft ? ....

this stinks

Has anyone seen the Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. hamburger ad?

Kinky shopper KOed by vibrating knickers

TV'S Dumbest Anchors

The Ultimate Movie Trilogy+ Poll: Which is the best

You'll Never Ewok Alone.


whatcha all doin tonight?


When you buy salad greens

Should I go out for a drink or go straight home

Master Bait

Is there a full moon? Is it just me or is everyone extremely pissy?

What is it with some men?

Standing Panda Delights Crowds

Oh my GOD! Pee Wee just laid an egg

What If More Babies Were Raised By Their Daddies...

*ush and Condi as Abbott & Costello

Hello Kitty Tarot Deck

Bush promises probe into Saddam underwear pictures (actual title on yahoo)

I'm going on a bike ride, so THERE.

I'm sitting in the Space Needle, latte in hand, reading DU in 50° weather

Canadian House of Commons

Quiz (again)

"Star Wars" type ad jabs at Frist

Why does it take so much longer for my AC to work?

The Ultimate Flame War!!

You gotta take the elevator to the mezzanine, chump

I will never eat at the Space Needle restaurant!

'Firefly' fans - did YOU like the new Star Wars movie?

I'm completely sweaty. Who wants a hug?

Pray for the Soul of Betty is a kick ass band.

Things you can never buy too many of

Things that are difficult to say when you're drunk

Friday picture thread (because I've never started one!) Post fave pics!!!!

Bay Area People....who wants to take me drinkin'?

i`ll put in 5 more dollars a month to du if----

Today's word is "PISCINA".

If you could live...

Farewell DU...

21 year old College Student Auctions Her Body On eBay For $11,300 (PIC)

I just got a bible tract pushed through my door

The "I Hate Tana" Fan Club

What the heck has gotten into me?

I wonder why you never see resturaunts that specialize in British cuisine

Nair. In the eye. Not good.

To my fellow Canadians -- Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

Miss one lousy phone bill....

I have a hawk living in my yard (3 Miles from Chicago!)

Henry Corden, voice of Fred Flintstone, dead at 85


Why hasn't my pay check been deposited yet?

Is customer service going to hell?

So, this is my last weekend at home before I have to take the job in SD!

Any doctors or nurses out there? I need help reading my son's

New Puzzle game to drive you insane.

Corn chips, torilla chips, or corn nuts?

Just to clear a few things up ( Pics included)

I am Ladycutus of Borg...

For the DU cloudwatchers: awesome mammatus cloud photos

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but will someone please come here

e-mail I just got.......

Why doesn't my laptop have a *@*$^# contrast wheel?

When you respond to anything in this thread, call the poster a hippie

Weekly World News: "Bush wants to sell Hawaii to pay for war on terror "

Bo Bice or Mick Jagger

Damn! Just Saw The Saddam Photos And He Is Packing!

Can blue M&Ms survive as a species?

Lake disappears, baffling villagers

Everybody Hates Me

All the really good words start with "P" and end with "Y"...

For Guy's and Lesbians only

The Ten Indian Commandments:


Threadkiller here

I'm sitting in my trailer, Bud Ice in hand, reading DU in 90° weather

(Boston pix - photo heavy): My 1,000th post

So you saw Star Wars which means you saw the Narnia trailer - well?

One of the funniest cat pictures I've seen....

I have 459 posts until 5000. Ask me anything!

They're still not throwing flowers at us yet

David Sedaris is hilarious!

Scholarship night rant!

May Photo Contest - LIGHT AND SHADOW - Stage 1, Group 1

May Photo Contest - LIGHT AND SHADOW - Stage 1, Group 2

May Photo Contest - LIGHT AND SHADOW - Stage 1, Group 3

LET'S HAVE IT OUT once and for all--Star WARS vs. Star TREK

When a person dies...

I hereby declare a kitty picture weekend.

How were the Clone Wars cartoons, if you're a true Star Wars fan?

What is it about the ignorant and stupid that they're so &$@!^% prevalent?

Have you had laser eye surgery to correct your vision?

What is it with some women?

May Photo Contest. LIGHT AND SHADOW, Stage 1: Intro and links

So sliiiiiide over here...and give me a moment....

General Contractor from hell ! Does anyone know a website where

I'm sitting on the lanai, Martini in hand, reading DU in perfect weather

remembering my kitten (pic heavy )

Religious McCarthyism: What’s Really at Stake in the Judicial Nomination F

Which matters more?

Born Againism is a sham for money

Is God also Allaha and Jahawe?

(uh oh) Is the brain really that plastic? Perhaps not

Dumb, Dumb Dorothy

NASA cutting both space and earth science to fund Moon/Mars initiative

Governor of Maryland VETOES GAY RIGHTS BILL

Young gays look beyond marriage

I'm calling out Seattle Sonics fans (some of them)

"As they come into the homestretch...."

Let the Subway Series begin!

Diagnosis and Treatment Needed, on Starlight News (about the filibuster)

Anyone got a prediction on the filibuster?

Springsteen mentions JK

Senate session on CSPAN2; will Kerry be speaking again today?

Those who missed Kerry's speech on CSPAN can see it here

Up early, I finally saw the Kerry speech

John Kerry ROCKS!!!

Lost in The Disinformation Society, The Masses are Not Happy

I am so filled with hate for these people, the Republicans and the fundies

LTE: Be Fair to Kerry - Hah!

Kerry concedes that a majority of Americans are jackasses

EJ Dionne in WaPo gets it

WTF ? New Offshore Book Critical of Kerry

Sorry to do this to you - "Does Kerry Owe The Nation An Apology"

Best things ever written about Kerry

The May contest is now up in the Lounge

More springtime in Alaska

Pictures I took of Everett Station Tuesday

Okay, here it goes.

My bet for at least one thing Keith will say on the show tonight...

Question: Who is Keith imitating...

Sephanie Miller

New Blog - What letter of resignation?

Air Force Academy - Fundamentalism

Senators to replace in primaries. We need to find good candidates.

Clinton Comes to Bern

Words of inspiration...

The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act - 2005 (H.R. 810)

Apathy, Anger, and The Demise Of Liberty

Galloway on Question time on the BBC

What happened to the Social Security debate?

Alex Jones Predicted 9/11 Months Before It Happened

Universial Healthcare

DId * ever get a clean bill of health for term 2?

German Pope condemns Nazi 'genocide' of Jews

Does anyone actually think we will win the filibuster fight?

What does GW stand for?

Paging Dr. Frist: Severe Health Care Crisis Threatens Lives of Tennesseans


Milling around, enjoying their free coffee and scones - Nice place to be

Galloway Smoked Cuban Cigar in Senate

Is America become a nation of Sneetches?

Cornyn: "It's time to change the broken judicial confirmation process"

A "test" vote? (re: nuclear option)

Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Republican Lies....

Goddamn, What Can WE Do?

What's with these new "LET IT GO" filibuster posts??

Orrin Hatch is a shameless weasel, thinks we are idiots.

FRI. OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms & Filibuster

When will * poll numbers drop into the 30s

Winning The War On Terror? Poll Drops To Lowest Numbers

Listening to Spector, he SEEMED reasonable

Everything is being bent toward installing Bush's judge choices

The Emperor has no clothes..

Call them the Extreme Religious Wrong--FUNDIES rhymes with FUNNY

ACU Files Ethics Complaint Against Harry Reid; Advocacy Group Says Minorit

The US's gift to al-Qaeda

AMG Poll: Bush Approval Falls To 43%

I finally figured out what the (R) next to a politician's name means

Sen. Lamar confused Iraq with Vietnam on Senate floor

While Bush Fiddles w/fascism, North Korea continues to get more dangerous.

How I feel about *'s staged dog and pony shows

I'm Hoping Dean Can Do Something On This Nuclear BS

What happened to peace on earth?

The real intent of the "Nuclear Option"

Happy Army-Recruiter-Free Day, America! MUST watch this video!

FRI. #2 OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms & Filibuster

New Yorkers: Please help stop E-Voting Machines from stealing YOUR VOTE!

National Day of Action: Army "Stands Down," Peace Activists Stand Up!

Laura Bush is repairing the damage done by Newsweek

G8 protesters face police stun-guns

all Sunni mosques will be closed for 3 days in Iraq - not good

infor. on the nominee Owen with lots of clickable stories.

A Compromise: Let Judges Get An Up Or Down Vote

Did A U.S. Newspaper Owned By Rupert Murdoch Also Publish The....

News 5 Investigative Report ( video) : Unethical Army Recruiters

Jockey and Hanes Wooing Saddam for New Ad Campaign Spokesperson....

Jeb eliminates state office critical of him - bushgang power in action

On a scale of 1 to 5, how effectively has the WH dirtied Newsweek?

this is the kind of stuff that hurts dems

CAFTA Perks for Drug Companies Would Deny Access to Generic Drugs

Santorum still trying to destroy The National Weather Service

Drink Pepsi

What was this 'Byrd option' that the repukes were talking about yesterday?


Eisenhower Quote

GOP lied today, they DID block nominations that had majority support

MSNBC: Bush "worries" about "a world in which cloning becomes accepted"

BUT I CAN SEE HIS LIPS MOVING!: (day 78 of Jr's pony show)

If the Repukes can call us Hitleresque for wanting to preserve

Woodruff: what Santorum said about his Hitler comment a 'clarification'

superb rant regarding republicans...

Hard Work Song download by Harry Schearer and GW Bush!

Media Control... The Masses are Not Happy!!!!

From Lisa at AllHatNoCattle --- Real Men wear Briefs (protect u keyboards)

Why don't Libertarians and other rightwingnuts get it?

Dangerous Clowns (Streicher, Farah, Savage, Coulter, Limbaugh)

Meanwhile, in NJ...

E.J. Dionne: Creating economic security for Americans

Does Cat-Killer Have The Votes?

You've waited for this: Pickles weighs in on Newsweek.

The filibuster is worth losing. A deal would be appeasement

Iraq Oil=National Emergency! Executive Orders 13303, 13315

Bush: "I don't think a photo inspires murderers"

List of Historical Firsts for Bush administration?

Moveonpac's "Save the Republic" just played on CNN...awesome! Link below.

A New Chapter In The Valerie Plame Case - John Dean at Findlaw

ACTION: 3 OH Constitutional Amendments on Election Reform

The "W-lovin' campus"...not!

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

What I never want to hear again...

Discussion on "Class in AMerican" on CSPAN2 now

Why politicians and the media won't cover the lies about the war

DCers: Sat Morning Protest - Bush = War Criminal

one Iraqi's email ...

"Journalists Are Not Our Friends" Letter in the FW Paper, Read It and Weep

Fake or Legit Fox headline: "Iraq, Iran Blame Saddam for Wars"

Saddam Underwear pushed by Drudge to cover this Breaking NYT's Story!

Dean tv alert for Sunday-but is it worth it?

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Dont Relax but The tide is turning our way

Topic: Karl Rove is failing as policy advisor

Limbaugh lies about Barbara Boxer

God help me, but I cannot stand John Cornyn.

Next step for Downing St. Memo: Nightly News

Rupert Murdoch's Post publishes front page photos of Saddam in underwear!

Int'l Peace Angels: delivers aid into Fallujah

Juan Cole in Salon re Downing Street Memo: "The Lies That Led to War"

Bush doesn't think Saddam underpants pics will "re-energize insurgents"

Galloway - How Dare He Speak That Way To U.S. !

5/18 ARG survey: * approval ratings are at post-election lows

Conyers: Introduction of Resolution Condemning Religious Bigotry

Galloway On C-Span 2 Now!

Republicans do not see the contradiction in their arguments..

IF we regain the Majority

Reasons Why Top Democrats Refuse to Talk About "The Memo"

Confused Mother In-law ! ! !

Headsup: Darfur genocide update and information thread - PLEASE JOIN

NARAL backs Chafee after forcing Dem out of the election

A Reputation in Tatters (Paul Craig Roberts Calls for Impeachment of *)!!!

Santorum on Senate floor quotes Hitler Let the filibuster go.

White House Press Office STONEWALLING FOIA requests on "GANNON"

Galloway testimony is to be aired on c-span at 8:00 PM EST.

Falwell Confidential: DEFINING CREATIONISM

Ever wonder who runs CSPAN?

Looking for DU posts on Red Cross confirmation of Koran degradation

Dean on Meet the Press on Sunday

An Open Letter to Democrats - Listen to Galloway and Learn Something

Sen. Frist, OBSTRUCTIONISM isn't always a bad thing (cartoon)

Opening discussion of generalized web problem of 'pit-bull trolls'

Conyers: NYT Chimes in about Secret Downing St Memo...still no fox story

Things that make you go hmmm... Bishop Harry R. Jackson

Horowitz:The Left in America would rather defend terrorists